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Friet - 7 — Prrrtursean May: GiSierre Is published
Ys Tn-14oekly , arul WeektyAt-The Daily it Scree
Ilkalars peressum; the TriMeekly is Fire Dollette per
annum; the Weekly is Taro Dellats pet sexism, strictly
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,eADvanrareua ere earneattr,teguested to halad
T favors before SP. and lts early In the day u
doable{ . Advertisements not inserted far a 'sped
fie rime will invariably he charred - until ordered out
tdant I.atg'- the
I—b 4.
le and Stares
sad forwarded from rigs gface.
Tee next paps or Telegrapnic Tsars.
Par Leeal Matters see nest page.'
Letteri on Cholera,
er i . arm - niers!.
Thole letter., ill If 1,1 extra Gazette, can be Lad at the
mutter, Inv date tday. price G settle.
le matter preitared finit, paper—editorial
~01,,..oarrsvpoode unavoidabty been !aid
. a weak fro. to dai, the members of the Aro
I ,lltatisoalo and pony, m this cooetr,
p set foe the ..tpose ; or electing'. delegates
be the County 111.,vatiop, t o assemble on the
Wednesdai fol lowing. As a nomination by thit
. Convention it con'aidered equivalent to an election,
- : the C 1199933 far nomination has bean exceedingly
aphited—moro no than we ever recollect to have
witnessed: especially Car the ;offices of : sheriff and
Pecithonot*..'We ate happy 10 observe, hoivevii
.er i that ii futi been amducted on courteous and
amid that Nyboever among the
respect** member
, of the piny, who ore con .
teading foetal prizes, raceme the nomination for
. -the rarktmetdricen, will be replanted with a teal
and anardai r ity ohll exceeded on any former neon
f. .
7 44:11:tere'will he a very fall attendance at the
pritiary . eneethiga, we would suggest the proprie:
x - y.. of embracing the opportunity to organise the
eisTeittd „election „districts . preparatory to the fall.
canittakpi; -It Is invortant that one whole strength
- ; - ,%i'elifitrottldbei brought out, for Canons and chylous rek
toes, hat '*ore convince the country
that Pennsylvania is in
. eareest in bee
o(l.Vhig principles. Hav ing elected Gov.
~i4l e duititcs and Gen-Taylor, it la oar duty to strength.
ei'Ateir: hands while they carry ample far as comes
the line of their official duiv, our cherish
:-and beneficent principles. A. Canal Commis.
'donee is to be elected in place of Mr. Power, and
. fib ongtd to be a Whig, that tome alight cheek
may be interposed to party schemes in the Cant)
Commissioners' office. The Whigs of this State
can, and they ought to carry it mixt fall, and thus
rebuke the bitter and unscrupulop's warfare now
- waged upon our National end State administra•
dons. Groat permanent and immediate goodwill
revolt from it, and the adoption of Whig measures
• by Congzesa, would be much facilitated thereby.
Then let 93 organize in every township, borough,
and ward at one primary meetings'. If Lanai
time fora organizatimi at the meetinge,let as
efficient and active Executive Committee be cho:
men, compared of 911173 21740 will curt and meek, and
let it be made their duty to oryettizo the districu
and take all other measures nee emery to seams, e
full vote.
..Disturiulfs Guide o, Veto Mexico, Ciihforsio,
and Organ, uria
This is a neat little Pocket Guide Soak, fat
travellers to our new Possessions.. It contain*
much Important information ocenerning the vari.
Gus routes, the diatancsa, expensas,
Railroad, Sret r eacet,and M. - graph
Baca,' This is a gnarl.) , publication, intended
aa u guide through the Middle, Northern and East
lam States, and Canada, an d also gives the great
lines of travel, south and west, and the (mean
steam packet arrangements. It also contains ta-
- - .
Wes or distances, telegraph lines, and chew:44nd
various other motels of interest to travellers and
businessmen A valuable work.
"The Ameriosn Toe !Waite" Is the title of a book
of rumcdotes, publisked Loo and Brother,
Nem York. It is illustrated by a great number ot
engravings, and appears to be quite an amusing
For dt Put,tburgh
Farnham. who been for some time
arommin g fora cargo . of #3atnen; for the California
market, we are happy to perceive, him at last sail
ed with bat three, all tolcUid but one of them sin
gle. We thought, trom thehegintling, that the en
terprise would faiL Oar echintry women have too
much self respect to make' long voyages in search
of husbands. They ark': not quite no cheap its
that yet, and we trust never
Correspondence or the Pittsburgh Gasstu.
•Nsw You, Meg 21.
Wimpy:tenths? is upon ns, qui we shall icon
see whether the Cholera to to rage With no, or not
The eases of malignant typhus
,Lover, that have
created so much alarm, ate gone, and the .city
once more free. An examination of three .Chol
era eases" was made by the greater pan; of the
Physicians in town, with a,remarkable result. 4111
who bad witnessed the disease . in 1831 and 32
were sure this was not the genuine thing, while
those who had never seen a case were certain that
the real Asiatic Cholera was here. There Is all
a good deal of alarm in the country, but none here.
The banks have been counting their coin, and
find th remount to be 83,200,000, which, added to
the publindeposits, gives 810,250,000 in the city,
or an increase alone kindred per cont. in sixty
days. Stooks feel the effect of thia plethora of coin
and abundance of money, aid are held very high.
Tiensury union close at ill cash, and the loan of
. .
1869 at 1143 with more buyers than sellers. Penn
sylvania s's close attasl cash, with a good demand.
Panties are rather more in demand, but people
are rather averse to making , putchases. Money
I t
remains abundant, and the laths
.f interest cannot
be quoted over 6to '7 per cent: all good names.
Mr. Ewbank, the new Comm inner of Patents,
has !left for Washington, %nautili inner himself felt
in his department. Ile a not of dreamy im
practicable school of acientlso men, but one who
ran give to his contemporaries thitivalue of his in
tellect. Mr. Brady has assumed the management
of the Post °Mee, and produced a marked change
in the political feelings of the clerks. Ail are now
origisedlayler men, and they arequite sure they
acknowledged his fitness for the Preeidency long
before he moved front the Rio Grande.
More bodies have beep taken Gom the wreek of
the Empire, and ea many ere missing The Cot
otter's /my have justly censured the Pilot of the
steamboat, and in all probability he will have an
opportunity to study crime and law, and perhaps
amuse himself awhile at Sing Sing, which would
be simple justice.
The great Ore in St. Louis does not affectour
mance companies at all. Coact - thee, the Howard
has 53,000, and the rest smell sums that give, in
the aggregate, a loss of $lOO.OOO for the cities. he
competition among various agents, reduced the
rate of premium below the -profitable :point, and
New York amen wundreerfrom the Oeld.
Mr. Macready hes seat one thousand dollars to
the Mayor an a donation in aid ofthe aufferers by
the late mob. Mr. Forrest, as current rumor goes,
has given fur the same purpose tire thousand dol
lars, bat the story needs confirmation. The cost of
this not will amount to a roupd sum, the mean for
the police reach six hundred dollars. Six thou-
sand dollars will not more than clear the expert.
rtes oft:a three days in which martial law was
At nine o'clock, to morrow, will . be launched a
shipealled the Mee.hanic's Own, built ehiefly by
bar owners, who will leave in her on the first of
/My, for the "digging." She la the crock ship of
the season, and has been fitted With baths and all
the conveniences or a well appointed private real.
dance. Hercompany 1, to briorgainzed as a body
of military, and no discipline Oared that will give
efficiency to their movemeate, or Secure
in any. department. They take with them a Phy
alchm, Chaplain, and Historian, beindes a Geolo
gim.and Surveyor. The announcement ofthe ar
rival of the Leming inn at Rio, with Irold for ballast".
has caused a recumance of "YellowlFever,"though
it may be remarked that we ere pretty well over It
The Cotton Market is firm, with a good export
demand. For flour there is afar, a good export des
mend, with sales of 4000 Ali for that pnrpooe.—
Common brends4,434firl,37i:Goodffiates,44o44o
These prices show no advance, and the Market
clan firm. Corn meal is scarce, liales at 2,874
Ohio wheat is arm 10'103 eta. with a stood
supply. Genesee 1233125. Corn belle at 62 the
round northern nod 591 for flat southern, and 57
the white. Shies 500 bbLs. Ohio Whiskey at 24
021C111. Pork is still doll, andloarer figures have
been taken; Mel, 119,E7059,98. and same allow as
Az, Prune 59,25. Cut meats arddipt, 200 hada
dry sboulders at 40, and 4101 for Pickled: Lord
ia firm at 637 for common to ;strictly prime with
aides o(1500 bble, and some Imga ail/. Sales of
new boyazu 7 i. C.
Twit GLwairj. erettmr, (sew
soliabl,tie to bold its next session atpaaroit, Mich
igan. atho proceedings of this body at Philadel
phia, pn fjurday, the North dymerisan says
On slavery, there was a very large number of
overtures, one of which, from the ,Prcebytery
: Palestine, threatened to separate fienu the ohureh
, noires aomethicg is done to Where the-chitrch front
,' • ;the odium Or einem.. All tilde pipers iiall let
thoieporegonof the ehnrehGnm Ito emit enaiditim
slavery, and speak in strong teraut,of irepraze•
!lon of tho chetah haying say 00.n:riot 'with
A,. They were relent:4 to a special
- .
aMOW Asambly or, ate preabytArlaa
Chi 3 jrob+.4lo, MAu"
• " g0Va=123.1:011.-Z101121( DAM
Friday, May 25 .
Tha &K nobly was caged to order by the Moder
Mrs nod °Pellet' with prayer.
Thd mututes of Thursday afternoon were read
by the clerk, and adopted.
Reports of committees were called up, and the
committees on leave of absence and mileage re
A aiseussion arose upon the latter report, and
wasatated that the assessment in the report would
give. acme of the commissioners a greater amount
than would pay their expenses, while others under
it would receive len-
A motion was made and carried, that no com
missioner should receive more than his expenses.
The report of the committee, as amended, wan
reedited adopted.
Dr; Spring, chairman of the committee on the
report of the Board of Domestic Missians, reported.
