The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 18, 1849, Image 1

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iIAZITT2 sulun,os, 11111 D mu:iv, Krzt woe TO
nu roar on - xced
r x lest.: . ,
DkilY v paper• ••••• ••• • ....... —lt,oo per alllkilltl.
Tre•l , 10,70 ...
Weekl, 011 %de nee)---- ••-•1 0,(Xl "
Do. u, c.. ,at • reduced rule.
One waare, (I 0 lines ofNonpareil or le")
out Int, km SP,SO
One equate, • ach additional ioserunn•••
Da one week '1,75
Do. one mend,
itionths•--•-- 7,50
Do. afirec mo. • •••• 9,50
Du ,eur econthe 14 00
W. twelve toonths••• • • • 18.00
Standing Curd 13 lines or testy) per annum• 'Up
One Square, ch.:useable styl..rune (per ant.
0111111 Of the ,;.pere 5.00
For each width:nal atm.:4 inserted over one month
Inc for
, eti ad d i ti onal equate Inserted under the sees
.ty tabu half par-.
Publishers not accountable for legal advaltisementa
beyond the amounrcLarged for their publication.
Annorincing co:adieu,. tar office, to be charged the
saute as other advertincroersa.
••- - •
Advertiritrorrar not molted on the cop •
fled number of in.criLina, be coniin
and papncoriterin 'el accord
The pnvilesen of yearty inlvertiners volt
rfpidly to their to!: banincia, and nll
tisedienu not rencinli.g to their regaled
erred for, to t.e r aid extra.
All ILdverti—tr.ents for charitable institutions, E._
calnpaniet, ward, normal*, and other public meeting.,
and nal like, to b., charged halfptice, payable atrictiy
In advance.
-. .
' fdaniage notice , to be charged 50 cents.
Des% notices isserted vrithOutchorge i rodent unreal
. palsied by funeral invitation.. c' obituary notic“, and
Oruro Co nem:impaired to ben t for.
Regular advert; iers and ell rs tending comma
*attune, or regairin, none twittled to roll atteti.
Liao tO Fairs Source, dance r any public enter
lainments, where charges arc m for admittance—.
all notices of private ariortatodut—rverf notice de
:air:A liftecnaoe:rtto" ptfop
to e
pricers,.d ' ri 11 re ' l7ll, 7an k" o l ::
ly be Inserted 'trim We understanding that the acme to
tote paid for. 11 intended to be in -ttd in the torn
Column, lio stoic will be charged nt the rate of nut lege
than 10 ot btper line.
Stamp ar Fitt Notice. to be charged triple price.
Tavern License Pennons. T 2 each.
Legal and :4.1,41 advertisements to be charged at
full ptiees. . I
7 Itral EIIIE. fig t3U , and Auction-cent+, Advertiuments
not to be classed inder yearly rates, hut to be allowed'
amount of thin./ :wee and one third per cent from the
amount of bills.
Ricca on azaanciaLn Or DAM cams:
One Spann, Mee arnrtiOos auxil
" • Do. each addißoml ianottion .• • • yr
lrhiltueraln - tata WlMT . tnetn..
One *Nate, I 0 lineE,) one ineertann• • • .50 co,.
Do. cildnioanl ha...Ron—Ca •••
trinanicat na.cennealcoli to toe pak:in adrucce.
:11ITE k CQ., Gazelle.
1 4 e.,!:4 M.
• J IFS P. PARR a. CO., Chnaucle.
,TER tr. BROTHER, Dianne',
J :a. , .'NOWDEN,Blecnry.
J BIDDLE.i American. _
Prirunnon, D- c. I, IRD.
LEXANDER - Attopley at Iva,
Fount, rt. nooll I y
DA •41.) O...I7VTTLE,
All tommunicooonx promptly ommered.
and :dealers on Product', Muket street'
Putabural. deed
A TTORNEV rod Four...dor at Law, .14 Coon.
do - tor (or ttn. State of Peradytvania, dr. Louis,
(latc of Pittsturgb., -
ltr ono lam, —Fodcburah: Ilea. IN% Forward, 'lamp
ton & Millar, I.l.l'.l.ldletn & littClure, Jobo K. Parke,
& 'temp!, M'Cord .1! Kiug. smelt:att . .
T. 11.11.4110. P
BA11: U t aTIGBILEr T,
Fourth Lcoveta Srunaficid and iirant.
Annabursl.4 . l . a.
A TRURNEUS LAW, Founit an‘rt.near Cram.
, A TTORNEY A LAW.—OfEce on Fourth st,
tweed Smilecid and Grant st, Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Alkali Works.
Brzawr - r, REMO.' 6. CO, Ida ouluesarers of node
A. "'leaching Powders, Alti essue and Sulpherie
Acids. W•IthOU/e. ate r arra. below Ferry,
71.1611/1111 31541711, GtOlol=T[l.
PllUil A REITER, Wholesale cod boll "'rug.
gists, earner of Liberty and St. Clair street., Piss.
ugh, • mayl4
!WWII 4- CULBERTSON, AVl.lcsain Grseer,
lad Camaimon liercEnnts, No. 145, Libeny
lilt A.. VA itNEsTocK a. Co., Wholesale anal Re-
Sons_Vassed and Gat au.s. jvl
r; , at door .1.1 1 . ScAtir " " VIII " '
o,a - -1-7: - .EirictlaVia, a
CIONTLNUES to gave his pm:ocelot anent= lo the
k a s ttaatoseet of Diseases et the SKIN, SCROFULA,
and Diseases of the THROAT.
.151ieet V 1 .d 7 P IL
dierc U lLT;io N .2eftl F ZreNt, d ßlntl i rg e :. '"" :;. !'"'
A. DyiA.NCLTy Forwarding and Corn
• micron Mercbanta, Cool BILKII4 nicaborgh
gry Wholowilo (Wooer, Communion a . nd
Forward bletehmt,No. 41 Western. Kara
OlosSoos Bprlnß. Axts.le, Steel mid 1.1.01111
; Wor
C°„I.I2MMIAV faarolfaelantrs , of
Spring aad Intoosh Steel, I r r u or Warelwaae . : 7o '
Water and Front streets, Phu burgh.
Alms. dealers n 4 Cowls Tremolos. and .11all oc e , al ii is
W. a. astaanitt,l
MINGI.ISH BENNEW, finglian, (Al
af l awitl L' it l e „It • :4: LI LY ' d ' et ' ie r li l inTtn:i ' are
burgh .nfactates, No.= Wood it., between ed nod .
J. ittlanniy and Conneellor at I
6 Cincinnati, Unto. Colleebout wSontlternUto,
and In Indiana, and in Kentucky, ptomptly and e tet
attended to. Comanationer for the :nate of Penn:
klr eking Depottilara, an litiowtedgoonal,
!Una To—ittEn. Wm. Bell tr. don, Cart* Clintel..*
Carothers, Wm. Hays, EN., Wdloei tcßaets. atti ,
amount w. sena JAldEci vaxxx4.
SEIREE W. SMITH k CD, Brewers, Alalsretti
ur and Hop Dealers, Yin at, VitmOurgh. dputi
GEMlLVakailuoi, 1a0111.5.11111 F0M1L714.12g
Alcrelmol, No. 20 Wood street. rotsburch.
litrAilLlA ON STEWART, manufacturer of Hirai
Snarls, /Sc., Rebecca eves milt in
1 . Alsegheny.. • nortn-411*1
ITTLIE;AMUCCestor to Alumny G Lee,' Wool Dealt.
et and.Comminion Mentally for the:sair of
American Wooletta,Ltlict7rl. opposite Bth et. fa lirr •
--- croi. --- ,l36ltoccro.
..., I,vcr..nos, J0V,T...0 azaLD, i n i u ,.. :
..106.31X01T. Joint ./.1.11:1, S .
NAL') 11. lIIICKNON., Tobscro Comrtuacion Sr c:
chant., 41 North tYo.tor so, Co 16 North Whovet,
• _
WY. F. 20711:2.
WtADY, JOINTS to Co, (ruoccrtors to Atwood, ,
Puna fr. Co.) Corgamisuork .4:1 Fortrontorg ISlci,
c o, Cooler., in l'itd.clen Itlonofacture.4 ticiode,
PiUsbturgh,to. _________lncri_
TsAiurilacy a. Co., whaiN.T:iir,;;;,..i l tii=
mission hierehama, hod destiir. l'srlu,t;Nyt.L.6
Wader, rod 1117 Fro. attexes, Ptitstiurt.h. )1131M
Fi. ftILWUItYiI N. Co, Wholesale (tracers 't tr
• duce laud Commission Merchants; and .1.4.10.•
ishe Mazer/ Powder Co. of N. V., No. M" Waal st,
Pittsbart/h. reel •
TUIIN EL - TOWASLitill' Irraggut thporainri
`V N. 45 . 31111iket EL, Ihree doors orman Truro M. Itati;
Earth, till have coartnutly on nand a ' ni;
InITIALCIItof the best and hereto. Mrdleines,wkirs ha
`Will sell on the /MIDEI reasonable term, Pitysictuis
wading , order., will be promptly attended to, and nap
anth'artieles they may rely upon as Eunutner
Physicians Premopuoris will be 1.11, rAtely and
maatly prepared from the 44t utatcrial., ed any Gam Of
h. I w night.
Alto fcr sale, a Msg. stook of fresh and and Yerfii:
=ay. told,
JT HARRISON at ., ELL, urn," •
a Ace on Pound at., above Steuthlteld. n 05....
Ni„ , CANFIEL dae. o Itcart a e n u i at . to , 2) w t l 3=t;
aleaLtr ti:l sod
Ntate r nt o Ites " ern i 7 nrele, Honor, Poi arid
Pled Ash n and Woolen Produce general ly, Waltr
arca, Wawa* firattlthr Id and Wood, Idtaborgh. 153
LIN. WATT; (sstettes.; Horan tr. Gelohart,)
'Wholesale titorcr and Cororniasson Merchant,
• r in Prodatte and PottLargh Alanorutarca, req.
Oar of Li.kmand Rand itreet., Pittehoirlh Pa. la2d'
JAXES 'A. lIIITCHISON, a Co.—Sacco/moo lo
Laistsilateltixon t lb , Conannstuun Akre:anti,
and AgcoO of the SI. Loom :Anent total Rebnert.
Hta 43 water and= Irma strata, Fnutturch.
iUltra it, MUKHA trieetslestale OnAratet, and deal
er in.llyoltudf l'atats, oda, Vandan,, de, No. LC
oad Creel, ODe doer Soon of Lomond Alle n haft h. .
pit' V
TeLatlal Killt la Jr. A. tlo, (successor to JO .. .spit Q.
Day..,) Stop Cita:Lena X, Water sone, tsc3l,
Antall dealer
In Music aud'hloatcsl lus amenu_School ISotno,
paper, Plates, Start bens, s'ai'ls, Prism ra• garde, and
swko t ary grans i ly,No. 5.1 Weal at., itnut t as E a.
_lpa:_tractlnt_ tigliolasketsiotrotds. 00512
JJSCIHAINMAILESIICoTi, Vh TetitliThriagertata,
. N 0.14 Wood wrest, Fttnhatch7
1011 N b. DAVIS, Auenoater, corner dtt u Th:%, - : ,.., 4 1'
, s ys.ta, Ildtabuigh.
f i N To' -
end Puper tamtiacturers, No. 44 Alukct et, Pl , ly
- "fliv.., ~,,,c- , .,. 0i., , .--- , —., .:
.I. hlercnanD d Drair
, unra ' n
c r -t ., rual, 4: ::. " rt= i :.
firth ~6,p, ftonttng on Liberty, ual Gat
•StMets. Pittsburgh, Pa. aye
isj/.1-ri'--)A1.E.1,, nilesule l.rocer,t% —•• 3,,
MO chant, and denler In rrpluer and I .t'll
Disnufactures. No. %-1 WatLr ~ Pittsburgh. J„ . .. f -
- i:. I — rirsl7l - ,'ITZR, Attorney . La. 7 w,or., ad ia ; l i
jj. OppOile 51.. efinrlcs Ilo:cl, Pittsburgh, will '
0. ,,,,,,i pm:lndy In Collentiimr, In Wasninguni,Pa{ ~i,
.net Omen counties,
insa,weir, J 3.11 ..t c 0.,. 1
Cbatell & Caw:Akers, rnioura.
