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rnovosatilikililvistwas vuovsi,
DIPIICPI3IO4O frt54.11.130x..
Ormes firms krereszirsematerataft..ii: 42 .
QEALED iVedOtbzeoo,eo4st'be o(-
due ask Oesualmams lodiankfaits es Wash,
Lamm City, eattl.oeirodocirorr.Temeiber , tkaladq
of November hem, ine fernithirk Me following semi
is the qmetities annazeth.anthormimets, for too use
Mike Indiana, arid "daliferabia it. city of New
2,100 pairs 3:pithit Mstkints blankets, to
measure 64 by 72 incline, end weigh eight
1 4 9 0 0 pails 24 point white Mackinac: I,lankets,lo
measure 54 by 650-melai., and weigh six
pone& • • - • .
1,175 pains 2 pilaf' white 'Mackinac blankets. to
measure 42 61 . 55 Inches, and weigh ftve
end a quarter pounds... •
1L990 pairs II point white Machined blankets. to'
b.7,b, - ; - ;„meamte 36.67 50 inT and weigh tour
end a qutottjr, pseuds - ' '
900 pairs 1 „point.w.bite 101 liaise blankets, to
useassue 32 by 46 inchqs,. and weigh Orme
and, w'ratter•potrods. : •
E4o3,lpairs Ipaint markt Maritime Nantes., to
• • Measure 5014 72 inches, and weigh eight
300 pairs 2kpointeeselet Mackinac Weeks% to
measure' 54 by 66 inches, and hrcigh six
Sh ykdatgreen Mackfanc blanket, , ta
••- • 11/CLUITO 66 by Ett.inches, and weig en
300 pats 3. point green Mickinse. blankets, to
measure 64 by 72 inches, end weigh eight
250.paurs '24 point green Mackinac blankets; to
• measure 54 by 66 inches, and weigh isix
pan's: ,
100 planets gentinella blue Mackinac
blankets, to measure 66 •
by 54 inches, and
weigh ten pomade.
400 pelts 3point gentinella blue Mackinac Man;
lets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh
eight ponds.
300 pews :A point gentinella lible Machines
blankets, to mallard 54 by 66 inches. end
weigh sts. 'gonads.
1,000 yardsSitcarlet strands.
1300 yard. blue strands.
1,800 paid a fanny tug cloth, blue.
750 yardifincy list cloth, starlet.
` 350 yaideAncy Its. cloth, green.
I,noo yaids gray list cloth, blue.
• p,OOO yards saved list cloth, bibs.
,1,600 yards saved cloth, mauler
',SOO yards saved bet cloth, green.
225 pentads manand ;yarn, 3 fold.
100 dozen cotton Hag handkerchief.
- ' 250 dozen cotton Madras handeerchiefs.
. 175 dozen Week eßk handkerchief.
po dawn 8-4 COUttrirbawls.
SO keen 6-4 cotton shawls'
55 keen 44 cocoa shawls.
40 dozen 84 woollen shawls.
28,000 yards &Semitic calico. -
:5,000 yards English and French ashen
10 000 yards Merrimack calico.
3.500 larderblue'sbillirer.
8 000 yards Georgia stripes.
4,000 yardsbluadinima •
1,600 yards cottonnda
7,000 suds domestic shirting, blenched.
15,000 yards domestic &busies, unbleached.
. 15,000 yards domestic eheetiog, unbleached.
8,000 yards chicks,stripea, and plaids.
400 dozen woollen sock.
7,000 jerk plaid limey. .
, • 1600 yard, aft111:101h assorted.
1,600 flannel Alit.
700 Calico Ike' a.
' 430 Poundslisteir Boni&
550 pounds. meson thread.
400 tkumis speO2cotion, N. 1 to 30.
80 Pounds sowing silk.
700 pieces rlbend. assorted.
4,300 yards bed ticking.
1000 yards Eentuckyjeana
500 yards rusticate. ~: •
150 gross worsted gartering.
200 pounds Cbieese
20 doyen silk handkerchiefs, hark' 6r Bandana
150 prank:icy and cloy piece.
1,790 'pounds brass kettles. •
1,090 tin kettles. - , • •
76 oak of japanned kettles, 8 in a neut.
276 dozen butcher knives.
28,000 gun Matti
• 25 gross squaw awls.
7,000 fish hooks. . •
25 dozed fish lines.
25,000 needles, assorted"' •
100 dozen combs, warted.
10 dozen aciesors, assorted.
72 dozen axes, to weigh from 41to 5} pound;
50 dozen haLf azes, to weigh 31 pounds.
124 dozen hatchets, to weigh 11 pounds.
730 axes, to weigh from 41 to 54 pounds.
400 haglike, to weigh 34pounda
200 hatchets, to weigh 11 pounds.
25 broad axes. .
200 drawing kniver,l2 incision in length.
700 ankre,trt equal proportions of 14, 1, i. an
.4s inch.
150.peirs. haute. "
750 pairs trace chains".
300 panda brass keulim.
1,500 weeding hoes.
175 hand saws.
40 crewcut saws, 7 feet In length.
40 cress-cut saws, 6 feet in length.
100 tiand4ave
100 cram-cut saw files.
40 hat chants, to weigh 25 pound! each.
600 Whiumote cards, No 10.
700 gavial sacker chisels.
• - 90 plane - I,l'M and jack.
Nargwera Gwar.
. _
650 Nett!Meet atm., two•thirds of which most
measure 36 inches in length of barrel, and
mustard 42 inches, to be delivered in the city
Of New York or Philadelphia, to may be re-
Samples ormil Me 'above assicleiare deposited in the,
oaks of the Ccianussioner of Indian liffsirs; .and it
may beiploper ha remark that Mose of
Rune dami ar nual Impliahents, and oorthirestßlO entirely
andot tanner finality than the heretance
furnished under former contineta
The preitiesale may be divided into tom parts, Mai
Ist. Meekest
as. thy Goods.
3d. Hardwate, to include agricultural implements
oth. Pfeirtlmenguna
The Invest competent responsible bidder wil
the whole or Wind of the convert acconließ ra,the
above scale, the Deparmentreserviog to , OelitlO , Orph'
10 deterehlOo whether the bidder iincompetent Ilia re.
spillable, Of not. • .
The *hole Iran= In maser'' to be applied to the
parchatta of good. will be &beet - 801400r bat the L'o•
penmen reserves the right to or diminish the
quantirpof any of the articles named, or substitute nib-
CIS in LP thereof, ar ns registry, at manna prices, such
LS may be werant for present. or other purposes, to
the mint niitt ra tiOn of the a ff airs of the Depanmern
ands a/Marken mannacuire, othe r things being
equal, !will be preferred: but as ail the samples of
bratakets add cloths are of foreign manufnuire, ath
be neessery when a domestic &rune ts bid for n 'thata
wmpld:rf it sheath accomppy the bid, to enable tue
Deparenew to decide whether k is of equal quality
With the temples to be exhibited.
The Party proposing to •upply the articles will make
an Inv/deco( all the Items embraced in the above .1•i,
and a= the prices, in violins and cents, at which Le
or they will furnish them, deliverable in New tut:,
(or if roe or prefer. it, about one.balf of the
quantity may be delivered in St. Louis, fillismaii, flee
of expense tothe Government,/ on er thele. the 1 "
day of next, assuming the quantity of each
CN n specified• m this misestimate:. mid 0/floOdiO3
the eost, making an tracregate dthe whole invoice
constitrailig 'the bid. The pods will be Inspected in
New. York, (and in St. Loom, ti any portion of them
should be delivered thereo by atragent of the Untied
Sustea , lets_virill to weaned by the Department for
the. pUrpeao, amino cosmic the conformity of thn
articles purchased with the wimples ennuited,when
the . contract shall be made, and with the terms of the
contract itself, which shalteuoOLO4 a clause that if the
anted§ are not furnished within the time prewritied.
Of thefare of inefficient gunny to the opinion of
the eireat. aforesaid, and d within five days after no
tice of such intmfficienoy the party-Shag not furnish
°theists Den thereof of use required qua li ty, the Lin.,
ted States -shell be authodx d outdraw them oi
others, sod to charge any increase aerie& they may
he eampfiedpoey therefor, to the eettlfaCtor, who
shell pay Ste said iliffirence to the United "totes.
Bonds will be required, in the OMOttet of thecbids,
with two good seduce, the nate teney of whom to be
ertif.:did tinned States Judges or Distr i ct attar •
ney, fee the faithful performance or contracts.
Paynient Will be Made after the contract is completed
eed the 4erll'eTTef dm good. en aforesaid to an agent
of the Department, upon a duplicate invoice eerufied
Copermications to he toothed "Propoas'• far b
olter. geode."
Thp bide will be el:brained with the following heed.
big, end MOO will berecetved that are rot merle to
the formand Mons here prweribed:
"l(ar We) propese to thrash for tba made of , the
',wee Depestmert the following gOOOs, attna prices
Mhzetto them respectively, Mx:
• . diem insert die list °lewd.)
Dellineble in the city of New York (or St. Louisl
before day of
eat and in ease of the
seceptaide of his proposals. r il e tramway being pre.
scribed by the Department, I for wo ce.retre a
milt ing to this agreement, nod give lan,.
factor?' enatity ,to th e Department
. .within ten days
afterthanoeptenee of this bid; and in we of Gahm
us alder Into such contract, and give spch wenn, ,
lot sidled! payee-the Cauca Stales thddifference Le.
twos the !aegis Lidded by 'me loraejmod JIM sun
whhaltthei OaltedStates may obligedto pay for th,
same Unclean
Each and entry bid mast a`so be accompuned with
a gamenOT la the following fratt, to be signed by one
or more responsible persons, whore eat o boes, moat
lo gasified by seam one who is known to the Depart
* Meet, tither parentally or by hia. More.
"lift we hereby guaranty tkat—s--;ther
hidders. Will com
co ply with the min. of the advert-se
men fa: Vorsels far taint goods,' dated YDW Sep
tetaber, 1149, if the contract &bond be awarded to
bind end enter lino boktd far the can ellen of tac t some
within the time prescribed.. . :II
• Comodmoner of indout Ad
tr-T7o3lloE.—The lime forlipening toe bids
tendedhe Oto DO day of December oext, at to o'cl.
A..2d, salds* lime of delivery of the goods ID the.
Of DMM,145 0 . 'The Herat:bon forbidlieg *swam
lickleialt from the cootracteof former years boo t
seerieshOL • s omet4Dec I 0.
We hare beettinfonsteddly Mr.. Ede of a core pccr.
tormodoeher hype. Jayne's Alteratilveoshat
eroece its Leeyertority over every other retried,. of the
bind. She has been sat Wed for the lest slatcon year.
elterstioni and arifoliation of 'sums bence, , lu
wegwhiehtnweansey peer, hate beCrldiaeharred from
the mune! bone 01. the cranium, horn both her stoic
wnsts arid heads .and from both legs, and from the leis
f e mora, bone. and from the right 'rem.t:wiks yeah*
*leers on other pulse( her person, winch have hi flee
the skill of a amber of the mut eminent physicia.'
oot eny--dartne swat of lite 't dee her serenest e
been eicrost"{uadeP!erable. About three osetthi
erne she .was oilseed to try Dr..tase's 'Alterative.
weiehthni WRAF, I .lhshVY elect iiPee bet,
igoiritwounit._au ymm one ist , ,llithre, and eanssarthe
ry to lathe .1.1310 trote bre heal th
halbetateleeesyn pletely reiterant* thst
lthe congealed thcate
al the
ItelfitaiW.loaPelion.-44. Eve: 'wt.,
For farther inferreation,lootor of Mrs. Row. NoSYSI
etn. '
rrilbette, a lh Pitubagh, at the PION TEA STOR E.
