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iTyAiytEXtlK* are eATOSsitT. requeued so Lina m
their favor# before >».*., as early m tbciav as
practicable.' Advertisement*r.o:ia*criru for a
fie<l time will invsneb!y be charged cam ordered out.
IJ7-V7 U.~FALMKk 1* Agent tor Itas* puper ai bis
cseral m Mew J’.ork, Philsdnphiß, and
Boston, and u-autborii&l to receive »u!>*<-npiton*
an 4 >drcrtlKnie:nr toT p» __
' CT Pguabstniu Nouns awexica!i.—Adver.i*e
aao» And nibrcriptlou* ir* the Monti Anmiui nnU
United Stales titxetie, Philadelphia, rereived end for
warded from thia oS-A.
(E7"PHiLat>XLHiuO«>w*saciAi. Lux.—Subscription*-
for this valuabl* p*?er, will i«e received and forward
ad from lids office.
Tbs Correa F*ctoeies —*We are warranted
iD static?, that the repcri circulated by tome ol oor
cotemporarics ot the pres?, that our cotton facto*
rich are making preparations to commence forth
with, is wltfcotlt foundation. Only one factory,
tb»i “Eicie," we are interned, trill run two or Ibree
weeks, for thc!*p«rpo?e of repleniabicg its slock,
when,twill flop; and il t? y.robtblo all tbe others
will coaiiDUo in she stmi 1 quiet »Ute, in which
they have Item for *!oo time, unless a material
change cecilra in tbe market, or an exhaustion
of fi-7-cfcshvdld nreke u iioifsiary for them to run
lor n short tusin; which, however. there 11 bi
lint** prospect nl pr.-n-tit.
Gov. JoA.'ivron—Wn tiu plt**rj to learn tba
Governor V.’a. ]•’. Jun.M»n>v arrived in thia city oi
Saturday night, laa, nad \v‘l join in the solrmnl
tie* to Jay alu-edant upon tnc reception of tht
rcramns of President Ttvfor.
We ixll altenl.oa u tbe following ioiporUut nr>
cr.lar, winch bnsju*l been i«*ucd at Washinjrto
by tbo EieeniiwCoGiciiu-o on the Industrial K
billion to be held in London,m May 1651. The c
cular ta directed:o the G.-vcraoi'# sml Commute
of Ibo iwverei State»,<i:i<J vc t üblisb U e , a mallei
ofßtneral .mpo/isr, tu ail mtcrt-aiei! in the forth
coming di.v'erof the tbc.L.lustryofall nnlinns.
Citevlarcf ti,« Hrmtlive. tWwiyir* ofiht /' S.
on tke I*xth:\irial hahihitum cf 18M. /■>(/„
Gottmcrt ~f Sliutivui Stott Ommutets.
U.'om. o y rjir N'mcNa I,'i*titttx
Wciiimim;, u_i. *si, is:o.
Tl:« Central Aott.ur;.y „i ib« United Statra ior
lh.: ludmtnol lixfobafoa to be held ic Louden m
May, liM, issued <o J-.ire* !a*t m the Governors
of Ibc different Staten nod Terniartca a formei
r< qoeti that they wooM epenint a local cemra.i
l«.6L>r Oimr ro-iccave b:axs, m order that the
ntisen* tbereitf prsrcrs every facility for
their various prodirct- lit exhibition oMfce
industry, genins, tad sciil of all natiom. "
In confornmy with ting request, the rxerutivc
coanuittcc ha* b-iun advised of the appoiot
mnu of cciaih inert lo set In behalf of th«
Citiscna of. the iollr.wirr Slates, vix: Mctnii
Rhode Iklnui, New Jer«cy, MmMSßjppi, Illxouin,
Maryland, Miaai.uri, South Carolina, Alabama,
New Hampshire, Verniont, Maswchuketu, Ohio,
New York, nndlr:d:ana.
As it is supposed that the citixeno of State#
which bavo rot, through tboir Governor, respftd
cd to*the rt“quci:, would be uiaappoinlrd oa du«
covering, whej tuo me tn l.e remedied, that their
productions syvre to be prcrluded epptancgnt an
cxiiilution iron) wm. u tney had perhaps antinpa*
led preat envottr.g.-s. tae Exerative (\.mmitt'*r
is iudocxd lu msk-j ituctiier call upon these Siatei
through a*:;r Cbn i UxocaLve cfSserr*. The srii*
clers MC.T Ls .r tc reach London pri*
or to lie first day «*f March. *#ubs*quest tc. which
they cannot be rc.r nred to tie txiiibttron ; ibcre
forfi the Executive Comtn.Uee i* hepefled earocgi
fy to asliuit the i‘iw.'n?st aiii-unon to ti-.- subject:
ir, L-mdoa have approprii ■
ted - to the whole Ucltnl Statej 85,000 #qna«
tret of space, of vrti.-rh tU- t >u- hjlfu to be occu
l-.Vd by To distr,buir or assign :hj?
greued to i'io fcCVcial Slat-ra tn propittfioa to ineir
• iea m I'Opulatirr. v;. tiU onqu*T:ir>cablr !c«d to*
very unequal dirtrif.uttou in proportion to tho ac*
toal da.Tatsd* ol esch—givinii lo w-e Slate a great
« xrr«B at spree, t."ch a* would he round entirely
onctfcesitiry tor th« txhihitioa cf its productions
white that assigned to anclher would be to cir
cumscribed as \o require perhaps tfac rejection oi
article# of value and mlereat. It i«,therefore,of the
first importance that each Slate furniah, as early
as possible, an estimate of the amount of space it
wilM)o able creditably to fill, recollecting that tbe
character of the articles rather than tbe quantity
ffbculd bo considered.
To thoie ‘State* make na report through
~lkc,r cocimu'e r bet-re Grai cT December, rncci*
tying the amount oi spai-a r-qnin-J, r.o eUotmen l
will l»e made, hui the enure ameunt will ha im
mediately nsr-gn-tl lotbore which mat have made
report, in proportion to the-tequiraments of each,
and puMwtaiit-Q tbcre&l be made. accordingly.
To (bow regulations, required by existing cir
cumstances, an.-ation is respectfully solicited by
the Executive Committee.
The committee fa Sickly gratified in being able
lo state that such assurance has been receive!
from the President of the United States and It*
Sscretary cf the Navy, as to justify the expecta
tion (hit a pabiic Vessel will be corumiasiouod to
convey to London all article* (dc&tfaed for the ex
hibition) which may be approved by the Central
Ail rotnmuiuontfans sbenld he addressed to thi
Secretary of the Exo-ciive Committee.
By order of the Executive Committee-
PETER bOUCEj Chetmiaa.
Secretary Executive Committee.
Correspond* nee.
PirrrEUKon. Oct. 23, ISM.
To Cttpt £ Hs r d‘y-s, Of. t- cuamanding V. P.
Ar(tn-il> LtiirTeiicrv\l-€ •
Si*—The tinderaigsod, a Coamilte appointed
by tho cilts.-ns cf Allegheny renoty, to make ar.
rana.-mpDtt for a wdh the remain* or
the late Prer;Jeut of tfio U nitc-i Stales, beg leave
to mpies! that yon will furniih the ueccetarf
guard and ordnance lor thf iir:nt of caiagie guns
during such proccsstoo.
Very reapsctflUy, your obi ser.'snt,
Chairman nf Committee.
R; H. EiatR I S.ic.C.'™;ttee.
AuxoiieTiV iABSXUL. Oc’- 1560.
To MrJ’rs. C. li. Paulsen, C/mit*uZn if Ccmmttt
’in C. A. C., uv<i R. ti. Kerr , C. C.
UcvrLtKfr*—l acknowledge the rereipt of youi
cojnaumcaunj of thin dale, requeuing me to fu r<
uiih a suitable guard and ordnmets for tfcc pro
cession la honor efiha rentihfl cf the I»t- Presi
dent of the United State?.
It afford* me groat pasture to contribute to the
wishes of the citizen of Allegheny county oa thii
melancholy ossutoo, and accordingly I have or*
dere.l tho men composing the aud the ord«
otoce to be in position, as you desired.
With mneh respect, I am, gentlemen,
Ycnrob’i servant,
Crptaiu OrdniDce.
GltKaT Discovert i be '.uve recently
ered n*'ar Mad.son. WtK-nnsiu, ip suppoao) to ex
tend under the greater pan of Dove and lowa
counties. An etplonnc party lately p a *s«J tive
day* in rrunininc'it. They pav-ed over and a
mong large nm--**, which proved to t*e lead ore u f
fine quality, spreading over an extent of thr.-e
miles. They found also hue copper ore snd eleven
pounds of native silver. ’Crystals, Malaciitn, lu .
erustatiuns, iVe. were Abundant, and waie.fulls ao ,i
a Inte. which was explored m n cunn* C nJ found
16 be thirty seven fee. deep.—Economist.
Fi-orida.—We merit at L*i;sjanr.tarr,wi:h ream
thin ordinsry mUTct.:, the result of elertions fa the
South, as they read as s-iga* of tfao time*
With this (edict? w.« have awaited tbr.lsaueoflhe
Congressional cleetioo la Florida wiib peculiar
interest, beeaure it is set only Uu» extrerao Soote
tm Slate, but Wan the first to speak sinco ibj p M ,
rage of fan “ measures of Adjustment where the
Democratic candidate had avowed his preference
fora dissolution of the Union to fanpauvgoof fan
Compromise Bil', and. where the side of public
- hentiment was more equivocal ibto in the nejgh*
boring Southern States. We ore now happy to the In*. Fiurtda papers <'itt Mr. Cabell,
(bn Whig and Union candidate, (who had voted
for the boundary sad Territorial Hills,) has carried
iho State by aa increases majority over hi* far.
air one—uador the du«sdv(iaUge, too, of being
ooifined lo bin seat in Congre** white bis oppo.
cent was canvas*mg the Stale We have no doubt
that bia majority would have Keen further increas
ed could be have met bisadvertary on the slump.
We have no idea, however,(hat ail who voted for
Mr. BiTrd. tho Dc'mo jraiic candidate, are iftsunioo
iatsf far from »l Jadtcd, wo learn by private
Jettera that hia nupportors, to a great extent, disa
vowed the disunion aeotimeots of their candidate j
and many Dim<vr*la vrho voted for him are
known to be unwuvcriog Union iaea. The disor
ganixara in Georgia were Moguiuo of the success
of (heir exusn in Florida, we are informed; and
Ibo triumph of Mr. Cabell will h* a darup*r to
tham and their onboiy achomaa.—Aefww*/ Intel*
P«bUe B«la»ol*~Fltt Tamufclp,
At a meetieg of the Board of School Dire&on
of Pitt Disuict, held on Friday, the 25th October,
the following resolution! were anaaimouily adopt.
cd, an] ordered to be pubUahed, viz :
UttoJtrJ, That the Board of School Director! of
Put Dittnct do hereby accept the large and valua
ble lot of ground, near tbe 7th Ward, being 205
feet front oo Wyandot ttreet, by 125 fcel derp,
which Jijib TdTt!i, Erq./bas preaeuted to tho
Board, for tbe uae of the public schools ot said
JifioheJ, That so munificent a donation for a
purpose «k> laudable, is an act of enlightened liber*
■iity that ail the friends of general edncatiAU will
approve’ant) appreciate, and that tor it the thanks
of (bin Board are especially due, and are therefore
hereby tendered to tb* generous doaor.
EDWARD D. GAZZAM, President.
SAMueLßaftTon, Secretary.
