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rritiORNING, - NOV. 13,7:19
Dal?;:fiut=,ner=, 6 .fVZ P r=
.Dollan per imam; the Tri-Weekly Gape maim. P.
arstami, Ws Weekly is Two Deters pet mum, midi
eArresermes are earn ',ref
fuels before II P.m.,
reetlenble.; Adeenieemenue
I old time till breerisblyle r
'mirk ^
lyriegaested to hand in
‘ras early in the day as.
et =tined fora speed
reed until ordered out
Advardiementa add idgoserlptlons to the North AOCI
can and Mite Stateleaxerte, Philadelphia, received
and Gartrazded (= NU otfie,
,r 'urine Nurcs, bx.
,_" TUE/ 1:01kDOIC.
'76 haLig,illiwkly forborne, for some months
beck, d' the' question of obstruction to the
ne-ig n
) of the Ohio River, by the Wheeling
En - uae felt named that it would be ditEctik
to truvlion Persetis. at a distance that a bridge
ninety feet high could be any obstruction to navi
gation, union we could produce evidence of the
ha l . Being assured that such evidence would
be Unruh:Lig Imbibed by the annual fall freshet.,
we quietly. awaited the proper time to speak,
which has now arrived.
'Lad Saundejf, the Piftsburgh and Cincinnati
lise,kcii Aromng 0 I N. l 2, with a large number of
percept's, left our, w hart on 16. feet of water, on
her reviler weekly trip. Oe Tiering at Wheeling,
she Anted 20 feetl water in •the channel ' Sho
rounded to above the bridge, and let herself down
Ey`ropes, item foremost, until her chimneys came
is contact with the 'bridge, showing thou she could
not go under, bye4mifeet. She hauled back, and
gut kr . . ...i la xx.W.P 2 rWil'lier Fetwadc.
thus 10.14LaaTel:a,1 1301 . 1ri time, and injuring the
draft wider her feritace, and subjecting herself to
serious expestses.
On Sunday, anoher of the regular packets, the
Lfslentro, arrived rem Cincinniti, and on making
X trial, anima she aid not. pose under the bridge
by nine feet Th Wheeling people proposed to
i !„,
the captain to imitate the example of the blesse:l
- ger, and ant off her chimney'. Captein Hilnefelter
indignantly refused to mutilate his boat, to pass an
unauthorised' obstruction, and discharged his pas•
&angers and freight below the bridge, and laid up
'his boat.'
, - The Telegraph No., 1; a regular Pittsburgh and
Louisville packet, arrived at Wheeling, on her
trip down, on Sunday, and alter dropping difiam by
a line, until • her chimneys struck the bridge, and
WWII that she could not pass, she lowered her
eifinmeiasnA got through in that way. The Rude
• Newton' the Sunday packet to Cthicinnen, got
through In tine same way.
This matter of lowering chimneys is one of no
small didle.ulty, and requires ample preparation
and debug' yes, and Is alway s attended wi th
more or i . less d anger. In a storm ii cannot be done 1
bleuet all, and ats even with such preparation will
always be li le to detention Gam that cease. ,
4A twat p ing op or down can Dever tell by the
eye, from th deck of the boat, whether they can
pass the bridge or not, without going ashore to
aacertain the height of the water, or approaching
the bridge 4ufacielitly near to melee the expert.
meet. Cording up, this can be ione without much
danger, but' thing down, the boat hos to be round
ed to, and dropped down slowly by a warp, the
earrent•running so swift as to render the experi
ment quite hazardous.
It is now proved, beyond all qnestio n, that the
Wheeling Aids; in a, common boating stage oi
water, Is an obstruction to the navigation of the
Ohio river,. of a very serious and oppressive
character. ;It is seen that the regular packets,
between this City and ; Cincirtnati and Louievllle,
an compelled to resort to troublesome, dangerous,.
• and expensive maths to peas the obstruction,
thus causing a delay in their, voyage of A shorter
or longer time, se.cordieg to the state . of the
'lf it iv:dejected that the chimneys ore to high,
'faddist shorter ones would answer th e par .-.
we reply, • that the chimneys of the height used
were adopted before the bridge was bui t, and
. i r
•• without any reference to it; that the height boson
is the remit of years of experience, showi g that
such an altitude is necessary to inseam tb great
er amount of draft, and the consequent peedy
and regular production of steam. Neith is it
possible for nay boat to ;tell at whet height to
make her; chimneys', as the river is liable ie rise,
at short Intervals, from ten to thirty fee The
• bridge moat, therefore, forever remain an °ozone ,
' tbm to the navigation, unless it is removed, or
raised at least twenty feet higher.
It now becomes a question of serious moment
with the 'merchants, transporters, river men, and
business men of Pittsburgh, and, in fact of the
whole people of Pennsylvmia, whether they will
quietly consent to permit ouch an obstruction to
remain to the free navigation of the Ohio river.—
That there ion Asgrant obstruction, no person can
deny, and tkid-it will prove a serious detriment to
Pittsburgh end Pennsylvania interests, is equally
Olean The value of the public works of the
State, on which she has spent millions of dollars,
and the stook of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which
is now In proms& of rapid conatrection, are mates
stilly affected by this obstruction. if not resisted
Armly. with resolute perseverance, now, the Wee
• - ry will be irremediable. ,
There is another aspect of die question °f _en'.
tel moment. Admit the legality of the Wheeling
Bridge, and where can any limit be placed to sim•
tar obvtructionif Already are Steubenville, Cie.
Monad, Louisville, and St. Louis talking of sus
pension Bridges. All the navigable western wa
ters, except the head of the Ohio, are without the
I jurisdiction of Pennsylvania. If one State can
bridge the Ohio with impunity, others may, and
there will finally cm uo limit to the obstructions
to Pennsvfvania commerce, in the greatest extent
• of Inland navigation the world con furnish, and
ilt' '. which is hero by every. right established by justice
• and ulna . • ,
TEr.Waxermni BUDDY—Tx. Woman° Basks.
1 —The Wheeling Bridge having been erected in
violation of ho charter, which expressly providea
i that it shall be constructed nt such an altitude as
... I not to 'obstruct the navigation, each stockholder is
' made individually liable for damagu, not merely
; to the 6/11013tO of his stock, but to the whole
amount of his property. Every boat which hes
lately bean obstructed, and which will be in future,
'Wu understaod, will inatitate snits for damages,
:nil in sonic eases they will be exceedingly heavy.
The largest stockholders ore the Banta of
Wheeling. Thew inetitations, it is said, have fur•
s owiti4this principal part of the eapilal; lending the
city ttniXisearat to pay up as stock, as wall al pip
.log out 000,000 on their own account. Such n
imp abstraction of capital, which will pay hot
groan dividends, together with the constant liability
.. ,of heavy damages, and of the Loss of the whole
;,capital, mist place those DOODUDODSDy no very
flattering elate.
We 'lnd.:nits - and that the high rale of tolls which
• the Directors have deemed it necessary to eraah
lish, has sukti'pd great dissatisfaction, and that the
peopled op. who TOOL that city, instead of using
thießridipaerepair to the upper and lower ferries,
i s
DM been ' of which has greatly increased since
the Bti wairfinislied, and the Zane Ferry din.
, . lastita for damages wall be entered, and 'lgor.
.1111111 f meeented, both
. in the 'Virginia and Peso.
,:y2itatoutts, end that every stockholder will be
Individually reapoasible, we learn from a le
pi gentleman who has been employed to attend to
the burmeas. The Banks will; doubtless be thus
. Midi to shell out some of their eurplue profits.—
. Tyne will show.
' VA:tweeld respectfully call the attention of this
presses of Philadelphia, and the business men of
that city, lathe importance of using their exertions
prevent the obstruction of the Ohio river, by
the Wheeling Bridge, from becoming permanent!
are nearly ata deeply latemeted as Unsay.
The Video of their raupendorus improvement, the -
Oentiq Ball Road will be much affected, if this
runeatilin isnot alartcd. The people' f Wheeling
hero been very busy, by writing letterafor
One, and otherwise,•to enlist public opinion in their
.f altar. and we have 'regretted to tee that the good
nature - of some err= brethren of the press in Phil-
adelphiatois been Imposed upon.' From the Bets
gtve today, they will set timt, they, have not
viewed this matter In its true mined. They will
~jjapomegyki the Wheelitig Bridge, et the very
• . A irmennion - ment of our fah nairigttihin, has Roved;
obiruedoa era very injurioo
Taxa on awe Macao Wow.—
Asuaruct . or tolls received from Pub.
ho W,orks, at" the &ate Treasury
arp Eu Ist last - 81,368,416 60
Pat the same period last yes r 1,321,002 41
Ganti■ Lao's 13oot, for Deaernher, bringing to
a .hose volume thirty nine, in already o 0 our
table., It is n splendid number, containing 100
Pips of matter, 24 engravings, and 40 contribu
tor. Beat this who can. Gooey understands
business. Re makes his last number so ammo
!lse, and makes such lirge promises For the new
volltme=whieh promises are always redeemed
—that sescribeni are irresistibly compelled to
continue their patronage: Some of the engrav
ings numbir are remarkably. One, one of
them the portrait of Mrs. Alice B. Neal.
Tem Porcurion or CLEvni-sita, according to
a Census just taken, is 17,000, Ohio City 4,000
tOtal in both, 21,000. The increase for the past nine
years, is es follows:
In 151 0 too population was
u 104,
•` ISIS 14,23 t
1519 11,000
According to this ratio, the popolatioa of Cleve
land within three years, will be 23,000.
TILIMPOIVINO Dar.—The fallowing statea have
fined upon the 29th of November, as a day of
Pub Lie Prayer and Thanksgtving—Peonsylvarna,
New York, Massachusetts, M aine, Vermont, Rhode
Island, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina,
and Ohio—ton mate. Florida had her Thula..
givistion the let inst., and New Hampshire has
tlllr'li on the 15th.
Liama.m. Tuna TO •Jsrn: LLID.—The Philadel
phia Inquirer litalts that Mr. Barnum, of that city,
has made the most tempting and *end offers to
the Swedish Nightingale. tie is endeavoring to
memo her services for tWo hundred nights, and is
willing to make a deposit of $50,060 in London,
fur the faithful discharge of his part of the engage
ment- Jenny will scarcely be able to resist the
terms proposed. They amoaut,'iu fact, to a for
Saxto rat Gnian—The CtAmbeylend Civi
is that there exists is the vicinity of that pt
inexhnoatible oupply of sand, for the mann
are of glaia, that is not surpassed, in every e
Ind quality, by my to be toned in the U. States.—
The feet has been tested and proved. It is exceed
witty eau= in this country.
