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UTADvRrnm are earitssuy requested to band to
Ulm favor. before 5 r. s " Let y i n thdaY as
practicable. Adnertisetneets sot insetted orde r . pee,
Sad time will invariable be charted until d on
11:1PV..0 , Esau= agent tor ties papa at Ids
arcral ageneica in New. Wok, Philadelphia, and
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andadreinisements rot n.:
PgratortraUL No Ammucan.—Adreptire
maala an d aahanriptlona In the North Marmon and
Uaimd fitaum Claartal, Philadelphia, reeei..4 and fur•
awarded from this office.
tor odd Trainable paper, will be received and for Ward
ad hem this office.
meau far Pg. , Farmland and forwarded frac of
°harts from f W of6co.
1113"Coacraorrt Dana 6azorm—Adverucementa
and asbacripttons, for dila paper, mill bo recomc,l and
orararded (root data office.
lON 47111. C 01.11510 3 ,1.
Of Batiks County.
Of Union County.
Of Washington County.
Antlmasonle •od,:Whlg Nominations fo
All•glksty County
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or krasorirrrf.
Vol sircorp arrsiON, noir, rOuir coNrom,
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FOR, aaa[YILT,
T. J. HIGHAK Lower Rt. COO.
R. C. WALKER. Ilerebeth.
oreseitorto erroterr,
0011111.11 0 . 3 ,
EUENFZER 11011.F9, Noah INyetut.
WM. FLYNN, Lower Si Clair.
O, N. couerribr, obi..
' Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
WADDINGTON, August loth, 10.
The Cabinet-Induction or nI . tot
Kerman and, Conrad taro their II
partments-The Tar 14-I raper aaaaaa d
In as Movements
. The Cabinet Of President Fillmore has been
completed by the regular installation Into office of
Seenteries McKenna and Gonna, who took the
oaths and assumed the duties of their reepeetive
politic:us this morning. I have before lurnirhed
you with a sketch of the able and distinguished
men who torso this Cabinet, clearly sod confer
'mealy one of the strongest which any President
has succeeded itt - gathering about him. Of Mr.
Mclennan I have so frequently spoken that I feel
it to be unnecessary to enlarge further upon hie
taro qualifications• and adaptation to the post he
has been selected to fill. ID him the country will
recognize • firm friend of the interests of domes.
tee labor—of baton industry. He is a man who is
at all times prepared to maintain, as well by his art
tiona io public life as by hie wordy, that the Amer.
tun workingman Is to be encouraged and pmtee•
ted by the poky of his owe government, let whet
will be the theories, or the practice of other nos •
ernments in respect to their producing pepulatct
• Hence, In calling Mr. McKim:loan to his aid, in
conducting the administration, Mr. FAIDOOte bre
shown that he means to act upon American .. .tad
nit British teachings concerning the freedom o:
trade. •
And while 'alluding to this feature of tie policy
which Is foreshadowed in Mr. Fdlmore'S Cabinet
appointments, let me describe the pretent condi
tion of the tariff question in Congress. In ate
Senate therein believed to be a majority in favor
of any each; moderate protection of the leading
pane:tits of industry, io the country. as their con
dition may demand. But no movement upon tas
subject can originate in that brooch et the legisla.
tare. We must look to the Rouse, and there the
prospect tenet so clear. By deaths, resigns
lions, and trans! ern, the Whig strength, in the
House, has been materially Mornistied, so that
now thernis no doubt that the Dentor_rms would
have the - cetarol of the Hone, even had not the
Whigs so prodigally placed the power in their
hands by consentirg to the elevation of Cobb to
the Speakershie, who... otriduet, by the wet , ha
shown hire quite tocapet. , e of cppreciativg the
magnanimity of thmu wto cm:reined wpou toe
station and power. As a party, the Democrat.,
are and have been oppceed to the protection et
national industry. tiers and there is u niernbei
of the party who tries to net btmeelf up u an ex.
option to the rule, but the number of such is Elul
- many, nor are they very reliable. The other day-
Mr. Cooper, of your Suite, gave a true, concise
and forcible statement of the depression and to:.
stable condition of the iron manufacture of Penn:
eylvania. , To due Dr. Sturgeon replied that tit,
iron trade and tnannliteturo was • prosperous
and satisfactory state. Now, whe the facto mated
by Mr. Cooper are notorione, hat are you to
make of ipartywhich ackuowled es a man, as it,
est:lOC:eta and representative, w it , like Sturgeon,
is prepared with • contradiction them, however
vital to the interests of his Stole i , may be that the
truth should be known'
1 ,
But, to return, the tamper of tit House has not
yeti:len:conclusively tested apo the tariff. The
mats of memorials and petitions pea the subject.
which eime in during the carlie part of the eon.
sloe, were referred to the Commi tee of Way. sue
Means, after the failure of en atecupt to memo a
Seldom Committee, for their could eration. Ity an
.arrangement between the easjon y and minority
Of the Conimillee, these imports t pagers went
!Moths hand• of Mr. Beyly, the Unman, upon
his mahllcly given . pledge that ev facility should
be given the mejunty for making • report upou
the subject, which they might require. But, op ,
to this time, be has done nothing with there pa
pers, nor has he itarreudered them to any memo
bet alike minority. As staled months ego, Toombs,
has gone unreservedly over to the opposite aide ,
and paw professes himself ,opposed to she testa,
purely because he conceives it a northern inter
est. At length. however, without dim...sloe, end
apparently without investigation, the MlDerilf or
thi Committee have adopted a resolution, which
Toombs Is to report to the House on the first oc.
easion when it shall be practicable, decicring that
It is inexpedient to kg - idols upon the subject at
~. this semen. This resolution will be presented,
probably, within a few days, when, it is under.
stood, that Mr. liadipton, representing the th:hh , ,
itl in the Committee, will move to amend by sob
mauling a short bill, virtually repealing several or
the most important features of the act of ISt 6:
and rervaltblishing the home valuation, and the
geed prices of the of 1512. Mr. Datopton's bill
will provide that the edge/arm :bilks of the prea .
eat buiffshall be levied upon • price to be ascer
tained by the avenge of selling valises In oar psi a
cipal marts for the year 1846. The subject will
thus be brought fairly before the Home, and, %ID It
mast be voted en in were ahape,by yeas and trays,
tbei projected moblmation must prevail, 'or the
Democratic pretended protectionists will tin smoh•
ed but of their holes.
Another mode of meeting the question ,, and fem.
ins salon tipon it, is by moving an am: nutmeat it
the General Appproprlation Sill, now about te h e
Oiled, containing substantially the same previ.
siens se Mr. Hampton's bill. But, to my mind,
there are insurmountable objectio g• to this course.
Irr.thio first place, the motion as . ,n amendment to
any appropriation bill, would b a c louty no t of or.
dM, and would be scidecidod. le the neat place,
it" is, not the fete, open, and many mode of pre
riming the subject caber to 'oo tal gooss or the coon
try. It must stud Upon It a own merits, and the
country must be lammed .. who are the friends of
protontion upon principle, Many a eine/ere adore.
ittl Of that policy mord . a rectum to aid in any such
U . ,cem`t"th'n°l coon- fiction of incongruous mob.
lams as henshall ft' scald do myself. .:
Fltrt exemplifying our present tar
itypolley, it is 'worthy of being remarked that the
importations into this country for the year smiling
30th June, lkirie, will amount to nownr,l,, of 5200,-
800.000, while it in doubtful whether our exports
will reach within Vifil,ooo,ooo id that sum. :inch
hait been the excess of imports over esports,
ndtWittantantling the large alumni ague Notional,
Stain, nod Itailreed Stocks which has gone abroad,
specie manor being exposed, in addition. 'do the
system works, and will work, until it is chanted,
at do saliva rendered bankrupt.
-*DAM BUM TOMS. 1 7lae Sou' tierw-porsteee re
eThilKeidtilalree if the PipabanarGrmene. , ...shies on ire respondent , of the Philadela
' You, Aug. 15,1850. phis Igerfttirer repeau the Men of an attempt
The city was neve fallei , of strangers than
establish a Southern confederacy, and gives the
now, nor were people ever more pressed for rte-
irWing account of the matter:
fu January last, two. Lopez waited open Gen
comModations. There Is not a holefbat is coining „ inn.. an ... , ne w p
'Mom, nor a private ledginli that bas not . 116. drawn up by leading Southern men in this city,
guests that are wanted. Boniness has recommen- (Washiegme,/ in which it was slated that the
ron w i t h an ne tivt y t i ed h e li x's , only to undo to South, de-parting of justice, had determined to
the middle guilt seasonend will exceed ih amount • lieu aropnpmtpm wll6 too Uaoa , and ealab-
any autumn trade Veer known. It is to be boped strengthen!, e the r e at e ete t e ,,,i
the South will not secede next winter, as such an m, overtures were to be mat'. le Monies in loin
set might trouble our merchants, who are now it: and to incline her to dosci,every effort wan to
crediting the South to an unlimited extent. II has Ir made to induce h e r " Mier Pr ayh te er
to rev,lt
mains of `• B°llaln Huote" end 'ecMt
been suggested that our jobbers have been helptng v i se i an d a was hen to e represented to her
Southern merchants to make large bills, and that in that her only safety in guarding against these m
ilt event of a separation they will be eager to re- volts and the dismemberment of her republ c, was
cover these Josephs who carry off in their sacks to join the Southern S:a'ea of thin country, and
one t ewela r amier Pretence of haVeg' bore d . South - Tu n' eele n n i Trw S' as " i th o ' Cre l p Th res ' ente ' d ' ;o ' bee rt tra r t the
ern merchants here look upon disunion as the i city of Mexico was to be the seat ef governmeot ;
broadest of all fareesourd hope axon to ace such ac- but that, In fact, Texan vom to be really the bead
bon by the House of Representative.oa will set their ni the new Itepubtic. Gen. Homo. wee also
Lold r l , 64l id if he would join the movement be should
politicians to squirming, sensibly thinking that the
sooner the hot bloods get over their sentertent, the Gen..l-17utton indignantly refused to have any
'sooner will common sense assert Its stony. thing node with the bast and traitorous scheme
In money matters there is anlight change,and the t He was an American. and • devoted friend of
rate of interest shows quite an upward tendency, I th r itr i gietta . na Rh was not a Candi.. to
in a good merunie mused by the renewed demand ; ' M r. r. Y rilb 'n en u n rA a r l ' il folly aware of this treasons
for money attendant upon the autumn trade, and able project, but be was opposed to any admit
aided by die free of on export of coin. Considern- being taken until s final proprietor° to amend the
ble coin will be sent abroad, and unless we have Cutwathae n h abr." he asked coarse
large remittances from California the foreign ex. "me
end emuwp :v'tnet nt to any by ",(0
change list Mil rule tbe money market. Thus far we enlist the matt::there. The Mexican anti:
hove received none of this season's diggings, lint ties received the proposition with some hesltstion,
may expert from this source a large amount by ev. and although they did not refuse ii, they insisted
upon a guarantee being given that th eir laws re
ery strainer up to December, so that there is little
lording religion and the abolition of nlevery,
fear of California failing to send her quota. should remain, end tbst England ehno'd sustain
In the way el amusements the city has every the movement. A proposiorn to :h., earner was
thing a stranger coin require to make his evenings made to Mr. Doyle, the acting Charge d'Affaires
agreeable, at the Castle Garden, the Italian open;
a°,cn,Baam,:anßuWin m Monica, Mr, Doyle. not to end
Bar"m' ' Theo"' moral ploy rm ' a ems m arty °proem hut mnd Y h w e eo ' nlcf c coosult ° g r' :
terra; at Burton's, the Bowery, and the National a ernment. Th e Mon eon g ivgmmeni ; fearing to
chinning variety; and the promise of UM Ravels move unless sustains" by Grant Britany delayed
at N tblo's next week. At the flroadvray mode r the giving en answer; and it 1. understood England
„ weeen hi p o f Edwin For , na , , n new com pa ny en , :if %o r t rake° any notice of the prrject sumo toed
h . the matter rests. Brauwhile, an
England s soon to appear, and we are to have also emissary from the South, from the Siam of Ws
new "Lyceum".under die tutorship of Brougham. sissippi, I clean a 011,00 of that State, is in Mete
The drams thrives well here, any we are now al- co, end doubtless m correspondence with the 1.611-
most as immerously supplied with "Temples of the " attar ' . here.
