The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 10, 1850, Image 1

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    ?.7 ,E' ST `,1178b.
•14 1;T. E: Co.
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n. wirrri I I L fulatcr.
tairrrs 'monist% 7IIItb IrrintlT, lit DOOR To
nti, Pon min=
Pally,..~~ppp per
76-Weet • ..... SAC • "
Yfeally in a -
Cabe, at a reduced Tate
KAI CP OF AtivenTzeisai
One Sqie iedio linato(Nomparell orlessY
oen / 11.1101*••••••••• -••••••••••••40,11
thin *Of ee
tti., each additLoaaliaseriloo• •••
ens . .LTS
..1.) • two weeks.-- —......
.. three leek.•--- 4,00
• 0. SA)
Do. tlin, months.--
.12‘ • - three 11101,11,11 r
Ito. roar months-..., ..,-_,.-:
Dn. six
Dr, twelve months.—
Funding Card M lines or lesa3 per annata..lo,oo
One Ehruare.ehangenble atpleasure nweaar
nutol meelaslre of the paper--; 0,00
For each additional square, kraut.' overarm math,
Na for exch additional Keats Inserted soder the year
. ty rates, half price.
Advernmrcents exceeding a nouns, ""Ter
lineen Imes, to be charged as amour turd a kelt.
Publishers not secouotalble for lerf&l adrnniwneeu
beyond the amount charged for theirOShlM..."••
Amu:miming candidoms pa. eke., mho alined this
name at other advertmemws.•
Advenise.xnents not marked on the Mil for &mei
bed number of insertioos, alithe ernitioabd tin forbid,
and paymentexacied accord: ;
The pnvileges Myeatlyaletruaern *rut bo *Caned
to their regale, business, red al Mhos stayer.
ttsemems not pettish:ling thck. **Cul* , Muiness,
agreed for, to be paid extra:
An misenisemears for 'charitable matitations, fire
moonies t ward, township sod her public &maim,
and each like, to be chergcd halfpriee, payable strieWy
Marriage collets to be eharged Uleents. .1 •
Death notiees mound without ehargeontleg afta t a.„
pankd by anent in or
or obltmuy notices, ind
when so aceompanted 10 be paid Ihr.
• Resula”drerorenh and all otter* unding comma
orreeriring notleta ; designed to call att.:
lion to Fairs, Rot fees, Concerts, or any public enter-
Wm:lents, where charges Stresdado far adsrdttence—
, all notices a private .associstions—every notlee. de
signed to cell attention tonrivitite eutisrpnres calcula
ted or intended to prnmotottidi vidd al tworesLcan
ly tererbid with the undentroidang Rink' the sue
Is to be paid foi. If intended to Ire tntierted io L.;
,cal column, the same will be chanted at the , mut of,
eoI Ira thou 10 gent.
•Iludepat Fist Nolleesto be *tonged uiplci ri
Tatern License Perinea., 132 each: . ••
Legal and Medical adirettisenteals to bs. charged at
Real Ilinate Agents' 'and Auctioneers , aillertise-
Meet* not to be classed under yearly rate, but to tio
allowed a i.oont of thirty Rime and one thinit per cam;
!tout the amount of bills.. '
.AvXLXLT ua 1111-wilinx
One Squire, three insertlnqa• • el, sp
Da. ' each additional insertion—. '37
' Anna - mm.3.mi Ie Ws..ttire
One &mare. (ID lines,) one tnaertion. , --50 cut.
Dv. each additional traerdon•-:..M 0
All 'transient ad vertive meats in Le paid In advance.
lc CO. Gazette. • '•
' • . ' M. RIDDLE, Jeamal.., •
JAmES P. DARK re CO., Otto:tide:
JOS. SNOWDEN, Mercury. •
JAMES W. DIDDLIi, Arne ric
• IlltteM t.aDiE,EVening
Pretrircun. Dec. 1,1640. " ' • '
____ -
• JOliri A. PARIAIIfmON,
LDV.BAIAPI, riracww, Pena attest, between n
ars .d Strohm!. AU bacillus promptly at
t (Pll dett , to.
ITURNRY AT.LAW—puree, On Fourth strait
14...5a0c0 Wood. . . •
__ onto
AA TTOILNFX AT LAW, ind - Conix4;daniil44
Pcns,y Irani% SI. , , 4
All eamunianicalloc. Vromptly sAsTimd:
y • - •
J.lm IL I.ftrge ' Wm. C. Vriond.
LA.II.G.R. ic * , ruscrip,...-
OUNEVS AT LAW, Fonth arcM, rum Orara.
A TTORNEY AT LAtIOIBee .on Fourb.streete
Jok, between houttgeld and Grunt, Yittsburgb. : r ! r
bervamin Paton•--- •Wllllam Bagewoll
A TIORNEYS AT LAlV,—Ofgeo i • r_agicaarr Rall s
lA. Gram st,noar the Court Hoare. , • '
JOUR H. anstrus,
J-I.A TTORNKrand Counsellor at Law, and Commie.
Corker forrhe 'State of renttrylrunin s EL Login
Cote of Pnb,bnegb.i -
!totem nees —Ciarburght Ran: W.Forwaid, Ramp.
ton A Miller , M'Candless &McClure, Joh& E. Parke,
& Senapte,McCord A King. ,a 0014.1
WIN. •• cpsouvit.
lall AGA LEI% WOODWARD & Co Wltolcsalo, Oro
cony No. I Narke,st, Pbiladolphis. onel
• Plittobstigh •
ilip 13 gRR Y & Ct7111.414e nien of Soda
raniet. nee.
e4 6utly corner of Libn. y. gni St. C,l
SOLOIIOOI r 01301 t
n 07011591014 hilittClitafr,Stock t ad 13:11 Wok
ctt Pio 110 Second street.. nanyt-dy
stqn,sne Spring. Azle, ' Steel, ana Iron
coLFAL&N, lIMGMAN & Manafaetaters of
Coach sad Elptin Spina", Llantaterell 'Axles;
Soring uad, Pleura Butel,lron, ten. Wareliottse on
Water and Front streets, ridsbarnh. •-• ; •
Alsq &Meta 1 Coneh_Ttitonlingt and Malleable
John A. Cro i g. vv. B. Sklnt,r.
CIZATO SKINNER, 'Forwarding and llomamion
Merchants, No QG Market In. eiluborgh.
AIeeAULT I,C°, Forwarding and One
‘..). mire. n 111crelrnis, ;Canal Bann, Lnirsbugh,
(1 IL (ill Ayr, Wholesale Grocer,Gortal”ion and'
V. Foreranhog Merchant, No. 4t Water at, Fitter
Ira iieroey. Andrew Fleming 11.1C. - Plearng., 00.,
Commt.ssiox 741:11011ANTS—For the sale
wente.Wooten, and Cotton Gnodr d e aler s in
ail kinds of Tallow , . Trintralaga, No If. Woad It, 401
doer front Frith. Prttsbdrah.
eference--Mcarrs. W". A. MI E Co, li . aakers. '
%pat.a.. ..J.1.1111X r. 11=.11[17.
NGLISII BENNETT, (Late Iduclinit, Gatlacber
.0 4. co.) Wholcaale Grocers, Conyobtalon 'and For
avertible !dere bents, and de Oen In Produce aad Pius
barna Idanufacturca, No. 37 • Wood at.: betwact 2d and
ffi:'ii; S~ll ' ds~'ua~
NoJL 1.12.5,c0m l thttsbrgts.
Tjr LEE, aldorphy h Lre,}-Wool Deal
,tr.L er oe3 ConteAssto, Merchant, for the vele et
AmeritenW oo !eAeJ Libertenotttr , cai it fehl?
— 7 - wx. Tau", Eteltmiore. - • -• : • -
a.l. C.CCLICJD, ` •
D. C. IDDUICK-Oc. Dr 13.132.
LALD it BUCK NO R, Ti3lol.lco C,m.g.d o n, hi m
,113111 atuuLts, 41 NorA Waltr r... 16 North Wharves,
H, J0Z4F...4 &=.204 likcemons to wn,l4;
Jones Co.I Coramiourrt and Forvnudiu Met
efiants, Yistabnirgh
. IFzipifactured Ofrodit,
Pittelmntb, PR ' Ineht7
occcr..u.o. To it Axoo4 C. mime..
IMPORTER. fr. Dealer in Frc,li and American r'a..
per !Uremia and Madera. WAndostr Shades. Fire
ard to. Al
pins Paper. N. Wo.d ....ireet.bctsreen Fourth Weer
and Diamond alley,..locat Pirtaborsh, Pa
C 15,1 " .41 1L W I
N i ?1 , 7211 g .1;1 1 1110
03 Wood' .10011, one door South Of Dianto ' od Alley
TA y drA rrArtgr,E; ; W ieG
• Ateretutr.t; and dcalco la Prodn. e sad Pitionargh
Itanafactares. No :It Water at, Oittahrireh. . • .
le•talt•DttliT. - • , teem DICIITI re,
1,2/JA!! p lO 2Ey Wholesale Grocerrsoeem
: utu(pa merchasta and dealers In Prodece,Nos.GC
war, and tor Freels streets. Plash's...b. • . nova
es. larene•••• , •— , • --• • --Joseph Ddsrorth. •
DILWORTa /a CO.; Wholesale Grocers, sn ot
Ake Is for Ilasard CovraptCo.i . i:io.27,lyo.4
Tlnrib; .
TOM trIVWNWTN - 1), liengelet and Aorcheeary
47 rda V.:Market et, thron doors above Tided suPlUx:
barabosal have constantly an hand a well selected as,
surrunent of the best and freshest Dledteinst•whteh I.
will sell ea the mart =unstable terms, Phyaielans
ord. eas,be vacantly *Vended 43, sad lap-
Puna. with antele., they mss red Y coos aelr./UinO•
tij"'Phssiei as Pru e Iloilo. will be accurately and
easel rva.4l ' tresa.ttie bast nueladell, Many hoar of
Se day or ourbt. . •
Also tor sale, aim. reek of trildiand COOdPala
- tat?
T VANE - 4E1.0,0am of Warren, Odle,/ Cds o3l.
g, • Woo and Forwarding fil•rehant. and Wholesale
dealer in Western Ream. Cligene, 'Batter, rot and
ret-I Ash. lad ‘vowern Frodnee generally. Water
street, between Smithfield and Woody Pittsburgh.
Tit lINSToNfc St i ktf ta oKitookaellers. Priam..
0 sad rarar MsSaiseters,:slo. fit Market sneer,
Fairborgh. • • •
lohn• Fjord. - }unbend Floyd.
FLOYD, Wbolowslo Groner*, COIIIMIU.i36
0 • Merchant; - nod Deniers In Prod., Round
Church Iloildinec Thrn%ittT oa Libettr, Wood and
Birth street, Pittaburgn, P 7,. uPt
TORN WATT. (aneettsoh• to Entail leb hat
Wt:deltas Groner .I.IIC Commission Marchan
dealer In p,3.4,11.04 pittehorph Mannlhetnree eor
ter f Cny and Rand etreent, Pinsbunth ie2ll
3tio. A. CAUGIIEY, Arent Om the ciii - Ea nn
Miehluan Line to tinny.. .and the Laken. -.Ome n
on the norm. or ?Vsiter ILO natithßeid an! land,
Altit3 - A.:FryTCIILSOVii. Co.=~aeeeian is
aY Lorin Untaluson Lc Co.. Commission lintehnott,
and jthents of the St. Untie Stant. 14114111. Rehm,
No ld woe; an.lFil front tweets. PLlAttrult.
al • No U4Wond ntreet, Pittnintruis.
T — B. SWF:ITZKII, Attorney at Law'
a *Nee ;4.t.,
U op,posite :SL Charles noir', Ploobatt - will also
ponce ions, L Wultingan,Fityetti
and (keen counties,.
Itlaekstoc & Oa, •1, . , •
Church to toarestaeis, Ptuablreh.
D. T. Moreau. . nel3dll
ITAPTTEMELL.on; tVhotesale and Retail dealer;
ai in Maio sad Masieal Instronents, &heel Bons..
Isaperadates. Steel PMIO, Otailta, Printers' Oarda, and
fiatiorata-aamerally,rio. et Wood eL,Mnaborgh.
cr lownitt or taken to • • aura
I • V 2.• • ,••••
et s. r
` . .4 41 0 r
W:si 4 ,41 • l,} q'v - I, at
"t . • I - ls 1,1 /
_ • .
