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At '1 FRANKLIN, Allontey m Lror,
' POD. PV,NNS. LVA A, St. Loris,
Li....alLula promptly answered. oetZ3-11,
, • . A ILNISTraiNi.. teCHOZtiat i Coosausereui Mere:mate
jab. and %kale. its Produce, No. IN Market meet
. deed
411•SeetTigla — A.11Weirkiii
CLl,Mailataelareta of taula
Ask. Bleeehlug Potedets, llotiatie and Sulpharle
War, Louse N. —Water areal, Se.. Ferri.
mom nitro, SOl4l IMITSIT. -
• DRAW e d tigiTER, Wholesale and Retail Wog
' ..1.11 pets, trier of Liberty and Si Clair loterat, Paw
bugs, mayle
Claa I K. S. SWAIM.
DILOWI; Gingers,
• and Laov,ws.ou 31erchanu,No. 143, UtOOI
&Vs . .
• I.' " -1 'b p
° 7 1 ' ' A . 4%7i I . r TCP—
.l;:ag'ss' eoLer,Wocid So ld
iltiltXLLO at - Liw, Third as,
‘,./ In door above Otetthbcl4.
U. La.
N 0.1.14 SP ttlalE STRIXT, rtuLADELP.IIIA.___
• (10:4TINULD to give his parocular attetnio . o . to the
treatment of thsescrs of SKIN, PCIIOI. ULA,
asul Diseues of the Tlt kOAT.
Ogle. hours: P LI . • u, and P D.
JOH. a,: C. 14, w. 6 sIIiNSCIL
(1810 & SKINNER, Fomenting and Commiwion
Merek.ta,,No. 211 Mark et at, Putabargb., spa
Om * lttl r liaborwarding .:+dd=
Duquesne I,prlag, Azle. Stool wail loos
/WOMAN, Jr. Co, mannfar tun. of
! Coultand Sprtngs, Hammered
Spitat .d Monet Iron, Re. Wareltou. on
Water end Front oreets, Pi.barga. •
Also, des.. 0 Cottehilinuanga and Malleable
Cutlrga:• 0002
- nu.
•• (Lase of New C ork)
0.1.-"9liCittake iu erect, between fever. .d
N. &—Dueaaea °like mouth, game .d lietb treated
liontraor.a. ll /. • toloalloa
:' WIL, J. ROLM, JAN= J. Ilitr.llll,
•t EN03119/1 Ss 'BENNETT, (taus Ess&hah, GsdWimps
~..1, 5 0.) Wholesale Sinners, common= and For
histrehants, and dealers to Produce and PUS.
.ID7ritazmafiteniLres, No 37 Wood st., between 7d and
Iha mem .71 •
soma w. cam • Isms a TWOS
• CIEWLIGE W. SMITH & CO., Brewers,. SlestelS
and lisp Dealers, Pin at, Pttuh pt2s
. 0711Wiivaang
131" Merchant, No. 20 Woad weer. Pntabargh. myl7
. -
HABLILTON STEWART, tr.amtfactarer of Heavy
Skirting{ Mocks tr_, liebosea street, city of
iSbegbony. - - oovV.Aly•
11 LEE, 1.0, :r7,.c7FlTharplii &Lead - Wool Deal
er al.: Coiantinioo bierebilit, for the sale of
+.l.bitii.24¢ I.Vou:rio, Liberty. °poplins 6dt. febl7
yr. autm.D. U.:tll.lre.
a., f. *moon, sOwsiO adalS, i plat'
a:c. 111e1 . .016 .. 4 , JO= L. Wallna,
. 11L EALD ..: Ut t Oi OR., Tobacco Cosoltdesion !der
casow, 31 N.Jith Water at, RIO NorthWharvu,
... • •
; I.AILDV, & Co., (successors to Atwood,
S. ; COMlDlssioll and Forwitrdtug Mer
chants, dent... in Pittsburgh Alanufzetured Goads,
Yittshsait, V.. • suut,ls
tagimit rum,:
A f m ``.r s;1
Mec:m. a co wholeti.e e, .c:1-
mssdan mt, uddcalers Produe•
r, audiur Veva sures, Pitlabnlsh. novS
ruaa a, DiLwocnr. "IOLETII DLIAMMI.
DILW. METH re. Co, Wholesale Grocers, Yr* ,
J w . data ' end Commission Merchants, and Agents
Eat tho Elam,) Powder Co, or N. Y., No. V Wood it,
kitssburgh,.. . . sum
a t./1124 L . tifINNSEND, Drawn asa Apcurceary
No. u Martel. Kihret doors Oceanian re. Piro{ burgh, will have stantly on hind a well selected am
armament of thvbt and treeheet Medicines, which ha
WM sell on the moat - reasonable' tuna Physicians
Sending order., will he promptly attended to, and sup.
pad with anielee they may rely upon as genuine.
Yhpuciana Prescriptions will be ecearmely and
id prepamd from the beat any hear of
Ms oraight.
Also for side, a large mach of fresh and good Perla:,
• • ;nth
bEWELL,Counsellor at
•60_ , rtli share Smahneld. novl.l y
B. CANFIELD, (tate of Waren, Oido,) CGOISIiI-
10• 'sign and Famarcing Abraham, and wholesale
neater in Western Reserve Cheese, Butter, Pot and
Pearl Ash, and Western Produee generally, Water
Beek between SmithSeld and Wood, Pittsburgh. ap3
401 IN WATT, isueoessoisoßeirni A. - " Gar
41: V.lsplesole Grocer and' Commission lien hum
dealer in. Produce and Pittsburgh Matiefutures, ear
ner of Liberty and Bud streent, Pittsburgh Pa. Bc.V
JAbiai A.. I IITTCIIIBON, & Co.— to
Lewis lintehison A Co., Commission,
end Agents of the 81. Lou. Steam Borax rite-finery.
No. 44 water and ff front streets, Pittsburgh.
1 01114 t. Mmi • ' ,W. • I. ..". ...i. • 1., a• d
OD er lit Dye dirrits Pamui, Oils, V . . - &e., tio.IM
Wood Street, One door Sods& of Dimmers! Alley, Pitts.
_.=,. - , lent
iAll 3 M.y.&11, Jr., tr..t.liT.T L( . ..CC.Z.01 . TO Jo. 3 Phii . T
Dini •j hh. P._. ( e_ l “! . 4 l SP,,.. zlLw.N_er_zti.A,.. 9q._.
'tiffs - a. Mlli i rill, wholesale and !detail dealer
im Mule and &limiter hatrimorrits, School Dom%
raper, &Wes, /Reel Pens, Quills, Printers , Cards, and
illations/7 lienerally.rsio. id Wood sm, Pirisbruzli.
Areltags boaght or tisken in trade. mold
JBCIitiONALUMI7. &Co Wholesale Dream",
• rio. . 'cod t ' ' •• . it.
JOIIN D. DA.VlB,Aacdooter, tartar OM a/WI Mood
Street., YllO6lOlO. 'ecl.9
_Booksellers, rriuton
and.Poper Nonufsemers, No. 41 Ploskot
band. I 1,'• , 1
daddy:co 11.1410.0 n non.
I J MN 01•07. ....-..__
J'l" 18 FLOYD, Wholesale Unioners G0[8a11.6.41011,
. Merchants, arid DeVors in Prinbace Round
Chunk liaildihr, fronting on Liberty, Wo ol and dal
streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. myb
lamas *DALZELL, Wholesale tirocer,Celanhamon
V Merchant, and dealer in Produce and klataborgh
Mansfaeturets. Neon Water st, Pittsburgh. jahui
3717.W1AV ER, J, Wholesale and Retail Dea
ler to Foreign . Wanes and Liquors, and old !damn
gale, Rye Muskegs, corner Finland /Aug..%
I in
LIBB & JONI., Forwarding arid Connigealou
dans+, Dealers In Produce . and Pittsburgh mom.
ied asuelea Canal Basta, near 7th et dal
jiMatilF.DY, CHILDS in CO, Manufacture. of very
hsperior 4.4 glieeusga, 'Carpet Chain, Conon
AVM and !tan's. o3o-it
V. — osirrina Iron Work.. .. -
LEil7lB, DALZELL t Co., alsonfeeturers of all C.
see Dar, R&M, &elm Iron and Naas of the twat
quality. Warehouse, 64 seater and 11.4 front as
truly , •
ILioo, 11 - 6.3 WAN, Wholesale Grocer, Forera66.
. log asolCommisslou Merchant, Dealer to r 11..-
it. AclanufseF ront tures and produce, Nos. 31 Water mt,
fas , ,
1/11011•• /MISMT, • MA M. SAW T
15.1:11/111CDY & 9AWYE3,
140011aNG GLASS Alanufacuszere, and Wholesale
dealers in. foreign and dolt:wenn Variety (buds.
Wens merchants, Pedlars and others are invited
to call and examine the prices and quality of our stack,
als with our present increased in =malaria"-
tug and purchasing, we think we can offer as great
(neem.ftts to buyers as any' other house west of the
Aloarstains. ,jaS•ty
. C. w. WC/.173011, Zusbargh.
PILLEK & MCKINNON, Wholesale Glutei*, mud
importer. of Brandies, Wince and &ewe, hoe.
a i and 174, turner of Liberty and Irwin aueets,
banal, Pa Iron, Coact, Yarns, ac. at.
o 0
ail augl4
ao)121 "Mt - • Jo. LI. 'XVII. aril-71M C. WL
'KR eallsla k kOk.; Wholesale Wooers end Commis.
11.1. sion Illerebauce, No. 191 ',Warty et, Pulataugh.
MURNIY, WILSON'A CO, (lath Jones, Murphy is
Co.) ‘Vholeasle Detilers in Dry (loons, No. 4.1
Wood street, Y.lshorgh. noir.ll
ATATMEW Svu-5c5:4,1:1....u.u, b1i..,„,-as.„..
Li : ter. Roo; %, wow uf Pt. ..Office Alley nod
Youth Whet, enhance pi. 4th near M. het.
• , deefenti.
ifitgai - Vicarik - Ora . . --- CATOluis --- ZfrugFiCitiii
/s ibs{ sonar, J I. • tertaa.
JONIC/5 & avian.
IkiANUFACTUREJLS or 'pries and blister steel,
pbsitget steel, steal plough wings, roach and slip,
e shrungs„hamatered iron hetes, and &oboe In non
table castings, fire engine lamp, and conch trimmings
tkennly, comer of W. and brow sic, Patsb e nrge,
' '._._
itowarLs & &or+, No. 35 Market sty second
• riconr kom comer of Fonrll denler• fn Foreign
atiilDmernie Wits of Exelanage, Certlfienleis of Depot
.3, Donk Now. and Specie.
ACT couutiou. scud on all. 130 prpeipil clues
throughout the ,Unltoil Staten no!17
--• - -
AT Mommas —Oftett, Fonrat mt.,
JA • third doer above grolthns , s south side.
thinelaneing of all kinds done with the greatest
cite mut leg al accuracy.
Titles to Real Estate examined, te. oaMii.ll
; . U. T. uon•rts, 111. .0.,
R. TUALkile SURGEON will attend to tho treat.
mentor Diseases of the Lk , . ,
• . Leen engaged in ' branch of the mg;
4 =ncal for tea the tre ' age " nTorli b ar c ronre eye
alone lot several years.
Ounca and rsidence, corner of Sandusky af•and
glasvn.m , alloy, Aue g lieuy city.' eoln
--- gair.waritiiwig.
I)I3ODISCE, Gram, Manufacture and Real Estate
. Broker, Wheeling Va. •
• Crrlefer to 1.1/iekey k Ce, octlnAlso
:-7— # ll- bilicalitlifirli — AD Eebb - 17 .
LIMN trratxr, betercen . Wayne and Rand. bas
renungd kis professional date., ginng Inatrue•
son dm Ptano. Ginty, and in Vocal Mime.
K i- girrinfali4TollllL—fick. 7D Potinh
gl., nett Weed—A.ll quantities of Green and
Black Tem, done up in quarter,. half, and
onuituand package h ratting from 30 eta. per pound
Shwa /14 L. JIINIS, Alm for Pekin fu Co.
SI ROBISON & CO. laying saaoenned THOMAS.
Ilk. LITTLJE, Sr selth shoals, business, the Miele
.l. Gn...ri, Crodtee awl Cocualsaten Laziness will
be eaniinsed sensual wilier the Gnu of KOS.% L.C.
ila & Co. •
r.,,,,,.,,..,TTLE. CO., No. CH Libetly street;
p,n,,,,,,rgh, Wholesale Grocers, Ply:4llM, anti
Oelnlialaaion Nerohoils, and dealers In Plnabergts
K. N.M. ITO. LlThi- .16.. B. anima. _ ---- _
°Mak"-----.-5---161., iCriae — saue rimer, trectlf Ln
DOoller, dealer to Produce, Per,wa41,11.,,Z, 1g
orres,.and all lands of FO.-itn and Donwarie Wine .
