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'THOMAS' 31.181:!IVE,
rot /11:C0111 losanolr, Won varecoviacts;
. . .
- MORD . AN ROBERTSON, Piunbiirgh.
T. J. RlOll2lll, Lower St Clair.
• CI. WALKER. Ehubeib.
.1055 SPCLOSKST, Robinson.
• JAMES FISTS; Snowden.
.PSZMICCITItt. .•11911111T,
EamikzEs. BOYLE, Nonh Fayette.
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WM. FLYNN, Low. , SL Char.
D. N:63I7BINEY; Ohio.
The Paw foists that the Steubenville route Is •
rier4st and best rail road route to Cincinnati.
It is possible it may be ten or fifteen miles shorter,
by mowing the country direct, and bridging the
;Ohio, but It is far from being the beat, and we do
:not believe it weld be travelled in to short e time
nathe Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad. The Pro
sashes the distance from Pittabargh to Columbui,
by way of ateubenville,l93 miles. BY way of
the Ohio sad Pennsylvania Railroad, the distance
will be about 210 miles. As the route bunt'
been located, hinstiver, on some portions of the
Rteubentrille line, lbo probabiliiies are chat there
will betray little difference in the distance by the
two routes.
But' there to no probability that there will ever
be another bridge erected across the Ohio rivet.
Thia Will reader it necessary tor the likeribenville
road to connect with Pittsburgh by way attic ,
river, ',Via will lengthen their roam some thirty
miles, giving the decided advinfage in distance
OW western rend. - -
As the Port remarks, however, It is useless to
debate the question now. Our Western road will
De built, and we have no objection to see another
road connecting • us with Ohio, through Stenben.
, vilte, erected alto, provided no obstruction is made
to the navigation - or the river. '
Re asks us two location', in regard to the ter
minus and depot or the Ohio and Pennsylvania
• liar oid, which we will cheerfully answer,when
ever thereafter Ims been decided by,the Directors.
le the present state of indecision, in regard to the
depot, it would be useless to give more coojec•
tams and opinions. We can gay one ttdng, bow
_;ailerovitit enzieldenee, that we have to doubt the
j ; depot Will 'tic located at a point which will be
noit advantageous to both cities, and that the
propriety of the selection will be acquiesced in by
the business community generally.
Mtn COAL Itcamess.—The immense lame sae of
one abipmenta of Bituminous Call to the out was
noticed in .our commercial column, i few daya"
ego. The wonderful increue of the demand on
the eastern sad southern waters, and the probable
prospective, Increase, are well delineated in the
following . article from the lotrissulla Teens:4—
On, coal fields are of more teal value than Wier
'livid mime • '
'Dm Coat Titans or vas Omo.—Very few of
oar readers have anycorreet idea of the importance
widish this trade is mourning. The amount of
coal now annually mined on the banka of the
Ohio and Its tributaries, cannot be less than thirty
five mill ions of bushels, worth, cube paints ofcon
slimptlins,-tiot less than two and a half millions ct
.The rate of yearly inereario is probably
not less than 20 'sad perhaps 25 per cent. Al
New Orleans, this rate of increase is said to be
pore than. 33 per caul. par annum; and the yearly
consumption of that city is sold to have reached
3.000000 of ballads. Lent. Maury, in a letter to
Robert Triplett, Eat., predioa that in ten peon,
Sad sifter a rail road or canal has been made over
. the Isthmus of Panama, the demand for our Ohio
river coal on the Pacifies side of that Isthmus. will
amount to 30,000,000 of bushels a year. It ap,
poem from ha statement, which- Is confirmed bf
the elaborate work of Mr. Taylor, that theta are
no- coal mines between Cape Lions andlfsnoote.
yes Islaud, and that the Panama and San Fran.'
CIIAMI steamers are now supplied with Liverpool.
and Penusylvanis coal ate coat of some, $3O pet
tau, and that, by rail Mad or canal, our coal could
be fandsbed at feu than one third of that Dtitl3.
Tins ocean steamers , now loathing al lima Ois
leans, are treat consumers of,thia faelopme of
theta taring on baud 25,000 bushels at a lima:—
To the tactesaa'ar atm steamers are au Ls no
A new.snd large demand for our coal meat
110011 spiing ap on the 'coast,' for the waantaa-
Twenty peers. ago, the idea of using coal as
• foal on rife, Waal boats Wasregarded as propos
.-• won', and now - it is a quesuon whether this will
.not, in a law years, be the fuel ear:lll4,ml'. used
on baste between Pittsburgh and New Orleans.
,Lasigessa-Coinrre.—Tke Union and !Tribune,
of esunday, been& as the resolutions passed at
Min Whig Count? Cntivention; held in latiesster,
On the 3th leaf. They breathe the tree Whig fer
vor, cod are worthier the Old Guard, train whorl
they eh:misted. It oiil bi teen from the follow*
thsi s they givelthe national adminiattatien no ball'
lidavivad. nal in. Teasley Taylor, u Oaf Ma
jut:rale of thellation, we have been men rutty
plaided in our every anticipation- That be boa
amply ietiffed every promise toady ' none may de.
ny.• In his honesty, iniegrlty and patrinuam we
Dave satire confidence. • • • , '
itsuolved, Thu as Penturylvaulans, we feel a
deep sense of gratitude to the. chief magistrate of
Ms nation,. for the solicitude in behUlf xx the lea
dm:trial interested Pennsylvania, and the nation
generally, and his earnest remunmendation to Con
gress, to afford them Oust protection; and we out I
look to the present Congress to do speedy justice
to llosp already long suffering interests, and give
'thatprotectiti to mdustry so urgently demon.
. .
' . Nemoteed, That the Whigs of the Uaitra,havizig
smoceeded In electing Zachary Taylor, and pin
e-lag him In the Preaideatlal chair, it lithe duty,
not only of . the, Who party,' but or all its rep.
reseatatives to support his nominations, and stertain
" . the measures of his administration—
• ' The other resolutions congnuulate the '. Whigs of
the Bute on thepresentlefly position occupied-by
thipartyl cspreas a just pride in the distinguished
. ;representative of .Lancaster in Congress, - Hon.
. ' Thaddeus Stephens; declare that his vindication of
the North is worthy of her highest admirrition, and
thit he has fay joinified the confidence reposed in
him: They iterate Governor Johnstrba's ' semi.
. meets in rein on to slavery, return him thanks for
• the proper . Of his eonstitutimMl veto 'to
prevent the deprivation -of a large portion of alts
eitizem of rip= representation in the Legislature;
sad congratulate Pennsylvanians on the Governor's
' •ebbs vindicatien of the legislation of not Stale' in
regard to 'slavery. In the following manner they
espteas their opinion of the general courant( Gov
ernor lehrunon while in officer ' 7- .
- Rel.:aye:4 That William F. 'Johnston, th e present
dUnieguisbed Whig Governor of Pentisytmnia,
has, in the adminkaration of the government, folly
metal:so/ she most sanguine anticipations of the
Whig :party ; and as Whigs of the ' "Banter
. County,' we 'nab great pride in dins tenderin g
to him t his tribe', of respect and esteem for his
', eminent *o . Mo:esteem Whig party of the Common
• num blraco.—The - Now Orlin= Picayune
atbt received files of the Ibrinor Republican, of
'din city of Mexico, to the 21st '
The Congress had been cot:nuked recurs ses:
sion the twentieth of this month. The most imoorl.
toot benslttess will be the nrriusgra..,,,, of the
try. On •thit, says the Repubhtaso, depends the
Intention of the Republic.
The chef= was making ennaiderable ravages ie
Valladolid. . Up to the I.3th of May, there were 'Zit
deaths.. The average number of daub* per day
twenty. •
• The Eepublicano publishes the report of the Casa
mammon Credit on the English debt, which, it lAD.
- =7,. mourn& to fifty fitres . mUliorts of doll.
OP the Mh or March a great insow.etorm took
The moat lap
on a foot deepa
=Z in
A book tinblished by the Monitor against She
Josinsi basc-eatised • considerable sensatiOni •
. ' r • ' for the Etna/wall Genetic.
. death of afire Marren CU. ht. already beet
anarenMed es as item of nutilligence, bit It /genii
hardly prepee to permit our friend m pasty away from
as, wan a simple enunciation of the fait. If lthi
ornament of a meek and quiet eptrit,” Wrought bj
pailenitifering and sweet sahroletreness, <usu.
tante levellnem, hers was a lesely splrtm—sentle,
. *elf ditildent, and unobtrusive; he& wonit wan beet
• anima by her family and a Wei:Tussle of Meads
wilt PM her riperung fora purer world, amide lees
protracted nifering. ller tool' dithwltels wan eon.
sllotadonal, and depression verde cot by hoe peculiar
disease, prefented het trienspb,itint aoseatinte S'e ten
her houlyet WOO who watched ice beatattal mut/
ft stations of thateaUs of the sylrii, could doubt that!
she eras prepared ruttier cheep, and' that to her eta
die wee galmo•:ppilioposiinst eafiressidnimiteale at.;
o nee the wilting chireetnistie of bet piety, and the
licrliopei—sSpeak not to me of myself—speak
only of my Brehm." /ler memory will bsieherMiod
beg In the hemmer those who knew and. loved bee,
em a deviates, Mitcham:l te friend, R.
~:. r
~e~=~ ` -
• Porde Ptusforg G a r
n fin SIBIELD 31.31.1..
7.r. . ROAD. .
