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: “ ~SOOKS< BOOK!I ..
inform'd lithe FKKSBYTKRIANfcOOK BOOH,
' iSSw Wood atieet, Md frr aale atEaitentprieec
Townsend 1 * Arrangement
-/SSmhS. of the ObrUtian RcU
rknrch Milton 1 * Treatise on CetUunfl Doc
friSuLbeef Jeremiah F.rart*. i'Jtq- UoUnson'i Creek
: Harmony of the f»o«p<l** do Rngluh do do, Seou'i Bi
: Lie 0 xoi*. Be won edition; Faneha jjhie Gazetteer,
laSoEmi if Fro.i«m Dr. Wood’. Ltc.
!2SrlnsiStol«.iiil«’i.m. ««>*’• Mi«ioa.ryil..rr.
:"oSi“dour -o,k h in .dd.a.o
ito the abore, aU airecia. . no ..
rrate“’KX*T> i > p F* T^BD UKffIH, - ACEE-
T LEGIItfYY.AND VICINITY, will Ins ready for
; {he engraver is 10 day*. Feraeß* who may wiah to
hnveTiewa of their eoantry «e*l» pal on the map eaa
dooobrmakia**ppl«atioato the nndemgned, any
. timo before It* 24ib inat, To defray the ezpenao of
the view* nil be rec aired in addition
;to the priee of the bus. tidtlO r K McGOWAN
*o the public* |
I * BOOTfour yean since, I was traveling through
: A the Slate of Ohio; while ipending a few daysla
ifittroa, I discovered a" singular Metalie substance,
sed atbsequentfy learned that it had been known for
| yean. and tapposed to be of no use or value, bat from
IIU aallbrsdiy of texture and singular appearance, 1
w*» led to believe ii might be made useful, bat for
what purpose 1 had not the least Idea.- 1 commenced
S’ experiment* by burning U, boiling iu, and palver*
ag it, and compoaeding it with ranoa* aabslanecs;
and oo strong vu tay confidence thtUbere waa value
la It,- that ! gave np my entire time and mean*, tn the
. ptoeeestion of those experiments; and Troo that time
to this, l have attended to soother business; at the ex*
plrutlon of abouitwo yean, I finally discovered, that,
by reduetsg it to a fine powder and mixing It with lin
seed oil toabqut the consistency of thick paint, and
applying this eon pound with a brash, that this coating
is a few would beeotao a perfect stone or
elate} aothat the substance wbenappuedwa* actually
slate In a liquid state, and the large amount of siliea,
■taaun* | «n*rn»,ia »nit Mf koviue of iron that It con
tained, rendered it boin weather and fire proof; as the
longer exposed, the harder and more permanent It
.seems to become,- snd os tae coating lifter it tarns to
'Stale) is of itself indestructible by fire, consequently it
.protects the wood covered with it from the air, and
when there is no air, there It no blase or combustion;
the relore the wood will actually char, before the slate
cowring will give way.
1 considered the discovery of the greatest import*
aoce, and applied toUovernmentforapaieslformy
snw»*4on or discovery, fondly hoping-that l icould
now be remunerated for all my outlay in lime and mo*
aey. The government, without any hesitation, grant
ed to m 6 Letters Patent (or the sole right to manufac
ture, sell and use my improvement in ihe manufacture
of a "Weather and Fire Proof Composition or Arti
ficial Slate,” fir fourteen years.
Anglin 14, ib49.
WE, the inhabitants of Shiran, hav eed the above
statement of Mr. Uluke, and believe ho be substaa*
tially correct, u we are knowing to nuist of the state-
Bents therein contained; and we will farther state, that
wn do not believe that mere ever waa a patent more
honestly and laboriously earned, or more deservedly
granted; as be panned his experiments with the mmt
/ndomiiabto perseverance under the most discouraging
dreams lancet, as the public hsd not the least conh
daneo that there could be any thine valuable made
from the substance, lie therefore had to encounter for
yean the Jeers and tcolls of nearly the whole commn
nlty. Notwithstanding all this, bo wat indefatigable
in the prosecution of his experiments, and we do not
believe that there is one man iuathousandwho would
have persevered under all the circumstances. Bat he
has at last triumphed over all obstacles, tail we be
lieve there is now bat ono opinion in awarding bun
the merit of this valnablo discovery,
l GLO. W. CRANE, •) Justices of
» LEWIS a C HATFIELD, 1 Trustees
R. W. MILL, > m Of
BENJAMIN JONE, 4 Township.
WIL EVERETT, Township Clerk.
ALLEN HOWE, Treasurer.
I have ascertained that there are Individuals engaged
' In diggthg, grinding, and preparing for sale, the above
mentioned Mineral, to be mixed with oil, nnd used pre
cisely as 1 u*o my patented artiele. I navebeen to
those persona and shown them uy patent. They say
they do not intend to infringe or trespass upon my
, rights; that they have a right to dig, grind, and tell the
powder, if they can And purchasers; that they are not
bound to know what they are to do with itj that It u
no infringement antit it is mixed with tho ©U to make
the compound; «md that those who buy, mix and use it,
must toko the responsibility. Most of them say that
they behove that the patent Is good against those that
mix and use the compound, and some have said that
what they wanted to use they should eenainly purch
ase of me. as they did'not intend u> make themselves
liable in any way. Now I feel myself in duty bound to
expose this barefaced fraud upon the public; as I eon
call It by no milder name, where a man sells and re
ceives par foT an artiele, the use ofwbiehbe well
knows subjects the purchaser and user to a prpseeu
. tion and dne. Some of those who ore engaged in this
nefarious traffic, will unquestionably contend tome
publie that my patent will not stand, and that i dare
not prosecute. Now, to take this argument away from
.arm, I went to some of those who were proclaiming
that my patent was of no value, and made the follow
ing proposition: that they mlghtseleciajudgeacdtwo
lawyers who hava had some practice in patent cases,
and we would submit tho paten* to them, aud If they
decided that the patent was good, tbatthey should stop
all farther proceedings in the business; but if they
, should deeine that it would not, in their opinion, hold,
I would agree to let them go on and sell all they could,
without saying any iimig to the public about them.
This proposition they would not accede to. So far a*
the validity of my patent is concerned. I do not de
pend entirely upon my own judgment, although 1 have
' the foiled confidence in it; bat I have submitted it to
•' many of the judges, and several of the 'most eminent
patent lawyer*, who have, without exception, decided
tbal in their opinion it was good, awl would proiectme
in my discovery.
I grind the artiele to n fine power, and pat it up in
barrels, the wbiekare marked: m ßuiks , s Fatxxx Fax
aio Wuran Fsoor abtitsisl Siaix."
I therefore give notice to all who buy and use the
above mentioned mi neral for the purpose set forth in
my patent, except from roe or my authorised agent*;
that I.shall bold them to a strict accountability, and.
■hall commence suits at law against those who thus
infringe upon toy right. WM. BLAKE
StfABOS, Medina Co, 0., Ang. 14,1819.
njTWOTQNB of the above Fire and Weather
Proof Artificial Slate on hands and for sale. The
above we can recommend, for we have been using it
tor some 4 years, and know it to be whut it in m forth
in every particular. J. A 11. FHILLIPtVAgt.
norffiOm No 5 Wood a
F. H. EATON & CO.,
80. fill Fourth Street, Pittsburgh,
Have now in Store their full assortment of
Tiimmicgs, Glovu, Hosiery anil Lace Goods
ADAPTED to ffitf wants of every elus* of Merchants
nnd Consumers. No pains hove been spared to
present the newest and most fashionable style of
Goods in their lure. Their slock consists'in parioflhe
following: _
Ftlnrss and. Gimps, of every - Variety; new stylei
figurea Galiooos Algerine and Imperial Druids; wide
'and narrow Stla and Wonted Embroidering Uraidi
figuted and cut Velvet Jlibhom; plain do doi Cordm
Mantua and plain Satin Ribbons, for trimtoing; blark
white and colored Silk Luces; extra wide do do, foi
Bounces; with a full assortment of Dress Dutton*
Dresses Pinked, Stamped or Embroidered to order.
Embroidered Lure and Muslin Capes, Chemisettes,
Breakfast and Return* Capa and l|alf Sleeves, FVeneh
■Worked Collars aad Cads, in great variety; L»ee Veils,
Lappets and Opera Ties; Mourning Chemisettes, Col
ianTbuffs and Half SleeTet; Linen Laarn lldKfs
plain embroidered and bemsiilched do, plain Linen do,
real thread Laces and Edgings; lm. do do; Bobbin,
; | f i4fr Lace Muslin and Cotton Edgings and luseriings.
Bieh near atyle Bonnet Ribbons, French Faee Flow
rn>, BooneC'/siis, Velvets, Ba'ins and Florences, SUk
Ulßcioiu and ifuieious, Bonnet Frames and Tips.
Beit BUUUiCietaic, jnotx ipprored Jasteningir
did ecu color*. Au extccsjve aaoruacaialway
•o bead.
A mat variety of Silk, Wool, CoUojj, Merino and
Cashmere, for Ladies and Misses; Tartan Haul*, and
a mil assortment other styles fancy and plain Child
ren’# Ho»e; newest style* Infant*' Boot* and Sock*;
Gents’ Grampian, Vigonia, Merino, Cotton and fixe
Wool Ualf Hose.
A fall assortment for men, women and children,
among which arc Derby Bibbed, Folosellc and . plain
1511 k: ribbed and plain Cashmere: Chamois Lined Ber
lin: Cutimere, Alerino, Fur-lined Bearer, heavy and
' fine Bnekskia, Military nnd Lisin Thread and Cotton.
gacb a« Ladies’ ami Children’* Hoods, Children**
Woolen Sack*, Knit Scarf* auditoa*. Children’* Gait
ers and Long Mill*, Worsted Caff*, Knitting Worsted*
and Woolen Yams, California Comfort*; also, fine
Cashmere Scarfs, for Ladies.
Zafcvr and Tapestry Worsteds, Canvass Patterns,
Hess Mid fciinb’g tills, Bristol and perfd Boards, Pa
per Mower Materials, Lamp Mats, Tidies, umi Km-
Ereldered Work. Also—Lucie* - S'lk nml Merino \e»ti
fiyl Drawere; Embroidered Sacks aadPlaunels, French
WotfcedCapsond tt’aLu (or Infants; and Swan's-down
Mae Shirts, Cravat* and Collars; Merino, Silk and
Cotton Wrappers and Drawers; Hnspeoders, ShuFdrr
Braces and Dressing Gown*; Silk and Linen Hdkis;
Gloves and Hosiery.
French patterns carved and plain Shell Buck Combs;
Buffalo ud lm. do; Shell sine and Combs; Im.
do; Buffalo. Satin and Boscwood liair Bru-hrs; Shell,
Buffalo and Lug. Horn Dressing and ban ivory Combs;
with an assortment of Hail andTceUi Broshes.
WctheulTs "Gold Modal” perfumery.
, Needle*, Pio*. Tape*, ' Steel liax» asdPaiie*,
Bottonraod Steel floods Berlin Wire Bs*Veu,
| PttnsTiristuil Sewing*, f-ii.e BoecwuoJ peekiand
Coat lltadiags k. Galloou*. Fancy W'ork.liatkets
Cloak Cord and Taijeli, ronT»lio*,-i'apienret and
| Jltiad fc Shade Trimming*, Ladle*’ Stationary,
& Uanacr T**ieU, French Cork Solce,
dJr»ohte«r , » PniißeS Silk t Giug’m Umbrella*,
! 2Jaf Aioett, atf'd widths Paper Maitiaai Hollands,
: y./ij»*h till Cloths. . Bailie Uanil* & Webbing,
! ! Fil'd Cbiatf Binding, Cor*et aud Shoe lmeet*.
• TCTFi^^Airp/
0.,.1»KTa»l UAityKTa!!—Kcc'd VV.a«‘-
tyintoek’* Carnet Warehouse, No. ?j fourth it, &
fartheraa|>ply of Carpal*,'of U.e lateit ud irmuop.
i nf«ved styles, to wotcli u-o invite the attr.uuoo ol
: Sefskltoatiaeil, tutd those wishing to Jantuih House n
Ha eaJl undeiajaiite the largest tumrimeut imho cur,
, —are frill tell cheaper, than ever Ireture oifrred in
(he western rpasfcel. W M'CHIKTOOK
Jloarnißi Lons SbtvU
tttt (l; jtIUUPiIY iii»» icc'd ft supply of the above
*V • a*iiele,of Use l«ft yusltiyi ureo'j pla.u Elack
lUifeei Loaf Bhawl*; l>lvi iloiabni;uei, Mourning At
-1 Persian Ciolfc, black Cobalts, I’sriuciuj,
_J. Cashmeres, Mous do Lain* and French .Mcnnot, b.ack
Crarsu and Mourning Collars, Mourning lionnet Rib
boat neck do, and ft full of Mourning
' A large assortment, including a few were* very wide
aad superior. {layers are invited w lark »t them, »i
1 North East eontet of Fourth and Market »u.
- Wholesale Boom* up atairs, where a largo n**ort
meal of New Goods has lately been received [it van
W« have been informed by Mrs. Ro*e of aenre ptf
fforaedonher byDri Jaynt’a AltoraXlr*,which
nrove* iu reperioniy over every oilier remedy of the
• Jh*4 She baa been afflicted for the iait sixteen years
Sril*'N«Cßo3Edor WHITE 3 WELMNUS, attended
with and enfotiaiion of various bonrs.dn
naa which urn* Hi arty pieces hare been dire barged from
rfca uontftl boftooi toe cranium, from both her arms,
■Tnauasd band* .and from both legf, and from U>e left
femora, bo Be. and from the right*ba«nfßJ
■lwiSßStarr pam of Ur person, which bare baffled
?hn .kiU at a aft abet of tbo moitemrocniphyaicmnsof
ilariax most of **> *«*« saferiagsbaTe
been exenuaOflf and deplorable. Aboot three moolis
S£K»3«lwf»w; Dr. Alarju.c,
»hJch kb Ud u iiuMiMutlr tpppy effccl "pod her,
hr remorinj «j] p«ln tnd nrcll ciuißf ih.