"4 j A pars, Nu. 11 Liberty atrota_ Oa haul a se .
[arse stock of mucous old Monotralwr. w id.kj ,
'Met will bo sold low tor eat!. OUrar
I. 0. Kland&& I. I- Inn
sit.Bll.FX. Forwarding .4 c,...„,,,,,,,,
Merchant. , fuf the AlkEt..Y Wars Trade, o c ,j;
G ie etlee, Produce, Plusher& 11 artefacts,.
nod Chloride otTplore.
:Tom Wheel rm. , iu earl, paid at all tunes for cows
cy me. Comer of
,Pcon .d Irwin au, . i.cci
Chr DALZ/2..L /r. Co., Wholesale iirocerY
Cearadiatoo Lod Forwarding. , Merchants, dealers
ceeord Pittsburgh hiaanferrcoser, Libe
rty re
r a- ' Jabal
, 4 4.
4_..,. ,
„..: ~..!.._ ..,...... • ~
~.... c 'T ,....„_,..„),,,,„,,....••.44,,,., ,AL 9„ -it
_Q, ,_ ~._. _....., _
4k1 .%., , ,, ILy ,
itfl la. A. CUNNJNGHASI, Wboicsale
.➢cater in Prodarc Psusbur,h bliiguiactur,
, 44 I,lntne n ,111
S r it C tet K g L it i' and Iforne • i n
C lT D k i 7 y G U n iVo e o n'to
C . l -- ii - 1.17. - JIA.FIBAUGH, Wool illerchn.ini: Detnitra
O g In Flour and Produce generally. and Porn - ulna,
Cocogniseton filerchfuna, No. NI Water Pin,
...Latta 11326.1.0. JYNN NICNoix,
F.I.I.FAS h NICOLS. Produce sad General 'Guts
0 ouratnn Merchant., No. Cr Liberty at., Patsl , nrtth
Sperm Linseed sad Lanl Oils..
BONNIIORST:a. Co., Whotra.tir lirc
0 con, Forrrardiug_ and C,oni.misAion
D4.lele Plnaburgh Manufactures and WeSiVlll Pr.
egoi, hake tESOOVOCI tO their new warehanea,(o!d
No. tZ, corner of Front et. and Chancery lane
BEST, Wholesale Grocers and C0M... ,
)L e BEST,
and dealers. in Trthluee. No 35
14 nod rt., Pituthorah.
rc iloo L& s tc ,x crrr lcn raulles c al . e
comet . .M . 4M saPitorltLAct ma, Pittsbur rpet ill, Pa. prl
WINES,. LIQUORS 111/ d CI G AlLq, deal, on
hltinongabeln Rye Whiskey Ell Id Pittsburgh Al 1111-
ufsetures, comer of Market and First
Superior articles supplied at market rates. • tietSl
& M. ittiTcIiKLTREE.,
W U PILP ALE an G d n ?Kr .
ANTS. Also— lmporters of :la d
Ash and Smashing
Powder, No. IGO Ltherty mt., lopposne sixth .t.O
WO. WWI.. DAM %.,..01 - 01.1...
ICY kIIPCIAJNDLES, (successoro to L. a. J. D
'Wlek,)lVrtroresale Grocers, Forwarding end
Comattudoet dhants., derJers •in lino, Nods, Glow,
Cotten YeZis,,and Pittsburg[, Manufacture, grocnirty,
eored 4 of Wood and Wirier street... Ibtroburgh•
Arr. ‘ir.IVALLAckI, Mill stone and Mdl runnel;
IT ing establishment, No. 2.44 Liberty rt., near the
VIT' - ' -- W7i,Vbi:WiireLet — Oaecelr,,niver Ware.
TY s. tad Military Goods, corner of iYarlietond
streets, Pittsburgh, Po. N. ' ll.—Watehes end Clocks
esrefally, repaired. talc , /
M T BOWNComisslon mdFOTwording
Merchant, N 0.99 Front et between NVood and
arket Weal. frt:.l
R. 41.1/LPHY, Who/con/a
Foign and Domestic Dry Goode, north east
corner of bleitatand Fourth sm. ocgal
MP. IL 16'
trr 4 2
11 1 2 aN & Co.—Defilers In {ember Icy
1V 143 Liberty In.
lIIVLITOT6OII. on. - con . WV"....71
IA7 ic R. WCIITCHEON, pitman Groan, den
WV . tern in Produ“, Iron.
Glans, and Pats
burgh klannfaetarea galena Ina Liberty et, Pin.
burgh. deco
TIT W WILSON,..Den.Ier in Wenches .Jeiey
Silnpr - Wars, MU litnir Good:, fic., N0..57 Mnr
to atr.or7
--'---'- WfL'lroTrßrCT - 4k:.
Shop Rio/lAm /cc., N. H 3 Lamm creel, u•v•
/on rc•clvotl' Lbw SPRING STOCK of Ebode..' com • lama omortmeni co( snicks In ILO,' Ai., to
srl•e• ti• =Anion of plattmets is invited.
- R~TTIaB7CW-t-t CO.
OrrEc. Alloys M.. Au.. tr. Co.
oat= ' No. 41 water
— Li — te Ana*.
HE Mumal LIM and Health Insurance Company
1. of Philadelphia, Incorporated by the Leg lemmas
of Perussylvama, March, 1n49. Charter. perreluiti.
CaptralllllM,CO3. Rum sown TER, ANT I'AN,T4
Cosh..., and full 20 per Celli. lower than Me
eau ratea of Lao 'Amputee, 10 the following rom
p...on Will alum Thus, a pensott of the " co , 3,
nes for the for life, must pay to the Girard 12. x.--
Pennsyixania,e2.36, Penn 'Mutual, 61.7.• Equitable,
404; New England, 11326; New York Lac, 5V.,56,
&At% Lite ash healie s .Pluladelphts, SI hi,
Dascross.---Suuttel D. Orrick, Candles D. halt. W
P.Booae, Robert P. 160 € . Charles P. Hayes., Al! W.
Baldwin. RLId. Rem, M. IL Chita U. IS Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Barter, E. H.lfuSer, Edwin
IL Cope. *nidear.—Sarettel D. Orrick; Vito Pre.-
dent—Rob,. P, King: Secretary—Franca hlackburne.
Applications shills° received. and every inter-matron
. Chllce s Commercipl Rooms, comer of
Der37.sily .. _Wood and Third us, Pittsburgh
~ff.1:2.. INSIIKAIICE.
ISCOII . OIATID t 12•4..
Annear remltuns, Capital Stock, and Surplus Feed.
.1400,000 i -
This old and responsible Company continues t, G.
sae policies au the most favorable tones on Owe! in;
houses, household Furniture , Stows, Stock. of Good. .
Watchcases and content., hfill• and hlanufeetones,
he. tee., against LOSS OR DAMAGE 11Y FIRE.
Also, on Goods, Wares and Merchandise. agate.
the hatards of Imam, Thstatrorranos, end open the.
Cargoes of Sea Vessels
The Proteette
ai rt lamtranca Company having, , tea the
I ser ' els. s rar7tc r Ves thr old
o " u7tott thetbt''grer at tneaheir
British Provinces, have established a just reptilattop
for solvency and 'fair dealing, which chaltences cam
per/son. with any other inyttlanee elxripan'y on the
tool:them of Morrie. The tangoed extract nom an
articleeu the setdem of Insurance Compaatcs,'mk
fro. the "New York IMP Book," echtbus bnelly the
standbmj nervedy of the Cemprmy.
"The smomen' of the attelent and always' pro.-
pectins city of I:Bollard, have for half a century b•-en
1110010 throughoat the Union for the eve, diseretton,
rigid honesty,aild unvilyasuccess. with which the,
have fanned arid m corporation of Mus de
striation. No Hartford or Insaranie Company
boa ever tailed: These Companies have far, more
than • whale generation Pommes their TOIL. reur
ly every • Blate of the Union, and hove neve( to
pay the mnamerable losses which they nave tn.. rest
All leases arising upon policies L•olled by Mr ander
algeed, will be promptly adjusted nod pant at me Gen
eral Agency other, located at Cutemosti, U. A huge
Perttou of the funds of the Comps., rotelud mg .1
premiums seceived at the tVestera agettmesj is de
hooked with the General to
of the Connie.
Cincinnati, for the payment of Illestern and Southern
Losses. Apply to FAVE:Ft El BROWN,
Agent for the city of Pntabargh, sod for AllegL<lty
T4a Farawaylwasalst Company
FOR 171111.0•1100 071 Lavas •.(111s-Tritut ANNOTIrI.
THE hot Ufa Lamont. Company is the U
Incorporated klatch 10, ISLl—oho, to perpenta:.
e.p4al 85011,10 D—all paid in.
Having ardhonsed the undersigned to receive opp,
cations for inatitance, on which pelicans wit, he
according to their proposals and rates, which w,h be
inaao known to applicants at his other, No 00 Wood
streak • • spll OM COCHRAN.
wit,r,TERN 111811E11111A COMP-ANI
J. FINNIT, Jry Seel. I IL :11.n.tx4;
Will insure against all kinds of net.,
A LL loss. will be liberally mjusted end promptly
Joh., paid.
A Lome iantitalion--ottmeged by Dam:tars who are
well known in the community, and who are determin
ed by proommem and liberality to maintain Ma char
acter winch they barn gemmed, no offering the beat
protection to those who desire to be Ineured. _
Drtiscrolm—R. Miler, Jr., Geo. Black, J. W Boner.
N. liolettes,,lr., Win. B. Holmes, C. Barmen, 1,00.
,leekson, IV.. 11l Lyon, Jas. Linpluerns ?hoe.
/.itch, Jam. N'Auliy, Ales. Nimtai, Thos. Icon,
Omsk, N 0.39 WA/Cr street, (warehouse or homy
Co., up maira,)Pitisbaskti. mita y
- 12111RIIRA.PIC1,. '-
RANCE COhIPAMT.-01Ece, Nord. Room of the
Esebange, Third street, Philadelpima. •
Emit Dannimsem—lholdings, Merchandise and Other
property In TOAD cod cannot, Insured It&aint hot or
damage by bre at lie tamest ram of premtion.
Abatis laseutcm—They atm, itmarc Vessel., Car.
goes mod Freights, foreign or Comte/Me, Under opener
special policies, as the motored cony desire.
lath 0 TILLNIIMII247IOII.—Tb y also Omura inefthan
dire transported by Wagons, liarlroad Care, Canal
Boma and Steam Boats, on nears tad later, On the
mom liberal terms.
. .
DIRECTORS-4otoph 11. Pear, Edmund A. Souder,
lobe 0 Davi Hobert Burton, John EL Peuro+e, Damo
e Ed.*ddd ; G oo 0 Leiper , Edmond Darlington. Dane
K Da,* William Potent!, Joan Newlin, Dr R
GK. James C !land, Theophrlus Pauldrng; II lone*
Drool.. Henry atoan, liner Crag,
George derrirl,
SpoiserlA..jhAts, Charles J Jolunron, Wil
IMO MY. G Thomas, John Seller NIVm. Eyre, Jr.
4'"° Z&Z:r MARTIN, President.
RICTIAD 8. NIVISOLD, eC re tar, .
Er Mere of tho Company, No. Cr Water meet,
Pruab • b. Julardif P. A. MADEIRA, Afe.t.
TOE INSURANCE CO. or North Antenna writ
make permanent and limited Insurance on 1.10- W.. eity and 'Achill), and rn shipments. by
Canal, Blears, !alma_ and by Sea. 'ree proverb.. or
tale Comport) are well traveated, And furinati an avail
able feud for Da ample indemnity or all penmen. who
drone to the proutted byinatainee.
.ya WIL P. JONES Agent, 44 Witter rt.
The Franklin F.. 111.10.r0m, co. of phil a dd y ki,,
DMECTORN.—Ce.Ioo y. Boneker Thomas H a s,
Tali. - Wolper, Sorroiei. Dram, Jacob FL Smi th ,
Cieo.W Richards, Mordeeol D Loons, F:.
Bose, David S. Eroseo, Morris Pssersou.
Onus. N. ElProos., President.
Charles G. Banker, Secretary,
, . .. • ••
Continue to make Insurance, perpetual ur Incited,
on event description of property In secu r ity rouurry,
at rates as low 4100 =violent with .
To Company have reserved a large Canting tat Flll4,
which wi th their Capital and Premmuto,meely wrest.
e,odurd Maple protection to the assured.
