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MONDAY biAkNING; SEEP: 7zl, E!so
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}:III24 DO LW, North rayon*.
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D. N. COI.IIITNLV: 0110,
--Ohms and PausayOrsimlai Ikea Rim&
-At • tr.emieg of the Board or Directorial' the
Ohio 'and Permaylvaula Retad• held la
this city, last week, the grading and masonry ol
the to s.njt acetic., nineteen is number, be
sweets Massillon aid Wooed; were put made,
- comma. The- iiiirVeri flan diitantie of 10,Stils
la generally ti ght, and it inborn let at rates con
siderably lower than the estimate of Solomon W.
Rubella, Esq., the Chief EntrineSr:
The work is now under contract in a eontlo•
onus bud Wistetter„ a distance team PUtaborgb
. of 132 mites; and a vigorous loan Is about to tie
made In Ohio, tit riiso r the 1119.1141 of stock yet. re
quired m rrotopletuttia gradiog sod bridging Ohm
Wooster io the Western tarmious of 1110 road at
Orintline, near Galion. The distance is flay
thfc• soles,throngl a very favMatile cot:min. Ma
uniting au heavy merk,on a line with light grades
and curvatures, baying a maximum grade of
about twenty five feet per mils.
halts, lies in the counties M Wayne, Hulas,,
add Richland. Patrons living on as-I
nest the ,line have already gubienioed about hall
the amount reunited, and the 'citizens of those
cavities are about to be appealed to for the num
remaining's," be taken, being atatta one hundred
and thtrty.thausted Mailers. Ad loon ihry do
this, it is the intentiOn of the flitaard to put the.
whole wore under Contract, slid to complete it
next neisan ready LA . the main no that out West ,
era Rail Road Maybe 'finished- Alone as the
When we redid gat. wawa on the immense
Importaace of the objects thus to be secured, nod
the Isl.ll Sum retinlied io iectne them, %ratan.
not doubt the relinh. The seed mutt be et.W3,-0r
the hatvee cannot be reaped. - Now is the golden
opporiennv, end it is for three inunnliately inter
ceteJ In tat, C1'140144, Of it. :The people Iniog
&lout; tur tele Ire tiitettelhe at
ceasity . • oek, and if tang ebould not do it,
ermli n the,r ne.auter hoed .11 not be teal= to
le alter teeLtatai , itteslett. illial.camoyabirt
will titttiti utiliody but Itiestioul4, to blame foe M.
delay: •
. • a year from this time. the nil toad
luso PUtsbuieb)42damillett will Le ically for nee;
the bus atmedy blight, and the locomotive en
:Mutate piiBool,l.o 140 I:mum:104 the. 'Pittsburgh
ardt then have a wallet:lons Rid Road to Cincin
nati; bititat wajof Cleveland aid Culimbea, But
we shalt not riert'satiUted until Me staid idea of
(tett-lam: Wm:elm:amt. ROAD is !idly carried
001: :11t00'0,1t Oka hart gind thtnhOot . ttne.;
4inallett in As poldtionity any in the eonntry; geni
the ,!etinlitue of waieh other. *de low pre
gren AalA exte.4:10.f., , ?n and
Galena; to Indinaptiii,:gb. tittils, 'and lasteisels:
dente; tioultitude 'of Idatiabing clt
i" and town/. Am:manna
beat roulette:tusk Pittsburgh to New York and
, ,
Is mitt Ann 'East heart=-Dotanoction
'vista 'Washington.
MaicVdt Mit evaders are probably away that at
lb lansiesslan of the Legislature, a charter wee
obtaiael teethe formation of the Saw Mill Roo
Rail Road
.Compauy. Saw .Mill Ron, we mil
state for the.benefit of those Tibacquainted vats
the geography ofour county, empties into the Obit
river, on Ma math side, just below this city. It
Its rrom its mouth upwards, fa situated the
&meld:big village efTemperaneeville. The Bair
Mill Bail Mold is luteoded to sunup this valley for
some dionatce, and then mosseeDte ridge dleidinr
it from Chattier§ Creek, and to end for the present
at the confivence of Georges Rim with the Char.
tiers. Its length will be sheet Revco macs. It.
principal object Is to give greater facilities to that
splendid coal region to reach the Pittsburgh mar
SnEcieut stock hu been anbacnbed to wee •
the Letters Patent, and the COmPiny has beer
organised by electing the folknemg Board of Di .
CA, Wan. s spy,&Plana; Alex. Carnm
ban, Wm. Paiute, Jere ParnonS, Eli Neel, an?
Mathew JEspkiatinh, Smelter:. ,An Engincel
has been employed, acid roneyparill be commeu•
cod immedlalely. It is expected, that the naiad,
can be overcome between the two meats, by
gm* pot exam:ding 45 feet to the mile. The
Company design to, lay a double Wank of heavy,
rail, and
to construct the work's, eveav respeee
• equal to aortal! road in the country.
This road willies located on the direct line from
Pittsburgh to Washington.' From the mouth
George's Creek toWastilogion, the toad weal?
follow the 'valley of Chattier, Calm * *. The Grade
would be easy, mid
! the Male eters no great dim
collies. Our friends In Winhington, akw days
ago, bantered as 10 make eyelid tothe ecrunty line.
promising if we 44 So tempt:eine tot* place.
Are they seilliegalidp that's mb.S When
the Saw Mill Retina loadiplalatted to' Char.
tiers Creek, g all. Ws mud. dideuliiesWill be over.
came. PAM'. thirdia Sus • county hue will be
about ten miles.' TIMM WHY b no dliliculty In
raising tliiroiOls to coirfil theraj jrtheWsibing,
ton people wtp , men neat that pat, -or If they
will 'euhe4ibi ePau11 1140 : 1 : 1 4.' the. 'Obi
their owe eel:atty.. It Is Intended ionensintet the
s.i.aral:Reo. Wad veil a villa; to its `cootioti;
&nee tolVeithioyhm; end la itegrildee; curvatures,'
end ii - AretAhly of eatietmeiicet, 'en eye will be kept
to that:MILL ..Lot...SVAuanstitao then irpeat.oot
Atiefids Ina renottiblo;'itidgitAY, • There-i.
abdui Viet
3td 4 a New,York
Courier and Euqufrer Indulger Intoreto , magma.
Lary remarks Onthe,quiet and peace which the
late action'of Conine. boa glvee to. the country.
and axes , with Vat tollowlag. direatlent and
trutlffolffituallcv op itte.?aditire Navie Bat 'with
the aentimeolvol which we fully acomd: -
°The law fer this recovery of FogitivaEllavas
fa ne etclinkm to these remullen "uotlaltlan are.
grettly.odatakeo,' that law etelxidied the eltitnenta
of chadoned tiontigeritiy indeicitiMent.: Amid
of lie provision. - •re ea directly at sat with what
are generally amaidorettandllintheram..
at ripe., and are trained moestownlyto do dires
aid woman outrage toy all- generous atd , kiddy
feellegethat theywdl ineuttatigaindretrWide
satisfaction, sod ,-preocat petiole de most elfestree
• appeals to popular &chug. aint,aiympatly, From
that hill, therefore, we apprehend mischievous to
WM., 11 will . not sabataolisll3, aid the nwOvem
of fugitive alanes, while it- will ••deepeni and
atrougthenproyalent. feellud nuon, that cube
Bet the i exenipilott .Witichwe .nOw s eAjoy from
exciting saltation. most be gnite.ful In all, and
shook! bo.emptoyed Orate- personated. harmony
of 111, geetatry.. ' It'abeeld be owld to-Impress op
-0o the publle toted 'the amnia' importance of •
betteemaie, feeling than has of late deleted, end
the thorough Vld'firadatoestal unity of interest
which wiw l t ciielPf4fl Makin thirrimerieta
States, la,thlaytily era maybe the better proper.
ed to ar.rd off whatever dame :a Mare Agitation
may beitig.liponol..