GEORZE , E. , : ARNOLD 4 . - 00.
xxcitjus67r;:dl3l*, 13k2cit. NOTIZEI, to
N .. 74 F,,,,,d,irrjet,next tlo:ir tqlbe Mink of pit..
br., T ti.. ' , , ' . mrzt.l.,
KR /0 - TiFS.Forwarting and Ilontonle .11
C3I.CIP. Dealers In Produce tt I•lnatnnl ' raj;
uin.turr, riLsilanslll.eln;rtkar 71h in. np4.
gENNF.EnIif Cr 1 1143 & 117.inufacturnia
.ver, ..mwz Snnnung, Cava Chain, C ctioo
C. W, Rkkookonnsba rgO.
AILLER fr.Philad.
RICKRTSON, Woblosole grocers, end
ag„ in/porton of 11mnd:es. Winos and Began, Nos:
!Mood 17.1 . , tome. of Laborty Owl troll streets. I'ts
bug*, Pa. Iron, Nnilsi Cotton Yarns„ - ko. eon!
slowly' on hood. • • • • • - op 4 •
ohrti'VG l6 . eta , . D. /10.: I. 'Walter C. Roo
MoGILLSA ROF, Molex alco °thee:tit and Cotntni A
ten Merchants, lialat Liberty St, Pitisbo rgh
B.IIITR tiff - 'Cat RICA ATtli apßlrl
'tease /PAIN • • ,1111111
Iir.ANUFACTURERS of spring and blister steel,
IXX plough steel, steel plough ,onnas, coach aad chp
.IltTrutles,he red iron. tal
ps, es, and dealers is 11.1
eabte nes:triarern
er, Gre ensinelrun and cOllO
. 6Per ll 4..amer allots :Front ate., Citoburib,
N• N 045 Markel sr, seeend door
• _frost earner of Foarth, dealers in rateign and
'Homustla thlla or Exchange, CertiGeatea of Depoto,
Itant Nalco and Sped, ' •
SCT'Coldiellons mile on all the prihoipal duos
hrnooboottho United Statra. ' • cp7
- -••
sae—althea. Fourth et,
third door abeve.Ruttthfteld, south vide.
' Conveyancing of all kinds JPns with the greatest
ears nrulleF . l *Cita. y.
• 111 CS to RCS. Estate examined, he.
Martetatreet,Vittabrogh, Pa, It ern con*tant
ly on han Po d, .1 Mak< to order all kinds of Vials,
Wes, !c. tter alai Miueral Water Bottles ef
•Partte alas attention paid to Prlvato tamable. •
• Lithographic E•tablichroatit
,P WAT.- 11111.1 Diti.• Third at, opposite the
Past...Orrice, Piushorgi , ,—hlopaLandstares, Bill.
teads.abowbil . ls, Labels, Architectural and'blachine
Drawings, 'lowness and Tisitittly Cards, tt C.,rlllrraVeti
or lit"..11011 slam, and ertalt.l in telors,Go.d. Ilrenze
Or Blark, Ile mast approved style, end at the meet
Arasottable prire• octlbtly
D ODIN 'ON, LITTLE le CO. ^ o. IT7 labels). street
• .11.1 h Yalallorph Wholesale Grocers, ro.. 4
Wariesivakin hle cahoots, .1 dealers In Pic:Worth
Nana. area.-- apt:
bostron. mm.. Pom m el,
IDONEIPt MOORE, R holenne Grocer, Recta) m llstiller r.
deolor Produce, Palleborpltannufoi.
tare . as kid. of Furors', and Ilmoontle WitLoa
wd i.tquore, No. II Libeny street. O, bond it wtry
loop stook of ostponot old Monongollcle wank,:
vial., ern' be *old low for r sett. u yl
rr a. trtaormk. . • -
:DEVNOLDS & BIIEE. Fdrarardtne nad• Coaauis
lA, filen blerehaatt, for ate Alltutleny Mart,
t.• 111.11 in G 'atones, Predate lattuburgh, oufa,
ar 0 Chloride of • Lime. •
- "Dm tdche.t. trite, in each, raid at all man tot
Coal:Wl:Lap. Came. Penn and Irwin so. apN
OttEHT DALZELL &. Co, Wholesale ureter+
Coaanltsion Merchant!, dealor+ in Produce an d
PitilburgAhi naufastures; Liberty tlrte', PittMarran,
Pa. 1r aplA
0. ystreeNl4 Lben ; L
. • • ante
o. Cts., 'Sheffield Item ma'
la Steel Worle—bleaufacturcts of Are. U. Spring
madi'leagli Steel - - Also—Snrings, Axles, Vices, An
lam They invite the istfent ion of merchants Rd
coneumere to Mete stork before purchasing • else
where.' They warrant thei r articles to be egos tolnly
-aide in this obesity or ice • orted. ' re bI C
I. O. anacatser - • Taos. a. w3iiii".. —
ACNNWIT & wnrrE. Who!elate Dealer. in
kT , Orelgn - wad Dornz.lio' Dry - liooda, No. 09 Wood
in t.l'ltcanutb.
..., .1.11.111 - 0 I:67"hitii - oi — FdeiaixTia,beatei
tn•Floar•and Produce generally, and Forwalding
and Goramlaaton.jderchards, No. :a 3 NVater Airfeh
r. --
Pdtabarzh. • • nal'
MUMS, 1111111117. E. '.101171 .- 01001.11, 11.13111.A.V15.
CrIGLL' Sdo NICULI, Produce and General Corn•
ta carrion Merriment', No.. a Liberty suect,Pit , s•
tams& Sperm, Llaseedankt Lard 17,1 a. epl7
......C1 i . ,10 11/2,1 „. e t ” le Gro.
, Pinallm4 WeroViain . dreg mid We h r . t n eri
Prodece, have removed to limit. new wartboure, (old
nerldtrrie. :C,eoraer,ol Front ztre4radd 'Cltencery
Trane. ant,
" '4 10111318 at. HAVORTHI,
' yAst DinglyA
L. EL •lysterra.• •W. B. Velem..
W .
1101 ES
r.),lrg GlIOCIMS; - ComissIon aud . For
warding hlerchantai dealers In ell [adds.:. Pro.
date & Pittsburgh Alanr.fachatcd A rlicle_s; az: A,gentr
Mr sale or Richmond: and' Lynehhirg Elanutintured
Tobacco. arl
• • Bather, Pa
.11770hm attend to collections and CI other boll
tetd enuasted told. In Donor mut . .i.onstrontt
canna% P. Refer to •
• J. It R. Floyd, Liberty sti
• w. IV. Walloe. do - •
James Notoholl do Pittsburgh.
. Alp For Co, 'Wood at, I - 'inn;
&D. Boshfield•-•—....- George Richard.
• re* Heller.
Roan Drag
streets, Piiu•
lITHOLF—'SALC and Remit Deniers in Grotteriee'
TV and Dry Goods, and Cordritiuidu lidera:2nm
Liberty et, Pitt.burgb. r l.
• Coma Baal& rem, street, Iluiborrh. mrO .
.7.76fiaini.13417-zs a. Co.,
• tio...22lhlcitkei, and 54. Commerce st., Phifirde
• :Advances aurae, by• either of the shore, ou consich•
menu of Produce to either raft
D. Wil ans. ,•• • --John Ho&
J. D. WD.LIAESS & CO., - -
If F oj ,
w .ES . ILgmq Tug if CT ,.
dealers in Co w tr g r godnceat'dWsbitrit% M , £
a R n
corn. of Wood and Filth sitcom, Pittsburgh.
H. Mettay.
War. IT. wiLcpuilvs. co.,
' N .17. cornet of Wood and laiv.l streets,
jant ' . trnantana. Pa.
Jon •Curs,
W. a.
vrodlnma, a4rn ....rt. •
DaliA LEY & ..Ntilicc•ale Grams: 10
:Ty and 20 Wood street, Fnutnaratt. • •07
WILD.. lilt., • moll 10[JLIDIS.1.
.WICK &. &PCANDLESIiI, (torero/no to - 1. & J. D.
y Wit t,ll litholeszle Grocers, Forwarding.
Coninelsolon inerrbaott; dealer. , In Iron, Nails, 411.,
Cotton Yarna,•od Pittsburgh Manorartorts general
. ly, to ro tr of Wood and Water bu 174 b.
EVPREF., Wbo e si*ro
t:itifying sod and Liquor
Alner•lmpotters of Pods Atik .4 Me-4..
Insi Powder, Niiii•loo Liberty 'street, (opposite Sixth
street') Palebvtlh• •' pI7
lA/ W. WlLessiN, %totems, Jewelry tiiii:erl , 7ans
IV• mid MilttarY Voitids.esnier.p? Market slid
..Ppitriti streets. r,mbargb, Pa. .N.l.l.—Watetes ond
Clocks C.erally repaired: = ' • .17
Wl4 - cililfsTO & C
eny street'
*l. - iYeTCgt.flt. tort. Ifermucom.
W t7..AlrflyCitANVdValoGrocer—
Ui r,i,,4, r l°ceo i rGl l .' t nj
an; Aanufatrn;einrali, aee
• jant7
ar/Lberal advances made On consignmenta
Nl A A: r in i irliL Vl meTriler P :3l. " t gee i ng; ' : n r il
Foam um% mamma tut &unit it., near Market.
ing brands. which they oder for ra t e a* agent+ (or).
•Dluatd & Co. Bordenni,wac Xaglory, J. Bram d, J Tru.
rand k Co, Larochalle, „I 'Parana, Cognac, A de St in
teson, ./1 J. Ithseillo, A de Mandate. Jean Louie. ine.,
Ice; Anchor Gin, Bordeaux Red and White Wines
ler cask. and caws, detected wnh earn by.lebn Durand
CON Wahine Champagne Wine' and Sweet Burgundy
Part. le67.ty•
lis ir e A 7l;ti l y t t ' stne V o l t wTerw i rlrfro ' rt r i th ES ' lnt w o t h e
Daniel on under the owns of "John Pa rke r're.
March let IESO WILE EaltirEß.
Jobn Parte,— 'Carr.
Matusks Grocers, Dealers its Prods., Fornps
Masi, Liquors, Old . sllonesttgahiLz
and Rases Whiskey.
; No. 5, Coamerciul Row, Llbony wee!,
naKtO Pittsburgh, P
wanxa, Faun. 3001. TIANZIA.
rea.ttEn, MANNA t CO.,
(Speoeators to Haney, Henna & Co.) : .
JID In Foreign and DomeUic Fliettar,e, CertiLcalts
of iDepotite, Hank Notes , tad Specie—North weal
*oilmen(' Wood and Mani street.' Cement rating
received on depoa)te.-Sight Cbeeki fad ' tale, and
eolleotiona made on nearly all the principal. otitis
the United Buttes.
—no highest premiOnt paid for Foreign and American
AdVlll2tti made On Cf)l44lllllents of lorodace, ship
ped Ent on liberal terms. 'AP`M
r4rb a. it'arrso,l , oleo..
A. lIVOLVRO.db 00. s.
No xZ Lidong sera, eon, Woad,
IFTa're always en hand a laden asnerttnent
Ordenries and Fine Tau: Foralan Fruits and
Nati, Wheleasia and Retail. Dcaless supplied hs.
lowest terms
le Dreeensts,
wionTNANi.ildonstuturer °fall ktnela of Cot•
1 - 1 1.• Wound woollen. lOU htnery, Allegheny city, 11.
Tbet above works being now Lu fall and soseestol
eragon, son °trooped to exceste osiers with dispatch
for all kind. of machinery In my Foch as 'willows,
°lslam, spreaders, cords, grinding routines, raliways,
drawing frames, speoders, looms, woolen
cards, double or magi°, for merchant or country wort,
'Males, jack., elide and hong lathes andlools In gen
oral: All kinds of ehoiling condo w ardor, or pions w
en for gearing factories or ledge at ccosonable charge.
1 1 1. n. so—gonnosly, Childs Ik, CO., lileekeloca'iDell
Ota, King, Yeauook Qs. law A, Orlb
'~ lli~ ~1~. ~_ r~
la. Wlntrlltrv..y,p,
xTur.t. 'KNOWN VENITIAN DUNI/ 1 4 1410 , Ftq,
• keep COMI-101I1), on band or mate to order' the
hest antic la - their line, at their old rand, o, si,
Clair street, also, at No.P6 hlaiketstreet, re enn4 Nprrj
entrance in the Diamond. Venition Shutters made to
order, and old blind. neatly repaired. . "10
SENN ETT 6 131i0T
Atirmtughazt,tiasur PitabtaFitti o i
?'Y IT'afi•r 's1;! .s . dreivri itfied4t.
• Tread, ratuburgh.