The a..e4 0t the company, on January. 1at,1539, a.
published agreeably to an net of "Asserohly, were as
ralloirit a g g : nc,
$14.1.17,4 41
Real Estate 94,724
Temporary Loans Kent en
, Stucto • 51,:a1 as
CUL, Le, 3.+,2,01
161,3t1,4P2 71
&net Walt lllCOrporati., a period of It years, they
have paid upwards of aim million four hundred Mouse
and dollen, Rows by hre, thereby afferdnig cridente
cf the a dvantages of insurance, as well as the ability
6.P°""'" .l. ' ;ll7l) lh N P or
--mart.dly Office N R corner Wood and 34 em
Li A. MADEIRA, Agent at Pittsburgh for the Deis
o Ware Mutual Sslcty Lowrance Company of Phial.
adelphia Fire Risks upon buildinua and conrehandme
of every deseriPtiou, and Marina Ergs upon Lulls or
coves of vessels, takeu up,. We most favorable
uee Wareboase of W. B. Ronne. Pro,
et ar Mark street , Pittsburgh.
N. B, The =mews of this Compaq aniec We estab
lishment of the Agency In idle city, watt the prompt.
awe and liberality with which every claim ono. Mem
for lose ats been adjusted, fully wormut the agent tr.
Inviting tot confideuce and patronage of bb friends and
thewmanutity at large to the Delaware M. S. Nein
rweallempany, while it him the additionaladvantages
w institution among the most flourishing in Pluladel
phta—as hastag an amplepaid-ta capital. which by We
operatiou pf its - charter ,etimilly luerersaing,
yieltUng Meech person moire./ 14.. due .tturn of the
profits of the cotiVany, Iv - 11110M 11,01Vilif; Wu in any.
topcoat/41r c omp
and therefore' es immersing
the Mauna principle div ver,
ested of every obnoxious fee.
litirejand W iq most ammoia* fonts nevi
,1. ' '
►I 03 L S
LIGHT STREiIiA I.T I M 4111 r;
Tllll+ rhtablnttni4z and widely k lots, ,•
being one of the trommodt.• or
Baltimore. to, ref undergonne very at...,
rove ater... rod imperil, Ana nhre nen,
venng hnr been added. ening norer6.. rors
rlevning apartment, an.lirive boon, ro
'lh.. I.ndner - deparoue. ah.o keen eproete,
reorr,r natol ,•,„ • epic:..;
fel sty!, In inet the erhotaverment of th: Ilo,s,
hag heeu reu•oeteted.,en*ele eye on one parn u t
the PryPrmtor, toward, tinfoil mind plea...tre
end which Ieolloleto!y rtr.ert wri
vhallenee compariwn wig Betel in the Unt,
rhea table will &warn npphrd welt every rub
.d luzury lhcE ma sv rket offord, .rve.l
op in eiropertor ,e
eritiPze ],oi‘ or Wine. nr
they. v7lll not be noopan.ecl,
to coneluriou . he proproue n Id nay. hint
trill be ten unclor the:r and on the purl 01
arsokonnt, to render Our trovorttv the cononto ,. .l
putrontozo of their (rend. at public generally.
The pence. hoe board hallo !wen reclur..:l f„ the
loOolvotz rot,'
Lauhes' Urdimtry, per du,
13 .11 , t0tr Wupfll.qkls.,wtii xi.
fount! ekt Oar Vientsibu..l.tuntin.r•
•• convey bug, a+,e tl from tlar Hotel. rare
em.r!..._ m.r,"
COnnult or rovßitt Arm .
rtv-no.t LOt.
THE Bel.eriber ninny 11.0{111C" that
he 11..., opened h. tend exeenen ,
tor the leecaranodanutitritvrturi,
mil the public grnerally. nod ft nuturt.
are enttrely neve. and na ralolepetote ha, v hoe.
w render Al one of t.ttpt vonit.nnt:..e
rleay..t 11..1* In the etty. •
The subteriber ie detennitiellc,erve, thcrr
hire sottrits, n hate o! 041 , 4 c ma,.
. _
itt ,
caveer sr.. 111(1,1.11 rubs , ro-rm
I 'kYrt&ITE ino, &tat Of Otited SLt.,• 1,11:11
44.plack.. !1.1.
AA TrOlijsiEN: and C oon „sii, ‘.
Moser for the State of Pentbw4e. ttt
'lO Ilat I of Pittsburgh.)
4CF.P.l3.—Patsliurgh: lioni - orten t o iump
ton k Miller, Nreund:ess A MCI John h oar'. e,
sactle'it . sempl6. M'Coni k Kird, susEl diy
Li Fourth arreet, between Sniehl and Want,
•Ittsburgh, Pd juin
/O. B. LOWS - c
LARGE a Falb,
k TTORNEYS AT LAW, Folarttrt, near Gmt.
TTORNIW AT LAW —O - 21ceV01i... • Fv
11. tn. Smithfie I d eLL4 Grant glittatr rgh.
Bader, Pa 1
WILL also attend to caller liar. 4011 atter tt,-
neat entreaud to him to Itudekd Matt:run,
eountici. Pe_ -.lacier to
J. & FL Flo? d, Liberty
W. \V. lVeltice. do
lamee :11arolddl do nOurgh.
Kay tc Co_ Wood rt.
JT OVETIZEIL Attorney to Li °Moe :‘,l•t.
. oostte AL Charles lintel, vrtl;nlso
r..aeud pp
promptly to C.V.lections. in %V evon. Fn
and Greer. enuntier, Pe.
illascsuaelt. Ball a. )
.Church a, Carothers,.ktlttekul
D T. Noreen, oryctly
lIENILY, Attorney and Cstailet; . 1,3".•
lALGII.II3IA , Ulna. Colect tan,f,u •
and in lidlinna, and at Kentucky, prat, - sad rre- •
'tulip attended to Curatatsetoner (sr theme 01 reind
Sylvania, las tattna Ltcposinans acksledgment,
at.c. dte.
Ktras yo--Non Wte,".an d tlCket , lt
Cardm, ate IV=links. E
links. ta Ida: k s. tedd
Cn nurninn,
inntut.:n. .ttnT thr •1,. , t1,.4•33. 3 •
Oat, .OT.,{ Flnb and Wn0.1. , nnnn nug
44 K lo lord& Fang,
Vastrleuabli Illatt•r:a
6,rn-cr ,f Wood an.:
DARI 13-Alt r.,nuna pan' to on; R..
l:nn.:emen lei•• upoi. ,tbing Unlit, bod
Cap non, aur ratabinaw.ent of 0, a,st . I:.d
wuittn.s.l.llll7. a 1,11.7 nil nib!
I,4luntry M.ny purcbn,n, by tout •re
re-speCtfinly t: :_u t. call tut t.l.nainre ka.i.n• . n.
Nro' tun via'ann, :nal an r^ge..6o
and ?K.- erLII not •nfrr in rncninyn.en,n
hounc an Maude!paws.
4 CALIkt/IfISIA ,tec ‘, ,4•uul
Ca/tforatha Ilute jaa.t r^ecarc , l .!ad iorl
51 . Conit
..seta:• corner 4:n land %AI U.
riliP.9.l.NO-VASHIONS FOIL 164 04
vrlsl iutruCare un Sar,
Ilaie2l , M, Use tyrtng •11.0 114‘
Tao, in vreJlt ueut .41 taper/or hac, o
' '
L. , call at ,Orner and Wovd
0 has now op, n ntlpp:y of spra.g Ronne:
of new -, style,
n- styliiTed Neu, Lto:e , Laren er , E,J.,-
iusi,, Victoria do, y Marl.
, - e
lerre, eneerulle, . ,
ca i corner 0.11 4.1.0 : , ,,,,rtet e‘ree,
/ STC•Xt 1111. as
eII'AIN & SILL, liroircro. uud Pmuu,
0 tni....un Alerchura, No. WI 11, - t...1 et 1.1,11,,
Derti ,ll ut uiu..neroot. V. hen Kve,ttotr,to
lier.oy. Puri. Baron. Trager, hart. Coofor. Lt.or.
Tonothy otott , tetlx, Iron. 1,114, Woo., ot.Z.,
tot, Pottteulatr attention p.tot to to oti 1\ to..
11...r“0c5-51-nr.r.6 Myr, .2
et. S Co.. 51001. I. 11,..c. Ilalo Vtun. Sinith
nu. Klng Aluerw,ad, Pzqtrargl.
• 51'51i11,1., Jo, 1 , 1:•q,
ols, •, laic c,IS 1 4t.011. 0 W a a* Irj
ENEhAL. Coutua,won
lj mg hicigham.. ...Igtm .1. l'ttteburrhN
tryYtoinpi a.1 t ,3 SlVeri t, purr 11l •.
.1 hintk.of P.nrr
. . .
It wrzit Irr—rJotro %Vatt S. Co., W 11.4,11/
Pitoburgh, Pa.: La wron & 00010, If
07 John IL Ilrorsr. Sis (00 V.
%. .11 ,, tr
Phiisoclptma. IV eoodrr,to , . r-
Nacr, Ncw Ltsbon, ; Fr. r , lollne.. Hon CA,
C111C11111.14. J. P. lien., Voungrtorcs. W. L
car, C:rv, Lail. U.'
Cu su miratO; end B'orwerdteg Die rc
O. 11i WWI) sr., rinsst.Ttal.
I I.3NTINUE. - 1 izansuct a genern‘Comaoasion •
ft...a,. special]) pui - chasc and <We ol
tan Alate . .actures end Produce. and I:ereiring al
forwurdiur, liwril. eonsigned to his cure. A. Abu l ii
the Innuleglatrea, he will Decoftuoinily oupplicd
Ole Fincipal article. Ti Pittsburgh Alanufacinte
wholesaleprice.Ordenand coupiKnoieig
a, respectfully !ciliated.
Penn Insobine Shop.
Wl•inT3lAN—Masterectinn or all mods c 7,1
tun and woollen rtmeLnery, Allegheny C:77, Ps
'Chu above work:: Leine now in MI: 01. success!, op
erauoit, I monia-A tooxegete or(Cre din.em
for all kind. am of machinery in g y tn.s, nc...1 as wi
pickers, spreaders, cards, grroll,g , mar r,
drawing frames, speeders., looms, wa, .1
cards, double or tingle, for merchant or country w.rl,
indler,picka,tse.; slide end hand lathes and tools in mo
eral All kinds of shattlng Made to order, or plarrs , , v•
en for gearing factones or mills •t rffawmable olmme.
RF.7711‘ TO —Kennedy, Ch 4t. CO., Inackmiork,
king, rconnek h. , fa.. A tirey.
ITIo - nottgatteleLavery Stable. .
ROBERT 11 I'ATIMRSON be opened
i r k the large ramble on Brki Al,
n Secon out
d at. between Wood and Sh:n.l
Ltr,.,ln the rear of the Mono.ahela
arm. etturely new aloe k Horner and Garbage...l
the oesi ye and 1-Inraen kept at It,.
ry In the Lent manner. aviiy
'nit stews, boat A. MASON
, •4 no t
runN from the foot%
uI Liberty s: r, to the Gar- A
t V ot. .^t A. M
ut the beginnto.¢ GI each boor 9111.9 9 •
may felt' on boding the boat at thr hour.
the (:ardeu. the last up trip, al 10 u
The se amm 1. Let Advancing, and I:No.. w,,h.m; u.
visit do. ddllghtful retreat, now it t!.e urns to
frw hour, no:In t:e..nt.,ser And th, ,$1
o purr ottno•pii.rr, vrtitmett tutth the (mgr..
hews re-
All kinds of refrextorteinii,eseept litioilirnitiw drii,,,,
are kept iin the ;nem/keit. Weevil...3.e Piaui-, and
Ikniouels of choice f10w... for .ifie, i“o.iert 0,.
Jay. Ly . ..n IA 511'...i 51'fiLkiN
tirj-Chafige or lands:, mode or. account in low v , ..•
el .
jecgUE. •
'.._ 'NOE() H. :11ILTEN 11EICLIE It
ci. Li AIiNT,
Foruurdifig and Comui,•ion 1.. i•
1111, Lao removed to No. 47 Front,, t
and Smithfield iiirveta. OW/.
. .
• E have ,onie l'l, Ml's, in., un un 1111p(1,1• ii
plan,. na not in 1r.,. In the lioldr . .l wealfirr.
I,rroisi wanting nigh iirodes, err inviica to rn /1 a ri.l
cc them iit
inr33 I, t.ntwren W 0. ,,, Unfit, 14-
Siam Brick Works Co. Sale.
