The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, January 19, 1850, Image 1

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W HI T E a c o
S. R. wfclTt-]
iizmt bi
_ „._,_*7.00 per •!;»«»•
«a •;
Weekly, U» —~* *•‘■ 7.
IX>. to Clab*, at » reduced rat—
One Square, UOUhei of Nonpareil
oih) insertion*—•'*•****. •Jfte
o».c fqusrc, cadi additional iDicrtio.u*** o^s
Uo. one week *%
J>j. ' two week* ~***** ’** r!U
I to. three weeks*- *** r’JJj
L'o. otic month*— —•♦*-*-*•*** ”'}2
lh*. two months 'ȣ
XU. three men*tu - u Vi
|i.*. lour months fS?'
j*\ stx/months '•"‘.7™
Do.' twelvemonths- *’** " iri'lSi
Blinding Can! (JUiae* orle**,) per annum* l«,w
One Square, changeable aipleaiuto (per an* ,
nit ml exclusive ol Uie paper’********** *
- For each additional square, inserted over one month,
and tor each additional square inserted under tkeyetr*:
fifteen lines, to be charged a* «square and a half.
Publishers not accountable for legal advertisemeau
beyond Uie amount charged tor then pub icuttcu.
Announcing candidates lor office, to be charged the
aaae as other advertisements.
Advertisements nbl marked on the copy for a aped*
fied number of insertions, will be continued ull forbid,
-Ulb. conßned
liridiy to their regular business, and all other adver
tisement aot pertaining to their regular booness, os
mff'it ior; to ce paid extra. ... ,
M All advertisements lor ehsTitftble uxsUtuUoni, fire
eompnaiaV, ward, township and other public meetings,
and such like, to be charged halfpnee, payable strictly
kfitaMWga notieM to be charged 50 cents.
nrtih uotiecs inserted without charge, nnleu nccom*
panied by funeral invitations or obituary noueea,and.
when so accompanied to be paid lor.
Begnlar advertiser* and nil others sending comma*
aleauons, or renaliing notices uesigr.ed to eall alien-
Uoa to Fairs,Soirees, Concerts, or any public cater*
yainments where charges are made lor admittance—
all notices of private association— every notice do*,
signed to coll attention to private enterprises caleula* ,
ted or intended to promote uidividaal interest, can on* j
hf bo inserted with the understanding that Uie same is
to be paid for. If intended to be inserted in the Joea
Column, tho tame will be charged ut the rate of not less
than 10 m is per line.
Bisbcp -ar Fin Notices to bo charged tnple price.
Tavern License Fetiuons.Sd each.
r Legal and Medical advertisements to bo charged at
Real'Estate Agents and Auctioneers’ Advertisements
not to be classed ander yearly raws, bat to bo allowed
diaeonm oi thirty three and one third per cent, non the
amount of bills. ___
vxholt oa tw*wxexlt nt bsilt yaxm.
tfae Square, three insertion*—*•:*••.•*.•“*»**
Do. each additional insertion-*** •*>
AnvxemxMrsrs xa wmiT raro.
One fiuuare. 110 hues.) one insertion- •*•» ea*
L>i f each additional insertion* •»»
All tronsient adveruaement* ptidja atfraaec.
WHITE A CO.* Gazette.
L. IIAKPEU, Pest, .
RyirrhL IUDDLI., Journal.
JAML3 I*. IiAHU A CO., Chronicle.
' JO3. SNOWDEN, Mercury.
James W. BIDDLE, American.
Pmsrcnoa, Dec. 1, J&45. .
"A LKXANDER FEANRUN, Attorney at L*w,
A Founh'st. . . DQIjS ly
All communications crtnncur an«wttt»L ogcp-ly
A* KMSTRUNU ACROZER, Commission Merchant*
and Dealers in Produce, No. Maiket street
Puuburfrk decS ~- _
Trolls'll. ttAKKINi
ATTORNEY and roumtUor at Law, and Commie
eioner lor the Stole of PtniityWama, fit. Low*,
Mo.(lalsol Pittsburgh.) . „
Sxxesisces.—Puuburgh: H»n. \\. Forward, H-t-.p
too A Miller, H'Cuodicis & M Clnro, John E. Parke,
1 wll* A temple. M’Uord A King. auglltdly
' t. a. EiXP- _ J.r«Tk»»rr.
Attorneys and counsellors at law
Fouhh street, between SmimLcld tad Grau*.
nuibargb' Pa- . _.. I“^*'
joira *. ljtxo*. wts. c. rniEQ).
at LAW, Fourta street, near Gjaui.
ATTORNEY AT LAW.—OGce on Fourth sc, be
tween wiplthbf ld and Grant fit, iYOsburgh.
.juhjt a. coaoxavx.
w. n. wood wake- —•xairnaaßxi.kT.
k*n*tjJY. WOODWARD A Co., Whoieaaie Gro
> eere, No.itMMarket street, Philadelphia, nov-»
" PlUibßrgh Alkali Worki, ,
BENNETT, BERRY* CO, ManciacuireMof soda
Ask. Bleaching Powders, Mu ii*«e andfcu.pticr:e
AeldlT Ward ’o.-Wa{« »ireei,beicwPen3 •
bo*»ljT_; •
• raiitiurßificß. • e *3*2*
£>RAUIuAKEUEJL Wholesale and Reuil D™h’*
ienterot Liberty and Sc ijoeu, Pm.f-
"a. I'AHMSSTUOR k. Uo n Wbtiieeaie andJ*'>
• «»ti -DrujrrUU. cgruet“Wood md tila f)** J* l ..
/“iHABLLa KiVLOfi, Auo'rceyat Law, Third *U
UtdoeraboTe tfmiuiLelJ. nar»»3m
"“orBTPAB'iItiUOE, nvD;.
GONTINUE& lo give hi* patuealar altenUon jo tae
n—rniftiiof Dtscaaea ot the SfclN, SI»RUPkLA>
■ mt Wnnti ef the THBOAT. ..
Qfiee booxii U A.M., l i'. SL, and 7 P-M.
ecrtianm* 1 ! -
C J RAICj aTs'IiiNNER, Forwanl/hg and CommiMion
Merchant* No. 20 Market »t, 1 UUUJrgk. _«?U
C‘ AT SIcANULTV & Forwarding and Cera
pTu.inn Merchant*, Canal Uftwa, Fnuburgh
hTuJULNT, WnotettrtOrocer, Oouumtiina *nt
m Forwftnlmg Merchant, No. 41 Water it *uU
Staal Iron
COLEMAN, HAiLMAN. A Co, tnenaincrar*™ *J
GeMb “»d Spraij*, Hammered Axle*,
Spriarand Plough SiceL iron, Ac. W utboura on
Wateras4 Front afieeU, Pm» jurgn. .. . \
Al*o, t'sftkr* mg Coach Trimaunga and
Damn. J. mw".
IJNOUSU & BENNETT, fla» lintlati.
[i 4- Co.) Wiioleeale Grocers, Unamuucra »ndr«*
waniuuc Merchant#, and dealer* in Prodaco and iu
feSnSUnLaeiuc*, No. 37 Wood «t, between -M, nnd
adroeeu. ' ocU -
Ej. IIENiU, . Attorney an*. Councillor ai Law,
- dncVnnali, OJuo- Collodion* ux Soulbem OSuo,
ml ia ludiui*, ana in Kentucky, promptly and *are
fkllr attended to. ConuciMxoncr for tie state oil enn*
for uking Leponiioas, acknowleOfTEecu,
*Enna TO— Hon. Wsl Bell & Son, Coru*»Cuarch A
<yplteta, Wa, Hay*, Em_h Wilioct &_HaTia.
■ vvnTu. jimaiaTOS,
Forwarding a commission merchant,
jud. ua second unset, Pnt»ucrgh. del*
atßim w'i JA*** #• T*WT»i-
GEORGE W. BMrrii * C-0., Brewer*, Naliwr*
and Uog Dealer*. Piu *1 r.u»l>«rgb. >pd9
rTEokDHCOcUBiX CoEUDUiioneaia forwarding
ft MereUatiNo. SO\<-goJ»ueet Pinabargh. myl?
Woolen,. Liberty, o;»po«a Cth *t. fcUH'?
. ■ ytm w »U| Uilmootc
ffiiS.fttffi'wiu.r 11C Kj> Hi mgc",
———- . —: : vntT r. joins. •
“tV ardyJONCS & Co., (reewwrt *0 Atwood,
H Co 1 CflxaiaiM»n and Forwafdtnr ilcr
• »!-«*««£ <*»*•
; g^ ll ’ ! ‘- SoTidK. T-^ _
.T Hate 1. 11. MoVAV -111, » la Ihc
' U. WII.UA SI3.
*a! 11l William ‘
wa. U. WILI*WM9 & 00*1
;, ; !t «.n» H-> c.n,c,onTcoC.aCg^;SL“y
.—■ 11 nomrt DicxXT, v i'»
■aßap ,fct LO " ” V>.
••J OI S. DILWORTH fc Co, WlolCMle C: °^ er T'
<1 ;• 4we Md aifrcb&ciH, "" d
St '*i lUttrt FotTUer Co. of N. Y., J«o. 2? ""T* *t
Ctiwtmnh. . i
'i«WN3KM>, WnJ«5«
4 Wo.« Market ft, ibw* too** alorc Tbln*• P«.wj
bank, will haro eonuantly on luuui » w* il c >s
Staten tef tie beil freshcit jltediane*, wttek k«
Will *ell on Ike . won reuonablW term*.
•vtdtaf oider»,will be promptly attended to, uul aap
pla4 with titiele* tbey may rely ipon u ,
|fy PhyieUnt Pregctlpuont writ be aecarttely ana
ataily papered fccw tii bfi»t cuirials, a', any bear o
ae day l* .
Alep tonic, alarjuioeiof fir’
. and food Perfa;
1 HARaiSON BtAVELb, UouiiUiUofoi Law.—tlP
t; « Cee oa Fourth abore Smut Cs Id. noT^-ly
Ja CANFli.Lb7<r*te of VVarrtnTOfuo,) Ccmmi*-
• - ilon end Forwircing ?<t>rchwi wid wholesale
dealer la Western Rtferrc Cheesel llnurr. Pol and
Pearl Asb, and Western Produce 'f'-ncrally, Water
trreti between gaSthSeliM-l Wood, Pittsburgh. ap3
JOHN WATT, (ireeesscr to juwau & Cct>l»art,)
'Wholesale {»Toeer and ConuJission Merchant,
dealer la Prodaetand Pittsburgh jltnmii'oeiare*, eor
gerof Liberty and Hard gtrcctt, Pittahurgh P*-
J" ~AiIE3 A. HUTCIfiSON, A Co.—eoccejaoro -W,
Lewis Hutchison h Co- Commission NitehanU,
cad Agents of lie St I,oui» Steam Sugar UeSnery.
Ho. is water and 02 /rent streets, Piiudmr.jti.
Itnl- .
JO UK a MORGAN, Wlu>loe«lo UruffCisi, and deal
er In Dje Staff*, l*mnu-, Oils, VaraUhe v Ac, No.M
Wood (treet. one door Sonih of Diamond Alley, I*»ui
fcorgii. ’ }™L
*f AME 3 KKRR.Jr., A Co, <«cc«borlo Joseph G.
Dasit-lgw fiG Water street ocCl
JOHN It MiXLOR, Wholesale nod Uciail denier
InMuioandManical losirurcenw,
Paper,BltUi, Steel Pen*, Quilli, Printers' Cards, and
ei-iiiofiiiTreaerallT.NO' PI Vfoodav, Pittibaijn.. _
|ITRw bongbt or ttien iu trade. .*fPir_
~l KcnWrV<af>tfi--it a. Co- Wholesale
1 - NO.» Wood »ire» t, rimbargh. ~ -
"Oltrt ,'fs, AnCDouecr, conterWi tai
JOHNSTON A STOCKTON. Booksellers, Printers
and Paper AUn'etaciurCT*, No. 44 Market it., PiUw
burgh. |
{a. cxiotn.
J& R. FLOYD, Whole«o.e Grocers, Commission
Merchant*, and DcaJem m Produce, Ronntf
Church Buildings, fronting on Liberty, Wood and Gib
street*, riu»Uur«h, P&; myg 71
JAMES IjaLZELL, Wholesale Oroccr, Ccramuaion
Meiehant, and dealer in Prodnce and Pittsburgh
Manatacinrr*. No.ill Water su, Pittsburgh. ’ janl6 '
JD. SWEITZER, Attorney at Law, office W st,
« opposite SL Charles Pittsburgh, will also
attend promptly to Collections, in Washiogtos; Fayette
aud Green counties, Pa. . ..
