The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 23, 1850, Image 1

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Orly •• r.....—. ....Arrow per arum.
t ax.,
Wretli to desses)....--- ..•• 2EO •
• Ds. • ens Mused rats.,
afloliaes of Normarell
COO • i sertion•••••••••••••••••••••••• •—••-••100, 0
One Sulu re, earl addidestal imertlon• • • 11,0
Do: Ma weak-....__. 1,75
Do. two:AO
Do. three weeks--- , 4,0*
Do. one /pa
Do. teat ninths----•—•--•••
Dr- three asontes•-• • •—••-•
loammonths —• 10.0
Us.ali months.-- •—•---• MOO
' twee* months.— --- • • , 1 „,,,, , Y*
Stealing Card (II lines or legal Per
One Squire,ebauseable atpleasere (plea. •
atm) exclusive of the paper 25 . 0 .
Insetted e
For ea addiional equate, scrow. MOW
U. for each ch
addtitional acall/0 10SULUMOUT 0* Duo.
ly rate., heir price.
Advertisements exceeding a .400, and alt teem
Laren lines, to be charged es • Ream sad a half.
Pablislien not ammo:debt° for UPI ariv o r 6ol miem
beyond the amount charged for tbeirpoirlication.
Atutotiacing candidate. for office, to be charged the
acme other advertisements.
AdiettleeMent• not
the eopy for a speci
fied number of inwniurni, will be cannoned till forbid,
and paymentexecui Wea.l: • •
The privileges ofyurlyadvertisent will be coated
rigidly to their refuter bemoans, end all other adver
tisement. not peculator to *elf regular haziness, as
• 'greed air, La be ;mid extra.
All adaclUesaelna for charitable tartitatlous, fire
companies; weal, towmldp and o th er public meetings,
end such like, to be ektored belfarieeialtYable elsictly
' , tentage notice. is be ehargee 00 cents.
Daub a:causal...Uri without charge, unless accom
panied by funeral levitation. or oblusary notiees, and
when e actompatued to be paid for.
n e w., ngrenmere, and alloLkers seeding einem.
elevions, roveiring notices designed to call au eo.-
gip. to psi's, Soirees, Concerts, or UTpall, eillu
tiasparUN MUT. charges an nada for eemittaner
all notices of prime assoeiatlons—every notice do
signet eoll I n to private emerprourreale Ma
- ted at Intended promote individual lamest, eau on
ly be buried with the understanding that the lame
• Dm be paid for. If Intended to be mauled is the
eel colsorn, the same will be charged at the rate of
not lea than 10 cents per line. •
Maros sr Fist Notices to be charged triple price,
Tavern License Petition, eater:
Legal and Medical advertisements to be charred at
fall prices.
Real Fatale Agents` and Meth:tuners' advertise
saints not to be Ahmed under yearly rater, bat us be
allowed discount ef,llny three and one third nerd..
from the meant of Ma
One Square, three insenlons• • —ll 50
Do. cut, addidonalinsenion• 37
One Sieve, (la lined.) one , twertion•—•• .53 eta.
Do. each add Inlo••••25 ."
All transient advertisementsitional
ba nse
paid n
in advance.
WHITE CO, Gazette.
L. ItARPER re•t.
ROB'? AL - RIDDLE, Journal.
JADES P. BARR I CO., Chronicle.
Forma BROTHER, Dispatch.
JOS. SNOWDEN, Neteury.
111 RAM EALNE, Evening Tribune.
Strom.; Dee. 1,1911.
I)oahmt,as sidle to aide, oil ktndt, or Viol,.
Baulea, •e. Porter and Mineral Water Bottles of so
p:mot quality.
Partycalar attention paid to reilltte Motid,
OLithographic Eatablithrocnt
%YM. sumvummANN. Thint at, opposite the
Post.OlLee, Pittsburgh —Maps, Landscaper,
heads, Shoerbillr, Labels, Architectural and Machine
Draynngs, Maine. and Vsnine Cards, An.,
or drawn on atone, and prioird in rotors, Gold, Bronze
ir Black, in the most approved style, and •5 thn roost
nsanable price. oetthily
Orrtot . nova tea. IL Itotnors to Bno
- -
A 7TORNET AT LAW-01114e, an Fenn nree
AM above IVood. ntrln
A TTORNEY AT LAW, and Commissioner to
Poonlylvanis, Sr. Loth., M.
All cetomonleatioas prosoptiy anameted.
T. H.ii i. J. P. Sterreta.
ATT and Golunation u Law—Fourth at
between Etutnetheld and Grant, Pittsburgh, P.
lobo It Large ,
ATTORNEY AT LAW-oa.. Fosath street.
betneeu Seastlietda. Ora. Paubssiets •
A ITUNNEY AT LAW—Ofieo on Fourth street,
Pittsburgh. • goat
Benlambs Patton. WSW= Bakewe U.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW-015ea to Tilghman Hall,
Grant at, near the Coon Nom. tab?
A CL:ffi
JO. and Sand.) , School Booksellers and dealer
to oh kinds of Miriam; Window and Wrapping Pa
per, Na :9 Wood street. haw aen Fourth and Dla
!tot! *1,17
A Trolonsir and enameller at Law, mul Commis-
Eton& for the State of Pennsylvania, SI. Louis;
Ma, Sato of Pinstimgh.)
Beferences—Patabusght H.o. W. Forward, Hamp
ton k hillier, 7dV4ndleas k kleClare, John B. Parke,
Manila t Semple, McCord 4 Kiog. aaltl4l,
wi T.
40E114 LOMLR
P. I. 11,00.1,133- LYY .111•1.2 f.
ems, Pio MI Market al, Philadelphia Ip4
Pillasbarigh Alkali Works.
BMN MT, DERBY & CU, Mansfascarers of Soda
Askpluthing Po orders, 111min:to an• Solphm lc
Acids. archon.: So —.Water weal, below Ferry.
no• 20 Is
Fiederiek Braun. (team Reiter.
1311AUN & REITER, Wholt , sala and IlteUtil Drag
') gists, comer al Liberty and St Clair meet., gins
buzga, apt
George ".SEh •• • ........ —• • ittel I. 'tree,
°zooms: w. SMITH £ co.,
S Pict sum, Plusher h. t . gtots9
Da9Uraa aPring, 41.11,. Steel. aaael /eon
ArioLEmAN, MAILMAN it CO, glimalieturers of
N,,j Coach and Ensile Splings, Hammered Alias,
Ernie( nod Plough Meet, Imo, tn. Warshaw" on
Watesand Prom RIMS, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealers Lo Coaeh Trimmings .4 Malleable
astings, 0011.2
COl 0118910 N MERCHANTS, and Donlon I.
diet, No =Mutat Meet,' PRlaborgb.
4 — ThirA. Craig.
C al lte i re toSII3I I :27 . ALVVPs ' ErAt e r '" Tpi4°'
nA. W.ANULTY & CO, Forwardlng and Cod,
V. 'mission Ideraants, Quad Emu, Pittabargb,
C-it.lslll.A4T,Wbolaato Groner, Commission and
Forwarding Merck.; No. Ill Water st.., Pius.
Its Mersey— - • Andrew Fleming .R. K. Fleming.
usaszir, PLICIIIIN6I do co.,
nOMMtBI4ION AtERCHANTA-For the mle or Do•
meatie.Woolon, and Conon Goods; also, dealers in
all kinds of Tailors' Trimings, No 1.0 Wood et, Iltb
door Rom rah; Pittsburgh.
Reference-kicsam. Wm. A. NM Co, Bankers.
vtlt. It. RtfitOt. Maga t. , 1111X11111.
Eff in.latt: & ISENNETT, Vara English, Va li ses.
e & Idr
I - Zsolesslo Grocers, GotuaisslustAuld Yor.
~,...,,i,,, 4 , 116,,essuss, sad dealers in Prods. sad Mts.
~,,,o, ju,s n..r.... au& N 0.37 Wood st., between 2d sad'
J.Braylosie•-•—•••i•• ••.,,•••••••••-A. IL Ourkm.
LNTp, Dealers fe W. °lam White
.Like. No 108 :.• • • & /aril
iv's. H. Jo
!' NO 111 Second at. 14 trabaralt. mai
OkX/ROB COCHRAN. Comngstden and FortrartUng
Merchant, NA SO Wood ward. l'ittabargtr. myl . 2
- - 11011111 LISAODS 7ACTOSIT.
EILMON STEWART', mansfactarcr of Reim
marbly, Chador, &e., Rebecca went, city •
ay, ort•104dIr•
itliek, losomowo go Mozphy a fo r
'or usd Cornmindad Marchant, for the aala et
!Maid= Wordena, - Llbcdtn OPPtadta Sib nt. radl,
A.l. BIAM30; ■DWA"ma ra ,Mal:
lb- C. IIeCAIIOOI4 IMP A. wawa,
Tat& & BUCKNOR, Tobacco Comodoica Moir
4 4. 14 114, 41 Nona Wacar as, & North Whams,
WI. r. roams.
ITARDY,!ONES L brocoacaors to Atwood,
'coca & Co.) Comoduton 004 Foronudlng
slum, Osalerstin liftaborgb Maalfactared
firtcbarck..Pa. • • c 500147
IL1:R. Wooltle..l.rand Coamiulan Me/eh.
. tot dm “I• or Amerman Wooten (Mods, Lib -
emir aties.oppoAt. apl7
W.V. aAuSgALL.
IMP° . 14E111. &
.s m
jll. Swink Window. lillatelaa,fire
h r
"". 14 4 111{01 . 1 -WA
~gisi r .A. Rations. slap,
WWI MOltoam, Wholagals Oradala...d ai d
c.• la Dye Buda, Palma, Oil.. VarasOte.. &e. No
ira Wood cm; one gem boa* of IMaood Allay
Pltubare : apt
it ivl2.[ArtAictioneet, easez64l and Wo o s
TeJdn DALZELL,,Wholesletntear,Cessoatesion
tf hicrel mt. and dealer la Prods.. and Piustm h
himaxfaciares. Noll Watt/ • Patsbia • . I •
Ca, intolesale Croosera'Cose se
.i.i.o Mereheals, esid &alewife l a
~...„a,:rl7 Front meets, Pitubargh. nova
jarelOrrath•—•—•—•• • ---4theph Dilworth
y B. muwoirra & CO., Wholesale roam. arid
0/ • /Wows for u.urd Powder Ca. N 0.117 Wood la,
4.7 e. 051111 .
. - Dvarr.. Co, Wialesabs Ortlears, Pro.
Ansa and Conualmitsa Martimans and Agents
Oar ibe Huard rowan Co. of N.Y.. Waled 51 ,
!Mbar& soos
P 10. 43 K uhl st., OM. doom above Third ea PI
awes will leave constantly ea band a yell agitated sill
aermaent orate ban and 'Anima lifitheines. whirl be
Irsigortl on the mumreasonabla ten.. .huma n. omens inters, wig be promptly attendsd to, and aap•
r asa mita tutlelat stay =Fly upon as mak.
fit •
~..yaleiaaa Proud will be aocantely anal
w arp:mated ho the thethelels, say WM el
oo wsidta•
*hew plea tarp Oath of both sad goat Peek
THE: PITT - k.l-..:•Litca::'IMLIT 01ZETTE;
D. CANFIELD, (late of Warren, Ohio.) Commie-
t • shsit and Forwarding hlerrhant. and wholesale
desire in Western Reserve Cheese, Dotter. Pot and
Pearl Aidt, and Western Produce generally. %Vales
Ores; between Smithfield and Wood, Pittaburgh.
jOIiNSTON & STOCKTON, booksellers, Miners,
t, ma Paper Manufacturers, No.ll Mirka etteet,
Pittsburgh. apt
RlehurS Floyd.
