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040" T n. Dina uasa-rta 4x poOlisEed
Daily, TrsWeekly. and Werkty.—Thely Is Seven
Dollars per annum; the TS.Weekly ill Five Dollar. per
annum; the Weekly Is Tso Dollars per annum, seictly
. . .
irrA...... are earrienuy rtmuestell to hand In
. .be4
von before 3 r. at., and an early in Me day at
p cable. Advertisements not abseiled 'tar a specie
led time will Invariably be charged until ordered out
Mr nisementa and nubseriptions to the North Amer
' Wan d United States Gazette, Philadelphia, receive,
and forwarded front them office.
. ... . .
By the President of the United !totes.
At a season when the rovidence of God has
manifested itself in the natation of a fearful pes
tilence, which is spread ng its ravages throughout
the land, It is fitting th n people, whose reliance
has ever been on Hi. tection, should bumble
themselves before His oe; and, while achnowl•
edging past transgressinns, nab a continuance of
Divine mercy. !
It is, therefore, earnestly recommended that the
brat Friday to August observed threageout the
United Stems, as a dsV of luting. keetheithth nap
prayer. All busineld will be suspended le the we
dot. branches of the{ public service en that day;
and it is reeommenddd to pereone of all religions
denominations to abstain, as to as practicable.from
secular oceopatterts, and to their re•
ipeed , . places of politic worship, to acknowledge
the infinite goodnem which has watched over oar
evidence as a nation, and so long !crowned as
with manifold bitten:p • ' and to inetdore the Al
mighty, in His own good time, to day the de
stroying hand which is now lifted op against at.
per Loeal Patters see neit . pagle.
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Two ANFACILS OF Euaorx—From Jhe last ac
counts, it appears that the French d@ hot enter
Rome without hard fighting - , and thatihe Romeo,
only =cc-limbed to superior power.. Their sur
render, also, appears to have been made with be.
coming dignity, and without any matilfeoation of
fey or disorder. The assembly maintained its
sittings, and the Tritiatvirs the Executive power.
What will France do under these citicunistrinces ?
Will she lay violent hands on the -Government
elected by the people, and abolish it; and restore
the Pope to despotic power? She will hardly dare
to do that. It would be an inconsistency so gross,
a stretch' of power so shameful, the, Louis Na
poleon, although a despot at heart, will hardly
venture on such extreme measure.
Bat will the•Roly Father consent, to return to
Rome on any other conditions , The French wil
doubtless attempt to bring about a reconciliation
and an amicable arrangement, by which the Pops
can again become the chief execute officer, bci
still subject to the constitution, and Orertung con
jointly with the Assembly. But the Pope, hay
tug in a solemn official address pa nennred ti
Republicans of Ro ie , newer hy of the confident,
of God or man, as a few strr.nrers pjattisig again.
religion Bed tee pence of ea,ety,
any consistency, to-o.t, of ir d ternat'Telaio),
H:r supporters nave til4o, troll io tuts cfsall Wry
in Europe. u,.1 r ten., nelbekiiiy In h
office a, head of t, to bef
uacontroded F
him fin, lei ',LC pi ;sl4 0.1 WOO
unirq, tam rt. once.urr rnitallaiso“.
rigsif France mkt proverd In her t?
garcetui wail: and ear,, nn,ate aer'ect•o , t,,
ery po,ee nrl by reytortog Ire I
to oacondneott.i , y a•peop•e •
eaoerrned, the H o .v d cue
the mere toul ot FP drier, ...11.1,0 P) Frenrn ht.
onels, and hated by his . wo
be, to this condition, a free tags. i Earh n - e
also, would awaken the all th. C., • -
he despots of Europe Austria. Sturm. non -
plea would demur to such an arrangement, al.
the Pope would be in
There are rumors that the Pone L. resolved tar
to accept of French intervention, but that the cot •
establish his Court at Bologna, and !will place him
sell under Austrian proteckum, until he can enter
Some unfettered by French strpnlations
would not surprise us if this rumor should provr
to be true, as 'here call be no doubt, that the
Pope and his Cardinals are cxceedipgly averse to
French influences . .
Should the Pope play this game, France will
base disgraced herself for nothing.; She will then
ha compelled to acknowledge the Republican
Goveelusient of Rome, or keep polisession of the
conquered city which latter policj she would
hardly dare to idetpt. •
Inevery view of the subject, Firacee is in an
awkward position--the consequence of the *pi&
ity,of engaging in a crusade without any definite
purpose, any plea by which she could justify her
self to the world, and any settled r;lan of action in
the event of probable eontingenere* , She had no
cause of quarrel with Rome, she had received no
injury at the hands of its covenant*, aor had any
portion of its people asked for their;intervention.—
She cannot, therefore, get out of. the serape in
which her government has placed her, without
In the meantime we fear for the 'Refety of Mar.
sink. His loss to the cause of Italian freedom
would be almost irreparable. We...pray most sio.
cerely that hie useful life may be Oared, and that
he may live to see {his country, Midis more free,
take liar atand among the independetil nations of
the earth. •
While France is thee disgracing :herself abroad,
every thing at home is fast sinking , into a state of
Louis Fbillippe's Government was liberal, corn_
pared with Louis Napoleon . .. The. latter has beep
guilty of mu which the former would not have
dared to attempt. At the present moment, liberty
exists in France but in name. Paris hi in a awe
of sieve, and every free sentiment is cradled by
the power of the sword. The liberty of the prep
is entirely destroyed. All the Janina's opposed to
the government have been euppreared--timir of
Nita mixed, and their editors imprisoned. The
present journals in Paris dare not publish any
thing, Weever tree, which militates against the
government, or atter a dissent to the will of the
majority in the Assembly, or the President and
his Ministry. The Legitimists the Assemb,y
which number about two hundred, second the
government party, in all their tyrannical aria. as
having the way to the developen4nt of their own
schemes for the return of the old regime. Commis.
series of the police eon upon editors to warn their
friends to be careful of what they
''Now more than ever say. the Nomoradd, "a
seal to set moor lips We .hull, hew .rd
leave 10 the Constitettcon fal he ',Assembled Na
mara/s. and omit poriials tee lasi( 01 01,a:easing
toe stela of the le,unun , ve and elueutive powers
We shall e , mh.e ourselves to 11:14.10,Ai or mere,
parrot us tatted piece. In eettlecaltleriec, it,.
11111 l ant will noir have notrutrg ho. .'on orui m
wen el 000 tuna on the outer ode. Thought 1,
no kug,,,
Tula t.uttc ~ 1 .trati cannot long Avg: A N—
ana tn. voacnt ne.rucutte, 4.11 nib
suaodal Fre< n.on wily 4o broon u rtc,
putthena dee.cettatral.tatre than a rcantaretwal—ette
tyranny GI a President, avert- quietly than that La a
Lug Louie Napoleoa win, atattalcoe, reap the
bitter reward of ireuenery to liberty, and pa., alto
merited oblivion wltboui meeting w,tb
toe .ymp.-
thy which Is generally awarded to the LI nitalo awe.
The &flowing appear. In the Commercial Jour
nal Of - yesterday, in a comment Oil a similar in
sinuation in the Post:
"We find the above In the Poiit of yesterday,
it's a clincher. The report representing to be the
New York Market on Someday, at 10 A. M., was
made op out and ont (or the special use of the
Gazette, the Mercury was too atiarp to be caught,
and didn't publish it."
The ilinendo contained in this paragraph, that
we had manufactured a report of the New York
Market, is as false as it is maliciotia
We are pleased to leans from the Lexington
(Iy.) Observer, of the 18th inst., thai the Rev. Dr.
Bascom, whose death had been animal:iced by the
Danville Tribune, is still alive, and expected to
recover. The Observer says:
"We are gratified to be able to• stale that the
annunciation of the death of!), Bascom is oaf:mutt.
ed. Dr. Bascom has been gnat ill hr several days,
and serious fears went entertained during lest
week for his recovery. But he, is now much
better, and is believed to be entirely out of dan
A correapandeat of tb• Philadelphia Inquirer,
writing fram Washington, by telegraph, wider dale
of July 22 , grY.:
4 Wm. Carey Jones, whose resignation as Sec
retary o( the Board or ble?doall COl4O bag 00 ere has
beep previotudy animal:iced, will leave this city In
a few days for California, with moat important des
\ patches to General Persifer F. Smith, in relation to
\ the figure Government of the country, as Presi
\ debt Taylor has determined to take all needful res.
\ panathility in our unorganized territories, Mr the
preservation o o f order.
.501003 charge has been brought
gust Dr. Cedilla, the Fiat Audi th r : firt frequent-
Icing alma from hie post and; Leaving signed
' cotes in blank for-his clerks Or Any one sloe
to with what amounts they pleased. The
caused considerable exatannent y and . I
la to =doge a rigi4.lo , oo*fion.
.-------,-'-''' -- - -- ,'?'-'.';.."-.1 - ..., ..- '.- . -Q•1:".. 1, ....14i. ...::,_
Desalts of slisidge - salary.
The veneriado Elois. Elesav died at his
refidence in Beavei-lon - Friday, tau 20th mat,
the 89th year of his lige. "lewtil doubtless gratify
a large portion of riOr more aged readers to nee
the following acemfit of his useful life, which we
take from the BecrorrfArger'
On the preceding ~.'Friday, he felt a little unwell,
and on Saturday wits attacked by the prevailing
disease, diarrhol
gri Monday his disease chang
ed to dm : u m , 00 dux,) and be commenced
making, Notwithentadiog the skill of the excellent
phyaictana, its progrnas could not be arrested, and .
or the followieg Frigy he sunk beneath its power.
Though lethargic dung a portion of the time, he
retained his facultierrnotil the morning of the last
day, and could be aroused to consciousness. In
all bin former attacks, he had experienced much
pain of body, and tome anxiety of mind; but in
this, his last, he auffered little pain and enjoyed
peace and serenity.
Thomas Henry was born in Ireland, in the
month of May, 1781; William Henry, his father,
emigrated to the United States In the year 1783.
about the close oflthe Revolutionary war, and
first settled in Marykrid, not far from Havre de
Grace. He removed thence to Beaver, (then Al
legheny,/ county, in the year 1787, and commen
ced' an actunl sottleinent On the easterly side of
the Big Beaver. '4lte country was then a tad.
demises. The Mufti Of peace, concluded with
the Indians, by Gen.- - .Wayne, at Fort Greenville
August 3d, 1795, ratified in the following Del
comber, having opened the way, the tide of em.
grunion from the back settlemeuta act in, in the
year 1796. Judge:Henri was then In his 16th
year. He wes thetefore identified with all the
hardahipa, privations, interests, and feelings of
the early settlers and pioneers of the county.