, - -
The greatest defieultrin the way cf fins prca
pet is this. It Must pas. through Virginia; and'
yet no revealable portkru-ot the people there:wig .
sac for a charter frcim that State. -Wheeling is so
Ciliated that ate donna. Sy extraordinary in-1
finance that city hasiterßaltimore and O'clo BA R I
Road chained to he:fortunes. She accomplished
throughthevotes. and influence or the
gates from the counties through which that road
pours. Sy the same votes the schemes of the
Parkeraltugh people wise defeated. ,
Now, let Wheeling ask their Legislature for a
Charter for a R.ail Road from their town m' con.
meet with a Rail Road that-pewee four hundred
miles through PennsylVanist, and avoids entirely
Marshall, Tyler,. blonintgalls, Ilarrisioa, Marton,
Prestos, and EICSIVIInfe counties, Virginia; what
favor could they then hope for in that Stale or in
tbose mates, The refusal Of that Legislature to
let the Baltimore Company connect with tbalefilio
river belowWheeliug, was an extraordinary fa
vor to that city;' but letWbecling attempt to divert
trade from that : State to Pecasylvanie, and aloe
mill at once find herkind mother converted into a
hint step dente; and Fishing creek and Grave
creek will no longer be treated as aliens. - Even.
Parkeralottrgia monld . bogln to Wheel.
. look ap, if
tog dare look seriously townrdi the Hempfield
.Rail - Road. The old Dominion Isnot the Slate to
(eaters child to mat her own throat. The people
of Wheeling understand this miner perfectly, and
it will belong, very long, before they will ask far
ac4rter for a Rail Road to "the western I ' ooo 'l
dary of Donegal township."
• They have their hand la the lion's . month, and
while it isthere, they dare not look Pennsylvania
ward, andahet:c a isfortooe is, they dare not with
draw their hand if Steyr:ldd, and mad not if they
Wheeling Is a pet child of Virginia, but she is
west chninedi at the instance ofthat per, Virginia I
refined to gr*et the right of way through Brooke
county for a rail road to Pittaburgb; and Ohio coun
ty cannot now, with any decent face, ask what she
before urged Virginia to refuse to her neighbor.—
She was very patriotic and indignant when her
neighhors w ished to niche a rail road into Penn
sylvania: With what propriety thee cantle ask
for the privilege of coshing cue in the lathe direc
tion, alter all the favoritelem she has received
frem her mother State.
Sot suppose the appliestion made to the
fa. Legitlature for a charter for a rail road to run
perhaps !Viten mile. in that State, and then eon•
neet with one marring fJur hundred miles through
Pennerlyania: This raid would afford a rout to
Philadelphia and New York more then a hundred
miles shorter than • tho Baltimore and Ohio Rs
Road, and by the %raj of Harrisburg, and New
York enure twenty miles shorter than by the way
of Cumberland. The root, in respect to grades
and carver; would be vastly 'superior, so that, If
thin Hempfield road were' once made, the Bald.
more Road would not bare business enough to
pay the loardang of the greksers, let alone wages.
How Is it poesible that any legislature would,
after liaxiog compelled that Company. to eon up
along the Obio river mar thirty odd miles, mere
ly to accommodate Wheeling, after having intro
duced into the charter the most extraordinary and
oppressive 'condition, that the Company shall
charge no tolls on any part of the road between
the Monongahela riverand Wheeling, until lb' en
tire lino Is completed mad in use, will now pas, a
bill for another wad to rob that Company of all
hope of !mare bluicees, to deprive Virginia or all
the advantages expected from the Baltim are Road.
and beaters thownponi'ennsylvanit. Why the
thing In =oily prepostertiail Virginia is not yet
demented. Nor iterhe wicked enough to incur
the infanty.of !inch legieluior..
I have not yet teen a Wheeling payer noticing
the Hempfield Rail Road bill, but I venture to say.
that no demonatration in its favor will he made
there. The 'counties through which the Baltimore
Read u to pets, would frown icdigrantly at each
a deFonstrittion, while Parkerabursh and Fishing
dreek fielks would grin with delight. But Wheel
ing people are not to be fooled by the dark
aeriea of Westmoreland; they are not going to pet
their hands Into that trap. C.
' For tho Pittaburet Gazette.
Mr. Eneroar—lt tut been thought strange by some
that Alexander lidands, Esq., declined being a
candidate for the Legislature before the recent
Antimasonie and Whig Convention.
it la well known,that in the game meridian there
were other candidates canvassing for that office,
whose (needs had eterted their it:Beene° in his
favor for the Steely, and it would have savored
strongly cf a want of magalliimlty towards those
Whose conduce had been so generous towards
himself: He could bet, therefore, with propriety,
have consented to an act an replete with injustice
to his triesida. JUSTICE.
• Correspondence or the rinsburgfiderette.
Weslu...errors, Joao 13.
Violent' Beene between Mr. Clay mad
lir.lienton—Ezeitement in the noun,
=Truculence of Toombs—fleeting of
Whig Members on the Tariff.
Them were high merles in both Houses to day.
The prolabflity that the compromise or omnibus
bill is Shout to pm the Senate stems to <snipe.
rate Old Bullion beyond all bounds of endoleoce.
One of the most painful altetestirms and scenes
of violence and vituperation I have ever witnessed
iu-the Senate took place this afternoon. Mr-
Seward eareplained early in the day's debate over
the northern boundary of Texas, that the com
promise. scheme had been the true canoe of delay,
And mustbe held responsible for the fact that after
six months of time , had :been moved California
was still au applicant foi admission to the Union.
Mr. Clay replied with Mich animation, and tome
unnecessary severity, charging; upon the enemies
Of the compromise that theyhad thrown obstacles
lithe way. of business la progress by dilatory
d rimless motions. Mr. Seward rejoined, lie.
'rending his declaration with sound tugurnents and
fame. • Brit Mr. Benton replied to Mr. Clay in
lijaiManother atm% and dwelt, with great f..tree,
upon the ebatige or petition by Mr. Clay himself,
shriwing, from his speech of Febivary last, thiu
he' was then decidedly in for of the separate cot.
sideration of Catternie.- he read a long extract
firm this speech containing quite . a
schedule of
reasons against thueormection of Caroms with
other subjects of legislation.
. Mr. Clap defended ,hlmeelf from the charge of
tite6asistency, and retorted it upon Mr. Benton,
by referring . a the statement that, during the can.
.vase in Missouri, loot summer, Mr. Benton had
declared himself hostile to the projoal of a State
government in California, and, consequently, op
posed to her admission.
• Mr:Benton denied the wrrectnets of that replan.
Showed that he woe in favor* of the admission of
oyLf ere te, sea State, long before the period refer
red to by Mr. City, and brought documents to
prove it. •
Mr. Clay - then produced a letter from a Mr.
Aced, of Minonri,elicited, probably, by Hon. W.
A. Hall's engUiriee upee thin aim petal, of Mr
B.'s conliateney, to the effect that the writer bed
beard Col. Benton treat !Liu idea of a State gov
ernment in California with contempt and disappro.
Mr. Benton nOWbecsme veatly excited. He
deemed that no man should speak to him in that
manner—no man ehould,bring here stray letters
kens any body to inipugn the statements personal
to himself which be made upon this door.
Ho had proved, by chapter and verse, ail he
had said. The loner was a caiumny. He eared
nothing for the author ; ho looked only to the pub.
Usher—the 'promulgator of the libel. He who
adopted it, made it his owo. He was a esiumnl
ator, and he would brond him with an Iron so hot
that it would leave the marl.• Ma calumniator up•
on his cheek so deep as never to be effaced.
Mr. Pay eerie pale with indignation. Ha re
pelled the inspotatloa with acorn and contempt,
and he threw it back into the face of him who
scut %who might place It In his casket of calum
ny. Mr. Clay was proceeding with a yet severer
retort, when his Mende persuaded him to sit
Mr. Clay was ladnmeet in Intreducioathe
ter eller Mr. Benton bad positively denied the
statement it wevintended to corroborate; but the
manner or Mr. Benton Wee mo tram:mei violent MI
to rel.; sympaq, and manage all seem of pro.
In tbo Howe, Mr. Toomba - .endertoott to piny
the put of a Wuculent.a.ssatlant of every L o di
with whom he happened to come into contact.—
Recharged northern members in general, and Mr.
Winthrop by twine. with factious and blind hoWil,
Ity - to the Booth, and her institution., on accounti
al a veto jest given in Committee, against some
abstraction supposed to involve thou rights. Ilia
misrepresentation aau Immediately apnea by Mr.
Mara Mr. Nilnaknap, and cm. Bayer. Mr. mini
, .
throp repelled the Wise ratios with ouch indiction,
emphaeis that the rcdoubt.ble GeOrgien fort'aaritit
resorted, twit hint of pistols and centre* upeni,
pothcsia. Mr. Doer and Mr. Baker Irecomitir con
cerned in therdispuire'raised by, Toombs' torailifs•
docia, plainly Intimated to him that he we:init ceing
what ho knew to be anima, as to the motives of
mortbeun mesilareply sans rannaLltirsil
that BobadilAlso second.did not renew the pied
and algae aranment..' •
The in the Haile to day,'wu of
high inierestilont (have no time to allude to it at
ratter length. • •
On Nondayevening loot a few .Whig menden.
of thialrourto called upon Mr. Meredith; st hire its.