, 1 , /1 E suhsenbet oilers for solo, the SFEANI BIM 'II
1 WOR.tih, taunt , La wr,, , eville, romprhuoy n
Steno] litigine, 2 Boilers, II Mould Machine, cut pubic .0
umoulOctOrlng ,tIAN. l're..e,l Ile Ick s toot of thv,.cli,,.
es taken Irmo the intolt,, per dm), with ittree •thu. ..I
ioint on the Allegheny river, on whieh ore 4 lila, und
shed, sunetooe nod clay shed, weevil. mows, true..,
rhove;s, spode., tte ,ovcry tnlng re i
quisite to row
furore operttO . .ns at no hours 0000 e. Poen. ncluding
the tmtrot 5,110 to use ',aid machine, £—lrrom of
pu, went moor easy Without the Innd. SLOoti. rot
pitmen':nu, address HENRI' MKICH Err,
our4ulit No 11, 31nuonguhein lbw..
Bk. 1.1. Aff li IliltiSSiio frAT DII.I •
AA FIILTON, Lien nod lirtus Fountler bus re•
will and cosouirored hushes. at his old stnini,
here he will be pleuYed to ore W. old etlitoit,
and friend,
Churth,Steunboist,untl Mu. 0( every' ~ i ,, from 10
to lewd pOttlids, fast Irvin protern. of Orr inost upprou
ed models, and wurnutted to be of the best material.
. „
Mineral Water hanlim,...Untnlers, ll,ll, 4,,tr.c. ,
titer with every vatlrty of Cattintp , , seqnir..t,
tamed and 4...U.1in b. nent,..l rn
.. •
F. 15 We nolo nroprtetor of mat• Arr
Iml Vry so jun., crleltrated for the reduction ttf
Inc". . .nrtonctY hones and . ...MN/MUMS
con Lao had of litrl at Uit tionr,
ot. u —ntonit ,ottunn of Itritttitoulac
13RINTINI; I , 1.1:14 r e .,,,„
Bo o k .uperlo, xructe A•norted flzav
On band. Any elite nnaue to order et ohnjteet nollec
oal2 c- lIILL, 31 W. 3 .1 mti
Dissolution of Partnership.
I )1 . MUTUAL C't sS.NT Vat day. :ha g
11...) aisting of It I.SII!'ll:t.1)
Sas been hy Ilcnrl Lead, .e:
h.: came •aai hrtn to A
, a,atonaretta wail Li,' hra: nu-WI lo t. i.ea
: rr "-111 be tattled toy S. 13u ,
atatarto.d to mate n.: and
C/10.1.1. 111.',11FIELD I.I.:ADV.It
I VAL-harsh, Vet S.
R BUSI t IFIELD .tc otttll ettitinttirt th
anlet,te ttt ,,t retnti Dr, t:oo.tttt attil Grocer. itumttrh
hhe old more rt..tnot, No, ?IR Liberty ht.'s:ht ., tit,.
will he rtletheyth
avr their It t leitti% utt..l eit , tostiu
La:. h._ It t trt 't , ,o , t tr Rood,.
S II RU•4111 7 1 CO
. .
••• • .
rir. purme•vhit , of the unersi,,,,l, muter the firm
of 11,1. y n timuh , WM. d:A , O:Vra ~.utu
ehlt F.epteeole, IV. Barak,rcha•mg
11 yin
interel“ 011. H tqlutti, who ,eurci. pu t••ek
~.I the firm wat be ..ett:ml by their puere...or. Wm.
Hug:dey tCo t. and IVmel .1
l'ut*burrh. ~ '49 ISAAC H. ,Nirrri
l!O-PARTNKHS1111 . —Wot. I, ‘”.
, riff him oi. 11. Woodward of l'ioladotploo.
JOOO S Co,rovo and Ralph ~ f l'oo , orCb.
conuoue l:r000ry tio•ole•k.ut
and Wood go undo,- the ono of
.. • .
writ RAI:ALEN .Kh.
Dt•solatlon of Co-Partn•reitlp.
brretaCorc exuaing tho
WCOI Browu,&Cullen
wx. ,I,ntrcd on thy kt by mii,oul r ens
M.ll. !MOWN.
httxburgh. t) i. 5. 1..19
r wall contowe the V.' hole.ale
; . and entumir-iuu, u• heretofore. at the old
wand : 14:, wt.
— A r it - Tticitt - ik7niaTcd
WORKS, are now prepared 100041 a ettperlor
articleuf Soda Mit and Martutte Acid. Per,orta wish:
purthro , either the shove article., are re
quired m on ISAAC WALKER. N-a. Fah
the articles herare pure
N —The Soda !LIM manufactured at the.
ts greatly ruperinr 0, fly other brom:ln ,
market. ar2l
A fellT., aCTVICIN AXI, MARKET. Prrrsorn.,
JNTINUE to msnutuetur. ¢II litk.o COPPER,kJ TIN AND stlEgT IRON WARI. ALSO, Itittek
smith Work.
Stets:nth:la. bud: to order.
. .
:nread attention oven to swam boat work.
Hun on hentdo n Coe untortment of Copper and Brass
genies, Tin blare, Ae. A v Steamboat Cooking
Portable Forgen, vorron• raze,— a very convenient or
u<le for' steamboats, Cabral - tun <noncoms, or rail road
lNe would respectfully mane swam boat men and
others to call mod MC our artielet and prices before
• — Disaalution — Of Paiinerihsp.
THE coporinerthip of HENRY HANNEN ft Cri •
lormerly Hamm", taller Co.. to tho Window
• d Colored tilset bonne., ta ails day dierolved by
the withdrawal of Mr. Frederick Moller.
The buainess will lie continued by the undersiened.
under the firm of HENRY HANNEN Wow -
home No. Kit SCCOllai at. where we will
sapplies of superior Window Chita.
Pittsburgh. Aug. =],•7J HEN rex 1. , 711 , Era IN
THE underrihnoll have this dal' associated ith them
in loratneesJAColl L SCHWARTZ, told will eon
tome the boners. al heretofore_ under iha firm of
Ja!y l?. late,
partueeelitti heretofore einiting toaster the fowa
o A./cf. URA is dissolved LI the ileensv,
117. C. awhile, Thr IMPII•C•6 aril: tie earned on by
a. firtdfry, who will sett!e the hosiers, of Vie tow
111:-MOV...1, —A. has removedtat,
Warehouse Man No. la !Second .ren. tis No 19
wsioil street, lietweeit First a./ Oorniid Wee,. the
warehouse lowly °reggaes! by 9: A Limn . where he
wttl kerp coiistnittl) oti hand General oasoftsaegit o'
Castle's brews. Buoys, rnoYtoe stave,, Ac. iy I I
tell F. ete.parttLeretesj. heretofore rioting the
I, the :elver 01 L'otveleeble. I.3urte I.
C,.. nes, deey_hetol reel by mutt.: reenter. Yeeee•
Iter.tee . wae . e . ll:e I:ec hu-teleut of the ml•
for whlqb purry,r Ellcy coo author. .., toe,. ..tee
ol the cot...ern NATHAN' K 1 Ce. , ISTABI
EIe),II.ND 1.11:1111E
The undei.qpir“ PMOCinted
hurn.. oi UCH k 11AHS O F.Z. .r thu y.arpo
. .
Ay .1 th r e .14. d el I.le Atm Lt .
Imre they te.,. tee teenktd teem', the 1-.1.
trt the euytott.ory th” , houge nett thnr frtemlo
Ett , ILTNLI Iltalf
from ram of Conam.r:r. llome S. co.
; •0.1, mrarrammal .11eart...
IMrara. tt.e-vaorm. aca or f ra , ati• and Pn'n ,
I lEAltiftl'llY A LEE tho.
4:”..1.c.,d I , y mut.,al cua,lc-rn The leueleeee 01
e firm e.,,,ketl
It. Lea. J. it.- MURPHY ,
P,:t,..berete,, I I-41. 141.11,:..
u..tterelgeed ml. continue the W. ~,a•
bu•nrene Lunt attend to an. rune of Woolen Good,
..nt old .I.ena. It 1.1:1".
In rrtlrtne, from tne firm of Murphy Lce, I
.4 /n
q rent picsuic rrolnalending II Ise w .
vo,fillence or ray trwokt. and the publ,,g),, J:111 J R. .Mt RIIIV
44 414:2 4 41.1.A11:.,- 4 A
4 olio., 0401 tlbort Ito.. %Var. 444441.0kt .. .444y
A 1t1001. , ..40411.4., to so or too:lat.-4. 444 the o:41
...tooti of M. a. 11 Aroo . o, ttrre, rem V. .ad
fotooteo . x , YU {0•t43111,111, WWI(
1 Vl. uo• J svnt, the
t•rocrry, I.r.Juc, anal
tythCe Jc z 1, , 0 rtn vf • + • lli LIN'.
.'.. .1 S utLwowni
t,l-49 • .
f e EA.I.S II IP— Wm Voungloarlng tn.
all LIM, JO.) IL M'Clunr.
tbrr lie l•a
-.1 lit nralter cand•Jcted untlrr
Iran og Wm yOOOR co tVILLIAM
lie =val.
IA 1I by removed in No 0
COSIOLOICIPI Ho,. boo, lorrnerly oacuptrd
Marna Oruza• Who. 1.,,1ft1f be Lapp) to ac lu. Irleltdi
and .0rm , ....1 0, ab , ortAi
JOAN U. 3CCILE.A , Pnntlne Ink Manufacturer.
t)No.. :rn and .00:ST.,:non•Irect. 4111217—1. ,
pot No 3 Sprocr —Would call the alumna., of
Printers to 'lns ann.'. wed Fooling Ink. rd
'lt‘da and o•ders
Eltra boo Jot dltek for Card and Wood
Cub. • • 81 IV and 'I CO pa,
Fl.ot. Boot tilt
Bona rk •
New. Ink u lo n Yu '• u 73
FOO. 8 , 1 1nk707 I 00 I SO •• 2no --
Bloc, 1100. Green add Whne 7.5 c 100 I
(.0 d ‘II.- a' 81p, in end Bronze lb ot and
• ptr or.
A •
•peenrneu Of !ww• Ink can be .ern o, tlO.. paper
l'inaburgh, Pa.
Morgna t Ca. Colcinnali. Ohio
Mortal 4 Gr.would Lonksvillr, KT
GROtte pastfront the Philadelphia l'hetory,
art ricedent art.c.e for readcrtag Itootg and Shon.
perfectly water proof, and cloth
(lire ap,lteat,oa of this Porte i•matemmt to make the!.
troperrtour watEr for two mouths, and to a perfect
ioeventative from Me leather eraelung. Sold whotrJ and retort at N. 5 Wood st.
Nodern and Antique Furniture,
FJ, Titian Smear, Prriaaraan.
A Large and splendid ... -- solg% ,
k . apartment or Farnham s,ta. '
hit titearnhoats. . I
st Hotels and private owe;- • ' /
hug, constantly on band and tliiiile 111 order.
The present stock on hand exd,ot be nice:ll , ll:y ,
.ity mann Artery in the weern country I, rsons •
wishing to purrha, would d o well to rive rue a call '
i.s lum determined toy pnces shall ream, I'.l-1 of . '
he siock consists in—
Tete a 'rear; Iluffet Etaneir;
Lour, XIV Chairs; queen Elisabeth ellen, I ,
Tea roysei,
t run Teta,
Toilet Table, • 1.01110 X V etii“nsotli.7,
French Mahogany Red.teudic Piano Nook:
50 sofas with Plush and 'init.:loth curer.:
i tio 51alioatoty Reciting Chairs.
in dos Parlor 41,
mo '• Friary
' 4
bles; .
f ' "
, centre Tame,;
.... pair Di,anti 1 pnir pier Tables, !
10 marble top Dreaging Rarest,
~ Wardrobes, sSecirtartc. And Book ce•ts. niarlde top Wash blond, . .
1 pair Ot•ninuis,
I• s pair fancy Work Stand.,
, A v..r large assortment of common chnir. u Oil 1•,1...r
. fi r. laltril 11. rialllll,ol.l. 10 mention. l
.",-- Siesm llost. furnished MI th e -Igle.) nowe
i.. 1 on tot most reasnourileto tin.
Itophretgeo Feller. for Ilydroot IN tetei. i
THIS is to e.. arty that I ha , — in.'
I.iVIII,ItiI, 11,iegen , co.
. Sob: Agents for .h .• tt s leet Jet..1.40'..
4 Patent lhapralicia Filter , tor the , ,1 i
tics of Pittsburgh and Allegh en y ~
!Of Welter 51 1.11,..t0t, , 49 Dodo. ay !
N. Y.
Oct 10, V. 1
Ve barn neon using one of the above ert..-1,-. a: Os
offi.r. of the 7invi•lty Works for three month, 0,, trial, ,
and reel pettedly satisfied that n i. en,. inv..iii ion,
..1 e'er° , pleasure in reconundulnik nano ns e n•e,
Inaerve le to al( who love pure water. Orders swill be
thsakfully received and promptly executed.