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh li tzetie.
N*w Yoai, Oct. 22, l? 50.
The Whig primary elections for delegates to the
Conventions that are lo nominate candidate# for
Congress, for members cf Assembly, Mayor, and
Common Council, passed ofT, to dar, far more
quietly than most people expected. It would be
idle to deny that there waa not a attoag corned
between the friends of Mr. Seward, and (hose cf
the President, especially on the Congressional
ticket, but every thing in the end passed off agrec
ab y enough, to the great disappoimmem of our
Loeofoco friends.
Wo .re hourly olpooliu, ibo .m..! of iho Cu
u.rd Sie.meri Hi. porl. She i, now
oulonu s her lenlh d«,, to Ihu lo lx.t tho quiet
csl trip cl the Faeitic, she must report herself by
lour o’clock, thj afternoon. You have no idea of
'be atrorg competiUon that is maintained here
between the friend# of these two lines, hot so far
it ha# been good naturedly carried on, both afim
and aahoro. The two nauon* might eagage in a
worse rivalry than this.
; The thud ateamer of the Collin’s, or American
line, the Arrtic, relumed frem her trial trip on
Sunday morning last, having been absent orcr
two days and a halt Tho working of the engine
waa admirable, and the tailing of the ahip #uch as
io aurpasa the most sanguine expectations of her
builders. She starts off on her first trip to Li ver*
pool, on Saturday next. She has, thus, early, 40
oassetigers booked.
One of our best known merohants,who resides
in the upper part of the city, has requested Mr. L.
B'iesarti, of this city, (a Hungarian merchant in
soulh street 1 to lender to the Magyar Hero, Koa*
suit*, ODe hundred acre# of good land m the neigh*
tMrhood of New York, at a peimaoct home ter
turn, if he will come to the United States. Such
an oder doe* credit lo tbe hesrt and bead of him
who makes it, aud Mr.'Bneaacb thinks it by no
means imprubablo that Kossuth will accept.
Th« annual Fair of the American lostuutei
which has been attracting thousands of persona
bath from town and country during the past fort
night closes to morrow evening, in what acme
folks would call a “blare of glory,’’ in the way of
lire works, and other powdery Exhibition*- Thera
are many rare specimens oT American ingenuity
and American skill, displayed in that gorgeous
hall, bui there :s none that attracts more attention,
none that provokes so many moral stggeatious,
as a largo arm chair, cushioned and embroidered,
by Mias Fillmore daughter of ike Chief Magistrate
of the United States. Hero is a lesson, qoietly
read, lo those who wou'd be taught what genuine
republicanism is.
Hard as tbe friends of Temperance may Labor
in tkri city, there la yet a wide field for the o;icot !
of taeir exertions. It wa* suted in an address’
ic’ivcred in Calvary Church, last B\-_nd»y evening,
that, in twenty three countica of tht* State, there
’*d been committed to prison. In one yesr, co
fewer than 23,000 persons whose crimes were I
!rac«-«b! e to intemperance. In the 10th ward ot
this city, alone, it was a'jo stated there were owr
threo hundred dram shop*, sad ait, too, wiikm
to apace of two square mi/e# '
Jenny Lind gives her next concert, in lh>a r,<y,
o morrow evening, at Triplor Hail. Though ifcir
■uilding is not capacitated to ae<*ommodste more
ban ono half of the people, who could fad scat*
down at Castle Garden, there is some coavoiatior
in the fact, that the fashionables of the “west coo '’
will condescend to honor Jeony with their pres
«nce, —an infliction, which, by tho way, the whs
spared, when iho concert* were given attfae other
end ot the city. If Mr. Bantam loses money, the
‘•snobv" a*y,it will be soma remuneration to know
that whht Triplet Hall lacks in quantity, wifi be
made up in quality. Ito 1 ! this sickening» Caatie
Garden has found mom enough, for 10,000 per*
son*, ncretotere, when Jeony was to be heard.—
The capacity ofTripler Hall, msy staled thus:
Seats oa the flior...
" “ *• first tier.
Tot *l 3,471
Wherefore, yon will conclude that Mr. Bsrnam
has made a very (real mistake in abandoning
Democratic Castle Garden, for Aristocratic Tnp
ler Hall. However, that’s nobody’s business but
bis own.
‘•The Lorgnette" and Baron de Trobriand’s
Revse Ju Tfeuvt Monde, two serial pnblicadona.
of rare literary men! in their way, have gone the
’ay ol .all flesh, —in other words, have died cl
starvation. The *'lorgnette" waa written nobody
knows by whom, but whoever he is, the rw tog
grasps a’ pen such u Dr. Johnaon might wield,
and has tbe faculty of exposing the follies and fnv
oUies of Modern Society, in a meaner tbe spccta
(Of himself could not—surpass, so far as sarcasm,
and just operation, well-timed anggettion, and
moral conclosion are concerned. The Revue was
printed in French, and professed fa keep (he Am*
ericao feeder apprised of everything jjpw in Coi,-
unental Literature. But such a publication beina
in advance cf the latte oi this community, coaid
not drag out as existence, longer than six
The money market ia ev«h more easier, to dayi
than was noticed, in my jaal. The supply of gotd
>• not Urge. Lians on call, 4t06 ber cent-
Fust class commercial paper, having from «0 days
10 6 months to run, ZOQ per cent.
Foreign exchangos are rapidly advancing.—
Sirictly prime biMa on Loodon, sold lo day Jai) 10j
aill. o,i Pans, 5,1f1|05£ 15 far «0 dJy*, and
5,12105,10 far light bills. At these raids there
are bet f e w remittance*. The Europe] which
tails Tar Lirerpooi, to merrow will carry out
nearly Kali a million of Gold and silver, fa spccio
at part of her freight.
S.oce my last, a slight decline has taken place
1 Flour. Sales were made yesterday ol 8000 bb's
at $1 SCiSI 59 for common State and $1 63* for
Stsiiht do. Michigan £4 63*. far Geoetee SSOSS.
06‘, chfSflf fa? export. Cnasdian br.ngs SI e*JO
*175. Jersey Corn Meal *1 IS*. Sale* 3000 hi
Oaio Wheat at $1 Olfifl 02,10,000 do. Ohnoee tf ’
at 51 13051 14*. Rye 70c. Sales 0000 bq. iofn*
net Barley at 74c. Corn is firm. Sales (20,000
bu. 65005* far mixed Western, and 66 for round
yellow. All kinds ot Oalf COUOO are firm. The
•ales sverago about 909 bales a day at 132R3«c.
tor ordinary, low to good, end 14*014* for' m*d.
dlmg fair to fair. Mess Pork a m t ’»e actlre.—
Sales 1400 bbls at $llO5ll 06*; prime, $9 Jqj.—
Lsrd is heW at 7* far prime, fa bbla. Whiskey
Sales 400 bbla. Prison at 27e. Ashes are held n 1
$5 Si tor Pearls and $0 12* far Poti, Coffee is
quite active again, aoJ a speculative feeling is
evinced in the market to day.
’ Thero is still no little tpeuulalion goieg on ia
tho Stock market. Pneea of most descriptions t f
Oorerument Securities remain very firm, with
considerable demand for foreign investments. Tbe are hardly so steady.
I tvt Steer Murdered by Ckippevayt — Edueetiar,
aI Pro,pen, (f PemUna.
Depnty ItUrahal Wo. Dahl, who has been en.
gaged m faking the census at Pembina, arrived
fdne«dt7 !«et Ho bring*, of cotirao, a vs-
! p . tere . M '*S Ihfarmitjon, which will find it«
t££! rP r ‘V° ‘ a tn »bstrac» of the ceotus Jor
« ; !i errafl 3?» wbich wo wiM ff»vo fa our retdera
L» r*f “ ° arni * n all iQ - Mr. Dahl’s trip
(ba^ ,n 1,10 C3BV «Qfant coovoysnco of
h,rch b «k «cr4. He
(ni r "V 0 raake ,wnt ’ ponago*.
Wmi i!% rf | WWc £* lr0 ® Gjl! Like fa Crow
Z **• UkR P««f® i* 20 miles,
T j W S H ud .c.lped.—
ritd ih * a ‘ * c * lp * n ( lenifc -re nevrr t. ..
Z ,nt "- H.»o, e r and
f -'I,OPPonoEi,, otcor. for nir:.
‘■“Mi I- TO Btroofr «nd of
ia *‘ ? M aalarml for
■hem lo murder etch other,fo, uie etile lo
pounco upon its prey. *
in I!? J 5 -? lDtoreBto oi Pembina are not
m the most flattering stile of prosperity. Their
schoolmaster *eema to have gone abroad, and to
have forgotten fa return. Outoi 1168 inhabitants,
hot lieenl, .ii know lo rr.J ,„d wrile-15 ml k,
sad U fcmalea.—Afcwnxo Chron., Oct, 11.
Hr. Web.u, and fet* I>*»uiV»
SobjoinrJ a re lopre, of tflro IfUcr. reforii in I
wry inle/eslmg manner lo iho polffiral 'position
o.rnnod by Mr. WolmwrM tho momom rrbon ibo
Into 0r,.,, tn tho public affaire of lh»count™ begon
to u..ume a threatening anpoct. Tho Honorable
tone Hill, of Hew Hampshire, we nerd no, re.
mind ihe reader, ha. long .been . p,„ rainrn , raa „ in
ihe: ltemeenhe ranta, and m , h „ to ,
uniformly been an opponent of Mr. Webjler in
'be Mrnpileti of the two parties. Itol when Ihe
Union was in danger, he ftrtr lhat hi. eountry had
atronger daima npon him linn hm party, and ho
did not hesitate to express hß.djcided approbation
of the comae of Mr. Webctec iniris clfortwo BY’ert
the impending calamity. Tbd 'lisiufcne** aid mug-.
nnuimity'of Mr. Hill’s behaviour,, in thia
do hmr the highest honor, xviulfi they plade in an
exalted- light the enlarged patriotsm of ihe giWt
statemtan, who had been able to win #o marked
a tribute of praise from a political opponent.—[Bos
ton Conricr.
Mr. fhlf to Mr. W*bat*r.
Concord, New Hampshire, I
April 17, 1850. i
Ho\. Dasiix Webster:
Dear Sir-For the last eight year*, partially in il!
health, 1 have been more a looker on than an ac
tive participator in the political movements of ihc
I have at atl time* seen with deep regret the
•taverv agitation io tbe Halt* of Congress marring
and mutilating, as they have, much of the Icgitr
maie and proper action of that body. With the
power of prophecy, the prescience of W u *hington
fastened in letter* ol adamant, n rebuke on ihc spm
it of diftiuiun, which lime can never obliterate.—
W iih this early impression fixed on my inmd, l
hardly ueed »ay that l lave l>een gratified beyond
measure With the course taken by the ereat stales
mnn ot the Senate, ihu* far, in the present ses-
In relation toyour senior in lhat body, during ihc
day*l was at NYashingion, 1 wo.* Biruck wnh adrrn
ranou ut Ihe temper which Would not be provoked
into controversy, when taunts were thrown n* to
the maintenance of favorite theories nnd opin
The death of Mr. (hlhomilias proved lhat a great
man may t>e wrong m many thing# and yet pa*s ot»
a# on a #cu of glory.