Iders*lcentosult upon theSubjeti pfihe
This meeting consisted prtocipally of members of
the.Peonagivania, New York, New England, and
Ohio delegations, with • few aonthern
The present depressed and minting stale of the
pruscipal mdnarrial, and, particularly, the mann
lamming Intercom, was fully disonesed, and the
mode of remedying it. Mr. White, of New York,
and Others, were In favor of a select committee of
the Heim to take the subject Into cortstderation,
hot it way at last resolved to refer the matter, or
rather to leave it in the hand, of the minority of
the Committee of Ways and Means. It was ar.
raosed that the hiecretary of the Treasury should
prepare a ha!, which should reported to the
House; if the majority of the arroyo committee
world permit it to be, as the report of the minority
members. It' was resolved that apecrtle dares
should, he ;el:toted, as the only mode of prevent.
ing frauds
Weseinaeox. June 15.
The Tarler—Approprlatlons.,Th• South
Yielding Thereon... The Omnlbai..A
Perhaps I should be a little more particalar in what
I have to say of the late important Tariff move
ment, than I was in the haste of closing ray last
letter.: I do not know that there is any improprie
ty in stating that Mr. Meredith, the able and inde
fatigable Secretary of the Treasury., is expected
to prepare the bill which will be revised, and, if
aceptable, adopted, by the minority of the Commit
tee of Way, and I%lenns, and by them laid .before
the Muse and the country, es the plan for the ad
justment of this great question. upon .which the
Whig party and the Adminbtration ore ready to
stand. In the nature of things, the details of all
bills of this character taunt be arranged and set
forth at the Executive Departments. It was done
by Mr. Forward,in and so notoriously by Mr.
Walker,iti 1816, that a great deal of discussion sub
sequently took place unto the immense amount of
bills paid for the forage and subsistence of those
auxilliaries that were brought from the custom
houses in every corner of the nod. A reportfrem
the minority of the Ways and Means Committee,'
Messrs. Hewlett, Vinton, and Duer, may be look
ed for within the month, shearing the true state of
the country, and tracetrig the causes of its depnes
con directly to the operation of the present. Tar•
id I have no doubt, however, that Boyly. will
ontr,ve to forget what be said, relative to in
erposing no objection against the action of the mi-
notify report, and that, with his consent, no report
nor bill will ever be presented. The bill will pro
pose no half way measure, but specific protective
duties, under which the industry- of the country•
will thrive, and the ww,;es of labor maintained, or
brought back to that standard winch prevailed du
ring the existence Of the law of 1812. Should
these initiatory proceedings be esrriint forward to
the happy result of a determinate settlement of this
great question, no immediately affersing the pros
perity of the people, throughout the Icriph and
breadth of the Union, one of the most deplorable
gaping wounds of the country will be cured, and
finality will have been given to discussions, during
the continuance of which business must always k•
innin in an uncertain and unbeahhy state. That
result Would also redound gremly to the credit and
reputation of the present able and energetic head of
the Army Department, and to the gentlemen:cm:un
ed in this incipient effort to mature a scheme for
the rescue of the national industry from its present
state of suffering and misery.
That high.toploftical gentleman, Bayly,,of Ac-
comae, limeal descendant of rite Grand Truk, and
twin brother of North Wind, has condescended to
obey le order of the Cutruninee of Ways and
Means, and to report all the appropriation hills not
before presented to the Howe, with the rather Im
portant exception of the ciciLand diplomatic. The
airs of this exalted individual dsvebeen highly of
fensive to some of the members of the Heise, and
yesterdsi Mr. Schenck took occasion to creak of
hiro,and to him with some little freedom, Whereat
he puffeTforth his feelings and his wrongslmen.rds
Mr. Schenck., and the Bowe at large. lint disre
garding him and his wind, the Committee of the
Whole pocketed the hill, and passed upon; oceof
them on the spot, which action the House aontirin.
There was aortic dissatisfaction that
, this day
should have been taken from the appropria
ted to the California sill, and 1 doubted the policy,
but it seemed the thing could not be helped.—Be
sides it war certainly well to accept thine ien of
grace end repentance from the fact ion presuming
tiyeall itself "the South," which has time and again
publicly and privately threatened not to allow •
dollar of appropriations for the support 'of any
brand of Government to pass the ,Ifouse, until
their demand es to slavery Were coincided with.
By way of testing my skill, I oiler yon the follow
ing speculation on the subject of this pending Com
promise, or atljtelment, Or givine tt
all its titles. A gnal or at lasts decisive voie:up.
an the bill will be reached before the close of next
week. .What end how many lost specActi and
dying crinfmaions of expiring oratorsmay barnacle,
1 know not, but !assure you that Senatorial as well
as human patience will be exhausted within an
other week. The bill, in my opinion, will rem by
atmwthing like the following vote
New Hampshire
Rhode Island...
New York
New 'Mar. •
Mich gan....
North Carolion
South Carolina
Slave Slates— .
Add Free Statce
Bradbury, Phelps, and Borland arc expected to bo
absent. Barnwell, the recently appointed Senator
from South Carolina, will no doubt arrive to rea
son to take part in the final result r whatever it may
be. Jratt-s.
'float NEW YORK
Correirpot6er.oe of the Plusbarga Gauge.
lirca Wax. ince 13.
The arrival of the Canada and the %riming, has
thus far been of no effect cave the stagnation of ba
sinfuls until the mail arrives. Polities and business
abroad seems es dull as with us, and a more
quiet state minima well be imagined.
The Erie bill loan upon income certificates was
made yesterday, and realised ninety per cent and
upwards, one bid ranging as high as v21..2 per
coot. Theaggregate of bids was 56,1135,000, and
the coronet to be sold only $2,50,000, a discrepancy
that shown the abundance of money and tins confi
dence people have in the road. To day lib3.S is
freely offered for the scrip, but there are few sellers.
For Pennsylvania s's t . i6 is offered—United States
of 1867, Beading Stock 4143 A. Blest
Stocks ere dull under the influence of hot wmather.
An experiment is to be made nt the Astor Haute
with a new light, the invention of Mr. Paine,
opticin residing' at Worcester , Marsschtnetts,
who has be. made no'orlotts bg severalutlethpl,
aeon hi,. life. Ile claims to have discovered the
means of decomposing muter by the act of electri
city, and Lire production of gases not only compe
t"'"C light iti/d Nrutut the city, but to giro motive
potter for all nee nutehinery. be vacated, is
fighting the itsuur HOWle for one Week, be bee been
guaranteed for ihe patent right in the United States
a a= variously estimated at five nod ten millions
of dollars. Aux/pea:newel the Muir House, if
aueeeafill, will give his invention a world wide
'eeleb:rity, and stamp him tte the moat wolidieful
inventor of modern or ancient pneit People who
have men' thelight'pttidneed'are minguina • that
it will supersede all •glia - trortim, and give us
as& eguithalmost us : thou.,* Sou .8= at niter'
Ai Few facts are disclosed this morning by one of
the . dilies, in relation fettle. underground life of.
this city. 11}s meted—add them is amazon to doubt
tlidaiscrtionlintibere;Stre localities in ' this city
where boarders are at tie rite of 9,18, and 37
1-2 Cents for pet week each i includ ing lodging. The
marbet to which the caterers for ties simmtnpus ta
bles 'Worded at this price, Is the swilllubs and re
cepincles of broken victuals throughout the city.—
The forniture of these ' , hotels" is citable and bench
es. Upon the table the whole mass of scraps is
found, and the three shilling lot turned loose fora
quarter of an hence amembling, the second clay
then are given their chance, which the sine pate
ray boys look on wondering whether any thing will
be left for them. When their tom comes, it may
well be supposed that no very fastidious appetites
are brought to the "festive board; ",but that of ani
mals alone can the enters be termed. For lodgings,
the 37 1.2 cent people have bare Boers,
straw, the 18 cent tribe:have boards Mosie r vrhile
the ninepanny class Imve only the privilegeof amid
dig up, or sleeping out of doom, as the room they
be abundant or scarce.
A Committee of the Common Council have re
ported in favor of a series of rail roads, comraeh•
clog at the Battery and , extending up Washlagton
street, and thence across the town through the ra
dians avenues of the extreme point of population.
The Tile are to be grooved, arid the wheels of the
cars tongued, so that no obstruction 'halite Girard
to carriages as by the present plan. The reeds
would pay, and theta are plenty of people to build
them, and as there is very little prejudice bete
ogniort can in We street, there is emery [MOO to
thud: that we ,hall see .mil roads enough to rid
the citymf the greater pitt of the omnibus mil.
Markets generally are dull. Cotton is firm, with
a good business for eaport. Flour is in good iv
quest, but the speculative feeling, based upon a
stock at the west hasbeen checked. Wheat lofino,
but corn, since the Canada came, is held lower.—
Pork is in more request, but prices ore sumhaaged.
Lard 6 7•So7c. Whiskey is Xic. Sugar and coffee
ere held higher, with small sales. Linseed oil is
better, and bay sold at 7c. Tobacco is firm, with •
speculative demand. C.
Steam Eziklaxions and Evans , Safety
We extract the followiog from tbis report of the
Commissioner of Patents, read In the Senate of
the U.S. at its last sesame. It It In reply to • am
munication'from the Commissioner, ()tribe subject
of steam boiler explosions; and the : reply of Mr.