Dem.," as London or Paris with th eir
Emissaries were dispatched in May la Rl to
P ° M am Lower California, to create a revolt there,' Sue
lion. The owners of the Hall in winch Jenny Land consequently to propose and independent govern.
is to song rare to have the sum of SO3 per eight, a meet, to be annexed to the South. The new. of
this movement Iv anxiously looked for, and un
price that makes the rate of tickets look up. Dow -
arrival is daily t :petted. It is believed that
ever, there is enough enthosinsm here to give her a Mexico finda her provinces revolting, she will
home full no matter what the entrance us. agree torte terms proposed by the originators al
On Tire+ilay night, at 10 o'clock, one at the most the Southern conlederacy; and if she will not,
severe gales of the season swept the eastern end of that these revelling froavlucta can come in by
Long Islond Sorted, and came near swamping the I have now briefly sketched thin blank and inns
Hastert steam boats. On one heel the Passengers tomes scheme, so far as it has yet been develop.
gore Up in crowds, and upon her deckswere seen ed. It at ,nee gives an easy tee to the =ove
rt company °Polon and women in the greatest ter- meats which have taken place lately, and perhaps
throws light upon the plan of procreate:wt.
" r ` "mating ell flu " Males M P eo p le Me , which has been pursued dunes the whole of the
last extremity. The boot escaped with the loss in present session of Coagreas. The hill which has
her doors sod glass forward, and some law of wood jest passed the Senate for the ailjestment of the
work. It is must time for another Atlantic or Inn- Texan difficulty, was bitterly opposi d in the Son
ate by the nitrate of the S otib, and it will be
melon accident.
The of
the caaaal
ada,aaa 0 a t;...2 e u ti n o tlLif i n h o . t i r i czr , %fiercely, opposed by the same
^Lunge ...theta, has caused a Partial ...Penal.. It W uonecereary to name the ponies who have
of sales in articles to be affected The failure of been the prime n evens in this achern.. It tle4ri
the English c,,, ereeten t to and l etters by th e noted in the notortmi. 'Southern
Qollins' ships throws all the letters into the mail
and the C " rtresaaa r trlat'h was the
propo.ed, was en leChllelli nuts. The debates i
el the ship now due, and obliges merchants to wait Congress this session will afford to est!) , ace
a whole week instead of o day. Our Poet Office ready means by whoth to .certan who the Mt
has adopted retaliative Mellelleee, and John Bull era are.
will soon come to terms. C.
The lion. Thaddetas Stevens has been nominated
lot re-election to Congtwa from the Lancaster-dis
. ca . Pennsylvania.
The Grinnell expedition, which sailed from New
York some months since, in search of Sir Job,
Franklin, has been bawd from by an arrival 11
England. The little squadron am. pretty well o
Its voyage. Every thing was going on pleasantly
bin nothing had been heard of the loot nonigato
Mitaison, Lear: Cot—Madison is one of the best
townships on the Western Reserve,rm well as the
most populous. The recent census shows a pope ,
latioa of 3,100. The 'number of farms upon which
products to the value of $lOO and upwards were
raised in the year coding June let, ISO, n 1 3.1-4
Number of establishments in which articles to the
value of ,S---5140 and upwards, were mantractured du
ring the same time, hi. There are 44 persons over
70 years of age iu the town, 17 over SO, and 2 over
W. Persons who have attended school during the
year, 005. Deaths, ?L
A young, woman belonging to a highly respeeta•
ble family, called in ikt the atone of one of our dry
goals merchanta, the other day, says the Allan;
Fntrkerbocker, and stole a pair of kid gloves,
while pirchaaing a sixpence worth of lusting. A
gentleman in the store called the attention of the
mmehant to the feet, and he, instead of threatening.
do. female or “nn t rellinq her to pay double iln
prlre, gently .1.1 her that she had robbed am, And
at the mate time. mimed to take the glove, lurk or
receiveany rominrnsanan for them; but lu terns•
or odd reproof cautioned her againiit etnonnling
sin again, and told ben to keep them a•n
perpetual warning. She sant tears at thankful ,
shame, and left, no doubt, greatly improved it
rhararier by the odeeetring.
LAKE Selo:mons—The arrivals of copper at the
Sault Ste Marie nre very large Week before
lent the eltil mine rent clown sot ufTnasses, as fut.
lows- one piece 4.-470 pounds,, 1.000,
4.X.10. Every piece weighs two tons or nutoC
The Minnesota Company sent gloom 111.5 e, e.
follows: 4,726 pounds, 1,050, 3,400, Thr
schooner Spartan passed Detroit lately with 04.0(.10
peruith mans capper. On the 4th not the London
lwoug,ht doWn 100,000 lbs. m maven, mostly from
the Siseowitt mines
Orrriaos aT Noarnaurreit, Mats—The
New Haven Courier mention a most grog, and
unparalleled outrage which look place to the
village of Noithempton, Maas., on &today last,
the particulars of which are as folloas :
That morning, between the hours of 11 and
Ili o'clock, Miss Martha Cochrane. the eldest
daughter of • widow lady of wealth, .htcit real
emu in Northampton, was awoke by tie rnstliug
of a newspaper laid on her fac t by a Loan who
had entered the peen. thesedistuir her lace
was covered by a pillow, either to strangle her
or prevent her seresinteg. The rest of the lamely
were at church ; fed she had lain down and fai•
len asleep. to dies struggle which ensued be
caught her by the throat, and in the endeavor to
overcome her resistance, be cut the blood vowel
over the mauler vein with his thumb nail, when
the blood dewed orthusely, and covered her dress,
the pillow. bed, .dc. The :ndy caught him by the
hair, nod in the horrible strife the pillow was re•
moved for an 'natant from tier month, when
ebe asked him if triiintended to kill her, and say.
tog dire did he wergild seer for it. lie said, "No,
I did not mean that—it was an IteCidellL"
Perceiving the :blood, he apparently became
alarmed, desisted from bin purpos and said,
'Who is your family physician -- 1)r.
r. Fitlc S
feebly said "pes;" when ho jumped upon the
green booth and down to the ground. On the re
turn of the fund, fiem church, Ur. Hall was sent
for, who founds * onnd In the neck ab eft th e
length of the Dail, t blood from which was with
h did ge, ieuhy Martacticd
in theo arm
d, an and neck black ard
let le i a pooled bloo bed the lady her.
will in • very faint state. The fellow 'poke in
ether a week voice, sad like an American.
An outrage of this kind, on one of the went re
seeded laden oiNonhampton, occurring on thin.
day, within a stone's throw of the churches, and
with other houses near, Welcome eurearep!ed.—
With the excited feeling which prevail., he might,
If caught Immediately, suffer luminary punish
ment. Every effort will be made for his *ppm*
heenlon, and, if caught, the lady thinkashe could
identify Min.
- -
Aus.—Elr. Granville say= ••To give at once some
idea old. boldness of Ches. Mons' undertaking,
we may, in the first place, state that in ita progress,
the tunnel passes under some of the most elevated
crests of Mount Cent—otio, In wheeler, where
there will be 4,67) feet of:mountain, cupped with
eternal glaciers.. over bead, at the middle of the The cities. of Brownsville, Texas, paid ap•
tunnel, so that not only will the workmen end
ores. tees funeral be to the mernom of the
machinety in construction, and the passengers and • • t. •
trains to transit, be boned to Mat depth in the heart late Preaident en the 31st ultimo, General A vales
of the mountain, but all idea of shafts, either to an d s t a ll; fr om Matamoros, p ar ticipated the
facilitate excavation or to promote ventilation,
ceremonies. The correspondent of
must be out of the question. The breath of life
itself must be respired, from either extremely, with the New Orleans Doha, under date of the In
oda-trial aid, shape of earl - rent. 1 •••• , air 'mos - instant,thris describe the proceedings :
meted, and of foul air withdrawn, by mechanical
apparel. ever at work, at leant during exravatioo, "The firing or minute guns Irons Fort Brown,
which is also itself to be effected hy omchi•erY of a the merited drom4, and the tolling of all the bells
new end simple nature, worked by water power, of our cot', ciatf . 'l l many a heart regret that
or mountain streams, whereby the trains are also Doe good man ems gene. During the past week
to be run through the tunnel, which ascends from arrangements had been made for the funeral oh.
the northern or Savoy side, at Malone, all the way wiquies in honor of the illustrious deserved
to its exit at lialelonneche, With a gradient equal to Taneii. • Mali universally beloved, articular! tarty
19 in IPA The manhole, mice presented to the this valley. The day- was rear and extremely
rock. projects into it suinollarteousty four horizon- warm. The spot selected for the Inners! eere
tal ernes of sixteen scalpels, working backward, many w“ beside she grave Dram brave and Is.
and forward by means of springs cased in, and put men t s d Maine Brows. The pavilion which was
in motion by the same Vetter power. While Ibex' built the occasion wan covered with mourning.
nro at work, one vertical aeries an earh side works , The procession being
formed, proem Jed th ro ugh
aimunaneotrey up and down, so that together they I all our pencipal strews . The houses on all aides,
cut eel tear blocks, or either Insulate tour blocks through h a,; the o a passed, were dress,
I on all sides, exceplon the rock behind, Iron which m P .7 . • ° „7 „d and
they are afterward detached by hand him. bees "" Dil Simla or lam/mix stemended. The eulogy was
asiermined that each of the two innehmes
at the opposite ends Of the tunnel, will exeavate da" . " Il hy Co , . AW. Arriogion, in bin usual
Warsaw stale. The funeral was numerously at
the extent of 22 feet a day, and it is collimated that
whole ya will Lai comp I . ; tended by 'lts A nee,. cilis Me or Matameree,
yearn The gallery to be perforated by the I
to mo ho , od•cg Gear.' Asaloa and off. In the al
chine, will be 13 feet wide by 7 feet high, and It. to'••-••• 0.1 milled at the Council Chamber,
(met ant throngh, the bore will be ruttier.' by
where a h , sol 'hi dime , wag mean to those db.
di gisil mea ns to ef, feet in width and 19 in height tinvoisned sena by our ' , City Fathers." The
made double line of mils laid. The r-stimated coo Met la.l know not how to desenbe the ceremony
ut this great is only 13 9114,9421. It is to be i —every man, woman, •nd child. of lirowneville,
nantechatelyconzotenced at the northern entrance. I joined In the proenalon. Even those who Imo at
Artanr Morninivers kern That the
Untiment of C. S !weeny, Col. Pty.:op:on cosn•
mending. which hoe Just returned !Min Fronds,
and Inn scercely encamped at Jetrerron Panache,
atter FGVCIE servioe, bas received orders front the
Secretory of War to prepare for Arrant wren
and move immediately to Fon Leavenworth. 0 -
dere or inst.:wham!, we underatend, have Ingo
been received, to push Mrward, with all poamble
dispatch, the rquipinebt and mounting of the re
crane fir the D.aanna Itamments, or whom about
300 are pia, at Jeffereon Barracks
We know sot lee purpose of Virus movements
but 'bey lock very mach ns te,Pres dent Hilmar
it preparing to 'tipped km rmation on the gime.
tioca—ketween Tex:. and New Meitc(l. The
promote. , of the movetuat would indicate
determirmurin to be prepared for soy contingency
tut if New Mexico to to he the theatre, wr opine
that It is too late 'or any rtrectire Inotement or
the part ofthe army until next sea-on, nolcst
present tedh should benae of unimmal onildnrca
Toe fast or middle of this month, (Avg mat,,, very
late 'or • la Cr body 01 troops to attempt In ere,
the Plat, from Fort Leavenworth 10 ...tante Ft.
