The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 28, 1849, Image 1

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cairn St WITOS, Tuna) 2:sari zoo' To
• vYI ran' Onto=
- -- . pa Imam.
Wceklr, lul advanc).— •••1
to Clubs, it red.ea rate.
One :H oare, DO ItneaOf Nimparcil or lam)
nsenion IWO
One t o, each additional insenton• •• OA
o. one week 1,70
Do. • two wee...* ...... 34 0 •
Do. three weeks...—. ......... 4,00
=l Boo
b. three Monlns• • • • • ........ 9,W
rave months 10,12 -
Do: twelve manths• • • • • —• • • IBA
Standing Cold le line. or len,/ per anima, 10,00 .
One Sqvare, changeable etplesaure (per am
• num) excluaive 01 the paper 20
For cacti addannial square, macried over one month,
nee foe
each additional *realise insened ander yea*
l m
rane,•half price.
l'utiltatiera not zee...amble for legal advertisements
beyond the amount charged tor their publication.
Announclog cmididate* fur aim., to be charged the
i• same a. other •dve weenier/la
lAdneitftements not marked on Me copy for a apeci.
led atonal of insertion., 0111 tie continued till forbid,
and pa/locator ea ccoad nl.
The p n lege. of yearlyvertisers will be Confuses/
rigidly to their legal. basilicas, and ell other miter*
liftmen!s sot perlailung LI theft regular business, as
WM4 for, to be paid extra.
All ads ertisemotot for Charitable Institution., fire
companies, ward, township and other public manage,
and such likv,tofie charged balfprice,payable strictly
la inliance.
Marriage donee. to be charged 2/ cents.
Death noticealusencd withoutcharge, note. accom•
pealed by funeral invitatiess oy obituary notices, and
when so accompanied tole pusfor.
Regular alvatisen and all other, seeding comma*
icatkos, no requiring tonteetitiegnad mean attem
nee tgi Fel., pelmet,. Colleens, !or aoy , public eater*
* taineseina
. whav charge. are made loCadmittance—
all aottetrof private esiociatielm—every nodes de ,
:*tiro'dr irtglieTo"p6rrtie!'l'inivli=al"*lrtr"eal,Torii"anort--
ly be inserted with the understanding that the mune is
be paid for.• •If intended to be inserted la the to
• cola., the same will he chested intim rate 000 h leaf
Mangum t. per line. ,
Bishopar FistNeacea to be charged triple ,
Tannin License Petition., 112 each,
Upland gledlcal adventacmans to be charged at
fdl prieca •
Real Estate Agent. end Auctioneers' Advertisements
not so be clamed slider yearly rata!, but tp be allowed
dawn:Mel thirty Redone o:draper Pont, from the
vumMint el Ella
_‘lo3zisi ea nu•wsimit m nAna
Onst Square, three insertions—
. De. each eddiusinalinsestion
•• . .
One Square, 110 linca,) nue Insertion•• • 40 eta
1)9.. —each addulonal Inscrtion• 73
All tranalent advarri
Ca, Ga to be
nn. advance.
1.. lIALtPEX Pear,
110117 LL RIDDLE, loamaL
JAMES P. DARK Os. CLL, Chroaleie
• JAMEaIWL_BIDDLF., Ammican-
Paroman, Dec. I, IRV •
Ana. Fount nevl3-ly
DAVID 07 iftPktrk,
All coantpric Wont promptly ammeTed. oetlAlr
CROZEB,Comadsclon Merchants
Aand Dealers in Prodaee, No, M Markel weer
Asbural,.. , , deed
beet for the en d
F mieel r " ef."Loni.,
'to. (late of PituMwg.) , -•• • 4 .
.Icreas.—Pinatturgh: roma.,
ton & ISPCandlem & 2,PCllste, Joton "aka,
-Issas & Semple, 14',.:0td &•King. WIC:4Iy
YAM.. 1. 1101141 T.
11A111.13 & CAENT, '
21„ Feronll evect, between Belanaeld euld Grant,
-lusbergh, P. • •
_.Tccrm trim - cna. C. rixtio. •
- - --- •'• • LAIWZ i FRIEND,
A TTODNEYe AT LAW,Foarak meet, near Grant.
Ally (
. - Jiaturcsuatu, .• .
ATTORNEY AT LAVr.- , -.4alea an Fon - nh at, be.
tween s•aahaeld and Gjrant st, Paaaugh. .
• .112:My
_____4----- . .
• Pittsburgh Alkali Werks.,' •-•
16111:NNI.1T, do CO, Lisa numetaners
envy -64:4A
JCP Ask. Illeaclong Porimie nod bctio
. /told. Woretiou.e No.— Water meet, below toot
.M 7112 CaiatWiiai • masa cur_
rHAUL: & RE lE$ Vittoleral• and Retail Drag-
I s cat r a . . earner of Llber7 aad St- Clair stiveta,r
DRAMs 1 tt • CULBERTSON, Wholesale Grocer,
A) and Easunhenon Merehante,No. 14s,Llbeny t,
ihnsitsteh, Pa.
210 A. PA tihaNTOCIC it Coq Wholesale sad ile•
Drusisla corner Woodard WI sta. Iyl
ts—A-.Yl;6ls,ftuomer at Latl'prd
In done abolre iteld.
•'U. ICIPAB.*MDSIIis n. D.,
NO. i tiritUCE sTREair, ,-,, uti.
CONTIN - 1 , 122s to gist his parllealer atlealloa to the
treatment of Esseases of thaSILIN; scaonllA,
and Diseases of the THROAT.
Office boom 11 A. M., IP. and 7P II
— iiiiii".:eiat a - 7'7 7--- W. B. 111...
rlßitlti tr. 1311INNE11, Forwarding 0.1 Commun.
V tdereliarda N 0.16 Market at, Finatrorg I_ . _ . apr4i
d ri -- A. rdnANULTY Co. t , Forwarding and Com
~ mission Merchanig, Clime Bleu], ratibutgh Fa
—.-. . . metrY
if { . 11. ti 'LANA vib.i..t. ii roger, Cornananoa arid
Vra 'Forwarding Ideretent, No. 41 Water at- .14
Lkatianasrao Sprint/Isla. Steal and la.Oa I
<arta. i
CIOLE,SIAN,,BAILAIAN tr, trumfaeisuarr la(
%„j Coachgliptie Sonars, Co, ' Hammered .0.4*.,
ftßring and Plough Staa6, tron, - tce. Ws:elan. by
Water and Front ornra, rittaburaa.
Ala., Oak. u4C0•04 Mumtaz. and Dialleaido
Castinp. , oetli
-- . -.........
EINGLISH & BENNETT, Bite Eaalish, Unlimber
Ns Uo.) Wholesale Grocers, Communion and For
wardutg hie rehants, an d dealers in Prodnee and Pins.
burgh id setteseurres, No. 37' Wood n., between ad and
3,4 stseets. • -
la J. HENRY, Aamoty and Comicellor at Lam,
Cincimimi, Ohio. Colimtions
and M WM.% Mid in . Kentucky, promptly Lod case
attended to. e1. of of relm
rylvmda, for taking pepottimm, ,Mkrmw.tedgmeum,
at. &e.
ftmrsaWM. HMI Son, Citrus, Much
Carothers, Wm Hays, Dm., Wsllotk k. Dams. 8:"M
-- - .
0•0101 W. SZIII4 /MUM
GIDURGE 3Y. &VITO tr. Bowls, Nalgung
.3•1 WV MAIM; Piu By/hug...ugh, optAt
a.bitAN,CoauhoWort Ind lo
_Diorchant, No. VJ Wood sweet Phisburgh7MiO,
HAhltl.ION srEWART, manaforiarer or Hoary I
Shistinp, Cheats, to, Naco s. otroot, aiLy ol
• tsoeccoor to Murphy A looe,) \Vaal LW.
an.hComountoubloroOout. for Oa Cale of
American Weems. Liberty, oppOalto 6th Cl. lOU
. Oithiroore.
h. 3: rochhoh, 1011W01:0 null,
'D. C. IeCtIJOIDN, /OSA 11.11.112113, Ph" 4. 6
WALD k NUCKNOR.,Tobsteo Coutthoiloo Wm ,
chants, 41 North WSW in, AO North Witarvo,
IDFAIWY, JONIE Co, (usenoson Atwood,
.A.L Jones & Co.) Commulon .Fotwatftedgir•
ctu ood
alts, cloalorkin riusbargit
.11:z WW2 DLCIST,
l z 6ya3ww ... a . =
zalsioplAcoota,:nZdnicra In Prodfie4
Winer, .6 lU7 Front nmu. Yitubar ß tL.. "42.-
AQUA S. DISAVOISISI. SWIM 1111.11011111.
• DILSVONTLI A. Co, Wholvale G (Vera, PAS.
• SIMS , Lad CostanLvaton Merchants, end Agents
tor lbw IlissirdPowder Co. of N. Y., No. le Voottnt,
Plaabatyt,. sont •
TA US 14. -- YONV tik.ll Woggle:own Apothecary
V NM's hiatkesst., three dam above Third oh Pim:
•bvgbonall hue conctunli °ahead a oedema alg
ntava of the. beat and freshest - dledletealh ka
.41 etti on the non reasonable lama • Physic-Iml
ocodlng nu T., will be Smola" elvodgd arVIV.
plied will! Vey may rely on geninse.,./
ear m 766.. p,...cap
oes ti. ling be aeennusly and
eVs best materVla, at any bear ol
sale b y
lug, stocker grub &MI good Perils;
mri• • Ina
..Tc 7 c on . Younli above Smithfield: - novily
1 IL CANFIgLD, (lwn of Patna, 014 q) Connana ,
V • ton add Forwataing Alercnanti and w in
demist in Wesurn Kerala - Chonad, t( Pot "4
.Pearl AA, and wee,,,,, Prada
. renat 7. What
train,benrse narin 4 Ad and Wood, Mandrel , na3
7151iNW.itT(alicasor ti — Thratt & — G" banl
fhp Wboleaala Gum' and Coinadsgon MertbanM
dada , la Pudic, and Pnlanuribldanntamarnn ,
.net *flaw, Gad band larceny Fineman P. jatl
lA.Mkt A. HUTCH:MIN, tc 00,--ttoceesson to
Lute ilosoblool Comaitslon KetcluiloOt
sod Ageno of the SC_Latindteam Bogor Belo 1.
rb. ',ma aodp treat street., Kt:taboret,
Olird. Visolebble blincbt.b and
ea in Dyebtes,Pairtu,thls, Vasnisies, No./8
b boa ztnxt, one door South or Diamond Alley tr.
' -Zs;
Eft in Mae gum! Insuesl !unmans, We
Psper n lilatmlitul Yens, Qulls,Pansses , Casnli an.
titalionM rtAsmilT , Nn Ell Wood ?labia! ba,
_irr_y_fx!l , l4lttiaJ2ll” InqLet • nun
r tiI:I:IO6NNIAV.Eitt Whinessi,Dtv
nt Wool street. . . .
171HICSTONb, ISTOCIZTON, Booksellans, frbten
and riper blnncraconntr, No. 44
botx b. '
ions Vacua •
ID, Whearile . Gror
ja R. FLO ~ „_____„.
. Merchants, and Dealers in • tixbr7" * " .
Vittv,:;.' .I.'"g *".Le:berv. wo:d LT".
VZ=ft.tri`.`l4,,Tr.;,,,c - e — g -- .9:
Manufactures. la 0.1.4 Water at, pitr.t.,,x,...,,,,a.
12}31t, IMAM] at Law alma 3d 111.,
Dosita S Cantles Howl, Pitlablatla will atm
Oollcalians, yira.liorma,rw.f.
.7,113 , cni!° 14 . ii " 7 : " , •
Blackfack, Bui
au ra & cumin& • Panbust..:•
. -
~ . ..
.. , .
, .
. ,
. ~:' • - 1:4:..'" • - 1 .. .
. .
. . , . .
. .
_ ..... . . ~ .
. . . .
. , . .
i . . ...
, .
. •
. . .
_. . ... _
•. - r ---- 7, -- - - ------- ______
-: - ;;;. - „7 - 1,., -- _ , I
TAcoo WE4,11 ER, he, Wholesale sad Retail Dee
', ler en.FOICIV.Winee and Liquors, and old Aron..
- ralkela Rye V.Mateyt, corner PIM and Market eta.
