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TlureatattedFdlealtica between Eng.
1 and 11nsetai.
• _
New You, May I . lB ' s °'
.Tha Carribria arrived at Halifax on Monday
sitaratkin at 2 clock, and left for New York at
jetWolacir same evening. She left Liverpool on
• • 'the 13th ultimo at 10 o'clock A. M., at which time
the Niagara had not arrived.
I Cornet has advanced Fair Upland is quoted
at 71. Mobile‘Bl. Upland 81. Total miles 42;
OCO bales doting the 'week. Speculation 1000;
Expond,ooo. Themarket closed firm.
Indian Cam is n trifle lower.
American securities are ha fair demand. U. S.
Sixes duo in 1889, 109109 i. Consols 0516 i
FLOOR—The market is steady at previous rates.
Psovudorts—A. limited business is doing, but
• prices are unchanged, except in Bacon, which is a
shilling lower, and in Lard, which is a sixpence
Corns.—The market is dull, and prices are
lower; Jamaica has receded 5c from the top price
let January.
Amu—Them Is a fair demand, and prince are
I- a teals lower.
• Minesses—Last year's crop is selling at a large
Trutrastutx—Sale of 30 tuna at £32 sterling per
Roans—Sales at 393 a 100 per cwt., which is a.
redaction from former pricer.
- Rlcs—No sales are reported. A moderate ha
:, ••• sinew is doing, with no change in pries.
lams—Thu Market coutiourn deitrest.ed.
, • Paggitg Master—Coo,o'g clewed on Tuesday
at 201305/. Bullion, in the flank of England, bee
slightly decreased. The rate xl discount is 21
per cent. Doohloone nod pillar dollar. are much
. wanted at full rates. American securities are in
fair demand, wiiit sales of U. States We at 1003
'llO. New York s's, 1858 and 1640, at 96^97.
N! York 6's at 109, and the highest city We at St@
951. Maryland fi's at eogn. Pennsylvania s's
at 829n31.
Aoconnte from the manufacturing diatrictaex•
bibu little improvement in prices of manufactured
go: le. and do rot keep pace with the advert& cf
thi- raw materiel, in a chart limo to ho resorted
'Ms English ministry having been defewed in
Par Unseen!, oa two or three rale°, questions, gives
force to the general belie) thnt they wilt he forced
to resign. D'lsraeli, :be lender of tie Opp,tzon,
having recovered hi. heni,h, the Protection:sin
have been reinvcted Who renewed courage.
The political news on the Continent is unusual
ly quiet. The violence of femme, end the neat
approach of the election, gives rise to fears for
the conthitteuce of the present calm.
The Greek quesnon hes not been a4justed, end
in the event of the failure of the kindly offiees of
France, there is every reason to apprehend stern..
all:tatty between Eniland and Rossih. as the lor•
met . , in the event stated, has given Admiral Far
her express orders to enforce a complete block
ade of the Coast of Greece, and, thorn he do so,
the EammWr of Russia has given positive 11Sra.
seep of his intention to odvactee to the assistance
of King 0:bo. No outhenste advuses, of n later
date then March 2Sth, - have been received from
Atbeity, at which time the result of the meence
held two days previously, bete/den Baran Goon
and Wise, had not itocapited. 'The meeting is
said to have borne a very amicable character
but if a telegraphic dispatch, undsr dive of Athens,
April2d, published in the Breslau - eitung, cap
be credited, the good offices °lnane., hove felled
to ede•t a entiefaaory smtlessent of the ilaTieolly.
Parliament reassembled 03 Monday. Too
supplies far the Navy and Ordnance were allow•
ad, after a sharp contest for retrenchments, on
Tuesday. Lord Duncan moved for n repeal of
the window tax which proditd a revenue of
nearly two million pounds, end which it is pro
posed to meet punctually by the abobXon of the
African Srpoadron. After a warm debate, the
Reuse divided, when the Minister, were sustain
ed bya bare majority of three. Four apposition
members were shut out tram voting nn Wedees.
day, It having been proposed to raised the pniver
of recovery in the:Scotch Courts from 20 to fin
pounds sterling. The Government opposed the
measure,and in n tolerahay poor house, wore in
large minority.
Ina point of etiquette, which was proposed to
,raise assistant surgeons of the Navy from the
cockpit to the cabin, the ministate iound them•
selves in a minority of eight.
On Friday, Lord John Russell brennhe. forward
• motion Cu enquiry re!nti ye to the ',der.- n(eil
'l:Merriment ellicera. An 1313 .va,MTered
to extend the enquiry to the :n.enrin n' the eccle-
Sit:Flea! h was *1 by a
majority of 113, atier'uiiiwn, car otioa;:i - rou:,on
"rut pat and earkird.
The London Tithes has adopted a Mho of much
Severity against the CSlntin; government. The
same paper devotes a ,nalderable space to the sub
ject at Sir H. Bolwee's correspondenne won Mr.
Clayton, relay° to a mod-Geation of the present
tariffon iron. The opinion is advanced in several
quarters that the ma:naive palmy of the 1.7
If motioned, will lead to still treater depression in
tie iron business of Great Britain.
The correspondent of the Times at Athens, ltes
obtained cepios of the correspondence between
'the °neck trovernmentAntl the English complain
ants, which aro f sr from en:at:dime/Cary to the
Speaking of the claims of Don Pacific, the Times
my), the worthlessness of such a subject is our
best security that these difficulties will be brought
to a devout termination; but the money which may
be awarded to Pacific beyond the strict value of a
hovel, ia. which he lived on private charity in
Athens, is money which an English ministry should
blush to receive.
The commerce of Greece is said already to have
suffered from the English blockade, LO the amount
of two millinas sterling, which, with the deStruc•
lion of the crop by the frost, will CAM, a large fall
ing Off of the revt.nue, and is calculated to increase
the growing disr_antent of the people. Tire a,gita,,
lion against the removal or abolition of the LTA'.
Lieutenancy and the sickly attempts of O'Connell
so resuscitate the repeal movement on the leading
polbicel queftions before the Irish people, but they
1p551%.1 no new feature.
_ An
At the qtrays at lemcWit, there are 12 vessels
capable of oneammodating 2300 persons, taking in
pumentient for the United States.
The @snot cry of poverty and
beard from such qvartera of the country.
The witather, to day, In England and Ireland,
Is mild and geninl. The craps look remarkabl y
Letters of the 4th, from Rome, state that fical
adraagementa hive been made f e the Poatlfra
return. Ile would mire atTerceira on Sunday.
Toth determination was made notwithstanding
the contractor of the loan bad given notee to lim
ttsheamount of the loan to the sum already paid.
The Senate of Turin in debating a law for the
abolition of •o &Aesthetic privilege.
A largo French fleet, and an American tqund•
rod, are at Naples.
A letter from Florence, giving news from RMme
to the 2J, tastes that the triumphal arch erected
at Belle Terre, in honor of the Pope's return, had
been bathed during the night.
The German "Raceme " give currency to the
report that there has been an interchange Unotea
of as unpiemaul nature between the Cabinets of
&. James and Vienna, growing out of Ike relations
between Auntie and Turkey. The 113,19f.<11011
In Croatia M at an end.
The Ilungariau refugees have not yet reached
their dcwhiation to Asia Minot.
Coma Batthyany Is ill. The Austrian Cabinet
he, intimated that, to regard to the attitude of
Panda on teeCermatt question, Austria will no
b. the Graf to meal, the peace of Europe,ltut that
she Will not allow any other German power to at •
tempt any thing contrary to the treaty 041815
The Protestant movement is progresaicr in Bo
hemia and Saxony.
Tat Len Texan Wire Eacma....—True to
the policy adopted by the Loco Face oppositiee,
to panne the Administration of Gen. Taylor by
every weapon of assault, trim or fibre. to the "bit
ter end," the press of that party has opened oot
upon the treaty just concluded by Mr. Clayton,
and Mr. Bolster, to relation to Central America,
and the Nicaragua Canal. The Washington Un•
_ii,n, of lest Smote morning. — for be 11 known that
the great organ of the Loco Forn party is published
en the Sabbath,—contalas a characteristic assault
upon the treaty, which is replied to by the Nation
al latalltgencer in the following dignified and tri
umphant ...tit— . .
1 ••
Yesterday morning, the Sabbath, was dese
crated by the appearance ie the editorial columns
' of. the • Union' newapaper of a most unprmei
' pled attempt to misrepresent Abe character of the
new Treaty negotiated between the United Stater
and Great Britain, with a view, if possible, to In
fluence the Senate to reject it.
• We have yet to learn that there is any opposi•
Von whatever in the Senate to this Treaty i or
that there is any danger of the factions spirit die.
closed to the 'Um.' ea far making its way Into
the councils of this country as to Its beet
interesia, in connexion with foreign Powers, on
the altar of political partisanship.
• We have no means of access to the new Treaty
which it not common to all. But we have heard
tense who have the means of knowing Oa whore
merits declare—and that, too, without distinction
cf party—that it is a Treaty in the highest degree
advantageous to it...angry, and reflecting high
homer on both the great nations which Ore parties
to it. The mieernblo declaration et the llnicin
' that this negotiation has sold as to Mt Snag , . is
only worthy of the sheet which mold publish such',
a mieremesettation.
We learn, from a geatleman who conversed
with the Nicaraguan Minister, cow in this city.
that the treaty negotiated by Mr. Elise—not only
without but in opposfinan to his Matrucatons Itom
Mr Bocnacati, am] negotiated even shim he was
at of aim—wail never rattbed by the Cc:tigress
NlC”liglar, whore,erten{ to a Treaty is jug ap
neceisary •s that of the Senate of the United
Stater. The Treaty Itself was a dead letter when
it was brought here by Mr. Htee. and from what ,
we have heard of its e-iatente—nay, from what i
has been disclosed of those contents by the Union
fisep, we do nit believe Oat • a Ogle Senate:of Ile
U idled States can be Mond who would have voed
tar it, under any possible cmcumetanees. F. r it
not only proposed to Involve this country in an ,
anaerssary and entangling alliance with Nicara
gua, by guarantying the sovereignty and indepen- I
donee of all Nicaragua and her terntorial clean. I
from the Caribbean sea to the Pae do—thus toyed
, vine . inevitably in n war with England without'
' the bligtuarel I ceeseity Inc it—but it wen predicted '
ea an a•eumpfieri that the Cons re%s or the U-tried
states would mistier a Front Corporation to make
it Canal, and enjoy property and franchise, um
I limited, °Matde of the Territory of the United
State., and beyond the Junedietion of the Gao.
