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    PUBLISHED Hy, WHITE az cxl
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Practicable. Advenketnenta not yawned for • •pen
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tETV. ratite to nano kr to Pt paper att hi.
Incentive in New Bore, Philadelphia, and
Damon+ and to nuthoneed to reeelve nobsenptiona
and advertisenterro for u.
ti?Partabeneur• Nauru AotirsTcara—Advernse.
Enema and pubsetipt:o. to the North American and
United Stater Gaterre, Philadelphia, received and for.
Warded from thianal.e.
11131 911.P11114 Lux —Sebsenprioria.
for this saleable paper, will be reeerved and forward
ad from this office. -
BatvratoisAwalocara—loubteriprio advertise
menu for tau paper reeeived and forwarded free of
Charge from bile office.
frf" Cretctintan Deus Gsecrra
%AO subscr.ption. for this paper, will
ortrarded front this office.
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Hacks Connty .
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11ENR - .NY DER,
co- s: orniy.
01 Wutancioneminty.
Anntamasente and Whig Nominations for
Alia ggggg County.
vox nurn al:COSO CONORICIA,
Taoass M. HOWE,
Ma rl Trn.r , C0N.10.4
Fon issmva•Lt,
Moewei ROBERTSON. r...bwrb ,
T. J. HaiHAM, Lower OLC2a4r.
R. C. WALKER. Elisabeth.
rranscvii. srromm,
EDMEZER pones, Nor Fayetu
was. FLYNN Lew., S :Clth,
Our Philadelphia papers are run of Descri ption
of the Isle great freshets in that region. We
nothing, however, necessary• for the information o
our readers which has not already reached us b
The loss of the Texas Boundary Bill in the House.
after a severe struggle, we fear bodes no good to
the country. Although it is alßill,VticA we hover
admired, vet we are inclintict.kAink - thattbe .
peace and good of the counfritieen
promoted by its pilaw° throattiitiittiatOcltie
shopejt came from the Senate. It •Uriaatfeatt!id, bY
the extremes of both sections of the Union—bk . the
South, we fear, (or the purpose of promoting dins,.
lotion; by the North, from a belief that it gave Tex.
as more territory than she owned, and ten millions
of dollars beside. No sane man in the South can
hope to get a better bill for Texas, and the rejection
of this peace offering, by the southern Totes, shows
that they are desperately bent on treasonable dee
The Pre sat Tleket.--.lllr. Walker
We list e hiihems avo d-d all non eor a stnal
myna in chit city watch am-mites to ti•elf rat
title of the Prote.tan , Parry. WOO nothing to re
commend it, rither n it- o•'e it or lorrd , Oß
cater, we we, in :In e lot t qui ray run 11
race, and die withot t not ice. no every effort of ttv
kind emu do In a country of cat rlligooms sot
equal religious liberty. We only notice It toe
for the yorposie of aviiin l eg a -7 well meaning me,
Who may he deceived by us titre, and 11,1
the purpose of defending one of our caudidate•
who has already been falsely accused fry the pa
per which speaks for Ibis anti..lntrrican Party.
Every intelligent person knows that every Am
erican citizen i• completely ptrieeted by the con•
'Mutton of the United Stater la the full end tie.
enjoyment or his . religions opinion., and that ho
has an unrestricted right to worship God ucorileg
to the dictates at his competence. Any polluted
party, therefore, which is founded on It c proacnys
lion of any portion of our fellow cities., oo ae•
count of their religions profession and opinions, a
- In direct opposition to the later el the conatitutice
and the spirit of nil our institutions. Any e.ozer
therefore, who encourage., 5t0013.111, Sad offillitte
wth such a party, is derelict to his duty no aire e
man and as an 'American citizen.- Scott a jam
Is essenttally anti American. lt grow LI is .o•
sign. It is an imponaLon of one of the woo e vi r a
and most hatefel Causes of wet hoiner., roc is
• anarchy, poverty, :belt, murder, and Minuet evert
other evil work, which now athlete some parts c.
Europe, and which has made Ireland e proverb o
misery and disgrace. Unhappy will he the du
whet a political party,fnanded ao noel
obtains a loot-hold in free Aineries.
This faction arrogates to kto . f too mush, when it
takes the namo of the party. Nut;
tenths of oar commninty are Protestants, and for
Cy nine fifliethe of Protestants abhor the idea of
prlitleal piny founded as religious proscription.—
They have awn too plainly in Europe the halefu
effects of political and religious intolerance ben
courage such s spirit at hems. Believing the
their faith read U;cra the truth—upon the Holt
§crlptnres, they ask for no protection but equality
for no shield hot the Bible, frerly mrceloted umoni
the people. With this ...Sword of the Spitz". they
are content, and esquire no burn in sword
no special privilige., no civil immunities, no pr
Weal proscriptiou for sake, nothing to
canal lawn, mad entire religious freedom. lf, will
the Bib:e, free discussioe, the pre., and th ,
achonlinaters Protmtanism cannot austain hotel
myainet Catholicism, it is not worm keeping. On ,
faith in Its troth,lta the protecting care of its Ryan,
Heed, and M its final It iumplas, is too melt to leave
room for doubt. We shonli mourn to are it,
wheels clogged, and Its glory tarnished by a polit
lest crussde ageleat its weaker foe. The weep
one of Ps warfare' are not carnal but mighty
through Gad, lathe pulling down of strong holds
The pulpit, thereligious piers, and unrestrained
free discussion, are legitimate weapon, of thank,
gloat warfare. With them, the church ought ever
to be content. The political press and political
ponies have their appropriate sphere of dunes.—
They should not step beyond them.
ft is but due to the Protesmnt Churches of Pat..
burgh to ray, in this connection, that 1101 One or
them, to the hest of our knowledge, has any syin
paths , with the no-called Protestant party. We
have reason to believe this politico religion.
movemsat 14 condemned by all of thorn, al
though there may he Individual member., of Pro
er- tenant churches who have mistaken the oblightlone
of their religeoi profession, as well as their CI,:
duties, by unman with them.
One word concerning N U. Walker. Eeq., ono of
rent Candidates for tho Assembly. lie to charged
with being a member of the Catholic church, and
to opposed on that ground by this (action. Were
this charge tine, it would not be solid ground of ob
jection. Hut it is not. Mr. Walker was born of
Protestant parents, and brought up in the Protestant
faith, and as such, mouthm to the present day. Thn
we have from his own lips. Nothing more need be
said un the subject.
The Illaressontsons Democracy.
The Locofliens of Westmoreland and Bedford
Congtesaional District, have finally. nominated
John Briodgrass as their candidate. This dies not
peens its restore harmony among. the "incorrupti
ble., The Bedford "Jackson Democrat," a
eofoco organ, reviews the nomination, 101
have pan heard it rumored that John
Snodgrass has been nominated by the Confemni,
at Ugonier, as the candidate for Congress All we
have to say I.—" God rave the party " The proud
old Keystone Sate, eminent for her intelligence
and honesty, to have John linoderase—s name sy
tinny - mous wtth ignonmce and dantinesty. to rep
relent the "big Dirariet" in Congress ! It cannot,
it tenet not be! Should this sad news, which
has fallen like blight upon every Democratic
been, he trite, some teen, profestitne, Denti>cmcy
will he held loan awful responsibility.
Our friend BLODGET and the Democratic
parry has been sacrificed on the unholy altar of
mammon. The whole community here ore justly
indigMtat and ekasjerated! Perfidy and constr.
tient, of- the groasest character, have been reward
ed, merely to gratify the malice of a few greedy
eorocoante of din and Westinorelnnd county !
Mare 00 this subject- next week. erbal! net be
afraid to spiltour Mind freely and fully.
,tostai•ssiosios•ss NOMINATED.
COCltary to the wishes f exp
ind ecfithonn of the
Docaocraue party of this eornoy, John Snodgrass
. has been nominated for Oun.gren , We are the
advocates of ragular nomfaitions, bra we believe
twit there are mote important requi-nns in making
nominations 'than rnere_seguiardy. They ehould
always be honestly and faithfully made, and ahonid
not be tainted arithoorroetion In the present mon,
_ /re believe timely, that the proper to
ran be
'O&M/ to }auto thsg Jets SaArl" owe* his
nomination to the tufluenoe of the almighty donor.
How comes it that ooe of the delegates of West
morend county voleddtrectlyoppotite his instruc
tions for Alexander McKinney, Esq. How COMM
it that the Bedford delegates—one of whom was
pledged to vote against John Snodgrass'.—voted
for John Boodgra.s. when there was but one solo.,
ry Democrat for him in the whole county, no far as
we have been able to escertatn t Let an have an
answer to these Important queries!
We cordially endorse the following remarks of
the Pluletelelphug Bulletin. We have been utter.
ly amazed at the folly exhibited by the New Yo , k
ere in the reception of Jenny Lind. We fear B,r
num has cantnved to turn their bead., or one hr
undenetande the art of gathenog all the well: en..N
together. Bat what shall we say for the ethtore
They write hke wild school boys, rust ewe/ e
from the restraints of crabbed tutor, fI the, heeds
are out turned, Barnum has contrived to relict
them meet effecmslly to aid to turning the head.
of others.
e received •nd
The oondurt of the New Parke, on ihr
cg of Jenny Lind cannot give the Smoot', .mg.
er a very high ides of Ameriroin
. friwirei, or of
Amerwan sobriety, Aftor the dint gerh id gran
fled vanity a over, her nommen eerier
out to her how eminently flogmeefut anon bobs,
tor war on the Sabbath one, and how little in toe
eon wit h t h e wpolitiegr optio-ition to eii In -n war
ship. W e eepeet thr gear. eif, of lent, I, nd no
moot as laity one, nn,!vie reverence her ail wore
(or being •o yeoman ; but we i•ahnoi
look o pen Curti pro..-ed vga, as thorn exh.lo•oil
Soodmv, with to ihiigno. The American r
should have more totorct for their conn.ry than
to shear tb en owlye• thus, and more ettneweratien
for their pieta than to annoy her as they wit at the
/Indine It w one them to admire her talent, an
other thing to make eurselvea rldieotonv Were
Kirov ratio good men—k Hower.", Whitfield,
or a Weider—in lard upon nor dour-, not a eto•
gin individual would crowd to receive Mtn, even
•hongh, by ton inevitrimbie liner flora, he has rea
trier tovery and pain. But Int
r p raad at once all
•Ye,e hods over blobs preen around theca,
nage, block up the approaches to the hotel, and
erect the neighborhood - awake with shouts pro
tracted far Into the night. Sometimes, at der such
eircomrtances, things in the shape of men Inge the
horses from the carriege, and drag the favorite to
her door in • word, disgrace themselves and their
country forever.