Blackstoek, Bell A Co., Y
Cnurch AGarmheri, . tPmsburgfc.
D. T. Morgan, r _JU ocl3dly
KIER A JONES, Forwarding and Commission Mer
chants, Dealers in Produce and Pittsburgh mnnn-
Acutted articles, Canal Rasfn. near 7th st. dSI •
KENNEDY, CHLLD3 A CO., Manufacturers of v i
superior 4-4 Sheetings, Carpet Chain, Co*cy
Twine and Batting. • jabO-lyUon
_ VesaTtua Iron. Worß*.
f EWIS, DALZELL A Co n manufacturers of all si-
JL4 set Bar, Sheets Boiler Irou and Nails of the best
jaality. .Warehouse,&l water qjul 103 frontal.
L 8 WATERMAN, Wholesale,Grocer, Forward*
* ing and Comreiuion Merchant, Dealer tn Pitu*
hurgh Manofactores and Produce, Nos. 31 Water su
and ftl Front ' j^7
ws. fitILUX, PbilTda c. Piusbnrgh.
MILLER A EICKLTSQN, Wholesale Grocers, and
importers ofßrojidics, Wines nod Segura, No*.
i;4atid'i?4, corner of Liberty and Irwin streets, Pills. <
borgh. Pa. Iron, Nails, Cotton Yarns, Ac. Ac. con-j
slantly on hand. • aug!4
\,f cGILLS A ROE, Wbulesalo Grocers and.Cotarais
ill. *ion Merchants, No. HM Liberty it_, Pttuburgte
\/1 URI'HY, WILSON A (laic Jones,' Murphy A
iVJ. Co.) Wholesale tn Dry Goods, No. «
Wood street, Pittsburgh. _
AITBF.W WiLs5N, riTrualfand MuifaiurePain.
ter. Ruunt, corner of Post Office AUey and
Fourth street, entrance on 4th near Market
_ dectLdtf. _ ... _ j._..
«i tf joas, rocs v. iitnuo.
Manufacturers of spring and biinei steet,
plough steel, alee! plough wings, coach and clip.,
tic springs, hammered iron uies, and dealers in mtu
fcable easungishre engine lamps, and coach trimmings
cenemilv, comer of Rost and Front els- Pittsburgh,
Pa. • feby
Vj HOLMES. A SON. No. 56 Market st, sccoacl
].*i » door from coturr of FojrUi, dealers in Foreign
■rd Dotsetuc Bills of Exchange, Ceruhceiu cf Depos
it, Bank Nolo* and Specie.
(£/“• Collections mad on all the principal cities
tbr»u;:houltlic United States. ‘ . j dcel7
NiJUCKMASTKR, Auimiih-OtSct, Foonh »L,
• third door nboT« SmhhScld, »oaih wiii.
Conveyancing of ail kirnli done wild the created
care and feral accuracy.
Titles te Real Kstain examined, &• c.
pnor. lU£KRY BOIiBOOK,-
PKNN STREET, licmccn\Vi)Dtuid Hand, has
remmed-his professional duties, fcivinj* instrue*
Uona on the Piano, Guitar, and in Vocal Music.
gaaa PbuKTSTTitA bTOKK.—No. ;u Fourth
«L, near Wood—All quantities of Green and
lfciwaSfc Dlack Teas, done up in quartet, half, and
one pound packages, ranging from 50 eta.‘per pound
81,50. jyJ A. JAYNES, Agl for Pekin Tea Co.
isOiilSUN, t-UTL-K A CO., No. umLiueny street,
XV Pittsburgh, Wholesale Grocery Produce and
Commission Merchants, and. dealers in Pittsburgh
Manufactures. }jl
RUUEKT MOOIIE, Wholesale Grocer, Rectifying.
"Distiller, dealer in Produce, Pittsburgh Manufac
tures, and all kinds of Foreign and Domestic. Wines
and Liquors, No. 11 Libcnv street. On hand a very
large stock of superior old Monongahela whiskey,
winch will be told low for cars. apls;ly
u o. asisoua, j. l. situ.
REYNOLDS A BIIES, Forwarding and Cemxaiision
Merchants, for the Allegheny River Trade, deal
ers In Groceries, Produce; Pittsburgh Manufactures
ted Chloride of Lime.
Thchtgbest prices, in cash, paid at all limes for coon
ry rars. Comer ofPtnn end Irwin tts. iantO
ROUfcIHT DALZKLL A Co!, Wholesale Growers,
Commission ami Forwarding Merchants, dealers
n Ptcildcc and Pittsburgh Manufactures, Liberty «t.
Ptttsl urch. Pa. lehtM
O ITrr^A - CCNN‘INGI (AM, Wholesale Grocer,
Dealer In Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactures
«o. 114 Liberty st. IVU
CtUACKLLTT & WlflTß, Wholesale Dealcta In'.
O Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods. No. Wood si
Piusi.urgh.. ; -feblTtl ■
rt rw. HARDAUGH, Wool Merchants, Dealers
O* in Flour aud Produce generally, and Forwarding
and 'Jommission Merchants, No. &1 Water sL, Pitts.'
r ; :
r «» »«; prrnßvnoii. - joun siciiols, habtlsyd.
SEI-LER3 A NICOLS, Produce and General Com
mission Merchants, No. IT Liberty ft., Pilisburgh.
f»pent, Linseed and Lard Oils. - ■
Sf. VON UUNNHOKSTV A Co., Wholesale Uro
• eeru, Forwarding .and Commission Merchants,
Dealt rs in Pittsburgh Manufactures and Western-£h>-
4«ce, have removed to their new warchousejold. stand)
No, Ci, corner of FronYfl and Chancery Lane. -
► 1 1AS3EV A BKSTT'Vholesale Grocers. and Commls-
JL aioa Merchants, and dealer* In Produce. No. 35
Wood *L, Pittsburgh.
WM. BIGALEV fc CO- Wholesale Grocer*, 16
and 90 Wood urect I’lUsbargh. nov97
ANTS. Ai*o—lmporter* of Soda A*h and Bleochiiiff
Powder, No. ICO Liberty »•_, (opposite Sixth *m Pmv
toil? 0. WlC*. SAVU) K’CAtrotaCl
WICK i y.rCANT3L.ESS. (tueceMOr*lo Li &J. D.
Wick,) Wholesale 6rocen, Forwarding end
Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Nail*, Glass,
Cotton Yarn*, and Pittsburgh Manufactures generally,
enrt>p*r nf Wood and Water streets. Pittsburgh.
\jtr W. WALLACE., Mill stone and Mill Farnish-
W • Ist establishment, No. 2U Liberty near the
cincl - . ' „ »»«»
1»r WTWU-SON, WaUthc*Jewelry.Silver Were,
V\ Military Coed*, corner of Market and 4lh
streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. N- B-—Wacehea end Clock*
care fa fly repaired. dec4
Srpjyr OOWKN—Commission and Forwarding
Merchant, No. 00 Front st between Wood and
ket street*.
W T TC“MUfIPm, WaolessleanJlKetail dealerta
A Foreign and Domerfe Dry Goods, north e«ut
corner of Market and Fourth *».
va. TOCTfS,. /no. B- M’CTJH*.
limi- YOUNG k Co.—Dealer* la leather bide*, kc,
W 143 Liberty u. j«p*-I7
wx. x CTTcaxua. _ .**'"*•““r*
■*t-> & ft. M’CUTCHEON, WboletaJe Grocer*, dee*
VY s lers inProdnce, Iron, N*il*, and Pitu.
borch Mantiiacture* generality, IW Liberty at, Pitt*-
baryta. . . iec2
WW WILSON, Dealer in WatcOes, Jewelry
- Silver Ware. Military Good*, &e. No. 57 Mar
tft . "«*»
BulUr , Pa
Wn,l, t ] |n mend to collection* and all ether tori*
sect estnuied u> bin la Boiler ard Arcstron*
eonntie«,Fa. Refer to
J, &R. Floyd. Liberty tt.l
W.W. Wallace, do {
Jams* Mortball do f Fitubor^h.
d’y Kay A Co., Wood «t. J 1*» 7
LwSSrti3fi» OrncKAUovs M»-Allei A Co,
oci3l No; 42 Water «treft
rvGo Am Turasrox, rsorjuxross.
mTHIS establishment long Bird widely known as
being one of the most commodious in Urn city of
Baltimore, has recently undergone very exten
*i»o alterelious and improvement*. An entire new
sring has been added, containing narriercus andgiry
sleeping apartments, and extensive bathing rooms.
The Ladies’ department has also bceu completelv
reorganised and fitted up in a rs ■ unique and beauti
ful style. In fact the wnote srcunfcemcDt of the House
has been remodeled, wiib a single eye cm the part of
the proprietors, towards the comfort ami piearare o.
their Guests, and which they confidently assert will
challenge comparison with any Hotel tu the bnica
\ ’ftelr table will always be supplied with every sub
[mnial »nH luxury which the market atTords, served
up in a luperior style; while in the way of Wines, &•?.,
they will not ha surpassed.
lu conclusion ,ne proprietors beg id say, that no tarn g
will be left undors on their part, and on the pan of their
assistants, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their friends gnd the public generally.
The prices fbr board have also been reduced to tuo
following rates:
Ladies’ Ordinary, . fIJS per day.
CenUemen’a.“ . , ... .
N. B.—The Baggage Wagon of the House will al
ways be found at the Car und Bteambot*. Larf.lmir*,
wluch will convey baggage. to and from the Hotel, free
gf Ktmrue. \ .
•eoxs** or rocant *un traaiw, nnwotpi.
i-j. , tHK subscriber respeetlully announces U.m
he has now. opened and cxccUent Hotel
Jr’fli-gy e accommodation of travelers, boarders,
and the public generally. The. house aad'ftunituia
are entirely new, and ao paint or expense have bee a
Saredxo render it one of tho most comfortable and
P^esubscri^r^B t dete i mined to deserve, and there-
—" gtism lirloh Works for Hals.
mtiE subscriber,offers for sale, the-STEAM BRICK
I WORKS, above LawretceviHe, comprising a
to..mVn*iiie 2 Boiler?. C Mould Machine, capable of
Bricks (out cfdry clay,
“"fuffVro.Bib* bank.) per day; with three acres of
,bo p*"'"'silS'SS'imiSftt.iS?”fl.
payment made easy, wtrn ||KNRV MERRITT,
paructtlujb:*«, V e» N<J u- Monongnbela House.
Bells of every sire, from 10
to HUGO pounds, cast from patterns ofthet^tapprov
•dmodeli and warranted to be of the
Miueral Water Pomps,Counters, RaUu»s| & c -s tog**
; therwiih every variety ofßnws Castings, U required,
tamed and finished in «he*ncaus*t manner. .
.A. F. is tiie sole proprietor of lUnair • ASTI*AJT“
Tton Murat, so justly celebrated for the reduction ot
friction in machinery. The Boxes and Composition
can be bad of him at all times. Ja»teiy
Athentcam Saloon and Bsthtng Katab»
THE PROPRIETOR 1* now prepared to serve
up meals at all hoars,in connection wUhßJaraiJg
by the day or week T-^M’FALL.
spCM , Prop rider.
Trenton Bnlnal Life Inrarnnre Company
‘ kjpa'ot.tußßvx KEDtrcm 25 rta crar.
‘ Capital, 8100,000.
JAMES DURNO A CO, Agents at Pittsburgh, Pa:
soaas or sxaxerws, at
James Hoy, Jr. I
Denjamir. Fi«h. 1
John A. Wearu I
Jonathan Flsi
nv tosjc.
CcmptrollorofNew York.
George Wood.
John F. MaCkie.
David Dudley Field.
Joseph Hoxie. ___
His Exe. Gov. Haines-
W. X Payton. U. 8. Fen.
G.D.Wbil,Ex-U.» Sen.
Ex-Gov. M. Dickerson.
A.Sidney Do one, M. D
Si Warren si-, N. Y.
VYm.JU’K- Morgan, AL
George M’Cook, M. D-.
Pittsburgh. Pa.