Gray Ledt/s4chsiraog testimony In tam otEvatte
'Stray Guard, that we would be wanting to duty
tattle publiej and regardless of jusUce to our al
low townsmen, not 10 publish. it. We have all
along, belieVed that this Vanden would =flits
the storm of'penmentlan with which Owes at drat
availed, and that Puttee, slow butsure, timid he
eVelatallly iiitelbied to it by the greasbody of our
eturincers and practical men. The Invent/on hat
bteo improted by Mr. Erins, in many maths!
pent& • he fusible allo, need to the " raards.•
canna liarika Wait. ii makes no difference
hour long in - nse, or how conch etpoted to heat,
it canna Ton its prep ayef frail" and will nut
require &greater degree at unaperature m malt it
then at fast designated. Woken that Mr.Erana
hen devoted the last three or far yeusto the a.
tainment impatient luiparrements, cud that the
guivi . nowpreseuted to the public ehatanges all
objecnout.l We hope that such toil and peewee
ra"cr, downed to so mate an object, will meet
with due 4ward, end that our engineers will east
aside en prltidlcall, and extend the hand of friend
ly regard 113 title bearAcent Improvement
Climx Moen Orme', Gt. Louis.
Star:—lnerewer to your interrtwatians, 1 au
spectrally answer in their order, dam
••e•• . • • •
In the year 1641, I built a Coat fa Pataburgh;
the boi!era bad been uted 10 anatber boat. At
the canna soireitstion of Clapt- Mn,, of that city,
I use plaeut on thane boilers'Euns' Safety Valve,'
at the lime, much against my own judgmeet. A
year or to:after, when running the Goat, from the
darkness of the night it became neeesaary to ley ,
up. On retiring to bed, I eye orders to the Eon
gineers tolhave steam up by daylight; the Engi
neer, as I afterward. learned, posed the order to
the welehmanAnd went to bed oleo.
The watchman, sometime before daylight, dred
up, end relied cum before it was yet light. The
°id eefety ivalve in due time commenced to blow'
a SWIM.: The Mu to chugs tied It down to
prevent the noon, and not beteg capable of wink.
mg the engine to as to at platy the boner* with
water, itto Mum inacesed.rapidly. end Evans'
vale went *Sand gave Acistumno myself and .
tho engineer. A. soon as haseuttined the eau,*
°fete essapement of steam, I ceemed the dreg
be cooled down, nod the man head was taken out
of the tolfer to mem= the fact tf Evens' valve
could be relied upon or tot On examining the ,
water, site rho man head Will taken out, I found
the meter had sunk in the boiler toe surge below
whet was Safe, of lob seas the mire of the explo-
I aten by Evan' entre, end 1 believe, bad not the
valve been upon the bonus, they wennid have
blown up.,
1 - tinvo boon etkcr circumalances occurring
on bast. on which thla valve waa placed, wed r
onsfirdlq of opinion, that when Evans' valor is
41i frog mcct, do ISPLOIOCIN cart cc= ON WATS.
Very respeetfolly,
Elutveyor and Inspect r,
To Col6lTrin or Pamirs, 1
Washington City.
We cannot understand why, lot several years,
this invention has been =Oriel, overlooke d
and allowed absolutely to go ant of nee when its
value ui a are guard is altogether above doubt or
quesUoa. Oar own opinion has been dud and
Arm in its favor, and we are confident that It the
public attention ran be dimmed to it, d will be
brought Into general use.
Tres Canan Assts—Tie Conley Prisoners.—
The Weshingunci Republic nays that despatches
Were received on Wednesday et the Navy Depart
ment, from Captain Tabull, of the United States
memo frigate "Saranac," which were written off
Key West, on the 2d of Jaime. Their contents are
thus substantially sa ted:
"We leain that Captain T. on his arrival at Ha.
0000,m the 2ith ult., found that the Spanish Gen
eral of Marne, on his return to that place, in the
war steamer Pizarro, front his pursuit of the Creole;
after the affair as Cardenas, brought with him as
prisoners, the Cretin and other persona found on
board of two raptured American merchant vessels;
that Commander Randolph, of the United States
sloop of war Albany—which, with the German.
lowa, Comivander Lowndes, was thee off the her.
bor—and the United States Consul hod called on
the Spanish authmities for information in regard to
the prisoners, but could learn nothing farther than
that they had captured two American sweets with
American papers, from New Orleans,* part of the
invading taros, and that they held proms of their
criminality that they bad refused to comply with
the demand of Commander Randolph, to be per.
mined to seta the prisoners, and the evidence, and
referred him, in duo season, to the coon before
which they' would be arraigned.
Capmin Tairiall further found that no depositions
or information, in relation to the capture, had been
filed in tae consul's office and that nothing mom
ores known than what StruLbeen gathered from the
Spanoth anthorities.
At the close of on- interview which he had with
the Captain General, Captain T. informed the lat.
ter, that as Ito had refused to permit Commander
Itandoiph and our Consul to examine the evidence
agasest the awthel, ha should be bound, if he fell
is with the convoy, to demand and enforce a saris.
factory explanation. He did not, however, fall in
with the convoy, nor did the captured vessels go to
Havana—they hoeing, in all probability, been or.
tiered elsewhere, to avoid a collision with out men.
of war.
The captured vessels were afterwardaasoertain
ed to be the barque Georgians, and the brig Sa.
son Loud, stanch, In concert with the Creole, bad
readavouted at or neer the bland of Contq. A
Dumber of men and arms were then transferred
from the lower to the latter, which she subw•
quently landed at Cardenas, the Captain of the brig
accompanying the expedition as pilot, teams his
yneeel imam' the charge oT - hie man. He sub
sequently testified that he one oestreu t so to
Coatoy is of barren and uninhabited island, be•
longing to Yucatan, adulated off Cape Cartouch, di
rectly opposite and near to Cape St. Antonio, in
Cuba, and iota position from which an invading
force could, with equal facility, make a descent on
the north or south side of that island.
await! Taman left Havana on the eight of the
26th int., and kite °oast of Cuba on the Vitt tilt!,
taking with him the Albany and the Germantoarn,
and proceeded to Key West, where he arrived Ott
the 21. th ult., For the , purpose of looking &Scribe
invaders, and aid the authorities there, if it were
necessary. On his arrival he found all quiet,
the greater put of the invaders having, in various
ways, left the island- He there learned from the
indomal authorities that, from depositions made be•
fore them, no !doubt whatever existed of the con
nexton of the Georgian& and the Susan Loud with
the impedition, but that a port of toe men found Oh
board had seceded from the main body, either from
a change of purpose, or from having been impelled
upon in regard to theitdestmation._
!Aiming the . 91 . baast" and uldisrmantown* at
gay West, Capt. Tatoell returned in the Beanie
to Litman, lon the 29th ult., Laving on board
Judge MairOln of the Federal Court, at Key West
and Mr. Docetiess, the Collector of the Peet, who
gecempenied hint with a view to acquaint the
0. 8. Conan! at Havana hilly with all the facia
favorable to, the phone's
In en Interview which Capt. T. had with the
Spanish authorities. In company with Judge Man
vie tho latter unofficially tanned them that :I
atedavnts made In his Court had established th
fact that man referred to bad refused to
company the expedition to Cardenu, and had,
therefore, eommitted no aggression against Cuba.
The authorities replied that they were themselves
4 , tnew l it t of that oldition r and that their IMO.
mot at the Flemien eMittpilded with that be.
Ibtf--that the latter were welt boa=d and takeo
oars of, ud that arm .eettata prolialioart lan".
WhiCjil the, tura ltDderei thiptlltllle, and which
= 4l 0, 1 2111 1 Sinolards,the United States
An d th eft, f r f w a s co uld .have amen to
- -
Rader, Ouse • eiceenateceei, and, above all, u
the Epeobtli Illabotafes In Cuba base been prow pt.
II r ., by the United' Suites Cowell actin
an testnitcicatifehmtbefitatelteptameelObst ,
the Preside-et Intends ta.clites 0* the Amerman
rheum tebso at °onto, have tutt bean "ualty of,
0 4
any lot Andeb, by, tba lama of antuted-na-,
Mu, tb *bottle. salleattesQ! sad that Weis or
tam -b asjudy putshea 4 .it may cost the two
i Imaginary WU,' allappretteestofs as
to die taty of tka Abbe oaeOtieti e'en trllr now
be deaf db4alised; , - .
. ,
Psuis's ilenejids Cori
weett.4The esiesteient 'ost Vain OW Astor
fienr, New You, by Palpe's newly discovered.
proms, will test the credit of twilit is averted Of
The cause BM:
isespented that a trial will be made
be e withln
-- indeed,
mouth, u iron. • _.l, as the machine can ,^
mowed for the propose. The napalm:it will
be tried under the eye of the pronnetoracind oth
er gentlemen ; and collation or trick will be Imo
possible. , Every means will be taken to Insure
a fair trial, SU the desirous of anc.
coos is Mr. Primer his friends can be.
The rienditlous are, that Mr. Paine shall bring a
towline of blioonstruction to New York and pro.
does at a, nominal
. Expense, asp five .cents per
thousand cubic feet gar enough to light the Astor
Hones for six successive night,. Before he com
metiees, parties who are to boy out the Went
right, are to deposit ono hundred tbourand dollars
with some person aoceptable. to_ the proprietor—
John C. Paridek,Eaq,, of Bollel. wno bait aided
Mr. Paine in curling on hlsexperienenta for the
pelt two years—to be paid over to Mr: P. as soon
u the wial is declared auccesiful: This is by the
way of boon or guarantee, to case l there abould
is a Wore to pay over he Wm the sem of one mil
lion, which is to render those parties part prorate.
tom of the invention.
