The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 02, 1850, Image 1

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W H 1•T;E:;11; .0 0 "• •
D. It. wnrnri Is. scour.
aauris am" ramp .irmEcr. Rift root TO
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..oui4p -
Tn. tee , T .,.....--............••
Weekly, 'le edvanee).............
Do. to Claba at a iodated rata -
Dlr Ti El rivrimpuon rams.
One 9qm th,(lolines of Nonpareil or lets)
one I turtle. •----•••-••••••
One Pew re, each additional inserrten• •
-• • 0,2 S
Do. one vreek • ••••••••••••••-••• LIS
Do. two 0.00
Do. , three weeks•-.
Do. • one trionth•;••••••••••-•-••••• •rate
' Do. two months 7,00
Do. ‘, three monnii.•-• .- 4 -••••• SAS
. Dor ,7jour months
Do. ' RIZ menthe.•.; 12,02
' Do. twelve monthe•-•
Standing Card IS lines or keel per Mmes. 10 A
One Smarr, ebne.genble at plena,. ( K r en.
nnin) eieJusi ye of the paper-•••• t 2,00 •
For each Iddl [local 'square, Inserted ever one morl,
ano for ceekadditionsl , squens Inserted enderthe yew
171,11:=1:;Meee.ling a Mein`, knd “ e?
Stump line. to be eb used asquere and e kelt •••
ashers not necounuble for legal a
beyond the amount I:Marv:4llM their pubecatio.
Annomming eandidates for °thee, to be Miura We
nme ae other advertieement.
Advertisements not marked on the copy for • „
led number of Insertions, will be connate till forme,
and p m eleresected accord, e .,, ,An ig
41'1YPejtheregr''rtroill wt
tteemeets not pertaining to their icrula *.S
egreed Mr, to be paid arms. five
All advertisements for charitable tortt e ono,
saro n g ' liTe, a io 4 e ' l=d ' A b rf e = ebt=
Marriage colle•J tie be Che 4 0 " . " .
Inserted writhostehmgenaleinaccout,
panled by funeral Lennudldes or oblmery,notkes, and .
when so accompanied*. be Paid do.. • •
Senator advertuers.end • sit cdels sending emcees,
McMinn., or reel king 'oees dertgartl to call &set
tle's to Fake, Soiree. Concer m ade ny public enter
teininents, where .charges a r e
for adatittence
all notices of inired umecistions-seem • notice der
signed to cell attendee to privete entreprace entente
' ted or &mended to promote , individual Interest,eut on
ly be Inserted mita the %lade-unending that. the elate
is to be ma for..lf.bremled to be inserted la the lo
cal cohort:4 th. same Will- he charged:et the titto
mot 1,00 thee 10 cent? peel,
Frisbee or Fist Nonc* to by charged triple price,
Timers Lkense Pettiest., S 2 each. •
Legal and Blake] advertisements lobs charged st
fell Fleet,- •
Rost Runts Agents' sn. Sdscrtise•
meats not to be classed under yearly eves, but to be
allowed discount of thirty three and one tkirdpereenk
Goo the *mount of bills.
snrmtiroz Is.antril.V vs.u.'t
Oats ECtsre, three theertione• 01,
r De. each additional - insertion •.. 9Y ~;
Junsrn.r•lnrtTs al waxen rams.
Clue Demme, DO line.) one •nsertion ot.
Do. cab additional trieertion-
All tmusientedvertisereerits lo be paid in edvenee.•
• WHITE k CO. Omen.. • •
L. lIARPF.R, Prot. ,
'JAMES I'. DARR k. CO, Ct•roniela
. • OSTER& Dispatch.
JOB. SNOWDEN, Mercury. •
Prrasimad, Dee. 1, tErs. Exerting Tribune: •
JOIN[ 1 re.raciNkort,!:
LiERBIA.St,-Fl'llt Ward, Penn street; between
°Mara and N atant. All banisters prampuy at-
TTORNEY AT LAW—Office, on FOila arett
obe Wood. • • nail__
DAVID C. Turrtx, -
A TTORNEY; AT arid • Commiarioner 'fay
Pconsylvania. St. Iruir, Mo. -
comulnieutons prompUy Its.reted. • '
JarTVI- Large • "
I&AUCIE & 7111LICAD, ,
TTOTAITCYtt AT LAW, Fara arta nar Orate:
A TTOENE;Y AT LAW—Oeme as Fourth *yea ,
Abe Me n Staafiel6 and Grant, riniblirel.
1 3 . 4 ,,,,,k, Nom, -- , , Wilt lens Batmen 1
PATTON & N datiMELL, ,
A "ITO IiNNYB AT LAW—OfGre Inidgionszt Rai'
AGrans as, near the Conic-Noes. . leb2-
a and dewlap School Booksellers and dealers
at, kinds of WrldepOTlndeso and 'Meriden . Pa.
per, No. 19 Ward street. between Fourth and to
mood Om TL'‘''."
. •
TrOltirET and Coe:moiler at Law, ard Commit.
Astoner for the State of Peeinrylvania, Si. Lon*
Sate of Pittabant&l • - ~• • -
Itafereuees—Plaaborglit Ilea N. srware,
tees &tiller, Wardle., IkleClare, John E. Parka,
yr. A. wocrovrweb-• . .... •-•-•-•ItAL 1111 • 4
112ee No 47t Martel rt ; a
• - -Pittsburgh Alkali Work,. , •
no[ Sada
MillaftlElT, DERRY & CO, Manofaltstro
_LP Ad& Olosebing Pow den, sna Bololluzle
Adds. Wtrebooso --, Waterstreet,boowFon7;
R m e
lutoree Relay.
iarSROVd 6E. jul:
60160E10N roavr xet
rIODIViSSION MEELCILLNT,Stook sad 11 mr 111 Boa.
No II Secood meet. tt. t.dly
Vii 131.131111 liptiltiolll, &ad DOB'
otaMAN. lIMIAIAN & CO, Manalietarers et
CCoate and vaiElle svinp. Hammered Axleh
timing and 'Moue sit 1; Iron, kr. Warthog
wafer and From eateryPitutmenk. ,
" "
Also, dealers In Coati. Tarnaungs and
aoti.l mild
AYLINSTIrtr 100ROZE111, la pro-. I
Cl9l7:ta ri
r yakn==rge!
1.0_25,251,A1.0.i.ybunctt. .941803SINITFAI,Tor•ram.m and Coos.noton
C!Wf.:VV.& CO, P0r5..104 Com
alsolan Sloscants, Canal Bum, Piusbuntlit
ri Gllerr,Wholosale Grocer Conunisaton and
iorlrarcling file reliant, No, 41 Nam at, Yhts
In kiirk6 Fleming a-
1311i4451:14,alicPpICIIING dit
Igi CO.,
°mosdetWVlX,E•ad Gran Gog al.: ' ,4 l l:afeng in
klado of. Tailors, Trlitlfallipj, rig 117 Wood in, 4in
4°. a% 2T. "4: 4:Xilik ejOhaem .
MAU I. 11C(Kirt..
./11L a:yawn.
, r
t TlEVigrt, (We liailish, Gallagher .
JD 4- Ca )Vilioiniale Grocers, Counniaalan and V.
grartanS aterninmay and 'Weer , ' IP rrOdUo l s and Puts
bunt idanarsetaaa No. 31 Wood at., bemoan gd and t
7d nraata:
lUThielVettant.N. N'grd*unew.i. Pittabuwmit...l
et sotd(nCe" ' to* Cant,
it. ScaLD, Balumare.
Yi t rmoron, IDWAED It AUS naiads; ,
rarthiNori:47,4l:es ()ytplaistuta taco-'
otantstu,Nor!hy7fla et, 1c NorthVihxjai
-Er,,ittIrJONIM & CO, o.enrers
I on ATIMAIALL. • • ,
' • igre..os ire boors =LA
rpeALTER & _Roder In 'French bad AMICTIC. Pa.
retpangibri Obil,e,,,rt in4blor 13Indet v Flre
P 4P411.4 teirAVAl Cie iXI
.1.X...!!w. as tay, rrbst Ade, ritilhaigh, Ps, :
Th,Byprd, isjthitS, Oaf. Vsr i art b ri i °
Virh64 wa
tt. 000
.• • 1
inithSti 1210.021
i t f " 1120 dote r IV; ea
re ' 2 ' ll ritUatt
12•121 I otelsr, • Eosin Win •Z:t . :
IS alai
gtlelese 1619*rkasosters llsTroctneZr„,:46b
V. In v .
12e 31 Fr i l la 9'"w',.10.4
Yija/..1;. deSq-•
It. TOWN - Stip, Dn. -21 mt Arolikst7
No. 65 Matta ri,tbase <lours above Third et: Pitts'
basih, Will have math,. etathet selectsd as'
wortugot of the ben awl realms% Ildthelaa,vrhteh he
mat wsll 02 the rnt maeunts t4rms rkiaalarts
ending be mcn
tot ahotsCad to, and sap.
ci.a with uieletS , 9: . 1 1_.yrn as tss , hbtL__,
...%tgren oll7l : :+r *Sti •
Aloe lot r adeovlstrli!sc_ l !ft Ruh sad good reefs
i-friWi-"/". ' Oath Si Warrmut a .,..
I& • owe cod rorpronlidd Sighwtewholcsaio
trgir.6bw, LI w K;;g1,44.`",e,,....„.u.r. tad
sue ckpbetWO.stfUlarlild 11. , 1 . *d Wind . tpag:4r *ter
__IPL----4-.,- _,-!------- --. :,
IrOtiNSTON & IS* 0--"TGOI, Gookneders. pp,* • ,,,, L
0 sod rape; Atddractorers, N 0.44 Altatt SU - '
ritubute.. • • ___ .gt,
-.1;512.1 _,.. ittekord ,
T & 11:1•Ledlidi, WbblesGo Grocer*, C,olatoluldr,
Moralr, , add - Deaden In Plods . , 14.4
taros* Grdlence, fronting on Liberty, Wood an
Earl *maid, tiarbspr k l 1...,_ 1$
knellTdVoitc"Ar 4 ° . F 4l • l l, d t— t . ) , 4 tr,A
fIIgIL ,vrirga nojlgh ,1:174 Pe.lnre '•
3 - t67,UVAl,lcl,trn,o‘t-77-Aill.kt
on ern corder .I Wraccrcod g r ol**6•l4 id,*
3 Idcrriell;Lon litl-Co,'CtrorTdd*forr I,l—e-reant7.,
end Moat otitis Ert. Lo.*Ste,roll Saver Ref/nray.
;do drwratat arOW Crectstmis,Pitutbargla.
11 - 050 orrr &K & GO, Wholeislo Dreg:Ads,
• Sid B. Vr4 4 . 2 dt*Od%r littOlkah•
r • • 111.
- I
1 OHN IT. 'MELLOR, Virholesale deale r
Jin !Angle Alnsical 11111,40.1 and
Papt Stecl adirrti.TMgrrlN,
tn. tionnty renerally,No, 811V0,0041
- -
eirCinik.lTZE34 xr pittyvehar=
" • ""1"" 4bleTtibra, W
Wend preasptly to 00 ,
at Greece COUIII4" , , 440(.70
__tea` --
._ _--,
• Irrinirtsue Iron Works. • •
vEnd TIALZELT. k CO, • Mane& etttrera of al
alses Ttar. Sheet, Seiler boa and N 0111 et the bee.
ot v y. Ware le, 64 Water and 1 0. 5 Front strer.t
' •
Wad Miller, PiCad.' • RikeLso Pd
Vetol e esileG roc ers. bargh.
tVI lorPorters eI /Inn:idles. Wines and S.gars, P u s.
In and 13, cotner of Lamm , and. Irwin strew, •
bargb, Pa. ken, Naha, Cotton tiams, tce. d. 0., den.
stantly on hand. . • ap4
John hrCia. rsl o•
itri:l3eoßhE,NlrrirAit.ife ; tn l iFt r offr6li
41011 E. dirlitiTL—WOßßii—At3ls—BPSlNd
&SAO norm, • roan v. Vers.
of Wing and blister
_mo MX t,
Neal, stool plough wings, coach and slip
tenblenls=, r e a ns=l:g " , VrlV=
ruerAY,enroor ofitoand i' s root 02.., Plttabllqo
110LNIES h. SON, N o Aktrket st,a icon& doar
• front corner of youth, dealers to Foreign and
esde Btlis of Exchange,' CeitiSeaies of Vevey;
Bank Notes and Specie. •
EXCoteletions made on -all the principal cites
Irroogheit the United States. ,
third door above Scolthleid, south aide.