The A genu of tbit Comp:
oriaed to take every first C
run qfduwtfjrt/fr* per «**•:
miam as ehorged by other
A man 30 years of age, taking a Policy of Insurance
for One Thousand Dollars—
To put for one year, pays only 89,80.
do seven “ u annually,
do Lifetime, “ ** 817,60 “
And in the same proportion for any aatn up to 85000,
which Is the extent taken on any one life.
This company ccismeneed operations on the Ist Oet,
1848, and its monthly business up to the Ist Oct., 1840,
shows a progress aettding that of any other Life Com
pany on record.
The first dividend of profits will be declared to the
assured on the Ist January; 1650.
Pamphlets containing the various tables of rates,
and nl) the neeesvary information on the important
subject of Life Assurance will be furnished oa appli
cation to James durno a co., Agent-,
delT Odcon Duildiugo.
SURANCE COMPANY will issue Policies'of In
surance against Loss cl Damaoe by Finn, upon Dwell,
ings and Furniture, Stores, Goods, Ac., Ac n ' on appli
cation to James durno a co, Agent*,
de!7 Qdcoa Ualtdings.
HEALTH ISfSmiANCK, atFtttsbargh.
The Spring Carden Health Insurance Co.,
INSURES Male* ami Female* against the Expense
and Lots occasioned by Sickout or Accident, by
an immediate allowance <2 f from S 3 id S 3 per week,
for due, two, three, or foijr year*. ,
Tiro method of effecting thU Insurance, and the
manner of awarding toe tick allowance, will be folly
explained bp the Agent. I ,
A person can infare against SicknetS or Accident
which will deiaiu him from his ordinary business, ea.
follows, tik
For one year, by paying 8450, and receive S 3 P week.
For two “ “ Atm, “ •* 4
For three c “ * - 5
I For four' ~ - “ u “ 0 «
I jDt, far a period of roar yean, the nm or 814,40 paid
' oroually, will secure S$ per week while sick.
Every necessary information will be afforded on the
übject of lasuranee eenerally, by
Odeon Buildings.
ltlt» tsi Ilttlth Tnsnranea.
THE Mataal Life and Ucalih Insurance Company
of Philadelphia. Incorporated by the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, March, tct3. Charter perpetual..
Capital, Rates lowis thas aitt Pei»tv- !
vaxia Coxpast, ■ and full per cent. lower than the
usual rates of Life Insurance, as tlia following com
parison will show: Thus, a person of the age oi 30 In
suring for 8100 for life, must pay in the Girard B’A3s—
—83.3 G, jenn Mutual, StiJS; Equitable,
$i,W: New England, 8*1,38; New York Life, 8433, Al
bion, 82,(9; Lite and Healtfl, Philadelphia, 81,01.
Dikkctoes Samuel D. Orrick. Charles O. Hall, W.
F.Bcone, Robert P Kinr, Charles l’. Hayes#HL W.
Baldwin, M. M. Reeve, Si. 11.. Chat O. B Campbell,-
Lewia Cooper, I- Rodman Barker, K. 11. Butler, Edwin
R_ Cape. President—Samuel 0. Orrick; Vice Presi
dent— Bobu P. King; Secretary —Francis Blackb'urne.
Applications will be every information
given by SAMI- FAHNESTOCK, Agt,
Office, Commercial Rooms, corner of
AVrod and Third sis,Pittsburgh
@ fe .. INSUKAUCK.
E£ irxoßrculTD is ifcS.
Annual Premiums, Capital Sioci, ocitforpla* Fund,
This old and res]
sue policies on the most favorable terms on Dwelling
Houses, Household Furniture. Hiorer, Blocks of Goods,
Warehouses and contents, Mills and Manufactories,
ici 4c-, against LOSS OH DAMAGE UV FIRK.
Also, oil Goods, Wires and Merchandise, against
the hazards of UnaXD 'fiuasroVTATloX, and upon the
Cargoes of Sea Vessels.
The Protection Ininranee Company having, in the
last 25 years, paid mast huxioas or eolLaus at their
several agencies throughout the Unite? States am l the
British Provinces, have established a' just reputation,
lor solvency and fair dealing, wliieh challenges com
parison with any other insurance company on the.
continent of America. Tbeaimeied exn«t,jroraaa
article on the subject of Insurance Companies, taken
fro-u the “New York Day Book," exhibits briefly the,-
standing and policy of the Company. 1
“Tfce •monered men’of the ancient and always pros
perous city of Hartford, have for half a century been
famous throughout the Union for thc,care, discretion,
rigid honesty, sad an varying success, with which they
have formed and monarch corporations of this de
scription. No Hartford Hank or Insurance Company
has ever failed 1 These Companies have for moro
then a whole generation scattered their risks in .near
ly every State of the Union, and have never failed to
pay Cio tonamerahle losses which they have insured
against." 1
AU losses arising upon policies is-ued by the under
signed, wiil be promptly adjusted and paid at the Gen
eral Agency o&ce, located at Cincinnati, O. A large
portion of the funds of the Company, (including all
premium* received at the Western agencies,) is de
posited with the General Agent of the Company at
Ctueianali, for the payment of Western and Southern
losses. Apply to KaYKTTE BROWN,
Agent for the city of Pittsburgh, and for Allegheny
county. ' - octOdJio
RANCH COMPANY .-Office, North Room of the
Exchange,-Third street. Philadelphia.
Ft be liacuscii—Buldujt, Merchandise and outer
property ta town and cotrtmi, insured against lore or
damage by fire at the lowest rate of premium.
Jlabjx* tescxairct—They alto insure Vessels. Car
goes and Freights, foreign or eoastwjse, under open or
special policies, as the assured may desire. •••
IntasaTaansroniar-oa.—They also Insure merehnn
dise transported by Wagons, Railroad Care, Canal
Bouts and Steam Boats, ou rivers and lakes, on the
■joint a cojouatr.
mo*t liberal term*.
DIRECTORS—Joteph 11. Seal, Edmund A. Bonder,
John C Davit, Robert Uarton, John R Penrose, Sumo
el Edward*. Geo O Leipcr, Edward Darlington. Ijmc
R Davb, william Polweil, John ftewlin, Dr R M Hait
lon, 0 Hand, Tbcophila* Pealding, 11 Jo:iei
Brook*, Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Bernll,
Spencer Mclivain, Cbarle* Kelly. J G Johnson, W il
liam limy, in 8 Thomaa, John Seller*, Wra. brie, Jr.
W ra ,B.^. s , J-T. L-J». UARTINi erciii ' BL
RrcB*u> S. Nrwaou>, Secretary ■
ID* Office of the Company, No. 42 Water atreei,
Pittsburgh. JulS.dtf _P. A. MADEIRA, Agent
THE INSURANCE CO. ol North America will
make permaa-nt and limited Insurance on pry
penyJnlhiacity and vicinity, audio thipmenu by
Canal, Rivere, Lake*, and by Sea. The properue* ol
this Company are well Invested, and fnmith an avail
able fund for the ample indemnity of all penon* wli*
dsaire to be protected by iniuranec.
tnvlß WM. P-JONES, Ar
The Franklin Fire liuutante Co. of Philadelphia.
DIRECTORS.-^— Ch*ri»* N.Baacker, ThomMHaru
Tobias Warner, sJamuol Grant, Jacob It Smith,
Uec. W Richards, Mordecai I). Uwi, AdoJpho E.
Bono, David ». Brown, Moms Patterson.
. ’ , N. iiancaxx. President.
Charles G. Banekcr, Secretary- . ,
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited,
on every description of property in town or country,
at rate* ai low aa are consistent with security.
To Company have reserved a Urge contingent Fund,
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invest
ed, afford ample protection to ibo assured. i
The assets of the company, on January Ist, lew, hi
published agreeably to an net of Assembly, were as
fallows, vis:
Temporanr Loans
Stocks f 17
\ fIJWS,4W 71
Since their incorporution, a period of M years, they
hive paid upward, of one mltf.on four hundred thous
and dollars, losrc. by fire, thereby affording endeii.c
eflhe advantages ofTnsorance, as well as tbo ah Uty
and diiuohlioa u> meet with promptness all liabilities.
matl-dly Office N Econier Wood and 3d its
' Ths PsuniylTatti' l Compaay •
Foa Isracanci o.iLivb axk Geasthiu Atincirtr*.
ntljEfim Life Insurance Company m the U. Mates.
1 Incotparated Mareh 10, lJ>l»-oho.ter perpetual.
Capital SfiOb.'JPU—all paid in. _ .
Having autbonsfed the undersigned to receive appli
cations for insurance, on which policies will be ...m d,
according to their proposals and rotes, which will »»e
made kabwn to upplicanU at bis officc. No tTO \V c*d
street. spll GEO. COCHRAN.
IT A. MADEIRA, Agent at Pittsburgh for th- lirVi
i . ware Mutual Safety Insurance Company ofl liial-
Aelpbia. Fire lUsks upon buildings and merchandise
of every description, and Marine jliaks upon hubs or
cargoes of vessels, token upon the most favorable
Office in the Warehouse ©? W. 11. Holmes A Ilro.,
N0?37 Water, near Market street, Pittsburgh.
Nl o —The suecesr of this Company Since the e*.ab-
Itshraentof llie Agency in this city, *»h die prompt
ness and which every elaim upon them
fur loss has been adjusted, tally warren the agent m
inviting the confidence and patronage of his friend* and
the community at large to the Delaware M. 9. Insu
rance Company, while it has die additional udvantaget
as nn institution among the meS; flourishing in Fltilanel
ohiu—as having an ample paid-in capital, which by the
operation of its charier is constantly increasing, as
Yielding to each person insured his due share of the
nrofitsof the company, without involving him lit any
responsibility whatever, and therelore as possessing
the Mutual principle divested of every obnoxious fea
tare, and in iu most attractive form. nov4
Corner of Wood and Fifth Starts.
P.oTtmn an auentiou paid to our Retail Trade.
upon Benin, tei, Ihu ud
OtlheMT UIBIIU did
owiddaiee lt»l « rcfcaidi
SS» toln,Mnp T
4— ,^p v J,,,, t _ linKtu , „ • .... •:;: .■"!-,:■•• 'i%< Vi>4; k
■ ntSTOX, nttr JDS IT.
Joseph C. Potts, Pre»*L
O. A. Perdieari*, V P.
Eli Morris, [secretary,
c, Treat Brer.
‘ ritiLtOELrou. ,
Jlon. James Campbell.
David tl. White.
Alexander Cummuirk. >
W.J.P. White, P.M; 1
I Ex-Gov. Vroom.
Isaac Wildrick, M. C.
With A. Newell, M. C.
Hon. 8. ft. llaoiltou.
W. W. Gerhard, M. I).
. 3CI Walnut st_ Pbil'n.
11. R. Bell, M. £>.,
Allegheny city, Pa.
posy, at Pittsburgh, are a tub
elm risk on Lite at a ndue
from the usual rotes of prc
r Companies.
Ltt rut.
sponsible Company eontlnoes tils-
Dleaolutlon of Partneralilp*
T)Y MUTUAL CONSENT this day. the firm hereio
1> fore existing under the style of BUSH HELD A
LEADER, hns been dissolved by Henry l.cejlrr set
in< his enure interest in said Grin to John McGm. Aj«
business connected with the firm of Barbfield A
er will be artlled by 9.- U. Bosbfield A Co- wuo are
duly authorised to moke all collections and nd’O't an
‘Pittsburgh, Oet 27,1919. _
N. B.—S. 13. OUSIIFIELD A CO.- will continue the
wholesale nr.dretall Dry Goods arid Grocerybusme**,
at the old more room, No. sRW Liberty st, where they
will be pleased to have their friends and customers
call amfexamine their stock of good*.
oent ' 8. B. BUSHFIELO A_CO.__
IHIK partnership of the undersigned, under the firm
. of Bagaley A Smith, was dissolved by mutual
coaseut on s!9ih Bcptember, W. Bagaley purchasing
Ur« interest of J. R. Smith, who retire*. Thi business
of iho firm will be settled by their successor*, Wm.
Bagaley A Co., at No*. 19 and 20 Wood su
Pittsburgh, Oct. B, ’49. ISAAC R. SMITH.
COPARTNERSHIP.—Wm. Bagaley bavin* asso
cia'ed with him Wm. H. Woodward of Philadelphia,
John 8. Cosgrave and Ralph Bagaley of Pittsburgh,
wj’ l continue the Wholesale Grocery Business, at No*.
