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    BY NAG,NETir I.llr.tit-APP.
CtacmArt, Nov. 30
The steamer tinvanna, with a valuable moo ,
pain Ciecinaci, sank In 14 fees water, near Eta
ess Rogge.
The Canada had not arrived et New York op
to 8 o'clock lam evening. Dealers we awaiting
the receipts of their privet.: niters. :This marlerte
remain as lad quoted.
Curcuow t, Nov. 30.
The river at ibis point ia alowly reeeding.
Hogarasies of 4500 bead ar. 32 6002 '75 per
100 lbs. The market a steady. There it a large
aamberia marker.
Provittitrnr—Soles of 10,009 green haw at Et 95
to 65 per 100 lbs.
Whigkey--Sakea of rectified at 2010210 per gal.
Cofine—Sales or 100 burg of Rio at 11i.
°tette—Sate. to a Err extect at 6a.
I In Abls, 2,4 fo• matte by
00i..01 SI UART LULL
~.. .
BLITTER—RoII and bbl, Just receiving by
- _
.. STUART & SILL. POTATOI . —llacolvoly and for .ale by
TOBACCO— bay, raccoon' and Cyr salo by
nova . S I unar &RILL
TRAS—UStif cheata Y 11, re emu/a and Int .al: by
jara-20,1ka common, in nary :or •aln low
la world . , STUART& SILL
MATTING—IOW pounds, to 'Aare and for oak by
LI none STLIA wr &SILL
PERIERRa-G 1 bag, an store and or •CY , Inn
novt.v3 STUART & SILL
INLIIIG--1 cannon S F, jaw racld , 51 4 Co i !. .y.ty
— .1 ,.... V 4 S ILL. .
' FeEf y ila Dila ;airous brands rot Yetcounl and
CRA.I3 CIDER—I 7 bids a choice oracle jr
viand for sale by
MG , St
_ .
DRIRD PEACUES—Iii seas Sum) to day. received
and/or sale by
irov2l ARMSTRONG .1. cßozEa
EATHERS:YITIre terelvul aid for sale by
• nor YI AloisTxoNG CROZLII.
5 I .u. eac. eat 7. bis . It, C erne,
100 do: Co tri lo
JOHN WATT AC G ee'd and fo
e b
0.02 COnirr ',lnert) . and Hand sat
SHOT -10 ken..d; reed add for salts by
MAPLE TRUNK .BOARDitr— i i: tone ree'd and for
.111aicay. brier 24 A
SOAP—'RI GC/111i. Castile, maid and Car rate by
RUNNE-TO 4x. Best!, reed and for ~lo
BINDERS ROAM:CI-60 tom Chamber burg man
reed im..l fur rale by
BUNDRIES-400m Sall., Alum. Chlp'd Lopvuod.
Alluldur,•lndligo, Cloves, Nutmegs, Ac., for yule by
QALERATUS-4u bbl. Admen, on omd and cot mi.
Ja by ' nor-4 J to EL FLOYD
COFFEE—t.DO •s Omen Rio, new crop, just lend
ect and for sale by to.* J& II FLOYD
T EILS-20 kf chests 1' II Teal
lb " Black Tea; superiorqualtitca,o
valises bran , * Jost landed and for sale by
n. 114 J & R FLOYD
OTA9II-13 cuts to store sod for sale by
P nov2l
& ft FLOYD
Bl.OOhlS-35 d os is store add for sale by
novd4 1 R FLOYD
INDIGO-3 eeroons yE, pun landed for sale by
QOAP-72 bas reed and for sale by
0 nov24 fi k W lIARBAUGH
BARLEY ANTED-30W be Harley wanted, f•
which the highest cash price will be paid by,
nov24 S & W HA RUAUGH
CILOVERSEED-500 be Clarerseed wanted by
cov24 S & 11ARIMUfill
REAM CIik:ESPI-300 bas, a superior artiste, reed
arid for sale b) burd4 S& W lIARBAUGH
PLANTATION moLesso4—sa - bids, in road OT
der; far sale by DAOALEY a CO,
nori4 le and O:1 Woo! el
O. SUGAR—WO Mies le store and for ado b
nos 24 W M BAGALEY a al
W • ••
lET.F. CLAN PICF—S-150 bag for sale by
L (7:L'IY;
Ws. just reed per ship Setae, and (or sale lour by
IsaY9l Yanot.:x. tre htlak.t.l
Toys -16 eases, an endless variety,
reel per ship Schiller and for ule low by
ewe% C'YEAGEEI, ID3 ?Sartre
--- -- ---
E.,CORDEONB-5 eases sited; slso—l elute Rose
wood and Ebouy Work Boxes and Writ*Daats,
of the boil rifles ever brought to the city, Just .
tee'd per ship Sane, sod for sale low by
Weill . ' C YEAGER, WO Market st
ÜBICAL lIISTRUMENTS- 5 eases Violins. axed,
I.V.L I ease Guava and lease Fifes and Fisica ased;
last lased peraltip Sei d ler. and for sale by
- 'samba a: YEAGER. 1113 Market st
atilltlOAß HOUSE 'MOLLBSI3-80 bbls Just reo'd
0 per ar
om aAWM chary TaylOr,' from the Bt. Lords
Bimant Banos ery, and for sale by
nos 34 JAmvi A HUTCHISON & CO
JIJ li-S — F - 0 - 11:OUPPS - fitiOK . itter
apply lam rsc'd from :icw York, made of hoe
vapor, and handsomely ruled so the plateros at the
primed treatise, with the author's printed directions to
leachers on each cover; for sale Ly
nov24 : I II haILLOR, el Cl Wood si
ISTIOBILYING ALB - W.ii—WrlCllearsi his re•
meivid a Med. supply of Jet Blaeli Bombazine
Finished Aliments, or various qualities—Also, Mohair
and /Omens Lamm, black, green, broom and soon
atripem at Noah Esstatmer of Founli sod, Market
Whole Sale Booms op maim. nornt
aciApsoslog of Hooks.
rpm BOOKS for subscription of the Stool of din
zees' Inearance Company, will be re-opened • .
ine'Etamore Office of H. D. Kieg, Pouritt meet, on
Taaraday , the Math day of December next, at 10 o'
cloak, A. M. ^
BE milisettSer grill let, for a term of years, the
large Bidding on the east side of Craig street, in
Allegheny dry, together aids the Fugue Engine In the
mune. He enli also sell seymately the Sawing and
Lath Cutting Machinery In the sibue; oy - he will eell
the whole establishment,' building, machinery mid ea.
be •
Term will reanonieble neeenatendallng.Tor
poetical.. enquire aktbe Saw Mill OS., on Craig
Mart, Gym. the medic( trillinet, Allegheny.
wwl7-d&wIlw! • H. CHAR:.
C 0 Mb ti-11 auks selected, for em by
.naafi la . d 111 l Woad st
111 - :OLASSE3-OLo bbls and LO of ghITS - 117gai — staa - s ,
And btable Ground branas, far Rale by
fIOYFEA:,-111X1 bags primal-4a. Kw, reeetviag and
kt in rare, for We by
naaLl _ WM LIAO &LEV kCO
191 - a.4513 0 basil 111, today reed ant salFbj
nbarlD J & It FLOYD
liiiddlitl r el.-b , yonisX iii - oebon rarnaelUrs it in - d:
.L -- .4 an Allegheny wharf, and for sale by
sow= J 1, R. FLOYD
-.-- iNifEtt .---
, nr.gior o- -
""IC,`,7"`. .Ittoicteimlity
c - Ha jk l Fsp
-11alsbew Hosed Nomaekyleop,med
eiPl.COdtignment No 4 fot nix by
hol:141PA GORDON-
Intealkorgh Navigation and WM.
rane• Company.
A LIMING a the stockhoolers of the Pittsburgh
ri.TigaLLolllll.l P.m 111.13 f triet Ci.P.Y, will be
bald at the office, No 21 Market st, ou Monday, Decem
ber 10a1t,1149, at k o'clock, P. 51:
comiard .11.0 emir FINNEY, Peel.
acood st
NOVEEWit KAT FLOThir-641.1-4-r1 i nn, to store •nd
iamb, by novID cora a DREYFOOLE
Obl• reed mid for sale bi
Streiik-701,EdTP111), reed and for tale by
91..110Pc--214, box. &IF IuBA, ltt
UGII store
li - 7F;L: b c '- i, "'...-----171 for , rale by
if illali novyj - --:C2°'" fi ' ts IV
ONDu,.. bas pi:
-- - 0 silifi—
.4l.llZW BA mBAUG LI
- "nr23
. 7,; ~, ",aileboiya, for Swan;
0 Eb,, t -,- .1, , ,, , ,,u,:„,,
.c.r. ,. ... Le n tt
, :i , VI
, t.
t 0 t
' ''. rite k" . I W.Seehonse, No 73 .P, ~.,;,,,, n . xv ,
boat s, eLto call and einem.. " ~,,,,y3
sang wher . - 1-W-ii(---rs
WYEBOBSED - i . - PIO li-Nrr'Ar.. ...g
..Es large assortment of Inthossed Piano anal..
COaelannst be found at W M'ClintorkM Comet Ware-
heatio,ll sedated prices. Call and examnie before '
parch g elsewhere.. • nv44
frlitin • Y OIL CLO Puts—itiri• t iseT - u r n .
A WCtintoek% Carpet Wmehoeme, neer and hand
... WV. T.p.ary Oil Cloths, which will be Oct w
fitll7l . ..l a hall, room or resilbale. novsl
rBLS -RiTittAtiailift..l—hil. AUCtistoek la
5 , .. Me handsomest astortment of PO'!
th Pi." and Table Coven ever °fired in this
menet, to which he Malin the attention of Web.'
- mod to toll sad (MIMI.. oar a F.artmeot of Tr:ro•
roint, iL• In Wangs have a large assontoent in oar
line. Carpet Worekouse, No :5 Fourth r MO.
notraNV 111.CLINTOCK
pI3I•TOF Scotch Choi and fine Rod
itt. I = ll 4 sad for as le by
DO , S 825HOYER' , ILO Seeeed or •
- GrEAtHERS—OCOO lin prime for rale by
X . novl3 • N. Cif GRANT
IrsoitIVILLE,LIMR-S5 bbl. reed by . Pero, for
b by nov23 C H GRANT
LDOZED OIL— 6 recid and fot sole by
REABLS-11 bblajnat. ried and fo r saI AN e FIMEM
notSO .l C
• Panama, DIMMER 19,1419.
I ung , ta d r b eaf i l n eo . f o g , re , :tx , tezo io alar . or m :4.
alt, mood on without wiadow faiteniog. While It
{motes • porfeet
fat anthem and weights,
; aaaing of at least SY to each window it atfoints
'Se ..feat futettlegg that has ere, been h ' tongtat into
- S .
The odlity and cornrenicane of this Soling over all
wrione, ha that by one thumb piece, both of of the
adriOlow can be tanwd co lowered. It reneges on.? to
Jar kw:mato be appreciated.
lharaoas wishing tO bay th e oracle, or to have the
halo thei r window , , or the
of se line 3 , to
modes in (hill State, Way apps to the enbnortbera
ZEIJIX HOUNE, on • tho A log beny neer, Pttra
rentadanillarT3 C. Y._
M' V•grrEll TO PURCHASE—Ono bowir.4 shim
the Merchants' and blanoCaoturer's Oluk, o
9,1 144Mrgh
sisanun's Examxs.
Prresacson Gazarra. l
SittlfilY Morning. December I. liclSe
'rho weather yesterday, or. clear and Pleasant, end
a considerible degree, of activity precancel nimnithoc'
the market There was no masked cheese in quota
tions, every thing reinnining steady, at about our last
gamed rates,
Flom—The reompts for the pna few :Myr hove been
imaparatively light, and hog hand operauoils hive
been ronfined to limited lota We now rt sale on the
wharf of 130 tibia at gadt„lir bbl, and of In at 1447.
From store, we have axles of MO tible at 44.0t 100 bbl.
at HAM 170 libla at 4,50, and of ml titila extra family
brands at 4,67 V Leta. •
Bea FUEra—We cow a tale of Mt bblit at 3,b7 r bbl
from Moto, arhieh is an advaoeo tr. our lut quota.
ham Supplier are eery limited.
ReCKWIMsI -We note mica of hulled at 2,180225
and of common 't 1,7502,1 m Y 100
. - -
of ttt Mu]. N 0 Sugar, different
qualiues,atsf oo time. N 0 Molasses renueme
~,gliouary at r3o.2:4,aecording to peg. Sugar House
is .old at 37040 e. Rio Cadre yesterday sru very firenwmwe.a.