-per de.
of all kinds, done with the greatest
Tare and legal accuracy , • .•
TiVes to Penn Estate examinal; he. oet 3o.l i
-TO Market treet,PtlOberlh,
Potter and hfinerak Water potties of so
• perior qtality.• „ -
Particialat.attention patina Private Mocha.
vrm. scuucimANN, rhixi °opiate the
' O Poet-011ee, rittsburadm-Zilaps, Landseopes,
berid Sboatalia, Labels, Arehiteetard. and nada. ,
ssgrn , n l
Drangs,l3nainesa and Visiting ennisk
.ot &ass n on stone, and printed in eolora;Gotd, Sows,
or Blanton the mom approved Ole. arid as tkos snnns
reasanible .•
Orr= AsootWii..l3.lloutzs't Ono,
opl7 . No. 37 Maui strect.
II&Igo tore, and will bar a natutly f .,. eeerfing
eelunett olsSufple ara4".aniellTy tloods,Trhich they
matt sell for task or approved erell,
W.utert Idereuata are invited. to exuadne our
,0131NrON,LTPri 6&
rs t h k re W haus =and
rocers, Produce end
dealers in Pittsburgh
Wiens tarts.
'torn. tosisas...t.
ID 05,1'..g.T MOOlll3, Wholesale Grocer, ➢ Reeid•ying.
tlaen2A'ttrllgidcs'oi'f Fetres;Nr
,and ,Iquors,No. IL. Llberri street. Co hand mem
large stock of superior old Floaoagahals watskey.
HZ - E. :4 1 - NOLD ' S th_STIEF. Forwarding and Cassnrals ,
Kin *ion Merchants, for tan Allegheny WV.' Trade,
.. taints in Oroe.srles, Produce . Vatsonrgh, Manafae
tares and Chloride of Lima .
Thi til;ho,t price, In cub, pas?! at all tinsel
Co or Penn and Irwin at, to
.! - conalsi rag, .------------------
1-11. COMMjniti4 Merchants dental In Predun and
finsbargit Manafac..arcs, 1:lbw"'riU 3 ' . o,
, • • aplB
6T A. CIitiNINGIIAM, NCloolesole Grocer,
OIIS RMoIIer In Produce on- Patobarglt Manufsetores.
L. -1. 1 "" 4 .Il ' r-'----5---------------3 .
, 0 Strel Weeks.,)lanefaetarea et''nad Entln
A. U. i
ant: Plottsb Steel. Al to—flnines, Axles. Vices, An
ails, Szt. Tnee invite Us. an:mi.. of mere bants and
eOI2IIIIMTI. zd ths a r aus , a Wore pluebastes. else-
Whe ta: Thy warrant. taxa' articles to be ego& to any
made fn
wnrrs..Whaleaale_ . ,Deate!!
Fereiga a 2 d b"11.5 : 99
an AR" P
educe rwerally errh , and•Verwawling
And 'CooEirtartimae.roa4 Dicrettautl, gio. n 3
Water W , r;‘,
.1:11~~yy4o4, roar mcou , 411 . 11 . 1(1,
rgELLE k NICOL% PTOMIC• and General C.lna •
agaidon Merck..., N 0.17 Linen), amet,l'ina.
burg b. Sp . ! ,
_,,LAELee4 and Lard 011:_sp17
F VON .110:ip.11105), lyhooma le G
to F V:rstiisg ' gr eiT7jlAVtiel
Predict, hare mov edre their new warehouse, (eld
ataid,) 26,ton:et ol street and Cheered
Rut ado Diamond, Pi:taboret. *DIA
L. L. Weersosat•R. N.Wate.• •W.D.Watentrom.
TlTEtoLuseam GROCETto,'Cornmiinion and POT
. 111 . wording ?forerun.; dealers
in in el kmdssu Agents
of Pro ,
Ascot. Menotti, Kano factored cle;
Toe .Me of Riebtoriad-and.•Lilichbon alsnafaetored
Tobite&t . —"L
.13sair, Pa
lITILL - alio attend to colleolons and all other bast.
II T nen entrooted to lino la . Donor and Armstrong
coannes, ra. Roden to - •
• . 3'. to IL VlorEd,Llbeny al
W.ffamooo, do . •
Junes Marshall • do l'lttsbarel. _
Hui it weal 7
19.1 t. • George 11.1e104.
' • s. n. sitnisurir &
•Wilcavg.Lt° triar.l:2ol°?dGeretins,
N 0.21.4" L akrp
Foavracroia & commisEnoN mammas,
`Penn_et, Plitsbstn h. %arr.
_ .
• nionticz AND FLOM FACTORS;
Nen Y7k, Merket.,,an 64Coatmera st, Philadelphia.
Adraels vitae, er te . above, a attn.
• o e i t 0 F F 1 4. 1 Y2/16'L-11h.
dailatizton, TA,
:Mr: °Eat= :VIM= relgrff:::lg
they are prepared to real. soy amount. Idne
• and Peat:ll_llmm night ad day, the freight
.will net be deltdaed,a they all soloed ear: at
a t e . .
Ilearishiplit!Feb. llo ; lBs( l .
J. D. John Bah
J. D. W1L1.11029 & co.,
W2PoirVargi CrotnittaVilacetlinEM
dealers la Courtry Prdilace Oiusharsh MAW
lures, cornet of Wood and Fifa streets, riusburg
Wen: 11. ydevia.
- &
Ne Eat cornet orWood snd Third EMU,.
LOLLS?. • JOUR S. COVillatlt,
• Mit/tt StOSLST.
LVlttmoraal. e Gro",
ronw a. ITCANDLESS: lsnee , ...
VT °7,4tht I .
Wet,) Wholesale Glsssa.T.,;;‘ ,
Cowan Won Kershaw.; denier. i
Manufavmrragmerat• no.
• linens. and Pinot:mute Namur
(A ly, t ro " rner of Wood and Water stroeSss rn b .
& M. MITCIIELTREF4 Wb.leSide Grecell,
VV• Neaufying Distillara, sad Vilna and L.ainor
Pdaroaaut. Aflo—dmporters of Soda Ash and Erselp
Irg .Palador, No.loo Liberty succt, (opposite
pl Sixth
1 7
7—.-WI ' LtON, Watches, esrelr,Sitirer Wire
Y VI. and Milner). Goods, comer of litoket end
Farm strees, Past:ugh. Ps.. N. B.—Wstebes end.
Glens es:orally tepalmd. non
Jona a•
VOr"biry4:6Na & c.„ Drden is Leasher,
1L43.1431.a..Lr_., jw:4132._
_ w.r~,
irniAjnEnny Zel it a ° fir: e l:Vl: 7l a
carried on under the name a(“John Parker teen."
Hank tat, MO. JOHN PARIS.%
John Piker Can.
JOHN PA.b.laint
Wholanie Groom. Dialers itt Prodors, Foreeta
Wino ' Liguori, Old /War:y.4 l U
anal Rectified Whisfrg.
.1%5; Carameretia Row, Libettyprzbty.h. p
WATimull raano. ronna WM. - Wig. I. nag
tßaccessera to Mrsel. Hanna is Co.
.10111 in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, CertiGentes
Cr DeDegile. Bank Notes, and BpeeleNorth avec
corner or Wood and Third surest. Current Inoue]
received on depoc:te.—eight Checks for rade, ant
collections made on nearly all the prineip.l
the United Stites.
highest premium j rald for Fenixnand Ametiea
grams 'lade on consigaments of Predur
ped Fast. on tihetal terms.
nese. a. neteecnol Laso.z.Foso
No 256 Literty strut, adore
Have alleap. on band Imo assortenu actinic,
litneeetes and Fine Teas; also, Fattign Emits and
Nuts, Wholeesle and Retail. Reale,' supplie mal d on the
lowest tem.
WlollTMAN—hlantfacturea *fall lain 4 om
H• tan andiaroallen machinevy. Allegheny coy, Pa
The above work. being now intall and
i s
oration, I am propnaosi to cicalas enter. walk Mayateb
Mr all kinds of machinery Inlay lmo, glob. to willow.,
Velem, spradr., culla., gainaltng radamys,
roaring fromma, speeders, dosamla, Immo, woolen
double or goals, for merchant or country took,
ranles,jacka, U.; slide and handlathes and tool. in gore.
mai All kind. of shafting mad* m order, or plum vv.
cn for gearing Meanies or nallla at ramonable charge
Rama Yo.—Konnedy, Childs b. Co., Illacksunk ,
Co.. Nina, Pennock Co, Jan. A. Gray.
• Blewelichasi,[weez Plttetruritt,lPs.
' Jam, Na. ',37 Water sr ! beams Markt gra
Wood, rstiatregrgh. •
OP WELL conetantly keep on band a Root assort
meat or Were; of mu own and
euperlor quality. Wbolessle awl reentry elm
or t he am respectfully invited ta call Sad es•
amine for themselves. as we an determined to sell
obtaper thanbas ever before been aortal° the Dab'
e ..- om -.-psaled by Ile eaa e b or
TerdereeityinalL e'leere
mod 'deretmetlrl/t.o'''""_
tt. WHITE& co„ would respectfully
M lnform
s the public that they hove ereetesl • shop on
Laeock, bermseratile ral sod Sandusky streets. They
are now meting and are prepued to receive orders far
de.onpuen of vehicles, Coulee, Cannot's, 'b
roaches, Boggles, Phmums, tse, teMeh from their
I so ont L.gisteit,,le. aecytuglopla=wrk,
enabled to do work on the men reasonable terms with
them wantirteartieles in Mete line.
Paying parnealar attention to the seleenen of mat
r i ms, and having none but competent workmen,
have no hesitation in. we're:lung .their work. We
Merefore ask the attendee of the public to this matter.
N. D. Repairing done in Me best matmer, and on the
MOM resaoasble te—s
Mx. mercicDso;. Inn. fectncuir.ol.
PrOd n oe rdr e, r tron V, V 4l'l3l='".74
Pitubirrablartafactau-generally, laboriT rg 4 . -
. ----
l',war4Lng atm Cvnadmon ..t,rehants, Dealera ln
Coantry_Prod den and San.burgli fdannfactam .,..r•
oar of Wood Ind Firth strrets, ilitenorgh.
P/Rabatily, ' J,srch 14.1830.•
~ •
trrizbend Übriners nude on conziginswal
itoTrinnv WILStIN, Portrait and allnlatrat
tkl Paha, .UOOI3IS, comer at PeatOMee Aney and
Foams newt, natty-me on Foueth at., near Market.
...a .Tairdas, mint.* on •ro U.
0,31. Old Levee at, N Orleans, diva ntantly on
Pl . nand ilarg aroortrnent of Onteof the follow
, I % bra 4 nr, woi . k a to ., oy troz . tr n. na .r let y al . alma for J.
IL Co, Lama balje " ,l .I.ltatano, Cokae, A de m ...
`tam.,• L. Illetrtile, A de Mandate, ean !Attic ie.,
katalso, Anchor Oin, tiordeaar Red and Nlsite Wine.
masks tad casco, selected math care by John Darand
16 : 0 t: keaLles Champagne Wine and Sweet Hbr-17.
Part. _ , , , , re
IEIIt•IIANNA it,, co. bole rem
~,,o,r;r,g. td L lßee , to north Treat comer of Voat
“21-611.41“& Inc d to
% , ,J No rt watt it, between Wood k. ?Whet. USW
Loan termialiaecupiaa try Huth Joao h Co,
• '
Wle. a. Welke. serla arlaaken.
ram.... leeway, Woolk ag ogik.acie, rerellaCian,
G-'4lTaktil;irologlui2 z...TPIZt!
worth Work.
gleam Honss built to order. •
Special attention peen to steamboat work.
Have on kends a fuse assortment of Coppernutd Dram
Settles, Tin Ware, kie. km. Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Yortable Forges, vations sises—a very conve
or ni rail en road
t ar
gels for stearnbolna,Colifortria omigrturts,
3, 4 , 7 ' : nr tiolid cospe%Hy inves steam boat men and
others to call and ore us snide. Led Ideas before
pornhubne el sewbere.