Ml" •"■"D™ wrrenwMheMtl
SSSnyfe M .*• OT» rn **°«*
e AUtte Medtelae* advertmed by W.B. SLOAN
t Wood street, ud JOILN F. SCOTT
Lifvcnyrt, Pittsburgh.
“"•“ogham, by JOHN a. SMITH.
Tb« B«|t ud Cbcaptit Horn HadJeln*
Hat* tnmtda prat nsmi. Far purity, ITildnm.Baft
if,and T\or(,u[knat, SLOAN’S OINTMENT Bixrit
And it rapidly superseding all other Ointments.and
Liniments new in ore for the core of the following dis
Fresh wounds, galls of all kinds, sprains, braise*
cracked heels, rtngbone, wind bone, windfalls,. poi
erU, callus, spavins, sweener, fistula, si Hast, strain*
lameness, sand crack, foundered feel, scratches ot
grease mange or horse distemper. -
The Pmw.r win tmflwi «niwfl»mfw>,j rn «n4fgrpr
.purify the blood, ioooen the skin, eleanae the water
and strengthen every part of the body: and h&proved
a sovereign remedy lor the following diseases:
Distemper, bids bound, loss of appetite, invar*
yrilow water. Inflammation of the eyes, fatigue
from hard exercise; also, rheumatism, (commonly cal
led stiff complaint,) which proves so fatal to many val
nable horses in this country. It is also a safe and eer
taJnremfcdyforesughiandeold* which generate so
many fetal diseases. W. B. SLOAN,
Grand Depot,4oLake at, Chicago, Illinois.
Extraet from the “Galena North Western Gazette.’,
By the use of Sloan’s Ointment and Condition Pow
der, I have entirely eared a fistula on my horse and
otherwise' irooroved his condition more «h"" 500 pc
cent, on the cost of the me&cine And a cowwhica
was so feeble as to be considered worthless br myself
and neighbors,waj restored to good health and strength
by the use of less than half a package of the powder,
aud-is now doing better than any other cow I have.
Small Pox, May 13,1545. WM. VINCENT.
I-hereby certify- that one of ay children, when n>
led, fell into a larjre fire of lire coals, and was burned
severely from'bead to feet. The best of medical aid
and attention was given to the child for foar or five
days without'any relief—each day's *afferinrs increas
ed till his groans eould be heard at a (treat distance, at
which critical period one of my neighbor* recommen
ded and presented to me a box of Sloan's Ointment
and In less than fifteen minutes after the application
. of the ointment to the aggravated sores of the sufforlni
! child, the pain ceased entirely, and he speedily began
j to recover. My residence is in Kelt township, Vcr-
L million county, and Stateof Indiana. -
i ■ : ” • TUEOCO&E L. TAYLOR.
BTJIKF. | Chicago, August S 4» IBIS.
April 13,1815. Four miles north of Chicago (on the
road to MUwankle,) Cook eoanty, Illinois. • •
Mr. Sloan—Dear Sir: One ol my horses had a large
bony tumor on his breast bone, immediately under the
collar, which lamed him and rendered his services ot
very little value.- I fluibfully applied several bottles
of Dr. Taylor's Nerve and Bone Liniment, without the
least benefit. I then procured Wilder’s Celebrated
Horse Ointment, and used that until I became fully
satisfied that it would never relieve the ■"""■• Fi
nally 1. obtained a box ol your truly valuable Oint
ment. and in less than'CO days from' lbs first applica
tion the tumor entirely-disappeared, and the horse was
If popular opinion is any criterion of the worth ofaa
article, we Invite the incredulous to read at least a few
of the many voluntary certificates that appear in oar
columns respecting the great variety or remarkable
cures effected by the use ol “Sloan’s Celebrated Oint
ment and Condition Powders.”
These remedies no longer remain among these of
doubtfol utility, they have passed from the tide of ex*
periment, and now stand higher In reputation and an
becoming more extensively used than all othar art
ales of the kind.—Mich. City News.
Fox Rtvta, June 12,1818.
Dear Sloan—Sir: Please seed by the bearer a new
supply of year Horse Medicines. They are the best
articles of the kind that I have ever used, never hav
ing been disappointed in their effeet, as I nave bean is
the use of others, oven the most celebrated Oiatmeiua
Liniments, Ac., of the day. I like very much this fea
ture in them, vtx: that they do all that is promised, and
upon a thorough trial on* is eonlrained to add, that
“half has not been told."
Respectfully, M. DUDLEY.
The ordinary ointments and liniments it is wal
known are severe and partial in their operation.—
Sloan's Ointment is mild yet thorough—it reaches and
reaoves-the cause, hence it gives real and permanent
relict For-purity, mildness, safety, certainty, and
thoroughness, Sloan's Ointment excels and is rapid!)
rurperccding alt other Oinunenu and Liniments now
in ase.
Beesx'i Gbovx, UL, Oct Ci, 1849.
Mr. .Sloan—Sin I have tested the virtue of yam
Ointment in the cure of rattlesnake bites, sore throat,
bums, and many other injuries, and in every ease it
has surpassed our expectations. As a family Oint
ment, I hove never* seen its equal, and for beasts w«
can’t get along without it i
Yours, ic., { MILES M. JOHNSON.
Mr. Sloan—Dear Sin For a considerable length of
ime I was seriously afflicted with the rheumatic com
plaint. add applied freely the various liniments, palm
killers, >!<*., without obtaining any relief. After which
your sg. nl at tins place influenced me to try yeui
Ointment, and within two weeks from the time ream*
menced using it, the pain eeasril, and I was effectually
cured, and shall recommend all who are similarly at
dieted with the distressing complaint, to procure you»
excellent ointment withcul delay.
Resp'f yours, OSCAR F. MOTT.
Prineejnlle, Peons co n May 1,1848.
tD* From the Hon. IL V. S. 'Brooks,' Agent ol the
Illinois and Michigan Canal -Paeket (lost Company,
i Cmcxoo, Jane St, 134®
Dr. W.B. Sloan—Dear Sir: For the last 30 years I
have had occasion to ase many horses, and have used
the grant variety of liniment* and ointments iu ase,
but have never found any thing equal to your oint
ment foij injuries on bersee. Within the last two
months ll have applied your ointment to some Mi horses,
for variqus injures, and in every instance it has pro
ved a sovereign remedy.
Two miles south of Chicago, Sept. 14,19t9.
Dr. Slhan—Sir: On the Sth instant my .son had a fin
ger bluer entirely off by* horse. We immediately ap
plied your celebrated ointment, whieh relieved bun o I
pain in n!few minutes, and prevented the finger from
swelling the least particle, and the wound is healing
tepidly. ; Resp’y yours, 8. UROCKWAV*.
Mr.Sloan—Dear Sir About three years ago I was
severely injured in one of my lees by TRe falling of a
pile of wood which occasioned large ranr.ihc ulcers.
Nearly ever)* doctor in-Galenu tried to cure them; but
tried in vain, until Ironi sympathy and improper trea*.
meni my other leg became as bad as the one original*
ly wounded, 1 despaired of ever being well agaju—
but in order that I might neglect oo means viihtr my
reach, I purchased of your agent iu Galena soa,e of
yourointment, and you eanjudge of my surprise ao 1
gratitude better than ! can express it, to find myse ll
entirely well!* faro I bad finished using the second br a
These fuels 1 make known that others aifiictod may
believe and not/elay using so valuable on .ointment
as yours has proved to be. RcipT your grateful fr*d,
. Galena, HI., DecMO, 1849. EVAN DAVIS.
Before the followirur order. Messrs. Vtuphn k. Co
purchased a large tupp'y of Sloan’* preparations.
Jscxsox, Mica. Feb. 91, le-19.
. 8. K. Hibbard—Dear Sir: I am eat of Sloan's Condi
(lon Powder nod Horse Ointment.' Tbe saletarex
«cib my expectation. If you eon manage to send me
( down Ointment, I will pay for them toe first tnx
that yoa are here, presame 1 shall be able to sell
a targe quantity in the eoerte'of the year. It wilt be
an object to yon, a* well as to myself u> keep me con
stantly supplied. Very reip'jr yours,
'. • , B.S. VACGHNtCO.
St. L«u, Fob. 12,1M9.
Dr. Sloan—Slfi About thro years ago, while rafting
on the Missiialppl river, in posting over the
was plunged into the water, and by .the raft dashing
against a roek, crushing my left lee and otherwise se
riouslylujunng me, so much that I lost all sensibility.
AVhea eDttscionineas returned I found myself in Sl
Louis, surrounded by tuy weeping family. Good nurs
ing and aid, enabled me in aboat two months
lohobhle around wuh the mssisiaaee of a crotch. Tbe
wounds only, partially heated, tearing large rename
•ores at the knee, which for many months discharged
blood and matter ofthe most offensive character. My
pains-were inexpressible, at times my suffering was
so great that death would have received a hearty wel
come. Fonnuately Mr. Wilson, (oneof my neighbors)
advised me lo try your Ointment. 1 obtained a box
applied it according in direction—tbe sores soon began
to assume a healthy appearance, and in three month*
1 was entirely cured, and enabled to do bard labor.
Your obedient servant,
We, tbe undersigned, neighbors of 11. W. Thomas,
were acquainted with the ease above stated, and know
ini' the circumstances, most Cheerfully confirm said
Thomas’ statement. REV J, DOUGLASS,
CmcAOo, Jan. Pih, 1819
\V. D. Rloan—Sin One of my hone* was hoof bound
and also wounded in the stifle, (nwblehhe took cold,
and became so crippled that he could scarcely travel.
Uy the free application of your valuable ointment, bis
hoofs vereaoon softened and ibe stifle permanently
cured. I have also used theOtntmaut io tbe ease of
Poll-Evil and on severe puli* wUh eqatl asreesa
Un 8 rousted Eager thol wiw very p*'otol, fiiopcra
tet) Ijkc a ebaro*. Yours, Ac, A.VaN UUDEN.
Fiona's Ointment aud Condition Powder are ac
knowledged by all who have used thgm to be the I e/t
remedy for horse* and cattle that has berm discovered.
Fresh wound*, galls.fpavins, bruises, ringbone, poll
r-vd. and lu short every ootward disorder or Injury can
be cured by thia wonderftil remedy.. The Powder l»
designed for inward slrains, distemper, hide bound,
Tongue from hard axerewe, diseased eyes,. Ac.—Lake
County Chronicle. ,
Wicxuvrs, Cook Co.Pcb. 13.1849.
Mr. Moan—Sir: I have a fine yoang horse -.that wa*
taken with the aonucha* last tail. I paJdool about
three dollurs for medicine to core him, bat be grew
worse. I then bought a box of yosr oifil-orfit at your
office when In Chicago lasi, rather doabiisgly, I'Ut t
thought I would try iu Judge ofay surprise and my
opinion of it* beneficial qualities, when 1 found my
hone's legs smooth and well in loajday* from tbs tune
1 commenced applying it. Yourobeilieni,
More than fifteen yean of unrivalled success in Ihe
cure of every variety of external diseases and injuries
anrb as svrains, Urui«es,cms, hums, calsiieonserup
ttoos. sore lips, sore breast*. chapped bands, chill
btnms, lide*, ulcers, corn*, p ftmj jh e back, sides, ct
other pans of the system, ratileinike bites, Ac- beuts
ample ie.i:mony that SJoao’s Ointment is just the thing
for ihe liiHir. Certificate. without number have been
received by the Proprietor from dlsintereslcd individu
als, giving details oi remarkable cures by its use.
- Granville, Milwankie eo. Wi*.. Oet. 11 iota
Mr. Slaun —OesrSir: Recently my horkes ranawa*
with a jog chain attached, which eut and atherwiM
injured seneu*ly, so much re that I eanadnred
my team ruine-d for business. Fortunately a friend to.
eoranlciidnl tbo n»e of yoor Ointment. 1 went to Mib :
waakie and purchased a box. It soon removed Ok
inflammation, am! In a fow.dsys die wnarul* healed
The great benefit derived from ibo are of your Oint
ment, on my horses, induced me io acquaint you with
the fact, believing its publicity woald benefit yon and
the public. Respectfully yonn,
find has become a common saying, that Sloan's
Ointment and Condi lion powder are rapidly superse
ding all other remedies for all diseases of horses aad
eauio. The beamy of the medicines consists intheii
parity.and safety, to wic they may bo used ever se
freely without any danger of taking cold, or any other
injury resulting front their freoaeni use, aad myer fen
19 eve if inuredUeas are followed. frlVwlyS
EemUAmnnal Bala of Dry Gooda,
at rax oxx ram* oon of
. A. A. MASON & CO.)