WlLLeenetantly beep on hand • geode ew ,
' meet of Ware, of mu Own 111113/Ifilettlre.tnt.
enperlarqoaltly. Wholesale andcountry tiler,
chants 40 , reopettfolly invited to call and er
amine, for themtehes, as we are determined toe el/
beeper then honorer before been offered to the rub.
ZO r r t tr::::: . tr li m b til i sotompasted by the itch o'
promptly auendt,l mra
MA. WItrTE reepectfully Infer.
, the public that they have emoted shop on
Lacoek, between Federal mid Bentleniky street. '1 th e
rue uour mating and are prepared to reetruse orders for
every description of vehicles, Coaches, chariot's, Its.
Iches, thergies, Phistone,ilte,.ke., which (rent th eir
,;:pe mince in the manufhetureortho above work.,
end t he facilities they have, they feet, onkdent they era
enabled to do work on the moil reasonable tenets with
theme wuntiak art tetra in their frte.' •
rapine particular attention to the selection of mate
rials, end haying none hot coinpettotWorkmen, they
have on hetinattion in a:tweet:ill their work, We
therefore ask the attention of the public to.thismatter,
N. LI. Repairing done In Um 1ie,119.111.te, and °item
moat 'cusp:tattle terms. • tinahlf
wk.?, :Awn ”LINAIN
armwrerrt Wone AND MAU., l'lrprenun
(I...rATINIrt: to to.o.or.eture. all kitado of COPPER,
%...r TIN AND 1511E/:i IRON WARE. Also, Itlack
eon% Work. '
Steam Root. built to order.
:p crust oats/Lana given tessiestra boat work.
ilove on Loads of: wrormaent of Copper and Cram
Reuter no Ware,..e..t.c.' Steamboat CookintStoires,
t' table t'orces. various suet —a very conveltioni ars
Attie for California emigrants, or roll road
We webbl respectfully films rierun boat men and
other to cull and Sea our article. and prices befera
pureonsit•t• prardere • rfiCf
.1. OLZNYI r Prank 'Undoes.
V - 1.: Ire run engaged, In the above Luslneva. corner
of Wood and .Third stroen, relbrburgh, where
prepared to do any work iu bur line ith dr...-
paten. Wt. attend to our work pnrorinally, and WEI , -
gd,,. .... ha given In regard R. it. nvolnera and du
illank Boon ruled to any pattern and bound,oito
rinnuatiy. 'Broke in numbers orold hentr bBund rare.
I,oly or repnirrd. Nuance pat on Looks In gllt listen.
lucre that have work inotr.litte are invited to call.
tow. •• • ntrinetf
0117110.001,•00. • I •
ra. 1 0 1 (1 4 Nl' v oVe G n l l7: l : h.?:e' ass
ry oVeC7re 4 derw ' r b i, " " l t l i d on c4 , r 6's urg
Cardig kliehlnre, - Spinning Prowen, ttpeeders,
Crewing Frames., lisuiway Mods, Worriers, Spieles,
Crewing Er=es,LoolooeCnra Greeters., Etc. Wrought
iron SLlnfune turned; it: gies OrCist Iron, Pollee and
Movers of tbe latest teeter., slide and bond LueseN
told tools of ell kinds. Castings of every description,
fundobed on Abet notice. P 00 0 ,00.1100 to order for
licareng, lem g.fd.c.. Steno Pipe for knot
lug Famorma Cool Iron %Vir.dow Sash and room. C 0...
bugs genemlly. 'Orders loft at the Warehooso of J.
Palmer Co., Liberty serect, Will have prompt ours
tion. • •
Refer to Blackstott, Bell k Co., J. K. Ploorthead &
Co., G.E. Wanier. Jblut Irwin & Womb Pitisbarhtta ; G.
C. k.f.11 : Warnor, tilettben•ille. • Pint%
eutracriber offers for sale n large and splendid
a assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Awl
boa Pianos, with and without Coleinan's• eelebritni
itoliart Attaehment The above instruments a& war.
ranted te he equal to illy iniumfactured in• this collo:
try, and will be sold tower that any brooght from the
Etat. F. BLI.BIM, No 112 wood at,
2 , 1 door above Lib
N. B.—City Sertp will be taken 1,1 par far n few el
be abo,eettasorieaeviTi.ii_roen,./;11.........„
TUTS is to ecrufy Out I have apt
pent:tett LiVitrll6ll. Itnpirtil it Co.
Sate haeLlUt for I'4, rola o:Jeuz,:ne's
Vatent. lnapraluur. Fitter, for the eH
* - o , i 3 For!" , for Welter Di iiitwan,3lo Broadway
. . .
We have been traimr one of the &Love articles al th•
orice of the Novelty ; Work. for three Jacinths, Olt trial,
tad feel parfeealy liausfed that it LO a uncial invention,
and we take pleasure in recommending them as • gee
(at article to all who lave pureorater. Orders will Le
thankfully received mid prompUyecuted,
415flig ex
EN fa ilo
Seisiana.BelXlr. Work. for Sale.
?pH eubseribtr odes for 'fac i a:a STEAM BRUNE
I 1 WOINCS, above "Lawrrneelille; coinprieirg
Steam Eitgate,2 Uoilere, 6 Moeld Machine, capable of
othaufgatarnig fa,bool'rearell'Erick• (out ad. 7 cloy,
as taken from the bank,) per day; with three scree el
land on Sin Allegbetly rife, on which arc 4 411 us and
shed, raachine and clay sheds. wheelbarrow, trucks,
shovels, epodes, &e., 'every thing requisite to com
mence operations at an hours nun.. 'Price. including
the patent right to lase said macliine,.67,o-o,4orma •
I payment made easy. Walnut the laud, $5.090. For
panlealars, uddross • - niEstita - r,
Nn 119 MononFahnla Noun._
Wrought Lad: Caet Irost I.l.lllnati .•
THE tataicribers beg (rave to Inform the pubfie that
'they have obtained from the Eon all the late era
(tottioneble ilerigns for 7.0 Nailing., both for houses
&on cemeteries, Portman wishing to produrc hunile
some patterns will picnic rail and examine, and judge
for therareivera Patilin . .(will be famished at the &hart.
eat oiler, mid in the beet roamer, at the corner
Craig and'Reberea streets, Allegheny ei9g.
segaxidtf A. LAMONT A KNOT,
Li - AVM() 'pent nearly a year In the robes Cr.
11.. cord G&W., Nattocal Lhorttry, &e dart.; hte
late VIM Io V.agland, roverargathig, etniam for pe ratio
in [hit Ago and harinsecured eterent and re.
spottruble t& in London and &tam:heater, he L.
prepared to afford all necessary information and ado
Tire to peraomr who seek to recover thou. property
J. L. keep.; arritt of the Itaok of England Dividend
Books, may he &rand nail for 50 eel., or .25 for
each letter of the Alphabet.
References In Boma:
ATMLMS, Notary PoLite;
.6 3 . BOCOS.D 8 CO" i m s
( Altonl Sr Sang)
Paahlono.blo Halter:lo,
Corm+ of Mod and Fofth Struts.
PARTICULAR Citation paid to our ltotail Trade.
e t , leruon oso rely upon !owing well Hata atol
Caps o our cstabllskructuof we am rearralials and
wrocassateras, Of the Lana rata, uol at the LOWCST
rr.=. .
Country .filerenants, purchasing by srlioleeale, an
ininGllany knitted to tall and Orulahle our Stock; no
sre can 127 2•41 confidence that u reeards qtreutr
and Pit., it will not ender in a comparison with n 7
OU re in Pliiindelphia. febl7
5F.438 leave to-inform hie friend. and customers that
he is Just receiving his new wing cloak of Goode,
comproung, as otmell all the newest end Moat fat ma it-
Milo tauten of Cloths, Cassimeres, fanny Nov:tart, at.
ton andlineu Immo.; stufoq and every article suite hie
for gentlemen's wear for spring and nuouner. It hems
onnosslble to describe the !meaty, quality, or quantity
of the Mock, she proprietor hopes all who are in wain
ofgoad, cheap, fs.luonablc, and well made clothe.,
will give him • call, as there in no stock this aide al
the. Alleghenies that can compare with it.
The ready made department Is very extensive, adap
ted to al! tutors. ,
Rail road contractors, nouttry merchants, and all
who parchage largely, aro panicularly invited to rig.
owlet the!-sinek:trtrure purchasing, as particular at
hintlein Is pod to the wholesale business in iht. catalr.
B•ery artiele In the tailorine line made to °seer In
the most fashionable and hese manner, at the shortest
.21:2'!!/°--; • .
1!) , o , l2ljejla bitrate d .Z . : o ll v ltz the z , G,
of Mr. C Bradley, The boolnees soil) he eatiledhy
A Bradley, who will .ttla the basiness of the late
• REMOVAL...A Camber hem removed his Foundry
iNVarehoure from No I I t Seco:/11feet, toliti 19 Wood
*Reel, between First and Second street., to tli. wort ,
boast lately occupied by G A Derry, where be will
keep ainistantly on bond n general essommentvf Cart.
ings.DDenlev, Stoves, Coot Mg Stover, fee. Jy l7
put alleittlon of the pebitc to reapectraity called to
the follelciag certificate.
13. - Eatitra—llaving waleda cloantitY of Gold
rreiglood by yob[ Aredmeter. I find the result proves
your infUlltnenr COrMl, F.ll recommend the dui of it
to thole going to Californot, or the beat melded far ob
telelag the teal value of - Gold. Roe,. yours 4
J.ll. DUNLEVY, Cold Beater.
ritUlturgh, March t, lOU,.
PllTSll7l2l3.,lllirch 7, IMO.
Mu. EaUtuta—Dear Sir: !laving examined the "Arco
rarte:," ruanufleturea st your roaroa, 1 do not hero."
tar.oraranzte, it is the n.e of theta geallemon who are
shunt California In serreh of Gold.
It rives a elwe approximation to the cocaine grain
ty metals, and will eertatnly enable the suivantorm
to aveertain when his pineal. wyielding Gold.
molt , .Owe', 1 idalritiTrrirtir
Ikl. A a: N sf!i l it.VAm " ^ E ri l a 'lt T er t .t "i ll n o d
C.ont Steal Vdca, of nil dreg nod Slackamitia and Shoo
Rsps, wal on hand and for Blle, cutter al hiR 4:st
ale Sire Wortca,” trifarn street, I , Olt, Ward, or at the
°Aka. Lo tho Iron Store of PoL,I/oil4 & 00.1111%.90N, No.fl a 'foot of Wood 110001, rillaburgh.
sr.r.t: also
We, the ondernigned, having used, with entire sat.
isthetion, th e Cast Steel and Files made by Suave!
blegevy, 'at his Eagle Steel Works,jti this city, mkt.
pleasure In 'recommending thorn as equal in quality to
any ever by as, 0( reelKUl9.4 - 1.1:1[0.
Pittsburgh, blare!, 13, IV5t).
. O&J 11 .9110 EN unac F:11.& CO, •
Manataetotora of Iron and Nails:. Pillebeggh, Pa. '
.KNAPP torrtp.r.
• lion Founders and illaebtnitvs, Pittsburgh. Pa. •
tdruhulaeturers of Springs, dales. Spring Steel and
Sleets Nu/burgh, Pa.
Engine Unlike* and Machine &
Card Manufacto.
-nes, Ptusborgh,
limes Founder. Pittsburgh. Pa.
At tiP.AFP, & CO
n.fiictla en of Iron no d Nei l
s. Pit ts SAY bargh. P , a.
Locomotive Engine and fillip ilullder.Pittsbiugh. Pa.
Marble Manufacturer, Maohtne and-Eaglets
• that . r. Piterborrb. Pa...
fats. r. noao
AA lAm:rG°:7:=lnral lo peei
Imprdio44 t
P•kewcil 8.
Pcaes Wamboin. The finder Wilt Le rcinude.l on
rimming them to the owner, No. lb Wool ! wont..
... . . : . e.IIBUIIIIILNGSItt.
E.. f l • :
RANI:P. ettAIPANY.— Ogre North eorn of the
Eenbonee.'lliild crest. Philadelphia.
Fiat latenancr.,Buildinga, Pi ereltandite end other
pnperty. in Town and Country, irwareil araino loos
or dont:tee tip Bre, at the lowest runlet' pen:dual.
• Slant. Mune:tea t—They also iatare Wesel., Car.
efte end Freight., foreign or coastwise, eiider open or
spacial polielee, as the assured may desalt. ~ •
I st.atto TRANNOrrATI.3.— Th isy aloe i re airreh.
Keil!. traarpotted by Wagons, Rail Ito C ant, Canal
Root's and Stearn Iloate,'o't mere *uu a 1.., 0...
mast Micro! term.. • ' .
