The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 08, 1850, Image 1

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Trt•kVeef , 500 • 2 •
Weetly,la ---•• 2,00 -
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Do. • mes motalm-.----.74"" 744
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Itanding CIA DI three or lers,)per eanise• 10/3/ • •
Seame.chammable atpleatere (perms.
nem) excherhe of the paper ..... MAO
For each additional some, inserted onion° month,
see fox each additional femme latisenothroder the year.
13 rates, half price. - • •
Adverrisemenu exceeding. a enema and net aid,
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Pablishers mat acconnutble for lessladvertiscatents
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mane as other atimntoemests. • • ' _
Adverdscnients not marked on the eepy Mar aped-.
' timber of insertions, will be continued forbid,
and paDnentezactad Recant . • . .•
postimes elyearly adventscrsarill be etelfilled
rigidly to MeM regular butane, a nd
all other *Aver.
Demesta not permitting. to their acirelarinialneskas
Fo, to be paid extra. .
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• emanate, ward. telreship arid other Public. Meg=
and perk lac, robe el:urged halfprice,priable
Marriage nodes* to be rbszsed 60 cents. '
Death melees inserted witbeet eharge,unlen meow;
pealed by funeral bwitalleas or obituary =does, worf
when se sceempirmed to be Pled fer. , •
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11.110.4 W 121011414 ebb., designed to call aatert
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all pods= of private sawelatione— every notiee de.
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Bisbee or Flu Notices to be charred telee Peet,
Tavern ]decode Yetitionkl2 V.ook.
Legal and Medical adven*menti to be clusicd ii
• Seal Pt:state -Alexia , 'and Auctioneers , advertise
ments 110(11) be classed under yearly twee, bat to be
allowed. &mount of Willy three_ and one Wird per teat:
from tbe amount or bill. -
One Square, Sink Insertions- SO
Do. each additional In settket
Ove Elitkre, (ISlStea.) one larankt..--60 eta.
• Da. each additional tnitartlon..-7.5
41.11kiataireat la" eltiltelate t• to OP paid In advance.
IIITR k CO. Gazette. • .
L. 'CARPER, Po• - a
.lAlsr.B P. DADS. &CO Chronicle:
'FOSTER k intorliEß;bivsua:,
JOE. SNOWDEN. Merano. •
A LDRIZMAN, Sin word, Penn ,[reel. beteicen;
d 0 1 1 .7.. ad W444aL 4/1' business promptly at.
eracreniiin U. WATSON,
ITOBSIEV AT LAW—O6co, eriFenrih street
above Wood!. -..'t eerie
A TTORNkY AT, LAW, • moll Commlrsirmoi for
Toonsy Vt.
AU miatmarilmutour promptly annoOred.
John IL Lana Wm-C,Frizad.
461.,A TTOILYSYS AT LAW, Fourth Erivrt;neirtilad
lea . -•
. ' .1A111813,1+. NEIIII,
ATTORNET AT LAW-06gee on . FourtA ivory
between Elmuhteld and Grua, Pittsburg h. gptIVlY -
Pall.ros e..naiclewiaLL
TS AT LAW-05es Is Tilghman RA
Giant It. near tbo Conte Hone.-- •
ATTORNEY and omm.imr oocsit
loner for the Sum br reassylvaals, St. Lash (.ate of rut...
rgiz borgto,, , • ,
RefeTeseex—Plusbo Non. W. ra m aril , limp.
Oro & Aressdlesit & eClare, John E.: Parke;
Mesas & Semple, McCord & King, snebt-IT
:era L cosaiam
ea. r. teringwa an-i • • ;...--aaarti ragmen.— r ,
At:MAW, WOODWARD k CO, Maimed* Oro.
et ot, NO arl Markel gt, 8.D4
Pittsburg, b &Mall Works. _
BINNETT, BERRY itAX.I, hinnentOtren. SC Soda
Ash. Bleaching Po wilco., Mutilate had Sniplonic
Sc Ma. Warehouse No --, Water coney belerferry.
• •
. . .
13RAttli 4 REITER. Melanie and Retail Dri4
• corner of Liberty and Ert.Clair street., Pine;
. apt
COhnitSSION MERCAANT,Sunk and Bill Itroa.
sr, No 111011mond latent.
Zhiiiairsas Bp
COLIM 11AR, ATIXAN & CO, Tdamsfaetarers of
Conan and Mode Barlega. thoonered Axles,
Boring and Plough aloe, Warchom eo
Water and Front surds, Frusborgb.
/Woolen's,* in Coach Trinaa and Makable
John Cralr. W.B. Warta.
CINgtIT, Witt:MT:AT 4"b1.V771"'"
CA. - MeA NULTY a, CO. i. 00 .rd..iy i . 4 4 :41:
loOd3l.Alemlunts, Canal . llatiq
°RANT, Who tale Omer, Coongnion an
CFonnrCthr lambent. Pio. 41 W4‘44 th,
,mh. • - at. 4 • -
In ithrsery.....-./.thhsw Fleming R. K. Fthropth.
• newuncir, 44 CO.,
01114113.410 ti ISTERCHANT:4.—Iror the etto.,.
thente.o7colen, and Cotton Gbodg al re, dellets4n
I 43144 or Tailors , Trlothothgs, rio 10 Wood c, 4th
door froth Filth, PlUsburtk.
.6Lethrenos.-41ess». Wm. A: 1131,1 46 Co. Canken.
MI:2OIAM I:O22NVIT, 'flue oneilibi
Co.l'Wbotenale Gruen, Contmlnstan and m
antrilnit blernbants,and dealers in Prods. and Ms
lamb blannfattnnen, Na.7l Wood et n between 2d'and
-Eto&w&n.DiNa & cciwassiomms&cnorr
Noll 3 &ved at, ritubscrgh.
Itl7°" - Irt"° ry
/Matteis' woole.lA . Liberty, appall. 4IC CA ' flibt? •
Z. WIXOM; = W A" MAUS' '
D. C. X . C.A3Of MI. MIN A. waits.; . . 1
& BIICENOR, Tekbasee Colam -LairE ,
71:413, 41 lionteWetel es, 616 Ninth r.rr
TTARDY, JONES .4 1:144 . to.ossors' ur1,21.04,1
Alriciaes k Co.) Co4..musa .4
ehants, dealen;l4 Ptinbatt Ibisaftoture4 GOOO,
Mortises to SaaresN e.• rroz.,) •
LIPORTER & Dearer In French and AmerietriPii
per Daeglegs and Denier& Window Simla.. Fire
Prints, &led—Writing, Priming =4 Wrap
phis Paper, No. 87 Wood etrect. between Pow& street
audDlarawia alley, Intel INe,Plttabutah, Pa.
1•11) rtMia - airite . 7.Viholeaale Lieut.& and den '
U er la Dye Starre,•Pairtia, Oils. Varnishes, ice,' Nei
eil,Wood street, Dee' Coor:Aloutli of Diamond 'Ailey
DA cue •
e G ..249
Grocer, • tan
.11r A ire .re It ' ent; sad ilealet Lit , Prees•ii.43 Pittemb
lianafartart,lioft Water at. Plitsbd
114.""1A .4 H T Wl-I"7"Gsa twin
Ac *on MenOtants, *nu drall: in • PrZRN c g,
Woo. end 197 }toot vtrest , .. Pitt.Uara. nnol
••---• • • •-••••• Joespa &now.
ICINLWORT7I N Who lewl“,inwew, and
• hlwatator shard Powder co., No. 27 Wood at.,
•iitr - viswritwpaci•
No. 42 7 Maikst at, th iv.
rob Noontabrw. Third •L Ping:
. hallth,Wll kw. conpuntly ontand a wall seleopi sai
antratetof the bed and. Ileabon MoNelnes, which ha
watt wl.l ao the mow »Notable ter.. Pkil•niaol
" 4 " 4 "dm. wiU prowinlY allande 2 W and map.
isw.r. !el! moot $ 4 'M uth '''.
a!Plwerinilowi will tit acearately and
— •'`" 4 llwalla best materials, at ax 2/. hnr of
ha Tar add:. •
Ala tar 444, Ilina Root 01 . Nadi and goad Pala
T 't. .alal4 1 , °MHO C 00,0 1."
lb Pion romtrdtax Merchant, awl, Irtholentle
dealer to Wortera ibrstrot Ctlvese, Dotter, Yot and
Per-4 AatViA,Wott.titTrititteitenetally.
Panel:bemaetuaeliti4al4 a.a4 Wood, Pittsbutrgb.
otil • and Paper IlanahLetareti; No.CI 2ttarktt meet,
itublatith. •
.ittue Word , - ehard PloSd• •
k. R PLOYD, Wbolcgale , Grocers, Comtnissisn
• Merchants, and Deelots in - Produ• a. Round
Church BalldtersCfrontinc.,,a Wood and
'r nth .treat.,tintnurgi: Ps.
far 0i Nt . 747 . 1' ast e tsee . sr i r CT a 1 . 40e5!1ar
dealt, in PmeueenunTilivdrengh Mattn m i:r.. e 7,4
an of Lite rry and Han? etteet4, Pittitblint i t ts
7 NO. A. CAUONBY, Agent tor
Y. weds,. Line to Deaver and the Lities.Otlee
on the corn, of Wets. cod Rittthi old
71-AMSO-A-7,HUTONCRON;7 Ca.--T-dneeeniniirt
Lawie Hutchison G Ca.,
and Agents of An ft, Unto St e a mßeitnery.
44, de
nestdd ounl,td front ntrects',-Piniuntnh.•
_ claim
NOV S Woo.' man, PittabarO. erala .
. pg
d . opposite 51.
,Charter Cottle Pinentalrb, will OW
pcostptry to Collection-14a Washington,Forctu
and Omen tronattes,
..• suastociimmacc,
Cborth itCatoldnes, , ristellecorh. •
D. T. 14.1.11.
°UN KRE , LOkt -
NO' ta Maser stn4 MastcaLjnentrinents, &Imo( Banta
...piper, 811ars, erner Prat, Qtsills. Printers , Cards, and
— S` clmru i ("1 " 417,N*19. - W ma•LiPitignirel•
`Z: ;11;TAV b.t 4 04. PArimpati.. .
. .
,' ••• -.. . . .
• . .
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1 .
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. „ A, . . -' • '. : . Liar • ....y:
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, A. f . .
.. , te ,
~, r v ..-.,. ; -s./- ._, , •.- s, g r-, ... - A " ' ' ' • ... 41., 1 ••• , r •
. .
• • .. • . - - . . . . . .. . . .
EXOnajtoE t C9III, Isamu NOTZ9,&e,
.N0.:4 Fdtirih meet, nett dooi to the Dank of rig.
'Kfr.Rd/Ohliiirroms niOnii. and Commission
chart', Dooley to Prodore tad Pitistntrati mono.
uiatiarrd ottlei r ea,ranal Resit., near7O at. opt
EENNESDIcCRILDS. d. CO.. Manufactireri
rely auperforµ Steeting, Carpet Chain. Cotten
ne and Doan . • ia9o.ty
Wai. 2.1111er C.W. Mutation, Pittsburgh.
A MUM RICKETSON.WnaIesaIe Gwent, and
vL Esponers et Brandies. Winn, and Emus, Nos.
in and 171,vorner of Liberty and Irwin weeny/Ws
burgh, Nally Cotton Yarns, its. kr, eon;
lobs NOEL. Janina D. WWII. Wattar Roe- .
CeGILL9 & ROE, Wholesale Greeers and Commis , :
ANL 11 1 n Mardi= No '194 Idbeny Es 4 Pittsburgh
• . JONICS isr.' %moa t . •
NprcuncTuAtErts sr spring and blister steel ,
plough steel, steel 'doses wins, souls and clip.
•Le sPrings t ken Lees, and dealers in IDs[;
Lebec suss" Ore engine lernps,and conch trinuaLons
k asrally, comer Of gnu. and Front star lettraburnly
110LklE3 /SON, NOSS Mittel st; seionddoov
Allrmy comer o( Foszth, dealers in Foreign and
'Dome a stic Bills of Exchange, Cutticaice of'Dopotat,
Bank Note. and Specie.
ICTOoleictiona Asada on 1111,11141. grit:wipe MOM
lreophootthe Coked State,. .