W.& J. GLENN, Doak Waders.
vurE are still engail In she above basinese, camel
FF of Wood util Thad weer, Patebunelit, when
we are prepared to do any wort is our Lite with des
patch. We anted to our touck personally,and wins
&elan will bextren to regard to Its ace..teas and du.
csh ßlank Boots rated to any pat and board erib.
reantlatty Books irt numbers or d becks bound neer.
ally or repaired. Name?
as ke le letters_
e that have work m oar It
aro pan t ed teem.
mien low. menOttf
,Pltit Illsahlas Narks sad Foundry
larrearert, rt.
TO FIN WTsIGITS &Co., are fnepared to toold Cocos
1.1 od Woolen blathinery of era", deeeppaon,
irc..r. r :11-7,;?,,,,' - ', 0 1,' I ca 4 - :%,.„' , s t r,.. - 7,;
Doom- „ Prunes, Looms, f.,mdGri'oderi, xe, WrOu7lll
iron Sit 0.11; timmd, ail area of Iron, relies and
Hangets edam latent pat.erros, aide and hand batten,
and total. of all toads. Coatings of every description
famished onshore aotice. Paler. made to order for, i s:: flandl.As&e,
mfg. XottivTlT Cods Iron
left at the Warehouse of J
PAW.' lt, Co., ÜbertY .0...11 will knee PrmaPt elm. -
tion. ,
Refer to Blackstock, Bell &Co, I. K. Moorhead a
Co., G. E. t ismer, John Irwin & Sons, Pittebargh ,G.
0, &JAI. N Vu net, Steabeavele.—
PIM subscriber are nt for was a Imp and splendid
n o n P esos,
ent of rosewood sod anthoetettl rrkfrl M .
non rialtos, with and reationt Coleman • celebrated
~£0,3. Attn 7.11111eL I. Tbo above Instrumeuts iliv.wer
ranted to be equal to any tosnafeemeed le this reen
try, and well be told lower eh, any brooght (rota the
Bast F. BLUME, No 112 snood st,
51 door above kb
N. 8.--City Scrip estel be taken at par for afear
it of
he above as. artmeol. _ myll ,
'll ear. for lllydraas Iratil.
3 s IIS le to certify that I Lave opt
point ol Itivingaori, Rouen & Co,
'leeo sent: for dui male of Jan s
Patent Diaproblf. Ft tar, Cos the ail
ties of Iltrebarek and &flesh.) ,
JOHN GllttiON &seat,
for Wan. r hi Illbsou,Saßroad wa y ,
Oct 10,1lte.
We hare inert immix one at the .I.r..tirk. at the
&Bea of the Novelry Wo e months, on teal,
rks fot /tett
and feel perfectly' satisfied that it Is fitseful torentioa,
and we take pleas.. to mean= % them ies • ate
flit article to all who lova pate,
Mr. Orden era be
thankfully received en d
promptly suted.
oel s________,----------- ------ ' IV I N"T"' m a
Massa Drials Works Walla's.
frins.subscribrt elm for sale, the .XTRAM BRICK
Bite:gr.:4lre m i l, Tio7l7lriiale% r7ey n t o i:f
maanfacton'ag X.BOO Pressed Bricks (au. ' earl ell) ,
as taken from the 6.10 per day, with nun acres , of
tredds,*Mthete'bVietofttr Zili o s t Ags,
Lo leVell'arr"rilws,kiler"tiNlT
shovels, spades, fee., every th ing requisite to t eons
menee operations at an hoots notice. ?nee, for-ogin/
the patrol right tour emd maehlne, 15r000— loons of
thout the 1.411,5,010 Far
lAVriTe7iLifii. gilfges. W'
eir;%, 1-dtf _ No I.lBAlonogeheis House
Viiongies Lad 6 met Ira"' Railing•
rrirE tilbitllbersa tto liroat:
thefo rtaatte
t a lret ,,,,
abill•eiblre:ibg'el for Iron Illiling.: both for bonnet
UM emoeterias. PetsoTis whetting to procure hood-
Mee pattern? will please call and examine, and ledge
tor thenualves. Boiling wallet funtletted st the aeon
ca notice and in the best amorter, al dm corner at
ersig &netball/axe astreetesAileghent t ff., _„,,,,,,,
etnefi LAMONT se wreefa..
agent for Clams and Brawn, of Praprrty to
, . . • Zugkotri.
r In the radon HH ALO spent nearly a yea
HAVING daring hie
N Offices, National Library, ..,
late cult So neighed, invesnaaring claire& for wrens
In this century, and haying secured efficient arid re
sponsible Agents in London and Mancheter, he is
prepared to afford all necessary information and ad•
vice to perse ma who seek to recover trim properly in
tht country.
L. keeps • list of the Dank of Enaland Divid Inn
Doolts,vrhieli may to ezamined for Le cent., or
cob letter of the /Liabilities ,
Deference's 10 Detlen:
SI. U. P. ADAMS, Notary Public;
JANIS WELD, ifsq; .
31111VvVillli,,ZZ ....
Jr Is I!:?.?,rmtor!i'llti „, o
....1......i. Illatt•A.
- Cl, , ser of Wood and Pi &rests.
ARTICULAR. attention peld to our Retell Trade.
Gentlemen can rely. upon getting their lists and
tan= ant est, tblishment of lbs u rrnsn, and at rn autiant
Um wW a
wormassanart, of the zarnst
Mass ,
Canary Ketch... Mai pumhssing by who/male, are
respectfully larnedlo aaU and elarna oar Blond; as
we eon eay with confi.wee that as reg.& yestart
i rates, ft will not gofer in a comparison with any
*vac In Philadelphia. (617
'IiffiLLZAILI 10101/1
DIMS leave to Inform his friends and easterners
SEP be Is last reeeiring his new spring mocker Gods
coreptistag, tit useal,all the newest sod loan rubles , .
tibia style, of Cloth* Cassiuntres, fancy Vesungs, ern.
ton and inlets guts:Mei dais, and every ruble suitable
for gentlemenls wait for
g and c ry
mlto deseribe the Ima say, quality, or quanatl
of the stock, the p-grrient how. slowho am to Waal
orlf good, , " lid e enip, fi"har;°'''' I'ipfllditi:l;lde:}'sbenues'eckcat cla"n eornr.etusgt'w°ith It.
The ready made department is very extensive, adze.,
led to ail tam ma
Rail road mmtractors, emend, merchants, arid all
who purchase largely, aro partieniarlY i nvited to ox•
amine the stock sera parenaslng , or Im , tlnn lnt o, '
lemon is prod to the wholesale business In ads email.
lishreent. -
Every article in dm tailoring line made to order In
the most indiionablo arid bee moaner, at hit &honest
nodes. , , ;...... J...T.
Zli ' Tic' Ito ender the gm
J. 0f V,7:°,3f..041 by the d....
I Alt, C Rredley. 'rho business
be/1P carried on by
P. Bradloy,-who.will settle th e be/IP.M of OM Ism
firm , tat bad Tar:dared hie Poundal
Warehouse fro or Noll 2 Second Mrs et, tir Pio 1.9 Woad
street, beaffieti'First bad BeCOSid a treats, tn the warel.
homm lately stem:pled by 0 A Poi 11 , where he ~.,‘ l
torli poust.n dy an band a generagssißtirunent of Cent
nns. Orates, Strtver,Cfslyin
Torn. ikagarridiriat. -
rT:rraj.:l:;r<Sritgougt:u 71.`7,"°"`"
w laiz.bEi.ior—linvin; tositetllasgniZliof G:l4,
those toStscrseantrehorn?sani'T3 reeoteass ad the use of II
to those rffillfr tO CaIVAIIII. S. the beat method for ob.
us Losos the
valuesofl?.oarmitly.i= ~,,,,,,..
rittahungh, Marsh 0,1910.
Yrressorssa ?Streit 7,180.
fsfs , Ear . 130--Dess Sin Flavi; exisolnedtheoAtoo•
mess :',^ or leaf adored at you , . sodas., Ido not to
us comae: sd It to the aso of those pederast, who ma
about reso wring to Ca li fornia We:shah of Gold. , •
It abr. e alp. approvmethea le the tr. .....
ty of metip, sad rail ea; muds enable • airsatents
' a Ziri' 41 i tti l ,'lLVi i , la t a i du al
• •
Trenton Inland We !umlaut Company.
AATI2I 07 nurshir.r. soornin '25 eV: Cita.
Capital', 8150,000.
JAMES DURNO & Co-, Agento at Pittobonth, I'.
SOA•0 07 1101At62IoN, AT ¶770107, If7o , lots..
Junes 1100,, Jr. - 1 Jootph Git'ooo, Pros't
Elthiornio Fhb. G. A. l'orchcorto V. r.
John A. Wearl, • Ell ht ' Seereout•
Jonathan Fisk, Tronourer.
Ilan. Jamesite.
David Wh
AlttArder C 11111.1,310,
W. J. P. \VW.,
COTOrtfOliOlOf New 'tors.
Georgn Wood.
John F. Mackie'
David Dudley Field.
Joseph Bozic.
at* mum..
ifts Eger. Gee. Haines. I .
V mom.:
W. L. Dayton,ll. S. Sen. I Doan WiSdrick, M. C.
O.D. Woll.Es U. P. Son.l Win. A. Neßf M. C..
Ei•Gov. hf.Tlickerson. I Irml. S. R. Hamilton.
A. Sidon/ Doane, M. D. IW. W.
Wolnu Gerh
M M .D.
Tr Warren Y. TO
Wm, ISV {Nora.. M. D., IL R. Bell, M. D..
George McCook, hi. P., I Allegheny city, Pas
Pittsburgh. Pa I
The AgeiSsof this COAIDIVIT. at Pittsburgh, are ems
tberised to take every first class risk on Life at •
orrocesmor or itivirs.lnve rut time, from th- usual
rates of preinium, unhorsed by other Companies.
A man 30y ears eY age, taking &Policy of Insurance
for One Thoeund Dollars.
To ram for one year, pays only ftLiiit.
do urea " " Sto,lo •
do lifetime, " . 1117,,E0
And in the same isroportion for any mimics to
00000, sishtch a ny e extent token on any ono lon.
This Comp commenced operations on the Ist
October, IMP and its monthly sines. up so theist
October{ IRO . , hewer ••progreas ascot-nine that of
''idC'en'd' of Tproltn:',:lbe declared .to the
immured ma the Ist January, DOO.
Pamphlets containing the vitriol. tabus of rates,
and all the necessary Information on the Isponar:
subject of Life AOllr.C., tro tarnished on sppt
canon to JAMES DURNO tr. CO., Agents.
dell Odeon Headings
room Polieleg o
ltoorattge gloom Inn Of DA.1•01 ny.FULL,,
- Dwellings and Forottgro, Stores, G00d., , of
apsltcatton to /AMIN DURNOLO., Age
Odeon Molding,
Exchange, Third street, Philadclphia.
Fira Innaanca—lluildlags, Merc h
andise. and other
property, In Town and Country, insured against loss
or damage by fire, at the lowest rote of premium.
Mamas Isscuacw—Thay insare Vassals, Car
goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise. under open or
special polities. as the unwed may desire.
Inuiwo Tassirearrartors—They Oro le.. mere),
widise transported by Wagoas, Rail Road Cars, Canal
Boats sad gleam Boats, on rivers an d lakes, on the
liberal WM..
DIRF.CTOE9Joseph 11. Seal, Edmund A. Ponder,
John C Ihris, Robert Barton. John R renrrir e, Nara s
et Edwards, (s Lelper, Edward Darlir.gton. 1.5.0.
R Day., Wm Folwall, John Navel:a. Jo P.
al 11.0 m,
J. C Theophilas Paulding, 11 Ilroots,
Henry glean, Ruth Craig. licaore Serrill, Rpearer
i n ,
Cloaks Kelly, 1 0 Johnson, Was Ilay,
9 'Moro.. John &Ilan. Was Eyre, Jr.
thigh Craig, 3olat T Lofton. MARTIN, President.
fa. IN roman. Rey.
- Ij7 Wino of Mo Company. No. 41 W excel
Pm-Mrph. of V. A. MADEIRA. Ant
LIT* ANA Ilealth Tamara:6w.
Till: Num& Life and Ilemth laments Company
of Mile&lplu. Incorporated by the Legistarare
of Peniaryiranta. Muth, AU. Charier perpetual.
