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nicroa•rED & TILLECia•rn&D
Sept. 4. '
TllO creamer HlOOlllll, Capt. Long, wrivid bastoms lea /antral arab was gone On/ The river
lire at 10 o'cidek to day. - Was at a war.d during yestarday, With a little leas than I,
Her dates are from Liverpool to the 21th, from t h,„,.. fort to ,i,.,„„i •
London to the 234, and from Paris to the 224 td. FLOUR—Considerable law arrived by river yeater- i
time. . d.y, bat sale. were comparahvely light, being nor fin-
The steamer which sidled frorin New York on
the tech
at A. 0.4 had .. t iiii ,,, a , Livrpool, ed to severd 'limited lets, at 14 f bbl, which iodic Lop
when the Hibernia tailed. or the wan het from first band. We note take in dray
Since toe Railing of the Allende, Cotton has ,Toad iota Itom Bore. at 54P P Md.
advanced y. After thedeparture,a spirited man-' CS ALN—We his co runner change to. notice in
ton took mace, the sales of the day being 10,000 prlees,mad may cerstane oar geom.:ma at, for Wheat,
to 12000 bale., at the advance noticed. The to- The; Roo. 042034 : Barley, 00 : C OO 4, cat', and ( Mt.
tat Sdalea 01 the week are 30,000 hale., of wink . at 33831 e, from girt hoods..
speculators took 2.1.030 bales, at Me Gyllearang GROCERIES—Sogar continue, hem, at 74, in Ohl*
qootationc Fair Upland and Mobilo St cents.— mol . tws. „.„,, ti the Coffee,
11101 w, Rico at to IP
Friday's wales reached 0,000 bales.
lb, in Ire..
Al Havre, tee market Was extremely doll.
PROVISIONS—We notice • fair degree of firemen
In France, loaners looted on
wormy. The
- President bad been tooted oat of a ball room at 1 U"' thy market, tenth tile. of Plato bonne bass, at 7i;or
Bn . , ~,,d thsi , ~,,,,,,,, h a d to be cloned ~ tk i , e , 1 choice sugar coral, in mauves., ai 1 t 1312, a.l Or COT.
poet of the bayonet. 1 moo bagged at etzeio. Sides 111 e set , m, . sje, and
The Holing:teeny bad dislodged the Danish out. ' Sueolhers at 410 irs 10. SalOs of Lard ad 4,42.701:* , rd
posts at Kropp, and their wroth army had left I bbis and kegs. Tined Beef is to goat demand, at 114/
Hendaburg, wad advancr.d in tee directiort of the mye for beat quality
Danish position.
lei Germany, affairs had become more and
mom complicated, and several heavy Llama ado
[Here the eastern wires beyond Boston gave
Otrastllttaroa, Sept. 4.
SC:laid—Oa motion of Mt. Clay, the bill abol-._
the alas° trade m the Di.trict of Calumets,
en postponed, in consequence of ;the absence on
several Senators, and made the special order of
the day to Tuesday next.
Mr. Diehl r son, from the Fiance Committee, re.
ported the general poet Mee Appropriation Bill,
and moved Anal It be taken op for conaidcration at
once. He brolly explained the bill and the
amendment proposed by the committee.
After coma debate, Red on Ineffectual attempt
to postpone, the amendment, of the committee
mere adopted, and the bill ordered to be cremes.
The bill providing weekly mails by memo"
ocs Now Wein a, or the.mooth of the Mendrato
pl river, to Vera Cruz sod Tampico, to flex co,
was taken up, amended, and ordered to be en
The Senate then adjourned.
Ileum—The house resumed the consideration
of the manhattans reported yesterday to print 5000
copies of the Hot of persons on the Tr:orlon roll
stoup October, 1535, which was finally laid on the
. -
Mr. Richardaan, from the soled committee .p.
pointed to it quire into certain alkged trawaMions
of Thomas Ewing, while ho was Secretary of the
Interior—auch as reopening and paying certain
Clnekinaw and other claim's, after they had boon
doted by the former administration—made a re.
port and cold that the doctiments were voltsmin•
one and that it wa• utterly , impossible for geode
men to understand It until they could read it In
print. Re therefore moved that It be printed,and
that farther consideration he postponed till Tara
- day week.
Mr. Valton presented a minority report from
the Committee.
. .
The question being when oo the motion to
postpone, ii tan decided in the negative. Inas,
61—nayr, 107.
The morning hour having expired,
The Home then took up the Texas Boundary
The Speaker announced the question predict to
be, to refer the bill to the Committee of the Whole
no the elate et the Unioo.
Mr. McLane said teat a commitment of tb bill
would be tantamount to na rejection. His object
wee to pan the bill In the aspect in which ItJ woull
be most acceptable to himreilf, and be was under.
wood to any teat in I e prevent tom it had most
strength in both branches..
Mr. Cable,ol oalO, moved to lay the bill on the
table. --
Mier considerable debate, the bill finally came
before the House, nod the vote was taken on Mr.
-ct,ngm.'e amendments tp Biwe'a retsalati.o.
posing to meanie" Southern California under the
name of t•Cotormila,''br the tine of deg. It was
disagreed to—yeas 69, nays 130.
Muck contused proceedings tallowed, when the
Rouse relaxed to ceder the hilt-to a third reading.
Year, 50—nay, 126.
Tito Ronne then adjourned.
Porrsviu.s, Sept. 4.
The Schtl3o4(l Casalie a total wreck, in coo.
•isequence of the rate freshet, and no business eau
A be done on it before the close of the season.
"2‘ Several bridges have been carried away on the
Reading Railroad, and two week* will be requir
ed to repair the datessei.
Thirty houses at Tamaqua have been carried
7 . ; away, and about half the bonr s at Port Clinton
bens been swept of by the flood. About fifty
liven, ills supposed, byre been lost.
The freshet was trenoendnus, the rreatest that
has ever metered before. The destruction of life
and property is awto I.
Dorms, Sept. 4.
:;! We have just received the vote to 17 towns in
Windham coucty, which loom; the toPowlea re.
toll for Governor :—WtWano., Whic. 1555; Foot,
. Free Deco ,879,Hubirts,O.d L . oe, 302.
In the alma towns . Ima, year, the Wnla pain
.• was 163 for Corgreva; ape It the .ame town.
Lyman, W., 1290; Minor, W., SOO, Roberta, F.
D., 792; Clark, 0. L., 41.
. . There were two Mugs running le this district.
Nn choice has Lea mace. The day was wet,
and the vote generally mail.
Plow Fogg, Sep. 4.
IFlour—A better feeling evails, with good home
ard stopodag Par prs at e Eamon a nd straight
state at SI ISM ne iv state Ohio and Michigan at
ga 6X4 73 per btl.
Grain—No aisles of wheat to report For mulling,
boyars urn awaiting a deal re. Ohio is quoted at93dl
Stile Per ha. Corn is cagy, with a limited demand and
Redd raPPIS.
Provision•—la _pork, a fair buoiners is dolor. bat
the market iv bear. at 11.0 ati for revvv, and Si go f o r
prune. Lard Is in good impairs, at CL97e per
Groceries—lne mathrt, Mr legal. ,ffee, and mo•
litres, II very firm, and 3teldet• generally den and an
advance. We have the f 'wing salp.-1500taaa
Coffre Di fat St Demingo; an d agnavvai
Dig Olt; for Dim Id* for Costa Sten, 1110101 for
Java. of F.agar, tea .0 doe tdula bare been *old at
d4,07e for Orle. c for Porto Rico; Glefige for
Caber, .co m magtieboseo II unfl lit sold tali • per lb.
Idohisves Is in lair request, with sales of ILO hhda
Porto Rico at 310, and acme N Orleans at3to lie per
gallon and Cahn at 220210 for sweet, and Ms (to
soar per gal.
New You., Sept. 4.
ilaTttREI 161701T.j
Cotton—She mantel u firm, with males of 3000
Fkmr—We notice no marked change in Awn
unlens it be that the market in del 0:. dales off3ooo
brls at last quaint:one.
Grain—Salee ci 12060 bushels Wheat at 109 fa
111 c forprime white, end 70 al etb lor inferior
Swithern. Sales of IDOOO be Corn al MI 0 60 e
Nothing ban :remind in other articles worth
POILMOTPItIa, Sept. 4,
Very Istle activity la munfested in the marl et today
Floor—rhe export amend conduce limited, and
only 800 or 1770 bile were fold, for shipments It fifer
sound old meek, and AA 111 (rm freak Irma. Thu
market I. lirreer, In consequent , ' of the areal dernege
upon tbo canal and rail road, by the see*. Restmt,
and some holders rein. 03121 ter fresh ground doer.
Conic—Wheat Is la bunted demand, and ;mecums
steadily ma ntaleed 9iln 57:17 It..prlMe Canest&
Wheal at 1170 tor mbar, WOO bp prime Dennelidattla
hne at Ile 011ie, prommaily at IDM kis good
Boeduess anti Peusrleule red at late per t Ultsb
To day, however, sortie holders &Otte selllng,_at
nolo prises Receipts of Corn continua small . 1101
dd.end Ls limited, but prices are steady, with take
of scuo 3oultoott ono Pozomit'..l.7.lkm al 45't
afloat, inetadtng some in more at GM per ba.
Orocenu—stocks of Callee are vet.
kende. and priers are Earn Sales fife Mlle sod..
lel on time In Sugar, *nice the Oleo mama( 3370 I--
/144 taw tars. and 461 bits noted last Meth, e.t.a ' VALUABLY. US ZATAI for MAZY
rot edirised.of any traossiettoila Stocks are very fistlF, mbsenber odors rale, on
01 tale tenor
*orbs, and holders ate firm Mataindia itontlesea Arm the re al
lyo l
mule late tolemme, with ea c• of khds at 430311
per ealmoi
.1 No I.—Three valyab l e therm muity llnek Onetime
Promuns—halee are limited and pilots steady. non„y, Corona bun , b yswoon nnn y o „,
Mess twit is sel lug at $1U.50910 73, Mem Dermal buon . the lot. bete, each front by ny, drop .
4/1 2 20, on thee tit Itaeon,•rlea have been confined
No 2 , —Contaliss • 37 fee front in Third street ad
to p•rcels front rinse, in on ham se me, fancy coma lobos, the 'I bird Fresblteriao Church • on ..biter,
aide. sle;
In 44041elfer lb. Sales al Lard, erected ono 4 story .Dock Boum med NO • primes
5 .0' 6 1 "" " 71 '‘ Per lb dbl'*d 1' d...71 ' Mime and ore a story Brick Watches.
wants Furter commat a s D 42110 per le No'd—Vwc late in Paktum, Deaver .nnty, bet.
Iron— roe item den. to ore canal has caused an . •
tots No e 3 and 4, bring •beit feet sphere , on velvet
teercased (rem. f.
11 p g Iron. Holders are not dm
erected ore Noel, °freer (rime dwellings aril
to resits •at te prism, anti) the extent o f us teparnte ell Datum. limb
in/my m ate •ensued '' Not—tine Lot IA fort front on Due et tees °imolai,
Lead—The mUket it doll, and inlets tend dowse the nboyo no d oien dieg ie t * si mper the bill
ward, no sales .