The late demonstration, it may be said, was difs
remelt from other, that have preceded it. It may
he contended that the occurs of Sunday were
canned by admiration (Jr Jenny Lind's personal
qualities, more then by env enthusteam for her as
an artist. We do not think ao. Had Jenny Liod
not been a popular anger, yet remained in all
other respects, as elm ir, there would have been
neither a rash at the lending, nor a crowd at the
Irving Hone, Her virtnes, had they been ten
times as great, would have tailed to win a solder,
buquet. Nor is Ude ail. 01 the admirers of Jen•
uy Lond,stinose opinions she would herself reepect.
we venture to assert that not twenty partici
pated in the unmet- of Sanday. 0 her duties de•
mended their acention on that meted day, or. if
not, a decent respect for themselves kept them at
home The great mum of those who housed .o
tumultuously at the pier, swaying to and fro like
men fighting for hank stock, would have crowded
equally to glee • meretricious dahecr, or to pet
no the dying throes of some pitiable victim on the
galloure. Tne demonstration rightly viewed, was
en insult rather than a welcome, and eo Jenny
Lind will ultimately co-ander it. if she I. a scum,
ible sad pure minded woman. We root that when
;the faftlisitde vane Pniladelphia, there will be
no such insane behavior on any day, much less
on the Sabbath. It inhere site will meet the larg
eat audience of judicious admirers, and here.
therefore, she should he welcomed with warm
Leers, but without folly.
We have even New York make itself dd.-Woos
before, but never halfso much es on this occasion
newspapers exhibit as much want of decorum
ts the mob, vying with caca other in rhodornon
lade and faiworne adulation. Even toe Tribune,
atuch tiattatly wt
nsisinds the billies of fashion,
ions in the the hour, sod gravely
A-or:nacres that •. in the corn tee mild to Mile
Lind,"ii hi `the dawn rit truer apyrrelation
of well do, med effort" The tsir Swede, tt as.
dern, it is a ororkee, too." Cot sistency. entour
leers, Mr. Omelet. Wes singine for a fear hours
:time • woman to more praise than if ate stitch
'd night and day. with the Elamite, in support her
orient* Ah I Greeley, Greeley, if you would
no eon...tent, you should net op similar ovations
whenever P poor seamstress lands from the steer
ge of a packet snip, for the seannittcsa is "
worker too," and even ■ wore heroic ene than
Jenny Lind, Intoonoeh es Cis herder to live by
gin-tine then by staying.
Bute nough or this sutipitet. It W the last time,
we Our, Ma turn an eati.bition of lolly will be
seen an the United State,
Confirmation et Mr. Intl.:. as Marshal—
Of Mr Embank, Mr. it d and otia
ere—Slave Trade In the Distriet—Mr
ferrard . • course thereon- rex., Bonn
dary BBL
A Penn.ylvarnan tbint• it important that I should
CIItIVCI a .t,cht error of •txtement Into WhlCh 1 tell
some V.n d.t).rrit.renee to tle• notittnimon
if Mr Irvin to uoireeed It,. In other an Slowisi: t
the Western Dintriet of your State. It wan not
einitioned lam we. ka• scowl be rite, but only ten
nod tr. I knew that dime WI, no opposition to on
appointment, and adop vii the ntatement which I
comniunicited to the Casette without special en
quiry into to authenticity.
Beside the confirmation of Mr. Embank, Cono
inc.-over of Patents, yesterday, there was that i
Mr. Barnard. Slimmer to Prussia, and a consider
able hareh of others of more or less Importance.
The general impression, to day, is that Mr Jen
.4lrl, mill Sector, and that Mr Sommer, of Virgin.
ta. will accept the responsible and honorable 1,0.1
vacawd by the resignation of Mr. dicKennan It
.5 to be most earnestly hoped hat the place will
noon be tilled, for the pubic business requires the
control of a-directory head in that Department. •
The Senate have reverted to the discussion upon
Slavery, connectmn with the almost forgotten but
vastly important bill of the Committee of thirteen,
for the nholttion of the Slave trade in lb. Down,
It came up to day at one o'clock, and expectation
ran high that Mr. Clay would make one of ho no-
We and effective speech. 'upon it, Rot there was
a genera: disappointment Mr. Clay made a eery
few remarks, and those only by war of introilue•
Lon to the bill which he declared hit - itself heartily
in favor of. It cllttrded toeand others true pints
me to perielve that the excursion of Me. Clay to
to the Eastern watering places has had a gowl ef.
wet upon Inn health. I have not seen hint link
better for yearn than he did to day.
Mr. Hunter, of Virginia, made a forcible speech
againni the bit ',denying the prod/coon ofCongrew
ever the subject of die trade mu star. between the
States, or between this Federal Dimmer and any
State. A Senator informs me this evening, that
there um a good prospect that the week may be con
ned in thiS discussion. The passage of the bill
through the Senate a probable, but I do not think
n can be cmcheil in the Home this rename How.
ever, there cau he no doubt that ere many yearn
this blot upon the National escutcheon will be wip
ed off I conmder rite existence of thin detestable
and •harneful traffic here, as among the greatest of
the grievances of which either side has to complain
in thin rotarovermy upon slavery. It cannot be re
garded otherwise than. a national disgraee. Sim
sensation has been mowed by a report l that Mr
Seward intends to more as an amendment to this
Ina for the total abolition of slavery in thin District,
and the Nyman, of an ample indemnity tnt ise own
ers ma of the Treasury. I . not e4preas un
opinion 11p(1/1 that proposition until I see the de
tails M it. A measure with that object in view
might, I think, be framed so as to attain its pur
pow gradimay and wisely SO its to shock no pre •
indices, and awaken no dangeroua excitements
any where or between any clasues. It appears to
bit believed that Mr. Seward will not offer this bill
d, an amendment to the present one. -
The ilowe pfbeeedings, to dnyovere dwrourag
ing enough. Mr. Daniels, a moderate Fort of Dem
ocratic member from N. C , one of the putrrelts
of the l louse, made a speech on the Texan bound
ary hill, which I rould not but dusk upon non mani
fesnre ofdemuion. Mr. McDowell, of Va., awn
iaide whit wan expected to Ire thn cloning nprech,
Lin Sir. Holmes, of Charleston, S. C , permuted in
indicting himself for a whole hour Upllo the Route
in a strain pecidiar to him:elf. Then Mr. McCler
nand withrew the motion to refer the bill and a•
inendnien. to the Committee of the Whole, by
which movement Mr. Hoot'. ntottou far the adop
tion of the wdm.t Proviso Cell, of emir., as it
want an amendment to the motion to commit. Th.
proceeding was looked upon as a trick and wan
deeply sesented on the uppente aide of ale 1101141.
MeCleratand moved the previous question cm the
hill and amendment., but it wen I..wit iv Drew,
maturity. MeLone, of It iminore, then renewed
the moil. to eointnit. and cost the pr. 1111, qww.
[km. The Donne then sidninined in a Xeryhad
Immo, The appearance of things lo nlcht mar
mots theapprehennimi that the hill will 1w lost. it
certainly rennet pl.s in present shape--rind its
euemtes appear to have airength enongh to pre
clude all neeemary amendments.
Enit CONGIUSaIONAL Diskaurr.—We learn by
the Erie Gazette. that the Whigs of that Distliet hare
nominated John H. Walker, Esq., the present able
and popular Senator from Erie county, for Con
gress. No beater nommatimi could be made.—
Able, intelligent, prompt, ready, energetic, talented,
honest, and faithful. If cleated he will serve his
constituents inn manner that will Mattel honor op
on the col=kollWeilal.
the Locos °I Su•queltantts rt ants ft-so:sect
at iheir recent County Convent POll lb.' the Conchs.,
atonal Conference, o f the dottriet be tostrlteterl to
support a eandtdate float Tatg.t. Flt Wtttnot I. a
resident . of Brad:cult and the tehttltitionher,-
lore, a to antfest Now at It •aHts I to
Shstinotton, rendering hint] ohm, is tt, the Ittgh
',woo, of L,peltiOel o l l ,ll, they have iletertnined that
he shall be superseded.
It o , Caleb 13 Smith, of Indiana, has •ecopied
the Presidency of "the Junction rail road, - whirl]
to n from Itishmlle, in Indiana. to Mow,.
n ' Ohio. The roam for the road ha, bred iiervey•
rid, and found much inure favorable than woo anti.
BRIVOrIi OVER nu. TIELME , -It Iv staled in one
of the English papers, received by the last steamer
that the six largest bridges who'll span the river
Thames, in London, are 'gradually giving away.
Slackfriars, in particular,has evinced such signs of
In that it is Mooch! nothing but very greet
precautions can prevent the whole fabric from be.
mg precipitated into the river • The others wluch
are in a lar preaarimei conihtion, are, London
Bridge, Southwark Bridge. and Wewninster.
Frnmt , ae 111,14 wrzh
Poet• for the People,
It la not our twettunn to wave one charger
ewatoat the proems enerneter the ',float,. no w .
e, for State elhoe,, althetteb that ha, been ciew•
to we record to one ilinaidate at leant by Nome at the
Lowaliteo nutria themselvea. lint thetr or
arty are pql.dlo• property, and or, to W.. the I,C•
ple what would be their Yoko( nohoo l it elevated
to power.
Mr. Morrison the LN0101•D candidate for. Cangl
C 31110121.1100., was a silent mei:ohne el the Lsgtes
triune forme Intl two St/1.10135. Nave aver beard
from excepting when thsre was it -call 444'1
yeas and nays. On ell snob ocaaglOW Wiript"
uniformly Lund voting web the M.* 'rediesVihr
the Lx•ofo,* on nli quemtonn that were :zittiewil
involving the principles or intemata of tlrgitiWo
lie uniform'? anted't vii MO,M,Lie
favor of przucciton to the labor and to Iberian and
Coal imamate of cur Site.
Lite session he voted for the indefinite . post
ponement of the rr.tiltnious nornetlng our Sens
tors in Coogress to vote amain' the extenslon 0
Slavery in the Territories of the Cooed States
• .•
He voted arm nut the printing of Gov. J o hniston l a
message, in which our State wan aldy and unto•
sarerably vindicated horn the intailerit charge.. NM'
foul calumnira laid upon her by tor ti..ernors o•
Georgia and Vim nt.