I ernment. The scheme was in this respect Just
as absurd . . Would hare beep the preposition
to make a corporation to construct o Canal in
Bonne. `Bach wring constructionots as the
I Editors of the Union proless to be, deny the
I rah' of Congress, Caner any i'circoms'ancee, or
for any purpose, to create a Corporation within 1
ode own territory; and we have never heard the 1
' moat lattiodinarisn expositor of the Canstautten
contend that Coagretia could create a C.orporr...'
mon to make a Bank or a Canal in Coebin Cbins,'
or in Nicaragua. The scheme If Mr I'lt.e, a. we
have seen it dencribed In Ihe - Uvion and other kin I
dred prints, would, beeidce, have compelled the'
Gatrocurnent of I. United Stitt, to eternise the
.!..11thiee oa , nethlve over the Canal, devrevirg
epo,: tmithe dnty and enormous expense of fora
'ring end echumuanding e; in order to protect i
tram the ....on 4 the local Governmert.,
rind from the depredations of cater notions. Our
Treaty re.te Great Britain. on the aaattatty, ac.
cording to the account. of it, (and which.- Union
it•eif h a s pebti s hrd,) avoids the nectesity nod ex
pense of anoticatioa or prateza:n Or the Canal—
rcqu,riug no naval or military farce for that pur
pose—by procuring the protectine of il I nations
which derive the equal tient of pasting between
o:eta and ocean on the! highway of esti.n.
The prine p'ea of the any. , Treaty me, as we
Onclernlntol teem, in every particular fully sace•
ii mad suill ematained by the Message or Pre,i/lerth
Polk, on the 10:0 day of February. 1517, Carnal.,
niece, the Treaty of New Granadfito the Senate
f r rondo it... In that Treaty prolec:ton is guar
antied to a Panama asilread or Canal: and to the
hl,esage referred to, it a expressly deciarFd that
iall other Datong are to 1w invaeLl to protect the
rail road or canal on the same tarot.. There I,
note single principle maintained in the Lego , " '
Von eftea treaty with Great Ll,don—for making i
welch this Administration is eberved by the
••Union" with Itsvme, sold them country to the I
littluih—white is not tai ranged .d defended :n
the Message, of Presideat Pith, Id w hich we have
referred. flint Mew.. wet sad', the or quali•
f , d bPPrabetirin of the • Untiin` at the time.—
Nav, more the reeolut , on of the Senate of the 3.!
o' Manta. 153:1, ahudecl 10 in that Mews., con.
t•incilthe whole emend. , upen which the new
British Treaty bait been negotiated. That resola•
t .-rt peered the Senate be a uraniumus rote, mei
with tie warm approbatioc rif P s •rjr!,,t j,k. m .,
...In n' . n . n D iiteemiti Agent to Crol.rl Ano•iie,
aio! Er..
tr (lratieds. to do the very :bins whii•h tbs..
A Anis nt•otton Ivan succesaltilly arteompledie d, sod
tar which the “Union" now condemns n'
Tips Awn Amur fat•t..—The which hr.
b•en for pow: time riling on At Hudwn, N. V. for
tae purpose of ttri,boa Inc 'Fab 1.17 0! the Ur.
Icgston till• to the Inrg•: tracts of tao•i Lcown es
the;Llvings:on Manor, Les been than cisposed 01
I', the present:
The court on Friday conning proceeded to give
it, aerie:on on the thatton fora nonnut.; he eert•
111r11 OW t he patent of 1715 and vebd.—
old the deletion wee geed undo: it. The Judge
sAgge ged teat her era cuing e eon suit. the coup
setl vhould wee. upon some r mofteoilisportrig of
tee ea.. p.
A fter 'enme dircueriuujiy, the codkaul, if wa•
a t•ecd to.aohing to the decides of the, court the
cute, and the trial by jurige rep vcd•by consent of
113/.11; al.a the time for t‘le . ..decition Af the court
tv enitogrd six months by sttifulation7 Thu time
fixed upon for toe argument In the fourth of May
next. at Albany. Toe result is coosidcred favor
able to the defendant.
Hot Runner C. Scircunit —We regret to find
ta the Dalcon Journal the subjoined oracle. lh
transferring it to our we add the ra.
prerstou of our emeere regret to that of We con
eruntnta at the de:erensnat:on cf Mr. Schenck to
retire from Coaster":
•• The Whose of this diatriet :learn wi.Mderp
tenni, that Mr. Senenek, who hst served on eo
long sod well in Congr,es, will re-tre at the close
of ate present term. Hi , serv:ea Legnn with toe
pr,cut slyolllolll2lent law, and eloanugh local
auslnVon presented various C•C dltliteS to toe Whig
o.niventton on his first noutrnaVon, his subsequent
norntuanons have been without epposuica and by
As no active, working member, as a ready and
vigorous dabator, as a scale. and sterling Wh.g,
as a true representative of it free State. OR a hold,
honest man. true to nitnaelf in that high score tha..
he could net'-i.e false to any man," Mr. Schenck
ass "made his mark" in the bode to which he has
served, and toe Whigs of the State will regret
with or, hie more immediate constituents, his
Wrilidni.seal (ram the. Who scene."
lowing Is the resoktkon pissed by the Roam of
It•aresentanver, on Friday, relative to !bee tape
alba 'shout to he sent by Mr. GrianeU, of New
York to search for Eli John Fratklie .
ellitkor!Lee the President to receive the yes.
refs and detail from the navy', Poch cominiPpmn
and warrant officers and Penmen as may be or
ripmry nod witting to engrgc therein, •apply
them with imitable ration, for cot exceeding three
arid g:co the use of eh neeeerary lustre.
men. incite he epered from the navy—the out.
sera and men, ra .01 rehgentp, to he under the laws
Of !Le nary. until their return, whet, the Velakle
loaf be delivered bark la Mr. Oriaoell."
As ameudmect, ntrered by Mr. hall, of
soori, "that the goverameat bbldi POI be hub!, to
claims for darbagdr or deter,ration or V,E11e1.,"
We+ate, passed, mad in Ibis lean the joint resole•
tint goes to the Senate, where its fate is by no
means ceria In.
For ad rtztAburgh Go,tee.
Mr. Eituar—Ezercieleg the privilege which
you item to have conceded to your readers, of
propping candidetes for the consideration of the
approaching Antitunssante and Mug Convention,
I her leave to propi.o Thos. M. Howe, Erg , as
s very. suitable poreon to represent this important
district m Cal.greas. I spec with your corres
pondent , N,“ that the rear requires us to need ■
first me mar—if such a oat: eon by obtained. Mr.
Howe has far a long iiino occupied a post of great
deka, y and responalbility, and ban filled It with
marked ability and illseresion, yet with hitch no ,
varying kindness and courtesy, that I think It may
he tinkly said of hiro,that in this ecriumunity he is
without no enemy. Hill JUdgmelit to a seldom
erring one, and his power of systematising and
despatching business, gods extraordinary.. llts
preserve in Congress, where more such men are
wanted, while it would ho n wombed IMnellt, could
scarcely fail to promote the inteeesWorthe district,
ts It would miatil ansurodly redound to ea credit.
A CA goo.— 1 he barque Maria, Capt.
Baker, of Boston, arrived at this port no Thor...
day, in the abort passage of 120 days from Hono
lulu, Sandwich Islanda,with antra° of 1,200 tibia
Spero, oil. 1,100 Ibis. whale do., sad 220 000 Iba
of whit:bone, together with 464 mint.. of sold
due, the came cargo being valet d at 609,000
h In maligned to mercantile , hooter In this city,
Fairhaven, Now leindon, nod elsewhere:— Arty
#.lfold Arrteary.
The Maria was one of the first vessels which
tailed from Boston f r Celilomia, afar Ma break
ing out of the gold fever.
lithe W . lng Pretty. throughout the United State,
agree in any anus, it is fu abusing the Washing".
7 rade vrit h the East.
The following commu nie•tlon, from the Secre
tary of State, was gent isito the Smote on Tues.
day last:— • '
WolinlMOTOill, 23d April, 18504 -
To the San= of the United States.
In rompitanco with a resolution of the Kenate
of the 21et of Febraary last, requesting the Secre
tary of State to comentinkrate to the Senate ouch
informattoo, or particulara, on may have come 10
his honwledge, respecting the detention, impriss
entrant, and barbarous treatment by the Japanese,
imperial and provincial authorities, of American
twainen who have the mist - attend to be shipwreck
ed on the coasts of Japan and its dependencies,
which em now frequented by a large American
whaling geot in the peaceful pursuit of their law
ful enterprises ;" also, " ouch recent end reliable
informakon in the pooneriainu of the Deportment
of State, as relate* to the independent oriental Oa.
tions, and their capabilities for a pre fitable Ame
rican contmeree;" and, also, to report " whether
the treaty between the United Staten and his Ma•
• fetter, the King of Stem, of the 50,h of March.
1833, has not been violated by the King in the
monopoly, by his Majesty, of toe trade in several
of the ample products of that country, and which
may require the intervention of our Government;"
the Secretary of State has the honor to transmit
to that body the accompanying document, which
contains all the information which appear. tO Jse
; called for by the resolution.
The first portion of Mere popero consists arm.
tespooicnce fifranhed 'chiefly by the Keay De
partment, and relotdo to the i,arbaroue treatment,
by the Japanese, of the crews of the American
whaling shins Lawrence and Ladoga.
The record portion comprise. a aerie, of valti•
able. J.:consents, compiled with great research and
industry, by Aaron H. Palmer, Esq ,of New York,
and commenmated at different periods by him to
the Drportmeni of Stale; the whole cooompanied
on a chart of the principal maritime countries of
the east. These papers, it is believed. will be
found to contain a great amount of useful event
inform ton respecting the "independent oriens
tal nstsas, and them capabilities fir a profitable
Amencati commerce" In addition to these doe
umests, the Secretary of Slate has the honor to
submit a cony of portions of the correspondence
of Messrs. Everett, Parker. Davis, and Roberti, I
relating to Chita and:Japan.
'file third pordio inmate...of the correspondence
of Jo,eph Bake ter, E q., United States Commit for I
Nov a pore, who to now in the. East in the capaci
ty nr special Diplomatic Agent of the United
Sates to Cochin China, and other portioas of
southerstern Aria, and who, it will to seen, bar
received special interactions respecting our eels
' ID. al h Siam- in thin connexion, n (elec. is
made to Mr Palmet's paper on "Siam." No. 10,
on the subjesgot nur treaty with that kingdom.
In Flow of the important iaformation presented
j in the accomprinvica .d.cornents, and the coin's
! merotal and political interests now existing. in
consequence of t h e extension of our possessions
on the Pacific, the Seen:wry el State would re
ot:Faulty enuaeet tthe expediency of placing th e
consulate at stmrapire—an lazipurtaal MI,. to
our naval and commeimal manner-upon a higher
and better footing than it in at present. The cons
i imbue, for Mary rensone. deserves to be support
ed by a minupetert ester,. The manual fees of
the consul at Singapore bore narrated, roe tee
lost foormen heats, during which Mr. Bolestier has
fired that flier, a rum varying from $25 to $5O
pot ra,rNm. !D that period, he has dtsehorg•
ed the conaulor lunru,mn .rim ',teal boric, to him
le If r rid aniace to his country—ode. net the
Mimics of Inc United States. and dispensing a
gen-ron. hasp:tally from hi• private reomitern.