SIINCICHAMIA. Balm Fatmix—Lettere tract
Montrose, Pe, state that T. P. S. John had bee
arrested there, and committed to prison, charge
with the most etupendous freude, iu -coonecuo
with the Busquehimna County Bank, of which h
was Cmluer. The Committee appointed to inre
tipte its affairs, report that there are now ut
et:dation, notes amounting to upwards of two hun
dred thousand dollar., whereas, the otu•bter had
given the most positive assurriocee that the whole
amount in circulation was only forty flue thousand
dollars, and that every dollar should be redeemed
within two weeks. The committee say, that there
never was amore stupendoun fraud comumued to
the whole history of bank swindling. All the
able funds found in the bank, was under $25. The
Cashier was escorted to prison by a large crowd,
who blowed their tin bouts, beat their tin pane,
yelled, shouted, hurrahed, bre , and when the prinon
door closed upon the wretch with a crash, the
crowd shouted, '.Book closed," and gave namer•
one trumendouscheens. Be continued in jail 'up
to the 6th.. Bail in wow is required. The State
Bank at Morris, N. J., waamanaged by the same
Wall street clique, and as its capital stock was paid
in with Susquehanna county beak notes, the fail
ure of both concerns were of course eimultnnecier
We commendthelowing letter, Irem a corms .
pendent of the Lonios Mara, to the priest editor
ache "Pittsburgh Catholic." He Will see, from that
tory testimony, that the disorders and assassina
tions which mere Wady alleged to caret under the
Republican Government era a stern reality under
the paternal rule of the Holy Father and Me Tri
mnsirate of Cardinals:
IFrom the Time: correspender
Rome, Oct. 4, IMP.
I am very sorry to find that our wont mumps
Lions relative to Papal affairs have - been realised
and that the.atale of Rome sink at heart,
tempter not how ay remedy can he provided.—
Much was hoped from the Maifeato of the Holy
Father, and the amnesty, about which I wrote as
length in my law letters Goat Naples s but that,
everything 'else which proceeds hum the Celes
tine at Portici, hes completely faile . ..l. treed
was ridiculed in open day, and thew:Minty, which
pardoned only those who had committed no 01-
fence, was heartily laughed at. It was said at Na
ples, in well informed quarters, that at length
Austria had consented to act in concert with
Prance is Roman affairs, but as yet I see n 3
marks of that united action. France alone has to
support alt the annoyance of the most perplexing
postion that could be devised, whilst Austria hides
her time, and is perfect mistress of the game.-
1 can understand that the Cabinet of Vienna, hav
ing its hands full of more important home titans,
could not find time -to attend to those of Rome,
and perhaps it was not a lode glad to find that
Vance was paying the penalty of bee dl timed sin
gle hooded intervention; hot Austria should nu
longer trifle with a situation that to hourly growl.
Worse; and she must elect between the downfall of
the Papacy. a continued French mtbuiry occupation
of Horne, or a conjoint action with the Government
of the Republic. The President's letter. however
indiscreet It may have been, represents the opinion
of the whole French nation, and the consequences
tothe peace of Europe may be sena., if the tell
love of the most sensative people in thAworld be
gill more wounded. France is safe on every oth
er ground, even that of interest; hat .1 Revise no
man to touch the national pride, unless he ha,
strength enough to resist a people of 30,000,0011.
•1 know that the Camarilla plays with France. and
relies alone on Austria, hot it is not the interest of
Austria to encourage that delusion any longer, anti
the time has o r when she must act openly and
in good faith, or prepare
for another campaign on
the Mintier and the Adage.
Rome is almost without defence against robbers
and assasains. Not day passes without Some
home being broken into and plundered, and limas
sinuatioos are so multiplied that a more: stringent
order has Jost come out, denouncing the severest
penalties on all who 110 not give up their knives
and dagger,. .The Coridineri, and other police
corps, whose service. the French availed them
selves of, have been broken up, under the pretext
of reorganisation. by the Cardinals and there is ab
solutely not sufficient number now on duty to
perform the ordinary I:auctions of a town pnlice.
The funds elloted in former times for the employ-
Meat of spies, and what we calla detective force.
have been mimed; aci that, :though open acts of
violence are prevented by the French military oc.•
enpation, there to 00 protection againet private
robbery.—The most audacious acts ofepoilabon are
committed In open day; and, as the shopkeepers
and respectable citizens have given •up their arms,
Whilst the outcasts of society have concealed theirs,
no one has the means of defending himself. even
within the precincts of his own house. But whit!
if bad in Rome, is trill worse in the country, and
.if matters - go oo in their present train the ancieni
Roman brigandage will be revived. A notary wa•
carried oftfrom Velleui into the mouetains the
- other day, and became his family could not rank,
up an immediate ransom of 15 000 scudi, be w.c
stabbed to death, sod leis body lett on the highway
and a large number of . troops have beenutarehc,
against the village of Compatri, new Frascati,
bring to order the inhabitants, who took advantage
of thillialtite of things to pergatill themselves of a:
the corporation lands. In fact, things are in th,
worts possible elate la this neighborhood; and th,
presses:l for the winter is most discoureaufa, on les
as I said before, Austria enables France to rent
matters in a comfortable manner.
Blow York Electron
The New York papers, of Friday morning,
dew it revert! eolomos to the returns of the
tion, as tar as heard from, and epermiationa
the probable result.
The Courier and Enquirer nays: •
l`The contest has evidently been close, and the
retells may not be known for several days
"A dispatch from Albany says that the Senate is
Whig, but the Assembly Dementia, sod that the
e .mocratic coalition has cairied one ball of the
S . of6cers.
The renters formed their ticket of one half
or • and one half democrats, and it seems they
he d the balancoof power. They have thus split the
t • eta of the other parties and elected their entire
•- et."
I , he Tribune gives returns from ell the cou
the State, except three, cud foot op theirtabl
Whig 10,210
Democratic 14,197
Whig majority
The three counties still to be heard from are OF
Delaware, add Cataragus—Owego is expect
. togive 20 V7hi
0 g majonty, and Catiraugus
Democratic majority. Delaware county bas
I ea a large majority for the anti reatticket,
d of both Whig and Democrats."
11. ith regard to the Legislature, the Courier sets
w,n the Senate at 17 Whigs and 15 Democrats;
d the Atusembly ts put down at 513 Whigs, 46
mount,. and 48 doubtfuL
ale fop= Enzamart.—The Newark Daily dd
rthlereyeathetellevragam the remit of the clew.
,rdrelltat ttestwore, in that State:
emari . seis Ur members, of which
. bane tat,joat a majority. to the hope ci 58
Ater% the whip barn 33, Melodies the Passaic
I mblymen; who were elected on Upon tickets.
'a Wag in -
which s member, and the other saci
be • wing— gives a majority of 9 CU johat
Whitt majority on joint ballot last year was
Tijp:s iA sia ftsol• — •Bous ° 911
Correrpondence of the Pittsburgh Gazette_
Ncw Yolk.; Nov.S, 1619.
As was predicted, so it hoe come to pass New
York City has ;oven staple endorsement of her
tanner professions of adehty to Genera: Taylor
and his administration, by electing an immense
majority of eft the candidates, proposed by the
Whigs on Tuesday. We have the Common Coon
cif strong, the Judges, Assessors, Schaal Com:
mittees—indeed, every thing that could be wish.
ed. We have elected most of the Assembly men,
and have kept the State Whig. The locolocas
I are at their wits' ends, for the sinews at election.
ecnog warfare arc sinpped trom them for another
year, leaving AI without their strongeat bond
of union, tge cohtsive power of public plan-
It is stated, upon good authority, that Mr. Mee
dith's report upon the finances has been read.
o the CAinet, nod npproved tufty q and that it to
. e of the moat ab;e paper" that low ever emitte
d from that department, though Sir Robert Walk
r is bat newly gone tram our minds. lie will
- =cod specific duties no being moat advents
cone to the manufscturer, the farmer, and the
dam treasury.
The Epweopaltans ate just pow regretting the
leas of one of their ablest clergymen, the Rev.
Dr. Forbes, of St. Latlitt's Church, who has re
nounced the Protestant faith, and joined the Ro
man Cathohe Church. no disunguished a' con
vert may well cause remark and deep regret.
- Another sea steamer has been unuttered for
tho California trade, the popular propeller, Sarah
Sands. She leaves on the Ist of December, and
will have a summer passage, offering a good
chance for, emigrants. We have the. Panama,
Oregon, California, Tennessee, Unicorn,
and Sa
rah Sands, a alertalertas goad as can be put afloat
any where. The Sarah Sands runs in connection
with ]. Howard A; Sonia ships, Crescent City and
Empire City.
Contracts have been signed for the leases at
niece of the houses 'adjoining 'Ranker's Mansion
Howe," and, next spring, nearly tho whole of
the west ride of Broadway will be in ruins, South
of Trinity Church, nod Boni their ashes will rise
the most elegant practice in the world. It has
come to be a common ra here to use a 'steam
engine in butldtng, even a small house, and a
house ,disappears and reappears, under the power
of stcan4.with the rapidity uf mastic.
• The skinner, of yesterday, for Europe, took an
coin, arid : 'imly a moderate amount el bills, which
are du11,01.0, for first class names Coin cons
mums sto)imemoulate, and the money market Is
quite obleiblltiut boa ever been know°. First clan
paper,,6o 111tinie, goes at sin per' cella; loans,
on Call:A* per coat.. and doubtful names at
eight total** , The American Exchange Bank
ruermallsidgreas.e its capital half a million, and
othergyhditiffiernitar expanttlas In prospatitta. It
seemaNteiliej:frmseitte teat the mining wteter eau
pass watamt i some kind of a bubble, fur all the
maierialiare ripe.
The residue at the Pormdtte-e exile, from Mar
anima, about one handfed and twenty to number,
(tarty of warm) are la plc., ea years of age,)
take the steads boat, for Albany, ants solemn!, on
their way to Coinage. sea ru Mel purpose remain.
tag her the Keret:, hut. ii eau lro sattsfactonly aa
ccrtaottral wactt.or previareo can he made
:or them at Sprtnafiele. Jackson, and Waverly
1111 where the arta detachment are to be located.
They aim the :Mead route, spending the first Sob!
bath in Swinko. Several of the young men hav
ing el/tamed luerative l:whom. in New York, as
mechanics, prefer to rental° here. A few others
are damned by dine,.
Ashes are sl3,sunriS7 for Pots and Pearls.
GAtoa—Tne market to dull, and price are Yin
favor of the buyer. •
Flour—The market is hermit. but the rates are
he wane, wan sales of 78110 barrel, Pure Cen
se its quotedat Southern
'hoes $5,2116.55,:i0. Rye Flour is without
Grain-1n Wheat there were sales of 1000
bushel, Generee, et 91,15. Bye IS Mc, deliver
ed. to Cara. no lame, but lamtvr, sales .10 :1000
hoshels, at 611103h11e for mixed, and 659660 lor
yellow. Wt.. 39:610c.
