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WAIL FLYNN, Ltmtv St. Clair:
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The Patna Light a Usanablig.
The New York Journal of Commerce states that
a patsy composed . of distingulshed chemists from
that city, Princeton, and Boston, and other rale.
men` interested, met nt Worcester -a day or two
since, to Camille the apparatus constructed by Ur.
Paine, to Maturate his altered discovery of a new
method; of manufacturing gee. Mr. Paine Lett
town on ige approach of these gentlitmen,bothis
brother remainedlo do the hostas. They visited
his bouee, where the . • gas is PhOWU horning, and
succeeded m detecting the trick by which visimes
have, Memotcee, bean deceived. They will tomiah .
a full account of the exhibition in a day or two,
and "explode" this_ humbug, which. has excited
such a large share of public attention.
The. Paine hoax eiploded, we will now see
s'iirii.her the alleged invention of the Frenehman,
Joseph. Pierre Gallardourns out any better. Be
tame hir. Paine is a humbug, It - does not follow
that such a discovery as . he claimed, may not some
day be made. There is eutiletent probability at
Wag hirtimulale investigation.
The :Union uye that "the pith of roe President
abeam ro be, to bring in California fret; next
New Mexico ;.and In due course of time, Utah,
with aid -alarm congitufions."
dtua ae—a very wise, Jett, and jedicioun phut,
which shows " Old Zeek" a man of a great hum,
sound heed, and honorable, feelisgs. That is the
war th e whole matter will 'finally be settled, end
Is is the Very way It ought to be settled. Ry the
Way, Gen. Taylor way never more popular with
the maireatheir at present. There is a Meting of
love end reverence for the old hem, which
amounts to enthuslavin. Every step he has taken
In the difficult question of the new territories, the
Cuba affair, dm., bee met with a hearty approval,
and pablic confidence io him Is brereasiag every
day.. _2
The Whig Candidata foe Canal Corn
T o Whigs have mason to be proud of their
State ticket—every member of which is a gentle•
manAf high moral character, general acquire.
means, and lair abilities. The renewing article
from the Backs county lutelliseacer, will show
OUT readerathe appreciation which I. rat for Mr.
Datigart; our eindidate for Canal Comminnmer,
in his own county
JOSHUA DUNGAN, the choice of the Conine
tiou for Canal. Commissioner, I. a citizen of oar
own county, ■ native of oor own soil, Idectlfted
with on: own lumens and those of our beloved
Commonweialth. Beth .da bred upon the Cann
on which he now reside., nod which he cultivate.
with a judgment mitered ang enlightened by long
gaudy and experience, be is one of 'our most ski:.
fel end successful agricel urinals. Though al.
ways tablas a lively interest to quesdoca of
Ovate and national policy, and ever ready to lend
'e hand in aiding to establish and maintain the
priaciplei of the parry with which he is Mottled,
from a sincere conviction of their benthcent fain
sore op in the comae", his attendee has been
more particularly directed to the interests, of his
profession, and its improvement and elevation.—
Hews he witted to unite with othenateven years
ago, In organlaies an assoeinlon of farmers en
der the title of the "Backs Ceuta! Agilcuthrat
neelety.r This enterprise of which Mr. Dumas
has been one of the nutters and pliant, linalniady
grown Into Importance and usefainess„ until
scarcely second to any nimbi, institution In the
State. His several addresses before this society
to which we shall take occasion to refer hereafter,
evince an honorable enthusiasm in his occume.
Non, a highly cultivated mind, and a knowledge
drawn nom observation cape:levee and exten.
sive study, which centattne some of the highest
adotemitnts of the character of the Await= 'ago
tieultursilist. Thew ebaracterlatica,added to his
plain; unostentatious manner., and his sterling
Integrity, his liberality of sentlmeet, and social
qualities u a °Mato and neighbor, 'uremia-coved
him to an extensive circle of acquaintances and
friend,. t All who know him respect and esteem
him; It Is not presumptuous in unto predict that his
character will disarm pertimuiratior and extortive
titre from his political opponents.
As to qthrancations, it is:no disparagement of
others to say that Mr. Duman is not inferior to
soy oue that has been spoken of for the office la
either patty, and far impeller to the respectable
gentleman who hes been selected a, his.eonmeti
tor. His views of State polity, with nerthenas to
our ',stem of improvement, accord with those of
outpreient patriotic EfeettUye; and his effort.
would therefore be directed toe consummation of
that policy—a husbanding of the resomtes of the
Commonwealth, with • view to the perked= of
her system, and an tarty extinguishment ol her
debt, so that she maybe restored to that condition of
independence and prosperity to which her position
and resource. entitle her.
Bucks County justly feels proud of the honor
conferred upon her by the selectkm prone of her
most eminent citizens for so important • station,
end will show It by a hearty, response at the polio.
Mr. DIMOA.4 is eppilltiCilty one of the.peopke ;
and u such warn. appeal with confidence to the
voters of the Mate to aupport him. He has never
Leal a public office ; though he enjoys the honor
of being One of th e Electors who cut the vote of
Teentylvaula. in 1549, for Zactary Taylor and
Millard Fillmore. He Is idea tired with no cliques
nor factions, but when Omuta will devote his en.
erste* to a fnthful disclosure of his official duties.
*bike public interest would be promoted by a rim.
resent:Ca on of both parties In the Canal Baud,a fact
admitted by the liberal portion of out wpm:tents
—and Mr. Downs being untxcepnonable in OM ,
atter and qualifications, we look with coundedee
.for his triumplant election.
A Wethingson leuer aLtes that the vote in the
'Senate' on the conannalion of Mr. Lawrence, at
Minister to England, stood xi to 5.
Vatiocal Edocatica Coovrtnion which Re
siadArikin Phitaik,litiia In Octobea labt, is to meet
*gain la.that .thn fourth Ikrednesbay An.
Prrrneasu, July r. Ina
Warm, rag"
Dar Sir t—ln the local edam," of the Gazette
olyeilerday, there teen error which I amounted
you will readily correct.
While Mr. hlevaw we, Ilddrettilth the COMA
In behalf Of his clients, Mews That it Bain sad
argint • antlinnance of the case over to the Ore
Sober Tenn, I was airting Immediately to front of
kini,oty chair leaning analog the /edge's bane*,
td tercet on the meg—certainly Beata a po
sits:rate provoke an assaalt,even hadlao intonded.
hlagraw, daring his address to the court in
hibited 'Wed dealt( wannth,- but not awe this
mooch onlitutrily do in !Abel at their clients;
among ether atop haunted that the Indictment
had been wungsled Wealth the Grata Jury, of
'laphrase of that kind ; and I remarked to hint.
la in under tone, and Wended for hts carotene,
that it wan unirce ; he Immediately 'turned to
strike inciand I threw up my anns toward elf the
bletts — thlt Wafter occupied but an !natant—no
blow eta Wreck. ,
e To inailng tka remark I did, my tole okliot!traa
to costett ldr. U. la what I regarded as an tufa
' tasdiokal adtatuemitd, and lao gated to Ike cowl
Wkta calkait 03 to 'apologise. -
, • A. W. FOSTER. Curet Puce
to day. tram the Ciselniazil Chronicle, 'sit - icier.
cadet history ortite Feenek claims War to 1500,
-which our readers have _ oteermid to have been
Pftood ' , Pon Garottes for a long antes of years.
There can be no doubt of the justice of these
eltdmaould it is entwining that they have not
boot sincilbeen recognized and paid. It should
be ths ambition of every Repablican Garen:anent
to 6e scruPtiltotaly jolt, especially to private. citi•
te so . Who have no rexamte to any superior Few
er' to comps! justice to be awarded. They must
depend wholly upon the sense of jUdiCel entet-
Mined by the Government. These French claims
have now been wean for adjustment for half
a cennuy. Lit not jtime that something woo
hitery el the "Preach Claims."
!desire. Edwww—Every school boy in the
United State; knows that the French nation in
consequence of a solemn contact made between
herbed the (felted State; sent her powerful Beets
andannies to America to aid us In oar glorious
struggle of the war of Independenoe; but 'lt to not
e quells, known that the great debt which this na
tion thus contracted to pay France, or these len.
portant services, has been most shamelessly re
pudiated by Republican , America. In the year
ITV, street, was made between France and the
United States, called ...The Treaty of Alliance.--
By this instmmest. France guarantra to the Unit.
ed States, their • Sovereignty and Independaziee,
forever,agahnt the world. She fulfilled bee part
of this Important contract to the letter. The
crownieg vicarey al Yorktown, in October. 'Bl,
which terminated oar Revolutionary War, in to
umPh, was the achievment of tbe combleed French
and American forces. This was one et the (mite
of the treaty. What did the United States agree
to dolor France, in consideration of the seneces
so folly and so gaWotiy. aceompliahed on her
paid By the same treaty the United States guar.
ended to France the posiesadon of her then
West Indian Islands breve; against all the world.
Francs fought our battles, as by the treaty she
washout:id to do—we in our turn became bound
by the same obligati's'', to fight bet battles, In de•
Ganie of the West India Island; when they amid
be In danger from any enemy.