AT • BtreitruSTLll, atmattgazt-4.llfice, Foots ass
.LN_ s ' third door above ennuitleid, smith
Conveyancing 01.11 kinds done wrillattio greatest
.are and ' • 1,
to coat rotate elm mined. 0013:61y
iteitltnioitt WELILs
110' 0 . 27 Marketaeet,Pittrbtrtgb,Pc, Ireep nonstant 7
ty on Muni, ant mate to order elf Laden( Vials,
Walks, ve: -Parlor and =km,' Viola Banks su-
Portion's. staration - paid taitrinto : •
OvldattettariaTthlits Establlstustint
WM. BCIII.ICRMANN, Third it, apposite the
Paat-Odleer,•Elttabtualt.‘-tdops, Landseakai
beads, Shovrbilti, Labels t _ttithhectoral walla achina
. Driw.nas, Mathew aad yalun Cards,dte-,edaraved
or dram ousthao, sad pruned la color; Gold,Utonse.
.pt Black; la the moat approved style; nod at the r mos
reuoitable pneea-. • canta
ROBEN .1 ON, LITTLE & CO- o. 112 Zabel* gravel
• itiebursk Wholesale Omeers, Pstqloee and
Cosatelasion Xesehants, and &Jamie Pittshorsh
Menefee arm sow!:
Boat. aeacaost.,_ SIM IMUL SM. IL: i 0.313507,
ROBERT h 10011.6; Vfohblesild - Grocer; RToft. lug
Macy., dealerla Prodoire, ridalmorh filtrufao
fareAy all kind. or Puragri caul Domestic %Voles
sod lilemors,No.l.t Liberty meet, (to hard al.cri
largir otorle of faperier otA hiaroatatirl•'wzilskey,
odurh will be void low for rash.'
I.IIILYNOLEIS it-811EF". FOINFIItaI old Commie,AlL Iderehantr, for the A.Hegoeny direr Trade,
t orte re In'Grmerien, Poultice kiu.lbarr,h, hlanaree
t and Chloride oULdne.
Tbl , hlgl n i
_p_nee. cask - all Voles for ,
emotgr mac uondr Penn luto 1r.,. eta.: .alslB
DOBERT DLLZEL.I. a Co, Wealesale firmer.,
Commds.led Merchant.; (WIS.,. In Produce and
Pittsborakidsonfactores, Liherty meet, ridsberen,
ROBERT A. CI:WAN:OIIAM, 'Malntel, Grocer,
Mal, la Produce ext.: Pittaborg.:.levafteunr.
N. 144 Llbery street:. ' Ara
SINGER: & St:afield trod. eta
.Strel 41
Works-anofsetorasSi t ing
andllough Steel. . Also—f_torinss, As es, Vters; An
a/11,2m They invite the alit noon of merebistats and
consumers to th,ir stork before pareharieg else
where. Theywarrantthetr articles to be eons as any
'made In this errantry or ire • ed.- l fritti
a. C. bli4Cil.ta • ' TnO . a. VrltSt
Q HACKLE:TT & WRITE. Wholesale Dealers
kJ Foreign and Dereealle Dry . Good,, 90 Wood
eireet-Plesearal, ' • '' nO7 2
S: 4l . 7llaTif u l a Tipai l , „ l,Voti ,.. ll4! rc
FCT rnr••
.3onneduien e hterchoads, NoAS Wanes. , rtr ' ect,
Pittehergh - . • eel, • '
r. S.l-4123, 30 /33 ..MCOLII, IfAITLSX).
SW4it S rNmv , tra - f.
bare.. Sperm, Lint, =id Lard Oa& apl7
YON &TN AHuit,Sr. & CO, Whalsi/eGro.
, kJ. dtes. Forwarding. and .CdtaadAsion litorehant.,
Dealet,ta Pinsbarra Mana'actates and %Voltam
Prodded, have reamed to tier new warehouse, (old
L easad.l.No. 36, earner of Fraarcreet and Chancery
East ads Diamond, Pittsbanth. . anis .
.L.B. SI Herman. , ILIL Waterman -AV. Wainamaa.
. H. 'di SONS..
'HOLESALE IMV . ERZ,Cotal a y i i , %a d r . 3 r4v 4 ; :.
dams & Piusbn:hAlnatataetared
ernelna Agent.
fot dale af.E.iFimaad dad Lood , dm. AlaaufacnDrA
Tobar.Ta. . ~...marl
also stait to ui colicearcks and alt oder burl.
]TILL .. also
entrusted 74 Dl= fa Dater tad Itrattrnsig
~ J. &a. Fl i d. Libcrtjat.
- ,
It Alarshall ‘143 Pittlboigb. •
my [ bay &Co, Wood at. - - - , : jn7
B. B. Blab Eeld•—• •••George &than!:
MILTDOLESALId and Retail Dealers in Ciro-rents
11and Dry , (loads. sEnd Ccrruniarion Merchants
Nat! , Llberty at, l'inrbargh.
'FOILWAIIDING . c . 011.11198101,• 21 . 1ER,CUANTS,
Cam Bau m , Ve.nn Pittehartit. • mr6
Aa.2tt Markey oxid.s4Commerce st., Madelpltio.
Mitoces mate, br edit!' of the abore, ahem:Air
meta of Produce to oilier flea/e.
J. D. WO Huts.,
"..T. De WallaAin, vto
W i Po i rat E r tsd ill' atx,..z . ,,tr i lalta ß V,
dea l ers In Coos try.Prodace and ritzsborgflrasafe
tares, earne r of 11 ood and F a n sweets, =Labarge.
Wm. 11, •
war ! U. WILLIAMS fr. CO:, :.
• ' North. But earner OtWood Thil4 ituect
• vg.- woarr, •- • • 301V3*. C0•p141.9.,
jiriL RAMAGE lc- CO., Wheieal. Garecrio. iD
TY aa4 SO IVeed street, Vittetrtirgtr. - apt"
1087 r tLT.D leallP.l.&S.
WICX & INPCANDLES (tor.otaoars L J.D.
TV , Wlet,) Sirbeilesole I..rocers, , Forarotalog ood,
dooadniou Actehoot4 dollen in Imo, Nuts, lAus,
COW= Yorno,,•ood Pittobetala MoznsforsomFgonen.ll.
ly, tornar of Woad and Wolof. tr,orts, rittabOrgh..—
UT_ & BUTCIIELTRE:4 'Wholesale Grocers,.
Zoe , O a rrina pacilless,: r %; a ftrse b and
ead ikeztto:
log ro.dea. No.loO (Ahem streer,lopposite
„ ILSOlas Watches, Jowelry.slaver Ware
end 1111hle - ra Goods ,- corner of Ttuter •
- Fearatatre.cia, Patsbergir, N. m.—Wsus , bes s att
Clocks easerallartroslro& P ,.. ' 0017
CCM. YOUNG & Co, Green is I..e . alher;
UT to" 1143 [Abaft) 'amt. 1a,511
WK. X'crrenscre.
& It. MeCIITCHOON, w o w" '
T,7,...4.rdealsr* raw.,
401. r4c . itit
ju j b,47.—.. U . att a r . ' g".. 11 7', Lama? street,—
• 07Lairia I &dreams made ea =rod uvecu
end. Idiejkrene
'Painter. Ream.,, came: at Peet °foe ilart sad
Panne street, entrance. pa reenlist:ince, Musa
..a7l — care TareLOse Commission ltterethase tee
1\113.31 out Levee et, N (Meant, keep conetantly an
I,A hind 'think ageonerseni of Brandi...lkea follcree..
Ing brands they afar for rale/ as egoats for
/Weed k Ca. porde emx. 'ex:: "kik' kiwi, .7.• &zed, J Dbs.
rater& Ce,Larooltelle4 Menne, Coiengel, 'A do Meii.
inkeille, A de liontare,Jean Louie. ke
&xi Leo, /Locher Lin, 13ordesex tied. end White Wine •
.In easkesed case,, ukCt d rah vim byJobe
&Ten beiddesChawegnelVece And Swot{ Beep, dr
Pork . • ,
lilffro t y l tr,ineaL ". 4ter4ri a due Le
Oar on ursder the no= of ' , Jan Plater at"...
March . . JOHN YARKE:R..
John Parker. .William Cur.
•• a -.j3UN P /Y . ! ra G rams , o Co.,
For s
Old ntorunagazia•
and itaaffied Whisiry.
- N 0.5, Commercial How, Liberty meet,
wanontOt wain; ;cam' ussori4 mt. tux
, r, *PALIIMI:4IIAXINA diCo.,.
IS2eirtscrti to iiiirrey, Hanna kCO4
Forel&rn and DontesUe lU•rintrirre, Certificates
of Deposite, Conk Motor, ripecW— North wort.
darner or Wood owl Tbtrd streets. , Current coney
reeetreid err depostte.-6tght Cheeks for may, and.
colleetiono =boort neatly all -this prhaelysl points'
the Colind Sums. ; - . ,
The intteit mono= onn fae Fomlte =a AZMei/WM
AMaill Undiodeoltrponurols Produce. obio
penKonl on liberal tonna... - ororl
MX. C1 4,10 .] • taxa r.
'.IXIII. A. XtmLtrica - A; c0;, , ,'
- Ns 25.6114.4eitit' iriiit, a bm Wood,
Thai always on band, • larFe aaraitalent of Chola.
Ur/feeds' and Ilnit Teas: lams Foltigo rnal and
WdOkinda ILISI/ Wtall. Deities, soppllsOon the
lowest terms. • , • •
lltc.bil;• "trap.
wicimiAN_Atinit.u,... kin& of ear.
O ton and woo/len ea oekinery, Alleg h eny tit? , Po.
The above work . -beng how La fa and soceru!ol op
erwino, lona prepised.lo negate attirifte.l.l, girpoich.
for all WM. reanhinery in my bne, nth
OnkerNsProndere, cards; griming routiore ioitwors.
pa , Tr o gri,
g Or merehiol or 00.117 work.
=doe:N(4e, $.7. Me lf loa hood lonesand bolo lo god-.
ern!, All kinds ot elating ende to outer, orpleoe gko
eo for goosing /anodes or mills 02 reasonable charge-
Cei Kbgi 'UM it, c o 4 :1 , Pikkul•kk. *FP
, k a, . Q
p. rsp, _
-- •
R'ZIRCIVICIA tll.l krarrierm4,
I+ V keep conitaroly 011 hand or make to onler' the
beat ankh, in their Her., at their °Pt wend, No 11 Elk
Clair stmett :atm. m No.Pd M arket tTeet, se toad smr7
entrance in the Diamond. Venittan tikeitera made to
order, and - old blind. neatly repaired, •
BEN N.ETT. it. ' B ROTH ER, '
'• glimattissinams,[senz Pltesbargb,] Eta. .
Clfuw, No. '.37 .IVarir at,!. ietiossa 111.4rbst mut
- •' - ,' • --ilia, Pittsburgh. • !.. .- ..
WWlLlicoastaraly keep on hands. soot snort•
mem ot Wars: of ourawn manufasiumand
• superior qaalay. Wholesale and country Mar.
ehanto ore respeettally Invited to caltand ex.
amino for themselves, as We ate dewrotinsd to sell
cheaper thmulms rvitsbefuts ',been offeredlo Ws pub.
llT'Orderi Sant iy Mail, secompanled is Melissa or ,
and reference. will to promptly attended to. mrS
, .
W/LITE.IL 00.,• would .respeethdly inforre
the Pablie that they -have erected a shop on
Laeoek,between Federal and Sandusky streets. They
are now makthir and am prepared to receive orders thr
.... dc , semption whaeles,•Coache. Chariot'', ihr.:
roar Boggles Phr.:ol4, & a.. 8.0-, which from th eir
lona crperlenee to the manntacro re otthe above work,
and the facilities they have.they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the room reasonable:terms with
Rosewood:la...del. in.their till 1
Pallor parnealar attention. to dm select:ma of mate
rials, and having none but competent workmen thee .
hare - no - hesitation •to warranting their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to this matter.
N. IC Repairing done team best beanaer,land an the
moat reasonable term. . • . Itaktor
1. ;
rams, =rasa Worm amt MAIM, Prrriamore,
ruNiTINOE to manufacture all kinds' ofCOPPER,
smith Work., ' • • •
Steele Boats balls to order.