The iIoeUITI,Is herewith submitted, will also
illustrate the iitipOrlonee of a enema I mission in
1110,4 L....e1 - Ili! nation' or arc nor embraced by the in.
str , couns so Mi.foe tee pairpoSe of
o,ol.init rote rterin thocui find
• f ra•-ins the smile of our in "ion to China t o ono
of a b oner etas, with the rook of envoy extraor
dinary audituukientiary.
These changes orc, it is ennceived, den:ended
by tae pro•ipeet of so increased commercial inter
course 'aim the i.ootora pert of the world.
All of ist.h a respreimilv satruottrel.
A 'ten' hae recently been put in csreuletton, the
the Pn,.ideot of Inc L unat Claire will Vet,. the be
tor the edntr.•wn of the State. of Guido-rota inn
tim Coton, ehould it he aceoteptunhid by Terrtiortu
bill+ or wiles it/c.a.:rye.
The l'resssdent hasnever assumed am!, pooh
ground tar of the createsa complains now made
agatiest bun hr los s oppmentsi it, that he decline. to
interfere witn to attempt to cout , ol the le:r.
!sown of Congress. Ile lins performed hoi con•lttilt
sweat duty, revotottlet)Jed. in regard iis the
r.,wly acquired terrnor, such inea•tures ass in
lit• mdunicitt Ise-t calculated to promote hot.
nod teal W[. qy zoo:ding the mines:ems,
ilso - u-aoin it the agitating spirnousro. of the da y
Ile ha- not attempted to, any other axons to sudsi
er:cc or cout/so it... opinion drum:ie.. , in ietereisee
thevexed is:u•plion nor have any of h. 'ationet
Minister* l're,ident, lwring performed l o s
whim: duty to in.* 1,11 ,- etar, leaves the deem.. sit
subject to the patriotoun of that enlightened
Irody, wht.e gonistninional duty n ts iyi tuns
ni the aauotltarallun of the Lioyeilattent. and to
I hortt Ise took.. wiz!, confidence for a .tolas:ty
ot at Use Wl...sts:oler Ainsd•l the storm
psasay etr,lr. he hear. with hint the
ainweisoioie-s• ot metal:de, which he hnowt wt.l
crry llointritimpl.nhy through all dangers, and a
sir a tnness of triune upon which good men May
confidentli re) for the tafety of the Republic Ont.
der any tootle unclgeney
Vleli 741/i r:ACrI" , I '• lir J
summary of P . frr .4 r•ed of a,
elect.on L.'.lthts , ozy last, lor
member. of tLe Legt.Lsir.rr
W 31,1, nsssCIAS4.
Norfolk beroco I Freddr,ek ......
Nanaernond.2. ...... ..I..3pultexlvana
l'rineerr A n n e',Petersttlre (e'r
le...crimond ere— ... •11 'hoar. , fielo
Staitlrl 1, ince:baud (ran)
Alexandra , :arolinc...••
Fautox ;cam) ...... •I, Nrdloll. Cu. (1 gem) '
Feeder:et 1 Kan G-.age
I rlerkeley••
- •
Loudoun Si 414.14•11(gun) 1
Culpeper Igt:o) I ; erookr 1
r..wbatan (qtic, 1
zmbeth ci1)'.........1 15
Combeslactl I
fienriao ..... ....11 (4 1,1 .1• • • •• • • •• 'll
The !oar and gain, an rim, appeal to be one net
for the I.Pfvncrsta. Hanover and New Kent, re F.
',noted lart year by Whom, arc nnm doubtful;
Sorry, Udall:Kw.uc haat year, roves the Whiff can
d dote 0 major/iv on the Oral day'• vote,
Crum,', Whig. is elected 'o the Senate 'tom the
Norfolk adduct, hy &brut 200 te.jority, and E g.
moon, Whig. to thought to be elected to the Sen.
•:e from Inc Wheenng dotrict.
The polls were kepi open three day. in teem!
eminties en aceriont el had weather.
Toerah Of Cos vention to earned by a large'
met city in the counbes heard from. Trio vole
lame, but there was considerable opposition to
in the Western mimic,
A tinged States Scooter in to be centco by th,
Leg:Mature now elected,.
The Now Orleans Picayune has Oaten from Vet
Crux to the Nth, and from the city ct Mexico t.
the Ilth
The awassination n 1 the Deputy, Sr. Caned°, 11
which we hare already hod an rennet, has crest
cd the greatest excitement. The crime a raid ti
hove been dictated by intlivrt. A man
lutionAvae introducad Into Congress to offer a re
and of SI ...c.d. hut a iranlu
boo passed pledging me Tile w °revery constitution
al means Dr plobtng,the matter.
The even acesion .I:Coppers in approaching
It i. aa:d that the Government would COO
robe north, r.
The committer on public credit hal reported a
hill fur the regulation ni fine foreign 11rlet. It pin
vaii, fora
fund of El o,2ll,eirtb, at 3 per
nt Inir.roo, to be applied t. x , havively to the
Knoboh debt. Fur the turn of two noilioon of dol.
litre a toceipt urloil 13 to be ;veto to the Undo.'
Mate. Ihr the Ind...oily due in Mot, 1551;•rd
r n million and a hall nrrecelpt le to be given fur
the amount due in 1251.
The Government ettp . oveen, St...only not hal
their Palmy the. month. The trenrury ran Mott.
The elminra had not oltruintahed. le had ap
scared at (tier:taro, within tourieen lennuen o
the In ••`/I, plena, an at Muroliti, La
Medea, Mao and La L.h, the hurricane had driv
en the epidemic away.
At Picas& containing a popnlatton of 3.000,
about 1,000 had died. At many other point. the
diatom Wes raging, and in mime of them very vio
A eV, limo sin. Madame Monplaism gay.;
Lath to a fine boy. ,
ImrottTANl To Pen,oolo Usteo PATIVITED Ma
cute. —We learn shut the Supreme Court, on
yesterday, to the rase of Wiiron, simian, al
Woodisortn tor. retold) & Simpson, decided that
a person in the lawful poFeeFlon and um of a pa,
toted machine, when a patent ir renewed or en.
end-d, a not merely ent.tled to the continued nor
of the thing patented,areording to Ma utterert
therein. by virtue of 13th Friction al the net of
July, 1526, ea decided in Willem vs floimeatt, and
in min yahoo when frrlnorly betore the court, in
1816, but h. alur 11,0 right to keep the merlons.
in, tool, however. to the retell! Or
drodroying Ile identity. And that aupplytog new
cutter., and kowc. to Woodworih'e planing ruri•
chine, when the old ono. become worn out, are
lawful ',poop, which may by made without in.
frooginr Pate hire's extended right. The
The Court also decided that the allegation of
Gaud against llri Emniene, in obtalop gnu
lorerl. he Woodworth -patent to 1823, (V. &5.
&auto. in pail under Smarmed wet not main
tained in Pik nose. The Court affirmed the de
cree attic circuit court of the United States fur
Loithonna, dumaeioß complalanteds (When[) bill.
—Judg e Wayne delivering the epitome. The
rano .°ll. argued by Mr. Webater and Governor
&word for complainant. and Mr. H. D. Gilpin
And 1.11. WeAteott lordeloohntL—Woih. Casing
Hagsom rot. Smaseng.-Thomas 0. Atkitei s
who tiss reemity hera oulikvd as losing, by sun
at law, not only Lis 'vita, but considerable money.'
to nay nothing of h. none reputation, wan Ynotnln
day Weller rd SI,OOO by a jury of the Coma
mac Pleas Court. fur siandming Mr. Charles H
Wige'esworth. It will be remembered that Mr.
Wigglosworth, some time slave, also recovered
$2,000 of Atkins. for haviag charged him with
porjary.—Bagoxrrasucrlyi 4
Ran. Roan Izemurr.—A ease of acme impor
tance in regard to the liability of Rail Road Coin
pao tes for baggage has juat been decided in the Cir.
Court at Troy. N. Y. -Margaret Han bought at
Wh tehal rake's through to Troy, over the
Whitehall and Saratoga Roadonad the Renwelner '
and Saratoga Road. She delivered her baggage
into the agent's hands, and on reaching Troy moat
of it was missing. She sued the rtoono. e , nod
S.ratoce ComPhtiV
for damages to the amount of
5396 with interesc The defence urged that the
two roads had no concoction with each other, that
there was no evidence that the baggage had ever I
been transferred from one to the other, and that
the rood which had received the baggage should
be respouathle for it, if either. Judge Parker
charged that the company was reaponadde
for the delivery of the baggage - at the end of the
atlscla route for which they had solo tlcketr ' and
tint they vertebra responsible fa r the acts of their
agents. Part of the property lost conustedof soy
ere,gu,—it was claimed that the complainant was I
not entitled to recover for the 1031 of the sever.
eigna, ro the ground that the company had *dyer.
Used they would not be responsible for money of
pansencere, and had forbid their agents to accept
the charge of any. The Coon charged that such
advertisement does not relieve the company, to
long as they do receive the money. The rule is,
that if a traveller travels with a large amount of
money, nod give no notice of the fact to the agents
of the road that they might take addtrional care
for its security, then the company is not liable; but
if from any act on the part of common carriers,
passrusers lose amounts or money which may be
considered but sufficient to defray ordinary
travelling expenses, then they were lisble, for the
amount lost and for any inconveniennee pawns
gene may suffer to consequence."
The jury, rifler a short absence, rebutted ever.
I diet for thy plaintiff.—N. P . Courier.
Doctor J. Lawrence Smith, of S. C. who ROMs
four years hence received the appointment of Min
eralogist (mm the Sultan of Turkey, fa now on
his return for home, having betided his engage•
meat with the Turkish Government. During hia
absence ha has been actively employed In making
exploration. throughout- Turkey and Syria, and
his labor. have been distinguished by many very
interesting and valuable dianoyeries to alience.
He beats with him testimonials fr.irn the chief
of the State, alike high animate they place
on his valuable Inborn. The Sultan wishing to
evincehis satiefaolion in the moat marked manner
hat presented him with a magnificent snug bon,
and boa also conferred on him the decoration of
the Nardlon Unbar. This a disitontion eorres.
minding with t he Legion of Snout and Similar or
4 7 ,m, in other European trmatries.._
ton, Prom Bahl*, the 10th inst., arrived at Boston.
anneunemi that the yellow fever LA been raging
terribly at Bahia—sweeping off seaman belonging
to the essela in port, and greet numbers of the
eaves. A government report mates the total
mortality in the provineo bOO. Prgvionts to the
asilleg of the Boston, there !sad bean a severe
thunder atorm, which had cleared the atmosphere
and caused the disease to abate. It wee thought
that it would he totally es tinet inn few day.