The value of the patent for the United States
AP city of Worcester excepted,which is moved
for Ma. Paine,) is Axed al ten millions of dollars.
and a joint stock company Is to be formed to man
molt. In this conapany Mr. Podrick is to hold
from one third to one half of the stock; on the ro•
nudes rout Which he sells, the million banded over
.comematilv on the =mesa of the experiment to
to be eassidated as an instalment, and the balance
Is to be onto up by sales of Ppm. Thee the
partleaburns in will receive no dividends until
Mr. Potluck shall have.been fully petit., Bach is
the uranpment agreed upon between. Mr. Pee.
eck and these gentleman. It the trial hereshOuld
prove ancoetifal, it will no doubt be copied trim
one, if not, the New York inoculators will lose
nothing, and the invention wilibe hairdo( nomore
at present. We devoutly tap, far • succcisfui
milt, though we shall not be very keenly distr.
pointed by a failure.
'Bye eorrorpomdent of the Tribune, it appears
that Ptah:slot Henry, one of the neat seir.nefie
men in the country, says Paine's discovery is
nnthing, foe it is in opposition to one general law
the the bee exerted by the bodies separated
coed be greater than that required to sepa
rate them. Considerable of the *cleat:rue Will.
wont of Prokosor H. is given, to which the Trim,
bane says :
The whole of Professor Henry's reasoning is
&related by the suction that Mr. P. does petite!).
rale the pees, but produces them ecuternyeras
neared, from two 'operas, bodies-of water, con;
vertleg one of these bodies comely into oxygen
=dee other foto hydrogen gas, &Geordies as the
positive or the nepiive pole of as electrical ma•
chine W inserted into either. Thus from the water
1 yielding oxygen itt hydrogen le produced, and Vlb/
I 0101.
idr.,Paine claims to generate elm:lP:by, not by
a grannie tottery, but by means of ordinary mog.
nos, czoept that into the helices he has ft:diode.
old • substages rower before employed for that
purpose.' What this substance is, is the secret
sod th• only secret which ho does not now cola
=micas to thWpriblic.
MULTVIII u Pare.—The New Orleans Cre
cm, a neutral paper. very justly remarks,— , W
have never known a better atoned administran •
than General Taylofs. if ha does any thing, it
wrong, if he does not, that also is wrong.
A "hi/cars= Dame" Man.—Waller Sicag .
Lander publishes an article in the London Esamm
which he predicts that the United States aril
proceed in annexing foreign States and establish
mg in them the English language and laws, anti
the Litdian will embrace all fraternities and el
137Womes.—na thu is the mason of the year when
worms are most formidable moon children, the pro
prietors of .11PLate's Vermifogo beg leave to call upon
parents, motioning their attention to Its vir.nes for the
expelling. of these &naming and often fatal enemies
of children.. Their invention Is bye physician of
great esperienee la Virginia and after using it for
several years in his ewe ptactice, and finding its
sneeess so anivenal, he has been Indaccd at last to
offer It In the public es a cheap but certain and ar
ea:hint medicine. Call and porehase.
Error rale by .I. KIDD k. CO, No to Wood wen
Have Jost resettled lame additioni to their,
imported by lath packets hem Eutaw, and to
',kWh they would especially call the attenuan
of purchasers, believing their very eve:t
uft mak. and leas prices will g iv.
Wits satisfaction.
ethytkaimlYT •
Of Pittt•hnrgh.
C. O. Hiram, hut. •-•— —A. W. MARNB,l3ce.e.
Ofeee—No. al Water ditet, In the ararshease of C.
ft4llB COMPANY now prepared to inixtre all
Mods of lists, on heasesonamfactones, goods
merchandise in store, and in marina , smelt, ht.
amplo gummy for the abty and iegrity al
the Intiltstiouile &forded in the character of the Di
rectors, Who are all citizens of Pinsbargh, welt snd
favorably kronen lolhe coniummliy for their prudence,
intelligence, sod Integrity. •
Drasereite—C. O. Hussey, Wm. Bentley, Wen. Ler
hoer, Jr., Walter Bryant,. Hugh D. King, Edward
Liseselton, Linsey, 8. Darbenlrh,D , Aim
lityreventents in Dentistry.
DR. G. 0. STEARNS, late of Beaton, fomowed to
lalalentlint Sad Set BLOCS 14arn in 'Waste and parts
Sluts, upon duties Sr Atlasspheile Sartiols Plntaat
TOOTILICILI Cl7l. la VMS itairtrt, wbete the Serra Is
mote& ODD and 'widen., next door to the May
oiler, Fenn street, Pitiaburth.
Run ro—.l. B. Windden. P. U. Easin.
Scald of the Pool wad Ankle Cared.
Lao—l . am &show of making known to the
publle the great ebony of year PETUOLEUM in my
own case, which was • severe scald of the toot end
ankle; upon mooning the stocking, int, akin peeled
of with at, and left nothing bat the bare marraeo. I
expected to be laid ep all winter from the effects of
We scald, bat we applied the Petroleum freely, by
means of • germs' cloth saturated with It; at Ent, the
application. ma Pained, bat In a wny short lime the
polo abated. I had no paln In one hoer aftermWda.
In fire days from the lime of the applicettou of the
Petroleum, I was able to go to watt. I tale planers
In staling theme theta for the benefit of other strtlers,
and am desirous that they should berated° public. I
would also eUtte, that I kid Immediate relief by the
use of the 'Petroleum, In barns, from which I am a
(mount entlerer miming to my businnis about the
engine. I would recommend It as the moat promo
and certain remedy for bums I here eier known.
(131gned.) I 15 CUE, Engineer,
Sharysbergh, Allegheny Co.
• Pittsburgh', AprlL 1830.
Bat said by Napier k McDowell, 140 Wood moan
E Bonen, 67 Wood sc.; D al Cony, Allegheny eliyi
D A ElUoit, Allegheny] Joseph Douglass, Allegheny
also by the proprietor, B. M. ME%
ap27 Canal Basin. Seventh sh Pinabargh
DR. D. nusT,
Dentin. Comer ofPourtit
,and Dimmer, between
What so oetddlyln
asmsa OoD GARDENS,
Trus retreat is now at the height of its beauty—
Welton de Co's., flying hems will remain a few
dap, effordlng fine amusement. Strawberries are
now ripe and armed up fresh from the nines. Ice
creams and otberrefreshments in abundance. The
steamer Hope braves the riu street landing,at the
beginning of each hour, from 9 o'clock A. 14. until
10 P. ht for 5 cents. Tickets of adinlasion to the
gardens 15 cents, redeemable for. the same amount
rn serniciarectre—free admission to children when
accompanied by their parents—elso to select par
ties. .on tickets furnished by applying to the
proprietor. Cloned on Sunday. 3. McKAIN.
Mawr, Pa (Mis*ls's Pony Pat Office)
'Hving permanently teemed at thls plane, a n.
and substandal IVlarf Boat, we are prepared to
entre and forward promptly to all polets On the riy •
and Bandy and Deaver or Ohio Canals. D & Co.
alas, • w JunelL—lele
jai. 1850. Nem
7: IIAIM' ERIE M A i rT ß ;fl "l: tl7l A Lit 'P' i
alers.r Point.)
15/;,Arjgatill r l i - WEL
PACICErSt towing and skipping between Piusbanch
and Rochester by Main betas Delshigen, Lake Efie,
and BeltVer.
••• • •
u:roms. neeluted and promptly delivered to all
LAlet. at the iollllal ratan.
6 kippers will plums dlteet good.
131DWtoEL ttEltd L. etel Vs Line:
Water et. Pittsburgh.
lelB - • RIDWELL is CO ouLeg.,
t~HE home now oeempied by W Wade, on
.1 Anderson meet, Alloghsay. City, .161, • nkum
ee of the Hand Street Bridga , h has eleven
rooms, Can. boom, wash hduse, carriage beau, sod
gala Ron; Alla perannum. Also, for male or seat
Pew SU, in the middle Islas of St. Androwhr Churn,
FLOUR -160 bd. P Mawr, for ado by
7. 7 4 .7.1 1 NOM 41 •
.. . •
8 rEfm &IY'Llax.')u- - 1ttv,:b.11,;11 . 1%1.
..40 gale mil;
. ' 1 IMO gals blenched /nil:
aro gds N. W. oput
wnee Oil, in Inore and for sale by , •
MILLER & Ricicer9oN I
lelB- . 1.. ,172 to 174 lamp 2t.
11.614NERS , 011;.--00 Rots brown In catkr;
. I 40 be!. do:
15 brio common od, In prIOTC for
lrie. ...'KILLER A. RI9SETS . ON
Q lIIN GLE;(- 7 40tr con e.gnmint br *
jr7B ••' ' 3 , - :.MILLER t RICKET.IO.I,I
aapatdt a Soda tr. Lein! oik
29. bores L'etrun ty6p, made (peal pure lemon Jpice;
/tit teeefeed dfar sale by. • ' •
lel9' , • MILLER tr. RICIa.kSON
L ARD -31"
r" now tnndinp, nud for ee
elti Water & Front ats
BATIIERS-40 bags now on hand, for sale by
joie ;I9AIAit DICKEY & CO
GINSENG -2 incks on bond. for sale by
BA C 9 N —la caike Hama: . . .
30 c Oaks Shoulders;
. 5 eullt• flies;
4 cuilks usiorted, now I cud ing. (oracle 14
1tup1,M1T1c . T1.7.7t?1,7,1.`.!17 1 k1:.
W. ilumbobit.. translated by Ottie. 2 221i,1212.
•Just received far sale by
ialB 800
kreller /b Importer. lUtFoirth'st
Sabine. 2 Yule, IYIno. Viir Bale by
i POWDERS-60' Cuba bliDpria.
