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1110111MIJILLAII ZINC. • .
MBE Vials atoning= Company amply th eir arena
lelb. Roofing and Monts in Memo Jx7 feet,frose
ntost2e.hip...4lll.l< Comerated sitets
de, as. ad moans- paulb bandies. aad depute
Sh . lll l,2 %entlided,:l4l4 ll inches, from di tuna tented
Sorer Holds, Perforated Paw,
Sam I, at.
Tar? warrent their metal per., and free from any
admixture Of Inn, or any other rehstartee," and nw
mammal It for the manufactom of meet attain la
the bmsse farelahing Imo, as It does not rest, Is not
slatted by the meth= of wale; and may be pollahtd,
painted, md A:masa
dadtP/m. modals; Plans, specifications, nod other
Informal= ma i he had of Weir admta—
11,Csdat &does, New York;"
Assmsomlloutute t Co.. Beaton;
Narrate Tierra k.Co,Philedelpidso
W. ail HCYiII, Bardmord.: • •
62•1., Dart&lama, New Odesaa;
p. HILI Residenrdgent,
Liege, May L . '.2 Hammer sL, Now York: •
- Edward' A. Oemtfrey, •
18 SoutitteolvertStearßstflistors at.,Baltimorr,
Omni F. adfrel *Boron N.Y.,)
LoE cutout! kinds:
of Shoe Findings, and Beale r in Leather,
f nds: English and Preach Kid Stine,
nelt Calf nth, Patent Leather, Morocco, red,
;1 1 11'111= WA.
Show Edges, Awl Blades, Shoe TOBEAD. Blued
Lek*, 'Shoe Nidls and Shoo
ed E of gilnen•
al A. 0. 'having establish the above fbasiness
BalOmers, is enabled to ship goodi Smith or West
with the almost despatch, tted el the /owmt prices.
M n rms, dealers, aid ell atm, map relY
Span obi:Mein every ornate in the wade; of the beat
quality, sad ore liberal
trAleneftetarer 01 Lattr, Boot Tree• Shoe Trees,
Clamps, Hoot Stretcherrdho: All orders will
be promptly emerged. Low prices tar each. ,
A catalogue /remaining • complete list of event
snide, tha trade will be forwarded lo those who
clay desire it. •
• EDWARD A.CODPREY, 16 B. Calvert st,
neer Baltimore st.. Baltimore. . •
/X Greenwich stmt. Amy YorL
mar, yr:odium& beg to cell. the atmntion of con
. y noisome ts LLToa, loathe head• of families to the
- Choke and we selection of Teas imported by them.
and hitherto unknown la this country, which, by their
• fragrance , anddoliesey, combined with vireo panty
and suer eta; i t adage un infindou of smpatslair rich.
-11.esed-gelme. •
The Tess offered are the following: 7
The Je•teo Moan, a Esok Team-.—llit El per lb.
• Mybon, . do•--• ••• 0 75. da
• home, • Green Tea •-•-•••••-• ••• 1 10 .edo
• Too•triu, do 71 do
• o Tick I.misa do •• odd do
o 11d-ti Mixture, a
n d cmpound of the
own ra r e,
ad choke Ten •
grown on tbe fertile and genial
soil ef Artsar---•-•-• 1 011 do
•• With ik view lo encourage
Be nt on ltrodco pr of these
- matchless Teas, it is the itnti 01 the oprietor..
. to diruibtaa by let. among the purebeeere, quantity
of feat equal to the First Year's Profits on the sales
• effected. • •
Each perehuer retetvecneltsed tbe Peck •
age, • numbered conifioate, totaling him to one
eh, oo in the distribsuou forever, fifty trots laid eat.
and on the receipts antoenting to A 50,060, the wader•
in-Pi.onml parcels or Tea. in the value
leo pet Cent,
451,000 WILL BF. GIVEN A.WAT tro Doom.,
Ine , orrileg to the follmetnemaim-. •
• S priscaof6olbs of Tea cachet it
y 16,250 0 or EEO
00 do 10th do do do LOO tier SSE
CO de -1011 m do do .do LOO tier $.5.1
100 do albs • do do do duo lb et SSW
.GO do 11h• -do an do WO Its oft=
- •
425 eel:C.11111UL , LOCO It 112,u00
Those penotts who pretei„ lower priced Teas can
nude° their pries in proportion, or they will be re
pt:rebated for cub. at a rut talon of 10 per cent.
in.Coantry Agents wanted. ..Appliettions to be ad
dressed, post paid, to Cu Computes Depot, as above.
Broadway, of Itlalellna Lane.
. aw extensive HOTEL has been t leased by the
subscriber, and bag been completely refitted In
a most•elegent manner. Lame addition. ern now
being made, which. when completed, will make it the
moat extensive Hotel in New York. It lathe detenni ,
ration of the proprietor, to make it equal, in every se
t spect, to any other House lathe Boiled Buten.. lts lO
cotton is the most desirable and central in the eity,lip.
beg in the fastdonabte nestof Broadway, convdnlent
to all the public ballthtg,.. alerts of ammerneet, and
business. Ureteral fOr Me liberal patronage received
Boothia wesUrn friends, while et Cumberland, Ed.,
sod-more recently at the Weddell House, Cleveland,
Ohio, 10 respectfully .elicits a renewal of their patron.
age, for his now establishment, al New York, and
beg. to p.m them that evety effort on h Is part shall
be liven to administer to Melt comfort and ',tensor.
-• • A. B. BARNUM.
• New York, March,VedlL—fmr2o3ct
other. George street, Plymouth, &ilea. The
managers beg to acquaint their numerous pamms that
ate next Dioribation of Portraits of Rare Gorses, will
compdta those entered for the forthcoming Grand
Natioaal Darby Rsem the •namber of shares to be
„limited to 8,000 cachets.. Fort class member ft&
second clam ditto 14. Early application for the on•
appmprieted Amu is necessary. A petty eutocrib.
tog for more than one share has the chancre of gaining
an equal nonberbonases. • Those members who draw
the rano. Portraits will be presented with the fol.
lowing swam— - • •
• • Portrait of let ciao betimes Ol ditto
Winner, or fleet Hone 1.11,r03 10,000
" Second Gone-, 111,000 • ..,Oce
• . . Third Gorse P,ooo ONO
Divided amongst Starters- • • 0.000 3,0L0
" Non. Starters 11,003 : aOOO
• There are ON bonuses In each class, that being the
nimbler of harm entered for the nee. The Drawing
thoseouc upon the same legitimate principle.'
as which charecterised the late St. Lodger and
miter emcee:Sag. Fall particulars of the result will
- be sent to absent member. immediately after the de.
• Elston, that cash may knowld. position.
Salmesibers registered and scrip forwarded on re
ceipt of a modem:tee. Dills of P“bange,Drafts,Bank
Votes, &e., addressed and made payable to the
Slsungitte Director. • W. JAMES & CO. •
Floe per cent ectromlndon to be reduced on the
presentation of tonne. mete-but
/ 650 1 REED HOUS 7. I/850
St. 8.1.1111E1t, PraprilitOrfc
P 114134 Spurs, fins, •
fiIMERAL STAGE OFFlCR—Esstern. Woorm.,
and Prolletern Bowes, leave Imo boom doily. Car.
date. mod '.',,,T.'llll:"`fir.TV”`'',ll
O. W. limn. late of the Et.4:l:Xt
opt.idGm' -
- Load nod Milo for Salo.
A FLOIJOINU NULL, won four nut of stones—one
el the beet locations for bu sine's m the wen—and
• int rate Saw Mill, oa an almost never felling stream,
and 16 beret of Land, good Dwelling Hon., Tenant
/louse, and other Improvements, eltuated seven wile.
Doe the Ohio Riven Monroe Comm, Ohio. Also,
near On above,. bennufal Farenorell Improved, coo.
talents tio acres. For 1019111. &a., enquire or
112 Second st, Pinsbarch.
DI/SPAE under Ow lenenediao tare of the I
1 venter, R
and D
cuablished for upwards of thirty ye ah.
This elegant preparation to recommended to all
cues of bite, acidities, Indigestion, gent, and gravel,
as the lama safe, esey.arui ellectW form In which
hi Reds may, and 'edema the only one in which ll
ought lobe eat:Oita. posse-wing ell the properties of
the rdegnesla merits general use, without bung liable
1 kr; It, re fern, dangerous concretions in the trowele,
It efeetemly cares heartburn without injuring the
coats et the sumach, es ,sods, potass, and their ear•
boaster are kno no to dm, it emaciate the food of in
fants turning sour; In all eases at acts as a pleasing
aperient and Is peealarly adapted to female..
Pir Homybroy Iney testified that this irol talon foram
salable camblnalione with uric Reid calla to cum of
rare and gravel, therey counteracting their in - Arlene
tendency when otner alkalies, and even Blegnesla
itsetr, la d felt 11.
From the Philip CI ampton, Ban, Surgeon . General
to the Army in Ireland,
'Dear Sir—There — can be no Arabi that Magmata
may be adro Mime red more safely in the form of a con
centrated solution then In robstante; for this, and
many inter reasons,' am of opinion that the Fluid
Magn•sla ta a very valuable addition to ear Materiel
Slr fames Clarke; Sir A. Cooper, Dr. Wight, end
Moms Gllthlie and Elerbert May tf Londo.MTCTIV
1 rceoramend Marray's Fluid !titmice's, as being tn•
admit more sate and convenient than the echd, and
tree from the denier attending the constant use of
rods or notate. •
Per sale by the therrNtinzeli=cma nests,
Cor. of Wood& Fromm.
Pi°TICE Is hereby 'wen, that on or about the 23th
of April, the aubserlbers had mailed to them. at
llsbury, Va., the following notes, si=—A note
drawn by O. A. Martin. PaTable to oar arder• dated
April lltls, at 4 months, for 847 aS; a nate drawnt l
John la organ, agate date and time, for $lll 17, and.
mm drawn by Jelin Watt Co„ In favor of loan /3;
Alatirell, and re-endorsed by e., dated April 9th, at
than moths, for 5175. The above notes wets never
received by a a and thla Is to cannon all persona
against trading far or brytay the sate, as papa.*
at theta haa been stopped, & W kLARBAUGH'
_ .....
PaVALI lIPBIII6 & suninsca qooDs..
A VERY large and choke since
teenresh Spring
IL and 8112.11 el GoOJs has tom opened at
Alexander & Day's, No &S Market Amer, nos: N west
corner of the - Diamond.
In calling the .[[mood of oar eustomeis and the
Dahlia to this itnek, it affords as great pleasure to be
saki to say It ensbraeu GREAT LIARGAINS In ab
mom every description of goods, an a large portion of
it was purchased at the recent extensive smstlenulea
to the cavern cities. One assortment, tan of fancy ,
nod el•Ple good., Is very superior, and affords to all
cash berms , either b 7 wholesale or retail, mine op•
po dimity of main, limit tame and pone.
raw nth , Postern alike, very cheap: rich plain and
figured . e argekble auks, of almost every myle mid
quality: wipes plain and dotted black allts; do.
• gegee. and tlarnec bangs, de leas, new and hand.
cma style 1 new etyla I mai, and Beench
-awn!, an great melee?, and a very low pricer; plain,
gored, cad win striped de lain. or all kinds and
valiant Hats Inktros et all &bade, and colon; ging.
sires t massiesat sat shawls; and fisted
Moot do; plain and embroideredTbrret do; dna cash
mn do; taper plain had embroidered white and
eolored crape do: Immo and nor dn. am. 3
assorimeni of mats tsumooks, jacone%
A fine lawn, ice: •
Rough & Ready, pawl brud, Florence 'btalkaad
gam -WV lsa stray. bonnet,
A slneek or onpetior pi a/ n sad, fended allk nod
&Wm Tare earatela ar all taints and aalitica.
A large sasorunant 'snOcr French, tinallah and
Beatan clothe and eauldurca of all qualinca-snd
prices, to whin we woald Inane) aucnuon of We
gentlemen. ' '
Oa neck °thrown and bleached 1911;i11114 tiekingai
elteaks, chambray*, drilling., As, is very large, and at
the eery lowest p nets.
Also, a large lot of rade diapers and Dade cloth.,
brown and bleached; Ressialud Eerneh &gen*, dn.h
'Mani nitrate., cotton and wool n good. for mon and
Slats, bowery and bOOOOO Wk ad
ribbons, arty
In it,seess, At, to all which we wesl4 respectrally
Innis - the allenUan - of wholesale and mull cash
tei Ittratet.L.N or Ibe Diamond.
pay pp, prepared to famish Apple Tree., trim the
era Maser,' of Jacob N. Breton. The
'trees will be delivered at the wharf at Plttabargh for
per bartdrett. Ferrara itlehlart good thrifty tree.