In the year 1802,he came to the town of Beaver,
to engage in working at his trade, with his elder
brother. Possessing naturally a vigorous mind,
and a bold and energetic disposition, he soon began
to take part in political affair. On the 24th De
cember, 1803, he was appointed n 3 ashen of the
Peace, by Simon Sitifder. In 1810, he sew elected
a County Comminitiner. la the fall of 1512, he
was elected Captain. of one of the companies draft
ed from this enemy ; to protect the shore. of Lake
Erie against an insertion of the British; supposed
to be intended to .be made during the following
winter. He marched with his company and
wintered near the, Lake shore. Here his com
pany suffered much from sickness, and the severity
of the cold; and he himself labored under a severe
and lingering attach of the Typua veva+. It was
during this campaign Judge Henry laid the foun
dation of-many warm friendships, as 'ashen as the
lives of those who became his hiends, and come
still are living who iwill ever remember him with
deep regard.
In 1815, he was elected a member of the Legie
lature, and in 1818 appointed Prothonotary and
Clink of the several Courte of the county, which
post be retained until thelell of 1821, when elected
Sheriff by the PeoPle. In the year 1825. he be
came the proprietor and editor of the Western
Argus, a newspaper eatabliahed originally by the
late James Logan,Esq. He continued in this vo.
ration until the year 1831, when the paper passed
nto the hands of his son, the present editor. In
4 , 28 and 1829, he tilled the office of Treasurer of
the county. In 1831, he woe appointed lir Gov.
Wolf an Associate Judge. This Often he fit aJ
with mach eredit,inad ea independence seldom
exhibited by Mienbietee; DO , hesitating. on priviiivr
weaSloll9 to Maintain hie °wahine with dtic:•inn
tad firmness, and with a knowleder and it titter
danding ripened by a familiar . aiidtinititit nee w In
edictal bustnev. 800 m. in - meanie n to Con
ireas, he rice4ned hie cote ITI,NIOII. and
ne fall of I b3t3 wsil elected to a seat in ("al hotly
V a handsome mei ty over a gentleman ml no
,iiittvledyed worthiand gtvini hv acing
idretigjh adinite (he beanie who-h Itta pc...tonal
inittles had cont.ntry lenot,l ~r e-eleelvd iv 103 a, coo-i, I . .,10 in ea,
stance by Salt- r-cc la wen tin:valve
popttlar coo linter.
Web the eltwat. Co nn! larrn, i.
-43 eut4l the ariivvi
o e. 0' n,.
i-Po y eifte_c,
Ileto A- .1 p : oth
-e. woo woo the co,dop of ate CUM/MCC,. I
&mural, wear cc., poito,o-cd boo'er on 0 , -
; piety, it wt. cult rritnr• Cra , d hrr.noent
g.eiles•..lheact: and to h e rentmai
tne reppect of Vito rigor rotc
v.•d'him lu ercpr As a W 11.1,111. I
•ch it must Fe conceded hewa. for many years
• ors long sod useful hf..l.e always ,wcuowd
P.d well goown Never trimming to the
• polar breeze. his ene-gy cbaropoec fearless
, boldness of action and independence of
nought, caused him rather to lead than to follow
public opinion.
While the prominence of bin puldic life seems
naturally to fill the foreground of nerertptton. the
virtues which adorned his private character of it
may be so diatingttsbed.l cannot pass unnoticed.
They, Inn, occupy large portion of the picture.—
Pwrsuing the (Maim( bat forefathers, be became a
follrarer of Christ and as early ;perhaps as the year
1818 connected :himself with the Presbyterian.
Church. In:IS - 4. he was chosen on elder. la
this position, no tele!l others of his lac, he exerted
a marked infleence. At his house he Minister of
God always found a welcome and a home, while
his three,his servicesland his substaoce were freely
devoted to aid the Church of his choice nod build
up the interest of religion.
As a neighbor, he was obliging and kind, as i .
Wend constantand unwavering. as a enaen useful,
as a citriatlan exemplary, and in hit domestic zeta.
Uons, the attachment of his family terrostims the
strongest proof of how much he seas loved and
He lived to a good old age. reached almost the
hmita assigned to; human life, nod &ad fug about
the period when activity would have ceased. He
did not outlive his usefulness; he had not felt the
depressing weight of dechning years; he bad not
become a burden: upon the world, or an object of
pity; too word, he lived until tie had accomplished
all worth living 'for, and yet escaped the ids of
senility. Having than departed, and *hove all.
cheered and supphrted by that faith which tins the
veil of futurity and gathers in the pure tight of the
Christian's hope, nothing is vrontug to calm the
hearts of those who survive him, and to produce
in them perfect • resignation to the will of Heas
From the Colman. Gazette
Penally Poisoned
On Friday everang last, eight persons in the
family of Capt. glair Summons, an old, respected,
and wealthy citilen, proprietor in the Louisville
has of steam bags, were poisoned by arsenic,
which, it warisopposed on good grounds, was put
into the tea kettle by James Summons, son of
Gramm J. B. l i lmmeratitely after supper, all
who drank ten were seized with violent retching.,
which continued daring the night. The persons
poisoned were—
). B. Snmmoo father; Mrs. Summons, mother,
Mfg: Reeves, acquaintance; Robert Armstrong,
brother in law; Mrs. Mary Jane Armstrong, sister,
Son of do., Soar or five years old; WM. Summons,
brother; Paul Hot:talon, cousin.
Mrs Reeves died at half past nine o'clock on
Saturday mornino.
At the present taridag (Saturday evening) the
others are lying very low, and it is not Itlely all
will recover.
Suspicions resting on J M. Summons. es the
perpetratot of thin attempt to destroy no entire
fittntly, he was. :arrested by officer Dalreil. on
Saturday morning, taken before Squire Snellbaker,
and commutd rot exernmatton on Tuesday after
IL was prwiren,Shat,,on Friday evening he per.
chased trim rents worth of arsenic, nt the Drug
St re of Dr. llockhuty on the curlier of Seventh
and Math streets. 1111 stated that he wished It In
hill rata. The paper in which it was psi up was
.usrked ..poison."
He visited the eery.' girl in the treehen. who
was suffenng fresh having stepped upon a nail and
awed her foot. End ad wired :0 get a Wet, .4" ha
s and put upon the sore. She tooth.. advice
and mimed w gO for the baron—heard, on she
,a,,,,,gar tha ah ret in the ten kettle tailing over.
returned bouer.han SOllllllO., eloected. sad
facial him stialit* the , ellte...e one ask-r 1 h
v.,t he was dei , ng Ile retied mitt the Later
ea. had.nghidhe iii rite of toe
No tsomelon-~btil Irat ht. WOO ,^', no the truth
•ere and et the Crlbc; nut wn •n all wLe had drank
I me tea were taken nek it w tineiyzed,
end found.r. be bte , neiy im,rrerrnated V7:1.11
.1. M. Summottopts for some rmr been very in
temperate—tot uittot so that h. long .nee earned
the repntar•on "Can anatid.tnen sot —rod lost the
tnitflitener of Ai It en is. bat want num, r:ould
have indsiced so deltherately to attempt the
litres or all bra theee bounebold, remain !uddea
in his own borsoith.
. -
Sunday Evettlitg.—Tbe only death that bed oc
curred wee that 41 . hint. Reeves; the others were
all lying very It*, but there were reasonable
hopes that no mOge would be last.
The. Hon. Trujnan Smith has the menu of being
the "heat ab.ed,mati" in the Whig party, with the
exception of Geniml Taylor. the unflinching de
votion to the good use, his untiring industry in
spreading information before the people, ho Fian
cees in promoting harmony and concert of action
in the Whig ranks, have brought down upon ham
the hatred of nil Itie enemies of good government,
the abase of such as regard it a species of treason
to :circulate vehtilesome documents amongst the
masses, and the scurrility of those who have, by
his labors, been baffled in their efforts to sow dies
senaions In one, ranks. For this his public acts
here not only bide assailed, bat his private for
tunes have beennppralaed by partisan spies, to fur
niah material fora calumnious paragraph, or a de
liberate slander Pp , oo his personal honor.
If we may Judge from what is said of him in the
opposition press,fris way is beset by salaried tale
bearers, and hislincka are dogged by hued infor
mers. Such peoPle Will not lose their wages by
lack of newel and in default of finding out any
thing to his disadtimtage, they fabricate the most
egregious h.j.eMbds, which are caught up by his
detainers and spread before the country with such
emendations and:additions as the Ingenuity of mal
ice may invent. ''..The libels which continually ap
pear against tiiintime so many- testimonials of the
dread in whiCh he Is held by his enemies Their
endeavors to meet his arguments are confined to
the easier and mpie congenial task of defaming his
In these miscible essays to resist an adversary
by fulminating calttinnies against his private repo.
bation, the peophl*ogaize the homage which bad
men pay to the supporter of a good cause. They
will find their taiics of as tittle avail in. injuring
Mr. Elmiett or the. ;Whig party, as would be the at
tempt to stop the:Mountain torrent by scattering
dirt opoi itstarrk*—Firshiiic.
Foreign news by the Surepa
"Dying to some cease ttot yet explained, our
eastera despatches failed to - reach as on Wednee
day evening. Some of the roorenag papers 11,Cel,
soil the following dapatch. A more Cull and in.
tetestlng account will however, be found rode(
the telegraphic head.
Sr. JOHN!), Wednesday, 1 o'clock,
July 25, Isis.
The Cunard steamer Europa, arrived at Halifax
last evening, bringing Liverpool dates to the lath
July inst. The Europa brings 123 passengers.
LIVERPOOL. July 14th.
The tone of business has continued active and
vigorous. The hlancGtcturing Districts continue
to give assurances of a healthy state of atrairs,with
a gradual extension of operations and a restoration
of confidence.
The English funds have steadily advanced du.
ring the week. Yesterday (July 13,1 consols
ranged from 921a93 on trans fe r. Bank shares
1984. Exchequer into 48a51 premium. The mo.
ney market continues remarkable easy.
Corron.—The sales of a week• foot up the large
figure of 92,520 bales at a further advance of an
eighth of a penny per pound, of which 27.000 bales
were taken on speculauon, and 49,000 for export.