Cfils—Preati ola ere held Ann'y at quoted rates. ning t4° cm—l*th":_pikn:ah Lo th
Linseed in in limard n 'est, ud pines are hardly sy _ ny „,
nemined. Sales tn la's et se in casks, am 60 in bila. "• - rio lL. Ono vnloybio Water 1. , 04 100 feet no Wheel
No inlet of lard 01 to Soy resent.
n .Maas,with ten attires water power atteched. •
Wi'd'krr " "."" 17 dr d ''''b d. in k .'. *" " in "d i sae .— N 7—On Lot opposite the water lot, lid fret front
0 3 4 and d o l l . bdld o d nno T n lle m n ` l a n c • and o extend a lathe wear Me bill, an which is erecter
yor„,'-crb7,7r,:,;-ftilly ;Melane& demand one 2 story Brick *tore at Wembonee, 28 by 40
reef.." to p t irib t irgh by the 100 lbs are--dry woods, abv. tiara. De aver
4 1.."2.' No tirl'alli.eit'oinlmerWat'yg anAbeattYrdtra'
7(s, enumrate, Goe, bat, an shut, 30, tea, top- o,ple, abort 11 sere, eo
elks, rousllar, per bale, Adm• two large Frame Drreluop and one strudl POMO
Haase used •• °Mee. ins property Iru formed/
oceopled alr.m. Geeld, mid to eery Plaamalll
located, belie; immediately opposite Ma Saltines
No D—One Wamr Lot Immediately beinat Vallstab
Maui, being shoot go feet in length, and extendinr
I Dorn Water street to love meter matt or towing path
The woes propeny mill be sold on very aaaaa bsi
come Artily at the Book Stom a( It C. Enteloos
comer rifle/Id and !dukes streets.
SooB Iv SOWN FLF.SIINO. toota3buti
t3L(3o3l3:Zuriotio NippieiltuotottororsaTo — bi
.1./ aural ISAIAH DIOKEY &CO
lylOE/a53.5-1.0 0 blelasma
70 bile H den Metfdd
170 & 13t Pecana tl
War - P
rttildmtdd. 'data al P. toll ont teceived (e,
the fall Vele P 7 W I' Mk lieltal•L
W111.1./A2l lll ,
10 Gerwarn st!Balnsiore,
- A GENTS for the; sale of Sodi Ash, Bleaoltlat
.01. Powders, Sc., have on hand„ tad sps constantly
?aerial:lg direct trout the Alanufaelaters, the above
UtCles :he beat and Men approved brands, which
they offer to the trade an quantities to tralt, and St
lowest market rates. , 11,9 sod
Tfig undersigned has on hand, and Is Chia day re
mining from the in aim favorers, on consignment,
a lasgelo4 of klannils. all colossi plain and barraii
.Alsa Be Blanet Blanket atmg,
Cant:me d m bati k nett s, a
and Tweed Co s., which he Will aell
the cue Or piece,. at manercentrees, omens. Th•
oktention of dealers in woollen go lfssi Melted.
1W Lionel, ‘st. _
Je.g.linspratt-li. Sons. Patexit !Rods Am t .
3 , 4 F..ALFAn l i a ti d.. 7 l :l;if v tif ‘ l: r t tt e . d u1 b:13 . 1;, , z
can manta, pe r -Anna I , ne h,""Ea tope," "Ikalia," Ina
2lops, In rtnt te. Ala •nd ilaltnara, warraut
nAntmt In both Went , and cra City ra h? any 40 the
%auk et, for anli . at the Loa est once for cas nd ap•
Fayed WU, by W la MITHEL:MEE
amai I n ' tinci
Ann irxrca•yr's =nom'.
31311c0i05ut13...-...0. W. o.:cre-oam.•••e o. Loom
Crams, ?remnant. GlzerrL Z
Thuraday rnoraln, eeincra.r 5, Shan. 5
The 'roaster ynterday arab cleat and pleasant, and
U. S. lUrna.—Col. Snowden, the .+:.. , •t eat Treaso rer
or the Milt trSl`Piladelphirt, give! the in , .`"^g
ment of the opereions of that &Zee, during the week
ending on Friday last i—Reeeipts, SPAniS 51; DOT.
SGI),(ILS 73; Balance on hand . , 111,250.444 3d.
Spirit of the Domretla Markets
Nor On.lois, Aug. at.
Sugar—The tumor...liens in thin eruct< have been on
a Unload genie ottriog tn• . pn• areet, vie omen tieing
mDolly in grunt! parcel+ ler tee Oily trede, and for pia,
en to the netthle.rhonel, and the range of prier• he•
rernained about the .111.2 a. before We therelure,
tontine to quote ordtmity to common. iften; twr to
fully (air, :136; prone In elm CIDI3II ple Arriv
ed sine. tee tern 1a•t.,114 bhila Cleared in anion tune,
5 bed. and :id beta
.apply is very le eat • Unit
ed demand, and transaedons are it -import. zo; itir on.
eanlnnal amal, nt:ltivg final dlaldlc re:l o
matting tnyanloy. A rnved once the lett mat, 147 bbie.
. • . .
Coffee—rrier• of Rio haat at Mord, in ennsequrnre
of laterable account. from Non . yell. ,••••k.'•
aolts :::an bp at 2.1.3t1c, c:o•init at tqaak lc
Smelt, lap 0 togs.
Rtce—We uoice madorate sale+ at •1121.1jr.
n, or—The atiphly of fresh •opm di 9t. Lows and
llama ha. been bardiv equ•l to t &mato! aturing
the paw week, rind prieeu of the, deaertpthws have
improved tally 111 e fLL I, but extra has been rarely
neglected, and barely U111111•Ineduo previnut po•it ton.
Toe cafe. el all kinds up to the 93rd, eon:thrived A.
bhle, at 33,5303,40f0r I,tll . 610E:5 'opera.. Lake
and ledthn t, 1141th01,40 for supeifirro . Lwaix; and
ft 600.1,121 for e p.a.—Prier Carrera.
FORT OF rirl'BßUßt4ll.
Owes—There were 3 (eel, 0 inches, to channel, by
Metal mark last eeenina at desk, and at a stand.
Piliehimsn; Rries, Deaver.
Fashion, Peebles, Elizabehh
Paloson, Brownsville.
Baltic, Jambs, BrOwnsville.
Yonahlegliene, Hannon, Glimisydir.
Umpire No 2. Hemphill, Beaver.
Caslier, Wheeitog.
Nave, Shoffer,
Reveille, hlrjor, Wbeeliog.
Camden, Ilendnrk.en, a7hceling.
Cumoerland No 2, Naehele.
lonian, Liston, ‘Vbrieling.
MichirrAnlßries, Brave , /
Fdhion Peebles, Elisabeth.
Dallis. Jacob.. Brownsville.
Alitgll4 Parkinson. Ltrownsvilla
YonanicioherlY. llarnineesielassdow.
Umpire PO R Ilemphill. Datefe r.
Julia Bean, Gallaher, Zandman.
Moroi, llockinepoll,
Novlrder, Dean, Louisville.
Rinurild, Cove. Cincinnati.
The. r‘dott. M,ller, well/villa.
Caledonia. Cahnun,
Bkipper, Billet, Wheeling.
0 LASSGOW—Yonchiogbeni , e.. 1.
WHEELING—C.2Ier, 9 L z.
WHEELING—ReveiIIe, IV a. at.
ST 10 AL Y.
The fire ealner Revel9e, Cep Melo, will 'cave for
Wheeling to day. et 9 a. lt. Tile Revei:le is • gall.;
lade craft ani her accommodations surla
under the p.oenger emy .d comfortable. Dont
lorget the Iv.r.
Fon Sr. Lon.—lt .111 be even by advrratemers
camber colona, that the spleclid light dritneh ,
font., Capt Lirton, will learn this Jar for St. bouit
and CI traerntelate port, A. thlr I. In of the lighter
afntight, prisencert need have no (cart of being cock
oa the way Mr accommodations are such at :ornate
h trip on her Very dellrable.
apanlla. Ifeyrer & MrDowell; 51... leatOer, 5 Lrzx
beef Graff k rim feather', Leech .R.,Co. le I.
emir. O'Connor & Afttlif; 1.9 aka wool. 'Not r
boo rod., Ka) . & Co: ^Z care. nide , Elfltl & trp
fratbrra Corred ft . Mel( lett. 7t!,L.r opples, D T Mor
goo; 7 skl woo!, O'Conuor & &firm.
Writ:l:LlNG—Pre lo,•,11-441 WA. floor, A Stott a
V% do do. Drown N. It.
wen; SC do do. Graff Co; d , J I
do do, s Merl,rt oculot furniture, IL do ", Nloorbrao,..
a'e Irtors, 6 A Campbell. ,
Pxot (:.onion-11 ,1
do, Whatot.. &Wolf; 551,!. COI,
11 do o moth, seed, 51 bhde 33 do J.
40 .10 :•rd. r.g .m; IJ•l• A. Co
decd. ueu & I I[lo.o ❑b do
Brawn & 105,Aptriek, 50 dodo. tl & Co. 1 , eo ea ,
Wen Sco.; yl do ao.t bi iilt. Llairt & Forsyth; .0
bAron. ft IV Flarbaught try,* ci Ar k ft
1111 A VER--Ple Gurrks-23 bblk tloa , iisvl.l
1130 i 12 hkk checke, Wick & 31eCknrle/si 47 40,10 11,1•
Or. Renteroo, K 150 111 43,..0 ck.
I'o7l ash, i1ea:31614;16614s emir, 1101.cmin
pen • _•
DR. B. D.
TT AS no parallel in nermanertly cartng and eral
JUL eattag (torn the oporin all
h ar m creeraally eradicate from the syrtem and c.
Salt Strewn, Itinirreorne.Tetter, 1 1-vn.
Starry, White 6acellte6a 4 ging's Nero!
Affections, and •11
FEMALE wcei;Nß.sr.,;
nd Obstrueuor.r, ttorrennornbnr., Floor Alba,
Falling or the Womb, Nervous, *et lived deb,.
Languor, Fatnnng Fentationv, PGrnation or tb
IlearL Low Fpirits, General DeWitt), Dyrpeptt•
L ver Gottplrdutv,,teo.
It I• Purely and Entirely Veg•tabl•.
It bas bent used with the moat signal aurae:Eh;
the ProlefssiOn In New Tort and New lla,op.hne, am
the Eastern States generally, for tansy yeais—and •
a genera panther of the blood and invigorator et th.
I>mecn—as • Gerisine Family Medicine and an ell
enemas Female Medicine. it has ito equal. Ten punt)
and eltcacy of she, Skates prepaitiouns are wel
Issmont; and ltd. medicine. require.. no long Inn o.
centric.. and cures to %trod. , It. increasing
demand for the put twelves years is its ben tacos
It Is pot op In quart battle*, tad t. the only Santa.
patina that acts on the Llvdr, kidneys. and Wood •
the same time, which renders it altogether more gala
able to every one, particularly to females
Dr. Massey, Protemor in the Ohto Mediral College.
soya tbeSbater preparations are truly valuable ur
recommends them to the public. The slob and . 1 11101
ed are requested to call and obtain a pamphlet . , ant
purchase • bottle. orthls valuable Family Medi cine.
Ds masseur twpotroyer Dr.S. D. HOWL'S £IIIALCED
SARSAPARILLA, and take no other.