TTTILL commence ou New Year’s Day, isso, and
V T conunne through the month of JanuaryTcuring
which time the whole of their immense establishment,
(Including all their Wholesale Rooms,) will he thrown
ytn for Retail Trade; slid their entire Wholesale
Block will be offered at Retail, on this occasion, at
fully-oxt louxTU Ltn that! usual priees. -
Thei r Shawl Saloon contains more than 3000 Shawls,
comprising every description of Long and Bquare
'Jf®*£9k*»l*. c «shm er e,Br D ehe,Ae. Also, Vizeitcs,
Uoaks,ManuUas.Baeks, at on immense reduo*
uoa from usual prices.
Their stock comprises more than 1000 pieees Thibet
Cloths, Merinos, Pstamrtlas,!Alpaecas, Lyonese, Op
era aim Pelisse Cloths, will he sold from flu to 40 per
cent, lets than usual prices.
Also—3oo pieees rich plain and fig’d SiLliS, redu
ced 30 percent. 1
SO esses Cashmeres and De entire new styles.
Also—White Goods, Mourning do. Embroideries,
Laces, Ribbons, Gloves and Hosiery, Trimmings, Ac.
SO eases FI an nets, 70 eases new style Calicoes, 00 ca
ses Uleaebed Maslius, HW boles Brown do., TO bales
Tickings. Also, Cloths, Cum! me res, Jeans, Cassinetts,
Ae, at extremely low prices.
Together with an'immense variety of other Goods,
making an assortment one of the most extensive Iu
the country—all ol which have been marked down at
much lower prices than tbfir exiemive annual sale in
January lost , , .
They invite an early call, as miny of their choicest
Goods will bo sold.
IrpTte lowest price named otfinL
*7an3 A-A. MASON A CO,, 60 Market sl
“Norway Plata*” Blankets.
ttt R. MORPHY, at North East corner of Fourth
W « and Market streets, has lately received a sup
ply of the above superior make of Blankets, and in
vites those in wont of the article'to look ut them be
fore buying, lie has alio on hand Iloma Made Blan
kets, a good heavy article, which he is selling low.
Auo—Home Made FLANNELS, brown, burred and
white, of a superior quality.
Also—Twilled Scarlet FLANNELS, to whieh he
Invites me attention of buyers..
Jp-*A large supply or Goods'recently opened in the
Wholesale-Rooms, up stairs, makes his assortment
very fall and worthy the attention of dealers.
norl7 ’
Sellers 1 liver fills-was my doctor
,„„ „ „ „ Rutin, Pa., Sept 45,185®.
B«ll*f*—Dea!i Sir. I feel it U a duty l owe
m the public, as well as totbeereJit of your User
Pills, to slate the good effects produced by ineir use in
my own case. During the month of June, Ichs, I look
very unwell, my appetite failed, and my strength was
prostrated, with severe pain in my ride and
•houideri. I was told by medical men that my disease
was a severe atmek of liver corapialm. I took sere
i? 1 of M’Lane’s Liver pills, and tome syrups,
which I was told was good for that disease, but alter
I was getting worse. I‘ finally concluded to plaee
myself under the care of a physician for better of
vrotre; but, fortunately, just at this time, I was told
by the Rev. L Niblock, otthli placm that a friend had
sent him a box of Sellcra’ liver Pilla from Pittsburgh,
which had benefited him very mueh. I forthwith
sent for a box of your Liver Puls, and by the time 1
was done ttsing them, I was satisfied that it was just
Urn medietno that sailed my case. I sent for more,
and took fire or six boxes, and found myself almost
entirely eared; bat in March lasllesaght a severe
cold, which brought back the disease, and in a short
time 1 was as ever. I again had recourse to
your Liver Pills, and took them every other night for
six weeks, and occasionally since, and I can now My,
that I can now say, that 1 teel little if any sympm*
of the Liver Complaint, and my general health Is as
good now as it has been ler the hit IU years.
My neighbors ask me who was ny doctor. I tell
them that Sell#*’Liver Pills was my doctor, and by
the blessing or Divine Providence the means of caring
me. lam confident that when the publie become ac
quainted with the value of your Over Pills, the de
mand for them will ineteass. Many of my neighbors,
to whom 1 have recommended the pills, can testify to
their value, as well as to the facts above slated.
Respectfully yours, Gcoins Mojlxl
To tss Pcsuc.—The Original, only true and genu
nine Liver Pills are_prepared by R. E. Seller*, and
have his name stamped in blaek wax upon the hd of
each Box, and hi* signature on the oatsido wrapper.
ID"All others are counterfeits, or base imitations.
spur R. E- SELLERS, Proprietor, 67 Wood st
Jaynes’ Expectorant.
Batxis, Columbiana e0.,0 n Apr. 81, 1811.
DR. D. JAYNES: Dxaa Sou—l feel bound to yoa
and the afflicted public, to avail myself of this op*
portunitr of giving publicity to she extraordinary effect*
ofyoar Expectorant onmyself. Having been afflicted
for several years with a severe eougn, hectic fever
and its eofecemitant diseases, and seemed only doomed
to linger outashortbal miserable existence, mntil the
fall of 18X9, when, being'more severely auaeked, and
having retorted to all my former remedies, and the pre*
■cripuons oftwoofibe most respectable |!bysieian* in
the neighborhood without deriving, any benefit, or the
consolation of surviving but a few days or weeks aj
farthest—when the ir.t gleam of hope was about to
vanish, I had recommended to me year Expectorant—
and blessed by that Being who does all things in the
ase of the means—asd contrary to the expectations of
my.pbysihians and friends. I was ina few days raised
from my bed, and was enabled by-Uic use of a boule, to
attend to my business, enjoying since better health lhaa
I had for ten yean previous.
Respectfully yours, he., Jss. W. Ereut-
For sale in Pittsburgh, at lha Pekin Tea Store, 70
Fourth street mart®
JAYNE.—Tbt* certifies, that immediately after
having attended my brother, who died of consumption
in Much. 1844,1 was taken sick with the Coosamptioa
ot Liver Complaint, and was redaeed so low wuh the
disease, that lor four years 1 was unable to attend to
my business, either si home or abroad, being for the
roost time confined to mv bed. Dunngtne above peri,
od of ume, 1 had expended for medical attendance o
regular I’&ytieians and medicine*, to the amount of
without receiving any benefit therefrom. In
July, 1945, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne's Medi
cines, and have taken them mors or lets ever since,
and believe that it was by persevering •& their ase,
that I can sow inly say that 1 have com .eicly reco-.
vp red my health. 1 believe that Jayne's banative Pills
and Expectorant are the best family medicines now ia
1 reside in Springfield, Otwja coanry, N. Y n and
carry on a furnace sod machiue shop in that plaee,
and an not interested in any manner in the sale of the
above medicines, and make this certificate lor tbe ben
efit of those afflicted. ELIJAH EATON.
Springfield, N. Y_, Sept 18 1845. ja«
ALEXANDER A DAY, coincrofih* Diamond and
Market street, notify their friends and the public
that they have received iheirtiock of FsO and Win
ter UOODB, direct from the importers, maaafsetoren
and auction* at the east. Their stock of Uew style and
fashionable Goods is targe, and present* strong attrac
tions to purchasers, in Lsdie* Dress Goods and
9hswls, the moil splendid and Ushje'nutdr Good* <•(
the season are i.ow offered, at remarkably low price*
consisting in part of the following
New style Broeha fie'd Camclion Bilks;
Co I'd ami Black Batin Du Che act sod Tare Satins;
Col'd Cametian Groderhines, of the Lett qnalities;
Black glossy Groderiens of the eelebnUed Ksgle
The above named Blaek Bilks are warranted net to
cal in the wear; for dresses end msntillu they ore tb«L
best imparted. I
Neat £g’d Cornelian Satin Du Chene, the handsomest
Silks of the season.
New style ilroehn Silk figured French Mennos, a
new and splendid article for ladies' walking dresses.
Silk Embroidered French DeLaiaes,forurc**esand
sacks, an entirely new article.
Cashmeres De Laines Merinos Alpaccas and Par
mcuoo, ojarge assortment
Broeba Long and Square Shawls of tho bast quali
Plaid Long Shawls, of the newest designs remark
ably cheap.
’ Splendid Terkcri Shawls at greatly reduced priees
Camelion Brocha fig'd Bilk Sttawls.ia great variety.
Crape Shawls, white and colored, in great variety.
tjsst Sedan real French Twilled Goths all prices
best Sedan real French Castimercs; new style Amer
ican Cassimeres; suj>er Satin Vestings.
French and Belgian Blaek and Olive Goths, for La
A splendid assortment of American and imported
.Blankets at remarkably low prices
A large and complete assortment now fin band.—
Blany or our preseul stock of Staple Goods were
bought from the manufacturers previous to the present
advance in priees. A principal part of our stock of
French and English goods have been purchased at the
greet Auction Sales in Philadelphia and New York,
whtcheuobles us looffer decided bargains in almost
every description of goods in oar line of basiacM.
Country Merchants, Merchant Tailors, and all
wholesale and retail buyers, are invited to an early
examination of our rock and prices.
ALEXANDER A DA V, 75 Market m,
octiU north srest corner of the Diamond.
voßUYkhs vr mtv uiiiiubT'
WR. MCRPIIY, at north cast eorner of Foanh
• and Market its, is now receiving hi* tetonJ
supply for the season, and can offer inducements to
buyers (arelv to be met with. His assortment of
Is very full, consisting of French Merinos, Cashmeres,
Coburgs, Lyonete Clotlu, taper Printed French Cash
meres, at prices considerably lower than tbey could
be bought early in tbs season. His Mock of
long shawls
Is large, and embraces many of the beautiful Myles
now on exhibition at Franklin Institute, Philad’a.
Of new and very handsome styles, Velvet Trlm
luinjc*. Ac.
01 various styles and qualities, plain and embroidered
Hlaek Bilk Lace*. Needle Worked Collars and Cuds,
Bonnet Satins ana Velvet Flowers, Caps and Feathers.
Of Uto newest styles, and at lower prices than usual,
and rich objngfgble-Silks and Satins, for ,Mar*jllas,
fcc • and a large stock of
at lowest prices. And »n the gentlemen’s depaitmcni
will he found fresh _
Block Doeskins, Winter Vestings, Fancy Catsunerc-,
Undershirts and Drawers, Silk Cravats, Pocket Hand
kerchiefs, fce. . . , , ,
ore wvtjcc p vjsit the Wholesale
Booms, up «ti>ir»-
AVKRY WONi)EK>UL. cTittfcf—S fc-L, L, I.KS' 1
Msacra, Mercer eo., Pa., SepL 23,1^9.
R E. Belief*: Hear Sir. I bought one bottle of l our
Vcrraifpge W ifce Iron City Funiuce store.aitliWplace,
ami it has performed Vbut we consider flat here a won
derful cure 9 n ope of gqy boy* eight year* oid; f,e had
been onwellfor some years, *o much re ihst 1 hud Riv
en up all hopes of his recovery. I was advised by «»«e
of mf nrigbbofß to iry a bottle of your Vermifuge—
and 1 Oft uappy to Inform you of ii having the desired
effect c( relieving my son. lie passed, m the short
space of 21 tout?. Ifll worui*. some of them
ing as much o» U aud 14 i«c|>cs long, j fpe| bopud in
iu*lice togise you the above aufefiicjil, to us you may
make any use of my name that you think proper.
Voari, very respectfully,
JotUTtun 8. Lmi
tn*Prepared and sold by R. B.SELLERS,o? Wood
stroeii and sold by Druggists generally in the two
clues. notl • ,
t»*Ab ,^L B , l^EAplr•SßU*^^K o, «*JUUH »v-
It ttSp-From jT lfiW‘ »%, CJ.i* of tlae
Coart o» Quarter Se-'uons of Beaver countri
Mr R. K tellers: Sir, Somo Umo in ih-i winter ray
wife wasaflhctcd with aaerereanddiairoMingceoßti,
and bearing of yonr invaluable Coojtt Syrup, I par
chased a borjle from S. T. Trimble, of Bridgewater,
and after lakiaf a poyuoj) of WO or throe eveuinja
tin roiiit to bed, she found ii?J»edlila telje/; gs nup
several fiienda bare been relieved lu »«re caars- I
aa therefore satisfied that itls asafe and valnlile me
dicine, and would recommend it lo those who oiay be
afflicted with aererecouglia and eolds.
. March AS, lb}3. W.K.BOHLN.
ICTtfold by £ E. SEI.IsKRS, 67 Wood airoei. mid
by Brugaiits generally in the two citiea and vjeinity.