It, Mettle. for Off to prune, and 1010
lei for cutworm. Sales of Loaf Sugar at deltic, en liter
in tierce• at sic ir
PEDirSIBIUNG —lll Bacon very bole has been doing,
supplies baying become very nearly cchbuired, the lasi
sales were, for sides, se, shoulders Sic, and laytKrd
Items at 7/ Wt.; sales of Lard at OXOtlie.
Berrra--Saies pill boxes sapenor roll, in cloths. of
Or, and of 14 bbl. at Ile lb. Sales of 10 kegs at 104 f
Dam Funt—Sales 01 4lat and WU ho penebe.. new
•p, 01 different lota, at 24.4 , per bu. Pealed peach.
.old at 4.5 , J V ha. Sales SO box Apples at I ♦
Ctovas of 20 Ude, a good article, at fA
y bushel
!buss—Sales of 5(2) boa, of f bo Aso—Vales of 21 bbl., of coal,.
Swot, Pocolou—ealeo of 21 bblo. of 2 2 II bbl from
Last, ott.—No I is .44 at MOSS, tad of So a. at Call
:Or P.M
Laxatio 011.—Saleitot 73375 c p•r gall
d. noLat
Exololllie lifoOoN, No. Ili M .... vireo. near Co •
'lND2Olaajllrg...lll•. Indiana. .
Book ufl•itmburyk --10.01iate 16 - 1; & Um riches• • 4
Slerch. a. Man. Cook •Parl illeg 1.1 vs.
BkaofPittadelphia•-.-Purifactiartge St. o t Va. • 4
Girard /Sortie 1,1•Yonooto Ilk.. Va. -- • •
Bum orbertnantown •parlak. el the Valley,— ••
Chester Coonty • -par Bk. of Valium. •-•-• •
" Delalnlie CO.. • •par M.& 61.133., W becl.he I
o *do:m.2nm 130.• •par do Alorgmitown •• - -
iSotthatotierland•'•par N. VV. Bank Va-- • I
Colombi • Bridge CO.• • pat do Wellsburg • -- • *
!Myles:omit Bank par do Park...bum •- ••
Faeroe,' Bt.
Farmer' Ilk. Bonk. Co. par Olt ot Tenueswe • •• • • 5
Farmers Wit Lanc.'r•parl Far. & Slerch'ts Bk— "
Lancostes Co. Ilk , • • lor Ph".."' • 63 ••" -- -
Lancaster Bk. - p. Umon Ilk. ..... --- "
U. Stater Bank -• --LW 211100" SM. •
Crowns v die 11k.• • • • • • •pas State BkorMissoura•-• I
Washington Bk.- ••-• . 4 North Corolhao.
Genyohuryb Bt.— • I LC , or C 2 Po rear• •-•• • 2
atantbers.&l• • --• • " Mereles 411*.;Nowoern• 2'
thuquet.sone Cu. Ilk.. - State Bank 2
i vesms ' emu . ..... - South Corollas.
Aliddletown - - -...... • I Camden Ilk- •• • •• . • 0
Citimle •• Bk.'. Ckarleston• • • • • 0
I KM` 111 .. • • 010 Commerciall.ll--.- 0
Farmers' sod Proven , Scot Gebreetoln 2
Bent, Wayncsbors• • I 185... 1 11 . 6 6.11••• • - 2
Ilantsbun4 •-•-• -- 0 Irderebarna /It-- -- 0
1101.04d.1e..-.-- • I !Planters tchleamlslik • I
4,,,b a . r .„ ••••-.•.-•- .. p..iLlk. 0( 80.1 h Ca/Olina , • 2
pourso:e.-.". .. ..- •• 1 Slat ludo
sriyurn,,,A .......
... .. .1 113alu more 1.1k5.• -- • pas
York Bs
......... ...... 4 ;Balror's44l.lll4l trcrii , •10
West Branch 1314 3 'Cumberland If[. in AIM-
R.iief :cotes • / I ghanY
51.2 M Rt. Pius do- " IF.. Bk. of 51aryland • -
Serlp-Pinsb. I: Countyllt Fanuent' & Blvehanies " I
" Alleelmoy, 25 Bk. Fredemek .• • • ..
Ohio. Frederick Co Irk.— a
Stabs 112..111 Branch. 4 litsgerstown Elk •• • - ••
Mown ileastmt .• • " Mtn , . Dl. • •s• a
Steubenville-..... • " Patapsco lik ...... • .. • *
g *. rdb,,, si o g .-.-.... lWastiospo it !I k•- -- ••
Martetta --,...... -1.- .. 1131,04 W senume lc: • • • • `.
New Liebon• ••• • • " I Bile trigasr.
Cinch:matt Banks " ,1/& or St. Clair • • •• --
Columbus do• "'Bk. of Baser Raises' • •-- -
c,o,,ifie-......, . .... ~M ichigan lila. CO. •• • :.
Z2.20i11e -....--.. " I nv./. Mcell'a Ilk 5
pure.. —....... 7 .... - . IWlgtoosslss •re re I VI . .
Wooster-- -•----- • 711Mar.d.Firshr.R0.1 1 111000 4
M 44411100 --.-. I 1 Canadu.
Sandusky .... IV AU solvent Beaks 5
Beamga ~.- •-• .. :1.. I ißrok of EV 4 land Notes'
Cleveltind-,.. —• i ifiold As Spool* Yalu.
Dayton. -•-— - • " Illacats 1 130 I 10
Itnarse• •- " .Eagle, old • -•- 102.0
Franklin Bir Cokumbas " •RN1 ,0 1 0440 •••• • 10 00
arllo.Lb. —.--... 11 1110ablaans,ripanah 16 GO
Lake Erie- - •• - • .. " i llo•Patriot••••••- 15 51. i
Illaiota•• - •••••••; " "Sovereign• ' . 4CI
Lancaster ..-,...-.....5.
Ha 10 11 . 1010004 S 017
- ss111on—•-• ••••-13 redericks4Vors---- 117 r 0
• 0r5.00.110. • 39 Men 740 kW
Faro'r • D't assios-110 ;Ten G calders •• • • 340
IBS•sna -40 looisdlors• • • • 150
IL Irestnetsy. ClAsharago.
11k at KernaskT f New York --• •-•-# pito
, Bk-or LootowiLle• • • •• • •• 'Philadelphia ••• -- i p(22
Kortlern Bk. lienra.ts• " 'Baltimore •-• •• ' i Pl.
.Now York'-Vitt' Boas, par. Wert. inn•—ol
-17. - 7 -
F. H. EATON & CO..
26. 69 Fourth Street, Plit.bargh,
Have now in Sore their full aesortment of
Tt'MMus, Hositry and Lou 6aoda
&OPTED to the wards of ovary clay. of Morahan.
rat. toad Grammar. firt pants have I t aen roared tn
present theslowest and 'most fashootabla style of
hoods to their line. Therr stook consitto to port of tha
- - - -
Fringes and Gurips. of every variety; new style,
hatred Galloons; Algae,. and lospenai Br.*
rind «d
Silk Worsted Embroidering Braid,
Emoted and cin Velvet Ribbons; plain do do;. Corded
Mantua and OM. Satin Rilsbnirs. for trimming; bleak,
white and colored Silk Leeest. extra wide do do, for
flounces; with a fell amortetent of Dress Bminus;
Dresses Pinked, Stamped or. Embroidered to order.
Embroidered !Ace and Mahn Capes, Clientmetum,
Breakfast and Retiring Cape and Half Sleeves, French,
Worked Collars and Cods. rngreat variety; Lace Veils,
Lappets and Ora Tier; Motuning Cheinimues.
lam, Cuffs •an Ilidf Sleeves; Loren Lawn
plain embroidered and hemstitched do, Slain Linen do;
real ihread Lace, and Edgings; Im. o; Bobbin.
Lisle, Lace Moab, and Cotton Edgings and Inserting',
Rich new style Bonner ItAbons,,Prench Face Plow
er, Bonnet Tabs. Velvets, Sauna and Florence., Silk
Blush,. and Tarletons., Bonnet Frame. and Tip..
Best manufacture, with most approved fawning,
and choicest colors. An extensive assortment always
oil hand.
A great variety of silk, Wool, Cotten, Merino anJ
Caabourn, for pubes and hlimer, Tartan Rhoda. and
a full asaortinent other style% fanny and plain C b dd
•. floYe; newest style. Infanta' Boots and ntot i as;
Gera,' Grampian, Vigonia, Merino, Cotton and Inc
Wool Ralf Rose.
A fall msorement for men, women and children,
Amex which are Derby Ribbed, Foloaelle sod plain
lllk; ribbed and pl.l. Culuneret Chamois Lined Ber.
hu; Casainiere, Marino, Far-lined Beaver, heavy cud
fine Buckskin, Military and Lisle Thread and Cotton.
Such as Ladies' and Children , Hoods, Chttdr , u ,
AVozlen.Sacke, Knit Scarfs and Boas, Children , G.
ors snd Long Mitts, Worsted Co o, Knitting Worfied•
and Woolen Tarns., California Comfort.; also. Sor
Cashmere Hoods, for Ladies.
Zephyr and Tapestry Worsteds, Canvas., Pinch., CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC.
Flo. and Emb's Silk, lirteral and Perfd ltoarda, Pa, i I haenwertained Mot there are indtviduals e,eae,.l
par Flower Matersals, Lamp ?data, Ildees, and Fan., in Jinxing, ,PnOtreir, and prevan", for .alr. the Myr. I
terolderedWork. Alta.-Ladies' Silk and Merino Vests 1 enricsoned Mineral, to he oozed soh oil, and ardor, I !
d Drawer% Embroidered Soca andFlannelst Frenok , awl,. a 1 taw my patented article 1 ha ve been to I !
inkedCapauld Walgj. I...lnfants; andewan's-dosn ' thane persons nod shown them my patent. They say 1
Trirautings. they do not hand t, loathes- or t trip... eivoie m e
GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. . rights, hint linty havo a right to di g , gruel, and sell the
Polo Shins, Cravats and Conan; Merino, Silk and 1 troartler, if they can find purchasers, that they non tot
Comm Wrapper& and prawers, Supenders,fshoutdes bound Be know whatflop an to do with it. that
r ot -in
Braces and Dreaing Down.; Silk and tante Mk!, • 1111 mlnd.cmcnl mini killl (mood with the ail to tal,
Gloves and 'Watery. !cmmuted, and that thosewho buy. tat, end,. it,
, '''" '
al take the resoonsibtlit • Mott of th em say that
COMIIBB, BR USILES AND PERFITME Y. t' , ~,,,,„ tho i th ", , 1 ,„,„.„1 ogo i„,, th o , i, l
French amen. caned and plain Shell Buck Co 1”; , x „„,i „,„ a,,,. e. „,,,,,,, ' „ e ,4 e „.I inn , have .ant Ott
'Nib . 1... da Shell tilde and UM Batt
int what tint wanted to .1.... they should errtatelly well :
do! Buffalo, Satin and Rosewood Hair 11 1 .
05 til e l ll. a'° of nie, . Berl! did inn !locoed 10 1010 Y.. 0,1u...1v•. '
Iltillitto and Eng. Born Dressing and fine Ivory Cio iba 1 1 , ~, 301 ,3 00 ., N,,,..1 r„, m y.,if y 1,1b111.1 fa ,
Iwoa an assottatent of Nail and Teeth Itrusba eaten ... ila harefiteed
ten ,
i.: inv.:, a 1 ...,1 1
, Wellterill's “Cold Medal" Fetfatuery. , , call ^: by 1101 mid. 'twin., where a 'nun ...It. Awl r••• 1
VARIETY GOODS. 1,110,1 pay for ase erne!, O h n- use ol wt.., he Al 11
Needle., Pia, Tapes, gr, e t saes en d F0r..., ! know• i.e. : cr. the Inert:ha , and user to a uroie....
Formes and Basel Geod., yi. sy n,, w„, 0 .,,,,,11413 .0.1 Mir . SOU, 01 11111,r v l l,O ar- one: ge l d
oe is
Farm Twist and Sewing. Floe Raewood Desk, •nd • no , •t!ao , trod , tell: niapeettetheabli ran end lo 11 33 ' .
COO, Bindings A
Balloon, p,,,,,, Wok 11 ,,,.. t .
n o - that 1.111 Oatcnt will nt.t stand. seal that I du.