Promaions—la Pork there i• a Mmer feeling,
and holder: demorel 510,00000,621 orl Mess, sod
.55,62/ Mr Pane. Be-f unchanged, and In tali.
millett. Sees of 120 barrels Lard al 61261 e
The latter pace Mr Pmoe. Butter, 10011 e. for
R:ce—Stead7 at $125663,5 6 3 for good to pnroe
pa W rcel.
ht . .lity 27t and '436c, with ell= of 150
tun la heave•. Sales ur Gaitabert,e, to arrive,
S2O, 6 mouth,
3rocerea ut ail aorta nee dull but firm, and the
I trade, to all leads of produce, drawing to n
The chairman selected the !allowing gentlemen:
—Alexander Newell, L. L. 11.1cthiffin, Dr. Dan
iel Leasure, K. N. McCombs. J. M. Keuster, Ao-
For clic rittakurgh Gotten , drew Btle.haltall, Dr. Joseph Pollock, William
To THE Prom us s sus. Ccvn - rax—My dear Dickson, Geo. W. Watson, A. Addlig. •• .
friends, my L i me strice I last addres.ed Joe, has la thee...bream of the committee, the meeting,
been .a m-cupted with the dutien at my station, I ion tnotton of Lot Wattoad was ably addressed
that I have not been all, to codect any very lot- ' by W . p . 13,,,1,,,,,,,,, Enq.
portant matter, for this communication The committee, sal their return, reported through
Being a Juror, yen knew, Rives one very little Alexander Newell the following, which, after
time to devote to aubjectit the: r e gitire deep on , same pleasant and spirited discussion, in whirl,
vestigation and matron:A.:mit i here rre many such,; 34,asra. Emery, Buchanan, Courtney, MeGutrini
connected with the:maniere and 'deuced:hp about • g.eynolds, Lenora and Newell participated,
the Court Haute, W tech have aiready attracted ~,,,,, a d op t e d.
my notice and exede.t my curiosity, and will, in I Waging., The day in which the advocates of *tea,
due I.lole, be at:elided iti and reported for your in- .
~. , .. ..7,., ..r . 7 i r •5 ., 7e c i . ...k i. . 1 7 . . d . a 7 Lt , t id m0ma mp t t5 , ....
formation. A very slight observation toll the hue:- ruble period has arrived, in which expeneneq has
our Court 0: Q....„, Sessions , flo ,„ 0 , r;il n il . triTtije , ra s . a er . l , l . eArect is: , itit n y , o[ t. theye , ag . 1.1 z;
lu s t onvince nip one, that not lean than the whereas, l'enosylunians have bee..e alien to the,,
torte luurtas of oil too cares occupying its alien-
~..%.",,.T,1:',',,*„1„`,‘",;,',"1:,,1,Tei,'1".:ir o'dura,t2.l:Tti.,"ou;.
tiou have this origin in the system of granting h., northern neighbors on the Lakes; and lirb•T•li, • lilk
cetees to rem , m of the drunkard's drink; and in jr,',1,27T.::,,,r,r‘f0k.„7,,,rr„rt, b,,i0n''..f.L'.1',..1:!,:u7,..„"(
this matter; the Court is no doubt somewhat to rhe,r;=...t.tisacvh.7,l,byorpo.f.tirgle6t4shheonii,e.wiittivc,:i.
blame, and perLapa you youraelvt , are not much ert mineral fields of the State—thence through New
1•6560. lii,• Oltela do you, in a spint of accommo- Rai Caliii o zil,eeLl . w . i , th .,, thr :,, trine
t er:
. I . i . e v n , n;v Iva in.
dation, to which your moral move el right drool and being folly satisfiedtiat . n . will hetia "n inT
willingly rubs..inloc, lend your mama, and thus of i i f l::.i . e !l i e , i d tri u s . ile , i .. e d•• w . e . tiLe , :re u , , from +llOl 11 0 1 ,ab4. o .n.i .
course your influence, to procure for your neigh - and their operations, that tousles. awn in every guar
bed a kgal right to make drunkards of your own
j :L ro .. i
, th on e= c niry
i c , a h r:no ,, ll ,.. ok , e law deep an Ime rest 111
sons, fur aught you know. It is quote common to leri; , :i lend, in 'Ext we look , upon the `Pittsburgh and
hear mimplainers tooting all tea blame on the ,gi E ssible fa-thty :11o *n eld m IF: " e ' ittetZle o i r i k il ' a ‘ 11;rt ' t.:7•...7e
Court, whiiet in every case of application for L. I l
eas i ti l l a e , : , h e e w m e, to
, l , c a a:ry it on to compl r stiorn as it
en e, twelve men, whom the low require. to be . tar „ .„ wall .":„, Ll'r:Ti r „ ^ L a f, t o ri o
n t i r:rts .„ :. ‘, d ,
respaardk, and whom the Court, until the contra- i it shall Paw.
Resolved, That we will give this eatarprisX our
ti la made to appear, is hoped to presume be so. I most hearty sapport
have prayed the court to grant it. 'I know indeed i
. „,, Il u zii . i i v , eL i Th o. at b ut . h . r. , <l , i t hig: ., e .. f . t
r /nurnal and J . a , . ,
that Mote petitions are generally signed . by men ' others favorable to the extenwon of Rail pp ,and
who have very small claims to respects - 149y , but !Igt:.:lerl„.A.L.Zlpth,o
, freitoing Pmcceditigca place in
how often hal, any of you take/ any measures to ' Resolved, That the proceedings be signed by the of.
apprise thy court of that fact. Why, I have learnt I her"' and the of
the d° . Julies courtAttba. T. WHlPPO,.Prealdent
that a remstrance, against such applicators is a aR. W CCM:IO.X. L
ht. Carom. Bah . I
—c l '
thing almost unknown in the records of the court. 1
In many cases the court knowing the Fiteurottan
CON rebate TO grant the application, and in others
which they think of doubtful propriety adopt the
name course,—then the petition is taken up from the
Clerks olden by acme Attorney. who inn his tee,
Ces has received ab..tit the amount of the pronto
on the 'retell of is keg of ier turkey. The cam is
by him 1114111 e to appear In a new light — L..l , re
can do wonders, a nd it ie reconsideled and grant
ed. Huudreda ol such proceeding+ take place,
(or one cane of n remonitrance barred by teepee
tido° acmes and good counhel. There Is perhaps
no one Diesel more eornplrnely Within the power of
the people, for the reduction of our onerous
may expenditures, than a tiwo,cunceried, united,
resistance to pox-wiling in oil Or abominable formaa
and essociWtons, end I. i n
happy to know L
ouch a cuurw they will find a hearty ce.operction
by the court.
I ate afrsid he begin to give you anykhing like
an account rot the hind of came lli sot Wrid.utoe the
time and occupy toe attention tot the von rt, a di.-
eription 01 many of them would be bolls ndelicale
and dirguating, and I ant pained to sec uch pan
dering to the nairind, deprared appal cal hun
dreds—ale-ion: thuttaandii, who daily il mug the
gallenea, to hear witise.wen detailing ca. 4 and ell'
eutustannee CODBCCI,I watt pr:wieutio a. having
their origin tu the lowest; be.e.t, and m at beastly
passions of the nowt degraded truniana . Aud 11
I indeed a deplorable evidence of th • state al
public moral, to observe thai the vile t can, i•
their time of tieing up is known, alwd •••• mil,
the fulleat hooka. If l tin rightly lot mina, .ae
court nm power to exclude the mud: nee at its
'demure, and if to I know a would gi pleasure
to many good citizens to nee at frequenil atoned,
far such things can have on other man a cleroural
icing effect upon the, youth, especially, who hear
it. You would be pleased to a-e the eo dencev, of
talent, and germs of lonise greatness ' I the pro-
(carton winch is daily exhicited, hero by y nuns
Lawyers—Kne of them mooa oo f t, g rit Attor•
nein wbuee names are not yet Inson d high on
the roll of lame, but of whoot many wi I vet climb
tip. The one circernstance which adoulitedly
will operrre against thensharebs, that I . o your tar.
nips in the patch, sometimes they am too thick to
thnve,enehunued and Sim fivemta a I elf lawyer
I would supper: was more than is iudis rensibly ne
cessnry for the business of this county. But that's
their own concern. I
I have written you a larger letter (bolt I had In.
tended, when I commenced, and rand de by ex
earring a hope that before the Cour close. its
session, I shell
useful a
to make ycelf more
Intereating and useful as a correspond nt. Truly
Y' rt ' sburgh, Nov. 9th, ISI9.
To the Editor of the - Patasurgls Ga is.
MY. WRITS. Permit me to suggest, hrough the
columns of your valuable paper, tit immoral R.
A. Cunningham, Eigl., of the Sixth aril, as a
suitable candidate for tho office of Mayor of the
city of Pittsburgh. Mr. Couniagleamhas render.
ed good service , in 'the City Chneeit, as his votes
in that body have ahown the correctness of his
judgmeol, ia almost every occasion. He is • good
Whig, nod possesses, in a high ileYree, the awes.
wary qa•lifiettlons to • faithful dischorge of the de.
ties of that office—he is honest, tcmperale,'Ond co;
pahle—of irreproachable character. gentlemanly in
His manners, a mind well stored withlnowodge, .
his nomination by the Whig City Convencoo,
would be hailed with genairm graufiestion by a
large portion of this moral and reheat:a citizens of
all parties, and would math in his eleetion by pa
I grorwaelauog majority. I. 8r
• •
For dr
at ,
Ma. Warn—The follo 'lig anecdote, related,
to me by the late Sheriff, MM. Forsyth, 1. think de
serves publicity, and roarg rhaps, be made use
ful, as' new method of qu Iling,a riot
Same time in the course i the past year, he was
called upon to exercise his authority for the sup
pression of a large, dis h derly meeting, some
where in the suburbs of city, and he stated
that at the time of his iart al, there was every
manifestation of an immediate and violent out
break, and whilst he was deliberMing about his
course of duty in the premises, ho was approach
ed by the Rev. Kirkland, who acted so conspici
nos a part in the late trials in our court, with a re
quest that ha would let him try the effimey of
prayer on the excited passions of the throng.
The Sheriff replied that he doubted much the
success of such an expedient, but teat he won
welcome to make the experiment. lie immedi
ately assumed a station, a little elevated above the
multitude, and poured forth, apparently from the
fullness of a Christian spirit, a prayer most enure
' priate to the occasion. immediately after he cute
menced,tbove around him became calm, some o
' them very reverently took off their •hats—end
when, at the conclusion, he raised his hand, nod,
in the most solemn manoer,pronJunced the berm
diction with which congregations are usually dot
mimed, the mob dispersed as quietly as a comae
gation retiring from Church, leaving the Sheriff r.
. further necessity for the airmen of his authority
Yours, dec., 1. S.
Pittsburgh, Nov. 12,1819.