KIER tr. JONES; FoneardlWanill Caannininn 'Mee;
thazda,Deslers in Produce artdPittabarah mum
aceured a:0104 , 101 Elaeln,..nearith at. • .01
EVANEDY, CH ILDS do CO:, blanafaetarera of ,
, weals Sbeetraga. Carpet Chain, Coary
aa'and Uteting. . IWO.I One
Vonnvihas frau orks.
f SW/8, DALZELL & manufiteturempt all al-
Du;; Ske et, Boiler Iron and 'Nails orthe beef
many. Warehonn, 54 water andlos front.. •
isrAn • "
wATl,knieN, whotew
Grocer, Forwzi
tutaLrtC:fru".ksre b,lO P'm
cs and Produce, bis-91
ud u . -
11,10111•• [SEXISM, 1L JOHN S. SAWI
KIiNSI/RDY t s&wvmat,
I &RING IiLASS Manufamarera, and WholemlC
Li dealers iti foreign and domestic Variety Llioods.
'Western merchants, PedMrs and 'others are laTllo4
to Can Stud <USU. this price•..a 4 .aliLy °four stock,
11.11 Ptith Mir prawn.
(Retina,. mantitactur.
Mg and' purehasing, we think are can offer as great
Judaea:imam to buyers as say other halm west 01 the
Mountains. .
1 , 11..111• • - ••, - PLulad. c. w.socartaima, Pinsburgh,
ILLER & RICKETSON, Wholesale Grocers, and
lig, importers of Bnomdies, Wares sad Sega., Nos.
1.7.1 and 174, tamer of Liberty and Irwin streets, Pitt,-
Intrgh, Pa.
on hind.l
Iron, Nada, Cotton Varna, itc. We g ., Con
stantly . mi 4
mud arDDA- 34x. w vow., c. Doc.
DdicGILLS &ROE, Wholesale Grocers and Commis
sion. Merchants, Pio. IN Liberty oh, eittsbargh.
j A URYIIY, WILSON & CO., (late /ones, Murphy &
ITX Co.) Wholesale Dealers in Dry Cioodo No. 4
Wood meet, Polabionh. norlt
ierragtv=WlLS - ON, knonshandlifiniiniieknin.
LTA ter. Rooms, corner of Pair Othee Ailey and
Fourth Erect, carmen on 4th near Market.
[Y. /MD F..Q11:.•
JOZIES t laviaa, •
Air ANUFACrUitERI3 of sPriug nod blister steel,
41y plough steel, steel plough wing., conch. and elip_
tie spnags,,hionmeird iron axles, and dialertin mat
easungs, fire engine lamp.isad coach trintrenogs
le .- rierally, coiner of Ron and. Vrout. its., Plioibulfilli
. N . & SON, No. SS Market al-, toenail
'a nol I:ll=aira ilattai k ' ig u e, d'entraLTollaltri
0., flank Notes an4Spetle.
owl on all the principal rides
ihrotortioni the United Slum dent:
SIXIBIASTER, Atmetcslee, Faexth at e
. thild doer above Smithfield; sou th side. •
illexareyattetog *tall Lim!, dons limit the greatest
saes am legal accuracy.
Mlles to Rul Estate exastime.d,.te.
IDENN srakaa., between Wayne wad Used, has
,L teamed hut professiorml . deues, 6ien4 mgr.-
yen/ ea the Piano, Gaiter, and In Voeal
ZSCrerri ACClliVailia 70 Fonnti
IL, near Wood—All quantities of Green and
MIA Teas, dem up In quarter, half, and
one • • ,
Jed paellA. JAlN ages, raging fmm
for, Pekin fe u d po o. und
1it)24 in ,141 'LE o. ivy Lit,Crty Stiet
t., Wholesale Orneers, Prodaen .11
Alerthllll3, atid L dealers In Patsbarsh
TWA. 1.17112.. 'LLY.L./..101,01r41. •
uktEICT MOORE, Waal° Grocer, ileculgiug
JR, Monier, dosbariu oca, Pittsburgh Mantilla
titres, sad AD kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wines
awl Liquors, Na 11
n, Cheru d irt. •On band • very
I stock of
wbtch will b<wtd law for cask . I
EIIYOLDS SIIEE, Forwarding and aamauses.
jy Marehaem, for the attleshery Laar Trade, dcal
era is Groceries, Produce, Ptuabargh Manufacture
arkt Chlorills of Limo.
The highest price., in eash,ped at et flees for coma
ra , mars. Corner of Peon we Irwin es • isolla•
DOBERT DALZELL h Co 'Wholesale Grocers,
4L Comminion and Forwudin6 Merchania,dcalers
m ['reduce and rivabargh htaholketares, LiborLy
Ylttsbarst, I.
r. CUNNLNGRAIII, Whoterale Grocer
Dealer h. Pro-Ince nnd Pinsbnak Mannfaatared
n Na Lamm 1912
. • .
.1 , 17' tr. Vann., inolesale Dealers In
-Fore gp and Domenic PIT Goods. N 0.99 Wood .t.
ruuborgh:' • , •
047—&-NDlAltil.O.lltill, Wool Merehants, beaten
I,_ in Floor and Prodnee generally, and Forwardrng
ant Com=ismiori Tderehanu,. No: Water at, FM,
I. UZL rrrnonsu. roan Imam&
ELLEIL9 & MCOLS. Produce and General Cam•
O• mission Nerehanu, Id 17 Lin.ny....
Sperm, Linsied and Lard Oils.
VON BON N110ft.97, aCo 'Wholesale
cars, Oro-
Forwarding and Coronataion Merchants,
Dealers in Pinaborgh Monufactorea tad Western Pro
&see, have re.=aed to their new warehrintsa,Aold Wadi
Na. MS, toms at Front st.,and CisoiacrY Lan.
WS.SEI" I BESlNtinnnule ilincers and danunn,
siax AlsrelLar.uinn.d design in rumba.. N0..35
Wood 104 Pitinburgn
. .
T ROTH &SCOTT Wholesale arid Renal dealers ta
ly WINES, LI R TORS and CIGARS, dealer Lri
0 Idononsaluda e Whatex Pltiak...slt Mao.
araeouea, dormer of M att e l and Arststa. •
.Sapersor ankles applied su waster rates:: ' °eat .
K. KiKeKuI:TREK. •
ATUNL.Also—Itoporters of Soda AO and Blvaelook
Powder, No. MI Labcny luppoaite Sixth Jo') NU.-
• oct2l
Kkon D ones, • . • :povw becolloWas
WIT:A4I,VAtiIDLIFS.Z, (weenr , 10t . 0 , !L i , i ..k.
CIL ) tde re b = deafen 71', I ron, N allih4 ud
Lotto. Yet. and PidOologh Mannfacture4 gon!rady,
eon. , of Wood sod
" .. • „
WW, WALL.ICE, Mill stone end hint Famish
• litt ettntblistintent , N. 244 Ltdictty st. nest the
' ''-'L-4.--. itie -..- WILIEi
W• , Watches, Jewelry, Wiser Ware,
. 'sld Military Goods, earner . of Adszket Lod eth
.streets, Pittsburgh, P. N. B.—W•tehes •nd Clocks
ceref4 reptired..• . .•- deed
ENT BOWEN—Corrawaion and Formatting
Merchant, Na W Front' or- between Wood and
ES rkU folaY
liV-3-o!goU agl Y borde O s i tretrr Goorn! ' ith cur
corner of Market and Fourth sta
• ••
VIM!. IOiING t Co.-,Dul.n,ID lug. hides, 4.0.
TV . 143 tAl..orty
;AT prErrcuEcni, virholZ;fi , Tei-
I nee, Iron, Nails, Ghee, and Pam
1 , ....11 1H
atafentares generally, LW -Liberty .M uir
Ur V . WILSON; Dealer br er
Watehea, ieelry
t V
Surer Warn, Military Ottotia,ae, yla,M Mat
-, norr
llkt • N -
Butler, Pd
py also attend to colleedons and other WW-
I! nass entrusted to him in Yoder and Armstrong
J. .1.
Wulace,. do
Jwams banthatl 1 Pittsburgh.
ii--:„ Tay k Co, Wood ort. tan?
021122.2.20 rs M. Au= h. Co,
oel2l. . No. 42 TY4tor 41re01.
goes min mrcsarog gsormicrosa
aTIII3 astablishmedd long and widely known ea
beta; am Hike mat corm:dims in the city of
4lawnore, ha recently adergone very eaten.
eke &Mend° m end improvements. An enure new
- wing has been added, containing numerous and airy
ft:....el !nutmegs, sad e ge teething roam.
. —dies , department as Mao been completely
naingsaised and bated op 111 ,a 'parkas and bmuti.
, IS eilie. let fact the labiate patent of the Home
has teen remodeled, vela gal le eye on the pert of
'the proprietera swag; the s wilin and 'pletsure - of
Bair Ganes, and which they • nfidently assert will
eitallettge eampariann with hotel in the Union.
fr tablewill always be se plied with every sub..
and lung which the marker affords, aerved
oMa wineries aryl while in, way of Wines, de.,
act will not be warfamed , ' .
In mtaluaz As pmpetetoeS a antethat nothing
will la latandons on their end on pato( then
saaistantarto render We Mel wortbp the continued
partway, of their (rinds and a palm generally.
=yes the bond have alhw been redneed water
rata: -
L.: Ladies , °limy.
04:11.-Tha Haan@ Vlinrol
ways be /mod at the Cu an.
mill convey berme to
. . . 17 AR • Ja,' UOUlline
• • • Or -.011172 .an 014117 WWI,, 1111112111. Q.
14:,..Wrris enbeetiber reap , ttelly anneal:we. th at
be bunny, opened Ids and excellent Hotel
., idler Ittate,r,ttrawdatio of travelent, , boarders,
add, den - id. ,
and a: j am house and furninite
ga entire ly new, nO or expense bare - Levu
ated to ,render item the -won condonable and
p antral lkdelnin the ally. 1
trbe eat,ectiber le determined to &Irene, and there
1. Petl4solleits, name of pot CO hipatronage.
.11, • JAB BOUGH, rronnetor. -
.. _ . _...
lIATS, - CA - P - 1 - 3 - AND BONNETS.
' ' EVOILD4/1a •
Canecesoom to ifVord & wag)
- +kg/Ilona:big Elhat•r",'
•• • • °orate bf Wad and Fifth Strom.
asericoutic =mama paid to our itstml.Trode.
OsAUSISISS GSA tar aeon getting their MIS and
ups thou oar establishment of the am warrairma and
.11/oga7alwqr, of the asrgar arose, and at Motown?
Country Merehaista, purehasing by 1•1014 . 1s/s, an
respectfally invited to call and re g ardsoth; as
N ean - say. writh confidence that as clown
.11Adzase it will not wrier in a comparison with any
hosts has In • fohlY
§Markt-SOMME? 41. ahtf g Murphy
• km now Open a supply °capful Bonnet .Ribbtins,
0 new .4 kWsoma styles.
Also,nesi_stylo Netts; LW Lamm sad Edg•
,441 Edging; •Victotia plaid 'Marlins and
,Itieonetsiembroldered Swiss Muslin., &et beslde• •
'Largo amiotsweas of Spring Goods geuerallYi ot north Casycomet nth sod Market streets.
'wholesale Etooms up stair. ' SP6
OteT MiWailh-i trunk towel, 7 5
&J. Dtek, Meadvalle m*"
atroat Re tre.Aot flu October Ma Alio— • 4 diens
laattstarkl2;&ll. o • The ylaag Lure been unser' at
m! on Noose or stesontoah
• t A ghat ward will bellfell for all either of tha
17 11174, Tkolthwar ratorcry,b •
. . •
• -
Lltvaad : smith Leienseistices
THE Monte :Life and Hesithisaarance Company
Of Philedelphi, theenperated by the Legislature
of Pommylearns. March' 1049.. Charter perpetual
CelilittlelllCO,COO. Rams IoWWI. TIMM ART Paging ,
V rUol'ellT, and fall Si per cent. lower than the
nuns/ rates of Life laseranes, as the following com
panion Will alum Than, • person of lko ode M
eaning for.llllll for We. =stymy In die Binged eiPl—
kriev: an° 14 pr't , i zift, e,E41":11!
bion' 82,4% Lite h' andHeld:rhilaelplua ,6ll,ol,
Ilittseross—llnnsuel D. Orrick, Charles IL 11.11.-W.
P. Boone, Robert P. King Charles P. fin
_yes, hi. W:
Baldwin. H. 41. Reeve, lb ' Chas O. ID CeoMheil,
e. Badman Batter,l , ..H.Butler, Edwin
R. Cope. President—Samuel' D. Orriell Vice Pres'
dent—Rob?. BlngllSeeretattFrancis 1311wIthurne.