Mesta CANIVIA Astatecti.—The bog Urano, Orhieh
arrived at Nem °Heal. on the Me, from Made,
brought a lot of eighteen camels, teem the coast of
Afnca, cocain ned to one of the large Northern me.
fiancees. They Rre, the Picayune learns, to farm
part cube caravans., y teat to [MU to ntsempt the
establishment of n noel line of tratriponation
icir.s the great Western prairies to Califo,nia.
Novna, undemmod ihnt lb.
high ewes m whmn dour advanced ia thin inerke
recently,todceed ehyments nom it quarter entire
ly unexpected, an' that some 2000 MIN are no •
on the. way from Fidnion, Rsltlnore, one. This I
•.cerryins coals m New CarCc,' and as our mar
but now ia, till b: 1 , 1;ely, we fear, to prone an sta
p•ea slde srmilstmn, taough certainly • non
one —N. Ir Drka
Susrrn•tan or IKON EI'MNACM—The York l Pa.)
Repuhlawn say., tocre to not a furnace in opera•
t on in Y.,rk count, Cadorutt, Nieuwe:la, Wood
■ ock, York and Manor are all blown out, and no
talk or oot,,Nr ,hem to blest ;gnc. The Lewis.
town (Ps.) oaaeue says, Wro, tow in M Mtn ccun
ry ttso firoare• are lying td:e, no pruapacs a
twin,: pot In bleat.
• . 1 he fact is, gentlemen," said one of a party who
were reps
h ititag thesnsel Yea in a private rwom over a
glass r ot , n a talking polcs. - there are
mighty few who know him the Shoe of Lamisnana
we. carried by the Whiz,: during the last l'rrnden
nal ‘1111)pliCn "
..1104/ was asked the party
"Well. tell you," said the spmaker, who had
aO4 twinkling of humor on Lt. eve. - Daring the
campaign of '4,, when tine prominent advocates of
Dernoiit•ey and Wham:err w - ere canvassing the
one of the distinguished men 1. - 11 - each party
met by appointment e.t n small village. where the
people were nearly equally divelerl in politics.—
rtie Inrnirierit .poke alter the Whig, and it was
the general opinion that the Democrat had carried
the day .
• .ther he had vomited,: his speech the
were "Lout to disperse, when a tall, raw boned,
-irsiking customer in up on the stand an y
raid.ientiernen, afore y g ou disperse wrant to
a word ar Iwo in reply to that last gentleman that
talked" At Mitt the crowd commenced biasing
and hooting. to put lam down, hat he mern't'une of
the kind ta stay put
"Fellow citizens'' shinnied ilie atranger, nt a
/deaths°, • I aridintrodth, invwetf yw
as a heol we hureati for Kenmetwy.l
Thee .41{ . I: 0111 r a, \me.. tweed he the reektiri
gee", Lott I dorm thwel: the /loom' of Rev of you
here will waive Lowther, or old Zack l" Thwa
sissies/II seam received with rounds of applause mad
shouta of laughter. Ile had, won the erOWLI over
ou Imo side. They pereetved ak,unce that he was
a character, and they became mellow/id° hear
catmens,'tiontinued the Kentuckian, .q
tram a ebanee. of you wall given to aim, to put the
gentleman that Imo talked to you about hminerel
Case, through a of atrium," llsaughter,
and ones el go owl courec
Dere the stranger pot both
hued. ono has mot pockets, and drew out of one
the Cleveland Plaandeater, and out of the other the
Noshmtle Union, and with a sort of sermacurutu
et:promo:a of comet...a said.
• Fel/ow-cat:ens, eon mustn't be down on me
hecausu any talk iv like sawed plank In the rough.
It is toe late now for me to commence pimple' my
language theagh I ranee had a pretty Stuart apthok•
I.n' of 'Arnie', but I have always thought when
1 was young 1 col aped a lie, and a right smart
chance of it leaked out." lie then read teem the
Plaindealer the moat strenuous muumuu. In the
Democracy of the Nonti that Gen. Cass wan a
Wilmot proviso man, and from the Delon ast urath.
rea pal u positive that Gen. Can. was a pro-slave
cry man.
•Now, I am not good at atmakieg," continued
the Kentuckian." but the Michigan man's positron
pus me in mind of little cuicurnitiance which
bappend In my neighborhood in Kentucky, some
time age, which I most tell you Von all eemem•
bee what • perfect manta prevailed some years
ago on the subject of Durham calves, Beikahire
pigs, donut Winn Sheep enc. Wall I bad a neigh•
her by the name of Martin, who was •n uncommon
clever phymian and an Importer of dee stork.—
One day the Doctor slopped to get hi. horse !hod
at neighbor Bird's, the blacksmith, who lived about
two miles Imo the Doctor's house. The Doctor
romnienece talking almat his beaulitul Berkshire
pigs, and told the blacksmith, in of ithershly.
that be woald give blot a pig out of the next litter
that "Su" had.
"la the csurae of two months or auch a matter,
the doctor called at the whop and told neighbor
Bud that "Su" bad hod a Gad later, and to mod
and get hi pig. So bird porta hi, man Bob oft
with bin wile'. large willow basket to get 'the pig.
Between Bad. and klarttaht,Sam Sollth,Wbo tea
• great qua, kept a lime grocery, and meing Bob
coma poet Moue on h e unetaa torso. old Tom
with the broke' on his arm, he mpg out.l . hcllot;,
Both where are you going to ouch a hurry ttua
morning? to
Ile twine to Mem Doctor Mertin'a to ge
Mean Tonic Burl:abut pit, what mails. dooto
[dolman mesa lone de la.' nate he abod Eta hoe,
sold the negro an he reined in his
'Well, Dab, you moot mop as you coma hack.
and let toe see the pig."
"kit I will, MIMI Sam; dat I will, anti away
he went, at thump of "old Tom's" speed. In less
than en beim Bat, returned, with m genuine swine,
' and alighting at the grocery, he Idled the cower of
Ito beaker, end to the •stoninhed gone of the gms
eery man, who Imagined a Berkshire to be acmes
thing more than a mere beg, exhibited o very
beautiful oriornen of a jet black pig. An Idea
.truck San, Smith to play •jake on Bob, and know.
mg km pritionsoty to imbibe, told him to go In the
grocery and get a deem. While Bob moo gone,
Sant Smith ran round the beck of the !muse and
got a little black pop, nigh about thk mime belt, end
!nob tke pig out of the basket sad put the pop in.
When Bob came nut and mounte dhis nog, Ham
81331111 handed him the basket, and off he want.—
On arriving at home, the blackens:lh eked him 11
bad got the pig. "Yen, mom, end a very Aim pig
he Its loo:" said Bib, lifting up the cover; "Mack
as • roil," when, to the utter astonishment or Bob
and Bird, there lity a black curly puppy. eh that
e lierkahire pig?" naked the blacksmith In meas.
mem; •• Why it Is a pup, not a pie' "Bier. de
Lord," raid Bub, "he he pig when I put him In de
books!, bill he change to pup!" , Take Min beck,
sir," said Bird, highly indignant, "and tell Dr. Mar
lin that I don't wool to be tooled with has puppies,
and if he don't want to give me:a Berkeldre pig,
In my so."
llob started hack, and naturally enough slopped
nl the,grocery the iniahap to Sam South, heard
hint opt with • esunten•nco exprealove of won•
deq at the name time doing his lie•t to control his
increasing desire to burn Into din. "Well, get
down. Bob," said the grocer, "and take another
drank,' Bob dld'et require a second Invite s andl
while lie WAS among hn "bald fare," the grocer
tout the pup fro e the hanks!, and -- pot beck the
pig. "Manse Sam," said 13oti coming out to mount
his horse, '•I ant mighty eihr raticatii'd 'bout dl. plit
Fost,ll link him 1.1,1 know be is pig lust, but den
I know be his pup ton. Awl you oartalu i . Mason
be was pie Nor' asked Bob, an he moulded
his cotton "I'll swear to I," repl i ed Smith, and
away Bob rode f, i the do ctor'..
On arriving at the house, Bob delivered Ms man
sage,but the doctor memoir somewhat torredu•
lows um 11113 truth of the very, bob, with a flour.
Isltt of insulled'verachy, opened lie lid of the hare
trait, when to, there woo the identical pig that he
Mohammed with. 801 l mood transtleed, and With
not m o nth open, remarked, "
ea, be lin pup or pig, Jos'
os he !drive," Ihe crowd h•icaine minim I•eil
with Is oalitiii, and d•ve the likentucks 'I 11 More
cheer. h.' 4.11. V ., was hired ill tell the same
story In the democratic parishes, which he did
with auob powerful tiled, that the Whigs carried
Ito &at&
The Calgoraia foyer has nulled the public
°Sees is Wasidnatim and a stampede to threat
ened among the twelve hundred clerks Three
or 4313 r intelligent clerks, with Wanes of thirteen
and fourteen hundred dollars, resigned during tbe
lost week, and are gone to seek a better lot m the
land of promise.
The well known and intelligenttranslator of the
State department, Mr. Oreenhow, ibtoome time
ago published a valuable memoir uponTCaltforala
and Oregon, has resigned, and is about to go to
Caltforala Mr. Clayton his appointed Mr.
Walsh, who was formerly charge of affairs in
Brazil, to the vacancy.
Bsertss vs. Imminsx.—The Baptist eongrega. '
tions in Washington, hese in meeting expressed
disappropation of the proposed publication of " •
corrected version of the New Testament" by the
American and Foteign Bible Society in Now York,
with the view of rendering it more explicit no to
the ordinanco of baptism.
DErsirross or hlissionammv—The barque I.
& A. Hobart, which was cleared at Boston on
Wednesday. for Malta and Smyrna, takes the Rev.
E. Bliss, wife, and two children; The Rev. H. J.
Von Leonep and wife, end Rev. J. W. Parsons
and wife, missionaries to the Easti
REMEDY von Dxbuttust l tsuums.—Half a grain
of the tartrate of ultimo:ly, with two ounces of
Water and a drachm of tincture of opium, and an
equal gainitjty of CltrOMl ether, or colchicum, are
said to be an effectual core of delirium tremens--
allaying the excitement of the brain and reactio
nng the healthy action of the akin and kidneys.
A small child of Mr. Bennet, Li colored mnn, died
• .
suddenly in Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, on Thum
day last. It had jumped the rope 250 times suc
cessively, by which it became heated, then drank
cold water and immediately expired. Another
child lies dangerously ill from the same came.
As Irish tailor, making a gentleman's coat and
vest too small, was ordered to take them home and
let them out. Some days after, he gentleman was
told that kis garments happeued to fit a country
man of W., and he had let them out at a shilling a
AIM the attention of parchment to their
Inch they think will compare favorably, both In
(2.111 and cheapness, with that of any
other house, either here or in
the Eastern Cities.