Ir j'h :lL l° F 7 l.o 4. YD, eitile .no
C 0111.13•1011
Merchants, mod Dealers in Fro4u.e, Round
Chorea thilldings, frontins on Linertr, Wood nnd
Sixth straeos, rinsborgli. Po_ a I
OHN WATT, (successor to Ewalt a leb hart
Wholesali . Grocer and Commission Merchant
dealer in Product, and Pittsburgh Mannfaetures. cor
es,. of Liberty Red Rand matt!, Patsburch Pa. pr-1
I.IIIIIW A. IMITCLIISON, Co.—Successors , 0
Leant ilatebison it Co., Commission March.u,
sod Arrant], of the St. Louis !hewn Nagar Refinery.
lie. la water and 92 front streets, rittsturlh.
JOUN 11. MELLOR, Wkoleule and Itetall dealer
.I , fa Idn•ill and Moment IMIT.I,Its, to.hool Rook,
met,Slott.. Steel Ern, (born, P 0.... Card+, and
edaiouory rnerally,NO Wood I.l.4Pittlburgh.
RTROre batten or taken in iro.i. • seRIS
AOot (Or tao - Lokk — Erin rod
khetiroort Wee to Er s
ovos tool tke
112 the torte: 0$ 'Water and toottkfirld els. Joni_
tTeR. 81y11,11:EI,LIA:zo„ki,
1111 . 4061 protopily Outactoto, rat Workington, Fortin.
and Omen ortnatoo, Po
Biaeketoet, Delta Co.,
Mork d %.".a.utbore, Ftn•buttb.
%C:Bli .
~,,,n.a p i? , ! /,.Lltole.ale
JUN ES, F otsr•ratig and COll2lllllllllOll
eti•eta, Deaden to Prostuco aid Pittsburgh mans-
Utactuted attieti liasin, near h it. •p 4
frENNEEDY, MOLDS di CO., Manufacture.; of
tratieturt 44 Seeenngt, Carpet Chain, Cotton
ILotue and tinning.
Vesuvius Iron Work..
T EMS DALZELI. it CO, al.alactaren or
aura trar, Sae., Iloilo Iron and Nods or Om b
graaldy., SI Water and ll* Front atm
Wort. blillar,Plailad. C. W. Ricketson, Pittsburgh.
M. L lmporta — ra ß o i n ' raeili ° c• N Alr l' i ' n c e i s t rn i ;ll 3 .7 ' r t a r. ,
17Y and 174, corner of Liberty arid Irwin strew, lets.
burgh, Pa. Iron, Nails, Colton VCIELS, an. coo
'tautly co hand.
hilts hornet D. WWI. Walter C. Ron.
ft A c6/LW' HOE, rvhnle.ue Groner. awl Cam,.
aloaldernhanu, No 191 Ltberty S 4 PcDbarg
_ .
IMMO /OHM, • . 301111 W. quip,
JONES 411, quicaa,
ANUFACTURER3 of spring and bliaser steel,
M. plough local, ace! plough wing., coach and chp
I t
springs, hasainered Ron aziea, and dealers in tool
lualiie casting., are angina lamps, and couch trinunirga
r a. arellicornat of Rosa and Front oz., ritoi,hio.26,
NIIOLSII &SON, No 45 hl•rker at. second door
from comer of Fourth, dealer. In Foreign and
Llorne.tle Brno of Exchange, Cent:male. of trepotn,
Bank Holm and Specie.
• Irr — Colelerlous made on all the principal
throughout the United drat.. •
lcf BUCKSIASTER., Ar_ouna - so--triline, Fourth bt
Uzird door Above Se cam id, south rle.
Conveyemelag of all kinds dorm wok Lae greaten.
care and legal accuracy.
Tires to gem karate examined, Sc. oci3llly
Wm. C. Friend
AVE; is store, and will he constantly receiving
donor to 2•23011, a large and well selected a
smartest ol staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Vllll, Si they
will sell for rash or approved credit.
Western Merchants are invited to enswine our
Cott. acre
D OIIIN - ON. LITII,II CO. *0 192 Lthe y street
Pitubo Ih Wholesale Grneers, Produ,e and
Commission Merchants, 21,11 dealers to rts,burab
Mansfac urea r cid;
ROVERT Bloollg, ho:cuie arneer, 4r,
Lia3illcr dealezia rrodoee, hu.ltenth Nanolita
tures, Ml_ all kintl. cf Foroan and Llotaftitie
and Liquor., No. it Liberty ...cot Ott head .eery
luxe eon. of .oiler' or old alonongaltil watikey,
which will be roll ltitor for • nat.
- • . • - .
EYNOLDS & WIER. Forwarding and Cowma
n, don Morels.", for ine All , gone). River Trade,
aeok-ra In Crocerica, Produce. ramhurge, !Ronan.
farce, and Chloride of Lime.
- .
Tao itighert pries, in cash, paid at all antes for
conatr7raja. Caine, Pena .rd Irwin at, epla
ROBERT D.LZELL h Co, Whelesale Gasmen ,
Colanzirraaa rilereh.tir, dealers in Produce arid
Pittsbargh litaaafrearres, Liberty arreel, Paa.barer,
DOBEAT A. CUNNING/IA:IL Wholerale Grocer
Lit Dealer In Proinee an_ Patibergh blattufeetoree
No. Ito Liberty meet. apt.,
SINGER. HARTMAN fr. CO, Sheffield Iron and
Steel Wotts—Menufactefeis of Au. It Spruig
and Plough Steel. Also—Forinse, Axles, Vices, At.
sits, Aes They invite the attention llneefehauts and
eousarodo to thsr stock before porehasirie else.
where. They snooze their articles to be egos to any
node in this country or unposed.
C. 1111ACIL/./7.non. a. /AMC&
QUACKLETT & WRITE, Wholontale De.leni in
A. 7 Foratan and D.lll/Ttlif, Thy Coons, No. 09 Wood
1.1 1 / 1 / MIShII/11 447
k W lIARLIAUGII, Wool Merahanu, Deal..
____ • • • •
in Pinar and Pradrine generally, and Forwarding
and Commit/non Merchants, No. 33 V.:or urn e.
Plustugh. Irl7
r. 111.1.1101. otrristratot. )0. 32COLs, NASTILLND
j r tleis i ?nd General Corn
bur:T. Sperm, Unread utillard "'" l l' pg '
Se F FONIION77IIORSF & CO. Whoie.tle Oro-
I)1 en " tn i Vilt;:t g t It i nut m tu ' reVa r' nl l WeTtl;
Prodace, have removed to their neer marettourc rom
amad.) No. M, corner at FrmOstreet'and.Chan'eer,
Lana: apt?
L. S. Waterman. •It. N. Water/awn • • W. U. Waierman.
WWHOLESALE.OILOCEILS, C001:16.11011 and F..
warding Merchant.; dealer. in all kiudsorPro
deco & Pittsburg b Idanufaciared ArUcles; and Agent.
for sale of Richmond and Lynchburg lilmufaeinred
Tobseen. mil
• WM. 71hIBLIN,
Bulbs, Pa
1[111.4. also &tend to collectioaa and all other basi
n, nee entrusted to him in Butler and Armstrong
aoantlas,Pa. Haar to ,
J.& IL Floyd, Liberty st
W. W. Wallace, do
James Marshall do Pittsburgh.
44 Kay k Co., Wood at. J jan7
8. o,Baskseld George Mohan!.
V V HOU:SALE .d Retail Dealers m Groe.rda
and Dry Goods, and Commission Merchants,
o. Libedr •t, raub.ah. mrl2
aoH MerADIGN If. CO..
Canal Basin, real street. Pilt.burth. nuG
N 0.137 Market, and At Commerce at., Mandel; Itta
Atlvaue& made, by either of the above,. coorice•
•ata of Predicate to steer Hoare. rare
_ _at 44. lON.
.11112Illenellein, PL.
OULD mayeetfully Wien. Woeignment of
frMWyld, from Western ons Akroints,
as they are prepared to receive •uy Line
and Section Dos. running niiht mut dsy, the (misfit
will net be detained, a. they will unload mob Gnats sl
all Mum.
klarriabargh, Feb.s",
- J. D.
111118 a, CO.,
rtr tiorasi t bE,.. nErreiL FAJITIN f/ROCERS,
F Forwardly, and Commission Merchants, and
dealer. in Canal's Products and Fittsbargb Manutac•
woo, comer of Wood and PM rittesurgis
at. IL Willlems.--
North East corner oi Wood •ad Third "irreg.,
Joni' Pregoessee. l'o.
IIIOALIT, /OEM • rottill•VS,
Sr. 1.01.W.D, 1111,•111 14•11... T.
WM. lIAUALEY & CO. Whoteiole Omer , . is
and 10 Woo&atent, rittst.etgb spit'
/mlllO. WIC!, narti. ierann.lon.
WICK & 15VCANDLESS, (wece.goi• 431. J. D.
'Wigit.)_Wholeaala lir.betera, Forwarding and
Omitlsaiog larebbraL dealer. In Iron, Natl., Wars,
CMOs Yarn.. and ritt•butgb Alanufactuna genera'.
(y, corner of Wood and Wale, • tract.,
& u. AnTC 4 I. 4 ..TREV., Wholesale osorer.,
Retulying Aeolic",
,and Wine and Liquor
liferehanta .11.1.--loiperters of Pala Ash and itesch.
ipg Powdar,.No. IW I.4l,eiry street, (opprwite Sixth
s?ll.l4 . ,)ptabargb..
wr w. WILSON, Watches, Jewelry Pierer Want
V V.• arid Nili Va. dary Goods, corne
N . r of ;dallier and
Potato wee.. Pat•bargh. 15.—Wspcbes and
Clocks earefally repaired. au 17
s')t GUIiL
WM. YOUNG k Cs.;' Desbus in Lesll,s, ittdr,s
ka.,143 Utterly sliest Jar. 5.17
VW- /IltWan:oM Rolm aervlcifrov.
w t
g tvr i fuggrfl.lltzleGr>
e c, r .l:oGin.r
Panbar. Manaacaa
, gecerally,
Liberty a i red
Ceantrtyroortee and priubarahaManartet a ey ear.
tier of Woad and PM. 111.1Velf
Mara 12,
T , Labcral advances on consigumento
Julit-Com -
/1" ATTIIEW Pathanand Minimum
1.1. L noose, ROMA, corner at Port Oirteo Al ey and
Fourth street, eons.. on Fourth at, nest /Marker.
J. & J. Tardoe, Commission /Merchants:
'IVO. II Old Levee it, N Orleans, keep constahtly en
DI hand • [arca lmomment of [trendies Of the fo ll ow.
inn brands, which they offer for side as sure., for .1.
Durand & C. Dosdeamerm Maclory, J. Noted, d Da.
and & Co, Larochelle,llDurana, Cognac, A de M.
teran. A L A de klondore, lean Irons. he..
Ac; also, Anchor Gin, If onleane Red and Whim Wines
in casks and eases, selected w it h care by John Durand
ik:Co; besides Champagne Wipe and Sorest INErgundy
Port. febygy•
i v
IX WlGHTTlAN— M. nsfsetuter of all kin •ofeo a
.1.1.• ton and woollen maekinery, Allegheny ity, Pa:
The above works being now in fell sod lIIIC Oa op
eratiom I am prepased to excreta milers eritk dirpmeh
for all kinds of machinery in er.y One, reek as Woke,
pickers, spreaders, cants, irrindirg tereliner.eitii amyl,
rowing frames, apeerlers, thirralr, loomr,i modem
cords, double or Meek, for merekva or country work,
muleajacks, &e.; elide and hand lathes and 1001 A ill gen
eral. All kid s of shelling mode to order, or plaits kit -
an for gearing factories or mills at reasonable charm .