111.sgsatle,or GisAvanili to;
/DILE mihseriber has recent); received • number of
them invalaable instrument., which he content.
plates het I
evine conitendy
. on hand for RecillbrOMpli
aled by dictions for ihelr proper 'application In all
caves old caw, as well as for Gadvantling metals in
Memanner. fast erifterience tn the treatment
of MN) asc , 2l hoe led him to Wye Ihnt there are few
erns, if y, stick may not
ot be advantageously treat
ed. propel . application of the mytvanie The
mo muefactory testimonials will ho-given of cures
having huee effected of different disea.i., some of
Which weeC'deemed Incurnblo in the nidinary medical
Neale% and on periondwell known among on, to
whom referenced may he elven.
Personft afflicted aim
th entail, Discuses. of any kind
ikke especially invited to call and exits:dna these testy.
menials fkr tlierneelica.
klF.DlONES.kkok•' by 'hr
praetitiettere in the Vast, Du 1 adminlmercaNy the.
In connection with or separate front the ottertittaa
will eonetaitly be kept ',lt batta:wab dtrectiotto fort •
au. ,
operations on the most moderato Waal,
Office No. 4 St Clair al, near the Old Allegheny
Bridge. • gpandly A- WESTERVELT.
iii ii: ~, 1, 10 tool y.),
The mnt Wooderfal ledielne of the Age,
1,500,000 BOTTLES
Thle Medicine Is
cured put mom than
'and ems
109,000 Chhie3 of Chronic, Mame,
within the tut Ten Noari—oami ia Gen tabu
unless Aired WS. P. TOWNSEND.
. the PahDewill learn the origin, or rather wheret
recipe for making the stud' they mill Old Dr. Jacob
Townsend . * Sarsafandln cams from—and wfl he able
tllo judge which is the genuine nod origiml, cod the
honesty of the men'who are emplcTed in telling it as
the original Dr. Townsmen Sarsaparilla. Dr. 8. P.
Townsend urns the °demi proprietor an inventor of
Dr. Townseadt ve•vvpeenbv and hla medicine hoe
gained a repotation that no other remedy ever gained
He manufactured over one million& bot .. bat ye.,
and is manufacturing at resent 5,000 bathe per day.
We we more Baeeopanua and Yellow Donk in our
astablithment each day; then all the other Sarsaparilla
bientthobarms je the, world. Principal Deka, ISO/
City end Coriyuf Ear Perk 4.
7022.12420 g, .of - the laid Citt beh4 duly
Druggist and d CTrnit . winne h tL.l: tgit tic att2
tort of MIT, Or and of June,lsl4l, a man by that..
of Jacob I end, who at that thud araa . book and
pamphlet p uddler, called upon deponent, at the hones
of Mn Thompeon. Re. 42 andsongtreet, where dapo.
- tent boarded:and roquastad deponent to write hba
rtnfme by which to mks !Fyn* of gersapatilln
Deponent farther sayn that he beams nevoid
wl& said Townsend at the *Mee of Ttwodors Rater,
Book Publisher, with whom add To
dealt. That said Towrstand hod hod frequent mower.
Doze with deponent el:erecting the utstsdantam of mi
T id Samaparilla to ho eold titular the nsme of Dr.
Jutob Townsend.
That ad
no stated he wee dd mem cod
pmr, end wee no t O for hard labor—end wished to
make some. money. In order to lite easy In Ms old
bra tad that,lf Samapatilla underthe maned Town
send told eo well. and at murk money wee made by
It, he mould seerms reason might not make
woriething out of it too, oa. name being Townserida
,Lf. he could get capable pesoon to prepare a recipe.
and manufacture It for blot. Deponent in ono of the
couremationa asked said Townsend If he was related
to Dr. B. P. Townsend, 'to which ho replied, that be
knew Dr. 8. P. Townsend would kw down on him after
hkelniuld commence. But that he did not care for
hb a ,ai he had formed co-partnership with men who
mind furnish the requisite amount of capitab-and was
Il prepars4 to defend himself °gaiter any attack
that mightbe made on him •
. Del:Veen , farther my.. that pursuers to the recant
of sod Jacob Townsend, he wrote a reeve for the
menulacture of • Syrup of Srp.pariiia. awl gore it to
dab Bald Townsend Observed that he wanted t o
make &specimen te ...lab to his lartmm for their
epporreL no he wished to groan y theta every thing.
ea they fordshe all the napital—surd Townsend also
tolil deponent the the bottles they were to use were
to be of the swore sire and shape as ow
mnrs, and deponent, at Die reqont of said J .o oh
Townsend, went to the dike of Cr. El P. Townsend.
and procured one of his labels. .
And deponent further say., that he has teen inform.
• ed. and eerily believes Mk Syrup of Sarnparille, sold
es Old Jacob,te Mede after the refit , . Mc
ribbed by deponan to Jdoob Townsend, on aforesaid.
And further deponent .nith not.
ligroin to te.n ma, thin ittliday of May, 16411.
Meyer of the City of New York
Her* ix proof ccmeltaive that Dr. B. P. Towsseed's
It the origisaL The felloveng Is from
mese tithemost regrettable papers thin Stew
Albers' vv . ` Evening Journal.
Dr. Toutpaand's Sarsaparilla.
Then probably nevetkas been so popular a remedy.
a w r h ter . t ... m 041=7.
confirms to
b Brapxr2, ,
tored UM city, at fi end
rst by the Doctor himself. and
afterwards for .saveral years and to,the present three;
by Clapp k Timensand, the present proprietors. since
the partnershm watierraeli. the Doctor tie. resided in
New York, when he keeps a store, and attends to the
businers tbst actumulates at that point The menu.
[glory I. in this city, and Is coaducted by the jmior
porter. Mr. Clapp—ben all the medicine is manes,
Few of our ate bare my Ides of the mount of
. medicine that Is manufatuated end mid Besides
the oaks In thin country, it is shined to the Canada,
West India Islerdt South America, tind even to to.
rope, le mmiderable 9ueities. At the manufactory •
they employ a.= aprei, s, bealdee a large
. nr.r . r f er
Itt of wl ' afn ' e. meld , . 'Cheat:. Priati!lre. out,
reidy for eiripMent aver kg dozen per day, or nearly
SOW bottles. TIM iv an enormous qua:arty.
The great sale the medicine hug atinmed.has
diced wnoraber of men to get up imitation.,
is at the present time, other medicines for sale, that
are Palled tt Dr. Towstsendk Benmperilla." Om In pm.'
Ureter starred mhort time ago in Neer Fork is rolled
e Old Doctor Jacob TawrisecdU Sarsapariliktt end ap.
rarealy Inth a vim, by dint of advertising. sod the
.real remedies resorted to is no efforts, to armors
ere tile name of Dr. 8. P. Townsend ., great remedy,
md thew gum .11 the advantages smutting Inam the
popularity of thins". which he Ma acquired for it,
hi. re*" of patient and expensive labors. Dr. S. P.
Townsend, formerly of thia city, aa is welt known
bete. Is the inventor end orig Mal proprietor of the
mettlen known as *De Townsend'a Sanaparillk^
and we think dualepeismas who are attending WWI
their es Me genuine, alwroLi he exposed. •
Raw Task Daily Tribune.'
SIT Wit published en edvertirement umelsertently
some time .once that did Inset. to Dr. IL P. Tome-
MA, who is the original proprietor of the preparation
of Sarrapatilla known as Dr. ToermeMY. Other
parties lam unit the put few m oots engaged or
mnnetted theranles with a men by the nem of
Townsend rho put up a medicine and mils It by the
same neme.
Thu medicine war. advertised to Ms
Triluse as the taightal, kr.- This advent...tat elso
captained matter derogaton to the character. of Dr
S. P. Townsend end that of kW medicine. We repro
It appeared, and in Justice to the Dr. make lige •
. planation.
New TorlaDally Ban.
Da. Timassese's causer nary advertisemeol,whicb
occupiers an entire page of the Sus, will not escape.
notice. Dr. S. P. Townstml, who is the angina pro
prietor of. Dr. Townsend's bartaparills, nod whew, of
ace m neat door to ours, where Le has been for sever
al years, is driving.. Immense business- Ile receives
tic 1e than four bemired doyen of baresparills per
day, and es en this enormous quantity does not sugrea pply
the dennol No medicine' ever pi.ed so t •
popularity as Lis preparation of the Carsaparilla II le
edition of Almanacs for late cost Stlnoo, and he
bee paid the New' York Sri for Ladvertising, In the
LW four year, over $lO,OlO, end he .Isnowledges
that II Is the cheapest advertising la has had .dena•
This medicine if *spoiled be the Canadas, West lw
dies, South Azimuths and Europa, In c
quantities, mod la coming thin general use th•
countries, as well as here.
Druggiste kadOthere Unit tell Sarsaparilla for the
genuine mid original ' Tows
4.0 for
ttiat is not sign. byTourdesd, commits a fraud.
and melodies the customeri: hien that would be
guilty of each en act, would commit thy other fraud
—cud m Othiggiat of mammon intelligence bid kn.s
that owe Co the only geoid..
Old Jacob Townsend.
come people who are not well Informed, end have
wt mad the papers, and not amen one edmirtmernents,
he.. been led to suppose, that because these men la.
wertise their Wnif as - Old Jacob ToWnSende," that It
most, °tenor., be the original It la less than one
:Wide. they commenced to snake their laildiCkie
I.rso slafitaeb la th e market veer ten yearn.
. Male Old Jacob Towswend.
ere p off on the public at
e'.l7Phyttal.,Vil to
e is note regular educated
t'hltirwel. and mem attempted to moonfacture a Feed.
Mine, ant , them men idled biro for We use of hit
wine. 'On say they do oot with the people to be.
here that their Sara pe till I. ours, or the eame—but
in. better to dwell,. the public, lisel et the sett. time
Watt:that their.. I. the Old Dr. Tows...end% eted the
original i end endeavor to soak. the people belleee
that the mud they nammtsetur. Is the Dr. Tqwweesd'e
15..parillk that has pm-fowled no men, aoaderfal
aorta for We put ten years, and which Wu gels's! •
reputatkal which no other mallidne ever MOO' ett
"add, u e lose, villainous unprincipled faltebood.
We here oommencal matt splatt these men far
damages We what OM be undentood,thelthe old met
Lno relation to Dr. Towswend what.. In their ed.
Jeertleementa and drawl." th•Y_Pehilal • ...she , of
gram latmlubods respecting Dr Towneessl, which we
sill mg notice.
Palos [lsparta
Our orporaate have pablithed in the pawn, that
Dr. ft P.Townseod mu dead. This they code their
agouti eholarthe comdry, report that we here
• wen op tusajous, kr- kn. • public Ittoald be on
: Weir goarcn.rd not be deuired by thew unprhict
pied mem
?Mal tarsal.-Alter the lird a/ September,
IBM Dr. P. Tawinewd• New Volk Oface will he
In the Booth Baptist Churcb, No. 82 Nuesustreet,
whkb Raw laderping • &wooer dump, sad
will IM fitted lar th• Uttar sccototood•tion of the pro
initiate tk•
Ikk• dlottr.a.—No Bartalmilla ft the
plmisk• and odes, el Dn. Town:NW% Bartairrilln,
Ms idoird try 6. r. Townisad.
. •
Antaia.;-11ad&R t C 0.,, No. a Statartreet, od
Km E. Skid. N> IGO• Court.aineet, Bad.; Samuel
RIM., Jr... Lowell; Henry Pratt Salem; Jam. IL
CO;ee Warcatar Allison & Uadt Concord J.
Agate& & dm, Proridanea; and by D ',sesta and Met
chants ismaillr tyro ,Unitlid Vat. Wait,
Wla4 Alta tAmadae •
Po, awe by B. E. IiELLERS, Sole Ages for Pim.
gh; D. SL CURRY, Allugheay; A. PATTERSON
rossikia. e5pi17.471
I:9.!sirolt.rma Glut's Canal
packet" BEAVER. Cap. Stanley, will leave
Denver regularly oif Monday. Wednesday and
Friday creme. at 6 P. 51., and arrive at Youngstown ;
next morning at b o'clock—returning, leaves lout; gs•
tome Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 4
P. MI, tod reach Denver in time for the morning . boa.
ALLEGHENY °LIPPE'I, arriving at Pittsburgh at
12 is'elock.