This report stated that the religioui instruction
of slaves at the youth should receive a proper de
gree of attention, but that at the same time the
missionaries should pay a proper munition to
Presbyterial rights.
On motion, the report wan laid on the table.
The committee appointed to nominate commis
sioners to corresponding bodies reported, and their
report was adopted.
Dr. Lord was of the opinion that the expenses
of cionamissioners to corresponding bodies should
be defrayed by the General Assembly.
A paper was read by Mr. Lawrie, stating that
additiOnal aid was required by the Indian Mission.
This subject was made tins third order of the day
for Saturday.
A ieverend gentleman thee offered a resolution
recommending the board of.ptablioation to publish
a Missionary Gazetteer, which was dochetted.
The Moderator announced that the order of the
day kad arived,but it was proposed that the order
of the day be postponed, In order to:go on with the
auifinlalied business in the ease tf the Rev. Le Roy
The Moderator stated that it loutd take bui
very abort time to go on with the first order of the
day,Whieh was the election of Trustees of the
Princeton Theological Seminary. The 13101.1011 to
postpone was withdrawn. and the Assembly went
into the electiOn.
The committee to whom the petition of Mrs.
Bradford was relSrred, reported to the etfect that
the General Assembly had no power to release or
eoneey to of bee uses the property devised to them.
Tho case of the Rev. Le Roy Davis was then
lakett op, and the Moderator gave the usual
solemn warning.
The Rev. E. F. Rockwell arose and continued
his da&nce of the Presbytery of Concord. and the
Syn Off of North Carolina He again took up the
chair of the false representioas which were al
leged to have been made in relation to the dis
mission of members from Cerium to Preepect, end
proceeded to notice Dr. Plummer's comieents on
the testimony.
Mb. Wilson arose on ;he part of the Presbytery,
and observed that there was a fee greater difficulty
in presentlig facts tn the General Assembly than
to a Presbytery, and that before the former body
it was very,easy for a learned and eloquent divine
to use the shafts of ridicule with great effect. The
learned counsel for the appellant has made use of
these weapons, and doubtless with considerable
effect, so that we appear before you under many
The Speaker then went on to comment upon
semi evidence out of the record, when he was
called to order by seam! persona; but the Moder
ator decided that an the counsel for the appellant
had also commented upon tho .113115 evidence, it
was tint just that the counsel for the Presbytery
should do so too.
Thu speaker then proceeded to continue his
When Brother Davis had been found guilty, he
was sentenced to receive a solemn rebuke from
the :Moderator of the Presbytery. And daring that
rebuke, and during the confession of the brother,
when that brother was bathed in tears, they were
tears4n which the whole Presbyt..ry• joined, I can
not describe the feelings which pervaded ou r
minds where Mr. Davis requested us to join in
prayer with him, lest be should again fall
The gentleman proceeded to mimment upon the
want of courtesy which, be alleged, Dr. Plum
mier had exhibited, in dwelling upon the izno
ranee of the Presbytery when this ditActilty had
originated, Dr. Plummer had made out his case
too well. Every fact was equated and joined with
COO much precision.
Tho hour of adjournment baring arrived, the
Moderns or announced the fact, and asked the mem
' ben of the Assembly if they had any notices to
Dr. Brown, on the pat of the Committee on De.
votional Exercises, read a report, assigniog to all
the Choate. requesting each a favor, members crt
the Assembly to preach in their several places of
Hi also announced that the celebralon of our
lurdaltiupper will take place in the Pint Prebvte
rian Church, on:Sunday afternoon, at half past three
o'clock, when Dr. Murray (the Modentitrj will
Fragile, and take round the bread, the Rev. Dr.
Phi ips would take round the cup.
Members of angle Churches in Pittsburgh and
vicinity are reapectfully invited to attend.
The Rev. Mr. Grater will preach in the Fint
Presbyterian Church on this, Saturday,
The report was adopted, and tho meeting con
cluded with prayer, by the Rev. Dr. Reed.
The following is a list of - the appoitments of the
clergymen to preach on the coming Sabbath.
1. Smithfield Methodist Church—Rev. Thom..
L Jannewny, in the morning at lOt ; Rev. S.
Hamil, in the evening.
2. Warty Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Wm. Graham, in tin t manioc Rev. B. PI
MeCcivn, in the afternoon.
a Beaver Street Methodist Episcopal Cherub
Allegheny City-Rev. Anion William, in th •
monad - , Rev. James Ferguson, afternoon.
4. notestant Methodist Church, Fifth Street
Rev. C. A. Stillman, morning; Rev. F. FL Could
tog, afternoon.
. 5. First Baptist Church, earner Grant and Third
streets—Rev. John Lill:o; Rev. 8.. W. Dunlap.
5. Methodist Episcopal Church, South COOl/100,
Alteghtny—Rev. J. M. Wilson; Rev: F.. F. Rock
well. .
7. Lutheran Church, Kay. Mr. Pataayaue
'Lev. R. L. Stanton; Rev. S. R. Alexani ler.
S. nett Cumberland Presbyterian Ch urch, Alle
gheny—Rev. J. H. Sytames; BJ.W. J. FL Laye.
9. Cobred Church, Wylie Street; Rev. John
Johnston, D.D.; Mr the night, J. J. Hamilton.
DI Asbury Chapel, Sixth Ward—Rev. Robert
F. Caldwell
11. lidethodist Episcopal Church, Aliegheny—
Rev. W. F. Ferguson; Rev. James FL Dinsmore.
12--Baptist Church, Grunt Street, 'Rev. Mr.
Tends.le's—Rev, E. B. Edgar, Rev. Mr. Davidson
13. 'Wesley Chapel, Filth Ward, Pittsburgh—
Rev. John M. Crabb; Rev. A. FL Naylor.
14. Methodist Chmnb, Teumeranceville—Rev.
A. C. McClelland, morning.
I& Cumberland Church, Pittaburish—Rev, W
Lord; Rev. I. W. Ogden,
Id Pint Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh—Rev.
Gordon Spring, D. D.; Rev. Charles Hodge, D. D.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be ad
ministered in the afternoon: exercises to commence
at half past three o'clock. The preparatory ser
mon is to be preached In the First Presbyterian
Church, on Saturday evening, by the Rev. I. A.
Greller--exercises to commence at 7i.
IS. Third Preabytenan Chureh--Dr. Murray
Rev. James Nurse.
- 19. Fifth Plestryterina Churches-Rev. E. H
Nevin; Rev. Willie Lord, D. 1).
20. First Presbyterian Church, AlleglionY etty
Rev. W. Phillips, morning; Dr. Plummer, evening.
.21. Second ,Presbyterian Church. Allegheny
Roy. J. G. Monfiirt, morning.
22. At Mancheater—Rev. W. W. Hfl I, morning.
22. Finn A maxima Church. Birmingham, Rev.
L. Long, parlor—Rev. G. W. Lane, at 14 f o'clock.
AFT/ .4003 SEISIOn.
The meeting was opened with pt aver by the
'Rev. Mr. Gildersleve.
The minutes of the moneng eassil m wens lead
The chairman on the committee of ball and
overtures reported annvemmeGrun this Presbyter"
'of Stenbeneale,praping that the Greer* Amembisr
would make some prosilion far the re lief of egad
and disabled ministers and their wiArsea and Or.
plume Also an overture hem the Preebriel/.4
Beridreuville, bathe some effect. - • -
•The °unique° erPeneOle Ire of the props mutt .
nnd lie miring, tisk monivis docketed.
Civerterea Were reporl4froris .the presby tet i u
a ma r sh., Cesthaiet4:*: rdie, adverse to'
slimy, att,d perfittle*4kit,Astrattdy rusk d
take , some action cat the ' , Attbiect Calotthitimi.l*
abolish thi* glazing m it wee termed.
The committee through their chairman.. Dr.
McGiil; reported • *erre* of *ix reMilutionr, which
were 11 follows--
Resolved, lat. That the prinelpiea of the I'm*.
byterian Church on the subject of slavery, are
aheatly set 'forth in repotted deelersdtins ro 1141
as to need no further exposit/en,
24. That in view of the civil and doemdlo cc.
tore of this institution, and the ootitpetettey of raire
site institutions alone to remove P I evil In 1 . 401. et
the earnest inquiry tad deep 0011011110 an Ihia onto
Pact, which we now cliactoo le one of Omen °oaf.
manwealths of our outotift Whew sisters
it is considered ptsoilterly hopospei tool !helped'.
cot for thin Aassituldy to 0114044 et plopora any
measures in the worn eitoteelitatke
3. That ell etworaati mot- piOphf ptvioshot look
been already made Lou the 4104001,0aq
line upon thus, who fteirlioo of elel4lo 100 10101141
&alms of master end atlftlioll, 4114 the uneven!
Assembly it Atwell' ready to ettaitve those pro.
vistona, when the unfhithiblovist rf cap Interior
court made matotest by pe0,44, appeal, or cum
4 th. We rtlolco to helmet that the action of a
former Assembly, w 44 Not ahllrt4 or allowing
the inkmitous “oppression or man by hi. fellow
man," hoe boon steadily promoting an ankalloration
In the condttlon of the slave., by the winning the
confidence of masters; In 014410111(nm fitnattrism,
and by sumolating Um slave bolder apd his pastor
alike, to tabu: to .ltio religious *donation of the
sth. That it is °Molted no Altgah teriau:tmeltue
ted to Slave holding Stntes, to cek—ntinie to i em
their exertion. for th e reltglous education 1 the
slaves; and to report distantly to the usual nu
nces to the General Assembly, the state of r tgion
among the colored population.
The report woo accepted and adopts d, one gen•
roan voting against it, (Mr. Nevin was absent )
A report from the Synod of Florida was read,
and docketed.
The unfinished business of the morning (the
Judicial case) was then taken up, and the Modera
tor merle the mid solemn charge.
Mr. Wilson rose, and concluded the speech
which he commenced in the mormng.
The Rev. Dr. Plummer Wowed him in a very
eloquent and effective speech, which was not con.
eluded when the hour ciadjonrament arrived.
The meeting closed with prayer.
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
\Vasa:currant, May 22, 1b49.