.Wald leave their orders modal the Den, dated, and
parfeettery W•ltlibilie, tomer of Wood end Sixth sta.
pll . N
%SAVO incite WORKS WA REllOlla E.
RILEY BROWN &CO. have removed to No Im
Wales Sd door below the tdonoogetela 11614
r,, r f
' • J. U. ILICLLOLL, • •
O. II Wood street. flu Pam received a new as
•IIOTZG6II a PIANO MUSIO, atoms which am
thutbilowinD— •
Idolly, do you Lave w, by 8. O. Foster.
Ob, tony tie Red Role lave Alway. do.
Nell, was a Lady, do.
• Untie Ron W
Gwino to Ron Med, ' "
Dolly Day, do.
The n,
Robi eshtTrodding, by Glower. do. •
Oh, Totten the Centro emus/am
'Sweet Mattoin of Tbee.
—'Paver Moen. •'
'Lament of dar Priah Emigrant.
A Now Medlity,t3oo6.
Thou haat Weandua Oa P. out.
The Conserloo Departure, by GionT.
De ILA te the Loved Ones at Roma
NU Dome where o'er the titan is.
TM Yankee Maid.•
Low &rabbi Car by Leven _ , _
Do ion ever Oink of -
Plumber Conde Lady. .
.Teetade Orel :
Rfin, Odium, Wedding, Wreath, and DaLy
Beiebeor, Maiden, Bella Welts, Comers, Laßue
Bowmen . , CAUL F.ivirs,Lily, lice, Evergree, Dana.
OM Ammo. and Lbuy , Polkas. mond
Wenter not into Umbel of before, wo tray nothing
about Condreda of Cheat. Importers, Large.
Capital; Delight for Cub, km In fact, we will not
bemtrug. le jar meaner or Rua, we eimply finite the
palate to erunparo oar To. it oh Walt they parebuo
elseerhermatus is the beet method we germ to wen.
talc wutpeolla the beat and cheapest Teat In Pints
bur& are now selling • •
Geed nod =nog Tea at 46=160M:tate per lb.
VA prim - do do
The but Tea averted into the o.Btares, ft
Low prinedillarused, or Inferior Teas we do' not
Proprietoranfthe Tee Market, -
IfY •
Fiat 'hie or amend. •
!Looms Annorton•
D. Appleton & Co., Neer VoikdAie In coarse of pub.
Iteoilon„ Ia patts,pneo meaty leo coots each,
Of /ffardistea, /Vedanta, Encino TrarkanutSs
etneertng; den,tenal for Prattled Werkatg
/Mx; aad thaw Intended for de 23nza
• - eutertn,g• Pnessetca.
FllB WORK in °flange 8.0 sue. and will contain
anotaawn plan, and apwarda of lox not.
tarp riannuattoms. It i present wor
Ingo and dmmiptions of the most important machines
in the United Mama Independent of the results of
American lagenalty, it will contain ecrorplete practi
cal Wean: co hleckaalek ideriddom7,Engitie-work,
and Engui t essiog; wnh that 4 10 more that.
one thousand collars worth of folio witaxims, msga•
sines, and other books- -
The gam object of this publication la, to place be
font practical men and students snob an amount of
theoretical and scientific knowledge, In a condemned
toms, as obeli enable them to work to the best advan
tage, sad to avoid those mistakes which they might
otherwise coolant. The mount easeful information
this brought together la almost beyond uncritical • in
ouch works. Weed, there La hardly any subject
width' nasalise which is not treated with witch clear
ness and precision, that even a man of the most ordi
nary capacity cannot fail of understanding It, and
dins learning from IS much Which It la lineation for
lam to know.
The pubhsluirs ere, In short, determined, regardless
of cost; to make the work so complete as possible; and
it id hoped ovary one desirous to obtain the work will
proton it as issued In numbers. sad dun encomia@
the' enterprise. _ "
The workwill hi lasted In semi-monthly numbon
Commencing in January; IMO, one will program with
great regoloOty. •
The whole work will he published in 40 numbers,
at ib cants per ntunberomd completed within the cur
rent year, =O. A Word discount will be nude to
Antonkreminhig the publishers gin to advance,
shall receive the work through the post office free of
. Opinions of the Press.
• "To OCT mutterer. Manefacterers, Mechanics, Ea.
filleerS, and Artisans, it will be a igloo of wealth."—
ovideaers, (R. ).) Jounoli •
"Young men, arm younelves with its krunriedga•— ,
We can with confidence recommend our readers to
posses. themselves of its numbers as that as they ap•
pear."—Annricon Artisan.
%We anhetitatingly commend the work to those en•
gaged In or loterested in mechanital or eel entifoa per
suns, as eminently worthy of their cznaluotien and
study."—Tray, (N. Y..) Budget.
"it Is truly • great wool, and the pablishets de- •
serve the . thanks of Inventors, machnlsts,ned manu
facturers, and 'indeed oldie pgblia gentrally.e—N. T.
i' 4 s lrl; l lf7e L tionarY will be highly extol to
mechanics, and rateable to all who wish to acquLt
themselves withthe progress of Invention In the me..
chortle attan— New Fiedler:4 Daily Mercury.
*Young mechanics ought to keep posted up In the
amino! so well as prude.! knowledge, and this
stork Intl show therapist how they stand...—Boxbary
- Mass.) Advertiser.
nWe take it to be kat the work that scores and hen.
deeds of on Intelligent mechanic. hare dnired to pus
min: Pa ample are Its. descriptions, and so full Lod
minute its axeifiranons, that it seems to as that any
mechanic might contract any machine it denribes
the s.renettionts ens - wirings end insuuction..—De. Y.
Commercial Adveruser.
Atl Interested In mat-hanks shouldargil them
selves of Its advaungeo...-Bcheylkilli, (Pena") Jou
_ . .
"A work of extensive practical multi and great im
penance end alto to the rapidly Increasing interest.
of the countoy. W. regard the work as eminentlr
calculated' to promote the case of science and tit
Mechanical slat, and tu disseminate valuable informs
lion on these uthjeetao—Parmer and Mechanic.
"Practical men in all the varied walks of mechal.
at and manufactaring laustra agineering. Ike., wi ll
hod in this work a maws which it will be to their
pro to posaess”—Troy Bally Whig.
"We hauteur-hilly purtnied the number; ad bavn
no Issounion in saying Mutt to the best work fee Me
ehan:a tradennen„and scientbSe men, cur palish.
ed. for it C4lllll.m.muus information e xp en sed brach
of the ;meehanical ans and setences, in S
Ma and langu age Intelligible to any reader of or&
nary capacity. —diction:ter, (Maas.;) Nun ,
"We are sure we are doing the mechanics of Nor-
Wielt ad other parts of Commodeut a service by
bringing the weds to thca attention."—Norwieb,
(Con.) Canter.
"it Minn such% work as even mechanic amid
postesan—Preentan's JonmaL •
Wo condder hone alike most vale] and important
publications aria age. No mechanic can to be
iwithoutlo—Newara, IN. .I.,)Coamerci al Cadet.
.1)1 all the Varna, publicalont baying for their ob.
Meet the elucidation end *dance:meat of the mechani
eel arm and sciences, none that we have seen, is se
'lnn of promise as tbia.^-13affalc. Com.:Adr.
"It is Mc but ad chea p at. work es er Maned to the
scientific ad practical engineer and mechanic. The
:plat.* are beautifully excerned. ^ --WashinenSt Gic`bc.
"This great- lanonuy Is one of the moat useful
works ever published for years, end the }ow price at
which it la said makes in acceptable to al.—Soca
We regard lets one of the mom eat:unrested., ad
salable, an well as cheapest ants ever published."
—Baltimore Advertiser.
'-Ought to be taken by every- one deleting or keep
pace with the p.c.. of am mut science in every one
of the labors of civilised lifao—Rendout Courier. •
ult la designed after the principle of Urea Dictiona
ry, only that It is mare demoted to the and
engineering professions, and alsove all; t is valuable
al aeoomplublog for Amulet what Use has done for
Engitutd, viz: describing Amenetn machinery and
warts of art."—Fcientide Americm
ollie pabliahed in riumbers ‘ ana at epic," so mode
nu, looking at what is contained in each number, that
to one who has the lout Interest in such matters,
need be detested from muting It; nod every one who
don so, will find that in a condensed term an
amount afinarnetion wh eh would be obtained: if at
MI, only by the pirchamt (very many volumean—N.
Y. Cattier and Enquirer.
'Me comprolienstven with which the rableeta
are treated, the temirahre ma otter in which they are
illustrated, conapire to make this one of the moat dad
table woras..—Demeenee Review.
.ni, worn abated be Indic hands of every meehanie,
aroman, and marinfaestrer, especially they
Who hate
the leant neplratlons to excel In their terpectlye basl
neases. Wr hare carefally examined it, with a view of
recemmeneing it to inventor,. To them we would
say in the strong language of the liibim .lt Ls prod..—
Baltimore inventor,' Journal.
Notice to the ?wile:ors of Vitrtsperper• thmightna
•—' . ^
th.rgsa ice.
Mho foregoing advertiaement is insened flee tim
daring the yen, and tee paper contains It sent" to n
coop of the Wort eelb be sent gratis In payment. -
a • tfoLtarllT
Containing no Mercury, nor othir Mineral.
LIE followLor testimonial arm [lien by the eel.
prated Dr. Wooster Beach, the arobor attic, gre
medic al work entitled write American Practice
Medicine and Femily Physician."
, liaving been made acqaalnted with the ingredients
which cerepose
r.d All4lealing Ointment
and having preverlbed t tested it in several cases b
my print,' practice, I have hesitation in saying or
cern fylog that It Is a Vegetable Remedy,, coma/nuts
no mineral eabstance whatever; thatirs ingredients
combined as they ore, and used as directed by the
Proprietor, are not only harmless, bat of great value,
being a troly se,entifie Remedy of great power: and!
cheerful, recommend it as *compound which hat
done much good, and which is adapted to the care of
a great alma) , of eases. Though 1 have never either
recommended or engaged In the sale of secret enedi,
cities, regard for the truly honest, conscientious, , ha
mane character of the Proprietor of thin Ointment,
end the valve of his discovery, oblige me to say thus
mach reirarding It. . W. BRACH, D. /le
New York, April 983,11110.
ITANS.—It is one ofthe bed things in the world
for Darns.
PlLM—Tbousands are yurly enrol by this Oint ,
meat. It never fails in giving relief. ,
For lateen, Uleers, sad Mt kinds of Boom, It has
no equal.
If lathe* and Nurses knew Its 'aloe In eases of
Swollen or Sore BresM, they would always apply it.
la spelt uses; if nodaeonding to directions, lt gives
relief in • very few boars.
Around the box are Creations forming MeAillsterin
Obtonnor for Serest., Liver Complaint, hhysinelas,
Tenet, -Chnbtain, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Quinn,y
Sore Throat, Dronehnsi, Nervous Affections, Palos,
Disease of Me Cited Atte, thmathe, Deafness,
Fars e, Items Spin, Co e,
rrosi all Diseases As
ofSkin, Sore
Lips, Pimples, ka., Swelllorof the Limbs, Sorts,
Rheumatism, Piles, Cold Peet, Crimp, Swelled or WO
ken Steam, Tooth Ache. Arm In the Pate, an.
' From the Reading Eagle.
There wad novel, perhaps, a Medicine brought be. ,
fore the public, that has in so short ..time won tech •
reputation as MeAlliaterra All-Itealint or World
Salve. Almost every person that has made triel of it
speaks warmly in its praise. One be been cored by
lief the most pointer 'lmmodesty another of the piles,
a third of a troublesome pain in the dde, a fourth of a
melting in the limbs, tee. If it does not give 'mine
dime in every ease, It can do DO injury, beteg
soapplied outwardly.
A . soother evidence of the wonderful healing pew,
er patterned by this tatty, we subjoin she following
eeni Seale, from s respecta ble citizen of Maldencrect
loweship, in this connty:
Maidencreek, Berke co., March 70,1817.
. Moon,. Elliot Cm—l desire to inform you that I
wet entirely eared of a enter!, pain lathe beet, by the
age of McAllister" Allllealing
. Salve, 'stitch I per.
!hoed from you. lauffentd tenant for about 20 yeany
end at night wad enable to sleep. 'During that toms I
tried variogarenredlea, which were prescribed for me
Mrekr,Atray.-..gmr.T.r.dzw,tit , :rel
salt favorable beyond expectauon. • I am now entire
ly free from the pain, and coley at night a peacefal
and sweet sleep.. I bare also used.the Salve wince far
tooth ache and other complaints, %risk medlar happy
result. Your friend, J 011.1111lomnerssen.
irairs litratusTgit,
- • .1341.14 Proprietor of urn above medicine.