I wa# m the Senate clamber on tbcrxntinc oc
casion of the reading of the last edorl of lhat irutv
grest. but os I have believed, tong mistaken anil
now deeply lamented m*n. My old resentment*
in oppsinon to nullification were revived, and «o
expressed in Ihe progress of that bearing, and l
khould on the imputae of the moment, have an-
Kwered btm in a (different temper from that which
yon displayed m your great speech afterwards. On
reading the first imperfect report of it, l raw at
once, hjiw much better to the nervous dying man
wa* your kindly answer than might have been mv
qwn. During the lour week* wtuen l passed at
'V iislunytOii, ia«t winter, I will coafcsa io you ihal
mv concern oo account s>f an anticipated alienation
and disruption ot our glorious Union, threw ali
psriy difference* into the back ground; u exceeds
it po«*ib!e. the anxiety l felt whemhere seemed re
be no chance of escaping a coafiict of blood be
tween one of tbe old nobiq Thirteen, and the CW
lederalion,or which she vya* a pan, some seven
teen year* previous. In the progress of the*c four
week*, I wm* pleawd to perceive new evidences
of atiachment to the Union; no less on tho pan ..f
nearly every man comiogfroina slavcholding Stctr.
than on the pan of those contmg from Mates claim
ing to be tree. I camo to the conclusion not u
man in a thousand wished a disruption,and ! Ic*i oj
opportunity io thus assuring my most alarmed
But my only purpose in writing you tlus letier,
i* to ray, that ia defiance of what the pre** of e,-
ther party may bear upon the surface, ail that is of
vaJus in the sound discrimination and good sense
ot the people will declare in favor of the great
principle* of your late Union speech m tbe Senate
It# author may stand upon that alone, and be will
best standby disregarding any and every imputation
of allvgrd inconsistency or discrepancy of opimon
or practice, in a public career of nearly half a cen
I am, with grent respect, your aerv t
Mr. TVtlrurt rrplr to Mr. Bill.
WASntMUTo.v, April JO. 1850.
Hov. J«aac Hux
Dear Sir—l regard suefc a letter from you a* that
of the seventeenth of thi* month.a* an extraordinary
and gratifying incident in my life. For a long
of years, we have belonged to opposing par
ties. e«pcc«ed opporife measure#, and supported
lor high office, men of very diflereot onm
luf** *
" * r ‘ vl - however, taken ditlerent views ol
duty in respret to tbe maintenance a' ibe Const.tu
lion ol the United States. Prom your voice, or
your pen, any more than mine, there nrver has
proceeded a sentiment hostile lo "that I'aitv of
government which constitutes us one people. '’
And now, when we are no longer young, a stato
of things has arisen seriously interrupting the bar
monraad mmeo! good will which hare hitherto ex
i«tcd between different pan# of the country’, to.-
ted violent hoeai arimtwitie*, impeding the regular
? n °^ Jf °* of tlie government, and
Iniught wuh mischiefs of every dnu-npirea. And
all Ibis has its origin m retrain branche* of the
Slavery question, which, as it appear* to me, are
either quite unimportant In themselves or clearty
setilerl nod determined by the Constitution
All thi* I have seen with that keen regret which
you have experienced yourself, and which cannot
but be u common feohog with all refiecting men,
who are lovers of their country.
Tolbia cahappy state of toe public mind, l
have fei: it my duty tn address myself, not io
ItngQage of Irritation, crimination or menace, bat
in words of petee, patriotic sympathy, and fra.
lerna! regard. My effort has beeo, and will I*,
to the full extent of my power, Lj cause tho b i
low* cf useless and dangerous domestic centre*
versy n> s'eep. asd be still. j
I am as full? aware as other uion, or wfcat is
to be expected from such sUempU. In highly
excited times, 11 is far easier lo fan and feed the
flames of pasaion snd discord, than to nbjue
them: and in such times, he who counsels n>od
eration is m danger of being regarded as failing
in his duty fa party.
These consequence* I willinvty meet, tbe-e
danger* I encounter without hesitation, being n-.
■olved to throw myself, with whatever wctgLi
may belong lo me, unreservedly, into the scale ol
Lmon. Where Washington led, 1 am willing to
fellow, at a vast distance indeed, and with unequal,
but no faitereg steps.
Toe speech which yon commend ao much
above tin ments, I submit ta the political part? to
which I belong, and the wise and patr-M.i- men
of ail parties, m the general on in which I live:
and I cheerfully leave it, with the principle* amt
seoUmeota which It avows, lo Jbe judgment rf
postentv, if I may flauer myself that snyibiog
spoken or written by me, will bo remember-d
loog ecouqh to come before that impartial and
august tribunal.
1 am, with great regard,
Your obedient *er?*nt.
'lirtfiatAi L.vto-i Fcstjval.— We rapv today
from the lyeauixlon Ol»«erver Uieotfirial account ot’
the great Union festival at Lexington, given by both
pnu-s in honor of Mr. Clay and the patriots whc.
o>-opera:ed With in Congress m a.l,u-iincoi
of thy qiuistioDs that recently divided the North and
South. The Observer say* that Mr. Clay, having
been prevented by the ram tram making himself
heard t>y a portion of the vast assemblage, may per
haps deem h advisable to write out the substance
cf his remarks for pubhbation.
Very many of the gentlemen who participated in
the festivities and were among the moil mror-t in
rendering the tribute of admiration and grulituJe to
the great pacificator and hi* copatriois. were mem
bers <if ih«- Democratic parly Msj. Bn-ckeondire,
who prelacedtho toast In Mr Clar with the eloquent
speech we publish, I* a leading and very slur
We regret lint we h3W not room lor all the let
ters written by distinguished gentlemen who could
not be pre«eni The letter of <ien Cass will U
found u noble production Thafaof Gen footcu
what was to be ex peered from his ardor, his gen* r
only, hi* cluva'ry.nod his patriotism.— Lon Join.
CaJ Ifornla llama.
We received, by last night's mi ; l, ties of ihc The N(j«*n of the Knrsind loveruio division,
3« ?ron<-i*ct» Conner and Evening Tribute, to wd H^'nuiVorw^o'| * ? Dn °*
Ibo lilb of September, from which we clip the disposed ingive him nouhV. minuted an cffiT D
foliowing ilcma of Her MrjKtv's e-mv. Ltrr:. i* n* r , withtbetask
Cold Srecrawt.—Mr. B. Bailor, of (be Byron arreartof those ged'emen. Lieut
Bouse, eibibitrd lo ns Ust evening apecicaen Grr eccormr-glv entered into negotiation. The
of gold weighing 4 ors. ».'< perm. \'t gr*, watch IBreUn B lnok P ,,Coln “ frorrherv hut, m:ttain.lfoa
War do* by J. M. [>rew, from Boaton, on tbe north • !?* l ‘® 0 “ ro,,r *' ro ''" , bftienit* il„. t.»Mi o ns of t*>e
fo«t of Feather river. Mr. Drew dug tbe lirei day i , ‘"* b.wianiig»ur. The K.siab was attended br
i£oo. Vb:a specimen, lakfti from the soil, over- his court idßcer*, and cicirtt-0 b/ about taro huo»
'brows all geological theories w« have over hea»d u f, bnned follower*.
advanced, as to the came of tbe depoar * erf gold. Lieut. Jrrs e«eort was i'Otf<| m , , ow men 0 f
li» shape I* that of a shepherd'* crook, or a half S. ,, 1 "' own GudU c °fP’. ihe l«t I,<ght Infantry bat
wuh creased Impressions similar to tHat taken of I oa n ,h ® “ IU R 8 OWu *'»>v A abort lime after
the hu">ait jaw, by a deolist, to wax or piasu-r. — 1 , UD o p rence opened, the « tpokermia i
It appoint to be of pore virgin gold, wc tool* *’'-J* too very insolent, and wna o! r»nr«e doaired
raeml it t.. the iO‘pe;itno of the curious. 1 T uieau Otr to h-avr the ror. !n ff r ,j I{ i Jo< to< j .
We were protested yesterday, with a spicndid **VV' *"* intention to,
net of gold weight*, from 8] ox., (equal to t'-od ) , i,wi ... .k- S. ‘ mrD * *°-h’avio* the tjucatinn tbit j
d>wn to i,’J cent*, by the manufacturer, F. If ,'. n * u n ! eU '•-eut. Orr retnon- ,
Sou lit worth, tho present city “sealer ot weights I __ ./!,•* ,okr ,rn,f > ln« seat, i
and measures.'’ Tho beauty of tbe workmanatirp ’, h __ *' ou .. ,e ht ' * fn '» whii<» -nlomru
is unsurpassed by any we have ever teen, and ??“?? ! !” mc remit. The :
wp lake tbts occasion to thank tbe dooor. and i__ ,,n rt C V n "7’ a "‘ l **n Mio.-ier. on s.-emg
trust be may receive, at tbe band* ofonr city, lib- ' : " «®‘"o«.cralu,.t i drew ttfir r-wurds and tbelat- |
eral pat.,.nave. [^'Zt^T^V 0 ,‘ ,nWU ' miUclod a
Sntrs in THf Hjlhbo*.—Can any one mil us m*,j ur , a tnan i.Mli.'Vimern' ° fr '“ ~u '
bow much of Hie toooige, or how many of tho , a havildar, Bam fiinttb lifi-r?,'.'. 0 ?.’ 11 'l I
three or four hundred ahips In oar bar, will ever f thetr blade* tbe .. ' ,n, i
gel nnuide of tho “Ooldcn Oato n again' Wetook, brother ui law wuh * ’ M C “ d ° f lh S 1
a took through them the other day. and we should I tbe latter cut down fhc ' OW / #nd
jndgo thst nearly one half the wboto lot are on tho | Liout Orr, who saw ik« ' ,J ,w '° other, • |
* )ct ~Bt’ mutere had proceeded. mamtainedT.lVM wh ,'! h
Buicturims.— Thoto composing this branch of : Rsjab, at affording tho tmst J
merjianiem made a •'sfrike 1, yesterday, for bighor the-hostility of the opposiu, nrutr ~1, , 1^
wages. They were receiving sl‘d perday.aad koine fimit from tho pent rnccnnt-r d
demanded $l4, We have been informed that the however, scon atunned by a «w\ t . ° .V'
employers bavo acceded to their terras.— TVarw. head, qo,I the Rtjah, wbo w»* J\ cut on ,'“ e
enpr. aTa,i^hi ®« lr «f^oop P ortra*?y,n7 ul ,Th° naded ’
N*vio*Tian—During tho month of August last. °f«nc(i:cl, and was carried by hm re.aincra off*la
there arrived at thiscity seventy fouMUeiunem and tho r<,rt * Lfcni. Orr,;»ecovcrmg hi* senses fore,
seventy fourstiling vessels— the loner with a ton- "®w that tbrir chief once placed i. l( ,*
nge of seven thousand eigbt hundred aud twenty- followers woltlJ dwvn h;«, in .iTe.
right and one ({usrter tons clasilied as follows : of Vans Agncw and Andotsen « ac , lo the fat#
8,r q „,,3 - cmio„ »rit o tT d<ml
- 13921- i; “ ch, nx>r.