Pittsbu COMPANY,
C a. lIIIKKEY, rsu`s•••--s. W. NIARES,Sser.
Officc—hio. 41 Water street, In the ware hOPM of C.
11. BRANT.
COMPANY ., . prepared n hearer, o.f n i •7 .
merchandito in stare, and In cusite marts, the
An mule gummy for the ability end integrity al
Me !mutation, is afforded In the character of the
teeter., who are all citiams or Pittsbergh. weli and
favorably known to the community for their prudence,
intelligence, sod integrity.
Dtuntrou—C. U. Hussey, Wm. Bageley. Wm. Lar
inter. Ir., Walter Bryant, Hark D. King, Edward
Mucha, Z. Ktosey, B. Blubaugh, B. In. Kier.
- -
To WS ANTI ?ileac= SAD Wale ileum 01 A 1.1.-
n Comm.—Poem King, or the Seventh Ward
ofamhurgh, le hereby recommended to the Convene
called to meet on the sth et June next, as a cane
MM. for the oilier of County Commtesioerr.
so :0 ..1/kencouT MANY VOTERS
To. 'Amu-elm:A.—moor lit .2, F/11 of Main
totembip, mil be supported for netninatton, as • can
eulate far the Ancotoly, before the Anu Masonic end
Corn, Cosix,iosm- EIMMIt Mal., Noith
Y•hcite will he a candidate for County
aubjeet to the deelkion of the Whig
ithd Antt Ma•nnie Nominviog Coorenwin
CNUNIISSIU NIERCHANT,Stack and 11111. Brok
L.!r, No 110 Sotond enort:dly
A(MM.; of S. a Co, onrAti Einbanire Bank,
fur sn. 73, deed 11lar1at, No Ist, payment ce
toe rime canna been inupped,the pablic are caution
ad against receirtsg the same.
0t,C..131. IaNG, PENNOCK & CO
laiirelivo.ce of loolord
t 2 Market si
a a . ra M e k7n7b r en ' src ' tt " 4l 4 l . :72 ° :o h l '
also, arneral aseortaurnt oi plain do at all prier.
ol led eak and Lisle Thread Giore•;
to dos Mark and do iodic... and Gems' do
dos black nod ackite Cotiou Hoar,
15 oox Jo doaria
Hr dos Gera' Ha" 11c.e,
:.1.1.1 bent.' Mown Col,on Ilatt 'loft
flee-teed, and now opt ning by
1" I.. , CICAN.AJD has n ryas. and .111
pu , oLI .hortly—ba Maul.. pp the LAY.> 0,/in
of GOVCIIIMept, ttanslaOrd trout the Fscorh. by IL
Slily:, it.
U. ...ono. betond edit on, 1 vol. ,c
J U ImCli
M ACK' -44, bd. Large No 5, Ja.t ',erred tor
t•l JOHN Walla CU,
my% Lit.ctly iL
8 1 1 1 / 1.7 1/ T J.lbr... Non, I ow. m j s 4 lao:Jdu A r i ..7l . . i hj o
Lj Enal \ Or.• No I, Ho. Ho .1, for *.lo by
1.1 toy 2 JOHN Vital' 41. CO
011.-19 b.lo privet, from Siewori
t: Co Jots reed, for solo by JOHN WATT /t. CO
eas aaaaa It d for . UT
my: /WM 4 n'IT cf
oLJ, prnar. NU 2 reed. to , ta:e by
mpg JOHN SV ATI . A Co • ---
IL( (,I.A.' , SE.A—LI, lot Is promo S. 11. fur ant, by
1.11 aka JUILS RATE At CO
yAHD-3 brls prime, labt reed, for rale by
LIm)Y .101 IN 'NAT r co
DEA - ma-10 patited, 'act rred for .ate by
to)t JOHN WATT &co
TvA—za hi chew. Voong Mason, Gunpowder, and
IPaA Tans, ILI hand, and to enure, tor rale by
••• • •
May 2 Igbitty at - 5.
PACK ED TEAS el ]l grades keptl.ronstactly rol
and (or sale at reasortablerterolt to stir
Lit:MY—IS bales Ilhoulla, toot reed t oral tor sale by
Lyl , l)Eitt . LIUARD: , —SUGU b 4. uaorted
Chuollmrsborgh seamgaelare, on blind, for .(.e by
FOIASII- oasts pure, for rem! by
on V J deIIOON‘to,KER & CO
21 Wood a
n t , tla \0 1, for .ale
QA LeTPETRE-13 begs refined for sale by
PAR GREEN-20 caned! ee/ebsaud 8 brand
bandies E.rdmare, a good article
I Picini Straw Yam for coatoe II ordwaro;
Hardware paper made to airier af•ny Sze ur thick•
br m 7 J rserIOONSIAKER & CO
USsENTIAL OlLS—Bergamot. LA ram; Sassafras,
,Es Lavender. and Sommer I can each, warranted
purs.lusr recerved by J sdIIIIONMAKIER*CII
Mr—'u for sale be -
CANDLES—nn boxes summer Cincinnati Mould
Candins for sale by
Fll3ll-24 brls Herring;
to br,a sbad, now landing, and (or sale by
tuay2 1111 Water st.
TOLIACCO--Yl/ Orbom Sr
6 na• Jews Ilair do;
6 Inv Loiuer 6'. spun now landing
oyd) 1,161A 11 VICKI S tr. CU
nowll m7Y t l iC
riIIOCULATE-40 bro for rale by .
ripnll-1. U bat tab, for •nin by
UnK3-5 bale. pr pan d Corn Host. for Up
IT [lnn tore n, Jolloo'o on consignment, lot rale by
MAtAhatAL Ysb f laSio 3110 wl nal 'it
my& & CO
A VALUABLE int 111 ground containing about on
/1. acre awl a 0•11 , —• good Bin for a .tore— i mac
from Pittsburgh, nil toe hltddloturrrn road, nett
!howdy's Ford. For particulars, apply on the pro
pony, V. MARTHA HA V
mf 1-d
That large omommuou. Dwelling House
and Lot, on Which area good Stable and
DA Ciatriage House, being the property ol;
andW. the residence of hits Jane Ma
geh, situated. Webster at, nem eleventh
street. lint letma, apply to &I kl LOW Rai=
myitilif FM Wylie si.
T B E Union thole Metronary.-The Child's Book
of prrii.da-hltiedorield, or the Great !donate:
a diary of Rent Lue.-Sho.grove; or age Sunday
harmed Hoy. itaintleated.-The Bar of Iron; or the
Moe.. or I lo ie•rtibr d .--Stotre. or Faro,
ll o y . ,;,___Kr,..e,il, the Ilaima Chief -The Lie of
Le,heri Nit eral ICiCicuCC to it. earlier period.,
id the °pew. RelortOGlOL by BUM.
Sense, II Lt -A Valitiffairy or Biblical litaillatela,
ror hoot. awl familia..
ii.hiraaed by Atmncan S S Gain. tar sale by
Successors to ELLIOTT t ENGLISH,
role 7ll Wood WM.
litetuei's 'Werke, the Au th or's Fdition—
M The ~,ir r g h ts s ,,, luie of Every Day Life. ' A
and revised edition, with an introduction written
expersaly tor tine edition by Alia. Bremer. ilhnis, cloth
thslform with Irving's, Cooper'., and SaescwielCo;
andlinustmted with Postrait and meat of be author's
r l esidence.
llooies'a lll.di translated by William Cowper.
Lined by Ruben tkethey L. L. D., "rub inn. by Al.
A. Dwight. A apieudid edition, on huge paper; /1. ,
lintrale4 until Melee tootrawuj. In 4/Cline, finci des
slim by Flagmen. loyal two, cloth. Alims• cheaper
edition tor whoolo.
CouldasaitiCa Work.. including a variety of pi, on
now Lost collected, by Jame. Prior. Complete In
4 40 1 4 , w s ue, Emily printed, uninwm in style with
Winne, Cooper, ie.
Toe Stwerocate Calender, or, Wit and pir4don, foe
every Day in the year, Edited by W. C. Richards.
lit a very neat volume, Tinlo, cloth, :19 coos, 45 .,
mv.l Citookseller and Importer,lDS Frown, s s,
ALLin,criglnNV GOV!. '
IN the Osphans Court of mid Com v
i.ol June tams lbfl/i N. a
the matter of the estate or Reeisio
Jon., deeeveed• And now, April
1%50, on motion of Robert Manus, 1:4
• /*tenet. C. Finneeen, , appoles 4 4
by the Court to aeon and tortribute the
fund , in the hands of the trustee. 11l the CUrt.
DANIEL MoCURin, O Clock.
Notice t. hereby goren to all person. interested,
that the A u thor will attend, for the demo. of dis
chinging the duties of his appointment, et his raga.,
n Fointh street, in the city of Fltiehusgh,ounms,
day, the Ist day of June, DM, at 10 evolock, A. Al.
MADAME SONNAFON respattfally lam* the
I.Wies, she will open French Milllnely
day aezt,..ll.ay 34 also, a anxiety of other Franca,
°dada. amyl dal
W.A. a. st'acno.l [ono. noi o.
No 2:4 Liberty urea, neon IVcod,
Have Aiwa)... hand large oosonthent of Cimino
Groeeries and. Fine Tens; also, Foreign Fonts and
Nuts. Wliolziale end Retail Deelets supplied on the
lowest termi. • malt
NEW PATTERNS—More new panerha of Wall
Pape, in Chamois, Gold, plain. and fancy cOlorr,
have been rect., received, together with too
Reflation of French Boykrs, Mee Board Prints, nod
Teeter Tops in Gold and Velvet.
mayl Wall Paper Store, Sa Wood Erect.
under the gun of Pittsburgh
W ILL be opened about the Ind of Slay, a Family
.. timer; and Tea Store, In the Pluladeiphin
The antiseribers here fitted up n Gore at No. TA
Liberty street, in n style I.lll , erier to snrof the kind ill
hosbugh, where they vrtli always haven large as
rortment of fine Groeeries, and superior Tae. to
'Flack they respeetfelly invite the attention of the pub-
Or enC , T article, they will endeavor to keep •be
best of its kind, and confidently recommend their
T.. us ROT it. at sum mon, n E.QII•IISD LA 110 O.
Their sesorbacet will comprise:—Green and Black
Teas of all hinds, from 3 - k cent. to it d 0 Per Nm , .
Coffees of every grade. • •
L'i'.riilb s e Dego., Loaf, Crealtuid and Pulverized;
Steam Symp.Shall . Hoot and N. O. blolosem Choc
olates, Foreign Frets and Nut., Spires, Fibkie . s
Ketchups, Essences, Sugar Cured Hams and Beef,
Fishof all kind, Sperm, Lard and Whale Oil.,
'geoid, vont and Woo Candles, together with many
rarities which could not heretofore be bad to Pitts.
burghnd which time would fail to enumerate.
([rands delivered free of charge in every part of
the two eines.