Prete inu—Kennedy, Childs & Co., Illoeksinek, lk I
1 Co.. king, Pennock be Co., Jas. A. Gray.
at rat Ingham, [mane Pletakmargla y ] Pa.
Oil Tot. No. 37 IVoter st,,' &sways /Vas/vs and
Wood, Pstmaorg.k.
701 WILL constantly k eep on hand agood assort.
me or Wan; of oar own manufacture, Alma
aay.eriorqualsty. Wholesale aod country Met ,
chant.. are rcspeetfully lashed to call Index.
mine for themselves, as we are determined to sell
heaper than has ever hem. been ofored to dm pals-
, le.
113Urders !lent by mail,aceomplaied by the coati •
oud reference, will be promptly attended to. rota
10 - A. WHITE k CO., would resp erectedeetfolly ihform p
AIL. the public that they have a slio_ on
Laceek, between Federal aisl Sandusky greets. They
are now making and are prepared to receive orders far
every desenption of vehicles, Coacher, Chariot's, Ila
tonnes, Buggie,, Phatoua, Ike., fee., which from their
long experience in the manufacture of the above work,
and the facties
have„they feel confident they aro
enabled to do work on the ftleal reasonable lanes with
their wanting articles In their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate.
gals, and having none but romp : etas, watheuen, they
have tie hesimuon in warranting their work. We
therefore ask the altentson of the public m this matter.
N. B. Repairing done in the best manner, and on the
oat reasonable terms. laXthtf e. searric—. 3./.OM ATILIITSOTC
ntrwattrt WOOD arm Prrrauraan,
rON'TNUE to manufacture all kindc of CPPER,
Routh Work.
&emu Boats built to order.
SpCnlni attention given to steam boat work.
Ifave on hands a tote assortment of Copper and Br..
Kettles, Tan Wore,Se. Sc. Steanabontecalmngttove,
Portable Forge, vorions sires—n very eouveniesu ar
ticle for steamboat, California emigrants, or rail road
We would respectfully inure steam boat Men and
others to call and see oar mocks and poem, before purchasing el ...where JY:I7
W. lb J. GLENN, nookMadera.
Ain: we ?till engaged to the above Lathier', corner
V of Wood and Thad streets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work iu our fine with des
patch. We attend to our work personally, and sot..
faction will be given in regard to ha neatness and du
Blank Book. ruled to any pattern and bound tab
stanuaily. Books in numbers weld books bound care
fully On repaired.. Nantes put on books to gilt letters.
Tnow that have work inethr line are invited to call..
Prices low. ruyltilf
Pll.l. Machine 'Works and Venandry.
JOJIN WRIGILT S Cu., ateprepared to build Cotton
g) and Woolen klaehlnery of every dereripuoil. rue,"
Carding Idaehmea, Spinning Frames, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Railway Beads, Worpers,Spodlerr,
Dressing Frames, Looms, Card Grinders, .I.e. Wrought
Iron Shnilizar turned; all sixes of Cast Iron. Poli, and
Dungen of the latest patterns, slide and hand LaiLes,
and tools of all kinds. Castings of every description
furnished on short notice. Patterns made to order for
Geanng, Iran Roiling, Se. Stearn Pipe for hers,
Fnetnner. Cast Iron NV indow Sash and fan, CM/.
tinFa generally. Orders left or the Wereheirie ce 1.
noose,. S Co., Liberty street, will Lave prompt site,
Refer to Illankatock, Bell b. Co., I. K. 11;Niirehrld
• . G. K Warner, John Irwin .1. Son, I'4l4lmi - re • p.
. J. 11. lamer, Steubenville
oubeenloer °r em for axle • tame and rp.ondoi
1_ assortment of rosewood and mahogany ,11114
Al'otaolovlth and without C.olcumu'•
A:alma Attactonent.. Tim above InHrum,nt. at , or•
rumed to be equal to any manufactured in tiro coun
try, and w‘ll be sold lower tbs• auy brought from the
F. BLUME, No 112 wood H.
. ... .
gd de. above al
N. U --Coy Sony will be taken at per for a iii , v al
Le above assonmeod. osyl F. 11
Fil t er. for Ilydi - Nitii.
Tills to to certify that I hair apl
4. Pointed Living - non Roggen h Co,
i note Ascots Jor.theirmia otJettoing's
?Mont LAupraligns Filter, for the cil
ties of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
JOHN OltHiON, Agent,
for Walter Al Canon.= Broadway.
N. Yj
We have neon using one of the above articles at the
office of the Novelty Workii for three months, ou trial,
and feel perfectly Avushed that it is a awful utvention,
acid we take pleasure in recommending there as s use
fat article to all who love pure seam, Ordcra will lw
thankfully received and promptly exerowd.
°elle LI vou...,TuN. Routs EN! co
T UST received and for osi!e,•11Vo I IO Fel , o nd wee,.
L etta p s e te m r , nzie .o eLt . :ins . b. The of deniers
TWE attention of the yobbo to rcapecuany called to
the folb,wing certificate*:
M. S. Goatua—having tented quantity of Gold
weighed by your AIVOCICter. I find um retail prover
coat btatrumest correct; and recommend the cm or it
. Mesa going to California. aa the be withal for at,
fling the real value of Gold. Rear. your.,
J. B. DUNLItIe Y, Gold Beata,.
Pittsburgh, March 0,1040.
Prrinnuese, Mach 7, ISta.
Mt Faun—DeerSta Having fan/aloud the "A rec.
mansfactored at year name, I do not amuse
to commend tt to the use of those caftlemen who ars
about removing to Calithrole In march of Gad.
It gives a awe &oracle:Le non. the opecile greet
ty of metals, and wall eenutely enable the adreuturet
io awes/Lin when his placer la yielanc Gold.
nlarlY Your, rearol. J. R. SPCLINTHGIE.
HUMES. CLOTHING—Just received for tho
California Hupalcan, a complete U. 114511,111 of
GUM Flaw/. Clothing, at awesamong from Ltati
CHAO for suit of coat, pants and hat. For ado at the
lndta Rubber Uspot, No 5 Wood sr
TlfF.sabscrittei offers for ..le, the STEAM BRICK
WORKS, above Lawrenceville, comprising a
Steam Engfne,lßoilers, a Mould Machine, trapntile of
manaMetunng 2U,UUO Pressed Bricks font of dry slay,
as taken from the bank,' per day; with three news of
land on the Aliegherry neer, on which ma 4 kiln and
sheds,.machine and clay sheds, wheelbarrow.. vocka,
shovels, spade', &c., every thing mistime to com
mence operations at an hours nonce- Price, including
the patent right to no said machine, 57,000r-leugas of
payment made easy. Without the land, *5,000; For
partmulani, address HENRY hIERTII77,
mg - 27.W No 119 Nonempthela Hone.
Thomas Parwasoth'
Tobacco, lion la and large Screws of all kinds;
Brass Ewing! and Buss Works generally. Corner
of Fort nod First streets.
VIE subscriber, hosing purchased the Factory of
James Patterson, Jr, located at the above stsnd,
would respectfully inform his friends and the po him
that he is prepared to fill stays:Wen 01 his line,
_oil the
&tom reasonable tero, tend with 'n4'4l'l4 will
(eel grateful for their patronegs.
Pittsburgh, Jan. I, teN.
HAVING &spored of Uty eatahlishment to Ph.
Thomas Parkinson, I take the liberty to Wien
for him the pat:wane of my friends and the public,
feeling conhaent that any favors conferred will he
duly appreciated and promptly attended to.
Pittsburgh, Jay. I, MO' .—tjan7.43en
. .
HE partnership heretofore existing under the Gm
of A & C BRA DLEY,Is dissolved by tbsAibeia.c
o r. Clf nullity. 'The busloads will bo carried on by
A Bradley, wbo wIII settle the bpajne.. of the laut
lIESIOVAL—A Ilmazr removed his Foimarl
Warehouse from No 112 fricond matt, to No 19 Wood
. . . . .
atract, between Fitst aad Second streets, to the wasp
house latelyoccupied by 6 A Betty, whore he will
keep gal:v.{4=ly no hand o general assorniontt of Cast.
lan*. Grates, Sums, Cooking Stores, tc. /10
co, is aiiii•Jay uis.ol•Ed by RINO' COMM. '
Burke & Dunn wiil
a n the business in Mt concorn
for which purpose! they an, italiOtlied In use
n - me,
of the concern. rn LUX,
813 If Po
The undersigned have :Malley associated rho eve!
in the name of BURKE h LA LINES for the pu row.:
of onunaleciering Pt re Poser Safe., Vera , Boom av
, at Bic sltud of ale late Brut of Constshie, lit, 4e
a Co, where they urdl be ideas:4 to receive the vallh,d ,
•ge of the customer. of Rat house Attd their roends.
In miring from Me Arm of Consult Burly 4 CO,
with dune.: pleomra recommend Them._ Burke a.
arner in the congdenee of my Ilium,* and Me pahlio.
VILIK BOARD PKlFiTzt—Or all kinds, (in.d and
Laster Topa, both of French fraportarion, nt
rar2.s Wood rt. oet'n 4d3 had. Diamond alto y
V. Aututyrnarov
UAS jolt returned from the Eirmem Cities, •nd io
1./. receiving a large variety of seasonublo Coed, to
which he reapeerfally invites the attormon of :Porch
ants and pedlars. No et Wood at. fehll
X impish And American nooks)
Baokaell , e , r: I n ti o LiorLit „. r,
03 Wood etrrah) has for ..r W di(
London Architectural 11logirclne, 5 aola, oao
Wear.P.Trerche on Hail Roads, 8 vo.-+—Sparl'a Life
and Writingo of Waallinsion, Is rola, Arc.--.9poraia
Life and Wtitinss of Yrarkliu, 10 rola, loyal Irco
Minors of klnglandi Pielorial edition: 4 sold, royal tiro.
—Shakapoorel Pictorial edition; 3 volih royal tiro.
=enl W Ponrch .1
la lIT and ab Unto BILLS'or EXC NUE, p • y
0 able in Cinc innati, Loairrillo and SIIA
t. Lorna, par
chased on the most favorable term.
',7=7:7:::'-7:t7:;ZF:,K'.7;::T:::-C 7-711.
Old Dr. Tow... is now about 711)) cocoa, and
hao long been known as the AUTHOR and Et co.
SARSAPARILLA." . Being poor, he. woo esat Iled,
to limit it. maatfacture, by which mean. it has een
kept out of market, and the soles free acc t dto
those only who had proved tle worth and kno its
value. This Guano AND Unsticiaton Pssroxonn. Is
manufactured on the largestscale, anti is naiad far
three...bout the length and brea dt h of the land.
Utilise young S. P. Townsend , , it implores with
age, undhever change. but for the better bawl. it
is p r on selentille ' principles by a seianlie man.
The highest knowledge of .liemistry, and the West
discover es of the Art have all been brought into ILP.
quit:WlZ in the ota.l ' acturet of the Old Dr. San.
nit -
u The Samapari la root, It Is well known to med
ical men, contain. medicinal properties, and some pro
pent. which aro then or owlet.; and others, whirh,
if retained in preparing It file na, produce ferment.
bon and acid, Is N.M.• t. the tYgetll. pnle
a th e properties ot Sarsaparilla are so admit that
they entirety evertor.. and are lost In the pular.
non, if they are not preserved by a scientific process,
known only to show experienced in ith manatee...