_ L
lAMB WEAVER, /a, WSolossio mo 4 Re - / Z . lk;
LP ler m Forelpi 1Y mes sod Liquors. sedsMll%lonon
(Rhein Rye Wlnekcym. corner Ems/ and larifet sta.
VS •
K lt h l l4 2 : JONES, Formodwg and CO --------
f.etured ancles,'Ll'anial'illas'"din'7neYrd7PO:"O„l"":oh'''a7;l7
Krs o
CO., Manufacturef •
superior 4-4 Sheeting., Carpet Cllllll4 Ceory
Twine and Caning. la.ll.lytton
Iron Works.
Lswis, DALZEIL.jr. manufacturer. of all si
sm Bar, Sheet, Hodor Iron and Nails pf llto nest
Warehome, M water and LOS front
Jr WATERId4N, Wholealde Grocer,Forwari
bl4!tilut.Cnturnens"ain l'in"nnn`sljnaler
61 Front 15, n P"i±n",
" Wn'r
1110.3 ILVIILDT , 1. easy s
y OOKING GLASS Manufacture. arid tVholesaie
14 dealers in foreign and domestic Variety Goods.
Western merchnnti, Pedlars and others are invited
to call and casaintiettle prices.d quality,. our stock,
as wan our present ...seal facinue• In manufactur
ing and puxchuing, we think we can oder as great
inducements to buyer,. other Louse weal of inc.
tn. htl a d L w. PI tteburgh.
XXILLES, RICKETSONOVItoIcante Grocers, mid
An importers of Brandt., Wines end Sega.. Noe.
172 and L 74, corner of Liberty .d Irwin streets, Plug.,
b urgh, Pa Iron, Nails, Cotton Yarns, fee. A.c, .con
tuntly on hand. anvil
for in Ape.
d till forbid
I WWI IrCELL. US. D. Walla- warn UPI
cqua...3 et. RUE, WholesOlo toren nod, Commits.
/IL our Aterch.4, No. WI Yombargb.
g 1.6
FILBONhC - 0 . .; (late lone, MorYlty
/VA Co.) Wholesale Dealers An Dry uodf, Vin. 4b
Rood street, Pituburgh. norkl
N . /1.4111TM Wit:ASO:U. Portrunoild :Mtn:mreo Pule
/Xi ter. Room, corner oi Post Office Allle)l and
Fourth arrest, entrance on 4th near Market.
FITTREORTiIi - ii - TERL WORE: , AND 5YR.11413
431.1.03 1p1131,,
M &WE: j°NB & 4vicia
Actuxe o us of opoo ,
±7l.- Olough tviftg:, ' co
r ill o mu .le., and dn ' a . i li erni d i Inel
irtialrally,'COSTearugme "''""an"
Front ere, Pand.arait.
MOL,IMES & SON, No. 55 Market •st, ,tecond
1 , 1 a door fromeemer of Fourth, dealers in Frommt
and Domestic Dille of Erehnnae:Cerufmatee of Ito For
•,. Honk Notes nod thmele.
!Erolleen°. mad on CI the pmemat tales
throuehout the Unlton stutes. de t:
Conthird door above Smithfield, tooth svte.
veyancmg of all kinds done with Me grdattat
care and
Tales t E.StAIe Zr.C. ot • t 30.4y
PENN STREET, between Wayne and Hand, than
resented hisprofera tonal dunes, giving 171-13{1e.
loot on the Plano, Gniiar, and in Vocal Monte
ftWECIN — WW - K — S — T - 1311.1C - -No. 70 Fourth
nearWood—All quvitinett of Green land
Black Teas, done up in quarter, half, and
patkag<S, TeixTillg from al ets. 'per-pound
13 , 1 A.
itt ° Pd! ' ilf Grocers, Produce r's,7ltic e ey
Commisition nterehants, and dealer:: in ei ' ustough
Rorer. anakaori. rms. Lima La.._ 11,1 , 41.1. N.
RGLEtre.rorigPm rot7ie'l.6luWa:4lNlcati":2•7
mina, and all kinds cf Foreign and Dornett, Wales
•tvl Litimici, No.ll Liberry meet (in Land a vey
taste noes of superior old Monongahela whiske y,
which will be sold low tnr rash. apl5,lV
L austrokos, • 0002
1) EYNOLTAA & 811 F-E, Forwarding and Cumnawsion
fl, Merchants, for the Allegheny Ritter Trade, dear:
sr. in Gioceriett. Prodoce. Pittsburgh alanainetarea
and Chloride of Lime.
. . .. .
Tre , ldatscatptices,leaeh. paid at all times for root
ry raga Curter o
. f Penn and ... ! ... nnu ate. ,.n2,1
DI 0131.1CP DA - I.:ZELL I Cu, Who:cue/Jr Grocers,
VI. Comzuleslou and Poestatdang Mesebanta, dealers
ut Produse and Pdtaborgh Mansdneturet, Litocrq et.
pff±ore:r. Pa
._ tebdi .
1)01(1' - A. CUNNIN6II.IL.M, Wholeassie layover,
11.4 Dee der in Produce , and Pittsburgh Manufactures
•... 144 I..l.ertv et .212
MACKI.E7Fr WHITE, 'Wholesale Deateri
.73 and DOO.F.{IC thy Goods. No. VU Wood st
1;2 Weal Lk.i+ers
O. to Four and Pnoduce generally, Ala l'orsranhog
alrl Commission Merchants, No. O 3 Water at, Yin,
• rra.r.x S
PrITSBC.. :1101.0.01•JilTLA-TO:
ELLEILS & MCOLS, Produce .4 General Com
l.) mission Merehants, No. 17 Liberty st., Pittsburgh
Sperm, Linseed and Lard Oils.
8 F. VON BONN/1011ST a Co., Wholemae
Droinmo in. For went
dace,.ll/00 removed to their new or - archon te -a and
,(old eland)
/No. 24, corner of Front et. and Char-eery Lane.
crASSEr Coinsatz-
L Ili. A! errh.nts, aad dralasan Prodcce. _No. 35.
t 5 . 0 d se. t33+21 aria.
w. J. moot.
'l l 6.ol2e s SClTPUVl . oles c l . e r:A ß ße . tailLlealrixi
carrier el 40 and /3initaileld Pi - 3 - 4
• yy WINES, MS cmd EIGALS, dealer, in
0 Manneseshels,
.1 Wakes. eAd Pletsbunen
'l:actions, earner of et iatal Minna
&penal. lateen 'applied at market rates. of
V " lrf i V ' A Cn VVILVIadIM R
Aleo—lmponers of Soda hah .ad .sloaehang
Powder, No. 160 Liberty E., (oppoaate Sixth ..,l Pitts
burgh. •euGl •
D .
rICIE & roPCANDLESB, lauccessora to L. fr. J. D.
YV Wick,) Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and
Corranisslon Merchants, dealers in Iron., Nails, Glass,
Laurin Yarns, and Pittsburgh Manetwiares generally,
cora.. of Wood and IValer streets, Pittsburgh.
A-17 , W. WALLACE, WI ma. and Min Fume - It - -
Ty I. establialunent, No. 244 Liberty at, near the
canal our 92
W - 1V:IVI-tez,Tei — orelts, er W are,
• and Military Good., corner of Mark er.nd 4th
etreetw Finsbargh, Pm. N. B.—Weaches ar3d Cloth.
&aurally rewind: dec.:
WEST rowEN—Cuennuman and Forwarana
Merchant, No. 90 Front or. between Wood and
Market atreeta. fard4
W d r ' lf "" l
darner of Market and Fourth au.
91,1 : TOrIG.
txrim..i-ciislo h Co--Dealere 111 lexii,er hide; im
VT 143 I.iherr4 at. • ,ask 3-17
11011, IeCriCULDS.
k IPCITTCIIEX/N, Wholesale Grocers, dew.
V . lets in Produce, Iron NOW,
dew 2 Glass, and Pim,
burghurgh. dlanufactoes generally, Ind Libeny Paw
ur W WILSON, Dealerin %Vetches, Jewelry
s Sneer Wue, Military Goods, kn, No. 57 Mar
trt norn
Bailor, Pa
LW, emend to conectsous sat ell cAer Dui
.11951. Cd to Urn in Ratite and Ann.:fen
eassuies. Pe. Refer ID
1. & IL Flupl,'Llberry at.
W. W. Wallace, do
JametNarahall d.. Pmatatigh.
Igay k CO, 110 - 00 d TL
PICTTIGIUCNV - 41 — ei),
1""-- STI:AhI 80AT AT, ENTS
Orncx...ors M. Ausx 2, Co,
oeull No. 42 Water med.
aTHIn establishment ba h and . ..defy known as
Letig one of the mom rethnersothom in the city of
• BIIIIIDOOrt, Lax receatly andergone very ext.stn.
tiva• alter:hose tad impromeocuts. An, mnire ohw
wins; ha.
he added, comannag OW. are
vle_eping apavements, and extensive Lathing rooms 1
The Lwltee . deportment Imo Mee boon COPiploWly
reorganirwl and hoed ro ame Sontopte Mol, beadle
MI style. In fact Os w l': on
of the ilea o
has Lees remodeltd. :cot a magic eye on the pan of
the propriemrs, nor. comfort tad please's: of
their Onto* and tettela they moLdently erten yell! ,
.ehallenge companion ants any Ifwel of tLc itnum
Their talk will Mailflayl L.. ISpcOOd Olna every eta,
UMW and laxary winch Ore market atArrd,
Op N a sapertw ttllK wflsM u the way 'l,,
they will not bri minpliew.
In ...MM. 141r/041,041 Leg 1.0 oVT, th ailltiOLLlOg
will L. left endows est..,, end of ow pert of Mew
aseiwanta, so reader sitn nowt worthy the rohionted
patronage oflhdr trhes.4l and Mt i ioissgrut relty. '
The pries for Laud Le re .1w Lem mdeeml in the
Ladies' Ordmary, 61,741. es day.'
Gendements frhn
N. 8.-11:e Baggage Wagon Ow Moose will al
waywas be found at the ear sh 4 OPIOLIOSOIO
will convey Lsggsge to mg fsee. VA Howl free
es.) ref
comma,. sorent arm. GILL. aria., r”-rmesce.
ja_ THE subscriber reapeetraiiy solemness dist
he bror now opened in. new sad emelleni
far Um seconuandirsos of trusetera, Imard.irs,
and the publre generally. The Lowe rand formurre
ue entirely bow, end no point En , expense tare tern
spared to rsnder at one mutt corefermble soul
pleasant !lota. in the city.
The sobr-criber is determined to eestren, tad Utryr ,,
fore solicits, tt simmofpubLieplaremtee.
JACOB HOUGH, Pmyneml .
11VCORD it CO., fi t
4/11 (Rune/sore to itrCord & Sine)
Garner of Wad and Nfa Sow,.
PPARTICULARattention paid io par Retail Trade.
Gentlemen can rely upon getting their Hata and
Caps from our eatablialunent of the burr .7.11 A. 4 and
srunauntne, of the Lame rots n, al Ile Lowner
Consul' , Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, are
reapectfully bwited la call and neaatine our Steck; ex
we till 137 confidenre that as regards nuabrus
and r mob it will not safer in a comparison stub shy .
houses ln Philadelphia. •
PRING BONNET /111111tiN17 - Ac.—W 7f hiafphy
ea hot nonr . cpen a supply of spring Bonnet Ellblnis,
of new andlandtome styles.
Also, new Slyin fied Pictta; LISle Lace, and
l j n a t;el b d aen y2etena . loi_ ., plaid . end
iebeneta, ernbrOired Series Muslin', AY.; L.. 0"
Wage aszoruneur i t Sp nng Goode generally, at north
...earner lda and Market street,
wain, 7:.
Itisorsesked /II del Petn'e,"
. \boat the lilt or Viet Oe:teher I=ll Alegi h( eh ~.
• Tea, masked "T A Ilk" They may have been reteetel
to tato eammiecou hoagie or stcartk oat
A liberal rentard'Rl be peen tor all or either at tie
P, ,,, kage.a. on their taeovery, by
/OLIN tdeFAUL.'"gb Cet
'Fa* Pennsylvania Companal —
Fon Inenonnon ON Lanni no Goazerou Anamrtaa.
FI , HE 4.1 Lae Inseraoce Company to the U Stale*.
lucorporated March Ith I,l2—eha. ter perpetual.