He ' , toted for the infamout anOvrtlonivievl
vetoed by Gov Johnston, to which en outrage wa•
atteo.nted to be perpetrated upon to: per ple dt .
this State, um aampled In the [valor, of edddno
legialatton—by which mice than EV:111 Y rir.H..
SA ND Whin voters would ctruat.ii hove h.,.
dtairanchtsed, and been unrepresented in time L. g
istatore. In every ,entene.. when caner hdis
motions were before. the House In d •Ganot.i,
Whigs, he cram loord votit g Or them ; tLa. prav•
tug his d,srea ord nit jl l / 1 /TI, or pat„,.
ile.voted to inert", in, FI:Soll4 of the Canal
svouarn. an, e r Wr.. 11 can
didate. notwithstanding the so, t act , L i e
ph., and reeetved he Vrevsioy thc • Ivry, p•a
voted to the Lerralat ore in that tants , . ne .
vole a tea.. cm:tamely dratted by the I..,oiliero
leaders tot to rekord.
He clt.n voted for Inc nanal! note sv.Lug it
• penalty for any one In n •
11,111. P. 0
at the W I, line tintforta'y VO,O ef.s.r, a,
to ettow the hant, o! our own Si,,- issue acastl
trln.a to meet. :he Wants iti Ctt. tt—tp
He In, {tar ',craw 1,4.0, I,
far the enne- , 13,1, p.m]
nod ho v.,tl nen I.,tnt ice t. •
onmenrird 1.0 Gly. .t .
tiegtli.bment nr Ile S-ec
These art a fez- of 'he 1, - m-rt., avt• .4 1,-
Lot-ofoen norn:nee for Cahn, G.ol , ooarTmler. Ti-.'
tat might he greatly tea, naed and creaded,
there are aultatent to snow that to n wort: y
of the contidenre and support ni 0, 1 mm raga.o
the true :etereate, honor and vvel:ere of rho Stet,
Whie there are aohd round• of objer,-n
h•te and whin- nrs rinnnol drier 0, ;map, 01
MI- state from raahrr autTraar• for nan.
mtv lent vatn for any •e , -;:on..n.' 0 h •
favor. Ere! , /.0001000 withl
and har•aho,a, non- le.l to cuain, aaa r,:
reason for his eupoar, It -a non. Etal.ol.l.
App<ar. In tnre"l'vran I
•ft•iromtrge• . .Cr!. 1,,1n•r T arty • t Wlnds.,r F'•lare
• a,. " u
[rrrt 1 d
,nt ,e
en °dicer of gr-ri n clener .nd
, . ct-
nt-re,l rn•nte-sed
el/V , VI , V It, cbe,••. •LAE ' a " ''"" .I.••rrived
vecuom . •
Iry 1) 14tt.11,0 of lbt• r l, "" ' '"" k" "n " ' •
ftmeirrofir evr,ry from ritruletiOn.
, r..vor n^y
appenr.d in the Loudon
The enpulalue 01 this currency (A sett,'l he wa. gew. from the Stal • Id .
• pa, 4, A Ica days h/• n•n• mrpriaed to
una. a meat urn tunolv en ton , 1114 1
opted 0rd ,,, a.t1c , ••
I• genercl Ina% nr.,R , 11,11 “3V.- r
cu ' , w r ' ,n
gradual and not !mire I t ver,ll.ll
w 4. t 7 " : n
thodld have beer ,u,pt 'on At I.', , n na o , o
p _ ..
nntnicatton from cur u•An btat, ban,.
Go asod silver hrtt.. O c t take the 10,c, n r 11, 0
smtil nclecurreLev, e• the friend. 11.enntir..
. r
,hnfl t ltthtly at.,,p,leci. The n; , .-In , •rn 1. • lir
^.17 , to Itr•Leri, ;17,
of the c.atutty tr.e Fttne.n.ort of tte :aware " • ' 1 "
atrocity obiereed,
Themom , :r lrnptnel; made by m be IA r a... 1 mo tete ..reoted In another.
c . cll. ....el hot,. to on,. weer, rtor.
nutted to tormah tne onmmunov wah enr, : " "4" " n un' 'eel
otted to :tea wants Et conrenincl fl:":
cy tha: now proltub.ted ' Thr cam, • ".. ' t
.0 votn a. he ennton,rol
00„th , 'h • .•• 111.• 1,0.111, • t,r. 1:11,1.1g1 wn•rb
"prokowtoLce. stone." •nol, , r ter poriarde r I es. " " treV k. h•tr,
joltng tact peonie.ifeer.ont gee, in ag ,, lt' 01 the " "'" 1 ' ) r 4 tae r e "c"'" '"
ottani:me, cept,wled Ben:oaten here.e—an 0,
Wo' , l and etlver' —t , a•ind ;heir " c,4"4.'4• thy
theory upon tar, (elk 3 , 4l.llorpntheAts that, if 01, •r•
p,„„,„0„d tto. al rf, on . of the tea.
nornmaloot Item nee or to. duller. the eiretrialtod tacit :44 " .
medium n a It, der ott,•nnoor, mart, of nevem.
let,mr,g. et n Pee, n A
~t-rt. Annear, d l a l n ' d c
N tm.hout
ty.eontort of tam—of arti vrr.
Data currency bomb, ht. lot•n hashed and" "r. ' tat tther ' t. '
mh...bed to the people, year alter yea, c ,„„, tn'oot •n , • rwcitt I u I,r , rn they were. ano
start he p.m . 'coder rodunv•tv...toett polownl ' ''' ec"rh rrer " ., wb et ' to the
.0‘ .. „ , . 0.
0,10 • ,
u cl.tnee tar heelvet I< mon,. 0.. .r e a.tle , the
ny ro,e",,d
t..;twentywhton tram .n
yea rr, the party In power or tee hark nt le•w-rear and TI — V took throe
a alma cc, a.. Si t, an nevt , .•lme Pro , ye , A' " ." own „,"'," Her , eed the
pertinacity, to perrnd Inc .sir rot btel. in Ill " ; th'"e• which not large,
itomelatllant a Icatt drenn.•-to.nn than Eve &Wet, rl 'tr'er Mn, a h."th° rem.
The consoquent e wa• ',1 , 1111,•• tur•ettry nr w " r. ' ` .4. ‘""r".rm — thr
dencminatton wan lwel• ot the t.!..• te r " ot ' , her Iler M,.
rr,riprd., to none, and the Pr.ore only let ra:l •
try' on. or tl,. man adean•aar+
, b,„ , a 1,1 nom, cr,e near I tin, at len g th
would have Patented to the ct,rto. of Pensylvanv ' rr ` n '' n " new ' ewer th° , bow
ie, bad • ditTereet po. et been oto,nted It the ""1 ea kw•rd tth "et' , that , ' par
nail net.. rumen,' Asa t ..••r the tr•tte ol otrr , w tier r '' rrn " rth ett'''. a" the
et ny I"rc al , et. t of the ilatd•trerm Goardo, tin
that rutted thett eon yen enee r-or, • ! ,hen ot•,. warn P • C . r e the fin. , nlrn.
....• •• at any time totter than Ind.der.
•. e. -n •a- te ,nn 11.•fth weto headed
bar placed thetr ...iv • rr yn rent., rake , . r "" " set °. •rh lien
they ean oniy ,tad sal by
:I , V 'JO " %Os , " In rrprnaon, nom.. en
Iltleef the late taw, ni nosey do.enunt
It Map hr neennuteda wrtu .. e tn rnatend va- r, e'cr. "" tthe e r'thele,
':,oily for our rottetry age., the ttztrek• tor"' liner eon.
common enema; but it I. wore than on. ter te.,ty time, Recta
In Partake i , , best tett...wt. of ter enln tromay tr." and ""th.lthe'r''''t
' b y th e 'h t 'era make,
e• tnt.l o 0 ,, wmg room, eta I auppose
the hitt:tote. of nary.—r' hott, m.
rt.ey cal ,t, het er har,t at.ohten all the tone to
,tr pea, Toe Pr ooe'r lured. however,
the P..e. tie Itatlrond Com onto, en Arm.; .n • • c harry •" "o n e ro' lier Mrloor h••I
r.. , p ym.terday, f.orn a .t.. 1 tit the tome , •• ..n thr '• end 'vete converaa.
our of 'he prat - otted It aotood. earl •• no 51. o art .1 terwo tuhjettia, In hadlepi.yed
rod totereated to rt. Ile (' te, P..., tar . tc`d 'o d er'"•‘
I,ll..yette, Jehl,un. at d tem . de— " nml intellen•
root.. I
rot • • • ne•ere i ••en, that her Map:e
el' .re ponp'e,lu favor o' the tool lA', !e,dr. • ; ' , tree, and ad., t o.r.
he found in- beat .udit pretettitiliE Iltnenr. the, the Queen,
and a
tir.terot,oattott ! lu.. In. • .0 weldnd. W. lienmatters
prior nil a n d in in, Air, A, i re re",,p•ed Into
lion. in Inr Verti ewe., threogh 1...1, h e cNke ‘ , ..1 banded
- road t. I ::•'y to paws. the , t •• ' • '. art'" I. muy .re l oad rot, re.
led In the - voter., and In • .h fon no.", C•i M")" • '• m'oht once k,from
t o the coo, h ton. wonderme when
amunt ...•'.1...•'.l nit then' nr•n•rei.tin . to ddnr, untiin lie given, the Grand
he o nurauun 11, Sad., tokstur ,r, le.od'ev 'fl; hem 'hat her
its ercdot to the t; - mpi3V, la nltn .t 0 ,e-te • had V., order. t. hr eholud he err.
by thewoe
b'-I,', .ott,tre ; eau, 'o and to Where Her
them', no doe'', tan% , n r. very c ., s , d , dral.ll l lel, V%intl. , ' In the sin, rnrun, and with
lion of the State, there he no d:••.nt . .:+g vo.e, inch Comm a • 'h o ugh 11 .' had t 4.1 met hrii i
so far, p d hrinnerhrknelt and tetiebed with Ina lips he
upon it an n fixed feet, that ft wi s rl 1,, &north,' antthin ceremony gln,'
batC: 0.0 be l'o".".1 nand the enna'rnett ot 1 sannedtnnfreattraeida,,afi; Cutlltre a
of the road.
We are nrat:fied, moreover, to learn that the
eng,theraleparne• ho eo pounerl the, pre'ontoary
surveym and examinsvou. to I
04 , 00 of he liar. and Ifni 11l preic,voTiry th,.
nu. Of the road. the gr00;;;1 turn.0.,1 ,, v ;rlt
not the en. ut,hL.. terett v Itreten :he tee ; •. It r.•.•
e,mnien. 7WO I,ftn: poirPn in f4 ,, 0f 01 i,r• worl.