Scli.»n»r», 2S ... ST® - Tho, Iml htnll, Man.s iL
Sloup*. 2 . 58- il-aroUpo n^™V«"wfnr.,.J b %
. • W■' ,Vh“ “ lh ‘
T’”--" .mined; Liem. Oer nufoL “L ' W
Hi* Honor, M.y.r Blf.low, ol Sienuneoio »»en ...... and Ihr.. .lighi p.'T iwJ
Our, arrived In ihi. oily ynurdly momlm, la d>r. ho w«. .Handed wiih »rrM L iTi
lb. .team prM'er Hmtlorj. lode by lb. medial “™,“ d "'“b
A New E»ra«nia._We mw, m our jlrrel, 00 lb. I :htrd lb. i olFClin lotlt c , JLL.“ ,
yerlrnlny,. Camay, labellnj “FromCmlora Hotel, “im.bul be w«. far too wclr übo , clll „ T o,l Tb,
|o Laumofhtm ■ wb.rf," ooly 29 renlv W. b«. I«M «dvlc report f.vorably bolt, ol b', bewlLh .. J
lieve this is tbe pioneer in fhe way of ‘'omaibu* wnonds, .sncaimaed
lines” id on/ city. Go ahead, gentlemen success Very extensive frauds bavo hren d,scf;.ef«» . n
k. w -- - - - - saaasß«»3^
foreign news
Yore, Oci. S 3.
The -learner A.m, JiiJlm,. nmved <bi. nl»m.e„ ndoot. ,„e,„ E „„ Llverpoo ,
,F“ 0«- IW. She ha, cnnaeqnenffy
made ihe panniEe in le., ~ j,
: ' V ; h “ T ”.; r '"i' , .»>^«daa| n pe„ in eren
niK of Ihe lllh, andLireepool of Ihe 12th, both in
elusive. . ••
We ,haU,p,oh,b!v.,; <) , r e..E,ve„,J lel
ter* in hme for pabJicatioiHo day
The Aau ,»n Pfche-VY, enpy ,he following
Ircan Wilmer and Smith’, Time, of Dumber It :
''“' V "finmiailand powerful
“Tjr' “"J mpld'nm evJ"pSfim?
ed between New \ „rk n „d Liverpool.
The l ai.ifii , Lapt Nve, Ilis madu another ex-
The Homtrur publi.n,-, „ ol P^i
jlem ot lluj Republic, opening n credit to Ui*.MmiB
ter of the Interior lo tin- nnreunl uf Jtl.{,ooof loi
ptirebaw ol a pA*rt,ou ol tb«- |m l( ,i,uk« of th»- | nf ,
King of IfoJland. which arc n. ~t t CCl] | n 1
«um Ot tbe Louvre.
M.r,un™. „ „,e,.0M...1.K ,„ re.tnne hi,
mTSe™ T™.™!\ iterThiic U * M
.everely hnriied a lew tS.T
l dleloiie her dre-. I.avme den,ally laken
fin and Ihe 1 ~aper. have „„eo a„„„„ n eed
herd,-a h She wa. onlv her Iwenlj fifth ,Tar.
The 1 resident of the R-puhlu- dL-urtbutint hixty
h,r,,jwad, ol daiei |„ Uie lr„..|„ rev.ewed a, Ver
Tho-.rtrr, fh-t lllih—7 P M
The mueh .pobrn ..I eavalrv review, on Ihe
|.la,n of Halory. near \ emillea. loot plar-i lo dav
and ailraced an immeioe , rowd fn* P«,„ Jd
he lieithhor.og pine.- The Oimiher of iroopfon
tiu- groiuul wa* about V--.UWI, ol which fully ono
liall were ravalrv
Il '» nm l oredihauhr( / ..h rr m ncnt ha* r«**oived to
H*ue iv. "'dhi'ii* ol real, .-i Mute paper, in share*
bearing o ,^ r .rent. ,nriw, nnd redeemable tn ‘A)
year*, die cnpit.i' lo tie nppl.ed pay,i»g effect
am ouistandmg d.-bt* iU i|„- ir.-m-ury -v.* 70 mil
lion* ol real* U. the Kuftk o. l o.nent.., Mr advances
made under the crura.-i ot winch -m,tract ot
JCWm.h.on* were to be nJctwd tn a senes of
year* tor ruxdtnakinc nnd i„.- temuning 'SOmil-’
lion* tn other .-redtlm*. t.,r* uf work* Ut
Oa ihe 7ih C'elolH-f me wl, oe „r H,e Sebtowig
Hnlwen, Iroop. wnbdiew irom l.efom Frederic.
.I.di lo Ite p0..1,0n. whirl, Ihrv h.d Oeruplod on
Ibe >5 bhepl, and Hi. y w„ brongbl bECb
to Kcadsburgh.
Toe tr-rry bnn*cot Wo.icrsiiin, immediately np.
POSH- Fredcrw.itdt, «.n tbe HnWsm aide of the
Lydt-f, being nceome.f 1,7 rcroe Holstein artll’err
n „Vr dhV i ,h J C Din ” 00 lhe "ornin* of
the fiih, and burned 6,.w„. 3a Danish cun boat*
two-learners, (ihc Ueytter and Hebe.) god seme
tran.porl-, wore lying vl the mouth ol the Ey-
.The Dspith Charalwr waaopenadon Ihs sth by
ttnvtl i*oia.t;;*»ion. ’
The Sepalo t,i hn, h.ien offleia!!, io*
formed by the Un.irc U.,.v,„inr„ ,h., „ will col
reeognire Ihe hole, „ oe4 b , b e
ol.eiti.lirrteheit of Ibe li.lrh.e,, no, ||,e .m.U
moc-rlb.l ,| piopOKbloeo... Il Ibe re lore wirn.
tbe Senate agtirit receiving
Accounts from <W- tata« 7 Sa October repre.
sent the City oa trsnqn ' .**.■ < large bad takon
place m t::c *iAi e ut atla.r-i. i.icputaiion Loot
the Supremo Loamy I had hn.t *n in’erview with
the Elector at Wilhefo «hed. ihc Elector renu*
dialed di«t!ti.-t!r al: :.f-Ki? lews and con*
stftuton hr -Inch slcsr 1c re dCb-.lared IRst
becotaidered any and w.-ry fomtaioa ol hw aov
eigo and ac.-pcuic |.owf r* *c act of usurpation •
andu r -"e-red agsl Cll o! Hie U~- i iAnrewed a hopathat
the pfvv.A.oi.» ut iac aw w-aui bvobaerved. (ha
liwivas. tow lire<\k»f»x. "t"' -'-iW rrjflctittf fMnce
retpfred—-la . .ui.ycjcrc-- '<•»* w-rvant, r f th _
Mate w, ,cy fttit,.' It.-* t- • cKcy- lnd
ttOJtitCcir no mere, aa-.i ,x.- : w.ib
, Tee 1e.rgr.1,.1.0 I.C.- l-'—.v . •H.- j 1 n sod Hrusa
j acts coispil-n J, still n,<r an >»r a* Verv:eri. the
I rttaaiQirg Belgian portion v r. • is iu».d, be mm*
, pbtted during i:j« n nruh ««- N.- vcmher, part lo! then i.y vi>.i i :ri i., o*‘.end.
..Prom 'W-l wc lest:; i*.-. acta! Haycau a
undtr arre-i a b.» tift.iv t. 1 : it.- tnora.og m[ tbe
slb, Lieotcnact i.renen:- b .1 acd licriand, ar
- oDtr-SDied by lu-v lu >*ft-ni to icterrcgair
the Gent-rai He w»- gj .n;,. u a-i-.muliei! that he
opened Ibe window enu cr.rj - treason. ’’ The
ot&rers ncvcitiietes* proco-de,*. AH the officers,
e x*epl ihosr of the tut.-r-, r.ave informed Geoeg!
al Haynau that ihey sm ,ay down their anas
unlen* tho Hector pnt» as <ro.i to the present rate
ofallair*. Genera! Hsrnau a' fir«t tbrealeaed to
scad ibe officers who wen; to arrcMtum to prison,
but when t«- pereeivtd tha; they had takes oov
ore# to carry cut thcr ipt-nti.'r,, le promised to
to.auspcod al! rnnher prt-'.re.’u-g* tii he had re
ceiv'd orw r.v.rrt.-'iv::- fr-u> W.lbclrujibad. and
00l io l-rcak L « arrvat. Tj< tioac.rat •• said lobe
Toe i'iii*-- • 1 it.- arr.-»; im ifco -wLj’Dg round
p*pr-r» tn < '<—t {>rr«y-» „l:I jwo or
three Ji.uruai..ur ed.i.v ->i wire I*. . Dr.
Oelker, nsb.ii# ren.*-«-.1. «n .-n j.r.i ..n io pn .
Th- Plate* H.-innd was 01.e3.-4] , t
Ib3 Haeue, br ihe Lira m p.-rv-i. r.n ihe 7tb .tM.
The speech wa* ol a very invof«(,]o . haracicr.
The Etnnrmr m K ■>•«!» * at Warsaw
A eerpa of ?$ 00« men ha* hem ntnuoued along He
frontier* 3I K*mien>f j Podonki, to the tooth o'
Choaim Ttirre ta cru.-h inratery ai-om iti «ie#ti«
Letter* bow K«mc. ol ter 'Mth .Vpteiober. an .
Qo3&cr ibe Papal ooa*n»U.ry. turning Jl-. Wiae«
tnan, cardinal ArcSWiim. 01 Weal® .otter, aa
Larins taken place iba! toornm? '
A o-n-a journal ei[Kv.oa uv „t.*rn mircelea of
the wmtma vt'*«n «>( R.rr.iii.. * B ,i P ut>lnhe*a «lla
«r*iD *h wiott me maoQcr , Q we;ch, »,y polljog
certam w,re», a preat enocrateil m the dnporr
protlurea the Intetdcv) n.rur.i.ju* etJer-t. '
Lc:t,:r«»arl p»p-r* u .v, a f , lVo ,j , n antiV.palioD
of tbr over'ind n,a t. Tr.. : .Utc, nf i bn , m e!!,
eenre are— Bombay, Aupu»i 3|, * m ] Aleiaodiia,
Septemher J\ T&u folio* 4S! g ,* a amaiuarv ot tbr
Br.l .b Irnlu ,« Ir.Kjaj, „J
Pcbbwor bar „ , t u w . . ril ] „ , te
* v "«= ol 1,..!.»» A ~,-w I, 1,,,,.
In K .0.1, wPwk, " Ami-ti.abla to,
pnaa, will retclcr rommiu-M'M w,in ib.i a<M
independent of the Afred.e*.
Lord Dalbuutio u Ohe
re.-, • tnoiw.inn V:ll« f e,«• n Q on V ifa e H,a».
atavar. about UO nulo* noriti w.-«t i>f tjimia. Sir
C. Napier U eiprMml in arr vr Ro m b« y | n N. v
Trmber, ( v.a Ibo Pnnjasb nt; J SrjQde.) oa hia war
to Europe '
w " «»•,•» IU N.tM,-, imilortr,
with var»;nc r>r:nne Tbr defeat of Ibo Nawanb
ol liln-1,™,. r.porird hy 1..; „ 01 „
C,..y. ; nl Hr,i > „t,r l| .„ l .,| [!lc . |, M K
in- b.l i.llmJ r„ Md n„ lhe S(S
ni Ansil.l v iar, over Ibe
N,«.n.,1r„..p. Tta i0h»1..,. 31 , of , ho
ar- fiabtir.f f-r Ncwaoi*
l„ lb,, „.i.v, 5..,„ b>„ I- Bnii.ho.b
crr[.l..rn, P.0„,,:-, M,„ , V„ um
,o«,ch T rod wm,,, , ltaw _
Tbofol.owmg deiuh cl ibo air*.r will bv ro«,l wilb
imp. ualuul eommialloner In T .
provtaco, U, deeeyled, .nd fled
territory, where bo hu been iIZ.! ~ ”
ibiog .ahiable, End U sow wshdSmr ■bom’ihl
jungle, dealflule. -uoeniig .bout tho
tomb., Me more ftEn hfif ite J
MISCELLANEOUS. broken om , mo „ g u, e „ •
stationed at Hull 1
The Pope hu iisoed I bull prohibiting P.em.n
C.tbolie parents from .ending iboi, childreino
Proteslenl schools, eilher in P, MCC or Ell((l , cit
sid ypnng Wins rrnin loliching or laklng p.n m
• Tllo enonsrreport ol iho Ersngel.csl
Allisnce hss boon held In Liverpool, li wss well
tl tended, and the best feeling , h „ 0
rested npon the members.