I* t nd VO Wood si, under the firm of
WM. BAGALEY A CO„ Piiwburgh;
Dissolution or Co-Partnsrsblp.
r PUE co-partnenbip heretofore existing between the
X subscriber*, under llie style of Brown A Colbert*
sou, was dissolved on the Ist uist by mutual consent
M. 11. BROWN,
Pittsburgh, Oct 5, A - CULBERTSON.
The »üb»criber will continue the Wholesale Groce*
ry and CAramueion Unstuck*, a* heretofore,■ *t Uio old
•land, 142 Liberty *t. oct3 A..CUI«HKHT^O?f.
ftlirrr., bxtwkks Wood a:toM**x*t, rtpsJiJEani
/*W.VTINUK to rannufapJutc all kind* of COPPER,
smith Work. 1
Steam Uonu bnili to ortler.
Special atieniicn riven to steam boat work.
Have on hand* a fine oiiortmcntof Copperand Bran
Kettles, Tin Wore,Ac. Ac. Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forge*, various sises—a very convenient ar
-oele for iteamboats, California emigrant*, cTYail road
We would respectfully invite neam boat mm ami
other* to call ana see our articles and price* before
purchasing elsewhere.
DtuolnUon of - P*rtner»hipT
THE copartnership of HENRY HANNEN jfc CO,
formerly llannen, Muller A Co., in the Window
a d Colored Glass business, is this day dissolved bp
tho withdrawal of Mr. Frederick Muller.
The business will be continued by the undersigned,
nder the firm of HENRY HANNEN ft CO. Wins
ocse No. tte Second at, where we will tar.
ippliei of superior Window Glass.
Pittsburgh. Aug.
THE undersigned Care tin* day a**ocinted with them
in basinets JACOB L. SCHWARTZ, mid will con
tinn&lhc business u heretofore, under the firm of
July 3,1549. • jyta _____
THE partnership heretofore existing under the firm
of A, AC. IiRADLKV, is dissolvedby the decease
of Mr. C. Bradley. Tho business will be earned on by
A. Bradley, who will telUo the business of the la:e
firm. _
REMOVAL —A. Bna&LXt has removed Ins Foundry
Warehouse from No. US Second street, to No. 19
Wood street, between First and Second streets, to the
wnrehcnse.latcly occupied by G. A- Berry, where he
will keep constantly on hand a genera' assortment of
Castings. Grates, Stoves, Cooking Swvc*. Ac. jyl3 .
THE co-partnership heretofore existing between the
subscribers, in the name cf Constable, Burke A
Co., is this day dissolved by mutual ffi/nseSi. Messrs
Burke A Barnes will settle the. IfOaincss of the con
cern, for which purpose they Are authorised to use the
Dims of the concent. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have this day associated themselves
in the name of BURKE & BARNES, for the purpose
of manufacturing Fire Proof Safes, Vault Doors, Ac.
Ac at the stnud of the lute fctni of Constable, Burke
A Co„ where they will bcplcaied to receive the pa
tronaesef the customers of that house and their friends.
In retiring from the firm of Constable, iturfce A Co ,
1 with sincere pleasure recommend Messrs. Lurie A
Uuriies to the confidence of tuy friends and the pui'hr
a. j. rreaxt. ruos a sill
STUART A Slid#, Grocers, and Produce and Cum
nuia.nn Merchants, No, ll* Wood si. Pittsburgh.
Dealers tu Oio.-erics, Roar, Wlica-, Use,Oats,Corn,
Harley, Pork, Bacon, Ilutier, Lard. Cheese; Clover,
Timothy and Flax Seeds; Iron, Nails, Glass, Ac. Ac.
Ae. Particular attention paid to the solo of Western
Ririiaiw . Mi'sa/s -Myers A HuAter, Robt.
zellACOy M'Gills A Roe, Hamptou, Smith'A Co.,
James Us/, Kuig A Moorhead, Pittsburgh. Fenner
A M’Miilan, Massillon. Jos. S. Morruon, Esq., St,
mint a. cans, late of S. LisboiuO. w. I. ezisski
GENERAL AGENCY, Oecmnltaion and Forward.
I rtf .Merchant*, No. lift Matket ft. Pittsburgh, Pa.
{£7*Prompt attention given to the purchase aua tuie
of all kinds of Produce.
Renta to— John Watt X Co, Murphy, Wilson X Go.
Pittsburgh, i’j.; Lawvon X Hill, .Mai.lon -Martin,
Weliivuie, O ; John H. Urown X Co , Gn<g, Elliott X
Co., Philadelphia; U. W Snodgrass X Co, Gregg X
Nace, New l.o‘jon, O.; Fr. Skinner, lion. C. I). Coffin,
Cincinnati; J. P. heller, Youngstown, O.; W. L. Stan*
dart. Cleveland, O. aug.‘l
Commission and Forwarding BXorebvat*
mi. *js woon rr, nrrsBi;se:(,
CONTINUES to transact a general Commission buii
iicm, especially tu Uic purchase anil sale of Amen*
cun Mnmifuctures and Produce, and in receiving and
forwanflKg Goods consigned to las care. As Agent fur
the Manufactures, he will be constantly supplied with
the principal articles of Pittsburgh Manufacture at the
lowest wholesale pneea. Orders and consignments
are respectfully solicited. *9“
Ptnn Bachlas Shop.
HWIGIITAIAN— Mautfacturer of all kinds of cot
# too and woollen machinery, Allegheny city. Pfe.
The above wotks being now iu (ail afcd success.*!! op
eration. I am prepared to cxestts ortars with ditnueh
for all kinds of machinery in ay as willows,
pickers,spreaders, cards, grinding machines, railways,
drawing frames,
cards, uoujdo or single, for merchantor country, work,
mules, jacks, Ac.j slide and hand lathes and tools in gen
eral. Ail kind* of shafting made to order, or plans giv
en for gearing factories or mills ai reasonable Charge.
R»e* to—Kennedy, Childs A Bel!
A Co., King, Pcnnock A Copies. A. Gray.
JOHN D. M’CKEARV, Printing Ink Mauufteturcr.
Nos. 331 and 333 Stanton street, NEW YORK— l>e
not No. 3 Spruce street—Would call the attention of
Printers to his improved Printing Inks of Vdriont
kinds and orders, at the following prices: \
Rritt fine jet Ulaok, for Card and Wood
Ca's- - - rJ 00 and 3fO per lb
Fino Book Ink • . 073 “ 100 •*
o is o so “ o ia
Fine Red ink
75c l 00 1 60
jituc, Yellow, Green u<i White 75c lW I M “
' v (iod cize ai Stf per lb, and llronte at 90, 75 ett and
81 per ox, f
A specimen of iVewi Ink can be seen on thi« paper.
For i de by • JOHNSTON k STOCKTON,
Pittsburgh, I'a.
C. Morgan A Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. t
Morton k Grsswould, Louisvi'le, Ky. oct9:dCm
Modern and Antique f.□ ruitnre,
63, Tuns Stxxkt, Ihrrxßsyou.
A large and splendid
suitable for Steamboats,
' Hotel* and private dwel- T**
lings, constantly on hand and madeito order.
The present stock on band cannot' ne exceed?;! by
any mantraetory In the western cduutry- -i’ersons
wishing to porehaae wtrald do well tdeirstae n tail,
aa lam determined my prices shall jijleare. Tart nr
the stock consists In—
Tctc a Tele; Buffet Etaq-ie;
Louis XIV Choir*; Queen Klisahclh chair*;
Tea I'oyae, Fruit Table*;
Toilet Table*; Loais XV Commoder;
French Mahogany Bedilctuls; Pituio (stools;
90 *nfu with I’liub and flair-cloth corsrr;
50 Mahogany Hoc ting Choirs;
40 doil Parlor dn
30 “ Fancy do
.25 centre Tables;
•JU parr Divans: 4 pair pier Tables,
IS marble lop Dressing Bureau*:
8 Wardrobe*; h .Secretaries and Book ca<e».
20 marble lop Wash Stands;
4 pair Ottoman*;
6 pair fancy Work Stand*;
A very large assortment of common chain am* oil.
furniture 100 numerous lo mention.
Ip* Steam Boat* furnished on the shortest notb-e,
nihion the piort reitMinnJde terms. drelt
Dlaphragm*¥iTl«r7 for - Ilydriiat"WaUr.
g-. THIS i» toeerufy that I :<i>*
JjL pointed Livingston, Rnureh A * U>,
Sole Accni» for tuvsaie of Jetinu.jr*
Patent Dianrnhein Filter, for the eij
. fW lie* of Pittsburgh and Allrghen).
-a» JOHN frIBHPN'. Agent.
f or Walter M Gibson, 3W liroodway
Jb * Oct io, lsis.
.; We have been umne one of the above article* at lit*
office of the Novelty Work* for three month*, on trial,
and feel perfectly satisfied that it is a useful invention,
ai,d we take pleasure in recommending them a* a use,
fut article to all who love jiurc Water. Order* wilt be
thankfully received and promptly executed.
EUvaratbla FllurlngCoek,
fi render* turliid water pare by
sZllh. removlnir all »uti*uuice» ooiiolublc in.
water.' The crotnn water In N. York,
■!pfc®SV\' i *<«l , althoo*b clear and pure to the eye, ret
»t PttJ>«e» an honrthrouch lint
VSSSS/ filtering cock, show* a large Uenoril
. tmpura *uUtanec*,worm», 4c. This
“Tta HmenaS‘SiSuLaSdarabie,'aad !■'
.br merely lominf the he/ or band!.
JdPi. So oi?J. “j lS> car imeii, lli«
it changed, and all accumulation* fo\
fZVJZ K.^nre. Je dnVen ofT.tltnort in.tantly,;
wffilen.e“wi»jUio FUier It alao po,aeaaea Ita.
.d.uiu,; of btin?» "WP »'¥‘i ■> t»*M
bo T err convenient aadeconomical '
C Tcan bo attached whore there w aajr preaiaia
o,lo“to.S, tank, tab, to: etua. To be too
t'S*'*** oometof FoarUt aAd Martel ia
~TEVV 'RAISINS. and Cocoa Shell*.—SO qr bqxe*
-9 ban Cocoa aieilareo'ii and for
J& ! pSS* T» Biore, 70 Fuw* .treat. deotf.
W. A J, fILESSi Book Binder*.
WE are hull engaged in the above business, comer
of Wood awlThlrd streets, where
wr a>e prepared to do any work iu our line wim des
patch. \V«: uttend to dur work personally* and *atw*
faction will be given ut regard to its ncoines* and du
rability., •' .
Blank Brinks ruled to anypattent and bound snb
su.itiaJly. Bock* in-numbers or old books bound care-
A: lyorrepaired. Names pat on book* in gm letters.
Those that (have work in our line ara invited localu
Priees low. my-Jfrtf ~
Scales,; Cooking Stores, Grata#* Ate.
comer] Liberty and Wood streets, manufacture
ami oOerfor sale Plaiforin, Floor and Counter Scales,
of the most improved quality; Cooking Stoves* for wood
and coal; lEgg Stoves of various giies, Parlor and
common Grates, Hollow Ware, Ac. They also
manufacture! the Kitchen Range, which has gtveu such
general interaction to’those having it in.use, to all of
which Uteyilwould respectfully invite the-attention of
the citizens ’and the public generally. ccrJJ-dtl
MANUFicTURED. s TOBACCO— The subscribe*-
would tall tho attention of the city trace and
dealers generally, to Uto following brand* Tobacco*,
in store and to arrive, which being consignments di
rect from ms lufacturers/ he Is enabled to sell at east
ern price*:'
I3i> i bxs R W Crenshaw ss;
70 | 1 James Madison Csi
61 } 1 Lam&nino Ss;
33 I 1 Mirabcau Ss;
S 3 t • Pcutam 5s and Is,
15 1 * Roberts A Sisson St; -
9 I 1 Oscar Burl ss;
9 « V Johns A Lewis U;
3 | ' Warwick, supr It;
49 | “ Henry A James ss, lx and Ss;
febia ' L S WATER-MAN
Pitt Sla ihin* Works and Foundry.
A rrmccxcu, ra.
JOHN WRIGHT A Co., are prepared to build Chiton
.and Woolen Machinery oteverv description, such
•ts Carding Machine*, Spinning 'Frames, Speeder*.