Peace was snide between the United. States
and England in MR The French Revell:Mon
began soon allenrards• It was the immediate
fruit of Democratic seed, imported Into France
from America. This revolution Involved France
In •bloody end protracted war, waged on meet
extraordinary. principles. The beligerents , argat
the laws of civilised warfare,and for many years
the OXIMIII was meditated regardless of the rlghts'i
of neutral nations; anlndisenminatto ;gander was
commenced spinet the commerce of the world
by the French, tinder the pretence of hemnirg,
her great enemy, England; and among the
alert by her al captutes on the high seas,
0/0111 the enterprising metchants of het hue ally,
the United Prates. Property to • great amount
belonging to clams of the United States, was for.
clbty ar.isnd by the Fran& crating on the ocean.
These Illegal spoliations by Frazee, railed for
lotetferenee on the ' part of the United States
Idinimers were secordiegly appointed and sent to
France, instructed to leek payment for the spoke.
tient The French Government admitted the
justice of the claims, but evaded the demand of
Indemnity; and the illegal conduct of the French
cruisers went on as before.
England had begun ktir attache open the French
West Indies. American statesmen now saw that
the time bed arrived when France had a right, by
treaty of 1775, to call upon the United States for
men and money to protect tbo French Islands.
Washington was then President. lle and his
Cabinet had wisely resolved to keep cot of the
contest, and the celebrated ill proclamation of nets
treaty" was bitted in Apr 0,1793. We were too
weak to enrage an a now war, France brew this,
hence atm fob= EZIT • time to demand our AIM.
mem of the guaranty in the treaty of PM. A
long seamier negotiations followed, the object of
which, on our pan, was to obtain payment nor the
plunder the French had commiued on one mer
chants, and Franca sought the fulfillment of one
guaranty to defiled her West India Islands; and
before these important moan were settled, ma.
opal the most valuable Wands of Fiance had
passed into the hands of her enemies, and the U.
mixt States were bound to make good the loss;
a, an Individual would bt bound to respond in
demarcate another, wham an injury was sustain
ed by his refesal to comply with has contract.
The cause then may be thus gated: the French
nation owed eatain Americas calmer • stun et
money, and the United Nate. owed the French
nation a at= of money. It mop bl 1,5.,41"1 to
lIIKELLIO Phil! was the amount of each of these
debut The real value of the posaerdous lost to.
France, which the United Stain weal...cued to de.
feed, was almost incalculable; It meat be mated
in tart of millions. In 1797, Washington and his
Cabinet unhorsed our Minister to oiler to ;my
France 520,000 per annum to release e. from the
guaranty dating the then War. If this offer had
hien accepted, it would have net the tinned
States that sum annually from 1797 to 1515, ape.
Mid of eighteen years, making $3,600,000 rash,
and after the was the obligation would have re,
tasked to defend the lelandafor all future time.—
So much ter the amonnt.we owed France. The
amount claimed by our citizens to be doe to them
from France was stated at the time at shred eight
la Mb conditioa things wood until the 30M of
September, IMO. On that day another treaty was
rattle between France and the United States, by
which it was agreed that each nation ahould re
nounce all claim to the respective debts—in other ,
wonis, the respective claims should be set MI, one
modest the other. The, the Government of ibe
United Sates took the private claims due bra for
eign nation to American citizens, and with ink
property of its citizens paid a great National debt
of rite highest obligation, which might at any time
have involved es in a war, or rendered us liable
to pay • stun that would erbium the treasury of
the richest nation. And having thus taken private
property to pay a public debt, does it not follow
that the clause in the Constitution of the United
States, which provider that "private property shall
not be appropriated for public um Wilhollt emu
compensation," has been v olated , unless the
United States have indemnified She tuirerera.—
This bas never been dose, and hence arises what
are termed "The French Claim' prior to ISOO.
From the year' 1691 mail the present session of
Outgrew, these claimants have been humbly pray
ing Congress foe the indemnity justly due them.—
In many Instant:en, daring-thou long perio-I, these
petitions have been wholly regketed; hut in most
macs they have - teen referredto able committees,
who have, with great ability, tmearch and indus
try, investigated the subject; - many able reports
have probed this matter to the halm, and thereat:id
has uniformly been the inevitable conclusion that
the claimers just. Among the most able of these
reports, is that made, by Hr., Livingston, in the
Senate on tbe 251 of February. 1830. In urging
the Fret of Mello chums, he says" "To lessen
the lie expaiditureis a great legislative duty—
To assent it at the expense of Armee, public faith,
and oxistittaional right would be • crime.
In the yeah MI and .1834, bill, were passed
by the Senate, appropriating five millions in psy
men: of them claims; but on both eases the bills
were not reached on the calendar of Mc Home.
In 1847• similar bill paned both House, but
the President—Folk—interposed hi. veto. The
message accompanying this veto ought tomakellOV
blosh for the honor of his country. As a
literary compcsition. it is below criticism, no no
argument, it in unworthy of any statesman; while
its morality is absolutely shocking to every seise
of right and boom. It mu an act of cruel tyrrany,
without a precedent lo the history of this country.
Similar claims, seising frau the some came, end
at the same time &caning almost against every
European power. These were promptly admitted
and have name been paid. Other claims identical
with them, originating in the same way, were pre
ferred agalnat Frame, milled "dui French claim
since 1800," these were provided for and paid by
France; by.eirtae of the treaty of fith of July, 1831,
and to enforesi their payment, Old Hickory threat
ened France with war. Weed remember the ex
citement produced in Europe and America, by
Jacksoata prompt determination to hazard the trea
sure and blood of his country on behalf of its injured
citizens,. when the French Clamber hesitated to
iproprate five provided in the relay
of - 1831. Mos was no empty thresh, but one that
would have been executed in the usual manner of
Jackson; we all know what that manner was.
The late treaty with Mexico is a hill illustration
of the right of claimants. That republic was
indebted to many American citizens; In the late
treaty with Mexico, it as provided that the United
&ilea should pay thefel Cllllll/ to Its own citizens,
in considemtion to part, of the gold yielding soil of
California. Thus the Government appropriated
the property of its own citizens. and by it, in part
purchased property for the use of the nation. Of
came the Untied SMtes was bound to pay these
"Mexican claims" as they are called, and a com
mission is nowsitting In Washington to adjust them,
and three millions of money await dm determina
tion. Bat the poor claimants for "French Spoliar
time 1800," are yet without redress, be
came it was their mmfortune to have their claims
assumed by their own Government, for nothini; to
more certain, than if these %dentinl claim. by
Amencan citizens with all their jintiee and m
lidity, exerted agai nst any foreign nation upon earth
the government would interpose and enforce their
payment, - And If it werepomible now to refer this
matter to • jury 'of farmers, or merchants of good
settee and sound moral., would render an in.
4413E4 verdict in favor of t h e claimants in half an
By end aria the mimes dad comsat rf the Sow!.
• AbbottlLawresee, to be Envoy Extraordinary
and Mlaistav Plenipotentiary Mae United States
of Atriertee at that:cern of the United Kingdom of
Chest Ttatain end Ireland.
Belie Peyton, lobe Envoy Extraordinary rind
Minister Pkeipotentiary of the U. S. of America
mate 13epu6ti of Chili.
• fie O TISe P. Muth, to be Marbiter Resident of the
U. S. of Ameries,et Constantinople.
lame N. Steele, to be Charge d'Affaires of the U.
S. to theltetriZ. of Ileatuels.
Johns C. lamer, se be Covatil of the U. S.
of America, for the Part of Newel; in the Island of
New Providence.
Ileac► L. Norris, to be Consul of the U. S. of
America for the Pon of Para, in
Nictiolas A: McClure; to be Comm of the U. S
for the port of Acapulco, in Mexico,
Jobe C. B. Dime, to be Secretary of the Lega
tion of the United States near he, Br* a ado M■-
Jeat►. .
Jesse B. Holman, obe &inter/ of die Legstios
of the*U. fdu sudisgo de Celli.
H. Gibson, to be Marshal of the U.S for
die northern district od'Alabensa.
- • • • .
E. Wm. Johastoo. to be Secretary to the dos r
of Commisaioners oo bleziasa
J. D. Barclay and Wm. Mclimr, to belamces
the FOC* La itve county of Wastlingum.
• W/1010
Costesporlienie of ite leaflmbor4loOil.llll,
• WotTII.TON, lace 27.
• The detelopeatim4 to day, ihnsugh the debate
in the Senate and other wire, are more am ulets of
the failure of the Compromise, then any think that
has occurred within the last fortnight.
Mr. Wehoter made a brief summary of the rea
sons for receiving California as she presents herl
self; thoggh,candidly admitting, as he has often
done before, that there were serious objections:to
the mirthful= of a State under curb circumstance..
He attempted none of the graces of oratory, but
answered Mr. Soulo's specious and betlliant :peach
with a very plain tale, showing that the necessity
of the care took away all occasion end afnse for
I mere hyper criticism, and answering the realty se
rious objections by Soule, by argument• at once
Balking and conclusive.
The subsequent debate was desultory., but highly
lateresting. Fooic roared for about an hour and a
half, like a bull of Ilashati, pricked with the bunts
man'. epear. Ilit speech was in port it tirade of
personalities in defence of himself from assaults in
Miasirsippi and elsewhere. from editors and politi
eines, but there were portions of it that were real
ly conunended to our best regards. Foote hay ae
exceedingly ill regulated mind, had taste, and an
oceasioaal dash of impertinence and means's, no
shown in his recent outrageous assaults upon Mr.