Special attention given to stem boat work:
Hate on hands atom easonment o(Copper and Dean
&UlmToo Wue, Ike. Re. Steamboat Cookuig Stoves,
Portable Farm, tartans idsas—a Tety.constalent
Delofor smiumbams,California amlgrantsi or rail mad
wocl4 repectibily Inuits amain boat men and
others to call sad ame cur articles and prices before
pare/m.4lm el towhee, J 1 ,17 ,
I • • ' J. VAN. nook Madors.
are still engaged to the aboye bosiners, earner
''99 of -Wood and Tkird atm% l'ittsbutp, abort'
we are prepared
wend tto do
oar o any
wok ork it as line with der..
,ra - We personally, and taus- ,
freedom will be given in regard to its neatness and du
rability. . •
tnank.',llooka nand:lo any pattern and bound . iirb:
sus - 'Books in lumbers or old books bound ears.
fall ror repared. Names put on boob, in Ott letiers.
Thom tkat have work to cur Line are Wilted to call.
Prices lcrer.• ,
piu.• noshlao Works sad Yonsid.ry.
TA. . .
TORN WHIGUT It Co., are prepared to
,bolld Cocoa
',I and Vi oolair Machinery cf =c ry description, such
as Carding /11aeltincs, Spinning Prunes, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Railway Warpa rs, binders,
Dressing Preuncs, Looms, Call Grinders, de. *ronght
Iron Shafting tamed: all sizes of Cast Iron,
Hatters of dro latestlatterns, all= and band Lathes,
and tools, of kinds. Castings of =my description
furnished an stunt notice. Patterns made to order for
Irma trading. de. Stmun Pipa lot heat
ing lactonts, Cam Iron Window Snob and candy Cas
tin= generally. Ordars left at dm Wan:hones ord.
Palm= Ifs 'Co., Liberty atm= will have prompt
Refer to Blocky - toot, Dell &Co, J. K. Moorehond
Co.. G. E Worarr, John Irwin A: bout. i tub u rgs ; G.
C. I J.Ii. 7.Varnier, ti.ohonvit!t: inn IP
MIRE subscriber criers Orr sale a huge and syienAlit
esanmSnof rosewood and mahogany grand Ac
tion Planois; with and without Cr.:missals einelirarid
Aiolian Attachment. Thin above instruments are wart
ranted he .On equul 10 :icy eutnrifzenure4 in runt 0 0 00-
/try, and will be sold lowerany bronght from ilie
East. , • P. F., N. unod
intor exiaterf h l tri
' N. El —City iien? will fa trikmi et par for a •c , ..
be aturvireXTrtrat.t. 11,1
k;,'..r; felr4.c
T/lIS IS ta cerafy l that I heat eat
,1•e and Lierf tra t e:ea tr. :Co,
Sale Arren i te for the Halt
Peiesst lloapra.l4.,rri Filter, far: Fre cif
Gm of Pittelor and Allerheir...
30111 GIPSON,
for Rafter
_ht Gtheou,34lo Broadirey,
b . it.
Ocr. 0,
We have been Hitt[ oro of the above nettle at the
etlGee of tha'Novotty Werke for three month., oh trim!,
and feel perfect!). &milted that it is a useful int mtioa,
and we take pleasure in rocurristemling them n , a eve.
AU article to all who love pure teeter. Orders 1.1.11 .
thankfully received and promptly exeented....
Et Sitzet Orley Works ter Sate.
rpnE.bgeriber offers for &ale, tke bTEAtt MUGS;
WORKS, 'above Lenercitcorilie, tornpriciiio
tqcalll.tiniline,2 Mosta Machine, csoaliiie nf
orionforaaring .20,C( Preosed Bricks tont oigly
token from tho bank,) per day; with' Three recr,o of
land on the ASregheoy reef, On sehleh ars 4 tan, snit
abed", machine arid chg. cher% OrtitotOirrocra,
stiooneity spiress,'Stri;• every .thing - regairiiis to con
roes. opersticiosoLko hoots smite. :Price isetietine'
the patens right to use ontd.ocoehinoy 07,c0r.3. al
pen:l3=ll.4e easy.
,Withosit the . irOnli ss,ann. For
Wrought and CaSt iron Diatlimg.
robserthers beg leave to Inform the pat,te that
they have obtained from the East all the Ime ;od
noble desigme for iron Railing, both far houtcg
and emaeteries. Persons tritbleg V procare hand
some patterns will please call and reaming, and judge
for thetimetres. Railing mill be lantieltrA at the st.en.
est noticeand in the Lett manner, at the earlier m
Craig and'Rebteca etmeter-tliorheit",s4r/•.
migs-dtf • A. LANtori-w-m KNOX%
STA ,, Tt:L.TitE.E;r ;, :o: 4 7cp . ; :vrt,
H A ZOgi s e p r e s=cfn l iT a ila s Ly_ ln
late emit to Ell nec.tlgating :Nista for penes-
enantry, an d . haring infested c.9tient and "'-
again:lle Agents or Lend. no and Mauebester. be Is
prepared to afford all necessary information and ad
vice to persons who . sett to recover their property to
that etmetry.
4. L.:keept abet of the Wink of England Dividend
Mob, irtech they be eraroltmd for 60 cords, or ad for
<lei tenet of the Alphabet. •
References in Boston:
C. D. P. ADAMS, Mater) Palaltc;
HF:Nny A. MAY,
irris-2N -- JOHN W. RIDGEWA y, Esq. ..
jt- • • wconso as. co • .
• t9.eceseots to ArCord & t " ang) ,
Pashlosablo flatters,
• Corner of Wood out Nth &rods.
TEA RTICVLAJt attention paid to our Retail Trade.
JL Gentittalto Can My opoo toting their Hata and
Caps (Wont oar estabtisbntent aftha azn stasantato and
andamita aim, of WI LaMar Ml.lnoinsi ad the LoWort
Coanatay Mordant., pittablaltia by wholesale, at. fowled to call and examine ma thoea- as
,Cao with tonGdeaco that asymard• q al,rn
and nits, .1{ will Sat SLIEST is • oolayazioott sub -any
oarao In pktladelpbta.- • febl7
BEGS Immo to Intern. Its friends and casiomere the,
dm is Jan receiving hbs neerspnag socket' Goods,
comprising, as weal, all the newest eadMost fartioe,
sale styles of Cloths, 01.45:3104[3, fancy Ilestmes,
toe and linen swam. stado, and every atueletoltable
for gettfemetestreve tottering andmotteet It being
Papassibleto desCribe the beanlY,VtedllY, ernsnoult
or the *tech, the to roprieurrhopcs nit "rho am m 'rent
orFOOsl,ebeip, fuktortable, end troll made clothe.,
1.4.1 pre tint t 'eall, , ts there Is no stock this side en
the Aileglted.; that men Compare airlift.
The readynlae department Is veryemensiwe, adap
ted to. all ' • • •
1411111114 eantistetom errantry merchants, and all
who purchase are pa mintier'? Invited to et.
£OllO, the met btiOni parenselng, Itap . ¢lllCllNY
tenhon Is paid to the 'wholesale business 12 Mk caul..
EWery• trade in the tailoring tine made to °Merle.
the moctfathlonable and teat manner, at the shortest
.rfpartnership 'heretofore exigtine under the law
f A & C BfrADUEY,is dissolvra by the deets4e
'a Air. C Wadley. Tye business will be carried on by
A Brudley,,wbo WILL mule, the business or the late
REIIOVAIrA BUDLaT boo 'sr:tented his , FonndrY
Warehouse from No lid Second streot,to•No lg Wood
street, between First and /Second streets, to ware.
house lately occupied by G A Berry, where be wig
keepnonottntlq on lined n r,ancoil .iorunent of Cost
logo. Groies r eiteves, Cooking Cloven. && iyta
. _ .
THE attention oftheppobbeu rerpeettotty 'called to
• ' the folleeelog cettificater
ft,. ft, le
qminlity of Geld
vreixbed by your Mem:wire, I find the rcrult proem
your irdltromlut correett and 'recommend the C. of If
to theme eelng to eldifornta, as the beet method for o 4•
toinforthe real outdo of Geld. -Pose...yew:, •
1.-D. DUNLS9I, Gold BeateK —
PltUbtrrzb, March 9,1E49.' .
. ,
Yringauttom Marsh 7, ICAO.
blz. Egging—DearBir•. Jigging, eXlLlttlited th " Ar.O.
mete',* movnifsetnrod at your rooms, t do not Iwatic lr
to ecru:mend it to the oit - of those gentlemen who its
about removing to California in search of Cold.
It Gt . VOI a cit.., appmximstion to the systiSo grist
ty eletrilF, and will certatelY einabni the Adventurer
to ascii:Min when ',Meer is 70316111 g Gold.., Vours. resins.. 7.11 111`13,114TMcItt
NI-""if,L..°ll.,",,E4`,2rßtiArTl AL"
Oast fpant Peer, ur allaiscs; and inaegarmith and PI , .
gsps, ants's on band and fur asle.ettfier at his "Ea.
gin El Lad IVork sirs., rth Ward,..
uffino in the Iron Stine of HOLIAIANK 4 (fa giti.
ISON,Ido 4.10nt of Wood strcer, Pittsburgh.
• rarArLdinl • ,
we,tho umitrorn,a, havinn sed, with entire eat.
isfsetion, Ma Cam Rteal said ' , des made by Bomar]
Si[oKelvp, atlds Eagle Steel Works, la this city, take
pinata:a in recommending them as ens nt to pnahty to
any ever used by as, of fsmign manitfitentra.
r"j4"gb ' r tle. 4 lll ' STOMA:RCM k CO 7
alatiafaetar era of holland Pittsburgh, pa,
'miaow:We m and Inehinists,'Plutbargh, Pa.
COLL:NUN. ilAllsal CO,
tdmatnetnrers ofaVIAMAIIetiSPCAIf Siet"nti
Rivets, Patiliatgh, Pa.
I Entine Builders and Utchine Card Manufsetai
rem, PAltitta3pli,ria,
- • Brui Fop
inrb Pituburgb,
• GRAVY, 4NBpiy ,, tr
t ?O , ,
7'l°°2°W;t°T" of
h°ollnrAintMLlN .ON
Loeurrotiwri Engine and Bypr4VAl t t , raa,
3.l"bi.Alugg.c4Lrr,..4.lllrie and Engrultuild-
OT. Pinsurrh. Pn,
APAIR of fiold OPecololos, vapposed to 4. b e en
droined Wood .troot, in front of Balmweil 4
Penes Wasn.ronse. -Min Ender oiII b. rewarded 0 0.
rotundas doom to the row, No.lo Wood Ed'Wt.
, Ji ~
rinl4: 'DELAWARE'. :GUTDAL 'pApyryy 04D,
, RANCE COMPANY.-Office North Doom of the
'Exchange, Thintetrtet, . • '
.. Fan Innamtem..-1311111ings Merchandise and other
pre arty, In Toms and Country, blamed against low.
or Msenage by bre: at the lowest moo of premium.
al same inscrunet-They also tosser Ve earls, Car.
goes atat'Freights, fomign or cosaterfsd, ander Ore u or
special policies, as the Immured may dogma. •
DMArm Taammmarnos.-They also Imre merch.
• salsa mansponed by Wa 6nr.,.11a1l R nad - Core, Cans I'
Coats on! learn Boats, on rivers and bites, on the
'moat liberal Mhos.
DIGW-MOSS-Yoseph IL Seel. Elnnind Bauder,
.John CI Davis, Robert Dartbn, John Petrone, Snow.
el I.lPrrards, Geo G Lelpee Edward Darlington, Isaac
/1.113 , ri5; Wm Volmeil, John Newlin. Dr It Huston,
JetC Wald, Theophilna Paulding, /Ones' Drools,
/lend 9loan,'Craig,
Hugh George berfill, • Poencer
blellvain, Charles Kelly, .1G Johntan,' Wtl2 nay, Dr
9 Thomas, lan Sellers. Wm 'Eyre, Jr.'
- •'
-thigh, Craig, John T Ulan.
• 'WILLIAM MARTIN, Dre 4 iden
nrcirillo 9.Nownorn, Saab,. • •
Q7:0G.3 or the Company, No. 41 Water ameel,
.Piushargb. Ijart-S. if P. A. MADEIRA, AO.
nal Life and neon Insurance Company
T i
of .l Itin,lntorporated by the Legislature
of Pannnylvanin :March, - lats. Charter perpetual.