Principal Orme, No %North Third etrect,Pl4.l4 -
. elks 25 dews - era nitix.
A..x. & Reiter, comer of
Liberty and EL Uair sutras; and I Jr:, eror
ger of altar% street and the Dieu nod, alb, canter of
Fourth and Smithfield streets; J. II: Centel, teener or
Walnut and Penn streets, Fifth 'Want; and sold at the
'Booknom in Smithfiehl 'nowt, fid don r from E aeon&
In Allegheny City 4.711. P.M:maul send J. Sargent..
J. G . Smith, DnutgiaLSirmi*tautt D. Negley,
- Rest Liberty; IL Rowland, Meßeespo n; J. A'arander
A sou, hlonongthela City; N..llatear man CO, sod
J. T. Rogers, lhownenne; John - Baal ey, ikcor , l P.;
:John Walker, Jr„Vaisabeth. • • febtleddll'
IlEt.N' curni—dro Z
-4-0 rion'
cloth, on hand, ma foe
. .
let Ole .ISIVOVILbI O tartar.
.T lll3 Wtra fi,V I d
rse e 5 l g .„ co A pAr r a i .a z
Grind Rapids, to in :went sullicientio propel four
hundred stairs of mill stone. The location is based
Omni a rock foundadon, and the power MI cone*.
manly be implied im both dem ofthe Meer. The
vain of the White Slyer, es well as the Wabash; eta
boreadily Welshed at We point. While Weber
Won ore, arateoal, trt the greatest abendence, and e
superior quality, can be wally procureA through the
same country. • '
Tru e
ere hundred donate per annum fora pow •
. bole to propel a tingle ran of medima Mud
mill stone% Ike period of fifteen year.: with the
right f renewal on Me 'expiration of the teem, rea
fair waged= of the power employed. Tanke r ut of the
mill or macutactory Incladed,wilhoet Tanke chars
•Troalthe Company. elder of the Theeeters.
• President elhbo W. N. Co.
Vormenreli bat May 9, lw.n ervnltdent
ea—The ,of many persons is disfigued with
slight eruptions, ae pimples, meohLaw, Jur, sod when
this Le merely.. disease of the sktn, as It is in may
nine cues out of every tivadrod. It Is vary easily Tr..
moved: Jules laud. Nluthh 5 ..1! I. e l" ..11
whirred to diseases of the sato, as a acts treaty
upon the cslaute pores' which cover its surfece.
eleszeing them from imparities. and by Its asthmatic
properties healing sad eradicating all erapuene.ead
retaining the ducat and roughen skint soiyfair, and
Per Who have been in the habit of using ordl
truscomywille IgAngh o ed ,i ,:t i :eltesurif . e d l , td , ect
loom, preventing i SLe neck, Face, t agdi l irom c h o p.
lug, allaying all rrltatiou, and retooling all came.
000 eruptions. It pcasesse rice xquisite perfume, and
Is entirely devoid email alkaline properties, rendering
it the only article which Cll,O
ased with safety gad
comfort In tan :ornery. ,
All those whose Wag or necks are disfigured with
leq blotches , taw
a y m tfa b reln a , gelle d pf'ru:
positively enrage them, that Its age will render the
most discolored skin w hPe, the uushest skin smooth,
and the most diseased skin healthy, pone, nod bloom-
- •
Juke lituePa Nyrobb Soap Is the only artiele which
will effectually produce the above elleeut In go short
• time, and the wily one which Is at the Ivan time all
powerial and cutlrely harvaleee. Pupated only by •
JULES HAVEL, Perfulner nod Chemist,
120 Chestnut attest, Pldba. - -
For gale wbolntale and retell by B Jll.Fohnceteek
k Co., and R. E. Sellers, Pittsburgh; and John Bar.
•1 and J. hfitehell, Allegheny oily, Pa. led.
AGOOD 11ahogen 7 : Piano Porte, 0 octaves,
second d5...-ss •
A handsome han opsighi Piano, with Rosewood 4 100_00
Porniture,ll octaves, mid in geed order • • • • 10 0 CO
A plain 33 octave Piano 43 CC
A good 6 octave Piano --•---- 73 00
A good bi octavo Piano, with handsome farms
Mtn ..... 75 CO
For solo by JOHN II hIELLOII
enar - 49 Wood st
!Natalia .1111litit Light.
QUPERCRDING dm Wooden i'laatt. and bring in.
10 combustible, thettby economises the oil, and pre •
treats beretofom Co man objected to in oil
other 'floats. One table spoonful or the Common
lamp all will last Nine Hamm any farther length
of time, according to the additional quantity of o.L
Received and for ado by . JOUN D MORGAN
mete d and
j -u a S jy R . E F IV a EA m a teu t . P . ittsiarglk Family Gro•
6 craws Fresh Oyeters,ba tio 'cans;
5 do Pickled do, In qtjais;. ,
5 do do do, In Plat do.
Tbe above Froth Clateta ate parboiled,. and 5.t opp
m a highly COUCGIIITSI6S aeop,enelesed itermetiew•
ly waled eons. and Neill keep math longer Man thine
pat no In the ordinary Ivey.
For sale, wholesale and retail. by
Will A bIeCLUYIO & Co,
m Y 56 Liberty at
Great Amerloam MeehanVeal Work.
APPLETON & CO., New Tort, have in come
of atone, price twenty five cenu
each, a DICTIONAEI If blarhnicti, Mechanic. E.
gine Work and Engineering; deafened for Practical
tCorkiner hien, and Mono Intended ler the Dislocating
Profession. Edited by Oliver Ilium.
This work is of large Svc tine, and will monde two
Mooned page.and upwards of oil tboanand
nonr. It will rem% working drawings and descrip
tions of the most Important machines in the Untied
Skies. Independent ot the results of American
prantty, wW comb complete practical treatises on
'stockmen, blaeltiorry• Engine Work, and Engineer
ing: with all that te useful to mons then ono thousand
dollars worth of folio volume. magerlaes and other
book. Six numbers received, and tor sale by the
73 Apollo Betiding. Fourth et.
o:) , tvir .1.1.1 , 1E.)"1 rA• (.1-1
John 11.11c1tor, 81
- -
Solo A6eolp.m2Vo,'„al..sZergtaly.mlo., fmtho We of
Grand sad Square Plink* Fortes,
B EGS to Wenn Ins mush; and the mental B
that he has now invoices, and will receive and
etlPttee for ule, daring the present month, Ike laraest
and most desirable stock of Piano Fortes ever stored !
for sale In the west—among tthe number will be found
fall apply of
Superbly carved Rosewood Grand Plano Fortes,
with all the recent improvements In mechanism and
style of exterior-
Splereidly carted Rosewood seven octave Soave
Piano Forte% finished in the Elizabethan and Loals
XIV. styles
With • a lugs stock of all the various styles of P.O.
no Fortes, verying la prices from $O7l to Is3oo and
stony prepared by Ur. I:Uttering for the present
year, (17a) . 4
Purehaen lore attanred that the rim; of Mr. Chiek
' 'Nance base beery and will conunee to be, the
. _
stings Pianos he'd been, and will contlnue to be,.
lame as at the;tuartotactory Boston, without chug ,
for trenrportadon; and tog be den v rr d and re, up b
perfect ordetar, any past of the city, orabout charge
oviderriped bees leave to Inform the public
that he hasideelined.bailnera ih favor 34,n,
TM. r Davis, who will ern:sleet the Auction arid Coe,
Fifthbead - era at the old atand, coma or Wouil arid
meet; sod for whom he world solicit a email:,
unreel:Vie liberal patronage heretofore Ix-Hawed ep
ee thehoose. JOHN Di DAVIS,
IXT ILL make sales, on Itberal toms. of Foteics and
k Dames:tie Ale'reltandine, Real Estate, !stocks,
te., and hopes, by <sandmen and close alumina to
busmen, to merit a continuance of the suppon and
patronex• so liberally eitmsdedlet the formerhonso.
April p,h,1 010.
;lotto. to our Patrons.
rite demo* of the emirs, partner, In Philadelphia,
J.{the late June* M Basic) produces no interrapoop •
to the boatmen—art angentents have been suedewhlah
Maoism the same Lattices precisely, which have
heretofore matted. The basinesa 6 canunned under
the same name and flren,att
Joms M Dante & CO., Philadelphia;
Joan 14 , nel:a A. Co., Pittsburg.
The canal:mune of the patronage or our many
friend, is respectfally solicited. If any persons have
demands want the eaneent, they are requested to
present them renhyritb, fur payment.
Pittsba . h,,apni le, la. JOHN WFADE4,
. Surviving partner.
- -
13. A. Trahstostosk Jo Co..
NrOLESALE DRUG6IBTB, comer of That and
Wood strects,ofer for isle, on !clearable trims:
1 bbla Wldiing; Ms Curb. Ammonia;
CO do Alum ~ .10/ do Mollie.*
MO do Pre Woodw * COO do Crude Tartar ,
.25 do Isaptilack; 500 do Liciaorice Mick
m'do Vo n .
300 do Iriab Woes;
tl do Camphor; 150 do Red Preetrillaia;
10 do San. Drown,• 150 do Calomel Arum_
50 do t a llow Odds; 05 do do 1301.1
20 do B,laamone; MO do Boehm Lenveli;
8 do Cloves; 010 do Rentiatb Flock
3 do CM= Fioiwers;ll o o do Blimp. do;
Ref. Doeez Wm do Guinan do; euu
25 do Casale 8oap; 23/ do Sal trockeele;
15 do Prowl. Dine; WV do Beldlls: bliature;
10 do Cale.Blagnems; Wm do roved Rhubarb;
13 do cuemie Greao; 261.1 do do. Blip..Eini;
6do do Yellow; 110 do do G. Arabic
6do Am. Vermilion; 100 do do Liq. Root
60 reams Band Paper 100 do do /Map;
AS bap 81011, flonme 1110 do do AfiCayenne;
25 balm Battle Corks 20 do Boleti. Zinc;
750 t Balph. Morphia, 300 do liar Tin;
1205 Cape Alan; MO do Tamarinds;
111:0 do Bi-Cbrom Potaab;lso do Quick Slivar;
IWO do Pink Boon 180 do Orange Peek
MO do Tarlorp Umber; 75 do Coribinsab
0200 do Crtam Tartar; 20 do 1170 Pao*:
WO do Tartaric Acid; CO do Mace;
WO do Urn Una; 13 do Ofor-Tille Lotion.
Thuvrnozmuna, Oa nocti
"Them are more those% In heaven and earth
Than are
IL dreara f. pt of In phibesophy..
WE n
VIRTUES o this remedy'
J. the Constant enead°u for it, to remarkable
the proprietor,
has Induced him to have it pot up la books with la;
bets and direct.ns (or the benefit of the public.
The;PETROLEUM.Is pothered from a well in dna
county, at a depth of four handfed feet, barium una
dulterated article, without any chemical change. hot
just no flows from Natures Great Latiratoryll Thatit
captain. Properties reaching a number of diseases,i.
no longer a Matter of uncertainty, Them are ma ny
things in the arcane of nature,which, if known, sin
be of cast usefainus to alleviating suffering, and re
L thebloom of health sod vigor to my
a Bap
on before the proptiebor t o houeht o anf
it up in bottle., It had a reputation for the cure of dis
cos., The coastant and daily increasing calls for it,
end several remark.. cures it has performed, to a
WO Indication of its future popularity and wade
spread application in the sure of disease.
We do not wish to make a long parade of certifi
cates, as we are conscious that the medicine can soon
work It. way into the favor or those who safer and
wish to by healed. %Min we do not claim for tt a
universal applicattoo in every disease, we mamba.
tinny saLi that in a number of Chronic Disease. it is
annvall . Among these may be enumerated—all
&Senses of the mounts tiathes,,sueli u CHRONIC
• HrsoNCHITIS, CONSUMPTION (In Itsi early cocoa
ituthma, and all diseases of the air passages, LIVER
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Dierheea. Disease. of
the Bladder and Kidneys. Pains iu the Back ot Side,
Nervous Dise asoyieur alal it, Pal sy, Rheumatic Pains,
Uout,Erysipela., fetter, Ringworms, of
LlMises, Old Sores,
re ,.,
LO easel of debility re.
salting from exposure, or long and protracted else. Of
diatom, this medicine wilt bring relief. It will act a.
a general TONIC and ALTERATIVE fr am eh cases,•
imparting tone Cod energy to the whole rtatoV•
log obstra alone, opening the doggish fonedons, which
cease disease awl briken constitution, and giving
increased and. renewed energy to all the arms or
Lefel The proprietor know. of !several_ carts of
that resisted every ether treaummt, get well
ander the sae of the PETROLEUM for a short time.