At the close of the_ market pester:lay the quota
tion. were for Fair Upland and Mobile sd: for fair
New Orleans, 54d.
Of the' American desenptions sold during the
week, there were 21,000 bales, Upland. at 4afrid;
32,000 New Orleans, at daBtd; 12,000 Alabama
and Mobile at 9astd. The otienngs yesterday
were not so large, but the advance was firmly
limrsorri'vra—The market generally is dull,
and last week's prices were barely maintained.—
Corn has experienced a further decline of
6d, to Is. per quarter. Flour—The quotations
were far Ohio 253..253 6d; for western Canal 23a
2.55; Philadelphia 23.6 d. Baltimore, 26.a26.64.
Wheat in unchanged.
The price of Indian Corn is nominally 31.3.511. per
quarter. Sales, however, have beau made to ar
rive nt 23a205. per quarter.
Paomsioes—There is no alteration in Beef
Western Pork meets with fair sales at last quota -
lion. Bacon—Having submitted to a reduction
of fully 2.5. per cwt. is in extensive demand.—
Western Curing has been sold freely, and a better
demand is felt for Shoulders.
lane—The trade is doll, dealers insisting on
lower rates before they will operate.
It has been excessively hot in London and Liv-
arpool, and the Cholera appears to be steadily on
the increase in London. Last week there were
152 deaths there from that disease. In Liverpool
The epidemic has broken out to a very fatal
form in Southampton and seems to infest the en
tire Southern coast of Eughul. . .
The Potato disease has manifested itself in a
number of pia., is Ireland, but with this excep
tion,the crops generally were highly promising,
throughout both England and Ireland.
The Irish papers contain the most distrcaing
accounts of intense sutfertng in that country, par
ticularly in the South Western districts. The
Workhouses ure filled to repletion. and thousands
of persona appear to be actually withool the means
of keeping body and soul together.
On Mondav,Stnitb O'Brten, Meagher. McNuna
and o"Donahue were embarked on board the
schooner Swift, which sailed immediately for Van
Du-mni.'s Land. Previous to their departure they
placed In the hand. of mutual frtends an address
to the., countrymen of which the Loden Times
most he ad ni ated us tune n unchjec
ti.tuab e, nl,, trune m nicrate than could h.
'expected front men. the vrt co,. tenor ill Oh re
••prevlntin 1eke,..11, favored the Anton:button teal thou
•ele nrtme not an free the
nnme unknown 'pr.-en of tiowionehl Atro.,"
E entente to till thirty five Val•liDe M thr.Freot h
As:tett - Ihly are e‘tant :••n.,rd quietty. an. the re-u
et.pear to tend an laver of the mod-rate rat.-
111 Parr. 'he ontorterial candidates were all re.
turned In .he Provinces Loam/and, and a few
t.i nr re, :he G snahrts secure . their election.
0 t Tnortufav trtir , there ,ca. rumor ,o Purls
a fenny hAviog occurred in Ire
utrft.nv , he affair. (A Rome. and it ot 11l that
(httl..ct filr,tt and Dqlour aul rrtue. 1.300ut.
Wer, expreaned wh,ner England had OM ,
a,.wa , rriruted remourtrated won Frrn , e on mr
rublect ut Roman ndatrr.
fl. • II
1 n• ,•ur
tit l>•I., ha. liven desp....l
dnr Estraordinnry to the Court oi St vrrn
rumen apparent oast, with the object. as has been
conjectured, tonetstrad, Lord Palnacrsten • de
etded or apprehended tutervenuon arab Franey in
favor ittf the R 'mate,
Regarding au , .titti -et. the Landon San, says
`The Martinis of Nwmanby ha. prenewed a note
to the Freileh Government, from Lord Palmerston,
demanding explicit declaration, na to the intentions
of France with regard to Rome—bow king it is In
tended to occupy tile Roman territory, and whether
it iv teectlyed to vapyort the Pope'
The Letzwinist and Jesuit
. 1 tuned, we setting op
cry for the abitolute and uoconditiona: reatoratton
or the Pope." Rut tne correapondent w the Titan.
says "no such folly is intended be the French
Several °committees of the Legislative Assembly
have suggested a prorogation of that l.dy (aim the
15th August to the Ist October a• practicshie
without detriment to the outdo- business A com
mission was appointed forthwith to consider the
Pml'ili d7lL
Theculties which continue to beset the
French Government. particularly sett regard to
the Italian question, oitwu.a great doctuations is
the French funds.
The 'alloauctir contains a despatch fromitjenetai
Oudinot, which gives an—etahorate nod detsoed de
scription of the haul assault upon Rome, made on
the 29th June.
The brave Romans fought desperately. wving
four hundred of their email number killed, and
one hundred and twenty five prisoners. The
French account acknowledges only hine killed on
their side, and one hundred 101 l ten taken prison
In corliMplerle< of the surrender of Rome, the
orders that had been despatched to Toulon for
embarking the retrikircerneras, were countermand•
ed. and the steamer already at sea will he caged
Ledra Rollins movements are at length traced.
He had been until recently secreted in Paris.—
Ho reached London on Wednesday lion He!glom.
in company with Mean,. Bernard, Aragu, and
The present aspect et Cholera ;a Paris is favor
able. The deaths were dm/rushed to thirty per
The total number of deaths us Pans and the
soburbs, since the commencement of toe disease,
have excesded 30.040•
Corresponden:c sI t9e H Y Comrwt,lo.
L. 31.03,
Rnme has surrendered and consequently one
net of the European drama is nt length completed.
In other respects there is this Week little news of
The termintaion of the Roman strugale look place
on the 30th of June, when it was nunouneed by
felegsaph to the French ministry. The inwiii
gence having been communicated in tills way, we
are. of mum, without any roll details_ All that u
known is that the Roman Assembly notified the
fact by the leilowirig resolution, and that a won!.
mita' deputation forthwith proceeded to the camp
of Oudinot to arrange terms.
-The Assembly"--such was the announce-.
ment—"een.s a defence who'll has become Mt
pußslble, and rrinsinn at ta post. It charge. the
Triumvirate with the eSentition o( the present de-
Infamous as the whole affair ham been lor France
there a., few who Jo not r..) we hat we paled or
hut,er rennaanea has been abm,nme.l It lIJAI
remain. I) be menu ‘v,icitier. no w
main true to their leadcrn, or w brain, Outttnot
nod hut counxcllors will ttoccecd by tutri,utt
tte•triqlog their power •nd urteur nreartoc
in incur of the prtrattt From 1,1.1111 r, and rape
ut•lor Italians of tha R.,man Swett, We mom no.
expect much. Should the Tnumvve, howeybr
~,,, be able to command general support. Inv
cul lea of the French lA , 411 ! , e of the wool remarks
tile ob•racter. Meanwhile every engine IC act in
motion to tow Msg.:newn b twami Maggint and
nis colleague.. and to dathavr flees among the
p-ople whom thy have elevated and pre.erv.
ad. The French limes seduiously repre.ent
snout as a faction, riding over the loyal withar,
of me pope uaoon, walle tllO lead.aa
newspapers work indeldttimbly vi Inc conic
by detioununt, Went an ....M.jorat sea and "no
that ate."
On the events which preceded the eaptillatton.
those which have oven narrated up to the present
erne, do not appear to have been very tinportaut.
The incite works sit ()odium were carried on with
the tienust caution, and so great at last became the
impatience of the Preach Government nt being
kept from their prey, that General Redoau was de
spatched from Pan, to urge matters to a rooric.
sloe, U . necessary, to supereede Ouihnot in the
command. Soon slier hi. departure, however,
the capitulation was announced, and he was con
sequently recalled. While the siege woe proceed
ing, lettere were nubile/led in some of the French
pipers, purporting to have been written by officers
high in Oudinot's camp, to the effect that the loss
already sustained was at least 1200 men, and that
it would take, under the present mode of progress,
at least 50 day. more before the final ntsuult on
the city could be achieved. It seems, however,
that a pontoon was at length gained, which consid
erably increased the power of the besiegers, and
that 200 Romans were killed end wounded on the
occasion. Another inducement toward the capitu
lation was furnished by the return to Rome of M.
Accnrsi, the Roman deputy who had accompa
nied I..sseps LO Pans, and who was now furnish
ed by the French Government with DU authority
to pass through Chtdinot's line., and to enter the
city, to order, doubtless, that be might comment.
cute the fate of the outbreak to Paris on the 13th
of lone, and the way In which it had strengthened
the Ministry, an us to leave them free to pursue
their iniquitous course without opposition. Pro
bably, akso, M. Annelle was the bearer of some
Mau or promises from Odillon BEttiOt, of a favora
ble kind.
The friends of Hungary take up the newspa
pers each day with a nervous band, dreading to
meet some account of a pitched battle which shall
have sealed the deatructimi of that country. Up
to the present time, however, nothing very fatal
has transpired, although the plans of Russia are
spun a scale which continues to denote that the
Hungarians are to be hooted and aubjugated like
the Poles. All the accounts received during the
parr week, coma from Austrian sourres ' and are
therefore deserving of little credit; but the .11us-
Mane ere, by their immense numbers, encircling
Hangary to a net, and it is quite certain that the
wallet is every day Resuming more and more the
character of a tremendous death snuggle. Among
recent sticixsees, the Austrians report that no the
16th of June, Jellachich attacked and defeated the
Hungarians under Perezel. at a place called
Tornash, Jellathich losing 1000 men, and the Hun
garians 2000 killed and wounded. and 2000'prmon
era, as well in their artillery, inns, ammunition
and baggage. They also say that at a *recalled
Szeben, the Hungarians were overpowered with
the supenor numbers of the Russians, and lost
300 men; and, foully, it appears that, on the 28th
of June, the Amanitas and Russian' captured
Raab, end that the Emperor entered the conquer
ed city. There are likewise rumors of a battle
with the Hungarians, beaded by Bent, in Tram".
With regard to these several amounts, it Is to
be mentioned, first, that Jellachich is notorious,
eves among the Austrians, gar the utter reckless
ness of his bulletins, and that he never yet suffer
ed a defeat on which he did not announce forth
with the annihilation of the enemy; next, that the
battle at Sgeben, in which the Hungarians are re
ported to have sustained-a loss of only 300 men,
will most likely, from the moderate figures with
which the Austrians have here on:dented them
selves, torn out to have been disastrous to the Im
perialists; thirdly, that the capture of Raab was
nothing more than the occupation of that place af
ter a nominal resistance on the part of the Hong&
rises, in pursuance of their old plan of retiring be
fore their enemies; upon whom they inflicted some
damage, while they themselves sustained scarcely
any loss; and, finally, that the fact of there being
rumors of n battle with Bent. while nothing is said
of his having been utterly routed, which would
have been the most moderate report of the Aus
trians, even if he had merely suffered the slightest
check. suggests strongly the possibility that he may
really have gained a great success.