The lam nedy of tramps that C11.1..C1', left the For:
about the halt of August, and they experience,'
much ILEs:uhy, and many petoons Ncrre teat by
the cold acid storms encountered below reaching
Santa Fr. Ncienhcleas, if coming octants re-
• . .
re the similar, the I'm...hlt should be
cd to ma cloth the mmoion which be bat
sod In which he will have the support o
b roriority of the C01.1n ,, Y•
It oCcUfn 43 OP, however, that the troops tnipto
readily Loose (torn St. Loots on the dir
t. or titeexpedivon, 11.4 MASA to E. 1 1 .1 toik
,o(th and theta wad turther orders.-18:. L.
A Try sts, —A lint , HTil
at, I v nrit, , fagetiv
tad I ,
the eon.. g • r 1/ tir, Tpe , , r. ratustnuee•
of he roe are thee, --A niror by b.- moue
Thomas Keiltle6 f •r• Pis rie
Ile no eh en —l-.4 oir with tip ivy, it 1,.,te been
considered diereputablemmbr/. uf aileicty. r.
O,ffietalty had existed between ~ K. needy and hi.
wife h., romerune base True dine-arty had In
creased to suiiti an relent twit the •uturiburs end
been compelled to interfrre in nicer to protest he
wife from persona% viotance end de who e leanly
trcm 6i-contra. A earri autopia erne, Kennedy
woe brought helots • insist , charged try his VC."
with threnienteg to hitt her. and be war tisund
aver in the rum or 54i0 in teen the peen, On
Thrtrodey night twit, Kennedy bad twen droll:rag
'reel!, and •fler mating s retort rloitneinuce
the neigt borliceol of Pnilsdelpht•—repstreil to ho
farm, situated a abort dotage, from the town.—
About midnight the neighborhood was .loaned
by the dwehroge of fire arms and the cry of nine.
dot—sod the terobte announcement was made
that Kennedy bnd blown nut tun daughter's bales
An express wan immediately sent to OreenVtlie,
a &stance of ten miles, and lir. Howard, accom
panied by Another phyetcarn, Moan arrived oh the
spot, but 'neither,' aid was of no use—for the
brain. of the young woman were blown rernplese
ly out of the stall, and she had ceased to extra.
The IninOte circumstances or the ehnoung, One
informantis unable to Mate; lent it is aupposed
Kennedy, in his matinees, had aamulted hts wife
and Carib'', and is doing no destroyed the life of
'his but Oulu. This unfortunate man t• in good
cirromitanre, and now hold. under rultivatron
one of the beat forms in Hwtowli co., Indiana.—
He wan arrested on Friday morning Imo.—Can.
Tue ftestuaim en•IEDIMACT —SOT<
of the letter writers from \ Vashulmon having start
ed the silly mor that efforts had been reeretly
making for smile in lime past, loonli at the South and
in Washington looking to n dissolution of the
Union, and the establishinsinit of a Southern Chaired •
eracy, tool the eoltieet ilMVttig Leen tocithetitall V.
br.ehed inn the Senate. inuring Ttionday l e eating
Senator ifouthin, of Tex., wino watt named cc
the pereont having ell toe etori-ti.zondenea .or
ordeal therownth in los pole...awn, protoptly gave
the whole etory a flat dental. lle Kutch
...flint about two creeks ogo, he had been told
that a tern iblc disclosure wan aboilt 10 be made itl
iwine machinations against this Union, and
wh,cli he was to be mixed up. It eras not till this
nioruing that he knew what the solemn humbug
was. lie knew nothing of the plot. Ile hod no
knowledge ofany Uranus, that wan hatching here
or elsewhere. lie Mitered with Use opinions en
pretned by some gentle•nen here, unto the value of
the Union. But he had no knowledge of any plan
to form a Southern Confederacy, or of any plan to
tiring about a dissolution of the Union lie could
not, consistently with his duty to Ins country, en
tertain such knowledge without making it unlike
If he bad any such miormation, he would be bound
in duty to expose it, and not conoire at a. There
had been nothing in lon past history to pettily cruel
an impression He bud denounced the bullld
bunt and its alleged ends. He loved, and the Slat •
be represented loved this Union too well to corm
tenance any treasonable design or movement.
They had had too much trouble and anxiety to ge
into the Union, to bane any decire to get out of
again. lie was In the Union, and could not b
whipped out ngam. Ilia Nate would stand by lb.
Union-forever. The statement contained in tb
paper before him was hula ridiculous and false."
Cintsua, Point l,ebd, and she mouth of thoilitO
pracee4steled ng old L lend, • IMeadci 11 . 0° )
were term Th. Only polar who wee !soli:01 to
be absent woo thessahant Major-Chapmarbo
Woo on ritoe pressing bash:teas at the Bram:a—
lit, absence, tq. ed„ was mach regretted.”
ANECDOTE 00 D'EllauFwant.—VAlcuthert waa
the son of a celebrated Indy of high rank, who, to
iscret ion, caused him lo
on the step* of Ft. Hoch. Here he was tons. by a
itipr woman who earned a livelihood by her needle.
adopted him, maintained him by the produce of
her labor, end placed bun in the college of More
minim. The young man profited by the instruction
received, so that like Pascal, he made new disco
veries in •icometry in hit Ifith year. His borne soon
became known over all Europe, and the learned
courted the imcisey of the young student of Mon
113Igne. Such wee the fame he acquired by his
early talents, that the lady at last began to be proud
of haring, given birth to such a ton. El • foster
mother had been watched, and, consequently, the
real mother ha , atatned information concerning,
the fate of the child, but without contributing to
Its subsistence. Vanity brought about what the
,voae of unture w iiicapable of effecting. She
rum day repaired to as
the college, and requested to
1 ee the youth. He came. She began a Imig her
emote on the trolley of prejudice, on The Pam sh -
felt at being obliged to forsake him, and so forth.
"I ant your mother," said she. "You my mother
Your are mistaken', I have no mother but berwhi
took care of 113 e in my infancy." Ha turned hi
back upon herand never sow her store; but coutin
ell the .ffertionate and dutiful an of the seamstress
repaid her with inereiit in her old age the car
had bestowed on his childhood.— iFron lie
By trad .nth the wirier .1,1 ! I mri,ent of the
Alfred Roy, Thomas Donoho, Joseph W. Beek,
John MeCuteheon, Aquino K. Arnold, Paul Ste
vens, Robert Clarke, John l'age, !Baden Formo,
lieinfict Min:torn, and Anthony Hyde, E-qrs, to he
Renwes of the Pence for the county of Washing
ton. in the Dunne( orColurnbin.
Absalom Fowler, Attorney of the United State
in and for the d comet of Arkansas.
John Trutubull Can Allrn, of New York, Charyt ,
d'Atinires to the Republic of Euentior.
Dwight Webb, of ni,,h. g an, to he Consul o
the rumen Stows for the port of Fouchou,
I Names, to be Attorney of the United
nd for the Southern Dittirtet of Mita,.
lain M. Martin, to be Auaistant Trimriu
United Slate, at Charlecton, Solidi Ca
Eln.ha H. Allen, of Aluaanetrtata, Conlon of the
oiled the port of Honolulu, in the Sand.
2‘ll.eya'sk yamentrus.—The erects or this tray
unordinary medicine are matt acialactory to all
as ever produced such edam so inwrintaneaultly.
I ha@ only to be administered, and relief follows es r.
of contra It has been used in the practice of
h. ben chyneisna our cooniry, and by them pro
...mord sacra:, if not @licence to any medicine ever
offered foQbe captaining of aroma: "It is Me very
medicine which was wanicd," is a remark addressed
Ito proprietor. daily. Read the fallovvoc:—
Ttos may certify that ore have told Dr. 111'Lmto ,
n Worm Specific, or l'atant Varmitage., tLi
WO o 1..• at vest anbounded tatitfactloc
• powtion on the comniantty, hut is whht th
taller reermnu-nll. it io 14.—s.uniwere•I sPeclfic I
hote ata.ete.l w•th worms. -11 11UlilIFtl &
Mud Crrck Sieuben co. tiept 7, 07"
[Er For pale by J. K DO dr. CO, No GO Wood Or
Blind litstortd to a,flt by till P
S. S. Larrrott—Sirt I wish to bear Wattmeter M the
...heal emu, of the 01: railed Petroleum. I was far
loon time adheted strut a badly andansed and very
re eye, an much AO ...low reed enttrely for about
lace months, Ivan very little hopes of ever recovering
be weli, and but a slight prespeet et having it re
yed 0 the stare.....; my attending physseian was
unstceesstul in muting a core, or to giving relief,
allordet t me but little coeval - ogee:mob heated of
the Petroleum about the tat of April, 1040, and gave
it a malt the result 44, the Sight laroatored and my
eyes well, carer • liaM tender or 'velt when I go
out in the SOIL ANN lIIELAND.
Mansfield rt., elnetnnah, May I,
S. S L/N7C 3—,31r: I have been •Ilheted with Piles
inr ren years, and hare teed other rernedww. with*.
permaocnt ant,l I heard of the Petmletm. I
hd.e ased on', one tows, end Mint I am coarely
r -red. re , 6,1111{1r1, it tn all who are afflicted with
ft e•. I base known tt. in be good for wee eyes.
Ctnetnnet.. Mtty 1-.1. E C 13.1118ETS4): 1 1
line tts,s I. y err A He Uo welt, MO Wood street,
It I;Hera .17 Wand M Carry, Allegann, city
D A L.., Ai, , ,,,enn 14-wan Donelas, ACryanny
..0 DT the U. KIER.
1,4 Canal Ilaun. Sen:ail at, Pftrabargh
tate o: Oh ie knd rev.. IL H. Co, Marti al.