Moreover thew volatile principles which fly tight `yste
por, or a. an exhalnuon, under beat, are the very no.
semis! medical want. of are root, winch giyis 10..
nall no value. The
a an prepared; that all the inert properties of thc,Sa :
I tom.. root are first removed, every thin; e
en becoming acid or of fermentation, is ettlittelc d rmeetcd; then every paruclo.of mcdieal striae!. u.
red in a pare and concentrated Deal; and the iris
rendered incapable of losing any or its - vat .. an
henling prom.. Prepared in 'al.„t! 14.
ite mat poorrful acct. in the 7 ,
Hence the reason why we hear foreland. 'on
every thin to . favor be men, 'woolen and ch . n.
Wc find it doing wonders in theca. of Ca 14
Dyspet.. and Laver Complaint, and hi R.I. to,
Setae In and Piles, thotlvenros, till CutanalottE 'Ps
oats, Punster, Member, and all &tee.. • to
It posses.. a warren°. allencylt.di 'co to
aims:Dom indigestion, from Aeidtly of
from unequal areal:Woo de.rminatla o(bl fol.
head, pals...too of thc bean, new feet and coldest..
cold child and hot Rant'"' over the body. It has hot
hid its equal in coughs and colds: and promotes easy
expectoration, and gentle perspiration, retaking rule
tare of the lan., throat, and every other part
Bat in non.g to ii. excel !ceremony monthcstly wan
and acknowledged M. in all kinds and stage. of
.. - .
. - •
It works wonder. in eases of Cam alb,. or Ina..
Fling of the Womb, Obstructed. Sunpresseul,or Pain
ful Menses, lirecnlanty of die menstrual penal..m i d
the Ilk, is effectual inbeinna an forms of the Kid.
my D,craqty By removing oi...ructions, and regula.
ung the general system, it gives Simi and strength to
Me whole bode, anJ corm nitrites. al
and dins prevents or relict,. a grunt otriety of other
•5 Slimed Irriuttion, Nostalgia, St. Vim*
Dance, Swooning, nbleptle Cosmuloces, to- Is
not th is, Men... klirmaxa roe Paz-Paraibr Nswif
BM can any of these things be mud of b. S. Town.
sendN Interior ankle? Thu manNliq nd is not
because of the. Grand Pact, that the one to incapable
of Deterioration and NEVER SPOILS, while ihe oth- -
sr ISOF; It sotto, ferments, end blows the bottles
contanung it tato fragments; Om 1110111, 11116.1 m,
ploding and damaging other goods! &Institut this hoe.
stile compound bat poisonous 10 the system? What
pat acid into a system already diseased with acid!
What causes Dyspepsia bot aehe Do we not all know,
thal when Mod sours do our stomachs, what mischiefs
it producesl—Ratulence, heatibuni,.palpitation of die
heas, nom e implant; d inerheca. d ysentory, cholle sad
corruption oldie blood? What a Werollala but ut aara
humor In the body? What p - oduces all the humors
whick bring on Lruptions of I/in Skin, Scald Ilcaft,
Salt Rheurn,Erysiptlm,Wititc Swcilings, revesSores,
and all ulcerations internal and cantonal/ Ti m nott.
ing under polls an but an acid salistance, which sours,
anti thus spoils all the fluids of the body, more , lem.
What cause. Rheumatism but •i s send duld, which
that..L..4.lf between the joints and elsewhere, it.
outing end inflMiting the lender and delicate um.
upon which it acts? So of nevem,. diacm., If bapti
st, of the blood, of deranged clreolatiena, an nearly
all Mr ailinents which inflict human nature.
Now, is it not horrible to make anti sell, and Infinite.
ly worse to use this
_ .
--• • .
and yet he would fain have it uudontoed tbat Old Ja.
cob Townsend'. Genus, Orig.nal Sampatilla, is as
lation of his inferior prepstaniagn
(teNd that we ihmld deal In an Intel.
which would bear the mast distant reimmblance to ti
P Townsend's article: and which should bring down
upon the Old Dr. such • mountain load of complaint/
and criminal/mu from agent. who lave sold, sod paw
chums who have med S. P. Townsend's Pcnnuning
We with it underatood, because it Is theabmlttle
truth, Mat S. r. Townsend'. uncle and Endlk. Jacob'
Towtmend's Summating are heavenwnde apart, to
ioGnitely diaaimilarl that they are unlike in every par
ticular, h•viiig not one single Ming to common.
It m to arrest Wood. open the unfortunate., to poor
balm into wounded buosandy, to kindle gape in the
detouring bosom, to restore health nod hloola said vi
gor isioa,She crushed wad broken and to banish intirmi.
ty—thnt old DR. JACOB 111WAISEND bas SOLIOUT
anJ FOUND the opportunity and Banana to bring his
within the reach, and to the knowledge of .11 Mho
need 11, mat they m•y (tutu nod know, by tenni' en.
penenee, its iganlClVOMnt Pawn. to Limn I
For sale by J. KIDD de CO., Wholesale Agent for
Western Pennsylvania; J. bAIITIL Birtulngueah In.
J. BA RGEAfiI, Allegheny; Dr. .1. CA.Sata.l, Ptah
ererd. G. A. GARDNER. nth ward. Palabelath 'ma
Ir IV lift Cl.thlrl.Alhil.—Another clink perforaaal
11.4 hung the O(IOG.Li, only true •nd 'Leonine Llver
Ammon., Drown to., 0., March 20,1.7.
Mr. FL Fl Sellers-1n April last my wire Was attack.
rd with Liver Complaints and had the advice obi tiro
physicians, who tried various remedies eritliont pro
trial. I purchased a. boa of Mr. Sistr,Cf Zierdeon,
sind give them according to the direction., by which
te was Arently relieved. 1 proeared • aecond bon,
which entirely cored her, and she now enjoy• evert
tent health. I have ured them ;10.11, and pronounce
Worn dm beet f.rdy medicine I ever tried.
Vows, te., Maoism Brassy
Prepared and mild by FL K BELLIFILO. 57 Wood +r
sold at. by Druggists generally In the two al..
TT lIAS NEVER, in single Maumee, relied
pel Worms.
CAA. Coo. flows, Va., July 2, 1917.
Mr. R. E. Sellers: You will recollect Mitt when tee
were In Pittsburgh, in November last, you prevailed
dias CO tly to your yertolfuge, totem ow virtues. Wp
d no, and through the Wiettr tee soldtaidit wn put
/nosed, which gave It a fair reputation. In May I rat
we purehamd more, which was dimposed of noloced
lately. We then ordered more, which reached us on
the lath of the prevent month .sod on yesterday we
SOlil the last of two dozen bottles. IVe fled it so vol.
etr•le • Plod/ F.., OM
o every p erson Of a family wish/
es to have It an lira r romesit.
'note who bane purchased it would be penlictly
ilitug to give certificates silt, eacellency. Out of
the quantity we have vended, it bas never, in *mingle
mstresce, (wiled to owl worms.
Your friend,. Waat. C.lllu.tx2 & Co.
Propans4 and weld by Ft_ K AIiZI,LERS,o7 Wood
sod •Ald by Druggist. generally an the two clues.
Imperial Cough II yr/v.
pins Wet be a preparation of much mem, when so
J.maw al Our ewe Mimeos willingly and rattle ,
Ito certify to its curative propettim. 4q aged and
highly respected citizen, sifter ming it, expressed, his
triton of this very popular cough remedy bite/4ft
"it Is worth its weight in gold.. An editor of one of
our daily paper. same in n note-9 niwnye keep it in
My house, and would not, on any aecoant, be orthunt
It" An old country ohm eaya—.l am satisfied, afterof 01 of there oft (cur yea that it is the bolt cough.
titillate I heap fret toed, either In the Old or New.
Wolff." If yon have • mach, get • bottle and Ity '
it emu but 23 gents. tete
Vgiouht aad Cast Iron Itallitig,
llCsebsoti g btru beg
to Inform the Cahill, rho
they have obtaine rro the East all the late and
Illionsible &ague for Iron Railing, both for boasts
out cancteries. Parsons wishing to protest hand
some patterns will please tell and examine, and ladga
for thazuclum. Railing will by farrlstuml at the %hart-
slsd sewn sages*, te=g, 'Emox.
To Mothers mad ttio >llsdleal Pr
ptip. autigarilier ha* fast reeeived a large •apply el
are. withOot excepion, the only article aorta., to af
ford relief and rare gore or errielird Nipplev; kad front
their Parueular conwraelion they will prove invalua•
Ida when the Nipples are moaned or in guy- manner
Dr Pratt's Palmt Breast Pump, a new invention
expreasly for the relief of painful and sore 8M...,
when dinended with milk they' are far superior to
ahy now In use.
Dr. Prates Patrol Nursing Bottle, which it Put sm
ported ing—when introduced—all other kinds.
Pr. Pratt's Cupping Apparatus, the most simple and
the neatest article in use frir Cupping.
For sale, wholesale and remit, by
morn ft F. SELLERS, 67 Weed st
VNOW all men who are sick and afflicted with di..
L 1 ease of the bladder and kidneys, with rheumatic
pare in
chatr limbs, asilltoints, old sores, running
rs, &r they ean be cured by taking dig Pa.
Unlearn! You about Its being a nostrum as
stuck es you please, but Mi. does not snake 11 se, for
we proclaim In the Dee clan honest community, that
It has virtues which ire not contained to any•other
remedy. The anon who is racked with pairtund sub
fenny from disease, Can for Illy teats, get Middens
any of the ills enntimatated above. Render! il costs
very Hutto to make a snalf• This Petroleum 17 uo mix
ture—no eampond, put op (Sr the purpose °florin:ging
on the community; but at ilia remedy elaborated by
the master baud of nature, and bubbles up (rankle bo
som of our mother earth to hi original purity, and of
fers to Buttering Lumina y a ready. remedy, Is peeWo
and cheap Dare.
It has cored Piles alter other medicines have failed
to render any relict It has cured Itheinnatismollang
standing, and of the word and most painful chaiseter.
It has cured Cholera Modes by one or two drdes,• It
has cured old cases of Dißriten, in which every other
remedy has been of no small. As a local remedy In
burn. and maid., It is better than any medical' cocc
i/end or alutment that we know of. 'twill eon. chil
blains or frosted feet, in a few applleatiemc undoubt
ed testimony can be tundshed of the truth contained
In the above statement by oaf:ikon Samuel AL: Kier,
Canal Basin, 7th street; or either of the ngents.
Keyser I McDowell, corner of Wood street and
Vint. AlleYi IL E. Sellers, 57 Waal street, D. A. EJ
riet &D. M. Cum, Allegheny edit... , the . g . "
A man by the name of IWEL CLASP has entstdd
With a young man of the name of S. P.Townsenil, and
mes his name to put op a Sarsipatilla, whieit they
call Dr. Tosrusend's Sarsaparilla, denominating it
GENUINE, Ongilml, etc. This Townsend Is no doc.
for and - mover was, but was formerly a workeron rail.
roads, eanals, an d the like. Yet he assumes tho title
of Dr, for the purpose of gaining troth for what ho is
uaqot. lin is sending out rds headed ‘Tricks of
cks," in which he says. ca I have sold the me or my
name for p r o duce week. I . will give S. P.Towasand SSW
'rise will one single solitary proof of ads.—
mu to cannon the publle not to be devolved, and
purchase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
Lir. Jacob Townsend's Samayarilla, having an it the
Old Dr:s likeness, his family coat of arms, and his sig.
maitre across the cunt of arms.
Principal Mee, 102 Nassau in, New York Ci,y.
or TrIO • axnunal
I. RANCE COMPANY —OfKai North Room of the
Es hams. Third street, Philadelphla.
Sias Instatser.—lluildingo, alerehandise and other
Popeely, in Town and Country, insured ossinat loss
or Mum,. by fire, of the loosest ram of premiotn.