Still we mast not let our loathing of the cow-
ardly oppressors blind us to the immense nature
of their resources and the critical prospects of the
Hungarians It may be that the penalties is stare
for Austria and Flossie are destined by Providence
to take their origin front the success of the present
devices. When Poland was crushed the obsolu•
Lists throughout Europe thought themselves se
cure, and yet it is to this very circumstance they
now owe the perils which at all times environ
them Wherever an outbreak occon a band of
homeless Poles are ready to give it force and or.
ganisation. Let the same work be repeated with
Hungary,and a band of man will be created whose
influence in futtue emergencies will be fatal and
The minor points of news from Austria contin•
ue to be perfectly characteristic. One amsß town
which recently gave succor to the Hungarbuts,hee,
by the order of General Haynau, been burnt to ash
es, on a deliberate punishment far the inhabitants.
At Vienna a young soldier has been shot for cih
culating unauthorised news from the army, and
for speaking slightly of the rewards distributed to
the military, whereby, it was inferred, he wished
to incite his comrades to desert. At Prague in
in Bohemia a young student was recently mat
down by the military in the streets, and almost the
enure populauon attended at his funeral, this be
ing the only means, (the state of siege Lin prestrd
ling.) of manifesting their feeling at the outrage.
All these things, however, ail to draw a single
word of disapproval from the English conserva
tive press lniked In the narration of them every
endeavor is made to cause them to appear perfect
ly legiiimate occurrences. Sad as this seems It is
nevertheless possible to see that It has led to
much good, despite the spirit by which Ma prompt
ed. Had the English people been stirred by cor
rect repreeentetions of what has taken place both
in Hungary and in Remo, and by powerful appeals
to !bro stt foray bV oft the pen of the press seneral
ly they would probably before this here emorotled
theowelve• by iitterfereocc. Such a CI,OIIIG would
nave been downtrou• tor the ultimate ',betties of
Euro,. We are now gaining strength by prove.
wo•Pb when th dwelollned races ensue as,
or tra.lpd ny there mutual contests. shall have he
n nu. ar-Pr n.ln •docieity, will enable o. to cx.
en a influence for their advanielo_
The ex actions of Ad-trw hare interrupted the
neanta , on. I, peace until Sat ma, who'll, were
oat sit noosed to hare been completed. Among
t,, en. they are sat , to have demanded an
.nce qt.-nue. and defensive, and a coehrtment
or 211000 men, to atilt them against
Holiday. Now , hat the Frosch ate in Fosse,
stun el , kOrflr. to •v pern•ps windily tacit lone.
Hen I ne. have nee, reeominenced against
hen r, hot t notholly noldF out. Tne Ventliana.
moreover. Ore "aid 1,. have made a successful sonic
and io have csiau red Iwo Anainao generals
The German [won n is not lunch nearer
to •olunon True to her character, some of the
hinge take advantage of the present lull to attempt
to replatitete their recent concessions. Hanover
hoe issued a circular declaring that she took par
to the recent draft of the central conettutton :noon
front Berlin, -from a teeling of imminent danger,"
but that it contains paragraphs of much too central
izing a nature. Saxony, the other power which
assisted to the preparauon of the draft, now also
interposes obstacles.
A meeting. however, has taken place at Gotha,
of the moat influential members of the late Germ.
parliament, known as the Gragern party, which
may do gond. About 160 attended, and they came
In a tcaolunon to recognize unreservedly the plan
for a constitution as contained In the Perim draft.
At Berlin. it is nononnemi, the of mire
to cease on the . .Ah instant.
From Baden the accounts show Out the Prussian
troops have succeeded in potting down the teams
rectumn. There have been akw farther fights, bat
the remnants of the Insurgents are now 'hat op m
the iortress Rasesdt, where they are negouating
he a espluilation. the whole affair is, therefore,
virtually si.ea cod
Wats regard to dm tutelligenrur [nun C24310¢611 1 .
boned to my tart, of the Empert, bating flgaggii,
to comply with the stpalaton by which Os gib*
of the env of Canton mem to be mmutegyppern
eii to foreigners on the GO & April, it a art tbat
our Government have rewired not bolehßeebii
right by a direct resort to tuataitiea. 1 eight fa
roll maintained, but the plea of the Emfiltot, *al
he !S unable to grant it at thepue=olzteat.
without danger. with has met nomad agui
has been resolved to allow him some (bet time
before prueeelhog to curtail:ie.
In London the subtext of excitement dhsina the
present week hit been the re-election of Moon
Rothschild It was supposed that be Would walk
over the course. but at the eleventh belly a young
tory nobleman, Lord John Manners, Unagern of the
Duke of Rutland, appeared as a maddens. He
was proposed by Me. Thomas Banngiand arm
supported by the conservative party, bait nothing
could have been more total than histr. He
polled only 2914 votes, while for hild the
number was 6017, giving a minority 0(8203. The
defeated candidate was known chiefly his mon•
huh or Puseynish tendencies, and a k of po
ems, which he was silly enough to pa h about
9 years back, gave his opponents an mtrable
means of element the nature of hi. quidificationa
to represent the commercial ecoporltnn of the
world. floc couplet, of which they made adroit
100, by quoung it on all poselble oceasicats, ran as
I, lava and learnimr, 'wealth and eammdtve OLla
But Icave as mill our oLf wthaltp •
It is true that, sorely pressed by tho damage
than indicted on Wm, he professed that bathed now
modified his view., bat a Mauna retardation,
like a death bed repentance, is alwaya'doubted,•
and a was seen moreover that a man, who could
at any time have perpetrated such degrading treat,
must have disqualified himself for ever from rep
resenting any act of human beings witble the pale
of ordinary enlightenment.
la Parliament there boa been nothiniy of inter
est. Feargus O'Connor'. motion for the people'.
Charter, namely, annual elections, vote by ballet,
equal electoral disortets, no property qualification.
and payment f members, has been osagonved by
2 . 27 mgetnt. :3.
lim wili receive by the p.eiret a dreadful ats,.
COURi of the sinking or the American barque
Charles Bartlett, in n collision with the Europa
steamer, about 700 mace West of Cape Clear. It
irl.i pipe, an the 47th of June, at hillf•past 3 in
the afternoon. The Europe was malting 12 hoots
an hour, in a heavy fog, end she came Pima the
Charles Bartlett in less than a minute afler abe
wn• observed. In three minutes tram lite time of
the collision, the Charles Bartlett went down and
ot 177 on h ard only 42 were rescued: Meat of
the pa-scncers were emigrant. of the better claw
mien po , trvelttt,r *tone little property, rariging Rom
it , ill, in one cane. 1000. The will
he conveye to the . Bolted State ,
by this and the nett steamer. Tbo accident a
admit,il of have icon llllVltatile, buteb azuro,
ety in tor same method of iittilnit
dun.; two, Heil.
o, are of hide use. P bly the
etertne light, when it shall have been perfected,
will afford ore means among others. Action will be
brought against the Cunard company by the own
ers of tne Chariot Bartlett, for the recovery of the
entire value, both of ves.l and cargo.
Thy followlcg te a full account of the late eau
mettle collision at sea, by which an American
vessel and a large number of her passengers were
lost. It is copied from the Liverpool Times:
'The steam ship Europa. Captain Loll, arrived
here on Sunday morning last, after an extraordin
ary passage of tea days eighteen boars from Boston
to this port. On hoard the Europa wears grieved
le find that ohs had forty three perscam, the sun
uvore of the passengers and crew el the American
barque Charles Bartlett, which vessel the Europa
ran down at sea on the Pith ult., about '7OO miles
to the westward of Cape Clear, causing the loss of
one hundred and thirty four lives. The Charles
Bartlett, Capt. Bartlett, was an American ship of
four hundred tons burden, chiefly loaded with
lend and chalk, and having one hundred and sixty
two steerage passenger., one cabin passenger, nod
a crew of fourteen men, outward bound for New
York, and at the time of the collision Was going
at the rate of tire knots no hour, close hauled on
the wind. The Europa was selling at the rate of
Ile or 12 knots per hoar. At the time of the col
lision both vessels were enveloped In a dense fog,
which prevented those on board of eahm vessel
seeing beyond a few yards. At about half past
three o'clock the look out of the Europa suddenly
perceived the ship through the mist, and had Jost
time to announce the discovery when a dreadful
collision:took place, the Europa striking the Charles
Bartlett amidships, and cutting an awfulehasm in
her rade, billing uvenal persona on board. The
barque 'immediately began to settle down, and in
a few minutes sunk. The scene during those few
minutes WO appatiog in the extreme.. A crowd
of soltbring pusengers maimed and broken by the
colibilon, lay dead or dying= the spot where the
bows of the Europa had entered. &tine of the
individiude who crowded 'the dab appeared
panic airtime, shrialthlit to and fro in
despair, while some rushed forarati end eagerly
seised upon the opportunities which Were present.
ed for giving them a chance aturety.
The most Malone exertion Were =de on the
instant, by all op - • • the Europa. for Mee*,
from the Peril which pressed upon them
rts many individuals SA possible Hand buoys and
topes were thrown over, boats were lowered, and
every man was busied in those flewfearful minutes
in rescuing thestruggling sufferersfrom the waves.
Eel, with all the exertions that could be used,
only forty three individuals were saved ow• of one
hundred and seventy seven,wbo had recently been
alive on board the unfortunate ship. Amongst
those preserved were the Captaia,Charlea Bartlett,
the second mate, and seven seamen. Of flirty wo
men who was on board only one ma. rescued.—
It is a remarkable circumstance that the second
mate of the Charles Bartlett, and all the men of his
watch, who were below at the time of the collis
ion, were saved, whilst the whole of the watch on
deck, with two exceptions perished. The boats of
the Europa, which had been lowered - immediately
an the colli si on taking place, and which had been
actively engaged in picking up the unfortranate
sufferers, were near being engnlphed in the vortex
which the sinking of the barque erected, No blame
whatever can be imputed to those in charge of the
Europa. The collision was purely accidental; no
human foresight or prudence could have prevented
it; and on the unfortunate circumstance taking
place, every exertion was made to save the crew
and passengers of the sunken vessen. The dam
age sustained by the Europa was very trifling.