Cure money to returth I- the road--mid It% cull:,
practicab!lity. Ws wen, r•Phi,f,3lll
premise•, in saying Inat rn •eer.l
welt or thr g rr. rilicrprviti will noun be wail.
end That, in the beetle of the talented and coot
ache gentleman who is now at lie head. a ye",
few ge•n will withers es completion.—Sr.
(iv. o f Aug. 30
Gnu. Wst. O. tlrsrov left herr for Columbus
Yesterday morning nn e-roll esinsoting el Mr.
Wer of Wellsville, arid Officer Mills of Akron,
Ohio. It is antimpoicd that h. trip ',II hr n safe
one. and that hi. f rteuds who accompany bun will
not desr, him during ht s portion.
lie appro. to have had II hard lime nl st sines, lie
escaped from Clevennid mi the night n 1 Wednes
day, the 25th ult. When he left the Hotel, his keep
treing safely lariord up. he made for the lake,
rod tn.-ie.-I 014;110 the Israeli man daylight. Dor ing
the day be seercod tunisdli In n barn. and ai night
...rimed hi. porous, Ile trnveled on foot for about
tour d.rvs. nod myhla, through the rm.( unfrequent
ed parts 01 the country. subsisting on Fr , ‘" , .
and once t getting runnel other focal Item
the •pro. horn., oovir the way. Al length worn
down with Imam s,
lie bought n horses and rude into
inner d relight on Tuesday morning—
Ile stopped at the here! of NI, W•y, with who
he was well ocriumated, and surrendered himself,
ret arkln r that he (Mr. Way) might as well get the
rewards. any other one. lie was brought here on
a steamboat on Tuesday evening, and kept at the
U. S. lintel during the eight.
Columbus, we presume, will be his place of
trial. lie expresbmemindenee In hist - o.lov toe.rub
hats hisinnocenee, notwithstanding the etrong co
lt/QM guittrolfhcoling Gar, of Thum
A voice Loa
1: wt. fliou to Ilie foliwaton biter a prominence
r Onu I sly given in nor column. to
eta t t , •l i• h ra nee It le from
LI, ha n geht.ll.ll:l n ot hoouraido aliment:m e
it r cr , ar,s .1. wet' e. perbeui any man in
S:a c thy ratan of pending quesfitais 10 the
Getter.; o— verhmeol, ard toe scutiracta of the
Pecttlit of Virg ILla genet sliy in regard then,—
F.0:0 such a loan we may sivril rejoice to have n
cotaarriodoi. to the letter of the opiniota which we
hey,. bud oi•ca.iun lately to vu prone °line loyalty
of the of Virgate to toe Union.
VIRGINIA, Aug 2'; 1550.
Yens!, Pola r 0n Snort; Tue cut.. of your
Pan , et ail Imo 1.. twee in are - erroner with the
n 1 the peep. of Virginia, tit d
you CO then; a , Itstat je,ce when you lay,
tt. yort In your edstortal a l the 17th beat., "we
h vvbriber in the while range of States, Ileti•
nOv des , onaled an Soo:hers a angle one more
retry t'evo ed to the Purer ani too C.... notion
by tool, B ., 'lhtled man the Sinle of Virg' a•
•." i.eT 113tos yet, Chad bit, I) it wili be
tire.ereed I t den mre of the ell'orin that are made
t.n bob paces to wore, ;hone hoods that now
oncoroftaw It. The reopir of thin ord Common
wee th are ' ardently eitachem" to the Union of
Inerrl...ates; and Vivi: ate ready to prone 0 when
' eve. an nor-tame •Itan rent e• enseettal for them.
ton,. I nay the re,pl, nne I nrthe word to tie
adrott and mict ementlea tense. Ido nO: in
clude to is. term recto of route noliticyna, who
hare ',fro re nod tg"lront I 79S down to tbe peen,
rot day, titi leni:y they bat, beetigio no
tad i smog grown anialler and tensile, 'hy de.
gee, to attract to,• atigniten reap[ for dud,.
pantry •urer oyes are generally to h• eturi :intern a , yoilng Inwyer. tam, feu
or of DJeters AVIA portrwt. or other g•rolrnen
it lemur.• tans nay thing. From arch roarer, an
tom: string lip . .ttlOtttlo,-Illeel toy, of very
dtgva. , l matein46tim those a • otnn originate.
the regßy-it ItUt t lei optatetl Or Vcginta—
and- 112s1. nee out of ten, the old
Ctldiinop:"Plitirifeataiiie to Lear the roue el rode
~ i 'd1 314 . 11 41:0111 abroad for what we know
the as unworthy even of her•
g01(.3343kCjr , * ;11110111.11yr Mill more of what she once
wai;: . .ifftlir*eix back, though, now, 1 verily
6811eilitn*ritil:dtt lent mot g thenoof her lifters
tom, proud postlion. I any
"444". .baclrirlitia by thin lot It mean to &Ware
that , orieln toot retraelog her atepa, in order to
rench;tire point of her depariure itom the true
remind, where idle will again he ready torntatell
fo.w4rid ln the Caere of her ancient fame.
her. tort to sir the rpm„ It; lbw 150100 at the
Stoic, who Wii l • i.e a Moment, I.tell to the seg.
dean. of Oa th-ongla even of a diaselution Cl the
Union. Dowel - ye 1t,,. Brion! Foe weal) He
the Peons: of ()Aileen tri rhotte in prohilet
n'tyr w thin her holder.) B emote amerce.
r ent; wise% to gene, pre, hitt or ton ball eatah
the Territory el ULM or flew Mexico f
rbtreiy riot. I nesever teem the doctrine of the
11troi•t .0 lelwee queari,r, me t'ecy.:e of each
pro. sr air to PVtlit . It far t'tcactelver; enf ,to
et,t = e; tir i t-titer, in the Territtriten, Onegrena
I e 1 , , in I.fe, ro apply the prohtholon to
•. d;• a- in n Dran,cra.t.t Con.
• nr.t a by thethen Dnnocrutor Perri.
n ' A , ny. thee. w thrr talk
of •
.1••• , ./ tt.r. e” at 1.4 z, ,i.nrullr Ittne .
eta t. 11 . hrg...0•,..d be sttl
tt, •ry ! 11 rur l us to
.0 tv• AdtalLutra'. •n, as ato
• I. h. 10, in rinitarrna. Gen. raTL'llen
It n 1 ,r 1. , . cry wren the South
1. 0 f n 4, - nc4.! lound . ,nrn,
n .•nt, . 0• • urf. II dm, (Prom., I wh..n
,•,•• ch , ity they wt.:
t tte, Nem/. Tk•
.toot ~ —e t, Peotee sec e4r
w,.! rton commend the., tat le
er, • , re• .t:er the, trust. (eel to.
0 n-e ttrr er tent W. ,C.r.04.11. U3lO. 1.1,
he p.r, -: be a 1.m,, r00k,.,.. men won know
•. s A t. , ttt•ttt. 1 1. Are doe to
th.At : t , • •t. •e• rt—t , all 11,2 I.atr.r.i•
4,.1 ;Cs .14s st r
.•, ettl e rote rouotry. I will
t,v remark 14,1 the ateat t•etttt to (wore in al
te.Atr• to t'....ttrtte• —t.t 5 1 314 4 1.-y.OlOlW,
A. 0 . . 4,111; 1 1, [ha. car. he eat• r d.ret.tly or remotely
t.n net tr d m.lll r 2,ml lee , aottn. .Could be the
tt,te, ft vot .he I 1 1 1 1 .0 1 .11,1.101 1 malt, be
Prep., d 1.3 rtlAot!tm all party ,tttea. WO, ea I
Ilitiltro•kr a rt..l 10, al orTnaent, (ante and
r •r.t. tt, th.• ro a mere rat y
net. .'ll,lcaG I , ertd 111141,111, 0 eet tdratteralt'e
• h. ~-. and ter o won't, ....-Atray the h:pe or the
t. ..1J it rr. , 4,1g iturpo•4 or to
re per v
- e • • . • 1. • tF ,, r, 113 • a ! 1.
• - , w:erv, to co,
: 11,;" couutry,and
6 .11 •,11”!1,8
s ;,:ot
.1 al
Put It tra. r-t .n, Int. a quart, of an hour rut,.
~• ta• latramr.l ihal If ar Mairaly, who
d t,,• L nlonva raaraa about a• darn
• ant,a,rad window, wtahad In ronvanal with
, ..... c;a mart ni• ol h,n , •. 11 bar n ,. ~,
ell rr. rr• nr; on,t, f , “;7l , nle,m m e
:7 I vyva” and tewiligenre Into
I: p.r.n.e:nr end interentlne,
;n loary r•-•,,,1n rttl pet in wh; r •h
he hnd bet., l,Vll,rtf, •how.ev a 1 herinnnirira
nd ote. er ynt e ono; well .lorrO, enter, and eillure•
led frond W. en 11-r Al rpm', had eon vereed for
minor lime, end et:Pit:toe , " inl irrtird hereelf,
row, and Nl nod mien Oft, and
the other tror•t• unpinned. To. to Mt appeare
overdo; hot If /ler ltltqutity bed not the peen:len
turn r I . •p ekwe and twine spoken to only when
oho wt•ttil, lee ninlittude of her enmoeny sod
revel -along would he lettorintin end weetirome.—
Whet a illeawag it would be it we hed the neon
heppv pytetlitee et timed in private life, if it were
only thet ato rhould lie olilitrit4 I n li sten to b or .
and swine people.— Brno! nom,
• Deno.. Corner nfrourth
aud Decatur, I , etetra
Hart. and Ferry etreete. nell-dleln
Of Pltt•bnrgb.
C. G. 11U.9SEY, rocii.• • —A. W. MARKS,Sset.
ffAtoo—No. 41 , A'ator street, In the warehouse of C.
ruilui COMPANY to now prepared to tonal" all
k of fmk aon bounce, ...New, goo d,
merelfandom In store, and In tranrito vamela,
An ample guaranty for the abllny and Integrlfy of
the Inrlitotion, I. afforded in the character of the DI.
recto., who aro ail 6111 Y. of Pittabereh. well and
favorably known tfithe eonunanify for their prudence,
offelltrenee, and integrity.
DICECTORA—C. O. (loamy, Wm. Bagaley, Wm. to
Infer. Jr., Waller 11 , 7.11, Ilegh D. Km, Edward
Z. Kinsey , 8. Ilarbaugh, 8.111.K/ere
aaaaa to Slight by the Po.