In a letter from Governor Ramsey, M• friend In
Lebanon County, we find information which will
be of advantage, perhaps, to some of our readers,
and which gives an Idea of the resources and pros•
poets of the new territory that can be totted on.—
If any at our young men think of "seeking their
fortunes" in, the Great West, we would advise
them, by all means, to give consideration to Min-
Sr. Rua., khanisTra s /
Sept. 19, 1549. 5
• • • • In alma' ev
ery industrial pursuit, as Farmers, Mechanics,
Merchants, dcc., Pennsylvanians would be at
home here, (rota their high clienteles for integrity,
would, lam sure, soon place themselves to com
fortable positions. The great charactenattc_of
this °miry,. and one that I sot satisfied will insure
its rapid settlement, is this: that while the soil m as
fertile as any in the valley of the:Mississippi, it is
as healthy on the mountain regions pt Pennsylva
nia. We have no levee and ague here. In emi-
grating from Pennsylvania to you would
have to anticipate nufferings far two or three years, ,
from fever and nave, until you become acclimated;
here there is nothing of that hind to be geared.—
Here all hinds of farm produce command higher
prices than to Penneylvaritir, and this will long
continue to he the case, an tho military rims and
Indian agencies, nineties and the fur trade will
ever continue to give us a good home market, and
the Mississippi opens a highway for the outlet of
use surplus produce.
Of all oilier people 1 shall he most happy to are
Perinsylvantana among us. There are now a large
number time. 1 shalt feel myself more at bone
when they settle among us, and I know that in
them the territory will have on beat and most reh
ble population.
By all means advise your friends and mine to
pay use visa, and see foribemselves; if they do so,
I have no doubt they will remain.
Itemember me to my Lebanon County friends,
for whom I shall ever cherish the wartnest.teel
. mg.
Very truly, youn ace.
Mr. John Me!ley, Jonestown, Lebanon County
In purist:mace al public notice, a large and res
pectable meeting of the CIIIStI26 of New Castle and
vininity, met at the "Bell School House," on
Saturday evening, 3d inst.
Dr. Cbarles T. Whippo, civil engineer, was
called to lb. chair, Joseph Emery,John Reynolds,
Joseph Kisaick, R. H. Peebles, Thomas Pallet
limes Dickson, A. 4 Crawford, W. 11. Reynold.,
W. Book, Ruben CocErnue, Josiah White, David
Sankey, J. McDowell, Samuel Riddle and
Euwer, Esq, Vice Presidents; R. W. Cunning
ham and David M. Courtney, Enquires, Stx-re-
On m. 0., of Alexander Ne . 4rell, EN., • co.
mitten of ten were appotnted to draft a preamble
and resole:loos rtpresesve of the sense of tie
ligrorts. Inscovaay.—Tine Curse. I.stroesca
- "We find in the supplement to the New York Tnbune,
of Wednesday, an admirable and interesting report no
the structure of the Chinese system of stinting, read
before the Ethnological Society, on Tuesday evening
li i s folly tliumrated, and Is a most intelligible espia
-1 nation of the symbolic Chinese character.. The ..
thou is Y. V. Andrews, F.. ~:the phonetic teacher and
wnter. The Journal of Commerce says:
ii. Mr. Andrews illustrated that newly tho whole 01
tin e h m o s omey elmeactem of the Chloese lenge. ,
are not only idiorrsphie, bat that the story they tell by
picture. of the meaning of the worda they reprewfit.
I. an pima, that ww, after the lapse of nest four they.,
sand years front their Invention, it can be read wit n.
deratomi This him been supposed oat to be the rase.
1 or in be so only to a veer alight ettenn , and the learn.
ed wool has had in consent to the task of ',meat.
Chine. language. if at all, at Immense labor, at a
huge agglomeration of arbitrary signs or characters
i.Alr AII.IICI/IG elniow to have
n inedered dam this
;mermen) , oend ion . sisi, bst that sy and delight
fu/ coin. el CV , , . it tracing nut the pietoriel tn..
tranon. nt though . , as devised by the ancient pope].
non of Coma, ...ilk eonsdtute a - short cot" to the ar.
quisitlon of that wsnderful language. If due be so,
the importuner ni .be discovery eon hardly be over
estimated. The rdotioneries abroad have never mrt
with so ciiirourassug an abet.. any where,. the otb.
most enticutisrahle nature of the Chines< 4144.4 ,
The commeretal world is also coming into close con
nection with China, aid with the progress of another
century the wain - mutt bewail lanaineht and pres.n.g
for woo , more practicable way of establishing the to.
1, mot,. , , •
and between that Immense hive of the
• ..o in • . :iy stl•the rester mankind, ,
••3,1r Asoltoves stated that ma the 0,bg,,,,,,,,
Chinese languag
mooti ,amounting. about kU,UOO, are made
up by ng:den oat of only • few m ore th e i r
thousand. whteb he deitonnnated the eletneriMtY char
cete. of the language, and that hence to usidermand
, writ these elementary characters, as to be familiar
won all the =medal of the whole system. lie waled
o en h p W ee already guile Certain of Me pl h rimsttve
ertnholm omnifiennoe ot the mem, pen o r
meotury motormen, and to deeronstrate that he was
so, he wlmq-d • wagle symbol, the t ea, pi tare of
tree, awl traced It throughout all the olcateld•ry char
y. or one eighth the whole, got
A n er.. In which it appears, ...mar to no less tha
e ' t h hrr a ta n b d ltt e m n a d tte °" ogniftention of earh.”
Corteopoudepce of the Baltimore Sim.
Wasamorrou, Nov: 9
Positron of Mr. Clay—Free Sol .Senatorr—Mr.
Clay'o power so rho 'Jana—Fusesels &kazoo—
Gummy—lnfernal Impr.einents, V.
The potation of Mr. Clay to the Senate ie higher
and more fortunate, and will commune more re
: apect and Interest, at this time, then even II he
were in the White Hosea. From the democratic
'patty he will, I doubt out receive 'every consider
ation due to bra character as et statesman and
patriot, 'chow VieWS are elevated above the stand
ard of personal interest and mere party coonellom.
The whip will, of comae, hail his return. to the
national councils aa in avant auspiciowt fir the
prospenty wad honor of the country. The free
roil and tab slavery party, who will be beaded in
the Senate by Bach able men as Mr. Seward and
Mr. Chase, will be restrained by hi• prudence from
soy extrawg•nce, gad If the extreme Southern
parry, so represented by Mr, Calhoun, •hold re
sist the Incorporation of California unto the Union
‘Xnar h ',.`,ll7.7blZio"rut,t",o"rgETlrr:tl'
their oppostiou to that measure, as at least, to to
coneilo it with the continuance of the Union, even
though s free State may alt on the Pacific thorn
Mr. Clay can be eloquent and gain et mastery aver
the ,Senate without making .I,n, or s( treat
iqweetici-4 look, ii glance, will often enable him
to carry his point. . 1
ei• to our foreign again, soon likely to become
complicated and perplexing, in consequence artily
great changes lately wrought in the commercJal
and political relanons ch mnionn, Mr. Clay tithe
WO awn In the muses mks* wipe will be lish.
ete.7l to at this time. The emirate's of other trate,
men would be renefved with indifference, for they
would be awayed by prejudice, by party, perxinal
or teatime) interest. It will L. rat:tying to have
a word or two of common scumsand practical .
wisdom Iron thin veteran statearnan, after all the
dirauttitig braggadocia and twaddle that has twee
lulbeted up in us, daily, by the pres>er and wmera
natiumitig t • represent the administrauon, ou the
Ntcaragua other questitns of foreign policy—
It will he an event, too, to hear from oat: who wan
an early expitnent of the principles of the Monroe
thtslttrattott. anti sought to carry them oat, as httte
rotary of Sale with Mr. Adams, a just nod ration
' al, and practical view of their beanug and 0.1.;•ii
As to the currency, I do not suppose that Mr.
Clay will, at once, briar forward any new scheme,
not render euy very decided support to any scheme
which ha. been of late sugs.reted. He proposed
Banks when the people caned for them; and, as he
once declared, he will not 00p0be mother until
the sense of the people shall ho, re here/alai.,
nudeoted in their favor.
It in undevotood that the labor of maturing h
borne for the niteration of the Twit]; is to he left
the Hon.!, where it properly belongs, nod in
hie/ body no a revenue tocaoute, it most coast..
inininally one:in:or.
Hut, as to internal improvements, Mr. Clay will
be tree to act, and I hove no doubt that he will be
ono of the inept zealous and efficient, as well as to
and discriminating, authors and support
ers, it a bystent, adopted to the present add future
wants of the country, nod the means of the courts
try. In fact Mr. Clay corner here, in renovated
health. and commanding universal confidence, and
capable of rendering to the country great service,
at a lime when his services are moat needed.
Corrattpoodettee of the tialutnore Patriot ,
Wk.::lay" Nov. 6,1819.
The appointment of John W. Forrally, of Penn
splvatia, to the office of Sixth Auditor, is a most
judicious one, sod wooer fail to give very general
Mr. Family seas a member of the lent Congrest
—a Werllng, modest, firm, able, pipoinr member.
No man ever earned, in a single Congrcts, a more
enviable hunt than he did. He wan beloved by
many, and respected and esteemed Ms
habits of Industry. tes clear intellect. and his mods
eat, courtenut hearing, won upon the gets feelings I
of all who came in contact with him. That he
Will Make rue of the very hots Auditors that ever
served the Goventinent there cannot be a shade
Of doubt.
The appointment of Gabriel W. Long ; oiri l lnboma 1
to be an Indian Agentt in place of A. M. M. Up- •
thaw. one of thr lath Presidern'a pectinan pets
shows • that Alabama. which nioiimt came up n
Taylor State, in not altogether overlooked by
the Administration. It is gone yonsibit• that the
estimable and accomplished Henry W. Hilliard, .1
' that State. by and by, receive the appoint.
• mind of NI inciter to Berlin. Lino liecer could rep
resent our country at that renowned rent in learn
ing And who is tune In for or deserving of the
Bow the L•ortifoco aspirants fur the Speakerchip
01 the neat I louse et Representatives teulticly—
Tbey'are more numerate , than were the Ittch
mood. beiiire the dintempered to
of 1
ILEAu; r s o ceilier will sell, on the premises,_ Itelis•il, ea the fatal hello Already does Copper MM. for Hale.
Mr. Bowen of Georgia, see below his eyes, T
AP Jo coiorn rivals Messrs. Noy,!. 01 Kentucky,
gayly, of Virginia, Bobber , of Scum Carolina, CoPPUR MINK In North America, the Ore yielding
Mcleque, of Maryland. Disc ,y, 01 Ohio, .nit per rent. f hare em po.session me Assays of Pro.
of Pennsylvania, NI i•Cie Gland, of Illinois, and fasnor Duesdal. Dr. I/caute r ised the Slate Geologist of, of tlonneeccut. New York, and others. Tbere la also Zinn and Mag
netic Iron ote, Ac. Terras made known ou rba da
I tee stated that Mr. _C4lih has denied hairs of ,ale. . SAMUEL WILDENEV. Y
tug written a knee rspreneive el Ins bet•ef Gat novl3 it/t Finksburg P. 0., Carrot co., Md.