Opplicalidas benrcemed,and every informatton
giveli by , SAUL. F,AHNITOCR, Agt,
Othae, Connuerelal Rooms, corner of
ectliNdly I Wood and Thad Pintburgb
• .
• W t„,. -. 1 NT OF HARTFORD, CONN'.
Tilkotroaavon m Ilisks.
Mina al.Prennams, Caplt a l Stork, and Swedes Fund,
Tllts old and respentable Corona.) , continue. M is.
the pelithes on the most faiorebla terms On Dwelling
Wows, llouselialdFurnitureo
Sres,Stocks of Goods,
Warehouses and contents, MillsN and blentaremories,
fee. An., agalnsfLOSS Oft DAMAtaI BY FIRM.
Alm, on Godds, Wares and hlerchatelme, against
the bane& of lemon Tussrogranox, and upon the
Canteen dries Vessels.
'pie Pro...ellen Insurance Company having, In the
lastXs years, paid user 1.111.10 rs or Dotage, at their
several specie; throughout the United thews and the
British Provinces, have established ! • ust reputation
for solvency am/ (Mr dealing, which clialienges row
penman with an y . other insurance cotapany on the
continent of Amerten. The annexed extract from an
farticle on the subject of Insurance Con/panne, taken
rog the "New York Day (lusk,. exhibits briefly the
stmidliag and policy of the Company.
.The 'moneyed men' of the ancient and Lynn , pros.
penes city of Hartford, bare for half serenery been
lemons throughout the Union for the cite, discretion,
havehonesty, and untr . Va thecess, with which they
have formed and m corporanons of tons de
sedution. rio,,Dartiorkhook or Insurance Company
has ever failed Theta Companies have for more
than a whole generals., scattered their risks In near
ly every State of the Union, amPhave failed to
pay the innumerable losses which they b ar ee insured
against , ' .
All losses arising upon policies Issued by the under
signed, will be promptly 'Wrested and pant at the Oen.
end Agency office, located .at Cincirmatl,O. A tinge
portion of the' funds of the Company, linclading all
prmniums received at the Wureta agencies ' ) ts de
posited with the General Agent of the Company at
slincianau, Inc the payment of Western and Southern
lasses. Apply to FAYETTE BROWN,
Agent for the city of Pittsburgh, and for Allegheny
county. ocekdain •
The Pennsylvania Company
Fos Iszscaska oa Lam •11, Gassrriso Anaemia
rIILIE rust Lab !mare Company in the U. States.
J. Incorporated March 10, Idlß—chs , tor papaws'.
Capital 11500,ODU—all paid in.
!laving asahorosed the undersigned to reectre applt
cations for lomuseme, on which policies will be issued,
to their proposals and rates, which will be
made kerma to appheants et his awe, No. 2$ Wood
reet. aptt GEO. COCHRAN.
100 000•
J. raml. Jr, Soul. I R. MILLIS, Jr., Pre..
. • Will Insure against all kinds of mks,
AL , L , l z samr will be Liberally adjoined and promptly
A home Instita - tioned by Directors who are
well known in the community, .d who ere deur-min
ad by promptness and Liberality to maintain Ma char
acter which they have summed, as crams the best
protectron to those who desire to be Loser.—R.Aliller, Jr., Geo. D . J. W. Butler,
N. Holmes, Jr., Wm. B. Holmes, C. Ihre.n, Geo. W .
Jacknott, Wm. Lyon, i.e. Lippincott, K.
Limb, Jetrus til'Auley, Mex. Ninnek,'Thoa Scuts
OMR, No. Zll Wooer street, lerareho.e of Hp.g
& Co., up maim) Pittsburgh. rutdly
RANCE COMPANY North Room of the
ExchangeaThinistreel, _
Plra bricuseA—Buildingt, itlerehandua and other
property In.SOllll and coca., towered against ton or
damage by fire at the lowest tate of premium.
+Llamas Insc.sta —They also Insure Vessels, Coo
goes and Truth., tor sign or cossurise,ander open or
special (adieus,. the assured may dears
I....Tuarroarsietort.—Tbey deer:ware
dire tr..portal by Wegonv, Itailterel Cars, Coral
lieut. and Steam Beau, on tilers and [their..., an the
inert Itheralrerma. '
DIRECTOI2.S.-Joserdi 11. Heal, Edrumad A. SAlder,
Jo. C Robert Burton, John R Penrose, Same
el Edwardr, Oeo (3 Lutist, Edward Harbert., Isaac
It Davis, WWl= Folwell, John Newlin, Or R hl Iles=
too James C Hand, Theoplillos P.lding, Jones
Crooks, - Uenryl3loan, Hugh Craig, Cramp Scrrin,
Spinet Mellvain, Charles Kelly, 3 G
AT PYTTSBURGH— Thomas, John Hellen, D
T Mors.,
Plagaley, Jos T. Leg..
. .
Kremlin S. Pirielol.4 Secretary.
ID" ONrr of the Company, No. 42 Water meet,
Pittsburgh.. rotardlf P. A. MADEIRA, Ay.
will. INSURANCE CO. of North Martina will
_L make permanent and limited Insurance on pro
v'n":l,le"es,.7.g, roltr:.7.d
Una Company are well Invested, .dforr.h pnue t r
able fund for the ample loderaustf of all pennies who
dewed to be protected by insurance.
• Kayla WM. P. JONES,
Agent, 401 rater at,
The Prong.* Foec h.... Co. of Paitaitat . ..
Ora W Richer., illordiesi D. Lewis, Ad.. E.
hone, David S. Brown, hlorrir Petters..
Cosai. N. Basica., Perwident.
Charles G. Booster, Secretary.
Continue to make intrtranee, petpriu. I or ,mired,
on every rissertption of proprty in town os country,
at roles aa law as are eollisiatee o
ut with ereattly.
TO Company hair resirtra • latge contingent rand
which with Urea Capard and Premiere.; rarely invent
atiord itattile plate...o to the assured.
The austs or the eumpany, on January 15t,14411, Di
publifLea agreeably to an I. ut Assembly, were s.
' " '
final Estate
Tosnyorsry Loans
Cash, i 5.......
11,ILNKU2 71
re their incorporation, a perial of to years, they
paid upward. of one million fuer hundred thou.-
oiler*, losses by fife, thereby affording evidence
ailowniges of insurauce, as well as the ability
Isla:ennuis m meet with pp preen all liabllltacs.
marl - dl ) Other N E earner Wood and ad ate
13 K. NAOMI:A, Agent at Fitudough for the Dela
...wan 'Mutual barely Imarance Companyof Phial.
adelphia. Fire able upon buildtngo and merchandise
of every description, and Marine Woks upon hulls or
cargoes of venela, taken upon the most favorable
Office In the 4Varehouse of W.l3.llolmee A Urn,
fd0.37 Water, near Market street, Pittahurgh.
N. 11—Theawcess of this Company same the clod..
lashmens of the Agency In this city, with the prompt
en end liberality with: which every claim upon them
(0, leu has been adjusted, fully warrant the agent in
inviting the confidence and patronage oldie friends and
the community at large to the Delaware M. S. lase.
ranee Company, while It has the additional advantaae.
as uuinstitinion among the most fieuriahing Philadet.
phia—as having an amplepaidain capital, which by the
operation,of it. chatter Is constantly inercuing,
peldLog to each personnuanced his due share of the
milts of the Company, without involving him in any
responsibility whetever, and therefore es posaessing
me,utuprinciple divested of every obnoxious fee.
and to Its cant attractive form- nov4
R. 1. if/4R. TKOS. R. 111.4
TVA= & SILL, Grocers, and Produce and Cora-
EllilllolllHerchnots, No. lle Wood sr. Pittsburgh.
Dealer. In tit °cc tics, Flour, Wheat, Hye,Oats, Corn,
/Imlay, Pork, Bacon,' Batter, Lard, Chem; Clover
Tunottty.and Slam deeds; Iron, Nails, thus; ae. ac
&a.= Particalar attention paid to the mle of Wean:
Iliamoincira—Mesara. Myers tc Ilniner, Robb Dal
zaD & Co, Midis & Roe, Hampton, Smith tr. , Co.
Linea May, King & Moorhead, Pittsourgh. Ferule
& Palladian, Maaullori. Jos. S. Moulton, Esq., St
Lode . •
onm a. caste, law of N. Lisbon 0. w. s. suss.
GENERAL AGENCY, Commission sad Porn sub
lag Merchants; No. VO Market sr, Pittsburgh, Pa.
(17 Pronlpt attention givan to purchssa awl sale
of all kinds of ..Produea.
Urea to—loluf Watt& Co., 11l tautly, Wilwn & Co:
Pittsburgh, Pa 4 Lawson tr. Ibil, &Whims Martin,
Wellsvnia, 04 John IL Drown & Co., ling g, 10nott &
Co., Philadalphis; IL W. Priodgraw & 1,0., Gregg &
Nace, New Lisbon, 04 Pr. Skinme, Hose. C. D. Coffin,
CinculSols; J. P. Netist, Youngstesech O.; W. 1.. Stan•
dam, Clkveland,.o. • augal.
Co;amlastosilwa E.rvrar
Uri.% woun ay., ri non,
CONTINUES to tratoutot • ger .ral Commission Lusa
ness, especially In the purchaais and sale of Amen.
. Illonufactuni and Produce, and in receiving and
forwarding .Gotuls con•igned to Lis cans. As Agent for
the Manufaczums, ho will he constantly supplied with
the pnneipal crock. of Pitutliurt Idanufactdre al On
loot wholcule or& and e annulments
of the lieu, will 4-
Mo:them Laudings,
• from the Hotel, flee
Stearn Brack WO(k11 [Or Bale. I
r 111 E offers for rale, the STEAM LIRICR
WORKS, playa Lawfulcr rthle, conthdring
.a Knuth, 1 Boilers,6 Mould !daub..., cepuble of
ithroutaclusuld 2UBUU Punted Un-ke of dry clay,
as taken from the baak,) per dayd with three mere. of
Land on the Alleghory rther, on which are 4 til. and
abede, mac.. and clay thedelheeltkort.ra, truck.;
rho... spaded, fue u t!cry 71. 6 .4 t?
n ler n -
H,UOU-111Wt• :f
115,011, Far
Kele lion..
oder, b. re
'a. old smolt,
old eustum.
arith every
in of Dray
turned awl (rushed in the neatest
/LP. is the tole proprietor of
Me an in M.1.L,110 petty celebrated
Med machinery. The ISee
Can be had of hint at all Limes.
O. baud. , Any sqa mule to ord
nf-ttEiv;T ! tz;
Zug, nabm ir
pa, to Socott i terzelo o
wtstk.atico=72sew mock of LI.
the boot 'witty n[14123011
. 174 a 'ha boot roamer.
Dl”olution of Parsoaraltly. -
Dlf MUTUAL CONSENT ttna day, the,rm ficreso,
fore canting asides the nolo of BUIIFIELD &
LEADER, has boon dss.olved by Henry Lead , cell.
ing'fils Mtn. /mescal In sold firm to John McGill. All
busineks connected vette the firm of David:cid Cr buitil
cr will be twilled by S. R. Bushfield R Co , who are
duly initlaitilid to make all collect/nes and adont all
Pittsbargb, Oct. Cl, 1319.
N. Et.—S. /30SHFIELD n ett w N <antpule lie
wholewale and Mal Dry Goaln iirocery haVteetivi
at the aldadora rams, No. Vta , LbeTh i et, whore they
vnll ha !ward to have their friend, rad ellNiolll.l . l
calla:attired:tune their stock of anode .
oFnlfa. B. BUSIIIII , I &CO.
- 71
Dhusiklutior. —
rr,lsNal.nership ilfellader.k . gliel, under inch::
consent D o
otgen k plett
the tonerentoi J. K. South, who 'um. bliclorts
01 ihn Lino will l n wiled 14 their
Bag - inlay 1. Co., at Nog nod . ..!0 Wood
Pliotbungb. 001. e, Vv. ['SAM! It. SMITII.
Wm Ilegalry as.o.
elated with him Wm. 11. Woodward of I.4ondrlidoo,
/oho Y Co.grave and Ilalrlt liataley of INll,lourgt,
Irillconttnue the WI:401,Mo Orueery Humor, at NJ..
Iddind .20 Wood et, loader the film of
atd LIAGALFX, WOODWARD ACU., l'hiled'a.
