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- **• «*rae*oy reqtesmd to hand to
: *&fKnn.**y M 4 M eoriyiatbedayu
JWreiflid»eBUaGtm*«Tted<b»« ipeei
. ssd lnvariably be charged amil eidsrw eat
Advertisement; arid rebrerinuoas to the North Amer.
' an and United tfatesGazett* Philadelphia, received
»i fimrdsd from this office.
Hjnr-Bmuains za Nzw Yota, Psaonumu
.in PittsKiiaK.—An active rivalry .exists be*
■ tvm'Nsw York and Plubutelpbis, sod the press*
«sof the respective cities, in anticipation of the
‘censas to be likes this jremr, ire boasting of their
- Aovth uj population, and insulating compari-
£ r toskovtbenpid advance jof one over tho
The Philadelphia Bulletin Uyi, that New
Is fifty per cent, be Wad Philadelphia, ia re*
- fjtrf to the ranher of new balldings erected dor*
iflf the’ jw 1849. la New York, the buildings
erected, of afl'classfrs,'ia 1495. la. Philadelphia,
sad loooirpoiiUed froa March Ist to Beer
Ist, 1849,2355 aew buildings were erected, and
■ *■ etfaiHe of the number in the unincorporated
datrictsbriagitbe total up to about 3000. Mak*
■ i®f the moderate allowance of >aix inhabitants to
each aew building, the year’s growth of the two
cbsawlS stand aafbUowa:
New York.
k 1 -lafarorof Philadelphia, 1,505 10,030
If theaa statistics are correct, oar Quaker sister
. la aowdicf hard oa the good city of Gotham, and
. we of Flushorgb are not tar behind the American
.. netropoUa in the number of new buildings erected
• the last year. We have no official mode of arriv
, tag tithe n amber in the city and surrounding dit*
• Mots, bat have been at some pairu to arrive at a
. jttat estimate. Maay ofthe Wards we hive eseer
' tailed, and hope to have the whole before long.—
So far as we can jndge from the statistics already
Obtained, we think that It wilt be (band that not.
lees than cut thoueaud kou* cr were erected in
Pbtaborgh and vicinity daring the yetrl64o.
Nearly all of these were fine brick bnUdings, and
many ofiboco of a very costly description. If we
■reeovreet, accordingto the ratio of six to a house,
• oar population has increased, for the year, 6000;
tad #e have erected only 500 hooees less than the
1 great City of New York.. If we do ao well now,
. -tew will it bo: when onr rail roads and plan*
feeds come into use?
- ,The Hungarian exiles are now in Washington
ttty* \ Oa Tuesday they were presented to the
President and Secretary of State, by whom they
were cordially received and kindly entertained.—
Speeches were made on both sdet, and the Han*
ffarftns expressed themkalves highly delighted,
end were much affected with the dignified botpi
taflty of their reoeptioo. - A letter in the Baltimore
American says that they were informed that
Government bad not only authorised in’ageat to
acknowledge the independence of Hnngary, and be the first to welcome her into the family of
in case she had succeeded in the late rev*
olotfoa, bat that car Minister at the Bublime
Porte had also been instructed to ase bis good of
fices in beslf of Kossuth and his brave compan*
taufc and to send them, if in hia power, to the Uni
ted Stales in one of onr vetsela of war if any
Ahoali be about to retnni from the
Where they woald find e heart; welcome,-and’
te met with a generous sympathy by every true;
American. »
PrnzsmsH san Ears ILlileoab.—We under
stand that 15,000 sharer, amounting to $750,000,
have been sabscribed to the Pittsburgh and Erie -
Bailrosd, and $35,000 paid in. . This is a noble be*
' finniog, and in,ehergetichands wHI secure the.
■ esrtaia and speedy. constrnctidn of the road.
Thia wiQ open np all that region to the Pittsburgh
Market, and offer shortest roote to the Lakes.
Oar great Western road will certainly commence
with brilliant prospects. It will have connections
with the Lake, by jßailroad, at Erie, Cleveland,
and Sandusky, tap thus have immediate access
to the Immense trade of thd Lake region.
AttiovLToxaL Mahaz trail—Wo awindebted
to Me. J.’ D. Loekjwood, of .Wood street, for the
January numbers bf those, excellent Agricaltaral.
Magnifies, the Albany Cahfvator and Horticnl*
tortlist Oar friends iutto will find it to
their edvastage Col call and eobssnte with Me*
Loekwood, as they will thereby receive these
works free of postige. ; L .
Tu Eus Caail Coatrurr.—Seventh'annual
Ycpoit of iko Frio Canal Company has' been pub
lished. From it wp learn that the total receipts,
from tolls and.wner rents,, lor tbo fast Tear,
mmbaalcd to J.... 4O
ToUl expenditures 37,847 25
Wbfe&jri!! psy about four per cent* oh the in
debtedness uf the Company. The protpect* Jbr
ftCCt year are said to be more flattering.
* Bemoan wot Etit to the Ohio Stati Lob.
“W# stated, mob daya tides, that the Franklin
Canal Company hare advertised proposals to Ist
the grading and bridging of a fiaiiroad from Erie
tOtbo.Ohio Btale Line, that obtaining, by • fraud,
the right of way otrt of the State. We perceive
' taaltbeErio Commercial isont against the scheme
wbiciiMdcnouoeet et“one of the biggest ham*.
tegsoaL” It expresses the opinion that the
•Franklin Canal Company baa no more right to
eositrael anil road from Erie to the Ohio State
~ line, baa to Bridge' the Lake.
The Wntmertlahd InteUigsnctr comes to ns
enlarged and improved. We are glad to aee tbit
evidence of prosperity da the put of this old Whig
organ In Westmoreland.
. ABrltiih Ohkr|« Cued by u AaiiiUia
... | . Casual.
. A letter from .Washington to tha Baltimore
American, gives the - following particulars of an
7. affair in Sooth; America, as disgraceful to the
- feritish officer concerned, u honorable to the A
•- meffean Consol:^—
- News has jost reached this city of a persona]
1 leeeotre which took place at Lima, oh the 10th o!
J, the hit mon’b, between year ieliow" ciUshn, Col.
•Zsbdicl W. PoOeiylhe newly appointed Comal of
f the United States at Valparaiso, and ,lhe Hon.
- Henry Stephen Sullivan, nephew of Lord Palmer
- Mot, and Her Briiganio Majesty's Charge d’affaires
' naar the'GoTermztent of Chili, tha particalars of
• which, as well ts I cad learn, are as fallow:—On
~ thS'Mx December, last, it seems that CoL Potter
p with his family, being en rente far Valparaiso,
•! Mopped at .Lima; it being-necessary that the
l etnas* ahoold lie by several days at Callao, in
t <*dtr intake in n supply of coal. Colonel Potter
; py.wglagsfar himself and family at the French
hotel. After having taken his rooms in the hotel,
; *2* which he was shown by the landlady in per
. ** he sopposed,'comfortably lodged hfs
: uttOy daring the stay of the steamer at Callsoi. he
I - company with a *compagoott da
: w tske a view of Lima and its novelties
nmicarioiiue*. .
not loag lift his lodgings before
f . £•£&■««» Henry Stephen SatUm with his
! fteily Boypsd «I the hoW, and iollbmldr walk
«4ulo tta room, which hid been mined to
OpL FHletud fiun%,ind h»h forcible pomehuoit
' «rtheo, ud toned bin. Pooer .ad herdeAetrat
.; rf doon. Mil Potter beeeo,bl him, with teen io
«■»oTher hummed, who
Wtteld mdrhe ihwaii for » few it
WMinianin. Hlißntiiheohilit,toldhertbit
. ..’tits, was only n common -American cook, and
ordered bar oat with her child in her arms, direct
fag a aerrant to find other apartments for her
Gen. Herrera, who oceopied rooms near «hrtn
I taksa by CoL Potter, was appealed to by Mrs P.