Seward and Mr. Dayton, but he is not destitute of
Barnwell, the new Senator from South a retina,
made his debut in a short but striking.ape eh. Hie
meaner was exceedingly collected, his Innate's
chaste, compact, and well chosen, and h coact -
sine most ultra.,it was:a threat of sect
least some of _the Southern States, in any even .
He said ho expected no settlement of the existing
difficulties between the Free end Slave States, end
knew that the latter were placing their house in
order for their own protection without regnrd to
the actions'-: Congress or the proceedings of the
General Government. lie did not ethers to the
pending bill, but it mats evident enough. that be had
not the slighest notion of supporting it.
Mr. Jefferson Davis, whose repeated manifesta
tions of conceit, vanity, and weeklies made more
glaring by an air of offensive pretension, made an
assauli o in self defence na he said, upon his col.
lessee Foote, declaring himself opposed to Foote
in every step of Bi-:proceedings of thio'bill, end
intimating that while be knew himself to be unan
imously supported in Mississippi, Forite's name
repudiated in his own State. Bat Jetrs speech
WM specially notable for two things. He mode n
violent attack upon the a orrespondcnts, and declar
ed tac i t the Compromise only existed by the suffer
ance of the South, which forbearance would be do
longer exercised, tha the opposing Southern Sena
tora would, and the first opportunity unite with the
North, anti lay it on the table. As to the letter
writers, Jeff. Davis was especially spiteful and in
solent, precisely like nil other pretenders who have
set up for Great men within my recollection of the
incidents of public effeirs. The truth is that this
Senator has never forgiven the unfavorable notices
which the correspondents mete compelled to take
of his miserably abortive attempt to answer Mr.
Clay, as the champion and partisan of all the South,
the most signal and humiliating failure ot the see
sion. Jeffienonneed F. J. Cr - nod, in especial, the
eturespondent of the Philadelphia Ledger, Balti
more Sen, and N. V. Herald. ' Though having no
great respect for 'he political consistency of Mr.
Grand, in all the attrilettes of n man of genies, tab
eaLand iutluence upon the public ,mind, I fully
believe that he has more power than a dozen such
niece po'iciaus as tin honorable a•-allant.
W.STROTON, Jane 23,
Voting In Senate and Illonee...Thlrty.siX
thirty Doored..Prolanged Delay o
the Canspronst•e..lown Co d C .
• leelloss Care.. World's Exhibition at
London to I S5l.—A Suggestion—Cali.
fornta Caucus.
This has been a cheering day in Congress. We
have had a vote or two. They loomed op on oar
aching, straitens vision, lite islands on the dreary
waste of a shoonleti sea. They proved to Le
mere spechsbut were rovertheleaa a most grateful
relief to tho•e who hove bane tossing about as we
have, on tho ittaltug ateepr , tor &even month.—
The Senate rejected Senla's counter proposition,
his amendment to the compromise bill, is the
shape of a division of Califarnla and the other
tarritorice, by the lino of thirty-six thirty, and as
express recognition of tannery therein south of
thafline. The vote was ayes 10, noes 33—rte
jarity 17. Pretty well this for an ineembly where
pro-slavery bigotry, Ind oottlitern huckeriam, and
plastic servility, have no long reigned supreme.—
A month ado, the Wilmot proviso was voted down
here by ten majority ; and here we have the pro.
jeet of the other extreme quietly shelved by •
much larger one. Had all Coe I blenteca been
present, the vote would hs.o awed. •ye• 90. noes
40, wad would hero a t ed,:rom ataptay
of just two tfrada. So that if there was any rea
son, sense, or decency . 10 Foote', cavitation the
other day over the decision against the proms,
the pariixonl of that =casette hate much greater
cans. of tnumph now, at the defeat of their ad.
versants' dearest object of their denims.
So much then I. ectiled,—the Senate is
moveably hostile to the Wilmot Proviso, by from
twelve to fourteen majority, and to the fdisiniuti
Compromise by tin teen to twenty majority. Here
em two ponits gained in our progress. Now for
the result. Smith, Seward, Corw'n, Benton,
Gay, end tunny others, it is now ascertains d, have
determined to speak at length. The discussion is
yet In fall dews therefore we have at least a
fortnight's straggle yet before as an the beat, bat It
Soula's tactics of discusales, step by step, the
melts of the (petition of adminsion unconeec
with the slavery topic, he followed up„,no man
can pretend to see the end. Even afire terry
other question of detail shall have been disposed
of, there will enure lop preview; to engrossment,
that most dieleolt of all, the amount of indemnity
Co be allowed to Texts.' It may take weeks to
settle that.
The other votes referred to wore taken in the
Home, on the lowa contented election ea. is.—
They were not decisive, but indicative of a highly
favorable disposition owned. Mr. Miller, the
Whig contestant. The first was upon sinking
out the majority resolution, giving Thompson the
seat, and insettingthe eerie. repotted by the Whig
members, asserting Miller's right. It awed ales
95, noes 91—carried for the /pace el ten ascends.
Bat the Democratic Speaker forthwith yr t d
making a tie and, of course, de featirg the motion:
For an hoar and a half after tile, a etruggle was
kept op about atljnarning which terminated•to the
advantage of neither party, nod resulted In en ad
journment being carried it near sin o'clock. On
the above vote there were twenty What, *tot
seventeen Democrats absent who might have teen
present. The whole matter w,ll be decided to.
morrow morning, and the chances ate that it will
be comi remised by tending both the contestants
back for another trial.
It his been suMerited to the Extentivo Com.
enigma of the American Institute, which has under
Ito supervision the arrangements neer ***** to be
made for the exhibition, at the World's Pie at
London, of the products.of American lit and in•
&miry, that, if a conoidemble quantity of articles
should-be collected at Flew York, or eirewhere,
PM Conveyance to London, it would he well to
exhlblt - them at CAL point previous to shipment,
for the, gratification of the curiosity of our own
eVr.e.ii, and the advantage of the owners and
exhibitors. The aubjeet has excited a very lively
Interest, not only in England, but miotabout the
world. The great London Exhibition
mid be one of the avant. of the age.
The Immediate and Californians
held a carter'. this evening at the capitol. Thirty
or forty Mentors were present, the enrolleent of
the number being owing to the defective CH-trac
tor of the notices. The caucus resolved ndl to
wait foe the Senate bill, not any thing elm, but to
sail for Califorobi by yeas and nays at every Pep,
and not to cease attempting to procure final ace
034 on it until success crowned their efromr.
vnon nzw vonn.
Conupondenee of the l'ithanagla Queue.
Ncw You, June 27,1650
Owe of the mom plesunt re.unione of the week.
was the publio dinner Riven' by the associated
pets of tho city to the Prealdent of The Bela
of telegraph between New York and rental:l4
Marshall Lefferts, Esq. Alter years of effort, the
press backed by their own and the fluids of the
merchants of New York, have succeeded in rid.
ding thenwelves 'of the leenbus of the Mono
telegraph, mid have secured an Independent line,
Its superior in every point of view. The prom
was most levieb is its expenditure for the Omar,
sod, by way of dessert, added on behalf of them,
wives and the' Btockhoidets of
. sbe telegraph, a
Service of Plate, by way of desert, s Weed 1"
Shea, and bearing appropriate inscriptions.
By way of a hint, I may mamma that Bentley
Behool Pia tiles am all the rage bore now, adding
itbriOf fort lola to enable yeror,taichers and grate• fed rebels' ia to have their: enjoyment upon the
Most ar',,roved plan. Hera a Milresd train Is
charleie J, but you mutt aubstituts a steamboat
Give a' I the children • ticket, call upon the Indies
for ref cahments, and then sell to the fathers and
moth , ma, who are sure to go along, and the ''lair
woolen and brave men who form the Teeing Plat
of a congregation the remainder of the ticketr,
troich will give funds for a cotillen band, and the
various luxuries necessary for • "fru champare
not given at home. Proceed to a retired grove
and commence by singing an ode, folld'w it.up
by-entomb', and a diuner upon the grass, with
dancing, mega and a footbal, continue in the
aienumn with an address from the pastor and
the super intendant, another ode, and the beim/Lies
Coo. This hint will enable a party of six hundred
to pass • most joyous day, teaching the children
that the pleasure of penal can be but enjoyed
when sanctioned by parental presence, and dc
inonatrating to the children of large growth that
the sportlve action of youth, need never be lost
ight of it, or will bat keep it thus fully in view, by
en zing in the joys of the young.
There is very little business crony kind tome
here, and one ball our mortis might as well be
shot up es not. Smarmier people are hero upon .
pleasure excursions, but none to spend money
upon merchandise. The lush of citizen. to the
country is beyond all precedent, nod a general
determination is shown to mote up for the loss of
test summer's recreative, to sadly. cut cif by the
Cholera, and the fear of it.