Immediately after the accident a committee w•as
formed, electing Mr. Bates as its chairman, and
Mr Peabody secretary, for the purpose of giving
tangible form to the benevolence of the gentlemen
and ladies on board. &bac:prig:ins to the amount
of .1:362 5s were collected on the instant.
We may bare observe that, at one of the com
mittee meetlegy on board the Europa, the follow
ing resolution passed unanimously:
"That we have witnessed, with feelings of in
tense interest, the bold and rapid movements of
Captain It. B. Forbes of Boston; that hie self sacri
ficing and daring leap into the sea to save the pas.
imagers of the Charles Bartlett, commands our ad.
miration, and we rejoice that there deeds were
performed by the missionary of the Jamestown."
Captain Bartlett, after giving an account of the
weather, fog, &0,, thus describes the collision.
Al 3 o'clock, ordered a good look-out from the
topgallant forecastle; also directed the man at the
wheel to look sharp to windward. At 330 P. M.,
being on the weather aide of the poop deck, heard
a rumbling to windward like distant thunder; turn
ed my ear to windward, and my eye to the hon.
son. The man at the wheel noticing that I was
listening, looked to windward and cried "sail ho'"—
I at once saw what I supposed was a ship, about
one point forward of our beam, about one hun
dred yards distant. I ordered the helm up, think•
ing she did not discover us, and that we should
have time to clear her before she could come in
contact. All hands shmted at the mime time to
slam the ship, and ordered the bell to be rung,
and called to the ship to "port her helm," as I
saw that was . the only chance of escape. There
was nearly one hundred passengers on the deck
at the time. All was of no avail, for in one mini
site from the time we saw the ship. she was upon
us, going at the rate of twelve knots, striking us
abreast of the after main shined*. The crash and
the terrible scene which ensued, I am not adequate
to describe. I was knocked to leeward with the
man at the wheel. I recovered myself in n mo
ment, shoatiog to every one to cling to the steam
er as their only hope; 1 caught hold of a broken
chain on the bow, and hauled myself up. shunt.
log at the tame time to the crew nod passengers
to follow, I had barely time to get on the steam
er's bow, and while getting up. I noticed that her
I.w was into the snip, wlttina a foot of the after
hatch. and that she was stove clear to the Ire •,d 6 .
and that full twenty feet of her side mm stove te.
There must bane been nearly fitly pi , rters
ICI kvl
ed by the collisiou. Every exertion wan made
by Capt Lon, his officers and crew, nun the ohs
setigers no boar-1 the %WARMr. The bents inert na tely. oo-
le ten mere saves by the boats. the balance, mak
ing thirty three more or less saved themselves by
heaves to the tom The steamer lay by me r 'ea
ts hang an mere mast any hope at raving say."
The committee appointed to require into and
report on the circumstances ot the collision, after
• refereace to Captain Bartien's statement son the
log of the Europe, thus express tnemsetves
'lt appears tram the evidence tendered tort the
officers and look-outs were at lame poets. and the
committee tee saustied that all prof er vgnanre
and scantly were awed th this sudden emergency
on the part of the steamer. The committee ha•-
iog weighed all the eircnai•tances of this painful
and tmpsralleled disaster, whereby about one tutu.
deed and thirty six souls found an untimely grave,
feel hound to report that no blame can be attacn
ed to either party They feel convinced that ev
ery thing was done by the mtimandcr, the oth-
nen, mad the crew of the Europa to prevent tee
lamentable dieter, and creel thing tried idler as
occurrence to save the lives and to minister to the
cements of the airman."
Pinneynon, June sub. ledu
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A History of the M. , OIIINIZi Abontes, frog:alba
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nounce that th ey w peas thin Fnday evpdfog, July
27th, with ACES, open which occasion
they will cepa.' the - Doak:atm Glee," "be kind to the
loved ones' at home."
Foster's Pathetic Ballad of "Nally {Von o Lady,"
will be repeated, by pasted's, salaam.
ekets, 213 centa.
.Fooss open at 74 o'clock: Concert to commence
Desirable Property far Sale.
IRAT beautiful, well known and healthy residence,
(late)y occupied by Mrs. E. S. Merest", deed,) on
top of the hill west of Steubenville, It., and adjoin.
log the Steubenville and Cambridge road. The lot
minutiae about eight acres, OM smedesr, and under
fence. The improvements are a two Wan , Brick
Ilouscand Kitchen, brick snub house, and
chicken house, a good frame amble, ac. There is a
variety of fruit tom and shmbbedy, but e full deserip •
Son of day well known property le deemed unneces
sary. It la one of the mom beaunild rural retreats to
the vicinity of Steubenville, and Is perbepe one or the
most healthy,--combitung the malty advantages of
town and country, with few of the inconveniences of
either. The dile le unitueptionable. Possession can
be given on the first of November. For (hither par
ticular., apply throogh the Post Other, address the
subscribes, Edlourryille, Jetlerson county. 0.. or at his
maidence on the bank of the Ottio,oppoalteldew Cam
berland, V.. JAMES R. Dr. STEWART,
14117.w2m8 Ea'r of Alex. Stewart, deed.
VOUND—A mall leather Pane, coma: ing • smell
I . um of money, which the owner can hare by
paTiVir fin thla &Overtime:eat. Apply at thle olLre.
BROOM 13-113 dos. just landing, for sale by
)0 7 8. F. VON MONNHORST & Co.
F 141114.9 4 , ObtLlGlbtle , cm.o lerdzy IWilver :
,keitl boat .Toseoldneourfar Wet/
VOW RENT!-The three Voir Met Direale
Rao.. anl.4 , ertr, berm. Rey end martian .
sYeet., now penciled by W. Graham, Jr. Possession
Men isonlesliekely. Enquire of Wm. Graham, or of
the Bookstore of
earner Market aa Thhal meets
Bugloss tor Sale
1-1 e>limier', 4 lam stroke; I Boilers, 20 feet 10,4, 311
Inches in diameter, all its good older, .6" be sold at a
been i 0 be made soon. They have only
about 19 mouths. For prattientars,loquire
11727:dtf R. NAYS, Gazette °Mee
GEORGE HUHN, by raying at my office and pay
I ng charges- ratil remise Box containing vain
able Medicines, Books, Ite.,
irttl No. 87 Front st,
n BfiLF. ben double refined winter Steained Lard
ailJ OU, received and for sale by
Y: 1 !' N 0.152 Liberty meet.
I,^l BOXES Prone Cheese, of a Mahe size, received
V and for sale by W. m R.. Iit'COTCHEON,
/TM No 1 . 52 Liherty street.
WNTF.D—A rood compositor at this affiee.
V V Irlaslif
SUGAR -150 bads. ruietly (or sale by
Jy2G C. H. GRANT, No. 41 Water rt.
It 4 ACKEREL,-1011. bbls. Large Go. 3, Manahan/la
0/ Inspection, to arrive; for sale by
The steam boat A. MASON
now mu from the Point, foot
of Liberty street. to Ma Gar.
n—leaving at 9 o'clock, A. M, and
atthe beginning of each boor until 9 P. M. Viaitent
rnaprely on finding the boat at the hour. She leaves
the Garden, the last up trip, at 10 o'clock.
The mason is fast advancing, and those wishing to
visit thie delightful retreat, now Is the time to spend a
few home, not in the smoke and duet of the eiry, but in
pure atmosphere, perfumed with the !Mignon of
All kinds of rofieshruenta, except Intoxicating drinks,
are kept on the premises. Greenhouse Plante, and
Bouquets of choice flowers for sale. Closed on Ran
day. iY 9 II JAMES M'KAIN.
(tlgf-Change of landing nude on account of be ma-
Cheap ry Goods.
XX7 HO WANTS Tifiequito Bare Gst 624 teats.
V V Heavy Moven Muslims for 44
Extra " " 61
i Bleuebed 5
Superior "
Perasoietts 23
Celocues 3 "
Good quality, do. u
Mous de Lames 1. 12 ":
Gingham* " 10
Alpaceas " 101 "
Fa-tra do. -.M "
Silk and Wool &rages " IE4 -
Conon /c. " " -- " 12*
}Monet Ribbons 61
Good gutting Rid Gloves. ' 37 .
Cllntlitllll4 IE4 "
Broad Cloths " 111,Z
A. A. MASON & CO. have Goods to prices named
above Call soca at the only cheap one price atom
00 !Market .vent. irit,
nnoKs.—Soothey's Common Place Book,
edited Ly lu. sonetn-taar, John Rood Hann. D. D.
Abbott's History of Julius Cesar, with engravings.
Jost received at
cof Market mad Third its.
A ItIF.S' NEW NOVF,L.—The Woodman! A R.
• ma , •ee of the times of Rtchard ,byG.P. R.
James, Esq. Just received by
_, coo Market and Th i.
ird sU
13 rittifi — l , orloSilloal Isltorstotro.
'lt.: London Quarterly Reviews,
. h'sluihorgh Review,
e Westmosster Review,
a 7oe Novi , Delilah Review,
5 : .okw od's Edinburgh Magimine--Monthly
'I ,bore Personnel. are rerrinted in New York,
• lately on their arrival by the steamer.,
in • eao , trul el sr type, on fine whit • paaer. and are
fa. 3. eop.e• of I h ginala—Blackwood s M
exam hae•runile of the halinbargh edi eV " .
. 11, Priem of •be eopnn,. are less Than one third of
Ito e of the formign comes. and while they are equally
web executed. th vy afford CI that advantage to the A
meriere over the Ensi HI reader '
T. ass—i Payment to be mule In advance
For any of the Mar Remenrs, - $3 OD per an.
Foy •ny two . 5 00
Foe any three do • 700
For ail roar of the Reviews, 9 00
For Fbarkworill's Maramne, • 3 51
For Blackwood n d the four Reviews, 10 MI
The shove promptly...plied b
DmAseller and Importer of Foreign Books,
17'4 • 61 Wood et
irr 131. c twood's Magazine, for /air, has lost be,
.rd. and ms-r bo bud a. above.
j)OTATCWS-1.5 bbls this day red from Celli
j polol, and for sale by
1.71.017R—R0 bids. just reed and for sale by
- -
Wholesale Drag Dior. for gale.