V ud he and his daoghter, Mrs. Mickle, went with
her to the Charge and besought him to await the 1
return of CoL Potter—bat this appeal alsowui
withoat effect- Mrs. P. was again ordered oat of
tha roost, and as she left In tsars this accomplished 1
feaetibhary and chivalrie gentleman taunted her i
with wordsofthis eart—*-Mams, don’t wfajpoo—
- HI be good next time-IwilL"
Some time afler this brutal, occurrence, CoL
Potter returned to the hotel, when he was Lafarm
ed of what had transpired, and as soon as he could
bear the story be called upon Mr. SnUlvan, who
bad gone out. Afier a abort time he called agaio,
■ bet was again told that the gentleman wtaaot in
, Idka a true American gentleman, CoL P. dedioed
to ditfnrb the family of this Royal offbedsy, or in'
the least to take advantage of his abaeaco, bat
- went immediately to a hotel in the Plait and pro*
eared Other lodgings, it being then nearly night.
Early the next morning he again , repaired to the
xyoa of the Charge and loand him this time
Anesc” He requested fafm very politely to aeeoo.
penyhlmto the iputmeatsoi Geo. Herrers. in
.order to have an explanation of the dirgraeafol
eoadoot towards Mrs. Potter on the previous
evening. Mr.SntlivaacoollydeelinedihereqaesL
ud told CoL P. that it was he (CoL P.).wtu> most
make the apology to His Lordship; Upon this
GoL Potter administered to hia-a well -merited
aba well applied chastisement, caning him until
■ (hey wen both completely exhatnted with tbe-ef>
, IbrHHbe on* la the passive, the other In the to*
tiro ammo.
The just retribution waa wiaesaed by a large
somber of gegltanep, among whoa were aeveral
New Buildings. Inhabitants.
.$40,397 21
Engliahmen, end every tody agreedl thst Potter
was entirely in the right D is neodleas to add
that as soon as the news spread over the city Of
Luna, there was a universal burst of admirationdf
Potter’s conduct, on the one hand, and of condeta*
nailoo of Sullivan's on the other. Ills hoped that
this affair will teach Lord Palmerston’s nephew
thst an American eilisen, at home'or abroad, is
oot disposed to brook anjrfnsnll, even from one
Who is of blood km to bis lordship, and a high
functionary ofber British majesty, and he may al
*o profit by this lesson, and learn how to reaCnt an
iqjary himselft hereafter. «_
The general sentiment here £•, that Col. Potter
ought not to be allowed to enterupou the duties of
hia eoosolate, bat that be ought at Once to be pro
.'moled to be at least Charge d’Affaires, to- aome
one of the South American Republics.
rcipoadeaco ofthe Hnabnrgh Gueoe.
WaronoTat, Jan. 15,1850.
We are getting along gloriously, having arrived
at the middleofthe'.seventh week ofthe session,
the House has legally and duly diosen its Speak
er, Clerk, and Sergeant'll Arms. There remain
to be elected, in order to perfect the organisation,
a door keeper and post master. Mr. CHassbemer,
whowastoday electedon the 10th beUotSer
geant at Arms pj the Booae, by 107 votes against
103 for Mr. GHddingt, Whig, is a Pennsylvania
Democrat, who baa been {or r. number of yean em
ployed in the Clerk’s office.’ I think I have heard
that he was*Sergeant at Arms in one or the other
Honse ofyoar State Legislature, during the fa
mous campaign, called the buck shot war.
To morrow, 1 presume, the two other subor
dinate officials will be elected, and then poasibly
the House may gel to business, but there is no
security for any thing of the kind.
In the Senate, the Democrats owned op to the
maixß, and quietly permitted the resolution over
throwing their famoos law for restricting the coat
ofcoUecting the revenue to $1,560,000, by* allow,
ing the necessaryexpenditore of seven or eigbthand
red thousand pass. Mr. Bradbury,of Maine,
then made a speech two or three hours long upon
his resolution, calling upon the Executive to fur
nish the Senate with reasons and arguments for
.the removals that hare been made. It is r a good
enough theme to talk uponded when the Senate has
nothiag better to do, it might be well eaoagh to
act, but Governor Bradbury is one of those gen*
tlcmen who bear a higV-repuiation.. &r courtesy
and amiability, but who would not aet the Poto
mao on fire, if they thundered within the gates of
the capltol to the crack of doom.
The organ for such a pur
‘pose—contains Bayly’s defence of hia neglect to
call the Committee of Waya and Means; together
for the transaction of business. The gist of the
defence is, that nothing has been referred to the
committee, ao that it baa no foundation for its cc
lion. There are two points, however, upon which
Bayly, speaking by his next friend Thomas Ritch
ie, does not enlighten hit anociateej of the com
mittee, ortho Honse, or the pobb’e. They are, first
—whose iauit is it that nothing has beesi referred
to the committee? and secondly, is not the com
mittee empowered to act in tha preparation ofthe
appropriation bills, wtthoot. specific instructions
from the Honse.
The rules of the House make it the duty of the
committee to proceed at once to prepare the ap
propriation bills, and ihey.acl upon the data con
tained in the annual estimates of appropriations
laid, before the Honse on the first day ofits assem
bling, ;aod those bills must be reported within thir
ty days after the appointment of the committee.
If Bayly had moved to refer these estimates, it
would have been done. For any other member
to have done it, wonld have been an act of
discourtesy.* Among the objects to be effected
by-this extraordinary dels;, no doubt, is the pro
traction of the heavy financial butiness of the ses
sion, to ao late a period as to render any modifica
tion ofthe Tariff impracticable,, and generally to
embarrass the administration in respect to the
war, and all its other proposed measures.
I am glad to be able to pronounce the story of
the recallofMr.Sqnier,Charge to Central Amer
ica, unfounded and gratuitous, as Mr. Benton says,
in his replies to Calhonn, The difficulty between
our Government and Great Britain is in a train of
adjustment, aai infer from the best, information I
can obtain in premises. All claim to Tigre Is
land will be abandoned by Great Britain, and it
will be surrendered up to the United States. But
this will done by way. of reparation for the
insolent and unwarranted conduct of the British
agent ChatfieW, in seising the Island. As it is
not considered of any particular importance by
onr Government, it will be. returned to the pos
session and jurisdiction of Nicaragua, or what
ever other State iljostly belongs to. Not only is
there no intention of recalling Mr. Squier, but
his vigorous, prompt and efficient measures
in protecting the rights of his government and its
citizens, has been highly commended, although it
has not been judged expedfeat to retain the little
Island acquired by him. It is conceded, how
ever, that by negotiating for the cetiion of it, at the
time be did, be completely defeated the designs of
Chat&pld, who was preparing to aeixe it; and had
he done ao before the session to the United States,
he would have held it, past all peradventure. It
is said to be Important as a station for vessels, ly
ing, as it does, at the proposed ittouthnau ofthe
great canal . Junius.
of (he Pinsbwgh Gazette.
Uauidoxoh, Jyn. 15, 1850.
, Tin Honorable Thomaa H- Barm vs is in town,
in atteodaaee npon a Slate Convention, to be held
to morrow, on the subject of Common Schools.—
He hat hit heart epoa tbit subject, having beta
oneof the prime movers ofthe present school «ys*
tern. Bat Mr. B. in politics, webelieve, now
ranks as a Loco Foco. At any rate he has draft
ed a-bfl), and through Mr. the House of
Representatives, introduced it, jo form a depart
ment of law iaseboals. It is apposed be may
have an eye npon the situation, himself. Mr.
Harris, the present Superintendent, is a very com
petent and able man, aad U probable the
Whigs will force any legislative movement tending
to cat him oat of the position ho so creditably
ills. • . i -'
Yon will see t hat Mr. Forney, of the Penney!
1 vaaian, hat been sadly disappointed in reference
to the clerkship of the Houtfe of Bepresentatiyes.
In hit card of yesterday, he. his labored to tops
.press the bitterness with which his heart was evi
dently overflowing, but it was a most lame and
impotent attempt. lake the Infimous.Brown, he
has first courted aad shamefully truckled to the
slave power, and then, when kicked and spumed
by it in return, as a just reward for such infamous
conduct, be has the unblushing impudence to so
licit the sympathy of thefree white men ofthe
North*- Out upon such base hypocrisy and prosti*
lotion! ‘There should be put in every honest
band a whip, to soorge such raseals naked through
the world." u Dans Brown” and "used op For
flay,” are a beautiful brace of dongb faces, truly,
to ask the sympathy of a free people ! .