IiUJU' catea lllua tad i>nb Fel
JC; Cloth*, jun /ec’d amt Tor ante by
dotl3 48 Wood at
uakLki- mots. DK I.AINS—w, K Mttfpby BM
Just ree'4 « lot af iiicb colored Mcua. do Lain*,
inch as Cherry,. Scarlet, Ac- ft the low pile© of Use.
peryard. Alto, Platu Dntb.'Brown, Ac, at 12} to let
ccnia per yard; and a large assortment of nett style*
fifared Moo*, do Lain*, at various prieei, together
with a ctwice assortment of Dre»* Oooda generally,
«oek aa Fancy Silk*, French Merino*. Cashmsre*.
Coburg* and Lyooese Cloth*, at the
, ■ iN; corner of Fourth and Market su,.
Wkste**ld Koottstrpruir*, nrU.
PaiMagsr anu BttaUtaass Offlu.
gff HANEDEN A CO. conunne to bring persons
tfmfaa any. pan of Ergland, Ireland. Scotland M
ißamCWales. upon the most liberal terms, with their
usual bonetaahty and attention to the wants tnd coxn
fonofemmigrants We do not allow ourpouengers to
be robbed by the swiedlisg scamps that imett the sea
ports, as we take cbkrge of them the moment they re
port themselves, and see to their well being,! ana de
spatch them without any detention by the Cm ships.—
> We say this fearlessly, as we defy one of our passen
gers to show that they were detained 43 Fta** by as to
Liverpool, whilst tboasnnds of Olivers * vie detained
months, until they could be sent In some
ch 2 P rate, which too frequently provcC their coffins.
We intend to perform oar contracts Honorably, cost
wUnt it may, and not act as was the case last season,
wuh ether officers, —who either performed not ail, or
when it suited their convenience.
Drafts drawn at Pittsburgh lor any sum from £1 to
£IOOU. payable at any of the provincial Banks in Iro
lault'England, Scotland and Woles.
fsfit • • 1 Fifth St rest, tr.* door UlowWivkl;
Warren and Clrralaad PAssansl^lne.
Canal Paeket—SWALLOW. *
44 - -OCEAN.
ONHofthe above Paeket* leave Beaver every day
(Sundays excepted) and arrive next mo rains at
Warren, when they connect with the Mai! Stares for
Akron and Cleveland, arriving at each of these places
beforemghu Oneofthe packets leave Warren^dally
at 5 P. &L, and arrive* at Beaver in time to take the
morning boatforPittsburgh. '
JOHN a CAUGHEk’. Agent,
apia comer Water and Smlrbfeid its "•
Cxawtoxd ACxujtsxxLnriCleveland,O I
R.G. Pato, Beaver, Pa. \ Fn Vrf
tTtIUS Line will be prepared on the opening of navi-
I gation, to transport freight] and Paueagcrs from
PITTBIJURGH and CLEVELAND, to any paint on
the Canal and Lakes. I
The facilities of the line ate ansarpassedlnnamber,
quality and capacity of Boats,[experience of captains,
and efficiency of Agents. |
One Boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cleveland dally, run
ning in connection with the steamers
Between Pittsburgh andßeaver.and a Uneoffirstelass
Steamers, Propellers and Vessels on the Lakes.
AaxHTt—R G Porks, Heave;, Pa.
Jesse Baldwin, Youngstown, Ohio.
M B Taylor, Warrim,
Cyrus Prentiss, Rgvenna,
Wheeler & Co, Akron,
Crawford A Chamberlin, O { 'and, O
Sear* & Griffith. Bjiffalo, N. > :
Offlee, eor Water and Bmilnfield sis, Pittsburgh.
mohslriy l •
Steamer MICHIGAN No. s—Capn Gilson.
“ LAKE ERIK, T “ Gordon.
above regular and well known Beaver Pack*
X ets, have commenced making their daily trips to
and from Beaver, and will couUnae to run between
Pittsburgh and Beaver regulaijly during the season, as
follows: i* ** j -
Michigan No. S leaves Piusljargh daily at 9 o’clock,
A M~ and Beaver at 3. o’clock, P. M. Lake Erie
leaves Beaver daily at 8 o’clock, A. M.,asd Pittsburgh
at 3 o'clock, P. M. |
These ■ learners will ran laeonneetion with
R G Parks’ Express Paeket {Line, for Erie;
Taylor A LeflUngwell’s Watyen Packets:
Union line of Freight Boau for Clevoiaaa;
Clarke A Co’s Pittsburgh and Cleveland Liao FraJght
R G Parks dally New Castle Packets.
CLAREB, PARKS « Co, Beaver, Agents.
JOHN A. CAUGHEY/Agent. Pittsburgh,
meh3l cor Water anu Smlthfiefd sts _
jfii, 1849.
THE Proprietor* of this old established and popular
dailv line, consisting of SIXTEEN first class Canal
Boats, ivned by themselves and running »n conuee
tton with the steam boats BEAVER AND CALEB
COPE, are enabled to offer on equalled facilities for
the transportation of freight end passengers, on the
opening of Canal navigation, to all points on the Penn
srlvanlaand Ohio and N.Yorkoanals and the Lakes.
' E M. FITCH A Co.Clcvaland.
Agents, Beaver.
J. C.'BimVELL, Agent,
mark T Water street, Pittsburgh.
J. r.:iuiwiu,
. Pittsburgh.
forvardiss fierehoßU,
Agmitfar th* Pittsburgh andClmiand lens, Pitt*
burgh and Em Ids* via Eri s, and far tUam
doors Beaver and Caleb Cap*.
Uaving purchased the large and substantial Wharf
Beat ju*i hoih for the Mnoongahela Pickets, have
with the addition of a Warehouse, the most ample of -
,eorai»odmikm* for receiving and forwarding, and
pledge their almost attention, promptness and despatch
to consignments to their care, and rely on their friends
for' a trial marfl-diy B. A BIUI._
TUST RECEIVED, a new assortment of TIANOR,
(| from the manufactories of Cuicttaotfl, Boston,
and UtcuN A Rmx, New York.
ALSO—A few elegantly carved PIANO STOOLS,
for sale at manufacturer's pricer, by
JOHN 11. MELI-fOl, tl Wood st.
Role Agent lor Chirkenng’* Pianos,
deSM for We*irrn Hrnn«vlvanta.
second Hand Pianos.
ONE recoml baud I'Lsno, C octaves, price 850,
I “ “ “ #1 “ “45
| “ •* “ St “ “ 40. --
i “4 •*-**»;
For sale for cash at tbe above price*, by
drta JOHN H Wood st
ItO VIUI.IN I’LaW Seeus's Gs*S3 Vioua
Scnoot, ahersd sod eonnreted from the last Eng
lish edition, to correspond with Bpohr’s Origtoal
Reboot of Violin playing, by hit pupil U. C. Hill. “If
any arguments are required to recommend this work,
tt may l>e observed that Bpohr himself adhere* strictly
to the system laid <'own in the above work, and that
lie has by the sum* mode af instruction, produced a
greater number of distingqlshed pupils than any other
ms»ter in Eurnw " . • . .
A iBPPIr of lae above tan ree J, (price 87.1 and for
sale hr dc:t , J II Wood »t
A N EMINENT aoduxpariwccd Fhjilgiqn from the
il. East, «f SO yew standing, ofiei* to treat oil cooes
of abdicate Naterewith promptness and secrecy.
Ills success lu Buffalo and other large cities hoi
been proverbial, ills charge!' and hit
cures permanent. Old eases of Gleet, Stricture, Scro
fula, Fluor Albas, Rheumatism. Ague, Syphilis, ot a ° J
chronic or inveterate case* solicited.
A cure warranted, or charge refunded.
Orytcxf, 8l Clair street, adoors fro;n the Bridge.
Teeth Extracted. Advice to the poef jp-iti*.
N. 11.—Dr. A. solicits the worst eases of nay disease
m Pittsburgh 19 call- v ' apMtdly
“Thure are mnrojtiing* In heaven and earth
Thun are dreatupt of in. philosophy.”
ritHK VIRTUES or thia remarkable remedy, and
X the contuint application tor-it, tg the proprietor,
baa induced bun to have it pttt up in bottles with la
bel* and direction* fqr the benefit of the public.
The PETRULKUkI i* Procured from a well in thi*
county, ■! a depth of four hundred feet, i* a pure una
dalteraicd article, withoat any chemical change, but
juit a* flow* from Nature's Great Labratory!! That it
rtmiainv properties reaching a number of disease*, I*
no longer a matter of ttuccnamtv. There are many
thinga in the aregna of nature, which,if known, might
be of vast usefulness in alleviating suffering, and re
storing the bloom of health *nd vigor to many a suf*
ferer. Isont before the proprietor thought ot pulUug
it up iu bottles, u bad a ret>u|atioQ for the cure of dis
ease. The cqihiuh} and duly increasing calls for it,
and several remarkable cure* it ha* performed, is a
sure indication of it* future popularity and wide
spread application in the cure of disease.
IVe do not wish to make a long parade of certifl
cate*, as *« are conscious that the medicine can soon
work it* way into lii* favor of those who suffer and
wiib to be hr oled. Whilst we do not claim for it a
universal application in ever* disease, we noliesiu
dngty «t>y. that in a nurabex.o/ Chronic Dinette) it i*
annv*ll’*l- Anjong thpsp bp pnfwefiiied-aJI
diseasu* of the mucous turns, aucb a* CHRONIC
UHONCHITIrf. CONSUMPTION <i« lu early stage.)
Asthma, and all discuses of the air passages, LlvtH
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Diarhtpu. Disease* of
the Bladder and Kidneys, Pam* in the Dock or Side,
Nervous Diseases, Neuraieis, Patsy, tUieumstio Pains,
Gout, Erysipelas, Tetter, Ringworms, Bums, Scalds,
liruises, Did Sores, Ac., Ac., fn ctjagi (*/ lability re
sulting iron efpo*qre,o{loDf protracted ease* of
disease, thli medicine will I'Ttngreliaf. R will act as
a general TONIC an(l ALTKKATIVJi in such cases,
imparting tone and energy to the whole frame, remov
ing obstructions', opcnjng the iluggith functions, wbieh
cause disease and a Imogen coiiitiiuiiou. and giving
increased and renewed <!iefffY Ip orgtfn* ot
Life! Ttp uruurifUir knutys of several cures of
PILES, that resitted every other treatment, get well
under the use of the PETROLEUM for a short lime.
The proof cau be given to tuty person who desire* (t.
Non- genuine without the signature of the proprietor.
Sold by the proprietor.'
S. hj. KfEU. Canal Basin, near Seventh it.
Altohy K K. SELLERS. 67'Wood at;
comer Wood it and Virgin glley; who are his
_ rogolarly appointed Agents
No. 87, corner Market and Fifth—or 40 Market,
tween Third and Fourth su.
THE subscriber keep* constantly on itqnd, whole
sale qnd retail, the following article*, rut
Wash Tubs, Bw* Churiiu,
MeatTub*, Barrel Chums,
Bath Tubs, Half Bushels,
. Wooden Bowls, Pecka and Half Pecks,
- Wash Boards, Uruss Bound Buckets,
Clothes Pics, Towel Rollers.
Wooden Lfcdje*, Bread Haile's,
. Clpihes Biukcu, Market Uiukeis, Ac.
i novlj No 63 Uiamnnd alley, Pittsburgh
J. fit as pratt A. Sous' Pat*tu Bod a Aah.
ont CASKS Glass and Soap makers’ Soda Ash,
i)w importer) direct front tpe qliovo pelebrated
manufacture**. W iter oent Anieucan test, arriving and
for sale hy novft W A M MITCIIKLTttEE
LIUUUK9— 17 hi pipes Brandy—Otard. Dunuy, Aei
7 pipesTliilandUia; ‘
Acrks N E Rum;
4UO bblt Whiskey; for sale by
BLEACniNfFPo WDER—At casks Jas
Son** brand, a superior article, for sale by
nf\ casks hfuspeau’s boda" Ash, and io cask's
/ a) Bleaching Powder, arrived per ship Oxeobridgc,
N. B.—tieT will receive, during th« winter, large
nppUefTto NewOrietni, nova -
Medicines ot the day.”. ]
Gksßxn’a STATKttt, Ohio, May ’
R.&Sellers: I think it riprhtforthc benefit of offlari
to state some facts in rclaiioa to year.excellent Fami
ly Medicines,
I have a sad your Vermifuge iavgety In my earn fam
ily,oneviai frequently .answering for expelling', ire
quantities (oty Ito ADO) worms from two ehildrst )
have also sled your Liver Piß* and Lough Syrup in
my family, and they have in every instiuice produced
the effeet desired.
Aa 1 am ingaged in mcrehaadising, I am able to
state that I Lave yet la hear ef the first failure whdre
yoar medjeutea hate been used in my section of the'
country. In conclusion, I may Mate that they arc (At
medicines at tbo day, and are destmeil :o have a very.
extensive pspuiarity Yours, re;jv*.uul!r,
v.. H. I’tsasrx.
Prepared and sold by R. i- l ) Jib,Nos7 Wood
street, and sold by Druggu ■ aenetally in the two ci
ties and vicinity. _ rmrffl
/TusSAtcURE of liver Complaint, by te
VX original, only true, and genuine Liver Pill, +
Beo*i Ourxi. Ohio chanty, Vt. )
March fltlth, 181*.