DIRSCTORII—Josiph 11. Seal, - Edma .1 A.Soader,
John Q Davis, Robert Dorton, John 11Pc rose.sanin.
el Itslivards. Geo G Lelper, khlward.Darlington. Inane
'FP. , I .i Wet EolWell , John Newlin. Dett. al 'lnto,.
-Die O'lland, Theopidloi Paulding, II lOnes lima.,
near, Sloan, Hugh Orel.. G e orge s.tl4 ''Pc"'"
Malmo. Charles Kelly, JO Johation, Was Hay, Ar
S Thome, John &Sore. Wet EYra. Jr. • • -. •
Hugh Craig, JohnT Lagoa.
' • ' ' WILLIAM MARTIN, Prealtlenh '
Ruutean S. NCOGIOLD, Sleety.
' line° of the CootP.tY, No. 41 .Wour atreet,
Pitteburge. liangStf P. A. MADEIRA, AO.
Mee and Health Ilasuraa
TNR Minuet 12re end Health litratanec Company
-of or Philadelphia, lircorparated by the Leglalature
of. Peentylvanta, blurb, lion. Charter perpetual.
Capital, 8100,000. Ram ~wo ear PlClNiele
votta COMPAIIT, and fall 21/ per cent. lower than the
mid rates of Life Laurance, as the fallowing com
parison *Ol chow: Thus, a penult of the age of 30 lo
oming har Vett for lire, must pay In the Girard 82,7 c
P.tthO'll'uttrb ‘4411, Pena blame!. 112,38: Ealdtalbt
lAN; Now Notion ,00,371; Navy York Life, 02.,..%,A1.•
blue, iP.1,111 Llfe and Health, PlitladelphialltAl,
Dtatcroas.—Panthel D. Oiikk, Chariot D. W.;
P. Ocoee, Robert P. Rine. Charles P. Itayec 5L
Retaliate, At. M. Reeve, N. D. Chas. 0. l o . Cettsphel,
Levels Cooper, I.Rodatan.ltoker,E.ll.llader, Mario
IL Cope. Preahleut—aamael D. Orrick; Vico Petal
dent—Robt. P. Meg; *crawly—Francis Illackbente.
tpP C 1,4401. ut
.1 will ba retelved,d every inform:dam
Given hy • ph ML. FAIINPSTOCK, Art,
(14)=.41 o Zw4l Cootacyclat Rooms, center of
W.dd Thlitl Ol.Pittabargh,
TOR INSUILLYCE CO. of North - America will
make permanent and limited litunsfatteof on pro
perty to this city and vicinity, and an shipment. by
Cunal, Rivers, Lake., and by Sea. The properties or
di;i1C1R111141/1 are well invested, and tarnish an avail.
nblo, imtd Coy t.bp sinnle indemnity of all penal. who
d' as .l 3 , l; u PI;V.
Opre and malign* iii4o4Wirirr :— . -
'f v?. 4Ni V . 47'.?
eut of ‘itclo4.
7'be nature rther, agent fur the above old antlreepa.
.'bb Co.reol, vrni l'rue Pone." on Pnithingt and
their cantatas, andon ebipmente of dlerebanatro by
Sworn Poeta end other vessel..
ap3 W. P. JONP-7.
riNlTE'Second Session of Ws Inwituden, under du
earo of Mr. and Mr.. Guanine., for iltojnewent
aenzlebne year, will commence on thia day, Monday,
i l .
ebr.w.7 19th, In the, same buildings, No. id Liberal alter!
Arnimgernentr have been made by which they will
bents to furnish young laiihn (aunties equal to any
In the West, for obtaining p thorough English. Cleat. .•
ill, and ornament cdocatiun. 4 (01 coarse of Phi'
sophleat and Chemical Lectures trill bp delivered
during the winter, illustrated by apparatus. de
partments of Vocal and instrumental Merle. Modem
Lung Isaacs, Drawing Panting, willeachbe under
litacare of a competent Pinfeurir. By elan attention
td the moral and intellectual improvement of their pa.
Olt, the Principals hope to merit amunt:alien of the
liberal patronage they 'have hitherto enjoyed. Foe
it MI, lIVG •I apply to the Puccini/a,
Modern and Antique Furniture.
JAMi:$: w. woonwmiL,
tR, Tno Sr., llrrnvzu n.
r1V1 4, .t% Rev.:au:ly informs thetZ
•1 cabi, that be bee COM
pleted his spring stoat
and mos:varied assorunent
ever offered fat sale so this city, comprising Severn)
Arms of Poldwoao, 1111.100.C111. and Bums Wm..,
entvdd, ornamental and plain, suitable for Parlor.,
Drawing rod - Pod Rooms, all of which will Li sold at
the lowest prests
Permns desiring Farnintre of egyy description, sre
rpeetfully invited to call micas mum his wick, which
embraces every description, from the cheapest and
platocat to Memos: clog= and costly, of which trio
rdllarving comprises Spans
Tar o'rete Sofas; ' Tete a Tete Divans;
Conversmon Chairs; • ftlisabethian Chairs;
Pecernma do Louis XIV do
EZICAIIOO do Bagel antique;
'What Not.. Toilet Tables;
Louis XlV . Commsdoret Dote of Vork's Couch;
60 Sofas with Plash and Hilt-cloth covers;
510 Divs.. do do do;
40 dos Mahogany Parlor Chain;
to•" Rosewood do do;
Ii " BLit Walnut do do;
go " Cane Scat do; '
4 '"
hinhogany Rocking do;
do nano stoop.
60 Marble Top OuntraTshics;
do do Wrath Stands;
M hlahogmy Bedsteads;
to do Wardrobes; •
It BPS Walmt ; do;
0 Cherry do.
A very large assortment of Common Chiles Mil oth
er 11l rlttuitc am tedious to uteralon.
C.? Steam floats furnished oa the shortest notion.
Ri rders primptly attended to.
P.O.—Cabinet Makers cm be mmplied with all aorta
of. tlaliogarty, Widow, em4yeacors, at cenuiderablr .
reduced tamer.' (01,15
Welt< WI Went
Ked do Oo
Jo do
Ittowtt Jo . do
Meet Sallnetis.
mired do
!Slue do
Drab Jo
Black Casson,.
Caney do
Jncy Tweeds.
Su a per Mark Broad Cloth.
Soper Brown do
.Super Green do
Sayer Twined Jo
Super Lase:, Doe Skins
Soper Drab Cashmeres.
Sayer Brow. do
Super Clack do
California Blankets.
areorlet do
Bloc do
Drab do
Grain Brigglny.
Shown brills;
At the Alwinfacturers' ti l
MRS co-partnership fore existing . 4elaseentla.
1 "describers, ia the name of Coristable, Burke tp
Cu, is rids dap do-arrived by mutual consent. Messrs.
Burke &Baynes will reale the business of the concern,
for which purpose they are nothenzed to rue the name
of the concern. NATHANIEL coNsresLE,
The undersigned have this day associated themselves
In the name of LIUSKE & BARNES. for the purpose
of minima curries Fire Proof Safer, Vann Doors,
he., at the stand or .he late Sem of Constable, Berke
&Cu, where they will be pleased to receive the patron.
age of the easterners of that imam and their frieuda
In retiring Born the Snit of Coastalle, Clarke t.
I with since. pleasure recommend Messrs. Burke &
Hamel to the coadenee army (tiewls and the public.
Feb. 141649. NATHANIEL eoserAttLE.
HAS jost returned from the Eastern Ciono, and
receiving a lance variety of seasonable Goals, to
objeil he respectfulty invites the nttection of merch
max and pedlars. No b 4 Wood at. febll
rY receiving, from the largest
eetoriea in
NOZI York and Pbtindelphta, and also Nero French
e1,..1 lily newest and most anpnved sty ins et {'a-
per Ilascioss, weather with Borders, hire Ilnerd
Prirds, and Tester Topa. For gala at Wood 01, to.
mem. Fourth et and deemed alley, let:McCaw( to S.
C. ISO.) •
TAT.EALLIC PA INT—S trio jast reed per steamer,
WI and tor solo by the barrel or eagle pound at the
Drug, :Wed. and Perfumery kVorehonse. corner of
elistb and Woodstrects. 8 N WICKERSHAM.
of IN
... *prates' Patent. bed. Ash.
40A Cbiiiii of the above celebrated brand and
4.l't hi, test, direct from the inmartietarend la°
ranks on on the way from New Orleans, and ox.
pceted her Ws week; and 314 will abortly arrive
via Dalin:: e pro ships dentate, Chesapeake, Dame.
lat, 011 a Athos, which will be sold on arneal, at We
owest market price fur, oath Or epprovell bills.
ap23 Nn leo Liberty rt.
!VIII , . (threats. Manufacturing Company now oder to
j. the public their Premium Cbemfcal 'Stove Pollak;
and withal' , ezapperetion, or Ceara( contradiction, by
them who have tested lt,proimunee It Par superior to
any ether to the market. The eonsumerneed havens
apprebewlona of selling enrpets. &e., as•ith ton
pcsl;.oo prevent. dun thorn ;airi amen bring op-
plied, which must be dope when the ng
Store I. cod. Tte qaanuty required to so huts proda,eabeau
luidre. A swung ord.. Shy per cent is bunted
to them...mem. A coming applied to Stoves, Pipe.,
he., when laid away for the summer, to asum pre-
Ventallt o FILEI rust, After having tiled ones,
it i.necewitilm 110 person will um any bat the
Nap M.vlcract. we Company, Free:dam Chemi
FUT rale by
0110 Corner oteath end Wood ntr,rue
Mita arclitgirlilivirici:: -
A riliperi.nita ;latrine number. put on their homer.
/I In ernfortnity ins renolation of Conned., wilt
pleate call at the BOOMS , or the Board of Trade;
errodil story, corner or Wood and Third rt.. and pay
for the same. SAWUW. IqthiN IiSTOCIC
rittalisrati. April 20.1/IEII. 4p9i
VAlifiriaSTOCK , a DiagOTOLiato
S. n F OIr I o r'
n N a El' oT.7o C a K r , 7 "" lre ' b, t ; :rtir ' efti% th
Piihurgh and Allegheny, nnd borough. of Mau
chester, ihrmitighara, - Zee.; float the work i. now'
nearly rend* far
peel,. and will be perm the
hands or We pruner ppm Whew between eta rata
and 3
oth 'Wont. ,
in T Ll., :i c e r,r i o tizi c il Li afe . v:i .n ly ,. ..l2 . .l . lav a h F e w reelen t . l34 l . nte w rera tTr
patilculerlY these Who have not ,Icon called on, will
yreatly oblige tee publlalier,by auerialnlng tharthelr
'aimed avocations and places of Internees, 4.e., era
ior pablination is the Directory.
All card* to be 1:1.1.1, male he hauled In forth.
with, or et the latest, by the date above aimed.
baste" '
EliELOD10:0111 PIANOS.
TIIST rerelved, and now opening, one elegant Rola
e) wood 6 otts7e Melodeon Piano, front the eak
untied minute:story of March it tVhrtis, Cincinnati:
Thls Is a superior Instrument, of fine tope, and very
rated el11.00:11.10h; ea, one Gue 4 native Waco.,
ft • 11 MAWR'S Male Store,
ine,yl7 : „" • 101Telid street.
4 3,J ,
Orchip Pres Waste tho.tralted Slates!
EN Par...nee of law s 4Z/tell/MY TAYLOR, Piet
Went oldie Pelted Entice of America, do tn^r -hp
dreiere and make •known, that pahlie tales wit 14
!vie al the anderrnennowd Land Offices in the mato
5.11.11110 AN, atthe periods hereinafter designate/
At the Lard Mire at: tiIAIULT.STE. MARIE. for
the . Lehe Sep tier Dittriet,“ eannatenetng
Aar, the eXteenth day of &meaner neat, 'IV the Ws,
Dotal of public leads within the. following named'
townshipr, •
..North of the &me line, ina trig of the plincipal
Township forty bee, .4 fractional township. forty
sir and font seven of range two.
Town. Lips forty five end forty sth, and factional
township linty seven, of tinge three
• Township forty air, and fractional township forty
seen. of ramps fn..
Townships fon) sin andTtny seven, and factionnt
sewtualps fifty and fin, 0,00, of conga ' fin.
.Fractionnl townships fortyneven„ forty eight, forty
nine, filty.d fifty one, of ware sir.
• Township. forty eight and Pony nine,and fractions'
township fifty of range seven.
Frattionsl townsh ips thirty nine en "ITog
and forty on "slat laland,..and township forty five, of
nutge eight.