. In the Senate, to day, petitions were presented
by the Speaker,and Messrs. Crahb, Brooke, Eon*
igmaoher, FraHey, Cunningham, Hugos. Danis,
and Ivec. /
After tbs reporta ofthe standing Committees,
were made, the bill to erect a new school district
in Somerset and Westmoreland counties, to be
oiled Bridgeport; and the hill to authorise the
Commissioners of Adams county to rebuild the
county prison, wen taken up and passed.
The following nominations were taken up and
confirmed unanimously;
Joseph Bufingto«, lb be President Judge of the
18ih judicial District. '
to bo Anoeiue Jaift of Heretr
county* j
Jacob Bur, to bo AnxUU iaigc oflovnnco
county. I
Jero Adams, to be Anodfcte Jadge of Bradford
county. j i
Bdw. Taylor, to be Associate Jadge ofLatene
county. ) • « .
The resolution oShred by. Mr. Mauhiu, to in*
•tract the Judiciary Committee to report on the
of so districting the State as to
mate one hundred districts, each district to elect
one membAof the House of Representatives, was
•greed to. j J
In the Home of Representatives the Speaker
presented a letter from Townsend Haines, Secre*
(ary of the Commonwealth, with an of
the eontiogwßt expenses of the office as Secretary,
and Scperinteadent of Common Schools.
This was private bill day, and a large number
of private bibs were paaaqd, among which waa
the following: ■, , i»
' An Act toiacorperato the Pittsburgh and Brad*
dock’s Field plank road company.
NivJmm LwmaTuxx.—Bills hire been
jotredueed ia both Houses (at a General BankUtf
Lew. bwaistsiea that notices otapplkatiaas for
have been given, the aggregate
k womld aaoUatto $9,300,100,
| atpkil sf «)
Tor tk# Pimburgk Gaztttt.
Tils Chareh Union Controversy.
I have before me tbeGaxette of 15th inti., in
which I notice an article on Church Union, siyned
‘‘lnvestigator* I would say to “Investigator,” be
sure of your frets.
He informs us that a plan of Union was devised
in 1801, between-Preabyteriana and Congregation
alista in the new settlements to ‘‘promote harmony
and prevent alienation,” all this is right: here I
have no controversy with “Investigator;” but took
a little further, where he informs os thst “It was
not a Union ratified between the General Presby
terian Church, as a church, sod the Congregation
-lif, bqt only a union between the individuals of
each sect in the new settlements, for the purpose
of rendering more efficient support to the ministry,
and promoting kind feelings between those who
were considered the same in doctrine, though not
in discipline.* I wish the reader to remember
two things in the above extract: Ist, Thst £he
onion was not formed with the ohnrch, as a church,
but with individuals, dec. Now, I assert that the
Union was formed by the higher, authority known
in the church: on the Presbyterian side by the
General Assembly,' and on the other side by ao
association composed of ministers and laymen,
duly chosen and met together for the-traasaction
of their own business. The Union was first pro
posed by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church; it was endorsed and reindorsed from time
to time for 34 years, and was the settled policy
ofthe church, without aqueatinn ar to its correct
ness, until 1835. In thst year, the General As
sembly asked a repeal of the union, promising thst
the repeal should not injuriously operate upon
churches already formed under it. (I quote from
What followed? In lS36,„the newachool had
the majority in the Assembly; in 1837,the old
echoed happened to have the all aul re-*
member this extraordinary year of bank fsilores
and money embarraesmenis; many of the diftr.r.t
Presbyterians were not at the meeting of the A-*
lembly. Dr. Breckenridge informed the A wcitibiy
that they then had the power, and if they did not
: use It they might possibly never have it sgoic.
(I again quolo from memory, not having the doca
meats at hand.) The Assembly did nsethe powei,
and nearly one half of the church were cat off at
one blow; more than this, the Geoeral Assembly
caused the famous excesion acts to have a retro*
spectiva operation; they not only declared that all
the Churches, Presbyteries, Synods, fee., that had
come in ouder this plan ol anion, to be oat of the
chareh, bat all their acts void tram the tw ginning.
Suppose Gen. Jackson, who was so decided an'
enemy ofthe U. S. Bsok, should have<pereuaded
Congress to pass such a law respecting that once
powerful institution, it would have been a parallel
Now, do thete] facts bear out “investigator,” in
his statement, that the agreement was with indi
viduals—have these individuals done all this, or
the Church, <u a CAurch, the smallest child will
answer, I need not. Investigator would fain have
us ihiqk thst it was aa individual agreement. I
think it was with the Chunk, sod have proved
it. 2d. I wish the reader to look at the words
following, vis that the other party to this nnion
(the Congregationalisi,) “were considered the
same in doctrine.” Thst is right, they were the
same in doctrine, and are yet Now I wish to
ask how Mr. ‘-Investigator” knows that they
were heretical: does proof, or have.the
Assembly proof—none, not a shadow of it—did
thay attempt to try any member of the four here*
ticaf Bynod*—no, not [one. They did arraign two
clergymen, one in Phi ladeiphla, and tbs other in
Cincinnati, but so barefaced was the prosecution
against there Godly men, thst aome of their own
leaders could not coQdemnthex. Dr. Miller, who,
during bis life, ttood at the head of the list, was
one-wbomthe writer remembers conld not vote
that tbfcvßev. A. Barnes was a heretic. I con
tend that the same that was done io 1837, may be
done again, when nay man, or Church, becomes
obnoxious to a party, that party can, on the came
principle, bring to bear upon hit, or their necks,
this famous ExcisiooActs—bang first, and try him
afterwards. What would the old Pnntsns, who
landed on Plymouth rock, say to such proceed*
logs—they came here for liberty; has not religious
liberty been sadly encroached upon by this aet. I
think ii has,. In 1839, the Old School Geoeral
Assembly passed Acts, such as the following:
Thst when O. S. minorities existed, cither in the
Church, cr Presbytery, or Synod, such minorities
were to be the Prcsbyterys Synod,*&a Thereby
overriding the majority. See this carried ont in the
ease of the Erie at the Session of the
Pittsburgh Synod, in the autumn ol 1639.
For the Pittsburgh Gaaette.
The Fredericksburg Recorder, in
some statistics on the population of that State,
says: '
The white population of Eastern
Virginia had between 1630 and
1840Avrsaurf. 19inevery 1000
The slaves ....50 “ 1000
The white population of Western
Virginia, io (he same time, had
increased 167 u 1000
And the slaves increased 0n1y... 5 *• 1000
Tbe above statement, of (he correctnei of which
every reader may satisfy himself by turning lo
the eensQs'of 1830 aad 1840, giVe an encouraging
view of (he progress sod prospects of the “Old
Dominion." No doubt tbe ceoeds of 1890 will pre
sect that noble Stale m a still more gratifying
It is hoped that tbe decrease of the xokiu pop
ulation in Eastern Virginia will have almost or
qnite ceased, and tbe dtertatc-oi the alavea will be
foand lo have gone on at an accelerated pace.
While In Western increase of the
white population will be found to have gone on,
not only, at an equal, bote more rapid rale; and
the slave population willpftbably be found to have
increased even leu rapidly than during the pre
ceding ten yean.
Under such circumstances, it is neither wild nor
visionary to predict that Western Virginia will,
-within a period not very tong, become a asperate
and a free state.
Even's! this day, li can say, from an intimate
knowledge of a considerable portion of Western
Virginia, that I know no section of country where
an industrious and enterprising poor man can
find e happier, healthier, or more promising home-
For tic Puuhirgh Gaxettr.
• Will the Editors of the Gazette inform me what
has become of tbe Street Commissioner of the Ist,
City District, whose duty it is to keep the gutters
clean, and passages open, to remove all obstacles
in the way, and attend to the oom fort and wants
of (he citizens as regards obstructions ia the streets.
Tbe remUtneas and neglect of Mr. Mcllwaine
Is generally observed, and surprise expressed it
his negleetioQ. Itjis to be hoped that, adner (be
new administration, tbe present incumbent wOl
be more efficient.
Hojch-t aosmvr Brrmno. —On Sunday, Rev.