The packet HARKAWAY, Cap. Downing, will
tense Deaver Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday even
' 1 7 :61 t eYi r a . y r tiliTi r' n 'i a7 . iv ir e a nIs e ig N s71 13 P. 11 * n e d u a i':
fleeting with the morruni; boat (or Pinsbargh.
• These yin 'cis are fitted up in complete order, hav
ing foe acen Llano. for Pssvengem and
HM I 44IYinns, puncticably and greater despatch
Wan has betnr. 'wen obtained on these route.
M. FITCH &Co., Proprietors-
J. C. Culivell, Agent, nuabargb.
Ntdwell Ben., " Beaver.
A. "mobs, • " Youngsumn.
R. W. Curningham,`'New Castle.
me elegant steamer, ALLEGHENY CLIPPER, will
leave Reaves, daily at . A. AL, and Pilishergh at 3 P.
M., Tuning in connection with the above boats. Juls
o_,! sEigL' 1849. gkaa
Warren and Cleveland Pa ssenger Llngif
of the above Packew Wave Beaver every day
(Sundays eaceptein nod arrive nen morning at
Warren, when th ey conned with the Stares for
-Akron and Cleveland, arriaing at mirk of the,a, planer
before night. • Oue ot the peen. !came Warren Jelly
at 5 P. AI., and arrive at Beaver in time to take the
morning boat for Piughorgh.
DI B TAYLOR, do ' Pro.
anif corner Water and Southtield sta
isalmi 1549. Ala
Casartrom 2c C.Mbial.ll., Cleveland, 0 I pm ,,,..
IL G. Pangs, Beaver, Pa. I
I , IIIS Line will be preps ed on the - opening of nevi
.l.' gitoon, to tranaport freight and Passenami. Bona
I'ITPSBUIIGH nod GLEN EL ANO, to any point on
the Cattal and Lakes.
The (acidic. Maio Line ate unsurpassed IhnuMbeti
quality and capacity of Boats, experieece of 2aPt2thiv.
sad efficiency of Ago•as.
One Boni leaves Pittsburgh and Cleveland dailyl run
tong In connrcuon with tee steamers
Between Pittsburgh aver, and a lane of first clam
Steamera, Propeller,. nod Vessels oath° Lek..
Austres—R 6-Park., Beaver, Pa.
Jenne Baldwin, Youngstown, Ohlo.
M II Taylor, Watemi,
Cyrm Prentiss, Ravenna, •
Wheekr & Co, Akron,
Crawford & Chamberlin, C . and, 0
• Sears & Ginffith,-Butfalo, A •
Office, nor Water and Smithfield stn, Pittsburgh.
nr.riVoit 0/L0 WETS.
Steamer MICHIGAN No. 2—Capt. Odeon.
LAKE ERIE, •• Gordon.
I.IIE above regular and well known Heaver Pack.
els, have commenced making their daily trips to
said from Braver, and will continue to run between
Pittsburgh and Beaver regularly during the soon, as
Michigan No. 2 leaves Fittsboreti daily at 9 o'clock.
tad Barrer at 2' o'clock, P. M. Lake Erie
enyes.neaver deny at e A. AL, and Par/burgh
IL 3 o'clock, r. M.
That steamers trill ran in connection with
R G Parks' ExpretE Packet Lute, for ?diet
Taylor-fr. LeStinprell's Warren liacknon
Union Line of Freight Beam for Clekelsodi
Clarke A Co's Pittsburgh and Line Freight
G ?arks daily Neer Ce.nie Packets.
CLARKE, PARt S A Co, Balmer, Agents.
JOHN A. CAUGHEY, Agent. Pansbargh,
niche( c
_or Water and Smithfield
1849. Magi
MBE Proprietors or this old established nod populvr
daily fine, consisting of SIXTEEN first class Canal ,
Boatsoarned by themselves andrunning, .0 connec
tion mth the Bream Innate BEAVER AND CALEB
COPE, a enabled to offer unequalled Cecil..s for
the tress.tanation of freight and passengers, on the
opening of Canal nu rigauon, to all poinhvon the Pe nn
and Ohio and N. York Canals and the Lakes.
F.. Al. FITCH A Co, Cleveland.
J. C. BIDWFA.L, Agent,
Water street, Pittsburgh
D.W C. mown,
Pdtsbergh. Deaver
-Forwarding Merchants,
Agent, for the Ptudnerghandefrodand
burgh 4,lllEnn Lire rut Erie, and for steam
boats Bearer and Caleb Copt.
parchahrd the large md mhnranhal Wharf
Boatlna; haat for tee Ahmongaltela Packelh, have
Itir rho adthL a
Wonof a areboanc, ear. me.l ample ae
commulanon for reerrving andforwardmg, and
pledge their dtmont mamma, prompteens and despatch
coabhoment• to their care, and rely to then fnenda
for a :nal mardnllY li. a (lilt , .
aka= 18492
(rid Eatahlished Line.
TIM PlOpflnat of tins well known Lam of Canal
801.103 now prepared to 111•11.4.11 PA.V.ll(er ,
and Freight to all Mints on th e Krie Lateneion, New
Fork Canals and the Lakes, upon the rao at favorable
terms and with drepateb.
This Line rinse terminertion with the steam 60040
HEAVER and CALEB COPE between P.ll.l.urii
and !Rover, C M Reed's Line lll•trun boat, v/
.eis on the Lakes, and the Trey and MICIIi - ghtl leak,
Coat Line on the Now York r anti I
C.M. REED. Proprietor. Erie, r.
Biavell & Bro , hcr, Agee.. Beaver.
W T Mather, Agent at 1 Nleukimenh , Pune:lgor
allot, Monongahela Hot., Inttoburch.
CONSIGNLES—W C Malan, Sharon; 3: &
iharpobarr, 61111111 tr tarxtung, do; B Plummer.
Wear Greenville; I Viol, A rue tr. Cu, do; Wen Beery,
Ilartetovrit Ikovirk& r•utton, BUN_ po . llarnev o Gibtei &
CP; Saniuky; Jao A Arnmtroug, Detroit; hilltl4ll4l
Newbury, M'Clare & Wililum,Ablvono
kio; lituop, Marie: & Dolma, Racine; John li
Chicago; A %Merle, A. Co. Year York.
Pittsburgh arid Blairsville Parlsist Line
Ist; patine .rc respectfully Informed that J. AI.
MARSHALL A CO. have fired out new an
rplendid Packet Malta to run dueler the seaso
ed byn, be
three Blairsville
horses, end Pittsbu
and every (
effort madegh-,he boats to be tow
to accom
modate passenger.
Deraa-rVatr..—Routs will leave Pittsburgh every
Bondy y, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock,
Front Hlairavllle every Monday, %Wednesday,
Thursday and Seturdav , at 7 o'clock, end arrive
at Putsbargh the Mine day. A two horse Hock from.
Indima will meet the boat at Sults
burgh. both ou up
ward and downward rip—putting passengers itireugh
from that place in one day.
• Freight for the above Line will be received at the
noose of the Boatmen's Line, by Jao.
t &CO,
who are one authorised Agents. All freight received
ee of commissions. 1 71 MARSHALL & Co.
JNO FARBEN & Co, Agents,
Canal Basin,
Liberty st, Pittsburgh '
A Hock leaves Illenrsaillefor Youngstown on the
arnval Of the boat—returns to boat in morning. Fare
kora Pillahart la Youngstown 52—received at office
of-Boatmen's . Aire through. aril:dem
For the 'fit...approval.. of krag toona from
YORK, BO` , id.
Tumus BaltaiDari. Philadelphia.
Taalree. A O'CorINOll., Pillabarah.
HIS old established Line being now In full opera
]. non, the proprtetors are prepared with Ante usual
exteirsiee arrangements to forward merchandise, pro.
duce, &e to and irons toe above Tans-On liberal terms, ,
lan's the regularity, despatch and safety peculiar to '
their mode of transportation so obvious, when trait
•hiprucnt or, the way to avoided.
All consignments by and for dos line received, char-,
ges paid, and cprwartled in any required direction* (rte'.
of charge fee commission, advattong or storage.
No Interest, directly or Indirectl steardm
All eatamtintentianaproraptly tendedat
to on applies- ,
don to the
DORBIDDE (in Market st, Philadelphia.
. TAAFFE & O'CONNOR, Canal Bast.. Pittsburgh.
O'CONNOR A Co, North st, Baltimore.nith 2-1
alitig= 1849.
s,M, Ogi
Jnoe Bmonss, Tom. illenasst,
Ihnonsn, • Jurists loner.
Conducted on sleet Sabbath-keeping pribelples.
Fill: Proprietors of this• old establielted Line have
I put their stock to the most iarrlpictr order, and
thotoughly prepared to,forreard Produce aiol Me re
At re w and front the FAstern cities
We trust that our long experience in the carrying
Warmer, and zealot. attention la the interests of cus
tomers. Will reellre 10 tia • coati...nee anti inereigr
the patronage hitherto extended to Bingham's Line
Our arrangenscam will enable us to carry Freight
with theurnmst despatch, and our prices iball alwar.
seas low es the lowest charged by other tr.Mageu
We have opened air oific inNo t•
between ltb Mb its, Philkida, for the convenience
of atoreent.
Produce and Alerchandike will lie received and for
warded, llimt arid Weah without any charge fur for
warding, advancing freight, storage or cominisaion.
Bills of Lading forwarded, •and every direction
promPtly attended tn.
Ao a r „,, or ..W lIINGIIA NI,
II Pur.bol
raoal ""m". coo I.
.k % 11;it Y ;17 . .t;
No LNI and :NO Market Plrrrt,
/AMES WILhoN. Agent,
Me mi/ North Howard .treet, Baltimore
Nn In West street. New York
''"• 7.l2l:° ' 1849
Dg arena:see TrlllllpOrinliOU
ruthanabrina anutshmssual.
M Canal. and Itail Roads ovum now open, and
1. in gimd order, we aro prepared to forward all
sands of merchandise and produce to Philadelpibia and
Baltimore, with prompuics• and despatch, and on m
goal terra!
lei:)/IleANULTY &
Cemal 01.11. Perin in, Pittsburgh.
Ainzvs--CHARLFD RAYNOR, Phialadelltimorephia.
MFdl ihIOKWI° /t. Co,Pannill B._ •
preen/Taal Packet 'LI ne,
akiall 1849. .nn
(Effeleetvely for Passengers.)
IRE publicist . ° respectfully ',thinned that this Line
will tome:mum. running on the 111th Mitt, and eon.
at throughout the Deuon.
The boats are new, and of a sopener Hass, with en.
larged cables, winch will give greater comfort. The
CU. are the latest construe-non.
boat will alwarn be in p.n., are [e-
V:Wed ta call and examine them before engaging gra.
delsewh .alp ere.
FLraawynine dollars through.) One °film bestial
ice Leave the landif, (opposite U. S. Hotel,
corne,r ofreanntreet arid Can every night at nine o ,
clock days. ' Tot Le mutation,
C othe
Otles, Monongahela Roue, Of to D
L oa
veldt Canal Bade
' For the 1 im illitil lWisportauon ot tin
BllialPIBBS on the C.a.! being now renamed, the
Proprietors of the abOVO WO< respeettully inform
the public if,.: thee are prepared to receive and for
ward P1'64111.11 de.pateh hod at lowest rates.
They would also mil the ;Mention of nitippera East.
ward to the fact that the Beata employed by them in
transported°. are owned by them and commanded by
espenenced captains..
Shipper. of Meat in Balk Will find It advantageous
to ship by this Lane, as the mtbscnbers have made ar
rangements at Columbia to have such freight tor BB
timonahanded directly from boats to ear., theieby sa
ving warchoom handling.
Freight to Philadelphia goes clear through In the
boats. . . .
No charge made for receiving shipping or ad a &ming
<harps. KIER & It IN kS, Propnro, r
Canal Bade, Se vend. sirc,l.