• he will be elected Speaker, by the :it'd ot the I,-
robin, Free Soil votes. thought that, he had . S UGAR tr. SIOLASSEnt.-at khds prime N 0 Sugar;
• written such !none, tot jig world M; up. ' t 5 gp
hbla Chia do do Mora;
II Moluse
- may rest assured u• one thing, however—and that' For sale h p BROWN & KIRKPATRICK,
ti&. will nu: Ise riecied Villli(11.1l me aid al Wing i .0 , 12 144 Liberty at
voleS. , ilr OP,'-10 hales New Hops; growth of 11319, orris
Peghops Wilmet, after all. ordl be the Speaker,, jila ins and t ,,, ~s , b y
if any Lacuawesmicewls, and that he will set Mr. ' nor VI . BROWN & KIRKPATRICK
Howell Cobb'' , vote Wheat la a bold, able ath inOTASII-20 bbla first wry to more, for wile by '
vocate of Free , Trade. The La..of.wrik of the
,i,L novig ISAIAH DICKEY & CO, Front st
SaUth , or., 10.1 &mond, nod °P.o'tne g'°"'d:Cll.:GAß—to Wilds now in some, for sale low to close
that all Own north of Melon and I.l.zoo'n L'oo aro , 0 ~,,,,,,,,,,,b bbi, by ISAUJI DICKEY a, CO,
w0..0 Prue,' mem, ruay co far hum Sod with . novl2 Front at
the and of the Giddings
Pb.l'.., elect b ""'7' . Ca ALT-1,511 bbls No I Salt. tooling and for sale by
Timm is another reason , why th e S.' sulhern.Chivat. ; 0 novl2 unixrt & RICKETSON
ry—urti ii. Holotes,,Baylv, Sudden. nod romp. ' -:
. SUrtiol.VSLE'—lu"'"llF'lll.7LchLLCll'lkitfolCrKEP:3o.4" by
ny—may prefer him to Cobh, WIISIM in no Bu-.
ehanun vta-; Buchanan may wirh to be in Cal-
I. ;,T b " ',:: v w h ,l, o Y ,bb by M d , b, h b Y '; ' ,.:l l 4, th d e g7, J ' ,:,,,,7, ;1 " ,, t 7,4 4 5e ' .. /.4 } :sol T r i t g i , n E u ß d — fo i r sate ' e g bey'u'lrA Leather,C
UNN 12 Ci " H c ZM ' 61P .
_0 Com't Row, Liberty st
an on David Wilmot.
; - nn. w!it DRAIN will call for Lot of Fornltare, &et
Ton LEVIII OM NI, Srawerits OF N SURSZ 4 .— i . 1-I ,,, P r v r " °° : . , ,;,, r I n VlL';',,,,,, Roui, trz Fro .,
b ,
Yerternoy's mad brought us a letter trout Tully, . — .
tO p P L. L ., Al4 , T , l ., : . ll , E . H . S— . . i lO bi l o tb f l o s , CLlLln n e s d
ki Gig4m, a,.. or ;
giving some of the particulars of the Negro Stam
pede to Lewis county. t oit we'd and for solo by
The winter says:--We come wet to baying a . crisis JOHN HeFADEN &CO
general stampede nmorutst the negroes. In sue DANCING SCHOOL!
conett' last night_ it occurred ! soght •
thorn thin place. About lb,. live .
, he in had A• LIONNAFFON respectfulli informs the duke°.
. of Tutshargh and Allegheny, that Lis Sawa'
handed together. provtded thetnYel see with ,open on P.
MU. WAS' the ht_ tot youthe Ladies; at ti o'clock rot Masters; and at
country. They were prowspallefthe property of 1 le tort Getalemen, to the LAFAYETTE AME3IISLY
Mr. Jame% 1401. nod Willtatu El :a Mr. Mater i
daV.OnAlSl.ottrulof twos ce te Fettret After dent week- the.
ups aro.- t :1 o'clock us the rnorningrlrf ando ve. (Ins
sale of It necthes entermg
l a mom and tektite .. 7,7 c d — , ' p '. :To ' s j o 77.h . s, nUti ' ls c ra n ; d made
his guns. Ile ordeved them to lay tbson down, hut many Improvements, and intends calk s ing still m m orc e s .
they rclusett, and e'ewed net lao as poast.e. fur me earafort and conveuience of IL 11.. ht and
The alarm was teimethately given in the neighbor-r,h the hmle rooms, and cm
tooth and A we, mom thseovered that they were L<Rt•Lmcnts of th i1 . t . , :,, a `... n . 1 0 7. 1 1.. 1
all at the house of 'Ain McCutehen. where 1011,
I in the sroek
ddttloos were making to their numbers, and t References will La etrieily required befoul &dhotis
front which pool. , t was supposed th ey intended ; sloe hY &8.f. , . thou. eraltown to him.
to more. After day some tune, (they,m the moor- I E. tern. Ihnd apply to S. Itannaffoth
while, besot; custrded nold eutheitht farce could 1 MN'tt,',l.7::,l.l7j,,t.rhiridi.L.l.
will 00, given
be collected ) they were required to surrender and Q„, /t i tt , p,,„„. n0vt2431
return to their duly; but they ref.. Led on by
n i n j ou l t s4 l l: e L lli n ni "'4 o d r i''- tYlsOc ipf ut Li tes 7ii rras k
old man, who was armed south ketires and,l; Mp.dville n°
c lub,c they approached the whiles, threw/wag
}ill then ,. o,i L b e neer apsireach if the lender. he I Ten, marked "T AS. They may have been miasmal
was and died In a sew thlnutes. The othent . l to some commisuon heather steamtoxi.
mrrenJarer: Torte were among titan men, sy „. t A liberal reward will be .. gtvenforall or either of the
n Wcir remove
Men, and: cho!dren—they had we gons.d learnt, sTrADEN.k.
and seemed sleterootted to go away pubhcly
Aatrroutt A MIMIC.. Acrue-a—The New York
earnApoodent of tlo: Philadelphia Ingather, rave
letes rbootaut htstrtoroe late that we
have Fere, t• hero 011,a Cro.clre. n youtcl3 lay;;
retn.kabb• beauty and atoloy,utho to now engag
ed at the I:teat:way the., To the aatoneclonent
to her father, taw dry rbe expo:Feed a :teethe to
adopt the make a pr..fw , clou. Alter vainly ea
.'deavortecl to dreotade her or tome umothr. he co,
atutod P.,1110 uothrteut tutleet. Ti, hot turret.,
they said nt once that rte yosteapecl the erector',
talent to become a tragic woreta at the highest or;
der, and the: as a to:cabal, tee wen declined to coy
authe au equally elevated fn.t:oo. She is but 16
years of axe, and before the arrives at 20, she
be ao ornament to tile ecluetry."
ID - U.. M Laxis Vacmortuel—Mora Tesnmouy!--
Mr Jouranaa Ilourtons, of We at Unton, Park Co,
Ia . W/Ilr• :o Mdd Co.:
• I have of the Vermtingt• you *cut me, mad laiah
',TOY to media I rould have sold a great
deal more. :1 I Lod hal Et on nand 'fbe reople her,
after trying a I other Inethettlr, tar worms, say la.
acne MIN... to •M LaneVermanee
Far sale by 3. KIDD te. CO., No. 0..1, corner cf Fou:th
end Wood st . l'Ut.lourgh
I ttamillm I.avo, ',mum—Prepared by 1. W. Kr-fly
William area. N -and f,,r hy A Jayne., No.
70 Fourth .tr..or Tht,o , ll I.e found a dellghtful ril
eh: a I,vnrel , fantiltra, and particularly lor ruck
11.“610 , 1/.110..—An Improved Chocolate prepara
tion.lwoor u combinatrou or Caon out: nut .at, tu
•lorutrtm root burbly recommended partic
ularly for utvnlul. Prepared by Mr . Raker. botch,-
ter, SIHA• ,1111 for tale by A J VriFS, at 11,0Pekin
yea ' , tore. No 70 Fourth it mobil
Baih Inding, Guntrua., Laar Hain},
• rIANt nu,Cll4:ll,
411, 111.: - "hc. he.
['wilted Kt Ihg 51,41.1, i
. Itt on prices, al the
Improvements In Dentistry.
;on. 6 0. of Buxton, I. prepared so
conoulortow and ev, In whole and pnrw
or new, opoo rwthrin or AM10:1111$1,1c Suelron
h 11 KIM VE 1.1101,1,, wlwr , rho nerve
I and 10.1ti,Irc orzt door thr May.
or, Fourth flltYl.
Nl/1. IL 1.1 . 1 , n , 1 , 8i. F il. Enron ,nl.O
D :rn:"772,,h
IBT mt.l Decatur, bemeria
11.nrkeL I crtr . Deo-0111..
The mayoralty. ' •
The name Alderman A 11. ItELKIIART be
I.y. hi. friend.. to the coi4ideralion of )he
nul•p..lriourlist, Whig ennvrotton. nand:date
for the MoyorollyofPL ..... _itsbuigb.
Wm. AIN co will he u conattlale for thr \Iuy
oro)1ly. stit,ect to I, nomination of um Whig Conven
tion netVA)
Icr rt ry AVilkosia . will hr candidate fru
the ct to the nomination of this Why,
Convention novi
or al /01,F hos.y. a ranthti.... for :•
111/jeri thr 11011/1111.1:0 1 1 a the Altegaelly llll
LO- ig
- -
1 . 1, Immo el i )I,IVIIII H. ROPEY ,will be tiaimit
ted, by las lo the euntiderstitan of the
u •
o , „h , . Costreettoit, urn ,at4lble 'candidat ap e
r the Alayornity. novl2-te '
AFr,uph *l. . _uovl3.lL.
T,114.T CLOTIIS-3 cabes llluu tual Drub F e,
L Cloths, ju4t tr-u'd and fur Plc i,,
uovIR .11, %Ruud Bt
—,..-- -
Black Wad.
VANCN CASSIsiEla;c4--1 0 000 .11M, Ucw ~y,
F Finley Cams'metes, jam rce.l-a1..1 et sale by
ovl3 rillArli V, WILSON & CO
f -
!)LACY o v i.t r) .l ) , l i r 2 -44 g2 1, c ' er c :il h oe c' n ',1Y 0auct, for role
E____ .I1'v" MUILIOIN,,WiI SON &CO
111 ° I io S alt 4 bVsgi b g b o l o . d ! o ' r.l n er ,i r e t i°14,, L 11,."'.,
W b. Id 51.1.TCHIELTRE - E,
__. _ . .160 Libor.% et_
i ONO SHAWLS-4. A. Mason &Co will receive,
Le per express, ties day, upwards of IGO Lon,
s,, aw h,, o r e ntirely cove nod fluhiorte.lo %yke. al
17ii,(15'.33r117oStiebao'lliTicolisr4iglei!r ave'sTru'lmu'enkl?fn''tf,°.'cio'.'t,:
try. novi3
?.i rel;e 2 : . C* l . :4 " t , ,, ln ft e ° l al . l 6 , Fai ni ii
lovable color. Mr.,
MI)/ now article. ' nosh
Lae Westernß sery e Cre g am Cdmeat,
. Sae do
For sale by autiterDeLzELL & CO,
navid Liarny el
'OSIOIIIV tr. CLOVER SEED—In oorc, for .oho by
ALXMATUS- 3 tonss72casko and Lis p foi late by
, • - eW Bask
r .r..W0ME.1,1 of N BM' Old lend .