,eau ' 1.1 VINGSTON. IttshON & ,
Itover•lble Pitece - Inet Cook,
I L . bl o e v.g e
~i i e . r s.
b. 11 ,. r , h , t4 z o,. r Lis ,, l
C4\,;- k ,.-..7,1`.`0`.•,1 : ::".".' 1 7 ° ':f0 i,7 .i ., ': ° ;:i
• o - --,abets It pa.sea an hour threw). taut
filtering cock, idlOW.ii lorue del:m/0n
i m pure .nlistaitecs, wonn•. kC. This
In tie ease mote or Ifl.l With it;1.1rd , . ,,, water.
Tke Reversible I , nterd It tic , and darn bier
and is
not nth:need with the inconsonionce Inc d ut h to 416.1
IVitt:sera,. it in He:toned Without heie ikthe ~t t r „„
to ~,,,,, lq u,ercly 1011111 IF lit key or ham%
fronton: side to the other . lip this eery prtiresa, hea
:name or watt, IA changed, and ..0 accuinlatinns rh o
impure substancen are dried: el almost . Instantly.
without unectdoong the Filter. It also ism: aces Its
.d,,, L ,,, f „, ~,,,b,,i,,, cock, sad as such in many
cass. will I re eery con•cnient and d'onomical.
Olean be attached where there In any preasure I.IKh
..... a naak , tank, tun. ke. 7.e, ~...,_ Tn 1.,,i,i,,;
A, tt • • N%llthON,
...I the sole Agent,
:ell: corner of Fourth and Market ht.
For Coll fortalwa.d„
11111 celetraterd,l.t/tord.lll. tr , ll ,y , in k egs, hotlt
Asa .' q 1 S'llliNtroßTll & Co, Vetoed et
Chocolate. Cocoa, Sc.
w :late,'. Arneriean and French Chocolate, Preps.]
e, Cocoa, Cocoa l'itte, Brogan, Cocoa Shells. &e.
tit it /111C1,1,11. and ronsinnrra. who would ',archon
! tl. ~..t prodtieti of Cocoa. free from adulterallani
manor+. than tea of coffee, and in quality unto ,
~, •,... an. iio , -eriber recommends the above arbeler,
. ~..tvii,mred I, httn.... f and stamped with his name.
.• • (Ireton , - il (~ e t: i Pasta as delicate, palatable,
driiiiti for inynilds, mmvalevernta, and
•• : -., orr
red by tar moo eminent physicians
o: to ,iny other mrparattona Hu manufacturer
:,•, Own, eiii iale, in any quantity, by the most re
.i. -ill ,
groccri , in tile clamnt etnev, and by then
•;, ..,... haws., bray a_ co ,of on; litotes 31 Rance
liar:ford. Conn: horsey .k. loamy, New Volk;
(alio , hum, ibmailviobia: l'n nos V Brundige, 8e1tni,,,,,
tni ,, ,,, and Itelloat K Kronen, man nazi, Ohio.
‘l',l:YEll BAKER. Dorchencr Mom.
I 'or -nb• ha aught lIAGALEY fr. tI3IITII, Ara
, Wrought mall Cast iron aailing.. 4
1 r II 1 1 1 f : ' , " , ' ,'; ` ,:. th .7, " .: b n e ..5 ',cr. - me `Suelf.Ta t tr,Tt h r., and
Pa4ouniible designs l'or Iron Railing, both for houses
ii. , l, cetueteric, , Peraiin+ wiahing to procure hand
, ioihe patterns win please call and examine, and Ige
ioritticniftives Roiling will be furnished at the sit rt
e.: olive. ithil in the heat mannrr. at the come of
i',di awl Rebecca Plire.. AI scrimp city.
- _
W. & J. GLENN, Uook Binders.
1171: are Atilt engaged in the above ['toil..., corner
11' of Wood and Third street, Pittsburgh, wbiro
we are prepared to do aity work In our line with des
patch. Wr at:end to our work nersooally. andgabs ,
factioti Win be given in regard to SWAIM. o[ll.l du
/haul Books ruh . .,l to any 'pattern and bound sub
...Lint/any hooka In ausubor. or old book,. bound cure-
T.:lnr repaired. Nantes put on book, in ph letter*.
Thor.. hove ork in our lIIIr are invited to eel.
IV, 10, 111)9ltf
• -
fi r e r r oc our enare ,ock to e. IL 011,11, with
j . n virer elowite our o,ll,u.inegr, we hyrehy so
lo .t tor bon the patruioive of all our ineuils sod out.
I'al.l.l.ligh. AlO. 4th,
11. Whr.:l.l,:rocer, Comm Wet. and
Farw.thng Ner avL.':o.4l %Vat., ht.
SoAles, Cooking Stowell, O , be.
111 A ESII ALL, W ALLACE CO, Round Church,
In cornet liitutrty and Wood streets, inanulacture
oat, fur Auk Plattorru, Floor and Counter Reale.,
of the nintt improved qualny; Conking :hove, for wOod
ntyl coal; Egg Rtoves vanotts atrea, Parlovand
etunnort Cirutua, hollow Ware, Re ke. They also
manor., the Aachen Range. ',Ouch hirs given such
general sausfacuon to tame hartug it in use, to all of
which they would revytecifolly invite the attentlona(
the rinzens and the public generally. oct2Tviti
A v :5y 1 A c 2 0 1E . 11 ,,, T n, ? ..„ 13 , A
° Cr
,i (} ,7 7 n e y s u n= ii . b n e , r i
dealers generally, to Litt tUiIOWIL9I brands TObaCcos,
LI, morn as al to arrive, which being consignments di
rect from manufacturers. ha is enabled In tell at cast
/CU. prces . .
13ii bin,
is Crenshaw se,
70 I " lames Madison ss;
al / Lima:tine ss.
51 1 Idirabcau Sc;
4 Penn 54 and la,
15 I Sinson 55;
5 Oscar Earl 51;
Si•• John. ec. Lewis I.;
.1 1 Warwick. aunt la, 'I
45 1 " Henry & lame+ Sc. Is and S.;
tetrtl 5.1 i I.VATERNIAN
rate Maclaine Work. and
JOILN Co. ere prepared U 3 build Cotton
end Woolen Ainehtnery of every descriparea, such
113 Cord.; \lnching!, gpooong Frames, g.pcedere.
Dreging Fram-el. 11.adveav Wypera,gpoolers,
lfreaqiug Frame , . Looms. i'dmd Grinder., fee. Wrought
iron Sharang tut add. all outs of Cast Ira:l.l'olms and
[auger! aril, I am-t penerns, slide and hood Lathca
and too loof alt turd,. Cuaunga of every . de.eription
..11111.,1 on snort notier l'alterns made to order (or
armg. Iron Itailtntt. Ite Ream VII, (or heat
., Factor:lr, t. alt I ton W.m.lovr Saab and fancy Caa
tNcr c War , house of I.
. I.iionet) vtroet. crtlt have prompt seen.
1 Co, J K Mo.fireheitil
,If Waintrr. John Soft, Pittfiburicti ;
J if NV 'triter rim,nv We. . waU
„ , , : ,, rf e orm on
F.toral . d rtteet, lie;
pr.. o.r . mak Lag a.: yte pr,purrcl recrive order* ior m Cnor.Ve,
.!ta trr rk . topl. from their
ta.• trier I...wee. the work,
111 Lay.. they 1 , , . ILey /*re
to clo wort on the mo. r.l.6oaarif :ern, with
co—: arum! mg tlll.ltl It. the u 1111 ,
1 . .1 kit, IPA:11 , 11Ni or the •riretton of
tt.rm., rim, •ton .antr, it.ty
lot :1C•IiIill011. 1.11 W 311 3 ,1.11, tool, wort. We
tooo Ilo• put.l,c ill••
N 11 (Incl-000 .1n... the be , ..linanner, nod on ntlthe
too.o re,ooalorjaahti
•Vo Corl'O.N IND Wen)LKN 31ANCriarre
i RI'IL 4,onirnt• tor vou.
•oo.ioy ol PAC row. FINUINt.,.
prooo Co Rol, Lace Lea
, • I' Reeds. Slontiro, !hoop TIVIlle l'regoller
to strippoef
1,, -1 Dr.y,r. Itrutlars, %Vcaver. Irrosh..
.1..1 N. WILSON a CO.,
wyliry a co 1.10&Intr&h.
r t V;e1,1,-r 4 Forreur, 1534:-
1 I'La. 'I , I, itml ry I!..npheil & Co 4 old
rum 1,40 r. Purr Juice par-
Purr Jiacc, threti:, Cob
h, .i.:d .11.6 Cr w.e. are ociebra.
led zor Ora mica.: at vropenkro, and eau km &a:l,volt , -
the WI:, ,tore of
rpm; offern (or sale a large and ripletztlia
j. ao,umnesitof rozzeurizod and malbigany grand Ac
m Pian andandza - Ltiouz Coleman, celebrated
AbLban naelLment Ib. atiirve ~,,warr
anted e equal tiz anz inanu.iii Lured Liz our
r Las brodirla Irmo the
So 112 wood et,
GI rbeLcarzeive
:alien at par f.zr •few Of
hardware-.otieaper than Evert
WILSON & linporterk and Wilolosikl•
L, • (limier% in flioniwnic, l'uticry nod Sad,linry, No
• %Vow, Flikh,litive now on wire • very
and sciccicil stock of litirdwore, imponed the decline or prier • in Encore, unit which Obey
low !ilcroliwalk
• o ' anye n born the habit Olio., I , ...ct,ire portico
iorly r‘li look iiirougli our omit, 0.
we tory will ctivi: their ex-pence*
jj 011.1" at theIIALT 11
\h:II'BUS FON AND i6W 0R1.F.A.N44
1 on: MEN 911 wholesale end recall stores, and °the ,
r. •p.etsLie t.a.ine., to act an Hoot-keepers, Snleh.
men. Porten, Un,-peepers, %Valtrer., Farrar, Coach
men, CU Artll,, hook 9.01.1 flap Ag.ta., Collector.,
Overseers in all t•ranchrs of bustnc., On. We have
a, ail tont, laree uu tuner of good •Ituatious unhand,
p a y lon to 60.101, annum. Those in
ww. of Aituunona of any Itlnd would c do well to ow,
•• a ail.. we have alto.. ut each of the a tow. f -
1.11, which wVI et:Ohio US to pilau ever., applicant in
6 stinahon at the shortest none, We have •
ne,unintnnee 19 an the above , reined 'cilia's,
0,..10 ttu,t enable to ,tire enure *awl - .
611 who 1.101 favor us With a coll.
. •
TA \ liplt 9 'TATMAN, N 0.59 Suct.a.l
between South and Gay.
—llettoue ~v,i,g in any part of the U. States,
.e 1 ',ailing in obtain 5 el:wit:on In Rabin:tare, or
iuer ol tha ahusie acne. , obi have their veal. lamp,
attended to 09 odd reaainit ua • Il•ei (9 9 . 9- e•Id)
eu ther curintl bola trouble auct ex.
pen, vris. :a ltley othurwi.e vro.ald Incur by cominy,
the Oily, budemploymentfor thenb.elven
Nu.SO tarcon4 etrect,
Boltisnote, Ud
Dr. !McLane In Tenn
1'1:15 to to certify that I purrhaord 000 Vlal of Dr.
.1, ?dul.ano'v Worm ripeetrie, some two months ago
Ade i'4lo4a 41 awn 0f Mine, some Scorn yew" Old, two full, and although the amount may ppeer
re. yet I hove no doubt hot there was OP.drdotof
1,00 11),IVIAND , Volt. ;moved from hint, measurixtg
nom nO.O quarter of on mein to two memos tong.
:r, ,n . .1.e.1., t . m.nt on. Too , Ike .27, 1r.:7 10014
kit i.p.NswAtcL NI AN h FACTUILEHtS,
rtrottnghrtm.tneor Pittablargb.) Dn.
hint No. 1.17, Wood sired, l'illibuogA.
slit -10, ILL euoatanuy a cep ozz h.tnd a good oloert•
. ,I.lniont cot Wert; of opt own manotacture, and
•"Prr" ,, lvtddi W bolo , rir'ond romtGY Nor
chants am respectfully Invtintlio call and 01.
v.., for thomve:vms, ea we ere detcrmlned to sell
cheaper thou has ever before Leen offered to the pub-
, irut 1 , 7 mall, tertornp•r:e.l tr 7 the eaatt Or
orntnollY attended to 11,716
r . 1 . 111.: LA IN rrcelved, a full aim:dune n
golddoel-klver Thread. Cord and Braid, also
and Iludion,tor rmbroldertng and other or
oar., .001 work. Al., gold ond rwee:e, Fridge
71 :clry 1.1 Ow Lora, (arduous, In great riety.