Dealers supplied on most terms.
Wfil. McCLURD rk co ,
my I No. 2:41 Liberty street, above Wood.
APAIR of Gold Spectacles, supposed to have been
dropped to Wood street, in front of Uskewell tc
Pear's Waretiouw. The find, will be rewarded on
returning them to the owner, No. :NI Wood street.
SABI. P. noes,
Office, Fourth Wed, mar Cram,
In Lamarilue Buildings, Pittsburgh, P.
ZOO dly
TIIE Connaught men having had control on the
Baltimore and Ohio Roil Stood, the Rail Rood
Company and Contractors have made arrangements
for the establishment of en efficient police, whereby
all pleases of laborers, desireus of employment, will
be fully protected;
.A 5 the Third or Cheat River Ditilsion embraces the
heaviest work on the line.fore hundred laborer. would
get immediate employment upon it.
Cumberland, April WI, MO. epaffint
OThursday, OM inst.. floes the, traidenee of the
k_f subscriber,tn Past Ward,Allegheny
a Red and White Many Cow. Paid cow has certain
marks on her car, but what they are te not
dirt inctly recollected, owing to tier not haring heen
in possession of present owner bat hir a short time.
Any, person giving tnforatation which may lead to
her recovery, wal be liberally rewarded.
Methodist Book Stare, l 9 Apollo Buildings, Foanti st.
APROMISSORY NOTE , drawn by Jam. Ra
tong, to the tatterof l) N. White, and endowed
by him, dated April d, hes been loot or mislaid.
Thn hinder wilt confer o favor by letwlng• it at the
office of the Gazette; and all pert on• are IR r•rned
taunt t parchastaa it. JAMES BELONG
ABEAUTIFUL suburban residence in Ms neigh
boyhood of this city, possessing Moro Man or
dinars' advantages. will be sold an favorable terms
The grounds err .toe ked with fine Bolt trees in bear
tog condition. shrubbery, e•ergremm. For nom. and location, enquire at this office.
sp3i et
Post intret—lTsvid CopperLeld, put Is—Dm
). o f Mertn:lw., part r--Lineit's Living Age,
No hi —Morning Call: Mrs Ellis—Women in
Ann, a. Maria J hlintosh—llistory of Pendennim
Thacharey—flowland Cashel: Lever—Windsor
Co.. W H Ainsworth. sehii
GLI e EKeE.--AS nom" Cream , ~.eonard, a p a ., •
d, and foc Bale 6p' sTuear k em.
__ 109 Wand 1t
alt—l b4I Maple jaat reed, and for sale by
SSE 6-3 kg. Maple ,a.,,t.treaii.7l
INE.L.A I(—lb bolc Pet , r! r l , ia.rk
few bbla tu abut,
. BACON-11/.WO Shoulders. Prtn.r;
.1,01.0 Hum, ro sto•e. .1 for sale by
Tuits--R. Jot, impend,' alt ,
.1 hk-ELl:ii.s.f !az large, tr, (nr aale by
A ffli 1100PS—CD 61 6th II op.ot prime quality
(craw - E.NGLI3II4.ItENNI7IT.
tr..° Al Wood Lt.
31 e g" P"".P
:Zg:. for role
uurrut AND LARD-10 kcg. Butler, arA 4 Acga
pLard, for We low by fo r
4p..TJ F.N61.. , 11 & B.NNIF-TT
S2ptt; " L 7 111 a. 130 N
ROCK INANTIER-I.t4`kerrs forr tale
803 0 r Ir VON BONN HORS .t CO
Sl.T—tuu brig for gale by
QUDA ABll-143 cask. Alaspratia' brand. ram 71.
tacrd per mama r Campanile, and for rale by
ar4e Liberty .tract:
ItAp i r 4 iNg, ,, PgE n :— Pa tiLannatity al aunty
from tne mnknina,ory, for .ale in lame or small Imo
W I• 1d.110411A.1.L.
Staceettior to d C HILL,
N 5 Wood R.
(11,0VER SEED-2 brit for race by
11),UTTER-1 ban and twin fresh. in ninth, Just rt..
D coved at the Butter and Cher.a ikPb , . 1;3 Front
ores; for nala by ap= 1 II CANFIELD bas aaw and 61./ his old, Want reed,
A./ and for sale by ap3o 1 B CANFIELD
LINSEM OIL-10 brio U Ware, and for See by
BACIIN-200 pieces in stele, and for sale by
0 ALF.RATIS—= bxa and ?Scuba and bay, (or
sale by WO J Et CANFIELD
COTTON HOSE-100 dos black, while, and nxtd;
lino dos half. brown do doi .
unTO bb Wood al. ,i'
sale Standlna Collars In i t u ClaT;zi
Cotton Va.hreilu, and .130 runsella .11k and
count, for sale by C A RBUTIINCrr
DRF2SOO BONE-200 lbs superior qua
ARBUTHN bIy, for sale by
. c OT
xrfolasu & BIiCANETT,
o3er tor sate ;
120 pkes V. 11. Imp. lllaekr has N. R. Relens;
and Gunpowder Teas; 1.0 km , Mos. , do;
115 hos Tolmero; 13 Iga do do;
Ito begs Rio Colter; 115 casks Zulte Currants;
000 bit. N 0 Molasses; 13 bales E. We nuts:
73 hhds N 0 Sugar, . 13 do Brazil Note;
230 boom vaunted sidesl.l.3 do Filberts;
Window Glass; ,iou do Pea Nuts;
40 boo Pipes; 1 20 his libelled Almonds;
400 his aospi I ird boa Rock Cand);
l boo Candles; 5 ruses Lumonem
31:1111. Codfish; In 33 Prinopee I Regalia
20 bola Tannend Oil; . Cigar:
On boo Chocolate; ;WOO 31 Half Poen:sin
OD do: Bed Coeds;3 nos Clare
.; :11 coil. Manilla Hopei I 2 cans Nidwiem;
30 ha *iced Choeolale; 1 3 remains Wire
ID bogs Pepper; 23 earns Lemon S ' yrup;
6 bop la lee; 25 ems* Pe {Ter Pence;
300 hm Rennie; tu esms Tomato Cumuli;
10 bibs Vinegar; Ground Spires of Ell kinds.
no bal. Crodlasnek; 40 Flurels powdered and
tOlms Starch; . Loaf Poem;
10 Wes Pler,• 2 Midi, Mulder;
10 bolo Chalk; 10 hr's Whiting;
100 drains Pigs;
As well a: a general nslortniaot of Pittsburgh
1113 , lifseturid articles. •mlO
slain The .teem boat
HOPE No 2,
LCAIVI the Pm 'mem lending, near
the Old Allegheny Hrulge, ate o'clock
morning, arid at the beginning of each hoar until Si
o'clock at Wald, Sundays excepted. Punctualityla
time can be relied upon.
Inc Creams, and all the delicacies of the season kep
in the buttons, alto • large collection of' ever bloom
mg greenhouse plum (or sale. apand.hto
AtirattElZ—Lake StiperioN its Eby.lntl Character
Vegetation. and Animals. 6vo.
tar”mta—The Ett. Illustrated. Ova
Itremoust—Cosszos. 2 yobs, Ilan.
Itmanobot —A vents or Na ore. Oval.. lbw.
Itauhrt—Tutkisti Evening Entertainments. 12mo.
Macuss—Hogieel Anatomy. Colored plate, gto
loa—Fuemo and Yam. Writing, Y vols. Mao.
innanarnste-Tbo Optimin. 11mn
W.7loN—Poadcal quotation.. tivo.
,Cowsru—ltomer t s Iliad. 12mo.
NaCIAT—PoI alar Delusion.. O volM ISno.
For sale by JehlES D LOCIEWOOD
nreN llookseller b. Intranet, 104 Fourth at.
SODA /0311-100 cask e superior brands Sod a / 1 4i
just received, and far ante by
lOU • Cosl4l Clain, Penn .1.
POWDER - =kz.V:,u7B„
300 do Ky. oo;
200 bait begs Ky. RIDo;
1 - dst Deer WIN ;
011 0
bolo Nee Shooting;
450 can. Ky. MID;
230 do Deer do;
60.000 foot safety fuse. to arrive ibis day
and for DOA by
.BAOOO. fLim .. o l B l l: y oulders jam receirriog
.4 Wood st.
roAR—.O OLIO N 0 Sugar recelatnu an yaw
mbar, fur sale by J 8 DILWORTHCo
• _ _
L"P — t tTir Nzoi LAT
est ree'd, ad foi sale
• S OIt..W . ORTII tr. CO Y
BIT/TER.‘4O keg,s Butler fi. IC! by
arik J ti DILWORTH & CO
ROAR-4O bbl. N oSugar 4 8 rim; snit Mr sole by
L .121 8& W [Will st'eill
VentlO)-100 kegs Lest . Law fer lkiti ty , P.r. In a,,.. , -. , ,
l for sale by , 8 & ‘S il A itii.:.V.: 8
. _ _
LA - Ith OIL.
fl DARREID LARD O No 1, far .o.
A N by
• .•
DAIIJS' PAIN KILLER—A bonnier Medicine—
eo 4 . 0. an received:and tat nein be
111QIUNCII RAISINS-100 hz. Kreisler's bran/. fo)
sale by NB! BAU A LEY & CO,
anzi & OWoed et.
Vi 3 BAGALEY lt bes lam oite, far
1 . 1 ' "otel , • 9)1
SALERATIT3—V.:O bores' 11P Farland , , a toperier
ankle, In sale by WM LIAOALEY lc CO
ULACK- Ene asivartsconl of Black Sas
JJ of rat endirm ' received at No 85 Marker fiord ,
west comer of the Diamond.
11#MELEON SILK SHAWLS—Rieti changeable
tilt crawls of a very superior quaint', by
DLACK LAWNS—Plain k Lawns at differsnt
El qualities, lar sato by AL EXANDER A. DAY
H AMS a BEEF-4 4: 7 4 71 , 3. CC H
i nz Evaus d t SwVeg.
20 do S. U. Hams, Dalfiald r,
All put up for summer we, and for sale by
L ARD & LINSEED OlL—da ark No I Lard
15 brl• No :I Lard Oil;
B brim Linseed Oil;
LINSEED OIL-4 bNs just tec'dand t'sr sate by
ROBIStATn.c & co,
Bp:1i 235 Libe , ty
1 477°r bY
Vt nnY9 Roaizo4:LTTI.FIVCO
Gl•neral Tempe , site• Meeting: -
TIIF friends n( Temperance ate generally invited
At ettend n mecum. to be licld in Waled Hell, on
51fINDAY eveninv,lolll inst.
P.... 141. Esq., of Philadelphia, ;me other
disuses ;shed speakers will aldress ;meeting.
lEr . l.lihite!, Brass Band will be Kerma, and per
form a number of approprime nirs - during the evening.
• .