MAIM. latatiosna—They alto insure W1W1..., CM ,
tom , and Freik htt, foreign or coastwise, under open or
.pedal pale... v as the assured may desire.
Ina. TYAMLI4.I.II,IIO:II.—They also iature march
•ndiao mammon. by Wogsma, Rail Road Cars, Canal
Floats and Strom boats, o a rivers and lakes, on the
most liberal term..
DIRECOXIRS—PmepIi H. Reel Edmund A. Sooder,
John C Davis, Robert Burton, oho R Panto., Sam..
eI Edwards, Geo fl Le/per, Ell and Darlington, Isaac
R. Dania, Wet Palawan, John villa. Dr R9l limbo.
Jos C Hand, Theophilm Pool ins, II Jones Dr..,
Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig. come Serrill, Sommer
Wilma, Chillies Kelly, 1 G Jo hnsen, Wm Hay, Dr
S Thomas. John Sellers Wm :ym, Jr.
119 11 1 . Craig, John T Logan.
RIC.. MD F. Newsom, Seely.
lir Offi gh ca or the Comp.y, No. 49 Water ore.,
Pittobur litutlfi-lf P. A. MADEIRA, Ast.
no Franklin Firo In.suranec Co. of Phi/acre
IRE TORS .— Charley N. Ruwker Thoma. Hart,
Geo. %V Richard., Mordecai D.Lewis, Adolph° E.
Lotto, David S. Drown, Mortio Patterson.
• •.
Charles G. Danelter, ticerctaig.litncru. Preoldem.
Continue to snake iusurance, perpetual or limited,
.0 every deseription et property In town or country,
t rates as low as are consistent with eetarity.
To Company have reserved a large continacat Fund,
bleb with their Capital and Prerelease, safely invest.
alford ample protection to the amsund.
The aesew of the company, on January Ist, Idl9, a.
• üblished agreeably to as act of Assembly, were as
Va g g
Tam c po lrs . . ran , Lout.
. .....
Cash, !Lc ...... • .
111,323,492 71
Pince their incorporation, •• period of 19 years, they
have paid upwatd• done million four hundred thous
and dollen, losses by fire, thereby affording evident.
of the'ad•antages of insurmice, LI well the ability
and disposition to meet with prompt... all ilabilitien.
marEdly Other N E corner Wood and 34 ats
Lite and Health Ineatattee.
rimE Mutual Lilo and Heatth Insu rance Company
jof Philadelphia, Incorporated the Legialamirs
of Penneylvania, March, OPE Cheiner perpetual.
Capital, 111110,000. R a in town =MIMI"
th anPr,
cams COUPANT, and full aro per cent. lower the
usual rates of Life Insurance, as the following com
paris (dr ill w shown Thus,
a person of th e ago of*, in
suring MVO for life, must pay in the Girard 111,36
Penn.ylvan gang, Penn hlutual, 112,A Equitable,
SLOE New England, Selpielt Noir York Life, 82,3e1; Al-
Won, 1112,1 e; Life and Health, PhilaJelphi.,llll,7l..
Inustenns.—Samnel H. Orrick, Charles D. 11.11, W.
F. Boone, Robert P. King, Chute. P. Hoye., M. W.
Iliddwin, M. M. Reeve, D. Che• 0. B. Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman flirter, EEL Butler, Edwin
It. Cope. Pre 'dent—SamuelD. Ihrick; Vine Proof.
dent—Robt. P. King; Seermary—Fronets Blackburae.
•pplemnien. well be reeeived, and every informatioo
poen by SAME. FAini &MOCK, Apt,
Offico, Commercial Rooms, corner of
0ing7,117 Wood and Third sts, Pittsburgh
THE INSURANCE CO. ol North America will
make permanent and limited Innunnce on pro
perty in Mu city •nd vicinity, and un shipment. by
Canal, Ricers , Lakes, lend by Sea. The properties of
Ihia Cormvany are well invested, and furnish an avail
able fund for the ample indemnity of all persons why
desire to be protected by insarauce.
myli WM. P. JONES, Age
INSUILANCIIC, at Plitabarib.
The Spring Carden Health insurance Co,
I NSIIRES !des •nd Female. Or ate Expert.
1 and Low oce al twineml by tticknea or l
Accident, by
an Immediate ellowanCe .of from $3 to Sel per week,
for one, two, three, or roar years.
The method of ettertiug Ilain Inthrence, and the
manner of awarding the aick allowance, will he fully
explained by the Agent.
A per.° can inrure again. Sicker. or Accident
which will detain tam from bin ordinary business, ite
I fellows, Ira, 7
For one year, by paying'64,thl,auJ receive $3 • week.
Far two " 41,00, " "
Far three. "
Fr four " 10,5, " it
Or, for pear/ of four yea r°, the nem of 114,40 paid
Annually, will secure SS per ...cog whlle nick.
kNery necessary Hanoi/anon will be afforded on the
eolith. of Insurance generally. by
d.CII-dern JAIIF.O DURNO CO, Agenth,
Odeon ambling,.
7Ir1• Pannaylvanla Company
Fan 1. ' Nees. &t
Lams •an earer°. A ancenza.
13111 k; badt Lad_ eirauce Company in the 11. State.
Incori.rated March 10, I tal—cha. ter perpetual.
Capital,1100—all pawl in
'lava* auttsor.aed undethigned to receive apple
°Minna for insurance, on Wl,leb polic I will be leaned,
.according to their propneala and wart, winch wail he
made known to applicants at bas'office, No as Wood
street 111 OF.O COCHRAN.
Femur MEN in wholesale and retail ateres, and other
respeetal.m 11.14.811, to net an Basok-Iteepera Sale.
Men, Pormrs, Bar-keeper, Walter, Fanners Coach
men, Car Aann, Boot and Map Agents, Collettora,
Overseers In all branches at basiness, /Lc. We have
at all time, M large number of gond siteatious on hand,
whack pay WOW
to 11 . 4,0101 per &nano). Those in
want of situattons of any kind would du well to iime
• call, as we have agents In each of the ahove
which w:11 enable us to place everyapplicant in
a suitable situation al the ;Morten Cainei. We hove •
Ihrgeacquaintance tn. all the Aimee named mom,
which we mum will enable as to line enure smiwac-
Lion to all mlall may is vor wah a call.
TA YLOR A 'LAYMAN. NO. 59 Second at,
between South and Gay.
N. B —Persons lion In any pan ot IiJC C. States
apd .hung to obtain • mention in Baltimore, or el.
ill2r of the above etue., will hare them wants unme•
thately attended in by addressing an a line,ipd•t-palai)
as by an doing they will eartall LAM treuldc and as.
petie, which they otherwtse Vranid meta by comtug
to the city, and seeking employment for themselves
Address, TAILOR A TA ',MAN,
N 0.59 Second street,
Baltimore, ald
Jodd t a - Moilleilled Liquid ColLloto
TILTS is undoubtedly the best preparalon ever du
L lain covered, tor dressing Barns, Scalds, Cola, Chit
Itruirans, or any it tud of fresh wounds, edso for
wan Nipples • remedy unequaled.
This article La intended for (sooty use. and should be
found in the posassion of every tautly in the land.
111echates who are in consnt danger of injury to
Weir persons throosh aenlen ta t. and We improper or
careless use of tools, will find dd. article to be meal.-
to than, and after a far trial will consider It In
It Is au excellent sabstllute for naherive plastu. of
all kind, without any of us Inconveniences, and is so
inedieated as to allay an pun inamedtately and run.
A very little applied any whom on the surf.. of Me
akin, immediately forms a firm, smooth coating, very
moiler to the manna cantle or eater skin, whteh may
be freely washed with water and unri,wlUtoui any Au
Ivry to : he wound.
The ertitne is freely used sod highly recommended
by the most eminent physicians of New England, and
otter part. of the country.
For sate ant by R F. SELLERS, .77 Wood at
—The trade supplied tithe manufacturee•
price. fetid
SYSTEMATICALLY swinged by G. HECK, with
five hundred guano mcel pl3ItS, by the moat cox
tingumbed mtins of Germany'. The Text t ranslated
and edited by SPENCER V. BAIRD, A. M., 111,D.,
Protcoor of Natural Science. in Dickinson College,
Carlisle. Pa.
Iconographic Eacydoraidia anti be pabliahed
Tenparia, ewh containing Zl.plantes port
Bo pa,gea of
prey., famed in a eOl, cement port olio, In which
anbacribera can keep their copies in perfect order un
til compliticd, whim they can be bound
fnte pan 14 poitlithed every month, at lilt very low
price of 111,00, kith will enablrketie all lovers a Muria,
don In the moat beautiful and pcal form, howey•
er wanly their mean., to become 1/cheetah's. to the
gobeeripnons taken for the whale work only
Pnun the Buono ran.
. . .
The work .hoard not be eovelrd for a moment wily
nay of the trashy or popularly scientific publications
at Ore day.
Prron Now York
Toe exceeding beauty of the plates Tribune.
them to. the ataruUco Or the lover of an.
. . .
From tho Ikerary World.
A well ereeated solid work, of substantial value.
The tetrialootien of thts work lino general etreutation
among our school nod other Inane., public and pri
vate, cannot fail to tie prodoetive of advantage.
From the Washington ID. Cl. Mums.
We cannot too Wahl recommend the work. The
ungracious ate in one highest stlye of an. No Work
Imo ever Wore been published in this country so
splendidly Illustrated, mid the printed matter is of an
ego:illy high aide, It Is lust the work for families.
SIX NOS. of thislevalagale E ncyclopedia are 1.11
peblithed and ready for subscr ibers.
llooltrtollor and Importer, CLI %Fool U,
3011 (Atter lat April—Fourth tft, nett , wood.,
Choosers"' Edam at' algal Couto..
WI& ACIENTI FIC SEC n.N.—The Mesa , . Chain.
Z ber• have employen the hot Proramers la Peet.
lied, la the preparation of Mese works. They are
noW tittered to the Paulo& of the Ultimo Plates, ander
ten iltnelnWil revisiOn of D. Pl. Hem. ht. U, L L. U,
.hateSuperinumilent of Public School., In the City and
County of New York.
' intambers"Preotiory of Knowledge;
!LAZ A l's Drawing and Perspective:
11.... -- omothem , Omen. of Natural Philosophy;
IV. Read& listn'a Chemistry end Eleetrieity;
V. Ilanailosa's Vegetable and Anima l'hyaiolegy;
Vf. Chetah... F.letuonts of Zoology, with tilams;
VI K.:Page's Eleme n ts of Gaccony, lila armed.
It IS well known that the original publishers of them
Wet (the Messrs Cheatham, of Edinburgh) are able
or commend the boat talents to the preparation of their
books, raid that it is the,. practice to deal faithfully
With the public. This series willnot digeppotnt the,
resseneble espeetations thus excited. They ere eh"
Wotan winks, prepared by authors In coney way ca
pable of doing justice to their respective onilartakitigs,
and who have evidenUy bestowed upon theta the :m
-ecum time and ht.( to adapt them in their plums.
the recommend them to teachers and parents with
cothdnaa The heat named volume. In the hands of
p teacher of the young, clammy might furnish an Ins
exhaustible fond of a:ailment aa and instroctian. To
gether, they would Cu imam e rich Meagre to a lam
-11 y of ill tolligent children, and import thirst foe
knowlealce.—{Veremat Chroalrila.