Capttal $5l/o,ooD—all pald
Ilavmg aathortred the undevuenecl to reeetve appli
cations tor hosurabee, oh which politic. wdi tostrsuecl,
aceordAng to their rates, which will be
blade known to •pphealota at We othce, No. I Wood
ETAIIIIrtt/tiulF - C 011 P
I n!!!!..+,, , J 7 ! , k.or _
. ,
4 LL mill b 1 Ittmrally urjuoted uml promptly
A home rartimuon—trinnareil by !Attends who a
won know - n in the tommanny, and who are deterau
ed by prorapmenA and liberality to maintain the ch.
actor which they have anenmed. ea odettog the be
protection to more who dettre to be Instated.
. •
I.rucrou—R Mier. Jr, lino 1114,k, J. W. Roth
N liolmoa, Jr., Wm H. Holmes, C. Inmxti, Oro W
Jacksou, Wm. M. L.)ott, Jut. Lippitwou., Thor, K
11-itch, Ja.kirx M'Auley, Alcx. Nimmt, Thus. Sc..
Om., No. Weler rireet, Inettel,oul.e of Sp.,
Co., up stairs,lPtunburgh. Jutdly
_ _ • - -
ILANcE come.c.iv —Office. North ROO.ll of the
Ex change. Third street, Pluladelplus
tlaa Inarnuire.—liatithngs, Merehandow and other
property to TOWN and coo," at. Insured agunan to..a or
damage by Eire at the 10w,.t rule of premium
Maxi. Isiocaars.—Tliey also torture Ven.els, Car
goes and ktelghtr, foreign or coastwise. ander open or
spet.tal palerea, Ds the ID cared may Ileum
InLannTaaaarorranorr.—Tiw) maatner.D,au
dt.e trat.ported WelgUllf, 0 0,0, c ana l
Ltonts nod Stnarn Boats, 00 rivers and lake., on the
suao.t liberal term-.
Dlll.liCTOlLS—Josetin 11. Seal, Elwood A. Sunder.
John C Dams, Robert Burton, Joan It Penrose. Smut,
el Edward, (Leo G Leiper, Edward Darlington, lulu
Darls, sA ilfiam Fnlwell, John Newlin, DT R 51 Hos.
ton, Junes C Hand, Thcophilus Paolduig, 11 Junes
Brooks, henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Scrrill,
Spencer Mellmuts, Charles Kelly. J U Johnun, Wit
dam !lay. Dr S Thomas, John hollers, Wm. Eyrr, Jr.
unciA:mits. CV PI D Morgan,
Ilagaley, J... T. lu un.
AAI MARTIN, President.
Rico Ore S. Niromohu,Secreury.
(Mien of the Company. No. El Water street,
Pit:6l,Mb. jUL:Kaf P. A. MADEIRA, Agent
rIMIE INSURANCE CO. sit North America will
1. make permanent and Bodied Insurance on pro
perty in Uns city and vlcinity, arid en •altipmeots by
Rivers, Lakes, and by Sea. 'rite properties ot
this Company are well invested, and furnish an nrikil-
Ole fond for the ample indemnity of all persons who
desire to be protected by insurance:
nOts AVM. I'. JONES, Agent, 44 Water at
Tho FronAiin Insurance Co. of PhiLaciaiyaio.
RECTiirlati-N,Bausker..Thitunaa Dons
IP Pohl. AV d
~ Samuel Grant, Jacob IL Smith,
Geo. W Richards, Mordecai D. Lewis, Adolph° E.
Bone, David S. Brown, Morris Pauerson.
CIUTI.T. N. Bascom, President
t7harict O. Ranchcr. Secretary.
Continue to make. insuranee, perpetual or liniited,
every description or property in
or country,
at rotes as low as arc conitstent WWI TerllTlty.
To Company Lave reserved • (ergo contingent Fund,
whlch wim their Capital add Premiums, "telly loves,
cd, atrord merle protection to the assured..
, Toe WITTIS Of the company, on January Ist, 1513.
F:l bee t!g re F ably Mi au act of Assembly, were as
Pliortgages R 1,047,439
Real Estate 04,11 i EL
Tomporu-r Loan, Ikl,noi en
Stark. •
Cush, Ike 3c,r , 04 an
114318,4 Pd 71
Since theirineorporatioth a period of is ears, they
have paid upwards of one million four hundred thous
aad dollars, loose, by ire, thereby affording evidenee
of the advantages of inseraned, as we/I La the ability
.and dispownou to meet with prompt.. all
. Office N E corner Wood and 3d sta
itj A. MADEIRA, Agent at Pntabargh for the Deft
' morn Mutual Safety histamine., Company of Phial
adelphla. Fire Risks upon buildings and nierchandice
of every descriptiou and Marine Risks upon hulls or
cargoes of vessels, ;alma upon the most favorable
le.;7llge i r " n th e ' arTL ' ite7e " tr e ' e f t7itltt l X. B" "
N. 8.— , 11e sureena of thta Company an tee the nab
ishment of th e Agency m this city, wi th th e prompt
newt and filer-rainy until which every claim upon them
ler low' has been adluwtl, tally warrant the grut to
Itivning ti con fi dence an d,
patronage lath'. friends and
the cog
at huge to the Delaware M. b. luau-
_ -
ranee Company,. • -
Company, while.; h the additional advantwges
institution among the mom (loon/thing in Philadef
bit—wlinving lin ample paid-in capital, winch by the
operation of as charter 13 gomtantly ineteasing,
yielding to nada person Maned his doe Our of the
mints of the company, without Involving him in my
respomitnlny whatever, and the-mime as possessingthe Mutual principle divevted of every obnoxious few
tare, and in nu tuott attractive form. nnvl
, •
THOS.. 61.1.1
STUART k SILL, (irons's, and Produce and Con,
scission Merchano, N. 111 Wood el. Putenurgh
Ihalcrs In leloccon,s, Flour, Meat, Bye,Oats Cony
Bancy, Pork, Bacon, Bauer, Lunt, Cheese; Closer,
111.u.thy and Plan Seek Iran, Nall., Wass,
Particular attention fnud to the sale of Western
Reralexaco—Alearre_ Myers k Ifordcr, Hold
k Co., M'Ortls k Roe, liampton, 9mLLO it Ca,
James & Moorhead, Pstrhurgh Fenner
k M',sldlau, Murillo. Joe. S Morrisou, Era., Sr.
COM-11._ ap126.1i
.1. a. oamo,lato of N. Labon, 0. w. n. 11.01.11
1 ENE:I2AL. AGENCY, Conannwon and Porwaol•
1-T Mg hlerchanta. N0..40 Market n%., husbur,o4, Pa_
V l l . roinpt MMIlli0.11K1•0(1 . 10 purchase mad *air
of kind. of Produc..-
Rrtila 10—John Walt & Co ,Alurphy, Wil•on &
fluabargh, Pa.; Lawnon & 11,11. Mahlon
IYvtarule r O: )01)11 11. Brown & a
Co., l'hilatkliAlla, H %V. Soodanow & , &
Noce, New I.oLon, 0 , Fr. Mk r, C Gatlin,
ClacsonalJ; J. P. , utauffnuren, 0., %V 1. :Stan
dart, cieveand, (I. auor'4
iIeiTINUES Ituarort.s grown] Comounoton Ltui•
ovettally thr puretatt, oftd solo of All/.1-
. :1111111.olotturro and Product, bud to rtething nod
lorwordollG.46 con.sgood to Ws cort. As Agent
flat Mo.notottoreo, Lc veill Letozoonsitly .applied ovola
tin ortuespol article, of l'OttOusgb :Ututufactolc Si the
orltoltonlin owon, "Norm and comognotessis
oolicar.4. Itll
'Sloan. Brick Work• for dale.
l 'illt , : f mlae . 4lbez ,, tera t t . oLa , a r l , ? ;, l , h , ri i :el' , l . : o A4 . l . lVCl(
?meant Engine, 4 Boiler., 0 Mould hour, carob! it
manufacturing oo,w, I...ird liticim lout ddy clay,
na Mateo flora the tionk,) pet day; With tiara eon, cal
tuA4 motto, Allegheny (Ivor, tot which ere 4 kir..d
..d., ~,,,chi. and clay shod, wheelb.troura, trucks,
.ILovehi, spud., die., every lug Ityuloste to cul
tte:nee operittlitiolut too boon notice. Yriee,.tneludlng
the patent tight to use mud Inntea, $7.10/—.llll. of
Ititylorat Made cult , Without the land, !Alain. For
particular., adilre. lIEN ft V'.hlElt Itirr,
.uv.n.4l( No t in .Ni..ii , ..i. 110..._
tiscia. A& t) gia VOL) filiiiir; — '
A FIiI;PON, Cell and lira. rounder, hat to
built tarid commenced Unions. at hia old end,
where he will be pleased to ace h. oldcustom
ers and friends.
Churna, a
theambont, and Ueda of every btu, froon 10
In 10014 pounds,east trona ptterns of the moot apptev
edmodela, and warranted In be thn best tntdenals.
Id/ ntral Water Poop., Counters, /Lading, d.r., tuge.
010 every variety of Brai, Casting., d requatd,
timed and ftr.onted In the nettle.. Manner.
••. • .
&F. to tad cola proprietor of Ileanr's Aact•Arrei
'nor - bfeTkr, CO lastly celebrated for 11111 (CdUCtiOn 01
Irw•lron In ecarbiriery• Voir, and eis{111111•1110D
Cal/ lathed of biro at all mac.. 1i20.1y
. .
lil.cilonriiisia-I..iiiiiii.iii•To.- --
11011 litT If. PA'r ry tttON has opened
the large stable on Fan el, running . through
to Second At, between Wood and etaithficid.
eta, an the rear of the Monongahela llona,
with an entirely new, noel of Horses. and Carriages of
the beet quality and latest st, let. Iforsea keptnrall:yro
ry in the hen wanner
, ..
-.,,-;.- 4.: (1 : : ::‘ ,. . - 7: . 7„44:-,,,,iiv :, -i„- : - ~;-: - .- 2. , ~.:, -- - - ~,, f y, „ ,, - 1, , -,-,,,... :: fr' - . f: ' - ... - - v, - ' 1 ' . .P . 14 \ , riz* ;:-.- .4S: • 4. . . T . l-,t , isz - — 4 .7 - -.. 110 — ._ .• . _ •,-,
~' ,- 044- . -rF , },; 4. `... '-'''itt•-::;: .1-1 1, 1 '• '''' i .'"
:'.' •••'' ;L. ••'- •• • • -?-•; :,•._ •::: ..'' ' ' tf r .:01,AreV• ',. ••': i t;•''' •• ••• •,.• 0 ,•' 4:34 * -- ••' ''' 4 ',.. . ,kZ •• -••Aii: ' ''' .. :4•••— ' 1 - -l,
4 .
.- • 4te 4 .P . '• ^. • Of•7 4 4'' - ÷ -. ' , .` - '• , :;:.(' 1' 1 / 4 . - ' .•A'' - t
' ''''-' , Z •I'S ''' "4i "{=j-s7 7,1 '.-- '. •' f . - ' • '4 -'1
' - ' .-.' - ''''r *4l: MY: ,'` •'' , ,„„, ,•. b,. ,, , „-- ,-N.. ,
-- r 1 ". °.r . '-'" 41d - ' , -.3l t` . .: - 1,,:_ -., ...... ''. II.,:.:,:. :`',. --. \-.. ' ' •:,.
• ~,. •••
r l ' - •
..t • 0 0 ,
i igi k .-- , ;•ip." t 4 : 4 5 1 ---- i 7 4 -- t . .- -. .. - __ - 1...1.9.—e----rf- 4 . .. 1,- lf
atadl2lllits Ismarasami.
THE Mutual Life and Health Insammee Company
of Philadelphia, incorporated by the Legislamre
of Pennsylvanm, March, IE4B Charter perpetual.
Capital, 8100 000 Ram bowel 711011 OM PENA),
raNIA Crisman, and full .0 0 per cent lower than the
usual rates of Life Insurance, u the following ot.
panson slime. Thus, • person of the age 0(3 co 0 In
suring for 13100 for Itfe, mon pa) In the (Jinni 83,35
Pennsylvanie, IBA Penn Mutual, 82,36, Famitaule,
ilao4 b l oc , New England, 82,30, New York Life, 52 .1 36 , Ak
50,9 t Lifts and Health, Philadelphia, Spa
Dreacreas —Samuel D Orrick Charles D. Hall, W
F.Boone, Robert P King, Charles P.Hayes, hl. W.