S. P. Linos—Sir: I wish to bear testimony to the
medico , virtue of the thl called Petroleum. 1 w e , fo r
• It, g time orlticted with a badly inflamed and very
sore eye, to mach so as to lose night entirely (or about
ihree TCOUtkt, with very little hopes of ever recoverlng
the right, and hot a slight prospect of haring it re
beved or the eateries., my attending phymic:. wee
ucces•ful in making e core, or In giving relief,
end Rorie , ' me but little encouragement I beard el
Ow Petroleum about the Ist of April, 1650, and gave
e the result is. the sight le rumored and my
eyes well, except a hole coder or weak when I go
out In the ma ANN IRELAND.
11 ato field st., Cincinnati, May 24,1820.
9.H I.l:trox—Sir I have been afflicted with Pile.
for ren years, and have tried other remedies, without
Permanent rein!, until I heard of the Petroleum. I
have toed only one bottle, and think I am entirely
cured. I =comment. it to all whoare afflicted with
Pd.. I liner known It to be good for sore eyes.
Cominnatt, May 10, RAO. E. C. GARRETSON
Bor ode by Keys. A McDowell, 140 Wood assent;
R E Seller., 57 Wood th; 11 51 Curry, Allegheny city;
D A Elliott, Allegheny; JosepEDouglass, Allegheny;
oleo by the proprietor, P. M. KIER,
iI4 Canal Ethein. Seventh 0, Pittsburgh
Office oI Otto and Penna. R. R. Co, Third et.
Prirsaueurt, August 6,1250.
Ton Stockholder. of the Ohio and Pennsylvania
Rail Road Company are hereby notified to pay the
eighth Instalment of five dollar. per share, at the office
of t h e Company, on or boors the 20th day of Anklet
The moth instalmentl an or before the ROO day of
September. The tenth instalment on or beta., the
00th day of October next.
(Er The 7th instalment ma* called for on the 20th o
July Ism
siasys ettf IVAI LA RIMER. Jr., Treasurer.
W 7101.11. Li MALVIN IN
No. 101 Wood
NFITE the ILUEI2IIOI3 of buyer. to their large stock
I Of Fresh Goods now o
very pening, and whieb they are
" MVlt t l? be o o t7s doe.
log the reason, and request an examinauon of our
ewek by 'reeler° member., end others sneering our
city. 5.31
CORD & CO, gito
Wholnaled. Retail Manufacturer. tr. Dealer. In
Cor. Wood & ITlfth •to., Pitt•borg h.
Where they altar • full tthd compicte Suck of lints.
Cum Pure, ar., of every qoaltty and style, by N bole.
sale sold Retail, and invite the attention of their rue
tornef• nod purchfuter• generolly, ••thrtng them that
they will sell on the .11011 T ateamea•cocs Cana..
- R. P. TANNER & CO.,
53 Wood W. b•Wvomok Third k Fourth,
Ate now receiving Wolf very lurge god superior Fall
k of
IIttNNETS and FLOWERS, •II of the: latest
st)lr• aid raptrarl, adapted to the western trade.
- •
It I.•a brett fricrted sun great eare,and as to stars
and qua tty not surpassed by any stork to hr
found rah, rail or 5051 Our custorners and MI.-
- • •
enew, /are melted to rstli and
se,. arc crierimee.l to sell on the most reasonable
ten. Also,S.suollycat s Patent Rubber Shoes o~ all
tutus •ugt•liti
i.PTIDV•I9IBaI• a uentiatry.
DR. G. It. SII;ARNS, 'ate of lk,ston, Is prop•red to
on...oasts, slot set Moos Tams la Whote owl ports
sr, ors, r-ocuort or isinto•rheris Suction Plates
1,1,M. ry 111,11.71[1.sonere tile nstve 12
• I .••••1 and r oodens s neat coos to the hl•y
-r • r, Dort!. strsct.
n>_—J. It. kl . / adden.F 11. Raton. 1519
rue WoonFTREEr.
A, uurar prcparrd wart larKe and fter.h urn-k of
K. n , •e . "nail, rand Arcrrtrzollatetrrrue to offer
•urrrr.or inUur events to truyet• . ITo.e yretrlrtng to
purrt..•r promote their rest try luoruto*
Irrouvr uur, thuy .re rlntettuarroul to WI on
tle aro.. le4.oupolo ler,n. .ugl3
Co—Gentlemen—(fat mem. of !W
-t.- • Worm rzt..“.d, ff• i• also that of
tby no-ro,nt., c my 'rho, yoao
CALI Sus! you ui I ob: , to u• by for.obd.o6 •
paoi•e soon Numb,. If o you'd he aurreetbie
lo It 6wo ofob aeL •• •u u• genrf al Agents for %hi.
coubOy P.c.:: o• boar from you roon.
t,ellUVL.tilt A Co'
Thr a 0r.... only onetamong thourtrltlr of ccrt
run st d orar, rttettrattly row, g m urr,. o• rrnm
al. qusclrra of the Union letter• •re the 1..1
ev.....,ce cf. rieeltenet.
Lrrfror we J. KIDD A. CN), No 00 Wood n,OO
Ai t, l'• on Suede,. 22ith el'. Kura
threat t.tre Nl•ortntogent de•ghter oi the late A Lretl NI
•..1 Al 0, ”. Lhe gist , etar ut her age tter'erlt.s
LP Iha xe e A If If a 1.1, 1, AVM faro wench (DV
a to morrow mormag nod e•rafrg at toc u•uffillat,
o Itt< lir•nk • reet Churet..
- Rev. 00 Osorrox, I" of Coloovoso
,110, Cl.i.go•tt Air oome.w. I rotach
• tee 1.•, , ,L 50..., SI I Coorce. ..t,.111, yr
1 •iii. U , . t:..~i~
t u
i.zutca. w 1.1.em0 t'Sat.Latia, site rnnoo.
~•IIKA Llll\ woo., who ea.. came we:: reenm
tnruaed, immeamie empiu) mew
.11 LI re oleo wp,K•t
New 11.1usge.
. :1 h1.1..1.1,11 :4 Murk ihr
j l, r trer,rd
rbr We. r,
the Heart I Lore ui Thee
11' it •lel Red Ito. r. ey
Ile tr. I, ax. I, I. A' 1t Le,
Fr i tiAr .b- I ,e 1.11,1 1.4 ne,,,a4e lorpl
,•. • .
V. ''. a.VlWV(k.: WA, and Ilreea et: •. op
i2Tl • trrN7 ,, 2ll enter Our Inoti , rninn anv tone.
otuoto.gli Merranutr • On
Ac,locl CI Dort herptug, Permrtrutup,
/owl I. mow, C , of ne Nolion.l Book
Broorp•I 1.. lurk., to Book lirop nR. trd
er .oi Voconrer-or. Briertee.
M • Inemn4 rasatateo by I Rennet., of the
Ilse avt I give >vet. of beetares on Commerentl
Law) Thole rdAtknog at • ;balanceran arapne •
comp,tr knowledge of the above named tnanekea,
hr temattlin, the co:lcpc • term of from • teeigh;
wee, Owtrag to Mr. Fleming's...ere acquenn.
• with the commerce of l'iltsboirga for the past
yoart, Itiaatton. (or grldohoce can R Ily
II•mt, are bow .nd oth , lor ••., .1 t
ILO pkg. 11..1010/ I', 50 M h(Spani.l, C Cr.,,
and Rl.r a 'l'd del NI ll.wana and Ye,
MI OK. %rib in 10%1 park•gt,
irmie t 54 rolil'oll'eo n• %I Ilaran., qr 1/.1
11 , / :up 111%, Imusyra, I 1 M Flrg•lisrr.
a, J..x Cadr e. IS N Prtuciper.
N Col)b81,.• Filbert., Eng'vat
cu 1.1 , 11 , 7 . 7 .... F: r e . d, r :ru.114
. 7 n :1 , 1 ; 741J
i t: l nT
nri• A ult. I.rsnun 4) cup.
Pe•prer Sauce.
leg ca•rn I'let
21. bit. T•emers' (Pd.
rat. Lamp tilt.
S. 3 10r a.e. apio'd Chocolate
14,5 1 , 1. , 110.4 10x1 . 2 limas Ornund Vptee. of ail kinds
'too Li. Nnun%d,r ISo 1.1. ~ a rd.e.S.
too eg,t rot 90 hap Starrh
4, I, °cols. IS tut. Rork Candy.
, 4 x , who. 1.1,, 111 Ais Nltclled Almonds,
fllll WlPp
.1 x• & Itlemhaten Cut and Ottcd
o.'ll. LicatelAltspeeSnold Tol..seco.
lr les Ittcr 10 gum.
logolber woth general aosortutoot of goods /13
/ I kepi ro weir 111, al Well I . ll . l4bUrich MR.
S klu
i c , , ; o
g. Cz d aT .
v a:d cn W ir ' , R ., Cheese,
IU use. Lsguayra do;
Jl loop Inn, NIo do;
10 , el chests Chalon Too:
10 caddy bas extraOulro g;
du MA prime Gruen,
bf cheats do;
10 DIA Lunch Raisins;
3 Wes soft shell Almond.;
4, 4. r purr eltrastal Lemon Surfar;
0 ,X•llmaropa , lit • & tancyCboculate
In bas Brom, Cocoa and No I do;
7. 1,. A/111011d and Palm Soap;
1 , 00 s Rosin and Vartraar-d Soap;
dal re and Bordeaux Oil;
Art Pero, ts..o
nt lir r ttn & Walnut Pieliles;
0, llo.e Water;
I nowt It•ltan IMaeraront;
enses du Vermouth,
0 :ass. pure India Cool, Powder;
3 rases arpwrlins Mee Flour:
IG I.n. comical & polvenzed Paws;
In brl+ smal Loaf,
10 brim pure Cider Vinegar;
50 dor Corn Flrmim.;
For sale by 1 WILLIAMS k CO
ter) Car. Wood A Fliat
L INSE/AIUIL-10 brie rrerived (or tale toe
pro, 24 Weod at
J. :Of sale by J KIDD a al
said CO Wood.
AriQUITII'4 celebrated Patent Tts ..... —A neer
j lota um received and for tale by
I^,R.UU YRUPPS bIow Dock Stuvaporl.a-3 do.
it 7 put reo'd In, tittle by [serf J KIDD& CU
nOW DKR JALAP-2 eases Just reed for sale by
sep7 J KIDD & Cu
POWDF:R GUM ARABIC—(Pure,) I ease, Jul; re
delved, and for side by
sem, I KIDb Ss CO.
lull moment tun by
sep7 8/ Market et .