AGENTS—John A. Shaw, Cincinnati, 0.; Jno Mc-
Cullough & Co. Baltimore.
lan Steel A Co., Piigdel
phial Francis A Thocana,Colombia. is
1849.. R,
PstestvrgAto PAeladotpkia and /I oihnurie.
(IXtelostvely for Passengers.
HE pubbi are ee.pni tfauy informed that Nis Line
11l cam ens tine o Monday, r March. -
The boats adds lone are of a superior class, with
enlarged cabins, which will give greater comfo rt to
A beat will alsrays be in pen, and traveleri art re
acnend to call and examine them before enaaging PS,
by other route.. They will leavelhe lauding,
penile the U. S. Hotel, corner Penn street and duo
every night rug o'clock.
Time--3I Dap.
For information, applyat . the . . Monongahela
D. LEECH tr. o, Cs nal Bane N.
H 7i n ir e lLifTte proprietor s of theirtieve sale are now
building an addiuonal Line of Packet., to run as abuse
on or about June Ist, in connection with the Pannsyl.
Rail Read from Lewo:own to Philadelphia. Ai
that time a packet will leave every morning and even.
ing. Time thrtnili, d days.
akiEMI 1844. 'a L 'liitr
For the Iron. attar rn olaturenetterte,
- 100 W carried on thin Line are not transhipped
kJ( between Pillsburgh and Philadelphia, being ear
ned in four mama ['enable coat. over land and woo
10 shippers of merelandise reyalring cartful
Mmdling, this Is ol importance No charge made for
receiving or shipping, or for advancing charges. All
good. forwarded widsdispateb, and on as reasonable
terms as by any other Line.
Quad Bas
Penn at. Pinsbnrsh
marl Market h. SitharerneFec st, Mtn
orwing and Camaro
non Merchant., Canal Blom Penn st, Pitoburigh.
JA111.03 M DAVIS & Co, Flour Factors and COMMi.
too Merchants, 227 Market MP/ 54 Commerce arl
Phi&Weight& m
FrAdvaoces made its /notelet( the . above on Floor,
00l nod other laments...toe consigned to them for
marl 3
NW= 19
For Blatramlle, Johnsmor• olltdayabstrah, and
all antermenta • Mem
r 7 all
air r GoNa
Ti".s.LlVirTslild'esTuctoll ~ need nt fair rue. of
Aaaorts—C A. M'ANULTY A Co, Plusburgh.
B Wakefittld, Johnstown
John Miller, liollulayalturgh
RIMIIIITNCIP—.IIII2.I Jordon,. Smith & ' BonnSinclai
liknenberger, Moore, John Parker, F Von
horst & Co. Wm Letmer & Co, /no llllDerto Bros,
Pittsburgh, John Ivory, Samly Mlnlhollsn A. Ray, Jno
Graff & CO, II %}}s meld:
Canal Packet —SWALLOW, Capt. Ford.
OCEAN, Capt. R aura. .
hi: of Me above Packet. leave Beaver every day,
a_f (Suddaya excepted) and IMMO next motvang at
Wll,o, where they connect week the Mall Stage* for
Akron and Cleveland, arvetns a ewe of these places
nylons night. One of the Packets leave Warren dmly,
at • P. M and move at Deaver to time to take the
Ibltiti'lrat Warren,
id 13 TAY LAJR, ?moot
..artePaekat—Prtaysttmatms, Capt. Jeffries ;
Marrw:l, " Pollock;
" Lass Eat; Brown Trubyi
•,Prrout, ;
Fat.ctumas,' Sayer.
The shove new and splendid - Paasengcy Packers have
commenced noirong between BEAVER AND ,ERIE:,
and w II run regularly during the sesmon—one boat
brywork - Erie every morning ate o'clock, and °sae la,
my Beaver every cvetone, Immediately other the am
mo to the steamboat Michigan mom l .
boats are new and entoorty. Imo- sr.
.v re run through note ne • - t sym.r.yer• to a,
••• . o Nolotato W.I. Linn trto
n. .e empetutrous. onck<L<
erts or me Lake can be procured by
- REED, PARKS' A Ecaecr.
JOILNI A. CAUtrillEl, Agt. mithfield s
cor. Water and Sa la.S
CS:—Jas C Damson, Illidato,.N
C M Reed, Ene, Pa
C C Wlek,Grecnetlle, Pa;
M'Farland and King, Ilug Bend, Par
Hays tc Plumb, Sharpsburgh, Pa;
W C Malau,Sharon, Par
siagit ia
InlEPropnetoraoithlaLinehave put on New Stuck,
.11/i arc prepared to forward packages of all dc•
onions dully. at the lo west rates.
J. C. BIDWELL, Agent,
Water street, Pittsburgh.
11l South Charles sr, Baltimore.
- -
Pannelnger and Reinitiate" , onus.
L. CO. eon.ue to bring persons
from soy pan of England. Ir-truL Scotland or
Wale*, upon the most liberal terms, with then
usual punctuality and attention to the wan. and eons
fort ulcinmigron. We do not all o w Oaf pusengento
be robbed by the swindling scamphat mfest the se.
ports,. we tot,' charge of them the Moment they re,
port themselves, and ma to there wall being, and de
spateh them without any detentiun by the hint slups.—
We say Ilus fearlessly, as we defy one of our passe.
gem to show that they were detoured de hours by us in
Idverpoul, whilst thoustmds of others were detained
months, Wall they could be sent to some old craft, at •
eh; p rat, which too frequently proved their coll..
We "nand to perform our COIIMICIS honorably, root
who, it may, and not net as was Mara. la. seasn,
w ith ether oticers,—who either performed not 111;01
when it suited there convcruenee.
Drafts drawn at nttsburgh forany sum from /I io
L) pep ohle of ury of We pro `""
Bank . "' Ire .
European W, d General Agent,
fifth street-rola door holm. IV
mos mcnomori
and piddle generally, that they have rebuilt the E.
LS: 1.01: hibß'i and are on, in full operauon, and
have part of their pattern, ready for the market:—
Amongst Which are Cooking Stoves, Coal and ‘Vood
Sworn,-with a splendid air.dight Coal Stove, which is
now super Ceding du other eines the COMIIIIOII round
Store. Also, a cheap coal Conking SIO VC, well adap
ted for ton
families, with a full assortmerrt of co.
mon and
mantel grates We would pnr Molar.
. the atlEntnal of persons halliting r to call ai our
rehouse before purchasing, and examine a splendid
ilclt of entonmetted brides, finished in fine style—
turely new In this muses.
Warehouse, No. ltil Liberty st, opposite Wood at
aurbAlt NICHOLS(' iN & PAYNE.
—ALL-k.tiliferrilt VENITIAN BLIND,
_. I. A. BROWN
fully inform the puling, that ho
keeps on hand at hie stand on thr
welt slde of the Diamond, Atte•
gbeny oily, a complete assort
meta of Veltman Blinds; also Ve
;titian Shutters ate .made to or
der In the best style, worrantct
equal to any Indic United States
Ills Math can be remove! with
out the mud of a screw drivel
Having paella/led
the h e Bock
tools, and wood of cabinet et
tablishmont of Itarnsayrs APCIe
land, I ant prepared to Casino
their old curios:tors as well s
the politic at large, with oven thing In the i r h ue _
Ageney, No 3 'Wood street, Pittsburgh.
Inelthrl J. A. DROWN.
DAPFIR HANGING uses cow receiving, dr t
.I. from the inttedfac in New York, phli„d,
phiti as d
.e, a terse and well BtiCelfll corn
mon 01011 the ..,1 and mom Improved str les of
tin. ghared and , UIM1:1011 PAPltilt IlAiNGlbiGti,
sisting ol—
lehtes3 pieces of Parlor and Fresco;
10,000 " Hall and Column;
10,10/ n Dintng-room, chamber an:
Paper—winch I would particularly invite the
of :tor • intrins houses to paper, to call and
.. to 1..., I 'Nara house of S. C. I
e 7
CllFFEL—Atiirhlch is ra
p pokli cannot into use es a wholesome, nourisnin;
.d dr 11.101.10 larversee, bring 011121pleneant .d
inti , lo than common Coffee,tiod for cheaper, as a small
paper < nuR I) ten cents, will tio 11.4 far Is (our
pounds of Codce. Nl.ufactured 1,7
JulIN S. MILLER, Patsbunsh, Pd
s„„Id sr aole,clile by It A PAIINESTIK7.I( & Co,
corner at Fire and Wood itud.SiM9 and Wood streets,
ritoburgh 14121
/ IALIFORNIA RUIIIIER GLK/1113—Just received,
Cramp !lieut., 29 officereoao, lot pie Punts;
le pan, 111.0 hood Mining 12 letholub Sags; 1
water 'ranks, 6 alai It s,llons each; 511 1
gal on each; I don Ilueliskai Money Rolla; Ido oiled
cambric do do. The above Rands for sale Gan
forma lanfitiog tatabllshment. No Wood AL
mcli2l J 5 &
- _
A PSORTED MFICES—Tut up for tienlly nee. ia tin
fl nen% cnclo.rd n box, containing
tiununion, Ginger,
Cloven, PePPe,
i'Varranted pure. For rate at die new Spice. and
N LS-Z:Ve rotrglit warn — ii — teda,. treniUn Temper.
enccrille works, warranted; Will be cong/oily
on band and aupplted to ri
order, by
myl9 CMIERAN. tel Wood el
Oot:FuitivAcE: HEARTH, manufaciared from it
superior muck of Bolisar Fire Bock Clay, in
etore nod for rale by KIER &JONErf
Mr. W. W. NVtdlac'e having meal a Hearin of mom,
quality and manufacture for the past etgotnp,, moo n s ..
pronounces raperior to ate hearthe now in general
LISO onlo
IXONAC I.IILANDIF.c—W ball pipes ran.,
afnagef, of pat 0.11 importation per Commerce
from Bordeaux, just ree'd and lot sale by
TSEDGaAIrit- , lits4 mailed, a beautiful nisi',
went of ladle. Rod gentlemen' Gold Guard
cmthu from RIO m *4O sails, eastern prices. Also,
Wedding amp of ki carat gold, Gold Pencils, Finger
Yom* moo, Breast Pins, Bracelets, Gold Pens.
Watches, Re. PW W WILCION,
juA corneitth and Market cur
VELFE:FIGRISONSI—Jastrocerred at ii - drZot — si'rm:
. 0 7.5,57 Market Mew, •
1a t Otg Yele2 t ßi <666. ;
msebraburr Gimp; lOps wide Plain,te.
21101,11N—,The nro
S I rd i el l b j e L iiny M ^ P• , •
Olunkben liskrl99, N.Y E"... 1E49.
soma!think it rigbi for thArriefit of Giber.
In sune ram in relation•to yin, Enc.:bent Farm
1y Medi
1 bw
.4 your Verinifnge targety to my own nuns
.al frequently ...tering for odpelline. z i ,e
•sy I toit7lMl worms from dim childlet I
also used 'lobe Liver, Pills and kungh Syrup di
dy faintly. .d they have 1111 every inilMice proilmie.l
the ditto destreig.,
As I am engaged ill, rnecebandising. I am al , e tit
state that I haver yet to bear of the brat faiiii.c where
your medicine. have been used In my
th,t ceen on of the
ountry. In canniest., I may MID tney ore ths
medictnes ot
and are destioe i .. have a very
ektensive pottuldray Yours, riN iie gut—. •
i . • . 11. Pit, eta.
Prepared and iOld by R. . I IiS.No 57 V."ood
street, and told qy Draggt • ii is itetally te the two es
ties and vietaitYl : mdll
‘ — 'I7 . I . EAT 1711 W OR LiVfai. SiViIANT, by be
- U . original, only true and genuine Liver Pill.
t Strati-darn, Ohio candy Va. r,
March 2tith, Ib ' l9.