Mr. R- E. Sellers: Dear Sir—l think it a duty I owe
to you and u> the noblie genera ly, to state that 1 have
been afflicted with tbe Liver Complaint for n long
time, and so badly that an abcets torroed and broke,
which left me in a very low slate. Having heard ot
your celebrated Liver PUis being for sole by A R
Sharp, In West Liberty, asd recommended to me by
my physician. Dr. E. Smith, I concluded to pm them
a fair trial. I purchased one box, and found them to
>e just wfaul they are recommended, THE BEST LI
VER PILL EVER USED; and after taking four boxes
I find the disease has entirely left me, and I am now
p.rt.cHy W.U. H.wctfdi, I--., caLE , !AN
West Liberty, March vti, hhv.
1 certify that lam personally acquainted with. Hr
Golem*:, and can bear testimony to the truth ol the
alxve .-cruficate. AR SHARP
The * euuine Liver Pills are prepared mid so,ld by
REi LLERS,No 57 Wood street, and by druggists
in ute vrooiucs. .... . ’
TO THE PUBLIC.—The onsinal.only true and gen
uine liver I’m. unprepared by REScllers, and have
b’t name stamped iu black wax upon the Ud or each
box, and his signature on the outside, wrapper—all
others are counterfeit*, or base imitations. .
aptu RESELLER*. Proprietor .
tMlOfllthe Rev AaA BIHNN, a well known and pop
1 ular Clergyman ot the ProtesUnt Methodist Church
Zhe undersigned having beenalfiieledduringthepait
•vinterwith a disease o:ihe stomach,sometimes pro
ducln* great p»*n in the stcmtchfor tenor twelve hours
withOßuntermi » on, and after having tried various
remedies with. efleet was furnished with a bouts
orDrDJayne’sCt tnauve Balsam: This he used ac
cording to the direct ens.aad found invariably that Uni
medicine causedthe pain to aba'e in three or four min*
uiefcand in fifteen or twenty rntputes every unesay
sensationwasehurelyqaieted. The mc-hcine v/asaf.
lerwardaused wher.everindicationsot the approach of
painweteporceived.andthepain was thereby prevent,
ed. He eontinned to use tlie medtcuie every evening
and sometioestV.'he morning, and in a few weeks
health was so farrestored. that the notlerer was rcliev
edfrom a large amounvof oppressive pain. Fremes
perience, therefore, ne can confidently recommend L
D Jayne’s Carminative Balaam, as a
fOTdissases ofihestomaeh and bowel*. A MHNND
Allegheny eiiy.jy:;;
For sal* In Pituburgb a; MI’EKIN 1> A b-TOR
73 Fourth (treat, near Wo < *n«i aims at ihclmig
FtweofH FSCHWARTZ. ►- Altegtwnr
gTiTiTInLR DistoVSlilfl
•. DR- SWAYNir*
•nr* «*I*T WKX&T w*
Consomption, Couchs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, L.v
-•r Complaint, Spitting Blood, Difficulty of Breath
ing, I‘ain in the Bido and BreasU Pnlpifstoon ot
the Heart, Inflacnxa, Croup,
stimtion, Sore Throat, Nervous Debili
ty, and all Diseases of the Throat,
Breast and Lungs: the most ef
fectual and speedy cut*
aver known lot auy of
the above diseas
es, is
OoniDoaad Byropof Wild Chaaryt
, This medicine is no longer anion* those of ihjuhtfnl
exility • It has passed away Iron the thousands daily
launched upon the tide of experiment, and now stands
Ssher in repnttrion. and becoming more e*amivc-
Ivued than any other preparation of medicine crer
produced for tb* rebel or sudenng man.
P Hhas been produced very cenoraily throng,h the
Unitad States anil Knrepc, and there are few towns of
Importance but what contain, some remarkable evi-
JrZKI <.( t u rood ellects. For proof 01 the foregoing
!SK£tJ Of*. cine nod eOioncy "f *'» ™'"-
eine. ihe proprietor wtll insert a few of the many thou.
uab testimonials which have been prercitted u» him by
men of the first respectability—men wm> have higher
view* of moral responsibly and lusuec, than lo err
tlftm facts, because U will do onolhcr-u favor, end
themselves no Injustice. Such testimony prove, eon-
Susirely, that its snrpnslngeaccllence u established
b v Us intrinsic merits, and the unrjue*t.o«ab!r authori
ty of public opinion. The instantaneous relief il af
fords and the soothing Infincnee.Uiflused Uirtmgh he
frame by iu o»e, renders it a most agreeable
“Wien men, netins from coitsctonlinn. impel..,.
Tolnnmrily bent leMimnnrtn lire ten* nfn llrmn nr
nnmenlar fncl, .uehicnmnny, nc.'Jjr contrary to dioir
worldl, inlcrc.w .nd f nryo.e., coerce, enncicrmi, ol
li trilL bod commend" iuolf In n bpccla manna n, »r*rfpiiee O’lloeasi'* Moral Maxims.
9nU.Atttrt.iU* Cuts or Fcwosi™ Ooietmrciav,-
Tv, ere netef was a remedy tb«t ha* l*on os »ncee»-ful
in desperate cares of Consumption, a* Dr, **»■)•»•• .
Comwnd Syrup of Wild Cherry, It .•.rene.hrn- the
iTstaa. and appears to heal the nicer* on the liuiitj,
cream g new and rich blood; power po*re*»«J by .u>
other cdictne-
Cjrtcrtß Co. Aj-ril 23th, IMA
Dr Ft lyre—BeWSlr I verily !«»»*• j-oor Com
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry ha-. hce» the fficam ol
£«£» my We. 1 caught a eevere cold, wkeh gradu
al y«ew wo r*e, mended with u «ven- eo«h, tha
rc rated all the temedtea which 1 had reewurae 10, *i»l
[ncreasin* until my core exhjhilcd a.l ihr. •yrap’.*<n« o(
Consumption. Every thing * rcerard
m ham no etfrei ipA my caaiplarnnncfcwd *u rapid
u s£f”n,K “?l •• »yA r ,r„ .p »/
». time I waa rwo«w3C«ded to iry
Utdrowol. the moat hap
py reralu. The 6t« bottle had lUeeßert •..» loo'cu ti.e
me to expectorate froely; widfcr the
™ ib Z B J
woSlfoebXpT W P TO any-infonnaUoar«Pectin* my
ouLtiatwU* infferert n«• denw lie f«S for
~T~\ , oraiefal. lor the truth of the aliov*
Mate meat, I refifr yon to l’*«* Ka.'ii, tirucer, tte«t
Cheater, Vfr of whom l purchased
Be.pwfrolly yoara, Jai«a Mtoa**.
w<nl&rful Curt p/ a A’i::trt4f
JJt gwayne-Dear Bin 1 frel a *** nf created* die
. voo-and a duty u> the atficted geiteiaiiy, W> 01* r
m/hombto teiumouy ui favor ®f yocr Compound s y .
ran of Wild Cfcvrry. Some lhfreT<'*n uppc l
5?050at57 uUaekcdvrilh cold and t u aaw=;*UoßW the
which was accompanied with ft ttUm-nu g
JJ3S ~ain in the hmist wJ head, a WT canaidera
blo 2iKU*rgt»«foffcn«To »scu» tr*m lie Jungs, c*;>e
alalfy^non chance 'of wr«hcr, however slight. At
Imlf*K»o alarm ah.C*t W.T condition. L« wa, pretty
seen eou*inee4 that lw«
don. 1 urew daUV we»b* f i and at wa« scarce
!T *Uc to walk about, OF ftpeak. aim** a whisper, such
weakness of »y l»nsa Dimnsthin
*ma Iliad Uicdvarious preparation,and prescriptions,
“5 Amud no rf wef-growing «9i ih*j> tune *w«. Ju<t
J“ l tM adfLcd and by a dear friend in
Wilminrion to make trial of 7 nur f 7 P I . l ' * !l * fil,cr *
ft InsMieeMiathe* ptaviouuy I had been preju
dir*d ftfiusut patent medicines, and 1 pm <UI, ftgaiust
dioftc coming ovlof ihchand* ofcinperlcs, bub umler
uandiDE soar f'tim* w the profesMon anU practice ol
SSlcbwfwid bavin* implicit tab in too *ayiug v( my
Wend* I forthwith purchased of Ur. .haw, one of your
went?* few h-olf*, and commoner-K* use My «h,.
ICe w.i .nh.v lime of»ort» mouths'suad**, con
tequenlly itws. deeply «*«d. 1 foc.J however,
eoiuldetttble relief from the ass of l-e hin four or h-re
boule*. Bui being ■ puUV,? 1 frequcuti, m*
muA to preach *.* W tflercesin* strewn., and
{hereby nip‘n;e4Uo*e vessels lh«*t bail a»T««Jy be pur.
tohe-fiuslhUway* doubUeL*, my cure « M Rreauy
teUrScd In of! ««ni* £*• Imprudent*
! hftd to use twatve or tflecrtbar.'** before 1 wuapo.-
feolly restored I have Witfm'Uo.i, a such small
number ofhotu.i w?-ld hav> made mo sound, U»
ih- above irfcMJOiwm* The Byrup abu/cd iu lev.
uhhftLU. look-WM the di»ii«?.*Miis rouuU, pota*.
lo ihe d fcbftjyu of matter (rtmuiic **»*», am> sa*
them uml the er.are tyotein RojiA UalUi l have «icfc
red offering tin* eeruficatc oWvl n® w . for t!ie yiarpup.
of bclnr perfeo-r .n\Uicd wi b the permanency ol Uir
core, aii'l eo-» .hot I feel per ccUy we.l ] odor n wil'i
p : ca i -t «. Bsv. J. V. Josna.i.
Dublin connty. N. C
hnpanant Q*»t>** —TL-a. J J Rtu.l’
Tliere i« but v* u feuuice preparation of Wild rPiorry.
and that tj Ur. thr f*r«t eocr oiTcxed to U.e
nubitu, wlucU -ms been ovU! larficly IlirouahOtlt Ike
Unlte4S?tulra ai<d Mine paru of l-htrnpo; and all ptc-
Kiaiiln* cnUc by the itami of Wild llberry haw
cn rat out sn«e tui#. andcr hover ol «omr deceptive
elrenmasancen, *a order logivp currency to then aulca.
Uy a little ohaewnuon, uo p non need uututir the
renuine frtua tb faUe. F-aeli! liottlc of the ;;rnumo n.
enoelop«'d Wit a beautiful *kccl uiiKru7i>iy» wiui the
likene** of Wimam I’crnt thefroni «W, Ur. Swaync’s
•Irnatur'': and • ■ further acourity, the portrait of Dr.
Swayne will l.‘added bereailer.u ns Ujdiilinguiati
UU preparollov 'tom all oilier*. Now, uit was net for
(he creat cunttiee properties ajitd known vtitur. ot Dr.
Swayue’sCooßMouna Syrup if Wild f.herry, pcMon
would not bemdeavorinK tolgtvo euacucy to thou
‘•fictitious do«" am»"'by rtenlunp the name ol Wild
Cherry. Remcunbcr, alwnysj.eur in mind ibu matte
of Dr. tj wayrte od 1»e run dedrived.
Trineiptu Ofltse, corner of Biftblh and Kuec Mcectr,
Kor «s'e whf* tfole and reta Iby OfJDKN A SNOW*
DEN. eor tM u-1 W«xhl «us U A FAHNESTOCK A
Co, cor Ist am- Wood, and 6&h mid Wood WSI
THORN. WM-wkctsli lafl Liberty nt: JAS
A JONKd, coj afaud mul l‘ei n JOHN hil J’CH-
Allcgbeu. city, and by re-pcriublc deuli-rs in
medicine. u ocilh _
OrV\V< P. Inlsnd'i Premium Flatter.
DR. AV. P. INLAND, of the Medium College hf Phil--
adelplna, now offer* to Ik* public lax I.klihh Wg.
eutile I'reminm Pln*tei, the qualities «>f winch, nttrr
long and tried experience, ba»|l>eeu sutisriti-torily r*-
taliu*L#v. To ail women who may l>c wuii
Prolep*i;* Utcciaor Fallen Womb, lie T-eumoicmU l,i«
platter, gaarantceing a sure mid «p. ody cm.-, in the
short *pnee of from two u> liico woefc*. if nppllcd with
cure and rest—discarding uil thr nouiule;>. iii.trutu-'m.
and esprutive bftudagpaao long in iuu. Tbu lie fee.a
eonscier.ucwJ in •tatinc, inasmuch a* he ltu» uoi iutlcd
in one cate onl of Utrec hundred and buy-tluoc. pu-
Also for Qhetusuuim and Weak Rreast or Hank, ivi
tended with pain, Uiuk Is nothing to exr«.l thi< Finj'.or
tn affording roLefor cffrciing n cure. Fur sale by
L W'llroi.eotucrof Diamond and
Hrsun A Reiter, “ Liberty and Si. Flair *ts
l)rJ Sargent u Federal stand DiamotJ, Alle
gheny city i
Jscqurs (c 00. “ Denman and Diudon.t Dinmr>(-
ham. if-'i
Re. SELLERS, l>ruKg>«l, No b 7 Wood sirrm
, Sole Agent for the sateof Dr. Townsend'* (,en
nine B*f<«tpa«lia, has jusi received *JU» dozen i.i tins
Great Spring amt SumEer Medicine.