New Tramment.
.` 34 ' . / hY E. B. Spritae, D. D. 1 vol. Imp. EIM v
eISMIntIY bound) •10 exgowitely unshed ^ l rTa.i24.;
with drscnolons by celebrated American Clergymen
, . NEAL, BY AMELIA, (Mrs. Welby, of Ky.,) a new
and'eularged eddlon; Illustraiid by ord" ... T . ("'"'
animoul designs by Wier. 1 vol. maare Soo, elegant-
'''' .ll.lnd bad gilt Also—A variety of splendid Ann&
ut led Gift Books.
• :cereals Cki.d's First Book of the IlistorY ef Rama.
use of Carpenters, Shipwrights, Mrkvei wri S b 'l 5. 17'
OU, Lumbermen, Student. and Articaos geocra.Y:
is "IV a thnrough and pracdcal Treause en Monaura
Me Sluing Kale. By D M. Kuper, A. M.
Boar's Treante on Greek From ComPssm..
. (Mendota's Elementary French Grammar. By Prof.
Greene, of Brown Ur.ivrrsity , 1 elll• 18....
Rood/ger'. Greens.' Hebrew Grammar, by Conant.
Or Hebrew Lexicon.
Leemis'Tugoinometry and 'Logarithmic Tables. 1
Dm Ergiistumanls Greek Concordance.. 1 vol.(dma
Anthonla Cl • .
Anthou's Classical Bodes.
2 1Veb.mrls Dictionary, revised ed. 1 vol. 800.
do di, unabridged , . 1 sot. dtri.
Barn's Notes and Questions on New Tesputiont.
Mosheim's F,eclesiastical History- 3 solo. and 9
vol. (dicey.)
1 .
~9 ,ll )cii of Creation 1 vol. 18,00.
omoog the Jesuits at Rome. 1 soh (cloth
and paper
Scenes where the Tempter has Triumphed. 1 sal.
[cloth and paper.)
Bogue'. Theological Lectures. 1 soh 1100. (cloth.)
Alder's Pronouncing Bible.
Boyer's French Di.tionarr.
:N u'. Horace. For wile by R HOPKLNS,
_ Apollo Buildings, Fourth st_
COATING cases Drab Blanket Coatingl
2 do do Cloth do;
2 do Lavender do)
o do tiny and Blue Mixed UV
Cloth, to arrive to a few days, and for sale by
LASS Celifonda Platdd; I do Ltrown /mod;
do Tweed.; inn reed and for We by
rsovl3 LEE
11 A wry superior lot now In store and for ale by
I SKR W Kg—Spoons, Yorks, Walter Knives, len
0 of our own manufacture, for sale kr
novl3 W W WILSON
WAlll4llnlrqe varier. for;a4/ re fiar
~: n, ,ov ;t
GREEN APPLES-5U LEI. jort reed, in .lore and
far rale try
FLn°,,tvLt — ''
LD POTATOES-73 bu Just recd in MOM and 1.
.tc novl3 COPE 6 BaBYFOGLE
DEAVER BLICKETB-25 iloa cram for cola b
AP bbla lehomelvarielict) mei loading
from canal [AL and for sale by
1351iNlieTRA t OR'S NOTlCE—Notice ieheTiby
.1.1 given that the underaigned has obtained letters of
admmotration an the Estate of Bernard T. Boomer,
late of the borough of Miming/tam, deed, and all per
aone bat tug claim, against said Estate, are hereby no
tified to present theta, duly authenticated, for settle
ment, aail all parsons being indebted thereto are re
. qnested to maim immediate payment to the subscriber.
ecivl3 fit*
Ct_ CAREET MOOS. DE EdirNi3—W. R. Murphy has
h. , hat Amid • lot of high colored Mous. do Lidas,
such us Cherry, Scarlet, he, at the law price of 25c.
per yard. Also, Plain Drat>, Drown, he ,atIN to IN
ref yard; land • large assartment of nest styles
Stirred Mous. do Lalus, at entices prices, Ligether
with • choice assortment of Dross ('.cods
such as Fttcy'French Maria., Cashmere.,
Lyenete Cloths, at the
N. E. corner of Fourth and Mat het its.
Wholesale Rooms up stairs. 00011
ROCERIES,I.-155 bap prime Me Coffee;
O 5 A( Oho.; Y. Irop'l and G. P. Tea;
40 catty boo do do •do do; '
IS bag. Pepper; 6 boon Aloploo;
30 roosts Cinnamon; 9 bit!. Cloves;
6 tea Free; Rice; 75 bblo Lugo No 3 Maori
5 ;es Codfish; IMO bra 8.1.01 Honing.; aroiv
inr .d for nolo by WIOWN &KIRKPATRICK ;
n 0062 144 Liberty ot
S 6AP ori2
4 DUST—e OI.IN MeFA bele bud reed, for eele
n DEN & CO
QUO AR CURED 11 AlOB-41 tierces superior, jpgt m
-0 vetoed owl for sale by
ALL ON-3 bbls jortyve.'d and for sale by
- _No 24 Wcod st
LAND 01L-15 bbls in more and for izle by
,No 37 Wood mien
110: 0 1 , V0A1P-20 0
Ci f Th uj' LlS 4 H k DENNFTT
band LSO hoop!, of pd.e
bbl Roll Butler;
1 do Deem.;
t. 4) ISO POttilDte; rec'd, foe eale by
,ocle ENGLISH tr. 11ENNE7T_
roNEy-2 basjast d and for sale by
B UCKETS b 0 deo for sole by
- ----•
c arks far sale los by ,•
.1.12 ENal.ten a. E E
RS:EN APPLES —3O barrels Rambo., and ether
VT clinics varietim In Mrs and lar sale by
INSFYY TiTiATOES—On bbls last landrnif from
steamer Nominee, and for minby
bys lOritg
70 bulb:l4i
CO b. Yx
All of *arta% io good ord., for ..In by
novio corner of Liberty .d Ilaod
uov tti No IN Mom in
10FiLX-441) bags ree'd and for sale by
A' f• I. ,
Pepper, Cloves, Nutmegs, Madder and
.Ll. In?igo, with a general auortmem of allserta of
toone.ries and rittatmgh Manafaelared ateles, on
Land and for sale by W& R MOCUTCH ON,
nov itt IN Liberty at
LI °mum -.ottOWl43tbs, f rztir s imar u
tide. foe sale by
No 67 Wood ea
pozolt.,;:d:Citir..noTi.T.-11.5Q lb. immtali4or
TT VA tIR3IJr.6O Ibr Jun rred and for man Uy
AILARRIA LIQUORICE,2OO 11.J.‘ ree'd and for
mai, by abvP) R E *MILERS
L 11111 ZIODER-2 casbb just nc•d, for bale by
barli R F: SELLERS
_UOA hf pipes Cognac Brandy. Ja. Heroasaoar & c o;
30 qr 40, do do;
uqr do m 4 0 , 801511 M;
10 tif do .Rochelle do, Pollavoisio;
Lit pipes Holland Gin;
2 panaheous Paotch Malt Wtdaktp;
do Irish do do; .•
do . Old /moues Spirks;
Su qr costs Oporho %%quo;
Dt as do sup. Tartonah
5 pip. Calabria Yon • do;
oe 0.540 Soot Nalypi do;
30 fad Lan bbls Dry )ba do;
IS ball: e. hlamods Champsimo wi pe .
a do Lleldsiet's •do do;
It do Ceisler's do do;
3as M or o fa tieuel t
gidflApl Madei 7 ra d o;
sprl2 No 171aad 171Libertr st
noupecco— ' •
I go boo. Pound Lamp, Samuel Myer. &MS
103 dwarf blo lb do (141 - auM do
' 6 Loll" do lb do " l!lovado: 1 Timm;
do do 6'. do Russell & Robinson's;
-30 do do 6'. do Caboneloi
16 do do We do foam tiocuboo'si
fll'do do •Vs do • FrecomPoi
40 domed° Eabooeo&
'4O .do 04 do Diekkoson;
• Jo. roseloadand for .ale b
on• 111 N 0.1.72 and 171 Libor)
.. uDE AIND—A. A. Mason
k Co. Ma now opening 611 Memo of oll.wool MC
46 WAN an 4 Culturing. onle
BY 11U313. rpinicis ANNE NICEIBLE.
R i
!ior s FRANCISer eb I i A M h KF e Lre 1,Y 171 e
following play. v. Ithaspeare at Apollo flat! _in thel
city of Plush:4mb t
Mom. for h/casore, . Monday
,eveolog, Nov. It
Mock ado about
. Nothilig, Tuesday " Nov. 15
Merchaot Ven ice, Wedneaday " N0v.14
As you Like It. ; Thursday mornins. Nov is
Damn open at GS o'clock, I'. M.., and ou Thursday
morning. at 10 .S. M.
Rtirdinp to commence at 7i o'clock P.M., and on
Thursday morning, at 10 A.M.
ErTickels to be had at the Bookstores of Johnston
A ettocklon and Ray 4 Co., and also at the door;
price, 30 cents. nost , lls
By John D. Davis. Anationete.
Slap/. and Fancy Dry Geed.
On Thursdny warning, Nov. 15th, at 10 .o'clook, at
the Commercial Sales Rooms, corner of Wood and
Pifthstrecw, will be sold, without reserve, to close 1.
An extensive assortment of staple and fancy foreign
mud domestic Dry Goods, among which are superfine
black and brown broad cloth., C CS, satins
ess, tweeds, jeans, red aid pelisse flannels, blanket',
canton flannel., super woolen plilds, barred flannels
and Isndsays, menace. alpacas, caluneres, black
bornbalicie, velvets, calends. vestals, silk, coat and
vest buttons, cloaking, pilot cloths, colored cambric.,
9 loch wide s
ngs, supper eohurgs, ribbons, silk
Iron needle., Mantras and Coates' spool cotton,
, tee:
- Groceries, Gltteensware-, Furniture, M.
'dung Ilson nod Imperial Tea, Virginia manufacp
Tobac y eA, writing nun wriiPPing P.P.', shore's,
merit balances, Ate.
Alarge and general assortment Of new arid second
hand household furniture, cooking stoves, kitchen
utensils, feather beds, bedding, malwasses, looking
glasses, carpeting, mantel clocks, window blinds, A<
•I•o, quantity of leather trunks, canvass trunks, ear
pet and leather bags, saddles, bridles, &v.
At 0 o'clock,
A quantity of fuhionable sea , y made clothing, fine
table and pocket cutlery, double and stogie barrel
shot gnus, gold and silver watches, varieties, dry
good., Ac.