Aches of 4opertor quality and beautifu va l platen.,
:ld raid at kNoorrn meek 7% WILSON,
don- , Market and Fourth sir
j - 1 MEN r—.111..t0 from II 1 . . M Itttogitt
urn for I 1..0100t deporinteut
Prom II to II A. M. tool iron II to 5 I'. NI
It-oe•Moono suloro, urr unegtoOled Itt style
nte otolcr. , llceltrrcht I, Crum 's.
.TPA lA.. Ptorme:ne.
TUX zatN:4niktiiatt.
ril, of ihr pubili respoolmlty ha
` wing eertleates:
I lavll.g watodquantity of Gold
)out A ger.mrtur I find the re.tat prove,
, tpu , ourrecv, wed rocomtecial the tile of tt
I. gl,mg Cedforditt, as the
he ,l method for oh
ITO value of Geld. !ten, your•.
J. 11 V. Ikats - r.
I,..urgh, 1l arch
Prrrenue:g.ii, March 7, 1-.41).
Nix 1... a trro---Lk-nr Sir: I Inv o,g CJ112111 , ,,1i
ynor torn., I do of
tLr. 01 'loose ,cndnoton Who tic
ntwut rco.,,r to Conform., in r.e..i,tl. of 1701.1.
• • .
t 5 l'sly vs t appo.nnatioti 10 tlic specific grairl
1111, and , Ileertamly ennblo ilia adventlll.
io. hi, phiver a plehhi,g Gold
:`,IA Ittl1:111 tt i - /- 4 1T111:41:—.1tio leeelved for the
~, , I.xrdm ..... complete .opine!t of
tmto u..pner. rngutc . Irmo !6,54 to
Pll •P! pat. nett hnt nate at the
10,1 m Itulmer pm. Nu 5 Wood .t
oerMil '
Q . A 1/1/1.1.. I IA II NES: , ..IItUN IC AND WIMP MAN
0 CI - A , : subrenher lute. On. method
CI taw:mug bi ., 161114.% and the puhlse at general that
he ha. Ine larrept nark of the tollowntr. named aid.
cla•ol 111.. OWIt manuraeture ett y—findttlr liar.
Tr.ntke And %%laps, nil of winch an Win ...MA
to lan I/Vid. • of the beat Inuturtal and by the be..t mech.
anier tn Ath gheny euunty. Ilemg detertnined to nen
hh. taanntneturea aomething lower than has. Leen here.
tubule sole It) any sunlit., eatabln.onteut to the. may,
he would invite perrratu an need of the above named
rttele• to tar wareLoure, Nn. LW Libert) tarrel, emu.
rim rkrenth. ALo, bandy made to order ter Innetitne
ry. oet3oly
,2 Ili lIT arid Short llMt OF ESC MANG kl, pay •
able m CAllemnati, Leueorale and elt Loom, oar.
chased on lae 010 at favorable term,
apse N. HOLMES - Ir. 90N11.
SPLENDID assortment nut recetved,sumible for
Ac Pall and winter Trade. consisting in pan of
411.. M
.WARE, of every vartsty and style, end et
prices to suit the times Those withingto purchue.
wholesale or retail. will find it to their advantage to
give us a call and examine for themselves .
comer Fourth and Sodmfierd w.
11:7"Dont forget the place.
trISOF.RTS c u boat. - wervarnvi
• Ix recommend IlibberPs Writing Flmd to the cat
' rouge sat the public. as a fast rue article to all re
spiels. It Rows free from the pen without oblong
up, and in the course of a few b oos becttmetla deep
bncht black.
Wits Llppincon & Pon. R. A. Fahnestook & Co-.
Robert Moore. hletaaelian & Douglas.
Wick A McCandless, John Porker,
F. Wighunict &Co, Fullneili
C. A. McAitultv & Co.
For gale (together with Ilibbeel's Red and Machine
Cony Inge) by D. A. Fahoutoot Ilenry P.
Schwartz. AllegbenrCity, and the miumfacturer,
THOS. K. lIIHMIERT, Druggist & Chemist,
novl-dgw' cot Liberty and Smithfield etc
Is, inn ISTISMID nil
And t. now receiving fine isseortment of
%%Inch he is Limogesd to nioke to cede '
And in the latest Fashions.
Oct .15
- •
ACRES° FLANNIIL , —W. R Murphy has now
0 open a great variety or styles for Ladles', Misses'
mad Children'. Sacks, including black and black grey
for /looming. Also:
FRENCH MERINOS, of all the leading color , such
as Cherry, Crimson, Scarlet and Maroon; different
shades al amen and drab; black of ail qualities. Also:
CASIIbIERES AND COLIDR6S, of bright and plain
colors, to suit all sows, and at lowest cash price..
The particular attention of holes. is asked to the
large Dock of Goods in general, just receieed, and
which I n a great many styles of Goods 'hat are
Wholesale Rooma i _tizstairs. • noeS
red in. Franck composed of at few
Blocks arid solid eyes—a huge assort
ment, the best of the kind, always on
hand at greatly reduced prices.
ALSO—French Burr Mill Stones of
my own manufacture, nestle of new
and superior quality of Blocks. These
Bursa are made under my own superin
undance, and as great ease H taken to make the
mints close, and to base an the blocks in each stone
of a uniform temper, they are warranted to be of the
very best quality, superior to Mom imported from
Prascei and also superior to t h e eye's mass of Mom
made In this country, and at fetees lower than have
ever before been offered in this market.
Laurel Hill Mill Stones, all'sloti
Baiting Cloths, all titimbetli Of the best quality, war
ranted to give sausfactino to the purchaser, and at
greedy reduced price..
Mill Spindlea lull Irons, Screws and Maim, Plat
form Seale.. Coro and Cob Grinders; Grist and Saw
Mill castings of all kinds, and MIII Furnishing in gen
All ender, promptly attended to at 4N and MC Lib
eny stree•. near th., Pittsburgh.
manuA dm W. W. WALLACE
Plttolinargh Steam Narklo Works.
*T0.844 LIBERTY, opposite Smithfield street
LI Marble Mantles, Slonementa,Tombs,Table Top,
Lc.. a lane variety Of the most ...dal kind, made
of the finest quid, of fonsika and domestic marnle,
always on its. or made to order, by the aid of ma
chinery,. as shortest notice and at the towel. pit....
N. LL—:lea Cruntry Trade famished with oil hinds
of Marble at Use lowest rat.. All orders prordstlY at
tended to at HU Liberty, opposite Smithfield 1.
LULL'S Plasm Stone or Preach Burr SMUT 51. A
CUIPI6 Lie best mnicle attic kind in use; they
han lido:alma fast, do the work well. and will last a
ie ume. About *Mot them are in me, in the best
millsin the eriastry, mid we Dave the stotingait mato
ninny of magyistent pet...SA their supenority over
ail other Swat Idathines. Pm further particulars, ad
heir tho sahnortber at 044 Liberty Mt Pittsburgh.
_ .
Q - , TEANI /thin BOILERS—For grist, saw
ti and ether was, alwaya ou hand, or Laic to enter
very .hors non., and at the lanreat pneent. All or
der. promptly attended to at Sal
v l e b \ e v n( v n ,,
et, , aar
the Lama. nry3o
I t ar , , ,,y an a d t. other parprecs,
alte.ty. on hand .tYii
on luod, at al
rl Litiany st in53U W W WALLACE
(1 EINDSLIESTEds—AII sues and grits, always on
U. hand at 21.1 Liberty street.
MILD.) Imitate... under the care of Rev. f. GOP
HORN AND LADY, trill re-open on Monday, Me
17th of September, in the tame room, No. 52 Liberty
reet. flaring limned the number of their pupils, N.
Principals hope to merit • continuation of that liberal
patronage they have When° enroyed. Parents may
al ensured Mat every advantage will be afforded
mcir daughters, if placed under their charge, for obi
wiling a thorough English, Musical, and Oniamental
education. augMbdtf
_TBI? AUTUMN 111;N ri •i r in io o n f d, t . lr
,a ltio s fi4u , ti a ost b zril I
1 an .
Ramis on Federal gimes m •N.o . lousde Rom," Yd door
from the tindge.
Rail, ot toman rag swamis or mgMoms
English Deparunens Including Reading, Onhogra•
phy and Defining, Writing. English GMIIIIITT, Ramo
na, Imgm, Emil:ad Composition and Cridelma, Geo
graphy, History, Arithmetic and Me higher branches
of Mathematics, Natural Philoeophy. Chemistry. Al
moray. Botany, Phyliology, Geology, Intellectual
nod Moral Science, and aH other branches rem:dads to
a thorough English Editeation - • - SW Sr
Classical Deparunensincluding the Latin and Greek
/aAule , a,
The services of competent teachers a: secured for
race deaire lii action In French and Genuan, end
also in Drawing, Painting and !dusk.
It m desirable that pupils enter at the commence
ment of • aession, yet they are received at any ne,
sot ore charged at the above roe. from the time in of
entrance. No deductions are made (or absences, ex
cept ie cases of protracted illness.
Further inform:anon mop be °bunted, and applica
tions made by calling upon the Principal, at his roome r
on Federal street, or at hie lotigiegs in "Irwin's Row,"
Lawny street, Pittsburgh, between ad am+ nth atroet.;
or by addressing, through the Pinshurgb Post Office,
the Principal. N. W. Al. ETCALF.
Allegheny, Aug. 7,1€19 dtf
PITTSBURG!" rmarizic — isiervrwria
T a ,, E ar lie o c r og e. See d on l,i o n f . tkis l o rtil , thp o o e tt, th t:ide r r .e th n e ,
aeademle year, will commence on the first of recent
y neat, in the same buildings, No. 52 Liberty Street.
Arrangements have been made by which they will
be able to famish young ladies facilities equal te any
at the West, for obtaining a thorough English, CiaSal
mil, and Ornamental education. A full course of Pith.
lithphical and Chemleal Lacterei will be delivered
dunng the winter, illuatramd by apparatus. 'The de
artnienta of Vocal and Instrumental Masi& Modern
Languages, Drawing and Punting, will each ho ender
the cure alecompetent Professor. By close attention
to the moral and intellectual Improvement of their pu
pils, the Principals hope to matt a continuation of the
liberal patronege th ey have hither. ' , Wale& For
terms, see circular or apply to the Principals
Pc . ..snaps, Sept. IQ, INA.
M i l'lll :l ll7LU K lD l ZTa E v n e r nb7r D lreri S", V' m u rfrenl i t
a year, end or looking over the entries made by it, we
and the color a bright bloc blurt. It is pleasant to
arm, with, down free, and does not clog the pen like
the ordinary inks in nee. Wicking You the ready sale
its merits de
are, yours respectfully,
For sale, together with Ilibbert's Red Ink, and Ma
chine Copy lot, by D. A. Felineatock & Co., 11. P.
6ChWart; Allegheny City, and by the manufacturer,
T. K. Ilibben, Druggist and Chedrust, comer of Liber
ty and Smithfield me, Pittsburgh. walk
Wal [BY. Palen. /0.111. ROM. VIII. 1.1141 rt
PALMER, .114/44A4 C 0.,.
(Succemors to Mosey, Hanna t Co.
13 n Foreign raid Domenic Exchange, Certificate.
of Denoelie, Bank Notes, and Specie—Fourth meet,
nearly opposite the Book of Plusinugh. Cooooot mce
ney received ondeposite—Sight Checks for kale ' and
yolk...nom made on nearly all the principal pointx io
Inv United Staten.
Advances made on consignments or Produce, ship
ped EaLa on liberal Lerma apJ
P Sunman Janos,. Ist, IRV.
Pa!,u e10..-4mer retention Thliss i ze, .Hunasur,
Boot Cato, IVnting 3 e
- -
TAHLI 3 / 1 far surpassing every other
neutlon oldie kind now 62{1211- They can be ex. '
tended trout ten to twenty-sth feet, and when closed
the leaves are all contained meide: they are made to
all sires end shapes, and are admirably adapted for
Steamboats, Hotels, and largo private famines, form
ingSO when cloacd a complete centre table.
FAS AND DUREAUS—Theso articles are inval•
noble, particularly to those who wish to econto
boar room, and convert it sleeping apartmeni into .4
parlor or sating room, as they can he opened nod shot
al run Venience, and when that, the bedding la enclue
ed. A great saving In roomand rent; All the bed.
ends whoa closed form a beautiful yinee_of famitare
ter a parlor or sitting room.
BOOK CASES—A neat and useful'article for parlor
or drawing room.
W urn NO DESKS—For law entice*, counting rooms,
and other offices; when opened a morn comma rot bed
steed, *hen closed a perfect Desk and Library alone
All them articles need no recommendation: the
kthuty of the whole Is, they are warvis' :Ind not to got
dot of repair. It will be (or your linommo to call and
examine the articles, at the muleactarces vtom, No.