Caphal,6looAUO. Burn warpslda, see VaalLan
vena. C.ourear, and fall Ile elliEsent- lower than the
usual rates of Life Insoranre,:io the follow
age of ing
30 er.m.
purists will Moen Thus, apeman of the Id
surLeig for 1100 fer hfe. mast pay on the GirsEqurd E" tabl '-di - e-' -
Peonsylvania.ll236, Aeon Mutual. E2..rn e,
ilLAfi Ne. Firolland.ll:4ld. flew York Life,
bion. SIALir, Lite and Maim, Philadelphia, AidaSd.36; Al
linammfac—Famuel A Orrick, Charles D. lialli R.
P.M:tone, Robert P. Gum, Charlet P. Bales, NI. NV
Ilaldmio. NI. N. Peeve, NI. D.. Chas. 0. A Campheif,
Learn. Coupe, I. Rodman Darr, IL 11. %film. Nehrin
It Cope. Eretntent—Sainuel D. thriek; tee l Pe.` , /•
dent—Robt. P. Gins, Eleeyelafe—Francla Rieethur.e.
Appbeanons will be AR IL
nanny /goo:mance
a *ANIL. FARS tI_.IOCA, Aft,
men by
(Mee, Commercial Osman , earner of
oef27-dly Wood and Tr.,4 Pr, ,
v Lae. AND iliAluar. iNsonns cr.
T"Y,;,:r,5,'2.1'.%Y,E, ,Ti 11.,ned1'...1`,"'.`c'';':,,,7"1
Remy MOUS city and racially, and : II shnnnert. by
Canal, Wert., Lal.e.s. invested,
by "Ca rt. grope rite. ~
this Company are well invested, sod furn.4l. en avail..
able fund for the ample tudelun.ty of
all yetson• who
dAlre to be prn,e,ed by 4.l , Jratier
cay P. JONES. art..
Sire Awl ffiarltaa itaanrernee.
Y. OFFICE , of the Companr o
f A. North
America, bar been removed to No. 111 From at
east of Wood.
Tbe subscriber, agent for the above DIU and woo!,
Bible ComeaA7., 'trot Ibmie Poltmo• on Molding* 0e..1
their contents, .11 on obtommt. of Marotta:NCl. t.y
dream Boats imd.ethe , vust i.,
WII. Pamtnaff•lwasslia Cocupway
Vol IrlearanelCovi Loma map Gaunt. A 3.NrrITLII.
rrlIE Lest Lela Insurance Cameatey
. i.l the 1: Ftatea.
J, Incorneerule4 Mareh 10, left--enn.ter pee0..1.,1.
Capital 11:01,000--allpald in.
linebuy, antherlaed. the tiladerslanc.l to reeelle nprll
eltlOns Inellistintnee, en which polities na% he tAsued,
wecordlng to tltex yrognsuuta ard rate*, nr nich unll ta•
Made known to applleuate .1 Wdace. No U 0 Wood
Urn,. aril GEO COCHRAN.
Tfi c „"`.,',`,:t5`..7,'11? „1 .t .,,,, ': ,-„„ " 11 .'' ,-, :1 ,.., '‘ ,1:7,
se•demiCrinr, will comete,co or ills c.j, : , OLttilly.
February 120,1 n the alone beildtuga, No. nn laneyty
Arrangemenw has been erode by watch they will
be•hle tofurrish young buttes fecitiue. equal to any
In the West. for obtatrung therocigh Englich, Claesi
sal, and Ornamental enlace:ion. A telt cont . .. of Phi
la.:Thiene. and Chemicel Lecture. anti in dettvered
daring Hie wir.ter, illustrated by apparatus. The deo
per:meets of Vocal and Inotnimental Nome Iludern
Langsagea, Drawing and Paw tang, will each he under
the eve Of • COM
i ntent PLaCKSOf.
cementel,. anent:um
to the moral and intellectual Impro of th eir au
pHs, the Principals hope to
a entainuntion ot the
litientl patronage they hitherh enjoyed. For
tellas,lPee eitettlae at apply to the Prdthipala.
Zn:uri TeNuuvarurizz, A t ralictl FART
White Flannel., all Wool. Mon Drills;
Red do do thee Decline;
Yellow do do Fancy Cettenaklen; nil lee
Drown do •do offered at Factory prices.
Meek Satineue. Houle League !Meting.
mixed o
Sloe d
do Chtcke and SUlpes, very
ettocre. 68.7a5VsGoode.
Black Cos
Earley do Red Paddina, nutter do;
Pa.)/ Vest Padding, ithekeent,
Paper Tweed,.
Black Woad Cloth. Tallors•Cetvaa., heavy de;
Super Browu iln Brawn Linens. Eilicio's
CuptiOreen do Ont. Berge, black do, .i ,
Enper'Twilled do and wonted;
Pieper Blatt Doe Sions Mack and White Tape;
Nee Dint , Cashmeres. Hutch Twisti a nd
SOU Brows do Linen Check. and Drilla,
*" C:l l i ' fo lo r o n k i a 111 gotta. \ 9 ' 4l o r" ° Lrte r n d ''T'llaCe Canon;
Scarlet dci anperlor article;
Inert do gilt Pla•red Venting.;
do jlllace ittlit do
619111 Begging. iiloll/11 Holland Sea Eats;
Drown bribe; Hutton., Cravanb.b.e., An.
At the hlannfactunerst 1, archoulte, No 127 Wood
ffilinne;liallon. . •.
TliSeopartnerehlp,tere.t.oforr e,n,ollintixttiltrwuce,n,thi,
CO,l:bil'ifoilae;.ffiirs3elvetloll linnitt r al eminent" Aecos.
Rothe A. dirties will wale the business el Om rotten , ni
for which pl11110•C CLEY are authorieed to 11Pri the name
The ftedttolgotd hart thlo day atreinfoll the Ina Iye
in the name of Blink; 11/111.41.14. forl,the papoer
itf foconfactutlng Fire ?roof Safe!, V . au
rs l t 3rr i , ,, a r
Ite., at the .and or .ho lotn 1/1 . 01 or unto •01:,etron
at 174., ofhoro they will be ploomed to ree7l;fe
o p m,dr
Nth Of the e lailtoo l Cr a 01 that hourvinit4ll,
junky •.
to retitle% from the firm of Conotebin, Dottie ec
I trip eineeteressora reetintmtdlifetcw. Bettie , 7c
W4dll/141173%71'.1'. C.i&V.let
AS Sant returned front din.litto‘ontoCirtote,..cooretnod,irlrtr 1
r''''''' , ° VII' tersely., IC, ~"„."..b . „, of Vlt b
whicA he terot u_y
~ ..,_ i
tintx and pc_ it! ,
....No at to 0 . _
---Vg--.L. VAlrktt Wthe , MAMMAL, I. c o nnw s o nny
IrAe'eeelethe.. "eee
leMeet Tl:ietel(teoitnieeiii
Now liork . and Phlth o .t
rorr l'ef't'
apptr"4rigihnecZZACiho. with Itorodora,
Wood r, i to ttt ..
mint:: Fourth et and Ihnmond alley, t rrp3t,
lii"—,fit'Siiiti•r_n til,. just reed fit r,
3-1-7 E---1-0.-7 he bowel or eine. ro.n d at th e
I) ag ee Se ' 'o d e . e a ' net 'Pesti:minty ,Viirehnoto: rqttn_n_r_ro
Pill; AndeVitookstreets. S N WICgtiIISIIA in
— pimp .
Dili p - r•-att ttiat Sod 0
and A
Chbliti of the above celebra .0 br e ad
46,-k high test, direct frogr,tds snantiCaetornt. 1;9
now on the way WI% •New Indians, cad b.
.k;.o. and 014 Will anall l 9 alma
rgEledolt'rmeere per7hips Chow pc ake , , ,L l i t . tr , , , , , i h m e
co., cod Albap,Prblen Poill bp sold on ,
lower market pllnn eVirdlitrrilptX{l4ocltlDirEE:
aoin Nn inn I,llwrtigt.._____
u pinping Compiny n
oow oder to
FIE Pan the p ' r, reit. to tam a e ical Sve Polloh;
and WilhOut hhaggersdon,oe fear of gon.tra.dlatij.o, by
tholed have ro
e, o7hoihiajLee. market. T 6
e'r:pYrenheenrstion. of polling carps dc., r it. torn
posltlall PtOdent* a dual from eh n i be , lnAL
p - lied, which mum he done when the More o.
The qarawity required to ao hpe Pfoo9h per cent .° ,
t o histro - .. imr or mt? J In
to the COnslllnepa. Anoalinit 50 , 0
e. when laid away for the gnome ,
ven'lallde npainsl rust After
hurling v
i' hat ied o 4
la ancteslble) porson jumcb.a.
Walt blanchteuttlog Company • r
''l".°!°l4h. 4.' 4
IV vi'icicEn.riAm ,
Canterend WOO , l 111714.1.
Ime teen
A PAIR nfßo4orttrgiN iW^t o f sve4
A ner d 43. The " 4 " W o Wood Me"
Peal'h . 1 " . • ..gor, NO.
rooming them to Ow
_ -
" 'I.- 11.• t
n •
5:4* w•
• '4••••
NO. 1,2.79.
G, JULY 2, 1850
-,-_—_ -----,-
WWI 'Philosophy *I
Bet the Genuine
I Christi , . proved to be the only Philosopher.
By Philip Dixon Hardy, M. A., tailor of ono Pleat
'urea of Relittion," Ac.
An Exposition of the Law of Baptism. it regards
the mode and subjects. Dy, Edwin lisll. ail
11 I)
Illnts tan the Interprelatinn of Prophecy. thy AL
Stmot, Pt so
oresr in Andover heological Seminary.
o p tion of the firemen T
on the Mount, drawn
frorn po the:Vl dings of St Aoguwine' witisol bservatiorw
by R. C. Tren Trench, liL A.
Misceliontee: consisting principallYi of Sermons
and Essays. By Rms. John Harms, Dal., author of
t'Aittonmon," "The threat Teacher: , dc.l
' Godly Meditations upon the Most Moly Sam . ..tent
of the Inmate Sapper thy Cnriatopher Settee, P. D,
irtnbof Porl eu the Apart: to the Phthilpploine..2,..tor the eliSe th o e f ,
i e :ie d e. 'f I‘l77liiin7oto"'Fitstburo, D. Id ' .., Rector of
A r c a. l l' h i r i ll hi a ' : " e i 2:::
.:. A '''
: t : ::
:' 6 l::e::it : a n . rd. ; .:' t 1 :: ::::;: : :rot R e fu ge , r r s ok tr V :::
: P' s
; L T. ; ":
1: : PE : AP
f i " ::
ElementaryPrlnelplen of Interpretation, tranalated .
from the Litho of J. A. Esnteti. with notes, by M.
Steart, Protean. in Andover Seminary.
The Christian Lyre s a collection of Hymns and
Tone, adapted for social worship, prayer meetings,
Sc. Itz Jelin. Leteritt
The Llowtiim 1 ear.Thoog lite. in aerie, for the Sun.
days rind Holidays throughout the gen,
On hood. and for sale by A II ENGLISH ft CO
, . het'," 9 Wood
Iflrmisortt's•Aussrlown.Porrltgy Ilools.
rilllE Poultry nook and :Fowl Mettler,' Goida—
t Berns a Arenli•3 On the Breediag, Raising, and
General Manneemeut of Domestic' Fowls, with na
-1 memos original descrlittons end Portraits from Life.
Ili/6'lw% C.
I.BT:tolutt to contatn a ' greater ...OMB
of original and other inGlrlnOllol , , both praetical and
uwithil ia regard. Fowl threading, than is contained
in oil other .mencon works together— it will be
choice Well with nearly Fifty ?<moods cif - tliti roost ,
c cite s
of Are a and Fortier. Fowls,
some forty of which are from life, from drawings I
taken especially foe this work, of thy !most important '
breeds, and detect al of them (ram fowls very recently
imported. I
The publishers bass spared no expense to bring out
lilac work hi a superior mariner, both in regard to the
engravings, the merits oc
he e woes, Pnd t
execution of every poet of t boat: 'And bel..ay.
cd that the work will bo fon.). to cout.sin more prima.
ea trifOnnegnOn on Breeding and Marlideng Da=estie
Fowl., than any work wand in Ode a oantrv.