.Tats Comcom-se Bum. dd l ' .. Teit
Wavhimam Smitten! Nue has seitigio• the effect
den theyamigo of the crompeotada bid les bitera ke•
cei wed by the Kith'itilth itintiedtihnstite which
ie 0 0 44 to' fpredd he' dpgroachtcg, divvet.'
elm letxtaw Melieratioia ere amides to send dale
gates- to the 'Mkt tbob tide Conmetioa, which'
mead siv - Vietsbegctse the adjdudidatitt fklirgygt
Jewry -Loin is to give Iwo cannel' in Balti
more on the nighte of the 27th and 3001 of this
ite. vOttsispilsor 1 lici lSii4d,f ",, `-',.--
~.., i
~.. ,
..,,., . , G./ ~ i r. 4 , TTTI - Tri ri
t . :its foot:quo Tot, duo of this soisittooeo- .; . I A ", ,',:-.!'-' A AA. '"
" , t"Pgi,.. l t,Frissluit Oeniontof else. L v --7-7,gUBLIC Acts ? ',
tiaidOotosiontsOoto vhdiod.los.ror.tsip-oxot. ralyd titeTeet tin Funs Samos/
ttfr'At'o shootilite titafeer'ourcommonedest; - ...- V '-'...:.,..,,. C=Bra. i
IrOttiontssloslolokuossiodootosoliisi.-T JPErmos—No. l' 6.T.
satisTrest is too contemptible for more t h an II
atlenaoa, by way' of explanation and
,ated ; ono of thaw .excrescences open the coos.
mum which *Xs:Woolly toile to show as bow
mneTh folly ag r awaiawl.l4ll,.tvfait — tfas .
busfaifeffr 4 off4irWl jaw: 043.11 g
.tgOv.l 94:PI'Vemd , 6 1 !ta.
vitkom, th01,4444142.,,i4ri /i f :4l.loa. ~
nkOrAke '
• • .
00n. Peat invklrnag tterillkWoy* calstro;;
. Wools tab. movoason
•Pssitlea or partlwo andlindtwiduato on
Om lint, ailjastmoViktL•alPilsse !Ss Atst
srlslassoi.:.CoissfiisiylSlass SSC idonbaiiii.
Usu . sic . *; A*.
aho Tow=
.! • - • !
Exceit pow and then,Vion4 . :rt 6 tiA . Wnne. un
easy agitator, the current ollegislatiOn
in unruffled &tibias, no I presume it , Until
the 30th of the present. month, when the fleopl e.
Will rejoice that an end Willem-nabs the rump. Doe:
a t. ,l a aineptiaits . athoothness •ud
'gaily which mark the =trey of • politlay events at
rirme,was the introduction, today,: into the
Senate by Pratt, of Maryland, of a hill itt_respect to
slavery in this District, superfluous and tattoroillaa;
ty,anduthen _consideredin conneltion:ath th
veining Bute ai.things, °ltalia° allta
Pratt'. bill propose. new 'and penaltia
for wasting or enticing a slave to escape, remit•
iteration out of the Federal Treasury for the low of
a Alta to hot owner, and Willy, virtually proposes
to expel free negines from'the District, by making
their condition latoleratali within it. I woe no
friend to the omnibus, nor to the Texan spoliation
bill, nor to imposing a territorial goadriallent upon
New Mexico, which was intitled to &State form.
of Government, nor to certain features of the lasi.
tire slave bill. But these illortallr.ara now laws,
They are part and parcel of a plauof conciliation,
witted:rent, and signs:Anent., They are bills of pave,
and with these we get the great practical udVanta.
gas of the admission otCalithain, which will re.
null in breaking the political' pow& orslavery for•
ever, and the abolition of 'the slave -trade in this
District. '1 ash. to tube these things for what they
were intended,. conclusion`of controversy, at least
for the present.
But here comes Mr. Print to renew the strife, to
stir op &sew the waters of bitterness, by aching for
legislation which .he knows .tonst exasperate and
aura Iwo resisted by every:Northern man.: The
ionnediate consequence was jun what he probably
expected end- desired: Mr. Hale moved to . refer
this bill to the Itilliclary Committee, with iustruo
nowo report amendment. or a suletitute, by which
slavery should be Summarily abolished in the Dis
trict, and thermion there was an exciting audio:
temperate debate. and Mr. lisle's motion received
nine vote; to forty one. It was worn..., as egards
udeade and . 4pedi
for that proposed tprelef- the Tinton Of emauolpi
lion tdlhe leg ,Soteriiiif the britrict,inifMe Nate
received font. hfr7lSeward did:-
Who inside these lour vour in as many days, Co.
the abolition ne 4.arerv , Why,. Mr, putt did if;
and bin noostiinnow,'and thopeople of I he District
may.think him;'Ttinte ip do denying ihnie.
The great mass of Nart.bern people look - 4We the
VIIIIttIIV 0( the Wedera Capital, I have.
uo doubt, in i great_ indignity to tile free Statei of .
the confederacy, le a bloctipon,the
'ant slid beautiful pleturer whicti, ' oar Alewives lit.
public, and free Clove:retail - if Preraphtito the gaze of
nate:mit nations, as' amrair ready nod - glad - to
say tkat • ' I do. - But time Is,atratruF the Iddeousuesa
of tuna deforMity; time wiltaCeomptisli all thai
Bale, Sewn :Wood dem 'praporel to, - erten is.
tationi-end with money.. For One. theis4 walnut_
oxalate. agitate tli • J'tostiet, - Tii r e:ttid*r=y,:th',
slavelowner,?lore.barie litTn -long attalbevperate
eoateottati to whiPtorailLaroautuatillygatrettel
tag but the hate . .oteach Inter. liereitl true, is
barred us, let no -take ii i ' Let as
. nitise:stitig--
Kling toiet6r, by_ cissiug •to sign. and ieia to
1 t . . c°14 , 0,.1°, ..0n , VetkPAr.10 61 . 1 0, 4 . 166 ub1it 4
frog yritie delicate Lin Peeler instittnicsis,ind you
by acting up inathanaable pretension, la ~b - F a l o
it.". Thar aLai-Pip will go out of this District within
at 'very few years, I consider more certain that
that it will clever go into the tetritories. Tberefice
I would not acne peeplee passions nor promote
furious dissensions to expe'ilito, by* few mouths or
years, an inevitable event. At the same time I
would resist, with any amount of zeal, all such
phuta le this of Fetes, to •Uregthen 'Navy by
artllShlal Means, and to *lre it a lixtoro egtonee
nature's decree that it should fade away.
G.lll. Pratt, however, levee controversy, aye
delthta trt that same sort cf fraternal discord
which ham beau reams tactile last five years, and
therefore he intruduzeit his supplementary Slave
bill for the District of Columba,. He deserves to
be Bused with ths worst of the lanallce, and be
She Senate, to day, confirmed the amnia ation
of Mr. Lewis, Cedlemor or Philadelphia, by the'
vote of 38 to 7-151, Cooper being dm only Whig
opposed to him, and Dr. Storgeon, I presume, nr•
raying himself on the same side, for I learn that he
erns eqoally opposed to the confirmation sent% Mr.