Priismuten, AnSxxl 5,1,313.
Tux Sior ,o.dc Is
. 4. the tare and l'ellnollma
fled Road Company aro he reby not,Ged to pay :he
aFAth ittato!olm , t of foto per altars, .r the offate
..f the Cempu ny on or htfore the 2Uth day of Atalost
rho ninth io.ta,nentl on or before the ?nth day of
The voOtatnlint , rd on or tpeforo Ike Jay or 14.16,,r
tin eeee etr tr. 10.trattstry
R 1. 0 rrrrAlt:' , or, etc or t•
karu TO 1 It MT..l.len. V II Ka t..
-DR 0. HUNT.
D A nicr 4.11,n0ti
af ' ,2 " GetZtur, brtwees
hcouttnuic 11141.n1. Ih4TITUTION•
Of Pllt•biargh•
Verasr..• . A W. hl A RKS,Sze`e
td0.0.--No 41 V. airs street, in tug, wart Louse of C.
1/110 etitlt . AN Vnow prepared to incites all
bind.oqt on h00.e.. nuanortaciono, good.
erehquJ , ..e an 'WIC. and in Iran wasAEls, he.
An unit , lr amaran:y tor the antlity and Integrity of
C 11114.111 CM.•
/A atorded tit the eliareeter ol the 111.
ctota Awn,. are all came,. 01 Pittsburgh, well and
rorahly knew. to'th , roam/unity for their prudence,
•nd inti.erny
lime. - r0at... 1 11 [homey, Wrn. Ilataley, Win. La.
er, Jr, Walter Bryant, Hugh D. Kinic, Award
earni.n. Kin.ey, it Hartman, 0. hl.Kler.
120 WlAllistarxr.
are now prepared arsth a Mree and fresh sleek of
E tellsb.German,
to Ameran field..., thing a
-apermr ndoremente to buy m er* Thor<
purchase scil promote , thrlr Int .. r.. by looting
Waugh ot r ,nek, they determined to tell on
the in.t aeonabt• term , aeg IS
Wholesale IL Retail Iganulacterer• it. Denier. In
Coy. Wood & Fifth oto ,
Where they oC•e a full and eon:plata Smelt of Hat
.'ap.,ne, of every quality and style, by WWI.
tale •iul 1,1011, einl to the attention, of lb•if eu
•n•I •n•I run, au•urinU theca lb
.en on the mow,. /10V01 66666
On 51n,..::" . mornin, inonolt, J‘xs. Malt&
r al :impact and Mary hatzell, agea klub:obs.
The framds of the leanly arc requested to attend
the funeral this morning. at 10 o'cloc a, from the resi
dence, No Ile Centre Avenue, to proceed to the
Young Ladles , Lls•rory lastlanto,
Corner of fenn st and D.. Wor•. elle?, upper Log •
old Conceit 11.11 balldtnq, entrance on Penn woe
nearly oppestte the Ida change Hotel.
`UN losttooteti wul be-Kg-Opened for the recep
tion ni Young lauttes on the first filen/lay a neat
onth, (Septrmt , er,j under the superintendence o
Ire V. DAVIS and DAUCtIiTER, lota rtinClpols o
he Vernal* Somtnary,Lotorrillo, KT.
For tent", see circulars,. apply to the Principe,.
Rev D, Elhott, D, D. Rey. W. Preston,
Rev. 1) U. Riddle, D. D. ' Item 13.111• Sparks,
Rev. Nunaniel %Peri, Den. J. K Moetbead,
Rev w. D. 'toward, Richard Edwards, Eros
Carpets I 0... p. Is I
'UTE are now opening a large assortment of Car •
TV pets at oar Carpet Warehouse, Fourth street;
eobslaung in part of me following varletteet—
Eau . % :superfine Tapestry Carpets;
' English and (merman Mussels do;
Extre •YlWlrfino lore! ply Carpoa;
Sot ei hot do do;
4 4..1 .1, And Tosentty V.ll Carpet.;
Sopprfo.e li;th rale Carpets;
b ore hbe do do;
Eine do do;
Eommon, all Wool do; y
and s.ts Comm. Yen earprte.
Also, Stair Rods, Window Shades, Mat., Din log
Oil Cloths from at ft to dl Inches wide.
The above goals will be offered to those wi
arch.° at ;wives lower man ever offered t this
wart..t. We mote the attention of nil, to ea and
es stone nor 'look before purehuing elsewhere.
aunt.. W gIeCLINTO
vv. m c
,la r . oc N i t h ,: s i!n u . A n r i c , e . e tm ivV . att ry • C h
some ve.rimrni 01H up, t• 'duet, wo . iovite th-
IIOBACCG-60 beg. 6 rwu
A rec ß ' i d w fo , rala r l , b , y .
Lags foriAl:Ly y„,,Nort
I EAF TOBACCO - 4 50 Mich for .ekle Lr
I_. ..r.* JONF.9 & )
FEATIIERS-Ta. lbs tuft recd for solo by
on V. rIIIIIIVEft ft, DARN
BUTTF:tt—Hoge nog brie just read for sok by
DOTAI 4 II-4 brie lust rec'd for sobs by
1 sog,ll SHRIVEN. it DARN
• _
inIIVTOIR Oil. CLOTH-30U yds 11.4 Figor•d,
pauerns, last reed for atle by
Jt II 1•811. LI• 8
7 & U Wood •
BLACK OIL CIA)T11 foe ilortiages—WO yO4 4
n 14010,8.1 received end for sale by
114110 1 a. H PHILLIkS
INDIA .5./HIISR PACKUIO - MOO llts assorted
thichaesses, from tat tollets thtelG The above
sweeties 1. papered se that 300 degrees Fahrenheit
writ not affect it, and is superior to every thing else,
as ho substance has art mach alarnieity studs
so high' • degree of heat, and uray be toed abets an
pans wherep.dang 1111 Larentall, viz:—manhole
plates, piston reds, steam joints, steam thews, crib.
der heads, be. For sale wholesale and retell b
JO. Wood et
INDIA RUBBER BELTlNG—Jumbealyed, &luxe
assortment of Belting of .adage sizes, varying
Ueda II to f inches in width. for ...le by
N.B.—ail Ea:yield are guaranteed lathe rumbas
er to be superior to Leather to every respect, and to
give saUstaeuen. Any 13elts that peeve deficient
silt lie esehanged or the meaty refunded angCo
liosc! —Warra nted to be far eoperior to
nl Leather, }a
lb ree'd of the above
feet I inch Hydrant;
MO do 1/
toe h do:
:do do 19 Inch _do;
UV do 14 toch do;
40. do 9 Intl EIIgiIICHOM
For Wei at the Indio gobbet: Depot of
7 h. 9 Wood at
AIRILY FLOUR—.lart teceived, a lot a sapeete
IC Family Floor. matmfamtired by Wm Lithe, Fag
Roland, U., for sale by
au 20 195 Liberty it
nore—ss mote prima Green Rio for sale by
lij ouriO A i'L'LIIERTSON C1.111;SE
TouAcco—tm. bOT , d Nl.othatored Tobacco, on
band and to active, for sale by
ATTING-30 bales No. I, 2, and e. on hoed and
guoAktcl—Loaf, Caulked. odd Powdered clogn
kept eonsuncly eland . vcl
d for e by
f APAN VARNISII—cI brIA • good article Just
ire bp lankclkj J&11
brl. just jekoltoprifslalLtpiTs
OIL. • rl OIL-1b
r.sman•hip and Cap? BOOKS.
above books baying been introduced in
pahhe arid private schools In Pittsburgh and All.
pileup, the author ourappointed the Nthactiber she
far their rale in the city
Teachers and others will be supplied at publisher
price. as Staled in CI=IOU. J 11 filkiliLDd
agglD Woo.
A v
w Fgv.pc:::::t::. l .l;ol:l 4 :si,rlo°l s irg i n7• l,l, .° o ".
Libeny creel. • aoglIO:d0
3----cLe,Aots_mdmr....t.bßyleacliang Powder, r
Liberty se._
rIIIIE partnership berdifbre entering under the firm
I of tt. Edward. tr. Co, urea dissoloed by mutual
consent, on the bilk met, end the withdrawal of A. P.
Osgood from the kn. The u tine. w tiee minute
eel by the remittent( partners, under mine style
and bra Worm. & Co., olio rmpeethilly ao
lien • ahem oldie public patronage. nieg here en
band Locks, Latches, Platform Preelea, and • warmly
of domemm Hardware, at their Warehouse. No. 3V
Water street B. e'L(WAKUI,
Metal. of Matthew FL Lowele, deed.
L ecl raVa i I'l'llll th e p
ay s m ' e d n t, " at; t;. o r e s
e " . q at e i
el.. against It to present them. duly authenticate.
id ...dame delay, to either of the andemigned ext.
10 German sg, Balt,awyre,
GENTS for the sale of Sods Ash, Bleaching
AFeeders, Ste-, have on hand, and are constantly
receiving direct Dom the AlanufacturerO the shove
articles of toothst and moll approved brands, which
they offer to trade in quantities to suit, and at
!rest market rates. augl943w
r virtue of a precept under the hand. of Wert. B
BKFClure, Emodent of me Court of Common Pleas,
in end for the Fifth Judicial District el Pennayivaina,
one J nsuee Of the Court of Oyer end Term eve, and
Memel Jail Delivery In and for .tad patriot, and
William Ken and *setae Jones, 'Loa, Associate
Judges of the same 005057, to and for the County 0
AM/ lent, dated the leth day of August, In the Cent
or nu Lord ens thousand eight handfed and filly end
to me directed, for holding a Coen of Oyer and , Ter
mice and General Mil Deliver', at the Court House
the 007 of Pittsburgh, on the Fourth Monday of
October nest, it in o'clock A Al.
Fa lie euuee Is hereby won to all Jostless of the
Poser, Coroner. 500 Constahica of Altegbeny, that,
they he then and theta, In their proper persona, with
their rolls, records, moitsitions, examinations and
moo rementhrsoces, to co those tattrs ,
which m
their respective offices In their behalf appertain to be
done, and also those that will prosecute the
,4 ,•prisoner.
1113“ am or e{ be in the of said Lomas , of
Allegheny, tie be then and there to prosecute agamin
00¢1 as shall be toot.
Omen solder etc land at Pittsburgh, 'this lath day
Of Loden. in the year of oar Lord one doomed eight
hundred and boy, and el Oa. Commonwealth Me l'uth
sagtO,lkestri CARTER CURTIS, SbenT.
VOCI V Von ti Ault
Acow EKED ONE 110“al.: NUMIY , n exerlle..l
• rcutogre of ,:tlitzcry,
Nag .c
Cbns.)'J Hutt I, Penn SIM,
Odd. of P.Mmtdrryh toa Company,
adrovit t 7 1533.
TaTErerere"rranOtqal, temPlLS':ttf.'r.inr."l.;4lCdetTr.:g.T:
the Vrtoelconlora for Inc Elccuon of Tm.rtnea, woi be
harah.on Monday,
bold at Om whoa of tbd ems pan 7, Id the mt. of rata
the second day of Septernhrr nest
between the herein of two end Ere o'cloet. e. Ni , Mt
the por,mea of %eating two per4ons to .1,8 c_., True
tees for paid eo i
pmm, Mr Lorca 7 care, Wont the aaLe
ectond toy of Septemnat t Lit.