, Pm sale by JAS D LOCKWOOD ,
i S _B°9'"PSr. end
..ITPrerr I"Ennin.
TIO. denote, apposite the Ise . ,
t °Moe.
ORV AL Ihiatingel or, the Frigajc tit the Offing, a
Pinotioal Tate.
' The TbOnennd and One Phardcat By /Octet - ma
Damns. fOnlp:ele.
Adn,rnneen in Africa, dueler a , our of two genre
through that cowary. fly Major W. Cornarallace
Harlin '
tiittell's Living Age. ho BA
(hairy for July , price 520 per year.
Code m do do ,
_Samoan do do. , eels
1 01INSTON , t fiTliCtiTON it avelfust opened for mile
~ IST nlnTell eseortment Of raptriltanit Desks, and
Stationery . ever 4, , 5.,ted me side in tint tiny . ; Ingande
Wall ,
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with every oeatele an this line; otrihe most 'Nigerian:a
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trusi-o-cfrismo,--c0...; • ,:1 -- ii•b 0(0
.I.J. Physical Demnpuon crow Vuiveme. By AlcX•
W Haraholit Translated by Odic. 12 volo, town.
Jan reeelved for sale by I
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VW keep constrain , en hand oi mate tn order the
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Cleft mice, alto, of No.!. Mark tarter, second MdtT,
en ranee in the Diamond. Vest an tthuttets made to
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,Modern and n 110 - e Futultrat.
P 2, Tame Sr., Prl4tarlall.
J. W 1 W.
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FURNITURE. the I mge.t And
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ever tatted for .ale la thie Cl y, comprthing tmeeral
VIII of It.n. moo, blenoteem and Bunt WeLotT,
clam., etrements l eat prim enttoble far Parlor s ,
Ortmetu( ref Red Room., all o Artuch wrll bet sold at
the !wrest price.,
Yew. oe.trtng Forearm oLeny'dmeriptlnn, are
Ipeetfary trotted to mall .odes mine Ms .m eg, whh
era ureces every desnurßon , on rho cheapest and
p . talnest to tiet melt elegent lewdly, of winch Ute
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Tete a Fete Norm Tet a Tern Dwane;
Cooremormt Chaim; Vtoebetriar Cast.;
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N tr ., Not.; Tole: Tattles;
Lor XIV tarsal Doty of York'. Couch;
en is
tam. tarsal Fluor and Ilatmeloth covers;
Id Utratts, do 1110 do;
Al dos MohepSey Parlor F,Daire;
It. .. Rosewood do do;
I: " IP, Walent do do, ,
40 " Cone Rest do;
4 . Maltovuty Re aktof dr;
t, Pl2ll. •nols:
!tag:tette 'rot , Cint re Ta ,rt,
2t/ do do Vi , w
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le ltedolendel
It ,do Wardroreet
le DM Walnut • do;
It LT:tertT do.
, I
A ,Crlar totterttattnt to,.Contratra Mein and oth
er Earrotate too tea... to ttA•taton.
j:teaml4l-2111 fattalstted on the shortest notice.
Al' orders promptly attended to.
F. :4—tnaltloet Makers eon be oupplied with , all sorts
tU Mahogany, Wart... Land Veneer., at considerably
.troducott rt0rt,..(.4.15
. -
. ..
' £NOLISU & 1311551N81TT,
W 1 , 1 , ; 0 1L 1
1 1 . 'f:6 5 !.. t1 E ti ROC EMS, No O. Wood inree4
1.50 pats Y 11. Imp. 81aet.1 1 ..0 Pas NI. 11. Rilains;
mod Geopotolor Ton. 'llit7 tat Mutter do;
173 taz Tor:aeon
IS ligt do do;
lin :mar Rio Coter; 'l 15 ea.,. Zoom Corrants;
dm arts N to; 15 tales K Wanum;
75 Ludt 0 Sugar, 1.5 do Brazil Nuts;
260 boas wirurted sizes 1.6 do Filberts;
Windom Glass; ilai do Pea NM.;
In Las Piptr; Po bra shelled•Almondr,
tra/ tile army; I.M 05.0 Witt Candy;
lOU tad CariVrli; 5 coots Liquonze;
Bao Rif Codfish; 10 al INincipee A. Regatta
30 Gila TrinnerP Oil; Ontario
3.11 Lau Olioncilatoi
IMM niHalf Bowden;
131, dim Bed Curdin 3 bas Cloves;
tin cods Alaollim Rope; a toot Nall:orgy.;
& nal Spiced Chor010le; '3 reform+ ludigm
to nag. Pauper, 55 ea...L*1,0100 Synsp;
5 bogs Altpiro; 51 mu*/ Pepper Santo
irMi Lis Hernimi la cases Tomato Catsup;
fn bill lhorKar; Ground Sine. of all Itioilr.
Ni balei en,l1:01•Iril; V/ Garrets powdered and
40 bas Morelli Loaf Ouitati
10 ire. Rite; i- 5 altos 151addcr,
;u brie Cho ilo ID beta Whiling;
...DO drl+ , Pio - ,
At sol at 0 general attoriment of Pittiliumh
alou Marton d tootle.. . _l' 4 . l l—
hada - 61 t) Sugar
119 wets Rio Cu See
.71 Idea's Y 11 pion, various prudes
151 do Ilunpowder cad Imp
30 do Proinhong ,
6 do oolong
01 Caddy boo Y 11 Imp A
RI Gls l'l r 5'5 moil 16's TOtOICCO
13 caddy ltat ' llartott l y s'. do
50 Mites Siaroh
66 brit it bf lola Balaton. _
Bungs, aladder, Alum, Ringer, Pepper, A llspice
Nutmeat, nail Lninp 111atia In kap., fur sal
91 Water 55
mays •
'sir% uscniNcriiiiiA
LI. perm. Melon Mustier. put o¢thely hooter,
conformity to a romienton of Counells, will
please, nl the Room% of Om lloard of Thle;
weonil story. COMO! of Wood nod Third mci and pay
(of Ole Ow.. SAhlUld. FAWN F-4TOCK
rimbureb. April W. 1.1. arr.t)
FA lINCSITUSIC twat lemur to anuounee to the
0 omen. of hie New Directory of tho Mies of
riti .
shurels any Allegheny, and horourts. of Maw
Memel, Itirintorition. he. air! "
Orel . / lentil (or OM prom, and will he put In the
lined% of the printer mime %Moro between the 2111.
and :Wag 'DO mil.
lie ern mint generally. and all who re an Interest
in production of n complete and perfect Directory,
luirlieninds Moen *alto have not been celled on,
%redly Mime the meertalmir tlim their
0.11/10111 pi:motion% tint Oarna of boater. , i.e , are
noted for lat , •licalion IL, tho Difteloll.
es.ll C1A , 1 , 11 in Inveried. Mel I. hamlets In
with, or ot latest, by the dam Moro n lON.amed.
May iu
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Jsr re,cive4l,
nDIIiONV opoil.ntoitaiLlert
3 """.
i‘‘?l‘ste, einu„lnsti.
n tl t
. toed tnemplarlory or March fin.
am ,
* "Ignino"lit " a 4 octave ideloileon,
topid itueka , ad.' o il niuxusies
at_ tat
111n7 . --
• Illaesnono, V., March n, lAIO.
'VT n It. E trlt'f.l.l•llO-1 ?luso chant/nett of all the .
lai Codflt Hl rap and Liver Iftlls you sent me, and
In dor or Me Vern:drop. , . . ~ 1
I 1., died nft 4 our Family hledictnes m tny . ami yr,
nud•Lave nton prescribed them in my oracticot o l hi a n m
•nry Intel , plenfrd rolth them, and hater pond n a
to count Mesa. Send me et dos of your Vertolfuge, and
Id oor. tool. of the. Liver Pills and Cough syrup.
Itespectfulty yours, T
rnct of loqtrr.l • . T . T. /ammo%
(Lelia x bieltly popolur medicines rosy IN, hid of the
p rletor;11. E rE11:1,17 Wood stosalDruggists
- K71. 1 ;1 , 111 , lh the two chitm and vicinity. . apri _
in rind t,o. d American Mister Steel. Also—lies
Cott Seel filet, of nth stolen othl'Elltelriolth and ST..
Rares, Own, s or. band and for sale, either at hit "ha
RID Stool Workt,o O'llars street, Fifth Ward, cent th
offic ' e id the Iron Scorn of IftiLl..4lANS_dc OARRI
SON, Na 4;foot of Wood street, iftttabuszli. -
01.111.c111. AIL •
We, tliebederelgned, Laving am], With antire,getr
Infection, cart Steel and Piles this y Simnel
MeKelry. im tile Nagle Piret Works, In cliyOnire
plemore in recencinending illem cur equal In nnality to
ever ured by no, of foreign ronnufnerma
Pittsburgh, Pittsburglii, March 13,1000. •
' f t of and P/1 b
M"' " ""' • °4
XNAPP te.4 . 17141E1N1: 17
Iron Pounders and Machinist*, P luetntro,
vioLEM.AN, & CO,
m u , u f go ymem of Springy, AnleriSring Steel o•nill •
Rivets p , Pittsburgh;
F in W M FAUX%
Engine Sanders and Machine Cud Mannfactur
ter& Pittsburgh—M.
Sense ASK LINDSAY Foundr. Pittsbutgbi th
l . &
08 .
Maniitneuiterg of lion• j nalanAlgiAtiv Ei i c , ) , , j a.
bigthin lOgnutaelureg, agegino and Engine Pala.
marl • or, Pittiborthr Pa.
X4URPIIV m BURCHFIELD Maim o thq attention of
11l the Indica to heir t •atnorigosortment ot White
G oo ds for fly olei, eorisLtlng at
Scotch and Sem m. 0 .;
Fignted el•ill• deg .
terroldered do;
Vlooria 1.....•;
Low Prined,Paned JaCkOnet for morning dreams;
fine oft finleitil do; and a large amortment trl Swiss
!dueling. artth colored embrdery; minted Jeanne.:
Law., Bare Res, &a, at north east comer of Fourth
and Market sr"-- le2l
I,ll2trfplifyYjkvllLß.2llFlEL.r.hor=ivez In
brown at W: light ON/A great variety, for Into Ilia
' Also, embroidered and printed Meililts andiaektmet,
of nest and newest styles and lowest oriels founnality,
and no_rth east cornrEZlHLlth and Marktst2dA
,At. the One, Rates Store at
A. A. MASON & CO, -
TAYILL , commence on Monday, JUIN- ad, DIM
V • Their 11231:10000 establiehmerd, olds all their
Wholesale Room. will, on this occasion, be thrown 1
.7oecnk fur
trgrZlTrttarpaitV2llll:, :dr:re=
of loom%) to an ter cent. len than venal pmts.
THEIR STOWS OF BILKS Comprise 'over font
hundred pineep, cad will he sold at an =menu. die
Them assortment of !Shawls, Beretta llsiurs, ren.
wanes Foulard Bilks, {,owns, Moslins.• Junners,,
Cambric., and Dress Good s generally, will be closed
cut immediately at about one balftbe usual rates. .
11 eases Past Clored Lawns *ill be altered at Pe.
,do Barrs 100.
es, _
1 do Marlin de Leine., Ito.
So it ilnege paLlisiii.a.7.lkA:gtdobrelliedat 101,11 C.
ilk 7e•
Alame lot of Wrought ollars, some al low as de.
Ti m
•gether with a complte variety of Domestic and
Whi Goods, Itsbbona, Ho e siery and Glover,llOnnent ,
kn.. Ste.
. Making la aliened the Most artesian assoMments
In the country, snick will be marked down lo much
town poets
than at any of their erosions Around
Prhe Store will be clean upon Thersday and
Fallow. T Play Pon and 31st, for the Formosa af lfilftg
its sad marking down stock. , N oA
V/tAOEI.II, 10711 CO
CIA My3l. A
___. .
rvivirog 4 and 4.4 Fr!nitsPLlV4 rolls% rX
and mei., ladles , sante, boys' and anildren'a wear,
of the most deritable shade.
limy Invite alLeflliOn to their lute amassment s
M c ,,'. and Bole BUMMER WEAR, of different
teriels, wad nil of ~rbich will be .old iaw__lel7
Ultell MIRCIIFIELD have r:Cr . i t red aro .u e
13.1. Beryl ,. of Lore arileie, aeyi ato to.i
I alloodarly quality uno color vvalitoo jr.lld
xri r "~t3eees
Fourth nw 6µ t dl
T m.a.,N, T ocK .