'for 2,1.31.1 r
Coy 'First it WOllll it
hued by I,l+
MO mid Ten=
CHECK for tiny Dollars, strewn by d.M Pen
.n. nook, on Palmer, Hanna& Co, payable to bee er,
was 11101C11 from the warehouse of King. runnook
Co. The public are cautioned against reeetring said
cheek, as payment thereof has been stopped.
BAD-2000 'pita Galena Lead in store and ar
'ar Y i
ale rs
0LA.9.8E8-4:0 brit; dt. James sugar house No•
131. lasses, far !rule by
RFSI NED SUGARS-470 brls ergo — heel, pandered,
and small loaf. in sternum/ (or sale by I •
lelfi ARi Sr Louis Stearn Sugar Refinery.
Burlaps .mar Wool Backs.
A SUPPLY reeedred .t pore of
Jela Co r. Fonnh & Mere/tat..
Chsap Lawns.
MORPHY & BURCHFIELD have received a large
supply of I.l4ese Lawns, very cheap; uteit aryie
brown a.l4le• ' light do, in great variety, for 10 to 1210
Also, embleideted Ind pnatcd :thistles and/ackonet,
of neat mud nostrestary/01 and lowest erica for q entity,
and north clot earner or Fount, an &Market au,
SUNDRIES --X[o dos tord spo cotton;
3000 do: 3 do do;
3,0101100 Percussion Capn;
Yea gross `Clay Tape};
LOU gross Clerstran_dei
Received per 'amulets Iliteriiin acid Staranak,llll
for stele by C WAGER,
tele • 114 & 119 Idartet at
TFIE sobrcileer offers for sale, 'a very valuable
tract of lead situate on the north ride of the Ohio.
hover, four miles below the town of Deaver, idiu 2o
fatty acres of which are superior river bottom, in •
good state of Cultivate. and atm:drably adapted to
gardening purPoses. The upland 2 of excellent
quality, and well timbered. There is a frame dwell
ing house, endl also a eta ou the pretruhm.
whole tract contains 220 /tows, and will be sold
together or divided, to suit pareibusers. Perseus de
smug to purchase, will please cull 'team the subscrib
or iu Beaver, Who wall allow the premise., and mute
known the tenit of mile JOHN ALLISON
Beaver,Juitotith,l•so.—lete:wlit•T '
T,—t2Jlbundles reed !or rile by
iot% J KIDD &CO
T INSEED brit., to smite, for or by
lel7 .1 KIDD& CO
CAti rOR 011.-1 U brls, m arrive, for aide by
lILORIDE casks, to nnive, for tale by
lel7 I KIDD Zr. CO
1311..AZ1L billiAlL-150 bags just reed, for sale;by
D , tr. Richursur,
‘ ttrig nth, ex 9 tnin
and for sale b"
WC.' lllllt T Efin. TITYZ:74
OHILLIC01:11E SOAP—ICO b. brown Chillicothe;
no tax No 1 So.
e 0 tas No I Rosin 5113 P;
last received and for tab , by
QUOAR IMISEMOLASSES--:0 bris batee "wand
jost Iced eird fur yak by
SALAD 01.11-13 bnkts piou Maraeil , e;
Üb4kir. Arts to;
10 bolus Bortearbt OIL black boblbs;
Jolt recevad nod for sale by
ITIFIE Benefit for the Relief of Me hoods who lest by
the fire in. Ryan's Building, will teen riMeo on
Wednesday night, the lash lest. The prise or [Miele
and he. (or Dieu Circle, Y.O cents; 000004 and Third
Tiers, ZS eenta There will be .two persons admitted
on each of tho linnets that have been sold at doable
the ahoy. ream /017:dal
LOWRY, Proprietor,
• Puttic Square,Billtelarbures, Pa.
of Singes for the Rant and west; also the Beak:ad
Some loaves h, hal",
IOHNSVOYIASTOCK7ON nave Oat opened far wie
sa the largest sm , ottment or Loper, innoa hooka, and
Stationery ever odAed far tam In c my; Ingetlwr
with a large COl;Cetion ornew and lusJilinic Works in
every department of Literature All publications for
awe at cattail prices. COuntryMetctsan's sUppited
with every article a th is line; on the Most rcalonab!e
Post, /omen el, Chronicle, and Ame.noso. cniiy 1
- - - - .
JUST received at the Tea Market, In the Ditmend,
2 cheat, folic quality Oolneg T.• • • •PO 75 per 14
3 do entierkne Ain: Tong ••• ••• •0 75 do
5 do old tbigliab Pekoe Poeebong 075 do
3 do ANo 1 Gunpowder Ten•- OW do •
And plenty mine lea of on/ excellent Black Ud
Green Tea., at 40 cents per lb.
New and Valuable Publications
BE: Rix, Prosier s, and preeent jLite fence of he
T' English Langge; by Rev. Matthew Starr
A. hi., Rector of Church Oak<ly, R u nts; and La;
Fellow of Qacen'a modegc, Oxford. '
The Life of Jam Calvin, with a portrait, by Thoi.
IL Ryer. •
Medina:7,er Poetical Quotations;ernrimino of
elegant - extiicut on every subject; by John T. Wat.
goof a. D.
Warago, or Charm of the Mit. '
by Wen Fatness;
beautifully illustrated with colored engraving.
Robert Ilutus; as a Poet, and as a Mau; by Samuel
iuppes , ,, Complete Poetical Works ; containing
"Proverbial Pittlorophy,” oAThourmid Lthea,'"•llco.
term. lierilditio,” and "Alimellancointroema,o with
a portrait of the minor; a new edition; le loot. riled,.
Evenings at Woodlawni by Tim l Ellet. author of
"The Women of the American Revolatono
The Methir sod Wife of Washington; 11Marr. C.
Collating, 11121110/Orilarpees trnnelation of , Florustcs
History of the Moots of
. P.paan,3 , .Isabel, or Trials of
the lievt," ate.
A few copies of each of the shove works, jolt ye.
ce ived, for IOIINSTON tr.SFOCKTON
lel7 • Coo. Markettt Third se
AARRPIIV k LIU RCHFIELD have received a sap•
IYI ply of 3:4 and 4 4 Linens fot men's coats
and sacks, ladies , sacks, boys' and children's wear,
of the Most desirable ahades..
. .
They Invite attention to their lane antonraont of
Itlol4 and Itoia'NUalmEß NVEAR, or dam= tow
terials, and all of which will be cold low.
Plantation Sugar and liolaiara
163 blab common, fair, S prima Plantatioo Sugars;
Yoti oak brig Plantation blolaaser;
70 cypree brie do do, in main, for solo by
'jag 174 h 174 Liberty et
1 it tFINED SVG &149-6 eves Loverines DR Loaf;
Of eases - do do;
bo lab. Nos 57 & 59 Lf. Saga;
45 brie O. do;
brie C. pulverised Bum;
• 12 brill do do
c brie L. crashed do
40 brie Lovering , z ced do
15 ink do pw'd do
• CO brio soft crushed do
Last retested, and for sale by
_lOl7 MILLER & RlPlttmoN •
'VOX CriklitCHta—Varrushed Plarbia Paper or
Churshes and Public Roorai. a pear style, this day
relieved, aad for sate by 1V P
Jel7 85 IYoad st
SAFLTY FUIS6-10brLs superior oriole, for solo by
POWDER-140 U keys Dlastior,
1010 kegs Deer Brae; •
4.20 kegs Ky. do;
100 kegs Sea Shooting do;
9fold kge Deer Rifle;
HOlitkits Ky. - do;
orkos Ky. do;
Woos car niateis do, In Magasloc,ood
for sale at the very . lowest market once, art' bin
to ,1, 44 3 tl DILWORTH AEU
Johnson—Amenean Farmer's Encyclopedia, 5,0
Entersoo—Trees and Shrubs, too
Drown—Ttees of A merica, Iwo
Thoms3—American Fruit Culturist,l2mo
iloy—A Guide to the Orchard, I2roo
Ruist—Fslily Kitchen Gardener, truio •
Minty—The Arrteriellni Bre Keeper, tome
Brown—The Americen Poultry Yard, didrao
Marshall—The Fanner arid Einignintis Hand hook
Allen—The American Farm hook, Ittrno
Dowing—Priit and Fruit Trots of Amerloa,l2.rao
Youalt—The Horse, fieo •
Dennet—Tee Poultry Yard,l2mo .
)n7 lOl Fourth at
planekl-4 bulks, reed,. prune fob min by
1617 66 Wood st
Dig Sondy, Ky., May 12,1545.
Mr. D. E. Sellenu—Dear Su—YourVermifoge pro
duce. even Wonderful results; that 1 think it worth
while to give, you a few facts about It. A neighbor,
Dr Dray, boned front rue one vied of it, and give the
contents to three of his children, the first prised
the second 153, and the third 75. making 453 worms
discharged by tiring one viaL Mr. limy iturnedimely
bought four vials mare. Mr. J. bl'harley also gave
the contents Mono vial to three at his children which
brought frornthe first 73, from the second 52 sod from
the hard 30, making 150 was, by the usie of menial.
I gave my own child, aged ono near, two tea spoon
fuls, which coelled 14,00 e of which was at least one
foot long.