Of 19
Dissolution of Co-Partnership
tun, Was din.olved on the tat tart by'ntutunt cou.ent.
Pittsburgh, Ot.L. v, lA.
/110 .bgenbet Win
COllllll.. the Wholehte
tY arta Cm TAI reiorore, o. weOld
Mod, 145 Liberty et. ateCt w. CULBERTSON.
V , Sit. a aoMet JAY. LTLEISON ,
CONTINUE t o m anufacture all kinds of COPPER,
smith Work.
:team Boats built to order.
Pixels! attention el en to steam boot work.
Haire on bands a fine assortment of Copper and Brass
Kettles, Tin W are, Lc. /Lc. Smarobold Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forges, various noes— very C.Veillellt
stele for steamboats, California emigrants, or rail road
e would respectfully incite steam Lost men sad
others to call and see our articles and prices before
putrhutine elsewhere. 0:17_
— Eiliioleattosa of Partn•rahip.
copartnership of HENRI" lIANNEN Is CO.,
I tordierly Hunnen, Muller & it
the Window
a d Colored Chou business, is thfs day dosolited by
the withdrawal of-Mr. Predenck Muller.
The businesowill be eontlniied by the enders - mond,
underklie arm of HENRY HANNEN A CO. Wan
hobse No. IDS Second st, where we will
supplies of superior Window Glass.
Plusburgh. Aug. dr. , 10. HENRY UMsTEA D.
T UE andertigned have this day associated with them
torsizeons JACOB L. ECIOVARTZ, and oral eon
trine the loomoss as heretofore,nd
under the firm of
11. A. FA & CO.
iQiy - s, uqv.
TUHE partnership heretofore olisunt under the firm
of A. C. BRADLEY. Is &welted by the deco..<
o r. C. Bradley. The boornow still be earned on by
A. Bradley, who will settle the outtheso at the late
REMOVAL—Es IlnauLso ha. removed h. Foun d ry
Whouse from No. ICI Second cel. to No. It
Woo are l street, between Firm and Second re
urceo, .0 the
warehouse lately occupred by G. A. Berry, where Le
will keep constantly on band a general usortment of
Cutler, Grates, Stores, Cooking Surma. rte. 'yin
DI gisaleatiou.
rinut oci.partnerthrp heretofore esounc Oyu...eta the
aubverthers, sso the name of Conri.O.da Burke
Co, to Ciro day dilved by mutual convent. Mums
Burke Barnes will settle th e bamboo of the con
. cern, for which pave.< they are author ...of to use the
P932..rthe concern NATHANIEL CoNITABLE.
The on,leraigd hare this day •wpoeistrii
in this 6•1/1! of B ne URKE & lot the {hair..
of ihutufaeturing Fire Proof Satre, Vault Doorr,
at, at the stand oldie late hi. Of Constable, BIM
tr Co., where they hall he p!eartl to meets, the pa
tronage cattle r ow mere of :hat house Led lil<ri fne
Eleil CND ttlialiF.. d.
In teurtog , Imat the t...tu a, Rene at Ca
I wins sincere ploaeole recononrnd Nlceirg B.rke
notate to the confidence of my Inc ad, and the poll
Pagan klagghlea• Skop.
'tj WlGl.lTlLAN—Slantfiminaf at all kind. of .1.,
Jur and woollen
Allagneay m!y,
The abut e bentg now la fun a'a.l sue,eastC.L/m
-erauon, I am • ra arM
lot all iada of anattunery m y wloyeav
pickets, epnmeert, eard•,gnneing matt: -Im, fanwas a,
drawing (tames,
, aperdert, thmas,la, .morna, wo.olea
eartla,,doble of magic, Mg me
of cauntn w. k,
snalea,jarlt a, fr.c , slide find ndnd lathe!! and timlr g to
mal All kanda of •batling made .0 oed,r, of plane ala
en for gearing faMnries of nulls al fewfnablerhaige.
Kota To—Kennedy, CM14.3. Co . Illarktdort, 110.1
k Co. h - mg, l'ermnat , gaa. A t.rnt•
• . sm..o42tivrESilleasoli44
Forwarding, and Corniniggiot, adgr•
chard, has torairred igg No. S 7 rood, botwerii
11.4r . ;11141.4.i oottero,
w .lll. ht moor 1 . 1 , 511'5, mu, tOOO oist toloootoo,ol
V V Ont o ,. oroo Out to Irre :e 11, coollrool weeooloho
Yor•ona granting, garb •ruclos, ot, 000ntood o, r.ll ;toot)
•ge theta at heA.1141.1.
1.1. ‘1.., ro !o.
itagagoo al.
O Co BEIIT A CUNNINGIIA bay Icolouvcoll ioo Not
tionoccolal How, Low, tuoincl, ;'r
110114 s (num, wile, will L.l.
oaotrof too 6r , bo• loorool
and former COMM., ,11
1111,17,4.19 41
v 4,7.4 KI
• Ste,Ovl
• .I.AM a
JIAIN U . M'CBEARY, Tenon, Its AI xnaixcinixi,
and SLlt4a/sUnkoLtrel, NEW \'ORB.•-11.
No. 3 ~ p rarr rtrres— Would rail toe soenuoa
Printer, to has teapr. , , , d Pnriuog Ink. of N
Rinds and orders, xi the Poilowinx 'price,
11.1.111 a fine Jet Blaek, (or Vat. and Wwal
l'Ata- - OU and 3 10 per lb
Fine Rook Ink . 0 75
Boos rk . . u 000 " '
Newelnk • II II oil tk3
Fine Red Ink • 75e lit I .50 1 la) •
Blot!, Yellow, Gera, sod White 76.0 I OU I 5.1
liuld sac at 3 . .! per 11., and Bronze at. 44. ets and
RI per oz.
A se re .
ONE,. Ink can be .ern on dux paper.
For wale by JOHNIRf tiN h sTucirroN.
C. Morgan k C. Cineinnkv,Uhio.
Moitan ta. GrAwould, Lowsville, ocadf.
modern and Antique Furniture
RI, Truth Surma. Prmsscuti.
Mfi A large and splendid ~,,w,,k,ip,..
usortmeut of Fitrulturc, irgtW,,....RYitt.:
suitable for Steamboats, ^ -,- •'Ss
lintels and private dwelt .
Una, constantly on hand and made to otder..
The present stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
any matoractory in the weatern co ' y
e . Persons
wishing to porchue would do well to eve rue • . call,
clam determined my prices shad please. Part of
the stock et:maists in—
Tete a Tete4 Buffet Emeeie; •
Loot. XIV Chairs; Queen Elizabeth choirs;
Tea Payee; Fruit Tablas;
Toilet Tables; Louie XV Commode,:
French Alehogany Bedateads . Plano Stools;
11l aofas with. Plush mud /fair-clo th covers;
30 Mahogany Charts;
40 dos Parlor do
39 " Fancy do
23 centre Taller,
20 pair Divans; 4 part pier Tatiea,
15 marble top. Dressing Bureau:
9 Wudrobesi 8 Stweetaries and Hook race;
20 Marble lop Wash, Stande,
4 pair Onomthe;
9 pair fancy Work Stands;
A very large etwortenent of common chain and tithe
fundtan too unworn; Uentrolloh.
. E.7r , eol. l o 3 l 43 , n r.Zz ib l d . ounhe. thornest notice
lillipbviim Vatic; for fly (truth 'Wager'
mistio, THIS is to certify that I hour ap:
• • palmed ;Livingston, Roggen & Co.
Sole Agents for the onto of Jennine'•
Patent Dinprolig,lo Biker, for use el!
• jitter of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
JOHN CilltdoN, ireleent.
for Walter Mltibsuit, 3.10 I:roadway
Oct 10, 1019.
We have been nklng one of the above ankle. •t the
office of dm Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
and feel perfectly sanded that it Is e. userol inrettann,
and we take pleasure in reo.nendme them as • use
cut article to all who love po re water. Order. totti be
'haat:llly received and promptly executed.
Roselle IllbliViaillii - gok -
Which renders
water pure by
_ a )
. . " ; 1 % • " vra m tc * ;. i ltc li c ' ro ul lit ' w " 7 „" Vl. " tr T.
; •...,,,,t,:ql.,l:::c...lnpureutrol::yf ~Lej,
• , , ' • filtering cook, showe • lane lepoeit
z impure substanges, worm, rte. this
I. the on e more or leth with all hydrant wt.,
'Ch. Reversible Fitteter Is neat nud e dor:ride. and .
not attended with the brut:ref:then, ol:tent to oh,.
Flrterers, as it is cleansed without ben,: demehen trust
(het:raterrye, by merely totems tilt Loy f.l" 111,nil
from one ludo to-the otter. Itt thld C.SI erode-is,
coulee of water le changed, and ad sect:nitiation% t•
impute anbetucas are ditveil et almost tortantly.
without uniscreortng the Filter. It alth p.m. , Ins
advantage of being • stop rock mid as thek in men,
'crown will be very convenient and tennendeal.
lieart be - Utah/led where there io ut Pfc. , . I• fief
or low to a cask, tank, tub, Sc. ; til l
lease. Ti. l.e ha:
of the solo Agool, 'WU:, df,
08117 earner of Fourth and Marie: at
Wittiatitteand gas, Iran Railing.
/VIM subscnbers beg leave to inform tl&-vulihe .sal
they have oktainek from the East all die late anti
futhortattle design. for Iron Railing, Loth for hours,
end eemeterlea. Penton.
it to rancor , . hohd.
WI. patterna will plea.< 4,11 and examine, and ridge ,
for themeelves. Railing et dl be forturlith at the short ,
tat nonce, and In the best manner, at the cotnet vi
Criaig and Rebeee• streets, Allegheny dy. _
ix .
urni-dtf A. YINION r a. RN& .
Chocolate, Corner
W. Elaine% American and French Chocolate, Prepat
ed C oto ., CiaeOli Paste, Biome, Cocoa &c •
TO merchant. and eouramers, who would purchase
I. the best produels or Ceenei If. , 1,041 •dulteranon,
MOM statritious than tea or eudec, and in quality unrue
missed, the. üb.tilics raromatenths the shove eruct.,
manufactured by himself, and stainpcd with his name.
Illa Wont. and Cocoa Paste, im delieme, palatable,
end •tialutaly data for luvalidr, convalescents, and
ethers, are pronounced by the moll eroincnt physicitun
Meli( le lay other preparation.. 11 Le crianufachts.
are always on axle, tens quantity, by the most re
' spectable poorer, inhe astern eines, and by then
agents,theres,Grey hem, of &orlon; James hl Bence
A Histford..Conin lifarki& Morn), New Vert;
Grant &Sionte,Philadelhrui Tnntritre V larrase, Hal.
inners; and & HeancA.Cuannnati, Ohio.
- WALTER BA LE R, Dorchester Maw.
Fm sale by aag3l
. 11/LCIALEY & MTH, Ave
iepog tt reqmled,
1, .• - .
Urea Ann-An
(or the redaction
ea and Coarposio.
Pfll3llfl6 and
tie. Awned saes
• .
et Rhortest. rtuoc
Wood *1
hU OD'
LYbod and 81ut4Csl4
NoooultaLela Ho¢m
ones anal Canal n o~
Hong Wi7ldl7a
%V. dr..V aLiesx,.dloalk 13111•48111all`
{ITT we Annenraged in the `nbilitebutiniess, einnar
of Wood siorrhird streets, Pittsburgh,. #ll.9ve
we are prepeted to do say WOrk OUT, line won new
pown. We attend to oil, went PeP a
lae nog will be gillell . .ln regard to us iterate arid
my du
Blank Hooke ruled toany pattern ihd Woad nab,
tantoilly. ilook it in utualienros old books b9ollidUl.k.'
fully or repaired. Nanieo put au books in Olt ilitte2ll.
Tbuir that hero work in our line are invited to eall.
rd.!. low. man('
rieettaa, aim:Acing Slto . vat!, ;
bl A tt?t!eftkey Al° :l\ r t "' f4l ' g ' lt t2t=
nun odor for nit Ptatrrem, pluor . 11. " O Counter Stalin
of the most Improved quality; CooLiog rttouesilot
and coal; Est tores of various otter, Parlor and .
common Grates Hollow Ware, ..te, Se. They also
nionometure We 'Kitchen Rao e, whith bat 11110.0
geLtef eatitfaction to Wove
i n it In ne, of
In, they would tespeeffitity intim We alitsiunn al
the. eittscw Sod the pubile itentrally.