The proof can tos given to any perion who degree it.
None gamine without the signature of the proprietor.
pea by the proprietor,
R. aIER, Canal Basin, nese Seventh st
-- Ails by IL E. SIH.LERS, M Wood .4
corner Woad at. and Virgin alley; who are his
nernidlir segebisy appointed Arent.
C A 39 Ia CaMP Intakes; 110 ollicer cows; 12 prs Pants;
12 pairs nett lined Mining Boots; 13 Isthmus Bags; 2
water Tanks; and L 9 gallons each; 10 canteens, s
pines stein t dos Buckskat Money lieu; I do oiled
cambric do do. Tko above good Nos Wood thfi Call.
(Orals 0E6114 Establishment,
1850 1850
BOATS of DIN Lt ae ell l lane regalarly;ond do.
imertreiaids without trinthipmeat.
C BIDWELL, Pillaborgb,
.1 48 .,, t .
, 1850
From Pit:Aires to Columbus and Cterehtad,
through dk rtelt and Tornio:to oruntict of Colon-
Mann, Carroll, Stark, - Torconstron, Cothocton,
Moak sagest, Licking, and FnateVin.
The cOmpleuon of the 'Sandy end Bearer Canal
opens up to oar elty through this gnat natant moist
route a direct coauanuiestion to _the abate as well as
the adjoining ecstasies of Napo r, Holmes, Knot, and
Delaware.. -
Pram thra nation of Ohio, rho trade with Pinshargh
ha; been, to a great extent cut off, in esosequenee of
the high rates of transportation, whiten are now re.
dared It, 211. and tel per cent. .
Boats of this her will leave daily, and ran through
without uanstdoment The Cecalcompany have
bellowed upon this line an Interest In the unpreee•
dented udynnteges of lbw chewer, and thus second
to the middle. ponies, of Ohio in ordering their goads
equal Interest In this adventure. Agents:
• J. C. BID WELL, Pittsburgh;
BIDWELL & CO., Glasgow.
R C Holmes, Speer , . 111 ills, - Otom &.-A Gay,
Will.amsport,O; George Kemble, Elkton, O : Culilc
A. Hoffman, do; Hanna, Graham * Co, Nov Lisbon 0;
Arler Nlebollas, Hanover, 04 ilibbets & Mary, NI,
net.. 0; Speaker & Potter. do; Joseph Pool & Co,
do; Hull- /e Boss, Oneida Mille, 0.; It V Bever, do;
Old Itirttbal A Co. Malvern, 04. R K Gray, Wayne..
berg, G. K Reynold., do ; laane.Teller, Magnolla
P. flarkdollA Co. M0gn011.,0.; Wroltorkne.., do; I
elPEortkod &Co Eloodlvillet 0; PP LAITer, do; Pooh.
bane. A S telnban eh. Belmar, 0; Artllard & Sh river,
do; .1.1 - Hoffroxe. Mostillon, 04 Commies & Co, do;
John Robinson, Canal Folios, 0.; Fork A. Torrey,
C.nal Dover, O.; A Medbury, Roleoe, 0.; LK War.
net, Newark. a & Hale, Col ambas, 0; L 0 Mat.
Glows, Cleveland, 0.; Rhode. & Omen, d 0... mslk
Nagi l'Bso
Via Pennsylvania Canal, to nail "loads.
O'CONNOR, ATRINI3 ° I Ca.:tonal Rosin, Mem.
street, PittsborFh;
ecoNISOR a Co, i5O Market street,
O'COMIIS & C 0 . 310 North eget', Dultisoore;
F. Litz., New ark:
.liaxnuox Guar, Illogrville,Eentocky;
Max h. Co., Colombia street, Ihnelnnen;
E. Wm.
• 13gran, thorn d: Co., St. Louta
To Shrypera Ca.,
god Prob., to and
from i'adode/pkia, Bohalsore, N. Fork, flavors.
Our route being now in fine order. we are prepared
to forward goals.. above t eery towel gnus. We
aZ' freightfivo crony c
harge basing policies for
wer IGitil,ooo, and with the following extensive sleek ,
DOM, Lee confident arming carter lilliSlittl9ll to
ntlbosineas entailed to
apudos of erporienre, and
-d on ,tries sabot% taping
new, and commanded by e
our entire line is conducts
and torrperarsoi principles.
Floats., Captain.
Iron City, Hagan
Maryland, Marshall
Cincinnati, Sands
limn Anna, Chatham
Wm Atkins, Penrond
Import, PPQaada
fl k ari ct iti ' aa Cle o ;
Celia ' Hawkins
America Perry
Mermaid 11PColgan
The Paz Arguello
Aurora Lowell
&sant.' Capt. ins
Pertnay. ants E Layton,
St. Louts, Cowden
Col. /toward Ridley
Mary Debemh tows
Eatetynse, Karon
Juniata Blown
Gen. Scott, Oone
TelogrephNo (Shields
Rolm MIR IloyM , Quade
Ohio Belle lieurney
Rawer Rtnale
, Julia Ann J Loyloo
' Te [graph No'Jßavla
ifizawe. Wiblo
,Ir 11.11.:ono, to give to •
Liberty tt., PooWargo.
a tiensporailoiCtompany.
• •
toot Sharp Lam
11.iprierstirill find it to th •
mrlo Canal Ilasi
D. Limon • come LINE,
By rolossyloaaia Ca.,/ and /All Bard.
TOOlll3 and Cm of 1111.. LlOo have been pot I.
j compete order. and with the addition of see.
new Oats Ui - 1110 1•100, trebles no to Cally
quantity of stook nod V..
The entir of the 'he to owned nod contra.
td by the Proprietor..
HARRIS & LEXCIL No 13 Footle Third
And at tha Tobacco Warclonse, Dock at,
Fbladcpbic. FL.;
No 117 Non!. /toward at. Dattennte,lll.l4
• OFFICE. lie 7 Went o, New Yost;
D LEECII L CO, Cana thorn ~ l 'enn et.
1.11 3 Petteburcle.
iliki= 1850,
CLAIM, PARKS a CO, Hoctester,Fa., Proprla.
Office cor Smithfield arid Water at., Yithibitrgh.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Tll3 . ell known Line are prepa.ed to transport
freight and Paesengew ftcm eirrnmacii cad
CLEVELAND, to any point ea the Canal and Lakes.
The aniline* of line are anattepaased frrnamher,
quality and capacity of Boats, experience el captains,
and etheioney of Agent.
One Bost levees Pittsburgh and Cimieland dially.Tin
ning in connection with a Line of Steam Dante be
tween PfITSDURCII and DEAVER, and a Line of
Flew Clara Steam Demi, Propeller. and Vewela, an
the Lain.
Clerk. Park & Co. Roctc, Pa.
N Parka a Co, Yoangararm, Quo;
kl 11 Taylor, Warren. Cr;
A & N Clark, Newton Falls, O,
I Drayton A Co, Ravenna It; -
Fent, Grinnell a Co, Franklin, 0;
H A MiLler, Cuyahoga Fan., 0;
Wheeler, Lee Co. Akron, O
Chamberlin, Crawford &Co, Cleveland, 0;
Hubbard A Co,, 0;
Peckham A Peon, Toledo, 0;
0 William. a Co, Detroit, Mich;
Wdliama &Co, Milarackie, Wia;
Malley a Dutton, Racine,
Georiye A lithe., - Clocago. In;
Thomas Mee, Chicago,
cornerCo Water and Prnithneld
awmit 1850.
CLARKE, PARKS & CO, Rochester, Prd
THE Preprietors of thls old and well known Line
would inform the public that they are now In op-
CIICIOIIIOf the present mmon: and have ectoomence.
overlying Freight sad Pasoengers, whieh they are
folly prepamd to carry to all prams on the Canal and
At the lowest rates. One of the Doan of the Lino
will he constanny at the landlog,beloyr Monongahela
Midge, to incite freoght
JOHN A. cAttours, Again,
Odlee, ern Waur and Smithfield Ha, Pittsburgh,
W Cenninaham. New Castle, Pa;
hlltebehrea & Co, Pulaski;
W C Hal.. Sharon;
J&S 11011 , Stompaburgo
Wink, Aehre & Co, Greenville;
Wm Henry, Ilmulowns •
IVers Power, Counearayolle,
John Hearn & Co, Erin;
John J Hollister & Holfalo. N V. mill)
Plttebargh Portable Boat Llama,
Elaagi 1850.1entea.
TllOll,l 80111.11.0.11, Tagars & &Comma
Philadelphia. iS 2 Pittsburgh.
li E Canal bring now open, the propnetors of this
long established Line are as usual at their old
stands, receiving and forwarding Merchandise and
Prodoce al low rates, and with the preirmtness, cer
tainty, and safety, panelist to their system and mode
of trwmponalion, where intermediate wonderment is
avoided, with the consequent delays and probability
of damage.
Merchandise and Produce shipped east or vreshand
Bill ler Lading forwarded free of charge for commit
glen. advancing, or atorage. Having he Intermit di
rectly or Indirectly in steamboat., that of the owners
is solely consulted when shipping Melrgenda.
All cemtormicetiona to the following agents prompt
ly ariendedio:
No 279 Market meet. Philadelphia.
Corner Penn and Wayne streets, Pittsburgh
John oCullogb & Co, Go Nona at, Da , t; P. D. Dort
& Co. 25 Doane .t. non., W. & J, T. Tarrott R. Ct •
be South at, New York; /sines Wheclarnett,
nab. trinn
iitigag 18511 -P6%14
a. tween Pittsburgh an Eastern C1..e..
'rho Canal betvg nnw opethwa tereadyto ram.
and forgratdpromplly,ptodace and merch.dize east
and west. ,
- . ,
Freights' always at lowest MINI, charged by raven
tibia line.
Proddee ant inelthardize will be received and for.
warded east Ind west,
warded any charge for for.
Warding or advaneiog freight, eattleillallen or menage.
Bills of lading forwarded, and all directions faith
folly attended to.
Add rasa or apply tq, WM. BINGHAM',
Canal Basin, co. Liberty and Wayne st.. Pittsburgh.
No 183, Markel sb between 4tb & Lth, PhlPa.
- . No 192, North Howard st.„ Lialuesore.
mrtd No 10, West sreet, New. York
Passenger nuts Itemltems:Lae OfMoe.
. „. k
ILANIUDEN & CO. continuo to bring persons
from any pan of &gland, Ireland, Scotland or ;
Wales, upon the mast li beral terms, With their
panetuallty and attention to the wants and core
fon ef entodputts We do net allow our mossenvers to
be robbed by the swindling tramps that infest the not,.
ports, as we take e barge of them the moment they re.
portthemselves, and nee to their well being, and de.
srmteh them without any detention by the first Won.—
We say this fearlewly, as we defy one of oar pewee.
to show that they were detained 48 boon by us in
Liverpool, srhnst thousands of others • ens detained
months, until they-could be senile tome 'Amon, st a
eh; p rue, which too frequently proved their eogms. •
We intend to perform our contract, sooombly, cost
what it may, and Dot act as was the case last season,'
with ether orlieers, , ,who either performed not all, at
When it salted their convenenee..
' 'Maas ehawa at Pittebarsit ferany aset Proin El to
13000, parabte at any ofthe trtatiansi 'Banks Wire.,
bind, England, Fanned end Wales.
ram/. nomeisoN.•
Eapepean cad 06.1.1 APnt•
41.1 Vieth nraabenw dery below Wbvl!
IiQUURI2- , 17 hf pipes Brandy—l:Turd,
3 PlPea Holland
fi eats N E Ram;
400 bbla Widekey; for male by
CARPET 3ro 75
ur nrcurmrkz,,xekstru ,.. WARVH - OHSE►
AtZgrff :1 ~;'..canvizirtims
Erds i , , __.
_..prisint in part the (Aiming 3 '
g st ‘rr'r 1, 01;a 1 Velvet Pile Carpets. ' . ri *
TaPeater ~ • F °
s pellet! :s4 /omit= Brastela ^ ' .e. -
23Ten:LP"fi'"'ri.13RIT " h
. =
Supedre Imola Curty Extra roper palanzebendle
Extra Lon nags;
Roo , " ib:potato di, do RUM
Common, all wool " • Toiled
o n
Common do
Chenille Door Mats;
Toned rt
Sheep Skin
44, l and Tao Von Cu.
4-4,1 4001 Teeirl'il Carp.
4.4,1, land 44 plain Car.
Lin and Rao
44 Printed Can ooCarpcia
44,74;64, 54, 41 .4 I
64, 5-1, 44, tadl
18 hien' patent Oil Cicala
for Stein.
Gawit Tama:cr.