No. SI, FoustAt strut.
GAVE the honor of informing the citizens of Pilu-
burgh, that I have openedog thn above large and
convergent Seine, a Restaurant a !limited de Paris.
All the delicacies the season ean afford will alway.
he served in the most approved styles, besides im
ported dishes, such as 'Priam Mushroom.,Green
'Peer, Pates de foie gras, &en ,
with which I wilalways
be ready to provide private Welles or parties.
Table dllioie at lef o'clock every day.
(knifemen wishing for private rooms can always
be accommodated.
My larder and cellar will compare whit any other
in New York or Philadelphia
A few more boarders Con be aecommodAat%lium
Clotho, Casaltneres, star ileatings.
ALARGE Invoice of Super Black, Blue, Brown,
and Olive Broad Cloths; Super Black, Doesin,
bliddlessz, and Fancy Cassimercip also. Super Black
Sean, alsrsculles, and Farley Calkins., Vatings—ro
mired sad now opardny by
mar • 62 Markettat a.
AA MASON h CO are receiving tinily, additions
of the following Myles, to theirs plendid steels of
Mo. Goods, vSoper Black end Fancy Silt.,
TMAII, Pe is:— rsian Glenn., hilberines, eiiibenes,
Donne. and Ltarego Ue Lain., Busk, Swiss, Ongsmiss
Jaconci, .nd Dote. Limns, •c 4 also, Mourning
Dress trosdti in till their widely. spin
. _
BIOTIC 16T0 — C . 51111t11091 . 0 HS.
TE Grading and Alasonry of about thirty miles of
the One end Pennsylvania Rail Road, extending
roomed from the Stale Line, near Saletuite. will be
let at Salem, Colombian Carroty, Ohio. on %'ednee•
day, time sa,d.y of Slay, Contraetors ob.
tam information of th e. Engineers upon the line,. at
the office in Salem.
y order or Ihe
t ord of Directors.
%V 11L ROBINSON, Jr., Preeldent.
SARI/urge. Apra 2.3lll,lPNl.—srer:Jld
Laud and /11,1111 a for Sala
AFLOUHINU MILL, with four run of steno—one
of lest Imetions for barium In the west—and
a first rate Saw Mill, on mtabous: never milingstream,
and 11 acres alf Land. good Dwelling House, 'tenant
Rouse. and other Improvements, situated moat mile.
from the Übto Riser, Mont. Comity, Ohio. Alan,
mar the above, a benunfol Fan:oven Improved, tan
t sinia; 210 acres. For tartstr,A enquire of
artif: 112 Second al, Prosburgb,
r)l i tS i fy i ß rou Pla w il:goD pu b m r , l: n o d fxarg quality. a
mumble for land, Ac , to ,sole low by
• , 21 312 & 211 Lit,CitY
voueutac CEMENT far
.II apt:.
.17 bI'ONRS, best qvality, warranted, and at prjees
lower lb. have before been offered hrthls waiter,
B OLAING CLOTHS, all numbers. Letit• county.
warranted, arid at reduced prices.
at , 24 . . . t¢IV WALLACE
ik 4 ARMY: hint:Tr:Ls of the ben quality, my own
111. ionmfeeture, onharet lend made to order an shot::
n IM
;J.rA ~,a
1.50 trn B 7l , ledlum Straw Wr.t.i.g.V.P,!.i
A 1., . inraTaTto a irtna .ra e , l aa t a f o or t
s i a ' d n l :nrig Vapor dorm'
4aaa"raaa' aaad. A a H ENOI,IBI & CO,
Succesoors toI.:III4YDD lc Er GLIt3 11,
_ . .apd7 79 Wood Nutt.• ~
JU.., ,, 1` received—Lb brls Ahab, ior sa:e by
0d27 00 Wood at. '
SACCMIAW•-• lba Dud reed for ash, by
apn: J KIDD &
G f t , 112:../ItC y
J UFF—Suu i nzg i ta c Ts,
lba tec'J; and for mido by
V ann7 J KIDD &CO
)111.13 Eili band, tar moo by
I I aark orperlor qtahlr,
tbo thug, etcd, and Pasuniesy lA'areGoose. drr
nzr of Platt ond Wdod aL S N WICKETSII.6II
OlL—jost received, and warranted
1,/ rare white, for sale t y the gallon by
L ARD 011.-25 brls I.lbokllng l s No 1, far gate by
/3 A FANNY:3I'O .3:4/.. CO,
ny2o Comer Vigil & Wood ay.
TFOILZ:2h by
I apt% II A FAIINFATOCK tr.. co
VEN. 11.1:11-30 oda Eaglith, for sale by
A .ufm ; ,..- e a:. - s l4:4te jo r
TUET P rro'd min the Philltp.reilie odeloth Faettnl:
~.11%) yard. 4.4 Fl Oil Clorhi .
• WU do 34 d „Ath; ""'a s.s.
ES do 64 do y do; .
Gm do 64 Oo F to;
AZ do 8.4 do i ON. , 11
For sale a: the wardroom, Nos 7 aad 9 W
opt & H Pr
tHHINITORE IIIL CLOTII43IU-dretre assorted
saes and styles of labia Stand; and Haman
f....yer‘, for sale by .p2O J tr. H PHILIy its
IXI'IDOW Off spierreld assortment_ lasi
ecbl, and for
sale h J I I PHILLIPS—
BITEETPLOOILUI .CLOTII—Ott tuned, a tole ae
oontoont of 4 and 6 yard wide Floor Cloth, spit.
did paneros, of which We will eat to order. any aim,
at eartern "wholesale {Meet. .1 H PHILLIP'S
issoi REED HOUSE, 11950
KEITH & DABBER, Proprl•tors,
Publia Square, Erie, Pa.
! GENERAL STAGE OFFlCE—Eastern, Westem,
and Seashore Stages, leave this house daily. Car.
Gases to and from tqcillila nod Packet hosts, Gnat,
Al. W. Ecru, !aloof the American Hotel, Erie, Ys.
G. W. timings, tam of the Khisman Hotel, Ohio.
' Changeable SHY Shawls,
OP different shades, and my low for quality, lately
received at she Dry Goode house..(
arIS N E corner of Fourth and Nareet eta.
— riar Salo.
II A ILNESS, at the Coach Factory NJ C. We.t &
Co Penn street, will be told low, for cub; or On time,
well tecurcd.
JEST rcerived, a sow.: ni Ladies , Munk, \albite,
Al,ist Lead, and thiblenelird llosiery,• Embroider.
eJ do; :Lipari MIA and Moravian do; aud Men's Mai
-Mte Eulmaeried Comm do; Mail.. .limn. Link.
Glove. bar Ladies and Gentlemen; Embroidered Liz!
.and do. All of low eachpr i ces, a t 'WT. of
_ IMURPHY_rf, nugetqff.LDr_
N E corns of Fourth, and Martel sta.
100 9 A UnalitY, Jan reeetred from
manufacturer, on conrignn cm, and for sale at
.41:za pnce, at the sannfacturcra' no image,
aptS • 10 Wood rt.
U 4.A lt_7t i,nds N 0 &gar, on cowl:moot ow
latottg irons croon,. JWlenon, and los adobe
12.214 OICILOY
Is CO,
ap2s 112 Watt...l '
MOL - .4. - SS - For , —turib - rls mmom, iiita tor .de by
b oiCitcVk. co
Al U/tllt3YattOlu iltellnant.
A LI. owed. haying hewhern pot on their hornets.
11. in nor.furaidy ta. a 'cerebra,. of Conned., war
please tall nt the Booms of Vie i1 , .11.1 of Truk;
rend story, comer 01 Wand led nun! .t a nod p.„.
_ for the snow. AASIUEL FA BELE lauCK
11ACuN-2T,1Y1/ . lbn ilittle. I C Itsburnh, April 90.1.930 ~4,
..-' - - 11 - 000 - 1 . 05831.A1LL - 110AD - 1110R. -
ito,i td We obonldere, in shire fur nide by ! -
In alAll DICKEY*. CO Obis and Penarsyllftynia Had dead Cow palm
milt: ltt Ifd telt ti o d . l f
1 . 7. 1 1 : 5, / 11.1te' Yin.> n ett ha n d, "d T T'.. 4 .-br - - ittgliwtl,fe ' s "" thresarternd ' ontwonttTe ' a re r n . ; e ' ztert B' d!
or ~
jot oenternol trout Piton...b. Three lbeendel bona
tre - 0 . 1.... , , -Ilowl new haeop s tri.:; ; C n tlig.44l 4
co to s he detwitred o n . n c l i tr o e w Oh . 73 ,. R . i . e . ef, , r , :t y P i itt• i t urgi end
xi At. ' l l ELIIFL-the bd. ha et No d,' 3: an •r. d ' el ' eret ., and tie rehntede; nstdc'.4p4tho'f'
tot peetion, Just rteelyett. ' ned tor stat ' d b ' y '''' "‘
LeGt Gf Th. .. 1. .. l o b e ° I "A / I •l• 9 lt'Tw. an
/WET MeV %LIEN St CU k.,,,d,, or twr el feet, and are to welui Se round. rrt .
' ' '"lln'' ''' Pc " " m " ',': l'‘V.,; r t } " , :' „ `. w el:.V.lnt.':,!"lt'r7`"°'
19 . 11 • , .. Vermino 0 --" Th• Hint now I. on 2 utmeti..n. pldna adi . .e.e. the Pr...lent of the etg:
Vie." ; a t, , a I'd siurri. Ito larder of the Dowd nt D‘...
Ur VIA Yin . .. 0, Aril 3. 1,1 t I..cta, Wil ROIDESON, Jr., Pt...dead
NI, R. 11. Entlarns-Deur tio-litavote taaed Indic 1 ..t.hur, ti, April neth, 1010.
01)OUT In toilette to our fondles, with vent weer's, w 1NE5,..4,0 boat. Cl ore. t A t h . , ,, , cho ,,, h F . . d . : ..
am het,. ins, num ,i he very peat 1.111.1...11011 it bon G 9 batleht Clain/tape do do
given id our netyclabothood. iluat It is ,the heal DOW. past reed pet st.tinur Nwriptor. and for sale by
411, , A 0 we entioun to prueare the agency for Oak
lee: We have .091 1..1 we obtained of year 0010 ~..v
193 Liberty it
nu. Yours, retpoetrelly, FKA JULIAN.
lilac trt.... - 7 --- 13.,iii; - ----
s U p FEZ 21 1
. fa ,. r ., 74 far t it natiaines, comb.
onditra: COCHRAN,
id IA 0 .4 H.
%oil—Ltd orto No It blacken ti
bria )(mina;
to lots ohad, to arrive, and for rate by
1.9/teall DILIKEY rt. Ca
Op.. l'ar.nis 'alionid alWa'ys psoc - unTille Most se.
liable Warm 310'a/rt.