• Fractionnhp.thips thirty Moe nod forte or , "nog"
aids Garden^ islands sad forty three troth., main
land, and townships Ism roar and font' five, orange
nine. •
Fraction,' township.
and and forty on "Gar
den, nod "Fon awn Wands. township!. forty three,
forlY four, slid ro , iy five, arrange tee.
Factional townships shiny eight on "Little Beaver'
Island, thirty nine on oldtzle Deaver. Red trout.
Islands, and forty on tAtiltiskey. blend, and town
ships forty three, forty four, and forty lire, of ante
Facile/n.l thweshlp thirty eig al's eGtill Island,
townsnlp forty two, and faction wnships forty
three, forty their end forty five, of range twelve.
Fractional township tone, en the main lend, of
range sitteen.
FtaeUonai township. thine nine and forty on the
mainland, of range seventeen.
Fractional townships thirty eight, thirty nab, forty,
and linty ono, on the main land of ran. eighteen. •
Fractional townships thirty air en u lihromern end
"P4yel9' s 'Ljondt thaw seven tintiladine.darnmetir
Tnien.d and au uri thirty eight, thirty nine, and
font on the oath land, and townships forty-one, forty
two, on I forty three, of range nineteen.
' Fractional towathipsi thirty six on "Pt Martin's"
and "Gello Islands, thirty mann on an hid ofoLlUie
Famine, lrland.thirty eight on the main land, thirty
nine (indult. the Inland In sections twenty seven
and twenty eight) and forty, and townehlp forty three
on the main had. of range twenty.
itractional township. thirty eight, thirty nine, and
:city thp main land, of maga twenty en,
4T. '1 flt.:4lle i.dClil,cammeneing au Mandel,'
the thirtieth day uf September next, the dine mat
stint Pahlle labile Within the folloothr mated town.
ship. and fractional townships, to win—
Milk of the date lino, and west of the principl
'Fractional lawful.e thirty flee and thine tar on
the main land, of tango twenty (oar. Frcton at townships trty r oar, and
thirty lays, and tagrpthip of range twenty
Fractional townable. thirty two and thirty three on
the soul,, land, and townships tinny four land tinny
hoe, of rates twenty sin
We. thirty one, thirty . two, thine
three, thirty four, lad thirty Anent. maul land and
townships forty
.alz, forty seven, and forty debt, of
Illltge WM? seven.
Fruition. townships thirty two thitty three, and
thirty nevem... township s thirty mine, forty sir, Sony I
torah, and fogy eig ht, of range twenty eight.
. Fractional tow. ' tra that:a , 'sex., 0 4 111 eiihh
thlity nine, and townships tony one, forty two, forty
three, forty foar, forty See, forty its, forty tenth, Itlld
fony eight, of range twenty rine.
i• Practionsa townships thirty nine, township forty,
cetional township forty one, townships ton,. two,
rtytkqeedorty fog r.frty tine, forty tit, forty say.,
and forty elithl.and the finaththe of actions thirty two
and thirty Or, at the capes of Agate harbor, of town
ship filly atnr, of range shiny traction. townstups thirty pine, forty, and folly
one tow... forty t w o. forty three, ferny Mgr. (arty
five, ,
forty six, forty seven, end (any eight, end train
!lewd sections resent.. and Ciebteeri,on , Traversen
Island, to townshlo filly four:of ranceithiny one.
1.7 TUE WIMP-PLACA carman.. tdorulav,
the fonneenth day of Manlier nail, for fife diaeitsafol
the pablie lands situated within the undernsentlooml
tneenithi, and factional towashiro to ert;:—
North of the base line, and meet of the principal
Fractional township forty due, and townships Duty
two, forty three, forty four, 'luny bee, nod fifty, of
range thirty two.
Pacto.ei township. tidy innd tiny two,ol range
thirty Wren
Fractional townships fifty pad fifty two of mow
thirty four.
Townahip fifty, of range forty one.
Frnefinual township any. eight, and townsidps
forty nine and fifty, of range fatty two.
Tithroship .farty, seven: franon. township Sony
it , find !ow...fp forty nine tied 04y, fit nogg
four torte,
Townships fon* savenabriy eight, forty nine, and
fifty, 'of nitre any loan •
lintrahirs forty seven. forty night, and forte nine,
and fractional thernshle Shy, of five.
Predicant township* forty anie and fifty, of range
Wray six.
t rset•snsel toornshlps forty six end forty seven,
esthip forty eight, and fraetiooal low ahip forty
. nine, of ranee fony seven.
Krim/tonal toasts/dos forty' ,
seves, forty eight, and
forty nine, °Craw &iv eight,
naellenal township Cony eight, of range fang Stine,
At the land office at IONIA; commeneusg on Mon
den the sixteenth of September next, for the disposal.
Of she poetic lands winkle th e undonnennoned free
'lshii township. van—
Nerds Of rd. 14. e
! A oak Oi At lilt!, and wen of the pri”Cipai
tteU® meridian.
Aa one and atm can half ...vino of date
and sertions eleven, twelve, thirtrea fourteen, terenti
tow, twenty lj ye, and thirty dz, M townstitp tine, of
range MVO.
LIS fal;: o 7o n trel ' g d tpit i 4
7•47L '1 r.:17d<1 gZ°Jl'
DEERS' Plt/Ck.. •
The ofeiing of the above mentioned lond• will be
commenced on the days 44:isolated, and proceed in
the order in which they are aelvertiard, with eon
venlent dispatch, until the whole shall nave been of
fered, end the thles thus claw d. Bat no sale than be
kept open longer than two' weeks. and no prim.
missy ef any or the lands will be admitted until after
tie expiration of two weeks. •
!Blue Drills;
Blue DC12611
Panay Conanadea; all are
offered al Factory prices.
I Home League 'Shirting.
Checks sad Stripes, very
- . • •
,taco under toy Mold , a; the any if! Westlngton.
thirteen:lt day of June, Antto Retain/ one thousand
;ght hundred and fifty.
Hy the Pre si.teet: Z TAYLOR.
1 Iltrmartsup,
Coostrisstones of the Gerold Land 043:0.
Talton,' Good,
Red Padding, gaper do;
Vest Padding, Buckram,
PailotsVare ems, beery do
Breen, Linen, Silima'a
Drab Serge, black do,
and wormed;
Leery Person mutilate the right of pre•emtrilon to
any of the I,nds within the towmhips end freetenal
'townships above coot:mm . lW,', tandired to estahlish
the mite to the seroleation Of the Reclaim andltee.
ether of the proper Land Odice, and make paymeht
therefore, most es prictlc ableener melon this notice,
awl before the day appointed for the commencement
of the pane sale of the lands clubman' the tract
- IMmetl, otherwise such claim will be forfeited.
Black and White Taps; •
!Poch . I . Wild, Drab de;
Linen Cheeks and Thillr;'
I:noun's 6 coed Vol Conon
00 Linen Thread,
superior snick;'
sink Figured Vesting ' .
Black Nato do
Drown Holland . .i.o's' Silks
Buttohl, Cravats, de., de.
ructions., No Dr> Wood a
/6641 &agsys
all l / 1 1114 . 11 Agnelli:ask Poultry 1300. k.
Milt Poultry Book and ,Fewl Breeders'
4. *ins a trestle* on the ,Breeding, Raising, sad
Uenent/ garnmentelat of *Meatus wk l 4
moons original - deserlytions and Portraits from
By John C. Bennett, 16. D. '
- Thls work will he found tocontain a beater amount
of origins , and other Informunon, both practical and
aural, le regard to Fowl Breeding, than Is contained
M a!! .menean works together It will be
Illestrved with nearly Fifty:Portrans of the mut
choice varieties of American and Foreign , Fowls,
same forty of 'which are from .11fe, Mom drawings
taken especially Or this work, elf the most important
breeds, and several of them from fowl, very recendy
The publishers been roared no capenou to 4ting qut
Mk work In superler manney, both to record to tpe
engravings, Mc merits of Mt.:port, cad the general
eyecution of everypart dm boot. And it ts'heliev,
ed Mat the - work will be road to eutain more poach :
nal information on Ureedingadd Managing Domestic
Fowls, than any work tweed In this country. - '
PM sale by , ..; JAB It LOCK W
jes **belle' and Impormr,loll Fourth at
- • • - •
011INSTON STOKTONljavejustopened for sale
I tho largest asserunent or Paper, Clank Ltaoka, and
Stationery ever offared for gals In Ibis oily; together
with a largo collection ofne "and valuable Works In
every department of LiteraJura All publacatlona car
.scat engem prices.. Coun try with every arhalc in this line; 11l the men TEZZOliabla
Illyl.lalSOLDl , 3 OilS klOosraos; a Sketch of a
IX Physical Deseilptlan of the Universe. By Alai,
W ilataboldt Translated by lltha 4 'fats, Mat.
Jan idceiVad fur Ws , by
Jell Alookreller J D L
orter. O
10 0 1 Fourth st
IV oder tor Bale,
ImPhisot Y. H. Imp. Dial
eta Gunpowder. Tear;
133 bra Tobacco; -
LID bogs Rio Cone;
AM brit IV 0 Atalanta.;
73 Mods N 0 Sugar,
230 boon amorist? sizes
o hi
W s mdow Gana;
i Pier.;
Cm hos nom";
lOU boll Candles;
Mail lb. Codkch;
00 Lrls Tanner,' out
eu boa Chocolate;
.70 dos Bed Canis;
20 coal. Mondial:moo;
30 boa Spited Maculate;
10 bap yapper, • •
bogie Alopicei
040 Ins Herring;
On bale Vinegar;
3u bates Caodle wick; 1
an ban Starch;
!titres Rice;
to bats Chalk;
300 drama
Vg o;
Al A .fa e or m d a
r ge l na . roo
Inti mocha
7a 01 Me
00 do
au do
4 do
RI cads{
el bas
33 uday
00 bone
bris &
•Madder, Alum, I
Nutmegs, mod Lamp Black
Beacemis,Va., March ud.o.
6. IL E. RELLERA—.I hie° dlspoeed of all the
Conet Syrup and Liver Pdle yogi .scnt me, and
10 ads of tbe Yen:Wore.
1 have rased all your Family Medicines In MT 0 . 411 7 ,
and hero also prescrlbe4 them 4n IE4 evacuee; I am
very mach pleased or itletbem, end have fon d
to (meal them. Send nao,ll dna of, your Vonatfuge, uJ
10 am emelt of the Liver Pale and Cough BroP•
, Respectfully yours,,.
, IRalrael. of . ;T. T.Ltageon.
' Those Igloly popular medminca may be bad of the
proprietor, RSh.LLERS, 07 Wood stoto , d Dretaigo
generally le tplty . o/0 till!s and vlelnl 004
q felr t;;!:
faceivad and for eele by JOHN I.le ZIO •
1014 3eo Clinidßasin, Penn at
IigURPIIIrKWIIC/IFIELIS bare alarre cock of
1,1.1 Fanry and . §teplo Dry Goode, selaog olt at'
greatly le doted pewee,
'Owego do Laines, a largo satOrtmentnf beautiful
pattern s; Blullr, Inconel aid Swiss Muslims;
A splendid totornuent of Mark .d Fancy Silka;
Bern., Lawns and by Lain., ryznarkably asap;
licantiful Faiths/4 Sill/a: m. 14 heats per yard; • •
licatitial Calicoes, from Ul cents, sad upwards;
A large stock of Blows and Dleacbed ISTuatinsi trio
per rd/and up ward,
Bon ya neta and Parasol s a, at greatly reduced priced.
CloUts,Castimerea,and Vast age, o; the beat quality",
...leanly low, '
Together with • large sleek of Tickines, Anron.rtud
Shirtang . Cheeks, all ;dna ; [lnns. irett Illeartila
Kteutings and "Slat op; tonal/An:as; together with
all other article. In our line, at north cunt corner of
Fourth and Market Ist. lel°
gurte av
an have mat Inca:seri
nerVstylo Foulard Silks, very cheap, rich, plate,
and figured ebane'cable silks, .4 alcucet every ayle
rand quality; super, plain and figured black vilka; do
hareg. and tissue.; barer it de Islas, now and hand
-I°o9 «i=witoo - ?rehab, English, and Seotelt
in great variety, spit at very low pores;
figured,and rails striped lainn of al; kinds
and qua Ities.. linen losttea of all de
she des and colors;
ginshams; ...Men, prints. he., at nora east rotate
of Fourth and Market weep.