Price 111 per bottle-6 bottle, for tn.
For talc by J. A., Jones; J. nehoonrnaker k Co.
W. mark, It. W. Means, J. M. Towntend, J. MAI,
W.Jackson, Pittsburgh; D. Elliott, Allegheny rut
W •R McClelland; Muchrlder P. Crocker, Browne.
; vine. James Pael k. Co , Wheeling; I. D. Patten.'
sod 'E. 0 AIM., Clairsedle ;bi Dean & Knox
Vaal. Also, tussle by
DR. S.D. HOWE fr. CO ‘ Proprietork
I College Hall. 0 .1
' , To whom all order• toast be addressed.
lariprovesneate Asa Dentistry's
• DTL O. O. STEARNS, late of Boston, Is prepared ti
161 , 4ditetnin add let BLOC! Turn whlne-ind part.
,sWeetii, upon &meaner Atmospheric Suction Irlstria—
s•roosascstaceiro to Frew KINCM, where the nerve If
'.llXreised. Ogee and reaulenee nest door to the Slay
' Ofe office, Fourth street, Pittsburgh..
Alfriezarro-4. B. llPPaif clan. F. Sr. Beton. lan
gaadh mantittlp and Cop . " , flood,
tdalkle becks hiving been tntrodd'ara itt.
T vatie ttud private .esool. In l'ht.or,l, and Au,
arty the xuthrtritas spixstass the subsetibet asp
ler their Ode Itt this city,
Tesessre and others grill he supplied at publi•ber
priers, as awed Li circa.r. J MELLOR,
0411. Wood .t.
1.13.01210 WOK THI riZT621131911 DAUM, sazaza
Cuotetta.—lt was but yesterday that we an
nounced the disappearance of the Cholera from
Ptitaburgh, and borate our paper had gone to rest
it had again broken out on the bill above the wa
ter works. Three persons dci in the Fountain
Inn, and from thence ths disease panicked a straight
hoe to the blase of Mr. Orlando Metcalf, attach.
ing five individuals in la course, four of whom
have since died.
At 5 o'clock, A. M. Charles Metcalf, • young
lad of about 14 years Oa, was attacked by the
cholera, and abort time afterward. his father
was also prostrated. The coachman was takea
111 at two o'clock, and no hops. are entenained of
his recovery. When we last beard from the
ted family, Mr. Metcalf'. son was slat living,
though his death was momentarily expected.
At half past eight o'clock, yesterday evening,
Orlando Metes 11, Esq., died. Ile was one of our
most distinguished lawyers, and stood high in the
tesionst.on of his legal brethren, and of the coin•
inanity at large. His death will be deeply deplor
ed by a large Meet , of friends, who saw hm bat
day before, in the full enjoyment of health, and
bodily and mental activity. His funeral will take
place the afternoon at four o'clock, from Om late
residence at the corner of CIS and Fulton
We presume that a meeliog of the members of
the the mill be held in the Court H mse this more
tag, and that the Supreme C 3 ,311 mdl adjourn.
' """"
llamas Cadges Cara—no nine arm:mem who are
110 Y• candled in tail, charged with iiemer on the Ohio
C Petuisyleatia nail Road, were brought before
Judge Ilepboru yesterdut . on it writ of habeas coupe a
Tee length of the proceedings of the Temperance
Meeting, compels in. to omit the hal report which we
'rue pusouers were remeaded te custody for further
keen; g.
In ng Temperanoe Maettng.
A meeting of persons friendly gi — the MUse of
emperonce, was called yesterday afternoon to the
ter. Mr. Bryant's Church, Sixth Street, and was
tteuded by a large number of gentlemen.
Oa motion, John Meeaskey, EN., was called to
the Chair, and the Rev. Andrew W.l3Lgek was art.
d ..ecretary
Tee Rev. D. Rodgers opened the meeting with
prayer, eller which the Chairman rated the oh-
t i eacromplteh which they had a.sembled.—
t meld hot to denied that tutemperance had
r read with f.arfol rapidity through this comma.
ay, during the past year. The city mall onions
• ith drunkards and giJg shop., and all Glenda or
ohriety ahoald hackle on their armor, to ware
against the monster of intemperance
at he active and eriergette, and above all, labor
h pnyerfollneas, for without the grace of 0.1,
bing mold be accomplished.
The Rea. Dr. Riddle said,that after a battle had
been Caught, as soon as the wounded were cared
:or, the next duty was to attend to the lurial of the
dead. The Allegheny Ca. Temperance League
was, be believed, del d. We should give it ad,
cent burial, it this were the case, though he
should like to hear sane of the particulars of Us
Mr. Mecaskey knew that the Rev. Dr. Was'
had been appointed President at the Lamm, but
it had not bad a meeting for same time.
RCS . . Doctor Campbell mid that tiara the became
'are had been declared unconstitutional, grog
seilleg was legalised. Drunkenness was walking '
through our arctic. and high place., and it became
, 11r duty to greater, against it. Let us fight bravo.
y, and it overcome, we could but fall at last.
Mr. Harrison Parry thaught the supineness of
•he temperance men had prostrated tin League.
['he gentleman proceeded to ram s high eulogiam
no James Dunlop'• "temperance law." Objet.
gons had been made to it by person.. append In
the frrimat administration of oaths, but be though
:f ,hey gave a dud consideration the most ecru pn•
ions would agree with Its proviamm. How great
a crime cld that man 03121.1 limo would sell I,q
uor to a follow bang, soon to fill a drool:an'.
grave I It was right that such a person should be
put under the reanimatingy of an oath, and if be
violated that oath let him go to the .peniteottary.
All tavernbeepe ea emend be tatleeted to the most
criagent restart:am They vhonld be sworn no t
in nil ardent spirits to :a drunkard, or any
thy habit of becoming intoxicated. He wcatld
predict that if Mr. Daalop's law were parsed, be
ore the expiration atone year them would not he
renarhnos in the efts
Wetor drnrison unshed to know if any resolu.
•w bad been 1ir2,7111 op. It 110, they should be
The licverend D:ctor Kiddie was aPoid that
^emwnone ye, of no avail, and wt.hed to know
rhetter the ',ague" wan really dead. it had
tone up to hit I,lna, better thou ail other a.•hetu^,
aid he thouout that It would be very dist, trtentog
oiganive another, until they knew why ft had
Drew:. +baston that the League had "gone to
he tooth of *lithe Cspolew o '.. Id h t warld Ilse to
ee tattle reso.u•,oae presented.
Tea Rev. Neweatel West thought the Too,
'craned L •ague was not dead. It wee io ea e.
erne, end ready f. r setter, thresh it was ore
that Me. Dowlop's oenspe.anc* tort tad au upended
- operation*, and the menthes were waottrg untll
Wet hit patted. 8 tit, tan orgentrattow en per,
The Rev. Ihomr. Campbell mould move 'that
he AlleOeny County Temperance Lesigna be
.evored to vitality.
The Rev. Nathaniel West was aware that ex.
ept Its advocates were active and energetic, any
good cause would gently droop and die. Toe
eieodsof temperance ahoabl have fired meetings,
, o ha held monthly or quarterly, and committees
.hettld - be appointed to Inquire Into the one of in.
enoperance. There seemed to he a disposition
o the good close sink when it had reached
.be height of Its prosperity. Perseverance 'and
energy were the trot secrets of success, and we
should dw:rict the cities, appointing Clocomittees
for even/ Ward. Lot us labor as the temperance
men hive do. in Glasgow and Edinburgh, to
the salvation of hundred. of grog genera, and
the overthrow of many dentiterien For his part,
en was reedy to bear his share of the bonbon.—
Ylr. Drolop's bill for the promotion of tempersuu
lad been rend at a meeting of the "League,' •od
tad passed nionsphaudy. Since that time, it bag
lad"bot one mesons, but the frame work was left,
and only one resolution was necessary- - Let us
m on with it."
Dactor Johnston thought that Mr. West was to
blame, since he bad not worked bard enough Is
the President of the League. As for the temper•
shoe men of Edinburgh and Glasgow, be ought to
know something of them, since he had just rea
turned Irom Scotland, and to his certain kneel.
edge, a more drunken, miserable set than Its
nubitants generally, never existed. In Birming
ham, the enormous sum of seven nundred thou.
sand pounds sterling evaa annually expended its
the purchase of ardent spirits-la Liverpool nine
hundred thousand pounds, while in Glasgow/our.,
(tell herurreithourveri pounds went every year to
the colien of the distillers. All the beadily coo•
erred on man smarts from the Choral, and we
must bring Hs Induction to bear on Intemperance.
the Law of Pod orght check drunkards to their
downward cdurac—human law never could.
. . _
Mr. West said that when ho tits last in Soot.
sad, a different state of thing. p sailed.
The Roe. DOCLOT Badges s did act care whether
7r tot the motion to review theleastie psti.ed.— ;
He only wished that the ardor which had former •
ly animated the temperance men ebonld be re.
wised. He thought that the meeting mould
agree with him that the molt ilea with the clergy
men, who had beeome to, easily discouragNL It
was no wonder that at times the world should bo- 1
some Islet with labor, but the, Ministers should
Tall in aid from on togh. A temperance meeting
'itteuld be held to every congregation, SOO a COCO•
alOteallOgabil likewise be appointed to confer with
he miniaiets who were absent, on this important
alder Campbell's motion was withdrawn, and
the following resolutions wore substituted by the
Chair, and read by the Secretary:
Wegagas, Intemperance, during the put year.
on made fearful proper, in this continually, and
u proved the ruin ol many, otherwier, useful
and excelled members ol soetemand, from pre.
rot appeal laces, to likely to effect the dent:twain
ir sonny more.
And, Whereas, The frisbee' gar of this
aorta malady, am not confined to age, sex, ei
- andition, but extend to young and old, to men
tad women, to richaud 200 r.
And Whereas, We . OA 'required abbe by the
ginciples of Rchgloa and phdanthrophy to lose
our .Ighbars as CIUM/V132, and taught to believe
hat me suststa that relation to every human be•
.06. 130 u literature
Resolved That art members of evil nrelety,and
of the several branches of Christ's visible church on
myth, we shall do every thing in our power, coos
sistent with our profession, to stem the alarm it;
tide of intemperance, that threatens to overwhelm
our beloved country to ruin.
Resolved, Tea those of tis who belnag to the
sacred pea:salon of the ministry, will, rail a dif•
ferent arrangement be adopted, preach every 4th
Sabbath evening aghast the sin of intemperance
and tate up colter:one, which shall enostititte n
common loud to meet contingent eip<o.ll.
Resolved, Thst we shall avail ourselves, is
atm as will permit, of the nil vsn•
rages resulting from the valuable services of pop.
ular and diciest Temperance 'Adorers, whose
contemplated efforts shall be made Ireowu to the
public, through the medium of the press.
Resolved, That the editors of the daily papers,
published in our city, are respectfully requestoa to
cooperate with us, is enticaltOril g to iestrtd :f
we cannot wholly prevent, the dreadful Inroads of
Resolved, That we solemnly appeal to the sober
and order loving portion of the people to eacour
up oar heart., and strensibei. our hands in Op.
posing the repulsive and - degrading vice of net,
nation, with whi.h our city is now unhappi.y
Mr. A. W. Forte; made room remarks, oe lbe
@object of temperance, deciaring it to ba the duty
of all persona opposed to the use of totoxicatiug
liquors, to resist the nommation of any candidate,
no matter to want party he belonged, who drank
anleot op.. It wait disgrace to the comma.