We are in great alarm here concerning the ap
proach of the Cholera, which is reported, though I
trust 'erroneously, to be making it, way towards
us from North and South. We have flying rumors
of Cholera in Norfolk, Cholera in Richmond, in
New York, in Bel timore. I would lend no aid to
terror stricken fancy, bus Mill 1 moot rallies& you to
eland me the weekly Gazette, containing Dr. Haw
thorne's letters on the treatment of Cholera, kir 'I
hear them highly spoken of.
It is now ascertained that the great part of the
long Cabinet session of' yesterday was consumed
in the consideration of the despatches from Cah.
(brain, and a set of instructions is conjectured to
have been drawn up for Gas. Smith, suited to the
altered oircumstanoes in which he finds himself.
The Ron. Daniel Duncan, late a member cf
Congress from Ohio, was buried to-day in the Con
gressional Cemetery. The funeral was attended
by the President, sad Cabinet °dicers, and such
members of Congress 1113 now remain in town. hi
Duncan has not been elected to the next Con.
The eniou is again distinguishing itself tbr the ma
lignity, vindictiveness, and venom which it throw.
into BS assaults upon the President and his Cabi
net, upon Mr. Warren, and generally upon all the
prominent appointees of the new administration .
I half regret, and am half pleased, to perceive
that the editor and conespondents of the National
Whig, are paying its editor wr in kind. To show
the utter recklessness of his conduct, he said the
other day that he should have noticed certain an
swers to Ramo of his ea:amnion., and abusive as
saults, but the Sot ;as. be was then on the at
tack, and could not allow h imseif to be placed on
the defence !! I consider that reasonably cooL—
But he will be placed on the defenpe nevertheless,
or lie will be compelled to cease hls unprincip:ed
and unhaenly demi:nation. Quite a new and orig.
alai idea of partisan wartnre, however, the old
gentleman appears t 7 ha re, that he can go on rank
les his scandalous denunciavons, and tram pag up
his baseless charges, and when his denunciations
are repelled, and his charges disproved, that he
can with impunity bawl
.oat—"Oh, I have no
time for defeat-a, gentlemen, lam on the attack. -
Bur he is now in good hands, where I willingly
leave him.
In mp statement me other day of the sexual
amount of the appropriations of the last ...Of:,
I knot to include ono large item, of an indefinite
appropriation, which mey be set down at 51,560,-
000, for the expense of collecting the cayenne.—
Thin item has never before had a place m the ap
propriations, because the expenses of collection
have always heretofore been taken out of the rev
enue before the money was deposited in the treas
ury. That is nowschanged by law. '
Among the numerous removals and appoint
ments ordered on Monday were the three fsilow
W. J. Howard vice Mr. Guthrie, to be Pe11.1013
Agent, Pittsburgh.
Henry Woodr, Collector, Pattburgh vice Mr.
Guthrie, removed.
W. K. Bond. Collector, Cakomnati, vice P. Gal-
lino, removed
The two former appointments Mr your city, hay •
mg been almost universally recommended by the
Whig inhabitants, of course I could say nothing In
approval of them whirh will not have been beuer
said in your own and other whig journals, ere this
can reach you. With Mr. Woods i had the pleas
ure of a short acquaintance, formed while he was
here this spring, and therefore know that he pea
senes that one quality, personal adalality, so es.
isential to the popularity Ma public officer, sod for
the want of which, by the way, some persons no
conspicuous Winona here should be promptly alas.
mined. The name of Wm. Key Bond brings up
a thousand associations of conflict and triumph in
Congress, and before the people in the- iron times
of Jackson and Van Buren. His appointment is a
slight acknowledgement of old time service, snob
as few have rendered. Of course oar Democratic
annocents an office are strugglanglopon the tender
hooks of doubt and alarm as to the expected mas
sacre about the Gret of June. I think they may re
assure themselves for at leaat another month's
lease of life. The appointing power to not yet rea
dy to enter upon the reformation. intended to be
mode here. They will come an their own good
We heard yesterday rooming of the lamentable
death of Major General Worth, of Cholera, at San
Antonio, the bead quarters of bin command in
Texas. Since the clone a it. Mexican war, Gen•
Worth's came has been in vane degree mingled
with our political contest, so that all classes of our
people are not in a frame of mind to award him
that high mead of praise which history will un
questionably assign him. Gen. Worth was one of
the greatest soldiers of our country. flis attack
upon Monterey, his management of his division at
Cerro Gordo, his bloody fight at Molino del Rey,
sad his masterly approach to and entrance of the
city of Mexico, proved him to be not only among
the first dour generals, but in the oration of ord.
dairy men, the greatest tactician of our army in the
department of approach and attack of betided
points. Ile has fallen a noble victim to the sever.
try of a soldier's duty. After three years of gal
lant service,:through all the perils of the war,'ln
chiding the Miners of a most malignant ohmates,
he was ordered off to a savage frontier, where he
has closed his brilliant career, In a manner which
Ina soldiers view is peculiarly hard. But be was
cut down in the midst of honorable and useful sev
vice, and in all the brightness of Ms fame, leaving
I tear, to a immesons family, little but his repute.
boo and his honors. Rme.
POT as PittsburgA On.e. tu.
The 'emancipation movement In Ken-
MIL EDIT011:411 my communication, yesterday,
I stated Just before I doted it, the two specific
objects for which the emancipation party of our
State ors contending in the present political con
trails, ms:—the adoption into the copstitution about
to be harmed, of what Is styled the open clause,
and a constitutional reatriction upon the farther
introduction of slaves into our State for any pur
pose, or under any possible circumstances. The
question here may be asked, why do they not go
for too insertion of a constitutional provision, pre
paring the way and means of getting rid of slavery?
answer frankly, that I do not believe they could
*leaky elect, next August—the time when they
are 'to elect the members of the ' convention to
Aisne the now majority of the con,
',motion, who would he pledged to go for the inser
On attach a provision. While on the other hanti,
Tdo believe they can Sleet q minority pledged to
'61:1 for the open statue. This wu the °pinks of
the,convendon of emizelpatiordsti, lath& son
7100 In. Frankfort in las,A.prlllTM7 ma so
determine what the friends of the cause through.
oat the State should fight for in the coming convene,
and they had to choose between the - open clause
and the insertion of an article providing directly
for prospective emancipation. Composed as that
convention was, of men of decided ability and
talent, coming from nearly all section/of the State,
they could and did determine which manatee they
could moat likely obtain a majority of the State to
to for.
Their determination was in favor of the open
clause, and this is the first specific object for which
they are fighting. We emancipationists, by leaving
the question of emancipation or no emancipeuon
out of the present issue, do not thereby give it up.
We obtain, in the mean time, by getting the open
clause, the means of constitutionally reaching the
„subject hereafter, which we could not do wader
the present constitution. If we were now to try
emancipation before the great jury of the people,
this cause would likely be lost; whereas, if we
postpone it n year or two, with the light which
will bo abed upon the subject by the press and
from the stump, It may he carried before them in
triumph and success. If our constitution be closed
on this subject, we are entirely powerless in re—
gard to the whole matter, and defeat would be
certain if wo make the direct question at the pre
sent time. We go for the insertion of the law of
'33, with additional restrictions, into the Dew con
stitution, because it wcti'd prevent as rapid an
increase of slaves as there would be if the emi
gration of slaves from other States was unin
terrupted, and there will therefore be a mach less
number to emancipate, when the day for emanci
pation comes. This law was always popular, and
enjoyed the coefidence and embodied the will
legislatively expressed, of a large majority of our
people. There is one thing connected Inseparably
with emancipation HI the mind of every emanci
pationist with whom I hove ever talked; in short,
it In a condition precedent to giving freedom to the
block rocs: I mean, deportation of them from our
soil. I know that the sympathies and tender
heartednes.s of curtain persons are very much
excited against what they charitably denominate
our class view. and violemce in forcing the black
race to leave our sod. But we ask not their
sympathies, and we loathe their fellowship.
It is our repjzord identity with these extunsively
tender hearted gentlemen, which furnishes our
opponents with their principal argument and rally
iug cry. But we wish our intercourse with them
to be like unto that which existed between the
Jews and Samaritans. I have no doubt that if
these sympathseic'gentlemen would let on alone,
and let ua fight our own banks, we would succeed
much more easily in the accomplishment of our
object than we will otherwise do. Their conduct
furnishes weapons and men to perpetunliam in
Kentucky, which it could not otherwise procure.
The very ercessirs seal of these men thus indirectly
hinders and obstructs the object they profess to
desire with so much vehemence. I would say
before closing, that if any one has fallen into the
egregious error of expecting emancipationists tn .
our State to go for the immediate abolition Di
slavery thert, that thry ere hopelessly ignorant of
the character and lee ling* of the men who compose
that party. More to morrow. INQUIRELIS.
From Me SI. Louis Republican May I
Win. Curtis Skinner arrived is tius city yesterday
from Chihuahua and Santa Fe. We learn from Mr.
S., that he left Chihuahua on the 20th of March, at
which time there was no news of any interest in
that department of Mexico.
The commerce is Chihuahua was in a deplorable
condition—stues to any extent being only made at
exceedingly reduced rate& Cotton goods were sold
all 5 to 16 cents.
Very little was being done at the old mines 111 the
extraction of silver, but some mines have been re
cently opened which bid fair to produce largely.
The Apache Indians continua their depredations
upon tee inhabitants of the State of Chihuahua with
greater Impunity than ever.
The Congress would, it was summed, pass a law
restricting foreigners from retailing merchandise
within the State. An almost eotire monopoly of the
commerce o(the city by the Amermars bus occs
wooed great Jealously on the part of the people of
Chihuahua, and hence the demure to cripple the
trade by this measure. If parited.;ll would not exist
a month.
A letter from Clashnshurt uya
Two companies or panic. are berecistbeirerny
to California; ono is from Tex. and the other from
Massachusetts. They are ell fine looking young
men, well armed and equipped for the Journey.
They will len ve in a few days, having stopped here
to recruit their animal. and lay in a supply of pro
vision. for the road.