Royer. Men. Stumbis Con,E, 7 ._ Thc h ~
yeuly meelisg of tho Ko„| Mail Bie.rn.hip Com'
psny was held at the London Tavern 'r*. y
B«id lbs. mere b.d been m toe,., m ,h P "
eelpl. of TI3ABI 6, lod. o“e, ,ta»”o “,h °
responding yosr in 181«. A dividend of C! ir
s™rL n .ri, , T rre^'irrr
V... Indie, rmd BruiT-- t hT„^,r. 1 7ed' ! ,h“ m'
Mreylhem'for'Tlyo'ooo Wllll 8 °" r ““' nl “
Fits new sleuoships, euh of 2250 ions, end of
800 hones nominsl power, .re const,,,e„ng, nod
.re expected lo bo re.dy fo, in , bo
nox yexr; w>en ihe new .hi,, p„f onll „ IC A „
tole voyagu Ihe xceelersilon will preb.i.i,
II d«y» each wsy, Tol.l 23 days
m 1 *I*”* 1 *”* Jo do .10
Mexico 9 do do , 8
British Gutini.. 9 do do 18
'•"•‘■■•Will bo .n,6e,«nl In
wrform Ibe whole remee , h „ 0| j Mnsly
_. Th * RsTtaas,
The •ffidtl returns of U.e revenue for the .ronr-
Ld' " Tb.»'■“«>*» "««' been publish
ed. They show a decrease oo the quarter, a*
o?2iS«008' nU " h ° ccrro, P° D( "ng qnsilcr lasi ye.r,
The total ia thus accoonted for
Property Tax,
Post Office...
Tola) ordinary revenue.
Imprest anti other money*..
Repayment, ol advsocc....
Nell decree A!59,1103
l nere i. .iI mere.., on the finaneiel ye.r, wbieli
dtoed yesterday, ol A 643 4
.11 f”"”,™ T “* —Tbe Lord Eabcp
or London addresied aland, of rtmoosir.ncc io
““ f *>"W • elergytn.ii o, ,he
Eslabli.bed Cboreb In her mile while on ber pro
-171,“ ~': ■° d u" ■ Prcsbyteri.n place
B . il Balmoral. A reply was kci m ibe
Z2£? t f X r m ' 9 ° f her M *J««y’s disapproval cf
#Bd ob,€rvln g >h*t her Majesty
had oot stepped out of her duty in attending public
Worship id tte eaubUsbed Church of Scotland
r*a coa. as®, eri, nvn.osi. 'Vtig iA»co WJtir.Loco. Whig. Le.-O
Afliwhw IM; ‘ B ®' IM* ti'it
Adegbeny aaui a**te* trio
Araslrong iaxa taro tvf( U 63 1 t« .|«ri
SL** ?JJ 7 «•&»’ ti7> V7M r*,Ji
SSS" W« 4910
. ? r° 46« 4>. 11l
Bed-ori] Jsii ItyA-j IpxJJ J,, a
uLXp . l?4; ' IWIJ 17,3 ,tf<7 >" J! Lb?
Wl9 ,y;ti SSWSI JO-4, -..5;.-
Bradford *■!» Jt*r 3| „ 3iW- ,
cJrtai, 100 MW »* HIV
Carbon ail TCI tU3 ?co ft.® rj,*
Chvtic At . & 4 , 10 <|v3 4S<J 4 „, jn
vugs 1*1,3 20..5 u-or vn.i
ruaoerlsnd s*rt .w:< •.«?» v.-r- £;-?
(.uiumbia tC« ) l»9 TI.J jv; .j-, I
Lrawfoid aa»* 1 see# _ 1
‘•lanon n 9? ,im7 Ir.ll <i-.t
CLmou «,H [ six .-V7 I.'rt I j
C.earfceid HI - J, i
Uaophiu XUS tun ntn twn ox-1
Djlaware j ß jj Ujh teen yjn ISO n >7 I
p*' 101 I *SX VS sal v- I
f: fl " 3,rt ' It'fi Xl7O JTinl 3*u It.-,- |
Fi’ml,'.. Ji.';; """ ‘i’ll
MaAkun xt-v t-ri* a*. . i
» 8,,M Oii AM ft'.J •’
fir*** 1 * . urt * »MI s.r. ia,: re!
Ilaniiegdua tM i:&i 17 .. } j
Indiana. I • -i H. U ITJ# U4S J?i«l
I Ir** 5 * ,IU7 p '~‘i »!W I U>
tor.™ „T rtt i-» , v . ..
:«u ijk . In
Laoeaatrr n-j.i lmxi 40. - >v „* . T. !
Lawreugfl iht* ISSI ■*„*. »*«? .-'.J
Lvtugh va*x IrjH yarst VHS
HU |7w icra *i7i | tli s -ia.
Leteruo juj X’.Ai ix # tij
Mouriie iM lu?3 Ul ivXl
Montour *» Kll 7W | UV rit n,
Mufon 117th l-t*C tun 131* ‘A’
Mentfotaerr ?i« iar 3 |» -wrs 3,4,
McKean itW «}7 gj.* 4..,4 ..... .
Norte ampui n IXD t*m j B ?q .Lj
NorthamLert'd tit* llu Joi7 j W ;
Berry r»J irvi |7ss uae -Z.
Philadelphia Wjo 91189 ftim -Mil
L‘* # 4- * t» 47X -a * vi-
Potier DU tu u - ...
Bchuyik.ll -J6JO till -.-Aur yr«. »yi J.%,
Potter**! tilt *4-j| .‘j.',
Sulnvac SO* 3-t rev .ire
Huniuebanr.* 111? j --..4 js.r
-lloS* MS*« li-ns ion. 1 J J'.'
|, n ‘ 011 '* ■» M7o Ht" ~t J
Wnanga 'n t-.'l wi tv- • : {i
U e*m>orvlaiid Vi-7 vrm iu- •►*<« * '
Wa.liingtoii X*ho tst j,su ‘, j
W.rret, 74, ttHU ff- M.i 1 1
,M IW7 Mir His cm
\V finning t... >lO ftto t , c 1
. -tM* «tl» I*l7 43V j JJ4-, 1
nwoifcCM i4mis wika
lut.ti nuo; nu.'j
Amendment to the Constitution.
t\lU3Tlli. roK
Adam* jois
Allegheny ..4471
Bucka, ,537/
Bedford 1543
Bailer, 3752
Bradford,. ?75Vl
Cambm, ‘3^
Carbon, ) j»g
Cheater 3JfZ
Oea«w A 1537
Cumberland I 2033
I Columbia j.. 1356
Crawford 3'^
Ciitioo |«3
CliOtOu, ; fl-^3
Hetrlield, 929
Dauphin .. i4oi
Delaware jpg
t'k .703
Fayette ?379
Franklin, ....322|
Folton 697
Greene, 2223
Huntingdon,. 714
Indiana pj',
Jaoiala 797
Jefferaon, 677
Lebanon jyjy
Lawrence j vtil
Lehfcb la* |
Lycoming 2220
Monroe gjy
Montour loot
Mercer 2773
Montgomery 300^
McKean, {ss'
Northampton 709
Northumberland 14 jg
•’"'T USII
Philadelphia City and C0unty..21445 •
141,170 70,9*0
Fourteenth Congressional District
The following i» tbo full official vote in this da*
tnet, t! the late election .
Bibigbtu*, W. Boas, L.
21390 270 t
2300 12*1
2(6t 3122
7001 C 097
C 097
Majority for Bihighaos... 957
Vote tn the Twsntyjliccoml Co*
J- W. Ho'
y *c. W.Sbattock.
■rtff 2390
.1000 1109
-.2047 i9n
•• 913 SOS
0306 5303
•PptftT«ta«acj 1* Deatiatry.
mu G - °-STEARNS, )at» 01 Boston, ta praparad to
fkf *nd aet Bloc* XaaTD in whole and part*
" untlon or Atmospheric SacUon Plate*.—
1 ‘7 WV * »Kere the nerf© <*
Odico and rcaideoce neit door to t h* May
I Ainu to—J, d. H'Faddan. F. u. Eaton, ialg
A&k W* DissoLvxb.- 1 1 ic'etns to at, for meo
»no»e eooceptiotu are bts With tbe destiny of
bmptres and whq discourse as flippantly of dis*
wiving this Uniooi «■ school boys do ol a holiday,
tost taere is n vest deal ol contradictory sen
timent among the l-.-eders of (ho rebellion In the
aoath. Xne/e sr- variotu shades end sections ol
these agitators. One class proposes a strict en*
bargo open ail the Northern cbatu-erce and com Another class recommends the chiv
alry to march be to the tine of 36 30 harnessed
wijlt coffic* on their backs A third data urge*
cnd.lßry poMresion ol tho Southern part of Cali
r’ rril - lonrtn class suggests a direct alliance
*Mn Great Britain; and other classes consult their
parti' partialities in variotis expedients. All
laese suggestions, however, converge to a com*
moo centre, having for its object a dissolution of
c lituou. nut, if recent revelation be true, these
I movements have been entirely, misdirected, and
I tre wholly nnno-eseary. A “Iremendous dem
onalraiion WM heW B , Abbev^ e> in , he ,„ d Q ,
ciiivniry, on the 7ih inai., m which Mr. Burl, a
eta ier of tho House of Repreantativcs, deliver*
r ec himself of a lulm.oation which clectri6ed the
1 °, T ?' Among other hippy things, he i» re
ported to bar- said—“ Dissolving the Union was
no (jueniiou for us u> consider; u -u already du-
Now Mr Burt, besides being a gentle
,o,,cll; ■»'bonor, u 81.0 lie politic"! ti.
tuury legatee of Mr. Calhoun, and therefore ftis au
!tu, n „? T *JUc«.ooaf fr.ct like this is not to be
dir -uicd. We have, then, at length arrived at
that nn! enium toward* which the anxious eyes
ot south Carolina have no long turned; and we
may contemplate the nre*?n' nnd the future from
ttm point of oUervation. If this bn diMolminn.
our prayer is that it uiay furrver continue. Wc
see none oi the b.iror« which excited imag’na pictured in tho distance, and realize none of
toe calt'DiUe* which tire astrologer* confidently
3‘*urci. ii.' wrijij tnii jw so lamentable n n event.
V Hi!n° r ' e Brrh "fP v »Qd prosperous, tho eruclaunn* ol privileged fanitius, wc ace
do cause for ultra) or excitement.