- - .
would call the atteinion of the oily trade and
dealets generally, to the fallowing brands, ToblKeoa,
in stole and to arrive, 'which batag conssananußs di.
ter t from mum... warts, he is rustled to sell at, rut
en, yneea,
ix , I btu II W Chenallaw 501 • ,
1 `.. tran * r d!.'" t ' d
•l 1
It 1 It,. htirabiraa 5.1 .
•5l 1 '. Patna= .7 4 5a and la,
1 ,, 1 '• Roberta /I. Sisson
So ;151
1. I •. Oscar Dori ;
11 1 " Johns la Lewis 11l
f " Warwick, lap, la; ,
4, , I " Henry*. Jaw. tis, la and bat - '
WWI • ... ' L 4 WATIfR4AN
. .
- -- ,
Pitt Illachtno -Works and PoaradVy.
triantanna rii- .
1 WIN WRIGHT . &Co., arc prepanoo ta build Coinon
d and Woolen Machinery of every description, anal
an tinuding Machines, Spinning Fral3lo4, Venn
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Waers, km,
Dressing Fmmes, Looms, 'Nadi:finders, kn. ninght
In. Shnfij. , s turned; all rises of Cut Iron, Mies and
Hanger, of the Intent gamma, slide and hand I s athea t
and toots of all kinds. tii.astina of every description
tenanted on InOrt novice. Pasterns made to order foi
Mill Geanng. Iron fulling, fa c. Stoma Pipe for heat
ing Fart...tea east Iron Window Sash and 'WKS C.'
Mtg. generally. Orrice* loft at the Watehnote of J•
I.3,!ruer & Co , Libertratmot, will have protapt anew
Eats no kEnoltGock,Vell & Co., J. K. Moomhead
Co., G. E. Werner, lobe Irrrio& Saw, Plttllbllligh; G.
C.a..' H. Warner, eteubenville.. • ?AO
y. 4
• A WHITE & CO., would respectfally s
the publth that they beer, erected a he on
ar e
o w between Federal and Soxidasky strees! They
are now making and are prepared to receiveorders
o Or
icry dcarnpurni of eatables, Coaches, Chariot's, Ile
notches, Buxgies, Phstone, LC,
the flew Mer
long experience In the numufactnni of the above moth,
and the (,ethos , they hare,they feel eonfidohlOth7 are
rumbled to do work on the moo reasonable teem, with
thew mooning articles in their line.
Paying particular attentiert to the sclecuon 4 mats
a,wl having none bet competent workmee, th ey
Aveav no hes/mhos Is ihermiting their work. We
thertfore uk the attentien of the public to thontancr.
N. IL Remo - 11111one to the beat moaner, stud on the
Most reaeoushle - jakr.ktf
malcuAcru 7 .
ngtments far a Con.
start supply of FACTORY FINDLNGB, we will sell
lew prices Calf and Sheep Rater rdiins, Late Lea
ther, Pthkers, Reeds, Shelties, Hemp Twine Treadles'
Ni. 5 to le Belt Punches, Wreeckes, Stripping Cu*,
to to 15 int Patent Deemer Brushes, Wearers - limb
• _de. de. LOGAN, WILSON & CO..
tov4 Lie Wen strait, fetuhamh.
11ORT WIN k...—Ablety, Webber &
dPure nch sod dry, Gonld. Campbell la.- Co's aid
ry P+3, Osbourn' . 0514, Pare tole: r un, Joint per •
neuter Port, limns & Ron., Pare Jorge, Racal, don
tUe aid entitle Grape. These minerare all . celebra
ted tor teMr mei:heel pniposurs, god ean be b aimle
ss', or retail suite W ine Store of
aubsento, oiler* Par sale a huge •ad aPloodt 4
orsorournt of to•earaal and tualloaanT Skaa 4 Ae
w Piano*, wah sold onthout 9,leualle• pOlebtated
Otiachmern The above iLostramenta are wu
rootri It. be equal us any tuausolietared to tail row,
try ant artll bt *ale lower altar any brooghtthe
Wt - 11L E, UM No lit wod t,
Soot atolve fel
N 11 --tNty snit t. taken at par for I tor Of
aDOVC •Anonmltni. o3E_l P.B
llardware—Gb•aper ihass gwert
MN, WII.SON It CO., Iniportert and Iltholeoalo
.4 ittoticts to flerdwotd, tAtlery,and Paddlery,
vd Wood Korot, above Fifth, have now to uotaa very
anti oodleeleeted odek 01 Ilardwute.intPoreW
nee the dram,- of privet an Ettropfii anti watch they
• detetrotned tooth rorrespoothogly' . hirtrhanu
havetaticri to the habit of going' tail, tut portico.
teguertrd to call and look through oat :moat, 01
o confidently !where they wilt anon thew orponves
IN talliTiCD,
I.gra MI Al. nutzicv ANDCLININIintiIUN OFFILei
Voaus it:::11. istaileaale and Fetal 1101,, ,Cud utliet I
re-perusals ill-111,..1, to tut Ss liont.teepeSsi Sales 1
nniiiii. Ptilltrt , V517-kelifittl, WW.T., Fariiieril, Coach. I
rilen, Cat Agent*. nook anti Map Agants, anterior*. '
CI rerseers in all branches 01 Cann.% ... il.Ve land'
at all wino a huge ounibet olgood situation., ou IST.nd,
isidi h
fruit to @SAO *couldn. those in
wato ot mutat.. don't tind do well to rye
us a eali, at WO . knee ayttsto in cash of the Stliove w
ile, nide 6 wdl enable OW place every applicant In
ii satiable timing. al . ttorytlnntair...r.- W. .....
tango anourinitanee in ll*the *Ouse untried Cilleil,
svoeb aretolslSaull_etui La us to give etitira faunae-.
I " ‘ "l i. „Ti . .trii . A Y AV, I NO L . L*4,."..11.i - :, i',
4 tialwrest 7siaiti and hay.
Nit —Yersnoir Hatay - ill au] part of the 'U. Slates,'
and ssulttug tololdain a 31101111011 I/I lialtunpra, or et
titer tit il, AS,o . c vales, .111 has* their WWIIIS mune
tri y alisialin to Ly addresony us a low, ipost.patill
b, so ....lite Tar, Will car ail lath ideate and es.
"r 5vi,,, , 11 they othorsose Wiillid iligilir lay eolutsie
a, ii et, ~ • 1..,er-t., • otploylueut tor tlielsorners
**.ll.titt a TAO Stikli,
No Li/ tier inid treel,
lialuslorei in.!
•L:7:1 -•
Dr. tact•an• Is Tenn •
ins IS tlkltxtttly met I plieelt ,ed one Wal of Dr.
'll.otte. Speetr.e, Owe i.e.. Winhe ttgO
.t 1 'nee to a Yon of Dune, we.. sevEn yew OW, two
.elmot. foil, end ante...nett the entolott oat appear
•; I nave no tlaubtpot there won ,pwatelas of
trreywant worus hum Liu, onesitattnt
uas quarter of tatela to too mete. Oreg. ,
tn...' C et. Carrel eo. Tenn Dr al
27. ten. In
blesalmessna,lneser Piimsbargt,l Pao '
/Yarehoue, No. 137, Wood steed, rouburgli.
. v.. , il.t. f w. ,,,, ,, ,,: 1 , , ;, k zr p o o w n . h...u u th...• iv iu...z.
t superiertiality. % Vholesale anti enenteihier•
• chants are respectfinly Invitee to callemd el.
IMill• fur themselves, as we arc
In sell
cheaper than hu nter before been °fared 1.0 the pub-
Er Orders sent by csmil,accornpanied by therms& Or
rsteremee, will be promptly attendedtmilnyttl,
io Tim LADIES—Jnat received, a full;aimorlmaa
of gonl and silver Thread, :Cord and Plaid: allo
panglim and Balboa, for embroidering and oilier or
iainental work.i_Also, gold ondbilver'fasaels,Fnoge
nd Lac,
yrdirp of tlf e. latest fashions, 112 great variety.
Watches of superior quality and Leautlf4lpatterns,
.d for sale at Eastern pricer. W W WILSON,
lure corner Market and•Foarth stn
AlliNT—Open from eA. M. to It fl M.
Rath 24 mts, or 6 for 1 dollar. Ladles dcAsrusteut
open fm 9W Us 11 A. AL and from 2 to 5 P.. M.
The Refreshment Suntons on unequalled to style
attendance. , Recherche Ice Cream:
auuls • T. APPALL, Proprietor.
J.UfE attentinnof tlmptiblic, is , reapecudity called to
the following cerldScatesi
M. h. Eastm--Bering mated a entrain of Vold
weighed by your Areemeter, !find the tenth peen*.
your instnatuent entrant; end recommend the use of ft
to meta going to California, as the best inithed fur ob.
minima the real value of Gold. Reap. yam
1.13. DLITiLENTY, GOIt( Beata.
Pittsburgh, Match 9,1%9: • • •
• ;
Prrnotrabb, Starch 7, idle.
Fisumi—Dear She ihningissandriedne"Arees
men.,' manufactured at your rooms I de not hesitate
to commend it to the use of these genthimon who are
abOUS removlug to California
It gives a eine appresimution to the apecifle grail
ty of metals, mid wth cenamly enoble the salsentursl
to escort/an when his placer la yielillng
inirir Tours, 'J. R. APCLINIOCK,
I RULIRE.It CLAffitiNti—Just received for the
Callforina Expedition, a . complete ;anon...llla
6013 Risotto CJedliimr, at pricesranging from 03 • ,A to •
al LW far run of cost• rmits and hat. Ear silo at the
Ind is Rubber Depot, ho a Wood at.
desmi J
S A Nkt l"l t uLTNOYlaiii
Ki. .;t.dt•his method
of riforeeng his Mend. and the public tit; genend that
he 1t... the largesrstock of die following: named era.
tiler of hia own manufnture in this eity+Raddles,ittir.
st, Trunks and Whigs, ail of which hit. will wurrunt
he :nude of the beat materiel and by the hen merh•
vine , in Allegheny county. Rehm determined to aril
nianuntetures tatarthing lower Mantles been here.
toiore add by nay ailallbt estahllatime t in the city,
in WOlll.l tIE pen to need of the Chore ner d
ac. metes to W. watehouvr, N 0.274 Übe, ir Insect, 0111.*.
!Ile StVttl lit. Alto. hones Cade to ord r for machine..
ry • O. KERRY.
:1;t11 . litOtt Lune RlLEsat/7' EXFANtiF.,pny•
Cl Rids in Co-/el:molt. Lul
ofatlle slat . Louts, per
the iimid & etid
yule terms.
c.t.' FAYED 1111 S DAV, at me India Rubbtr&:
tot -4 cea.e wokneera Ma die Slut/het ttanclahal
I Mi. •a
I hti.n
•-• lesOlot solod t Overshoot;
Ali of winch will be said, vvint•blo or rettal,lovrez
note pa ,oy house in the city. d &
nnJa No 5 Rood weer
IA; II FIAT FLOUR- - Inr. etch tor bn (6) In ooronnd
b Inc • hle Li ot STUART SILO
. .
LIOAP-1:&" , Lie Cancintati,lun me'd', fur salt by
0 [10 , 21 MATT/It:WS & 4&J
"j&eiTA L (ALS can C , hl
Mu°4 -
. Lhalt afr•si
neeh and pore, fur suic. Ly
kAUCA-WthtS-44.1 bbl. PiIILIUZIT ending finr - n - &
steamer Monongahela, and for ale by
rEfiL:Perst — gijaVia, r+Pile i{l
novll .• • A HUTCHISON &
g 'STAPES-1M bya tin;;Te eea nag tram nail, .eo
ki !imitate by 7.
giattrrgralantrals put ree'd anima
by, onvtl •
410TASII-1.9 - niOrs mold this dayAAS, tor n u. by
nose • E.Y2kAl:3lr_
IJ A nkre !,' ASSEV ik,111 , 2T
kegs No &de b 4 ' '
CfrOVD7 — all 0 6 / 1 3111—havroPram% I. tit
m. =
o.& CoU4I do. 610.c0i Haucti,
kakis and paaluisa.
r It9-3R t~ -
. 1849.
!N'pOnonce f taw 1, ZACHARY TAYLOR,
Podent of the United !i
re to t eo of /motet, do hereby
'thae11ar0......4 make kneiwa, that pahlic sates will In,
helikat the Laud Moe. au th e State
of MISSOURI, at the periods hmemafter &waisted,
to ant,
At tie Land Office terJACIiSON, .commeming on
Monday - , the seventh day tatJanaury next, for the dm
,Rout of the publid lamb, situated minis Lee sander
ruentionvdtownsblps, Wad pans of townships, vat
NerthWihr Wet eau nt the fifth re:newel me.