Mr. Skinner lett 9aota Fe on the I.sth of April,
company with others They brought in a Treat of
ten wagons, with about Si 25 000 in specie and late•
hon. All wee quiet in. Santa Fe when this party
left. The powerful tribe of Indians in the northern
part of New Mexico, known as the Enawn. were
in open hostility with The citizens of WC United
States, and several encounters had been bad with
'U.S. troops, detachments of which had been rent
out by Col. Wiulaington against them. For the
better protection of the frontier, Col. W. Lad nu
'Scribed the raising of five or six compaaiee of el
unteers. Three or lour had already been organis
ed and rent to different stations.
Trade was very dull in Santa Fe, and goods
could be bought, at the time tins party lea, cheap
er than they can now be porunbly transported to that
place from the Ewes.
The party had received no molestation from the
Judi.. Mr. & says the gram is good end water
unusually abundant on the route.
_ - -
The can.. of Sew Mexico aro very indignant
nt the impudent claim net up by Texan to the dun►
auction over their territory; and are deeply chagrin.
ed, that the hate Congress did not make tome pro
vision for the establrahment of a civil government
over them.
In Santa Fe, there was a good deal of excite.
meat on account of Major Beale attack upon the
Entew Indian. Many citizens think that these diffi
culties origionted through mirmanuagement nod lei
prudence of Governor Washington. His admits
'ration as Governor is not at all liked., it bears no
comparison with that of Major Beal. A great many
of the best itif,rated citizens of SantaFe ore very
sanguine on the subject of the Sangre de Christi
gold mines near that place. They have not the
least doubt that they will prove no good as any in
CAS - meta. An expedition wan fitting out as this
company left, far the purpose of making commies
eons, and working them.
In the early part of the month, Lient.WhineLsey,
lit Dragoons, with n portion of hm company, en
countered a war party of the Eutaws, near the Ito
Colorado,and mated them. Lient.Whittehley had
two of his men killed; that 01 tho enemy, an far an
could be ascertained, was tan killed and several
TJE Santa Fe Republican, of the 31st, stales that
Dr. Kearns and 'Bill Williams,' the well known
mountain guide, were recently murdered by a
band of Eutaw!, Dr. Kearns and Wilhelm let Taos
in search of the scientific instruments and other
property lost by Colonel Fremont. On their re
turn, they encountered a party of Indians, suppos
ed to be the same with which Lieut. Whittelimy
bad the engagement, and they were killed by them
in retaliation
Lieut. Taylor, with a party of Dragoons under
hs eorumrmd, stationed at Albuquerque, arrived at
zlanta Fe on the 30th March, henna , in charge
tune or tan ADerieans who had been engaged in
plunderlog wuntry bet Ween Albuquerque and
A large party were to leave Santa Fe is a few
Jays (or CaJigornia.
Cotreap°!Wetter of the St Louie Republican
/NDETIVIDENCS, May 13, 1518.
The past hes been a gloomy week in Indepead•
coca. Its streets and bulkiness places, which for
some Limn previous have been all animation and
bustle, now present in contrast a desolate appear
ance. Emigraats have hastily moved to the plains,
some of them,' fear, without making the aecesos
ry provistoas for their comfort and proteetioa.
The cacao alibis sodden change, and the apathy
manifested by all, was the appearance oral, chol
era in our audit.
During the week I have heard of filly knit deaths,
the larger poruon of which occurred la camp, stud
some as far as eighty miles out. Information
from the camps beyoed that distance report them
m good health; such u were affected with chole
ra, when nearer the settlements, have recovered
As many companies will yet pan your city for
California, it may be for their information and ben
efit to state, that the supply of stock in this market,
which a few weeks since exceeded the de.oand,
has beta entirely exhausted. Other necessaries
for the emigrants are in very limited supply.
Until recently, nearly the whole emigration in
tended logo by the South Pan. The line number
emigrating has changed the coarse of ■ great many,
and from what I can 1111Cenlitl, suppose that at
lent Wee thousand person will take the Santa Fe
route. This division of the emigration will be of
great relief tio aIL
Up to Ulm period, at lead Courteen:thootand per
sons have arrived at their various places of ren•
dercous, and are ready or have moved to the
platen Daticulnea have arisen in several of the
companies that have started, though no serious
moment. The wagons of some, fortunately, have
(tiled them before travelling eighty miles. I say
fortunately, for had this calamity overtaken them
when beyond means of submarinea or remedy,
their situation would have been mode critical to
the extreme.
The little town of Kanzas, sibb,h lout meal[ was
all businese and contusion, is aim nearly depopula
ted. Business is wholly suispended, and many of
its' eitaens who left. This apathy tru caw
ed by thirteen persons dying during Friday and
Saturday last. Since that time, however, but few
deaths have occurred.
In St. Louis, on Tuesday evening, the 13th in.., of
congestion of the brain, In the lath year of his age,
Mr. Bum Wain - walnut, of the firm or& and S Wain
...gin, of the Fulton Brewery
Mr. Wainwright bat been a resident of St Louis for
about 17 years In that period, he bus been called to
fill several public trusts, having been frequently elect
ed a .umber of the City Council, and having held du - -
farm:a CIACI. an our VOl.ther Companies and the Fire
Department. In hie public, as in hie private life, he
ofalwny• governed by a lallOt mew of inane* and
ght. (lendeinanly and courteous In his bearing to
every on active and industrious in the pursuit of his
boidners---his prosperity may be Judy referred to ea
an instance of the value of their quedlues. Mr. IVain.
aright leave. a wife and several children, and many
friends, to lam.' a dispensation which L. removed
blot from the .eeee of his usefalneas lathe meridiem of
life, and when, to all appearance, many years of hap.
pianos were In store forhitri here.
In St. Louis, on Saturday, the ISIS inst., of cholera,
Ur. .14303) 5- hPßonat.e, for many' yenta Cu =UIOOI
broker of Mat city.
Biudatia Ito re *lll be
.topported for the °dice of Brigadier Generel et Q.
Bratuul election. Election Ann .111enday, 4th 'day of
June. ntylbinittertditB S. Ouzo, °Vices.
UGAR-119 LOA; N 0 Mtgar, itoiYinLand for sale
0 by ON 4 0 U GRANT
Dr virtue of sundry snits of Venditioni Erponas and
Levan racism issued out of the District Court and
Conn of Common - Pie. of Allegheny Conroy, .d to
me directed, will be expos. to sale Rothe Court House
to the City of Sittsbunn o on Monday the 18th de/ of
June. A. D. 184.9, at In o'clock A. Al., the follOwlng
.. r d Property, to
Al that certnio two story frame dwelling boost, 18
feet on Ann street, and 30 feet deep, sold .ass is e
rected on a lot sou we in Me First Ward of Allegheny
City: Beginning co e corner of Ano etrett, and running
parallel with .aid street 19 feet; throne to Isabel:.
Curt 53 feet. hem part of lot No. 175 in Robinson's
lower plan of lots in said City. Seized .d taken in
execution n• the peleirly of William Green, at the
snit of Lyman
All the right, title, otereet, ind claim of Aaron Broad.
of, in. and In a certain lot of ground, Innate in Resent
township. bounded and described so follows, viz
atßeginninr a corner on the County Road lending
through the village of New Troy, no the East ride
thereof; i hence In lend of Thomas Southerly 84 perch
es to a Poo: thence by lend of Herr West 7 perches to
o lost: thence West by hue of Cooley 17 perches to a
post at the line of en,d road; thence by said road East.
erly P perches and 54 links to the place of begimiing.
on which is erected e factory; being the sortie
piece of ground which Dunes Garrison do Wife, by
deed dated July zu. linT7, and recorded to deed book,
vol. GI, page Intl, conveyed to the said Anton Broad.—
Seized and taken in execution so the property of Aaron
Broad, at the siot of John Nieholsha.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Rensaiser N
Havens, at, 111, to, and out of all that certrun piece of
gmund sonata in the City of Allegheny, being part of
tot. Nos. 11 and 14in Keovrtis subdivision of loth Nov
1,2, 3,4, 14, 15, IN 34. IN 38, 37, 57, 59, 59 end 001 n R.
4419011'0 plan of out lot No. 91, In Reserve tract, be
ginning at the diatom., of GO feet from Lacock MVOs
on the Eastwardly line of lot No. 12 In sold subdivi
sion; runtung thence 34 feet 41 inches parallel with said
I.ncock street, and to the centre of said lot No. 11,
thence Southwardly Gil feet py a line parallel with the
Eastwaldly line of said bit No. 11 to a2O feet Alley:
thence Castwardly by the line o ll .oid Alley to th e
Easivvardly line of lot No. 12, 31 eet 49 inches, more
or teas thence to place of beginning. embracing one
fourth part of the whole of into No. 10, LI, end 12, in
Reown's subdivision.