A th , e I ' ' a ” affording to Mr.
hurt * di-clar.Mu.n, it ti m be pri-stinred he and
his wdi Hay at home, and not enact
!, n 0 °! •srepreseDtat.veain a nation
* t ’ H,u,K ‘' 1 of Legislators, when no such body
, cTiMenee, if (hr- representation* of an sntboriz*
etl expon-'i.t to icreivod ss true. Of c:urte. no
Mancii of t ho ..(..vhlry would cobhsrl lo finger
sot ol Uncle Sato’* politieal cosh; abhnugh South
Uarnliaa contrived lo pocket her ahrr* of the sor
|> ii* fund, as roon n* publ.c. alteolion was with
drawn irou. the repeated repudiation ol any nnch
pUrpoM. Bui, m all *ar.eroe*s, it would be more
■"ww»f >• fk «r It« Sctitf,
of n common Century, | 0 duro'o tfcemai lvo* to
“t|trr Dur»u:lmhan these periodical paroxysm*
° L ‘*' l '" #uc '‘.’bv which they knvc gamed noth
mg thus fur {-rsctiraiiy, sad have Inst. and must
c.isntmtie i« lose, while they ore pursued, much m
es'unaiion. If we are to live under the
rapie government a. equal member*, patticipa
ting in the pro-peniy which the country must en
jot'irvrn a eommur.-oo Of .ntcre*!* nod a *ym*
psi y ot brotherhood, let ih:s miserable agitation
rosw now turf forever. If. on the other hand,
Itw demaKogucs nnd marp. n» of South CarolmH.
whetatr IQey t-mbrace tho whole or onl? a pan of,
the population, arc determ.neo to force an issue,
and try tut «-xp«-r.a-nt of discord, let them begin
in ctr&ent, so Ibr.t the conferred by the
Con#'itijir>n may b- proved in bo worthlesior po
teotial W.i nr.t hrr.rtily «ick of thin d.sgnsung
ga-eonade and tb.* cfin*lan' dm of dmonioo.—
I csck and tranqu-.lify are objects which we re
gn'd bi pArarnruat iu a government lue ours;
tj! wr.rn rebellion is npcQly proclaimed by n re
vo ling mi tnbef ol ihe confederacy, and insolent '
t.ravado ,s tin only invoca.ion addrr*s*od tn Nor« |
th-rn mind*, v?e are willing to *-e th- strength of i
the (jovcrnuienttested; and Iraiton punished with i
the djorn wtim they de-rrvr There' baa Iktcd I
too mm n nt enmproroi-e tin the part or tho NorUi, I
and every movement ol coac.hxiion has an- I
swerrd w.tL mov; n p/os..hc« and more audacious
e„Tsct:i»r>*. Word* have l—ca tried long enough,
a 'he hble ruggest* a stronger and more ap.
propr -irn argumuct hereafter.— Phil*. 7\. Amer \
Jlld I t3Z
/ 1,.>9
iM vrit
179 719
16 44-1
46 142
Look here my friend!
A Kl. Ill'A I»7 H>:il.,.b i .ilns,
4.1. » Uu.s . .uTsruw .r»>m Rpsienl Jtl/ilUy »ml
™ ? o'vivfe
S-iitv,,;:,. rroni du-aiti ir ir.nale* nri» t«*n.-r
u-r l*f ri. 1) Howe'* yiisktr darn*p»
S’ *-111 a. i»c» «'»pu', or or. iu>e nf our ajce bu, onO rrt b
eri'-v wvr. v..u w.i! find tbai »ur *bjket
. “ r>.«*•-.» t., Ur y. u |(owe. h»«
. ; h m " “’ 01 "urinr roorr
‘ .«irii u,- pjr,|•, arc foiiiinußliy subject,
AsiATi T&Z"*" s, ””^ r "»«'’«»«
,l* h.cli rrpul
• W -i' »yp ( ;ri( rur* -
1 . PVPfT ~V.- f'TT!(-.:J*r'v !o 'f'lisif.
»AKA:;7-r«ILT;-r;jv £■„,?•,£ *•"«'»
J'm--- n I-, t.otiies tar *i-
I<V lal'i
It >■ (..j: ,
parJi. .*!„ >
I'R S It ri.MVK* CO., Pigpr,'
To ». °-
\« ' ' ,w .V I ‘f. A. J.iti;/, J. .v K><vjiaiakpf ACo
W Lcfc-n l- l-W jV'i;' /. ‘I 1 J- Mahler,
t,': ‘ * ' Browito*
«. * , ' ' 4 Au * ■ " -J. H. Pattenen
*t.J K. i. Hi. CiurtvtHe; M*6e«o * K,w*
' “ _ _ t t _ ot-Ctf-.14.wT ’
Ou TUj.-U, «.ot.r.. e . Oft ~y , lrv Tllumg .
P Jotinxiun. I>( ttoL>eu f JoU«. -r n . a ( || o ,- yni . Q
-M.m l Ifa»cr f, W f
taS»*SSiK a')?™. 1 ’ 7 "*'
rr-ij - I‘,-- ,„• Ur f'.J.-ia. Aj e ,.. K . n
>r\r. ' “ r ' } ' nn,b »«.-d m,.,
The < wm i j t • ;fn« Jay. tMcr.J.-, > >tL
** M • i-n rr„ ,c,ce. Uad
f >,tr All "h»i.r e.ty. The rr.cmJ- of lhc
lam- f »rc :.(
Cy* .* n A.‘-i<.Krn» -I Mr-! icr ol -
-r‘i iram iirat owner*
auJ eritjn-T?, a . J-.i e:» m u..l ri. i . ,
c> ,n M.O. ~n«er<t o. . wh..k eT ,
S e-»lu-. Oil I com .uxlhlr «■!.' be h ,.j . .
“< y*” «"»“"■ —Y" -»1 w„ .4
" n.'iu. I, »r U.c jr:*ort of ue committee. upporn , c j
a. ihu -' <l n,.-r fly c.riler n (tie roinniillee
Ul ILDINU LOTS KO!l b!ilk'
1 'ilL’.cugli' .?f ’1W0.71.1n! noltmr m 'w'* ,fl
li.i:iUjm tlrer.n oi i1.i1.-r.-m i.i„ irnui (V ' ll * j r IW1 ( l j
US 7
?5l f»
* ‘l? 10l i;i JM .-.'u.'.j, . , _ .
EnelUh«»fMDra # d y , ’ana P„ r »
rjUIK a!..»vs an,or. w« ou r,«„ „„ , kflftw
1 them 10 u. pun Pot .ale whole.* .„J!
orv* •''•‘‘KUi- t rmv.uiTll,
It',,'!"!;', ' T "’ po-jud-
... "raSS“'
S', SsxXff
4 , lA> K 'nrr.'m-ko. ft co
• ** r . fl 7. Suo»f Ppfi irry.
PACKKJU p- rrr.JV-ibbr., .1 ~ v . ,
_ - .*■ L.V’-' '’"NWiOll'M'iCl.
*> ..°r v '_ ... *‘rvr,si JoyN i j(>i ;;;?y
s K CO
At HOi.MF.y l-rVi-IKA it V D KPQT
T)iiH »trpfU o|i|i. lß nr , e/ oMUfit .
riA\ a* v'ur.'-LKi ii.u). \« u.
±J LK>niJon Jojrual for uc «s-r
i.illril » Uvn - A/i\ JV> Crr ’ r
Tbr VKliry ,. r ,h e .V t--
Ph.l, IM-d tv J. pi, •“ *'■ U '-
4.' « r
Mar*-*,- * Tewi.leton llv r,„i. ,
The In.n >1.,.*- t V \ U,er
lilio u( Vat.hSs Ili<; ’ *' e ’* work ' Complete;
Ui,,,,ut ' anil u> a
Uo.lnn N » ((
arl »{*a« Ord*,,.
t*( Hnrnd* i--;. n,„ |
I Volunteer*,'wil, f.. r in t»nmil \!
«.Uo* wa “ » ;,,a e h { nyMTeel
u; >< o. ■ ■
New »«J Kiel |v. , •"! valid*-- -
•V .fa T-it,;, • <‘»r|>i , i*.
Nrw.ijirpnniMT.Mmr. n * Amen. u ,-H.,
l irj'i*u s V. ? -j. •
JUitn .Mpp, j n . Vc4r . v o.ic.Hh •
an ••'her , ri,( ('loll,, ~u , M tl ,
Jo l;i;rw, u ~* .v v;,- h-,11 .» rcnm
Jv J» I •'•r«nu**tvlr.«. l a,, uft i l .
4-4, I 4, »«• .'.I .1.1 I'UHrJ j,,
V«ni||' .4 P»i»i*sJilClJCjU!lr i>jot Mm.
4-4. >4 .n I'arpcu '‘Tuned do ' ...
Vf and j j T»pfi.w,r|Timiw Jo
1-< .Kian.irrsu Shccp.k.ndo •do
, U. umi :M piwiljcunr I.mduo J 0
|w' •|Ta" C nn l |'-'*l „ r^T"*" 1 W.udow
4, a-i. and M croilonl biiadr*
svs t
Smir Prunjcu I
can be purehated m nnr of thy ea.trrn eitl."' . .II «t
’k® V,S rpot W,tthoQ ' ,e ’ K fourth »t nnd 70 \v «od *t.
-2?.. w. Mpcuw took
milK besi Mack Tea m iho United Stole > price
X 7S ccnu per lb, for wile l-y ’ p
MORRIS i. itAWf l.ttTH
. . . in *bc thamon- I
We have frrquemiy been told by avin ff
peW Cl and Si« per pound for their B!a. jt Tea*
w thoie in the habit ofpayinjr suek prices, we re* poci
fully eoUeu to try t ur Tea at7se per lb. and i 'th, Vydo
uot then acknowledge ihcnztclvci havin* been i no«t
*tomlt iropoicd upon, vre are orach mltlaken, a* u rare
is tm better lilack Tea imported into the Uniual fit. itns
than wb*t wc are •ellniff at 75c per lb. H
Tba very belt Orcen Tea we »cll at St per lb oi 53
n kw v
nr «sSl,ibe»r
UTTER-'.’J.txi fot family me, on ooniijmncm
- “•« *»y 15AUH dickey Jtco
““ lWW«l,ril|
A far J ihe r *ala a « Conn beJd ai Pttubnreh. in ani
A D., l-Sii t*ip ® n tie stb day of October,
of Alary Franrea^Vh 00 * l,,m B*n«on. rnerdiaa
p hiMrcn of Jokrrt Kni “F <r
Uto Court P „v„‘ ! u" »•» pm.tntedll.
™o»”?,md°i ut r s‘up'.s«rr“u = .J
Aod j, c d r,“'n“
«».l 001,00 „l .fid .ppiloliou ■“« y> b “
estate be eiypn to .1 t, rlhe **lo of raid real
fou Q.roo u,r i . ll „ h J*“"'«;J; b T f»bUc
•txl Ibu unlr.. tbe oon y a *“ ue '
•oforo the third Saurd.y of ItSiZi! an" TaS
Hie prtiyer of ~|j petition wiß U rrtr.tVi* > '’
«»jd real etutn ordered to be toft) m «w i J U * ~d }*
By the Court, DAMKI Al!V»to£',S P^Jed
oe»:wntT AAA.MKLMcCUaDV; Clerk.
MADAME BUNNAFFON,,fully .........
to her ru.toner., tH.t ,ho will he ӣ!
oer eite».ive i»d wlr.nlltd uuortioem of um£ ,E
for the ee..ou, „ Mo.d„r. iis.l, .“fi,
iSS: l '"'* tltee-e. In evtSf
rnnet,. The obove pood. „e of (he Ule.t impSl
ntion and •election, <nd of cour.e different ftotn whit
is now in lln« market 00^°'
Cl JGNOR CIAMBONI rerpeetfglly inform* the cjtj.