=may that to this county, where there went be.
tyreed two and Vane tboo.and let:ll...ranee men,
sober candidates received (ewer votes thou their
Intemperate competitors.
The Rev. Mr. Medaren, fol:noted . jo a (Tar elm.
gout remarks. Ile Was auccedodloy the Rev.
is. W. Black, who After a short hot eorChie speech.
offered the following reach - then.
Resolved, Toot a commmcc be appointed to
alikess ell the pastors of these clues requesting
theth,.th delver special tea p armee addreue s or
semi°ns in their several conga:gat:nue, mad if
deemed advantageous, to form societies, or et
lout to procure the subscription of al; their mem
bers to the teroperanco pledge.
Afar to meths by Messrs. Campbell, Mediate,
Johnston, Bryan, Porter, Renato', and others, the
shore rewoution was laid on the lade., in order
that the following might be adopted:
Resolved, That Messrs. Mroasky,
Bryan, Wray, ace Rush, be appointed a merited.
teem nottfy me Clergymen, Eden, and other ter•
noes, to Atlettheny county, Ir:entity to the cause
Of temperance, that a meel , .B Will be held in the
}Lev. Mr. Bryan's (Thatch, ou 5 x•lo caret, be.
Sworn Wood and Stoat held althea, on next
Wednesday tutting, at hall past two o'clock.
At business of much capt tinece mill be pre
sented to the meeting, u Le hoped that there will
a full attendance.
Toe exercises were concluded with prayer ty
Pro Rev. Dr. Riddle.
From --Mayor Flatting Ind a tavern keeper of
the Third Wald, Allegheny. before I ret yesterday,
charged with ,nntlnurilly acitoig hquor to o woman
the necinborhond, and taking tu 'pn)elent van,.
via artictes of hounthold term:tire, and clothing.
Toe wretched being wasconstantly otos:ttted,
and ne.Oented aud,aripped her form'''s' of recta' or.
orwary, in order to odlniowter to her depraved op.
prior. The invern heeper was ft .ed three d.g.are
and fifty cents, which he paid
M ATGO. Utnre, Au.rr. It I, —Three common
care+ made their twin-drum , at nnornning watch
renurtaa. They were lined, and In,
A) or p4}-
fluent eommtnned no all.
1.3. 130 and 141111 ..3.-noad PtiCtt, hc,ern Woad
11 and Smohfld, rn•t for .a
ILAI 11 , and yr chem. II .ti. & Wig Teat
31/V his I In I lb., and Ira V t.toanal3l Tuoatco,
Pa , 1.1,. I V , l'orre
tooh CatoO.n• Tot.
o• tit am Toone, tot,
orter. Hlr
o ha. 4,,und
• • p•-•
ao ta. al
,as Van, gal, to,.
Olt h•e• Peoptr.
IS bats Ai•pirt;
10, -Int !Gar, Ruetto,
3. dot TUO, ••••rfle.l
011 t ••••,,
110 rram• V,•oro, Pap , ' ••
V. bra Window
ea•ta Solemn.:
3 terool• F.
lire 31anala do,
W. Nlndder:
Ic - too. I.eyof
Tor,othe , h • ;theta: as otltmeto all Ira
I , ll-3 1 ...;1.,,t ,t..
atom at... 10, owe ,cror.
A,ANI-$ A I-1 3(111 , t,
, ,
l.t llt ol
e. /DIM , it A I:ARNE.
A.F. A 111'1 , '111'./)\ 3 11
I Ali•1:-13 lel rat, w•t r•'J •- At
avr.ll !AMA:. A lii r 'lll<O\ A I'll
11111. 7000 •17 007111171,77 07 Mt IMO.
BMW& or Ring's Evil, Rheurnatiern, 01.1Inats Com
neva. Eruptlans, liimploont Pustules on the Face,
Blotcher, Biles, Chronic Sore Eye., Ring Worm
or Tyner, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of
the Bones and Saint., StObbOrn - Ulears, oyobiltle
Symptons, Sciatica or Lumbago,—andMacioce,
arising from so inludicious owof Mercury, Ant
illes or Dropsy, Roo.. or Imprudence in Line,
A.o—Chronie Constitutioual Disorder, kr.
This medicine has acquired • very cztended and
natal:dished reputation wherever it he. been nand,
bored enololl On own mon., which its superior
ellileacy has •lorin saatalned. The unfortus ate raelin ,
of hereditary d'. with iiirolirn glands, contracted
alnelvi, and bon.. half canoes, has been restored te
health and vigor. The fcrofolous patient cuvcred
with alter, loathanme to himself and his attendvn.
has been made whole. Hundred. rf peraons, who
had groaned hopeleanly for' years under runner:or
and glandular disorder*, chronic rheumatism, and
many mho, complain. springing from • derknge{nent
0(027 o.oloooe can nos and the circulation, hove been
raised no It weer item the rack of disease, and now,
with regenerated conetittition, gladly testify to Sit
efficacy of thia ineuttnaWe .reparation,
. .
Tne attention of the reader is ealled to the following
astonishing owe, effected by the use of Sands' Carta.
i'Tale is to eertifv that I have • colored woman who
has been *Chimed for the let her years with Semfula,
and all the remedies I used bad need
In arresting
the of of the complaint; on the. °a trial, ehe
constantly Krell, worse; and after expending Itetween
p op and with physicians, betides using other
pannier remedies without success, till itmerve hod
eaten away the cartilage or her nose, made it. op:
peanut.. on various parts nf her body, and had knell,
Commencedravages in the root or the p
lb this dreadful actuation. with the protpect
death owing her in the face, I elated her cart to Dr
Disoserni, too agent for P••ltartaparilla in New.
bern, C, by whom I wet nd wised in um mitt article
and to my surprise 1111.1 that of my nei ghbort. to whom
her ease war .0.11, alter using four and • hull b
ties the was rester•d to perfect health, and that in the
pace of three w seek, and arm a We Oa work in two
Week!. from the time •he commenced Pking IL
I .-In wan , . ni the odm of this mitten,. I have
, percent* istb zed iny moue, 111411th rloyof deotember,
; 1647. /0611191 hIeCOITE.R. J. P.,
"hlouth of !teem River, Craven co. N C
Tee leilevorlhir is ,eit r [tract (rule letter received
tuna Mrs Itevah, wile L been afflicted several year•
with Scrofulous Ulcers, Dyspepsia, ex., and receiftlY
ui election of the throat and chest:—
iillsitarkaxas, Va., Dee. 13, 11 , 16..
"Messrs. A. D. ft. D. ws—Liefore I commenced
ap gin your Sl...Thrill., au sufferings were alni.t
peat egpression; my tercet was completely ulcerated,
1 had a dreadful mils h, and there were frequently
weeks together that I timid not 'peat above a whit.
per; and besides, the leftammmlnn from my threat ex
tended to my head, ao that my hearing was very thatch
impaired. After taking the Sarsaparilla a short time,
my health was Improved, and my throat is now well;
I am as free Dom cough and tightite. of the chest as
ever I war, and can her quite distinctly. Sly throat
has been well about three months, the mire of which
hiss been effected entirely by the use of year Salsa.
I parilla. Your friend, LOUISA R. LIEVANn
The following testimonial to the sh.eis of the iiarsa ?rem the Rev Luther Wright. aged 70 yet.,
Congregational Min iste rman, , residi
Mass., Waimea.
"Witt March 90,1070.
. • .
Notelet. Bandon Gentlemen—From what I have el
perieneed, and from the Information I have recently
received (font a number of persons of high realm.a•
bolity who hare used your thirst.. .11. A have eel
the least doubt but thrit it le e most valuable modielne
stud lbat the eertifteatee you have , received
of Its effieney ace fatly eastained by exPerlence, gad
although ha rep nation and notho are very extensive,
and stand In no need of my humble elects to inereaaa
them, I want all who are aillietad by disease to be.
come •eormlosed with the cite., and power of to.
valeiLle sassbeine.
I am, gentlemen, gratefully and very respe.Auy
Prepared anti thld, Wholesale and retail. toy A. ft.
D. RANDS, Dreg... and Chtmons, Ind
to mer of W Genf lock. lotold glen by Drogs
tom generally through.. the United Sums and Case
µLe Pnce BI pre bottle; six bottles for 53. '
For ante by L. WILCOX, Jr., 11. A. FAIINESTOCK
I CO., and EDWARD b
r Di, 011/14 Dr kw , lawtlikdE46,l
- -
The hne light draught newer,
L &ton, Innate, will leave lot the
ynd Ee.smedsa‘e lands taga on
Mill dy, ifth wetataL, A. M.
frdahL or oney 00 Loam et in
.• r A 11M141110^ , 11 R CROZ,II
--- --- -
~..; R: ?
a , a The splendid straws
6-7 6 _,, _
muter, mill leave I'm the
4 , 7 -e.. g 0 1 above and ell intermediate ports on
tots ear, M M.
For height or passage, !molt . on boned, we,
e e p W If WHEELER. Agent
The splendtd steamer
, satr .lfit a t: i;, 'spL none. 'sill leave for the above
all intermediate ports oa this
day, the 4th inst.. at 4 P. M., positively.
For treigli or ptosmge apply on board. gep4_
The tne new and staunch .termer
Wm. De., master, wyll leave tor Me
above and intermediate laudtnga, on
thirth• Ith ins t, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
For freight or plusage apply Olt board. tepi_
The rplendld ne;••teamer
Cart. Usllsgher, will leave ihix day
lor Zanesville, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
fcc.ah: or paw•ge, apply on hoard. sera
The splendid new iteaser
Ith J. W. Koontz. plaster, vrill leave for
• - • the above and all intermediate ports
on this ay, 21 MST, at 10 A. 0.
For freight or rostra,. aPplr on board. sepit
The light dreOght steamer
'' EN ''llo tofor r roc
this day,
3141 tit., at 10 o'clock. A. M.
For freight or passage Apply on hoard. •ueol
splendid steamer
rna.ter, will leo tee for the above
and all intermediute ports, on tloa
day, th. , 31. t Inc . at 4 o'clock, P. 0.
- - For freight or passa,e, apply on boanl• or to
anent W D WHELLER, Agt
The aplendid atearner
..Irart . i . 9 .7 , C;;l d ra.. ,. la . rter. I• 111 'Pare far ahoy*
the :0 h of Aueorz .at e 10 A .:11'."." pane
F. (retail: or paraag apply oo ard
The rnaantficent Ilil t draught .teain
• • er CINDERF.I.LA. Captair flaz . ed,
.111 leave for the above and all inter
edrate porta on lug flay Aug. 311, at
10 a A. M.
For (rht or pun', apply on board, or to
•100 J. NEwTo.I YONE.r..4, Agent.
•U JUN r_„
Paeket• laretehmr at ant], epaetterci front
the Port of Pitt burgh.
~„ Tani erdendid bat was built by the
"1 °oo. or the cre tiler lance Newlort,
and others, ler he Ctneinnat, and
Plitshorth Pant t trade, and eel
lea', •rry Wedneyday, Cor Cinelintati, in place at
the New, England, N 0.2.