Mr. IL E. tient IL: Dear Sir—l think it a duty I owe
to you and to thi OM gitnera ly, to. state that I have
been stlllteted sid tho Live} Complaint tor a long
time, and so badly that an abets. , formed mot Wrote,
which left too in a very low date. Raving beard of
your' celebrated Liver Pill. being for sale by A II
Sbant, in West tLiberty, and recommended to me by
my phymcion, Di. E. Smith, I conducted to gme theta
a fate trial: i Ourcb.ed one boa, and Mond them to
eJust went thdy are recommended, TIIP, 11E01' 1.1-
V ER PILL EVRR USED; and eller taking four boxes
I bud the dclicale has enurely• lett me, .d I am.nda
perfectly well ' ResP ectfull
y ous
West Liberty, March 06,1e40.
I Cr, 7 Mat
I am personally acquainted with Mr
ulerto .ond can bear testimony to the truth of the
A.. v ruficate. i AIl SRAM'
Pew• itunaLivet Pin. -are prepared and sold by
II Cl I LE. ,No 57 Wood street, end by druggists
min. docli4l.
TtYPIII. PUIILIC.—The origtnal, only true and gen
utne Liver Vas are prepared by II ESellers, aud have
boa, staniried ,meala wax upon the ltd of each
i , an ` his 7ftentit on the ;famine wrapper—all
emir. rietts, or haae Imitations.
Bova ji E SIILLER3, Proprietor
fiofil the Oka A• Aa well kno n and pop
L t•letakuttut o Pro
the testant Melba• jet Chard,
..liL(Llgned (metre been adliemddu tig the peal
with idyl ear a:the stomach, solo iines pro
n ammlYo4o to the ebstottch for tan. I tine hon.
wiliest titer rithand after having va t n,.
remedies ands! . ••flect wiz fetnieheil yr th a bottle
0; Dr DJeyital . • 4.bative*Aartm, aced ac.
cording to the' 4v :. Übe Dane Inv ria ly that the ,
medicine cattaiid,gefatn to stale pi three r four min
Inc., and in Vinci: ar twenty nonno..YY CO
sensation was etturelyqutetcd. rutilt• ne MU. of
tecwarainsini lrirnencver indication:to; the preach of
palnwere perceived, andthe pa c was ther • 9 Prevent .
ed. lie contalued to use th e nietliciee eye y evening
and vonsemnea ....he ellOteing. Main a wce kt
health wen .0:ler - stored, that the sndere wan rel..
ed (rot:idler. amber:of oppressive' pc, . From CO
ep.,na, therefor,. C.ll confidently •ye ommemit
Jayne l a Catnitnet,v e •6 la at y tried lei o
for diseases ofthe stomach and.howelr tritINNII
Micshey eby.lekt
Foe sale in,rltiatelreb Ir, •
Fourth street, neat Wu • and also ;CV Uri.
,titers, of il I' fellW All rz, ,•••• • :al , trent nrg.—e •
T ie aOIST mane roe
Cousanuation. Caught , Colds, Asthma, Ilto
er Complaint, Bpitung Mood, Difficulty •
mg, Pain in the...fide and Breast,
the Bear, Indere.; Croup, Dream
adieu°, Pore Throat. Nervoua tie
ty,and all lhsease• et the Throe
Divest and Lungs: Do most..
factual and speedy cu.
ever Nor any of
the abiti;iliseas -
Componsad tyre go of W ild C
Thia inctlicine ts nu among too
atilt.. It hose' sed away Item the th
launohed upon the tide experiment, an
higher na reputation. mid hicoming inn
ly used thati say other preparation of
plOducod for et mliet or audeang man.
lt has been slim/aced very generally
United Ststice Ltd at
contentnd them are
imponance but what von. re
dance of ite 'lfseal elec. For proof of
statethents, and of the statue .d eirlC.Cy
1111 p to o zed.tow i
hteb lt,t‘sevcrtil!rp,occti
men of th seed if e
last respectability—men wh
clews of morn: respototbiltly and twine
tie to tam, Emcee. it will do another
themselves no is Seth Mattoon
euinvely. that its serprieing the
by its intriuste rnerita, and the unglue..
ty of public
Theopinion. The instant....
fords, and soothing influence Mao
whole frame by Its use, renden it a
remedy for the afflicted.
' , Whet; men, acung from conscien *us i
h mp g els,
b o or t eatimony to the truth or a
paelleulat fart, such trantuony, being c itrnry to their
worldly utter.. and purposes. c or
rci conviction et
truth. and commends itself in a epee MlVlllef
credrinre Mora Maxims
SIF-kli mi.:. nom': CERTIFICATES
Setae /entree. Cu. of rcUluel•lta Co:escort:iv,
There never was • remedy that has been as auccraeho
in desperate csaes of Consumpuon. tc. Dr. .
Convound Pyrup of Vt Cherry. It .Irengthells
rya., and appears to heal the ulcer. onthe In..
-rah . 511.04 and rich blood, power poo.ans•ed by m
; brine.
Cstaiami Co., April 2111 i. I of-
D. l‘.t ayneDearverily believe your Com.
mood A.,rap of lid Cherry hal I,eit the moons 01
thving toy life. I caught a neve.% cold, yolurh grade
;rell:isgte"d"airioline t;e;rn‘r-Tiaecs'wri'ebli ; h ' srre ' ; ores ," hi., that
increasing until my ease exhibited all thii , sympl L orne•ril •
Pulmonary Consumption. Every thing lined neemed
haven,' effect_ and my compland increased ILO rapid
p that friend,. well as myself, gave up
oil hopes ot
re, recovery At this num l was recommended to try
year invaluable medicine: I did so with the Wrenppy results. 'rho first bottle had the effect, to 100 the
cough, eaueing me to expectorate freely . , and by 01,
dam I had owed sth Louie., I was enurely well, and art
now as hearty • man arty ever was . in my luo, cod
would be happy to give inforrnationgespeelmg my
ease, that other 'Ogren may denve the ber.afit for
whteh lam so grateful. Vol the truth of the &hove
thatement, I refer you to Peter Reek, Grocer, We,
:be. Ifr of whom I parch...iv' the arediethe.
Reap *.elully yours, . lamas Moe.,
Wonder/of Core of a /ilethoirid
Dr. Swayer—Dear Sir. I feel debt of endued@ due
• you—end e duty to the afflicted generally, to offer
my humble tesurneny in favor of your.Coimmund
rup of Wild Cherry. Sume three years stem' was
at with cold and inflammation of Om
oblifilargout t
of o' btcan and
ffetisisre fr . or , the Mugs,
At I
ofiWrstl oal'aro"rfi'auof r
soon convinced that I was rapidly going Otto eonsump
tion. I gtew (testi weakar, med atought wt. sent e.
ly able tart walk elm., or speak above ti whisper, sneff
was the exceedine wcaknem of nly times. Durieg t
ume I had tried marmite przper all the nuees an ine d pworsrie. rescptiJt
but found no reief---groseisig dus
here I yr. ado._ed reeherlded Ly a dear friend in
WilmiMnon to .nake trial of your Syrup el Wild Cher.
ry. I must ou ear dint perviously I had been prim,
diced Braun patent rnedicines, and lam sod afair..l
thon coming out of the hands of coved., but under
standing yaw r , stins to the profresion and practice of
medicine, tunlib7ing implicit faith in tee Paying Moly
friends, I forthwith purch.ed of Dr. Shaw, one of year
agent., a. few liudles, and coMMeneed its use. My do,
•OILSO sr. at that lime of cell months' standing, coo
sequently it was deeply fleeed. I foiled, to
considerable multi frm the toe of the first four or five
bottles. Dui being a p p eblie speaker, frequently at.
tempted to preach with my increasing strength, and
W rupture.l those +easels that had already 'segue
heali Otis way, doubtless, nay-cure arenly
temtded. euescquellee of acting thus IlOrrodenr
I had to use "move or fifteen hOttie• before tour re
reedy restored I have no question, a trlueh
'number of bosh , would hays made tee sound, bu
the above Indtheertloll. The Sy MI, allayed the fee
Loh habit, took . way the dirtressuig cough, put es,
to the di.herve of melt. !ruin the lungs,' unit ear
them and the ei..ire system emit health. I have dote
thetrarina this cerufieme until now, (or the harp°,
f:r7ro n Ve ' r r it lit w l t ' j,
*agora. D oe r row. Jom:iaii
Dublin coo.ner N. e
Imporrane Calatan--Readl Read:
There Is bulb. e genuine preparatout of Wild Cherry,
and that is LW. SWAT3AeS, ,the 15005 ever offered to Me
jecii which
stZ so b e ine " p ' e . rt td s o h tt l iop " ora ' n ' d h e ' l ' iV "o.
parations male. by the name of Wild Cherry ha ' v ' e
bean put oUt AtPue tilts, under re•er of some deceptsve
fiteUthstillthe, osier to give eurrenry to thou) . soles.
Uy • little ol.sery•Uoti, peI•011 need mistake the
genuine from false. Each liotde of tbv geus.. is
enveLoped wit a beautiful steel engravnig, with the
likeness of Wsinam Perot thereon; also, Dr Sway tie •
signature: and • further securtty, the portrait of Dr.
ewaytte will I: added hereafter, so as to insungetsli
his preparatioi 't eal all others. NOVV, it taus not for
the great curative properties and known vutues of lir.
Swayiteis Loni.ound Syrup or Cherry, pmson ,
would not be ondeavoring in give curreecy , to their
"fientiou• nes tzus utealing .thu moue of Wild
Cherry. Heronather, always Itear tatild the 015100
of 1/r.l4wayne lid be not deceived.
Prulicipel Oflise, center of Eighth and Kane sweets,
pin sale whovtaisle and retail by OtiDEN ANOIV.
DEN, not od nul Wood sur It A PAILNIti , POiIIi
Co, ear let am. •Vviell, and ' eth and Wiped Ott; NVNI
ritoivi, gt wk. pt, Jt/NIES, I.lbert) on lot ,
A JONES, cot stood end Penn sta . , .101114 AIITCH
Alleghen. city, imd bS ell respectable dealers i
mediclue. oe
vccvELANT is superior to .11 other remedies tor
,osh.,Coassespooo, Bronchitis, Asthma, and other room>
wiry effective., isthat the same persons who commented Mr
sae of it m their (mantes ten year* age.otill preeta fer
to al
Aber remedies of the kind; and whet...ay ha. b induc
ni try other preparation. they have almost levanahly boat
rated rem:viol, the hmedi rehreb Teas reasou,i)
tehelpeed from the bleb praisestimiessed by the proprist , r,
usd h....returned he uee of J ' emieirrotswir. se
a remedy that ha. te n t ewer failed to them, end
probably haver had Ittsgetei in &rte..% pubmnary direa.ce
Prepared .al7 by Dr D. Jayne Philadelphia, and soli on
agency by LEX. •
Seel:id/Lava 72 liourth
Dr. W• P. Inland's Proultum PI
DR.w.r.LNLAND, of the nicinedi Colleen lit
adelphiw nose oilers to th. politic Inn Veg.
Muhl° Pronoun Plaster, the ciUalitte. or winch.
long and tried experience., ha. been staniiiistorily
M11;11.1102. To ail women who n,my be alltirted aii
Vrolapens therm or ('epees \l'omb, he reconiniend.
plaster, ienarruitceing a sure and speedy cure in the
short apace of from two to thee week., if applied wuli
rare OM retst--dn.eardnig all the rounnees ttistrumcitt.
and expensive bandnees so loon tit use. Th. he l e ,.
COUSCiCnnolldin stating, masmuch us he has not fatiell
in one onto out of three hundred and hay-three p u .
kleo for Itheittonttsm end Went Brenat or Ilitek, at
tended with polo, there la nothing to execl this rinster
Inslfording rebore( effecting a cure. Fur sale by
Wilcox, corner of Dintnntici and Merkel at
Braun & Reiter, end Chur ate
Dr 1 Sargent " Federal et and Lannon, Alle-
gheny city
• Jacques k. Co, Denman and Diamond Darnotig•
ut E. SELLERS, ,Druggist, No Wood mem
Sole Agent for the mle of Dr. Townsend/limb
uiru pp re j,pomtin, bias just received
am dozen of MS
Great Spring and SurnEss Medicine.