C..7,k Cord arid Taseta, p pr ir o n, 03. p i, r ,.. t , . not proarrate Now, to tan thee argument aura trout
Blind r-r.--'hlderd......lalf•t Ladles' thalioary, . ! 'oft , I we'. to saner of Mose who woio lenecleommit f
5 . 44 ki1 paaels, Fr,o e t, C oo k S o l o , , ,OW lily patent WV; 0( 3.10: color, Ord 0111110: the 31/1 , 30 , 11N 1
UPh01.0:0000's Pr... Silk &GI 6m Unfliretar, ! 111 01 ,,,, 1....* alai they mtiti select a Judge .0! 7 .
u mil '"""' "'"d 'id'''. P"' Mu."'
kr "'II' d' '' ' ~•., . ...7,,t7d",:i,`.',7%":, Pcr":.'.7,!!,'.. 1 .'"'„';` , ' , " , 4 1
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that they ...aid imp
Ftrd Clunta Binding, Comer and Shoe Janata , o , t , e that io P. , '" ...,.. •
ell Intl her ert.c.,...lthitt. to Or. hu.ter•t.. nut it th , f
BRAVOE B- "A h..d. '''' ..... '''' °.l CI " 1 . 00 should .1... t.f.. that a would not. in then! en,1,11011.1311111.
clo the, toe °." CC"". ' . ' "1 '. 1.n. ' 13 " ... '' , 3 I .3011310 00000 to Ira 0311111 011011 ad sell all they could.
Drab. Gray and Doldeu, Oliv.?Hearst also, a groat , without •ro me tin thin, to the publy about them
vartety of Mankato and Frltinp, embreeing,thil the Tbi, „„„ 0 .„,„„ ~,,, would not ~,,,,,,,. ,„ ?atee „.
00 ,, call:tr., which will ha M.... 4 .i. the t..• ' the validity of eny patent iie re.tratrued I .1.• out de
eel and 1,1.” approved .10", 01 • „ n , ', the
rittacly upon thy 01012 31.141011,311. 11101300111 1 1111100
novas - ' ' - ' 4 " AN T' S the fa:lest confidence in lt, bat I Itt......tet.lettle ll t to
lyyrjasi.ildressed Bop read and for sal, feV 1 many of the e adires, and sere ol of me t 041101 rioter.,
ja vin __ AFLNISTRONG a CROZER . pal,. lowtora. who ,00 ° , wltil'.u t ', • "'''' ooo ' ''''''''' 1
.„..--.,-...,--.. ~_
Ilol.lli=oo tdds FOZOOOF =id Lurk'. branif, to defy : te al ''' td° l, °Punt.' fl was itteod aii!' w'm lll looir. , 'or
Sae.] and for .ale ? ARMSTRONG a
ley dx.rovery
ARMSTRONG & CROZER i 1 °'ind 6 " a" . ° l° ". " 6 . r'''''‘' . .. I l'"' '' 9' '''
"' di - --- t ••• h h I k 1 -II ' P tat loot
• , ~. -- ' est—A - feltiTiairec'et and el7Fsalr r ' . '' , .' ° w t c ' ""' ".." °' • ...... • 4
DIR/Bts rEACkla.s.f-- CRAIG ~ sKiNNER ''' ! asp Wiara a rasa.. A ar,s,. la i. Qi.a {I. :
ov2l • ________ .
11-----'R—IS C "' RAT 7 Cia S 'n k r l ° N ' ?‘ 4 l. t . r li ti 1 , ' o b t , ''' p th' :i n i a : r , '" T c 4' , '' : l' , " ;,L '' ,, "`' 7: l ,:: : :,, l' : ' ,,T u' „ . : , : :, :s ll:l: E . : : : : : ';
. Ord RI atit — lllb u i. " 4 R'd r 0.1..., I ... 1 0330 , kow 4,,..1 in a ~roe aecauntni.llett • and
S 8 kegs Batter;
slim. Lard; on conms,notent, for 119 i! 1 . :1 " :an li : . : m ugo77ll; :171,1 " I.'
'"'" V;rlt w l.A h' lS ' F'. ".
• CRAIG d SKINNER I 5.., Alrdina Co , II 014.11 1,19
bl—i;c. M'ovli ' -------r— h Al - 1
I. ' . • ' ' ' . .., .
ow? i'qll----.----B bbl. ptst rat'-and -an or sale y IfErrtt 0 I . ONY !the above t•tro had si re!ttet
CRAiG k. SKINNER Pnot Arnhem! Sl•es oil and. and Mr sale 11..
I CT .1 ;3 1
____------ ----------- ---'--- ---. trove tea can rcciainehil. wa hove nano uwns 13
1 for 1101710 I Years, ad know it to h...l.t.het 1: in fel wilt
th every titmice:lir .11 & IL I.IIILLIrs. Ant.
nor.r.otint No 3 Vl/...1.,
''¢' • -• . •
, i
US 'r RI.CLIN MB Man Philetlelphin id N . 7. , ..t'
' IP Vcrk. an atm:rive awn:uncut of Goode (or li F:,l
- EN'S WY:AR, adapted to the 111C114 , 1/ setter., at
°""e''' ' I' DELA .!ti rs, iu hiatty •i
MAOKEEEIr hfubbla
YR • No 3 do; -
Receiving from the C•0111and far sale by
30,1 JA-MO3
iiivaiaffs'= -46 W0
AL ,
dte '
morn ;.PAilli"F.B""Dt''Abilltf`
DAY RIM, of onpanos qoalay, for Pole v gallon
•nri bottle by R k:SIELLERi + ,
No 6 7 Wa wl
URE COD LIVER. Oft,—Paaldoo's Mire Cod
plaver CO. for medical Deposes, not reed and for
sale by • novo P 6 SELLERS
ili.C o lgß'S FERINA—ID
T6l7C.oo—g,,,friipaasuilbfLarmgi. ay
• sioryl RHECAIATTNEWS & ray
LAYS EED-44nEttaft bon waster Ele.baniM, kod
JE for sale by ISALAII DICKEY & CO,
MVO Fral
Myr-a—There were 5 feet 6 inches in th•
channel lag evening, and falling•
Caleb Cope, Murdock, Beaver.
Viroqua, Galloway. Monongahela City
Bearer, Clark, Wellsville. '
Faishion, Peebles, Elisabeth.
Atlantic, Parkitmou,
Lake Erie, Gordon, Beaver.
Camden, Hendrickson, M'Keeaport ,
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownevillo.
Allegheny Clipper, Abrams, Franklin
Jame, Nelson, Moore, Wheeling.
Cinderella, Calhoun, Wheeling.
Isaac Newton, Hemphill, Cloonan°.
Caleb Cope, Murdock, Welsvdle.
Lake Erie, Gordon. Beaver.
Beaver, Utak, Wellsville
Camden, Hendnegeori, M.Keeeport.
Viroqun,Galloaray 4 Monongahela C:ity,
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Bahia Jaeolie, Brow-needle.
Clipper. No A Duro , ^
Welleville, Pot
Brownsville Packers, ar SA. M au ,tn P M
Beaver Puckers, S A M. and 4 P. St
Si. Lute—tienesve
New Oilcan—Paris.
eineinnvii—Nlvsseenrr No. `a.
Kau awn•—W to Pbtil.y.
D. Leh Sc tsie, packet linty P Mr:
OM 1111.1.1 . 0• T.
R, 1411.1 Per ket. e
BEA VF.It AND SVEI.ISVII:I.I:—Prr Ilrovt r h. 73
bblv flour., bp , oats, M Drown: 37 MIN !lour. Id bog,
Arouurotc & ("boxer, 14 du do. s•I A NV II arbough. 1 het
hotter, I Idl rii+, M Fukbro. 3 bdls Icalbrr.W ilrvo to.
by hron.J Donaldvon
CINCINNATI —Pet Mesienger No 2-1 oak..
GE., I bei dn. Walliniford & ro. 5 do ,entbrr..47burrh
& ealuth-r. lido do. Church A ro, 21 bbl.
Lomb,' & tea lord. bI sleelorkno, 1 rysirr
ebevh J C Bidwell; 10 10.1 v b:cohol. II A rehorslsek
1 lido pv..o loodlcr, brut A co. 21 hhlv vrhihkry. It lilt
71 do do, Nig/I,llre, 5 IV. lard oil. Sellrr• & Nlcola,
2 lay 1,001, 11 lirnd A co. I do do. Cho•ub & ro. 100,
C Ilrosle,on. I phi, J Kidd. 13 Ws oink. Rev &
Slu, blv mdnc. Surveyor ut
OIINFI O II Per Wrll.v.lle—ttik bid. floor. II Po'
!lack. I 1. 1 1.1 tobaern. I blol butter. II krd• D
& co, 4 bhlr bean, 3 do flax Fred IV II Joho•tmt. 4
.t• d fruit. II De zell & en. Su ult• Wtu I rend. 1 NI
•undetro. F. Ilea /loon. I ha dodge. t'un, r. Lovely& co,
VII. lard. Wileunk CO 0111.01. flour, a do
Melt & 51<eandlert.1.11 1 1.1. dour I'l d preeb,..l
$ Dilworth, n ben Corm 00 do oats, Cot, & reylnele. 0
bg• burry. II lirant. II kv..1.0. 1-01,1. en, Jul Dal.
.ell; I:1 tads gout, Tuared & Irs.her, /Ira.
demo, 45 .k. boo & .hone, 1 slot. I bbl union., NV it-
WHEELING—Per (',,,dwe11,-50 1.1.1 s flour. It
ttunettodhaud og. b r
rao.l Dannldso,1111111bbl• 110
IA IV South; 1 W.I. applr, Bukrr & l'or•xth. 5 1., I
du•ung, nrhbaunz. HI •k• ordchn, • 1.1.1. up
pl., 1& IV Ilarbaugh. So bid* dour, J II Ile•let1 17
1.1,I• polatoe, J Townie)
,BRAYER—Per Itltanoun Nol-911,o• boa
doff,. Wick and Weft:idle, 33 lan. ebeeoe. 10 eat , .
cream do, J B Canfield. 33tsis cheese. B Brown. I hoz
cheese. I keg bettor. Hurd). !novo& en....011 , 00ehr,e,
R Dalzelit 11.0 beeavraz. 2 kao• 9 Ithla Ou ll ar, 3 .'"
tallow. Y Gap , cheer, J B Canfield. n do do, I told I,ul.
ter. FL thal3ell, 00 to. elKese. I Diekep & ro. I tot , ap•
- plea, .1 P !Indio, 1 e-k eloOttng, P Wtlllso, ham, S
Nleeturlan, 0,1 , 1da salmons. I do near! ash, 1 A It
Floyd:6ol , lv cheese. 3- , 1,1 , 1 s butter, 13 can,lc boo, Bo
fix. cheese, J II Canfield.
BRIDGEPORT—Per lints dour. Ste•
Clerked: 15 ska ra0 , , , ,J Dal tell. 0.1,0 appl,. Wick &
MrCandle, 50 , .k•pesehea. ru 1,,(4 butler. 9 13 , 0 do, 41,
kgnar9.Y sirs featherr.3 bo• alo-o wale. 01,0te -
t.erger, 10 tot,. Baker& rotts, IS 1,1,0. ale. 3.1. a
barley. Smith dk. co. 90 peaches. 14 kx. lard. Won,
mau;SOkpro do. Cunningham. 44 do. It Dotarlt.O•lo poto
to, 43• k• wheat. ba• *ark, Cuounungs & ,ounoti. 14
aka corn, 33 aks bran. Owner alx.rd
1341-1-ILANA al..atwt.. Ctrrult Court Unnnl Slates
For I it Iricgement of I I a r.
Ire '• Raght for ottani,"
rate. 2.4. - ort a co. Chi11...1 Rollers.
I..frgulant Rove gn evul,gire PalCII: to Joon parry
for same purpo, . .
A queaLon of inirtogement 1..
one of in, at wtch
the ra Atrythe are
t the ,Lulce, canntruectou the patent
Atter multi's, sod coututrettoto ott .h,
of. Plattoid, tho 17.-ture obartertl In .louhtfut
sare tt t• ern the r wroth the Croft to repent. any
elumoil of zee. 01 1/14l 111 0115 /11. r 111 ,
, arts are outltapiord. and ter eouit tenth tt ta propor
toettate. as the °pinto., of both the lad,* on Or nor
ronstruetion of Platntole Patent. that the Ltrtotoletat'R
Pao , . os a aro.. and palpable piracy of the Pour isd".