- - - - -
Eatzan Anted piano covers
o table
Embossed Plano D
Printed woolen
Embossed Stand
Unto and %costal d "
Damask Star Linen;
Tarkey Red Chintzes;
Chtrtze liorderinr,
English 011 Coth Table
Covers; .
Drown Linen emmb clo th s
Woolen . 71
Bran Stall. Rods;
Stair Druggeln
Carnet binding
d.4to and Coen
cala nd Skeleton Nate;
nod • I Green Oil Clads
Racket. ek Diaper;
Bloc aml Drab Clotho;
Onmsoo Moab:
Coach Oil Cloths;
Damasks for Vamp;
Watergi blorebb.
ifelland for VlShades;
'l3unnnti for - Flap;
74 andil4 Table Linen;
Scotch P..s;
an Linen Napkins;
Gerfolut Oti cloth Tnble
SW? OM CLOT= from the m• st approved nag
lisla and American rnamilactarers tram 12 to 24 fed
in Math, which will be rooms, balls, and
vestibules of any siva or shape. '
Thododerslimed having import d direct from Eng.
land, hiti Valvatl'ilo and Tapestry Altrurs. Them
[tarps[/, which are of the lire. and most elegant
styies apd patterns, and oflho in •p t gorgeous colors.
rll besold at prima aviary y can be purchased
for In any of the eastern cities.
Unripe the !men arnertsnent el the richest end
Mom fashionable CRCs:SE:Lin. IhIPERIAL 'runt;
.PLY ate IP:GROIN cmauwrs which far virpneres
In quality unit caer•peess of price any iterortinent Over
he= hun ,, Ght eh) , lie also Invites inteurnbaat
Alen and Coach Manufacturers to his large acd sari'
seteetep assonoseatotTßllSLUlPilib,andolltr wick
nectiyary in their boldness:
is also
Ltannfarnory PhilaJelpi
loner than can be parchr
man .
agent the the only Stale Had
phla, and prear ed to tell
axe eliearhe ns not p o tty.
MASON a CO., no Market street, between
and Fount, are now. reeving Slant nm
ointment of Ranee Do Lairds Penton Clock, an en
tire. new Reticle; l'allet•ds; Crape Da Laing, &C.; with
large astortment of Lamm and ocher llteso roods,
of Om latest styles and mon f.tdonat,lo colors.
COFFML - -112 bags prmie Rio and Java;
Caseekce-40 bar mould, dipped, and sperm;
Carrot-1501as Cream and tingnnh
enns-20 dos Hemp and Manilla;
• Csana-150 Mutts;
CLoVils—i banal;
Clo• 13-40 M Common and half Oranisb;
Fain-25 belsand half beta Mackerel and Saletion;
Gtase-54 bra auonr,d me.;
Maas-1202,,Fe1me Venison;
ltnesogar Cored;
Trims-10011es S F and Manilla; •
IDOS-15 doz Ilnienons Bank and Copyingi
Bluksezell —23 kris N Orients; •
•l 5 half bd.. Baku Homo;
Monnem-20 doz ',coned canisters;
Mareakolle-40 lbs Italian;
VataumuJJ—GO Ins do
Narks—Olt. kegs monad;
klema-15 drubs. moaned; •
Piescur•s-311 bashela bale.;
Parsa —OO reams seamed, •
Patmaa—lDlS lbs Ilordettar;
Soar-50 by. Rosin rwd,,,:tod Steel;
kids N Orleans and end - ilea;
paekages linen and Illacki
Tosacco-20 ha s 12, 5, et 1 Ili /map;
Want lloaark—O) dos patent diull•
For Sala by J WlLLl'lialle es co
mrle• Core.,
Fah and Wood sts,
IVACYT --"--
F"E'SURS! FURS! ItUlts!—T t esubserlbers end pay
foe Coon, Mink, ,lark leM, limy and Red be:,
and ad kind, of sltipplug Fun,
tr. highest leaseent
P6c;tl4o 51eCOlt.d .1. CO.
comer Firth and Wood eta.
rnua Pannershm heretofore ex tr ung between James
Tasxy and John Ilea. in the Limeery, Preduee
arid Commission business, was &monied by mound
column, on the Mt inst. Mr. John Best Intriae pox•
chased th e enure Interest of James Tassey; in me
tarn. the basin.. will be settled try him, at their old
itand, No. 43 Wood et. JAMES 'rAtintlY,
• KM! ' JOHN 11a4T-
_ — PaperHanging*.
Q SFIrECSIONL—Writ or reeeived, by first
la canal shipments, a new aoll choice assortment of
Wail Payer, of the latest French and Eamern .tyres,
in gold, cliamois oak, plain and high comm.o.
W. fdARSIIALL, W. S. 0, 1 111.1
mll3 03 Wood Street
ICo-partheretop betetolore eilatine between S.
L b. Ilutlttield and .10411 llcum, under the firm al
S. D. BustoSetd & Co, it tau, clay by mutual
eo t .,e, The lth w
ottotete of o oel foto will ite reined by
3.11 Susbeeld, at the y.W Ideetty atrect,
Morel JUAN 31.atil
D. D. DtitiIIFIDLD and uEnruir, R1C11.5 RD trill
continue tee Waolcasta a,d Retail Dry rtivala la;r1
Grocery bonnets, at the old stand, rho I.II.cMT
note! tie film Of B. D. uut , ILVIELD*. CO.
him/tit 1. 1,40 —(mrlY
I HAYIi Ibt• (IST itasoctotedivith ote, Use pia
' ga , tOrmutT , Connstiastort, and Forwarding
.,mymy two Foos, K. N. and W. B. Waterman.
!ruiners In lams. Will be ionduetud under tau uyle o(
Watenzao & Foos, al the old stand, No lit
Inc Wa
and 0.2 Front atTor- 1.. 2. NVATEttaIAN.
t'UtSbatga, Mare& l.t, IE2O.
.. ~ .. . _ •
A. OAVTlol—Attout me ONLY 0141DINAL
WILD CHERRY, the greet remedy for
AnglOrte Lett moßeloe known .
in moo [or A.Rona of every sta4r, TarrCoro-1 oot., 1.te0,1!.
.1. InflutlM..Cotrhs,
ii.[Cdll34l of ine Lune, ti 44111.1.3 of 14 . 004,
Pawn nod tVeokness In tlto aide
Breari, ke., and all otket
Omens?. of Om
A very important <noon.. over which this Da/earn ex
ens a very powerful totinente, Is UM of a
• -
In this compliant has undoubtedly praved more
efficacious then any remedy hitherto employed, and to
numerous instances when patients had etiolated long
and severe suffering from the diseases, without recess.
leg the least bentila Item verities remedies,: and when
Mercury has been reamed to in vain, the use of Oaf
tt4satn Inc. restored theistic= to a healthy action, and
an really instance, cfremed permanent cares, after
every well known remedy had failed to produce this
desired effect. •
Deludes us aconielling eilleanY In the difeimv above
mentioned, we &len trnsl no very etleettalremedy in
asthma, a complaint Veille.h4l has been extensively
and demded lances!, even in eases of year.
standing. %Valid, lei:termer intellzgence bar grown
apsi knowledge or the clethents of health, and a Te•
gard for them, and corrouethifirmely with thesirides or
science have we iimitured Oak:deans or atrasiing dis•
case, and averting ravagse otwithstenillog the
progress we lave made; statistics snow that even
now,-one sixth of the whelikopulallon the annually
of consumption.
One .1 Mt mom important discover,. of the emit,
smelters:lug the <Munition of das Dirge CIA. of suf.
(cane hunimaty, Is
Wistaria italsain of NN Cherry is a ante !lethal
Medicate, composed chiefly of Wad Cherty Dark and
the gi , thav Deland Moshlthe hour imparted capfets•
ly lOC this purpose-) the ram medicinal moues or
which are also combined by a new chemical therms,
with the extract of Tam, dins rendering the whole
steepsnd the most cortann and efficacious remedy
covered for
Still further evidence. of the remarkable curative
properties of this inestimable preparation:.
• Sus. Urea. co., 0., Aug'. 21, Ids.
Messrs. Sandford tr. Park, Gentlemen ; Abbot mix
creeks ago I recetved the agency of WISLIP. Balsam
of Wild Cherry, bet with rome reluctance on my part,
11. Inc reason that I had beta the agent of so many
pills end other nostrums; which were cracked op to
be something wonderful, but which turned out tc the
sod to be of teeaount whatever, except to the man.
nacturen lin I eandidly admit that this time I have
neon deceived, for the extraordinary amuse:feet. by
Wista. Salaam have convinced me that "good can
come out Nazareth." Your agent lett me oat dose ,
en bottles, winch are all gone—having been the means
of eurine several obstinate cases of Consumption—
and Dormant.; for what I see alai know I am bound
to besieve. One case in pimientos A young gentle•
m. in Winchester. Adams county, 0., 10 miles fro
this place, was oared or C0.114.131k when the doe.
tors by wren him up, or At least could do nothing for
blot, and it was the intention at his friends to convey
hilt to your city, and placehtm under the gore of same
eminent physician there. But a friend told him of
Balsam, and that be could obtain itof ma.
Ile scat foe it, and Wm., the second bottle won gone
he was sound and well, and attending told, every day
business. As there am several Inquiries for the racdas
tine, it would be well to forward an additional supply
IAIIII . OO delay.
Very respectfully, yesirc,
The shove, tram L.. Newland, fisq.,• bikhly respect.
Ole country merchant, commends Weil forcibly to
we candid aticuslon Of all those who hese doubted
the great went of WisurS Wild Cherry Balsam:
Remember the orlllinul and only ermine Wistaria
Ullman pi %%lad Cherry, was introduced in the year
lfD, and boa been well aged in all cOmplaints for
which It is recommended. - For 17 yearn It has proved
more cflicnetoun as a remedy for Coughs, Colds, In(
lironcluta, Asthma, and Consumption In its
tipiela stage., thee any other medicine.
Nate Ilmrono, Atg. 10,1619.
Me. S. W. Fowl, Hoeingseen many COMOCOVOII
OOtliOthed in relation to fir. %Visuals Bolanna of Wild
Cherry, 1 tate °ppm, inty of offering a wind In
•ita favor, which you are SIAO at lingaty to publish. A
row otouths !Mel , ely wifo's lungs hectare, so much of
reeled wain n sudden cold, that rhO toot her voice, and
suffered ruvercy tram pains in tho onset Ilan slum
non ceused km friends lunch alarm.
tr ilohonl stroegly recommended by who
11,1 purchased a bottle from yen; agent In this
place. alio toot It accorg to dire-mons, mid tt pro
ilaced wouderful effect- d ol e fore lama une bottle the
had completely recovered her voice, the:pain. subsid
ed, and her health no is roon folly re-established.
Yours, truly, 1111N11% O. BRIGHTMAN.
To Datamkra LOD Denham to MODICUM—ThI col
cheated and infallible remedy forthe mire of Consump,
Mem &AM. and Liver Complaint, hash y its own me.'
rite, been rapidly, sore sad safely
working its way
ebr o ughthe °epode= of quacks and counterfeitets,
by. lis
or it t . r e le l i a va m le o e . t r o n t i t . nrinsie cellence ,i it tits
In the confidence ble P aTit a tcfg . c u n ' t and '
lAh e t: . ne4 t fi e atil s l ro . f tyt O r
h en o
a d .
u tf
d th t
e c o o :otivne been n~
Relied and eared by this valuable okogle, will show
that It stands ennvalled—at the head of MI other ine-
Moines, for Dm Core Of Macaws for which It to reCOO,
mended. he immune Dr. Wisturla Balsam of Wed
Cherry la now for sale by dely eppotracd Agents, and
reapectable dealers LO medieban, to all largo .isle.
and all Important
teroughaut the United Mates.
Mot St pea
I Ste Houten for
• Bo w b y 1, pARR, biticemsor to Somdford &-Peri,l
Age nt sad and Walnut streets, Cincinnati, Ohio, Genera
M a s tAe rot the South and Went, to whom all order*
ae J r
L.Wilcol,Jn Jame. A. Jones; 7. Rldd it Co; B. A.
Pittsburgh. L. T. Waimea, Wash-
Fatineatoek &
ingUng W. 11. Lemberuin, Franklin; In 11. Bowto,
Uniontown, IL Welty, lirtwnsbergh,S.Hounts,Somer
tee Scott & ( O liver", Bedford, Reed &. Son, Hunting
don; &Ira. Orr. liollideysborm 1111debrue 1 & Co. Ind,
ante 1. R. Wright, Meantime-, Evans a. Co, Brook
ville; A. & Son, Wayucsburgb; hiliaziand &
C., N. Callender, Meadville; Burton &Co, Er-a; J.