'Township tareniy•MO. (eXeePt actions seven, sc
Teatime, eighteen,ltllliLeett, twenty, twenty-nine. Mar t
el, thirty.onn, and thi/l141V0.) of range four. -
Tovenaldp twenty.two, Of 'range lea.
Fractional township alitsen, and tawnsaup twenty
AY.tmal, Of range sta.
Fractional to*bships sixteen and seventeen, wad
loweashlp twenty-two, of mute seven.
Ramon. townships sixteen, seventeen, eighteen,
and twenty-one. townships twenty-two and meant , -
three; and sections three to ten onehmive, sixteen to
twenty-me itteitiettle, end twenty dm to thirty-two
Inc inail/ey le lowtothip twenty-sir, of noose eight,
Township nineteeu,(except free tlonal sections thin) ,
one,' thirty-two, tty.three, thlety.four, Utirty-fiVe,
and dairty-siX.) fractional township t*e.nty, mid fem.
nuns! township, (except sections one,
twelve, thirteen, twenty-three, twerity.foar, twenty.
Gramm/my:Mx, twenty-seven, thirty.four, thirty.fiver
and thirty.sof,) of range nine.
The mellowest fraction of section six, in- township
nineteen, and fractional township twenty, of range
North of the ths bassiinsoond teat gf the fifthyrrinefper
Townships twenty-three, twenty.loue, twentreight
and twee ty.n i na, of rasp eight.
Townships twenty.three, twenty-four
twenty-sax, and twenty-eight, or rane nine.
Townships twenty one, twenty-two, twenty-three,
twynty.rom., remnty.five, Ind twenty-ma, e
osin rae tots.
Al the Land °thee at SPRINGFIELD, cnhing
on tdanday, th e fearteenth day of January nest, for the
disposal of the pablie lands within the undermentioned
townships and fractional townships, vie:
NeoN of ohs haw fine, and seet vos.iof tAiNti
Fractional township twenty-one, and
twenty-five and twenty-six, at range eleven.
Fractional township tereaspone, of ranges twelve,
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty, and twenty-one.
Frasaionel township twenty-one, and township twenr
ty-four, of tense twenty-two.
Fractional township twenty-one, and townships
twenty-three and sweaty-fons,of range twenty-three.
Fractional township twenty e, and townships
Monty-three sad twenty-four, of range twenty-four.
Fractional township twenty-one, or ranges went y.
five and twenty-eiy.
At the Land Ogee at• CLINTON, commencing on
Monday, the twenty-tint day of January next, (or tie
disposal of the public lands within the fallowing nerv
ed townships, to wit,
North of tis bur tine, and. nest qf
cis Nth principa/ nse
Township thirty-five, arrange eighteen:
" Lands appropnated by law for the use or Schooled
taihthry, and o th er purposes, will be excladed from
the sales.
The °feting or the above mentioned lands will be
commenced on the days appointed, and proceed in the
order in which th ey aro advertised, with all eenveni
omit derpm* until the whole shall have been offered,
and the ages thus closed; butco •ale shall be kept
open longer thsto two weeks and no private entry of
any of the lands will be admitted until Idler the cipl
ninon of the two weeks.
Given =dor my hand at the city of Washmktots,thla
fifteenth day ef September, Anna Domini one
eight Onadred and foray-vine.
Dr the President: Z. TAYLOR ,
Cematissioner al the General Land OM..
Every person entitled to the right of pre eruption to
any of the lands within the townships and ports of
townships above enumerated, is required to ertabloh
the te the satisfaction of the Register and Recei
ver of the proper LeodOffwei and makeipayinent there
for A. •0011 a. practicable after *eying this nonce, and
tem the day appointed for the commenceount of the
public sale a the hinds embracing We tract clamed,
otherwise ruck claim will be forfeited
Corocrusetuner of the Deftest Land Ohm e,
Boots sad Shoo..
SPLENDID athartmedt lust received, suitable for
.11. the Fall and Winter Trivia, eon/Hung In part of
WARE, of every annoy sod style, end at
Vance. to sail the Hatay the writhing to potehave,
otholethle at snail will find it to then Alvantere to
pine an call and e soothe tor theateelves
comer Fourth and Sou th field an
to the place.
IrrDant Co
gxcniaios 8U11.41,0011,
NEW itlttli AND rtllLillET.rllllA
And I, now rtteiving . hue unatmeal of
'kr hock bee) ptepated to make to orde 4
AnJ In ttre latest Fa.hione.
Oat IS
tiug I Ritanit, under the care of lace I'M. Gtriuii
IDDIN AND LADY, re/11 reopen no hloaday, the
lith of Seuteuther, lu lh Mme 10061., No. SI bibarty
thoet. (loving limited the number of their yupila, the
intithal. boric to went a eurthilittilith thilt
potruuage they have ut . herto entoy ed. Parent+ may
lee.' assured hot every advantage will be tilfurded
their daughter.,if pturnl under their charge., for etll
tutting a thoroughEnstesh,CllllB.llel2l, and thruaruentel
Lmoiws sionusinlit; -- •
rit lIV. be d
pf ova Inwrution will
L enititornee tin Aitantay in Septrltitter.,
ti.tnti on Federal' street. in "Minns& Row." thldwe
from the bridge. „.
Has. or - Tcyrton PSI sientlol4 OF MN Mott - 111.
titgioh Deparunetif,.ineluding Deeding, thiliogri
ply and Defining, Periling, English Grammer, Dorn,-
e, Logic,. I-MgMli composition and Criticism, Gce
graphy, History, Arithmetic and the higher branches
of Mather:mike, Newel Philosophy, eberandry,
, tnanottl,, Dolan, Pity Geology;
and Morel twinned,aud 01l other branches ter/Wane II
a thorough English &Weather - • - salon
Clauterd Department, including the.Lwin and Grecre
Lingatges, ~each - • - Ili I
Preneh, sin 03!
German, .010 0o;
The services of competent teacher. are aerated fer
each as deilre instruction In French and German, and
also In Drawing, Paltieng and Neste.
It is desirable that pupal enter at the commence
...l of a ee.ajpn, yet they are received at any attic
and we charged at the above rates from the note of
entrance. No dedwtions are made for absences, nu
cept is caws of protratted inner.
Further Information may be obtained. and appllea
dons made by caging won tho Principal, whim rooms
on Federal street, or at Ms 'edgings In "Invin'a Row,"
Liberty street Pittabargh, between ad wit 4th street.;or b y
addressing, through the Pieshargh Post °thee,
the Principal. N. W. murcALe.
Allegheny, Aug.', 1E49. dtt
Tut: Second Session of this Institution, adder tins
care of hit. and Mr. Gramm, for the present
academie year, will commence on the first of Fe Bras
ry nook blithe same buildings, No. Sk Liberty Went
Arrangements have been made by which they 'Mil
be able to famish young ladies facilities equal u my .
in the West, for °limning a thorough EOfgliahi CBS.:
cal, and Ornantonel education. A fell coon. of Phi
lisophical and Chemical Lectures will-be delivered
daring the winter, illastrated by apparatus. The di
maintains of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Modern
Lamming., Drawing and Punting, will each herunder
the cam ore competent Professor. By close attendon
to the moral and unsllecteal improvustern of their pu
lls,p the Principals hope to merit a continuation of the
patronege they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, sec circular or apply to the Princlpals
S. K. lIIBBER P"'""L TI—Detr B. B' , PL Y ' olir i ril-
Mliti e rnArip are have now been using more an
a year, and on looking over the entries atedeby it,kre
find the talon a bright blue black. liit, pleasent to
write with, IloWs free, and does toll ring the pen re
the ordinaryWt.hliir •••ott &a ready ale
its merits demand, we arc, your, iiii.iertfully,
For sale, together with Ilibl, , e, Red Ink, and '
chine Copy Ink, by IL A. eulinertock k P.
gl e a,ssate, Allegheny . Cliy, md by the mmatecturer,
T. K. Ilibbert, Druggist and Chemist, corner of Liber
ty and Smithfield at., Pittsburgh. • octlit
(Seco.... m Ilassey, Ihmna Co.)
tit Foreign and lemmuie Exchmge, tkrtlficutes
of Detimlte, Bank Notes, and Specie—Fourth We..,
nearly opposite the flank.of ibusbergh. Current roo
my received on deposlw—lalght Checks for cale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal points In
the United States.
Tb c highest premiere paid for RifeiSll and Amerkm
Gold • , ,
Advances nude on consignments of Predate, Usip•
pert ban,. on liberal terms. era
..11111iNt1Ury!—VALUABLE vISOOY r:141
P/Arrib#CURED .I..roArt Ist, 1949.
P.dent croskirver eztomion 1141.1 u, Sofas, Ifurr4u/
Boni ewes': Wrating Dub.
TYitthes feel gurproeingOther tit
reunion of Me kind new extant. They can Le ea
tonded WM..... to twenty-foe feet,
and when e toyed
the tear. Me all contained to r t eN they are made 10
oil rite. and shapes, and are Min:nobly adapted
Steamboats, lintels, sad loge prtram tamiller, term
ing wheel eloaad a complete centre gable.
SOFAS AND BUREAUB—Theee angel. are ,
IlmrUcularly .to those who, wieb.. .000.
mile room, and convert a sleeping apartment 140 •
parlor or titling room, as they cap be opened and abut
at coot nience, .4 - when shot, the bedding Is ermloa—
cal.- A great caving' in ro am mid rent , All the/ bed.
Mgradawheu closed farm • beautiful piece of turtirture
fora parlor or sating room.
• BOOK DASF:3—A neat and 11. tot ironic for Mutat
'Or drawing_roont. •
WRITING DEStS—For law °Sees, °minting seume,
and other 015cear when opened smut cow/ewe. bed.
!let when closed a perfect Desk y. Mune
o big, •
All these need recommendation; We
butof the,ttlay
yourstr•O ilOt to get
aut of repair. It wrtl be for Worm. to call and
examine the aruclas, 0 the ta.ufarturerie 21010. Nu.
ectTaird meet, Putab . ailtioo_ the ribpve
the ! " P Je4Es
I6W ALLFL awl u
Itanaructoan os
11C0110L iND - PUBII)IPIitI4S - '
Corner Fiala and Irmo atxeeL. Ciorl m%i, 0. ,
. 0 a ill E jltrirlaM44 6 4. Wrontiltplit
ended io at laerai searkei.puee. mehISAIL .
Wage asionsoent'or•Emboased Platte is Tsble
coven can be Wand at W .Waintotty Ctipet Wes,
home et mitred Ines* Call ssue before
to p e
X aarS3
retworacespairawa aumlituzl'av
WE are now reeelving DWI 'the lactorl a lar'„ ars
VI .apply of r th elos w6ltll In WC 1011/
e i ',‘r ui l rof :j c r oat ith i g Y in"! .% °l l P.ti r l' Onb e":"* l b lity """k. , l sacl illi aa r"s t etke.:l:74
“taed ale
pletnteat over all oiler pod* eibiton
ed At the late Allegaeny Aartealtaral flaw.
Fbt Pala 4Le Dialect Depot, No. 56 Market
at ilbe ware mantra rlte. Fayette bleu.( Co .
NailJ2 Reeend et . .
onlete or tow Illanufeetare tol4 la A 1140102 0,
Cit . by Mt loan Dean, and .1.0 at the .14.0 Dtd
Wanlowa," Federal et
itsaarlosta 4711;011taa Gondar
riallE tub ai hon Ell% treetited.laa -
I eansirwil (roils the timuuthclarera, the Rd
learete Gewls, which he it autiturwcil to clew , al priee4
:at piece, yaril'arple Ratted Flannel: • •
triO pair, While Bed Wankel, ribber. booed.. alas
Ini.eitaiti to the pair.
cum PP pairs Steilaboal Ellanketsi ribbon bound, a
very vunerlor ankle. - • . 7 •
e ewes tZlo pain%) Grey lined Blanker.. ; •
Painr Dark Gelitiauel la Bloc Blankets, It very so.
pe artlcle.
CO.r,, Grey and Blue Blanker Coating.
do pieoetTuread,Stenbenville 'wake; t ham atop•,
edploot andbafted Jean:: Steubenville otanufeenny.