In the Stock market there is temporarily mom
animation, bot the rates are moderate and prier.
ally to complete contracts. United States 61 Of
1668, sell at 110; Pennaylvania ss , 9f2961;
Erie railroad 861 ; Erie Bonds 92, and Reading
411. Alter this meek a Materiel decline may be
looked for, as all mocks are affected by Erio, now
In temporary demand. Its earning. Ibis. month
will be ■ little over 8120,060 or twenty thousand
lees then June, a business equal to the crammer;
of the Company, but b. 31,000 abort of the ideas
upheld by the Speculatora. The accumnlatiou of
' deposits to oar banks is enormous and increasing,
and certain to Increase by the payments to be
made open a large amount of stocks on The lat
The Nicaragua mule to CaMints will be open
in two months from this date, should no eztraor.
denary accident incur. A. short •teem line will
Thisbe given to San Francine, less twelve miles
ride to post coaches, a ratio GI staging this would
be joyfully accepted by even the travellers from
Wheeling and Pittsburgh, east. Thin mist be the
mute, and the lehmc• line will be lest with the
until rid nothing leis. Arrangements are in pro
gress to do the government printing of California
in New York, and the profit I. raid to inn as high
'on tidy thousand dollars per annum.
Picot has receded a little and ran be had it
IF/A21.5,62 for favorite Michigan and NVettern.
The stock of poor grade. is rapidly increasing,
and holders accept any reasonable offer. Wheat
is in lair supply and firer, but marts grams are
Leavy. Fork stands as naval. Pratt. lard will
command 7 eta, but it nicely Ole best. Butter and
r.heeao arc dull, watt a tendency downw•rd. In
Iron there is again a dull market. Vg,-ClO, Bat:
SSG, and a large role of railroad bent at 820 de•
livered at the ship aide to Wales. Taber., L. in
good request at tug rates, with cone:deruble talcs
for consomption as well es en aproolpoo. C.
ilea just strewed lame additions to their
Imlled by Into pilekein from Fotope, grid to
• which they mold especigliy e• 11 the attention
of porch .... , believing melt very ellen
atocki. •tid lour prices will gig.
toll,. toughie:ion.
Of Pittsburgh
C HUSSEY, ..... --•A. W. MARNS,Suc..
Wise—No. it V. atcr street, in tie woranuee of C
11. CHANT.
CONIPAN V ow now prepared to insure 101
kind.. of nett. r.n Loom, inanufa,tori, gaols
mrel.andoe ttt glare. MCA to Ifolo , llll TOIRCI,
An unpin gartran., nor the abilny and iniegroy of
11. e Insniattuo, i• adOrerd to the character of the Di
rectors who are all notion. w PAtisborgh. welt nod
taeora/. ,
17 k no% n to the cm...unity fut their pri1..1.21,ee,
towlheenee, non h o ne.
011...11 , 11,—C. Ile.sey,
is ler, Wm. Lor
Inter, Jr, Walser I.:lyant, HochEdward
llcazelton. Z. Yaw), ti. Ilorbaugh, S. Al. liter.
°tee of Ohio and Sento R. R. Co, Third at. ?
Stersectraa. Jane 13,1.,:.0.
Tux Stockholders of rho Oita old Sennsylran.%
Red' Road Company aro hereby notracil to pay the
a lath intralment of flee Johan pop %hare, at the <dice
of the Company. as heretofore, on or before the that
Jay of Jane at at, and the IT id.talincrits of
sharp. or. or before. the 10tS
e.I rt 4 month. until tbe Whole aro paid.
ti WM LAKIIIKR,jr., Tt,lo to.
Restd op th• Poor Rod Ankle Citred.
fit. Riot-1 tun desires, of realms known to the
paids the treat offieacy of your PLTHOI.EU3II.
owe cats, what, won • Devote Dead of the font and
ankle; open removing the etoeklurt, the silo tooled
oil with it, 'outleft ?within: . bet the barn thrthce. I
expected to be late up 1.:1 winter trona the rued. of
this staid, bat we applied the retro:cam freely, by
'erotic era flannel cloth saturated with it: at Awl, the
application wee paintnl, hat in • easy abort tune We
pain abated. I hod tin pain in one hoar altentorda
111 free days from the time of the anneal'oa of the
Petroleum, I was ale to go in work. I tale pleasure
in attune three facts for the benefit of other tut:threw,
and em dectroui Clot they .build be Made public. I
would also state, that I find immediate relief by the
use of the Petroleum, to hurt, horn which I ant a
frequent theeter orentthit to my 1 / 1 2.11let• shoot ttrO
engute. I would recommend it Mg . the most prompt
and certain remedy for bunts I lave ever Imate.
(Signed.) J 1.1 CU lthyincer,
Pharpoltnrgh, Allegheny Co.
l'itteborgh, April. IS x.
Dar lame by Keyser to the Domell,l4o IVcorl street;
It R Seller,, b 7 Woad 25; Dill Corn Alleybenroityi
D A Elbert, Allegheny: Joseph Douglas', AJlcirbeny,
also by the proprietor, I 8.211. KIER,
opt] Conti Basle'. gentroth at, thtubrugh
1....7"T0 tug Arrucr,D —To 11..0 elnle..l with that
dreadful 8.1.1(pe to America ; tho Liter Complaint,
the proprietors of SPLanc's hirer Pill. arc happy to
alter this remedy, as at once complete and tare. It
has been tried often to all parts of the country; It has
been wad in the practice of the mcs.eminclit play
'octant, and almoys with triumphant sumer m In
offering - M.lm Pile to the public, the proprivort are
netoated by a &sae to alleviate human suffering, and
offer a remedy fur one of the most lefriblaJtstases,
which .Sall be within the reach or
-For sale bk.!. KIDD& CO, No CO Wood Meech
llNClpioVsnatalla an D.ntlltry.
DR. tl.O. STEARNS, late or llotton, Is prepared to
manuffartura and ,ct Tartu in whole and parte
I •pon Auction Or Atmospheric; Suction PIMA,—
rovril•Caz CVILIM IN INVIk illruiN-1, \lam the nerve is
axpoted. lMee and reeidence next dour in the Ala,-
or oilier, roan!, .tree,Pittelinrerx
Rana D. ItEßadilen. P. 11. Eaton. WO
Dit• D. WONT,
„Z• -,, ,; , • Dentin. Cnroer nrlnnirth
•' anti Decatur, to
Marl el Net nell-4190.
rpm F. Gucci Limo of the l'oor of the city of Pittaliorgh
J, to employ o Matron or Norte for the air A. at
(July Poem Tristanoniolc et character will be. r-
coned. Application to Lc made at thootico un Fourth
Street, at o'ciock until the Intl (mist.
LIT DOC( al the acting committee,
06m alba Guardians,
Pateburah, July 1,1,51.
Plft 1 FILIiC
No .dllarirt Jirew, Pittsblagh,
AA MA , UN & Ca, are now prepared to or, In
s tun c their goods damaged tiy deo lab Lee,
mood *W. may lin sound:
CIIICI.II slily datnagitil at el s; Neniture do 2to
h t(11{11i lassos dn. gordsillso,le to ln seine; Mons de
Lajusu do, J to IVO. ChltAhlll(ree do lit b 12ni Soon
striebu do 1. 4, 4-1 French prints do 12, ~ p ee Corbin
h o d 'b oss .; eeinounid do. tileonsuual Counter
pubs, I . 2- l au nu en.tra; hindering de Labe. n to I te,
Togetner with Our usually liege melt uf New and
['easel Goads at a peel Zed/abed Nina former pur e.
Irl _ _
IJAVINO Ole day taken George R. 141;arr7Into
won me, the bounces will hereafter
Lc conducted 111 th e MM. of It Bard &Co
inennau .10 [ow. KOWIT
llllLE i 9 ,l n o L r li , si o nd , Len i d n la m la t ? n r i . l!ldes, Lea
Co nierz' Tana, and Tanocrs. NO ion %V= r:ol,
TOOT teneivad--11 dozen Di Chat!. °mond, I mit;
it) Cto noitue,and los eale oy JOIULn. CO
Iru No Cl, 14 sirrei
rust , leeeiveC-1 Cozen Dr Geysen's Yellow I u,k
Ar — darsoper.lle, and lot sale ny .1 KIDI) CO
17 2 N0d. , Wo Id SDeel
VETROLF RALE GROCER, Produce, Forwarding,
yy sod Coinaasgtoti blerehaid, and bonier in Pit,.
burgh Manufactures, No MI/ Liberty moot, Ploriburllh,
Pa I
1)R. JOIIN MARTIN respeedully announces to the
citizens of. Fittatiurgh, that he hits pormitnently
ated housed' in Oda city, for the port.osn of auto
ttolnLldedicine and tiorgary, Lt ail its various brooch.
Ne. 1110 °Moo is on Fourth strett, No Hat. Ileslitruei
og7 same st. jrlsitrwthnor
in: owners and ennsignees of goods arriving by
the •Chttscast Portable Hoar Line," will ptsue
Mae notice that they wit be Inquired to pay insight
it oar warehouse, according to the receipt, Lenore
he gnsda aro removed. C A MAANULTV &CO,.
Nrw Year, July I
• The Pacific had encountered heavy wcterly
weather, for.tbe feet three and a bait daYe from
4..iverpool, accompanied by a heavy eea, but her
engines were not stopped. She was boarded at
sea by the tears snhooner at' the Associated Press.
Her can to Halilax was eine days and eleven
Ilenvy hats were pending in Liverpool, that the
Min would nrrive there on Friday night.