AAAPA , ftifi-D anPiTilt r ti •
a ored ;net et...ea by egpruss nos mora4
hag, at north east garner of Fosrth and :darker sta.
l ei MODPrIV t'BD.:HMV - LT
MITNIFIIY LlLlittracle.Lis are sr tintg iterates
end Jiterage Lantos ct very 'OW priors-
ii " l l llB 9 E l ll=gJa l4— ViV l tt
face eat quality, last reed
a and
nd for sale at Northeast corn.r of Fourth raid /.far.
ken attract. jet DIORPIIT /c BUiIfIitFIELD
Dorinota and Bonnet.
kl U dVo i n i 4 t p ßU lATlTo L g p otr,ti:l ' sV' ''' , :yriot"
am... of Cbsn u s, P rsorl. Albon =id GioT g ison r netr,
Wtilto .d Pplortil Gimp din and lUbbons of all colors
and pricCs. may]]
4.1.111 - 15aija. 4 . 4 F 1 0 .177 Oil Ciotti,
ins* retell,: Isom etc factory, cr.d for szle
AVoicrooro, Nos. 7 Wool west.
• • •
ra DUDS.
MkIRPHY It BURCHFIELD silo Ho attention
, 0 1 those wantiog *tali for Moorrinv proposer,
to tbrir very fall aroma:lOW fet,l%cd, such as
Black Bomb:alas,
limbo:um Stash Alpaca:,
Block lioacerlp Laluaaj
lararraiZekkash Ir.,
ao Printed Foolards, °
Baragcs, Tattoo., Sicilian Lortreo, Alkavaes, ?loin
Block and rrintra Lawns, Dock Erukroolcrea do;
Bonnet Ribtrons r ßearf do, Weds, Ike. rosy t L y
`LIMNER COATOIIi-20 pas EasbnieiCis, assorted
1.7 colon, most areirahic raper, lac BUR., costs ,
reed, ondaow opening by A A aIASUIN &
ft Starker sr .
MIHBET - IrillWLlS—Supertor Irga colored Trilby t
Shawls, coraprinlng Clllll.ll. 01.Ke, rink, Blue,
Attasql .n 4 Corn folor.d, jut recoNini 'per caprets,
cad day opeakaii by A A MASON ACO
krosyll GO ;Herat '
.20 PI
a g . * -- ,P u iTu r,:g o c — iii— s
y t o e. d P
d pc,express, sod now
optlriag by mavl7 A A 'MASON ¢ C' •
Mack Drees
AA. MA SON ICO arc dna 4;Lo r ' '
1 7i 7 1 :CO2Pc91:bps 0,.Li,i 1 10 ,1%. . P,
do; .111/ 4 pirees
Litton Elan dkoctele - Se. • .
400 dot Ltdiet. Linen Cambric Rats, all nice r 100 dos Gents' do .do do
1:5 dos do do do colored borders - ,
Received this daY by A A MASON & CO'
Orlre l :, l ea L tli N a L enra t T FoT•Pwcf ,IYiehn7Vs-td'.
Incylo A. A (WWI LCU.•
1" . 1 . 1 1.1 , 10 kiCenves Linens.
V2O pet 31 oeh; IVO Poo 4-4 (frown Lulea...,
I.OD pc, Gray , * 1,
now and Alexander's supetice
Irish :Linens, now opening by
sedeSlo i AA. MASON& CO
eras, slysl ~of Dry , Goad..
'UTE nor now receiving rale =lllations to ear stack
VT ortinricx nod yammer Dry Goods, nod aro pe
rmed wager an excellent assortment ;at our usual
law pricers fee cash wes te rnroed credit.
The attention at dealers la particalutly're,
quested to oar goods, as we (eel confadent of being
able to otter anususilnducenaems to cote with
as. Call and examine at any ra e.
a_tqt 0 1 0 1,WoodYtreet. •
C. '.YE AC ER,
10 If Market iitre•ts (near &the rt 7,)
ayons:as A AN D
nesters nt •
OLOVIY4, THREADS. COM:3, Litrll t ON3,
PENUERK, tte. Site,
Satin and Laney Vestings,
-131.ACIC .• V.PAINICY PRAVAT,3,. / . .):10EF,
BANDAYD.4 and I.INEN lIDfl FS , a central E.-
/M.610M of :7Arr 8, alai Dorfy variety or trilDltings.
_tp2l I
1 5/132(211POPT e
EHlei No 41 Wood Greet,
10 0 01;11_7d. 11. Ralsioz;
100 bus eloper do;
IS kgs do do;
13 easks2mto Oneonta;
13 bales K Walnow
14 (do fttaxll NOM'
lb ;do Vilberta;
100 do Pea Now;
00 boo shelled Almonds;
09 hue Rock Candy;
eases Lltptonee•
lb PORolpee & ilegaln
103281 Hal ;
f Sourtleh;
3 Las Clovis; •
2 ions Nattoege,•
3 demon. Indigo; -
!Stages Lemon tiptop;
21 eau. Pepper Sauce;
10 ODIUM Tomato Oathp;
'Gemini! Sale. of all klodap
40 barrels powdered and
Loaf Sugar;
.9 bbd. bladder;
10 hrle Whiting;
9 CASI , S plain an Gee red Ilarran de Loins, melon
ed co/orr, idol received, and vellin-" very low
prier. • olarl3 A 151otiON tr. CO
2 _
CASES i Sot estate d Law m reeeleed and aim
opening; selling at ttie extreme tom mice at 6 cca
per yard_ l _ may= A A MASON hCO
CASES,fext o red Glt 66
ame, ree'd, ;tad eellitg
3it 12 eclat per ylatd A. A M ASON A. CO
i. 2 SI at4;r '
EAT/1g11.4--31.1bUzu 140‘,0n hand, for 4108 Eby e
Jelb ' • IS./.1/411 Ole'1,:oX 00
U sacks ou stio o'r •
B Au"N7 :C:::6ll,Turdari: .
0 Cask,Sulu:l •
4 epots colv,landing, for sale by
elf ' ; 111.41A/1 WC bh:Yk CUI
S 'ERIS! Zs WIIALNIJIL-I.lg,e,nis - Llc7cled hoe rlp
Is`sso Keds a:wended do
2110 eels full;
.m .1 ) 9 6. l 9.desiched In
Whale Sn store and for snle byc ars N. W. coast
17.: A 171 Liberty sr.
..rtmoot of Pituborgh
Ilyson, yariood rnd
tionpondot and "
y VII Imp & O p
and l 6'sTokneoo
t u t: t rovs Sos do
• bf brld SOlorattut.
In Keg", for oalo by • •
" - 90-Waters'
. .
riim - .^ — =Li, g ;:; bi;;;; - .11,6:,,:i7i
Or, btle 11.5;
! 15 beln entrnion OH, In 001, lot
We. by I .lelB - bluzit Or HICKETSON
LiiifiN 7 .4lu . STZT nniii i nou t, h. Jae LPO jab ..
.1115.LER .1 Rintnil44o74
rftlilt— , ltU bele S'l , notie,Tor ruin . i --------. " -
. . .. . RIMY. MAIVIIP.II.'S do CO
jele ! ;tee 7951 ark et et
me.. — 7
DECEIVED at the rituiburgh . Esauly Grocery and
aloTea W11$6011:•••• •
shf ants 'genuine , pad pee Cold anTene la ex papers
a • do 'ehtOcin l'o*chang Tema in 9os paperq :
-do de ' 4to • ex . •
;The aboie eeletrated..llieet Tells , are reerived
direct from the importers, artd.witl be. sold rtli lOW Cr
they an be porelts:e r d i lr
b e e sst, with thoaddition
freightorh9,9.9.-U' ' • w,61 A ItTeCLI:RG kCO
• 0 , " I.ib.sty ft
VANd---/L Ppleheel Hp einn el of mi - e7;vre
ation:celeyrielog every variety, iir pale by
Jelin _ ' C Yv:AyyT
— s=44)
-12Lroins do nodding dot
- .-Mysore do • nide ' do;
lb arose Sieraene ptekci coma Klee sale by
1_1171211141Yr8 AdI'ECIN CLICPCI2I;,—Treri•-
ja.lated•by bits enabitto, 2 vols. limo. Per sale by
jaw •
~! i4..4iiiKer
aooos FUR Dams r. g;a.
Goof/ tor OttfP[lo, Cr..
j• • :match and 8s 80 Milli.;
Prig•lCd SlAi34
.I,mhroittered do;
• Vittoria Lawns: •
Lon Priced Barred Jszannet for ,rnorninr, dresse
One soft finished do; and n tore assortment of thori
hl eUna . with eotorr d embroidery; ntirtatiaesonet
Lattrns,Btrreel, ae., at north ens; cornet of Four
and Musket elreets. - • tent
OII•ap Lawn.
'kr Pill' A ':11.111C1IFIELD bare rercivedtt lame
LTA Pimply or ihdll.l Low., arty cheap; rtyte
'brovrri at 14c: light do, In ;rent cor iety, toe thin 1.4 O
Alra,cottooldercd and printed blusdon nodinc tenet,
of neat and nowert aty tor and lowent moor...moldy.
and ndritt coat corner or Fourth and Morten rt.
' At Mi. One 'Frio* Store
I'V Th it mmeoac
Wholesale Room.. will, on Iblv eromion, lot Aire
mcr - with ell lii
open for Raton. Timm aril stl ol their ertunM
muck will be neCred to rnletlrera nl utliicou
of from re tn aer cent. leas than usual pneed.
TIIPIII ht701./K: UP eluis•Comprire over fa
hundred pieces, And will' be odd at an Inllll.lG 41
• .
Their ritsortnostit ofitalit,llarrtes.Tissurs, Grew'
*dines! Foolatil •Stitk, Lawns. Mos!ivs. lueonett;
Cantligles, and DietkOttoils generally, will be clused
at imateillawly,kt oboes ono halt the usual rotes.
II eases Fast Colored Haws. will be offerSil et• Sel
2 1
2 d 2 0! B 01Onli 8 n"ae Loihet, 110 c".
Superior thiglith aud,tmerieto Calicoes,
1:00 datoo Linen ll.dkerehic oar. 7n.
A large lot of Wrought Collaw, some ot low .he
Together with 'cc mpl ete varietv of Dotnealle nod
While Goods, Ribbons, Hosiery nod Gloves, Dohnehs,
dce ke.
Mating in tilting of she mostotterstve astontuents
in the country, veztuh will be s-arketl down to mark
•Wartscpr tea than at any of their previont kanual
Balch • I !
F 44. 71
, g,
irg and voniking dorm coot. Norow...up:lm Plu
m 110,31 ' A A MAHON .co
It/1110101 & BURCHFIE L LD hare rervired u sop;
/laplyks, of 14 and 4.4
ett Freneh Line
ys , ad chlldreit's wear,
Linear for teen's Cool!
and sac ladleesis, to
of the Most definable Rhodos.
Plehy' arise atention to their large anointment of
a'. and Days' Ftl4lslElt With It, of different me
halals, led all of Which will lie sold tow. Jell
I{iURP.IIY &BURCHFIELD have met iced another
AM supply of •biore article, and am enabled to into.
ply almost any quality and color wanted. and t the
est casliprieca. b a
,Patent Stair 00 Cloth Cover. ,
fiIeCLININCIi hat icceired this day, st Ins
• • Carpet Wareham, No 75 Fourth at, Man 01.1
Cloth Covering of very handsome pattern. and color.,
to which we Invite the attemion el purchasers.
rata I
MUlt1111"k. BUCIIF/ELD nro now orfunng goods
at jereatly reduced prices Lawns from a cents
UP: 4-1 :kat Mind from IO cents up, Berman, tar Ileiet
Plate Wawa Bernie for trim ; Bonnet Ribbons for de
per yard. Ladles pre Inched to call and examine Our
stank of:dress goods before purchasing elsewhere—
Numb earl corner of FoarOa end Barbel ins. ja32
4111 cant Pilots.
, F,.. , t;tl m V . r.litittr a : Zees : t imrt r n:o r . .:lll/ o .6 f lienu
W. IiTeC , ,INTOCR .
raoron.ems Fon.'Wl..oarr.' •
f t a m ' ! I % I i t w o e ( l at th nval . n b ar " ll,ll.:L
Supplement to an Act fn. I ti! eri . Apt to err t
inki 3 . tbroti and toprovide the, Mathis! .10
eerie in eminunishment of debt of the Common'
werilli and to authorize a loan,* implored the 'llk
day &bier a. D lafl), provides as ionewso,l,-;: I
Nyman lint the Goverhor to hereby authorized
to negotiate a loan for the arel dr Three Million!