Ike abovo good: are all •eonvigneil direst Irian the -
maker, stint will he :old very law (of fisher epprorwl
nines. oefl., 11. LEE, LibenY et, dePe.nte dia.
has coninteneen toroceive a,
huge arannnient. ad Woolen Comfort, and
Geode; Baskin, Beata backskinand .woolen Gleam
Tdiber, cloth, mooed, lain and blanket Shawl.; cub
mere, waisted and ,poles nose; Pongee'
Batts; lilt and satin Cravats and Scarfs; Gimps and
Etingett Irish , Linenjahlis Caroni CruPeei BibbOttei
laceqbloaebsd hod colored Muslim, Tabby Velvets
Patera Threads, Sewing SLIk, Buttons; Glatt Bogen.
Odra, Plita, , Peniserion Capai,,ltlrriansehrotruon.and
geld Jewelry, gold and MOP , Wihistßie pr. ',-
et, and table Cutlery, and many •ollier goody 'Swett
country and city Merchants aro,terneetfidryjnvited ,
esamme.. .
- -
reyir.vrE•aiILXVVAOTORISO, OO .i
VANUFACTURE and will kit
1. md Steam Boat Blankets, atestie , Flaniteds,
blot, brown and drab Wankel, Gosling, Satinet. and
Woolen Yarn, which they willaall at Emmen% prkeea.,
.Warebome No 114 Second at, Pillbergft,
•Factory, New Hawn. Fayette m. "‘•
WEGave lust received a large luideompleto stoat
of cLOcKS, Variety and Raney Gooch , aalta-.
bin for the fall traile; l to lwbfehi with everrdeamfPliCok
of Looking Glasses manufactured as our awn •stemil
power shop in this clay , we iisk . the lineation of West
ern Merchmts and o ther dealers.. • • • • ,
sick°' confer Wood md Fourth sts
DltLete4Y., W-[L'a OIT £CO.,
A now receiving theit areal inimplies of ficlods
Ad_ ior the Fah ,sesson,vrbicht,they Intl be happy to
exhibit to their old customers, end rnmeng nerrnmea
minas feel incluirn wan:sent themselves.
Always taking great pants to ley in tarn good. as
are adaptptila_the Wants of the :Western tree, Which
I s n o:O ' h u ggd " en ' eZt •:iill ' i L cre ' rstiali e n y g Toe s : l d:2
of their stock, that the Wester* retail returnees will
hod with them all that his mummer. require. Thom.
who have fanned the Unprofitable -, habit oftrePeiring
to. the Eastern allies oar their ameba of Dry Gerais,
would do well to call, as a outdid - comparison of pri
ses would in bunny cases result in the conviction that
Me fa - pones of going further may be obviated by. buy
ing at Pittsburgh. . t aptl3
dls WHITso,• •
DRY GOODS 401313E115,
,A RE now receiving a. very largo stack
_Of fresh
AGoods, of recant parehrne and hoportation,whieh
titey . will sell to the Mee at each Irbee• as cannot fall
to l ie entire satisfartion.
Cny Coantry Merchants mo Linvited to e all and
examine ram cock before purchasing eisete,e
RECEIVED. and ttetel open for
'Milnanon, a. near and ..plentlid asittio
swat of 7 Dottie Pilot. front“Chick
•ertne . Roma, among them a fall
eloved Loots XI °Meted tar one of our eititene, Who
ate kindly permitted um ecuthin in thy.ware twat to
day IlVestaredayt eklulitunt, Those who may IL.Te
desire to see uad kl , "-at thin tpleadid epeeimen' of .0,
tv fat pectluily tainted LO tall to &Lila the ttioro
11.711 N ft 711:11..I.DI,nl yr
Meat tor Claelteltog•t Prana Weetecn Pi.
IIURI:R & C 0,3 0.4 Cape ts mn.rcgutu(Yde
firming Can and sha OtisTERS, wbab ara of.
Eta to dealer. and ;Mims at the lowest Flees
Quaiity warrants"! equal to any brought to ibis cults
Mt, and tor yale by
Alsa—At the followma depots: —Rest *met, cot
ner Southfield and Seentai Mat E. IleasteMni Diamond,
Merest &Radom.... F•4O/11.1 ...01.1beoli- • orfls
Leex NICKLIN tieing dinvolyed
T ;
the urpletelignetl will eisetillue the Vnivn erilisiti Whit
Cominfmon Beeler. WI the wean, boat Iheadtteghl
FRANI:I.IN, wad reeve:daily infutens bu frKhill' tbay i
he bee cone to the expellee. CI Y heavy. issuraticie on]
air 111111fehollflaSal come., Of fevers! year., ;aid]
ereets he will gilf who may ,
T1M1F511.1.1,211 MOW= CVI2
MAI /01 WC= MT; .3p . 'WOO
oa nsarr or saaanrrissetr '
Scrofula or Riug's Evil Rheaminism, Obstinate
~,t , e ,
none Daimon., Pimp'. or DuateleSea the
Blotches, Bilea , Chronie Sore Eyes, Ring Wo
th Totter, Scald Head, Enlargement and Fain t er
e:Banes and Brines, Smbborn Dims, Sypidßie
Symptom, Sciatica or Litmluifflo,—.d diseaTs
arising from an !M . edici° use of Mereury, A I
thee or Dropsy, Farman" or Imprudence in L i e;
Also—Chronie Consfflutheatal Disorders,ae.
It this preparation am etreaglycone.trated al l ,
lidadminal properties of Barsapanlla, combinedh
the most camel aids, the most salutary preduels,
the 1110 . 0 pellet simples of the vegetable kingdom; slut
it has been so folly tested,. not only by, patieuts *Mu
rals.. bat also by phyuciana. th at itlas reedited
their unqualified recommendations and the approta-
Con .of the public; and pea established, on its own
merits, a repatation for vat.. and trews. far Sege
ride to the submit Competent!s bearing the no of
1 Sars•parila. Dliemes have been cured, such as re
not famished lathe records of rime past-nod w hat It
bra Wendy done for
. the thoas.da who have user; It.
It is capable of doing for the m 1111.3.11111 leadenog cod
struggling with d1r.... It purifies. cleanses, and
strength.• the fountain seeing. of Ufa ar , ‘Lirlfst.
new vigor throe emit the whole .imal frame. •
The fol.osruig atriking, stridas will. seen=phr
mamma care of an inveterate ea. of Scrofula, emit- ,
mends thief to all similarly afflicted: - 1 1
- - Sonoran, Conn., .1.. I, 18111. I
Maws. Sander: Gentlemen, /Sympathy tenth , affliiet
ed laduce• me to term:myna. the. IC0111010113C•te
effected by your Ethrsapsznia, ital. ease of my wife.
She was severely to with the Berofula on difflr
cut parts of the body; the . gl.ds. of the nett were
greatly enlarged, and her limb.
suffering over a year and. adding no.relief fro m.
remedies need, the &karts attacked one leg, and be
low the knee supporated. lier physic,. advised It
abould be laid op., which was done, hot without any
wnneut bhuelL In this situation we heard of, and
were Induced to use, Sands. Smesparllla. The• fins
bottle produced a decided .d feworable effect, reline.
log hermerenthomlrprercriPlion she hp:lover token;
and before she used est bottles-4n the astonishment ,
and delight of her friends—she found her health gene
restored. It is now over a year since the core west et
(ceed, .d her health remains good, Aerating that the
diocese was thoroughly. eradicated. 'from the system.
Our neighbore are elliknotelngulithrvPMMlMMlak
crop l ';hlT-91'8 4: " 'I"P'iII' .II7LIES MK -'
Yours wait peel,
Extract from • letterreceived from ` sr- '
G entlemen,
• gentleman well know:( in Loolsthea to.„ Va t •
mlentlernen, I live cored • negro buy of num, with
your Sarsaparilla, who was enacted wlthterolula,'
and of • setsfulogatuouly. '• _ .., . . ..
' , Years, truly, N. W. ,
"Exederieksllell.,'Veil, July 17, IfitAn - I ~
Sono' BA Pi rpor.t.r..--It seems Menem uarieeethis. -
ry to dhe.t attention to so article ,o well known and
set dewrredly popular, as this preparetuth,betnat ma
riles who ton& to Urn thejeztract of Sarsarllit, are.
i n dneed to try worthless composted, be o fin this n roe,
bet coot/win( little or neineof therein. a th is ale
able root and wr think we cannot twilit' argrader
I,.fit on oar readers than lodinating their anetitiod
to the ...seeder. a of. the Mews. Saadi,. iusrurther
. ~luolo The beide has recently beta, culerged to_
, held a yawn, and th ose vrho wish *Milli good artieto
will tied concentrated In this all the ritedieinal islet,
1 o f th e , e m, .rn,, expel:mien of thordoludelas Rimed
era elfieury 10 curiae the names dtuttotuuY fur orturiNf
is recommended; mid, at the.presanitUnte come than.
any other. perhape. ir this riyailicino near!. in' Freya'
nog the system to: a change of • lain ,
nrl, Sept 18.1 - 11. lI: i• t
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail. by A 41. de
D SANDB! Druggist and' Chrinillr rah Fallon Wait,'
cornered William, New York. pop al. by Drug-1
gists generally throughout the United Blotch sail Vila ,
ado. Prue. dl per bottle; six Coulee for Is,- ..- ,s, j , - ~r
Pe.: attic by I. WILCOX. Ir., 11.1 t. FARM JCR'
, CJ., and EDWARD FENDERICII, Prushargh Al
ea. by ll& IS SHEN'. Ur Idevaier..
1 11.1. .1 AVN—This cables; toot immefflately: aft.
having Sounded say broths., who died of canthraption
in !flinch, ther, I was taken slot with We l o w
r , eir LminCoutploint, and arm reenteed we wilb the
.. .in.l.i 11/M Mrinlrl Year. I was ouilbte bl atr.l to
ittrlinntlttOOS, either at hum or abroad, being e the
Moat tinre confined to My be d Darin:tn. above pen!
od of time, I bad expended for, medical artmattthefi a:
regular Phyeleatts and median., to Vot uttuAtul. ,
Illiur tralinitt,ltzputtuy .4 , tither!! "."" 4 2' hi
dalY,t WS, I comme n eed tains Dr. Jayne's pled/.
atilesould_ bare tat. thommare or !woman slnee,
and believe that it Wasty-pereecaing In their us;
that I 'Cannon: truly thy that I have rometamlrtee?7 ,
erred my hatttli. - .lbeltcve that larise's sa.mitoT 1r..... w u. best *may Medicines urns on
I reside ina ne , litglieti, 01.410 ethery,
[My on 5 n and Inseam° shop. that plaosi.!
and am dal interentril . to oily moaner al the
um eh
the 1
.•bove ow.lictiws, and
du. certificale ler umbels,'
efie of tho.,anbeteal ... • 'ELIJAH EATON, I
Leprenglieldr.N. 1' :Srpt ii MS. -
~ - yuly --
_ _
) 4,7 • - . ' • . 1- '
4 :-, - :!',, '- . ;;;-..,,,.: ,‘ , -,-); ,- 5 , : , ~.,.
Yt , - ~. ...',.. ~.!
.1, '_' ''' ''':-, rv-.. .rz
' i,•:‘,."7c***:,., '*' - .4- ,- *Awd,
~ _ ~ : ,• , :c:. :vox a.,;J:,,--.4.,..,},`*",-;--!'e-**.j:ieft
V 1 -7 - * l 7.
°mg' ------_____________ . . • .... .
1 •. i , v limn lit.:::: :i i.t;!& . 2 ...., ' .... . , ..
_...... ..,,,,.......... ..7, i..- - '. * • ;:. :
ssumrstuirsit fladla WAS mr -ur i e ij , : Ai , •,_. -
d.. it. il Sahaute-diMags a Ld'Kt ;,,,..t.
to Ute politic, ...ell as so the Meta ad
PUI r FA Male ate rum dram iptatodA w r: s .T,- , ,
at ma Dattog time mesa
.o%se easrell;aty appetite Called. had 1 I Z t ... 9 -
entirely. prostrated, wall genera pailk VI
sit eihieng. I 'WSW 411.9d141116,4 ". ;
1. ral • sewn lama Of •VMr ereaCeaked ,4 4o o . l " , " , .._...' .
n tr . IdlatdPs Wet Ptah. sot admacaltrAirleol
. It I was told etas (*albs that dia ,i.e `
ail wu geeing me. t I Gamier- _ Oa!!
eeepr If the ma A i : taerA4eres, t... 4 .....,.
ti 7 . V b .*: I t =l=el thie. - ...
sr"klehhiSPteerui' ''' = '
read (or a bee of last War .1k Wilt d.Oll 1 .."7.
vas does liana dm, I wan mailed s teit - .1. wee Pea ',...,. -
the. eiedietee'lkes salted my.tasik , I •nllt%=F: -
and took,dve or ail boxes, ead bead MI , , , •
.chtty Med; but Whim! last I el4Pla . IMMO .',. ~ ,
coUolibial M& lbailk AM &easy Sts_e_. l6oo, ,,;a,'
time I mu a. bad as
mr.' t aCrithe hid N'a ii. • '
yoer LIM Pllle, rod toot UM away getaitaitglalettql '
t h e .vaii. sal ocaulomny . olgtos tad leo so. all. 2 , . .
h I cm. now ',ay, that I WU liPaa t( or( orlOart • , .
or :the 'LIM haplaint4 tad LY ipoMIAPO-la ,-- a 4
pond sum salt asabota for U. Last It years.