Baldwin, M. hi Reeve, hi , Chas 0 B Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, L Rodman Barker, E Butler, b:durin
R. Cope. President—Samuel D Orrick; -Vice Presl.
dent—Robb P. King' , Secretary—Francis lllackburn e .
Applications will be received, and every in f ormation
given by SAM. PAHNESTOCK, Agt,
eomtnerval Rooms, corner of
0et.17 dly Wood and Thir d sts, Pialaborgh
_ _
cicoarounim m 111125
- .
Annual Preminms, Capital Stock, mid Surplus Fund,
111,000000 e
This old and responsible Company continues to
e policies on the meet (notable terms on Dwelling
Hodges. Household Furniture, Stores, Stocks of Goods,
WarchOuses and contents. Mill. mid Manufactories,
dr. he., against LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE.
Also,l Goals, Ware. and Membandise, against
the hazard ol s of Innu Tlnateonson, and upon the
Calicoes oflant Vessels.
The Protecuou Insurance Company having, Ida."
last CS years, paid YANY =tons or Marina at their
several agencies throughout the United . States and the
British Provinces, have established a int reputation
for solvency mid fair dealing, which challenges con,
yttrium with any other insurance company on the
continent of America. The annexed extract from at,
article on die subject of Insurance Companies, taken
trots the "New York Day Book," exhib it s bnedy the
standing and policy ofthe Company.
'The imoneved men' of the ancient and always pros
perous city of Hartford, have for half a <<Mllll been
fatuous throughout the Limon for the care, disc eetion,
rigid honesty, and uniarying sate... with which they
have formed and managed corporations of thlide
scrintion. No Hartford Bank or Insurance Company
has ever failed! These Companies have for more
than a whole generation scattered their risks in near.
every State of the Union, sod have never (ailed to
pay the uthumerable lone. which they have thiured
All tomes arming upon poke.. issued by the under.
eigned, will be promptly adjusted god paid at Mc Urn
eral Agency office, located at Cincinnati, O. A large
porton of the funds of the Company, ltnelmbog all
premiumsreceived at the Western agencles,) is tits
pommel arab the Grocer) Agent of the Company
Cotonou. for the payment of West= and !Santarem
tomes. Apply to FAY k:PI'F.
Agent.tor the coy of Pittsburgh, *ad for Allegheny
county. octGAlatn
!!1 . k:ir . 1: . /!T of
. . , • . , .
INTING PA14:11:4 1 00 rano" of I,llnUnirn.l
ook Paper, oupenur rucie. Arsoyted arse*
Rd. Any sac rands w onitr t W mie.t nonce.
I: HILL n 7 Wood .r
Dissolution at Partnership.
Vpli MUTUAL eIiNSENT thu day, ale firm herein.
JID fore existing alder westyle of'BUSIIFIELD &
LEADER, bar been dissolved by Henry Leader sell
ing Inseams with sild firm to lobo McGill. All
business eonneetett w the fins of floshfield& Lead
Will be settled IS. B. Buntifield' & who are
duly authorised fo rm ate all eolleetimu and o dium all
Pittsburgh, Oet. 27, ISIS.
N. R.--8, B. BUSIIFIELD & CO. will continue the
wholesale and retail Dry Goods und coh e rest
at the old store room, No. 2AL Liberty at,
will he pleased to have heir friends and custom.
AAR and examine tliwr stock of goods.
THE,„panner.h; fthe ttaden ea, under the firm
consent on Senn Pesten:lt:et, W. Beignley purchasing
the interest or 1. R. Smith, who retires. The business
of the firm will be sealed by their auccessors, Wm.
Bagaley & Co., at Non IS and 20 Wood Fl.
Pittsburgh. Oct. 8, 'O. ISAAC R. ShIITIL
CO - PARTNERSIIII".—Wra Bag.ley having asso
iated wtth him Wm. 11. Woodward of PhlladeJohnt,
John 8 Outpace and Ralph Baualey of
will continue the Wholesale tirrwory Business. at Nos
1,4 and 00 lVood at, under the firm of
. CO,
WM. BAG A LEY & O, Pitl.burgh;
.r.d &WALE)", WOODWARD & CO., Philad'a.
Dingobatten 'of•Clo.Partaa•rship.
TOE co-partnership heretofore existing between the
subscrthers, under the style of Brown & Culbert
son, Wit Om.teed on the Istinsa by mutunl consent.
M. ii. BROWN,
The subscribe sill cotmour the Wholesale Orme;
y and CA/1310166011 Uuu as herstofora. at tho old
1.4,145 Lawny st. art, A. CULBERTSON.
V. keruzke WOOO :Castel, Prcratickidu
Pd2NTINUE to :manufacture ell krodk of COPPER
south Work.
Steam Bombe built to order. •
. . .
Have band. Et y n e as n so t' ruu "' e 'n n t o b t o (......o7p u e r r k and Brays
Section, Ti,, Ware, he he. Steamboat Cooklng Stove.,
Portable Forger, various 1.1}04--a very convement ar•
tido for ateamboars,Cahrenna eaugranu, or rad road
Me would reepectfully invite steam boat men and
Others to call and see our &Melee and pnees helot.
parehasina elsewhere. . dy:l7
or P p.
'TIRE copartnership of lIENRI' lIANSKIV Ss CO.,
tormerly Hannan, Muller k. Co., in the Window
d Colored Glas. business is this day dissolved by
the withdrawal of Mr. Frelenck Muller •
.... • . . •
. .
The busmen. will oe continued by, the undcrii,r,J
ander dm firm of lIIINIIV FIANNFiN Si CO W 4 re
hi - woe No. IOS Second o:1, whirs we mil Le, e.,......r.•
eupplien of superior Window Glace.
- 111 (.11 ROLIF:HTSON
PAlsburgh. Aug. V, 4I II EN R VAISTEA LI.
TE andertlened have this daEsts
in bwanes. JACOU L. SCHW
, HE pannemblp heretofore exigunf, orniflr Me tam
of A. At: BRADLEY, as ,hmolvt-J by thk• docen•so
of Mr. C Bradley 'rho bout., wul Le ,rirr,...l on by
A Br.dley, woo wJI nettle the busweas of the Ice
REMOVAL— A But.. l).Temoved has Foundry
‘l'Lrehouse from No 111 Sreond .eet, to No IS
lVoul.treol, bevorrea Secona •treete., .o the
vriurhou,e imely orrupted U A Rem, where he
will keep co anti) on band a genrral az...atm of
Cagirtirk Onlem, Cool{ul Slove.. all
_ .
1111 l onatton.
runt: eollarthervhsp heretokore eilatuti between the
subak.oberu. le the name at Constable, Barite &
ta dux chit .haselt 8,1 by mutual conaart
Burke & !tame. ..111 orttlr the ul the ‘.t
earn. for who-b purpoat• they ate •uthormed to a... the
nuute of the :Oliietn NA THANIEL . CONIaTA
. The underatanc.l Gave this flay aulaurmied thetusulvey
in Or tratuu 01 tWRIaI , or the purpow
Di gnu l
...n.0E10,, Eire Proof :fairs. Vault flow.. • c
• the itlltti ul the ,ate 5110 01 Conutatfie, 13111*,
where WIII rleauffl to tyre., the pl.
turaffeio ttie uf.twilut• 01 Mai fl and Warr irirtulul
1111.11 AS HA UN
In retiring froth the km of Constable, Burke a Co,
won sart., plt•asare recurtunrud
lathes th cuuhdrttee of no (Bends and the pubhe.
Penn Machina Shop.
May WlGllThlAN—Manklatturer °rail kinds of eats
MIL. ton and woollen maerinery, Allegheny city, P.
The shove works being now in full ael oaccessfs.lc9-
eratioll, am prepared ill ClCttlik °Set," ditTekeh
for all /Linda of machinery in ay tack no re,lloans,
pekera i spreaderr, earl. gorlethg =schules,
draystri frames, speeders, throrsll. looms. woolen
card.,double or angle, for merchant or country work,
mole. put kr, &e,.lido and, band lathea and tools in gee.
Oral. All kind ror .balling made to order, or plans giv
en (or gearing (Ireton. or mink at reasonable charge.
Rarer, ro—Kennedy, Ch il ds & Co., Watkotock, Reg
ACo King, Pennock & , Jar. A. Gray. "-
ozo. 111390 VAL. ..•
• A • S. U. AGENT,
Forwattling and Commis.. Mew
chant, has removed to No. El Front, between Wood
and Smithfield crams.
. —, - - _ .
I . ..i. , made on an improved
VV g pl ' ar,o7o ' •74 ,-. lo C3 lr i ecse in the coldest weather.
Persons wanting s ch arneles, are Invited to call and
we them at CAI FP h -ATKINSON'S.
mv23 14. between Woo. Market am
raOBERT A. CUNNINGHAM has removed to No 6
11, Commercial Row. house formerly occupied by
Morns Orem. wheie he will be happy to pee his trtenda
and !am er customers. oet2o
J — TO F r aMPIEKS. —
CREARY, ,Prinung Ink mnfactarer,
N... =and rriantn .trees, NEW YORK—Do-
pot Pio. 3 Space street-I-Would call the attention of
Printers to bra irapreard Printing Ink. of van*.
kinds and order., at the following prices
E.llll. fine /at Black, for Card and Wood
Cuts -
Fula Boot Ink
Boot nk
New. In
Fin. Bra lot
• 82 00 nnd 3 ru per lb.
- 0 75 100
7W I CV I W" 21.
• • -
Mae, Yellow, Green aaa Mute 75, I w I Su
Goid Size. at E 2 per Ih, aad Broule at SU, 75 tui and
El per a.
A rpcclmca .r Sc., Ink c•n bt ?men on itnx paper.
For lode by JOHNSTON & STOCKTON, ...
Yin.burgh, Po.
C. Morgan & Co. Cmeinnatt, Ohio.
Morton & Grnwould,,
lELo sville, Ky. ocutoWnt
Modern and An ti q ue Furniture,
<3, Tuli) negate,rrreacwin.
A large islidelenitlid t,‘,...-..,-"
aasonment whore i';',,,- , ..i.1i'
imitable for Ste boon, ..' -:. --' r• —F.
Hotels and privale dwel
lings, constantly on handl Find made to tinter.
The prownt stock on hand cannot be exceeded b 7
any ununtiactory In the wev tern country. Persons
wishing to purchwe would do well to give me • eall,
te lam determined too one. shall pleaae. Part of
the stock consists in--
. .
• Tme a Tete; Buffet Drumm;
Imam XIV Chaim; Queen Elisabeth chairs;
TM Payee;
Toilet Tables; Fruit TlMlea;
bouts XV Commodes;
French Atahngmy Redstead Plano Stools;
50 Rana kuth Plush mid Ifelbieloth covsrm
50 Mahogany Rocking Chaim;
40 dos Pbrior do
30 •• Fancy do
03 centre Tables;
00 parr Dmans; 4 parr prof Tatilee,
15 marble kip Dressing Bureaus. •
6 Wardrobe.; 8 Secruktries and Book eaves;
CO marble top Waeh Stands,
4 pairir fancy
Workpa :kande;
A very large 11.0r101Gnt of common chairs and oiler
rummer: too numerous to menuon.
.. ..... . . . .
trr Steam floats furnished on the shortest notice,
and no the most reasonable Mons duel 5
Diaphragms Vlifir, - tor li pima& Witiir.
THIS is to nearly that I have aret,
pointed Livingston, Roggen & Co.
Sole Agents fur the vale of
Patent DUtpraligm Filter, for the ri
t Ilea of Pitniburgli and Allegheny.
10FM (ARSON, Agent,
for Walter M Gibson, MY Itrnad way
N. V/
Oct. lu, 1 849.
We hare been using ono a th e there articles at the
nth., oldie Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
6114 Joel perfectly sausGed Mai it la a useful invention,
nod we tale plessare in recommending Mrem as . use;
(of article 1..11 wholove pure water. linters will be
thankfully removed and promptly executed.
netiti LIVINGSTON. Kt rOGEN & ro
_f) Which readers turbid water pure by
4 '--
,:is • " waTr rt . n g l i l c ' r n o b to ' i " water Tr soluble
(rt.) s although Hem. and pure to the e ey, yrt
~, when it pease. si: lama tuh dd.
filtering cork. 'hews a large deposit
impure substances, warm., Ac. TLis
Is the ease more or lest with all hydrant water.