Tbe Presidential game Is progreasing . fairlyherei .
and so far, General Cass is melting grand headway
against all opposition. It ie understood that the re
cent coalition in :New Xoc.k between the Free Soil
party and the Hunker factioa, is =dermal to have
been eichnivelY (or his tie.tit, so far so it has any
hearing upon the Presidential contest, end that it
has emote Important one an aspirant to the highest
honor of the Republic doubts la Pennsylvania,
also, we beer that general Cass base/scum] all lbe
controlling politicians in Cony counties. This is
aninous for Mr.'Buchaniu's standing, even in his
own State. The kiloarin4 ones here are all laugh
ing at the indintry and sealer Simon Cameron, in
organising his party's anus for the coming caucus
for Senator. If Mr. Buchanan finds that bit chat.
cos (or the Presidency aragoae, , •
°Small by degrees and beatifullY lea"b"
as theater of Mensal astatals, he will quielli• re
t eta to . lais plate la the Senate, that is, if the Dere- '
waraup Its the power 16 trod any one; and with
lb. cool assurance Of saprrio; afrengda,•will appro.
priests ' Cameice'selaborat4reparstioni for
victory. It is an infallible:Democratic rule that
might makes right in the matter of personal rivalry
among her. lieges.
I and on:enquiring, to day, that Governor'Porter
is atteinwiag to mould and fashion. the. refractory
dements at Washington into a condition to be on
ly operated upon by the leaven of Pennsytrania tar.
iffisurOodefault of llto efficacy and' virtue of that
morWgeoeraLopecifio of Abe once character, nnl
veral to diet habrary of tho eouotry.—:
The influence and experience and skill in affair, of
the (inventor will, no doubt, produce the due effect
upon the niaierlitia he hnitaiWork upon, but !ranch
'fear that higeddreeng.,ll be inedmpetenttotne
ratkol bringing even . lbe . f;ur erring member, of
hie ohm . party crea6fn
entig . Ivaninin the right atone
Or tii,uking and aesing thb great WOW—,
. . .. ,
Tau Tatum—The speelal.Washingtoneormoo
!pendent of the PhlkJe Lill tirldbAlini.lll4
derdateolthe.l7th Incwrites as Orlkriirr.- !!'
Another' latirmovementDow pirefieeted;the
achirmedlilfonng very conaiderablyjionx the last.
It proposes - dos, after thirty days tram adoptlnnsll
ditties on goods, warm, and merchandise shill be
assessed on the value thereof at the prinerpal parts
or Me Salted Stares at Me tirde'of IMportstion;
promded Mitt in no cam shall duties be amassed
,o 0 any valuation less Win now ettrblished by law;
'arid that the dutlea to be paid on pig and scrap
trod shalt be mien, dollars per too; chi blamer
500 - Mika boo fineren dollars per lon Lon ,window
glsq thirty per cent: ad valorem ; and 02 slI Other
maahlietared articles ilea per cent: advaloreto
Pier mad gave thi deities levied by the existing
law cc the raw material Of which scab ankles
maybe wholly or in part cow pled Primided;
that upon no articlesshall a leas rate of dpty.bc
levied than Is now Impased, exeepting PIS cdPPer
which shall be exempt from dory wh.lq rails the
roll Mad e now aontractpd for 'babe ridatitted at
present rims, tanded-whhin. owe yam.
This now reject will; In a few days, be of red
as OM amendment to some ormabte bill, and under
mote enentiraglog armpit/ea than before.. The prod
pact for the nieces' o[:sack a modification is
dmedian ammed a good one, tboogh no body can cenahtly
the result.
Tus'New Celia Mormarm—The Norfolk
Hemid. of Monday sails .
.A sonar is in circulation up= our on:eta to.
day, appareolly not without foundation, to too .r.
&alum meatier Clean Erratuma lionibe topic
more anemias is 0f0 . 41.111001 mud appointments
thaw say. of its. Outran, ritedeationa. Sereau
thousand men, it is aaid, are abeady enliaual in
tba clxlif, wattle. nada aid appliances. That
car Goeorntoent Is - already hit tbi'ytts ate; and
tbat ordsrajtavo been diapatched to sw9ll, New
York. and this sultan, to fit not immedlatelYfor
as, the sloop. Germantown and Albany, and the
dn., 14111tivof S.rasac , pow ICOolltief repels. at
tae NUT TOL':
AN ACT ro fraboirrer • • • wai
carrtfy mita, strumations, m •
in certain cams.
7rvitr=7ll.ll;th'Stattilj esiFir-list,
~ er„ , ~,,' ,;;,,04;1 . 11" - did MI iiisetal i Tudiect , unite;
Ibe tali, 6f. the GoltealShiter• oaßea, aidli o .,
4r - aelalfript*olfErtialun may nor be, or-mad. any fußiiie.'or:Jefektea AL ''' of nor
ffiwte - 43PATierlurp, mash tiattutr toi r "cir .
IttiO . eagnotos oozy ' be also taken or,
?n ' ,. .W
~.any notatipptffil aply appoilit e
ritneak.S3gcritory, end ii' ctitied e ,.
Strike iiiied iad sesS.M:incja, r
Live - the Orcemidefient Mill* or
by or before itecAtusuce or jostler*. the peace.
lited Oftwema fi d parts of laws for bier pertipi:
4} xity
ry, or seffiffitailAni of perjury, comnimmtler Any ouch
1 ffiliti3"oraff,inDeuDßlNfheiLt?dien, D.r.PiDaDtiefFre.DDY
rich plauce.of the peacee - lbaßsZu toy. such.
'ofFeacricanmitted us nay oaths or 'oes which
; may be taken under this not beam apublic
or eacemeironer XS terestialter muned:
always;That ow:aryl - rod for either of*bees offences,
Mescal toad aittastulre 611 be notary *halt Pot be
dteed pollf Clank ra tberdsffives to etnatiLu di Mk" of
final ebanictet of rick Affiary,itundlmeanie. shall
be shown by (Mm awl proper eviclence..•
See 2. , dod I,A itfieraer imootrif,-That all the
powers and amhoritsi octullered to wed by the pre.
ceding teniffin. of act tiptar tkitines:pdblit,
be, AMC the Barre' Ira tignEby fesqd. is and may
'be exereised by, ELS ,camautsionet Appointed, or
Ifereafter to be appointed, by say circuit court of
the United Soo" under any self Constr.* ate
Mousing the appcontmeanef commissioners to take
ball, affidavits, or depoeitioM, in caret peed as in
nof the Upped Stites,
Approved September IS, IMO.
, Szcz.t.r of 0::57 - :. I;4' ::,int.t......,
pasurretd th• 5.,..;. prq temppc
(Poetic -No. 2.7.1
AN ACT to extend the pow of New Orleans.
if. it enaerad ths.Sernars 'end 'Harm . of fte•
prearniathrea pith, tragssd States 4,lllpriess iw
C•mgrat, Arareasd, That the portal New Ortolan.
shall be, and is hereby, an extended es to embrace
the whole parish of New o.leant,Cdl taw! aides 9,
the Miralartnpi river.
Appeovad Sept. 18,16;50.
fro.!ao—No. 2131
. .
AN ACT realties appr, priatioc• far tbe support of
the tiLl.tary Academy tor-the year eadmg the
thirtieth Jone s one t bohnnd eight hundred and
fitly one.
lid it manta by the Smite and -11 ruse rf Rt 7 MI •
seetatites 0 . the Masud-Sten tf Anal'. in Can
vass colernbled. That the fullowfoir uncut be, arid
the moue are hereby. haptaprutted-out. orany
hey the trews, hotathenviatt sppropritned,for
the inippnn (lithe Military Aeaderay.cir the . year
Outline theitnnieth ot . ltine, one tbonauld elaht
hundred and fifty one.