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, Spooler*,
Dressing Frames, Looms, Card Grinders, Ae. wroujlii
irou Shafting turned; all sizes of Cast Iren, Pulhei and
Haugers of me latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,- 1
and tools of all kinds. Castings of every description
furnished on short notice. Patterns made to order for
.Mill Gearing, Don Railing, Ac. Steam Pipe for heal
ing Factories, Cast Irou Window Sash anu fnucy Cas
tings generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of J.
Palmer A Co., Liberty street, will have prompt alien-
Refer to Blackstoek, Bell A Co., J. K. Moo rebead A
Co., G. E- Warner, John Irwin A Sons. Pittsburgh; G.
C. A J. H. Warner, Steubenville. jsnlP
MA. WUITE A C0 7 would respectfully inform
fl the public that tney have erected a shop on
Lacock, between Federal ai d Sandusky streets. 1 bey
are now making ami are prepared u> receive orders for
every description of vebieles, Coaches, Chariot’s, Ua>
rouenesi Uuggies ; I’hmtoru, Ac., Ac., which from their
lone experience in the manufacture of the above work,
and the,facilities they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work ou the most reasonable terms with
those wanting articles in their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
rials, ind having none but,competent workmen, they
have rio hesitation in warranting their work. We
therefore ask tha attention of the public to this matter.
X. D. Repairing done in the best manner, and ou the
most reasonable terms,'
'era for tale a-large npd tplenuid
ewood anil mahogany grand Ac*
1 without Coleman’* celebrated
Tlic above iuttnuuculi are war*
my manufactured in this coon*
>wer tbu'' any brought /ran the
K. IILUMK, No IUI wood »L
2d door above 6th
II bo taken at par for a few of
mya ■ F. U.
MEN m wholesale aud retail More*, and other
e'spcrtabic business, to net ai Book-keepers, tjaie*-
mtu, Porter**-Bar-keepers, Waiters, Farmer*, Coach
rueih'Car Agein*, I*oos” and Hap Agents, Collectors,
Overseers in ell branches of business. Ao. \\ e have
dt all times a large number of goodMluauuns on liv.-ai.
which pay Horn 3u&to SS.UOO per annum. Those in
want of sitnaiicmg of any kind would do well to give
u» a call, aa we have agent* in each of the a K ovc ci*
virs, which will euableu* to place every amditaui in
n suitable situation at theshunesi notice. We u»*c ti
large acquaintance in all (he above named ernes,
which we u *jU will suable us to give entire satisfac
tion to ell who may favor us with a calL
TAYLOU A TAYA!AN, No. 5y Second st-,
between South end (jay.
N.D—Persons living in any pari of the U.Stat**,
and wishing to obtain a situaiiou in Baltimore, or ei
• her of the alHive cities, will have their wants Bruno
Jialely attetided to hy addressing u* a line, (post-paid)
as by so dome they will curtail both trouble and cx.
,ou»e, which limy cthcrwi»o world Incur by coining
•o the city, and seeking employment (or ihcm-elvcs.
fto.fibSeeoud stteet.
* Daltitaore, JUd
Blr»lnK»*»ni |“« Sr PHtabiu-ftt»,)FA«\
WarchiAiSi, So. 137, Wood ettui, fiiltlnirgh.
keep ottisnia good tu«rt
£»7yaiesi ot Warij of our owumanut&cinre. and
Rm# supenorqoolity. '\Vhole*4» and Country M«r-
VEX chants are respectfully mvAcd to call and ex
amine for them* cl vet, ai wi lrtldetcncincii to veil
cheaperthashaicrerbefora bee&pSeredlo the pufc-
Itft” -r --
177- Order* seat by mail,accompanied by the cash or
;iy rtfereaee. will he promptly attended
f| 10 tTie LAUlV:s—Just received. a*Q»H axwrune a
of gold and silver ’iptread. Cord and Uraid; also
Spangle* aud Bullion, for embroidering aud other or
ruacutal work. Also,guld omiwl »e rToskcU, Fringe
.ml Lace. J
Jewelry of the late*: fashions In great variety.
Watches of superior duality anil bcaultfal patterns,
3d fur rale ai Euslcru prices W W Wlll>ON, ,
qorncr Market slid Fourth tit
AUiVI—Open front 11 P.M. Mugte
Bath hJccnts,ord for,! uo:lar. Ladies deparunent
open from 9 to U A. M.’artd trwin 'i to i P. 31.
flie Refreshment j»h|uori are unequalled in itylp
attendance. Recherche lec Cream*! r
• auald T. M’FALI, Proprietor.
THE attention of the public is rcspecttutly called
the loliowing ceruitcates:
Ms. s. tlaaia*— Haying tested a quantity of Gc
weighed by your Areometer. 1 find the result pfuv
vour instrument correct; anil recommend the me of
to those going to Caiilontia, as ike beat method fbr C
taimng Ute real value df Gold. Heip. yours,
Ji B. DUNLEVY, Gold Beater.
Pttuburgii, March 9,!1549. 7
; firnn'Kiß) March 7, Itdtf.
.\U.tlmas— DcarSljr Having examined the u Are4*
meur,” Konuractorod At your rooms, I <io not hcsiute
lo commend tt to the ode of those gentlemen who'cre
about removing to California ia search of GoldftL.. v
li cites a dose approximation to the ipeeiSo-'grav
ry of metals, and will certainly enable tee idvanturi r
to ascertain when his dlacer u yielding Gold. ~
maria Yours, rctpT. J. R. &PCU,NTQfcK.
1 — NUIA RUBBER OLOTHLNU—Just received fur foe
California Expedition, a complete assortment <n'
Gum Elastic Clothing, lit prices ranging from 85.50 1 o
811,51) fur sail of coal, pants end hah tor sale at llje
-India Robber Depot, No 0 Wood si.
•,dec3) J All PHILLIPS
tienongahsla Idvtry Buhli>
*f, ROBERT 11. PATTERSON has opened
large stable on Ftm si, running ihroudi
/if%\ to Second si, between Wood and Bmilhfietd
in the mar of the’ Monong&helu Homi.
with an entirely new stqck of Horses and Carriages <u
the best quality and latest styles. Horses kepi ut livri
ry in the best manner. l . __ jy.Mly J
riiaii Second Session of Ous Institution, under Iht
X care of Mr. and Min. Goaiioax, for the present
academic year, wiU commence on the first of rebrua
ry next, iathe same buitilliigt, No. 52 Liberty street. J
Arrangements have made by which they wit)
be able u> furnish young ladies facilities equal t* nnj
in the West, for obtaining a thorough English, Cms»i[
cal, and Ornamental education. A full coarse of I'hij
lisophical and Chcouea) lectures will bo delivered
i during the winter, illustrated by apparatus. The do*
carunents of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Modern
Languages, Drawing and Painting, will each be undcf
the care ofa competent Professor. By close aueiuion
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their ptt- ;
pils, the Principals hope k<» merit acominnauou of the)
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. Fori
terras, sec circular or upplyto Uie Principals j
lagMllf \
I’irrsßUSoit, Sept. ill, lbll).
MK THO 9. K. HIRBKKT:—Daat air. Your WRI-
Tl XG FLU ID wc have now born using more than
a year, and on looking over the entries made by It, wc
find the color a bright blue bract. It is pleasant to
write with, |lnw» free, ami does not clog the pen like
the ordinary inks in use. Wishing VBu ihn ready sab*
its merits demand, wc ore, yours respecttully,
For sale, together with Hibben's Red Ink, and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by U A. Fahnestoek A Co., 1L P
Bchwant, Allegheny, City, amt by the manufacturer,
T. K. inbbert, Druggist and Chemist, corner of Liber
ty uud Srailhfirld su,j*lUsbutgh. oct?:f
wxrxuta* r*uun.’ *»omcabamu. wn. x d*xr
(Successors to Hussey, Hanna & Co.)
i u Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Ccrtihcatis
of Depositc, Bunk Notes, and Specie—Fourth street,
ncuriy opposite the Bank of Pittsburgh. Current mo
ney received on deposite—Sighl Checks for salt , ar.u
collections made b:t nearly all the principal points in
the United Stales]
The highest premium paid for Foreign and Atacrt'tn
Cold J
Advances made on consignments of. Produce;, ship
;>ed Eat.s on liberal terms- epi
Patent crossJevcr extension Toilet, Sofas, Bureaus,
Host Casts, Writing Duls. +
r|Hl£S TAUIiKS fur surpassing every other in*
X vcniionoiihbkindnow extant. Tuey caujbe ex
irmied irom ten io twenty-five feet, and when closed
the Iravcs urv all coiitmaed inside; they are made to
all sues ui.d shapes, and are admirably adapted for
Bteamboats, Hotels, and large private families, form
ing when closed a complete centre table. I
SOFA* AN DJiUILEAUS—These articles aye inval
uable, particularly to those who wish to econo
mise room, and convert a sleeping apartment Into a
parlor orsituiig they can be opened dud shut
_at convenience, arid when shut, me bedding la enclos
ed. A great saving in room and rent. All tho bed
steads wheu closed torm n beautiful piece of furniture
for a parlor or sitting room.
BOOK CASES—A nsai and useful ariiele foy parlor
or drawing room. I
WRITING DESKS—Forlawofflees.countlngTooms,
and other olficesj when opened a mosiconveiuebi bed
stead. when closed a perfect Desk and Library) alone
Is visible. . 1 .
All these articles need no recommendation: the
beauty ofthe whole is, they are woiranted noil to gel
jut of repair. It will bp for your interests to call ana
examine the articles, at the manufacturer's *tor<, No.,
ob Third street, Putshurgb. lnaddiliouto the above
advantages, they arepnrafa^tbu^^^
RiirerAEToaKß or
Comer Front and Vine streets, Cincinnati, 0.. _
ORDERS from Pittsburgh for
Raw or Rectified Whiskey, will b« &?£?,/ **
ended to at towtit.maikei pup«» ajcldwuy ,
TH7'E are now receiving from the factorya large
VV supply of these goods, whieh we are veiling low
er than each goods ca’i be had elsewhere i(i this city.
We use no add? In bleneftinjf, thai lijurp* the goods
oof object being to produce goods not. (dr show only,
but for comfort and durability, and as each they re*
ceived the first premium over all other goods exhibit
ed nt the late Allegheny Agricultural Fair.
For sale at the Blanket Depot, No. fid Market st, and
at the ware rooms of ibe Fayette Manufacturing Co-,
No. lid Second sl .....
Blankets of our Manufacture are sold in Allegheny
City, by Mr. John Dean, and also at the “Two Big
Windows.” Federal st. oetla
American Woolen Goods*
THE subscriber has on hand, (received tbo present
season,l conngncd from tua manufaetn rers, thefol*
lowing Goods, which ho is authorised tocloso at prices
rery lows
3o pieces yard wide Barred FlanneL .
430 oairs White Bed Blankets, ribbon bound, six
pounds to the pair. ,
1 ease SO pairs Steamboat Blankets, ribbon bound,»
▼cry superior article.
4 coses (VOO pairs) Grey Mixed Blankets.
£0 pairs Bark Gemianella Blue Blankets, a very su
perioranirle. ■>
8 cases Grey and Blue Blanket Coating.
4J> pieces Tweed. Steubenville make; l caio assort
ed hlaiu and barred'Jeans, Steubenville manufactory.
The above goods are all consigned direet-from the
maker, and will be sold t<r/ low approved
notes. ocu» H. LKK, liberty at, onpotUe Sth.
CAilBUTlfitOT bus receive a
• large assortment of Woolen Comforts and
Hoods; Hoskin, Berlin, buckskin and woo'eti Gloves;
Thibet, cloth, moos de lain and blanket Shawls,'cash
mere, worsted and woolen Hose; Pongee-and linen
Hdkfs.; silk and satin Cravats and Scarfs; Gimps and
Fringes; Irish Covers, Crapes,.Ribbons,'
Laeci, pleached hud colored Muslins, Tabby. Velvets,
Patent Threads, fewior Silk, Buttons, Gum Suspen
ders, Pint. Percussion Caps. Almanaes, common and
gold Jewelry, gold and silyer Watches, Combs, pock
et and table Cutlery, and many other goods whieh
country and city Merchants are respectfully invited
o examine. .... sptlg
MANUFACTURE and will keep on hand Family
and Steam Boat Blankets, Domestic Flannels,
blue, brown and drsb Blanket Coating. Satinets and
Woolen Yarn, whlclTthey trill sell at Eastern prices.