For Might or passage apply on neard, arta
trirto U Il MI LTEN BERGER, Ail
- 1
I kaiak ISOO ligiaMi
TUE l ITIZ OS' Plqlllll4ll BOAT LINE.
(lo i f I i N ,, T c . n o , I . ...r7rd .,,, fre , l4h y t ,c lo 2. P . ht . s , h o u rth
~..v t. a
and n,ib Lb. cruel de•pm• h, f. , ,, oar Isrco J. pnt
No .1,1 Maikst rtreet PhilaSelphia, finoserly occupied
by 11... 0 . lbagbani k Dock
ai , 1850 ,
en H Vr,r, ma,:cr..•ll len en l' , ...crakt even,
re.ada, 71 ~.r
.•j utert.:.‘, for
IE, r•..a k 11 )4 turntnn grid for
, or n. WtP , M , T•
•. f'. • t . a: .D• 421
R DA' LARl.l . rrs lil'ilt.ll A IV' 'EtILING PACKET
I ,, T r e osearner
AS 11111.
M . i 'ln. tnahr:, .ir:n le•ne for the
übn. ,d Ail Intetateulate ,ort. on
tilt. '•y. :1•I n..a IR OA M
Fur ne:nut nt pa..oge, cop') on boa N, nntol
t;ig iat.
Only 73 EIII..
Vt. Drowns,We and Cundbetland to Oaltunon and
FAT. To BA LTIVI , “--• • • - 410 00
uo Pot; ~.P.,ttl• • --• • 11 co
1.. n.: 55150 m wt.rf, ahrlV. 11.
I br.thlr, Ti p'elock prTTlte:T. Tints to
ttrne VbittslelVan. 4 hours its... e.ur. lejeept n tai ay
igt cock. re...enters mg on tht
em., the motati.• ,cau
stag.e meal
knoi n ti.ttrurr:.
erior ...sets et the OlLee, Monongahela
rtf char , ce Hotel
0c1.4 IT
ri rl,lll 11.:11A , l 11, , :I.ING I'ACKIT.
I , seirnnta::!l;k r •tna i rng evnent,
W ..I. innwren tes•rn••.l,••.reunder•
- ' '."4=!_•..1.: tn.... n rro .
VI ••i.orr twv: run been.
nner •• a ~.0 ••• 1 . ...' 11 , 1 t.rarotern Iry .Lures tn.l
'Vt.., ..t 1.. s r, I . .. , ••airt, e,ry Mond .y •nd
I'. rre.. a ne ~...tarte nrelA nn board . In
r. _+ W II AS 111:1.1.4.A. All
RA 'I. tont Art, to urNmui.el, PA.
PE:NN!,.YLVANLti 1101 7 TE.
Two (toil o Liars kiprtu Parket Boob,
And 1I•31 Road Cave s
(Erci.e•tvx Li rom Pasekautni.,)
Central.Razi Road and Fano'. Canal.
1140 Tulles Rae Road, and 140 miles Canal.
Time—.% nen r• ••• •• • ........... Fare—slo through.
The Portage Rail Road is peered in day light.
an after this date, 11011; June,) the Central Rail
Road will run rwu Lathy T.I. 1,2M101,13. cora
from Ilunw vd,in to Philadelphia. Theear. on the
ai ore road and Ina Allegheny hrlaa• Roil Rood
are .11 new, and r•I the very best description in the
ti , and a:Alt . :he i.cre.ord ',peed on the moon.
ta.ns. paasenn.r. au armlet, with despatch.
A racket Host w•CI leave every morning alb o'•
c:eek. and ever, ',lnn' at 0 o'clock.
For SahY, Sneed, and Cocoon, this route Is der
c orrrily h r• Wort preferable now an ore to the Eamitena
Clues. For passe, or ftftormetten apply to
%V elonongs.hele House;
or 10 D LEECH A CO, Canal Ruin.
P. A.—On t! , e lot September, tne Centel Rail Road
i.ewill open to Ito hd. , yaburg, when paseenaers will
go through in hi hour, Jell
Jadt. 1850.
Joao., Pound
PACER rs, ‘ow and elnPpi, botwoon Pieabufgh
aud Itnaticatof by .‘cam bow Michigan, Lake Frio,
end leacor.
lEr Dena. reeeipted and promptly delivered to all
ier., on she Canalp and Lakes, at the lowest ride..
hluppct• will pica. direct ;tooth. to vnidwellia Lino."
Water at. Pittatierith.
OAHU!, 1100,000.
J. Faces , . Jr., Nccy. r R. MILLII, Jr., Prait
Wtll mien, sgeinet all kinds of rtsas,
Al.l, losses will La liberally unstated and promptly
A twine institution—managed by Directors who ara
well known in the community, and who .re determin
ed by promptness end liberality to maintain Ow char
acter when they here assumed, as offering Um beat
protection to these who Octure to be ins Urea.
D3. - 1.11 , —1t. Miller, Jr., Geo. Black, J. W. Railer,
N. Notions, Jr., Wm. R. Illohnes, C. Ihmsery rico. W.
Jackson Win. hi. Lynn, Jas. Lippincott, Thos. K.
Litre, Jlol,e, 11 . A oley, Alen. Nuntek, TLw. Stott.
...enr;tc., No. 1/2 Wrou'r conet: (;.nrc ' honXe Of Span/
a. . un wyrKlpit.burch. ,u4:4117
, t . k; lil r CitAl.h.-000 lb. fa dank by
y y auxj4 J KIDD et CO
Coal PIEJII-71X, lb. recbl fur sale by
.ibet. J KIDD a. CO
; 11""L —4"
/Ss‘. 1""
" .""
Wort arid Tut
T A FL, Pil CU A 110IN=t •Ji
dU brie Noku; to MOM
I,SEEVaI.— , LA. pine, liremold reed by
C • prune, renbLfol,q - p LD
_n N
-8-ALEKATUS-11.0 Go.
In evoke tad bola do. for axle by
Xx7E Invite the ettentuni
V V hosts to oar immune
In in pert of the following:
4 ana 7.4 Table Linen.,
Ilueeboe Datner._
of tho.o famishing Fte.l9
cut of Trimmulgs, compd.
Linen Napkins,
Scotch Diaper,
blau, Pm Sia
• • •
Card 'Fable Cava.,
Curtain material of w defy)
Warehouse, 73 Feetrth Bt.
eboire Veniaen Haan
a,gl4 Carpet
D HILO LIELF—Jno. tom Cln. do eure o d ,, C e an n. yosse .... d , i
For pale by Innen) WM A McCIIIRO kCO
Ty-OLIVERnoink, FlREsale by
HUILA-20.000 Original Ballow
I) W for
Al°•toLAtr,ans'are'4' .
f in store for rale by
LE.2lllN n Pcml.3loez.l4elatthost
B Ytorwdpe. l D t .. : r
sayy panel,
sale at the lowest market pm*, by
13110OVE-,1111 dos common retedicTiTaley
- P. W. GATES'
TII EitiE DIES hnvina been adopted and higbly approved in al: the principal shops in New York
and l'hilatlei phut, tire no or offered to manufacturers,. tunclon ists, stop rmtha, &e., with the utmost conj
Gdetive, ar the Hoot perfe at article in use or cutting screws.
Their superiority over any other pies heretofore ti.ed, con sists in their rutting -a rraescv
SCRENV, whether V or sou.sue thread, by chapati:sing over the non to be cot, whien require no ersedgitsg
or Frrocomir preprtratton; as the dies cut the thread Otil of The solid 1,011. without relislntt it In the lean;
in their greater durability, rapidity, and perfection of work; and in their stinpheity nail Ittffer.liablity
to get out of order.
Plimenn..rms, Avg. T 7,1849.
Thl. is to rertify that we have parchared from P.
W. wale. the right of sang ht. patent Dire for rot.
In sot opin his Ines are mach
to nor to any other, we are
ac v erne ;et the
purpose am:Ming bone
Pr111.k.1.19C1, Ace. 049.
Raving bed P W Gams' Paicht Dies in nie in cur
eetablishment for Ore last nine months. foil cutting
holm, we can in every rectum reccennerd them in
the highest terms. as we have laid alt.:Aerie awoy,
they heicg so far stiperinr—considering them 7.5 per
cent. cheaper than any others now In age.
Penn Works, Pa.
This la to certify thu tee have ptirchalcii the richt
to use, and udopicd In tar bonnet P W Cates' Pa.
tent Screw Cutter, which we al - prove of it c
can do mach more wort, and we believe it wiN soo
pats in durability ,1 gt precision, a. suncb at economy
of labor, any die. known to us
MOMS. Ts btiER k motuns.
Pathantihrtits.,Cith month, Vth day, lila,
rimy Youl, Aug. 19, 1819.
H•ving adopted P. W. Gates' "Patent Ides" for cuh
dna bolt., we take pleasant in same, that It more
to an answers our <anemones and have no het nu
uon lb giving
it as our own., thou it far excels any
other play in present use for cunt . r, Loh,
We hare P. W Gatejeatent Dies" for cutting
serews, end economy of Imre item ig 50 •000
conanierable, that one loot upon arm as tedispenea-
We In every establishment Loving any Quantity et 1
Cum Ana, May 10, 1049.
Oxaganca °lnca, 'Wasionoria, et °tin, hl9.
have purehaied of W. II 5t071 , 1: (I` , Ih UMWd
tta right to ate in all thii arrenala and arum-
IitIUSES, LOi VAtitn.
A FOUR Fury Dwc.ltag. roof. office ha. 6
room. gas halms., utd bake olc, 10 Thad .t.
bag I rl2 41 ail Water arraar, acp
liF Minter's Cool Company will sell some very
desirable pierce or land. situated on and Lev the
Strationvitle Turnpike, and near the southern kirminus
el Men. rail rood.
TI e land wtll divided into quanti , er to rut Pr , '
chaser*, and Inn terra. of pa) own, rrtl, be 'eery r •ry
nnutte of L W REM It , GTON
. .
TIVO new and convenient brick three story Dwell.
Ina tionse•, container num roont• even, vital.,
on Ro. street, neat the comer of Front vt.
I .
non given on the Ist of (tenger. Apply to,
•neV , :oll•• Wood a. co, otSecond it
ACOM Fr .RTA 114 andeotelard.oe• lhvel.r , g• . 0
Avery'. WV., Frith, evert. Aptly to
liA}lol'. Yr 0403 A CO
even 141 Front el
A SMALL 11011,E on Pride street, in the Eight:
Ward,—Rern :oer Apr{i at this 4.16ce. • .49
Thi.VtVf:es o Warchouff, No 3
Moft at aura. k:oqufre of
R C STIorKT , iN,
an, IG 4? Mail...