•ti ;17,12ar 'rims. UAKEW ELL, Presh.
1000 11/10211CJAII IN •MT El).
J1)(1 LAM 1:110 Out a tarts natant, of Itaasa,
111./ ma Stnom ~.., d .., a, ...vest und-redta ..:,
upon t. othrte7s., ot 1., ...1 ro-d,lvar.t. Hutt Nod,
between Pato..inol th t nt.tte 1.1... ot ”h0....n•
nun moo, 1.3 Itt . 11. 40 1 , 1, .1 1 , , na...her .
Olsson.. nod Slime %.t.tdr ., may ..too.. t tot , dynn.ry
.1.0 nr,dad . - trf tee Lod ...retort at Neu' In 'moor
apploranon way be otadd m rt. ent.ttarters oo tot
toe, or to tao abornest.) . • t-upenotandent at the 'new
ltrightort trrit,rir, and stOtmesuan may he obutteted •
the Itati Road 'Ol% ~. to rtttsnoran. Toe eennuT 1•
very healthy, and goad WWII art. maids:li paid.
_wital7;dlw ; AV tf.O:ll2lS:Ma, Jr. ',can
n , 1•
• i .
.11 •r.
_.__ _ _ •
RICE --1 0 t. p d
rw. fir.h beat alto jtmt • ccurcc
via eaenl,&c tar sa. tby
tIOFFEF.- - 1 Wham pnate greco R. G. •ale &I
‘../ engl7 SELLERS & NICOLS
134.43ACC0-10 be. Rumen fa Foblmon'Y fo l Yi
lO las Price Ilenlyrootl'a
3 oases Ilemema l tol lb leap;
Reteived and for gals by
ACKEREL 100 brlr m
om o
Me Ivo 31e. 3 hisekera.. saie
Caroal Liam
ALCOHOL -3 bt Is jasi He'd (or sale lAy
.1 KIDD & CO
assl7 BO Wood .l
C AS . T , II ; IIIIOAP-10 csses reel for ',
• J
r ltla y & CO
0 51 . - 8 . 31f 7 13 - 0 - ill - Tree 7 C l for
8R051 5 2..-54).. mart., for sale b l l'
sual7 J KIDD& CO
Usti A - 1717 r- 1 - • - 4liiii:-tsOlOs roSTlTorsaleliy - -
1001 1 KIDD fr. CO
TOPlte " . n rget ' i P g:e7,lit ' lt ra ' ten ' 4l7serv 'e s!
by mutual coatent. N. BY.
Pataburib, July TO, taoo.—aagl7
pularrino BOOK wigwam
Soso Third. boiovr Marko* nu
laaeenuor to John.ton k tluticleton,l
jL TIESPFDTFULLY Informs-hie blends and Me haying
of the old establiehment that, haying
parelmseit tbe Printing Mee and Book Booker of
tee late 6 rrn, be in prepared to egetute with acetone
rd dltp•telt, every deserption of
Mettle bed the management of the Printing depart'
went of the tate firm for seventeen years past, be
feels ronfident of being able to render tattefeetion to
all who ma? favor torn with their patronage.
August lb, te4..—eoglO:dlo
tAtnestrun stsd Tribune copy]
A ND poseession given the Three Story
Ilnek Dwelling lion., No 69 Liberty street, and
or The
Third s AL I+3,
Tile Second and nod giories of Warshoosa No 3
hlotket street. bloquiry or
UM STOCKTON, Dookisilleeet
to .16 47 Markel
TM: undersigned has on hand, and fa this clay re•
rein tog term the mamfacturen, on conelywnent,
latge lot of Flannels. ,all colors, plsto and barred;
Also, Bed Clanking, bilantel Coating, Beaver C
Salinetts.d Tweeds; which be sold Dell
by the cau or piece, at m.efactorers. prices. The
adenden of dealers In woollen goods Is Invitecl.
nouln 119 Litany rt.
win!. ÜBF, ua.
r table, stand, and bureau covers, beautiful patterns
and prin. love, at Nos 7 b. 9 World at.
aapgle J t 11 P S
F LUOR via a:MAU—WOO yds 44 Floor Oil
SOO yds 74 do
WO yds 44 do
44. yds 71.1 do
For sae, wholesale and retail, by
ansl 7 &9 71losd .7.
Cincinnati, Oh..
r iIF. Ninth Annual Steßoon of th e Wes'term Female
j College wdl omment , on MONDAY, the Wit
iusta I I, when it lo ireportsm that ail who design to
attend doting the first term should present, though
students are received at soy time.
The theillties now pothes•ed by this inotitutirta for
intellectoal developemer t, and for thwarting •
s well .11 reined talltall., ate not surpassed by
thew °rant , insthatien in the ceontry—whltat the 61.
pens. lee lets thanthase of any Bientliar
Mach care and attentthn is given to the ious
odetallon Or the students la the !Trent fondementuf
principles anadoetrinco of Christianity, whilst nothing
Bettor.. Is allowed to disturb the peace of those who
here sent Instinetton.
tinting ladles bons a distance will Ins received into
the fatally of the President, where they will coley alt
the care sad attention wh eh their health or happiness.
Inannet• Or MORI., may require.
For pantheists, see the annual catalogue or ariplii
cation may be made either pcoonslly or ey letter to
tee President . P, O. WlLBeft, President.
Cincinnati, Augnst 0 , lESl.—atigleidit
- -----
T. the Clehtese of Allegheny 011 T. •
A BOX for tho reeept!on of Won tor nig 51.11.
.irec4 finch .111:Ore of Mercer & Robinson,
plied. engin d VALVANSIVITIT .
00 UM, ao liG a ueq
Ico Sop prima Orono Rio Ooltlio;
13 tos fresh Rico .
40 Mid* N 0 !Sillier:
• 110 brie N 0 Malone. la oak '
Landing and tor sate by
/730 341 Witty Is
.IA7 HERE. and b lingAigt ertherettial AM'
ecrahlrof Peonsyle y
anla, entitled an th Let rela
ting to of Oda Commanaicalthi it
to 114°1
ea meta gilts notice of suet elections be hal and
VIIIImen.2O. In inch notice whoa officers Sit 10 be
elected: lit puny tote thereof, I t Castel Ceara
Sherif of the et may of Allegheny, do therefore make
known and give this public notice to the electora of
said County of Allegheny, that a General Eked'a
will be held In tie raid comity. on Me SECOND
election districts therein
The Memo , . of the Font Ward of the city of Pitts
burgh, to meet at the honne of gra. Tote Little, al the
earner of Ferry and Fourth streets, in said ward.
The electors of the Second Wird or the city of Pitts
burgh, to meet et the Burnt District lintel, earner of
tiremd end Smithfield streets. in 'aid sear&
The electors of the Third Ward of the city of PlUS
booth, to meet at the house of Andsr. McMaster, Esq.
Tao electors tithe Feunb Weed of the city ef
brash, to meet at the Public School ileum, in
The electors of We Fifth Ward of the city of Pitts•
tvich, in meet •t the PonruyivAnt. Moose, .eaPi , d
by Gottlieb efsdle. late Ale. Stewart, In said wanl.
The electors of We elite Ward of the tit? of Pith
turgb, to meet at the Public School Home, in said
The elector* of the Seventh Ward of the city of
Pinationth, to meet at the Public School doe.. I.
said ward.
The °teeters or the E4rbth Ward of the city of Phu
burgh, to meet at the, Public School Home in and
Th e e l em . of ,h e North Word or the city anus.
burgh, to meet m the Public ticticrol Ilea.e, in .ale
The electors of the rint Wool of the etty of Atte
gheny, to meet •t the house of J. Woodhouse, Robin
.11 street.
The elee , oro of the Steond Ward of the CRT of All , -
sherry. tt went at the house of I.Vtdow Thompson,
north west corner of Ohio meet and the Public Prisons
The elortrna of the Tht•d Ward of the city Of Alle•
ohnor, to meet •t the Public School House, in swd
mo.d, on the Iht, Common.. .
The elector. 0, Fourth Word of the hit of Abe
qhmty, to meet ut the be.. of Alm Wylie,Last Gom
Toe eleven of Pitt township To meet at the below
of Mn Nancy blurry, on the Meehaejcs , and para.
Tutnntke ro ..1.1,1 said tearable, except the quail.
IS , ' Totems re•taltr ie 14.1.014 NOI 7,•nd it of the
city dietriet, abr. •rall mote at at general elections la
the nii th ward at the city of Pittsburgh.
The &Wore of Peebles township , to Teat at the
ed for sale by
J & II
house of John Metier. in the einem, of Kam Merry.
The electors•of Wiiktris township 10 innet at the
house of Francis Wilson. on the Fmnkaturn road. in
mid townstiop
The electors of Plem township to msat at the house
of John Pommell.lle, in said township.
The electors of Patton township to meet at the
boom of Joel Munroe, in said township.
The electors or Veruillue township to meet at the
Brick Schcol Ilr we, near the White House lormerly
occupied by Thor Neel. and now by Wm. A. Shaw.
The eteelom at Eliretieth township, to meet at the
house of Uaniel Server formerly occupied by John
Walter, In Eltsebeth bonnegh.
The electon of the Beets of F.lizabeth to meet of
the house of Ramat Sauer, formerly occupied by Jobs
Walker. in said tuirouh.
The eleCt te of .lattrson township In meet at the
basso of John Pete, formerly occupied by it. King,
la said township.
The elcetnee of Odin township to meet at the bowie
of Semi WPM., formerly OeeerUed by ie.t. Fleet, In
said town.hir.
The electors of Upper St. Clair township to meet at
the house of Jam... Connor, tit said township
The electors of I.rivrcr Cluir township to meet at
the horse of Joseph Rodgers. (lower retry') to avtp
The e ectors of Robinson township to meet at tbo
Loam of Sarah hie Fulani, foretell,. Audtey AldFas•
land, in Paid toamihip
The electors-of Findlay township to meet at the
hour of McClelland A. Armor. fisromity occupied by
John Charles, in the village of Clinton, in said were
vic,tvers of Moon township to meet at the he.
The eleet•n of Moon iowo Asp to n.._ .
of Yeter Moron, In said township.
The eectors of Ohio township to meet at the how
of John ' In said township
The eleetet. of Franklin township to meet at thi
hoo.e rice opted by Joseph lieitlllllll. in said towhattip.
Toe electors at the Borough of Manchester to me?
at the Public School Musa.
Tee electors of Reserre: township
. .
Win of Umnee 1 tab,. in gthoi township • "
The ale AO. of Baldwin township to meet at the
boast, of John Cowan le .aid tosentip.
The dentin of Boowden township to meet at the
house of Peter Boyer. in .ofd township.
Tee elector, of South Payette township to meet of
the house of H. Hays, on the farm et O. V. Coulter, in
aid township .
The electors of North Fayette township to meet et
the south now °seamed by Francis Jumnon, at Ito.
pre Alin, tn said township.
The elector. of Ross lown•lS9 to meet at the horse
of Jacob Colbaugb oaths Franklin road, in said town
The elector. of Pine township to meet at the how , .
of Daniel Fogle. in said townroop.