Four other lots of ground to subdivision of
aforesaid subdivonon, bounded and described m fol
terassi—The first beginning at the corner of Robinson
and Grantham sts, running parallel with and on Robin
son at about 18 lb end 8 inches thence Narthwerdly par
allel with Grantham st, to a g 0 It Alley ICC feet thence
parallel with said Alley Fe 11 and ti inches to Cheatham
at; and thence parallel with Grantham st 100 ft to place
of beginning, being part of lot No. ID ins— subdivi
mon, upon which is erected a small frame tenement and
stable, the second lot being composed of parts of Id
and 17 in Known*. aubdivi•ion, commenceang rat the
Westwardly corner or lot formerly owned by \Valiant
Boyd on Robinson Street and miming Westwardly
along Robinson street lb feet and 0 inches; thence
Northwardly 100 feet parallel with Grantham street to
said 20 feel Alley thence Eastwardly parallel with
said Ailey IS feet l inches It line of lot of said Boyd:
end thence parallel with line of said lot, 100 feet to
plate of beginning, upon which is erected two frame
tenements_ Third piece embracing pert of lots 15 and
1G in subdivision elorestud. commenting at the distance
of 10 feet and 9 inches from the IVostwerdly line of
lot of IFllliam Boyd nioresald; thence running along
anti yarallel with Robinson street inn Westwardly di
rection 1 9 feet ands inches. thence Nonhwardly 10,1
feet to a2O feet Alter , thence Mond stud Alley in an
Eastwardly direction 18 het 8 inches, thence South
wsrdly parallel with Grantham street Mk feet to plane
of beginning. upon which one erected two small frame
tenements. Fourth piece of property being composed
of part of lot No. 15, commencmg at a thstmee of 37
feet and 1 inches from the Westwardly line of lot of
Boyd aforeseid; thence running Westwardly per.illel
WWI 1i011i04311 street IS feet d inches to property now
Of Isle of Jetties Anderson; thence running Northerard
ly pantile' with said Anderwris properly 100 feet to •
20 89, Alley; thence in an Bestwenlly direction pore ,
RI won said Alley 10 feet and a inches to line of last
desaribed lots; thence Southwardly parallel with Gran
tham Street towards Robinson street 100 feet, to place
of beginning. upon which is erected a soil frame ten
ement Sensed and taten in execution so, the property
of Renseleir N. Havens, fit the soot or A bruin II Hoge.
llamoel H. Hartman. and John Hartman, doing bust
s Hoge A.Hartmens, for use of mini Hartman.
and Thomas 11. Hoge and Wilhelm Bell, Assignees of
A. H Heise
All that certain two story inane dwelling Loom with
stone cellar. situate in the borough of Shsrpsburgn,
containing In front art Trunty street In said borough 30
Ire:, and extendtag hack 21feet, between Penn and
Clay street, and cuataming b rooms and cellar kitch
en, and the lot or piece of ground and cartilage s
purtenant to raid building Seized and taken in execu
torn as the property of IVilliam Swans, owner, Sc, at
the sun of Joseph Ham. _
All the right, talc. interest and elalca of Cyrus Me
-11. of, In and to, all those four lota of ground, sit
uate In Julio linownts plan of buddt g lots, nthoirsong
the borough of Birmingham, and marked and number
ed as Nos. 54, 65, 56 • nd 6n, said lots Nos. 5455,
and 02 frog each 20 feet in width or front or. Herron,
.7 pros's, acid rucusbug back with Mary street CO feet to
me hoe of lot No. Ca. and the said lot 62 being ISO feet
in front on Mary street. and running back ailing the
Fnoterly ends or those first mentioned lots GO feet; said
four lots betog csougnons and 'chitty bounded and ste
'embed as foil nest beginning at the corner of lot No.
65 on Ilsrmony Steen,; thence along said street South
erly Go feet to Mary street; thence with slid suer,
Eastettli 9.0 feet m the comer of lot I , on. Mt thence with
she line of semi lot Nontlt‘nordly ttO feet to the enr sr f
lot Nr.57; thence in • liar parallel swath !Sari street
Easterly 80 tort to itann-Sty street et the pl., of tr•
mist int Petted and taken in execution as the prop r.
t of Crum McDowell, at the suit of John Drown
All the right, tole. interest and claim of Jacob I..ate•
man, on tn. to. and out of . tl. that cerium Roof ground.
sous. :n the b ouch of kleneltester. n. d hounded ant:
Cesentind a,iollov - a becinclog no Market street an toe
plan of said borough at the dtstance of t feet from toe
comer of Strapson and Ferry streets to said plan.
thence Nerth by in, lane of La. street lost aforesaid 24
feet; then. East at right ankles mob said street lOU
fret to Lou,,', Alley in said plan. thence bath aka g
toad Alley b 4 feet. thence Weal 100 feet to the place of
beg - inning. Paired and taken In execution as the pro
try of latch Lowman. 4, the soft of Charles M.
iticwart for use of Rev N. Callender.
the right, tine. interest and clam of Joseph Itlc.
Manny, dear, iu the hands of his Adrnhustratore, Her.
the Meklureey and Joseph Purgeen, of. In end to all
that lot or piece of ground in ndiominr
property of John Kelso end Taylor's heirs, banish a cor
tier lot. and fronting on the State road lending to Pup--
bomb. and contidnlng about half an acre of groom!,
on which is erected a twto fram e dwelling htter
with stone basement. Sc. , ,
the anion hose and
lot conveyed by the Plaintiff to said Joseph kleHor.
my to his lifetime. Seized and taken in execution a•
theproperty of Joseph Iticlfforray, deed, in the hem,
of his admitiletrators, at the suit of !Samuel Hopper.
AR that certain tr o story brick house, with base•
meant, and aftvancd into two dwell/nes, situate on thn
south side of Pastures alley, in the Sixth Werd,lhe
preen Townsend and Fulton streets, bung 11' feet In
front on maid Paarnres alley. and extending back lit
feet, adnuntrut the property of Peter Wallace on the
cast ludo. and the lot or piece of xrnund and curtilage
appurtenant to said bedding Seized and taken in ex.
rcutinn art the property of Witham Simms, owner, and
Peter Wallace and Robert Nelson, contractors, lee.,
ti the suit of -Neon* Mercer.
All the right, Otte. Interest and chum of fleecy Wel
lace, of, in and to all that certain lot Or pigme of ground
situate in Inc Reserve tract appestat Pittsburgh, boun
ded and described as follow 4, vim Beginning on East
Lane, at the thatance of al feet 7 inches from !edition
street, mtd running timme north to propkty of Logan'.
beim 14 feet 7 Inches' thence !along sind property enca
ICat feet to an feet eller. thence south 14 feet 7 inch
es to a point 30 feet 7 mattes from Jackson "men
thence 100 feet to the place of begmning—being part
eI the Same lot which ftwhard Woodward and Lydia
has wile, by deed dated May la. 1a49, and recorded in
the office for recording dead, in and for said coanty,
eonrayed to the sold David llPLean, D. Seized and
.kert an ekeenuon ae the property of Henry Wallace,
at the cult of John Ilegme's Eire
All the mg. Otte interest ALSO
and claim of John M'Afee
of, In and to all that certain tract of lank, situate in
Pm and Mai. f Wilknis and Pectiles,) and dew: ri •
bed a. toll , we, to wit. Beginning on the Monongahe
la river at a post, and running by hinds of Thomas and
Nancy Nolands 141 degrees, east 133 perches to a poaq
thence by land of the late John Fame south 35 deg.
east SO perrhes to a post, thence by lands of Dr. Mc-
Donald'• beim youth M I deg., west 16 perch. to a dog
wood Rump; thence south a. 1 deg. west rib perches
to a walnut• ' thence south 72/ deg. east 22/ perches to
et black oak, thence south 751 deg. west 43 perched to
ei atone; donee south 361 ilety. t 14 perches to the
mid river; arid thence tenth al d e g. west 1.8./ perch es alone said river to the place of begitining—cordalw
in/ 3u sore, strict measure, being the mane which
Thomas Noland and wife, by de. dated :Starch sth,
1936, and recorded to deed' boat td, page 481. Seine d
and taken In execution as the property of John Ill'Afee,
I at the toll of Dr. J 11. O'Bryan.
All the right, title, interest and Mann of Robert
Snodgrass, of, in and to all that certain tract of
situate in Lower St. Clair township, Iteginntng at a
post at the comer of lemil now or formerly owned by
Jane and Elizabeth Snodgrma running thence south
Gi, west 130 nerd.. to a poet on the line of land now
or formerly owned by Mirth and Snodgress;
thence along said line youth c7 l mein. 0 perch. to a
post; Menne north 77 deg west 47 pore., lo n post;
thence 64 east, 037 porches along the line of land now
or formerly owned by Itubort Snodgrass, to a peatq
thence north 574 deg. caw CO perches to the Mace of
beginning --oontatning 51 acres and 100 perches, all
the coal thereunder being reserved to John Belford,
the grantor of Robert Snodgrass. Seised and taken
inexecution as the property of Robert Snodgrass, at
lilt of Owner, P. Ran.. and Robert Woods,
All the right, Isle, interest and claim of Hem=ln D.
Hunter, of, in and to, or out of all those seven couttg•
lions lots, satla Joh Brown's plan of lots above
and near to t h oroug hof Birmlnghsui, and number.
eil in sold plan as luta Nos. y 9, 30, 31, u 33, 31 and M.
being bounded en the south by a street 60 feet wide:
on the west by Wayne street; nn the north by Virgin
alley. 01 feet rvnle; and on the east by lot N 0.30. eoc
anung Jointly la width or front on sod 199 foot Street.
IPS feet; end running back with Wayne street HO feet
o Virgin sl'ey—r•id seven lots tieing each *4 feet in
'this, and in depth NO feet. Seised and taken to et •
elation es the property Of Deojarrdo D. Hunter, at the
oft of John Brown.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of George s.
ails, of, in and to the blowing deuribed lot of ground
tWato In rho city of Piusbargh, Pa., marked in CiL
Woods' general plea or said coy No. ISt. bounded on
the north by Front street, on the east by lot No. 150 L.
said plan, on the entolt by Water street, and on the
west by lot NO. 160 In said plan, extending in width on
Water street .0 feet and or depth to Front strut 167
feel, more or leen. Also, all dui other lot of grorind in
said coy, marked to Col. Woods , plan thereof as No
ISt bounded ou the north by Front et. on the cut by
Redoubt obey. on the south by Water street, and on
Me west by n or 10 151, exit nding in hrearith on Wa
ter street 40 feet, and depth parallel with Redoobt
alley 157 feel, more or hiss, to Front street, on which
said two lots are crewed a steam mill, plough manu
factory, and other valuable buildings. And also, Cll
that other let of ground in said oily, bounded a.
Degnoongak enroer of Liberty . reef and
of marl s od No Mt in Col. Woods general plan of said
coy, and running along the line which divides It from
No. 1,4 in wild plan, northwardly 124, mere at less, to
an alley 10 feet Wide, then,. along sod alloy west,
Wardly 30 feet; thence southwardly in a ling parallel I
with the line which divides stud lots Nos. 123 and 104, I
112 feet, more or less, to Liberty street; and thence
along Liberty street eastwardly to the beginning—the I
said last Mentioned lot being the eutwardly pert of
Lot ha. 1.11 to said plan. together well the buthilngs
thereon erected. Seized and taken In execution as
t e nroperty of George M. Evans, at the sun offhand lighey.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of Thomas
Neel, Of. in and 40 all that certain mossame or tram
of land situate In East Deer township, bounded on the
north by H. 11 Brackenridge, and en the nut by 'ands
of William Ross and other., on the eolith by lands of
said William Ron and Kennedymd on the weal
by land of said H. H. Drectearldge, containing eighty
acres, More Or less, being the name reassaage or (rut
of land now In theocedpancy of said Thome. Neel,
oa whlab le greeted a brick dwelling house, ther
with a llama bum and other out buildings. Raised
and taken in execution at the property of Therm
Neel;'at thr sun of Samuel ldait d.