Purchaser* should tceoliect that K K Sellers is sole
■gentfor VitUbiugh, and DM Curry for Allegheny
ol? . _ _ • “P-i
EXTRACT OF COFFEE—An article wim;tu<ia
pidlr coiniug tmo use as n wholesome, itouii»)iing
and delicious beverage, being morn pleasant nml pal
atable than common Cbffev, ami jut cheaper, ru umqrli
paper costiug only tea ccals, will go u« fur ox lour
round* cfOaice. Manufactured by*
1 * H JOHN S. MILLER, Pittsburnh, Pa.
Bold at whole tajo by lIA FAHNESTOCK A Co,
earner of First and Wood and hixth and Wood «iroetJ>,
Pittsbatf h ui-tR
J 3d Camp Uiankets; HO officer coat*; 1 tt» pr., pmil*;
IB pait* nett lined Mining Coots; l*j lsilmiu. tt»g<<; ;f
water Tanks, * and M aoilotw rach; 5U ciinw a*. i
gallon each; I do* Buckskin Money Belts; l,ie.oi]r<l
cambric do do. The above goods for sale ox U:t Dult
fornla Outflting EstabUshmeni, No & Worn) «i,
ABSORTED BPICE9—Put up for family uw, iu uu
•aits, enclosed in a sliding fid box, containing
Maatard, Alspicc,
Cinnamon, Ginger,
Cloves, Pepper,
Wamnted pure. For sale at the new Spice aud
Munaed Factory, comer of Ferry A Liberty »u. •.
_sri“ -—-— J ;uiy" ttty,
ANVILS— Wrought Iruu AHVIU, trum uin - i.-iiiiMjr-
BheeviUe works, wamtuicd;'will le cdnstantiy
pn hand apt) supplied to order, by ’
The was with Mexico, by.R.s.RirteT: s
r*ot»." ! '• • • •'*
■Dements of Rhetoric: comp riling u Analysts of
lhe Laws ol Moral Evidence and of PenuMtoni l.v
RieUard Wbately, D- O.- 7
Essay on Chris uafl/lapllinr, by Baptist W. Nod, M»
Tlie Orilvie*, a Novel.
Fairy Tales, from di Nations by Anthony R. Mon
tallia; with 31 illustrations by Diyle
deJ9 corner Tuird and Market meets
Sew ud Elogaat Gift Books!
Headley, with eleven original deiigm by Daxley.
, i’odru* and Prose Writings, by-Richard 11. Dana; *
r laminated Gem* of Sacred Poety, with sixillostra
tioo* cugraved onsteelfby JohnSaruin-
Jnti received by JOHNSTON A STOCKTON,
dc23 ' eerner ltlrd and Market at*
Siw Books.'
"DUVSICI AN AND PATIENT! or a Practical View
JT of.tbe mutual duties, relations and Interest* of the
Medical KrcvcMion and the Community; by ; Worth*
region llooscr, M. D. ;
Tite Won* of Michael Do Montaigne; comprising
his Essay*. Letter*, Ac., By Wm. llsiictt.
Nineveh and it* Remains. lly Atuten Henry Lay*
ord, K*q., D. c. 1-
Glimpses of Spain; orNotcsofon Unfinished Toar.
in 1547. By 8. T. Wallis.
Tapper’* Proverbial philosophy, new edition; ilia**
titled. Ju»i received by
novSt corner Market and Third streets
minuted Rook*—Books In richly carved binding,
illuminated and illustrated—Book* superbly bound in
Velvet, Silk, Morocco, and Com, ositlon, In itaiiauon
of the Middle Ages—Uiblrs and Prayer pooka, beau
tifully bound in Velvet and Morocco, magnificently or
namented and illuminated; For sale by
de*> Bookseller A Importer, Wood st.
Christmas and Ktw Vstr Apjwoaeblwg!
elegant and substantial books,
la Magnificent Antique Binding, for ths Holiday*.
JAMES D.LOCKWOOD,\ Bookseller and Importer,
C 3 Wood street, has received a beautiful collection
of Illustrated Books, bound lc the most splendid man
ner by tho best London and American binders—among
them may L>c fount) ...
Pearls of Amen: • Poetry; magnificently illttmina*
Laysot the We.tirn World; iliuminatcdiagoidand
Wordsworth’s Greece: richly Illustrated.
: The r* > «*aeben illuminated by Owen Jones, and
bound r- carved wood.!
- The Song of tangs; illuminated by Jones.
Flowers and their Kindred Thoughts; Ulmnlnaledby
Heroines of Shakspeure; illustrated.
Mr*. Jameson’* Characteristics oi Women; illustra
ted. For sale by JAMES D LOCKWOOD,
dell 1 ; ' 03 Wood street
Sew Books,
EEDBURNt ITis First Voyage, by Herman Mellvßle
■ outhofof‘-Tn*o.?‘‘Omoo, , *Ac.
History of King Alfred of England, by Jaeob Abbott;
with fine engravings.
Sidoma the tarceress; by Wm. Melnhold.
nov3! comer Third and Markcistrects
“ One of Uu Most Remariaile Works of th£ Age."
of a vudtto rbeChandoan Christians of Kurdis
tan, and tho Yezidis, or Devil-Worshipper*; and an
Inquiry into the Momieirs and Art* of the Asctcut As
syrians. By Austen Henry Layard, Esq., D. C. L.
With lutroduciory Note by Prof. E. Robuuon, D. D.,
LL.D. illustrated with Id plates and maps, and 90
wood enu. 3 vals. 6va cloth, 84,50.
“The book htts a rare amount of graphic, vivid, pic
turesque narrative Tribune.
“Tho work ofLeyard is tho most prominent contri
bution to the study of antiquity, that has appeared for
mony year*.”—Christ Inq.
“Not oneexeelain interest the account of Nineveh
and its Ruins, given by Mr. LayartL”—Washington
Intelligencer. „
“As we follow the digger* whh breathless interest
in their excavations, aau suddenly find ourselves bo
fore a massive- figure carved with minute accuracy,
now lifting its gigautie head Irem the dust of SOU)
years, we are ready to eryout with the astonished
Arabs, ‘Wallah, it is wonderful, but it i* true!’”—ln
For sale by JAMES D.i OCKWOOD,
_ noviO ftl Wood »t
Sow Books,
f|HIE WOMEN of tho Old and'New Testament
X Edited »y E. IL Sprague, D. D.. 1 vol. Imp. dvo.,
elegantly bound; 18 exquisitely finished engraving*;
Trim dr.cnptioft* by celebrated >jn»rican Clergymen.
POEMS BY AMELIA,(Mrs. Wet ay, efKy«) anew
and enlarged editions illustrated, by engraving* from
original designs by Wier. 1 voL sq uare tJvo- elegant-,
ty-bound atw gilt Also—A variety of splendid Annu
al* and Gift Books.
tawell'* Chtld’a First Book, of the. History of Rome.
I vol. lsmo. !
Tiffs MECHANIC’S ASSISTANT, adopted for the
asa of Corpejitens Shipwrights, Wheelwright*, Saw
yers, Lumbermen, Siudeut»,-«nd Artisans generally:
(•ring a thorough and practical Tret U*e bn Mensura
tion and ttm Sliding Rule. By D. M. Kaper, A. M.
Boko's Tnuuite oa Greek Prose Composition.
UiirmloriT* Elrmeumry >'rench (i rammar. By Prof,
fifecnr, of ilrnwn Uaiw.viity. 1 vrd. lBmo.
Hoedigcr’s GemcikUM’ Hebrew Grammar, by Conant.
(ir,eiuuV Hebrew Lexicon..
taoiuis’ Tugauumciry and Logarithmic Table*. 1
vol. (strop.)
Tho Euiftithman** Greek Concordance. 1 voJ.(mus
lin.) '
Anthuu's Clof deal Series.
Wvtrsier’* Dictionary, revised ed. I vol. Bvo.
do do unabridged. I vol.'4u>.
Barae’s Notes and Qur album on New.Tcstamcat
Wkstcly's Logic.
MoHieim** Ecctesla/.tieal Uislory. 3 volt, and S
voU. (*hecp.) i
- Vestige* of Creatica. I vol ltfiao. 1
Morning* among .ton Jesuit* at Home. 1 voL (eloth
and paper.) . . i
Peeue* where Tempter ha* Triumphed, l'vol.
(elmhand i
Bogoc’s Theological Lceturca. 1 vol dvo. (cloth.)
AWei’a.PrurtounriMg Bible. '
ltoy tta French Dictionary, __ ,
PtuarP* Horace. For sole by It
novl.T Apollo Bulldin/;*. Poona »t
UoOliei jUß'l' J{fcaifAV 7 Eu.— Ihe will o
1.1 Montiugne, edited by 11. llaslm, comprising his
Ktsaps, letters, and Joamev through Germany, and
Italy, wnh note* from all the Commentator*, Biograph
ical »'ad UibluKtaphicai Notices, Ac. (
Theory ajpi Practice ofTr»chti:g; or, the Motives
and' Mcibml* of Good Pcbool-Keeping, by David
Plage, A. .M„ Painetpai of the Btate Normal School,
; Albmy, N. Y. , [
Frank Forester’s Flth and Fishing' of the U. Stales
and Rriti«h Provlnee* of NorUt'Aioenea,' by Hrrtry
Wm. Herbert. JUHN»TON fcBTC-CKTONi
\_nbv6 r f corner Third and Market »i*
The Oldera Time* ' I
JAM El I). LtKJKWOOD, Bookseller and Importer,
No. CXW’ood street, hat for sale a few copies eont-
uhr tcinniuder of the edition J of this valuable
devoted to the 1 "reservation of Doeomenui and
niiier uuiceiiUc IrUonnaiiou relating to the early ex
piormioiK, seatcinenl and improvement of the country
around the bead of tho Ohie. By Neville B. Craig,
of Phunargh,la 3volt Sva.
novin i. ILLOCKWOOD._
170MAN.LIBERTY: A Hhnoo* with a view of the
A.V Liberty of Olkcr iAncfcnl. Nutiou*. By Samuel
binon, .'illustrated with twelve engraving*,'exe*
cuictt *i Rome, ti volt, avo, unifonn with Prcscou's
lliuarical_Works, , 1
JuMpubli*iledaadfox»aleby ■ ■
JAMES D. LOCKWOOD, Bookwlter and
noyto _ •' j Itupuncr. t»J Wood st
T-'ANN Y KESuJLKTiN iTALYrauthorizcdeilition,
“Tiir. xcadutg of this book has Impressed us with a
nuck hither opinion of,it* author than we had foriued
from prruiiug litr other writings. It display* a deeper
toue 01 uioagnt, milted to more pure womanly grace of
■citing any other,production of tho temsie wind
with winch wc are'acijiutinted.*’—Eva. Mirror.
••Ii is a very agreeable and readable book, written In
Fdiniy Kemble’* best Style—bold, spirited and enter
taining.. Wo lecoauwnd it to our leaders as the best
I'uMiratinn nFthe season.’’—Reading Gaz.
“1 1 ronounsiLe Jourual of <* travel thiough Europe,
onU resilience m Italy; nod is one of the pleasantest
und most inlcrcMiog books ol the reason.”—CouT. and
Ljnium-r. •
••A very Chiracicriiue book. We have read it from
title pt>se t© Colophon with unabated imereti- A vi
vid )uc:urr oi lefts in Rome. In all rctpccU eminently
ri suable. I '—Knickerbocker.
Tor *ale by * ' JAMES D LOCKWOOD,
> i Bookteller ft Importer, CJ Wood at
JbUtiographke Batabltaiudaaiit
OF \VM. SCill/CUMANN. Third >l, opposite the
I’oM'OlJice, Filtahuigb.—Mapt, Landscapes, Dill*
bead*, Lauda, Architectural and .Machine
Drawings,ilustneta and YuitingCard*,&C-,engru veil
ur Ura? u on ju>uc, nnii primed iu color*. Gold, ilroaze
ot lllack, id Utc most approved »l?lc, »»»d ©tibauiOal
rctuonablo price*. • ocUily
KIIU 1 it/'Vl'ilß—33 her* for sale by
del? j WICK ft McCANDLESa
lALuUH—subi»i» Family Flour, fur sale by
MLTIUN IfAMS—4 bM* ibr aaic'i.y
CMIHAP MODS. DK LAINS—9 ease* Hood atyle.
/ fail colmrtt M. do Lnjn«, ut the extremely low
price of lie. per > ardi aAMASUN&Cu,
dr.l4 No CO Market «t
1/K£?t.'FKolT —AUoz-eitiu IreaU i'tacbes,
J A '• untie* do.
a•* ** Pine Applet;
3 “ •* Cherries;
:i “ “ htrawbcrrica;
3 “ “ Tomatoes;
3 *• half gal. bottle* Pickier;
3 '• qotm do.
.--;i M, raaey • do.