The Europa's news was published on Monday,
but hid no other effect than to rause a tritle more
activity in the market. The sales of cotton were
6000 bales at former prices, the market closing
The corn market was well attended by home and'
country millers on Thursday, and there was an im
proved demand fur wheat nod flour, at the full rates
of the pronoun week.
Indian corn has advanced 6cl per quarter since
Friday, at which improvement sales are being
roads fdr Ireland.
nynr-A fair business am; doingat the fall miss
of 'Friday.
Metals—There is more d and for mattfaciured
iron, and pricesare stiller. ,
Tin plates are in good de od, and prices have
abahily advanced.
Freiglibi ore without demand from last week
. . .
Money—Tho looney morect is easy. Accounts .
fryer the toanufnclurog thstricts continue satis
Political Intelligence.
The 11., of Lords was a scene of exciting de
bate on Monday night, growing out of Lord titan
ley's motion relative to the conduct of the Govern
meat in the Greek gram
Lord Stanley prelaced the Introduction of his
mot'on, by • speech of nearly three hour. dura
tion, is whioh he conceded that the leading char
acteristic of the whole transactions with. Greece
were prevarication and dishonor on the part of the
Ministry. At tho conelosfou of his speech, which
woo loudly cheered irr.ushect to delivery, he
roads a vigorous inpeal re the !tome, not to al.
low the mighty power of England to ho prostitu
ted in opposirgo weak end almost defenceless
The M eamis of Lindsdowne undertook • do
fence of Lord Palmerston, but with poor 1111GCCM1
es, on dividing, the Ministry were left in a mraori
ty of 17.
The bin for the abolition alba Lewd Liewenancy
of Ireland, palmed a atoned reagieg, by a large
m pj ail!.
'Should the nainintry not speedily . 'nip', there le
n growirg belief that a groat exhibition of ill Ja•
tione in London, will fall for want of foods.
The glowing war a throughout England and Ir
laud are said to look unusually promieit.g.
The announcement outdo on Friday, abut the
Russian Guacrnment had prntewed eitalnet the
manner la which Ito Greet ant, was terminated
by Mr. Wyse, war tally eqnfirmcd by the seentibt
subsctinends reeervod.
The Committee appointed to eau:tine the bill
(or increasing the salary el the President, ad vied
in session, the following regolation=that no. ztla•
orilinars credit of one milt;an id; hundred thou
sand franca Is opened tar the M river of Faience,
for the expenses Incurred in Ibig sod 1650, to LI
the installation of the President of • the Republic—
Ms expense being allowed, holt to the credit of
1619, and halt to that of 16.50.
Saturday, June fiS.
The newa of the adverse decision of the Coto-
Make on the President'. ulary bill, caused great
senaation in ;be Assembly on Saturday.
The Glohe emespondent is assured that the
Pmaident will net areept any 'modification of the
faun he has demanded; sod that ho regard. the
whale as an Intrigue ni the Lowbrows% got up
with. view of provoking• °rms.
A Cabinet council was held in Puri.,on Men
day, which resolved th;t the Minislzy should te
• go, is the event of the President's salary WI Le
tt g rejected to the Aasembly.
Funds weed •nimalzd,—fiven opened at 931
and closed nt 931.
' An ordinance for abohrtung custom duties b.
tweet, Aurtria and Hungary nas been published
Toe Lineament do not, however, propose to
list/lush their present monopoly In the Istsacc.
h.. Aron,
New roan, Jolt, I.
Runt—The market is steady and quint nt Sat.
Crtloty'• queltainne.
Gram—Nothing is doing in Wheat, tool the
market is weedy. The Parofie's Dews had a
curable inancoco nprot the corn marker, and prices
have an unarm' tendency.
Procioiona—The minket is doll, and prices ant i'
Groceries are rather dull—Nlolanes are hen ry
There ts rather more firmness in Coffee.
Nuw yogic, July I.
Flour—Floor in steady 'without say chimpc.
Cora—Sales of Gar yellow were wade at GI ati.
Noi them i • held a 16:11067 recon
for and 44134:1 for Jorrey.
Prc —The torrtrt max q•net to-day hail
we Wm: try rtmore.ia prtcdts to llotlce.
l'utr.inar.rota, July
Flonr—Sales of atautlard brand, are made. a
sod aurae better Wands at Ss , lstper bbl
t‘ , alea In city dealer. arc limlird at firmer ratrYt
Rae Flour and (I , re Meal-1 here I. little ditiete
In the,. a tiele. We quote at 52,57 e.
Grate—Tl o amount of wheat comic, Wilma Price's are need yat &Ilea for
yellow. 230brIC farther sale. have - been made.
Oat. are iu lair to riven. A tare of pure Venn.
ay lertoi• was 11.114, .(131.
The Pantile'. ',Ment have had noletrectod Ike
market except io eaten • Miler feelteg.m mama.
wWniakey to held at $231623 in bartatej and
5221 in khda.
Oalebration or the Fourth ofJraly.%l4so
vrErr le timi pam. nor cipenfe will he apasvil In
pparlng ibis retreat for *comfortable entertain.
int of oil who wish to sprnd their Fotattd in 11.
ipitte's celebrated Iran hand will furnish good
Music throughout the day and evening.
The riling Halves will be In resuirreas for id with
a Ish to ride retard swings, ten pan alleys, to., for
the umnitedoent of visitors.
lwo meant Limas, Hope No 2 and Phillip Daddridpe
will leave the Pat menet landine, near the 04 alle
ebrey I.ladie, ewer) half hour, for the garden/. Al
mma palica will , be on the ground.
dot. anon, ear dime (1211 1
_ ,
gar ponen whn rick. through unrinku, on 'Mort-
Ida, oaf., rat, r the hams of Jacob Weer
r, Jr • k Unthrt lla mama A. Al. W. on am
hmittle, writ ulnae return it la
.1 IL lIIELIAIII., hl Wood 0 recd,l , ll. , weeded rho
follofrom Aro. Xt.,:
011, Ray Can you •te oy the brothel holy light; dodi•
mod to Ilea. C Cook. Ob, think not lose I lows
ther. 'Manche aloon,l love thee. When other (donde
around thee The rot beneath the Mlle. W rt thou
bat mine /Snide Lauds—['torch balled. lbl Robin
, woods by. Elba Cowl, nue a by :Stephen ,u
Thou haat wounded the Pram that lured the,. Tha
Claws of Weutington The Iriek Mothers LIIIIIOIII.
Old Scztar.—Kuttal. Ile dorth all tile!.' well—
Woodbury, Widow "deduct —Ruetioll. Tertoottage
alloy tuothot—llutehinenns. Low liar Led club-Loner
Ell., Wieltort—toinploto. The Napa Doll. The
nodal ar Pleddinst Polka. Jenny kind's Autorteatt
Po 1. Ltasy l'iblo. Outten Aturricau Polka.' Tip
'lop Atneween Pole. La Rolle Idaltertorwitt Polka.
!cony Laid Polk. The Origins Siotlieh IPorke
Julie. Salutatititt Polka. k he; Polka. Inerphiuo
Podia Sunman Polk. He ...gel Polka. The Pro
phet Quadrille, --)ley e rime r Jenny Lind itoßldt i hoe .
rho wreath and DaLy Wel re --11 t. Knott'. The
SIMI. Drover Bus —saved/it u oy Czerny. hltinumout.
'townie from Home. Wow kor`e Daoptor, quirketop
.t.ouiewlle Match and (Jun 'Atop. "%owl Up, Quick •
ourtaleind Cluoulde copy•l_ j _
01L—stet brie Tanners , Whale 011; r
:an bele Towle& OR; I
q be • bleaebud grouter Elephant Oil;
Noto odla do do Whale Oil;
won pala whiter Spat on Oil;
1W lass I. , perni Candler• for sale bif
glodeoeto or • V.. &RI South Wharves, PUlladelptia.
at 1 1 . 7., ba . s . tran ,.. go, In poiroei order;
:ash two RaWan
• IX/ drum. Film
ho me Meteor Pontloye;
1000/ Peach and Tract tultets;
Joel rreelved •od too sale by
l'OlohlEß teSMI I III
b lotion Nu 3 &oath Wharves, PhoLtdelphia.
LIR EIRE BRICE bar sale by die boat load
ar.d KIER & JUNES,
111 Canal Ratan, liesepthstreeb
Alf It APUINLI PAVEL—Assorted sleet. te largo or
Ylf small loan.e. IV 51-OORBIIALI,
1860. Yore Pitt Works. 1860.
Corner of O'Hara .d Etna streets, Fifth Ward
Dlatietlettlas• •
THE firm of Knap k Totten was dimoived on the 3d
of April last,by the deetb of Wm..l.lTolleb.
Heel, jr.having purchased the interma of
the late Wm. d.l alert, In the firm of Keep rt 'rotten,
Ked formed a crapartnershlp with his broMee,Thes L
ep, they will continue toe bonnets of We concern
ander the name of keep & Ca., and; wtll aeule all
eWms againit the late Ann, and rename all debts sod
demands owing to the M. , " mattillor
wn g t . T . hri ty t :fo r , n evg l— .. C m ap . kA v ncl p l i e A t
us peT ietu r
111 F4 Wood It
NEAr rIMOKED lan ream and ropy.,
at WO per box, byMORIIM &4IAWORTII
/11 Earl me or the Maitland
rA AI) 011.—.4 brit trebly snd fOr 'ale by
•—— - -
OT lislf—AO cooks for sale 10,
close cotclen
Pinent, by 11711. JA1111.• DALZELL
C I T 11 1 ,11: AOlO-21) lbs Just reeclyed' j fl i s r liw c.