It 1 , •• r•tOrtale Iron rtata.noa ,rt the proof.' shut
it era. - • tinprov.eurttt on Pitotottr• patooted tovon•
and now s-ok • to uetop tat. etobt. ander
of au Ift1r01,01e•glt—• is emeed at . °
to be unfounded Per Como.
The above Jr 4,1•”..11 rye.. .uGurGbef- eGo,w
Pbe nght to the only
poen. known to rodure p rood nrttele
llaey err reputed. us he Wrote. to Omagh .11 earl
tequtred. and wah the team ;nimble delu,.
nowt:-dif 1101.1. MA NS GARRISON
• tiourn V. Ppm and net. root'
ABOUT lout yearn entre, I wn. traveion through
tl.:+tate - of Ohio; while aPending • few day. to
Sharon, I diatotrered • mogul., !dealltr an.tanee.
and eetrequent4 learned that It had boon kn n own for
erns, and rappelled to he of ht, nag or value. but from
ualforsM4yearttawgrarat wad coaxal., appearance, I
was led to Iteloeve it might he made nattful. but tor
what purpoae I had not the leant den. f ettnunetteed
my cyypertratub. by horning it hotting 0. and totiver•
rung it. and t It WI. V V•
end so arrotet ro end,.
that Auld a.. value
in It, '.hat I gry.. .p r ate an, tone :Old Meal, to the
Itrutteetition of , ho.e experiment, tti front that Imo
to dim. I hair totemied to no other to. tie., to the ex
pumuon of abbot two years. I fitta:l, thacoet red. Mob
It•Y reducing it to a fine powderamt in,ltiu it with la
aced oil to about the conanteitcy of thick palm, and
pplying thtn eornpourd math a brink. that
• fear to ottitta would become . •tnn.• or
algae; ao that th. •uh.thnre when applied watt actually
este in • liquid woe. end the large amount of •illen,
alumina mart.. as and black ngia• of iron that It eon
truned, rendered it both weather and fire proof, or the
longer expcuell. the harder and more permanent it
seems to become. and as toe coating tabor it torn. to
a , ahr) la of adenirucuttle hy fire. contequently
protect, the wood env. red salt!, it from the air, sod
where lilt, n no air. there t. no blaze or co:W.l,OOn,
therelore the salad will actually char. bobore the .late
covering will give way.
I conuktered the dtecovery the tresoe•l
ante, mpon
end applied to Government for a patert to my
uttue•ton or discovery, fondly Loping Mat I trro uld
ow he renaturrouul for all my outloYM mo
ney. The government, outtioat any beto atic., grunt
on to me Letter. Patent fur d e
m sole dll to menufac•
tore, .41 rod ore toy Improvement to the mon•facture
uf "Weather er,d Fire Proof Compostuon or Air
Elmo! Slat "far barony Yeor .
A users 14, IN9 .
WE, the Inhabitants of Strm:, have read the above
.ntatement of :dr. Illake. and bed• re It to he
bully correct, a, we are knowing to toust of the Ida.
meat. therein contatned; and V. wall further owe, that
veal. not believe that there ever wn• n patsett snore
honeirtly and lahortonali earned, or more deservedly
Frattled; an he purnued expertsurout wtth the moot
Indotattaldeperceverance under the moot dtsrournetok
etrearastattres, 14 thc puhlte ht., the root conh•
deuce that there could he any thing valuable made
from the ruhntance. fle therefore bud torutroter for
yearn the leer. and send. of nearly the wbole
WV.' Notwithstanding . all dor. ho wm• tn,
d letntt.ble
to the proreention of lon experonent., nod v..t. ht not
believe that there tn one ono u thounarld who would
have pernevcred under all the eiroutroluncen. 11111 he
hen at lent Ma:nutted over nll obstncien, add we be.
brae there it .w hot one. oponott to a wardow bon
the mmn of 111 , . valuable doncovery
. . .
GEO W. CRM:. t Jo otoc• of
• I.Frvis
c. r .
BENJAMIN JONFI, 'l'nwn•bip
EVERETT, 'l'nwil,ll/ Clerk
A LLEN HOWE, Tro4nat.r.
,d or ea a by
i - ILAJTII , —Pre 7 46, Euo4l. Ltelgtun , and
r Cloth., of the Incol dcLirabin color, sardine,
Black. Chic, Drown,lsir thren 11111,11rovan,iar ,
and al; other demshle ,rdrt.. auanble (or dre. and
bcaine,a COMB, whneta nnl Le mudr rn °Her in a au
pent.; Manner, or root p DELANY'S
Ei pieces new siylr of
• kJ Fancy Csatireetea, toaether witt, s Laudanum Ist
o f Silk, Satin and Cashmere Ventura. whirl, ...II 1. , '
Made to order in the latest
I,SEAIDIr ?dim: currmr4.-A
iv trent 01 leaay ambi"..made In seenrtianee wnit
the preeent fasbion, and aril' be sold. wholesale or C.
m o, ..len ot , obey tan lee pareh•setl at any otntr es
in NMl:we,
....RI. FOR TUE rirr-“,eral
SHAZ,FBT.VI Rasnisrc. —Crowded houses and
nepturoo6 stin'ause a, eonnisny Mr, lictuble
whereven_she cues, so that the press has only. On
each or
Ts alret
h,,,, aqui° to etirmule whm
!tidy well know!, Althount It was nu:
agnerally understood tha! Nee. K would rend ht-t ,
WOO, Willow. Hall was crowded, and the play ol'
Henri/ the Fourth was given 111 n vivle which we
hive never heard equalled. Busmen, engagements
prevented cur remaining for more than n tesy
tutnnies, sd we can nut dwell ns we would Itke to
do. upon ue, heattitei of the performattec; but w ,
van not 1.en....y10g. that the morn we 01 thi•
pl nit,4 Indy, the more do we admire her
gem°,—Kowa• which developer °melt not merely
in her meting, but in her writing+le reader•
will nor bagel that she will rend Henry the Eighth
Ilw no-
NEW Eileen.— eaii
Lennon Allow leader , . 1a the ail veil aaalieiii or
Meaty,. Adana, .111 U I %;.under Ike above hemline
in another roinnin Mr 1. 12 Riduiell. iit Water
sheet, lan• been appolnital Ibeir A,nt, nn.l w r,at,
der kin iniiiingenient. In °niter to the Mal,
nerwhieh tier eilifetle IS Coltdrlctril we wake
the eraniits:
.!Frotn PhOadulplea we shall run three Dady 1:1.•
press Lines. arricine at Pittdburgli respeetivelyrr
.Tsgo, Three, or Four days. use Two [lay
Will run at mail tinted, tool is proeinally intended
for small and valuable Yuri:noes. We shah in
variably reeeint for tone and prier.
We hn , . e rrotivesurio with Messrs Edwards
Hale Sr I dig Transatlahlo• En press, be which ode
own forward packnß es 1 , 1, or trail...! COM 1111,101.
,o, Oren,. Brae.. Frum e, and inn, n! the 'od
nentul Cows. Messrs. Edwards. Hale a: Go.
nomo in England with tile r known forwarding
house al atm.,. Chaplin ac Ilio, and Be France
with the •`7tlc-e.eigero.• Nationale'
We 911311 spate rn expertte or exertion to get
tor goods through %oh the ulna,: ttetitat..h. and
eodenvorp lurnoth the public with n really well
wlolllll4 t:lttrear. :to parovia and tate!tagt,
ill Ite7 i rt.ed by utt at v.:frt.:nett . low prl//C3. "
1/I , 4 • IIIANCE t.. 1:11111:011—Twn colored per
were laken briore the Mayor of Allegheny.on Thort.lay night. charged wall 11110 3 13.•
Olin and ,l rly manner., the, Chttrelt.
of the Thad M 1
artl. They wt re et:imitated to 1,1
to eat' their tal.
TALL CIIIIVILV.—Oar of the talleet. If net the
very tallew ontlfilloV, m Piti,burett. Im. ecently
been erected at the lower repervoq I: lore..ent.,
a very ',env oppeernner, h. seen trent A Ilt.nit-o y
and 1. gnat, an ornament to 'het pnrt al tbe OV.
LARCE{IE..--Stver ' al voltwiainte of L•arre:,y
have lweit 11Id blare the Mayor to Allegheu)
but ar IL. y wr•r vary tridtng, vt . < have not t Itouti lit
them worthy al nottci, 000 young gewlentav
complatved my vuolbrr. luta ,tol<it n.. 4,11. /Ind
pdging !rum areiniie, we rh.irti.l +air that
at the Lino alluded to.. it coai.uncil a very large
A woman complained itgliest n neighbor' for
stealing a Jute. Milder complain. of th r nniure
have n..•upmd the atteetieu of bin Ilueor :or rout.
lionaras No noes —Witt, tfaa the It.apt.feh
o.tonueti fte lumneao nonce,' They oftrtaftilv
ta,re very tonutoug, and ranted othay it tufarty
Laugh among our Emmons" won. let to , have a
'few more of the 'ante sort,' by off wean,
Cr - , ru a KNIFE- —A I Iwmen lodged a I,ll*
pin,iit nnThankagivluit day, below the Mayor
Allealualy, against certain pArtiea,,wtioae Dames
we w,l but glee at preseht. charzu)g then, with
!havieg cni httli cut U.e !arc , . doamery la the
nerd Ward. The wc.ultlae plat
below utle of hia eyes, tall luckily, wer the eyeball xn.
, brxr or quArtut Sc.uov,—Ttle Jury,
t, iucbuu 1 . 95 e, brought avrrii , .t ol
yetterany inurmuir.x.trun.i Mr. F:frru. Mr*. E7llOO,
nti Mrs. uthatu. klarwy ou trull, 00,1
we believe that Me ro—euttoh did hut pantie for
eon, - .tt an recerrin Mr. Cm... 4. vibe C,, h e,
num - re:entbrm ..nme uhlogeebrot !Aimee',
punted mile the fourth Monetry re December
Bass ItOIIBERV.—The fa 14,14,4 lams wry re
ceived at the i'sloyors Office on Thanksgiving
Heron'. Oreica, PnrWtiaLrtna
To the ..Wayar of Putshigrgn
D.ll Sin—l rim requested to cot:mailmen', the
folloicilig particulars in addition to the ICl,rilphie
leepßlrt, slivatly kawarded to your Honor's ode
dress, nod beg ilist you will please cruse the It,
formation to be diseendnated as my he eicrnied
o•L rlinn
Tnl• 0.0:110 , r. neiwr rlt And 10
cinek, the office of t t Bosh of Camden,
New Jerry. in Church Ailey, Phiinclelidda, wns
enteied tot talse keys, it /A .111,posed. and robleiii,
during the abort.-'e Tele, of about $3OOO,
in ad own lane.. The Teller lets the tire-pruot
idife betted, and the motley oi n. The door in the
banking house num, see oil story, locked. arid tne
tront doer on Clung, Alley, lurked. Un trio re
sin. he ;cloud the front dins Open, the banking and
There wens among the owes stolen, three. per
number of $lOO Loins,
Ind Sl'.
rid is offered by the
rutnnaut al
Dlh. D. HUNT,
•11‘.1 Gnrner
Vccntuf. t•IV,(3
S ITN Dill Es , 4,141" r.ira lio•hrs. Chre
Oboli 410
.bleis . lnekCrcl. Nos I. 2 and 3, ot
noteind ..ale Ly nnv3o JOHN WAT r CO
rr,,:L i. 501,1.1. on hand lona for jc s o ll i e N b v,vivr
A Cu
II'AVAIN SIIIES-4 nnmT Indik trio slrmor
far ran.
on: ISAIAH Inl:lit.S.l4 CO. Cron; st
12En:rill:its h. Stull.--J+ sack. ;now :asllng Con
otann, Harlin:we, and .or sale I.y
and I lons. land
teaa, , t0..1 nu- san..
New Hooke.
hr morns. Ili. hen Voi,n,,,e.leie Herman Mel Mile
, au bur al • Ty,... -Oinelece," 2, r
II Weer, of Kee, Allred ot England, ley isecole A Irbil.
wetit tine etystvb , r.•
`tido.. the r•ttrerte•th by Win klyer.leselel.
selev.el_e _ runner Third need Mart re ..tiereti
lk i itiel ,Tsit.CAllthe;rit'. —lieet:'ii flee. elay, /17W - 31 7
1 / l'ltutork 4. Carnet Wareletetsiec. Nu 75 Vourtle eel, a
i ii ,ii i er ~,,,,,,,,e ekriseet.. of Ike inweet and sno•I we
prowed eivlceMewl , wee 133V11, 01.• allehhon ett
hhrntit ny u. and thaw wialieve to Itirtit•h lioaw,
so re.ell awl re x 1111.1 , , the harp,: ew•ortner sit en the vas .
w kerb we will poll rho., r them eve r lereore ollierrel Su
in- w ...wee suurke t novill %V NITI.INTI SCR
rur 1,110.14.1
t.LLICIiTT 111 I . l , sTrorri:l - 1.