All the riala, title, interest and shim of Jolla, Mc-
Millen, of, in and to, mat out of ail that carrell ot or
p i eesof frond situate La the Rheatram opposite
the Lorthera lateutleaLtsow Plkb Ward of PittitiatiAl
beteg lot No. 'JD In the plan of lota laid out by,
Warner, Jacob Painter and V. Lorene , "containing in
Rant on Liberty street 40 feet, era encoding bark 70
feet, more or less, to an .11,1 on erected'
house, being the game Int which Wm. Pettit, by
article of auesount dated Jan. Itch, 181 t, and Na,. 8,
1840, convoyed to said Jogs WMallea. Seised and it.
ken in ateeadan ix the props of Jelin irnaleam, al
the nan of John W. Banrell'sAd'arr.
All the right, title, inter and eleim of Robert Haz
lett, oil in sod to th e f crwing described piece of
ground gleam in the Res reit tract in said county, op
posite Pittsburgh, to win Seeming ar al point ItIO
In t from the line of the North Common; thence north
121 degree* wan, 454 teet to the Nunnery line; thence
north 76 degrees, east S 4 feet 6 Inches to Fleming
stre-n thence south 1:11 degree., creel SS , feet: thence
rtn Fat degrees, watt 9.5 feet; thence south 761 deg.
we•: HO} feet to the place of beginning, sublem to a
60 tt•et street at the foot of said ground, running from
Federal street parallel with the common - line, told the
Nunnery line, being mom or less in the several lines.
Seised and taken in execution as the property cf Ro
bert Has:ep, et the mit of John Benny.
Ail that certain two story brick bulldin,e, alatatp in
the city of Pinebargh. on the east side of Wylie street,
between Fifth and High Streets, adjoining the property
of Willie= Flree. containing in front on WY Ite ace. ,
'Xi fent, end to depth about al feet—and the lot or piece
of ground and curnlage eppertmarn thereto. Seined
and taken in eXcaltaa as the property of Same, S.
Liggett, owner or reputed owner, at the salt of John
IYaker--and to be .old b OHN FORSYTH, Sheri
Sheriff's Ogee, Ma J
y 23th, ultn—my26;wfttS
nTHE Dwelling House on Third street, above
Smithflab:towel:Tied by the family of the late
Dr. A. N. HYDowell. Possession given on the
July next.
Also, some huge lot of Freund in the Ninth Ward,
bete-ren the Fiat, Ward and Crogliansville suitable
for blather yards. JOHN IV DARLINGTON,
niriethltf At D. Darlington's, Fourth et
SEGARS-100 by Regalin,• 100 do Prlneipee, and
M./ do Antignefah, Just nerd and for cola by
my:St JOHN WATT & Co, Liberty et
V!:fT.ittTls bbl. pare c'd7ovizW:Mt*."c:'''
LARD OIL—IO bbbi IV P Brown & Co's; IGdo Union
AliHa do. in- store and for *ale by
ay% JAMES DALZE.LL, 21 Water at
IVT . O. 2 MACKEREL-52 Ws in More and for solo by
my2o A D.AUZELI.
DIIIED APPLES—UV bnabels dried apples. In . 1011,1
and far sale by cared J. DALZELL.
BACON -4 bzt prime Baron, pat recal and for tale
by my2B H GRANT
V 0. MOLASRES--2IXI bbl. Plantation Molluscs,
landing from stun. Aaron Hart, and for We by
G LABS-400 has Sxlo Window Glass; 300 do 111019
do; 100 do 10 014
f n i ir
I L%
i d i zi for use re. by
Day APPLE3-20D bush for mac by
E&TIIERS-400 bbl. for tale by
my - go S F VON BONNHOEST & Co
CIHEF.SE-20 bas far sale by
[1 , 1)1N F VON BONNHORST & Ca
DOCK POWDER-150 kegs for sale by
SCYTHE. INEATHS-25 dor for sate by
-r_TAx Mil , by
1 , 1_01y20 S I VON BONNTIORST & Co
ROLL BVTITH-10 bble fresh. for sale by
tar..o F VON BCNNLIORST h co
WINDOW 94.91i—tICUU lights for sate by
FLOCK -?5 Obis 9 F Fionr,ii,osol?,Witur by
oar iei Innter o.nd 15 Front rt
4OLA.9.9.—tuu NO Plantation Ma/asses, for
IVI sale by oyl6 L L WATF.RNIAN
bbd. prima NU Sugar, for
LARD—It bbl. N o
m - 18 L"
RUsTaTle b R—B bble m fresh Roll 117 . 1tr i Me.s,c3Nor
I.ORUIT—Riu bo.h dned Pesebe. (halved zto do do
APPIo.; for sole by mrai LS WATERMAN
rpoaArco-20s boxes 5 Lump Tobacco, some of
I which are of the most superior brands, just reel
on comeaument and for sale by
myRI L s WATE4
SIINDRIF-l2 sacks %Vb.; 9 Mils Rye:l d Flax
seed; fiu bbls whve Beans; 2 do Hickory uhts, for
Sate by my2l I. 8 WATERMAN.
? „ 1 - . E , A.0 ,.. 1. - a l. r -4 few bbl. prtri.,RwArblity4ll,4tore
, IMS AND BUCKETS-45 dosEdokets: odo Tubs.
llorgo;) 4 do Keeton, for sale by
mr.Al L t 4 WATERMAN.
, b TOTS YARNS &43-12,030 lbs , aasonerl Nos.,
yarn; 140bn e s Swung; Caudle Irtck—Carpet chtla
sad Couon tone, for sal. by
uly26 RHEY, MATTHEWS & Co, 79 Water st
7a HITE BEANS-70 bttbt fn. solo low to elosecoTa
TV lognatems, by RHEY, MAITHEWS & Co.
)RT m 1" ,. .: . D r. 1 , .. RLIT :Ty 2Lll a tug : ls hi P: acla w M
12LAXrrEED-19 bbl. lost recd, and for sale by
_my XIATTHEWI4 k Co.
tOR.N URDONIS.—,SO dos. just rsc'd, and for sale by
PUT ASH-11 cabs fast BOIL .de by
rtH H HEY, Al ATTHEWS 4. Co.
tXMCHINGS-43 calm for •o(r by
my . 2T. ITHEY, MATTHEWS k Co.
L'lBll--40 bble No .I Mackerel; 21 do No I ;lead; 45
j; do No 1 Herring, goo recd and for gala by
I„)10 NILTAL -230 tons Cold Blast; 45 do Hot do, just
LL recd sod tor sale by
_rt.y2o LLBEY, MAITILEWB k Co.
aet ""'
AIR gl' i al d .Vß'c' " , " ' ngs'
.1 Knts, master, will leave for
the above
alt intermediate parts
on Woodsy, the Wsh mit, at 10 ereloek s • it.
lot freight or pamage, basing superior accommoda
tents, apply on board. myo
- hil
Isacs The splendid light dranght steamer
tt W. H. Connell, master Brill leave, as
:above this flay at 10 o'clock, A. PL.
mer:s("b' or
, The U.S. Mall steamer MICHIGAN
• No. 2, will leave the I.ti tag opposite
447„1,,,.-Y,-;1; the Monongahela Hon., every Ban
• • -- • ay morning at 9 o'clock, for Beaver.
Returning. win arrive at 5 o'clock, F. M.
Fare to Bayer and back, Twenty-five Cents.
ci a L The Gee . steamer
, .
Lucas, master, will hereafter run as •
war paeket from Pitteburgh to
Wheeling, leaving Pittsburgh every Monday, Wenner
day mid k'riday,
Forireightnr: passage ninny on hoard. arise
a 5.,,... The steamer BEAVER will leave
the wharf, opposite the 1 1 /01104101411.
hell House, every Sunday marling
I 2 o'clock, for Beaver. Returning,
will leave Seaver at I o'clock, P. AI., end writ.. at
4 o'clock. Fare , •
Twenty-five Ceuta my 24
___. ____
rrt DE SANATORY BOARD deem it their duty to
In a
apse the public of Me h assuring city:
And doing so have the pleasure ofe cit
izens, and the public ist large, that no Cholera exists
in oar midst, nor has there been • single ease angina
ling here, so for as the Board have been able to ascer
tain, and they have sought information from the best
and most reliable sources. But while they congracm.
I tie our citizen. in being thus mercifully preserved
I.bin the ravages of this dreadful epidemic, they atilt
urge upon them the necessity of observing the utmost
vigilance in their attention to clemliness about their
The Hoard a well satisfied from good authority that
Liar is one of the best purifying agents that eau be ,
used 111 nealrealinig the egreels of . the 1111.an0111110014
eWoetu glar.r. prevailing In thickly plipplaind clues. '
TN, Board II about making estrangements to have I
IL full supply
eon of Lune constantly on hand, so that eve- •
IV (study be supplied In such quantities:us they
may want (or this purpose, by calling on any member
of the Board. It will be sapplied at the lowest price,
and those who may be tumble to purchase will be sup.
piled genus JOHN 11.1'0ILL,
IV): hare some PUMPS, made on an improves
V plan, Ito a. not to freeze m the coldest weather.