Mr. Beecher, in aaermoa, in the new church in
Orange street, - Qrootiyn, inveighed severely a»
gainst the filthy practice of spitting in
He said men-bad aright and smoke, and
tchew, as much as they pleased at home, but they
bad no right to introduce such profanity into the
church, destroying (he carpets, and showing dis*
respect to tbe house of God. What would they
think of him if he chewed in the pulpit and spat
from it. They had just as little right to do ao.—
In the name of God, let them have one place on
earth they could call clean; and let them abstain
from chewing on the Sabbath! A suppressed
laugh ran through the whole church, at what
chewera considered ad very unreasonable. We
fear the reverend gentleman will not be much
more successful than was King James the First of
England, in his "eounierblatt against tobacco.”—
One young man, at all events, did not seem to pay
maih attention lo the onslaught, for he never
stopped (pUtiog on the fiaor during tho whole of
tbe services.
Died, In thi* tow®, on Thursday night last, CapL
Michael Connor, commander of the United States
Revenue Cutter Ingham, In the sSth year of bis
see Cant Connor was one of the largest men in
•the Union, weighing at the lime of his death four;
hundred and eighty .In pound.. Ho ranmblnd
mnohin .ppe.rimco Iho 1010 Dnon H.Xjwrafor
whom ho ni often taken. He cimo In Brie dur
iog the war of ISIS, attached lo the Navy, and
has resided here a large portion of the time since.
Ho waa a man of generous impulses and high
honor, and had troops of friends. He was a na?
live of Philadelphia, where a sister and other
near relatives reside. He was extensively known
along the Lakes, and as universally respected.—
[Erie Commcrical, Jao. 14.
Mr. 8. 8. Osgood, tbe artist cow in Sas Fran*
cisco, received $9,000, for portraits executed by
him, ia the spaoe of rix weeks, ia that city.
The splendid Packet Oneida, irom New York
to Havre, was driven ashore at Guernsey, Dec.
19Us. I’attengers and crew saved.
Alexander Irvin, E:q., has been confirmed by.
tbeSeaiue, as Marshall for the Western District
of Pennsylvania.
Zcwu Gttinctlli, son of Signor Ostinceiii, has
been sentenced to six years imprisonment, at Bos
ton, m Stito Prison, for sending threatening let-
The feeling in Canada, for annexation to the
United States, is very rapidly increasing.
Meyvr of Piurburgh.—'Zhti Wheeling Gazette
is very -evere upon our city, for having elected
Joseph Barker Mayor.
In a Hurry. —The Pittsfield Eagle states that
the wife of a Mr* John B-- died io Lennox,
Oct. 25th, was buried on the 26th, and her monu
ment erected Nov. 3d. On the same day, and
by the same priest who ' was called to administer
consolation to the deceased, the said John was
again married.
National Christian Anti-Slavery Convention.—
A movement has been made in Cincinnati, for the
purpose of calling a "Convention of Christ tang,
and to consider upon the connection of the Ameri
can Church, with the sin of slaveholdiog,’ 1 to
meet in Cincinnati.on the 17th of Apnl next
Free Suffrage.— At thu recent election in Wis
consin, the question of suffrage wds voted upon,
and decided in the affirmative, the- vote showing
4090 for, 3,603 against it. This established the
right of every mole citiren, of whatever color, ov
er the age ol twenty one year*, to vote at all elec
tions in the State.
The forged drafts of Mr. B. F. Brown, the ab
scondiog Locofoco candidate for Doorkeeper of
the House of Representatives, are said to amount
to about SSO,QQO.
Moss Excitbcxkt in Europe.— lt appear*
from the telegraphic accounts received by the
steamer, (the Canada,) that the flame of war is not
yet extinguished in .Europe. Servia, on the bor
der- of gallant and outraged Hnngary, is in arms.
against Austria. They arc joined by the Sclavo
nians. The report slate* that 129,000 men are in
the field. *
T hk Largest Lump Yet. —The Boston Jour
nal says:—‘•We h*d the pleasure of seeing a lump
of gold from California weighing six pounds, and
valued at 81,700. The person who see and
handle it, without experiencing a slight touch of
the California fever, mast be the possessor of con
siderable firmness of character.
A piece of lead ore weighing 1,503 pounds
was recently received at New Orleans from Ark.
The ore is said to yield 120 ounces ofoilver to the
The three new steamers to be placed in the
packet hue between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh In
February, are, the Cincinnati, and Buckeye Slate,
and Monongahela No. 2.
The first sale of precious stone*, in New York,
for five years part, consisting of diamonds, tor
quoises, topazes, garnets, rubies, ebry tallies, pearls,
sapphire*, aqua marines, Oriental garnets, opalu
emeralds. Panama pe*rts, end rough
diamond cpals, took place on Friday morning.
The proceeds amounted to obont $B,OOO. .
The whole number of passengers who have left
the various ports on tfie Atlantic coa»t for Califor
nia during the-eightoen months past, is estimated
al/fif three thousand, and the number of vessels
at eight hundred.
'Daring the period elapsed between the 6th of
December.sod the 4th” instant, 2,227.500 feet of
Lhmbef.have been-shipped at Boston for Califor*
nia, betides e large q-isetiiy of dressed dcorr, win
dow and door frame*.clipboards,dec.
The number of bogs slaughtered in Cincinnati,
during the recent season, is slated by the Ga
zette at 350,555 bead, including those killed <n
Covington.—'This statement shows a deficiency
compared with the number killed the previopt
sessoo, of 29,452 head, and is presumed to be cor
Fax* Survaao*-—At (he recent election in
: Wisconsin, thequestioo of free suffrage was voted
upon, acd decided io iko affirmative; the vote,
showing 4090 for, 3603 This establishes,
the right of every main cit;s;n, of whatever roior
orertho age of twenty-one years, to vote at al!.
elections in the Stale.
The Citsolio Almanae for IbfiOaayn there arc
aour io the United Stale* 3 Archbishops,24 Bishops,
1,091 Priests, and 1,078 Churches—an increase a)
1 Bishop and 105 Priests within the past year.
Of these Priests, 52 were ordained in the United
St lies. IfCaliforulaondNcw Mexico be included,
the Catholic Priests are 1,141 and <l!ie Chntchcs
1,133. The Catholic - population olthu Union is
estimated at 1,473,350, or if Upper California nod
New Mexico be included 1,523,350.
Tbe Cincinnati Gazette says that the value of
chewing tobacco sold in that market amounts to
one and a half million ofdoliari annually. A vaal
extent ot country ia supplied from that city, embra
cing the States sf Ohio, Michigan,lndians, Illinois,
ViVnonno, lowa, Alabama, Arkansas, Miaeioipjr
end tbe western portions of New York, Pebnsyl
voma, and Virginia, with considerable amounts to
tho Canadas; and, for tbe finer qualities, Kentucky!
Missouri and Louisiana.
Uinos Comas*.—Tbe Board of Trustees of
Franklin College, at Lancaster, and Marshall Coi
lege, at Merceraburg, (Pa.), representing the Gcr*
man and Luthera Churches, have united their re
spective inatithtions into one; to be known tut
Franklin Marshall Csllege, and Jocatedat Lancas
ter. The property and funds now amount to $ 1 50.
000, and Maraali College, of which Dr. Nevin is
President, has 190 students and 7 professor*
The chnoge will be effected.** soon aa practicable-
M. E. Cbuxcb South*— The Sooth Carolina
conference of this denomination hasrecently held
its annual session, Bishop Andrew presiding. A
joint board sf conference stewards was formed*
com pored of seven clergymen and six laymen,
the latter to in the conference on alt
This fa an important coliStSsion. The Southern
A^weutasaysol the plan.—
‘•This arrangement is a highly desirable one in
every respect, and promises the most advanto
goons results in fature years! The lay gentle
men who have been appointed are men of the
highest worth and infloence in the several districts
where they reside, and will bring to the service
of the chorch a largo amount of business.expe
rience." *
The gooeral book agents presented their report,
showing that the cash capital put into the hand of
the. book agents was 83,614; the net amount of
capital Mock on tbe let of January, 1619, was
$26,686, making the profit ia the operaiiunjT'of
the book concern $16,351.