Tit OV
nip. LlllOOl2 h• 1,•,
..I ,, nslti by many l' 1
rorame l' s and l Fradwr.t.
15' 11.1,..nuttn....un mr. en. houtt.tte )ntir Ilto.
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~- ,r.n . ran 1nt...1 , 11411ag val.•
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174 Wu, ,I l'intk..r,h ..
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I N . ronformuty with Ow 11011ro ir 10004 oro,
I 111111 esVpliCntioti Will he nook Lo Logo.laturc of
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nt air Charter of thr. flunk 01 l'ittsburKl, •.1. 1
Donk In ho mooted at Pot burgh. vvtllf a valuta' of
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word. b fllonOrs r., otn. NPa If Iforuloi.
ram lino", 1 boo'. 1:1no, Now flrlgbbf, it.
l'lurk. Now ..,.tfongton, Meteor Colon, A. Crotch,
nolonuttof, ualongton county. Pa., G flood, No.
bbolloorif. Alt holy cuunff •1, Illt•FaJden, Wekt
Nto VY
bllntawnufhtootfot offuoty, 11010 1 00 k .
l:anoo• ,
Wirubv:gont royal) , .AI AA' tut
Crrelt, Wash.artois CO., I'a I D lloonof,
utom, Abrorheng Co , ruaSl',l,3m,
Telniwrance WOE on Ital , kr , fi: . l , d 4
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and rell, nll
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Or .161. S J.IPPINGT ,I^4 .
Sta ultfk!,l,lt , t. rinnburgh. I,
WATER. CURE EliTAULltialilltiAlt,
13EDWAIID ACKER, AI I), Phllltptherg, roprto
r the town of Beaver, on the Ohio river, Ike
a. county, Pa, .03:vrlyS
4 A. y. oN ro Temprrifully "boo irrn boor, beautiful new oily!. of Ron.
. .on,lrde nod e11e10.1%, nri Ribbon.. do do Can and Neck do, Plaid Na tea
Fie indiom atdi S.inn Ribbon., nil number and outline.. Also--
oL whin, It . • n rt t pet 1.41 ,‘ Crapr., Hornet Velvet., Gimp., Fnage,. Braid., Yel
•hip. 1,11 -'• 3T, :ire v ri,nnimemlrd vet 'rrontnings,
x. bedn , ' , ow., ~',1141.,11Acr.tte,...b1,.,Y1c.. ID , SIERI AND DLOVFS.—A 0011 .fork. While
the (:wale, of r•e ry de4enption.
SILKS - t . ' rt , lione , dhle Bris , dde• &gore , 110EsE KEEPING 13001)8.—Its dn. department of
tiro 0•1,11 n, Grp ditlilll, ism WA . our entabbobinein. veld always ha found the most cam.
e,ers Sr,• Choi, T,:. Said, Taffeta. Otionsat, • p i et , ales k. rumpus Ri n p as t, p s ,....j u sn, Both, whi t .
itry and Mackinaw Blankets; Loan and Cotton Sheet.
sIIA - IN, one thousand Shawls. of every , t og, Dunnst.l ..od Diapers, Napkins, Towels, Flan..
sl""'Pt. • "..Pr , sten every and stYle .'nil., Chintzes, Downes and Counterpane+.
Lang and •.,,,mr.• Wool Sllvrvl, in el. color. Also—
• mud Ilroehe Shawls Vlsettes. d
mos 111.11 extensive stockalways on .
—5t..... than MUSLINS-4000 nice,' Calicoes, of ell 'stride, 1000na
the r e,, t i 0 t,..1 an d eOO O5 Ticking+, c,ry width end quality, 3.5n0 ps Bleached
Ma•lins, or ever, grade; 211N1 ps Brown Muslin*, of
ALP 1' • 111 Il) Z I NE* kr. Ito eases At t n.- all poses; 311 bele,t d, Whiten nd Yellow Flannels.
d "" 'mono 'loth.. and every amber Also—Countrk Flannel, Brawn Preased do, ennui.
desenp, ot Moornotg Goodi Goods. Trinimmga.Mdlinery Articles, he.
CA .101 BE LAIN , he -Rich rat:+ C.ish• Thu sinus , wish • very large stock of other Good,
snd I. sots. r a., Very viol, We," purchased by one of the resident partner. in the
and loch .une or to no.: heo.,oidre od,.red east. and can be afarded at either wholesale or retail,
A —F.: I r..nri. , Innttes. opera Cdod,. Pe. at no !OW Illjei.• ' on they eau be t procured in the ea+,
base and I'at . :cin orii eines. Piaci...ere cut her have the same ad.
.it• it , rd, ~...... A l a ve• sleek sit , /antages I/I extent of stock. choice selections and
Pert• lone- Mu•b , Capes. Coda, real vdriet), Intl 010 presented by Faa , turn Houses
Calf- 11.14 • so., r nett od,ons A A toll tis. New Good 6 conotantly arriving.
..nor, •Eden., In...funds oc cli A A MASON &CO
,fflaiia 1849. tarTA
AV/ lilt,
Pli , •barglz rtt“l
rA w , wout , lllllol . ll.
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v. 1,1 Iry pr-parr.l &vv.
dull) Mg/I)d/iy. the 110.1 A Cur
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Ler- bony. ad Ow ‘VAdon• Ira Yttitila day and Indllt
edam , - „ • •Irlty••rt• in bye tiny, Apply It
Nt.II A M. PittaltufKln
Mill NI A IN I- I SlArltrt tdrryt.
td, tta.
V‘” kat AIIitANGEPINN'f.
Maia, 1;49. fe!g_
E P eur S n'.l GUN LINE
riv, Days. 1 . 4.111 . ./.1V 4 D.S
of Sov,olo,
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eAr I•llll3,lhthht root r'h.rgooer.l.orelt
.13a, r,o 111.0 l True nod from .
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the 1.11.0 r ,. : too A rl , l,
A 13i. l'o,hurgri.
or rtl--41A11.V1• 1 1.13 - 3•11.
No 13 South Tlo A woe, Ploladelprort
on, OAlt
U S I.l.olSteam•6ip PHILADELPHIA,
TII new awl rpletnint
me , ni..lop PIM,
PHI J . tioth ant.
Cha r r r l ' e n ,.!
- • IL alan
vanna, iiilV2lla
. tnl • •In.gre.. on Tur•Jny,
l•-n•no: , cr H. al 11, o •
•Innl. A M..ltan I r Onn.pun y • Wharf. ionn ‘,l" Lon,
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L.•ut.erpn. , eLl
urty ~ .v..e.traer yet •lIV.E. 11.47,..a double
arv,e1,411. - •, I ere. •Errlig:ll and po. full
•ay I.r up:11. svr.r
(All! TO 41
Sa••Nm Room ncri., • ~,x1
•••,c ItPuud Ar , tA , •utun, A 1.1‘..1.1
• to/ 11,1,1 K 10 •11,541.1 I,IL-1.1.10N
...ouretivt, , tl jowl 1.. r
A W onif om.,s i.rt..lllClll
THE iollowtn4 r.urlo mn op, yr. pl.n.ur rrnm
.110.11,11 .11.0”1:11," of NIAf 1-111.
and na. al a ron, ar rrzi Irr• are Kaderm
lIR SAM Itr W11.1,•111 , 11H1
It P . A•m,,.own ma Ago ma Ilta
Ir, trt e'lta.a, kl
1,141. r, Italeetl n•t. fst•l was r.
ht- utrtie.e.,. and 41..'0 , 1101. 4.; Ow wave, nr hark ot
tt, t ., .... . ;,.r.1r,1 by •Itetrithyteetrt: tt•
ft,. ft: tht titt, to: rrtkrty di.eauts
.err int year.. rant . arrested the attentonn of
fh t•trr ht¢htv rettpertette pr.etttldn.r
o t te t•er- the hetttstia
Itt• e, ene—e•:-.4 r:fee when tot nun.
.rents.,k• rrt•
hentotter:n.ll,, ant. other re
, tt • . tea. J d.ft. tt, nhterat titrtot- utteet
~..,~,~.,ry o~+?ynw.. ~~.
, el , a 1 . 1 Aunt Mnr, I. the
The Wi. n. • • 11, nl , It
In.. .•. er. I M U.,
eutrti rt. : +•~~
ur , .;u•t r , coupt A, Ow 10,1 , w0u, voluonry
: to pow, of of \ Veld
li. rn NI.
w... , p;ly . rt-
IPP.PPyI Iv. Orl 'APO. 1.,41/
'rtp t,r4y alloy that Mr+ 11. Rob
,r.• "1 o.r. v Ihrr.• or fourrrc, allrr rorsliotr.
nar.nt w atrare^,l 1.1,11 t 1.100 ximl
proorat.r... 014-rertm., true 111
arrul r I it, Lou, Wlrttar,
Javit •ntr
.1.111•4 VVATI . .t rn
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a NV. •I Ile r. •tie oel ie. andvulunt,e
rt.. ele ..... ; e,ared ue•ltln. nun t• otove •
live, erne. el tee vuese 'o.eant• Balvn I %Vs'd
..t'rr` 11A1.1.,
anti ntdl further or the ranee.
nldr kdo I Wodnr IlAtsnot of Cherry.
~ widtord A Park. ro.ton An A ',Ailey ol AA
!. r and .or orimrd or 'ter putoor. I would
dlrr dd 1. 14.,1 erurrnth y your
s , Nio 1•111 . $4ln$ , 11-sl,llls .$1 , Vito Ctlrrry
In ' «;:$1( 1-47 my 1,. 331. ,1. 1 1 1 / 1 , 3,40,0
Wall 31,33311, op, l'it•ur.•y. 111 3
1331 1 t . re1.,.1. $ sss ..Iv at-Comp:silo-4 V.. 111 11 se•
sllsts 301 . /111 1 3111, .sss ttttt Or sssssssl
isll)•sss• sss llorslFo sss • 1.1.11,31.11 1 , 1.1
-IP • •..liv sssss rt l .l, W 1,1111.1 11 1 1114. (31.1311111, Ite • 3101.
..ett dot I erne. to the t 1 1 111..11.W i 1/11 . /1•1111 , -
,111,1•111 A. I, Cl/11111 .1 hew her, and
two. Woe. •I Ow your Wed Chetry I Iwo. , red one
bathe. r_to rottoute roll tow:, ocrooling to thter•
woo. le lot' • it wow a the rot,lt -topped. Illy
r u ct , 4ttl . tter .t.le lett herell with tie. .1 01 11/100Cr
lirre le ratty., I,ATII coll•
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ul“ rovounnood
I, tr., Nlich
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(II nil 11, cure. that L v , trcor.l , Clere. ate
c rt..ntc • 0).1 to th,one leut.ourgl, which
l'o,T,l.hket co., In JUIlt 15.1•19.
11 1 . :1 14or r. A• 1 fto/. a deep rontoPro,
tor 'tl'• 4411,1 e.: iont..l lo rove you p blo.l
the benef....Vrtvrtl from
t m t•••• • , %%war., 1100010 0 . Wtal Chrrry.
IL I uttarle wlth nJ
the LV ,
pim tilt' n Vrty ilrll.l/1..10.d
ILIAI , IIiOWII, W 11114• r aar ...I.en with a
, TV t. tr•tat...) me. to a. to
Inc .I.• al a v0rti.r......1
.4..iar a a grvat
, 1.•1 1 1.. rally rrl 1 , I.rorl it•/11V I{ll., I
1 - 110 J vadr r ate Vi••
ttt. ti tt' Inotter...l.ll . Nen 1 .rent nett., ;a:tutted
t:11 tru,ul •,•tt.r... of tnt Itfi; 11.1
rlt,•te.:t .nre I r. me• I • orvtvet tr . tlinrl
M t ' eytr . e . e re-r..ttt 110 , were cort,ittily
Init. , lot , Itte•tt , elt le , It;ntler taicar.fir
tattet I.r rard Il,al I tvatt • Itvittx
e att.!p tletrtntmetl 1. t•lttotrotedteitte
t.tett . ••y ;MI •/, W., nod try 111 Wistar , itelestsn
.et t' etry, nett ft.., 11, tam week iltrot enin•
,111( f . . 111 41, gttoto.tlrerovery I
't it*, Ats otneth.. 4111, ellti Wlitch um ,
. tttet ettve tetyetlgtettl health ever Riter.