Magofbn, Mercer; .Inmemßelly & Co, Butler; B. Smith,
Beaver, J. D. Sommer:oe, Warren; F.L.&C.S.Jeeets,
Comleo.l444pore P. crooks:, jr, Brinlyll4,. •
1.7 medicines of the FAMILY,
• • • Graham Burden, Ma, May ag,
Ballets-1 think liright,fer thebeneatef others,
to state' some attain tellstOn ntt you excellen t
mlly kiedieinni. •
1 have need Tone, Yerininne Inrlitelyi my own
family. one vial frequently expelling large qmiatidei
Isny re to WO warms) from two children. have
also card your Liver Pills and Cough Syrup Inmy
f a mily, and they . t ace, In every instance, predated
the effect. desired. •
As lam exraxed merehandising, yam able be
state, that I have yet to hum of the first where .
your !eve been used-in any wear
of the
country. In conclusion, I may stale that they are tin
-medicides of the day, and are destined to ham a very
extensive popularity. Yours, respectfully.
' Prepared and said by R. B. @ELLER% No Wcod
street, arid sold by Druggists gr.nerally in, the two
chits and neinur. Je7
t.U.s.lte tAntlLs sitlUitlitstaS--••Tues are iss
bledlmens of the day! ,
Mu USN% Swam, Ohlo,May
R: &Sellers: 1 think it right for the benefit of others
to state some the - . in relation to year excellent Eno*
ly Medicines.
'hare essd y. Veradtarre largely la my mentar
dy, one via.Wre,untly answering for apellinyl
qu.tins. (nay Ito :col worms from two childore 1
has. alga a red year Liver Fill. and Cough Syrup in
my Stonily, and th ey have In every instance p ro duced
the effect desied.
As 1 ant
e ngaged in merchandising, am able to
state that ior e yet to hear of the- host toile. where
your medicine. have been used in my section or the
country. lo conclusion, I may state that they are to
medicines of the day, and ore dunned to bare a very
extensive popularay Tours. roe teciltilrk,e4Li;
sc. IL
Prepared .11 sold by • F. 1.):104,No dr Weal
street, and 1,01.114 aeueralltin the two ei
ne. And vicinity. -
'AT "lt
ClfiatAT CUItE LIVEIt vOrdr,
original, only true, and genuine Liver Pill.
Soon Cam. Ohio county. Va.
March 26th, 1919.
Mr. Ti. E. Sacra: Dear Sir—l think it a duty lowa
to you and to the pcblie rmera 1 to stale that I have
been MY..icted with the Liver Complaint for a long
time, and so badly that an abets, formed and broke,
which le ft me in a very low mate. Maims heard o f
your Ceebrated Liver Pills being, for sale by A R
Sharp,' in %Vest Liberty, and recommended to ate by
My physician, Dr. E. Smith, I concluded to ewe them
a fear trial_ 1 parchaecd era bor,,and found them to
lum what they are • recommended, THE BEST LI
VER PILL EVER USED; and alter taking four boar.
I find the disease bao entirely loft me, and I am now
perfectly well. Respectfully yours, '
• West Liberty, March 20,180.
I raid!) , that I me personally acquainted untie Mr
Coteau., ,and can bear testimony to the truth at the
obese I.•ertificate. A R SHARP
Tar, cimina Liver Pills are prepared- and 'old by
RE 3. LLERS, Plo 57 Wood street, and by druggists
lathe !wo cioes.
TO THE eußuc.—The originelt only Wm and gen
uine Liver Pine aro prepared by R El Sellers, and have
ha name stamped in black war upon the tat of etch
and hi. signature en the outside weeder-AIR.
Others are counterfeit., or bue imitations. .
• sold RE 9ELLERS,Pro priemr .
IyROM th e Rev ASA SHINN, a well known and pop
alas Clergyman eine Proteetant blethodistChuren
The undereigned having been afflicted datingthe p ail
nieleT with s emcee° oithe stomath, sometimes pro.
due: ns great pain in the meaner h fo r ten or twelve heart
w ithout..nterou son, and after having tried various
remedies with • effect. was fetteslood with a bottle
of Dr DJayne•Gi mauve Balsam: Thisbe used ac
cording to the dirtier orA,mtd Coned invariably thattliis
medicine coastline pain to abate in three or four mire
ums surd in fifteen or twenty Initralesevell mammy
scnaniion was entirely quieted. The medicine was af•
terwardsused Wllenever Indica:toes oldie appmach of
nalnorete pe rceived,.id the pain orl.lhhrhLlY PTe , hnt•
cd. 'He continued to use the medLeine every evening
and smetlmtain . .ite mottung, and in a Yew weeks
, health was so her festered, that the eufferer was teller
ed truss a large &moo nt of oppressive pain. From ex
patience, therefore. + e can confidently recommend D
111 Jayne s Carminative Leasele, u 'enter! med
for dAsues °lna etotaach and bowels- A StilliND
For sale In Pittnburgh uatedrilrYdeg.
11 Fearth'strent, nese WO and also at thellmg
1...ma1l StlOW•it TZ. tat street. Allegheny
;ma onside as POI
Couramption, Coughs, Colds, Amin.,
sr •Dronchitle,
Complaint, Spitting Wood, Didhanity of breath - .
ing, Pain In the Bile end Breast, Palpitation of
tho 11..4 Inda eau, Croup, Broken Can
salluticm Sore Thrasi„Nervous
Intl a of Troat,
Lungs: the the
most h of-
fsetaal and. speedy Gate
aver krona tar any of
the above disco,. •
as, Is
COTaposemd liPyrop of. Wild Claeml
This medicine is no longer among those of doubtful
tidily. It has peened away from the thetuaruls daily
Munched upon the tide of experiment, and now stands
higher no reputation. and usimcoming more attentive-'
ly coed then any Mims preparation of Medicine , swat
produced for the rehet et sedating/nen.
It has been introduced very gc.relly through the'
United States ems Eurcpa, sod there are few towns of
Imperemme Inn whet truism mean remarkable evi
dence of Its good effects. For proof of the foregoing
atateinems, and of tli, valve and erdiacy of this medi
cine, the preerictor :nil insert • few of the mazy thou
sand imtinionials 'stick have been presented to himay
Men of the fart respletability—men who have higher
eira-• of moral rta:iouribility and joadee, than to ter.
ofy to facts, because it will do slather a favor, and
ihoauetves no eninstite. Seek testimony proves COO.
ciusively, that its siren.. excellence is establialmil
by its intrinsic merits, and the nr.emeanonable author,. I
ty of public: opinion. The instantaneous relief it MI
fool. mid Cm stool.; influence diffused through the'
whole by its sew, Itridera It • =St agreeable
remedy far the afflicted.
"When men, amens from consctentiotta impulses,
ant...wily bent testimony to the troth of a thing, or
pante tilos fact, such testimony, being contrar y to their
1...0i1y Interests and pi:motes, coerces conviction of ,
treat.iu anircommends noel! ins special manner to
wave.; credenee.”--irilogoe• Moral Maxims.
Salts Ariarilea Ceti or l'elarrnealll, CorablirilOrr—
There never our • remedy that has been es aucceasful
Cdroperme ens. of Commeaption, es Dr. Swayise's
Compound Spat? of Wild.tingerry, rtrengthens the
enti ty .mar t a c h toh
oo .;o4lcers on he labY
r•ol1 g ner ..Ml.Poaosod ho
Cumrsaas, April OM. leaa.
15r. Eit sync—Tie'ar pH: I verily kellero your COM.
poeag S,rop of Wild Cowry. Wy been the one at
saving my life. I caught a severe kola, which grab,
any grew worse, an with revere cough, mat
resisted all Um remedies 'which thud recount to, milt
creasing anal my ease exhibited all the sYmptoura of
PolmoriaryConsumption. ',Every thing I , tried seemed
to have no elect , coMplaintineranted co rapid-
ly Met friends es myself, gave up all hopes oil
yourry. At this rime I was recommeaded to toy
invuloolile medicine: I did 00 with the most hap.
Pr resale. The Gent bona! but the effect to looses the
cot, ceasing Mr to espectorme freely, and by the
ern . I had toed Mx bettles,lwaa entirely well, tad am
rio as hearty a m. as I over seal in my life, sod
would be happy to give any tefermatlearewoung my 1
116 othcr sufferers clay derive the banal for ;
which lam so grateful. For the truth of the Moan
statement, I refer you to Peter Re., Groom, Wait
Chester, l'a. t of whom! purchased tho medicine—
- 11“pentolly years, ' /etas Mamma. '
Tirmanful Cure of a fletholim /Viragos
Dr. Swayne--Dear Sin I feel a derma gratitude des
to yea—and a dozy to the Meted :ally, to offer
my bumble teathaony In favor of yoga
storestedrap of Wild Cherry. Seale three years I nra3
violently attacked with cold sad Inflammation of the
Lange, hick va...asmaaesetompanied with t distressing
b and head, a very consider s .
f.fen&il‘;iitirge'oroeleasire from the lungs, espe
cially upon cliango el weather, hever slight. At
grill felt no alarm Moloney condition, but Woe pretty
mood convinced Mut l was rapidly going into congener,-
rev, daily weaker, and at length was •Oareer
ly able to walk about, or speak above a whisper, such
was the exceeding of my langs. boring this
time I had tried +annoy pryparatlona a
ce prieseripu,
bet found no relief—growing all the li leer/. Just
here I was advi..ed and persuaded by dear Mend in
• Wiltaington to make trial of ToarSYmill of Wild Cher
ry. • I mast <Meal that ',realm:L. l y I hod been preja.
I theird against patent mcilletnes, and I oar still against
those coming out of the hands of eutectics, but ander
standing your etiOnim fo din profession and pmedce of
medicine, and awing implicit faith in the saying of my
Mends, fforthwoh puretinsed of Dr. Shaw, toe of your
agents, a few hooka, and commenced its ma My dia.
ewe wee al ths.imc of Mier g 5 mouths' standing, con
sequentiv it was dealt teased. I found, however,
conaideMble relief from the use of the Grit four or five
bottles. Lint bring a publia speaker, I frequently at
tempted to preach wan my thrumming strength, and
thereby ropnwei these vessels that had already !gegen
to heal; in nos way, doubtless, my cure was greatly
retarded, In dosegaenee of acting thus imprudentl
I had to use twelve or fifteen bottles before! was pe.-
featly restored I have' no qcestion, a much small
number of.bottlos would have made me woad, ba
the above inductee.. The Syrup allayed the fore
tell habit, took yeray the distressmg cough, put &all,
to the discharge of matter from the lungs, mil gay
them nail the mare aysieue good health. I have defer
red offering this ceruScate until now, for the parpos•
of being peace-re satisfied with the permanency of the
core, and now atoll fuel perfectly well I offer it with
plea:rate. Rev. P. Joseara
Dublin cowls}, N.C.
imponarst entsteint—Bask Real
• There irbut u °gear:line preparation of Wild Cl..
and that is Dr. Swans's, the first ever offered to the
public, winch tau been said
throughout the
United States and soma parts of EuropeL and all pre
petitions cartes by dim name of Wild Cherry have
been pat out muse thts, under Cover of some deceptive
circumstances, di order to give currency to their sale.
lid rilittlo' obsarvation, no person need mistake the
genuine from il t • false. Each bottle of the genet. is
enveloped wit a beautiful steel engraving, with the
Ilkdoess of William Penn thereon; also, Dr. Swnyne's
signature: and ie further security, the portrait of Dr.
Swayze will ld added liereatter,so as to distinguish
his preparatios•rom all otters., Now,
was not
thegrent corative'propcnies and known virtues of Dr.
Sway tires tomttound Syrup of Wild Cherry, persons
would toot be endeavoring to tve currency to their
“fiCtitiOys near.' sins" by steal g the name of %Vail
17.ement d
her, Octal beer le mind the name
of Dr. Swarr.e nhe aot deceived.
Principal tiler, corner of Eighth and Race Meets,
It o ,. ra ts pah,ft.sala and retail by OGDEN EL SNOW
, DEN, eat hi aoL Wend sir D A FAIINESTOCK
Co, tor Ist tuts Wood, nd 'nth and Wood Co, NVltl
21101;N:ff I NI-stiltei oil Ii JONES, ISO Liberty .Li
A J O NES, CO, stiantl and PC. HA; JOHN MITCH
ELL, Affemben. cap, and by all respectable dealers to,c octid
r Rale Clump,
rkNE handsome baggy, courtly itew, from a idle
heated Mmuulacturef We east. Alto, a Phila.
doiphutlt second hand Sulky, in good order. l En
quire at in lioiis office.
. _ .
Price Deduced.
rFVI g o y 69 Lflgkel, Glax s l
md i
to o p . ra , l2l .k b: n st ,
hada MI, Witrr“ted tUlpetiOr to any other brand r t
3% by the quEntizy Orri-1111.0/ . upwarg for curmay or
unroosed Notes, at four mouths. or :21 for a 14444144 n.
lee Libeny street.