.1' PM' orarr., itilracton,cadels. mud ma.
mimeo. Ilextaaud tout hundred and
thirty six dollars.
For rommutatiertyarrablistoaea, tWO thOUlluld
ilia htlidred rad rimy tone dollars:
For larage of officane hp...eight !Kindred and
Cat! tour dollars: Pramial, That terealler, ia
lieu of the pry proper, ord,oety radon!, forage,
and eatviati:betetf,fore receirea.aader the pro
vision. of the ail or 4;11 - twelfth, etighteea boo.
,hed.-rrad twelve, the -Professore.. Eagiveers,
Fhilo.phy, ;ad Chemistry,
than be eatuledlo receive - lea Mashed darkn
each per aorta.; aod the Praha.n at-Draarieg
tied Freach, Aimee hundred dollar each par a.
For. clotblog for' otawe servants, I)dtly dol
For repairs, foal, apparent., taste nt pubt o
horses and ogee, stational, printhig, tad other
meidental . and contingent eavenses, Meaty
eight thousand eight !iggled and eighty Eon Jot.
lan. .
Far tbe items's and expanses of thelibri rt, on
Fort ukase* of the board ervioi'errh lora thou•
and five hundred and la vontrea doWre &ad Om
eeven real.
For bunch for =fats, 11:MT ilia •thortuad
6veltertdred dollars.
la Vl . nee men bail, twenty Gee thausarid dol.
F .hoepeal for entitled men, two lboasaud dol.
For, ereeliat per6nrieot guard house Bud coat•
mirenly wee, ihrei tbelm llar.
od do.
' Aneorml S.rpt. 16, IMO.
(f,clr9c —No. '29 j
AN ACT taprovide for the printing alb° AnDad
report Open COlataertli nod Navigation, •
• ' flaw It ',toed br bh. &esti . kiinie •J avpre
riistaiets data ITAntai glrlidal of Andrew is
Arms wNfref airgelloif •ii ; slat! bathe mln bhiftilety of the
tbgArgl he'ertliq#lo.l,
Oft tii;thfconitnerce aid. Dili/Wien Ao.'ho, porn
pp tad Itt vet!?•egiV. berme the Ona Wein=
30netrr *Leach Weir twit pteetthibleb •
A. 134 fxighw:i..ifis that Witco
oempleinkot in the mown *Kits pregtves totintds
completion, if 'too will give deepatett to the both
new, the lirerk Of priorint, ender the superlatelb
dente of *aid Netretery. VIC tie etcruanneet i lour
the whole nhill'be panted aistfreedy in &flyer,
on or before the ftno Of Seaway next ealnieg
he clue of the Axel gew to which-the teport re.
Sac 1. q Am/ ht u farther sudeurel,l Thal haat
Oortere as; half 'othenetse /acct. the. S :eery et
be 'frees re ahel cane. to ite printed. t a the
thine man re as other printing' older Department.
twenty thetrand materiel laid tepow, which - deli
ere&math d u hAloira: first,. the 10111141 number.
Mule use file meudiersof that two Honors and .
their officer} ; second. Ave hundred copies farther
was of the T-}rnmy Department ; and thirdly, as
twarly as may be,lire thonsand copies tants San.
ate. and thirteen thousand copies to tie House, to
ho diaittbuteh he the moutheue .r each atutha•
ttatc. 4. Anti Jes afeenker urrater. Thu the re.
port ebtretatt, reoept sorb unto to be bound with
.other' public 'tloatmarts, shall, be eubsatatially
bound; Prergal; Utit the expobse •Ihermf shall
tot exceed Melee ud a halt real lox each
Approvid Slpt. 16, 1630.
Ittaiso—No 30.1
AN ACT mak Ili aapreyriatieua Car Out service
of the Poet Mee De tat aught, the thee
yeareddin<Taaaths thirtieth, eighteen huadaed
sad 6fq qua..
Be it somata Lla 'Smart alai Noun le P.p
niumtatirors' qf , Ow Meta Stotts a ~ Atunrcs
Co' ler= samdtal, That Use Wowing moms bra,
math they are hetebs o spprepristed for the Nervier,
be Post GaAs - Department kettle year end's,
it.. thirtieth of June, one thousand aright huadred
mod oieot any &Pima in the treesury
not otherwise apymthrieMd.
For emnpansation entree Assistant Postmasters
Gement, clefts, msuengets, assistanthnesadogys,
and watchman . fain Departustat. elaatv nix
thousand three hundred and rusty fire &Wan :
Freeiried, That the epprorlatien &heft he in lieu
of soy other spproprstrom kwethfore ntida for the
objects cuatemplithtli tble_Protisioo.
For reiropenutian of iltellajiariatendent of the
Post Other, bolding two bandied and Any donate.
For 'coritioreat espouses of mid Department,
rig_: For Mack book t binding, odatkreety, tad
oil, p~utiag, Labor, lriteto ll iG iuid . for mews
couunsencrea la . foal par ending thirtieth
None, one 'hennaed inght hundred sad /fry nine
thbosatid two hundred nod ninety two dollars.
For talicelitheoint'items:eietu hundred dams.
Fut;ropeim of. the Pinion! Foil Wks
oiSmi farnithrer pimujas. ihmtag.poperieg, and
briot wyrir, twos now doe los Ike ob
1,4. i. o r ..pealiconr, Fr" Moussad Od sQNy
three &dims. ,
fur fitter(' with three ply carpal' ItZtVIOOZOS in
the Gewalt! Peet.Otlteertteukties,thres Atiosand
hundred dolLn, - • • • • •
For painting - the lawn& el' baliGanerill Porr
01Goo building, including lba pukes and wait
♦ava, nun thousand dollars.
Par compedsalido of the. Auditor of the Pam
ots. Dspartment,and the Netts, measeagaS, and
messenger le his odic., aistitY dye thou.
..ha eight huntitad doliass.
Yet compensation of Aileen additional clerks—
foor at one thoossed roar headsed donate each,
(oar at one amassed 'llre • htindred each,
and seven at Ono thoetand dollar etch.' per so.
auts—leatudean thousand Sat, tmedrod &Tam
Poreonttagaat expensesa of said. oZee. via: for
blink books, Wading, statkinery, labor, printing
blatant girl circulars, ncla thoneend &ten hon.
Far misc.:Humus hates, one thousand dollars ;
and the Postmaster General ls hereby authorized,
M his discretion, to dispels of-to Ms best adean•
:taps soy quarterly Marna of mails aenf or meats.
,ed. wh4ch , were made up previous to eighteen boo.
dred and racy five, preserving Oa accounts con
Clt, sod all towhees aceetsporttleatlth SeCOoals
and to use such porimo sf the proceeds thereat us
may ad 0.e5...1711,46f/is the coat of sepsnoing
and disposing at filo MOM
Eel anditienalcompensationto two/tight watch•
stain in the General Pam Orme building from Int
'July, - eigbteen bondred and Mug oine, tcrlonie
tfilitletti, eighteen handfed *tiding one, 00 n, to
playa them on the sonie Win ai the tirtiteltcrien
in the other executive boildfour, ono to correct
error is the act making spossto fer the cur-
it and diplomatic expenses of government Gar the
year commending Ist Jolfildititteen.httadtpd. and
forty nine, whereby ale Mitred and thirty' egos,
tars were appropnated. foe the .Itriesiaesor.
stead of the two watchmen In &hefted Oahe Doe
panment,(acte second striae, thinieth Coartim,
page 62,) nett Modred end risty dam the
seild clams mship6. an /*newest Oraddralatiiii
coiopeasaileit of one hundredead IWrtydoWn to
messenger of Post Winer Depaatiteat la Mien
For transportatlin ofthemufy Inehtdlntr the
service la California and Orogen, teriti Malkin sine,
hundred acid fifty tbomiatit &lan* •• .. . • •
For transportation of *be nude to tiro Meant
*hips from New York, by Ifionthlimptini e to Bre.