To L•t,
MILE large-Arra story Frtca Ward,o,, tt__Wtt tot
below Ferry atrect, [oolong from Water to rl,lll
meet. on reattottoble tam. Poseesrtn. (tunic
Enquirn of
_ qtlt'ir_:: •
_ . -
FOR SALL.—.I I.ot of Ground shuntc on Pen
street. between tiny and Mortaryctrems, adlomon
Me Loose and lot now occupied by Richard Edw....
harms a front of SS feet, and to depth ISO feet, will Cc
sold on favorable terms. Title unewcpronable. En
quire of C. O. LOOM/St ttb m/ roar Wood
reopen) , 1p 414,Fpn.) Mary ow a /1.1.
r.E wbscrthera oder for WO a itookher 0 eltota
Lots, situate in the Second Wartl.fronlin on
Otasumon ground, on easy terms. Inytitre or
,W.o'll. Rol.ll,lv(eq. A:.ty C •Ir ••
of of J•etimarNßlN (LOP , 11,12 •
PA R% oa P irtrirttott. Sat 10,1'10
7'llF: J etockt,ottlet• nt the Itat.• or
t.etel.y tool cal liar eent 'et tneet,t4 ut , ,c
aolr,te,,l be .014 e,t Itet.otte,olea , . as ritur ,
tlaT. 11. e Itilb Cl rt. ptee.t , er n, at ten, a. r,,,rt., be ettertct .6" It e et:seted tt the
leg instate all • i.....I1( 1 11,11 1 le 12fd twitize ttmat
ar the, *weer.. .tee or tr,ccuotit ttrdetie Board
e.c..1- , 4 +pig LAIN! litt.titAs, Pres.
JA.lrL"bl.W.T. l .tT.,:h4;sr,d;:l•clnpd‘Z,,P,ltt
, from eraitufmid street t to his oW .t.d oo I:4r
Toot. , ( Want strati .0 Piatu.J AlieJ,,larennd
Itnry) over ..I , telta A r. orml. Ertitat.. tietee.,,
tr., bark. .11 Diambhe A' , -)--...rc lust li" 0. ,
.law vl,l -b.natnr as.,..ct 1 ~, 115, al.d t,
at reduced 1 , tee S. Whole.. aid .1,1
11•1. ma , ~ .“1, r-.1.,,A.,.-71a,S
I , IIE enirr•,nrd, to Ae•ut 1.4
states I etn....F. ,
pro.ceutton r•v WiJvare' i.oitelelot Ft 11
mons VFW 11.4;4 LaL.I..
cortere, the to I ets,'
nth.. made me
fora., as vat li•• 0:e Fe... Lott I:cptt rt.
meat at 1N asUipatttn
11. uY 4441.••••• end hcirs nt
bare clam. tt of 'nail Tel It c.t.14.0. , .11, •,.
p J 11. I.L !W M:.
of IV. 0.11 Ilel“rifon,
Sl•yet'al)ffirr. Street
)1:All1q k BROCKWAY, l'onnntrnon Metnh3nlv.
..11•1111 . 1110. C.I. 14beral edvancr,
made an enn.innmen., and ad agcnoy b,niett
nrompily anen,ed tO•
a a. 'Nat 4,
w 7-te w th . u r a . .
J. I/Attila:4oN 8M W
11110 STATE co 04 to issioNEß for tetlakt.t.
Jazt:ons, of Dent ls, A.,
°filer Fourth meet, abotre. enaldteld.
rEA AND WINK MERCIIANTS. cast side of the
1 Di
Es mond.
cetlent Tea, to SO per lb.
Superior quaiiite•• . .... ---• o 73 do.
The Lent isaporied I 00 do.
Low pored, dammed, or inierior Tome are Got kept
estabitahn.cot. 3re.5
COLIN & WIIKAT—O trl• Corn;
4 bole Wheat, in store for lirie
ay fautf.ll RIIEV, MATTIItWS A CO
I'IASTOII ..IL-2 , 3 brio- Moves plate, . .0f
1._., for !sate by RIMY, ALATTIIEWSA. CO
au El
IirCIANTOCK has lust received at his Carpet
V . Warehouse, No VS Focmh rtreel,v very hand•
some assoninent of Rods, to which we tootle die ati
tent.° of purchweic
11.-2tai WIN Tanner. , Whale Oil;
law brie Tllllool,' Oil;
to; bra bloachad winter Elephant Oil;
314 ,Ints do do W1..10
lull gala winter Sperm Oil;
lOU bat Sperm Candles; for Pale by
al,JeadDlor Ir 2 &en ivhlV tr: Phila. tphla
- -
X Rebate i• Itissak of Pletaburgb.
A ' F ' .., ' 1, 6 . " „, "`• 8V.V ` .21 , i, " Lt,, - : '„," % " ,7,! " = " . " , I t L L e o
Banking House on Monday, tee nth Joy olSeptetnocr
scat, et 3 1 o'clock, P ht. for the purpose of consider.
1.0 •nd
Wentdi:termii Ag Upon the Act pulsed at the loin
60.103 of egislature, extending the' charter
uy order au. Three...
THOMAS M HOW£.•Cadaer.
To .b. gills.. of Allegheny Clay.
Arip.x.,,T.ri,‘',‘trat - ,:Pr0n,.°°`,v,7.,(0.,r.
Federal covet. Such order. I, promptly rap
pllert auglo WILMARTII et NOSE F.
TIIE anderllgned having completed theft Rolltp
VIII am prepared to fill promptly oil order. for
Warner and other nlannufactured Copper or any m
ooned Macs. nlade from the Copper of the Cliff hlirm,
Lake Seperier.
Tone Meted has been thoroughly tested by compe.
tent galantine men En the manc of the OIVV(IIMCIII,
and plot eed superior to de e
neity, strength, and
tenneity, to any in nee, .d mace prefer,. nor the
manameture on Unlnance and other purposed.
• . . .
It Is thr relote conLdently lecontinendeel al a Pure.
rtor article, on all uses, to any in market ,And
'revert/ally anbrit the attention Cl parchaker• and
Othr rile this now branch of Lome manufacture
A , prevent the Warehouse Is No.? Commercial Row,
rty mech. sag% ,C. li. 111.114S1hY &Co
.I.sioolated Ins...ant* ° C6llll\ -
pan], of the City of Plttabartils..
cApirAt, .200,00i:41
J. X. MOOREHEAD, Ethel %V . DA LLAS, Seep
Computy Is how pinpoind to zgaimi
1 FIRE and MARINE Itto)C . . MIMI kiln's.
0.t6 a, Second Stu, y,
*** mm:
J. R. Moorehead, Body Einterson, WM. A. HUI,
R. 11. ,Hankty, R. B. Simpson, Jc shoo Mann, Wm.
N. EililU, &PRAIA GUM. A. I'. ALAIntItt r AVIA.
liormcod, B. C. 9.ACyl.r. 1.111..• fiai4l, Wm Rosman.
15 000 y FEFIT Workcd Oak Flooring Cloardr,
.. 1.„
by or !terry dry, and of a
s. auser t utalm
acirMdlf - Sharpaharch.
816;6315-143 not Co /3 illOclne tarslne by
.43 WICK 8. 311,ANDLESS
I.2COHCLUTHOB—II casks best qbAhly, A;F•a , e by
0 1710 . HII EY, MATTHEWS & CO
k A AN U trAtTkl) Irk:0 *lUkint;CO- - .Zo Imam. V.. rk
INA Went 'a O's, Emmett& Robutsons n's, and other
choler, brands for tall tr ILBERTsos
1720 a bLouse.
Glgt-plipiFnoltAifki-Itee mad dd r:mornine,
' aitig HIV a BURdIIFIELD,
sold N. East Corner ath & market meas.
raiNgan-011.-.-20.bbls par. for rola Olt
mirk None Wood !Norm.
ti !LAMAR!: rAYEA-30
. . S!rlo!, lalle healer A • pmu( ,
; scliourmAne
I 1 ka, 11 DOLL il I —.5 Carer pun recta+ ecl lad tor sire
1 by oolr2 J tiCHOONKAK,EII to Cu.
6,ldr Walla. oula/a—lo taliC7Trr raleb7
10 .142 J ECHOONMAkFiI fr. CO
lISEGO-4 Cana tor sale low iy
. 000 0 KUMUL6gra 6 C.
ries under the supervision of this Department, P. W
Gate.,^P•'.e at t enyfor nunisg suiv.vcs on mein, the 7
having Lean tried in tyro at the large arsenals, and
found to he very efficient and erre:ism
A. TALCUM', Col. Ordinance.
Brine or YARDS AND Boot.
Con•idcring Cate.' Patented Imptovement for red
one re, eats en meta: to he a trainable one. I bare, by
autborq of the Honorable Secretary of the Navy.
nurettnred of the Attorney. ofthe Patentee, Vet H
Scot Li., and Samuel blower, beg, the right to make
and tow sad improvement for the U. S. Navy,
JOSEPH SMITH, Mel o( Bureau
In us• oleo by
801010 Works, Buffalo;
Frei, a Axbtey. Itnebeste9
Poolec ro, Gloucester, IN. 5% -
11,n...r00d & rtnvder, Sohn, - !kill County;
ittrom S. how York;
Hoeg & Beittruster.“rbernik.^ N. Y;
If. C. Itunlmra a Co, ?Jew York;
Dentneutl & Co. Monument Works, Balt;
Vau Corer, Rochester,
Mona !tyre. New York;
lInt• Work., d
Lento & Mornay, do.
Wokt Point Foundry;
Norrc & Itro, Chiladelphtst
• Jenks, Breedmtboruit, Pa;
Wolwottll .k Nawn,llostou and Nevi York
let Neil Machine Shop, town
Arnom.kmre Co, N
I.yrs n Sou Mgr, Uot Mouton. '
sod numerous others. 't
No I lllttchtno, In sets glee & taps ft f to 2 In. prt. MI
N. J do h do Ito If pnce 12250
Noll do 0 do Itu I, price !Inn
All orders addressed to P. W (:area, Chicago, 6.
11. Ilartroa, New Vert, If. D. Marshall & Co, Phila.
delphia. and 11. If. Scoville & Sons, Gale ago,'llor Illes
and Tam vvPh or wohnut machines for stint them,
will mem with prompt attention
1.1120000. May 2. 19nn,
uai r. CLL.
Traduce crud Courraidarors Merckantla,
And de alerr In rinaltorart Manufactured Artietea,
N. 130 •nd 139 Second •ttaet, ,
ocla ce Wood St etrauhrteld, Ittusbarala. augl
No 15 INec • t. Patteburab.
Co.l,tmils made nerll thn prlneipal e.Des-o, the
11 , nitrd Iztutrit.
l'llTSladthil GLASS WORM
A. I D. H
(4.Vrt c 1.0.11510,13, CO„)
would retreettlt ty "acacia the customers ttf the late
ttt.o Itte gencratly, thett they mill
comm. ate roa• itractute el
In their •arteliel, at tie OM Stand,
No 13 Wood at, bolwton First& Waco,.
..1;n ern, Wt.,. Pate. Med.elne. and Wtnr 11.1 cs
every de.ruptton, n.v, ‘VINDOW GLAss
Kerr, cot. Lendeenere , . v•sortment of
the .rtte , ts. A LSO , TA rK RP :le other Gteen
laetnr3r. n, ALL rrovran. us Es the etictom to
er TL, FACTO., .PDVP P.,. CT., PION. and vrl.l 0P 1,12 e..a.locr d
Oldf PA PP , re
pal.. •
oli,itcd, and vrtd be idled on the
Wir. , ..,ttre: No 11/ Steoud. street, betwien Wood
and lyvv,dly
J. Finney, Jr.,
4,-. for tAr Prh..L.,fe IPatirartat Cu. of Plata.