Rcc'd and fur *alo at the i’ekiu Tea Siere, TO Fourth
•wcet ■ ' ' • 1 ' •’ dccli '•
HVH'FLOIUWia hhlarecM and lot *»le by *”*
, ifcgt - W.M II JOHNSTON, m Second st
RKCKIVISD Tills ’IkAY, eTtbe India Kulibe De*
pm— l ease Women'* Metallic'itubberSandal*;
■ 4 *• ‘ ** •* Suppers;
A u ' u “ Jlu.sKius;
1 1 “ Mliwis 1 “ “ Supper*;
1 •• Mnn’t “ “ Overshoe!;
“ 44 Sandals;
1 “ ** leather *oled “ Overshoes;
All of which will »e told, wholesale or reutil, lower
11. iU nt any house In the city. Jft H IMIILLII’S,-
nr»Y*j| No 6 Wood slice!
I >ll tI.CD PiiACIIFS—3 bblujuit rteM, tor sule by
t del!* _ _*« W II.MtUACGH_
IKj IN lit l VV*GLASS—2uo uxji, nss’d aueV,' ree’d and
V* tor auto l>y detn sfeWHAltlUlum
% i irrpw*—to bui* ana packed, iu prime
O order jor snipping, lor calc by
tlc-i) L B WATERMAN .
Cfti»A*AS‘»r-i.'Si ru.«» io nrnve j <rr iliugenid, loi
O cnli* l.y deal : TAtiSKV AtHKaT ,
f>TAtTRT\'AUUIW<»—^ large cizcaiid'bonTy
L> jiwi ree d l>y SHACKLhTT A WHIHV
nral ; Nao9 Wood cl
VlZKri'l-is— ii coses super »"c7i'cK" llluck WiUT*v7
zeues, extra umtrauigs, ac’il per express, at
I o Cotton; as l)b|»*No*i Lard.
: O 4-1 box* Fenthera; i tierce **
JscjcXs Wool;
I tidosLuiab Skint, with wool:
I ddoz-Sheep cskiuc, “
I 3 dux'-. *** ,*• drecoed;
ITo arrive on steamer Fort Pill, eud for sale by
I del4 ISAIAH DICKIiY A CO, Front *t
Gil INSKSU-1 ling* ClariGid. fbr'cmieVf
rj!eT7 ' ' . WICK ft McCaNDLC93 ‘
iJlvAl'UfcUa —1“ «icta prune, toy sale by , _ Wrofc^.MfCANDUKSS
Holier. UuVKti9~o Uutu Ula*Mc Horae Cuveia, a
vrry limvy u.iJ:*p!coiUil article, jnu rrcM and
njr dale low, at No. & WooJ atrect, hy
_ d £l u _ .. /All riULL!PS_
ClAS'l'ifU bll« I lib I in Rio re u j for mlc l>r
V eW . J J Kjliutco^
Al*COlibL«— ia bbli jusi icoM ami for rale by
‘‘■-•VI ■ - r /KIDD & CO
J l)l)l» Frcsli,)u«t tec’d mill tor sale u’y
A«loa_ MTUAHT&aiLL
IUKK CABTWHidiir—i Carpet llag in* «iorej
j Mubjedl to charge*, for Lake Cmiwriglu, wbiek ke :
•rill pleaaecaU tor. i O B MJLTKNBfcMUER, :
'MA > -v No 67 Ftoßt ft
Bankers, Exehaa|» Brokers,
COLLECTION'S.—Draft*, Notes and Acceptances
payable in. any P»tt of the Union, collected on the most
3 EXCHANGE’on New York, PhiUdelphia and Gal
timore: also, Cineinnati, Sami Louis and
■ New Orleans, constantly for tale. »
BANKNOTES.—^Notesjon alt •olvent bmnka ra the
United States discounted *t the»tes. Allklnds
of Foreign and American Gold and Silver Cola bought
and sold. ' . ..
Office No. 55 Market street, between 3d and 4th,
Pituhurgh, Pa.
tfQßijiO* £ICHABQK»
BILLS on Engfand.lreland,and^
any amount at urn pnnent Rales of
Alro, Drafts parable In any P*ft of the OUI Cotmrii»,
from £1 to £fOOO, at tire rate cfl
without dednetion or discount, by JOSHUA RODIN
SON, European and General Agent, office Stlt *J ons
door west of wood. pctitra.
1 1 ' ~ ' jxpwaaaaaßK
-t> m Foreign and Domestic; Bril* of Exchange. Cer
tificates.ofDeposlte, Bank Notts and Cola, comer of
M and Wood streets, directly opporile Su Char^^no*
WKSTKUA vumob—
\ ■ Indiana.
J Ktntieky,
tf«wif Notes
purchased at ths lowast rates, by
: 4 N. HOLMES ft SONS,
•epW, _ 35 Market street.
Constantly for sale by N. HOLMES ft SONS.
•gpß» 35 Market st
jonit mntuLson «. w. o. nrtnt.
THE undersigned, tuceeason to Arthur* A Nichol
son, beg leave to inform the citizens of Pittsburgh
and publie generally, thatthey have rebuilt the Ha-
OLE FOUNDRY and are now in full operation; and
have part of their patterns ready for the market:—
Amongst which are Cooking Stoves. Coal and Wood
Stoves, with a splendid air-tight Coal Stove, which, is
now superceding in other ellies the common round
Stove.. Also, a cheap coal Cooking Stove, well adap
ted for small families, with a full assortment of com
mon and mantel Urates We would particularly in
vito the attention of persons building tq_eall at our
warehouse before purchasing, and examine a splendid
article of enammelled Orates, - finished in fine style—
entirely new la this market.
Warehouse. No. lift Liberty ft opposite Wood si
augffliilH NICHOLSON ft PAYN B.
Office of tho Delaware JHutnal Safety la*
.•ttraaee Coapanj*
PniLiniUßU, Not. Sth, IBU.
THE Board of Directors have, this day, declared a
dividend of TEN PER scrip, out of the
profit* of the Company for the year ending October 31,
IS4O, certificate* fur whieh'wilt be Issueaon and after
the first day of December next.
Also, a dividend of BIX PER CENT. In cash, on the
ctnital stock and scrip previously issued, payablo as
above. RICHARD 8. NEWBOLD, See*?-.
noviO , P. A. MADEIRA, AgL, Pitts’g. :
C YEAGER. Importer and Wholesale' Dealer In
digti of the Gilt Comb, 103 Market st.. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Western Merchants, Pedlars, ana others visiting
Pittsburgh to purchase Good*, are respectfully invited
to tall and *y»nina the extensive assortment of Eng
lish, American, French and German Fancy Goods.
All Foreign Goods at this e*tablishment are Import
ed direct by myself; and purchasers may rely on get
ting goods from first hand*. 1 have the largest assort
ment of artieles, in the variety fine, La the city of
Pittsburgh—all of which will be sold low for cash or
city acceptances. The Stock consists, In port, of .
Laee Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons. \
Bilk Cravau, Sbce and PatentThrcsuli, Searing Silk,
Spool CoMm, 'rapes, Suspenders, Bullous, Pins, Nee
dles and Cutlery.
Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Jewelry, all kinds of
Brashes, Combs and Razors.
Pereuislon Caps, Revolvers, Pistols, Clocks, Silk ft
Cotton Purees, Spectacles, Steel Pens, Music Boxes,
Carpet Bags and Backets. .
Bindings. Findings and Trimmings.
Tots tutd Fancy Goods; together with a large varied
ty of Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS.; I
C. YEAGER is also agent for the celebrated Lan;
caster Combs. - novl?
Road! Bead!
Esq., Cler Court of Quarter 'Sessions of
Beaver Com
Mr. R. K. tal'.e s -1i Pome time in the winter my
wife was alfi!ettd «ua asevereunddlittesaingeough,
and hearing *( yeurrevalMblo Cough Syrup, I pur
chased a boutt tc*A 8, T. Trimble, of Bridgewater,
and after taking a poniou of it two or three evenings
on going to bed, sue found-immediate relief} a*,also
severe', friends nave been relieved In severe cases. ]
um therefore saLsfied that It is a safe and valuable
medieine, and vroufd recommend it to those who may
be afflicted with severe Coughs and Colds.
March 23,1843. XV. K. BODEN.
Prepared and sold by IL L SELLERS, 57 Wood- si,
and sold by druggists generally, in Pittsburgh and A!
leghny. befflp.
Tlio Ckartlora Coal Coapaay.
BOOKS will be open for subscription to the sloek ol
“The Chaniers Coa) Company,-* ou and after
Monday, the 34th dty of September iiut, at thoofflet
uf Z. W. Remington, Pean st, Pittsburgh.;
Groat Kaillih Rsnidyi
FOR Couch*, Cold'. Asthma and Consumption!' Tha
G RKAT AND ONLY REMEDY for the cure of ths
above diseases, is the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated Dr. Buchan, ol
London, England, and tatrodueed Into the United States
under the immediate superintendence of the inventor.
The extraordinary success of this medicine, in tit.
cure of Pulmonary disease*, warrants the American
Agent in solieitingforueatmcnt the wont possible ea
aesthstean be found in the community—eases lb at seek
relief in vain from any of the common remedies of ths
day, and have been given up by the moat distinguished
physicians as confirmed and incurable. The liungurl
an Balsam ho* cured.’and will cure, the most desperatt
of eases. It is no quack nostrum, but a standard Eng.
fiihmedieine.of knownand established efficacy. : ,
Every familyinihe United States should be supplied
with Buchan’* Hungarian Balsam of Life, not oaly to
counteracuhe consumptive tendencies of the climate,
bo. to be used as a prerentive medleme in all eases ot
colds,' cough*, (pining of blood, pain In the side and
chest, irritation soreness of the lungs, brochitis.
difficulty of brenting, hectic fever, night sweats- emaci
ation and general debility, asthma, Lnflacnza, whopping
cough ana croup.
Sold in large bottles, at 81 per bottle, with fall direo
tfons for the restoration of health.
a mass of English and Ameri
can certificates, and other evidence, showing the un
equalled merits of this great Euglinh Remedy, may b«
obtained of the AgenU, gratuitously.
For sale by B A FAHNESTOCK ft Co-« career o
■t and Wood and Wood and Cihsu. jiffldftwS -
r T*lißgreateslasd best variety evsr offered in this city
x before—made on the most approved Eastern plan*—
and mostfathionahlaEasttts patterns and eolorsl Also
THE CHEAP ROLL, or BOtifON BUND, on hand
ormodotoorderof all sizes, and at all pricaa.
Country Merchants and others are invited to eall an!
examine the above for all will be sold
wholesale or reraifiand a libaral deduction msda-W
wholesale parchtsers.
nun East «ide of the Diamond, where Vetntion
Blinds of alt the different size* and-eolora
are kept on hand or tnede to order afle
the latest and mo«t approved Eastern fash.
Y ioas,attheshoneiluotieetuidoatkomoi
reasonable terms.
Also, the cheap Boston roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Curtains of alt the different sizes and
patterns, ou hand and for sale low for cash. Old Vene
tian Blinds painted over and repaired, or taken In part
parmeuifor new it M WEsTKRVKLT, Pre’pr.
N. B—All wots done with the best material and
workmanship, and warranted to pleoso the most fab*
idioßs. . anglo-dly
Allegheny city, Aug. 10,1558.
Notwno Liaa It!
Pirmram, March 27,1517.
Mr. R. K. Sellers—ln justice to you and your in com*
parable Cough Syrup, 1 beg leave to state, for the ben
efit of tho eouimnnity, that my wife has been several
tiroes afflicted witn a looet distressing ecogh. 1 par*
chased, in January last, a bottle ofyonr Syrup, which
cared a couga of (wo months' (tending. About one
iiontb *lnee, the cough relumed, and was so severe
that ihe could bsrdly move, from weakness in the
breast; I sent for one bottle of your Cough Syrup mi l
apartof one bottle cured the cough tgavethooUier
to n journeyman who was severely afflicted, who had,
to use bis own words, ‘eaten enough cough candy to
care ail the people in Pittsburgh," if the candy had
been as good as represented. ;
Yoori, respectfully, Aims B, Ktm.
Prepared ond sold by R. E. SELLERS, 57 Wood
•treci, and sold by Druggists generally in the two
e i‘ ,e V..„ ; dels
GRATEFUL for the very liberal encouragement I
havo received for so many years, I have deter*
mmedio enlarge my business eonaidcrably. Ifavfnr
engaged a cnmisstunt Futetsan, I will be enabled to
hi! all orders proiuj-dy, and do the work in our u«ual
style and utfm.-pnceu, and ask the attention of met*
» h v'^!wfVll :mX r l , , , i m)r , ,ar * e stock of UPHULSTb>
RY GOODS and B«’d». Mattrasses and Bedding, .Cur
tain Materials, Damask* and Moreens,Cornices. Fnn*
ges, Bordering#, Ta»»el*, Split and Roller IMud*. and
nyery article usually kept in on establishment of the
kind. Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to.
N. B.—Carpels made and pat down.
vvtf. Mini.R
■ west side oi the Diorooiul, Alle
gheny city, a complete assort
ment of Ventu'an Blinds; alio Ve
iiitiou Shutters are made to or
der in the best etylr, warranted
equal to any in the United States.