/ VANUA: POTASSIUM-8 lbo ree'd for sale by
& CO
14.Mt/LAMM-100 borreitYlsottlldn,
IVI IV do boobs Wound P. IL.
ou do Etel Mr, j
in store and for stir be
10 BROWN a 141411CPATRICK:141 Liberty it
S UGAR hhd• pima N. o.l3ogai,
12 do Clarklied, 10 stoni - and for see by
, • -
co h 7er.-.9?i.g.m:. I or tr•;,, tlifar itores 110 . !
Id ILO% a.
"na '/lIIIS-15 titian' In rlorn and for .ale br
bbh blackest!, • ilerrobc, '
to do Shad; so store and ros sate by
iittOWN.p. 11,11IMPATIIJCW.
DACO , — , O doz. — Cos and—rollow, aitora — and for
/b tale by
in nßown a in RICPAIMICIi:
tall by
Water IV. Plo2t w.
AOPS-10 bela* in atom, and will ba mill low 10
Mae compliment
TOBACCO-14 boles " roludexteo°vn rij --
.1 will be relit very . low to close consirrornent
Ljt.TAl4ll-10 eases on crrinlr
BACON HAMS for sale by
THEilistary afthe DlOsPers al Eng!dad 10 the R,ve-
Delon, 106. By Thartias Yowler Shun, D
Busbop of Rados eat/ Alan. '
Select Places (rem t h e Practical and Devotional
Writing. of Melia,' Dail. to which la prefixed a Mc.
mew of We AIII,iIII, Dy J. W. Mints.
Ecelesiastical Records of Island. Deland, and
Scotland, from the fifth century fill the Helocuanboa.
Dy Rev. R. Lac It. A.
Sermons by John Realist Massilon, Bishop of Clef.
moexao which la prefixed the Late of the Aulbor. fly
Rev. Win M Widen.
A new TrinHatlon and Exposition or the very
ancient hook of Jon. with notes explanatory and pros-
neat. Hy Rev John Fry, Hi A -
A History Or the Church of Christ, (tom the elr. al of
the secred 11.0011 re to oar own time.. By Re, John
Pre, 11. A.
Job and hi. Times, or a pittare or the Patriarchal
Age daring the period between Noah and Abraham.
By Thom.. ;Wenn..
Lecture. tth Eloquence and Style. Ri Ebenezer
Potter, D. ;D, Yn ' , Went of Andover Theologle.l
A History of t•.o March Erna It. earliest aura to the
Pertinent on. Hy Rev George Waddington, Dean Of
Durham. •
An Fianna:Bon of various passage. of Holy Scrip
ture. adapted to the ore of Remiiii (or every day
throughout the year. By Rev Joke. Id Smith, D. D.
The Beards Earn, or a remedy against all trnohl•.,
with a ousolatory diaeoure parteelaily, entire aaid
to mourner.. By edition Patrick, D. B.
Esalya on the distinguishing traits of Chriatian
Character. By Gardiner Spring. D. D.
For safe by • A lIENOLISII & CO
tyl 71rWood at
IMai before meturity.wo see females emaciated,
.1 end . the or complexion, and Orightnes.
of the eye, deportee. Though nos thirty in peso,
they bake ee of youth than they ought to pooms at
fifty. Why In that Drpressinii. of spirits, languor,
and general debility long confirmed, without seeking
results din an enervated cenaillittiop, and a train al—
which leall only he removed soda Chattered colt.
it:luliol3 restored. by some mild a 0111/d medicine;
whoselobla and alteration properties aro peculiarly
salted to slender and &hewn constitutions.
entimmusr, May 7 tern
Dr. S.ll Howe—Dear Flr—For nearly two year.
my wife hos been gradually dee:faint, *Mom any
Asc. e.--the syrup:ours, howsrer. were Xrit6lll Jr.
Wiry; weaknees; emeanional term paths, and Ir.
regularities of the eysrem, Oar family pkysielas
dually mid me trim there was no hope as the ap.
prime - long warm weather would be unfavorable I
now persuaded her to try Dr S. D. Ilese!s Shake,
Sarsaparilla, (Innen against her will andkt chsnee
was arson pereepriLit i and by the enema., ti•e or I
three' msnureounte stx bevies, her health was re.
stored, her wens,. and flesh regained,' arid she nme
ertio) i s mend and tabard neulrh No pecuniary cob
sideradon can ever repay the obileabon 1 Um under
you for rev:urine my wife to health, and I meet cheer
fully. recommend yror t.nly valuable Medicine,
SILO, at bt,fferell Ph. and Well:ern Unlr
ni.ure and...situ" e Jar Dr.S. D. 110 WES 911AKET.
smcwAh.villibi.A aid take no oiler. This Is the
only I that Lets on the Ltrer i KiOneys,and
Mood, at tse saran tame, and hence its singular caw
eacy .1.11C01:14
For aide by J. A. Jrinrs, J. Febnonznalier k
W. Mack. IL W Mean., J. Al. Townsend, J. biJhler,
W. Jac k son, FiliStnitßM; D. A. kJ WM, Afirgteny
R Manch. sterk P. Crocker, Drowns.
rine; and by DII. S. 1.) HOWL k Fropriuns,
Inlyl AA *oo' itoll<lo Hall. C10ck...11,1E
JAMr.. WILSON informs Ms friends and the pente
that he has removed Lis Hat and Cap I:Auburn
meat from Pulliamld moot to his old stand on the
corner at Woad rioter slid ' Diamond Allen (second
alof7 / over ('stack. tr.' if Mr/ }:1 c host e Office.en•
trance back. oil Diamond Alley—where may be Intend
• large and laq:turnable assortment at lists attl Caps
al reduced (sires, wholesale and retail.
Hata made to end,.
Religious Notice
Rev. Joan Dims will wench in the lit Ariociate
Reformed church, Sinn ' , trent, Vilma ra h,OO Sabbath
Plalinsi.)toninnig at ball pail to o'clock, and Der-
Yowl Ind Alto in Rey Dr. Pty. lelde Church
nliegtonry City in the canning, tit the usiiihtionr.
A CRO V IITANn on. Peon street AllO,
litre Il.ugAttte to let: Apply no the preoute
No 15 PCIIII at.'
Dwelling I foe Dent.
A TIIRCE ratiltY Crick Dwell.. Lion. •
youth Common, a few doers vieot of Federal su
Ilrgh my City, will be reined .4 pone... give
110•Ledi 110 ly. tritium of
1•Z":113 • De. T. P. DALF,
34000 1.-13.0F1T
A NV P. 4 on to engager a ra.alaelare
that wul yield tem profit ou a small capita., may
moms at thie ethre. with rem name. mating
where an interview may be two. metbelt•
I " k t' ig o iran n t er Et7ne " l ' l h o ' n ' se " 7l7qit L c ‘ a -l let ta "° c o o l m o e l. (O b i! '
wasJ, Now motip, Pay fin dill sal . ..meat and
talselbo.6lls ama)
tif VW. MOI.II. Antique, tooraved, Gilt Chips,
SOW 'Shit Fr knout Gable wel d , allot Ww prlee
nt 01a l i tainad. Cati and ace
101' 11. ENGLISH to ell, No 71, Woo 1 PL
'Ft adlcal (tail Stircletall Modem.
Or I'. NM , N. Al. u. tonntor ctf Puilade.ptia, and
1. • law of It.w Mt, var. planate in an
nOtl/1[11:C that he ha• tottatedl hitn.en
c r am permanetly in
Pittsburg!, for the purpose et ptach,og the .
Ittaneht• of out butgent. Calla promptly
attendrd to at all limas of the
day and night. (Ace
and ref ideate No 1491144 meet, °e.t.a amid:l4od
and Grant.
it traatlcra—P S'ar.ton, Kari., Fourth at; P. Kay,
r .ud I , l3l.toger ' Woal s.xtet; tl
Aprsta f e L ary d pro.rre.Peort
i irtl,llB Ft5Ll-5
s 4, eo Twat,
Jon received rind for gale by . •
iced Will. A. fiIeCLLIRO &C O, VrA Lobel ty et.
o6n tuvrt.nuirgue eTi.Ti=7.olTv77.c
vWMelee lor old by
Spet, ,clo
t+. ammo. Mould, do.
Dspood Co.
W. 51. A, AIoCLURG & CO.
- The splendid and
fast running BLCRELlti al at i
WILL leave the foot of Put street every boar
ounng the day, 1,171121011ri11g ate o'clock, in the
morning, tu.d riming all II at night.
Will be on board daring the afternoon and eveniag.