Three Hundred .Thensand Ito /era, rialmintsble
thirty yenta frum the date of eke mb•eription there°,
at a nde of Merest not slereding feat per centime
per annum payable in gold add at Iver,aenthannueldri
opon ti e first daps of February and Attune o f teen
rear, end exempt from teeny rpeti<9l
Notice, that provonsl• foe red loan will Le ,recemail
Anil be publlahed do at leas)J, one newpottrw in the
Carough Ifeniebers, In the eider.of ;Fltletivreh
neoster. end Philadelphia, and in the cd'esOf Newt
York, Lliston. and Baltimore, for neried era lerei
than thretsinontholreforetheoheningae4 inelieselar
end by letter r . eliewnere, if deemed, nerfeartry,ents
anon the de.trissiyned for that parolee, In yeah :intim./
the • Venerate eon be opened the prticithe antler
Governor, the. Secretary. of theyrommonweialth,,enik
Geneml.'and ire then than he %Warded' te!
the ,Ftlehett bidder .or tlvrameant of the
eider all exceed thp rum of the, sal/ loan thoantaN
Altai! he dirtribael pro tate a Matest the lilebeet bid.,
dent, but if the whole of said Nee shell nee IhMS•hci
taken the Governor amp renew notice, lathe manner
afrresald;frern time to tine, till the whole ameen. a.
cool shall be eatmeribod: No conGainne
shall be eonsideved;%ncd. open awarding melt limes
or any pen thereon cerdEenteg with.'coopoure for the
intereyt,, be-Ward therefor by the,Audker
Sat-non In. If the mid loan befiebsPribed, It
eh el be and it is hereby approprimed for the payment
nra ex logoishment of the funded debt of this Corn
,,nonweaph, now doe, or to became doh, ddring.the
'year oda thousand eight Minden/ end Lap, and for the
payment of the sum of eighty.flee thousand one hire
'40,1 and f,oe dollars and cidtdy,tight tentroluoto
domestic creditors - • • • - I
In pursuance of the moieties afortmid,yealep
hereby risen, that proposes will he'.reeetred at the
ether of the Secretary of •the Commonwealth' onttl
edeleek l!. 15d. of Toestisy-thet beet day c4OctOber
next, stinelraln for a loan to the Commonwealth; for
the permed's en, ',mkt in the said net. of the 11161 of
three millions three hundred thotmand dollare,redeciar
Ohio In lb irtY Years from the date of the subscription
thereof, aka rate of interest not exceeding four per
tent per onset, payable to told and elver, metal
annually, epos the heat days of February and August
e each pear, end exempt tram ~every .P . tk 6 tax '
Cortincates or crock for the said loan, With coupona
for the interest will be maned in the anal , manner and
made transferable by the owner, on the books of
auntur Ofteral's lhepanmeat
The proposals will be WIG elP11.0).
the amount °tiered. which elan eat in any rate he
lea. Men one thousand dollars, the rate of interest cot
crocraine Myr per cent, and the premium prodwed:
Tue Plate reserves the right to accept the whelenr
any part of the sum offered nalmathe I.n:tin:train blips-
Buda for the loan moat ha direct and ciplieitt
enndaional propeaals will be reoilved.
the acceptance of. the'preponala.
manner mart be paid into the Nutt, Trumary, in each manner
no than be diretated by the Governor. • .
Cernacatea of mock will he leaned intrach intonate
or may he tiquested by the (enders. . '•
Zia proposals to he .direetta, anden sant,yd this
endomcd,."Propusant for L.... They wtil
not ha opened or diecloseal antil the period foe reed,
inn them ban alarmed; oftdr which no alteratien in the
terms will he admitted. ' . ;t.
L RUSSELL,i Secretary of the Ca ntl'. h.
Secretary'. Came, I.llarrisblt',l.o 6th, 15;(1,
• ,
RE6OLFED by the Smote "
mod Houle of Atpi4sata
titres of the eatemoursalth of rimtwylemta to tenant
Assembly met, That Lbw emastiluton of , hi, emnioa-
Wealth be emended te the seen/ eectioa of the La eel icle,
to that et that! readei falloter The Jo/gulf of 11450priele
Costa, ofthe Courts or emechma r leaf, end uf .ueh
attar . Cour • of Itetord Ili are or shall be este/doled bilatr,
emit be elected by the queliljed ikon or the eotrundle..
vemellt, to Btu savor eWolatf, wile The lbe
SUrtf-7 , 1 eitact,lty th e 9usliZed elected. of the Common.
wealth at teem e n droens Jud Courtse several Coolie
oleo:cm. Bleu, cantle ethe of /Lecord.lei ate
or dull to estahlultect by law, and ell Other lodge.
or to laellearted In the taw, ty the eptal electors or the
respetto die's tete aver walch ere hodo Foils or eel me
.I,4ew sme the TialoeittsJetei ef th 110.11.11 of Ceram.
Plcie by the quaLfted sles.tore of
t , “nantliti,mGid,
Tly Judvet Cyr. eapecsar Cade shell bole their odic •
for lilt wrat of anew yeare, ey shell itt to g bchare
t he
well, (subject tel lhe:ellotenest herepalter pro.
.1,10.1 .nbt.pent to ete Bro. eleseien.t the resident
lodge. cell,. several Coact. or eemet. fdrao, end atesteh
other everts &card mere ltr shall heeelqhlialted by
and ell other Judges required to k, oirusti IQ the JAW, eta
hold thmr °ewe far tbq term elf. tea 'ydariliiT they than
111 well ; the leitutritte.Jud;te:of the
elort, 'of .
co o. , Mal shall hold their tames Cm Ge
lino of )ears, if they stall eo bog behave/ tbeintelves
L o t ll; ad of • Isom stall be
.h ot th Givvervo;,
fur tor lemma: 01e mow vlele Iduell Ce co t e •
Keovals fx impeachment the Doyenne., 04/ smote any
att.. oa the adder • of wood lairde.oi *WA brow b of the
L•sis'atv re The ;rat stallion hall take Vat. et the
enteral ete.:44w oilßts Cancecoweedt wet atm' the ado'.
of enscodenent, ecd the commis:don, 9 r all tho
Juke% yr, may be then in airs shall eloiri on ;Li first
hl cods) . of December (Corrine, when the ;arms of thin
Judge, shell commence. The eau. oho sholl he
&hate/Judges of the El ttrutt ILO Loll their teem
as Bev, Co. of for three DUN for wktears„
nee foe et. y :ars, one for tvrelve y.mml Doe fore . eta
yew., the term' of ea. to be deviled by let by th htof
lee,. Awl eller the e'en etaavottenAm.4 the vs.
cer4t,d by thera to the eavvrearol„hat lei ...refold..
tney be hence la seronlative Ittataiet Thi leer whom
emantitsion..will first eapre shalt be: Chief Jlll.lll4ll4lNing
ttl%tod saerealter tech ledge whose consmietjalt
/*tit evince its three be the ehieTlodimend If t or .
mare commicsions shall capire the sem; °ay, the Jed tea
holtrue. them thall deride h. lot whleh
J Auy muck., begonia', tel . death, rialoaticna,
otherstue any cf the scul coon, chat! baulk,' by up;
potalreent ' Ly Bat • ant/207, to eoutih ell the 6n .
The a Dranbc, tiettedluic 6.W xi taunt e'ection. The
lodges of thy Supreme Coon and ctlte Prmilent, of tic
.I.omat Comte of Comm, Pleas shall,"at swat/ time, receive
Tor their ecru,. en ed. limb, canoe, wilco, to be Bali hl
leer. which shall not be atatinlehed drain: their coa {Maw..
hut they shell receive no rem oy: p. - Notti,ilev or bete,
nor hold soy saber cent orroq hot',i,thomalconlgth,
or under the eveerticusiit ovlite Slates, or aoyhtb et:
flats c41...z. *ha .Irtre the• Buret. eeti
waried . lost ettaliastra office, thall rewide w Whitt thie
it,anwmwreth t acid the other Judges; daring their, clam..
were in afire, .s.ll rsoidowitltil thodislnet smacteety
which they were respectively alectel,
math. Mosey( Repriaentatlie
Speaker of the.
• SILIV22 et,svor,g,
nmbe. letsh $
Set. el.Prem., ChierClUk thos.*e of
Pt Rosy] atia, hereby certi Ilastll` toregoi. rszolutiou,
• up the mate Lie of the gmitut ~,, ion,) eatitic,
- /lemlutioo mall'', to . isas aliment: of the Coto hot
—lt being the same retelutieti *bath irte :.reed lo byis go
jority of the numbers eketed . oeh &me of the tut
Lgs t statere—efter • herirg ht. dult,ooridered tool die.
custe.l, ems thie'stav egret, to by a met stity of tbe,,taitskere
elected cod utrin it the Stott. of Pcsolyirsois,sat
Remeateestioth tt 'rill appear by their Tau item. the
ionggs of the tombs:l.,. folio ors,
lhase rat. in Lower.. rushee bf theremheloh erre,
1. Joe. Brooke. J. Porter tteserlch•tVillians•A. t:rabbs
Joe:whet 'Cunningham, Thou.+. 5- • Fesoou, Thstiee 14,
Forsyth, ("Ulm Presley, [Robert 3f. Friar; klmry'Velseer,
John W..Garthsev, W,lin. Hulett, pl.* Timot h y lves, Joshua . V. }ooer Joseph Koaphatehet, Creme V.
Lterrea=, 31:Ceslie, Bmjasaie Melees, Beejtos,o
Alatthile, Ile •ty A. Alublettberg, tVillisos F. Packer s
117ilhast It. hataler t Dalli &t hey, Pelegl3 liarery, Omuta,l4ll.-ett C. eeeee tl, Dowel titter, fltri.ll) , lirtettr,
Joho It %Venter, chi Vette hos gest:speakr.LYrtiLll.
't base vutirg egoboet the yabmge , o( the igssletien
atom« 11%1116. Urest, teal Attiansleg•Kingss.
:Nays 3. (Lag - act frost the J costal.) • • •
Is rue Bader or. Reroncrogriveg,
H.oristrore:Martir 14. 1810:
• I, William Jaek, Chief Cleric of Ilse /lowa of geom..
sentarioes cf Fr emelt:mi., do hciabgeerrify that Of fure•
y . '"F o seetot'ob INb. ID on the Senile file, and NO on
c Atom, Joarrial of the preach IIni013,) . 1 ; 13 . 4
mlahre to the amendment of the Stattoltiilian:/'—it
been, the ramo resobitino which woo aAsoid lobo a mei !city
of. th e ramthers elected h each Maio th e but Legula-.
ln!e—ell , c booth; him dalfconottereil . red discussed, was
this nay ogreed by a injarity of thg IttlaSers'l3cctt4 te•
thl • acieF in the Ileare of Rergcriatatiers of repent
, satia, 1111 errata{ ..ewes. so will A n a, by their Soot;
gion en the foal mangey( tho resehiBon,naroargm,
Them vett. g is favor of the passegobf the n aohirron Were,
John Acker, John Altheri,Witliomllakerillebertßaldiole,
Dub', Beet, Craig Biddle, Jacinith Lthrelr, , Jolga R.
/Linen, W,Uam Briadle, Dotal If: B. Droner, Jo" Tt.
fthrilth, John Ct 12.3.1, Deurr . Chnreh, John' . Ourgegtrini,
tlrister Benjomen (13. Italia,. Willlasa .1:1)41.
Jrunm I' Donne., Thema, Deacon. William Dunn,
John C. Euro+, Ef•011," Ace!'
.:wing blehudor 8 Vogler, James Via wers,Dmiamin P.
Farther, sic - amide,. flatboat), Thoomi k. Drier,
Goffin. Joseph Outcy,' Jacob P. /Warman,' (karst 11.
Hart, Latta nary John aull#re. Witham J.fromphilt,
John 11.1 c. limey llepief Logo Ilerford, Wet iugton J.
Imbues, Mc:hero Jests John W Eillieger, - Ctorcleo E.
Emitted. Robert tiLBs, llorrioeit;P Laird. Blerris Lkeeb,
Jon ittuni D fleet , w noun IgegAid, Joint. new,
Lite., Jot. R. fri'Cruthelr, Joh , F ld'Cullth.Alisierdar
l'esirdtr. John lit'LatteLlin, Jelin bltLor,„gissont
Stars, Jdm B alrek, Michael Ittheoi Jahn Mltl.r, Joetb
C. MeJer.John D, Morino, hetloel
Alen's, Edward bliekkaos,JacahCharles O'Neill,
Jahn II Vedic'', Jomph , C Pay/et/am. C. Iteid, Jobe 8.