6"nv"andsonie patterns and nolo ,
doie , mi of Yen' of pirnaPM.
to which we invite the anon
op; 4d hthr thimr!tarn been
I.l.ack lita•g:,,,.(oinVtamdtol3:3llli.nd efultpe OUf
1,0,V r . d `;`'` . 7wa. bero.
~ 2 1 :tt r i, 77,
, _______ .
Fancy Vrl.6,lFWXL*,,alfii_ _
re o
duced Frck, aro—
Barge do Lain.. • lane ILSlgitelfill er tentlful
platten+ .
Mall., and,,Swlrs MOOILIWI
A apleridid assortment of Black and
markab Fancy
li Bilks;cheap;
Bemires Lamm; and De La nn.
Beautiful Foulard nliks, at 51k scuts per yard;
Beane:oil Calicoes, from et errata, sod upwarda;
A hose stock a( 13101•1% and Bleached Mullins, Pie
per yard, and onwards,- - - .
poonetz and Faraselhat graist;v renacca Fixes
lonss,Cusimeres,end Vest ngs,o( the bast Cul"
remarkably Bre. .
of Ticklags, Apron and
Together with a
Skittles Chreka, all widths; Brown and Bleached
ebeenngs and Shittngs; Irish Wraps; together wits
;Wadies . articles in our line, at north east corlet() ner of
Four, end ;ark.' et,— .
SiMtirli a illilttlilFlßLß ime iliat received
I now style Foulard bilkaorery cheap; reh, plain,
rad qfiragyl ' l a ve ' 1 r to ' e n
L a
n il Tfig , e ' gr kr; 7irlr . v . L Y d i o '
barrens anti tiastier, P bares e de ...01‘1........d ...I
MMO styles; new stile French, lErtgliah,asa Bootch
UMW, in great satiety, ,oid at •trf lOW pnees;
plain, tinted, and satin stnped de Buns of all kinds
and qua Was; horn last,. of all shades and colors .
&shares, ebintaea, prints, es., at north nut come
of Fourth and Market sneer , , kg
----- --_--_—__
A i -l AfrsfiTPP ;.° --1 ; j,.V . .i - , m l
,hcn ial
infat no s h CO3 ira:Rp&utilirar
ILIADREIIY k.--ID/BLIttFIDLU aro rglang Derain+
11'1 •nd Derage DI D. Lainea at very low prices. at
north exist corner of Fourth and Market Ms. Irk
1.-3.trijk. SDI L.A.O k...1,---V4T-r.,,,,,,,,,,,dg,..„rdiT:
and 'ffiTaeun't.fiortteLavictee.onter ' of q Piniji and Matv
tot vtreeii. joy MURPHY & BUDR!!'IELD_
—CA- A n.' fve_ Tc " B
IV2Ir 1.11; re,e_e;e7ll_ll, ad:
i....1-a... onvv aerial) of aboveLKYVO:IIIG MIM, varioo.
style. of China, Pearl. Allione, and Gimp Dannetsi,
White sod Colored Gimp do; and lUbboaa of all colors
and pneer. Riall7
T3Frt.i,-TECOTMOrti—Didi.4.4. Floor Oil Cloth,
r J ., receive.: fro= the factory, and for sale at the
Wereionaa, Nos. 7 fr. 9 Wood street.
-IA eit/Illarigiriiiiiroll.--
"Lffltßl•ll.l* k . 'AIgerWILD Invite the attend.
Dl or those wonting gues t for Mourning putposes,
.o taw very fall aslottmenhlost recniscd , such .3
plait Uombarince,
Morobastne finish.Alpaccas,
plant Moose de (aloes, •
Dooming Wash Slits,
do !rioted F0ea1ardr,......,
_. .
Panntn'ort:gsterta4trlMlL. u;Ile..lZ ClnotdereM
Itlounet,Ribboos.eestfsdo, 11ei11,cae±,,.a.e..m.:11,7.1
S U etTrV i n . etdelable glee for summer Cal%
.ed, and uour opening by • .t . MmArlikg.& CO
WIT—C — IA: - - rt a pe rie7il --- M ; , e , r ------ li II.IIT
fl. -Anwls,-eicimprirtng Crimson, Orahge, rink, Mae,
Green and Cam colored, last reeetring per express,
and ‘Ala day opening by A • MASON to no
mayl7 . PI Marker
- Cif 1 PillWiiii"ii:liiik, 6Wit, iic - llia
LA I colored Ramses, teed per et_p_reaa,ss!
- Mack Dress Sinn..
A. DIASON & CO orb a dap M ning 011 . et t
. M net, Misch GrO de Attire Salt; 10 pea 4
gl intl.
do; 'Sees 31to0 .Or
do; 6 per alt Inch dig and ee.*
pp Inch do.
X:ii --- to. . Ills—sirsdikstrollsSofrs.
4(S) doe Ladies , Upon Cambs. fides, all pt< do es;
11X , dos
, ;do „, do do
la dos do do do colored borders;
Breelsed this day by ,A A MASON k. CO .
CJ Minket st.
T I I IIuiYTP: PAN —1.i.T..41T1Y4:: W r C . — i ..-- m 1T, .. °
...., slams, etthe extreme low Daces! llio Prer reed.
... A A M_A.9...."—,------C('
Irliat and Orowia4.l_l4•,lana:
rsal yes 34 .nd OA pea 44 UT
130 1 , . Grokr. 04 , 14 14 fti IT 0 ./
Inch u"*"
- Fresh - A” --- 1 -----.'-' ' f weal IhriT-----.0"--..."--
Vf}l,T,7.7.'„lttz'gr= l,- asvp lik.l!
pared to !Ater all excellent assortment St oar 111111 l
lore prices for cash, or aPpreved credit.
The attention of reemern dealers Is particularly re
to uested to ear goods, as we feel confident of bein
lola afro unusual Inducements to make a bill with
us. Call and exeralne at any rale.
9° , 1 1 _ ---n 27 1 2.t'. !rF,'—
108 Illatkat illre•t, (um. LtbarX/r)
Pk:NOVAS, Ac. Also,
%nein and Franey 17astIngw,
11.A.OANNA,,mtd LINEN 1101:FS, • general as
sortment ot VANS, end every variety durum:ling,
llAltlAtill4uw LAANK.
CASES plain and fluted Hawk , de Lalns, aatort•
cked tuft., 'cot received, and solling at out low
__A d__LaLtL__,"
CASES fast colored Lazon w s o
low price
B cu
*P'"". ‘61'1.8711:e ' A
A r4.,..50N 4, CO_
- -
CASES rut coloted abaaAaakrealhul4lle:.,lr
J at la cent. P" 7 " d t9 Dlaet<
° Tbr°4e
F"5-4" AAiriic6l4:CO
casks Hum e
Be'" ni
;;V out: or tenbi
"".41WAVNIttlli 6. CO
Q 169 WILS.I.AII7/11.—i400-gala blessithe'die.dSpe sax
gals bleaeked fall:
61* gala N W. aalllt
Whale 011, in atom .Sd N7 4. 117 A 4 f. e, nsl , (=N
02290 at 4-row-a
us tails,
rrANNn-.1 40 00
la bobs caarnon 011 : in 01020 to
. 1411.1,t1frAt_11,K2_;Ir_Li
ameniir ,
la by
aft an,Fixa
• . 700
itub4t4.c vs
14 EN4AZNI 1
~, , , ,, , .
itr.crav RD .1. the rautauth =Or Grocery and
rea Wertheim: -
5,4010 s genuine konetvo CV:War
.do laoslart Powehong Lae 7
0. do,
do do ,•
k Teas are received
The "16m." ! Twill be sold ea low as
direct from the trtipormr*, _ uon
Wei can he putchutd theeoc e••••••
freight, wholesale or retall ‘i l A mocurßo a
gal Liberty 11
t ,,,,..—„ ,„,n 4.--
joll : ' ' id 9sam,°. ,
q 1 Vac 9 93 d, , ER
, nd t, , , yk,A
F ,we
A296ji:d.°4°l4" , ve " vui .
'-----• - tjj, oln * ' -- 71 .
9 . '—ii,Tiii-rdYl" fa ildLDS ad; '
()9-411,u-). iii°t. do ! ;id. ,• , d" ..liby
rwr,:i.. 4° ,. p,;,,ket 9.?,,,b,:41001.r
LO gross Biw''" c
• litto
1.11301.113 OP NATORO:-T.non .
Jilt.latnitn liana.
, . . .
Tilt eleventh and twelfth sections of the Act oldie
1. General Amenably of this Commonweal to Strata a
t entitle
A supplement to an Am entailed .= Act
Sinking Fund ind to ,provide ler the graded. slid
certain extiagelshment of the debt or th e Commobc•
wealth: and to authorise a 105n,7 .approved.the, leth
day or May A. D la 50, provides as , 011 e. , 11, It*
Beene, it That the Oevernorla hereby inthorised
to negotiate a loan forma eve of Th
em Millions
Three Handled Thousand Delon, redele to
a re yeses from the date o f subscription thereof,
are nee of joefett tot exceeding four per centom
per. adhere, payable la gold and etlvet,seselmhourdiy ,
opon the firm days of Pcbmary, and Sagest ef Aneh
year, and exempt Item decry: spectre Of =One.
Plotter, that bloomers for said lean will he ttmelvedi
shall be publitMd In at
duo acirsysyter in the
aft of Ilarriebarg, ln the cities or. Pittsburgh.
Lencaster.and Philadelphia, orri the cities of New
Toth. Mauro, and .Daldnuore, a peeled not lees
than three menthe before Steeper:di:sof said pmpreal a,
aod bj , letter elsewer . , if deemed . occeasery, and
' t ' h P :il r o e p
rtil ' a ' s rail re d
b e gel/ I i r P trte s ,lA :2:1111e
Goiernor, the Secretary of the Commenwealeyand
Auditor General, and the loannhall, he awarded to
the highest bidder or bidders. , if the astcrant of the
shalls exmed the
ro ramunta of the midtown the same
be tintabuted p authors the highest bid
ders, bat If the whole of said Sea shall not then be
taken the thlferilei may renew notice, Li the manner
aforeanid, from time to tune, till the Whole smourkof
mild loan shall be sabscribed. No eondrtionet tads
shall be considered; and upon awarding such loans,
nese, partphereof,.eartifiesmawith 00OPOM for the
Interest, shell be tuned therefor' by ; tee Auditor
Genenn. '
Sacrum 12. If the said low shallte Subscribed, it
shall be end It la hereby approinlateddr the payment
and ex•lagalsrunget of the fended debt of dna Com
rel'''oltti ' to :It '. n '' d d :l e gh f ' hulk ' rd t : t crillgr,ln ' tf Po r e At:
pay meet of the stun of eighty five Wanted one ban I
tired zed four dollars and eighry eight cents; nine to
domestic creditors: • . • • •_,,.
In pursuance of the provisions eforesuu,notice is !
hereby given, that proposals *ill be received et-the
Dike of the BeereleST Of the COMIODIVIeIith until
4 o'clock P.ll, of
Tice the first day of October
next, tripulatlng for a WOO tO e. Conthoonwcalth. for
the par - poses set forth In the' mid act, of th e sum of
three millions three hundred thettemaddeilml.rokeln
able tn thirty years from the dam of the seliscription
thereof, at a rate of interest not areeeding four pro
cent per were, payable to gold end silver, steal
annually, epee the Ann days of Schram and Sagest
eemh year, and exempt tronseverf aPeele.A E wt.'
Certificates at stock for the said loan, wi th (toupees.
far the Interest will be is Red to the usual manner end
Mad* transferable by the eloper, on the books of the
!Lad it. Or neraPs Department.
The proposals will be :ensured to 'Ma eiPliellY
the amount offered, which 4211 not in anycue be
less than one thousand dollars, the rate of Interest not
exceeding four per coot, and the premium proposed.
The Plate 'curves the tight' to accept the whole a r
an,' tart of the mom offered unlesathe proposals stipo..
late to the coronary.
yids for Mahood most be direct and.explielt. No
conditional proposals will be received.