1 , 1111 subleriberie, desirous of retiring from the D.ui
holiness, offer Mew well selected stook of Drug..
Aledieines, ete • for ode.
The establlshmetu Is among the most ellgtble to the
West, ha elm, an evens... and lucrative custom alrea
dy establishment.
The most satisfamory information relmive to the
profits of the establishment, and the reasons for gob
ung busmen, can ba given by addressing the subset.
Lem (o Uti Matta* greet ltilimihng, Va.
i rt4 alm—wheel vs ca:. N
AR r;..TY FUS E--30 . 000 re; t s rle by
PEnvDER, tvgPoark-w-qlolirY
4M bf do do
• .
IW qr do do do do do
In .141.7.... awl deliverable at any hoot daana the
dax, J Dl3 4 }Y..lApi la co
ntretw,--crisariefticie; Initare Rata gale by
VLOUR-35a bbl. Float, superior qulty, for male
E by iy24 J S DILWORTH. I CO_
itx ACKEHRL-50 bbh No 3 largo 211Ockezel, 1949,
.11,1 Am loading 0.1 for Jude by
PAPRO--SCO teasn In More and flar
Vy ule try JrAi .1 DILWORTH& CO
fosale rum ready *misting Non the
JUL smoke houser by
sylli AV to IX AP.IL'TCREON, IWLI I:Tmst
MOULDERS-40W pee Shoulders, in stooks, boast
and for sale by lynl Wt R M'CDTCHEON
"ENXTRA FAMILY FLOUR-30 bbl, just meld and
,„Ce for gale hi_ net ARAD3TRONO t CROZER
OT rem 00e of the above Piano Font* will be
exchanged least origmally lINVO for a lot of round,
or nterehandire at stair releution.
)1 ,4
yUNIATFA BLOOMS -mss tarts lo nom and far We
br *IE6 . &
mut if
CREAUWARTAJI-3jun LLERS ree'd and for soh: by
lyd3 E SE, 67 Wood
UMBER—I bbl lasl reed and Ibr gab, by
IQVORICE ROOT-4100 lbs prime sound, just read
and for Web EES • T-V124
SWIS MUSLIMS—W. It Niarphy kasreseived •
fresh Bupply for dresses, very cheap. ALlo w est.
braidered Muslin; plain Moli WWI., and barred
!anoints, km priced and line; as nonnaan came, 4th
and Market eta
_ _ _ - W. Murphy has rani.
_ ved taw pleat. for wimlner bed qadia, the
low pride of lei els per yd. 1111:3
TTREDUC PH CP.13.-- VI. K. Mury•7 n
hand a few ohm, and colored quilts, which ho
onll clown oat at low • elect JYIG
TS HEREBY GIVEN 10 thane who kitow themwlyet
indebted to the Entnita of JOAN WHITTEN, deed,
lieu. of Ptitabartrh,) that they are redeemed to call
without delay and fettle their account. with Richard
Floyd. at the Warehoese of J & R. Floyd, Round
Church Laildlny., Liberty street Those argleating
Au. twice lawn than thirty days, may expect that
twat acrau.,ta will then .4 in the hands of a Nom
dltker for collection.
)7f4nlllw o RICHARD FLAYD,
Wan,— The highen market picot M mint, will ba
paid for the different grade. of Wool, by
1753 N 053 Water and 101 Font at
! ,a ODA ASH--25 usks Sods Mb, reed and for sale by
Li "1
B AZeNbVIO Jyll ULDERS--1 cs ei rtr t hr=r j ud e for
CHEF !?6-:-.5t gat. pnmlieream Cheese, Jot teed
pod fax odd by ipt3 S& W RAAUGH
I L t
y A tt o M A D
nlsamio an K d VJ , N ul kli o A . R. p. — di Th es e e pg . -
I ?tear,e , tender 'afar lopetier to Corolgoa water ,
the Winn terßeles 01 4014 lb;
Icy . iiiiteventete. It prevents ea t
eiluditY Of th e Qtly whines oh wiumits
shal sir rendering it soft and smooth. It corrects the
clammy and hitter taste of the mouth, Imparting • fresh
and pleasant breath. It cleanses and whitens the
teeth and hardens the gums. Foe all the above per
pose 4, it is used with k Water in
i nche aropordon as may
be On. ad most agreeable. ay nhaling It and rabbis
it on the temples, it will Terence headache. If applied
insbottly in a burn or bruise, it will eventually prevent
mortification. It cornea vitiated air, and guaranties
from contagion; it is therefore very useful for purl/ling
and perfuming apartments. For sale by
It I, SELLERS, Wholesale /Nur,
y2i 57 Wood street, Pit urgh
Ttieieaid — ro
sale by 1 W tr. 111 aftTettELTREE
11.ierAV003rkt - 13AZ7FCi .
c.n,. iie.o.or?.No. a Christopher en.
der Caton. e The Island of Sardinia.; The Ca-Mae—
part XIV; The game Laws in Scotland; Dominique,•
Pesodorziamt; The Crowning of the Comm,, , and
Cruslong of the Pedestal. Thu day received; for sae
solely, or suli.elipttons token al fO per year.
JYJI Atent for Publishers
Night Line of Omnibuses,
bus will leave the Diamond m Pittsburgh arm
everm.g at 4, V and 10 o'clock. Leaves Lawreneevfile
at n and a P. hL Al. it d. BREIDENTHAL. ,
G oon nooks - Ftwa ausnaut BEXTi NO.
TAYLOR—Notes from Life..
—Noma from Book..
Game —Story of Battle of Waterloo.
New Tuom .
Feumeren—Gtentley Manor.
—Ellen Middleton.
1;1 a rr• 1412m1t.
- - - .
A 1180TV8-,-Bianimer In Beolland, etc. etc.
For male by JAMES D. LOCKWOOD,
hr.!! CI Wood fit
CINCINNATI SOAP-73 bra received sad for sale
by 8 & W HARDAUC/11,
1.8:I dl Water at
VVNDOW OLAM-100 bz. ala'd rims, rro'd and
(or sale by )71,1 D S k IV HAB.BLUGH
DHIED PEACHES-1.9 9 bxs Just reed and fee
b 7. i 720 d: HARBAUGH
17N - ENTTikrkft. H.Mnrphy,atnmt6
east earner of Marker and Fourth au, nu open
this mamma a fear Pieces of dark Loan LOAM, •
Beare° amnia—for sacks and dresses. Also
u 301.5 —Gretn silk and Tore win, fringed and
plain—a few a/the latter of Tare satin and handsome
finish. Also
Felucca Looms, of a desirable shade and qtrahmand
lilosdusro Nam—White, barred and colored
Wholesale Ames op main, when goods are rani•
ed . to dealers egtrensely
RoO6lB-20 dos Posoorors, for sale A
B /71 7 ;JD
AUCTION . laArißk.M;:f--..;
By Juba D. Davits. Auctui
Su* gmel FinsetDry Gana,
On Monday 0mming6430114.11-10 eigieek, at
the Commeresal Balm comer of Woodnad
Fifth streets, will be sold, issthout stwirro— •
ik large sm.:ailment of foreign and dangle .ririr
Goods, among which ...opera= Moths, tassimeres,
unions; tweeds, splendid lawns, baliaresee,ki um g,
detains, super prints, French nod Idanekiwter env
tunny shawls, sdk hdlg; hosiery. glows>, lecher. ..I
braid bonnets, parasols, umbsellas, sable eke t k.
skirtings, 'swilled manmades, raison= and
satin seeing., ax.
At 2 (Mock,
Groceries, Qaeemeare, Famitare, &e.
0 bedlam, Yonne fiyvn bra, 14 caddy bom
penal tea, Va mannastared tobacco. No 1 palti .oap,
0 bbls Vinegar, shovels, spades, barks, AM, batebeu,
angers, cora and grass sorbea, brace blls, dy runs,
carpeting Wiling and vmspplag paper,
window blinds, mantetelocka, lam" 100
to tra.
At 8 O'clock
Fashionable ready wade clothing, boot and shom
leather wanks, double and single barrel shot googols.
toles, line cutlery, o w and second hard gold and wirer
watches, variety goods, &o. /YD..
• Bob, /Vardar, shoe Owls, ref..
On Saturday evening, July 28111, at g o'clock, at the
Commercial gales BOOMS, center of Wood and Elith
streets, grill be sold, without reserre— .
A huge collection of rateable miatellattedum
among grhlch are grandard library editions elides
works, featly and pocket bibles, blank books, loner
and ca ground paper, de.
2 bo o jegrelW detached lever gold wattling
3 " doable back parent vented]
Double and single barrelled shot guns, pistols, gold
penal's, lee.
ire JOHN D DAVIS, duet
DRIED APPLES-900 boob Jim no' and for salb
by i l9o • 9 & W HARBAIIGH
FISH—INI bbla /arse No 3 Mackerel, Boasu loom
don; 50 - half bbls do do; 60 bbl, No 3 do,. ne•Sd
and for sale by ailti L S WATEMA,N
rpoßecw-470 bis 9s Tobadeo, on band. and 40.
J. arrive In • few day., come of radish ore ebotee
brands and of aripersor quality, reed on conalittsurent
and for Bala by brlo L S W.& sTMMAN
SRAD AND HERRING —A tenr bbl. of earl. ye
on hawk end isr salaby
EMANB-30 bbl* Mita Beans, on hand
1 07 1 .11,1 fin sale by 1110 L B WATERMAN
LT AHD -25 'crooks, scgarlor wiles for family oso,
jort rturdwed and for sale by
6 •Agriettlrma is the most healthy, mom use td, nomt no
,,siEtsble employment of man.n—Wassloorron.
T ERIS CABINET—Is published on the first otos.
ry month.
Terms One dollar a year in advent% Three copies
one year, or one copy Three pears, f?, Eight copies
*lt year (if sent to oneaddress) (IN Twenty copies,
New subscribers will be furnished with the bar-k
numbers of all or anyspf the volume. Seven volumes
sow published.
Booed volumes in complete sem, or in ultimate vol
umes, furnished at One Dollar and Twenty-five mots
17 20 . 63 Woodni
received a few of the above, of the neer, finish,
seldom fringe, and very superior quality. Jytil
nIL—I2OO rals bleiehed Sperm Oil; tI500 do colored.