LIN Erg doxen received Witt morning,
at b cent. by isep7,l A A MASON 11. CO
PJUNTA —A large and aplmldld .oilmen Merl.
0.6ec0, and Fall River Prints, now on.
leg by lanP7l A A MASON ABON & CO pe
ment, all widths and brand., direct from the
mano , aeterera, at the lowest pri es, cby
g olv hrls fresh Egralaniotri.Z co
G •
RANITE WALL PAPER—A an drat imitation
pc Alamo' Granne,lo be bong In Marls.
For ram by W P MARSHALL
••1 ,7
BS Wood at
LINSEED 01L—In bd. Gruarobß• brand reed by
1 LI CA:1E1E1.1:1
Urn I I F. BEA:LB-La brla recd !or ..le by _
CHEESE—Ro Ire lust rrc'd for salt by
A.., la
TAR OlL—r, ben N C To;
10 brio Tanners , Oil;
3InNo 1 Lard Oil; in ore and for
YOY by Ink No
B ACON-n pc: Shoulder; •
uu ; ' ‘ig• B ar d C7reil Munn
P AIN rF.DTUBS--In dor will be sold low, to close.
111 r lot 0,1.71 111eGIL.L.8 ft ROE
FFLOUR-aubrit Alarietta Mills, for sole by
.t. .p 7 McGILLS it ROE
B R( . 1 . 1. 1 1t .. 11 1 --11,0 dot Cans Brooms on constrinment
111rti1LLS& ROE
1)1..0131‘18--.5 tons Juniata No 1, for sale by
• •
1 AMR to the re•tdenee of the subscriber, in North
'areire town•hip. on the lath of Aug.. N.. •
Demand Cow, with white face,.earrt inn
bell, ahoot
tweive tear. old No other mart. , eribe. Tne
"mitre requested to tree forward prove property,
pay ehaiges. •itil rate her away, or she will he dis.
pored of according to law. Of PON, ZLER
Monongahela BrldgiSt
sno !delimiters PI the Company for
cseenng a Ilndoe over . .ste River Monongahela,
opposite Ptusbureh, an die enemy of Allegheny, have
dos dry declared • Involend of three per rent for the
ht . .... month., which will be . paid the stockhOld
en or their representattves, at their office, on
and sines the le. inst. JOHN SHAW, Tressuler
Panstrugh, beptconber e, 650—•ep^.Jt•te
A. wiz./Lugs
N. E. Canner id" Third and Maria dz.
•ct. radn. ..nom avr not: mama. 114...
Jew _
Ac , C e T ra A cro 13 ° 17. i t i : a d o d k res K s e: So e i . . , [ l4l4.l
Nci•fmtriory renerence Koren.
Are now receiving their Fall etoek of
1.10,114 a handsome assortment of
Nn) —Particular notation will Le paid to order..
(101. D P.N b+YRU 1 . -40 brit ruparior for stir by
lT se pt t LlVnft'P II &CO
Between 7 hlrd le Fourth tame., Pnithurgh,
INVITE the aitecuen of merchants •1•1111/11t the arty.
to their C 1,1161, tioek of Pall and Wthter Goode.
'elected vv. ereet cure and attention from recent
mportant., low au :Lou sale, and indu the lead
' Jag manurocutters. by their resident partner in New
Vinla ihrir , ark 1,1 wi Ihe totted to be much
tare< r
u and more ratted thnoi any they'they'[MVO ever 1.,0rr
troi rno thi• hen leinnlied by receipt..
of atend• aln ti•l thrritigh rite acetton
as they a,
pear In the en.le n markets. rendering their stock at
a I Tin II arid or net t thereby enabling Mein Rue
ecatdutly to rompete vault cogent hou•e•
TRUNK, 1101 V in the po..e•sloo. ear C Cocttram,
Aiseguee,y. The owner can be, the same by
pro•iqe properly and pe wit, for Ito. acl.ernyernent.
Enquire eh J alue• Oerrien, Exchange lintel. Yttli,
burgh scp6:d.Re
A Tc regular IlarElag Of
Elte.llll, Committee
1 , 3 c ll•trtaxl. Mortteultural society, it wee
one t urfy reso , •rd. that II would Ls Inripedleut
, u hold me rt,taott.lttrd tall exhilation on ate 251 h,
bell, steel .7th days of September. a. sdrvrtkred. ow
sodn to the prevalltnir stemless of tins season.
the unsvo,dable absence of a number of the most
flotratal members of the roclety, to consequenee of
whtch. me somety would Le r efiment of some of We
choicest Colteettotts of trona, flowers, and •egetables,
as verb m abets personal se ~, tea
The committee regret exceed/Italy that they are
ob.•g -4 to daspontot 11.0 puolso at thts tar, Lot hope
st the ,textaw antrutls for the dtssp.
ponttmett3. j,s,e ARltlellot,
A L 1 AN, I
tl 111.10Cli, Jr, Members
JAS. NIL 11.1/I,K. I of b..e.reu•
N N ICh EtteLlAft tare Com
ter. dllt I/. AI'CA 11111 Y,
Pn 1 .., o HALL
Far a law days army. 1 / a bate's grand ertigisal !teat
lags of
'rift:NE oubliette yowls of art, valued at one hundred
11.011 heave teen 01 h 1,1,11 the
etue• !,Mead, Ireluttd. th
the L 1,40, lAt the uhtverosl otitturauvo a. over
Iron uuthui• 01 petouno
Open "teen In the. morning tel: ID al neethl.
Admittane. V
l'Uldren £O4 cta. sepei dlt•
lber 01 Ala!tcl and tald•tter...
both •V tool eve,, Slin•
. K o
ekamherin. Ina
trnetor in Penmanas/p and
kl o r,mpui
Jo t .e o o.g, Bry n
. 5
pr Commercial
teacher of hook
Krer.l.a, and Lecturer n Commeral 2..elence. La,
tic 31- Fl mot arid .e aa•med in th e Law Pepart
ment 11 .ev era. tnernl. re; of the Pittabursh Ilan
. _
Elul sloe or The Mom, d.
rcagotteloc pr: ••••—Ocy La,
11,1,0 i rut —•- • • . •So 50 per :II
openor Hosisttes u
The Hew •et Imported • •-- ..... lur
Thu dertneoly 0 • cbcApect sod treat store to
rall•horult to ; less. NORRIS &HA woit ru
•c; 5 • rroprteurs.
W•rranled Pura tWlne• end Bra.ndlos,
St. !TA iny for ?;leJletrwl rorpolt•s, always on
h.,..; sad !or .ale by the L. tt e. quart, or talon at
.Ma les & Prune Store.
Itllt:ondtr.nietacd arltl attend in Brick. In
tbe melt of Allegiteny and ht.l.nrgn and the
rt,l.t,o.tlond annold, and nen., Corr ret
I Loge. ntederite. Hertdeaee, taede.Ly street,
near the Ila gust Church, Allegheny.
loiter+ W
David Pc/
K do
hivmrr & Rebid. do.
.4 "rebel], Claptember 4. 1 , 40.--ve0.424,
lac just received :or side by
JIIRIVoR &11A RV11.14
c "
Cc 13'1 Second at
1j , 1.i /l It —IC brlt flop.. Aisle Inlaid just tend Ly
pm: vwt'ir Tilontague Company Boorly their agents
Ln Roofing and Flooring in untie. ilt: feet, from
It to 2.2 01111,4 per square foot. in sheets
3.0, 27 as., for icolicr pu.!,e buildings slid depots.
Sitrail U itiig, iron ifil 15 mners.
Nati, Spikes, Wire, eiugat Parlor:llrd Zinc,
Zinc Point,
They warrant thew metal pore. •nd free from any
adanztore of 'rut, or any ether •nd
rod h lotwe tumuli . •..tare Os masa art•rles In
the haver Ittrutohtne I It Jaen ton raat, II not
tareeted ihe !tenon
of watcr, and may le poltsiteo,
paw led, aml ,rtmomed
Wan, e., modrl, plan., speetfienadna, and otber
inform.oil ma) be ha Neweir agents:—
M ., ' LL Sraoaa, 1 ork;
N•f11,11 l'inorroO R. Co , I 011odelploa;
W h II l'ilekoo, lloomoro;,
Dew a Sretwera, NeWleans;
F. MILLIROUX, Renck:it Agent,
V Hanover in., New York.
Liege, Septemtx, 2.—irepS:d3o2
T N n who/ .ale and recall Dry Good. Store, • com•
petent salesman, villa undoubted references; non.
caner need apply. Address C. IL, Don 100, Pittsburgh
Port "Mee sep/1131
11111181 ON, PLY/BK.IOTT
?i';l,l(=s - NVINE. OO "Zi - rer:
Inure. Water atrect, lately occupied by Yonne, Inns.
ace b. Plunkett • sentdusr
AAI EN liroO ie. lt CO., aye •ssociated James Cll.
neutly,,th Mem in the manufacture of Iron, Nail.,
81,3.1, an. The style of the firm will remain unchanged.
P.taribureb, September 3,1050 —emeLetre• -
3 Mt , WOOD. , V".P. .1 a. 0 . 6.
Meals Iran Works.
JAMESwomvo 4 Go.,
%% tenure, No 1 - 13 Watt wee, Plmburgh. Pa.
rviARLES T. Ihmern,Plunkett, and Mee.
V/1(110001., have Mie ay Immolated themselves
under he hll2l of Ibmset , Plunkett & Whalen, for
the purge. of manatee( ing every vertety of l . out
((Ikea Ware.
ticyleraber 2, (h50.--11(dflvr
Y IOF 111 httIIANICS, Fagine Work,
1.1 and Endineennn. No 10, has been reeecred at
tindnee I,l,nynty bypol, Third street, opposite the
Pa t , offi,e Ever p tnethanlc should have this walk.
_HARPER'S Monthly Magazine for September.
helm.' Field flora of tne Revolution, No 0.
s ost reed for sale by R C sroCK'neN
ser/4 Cor Market& Ttord sts
NOTICE is hereby given, that an assessment of
One Dollar per ahem haw this day been orderea
y the board nf directors of the Iron Coy Mining
Company of hltaliman, payable to the Treasurer, at
Weir office, in Pots burgh, on the 3d day of °eloper
next. — W. PALMER, Treasurer.
. . . . _
_Ptimbargh, September 2, lEoo.—scot:Xl:
/11 REM COPAL VARNISH-1 hole, 10 tilh'ilirraia
lT le Lego, now landing for sale by
_ • Water & Front hut
lalvertsiiii — liairas Starch,
IjEFINt.D and nrepared expressly for Food, Ped
al dings, Caked, Onatarde, ie.