'IOI,OPISEV, FLEMINO A Co havlng arranged to
ILL give their cOlita allelllloo t o the sale of domestic
Woolen and Conon (Mods, nom offer their large
of Tellers' 'Trimmings, Vestinge, French and
Gannon Cloths, Doeskin o, Sassinteres, a.e. at firm eon.
4 14.W00d et
IUDLEACININtI PUWDE/d-20 casks .las Mospratt &
JIDI/ Sons' bra n d, e superior artiele, for sale by •
Alb , prati's Soda Mb, and lu casit
wearldno Powder, arrived per ship Oxenbridge,
nad new coming no by canaW
&l, tar sale by
:N. Ill—Tber r eseed, during Om veinier; largo
aapvillea .1. Naar I ielaanc wn‘lin
- lirrivlLS—Wroanht Iron ffolnthaT . emer;
our-ante* be co
on hand and stlPPfind to order
Iwo i . N „ AA , N
and tati sals by
+Su nu YU' • inches, on
7F. W , n4 0;
' BOOK 17311)E. I
I'I , L&CE BOOK--Conteining the &deem of We
Samoan Dinut of the United num and et. the 're
spective Sista Cams oa Dille of Exchange. Clieeby
end;Prewirsory Notes-detains their middies; and
properties,And lure stipidne - their Wallows toi and
anew upoti,aartiet. The whole avenged to an order
moat carreement for reference, and roltable for too
mediate n pplinchic. 07 Win. Linn, Oranaallor st
Law. Joan received on for Ybk. by
lee • - Dcataellere, ear. ?Stahel & Third eta.
-"—NroliGiezybroU Litaribtura.
bront.-Yedurbery its Ine and ManefactitrAlLD&&
' Philosophy of Neter. iSmo.
•-•,„hilow-Aphenrrne and lieSeetlons. IZao. -
P,„_hhro-Enalish Literature. Leeto.
Bryant-what I saw In California.-
St. Pie.-Peal and Virginia. 2 vols. ,10no. • ,
. Altair-Lcuert to Tong men. limo. • .
Thm , he-Keetinado of Dam= Nature. Mo. • • .
Vcricoar-hicilem French Literstare. •
ricemtiam-Iluntan Masnetiern..
Humboldt-As eete oi Nature. • •
Jed i •
• 101 Faellb "
pared • new arithmetical work, a
will be presented to each and erary,Teacher in the .
United titetes.vmheet charge, upon their application
H. English C0.,10 Wood street, Pirtibtqg h t
(poet paid.) The work is emoted •
GRAMMAR .op luirmEnc;
Or, dn,„Learytis entre Ler , ,,ege of kens and ed-
Nm •
_ The following noticenee of
pied ham the Neir York
Trlbene of Jan. te1,1450:
"thaSoux or More[winger Caws Dartma,L.l.. D.
item*, pp. 144.)—1n We work the learn. et keret.
and °Obstruction of numbers, are eater.* enalexed.
The alphabet, competed of ten figures-the words do.
rived tom the alphahet, and the 'law. by which the
figarea an connected arlthi each otheryare elearly
analysis shows that there me bat loss loan
dred and eighty eight elerientuy combinations to
Arithmenq each corresponding to a word or oor cam.
mon language, and that these combinations ate
con:sealed together as to be all expressed by only''
sixty three diderent words. 'The system proposes to
—amitabesewttds to metoory t and then rat! -the
"In another impact the system proposes an bittort.: ,
ant change namely: crnsider and treat all (tendons
asentire things, having • given !elation to Monett erta .
from Which they weredertved. • • !
Wet scarcely need say that the little work evinces .
the ingenuity and skilful analysis, for which Professor
Thrice' writing on this ancient are Justly celebrated. .
We commend it to the attention of practical bathers.
believing that they will find It a rowdcd with new and
valuable .oggeetlaos"
From the, niateors at Mit'
"Murata Aeamtlir or U.S. Wier Ponce, 154.17.;
"The Grammar of Arithmetic, by Professor Davies,
presents the subject In a new light: It so analyses
Arithruetio as in' Impents the mind o( Ma learner with
the-heat • principles of mathematical science In Weir
right order and connection, and the new rates for the
reading a (Louts are of great practical value.
Signed, - W. IL C. Bartlett; Prof. of NaL &ELM&
A. E. Cherett, Prof, of Mathematics.
D. U. blab. Prof. or Engineering."
A.S. BARNES & Co. would respectfully arinounge
tesehers, and to ad .interssted hi ma th ematics l in.
struction, that they will publish, on or before theist
of August. HO, the following work:—
Cr tri Analyses of the Principles of the Beience—of
• dte Nature ofthe ressoniad—end onto heii l b l .thods
of Imparting Insouction. By Chas. Davies,
Author of i'et Complete System of - Mathematician. r_
N. /3.—A. S. Bathe. & Co., are the publishers
Davies , System of Mathematics.
Far sale in this city by A. H. ENOLiSH & Co, No.
n Wood street : • .. • feb2:
Now Jictlnlopian iLLolodli
(AVVINE to Han all Tilett4 Dolly . Day;
l 7 Dole) , Jones; Go down to de Cotton Medi
Nellymes a Lad) i &e. I ..
ALSO: . t •
tte kind to the Loved One. en Home;
Re* tby boat lightly;
_True Love, by T.Rood;
Our way across the sea, &Lett; •
A tlew medley song, by B.Covert;
Jenny Gray, mode by Moller;
Joys that were crowning, Wedding March;
God bless the hardy usasine; Schuylkill Waltz
Conseript's Departure, by W. C. Glover,.
Sounds trow Rome; Waimea, Sleyermarldsche Co;
Last Rosa of Sommer; easy voriatloni by Bent •
United States Polka; Ladles'' Souvenir Polka;•
Own Cracker Quadrilles Looloville Qoadrille;
Beauties of Italy; DodUs, Trios, der
A largo assoruxeritof New Maio on band.towhielt
additions are rondo weekly. ' - For Silo by
feb23 • J. IL MELLOR. St Wood at.
Memento of Ithetcetel ion:noticing an Alit ot
the Levis of More Evidence sod of Persimmon; by
Maud Wbeely, D. D. •
Emmy on Chfictian 13apthon; by DaptieW. finetd:a
Tho ()Odes, a ' • •
• Fairy Tales, from all Nailong b•y2thony R. Bice
labs; 'NM illustradons by Doyle.
• dclo • • comer.Turrd and Market strre*s
17 Headley, eieven original designs by Dark,.
Poems add Promo Writing*, by Rrehnrd ii. Dana; II
•al'r marlin
Plumb:Med Gems et' Sacred Peery, With six Utast=
dons engraved on steel; by John Sartain.
Jest received by JOHNSTON te STOCKTON,
de.2l corner Tbird and Menet as.
f the mutual dada, relations and interests of the
Medical Profession and the Community; by 'Worth
ington Hooker, M. D.
Thn Works of hlichael De hlontaigne; complilting
his Essays, Letters, he. By Wm. Hoslett. •
Nineveh and its Remain. Try :Austen Hemp Lop
ata, Esq., D. C. L.
Glimpses of Spain; or Notes of an Hrifutished Tour
In 1347. S. T. Wallis.
Zty . pees Proyerbud Philosophy, new edition; BEM-
Jost received by ' ' • '
JOHNSIVN,E uthcrroN,
n 059.1 comer Market and Third meets
• tap standard ittatar7..
fishing by Huper tr. Bre'. le 6 rel. cloth and
paper. at 40 cenu per vol. Three vole received, and
for rate by R BOFFINS,
new- t 9 Apollo 'leading. Fourth et
. . . Voyag,by Ilermav Alelliillo
it author of .I`yvee," ` . 0.n00.. Aa.
History of .King Alfred of Eugland, by Jacob Abbott
watt fine engravlnga.
Sidottia the Sorceress; by Wm. bteinbold.
coml. Thad and Markeumeta
One of eke itiser .Nestuarialfer Works of eke Age."
- IVINEVE.II AND YTS REMAINS.; with an seem:int
of a visit to the Cheadienn Christie. of Karats
tit, and the or Deeil4Wursitippers• and an
'lnquiry Imo the Mennen and Arts of the Ancient As.
sytians. Hy Austen Henry La andPA.; D. C.L.
Introductoly Note by Prof. E. oD. D.,
•13..., D.' Ittnetteted with 13 pint. and maps, Robinson ; 'mid 90
wood cum 2 setae.. cloth, 54,00.
.The book has a rue meant of craphie; vivid, pt.
turesque narrative v—Tnhunc.
The work of Layard is the mast prominent cantri.'
button to the study of malquiry, that has appeared for
teeny yeers."—Christ. LK.
"toot one excels in interest the account of Nineveh
and its Heins, given by hlr.Layard."—%yashinguin
"As we follow the diggers with breathless interest
lu eir
tore ..e.t .. mati l Li n Dlgte „ d r Zde , :pi n .
.0141ritiC11 be=
new lifting Ito giguntlo bend from the dust of accu rac y
7iars,we are ready to cry oat with the astonis hed 'Arabs, 'Wallah,' it is swonderfe4 but it is heel ,
depenov63dent. t
n - 63 Wood6lL
LBEWOWOMEN of the - 04 and New Testament
Edited by B. B. Sprague, D. D.. 1 vol. Imp. Sao.,
ily bound; 18 exquisitely finished engraving.;
with descriptions by celebrated American Clergymen.
POEMS 1W AMELI A, Mrs. Welby, of anew
and enlarged edition; ilituarated by engravings from
original deems. by Wler. 1 voL aquare Soo., elegant
ly hound and gilt. Alao—A variety of splendid.Annu.
au and Gilt Books.
Sewell's Child's First Book of the Binary of Roma.
vol. limo.
nee of Carpinten, Shipwrights, Wheelwrights, Saw
yers, Lumbermen, Student. and Arta.= generally:
being a thorough and practical Toronto on Menem..
(lon and Me Sliding Rule. By D. M. Kamer, A.M. •
1 Boise'. Treatise no Greek Prose Commend...
011endoriPs Ekmentary French Grammar. By Prat
Greene. of Brown University. teal. lemo. ,
Retediger's I:escorts' Hebrew grammar, by Conant.
Gesemns' Hebrew Lexicon.
Loomis' Trigonometry and Logarithmin Tables. 1
vol. (sheep.)
The Eng li shman's Greek Concordance. l voL(manst,
Anthon's Classical Series.
Webster's Dictionary, revised ed. 1 vol. Soo.
do do unabridged. 1. vol. 4to.
Banae's Notes and Question. on New Testament
Whotelyl Logic:
Mosheines F.eclealastical Watery. 3 vela and. 11
vols. (sheep.)
Vestige* of Creation. I vol. i a
Mornings among the Jesuit. at Rome. I vol. (cloth
' and paper.)
Scene. where the Tempter has Triumphed. I vol.
(cloth and paper.)
Bogue', Theological Lecture. loot Svo.(eloth.)
Alder's Pronouncing Bible.
• lloyer's French Dictionary. '
Smart's llome.e. For salerby •31.HOPEINS, ,
• novl3 Apollo Building. Fourth ot
woras o
II Montaigne, edited by 11. Hallin, comprising. Ns Essays, Letters, Mid Jammer through Germany end
Italy, with notes Dorn all the Commentators, Moran..
Mal and Bibliographical Notices &a. •
Theory and Practice of Teaching; or, the Motives
and Methods o( Good School-Keeping, My David
Plage, A. M. Pah:wield of the State Norm 1,
Albany,B. V.
Frank Forester's Fish and Flatting of the U. States
and British Provinces of North Amerces, by Henry
novri earner Third nod Market acs
Th• Olden
ME LOCKWOOD, B ook s eller and 'repeater,
No. 63 Wood street, has for sale a few coplucom-
Plet.,Xthe remainder of the edit' a,) of this valuable
work, devoted to the Prammation of Documents, and
- other authenue iniormation relating to the early ex.
ploration a, settlement and improvement of the comae,'
around the head of the Ohio. By Neville B. Craig,
Esq., of Pittsburgh, in M vole Soo.
novitt J. D. LOCKWOOD.
°MAIN LIBERTY: P. lhatari, 'MU a clew of the
Liwny of other Art that' Nation*. my Samuel
Elliott; Esq. Ilium/sled with swerve eograrmgyeze•
'awed at Rom. 2 Tole, flua, welfare: With lateoct's
Blooded Watts.