Published by A. S. llamas & Co. New Took; and
for sale by A. 11. Elteit t lall A a1, ..a0n
N, t 9 Wood of
Dow nook.l New Flook• It
Polite the Pest o<q, Eys FIL lig 14 PR Jamie Eag
Agerum g Call, • vim df.paistr. by Mr. Ms
Lidell's Living Age, No .w 7
Di Oementeg of Magazin , &glee !Fmk, awl Eregieerrufs
Pare 6
pw Wi {kart -41:r, or the &en/ OrJer of Sereo,lrom•
Dr ItoSofine, ond Tooke.lPo Alatarooroltomb
Th. DID or Oa Felten, by N 81 Car W, Cp
Wombat/4'6.3611'p a Italia Dimwit Wm
iymbr obi liootelb /Story by &In lW
whlu Irk. hy Dermal Melville
ilahomMoot itto Ousecon!, by Waguagtala Irric l / 4 1 .211
1111151 undersigned baking purchased MG A. Ray
1, an!, the Ste= Saar Mil on the Allegheny River.
Gene the Arsenel, are new prepared to All all bit, of
iumber of, ny lire and length, from 00 fl. downward ng .
Boat Sid M Deck Plank, Gunwales, loin, Scantli.,
Trimmer. B oa ardr, to ,on the ehortest notice. Lathe
eonstaely on hand. Orders reclined mad any inform.
Gum givenWightm., earner of Water and
Liberty street., or 11 Morrison, No 150 Liberty street,
and at the office of the mill.
Modern and antique Faraßare.
83, Tem, Sr., Prrmomi.
J. W. W.
Respectfolly informs thaZ
public that he his Co
mpleted g stock of
FURNITURE. the &rifesh and inouraried moment
ever olered for sale an ibis city, comprising serer.!
setts of Row:Troop, Munaur, and Diana Warts,
carved, ornamental and plain, suitable for Parlors,
Drawing and Bed Rooms, all of :Mich will bo sold at
the lowest priers.
Persons desiring Furniture of any description, aro
spectrally invited to Midland:man:Me his stock, which
embraces every description, from the cheapest and
plainest to Me most elegant and easily, of which the
following comprises a part
Tete • Tete Sofas; Tate • Tete Divans'
Conversation Chain; Eli:abet:lan Cams;
Reception do Louis XIV do
Extensiol do Buret Solque;
What Not., Toilet Tables;
Louis XIV Commodore; Duke of Fork's Coueb;
60 Sofa. with Plash and (lair-cloth corers;
LO Drirans, do do do,
40 do: Mahogany Parlor Chain;
1p Rosewood do do;
12 " 1.111 Walnut do do;
40 " Cane Seal do;
1 ""
do Mahog ayFr
an ( Pi kn S tools ; do
60 Marble Top-Centre Tobin.;
on do do %Flub Studs,
.rti Mahogany Bedsteads;
12 do Wardrobe.;
In 1311 Walnut do;
Cherry do.
A very large assortment of Common Clain and M
u ?unmans too tedious to mention.
A NZ• d llem pro llo p a u t y s
. 1141:gt , e l d w o o n attortart notice.
P. S.—Cabinet Makers can be supplied with all sorts
ort Mahogany, 'Valuta, and Vesects, m considerably
redoced prier. febl6
Ja h (Soceesson to M'Cord k Rine flit
V•shlenabld. Hatt•es,
earner / ' Wood and Fifl.4 13treess.
PARTICULAR attention paid to oar Retail Trade.
Gentlemen ranrely upon getting their Hata and
Caps from oar establishment of die kur &sums. and
wo,amunctur, of the LierOir rms.., and at the urwm
Canner y Merchants, purchasing by wholeule, are
respectfully invited to call stamina oar Bu)ck; as
we eau say with confidence that a. regard. SOU. ,
and corn., it will not roger in • emporium with any
house in Philadelphia. '
erz r tliiitfb.tiff'PlZTt*sTac — iWiiYfTtitV.
THE Second Susie.; of this institution, under th•
j. care of Mr. and Mrs. Go:mom, for the present
academic year, will commence on :his day, bloody,
February loth, in the same bonding., No. 62 Liberty
11,047,438 41
0.7x4 to
00,021 80
• 51,54 23
38,821 37
Arrangements have been made by which they will
be ebb to famish young ladies facilities equal to any
in the West, for obtaining a thorough English, Clasu
eel, and Ornamental educauon. A full coarse of Phi
impldeal nd Chemical Lemeres will be delivered
during the winter, illustrated by apparels. The de.
pertinent, of Vocal and Inatrumentat Music, Modem
Languages, Drawing and Punting, will each be under
the care of. competent Professor. ily Mose attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pm
pile, the Principals tope to merit • continuation of the
liberal patronage they have hither. enjoyed. For
terms, see circular or apply to the Principals.
Elnepratt& Sans' Patent Soda Ash.
3 4h) CASKS will sh•nlY Ave,st direct from M.
Gl7manufacture., in New Orleans, per stup
Male, Briathera Jeyetea, and Anton, winch vodl b.
soh:, on artmel, at the lowest market price, by
febt) IGO Liberty at
ED , Tlacy will alto receive large mprptea during th.
von: via Pedhilelphis and Beltimere.
MO. Go Market Orem, are dolly receiving new told
I'esimbie (Moils from me leading mannfactnnen
of Ohio country, and of the latest ietworhations. The
facilities which
eastthey enjoy, In be ng connected with a
hoax the , enables them to purchase good. at
Me lowest I. almwm, and keep their stock fall and de•
tables al all maw...
They .have a 6,m unoMetent of House Keeping
Good, to which they molten tie early • attention of
their tweak and the public. Met
Great Amerlone. Ilifeetierealleall 'Work.
D. Appleton re Co , New York, have in roorve 00.1,-
1mo:ion, .
pails, price twenty five cents each,
riladrirrers, Warl,and Sn
grsrffitnrrAr; designrd for Prarletal Wrrrtrieg
rtitrt. arra those iruended for Use Eng.
trierrrng Prrfusuns.
111. BT..
THIS WORK Ito( large I 70.111.. and will contain
wo Tuoes•on rooks and upward. of Ile viten-
SOOO / pre ant workiog•draari
mica and descriptions of the molt importanfotachines
in the United :fate. Independeat of the results of
American Ingenuity, It will contain complete preen
at tread no on Mee beaks, hl Ladner), Engine- o , and Entrincentig; with all that Is aerefal in more th.
one thousand dollen worth of folio volumes, mey.
eines, and other books.
The great object of this publication is, to place be-
for geseticai men mid .adeota sorb an amount of
theoretical and scientific knowledge, In a coodenmad
form, ari Atoll enable them ta work to the best advae•
lace. and to avoid there Min.. which they :night
otherwise commit. The amount orescfal Information
drat brought together la simnel beyond precedent In
'orb wort., ...Ire& there in b•rile• nip • lancet
within Ito range which es n-t ticated with slat clew.
TIC and pre, noon, trim rieen • man of do" ordi
niery capacity cm... fall of underattmling it, and
Moo learning from it mach which II linporoun for
him to know.
The publisher. ere. in abort, determined, mgardleae
of colt, to mate the wart a. tampion,. possible; and
it te hoped every one desirous to obtain the wort will
Nature it as issued in numbers. and thus entourage
the enterprise.
Tea work will be Issued to senti.monthly net:then,
commencing in January, 1530 , and will papas. with
event regularity.
The whale Work will be publithed in ea numbers
at ta cents per number, end completed within the eyn
rent year, knit. • liberal discount will be made In
h." , ? y re::i:rg; d gelr b 'f:. b i ll h't",.'s`t ° o'nmc%'7.".`,!l
ape .II
=: , =M!
_ - -
"To oar numerous uonnhrwren, Mealtimes, Ea
s., (R. I and Art )
ier*, II nal be • mine of orealth."—
.- Youi.g men, arm yourselees with its knowledge.—
We eau with eonfidenee menu...rat our readers to
posse.. therniiel•e e of its numbers feet as they ap
pear."—Anterienn Arttesn.
.nhcsamaicgay commend the work to those mi
med In or intefeemd In Mechanical or scientific pur
sons, as eminently worthy of their ea...lnman. and
study."—Troy, (N. 1f..) Budget.
.411 thend a gmat work, and Me publishers de.
mesa thanks of inventors. mechanists, and mans
lecturers. and indeed of the pebaic gcricrally. , --N. Y.
“Tlals Dictionary will be highly useful to practical
ataxia micas, and valuable to an wh i wash to acquaint
themselves watt the preps. of Invention in the ine.
chant. arts' —New Radford Daily adesenry.
.Young mechanics aught to keep posted up In the
oretical as well as prem.! knowledge, and this
work will show them runt how they stand."—it ostiory
"We take it who tut the work that .core. and harr
dreds of our Intelligent mocLanies have desired to poe
ee.. so ample are its descriptions, and so lull and
minute Ita opecifications, that it seem. to us that any'
mechanic might cont.ct any machine it describes, on
'he ..rength of its engravings and inrtmnno• s.".—N. Y.
Commercial AdsarUser.
• •• •
Al• Inter.ted In mechanic,' •hould avail then,
ves m . nthrantag..—Schaylkill, (Penn..) /oar
work of extenaire practical utility and great Ica
portance and value to tha rapidly Marmon ny interests
of Me country. W. regard the work eminently
calculated to prematelha cause af science and the
mechanical arta, and to dluautunatia •aluabla Informs
non no Masa subJactall—Pannor and Mechanic.
•• - •
“Practical men in all the varied walk* of mechani
cal and manufacturing indasiryi engineering. R e., will
find in this wort • leonine. which it will be to their
mit to po .e—Troy Daily Whig.
vWe have carefully perused the numhers,•and have
no Iteativian In saying that it is Ike best wink fir me.
shanica, traderrnen„siod mieutifie
ever publish
ed, for it maiming minute infotmation on every branch
of the mechanical arts and setenem, expressed in a
style and language Intelligible to any reader of ordi
nary camselty."—tfloucester, (Mass,) Newa.
`• We we sum we ten doing the mechanics of Nor
wich and other parts of Connecticut • service by
bvinsirg the work •to their attention. i. —Nonvich,
(Conn.) &Merles.
"II /2 lost such a work as every mechanic should'
We consider Ilene of the most meal and importaM
publications of Meade. No mechanic eon afford to bs
ithout It."—Nowars, IN. J.,) Commercial Comb r.
• of all the various publications haying fee their ob
ject the elucidation and wivancement of the mechani
cal arts and sciences, none that we have semi, is so
full of promise as this n—lintlkin Com. Adr.
'it is the hest and cheapest work e .er attired to the
seicriftfie and practical enginser and mochas. The
plat . are bimodal', executed.'—Washington Globe.
••This great Ltienanaly Id etc of the most tuck ,
winks ever published for year, nnd the low prier at
which ti is sold =ekes it acceptable to all."—Setith
We eagled it scone arthe most compteheeslea and
.able, se wcII es cheapest works ewer publiched.”
tattiest:no Adverdser
"(light to be maws by every one desiring en keep
Pace with the prtgrees of art and science in every one
alibi labors of civilised Ille,"—Rondeal Coseirt.
.111 s designed after Ma principle of Urn'. Utationn
ry, only that It is more devoted to the mechanical and
engineering professions, and *taw at!, it Is ',shamble
as accompli•knot for America what Ure has done for
gegtutd. dentihlng American machinery and
worse of all"—Selenlille American.
- -
"pis published in numbers, no at a price no mode.
rats, km king at 1100iliaconlained in e.teh number, that
noene mho ha. the Mast Interest' in curb matters,
dneed be deterred (romp rocuring it; and everyone who
oes 1111, will find that he hiv in a coniensod mom an
amount of ittureetion whirl, would be oliMined, if at
all, only by the purchase of valy many volumes."—N,
Y. Ceurier,pnd !Inquirer .
"rho edtpichensiveness with which the subject.
are treated, the ednurable manner in which May are
Ulasmated, eans,nire to mate this one of the most desi
rable worm i'—Ltemoeratle th is
"Ibis watt huuld be In the handsel' every mechanic,
attjaan, end Lem aortaafe rdediallY Mom who have
the lent tat saiteta to exce l in their retpective but.