O /ens of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, that lie will
trive a Grand Concert, a* above, on .Monday nen
October iSth, at Wilkin* Hall. On .whirl, occasion hr
mil be assisted by Mi** KrnA< Messrs. Hatbordt
Peine, .Master Warwood arid 11. Kleber. The pro
ftrammr will be made up of entirely new pieeea and
for variety and attraction will be unequalled. '
The Piano used in of the factory uf.Numn A Clark
ocS*f: J*.’t
f IASTILF. SOA P—l*o bxajutt rec'd and lorsttla by
oeyt 47 Wood »t
J.> LAft KfcTS— \ esses ciflpre'it'cotor* and .izeaTToi
> *“le bv [0c331 H LEE
GSI'KNDJD Jet Ht*rt Mules, eßch 5 )*eur*oM, with
"'Sfjon ana liarne** tor sale. Inquire of
Liberty st
r |'AH ik WTCH—I.Vi burrHi Tar;
*■ lu Jo I'urli, on conaisnuncn
GLA*?*— '3>k> I x* {•lift,
Ufl bis Htil'J;
r,o in* 9sta
-20 bn lOx H; on consignmenufor salo by
_ f,r - n ISaIAII DICKF.Y ft CO
IJ L'Ulitit U Ull’ij—i doz 5 feci long;
*'• 1 doz 6 feet long;
l do* T ieet long. for **le by
°“* fi _ __ J AH PHILLIPS
KUOTS—S Jpz vrntietnen's Long Boou.ol ibe nctr-,
en stylo Ki ii.r Rubber line, which will be told
inwrr than any o<bcr rsubiisihmenl in ihe city, jmi'
received and tor sale by J.v H rHILLPS .
. _ * A « Wood *t__
SPRINGS—I 2 do/ Meta.lie India Rubber
» Door spvir.jf*. just received lor lain by
ncs3: ' Jill PHILLIPS
VIKTALMC RUBBER CLOTH-? pieces, a iplen
i»l ul article, suiuble for purpose*, for rale
" 7 loev!] _J AH_pHILLIPS
/I 4NA RV SLED—I 2 barbel* for snln by
( kPtl/.M—l >• are prime Turkey leceiv-d for ta'.e by
' / OC '-’ c • K E SELLERS
O OCOIINE ALOES—i original keg. a fine anlcli
0_0c25 __ R R SELLERS
"\ ELLOW DOCK—S i»rt* rer'd ior rale by
ARNOLD'S Writing Plnid,
H'lrlirnd'n Mnenfsia,
Ki-.cler'« Amernii Compound
Al.-'»!uni. r * ufopißio;
Mr Abutcr’* Giniinent.-
* f ry Cmr.3' Pam ivilfi-r.
brandreth * Pill., re'.oln».
Ayt»r'r Cnerrv Pectoral;
Smith's Ton c Syrup;
Wisur’s Biuam of Wild C.rrry
Koeer»* Liverworth and T;ir,
Hull's *ad Townsend's SartaphriJa;
i-ufllum'* Specific;
i>«*ood’» CliPiagogur.;
Frink's Magnetic Ointment'
Swain's Piiiitc■ A'
Alien-. N »nd if Ljuic-er.;
A fresh lot of the above article* ,u«l received 1c
fio Wood ti
Gam £la*tlo Clothing
•)DGZ. large C*pc«, with Leave* rai ndutg habiu;
•° G dm larte Over Coats:
2dw r'en Jo "-v
1 dna Jar krtt;
: dor Paaw.
2 dot 1 egging*;
i de-r Shirred do; r e.-\l i„ : t , v
* - . TAW Wood *l
- ted to Charter.
A LIGHT Drai*. Si/.-rn Whrrini Steam Boat. •
p ‘ .. . Fifth st. between Wood A Market
(JHUESE-Vo roasmiiii; * 7'
L JaaTk.^DaLZ^LL,
rn Water*!
- ftLJ
iut»rc »kiu-
*Vo Steam Boat BnUdeae.
EV FRA beury Oakland and Howard Twilit rail
•'Me im steam boat dcekir.g or awning Tereivet
iiii ••, and fur vaie low, by
I i'V Wood »t
KKli ULTTK.H-A primp article, received for * a !i
b 7 SHniVKR A BARA Kit
L 1 LA X>KRI> a Isw Parrel* tee'd.£or sale Py
T»t>LL HU7TKR~« hr!*. a rnae article. recU by
IX, oc« Mlill VKB A !lAKNEB
WALL PAPER-A general assortment of Eastern
aau French Wall Paper*, from «:,} cents 10 SI
per piece, with bonier* to matsh, for naie by
„ p Marshall,
o<r -‘ _ ‘■i Wood *i.
VV'IMAUV PAPFK- 11.00 rolls at wholesale arid
»* retail, by _ |oe»| W p MARSHALL^
f'RKSM HITTER—its small kegs family btnter;
;»l»il« rml,'
b bx« JO, ree’J for sale by
,.. ... i.? CANfIKLI^
/ Mil-1 SK—Alki mi pnma Cheese,
V/ n-o l r< cur* Crcajo i’o.ipp-1 for -ate b\
4 VI.D I'ori'Klt siw I\,», ,n store.. i,r<l for »«lc by
V / . __ Jll CANHKUI»__
{ 1 _k.D i»lL— '-'.O Lii* >it store, and for cair by
XJ or.j _ j o CANRIXII
/ U;KtfcK-i75 fas. rere.ved mr .*lo ftf '
„ A CL'LLifijriSoN i CLOL'SE
.. _ 19-i Liberty • t
MACKKHf.L-iobri, received for «»!e hy
I'OUAOCO— 4Sbx* R 4 K;
70 Lis VV » Grtnre;
H«» bi» a*«one«l;
Burrow 4 Cshiness; received
for Mir by 0«55_ A CULHKRTSUN A CUIUdB
ij'LOUR— 50 brls extra family, lor sale by
" r \ 3 A CIJLUKR'IyoN A cLorar
Buckwheat plour-£o wok* for S ai c by
i lIILESE—IOO bi* lor talr by
\.\ A.DOING—.w hiln Ulack, received lor sale | y
* * .. .. A, CtfunFlflTiON A 01.01’SK
G 1 LAs*y —ISOIhj assorted, lor sain bv
L *• J««* received mr sale hr
BUCKKVix-yj (ToTcn jun received for sale by
A FULI. Mvrn octave Rosewood Piano, enure'
ne«, it altered at a preai bargain: y
One second 0 octave Piano *
Oou do do ft* do do ... :5
Ono do do fi* Jo - Oo .... ’ ■ 'M
Uy j °™«V^lok
N. D.-A new stock of Ctuckennr*, T II oJ n
or/?mng. * i >anoa now
*■■ ■n/iS’v? -^v —
9* 'X&tS&mMm
pUTA«H-A ‘‘Tr
f 0.-.-i ,' e ®° -‘and, ter sale by
• • _ . '\ l y R A McCANOLKSS .
T OAF SL<l \ K—tOO 'jarrf. - . “ S—
XJ Meamcr lonian, lo ( Vf *® al ‘ fo4 *’ landing per
pci:. 1 •*>«», A HUTCHISON t CO
... - .. s?oni»?i Loun Sogar Ro&pery.
Alpaccn 1t0...
Ms"™”,, S Sf" F, 1 "b». re™.«4 . .ip.
Ctt-limores, Aipa ecft>i ' and Black
lih iriuucu.
M auenumf { U, ‘ !e lhß P* ruc “>«
above iood'_ °! _ ulcr * ibelr superior stock of
of ineir ons* a l, *np r<» much satisfaction on account
. .. drinkable <iußlme«.
r lßdl * Hubb.r Shoes
ZO CASKS perpetual gloss, Metallic Rubber Shoes
am* , ' l c "' l ‘*“" K °i. Ulc r ? llo ' v,a * *‘cd*. gentlemen’*
. Indus Over Shoes, Ladies' Buskins, IJoois nod
? :I sda,s ’ 0 ** “«»«« «He of Crush, which we will
0.l ni me lowest eastern wholesale pnccs.
C2_L(-'V !2j—l ca.o gent'* Icdia ltubber Giove>;
* *J ciici ladie*’ oo Wmh CiloTe*;
oc.’i J & II PHU-UPS
A CIIIUCE tract of 51) arifu oi dented Land—a
* x P l *” »f »*>«■ i.-trm. al-out ihrce quarter* of
:i loiip from Liam f.itx*rtT. and a mile from Lawrence
it ii ail cleared uml fenced in but acre*; there
arc mo lor ß e lirl.l*. <iu old loe hnu.e, nod iwn »t>oe
quarnr*, ain I a orchard of *eiect iruit on
:i, n streei will r,„ opened on u, and will In- dmded
111 from I u>;.!».rrr, ofpa vine at in «ou bu> era.
iM*o, .1 Rood lira of Mil n.-ie» ;.>r .ale, M injlcs
iroia f iiu'iurjfli, on ihr H-u-. on r'reek road
I -r «»lc. * r«u4 Finn of 7» BCfp,. »!! writ .m
-j'ro'nt, and f(M>O four** r.iui bLntljipt. or.-li»Tl, ,\ f
,W ” lU ' if ’ * 4 M° uia ‘•‘‘••ad. .Monroe coaoty
l'c,-o„. •hinx ta U|- „i; ,k_t l.pj, o, (..a,
Uio w.ll picsfe call at
' 5 -‘ Agency X Intelligence Office, Fifth it.
iWasbin/mn Hcponcr copv three tunc*, and chanre
thlt office.)
a Hk Military UompaMMor UnsbßijchiaflßlnmM.
X has, Will lake notice to hold tbemwive* in rSt/i.
nc«« to receive and eicon the ictaaini or
Zuelm.r Taylor, Uuj Prc.ident of rtTuLtLl *.»,«
from the Canal to ihe Moeonanhcln Riser Slates «
Hr "fJcr of GEN. IIaRIMKB
.»«?££££?* “* En " us
Tri'C”' ““’""““■i » m™L B r Mr,
TLrr,^\tvs T A, J s b bf bML
orSJ „ r, R (J SKKJKTON,
Cor. Foarth AiMnrti-t .iwa.
M™£ lIA 3 BoR PJ>fo®.P u of firu Earopean
mutwO late of New York. respectfully Inform*
iae citrtem of Pimburgh and Allegheny, that bo baa
arriTcdi and intends making thi* city n!» permanent
renaence, for the purpose of imnanin# umraetion on
the Piano. Applicaiious left at Mrs. While'* Boarding
boose, CO Liberty si, or at If. Klebert Music Store,
wiii meet with prompt attention. octb_
Drataad Lumbar mad Sox Oomrda.
A LARGE RB*artmeni for iuJc in Ini* 10 rail lb
purchusen, by JOHN A HLOOMKR,
Allegheny Piunirw Mil!*.
0fll8»Uw« Aoderioa •(., Ailufoenr oily,
71l Wcod m
o-l 4i 64 9AKKKT ST„
rtm croon,
TXrOULD solicit Ou- attention of Merchant* from
» V all *eciw>n« 01' Git conntrr, to'Leir isnaenw
Puiek of New Fail floods. c»*crn<inj; the largest ttD <j
most ccapicic iiictuncnt m uic wnttr country,
consisting of . ,
- 375 enres style-- mms;
£ •' Jo Imported *cd American Gingham**
■ ins do Alpacca#,raramiuu«, and Merinox
. 37 do Cashmeres nnd Da Lain*; '
45 do Sauneta and Jeans;
09 do Cloths and Catrimerrs;
. fU do Bleached Muslins;
W bale* Flannel*, all colon;
• 57 do 'Tickings, all grades;
*&o do ' Brown Muslins. {-<•«( makes
Also, rases and package* of £lka, ShaWla, wr*.,.