TOW VOSSifilge Is considered the best that has
ever boon brought to Zia sec don of, and
ao far aa I know has never failed. Voiles reroaerfuily,
For .ale by R. F.. SELLtrac g7 j vvt o l d ß .r i t l4 ,..,o
by'drogsta . generally. : let 6
-7-- PARASOLS! Pateasots:
mrURPIIY BURCIIFIELD bay. received number
aapPl~add:lava ank '
le and onn enabled to rap.
ply almost anycloudily and color 'mind, and as Ow
Ipaidat CSOPtiCdd: nw
P.S:having been adopted and 'highly apprtreetin alt the 'principal shcpain
. NeisitsTssts
and Philadelphia, are now o ff ered to manornetmers, trantbisists, ship smiths, with the utmost eo.
fidence, ns the moot perfect Snide in user at cutting -
Their ieperiorily ever tiny .other Dies limmofore tin e d, cossets in their caning a TrltrirT
Fiesesrosihether V oreetusni thread, by onosparaingsaershe iron to be cut,,tic hick sequins aunt/Ars,
or pyre, r epetratise, ns the dies cut thetbresd out of l the solid iron,. without raining it in the toot;
in .theiC • enter durability; rapillityi and perfectios of work: and in their simplicity and little btowi ty
to geto of order. -
• • ' Caralitcattes
rlittADitllttly A 14.17,1848.
This i to certify that too halo purchased !tom P.
W..ustes the right or 'slog his went Dies (or cut.
Ong bolts. In car opinion. hIS Lies lull touch MO
riOr to toy others we ■tn aegaainled with .10? 11341
purpose °relating bons.
- J P DIORRI9 to CO.
POLLADSLIIII/.. An1{..41.; IF4B.
Ilarirg • had. P V 7 Cu es , _eateet Mee in Ws In onr
eatatlishment for.the last nine =nom,
r ono. Ave ran in every resoent recommend them in
tha big beat terms, as wo have laid nll oiltera awn),
their being no Or Baperinr—eonaldrirnm.them 75 per
cent. ehetper thaneny ether* now In are.
! Penn Works, Pa.
Tido ii certifythst Ira hare: purchased t h e. Mght
to me, and adopwd in cur basinets, P WCat e& Pa
tent }km.. Cutter, which we Melly appro. of.. ..Vie
can do amen more wort, and we believe It wiil slll ,
p.. in durability and precision,. much octet/nom/
of labor, say dies 'known to us, -
MOBILE% TASEER do M 011.11113...
PM:LADS:UIna, mosab,•atlx d sy,lE49,
• .
Pl.! You, Aug.
Raring adopted I'. W. Gat& "Patent Wean far cat.
tint bolas vre take pleasure', in sant 0, that itmore
than answers our eapectatioba, and have no beans
nen tit at it . one opinion, that It far excels any
, other rilsin in present sin for e tinirg bet!. •
• - ^..,
We have P. W: Oatest"Paterit Diehn for coulee
screw,, and the economy of , aging them Is so very
'considerable, that we look mieti theta as Iraq:wan.
hie to every establishment harleg any quantity If
aeraVli to GM.
ItteCOECUICK, - 001=4 & CO, •
Cmeaco, Elaylo, 1410. ;
Ozannele Otncs, WASAINOT2III; 6th Pept., v{a,
I have pure hased ofW..ll:Seirtillo. for the Volta
plates, toe right to use 'ln all the lirlenals And
ifiLLS, V7Ver Po•er, Dwelling Hews end' Lott r ind
`,Linnienynneedbeul ling late in then of Deiegan, Bea.
wer no., eon Ogden grout ds'iend Farms wiljoiwitignld bens;
Oott large three story Mooring Mill,htith foor pair of Gee
feet burrs, and all the machicmy bf Fn..
S Floor. Kilo Dried CaroltieS,A, A anal boat map
load and mired at tt. . ,
Alfo a Cotton Factory with 1 GOO Spindlis, far
. 1101Mo'
coons pro.
Alm. a lot orgy.. opob whith erected a large and
stintentiel toidt Mansion Home. of stk. eml
two storieshigh. with Brick KitehetU Wash Houten. Ds.
llo.ove, Pont Trees, Shrubbery, 4.e., a wavy' dealt-4We
ounts,. residence Aho, Omit twenty lot. will Her tee
bnck, Frame. kr . erect./ thereon 31 greater and lea:
sive a drala., butdiftdly aitoated.' Also,Ulsol:atliog Lk:*
of • •
Also ID warnentiorywored, trod sortable hi Mills,
Alsonfittories, eitth thmequired water power - Cori.-
elihnry. Ti.. above Mills, Water Dower, 1; tai, dwoßng
Douai.. Lots ...Hooted upbto Da middle halo( Beaver
river, where the ftlf lartOlX feet of the whole - volume
I of the river A drawl*, with aL. alto of about M/ fiet,
is about coemd. above. and Fellat. and New 8. - tee.••
.oat di... below 'like Ohio and .Pennwrllaitrosi (a
continuation, of the Pei._ Kallrod from flan to Pitts.
borsht pareta through to the ,lairs era! Er Wert.
through the great Wheat Gamer ot the 11. 8.. .which moat
Theeoke Duren Palle the Roeheater for itoiring 61 ills.
_el from Oltio to Ybe Laku +leo pas ea in front of If.
Also a but of MS Acne of Land overlooltleg the Falk of
Dearer, edjblining the tower cad of Drialitm, to view of the
Goal to Erie aodel.welaad,.. eh* of the rail road. The
Stagg:lto. fawn littabotgb to Clioreland yawn throo-
Otero thin DOoleared and ands ferres,very lent aeb at:s
table for Meadows.. tiardems Etrilrielv indwell Intim
ed, tind a •eia et' coil under. , WBI be sold ...oh or ha
quantities town purchasers.- Also, a tract of sy.; arcs of
tend, by the fool of them:talon the east, by Ad•
=stilt Do the Me booth. atoll coma.
ing wed arrOSO the Ohio mid Des.. 'Lail 'Bold, shoat Mb
'Ttict rase. th is land a hey well:y.lqt two story
etooe home, oho altne story stove dwelling home. end
otherbuildstr. Thal:ergot part of the Met fa level and
Sob. cod for
d eut f location, fertility of soil, end prorates
of treily mi great incruste in value. Is nosnotoawd (a vas.
tarn Peitsylvanni. his opptisd with timber, rat and
oever hullos opting(' ef yore watcroutd is well adaylwt to
fit mho, burdening-or for private . rraidestei, and wllt'.tis
sad whole or in quantities to lint. imshasen.
With It. rawl,il ea water powar kit ado. and btilawi it,
.1 its norivalled geographiml pont,. it most inertia. to
. valve mornrapnly perhaps Obn any oilier ghee of land in
the West.
Also, Od lat. of roma i , tustel ha Near Erthroth eta of
he kneiog path ot the tam, mad bounded bp it, between the
tilde. dam add lock. DAM: eadah part atom mad Fatal:mime
• • •• ••
AA Mit property isbrantinilly aitoratet, k. health i t
by, aborawling with t - oal,. amber. Laulding =Whin, ,
and but three nadirs/ and Mif Md. from Ms Ohio OM. I
ant 2 miles from rinabtagh.. The =al which p.m - 11 l I
.Montt remmonicatim with Mt Ohio s i tarint Lake Etat at •
Eris and Cloreland; tod the Utioand Palm. EL Net. mw
hastreicatto completion, and. which Fames through macho(
it, will bring it within m hour or ter lirm ofrnbborgb,
dud pin loud ihmugh it , 1••• rent gmd or pusFaisn, prc.
uct and morchaners from ihe - Emt and Pest . .
.n. a tuat , co Gar mu mamma.; mechanics gardeners, or
for comtrtreshlenemfor orn or has rms in lailMnshr ar
for pm6labla inmsnmat tams, no glom now o•a as
many inducements. : ; ; • _ ; - •
7rtlart of tale wall lit maanaidOnlutuntaieo. to pairi ,
%imam: For frother macula. enquire of Jam. row. ,
racritTc: tar, or Wm. Hmtisonrit ihrhertrin, or le
P; G. b. nrrettuAN,
• •Xtl. n ad,s at Leorrna Ural Willi long; •
js l'ade.tvj ; Slo.ltl7FOttigh•errtel,Pit6hollth;
APIITSICIAN in healihovlabes to relingol.ti
hhsinew, had with that view,oilers for sale his
P"M' C T. iatio of a ew handsome dwelling,
with ofkee, stcons abling g
, Orbinha e?
to Ina illoviiebia
lege. nice law--lese th an an pennies rea lised
in the year. For farther pa.raelrlere;.addrese
Blaney.l.Yenwinet ehmilV.Th— /,151,"
Glum' Woilcs-A Ibis. Manatee.
MIKE comers of theGlaa Worla Knoxville.Tenal
nearer, desire to rent' the name, or otherwise in
terest n at of oparetack,ln the rittanfaiture of Glssa
at that place. A lorge :Inward of rode ash, rood,
Imo, and, salt, pots, cloy, in., authrient for the ore
of the factory Mr avast months, la now on hand, and
in good order, 'the balltbilasorelothr!x boarding a ti
dwelling boasts. ate' nag, and admirably adapted.
The situation is pleasant dud healthy; and proartent
very cheap; For further. patieolars, enquire of the
andealgoad, for the next Omen toys..
Meer at
.Burrri—co kegs; • • •
_lO LA*, stare s:idiot pale bi
iel s ' • • i 19 DIINVORTII & CO
OT A 811—I euka prim a for tale hi
jeR. ' 9 DILWORTH, a:CO
tIODPISH—a drams far rd . e by • '
Now Vandal% of tho.Paotms.