lien, et me hundred thousand: denim for each
hip, undo the courses with lle.Ppean &Mtn
Nacional' Company of New York; and (,r UMW
PW l u.ouhp too ship, osier Pot runt;
from NeL YME navre
sand doll•re .46, to additive to unexpesom tale
seine of Menem a pootirimmesotitf gtx theinguiti
as hundred and 1,14ty, mon ansmaarikilletn , !-
Presided, 'ltalie weam slaps to Havre shall be
coostrocusi seconding to the requizetosate of the
act or third of Muck oss thmamed eight limbed
and linty Ass, providing Cs the tratisportattea of
t=betiktion the
.04tAreitoo and foreign
,apeed I.- •
ia MC - Whine ..cif,guedusd February. oho.
th. 5 002d 4 6 41 Isedradintid golly sewn ; Ind that
' thel lOn ianin 2 4 2 s te-Briai shall filgusua
affrilgtositzWignab, onetteiteurd eight handfed
I aretermeppty in all prepsona, with there.
n t firt i tyt t i 44 2l .l 4Pednaniun difendew
ialtiillter.speoriEntg e-aa 1 the mintrict.iilheni.
too and Hamm, tway.ozwey.west, cantonal
Sarionah, tiOder t &atria wile/Li C. Meade.
esktkintlyzhoneend-dollara, •
tovalgyine4isjthirrj.47oSygliniedetliri: '
'PrOtuisiigkeikALOStirret, piteroyone, datip 3 4 l .
br, bemired and fitty upW4' • • '
For ship, Amami beak:and 4Yriaj letteizlM2l fin'
thmitand dollars. II
For wraketwaperolirtutyckprr-thatiOnsg
PM "diiia, - piOti : aka,/ nista
Pb? advertising, sixty are thoutamlrSollars.
YOUSiiinaili.wooty doe Mauna dollars.
For Wanks, twenty eight Mormetadollarb,
trot tied lochs. lot. sod stamps ten .thoniand
Fe, man sinnednr. i 4 MUti.OPte! , , , i r ge" thin
ty thormand - dollira. -
Fdo..clerlrie Er tutees, (in the pact mamas, Moak'
bemired and laity thoimand dollar,,•
Fiw0w 42122 " 44 .,_ uflizeateaD. theraumd
'FS' ponlisemig 'nut". edittaesarthe post office
laws and,rergalatitiiia. andpf.the tw o t p t ok a gg.
ces,:ei*Misem42,o fie hiding ,
Ssc. 2. .41.4 jr s'lsstriirr muted, That thekFoat.
Master Otneral be,. and heia Sketchy, authorized
to p o p
..sot of eat, mope, In the treater, et the
erects 001.7P:it OfficeDestaktment, all such bal.
me.' Waite, Or'mity' hereafter become dne
the General Prial.:Ddice or Loodon, epee the ad.
puttnent of the quarterly amounts moths out of
the Postal Convention. concluded December dl.
tenth's, eighteen hiMdred and forty eight, heartee
the '}jolted *twee and the, Muted Kingdom of
Omit Bristle and Ireland.
Approved,Dept. 16, IEISO.
l ldes littoret•
Tat Et.rcvnic TxExamen Berwtm Fames
erat,Eithhiviti -The oceanic erleullupiantliGe which
twee° sheer-v.lolly accomplished last week hut
hues interrupted by the seventies of the ropelty
the *brainon on the pigged rocks over which at pas.
sad on the French coast. The eircumsurece, how
ever, was nol UntOrrieen, sod it has created Unto
disappointment, mine it In noway disturbs the
greet lard ;Mach had been completely de...1.01W
of the powthil.ty of uniting the two countries The
rope was taken up, and the point of fracture dis
covered, with the greatest ease, while it was also
found that throughout the.entim remaining pert of
its length it hod rested steadily an when iStet• put
down. It wilt now he carried to a different point
of the Caul where there are no rocks to metiers
with it, end even if in Mel new position Its peruse
nette should sot heliecitred, there winseareely be
enyinine foranztety regarding the final remit, so
the present rope WA, made entirely with a view to
eheepnevai and rot in the forestal residing severe
disturbance.- Theaccident Wan the subject ,efet
joke in Paris, where' the news of a rupture. bei
mein France atid'Enaland circulated Watt, time
befeire d tirmsexptainedio mess the Weeklies of
the rope . .Z.bradn'CiirratirgdenKs . ofrdtN. Fork
Tea Wino Smarr is Melitten.—Tbe electiop
for Governor, &a, takes place in Marglatuk, 4
Werlavalay,the 24 of o.lober. We are rejoiced to
see an excelleet rpirit prevalline,an4 !lave 'no
4oubi of • glorious Wipe eirecey. The -young
Whigs Wee/got up the folloirtha aorta for the oc
'The Toasts Whig's SalthiSOS4,;
TME—"Old Dan Tucker."
Atoin4", young Whigs of Maryland,
The day or bottle le at band,
lV lb ••a•hintid*,." patr., gallant "Harry,"
And "Billy t3larkry` the day we'll carry.
tl,t out of the way, we'll let you know
You =ft be Governor, Mr; Lowe.
Ye roe, oC pairiosiv "sires,"
Light up, lipt a op" pour beacon fires;
1 , 4,1 e every mountain top and valley,
Ft.m town nue romery, tally, rally.
Get out or the anky,
The Locolnc. ere to minion ;
Ftom the A Ilatuhroy to the °catty
gets Wades detent,
Not httliy puke'. hard to bat.
Get out of the way, ke.
Ikleuhanies, wortingown and all,
Retuwobw imam yun vole nail fall,.
itr WC A.M. things that weed conselioa,
causaw work arnhowl`Paorecrwa.”
Get out of lbs, way, arw.
The Loi•ofoetw have the power,
Both 10 the ••tipper boo, e nd
lap ',urn the many he the few,
Aid Y.le us n . Tariff ter Illycsoe."
, Gel uutWILY4e. • •
Illegal On (0 'be baule—sott“ the Y .. 17 . 1
And lel your watchword be mforai,.,
Nor herd the Loco's wary boat%
Who love you only for your react. 4..
Get Oul of the wsy, Ate. •
nth Zhaopm Bra Faut., 101 .2.-71b0 U 0 • ,
'werfielected, by lour of - ,the Comittittel" r.': •
to decide 'upon the 14iny Lind prize ring,
they yieldetl their °rehires to deference to Mr,
Elentlire, who preferred itsyard "ia
Icr adapted I. manic. p t it undenetee.l to base,
been wrlttria .Epp. S. gent, E• 11.. 01 84.144
.tabor of • A Leie au the Ocean Wawa.' Mime
publrabers are ioforme,l that the wag la g copii
righted. but the author has se objection to eda
lota copying d.
Laud of the beautiful, 'nod of the frac.
Oheh my heart had turned, longish to thee i
ate" had mountain, lake, torrent, sad alma= •
Lileagued on any waking thought, crowded Mr
Nor thou eeeeiveat me from the knead lea,' •
Land 01 the beautiful, land of the five : •
, .
Fan yo the eye, io thy grandeur Ikea en;
U deathly taw, doubly dear to the hem!
For to the coded, the trodden, the poor ,
Through the wide world thou but opyabd
lip -
tlWr ;
Whoa, cured to, and are welcomed by doe.-
Lead of the beautiful, lied of the free!