Tax Extett or, oca Coujvra?.—lt has been
computed that the United Slates have a frontier
line 0f10,750 mites, a seacoati of 5,430 miles, a
lake cost of 1,160 miles. One of Sis rivers is twice
ssloogaslhe Dtnubc. The largest river in Europe
The Ohio is 600 miles longer than the Rhine, and
tbe noble Hudson has a navigation in the “Empire
State” one hundred nod twenty miles longer than
the Thames. Within Louisienafare bayous and
creeks,aJmost unknown,that would shame by com
parison, (be Tiber or Seine. The Slate otVirgioia
alone is one third larger than England, tbe Stato of
Ohio contains three thousand square miles more
than Scotland. The harbor ol New Vorkjrecelvei
the vessels that navigate riven, canals, and lakes
to the extent ofthree thousand miles, equal to toe
distance from America to Europe. From the
capital of Maine to New Orieafis Is two hundred
miles farther than from London lo Constantinople,
a mate that would orosa England, Belgium, a
part of Prussia, Germany, Austria, and Turkey
Washington lnull gve*T.
Tint Lxxqtb cv days.— At Berlin and London,
the longest day has 164 hours,nt Stockholm and
Uptai 181; at Hamburg, Daotzic, and Stettin, 17,
and the shortest 7. At Sl PetersburgandJTobolsk,
the longest basl9and the shortest 9 hours. At Tor
nea, in Finland, the longed day bns 214, and the
shortest 24. At Wanderbus, in Norway, the day
lists from the 21at of May to the 23d of July, with
out interruption; and at Spitsbergen, the longest
day is 34 months.
Weslbtah Aftaibj.—The expulsion of
Messrs. Everett & (So. still occupiesconsid
erable attention among oar Wesleyan friends
—though the excitement seems to have
somewhat subsided. A letter from Dr.
Campbell in tbe Wesleyan Times states that
his “excellent friend, Mr. Dunn, stands en
gaged” to preach every Sunday morning
during this year at the Tabernacle. Dr. C.
is the pastor of that church, where Mr.
Whitefield formerly preached. Thejdissenters
have given a great deal of -aidand comfort
to the egpeiled minister*. There are some,
‘however, that think it prodent to let the
Wesleyan*alone in their trouble*. “A mem
ber of the Evangelical Alliance,” writing in
the Watchman, states that a highly respect,
ed Independent minister waa lately waited
upon by a deputation, with the earnest request
that he would sanction the use of his Chap'
el . being given for a meetiig of aympathix
-1 ea with the three minister! expalled by the
late Conference. The reverend gentleman
replied: “ I must settle several questions
to the Kitieiaction of my own mind and con*
science, before I accede to your request:—*
Ist, I it ant thoroughly understand the whole
Meihodi-t constitution before I can decide
that 30 or Qonference has, In this instance,
'violated that constitution. 2nd, I most be
coma possessed of full and accnrate infor*
•matipn-as to all the circumstances affecting
in any way the Christian and ministerial
1 character of these three Ministers, ere I can
form a correct judgment as to whether they
have been unrighteously dealt with. 3ra,
On the Malposition, even shonld I allow this,
that they hare suffered undeservedly, then
I must satisfy my own mind that the course
they are pursuing, in travelling about to
proclaim their own righteeusness before
large and mixed assemblages, is the best
and mo? t Christian. I think, had the case
been m y own, I should Bave waited patient
ly., and committed my way unto the Lord,
till he brought forth my righteousness as the
light, and that this would have been more
dignified, and tended more directly to secure
a good result. 4th, I must farther, after due
examination, ascertain that it is my duty, as
an Independent Minister, to throw my in
fluence into tho disputes of a sister Church.
Now, to consider all these questions would
occupy more time than I can venture to di
vert from my evident arid momentous du
ties. 1 believe Christ does not call me to it,
and I must, therefore, 'decline mixing my
self up with this p;ihapp)- : agitatioQ.”
L Pa. Bv.vting ifru Mr. Hoole.— ln derend
:ing the.character.oLsorrie of the leading men
jof the Wesleyamcorinection,- at a missiona
jry meeting in’ Leeds, the Key. W. Arthur
’bore tne following te.-tirabnytd the disinter
estedness of Dr. Bunting ami Mr. HooIp:
11 Fifty- years ago Dr. Bunting was in the
town ol Manchester, with a widowed-moth
er. He was then the pupil of Dr. Percival,
the raos: eminent physician of thattown.—
•It was proposed that he should be a Metho
dist minister, but Dr. Percival took sueb an
interest in hU fumre prospects, that he told
him that he should have his diploma in Lon
don without any expense, audriie further un
dertook to introduce him to a practice in Man
chester of £7OO a year, with a prospect of
extension. But his mother and himself had
that love to Methodism to sacrifice this flat
tering offer. Dr. Bunting had served Meth
odism for fifty years, and, year by year, he
has been sacrificing for himself and his fam
ily, say five hundred pounds in the shape of
income. And, during all this time, he has
seen first one, and then another, go off from
Methodism, some to the Church and some
to the Dissenters. He has seen one individ
ual begin with Methodism, at the same time
as'himself, and now sitting calmly and com
fortably, thepastorof an Independent church
with a salary of £Bo# a year.
There is another of these interested men,
whose name I ought hot to omit—l allude to
Mr. Hoole. I know that about ten years ago,
the East India Company—the most munifi
cent masters in tho world—offered to Mr.
Hoole the professorship of Tamul. The du
ties w.ere exceedingly light, and he had an
opportunity of making a salary of "£BOO to
£l,OOO avear, but certainly £800; and he,
Sir, iti order to fill on office labor
aud responsibility, made his bow to the East
India Company, and continued in the posi
tion of our Financial Secretary. When tnese
aretholacts, if some unknown men, in a
newspaper, will get up au attack upon min
isters liK.e those 1 have mentioned, charging
them with boing interested and unscrupulous,
are the great Methodist people of England
to loierato it?”
Death or Mr. Miller. —The papers re
cord that Mr. Miller, of Low Hampton, New
York, somewhat celebrated for nia views
respecting the nearness of the advent, died
at his residence, the 20th nit., in his 68th
year. He at Pittsfield, in New
York, February 15, 1782. It is said that he
was recorded with much affection by his
no*4nbors,'wba esteemed him as benevolent
man, and a kind neighbor. For many years
ho was a most assiduous Htudent ol history
arid the .Scriptures, in the study of which be
bdeame impressed with a con'yic.ion that the
fifth monarchy predicted by Daniel to be
given to the people of the Bairns «f the
Most High, under tbp whole heaven, for an
‘'ererlasrlug possession, was about to oe con
smemeted. It becoming, known that he
entertimed theseviews, pe was importuned
by many to write out his opinions, sad af
terwards to defend them in public. After
refusing bo to do for many years, be at
length complied, and has been principally
known to tno public as a lecturer on pro
phec}'. Ho was disappointed iu the fulfil
ment of Uh expectation in 1843, and came
oat the next year with on “Apology and De
fence,” ' acknowledging the want of accura
cy in his chronological calculations, but
claiming that the nalcra and nearness of tHo
event! was still sustained by Scriptural evi
denced In tnut belief, he has since lived
and died—worn out with the infirmities of
age. He was doubtless a sincere and de
voted ■ man, but his example famisht* an
illustration additional to innumerable others
in the history of the church, of the dangers
of a rasn promulgation of uncertain opinions.
Incalculable evUs have resulted from'his
course, but still it must be borne in mind that
much of them is attributable rather to bis
followers than himself.—Zion's Herald.
Censorship or the Press in Italt,—A
correspondent of tho N. V. Observer, de
scribing “Romaniem as seen at Rome,” sayy
<; Tiie strict censorship of the press is Italy
is a direct obstacle to the expression of
mind. It j? impossible to publish any thin"
opposed to the' peculiar prejudice of the
Church, or indeed a lair discussion of any
point on which it has expressed its opinion:
and fortunate is the luckless writor who at- 1
tempts it, if he escapes with the suppres
sion oi his book. The strictness of the ec
clesiastical control of the press in Itely,
passes the belief of an Amariaan. I hive
heard of one author, whose book, perfectly
orthodox in other respects, was condemned
because it contained two lines from Camp
bells “Pleasures of Hope.”
" Tha world was sad f—the garden vu a wild!
And mao, the hermit, sighed—till woman smiled.’
Jn these apparently innocent words, the
sharp sighted clerical functionaries who
watched over Iho press, saw .a /tovert attask
on the (elibacy oj the clergy ! The institutions
of the church wore in jeopardy.
.Every possible restriction is also placed
on the introduction of foreign books and pa
pers. On entering the lipal States,, the
VavoUer’s luggage is carefully searchedfor
them. 1 have heard of a gentleman who
had some Paris editions of the Italian poett,
with him, and they were refused admission
on account of their foreign dress.