Capital, RICADOO. PAM 111,11 ATT
Cl.3r.i.!.Ccotralti, and fall g 0 per cent. lower than the
final taws of.Llfo Insurunce, as the following corp.
Pails= will show: Thne, a percent of the age 01 30 In
suring tar moo for Ilk. Malt pay in the Omni
renusylvanql2s, Penn Mutual, St= rquitene,
sa,o4 ; New • arid, BilBO; New York Life, 0:!,:;f4 Al.
bier, PleD. , ; e and ilealM,Philadolphla,sl,9l.
Diaterorta.—Barralel D. Orrleki Charles D. Hall, W.
F. Bodne, Robert P. Kllk !Jaye, M. W:
Beide/in. DI. Al. Reeve, MD., Chen. O.' Campbell;
I..e.nrieCooper, Rodman fluter, E. 11. Dotter, Lenin
R. Cope. President—Ea.:A.l'D. Orrick; Mice Bred.
dent—ltobt. P. King; BeeretniT—Fmncla Blackburn,
Applications willboreceived, nd every information
eon by • &Vat, Aft,
. Clltee, Commercial 110001COMIci of
octifi.dly Wood end 'Mr' ani,,Fltteburgh
I'I Iy i.! .%,BIIFULNCE CO. et North Amerce Trill
~p ergiumnt and limited Irveraere on rm•
v ‘ iLth i f , o, and .13 alupmtcts by
Oda Colony 100141 inveZe.f, '' ind l. f l o ' reTAV L" m Pf
able fun for the ample tedereally .4r.oens"whlo
desire to be prmeeted by in.atenca -
vs 1,8 P. JONES Attlit 4. Water et.
, Flgo and Marino insuranne.
T 1 1 1 ;„?,V1F4' . : 1 5 th.' . .'.'l.T:rtocv VZIl h
tell uflWoret
The eabsarlber, agent or the above old and rrryon•
&We Company, , 11 isoot Paii.nda no Lladdinde and
their ednteats, midon thtpatents of geraLi,,,ndian by
Stearn Beats and other wearer.
- ad 3 W. P
Tile, . , Second Session cif Otis Institut:on, ,
'under the
earn sr Its. tad Mee. Costrows, rot I the
sesistriie year, cal/ e.oramener thiany, Monday,
Petinosty Mb, in the t buSrlings, Ni; SI Liberty
Arrangement., lime been made by . .aided. thEl pill
be &tile to fur:nth young ladies funnier. aqui to say
In the %Yeah for Chtionii. thbrougli English, Cbooo
ettl i and-Ornamentat eracatinA AWI counter of 1 . 11,
JSONtled: m m
Chetcal Leons will be dotrvered
- daring the wintce, Illartrated led apparama. The de.
r :unmet. of Vocal and bletramecht! Music, Modern
lAngtiaiens, Drawing End Putting, will each bc under
Macau too comp.:mit renfersert By titan attention
to the antral and intellecttail uhitntryttmeatof their pa. tits. the Princioata hope to rum it contirinEdron of tits
Itberal putnmtra They. hare hitherto eoinycit Po;
Wt.& ran elteular OT apply to the PrincipstA
Moneta anti Antigen Furniture
• SI, Tranu Sr.. l'lrttscracn.
J. W.V.' .
„ .rgait
',obi. Oat be LaA c ,, m•
:4,ra rl6-1 44 31011 7, - ,
TIMNIITTIF. the lArgr , at. tnecv.i:ls4.tas,pon
eser etrere, in talc el :Lit city. eariplleszq trio AL
.N!,00 AP.I. ard 111,01
11,1 suit.o, lot Purl...,
DrAorsneould ,- .101 will L.... 4t
l'oorr rrarrro; Foram,* of ar.y dcancrftlan, arc
r•isr,CA rsa l6. inv.-J in e:ril tra mice b, t. vilnat
onlnatarre every irea.orralloo, inan the er. apart end
plorocirr la the , Vl.ll e: rpacit and coarry, of which it.
folletvioc•cozproco a s pain
tor .; Tete a iTh•ar_s;
Converaarraa 110:abettirot
Reeriritun cn Le:11.11V da
Erie do Roam Euideei
11 - 041., 0:1. Toilet Tee..,
Louie 2:Conamadore: Ituie of VOl, , e-Oreh;
Pioth and Hear-olio.: tot tra;
(4 Divora,
4o del% Molso4ane Ver!est C44.rt:
10 Itostsvonal dod;
10 I2ra %Valeta d 4,
40' Cate :teal do,
4 Idailochny Rotkida <I
2 " P.lllO ,tVOIS,
Sit 11urble Caatte
12; Oa do Wato Stand%
Yu Malictitany
.. 111.112(Walnut
Caerty do.
A very tozae reeartmere of Cotceeou Caai reand ah
et Fo mite re too tediocia 10 mention.
)7",b-eaut Enal• rand...had uu the thortoat noun
tii unser, pror...7tty to.
R 11.—tahirst !Oaten can bunt - plied %Nth all ,or.
ofMahnitu, Walnut, tat. Veneer., cvnaitto cab:) .
reduccd prices. talda
White ut,
Lee iio c: 0 I irk L. DemAs;
Widow do do F oot, C.0.d.; ell ore
ulra ;o da ofnred et Fiteto:y mem
rl:=•t e.ti ,- -c , - , •
Steel anasA do Some Leagues ;hitting.
Mae do Clieck• and Sripea, eery
Dratx -. ! do hearegooda
1 . • BlaCli Canittler. 1010(.. fie...v
raney do Red P.A.:in...., a, , :, do;
Fancy Teyeede. ' Ves: Padding, linekraln,
_Serer !noel /Read Cloth. Toderie..ensa,kecesate;
Super I;n.k.en 00 !Ire-. Line., 501 c...•
Super ftteetv , ' do' 0.. Serge, black to, aI /
Soper l'veniedno .4 wor•Led: .
'apex fillet Doe Ski. 0n.... __ .....
duper fillet Pee Ski. 11laek and Vilalo 'repo;
~ Doubt Than tikabuleres. Slack Triai, Drab dr;
sealer Marra - do Ltuen Caeckg and Dolls;
Japer Illsuk do eltuert's 0 card Sol Colton;
,Cnbfailir Blankets. do Linen Thread, a
' , wik - la sure tior amelt;
M. l do tlik Figured ycaunkri
Drab ea
` (Drown
bun. , do
Grain Flagging. Drown 11011R921 * Sittti
Drown 1, , 0 br• Balthus, Unaware, to-, Ito.
or rho Maidal octant* , Ve &rehouse, 110 It: Wood s
___ car-1f
_ —,—
Dissolution. .
pill; er4.poraterotap.tteretatote °stating ha seen ther
j.. sanoaribero, In tba m* or ConotoLle, Burka &
Co, to tho• day dlomtivra a nuy
mutual conger., Magma.
Latta & Banta grill stale tba Gaugers cf the concern,
for which7gepose they are natbarteed Reuse Manama
of too cantata. I.:ATHANtitto coNsrailLl.;
TI-1051.1S /JIM:Sr-%
the yr de reldned bete Ode day associated themselves
In Me eaten of ClUldfiE & fur the purpose
of mmu , selarine Fire Panel Safer, Vsell neves,
at the of die late firm or Constable, Make
&en, whom they will be pleased ro reedier the patron-
MO of the sweetness of Mat bons° And their f needs.
EDMUND 1.31.1/Itlo,
1110NIAte HAHNE*.
In retiring from the firm of Conotabto, Dort, & Cr.,
.1 ornh asneow plonsorn wormwood Mew.. Butte to
'Norco, to the ounddence Of MT filohdo nod the public,
rf AS jail yentnred from the Eastern Calm and in
jj rocethjng a largo variety of veasonahle Goods,4o
.tthiehle erspeoffutly invite. the attention of Inerch
anth and ondlare. 'No ei Wood or.
VA - TALI. I'APF:II-,W. I'. hlaasuau. Is contently
yy. le C e lig from the largart manulataories In
No* Yhrk ante rltastelpsta, and taro from Franck
ageneler, the newt it and. matt at - Tarred ethers of Va•
per Irriaginea., {pother reitti Bortiere, liert
l'anta, arid:Teak, Toe,. For ante et 55 Woad be.
well luntai anti DILMOUd (~ , Icectyor to S.
. Alf and ter ante try . I L nrrre l ' erfp7l ' rl d ra r rat th .t e . .
Dreg, tiqed, raid Perreata , / , Vaaatak.e. earner of
Sitta and Wortketreete.. , it 151 WICKFIII.SII.I.IL
'4lslB' • .
Ersiaprefei , Pismo% Soda. Ash.
464 04.31k3 of , the above enlebroied 11 , 114 and
left, direct front `N e wetrfacturi 1:41
en.lim mow: nn :be - we.7 front llrioane, and ex.
peeled 'hare 1144 w-eir ; and 314 Will 10101'11Y arrive'
via Bolt noire per 4.f, Jriniate, Citerapeake, Damns.
Cll4, And Altus, which be sold on urinal, et tho
lowest r.s.4elpricd for colls or approved hill..
NO MI lolivrtir
riIUE 51tumfarlormx CorapanY now ol:rr to
the polAn their Prmatma 1.7..m00n5i Stare I'nl.n4;
nod wititvoi-exo;nr rat too, or I', r vt . cc rara.ll , ‘ inir, by
I.torC aAn nave to,ad it, pro it fat iori - rior
any other In Om mart,. Tha ;mummerDam/ move no
appr.rire..tir, or .
t rpo. , Oa cern
p.,etilorr provanta shirt from nnahm when hempop.
plirrl, which 'numb,: done when the Moon i, ..0.5
TOO quoutity.Tcititeit I, so I,ttlr to yrhdare o beam
tlful toMrt. , A 5 5 ray, Dray, faly cm/ m ,lamer,
to am rooMmnta. A comma nninnJ r•rov , •,
hr., mite!, (rid Smvny for the tommr-, Parr pm-,
lamb. offantrl ma Alme haviag triml once,'
o r •p}m , , ltlc) no pemon la, day Ot tie
PoramtrlCAtanalaolumng Coraprny'r Proms om Cimmh
col more robot.. For rote, by.
g N iVlbf:Ett.ItANT.
Corner of Sixth .11/cll.
05tirob --
_ .
ALL pan.o hityjo;homotiowi put on thaw ar r ow,
to ronfonaity to a Tesohltlon of Council+, wall
pleat° call' acilio Booms of tho Hoard of Trailer
'mound otory t einclet of Wood and Third .tri, snit pay.
'tor the rotor. : ' SAMUEL. VAIINIESTOCK
Intwhowth. April god/ .
PALL tilidi — TOClS.4ll MILETOTTa7;---
• Pitorhargh and Allegheny, and boroorts or Alma.
cheater, Llitinlnghatai le., that the work It now
nairryl 'ready for the promo, and oral be ion tha
baltda 1 40 printer nan:inhere between the gllth
and 37th !Mont.
The elitzetic generally, and all who reel an Interval
in the pywnetleo ofa complete and perroet Directory,
partletdetlythoiti who bare not been celled on will
greatly oblige th e publisher, by este rtalnln g Ortitheir
canons nvi.attons and nisi.. of heather., he r ate
noted rot petit:canon in the Directory.
^Altefrdttoholciener!, mutt he handed to forth.
orliti, or glee !meet, by the dale above named.
JagLonuoar riikNos.
received, wad now opening, 0110 Organ,. R (Me;
JI;;;TA 'ottento Melodeon Finn, from the colt.
reted.utoonlictory of March & Curchatou.
ThisG a slirrlan tesiromont, of One tone, and errs
• (144 d anolr . t* , loAi Wow, Inn 4 octavo Piltdodeoni
Y , . & - KLEMM'S Mania titor
mayl7 - ,101Tblid stmt. •
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AlJin&Tilti—l4 cask, for sa - Valle •
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.50 bt& I,llerrior;
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Preelx d and fin nix by LIMES DALZELL
'bie per Union
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ir'243o P by IhNO
...11.1NDRIF.:3-ten brig No 3 111 nekrresi: . .