Warehouse No 113 Secpod at, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Factory. New Haven, F»V*(W 4" P*. *Ptl3
' •;
Ylf E have just received* largo and complete stock
VY of CLOCKS, Variety and Fancy Goods, suita
ble for the tjfi l trade, to widph, with every description
of Looking Glasses at oar own steam
power shop in this eitV, we ask the attention, of West
ern Merchants and outer dealers.
•ptSti comer' Wood and Fourth its
No. 48 Woon St., Prm-.trxau,
ARE now receiving their ostial supplies £>f Goods
tor the Fall season, which they will bs chappy to
exhibit to theif old customers, and ua many hew ones
u may feel inclined to present themselves.
Always taking great pains to lay in sueh goods as
are adapted to the wants of the Western trado, whicli
long experience enables them, they cat) aay.with
much confidence, and without entering into a detail
of their stock, tliat the Western retail merchant will
find with them all that his.customer* require. Those
who have formed the unprofitable habit of .repairing
to the Eastern cities lor their stocks of Dry Goods,
would do wull to cull, as a candid comparison of pri
ces would in many cates result in the convletioa that
the expense ofgoing further may be obviated by bay
tng la Pittsburgh. , : spil3
w Wood, street,
ABE now receiving a very targe stock ;.of freak
Goods, of recent porthoie and importation,which
they will sell to the trade at suchprices as cannot Toil,
to give entire satisfaction.
.City trad Comity Merchants ore invited Iff - call and
examine our COek before purchasing el6ewt*>*-«
myw . •• r. ,
RKISINUER, WELLS a CU„ Manufacturers oT-
Gicen Gloss \\ ere, No. 27 Market street, Pitts
burgh, Pa, kc<*p constantly on hand sad make to or
der all kiuds of Vials, .Mottles. Ac. Potter did Mine
ral Water Rottlrs, of superior quality. 1
Particular attention paid to Private Moulds!
iioviJO-ly ' • . >
. Wrought tad CaitlronlUUlngi
rpJIE subscriber* beg leave to inform the pebue 'hut
I they have obtained from the East all inn lato au>l
fashionable 'designs for Iron Railing, both forhoases
ana cemeteries Persons wishing to procure hoed-'
some pasterns will please call Sod examine*, and judge
for themselves. Railing will be furnished at the short
e«t notice, and in the beat manner, at the eonser of
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny city. .
'aurJ9-dtf A. LAMONT A KNOX.
Oystcrat Ojratorit
BURKR a co b Daily Express 1» uow_regUlarlyde-
Uvcnnc Can and Snell OYSTERS,' which are of
fered to dca'ers and fatuities at the lowest prices.
Gustily warranted c-jual to anybjougbt lo this mar
ket, and lor rale by
J. C. BIDWELL, Act, Water st.
Also?—At the following depbut— Reis A Huger, cor
ner SmiUidcid and Sceond su; E. Ueaxieion, Diamond;
Mercer * Rnl.lrtnn. Federal «1 Allegheny. oetls
WILL remain open for Visiters until the Ist Janua
ry, trSO. Oyitera and oiher Refreshments suit
ed ti> the aeasou kept. The Greenhouse, con
taining s large collection of raro.and choice Plauu,
will be open to vi-Uers. lloquets neatly pat up st
short notieo ikroucbout the season. An Omnibus
leaves the Allegheny end of the 8t- Clair Street
'Bridge, every Half hour during the day, running to the
Galien; anu (he ferry boat, Captain Walker; rons
from tl* e, la ruling a shod distance sbovc the Gar
den. Panics wishing to spend Uie evening, wdi bo
accommodated wan a return Omnibus at lUo*cloe>
P. M. Kept on Temperance principles, and closed on
unday. apU3 J. M’KAIN.
t* CT aon ,*h~ iMOVAU r
BTkUfJi-rSJJ ®p orwart jing and Commtsalon Mer*'
chant, has removed ;a No. 37 •Front, between Wood
and Bmithfield «ircet«. • sntl
il/t have *ome i'l'Mr'd, made on an improved
VY plan, so as not to freeze U> the coldest weather.
Persona wasting such articles, an invited to'Call and
see them at „ &CAIFEA ATKINSON I S> •
mv'JS Ist. hp(ww»nAVonH Market sts
View og Pittsburgh.
m* Y VIEW will be published' in as short a time
iVX, as possible; and I can assure ray subscribers,
and the public generally, thstlvshall besormax-r
both tn fidelity rf detail and beeaty of execution—to
snf other whatever. Let those who doubt, wait a few
werksandsee. E WHITE FIELD.
Naw Yoke, Dec. 6ih, I£4>-—Cdcll
TME OEM OPTIIE SEASON, with sUtee&elesul
engravings; cdnedby N. P. Willis.
Tae d acreu Annual, a Gift lor all Seasons; by 0.
Weld. . .
Tan Floral Keepsake, Tor l£&0j with forty Ux beaou
fu! colored cnr'minp; edited by J. Keese. '
Leaflets of Memory, on Illuminated Annual for 1850.
Uems of Beauty, or Literary Gl.t for 1890; by £.
The Opal, a Pare Gift for the Holy Pits.
Harvest Gleanings,—a Holiday Book;—by A.
GmLeavesof American Poetry; edited by B- W.
Gritwold. . '
The Romance of Nature, or Poetical Language of
Flowers; uy Thomas Miller.
The Forget-Me-Not,‘or IbSO; by Mrs. E. 3-Smith.
The Mo«« Rose, by Mrs. E.P. Howard.
The Snow Flake, “ beautifully itlastraied.
The Chapin of Literary Gems,' with colored eagra-
T> lhe Home Offering, or Glimpses of Home Life; by
The Friendship,’ a Token of Remembrance.
The Hyacinth, of Affection's (lift, for I$5Q. ,
•| be Gem, for 1850; edited by Father Frank,
Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver; by E- B. Fel
Flora’s Gem, or the Bcquet for all Seasons; with
beautiful embellishment*
The Drawing Room Scrap Book, with seventy illdl
rations. -s'
Tim Charuclemnei of Women; by Mrs. Jameson.
The Hcrouies of Sbakipesrq; with forty five edfcra*
in«», from drawings hy cmineQLaniiU.
Bibiev and Prayer Books. In'every stylo of binding
o suit the taste of purchasers. ■ i
For sa e by : ELLIOTT A ENGLISH,
No. :o Wood street; between Fourth =
dot! ' , j , and Diamond alley.
lEAFLETSof Memory; Lady’s Gift;
j Uema of the Season*'Gems of Beauty; •;
•> Kassetai; Gift or Friendship; Floral Keepsake;
Romance of Nature; llyaclneh -Chi d’s Keepsake;
Christmas Blossoms,.GiftLeaves of Am. Poets:
Golden Gift; Friendship’s Utfenng; Poet's Offering;
Readti’a Femuie Poets of America;
The Briltlant; Proverbial Philosophy, UL;
Bacrcd Annuals; Harvest Gleanings:
Snow Flake; Keejhake of Friendship;
Young Lady's Offering; ■
Bales ami Prayer Books, bound in velvet and mo*
i oceu, with clasps. Received by
dcJO carnet Market and Third sts.
7LOUR,—ISO bbls in store and for sale by
JP Celt ' WM U JOHNSTON, 1L: Second tt
Christmas and flew leafs Approaching!
ll Ms for die coming holidays, at LOCKWOOD’S:
by T. W, G. Maptcaon, Esq., 4to, elraanily bound in
dark morocco, gilt edges, anlidue style; *lB.
“Some of thebapntest cffbunns.of Hoffman, Long*
fellow, Bryant, Willis, Whiaier, Halleek. Sprague,
Dana, Airs. Btgpurflay, and Mrt.'Embury, tuooug oth
ers, cmich tbe-votarne.’'-—{Watchman. . .
“These are piinted most delicately and perfectly, In
lithographic German Text, on Btiatol hoard, each page
being framed bv a rich illuminated arebetquo border,
in gold,stiver, and cuJor*, dnth vlgneUs wrought in
the border*.”-4Commercml.
“The-fint illuminated voiaspo thathns been attempt
ed. ou this lido of the Atlantic— and with regard to the
beauty of deatgn*, and the execution of torn, may be
aaid to rival, if not surpois, any.thing of. the kind in
“lavs ofthe western we ? 1.0-- CoMAta
♦-Love’s Requiem," by Clisnea Fenco Hoffman; “The
M?lhor ofToso..” bjr Mr. o«Mod; -Tbs Load of
JDrcontr," by Wm. c. Bryony “Lot* in the Cap of
Lift,’’by Mrs. 3. O* Howe; “Tbo Night Cometh, by
Mm’ Embury; “Tbo Touraameul or Aero," by ,L W.
Herbert; “sreeawooiV' by Mr, Bindon** Worship,”
by Uiu Bayard; -Tbo Child’s Mlsuott." by Mr, Em-
fod», iCnatla.ted la Ibo mo« aaperb
MArM by M.rleion, synb holders aad rldootw.
otiuied in aotd, silscr, and color, bouud lum»oeeo,
fn am ass’re stylo,-rprminj On, moat ole.aal aad ro
cherebaboofcof liahind eyer atodacedlalM«omm.
uy. Tnce, «L, ’YaM E3l). LOCKWOOD,
,j cl g Bookseller and Importer. 63 Wood at.
. SYSTEM of Ancient and "Medio**! Geography,
A lor ike u»e of Sfibooli tad College*; by-Ck&lie*
of Sp&niih LUfintnre; by Geo.Tlskncr.' 3
Uitioryo. - r -r—--
1 recei»wL ■
Tne Wb«lo *ad Li* .Crpiires, or w WhileauV
Ad»eniareq,.andtftß Whalo's lkojrtpfty, ai filtered
inihc Homeward CrttiteoMhe “ComiaOGore i*r«blc; n
by Ile». ticnryT; Cbeeter.
Chtimers ImUtgio otThcoleff; 8 voVlait ret*d
dcS9 . tgpier Third and Market *t*i_
QlGllT&nd thort littoßl LLS OF EXCHANGE, p«y«
O »tls la QnciaaMi, LcoiitiHo and SLLoms, p«u>
ahMedoattoaenfiiTotabtotfmi. , - . •
Mr. B. P. Beimi-UMI SlrTtailTl i» * I
»u.e imllie, uwell m 14 Ora otJii <rf reel Im
LEiU. ra aura the (trod eSecuprodnerf VT ra«l r ?” ‘J
-myowtreoe.: ffaring the mmsth of Jbbo. IS»i 1 tooA
very unwell, my appetite failed, and niy ftroigth «v
eaurely prostxatctL with severe pain in my side end
.shoulder*. I was told by mcdlhki mia that my dticxse
'▼as a severe attack of Hver .docaplsliu. I took seve
ral boxes eTtt’Ls&cfc Uvec Fill*, an* tame xyreps,
which. Awms iold.was good (or that disease, botaßer
•i* 1. waa getijog worse. I- finally eoneladed to ptaee
myself under the *eare 7 of a phyiidan fof bettervr
fortaaately, -test u ihis^ttattrl : «ak'tdd.
by lbo. Rev. L Niblock, of this place, that a friend bod
«"l nb«* of-Selleri* Liver Pills from PiUsbufjh,
which had beoefitted him very KBjdt.- I forthwith:
sent for a box ofjyonr Liver pjU*,!aadby the Jimo 1.
was done using them. I was satisfied that It was IMT
me medicine that suited my ease; Isculfor
and tMk five or su boxes, and found .myself almost
entirely cured; bit in March 1 lasi | eaughTa severe
cold, whieh brought backlhs disease, and in • short
time 1 was as baa as ever. I'agsin had recourse to
your Liver Pills, and took them every ether night .for
six week*,.and oeeashmally cinee, end J can now sir,
that I can now cay, that I feel liufo if any symptgmi
of'the Lrver Cffoplaint, and my general health is ai
good now. as It us bean for tbs Ust ID years-
My neighbors ask - mo who'was my doe tor. I teß
them that tfelleTs’ lJverPill* was my dactor, and by
Us blessing of Divine Providence the means of cuing
me. lam confident that When the bnblle became ac
quainted with-tbavralneof TtmcLivef $U*» Uo do
■ maod for .them (mil incicass.. Many of sty neighbors,
to whom 1 have recommended the pills, Can testify to
their vilse, as well as to the facts abate •:
.BespeetfaUyjous, rGsoxaiUxun-..