Purchuscrs should recollect Mnt R E Sellers is solo
agent for rill/b./6, and D Id CUM' tor Att, g 1,, ! ,,,
Watettly. rustle by the eelebreie
Cooper of lintidon, J. Tobtas of Liverpool, and
lugs assOrtment or detached gold and silver Lever
maitre by the beet Geneva manufacturem.
Spectacles of all kinds; Communion Ware in net
Geld Pens; Joirelu L0W414 4 vuSelYi Silver N.M.
Er Watch repairing executed in the hen mimic
corner Market and 4th nn
ENGLAND—Harper , . Cule edi&
ARC:a.t,joslT:enransLololb-75 con_ Tor&
For sale by .10/11S8TON & 15WuKT;N: '
Amer Marta sad ad
'-"":,!r,-4?-414:1 , f ". -_.;.-.1:!:-E: riEr----'rga , i:r2..- ..,
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... 4L...t.....t,..ecZra-5:..5:: ."- - ...*,',...10..v1u '"E" ^ E-% - 4- 2 ': ,,, N'..- ^ t,Cr.... 1 . bi- ..flli g-- -
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.4fl i att l x -2 .2 21-l il all -2 12 - ' - ' 6 .i
= a •? . ...i;r , '..,..i - Elr. -. ".. ,- ti.. - ziig:i-i'llg' '' 4 '. 5 ?... E t : "...5 . t . ' 5 .11: , h : ',..2 ;V 7 ".. ire . '..7.9.1t 7.
. -.f. `^.2 -, ...e.5...,.0.,-.5,- - Egz v = a Ettt.V:,:=Et;l l°• S El • i';' - -- - ..4
en Cl) 41 --0 - t1c.9.7. Peg ,ed ; -, ,E....2.:1;'VE ,- - . :%•?:`22'V;• cn C•=lifto , :at. ,6- ..5...ta5. -6 - 3 437 221 i,
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&.„ _ ~.. .0 ......,_, 0 , 0 o__ 0 = .. ~..s .;,„ . , 1 .
4 0 , __= 3 Cz4,U O- &21•"iji.e. •2 1.'' = 7 := 4 -
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C; 'f. a. - f:4 . ." . .:L t, ' , 121..§ 8-I ^ -13 1t....; - .., .-. eS E
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INCC -I e.
IL $g L, ' ' '4 1- : N• EE' 4 g ~ .2 1 .,'Z .o,i !g .- 112 PI ?, ,?. 1i if
or. , . 11— ,.._-01.4..-....20-.3 vvr-.-e a`
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LEA 2 ‘ l. 41E,--4jA.!:FiiE°,l-7!-g.i.if,t L. e, if3i . .-., , ,
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. 0 . 1.C,i1it"..01"..4'22511:2=d"'';-q. f'3 . -41- 3 i.-i., 7 ,4E47, , L E C1Z2::-.:;'• 1 03 za
2..... t-.._ ~.....1-i.., E. :t
41 , t3.4ZEit:-':°:' 3 : ;-.1.i-'-Th.'. .-f. - :::==-: , : - . c- .r- 2 .. t .5.':,-; ? . .;;; ; ;;,..-'7•15. - t--.:trk E.- - .
CO Oi t1 1 . .? . :1 - `,--i`_AL1Z.`::•- , a. ,-- -32;: - 'l .- Z - ='• - - . ' . t
..-1,..,E,..t..95ia7=-42•.Z:--cnC. L. , • ..rl, ,-.. '-' 7 " ..i . .;, 6 ,' - '3 . !T- r i, 7 4;7'..i:E. 7 : :•';'• " 3
~..,....“.^.•-:.2.7“.:-.7--t -,-e.i. c - ~. _.....,_......,
try- AciENTat-wm J ACKSON, JOHN D ‘IIIRC.A3I, Pat...burgh ii 14 CURRY, AllrKheny City; A PATTI:AST, Itirtninghwm , vIP timi
-- - ---- ---- - - _
N. nor...tame dr. BONS,
Itankirrs, Exohadge Brokers,
NU D. 1.11-• ili
COLLECTIONS.—Drafts, Notes and Acceptances
payable in ally part °Rho Union,Coneeted on We tarsi
favorable trrms. ,
EXCHANGE on Now York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore: also. Cominnan, Louisville, Saint Lam. nod
Now Orleans, constantly for sale.
BANK NoTy.s.—Ntes on all solvent hanks in the
United buttes discoun ed at the lowest rates. All gaols
of Foretell and Amen an Gold and Silver Coot borteht
and sold
Ocher No. 55 Mar Let street, between 3d and 4th,
Pittsliurgh. Pa . octss
DILLS on Englan Ireland, and hantl.4 bought
aoy tl1.130“111 at ho Current Rates of Ereflange.
Also, Drafts payable ' any part of the Old Countries,
from LI to .ClOOO, a the moo of 4.5 lOthe A Sterling,
without deduction or discount, II JOSHUA ROBIN
SON, European md eneral Agent, ode. sth . 00 0
door west of wood.
__ octlfea •
ar.l.3ciriiiisiir -----ThaiWZitntrill
in Foreign and meatic BM* of Exchange, Cer-
Peates of Delogite, Bank Notes and Cain, comer of
34 add Wahl suer., ircctly opposite St. Charles Ito
l rosilly_
i rt
e, B
• erryl
43( don't trill
• mad. d.
POW I , llil
parchased at the lowest rate., by
N. 11OLbtFB h SONS.
*clad blarket
11 , 1L1.411 OF EXCELA/O2E—Sight dhcolii on
Naar Seek.
Philadelphia. and
Co.tanny for Bala by N. HOLISM SONS.
loath DS Market at.
through t
e tow I,
orkol le e
the fore •
nl th
r two
I ted to I out ,
ha re lit Rirc
O 140 IL CI le A anon,
No. 46 2arket street,
'1=1.1,v4N.1i,=h0'f1d,:4":.`,.7:47.n.,,0!,`1`,V0Ti.4, i`', ;
1..4201,1. reopeettully totems hie trued. and Inc
outdo. that he Ino sr preparing to receive and exe
cute their order. with dupmell, and in the neatest,
mo.t substantial, and fashionable rammer As lie is
determined to do business on we cash +paella, he flat
ter himself that he will be able to do work as cheap :. . . . ~,,..
as it con be done at itay 6stabliehateut in the counts). M•HLI-I S T E R• WIN 1 IVIC.OIT
HI. stock ts varied,..mmisung of thweimer.w,lfre id- CONTAINING N 0
cloth:, V 4
to he., w 111.11 Ow frienilawre respectful. „.."-" 0' ^ ... 31ERCURV, or other skein
ly iustird to examlnd tor themselves 1 ~. b. • v o et-al.-11 hal power to
intolidtt GIX/ItGE ARMOR ' la er . ..' --- 4 , cause all LMTERNAL
. ..... O.WTTIIDDIig. Dentist -- I r.s.w,-_--,,_ et ~r ~ .t ..,
i • ~.''' Rt... 110% fi e ld to a new 1110, our) hock ..-.,,_- HUMORS, SKIN /KS.
..**.... •. on Smith wrect, one doer luiew i ....... - " • nr.. el: .f... 7.,, E A SE•i I'OISONOUS
'''' '' s.txtli itreet Te.itti mune., wont one : ..." ~7 ~::.... IVOUNDS uto discharge
to an emirs set,-on the itteurin priniple, anti a arr.- 1 a '‘‘.. :-,.... , `-'l. , theu pond woolen, nod
t 0.... rePreseitmtieu of the nuturat Auna—resturnig me i, g 5...;55 ,, .-..... thrr‘ °rlll° 'hr..
enamel shops of the face I -- -- ‘ , .. , .AT . ' It ts chit - termed
IL—Teeth extracted with little or no pain • ?' - 5_ ALL - I/EALING, for
ed r..... perninurritiy ser. dh) pitmen, p,, , , ~... , ,
..„,... , ii , o - ? , mere is +comely n do
ve aux the tooth ache, vitneliu much never Wan co. ....s ,Via' .!- ,au externl or totem/11,
on.: it, though it sonata he dello In five 11111.11, or ` ,0 ,..5. '. i ' the , .1 will nit henefit
ti. in et 04 ft is. .-L. ---• 1 tote e mud a for the lust
CN'f LAt.l.l. TRIE . OI.I--1 clear nig win- .rL ' . ' . 0..3 n” 011 diee. o . . r UP. chat, ..v. l ' in g
i . da ,,,.,,, ,„,.,,,,.„„,,,,, ~,,,,,.,,.,„„. the tritot [lmer and responsibility, nut I declare
manna mid other war, It rapid]) ilic. out sill spois 1 ,_ . °, , ,er,0 r., o e o c,,ti se . , mar. that .....1_1,1,,e,"th.c ett , r , h r 05 ,,,.. . 5
rind Dante, and uprodutic• the bestratul and du n°, , .7.e. t..cue....t flea the Pa.."' "'`.'
lustre of new wort Just received end for sate a hoir- ....... 1 ..... •
~L , r ~,,., ~,,,,,, b, • I have had rhystelana lammed tn the Profession I .
p 0.51 110 ,„,,,,,. have mints:a-1 erne gospel, Judges of the Leach, al
- derniew lawyers, gretlmiteu orm , . highest eradaton,
Light I Light II Light 11, , mod taultan . CJl of me {leer rom it Inevery variety of
evil F. justly celebrated burning data can now be had I way, and th. et her beer bat ono 001-000
1 at Jut Leon-to Lamp Store, No so Illird str way.
on .svnig—..3I'ALLISTER, YOUR O2 OLN.TME
between Wood and klarlteL. IS G00D...
nu a
e ast ern house house light it has the prelerrnee in ell ~ lIIIRUMATISII—It teototras, anneal „lola edialelX
of tha eastern c0w..., being perteril, sale ,ud ett, an—the iodamouttian and rwetlond, - erlanithe pato ecalite
void oi ...note, grease or mix of the doiwarecable uti j (IT tlor directions amend the box.)
endants m light. now in common u.e. also, o bea. to D.ACHE—The salve hal eared persons of the
id assortment of lamp.. 01 the ,Illtlerl. nor horn. , che of twelve years standing, anewho had a
nr ttier.s.inte. iiii.lbuto VJDAV I L/ moist. every week %other vomiting took plate EAR
I six *situ( with like succeed
vusatia:n 131.1 ND 51AN I'l. ACTORY Ss ALP ILEA/S.- We hove eared carts that actrillT
Kist ode of the Diamond. where Ve11.11411 IsKIIK coney Wing known " well an. the .. b , a ', W ,P i t' L '•
Illauds of DI the dafereni mu.. and emirs 000 0 twenty , doctors. doe man Will US he artaapent
are kept on hand or made to order ace a .4on h. children wahort any benefit, when a few
the latest mud most approved Koltun Pon. ,i...... of Ointment eared thetn for the OUZO Of
Imis, at the 14100%/t IMUCC and on theme. Torrco—TLerc ta nattting
reasonable term, i Teller
Aloe, the cheap Boston roll or split Mod Teensy.- i DURNS-4, no ., o f the hest two, i. ,,, t hpins,ld f 6 .,
retie) and Paper Certain. of all ter dideront strew and born ,
patterns on Mind and tor wile low foremen. thd 0,11/- t'lLi - 2 ,--1110 ...r dr or° yearly this Cm.
11011 Kliike *suited aver and
or tato. in part meta It •irrea fail. In giving relief for the Pile.,
payment 10, new K5l 11.E.STI - ilto /A. f, Pre Pt , r[r . Around the hoz are directions for using Will
N. B —All von. done with me twat roatenal and ' ill/1 , 1 O,IM/heft , Scro/uto, Law Comp/ohs; ErpOpe.
work mansrup, eml warranted to plea,. the tuna it.... ho, Ton,, Chribione, Scald Med. Ro's rir. g o taq.
t theta sug to-di, I
hoer Tirost, Re. nelaiss, Nereus Affranons,f,Penru,ll.-
Allegheay cat , Aug 10,114, 1 sumo( tar Sister, Bread act, auhma i• Goarrioa. Ear oche.