The eketors of West Deer mynahs, to meat at the
boon of Nathan Conley, na said township.
The electors of Fast Deer township to meet at the
Fabian School Hone, In the Bon:met of Tarrntum.
The electo of Borough of Feentam to mon
at the PIIWIO S cho ol House, in said barrrekk.
The elector. of Indiana township to meet ,thee
tronso formerly occupied by S. Mackay, in aald town
The eleeton of Shales township to meet at Jobs
Shaw's Mill. in said toweship.
The qualified voters of that past oflediana town
ship rending In thefollowirug described bounder: ,
shall vote at all general elections in the Borough wf
She" peurgh, at the 0 cetion poll to sold borough, vivo
ocetning at a point on the Allegheny aver at .13 a
upper hoe of the farm of James Ross. and running t
norther.) , nurse benne* the farm. of • od Jas Ras a
and John w d Franc/. Beatty, tu tho N. IL earner • f
said /as HOW latut-ahetice litontsg a westerly crone
to Ross townsitty tint. in 'nth a manner n womb's. t
all nen !arms or lots rimmed in( oolong ham'. district,
d belonging in wait OR called the rider WW2, i I
the above descnbed boundary. .
The electors of the Borough of Btrminghwa to mint
the Public Sehookalouie, in said borptish.
The eteeton or the Illrou et of Earl 11 1. nghato to
bo inn. Ran Rosa (take ne oi Inner OrmsbY, i.l
said rough.
Thecleric , . of Doorman. tisrough to meet at 800
Fut.tte SChMII BOW, to sold baronet.
The electors of the Borough of Lawrenceville to
meet at the Pubini Scheel. Hence, in raid baronet.
The electors of the baroagh of Sherpabergh to ran g
in t boaof James s Sharp, in mid lwrouth.
',llesnceinr. of the borough of McKeesport t+ meet
at thy Town Bat', to and /enough.
The ele.o tars of the benough at South Fittabures ti c
met at the la use Intact/ oceopthd by E.hl'Aerunch ,
at e the end of the sold borough.
Ti. sleeves of the Borough of West Elisabeth tie
meet at SW Public Seta!' 1100.0, in said borough.
At time A d pliers the qnaliGed Ocelot, as.
eureewl will elect by berm,
IMO pelsln (et Once' Cecimi.• tent
, One peeeor. :or teer-tyce ...neve!
I 1
t ,r cer.oo . ce hull ,r twee .
1 rte ptert. f.,r l',,,rece
. no Gerson in, Cr egress to All the ithespices term
of loses Hampton. re a pled.
tit person for :Bomber of the 3011141 of Pennell
r ernons fat Members of Au=lffy of reansy
person far PtneeßUns Atioracy (or Allegt,elsy
One per*, f nr Connty, Canlcaintionet.
ono pen... for Aadane
One person for County Sire:7o,
Also, to vote tar or against the follossloff Ottendosen
Conothetion of this Stete cf Peontqlvsols, serer
by a tosjorstv of the members e,ceted each bon
I .her - tellaniate, at two ueeesseve sessloas of lb
Reirotenn by •he Senate and House of Represents
yes of me Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In licn.
I of
net. That the Constitution of this Coin
• woman be amended in the enevind section of th
fiftharticle, re that it read as follows: The lodge
the Supreme Coon. of the several Comm of Comm
Pleas, and of sum other %too. of Record as are o,
shall ba established by law, shall ho elected by the
qualified elem....pith' , Commonwealth. to the.manme
rehearing, to writ The Jedge• of the Semen. Conn.
by the qaaliard electors of the Commonwealth at
large; the President Judges of the several Connii of
Common Plena and mien other Courts of Reword as
are or Mall be eweblietted by law, and all other
Judge. nosired to be Married in the law, by the quail
hed a lecten of ha respectivedistricts over wk lrh
they aro to preside erect lulu/gm and the Assoate
ledge. of the Courts of Common Viet, by the quail-
MO electors of the conatimresoceaysly. The Judhas
of the Supreme Coon shall hold their ogees for She
to m, of fifteen yeses, If they Oen so Wog behave
themselves well, (thbiect to the allotment hereinafter
provided fee, eubsequeet to the fast eleetion4 the Pre.
anent Jadges of the several Cowls of Common Plea,
and of seek other Coons of Record es an or shall be
established by law, and all other lodges required t •
be learned - in the law, Mall hold diem maces for the
term.( tee years, if they shall so long behave them.
*elm well; the Associate Judges CI the COWES of
Common Picas shell bold then °item for the thrift of
five years, if they shall to long . behave themes's.
well; all et whom shalt he comm issioned by the Gov- I
enter, mil for any reasonable elute, whleb shall lot
be Molleimit grounds foe intheriehment, the Uoverear
shall remove any of them on the address of two thirds
of sack biotic', of the I,llllature. The first elethoo
shall take place at the gemealelection of this Cominon•
wealth +cutout. the edeption of this ameedete.A. old I
the eomeilthiorts of all the Jeeps who may be then
to office shall expire on the first Monday of December
following, when the terms of the new Judges shall
commence. The perilous who shah then be elected
/cages of the acme= Coma shall bold their offices as
fellow.: One ot them for three years, om lot Mx
years, one for nine years, one for twelve year., and
one tor fifteen years, the term of each lobe decided by
lot by the said Judea, as soon after the election as
cenventent. and the nista certified by them to the
covemor, that the commlsaione may he issued In ae•
eordance thereto. The Judge whose eratmlsalon
will first expire shall be Chief Justice during his term,
and therea ft er each Jadge whom eornatisslon shall
first expire shall in tern be the Chief Jestice, and if
two or more commissiens shall eXplee on the same day,
the Judges holding them abate decide by lot which
Dull be the Chieffuslice. Any 'munch's, bepponikg '
by death, resignation, or otherwise. In soy of the sato I
courts, shall be filled by eppolnunent by the Gower
nee, ta continue till the first Mendel of December
meceeding the next general election. The Ridges et I
the Supreme Court and the Presidents of the several
Cowls of Common Pleas shall, Instated dines, receive
for their services an adegaste cOmpenaation, to be
fixed by law, whichshall not be diminished dunng
their continuance In °Mem bet they shall receive no
fees or perquisites of office. nor bold any other offloe
of preen ender this Comatortwealth, or under the
gommment of the United Stain, or any other State
of this Union. The' Judges of the Supreme Coen,
during thew conitmance m offiee, shall reside within
this Commonwealth; and the other Judges. Luaus
their coadmanee in Mace. shall reside within the
district or county for which they were respectively
elected. .f. F. IideCAXONT,
Speaker of tree 1100. 0 of Reprosentatives
Speaker of the Senate.
And by virtue of the loth see 11 n of the act of the ad
et July, Iran, it was enacted that every person except.
Justices of the Peace, who shall hold an office or sp.
pointment of profit or true under the Government of
the United Slum, or of this State, or of any city, or
Ineorponled dietnet, whether a commissioned °Meer
or otherwise, a subordinate officer or agent, who ie or
shall be employed under the Legislature, Jadiciall,
or Executive deportee/nth of this Mete or the United
Stater, or of any Judger Incorporated dletricl, and
else that every mother of Congress. and of the Smut I
Legislature, of the ,Select and Common Coonelle of
my city, or Commlielocers of soy Incorporated Ms.
tan, inky the law incapable of balding or exercising
Int the es ma time the oMM or appointment of Jude:,
leopector, or Clerkaf 007 eleetiatZ of this Common.
or lat
h e thst any 'menet, be of Mime officer
el' any loc election, Mail not be eligible to any °Mee
to be men voted.
Alio In and by the 4th section of an set approved
the tether April, ISIO, it la enacted, that the lath sec.
Lion of the set passed July XL 11339,mlitled in wet te
lMe to the sleetiens of this Commonwealth, shall
nett consoned ill ter prevent soy OffiCer Of
beeensi, officer, from earring as ledge. Inspecthr, 00
Clan et on Omen! or Special lEleetion in this C 0...
nd t e retire Judge. of 'the respective district.
aforesaid, are reflation to meet at the Court Horne
in the city of Pittabitegh,on the Friday &fief the second
Tuesday of Cliber next, thee sod there to P.P..
for %twee duties m
inflated byte*.
Given ender my band and seal atPittsburgh, thls 17th
day 04 Angela, A D. lEln, and of the Independence
of the United States the severity fifth.
suglatC3 , s6a CARTER CURTIS, Bbede.
ABH11001"3-3 M in stone laid for nale
jic . BM:1.1811k. BENNIBBB
`CORD • Li*-11 ouk. best qaaati.., We by
• '• • ' Olthee of the MIA* Peach AL H. CAI
rHOPOSALS h, wridog Wild be reseived Ay the
der.igned uqttlTtrearltY s the Irt,d ll7 . l ° CU ' l ' 4
°trifle delivery of the.arosa tits replied forlaylng
Ma tract of tre Ohio and rettnsyltaala II
from benne to itleuttllon, s
ub distance of 107 Miles. The
number of ues requiredbeaboat em
Moe berdred per hole. The ties are to be of wand
white oak or rock oak, tobjeet to the inirpection 117
the engineer of the company. They. must ba eat whit
saw, into leugth.ol eight feet. If of mowed timber,
they ere to be wren by eight Maw Moon: if of
hewed timber, they are lo be. daned on the top and
bottom tO a width of eight Worm.. They most be
Meat of but, deuvered and piled op no the hue as
dlrtmtal by Me enetneer,between the first of January
mid fin tof Alay nest Bidders am requested to state
what number of t h e
r a il
en d Uto entiveri end on
what sections of the rail read they propoee to delOer
then., They any moose '
ten e of thestnator locust,
/lot Weost. they may be sr lee/masques.
Proporale ate true mein d fore ormslang mod sills
of white pine or white oat, to be four by nine inches
wome t and from elghteet to twenty tom lett long,
to be delivered on Me line I rood no more. •
W. ROBINSON. Jr., President.
eurrltialtoetl •
FOUNDRY PIO IRON-70 tons oft Pig hoo, on
the Allegheny Wharf, and for sale by
aogl6 J A R FLO% Et
JUST rrieeived hum Phtllipenlle rectory, 1000 yd
Oil Cloth Crash, dillentnt patients, far sale by
FRET Gan E.battle Ilona ro• Hydrants, tort
reetived fee rare by J& II PIIILLIPB
& h Wield et
N. B.—All Hose soldtalresresnted to the pireckaaee,
In gtve eati.fattlitt equity° •
leather or the rands Tr •
turued aogIG
/FRE Stockholders of t e Northern
pally C m
a hereby not, d, that en election, to make
choice of three Managers and • Treseurer lye the en
trains year, will be behest the Tot noose of
bridge, on Sot. &ley, the 17 th lore, at 4 o'clock, .
G. l WARREN, eleeretaxy.
Aeguet 14, 1850.—aVg IZol7t.
Hsold out our entire stock of good. to Mr.