■ Toth* Pnuc—TheOriginaL only tree and gpna*
nine Liver Pills .are prepared by R. & Sellers, and
have his name stampeo in black wax npon the ud of
each Bor. and his signatnre on the oatsido wrapper,
fry All others are counterfeits, or hasp imitations.
spgr J R.E SELLERS, Proprietor, AT Wood «t
J EXTRA* , -
A man by the fame of. RUEL CLAWhas enraged
with a yottsg man ofthe name of A: P<'TO|tßsend, and
oses’hlsnameto- put sp a Sarsaparilla, which they
call Dr.. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, denominating ii
GENUINE, Original, etc. ThiaTowtucnd is nadof*
torrend never was,kat wastosmerly a worker od rail
roads, canals, and the -like. assumes the title
of Dr., for the purpose of gaining credit for what he U"
not. -Ho is sending, out-cards beaded < *Tncks of
Quae ks,” in which So says, I have sold -tbense.ef my
name forit7l week. 1 willgiva.B. P,Townsend WOO
if ho will- prod see one tingle solitary proof of this.*—
This is to- euution the publle not to. be deceived,
purchase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
Dr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsaparilla, having vu tt the
Old Dr.’s Ijkeness, his family coat ofan&s, and his tig*
nature across tho coat of arms. - -
Principal OSloe, 103 tfassaa st, New, YqrkCliy.
. Old Dr.'Townsend U new aboat TQyearsofaxe,and
has loa« been known k* the AUTHOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA. II Being poor, he was compelled
teJinulananafaetaro, -by wfrkh taeaas It has beeo
kepi oat of market, and the tales circumscribed to
those oolr who had proved its worth and known its
Talße.j-ThisGiaiQ> arm UxxqaaLLxs Paxntuvtoa is
numafaetared on tho -largest seale, and Is called lor
throughout the length tnd breadih of the land,- .
Unltse young 8. P. Townsend’s, it fcopKrm .wlih
age, and nrter changes, bat for the better; beeacsa h
is prepared on srtennfio principles by a «■*.
The highest knowledge of and the latest
discoveries oftbe Art. have all been woagbt.intore*
Guliiiien in the laaimractare o! 'the Old tnh Sarsapa
rilla. , The Sarsaparilla root, it Is well known to med*'
leal men, contains medicinal properties, and same proi :
perues .which an Inen or useless; and others which.
If retained in preparing it for bis, produce ferments*
tlon and acid, which Is injßtioni to the system. Some
ofthe : properties of Sarsaparilla an so volatile thtl
they eniirelycTaporuio and are lost'ln the prepara
tion, if they are not preserved by a scientific process,
known only to those experienced in' its manufacture.
Moreover these volatile principles which fiy-pffinva*
: pdr, or as an exhalation, under heat,aro lha.very es
sential medical properties of the root, which gives to
-it allils value.-The ’ ' * • -
s ‘ : : GKVCISB ... ..
it bo prepared; tbtt altihe inert properties oftbeSar*
sspariliaroot am first removed,-everjr thingeanablo
of becoming acid or of fermentation, is extracted and'
rejected; then every particle ofacdsealvlnao is teen*
red /' * ' ' " '
ib a pare and concentrated farm; and bias it is
Jered incapable of lounff «ojr of it* valnable and
healing properties.' Prepared in thisway,it ismane
the moM poTeerftt) uat in the
' lienee the reason why we hear commendations on
every sideiu iu favor hr men,' women and children.'
IVe uiul il.doingwonders in the core of Consumption,
Dyspepsia, wtdJLiver Complaint, and in Bbeomatiim,
Scrofula and Piles, Cosilveness, all Cutaneous Erup
tion*, Pimples, KioTehest andsllaffectioas arising from
It possesses a marvellous efficacy in all complaints
arising from Indigestion, frotaACioity of the Stomach;
from unequal dredtiiidn, deterainauon of blood to the
head, palpitation of lhejheart,edld feet and cold hahda .
eold chilis and hot flashes oyer the- body. It has.not
had its equal in coughs dud colds; and promotes easy
cipeetorotiou, and perspiration, relating sole
uue of the longs, throat; and every other past.
Bat in nothing is tie excellence more manifestly seen
and acknowledged than in all hinds and stage* cf . .
It works wonders in cases of floor alba* Or whiles,
Failing of ike Womb,Obstructed, Suppressed, sr Pain*
tel Blenses, Irfcgulanry of the animal end
ithelike; end U effectual In earing all forms ofthoKiiK
ney Diseases. 'By reaovtfigobtpnciloujand reguls*
•ting the general system, it gives (me and strength-is.
the whole body, and ceres allforas of .. -
end thus prevents or relieves agreat variety ©/other
diseases, u Spinel Irritation, Neuralgia, St. Vitas
Dance, Swooning, EpflepiieFiu, Convulsions, tc. Ii
uot this, then, tua Mamctas too PX»ExUusrtT Natol
. But cos any of these things .he said of 3. P. Town
send’s inferior eniele! Ibis Tonne men’sHianid u hoi
because of the Grand the one u ‘tteapshle
'of Detenorailon and NEVER SPOILS, while the otb-‘
er .DOES;. it sours, ferments, add blows the boules.
containing ilinto fragments; uto-socr, acid liquid ex
plotting and damaging other goods! Most not this hor
rible compoand be poisonous to the system! Whad
put acid into a system already diseased with acid!
What causesDyspepslabutacid! Do we cotail know,
. that whenjeod sours ih ours tomichywhal mischief*
it pn>dticesT-^flatule'nhe^heanbvrn r palpitation of the
heart, liver complaint, dmnima, dysentery,'cholic and
corruption of the blood! What üßcroftila but an acid
humor in the body! What prodaecatU lhahainara.
'Which; bring on Eruption* pf the Skin, Scald Head,
.Salt Rheum, Erysipelai, While 8 wellinjsj Fever-Sores,
and all ulcerations internal and external! It is noth*
leg under heaven bht an ac|d substance, which aoors,
and thosspoilsnU the fluids of the body, more or less.
What Causes Rheumatism bat a sour acid fluid, which
insinuates itself between the joints and elsewhere,. ir*
mating end inflaming the tender and delicatetissttei
upon which it ecu! 80 of perrons diseases, of-iapu*
ruy of the blood,of deranged circulation*, and nearly
all the ailments which aiflifit human nature.
Now, U it sot horrible to make and selL and infinite*
hr worse to use this
and yet tie would tela hare U understood that Old Ja
cob Townsend's GenaiOe OrigihalSarstpurill*, U as
imitation of hi* inferior preparation!!
Heaven forbid that we should deal la aa article
which would hear the moat distant resejobtanee to 8.
F Townsend's aniela! and which should bring down
upon the Old Dr. each a mountain load, of complaints
and elimination* from agents '#ho hate sold, and par*
chasers w&o hare ased 8. P. seed's Fomenting
Compound! ' * • v - ’ ‘
We wish it understood, because U is the absolute
; truth, that 9. P. Townsend 5 * article aadOliKDr. Jacob
Townsend’s SartsparlUa are heaven*vide opart, and
infinitely dissimilar; that they are unlikeiaevcry pnr*
ticular, having not fine singleuunjlrieommaa. : •
It is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to 'pour
balm into wounded humanity, to kiqdJe hope in the
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom ami vi
cur into the crushed and broken and tobsaista infirmi-.
ty-that old DR. JACOB TOWNSEND has SOUUUf
mid FOUND the opportunity and means to brine his
within the reach, and to itha knowledge of all who
need it, that they may leoruaml kiiow, by joyful ez*
perienfea its ntaflscKNOKxr rowan to vaaLl
For sale by J. KIDD ft CDu_Wholesale Agent for-
Wcs«en> Pennsylvania: J. tShuTJI, Birmingham, Dr.
J. BAHGKANT, AUecnedy; Dr. J. CASSELL, Flub
ward,G. W.QABD.SER,tith ward, Pittsburgh. spul
, Jaynes' Expectorant.
" &ALXX,Columbianaco-,0., Apr. 24, 1841.
BR. D. JAYNES; Dux'S®:-1 feel bound to you
.and the alllieted publie, to avail myself of this op*
portunhr of giving publicity to the eatraordi nary effects
ofyoui Expectorant onmyselA Having been afllieied
for several years with a severe cough, hectic fiver
and its concomitant diseases, and seemed only doomed
to Unger out a short but miserable existence, until the
: fall of 1639, when, being afire severely attacked, and
having resorted to all my former remedies, and the pro- ,
wripuoi l * of two of the mo tt<res pee table physicians is
the neighborhood without deriving any benefil,-or the
consolation of surviving hut a fuw days or weeks ij
farthest—when the Isa gleam of hope was about to
vanish, I had recommended to me your Expectorants*
end blessed by that Being who does~hll thtngs'iia jhe
uso of the means—aad contrary totheaxpeciatlenfof
my physicians and friends,l was in.a few days raised,
from my bed, and was enabled by the use of a.bottre,to'
attend to my business, enjoyingsrece better health thafi
I had for ten years previous.
Respectfully yours, Ac.,- {**■ W. EsttUi *..
For sole in. Pittsburgh, at the Pekin Tea Store, 70
FourthstreeL ’ marJ9
JAYNE.—This .certifies, that immediately alter
havtcg attended my brother, who died of consumption
n March, 164 X, 1 was taken sick with the Coasumjaiotr
or Liver Complaint, and was reduced w low with the
disease, that for four years I was unable to attsftd Ur
my business, either at. homo .or abroad, being (fir the
most time confined to my bed.. During the above peri*
od of time, l had expended for: medical attendance o
regular Physicians i and medidmet, to thesmctmicf
8300, without receiving nay -bemrfU Ibere&om.'ln
July, 1645,' 1. commenced-taking- Dr. Jayne's if edi*'
clues, and hare taken them more or Icweversince.
and believe (that-it was by persevering In their as*-
that I can new traly ear that 1 have, completely reem!
vered my health. 1 believe that Jayne's Sanative Pffls
and Expectorant are thobept familymodieiues now la
use. "* -V'.;■. ....... .
I reside la Springfield. Otsevo-comty.M- vL>«
carry on a furnace and shop its that place,
and am not interested in any toasnvr to too sale of the
above medicines, and make thisiertifieate torthe ben*
efit of those alMcted. . i?Ei4JAH RATON. '
Springfield, N. -
nfionrsy- piaiatw -' r.
WB- MUJlPHY.atNcnhEast corner of Fourth
• .and Market streets, hai lately received a tup*
piy of the above superior make of Blankets, and m
vtie* those in want of the article do' look at them be
fore buying. He has also on hand Uome Made Blau*,
kets, a good heavy article, which he is selling low.
t ,AU»^liomefiladeFLANNELS^browO|baizedand
white, ® o * superior quality. .
Also—Twilled Scarlet FLANNELS, to whlch-te
•invites the attention of buyers. ‘
‘IDTA large supply of Goods recently opened In the
Wholesale Rooms,-up stairs, makes Ms assortment
very Call and. worthy the auenUoa of dealers..
Brussels cahpet»-Iw. aih;u»w* efen»
putehaserealorgeand handsome assortmeu: of
the! most approved -patyernsof Brussels Carpets,
cheaper tbsuever before odered In this market..-Call
POTAISH-ftbWAftpamoaroele. Ur sale toy
tall -
' YOlfe XTIElii ■. 140.
- A*aUA»T.«a£TLB§.
rra tss noiorAL ax» nuuixsT cnso# allkhus
' ahumkto* Aftamsiknlts or m* bum?