.•TOE INalins. of David' and Sang of Solomon, iis rnefre: Samuel McClure._ _Oa hand, and far
e by U. ENGLiell at CO
ion. „ :9 Wood at
GULP rrodiVolver derrutta tor Bedrdeacts. tor sdlo by
; , W P MeatirlALL
pis '.: . . SS Wood. vt . ,
SQOAP:ZrriibiligoitiactiTh lilfry iiiii,leiratiii7
jei4 . -8& W 11e8BAIIG II
"DACON-82 casks eltorddail received liir sale by
I) jel4 i 8 tr. W HABBAUOII
sneke 'Woo
-4 zaelre Fettberr, •
I seek Fla seed;
baled Deer Skinr'
1 bri lieerzca,lllsi reed. for sat.. by
lel4 - •iO.R GRANT
Ole Iralaud, Warren— mind PI etalburgh
Talc swap!. Compasky.
N purenanee of. a resolatlon of therßoard of Circe
ters•of Cleveland, ,Warren 'and Pittsburgh
Telegraph COOniany,requestirtg the - Secretary minute
out and cease to be publiehNl in the newspaper. along'
the line, tm te/dtit of the, financial and other alfaira of
thla eetnpany.l submit the following. Hamm—
The line of Telegraph etunntexteeent Cleveland and
terminates •L Pittsburgh, naming 'through Chagrin!
pelts, peuelelin, Newton Pella, Warren, Yonngstown,.
and Lowell, in dm Slate Of Ohio. and New Castle and
Rochester, in the. State of Itieneylvaniu, at which.
points there are offices located for the receipt end
transudation of begin...! •
The - whole length of the line 4149 miles—Capital
Steck. SRA per mile, making a well capital Meer or
Sill :750, el - which .moan{ 810,20.1 a held be ciiixena
oboe the line., mid the balance 10 held by Contest&
Speed. thentractera. The above moan, of, nib;
rim co
Sions by . cluscia. haVit - been pald to Cornell &
peed, for which the Trainee. have their receipt.
Jelaidtf JEFFERSON. HALM, Secretary, -.9
W riER-4 2 trTo °' lcs "'
10 ko do; just rood, lOrsalo by
OTA9II-4 ends fur sale by. P• :
}ell . J If CANFIELD
"POTATOES-209 Iniibels far sale,by •
K Abll-10 brie - for sale b
P y
jets Liberty areet
1111SESE.—'.;00 . b. rnecivina,.d for Pala by
A LIGIII . draft, rlheeled, Sterl, float for vile:
1 )114
s ' k
CllEfft 31 boxes prbito, ree'l o V rr DfdweD ~ liner
for ealo by . _JAMES DALZELI.
1d14• • :a %Vara, sr
PAItiNEILS'OItr-Sti Slat t rre'd, for ta]T 4p
_2 I Alry.SD w A LZ b
ool' i rt!•:As carai
OANDLES—g loull b -
11 19iNIS-100 doxen Inure. f.:4 , 710 . ,.,4
v1:41.1-23 brie Mackerel, May catching, No 3;
1.7 15 Ws Herring, in Mora. (or pale by
T) OLL BUTTEU-47 tals Of core. for Alba by
40 Ws Oak, Is store, for set a by
C " j l g t—""" Pl`" la store lor.~ac D 7
k KU,
HEARING 111. iiiTiii ir .7l3ll7
W i le ) ti!: " Gb"3-4M
We A& M. RI T 0 EISA. R RIB* !
Role Importers ferGdo market, of ! -
Jas. Tlampratt & soma, Patent Bad&Aah;
ARP: now receiving, by cassiderge su p plie s Rae
above celebrated article, both gissa and soap
makers , beet qualtty aud bleb led, which Roll will
cell at the lowest market pftel, lor Cub Or approved
N. R. le addition to the sbove,thei have eetrerall
eliproents to arrive. tor tbeleti trade. ' e 5 i
I ,
16 1 1.110 oze
0313-73 dn reel tor eale by •
etOFFFS.-6 begs, Rio to close colisignmant fa al
ARAPSTrity,G cßoVol,
Alt D-1.0 kegs No sc'd for sibt by
R GLAIRWS-313bril tor tale by
BEEN oIL CLOTH—TCP yds 4 & 3 quarter Once
Gtl Cloth, for Wiedow Blirods,.geccived this 34
(row the fitilitpselle Factory, far sea at As Wati.
rws4 7 A* I.ltu) niiirgibure
intdce the Impervirion et the+ Department, P. W,
Janie "Patent., tee , ter canir g Imetera on ecetel,they
hnelog been tried In two of the large argent's, and
fennel to be very elEcier.t and excellent
A. TAIRA/TT, Col. Ordinance.
ihittAr 07 YARDS inn Docza,•
. Yeronnoton, Rim :Ls, 1.19. S
Considering Geles'Petented Ireprovancelfor cat
tine Strews en rectal to be s • elusble one, I hue, by
surbertry of the Honorable trecratery of the. Navy,
Purchnsed of the'Attokneys of the Patentee, 'Wean.
Sc.:mile and Punnet Mower, bed, the right to maks
and bars ' sea improvement roe the U. &Navy.,
JOSEPH SMITH, Calera Birre.ea.
In use alto by
.13orolo Works, IIMIalo;
Reese t *shim,: Aar-hes:cm
Notion. & Co, Glormerrtr, N. Y;
Nay wood t Schoylkill County;
Ilirbeek.?te,r YOrlc,
Neva & Delartmlmr, u Photnin:',N.
IL K. Bonham &Co, New York; • ; •
Ilearnesul & Co;Morounent Works, Balt;
Von Corea, Roolie,ter:
Aiou ec Altai, Now York; '
Allaor Works, dolt 5
Pesos At Marlin% d •
West Point Foundry; . •
Norris At Bro, Philadelphia;
enks,Breedosliorah, . • . r ,
Wilwortn & Nowa. Boston and New York; • •
Lowell sraohlootebop; Lowela - -
it meatiest, Co, Alanehemer, N ii; . •
& Sou her, booth Bolden,
andprimarons others • • .. :
No t clane,lo net, die, & taps ti kto 4 ishpol,
No tr. do 8 do ito II prams .4/49
NOB, do Ido 1 to I, p' e.. Arco,
Al order, addressed ', , to P. W. 4sies, Ctueago,l3.
/I.lNalsou, New 'York, E. D. blanloal A. Co. Pods,
delr hie, and 11. IL. Scoville & Sons. 0.,10410, rot Ikea ;
awl Bap., with or Without [whines toy Wog therm,,
will inert with prompt allenikin.
ClpcAao, May 4, i!ssa.
Loistea and .... .C. 8. roirEa
r - cn or ADX*IO:.:
prey Circle and 'Fa:qeue.. 50 cant,
Beesot. and Tkird 1 . ...
GallarY (far colored penans)--• .25
-Mors meta in 71; Cunala will size at e' o'clock
- .
6 w Benefit of the alines bIaLONE RAYhIOND,
ewl• t appearance. Last night of Alt• and Ma-
. .
. ,
On Tuesday, Juno tual, atilt be.useleada'
ir Lucius Cerngger• • -• Ed. Raymond
Lyaia Langaish....---;,—ld la M. Rayikonl
. - .
After Which,
A ultAnin coNctirr,
• In which the Misses IiI!nlow lits.yenond
TS' with
IRISH v . .tL5r ...., ..;
Naam• 3lrs ilymorvi
EIVIP I E .NI iN ST E 1.31
. The Emtirce, as VP61111141, 'lnstrumental Forforet•
rre Deiineators of Ethiopian Character, or Donning;
onr. coarrrtroay - arat C1111.112111X, 11S4 I.llla 4.
produce their equal..
t9lTge of proaragnot tly. taria of
.;Idirat Re4 Y A rr
,E WILY. :711iiniae r g of Mascara andLecuno
f INIE PUBLICore rareectfully informed that the
Proprittur has enraged the DurA. , . 44
EaUoinati &moaners—mho .111
elk, a onoe• of their chaste and inimitable - Ormolu.'
tuitrurneatri Entenainineuts, commencing Thursday
roghtJrnia Bth, IS3O, and emirate every, evening de,
ring the neck. Perron:cower to minion. at 61 ot
itemiasion to Mut= anil Lecture E.01)111 oily 45.
APOLLO llALL e —roireilx
OPEN DAILY, finnt BA. till 10 P.
+adtotxdon to Mina= and Lectura jicons,2.l pabLo
IliNgerved sears, Isf cents extra. . .le3
132 139 Woad Street, ab9io
I. Rent, it admirably nrran rtd fnt.CVaeettr,
_ 17 .4W. 1 4f0P.P.Per;7 fOrAilito.r
AGRNKABLY ta Atm last~aill Rad testament , a(
'the laic Willtalu . Teere, dreamed., 740. sih ,
scriber offers for sal, on very,
ey necommodatilmtairo
t i ther the whole oar ph•cof the prorty bele. , gmg.
Id the estate 'of the Salt(Wai. Terse, s:tmto ear the
treat slue of Ilatiestivel,; atlitining the falkgbeny
(fridge, COntnninn Of :Ont.! story houres.teto 01 them.
anti) , now, plranntly rimmed and in cooderder. '
i'Alsa. four or hvelerrefgroultdodlotelng th e above—
sold sante , 0.4E41, as may pair the purchaser.
Alto, advert! 10t1 In the borough of Lawrenceville
ies the °Wee' of Ile sate is to invest thereered . s.
(oh the benefit of the fear ly (the deceased,the horsier
pettier) of the purchase money can he teed for
This prormtv presents favorable opPortittlty fht
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JI.V.T—One of the above helloes swift, be:ventW' to:
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