Melodeon Plano with two tttt• of Reeds ,
JUST received at the Ingo of the Golden limp, one
superiorr 6 °el.,
M elodeon Plano, tub two relit
of the Intent provement The above is
proliahly the finest toned instrument ever agreed for
rale here, with a Light- finiened and elegant exterior,
for sale by [joe7 l. 11 KLEMM
13ROPriSALS will is received antilJaly sheath,
1. tor Dui a Polite flohnol lloasa to th e Third
%Vasil of Al:egheuy city. A plan and specifications
may be seen at the °dice of John W. Lars, corner of
the Diturionil, Allegheny •
'l' I. AIeaIILLAN 4
11. It hIIIWILY, }Coco or &lard.
JOllll 111W1Me,
nonhvaT LOWRY, Proprl•tor,
Punic 47.rv, HolliZrysburet, Pd
ENERAL 131:AtiF; OrkilCE—Two Daily Lines
ijr of Stages for the Rant and West; also the fteefonl
Stage leaves his house. Jel7:dlm
Glaegoto, Pa (sosilh'e Ferry Pine OtAIV
Having ermanend, located at this late, ane
end substa p ntial Wharf' Boat, we are pre p pare to r e.
trite and forward promptly to all points on the river,
and Bandy • nil Beaver or 041o*Canals. B 3 Co.
Glasgow, /ono IS —meld
Dr. .1. Mason's Sarsaparilla. or Indian
Panacea nod Blood Partner,
HAS been cilenanyely axed for IS years by the
Doctor in en extensive practice, and la con&
drolly recommended to public for the cure of all
Impei Ines of the blood and general debility, rheum.
twin, dyspepair, gooshs, broncila, dropsy,
nervous at general imbilityocinalo complaints, TOCrt
conal sit ow, sores, or moptiona, and dis
ease of thet . 4lo, miter, , liver complainia, in abort
for ell impailtiea itto b and. 111
lied may lie tilt soder any CiOOLOOlthillOO • With Mt ,
f ee l Itrepand by SAMUEL K @Antral, Damns
more, MI b For sate, wholesale end retell. by
sel7 57 Wood at
DR. J. J. MYERS °tiers ht. professional sertnees
to the enact,. of Member, add vicinity.
Office and restnerce, for the present, at Rosedale,
in Manchester, maned." ly above the U. S. Marine
MEMIRS of the Reign of limy Geome In. By
Horace Walpole. Publiehed from the original
lUrrftl, with notes by BM Denim Karelian; I vela
Nle lathe* Ilium of Rome, abridged fon:mike larger
work, and adapted to the use of school, and college.
B 4l7triat ' i; i T wos,
[ea of B tbe C. Chatian Church. Tran
s lated a
and compiled from rho works of Raoul, with nttier
.s addittons by Roe. Lyman Coleman.
The London aletropolitan ?gleaming 5 eels, Ruled.
eon edition: .
The Life of Wm Alexander, Earl of filitileg, Major
General In the Army or the United States during the
Romladon, With 'elections from hi. eormapondenee.
lty hi. grandam. W.A. Duer, fr.L D.
the liPtirlo Rule of Penh and Pruden. Ry Wm
Goode, hl. A.
Remains of the Rev. William Jaekkon„Reetor of
Rh e Pes Churc
che h,
ese lomi s, rol/e. Re ntue k y, with a eke te h
of hit life and
Memoir of the Life of the Per. l% m. Wthe, IX
Bishop of the Plotertud lipmeOpal March, Penney!.
rania: O/ HIM Wtlaon. DD, Professor of DilrillitY
in Genetal Theoleeleal Sernlnarfc
hiloceilaneotte Keeae• and Dieconnes..lty Mark
AU. Pereident of College.
I..ovres &habit rgh alogasine and Prolemont and
Pdocetiono.l fewest, 2 volt.
. .
A Course of Lectures an Dramatic Art sod Liters.
Imo. Isy Anatuaus William Schlegel, translated by
J. Blank, Esq. On band and for sale by
ON '
A /I
P. W. ,GATES' •
TDESE DIES hoeing been adopted and highly approeed in slime itincipal shops in IsTeor'YorE
and.Ditihidelphia, are now offered to. manufactirners, machinist!, chip suds, gte, with the utmost core
jidenee, as the most perfect article in usef or Cutting screws.; - ~ • ' , .
Their adpehoriry ore any other Dies heretofore use#,, consist* In their cutting a rims,
See eu.,ahetber Vor sgt: I: thread, by ears parsing over the. iron tole cut, which require no Aenutri”i•
or previorapreporotion. a the dies cut the thread out of the sirlid iron, Without raising it in the iron;
in their greater durability, rapidity, and perfpctiou of work; and in their aimpliniir and hole liability
to get out of rider. -. ,
z 1:
. ' Corti Imp
P611.Ani111 21 . 11 , M. 17, 1849.
Thleis to certify .hei we boos Peramod ham P.
W Fates the right of ealeg hie Petgut p , “ for tot
g h.lte In oar Opinion, his ton are mach rum
tier no any others we are ecolainted onto tor the
Paps. or cettlog bolts.
.i m td . n b rt m h ,, s i dP r lV ‘h. G rm i te t " a' ut. l7 l"n e e tenr ' Dles7in:ti el ei rd ni t
01, .. ',ire eon in every respect recommend them or
the term., a. we bays held MI oilers asset
th', ttalf.n. to far superlor—eormidrrieff 'I.. P"
cent.. <keeper Man any others now in sae. '
Venn Works., r.
This is to certify that We have purchased the nebt
to ute,llllli adOPltd in ICC busmen, P NV Oates! Pa
tent Hereto Cutter, whistles highly qprtm•fr.. t "
can do much ionic Week, end We eeththe th tar
ps, in dersbilnY sod orecision,ss =rich as econontY
of Saber, any dies known to es
ToetiElt h htOlUillSi
PritlonSanii, Oth trionth,Vft day. 1t49. !
Sitar Vv., Avg• 19,1849;
Baying adopirO r. W, ii.uo.Patentblet" for ea 4
tine botto, yen toile pleliaere to aaylne, that it tre,;re
than µomen 013/rxycctations, end bare no barite.
ono lU giving It Ilk oar oplalon, that It far este* aSI
Other I.:an in prorent as for eatneg
We have P. W flatita..ratent Dies , ' far coning
erten., and the o-rosecalt Of octet them I. to very
onn•ldetahle, that no Icot upon them as it dist:non
bit to every oatahlialtate4l baying say itannuty of
sonar. to tel.
racruiticic, (JWlh co,
C.1.A., htey 10, it o.
.oxonawcs.Or•tott, Wistrittol4l4 &Pt .40.
I hoer patehased of W. If for the Uritad
grate,, Inn right to axe to oil the afiontal• and amt.
WIL./(11111111 NASA.
yoUirrif t. , Tromr, PA-
Tr, 11 ,1' 4 .r;TP,'441,„'rr,„ 14 ,;:r,.^,14:;,}4 . ;,:az , z
frapectfillY tobrit oltam the pebtOt baGtv.aro
flit trace by Klein% Pia fell Internat. to tha berricebb
to male the bosun a pleural end eutoryttsbie retort
fur the down. Yits•tbrch sod for
41t ttatArer
Good aderutont4 be in Weider. rood cirri Yr•
eaten made as tender to ettoblia lowa Wsrilefifleo
Cott nut nonce end trernit of an intelbgeht eorrobiritty
Um-TWO lIPACIOIN4 JULIA, fitted 'ter Yortinr
Convent, Lederer, Bolts, and patitot ireoerfiotet
be 1.1 by the +mode; or Weer, an lot fite CO.
lot other la the atty. • .
Tee GAG ono 11l It rAlrflotr.T. el"! )1 tiler r - it‘
beauty to any in the world, sritt tor kept hirartroor
with Earn Winell, ekrito J1,07.14,0c C 011,119 rolfir es,
Aieti end all the cab 111 , , Itorerhatr s otroic.itcota.
Ihnubry, !taloa, Pin, %sap, liyeleif *AA Come,
oeteed up le the nett rib,
Tho DIfiGNO and IftgClittAll 41.00 N, holey no
:doortr, and tray or sere oit,wril be corterutrii
earthed We b All 11.0 I.oZ3tles amt lw:icrdte4 Mf
ler noart, and 113-0,•/01...,L L
Itnabling by the dal, erct 11, or year ibleners or
Pante" for ladiridalir or yanice, fat whied roe Alta:
Cientiems<o With their rascilier. visiting *reit, can,
be eavylied with primal:newt of ail kinds at :my knot
0 , itir oar,
Good Stabling and an estertoetrelivery Fatah
nieqc is onneeled moth the Gail.
Ihnaer at I o'clor Break ma sad lea at the westbore.
Ftntranee tor ro the tee dram and Dioing
Saloon, Noe: SantilSold tuner
Unruh- 20 - casts City Cored Medd Wslaldere.
.1./ received and tor tale by
jets S. & W. lidli6&L,Cll,
rlAwls—la casts Sun. Cured Canvassed 11. m.,
..11 Just received .nu or sale by
Gf Ektiv.—Lro boxes Cream Meese reed
el for mile k. BARBA COIL
TOBACCO -23 Legs 6 tart si just reed for auto by
1601115321, LITTLE & CO
CILASS--131) Lis 6:10 iudow - (BM; -
50 Lit tOild . en do; for see by
R 061593, LI ['FLY: & CO
bfls N C Tar just reed for sale Ly •
QOAr—lo bie just received tor sale by
T.)ACON—BI coals Roos;
4 casks Sldts;
eacks Sonoldeve;
Cl,k• AfiAott•d, to arrive, far sate by
Je23 Water & Front str.
rittllAlia?- , 3 Intl to arrive. tor sale by
1 , 1, ) ,S 11 All DI • i
l-I IIIIPAr le CO •
4011lir..1" A D LAND PRIA S-72l dr: dress,d with
0 wool on, a Leaman' orpele, to arrive. for eat: by
C ORIOE DALL-10 es ST • S'xilv mall silk
iedi 5, , , _ ll A. Ft.tiNtSDAla ACO
ISOCHIISrISINGLat.Sta-Sheet and .hied, for sale
, GLASSES-11 lrls N 0 illoSistsli.•
1 . 15 brls Sir do for rite by -
11.1.113150 N, LITTLE A. CO.
je. 235 Libeny.rd.