Lando! the Paiute! Herd AA shall Malt.
hinder thy dale than tir. olds Ortolan aft'
Since betr tone VOIllle• aver Savo found
Lolly desert tit America. en:tamed !
Wbere, is her pride, should she' dwell bet Ira
tiles I
Ladsf Ute bestddaliJaad or the fres!
&woo. far due stud immortalise Form;
Falatiog ilbsadae, aaa poetry luau ;
.Music devote al he', terrors dine.
To • basil acme* as Libenya
Till all thy iglu &lardy precious stall be ;
Liand of tea beautiful, Isod_of du tree !
Hill thou, f!opubblo of Wasbiagtoo pail l
Naar tail it... of iby UoiOa wax polo!
Hope of Ow world! cosy each omits of ill— - the .11011‘ of illy done rein ;
Tune brag but ;neut.., sad hudot to Om..
./..440f ibibesobfal, bind at the No! '
At the residence of Dr. David Parlor, at Rower
war, • Westmoreland
.catolf,, op Wlturaday, 11th
September, aftwi. MAJCiII. JOHN 116NRY
MILLER, of the/t it U. S. Artillery He was born
. . .
oa the Ith. hay, •1810„ and_ hid theirohns tan es.
ten...ibis 41 IN yea.: • lii famish WM. Ago*
atl los:wows bylaw:military, at t place Indkated
by bLiniielf, some week. . bigirrr his deiUtt. ,
Mika go a II bd ansobed himself to a corps
of civil engineer; under the eneleisod of James
Shaver, dee% thei etimpfd 'in, MAlng shivers
under -the Omierantent of tins U. &Mee. with •
vie reef connecting the Potomac and Ohlo Nye*
by eneal. The vett year be socommulled tbo
esme corps, aid was ergaged IA Analog tune's
on the Welwah and Miami Arent, is /Bam—.
Item hie Mead end. relative, Mr Shrive; fell a
serrate. to the climate end exposer., is Usti then
then Wilderneas country.. OA his Worn from this
&Tolman...o 'mid movey,he Wes in itin 'misted
to a Csdeiship at the Military Academy at Wad,
Pont, where bp graduated high ins way largo
elite. lapnedielelf &firmer& be Wes promoted
to st second L:ententincy to the ill Avilkary, and
stettoeedAt Varebtotlot.mQoD motet of Lake 11...
run. -Oa the breaking iswarat of Lao Fkuidit war, ho
was ordorid to the Vest or w tna served there
u oder Clett•tsylor until the COn Sl adotfor the War.
Ile Was Immediately sitter the . cOmm.pftmw i d
and situ with Mn.., alibied itt the held, end
Haled with the esp;dams remittal Vets ems.—
Idelore that, however, a corps of hoop under the
command of foul. Dc Hoary, Wing been di p .
*magi) on lUD eoatt of bleileai mid likely to co
llimate, • lane farm of Merit:W. Mailw Maar
vie despatc.ned to hit reiref. , Witic sueorag. lie
' was present and engigegar the ititge,gag eipu n d
lotion it Vet. Cruz. lie;'dimmed with the. Ins
seeing army: under ,fLie. &au, mid was in the
:Witten( Cerro Denbo. liiicommand was 101 l to
prrlais me sown of Poeblnwhare lis was males
- cfacleht end active perildirmat In the dltkintei of
Mit ti ace, darlog Its lost sieds.'llie Waist the
esmelegloa ef the. pose's.. 410 . releibird bobildr,,
airily to the Netted diatm, pad • beef au to lum
beide a Dotrolti and'wasapht ordered to fat
Wood,losinauc Ilpon'thirindiailhowoflumelle
mdvinneatv:aincniii the Flotilla bdiandi be Med
again ordered:lSM the wpdenetes Sail 'ovitglages
fl tint region, where he war stigma WQM A
.November last bo was advised of , a
Ida' eirock I brow more Wel 'bifis cent
Wo the Wien, Kblealcan Ate sties; at Via
stlasnatf apothem evader* and eorerylw..Xis .
kid ~..F . ,1 though a thousand periksanit Ibis
I ,d - t War struck borne to his vitals: It adfarad
o repose—uneerwid poi durum* the arm afire
iodigir. Sines nod. event hia kWh ban lhadtil eteet
IM Kat under kave of absence. renewed. igala .
endStme. spin, by his friend and eornmender,blea.:
/ Ha was mauled b lEtl in.' daagbial if nit
Nortel, law U. EL tonatarfrota Bobo
lair Hoo f ;
He diode( Asiatic, Cholera, wkiteli be =traded
desieg a shod vialt to the cavil eistittge.jg
( 1 1.1 4410411 ' s
Ml 4 l4loply. _ istd.tiro .
•pekiic 4 16.1 Itiivt 34; aenlno4kele
dal ettij .ere produiithin
mcwa:mos.4n dr, Cs, and ..mete, the
lama oulOCklipt. .
, pLz9 l , , iajLacippaltuLYA__4 ll ectsitd—DlMltig t t LL
one worked.,by, F. Bet ! am+ fte other
by Mr. F. V. Wisiman. f
11 097,BretWel4q411C . Lancaster
&hit , Luvora.
leg to that 67, oh 44 tlittnsVa r ioi k ,,,,,, A .•
.00pialii4:voi: 1 0d an F
eorLi. Cinema.,
end scrwrigist Gent-Csfeskittie. Thls pee.,
red ir*Tiye.Citiatitio.sehiettlir
long midair end the flreltotnithoh "% considered
as estbeith iiztand • mddhuion of Liw. by' thaw.
who &mild hare been , hts melt isteidpat pardeetrs.
Ittatorad se Med hi the
8.8. LerroB7 , BBB I Isiah to beif'teitatioey the
Nocefit yfriaFtbte4OU ealied Ratealetfa. I wearer
aloriiiime raided with■dradlylndm.d.aed .usy
three mo n ths, eta', very hill, Up., tit eVfeteleoirsting•
the sighs. isedlStr . ai Mlthl Peotriseet of having it re•
ti„,c,l of the earenessi St 7 etitindtht pkysiettert was
...poi:ate Ala : making a e r e or in; ruing sehcs
and styaided tin but little rafilleo{. 1 hoard al
lbe Petroleum bloat the lei o April, tePD, aPd (ode.
Ice Wet the resell Is, the Ma t It rduired nod at
.y“ well, except a bile tan r a, Week vibe. Igo
oat In dm saa ANN IRELAND.
Mansfield st., Din elnnatl, Ma M. 1858.
8. H. Wirt . / hasabeen slttieted with Piles
loaren year; lad have tried caber remedies, without
peimartent relief; 0.1111 beard of the Petroleum. 1
hare add only die bouts, and think I Atha euurely
knee. 1 reemandsou it to all who ear afilleted web
Piles. I have known It bbe gisod for sore eyes.
eth o lueutt, mq 01850. E.C. PARES:I'BON
Bev sake by Kayser & McDowell, 14,1 Wood street,
Et Sellers, 47 Wood st.; D dl Curry, Allegheny shy
A El/loit, Alleglimayi Joseph Douglaita Allegheny,
its* by Ike propritttor. s. M. KIER,
Canal Beale. Seventh et, Pt abarrh
02cs of Okla .d Penna. 11 R. Co, Third at.
Pterseattrat, hapost Cleso.
Tia Stockholders of the Ohio and PC11111171.11.01.1
Rail Road Comp.) , are hereby :lathed to pay th,
eighth instalment of lee dollars per shire, at the ate,
of Oa Company,. or before. the 9ah day of Aaiun
The numb instalas.ti on or before tht 19th day o
easel:abet. Tha tenth tomb:tent on or before lbt
Rah day of October next.