. Burns, Cants. oil' Donuts of the Sian, Sore Lips, Pim:
YITISIDJII6II hIANUFACTUREts —1 he under , 1 s h,. 4., s ue of the Leib., Swat, Rh e as/ seal
...reed, Alto.. 1. 5, 0 . 0 .... 01 . 0,0 t e r ., ho" m. * o '.d Prii...s. mid Pad, Croup. Stectnel or Draken Brunt, Tooth
and is t onstantly teeelvito; o lull seppl) ot the artrn, ~,,,,, . 4 .„,, 0,,..,.„ 4 , 40.
tnude to Pittsburgh and vieltot), ',loch he otters - ror 1 (111.11 I- 1.1.. r —Liver Complaint, polo In the Chen'
/2k 11l 1111111IIIIICIJIMIS prices IstAl 000 lIILAN, ...
, 'and We, felling rid of the haw. or We other uccontria
. It tr. QC ' . ." 4 -:nice cold teet IThiqtantrilent is the trac remedy.) It ,
jSLI AKU 1.1111.1 t PASIL-t isms. bottle• India Rut.- to n sure strn of di.euse to have said fest.
J. her rave, an eSecllent article for rendsrlog 1/0011 CORN...--thi. tononel arc of the Ouninent will 'ti
mid shoe. rarfectty water prom, and .011 at a picas of wa) s h e oop i urns from growing. People need never
,luth One application al this pasty to autbetent in be trbled with them tf thrl ase a DmlttentlY.
atte lIICIII 11121ItrVIOlIS 10 Witter lot 2 or J ou ttttt lis, andQV - 'llits Ototateist re good for
nut part of the holy
areflect prevents. c (trim the leather craclung -... or limb. when inthinted in sonte east.. It should be
pasha and fur sale at the India Rubber Impel. Ito 5 ap
t pbcd olten
OS oodst chili Jh. II PIMA,' i•ii .ArTION—No Ointment will be soutane onleat the
ame of 1 Afil ES Nle ALLITEII I. Willtoll with a pen
an.rhinna errnaterion AND Wairauoo on very labe
I l
For sale ymy Agents on ell the principal Ones and
' 00100 at the Etohange, Daltimora. warn In the Dotted Stoles.
13...c01L1' one all llt , I T el l' ag .— e
an d h t
c o
' or ' ' t r rVrri '. hove lllti ra b O o re n , 'l7:tit's. Sole Proprtetor of the above medicine.
nirgli or Wheeling, end a rorre.lomiling reduction IL Prtncipal Office. No 1.,E , North Third street, Phil.
node on all telegraphte despatches forwarded from Ital. " 46 0 1 ” .
snore of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Rams—'rticcharge tor u telegraph derpouth. lo or
on Itaannora, Putsburgh and Whechtig, i. 45 cent.
Mn first Me wordia, oral 3centa for each udilittonal
LEr No charge Is made for dm addres. add slgna
Mr, thall the complcuon of the Routh Western Lane of
Telegraph from Nlemplus, Tool., to New Orlean*, deit
palette* can be forwarded to McMphis by M. mule, I pit
mailed tor New Orleans. tell
lIIREEti—ItaIU Met 2 in. 3 ply 1.110 Rubber
Blow—Boat mceleed for the Borough of Al cumber , -
ter, wales, will be held tu atom for n few Jaya. 'l'llo
Boston Company ela a strong deem :in
and bre departmeota dm cl ore ues of Pittsburgh and Al-
Ifgllollo 10 call and exeunt.- and make a tnal of thnin.
The company I/ infamy to rut them to any teat they
3(013 proper to conclude Upon.
my IL J & Ii PHILLIPS, 5 wood at
ILA .14ortly, Tho Manefacture of Iron, in all 1111 hrait
en, from tho dlgglng of arm ore and coal to the not.
kind of charcoal and coke; the huilding and tnanaong
ot piton furnace* by charc_al. anthracite and coke;
11,11 blunt and biota macritnes, &e. &c . onewdmg an
covey on the manufacture of meet: by Frederic over
man, Muting Eaglncer. Complete in one volume, lota
page, with tlinstt
traon, engraved on wood. fate,
EL Et ...fiber. JlEyt, I) etPttoto reecived by
im,3o OM, WOOD, n't Wood O
DA.—lt decomposes Me atrus or peccant prat
v te °roll contagnaus It retnoves 1120 dancer
nos ellturtu of .lok room., By eicionstisK eiter•
gy relieves ulcer, and Interco. all couituunicable
tt,we we, whether in man or aisunal., An. het reed
anti in• eels ha lull It F. SKI.I.EIC, 57 W. 0.1
q , 510 F ALL, m inform the Pitt,
Lcand viconty, that he ban opened
~,,blott m ent, where every adeolion win In.
paid to We crouton of those who may laver h.. with
0111. )an d nrc between Seventh theWod.
len Creams oUtrr delicacies. of t *coon.
We mpeen ern u d, San, far me par
pone of ittandfartatitut tower, et the Ctintort Pup..
pea whew, they will be plttased to receive the patron
ape of Mu partite, and the former cut:tamers of the at•
mor tnrtll
Th p e ar y w at all mots keep on hand a gem:ref
tortinent of writing wrapping, ten and 01.11 par,
bonnet hoards, blank book*, etc etc . winch Me 21
exchange for clean and r(110 , 11 Thg ,
Printeo 1'
and !look 021i-het • eau he •app..l v :11
ever) description of print., tomer at ohm, notice...
al reduced pnces. 'PIIUNIPS.N HANNA
I. Htt—Env2tEdtim EDNI LIND S. HA st •
"It. I. P. 7•OWNSEN D'S SARS'APAR 11.1.:1.—U
J dozen of Dr. Townsand . • Genuine tiaompanlls
twtt reed and for rale by ft U SE.L.LERS,
57 Wood at, only .Agent for Pilohyrsh..
jog 11l DSI CURRY, Agent for Allegheny env
II PARRY 1111/ 1 invented a outdone for waehing
Gold, for which he has mode application fOr a
Yo. They are now offered for vale at the ware.
h t mite of Parry, Scott A. Co., No. MI Wood meet,
Adventurer. to California are molted to Call and ex
amine these Inbor-taVing Ilinctanca. They are elaltqc
in their construc.n, easily traniported on the back of
'-or Lc -- erghttLg eighty poi. td' each, s•'
•If an hoe
inulus or homes, weighted eighty pounds each, and
can be bat in operation in half an hour. They eau he
bled with provisions. It Is the opinion of those who
liner seen the [nal of one of the/se machines of entaneut
iire, that two tern Wall warn the tutheral freni
1,011/IVIS of sand or earth hi it day. without the Into of n
particle of the mineral. They can lie nicreiurd In no.
and worked by venter or mule power, If expedietiL
The operator. work without going Into the whirr or
bring exposed to wet, and consequently without en
danueriny their health. The will
b a small
air.m al water, and eon be y
used the whole semion,
and can be but into operation where there is not tomb
cient water to wash in the usual way.
Pride of smaller Axe 035. Orders from abroad, ac
companied by each, will be promptly filled..
11. PARRY, at Parry, Scant &Co%
' No 103 W00d.,, l'lnsburgh.
BOIL. H. IikttTAIAN hortng sold his low
a'. ca m dos oss.paruombip of Coleman, Mailman k
dm sesokinto; postriersjoss this day retlro
flan WWI, • Fabrsoryl/10104(
LUNGS.--The unprecedented success which hay
tended the nee of the
a all the various forme which Irritation of the lungs u
nities, has Induced the proprietor egain to call anon
lion to this
The chongable weather whichmarts onr fall, and
*outer months, is always a (maul *mime of
their, it neglected, 'are but the prom:maws of that fall
The enestion, then, hew shall we ni the destroyer In
budi how shall .we get clear of our coughs and
olds!. of vital importance to the public.
Till los found in the Ginseng Panacea. Irk prima of this
we have from time to ume putiliilied the certificate. of
Joanne of our beet known citicena,who Savo experi
enced Ito curative power. These, with a mass of tee
oniony from all parts of the country,—Rom
Monsters of Mc Gospel, the., together with copltimi nod
ices from Me
we have embodied in pamphlet form, and may be had
grans of any
H of oar agent. throughout the eeeehl•
have been used in this site
throughout the Mined States and Canada, and co eka
tense any man to point cut a
which when taken according to dlsecthone, nod be
,re. the lunge had become fatally disorganised, It hoe
ever foiled to
Way, then: need the *Dicta beldam? Why resort is
the upwrattla nostrums, gotten op by nor • awn
the assumed name of some co thrated ?hp
uemn. and putted into notoriety by c.ertificr-os C. per
sons equally unknown? Whilst a medicine
.6 to be hod, whore vouchers an at homer-01.1 .
ours,—many of whom it has
In order that Mot tavulouble medicine may be placed
within thc tench of Ile pour an weilthe rich, Iwo hull
pat the once at
tact one I.rdf the usual cost of cough medicines rt m
tar salt. by our agents in nearly chary town and village
over the weft, who eac prepared to pre lull inform],
ton relkuvato it. • T. SALTER, Proprietor,
Ti roadway, Cmeinnatt, Ohio.
PRICE 25 cilyrs PER BOX.
Aaaers to l'rersececu—Braon A. Reiter, comer of
Liberty nod L Wilcox, Jr, cornerof
Market Ft and the thernond, also corner of 4th and
Sinunficld no; J B Cassel, comet of Walnut and PCILII.
sta, sth ward; old sold at Use bookstore in StnithLtdd .
s47d &oar ft.lllll. SCCOIId 811 111 Allegheny city by II.?
Sella-arts and 1 Sargent; by I O smilbt D. 11 0 , 0 3 4-
mtngimm, L. NeFley, East Libertytikl Rowland, !de
fier-sport; J Alesuader te Son, hloilligatscla City; N
II Boresann h thlr, and J T Rosters; Brorentrille; John
Markley. !tenser, P. 1.; am wholesale agents. ,
itta.M•d,•trdfy ,
Feeete . for the Public.
In relatioit w !tut unrivalled farudY Staves ..
I.STIMONV of resipectrado
the followiau, addressed to iny Azeill, Mr. P. Mar.
rywentlier,Coieiiiitatt •
:sir A nenne of duty compelatna, to give My, tribute
to Dailey', Pont Ektriietor Deing opposed to quack
. 141,1 ell nontruni. bovine for their object , sunnier
motrod—rint radii goal Irvin object
Inuti hole,indeed to tender you this tiettlfn
cam. I /MVO used i tt In my Id ail), itintyptabitice, spa
on o ,
lb, happy cud wonderfalvdreldhat could
pe uninvited. 11:171133Olire, M. IA
Dr. Bonne in the senior partner of Itrodie h Levi,
Injfautxrwary Ratuniatisse..
The following testimonial cameo front it NOClree
mrhar in rump of those traveling on our - Western tvin
bus Mr. Tame, the well and favorably known two.
meld of Me Parkersburg llotel, is hashand to Ma
emose letter 1 ands, t
' satalicumao, V a , April iS, 1,q9.
To lICIIIVUaticy ettetiliel.&o.—Sir: flaying tor
morly hod lung ulliimed with violent inflammatory
Rheumatism , which appeased On firmly seated an to
dory Till ordinary spplutited to allay the severe pain
attend,. I was maimed to try your Magical !oin
Rgtractur; old it having Pleated, 1.111301 H as if LT ma.
e t e, un unonnbale toilet, and also, to 101 l appearance+
d ust rare, I ma induced for the bene
fit of °rum, who may he atiloted won polo, catmint by
any limit tallaturnouon, to wilt° to you, , used
that in my optuloo. founded on acamt experienee
roar ?logical Pato biatramar is the most valuable dls
,•,,very of die present age for the inlintitatt
of loithly d i, It is an (milt i mmediate and a
feet coon r Dar. an Scolds, and nil extraninl tn.
11.0,13 g m,.uy acquaintaned formed by their
at my nu-neted hotel in this place, I have supporta
by y n, Altyptlltg diem these Inv hod, It may Idnittly
I.e of betiebt kilt to Mein and yourselt
I dzweb - riblis.nd.