Lemma. We IL tee emarally examined IL, with a view of
recothraendiug II to niventore. TO them we would
aay la the Wang Meow of the Dade: "It La
Baltimore la remora' Joanna.
t A, Unita States and Canada.
If the foregoing advertisement it inserted Ave times
daring the year, mid tea paper contalog eentra as,
a copy of the wort wig be smut gratis Ls payment.
h ,sooNoln, CLOTHS, Ca.!SitHrXES,& SATIN;
- Ern, revived ou coasigmassa, and tarsals ai
Dagnalitclusass warehoue, by
Lit and No. a American Blialer Steel. Also-13e.
Can Steel Ftles, Drew riser; and Blacksmith and Sh •
HarPh abort'' , op band and (*rule, either at biz "Ea
ale Steel Works,* O'Hara street, Fifth Ward, or at the
°dice in the Iron 'Store of HOLLNANS A CARS".
SON, No (,Moot of Mood atmet, rituburgh.
ntr22.nlna •
We, the ondersigned, having used, With entire sat
Mamma. the Cart Steel and Filea Made by Filmic
MeKelvy, at his Eagle Steel Works, in this ennui*
*immure In recommending them as equal in quality
any ever used by as, of fbreign manufacture.
Pittsburgh, hlamh 13. 1455.
Manufacturers of Iron and Nails. Pittsbamh. Pa.
Iron Founder., and Machinist', Pittsburgh. Pa.
coLpaten, lIAILMAN & CO,
Manufacturers of Spnngs, Azle:, Spring Steel and
Rivets, Pmburgh, Pa.
• ' F & IV ND
Legion Builders and Mncbine Cant M anafueta.
rem, Pittsburgh. Pa
BM. Founder. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Matanfacturem of Iron and Nail, Pittsburgh. CO.
Locomotive Engine and Ship Builder, Pinal.urc h, Pa.
Marble Manufacturer, Machine and E n gine llitild.
matt Cr. Pittsburgh, Pa
SHE sabsterther has Jam v.r,ixed n
new and Fr beautiful i called iP ll lllohlelodeon Plano? from thenstrument
factory of
/dumb A Whim, Cincinnati. It has
the elegance of exterior of a Piero Forte, and Is poe.
mused of a tone at once sweet and powerful It.
great advantage, however, conststs to the rapidity of
tie enunciation, v•bleti miables the performer to one.
erne upon it the moat brilliant pinuomusie.
srit may he called the best reed instrument ever B.
rented. Call and examine.
KLEIIER, at Wonder-errs,
role Alvin; (r march A White's manufactu
P. S.—Also, several now and very fine blelode,
mild Llonimal, Chronicle. and Memory copy,
PIM aubserileer Informs his friends and the ;mink.
a M.mmtaocorr.
J. that at his ettensive establishment, (capable of
employing from tWo to three hundred workmen, and
where he alwaYa keep. a large number of the beet
machinist. engsped4 hem prepand toaxeco tea, In the
best manner, and with great despatch. all osiers for
CHINERY, of every description. For the workman
ship and my m le of his Machine., he would refer to th e
numerous anufertarers in the Western end Southern
States, as wed a. the Middle States, who are now op
crating them. lie ha. 4eently made great improve
ments, both in the and plan* of his Machinery,
which will be furnished at reasonable prices by ap
plying to ALFRED J ENV,
rSdha• Ilrbleshere. I.
f (IDE SUELSCKIBRRir, having the Agency for mll•
in. the Panting Paper of a lung established ad
extensive Mill, I n Ibis vicinity, will be et ell Im es
well .applied with the different sixes of Paper, of so
fierier quality, which we offer at the lowest regular
Any size or ninthly Will be ionnuibentred io order
lion notice. A II (WOLIN/11k Cu
(preeettront of billion
oral No 79 Wood sneer
LliE Partnership bere OLUTl telore exis O ting between Oltott
English, to the Book and Paper Business, netts
ived on the nth as by mutual consent The
business will be cauttAued at the old sand, Ne.7o
Wood street, under thcfittn of "A. IL English& Co;'
by whore the besineseef the former partnership will
be settled. PANUEI7 - El.l.llsT r,
mr.ll A ft ENGLISII.
1850. 1830.
ate prepared to sell at the lowest market prices to
cash buyers ankprompt business teen
We would ask the &neaten of City and Western
Moretont, to oui ct k, believing we den offer many
Inducements to purchase Pons us.
fetal Dry Goods Jobb-, Wand so
A LEXANDER & DAY, corner or the Diamond •nd
LI. Market street, are prepared to offer, at the low•
en arket pricer, a choice unit...Ant-Silks, of the
be.t to and nearest styles. Best black glotsy
Ore de Rhine, of celebrated manufacturer. warrant
ad not to eat in wearing. Black Breeads fied Silts,
very rich. itia figi i tlilka nod Satin De Chencs, in
choice colors; Minn no, Oro de Rhine.; Satin do
Climes, and Tore Sank
ALEX , NDER & DA Ir, DS Meant .t.
mat Northereat comer or the Diamond
ALEX ANDEK A DAY, earner of IL< Diawood and
Mar areket street, now selling aIT, at redLeed
priers, their stork of Winter Goods, connoting of
Shawls •nd Ts' Dress Goods. in great variety.
Alwa—Blankete d Flannels,Cnt
loa,Cestimes. Satin.
rya, and a full assartwent at heavy Cotton Goads.
Confident that better bargains cannel be had else
where, we invite the attention of borers
- - -
AMMO VIM .1..01.0 seamOr rub ntaro .
lum:imp, MIMI, Pl=
Scrofula or K i ng'. ETU, M, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cot.
neon. Erimuons, Pimple, or Plum!ey on the Face,
Blotches, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes,
or Truer, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphiltio
Symptom; Salmi. or Lumbago,—and damases
tutting from an injudicious use of Mercury, AM.
tile. or Dmpsy, Flaposure or Imprudence In Loll
Also—Cbrimic Constitutional Disorders, &e.
In this prepahnion are insanely Concentrated all the
Medicinal propertie of Sanmpanlia, combined "nth
the most et - cont.! AI N, the most salutary producuom,
the recut potent simples of the vegetable kingdom; and
It ha. been so fatly mated, not only by patients them
;wives, bat al ab by phyaicians, that it has received.
theirunquabfied recommendations and the tipprobts.
non of the public; and has eataldiahed, on its own
merits, a reputation Mr vons and MICACT far nap e .
nor to Me various compounds bearing the name of
Paraaparila. Disc.. bane been cured, snob no are
not furnished in the *conta of time past, - and what It
has already done fortthe Monsen. who have used it,
It is capable ef doinrfor the millions aull suderlng and
mantisng with disesse. It purifies, cleanses, and
strengthens the fountein spring. of life, and inf..'
new "rmor throughout the whole animal frame.
The follownig striking, and—ss will be seen—per.
nument rum of an Inveterate ease of Scroll., rem
mends Itself to all aindlarly of
Sorrustars, Coma, Jaa.l,
Menu. Smdss Gentlemen, Sympathy for the alAtet.
ed induce. me to inform you of the remarkable core
erected by your Sanspartll., in the ease of my wife.
She was severely entitled with the Scrofula on diner.
eat part. of the body; the glands of the neck were
greatly enlarged, and her limbs numb awollen. Arles
matfeffp fus ed , year, and Gilding TIO relief from the
mmedtthe disease attacked one leg, and he
low tho knee suppurated. Her physiei. advised ii
should be laid open, which was done. bat without any
permanent bedear In this altuatiou we
of. end
were reduced's, use, Sonde Sannipanlla. The Gm
bottle produced a decided and favorable effect. fthe•
Ing'ber morn than my prescription she had ever taken
and before she used six battles—to the astoniehment
and delight of her friends—she found her health quilt.
restored. It is now over a year since the core was ef.
famed, and her healtlvremaina good, showing dim the
disease thoroughly eradicate d the wslell2.
Oar neighbo was
rs arc all knowing to these facts, and Min)
very highly of Sands'ilassaparills.
Yours with respeo; JULIUS PIKE.
Extract from a letter received from Mr. N. W. Her
ds, a gentlemen well known in Loofa's. Vu
! Gentlemen, I have eared a negro boy of mule with
year Sarsapa ri lla, who was attacked with Scrofula, and of a serofelons
“Yours, truly, N. W. HARRIS.
"Predolekallall, Va., July 17, ISM"
Sors , l4.4mour...—la seems almost nue meas.
ry to direct attention to an article w' well known, and
Jan deservedly popular, as this pmpanation, but peUent.
flen wile watt to use the °street of Sessapuills; are
ladomd m try wonltlesscompounds hearing the name,
hat contairliug little or stone of the virtue of Ibis rats.
able root; and wo thibk we c.not roofer a greater
benefit on our reedetslhan in directing them attention
!to the advertiscmc OM the Messrs. Saud; In another
-- The battle has recently been enlarged to
dart, and Moan who wish a really good article
concentrated ln this all the medicinal value
mt, The experience of tbouaands has proved
_Jay in taring the various diseases for which it
___mmended; and al the ptcsent num mote than
any other, perhaps, is thls medicine imeful, in prelim
ring the system for a change of acaaon.—lllome door
pai, Sept. MM.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retell. by A. B. a
D. SANIII., Druggiot and Chemist, MI Fallon street,
Corner of Willism New Vork. Sold also by Drug
gists genenallythriughout the United States end
eda. Price lllJper ImUla; sa bottles farad.
For sale by L. WILCOX., Jr., It. A. FAIINESTOCII
& CO., and EIMVA RI) FENDERICII, Pittsburgh. Al.
0. he Ih. S. SMITH, Bridgwater. Idclis.dendivrl
ORION MONTAGUE, Pr a Yonno Chtittian 1
i , hoice:Narrat. re loand-d on the Emil hiamry
at a Malawian Missionary; by C. D. Aforumer; one if
to. vol., mash.
Modern Literature mid Literary Men, being a ie.-
and G ally•ry of Literary Pealrflll/. by (Norio ...111111an;
rear Load cadre from the London edition, Ono largol2
mo vol,
11y n.e. Dictionary of Maclyines. he, Nq G.
Ulric Z +Male, thy 13 w REID:Mr, by Ayr DlVise;
1 101 19 mo, muslin. •
Anecdotes for rho Voting... Principles Wounded
by Facts; compiled by for 1.1 Smith, 1 vol 111 ma ma-
Woorungo to Yonth,ntggested by the Ilittory of re
on Ole sorlphoe obiyaci•rs. lty Robert Mown; 1
.118 mo, tottOin. -Pas solo by
Pl__ No NI Apodo 'Radium Foonh atm,
)IPIIY & lIURCLIFIELD have received a lure
:OA assortment of Repka`a Cotton Pummel. Wear for
Men and &eye, eo well known for durability of role
'and wear. Also,
:Wool Caulmares 6141 Tweeds, ie a great variety of
etyles and needle..
Perma wanting say article in thin line wi:l be libe
1, to be suited of the none east corner of Poona and
Market streets.
Comm Merebants and mbar, will remember W.
Murphy'. Wholsmie Roams, op atain—entnnee
Croeircelmb anat. apt
=~ -----k•--x
VOL. XVII. NO. 219.
Wilke IFlsunels, all Er I
Red do do
Yellow do
Brown' do do
Brack Sennett,
Steel mixed do
Blue do -
I Drab do
Black ClLRidltre.
Fumy do
Fancy Tweeds.
Soper Black Broad Ciotti.