03 Third sures, Pittsburgh. la addition w Meador:re
LOWELL iflawroaza, •
Comer Front and Vine streets. CiAclnstaU, 0.
y‘RDEItS (rom Yntaborfih for Alcohol, Fare Spittle,
Raw or Rectified Wltakey, will be promptly nt ,
ended to at lowest aarkelyrice. cocht.l:l7
ing firm of NICKLIN &BEEVES being dissolved
, the under:exiled will continue M inge Forward and
Chentshmtion !loathen at the steam boat Jangling,
FHANKvIN, and iespectfallv informs his friends that
he boo gone to the expense of a heavy imofance on
the w•reliou. and COMMAS, for several years, and
Imam be will give enure satisfaction to all Who may
patronise him. He will receive freight at the Loeser
Lenaltht• °ale JAMES IXRYDE.N.
ERRINGS—e bbl. No I, In more and far bale by
11 00.8 STUART & SILL
WE are now occlvirfir from the factory * large
• • .apply of these goods, winch we are yelling low.
Cr than such goads can be had elsewhere in this city.
see no acids In bleaching, that the gond+.
our object being to produce pots not for show only,
but for comfort and durability, and es such they re
ecjod the first premium over all other goode exhibit
ed al the tote Flat
For ile re eix the Blanket Depot, N 0.56 Market et, oul
.Ihe rooms of the Fayette .5111111.1fileUlfttle CO.,
No. Dr cond
Blankets of our Manufacture are in Allegheny
by Mr. John Deo, and also at the “Two Big
Windows," Federal et octls
• •
Americo= WOOllllll Good.
THE subscriber has on hand, mr Pr"'
....,lOomagned from the maoufacturers, Me 1.
loenng Geods, wtoch 114 as aothonsed to close at On ,
very Ls.
3U pieqes yard wide Barred Flannel.
murs 'White Bed Mantels. ribbon bound, .1
pounds trillie pair
ease Wye's* Meatriboas Blankets, rdiLon bound.
very superior article. -
4 eases laripair.) Grey Mixed Blank...
50 pairs Dark Gentian°lia Blue Blanket, a very
perier article.
tl canes crey nod Blue Blanket Cawing.
40 pieceiTareed. Ettcabensille make; t ease sesori
maker, end Intl be sold .cry , low for nub or approved
notes. ocIZI IL bElt. Liberty •r, opposite nit
MEW GOODII XZW 0 . 410016tt
AT TOO eau OF THE ale 500 MVO,
SA Market at., between ad and 4th, Pittsburgh
M. 1.. RUSSF.I.I., No. 22 Market street. betwi—n
1 Third and Fourth, sign of the big golden Ike
Hive, has just commenced receiving and opening the
largest, cheapest and roost splendid stock of Fall and
Wisner Dry Goods ere. offered by one house in hi...-
burgh. All of these foreign goods have been porches.
.1 of the importers p.r the last steamers from Europe,
and for rielines. Of style and beauty of design are un
surpassed fa this or any ether market.
The deruesile and staple department wilt also be
found can:plate, and cheaper than at any other house
to this city, Zoe subscriber would here respectful ,
call the sttepifon of his customers, and
wishing to bhy new and cheap plods, to the •pricee
which will no doubt astonish them, being determined
to sell cheaper than tbe cheapest.
Goad desk Calico. only it cents per yard;
Best odidity darkCalice, fast colors, 6 to 11l
4-4 Botish parole Foot, fast colors, 8 to gr,
Heavy Bed Ticking, from 6 to 10 cents per yd;
Bleached Mullins, good quality, 5 to OS per ye;
Seat ormlity Bleached :lash., 8 to la per yd.
Heavy yar d wide Unbleached Manlius, stu
Good red Flannel, Cram 15 to 25 cents per TA
Grad yellow Flannel, 15 to 25 etc per pd . ;
Good black Alpaccs from IS to 25 per yd,•
French Gingham. tram 10 to 15 ets per yd;
Irish Linens as prices from 25 to 1,23 per yd;
Sennett and {isometry leans from Ilk to 50 ele,
Cloaking* and Lanseys foam 121 to 31. cis;
__Heavy Domestic Gingham. 10 to 1.2 k
Crash lad Diapers, all poises and
A gar,g id e:47ll=• ' h r l r OVra, " elt7 - o l ot ;
Lapin French Thabet Merinos, the Encat usiparted;
Rich Camel= ,bete, in all pole. and ;Italians;
Blank Armory', best hearing ; plaid and stripe;
En i* ln k rTEl6l B ir',3%..l%7 4 ths:t7eandugr,";:ils ;
do best French :Benno., black and emored;
do do do do to high colors;
do fins French de Leine., all wind, hicaeolore;
Rich fig Cashmere., nsaantol goods, sees °bean
Dotted decree "halt
for eve;ung dresses;
Bream Thibet Scarfs, Late impornaupn:
Bev quality French Kid (noires, all colr?:
Mourning Caskimerea and du nilpricey.
Ladirr embroidered Neck Tie,, uplandid goods,
Ladies finest quality French Iluen !NUN
Belting Ribbonaii full auorouent;
Worked CAT., Collars and Con, in great variety
Black and colored Crupeo, nil quolitirn;
Brocade Lottery in of color. and caul:nun;
Mohair Canieliou Egurra, nett goo Jet
French Gloating!, superb semis, high colors,
Also, black Brussel Lace, all smdtlis and times;
Black MIA frin• 00, wide and heavy, best quality.
Together with a large stalk of white Good., Swiss
iaconel and Mull 111aslins, besides a very large and
superb stock of Fell Bonnet Ribbons. of the latest Im
portation and most fashionable styles. Many of the
above goods have just arrived per the loot teamers
from Europe, and are worthy the attention of the la
A splendid iumirtment :shawls:—
Super extra 1120 French Long Sbnwle. hest imp
Boper extra site lons Brach, Isar, quality;
Superb quality Lung Plaid Bea en/ors,
Best quality square pima fate was' Shawl.
Kmlt and heavy extra SI. black t Ilk Shawl.;
Rich c oathon iltangrable uIY Shaw*
SUpar Mack and wit., all wool, lung Shaw.,
Super extra gaze Long and Su're Moo runty Shan
Pam prtntedSillUfTe Shawls, in pveat.vartut •
•` Terkert t' all prate*Squat'
hlodeetubed Thibet " heavy ailk ire„ y.
Black ••
Ulaek and mode colored heavy cloth Shawl,
Waite etnltt'd 71Obet shatvla. betoll!al read.;
Highland pi'd Inng and gy're *octal , . very ettear.
Alocrtung I. 4 llawla and Staff. in gcc.,.t varlet,:
Altto, large lot of plaid 131cnket Shawle, from 75
eta to 51,1111.
Together wit 4 a foil supply of Clones, )flea and lo
eiery, with all articles nsually tern in a ‘Choleinle
and Retail - Dry Cit.& linuse—all of which will be
9 15 2 1-7.e th me d m ei l y ier m taV i o 6 re, '"' No. MI Marko: amen. be
tween Third and Fourth, sign of the Bin frat-ILvir,
where bargains can all limes be had.
spc26:l WILLIAM". itussELEL
C. ARBUTHNOT bas commencen to receive.
large awortment of Woolen Comforts and
Rood.; Ilmkin, Berlin. buckakin and woolen Gloves;
Thibet, cloth, mon, de lain and blanket Shawls; cash
were, worsted and woolen Dose; Pongee and linen
Haft.; silk and wain Cravats and Scarf.; Gnaw , and
Fringes; hub • Linen, Table Corer, Crapes. Ribbons,
Laces, bleached had colored Tabby Veined.,
Patent Threads, sewing Silk. Batton., Cow EnisPea
der, Pins, Perens-ion Caps, A hi 11..., coninion.und
gold Jewelry, gold and silver Winches, Combs, pock
and table Cutlery, nod many .thot" gnosis which
roantsy and city Alen:hunts nre wspectintly dm/nail
o examine. spilt/
MANUFACTURK and oral keep-an bad Family
and Steam Boat Menke., Domestic Fhannele,
blue, brown and drab Blanket Coadne, Satmetr and
Woollen Yarn ' which they will toll at Eloatern pricer.
WarehonveNo llv See Powburgh, Pa.
Fltk.t7tliew Haven, Fayette co. Pit. Iptilt
WEhave just received a large and complete mock
of CLOCKS, Varlet? mtd Emory Gisida, volts.
Me for the fall mane, to which, with every desenpuon
of Looklos Glasses manufactured to our own steam
power shop in this nay, we ask the attention of NYC. ,
ern Merchants slid other dealers.
spt2o ' comer Wood and Fonsb ms
AA RE now rectOng their uscuti foaoPlifia Gow"
for the Far rseason, which they urtil be happy to
exhibit to their old:customers, andam many new ours
as may feel inclined to present themselves.
Always taking cheat pains to lay in such goods as
are adapted to the wants.of the Western trade, whir'.
long experience enables them to do, they can say with
much confidence, and without entoring into a Seim
of their stock, that the Western retail merchant will
find with them all that his customers reunite. --Those
who have formed the unprofitable habit of repairing
to the Eastern cities for their stocks of Dry Goods,
would do wall to call, as *candid compazison of {in
ce, would in many eases result in the conviction thin
the espense of going farther may be obviated by buy
ing in Pittsbu .h. sptln
WR. MURPHY. Ism w receiving his Sent Fall
supply of Foreign and Domr.tic GOODS, and
ha. al . ready opened an aaortm.l of new and beauti
ful styles dark fall PRINTS, +aura...l fat aelerai
and neat new style Fall •
Musim de Lobes;
alpacas and Mohair Lustre.;
Damsall fig'd and amp. do
Parma. and Lyonea Cloths;
Of the most desirable colons and a full apply of
bleached and unbleached Malin., Irish Linens, ;tan.
chaster Gingham.,/.., at northeast corner Founlimad
Market sca Buyers are invited to call and acs
sptS '
ILITAR GOODS.—Caps, Plumes, Swords. ; Sash
ill as, Epaulettes, Lace, faunas, Flags, and. all the
trimmings necessary to equip volunteer comparaes.
GT Volunteer erimpinues equipped as eornplete and
cheap as done In the Eat, at me Mintail Store, ear.
ner Market and Fourth Stn. \V Vi WILSON
I'. S.—The Debra States lbws and Tenor Drains, of
tern:Leninism make, fer sale and warrant.: by
spit W. W. W.
ILRE caw receiving a very lark ritri — ch , , of treat,
Gaudio, of recent purchase and importatrottwhirh
they will fell to an trade at each prices as cannot fall
to ow entire satistactian.
City awt
Merchants we 'twit./ to rub red
eraintna our gawk bent." purahaving elverw.-;
" Mfg
RECEIVED and now open for exami
MTnation, a new and tplendid assort
ment of 7 Octave Piano. from"Chir k
ering" Boiton, among them a Cul
carted Louis XIV. ordered for one of our careens, wit.
nu kindly permitted it to remain in my ware room t •
day i Wed
for exhibition. Those who may ban •
desire to see and bear this splendid spertmen of on
are yin invited to call so day at the atoll al
JOHN II hIELLAJR, d 1 Itiond st
Agent for Chickeringla Pianos for %Veatem Pa.
.rd Bath for, thren cents
Ladies Deportment open from 9 to 11 o'clock, A. 111.,
A 2 to 5 o'clock, P. N.
therthurn Saloon and Rattan, Establishment.
iYI6 V. APPALL, Proprminr.
uj JAYNE.—TIus cerufies, that immediately after
hostile attended my brother, who died of constimpuon
in March, 1042, Isms taken sick with the Consumption
or Urea Complaint and was reduced so low with the
disease, that for four years 1 was unable to attend to
my business, ether at home or •broad, bong for the
mast me confuted to my bed. During the above pan
ed of time, 1 had eXpended for medical attendance n
regnlar hour t ee and monocle. to the mount of
MAX, without tecemng any benefit therefrom. Ilk
July, 1613, 1 commenced taking Jas ne's Medl•
CITICt, and have taken them more or leo ever since,
and believe that It was by persevering to their the,
that 1 rkla now tool say that 1 J ay a
rred nig health. behave that Jayne's Sthauve 1 die
Expectorant are the best family medicines now in
1 reside to Springfield, Otsego county, N. , and
carry on • furnace and montane cop to that place,
and am not tnthrested In any mammy m toe sale of the
above mitheines and make this certificate Ivy the ben
efit of those atheteil ELIJAH EATON
_Springfield, N. 1 , 9 ein. 18; 9 .1
0 y 0
B B—DP:Vb.t7A`lrll,7.",,fcta"ldc..
ket and for sate by
C BIDWELL, Ago Water at
Alan—At the following deithu-'.Ehutt:ll.thr,n:r
-ster Ittont , field aud Second .14 E. neul
blamer & Rotuma, F•deralsi,Allogbalry. gens".