Each of us bears within himself a world
unknown to his* fellow beings, and each may
relate of himself a history resembling tbat #1
every one, yet like that of no one.
Cobpi.ust.— I The only remedy ever offer
ed lo the ptjMie. wltich lias never failed of working s
cure, when direction! arc followed,!* McLonc’s Liver
Fill. It ha* now jren t event! year* before the public
nnd ha< 1-een introduced in all section* of the Union*
\\ here it ha* been u*ed, it bn* bad tbc moat triumphant
saccesr, a:id bfi* actually driven oat of u»e all other
medicine.. It ha* been tried nnuer all the different
phases of ({, and has been found equally effica
cious iu all.
For *a!«" by J, ICTDD & CCI., No. G 9, corner of Fourth
and Wood I>m*bnr*h. |janl»-dAwlwS
A Cur* and Certificate at (lam*.
II:’ Hk*u wijat is paid or ?stx P ktbole Vsi.—
I hereby certify thm about two weeks ago I was »e«r
ed with a violent attack of vornihnEind purgtnf Chol
era Morbus, whh very distressing pain* in the stomach
fted bowel*, which was completely relieved by two
teaspoons! do»e* of l'ctioleum, taken in a little wa
ter. After having taken the first dose, 1 slept
aj-U rominriubly for three hour*. [signed]
On board the *:eam boat Aiiodne.
Pittsburgh, Dec. Uib, 1949.
I am Cajiuiu of the Ariadne, and wa* a witness to
the nrlnnkhing effects of ihe Petroleum, in the case of
llenry W i*c, who U one of the hands on the boat.
Pittsburgh, Dec. Ilth, I*l9.
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HAMS —CkTCnredinstornanaforsaieby
* atUa BTUART A SILL, n 8 Wood it
kSW- 58 * 1 Cored » W" md for sale by
eUNNY BAGS—soojust rec’d and far sale by
*“«»§ ; STUART A RIM.
Cl HEESE—3OO bxs-prime, in store and for sale by
O UGAR—iuntids n O, new crop, jail rec’d andfar
P-.» ie . b >-. '-- d«n!7 - - flcOlLLs g&tJtr
JiZ - jag l7 ~2JcQILLSARfIR 8
D«w^mfih^“ A i k,aairiot l choicB i tor sale on
P? cpnctpftfiarby ]an!7 McGILLS fc ROE
MOLAS9ES-40 hf bbls N O, iu store end for .Me
to cii ic consignment by
POT Asffl-G casks for sale by
LARD-a 3 kegs and 5 bbls No I, on band wtd'foi
>lig h * fsul? ttoGILLBA RUE
CIDER-23 bbls Crab Ciden
6hx rec,( * <br sale by
I 7 ! H Waterstroet
MT o .ndS :, S 1 . bbU MW C - ro *>*
—lOOO bxs, ass'd sizes, Eber
heart’s make! for sale by
PEARLASII— 5 cask* rec’d and for **■? by
GLASS— SCO bxs sav'd, in store and for sale by
CLOVER SEED—3OO bu prime new, for sale by
EU'iTKK— 0 bolt Fresh Kali, for sale by
;ai.l7 _ . JOIIN WATTA_CO
CHELSE—Wbi* pome Wllj'
30 ck* Goshen; in store and tor sale by
DIUFd) FRUIT—SOObu new Peaches;
4q ‘l Applest for sale by
Brick Yard! Cor Usati
A LOT OF GROUND, suitable for a Brick Yard,
and situated near the city line, in tha vicinity of
Soho Bridge, will be rested far a term of yean. Ap
ply to ED. GAZZAM, Thin street,
- [ Office over the Poet Ogee.
Wary el the Wuibaate
I <. janlfi
A ROOM cm i the eeeesd
No. M Wood Boeet
Bp Joha O, Davis, Auctlouatr,
Boats amd Peper at Axctun.
On Saturday evening, tbe 19th last, at 01 o'clock, at
the Commercial Sales Rooms, comer of Wood add
'Fifth streets, will be sold -a valuable collection of
Books, American and European edition*, comprising
Bmgraphv, Travels, History, Theology, Medicine. ]*tu.
losophy, Mathematics, Ac. FamJy and Pocket Bibles,
Prayer Books, Letter and Csp Paper.
jaalS JOHN D. DAVlS^Auet.
Geld Watches as d JUann# Clods. r -
At Cio Commercial Sales Rooms, corner cf. Wood
and Fifth streets, on Saturday evening, at S o'clock,
will be added to iho sale of Books, Ac —1 superior
gold detached lever Watch, teller and ten holesjewel
ed, ruby palettes, Adams A Liverpool, No.
3, same as above, Dubois’ make, fine engraved eases;
l very superior gwmine Tobias A Co., detached lever,
13 jewels, with hunting case, and gold cap, No. SOU,
nearly new, and coat *100; 4 fine silver cylinder es
capement Watches: 4 marine silver timepieces, C. Je
rome’s make.
iaslS JOHN D. DAVIS, Aucu
Catalogue Sale, rf 143 dastn Fine Skirls.
On Tuesday morning, £2d Jnst., at 10 o’clock, at the
t*ommerci<U Sales Rooms, corner of Wocd and Fifth
streets, wii, be sold, without reserve, on a credit of CO
«*y«t lor approved endorsed paper, on sum# over *lOO
, ut assortment of Fine Shirts, leiected ox
for “erket. comprising Muslin Shirts, lin
_? i, sutehed plaits, Ac.; broad and narrow
5 ,ll ‘ liQeo bosoms, collars, Ac.; superior
Wl "vm* Freoc h embroidered bosoms; super shirts.-
S"? . Fteoeh aleeres; extra York Mill
„„ „ * tar Yonr ram Ur.
Praumm Wm»-|j ~,
“Tb, b.n p'p,, Ln.ibe Union." , lEraUii-iir
Rather gt i in coat thin go withontir" lßostan’porL
New fubscribere can be supplied from Jan i tern'
Far Bust.
-f*. Eighteen Acres of ground in u good atateif.cul
uvation, together with good stalling, Ac -situated 34
miles from Pittsburgh, near the Graetubargb lurnpik?
• and adjoining the Allegheny Cemetery. There is an
excellent spring near tbe dwelling. Possession given
on the Ist April
ALSO—A three story Brick Dwelling House, on
Liberty street, between O’Hara and Walnut streets,
Fifth ward, at present occupied bjr the subscriber.
Possession given on the Ist April. Enquire of
. JanlC-tf WM. YOUNG, M 3 Liberty st.
TkTEWNEGHO SONG, by S.C. Fosrxa.—“Oh.Lern-
J.l uel, go down to da Cotton Field.”—a new Ethio
pian Melody, just ree'd and (or sale by
janlS J H MELLOR, SI WooJst
TANNERS' OIL—SO bbls Strait's Oil, foe sale bT
janlfl JAMES DALZELL, 24 Water »t
SOLE LEATHER—2OO tides Spanish, for «afo low
FEATHERS— loco lbs prime, for »a'e by
TVTAILE—6OO kegs Oliphant’a brand, for sale by
80,000 lbs in Smoke. House, for aaie by
KIER A JONES, Canal Basin;
jtulfi near Sevea’h street
FLOUR— 123 bbls in store and for rale by
■janlg . CRAIG A SKINNER, Market at
OATS— 250 ba in store and for sole by
ONIONS —10 t>bls ree'd and for sale by
LARD —8 kegs, in store and for sale by
BUTTER— 10 bbls Fresh Baltin cfoths, to day reo’d
and for tale by Janlfl - CRAIG A SKINNER
BEANS— 13 bbla Small White, for sale by
DRIED PEACHES— US ba Just ree’d and for sale by
HICKORY NUTS—IO bbla in atore and for sale by
GREEN APPLES—S 3 bbls in (tore nod for sale by
POTATOES— 100 bbla In store and for sole by
janlfl CRAIG A SKINNER, 20 Market st
BUTTER —8 bbls (Plairgrove) Fresh Roll, jast ree’d
and for aale by jaclfl JAR FLOYD
IARD— 80 kega No 1, on hand and for aale by
J janlfl JAR FLOYD
PEARL ASH—33 bbla Adams’,- on band and for sale
by janlg J A R FLOYD
POTASH —11 casks in store arid for tale by
janlfl JAR FLOYD
CHEESE —60 bxs WJLon hand and for sate by
LIVER COMPCalNT,—Another care performed 5y
using tbe engiaai, only true and genuine Liver
Asnsxx»,Brown eo., Mareb 20,1&17.-
Mr. R. E. Sellers—ln April list my wife was attack
ed wiih Ltver Complaints, and had iho heivice of two
physicians, who tried various remedies without pro
ducing any good effect: Having heard of. your cele
brated Liver Pills, I eoneluded ti give them a fair
trial. I purchased one box of Mr. Scott, ef Aberdeen,
and gave them according to the directions, by. which
•be was greatly relieved. I proeured a rceoud box,
which entirely eured her, and the now enjoys cxeei
font health. 1 have, used them myself, and pronounce
them the best lhmily medicine 1 ever tried. -
Youra, Ac, JMssarx Doutv. '
Prepared and aold by H. E. SELLERS, 67 Wood s«
sold also by Druggists generally in tha two ciiies. -
Janlfl '
J O'CONNOR retires from our firm from this date,
• going into tbe houses of Atkina, O’Connor A Cot.