• --- •
QUGAR 1101:SE MOLAESSE—LStorts just landing
for ante bV J S DILAVW(Tet a CU
/4 UM AHAISIC—II/0 lb. sorts for RA. by
. •
OKKAICTARTAR—ibbO /1 , . powdered. for osle
Hand Company.
pith; etnei holCc re tte _tied ;et nttetut tt
A tor Yrr.ideot, ou r Ittaneeet,, a Tauturre 1.1111
Secretary, In be held at the roma. al the Company
tiotta cud orchid Bridge,. the let Monday of - Jut s
d I,'lletorren Um Lowe o(3 and 5 o•elnele, V. M.
lehettlit WM MORRISON, Prteldeln
SUGAR -_9 Illair N. 0. Sugar, a prima articir,in
I. fore and kr sale by
Fla• 1311,ighaia.
111URPIIN't 1111tICIIFIF;LD invite the otientioa of
the lode, to.their assomment of neat ety!es of
thnelanms, light nod Mork, including room of the. Bunt
qua'lly of Frcurt, of Oa mon dunble colors; also,
brown, blue, and otter shade. of Brocade Cingunms,
new article—at north can eonser of Fourth and
glorket streets.'
Lawn Pattern Prhata a
1L of new end
led Prinn
of Lawn Datiezewori very fine col
lothe, at the low price
of inc;lncluded In the aatortmeal are pica, eide:
bad: hod other colon, Jed?
SALTPETRE 3i ruck. erade :to arrive, for sale by
led? Frent & Water ito
SOUR FLOUR — I 9 tale .aitabla tar starch or sistag,
. IfirirGlLLS - fr. ROE .-
1;a Yellow, atom: and for wile by
C (4
. •
arcu.Ls & ROE.
Thud area, appetite toe Post Office.
rpm: Vale of •Cedars; or the Martyr. Hy Grace
• Aguilar.
Ramon Shakspesre, No 19.
Pietorial Field Book of the Revolution, No 3.
The Prefemor'Y Lady. Bythe author of t•Village
Take, or the Week 'Retest , ' translated' by • Mary •
Bohn's Nets Rend nook of Games.
LlnelPs Living Age, No 319.
Old (Mk Chest By fi. P- R. isms
Nerve! Nestings; or the Frigate m the Offing. ,
sox on hand and for ;lie by
ja2l . WICK & 11.1eCANDLMi
PRA NUTS-G 3 seeks mend rare for sale by
C ANVAtISEDII&SI4--130 foilstle. by
pson SALTS-10 io/Inlo,lollo by
QCYPIIE KNEATIIK,Audaz pausal, far rale by
r'lllll7l l .'N by
CHEE2kI-10% enW RTheeft-,
44 las extra Cream Cteembror hale by
FLOUR—TOO barrels for itato •
DItY HERRING-200 bd. TeciiitTanie6
itv , WICK tr. Me CANDLES:4
e6tllliii - irdia7l -- TT - --•---- '-
is tisk& ellica;.. :
6 casks snorted, on hand, for r.
to clone. • 113.6.1A11•DICKEV k. CO
- . Water I Front to
HEESE-73 big on bend. for gale by
. ,
nOPA VARNISH—ID good mai Ity for gale by
4.-1 ;en
KERRINGS-21) brie on !Anti and bir snln by
GLUE -43 but rely for hy
• di Wood o' • '
ENEMY— icega ...darted;
krzs best London for %Or by
C K SA bits for tats by
AA. MASON a CO. No Oi Mittet .ireet,vill ibis
. day open, !tad are..preOast d to shove they Moods
•nd the pebble their etteution. as tionteely, Jen
VAS V INDIA CAS, OR OlL—iflar auperior to it
£a bait American eotd pressed nearly flee (re ,
taste or smell, Into gal ears, far into be
je27 . .1 SCUOON.SIAKEit & CO
_ -
013IN--.50 brio No I, for Kole 14 -
B. E. Corder et Third dard Ma dre ALL
J. Spansy.
tlgrni for the Irwo.neg , Co. of
(ir Compaul No.
ti r i l tTat o e f tge:i: ' l , 7sTiorgi:. ° " "
rsphets, wish all necessary Inlorcoalian,_aad
blank 10IMB be be landaed. •
ilasbanas Cun Insure their that for We benefit of
thols wives wade... Vassal t h01i..4.1 then
• •
The whole prohts of tho compeer Ke'aiaa.a
among the holders of Ufa •
The eividende of the pea two yeaii hen, he ' ell et . h•
le err etteteeeh Jeb3
FLAAIR-1304c1.$ P Floor, in .tere, for tale by
rll. W0c.1.1
LEMON SYRUP — Jestpreparedatel eale by
We fan or bottle, 8 N WICKERSHAM
jele Cor{(oodß &sal IN
rie.endr' r the rapervioien the. DePangs.n., P. W.
Oaten'-Parent LW!' far eauir g .crew. on metto,th..,
having Teen tried intsso of the large arsenal., and
found to he very etfaciect and exeettent
A. TALCUM, Col. Ordinance..
Btu 011 YI lea S ep Dons,
Wasurgolon, t- 2d, ism. S
Considering Gras Patented Imp oyenteat lor tat
tine atter. c n Melillo be a valuable one, I have, by
wtthority of the Honorable Secretary hi . the Navy,
purchased of the Atierneys of the Patentee, Wen H
' &cell le, and Fameelhlover, k She tight to nuke
and use said imptoreisent for the U. r. Navy. •
:JOtEPII SMITH, Chief of Hamm,
In an also i,y ~ .
Reese & asiday, , ltoell este_ ,r
Damien & Co, Canner-tn. r,.N. Si.
Hu wood & Border, ti ehneillii County;
Ditheek. New.Yritkl, • ' •
Ito. & Delimott,r. 0 Pecenix," N. It;
it K. Dunham 2r..1..0, New York; '
Dear.. & Co, Mon eat Warta, Mit;
. Von Curen,litorlie . sler; .
• Mott & Allies him York; .
' &Hour Works , :do.; , . .
Pease & Marikyil do; • '
West Point }canary; , ,
, '.. Norris & Pro,/sdelpb . .
A Jenks, Breedesburgb, Ps; .
Witiorstitt & Noson, Boston and NOW YOF*; . •
LomeliMaeldnabhop, Lowelt;
Antooskes_ ,c Co; N.theste_ ,r N If; .
Lyman b. Benldr, ttouth Boston, r ..., •
and numerous other..
, . .
,No' I. Modune,ld eti:di so &00fi4 to 2 in, pet. 6130'
0., Ido 2 , do ito 11 pries *IA•
tio3i , Jo , ...I , ;', do lin I, Vies !.1:0'
All niers andr.sed to P. W. us'', cworo, 0, •
B. Donna, New Tort, E. D. Marsbelt & Co, Plots..
del tint, and U. U. i , ..,tue & Bons;Coir ago, for Dies,
and Tops, orb h. ntwithout unienlnes for stn[, thew,
will meet wilt, prom !Mention. •
Cutcom, May' 3, 1930. 'lotdOns :
, . .
OPe.ri DAILY; trans d A. Ar. rill 1 0 P. 211
A4to4•ltlo to Ittostiot and Lecture iteen3,73 costs;
Moto - nod 01014 IO cowl extra.: - • la
I,ollllurron 11111,•PITIIIIURGII,
szl a. 127 Wei.d Street, above' Fifth.
;1 0 11.41re , ndut cgabh.tipent a mem offered for
gal:. I: t r o Allnirotqr erre esged for Colwell:,
40414 tA:ii:.; ke. Foe tem% sop!, to
orrar;le - • 117 Woods:.
bitrel• prime lad retei•ed
59f 6'/ .• , 8 ri WICKEILTUAN
. .
• .. • Car Noel Pink rt.
. . _ ...
c'fF ley
wed* 6WI 04;4 67
rip 'PEE-47114U Bi4srrnatv
*old; I - WOOL
MBE iabest m. yr trite to wul be paid for
I :te ditrsunt, panics of Wool, by
St. %V lIARtlill.l6l7.
CiANYA22.4CD lIAALS—Ii ice mmeGer. for bele. Ay
l imbe • ' -
tyitiON.—se casta IMMO
.._ Sboalliereqn iteArer
U iMX , • i.. II GRANT
. ....,. _
LOCISVILLE_LIHR-700 Eels Roan White lime
Cnr *AM by ~;: timbH ' CII GRANT
re ; Bidwell), I. qc,
riIIEESE-83 bi
(orate by :
FIRE: ILICK-10,c0 in awe and for +ale by
'D Jean AWN !MOULDERS-20 colas for solo by •
°O :gt't,Oj iARBAVG ,
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