John Shepherd, we would take plower° in re
mending him to oar friends and customers a.
arty of patronage, and solicit for him a continu
ance of dour patronage. V. V. BUSIIFIELLI
uriele.ddi GEO. HICUARD
TISS Innituarn roll be re opened for the reception
of lads and Vonore geetiernen, on the fiat Monday,
the meond day or September next.
be plan of th s Amidetayis comprehensive, em•
bracing a Moroi crease of lustroetion in Classic and
Scientific Learning, the Modern Linnenenot, • full
course of Commercial Studies. end the estrous brmett
es of elementary linglish Erluiation.
The Imatation is furnished with the neetriany
Maps, Globes, Phyaiologicra, Astronomical, Phao•
uid Chemical Apporains,.. by which the
ailed in acquiring a more thorough know
sbjects of studies
it. Caron. Paincw•L.
Win A. West, A fd Instructor in the Latin' and
Greek Imgcsges. •
John Grow, A. N., instructor in Mathematics.
Je rues D. Reed, A. M., Instructor in the Natural,
Mmtal, and Moral Selene..
John C. Sehadd, Ph. D., Prete/ism tn Modern Lomeli.
P Dud. Profemor in Book kiceflin . g.
J D. William
EDIFICE enmanship,
The Academic EdificeonForry ercet, between
Fourth and Liberty. Th e
hal ding Is large, eons
mocker, and airy, and being oat of the Immiest part
of the city, it to getrattnd retired, which readers d.
very desirable feuding roosts 'floatation of Loaning.
Circulars ran be Obtained at the book mores in
both clam dheiPmitcipal can be •sten at the Ars
ndernr. mglGiLisv
SODA ASH-1a cut• tr.:erred for sale by
u 616 9 it %V HARBAUGIII
REAM CHEESE-75 bee teed fof side by
&&18-4 et lie Cured, end G ezkv common Hams
_LI uRtS lucid per steamer Reveille, for sole by
8h W lIA LlBAllfill
LI ERRINU-4LD boo*More and for sale by
11 riagis S& W DARDAUGII
TlAMB—Evans &SwilDe Cinelmati karat Cased;
Macey's Indium do ,
Virginia do
Scotch eared,
W not smoked. Lor rale by
arAIS CG LiberlYer
D RIED e 1 EF—Jno. Lame , Cin ;fo Cur: , d e Ca nm tr . ass .. e . di
For male il Dm .151 Phil A Mea.URO & Clr
SMOKED BEEF TONGUE-B—A lewdos for sale by
angEl WAS &81cCLUB0& CO
ITENMON HAMS—A (e choice Venison Hams
linen WM A MeCLURG & CO
E invite tha auenuou or those furnishing 9 e
W Rotas to cur assortment of Triottaiugs, tempt.
ma ti; tt la th e
tr,:,"l — ra...
Ilnekintek Diaper, boatel Dispor t
Card Table Covers, Crush,
Curtain material GPO de-1 Mats, tr.e. !se.
seriptions, ,
natl 4 Carpet Warehouse. 75 Fourth at.
IHAVE for sole. • number of hoods and Mortgages,
in stuns from Ea* to FALCO, motoring in tram one
to into years, or in arirmal Instalments, with Interest
payable nein' anntially, seevred by city property
equal in vain* to mice tho =coots for which they
art respectively drawn. 11. BEADY WILKINS,
augltultf Alt`, at Low. No lot Fourth rt.
Sirarrborry Planta for Salo at Greta
wood Om dons.
- DEIST'S Prize, linvity's Seedlings, and itor.
13 These arr the largest and best flavored Iran
.01.001 all the different vatlettes now graven.
orders scldrest.ed to the prop.letor, West Manches
ter, trill receive prompt, aurnuen. J hIcKAIN.
For gal•, on Long Crodlt
ALOT on Wylie meet, near I.A.Otn. IW real to
front by 111 feet In depth in an alley Y 6 feet wide..
Alio, a LAt on Wylie .:roar, near Fulton, 44 feet la
front by WI feet in depth la aa alley tr. feet wale.
Apply on
Airy at Tomah et.
Velvet PHs Farpots.
W. AIeCIANTOCK has in store and for vale the
V T . In ric.t assomner, of Tr'•et V•tl`T ,
beTt eve, ml.r J I ihl• eltl. to
who I, mva, of thao. soofnfo,
o our, o , r Wo.ffo
oon, l'rootlf
Gibbed Herring.
ASMALL Lot Gibbed lierrivg in prima old
sot ode by JOHN litc . rADN &IA!
. Thoi.
00 - 1:111.LS. No a AILACKERECi a Bo m at f o o n , iumcoon
" ""." ry
Pr' 7071 Z Flo FALI4!: I 7 & 1 1. 0 0
an 14 Canal Ilaaln.
Wig - iiiVto.l awl tot totte oy
TOBOCUts—SO by. RI/5,1/ & Robosson's s's Liiiip
20 tae Cnlnness do .
2l' bxs M y c rs' pound lunsp;
In More and ior sole by
- -------
Aimootais't l2111.111”.1 Com
pany of the City of Pltttbsirgb. •
CAP! CAL 11200,000.
TCeinpany is now prepared to 'roam against
I. pod MARINE RISK + a all kin4p.
Of Ace, &.ond Sung, 117141 m
J. R. Aloorehead. Roily Patterson, Hill,
R. 11. Usnieg, R. B. Simpson, Joshua Rhodes, Wm.
M. Edam', Edward (liege, At P. A.M.:, Wm. Pot.
bnewood, U. C. Sawyer, Chas. Rant, Wet Gorman.
Barns de Lathes
MOBLIIY &13111LCIIFIMD a selling neat and
daomo styles of above goal. n! reduced
I y tnea e f.... e fe d lo ou p , seze r ;
I B o azifai Gull ftmomm . 4l4at
Small Plaid CAlnghams.
MUR PH V t. BURCHFIELD have an excellent
ansortmeni of above article, light and dark. of
ebony colors, Including one of n very superior
qnsilAyi also . , all colors of Chamley Gingham, artal3
r l5lO STETALi.:-TOCTiisorl 7 ntTaVii 'Mond
rale by ivoist3l, 7 Wlll B &HALEY di CO
ENOLI.9II, Classical, and blathematlcal school
will Re•Opeo 011 Monday, the loth hut, at No b
Webster strew, al the head of *swath st.
ON Saturday, lattl matelot, a small Bunch of );eyes
oopposed to hoe been lost In the neighborhood of
ate Pont Office, the fiader woof.] confer a furor by
Leavitt, them at this omen. _ugll
OAK 01.0011130 BOARDS.
5,000 •
PF.FT Worked O.k Flowing Boards,
perfectly dry, uld et a superb:a [middy
r rade by S. t-LARKP.,
emaltbdif Sharrabergh.
AMALL teacher up CI a vacancy In the male p.l.
mar, depayintent in the Gni Wald Yablie
school, Allegheny. Ako exam...ion will take pbAce
at die &Moot Home to said Nand on Thinaday the
15th Inst
Applications, in tbe mean C.oe, may be Landed It
to any dike Almeto.s. Nona but experienced teach.
era need apply.
A. LAMONT, President.
Alkerma, August ard lEso—saoSal
.131gt.. - 43 - YAX.-11.0 Mdagast reireg and for saaby
June. July, and /mow, Cow en side at 25e per
number, by. It HOPKINS,
aug7 78 Apollo Bulklibra Foll,lli at.
I 9 astabora of this valuable work sow for sale at
25e per No. by [IWO Pt lIOPKINB
. _ --- . • ___
LIJE . ,:. a fin sale by loorl B itorguss
13ACON:-.7 - Eouldent, Sides, and Haws for role by
asap - ' - ' BA W HARRAVOII
AV/WOW OLASB.-1500 boxes Elethearli WIE
.law (Haw, assorted Mom, no band. far tale by
WALI. PAPER—W. P. MARSHALL it enestann
ly reenividg, Mom the largest manufactories
New York and Philadelphia, and alms from Franc.
Avenel.. the nentestemd mar approved Myles of he
per Hanging., together with Borders, Fire DOlarki
Prints, andleater Tops. For sale at 65 Wood at, be
tween Fourth street and Diamond Alley, (successor.
to c. MM.
M ACKEREL -9 brill No I;
15 brls No
55b•Is No 3 large;
2 at brie do for sale
LR!KD U fI FIF-41tieree. Soria Cured Caivoa•ed ,
Beer Sam, • prime article, for .ale by
WHITE FISII-20 ree'd anle
Tv .u4l* WICK & IkteeANDLtS^3
OTARILI re.e'd for_nt by
DRV lIERRINp-200 b. on band for oak by
ongl2 tWICKk bIoCANDIXB9
SACKRIIIII—Ne 3 lane mat reed ~ad for rate try
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I.3lZilratsltratt BewsrPatitat Mods. Ash.
834 sta il lt s ,7an t j b l e he .k. rem .e ni e nderiet &Tri ud b al, till=
neaten onth, per ••Anna Rieh,”"littrope,aagetury a nd
other ships, via Philadelphia and Hattnaoreovatata
ed powder la Loth
low se and r ice in nay ta the
market. for sale at the est price for eanh and ap
proved bills, by W,I M MITCIiELTREE
sail! .Ltherty meet
10pLblaC ulna POWDEkt--30 etas Marmot. , beet
vialitY, arrived_ per alap.Deltaiand me on the
way by canal, for sale at the lovressma rket.prien• br
auxl9 W & 14 MITCIIF.LTREF.
NO. SUGAR-40 Ithdkprune, la ./ore for sa.hs b
• augl.4 W&M MITCHELTBE6
'QUGAR CVRFD 11A111S—A rood *wormer% of
'V.7 venous brands, t eintantly on Vinod and sale by
1111POILT42 , ' TO TII Ti. A F VIACTN. -1 /.
;Dr. Celebrated Brindles.
- -a-vi,recod S. TOSp_ the discoverer end sole pre.
JJplietor VI there 0k0.% and
mediate.. end •bo the inventor of the celebrated
instromenlibOollating the 4anna, in creettng a care
of atonic dimes*. arta a Modern of Om, enstrent
014,010, Doctor Physic, 'and I. a endunte of the
Unorersiry of Per nay iveria,and for thirty yeatsainee
bay byettergaged In the three stigittion of disease, slot
the •pplieandn or reartedl4.llercto.
Through this usa of his indent.' Mt. in connection
with his PrOolarlardie Styrop and other or Ins Te Meth,. -
he has gained an. ',thank led eminence in canny
dime dreadfal and Strobe.s, Tiaeryabk, Con
linmptiete, Carmen, Kbenmatirm, Aslt re. •
De•er mut Agne, regent Of all tirade, Cbsonle.Ery
and ~ell Mow b e &cow. peculiar to
remotes. Itideen parry fown elder'.' vanishm us.dcr
the b y of hie remedies, to which burtmeityhew—
not b the ate of One comnd only. lot ta
compatit le h Lem. het' by the y bbv
of his remedies, adopted to and prese.lued tor each
meeker term of Mien..
Dr. ROW.
_Tonic Abet alive rplla, when med are
Invariably acknowledged tfi be lumbar to all othet,
as¢ purgative or 'liver pill, inweineh as they leave
tie "..MilmavorY .freer from erwrivenewr as slit
s Golden irle is admitted by alit (acuity
peculiar propentes stapled ,to female climes , . tut
being satisfied that a bare Dial it Inthe'entto esiahlt.h
what hos been said in the Minds of the most e keenest,
Tee strieled we cell upon U. anen t sod
Proem , lorelnd one of the Doctor'. pamphlet. giving
*detailed arenum of each-remedy and 'its *polemic.