Philadelphia, and O’Connor, Aikins A Co., P’.tuburgbJ
The w GeneraJ Commission and Forwarding Ba>tnesF, n
as well as the “Pittsbargh Transportation Line Agen-.
ey, n will be continued by ua at our Depot,.TlLNonh
street, Baltimore. We retamourihankstooor friends
and the fnenda of iho Ijne for past favors, and hope
to merit and receive a cenunuanee and increase of
the same. O-'CONNORS A CO.
Baltimore, January Ist, 1550. •
A TONS, O’CONNOR 4 CO, No*. 840 4 251 Mar*
AX ket;*tieet Philadelphia; O'CONNOR, ATKINS
•Cg: • Canal Baain, Liberty at, Pittsburgh: O’CON
IIORSA CU.,.7QNonh street Baltimore. s
This old established LINE, having changed Us firms
and agents aa above, and eztea led its arrangement*,'
begs leave to inform it* friends and the public, that it
wiJi be prepared, on the opening cf the .Pennsylvania
Canals ta the spring of 1650, to give, ay freights un
equalled despatch and care, at very low rate*.
jpnld-gt ■ . - ■ •
jHknhal'i Bale*
Inman, G salt A Co.
. agaiui >ln Chancery. .
Bteamboat TciegraphNo. 1, Ac. A
And the same V
a •Falnet tin Chancery:
Steamboat TelegrapbNo.9, Ac. j ■
BY VIRTUE of an Order ot iHcliCßiivtiltCban
ccfT Court, made in the above causes, we, the
undersigned, 0f one of ua, will, on Monday, the' tfcrih
day or January, jeco, tell to the highest bidder or bid
ders, at publte auction, on board of saia boeufat the
wharf in the city of Looisville, the whule ofthe suam
boat Telegrtph No. 1. her engines, tackle, Ae.; and,
also, three foarths of the steamboat Teleimph No th
ennnes, tackle, Ac. . .
The terms of tale to be-«ae fourth cash in hond.tbo
remainder on crediu of 4, 8, and Id months for cqnal
Purchaser or purchaser* will be required to give
bonds, with approved security, bearing Interest Horn
the day of safe until paid.
Sale to lake place about II o'clock, A. M- of sold
CHARLES J. MENU, Deputy. <
WINTER LARD OIL—IO bbjs eare, {will stand
freezinf polni,) jurt rec’d and for tale W .
CLOVER SEED—4CO.I>u In store and for sale bv
C7*Liberal advances made on consignments.
Janli-Cm • -
CLOVER SEED—3 bbls just rec'd and for tale by
WIN DOW GLASS-4M) boxes ass’d sizes, Frank-'
lin, and A Herron's Brands, in “store and
tot sale by janll BHEY, MATTMEWs ACO
jpLOUR—S 3 bbls Bjh* Family and Superfine} -
T “ prime Bye; in store and for sale by
4*°** 31 Water and G? Front«t
\fEAVr 18 bb? * 0070 Meal * lo for vafc by
■«&■>«»*< i LS WATERMAN
T ARD—M bbls No i Lea/; ' 7
", , 09. , for sale by :
ikOU ■ RSWATEGy.qtd
WWwiMnlliMm ul Fir.
r*net C«mp*njr v / ' .
A MEETING of tlie Blttekholdcr' of ike Pituiarrb
A Navigationjand Finlnwinee Company, wU
, No «trect, on {Jalar
dl**\ “•** d, r of JinasTy, 1850, at 9 o'clock, P. M.
janl»id . Ft, FINNKY. Scc’y.
JjEACHES—nOMcki Dried Patches
? M priaa Pared; for**!« by
QALEHATUS—3O bbli Adama', In *torie and for sale
/'tLOVKR SEED—<O bbl« extra prime, jail ree'd
KJ tad for tale by JanH JOHN WATT ACO
T\HJED HEEF—«eask*Bng»r Cored, jtutreeMand.
■L/fonaloby jaaU Bk. W UABBAUGIt
nWVfcR BEEl>—iot) bn in store and for sale by
* » lanK - g X WHABBAUGH
on wharfby • "v 7“
saw iiardaugh
i tl/HHB baJcj*,
\ J janH
OIKJAH-tChbd* f* O, fa store and for sale by
A LARGE axorimrai of French WroegbtCanes.
A Collars, and Cuff*, may be f mnj, very chess •»
isnir A A MASON it CO*. 601 fr..
FiRE MUCK— laOWiiec*dand?orsaleby‘““ —*
34wjynfi ATOII
TißiEßTjscita * Appnffl^iKTEsasj
1 / t>u rec'd and for sale by . .*r“
Louisville lime— loo bbisin store and &«V«b7^
by - ■ I ,nl< BA w IIARDAUOII
aoleea “ ’for sale by. ‘ ' !
pm. c,. TO -
“aoawAT PitAingu du»hbtB ~
\J pues of boodsOmo poueiii, and fan.
BloWbr ; •..j«U P ' life's!"'
steam boats.
r.'-Ll'-?T Ik splendid ateu&er -£•
WYouhjq if
iffianilb ~ ~" fc**»ftr *•
thi*<JaT, al 10o'clock!“ Uenne<1Ut 0 {»*» « <
For freighter paanga app)'
H>K-JUnrOBLB&N& — • f
(it-' u t*EO. W. tKiypit. t?
The (lOeodut return
day, lie 1 7iU in»L, atIQA-M. PotU.enTkm- n
For freight or pamga apply pa board. ' $
iOAMSS wassi
_SS2aEBI_ t i b "' rla ?, eodtmae a Swift'
repair,) will ran hereafter at a-5
■ - IT pilar packet between HnibarahS
aad Ule clirjf, - leaving PJltoburgh every Monday f's
Wedoefday and Friday morning*, at 9 o’clock. Focir
freighter paiuge apply on board, orto ft>
j»n< - ] . W.a WUEELEB, Agent.
jaaa 1
npillB well known lino of splendid paasengerfteMa.' V
JL, era i* now composed ortho lugeaL swiftest, baa:
finished aal famished, end most powerful boom os U»»\ *
witters of (he West Every accommodation and cent-r.
fort that isobey cut procare, has been provided
senger*. The Line has bees in operation for five year-."