V : a brie Tot lte rig r
30 br.s Tanner's Oil; :
Mi tea Meet.
11 casks Oaeon Ebooldars and fildasi
5 brio No 1 Lard, in store, for Ca by
• JOHN wArr
SUGAR & 101,A8SEZ—Mi hhdo prime enKar,
150 pb! do Malmo;
Fer , ele - fialvf 110911,40 & ROB .
Imoked Pbciaiders; '
do .81des t •
20 tee Sugar Oared llama. for salelll
149 L - & ROE
DROOMX:IOS - dos;;i7nted deter for sale by
__ • hictilLLS & ROE
NNEHO' Ull-10 PO. Tanners'
OrliNCTar. per cans
rer sale by 44o] MeaILLB & ROE
bi..§ No t Cincinnati In nom for iniqW
9 itir • • • • • - occitzsg,. ROE
1! ian — eil
4:eiverand fe.: * s i nt b ' y 4 lo;llr2d . c o nar. e i g etr.
370 Claud /Witt. Pena .
Cv ODA, ASH-,10 casks soap makers , steal also
3.7 earke Superior, for gran malting, all of willeti
will be told low for cask by
let? • JOHN MerADElg kCO
11 k"11701jo-L"'"ol'011 1113. o"
brla N o
07 GB Stgat,
43 hes C. do;
W bat C. pulve riaed Sugar
12 brts do do
23111 a I. crushed do
40 brie levering', er'd do
43 bile do paled do;
00 brit toll embed do;
Just reposypil, pod qn tale by
/eV - 411 1 itlel:l 7 .ll3MV
ritlliCkiß.S -40 has ßwan Cenwobior sale by
1.11 'MASTS k 417•47NNntt
coTa !flair
10 brill No 7 Mackerel;
bile Gibbed llernag;
3 emits South;
1 brl (hotrod Cowl.,
Li I‘ppar,
L.I Go
big do rotsco/G;
10 kegs Artrieel
10 keg. Pepper,
bas btareb,
10 brls Crusbed and Polvensed Snow,
30) lb, Zola., Co. rams;
la la rhea's Chalon
10 do Su redo , Green rt.;
40 has Sae ar.l <Uri do;
tyi loft Cider Vt.:mew.
In store and for Sit by W 4.
iLLIZOIS 1 1 0
lel l cot Weod k 311111
71 jII.II I IIIS-110 dos Cr, Steam* (~,,n k by,
rn pa " c f arA fer.o. by
lell WICK .1b 3 / 4 0APIDLFAS
C " /TIT E-t)
Die W. R
l; l Kl r irk. f li C le . 47:t e bi b lrf.ES
11L.) R-200 Or's superfine and coil, for sap* byy -
17 I-11 AIII.I II TIZONII tr. C 1411.7
raef'ol.4-alvo tta azig,w-prol weal ws sal. 1.1 •
1) ;ell A53137110:46 3e 0111114E71
(,10E311 TA STAR-404 lbs - ...r stet! lorras..
1.7 J KIDII k CO
CO Wood et •
3 ;ell boo No 1 Citenn;to t In
I` . Chdrah44 ' R " o :m bed
A n
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," s i t; I o P .
r , “ 4, -.4. 444 far .dz w :a ARSIIM4. I
lett' , 85 Wood tI
itt.—.llit Gni!, ior talc (INAWT
( . ../ i. 1 " 1111 DI Wafer at
in. , cl , li En ARRAN OLEZIS
rirW fer robe by
oe: o 's Etle d r o ab f t:
WICK it MeCA4 - 14.11.iS
1 YD. do Impetial and Galp , vidn,
4n do roaeliare Calon;
Z emit dze Oolong
40 oat:dies V II Gunpowder nod llntrerial..
Itonrdi CT Ware are ,Cofer, and all will be told
Lea Pitch; :or aatOliy
RNIE.-4.ironzd and Hoe, banger, Alum, Nat
ciert, ludleo, Woo In lino, I.:Wattle by
ON! ;: econd flat Wheeliftsirftf--
Parr—Sienna Decor-op by and Maw", F.nnu.
Eensas—'Trawls tr. ItAiteta, Y vow. /Yaw.
Brown—The Amerie an Bird Fancier,
Brown-111e Aincriean Ventre! , Var4,l2eno.
Ibirneu—lbe Poona" , Ronk, (tiro
Aaeria, and Frei..
Flatter—Porairr Delusion rt vola,l2nro.
Thonnia—AninrirauFlPll Culatriat
•)i vitro—Chemical Technology, yob., Man.
pGefr—Thic East
D G riingunhrerooriala of %Anima and Marshall.
Lay:lra—Nineveh rod lia Ron Sin, ilturrated, 9 nolo
4 Ake t.pericr, Aso, Illas2reted.
botsicy—prinr.sta , ILecoirt took, Ittuit
Careflllet—Akalrolle Linge Wino:
For Arlie by .FASIStn
JOU Itonkraller A Damien, tOin n'enetb
11/ ',it'll Aro-
alonneata American Poultry Book.
Pooluy Disik and iruwl Breeders' Gordo—
'. ms a &cater on the Breedlorf, Rahtleg. and,
• tioner lte el - Management of Dornesue Fowls, with' me
mercies oud,nai dereriptinus and FOTO - nits .from Ur&
by John C. Delmeir, Ad. D.
This work will he found to cantata a treater anrocul
of originnt and Other infonuatios, bath practleal an d
useful, to regard to Fowl Brreding, than 1.. contained
in all other Merman work. Ingether It will be
Illostra•ed with 'ematly Finy , Poorest. 'of the moat
choice varieties of Amines, .one Foreign. Fowl.,
some forty of which arc from life, from drawings
tut en elision ally,for Shia work,of tho' most Important,
breeds, out serer of of Wein from fowls very recently'
be poblithem bare mimed no expense= tg aot.
work in a superior manner, both lo regard 'to the
graringe, We ore,, Of Ahe wore, and the general
...son of orcrY Part of the book. - And It a belles , '
en Win the work will be found to Contain more
cal information 00 Meatus and blooming Domestic
Fowl., Wan any work hailed In ship country.
for Isola by ' YAK D LOCKWOOD.
rep Bookseller and !crooner, 101 Fourth rt.
. DEW BOORS ITZW- 0001[9f
Troop Sevin, Opposite We l'oat Mee.
lao RV EL Ilaatinta, or, the fligata Ia the a•
Nautical Tale. •
The Thousand and. One Phantoms. By Alexander
b),;l4sgehti.ess country . Dy Afgor W. go,t,:iwwozieserie
urs.. • -
Urania Wring Age. No Me.
• Godes for July, puce Ailper year.
Gealti in do do
Sartain • do
011 No - TON &STOCKTON hsvelostopened (or sale
.7 the lemon assortment of Paper, Ulm k Book.. sod
Stationery ever fiesta for Pole in This city; together
with a hike collocuon of now and goluablo Works io
aver) , depAriment of Luerstare Ali publication. for
ems Si eneterit price. Country merchants supplied
man entry arnelo Io Mit line; on limo most reneutiable
Wrens ,_,v
II SsUrstptbile7V3n (j=et:e.Bk;ltrA7or:.
W. thbr.batJt. Trunglaird by Ultra voir, Mao.
Jort Icrelrrd fur Sir by
llookrellar k Imooner. $Ol Feeolol.
IV!) pkgs Imp. Elneki
1111 J Gunpowder Teti;
DENS /4 TT, •
RP, Na 41 Wood 41 ret t,
21 , 0 111. 12.1Welin;
ICA Ilia ChM, c 10;
13 kg. do do;
lOU tbss,4 flits Coles;
N o Alolas.%
741 , 461 s N Susar
2io nrsonete size
iU lus Piprs;
irs, Gas , osp;
lIW f•xo s.itiVei
WM:la; Codfish:
15 cult Zan% Cutradll2 -
16 bolos E. iihnnoin;
13 do Jinttii Nuts; •
do dben.l4;
1441 do Pea ridts;
1..,4 skteo44l Almoilde;
[trick Coolly;
5 ranee bouonoe,•
lu Al 1-Irincipoo Rognlts
Il 1 /kilt .94010:40;
3 lire Cloves;
2 coot otme2S:
3 re eoon
non. Lemon Syrup;
. 0,04 r . pear Sauer,
I 04444 Tomato Cot•up;
itleoutid Side,. o f all kinds.
40 barreln.potvdered and
Loaf Sagiri•
2 hhda klakkier,
I to Fria Whiling;
10 Ode 'rwmenr , Oil;
111 lag Choc - eI:J.I
doz lkd Orrds;
'AI cnil. Aboolln Hope;
91 I.X3olred elincutotA;
10 bag., 1 , , , r0..,
A I.agnkt ia
tell 1.. r. Jr.;1070
40!ii13 Vlnrgmli
.101. X! Fir,r,sh-
111 1 103 Cl::u kl
1:00 titan,. mg.;
As wad as a gdderal
I:0) sack.
74 hide
30 do
. JO do
0 do
6.1 cadd
611,0 s 1 2
JS mid
assortment of Piztatairsh
n Rio Gotten
O Os V ynon,
on Tarim" grulen
Poo be Onnpvdeidnd Imp
bxa Y Imp G
1 12 5 'e, abd
n r e titnVit 9
° do
( ii 4 dt PePper, Allrplcq
tar sa el . by
Di Water at
dU Inla
Indigo, Madder, Alan:.
NutmFgo, *ad Lamp Black
Bartolomeo, Ya p Blotch P, ledo.
11511.• E. BELIADS--1 bo th disposed aan the
OA Cough Syrup end Litter MS you sent me, Ind
Id don of ,the Vero:drug,
I have used ad your Med:duce utaly.fordlYt
and have alto presatbed auto in toy ptssucc; se,
eery touch pleated with them, and ha, e round nothing
'to equal them. Scud tae B don of your VenulfoO, ILO
tocox each 01 the Liao PIE. and coagapyrup.
Ithspectfully youth
[FgOact of Letter.] jAirjONA
fauth.OlßNy pop otor medicines may be Bad of, tha
proprtethe,K SULEIIig, 67 Wood at, and Drum*"
genopily 14 tho two {Ma sad oidolty.
• ..W li/T3iCs GOODS FOR DR.F.tilte.S.
A Urn. UV &Ill! Bel/FIELD invite dm attention of
NI the ladles to their extensive noon Earn! or White
"Goals fur Dresses, eon witting of
Scotch and Salsa Mulls;
Figured Swiss deg
Fhabraldered do;
Victoria Lawns;
Low Priced Barred Jackonet for morning dreams.,
fine soft bnirltsd do; and a large usattent at of Series
Magnus, with colored embroidery; primed Jac aorta.
Lawns, llamas, key at =oath out comer of Fourth
awl Market creel" . Jell
Obeap /anions'.
Iff pa PI W. & BURCHFIELD bavoserelved a lame
sorply of Dress Lawnil,very, chop; [pin style
brown at Ille; liabt lit great variety, tor 10 to 1010
Also, imbroldered and printed Muslin. andlae toner,
of neat and newest style. and lowest orieo for quality,
and north east eomer of Fourth and Marten its
connueneo od Sionday,, lune
Their Immense establishment, with ill IhMe
Wholesale Rooms, will, on this oeoulon, be thrown
open' for' Hour. Tadao, and all el Melt ostensive
Hoek will be offered to retallpurchasers, at adfscouni
of from In to no per cent. rose than anal prices.
THEIR STOCK UV 'AMU Comprise aver Nu
hundred pieces; and will be sold at an Iminenie
Tt . cirauommentefElhowls,llareaes.Tlmues; Gun
edinee Eanierd gni 'LaWoe, bladior,. Jahonets,
Oarobtfes, and Goods generalty, will be ; closed
stimmedisely,, at about ono half tho tonal rile.
II cases Fast Colored Lawas will be 'offered at. Pe.
do. Harem, lie;
do Muslin de !nines, • Ina
Superior Emelish and American Collect:a, 19k, c.
700 dotin Linen Handkerchief., - OA - 7c.
A. Imre lot of Wreught Cohan, some as loaf as I
• Together with a complete varier of Domerdic and
Whim Goode, Ribbons, Hcslery and Glans, Ittumets,
Mating In all one of Me most migrates aucifinents
in the country, wcich.'will be worked down to math
town ;Imes than at-any of their platform Aennel
CY'Tho Store will he closed upon Thursday and
Fn lay. flay NMI and nlsf, for the purpose of mang
le/and marking down mot • No Taman°, in Pat.
ems. .frry3t • , A A MASON k. CO
. _ . . . . . .