Upon the acceptrame of the proposals,
Ple the money
smut be pale. Into the Stale Tetuan . , in mum.
as shin be directed by the Governer.
Certificates of stock will be toyedd in reek amounts
as may be requested by the l •
o ar . peronapeogt, v?pgp=teibu,„ Lo th"
not be opened or disclosed smill the period roe reeely.
tog there has elapsed; after:which no attention to the
ter= will be adnotted.
A L RUSSELL, Secretary of he Coleraine.
Secretary's °Mee, /hamburg, June 60,1E30.
DlEfthichTLlM ~
IMAMS TO SI LW DIIZ7I cm Ins coNrrrarrlos.
ESOLYZD 17 th• Strata cod 11thwo of Dspressata.
R, Oyes of tho Cononothowath of Pannsylthara in throes(
Movably riot, That Ow Coostantros of this Coonsicro
wealth be smandel in lb. monad section of oho filDiorticla,
so that it shall road es follows Th. Judy:. of , h flaprone
Court, alb. weera Covets of Corostmt Alcoa sad of roots
other Calmar Retail as ars or &ill ha ettatatotad bylaw,
Wall ble disml, the stwlifted ,(.tern of Ilia Common
wrath, is tho tomer followsw, to wit: The .1 ragas of the
Burrow Court, by the 92116.1
o n of th. Coalman
organ al haw; th• Proudest dada of the attend Co
of Conmoth hew, and °frock other Castro( Ilstrad as sn. ar•
or &all be esabloshad by law, sad all other Sages cooked
mar keened is ter law, 17 tla goslifpcd alwtors of the
sty. district. Tot traits DwylVt ID patio Or ad..
fir, thd lb. /thwelate Juty. of tr. Courts of Common
Plot by tho gratified antra. of thetthatiesnitaetteay
The .1 odgw of thc Soros. Court gall Tad Owit die.
frr the tans a fawn yoitt, if they then w Itt g Ware
thamares 0011, (subj.:WU. the allotment kgrethafter pro,
•Oled. Le, satacquent to the first .(*dives,( tha Preciielont
Judgcs of tho several Courts of COMM= Dieu, and of ouch
other Court. rif fOcnort at Swiss Duane estribtraird by law,
Ind al olhar lodge th e to ba lama in'the law shall
hold Warr chew for the terse of too 7thre ir , b.7 ate , .
of themsetros moll; Oa
Judges of th•
, tan. of Comm. Dltas shsll hold their chew for C.
'swam of Dee years, if 114 Wall so tong behaso tbs.:want
war; all of •thos shalt be ocaorthsiosed by tho Cio.roor,
hot Ow any aka, whisk Wall sot ba mdleka
Craaa. for Caprwthasess, the Gams. shall temow wy
°C S.= on the cadre. of , tmo thirds of web btioch lb.
Legislators. TF• ant election shall ttho It.. l
general cleat.= calla. Centosaawalth lust after ail adop
tion of this ansthdraent, and rho monsisoicas of all to.
Judas. who may be then in caw shall espies ea the Lot
Meads, of December folloartog, mt. do. Wrens of the now
Jaws shall wasosen.. The pwca. who shall then by
e.t.a Judges of th• 1301.reme Court that hold' their chew
a. Lilco c Croe—of thsell
elwirotiViran. kritrz Tel.,
t.t't for .. 1 . 0 . r.r., =0 r. o.lke 7.,.....1 .... krer..
wo, ho tran of cacti to be decided by, lot by the mid
dap., os woo after Ow Octane as onotracent,thd the ro
sent waded by them to the Otennne, that the controthathe
my be bawd In aworilthse thereto. Tto 1 udge whom
coassamion will' &et aspire that b. cue Justhe darks's
his troth, cad thcreafter lash Judge whom eiscwaksion ash
Ors. arra gall in tura IN elet aid -Usti., thd a lades
more comminions shill , w b y me the was day, the
Lading them Wall deckle by lot whlth thall bet O. Chiof
J0.1.i.. .thy theatocies, bappcning by eath. Weeroi..
otherabor is any of this mal meta, anal be rd by ap
pointers:la by the Oworaor, to thatiww,lDl the ferst Mon
day of thcmonhetturceeditherwat contra clentina. The
Jo wl of the Sopron. Cosh .00 the Decadent& of D.
!owl Marts of Camara Pleas sball,nt stated times, metre
far their anises on ode...note tampon-wk.% to 14 forth by
taw, which shall out bo diminiana daring their netttrwance
inch., Soothe, WWI rewire so (ow paws:salsa ohne
nor h.ld ay other Cato or profit ...Act Wis otrwthiaracw lll 4
or Amster thisrrnawa of the Usitcd Staletrow any alba
haw of th Unioa. The -.Odes of tho Borer. Coy..
during their confiscates lo ohm, atoll recidetrorithin thl.
c o wnwareath, to the oat. Juicw,datrog thee wntuasi
hate, shall reside +Wady the dint.n or c 0.., the
Oath dm were wise:nal, elociest . .
Dpchut of the lloma at anpronatstiro .'
V. BEST, ."
Speaker of the Shots.
• • --
• ; itrorre. Cmiewst, 'l _
' • Ilarnrourg. Jamul 'M. MS.
I, EWaitel W. Pan. Chief Clerk of Des Broati
Prosisylmnia, do WOG eirlify MOO. for niiiilata.
(No. Pi on the Minim flle of the yrestal ressi.,l entitle
wßceolution relent: to I. amendowit of the Constitution,
-it being the flat resolution Which ems
tis ky e me.
jority or Ne ...cabers Gerold to eel Home of roe lest
t..egiala rara-after hub' ;been duly
.ronsidered nil cli"
mewed, was this derail:aro to by a eneywity of the members
eternal to and earring. is the Ben. of . Terosyleroia, et ill
grown music., am ikwill apple ;by their vette giros on toe
Assimilate of tbe resoluta., as Collo., ilm
'l heme voting ia Ilmuorthe plume of the laudation were,
H. Jones Brooke. J. Porter Srawley, Willie. A. Cribb,
Jonathan J. Cannisironai, Thom. 8 Fenton, Thom= ny
Foyer., Cluirles Franey, Robert 81. Frick, Healy Fulton,
John W. Granny, Will. liasiett, lam Hope. Yinsathe
Ivey, inks., Y. Jana, Jorph Ronignowher, George V.
Lawrence klarortil !MG.., lieriums Melo.. Bropailist
Inatthies,'lieery A. klahleolwrg, Wllllssa ' T.' Pecker,
William IL SOW . , DVit Snikey,Pelega Brosty,"Canred
Shim", Ruben C.Sterretti Mani Stine, Flirts ILletrroter,
Joke 11. Welker,and Vales.. et. Speaker... Yew M.
Thye noirg spinet the rump of Vas rushation were,
Get., Dan. Aorta. Dram, and Alerander king-
Nes s 3. ' (Faired from root Journal.)
82411. W. PEALISON, Cleri
lir Vas Ikons or •Arrewelmvul•vi 1
Ilirrisbdre, Murk 11, 1 810.
titan Jack, Chief Clerk of the jlonn of Rowe.
u ifFrom ylronia, do hereby mini that the fore•
sir fir.esolijinoe,lNot 2.. the f t le .. ..lll4x t t i dLlo,? l l l l .. c a t i
dati a
' o
th IL= or " tta eoi.tifatio4.-it
ba3c the cates tuala.L. which wee *greed to by *majority
of ilia member , sleeted ta taro num of the Mat Leib."
this_-aftrt Wring hero dal" emmiered end divvied, was
this say 'greed t i by a majority of the members *looted to
rod raving I. the Ileum of Dmpritsernativcs .1 Tionscl. •
Var., at
e is lament Sessiaa• as will appal by their Toles,
gnaw th ford rawr of the resolution, es lona., vIG- i
Thom von. g io bo o n
of the pere of the eroihilfou were,'
John Ade", JO. Alliaminntiliiimßalrer,Rebert Baldwin,
-Davit J. Beet, Craig' Biddle Jewinsiah , Blear, John. B.
Morro, William thirolle Deiiiel 11. S. Brower, Jiwi M.
Burden, John Cowm,lieruy Marro, Jahn N. Coombe.,
Alltestior Crodlrod, Urojamin GiDavid, William J. Mk.
bins, Jun. , Pi Downer, 'Mum. Duncan, Wino. D i o n ,
Wil llare Empty, John C. ETwas. Williem Enn Dro lb T.
a, A. Scott
Klein Alemailer 8' Feather, Janus ;Fla.'s,' jete
Farber, Aleronder Oilkoney, Thanes C. Osier, Joseph F.
Grif3a, Jae'. Gaffey, Jamob I. Ilablenien, lleorgeli,
11.10, 1...1rwl .it. Jahn aiding., Willia.J.Hasphill,
.rolin: liar, Crory Maple. Low,. Raiford, M' &ibis:Oat].
Juke., ri Mono Jeizei. John W. Kantor, Chum F.
Vookmd, Robert. Elots,
Lem mai P Laird, Morris Leech,
Joni.. D. Lest, Anson ma, Jaws J. Leis, neon
Little, Jon. T. M'Clintock, /obit P 111 , Collv.h. llemoder
a InVardyy Joke ISOLaneblin, Jelin 111 , Lero, ausurd
Man, John B. Oink,
Meyer., John Miner, Joeerh
C. Iroday,
_Jam P. More , Willitiit Y. Slorimuy, Asekmil
bloseiy, Sylleard Madura, Jacob l's mill, Charleroi ) 'ha i
l ,
Johyili Tuber, Jouph ,L C Powell, Jmnes p. Tuld, 36.
limy, Learle Roberta, Samuel BistuiPU, John B.
find. Gleuel W. erolleld, Thom. C. BrYnUer,
Shaffner, Ricker.'Blwpiaa, ED Stiff,
ill ills
Moder Smith.
Wiliam A. iimitk, Droiend Somer. Wiam li
'noses C. bleat, David Btwerotd. Chaim Stockwell, FA.
win C. Timm; Andrew Wadajlabert •C. WOG . , Thos . as
,WAtxn, Sidney B. Wells, /Gram • Willorow. Dmiel
Zarbey, rod, John B. WCalinnot, Ihwakal-lrest et
' nose "Glom spirt the pie age at rho I...kaki:ram,
August. SC:Corer, Drill R.alw, awl James M. ?caw
jf4,7o a. • (F.uut from tti , l/ t o .r el j ele jAciL Clerk_
. Filed March 15 MO.
A. W. IfF.NEDICT,Dep. g« , y Of Cononeiwealth .
flacareser , s;Onic a,
r tt . sssssssss fr
I da cattily that the ahem and remote; is 4 tree alai
eerrret r a n et the original F atelotroo of the Osaseal A.a.
satahly, actlvi , Iltsalutioe ralatinra to en aineaareael or
the Ceettiia,', at the owns remains on ore bkobis or.o.
-...- 'InI tuns:way whereof. IWA %Tele set - my
L... taxi, r ezdzr .:,:i etior.tontred th L rrl fins o e f ( d i .,
Jon, e n nO i tlowin , ;ea tiezomee eigne Foment and fair.
, A. L. P.USS KU...teenier! old?! Conennaweeth.
ialtdirerznesl , . . .
VIOR the ronn.Llenee of ibis enlaces, ehe ptoprittore .
F O of the Piusburgh Ora bb.llL T w o Pla...boaes ku
th i If Ti11,1:,c.1."." , :1 glh l end rNrcitit'llel' 1
bl Hayward, thee ware, CO,L iberty la Market sts.'
A Melee, Wore Third greet • .. •
I; Wileei, ft., dttglial, cot Fourth to flenlihffol&
Jam 1 , peolth, more, Comm MM& WOO.: . !
' Telegraph Lace. Fearthetreet.. , , '..
si 0 Kelly, grocer, FdLN at, cornir er alley
hi onue, sore, Penn weal, Ninth Ward,
The floor waggons will tall twice or Unica daily
for orders, and tho f100r.10.-dellecred plamptly,either
lel_arrela in sacks—seek tour Is Tom'
lcoon .i nt? ra i n
'bkeTowed=Utogets e...11.:`.0.
no p_o Minion to leaTe floar witheatpayar ri t th ,...,•
lye hope unrealile will be pleased
,rim ,_
"."3.1".' "A° 44 ev'it'a '-arr..%01,F.