!thy, (sorb Ilakerth. balinasl Ilthin"oa, John B. Ruthor-
S'Lor Gib:ay{ W. lecalltld, Thoona C "Sceulter, Wilbon
ha duo, aicherd Eimpraa, E/i DUAr, st 'mo m . grAh, •
Wiliam A. Ban , b, Daniel 11 Sou. ,'Wil:iant II ItoWer.
Thames C. Sleet, Weil fltewand, C harta Stockwell, r 0.4.
IT iU tt, Audroo Wade.
lii ßabertC. 'Walter,,Theama
%Volum, 3clecy B. Web, ram A. Willlmar. Dosiel
Zerhy, and John 8. bl'Calmatt, rpiaget—You'n7. •
Thom oeting agoinq the gamiqe Or he rcroluVior ger.,
Augustus K. COM)41 1 0.1•:d Emig, stud Jousts - hi. Parlor
Nayea (Eosaat from the lourdal) ' • . •
01..triAlVal On
Er.ed r‘lz.rch IS IK.O.
A. IV. BEN EDICT Dep, Seetorecammlßrallh
I -du. cola; t bat t'vo obon and fooled. So a true .4
net to: y of the original reoalutioi of the Ger... Ao
e.,al)!y, en..o!ed ittaaluti. itlatire loan snootier/eat of
the Cow VlLvion," the nine reentiolao Alain Ibis afro,
.tr,Omory toleof I hare hereutto of try
L. ot.l hINI , tied eamod en !.Nand real of the tforre.
ter'', Ofice, at lieetitlaty, this RDeetith dtcy of
Juno, An, Down one thottrod e4htio , odrtd sod gAy..
A I. ItUßSE4L,L4eretary of the CottenOmetallb:'
F° ,l ,`Zgl°6 - ,4"ll% , :y r eli?l:=lllth'ecerb 9 geksl . *O:
the reception °too:lore •1 the follo*lnx pfo
I g Floyd, comer of Sleth 0n.4.11100d creete.
geyvionl; ell. store, cor.Lfberty &Market ere
A gee., siore, Third egret. .
- • . . .
L %V,lcoa, ie r druegist,Aor, Fonnh Sinlil,llod.
John N Fenn.. store, Corner Ifirr br, Wylie.
TeJecroph ()Moe, Foartlintreet.
II C Kelly, grocer, Fifth 21, corner orAlarsersl:47
hi Greer, store , Peen street, Ninth Wan!:
The doer waggon* will cell ernes or thrice daily
for orders, nnd the Oder, kn. delivered precolelY,enl+er
in barrel. Or eacta--onek Pour it prifernb:e
est —wittoot charge for canna II is Phan tenet.
accounts eon be allowed, and that 'driver, can have
no permission u, leni.e Ober withourpsprepr.
We lepe the. public will he plaste4 wuh this tr.
too cnient, as we shall endeavor to do them jilXliee.
roae2.l III,3IANTH k Mlrel,C;
Saraaparl 1 I ir.floofia uiT.l7 -
i t k el: S" : o l: . 2'"' F i li n , ' 7, :4 frarn!parelc ' ecti njol e'er
Just recoil d and for tale by
• - • •
VOL- XVII, NO, 1:29t
' 11F, 1„
proclaim in the into of Lonnie ... oam:tangy, that
it has rim at.• which re est contained .in any other
Tbstuan terlio la reeked with pain and est ,
inetag ( romtlineeses can (unity cents, get relief from
o.4lht'aTe ett s r ' t:l! 4 '4 ' ;! !' '
Airs—no coot pond, yet up for sen 4 p ct otacao or imporing
it the.commorattit, tett is a netunsity,elsliorst.
innOnt.h3tad pilaste.% isynhebbleany Dona the hes.
wet ollocre Edell:. tat le its etiglntt 'rutin", . 4 .
ere to to angering humanely a se sty
.. tetnetly, a cents.
aid cheapen.— ,, t • • •
It ins cent Piles alloy Other toettelnes. have (Ceti
-sit re tiJe shy i,tief. h a ncenstatteunnitt on of lon g
ntttl or the worst and most yairilol character.
:t has iett rod Choltrt :Verb)us by onetwo dews; It
• Ina rated 00 ens. orDlesnbenui in wi
tch hoary other
retartlttoestoen onto 005i1 :An a: lee. meetly In
isernsiantt nettliiti, - Ii It. teller than hop medical eon..
r. and tor clouront that we knit ei. It wit cure Chit
slaSo it or frostest - loplicationt; undpubt.
,it testimony tan bejaraisbe .1 of she trla4,,ecmfAir.e.l
in the nhot , e statethent by'enling on Samuel at: Kier,
bamtn, 7th Al me:; 0 r eilhrrot Ede earner.
t. McDowell, 'cert.,' t Wood sure: ani
Virpn Alley; Ft. 1 - 1 tegern, .57 'street Street;
D, A. El
k M. Ott(l - Y, Allegheny city, era the agents.
D • tr..te
Mlle slyest at-traitor tout Dlacov•rtr oatb.R.P
Dail—Snre itill.6ll3r far the Plteill g.ixP.'ll7lotr:VS ecial,rated Everitt] Aineri•
cwt. Iteme,ly :ar :the HMI, Lae already Droved
Opel! 10-Le Ike only tote cute Oveeprottebted to Ma
:011ie. Warr: he diacovcry of !hie vo2ttahle medicine,
And the lar:e nonthei 'of extreme neVes with. which
r-Drown boa !tomcat; ho one has lulled taimentirely •
eared. tibiae the many- bentind halm ett•ott Utter
en'tbe - itbd Yews ofTrperimenializilg, hat too eltris
!eft the patient where theycommenced. or worse:
L etterAt few days Will detide Oat ea. by effeettrx
a perfeetpuel!
• .
errizturs,/ 'lush not enter ipso a labermlar•
aument toprove my ismilicine. I Introduce n epee its'
own relent, by its effect I intend it 'Mall stund.ith ue
t.yea ;organ that lonshioto th ne
e seuit, e !UP-S t the
vane of is few dellaxi, I rent the emus:Mtn
61 Lloyd etteot, Buffalo, N. Y. •••
• Boid wholLside and '<mil hy It F. SF LI,ERS
tn 01J421 tLiATCI:I - 17 - ill
TRL AhItRICAN 1111 Etr)l.s. TIC. BA L
A OrEW remedy Ludy diteeveted In tlie Vegetable
ti Llned6m-u. sure and prem,nent cure for all
Rueumano - Crinplaintsonett•os . •
Inl(orimmtorr, Chronic, Aron stodiffereunal $
• , .11.1.emostisen. boat, Lortlitoloi •
Spinal .affeetions,'.2.c. •
I . Thlsmndleise hoe long beets looglit be It'ket been
said that Illituututr:et cradd no: Ire cored; eut' tlhlre /
remedy Hutu, foe therunim`urery Ms ,
oote thoul le htttrt.ta ty,tora it tultirtt to. At, teat n
nualy Leh I,ecn inettd innt Mtn, librumattant of the
worm form—ano oC th- nano enJuulte. u,., table pro
ductions or the earti.--11., a'reamet unffm,idimpoumrt
dirocorry cf tau uae, a.,ia a yrn , tirrfillttlet - tint to Ito ,
human ;1,44; U east) traltotut slokottitto tkltitttn
tine, and 'intern strenoth AMA rigo ' to !Ito wholelty44
tom. tlt hits euirJ, hnetlez over
CAW 04044 thatorrtre Co.:doted incarulitu, •
CortiLtines or the ca raw:* prcp.nlic.A.,,f this teedt
elne eau be Bern oy eduhg on the. ft eellll.
None iienuom nclees put up in,: nn enernved lapel
upon the outride wrr.pper, 'ivied by Ule p:opeletee, It'
TUENFIR, Buffalo, N. v.
Sold . Jr:
;il,o ro i r , l i r* I I and .2 c i .. 2 a tt. !, t r .
Nolen Mann st, Ci114.1M,{111..1
/0.17.41&1•11111. ,
__ •
• ! . No,Gb, WA:49ND Al2.1:1';. a
.. , 447 reo7 door/ 5:. Orr I Vea.: :treat, ta
„ -,• pit. NNI. MT:. ho.vlng Leen
.. 4 7 ~.,,' . iegalatlyeLtaattil to ti,e. Me.!mal"
;.s - 14 , ..„ Frple.i6tl,.".d..bc . tll rOl SOLCe lirto
',,,, al -general praollee, Ilaw eCeLI,I6
, _.,\ h:e atICZII3 , I. to tt. , ttleat . l . 7.ol .I_ .
• 1r i,' 00Te !Innate a
_ -, i. I ' .. ae.nstexperienee,•cculMtly.onnltra
1 VAIN - LT . l' blra. : I:lye ars cm'aitteoullry dew/tall
10/telly it treatment of th mm coniplainta,(d crialmm.... 4
" . time; he .1.1/01111a Mare praCtice and tom earedmore , it.i
,•,1,11:.1 0: on etc ever faille the lot 01 ty, prfratt ,Mael
fil ,oo eo , MMIY amalitlea No, to efmr 13,2131-...,er 01
*? ,, ey,pertnus}eat,74o.lvAlntretpr t :cue to all &Matta:
'with delicate all doesuas,te.l
,dmeaeda /mama • 'Mari ,
, _ ..
, Lr.Elrowit would infarct those nGI lotegt Nets ~,..;
hale... which have bovone e 4 1226 by 'Lime or ag- •
k.,,,,,4 b 7 the . ove or nor of the eergoprtllo.lll,Mly
r t l e ggi 7 :2• th . , `Y ,[l .%" - 1.! - . 9, ;4 1 1 . !:. °, 1' 1 =9u"r':',?:::.!, 4 ,;',.,, 6 .`,ri:
the erehere h : ofeech v..v , t, end ratveeeded in It chlorite
Of iratuneglitvceying poiNatts or ibilectotmiolt of
ad itte,bledtler, awl bro
thersk wgiol., ofica
Veaalt fro. tbove care 3 tvliettt ors h•avo consi,pc/
them to tapeless gle, r alt," He gmttedtsrlyititntet,,,ieh
ma Itavo be. fonzwo.,/ ',Et 0 7.c0 tfalJytro4:vol by Wilt re
to *cetvtatt hi. , ,„ .she e•re:y a.alsractiot, will ha gitt.jj .
them tla IT ousel trzn.kl tit r. care ful, Ibutoggh slug '.
I" , t;•b•g<fi , t..." , t) pt•t,t: :41: by wiar,?, e,rg,,,,,,,,,..
ttoonand Ittvevti;vel.on,w!job It itt I ottlit , ,,iolo in v t •,,,,,,,
vg.gagett in loneiti. przoilce og taittliono t o give. •
ono clavo of divesz g. , . , . • •, .
117 - 11ermin Or Rcgole.. , -lir. PrOv47l of 1,...1T:rs pct,-,
toes ofbietillwatb - ltovetw to Cgtl, ay. b is bas tvz b.I pert to:
I Z l AVre ' r!in ' lVV:,27 4.-- . ' ' • .
, _toth. dthei., I. :. , .v.hi , c , ...:.r,-anit.,f d'
. .
r‘g . . - 13'.:-.M!.1,7.0tiV...;..i,,i„. t . 4,;'.,i.,'
EE tatlng it:Lg. discus, in breil,r, trivint: gll Ithl %icl7.'
OM°, C1L11C. 1 13117..,41C01“ Wlb, dirce4ll4 for tbt., by,
dgmevingT. II ft(lyt'il,. t7 ; p., p.,t yai.1,,.11 eb otos,
l a fAtVeriii; 2 . 15" Dratweint elley,oppovav U. NY oxen).
1; Siarnsit*. , ...lli. treita's tively'discovered r00m
.17 fur It! e tug,. ion spend; ere certain ,viartly .r .
that rebtfol3,withlg. Itgovet,t
ftt !foam,,
O , e'vtr.t) Private:V..l4obl !foamy :do. is IX, ,
rALlif ..Ifay,'.ritt , bor,;l4 to 741,e •Lhiecurl,aiw'ttyl Call
' ''•
'' .4111 1 111,-
13 AAlu- : 1 1,4,11 I ha.e.4ne't; 7r . •
,10.310,> for . la's,limr, la Ooze eanr.lys.
n;. by Lllal2/1 1211t.7..111ArillEWS 4121.•
ueLF:., yA i:V lC Z: Siii7 l l , ii - t/Ciar,re - large Ina:
• Sugur,A ikr , ettor a rtlt • for family one - rukr re
eeived. sar kalc.44 . ;AS A, 1121TertISON
23.1 Art. St s.ouin :Meant 1.11 - 7,11 7 Refinery
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