'NIIIRPHY It BURCHFIELD !into Tcenivcd a sno. ,
PIY of 41 and 44 FrintaLlefen. for men's coat.
an 'saki, ladies , again, bays , and aldldren't wont,
of the loco t desirable abades.
__ltbay Idylls aVandon to their largo arJonment or
bleu'. and Bove SUMMER WEAR, or different, ma.
1er1.1...nd all of which will be .old low. • jel7
1/I.IFIPHY dr. LItIKCIWIELD have received another
..pply of above article, end are ppahlytt 'to sap.
ply altoßst stly Quality poi dkry'vedlod. and at th e
lowest cash pricer, jetti
. titeCLINTOCK. has leer -iced Lida day, at his
. Carpet Ward :loose-, Itio 7.S Fourth el. Stair Oil
Citith Covering of very handsome roman's and colors,
In which wo Invite the attention orperehasers.
‘g, 11itPNY R BUCIIFIfiLD atone/ay orferdcg goods
14 u Z" .4 q2 . rd ftrlnka 4 'Vtiarts from c.a.
1:K44 kipisina from to cents rip; memaeaTor 121 e;
Piain Liank_Berage for 12de ; Donut Ribbon. for Go
per yard. Ladies are Inched to call and examine our
stock of den, goods befoin parchaaing °Wiener.—
North east merle r of Fourth and Market 510 Icl3
ThECEIVED this day, afresh assortment of Allcent
I.lh acOns. Mats. at the Carpet %Vara room of
75 MAFIA at
IL/ ua ?HY allu Rol i nub than a tarp, stook of
MA I . ilnlY and /Maple Dip. Goods, ...tang ad at
greatly reduced prices, vim—.
Damao de Lames. a large asionment of beautiful
pancres- ' •
Malls, and Swiss Mmalin ,-
..A eptendill l.?%o rtment of Black and Faney . Silks; -
Berates, taarns and De Lalnes,motarkablv cheap;
Denutifel Foulard Silks, at Mk rent, per yard;
13e-aatioil Calicoes, from Oh cents, and onwards:
A large moot of Clown and,Bleached Nmgns, Me
pet yard. and oparanh i
Bsillieto and nifralinli, at Breath . . seduced prices.
Cleth..flusimeres, and Vest oph of the nest Quality,
Together with a large stook of Tickinp, Apron and
Shirting Cheeks, all widths: Drown and .Illeached
Shea:lap and-Shirt nal; Irish Linens; together with
all other articles to oar line, at north tail corner of
Fourth and Market rt. tell
emil bare tOni received
Mnew .tyro Foulard F.ilts, very chearrl rich, plain,
and figured mitungeablesilts:%rr almost every Kyle
and quality; raper plain and figured black slit.; do
barges and Ilsrung bare e de lams, new and band.
smote styles; new style French, English, and legach
Itairi ' lg um ' r, ;it'd nanny, a aaa d o " v. I ra ? 177 ' P
sad p as
tune; linen Icines s o f all h i ss shildes * niitl colo rs;
gingham!, chimes, prints, he., at north east corner
of Fourth and Market streets.
A raer aunty of Black tfilks and fancy cot
ri ore Miltyjasf received tay express this morn
inn, at north east corner of Foarth and Market sm.
,% 4 Cirri V
LYA. sal !gage M. D. Laine. RI very low prices. at
north oast earner of Youth amthlatketsts. jag
BLAdirSiEKEhT.E.F.xtra wide arid
callow trimming Laces of best quality,lnst reed
and for salo at Northeast earner of Fourth sad Mar.
get Memo 'eh bitterly a BURCHFIELD. -
M . . . . . .
MURPHY & I.IURCLIFIELD have received an sa
delfts) stipple orabove good 4 inelndlcosLorlaus
styles or Chins. Pearl. and Gimp ones,
Waite and Galared'Glrop acquid Ribbone atoll colors
and priers. roeyl7
. tiLoll t ;lfdet-f Floor Oil Clob,
,LJa.te Po a .7 N 9 Woodouyere. 0r tee at the
IaURPIIY k DURC/Illiaa inghe the &flotilla:1
.171 of tho wording , goods for Mourning poiposcs,
to Weir .err fell IMISISHILI jut received, such..
Illut Rotobasinot
, Boonionme finish Alpieects,
. - Black gone 2c :Aloes,
;dooming Want Silks,
do Printed Foolarda, -
garage% Tinntes, Sicilian Linares, Albotrace, Pinto
Bison sod Printed Lonna., Bigot Exobtoicered do;
.4toonti gibbon*, &add*, Veils, am. m 0517
S Ij o
0 .' 41 :act r a p r e t fol or r e n r " ;raTis a
roo , d, and polo opening byMASON COC
tnoyl3 • oi Minket at
HIBET - ii ti7OLS—Supcnor high . colored Tel io
Ebairia, comprising Cnmson, Orange, Pink, Mae,
Green, and Corn colored, just receiving per express,
and this day opening, by A A MASON A. co .
2t}PlkiClS Pisan Hine, Pink tliscii7areTtliria
L. , %1 Cohned Boraces, reel per , cipress, ast nolo
opening b]] mayl7 . j A A MASON
black SOU&
AA MASON ACO anfillieday opealoc lope
. Vlinch Black Oro de Rbirto Silk; 10 pcs ireL
adi 2 0 Poo XI Inch do, 6 pc, 34 inch do; and 4 pieces
In Inch do.. anaylO
rmwl rs - T. ..4•TtICN
. . . . .
400 /Ls CcimbtlVldl4,, allree4
dos do do
Received this day by
do colored bolder;
di Markct lL
I IA2.IIIIXIC uNkNN LUEITRIN-1,4 pee changeable
%) Lustre., at tha extrema low price of I2le per yard,
Mbyte A A MAf ON CO
and klioll/II Linens.
200 par 34 ssd =pd. 44 Brown Win%
pits Gray's Barkley% aud'Alersado es superior
Irish Linens, wow opening by
utisylo AA. MASON CO
A 27111111 of "'eds.
Dry Geed*.
WEare boor hiCeiTillit 111410 addictions woof sleek
of Fpring it-id Sommer Pry (foods, and are pre
pared to odar an excellent maorlatent at our usual
low Meta for cub, or approved credit. •
The attention of Western deaden, Is parlealarly re.
quasted to Our goods, us we feel confident of being
able to oar unusual indue!menta to make a bill with
us. Call toid alumina at aoy +we.
mord , • lOl Wood street.
108 Blarkst. Strati. (soar Llberty,)
ton2loo. AItk .. DISA LIIIS IN •
Satin ..eleck Arnelcy Vanelnge,
BANDANtrA, and LINEN IIDKFS, general am.
torment o1: 7 AND,and every variety of trimmings:,
ape! •
. . Is AluicAilf. Dl.; AIM).
.Q CASFS plebs and figured Harare de Lams, asoart
ai ad color oast received, and selliug or very low
prices. LL - l'ilitaoN a. CO .
2,cAsrB f.,, TOCCIVett and now
opening,vetlifig et nu extreme low plitt 01 8 C
pet yard mallA A A MASON t CO
rt) CAS fart Calmed Giaghtrrna,recM, tmd ttelliag
at I:tee-Ma perlocal A A MASON S. ell
IU Market rt..
VILAT112.:11O-20 bogs no- on band, for'iodo by'
Gr k l: ;4 - fo r l.3 e 1
!ek l EYt. CU
r. cloaks 2qc..;
4 'sate niioric.o, now lanaing, for sale by
ILrillt.EY h. CO
_Co y g. 4 tll;
Me re I. blenched fall:
eve gals N. W. coast
Whale Oil, in store ant far sale by
telt' 1716.174 Liberty rt.
!FANNERS , brzTo “s;
U ban common 011,1 n mom lot
Cra p........1;ent fur sale of
Floor, for tole uy
UB—lt4 1 S
11/11:Y. mArrunws k co
lk 73
r•ox•ITI,W - v I
RECEIVED at the ratehargh . Famlly Grocery sod
Tett Warehotom— •
1 eht this genuine Follette GhtdreTtae to 9ox papers
do Chelan Perwehong Tens la 9as pope up
6- do . do r •do do Teo do;
The above celebrated Glut Teas are recerred
'direct from the lciportere, and will be gold as km as.
- thereaa he'prtecharod to the east, , erlth the addition of
height, wholesale or retell, by
Wu A MeCLMIG & co
450 Liberty et •
AN6—A splendid - anorimein, of my own import.
alio., eoutprioirremery niiety, lor nle by
grows latest styles tases — C73astri, ----
. 75 gm. ••.05 • • readier. do;
silgroas aide 414
y_Tubsybuyrs AS!'ECTS OP NATURE—T .
'„ugL mood by no Wm. vols. Luso. .Fer Sale by
'IIIIB eleventh end threlfth sections of ths Act of the
Supplementemby of this Commortweelth, entitled
•tA to an Act entnied erfAct to crente a
Rioting. ound and to provide for the gradual and
certain extingtishment of the debt of the Common.
wealth. and to. authorise a loan* approved th e 15th
day o !day A. D•Af 50, provides ' as renew a, vim—
Samoa That the Governor in hertoty nothorised
to nsgothee, a ban for the sera of Three Ithltione
Three: -Hundred Thonsmid Dallas redeemable to
thirtratesr from the date of the tnieseription thereof,
at a of thereat not exceeding four per nerman
, per lulrlom,p.yable In gold and sither,senti-annua hy,
apoo the flan days of Febraerg and August of each:
and-exempt from awry. species of taxation,,
Cicla; thst Proposals for told into will bo received,'
shall be published lam least one newspaper in the
'llaraegh of hi...labeler, in the cities of Pluaborgb,
Laucamer. and Philadelstda,aad In the cities of New
lintOtt, and /hidden, for' period= tees
than three menthe before the opening ofsald proposals,
and by tenet' eleewnere; If - deemed necessary, and
o pen the dayethignedforthatpurpese, In reek notice,
rpoir he opened eresee of the
Governor. the Beatelary of the C o m mon wealth and
Auditor General, and the loan shall be awarded to
the highest bidder or bidd 'lf the innount of the
bids shall exact the ram. ofthe midterm toe same
shall be thstrthated pro rata amongat the highest bid.
den, but if the whole of meld loan shall not tnen be
taken the Governor may realm nodes, in the manner
aforesaid, from lime to um tilt the whole ernes. of
said loan shalt be inburibed.' No done/Honed bids
shall be consideredt and upon awarding loch lova.
or any part thereof, eenificarea with toupees for the
Interest - shall be 'issued therefor by the Auditor
Samoa It. If the said losnahall be subscribed, it
ABU be and it le hereby appropriated for the payment
and ex ingaistunent of the funded debt of that Com
monweal neer due, o hundred ome doe, during the
Year ear thotthand eight lad Any, and for the
payment of the sans of sighty five thousand one bun
dred and lout' delim . and eighty tight vents, duo
domestic creditors. . • .
In penitence of the provisions aforesaldoodce to .
hereby givett, that pmpolals will be received at the
Mee of the flestretary of the. Cauntsernavalth morl
1 o'clock. P.M. of Tuesday, the Oral day of October
next, sdpnlating for a loan to the Commonwealth, for
the purposes set fonh in the sald act. of • th e sum of
three millions three hundred thousand dollars,rodeena.
able In thirty year, from the date of the sobscriptien
thereof, at'a rate of. interim not =needing thee per
rent. per stream, payable iesold sod sliver, semi
annually, upon the nest days orpebrgary and Aetna
.of moll year, and eVirthpi Seem
.every vadat of ta.S.
Grititicatoe at =ca r for the
loin, oritlicouponi
tor the interim be tamed in thermal mariner and,
murk transferable by the owner, on the book. or the
Aeditor Uinerell Depertment._• • • • .