4 1 ., m' ---- ". pulair. ipiiii.oo;.!,.....coisip- .
to I 0 ,. 1 3., T e. 1N:44 : .. , ~
23 4 20 0a b bo u ta tri av Leme .
s.i n Ei 0 ip . :,.. 1 124.; rroT ai .
alccrE Hrr:n Irar.r oN i
018 , r •
rkban'T, eines who are Wet and afllleind with
• east of the bladder and tidney 6, With: rbetaestitt,
pairmin back or ticba, silejente, aid Meet* .'
aloe fee. that the ma. be eared by Milne the re , - •
trele r tali.'Yoa m ay tabr about Its being:* bestnuawe •
meek m You please; Mathis does not mate It soiliwT
we proclaim in the face of tut honest ebaresurary. that
It has virtues .whleh are: not comair.nd m OnY eMeT
tweeedY. • The Man who is racked with pain wad mil ,
tortes Min direful,. can for Arty eents, 'get'ellef fast:
any of the ills eummerairA above. .R.catter t it coals
Yea little to mate atrial. Thin -Petroleum Is no air,
tures' comyeed, put up for Ma pumas of llopming
en the community; bat it is a remedy :debt :oared by
the Mmterimod of mum, and bubbles up frouttbebo-,
tom of oar mother earth in its original emt er•
fen to mattes hamanky a ready remedy, n eartaln
andthesp clue- .
it has cored Piles after miter medicines have ,
to render any relief. It hart eared Itheumatinnefloug •
Standing, and of theirerriand most pahantebmarder
It has eared Cholera Moth. by oak Or two demo
has eared old caeca of Diarrhea, in.which every other
remedy hmbeen onto Meal remedy In
barns and melds, it Is,bciter than say medical cow
pound or ointment Mat ure.tmow of. Itwtil mare chil
blains or frosted Met, In .alew''appilestions; undoubt
ed testimony. cart befumished of the troth contained
la the oboe, statement by calling on tdamuel elm,
Canal Biolu,7th atreetp or ettherr:ff t
. nd
Vl K' regYller k „McrEng'4,os7iVood eveM, A•Ta
lira fa D. 741.-Cll;ryi'Allegheny City; ate the vents. •
P Sw
The most 'lnaltelammt• Dtleol"n , "
coral—hut. itontridy'rer that Plleel
DR. D. P. DROWN'S celebrated External AMeri
tf_ y
lf to be the o rzt ,,, o t r tasi eLe a . d i ld T i t!
public. Elam the discerrety Of thillVlltablentedicin e,
and the. large number of extreme eases with which
Dr. Droarn bee treated, no OM hit failed to be entirely
cored. Unlike the marry healing balms extant, after
month. and year. of experintentalisiog, has .too often
left the patient; where they commented hr Vona,:
but: alter n few days will deed° the duo by effecting
= t w r gtxlcri, I shallnci; nter into &labored ar
gument to emit my medicine!! innroduco It upon Its
own merits. by Da effect I intend habil& +wad or fall..
Urn prefer that loadnorme discase,the rums, ttto
Irene of a few dollars, I reel the cue with you.
Bold wholenle,atreola a
D u aff sial to N sitii . Y.
57 Wood at.
sumo Intonits calm emir. Of von moon • '
on nava as nut antlaes, vs=
.Eicro rola ia Ring's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Ceder
mous Eruption. Pimples oi.Pnentles on We Feles,' •
Matches, Bile. Chrome Sore Eyes, Ring Worm • •
or Teuer, Scald Head, Rattner:tent and Pain or
the Bones and Joints, Stabbern Ulcer. SlPitinio
Symptom; Sciatica or I.urttbago,..-ased .eiseases
arising front an iniudiclocs s u e o
Disimay .
tites or Dropity,.ErpOnliC leapnadence Life;
Also Conetitutiomd Disorder, tco.'
This medicine ha. aceeitedh very extended and.
established reputation w e it has tams used:
baud enUrely on Ps own merits, which saperier
'efficaay has alone eastal”ti. The nnfonanato victim
of hereditarrdi mese, with swollen glands, contracted
sinews; and tones half curiae. has been restored to
health and vigor., The serafelous patient, covered
nob alcers,loathsome to W ane and his attendenta.
been made Whole. Ilandreds cf persons, who ;
had gnawed hopelessly for years under entencoas
sad - gistulaim• dist/Diem chronic. rheensatiem; Muld
many other complaints springing . from. derangement.
of the eecretive organs and the circulation, have been -
ranted as It were from the reek of diseas, end new,
with regenerated constitution, .gladly te e
.ticy to. the
efficacy of tide Inestimable preparation.
Thence:dam of the Oadcr is called team following
tetTlilshing cure, efected by We nee of Sands , Sum,
• - .
[ Lek Li to eartifr dad I ha v e a colored woman 'ebb
i Las been afflicted for the Inst Ate ye ars with Seroful6,;
and all thc remedies I used hid Co effect in arresting,
, the 'progress of-the 'eareldaint; 'oh the iontnirr, ins
I constantly grew worse; arid after expending between
[OM and ScO with physleirom, besides using other
papaar remedies without Ounce., tit I the disease had .
t eaten away the cartilage az her' nose, made its tip
1, pears/me on serious par* of her body, and had fatally
commenced its ravage' In the soot of bet mouth
"In this dreadful situatien. with the prospect a. •
I 'death ending her mt. face I stated her ease to Dr
I .4%7lM, ' 4,=Ml o v r trrirdrird: P u tilttittire7l7i.
and no my surprise and thine( my neighbors, to whom
her cue was known, after , Usleg font and a ball bora
ties the way restored to peifect health,arid that in the,
pace of three weeks, and Was able tolgegh in two •
Of Ceki rnMrthe time she cob...need taking lc - -.
"In witness - of the truth of this statement,' lave affixed my mine r als Ithh day of Selnelnber,.
"Mouth of Reuse River, Craven to. N. C.
The following it nn extract from a letter received
from Mrs. Rev., woo had be. sfdleted several years .
with Scrofulous Ulcers, DYspepsis, ALL, and reentdl
”Attreller , of the throat and cheat, •
"Ilsnurvarao, Va., Dee.l3,lMS.
"Messrs. A. 13' , rc a 8.,..- 3 ef or. I eorameneed
using year SartsParilla„tay sufferings wore almost
past exptession,• my throat wsur completely ulcerated._
I had a dreadful cough, end dine me re freqneetlY,
weeks together Out r mild not speak above a wt.":
per, end besides, the in flaramailon from my throat ex:, •
tended to my bead, so
my hearing weaver, numb'
Impaired. After taking the Bust Penile a chart thee
my health was improved,and my throat is now well
lan ea free
std cough and
It of the cheit
ever I Was, and call bes i qttim dimiectlY. MY throe
has been well about :three months, theme of which •
hullo." effected entirely by do me off Teo , Rm. -
will.. Year friend, -• LOIIIBA R. BEVAN"
The following testimonial ta the ream of the Ursa. • from the Rev Luther Wright, aged 70 yea..
Congregational Minister; residing la Wobam.
"Woman, bless., March 30, RHO,
"Messrs: Randal Gentlemen—From what 1 have eX
perleacee, and• from the - information I have recently
received from a number of . .ersons of high .respects ,
Milts. who have used year Sarsaparilla, 1 have not
the feast doubt hat that it is a most valuable medicine.
end that the nueneroureertlficates yen have received
of Its efficacy are folly
,sustained by experience, and
although its repetition and utility are very extensive,
sod stand in . need t
a re hamble b y
to incr..
them, I w.t all vs. afflicted by disease to b. ,
come acquainted with •the efficacy and power or your
'enable medicine.:
1 am, gentlemen, gtalefally .d very RlrespeetfallT."y
youm. •.. LUTHER WGH
- Prepared and sold, Wholesale and 4. a ,k.
H. serm , rt.ggi.t..ond Chemists tou Fuiun meat,
corner of William, New York. also by•'Drug.
gists generally througheut the United Sold
States and Can.
ad. nice it per bottle; six bottles for IP. ' •
:,FS:Tie s..lP.tlll:liqiii.i3lF4E.l'nflal!lTllllllits.
A NEW' emedy lately discovered fa the Yegemble
LS.. Killadtme—rt, We and permanent Caro , for all
Mammal= Complaints, such •as
Ithlantramory, ChrOn keine and Mercantil
, Rheumatism, Gera, Lumbago, , •
L •' ' Spinal Affeedons, /Le.
This ritedlene his been sought for. It habeen
asid that Itheumattard could not. cored; hat there la
it remedy designed by nature fort he taro °fever, dia.
ease that the human hystem is subject to. At rest a re
trimly has been ;cooed that curer Rheumatism of the
worst fond—one of the roost velnable vegetable VI/-
dee...jeer of the earth—the Greats. and =paint:Want
discovery of the egd, and ful blerriagr to the
human family. • It cams without tierce:lngo* debilita
ting, and renews strength and vigor to the vihole spit.
tete. It bag eared, daring the pest three mordhs, over
SOO .sts that yew: eorsidered incurable. . ....
Certificates of the cetative properties of Ode me et .
tine MI be seen by
coiling on thodgent. • .. _ .
None genuine unless put up with an engrav
nl ed tenet
Tr/ ilig..ll;llWoTg3cl,' '''ln'l bY d'''Pl./.7,0r, a
, 11. SfiIYSEIL
Sold be
• corneuThinl and Merket st, Pins , nigh. ,
Bold also ur
~ G. 1 , . THOMAS,
Nolo9 Main at, CirtefFnall. 0
/3/ -- sn 3/A3l - 0/I.L 0141027
; few dooni i3k lis ow Wood stmt., tart•
DIU Sal. lIVPI et S.atelig been
.t ogolotlyetleated to i b o =dud
pofessu 7 d been for miens limo •
In general practice, novueoulints
his attention La n de trcaUncol 6I
, - • these pnvato &items com
. plaints for which his opportamists -
mot , experience petaliarly quality
t •
' hon.' 'altars asaidionsly devor.
to study a treatment of those complaintattinnagor9ea 3
time he bashadenoreymetlet and has eared morays,
tents than tan ever fall to the lot or any,private ptac7
tlUomen amply 'qualifies lass ha,off:c .assmic a ll:4
~?fltdi:lit'grt=l i Ld. Liffir.l.'Zl.i ~..
Ifro. . •
Dr. Brown would Infonattose ittilleted I .with Mourn
Idisessea - which have become chronic by
time or ag , ,
I gramma by Psalm of any of the common nosmnns 41
I the day, that emir conaidatotacari be radically and them
I ougialy cared; he having giten Ida earefat attentionto
I 1 t it iv:lta,
~:ren t ili a rr e dlentyt.,;:otg a r7:
:f t m ii:nt.,,,,,,mnivhde e ,:t o ,i,
hhh:n t i.b:: : :4.ll :
... 5
, f : .
...tle :::: : ::ii:
~:te n .:
1: s a e r7:7l:t.te t bdri: , i
,::::„. .
1.4:..1:op d .:0:
. ... dilf, u fii c ,..::: : :::ni..erixi,.l,:.
::::: i
. : I,: d ic.
6:7:7 1
: it ileilrn:
„I h y
; ti . n d 7l:
0,,,0..::.:th i .,,h ,... .
.::::::: .
tgT.l.Tri..l".. !
• . iirli.r.i..R.t.riric..lnylus psi
. • 'ah Dentin to call as Ins luspaidparus:
‘lgi.Mg rise. ca thlc
red; • .
Oda abeam:Kato, hi s,l'alsy, statsPlasifill and
Charges VeryLoor.
N. U.,—Yancout of either sex letting „
alit dlstancia, by
statiag Unlit• disease in writing, giving ail tbs gasp
-1 teats, can obtain:medicines with dirrctlona for nip by
&dormant T. Bp.OINN, IL D., post paid, aadaneloo;
tiles Na. 63 tiamtntdallay,oppoilmtha Wavorly
attlattelitt.—Dr.lirCelres newly discovered mita
4 for RhedWthattis a speedy and certain muted) , toe
that paWal tronbie. It never Who .• , ..
Mee. at.d Pre via., Vmsolting Boom, No. GI Di..
Mond alley, Plttcburrh; Pa. Us DOM? Is always et
, . I
flacs.7•lrt •
1 11
liso,lh MIN