The Itevermblr Fllterer is neat and durable. mid le
not attended with the inconvemenre incident to other Marren,. it la cleansed without tiring det.hed fr.
the wao.r pipe, by Merely turning the key or 11011,11.
from one side in the other. l(y this easy proves., the
enure. of water IN changed, and all accumulations Ii
Unpure substances , ate driven off almost instantly,
without unscrewing the Filter. It also possesses ha advantage of being a stop cock, and as mink in molt C. ili tie very convenient and economical.
It eon he attached where there IF any pressure high
or low to a east, tank, tub, Ike. with roar. To he had
of the sole Agent, 'A', W. WILSON,
octl7 Corner of Fourth and Market at.
'Wrought and Cast Iro Railing.
rilliF:msliserdsers beg leave to Info r m the putihe 'b a t
I thel . have °busier-0 from the Rust all the lair and .
fashionable dram. for Iron Railing, boll, for houses
a. :orients. Porsons wishing to procure besid- .
mann [ will please mull alld examine. and Judge
forthermielves. Railing will be furntabo at the +hurt.
em notice, and In the best manner, at We corner of
Craig and Rebecca meets, Allegheny city.
Choc;slate, Cocoa, Sc.
W. Baker's American and French Chocolate, Prepay
Oed Cocoa, Cocoa FP,II,
consum ers., Cocoa Shells, Ike.
merchatim and ers who would Touchline
I th e best product. of Cocoa, free from adulteranon,
more nutritious than tea or coffee, end 111 quality unser.
passed, the aubsenber recommends the shove anrcles,
manufartnred by himself, end stamped with hi. name.
Ills !home and Cocoa Puce, a• delitaM, palatable,
and salutary drinks for valtds, convalescents, and
other, are pronounced b y the
the most eminent physicians
superior to any other preparations. lita manufacturer
pre always on sale, in any quantity, by the most re 'speeMble grocers in the eastr.rn eines, and by their
sgetibtOlsv!es,Gray &no., 11 . os?ti; Jame!. 31 Donee
artford;thiiin,ll yA Murray, New York;ic:ririn Ptilledelphie, 'Nome, V Ilrundin, !kJ
umere; end tthttlar
F.,.„,„ a 4si lIAU EY & SMITH, Airte
W. 111 J. GLENN, Book Binders.
irestdl mimed in the above bush:teas, corn -
Y f of Wood and Third street., Pittsburgh, whe
we toe prepared to do any work to our line with de
patch. We attend to our work personally, andnu
nonfac anti be given in regard to its. neatness and d
Blank &Mk. rood to any pattern and hound sun
tuntially. Books in numbers Dr old books bound ease.
fully or rePtdred. Names pot on books in gilt Senors
Those that bait work in OUT line me invited to call
Prices low. mrdttf
...--..o7ooleless Stoves, Grate., ties
aIARSIIALL, WALLACE k CO., Round Church,
1. corner Ldbeny sad Wood sretet C s, manufacture
and offer for 'sale Platform, Floor nod ounter Scales,
Onc most a:notation qeslity; Cooking Stones, foe wood
and cool; Keg Stoves of various sixes, Pallor and
comm. Grams, Hollow Ware, dee. he. They al.
manufixotute she Kitchen Rim which hris gluon such
general satisfaction to Mo. h•v e,
ing it in use, to all of
which they Would respeedUlly the attention of
the cituens led the public, generally. octl7-dif
Ainvwfloylud-tejillEl..L:tcT,2l3nA2fCo—Th the o f y e t t r t o llc , n . b n e , t
dculern generally, to the followers brauds Tobaccos,
tn store tad to arrive, which besot consignmenta di
not tram nianufaewrers, he is enabled to sell at east
ern pricese
lag 1 boo fl Cmnshaer fes;
711 " Janne hladJson is;
4 f . hafmnrune
Sr ;
Tr/ f " hUrabeau
.. . . .
03 a " Putnam 3n and la,
IS I . Roberta k Shoon Sa;
a 1.. " Oscar Burl 3 c
0 I " Johns k Leans la;
31 . " Warwick nun. l.; 43 1 " Henry A Jame. 54 Is and 6a;
febtl...._. L a WATERMAN
Pltt•Maeldno Work. and Foundry
• etrrescuon„
JOIIN IVILIGUT fr. Co, no prepared to build Conon
and Woolen Machin...Ty of every dos , rIPIt.I.I. " 0 .
al Carding Machines, Spintung Frames, Speeders
Drawing . framer, Retilenty /leads . ; Warpera,.Spoolers,
Dreamt; Frames, Loom*, Curd Grinders., to. Wrought
Iron Shafting fumed; all sizes of Con Iron, Pulite. and
Hungers of the latest pattnrur, slide and hand Lathe,
and tool, of all kinds. Caminoc of every deseraptiou
furnished on short nonce. Patterns mode to order for
hlill Georrug, kn. Steam Ihpe for hem.
Fuctprtes, Clog Iron 1; tridow Soo, and fancy Cas
tings genemlly. Orders left at the Woebou. anon.
Co., I.lbcay gutot, hunt. prompt anon.
Refer'to D/yeksti.l4,l3ell a. 03.3 1. Alooreltead
Co., 13. R. %Varner, John 11,1131 &Soo., l'auburgh , 13
C. & f. 11. Warn., Steubvuvale 10010
7k A. YVIITTE A. CO wowd reap`cunfn form
111. Ike pnhlie 11:at ribvy have ho
Lneock, horns-en Federal d Bandosky strecm. They
are nowt making
and are prepared lo receive orders for
every description of vehicle., Concha, Chanot's, Ila
rouchee,Buggtee, Pheitons, Sac., An., which fronatheir
lon experience m me manufacture of the above work,
and thelsailaiesthey bore, Rey feel confident they are
tabledlo do work on the most reasonable terms with
the, wanting Oracles to their line
Payttig parucular stuntmen to the seleenon of mate.
is haying ~o ne nut competent workmen, they
hove no hesitation in vervranong their work. We
tners tore ask the attenuon of the public to this tastier
N 11 Bcpainng done in the best mariner, and on the
mass rciatnialite' 102.11
1 HERS.—llaylaCmade ananements Mr • con
stant supply of FACTORY FINDING.% we will sell
at tow pr,ces Calf and ilhearltoler Sktus, Lace Lea-
Diet, Picker., Reeds, Shuttles, Hemp Twine l'readler
N. ota 1511.11 Poriehes, Wrenchea, Slapping Cards,
In to 15in; Patent Dresser Brushes, Weavers' Brush.
a he Ac. IAD/AN, b. CO.,
' ^ V 4 1.15 , Wm. weer, Pittsburgh..
nra oral dens 600ld. Campbell A Ca'. old
dry 1533, Osbourn's lea.t. Pure 14. Pure dote plit
111.11 Port, 11...rne Sons, Pure Jusee, threhle, dau
b e Single Grapes. These wine, ore all eelebra.
te.l for their medical ordpenies. and can be had whole_
tise or retail al the %Vino Stale at
1111 h:.uLu Whet utler. far
I•n arab luta h e Coleman, celebrated
Atteohinent The above lIISIILIGIeeIIt ate war•
.nsed 0. he equal to soy Intwulneturee in clan eon:,
In, , re , ul w,I vul.l klvrer the, auy brl4an ii
t. L.; H1.1:51E, Nu Ile wood et.
- .
Lloor tam,- h
N —Cigy 1911 be mkt,' ott par lor • few of
he ',Love. ii. , 01:11:11C11.4 01)2
Ilardware—Cb•aper than Ever!
otiAN. 11..40N Importer. and Wholonaia
J-1 Dealer. an Itar+lware,Outlery and SadJlery,
1,9 S', ood vtreet, above rtillt, have now itt store& very
vocal" athl well4elected mock 4;1 Ilarylwarr, tutpuried
nr, the decline of m t•:urope, mud which they
tre detcruunrd to rorregyo+Stagly low Nlerrhatita
who hare been.tu thr habit of going EaJl. are !tartlet,
larly requested to call and look tltrough our stovk,
sx< confitlentiy , bolivie they will save threlr expences
oct4 •
. .
Young MEN to wholesale and retail stormy and-other
respectable be omen, to vet 'a. Book-keepers, Sales
men, Porters, Bar.keepera, Wet... Farmers. Coach
men., Car Agents., Book and Map Agents, Collector.,
Overseers in oil branches at businc, An. We have
at all times a large number of .00,1 sou/alerts on hand,
which pay from 800 to 52,00 n per uin am. The., in
want of situatunts of any kind would do well to give
ag call,. we have agannt in each of the ahove et
hos, which will enable us to place every applicant in
a suitable situation al the shortest notice. We hnve a
large acquaintance. to all the above named clues,
which we treat will enable us to give entire satisfac
tion total who may fever ta. with a call.
TAYLOR &TATMAN, No. St etreond at,
N. B —PersOnli linna any
to Of the ,sates,
and wishing to obtain a eintanon Baltimore, or et.
thee of
abore cities, will have their wants Immo.
uely att en d e d to 1,, addresoing us a nue, Vrott.paid)
as by so stoma they wilt curtail both iroab cod
pew, which they otherwise woald incur by com
to the city, and seeking employment for thern.lves
Adlreos, TAILOR A.
No. 59 lt , ,colA sheet,
1111)15.ilf 1341.4010 f O. hid
..,. , . . .
'l`l4/3 le to comfy that I caret:mud one vial of Dr.
.I. Mc La ne'.
Worm Spootbe, come two month. ago
god iptve to a eon although some urea - fern old, two
auspzins full, and Me amount may appear
:arm ym I Lave no doubt bat there was upwards of
nro slava.° moue patted fromkm measuflug
Soot eau quarter of an mob to two Mail , . AL4I4. .
Roue`. Creek. Carrel eo. Tenn.. Dec 27.1247 pc24
Illroothaghtiana, [near Plt.tabarabd Pa.
VsareAolsre, No. 117, Wood street, l'ittsborgh.
iffiWILL constantly keep on bond a good upon.
mental WRlti of our own manufacture, and
uperiorquality. Wholeule and country Mar'
chants are respectfolly invited to outland ca•
mutts for themselves, as we are deter:tamed to *ell
cheaper than hits ever before been °tiered to the pub
lEy- Orders sent by cam I, tecompanied by Me omb or
ny re:Menem, will be promptly attended to. enSid
psi THE LADIES—Just received, • full newsmen
I, MOO and silver Thread, Curd and Braid; also
Hogue's. atid Bullion, for embroiderine and other or
mammal work. Alm, gold and gilvedamils, Fringe,
and Lace.
i Jetvehy of the latest Natant., in peel. canery.
Watches oisuperior quality and Scant:Pal patterns,
and Plc pale at Eastern prices. W W WILSON,
attg7 corner Market and Fourth ins
4 THRM/F615212 BATUING ET/4.13L11311.
j MENT—Upen fro 6A.M.t011 P. M. Single
Bath centa, or 6 foo t tiollm. Ladirn department
open from 9 to II A. M. and from 2 to S P. M.
The Refreshment Saloons nre unequalled in style
attendance. Recherche Ice Creit.
T. APPALL, Proprimor.
mHE n r,g of c th ri mb i li . c : is respecmury called to
Ms S. &tura—Having
a quantity of Gold
In d by your reorneter, I find tbe moult proves
your merriment correct; and recommend the use of it
to Mine going to California, Me best method for ob
taining the real value of Gold. Rasp. yours,
DUNLEVT, Gold [Data.
Pittsburgh, March 9, Pith
PITIBBO. M kith.
Ala Eocene—Dear Sir: llaetng e ll.
xaminedeech 7,
the flare
mete ," manulactured at your rmune, I do not hesitate
to commend at to the am of thom acndemen who are
Mann removaig to California to mearch of Gold.
It gives a doge approximation to the specilie creel
ty of metal., and will certainly enable the adventurer
tea.,ertain when Loa placer to ytoblueg
suarlY reap''. J. R. 111 , CLJNTOCK.