The proposal. wilt be required to. atone exp li ctly
the .moan offered, which than not in any rata he
two then one thooland dollars, the rain or tnterest not
exceeding fear per can; and the prelate= proposed. •
, The Btate reurrm
ffe gip tight to stet* the whole or ,
=lean ortho iota ored enlemitheproporals mica•
tine to theertnnuT. - - '
Bide for the loan most be ducat and explicit. No
sonditionet prepotale will be reo else&
• Upon the rieceptenoe or the proposals, the iwney
mast be pile into the State Treaser7 l in such rbenites
as dell be directed by the Governor,
• Cerufico4to °fount', ill bp inmed Amick emotints
ea may be requested by Op leaders.
Toe proparsAt terle'direeted, melee oral, to thla
Ae, 04414 'Trope:n=2 for Loon," They will
cot be opened or denim= coin the period for reee
mg th ere hen elapsed: rifler Which no alteration in the
knee will be .duetted:.
A L RUSSELL,. Steretai-y of the CotOh
Secretary's Oftec,llarnstsig, Jute Oth,
laLittler TO Art altlDeteM ot VMS ourtrnrriore.
RESOLVED 1g tio becats.and- Home of Itepiesenta
diet of thi Commemorealth of Pthasylrents fa Geteral I
r. notably not, That the Condit/then of this , Consmim ,
wealth be amezdtd ne Ihe woad median of the 0(0 article,
we that it atoll read es thilown The Judges of the Supreme
Gout, of Wetmore! Courts of Cameo° rte., and of suds
other Courts of Parent... or dell be etiablashed by Dew,:
.heel be elected - bythe qualified electors of the Dcammoo
wealth, in the manner follloWinz, Li wit The Judi" of Ilm
Supreme Court, by the qualitked ebotora.of the Common.
wealth so to the remade. Judge. of do Mimi Camels
ore... rens, and of note othekCourte cramped so are
or stealth. extaLlabid by b., and all other Jody. requited
ta be lksethel Seth. low, ly the qualified <lemon of the
7 lZet. " :t:eV . lL jd al i seem *.' iVa ih :fg th ee ' lf . Z t Ge P u ' els "i o d ; ge s t. "
Pleme leythe qed.!aeonefie.!aeonof Me rumor. maptelloly
The Juke. of th e Supreme Court shall hold th e
f. el. tom of Self. years, if l'oy AO ea to g behath
themselves well, (subject to thee alkeeemet I leer,lnatier pro
vided for lubeequ.t le the dee licktico,) the I , ,rtsitly.
Jadmdihe several C o wry uf Domwom Mos and re , cite
.umber Cote , e efanethord aa ere or 4111 be established ty law,
and ell o th ir Joden required . belemened in the law shall
hold theur ode. Gar the term of ten years, if they doll so
long helm theatee l ve. well; alb Jessamte Judges of tha
Gone. of Comm= Mae shell hold their abet Gar tLe
term of fire seers, if they shall WI bog base. theteoehm
, w ell; ad of leboen shail he cowoideionel by do Die error,
tut for any ree.m9k tem, which Vail met be weltemet.
;rounds for impreethosne, the Dammam thole maple any
of them on the ebb.. of two their: of inch breach of the
Legislature. • The Lest eitetio. .s null take place at the
general electios'of thee Coneneenwealde next M. the adop
tion of tills emendement, and the colatlismiOnl of all the
Jodi. who any be them in ea...WI expire . the tint
Mood.; of December kihnolog, when dee tome of the new
Judges tholl akel.olcOet. The preens whet shall thou
eleetedJudgeo of the Supreme boort hell bold ebelt effeet.
ne fdlo• se Dee of Dom Car three years, one for or seen,
}foenine y. . , ete. for meet.. years. .d am for Of em
ean, the tr.,. of each .to be decided by lot by the said
Judge", av some after the election as teamirAt, sod the m
eet wertilled by there to the timeather, that the eimmulesia.
may be kneed to amonlarect then. Tle Jodp whose
toaosiesima will first upire shall be Chief lace doe,.
Mr tee. end thereafter .h Judge whose comotheken thaß
fint salve Salle lent he the Chief Judi., and if hewer
6101‘ coat:Maims dolt repine on the =me day. the Judges
I.4din them doll Jerkier by lot which axi - 6. the - Chief
Justice. Aoy reemumbes, happening by death. rest =deo,.
otherwise be any of the send warts, 'skull be el. by eye
pointabent ' by the Goma. to amen. till the that M o b.
day of Deernatersencetedinithenext genteel &mike. The
lodges of the Supreme set and th e ?reelect!, ej tl • .
Courts of Co - oPlres shalLat steed I.a, revive
far their scream an adequate compeametion, to be Seed by
Law, , whith doll tribe diminished daring their combatante
in tltiml butt.) doll receive lob Ibetor lee Needles bf edger,
nor nolekthy other MEd cryogen Older ehiselmennoetwealth,
or med. the rerertment of the United State ge n e ether
Stee of diffUtion. The Jaeges of the S Coto.
during trier mein.. in ofa.sleall bond. within this '
Commonwealth; ea the odor lodges, during their conenra-'
mire in cif., shall. reside *aka the iirtriet or county for
which they were respeedeely elected., _ ,
J, S. IideCetLSIONT, ' .
' Sperthei A l do IN. ofklepreventathe .
V, star, ,
5p."2,.4.?,ra. SRO),
.... .
. . .
i.. .3traFft Casaamt,
L... Alarm:Marg. !wary Dts
I, Ftstref V. Peuson, Chief Clerk of dis 'ltlerat• of
PeemsytraiM,do borsht eirti4diat tk• forego h:4g rnalution,
Om la QOM Bata. Ale of the mint teettoo,),tatitled
t•lttrolvtioo Maths to an .mend.w.t of the Canstitotioa,"
—it Wing Um sun msolation wit/thetas mama it by •
jority of the otstoshert chewed to .acht Hoes. at Ms last
Legishitaie—intr Lain beet' dulr . tatsidered .a d
.ftam.A. toad day agreed to by • mtge.'', of dm membitre
.lute wring
. 1a the Scud of Partaginais, at its
premat wessioo,•lo. will anew by their rats. ;Mtn tut Ile
keel tune of dm machation, es follows, Wt . .
Those vain fa taw lathe pay. of th• twohlthan ergot,
H. Jowl Erathe. J. Porter Gawky, William A. tabb,
Jontitlas J. Csottalegtams, Thomas 3. Far..., Demme H.
Forsyth, c 'writs Frailty, Rabat M. Frick, Henry Patton,
John W. Gummy, {Maas Mishit, IWO Hogan. Timothy
hiss, Jo.hus .Y. Jones, Joseph .Hositgetscher, . George: V.
Lawrence, 114agers11.1ttC•alia, Benj..* hiaktOe, Deopmin
%NM .
.. Ila. sy A. ISoliletberg, Willims tacker,
Williamil. Bettor, Darla fhtskey,.P•log B Stymy, Cannot
3h ratr,ltotereCAMerrett,Osnrelatitto, - Farris B. biretta:,
John IL. %Va 1..., tad Vatentrot Best. Hawk Yea ta w
Thom votive 'phut the pump of Gig re.l.lj.
Genii e Dante, .4111X0ltin Drum, tad Alrawr.4rl4lnt
Nap 3. - (Extfact from theJocrall.)
BAM L . Wi Clerk.
1811 H 1 Honig of Etoltesearrmages,
•rrieharg. im&•
4, MM. •
1. William Jack, Chief Clerkh 1
of the • Howe of Der l r.
nnhaime of Pentallelniz:do hereby certify that the (-
k tamtiminna ltno lc '
tha Senate fiht,eed rto 21 I. mt
Joan., of the prevent lamina) maitlmiugnot
Innen rehalett to the arnindment of the lamina,))
Ming the me resolution which we earned lob, a mojaritr
of the members elected la each Rolle of the last Legiale.
lure—after lofting him deli mins - Mehl! had dieemacd, woo
8 .7 agtnod by • gni* ity'of the moottiooo ettotod. to
and ettrall the Ileum of Bepreeentattees of P.m!.
maxi et 14 'praline vendor, as will Onset. by their rotes,
give on the final pump of the gwolution e 10 1 / 1 3.5 0
Thee g Ludlam. oft!. twangs or theresolution were,
John Acker, John All Baker, Robert Dahilegt,
David J. Dent, Craig - Beidle, .4resnish Bleck, Joh. B.
Dow.; William Brindle, Daniel Mr B. /rower, Jew , IL'
Di/Men, John Cram, Ileory . Choreh, John Cm/to:ham,
elproter Cridland, Itenjamtn UtDmid,,William J.
1,,,, Jamie P Downer,' Thomea Donato, Willman Donn,
WM.% rape', John C. Ent., Wilriam Emu A. Scott
Faring Aleeroder 8 Feather, Jams, Flag - ere, D ' eojamin P.
Forieer, Alerauder Otbboory, Thomas Greer, Joseph F.
Ortiftn. Joseph OnEcy, Jacob 8. Haldeman, George 11.
Hen, Leah. Hart, John !lettings, WllliaLlSJ:lleophil , ,
John liedgr,lleory Iluolet,, Lewis liceford, %Vedas/m.3J.
Julmol, Naiades , J... John W Killinger, Chames X.
tnlatrad, Itobcre Blot, , Ilarrisen P !Alga, hlerrigLerch,
loorthon a Lott, Anson I.eatud; Jame, J. Lewis, lime,
Cite, Jona% R. M'Clintock, Jolt- j'
Al•Corde. John M 'Ls, hint, John Am.., !Mame!
Moro, Jelin 0 Meek, hllchaelhde/cm, John hliller,Jomph
C. Ma. .s. John D Morrie, Willman T. Morin, heekstl
blows/, }Award fitckleson, Jamb P holy Cbarlm,
John B Pock., Jam& C Powell Jo., ,C'. Iteid, John /3
11147, Cowie 11 1,0,, eteentel Iltobinton, John 4 /Daher
'on) 111,1,i W. netainld, Thames C itcoullrr, Willinto
idlitnher;--Itichard Siterms, Eli 81ifer 11 0 116.0, Smith,
Wiliam A. nnath, Donal M Sorer: 00 illiasts II Sooder
hamar 1.). 81.1, Devi) Steward. Charles Stockwell. El.
will C. Tronr. Andrew Wade. linbert C. luau. Timms,
le.doey B. flirataD.l4
Zer oluk 8. 711'eximout. peltkgl , —Ten. el.
l'hote voting Naina the tomato of the remolution
Arrant!, K. C001y,,, Perri Eton, and James M. P 04..-
1)410 3. (Et testa from the Journal )
F0.e.1 'March t 5 1. O
A. NV. BENEDICT`, Detk. Ssey of Conaiimmnall
artily that the atom and ramping Is a tree ant
rnrr , rl .or) of the orlenal revolution of the
usably, sunned Ile.lotion relative to an anteriaresnt of
the Coostlutian, , ea the fame reasons Co file in LAA
In testimony. whereof I have 'hereunto set my
heal, end mood to Instated the veal of the sane
ivy's Office, at Haniihorg, this fill“nth day of
luxe, Anna Domini see the trostil Ord 11,ndeed Ind fill : •
A L. RUBEELL,Vesertas7 of the Coot:m.4w.!
VOltthe , oinlC XTILA'
..:Jeuee of th e oltls,iho proprieton
r of the Pittsburgh City Mills hare placed boxes for
Jae reception of order,. at the following pleees—
& R Floyd, corner of Binh and Wood streets.
std, shoe store, Cot. Liberty &Market its.
A Peelen, store, Third etreet, -
Jr., druggist, ear , Pourth & Smlthaeld.
John F Penult. note, corner lllg¢ &
Telegraph Waco, Fourth street
II 0 Lay, grocer. Ms st, corner of Merger alley
at Gran, atom Penn street, Ninth Ward;
The dour waggggons will call twice or turtle daily
for orders, and theflour,/ke:delivered prowPtlT,eithcr:
In barrels OT ago h—waelt floor is prtforstne for fondly
sae—witheat eh trge (re cartage lota Idaho mat "
tem:into can be allowed, and tbet drivers coo taw
Go pen:Unica to kite dour witliostpsyranol.
Ave holm the public will be Plowed with this or.
rangeaunt, as Mb !ball end,exaAtoild7onthlotNjonanua
Saysseparllis PliTcirs /.• oss elye up..