(1;:p Tee way nailed far en the 20th
/all lest.
WM LARIAIER. Jr., Tnresirrar.
DU. D. 111.11117,
Dendst.Corner ofrourth
and Decent between
11 40Er il .
attet end Perry wean • ' ' •
.R. P. TANNER .1/.,C0.,
asi wood et, bet w• CP Tit Ird & Vourtb,
Are now iecekring Their rep•jarge nal
Also, BONNETS aoQ FLOW - ER.9, all of the latest
styles, and exprenly adapted to the western trade.
It has been ealeeted with at earetathl as to mug
and tots try is not sarpassed by any stock to be
rotted either east or west. Oar customers and mer
chants generally are invited tocall and examine,
we are determined to on the most reuunabls as
term. Also, lloodyear's Patent Rabbet Shoes or all
kinds austhdlf
Wholesale di Retail Manniaelniennictienler. in
Osr. Weal fr. Wirth eta., Pittsburgh,
Whore they odor • NM and emopleSo Numb o(1114
Cp+, ran, Ic., of oven quality and style, by Whole.
We and Retell, auJ moue the alsentkm ur their eat
wools 001 purchasers geeetally, mooring them that
boy will swo p urchasers
the moat a.m. - foam:me Teem.
Amy WOOD Kra rcr,
Are new prepared with a lame and Itesa mock
.k.llghatt, (WOMB; and America. 11•10 ware, to offs
esperior onlemaronre nr Mayers. Thom
to ot
patentee will promote UIW Internal by tsoune
axe onk, m they are determined to sell on
Me mud ressonable terms. aogIS
. •
Ida Piro weak. art*" la lapa Lista/. ,
11)1.1::O. STEARN% We of Tiottad, L plop e 1 tu
roanefeetare and wet Mots Trete to whole anti plkfl.
of ...Pros delirium or Atmorpiterte Sartuoo Ytaura
TooniactiaCona. to etts loadreet,. Irritate thy me rre t.
prod. Woo soil reardearra anal Potreo Um Inv
,• " 112104irM '* D.Woirtrod 1" 17eriotaia. .71.411
grco s t!#.Aar. swim imweituTtoies
Of 'Pittabur*li.
CL G. HUSSEY, rus s r.••---A. V% MARES,OireI.
016a—No. ill Willa meat, In Ur. In.Tchoue of C.
11.• GRANT.
lit rolosadloo alga undo of rualg
l.* I. Musonts vosooto, &O.
Lta aso•lsoglaranirlio the atsility sulJ integrity al
tostitstlondo ofordost in tlic chernotr at. lb< Di
sto all eitixess• 01 oo,bo tit sk, oelt ohs!
Coorsrals4 knows. to
colasuunst, toots pitaestee,
latt•lligtee, ood latex soy.
jaw J
Wainer O llososty, Visn itogolm. %Vs,. 1.,0t
17.01, floe , D Moo. ISDoord
• flasistosit, !Quo klaWonk, S Soslossysts.AL.
Dian! I - Dr. Itl'Lanita Vermifuga for ex.
palling Wends i—aMonitbing Ogre.
"Fading it to be a day due to my fallen. 1.4.1:ige, I
by bor... Mail • MM ttikk• lost PIM, so , btl•it
Mama Lost ialtlmalled as Yarn Illytatlk W.; at
Wilhantdandal; N.V., for WEIN perm Dakhla :NJ
Wet todadoilmoded Dr. Attune% VP.muuge,ar %Y.p .
Daman. I look a Maris bogie aid gaga a Cam to •
ebdd above sit years ell, - tind to my Meat ...midi
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Orphans, S. Matron; .110, OAS a. It11•1•1‘41.
.. li4P l , 1 0 MRS. RURINGTON ' 2 '
• MRS. CAMPUELL . ,", "
or, MRS. tiostrzur. '
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01110'..600 of AIL George I'. Lewria, hoot st., 1410*
Watill THOMPSON, Sea mazy,
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twat of Pisan of Tattoos rplea cod prices; selected
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of Nana Clan; N. V. and Denham. N. Y. (atm at
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lie 8A Manna. Meet test Paned by the obese
waken, they ata.warranted of iteparlor quality and
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earl Prieem Parchseers will receive s written guar
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tso, slot of splendid Outten, from the factory Of
Se r4l k Meal, N. Y They are • sayerb anyele,
ng warranted equal, If not manlier, to any made In
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sign t aqua. BILL.
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Wood K rw
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NEV YORE, . - •
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. ST. LOUIS ,, . • .
and the °OLD ouvri.airo , for eat. by
rwritartlMYrir OP TIMM elTrar "WOL F
Nar.h-hest toe. or Vanart tL t Itarketistil,
On ilfoluicry laarnues,'23d Seprombirr,
With a Lair Btoek of New Gods.
O. K. onAnszaz.zsPil
'Comer of Market and Third am.
frIlE coulee of inattoctloo in this Imitation, am
ty•cm Book keeping. Commercial Commitadock
k'cdr.mhchiP. Lectures on Commercial Lacc,nntl
fact every branch McMullan to • Ada/4 mercancUe
John floaung, Esq.,"mailtar of tho Nationol Hook
ireeptog, prim 000 lecturer awl Mochor of Pock .
Laoses and gentleman wishing to Improve thOr
I'.m.. hsp, can call at the College ►I any !wadi r
ing ,h, day or avenue. sem
Chate• an/ Valuable glaallsh Boaki,
by CataLovas, at Autottea.
September Rail and tatty .f 7 o'rlinki al the Coat
menial Salem Rom.. earner of Wood And Fan ,
will lei mild an estenolvt, onto and anted collomitor
or obtain and Magoon Horine. Boots, tste,catotts,
owl very minable; many 'ignobly illmtrand With
emod en/paving.. also, old edition. of Mandard
Oatmeal and flimorioal manor., in,
Catologan are Cow toady. Y. DAVIS, Anat.
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sok' Car. Wood t 912 W :t. •
C ANARY BRED--10Rib. .ILtec.3 jo t sali:r eo '
(o)Noai et,
-40 tals for sate . by
.cpil i 10DDL CO
DANIS WHITE—U.IW los sopeogor reed P /or .41.1.1 by I.c • II• .. I KIDD CO
(lOU ,LJVFIt ttIL—IS ass itutbsaa, Mask /ICa's
P.. Cod User Oil, last seaweed tar Pk, by
•epti ' J KIDD & CO
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DAT 111% q-7.1. bales No. 1,10( sale by
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Mr Samples Oorni.hod te Irby ina !A* triAlriA'
or to compare them •
seri :Will A ItoOLIING &Ca
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Mudd BALI-300 Wee Temperance Deafest-es Lid
r a try Temyttanee then; • National Utz
the Areenete Itepehlid; Wed Wee Whet dq. -
elleutonle Interest Tablet ten littehersh . and
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1 . - Lases Pills C ' Cossitsitior Dy a..
;dyer Complete,ts. - the eeletwnted Herb Plllw Di g.
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all Ages Pills; Dr. Evan.' Blraogltplaine PgA i z
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No 47 Idortroi t, C‘11341 of Titiod •
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krinuok, Teo. and Wroppini and t,
On Pere, liandent'. and rtonk SO•rdi Book News.
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.• _
000 . 1 do out Cloth; 200010.4.4 do; 600 Ida
5 4 do, WU yjc l do; 1144) yds 8-4 do; 2940 yds sleet
do, medium nod heavy, from 4 to 0 yatdo wide, .11 of
the oevrest cola of FM14144,404 cut to luny glYcli 1444.