Adjourned Salo of 9 Splendid Burlding.Lots in the
Cary of Alleglieny, a Anatol,.
On Saturday afternoon, November 17th, at 3 o'clock,
will be sold, on the prenumsomithout reserve:
Seven Lots of ground. sltnale on the West Common
adioitang the "burnt district," having each a front of
20 feet, and emending 110 feet to on alley 10 feet
Also, two very valuable Lots, hiving a front of DI
feet on the south side of Ohio street, and attestor
back go feet to a ten feet alley.
Tams, one-third cash, residue in six and twelve
wont ha, with Intermit.
A plan of the Lots may be seen at the store of Mee
tr. Robinson, in Allegheny, and at my Auction
Room, corner Of Wood and lifth am
no• 13 JOHN D DAVIS, Aunt
70 dos F. Shtrts,%CloAs, ta., at Auction:
tin Friday morning, Nov, lab, at IC o'clock. it
Commercial Oslo. ftnom., corner of Wood coif Firth
will be sold by catalogue, on a credit of 90 day.
on sums over 5100, for approved security,, an Invoice
of 70 dozen of extra Fine Shine, comprising +lnterior I
broad and narrow plaits, French embroidered and open
work bomme, custom mode English long cloth and
York mill muslin shirts, with yoke neek and French
sleeve; broad cloths, nations colors; mized.satineiti
black and fancy cassimeres; leans. eilk packet tides,
gum suspenders, silk and lasting coat and treat 'Mit
tns, Ike
Fo s rdi s it . lie o r'partig n ir o la , r; see
DAVIS, Ac ct
the o.
Cettosa Black'nor>, TeoL, k.neLikkaelnee
OTUESDAY, - tto 131 h of November, at ten ot.
clock, will be sold at Aoeuoth on the premises,
(Filth Ward, rittaborgh.) all the hlnehlnery,LTools,
Shaft. Drums and tioarum of the Phonic Cottoora.S.
tom formerly belonging to Adams, Allen&Co. Also,
quantity of Cotton Mill Castings, Wrooghtaind Cast
I Iron Work, Cast Cowl Spindles, Rollenham.PrnPlenni
for raid ma Patten, Office Furniture, an, among
whleb are Cording . &mules, Throstles, Spoed,
era, Drawing Frames, he.
A liberal credit will be given on all pnrehates over
8100, Ramada known at sale. oet3lldlulmsrla
301INJI) DAVIS, inlet
te,sao fail Fired Hasa., FNIFFN
40.00 med. do' do, Ilernmin
20,000 Regalia • do, . Caomopolito;
1010 do do, , La Fornerolds;
100 W do do, El Neptune;
10,040 Imperial Flagons, La Norm.; •
.80,Emu Genaine Principe, Cm: &Sons;
.40.000 i Eagle 9.0.4
100,00 Soperior Half Spanish Began; .
Jam received ani/for sale b
0.013 Non Viand 174 Merl/ ar
jUf : 1 , 1:: PASTE-8 bis just ree'd Lod tor sale by
MBE Earlier nod Later Prophecies of luta. Ey.
J. Prof. J. A. Alexander. In 2 vols. Bey. Elva, cloth,
115.50. . .
.The mond, indeperident judgment whirr!, Prof. Al
exander everywhere displays, combined- with tone
candor, modesty, and a spirit of profound reverence
for the insprre I volume, drstinguishes his work most
advantageomly from most of toe critical MO actions
of the age, and etititles it to be regraded as a mode/ of
Dibbe savemfigation: , -London Patriot.
1. -A rich coornhatroti of 012°1m - real exposalon fdr
the am of the clergy.”—Presbytenan.
"A commentary of higher =A the unfolding Of
• poem, and of protoander character thin a mere re.
mummy of mggestive practical thoughttY—N. Y. Re
For sale by JAMES D. LOCK WOOD !
noY2 Bookseller and lmporter, 63 Wood at_
HIED OIL-00 bble No and iinWhficiclanding
from yammer Fainnomn, for - sala by
eIIEE..,E-43ldn e,r. b r is .. l i a e n t tng from Pinikiiighikreleig-_ .
V'HOMY 13LA158-600 boo tlxlo,,lool.2and 1 •
T. in store and for ulo by
a 9 • JabioS DA.LZELL
CDEESE-50 bag j' g holding and for sale by
Wit;-Eo,wu re~~y DlLwo i T h i Co
UCKETS-60 dos la store and for asJe by
nova 78 DILWORTH is CO
do: In owe and for ode by
CASSIA—=O movjno 1 ing, for ohs by •
120'03 S S DILWORTH k CO
-- -
(U)V c josr rce'd and for talc by •
tzszu nak ing yen% and for vie by
40 bxs Eo4oeh dairy: for sale by
1 DAV . 110 Wood at
J A f4S-1100 eztra eine, for bx:
nnv7 311 WILLIAMS
- lOIRTF.- -- - -- .lOdoz , Conon Beim
0 dos super Tow Hags,
170 ids do Linen;
. _
30 an Woolen Soek •
IS. yd. barred Flnr...tlg for see by
SUNDRIES -46 b.. e 1 La • •
10 bbl. Grease;
I I Reeser., 2 bbl do; to entre o
steamer Fors Pitt, for sale by •• , •
_1131,1A11 DICKEY k. CO, Front sr
Q U - 5 - A - R-6 1
sale by
di to arrive costumer Fairmatton, tot
• Fro= st
M OLASSES—LS bbls to wive OR steamer dxaeri
nose, ISAIAH
tor sale by
LARD-100bl. No I, now landing from mm
Port Pitt, for Bala lip
BKEDWAX-2 bbl. and l Uereo novr landing fro ,
steamer Fort Pittjor 0010 by
itlinni,-1 4 • • s now an. torn steamer o
Pitt. and for sale br
Yo.!noble Property tor OaJoe ,
rIMIE following •aloable LOTS of grOnad in IS.
ernes of Ciusborglt and ASaghony, are offered fo
ti Lola on tho-comar of Penn street and Boll' e
lev.:Xl ft. erten by UOll. in an alloy.
9 Lots on Liberty, nearly oppoeito West etreet,ll ft.
ear b byllOlL to an alley. .
0 Lou an First and Second streets, above Ross, each
Si IL by PO.
3 Lots on Seventh street, near Grant, each YO ft. by
Cm to Strawberry alley.
ILA Lots in the Ninth Waud; on Liberty at, between
Baldwin and Canal am, each% H by M. •
11 Lots on Beaver tweet, Allegheny city, each 51 fC
by 240. For tents apply to
MARL B. sanix, Aleut;
Berke's Bailding, dtli st.
VITRA FAMILY FLOUR-3S 'barrels Farmer &
,E 4 Kirk'. Druid, to-day reed and for sale Ds
-B R OONTS—So dos received and far vide by
110,111 hlihtSTRnNO h CROZER
FLOUR -100 bbl., various brand., feed,
for sale by
CI 110T—.10 bus is *tons and far uls by
T‘RIED PEACIIIM-70 bn Mstere and far sale by
'FISH -49 U
0 bbl. No 8 dblentlL
15 Itt • No ree'd and ler aale by
nomrll3 ' RIMY, MAMIEWS tr-go_
LEAI7-4SZ pies Leikl, reed and f en sale by
.L 4 ncrvib RIMY, INIATTHEWA.C.9
lARD-2I kc j. and 1 bbl reed and for rale by
a "" 0 !MEV, MATTHEWS k OD
TOBACCO -411 kegs Na I and 0 mg. Soe c'd suld
fOf. e HAR Dti, JONES &
113 y cow
•- • •
vBEAN CHEESE-16 tan Gianni Or. RR de. ur
NAV. D.WiLlifl &C f
ciconcl7\i3-4 ensia for 11111,
17_110V10 HARDY, JON EA CO
PEA NUTS-100 bags fttr tale law to claw consign
Bent. nowlo HARDY, JONES . A cu
NO BW—A. A Mason k Co. Cacti jcat O.
"ived. per capran, 3 cartons Extra Soots Long
enalgrla nortn
=press. Alao, Gimps, Frlnges and Binding..
to A S. bLASOlijk. CO
VHESH TEAS-4300 p, consisting . of Y. P.
lairMand Ulack Vat.)%trieg jr.Virlimx)leNby
No MI Liben; et
' 4 ' "'" V;.l l MCVTIMN
ollACClies; Ws, Hooey Dew, soperVile quli.
TtY, led reed Lod fOr sal y e b
aerie W ie. R MeCUTCHEON
--r----- 1
/ IHOROtetTree'
bu No, d ord for ale by
W R ree
T • Olden Time.
TAXES D. L KWOOD, Bookseller and Importer,
el No. 63 Wood, trees, has for fale stew eoplea woof
vete, Oho lemaiuder of the ediuort,) of thii valuable,
mock, devoted wale Prommation of Doeumente, and
other =Untie information rotting to Me early or
ploratiou, senior:tent and lotprovannott of the country
around the head of the Ohio. Dy . Norville EL Craig,
leo, of PlM:torah, Ind vela Bro.
noolo 3;lle LOLTWOOD:
IrhIA.N LIBERTY: A Hboory, with a 'kW or the
japer°, of oho+ Aae . iorst Nadool. • By Samuel
El tt, Erg. Illartrated arab Mew:, tograykogo,
¢rod at Roam 2 Tata, "..1 afann with ryortood . .
Bistorkal Wort* .
Jost published 'and for oile by
JAMES D. LocicyroclD, 13,01r001 . ..r and
noylo Lamina, fa Wood at
LissEED bbl.l. l3i v a lx :o t foLtz:r.,
The ensenitkeent steamer
w. riehtpe, mailer. 1,11 leave foe
Uhe - and' lattetexeitte landeep;
this day at 4 &clock,
Far fro j or paNagr, opplyijal rietl3.
FOR Niti
Prql"ertird vr . rF LFr7
ir. aaaicedic,,,:ob,4
—• "all rnsh. e onion Monday,
.he I'_o
at 4 o'cirek,
or freight Or passage, iszpir on bo=d- oovlg
•e• The splendid steamer
- - : 1 711 , 1 . 1e p a .. Ye for
and all. tki day
at 4 o'clock, P.M.
For freight or passage apply on boarl
------- __
. 4 ,... ~,, Thinew steamer
, -
. . Copt. Alexander AI e Bride.will leave
or the shove and all intermediate
ports on Toewloy, the 13th hue, at 4 o'cloat P. AL
For freight or passage apply to
nein PIETIGREW3r. Ce...___
The fine mottoes
' Stone. master, will leave for than
d all lotermedaite eon date day, at
4 o'clock, P,,M. .
For frettlif Mintresr, apply onnomj.