1 FM . " " . 6,1 bY R 3:: SELLERS. N 057 Wood
and Pahl by lauggists generally In the two
sics. . OP
BUICK I nallaK I
.B l,' i l : ' ot Ty:11 a:Ziolliolo ti ot ben r,fo th r r sae..
EtyL ... mo or lapatl SuLtrhipL4_ectiorEtt. i.
— KIT iirOvAL - .
DALMER, 111 NSA fr. CO. hart removed their
r o:lco2o0e °moo ia aorili Trest corner of Wood
an_d Tnir,d-rt u te . o . l ...
itwroi. ... ll. — iii -. 1. -- r 4 6 4 al t? 'l l i ,
, k B S P E TS t o
rWe P a n t io t 1 r i 1 1. i t
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EDWARD %YAW'S, Saphantandaat. I pIiTrER-7 64. and 6 kegalfresl7, ,s - n's s';' -- ,,, d..
- -os, A p ,i l 13,1650. - 3li OANFIEe n -,Unr"..Mr "
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SUGAR-28-AAYeline. PVirdiiiessid
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0 Sogars,just ree l / 4 1,1.3 Pale by
BACON -0i slsouldet.
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dolt AV Iklllllrremr.LTßEH
MOB qulto Miro; - -----
VOUNDXTION Alt SLINS. Crown I In;nds. Mot
t' rams, Cotton Yarn irons Sto Crs. 41 , u , WON
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a du Sides, do ' , ING—Sot' Spenn !Honied Wick, Chattd!er ., 11'W1.
ti do Hams, do ; Wadding, 13• , 15, se., manuractumd and for • tbs on
Jost We'd. avd for talc by . . ; the lowest terms, by D 31cEWING,
L S AN ATLIIMAN tr. SONS atoll dim 12 Pearl at. New Vert.
. ''- f --- ICitik:llAH—trOitsks, • supertor arttclo . , 4 SHORTED FRENCII , X)liliiiia•AßSl - i vit.
1 4.. 'ivist ' received, and for tale by
.13.. ANISME, GUIGNOLET Ir.. lust reed. and
ni4,l A CULBERTBOII 1 ter aala by aVa i cutuarsos
Learee and Manager C. S. a'ORTER
Dress Circle an — d - Doz quane ... 1. •:••••h ' sem,
Second end Third Tiers
DsilerY ifnr colored prronsl.- ..
Doors open al TS: Cumin will rise nt ,o'c!ock.
Afire FANNING READ, thy dtvtir e d
Shakrpevean Reader and A.m., havteg kictlty
volunteered ter rervieer, yr ill appenr n. uphefta.
On Thursday, May 'A will be presented
—yr Wchb
Funning Read
Jos II Nichols
To doeclode with
Cot. Frertore Mr Taylor
Lady Elizabeth Mrs /I Mawrls
Ea' Friday, ne Strums Famfly
13101.0GY s
their Lo tires and Er
Ni k:Sn
per S iorin i3 ts U o g n a the evr •ni nniirrful science of
Biology, at Wilkins Hall, every e inn this week.
A genes or astonishing experiinenir'with mind will
be introduced.
Single ticket, 25 tents; a gentleman'god two !lilies.
CO cents: .10 tickets 61. Children,hcf.prine.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, to nommen/nal 9 yreelsely.
WILKINS TIALL, (Second Ploor.)
that thilSalll aloe two
B EG leave to announce,
Concerto as above. on TIII7RS.arN t FRIDAY
roaming% the x 1 and 3d mat. An entire charge of
performance emelt eveni.g.
Viet eta Zi ea nm each.
Door open at:, concert to commence at 9 rectoek,
137 & 139 Wood street, above Fifth.
I.HAT sp lendid establlstiment Is noir o ff ered for
Rem. It Is admirably arranged (or Conceder,
Leetsres, Exhibitions, de. Zor terra sop!) , to
ep It-1m 137 Nytrol .t.
Cerb?grlzr:r„"dl. l2 .ln,thca:llm rn " ate 6
p-Admittenee 23 cents; Children underl2 years
bail pace. rart7
gO. IC. ciuMIIERI.INN Commercial
m d Writing Items, in Post (Mee build
ing are now open tor the reception of
~ rtFa l 6 n
. Po o
r il ' ili d :lg a ilt d r
C a o i r rit ' u n g g ent e l n nis 'a n
Number of young led. Will be received
far a term of MO manila, commencing Mmyillit, situ.
In. privilege of monition at Ins room at smelt hours
during the day ma will best suit their co.anieoce,
mil bout regard to the number of Mesons, and.oult he
tvught an elegant and tepid business hand. Path as
cannot attend during the day ern jolt, the eveiiinc
class, and tereive *Very advantage of a fall edam et
instrucCon. ',dies meet from two to four iu thy
afternoon, in a remorse, npattment. Ilialrocioo• old
lemurs on Ronk lit mine.. Oslo,. •A•.. 0
♦ •.v...w h. co.,
C. L. ANYBP:. & CO.
A. A. MASON & CO, --
Market Btreet, between .Thlrd &Fourth,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
WOULD respectfully ealt she aventlen <teeny led
enquirymerchants, to one or dm molt extensive
Stocks in the country, compri-ing over Finumen
ltundted Cases and Packages of Foreign and Wm.-
tic Dry Good/he...listing, inpart, of
:00 eases beet style Calicos;
100 " Bleached Almlin, all rade.-
40 " Summer Stuffs and Cottonad ' em
33 " Muslin de Leine.
40 " Limos and Muslin.;
53 " SOMME{ and Tweet*,
10 " Cagan:Dere., Cloths;
100 " and hale. of Tickingt, Cheek., a.;
3VO Brown Muslin..
Together with the mots extensive assortment of
Imported Goods la this market, possesrmg the triOth
ample faciles Mr the transaction of Oen Jimioess.
and one of the partneri being eminently in tkiteanern
ineekese thm peesenting every advantage enjoyed by
enticed houses. They believe that they ean offer
greater inducements tomerehents generilly, in stoles.
quinines, •nd priers, than any eaStetii merles. Nee, -
goods constantly arriving. Merehnnts iruendin# par
: chasing Exit. nee particularly inlitititt to clams;
an. nironment. (apt! I A A AIASOPI it GO
vb. Power of Benory.
WE read that the strength of zearithon all lay In hit
Tyr her, and_that when the perfidious Delilah had
despeiled him of biz flaring leeks, his power all de
parted fredabfm ,. When we see a young and lovely
w men, with' magnificent hair, before whose beauty _
all Kees to bole, the, history ..f Seinen lafeccibli
brought to miod let thatproud lady, through midi
ems or neglect, be nets her luxori,sat dug hees,•rul
the power of lieaou is at AM end. JULES HAVEL/A
doubt, the best artmleextant, for keeping the lisle in
a heally state, and reinvigorating hair which bas
nine min and harsh. Its COPC/1113t life win, keep Ike
hair son, silky, and luxuriant to the. most adynaceA
age. It lamely eradicate. alt dandeulf and seutfind
keeps the snip clean end healthy, subtle the heir is
oet liable to turn grey so soon. It will bring in neer.
hair 0,, heads whaeb have become peranitiarein bald.
and prevent the hair falling out Ism the erseil of
sickness. I have received Lestleionfals of itsUene
ficial e -eta froth person al the,highest respectability ,
and some of the mast acicatific gentlemen of th hinny
Lane pronounced it to he uniqtfe. As Beery hiSekr
popular. discovery Is liable to be ennterfciten or tun•
wed, to it is with my . Eva Laetralc flair Restorative.
An imitation of thut entitle bat been manufactured to
this city, which I would granitnlaely caution the rah
lie assent. Alertly. ask far JULEO lIAUEL'S
Lestrele Heir Restorative, and you mill then obtain
au article which is warranted to render satisfaction. ,
JULES HAVEL, Perfamer and Chemise, •
• 120 Chestnut street, below ' , earth.
For sale Wholesale on, retail by 11. A. Falinestuck
A. Co , and IL E. Sellers, Pittsburgh; and Joh. Sar
gent and J. Mitchell, Allegheny city, Pa. andy
Y GLAS9ibotestx4 • •
Eh do lexl4int re , ' tired,
.p4ll y&IC; HAitfl•,toli
OVISVILLE LIME—IN bee In Ito rt,"And for to
I,t by WI • S-kN Il AllUAUbti
VOIJIXRD — FSIL/ib—A. ",n7r ,
t OP , .thtt bY ALiku?ozli h eu
AlAit - F5 77 0 UES--2 cieba elegart ' tyles
10 caved per late 10,Moner,..irow open.
inn /et , ap°4 A A masove, co
WMTH cOOLtr—filutl, ot,isconot, sod
Hatred .111 ulias, great voilety,
2_4 . A A !UPON 4t.00
G RINER/ ire- 20 b4eire7biGi - relVti.lllfick Tca
40 catty boo do
00 bags sup'r Laguayea CoifiC;
23 bags filo td•lreci
10 bags old Oriv. Java Conee;
10 Ishii, prime N O eager -
:di brit refined idol Loaf tiogai; .
t 0 bob sN O 3loisoros;
krbr is 0 H Molasses;
3 brio Golder syrup;
50 brls clarified Cider Vinegar,
150 dos assoned Coto Broome,.
40 dos patent ZineWssb Potwar;
10 has Cocoa and CooroltdM
• 4 bee Superfinis Mort:Ws&
30 sea English Drury. Ciiresse;.
Far sale by J D WILLIAMS k CO- .
Corner Wood A Filth els,- •
BACON—MA:OIW Bacon llamst
=,OOO lbs do rhos:derv;
10,0001 b. do Sider, •
Just receiving loom smokehouse, anti for sitle, by
pOl- S&W RAH li
W - 1V 0bt.&:. , 8-101i0 biz strela marriedam.,
in at3ir& and for side by •
• .511 Alureet surer.
IA J 11111 , , LEAD—ZSis Legs aas,su •auf n u a IVbits
VI , Lead In till, J. - }laumeh at Co.'s bsasil, ”le sy
satit ' li6llllAlallw !SIN S'N
1110ARA*1.1 A. A. MASON d. fkl Ise. et at.,
b ue termed per express to paces c , f Parannr
orlhe hest man o fattei es, and of all qualitteu. spa
ItiNETA - & - Pli/NTED - fatIPTINS-A 14rxe fn
velee slab., above f oods-received; and opellorm by
_rp2l_ A A MASOti
I IRA:PE iilL&WL.4lnothii grape
Phairls of the molt elegem entbr , ide.r. re,riv,ff
• A A A.9 - 2 t CO
Jog, GORSES for rate J C 1M1 7 .1 FOGLE,
nets - - • • • 11 , a Second
W tus oh e hear, tecl at the butter
and attic depot, 113 ' , maraca.
ap.2l J B CA :WIELD
J4INSESD hOa jut reo'd, • tl for
by .
az.= J LnuANFIELI)..