NJ do do; iooodo brown Tamers' Oil; 16 bbls Strut's
do do ENO walls blesehed'iMuter Whale Oil, In store
and for sale b 6 MILLER la .RICKETSON
SALAD OIL-40 baskets nice Salad Oil, e x i4 w ire t e i bl
and Isar sale by lyle MILLER t RIC
STA RC 15-30 bxs Bortblight , s, Latorsotes exit Btrab's
Purely In store and for We by
IIUCKETS—a dal Beaver Rackaba d do do Tabs, in
stux and for Isla by
Sweet Maims Wine; 33 Indian bbls dry do do
DIM received and for salelz uxtt
HINGLMI . -413 ..23
dgnment B....sida
MiL. LORENZO, the celebrated PhiloMaher, Presi.
der tof the AstroLaciest Society, will remain in
the airy fora short time, and may be eansalted on all
the affairs of human life, at No 40, St Clair w
e theadanee from 3to 8 • IC Fee from 600 to WO.
Mr Laze= Mahe only-person whorewlicted cement.
ly the marriage of gmen Victoria, and deacribed her
husband, two years before it took platen
P the time of birth with yea. lyleisiter•
OIL CLOTHS—On bend and for tole, by W
tech, at tile Carpet Wasebonse, a large and ex
tensive assortmezu of Oil Cloths, varying - froth 27 In.
thee to 24 feet wide, cat to snit any site hall, room
or vestibule . The immanent consbite of the latest
and most approved - styles and colors.
VILESH ARRIVAL--Of extra osp 3 pty tmgri p. al
E Carpets,. of now and dab wyles, a 1 the
Warehouse of W. lirClrltrrOCK., to which we invite
the encrulon of those 'wishing to Wahl steam bolus
or banana, to ash and onnodne ousextututee stock be
fore parohadng elsewhere .19th•
GMEAT WORK ON COAL.—Taylorbi Statisties on
Coat—The geographical and geological distribu
tion of mineral nombastibles or fossil fuel, including,
also, the yarrow mineral bilascdnous subsumes ore
ploycd In am and mannfietares,_ Ringwood by maps
and diagraram embraclarfrem OEI6II reports of the
coal-producing countries, the respective ammous of
tbs.. r rodnction, consumption and encumercial distri
bution, in all parts of the world; prepared by Richard
Cowling Taylor, in one vet. tityn. For sale by
/PM 2AB D LOCKWOOD, 03 Wool se
WK SRA( PA rts°4llsl—W. R. Alums bait re
eived a tot of Cao.o ardele, some of web are
of im extia sisa. 1719
do do do
IgITTANTRE3—An at perfumed liken= in the Dry
yy Goads bisseultss. Nano other needly.
irleuhf W. H. GAILIZANIN 73 a. ritet st
lar kIW 61 . 11.4 ashiPKM—Gt . nutter receiving a
tho Carper Wareham, OS W. Id'CLINTOCX, No.
73 north street, superfine cad Sea Ingrain C.arpout,
rich in colors and &wan, to 'labia we tuella the at,
wunion of purchasers. ire
A BLACKSAIITH espabte al:taking marinas, Gar
b& ea t and &raiding each work eats minima
bout ishaVforks, andispairlag amen - atm emend
A good du:cation Is Dow off otedl to mei a person, to
eiriablisb himself la badmen where be can employ
taro or time haat Apply to KIER & /ONES, or the
subscribers, near Taretnam, for ?Anther Inforabuion.
Saline Salt Works, July IS, LBW,
Et Beth for flOoms cents.
Ladles Department open from a to 11 o'clock, A." ,L,
and 2 to 2 o'clock, P. AL
Athol:mum Saloon and Barbing EarMalainnent.
/PHI T. M'FLLI. Premrlolo,
01 , 711E-1/0 nap Rlo Coffft, Ina mod and for
1719 In Liberty at
VtOLTSSiar--185b1da TI 0 !alum; ulailiWebis
In in store and for tale by
LI. U . —LSO b. o. 1 Cul. tosp, jog ree'd •
0 yea try jytil RCB/SON, LrITLE a co
NAILS, &e.-360 kegs Nails, smoii sizes; 60downdt
Spiking 10 tons assorted Bar Iron for axle by
ILSATEINI2, &e.-151 bales Nos 1 and 1 Balling; 00
D do CandJewielr, 11000 Cotton Para, for sale by
oaks rime 62 to saw en .
Mt canvassed jest real and for sale by
_ Jyria BISON Ll ITLB & CO
BEEF-21:0 bush ierl Pe
Appiza, for as by
rl6B-3 W. Pome, ■ prime ardeltk
od 11
nd for axle by J7lB ROBISON, LITT
LABS-413 boxectlila W Olaar, IN de aced dm
So, for sale by jylß ROBISON, LITTLE tc CO
Misd for sate
na.l3ual• Retry , Paper ,just reel
‘Ol.ll IV, L-E'fr. Co
8.9.—W s • , b • Nos 6,6, 7
L 7 and b Loaf do; for oilo by
lyre , ROBISON, LITTLE/be°
FLOII-30 bbl. largo nays No 3 Mackerel;
30 do de No 1 Otbid Haningio
• 10 da Pickled No 18alsoon,Inabssaa0d
for pia by DIP JOHN WATT k. CO
I'lsll - 4 o bbliTssia — Nr4Eriaiiisita — h - iiiiFtro
tatiseetton, resolved this day for ss a by
REMY, hia+nnsvas & CO,
lyre W tied 29 Water st
DIG IRON-230 tons PI/ lean, pare aefutenib,.kyr,
fat ale by "AS ECIELION, LIME &CO
iiTay t teed and for sale by
MB Rwr i ttaiTagwa & co
e+ll3-613 pigs Leaslreaki and for safe by
VISVICLE LIME-100 bbls nun reed
M LO eteameLL74loalllns; tee sale by
_ENV C H GRANT, 41 Waiei st
nesrnx FLVllll3.BobllllFonota & likes bread;
.W) M Motive% to-4 neAl andriersaisb . .
191 7 • • r. , r war r
"Come mad aod hear se my public dear,
Come trea, and lOdJ e t 6= o 7
The otos,' so terse, toe
t l wing verse,
Oros, the wits of Bea ey. .
p I l ).
63 Wood wet hu for salm
eelebramd work, eCed by Cha rles Mete= int
Llid of QM
worth, with Illustrations by Cmikahaak. J 17
AMB-0:07 lbs aura eared, Serials by
1717 J D WILLIAMS, Do Wood st
ClERMArreprit-2157as tee s. ay 4
ur sale by 1714 TAMS , t BEST
'DEA NUTE4-301) bush instant and kr rah, by
I - /YU T4SBEY 4 BEd?
dUtiIOIII"ES-11 bares' Conti a Ws MillaWT.9
jjs l FeEllu Ng=ilraY ie l Y • Pt= at
UNDRM-4 Obis No ILard; 9 esks 13aeoto 2 ;es
91.11 Beeswax; 4 bap Oblsens 10 do Feathers; now
lamding from newer Cl ''sea, for Wide b 7•-•
. _1719 MAIM, DIM= W Co
rims BANATOav COMrurrK6 desuotts - of ' ot;
minims teformatietr In regard to the amber of
death. Mat MOUT to the ctry weekly,. the cheroot., of
OA Macau" and the ode of the,peracma, would respect.
fully mama the Phisielaas to report,to them at the
Committee Room, Old CourtHatice, ea Friday evening
of each meek. lu2 . JOHN MOIL. Mtn
A Partner Wanted, 40
Vivro ill take an WAITE{ of enUddrd talks Cap'.
tal Stock of a Mercantile arm doing ll goal b 4-
nets, which can be increased, or will Vas interest
of one of the arm, whose health will , not penult of ao
live earned A person wishing to omen a naafi cap
ital, will find this a timetable onormell7 101,e
met with. Ftn tanker .nformte, Adana BOZ 225;
Poet Odlee,with reel name. All rouuroteleations Con
Paw ~rs sznanoet wove arm firalint,
IRON osourecturo WAN. Y S
Ranh Work. TIN AND MEETI Also, .131sek-
Steam Does bate to order.
givatt tDtlr.lltl boat work.
a Cm surosteat Of Omer sad arm
Rattles, Yla are, to. rte.. Stworbott Cooking Stoves,
p en al. parses, 1/117100511111111.. very eoureolent ar•
pole for steamboats, Cellnuals =lmmo, or roll mad
n i r%l respectlliDykrnta stem boo =CD sod
others ro aaBimel see out arioles sad prlees before
parehagas alsawheze. jy.l7
PECAN NEM3-411 bbli Pecan Nate, tau reo'd sad
forsale try jytS ROBISON, LIIRLE CO
rUICIERY—ModisoPs -Armada' 1714egan . do
Pldbecdne; do Wads& Cld; dooladan-
Sala; do ado Rose doapi do do Paodudy do
deo Bogue deg Compound Ox Minoan pig ise'd
gad flkslge try Old R EHELLERSOR Wood II
Jai Zia .1/4Eat l.
EOrS ,sell bump tine of splendidsplendid pa/mom Mum.
a Wane; compered of thos largest, .oaten, bee 4,
flnithed, and moat amatverfttl. boats ea the
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. The ISAAC NEIVTON, . O p * , HHu t, - - r -:
leave Pargbar g h mrry.Bo47 morning at 0 Weloeki .f.
W AT.M B 7 fbanday Mao! AI IS P. ia.
111 0Elthilri — vsttiklirr.
The BIONONGARIZA,Cant.Sron,yriII leave Pate
burgh every Akrelay teeming et IQ oWerA Wheeheil
every Monday crater" 1110 r.
The HIBERNIA MA Q, Capt. Kialstarea, will
hum Eitubergh every Teeattey =e t as ea to daxt;
Wheelhag every Tae*Atv Melte atiO u.
WEDgiIeiDAY PABlogsr.
The NEW - ENGLAND No• R 1 ,I 43. DI A, win Z .
leave Pinabarah every Wedevvday uprusa 'et le
„eel.* Wheeling ever}Redneedavaienlaga ey II
The 1311ILLIANTs GePt OAK% VIM, leave Moe• `v •
bargbeveryThurs4al atornhst 1110 okleue wt...guy
every Thursday ev.mng at 10 x '
Fai:TrarrivklThrst - r&
The CLIPPER Nd. Capt. Pals Dave,
Pituburgh every Friday taorninans tiro:Week wa.:7 ti
lint every Friday evening 1110 r.
sultan:A imseitatinnwrit Yap is 9.
only 9'B liffik 1 IV Stosgring.