—ha* carried a million of people without the least inje.'?
nrto their jicraoaa. The coats, will be at the foot *:.v
Wood street tho day previous to starting, for the reoep v
non of freipht and the entry of passenger* en the regir
ter..ln a!! oases the passage motoy mail be paid ir'?
advance >■ *;&
StXjIDAT PlCSfil l ,
T AAC NEWTON,'Captain, HemphilL wtfs :
leave Piitebargh every gendny morolß* awO (Peloci';’
Wheeling every Saxday.eveaiar aflQ f. *, iV
MayS£i,lM7.~ \ •' • '-l
aomYPAckEV. &
TbeMONONGAiiELA,CaptSToaz l wiUle«vePi!&?
batch every Monday morning at 10 o’clock; \Vhteijr'.'
everyMrtnJaycvenanRotto f.ic | ' M
TtitisDAVYXcinC’Sv. v *i
The HIBERNIA Na d,Capt. Jj *4-
leave Pittsburgh every Tuesday morning at 10. A l
Wfieeline every Tuesday evemnadt 10*. il« $
.; wedNksdaVfAWket. ' I
The NEW ENGLAND No. «, CapL 8. Ei . W S
leave Pm-burt every : Wednenhy mnrnm aot £»'
o CiPck; tVhcguhg every Wednesday evening a lOy^
„ TtfßiisiaraOTT. >r
The BRILLIANT,' Guai< will leave pRrS
bargh every Thufiday morning atlQo’elock;Whiatti'i
every Thursday evening at 10 v.m. [ >i
• ' a
. The CLIPPER. No. 0, Cept Pxxel DcvaL, will letff
Pittsburghevery Friday momlfljik 10 o’clock; Wh*3
n» every Friday evening,atlO*.>fr,
P bU) -° * ‘flMconihmm e in, for talal.l
lOBCRG CLOTHS in selling vpry cheap (»omo 5
i low as 23 cent* per yarijai \ - «
J* Ria ■ • a a mason a ayey
AMPBLACK—3O bbls in store and for «»Je by. 4'
rf/anl;s_ J KIDD A CO, CQ Wood iff :
GVM KINu-25 lb i iTroel im ree’d «nJ fey , !
janig- . • * j Kipp a co. 1;
GII. PENCILS—£O gross, ail’d, ja«t ree’d and £
• calc by jan!2 . JKIDDkCCv
ifUN FOlL—ls’lbi j asi ree’d and I ortale by ' it
X ianlS J KIDPfcCC
pAiycy SOAP—SO boxes su'd, for sahAbg /!*
Ferß*M»' / *
THE BASEMENT, comer of the D WmtmA r
Urnen street*, well adapted to
it nas been oceapled as « Co See, or RataUi!
inert, for a number of years. -
ALSO—Several Office* and Arrir.t’i rr~— ■ ,V.
lighted, with .entrance from the fijamondTeMv?
•tore of the subscriber*, north wr M comer of iVn ri
mond an? Market street Amlv tn ■ “* h
_J™l:!__: .ALEXANDER A PA*
A * DAT, comer of the Diamond*
-tV Market street, at* sow telling c£itmdic
pncea their stock of Winter GooL, «£££§
Shawl* and Ladies* Ty^ i , __f<
Also—Bldnket* and Flannels,Cloths,
ett*, and n full assortment of heavy Cotton Go?
Confident that better bargains eaanotbehade*
where, wclnvuetho attention of buyers. 1
• - • ttMarkefatree!
hkw books: skwbooksTl
rpHB Coniiilatlon and Standard at Uio' iuJ
Bto, be?
The-Othef Side, or Notes tar the lUttory of the i
between Mexico aud the United Elates, Vriued
Mexico, end translated fiom the SpanuhVwnh nc
B7.JL C. Itamsey. 1 ■ . • y
* 25 , k 5 tc , bw . of Beforta end Reformers ofGrcat Br£
tend Irelocdt.By If. i£ Stanton. t
yTiie Worn of President Edwards, in 4 tolk a!
te^? C n'SihS , t , s:" 1 “'” , ’ * ia ““»«• 3
: Mcmou, cri>.rt(l iui v l,„
» orma: By Lieut. Wire, U.& Nasy. •
. Le «*»» Vrtia* Men. on ran/,£, ,*h'
deaiped as a Companion to ike Ycoax ywr-o .
By wm.A.AJeou. . . , "“•r* eu *y
The Poems and Prose Writings ot IL i 11.’...
iVncxe.*! and Ua Hemalnt: By Laya/dT^^
-SuW 1 .
\ 1 ' 1-0
la nore ana ter Mali
8 A'W HABHAirr
ULA3iJ—377 •aJelii t
B UL .k PORK—woo lbs «c*d per Ctteb Cope
s&le by Janli ' SAW, HAH BAH?
rpODACi — — 1
. ,'ianll-
)—lO bxtfof Mite, to eloa cnwt|rw«»T
.STtJAItT-A. BILL. 118 Wot*
10 bf cfaean, to dote coniiynioent.tM^i
La 86—60 bit 7xo, in store aad'tor uifTby
®IEKSE— Guobx* in atore and fortiisby '
>LL BUTTER—GbbUprimeFreih, ree’dthi:
and for.ralo by. |»nU TaSSEYAPE
If EG BUTTER—B kept la store and fcrwfeV
JgL_ji«nll_ TA3SEVABE
AK-U—3U Jceyi ami 1 bbl on bead uuk forMls
jj ajur TAS3EYABB
SCOKCHEi) SALTS—obbU,aprimo article,;
aud for tale by janll TAE3EYA B P
AEEK A't'US—B bbltand no boxes in tlora 10
<tlo by • jEalt ; TAS3EV& PE
S~ODA.ABU-*B cask* «»* kandaad fortoiobi
.lattH , - -. ■• TAS3EYABB
/"ILOV HttSEED— s 5 btiioev, on un aodrEn
hr janll TABSEYAHE
JL joaU
iprulebv .- ■ <
>LACK fcfiOUaH CBAPK, for
► Jooud at (he Dry OooCs Hoau cf _ _
N E cornet Fotmh° ndYSrtcll
;j: janu
1 ,TTTnln C*i -
•-3S& . - • , W B MPTip;
BL&CK SILK LACES, incladin; e few ££}
extra width, t> be fonttd, at iowpriee*- KgJ
liaall - - ■ WR jgU|S
I>RES3bS—&. A. ALuon*£uo. t( u>
-LJi «ei street, wiU thU day open ••jotber Jan
yoiee of thou French Embroidered */Venice D~
_n very deairable anicio Ibr Fanieafaotfßea, *e, r
saw opnoai
i!!&Jr r ' iioc ** men of wiukwi?
- aed U, * t Mor«oTeJ«.
' wv*^ tfple>a ®P«»«i®a between thf
and other Eaitcta *
Mhinyton City with tbs Komi
»U» to Klehraond, Raleigh, CfcMlf
Ancwta, Sr’.Tjjujti, • Mobl j e awl New OrtMn*
i2*“f2*'«.• *» witb-linetrannLcgWe!
: ti>l Mi-' .»*? lent and dlle»talk?*!
~® rr*\i»*ippu and oo the Lake*. The*, line
" and wad-meaetfe* aa chean u tsf, ■
r **'» and the operator»*nd dertu wSnwtari
»iemaflhr tad accommodating. • - T
ot - «“j
; ■ .
&vsSfr£g2gi£****± ■.
of “T ettablUhmeat v, •■■.
ITmS? . ParUMoa* I take the liberty la f •
fteli^>>«fli* ftln,n i ,|c * of “7 trtafidi and the pi
dßlT° n^^ p l° ept reran conferred *
““ r appreciated tad promptly attended to. ••■ g • : •.
' :
tec’d, u eddijj- . -
dJ-topply of Cool:’* fine preosd Brown Pla«n<s, •:
—iaoS v UEO COCHRAN, acWoo? .
H^.^ VIJt:AT FL6»B-iO teki ree-d. farreC r
»*dc» in non tad lor sale w■ i
■ J.3.DU,WO*Tfl Ai
f is itorti tail for nle bT ~* 1
Jwl ' - TOL^OI™*/}
TPST recelTa'j'tnd for *aJe <** 4
_ Jani • 'V. • tf»<PWy
IN STOKE—CO band* M »
•ale by . jfcc.
fan* j -•' -F No/jo^f
Egg?*? o!
p.ACKi.OOS HAIE^/ 0 A . GtCEQz
~xx i*iiACJIKS-d b«J*» I* oled peseteT
69 - do* Joamoa do
Hope and foTlnft6~i i y ’■ AJJtST &QNQ t CBOt .
. jaa« >"•' 1 • ■- '-■■■■’' •' W ' '
JOB? om “ _
!l||lllULS Fji^ll£X)I?T •
‘° r ““ 17 AP .MBTBONO A CSOZ
■ - jaa4 ■• -..— • : ■■ fl .• £
■ . G'AUftQ* . , • • .. • B ■'«
AFEWn nr Sm f/UrTAHSj Jut reett Crmff 1
celebrated raiCWpotory of C. F. ltutla. ao£ •?
solo by j*&3 ’ Woods .-si