Uis Blinds ean be removed with
out the aid of a screw driver.
Having purchased the stock,
tools, and wood oftlip cobineles-
their old customers, nsweibas
-. .. . iwith every thing in their Uue.
t ,*mt mi-m an elegant plain Rosewoodßoet. Piano 1
•I from the celebrated manufactory of Nunns ft
Clark, N. Y, ol (upenor iunc,and venr rnodeTaH price.
W for removing Tartar, Scurvy, Conker, and oil
<uh*taners destructive to the Teeth, It is dalicioas to
.he uute, eleuumig the mouth, healing and strengthen!
,»c the gums, a«d purifying the breath.
■For sale wholesale and retail, by <
i dc*A> R K SELLERS, ST Wood «t
VV Just rec'd, ait mvmeo of fall jewelled patent le
rer Watches, IS carets hue cases, which 1 eon sell as
ov a* thirty and thirty five dollars, and warranted to"
seep good utne. .
Also— A splendid assortment of JEWELRY, com*
tott • wmrUartaandFwmhfWtt^.:,
SBSHft *&oroS?£%
SSSSK 4 T«th S
to an enure ret, on the rucuoji principle, withVbeatH
Ufa! representation of thuuaaral
Original shape of the face. s
N. B.—Teeth extracted with IMs or no n«in.
Decayed pcrnanenUT «aved hypihgro.,,-.
renting the teoTl aehe, which is much bette“th««l*
ring it, thoarh it ahould be done in five minvtes. m
even • rugriiv
LUNGS.—The unprecedented sueceta which
ttended the use of the 1 1! :
o all the various forma which IrTitatioit o t the limn as.
suae*, bus induced tho proprietor again to caQattea
(ion to | * | '» •
Thti changaMe wvafitcT which marks our AQ
winter months, is always a fruitful source of.
There, if negleeuidr hat the precursors of that kB
■‘T tCt ’ COSUMPTION’. !:-
Tho question, then, how ahull we nip the deztroysrtn
the bud? how shall we gel clear of oar ooughs and
olds? is of viral importance to tee public.
will be found in the GinrengPanaeea. In proof of this
we have ftmntime to Ume puhSthed use certificates of
dozens of oor best known eitixena, who have experi
euced its curative powers. These, with a mass vf tea
lil Sa‘ l fe o PTlSn^ O «A N iINO.
Ministers of the Gospel, ftc., together with eopioaa no|
iees from the \
we have in pamphlet form, and may be KM
mils of any of oar agenu throughout the country.
have been need in this city. t
tiirouxboat the United States and Canada, and: we c>»
o which, when taken according to directions, and be
fore the lungs had become filaily dleorgaiused, it has
aver failed to '
Why, then, need the afflicted hesitate? Why Assort to
the mWrable nostrum*, gotten up
•also ler the arsonted name of aome eo phy
sician, and puffed into notoriety by cctti£etto4 m per
ioca equally unknown! Whilst a medieine of!
Is to be had, whose vouchers arc at homer—car cslgk]
hors,—many of whom it ha* j .
In order that this invaluable medicine may be placed
within the reach of the peor as well the rico,w»hive
: put the price at |
lust one half the usual coil of cough modleinos. tt ta
for sale by our arenti In nearly every town and village
ever the west, who ore prepared to give full informa
tion relative to it. T. SALTER, Proprietor*
Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio.
that It will cm benefit.
TupßßßSv* 1 have used it Inr the last
sixteen years for ail diseisst of the chcru involving
the utmost danger and responsibility, and ! declare
before heaven and mu, that not In one easel luw it
failed to benefit when the patient waa within ihd reach
ofmortal means. ' 1
Ihavehadphyaieiuulaazaedin the profession. I
have ministers oflhegespsl, judges of the beucb, al
dermen, lawyera. genuemen of the highest erudition,
and multitudes or the poor use it in every variety of
way, and there bus been but one voice—one universal
IS GOOD!” > -
RHEUMATISM—It removes, almori tmraediaiely
the inflammation and swelling, when the pain ceases.
(U . the directions around the box}'
D-ACllB—The solve has cured persons of the
headache of twelve years standing, and who hod it
ron-arevery week noihatvamitiugtookplnca. EAR
sro helped Willi like success. .1 „
BUALD HEAD—We have eared eases that actually
dafiafl every thing known.* a* well a* the ability of fif
isen 10 twenty doctors. One mao told us be had spent
f.m on his children wltiion any benefit, ..when a few
Mt<> of Ointment cured them.
TEITEE—There ie nothing better for the cure of
BURNS-lt la one of the beat things in the world for
Benia. . '
PlLES—Thousands are yearly cured by this CmJ
ment It sxvxu fails in giving relief for tho Piles
• fTy 1 Around the box are directions for-ttrinir IrAl
litur’i Oinßtunt/or Scrofula , Liwr nkyrips
lot, Tdtr, Chilblain, Staid Htad, Sett j£f*s, : Qirbuy,
Sett Throat, Bmnehitas, Ntnmu Affluent, Pares, Du
nh of the Spins, Htad aths, asthma, Jkafnm. Bar eehs,
Bums. Corns, all Dixtasts qf (As SW*t, Sort Ups, Pim
pies, Svslling o/tht Limbi, Sorer, tVuuaatism,
pilsx,'eold Fat, Croup, SwtlUd or Broktn i>rr3jf, Tooth
asks. JcutintM Fact,
COLD FEET—Liver Complaint, pain in the Chest
and Side, falling off of the hair, or the other accompa
nies cold feci. (This Ointment is the true remedy.) It
is a sure sign of disease to have cold feel,
CORNS—Occasional use of the Ointment will al
ways keep corns from growing. People need never
be troubled with them if they use it frequently.
This Ointment is good for any part of the body
or umhs when inflamed. In some cares it should be
applied often. . . .
CAUTION—No Ointment will be genuine unless the
name ofJAMESHeALLIBTERis written with a pen
on every label.
For sale by my Agents in all the prineipal cities and
towns In the United State*. • • _L,
Sole Proprietor of the above medicine.
S Principal Office, No 33 North Third street, Phil*
Ausais ci PrmßeaflK—Braun ft Reiter, comer of
Liberty and St Clair at*; and L Wilcox, Jr, comer of
Market »t and the Diamond, also comer of 4th ami
Bmithficld su; 7 II Castel, comer of Walnatand Penn
Ms, sth ward; and sold st the bookstore in Smititfield
st, 3d door from Second stt in Allegheny city by il P
tahwartz and J Sargent; by J U Smith, Druggist, Bir
mingham; DNegley. East liberty;. II Rowland, Mc-
Keesport; J Alexander ft Son, Monongaheld City; N
U Bowman ft Co,.and J T Rogers, Brownsville, John
Uarklcy, Beaver, Po; arc wholesale agent*.
fcb37*deodly ' »
Panto for tha Public,
In relation to that unrivalled family Salvo,
TESTIMONY of a respecublo Physieiau.—Read
the following, addressed to my. Agent, Mr. F. Mer
ryweather, Cincinnati:
Cuccccutt, Feb. 13,'lSffl. ■
Sir: A sense of duty compels mo to give my tribute
to Dailey’s Pain Extractor. Being opposed to quack
ery and all nostrums baving for their object 'sinister
motives—but realising much good from the w Kiog of;
Pain Killer*”—l am indoced to tender you this eenifi-,
ente. I have used it in my family, in my pruttiee, and
with all the happy and wonderful effects that could
possibly be imagined. 11. J. BsoDtr,M. j).
Dr. Brodie UHhe senior partner of-Brodie ft Levi,
Druggists. .
Inflammatory Rheumatism. ' “
The following testimonial comes from' a source ft]
miliar » many of those traveling on our Western wa
ters. Mr. dime, the well anil favorably ksoths pro-
E'etor of the Parkersburg Hotel, is husband to the
y whose Idler I annex: . ' >
Paaxxasctrao, Va, AprfiiS, 1619.
To Henry Dailey, Chemist, ftc.—Sin Having for
merly been long mfiiqted with violent inflammatory
Rheumatism, which appeared to firmtr seated at to
defy all ordinary appliances to allay the severe p&io.
attending it, 1 was induced to try your Magical Pain’
Eztracton and it having effected, almost os ifby mo
gic, ar lauacdiate relief, and also, to all appearance*
an entire ana perfect cure, 1 am induced for the bene
fit of others who mny be afflicted with pain, caused by
any kind of inflammation, to write to yo»r declaring
that iu my opinion, founded on actual experience
your Magical Pain Extractor i* the mosi'-valcable dis
covery of the present age for the immediate extraction
of bodily pnin. It i* au almost immediate .and a per
fect cure for Burn* and hcalds, and all external in
flammation. >
(laving many aeqoaimanees formed-' fifthe.': visiu
at my husband’s hotel in this place, I bake khppesed
by your showing them these tew lines, ttntayi>o»*:hiy
be of benefit both to them and yonrscli - ■ -
" Euzanstn GuiT
II entertain the hope that Mrs. dime willpardoi;- e
publicity 1 give to her letter, as well on the scoiu ->t
hnmanhy as of iu being the surest mode of tag n
to the notice of her friends.—H. DsUJtr.J - -
Felon Cured.
Eitract of a letter, dtted :
Mr. H. Dailey: “I have tried your fain Rz tractor m
a ease of felon, in my own family, watch-Jl relieved
and cored in a very short time.” 1? Yours re
spectfully, , t, rs ?'
ID“ Bums and Scalds, Piles, Sore Nipples, Broken
Breast, Eruptions, Sore.*, Cuts,, W (*nd», and all in
flammation, yields readily to the wonderful properties
of this unrivalled family salve. But, m ‘be same pro
portion that you will rcectvebcnehi frougiliu genuiue,
you will be injured by the deleterious effect* of Ujo
counterfeit salves. . ,
CAUTION—Be sure and apply enlyto the inventor,
H. DatLCT, 415 Broadway, */ ( f„\®«t. ««' *
Utorized agenu. „ u
General Depot, Piusburvh.
Henry P. Sehwartt, A»«heny, dnu; J. -Baker* .
Wheeling, Va.; Jamea W {t*** 0 Ky.j
F. Merryweather, Cmeiotiau, 0., General Depot.
N. B-—ln the severest Burns and Bcaldvlt' extract*
the pi in In » fa* minutes—lt never foils*- ■•; Jui4
B. AFaaskstocx.l - . A. H, UaiA| N. .Y. Cuj
U. L Fasßisroex, YFiittborgh.
fl. W. FsH3**TOC.J _ . S : i...
Whoitials DTJf ®y* r *. * a . Ihs City mt
HoW.a#klk» ~, . --j
rfifiE undersigned are extensively engaged, in the
1 Wholesale Drug buitien at No. 49 John street, in
the «ity of Now kork, eßtt are prepared to. eopsly
Hfugrisls sod cwnixy Merchants with Drugs, PaStta,
jtls, Ptain end Amarieaa .Peifameiy,
slander, A «*-e» fchlandcr's Chemicals, (of their own
mfOTJtioal all ether anielea in bnsi
teis. of » fsperio as low ea they} so be per*
Ili*wl It* this or any eastern eity. - •
Nsw York. F«l*ra lt_A. fc O
IN order to afford all possible security to,the, public,
us well e* lo tbetu«lves, against fra!uiL«iS itnpo-
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mifuge. Xhe now label, which U-a steel engraving of
the most exquisite design and workmanship! baa been
introduced at, u very great expense.- and tsftom the
bramofan nrustofuteflrmalent. -Tbodc*iniu*new r
and tho execution elaborate. Bereral and a
portrait are most prommem, but the wotdNVuajti
rDo*» pntuea in white letters on a rttl uiiaucly en*
?™ Ted graond, should be ptmiaularly exammed.—
When-held, w to um tght the letlers, shidlS of the
tetters ana every lute, however twuuie, throughout tho
whole of this pan of theengraviug maidb' as exactly
at il the impression bad been mode upon oae'side cm*
iy, although Ills actually printed on b«h side* of the
paper. Tms should in aU eases be obscrreJ. AL*
lie! upon each dozen is nfto printed in red upon both
sldca, and should be examined iu.tha Aamp' mgnner.;
This preparation hot now stood yto test of ma>7
years trial, and is confidently recommended as a safs
and effectual medicine for.expelUiig.woriaa irOßi J»e
system.''the unexampled success That hssk tlenacd
Its udminlstnuion in every ease where thepaurntwts
really afflicted with worms, certainly xeuaetpß
thp the tucntion cf phytteiaua. . '
rim proprietor has made it a pqiul,to aseertiia we
result of tu use in such cases as eaiM.withik ais
knowledge aud observation—and he
it to'produce the most salutary
ly after nearly all the ordinary preparauo
mended for worms bad been ,
without any permanent a^tvamage-•'TIl^*•oJ B,
tcited by the certificates and slatemeptsOy- V
of rcipeetable persotrs in different parts of ®®°“ j
try, and should indace families'ulway* t*kmr» i a vmj
or the preparation in theirpos»essieß< RM.y 1 ” ‘“1“
operation, and may be administered wlthpoß® 4 *** l6 "
ty to the most delieate infant. -«v—
-1 • The only genuine Is prepared by ' LfJf. ; lh
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