Coed*, WillinoTT do, Tailon* rrlmtainrs,
jjiees, Hosier? and G!o*c*,dre. r . hona,
Merchants snored, from tfc« great faeiii.i—
this establishment,©!always procuring ihe °f
moitjdeiirablegoodi, and at prices «%» anenii*" 1
ihananycasterti hooso. Beingmanafaettrer**.- er
for large quantities of Domestic Goods, tb ev n?I rt,u
larly/soUcit tha order* of merchsniaifordomW** 0 '
deUterahle In ?lhi» city at the «ataa price .hi” cv
.old at in eastern cities. Mordents /übrr m.L tr *
returning from the east, are taelied to^ n r
of their stock. ;; A al^onT™ 00
P4fcdi*-*p«*W2a3 */«AwON * CO
Power aud Kaeau for Heat.
TJ OQM* partitioned ed in sixer, to suit tenants, wit!
' . Power, for rent, *o • baalne*# pan of tbs
p 6 ** rim st, between Wood A Market.
Bt/ l l ER—T tabs, a fine article for family ose. ju>
received, and (or rale by
130 4 134 Second *i
¥ AMP OILS—Jar. received for *ale at VSC Liberr
' J_j itreet, extra Winter Strained Spc-m Oil, snper Ji
ecminon do, also No 1 Winter Stmiund Lard Oil
CANDLES— 'Wax Candles eol’d end while 4s A C
Sperm do 4'sat.dO;
i Star do 4'« S'* and 6\;
lionld do;
Dipped do; rcc’d lor talc by
oe*l_ J VV’M A McCLL'RG A CO
"¥> a WDKR—I3OO keg* Blßrtirif v jnsi landrne b»
Golden svrup—*j lxu m siore
oe-j-i J 8 DILWORTH A ru
PIC IRON—24U ton* Meicer Pie Iron reccivirc M
SHOT-iake*a No I Shot,
l- keg* No 2 do,
11 kegs No J do;
5 kegs No 4 do;
keg* No i do,
:i keg* No « do;
» kr.r No J Jo; "
' at.., 1 No H do; landicg per *l2*lll boa
May Flower, and tor sale by
I>OLL HUTTEK^rbrI FeshTl'm day~icc'*iv’e.' ..
11 **. lc __MIRIVER A BARNEtJ
EGGS--. A lo:of fresh Eggs r«'.l mr Vile br
_ o i~ .... SHttIVKK A HAKNFS
•/ IHKStNUTS-lA' few bathels In store, for •« e by
Canton Cloth for moarnlng..
: T7!£ 81,0V6 4 ” icle -< now «»morh used formourr.iiT
l^.i l UC 1 0 °f Homblz Be*) Of *ll the VHtfK-S be had at the rtor» of
; Mourning Alpiccia;
BOMBAZINE finish, of varion* qutltties ]qm rer'd
Monao tie Lalnti.
Murphy a BuncunELD ls? 0 rec'd a j* r -,
assortment of nnwc»l patlenir, .omc as low o
« ,c . P m > u V B,S0 ’ Bine, Gtecn, Mo-.-r /i
Prab, Black, Ac, ai low prices. nr. J !
Superior Black Silk*.
S.tunpnv 4. BURCHFIELD iac« ,a,d i •„=
1U ply of snpenDr Block Silk, fa, d,c.,e.ond m.;,-
tpIAS aim fcgorcd. *ntm siriped do. oc .^
: X received Uu* day, and for sale »: marnfitcturon’
Prices by H LEF,
■LgttM 129 LiheriT «
■IDHaWLS— I >-sse block cloth, on conOJitnntent fr.i
«n’c by i [or'i.'l) H j jw?,
WE ED *l—a i-a»esj assorted color*, rcc'dluTt Jay
. rot *ale by j [ocAlj H LEE ’
CASSIMERE3 —2 cares fancy, on hand and for
aa'e for account of mantitacinrcrs by il LEK
PLAID FLANNELS—2 caw* rec’don ConarrEKcm
for »nle by fcctEi) 1; I.F.F
eATINETTS— J c*»s received for sale by
0r27 . H I FF
NO BL'OAR— 67 lihdc prime. Just rec’don e’
« elgnaetii, and for rale by
221 A m 3 Liberty r
ftluapratta’ Patant Soda Ash,
THE labrcnben are now receiving, by canal, large
supplies w Jam** Mnrpratt A Ron’s high ic» : , and
bßttqualily Glatii Alakerr' Soda Ash, which they win
spl! at the lowest market price, for c*sh or noprnr-'d
joggl Lihrrtv
Comer of Market and Third *tt ecu.
THE course of insuuction inillds invliteiion, rn
brace* Book Keeping. Commercial CompiiUti:!.,*
Henmanship, J-eciuicn on Cdmtoeicial Luw, nnJ -i,
f*et every branch pertainiiig to a finished men- uiti .i
- ' John Fleming, author of the Natiorai ho&.
Keeping, principal lecturer acd teacher of Fovk
Ladiei and gentlemen writhing to improve tbc.i
Penmanship, carl call at the College at any hour dw
tng tbs day or evening oc-*!*
BLEACHING HOW'DER—2fice*kxMatpruua bon
quality, for tale nt the lowest market oy
lIIFESE—IOO bx* Cream, just rcc'd for sale hv
n A W HaßßaL’(-Mi
SODA ASU—3O c-»*k* Rant brand, to arrive, ij.
. talg Jy local j sawharbauch
BUTTER— 7 brl* Roll Butter;
7 brl* packed do, jrtatlanding for sale oy
natnllton CantanKlattxdi.
MURPHY ft BURCHFIELD iiave received a .U7V
ply of above tuperier article. octd
j B»rd Pellate FianaAi *
OF very handiotao pattern* and bright colors rce
»| h!0 -' c o{ MUItPHY A BURCHFIELD
IVANOV i*iHN"5» -10 case* new style Fa if Films,
rii G - Algrr i n > ! "'k, Ccchero, Rpragae’*. DunwoK’a.,
Alien s Llyde*- and other good' manufoctorjcT i 8
ORrning, for sale by SIIACKLEIT A WHITE
. l.f>l Woou_,t.
OANCV CASSIMEREaR-SOpcs fall «tyft ib»
‘•v „ ifrH'j _ siiACKLirrr_A_\viuTv
\\ T Uf*LEN COMFORTS—3OOdoz faccy «,!«, vary
*i » ebrsp, now opening by ’
j-' o ' -I * l M'oftwem pf Long and sTuun-
Shawls, Plaids, Embroidered, and Pliuu
RECEIVED liiß day. at W. M.'Climock’a Carper
" nfcaotne. I\o Fourth street, and ry Wr*-1
street, a very sp',end,d MMjrunent of Curtain Goods*,
ln pan tire following varieties-
Blue ami Cold Satin Detains;
• Bine and Cnioiou Jo;
' Scarlet and Hlsel do;
• Seerlet and Wlnte Union Daina/ki
Criin».*'n 4iid;\Vhiia Jo;
T*loc jo Jo,
.• yrantjc and Dmc Satin Diiceik;
and I’myde do;
Embn*»ej Turkey Red Chinn:
I'Htired do do;
Plain do « do;
Half Windovr Linm;
Drab Jo do; Ac . Ar
Thr above good* lieinc nareba'- .44
Importer* and Manulaciurers, w , lTO “ ‘^'
a. they can be .n orv of timer r , it 81 '}***
vtte all wt.htnß fine Curtain G , P ' : c f; ,£ r ' ,
pet Warebonte, S 5 Fourta #tr Cel s 10 CB 1 it lit- Car-
T ARD OlL—lb brU N 0 j, , 0f b * ’
--.q J y t CO
"1 ‘lYoodjt. _
t«!WP»! SALt*_|» brli for .'Jitl""” "5
iscay JsSakek * cn
ft BFiNKU 7--
-7- HOUNMAKER i cn
y L *~l -wimer Wkale Oil;
neifl “ 9 Tanner*’ Oil, lor «&b by
™ HP brjp.for ta!* l> T
SIJL 0 ! 8 ; j yCHOtnNmaker **n
JO— s c*«e*
3 teroori* Csraccas, for*aln by
-IT•' ODKR—2 ratii brst Dctchi for sale h]
HOLLAND RRRKING—a few teas jont rrcriTrd
and for *ale by- W.M A McCLURG & CO
-Pi™ j asq Übcrry «
WINGS & BRANDT for mcJicical parpens fa:
“ le b r j K K 3KLLKRS
r,7 Wood ,t
'Doth BRUSHES— Fine quality Knclub imoou
jed far 1 __h E SELLERS
T iQnOß'iCE—i.cftaearccMfofiaJe by'
lORTARS*»i.cojk assorted sire*
INIS SEED—MO lb* recM for »aJe b»
ENGLISH KXTRaCTS—nelUdcnna, I’-yodlraw
Conii, Taiaxicum, and QcairlH. for tile bv *
Resin, to da PucM, on coiisiffnoieni and far *ata
~ »eil2 . ■ ISAIAII DICKEV »Co
HYDE'S SOAl*—hx* assorted, jo*T ree’d and far
~ ala °* _ : octt * JKIDI) *Co
bblsfot sate by
O octl-1 J'KIDDJkfS
I the man wbo doc* not appreciate the Inxiayoftm
! ea<yshave? If rot there be, w« tjo not address onr
selrp« id him. Dot to all others wo toy, if you with
u/ ?n »* r »l‘ aTiI T •P»ea*»re l paw.h*.o a box of Jules
llouel’s Almond Futaehlo or Ambrosial Shaving
Greatnr. It n nueiJy tmpotsible to find wonisio d£
*eribe the perron who has been need re
Shauns mth ordunry softp,uponioakinK wiilofthi*
b« l i e # a? l ?frt t; n <! m® nn *i Uie ra!?, * !'
soft and pliable, producing an adrairab'e laihJr us ettrertely mild nature allaying all
tlori.aodpreynilngthu uopleavnu and *tifr reel.™
oflho «kin wlneh U n> often rxprrierced niter »>,*«*
m?v ? See“,h^‘AM in * Stiffi
miiy iteo the coldest and most btsrdi’ir wind* , m .
AndMo,i ,Se k WitboUt “*• •kwIKX
' °*> c * rp «‘ «‘l**Mas<.\ Which evrwei«;iit ao- •
SSIW.. h> . U, . MB Weir, »l>WeM i' theft*
w»td« itL UOi < *' W£ ' i “ r He Usard.whirh iron «oup.
***** ** <***>* ippcaraoce to to*
ife [}*?**'**•■ Jules lla«-l';Ua»tn» Cream*
, it i preparations, rr.r.iH'utrdcd with skit..
£ *?« ® K « «c*«'»oh of *]t ca > cu ;.trd to
J_ r * . n rcmuhii o| shaving unpleasant, and
be (fpnrcct.tcd by all who make trial of them.
l itpared only V.y
JULES iTAI.’EL, Perfumer asd Chrairt
- ; , IMMlhcr.tnnt *' . Fhlla
rorsali*, w!mle«al« an-1 retuh i>y R A Fahnc»tr«v •
* Cp ,;and ft, E. Sellers, PturDurrOj and John Sergey:.
» n, l J | .Mitchell, AlJnehe-iv ihtr. tcpi»-tf|«