1 3 2 k t lits Bung:rills :VT
le boxes Lemon Fyrop, buds from pure lemon Idler;
Ism teemed wd for ale by
• -A - -
VOL. V XVII. No. 288
Ultiotr ell then who are sick and afflicted with dil
ll ease of the bladder end kidneys. with rheumatic.
Sams in bock or limbs, stifjoipts,' old sores, rimming
ulcers, anoint they can be cured by taking the Pe
troleum!. Yea may talk about its being a nostrata as
=Mb as Tan please Ira this does not mike It se, for
we Preelaim la the flier of an honest community, that
It has rinses which Ore not contained tn , any other
reamdr. .7 he man who to racked :web pain'and suf
fering from &ream. can for Any rents, get relief Min
any attic ilt. ennumsrated•above. Heade!! it cuts
very little to make a triaL This .Petrileum is no ens
tuttt..—ao someone, put up for the plume ofimposing
lin the community; but als a remedy elaborated by
the master hind ofnamre, and bobbles up fromthe
of our mother earn inks, anginal, Pmnifi and
fen to sedicrinc bum a natty remedy, a certain
hu clued Piles alter other nedlelinithave failed
to render any relief.. It boo cured illunentatism of long
standing, and of the worst mid mast painful character.
Ithett AMA Cholera Merlins ,blfontr.or two 4., I t
has cored old cases of Diarrhea, in which every other
remedyhas been of asail.. As a local reinedy
burns and scalds, it to better than any 1.411 W tern
pound or ointment that knew of. It will core chit
blalsot or frosted tut, 11 t hfew applications; undembt
ed testimony can be famished Of the truth contained
in the above statement by callieg an flanmel EL Kier,
Canal Basin, Mit street: or either of Ointments.
Vl C rga7,l Ity; i gfr.NlYirt o .gVo o o f d :; 117 e kVl d .
hot it D.M. Cuny, Allegheny city, use the agents.
lan3l •
The meet latpostesat• Dlimervery oat Um.
cordt—liture Remedy -for the Palest
D R. D. P. DROWNS celebrated External Amni
a./ can Remedy for the Piles' has already proved
itself to be .h. only .are earn Ord. presented to the
Deblie. Since the discovery of thh valuable medicine,
and Ike WV, number - of extreme ease...with which
Dr. Berme has Mated, no ono Mk hdled tribe entirely
cured, Unlike the many healing balms anus, after
months and year. of experimentalisieg, has too often
left the , patient, when they coonneneed, or. worse:
bat; atter a few day. will decide the cue by elfectlng
a Mf=:ZeTu,,, rimester into labored ar-
Pm cram prove my medicine. !introduce It upon Jr.
ores merits. by Its effect I intend It shall MantlOT
ll X: r' f diw t ai ;! LE !' a) the of a few TMlni, the e ase .
Sold whohnialeandZyltileArdy.'n
,1214 47 Wood et.
• SWon.Wt ate Wax nark ar rug atsion
• • tia rex estant,
Slorefelfor RingmaterEAS mas,
Rheims/am; fikatiente Cam.
oboes Emmaus; Pimples or Pustalea en the Face,
Mottles, Inns, !Chronic' Sort. Eyes, Ring Wont
or Tester, Rudd; Head, Enlargement anof Paht of
the Bones and Joints, Stubborn 'Ulcers, dyphiltis
Symptoms, Sciatica to Lumbego,--and diseases
arising from en Intadicions one of hfereary,
tiles or Roney, Exposure orleciprudence in Lite;
Ab00....eb route Constitutional Disorders, de.
This medicine has inquired revery extended and
eatablished reputation wherever it his-been. used,
bared entirely on ia own Sterita.whlch its superior
cZeaqY has atone sustained. - The unfortunate victim
of hereditary:daease, with swollen glands, contracted
sinew:, and bones half cartons, his been manned to
health and vigor. The scrofulous patient, covered
with Henry, loathsome to himself • and his attendants.
has been made whole. Cluadreda of persons, who
had groaned hopelessly for year! under cutaneous
and glandular disorders chronic- rheumatism, and
many other complaints et:ringing from a derangement
of the re ervice main and the circulation, have been
used on it were mom the rack of: disease, and sow,
with regeneruted coonitution, gladly testily to tho
efficacy ailts inestimable preparation.
iTbe attention of the reader is called to the following
ainentshlng ewe, effected by the use of Sends'
is to eerily that I have a Colored wetness who
his been afflicted for the loot fine years with Scrofula,
and all the remedienl used had no effect in .arresting
the, progress of the complaint; on the t ontrary, she
constantly grew werve; and after expending between
WM and too With phyaielens, beanie. using other
popular remedies without success, till the disease had
eaten away the eartilege or her nose, made Its ap.
peartnee coverlet:Ls pans ether body, and had fined•
commeneed ism misuses in the root of her mouth
In this dreadful situation. widt the prospect o
death mating her In the Moo, I soiled hey ease to Dr
Dbuseway, the agent for Sands! Sarsaparilla in New.
bent, N.C. by ',dna I was adviseilto me that article
and to toy actor/Wand that of my neighbors, to whom
her caws yea known, alter itsing.fear and n half bets
ties she V= restored to perfect acitith: end that In the
pane of three weeks, Red wen in hie to wo rt In two
weeks from the time She summand taking it
~ t in winces. of the truth of this statement , I have •
heremto affixed men resins, Ms torn env of Stsetember,
-. 40SEPH bIeCOTTER.,J. P.,
ehloatit of Neese River, Crtven co. N. C.
The follo w oo extract front a letter received
from Mrs B evan,had been affIIMMI several years
with Sere/dons titanic, Dy•peptio. the., and recently
an ademlon of the dam and cheats..
• u nsnarl:nut, Dee. 13, ISIS.
.".Ilearre. A. Ilk D. Senne—Deftue I commenced
using year Samsperille, ;myrrh - cringe were almost
pan expression; my throat was completely ulcerated,
I .bad a-drew/id north, lend there were. frequently
Weeks together Ord f sould not , peak above, a whim.
pet, and heridei, the is flammetbm from my throat ex
tended to my heed, lo ‘ that nay hawing was very meek
impahrwL After taking the barcepartlla a short time,
my health was /reproved, and my throat Is now well;
I am as free Peru cough and tightness of the chest as
ever I wen, andenn 'hear petite distinctly. My throat
his been well Shoal throe mouths, too cure of which
his been effected entirely by the use of Yottr Sanas
parille. You friend LOITIBA R. J3EVANe
The hollowing tectimema• i l
to the vista Lathe Sarni
natilla. la from the Rev Luther Wright, aged :d years s •
Congregational Minister, Minting at Woburn.
, oWestran, Nagai March 30,1848.
nletuni. Sandi: Gentlemen-From what I have ex
perienced, and from the infommtiOn I have recently
received tom a number of persons of high respects.
!dilly who hero , need your Sartain/Oa, I Imre not
the least doubt but that it is a most valuable medicine.
and Mat the rusturrain cettificates Inn have received
of its clammy tie fully rtstained by experience, and
althamb its repletion and utility we very =entire,
and steed lane need ot my tunable efforts to pummel
thern,l ward all who an afflicted by divease to be.
come acquainted with the efficacy and power of your
'addable medicine. ! • .
"I am, gentlemen,. gratefully and'.very:respeetrally
yours. ; • LUTLIER WRIGHT!?
Preka i, ide r uld told;wholesala and retail. by A. IL &
D. 8/... Dinggiata. and Chemin& 100 Palma street, eorneeeP 4.111.40,_ New Tara: Sold also by Drug.
gists generally thro ughout the United States and Can.
.Priee rer boule t • six bottles for 63. • •
of sale by L. WILCOX, Jr.. IL n; FAIINESTOCE
&CO., and SDIVA RD FEIN DERICH, Pittsburgh.
n. hr Tk.R tiFTTH; It Minimum • firs9 , 44sng /ore
ab WaiAltlMlATaltal Itflitell/MATAAIrtse
Nti OVP 4d. re ut rne u dy s t o a , nr a dlecovertj . in i the Veg i e . tal2l
Rheurnane Complaints, ' mach " 7
Ingammatory, Chronic. *elite artd Meretirial
Ithaurnedism, Gout; Lumbago, .
I ; Spinal Affectlons,loe.
• Thlt :medicine lies long been sought for. it hat bee*
mid that Ithembetimn could not be cared; but there is
remedy designed by 001000 for Megan, of every rile-
CAM that the humm eyelein is auteeet to. At 14111
medy boa been found Mat mime Rheumatism of the
worst !brut—one of the most veldebre vegetable mo
es:lona of the earth—the egreatest and rnostimportant
discovery of the tool and a wonder/at Waling to the
homed family, It rarer section! sic khnln er debilttgo
Ling, and reaews strength and vigor ro the whole eye
let*. It has cored, datum. the pest thorn months, over
GO eases that were conotdered Ciente
Certificates of the eurative propertice of this medi
cine can be seen by calling on the Agents
None gennine unless put up mule ah engraved label
neon the outside wrapper, signed brtho proprietor, R
TURNER, Beghlo, N. S.
Sold by 11. SAISSER,
corner Tblyi and Market ty
Sold also by IG. P 'o..M.Aitt,
Nolo9 Alain el.,Cineinnad. 0
• ~. r
2IEDIei A ai AZ LS alUtAtattieil. teetratuim a
• ' ' ' No. OS. DLDIOND ALLEY, .
t 4. 1 11
p few dyne bo. ono Nand Creel, li.
• wards tweet • ,• • -'•
• ' •• • • 4 1' -1, . DR. -ER( WZ, hariult ban
t vj
t .,
i.,. ,.p• ~, 1 ,: f L c v ,, , ,,, ed 4 , 4 . 1% .1 .1. : 2,
.e .,i. m . ed ! ct
psny„ N. Li :gern pm..l, monr confides
_-, - 4 •?.,cef I, \ hie attention to the treatment of
r'r - • . , those. prterne and delicate corny
~., ' plating for which hi, - opeortemtte le
". 4„,._ , ,,,,.4Y, - and experircoo pecaliarly quality
, Ni'afei '
_„ him. ld years asslduonsly devoted
to catty re ireatment Of those complelnue(durialeteas 2
UM balm lira mote pre< iii.e and hea cared more ps.
troll then cad ever fall to the let of any. private prac
titioner) amply qualifies bin to odor nrsarance. et
timed', penatinant, and .sti.teettly sun to ail antiesed
with dobeata giteana, and all dlseate• annuls thew,
Dr.Brownleold inform those allilcted wigt private
• Meuse. which hays become chronic , by tune or ea.
grarated by the ON of arty of the com Mon ae,,,,,,,,,„, . f
the day; that their cemplainta can
radically cad there
megldy cured; he having given hie Cartfiti attention to
the treatment preach cases, and succeeded In hundreds
: f e
neck r ' g: Li ;NI; ;lan/0:i perso n.
Vil - ." whichoof open
molt from those eases, whets others lento consigned
I theta to hopelesa despair. Ile. partiordirly invitee *nein
• . ~,,,,, peen) ong andanreecosafolly treated by other.
to consult him, when every satisfaction mill be glean
there, =id their cases treited ins ettretel,tgorrougit and
intelligent simnel, pointed out by • iontexpieriencs,
atedy,and investipationmhicnit is imponalblo for thole
ensated id general practice of mmUcine - to give to
me ale., of dine... i 6'..' -
mreitemia or Rupmia.—Dr. warn Cur Irmtes per
adhered with liernia to call, a. he bu paid putte4
aloe indention to that disease, ' • , •
CANCERS also cures ; ; , • i , .-
Elgin disease.; info; x%palm Its 4 Speedily eared
esvcry low.
N. —Patients of cißer sec hying et • distance, by
itatlaribeir diselmo iti .writ,ng, Swing ell thegjneg.
tome, can obtain medicines sadh etractiosilor sue; by
addressing T. DROWN, AL 10, Pun Mid. mitl Uties,:
.V:ilr o . 1$ ix... Putt alley,opposite the Waverly
gr,,,,gaingt,..D,ltrovra , s newly dlecovered lees.
ly for ilitemnaticas is IL .Ntdruzi4 certain rem e dy d ot
Rat adialui trouble. It never Pella , . •
ogle.: old Prints c.csabing Ilicints,.. No. td Di.
motel silty, Pittsburgh, Pa: The Doctor Is always at
Loam__ ,
CZ& 410