Via Brownsville and IMmberitted Wdmom and
rspleridld and fart running 17 S' Sail steamers -T
ATLANTIC,_Capt :Ptak - Mien; m i na, awl A
Eche; ,I.OliffilerLANE, Capt.E Bennett, are now
makinM i la ßu da ß lM
Bata, . 31, fi za ?Li
The .aierniag -boat will ;leant the Monaelrahala
Vnuirf, above the Bridge, diollmst O'clock Precisely,
Passengers will take SUPLEJIBCOAPHEBInBrowne
viIIa, at Solelosk.P. hi, and euk 11Wellateani et the ;'.%
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, at. Cundombuul, at 8
dank /k. IL; s i t mint In ?ern fito sane ea=
Win Ante fo eity. :2 ,
From tubule' to Baltintoni, eddy gam.
Fars 910,W
Prom Pittsburgh to Philadeindo.,rinty-40 Imam
The evening boat will leave at 6'ooo9;e:cep' Sus. .1•T;
• y evenings. Passenger by this boat Twill lodge on
• • •In comfortable edam Room *clam night, gam
aver the moontains the following day in ffiestem
Coaches, bad lodge the second night inednitiniand. ••••
PAciongeas hove choice of either Steamboat or Boil
Road between Baltimore and Philahlo, and the
privilege of stopping at Cumberbuld'and B.,lt=rs, ;I;
sad reaumloy they seats at pleasure.' Coaches char. 1.
tared to parues to travel as they pleass. -
We make up the loads and way billsilbr the Coselc
es in the Pinsbargia offices, tin orderukalwa time 011
arriving at Brown... Moot ie Merano* , important for
peosengers to get their name before ; gang en board
of th e boat, at one office, klooomohals Hough Wm,
meet, or &Chute* Bowl, Wood st, Pltudieradt.
apffideles J. UPIBIIIMEN, • - .
Plata . arab 4 Lentliville Pocket Laos 1
TheV ua ldbln i ev a tes z m ic ar i.
nuarp,....".inka. for above -.-:
tedermadlase wog as Vradaer ~
day the 41, hot, al IV o'clock a. s. 1 . .
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. • The turd and spionufid - Gutmann. iii
m aIL e 7 k ikFIGHAPE,do. t,
n, moue . wilt leave -GA i.
ChM/. t
red cut Lotdavillo on TharstitY r the -ad tn"tr la .i
o'clock, A. M. For fraigM °romm : l . qt) , on ant, t,
to BUB.BMG,___ & Co, of 41
Louisville and Bt. Londe Pocket Lime. „,e.
11149. • . 'I 1.849.,„
The fine fait sutures penults ~..
steamer • ATLANTIS 4
Out W. Wicks, nuster,will leave_',
the abate endlnanstedlate pone , m
every Turner, at IQ otelocki a . . n
Pm frelght or parsaffe esp on bnird of to ..t .
surt-dOnt E. C. KLN ,N0.163 . = , 1% ..t
The few Cast nsm i pnsertsaei',
EMlef GEN.
A A . MentersOa r ekaSletOril leave for ,
a above and Inteneyellkte ports eve- , c
rl, Sa r ti in 10 o'clock, e. al. ', -;"
Po freight or parg agAtin lit er to
marSdlka Louisville
FOE WiseELlNti AND . UMW,likkler. "•';
The real. and tulnundial ataamar4 ,
m alt i lleklMen, mason, peries
maim tripe • -betwoin MARIO ,
Wheeling and Bridgepon. She w.D leave rittenuigk. ,
en Wednesday. andleanuday.
For Laical or paasap, appD , bona. a*Li
.POTTeiiiKELITY6 alilatTlikWil. •
The floe reamer _
Geezi m enibeenrenorter, will leave,'
wad intb
eendlate pens os'
Meads gi tu nilluiniatee, ail, a is. _
For er Paned% appip an kelini."' aPI 7
Th 817.11414 annunerhfiniTillane:
Rae, are! Mate the landing sepones,„7
the Monongahela Hesse, evn
ay =Mita! at 9 delve:ken Beaver,,,
Rat.tntiag,_Witt Wriaa at 6 oTesek, Vat
Pare SO Beaver and bank,
mess u.
sureay Tiairkril - makitil. - -_„'
e Wewner . BRAYER" will leaveF ,
had, maws Alkoflitotumoz4
treks Howie, at -nr Stodgy ow
14 o'clock, for Boson. Aketarelog ,
Will' teats Beate* at 1 o"eloelr, l'AL,:wid arrive try
4 o'clock:. Fate, Tweaty-ate Coats. l am"( ''':7
. .
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so namentarszaanyiv
8.-R AGENT, •,r
Forwarding and tOnsankarin, ater
chant, hu =Loved to. No. 87 Eont, Wird= Wood 4
and Soatree
t WANTED •r . ' - .
A naafi nun in ii.viholesale'and retail dry gooli
veil acrie—aws =gagmen with the businessoild can eanso
rocammcnded. Apply .162 Mniiteoir iYttit
i nts c a for ule
leant i
by 412 I BCH
LAICIP , BLACK-33 bbla for ale •
nOPPERAS-30 bbla fiaeolder tin sale low bf,.-
1, 1 scuoonimesEß a CO
011-10 Dbl. best qUeUMfor Aria
BACON --6 cacti clear Sides in 'gore; for sale
IWO bb rio in suw err elle tiv
17«cmieu Dicatgy a co
PRINTING INK—Hoak and haws, far !ale at maat'i
afaeturers prices Dyy•
3719. ItSCHOON3XAKER& fl:Wao.3
IMD by ßCKWlZlP 4 S . ;tit c , i 4S r me i rr i l m l a t a re4
ITATORES AND JPAVELll.Y—The'sabscribsr:
bas now on hand a fine assortmenl ef best Eng- t'
fish and Gamma Gold Lad eltiver Psulotterer Watch:::
os,st as low pude. I. ere offered la the Eastern ctuasi , .;:
allill good most and warranted.
iTII corner ath and Market es
Di ROBISON CO. harms assoclediTßOSZS
EL, LITTLE, dr., urlth rhombi, m.saithe W .
ukle . Orecery, Producn and Com. butane w1:0"?
ba condoned as anal anger the limn .01 Hooisou„ Lit<
do it Clo.
oaisoN, LaTtLE 4 co, NaOolitiosy .nee
,Pittanargh, Whidssalo Omura, Producee
Commotion Sterabsua, and dealers in Plustweita.; ,
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var. 10 8 / 1 03. TM& una.s. sasa,rosourtua rr;
Asatemeert •Stottae.
EragilEftSt Banta= Smith and George A. JoholV
son, Merchants of the eiry of Plustenet, cradiastj
the Hon of Smith& Johnson !montane to drat•
intmiber, an aselinment of all their Prato for 'Wt(
beneft of an adz creation, se shall outdo taro rossolutt2.
froreolte daze thereof excente and detiverre the auk
Smith A. Janson a fall end absolute: ratan of .1W
then respective claims and demands._
Notice to hereby given that the aanpunoni sad re-c
tem le new at the Witco of,the mot . ,rtbor on Foortht.,
street in the city of for inapeettentM
oaten witholl whom it may
bed2m* wat. MeCANDIEWAragme.
suppMhet'airat Dry Cloode
• .1,16
IaSLACXBERRY 13 frr chiesi
u hlishm's Superior, " for. Thslilicti 0t.0., so IRdoo.'
This vatrunandai astrlaelat eggilisloszeiissektd upi*,
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mill moo. For jyttlahool3 WE.01311,
ar IHLORIDE 0P . 1.Mr.-41tautad and
/93 vino co. i 7;
MEDICAL HOGlLl—EattlecOr EbOur* bY ontsda.t
eal Sciences; da 'Preens os `Fs Tent
_Lomb os7tl
!Wags, by Cowan; Hoopoes bOdOlat •Diebanaryt/ ;
DungtesasOs do; Et.sperb dal
Wm of Surgery; Glbtszai do do; AbOtnalby's WoriosPz.
*ls; Oupareqsa as tbs Mown gape op th e
Crusslstuers Amason wiloo& ofPIAM;oft of
Skin; Penises Pitted* RledleaAaw, Tbarap-m.;
(Zs pm., Fo•drr, do csalbeTbstales askg
Abdo VlsssuG. Wood" PT& T 4b, aledleinsb7;
Duagldwata So T 2 l/4e's do da: ) •
J a w, a 1.4 e and fr esh supply of M00..8.5. L sin'
Boots, as /mad and Or Ws by •
G "cipiPliC g t—Guo lb.. on bon./'°
Tool ' " th '
m.' • "J. JUDD a co, ‘:•
r far Ws by ' rup y;.lallala co:
BACON—We•rislolue.c. cud Elves , ta maks.;
bolus; and tarsals by Oa liSERts JONES
Nis 011 FEY.1031-41ocbs ; 41,0dastailars, ;
Domini* and‘,SbapOlFees,tusa .Jas
and Co
11 We Polon Tea Saws, 70 Pours/Las, :
E.C lB MANtiFluS—tece vignat.,br
am, sad 60 mall dtuma, inn ) ut m.iT.ot , i;
:tot ado at Os Pada Ten siov,il;
WATOHE3, JEWELRY, AND irmvicia4:
THE subscriber, who batten la Casings
In We same Imilding for the last thinmo f
Is ad descriptions arm* Gold and mu. -
ver Watches, Jewelry, and auvo Ware, atdA,
rein; at the very lowest prices-- - •
Gold and Saver English Patent Lever Witches
Gold and Sliver Dateid UM' sad Lephin Wareham[:
Gold andßilver Elarizornal and nits Witches
Gold and Sinn Independent Becdud Warren • Rea
timing bones
Gold Gesord,lob and vent Gname: 'Onld fipeetaelnii •
Gold and Silver Pmellsjecla.Pens.
- ion
-iss , Gold and Moue BranJe.
Gold Loners Gold sad - Silver Thimble*.
Diantran nn gad
Lunde end &i w.l••• ==lo BM- 21 44M'
Sterling (Silver Snow GdPs.Forksslke.- •
Geld Watches ..low an Si bxe2S.esehJ
Watches and .ipselry- e+ ehessrs - ,
Spoons and Fartsplaten an Illartnist (Myer. a
article. All watches wartuatedlo .Peeplbed dna or . :
the money maned. Strignlrtrepaok w„,„ . h y d.
cleaned and nailedia On ben manner, *Oman
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