VOL XVII. NO. 100.,
Itirmant, Pa, Sept. 23,11349.
Mr. R K Sclium—Detu dm I feel it is a duty lowa
to the public, on well no ,to the math of Year Liver
Pill.. to date the good effects prodaeed by their Year,
my own ease Dating the month ofJune, /Sl5, I took
vet,' unwell, MY appetite failml,and Myldrength was
entirely prostrated, with •erere pam mmy sideand
shoolders. I was told by medical reenthat my disease
Wes • seven, attack of neer. complaint. I took seve
ral boxes of sa.'s
o ver Pills, and Oa= O"
.which I was told was good far that diwase ban alter
all I ores (ettliii, worse. I finally concluded to plum
myself under the ewe of physician for better. or
huh fortunately, into at this time, I was told
the Rev. Niblock, o f this place, that a friend had
Sant him a box of Sellers , Liver Pills !ma Pinshamt,
which had betiefined him very manna I fordownh
tent for a boo of your Liver, Pills,. and by the time I
was done aunts them, I was satisfied that it was last
the medteme that suited my cue. I emit for mom,
and took five or me bone., end loud myself almost
cutely cUred,,but to !Unruh less I caught a severe
cold, which brought. back the diseue, and in a abort
toMe I Was as bad as ever. again had recourse to
your Lover Pills, and took Meat every ether night for
sis weeks, sodocculonally so/maned I can now say,
that I can Dow say, that I feel linlo If any syttiptlesa
of the Liver Complaint, end my general health Is as
mod now as it has beau for the lastlo
Ply onglabors ask me who was my doctor. I tell
them that antlers' Liver Pill* was my doctor, and by
the blearing of Divine Providence the peanset Ca Mg
nar. lam confident that when the public become SO.
rosined with the value of your Liver Pills, the do.
mud for themanll Mamas, Many of my neighbor,
to whom bare recommended the pills, oan madly to
their value, as well an to the facts above dated.
Respeeddly yours, jinx:ma:Mum.
TO Mt Pc aue.—The thimeal, onlytrais mid germ
tans Liver Pill. me pripared by IL, Sellers, and
nave Ms mune mamped in bleak lona apon the hd of
each 'ltes, will. asuman 4Me oataide wrapper.
e - All others are counterfeit or basaimitations.
oritr! R. E SELLERS, I . optimist. a 7 Wood
A man by the name of KU • z• CLAPP has engaged
with a young in. of.the Oar
a a is
e o in u • r , alapS.a P
I.To iwnhsienhd ' and
c a ll s h Dr. n Twnse p d's darn lls t d a nomin c ting ey
GENUINE, angina, etc. 'l' r
Townsend I, no doc
tor and never v., but M. I 'neer a worker Oh rail
roads, canals, and the like he assumes the utle
of Dr. for r h o parpote organ y credit tor what he is
nim. He is sending out .it headed "rinks of
Quacks," in which tiesays. I have told the ow of lay
Fume fors: a week, I will give S. P.Tovensend P• 400
If he will produce one single .litary proof of U..—
This is to caution the public not to 'be deceived, and
purchase. noue hat the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
Dr. Jacob Towneend's Sarsaparilla t Wring •ork It the
Old Dr.'s likeness, his family coal alarm!, and his lag
nature net./ the coat of arms. ' •
Principal Oface, 102 Nagman st,PicatrYarkiity
OLDS Dovrogt
JACOB' . e•
Old Dr. Townsend is now utroutTeam of hoe, nod
h. long been known al ihr AUTHOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA." Being poor he- wax enetmelled
to haul tts manufactnre, by which Memts it bat boon
kept out of market, .d lts sale. eirnnmaeribed to
those only who had proved its worth and known ita
value. this GRAND AND UNEQP/34.131,PR11,14.113,M
manufactured on the largestscale, and Is nailed for
throughout the length mad breadth oldie land.
Unit. young S. B.Voginmend's; it Improves with
isuge, and never changes, but for the better hemmers It
prepared on scientific principles by a inlet:Mk man. The highest Knowledge of ChontlenT, and the laleSt
discovenes of Cite Art,, have all been brought into re
quisition is the m.ufacture or Ea Old Dr.'s Serumw
rill, The Sarsaparilla root, ills well known to med
ical men, contain. medicinal properties, and some pm
perilm which arc inen or atmtesm and others, which,
tr ottained m itteparorg, it for um, produce fermenta
tion and acid, which ia injurious to the system. Soma
or the properties of Sarsaparilla are on volatile that
they entirely evaporate and are Tait' in 'Me. prepare
um, it thee ere out preserved by a seienude proem.,
known o n ly to these erpelieOCed to its m.ufaeture.
tilorrovel Mew volatile principles. which by Orrin va
por. or as an ezhaltition, under heat, ate the very es
sential a n properues oldie -root, which give. to
it all its value. The
- - -
in no prepared; that eli the inert prepertles Sar
napardla min are first reevaved, every thingnaprible
of arid.. of fermentation. is extracted and
rerected, then every particle of medical virtue is mese
red 111 a yule and concentrated Mum, and thve it is
rendered nameable of 1.14 any of its valuable an
hcalom properties !bemired in this way. iris ma.
the tame powerful agent in the
Ilene., Ur. , rermou why we he. cmmendations . on
Moor by men . , wom en and children.
We find it deem weeders in the cure of ConsILMRq. •
Dyimepnia. mid lover Campbell/I; and in Rimentatism;
berofulu and P.le,Cnnttlicars., all Cutaneous:Erup
t:on.. Peeples, Ellotele.... nod all htlieniottn ariscerf frern
I.ltrußrry OF"F/11l BLOOD.
• . .
p0.....d.• a mervullowtsAmmy in all complamm
arimne 11•01/1 Indig-suou, from Anenllty of thel Stomach;
from ar equal eiroulation.determsnation of blend to the
head, pal,klll.LlOn 0: the bean, cold:feet andeoldibands
mold chills and hot dashes over the body. It has not
had Its equal in calmed and colds and promoted easy
expectoration, and eentle perspirXdlou..relasing strie•
to of 111 , Wog*, ddom, and everrether part.
Put In nothinctsps excellence more manifestly seen
and nektuewledeed than In all kinds and stages of
It works wonders Mean.' of fluor albaa of, whiten,
Failing of the Womb, Obstructed, Sapprc.ed,or Pain
ful-Heroics, Irregularity or the monstraal pentids. and
the lthe; and ls effectual in caring all forms of the Kid
ney DIMSfe-T. By removing obs
Brea .troionsi and reffala.
tins the general system, it ves tone d strength to
the whole bodv, and cures all farm of '- •
and thus prevents or relieves a 'greitt.variety of other
diseases, na SpinaHrrimalon t Neuralgia, .St. Vitus
Dunce, P
Swooning, Epileptic Pas, Convuluons, &c. le
Ant thiyokv /t, rag ' AI.PICINIFTOI7 R1FEM1.,..12. NEW
But can any of these things linaid opS. P. Town
to be =Tab 'Phis - you g 01.11 " -irt " not
Sesame of the Hound Fact, that the One Is incapable
of Dctonoratien and NEVER SPOILS, while the oth
er Mai; iturs, ferments, and blows. the bottles
containing it into fragments; the sour, acid, liquid ex
plodtng owl damaging other goods! Must eat this hor
rible compound be poi... to th e' system? What!
Whatacid into a system•Oready diseased with acid:
What causes•Dyspeiroa but acid? Do we not ail knots,
that when food sours in oar stomachs, what mischiefs
tt produces!—llatulenite, heartburn,' prapitation of the
eart, liver complaint, diarrhrea, dysentery, eholie and
corruption of the blood? What is Scrofula but an acid
humor in the body? Whist produces ell the humors
which bring on Eruptions of the Skin. Scald Head,
Salt Rheurn,Erysipel.,WhiterSwellings, Fever-Scree,
and all ulcerations intern al-and external? It is noth
ing under heaven bat an acid substance, which sours,
atiLthus spoil• all the
ef the body. more or leas-
CIIIIRCS Rheumatism but it sour acid fluid, which
in names itself between the joints add elsewhere, ir
ritating and inflaming the tender and delicate tisanes
uuponwhich aut.? So of nerve us diseases, of Impu
ty of the blond, of deranged circulations, and nearly
ail the aliments which ablict human centre.
Now, is It not ttorrt , ,e to make t.d.e.11,4nd infinitc
ly tectee to one dm
_ _
and yet he would fain h .vu un 1C1A:034.1 that Jr
c o
on 'rowitsenal- Gorki ts Oils n d Sarsaparid is an
Itation of hie tuferior preperamm
heaven forbtd that we *Amid den, In an
which would bear the most distaut resemblance .0 a.
P. Towl...end's aniclu! and - waist Should bring down
upon the Old It,. such a mountidn.logd 'of complaints
and ctiminations from agents who have sold, and par.•
hasers who have aced S. P. Townsiend's Fermenting Compound!
wtsh It miderstoott, because it is the absolute
truth, that S. P. Townsend's article and Old Dr. Jacob
Towasendla Sarsaparilla are heaven-wide apart, and
infinitely dissimilar, that they are unlike in alsey pars
neuter, brming not one single Ming In C0M.02011.
It is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to pow
balm into wounded humanity, to kindle' hope la the
despalrtng bosom, to restore health and bloom and vi.
gut Into the crushed and broken and to banish infirmi
and FOUND the opportunity and means to bring his
Gesso UNIVERSAL coric&NTRATED IlEtikJ)ll,
within the reach, and to the knowledge of ell who
need it, that they may team and know, byloyfal au
penettee, its 21.4711901,1121ir POWs. TO =La For sale by J. MUD Cs CO, Wholesale Agent' for
Western remisylvania; 3. 3Rlllll, , Blroalslhami Dr.
TSARS:IC:ANT, Allegheny; Dr. .I. CASSLLL, Filth
ward, G. W. GARDNER, Mh ward, Pinshar, -a
Sargea, Colombian Ap r. Si, 1841.
DA D. JAYNES: Days dim..-1 (eel bound to you
and the afflicted public, to avail myself of Ude oP,
port/Idly of giving pubLeity to eitratinilmity effects
ff your Expectoeout on myself. Havinibeen afilimed
r several, yean with a aevere'coog hectic (ever
and it concomitant diseases, and 1110.2 only donned
to [logo,. out a ehort but miserable existence, until the
roll of laaaJ, when ' being more seVerely attacked, and
hailing resorted to all toy former temedms, arid the pre
eeripuons of two of the most respectable phyaicians in
the neighborhood without deriving any benefit, or the
conaolataal Of isaftiVialf tuts few On, or wek.
Mrthest—wheis thh. lea. sleaze 'of hope was Omni to
vanish, 1 hod recommended to, me your Eipattoalat—
sad blessed by th at who doe•all tiLtalca in the
um of the means—sad contrary to the expectations of
my physicians sod friends, I Was' in a few days raised
my bed, end was enabled by the amp( a bottle,
attend to my butinees, enjoying Lingo better health than
I had for,ten yeari prevloas. • •
ktespeetinlly yours, &a., Jae. W. Egrur4
For tale in Pittsburgh, at toe Pekin Tea Stare, 70
Fourth street. 4 mart'
De. George elleCook
El Ali selected Pittsburgh as his future residence.
LL Ile has taken the house lately occupied by Aides
limn hither.. Fourth sr, near Gram insmedistely ad-
soloing the Lemurs,. /toast. His etEce icattseltedto
uts residence, where be will constantly be found, un
less absent en profewional duty. lichee boars frourl , - ,
o'clock A. hi, and Irma L to 7 o'clock P. All --
nosh-411 July
0121 to of tlm.Dalaware Mninal Safety
anrance Company.; Nov. Slit, 1.149.
'Ting Huard of Director. have, this day, declared a
dlndend of TCN PER CENT. it scrip, oat of the
prnfiu of the Coinotruy for the year ending Ortober3l,
1019 veruhtotes foe voted wilt be issued odand after
thy hitt day of December nett.
Also, it dividend or HIS PER CENT. fattish, on the
capital stock niulsertp prellonslylualiedbpayable at
[ abo If
ve. • RICHARD . NhiWBOL See'r.
[ novtu P. A. afADEIRK, Agt., Phut.
iiiciraliwoov. oeaplica
wILL rest wn open for TLIMUS ¢IMI the let Janina
• (haters and otbet nefteshmenta =n
ett to the season awn to kept. The Greenhouse, eon
tatting a largo colleetwo of rant and choice Plant a,
will Le open to tittles, Baguets neatly put up al
ahart ponce throtiabout the season, An Ontrubtla
leaves the Alleghenyend of tho St. Clair Street.
Bridge, e vice). bolt hour during the day, running to
t,,, t gent and the luny boat, Captain , Walker, runs
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