1r NINA 1113511E1C received tor dot
Cahlbrilla ESPedlllOll, a complete caw r.esst al
Ehmtie Clothing, at poen. ranging_ front BLIIO to
alien, (or quit tavola, Darns end hat. For sale at the
India Rubber Depot, No 5 Wood et.
deuce J h 11 PHel.l.lYee
UFACToRT.—The subscriber takes dim men,,el
of inform:l6 his friends and the public iu generul that
he he. die largest stock of the fullaivtint named s
elt, of his own 13111411thif ltlft in this city—Saddle, Har
on.... Trunks and Whips, all of which he will warrant
to le• made ortlw but material and toy the best 'marti
an.. in Allegheny county. Eking determined to ten
titetuanufectures soinellung lower than has bee/there.
tofore•sold by any eimllar astublishmeut in die city,
he would invite persona in need of the above nerved
urn, les to his warehouse, No. D I Liberty street, oppo.
silo ievendt, Also, bands made to order for machine
ry. oel2O/Y, O. KERRY.
I , lllTand abort Owe 111LL§OF EXCILANGE, pay
t,) able in thueinnath Louisville and St. Louts, pu
ree 4,0 n the Moill favorablo ton..
.1.10 N. 11(11.111KS A BONS
k...:PavED Titis DAV.. the India Haber De
pot ' ,arc Wow... ?detail., 'tubber:Sandals;
I • Alkere,
I .. '. leather soled " Overahoost
All et winch will he sold, wholesale dr retail, lower
thou at tut) house its the city. J& H I'IIILLII'it,
norll No 5 Wood street
I,‘ , 11 „ 1: 7 4, 5 1: te ll. 7 0U ft — . 1 . 00 v
z s ‘ acks (aBlptuitiravzeLis,nd
4.2 UAY , --1,:, La. thncinnsii,just rec'il, tar gale by
novel MATI'III.:WS d r'u
IAL mLtur
1J 1 (?. L*NferLde4
I "
Fresh and pure, for sale by
Boding from th - e
Oa steamer Monongahela, and for sale by
1 - EA O—IVIO ptga Galena, for i@TI
j_i nova 1 A HUTCHISON t CO
SUFFEg—UM bags Rio, receiving from eissml, aoe
k.../ for sale by
I epper.M.
iI kEEN APPLM , 4X - 664 - ii - J - Wiror.ado
kff 137 nom COPE A kiaEvFOGLE
IJOTASH—VD cuki - ri - e , d - thli ii;Ty, i,31. ii. by
I m” TASSEY 61.1E.F
to n fL t t—xs kegs No I, for rile fq: Ass y
ti TI"L ' Al g " N d
: h t t
k . Dore
1411 qttlaiLlCs.
Ity the President of the United !lintel;
IN purseenee of law, I, ZACHARY 'TAYLOR,
President of the United Slates of America, do hereaq
declare and make known ' that public. eel. will be
held sa the undermentioned Land Gees in the Suite
of MISSOURI, et the periods lieleinafter designated,
so wit: • •
At the Laza! (Mee at JACKSON, commencing eta
Monday the adireath day of/anuary nazi, for the dir
pond of ,ths paddle Wads, aiteated atithla the Rader
mentioned and pane of totanshipa, '
-North afthdbasoNne, war tartar A. /WU riKdPia=o
Township Ivrecti4sect. (except sections seven,
venteen, eighteen, nineteeni twenty,,twenty.nine. this
tydhirty one, and rainy -two,( of range four.
Township twenty. two, of range five;
Fractional township sateen, and township twenty
ty-two, of range six.
Fractional' townships sixteen and SZVCOMCP, and
township twenty-two of range seven.
Fractional townships sixteen, seventeen, eighteen,
and twenty-one; townships twenty , tire and twenty
three; and sections three to ten inclastre.,' Isatean to
twenty-one inclusive, end twenty-nine to thirty-two
i wn nclusive, in township twenty-sin, of range eight.
Tot ninetecn,(except fracuonal sections thirty
one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five,
and ttuny-sis,) fractions/ township twenty, and frae•
tionsl township twenty-one, (except section. on.,
twelve, thirteen, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty
five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, tbiny-four, thirty-eve,
and trt-stai o rane nine.
The hi north y west f
fract g ion of section ate, in township
nineteen, and fractional township twenty, of range
Nord of Ar Ao Moo finr , myttoat qf Oa prineipi
„ .
Townships twenty-three, twenty-lour, twenty-eight
mid twei ty-nine, of range eight.
Townships twenty-three, twenty:fon; rwenty-five,
twenty-ms, and twenty-eight, ofrange' tuns.
Townships twenty-. ne, twenty-two,: twenty-three,
twenty-tour, twenty-dee, and twenty - 4u, of range tea
At the Land Office at SPRINGFIELD, commencing
on Monday, the tiurteenth day of January neat, for she
-disposal of the public lands within the umlaut:motioned
townships and fractional townships, rim
Fractional township twenty-one, and townstups
twenty-five and twenty-ale, of range eleven.
Fractional township twenty-one, of ranges twelve,
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, Intern, seventeen, eighteen,
rune -teen, twenty, and twenty-one.
Prae natal township twenty-one, and to w mina twen
ty-lour, of range twenty-two
Fractional townatup twenty-one, and township.
Fsty three and twenty-four, of range twenty-three.
ractional township twenty .o and township
twenty-three and twenty-four, of range twenty-roar.
Fractional township twenty-one, of ranges twenty
. ye and twenty-std..
At the Land (Mee at CLINTON, commencing on
Monday, the twenty-find day of January next, for the
disposal orate public lands within the following nam
ed townships, to env
North ie the base Jima and teen qf ;be fifth petnespal tna.
Township thirty-five, of range eighteen.
Lands appropriated by Is for the cue of Schools,
o lour, and other piirpiries, will he excluded from
.0 sale*.
The offering or the shove mentioned I.ds will be
incoeneed on the day* appointed, and proceed in the
der in which they are advertised, with all conveni-
d the ..le. thus closed; not no tele
n longer than two weeks, and no pnvare entry of
y of the lands will be Animated noel alter the elm
bon of the two week •
Ineen under my baud at the city of Wutungtou,thm
himenth day of September, Anne, Domini one thousand
emla handled and for flute
By the President
Every person entitled to the right of preemption to
any of the lutds within the townships and cans of
townships above enumerated, is required to estahhsh
the 511.11 e to the satisfumion of the Register and Recei
ves of the proper lAuil Office, andmake payment there
fur as soon as pracocehle aher seeing this notice, and
netere the day appointrd tor the commencement of the
cubit,- sale of the lands eriihreeing the tram claimed,
00101,111. e such claim will be foomted.
Commissioner of the General Land thane
ooadin wIMW
A SPLENDID assortment just received, suitable for
It to Fall and Winter Trade, eonsiatina . In part of
KEN'S WARE, of every variety and style, and at
;Irian. to son We notes. Thou wistona to purchase,
yr aoteseae or resod. will find a to thee, advantage to
etre us t call and eramtne for thenrselvea.
corner Fourth aLd Sotithfield ist•
forest the place.
Wtudh he 13 prepared to make to onto .
And in the latent Fashion..
Ott 25
Ure 0( g.T.
J l l lll/11N AND LADS", wtll re-open en Monday, the
17th al September, th the same rooms, No. 72 [,,berry
meet. Having limited the numher of their pupils, the
Ynnemald hope to merit a continuation of that liberal
patronage they have hitherto en,oyed. Parent. may
feel assured thm every sdvantwill be afforded
them danghtera. gleeful under
therecharge, for °b
ducng thorough English, Cthaateal. and Ornamental
auon. atththAdtf
T HE AUTUMN SESSION of this Institution will
commence on the first Monday in September.—
Rooms on Federal street, in "Calonede 'Row," VA door
from the bridge.
Sores OP TP17,2,1 P. 66610,1 OF sire !learns.
English Department, Includwg Reading, Orthogra
phy and Defining, Writing, English Grammer, Roma
no, Logic, English Composition and Criticism, Geo
' h H'
V i at th' re ' le u P c hil an os d opt y y, 'A ge e m r
trononty, Botany, Phystology, iseology,in'tellect ssttrryy Auet
and Moral Science, and all other branches requisite to
a thorough English Education - 520 CO
Classical Department, including the Latin and Greek
Languages, each - - • • SCO
French, 1110 00
German, 516 00
The services of competent teachers are sedum! for
such as desire instruction in French and German, and
ale° to Drawing, Painting and Music.
It is desirable that pupils enter at the commence
ment of a session, yet they are received at Jul woe,
and are charged at the above rates tram the y ttme of
entrance. NO deductions are made (or absences, ex
cept Ili rues of protracted illness.
Further information may be obtained, and applica
tions made by calling upon the Principal, al his roams
ea Federal street, Of at his lalguags in "Irwin's Row,"
Liberty street, Patsbargh, between ad and 4111 street*,
or by addressuth, through the Pittsburgh Post Office,
the Principal N. W. AIETCALF.
Allegheny, Aug. 7, PAO dt(
TILE Second Senston of this Institution, under the
care of Mr. and Mrs. Oaxacan, for the present
academic yeas, will commence on the hot of Feints
ry next, in the same buildings, No. 52 Liberty wean
Arrangementh have Leen made b,y which. they will
be able to tarnish young lattios facilities equal ta any
In the Went , for obteming a thorough Engllsh, Chula.
cal and Ornamental education. A fell cause of Pht:
loophical and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
dunng the winter, illustrated by apparatus. The de.
partments of Vocal an Inecremental Music,Modern
Languages, Drawing and Painting, will each be tinder
the ease of a competent Professor. By cloth attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of thorn
the Pnuctrials hope to ment a continuation of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
tern. see circular or apply to the Principals.
PrersetramiTSept 19, ISO.
THOS K. HIBBERT:—Daar Sir, Year WM
MTING FLUID we have now been as more than
year,and on looking over th e manes made by 9, we
color a bngla bloc Mae.. his pleasant to
write with, flows free. and does not clog the pen like hie ordinary inks in um. Washing you the ready role
im merits demand, we are, yours reapectfully,
- • • - .
For gale, together with Ribbert's Red Ink, and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by U.. A. Fahneitock & Co, 11. P.
Schwartz, Allegheny City, and by the manufacturer,
T. K. Ribbon, Druggnit and Chemist, earner of lA:ar
ty .d 9otitbGeld zit, Pittsburgh. oeitil
Wai.)11,111 oast& mum, .n.. wia. a. toll .
(Successor , Banns & Co.)
AS in Foreign and Donteatie Ekebanak, Certificates
LApeutite, lituik Noes, and Secie--Fourth mnet,
wooly opptialte the Bank of Pantburgh. Current um
ny received on depouve—Saght Ch.kl for sale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal poinui in
the Unittd Slates.
Advanees made on colisiguments of PrOdUCC,
pvl Ent,. 011 liberal terms.
l'Ancer Seeclmo JA:rtr.. lat 180. .
l'atent rrassisoor exten.rion Sofa', Bureaus,
Book Cams, }Praia& Dui.
- .
THE TABLES far surpassing every mazer m
ention ofWe kind now extant They ran be ea
ten:led twin ten totwenty.five feet, and when eloped
the levees are all contained mode; they are made to
al, ewes and shapes, anti are adtturably adapted tor
Steamboats, Hotels, and large private (wattle, form
ing when closed a complete centre table.
OUFAS AND UUREAIN--These articles are moat.
arable, particularly to wow who wish to crone.
room, and concert a .leaping apartment inn> •
parlor or swung room, au they can be opened and that
at convenience; and when abut, the bedding is racier:-
ed. A great saving m room ti d rent. All the bed.
teads when closed torn a beautiful p.ece of furniture
for • parlor or sitting room.
BOOK CA:EN—A nosy and useful uncle for parlor
or drawing room. „
WRITING DkNhir—Per Iwo offices, eountlog rooms,
and other °dices; when opened a moat convenient bed
stead, when closed a perfect Desk and Library Mono
is isible.
All thew articles need no recommendation: the
:reality of We whole Is, they are warranted not to got
out of repair. It will be for your lettermen to call and
ammo .the articles, at the mwufactrwees crew, N°.
93 Third area, Pittsburgh. In addition to the above
against Isuga.
they a"
ALCOHOL AND PURE , 14111111,
Comm Front and Aim Street., MO.. 13 . o.