700 yutdi 4 ratoatute ual Clutha; 40u yd. $4 40:
011 11.1 4 do
160 damn &Honed nun Tabia, Sand, and ilanSal
• Cote., vatliklla yaaeroa , and iiplandid tan&
Mal yd. 44 Patent Carriage 011 Cloth; SOY Ids 64
do; VA/ yd. 6:4 du.
. •
Bout yds Oil Clotlig Comb for PlUilrsaisorted Delimits;
.SW yd. 4-4 litecit Cloth for Window BUM', 3O
fri do.
Window Shades, alargoanorUheal last Tertian
orneartal styles. • :
Marchauts arid othais wishing to purchase,areln.
sited to call and 'tuatara* oar assortment of gooda,
W ideh,.witl be sold at thaloureat aancrn prise..
sepie 7/k ilWoodat
IL-100 gala
• Cik Willtaf Maio Oilpnms
57 Wood IL
qtatlty, for rata by;
PLAITS TURPENTAtifF-110 bas pod pilot...for
b , R-16 SELLERS
TANN imie "Melt, for tale by
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ORKEL—ltelmleti , poiir tod , iab i n lisours.q.%
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end smothers. tau be te lam Wng kis beef
tell Mostar OLUI'DS. CAM - I ldEß 'lt,_ " VEST.
OEO,OI tha newest neat adeload ••••PDralek*
/as ad bad 'winter seasons, 4.11 UON la briataff
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'WANTED, a COaITO2IIVOL Apply. as au
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tyro millions orpentrate.. ' '
Open from le the manitini all ID et night.
ktreittersoe ai cut Children 111 cut
sepia W. CIaRICIITON, Proprietor: '
EityFritiorsmi BOAT BOOK KIZEPINO—A dew,
'fitiapylyOf AO ezeollont and poJar weak ..-
.dyed ond vale by • It STOCKTON
liardt47 !dulcet
. •
Lid Ettnwa Wm Fad do; Jae./ (Rah Ag
Spring Flowers r; Jena; LOA Hlt Glass; Amanda
Vitwirar; Awatiaine; Fonda. Soap. Sir videraing
tb Am; Algoma Shaving Craara• Raw dt, iltr, Am.
lomat do do; !limey Soap;MEV dog Astandise
de; duel Nat Oil do; Rose dor, arahradllaw do;
Etgart do; Brows Window do; Beare Chum Re.
For sale, wholaula awl retail, by R E SELLERS,
009111 67 Wood at.
L' PHIHk..HVERS-3digasi'd d to dm or=
74.4 Wood st
Jut real Ow .is by
PEA COATS-11d. gm elude Ps, Coils, • birbt.
and Delltlfal arnabs, for 1111 by
Detail • El PHILLIPS'
G US /MINIUM CUPS-4 dosviilt beadle.:
9 dot without beadle•
Jut received end for see by
AMES' WASH OLOVES—S dos palts,d7SWiraigr
.La anielo, hut 'waived ...Item We by
(7115NTLErdEN'S GLOVES—v duxes pairs, a goad
IX article, received sad for sale by
_etre ' I k 11 PHILLIPS
HFCKERII FARINA—A hada lot of thla areallaal
winh of diet, last roo o d and for dal' br
oeoW Cor:Slati & Wood moats.
StI b LE ,
b I y Et y THER-6000 prima me' nar , esaal,
seplO TO Wain
COFFEE a RICE—RS bap Rro CoFor ;
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tag NOUS OR ?kE ROW 1111 L ROAD.
Through Ia:VOUU
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Alsoalty, that on nod ofter Aloaday, tba 10th of Sop.
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liarriaborg and Colombia. •
Merchant.. wieldyr roof. brtment from dm Fast
with certainty nod dommett al lam rum, or produce ,
dipped Mara am Matted to call on
O'CONNOR. RTR INS CO- Plustrereb.
Proprimors of the Piushurgh Transporteu.
Or Om Roth:mu* avow,
Memnon Jr. Co., 70 Nor* SUlla t Bellmore; ,
Ro.ce.. 0 Baum Plzen, New itotßl
home t Gawp, 11. Doane 411041., Boston.
re • Iftuld
uremow GLASS—ZOO bee at the best country
Ontade,catbagning an . the Alm in genera) ea,
PL.A.IIB 80 , 114111SRICT/361.
PRE Coortalselortere newel in the Ant otAesernbly,
IL chaste/Ira th e Tull cranceville and Nablenurn
Plank Road Company, win meet at the imago of
Samuel 14.14, tea.. on Chrtiet's evict. as Saturday.
the Ina Inca, all o'clock, P. M. •
All pawn& (handl) In an engarenee am perms
laity rupture lasagne. t GEO. LEDrAni
illlll6 I CO.'ll lIPKE6II. WEST,
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'loam Rama pad Poaaoyloaoa. Ralf aul.—Tlaka
121.410r0 FORalrril, Amu,
sopiadoor • 141 Faro so.
Pommylettaillit Sell &mud. .
i o rbvzos:
TO oostmoosons.
ROPOSAL9 Id I be received at the Eagiseers
Wee. In Dielteville, ip
coan, mull tie
WA/Welcher, fee the OradeaUen and Itasenrr of
reachilog wetioas on Ute Wenent Division of
the Anna y lviala Rail Road, bwiadlog sash= It
less,* thirty. except anthers eighties and twenty .
sem. &hewer ander cootreet
21. bi wore lies wisally in Uti rallies orrenle Ctn.'s
ea* .hltrast, C. k, and inelades rasp amumat 01
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At the dame deo proposals will be emceed for
the Orbituties and Masons" of the Breath Rod Roast
at 'lllaithwilletwo sad dna quertentatihni long, span
Wineskin a Midge over the Coneautagh River.
esi T c h f• e ll<=er a ftVaTt l e " OKea =l n.
11ritich Owe the line will be omen: for caw
!emulsion sear be had of the &salmis
.on tholino, ere( EMU. hILLIsEIt.
• Aseaelate Pagineer, Ithannftle
1, 41C4 . 1P7L21110 renaived tor1:111;
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1 J .114 CO
QD brisjast reeett ale by
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Co& tlat Wooden
. osenn-s brls mauler fa Ws by
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, , . 11W II A FARB =muck, k on
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irCEITED tastily boa the ma—
La Panmailean.
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Jaaaaaaa Far Gutsy.
Yaks of Ayala* days—Paawa
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' • Bo Wealth.] ad lilawaft— M Gayer.
Satan Lary akar part% gt Mien:
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be btu No 2 Rabin;'
1:000 las fawned Yarn; •
60 bat/ N 0 1 Batting; •
100 hit pnbu W6llO Led;
190 buts axonal Nally; - •
• be, • fill ustonment of /1 1 1111turib oblubbburad
Amu., tot ull• by
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Fool 3 Jt 11FLOYD
UU pl3 ( ?` 'IPA FLOYD.
DiCiti.- - 7rtow calm 8 - Za — tamiSliral dais,
tb and foe - sale by [rep!])) lse FIAnILL
11,7 b9ll, am-4 Mid, Maater,
9 temps I. ladigna
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seal] JaRyLOVp.
JO bags Pirseato;
banal' Clowns;
• 1 barn! N*Hutg; far W. 7
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re t] J4RE YU
- • •
DAPER—tas rm. rapping Paper;
Abdo Cap Papa, far Sim by
Wharf Hoot for nolo.
NEW Wbaa Boat, eompiet• la all raspeota, for
wila low. Apply, to eCAII , 6 R ATXISON
saalld3tirm4lB • Dont a.Voot.
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