Just publiahed and (ocean, •
jortiicg LoClisVofJD, 'Booked:or and
atone its all Wood at
VANN 1 , Kt:3I2LE: IN FIVALY ' outheiriaiatart,
Ilnao. 73 ota.. MU. FANNItEIaILILE,d YEAH
"Tbe reading of this book kaa Imprersed au with
mach higher opinion of ha wain than we had fanned
from pentstng her other written*. It display a deeper
tone of thought, united to mare pure we...WY rhea of
feeling than any other production, of the [canine mind
with which we are acquallited ~ - Fice. Minor.
tit it a very agreeable and readOldbook,ritteam,
Fanny Kemblele beet style—bold, apemen , and enter.'
Mining. We recommend it to.oar tinder. as the km
publication of the eeterni.o-Itglidlog Oat.
"It eocuuns tb e Journa l of through lihtrepe, ,
and mid... in jrmy and ir•ono of the pleataateat
d mon interesting Loots of the season.”-,-Cour. and
Atioirer.. •
A very 'characteristic boOk. We b a re read Brno;
title pyre to Colophoo erita anabated interest. - A si:
rid pootore of Ide to Ream lo all respect* erairterdli
readable."—Knickerboc ker.
For sale by JAAIF..9 D LOCICINIXtD; ,',..'
~Lo Bookseller tr. Imoollor; MI Woodkt, '
- --
BOXES toyg.,}tattititl26°oll:
able caplet , reed dad at
spa -- Market
Diu . 0® eagaVeared taaadtala
ail of mak% ta;s4lo7 t_
4pl a144141411M94144
11'..110p1X111 11101311.
8 . 4161111f01if 11,-li:X.Chslll6•-.2
' COLLBCTIONS..-DrallAy Notes and Aceeplastat
yr able in any part of the Union. collected on Lae
Sie--lANGS on P:P4 tart,: Philadelphia ale ",
Salmi Cincinnati, Lotilsof.le ‘ Saint Lolda
New Mean., eonriandy of
IIANS NMM-- , .—Notne on - all aoleew hat . * In
nited. Snow discounted nt loweet ea - es. All p k .
of Pater wad Amerman Go:d and Silver ta.r_bwe
01100 No. 55 Mutat sleet,botwear arc!.4lt.
Pittahlargh, Pa. .lO - .• •
•' •
. rondosfra.crlAXOWs
ELL/15 on Enatehd,lthithl.; nod &tram .1 t,oigh,..
. uor wootost: et the Correct Errs o '3..echange;
Drafts parable in any put of the r. Canines"
frent,tl to.llooo, at - the row ot vs i*ilm X Sterling,
whhcottdedactiem or dur.ows , 4 OW% A RqpZi.
sort, garopeanliad,Oestall awl, V , oat Sakti ohs
deorweet or wood. . : .
ouzo dedoczaa m. on•IAD PAM(
aglldßl k .1 •
ame k
tificordol of ado, Dapk.•l.• . radii Coto, Amer of
ad sad Wood smear s &AKIO .pk,3141%. 94.
TuFrizltita irtni!pa
puctmied u, al lOwtst nites, by- S'A 14'84 . 1
pl 3 !i°9 3 : 11 ,4 ih k soNs,
(117 u u,:r "
ainitssay roi sal. by N. 11011aLtt
sepi3 .nurkme..l
ILLEILS. lane Tea an d Cr -, •
COUII4II 4 , ./lANCOV.TiIa ~ 1
F A lll,LlN.,.°4lldo.orth.,Disai - ond,Pidiar. ..
are new °damns althe Very lomat prices to , ;eaa.
Rectified %Vhisker, ilin ;and Domeaue Btandll.ail:
French Brandy, Holland GIN Jamaica Ad r ~i -
don gin, frish Whisk. y.c . lioni, de.
.deira, Champagne, Claret, Alga atoll,
11, Malaga,
aside andlLiabon Winea.Wholesalett cast
PAPER.:-.Alsrgryi en blid or o
order, du voricois.Wer O ti f Pr . t.Pop , o
Z P rartr2p C p.l ' n ' nio rd p ' e d rl '
Cir , w a rtri 24, l
Doiblo Crown roit race rapper; . PostoboOrd,rO ,
• Wfit3 W •
~ rya7l7 '.ltent for Clinton Milli
JOHN WATC k Caihmin romored'theit r
Groceriero) the opßozoo,ol4, of IllheetY
WWOMAN IN AMERICA—Her work and 'hem.
TY ward. By Marla 3. Mahwah, author of .431taxma
Colutterehanns," "Tti zeal:mod to be.” I val Lama.
Utter Day Pamphlets, TlO.l:—Tho -kiaaettl /Dd.
By Thomas. Catlyate. it
Caotagsaa.—blentalnlorLee and. Writing' 'o r Thee.
Chaltoels, D D., L.' - Protections on Boller'. peerxEvirltittee t ttf Chnattanlty, too; LEIN
loatare on Divinity, eilth taro. Inuodoetery LT g tatell
.04. four ,toomaeo. dolia arid in the New ohlo,
TALuburgh, by. Thome! Chalatera, p, D., L. L.: D:
1 vol 12mo. , . •
Damn—Life of /oho Calvin, compiled that lathe¢-
aoarces, and partioalarlyfrom hu eortsapcuideocea.
By Theatas LI plat, sit'ith poltratt. 1 0 0112.4.
For mle by , i . R IiOPHINY .
ap47 Apollo B. • laza. Poutth n.
Dostriages Cared. • 1 :
From the New York Tribune. • '
APRTEND,!whose'Siord is most-reliable, WWl*
hes no possible intdrest In the matter, bol one of
gratitude, dashes us togay, Mat he has been erred of
mveterate desfuess,by thecae of “Scarpa% Compound
Acoustic OiLu Philadelphia medicine, which Is not
for sole la this city, but.whlch he thinks ought to be,
for the good of tho afflicted. Helms a sister who has
also been cored by H.;. Its cogently advises ell .mho
n.r^ selrerinr from dentine's, to tor tide remedy, with an
Mauro:tee 0.o; mans th e ease extraordin ary,
emperiMent will prove abundantlysocemsfuP
- . , For sato uvar. PEKIN TEA bTORE,
, fah!! 70 Fourth st, Pittsburgh
Cortibil Combs!
- 2CO: 9 ,ORO3srZqiII . A.-L l ' ) . 4 *.d° 7 " 7 ""° ,
.nper ktogu= ' Flant nodding;
: . U ." Pot let Combs;
isco 'Wood "
1060 de z nez'd Fine Jvc6ll
Mho!' Bide Ca ,mbr . •
10 " zrpor lame Thx¢aloi
210 fro. susz'd Sae Combs; tool andfoi sale
• 161.5 0 Y410E14108 tdolket
H 011041.111 Duff Hollasadt
IrTi.gkE NOTICE—That W. McClintock hie thlinitY .
.1. received weenie**. et the finest and hest Boer
Windeisr floll.d,roarhich he would most reireettolly
call ;he attention at .his. easterner. and the publie,in
TenereL - '
nir carnet Wen Reents, leenrth E.• jinn
O .,: if t, I 77 TAJA . - 31 . !!i m r . egd e
A.ceebraxe7 . "
1)1 i 4 43 I. MELLOR. ei
Hooka Just Roe slyer.. I
11111 E Complete ‘Vorts f J tr, llunyan, 7 001% Pi o,
J. In 1 vol, Illustrated; muslin and grit Blocs
• bluebell's Ulbiltnillita Sehool ticograpl;),
• llayrwork, 1•01.13roo
Town's &only ms aril Speller. I '
Ltfe of John Q. Atiamic by Wm. a P Aron . vol, :
oby Elm Rentans; I v01,12cr.0,
South's Bennonts—ScnnotupresPbed .rhitl
occasion% by Robert Booth. V. . a 1/011, , Cdtti014
vole; including Posthumous Dleccrastr ,
Same-4 vols. in T sheep, eStre • ;
For ma. b 1 It IT - .7a.1N5,.
16141 Apo' • Ito , Fourth st.
Imre mcnottier . • d:
/pLIE undersigned, =censors to Artiotts Nichol
eon, beg leave to infanta the eo• rres of Pittabungh
and public generally, that they I '.n• - built the M
OLE FOUNDRY and aro (till operation, and
pine hove pan of their paemt ready Cr. • the marter.-,
Inomegst vedeh nre Cooking Stoves, road and Wood
Atones. with a splendid niroiobt Coal St.wo, which is
now rape:coding litother citee the common round
Done. Also, n cheap coal Coneing Stove, well adap
ted for email Doodler, with a fall uiortment °Ceral.
man and mantel Grates We would parlicularly
;!vite the attention of persona building to `call .01 ..Onr
.warchonse before pfirch wing, and esamine q,splendid
:article of enanenteded Orates, finished in fine style—
notirely neer In thla market.
Warehouse, Nalel: Libertyet, plMoolte Woodotl
aurS:dtl I NICHOLSON & pav:sa.
--- - -
P1TT1511114.911. LIIIIPCITA'PrOfftt. •
I'EAGRE„ lantedter and Wholesale Dealer In
Sign of the Gilt Comb, 105 Market at, Pittsburg)., Pa.
••Vestens Merchants, Pedlars, and omenurns
Piashurel to purchase Goods, are respeetfullyinn;ted
to call and egaminn the 0,100.11 . 0 aSsOrtMint of Eng.
Lab American, French and German Fancy Goods.
Alll.Foreige Goods at this establishment use import-.
ed direct by myself, and purchasers may rely rely on got.
ting goods from first hands. I have the rgest assort.
meat of articles, -in the variety line, to the city of
Pitisburgliall of which Will be.sold lon , for east r , r
eltyacceptances. The Stock consists, In par., of
Lore Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons. ,
8111 Cravats, fihria and PateniThreads,Scsring..,
Spool Costa*, Topa, despot:acts, Buttons, Pins, ::
dles and Cutlery.. .
Gold and Silver Watchea, Gold Saweity, kua
Brushes, Combs and Rum.
Pervasion Caps . , Ilevolvers, Pisiols, Clocks, Silt
. Cotton Parses, ripernaeles, 'Steel Peru, Kuria Bois.
Carpet Bags and Ballteta .•
Bindings, FinthogO andTrinimings. '
Toy, and Fanertioods; together with atoms sari,'
ty of Fancy and SlMple IntV GOODS.
C. VtiAllEß ts.nlen ogent for the celebrated T
canter Combs. novr
Great; Iraigllstt p.enzear.
VOR COughs,Go . las t As•lirasi and ConsumptiOn!
J:. GRENE AND ONLY IlFsrt , IYY teethe cdre of the
obots< diseases, in the HUNGARIAN RALSAII OF
LIFE, discovered :by the celebrated Dr. Bechar', of
London, England, end introdneed into the United States
under the immediate soperlotendeime of the loventim.
The eztritordiruthr semen of this medicine, in th s
enre of Pulmonary' disease., warrants the Americen
Agent in soliciting for trcaunent the worst pothi bid ea
ses that can be found lathe community—*
relief Maths Romany of the common remedies of the
day, end have beet,, given op by the most distinguished
phyaimans as cordinned and incurable. The. Flange»,
an Datum has cored, and will cure, the most deep ray
of oases. It is no noranno, but a. standard Eng.
liih medicine, of known end established efficacy.
Every family in the Vaned States should be supplied
with Untabau`s Hamadan 'balsam of Life, not only to
counteract the consumpuve Modenciea of the climate,
be,va be and as a, preventive medicine all 'eases o f
coo ho, spitting of bleed; pain In the aide and
chest; imitation end eorenesa Of the longs, brochins,
difficulty of breating, hectic fever, - night mute, entaci.
&don end general debilirr, ethiclue, ladoenea, whooping
Sough mad Croup.: '
• Sold in large bottles, at 11l pet bindle; with fall dim.
dons for the rembratlon of health.
Pamphlets, contaidem a miss of English and Arnold.
eon cerawater, and other evidence, showing the un
!quailed merits of this great Englith Remedy, may be
ofimmed of the
II For sale by. A ,FAlrlieolthulf & Co., earner o
at and Wood and Wood mid Gth as. intallbsed
IMPERIAL COUGH oliftt/Y.Ztr a tiiree
0 - N. 81210 Lllt* kri
• Frrnnines, Eclerth 27,1847.
mr. R. a w i ts ,, beetles
lobe and yOlar
c o ugh yup, I beg to state, for th e ben
efit of the eommunity,.that my wife has bees
time, aelleted with • most distrething cough. .I pm.
chased, in J..y loot, a bottle of your Syrup, which
cured a coop of two months' sundial. Munn one
m o nth store, the cough returned, and was 'so severe
that she could hardly move, from weakness la dm
latest; I tom for one bottle o r year Cough Syrup, and
a pan of one bade .redshenough f Igave the other
to vjo mom. who was severelyallieted, who hod,
to use his own words, ' , eaten enough cough Mandy to
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