ORDERS from Pettabasich for Alcohol, Pure Ephtts,
Hay or Reedited Wtoskey, will be pewit . , W
ooded to at lowest market One. Mettly
E ad Tabit
Covert eat be found at W Waimea% Cum Ware
teem, et roamed prleea Call std UAWme before
purchasing elembere. na•l2
WE o aro nUtes7:l"',.l'sZwlftg% the
I m re trinkg'{Lo'r
e r than such goods eau be ad el . where , this eery.
`We am no sties hs bleaching., Lb;
n o t the Roods;
oar object being to prodsee sada not for show nly,
kit for comfort and durability,
.atte sa such they re
ceived the t o premium over all other roods .cattibit
ed at Ike late ABefflteuy It_soicultural Fur.
For sale at the Blanket Depot, No. 56 ?Sestet ot; and
at the mare rooms of the Fayette hianafacturing Co..
No. Ile Seconds:.
Blankets of oat Mailtaaetare are geld In Allegheny
City, by Mr. John "Mae and alao at the .Two—Big
Wtsidowg,* Federal g. oetl6
Massless& Woolen:I;oasis&
THE subscriber has on hand, (received the presen
1 5c....0 consigned from the thasefacterera the (el
towing Geode, whteh he is authorised inclose at price
30 Pieces Tart wide Barred Monet.
0004nrirs White Bed Mankera, ribbon bound, six
oar Js w the parr.
1 use Sapatra Steamboat Blanket., ribbon boned, a
ery superior article.
4 eases (WO pairs) Grey Mired Blankets.
50 pair. Dark Gentianella Blue Blankets, a very ea
. • or article.
!Teases Grey and Blue Blanket Coating.
,40 pieces Tvreed,Blenbenville make; I. cue assort
ed plain and barred leans, Blanhavrille rimnorretory.
The above goods am all consigned direct from the
maker, and Intl be mid very low for cash or approved
notes. IxtYll H. LEE, Liberty st, opposite Sth.
II W . 000 DB I NEW GOOD 1141
'AZ ens ant or au RID eau retn,
651 Market st, between:dad 4th, Pittsburgh.
WM. L. RUSSELL, No. ft Market street, between
Third ad Fourth, sign of the big golden Bee
Hive, h just commenced receiving and genie*
WlStrr Dry ever ollfge l lgy ne II d o Fi'n'allts
burgh, All of Mesa fortigtrgoods have been purchae
ed of the importera per the last steamer. from Europe,
and for echoes& of style ad beauty of design Lae un
surpassed In this or any other market.
The &made and staple department will also be.
found complete, and cheaper than at any other home
in this city. The abscriter would here respectfully
call the utteauon of his ammoas custrecrin and all
wishing to buy new and cheap goods, to th e prices
which will no doubt arionish them, being determined
to sell cheeper than the cheapest.
'Good dark Calice, only Scants per yard; .
Ben quality dark Calico, fast colon, 8 to le,
4-1 Smash purple Pntuk, fast colors, 8 to lit
Heavy Bed Ticking, from 6 to 10 eats per
Blacked Maslen. geed quality, 5 to 61 per yd,
Best quality Bleached !Hahne, I to 10 pa yd.
Heavy yard wide Unbleached Haan, 5 to 54;
Good red Flannel, from 11 to 25 cents per y';
Good yellow Flannel, 15 to 25 eta per yd:
Good black Alpaca Dom 16 to 2.6 per yd,•
French Gingham* tram 10 to 15 010 per yd;
Irish Linen. at prices from 25 to 1,26 per yd.,
Ranee ad Kentucky Jeans from 121 to 56 cis;
Makings and laseys from 154 to 31 co;
Fleecy Domestic Gin h ams 10 to 121 elk
Crab and tapers, a ll prices and qualities,
A g easorion . elo h f i al t ! the newest k etyles. Tibet .
Lapin French Thihet Pleri c nos, thefinest impairted•
Rick Camelion Slit. , in al l color, and qualiben
Bleck Amara, ben quality, plaid and etnri
Black Gros de Fame, all widths and quaintest.
Lupus's line black Bombazines, beatuund goods;
do beat Preach Nermok black and colored;
do do do do in high colon;
do fine French de Lunn*, all wool, high colors;
Rich Gg'd Cashmere* beautiful goods, very cheap
Dotted Swiss MmSna , for evening dresses;
Broche Thibet Scarfs, lac Importation;
Bert quality French Kid Gloves, all colors;
Moaraiog Calm:tares and de fall.", all pricer;
Ladies embroidered Neck Ties, splendid goods,
Ladies finest amitry French linen Hdicfr,
Belting Ribbon., a full assortment; -
Worked Capes, Collars and Cuffs, m great wring
Black and colored Crapes, all qualities;
Brocade Limns, iu all colors and milliner,
Mohair Canaan figures, rich grialk
French Cloaking., superb goods, high colors; '•
Also, black Brunel Luce, all widths and prices;'.
Black silk Fringes, wide and heavy, best quality.
Together with a large stuck of white Goods, Swum
/seam and Mull Mali., besides a very large -and
superb stock of Fall Bonnet Ribbons, of the latest Im
portation and 010•1 feshionable styles. Many of the
save goods have just arrived per the last stestaars
Gom Europe, an are worthy the attention of the la- I
_ -
A splendid assortment of Shawls:—
Super extra size French Long Shawls, best imp'd
Super extra sire Long Broche, finest quality,
Superb quality Long Pliud Shawls, rich colors;
qua i t
square plaid fine wool Shawls;
Bichand heavy extra-axe black silk Banwls;
Rich camlion changeable szlk Shawls; ;
Super black and whiie all vrool, long Shawls;
Super extra sire Lang and Sq`re fifourrung ;Rawls
Parts printed Cashmere Bhawlt, in great vanety;
Tinted " all prices I crel'a,
Mode embed Thibet " heavy silk Irtnge;
Black " "
Black and mode colored heavy clod. Shawls;
Aldo, emb'd Thibet Shawls, beautiful goods;
Highland pPd long and mere Shawls, very cheap;
Mourning Shawl. and Semis, in gnat 'ninety;
Also. a large lot of plaid Blanket Shawls, from 7
to e2,uo.
Together with a full supply of Glove?, Mitts and Ho
siery, with all articles usually kept to a Wholesale
and Reull Dry Goods House—all of widelt will be
" 15 Re W me d inic e r ' the st ti o 'i nZ ' No. 62 Market Erna be
tween Third and Fourth, also of the Rio 800-lhor:
where b a rgain. ean at all numb., had. •
AILBUTTIINOT has comamncen to receive a
Hoods llia"gaebn7eTen7lrocklak7l l oolen =l'6lora:el
Tribe; cloth, mous de iaia and blanket Shawls - , en*
mere, worsted and woolen Moan; Nape and linen
HdkEs4 eihr and satin Crawara and &Wo Gimp. and
Fringes; Irish Linen, Table Coven, email, Ribbons,.
Lace., bleached bu n t colored Muslins, Tabby Velvets,
Pate Thread., neweng Silk, Limon', Gam Sunoco
.der., Pins, Pereitsvioil Cap., Almanacs, common and
gold Jewelry, gold and silver Watches, Combs, pock
et and table Crummy, and many other goods winch
country and city Merchants are respecultlly Invited
o examine. spar
MANUFATURE and will keep on hand PenniY .-
and Steam Boat Blanket.", DOISICA tie Flannels,
blue, bmwu and drab Blanket Coating, Satinet" and
Woolen Yarn ' which they will sell at Eastern prices.
WarehauseNe. 112 Sewed st„ Pittsburgh, Pa..
F 2 2 .2 ,7, New Henna, Payette Cu. Pa. sunk
E have Mai:received • huge and complete stock
of CLOCKS, Variety and Fancy Goods, smite-
We for the fall tr aif which, ith every description
of Looking Glaseei ' manufacture w d at Oat own steam
power shop in this city, ern mak the attention of West
ern Itierehmta and other dealers.
ertMit comer Wood end Fourth ate
A RE now receiving their usual suppliu of Goods
DA for the Fall season, which they will be happy to
exhibirto their old eustomera, and as many new ones
as may feel inclosed to present itieniselvea.
Always taking great pains to lay in such goods as
are adapted to the wanton( tbe Western mule, which
long experience enables them to do, they can say with
much confidence, and without eutering into a deadl
of their stock, that the Western retail merchant will
find with them all that his customers regnire. Those
who have formed the nnprefittible habit of repairing
oo.khe Eastern rides for thikir stocks of Dry Fiends,
weed do well to call, as a candid comparison of pot
ces would in many eases result in the conviction that
the expense of going farther mopbe tabulated by boy
mgin Pittsburgh. sptl3
R. MURPHY is now receivaig his first Fall
aheadb li a F s i , P o l p Y e * arn s' rtln e p ron 7.l4.°?bl'atd
fal styles dm fall PRINTS, warranted fast colors;
ant neat new style Fall
Alpacas and Mohair Learn s; Ramat fled and striped do •
Parmatm and Lyonese Cloths;
Of the most desirable colors; and a toll supply of
bleached and unbleached Mash., lriati Linens Man
chester gingham, M., at northeast corner Fo am and
Market sl. Bayern are invitedin call and ma-
ARE now renetvin r g ;wry Imp, Mack of treat.
XL. Goods, of recent penctiase arid important/now/nob
they will sell to the um& at each {Meet as cannot fall
to give entire aatufaction.
City and Coutury :Ambito. we utvited to call and
examine our Kock before purchuntg elsews—
. eImRECEIVED and now open for exami
nation, a now and splendid upon.
mew o( 7 Octave Pianos frotetChwg
enng" Boston, among them a ' full
carved Louie XIV. ordered for one of oor citiseos, who
has kingly permitted a to remain to my ware room to
day (Wedoesasyl for etiolation. Those who mop have
a deaire to see aod hear this aplendid spec imen of art,
are reapectfutly invited to gall w del at the stare or
Agent (or Chickering's Pianos for Western Pa.
LilfillT BATHS FOR ONE DOLLAR, or a single
Bath for Sateen cents.
Ladles Department open from 9 to tl o'clock, A. M.,
'and 2 to 3 o . chwk, P.M.
Atherneum &noon and Bathing Eatablishment.
DIO T. APPALL, Proprietor.
JAYNE.—This certifies, that immediately after
having attended my brother, who died of consumption
in March, letta, I was taken slek with the Cousumption
or Laver Complaint, and veto reduced so leer with the
disease, Mat for four year. I was unable to attend to
my business, either at-home or abroad, being for tie
Moat time confined to my bed. Doling tne.above peri
od of time, I had expended for medical attendance o
r tiElg a' swa r tiZt ci reTeire d g m any edi° bel'efi w t ttrefrom * !V
JUly, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne's'lfledi.
eines, and have attar them more or lam ever aiIICC,
and believe that it area by persevering In their me,
that I can nois truli ray that I have completely M.,
erred my health. believe that Jayne's Sanative Pills
and Expectorant are the best family medicines now in
I reside in Springfield, Otsego bouncy, N. Y., and
entry on a furnace and machine Mop in that piano,
and am not interested In any manner in me sale of the
above medicines, and make thin certificate Mr the ben
efit of 111010 alined. ELIJAJI EATON.
Sprirtleitt, N. Y 591.16 164 d .
- la 4
AIMRE & CO'S Daly Erprom is now regularly de.
Hyena( Can and Shell OYSTERS, winch are of
d to dealers and ramifies at the lowest oilcan
Quality animated equl to any brought to this mar.
kat, Lud for tapirs
J.C. BIDWELL, Art, Water
Also—At the 'alluring depolu—Rels &Buser, car
ner Smithfield sad t3ocond aA F. Heuleton, montli•
Mercer & Robinson, Federal at ,Allealwar. wad
I' M
ri.„llna ofNICTLIN /HAYDEN being dissolved,
the undersigned will madam the Forwarding and
Business at the NMm beat landing,
FRANKLIN, and respeetibliv Worms his Mende that
he as gone to the eaperise of a heavy latalum on
the warebonee =I contents, for mineral years, and
Num he will give entity sansfaathius to ill who may
=time him.
caul He will metre
XVII. NO'. 112;
K Sellers--Dea r loft I feel t l is er a L daty fame
the'poblie, as well 'as lathe media ofpp_ Lbws ,
to suite the aced trilyn• predeeed by tocw1:"
mi owil cue. Doriag &entomb*
newel!. my oppethe felted, and nor Ruh entirely prostrated. with mum peon' PRO' - 4 S
, coat told by reedlealineallietMY
wu r mutt of liver complalaL lOW=
sal boreS of Allan ...Ps Liver Pilla and atiter
which I Wee told was' good fer that disease s bat ether
all I coat getting worse. I finaily concladed :opium
myself under the ewe n physician for belsepor
worse; bgLitorttmerely, rut at this Alma [was told
by the Re's .I. I , ublock,of th is place, that a Mead had
sent him a LOX of Sellers , Laver Pills time Pittabarlithr
which had be
f l hire very ameh. I fintheruk
sent for a box nf your Liver Pills, and by the thee I
was done lioulg them, I was wished that Dams yea
the medicine that suited my cue. Lunt kir men,
and took five or siz boxes; and Mud meolf almost
entirely cored; but in March IMO I ea wW • gamma
cold, which timight back the disease, and Ina short'
time I was as bed as over. I again had_recomm to
year Liver Pills, end took them every other Matt for itweeks and occulonally since, and I can noway,
that I can now say, that I. feel lime if anynerPlella
of the Liver Complaint, and my emend health b "
good now an it has been for the last 10 yews.