CV . Wate'r L ' fcr ' L V .l l "'""l'""
l', %%13 4Ji or.ex.ry mormituon, •1111
Lr :lurmtled.
“” hut,' bees for the bent& of
tM. it .i:e eriJ thl2ter., , Lc nye* ol thcir
Tt.c TO. a the Company aTe dirlded
. 1 -•
Port. «'rifer 11. f t,mte,
I IL NI.. tt 11 It. t .
. j 1 Ur. F i
lir • 1.• N'..t. !!
I, 2,- tf
i,„:ttITL.. dal F.E. ut.,l kmye
,r 1,114 um& r the
ti•m 14.1,<%. tor tar 1,,,...eit0tt c./ the
tVtmletui, 6.rnceo., Preet,ee, and Leanntitt.o.l tou,
h.t la. 4112 1.ec0....1 street, LAAISiCraI
imp° I.lK.O.—ttagt
HAVE. thi•;.%!.e..... ...~.:~.tea sow,. mr. NI, I. 11.
I Ci... c, IA I;1[ NS gOteSai." i,oecry .41 l•.
1:n..ri.,., 112, btyle oi 0..E5 fir 11l IVI,I he A. C.• r t.n.11
A Ciou.e. li) 3 J A. CULIII.IITA.N
A. ,C1.111...1!T5 , 1N 6 C. 1.01104,
tt . '"::
TII E. 0 1.1/ Es Ait 11.! , 1 EN T,
No 50 Tb , 14.1,11e/o
. m , 31arkv.
15.e. , •.0r to John• on A. :StorktOo.l
ItF , P.ETrt 1.1. V I.fortw 11, ur.,llhr eup• U
, c °id c,lat,';•:,mrt... that, panto
I'll, vg Olive .add Book Ilinetry of
titm, vtrpat-.1 oo riectr , wadi nen.e.
nn.t d ,ver) pLio4 .t
g had thr nor ngrolent ei the Pti
'Le !am ',yr.,. years pa.t,t,e
o,fi,lcr.l cf bet: K le to rr:tder santincuono
may ;rivor 11,11patior.4gc.
A NOBLE ere rune receiving now
'thigh im of pitpertor quality. Tbey
0r... now furlnlt. with fresh Flour. A:I order
mil in o.e Loges 0111 be grocngtly imentted to
rri:Esobacriber having leased the above Ix ell known
nr.d ay. Heat tatohl.hment., la nova prepared to
e.1211C.111 and toe travelling genit
ally, V. the Len Haunt and on the molt remonable
iIisTADLE will at all macs be supplied with every
delicacy of the wasetl—aza ba Da With the best of
1110 Stabling Is very extensive; laud every smsor
ei t has been made for the accommodation of Dro
lr *SCR raph Compaq),
IN pursuance of a resoloton of the Poard of Dirge
tors of the e ijelninl, Warren End Pittsburgh
Telegraph Comp $, requesting the Secretary tomato
out and mate • published to the pew mopen along
tltn line, en exhibit of the linmcial and other adain of
thm company. I submit the follming Report
The Ithe nfTelee,raph commences CI Cleveland and
terminates at Pittsburgh, passing through Chagrin
Fain, Franklin, Newton Fall. Warren, Youngstown,.
awl Lowell, in the Slim al Ohio, and New Castle and
Rochester, In the Stom of Pennsylvania, at which
paints there are ontoer located for 'the receipt and
transmsoon of Mainess.
The whole lanmh of the line Is IV miles—Capital
Stock. 9:ei‘o per mile, making a total capital stock of
621.:...W, of whim amount StRPRI to held by citizens
clone the Noe, and the balance is held k , 5 Cornell tr..
Speed, the contractors. The above amount of sub
scriptions by mums, have been paid to Cornell h.
Speed, for which the Trustees Love their receipt.
JClA:dtf JEFFERSON RAWL, Scermary.
To Southern and W . ,
entoccher respectfully invites public attention to
hie extenstve awes of rertumery, • Soups, ',nasty,.
Creams, to., to which seven Silver ant! two Golden'
hohave, within the trot eta yenta, been an/added
the Institutes of New York, llooton, and Ilidla
delphia, the Iscer being the only Golden Medals ever
' i awarded for perfumery caber. In Eirope or ati this
i country.
i tiouse.' tasorausti SII•VMO CnIAY, (Almond,
i Roar, and Arida...oil I unieersally acknowledged to
! lee gape no I to any Shaving Cream in duo CO4 /lil7 or
. tii 'noises rot Snvtao--Eteanttlally transparent,
and pus., :sing highl a y Sapoonccona and emollient
meet d.,, Su i. II li. C 0 LIS COMPOII ud i .Ambror.ial Shaer
. inoT.oble•i hhittary Sin:slug Soap.
.etursestecl'enbrr St a rs—Momial,Rose, klillefleurt,
Coat., i Piss...cult), Musk, Patchouly, tnnuitoue, Flout.
• 1,l
o, 'Piansparent, Olive Oil, IV ituistd, and Circaastan.
Ilan aseis 100 Tut Ils_ablesciiisn— floss, Jastrin,
i s o ... a rs de Caroline, Gernnium, Jenny hand, Moue.-
p ee , jackey Club, ltlngbelle, Cies:mkt, Cltronelle I
i Rosati and many other •utieues, in ail musty didatent
1 Tom.m . Wastros-Pinrlda Waterline de Toilette, ['tower ‘Vatcr, and a great' variety of Co.
loa,neit aid Larunder Waters
i Poucatushime rot T(IS lis in--C.:canine Bears Oil,
lion:two Oil, Randolinc, Coo Lustpde, ()lame, Com
; pound Os Marrow, Hair loyes hquht and in ' , Glades,
and Plaloettne, ltdoinitte,ll.l , /enny I..ti.d Pontades.•
llt0:MAILIC I'ILSTAAATIOns—fro Eitxtr, Rose
COnlooal Dextrine; lAnnune, Tooth
Stole, and Tooth Poceder.
i Coxerric..--Vegetatile COIMICI,C Cream, Almandi.o
I t l ? C o l ' a l l ' , 9 1; d S.11 0 :::it. C VIICTIT C" ro:( 1 11 1 he. o,, C''"'
Depilatory Powder,, forrendridlig ,, uparduncts hats
Pearl ['cattier, Vittaterc di Rouge, Artituatte Vittqar
Victor., 'Jur Compu,iuca, hell. r. :att., Lectire
a arm runny of other aructor, lea t.cmerew to Le
tatiard to Mr atlecittreraeat.
The subscriber bores to ntetniale the rehotanor
wLich this establish:bent nee tiy
of nothing but first rate weeks, sett i 1 be happy in
furnish those who may wish to patient. hi, collet
wholesale ontetail. nu s s reasonable terms as any eu
tablistanetit in the United tour
Saccesoor to sod former lErretor of the L•boi story
of I.l.;tiEs Its) FL
aid Chesnut surer.
Mr. Riptinbi Perfumery Is for side by all InePritin:
pal Druggists in the counlim
AFFTY y 0 e b•tret 8r hOret;
U POWDER—IOW Itrrn Iflnedne. extra atienr.o3.
LalWa S bnalitt'a lor
J C 1311,%%13-1. AO,
iY3O ,Vatcr street.
T utiSVILLE LIME, 48 13a4e Is Lm teeved
A uld for solo by
the t l iTiLo S s Int In " jc.. e e ; 4 :l u BV • " 4 - it t a7;
liffien Ani yeFiderer. it,
in Mnircibc•itit, •bov. dm II 8`y
10 ell N MARTIN frwectlully annovoceo Ms
If ...rm. of ritts.,urgh, tot ho has motor:cot),
lorozon Me P.M.., of pron
or , e 11,orior •nft surpfrvy, in WI. , ortott• hr`.
to. 11, ofT:or, on Fourth meet, No 10. Peoidenr,
tr w,nzo 4.41r3rt,T
De. Guy soars Er.traet . or TO/ow Dock
.and Sarsaparilla
OUT op in the 'assert soled bottles, Contains more
I. or the putt Ponders. ' , armor, rola than any other
psenarstion extant sebich it hemic•ily combined
with the Fatotot of Terre,. Derek, the Extractor Wild
Cherry, and the Pelmet of I fr. thus making the rem,
dy mote thoroughly effielent than any other Samos
r.lht before the public, At the same time it la portent.
le fr ee from .5 toner.' l oisorm, which cannot be nail
01 any other Of the Sarsaparilla compounds. The in
valid should beware of potion.! illercorY, Don, (gat
. Potash, :iodine, Sulphur, Arsenio, and many other mineral :and metallic poison. enter ipto and
form the wive basis of most of the Suaapatida and
Panaceas of the day.
Cursott's Compound Extract
of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla does not COMM.
particle of :iheae substances, as •ny one can easily
ascertain brapfdying the netestary tests.
The poisons may occaslonally remove disease, but
I n: reniatOthe blood, and so completely impreg
nate dm rochdlo system with their baneful effects that
he hint cold; Or the first attack of disease, prostate.
rhe patient', strength, and sublet. him of her to the
most exerutitting torture, and-render. another Coen
almostimpossible and hopeless. Let all poisonous
Sarsaparilla preparatten• Coati and use Cuysiattl.
Improved Eltlllet Of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla,
which is thoroughly efficacious, perfectly harmless,
and hardy vegetable. All kind, of di.ease yields to
its gur.iid influence.
demfola, Caneorons Tanw n , Commons Fmnpneas,
yopelas, Hiles, Females, or Pnoples on the Face,
Ithreeth Sate Eyes, Tether, Scald Ilead, Rllentaa-
• • • • ••••
andtr Or Perna in tee DOPES Or Joints,
old stabbo rn Uleersi Fever Sores, Hip Disease,
Sy ethos Odic Mande, .111ote hes Syphihtic Symp
toms, Lumbago, Dropsy:Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Cos.
hornets, Salt Stearn, Affectlonsef the Kidneys and
arising from an inprdlcious use nf Mercu
ry, Marmot', Fort Tyrant, (Ventura.; of the Chest,
Pulmonary Affections. an d all ether otseases tend
ing toreartS ConsaAntion, Liver Complatut, Female
letenalsritirt and Complaints, Sirk nd Nerv e .
Desdache,Gcneral Debility, Lon Spirits, Loss of
Appetite, Ntglit Sweat. Pains In the Side and
Shoulders, F..gpettire or Imprudence In Life, Clima
te Consulate:pal Disorders, and ex a Seeing and Fall.
PurAer of the Blood, and General Tonic ear OK
System. It is unrivalled.
A ease of Ulcerated Limb/ of asteext plata ehredattg.
The tall° ing os an extract of a letter deeps m an s,
77,1,50, from II LI Perim., M. D., a highly respecta
ble phy stela° of Marietta. Ohm.
Lone Ps.—Deer; Sir: I ban ender , a , n , a
yomig woman slas.lor Teat . , ban
feting fro= Ditstalc , ' . talet, land whose ea. has
bran reslonic7l. her by three of oar bet, phy•
S.a.e. loin my leanly, and have used
Dayaouls 'hello._ Dock nod Sarsaparilla freely, end
am cun , ciccl Ant We Yellow Dock shd Sa.apartlla
sell! eff , et • pence net MO. She Is better in general
health '.4•0 she has ever been Leto.. Sold walk..