(I rats rM1:1 the hope that pits. Itlinm Witt pardon Dr
'Pablo Ity to her letter. rawert on the seop,
numatoly a. 6 at its being the surest mode of bringing to
ni the notice el tier Dau-ar.l
• Fatal Carol.
Esstroct ale lend, dated
11.,,testr. by Nov 00, lal2
ail, 11. Diller: hod tried your Pain Extractor In
a elk of telou, in my own family, Which- it relieved
nod clued lit,a very short tune." la tnne, yours re
spectfully. I.
Jan. YoCan.
'Er Dar. and Scalds, Piles, Sore Nipple.; Broker ,
Breast, Firupuoits, Sorer, Cato, Wean., and all in
thulium... ;did readily one wonderful properties
of U. tonivallen Wady salvo. (lot, it the same pm.
itOrttrie that you wind reeelVe hettetit OHS, the gentiles.,
youovili ho inaircnt by the deleterious etreets of Die
eau:arrant snivel.
GAUTIVIN—Ur stile cad apply only to the javente, ,
II Lista.. did, Broadway, New York. Or to !nano.
Moment ogruts. 3011N1 D MORtiAbi,
Generol . Depni,'Diltnloargh. •
Hoary V. riettosartr,Alloglieny, Agent;
Wbcoung, Vs., Junto, IV Johnston, :Maysville, Ky.i
I: Mercy weather, Cincinnati, f Dalai:al Depot. • •
IN is--In. the severest Duras and 111 . p . a1,1111. elireett
t ite •itt et few romans.-it n , ver Ind: (hi
1,. onocimoci,l
tVlaolosa!* Drug StorPo to LtIO:t111,111
• Now Yerls. _
riiE endethigued are etthosirely engaged 1, 2 thi
bole*nle. Dos busier. No. t 9 /obi euttet, in
the etty of New 1 ork, and aro ilreAted to suppiy
Urtit,llll.ll , .04 00191.17 nierehapta ynth Elmo,
hi., Ille-cteds, Ferszyt end Terftitocri.
don .er, filio.tiere edethiii4 (of their oa.1)
totor.atico an? ill came, ithefei {dtheth fine of 'be,j.
eaess,at • ival4 kria am th ey can be par.
Wiled In this or May iistosa eity, • •
Now York. IRMA Rik. VAJOBEITOCifit C
'N order ITieafol.7l, 7 liltuZibles;QityTo the public
aswoll.ns to themselves. again. fraud wad irripo!
Kan from counterfeiting, the proprietors have mule
change:in the exterior wrapper or table of their Ver.
mifuge. is r [eel engraving of
the most exquilite design and workmainhip, has been ,
introduced at a very great expenac. and ts frona the '
brain of an artistof the finis talent. The design Is new,
and the 'execution elaborate. Several figures and a
portrait ere Most prominent, but the word "Venn:a
rm printed in White letters or a red and finely ,
graved ground, should be particularly examined.--
When held up to the light the letters, shading at the .
letters and every' line, however minute,througinint the
whole of 'hie part or the engraving match as erectly
as it the impression had been • cond:upon one side on
ly, elthough at is setailly printed oh halt} sides of the
pore. Thw should in all cases be observed. A Ia•
bet upon each dome is also printed in red upon bethsi
and should be examined In the game manner.
This prepnran has /met staid the test sata
years trial, and I, confidently recommendedsafe.
zed effectual m•dleine for expelling worms from she
system The unexampled sneers. that las attended
iu adininistratienenevery rise where the patient WWI
really afflicted with worms, certainly renders it wor
thy theattmaton of physician.
The proprieter has glade it a point to ascertain the
result of Ire 'ale in sorb cases as came within hie
knowledge and observation—and' he Invariably found
it to produce the most salutary edects—not unfrequent
ly alter nearly all the ordirfar7 prepamtlone reeolll
mended for worms had been previously resorted to.
withciut any pemanent advantage. Title feet Is at
meted by the certificates and statements of harotrods -- -
of reepectabla Knee, la different pan. of the eO9ll-
try, and should induce families always to keep vial
of the preparation In their poweeiion. n. mild a
in its
operation, and rally be administered with perfect safee
ty no the mo, delicate infant.
The only genuine. prepared by'
Ipte7 Ii A FA IMESTOCIC, Pfttalnirgi
- .
0 rent .IGaigllsh
V°l - 6`l4 l t.N.%"AMlMZ?',o",=orl s .
aboyediackiea r Ls the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF •
LIPP- dtscoeered by the celebrated Itti ehan, Of
Landna,Euriall,i, and introduced into the United &aim
er the Immediate superintendence of the 1.1111111171,
The extraordinary success of this medicine, in the
care of Pulmonary diaerme.. wartnnu the AMOrieltl •
Agent Otani:eking for tresamentthe worn possible ea
ses that can be found in the COSlllMUlity—cuea that seek
relief in vain frtm any, of the C• 01111.11 remedies of tha
day, and barn been rtgoren up by the 61011 t diSupliShed
phyeictanw at confirmed and men:able. Taiffliangatiw
an 113.5 am (firs cowed, and will ...the Inossidavarata
of muses. It is na quack nostrum, buts standartEnri
lish medicine, of known and established efficacy.
F.very.familyin the United Staten should be supplied
with Raehaii's ll.gwarian Ral.nm of Life, not only to
countrotet the eona.mtiye tendencies of Me climate, •
lathe coed as p reventive medicine is all cases o f -
aoldw, enuabw, spitting, of blood, pain In the aide and
cLee, Irritation and soreness of the lugs, brechiti., ./
difficulty of iTellting, hectic fever, night entaciw .
anon and g.ibral debility, asthma, mensal:a, whooping,
.ugh and crimp.
Sald in lams bottles, at SI per bottle, with falidlistoi
fat the ::notation of health-
Pamphleo. containing &Muse! Englishind Amery
oat certifier...ter, • and other ecidence,,showing Lhasa. -
equalled moils of thia great English Remedy, may
obtainedaf *gents. gratuitegaly,_ ,
Far tale by A FALINISTO k Co., earner*
at and Wood and Woad and Gth ats. ingaltawfl
2184 p., atagat
Beaver and' E r a. Express Packet Lisle.:
/La PARKS, Heaver, Proprietor.
rENI'.Z;;AELV"" Pos ZWl ' llrle k rriUl -
PENNSYLVANIA, "JH 1if1a1..14
LAKE ERIE, " M Trolly; -
QUECN CITY, e J MeHally: • •
Forming (laity Line betweett Beaver and Erie, have.
egincinieneed running, and. will COOtill. daring the mo
wn to make their regular trips, leaving Dearer after
the Arrival of the morning boat from Pittsburgh,. (I cot
duck, r. and arrive at Erie in time for passenger.
to take the marningeosts to Buffalo or up the Like.
Tickets throuah to Erie and all Lake ports, ran be
had by npplication to JOHN A CAUGHEY, Agt,
corner of Water and Smithfield tie
ender the, Itt Chariot
e on the m7st - iiipr Wiled
and wont fanhionable Enaseinpatterris andeolore. Also
,Tllblidll:A.P ROLL, or 110SfON BLIND, on band
or made td order of all sizes, and at all price&
,001114 bltichants and others 11 . 0 pnvited to call ial
...nil.: :he above for themselves ,ne all will be told
wiinlnwiti or mini I, and a liberal dednettan Made
anlatv A WE'S Egg:l/ELI,
- 11 l N
0. tot; P. Alorkle, Propnewtho we wilt be °annually
duppoeo wok all the daterent sixes of soperior
wthch we offer et the lowest regoluptices.
fe1,44 comer P[3lll VIII /MIA to
• _
I mroari;RS alto Wholesale Deaers Fitutign and-
Doweatiee Hardwares 'are
aaddlaYi aati " 9 1
Wood et rec. t, Pittsburgh, are now hilly prepared with
a recently imported attack of Ilardwara,Cullery, had.
dtery, Carpenters' Tools, tee., to oder very great la s.
dsceinenis to Western Merchants, a width.= to
the many advantages had by'our piedeeeasors, files- -
ate, Loath •altennedy t ana have greatly inereiwed oar •
facilities, n o n purchase all our goods from firer hands
On the very best tern..
. 'Llielunter members of rho fain devote their whole
, munition io eules, and feeling eonfident of giving sat.
Warmth, respectfolly solicit a call from all Who may'
visa •ts moaner. maid/
tilt: infirersigned oGera for sale a superior aftaela
of brink (or building, made by his Steam Yvette.
unproved nianitme, Mr watch he hes obtabled a patent
and egrets to giye purchasers a whiten guarantee that
they to stranger, and will resist frast and wet mead.
or andonantie lees moisture or dampness than any oth
er line!, pattateStrtg greater body mid seismic . , teztilre
end Math more Muable In. every respect, each brick
being mutual:led to r pressure of several tons, and pos-
Ig'a butolsoirlo smooth mrfaee'eud alert edges,
theyituako a :front equal to the best trout brisk. -
They hate given Me greatest smisfuotioa to all who
have parch med. A kilo tan be seen artily works, tad
speeiliicti elute Musette office. . ,
Those buying supplied themselves their buildings.
&nil halltif-011113 (met brick, or superior 111111
mitt solid paving brick, eta obtain man.' •
, litentibglua. Jane I.l,l•Atb
UOL—Tize nsgttosi pgicelot ciao yair hho
chffereot grades of clean waseed wool, by
royal II LEV, 'Aborty at, opposite +51.1,
have Wts clay asashetato,l
kir with MC /I/ the wholesale Grocery,Prodaeo utt
Coninutsioo Cosiness, 311. John 111 sou, ander the Aral
ul l .ltitLit ISAITs GO, JOHN WATT.
' I c I;1.11 of quint,. Oxide of Tub Pfuele Aketd, Ca
°rate. w Iron W Carbonate of Votult„ Nitrate of
er, tboosuel, , Zo.iac of Lead, Clilortde or Sodkind.
ChWrie Eater, On hand and for sale by ,
s, J. KIDD lc CO: •
far the vett , liberal encoaragomont L
Lime received for so many years, 1 kayo doter-
Atc m enlarge my limanera commierably. flaring
eagaged conmeteut Foreman, I will Oa enabled to
4111.1L0/dem prompdx, and 40 the wort to our .uanat
style and, at fal,prmea, and ask the attention of ['An
ew.. and earzena to my large of UPHOLSTF,
Itt l.uulJe and Iteds, Oliutrawieir and Ifedding,
tarn Niaidriatr,Monaska mad . ktoreeiiii,Cormcda,
%lemma, Tawitla, *pin and !toilet lkindx. and
every ...m em woolly kept man akiablbiliment of the
6./acra Fespecually imlicac, and promptly at
tended le.
N. It.--6n pus made and pal dot: is.
P 1,1, 1,111.1, 111.1,V Et..>, MAO
1111 < ,az<us fluUdlwn, ad IL, w,d. lA. Pan (et..
, Joe Ilmoritnn of Itlinea, or
l'worosertions RIl IlriUlll tcati o ,,
I looc
000 Wee>,
lao Wt. to
4 lire., `.
One vlontit,
Fro 4^
Longer . adverpeementa in a1..,e proportie9,,„
9.? aguare,o menthe, without al' ration,... 10
t:atit arldltionnal rquare for 6
One aquare,6 .outha,rene wnble. ,t pleuerer 00
,C. 64.11inart
, L u.. p I, : u
s. 4 ; 7 0 0
Vo 00
additibrmlequare, month+, .......
wenir..44 at Tlll-R,TCLY ra OLIST
oboipe3ri.3 inrartOne, ........
. esehadditional
eg•BILD ‘• •
liars Ifia,
........ .
" , • " . one year, dai 1:6 Jr.
sm month. " U 0
Ifilr. ll, •
iOr aline., , lion,thae
" .Two.- " 72
Throe, m0k0"...
" " " .Tleroo
50 60
0 n •
~: I Of>
-.• .....
....... 4 IV.