Soper Browu do
Soper Greco do
Super Twilled do
Super Black Doe Skins.
Soper Drab Caskimerck
Super Brown do
Super Black do
Caltromia Blankets.
Scarlet do
Blue do
Drub do
. Rine DrOIN
Blue De.miag
Raoar Concoradeg aL ai
offered at Factory Priam
Dokteieague Ehintar.
Check.. and &ripest, soy
"r7= Good
Red Padding, tepe:;10;
Vest Padding, Bookram,
. TatiersVansambeavy do ;
Drown Llarna, &Rota's
Drab d
Sew, bloat do. s it
ar wormed;
Black and Waite 'tape;
Mark Twist, Drab do'. •
Linea Checks and Drub;
Stuart's 0 cord VI Co o,o;
do Linen Thread, A
artootiOr ankle;.
tAl . trigle . d Wallop;
Broaro Holhold st'g
%Moos, Cravats, e. &a.
'arehousa, No 187 Woad •.
Groin Bilging.
Brown brills;
A I the liltunicaeturers' V
tl Marl
riIHE OFFI C EIof tho
America, has been rei
east of Wood..
arum, Company of Nortk
•• ved to No. 141 Froot ay,
The nu riert er, agent for
arbte Company, veld tame
their content•, and on shim
Steam Boma and other yen
r the above old and respon
e Policies on Doildiotic and
imams of Marchand.; by
DEGS leave to Inform his friends and customers that
AP he Millet receiving ht new • wing stocker Geode s
comprising, as usual, all the newest and mom fashion
:llB.BJ l i eLo n f CI oth s, , C s ass i s m e a r e n 1.. f v a e t4y . y u es cl t=
for gentlemen's wear keeping and summer.- It being
impassible to describe the beauty, quality, or siumnitY
of the stock, the proprietor hopes all who are In want
of good, cheap, fashtrumble, and well made clothels.
wiII /rive bon a pidl, as there i• no stock this *lda of
the Alleghenies teal tan compare with it.
The readymadc department is veiTestertelm
h ad.,.
tad to all taste..
flail road contractors, country merchants, and all
who purchase largely, are particularly Invited to at.
amine the stock befuse purchasing, as Pattiaallu
Menem is paid to the wholesale busmeas In this estab
theEery aniele in an d ng lino nada to s horty[
mon lubionabl but mune., at the
notice. men
_ .
rigrot for artan and Remtery. of Property to
trAVINO spent nearly a year in the variMas Re
latelAcrd Offices, National Llbrary, On., dling his
visit to England, invougating ro e post.,
in this country, and having tenured efficient and ro
ornarible Agents in London and Manchester, ho la
prepaprepared to afford all mcmsary Informxtion and ad•
co ce to permnsry. who seek to recover their properly In
J. L. keep. a list of die Batik of England Dividend
Books, whirl, may he examined for 50 cents, or 23 for
each letter of the Alphabet.
References In Horton,
C:l3 F. ADAM, Notary Pobbe3
HENRY K. MAY, tim;
Itonssasat lilwasnotal
AFULL supply of China Pearl Rough and Ready,
Rutland Braid, Mamma Braid, and other styles
and Market streets,
of Soo open
by at Lau north east earner north
=RPM' &
Alto—Fare Flowers and Bonnet Caps, of new and
handrail. styles. a•]
bonnet,, Bonnets,
A A. MAEON & CO., Nlarket St., between 3d and
LI, 4th, have jtpt reed, and are now opening, 31)
eases Bonnets; among which arc Jimmy Lind, rearl
Florence and Pwiss Pedal Braid, Latins,Bagllsh Dan.
mantes, lingiish Straws, Bough and Ready, and a ir
Itlral variety or alllonlitles nad Wens. - ao3
4nerning—Chinn Peat), Cohere. Florence Braid,
Coop, 'Drab and White.) Mined Braid, and other styles
no Farley Banners. Alto—
FLIATF.R.S AND CAPS, in great Terleor.and at ex
ceedingly low prieen
China Pearl 'Sonnet. so lawns an eat e. raPAI
to tor ..1a by A. 11. 'English i V.
So 79 Wood .....
Chestnut Gollege, a H to y
nthor n of "TO yib O
tsaeat oTTehaecohien t
•''The Groat Gortnnissina,"
The Great Commlstion ; or the ChHinlian Church
Constitute,' and Clouted In Censer the Gospel to
Toad. Ily thu D 11, "
oreenet,-tab SVII.II an 111
mon," "T
y.......0r0yi11it0n It. Wa ll i n ms,-D. 1/odlsciory
lt , ttega; or thc Gltuots of the Nile.' By William
The elcrey Set. Thoughts Surge... by the Lord'.
Prayer. By Gardiner baring, D.D, Putter of the'
Book Presbyterian Church, City of New York.
The extent of the Atonement in its relation in God
.and the Universe. Ity Them. IV. Jonkyri, D.
President of Coward College, London.
M. Primeval; or the Consttio and Primitive
Condition of the Human Being. itu A n
contribution to
Theological Science. By Rev. John Harris, D. D.,
President of Chestnut College.
The Church in Fern.t. By John Angell Jamey._
author o("Toe Church Members. Geida," tc
'F. Elements of Pnlincal Economy. By PrencLs
arleng, D. D., President of Brown UaiversitY r and
Professor of Moral Philosophy.
Republic. Christianity; or Tree Liberty, as en.
hibited in the Life, Precepts, and Early Doiclples of
toe Crcet ReJsenne. By E. L Magoon, author of
- Proverbs fat the People," "Living OrCOlll of Miami
ea c.
:sketch.- end Rinnhles By I T. Headley.
proa e re s f.r rte pe.le; or Illustretlons of Practi
cal tiontincei, Drawn from the Beek of Wisdom. By
- e: hlkgonn. apll
Cli/Seitte et rnWircrtrpesetlption once
ljUhiveree. By Mega nderllon Humboldt. kßye !Lime.
!genial. of the Liia of Will el
J. P.
KentledT: new edition.
Mcmoira of the Life end Writ a f Thom. Mel.
D. D. Ily his eau in low, R %Valiant Liz: u-1
L. L D. 3 vole
Sketcheu of Minnerne, the New England or the
West, with Incidents of travel in that Territory &nick
the simmer 011.49, in Owe parts. By E. 5. Bey:lour, '
with a map.
.Paley'a Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy.
Ival P2mo.
Fairy Book, Muir.. with nut.. wood. By
Ppares foneriem Bic/raptly, 10 vols Mao, 70 centa
per volume.
The Whale and hi. Captor', or the Wheleman's Ad.
'minaret and the Whales Biography. Ey !I. T.
Cheerers, with engraviirna,B3ueoUt.
Redhurn, his rim Voyagn, being the eller boy: eon
(ewe]. and reralniuccneey of the eon of a uentlemon
hi the merchant neretee. Itylleniaan /Melville, author
of 'iTy per,'“VolLOo," O.
The Modern lino=h Pluiareh, or Meta of Igen
tin bed in the I n vent liiiitOry of EngLutd, for their
Tel ma, Virtue, or A chterement, By W. C. Taylor,
L. L. D. taw, Am. S.S. Book, on hand and (areal., by
Suceesrors of ELLIOTT dc ENGLISH,
' No. 7D, Wood at
Powd eet Powder!
160 KEGS Do Pout's FFFG Hindi
qr kegs co do do,
10 do Ilaaley Mite. BFFO Rifle; \
000 do V, FF, &a, Blasting:
1100 do Lento's &Smith's rased Blastula;
200 do do do Mining. extra;
310 do do do N Y Rift.;
WO do do do American Rifle; •
lOU t and t kegs do do;
10 eased cannier, do do;
JO do do Prairie Shooting:
- 10 do do Deck do;
3 tibia Palmy roagarine and to ar.
nye: all of which it OtlelCd to the trade do the moat
favorable terms. Del,veratile at all hoard of the day.
The quality and variety-of the C.nister Powder to the Otenons of tilt:rumen. •
._•P 2 J. C BIDWELL, Agent.
BLensaresi, Va., March 8,1850.
NR. R E SELLERS-.I bare dirpored of all
id dos of the Verns the
lel Cough Syrupifirge. and Liver PiCs you sent me, and'
I have seed all your Family 'Medicines m my family.
and have also meet/bee them in my practice; I am'
very much pleaved 'verb them, and be
our Von:riling ;es found nothing
Co equal i hem. iced rue Iloz of, and
'lto arm each or the Liver Pills an d Cough Syrup.
Respectfully yours,
[Extract of Letter.] T. T. daces:oh
Those bighlrpopular medicines may be had of the
proprietor, E SELLERS, 27 Wood st i and Druggicts '
',generally to the two cities and vicinity. ape
C O3MOB, a Sketch ors Physical deveriptian Nth. Ud row, by Hamholit; 2 • dr, and Paper.
:rachm of IlLemma,slis Now Euglaud oftlie Wag, hy.,_
8 &plume, with MeV vol, Cloth sod Pa?er.
Idfs and Ounitspondeum or Men ;Souther, No 2.
Raphael, or Pages from she Dock of Lae at Meaty, by
Rise, Imo( Life mid Wntiori of Thar Chalmers, D 0,12 y
W Hamm, D D; vol t, elub. For sal, by
lea 138 1dings,Fauselt at
Chureb Musk, Edited by George Kingsley, A.
non or Social Choir. Juvenile Choir, &e, lee.
Sabbath School Ger. ofMusical:ld Poetry, designed
ehapx nk ressly for the Sabbath Scheel; by J. & A. Cora
s _
A new Treatise on Astrononlyi and the Use of , be
Brehm, la two parts. Containing Astronomic. 'and
ether definitions; armories and potatoes althea/2n moon
and planets: Kmdet's law. and Theory of Graviiation,
tefraetton,Tvrilight, and Paradox, I.:animation., Pew
dwdr, Illitances; Phenomena, sad Magaltudes of rho
heavenly Bodies composing the Solar System, be.;
M thoao, art exte U
of thenalve cohesion of the mostasefol Plots
(Babes. Illmuirmil
for We
ali!e satiety of Examples, ,ke ; designed for the line
of fish School. and Academies. •Lly JiAla Idelna re,
M. L., Professor of Mathematic. nod Astronomy in
Me Central High kohool, of Baltimore..
Dock . •
Deck and Port, or Ineident. of nernise in the United
Stater Frigate Counter., to California; with Sketch..
oflliciJauctro, Lima, flonos. and Ban
PI.CiKA. Ely Ho e. Wither S. N,;
or :Hap sad Shore, ao. For Web],
Succeoors t !L. o
N 0.117 IVonts omit.
April Elagasharm mod -Now' Rook..
Turn Slued; apposite the t'. Mee. -
GODE','S Lad 7 2 .1 Book, for April;
Graham'. Magatletr, de
dartaln's do do-
Lodi.' Notional do do
Holden's Dollar do do
Illtiekmood'a Magazine, for February. .
Wane Jacket or me- orld to a BiamorWar. Her-
man htelville'a dew nrork. - Mahorriet add Iflaerie.
mama; by Walblneme Irving; well 1.---New Eng
landp.altry Breeder; with twenty Ste accurate ea.
irniunda--Art loomed, for Febroury and biszeb--.
Webster's and Calm nose treeechea, to pamphlet fond-
Copperbeid; Ly Dickeus.----7116
Family; a Comedy.—Explazioliona. and thatory_ of
the Rochester Knoekina,---Coa Clegan, theletalt
Oil Bray by Later.—asbrtra Cashel; by Lorer..--
History of readelmiri by Thackarey; Pro
deary , of Neehaider; Engine Work and Eriiireedr
ilia; put 4 .—Dark.Ossaus of Illsreni
• •
.. ,_„~ ~