Persona wanting curb articles, are Invited to call and
sec thh SCAIPh ATKINSON'S, . z
lot, between Wood Market sts
UNDlill - S—l3 bids No I Lard; M winks Feathers;
tj I do Wool, t do teseng, now landlrg from mew
Euphrates, for sale by ISAIAH DICKEY A Co,
nortS Front at
1,51 ANTILLAS—F. Fl. h7.-troa & CO., keep constantly
on hand, or mate to ontler, Silk alatmllaa of er
e, pattern, and'of any color dealrable. Also, Man..
uun St•rfs, a new style. F.mbroldering, scolloping,
ruining. marking, and all kinds of fancy needle work
executed loonier at their store, No CS FOOrth street,
between Wood and Market my 23
LigENs—w. li. m w o, invites the
b ir o, R:t,lloemultti.nt;intezitai.,,,onlyofrebNievr:d,no,,bls anssotatxtitit.of
,m; of a kuporiOr flake. Also,
r•hrts ;o ton neutrally, tech as Table Diaper*, of
of different widths, and at oatmeal!) , low prieec—
Itim,chert Linen Table Cloths, also moth lower than
err r before otfcred; Linen, Pillow case 1.401m0, Dia
per. and Crash for towelling, &a &e.
'San, Felt:mem Down, for summer bedspread.;
samrtur colored Raja; low priced do, aad white
Connterparres, at very low pride fob qoallty—at north
east corm rOl Ith and Market are. Wholtmale Roane
op .tittrz. myth)
'hound )Ik:..sf In wholesale and retail Uwe; and other
sespectsble Luatnese, to pet as Boot-lreepors, hale.
awn, Porters, IlaT•keepers, Wantre, Farmers, Coach-
Ltr Agents, Root and Map Agent., Collectors,
Ore seer in al/ branches of busi•was, Sc. We beep
et ell tine. a Mtge number of good aituatione on hand,
womb pay from 300 to 82,0:0 Per amain. Thee, i n
want of situations of auy kind would do well to give
call, as we have imams in each of the loose el
tir,, which will enable us to place every applicant in
a sattaLia alliance at the shortest notice. We have o
!arse acquaintance in all the above named eines,
which we trust will enable ns to give entire unarm
non to ell who may favor on with • call
TAYLOR is TA YMAN, No, lib Helmut at,
betWee.4 Rooth and Gay.
B —pervons Ihrteg in goy pArt qf the E. States,
anti wishing to obtain a altoon in Baltireem, or ei•
the r of Me above cities, will have their want. home.
diem ly•ttended to by addressing os a hoe, (poet-Geld)
as by . 0 ,t o u, they will cartel both unable and ex
pen,e, whinh hey zit] Incur by ecullog
to e city, and seeking crop i r,, for ea
4dtiress, 4 TAVNA.N,
e 1.59 Second street,
my2s:thf 514
ISlERit—Blaek and cent nut, oiaok and colkt
Ingrain, black, bnswn, slate and white Conon
Ito,e; Children ' Fancy w hite r slate, brown and bib
Steektngs; Gents Vigarth, merino and cotton 800
for Ws •
wholesale and retail, by ka'
If 441'0N/a CO, FOOTIIi at,
m4' 25 between Weed and Market
AR atiOLS—A small lot or well .elected Parasols
arettlcry4 foe-sale at tadaced prices by
ra7a P EATON la Co, MI Poona st
GLOVES -A large 1 1.1011=901 of ladies and rents
Ma, Nenpatinn and embroidered Bilk, Lisle, Cot
• •••• II EATON & Co*TriourlielOtore,
1 71FIAMINCI.S,Blaeit wad .01'4 Priam
Oraia, Braid, ctut llama; alarm tbr Ws at
• . EATON on Ranh at
ainnosig=ie .m 3 Chrome Yellow, Green sad
'l,' Red, for We by istSl J BClloofOldagt Co
AuCOO' ,t1.8...P''.
By John D.Davils./DoptIonooro:-
tf Stay!. and Fame" Goa";;-?,-i
On Monday morning, May MI,
the Coma:metal Sales Roam, comer to
of Wood and
Finn screen will be sold, witiman , wom r , % rogga o k,
A large assortment of freish ant seasonable staple
and fancy Dry Good., among widen are so
ath., camarerea, minetts, tweeds, lemma, fartalzlMernne
ring., black wain. dram alike, barage,d e !alas,
min =tali., plaid sienna, super prima, Preach and
Manchester gingham, :shawls and onlk hdlifs in great
variety, bleached and Crown muslin., damask tme o
table cloth, oneCks, tiekings, drilling., nottornades, no.
Mary, gloves, sewing silk, spool cotton, banana, de.
At 7 O'clock
Groceries, Qtreensware, Parainire, am.
Yocum Hrs. Rod Imperial tea, eoree, No I shad,
No 3 mackerel,•Va mannfactured tobacco, SPablell
gat, No I palm soap, shovels, spade's., two and 'four
pronged fotts,veninui and tray ipareat window blinds,
mantel clock*, looking eau., carpeting, lamps, glass
ware, dc.
A largo and general assortment of hominoid and
kitchen flunintre, kitchen uuosll., &e, istyM
Large Sale
trge al Ciathsag, Fine Ming, three
mynas credit' .
On Tualatin* morning, 29th inst., rd 10 o'clock, at the
Commercial & il ea Rooms, corner of Wood and Fifth
ate, will be sold without rererve, on a Credit 0(00 days
for approved endorsed paper on all SIMS over IBM—
A very large invoice of Clothing, Flee Shiva,
composing to part, caper cloth, canimere, romans
cloth, mohair, alpacas, eashusarett, crown cloth and
tweed drew, (Wok and nook costa. black and fancy
cashmere,setinel, CoUonade, Lumattine,
RoxburyCalifornia, fancy check and Palo Alto ea.
simere paints; "plaid cashmere, Palencia, black
fancy satin, lyons and commit veins; Pine linen Do
coin, fancy and bias Merrimac, pink muslin, Union
check and hickory shirts; MowndriU dratvem , also, d
don Rough and Ready water proof sonthwestent.
Catalogues can be obtained and clothing east:pined
at the Auction Rooms.
Extensive Sale of Valushle- Bain, Lester and Cap
Paper, Math Boob.
.• .
On Wednesday, Thursday . and Saturday evenings,
23d, 2lth. andleth fasts, delook, at the commer
cial stake rooms, entries , of Wood and Fifth eta, will be
sold R large collection °rasher's new his' ahniriovery
department of litermuie and 140{BDCO, embracing Ma
ny valuable worts on thuslogy, history, medicine, po
etry, fiction and travels; elso•• super b collect= of
eilita, crab , asp s, e tables, aliMar and Loa
der edition.c Londoa teltanientli• with
psalms and parapbmses, letter, commercial post, and
cap paper, hill and half bound blank books, memoran
dum books, !sc. royal JOHN , D DAVIS, Auct
.nnd 3 /. 31 .13.....--ciai Porter.
emu. .a. STAGE hipL623
pa- Th e CrienTlMliTVATrijt•A L .
arrangement to give him a Benefit
Clone Atelmine . Vannavar n.
Pauline • .. i bliss Porter.
To be followed by recitations from JACK CADE
.. ..
• To conclude arlth • .
William Mr. Vanatavorm
Susan. Miss Porter.
_fp" Monday evening—The Miller and his Men.
EOAGE AllllOll,
Mo. 46 Market street
I IiffAVING purchased ao ezteosivomul carefully mr.
.U.l !acted stock of Spring and . Summet Goods, the
subscriber respectfully informs hie friends and .the
public, that he is now preparing to reed. and exc
rete their orders with dispatch, and AO the neatest,
moat ,„, and fuluonehle meaner: • /isle la
determined to do business eu the cash 'poem, he flat
ters himself that he anti bo able to do work as cheap
as it can be dorm at .yestablishmerit in the entrietty.
Hls meek is varied, consisting of Casstmetes, Broad
cloths, Vhstings, he., Which his friends are tespeetfulr
ly invited to examine for themselves.
WHiItSIG RS-.- Lttvering i h. h . d .,
pulverized Sugam,jusi rood end for sale by the
bbl or at retail, at the PekloTea store, 70 770 0nb at.
F'S COPPEE—filoctot, African, Java, Lignite,
Domingo and Elio Coffecejwit reed and far
rale at the Poktn Tea Store, In Fourth at mylid
brtlBl.rift AND FlCin—don eighth bee prime
uto, sad OH small drams frau lgo, tun received
and for owe at the Pekin Tea Stone 21:1 Foarth Wee.
fill Drama., No 1 Chocolate and Cocoa; aiso, Schtuita
sweet spiced Chen:gate, just teed and for sale at the
Pekin Tea. Store, 70 POcrih n. nayiffl
14 : ACKEREL—Iso bbls Large N— Elan. ash..
LVI sans inspection, in fine order, landing this morn
ing and for sale by ROLSER773ON & REPPEJIT,.
tuy2l:lot 11:9 Second' st
~{]OOL—Tpe highest puce In cash all tie,
Ty different granes olden= washed wool., by
mygt H LEE, Liberty at, opposite 5111
Sloth . and Tar.
50 7.1.1.N1,101 Her r ings, 010'Y
70 do No 3 Maokerel, (Ronan inspection)
SO do N C Tar, in prima order reed and for
sale by TAAFFE & cpecmirroa,
mg2l:dlrn canter Penn and Wayne sts
PL-t&-Dl-Lit'llANGEAßLgilLlSS—lual reed,
olot of very hanivome changeable Silks, inc lu d in g
some of a very superior quail y. which we sire sailing
at very inferlor price. ALEXANDER & DAY,
royal • 75 Market, N W ear of the Diamond
BACON -13 bbd. assorted, now landing from stmr
Dolphin, for sale by
inra ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, Front at
bbls No 1, now landing from mar Dol.
phis for sale by nayni ISAIAH DICKEY d Co
V570014—.3 seeks now 1=1.14 from mar Dolpbbs;
g for .we by myyi isetsu DICKEY &Co
FEATIIERS—;I9bigs now landing from iiniDol-
;Min; for sale by mysl ISAIAH DICKEY & Co
LINSEED 01L—IS bbls Linseed oil, pore, gee
order, for sale by
QALLAD - CAL—Cf mperior quatitycha large and
all bottles and Musk*, for sale by
Q TIIRPENTINE— bbli in am order, for sale
0 by_ my2l J SCROD:IVA/SEE &Co
R 00 42 - b l is , akß-20 bar
s fizet , L -
dizER k Co
S TRAW PAPER -100 Ems extra Luxe straw Paper,
for sale by J SCROONMARER & Co,
SW wood .t
ERRINUS-5411 bx. No 1 Remota, landing from
LI . tonal and for safe low to close co:mist:meat, by
myl7 JAM} DALZELL, water st
..1.10 bblajoet redid and Inc se le by
P ° 2oo l dotriil 7 A eo
N 1; 175 do de, g ' 4 .. 1 3;:d n 0 e d0
I 5 bbl. Fuse (or blasting, fOr sale by EY; •
sera J DILWORTA &Co '
P - ktairAJTlli
111111: subscriber hos lust received at the Pekin Tea
, 1 Store, 70 Fourth street. a very large and well se
, Ireted smet of pare ORREN AND &LACK TEAS,
I from New York, all of which has been received this
country slase the One of February lest, eonelmiog of
en the diderent geodes grown In the Celestial Ltripire.