My neighbors ask me who wee my doeha.• 1 tall
them that Sellers! Liver Pills was my doctor, and by
the blessing of Divine Providence the mums of caring
me. I ant confident that when the pa da become at
gradated with th e colon of your Laver Pille, the de.
mend for them will increase. Many of my nelthbcder
to whom I have recommended the pills, can testify to
their 'aloe, as well as to the facts above mate&
Respectfolly yours, GarnosekUntath.
To ens Prente,The Origin 1, only tree and law;
nine Liver Pills am prepared' by IL R.'Se &cm and
bare Ids mune ramped in black wax upon the ad dr
euh box, and his signature on the outside serener.
1D All others are comic rfene, or beselorlustions.'
sine: IL lb SELLERS. Proprietor s fa Wood as
GAUTTION marnt.a.
A me¢ by the name of RUEL CLAPP MY engaged
with a young man of the name of B. P.Towmaad,tsad
VACS hie name to pm up a nursapmilla,..wideh they
call M. Towasend's hat,
marilla, a
GENUINE, Original, ate. T i na Tolrst d eerl= l
tor mid otter Ira., but was formerly a worker 09 rail
roads, muds: andthe like. Vet he gamma the tale .
of Dr., for the purpose of gaining credit for what he is
not- - lie is sending out raids headed uTrieks of
Quacks,. In which he says, I have .old the ogee( my
mune for 47 a week. I ail{ give B. P.Townsend
of he will produce, one eln,ele 4ilitar7.4loo( of this.—
Th'le teal caution the pobile 001 ID he Materna:44nd
parobase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
Dr. Jacob Townsend`, Sveapartila, having cm it the
Old likeneas his fatally coot or unwound hisaig ,
nature eznhse the coat of UM- -
Prim cum.' ?tried, ID Nunn R, Now Yariall•
OLD piovircia,
OP Tax • "'
Old Dr. Townsend is new mime 70 Fennel Weekend
I has long been known et] the AUTHOR. and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA." Belem poor, he .0 00.59.1164
to Iniutlts manufacture, by which means it has been
kept out of market, and the Well eiteootznlbed to
these only who had prayed tin worth and known its
value. This Gem. ago UNIQUIJALI PILMALTION is
manufmtured on the largest scale, and is called the
throughout Me length and breadth of Ma land.,
Unlike young le. P:Townsend'e, it improves With
age, and IleVdi changes, bat for the boner, Gammen
ptepared on scientific prinmpleaby a ooloatife SA.
The highest knowledge of Chemistry, and the latest
discoveries of the Art, have all been brought trap rte.
unbutton in the nisiainauture or the Old Dr?. Sanwa;
villa. The Sorsottortils root, it to well knowaln med
ical men, contains medicinal properties, a ri d some pro
perm, which are limn or useless; and othee, which,
(retained ui pparing . it for use ,• perdue fermenta
tion sod arid, Wh ich tojorina• to the, syoutot: Berne
of the proporsteo al SaroapatiLla are ao. volendathal
they mutely evaporate and are lost in the prepera
non, if they a not preserved by — racimtiete process,
known only to re
Mom experienced in. its manutactere.
kloreover there aololtle principles, which By oCirt va
por, or as an exhalation, under heat,' are the very es
sential medical properties of the root, which gives to
it ail it. value. The
is to prepared; that all the inert properties of the Bar..
.parilla toot are first removed, every Alder
,of becoming arid or ot fermentatinn, exUaete4 end
reicuted: then every Particle of metheal virtue is seem
! red in a pure sad concentrated form; andshas it Is
rendered Incapable of losing any of its valuable
healing properties. Prepared in -this way, it is taws
the molt powerful eq,ent in the . • • :
Bence the reason why we hest iMootendatiotut on
every side in its favor be men, woman and ehlhlren.
We find it doing wonders in the care of Consumption,
Dyspepea, and Liver ComplninL and t
ents lthetunsilara,"
Scrotal, and Piles, Comiveneer, till neow Erar.
nova, Pimples. Bloffib., and al/ affections urine. (rem
it possesses e marvellous e ffi cacy In all. complaints
arising from Indiriltion, Horn Acidity of the Stomach;
from magma circu l ation, deterudnarion of bk./ to th e
head, palpitation of the heart, sold feet and eoidihands
old chills and hot Meshes over the holly. It hu t
h o d
Its equal in coughs and colds; and promotes easy gentle perspiration, relating ad,-
turn of the irpute, thresh and erely other part
Itut In nothing It Its excellence More rnanifi.l), seen
and ante/swirl:red •hau in all kinds Mad stages ef
It works ighth.tit. in tram of Boar Ilbal Or Whites,
Failing of the Stilinemett,orrain
ful Menses , Greg - elm sr of iliornenemal pert.* and
the like; .d is effome... menthe all/brume* Use /Ed-
Uey ins... By imeht:s.,..,,-.ffilractions. and HMI.-
the genes*: system; I"
tho *hole body, and cure. itl,rog
and tNERVOUS DlSEAffilit .sN'p,
it MHz/ATI:-
hus preventa oi rclicve4
se.ea, or Spinal I nitatirect, , ,,:i; ... *
Dance Swooning, Epileptic Fl, 00,
Pal r ail uth ank Almon Too FaE4r. tom, ?
But r any vi these things be said el
send", interior aniele This young nuniffe
because of the Grand Fact, 'hat the one tap,
t,,...-h... •
of Detenoration and NEVER SPOILS, while the".E7
et DOE it mute, ferments, and blows 'the
couthining it into fragments;
.the sour, said liquid
ploding and doinaging other goods! Must not this hen..'",:'-:::C;
able compound be poisonous to the .*.tutu! Wk.!
put acid thin a system already diseased with acid!
What causes Dyspepala but acid! Do we mail knots,
that when food soars m our stomachs, what tataehlefi
it prods cest—thoulence. heartburn, palpitation, of the
bean, lever complaint, diankka, dysentery cha p s end
corruption of the blood? What tsßarefulaint an acid
humor in the body? 'What pra4utea all the Mumma
which bring on Eruptions Of the Skin; &Malls.,
Sut stheum,Eryilpelas,Whlte Fevardlerea,
.d all eleeratibna internal and external? It is nab-
Mg under heaven btu an acid which:soars,
and thusspoil nil the Maids of the body, more Or less.
What cau.oithedmatain bat a sour mid thaid,whkdi •
insinuates itself between thejoints and elsewhere, in
tooting and inflaming the tender. and &limo tisanes
u pon which it acts! So of venous dioceses, of ,
oy of the blood, of deranged eimulations, and nearly
all the ailments which millet ham. muss.
Now, In it not horrible to make and sell, and infinite.
ly worse to use this
Oa a P.
and yet he would fain haVe it . NSEND! derstood' that Old la- •
cob 'Pownsend's Genuine Original Sarsaparilla, is an
Imitation of his inferior preparation!!
licaven forbid that we should deal In Ms .article
which would bear the moil distant resemblanoe to S.
P. Townsend'. article! and which should bring down •
upon the Old Dr. such a mountain load of complaints
and etienthatio. from agents who have sold, mid pur- '
chasms who have aced B. P. Townsend's Fert.tudng • .
Compound '
We will it .derstood, because it is Ike absolute
tenth, that S. P. Townsend'. article and Old Dr. Jacob
Townsend's Sarsaparilla are hucamerido apart, and r.
infinitely dissemilar; that they are Unlike..., par"
titular, basing not one angle -thing in cowman.
It is o angst frauds ripen the tinfornumosoo pone •
balm into wounded humanity, to kindle hope, in the
desp,airing bosom, to restore health and bloom and vi
gor Into theer.tffid and broken and to banialinfinai
ty—that old DR. JACOB TO WNSF.ND has SOUGHT
and FOUND the opportunity and means to Ming his
within the reach, and La the knowledge of ell who
need it4that they may learn and know, by joyful ex
perience, eta smnackank. row.. ow.
For sale by J. KIDD A CO., Wholesale Agent dir
Western Permsylgama J. SMITH, iknalelhasi Dr.
J. BA/Hifi:ANT, Allcuberty; CA&SLLL, Villa .i
ward, G W. GARDNER'S...nit PitObloah. spry
Jay - nest ifixpaotorwats — .
D taps
thr mill pub li c, to avail myself atria opy
porturuty of pinny publicity to the extraordinary effect'.
of your Rtpectonant mymlf. Having beenalitieted
years with a oevere conh, hoc* , fever
and its se ...Mani dimes., and merited only doomed
to Wiser out a short but miserable , existence, dl the
fall of ISN, When, being More amerely,ratmeked and
Mislay remitted to all nay former remedies, and Et:epees--
script/0m of two of the most respectable physicians la
rho ucishbortmad without deriving any benefit, or the
consolation of ourvivlor bdi a few day', at .vmeks
fantiest—:when the lan gleanaaf .boye wad about to
vanish, I had reeonunestiled to me year Expontorant
and blessed by Mot Being who does all thing. In 'du
use of the means—sad eontrary r to the •XpeeMitiona of
my physicians and friends, I woo in a few days aolsed
from ray bed, and war enabled by the naeof• DOILIe, to
stread to my buaineas, enjoyirg awed better health than
I had for ten ye all previous. .
Respectfully your , , &C., JAL W. gang
Fourt For alle in Yittsbargh, at the Pekin Ti. Iltore,7lll
h Sterol.
oak,. or the D.1. , ..r..nutual woo
aniancs Company.
1. 1 1 11a1.131111111L; Nov. Sth, LBW.
T HE Board of Lamm. have, this day, declared a
divideso/ of TENTER CENT, in walla; out of the
profits of Me ConapatrY for the year eluting OW. 34
lOW, cenTficalcs for which will be batted on and attar
the first day of December next. •
Al., a dorsdend of SIX PER CENT_ia math, on tho
capital .ruck and scrtp previously issued, potable ma
bows. RICHARD S. NEWBOLD, Coa t.
novIU • P. A. MADEIRA, Aar, VftbtilE,_
elfirlLL remain open for Villiers until the lst Jump
ry,lMei Omura mud otter Refresh Maids soh
the 1141/10“ wall tie kept. The OR core.
ng a huge collecnon of tare end 'choice Plants,
will be open to ranters. Sequels
lint up at
short nonce throughout the season. An paumbes
leaves the Allegheny and or the St. Clair Street
ferry boos,
the day,
teiy latity b shy
(tern the Point, landing a shortituanca ab;rtliegiteg.
den. wiethimg spend Me ' , MU% will be •
accommodaud with a return Omnibus at le rattled,
P. Kept on Temperance principles, and closed Sc
.0 113 - WiCAIN
10011 ILlll.lBllo.3l,tjattia.
T HF: P4OPRIAR pplir
hp the d.) .
or w
etis 311 hOtlt 6,11 l 001 1110C1100 Iritil
74b 1.
- lhOreatpo.
WANTED—VirbiteLead Ken y .
scaoCoroutschik co.
• fk.9l3Voast
- Now Booki -- Z777 -- 7 - 7 -- ---
REZ=i RaFing voymedituam.,N4l,ili.,
Irmto at K4Alfr all naad,,irilleithAnh...'
with Cro ryone —^-,-
Bldanix the floyearnWZ ) .
- • . ttItISTOCKTON, •
oral aocaulldr . d sad nupa mem
. .
. . .