For sale by the followthr agents,. well rby mom
druggists thronebour the ecunit Y.
J Ochcondisk•r A Ca , 24 Woad tweet, Pittsburgh:
M Townsend, di uggial, 45 Market .t, do,
Lee A. ttecklorn, do near the P.O. Allegheny clip.
Jo. Berkley. Barb:wroth Md.., eo, Ca
.10 0 Elliott, Bruton Valley, do de;
Adam. Beaver, do dai
stung:o y
B Ul' It.ll—n keg, watt teitelved o onnew
mutt, and ter sale by J C lIIDW F:LL, Agt.
Mintz t at
PURR OLD •Fvni . son URARDT,
Suitable fur Jiiediimad Purpose's.
4 1' :tea " by
rtftise s ti s hoia r... to s m .s e ls of:l s tro s d s l ' o ' r
..le a one nolo. boWei which they loom to be
it eras Laugh% by Drachma in Inflict, and
P so" ,
"b's lit7ilaraltiwoßTH,
Tea A. Wino Merehantr, Taut lade of the Diamond.
g - A " L i Eff ° tone ter isle tom to <lore eorTaii‘
angle . , Cor. FSllt ft Wood it'
TWICENTINF-1.10 Lrl• far ode b
LARD 011.-50 4111 for
• 64 . 0 PAIINEST ' OCK a Co
43COTCH SNUFF—Care.itee in Ladders, forty eby
17 •13510 U A VAIIN4MTOCK le CO
- .rash Arrival or . ChrileeTaii.
& ll&Wtarik in be Diamond. have
IVA Joit reecared trim the importers. another WV:
topple . oreiretient Week and rileen t car, which they
are nom retailing from the otiginal cheat. at See and
75e per Ili, They defy any in the trade to twat tier
(I,llllltY nt the pore. We rmpecitelly ttalteit the pub
lic. triton/pare oar Tea. with those iiirehared elm
whcra price ea it!)
xC - KTD - CEDUN has received for sale, vet lth
. of Gibbonn Innen , of the Decline ”d Fal, el
tbe Heat. Empire.
Lfc tul Lettellk o Themes Campbell, in 2vt
Edned by Wee Beattie, 111 U,
Eine ehtary ut.tehell or Moral Philcimphy. Dr 0.0
late Ref, &deny Smart, N. the 1113141 . 1.11 Felectic System Of Stn.
tn V lemio
e li rN sl o;!t:
The Shotilder Knot, a tale or the cot-
el-y. • ; •
The Scarlet Lauer; a romance.' By Na : S ti es
• ,
T MOURN thee la mak W
e.. hen other Olen It
arelmal thee. Coneetiptle deparane and return,
Annie Laurie. %Are we clutom there. low backed
ear. lb dock all thlngs well. Pretty we. a here
Silver :Soon. Grand of Waghil7lO.k
g. The u haat :Soon.
I:monied: therpint. Soler key. 13e Mod to
loved once at home. Cheer no my own Jeanne..
Oh, Leinuel. Spring Sower Waltvs. Elan Walt:
Urea them Walt.. Salutation Poke.. Betty PM/ a.
'Ravel Polka. Jenny'lLied Polka. Linda gulekstep.
March front Noon*. '
,The Mine arc lust received, and for eale by
.1 It TiPLLOR,
10,0, 81 Wood et.
B ACON -9 cuts Pager Coved MSS,
6 auks clear Sloes;
30 ...k.3bould.r..ln store, and for o•lo
low.iti ale to consignment, by
suoa. JAM BS A 1113TC1115031 &CO
RiCY io tes in ainre, and - for tale by
I . tl --- Ai3iP.ES...ddbiliNo 3 Mackerel, Halifax tn.
ISt +Faction, jest received and for sale by
10 Water at
, •
TllR.andersigned having completed their Rolbna
Nib athpre7ared to Gil promptly all orders for
Braver and' other Manufactured Copper of en, re
quired size, Made from the Copper of thetlid Mine,
Lake Superior.
This Metal has been thotonghly tasted by compe
tent Scientific, men in the severe seruea of the Government,
and pronounced superior In dewily, sthength, end
tenacity, to any inuse, and is mach prefect. tor th e
manuthetate of Ordri.ce and other porpeees.
It IS therefore couLdentlY Teton:mended as a supe
rior article, for pit user, to coy in market And we
respectfully the.tentinu of purchathrs end
oth eta to rids noel branch of home =snafu elute.
At present the Warehouse is No tsCorarneteial'lldrr,
Libel"y street rose C. 0. II UPS &CO
LD i t . re w -
.01 lag Manias Mario,: terlook n atthetr " elroryn7en ' t
of the..
.goods Great easel is taken in seleettog the
very beet senile; and an they buy in large quarlisties
(root gap rig - eats of the manufacturers, they can be
sold pt the very Detect prices • Suer
0171\G-70 belt on band11.1 .4: 11r i. 17 , , t1,i p5., ..
trip 7 & 9 Wood el
C.,T',I.IGAIt - - CU begs Brazil Sugar in',l are, .atr;i,
sole low by &
F L , l) ,, 9 , l , :— .. i f l o t e ar . e i r
by noty llllll., extra Siour that
aurpl S.&W. lIARRAI7G H. '
rnexpimpt pounds Ohio Semler, comic ii
inor for rule by
aus ,a & W.ii‘HFIAIII-111.
I lieu AND 11.t 7 e- not do; I
Out Surxr for told
rOot.T. Wood Street
- .
Lx•by Ntlltsto Octane, 111. one of bit executor.
a sole Ilato cloth.
Rilibkty Economy; a tremors on thenew sit of
Irunsport, Its management, prospects, at d reludobs,
ortmexels I, financial, and roma!, with au exposition
of th e prat:veal results of the railways In operation la
the Vaidd IttogdolE,on the Continent, and in Accents.
Hy Hionysit• Watincr;Lf C L, do. t cif. 11thocloth
The Paw, Present, and Flitted , the 11, pahlir, Wens
•ated from theYiElleil of A De Lams ndth. euthor of
"The Oerondirra,“ ...Halloos of ray Youth,l ,
Phadl.” me. I sot limo cloth.
111010 trwarard Velour,. In Lectures, Adtirertos and
other tVritioge, by Horace Gteelty. 1 Vol tome eio.
The History of the Conkssional. Ily John Helm,
Northing, D. if., Hlshop or the 'bore. of Vermont,
1 gal Vino sloth. •
. •
The Conethest of Cans da. By the author of , Iloche
lale,•" Warbarnme IDA ,I von Ina,.
Qom.; . sketch of a physical dcaception of thy
ttivene. Jig A lez:Von Humboldt, unwanted fruit
'holder... by K G. a nti• limo cloth
Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Doman Empire,
with nom. by 11:11. Mllmoe. thspere cheap ediuon
thero, cloth, complete in o cob at 40e per 'mai 4 volt
received for sale by It 1101 . KINS
TiTTI. — kV a ISKI•alt. enliliAkrcirei RT-1:1 i.O ta a
Meountion Leak of nand, for which we ire at at
lois bow to secant: And we must my nail the com-
Ira.t to far from ;natural an op reran. edict, firer n
may be obviated by the use of JULES 11.014:L'el
celebrated VEGETA HUI LIQUID • HAIR Deli,
which will Innents nebusly produce the most Ltiltio. t
and natural tooling blacks brown, or chestnut color,
without ethieng ehe,hair or huntitig the skin. The.e
colors me inde.llll, and aee out Infected by the ac
tion of bent, Perspiration °Omelet There are frothy
kilid• of Hair Dye on saki bet they ad haTe some
dotorist ol.:ocuon to their kw; sum o repine a look
ote to produce the ether, others bottling the hair smi
skin, and tome. when that on, give the hair the lustre
of it newly Harked stove. JULY'S HAVEL'S va;
TABLE LIQUUD HAIR Dll4 ts the wily ems which
is entirely flee from the above °Dien.... In woman:tied
entirely barmier, end wilt peodnee a benedifut end
natural looking color In a shorter time than any °thee
*ouchus, Ito enethoces in puerbeteng, to rube hart,
he, not my name wombed,. there are rawly
ittill6liDll4l Or this eelebrated arnete.
reeirldt• AU R 419 fThertnat at.
it SMALL 1101.111 E on Pride street, In the EI*MA
tveni,--ite.nt km. Apply at thly Pace. aegn'
'5 CW bstlateA reo'd fot sale by
OLAblieri--6/ nerrele prime,at i
111 stare, arra!ler sale by
in o
.1 rilb Is le store for sole by
R. sable e •WAM AILITCHELThEti:
AA. hiAPON A CO., No. 63 Market sweet, hare
auppbed the deficiency in their stock. caused by
atootlei it it new rendered wienete by the r receipt
desirable goody, purchased from wanufeentrers;urd
large auction sales, at a great redaction from Prieee
of law Spriog, which will be offered to their names •
ear patrons accordingly.. It world be useless to at.
tempt to cuornerale their well assorted stock, and,
therefore, Ineltel the early attert , lertof their (nee d.
,tpd the public, mull the ..assure of a Lawmen lie,-
the •fused to emelt article. lyle
Pau ji ii '‘ l V o l t L ;VP
• •
/Article, 11.1111017tA ALL at a km price l
tar *r
linens lately rend
AITLE6-1.1 just Tec'd fur sale by
. . u .B • • wick d bieOANDLEAS.
TAn It
tITIN N C Tat; •
hf brls 'do, for atlo liy
llMolibbbkl./11111:4 7 --Ibtlye. supyslar kabala by
J wigs • WICK h bite...041.1.MS
BRi.ibbri . l:l7.37C73iiiTl7 - babaTactr star by
taut, , WICK A, MOAN DLEK.
QALESLATIJet—w cake Vaman:
1.7 data, polvdrned do, for sale• 0,
%odd' 'WICK & MeCANDLVdS.
cask" Yotasbot fine artick..lnr sale
by (aogbj WICK fr.. IIIeC4INIDLEP_
,ia IIIATLOTTODAL:Ci. ,7-. - - .4jTiiiis Y3t" --1-- ---
-,..-!b! . t Tobacco foe sate by - i
_.._, Yiyll . !Ka. NeC i ANDMtft
: .. , 41 . - - Vlttbris superior, Ytoity torsids by
piiiaiY.l,;PiA.,_ bIYCANDLESs.
it -e- .ciisks testa strut fertisle by _ t ---
' Op? : A .1. W lIARBAUMI
- --
• r e
',Watt IWI4I:—A PlllO IttliT - t
I ll 4111'—
Y\ PIF.II - a:Kr-7rrierm — ancinnau emu Clueolt
1J Dodd Beef received for solo by_
; • • LS' M r A AIoCLLIIO So COO
F 3 23 0, N , A INDIA` .I b°
_ 2 ' , C N IKS SAL:SODA, too .*lllyD
y i'lLOUßPF:gtifgr.-10 brio OS bwd rt i fo r r t it , "or
-B. & W. lIARDAUe,