Recipe for Boiled Commit—One dean of new milks
fear egg su ch—ea • teaspootithi of ma, Mro tablespoonfals
of refiner the march In • smell quanta' , or
the milk , llll it is perfectly dissolved and smooth—add
the !fp, well beaten, to the starch—pour the eggs
and starch into the balance of the milk, while ladling ;
stir constantly 011 It belle oo sees.—Excelleal
For say by a It BELLEAS
pyi p 7 WQ9IIO
k Co, will continue the business olmosittaeturing
iron ud nail, in all the vermin brooches ender the
fame name and role as heretofore. Warehouser,
N° 43 %MA a4i St...Wirth...lW No 14 Water meet,
Earley," Rrekkango for Bale,
A T tedueed rater, al the Office of
d . !
Cor. Third & Market ard
T R. big ben market pnee will be paid in Cash by
fir. Liberty .1
13ACON—ISO hill!. prime .ide. for .ale b.
D RIED REEF-19 brim, curra.seil Pow Cured
OILS -500 gale bleached winter Whale Oil;
3nogale do do Sperm OLS
SO brit do 2 Lard Oil;
10 brie No 1 do for .ale by
AHAEHAHOIIif OPERATION—if Chloroform and
Esher will render persons inaenaible to pain, it to
cleany the duty of New who tell many of the artlelea
purporting to be Phasing Sono, to present each pars
chaser with a sufficient quantity of the above article.
to relieve their ganging while undergoing the oper
ation of shaving.
now admitted b 1 all to be the very beet article for
abasing to be found in this or any other roar In
the use of my Almond Roar and Pistachio sh qs ,,,
Cream. Instead of bring an operation to be dreaded,
shaving is really o luxury The ingredients of which
It i. miaowed are of such a nature, that a liner and
richer lather can be made than with any other article,
by which the beard is fattened, and the akin is rot
liable to be burned by the shall which forms an large
a portion of other shaving soap, nor will it become
chaptied. but will remain smooth an ft., an in.
lint's. No one, eller wing this Shaving Cream, can
ever be Induced to use any other. Caution la nee..
sary in purchasing ray Shaving Cream, as there are
many imitations wild Ask for Jules Hanel's Sheirtog
CM' 818, and you will then get an article which renders
shaving easy and pleasant.
JULES II Ali E 7.. Prelims. and Chemist,
cis • 120 Chestnet at , Phila.
For male '
whoiesal; and retail, by B. A Fatmestook
& Co , and FL &Pelle., Pittsburgh; and John Sarffeat
and 1 AI Ochall, Allealtieny COY. aep3-2p
Coach Late I Coach Lae. I Coach Ls. .I
GR1.1.11, wholegele and retail manufacturer of
X • Coach Lace, Fringe, Cue, Tassels, and lrim•
ming. at No 07, North stirth await t, Philadelphia.
N 11 Coach Makers and dealers will hod it to
their interact to call. All orders promptly attended
to pietel:Jlw
DICE —ll me prime for sale by
fl sep3 SEI. LIMP • & NICOLO
WILNIARTII & NOBLE hove reduced the prich of
their Inn Family Flour to concept:3ld with
the decline In *beat. tier/
W All t ft FISH-10 bOO ' , esti inspected, just reed
~t:Aßt b 4 now . landing from steamer Novi
la gator; fur sale by IBA IA HI DICKEY 300
sepo Water & Front B.
fIACON-1500 pet assorted, a prime ankle, insmoke
house and for sale by SIIRIyFFIk HAHNE.,
130 tz 131 Second rt
Shloo,ll SALMON—A rarity highly prized in the
East, bat kefore brought to Phut urg h. A
rew very zagerior,jurt reed per Caere., and for ante
A. Ca Liberty at
‘._; IIEKSE—UtaI his prime teed for sale by
VIRE PROOF PAINT-6 tole to store, for ule IMF
GIRT. ebony 14 or 15 year• old, to stay in a mall
11 4
(manly. Apply at this office. o ogle
Itisl A MeCLURG & CO_
A 5711.1: LWAP—ficoeived and for mt., by
1,/ awl WM A MoCLCRU &CO
TO/111T gf.'f.Nr=iibty.,o---i
110 Wan,
S AL •C2 C.DA- b‘"
r 1;71 . 1117111t e il INCUR ANI
M ACKEKEL— ZDtl l lai ' s " d M rn " re ' d'd for rale by
IDS [Amy
88L . T ,. 1 b l ..S—BA. dos .
Z b C 1 0; ' :1 1 1;;hZ;Vrt. GI OUSE
c."ls'eEr';E-3° boo
FtmLlFLA":b.aa'' Poland
choice article, •t teed per ors
BLACK WADIANG—Su boles Riges , superior. 10,
A CHECK drawn by steamer Hall Columbia, on
Palmer, Doane k Co., in favor of thdwell A
Brptber or hearer. for lel dated :Mal or . rd, The hndor plea,. 'care it le, unarralgned
ea pa, intr. haa been stopped. J,C BIDWELL
aoalb Water at.
VIA/UN-70 brim I , Flour recd (or ..le by •
S-35 Lis prLair josl reed for sate by
amen H t W 11A111111M11
BACUN—A raak• prirne),Sides,
camlo prime Ham. reed for sale by
lIR. SPEER h•• removed in tAtterty street, below
Pittteet, No lot. tdrh e and dwellt, in tbr
Pnine. •
torl..ju., reed
n. 121 fitt Wood at
`OAP—:Abr• Windsor Soar, —
IU hos Pasta,. Soap, reed for ...dr by
suval J KIDD
IND du fuss ei
retved or sale by _
J t,'UD&Co
I )sITA-.11—,,.•1, 1.3 r qr., by
got) , J KIDD Cr,
augal 331 Lit...lly •t
m tt Molasses, oak barrel
surli 10111 PARKER k
F .r F1;: , b , :—...+1 bogs P"4:c6,7 ;i ' tti ß tTß " K ' rtrk CO
IL if OLASSF.,•i-10 brls K e
Kilt Jost red for sale by
11. J“,•11J LI CANSII.I.D
IrtMACC(b...A t bit in store and for role by
1.11( 11 JD CANFIELD
DK , ' — l5 tr. In 'tore mod for sole by
REFINHIJSUGARS—•.S errs double rerd crusbadi
75 brie II crushed;
10 brie C do;
ICI brie L do;
Ir Ha double ref,/ crushed
brle R powdered;
.50 brie C do;
C 4 brie 0 elarlfied;
In Mote and for anle by
trua:bl Agt. Ilelebeea Loan Sugar Refinery
TEA Rlbi Y. NDI ba• War day recruited
1,7 mud for sale by WICK A AIcCANDLESS
T ,,.., : q ilb b e e Tu aliful style of Iles is nom rreelved. and
troduccd on Satorday. 3141 last , by
sue:9 Cor. Fifth & Wood ate.
std and for .ale
nod Cynetnnati Soap on
TIRIED VENISON RAMS — K, A uk pri a ni j e or :r r, tiela, it
If store at. (or sale by
_itagt9 Canal 'limn, Seventh cl
J _
LINIATA BLOOMS--hat on on b.nd, far aalo by
aura h JONES
117 bingo, in 120(0 and fot eale by
A Ci*l—llams, Shoulders, and Sides, prune.
1.) article, m smokehouse and (or salo by
B 1 axle b
ROOFING PA PER—Arp-uey for tho sale of Tarred
Paper for alasel loofa, dorders reeeivrd (or
pualor on the muse by W P aIARSIIALL
auipPa 65 Wood at
large 111•01[121 plain chanaeable• and
1..) 'lasted silk• Ana day opened by
auss A A MASON .1 CO
GINGIIAMS— , k large stock of these goods clash
out et great bargains A A MASON & CO 4
RINTS-3 casas MathAr Prints just ree'd, at the
los price °ilia per yard by
suet A A MA:JON k CO
THE Autobiography of Leigh Ilant ; with remin
lacence• of mends and contemporaries, in 2 vols.
Corly lacier Day l'ampiders—No VIII, subject,
. .
lh.nry of Dash" the Groot. BT ./o.h Abbott, Wl th
mg. n TOW,
John Howard, a Romanee. By Me. Martin Bell.
Pictorial Fmk! boa of the Revolution.—ho I.
The shove works received this day, and for sole by
Cor. Market & Third st.
ILK—A tarp. qoantitvonasyorted Tile In store
and for lime by ISAIA II 'DICKEY A Ills
LA - Til , tor sam by
0001 WICK & hIcCANDI.F.Aie
Jas. Aluspratt s Bons , Patent Della Ash.
834 i'.'"..stoKri:::in'dbls",..".°lnco.lerhritTitrilv"::l::. l ,2l:l
vex t month, per “Anna Rleh,” "el:trope,. l•Berlin," and
eyrie ships, a Proladelphi• •nd Baltimore, war ram
nd superior i n both strength anl quality to •ny in thc
market, (or sale at the lowest once for comh and ap
proved bills, by W & M MITCIIF.LTREE
attain Libel, street
f I DEF.:ME—INF bar prune, Au rred /or sale
%.../ aural 7 II CANFIELD
SALtri.ATUS.-100 ha. Saleratua;
10 casks and brio do. for sale by
of those fototebing Steam
cot of Trimmings, compete
Steam Haat
n i%%ta u ti r o m a
Ind{ in pal of the followtng,
and 7.4 Table Linen., I
Ilsealmelt Diaper,
Can] Table Covers,
Linen Napkins,
Sewell Diaper,
Plats, de. dm
Carotin matertal of all de
Warebeoe, 73 Fourth al.
331 e F•
sogl4 Carpet
1 . 1 aue.l4 JAM
errlfP, ondersigned has on hand, and Is tills day r&
.1. ceiling tram the manufacturers, on constintnent
large lot of Flannels, tall colony plain and barred;
Also, Bed Blankets, Blanket Coating, Bowser Blotto,
.Casalmeres, Smitten.. and Tweeds, which he will sell
by the ease or piece, at manefutsterrat pliers. The
attention of dealers In woollen pod. I. invited.
139 II LEE,
anti BURN= &11161t.P014
W AAL PAPER A lue. mortment of Wolf
1 1 :1 1 r u i Cio to IR PeWlilr i t A raelved
wog Wad it
ale, dee.,
Next deer to the Bank of Pkltsborgh.,
1. tIOLEILI i 110/115,
G:c,6•ag• DroY•r•
COLLECTIONS.—DeiiNs, Not., and Accemancra
payablern any part of Lao Vino', eol:erted on the inn.