IC Gr tyre *moot Patinae or pain. A Year ago she
Wu' crutches. I will report We case in der time.
Very respectfully, E. D. PERKING.
It has been :remark,. or Cott,,ont men, that In the
Vart,d entalorne of diseases to which man to
lltt,te is scarcely ono of such imp•itance, •nd grouch
thereat as Scintilla, whether we look to the obseortry
Of ta origin, tlo inctd•ous •resters. the number aria
variety of organs that it attacks. or its remarkable in
eurabillty and extensive fatality.
treroinls has baffled the atilt of the moat eminent
physteteas in dim eountry end at &trope. But there In
an enthral et for this disease to Dvlttsynttltt gat ract of
Yellow Dock and Samaperillt," svhieb et proving it.
gel". Perfect specific in the mast nacre eases of
extraordinary case of Scrofula cured by the
Rohl uee of Ihmier Guyott's Composed Hyslop. It
will be semi by Oafs rert , lieste that this man bas been
under the treatment of Kest ref eMebrated physicians,
for the past eltht years, without derivinis any. benefit,
and' has been .effeeteully eared by the use of a ley
bottle of Dr. tit* sait's Costpound . tt yrup.
• •
Novi Yoe, June 7,18t9.
Go•ocrrt—Deor a debt wi•ch
mon< y I ..ty. I ant aced to make • public
lno ot the tworht I hay..lerivrd from 'oat
titop . I was .nnly militated with a leer, Orr ...1,14a I.i hereditary tn oar family,
'OlOlll eotntacncr. rense, 1
on my neck, aid, coon:lama to
pprend ,onn 'cached my a atv, ronotng into my (cad,
cud tI over my face, neck, end lower ea.
tr+lntnen. I lice... a•un• abort to lookp.
At one. toy 41.4%, was 40 07001 that was =AN eto
.1,..cp or he down; and the thee.° ate„ dung ;too my
rats krriaatill •l l, ,rted toy hearty,. Sly tarn ara• DUO
c,tanuott• kore. tram w,,tch n dirrharre of n
and water evt.tinually nozinK 0 ('caeca avod-
tor..,uppottne I bac me ,/9•11 Pox, or von, paw?
tr.fecmt.a. :ma I wag totmequently at , getl to
rellnyv,ll mP bustort, Notwatt.t.t,Jirtg I tad the
beat medical advice. end tried aiderent watt• ut treat
ment. I be d, recur. etllllllll.lC4 10, rure wore, untal I gave
11, 1 111 oMapatr, Fortanately I Mil m with it I..IIPICLIteI
Va Me c, ta
rat.lin, vlitm truen Moe Mr in health, ...1,0
lammed me 11,nt Mr son wag at one- MEV: In at Dad n
I w unLI ta u3tng you, Syrcp Lo
,per, , tly eulGd ag, I
f,,neu•cd thr ar•
encontnecd uOOO 11. aid now, Laying IlSed
icX• I am nr,l 211111 00,10 o. attend to
1 send )nu thil Stalmme nt ar-n act ne
:LL4nr.t I Lou,, g that It rnsr.s, the pflihrtnt
or 111,1,51Innrtholoc,,on.1 a.cret.y re Wert
mach rwieling a,
I rtrra.,ol ynnrcled,rnr ••rv.
Cur. of no cr,a,, , rorataa 'a, of Errxrr4o.a.
Tar cur.a twttotn,ru 5 , 7 I Lisa, t of
amt of health romtr.LeN m anprove after r.,.
czntoye-d Cur, to not throme'nl grill I:311.
t.C., lolly terted that there r. Le DO relapse or return
of 1110 dieetwe.
. fro swag, (Herkimer Co.) Pe..t. 19:0
S. F. 11.1111 m -r .4. Cu, liet.t,t, It i. wiib graut
, hat I mane Nue altout l¢e very tiapry eVem et )nut
Yeltow Duck and Sat aupanlia upb,. my ,on, W 501,0,
long been suffettaaankr that dreadful, loathsome e...•
ti.o.melas,wilb which he eon , attacked in 'EI„
Led wee or ,rveral Mon:ha attended 11 roma Of 00r
1 , 00 l Cycle 01,0 wto iiied then. 'kill peroevmtstply lot
uat.:l, rif,ll cauer
tic lar,cate rn2 need per:ect sk,!etan 01-
run, b. knee, whorl. we,
01/011 , 00 Lc.vcr.
. ratgirtd.iknibath:. ~5 .10001.itt that
tar., roam Le nothing. done
Ittattr ir t rtt.
m te -enet..e u ,, ,rs. rtmgh•
my.ctt te.ello b.•l , ear at band.
000 01 my ,00 be Wool cutreu chtld °Caere(
LI• 010 your Invaluable lined..., misted me Is,
o.‘ke et. atia THOM' I reu. rev.les. denlre
‘.o met while 1,1",. ~.,..14(11 111101 2.. y hope 4 , 1
g. rcliel. I pgera , e6 1/ite.Clloll / t, /41 your` . l
c.r • .1,4 u.eng AI
f a u ll3 ..ctl thlr . 4` I nate, and IA fore be use r
bath bellksim °Oa walk cut. He used In ail
411 . ) vratge • • •
re, podhe le 11./3111 , :14 11,'Cr 4 1 eraltlt up to the
tiod. t• cutatly r. cc, votl
or . >utir Doti.
...I*urr,spa.6ll, nen I arr y thdt I for! olpeil
x...t 0b1ig.t..0...• s.O
4a., it voth peal I.T
in. 1 ga )ou of .14. t ., ,srlit,,tritia bar done
orT •
Me.blane f•nainr 121.1e.s mg op to large Isola.,
cniplatlng tong. nr,.l 1:1• vo,snr oft. try rop Wovrn
tt.o ./”F, usc ve[nte.t I.lq.mturr. 01 F Ilea.-
belt. on Ott nts,tde lonttprer. tea 11 per bottle—or
G'loo. , tor S.S.
It t• by I. D. PARK. tiortb Eut toenelC'er
root. end Walnut .occts, ententes on Walnut et,
Cimeinnati, Ultto, to whorn ell older* moot be eddros•
Caner & Moo; W. P. Johnsnn & co, Wnn,..
fold, Ohn A. Cirmons, Cro.nineville: Abel Tun,
lllman snx.Townmia; Rouen Roy, WCIiD-
LoUf,L. 11.1rrti•s. Callenonurn; L. W.lto, Jr, Pau
burgh, ,OTSIVf ni Markel sueet sznl tha Lfiwnond.
n IslAte.yrky:,
Dr. Urses Celebrated Demedks•
R. JACO/I S RUSE, the and sole pto
piketeee of these moth popular and beneficial
inedictiths, end also the inventor of the celebrated
inurement for latltouts the Lungs, In effictrog a cure
of bionic diseases. was a student of that eminent
ph..., Doctor Physto, and Is a sradeate of the
Uninetnty of Pennsyleania, and tor Leon, years Woe.
has been or gaged in the investigation of disease, and
the ipplicaUon of remedies thereto.
•Throtthlt the use of his trillsting tube, in conneetion
mob me Preperlacue.Syrop and other of his remedies,
he hoe gelocd an unparale led eminence in earms
tense (heedful and fatal muted/es, Tubercular Con.
Fumpbor, Cancers, Seroluia, Ithettetuset. Asthma,
ever ant Ague, Fevers of ail kinds, Chronic. Ery
suotinA and tall those obstinate diteaus peculiar to
femsles. ihdced every form of disease vanishes ander
the -use of I,ls renedies, of. which humanuy to heir—
nOuby therathe of one compound only, for that is in
compatible en h Physiolegical Law, hot by the
of his remedies, adapted to and ptesettoed for each
penalty loran of disease.
Dr. Rose's Tonto Alterative Pills, when used are
Invariably acknowledged to be superior to all other.
as a purgative or liver pill, irommuca . they lease
the bowels perfectly tree from costivenmen a. also
his Golden Pill. Is admitted by the faculty to poneer
peculiar properties adapted to temple diseases, bat
betut satif tied that • barn trial is suthe.ent to establish
whit has been said in the the most skeptical.
Tee ollttited are invited m call upon tee agent. sad
procure throtthl one of the Doctor's pamphlets giving
• detsi andnotouto clench remedy And Us SpOIC.IIOII.
Ear sale by the Inllowuts agents,. welt as by most
druggists threnelono the country.
J ecttcoomaker A Co, el Wood street, Potsburthf
I M loarnsend. druggist, 43 Market at, do;
Lee A. ,( enchant, on near th e P.O. Allegheny city;
Jos Ll.kley, Darlington, Beaver co., Pa. -
Jun Etiont,Enneu Valley, do do;
T Adams. Deaver, do do;
Creates {healthy xenon throughout the body, restore
the appeute,equatee the CIIMUSIIIIO2, give toneand
energy to the eyttem, ono ere*. a pourer of mein.
ante ID disease in all Its forms, rarely to be obtained.
They will perform • speedy and permanent cure of
I.4epepsta t Indtgemion. flatulency, littoral Debility,
Liver CouiPlaini, and al the train of symptoms tom.
toothy called nervous iffeetious.
Will be immediately reLeved by tie are of Ibis Moat
habit- CMllloYlM,Vehleh Is purely vegetable, and is
adapted to all age. and,eonditionr.
co 111 and in thin delicate end palatable preparation, a
combination of To nio,Allet save and Apertent quth
ilea, pecidiarly adapted to limit eys.cins.
The ',pecan aquae that leis •male ha. on the /deer
and Ingeative Organ., renders it s complete Antidote
for Fever i a.nd Ague. and ',us mad Typhon Fever..
L. I. July 17th V.W.
Dux Sit.
• I tome need the artiele or l'lnnett's Marrs,
and boos dertaed vela Lane ti tam them. I met
been enLjeet for yea n post to toe Fever and Ague, but
elnee the intrcducuou of yoursnters, I Lave enntely
escaped mot . att... a:M.2lr, encan ales N
reconutzend throe •ot not of the tt“t 'reales Ln a t.
ifaxpeccrkily 'aura,
'num June
gives me mreb p!emere to Mei lbet the
DTPP , i , wan mbieb my bite hse been as long mob.
sm•lmr (tom inscilon or a.. Later
_has been en
reLy eveii on and eared and e us your our bottle
ob.e p. epsrsuon of Diners, Tot o kindness to
`rl m, please wept my tlmaks.
ac ' Yo.r aractizst servant,
T. 11 k. t y
It E. 1W and 141 k coat
.00.1? SELLERP.
MASON ec CO, No. 02 Market creel, hare
the derteleney in their .met, eau.. by
...ow egbgefed complete by the rf mpg
g II Pr, ulna) AlsP HETI' PACKAGES of
de elf ab FE 640414 pdtchsuen froth 19111.1414 WI., sod
large • de W:/11 at a real reduction ham prices
of Itiet Spring, which It'lll ha offered to their ',emce
o. patrons accordingly. It would be melceilowt
tempt to emmerate their wall fiseorted Met, VS,
thetofont, invite the early attention of their friesds
sod the public, with the worance Of • WW Cals be,
lel law; io such wick ; ilO