1 , , ieettentnettti 1141-.1111 to nit thn,e ttl•
It Of the lan,., 14.4 wow,' my In
tl• tate tett to toe tlisetturagetlll two
me I ',et ....It,. but ."
r ,:•uo ..,t1 I Ile, ionlt/olu nu mut t•u•en ur
wtll ,:r••••I %nth reit. wra i/.,i111 sot I ha out
11•••••perou/Iy. ttur•
• •
.inst..l.ll JAi 1( Il\
l'uicr et p..r . —Sa Do:ttr. !of
Fourth and Wa . out Cancossl,ll. ,, lou,,1,1
k,ot lot the .outt. ao.l lo mho.i all oNetn
I. W..... Jr. Jnenn. A Joao, J hold A. Co, II A.
Fayn....nonk & Co. l'ti,lmrKit L T. n,.,11,
W. II I.nnl,r rum Frankon, L It. Ilowle
~,,,,nn (I. I, re rt1,111:1, h. S. Knuola,Sonter.
6,llnorc. Redford, Bred & Son. Ilunung.
don. MI , . 1111.1nbran I & CO, _
J Wr.,131, e a , ik ao k- 1100ILSI HOOKA:
'III , ' A IVIIAon & Son. Way...burgh; M'Farland & I JUST r.c'd at Ile PRIISISILE:LI . A . 7 , I= m R p ir c i II
Co, N. Uno , Ilnanvlll, htmllol A CA, Flan; J• I : -" ,,,,,, h : ' ,ZY1 V ,17,..v17,..0 n a d , Townsand's Ana
Mngothn. r. Joints, Ku Ity & Co. Hod, S. Sm.!, I 10,bk PiesildcesCbri h°li.
W° "' n ; F & S. Janes Pun noel . I:areb, Milton's Treatise alt Coristi. Doe
' Mar. Lur 01 Jeremiah Evan, Fag Robinson's Greek
i'utider.paiL P Cfoolrnr. Jr. Ilrornaneille I I inTrla. do Einellsh do do, Scott's Si-
Lle. iln,lon r‘Lrisn's Bible Dasetttat,
10.0.0 N.,: • untl rano,
An lir rm... moor n.Rnr
‘.. % .1 17 P . :;:u 0 l' o l l : k .. 4 ll ro ".j ieK . :O r dld
4.., EISINGER. WI:LUCE — DO, blaninseut
01100 ' 1 " A' , LI U . Gla, Ware, No. 117. Markel sheet, Pitts
to ll+ , I:1 Yngnonn; , I'o., keep constantly Onntiand and make to OT.
ltegal‘a Norm.. , dor ,o 1 km& of Vtals, 4.c. Porter and nine
"!"'"' V " ! '"'• ' ' Water PoideL of superior quality.
:11.(1110 Ka,le or.. l'artv at. /Mention paid to Prreato Moalds. "
I in. 1.14 1 ,1 Stwerw Dal( Spanoth Pow,. novnl 1Y
' Just re,c3vpd and (or •al. bl IfrO.SI.IBINUS—Io .mall
horld No. 17P. and 174 Liberty ai 1. Wad 00 CO
A. A. MASON ck CO'S,
NO. CIO ➢I AXLICICT eurroeunuli, PA.,
offer for 'tied the Most extensive assortment of
0. aO.l Staple Goods U3O can ha found in the
t:ern Cur otry. comprising ta parl
-40 coo. Merinos, Paramattas and Alpareas;
21 do Cashmeres and Mo. do Laing, .
Ito) do Intro., best styles,
00 do Ilieaelied alusli.,
:WO ban, Brown Muslim,
75 do name., of all grades;
:IC Jo Flannel., of all colors;
In du Blankets. of the best manufacture;
init as,. , Caestnaeres, Caszinens and Jeans;
7u Pere. Broadcloth. WO pier. Dress Sill.;
lou Lois. honor) and Cep Rthbons, Mantua do;
50551 Shawl. Also—Searfs, Mo.. Vizetta, to.;
Linen.. White Good., Hillthery do, Tatlors` Trimm-
,ngs, also. often nod packages of other Goods, in all
their stalely. New goods constantly receiving.
ov:1 A A MASON k CO_
I ,7J'lZTA!,uwafbe re.dy for
the engrovoi in Id days, reftions Who may wok to
Luse views of their country emits pal on the map , cmt
Ito m by zunliti, nppneanon to the undersigned, won
~e fort. the irtftli inst. To defray the expense of
the. - .. • be required in
to tOtstrter of th, tics. novIV If I.: McGOIVAti
vAyKrri: iILANKEFS. mlutufactured . Fay.,
couuty. We.ftern l'endaylvania—a aupertur art.
rt... au) thud, Acted in duo city, and for it
aat a
outtell lower rte., at the market Depot., No 55 Illarket
Kre, of the Fayette Alautdifela nu& Co
LU IN 1.1 SOAPS.— tiroarn Wtudaor,Soap;
Be.rdoin Soap; Honey do.,
71, do. ,
purcha..ed of the doporter and tor yak by
00010 FL E SELLERS, 57 Wood .t
`".ATV:.. STRIPED DI: LAINE—.—A lot of superior
.71 111.1. ck Srwirt Stnped Ic Leine., of an excellent
quality, nod et very low price.. just opened nt Nu 73
Nlarket .trees. numb we. corner 1.1 the Dinmon4.
"Norway Plain." MOW*
1X it MURPHY, at North East corner of Fourth
V V . and klarket wee., Las lately reemsed • sop.
ply of Ma above superior make of Blankets, and m
ane. thow tQ want of the article to look at them be
lora buying. Ile has also on hand Home Made Blan
ket., • go dl heavy article, which he is selling low.
PLANNELS, brown, barred and
white. 01 a Auperior quatity
Also—Twilled 'Scarlet FL t a.NNELS, to which he
Invites the attention of buyers.
ja - A large ' , apply of Goods recently opened to this
It holesole ROO IMA, up tunes, makes his assopmeta
very full and worthy the es
of dealers
.20 boxes Pourld Lump, Samuel 111yers'ik. Co;
101dwurt boo 1 lb do Ildj eac hl do;
Jo II) do El :Dorado: I 'Mn.;
to dos's do RiOsell G Ro bin son's,
31.1 do Jo U 2
5, 0 Cabmen;
15 do do s's do i 0221 k .
•du do to s's do Freem..o;
troll do Ilb do eilltmetr,
4U do do s's do thekinaon, I
Joel roes red nod tor ule byy
unsl• ..-....
Nos 172 and 174 Liberty et -
osT 011_31161.A111-1 truniTithoest wetatimg 73
lb, mailed & 1 It Dtek.aleadville. Punn'a..
ni , oat the Ib± or 'list October lab Also--8 hi chests
ntait.ed r a. II '"rhey may have been mi3nrat
to route ear:lmp...oh hose or steamt oat.
4,3 lit,ral reward will
h.. given for all or either of the
intekage, orsibetr rreavery, by
n3vl2 JOHN hIeFALIEN 3.110
• .
F.%t 11ourgi , .--I;holmera Institutes of Theol ' Oi
11 vol. I, ototA yea VII. of his Pos.blamouv Wor ks.
C05r..1..e• sy.trin nt Phrenology, with upwards of 100
ongrasqug.. ,Juts reed and for %ale by
nrla Apollcr Buildings, Fourth at
11(:ARS-160,01 , 0 pram, on band otitel (or vale by
1)ol NI:YV FI.VM-- A A. Ms.on &Co has, ro•
1 I es, Flonnet Velvots,of throw.
ll and at low prleov novo
I: , AND 11(1:MERV - , Now 4.ningiiTA A.
! , 11.on & x. Ala Ilor (Armes rod noilory. of all
kinds w.. 1 Gualuie.. por6
cu•as rr,'S dui
.v A v F. k ..k
17.,TZ ° r " " I ` I•Assev & BEST
OAP —I:Z.S Lit eincsnr au, Just reed. for .ale 1.7
ft 11E1 , (jATTHEW:. Rol)
E ,,ESTIAL OILS—I can 0I Bargam.,
I '• Laven.leri
I 'Yeppercront,
I T . " Saasafra.n,
ffov,l . J ;CriOONMAKER h. CO
. ' ' ' 'l, !Ws l'ilanmuon, landoKlloo the
""•” . 1 1 11,,,5,M,-,• , . , .
e lii 1,01, , i1l • ' .l'i .I,frocr Nlnnonegfbeln. firtfl for if ofe tol,
we ct.. and iffnoot-1 f , 0 , 41 JA HU rellltiN & C.I.
for otalf- by
Sr i
r F.B
l'—'2s" l
"C''.. l
' --'
i 101. FEE No Po., Itio,
or •• reroi7mg from comtl. rob .
k., for Ify
HI EN A1 . 1 . 1.E... 5 - 11ifis 'rot rccTaarrfor ...le
1 7 I.y . Ist.vll COPE& LIKE VFOGLE
'l)e. r i:l,lVl-1. 'IIiIS Di Ulu India Rubber II
I case Writaen's Metallic Rubber Sandal,
I !itlrset' Slipper . '
Alen's .• Overshoes
I Overshoe
AL of snitch will be sold, whole•ode or fetal', love
tl:ti or rely ;tour in the arty & II PHILLIPS,
14,1 Nos thood street
(1 l:l,lTlllNG—Rec'd at the India Rabb.
Drpot, thi. day-6 pair Pant,
Ilalitsantal Pattiz,
6 • Shirred I.eaßtnr..
5 1.114 Leggittr,
Sold a. No 3 %Voud .beet, by
I) E.7' Til IS DA V—:11 lod . is.aubber Seek Coots,
For lit the Depot, No 5 Woo 4 st. C 4 P"'d.."'
nor2l J H I'IIIII_I I'S
S'IrFIAM rersl at the
lti Hulibrr 16. Steam Packing, mini I-IG
in inch is tintikstia• Por anl- Lt
novs J k II PHILLIPS, 5 Wood
LIxTRA I . A/ill.\ 11.1.1'R-65 tibia lu.i ree'd and
I, tor COPP. b. 1111E170GL IL
uneYl 11. Second
)1 'IA Itr. bLiejllFl reed and for sale by
1111:1,SE -JuKt reaCm etinsignment. and (or tal
a .•1,..,c0 lot of Ctiec.e.
N , %t:Kr roTAT,:r...9---in store and for sale by
P 0: AND PATIENT; or • Practical thew
1 of mum ,' dune, Trianon. and interests of the
P10,..01011 and the Cononunny; by Worth.
tngion !looter. M. I)
Tn. Work. nl Michael On Montaieur; comprising
he. By Won. Haslet.
"lion rii and Its Remarn. Dy Austen Henry L.ay
ard. . U s;
Wimp,. of :3pain: or Notre of so Unfinished Tour
in let'. D, N T. woh..
Tooper's i'roverhial Philosophy, new edison;
(rated. Ju, reeeived by
earlier ?darker and 'Chad street.
(Journal, Chronicle and Post copy.)
9g I c ASI'S of entirely new uta tuhlone4le - Oood,
now °Penang at A A. MASON & CAPS. 00 Alar•
IL., cnmprtiing-4210 Long shawls, ID pea Rich
-, super Long Brodie Shawls, 200 pieces
French Mr now, Paratuattan, Ac. ov2l
I SI A N SLATES, No. A. 7, 4 and 5, teen and for
by I iiov2l C ARBUTHNOT
Howl.. as I,.ng a' the water pwrutita .
unvtu • KIER & JONES
. _
I I .ror. of mut excellent arttele of Rub.
F. 4 rein Poring Boots and Shoes soft and on.
to ,eater For ante st the India Robber De
pot, No %% ad street
F.xcluaively tot Poswmpt.
Pim Floats of this him w4ll lens
u. at 74 o'clock 4.1 night'
4 th44.—A Crum, Fridny, Nov. Mk.
' 1.4'o:1.11014—J P ThompanniSatortla),l7lh.—P llorkey,
k r .yrk,—Capt II Truby. blonds), WM
..1..44—f Inn., 'A Crnot, Tuesday, VIM
Lootomns-41Thompson, Weductoksy,ll/1[
InMon.4-1 . Harky, Thursdar,
knntoc Sy ra —Ca 1'4,44, Fssday.lo.l
11,111.--Cilpt A Craig, Saturant',
1.414.1utn--. 1 P Thompson, Sunday, 21. b
I elions—P Itursey, klonday,
Kentucky-11 Thug Tuesday...nth.