-., 1 MauaonmßWWg '"
Seiofhla 97 Kin*’* KviU Kbeaminsm, Obstinate Cats*
’ neoai'Ernpuana, PtmpieaerFustnlesontho Face,
, Blotches, btlo, Chronic. ScreEycs, Bigg Worm
• or Teuer,'SeßU tieut.'Bblugeaeatioa Pain or
tbo'Ben6sa&tiJoiatt,Kabpstn Ulcer*, SyphUtie
- Symplons,. Sciatica «r Lambtgtv-end diseases
arising &wn an injdaidon* trie or Mereary, Aei*
- titeaor J>rop«?-'’kixpttmra:Oftlmpradesce Inliiej
Also—Chrtmie Coxutit»uioiuu Disorders, Ac,
In thl* preparation an stronglyeoaeeairated all th»
Medicinal prapastiaasf'SaafipanUa, combined with
jbo most effectual aid*, tho most salutary productions,
the most pbtenViiAplea oftim vegetablekingdom; ana
IfEpk been so fully tested, notoaiy by patients them*
selves, bur also-by'phyutiiffs, tout ii baa received
ihCif. anqapltfiiwl w»fftmnmn<t«tl«w And the appfOba*
tion cftne pobUcjaadba* established) oaiu own
merba, ampautiaa for.TAM**pd sncaor far aapo
xior 10 the yprioB*-ccmpaunda bearing Iba nans of
Sarsaparilla. •• Qiaenaei nave Win eared, <neb as art
sol famished inUsnrecwda,.p£ypte put sndwhstit
baa already dope lor lbs tbogaaads who bare used is,
itiscspubleef'doinff fbttimudUioasstillitafferiiiga&ii'
struggling! wiib- duoaao.: Jipgnflcs, cleanses, and
strengthensibq (bantain sptingdofUfo,and injaaco
new vigor-thmughoa* the'wMWfcntmal name,
*Tbe ‘fbtxwiog’ striking; will bo aeon
ament core of-an laretofiiaMlJ of Scrafola, coo
meads itself 40 ail simUuriy f alUMted:
’BocTßfoairJCoajL, Jan. 1,1848. .
Meaaro.'SandK Genudaani B/mpatby for tiw aflieV
ad induce* .md-to infer®yogofitne renurksbla car* •
effected by yoartinriaparuis,jntha eaM of my wiC*.
Bb* was severely afflicted Withaho Serofbla on dlfferi
eat parts of the body; .lbs. also da of tbs cock wars
gtefiuy enlarged; ana berßabffaach swollen. After
suffering over aiear, and-Aatisg no relief from tbb "
remedies used, the disease attacked ou leg, and be* -.
low tbe bees suppurated. liar physician advised it
ahoatd be laid open, but wtiboal any »•
' permanent bsaodt, L&tiuisltsstioawobeudof, ana -
were induced bi nse, Sand** flsrsspuiUa. Tbs first
bonis prodaca&a decided and favorable effect, relier*
log her more than any pretcnptloa aba haderer taken;
and before shepetf sig bottle* to tbs astonishment ■
and delight jf-bar ftiearia.MhUfoaadbef health gaits- _
ntumi. lilaoowofotaycartiooothocnfowiser*
fected, and hcrheaHbjeaws good, showing that lbs -
disease was tbbibdgiujranidisaisd uom the mtaot.
Oar neighbors are ail knowing to these facts, and think .
very highly of Sands' HarrtpanUa. ;
- Yoars with respect, vr;n*i . JULIUS PXKB. -
-Bxtrset from a letter received tom Mr. ft. W. Hat*
rts, a gentleman welt known Loniilaaa eo-, Yea
' <z Gnntlseeti,’Tbcv«'ear*dA'tiegß> boy of mins with '
rtßrBarsapaxiUa, svb*wae-*ua«ked with Scrofula,
andof a eerofoloas family.-. 7 ' • 7
' «Ybare, : tralr, Isa N.W.aAttaiS. :
: "Fredericks Uai]»-Yt,Jßlr4?, 18*9.”
SAapFSAisArAaUiU^—H seem* almost uantteeeesa* ; •
ry to direct attention tons article sonelikaowiij and ] .
so daaerradly popular, A* this preparation, bßipaneata i.
often who wish to use ins extinct of Smspo&Ua, are 1..
indneed to’uy wonttiem coapeanda bearing tba name,
bat containing time or. none of Uis jmno o? this vain*
able root; and ws think 'wo’cannot confer s greater
benefit on oar reader* titan In-directing thetr uioauan
to tbe advert teas: tof the Motera.£and4, in'another
eolomn.' Tba bottle lias rertaUy been enlarged to
beta acß«a,'andihoae.wb».‘9ub a really good article
.will find concentrated in this nil tho medicinal value -
of the expeiichee-Of thousands has proved
tta eifieaey ia curing ue varittaa diseases for which it',
ia recommended; and ailhe'preie&l Uiae more than
any oiher ( 'perinpa,'istbla medicine tuefiiL in prepa*
ring the system tor achango.of Jonr. 7
asi,»cptl3ii . ‘ :- :"
- ' Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A- 0. A
D- SANUS, ilruggist and glytmitt, ldu Fulton street,
corner or Now York. 80M. also by Orag>
gists generally lbraagtnat|Qb United Stales and Can*
edar-'Prteo 8t per bottle; «x boule* fiur 83.
: For tale by U-WUAXJdt, ri. A. FAIINESTOCS
A CL), and bIDWAKI) PENUtIRLOH, t'iUsburKh. Al
b,tiT or. 3.flMlTH.Brid<»»ur. I<lnlO
mHE BANK OF KSGLA9D offers (or sale
.X its property inibe o:y of Fmaourgb,< aitaated at
mo earner or sf Clair street and Itequcano VV ay, bdv*
in* XM feeaon BCClair meat, 3U teet oa Ihtqoeans .
Way, anddiV feet on Uarkcrt alley.
Ttuv property couisih* oyttt cNCACREof vala*
fibre ground, la'yateeptib'Aof a anbdivisba which
wo aid prove highly prok<able to one wishing to re-sad
in ba>ldia? lota or me athal site, or to improve. A
plan ortho sabdivuioa-eamhe seen at the ostae of tha
.•undeuixoed. • ,r '
Do the property areßeTeeied ftve substantial Brick ■
Baildlags. ou tiw'Clair. KtraeVlineiniing the tavfiro
kaovra as the u fie4 Lion,”! a mun'tcr 01 itnauer build*
legs oh llaqaesno Way anil'll ox itcra alley tportly 00*
eupied by'lowaseod, Ohrr.A Co-J, anii the stahica at*
ticnadta Utntafem.
..Tho tasttUkiiSoOper annum, and the property otti'
one thimlm*ro»ed. ' Tt ' “
AWIyW • ' I -i: U. B.WILKINS, .
dcsU. , . Aitornpy at Law, Fourth street
fiemudnnaal.JlKj* of Dry Goods,
ax yua ou riuca srou 07
A. A. MASON & CP*,
TT7ILL commence on. Nyw Year’s Day, IBSO,' and •
yy eonllnue through the-moiah of January, oaring
which lime the wfcfiicef Uscir immense eslaauihmenl, -
liuciuiUnffaU their Wholesale Rootm,) will be in rows
open.for-Retail Tredei-and their;entire-WhOleSal* •
Stock will be odered- U* Retail, on this occasion, at
folly cat soeaxa tx j > yasn uvjal prices. .
Tacir Snawi a*iooa coiitaini mure than33o3Shawls, '
Comprising every dosertptiau of Long and Square
Wool Ban wit, Cashmero.Broohs, Ac.. - Also, Vueties,
Cloaks, Mamlilas, Sacks, Aft, a; ah Immense redao* -
-noaftourssasl pitcfi*.";-:*'
Their stock eomprtfei more than lovupieees.Tklbat
Cloths,-Merinos, Paramcuss, Alpaecas/liyonete, Op*
fcre and Pelisse Ctsths, will be sold irom Xb to 40 per
eeukless than aaaalprieet. •
Also—piedes pnhp.aia and fig’d SILKS, redu*
go aaaes Csshmerus and.DeLulns, entire new styles* P
Also—White Goods, ~aßruratng do., EabroidemS).
LaeeVßi&boos, Gloves and Hosiery, Trimmings, fto.
uicaScs FiaMaeisj-yo efiscs new ryls'Calicoes, eoca*
set Bleached Muslins,, jtxr bales Urowa 7O bales
Tickings.'Also, Cloths; Cissune re l, Jeans, Catslnsus,
Au, at exuemelr.k> # ««««**
Together wiih au immense variety of other Goodly
making an' of the most extauaive la
the eouutry—ail qr vfhmhhavo been markedoo#a at
nueb lower puses than Uieu extensive annul sale la
January last- ! •'•■r* i b-L‘
They invito aa'eaxlixall, u many of their choicest''
Qeods will be sold."'
E7*Tnd lowe*f prise, named tit fint.
-jaffif : t. a^JL MAdUN ft CO Market C.
'j. Sew BeftlU Josa Arrlwad*
O H«adJy, With original designs or Dxrley. -
The Poena and Prese4Vrtuligi of R. H. Dana.
- Physician and Paueut, or ftPraetieol Vie# of the
of the Medical
Proiessloo and iha'Oouimauiiyi by \Y. Hooker, AL R
The Pdritan'audttisJkuighmrt by J. K, Paudtag,
author or the Dutchmia’'s Fueslde. '
Uim Gringos, Or Ualuifda View of Mexico and Cal*
Ifbnuai Wiui wandsxmgamPcrUtCtuUßiulPoiyuestsj
br Lie at Wise. Fureaieby
V; . dexi,-,.- ft KNPLISH.7B Wood cl ‘
&REEN APPLES—“S Übls tn store and fortaie by ;
Jamf -V-.». -t A • fl ft W HARBAUGH
.¥* ARD^Oljj— 20 bbis Winter SirtineS, for sale by““-
Jjjtflg -.- fl ft W IIARUAUGtt
CU£E3E-i® bxs
T7TAL CORKS—I* baljs, long and short, us’d, .for'
V tala by .. J SCiiUO.NfiLAKERftCU,
■ Ajanl' No »1 Wood street ■ tj
FINE salo by I d
ienl - ■ V? JPCiIOONkIAKERtCO -M
ALUafL-10 bblsior.kalo by
;jsolu > v -- tf J aCBOQNMAgprn A ’ >,
SFTB. TURPENTINE—4S bbis; in good order, for l(
taleby ianPv-3 J eCHOONMAKER ft CO .ft
iUWicams, vaiious suc%‘
• T Thai: ■ ■ J BCHOOXMAKER ft CO ll
IVROOM3 flarga hand »nd for nit by - •£§
IXl*ai. - v , JOH.N WATJACO
»W GUA&3—jQQbta, us'd «ixe*.lor ulabj *£;'
V'''Vvr ■ •- - JOHN WATI' A CO ~sp
■\/f lOCtsuU Noi. U ©a ’
JJL *nd lot,, jtnl . JOriNWATf fcCJ, ”
r^REFa&»liw,t)Xf pnmaßiUppun urt Cauiaji
toruie By;*? V- '" J B g\fJFtKLP [
1 \ALlsiW—4obajjjini rec a mil »ur Sts i>y -
X lana;,; ; Bft. VV
la ilore lad for
',... s * w HAaoAuaa
Hemir, jo«
I dt34 SUACKLfcrr c W vvhits
r v jani;-. •»•»«» .
TANNEDHoOBKm£-4dOX nc'i and fa nb s#|k
Jißl ,T? . ;TT •- SA W HASBAUOHSvL
WNKas l r*ra
X/'jper WjomlttJt; ~ 'oBIUWJSNBKHOB#!
" akr- . • . NoWF««»gfffe&,.
AS HaSu aad fny aaie io«r-taciP*6 CO r»i^niirgS«iri;
V ;W ma EogiiA-VeaiMA Bed; J,
'.. -IWr K-lfojljSlflj -. ■sV4\£ t
.... -;0 .CWpaSeTamei
. -4how*WttB»pi - .
/..'•JV rv j * .5 «--v JOHtf APPABEff A Co*r>'|sjjli.
JWI- ■■• Hf'tir-, Canal Bftiia. Pjm ww^S^^'i?
37. FrcßtWW^^^^p-'
InurNaimen: •
O: - ‘<r- *i>W*C*B»e»:
: -SOiau*C*»»U; ' : . r'r.jfe.
v..-‘ 1 cue'Mico; Car tale br
, fleat• , JaCtiOuNMAKEßscawWaaly
j*paq. Oqtci pctm,
\> teceircdnto-fefiale by .
lan.3H.USPr - • - Mo. S 7. Front?
JpEAJIIEHS-^Q.ftck*prlaw, forays by r
umi to sahMVip*■
#”\FFl&£ feofA Bepriius of tbs FOK '■?
vr~tle]i ■JuMStaMood; 6itip;r Test. - .
'ftferUfc.WilluJdiome JoaiatL la UliS-ffirag
:YoU«cc*lj,r tipw taaseu -
“ *f;>£§*&
issssssssfeßsssr^i?-^#^ 1
•> • J •.•.. » f>'3 1 • ‘•-V-V-?
Uowe'* extra, for utabj
8 fc W HaKUaUUU