" The l l
7 7 ,1
Aata7;lFß, '
Rowley, master. will leave . for d he
the above and all intermcdme ports
In. day 5110 o'clock, N. M. ,
For freight and passage
Ag, . ,
norld '
rftnTly The sp l en did . • . gk •
Parkinson, znaster. will leave for the
above and all intermediate ports on
Wednesday, the Ilth inst,at 10 o'clock, A, M. . .......
For freight or board, or to
h . .. PawtttSot aftPl l K,o; w ,,,,,,,,, = „,
A 0,7•. ,
The aew . and aplendid passenger
Capt. Jai. II Hamle, will lease Paw
burgh every Monday, Wednesday anti
• ' Friday, at to o'clock, A. M. . . ~.. '
For fretght or passage appl.....tooalstl,' or te '• ' .....---,
Deal • t. 1 PUJOIVIS, Agl..
~.,,... The fine steamer
. CapL Iliagini for Sunfish every ?don- 014'
I . y and
ese.rl-atitY ." 2 '
IP. M. oiela ARMSTRONG Zs C ER ..
s at - _ .
DkiLv - PAc•K•ET
rous well known line of splendid ;mounter Stead:l
are is now 'composed of the largest, swiftest, has .
Ilmotted and furnished, and moot powerful benw on tho
waters of the West: ' Betty seconnemlation and'etren
fon:rant money call picture, has been provided faros.
stainers The Line has been in °pennon for five year.
—has curried a million of people without the least ono
rtitomti ,m
heir persons.. The boats will fie at the foot of
et the day previous to statues, for the recep
tion of freight end the entry of pamengers anent reps ,
ter. In nil ranee the passage money membepald ln
advancer ,
The ISAAC NEWTON,- Captain Hemphill, wil
leave Pittsburgh every Sunday doming at sit etelookr,
Wheeling every Sunday evening at lit r. . -
• May iO" ,1E47. .;
The 110NONGAIIELA, cups - Svorm, will Have Patim -
burgh every Monday unkrning at 10 o'cioek; Wheelleg
every Monday evening at 10 T.
• ' TTIY.S . D.CII - I r ATKEV:
The , FIIUE'ENLA . No. 2, Capt. J. Distumnot, win
l i ng every Timmins morning et 10 o'elook;''
Wheeling every Tuesdaj anoint at In P. 11.
virtu:oft:spelt PACKET. •
S. Du it, will
leave 'Pittsburgh every Wednesday morran rat 10
o'clock; Wheeang eyeryWednesdav evening a 10 w
The , ORILLIANT, Capt. Orly; will leave Plum.
burgh every Thursday morning nt 10 o'clock; Wheeling
every Thursday evening at 10 P. Y.
The CLIPPER No. 2, Capu Will U. , .
eve.ry Friday morming at lOo'clock; Whoa,
ler every Frid ay evening at In T.
The DISENOER No. 2, Capt,' I. C. WoonWasa,
Will lean. Pitt s burgh every Friday morning M /0 - 0 ,
Moak Wheeling every Fnday mlo r. 16. • , I
Be.ex 01 P 111113.011, Nor; 6, 0r , 46.,
. .
ridEaPrecnViDioittetto'floeth4ell'or rekngt
cephil stook. for the last lox months, payable to Stook.
holders or thrlr lege repreeentativre fenhereh. 1
norr•dlw JOHN !INVDEtt, ."er.
Excursaas Bast Or PrIVOCZOO, Nov.ll, 1 r
rillilS Bonk h., this day, &dated a dividend of four
per tent. on its capital stock, payable on, or after
the 16th inst. FoliemAbock holders will he id Lithe
Western Baal - off Philadelphia. ,
aer7Abl' - HOWE, Cubic, Mascracrtrans • BAlni
pktlebnigo a lloj i . , %42.
T il to iS ur ß pr oo r-tent.On 'b n st i v ' e d ar a Tlll stook, out or Ott, pro-
Lu of.the lean six months, pm - able fonhvntla.
nov7-62. .tV. 11. DENNY, Cr.bier.
October lOM,
AN ELECTION for thirteen Ihreetors.of Dank
the th e coshin g Year , be held la th e Thinking
Mow, on bleiiday, the loth der of November nut ..
octl9-this DENNY. Cashier
p.saaans Bask or Pet-norms, / •
October 19,1E49.
AELECTION Cor shineen Oire eters of th is Bank,
to serre for the enseingTballi sill he held Elbe •
Flanking floss., on Manley, the 19.11 doe of Novas..
bar nest, betas.a the boons o(9 A. M. and 3 P.M.
oesktklie THOMAS M. lIONVE.CubIer.
Bann or Errissoton, t • • '
Omotter 19,1849. S• •
AN ELECTION for thirteen Directors of. Mis Mut,
for the ennung year. mill be bold al Ma Banking .
Douse. on 3lorlay, Mo 19th of November next
oerlo4R. JOHN SNYDER. Caabler.-.....".
• De. Georg* filatiffisolc • •
selected Pittsburgh as hts future residence..,, •
EL lie has token the beam lately occupledbylildes-;
man Unties, on Fourth sr-, neer Grant immediately ad:-
joining the Losnarune House. • His office is alts bed to .•
ids residence.,where he will consumtly be fiend, un
less absent on professional duty. lance hours from T.•
todo'cloek A. hi, and from sm-7 o'clock P. ht. -
• novs.4lJuly •_
ooen a great variety of styles for l.soliess, Ml. oar •
and Children's Saeke, including black and black /prey •
for Mourning. Also:
FfiENCII MERINOS, of all the lauding colors. melt
as 'Cherry, Crimuin,..ariarlet sad Maroon; AltierenC
.shades et green and drab; black of all qualities.; Aim: • •
- Ch ERE'S AND COIItiRGS, of bright and plain.,
colors,to suit all tastes, and la lowest cash prdecip...
The parucular attention of buyers is ukeduothe
huge mock of Goods in general, last roe deed, and. , •
which includes a great many styles of GaAs that are 1
Emma. •
Who Joule Rooms up noir. • nos 9
GUM ilYRR11:0 lbs. inn re - e . kl • rd - for oI t-Ty—
nov9 .1 KIDD Lc f.. 10, CO Wood sr •
and foryale by
MIDD fr. Co, E 0 *clod s.
G LA .ll . O Y ra E t t. ; -300.reams
tort/ _
IKIDD .4. CO, 03 Wood
ALLI:I 9 - 7 1 . bb
J KIDD t Co;Gu Wooda
O UND.III-11/ casks Rice; •
1.7 75 boxes Ohio Meese; •
7 aids Packed Bader;ln stone C O
.nude by "now 9 • ,101MWATI . aCO
TANNERS , 011,40 bbls marina by e anal and
far sale by JAMS'S DALZFLI,
(or Lbds b~ndi~igfromile>mrrPur
. moans, and for oWe by
m~9 IAh ( F4 DALZRLL
VLOUR—zoi bbl..pertor Mumly Ftout.'just roc
novt4 • IC9 Seeeo
G UNNY in store inTisTaltibi
nnl3 , . No Ine Settonil et
!l *CEPA APPLES--150 - 6 - 6is, f ---- ... 0 - " 1 " ' itn
l_,T by ' C9PE fr. UEEITOOLE,..
more ,
... N e 0..3 &emit st
.i.r _ ---.
C .E. atE.Ol.,eze—ltl Dad a.reata a.• eeeei •
67 do. 19. R., dal
3 eA ksleiritus..
4 bsa Honey, !adios Irma mid
boat J. A. Canghey, and for 466: by
111161 •
ETcR=AtiD effeartre - eiTof Patent Polar Lard
Lamps, "for Cinstehes Ond Dwellings; .Btoles,
alteambnats, Ac, aVhcoesale And te
•l otil.
novS comer Fourth and Market eas
S. H. H. htOLASSE.9.—In owe and/or ezle leer by
/leg VITIF:&-77117; • tilmtry one Seems
wines, for sale by the ea& or in gam•
thin to .ott porehuen. hy
W & M tarrci tErtn EP,
nor/ _242 160 Men, at .
J. 311saprati k Bona' PASOillt. • Sall: Aabs,,.l
can; C1,91 , 1 . 5 4 G15es ontd..:Soap maters 'l3oda As b ,.
darect jp3l Lyn aove. celebrated.
( R c,orers,ss per cene - 5 , ..,ne te b•st, arriving and
for Mlle .alord 31 3111 * 1111ELTREE.
IQUORd--17 ht
pr a ipes sN Au
Hiliend Idin; '
5 e, •
400 bids h rikey; . for sa'e by
q c ,, o o:zl ,— . 6 - 174(bouilm
by the cask or gettable*, 14 so h p:, n ,t" td , s 7, d , f " " 1 °
& hi 1111Telia:LTWEEL
B4EACIIING --. 11 POWDER <tub, -Ns lii&n,rart &
Eon.' LranJ , s prior attiel& lot IWO bl ! •
rics•G - W & mr;citEr.ajq±,-,
Viords.9•7Sts."S-- . M bble prune N o . 3lcartese Sy in errik
In, Ibis, in store and for sale ny
noviS • N - &11 111.17COLTIME
"0107311 TEAS—lmporiul, firmtpo•udor ..ui yo r mr
Hymn Toasof sopenor quoin), in hf chests, LY
sold 6 pound bin, just you'd nnd for solo by
.nov6 • NV A. AI AIVirHELTRE6,
BOOKS for: the sebeeription t't Beick in Mir
sees' Insurance Company, are reheated froturtbs
Rooms alba Board of Trod,, to the 4 - ..,zft flush IX
ft l ant and Fa leß vP opeu P"it' tTl e th r'' ..7 " 7l " dett ' ik =
tea di'ts;es directed i t u ton Cl u tter , a: un ti l oat th ee' .
seed e arce are subscribe& .• ntreTslir
' .. •
Aleut partner, with a cult capital
Dollar., or two active panned welt .0--
with the 'num..", and hav ing frond Fig ele 7.1104-;
sand Dollars each to rate the plans of a weldor Msl . ► ' •
bet of the Enn, wishing to retire on th.: la of mgt..'
nary. ?be House la ;well esta4pAe r , eat=
',oaf haulms. AJl.eoranninicaona
8.1 Addreww—hletchint Box 677, Pl , dadelph,W•
VEAR CANTON;Stork unin), (DT}
AN 488 ACRES OF LAND, in • blylUf d :l7 4 .„, d
ration, with a suitable proportion at
abindance of Sumo cool and limesusa!- ;• . `"" ; ,..Ftr=
prawn.. of this land are rolling
heat, and meadow land adapted „
The Improrenkrale are a rood Frame rr,7741 . ;M:
Brick Darn, • young ibrihy APP , •
grafted knit; Foal soPalY of r . g . ,`Ci,'";,,W , -- "z4,,3,7 1 3
.Felmm—One fourth band,
payment. Dale mdispatable.
For farther paroculars apply to 11. Gr Ltaold
Canton; or to the undeniguenb i ta i rn A L. f onar w ,„ i
aulagalstrasat or ttui EplH 1 acero.,
4—• IL
7-2 gross just ree'd