Crs4"44 WeEncsday,b.
I L08.1111111—.1 P Thompson, Thursday, WO
Indium—P Battey, Frtday,3oll4.
.4 For possum to apply W
Monongahela Hon•a
n0v144 or D'l.Er.cii & CO. Canal TWO,
. Park I
aFos ALIT.—The WABEHOUBE •t p re
mot occupied by Mews. Bailey, grown U. Co,
ran Water .13.4 from brit of At i rli next.
FOR ••L Ts.—A frood uro horse PEDLAR'S
WAGON—for sale ur—usy he sue et the Its
hut Livery Surto of Rod)) Panama, Furth street,
between Wood snelSwithfield. nor 26
-•- - .
Valuable Vans fee 11.1••
IVEAR CANTON, Stark county, Ohio, consisting of
.L 1 555 ACRES OF LAND, in a high male of cola.
cation, end, a Imitable proportion of timber, and an
shumbowe or stone coal and limestone. About equal
proportion. of this land are rolling upbud, adapted to
wheat, and meadow land adapted to grass and corn.
lheimprovementiare a good Frain°eel annotate,"
Hock Rn, • yremg thrifty Apple Oschani, of chome
grafted froth • good supply of rams Poach Trees, tn.
Terno---One fourth to hand, balance illeasy annual
pasnonts. Tale indbputable.
For further peeoculars apply to H. Grisarold, Ea4l,
Canton, or to Me undersigned at Steubenville: b .
JO '
Administrator of the Estate of Goa Hull
hos S—dtmatelenT
For Rut.
HoEn tfir g ir d g otyd °C.`o'uma g th' lte trZk
ti I.' anti Two Acres of Ground finely improved.
Posmstoon gives immediately. INqulre or Jac An
derson, Edo., adiconinF the premises, or al
MeGLINTOCK, Fottnlt "
A WELL FINISHED ROOM, tunable for a
Variety or Gentlemen's Flarnislung Store. Al
to—Severn' rooms mashie far offices or Au.
octleti Otfice Third street, over Post Mice.
:11E eery desirable residence in Allegheny
City, lately occupied by W. Poinderter, and
smssion given R.
For terms, apply at this office, or to W. W WIL
SON, Market st. oecti
jaPOLL LLENT—Ttte maiimou boo time
occapied by Mes. Atwood, Manta! at aklmd,
with 20 sem. of amand anaohbd. The bmsa
bulimia. and convenient. and the remold well int.
proved. Apply to HARDY, JONES A 00,
ng2l Waite et
iz(mFOR SALE—A Brink - floiii, - ibiir ono:Tieat
bath,) and Lot, 00 Robton AM" Allegheny,
ear old Bndge. I'eiee low and 101.. g uy-
!moire of jyOl S SCHOYER, Ilin Second rt
FOB. RENT.—The three story Brick Dwelling
Boon, ou Liberty, between Hay and klarbery
streets . , now occupied by W. Graham, Jr. Possession
given immediately Enquire of W. Graham, or at
the Bookstore of
JOHNSTON & FroccroN, •
jrl7.4ltf corner Market and Third sweats.
pi. A THREE storied 11/welling Hoax, being the
nd boom from Penn street, In Snyder's
Row, on thy street. Immediate possession will ho
given Enquire of DAVID RITCHIE, Attorney n 1
Le.w-nave on Fourth street, between Cherry alley
and Gnat strut. AIL..
Two Lots for Bale.
Tsubmnben will sell at pnvath vale, those two
.1. valuable4..ol4 of Ground, scatted on Tomato at.,
in the Third Wald of Allegheny City, reek having a
froot ofllo feet, running back 100 feet in depth 10 020
foes alley, upon .whieh isliudt a'stone wall, Cr by 100
feet, which eon..lns stone enough to build cellars for
two menfonabli•Owellmg houses, and in (root there
ate three shade sees, ofd years growth, (root
walk lapaved with brick, all cif which will be sold at
8900 Punborgit and Allegheny, or County Scrip,
wul he taken in pantie.
J & II PHILLIPS, No 5 Wood. , •
or to WAL BENSON, immediately opposo
mr4D _
FOR SALb—Five Tots .
endeied In the
inns town of Binning am. The lots are 100.
led on Denman street, numbered in F Bausmards pl.
75, 79, en, dI and si—Lot No 75 fronting 10 feet on hla
ry Ao street, 70 feet deep, the o th er four 20 feet front
each lt . by 50 feet'Seep.
Terms-.4ircater part of purchase money may eel
main for six Seen, scooted by mortgage. For partics
Wars, minute of 8 SCHOYER,
r°,l' 110 second at
963derea Coal Lad for Sale.
ITT-YAM/0e Me Monongahela river,aboulltlmilei
from Pfttat argil and 3 miles above third Lock, In
the immediate actghborhood of Slone.. Lyon tc Shorb,
and Mr. John Herron , . pucka.. This fine body of
Coal will he sold at the low price of 833 per aere—insi i
third in hand, balance in five equal anntual payments,
without interest. ,1411 e indisputable. Locatioo eery
good—cannot be surpassed. For further partiesdan
engulf& of S. BALSLEY, who has a draft of said pro
perty. Residence:ld st i below Ferry,3lr. Asianuollaw.
N. B. There r anothm seam of coal on this tract,
about 60 feet those the lower, of excellent quality.
lTdeidtfS. B.
Valuable L_
MILE subscribers are authorised to offer at privets
sale, and upon highly favorable terms, numbet
of veryvaluable Honchos Lots, I:composing large
portion of the Lots numbered 67, 65, 69 and 70, tn
Woods' General Plan of the City of Pittsburgh, Won.
ted al the south outwardly corner of Pe. and Wayne
streets, fronting %life. an the former, and enending
along the laser about 600 feet to the Allegheny river,
and being u pan of the Real Estate of the late Juan
S. Stevenson, F l y., deceased.
A plan or subdivision of the above Lots, In confon
may with which is proposedto sell, may be, seen IS
the office of the undersigned, on Fourth. between 31sT.
ket and Ferry an WILLIAMS it RUM.
V FOR SALK—A Lot of (;tumid situate on Penn
strtu-L between Hay and lilarburystreets, admitting
the house and lot now occupied by Richard Edwards,
having a front 0f 15 feet, and in depth 1.511 feet, troll
sold on favorable terms. Tide unexceptionable En
quire Of C. 0. LOOMIS, 01k tit near Wood.
,\ DESIRABLE Building Lot in Allegheny .y, fa•
vorably Incased, In size •bout hwif¢u acre. mid
vial he sold on accommodating terms. Inquire of
robe J D WILLIAMS, 110 wood at
• ~. s . 1 ,,,.
f-11 .riti- It• CUN..,„
•,..--: . -..,,..- ~t,..4.r_e::- ~c„:...1
r..: —_ — l. k ••
•••IF 2, LIP t -11,1 - 1.•-• - v — . - .: r. , .......)
.....-. . - __. .. • 412.14: ~..i . L 4 I. ..-..,1 . -,1,
- .:-.4011D MD lt• 'ITP 'IS-int \"-
N EMINENT and Ospwrienced Physician from the
.71. East, of SO years standing, offers to Went miles..
of a Delicate Nature with promptness and secrecy
His success in Buffalo and other lupe cities bar
been proverbial. His charVes are moderate, and his
cores permanent. Old eases of Glee; Stricture, elcrre
Ana, Fluor ...Ibex, Rheumatism. Ague. Syptalis, or any
chronic or oweteram eases solicited.
A cure warranted, or charge refanded.
Ornces,St. Clatestreet, doorsfrout the /3ndge.
Teeth Extracted. Advice to the poor untie
Y. 13.—Dr. A. solielts the worst races of any discos.
Pittsburgb to call. opl4vily •
L.EXANDER a DAY, corner of the Diamond .d
Market .trees, notify their friend. and the pablin
that they have received their mock of Fod and Win
ter GOODS. direct (tam the iniporters, manufacturer..
laWionablr Goods is largo, and prewnts strong aurae
tinge to purchasers. In Lashes Dress Gard, an
Shawls, the most splendid and fnaluonable Gond. o
the season are now offered, at remarkably low price.
twisting to part of the following
New style Bream bg'd Carnelian Silk
Colld and Black Soon Du Cheney and Tare Satins;
Cord Carnelian Gredeibines, of the bent qualities;
Mack glossy Groderiens of We celebrated Eagle
The above named Blie - 11 Silks are warranted riot to
cut in the wean for drenes and mantillas they wean
best imported.
Neat fig'd Carnahan Saun Du phene.the haudaomest
Silks of tae season. •
New style Drochs Silk figured French Mennos, a
new and splendid uncle for ladies , walking drones.
Silk nultroide red French Oe Lainea, for dresses and
sacks, an entirely new article.
Cashmeres, Be Wines, Merinos, Alpaccas and Pai
mottos, a large usorunent.
Mocha thug and Squaw Sherrie. of the host quad
Mod Long Shawls. of the neWeal &sips; reat—ark
bl) cheap.
Splendid Terkeri Shawls, at greatly:rod:wed pirees.
esoaction Brach& fighl Silk Shawls . , to greekVthysety.
Crape Shawl, white lad colored, to ycreat variety.
Hest Sedan real French TsrilledqilliviaAtlideee;
best liedan real French Cas . simems I.4.lsier
ousimerea; super Satin Vesinip. Lin
LADIES' CLOAKING cuorpog h s(„„
French and I.ldlirian Blast and Olive Cltitini;fieisis
dies' Cleats.
A splendid assortment of American 'and imported
Blankets, at remarkably low prince.
A large and complete usortment now on hand.—
Many of oar presebt stock of Staple Goode were'
bought from the manufactureriprevioui to the present
advance in prices. A principal part of oar stock of
Preach and English good. have been purchased at the
greet Auction Sales at Philadelphia and New York,
which enables as to offer decided bargains in almost
every description of goods in our line of,businese.
Cannery Merchants, Merchant Tailors, amt_all
wholesale and retell buyers, ore invited to so early
examinauon of our rock and prices.
ALEXANDER & DAY, 75 Market et,
;mini :forth west comer of the Diamond.
Mourning Long Shawls.
wR. MURPHY nu ree'd a supply of lb o above
article, of the best quality; aln, plain Bla c k
ma." Long Shawls; black Rombarinea,Mouruing
paecv, Penton Cloth, black Coburg+, Parmoun,
CRP hinere ft, Moos de Loins and French Merino+. black
Cravats and Mounting Collars, Mourning llonuct
bons. neck do, arid a full cnortment of Mourning
Goals generally. Also:
A urge assortment, including • few pieces very wide
M superior. Buyers are invited to look at them, at
North East comer of Fourth and Market it..
Wholesale Rooms up sutra, where a large roon•
meet of New Goods has lately been received. [nv2o
ANT IN rry
o a r n S
I.q me . t
itow6 No 160 Liberty at
S 1:W-5 lihde to arrive on steamer Ringgold, for
alr by novs ISAIMI DICKEY &CO
eoFFEW-150 bags pgint , e vl o i, „ m m rre rnit t r i d r io ß r Eit sale
Fklrylo'n.= TEAS--Imperial,
' Try, in " dre d he ' Vt7,l 4s 4
and 6 pOond Imo: Jost ree'd and ' for sate by
7~,{ULAtIiF:J—IBO bbl . primaePlantation diolasees,
AL in oak bbis and good order, for sale low by
novll • 160 Liberal at
J. ALes&pratt & Bona. P►tanta Soda. A. 1..
32 , 5 ?m A po SKS nedt " f d rom ifte above celetra A a ' l
Etli per cent &met lean tem, arriving and
for sule by n 0.6 W& AI MITCHELTG.F.E--
LIQUORS-17 fit
2 pipes Killin! Gin;
5 mks N E Ram; •
400 bbls Whiskey; for mile by
RICE—LI le. in care and (o sale by_
Olen* of Navigation.