.., . _
neighbors elk 'ass erta ass op Mae. 1 lell..
than tie& sailsse!.l4per fills Wm 011-.40414110110. hl ~,,g
a 4 Westing
Divine Prosidertee the mem of vertaf
ma I •teeohildent that alien therpablle - WOO/ IMF ~ e
.i4irlle.4l erbb the *egad 7oelelm,Ell*
mend tor Was Intl MI Of. Ilia at ay neal.__
to "hem I kere re
Ms pithy, rtel_
,are. 7 r., • 'a.
Ibte inteei a* well a• le Jba Was re-ut , e , J;*• , - , ,a
Soeiheetrally y0,14,_. wawa mama.. _ ,
Colin I. in=irtglilll 6 oll# trietti.,4 . .
.it. /4,11 t, MO on pared IL 'HAI _ . 20 ,
=l.. E,..=. la hdaeler=rora (.--.. .
Ar All Aare an r=rer hernia:Chide/ha '''' ... '. l •
i - WV ' IL ft - SELLER* Propdalor. Claresi. , = 4
• -
ma by W asors err DULL cutalii '
taNrof.' tr,
*Or • young mao of Os woo of S. P. rAir.
Vtl7:LTV'estaltAZlE "
GE:"ErOrODO, err Tarawa ha do
Fairer sm?r b o o s ms , for rm ori b l , ==r-r. I
Dr 4:ll l r . 's of rtol ' soar of trbsarbs ".1
ire Is soootog P"Pw ross • = 4 stow n'Tta. of
gluts, ta * Nobss say, leas e odd Polo" Pr
sons for W: • itak. pro IL P. Poworl
WO irrottoos troorlogis dart *CAW ,— L.
'Ma is O. woks; tre pbtrlto cot to doesirsktiAl
Prams loos' bat Itot 0 MUMS ft/DOOM OLD 7
Dr..lsestoltwoooOs OrmaprO/15..1 Lout 1.4 r
Old Dr.'s likaortn, kir Wally eat of arm, cor Writ"' •
nature urea ths too silence'
• - • •
'Pri.t r. l Der., tariDssos sr, New Irbrk CO .
.THE ofuoiNal.
611117= ,
Old Dt. Tererasead to now abort
atig i t s aroildr 3
OWLS aPABILtra.o Doing poor , be orsatOaargloiLs
to ulna maradatton, by *ebtia wow. ki"
ter oat of mutat, tad the wto.ctrunierratell
Doom only lobo load vim& as Ina sad ILDOTD
'aloe. TOL Gump arol:Dcozaaarso Patraaaattot Is •
maattrootered oo lames Imo* at* la wallah far .z
throtaboot Densth arta.broAth dabs last.
; Dallas young D.P. ToornacD2l, - 1144 Dar ,
aad moor obaasoa .41 for Yap DeDWIITIOatoo WI •
ort= r:I t o Tr'
dotoro Tho
deo of Or an t have LI bon lal i
1.• 4 -
raialtioa to the martatumso Lao Baroa,por
tool. Tbe Baraaproilla it ir kno s en• es
tool aim motels& tort4icanal propotraa soap.. Pto'! ,
pantos watch Cr. lant or wale* ao4 other', wt./A, •
Li Mated Is porpt It De soo, r. 20 4 . 2.•
tioa roo4 acid,
es o f it WOWS. Ott IND /751616, BMW/
of tar proper/es of flarsaparLlta an *a volarila that
.o thor calmly l
ao4 are tau la ..tao porporat
riao. own ik oa o" to thort 'm P e= 6 14 .6en"k formaaularlatio nr"'1 / 4 .
Immo tbelo rolattlo paraqploamtdebtiv *Ca Pb.'
por, i s 50.0 eabolatioa. order aeo , , or*
'rain] otedleal proper.* of lb* root, Over
‘u It. Tabu • • • •.!.
OLVDR. JACOB TO - IliFiE - I , TDltteirs•Plania I
is so psaparol, that aldilsa law meanies Id 1 ,10 . 9 . 2- 1
sapsplls root are first osatarsd, *Yea = l 2db
- of Peron:ass , acid or a ferazatitistni Ist a 215
misstate, tieo every puttered mollealrirlae Newt'
r 4 u, a pate sod "aestivated fordo sodded. ills
tenisred Incapable of lasing any 61 , M mataabla mt.Ys
sealsza properties Prepared is AL anor i ltds Mader
the most posreifal irt.o to du
Ilatieadhe seams troy sel) /teer.ooMllladadar;§ Oss.
every side fis its Root by men, wawa and ell/dnur
welut it ulna Imam lade em el Cm apassitko4
Dyspepsia, aad - Lisat.Complattit, sad et
derifida sad Piled, Cositscaeot, att d b ta o am be a tt a
was; Poopks, Rtaschss, and Walachian aPioay NOP
It passers. a it asvelem %Ithaca ea ell.theeellesce
union from !activation, (roes keLlay oftlbr9Colnink;
Oath unequal eirealsalea,dateriatelitele li glad betel
wad,had chins and gibes isi baary gst , hody. " lt=
had es road te ecoalthaad eal and lisedllthellad7
egyJouradoe and pans perginauon, relatogentai
mega the lasika, dim; and anny Other parr=i-• • • -,
Hat ma octangle ita amelkart itcoaathathetely lone -
mg ger itogrledgeOhao la all Ida& an.l stages of
It wore. wanders gamine... Snider Ohne oElskion,
Fella% of Uts Wosab,OteruetedlScePresstel,er Pl
Col insoles, Itiv=a f thanansisaal eartoda,,ed ---
dir nerved lagarle% salami ofghe liad•
evythsessea. By 1.10•1811 Obstreetiorta, end meta.
tog the eveeral patio It rota Wee aM manila to
the whale body sad yoga all factaket
. yid Dias prevents Or• vellum agroat rarely ears
&ems, as Soloal . lrritatioti, Nesralgia, blai-Ndas
Dante geraoseay, holleytk Fits, Orrivalums, Lai Is
ceilidh, then, me aleacthis rue PLe.napeleeT Nub?
Bat em any of thaw *age . be mid of 11.-P.Tinea
...Ma Interior artleier This yews Baal liquid 1/1101
berme of the Grand Path , bat the em is neaballe
or Goienotation .0 NR
onto, wide bid eta.
er, DUAIS, t gam, ferments, cad tdoere the holnes
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fledige mil deranging ether goods:. Alen Da thn bor •
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to yuctoom 00 thesyssespl .Whan
yet arid into a system already elsethed gritigunD
What coma Dypegula humid Do w
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that Bee., food ppm sa &Sr AMY hs. w mischiefs
It yrodeeesT-Ilaintenee. hemberg; Waned/ me bribe
1,..4 Wen peasal Loh diorama, dlerethell.eballeand
corruption of Oa bleed! What is Dertifida bet en mid
baser lo• then body? 'What predate. ellgass Inman
arb/sh Aria( 'on
,kgainioati el the thltbal &aid Held,
Salt Rbeem,Erysigielais,Whiteß Power-Bore% •
and ell aleetahoes Wane alall 11 , : II I. note.
gag, ender beavos tea an mat sabataacia whlga agora
md thou spoils all the Mae or thiebodY, more or tea
What causes Ithriamanser bug • Nur add Baltosyllialt
mineable/war bentreenJaeloluis gad eherrebers, sr.
manes. and tridentate the nook& deadtree ttheetee
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lily algae bleed, br de and licitly
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Now, la It ritx horrible. os nuke andecliounillnlialte. -
177 wars to no t to
• . UP 9. P. TOWNWID I
it et
gad be ensald Ma have tlio&noeod thal Obile.
ggo, pd's Goo-atm Laggard Elmsepargdis, an
ll:mango cif Ws rior Infe yry W
• Heaven forbid teat ere should deal la ell Wale
'thigh weald tear the mon du tat, • we,
1., TounseeoPs ante's! arid in ald 11 de re
upon the Old De seek a smanals - biate soleeagoltnete
and Manna:lona lr wing 'Yid Lave geld. Old
chasers lOW bate &sod 11.T7 Telugu ad`s Pe
~t'l een it !redeemed, be ole th e
lira, that S. It Togneseadl erne le and Old Dr=
Togresenda Sartheatilla an heavatheido..lipenh bad
~,h.angig &entailer, teat they are wakens every pay
dealer, Caving OM on. single tame 0 et eisaltesni
.. It is t is well Plods epee Libel aalealesste•Kr Pear
balm one wounded hammity, to kindle tope la the
despairing bovere,go resume ...M. and bleasued Y.
"4 W."" R. '"i'd
" S a u" W hi'dad.
sa,d FOUND tho opporumity eild Maga Itl • kis
ir p p
anthill the reach, sedge the kmaledge o all who
need al, that thereat, km: and tam by rill ea
permit ~ its tame.= sort ream ro LW./ . ..
For sale by I. KIDD & CO. VVltonlials Agent Or
Western Pennsylvania; J. SMITH, B=ang Dr.
J. BABGEANT. Allegheny Dr, J. C E. Pink
r.rd,i G. W .94RDN . pf....el . itt want, Pleabarytt IV)
%isaraarj Cloistabianheilikit i t
jyt.q . ..l.aattlrlicp Wait laTheirOnhis %et
portennriringpab tothJ!nra seams
of you " Muni an Sayeed&
foraere years with a mem kneading?
d fur eOneerallant domes, and lailytoduesd
to linger oat a short her wimp* the
Gm of 130, when, bean* more 11. W
having nasortsdao all lap fannetrmormailang pre,
seriptions of two Who most resperstablopityaWans
the neighborhood Inthont deriving say jienelt, of
2wriaonsolnuon oisorrivint bat a Ana days. or - mar
lieSt—WheZ If , Om" eC hops ,ipasoute
rrinlah, rharr reernmendod uslrie year Ittpeerorinb—
and blessed by that Ming , who, dabs aLLxhmgela the
proof thc vaeans,asd,e dsa oPlVarY,Ao the egresenadons of
ybyeirina and Crien was bi'a Yon:lm nisei
trtrlA may. er bc4,4114 was impblattl vaaarivbeavO•
attend teary brumes*, enroyOrasneabastarhaaArhaa
I had for ten years prelims. _
Jas. Welardal:
For - sale Pnisbargh, at the Yet , its„Tera atere.l9
Fourth weer. • - • ,toltra
Ohio• at she Delawaati Wataai Sat" Vela.
Sam/cos. .L.... , ~.;
- ... , • ".. • .1 , .;•., IPPlLititinui, Noy. 5.111,1fLU;
T !Tytl ' et t c°l '. ?Z..ll.Vit i allt. VI d'.
ndhq 11, Vt b:
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the a an r lf - n_.. -' 43 f '. •
,Also, a
MIN c. is eseAsa 1••
wick 6.l:latent. previously lope, payable U
above -' - , {IHMD. NEBOLD,SOO7 ,
/ auelo ::: .•.. • . P.A. MAINEI2.II, . I,t rb I,_
' • GUEXIMIiV6OI3 40/1.13.D1112 , ".
.YrILL remain open for vSsionsouslil /et Jenne
y, t U. OtsLers and oWet itetteetnenli sub,
tIS 4he segion..ll kepi: , The ensea.Mley con.
Jawing a lugs collsopswog tere 144,SkfliSsX1Satf,
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I.esiructn. auti.WC.tOIIICP.IL.VeI.WM....W4I/41.1 rens
wow the row, lending a short dissance &Wm
des. Parties wistag mepeadgh6
ecterinuodated Ivan lrepon Alsaniteweth telaelr
AL Kept Oil Temperance principlcs,
" •
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