Naomi le term.
EXCBANGE on New York. PhilaJe].•hla anJ Ba •
tumor, aCincinnati,. Ss, Lome and
Ne. (Mesa, conatientl3l (or sole
BAN K NOTES.—Notee on all solvent bank, In te,
United N; ales dtseonntedlat tha , etc..
of Fared, and AroorreareGolo and Saver Coin I•l , ar nt
.o sold. noEII3
- .
"NrIIOLME. & FOILS hove rono•tt Itaok
i l.Z. d 4 . s t o e d i, tl o o l lt d a . tm d. olsco to ,No r ot;
THUM gran, opposite the 1,, (.11u.c.
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Lund'n Art Journal me Ao ' go t :t..
Until luvtug Aft, No
Iniernauanal Mour,,any for Semembrr.
:Oak oprort—No
Neer London r•tkokrpc.,, No. 1 anal
Tun. Howard oßy NT, U- I.
Tr.. Ilea, 1. a tale. fly .'Nn n. P. Torpor. Fen.
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W :MING-1U atom sitA will be mold la
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viturP ..11 DICKEY A (1 - 1
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R i prune Green itio in MOTE •
ISA"! DICKEY ft (X 1
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T HE well known Pork an g,d Beef S'nurAgerm Pocking Concern. owned and fen., iy oectimaJ
leftbii he
c•la I P o b el l t i en ' l f tl:h r frl , cotbe, Rea,
county, on the plat of ground Mei., Oho
Canal from the Scioto Myer, sod tie thotnul
feet of
e, front on each. The rnelo.tere ernhr•ce.
BIZ ae•en of ground, coma In
latne pens, large and
rornmadioun glaughtering, hanging. 'eutumr, [At k O‘C.
amokimr. and lard rerdeeit 0 twirl: hob, mr
office and every convenience for ha ndline TWELVE
t o lICIGS PER DA %%and tende , ing Me lard
from the aurae; as there are 0 Clout le 000 .L 0011,01.!
and engine Mr geolding hoax and catu.4 lard, and
two 10144 for renderirg offal lay rtenm.
There is nlso, on the premises, en lee House, large
e nough to eontam eight thousand boatel,
The Seim° Valley, at which Chitheothe in the chief
market, it one of the large.l Pnrk and Beef ht .trews
L. the Wool, and hips can always be bought there
at lower Meea than at Cinciennu and many ed.,
points, and cooperage aabundant nod eheap.
There is dry, sae neeevenry. a. boats may he
loaded at the Peeling House Fool the Inf . Eilliel tor
shipprg direct Iron/ thin . vin the Lake. le New York
thePhlladelphla. or Balton.< via Putsborttb. or TO
the East or aonth eta New Orleans. are n IL • eat err
of the year NH> equal to those adnedrd by Ciirronna,
Money Neill... are al,' good, there lining ten or
twelve banks within forty five miles.
• -
Anlicauons for remlng may roe moan to
Attorney at Lnw, rtnetannti:
gag2?.llnovl-910 • Chill.cothe, 0
Prof. Thompson'. He naloary for Young
T[; ILL Commence the toll urosion, on Monday.
V the 2d Cepternt.ce, at Ma ruoinn, 54 I,il.rriy ,
between Third and Fourth atreei• u locoed
number I. received, curly application .01 to , oc-
Mrable. For loom, apply to Rev. Dr. Diddle, or to
r. T. at hi: rooms as noire.
rt11• , .11m11. Cue. V. I nogYT:d,o.v
- •
L'INE FLOI R-50 brio, a rood n male, 'apt are,vrd
and for sale by Sem RI V KR In BARNES
.saris 140 a. 130 second .m.
IACKEREL-50 WA No 3 Inrar, - --
/71 On hi brim. do:
20 lola No 2 do: •I rocriard by
bane era, Ire
of workmen Wing engrafted in entn wog and improv
ing then Nom Hoorn, they have removed them goods
to the Stump Sm., of the bultding they oecupy:untd
the noprovemems rare fini , hed: Arbete they verli he
, •PPY to see thOlf enratontrn rt. imoitr, nod for h r
Imrahle seelltior; up otsar, aril, try rand ref:wormle
thew try crib op them CLerap
__ll,l•Yntrance from Vorarth street ourrrt
Hew F• 111
VIURNIV & ht., Mt received a
JJ supply of new .tyle Dark 1:.11 Prints, tart cOlcra,
it I,:ic per yarJ au,o;
Extra Familylctrir
oupplyoi rim Pol mud Allll,l!rtyllFnarlp
Flour, el very
choler •1110 i, , tee d tor *AI , . vy
cos Irt
1 UPERVINE Fl.ollll—tft on bend few •nle by
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ti wood .t
UGAN—:.O btole v. 071;11 7 Xa - p . rime - t;t
vlswe aLd for ea!, I.y
I_, , LOUlt—ivo brie MM em Fur.ily h lour
p 1.07 Sh W lIARDAVI
B UTTER -3 Oris &eked in Otnr, nnd
'ODA ASII-7 ea.). Soda Alh ioe hv
V 11,1617:111G11
CHF:ESP-10 I..ertlfl t
1:4 very supt ILor mr••v;:t Cr.nlr 1•v
WII A mr - i.ußti a CO
enrV L 254 1.1,,rty et
INC AI . CL.E C II •ittelr. re c't.l •
8.14,•27 AV NI A Ale & CO
ueilEn ree'd
SNUFF—t; 7 , r re
j 0 y
PA G r !IL T I L--
Vt; . 11 ' ] .
A CO Cif El•:-.E.—If•e•c )1. , •'0 •IVOC•••1 7--
— .VI7 l• AI A & CO
N DINFS--Fv.h Fardine• w!r1,.11,1 half t.s
“1111 meekved hid I.r.ale by
nog,: WM A MrCI RU ! ffr
OSIN : , OAP-'-541brsSn I ju=l rer'd for •reael,
•11/: . .i A CUL/thit'l,i)N h CLOLSI:
F MK BRICL-40,110 to atore awl , or rnle by
:0 Water st
C OF .n 7;I;;—IM bag. pilrn,
CAPI) 011r.b brit No I Gtr ,alr by
I AmrAl J 1100.ZELI
TANNERS' OIL-14 bas for rale by
lr_ A e C enag a L L— et„ " '';9°°.'
D EYPER lir ti ear., Wel , . Miller A. Pro-
E 11 ,,C110i,f uvi reed for sale by
WM A Mrl.l.lno A. CU
',betty H.
4,2 UMRIOII.OI.ONG TEA-10 kf chr,tx ♦err fin,
jo.t reek! and for 1.1100 by the b! cheat or lb; tie low
ggi it ran be bouch.t arcnt of the el/mum.
51 'A BIet:LORG Et CO
au Nl;rfri:les,te.Nlce brhnd.
ved and enr sale by
AL kißAilittl--1411 Las In store tntd for sale by
ought 1.4 Wood al
DRtrUnIS—A4 aoz rn ..ore and ler maln by
angS , / STU ART A. SILL
GLASS—AO on. 7
bne halo, In +tom and for avle by
CIIIEESR—A small lot Enttne Cr , nam need by
..gtn STUART A. S.LL
nrk 01,1,10 stole •ot.l for eale ho
nosAl sTU A RT & SILL
)ACtiN—Cl bbd• prime talc by
liT k SILL
RArriNG-j. baled Na in elms and for mile by
eueee tirt• liT 441L1.
liti./LN—A.aortee Nor. ler Sok by ,
aue2l . . STU /IIIT & SILL
1,1 e 13ea;ier Iluekel, for only. by
LP au; 2 , 1 SIUART 4 SILL,
aieee, for rale Gr
iutt reed for /a... by
inf. No 3 11., ^-
111 .......
Ws No 3 Int..mins, for 53.41
RiLlllO tbriff S. 'tire moo for
(IOFFkF'-IW hag. Rio .thin ( , end for isle hg
O'WEET 'biapi , Wine, di.t . Pe.rt"Winrc Frrneh.
Bro o dy, non, d E,:grio, !LORI,
at 50c per boale, for .efle hV
11,4CON—00 casks Elides and Shoe Idris , er sale by
Fi:kYll ltis lost ree'd rem vai n by
ime24 e•IIRIVSk it ttAß'el,
trrtn —Ho vr and r d for sO,e - ITY
aur24 ,4 11RIVFIt k SATINS-S
Tyelmed. vnd. r sio oo or %l e
W. Memoir will be r .. , letod i• ,
How" Federal Street On AlhoAat, Sept, nem r 'n , l
pnmary department, • of opts tot..
es nave been adned, and corrot;of teacher" reeored,
m that instructions will Hoar Ito elven to sclui,ami
or it MACK and attainment. •
For pa t rticulars see elrealara which be bee at
Me ben slorea—or consult lee .Principuls Mem
dwelling on Federal Street,,
Clurical, eon' nlnthommoral Peh001.12.4
.12.4 Re,Open on Monday, (Lt. iwth met., et No CS
Web•let Street, on the Lead of novo', gh St.•
Othee of the Ohio. tr Pion. R. R. Co., t
Pitoilievgh,'Attg. IS, Into. S
DROPOSALS in woung:will by re eemed by the
L andetogned until Tue mita, , Re)st deY of °Mho..
for the delivery of the Coot tier S , Allired for Disler;
the track of the Ohio and Panne frame Rail hoed
from Image to Plasmillon ' 0 dimenert et 1 1 7 lhe
number of Ike retie! red will De ahem one thousand
aloe hundred per mile. Ihe O' are to he of attend
white oak or rock oak, vehmet in the iespection (if
the engineer of the company. Ti en moot be eet wOh
maw, Into length. of eight fret. If of sawed Umbel,
they are Do Le mate Ly eight Inches thwart; if of
hewed tindier, they are to Le Po ea They me tted on the top and
tediam to a width of eight ineLlt D 6
clear of bark, delivered and piled up on the hoe .1
&reeled by the engineer,lretween the hoot of January
and firer or3la, next - Beldere are relocated to Mate
whet umber of ties they Mope. to deriver, and OE
what acelliilla of the renamed they prerooe , to delemir
them:. They may prontose ler tea ellebeernereere,
if of locust, they may be tie gen terhewaitome.
'Proptheale ath also invite (Or I erni.lpine reed
et whoa pine or white oak, d
to L Ito, tip /111cC niches
metre, and froth elpineen to et In
to he delivered on the tine of road h. 4,