OUR friends and the pebble arc respectfully tufo.-
cd that the Reliance Line will cease to atop
Goo. via Canal from Pm. ..ugh On the IWh t .d from
Phi tulelphia on dm llb inst. We shall continue to
earry.goods by railroad and Wagons dr.. winter.
nova JOHN ?dcFADRN & CO
DLEACIIINO PoWDP-3,1/ duke 1. Mee:mitt it
El Pons' brain'. • • superior attlele, for salis by
UTAGOSCOVgßSQOarrce , dtrolia — das
Mile Factory. 20 yards Wagon Cover Oil Cloth,
• sP 2 iiiiii 2 •otulo 12-4 wile, krt mac at No. 2Wood I.=KID J t EI PHILLIPS
20 tags Daunt;
2 tibia Tallow;
500 bzs Cheese;
Just lauding and 55: fed. by
Otb 160[671i mr,
6 casks Peed;
" Seleraac
7 b. Stleratus;
. .
In' hansom. MC' Sara thotins:4lringigni,V 4-4, .. , •
la. Chaoloal,siong ands* • fres pangstasson, nodal. ,
tie Woe time mobles, sone., and whiten" the shin, •
giving it the terms and beauty of aninfant's. •
Scone, SUS Rau
x .so &Ma, nee soon not 000
healed, but cared by its as, as at least sown, pkrg.
Vans La New Yorkktnr who use it to nth class,
and Lod it anfailing—as also to
.Pistru.s, nt-orenss, Flans" or azz• Other skin dits- '
ease: The reader is united that ts oeuseless .
ociamtm, as one trial still prom I scold etrg• •
n. at least EC persons cared or •
Sou Sous Laos alto So= Bason—Bay it, -
an ate it, and the reader is again assured I, towl4
not comity sell it for the above olden I knew it to Inv
all I state. Those who are liable to • •
. •
Citarao, CUM., 00 CULPao nier; will God deli a
u re. Any one afflicted with soy cribs abolTer int
Oar mate, will find this all and even mewl aderdne"-',
We in its properties) thou I rom-.. • -. • • '
Dot, reader, the stoma are flooded with intjtarintort,
and be sure you ask for JONES'S ltaliui Cherateal •1 •
SOap ttab Sold by WAL JACKSON, en
i !e=treet. ' •
Au. unaot,ememus honorably assured - that , • •
the following ore-the actual qualities of aDe. bottle of •
Jonea's Coral Hair Restoranee. If they doaht eat
word, they cannot these highly respe ata6 le eitleaus .
ho hare tried , •
Mr. o. Bream, 41 Mm at, New York.
. Mrs. Matilda Ileeves,•gyrtle ow, Brooklyn: '
Mr. Wm. Tompkina IN King st, New York:' •
Mr. Thou Jackson, Montoum blend, near Ph:Argil
11. E. Cullen,lnto barber Meandanat B. Amenea.
Mud Wore than a hundred oaten Male, lhongh tkis
12 int Oldnee, that it will force the hair to grow on the
head or fare, stop it falling off, strengthen the TOOL,
reirlOVlng scurf and dandniff from the mote,
light, red, or gray bale gnome• fine dark lo= •
_dry, harsh or wiry tau moist,lsoft, clean and • •
[townies], a wry, Very king time.
Sold byte Agent, WM. JACKSON, MI Liberty at,
entiourgh. Prim, al, 10 emits, and one dollar. •
They arc not swam hold frightfully Injurious It is •
to tic skin! bow cow? how rough,. hove sal
low, yellow, and u coldly the skin ap
pe,rs after using p . pared chalk! /Icy '
sides n injurloll, l 0 . 0 . 2 d.g•
large quantity of Lead!
We have prepared a beautiful vegetable article,
It a perfectly innocent, being podded !gall detain- ' •
ou. qUalitleS; and it imparts to the eon a EIMUIId, heal
thy, id:dowser, clear, living while; at the same time
aeung as • cosmetic on Ike skin, making at soft and
smooth. Sold by the Agent, WM. JACIMON, %Lib
erty it. Pittsburgh. Price M eent• askird&wy . _
u_r stus'itsPrus is not mans reili
sive than a bad, putrid breath, or dolt, dim.-
teetti.,' If persons have these it is emir own faith—
they enn, for two chilling", bay an uncle that will
mate their breath pure ai d sweet as tAs Spiry Air •
It sums dtmmee oldie Gums, spongy or alcemt.d,
and for the Teeth it is unequalled, removing the tarot,
fmterting the teeth in the gyms, and clews them as •
white matte mow of Mt frozen North.
Such reader are the properties of Jones's Amber
Tooth Paste, arid, 'without praising n ourselves, heir
what one of .our most mcpeetable and scientific Den.
tishq Nis F. Fold, of New fork, says:
"I hive both used and analised this beautiful and on-
palpable article, (Jones' Amber Tooth Psatej and
can recommend a u s' posmssins all the qualitieselaius
ad for a" Reader, can say no more to convince,.
only Mat if you try Mtn once you will be well pleased.
It is pot up to beautiful English China Pats. for W.
rents. Sold by the Agent, Wlti. JACKSON, 89 Liber.
ty street. Pitmliursh. nugfislavaT
No. 78 Wood siredt, Pittsburgh.
- UDDER AND LAUFMAN, luiphsters and dealers
LK in Foreign and Domestic 1/.4 ii.DWAR/I*4 in
all its varieties, are now epared to eel' as low and
on &treasonable terms ne ean be pure...naked elsewhere. S .
our Glands, and the public genkrally, to
call and ciao:Line our crick, which COlswl.6 in part of
SCISSORS, .11P:A.r.s, RAZORS, House Trimmlnp,
such as Locks, Latches, Ithige• and Screws, together '
with every article usually kept in Hardware
We invite the attention of Garpeaters and Meehan'sa
generally to out isoortment of Toole, which have been
selected with great care, and which wo ars &Woks- ,
ed to colt so to to give satisfaction. aptdittirT •
Property In Allegheny City tor, We._
XIIE entosenbers otter for MIT FL number of oho,.
10, memo, to Oa Samoa Werd. fronting co tio
mm ts on ground, on easy terms lnquire of • .
W.Oll. ROBINSON,Any at Law, Sc Clair at
or of AS ROBINSON, on the reader+,
ioe rtanl
- -
WHERE will be found for Rate au assortment or
valuable feligious llooke and 'flub, comprised
fin a aeries Milburn RUM HUNDRED diforeat pub
hesitant; (of which catalogue. cam be had on applies
tion,) embracing many mandard work. In Tbeologg,
Biography, selecied and pobliehed by the
Presbyterian Board of Publication In Philadelphia;
and well adapted for Sabbath taelnuol, Congregational,
bliniaters , and PriV6tC
Persons' wilt ing to purchase such books, Anoka..
tett to nail and examine the 1/elwrunent..
The Depository of the Pennsylvania Bible Society
is kept these roams. oeldtdkkadmB
salweriber has just received at the Pekin lea •
Mors, 71l Fourth tweet, a very large 11.131) '
leered mock of pare GREEN AND BLACK TEAN
final New Verb, all of whir/shad been received triads
. country SIM, p. of February last., consisting of
MI Sc &derma graded grown in the CeleMiel Empum.
Our stock being mom/ the largest in the West, wirore
piepareci to wholesale, on better term. than any other
house in the city. We invite retail grocers to call and
.gamine our mock end prices. They can have it peek
ed in and I 23 package., 5 lb tut cannisters, or by
half chests, to sett their convenience..
. • --
(Jur pure, vary for Oolong, Block Teas from
Su cu. SI.SO pc, lb.; Mai; `lowsFt Sotto hong. SO OS:
Congo 3.15, and ISurlish Breakfort 50,•Yoong ilyson,
(roof...odor and !Journal, from 35 ors. tu elsdpor It,.
Parc/boo are requessed co mud and get uroples
or our Teo, on:, in - thorn before purchlolux.
royloolS:wrs A. JAYNES. 70 Fontsb
9IHE sabaerther has on hand and for sate. an Agent
J. of L. Johnaton to Co, of Philadolphia, We Callow-
ink: , 1
95 pair ate...;
65 founts Fancy Lour, different:sixes;
WONewspwr Cuts;
510) lbs. Leads, eat to order; • .
Compostng , Sucks; . •
10 kegs Prost s 'Sews 6.191.• . - .
1 Brun caller, Colkoka itiliza,)itiai inlei h alt
descriptions, An. :ANES,'
Pekin Tea Elore, 70 Fourth st.
bi —016,,a reeetved for new Type. autOdinwS
..—. GO.W. 14N119r11.1 i GO., _.
INFORM their then). and the public. that they nava
no logger en geonneetion with their lime establogi
wont In ?enn street, known . the Pittsburgh ItreareA ,
ham.; removed their entire- business to the VOW
it otrie FR V.,., Pit• _ ,nny;P•el to
W . .. .
cyanid hereby inform ilia. Oland* And
W .
usiomere, and the public In Rental, that he
bu part received his fall supply of fall goods, cheap
and ;Sas
GO piecro blast and colored French, English and
&acne. Broadclodia, of every quality. .
lw pienes blast and fancy aaaimerea.
300 patterns Velaingm, moor 01 wkioh can War be
had at ltd. cotablistonesu. -
(ado: manna, lambawaal and canon Snsta and
A full and hundsomo lot of Coccus, milk ; Handtera . :
chiefs, Suspender., Gloves,
A largo lot of fine and common sonar tibitts.
Also on hand, 400 Jodi, blue and black fell and Nan
ket Chrer (1.-sts, from 4240 SMOG- • 1
TA) dicta, frock, boz told rack Coats, Infra 43 CU !AI.
A large mock of fine and common Pmts,-from
610 per paic._
71M1 Vests, ofcurtain materials. from 75 eta to 13.4.
' A finis usortmcnt of ladies and gentlemene Cloaks,.
alvray 4 on band.
• N. H.CUMIIIa work wig motive panic:dor atten
tion. handsome garments and good Elm warranted.
Any potion in wool of clothing ran be be nulled to
mew entins`sionfamilin, at W. D/Cll3l'B -
eheap,ensh'Clothing Otore.l% Liberty et e
11YEAGER. Imposter and Wholesale:Dealer In
Sign of the Gilt (lamb, HS Nukes u., Pittieburgh, Pa.
Western Mernhainte, Pedlars, and ethane malting
Pittsburgh to pun bue Goads, are teper.SMlTinvited
to call and examine
esteem. , assortment of Rog..
lieh 41..MeriCOO, Preneh 'and Germ. Faney.Goode•
All Foreign Goods at this establishment ere import.,
ml ditect by myself, end Mischimere meY self on Ret-i.
tang geode from first Moult\ I have the largest esaors,•
mean of anieles, in the variety line, in the city of.
I.,,mh,mge—eli of mulch will be sold low for case OF.
city Acceptances , The Stork eonsists, In part, of
Lace Goods, Hosiery, Glove•Aiblione.
site crevets, Shoe mud PatentlfireneSevring
,i sitto . lL l fepes, Suspenders, iluttonsi, ,Pins,
Gold mad Silver Watches, Gold Jery,jall kind. oi
Brushes, Comb. and Ramona
Percuuton Cops, Revolvert, Silk
Conon Purses, Spectacles; Steel' Pens, 'Moue Boxes,
Carpet Bags and Haekem. \ .
Bngs, Findings arid 11
Toys and Fancy, Goole; together with s taste
ty of Fancy ands taple DR% GOODS. i
C.,.,YEAORR is also again Mr the celebrated"...
estates Combs. noyl7
TO BIITICICS OF DRY - 001:01:11117:
UT R. MURPHY, at north east co mei of Ilisnria
VT . and Market su, is now seething - isle secanti
supply for the se.on, and can offer indneement.gti
buyers rarely to be met with. Ills ...ortolan,' of • \ a .'
Is very full, consisting of French Alminms,Peshniteresi \
Coburg., Lyonese Cloths, super Printed Peach Cash
moms, et pnees -considerably lower that they scald
he bought early to the.licosoo. His stock of
Is largq and embraces many Of the beiblifn
nowon exhibition at Franklin Inetnates,
. " ••-•
Of nevi Mid very handsome Myles, Van
bo. -
01 various styles and goal:Mei, plain and embroidered
Black SillrLsees, Needle Worked•Collats and Ca
Bonnet Satins and Velvet Flowers, Caps nod Panthers.
Of the newest styles, and at lower wines:than usual;
and rich changeable Sllki and Sallas,'lnr Matrallas,
d.c.. and a tarp stock of
at lowest prices. And in the gent:ea:cal dipariment
will be found Doh
Black Doeskins, Winter VestilKS Fancy , Cssannarese
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pals. vintages of '36.'42,47.
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pale; vantages of '42, '45,47.
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• po Leger Fare; vintage. of '27, 70,'33, ed._
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