Our stock tieing am:mg the largest in the Wet, we are
prepared to wholesale, on better terms than any other
Isoll4o in the thy. ‘Ve invite 101411 grocer. to call and
erernine oar stork aad once. They can have trimek ,
aaill lb packages, 5 lb tin canister, or by
1,,,,rat a ., to Mil their convenience.
Our retail prices vary for Oolong, Black Team from
Lo cra to 31, 5 0 per lb.; Ning Young Bourbon,. 50 cis;
t•ongo 50, and Eltglisli Breakfast 50, Young Hyena,
ustopowder end Imperiah from 35 cm. I. 81,05 per lb.
Fanntles are requested to sead sad rat ample.
of our Wai n and try them before pardwing. of
mylo:d&svB A. JAYNDD, 70Poarth atter'
TS tsl
IT k with pleasure that the miltscribe-re
• inform the mamas of Pittsburgh vi.
cinny that they have completed *mate.
' meow wult Messrs. 7. C. Jenkins it Co.,
of Philadelphia, to receive their superior
And will hereafter be kept constantly on
Fiend. They are neatly and securely pat
M . up on metallic packs of and 1 lb, each,
• lib their pouted cord—,showing the kind
of Tea, price, name of the concern and
depot in' Philadelphia , with en Invitatton to relent the
Tea. if not liked.
0 , 1 Gunpowder M 1 55 1,00 1,25 1,50
Iml 50 l,OO 1,25 1,50
; Hymn 50 62{ 73 1,03 1,25
Y. Ryser, 50 e2{ "75 1,00 1,23 .1,5 A
-37 a 60
aL4e..- Bi Fine a'k und exult Fine. .70 1,00 I,z 450 1
We will warrant all the TFAA 8 we sell to be equal
to, if not itrIMIUOI tonny sold to This city, and a un t,'
they net pone acceptable to the lute, they can be les
tamed, and the money will be retooled, as tt is only
math that understanding we sell
We ask a raw 064 that the public may be able to
j u d ge u,,,,,,, e 4a oar Tees and 1.116 heretofore sold by
other conapatoo In Oda city. . ,
An lovers of rich,dehelowanogon llavored TEAS,
should give on i VOL
For side by JOB. S. ht. vomia 1. c o ,
N W earner 411. and Fitly *treat., and
E YOUNG /k CO., i
8 W corner dd imd Rou street.. 1
myl9 dflmis
RUdEPACIENrsei running at arge
ra, the fields cooery apt to broke and injure
themselves in many ways. They ire oftert„. disabled
BO as to be aweless for a long time. If immediate an
could be made of 0. A. Pahnestack & C 0.% ftobeLs
cleat, and the indeed part well saturated, and the
remedy rubbed in, It world give relief aad eau the
pain No farmer should be without title celebrated
medicine, as it Is alike healing to man or beast. Pre
pared and sold by It 11 FAIINESTOCK it Co,
comer of Wood and Ist err, also, corner OM and
Wood. myl7
A. A. MASON & CO.,
lA.• A S
M t eC' r tie h reee mg m c m o otitenn=l b as 4 !
mg nosiness, am how prepared to eghibtt thine m
um trade the most estensive stock of and fashion.
able Imported and Amerman Goads they hare ever
mfered in this city. Their large Shawl taboo, togeth
er with another huge room, has been fitted op and ad.
ded to their retell *summon; thereby mama them am
ple room for No display of their Immense *met Being
constantly In the receipt of noveGoods from their bonse
to New York, they are enabled alwaya to offer the
newest, latest and meet desirable go o ds, and at prices
as low and as any boon la the country.
Their stoat comitts N part of
Pisa Hcnortro Preen °Contra itch Hemp., Tisanes,
Aloamtea, Delphines and hlarnalseof new and elegant
styles. Also, Pt:4 de Mean; Foulard Silks, Um d i ,
Lidos, Grenadines, rektor, Branthentete,Beoehn,Tenn
Ma Nord, do fee
Six Handled Ploceserfnew and riehatYkaAaeor th t e ,
Lawn, and Orqamtles..erdestehd dodgem.
Bev. Hundred Places sad French Prints,
my, e , Oilcans Cloth, Lima Ginglthnu,
Chattett, fee. no .
Pima eg Mental. g e .„,.. d
End changeable Bilks, of entirety new ii.,„kZ - 711 4
bn ns n for dments, mumullasoks. of gape
; MO. Isom
siOWLS—Casb Mixt, In 14,1
Bhawly Gros Mt friday Boic. de Bois, Cantosi o,
Hde ilt Mr, Wood Pfau; Orenadmo sad
WHITE GOODS— Cambria, - Jammed; Victoria
Lawns, Book ami, Swiss !dolga Tatman, Fancy
Check', LtnertlAVll,,. Dotted Mull mid Nair,
°°v" M htAll tio ".‘
Ch LihOCI ants, mesley t.
S ' lriatiati Um's, brat maks sratfailtit
A =Vats mortar= of China Braid,
~•1_ , . 1.1$.1•/.YJC3J4J,
Arg, Sat e
pigwrg Inum' rim, aplendid poorly," Steam.
sare composed of the begat errant, ben
aided and thralshed, and most posterful beats cm dm
mama of the West. Every maeredunnthulen end conk
fort that money can procure, boa bean provided Go par,
nevus. The Line hos beenin operadon far free pears
-bee sanded a million of people ariihout the least tuee
tptothelr penens. bows srUk beat Oho foot of
Weed street the day promotes to staitimtor the recap.
tie. or freifinial and ete entry-of passengers elkikerat
tr," In aireue• the pacing. )lo .PY P°4l p is
suaromr .p.noktati
ton ts,nAc NEwtoN, c=r+T o hic
leave Pittsburgh every Sunday cl 4 air:t s oloo
WhetHaa evary Boman tinning al or.
May 0, 1947.
--------- • •
The MONONGst LELA. Ow. arca; wal leim m a. l l;
burgh every Monday morales et 14 o'clock;
every Monday eveutag It 19 P. 14 I .•
The 11113 ERMA No. a, Capt. J. Ku. trill
leave 'itsburgh every Tuesday. meartingat t 0 o'e ,
Flquachayt every Tuesday mauls at 10 r.:X.
- - -
The NEW ENGLAND No. 2 erpt•: & 11l lc w i n
leave Pius!) miry Walnestay Joni.
o'clock; oven', Wednesday ovealog a .10 P. ■
. _
The BItILLIANT, Capt. Ours, stiU 141v41 . U.
harsh emery Tharatlaysaorning atIO eVelee
every Ttntrattay evetung at
The CLIPPER No. 2, Copt. Dtm, will km
Plooburgh every niday mornioratlUo'oloclql;l7/mi
Ilas . mr, Friday wromoz at 10 P.IE. ' •
OP CANAL AND tyrzcSt raelcm,
• .
1849. •
I _ (vu ausaaw,)--
Uinta Pittaburgt dr.:4,419 Weleek,l:l Pd., and ay
rives at Glasgow, linntahnfen Bandy and Beam Ca.
nal,) at 3 deb:Oland New=snli, mime night.
Leases Now Ushon at 6 - PAS (making the
trip canal the 01000 dwing Use ni%=Plasgew
9 demi, A. AL, and amves at: a: 3 P.
ALtss snaking p h continuo= IWO for earryim pas.
senders and freight between Now Lisbco: andMsw.
bush, .hOrler.4lo and at Will intsWshen by any
other. route.
The proprietors et estate hassidai pleiswe °Pla
=tte public this: they bassi fitteden twolint elan
oats, for the acconunsalage . ot gaStengets and
freight, to tun in termed= with tho Well - known
Emmen CALEB COPE and DEAVIDP,send earmeet
trig, es .Gbagols,.. with the Pittetnugh and Quid.
nad and otherdaily Pines of /teams* down the Ohl°
and blisslanippi :boa The -proprietor Pledge thane.
selves to spare no expense or
trouble to Ware coy
for, safety and disq . m et, sad ask of the Wales: shave
of then
O .
lit RAIPTCN, •
a. auumtran, Th iboTik•
EL HANNA it Co. •
rayllof PEARDAlkillik Co. ' I T "gm
'ORN have made
NoncE—Ths iteamerlmerM t c. 15.. Clarke, mas.
ter, vrid leave-altar this andel:y(9r We.divide • • •
all: at a o'clock in the •• • • • . • 613
------ }
5W119717119 AILLIANGEUMENTS for 11149.
Only -79 Mlles Statiflnpg..
Via Brownsville and Cumberland to =him= and
sIBE splendid and fastroman& U S Mall steamers
ATLANTIC, cot/Parkinson; BALTIC; Capt A
obs, LOUIS &PLANE, Capt B Belmett, are now
double dniry cups between
The morning boat will leave the MMIMIIIIddIIa
Wharf, =lmo Me Bridgedaily atildolock !namely .
Passengers will take SUPKU COACHES at Brownie-
Mlle, at So , cloak, P. M., and the splendid ems ot the
Baltunore and Ohio Hellmad, al Cumber/and, at n
o'clock, A. 2.1., and mitre in Baltimore W. USA WIWI.
Mr, In lime gton for the evening line to Philadelphia and
Washin city.
From Pittsburgh to Baltimore, ,M hoe.
Fare SIO
From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, only 1g heave
Fare _ 1112,M
Th. evening Ant will leave at a o'clock', =cep DEW
day evenings. Pamengem by this . boar, Will lodge en
board In comfortable State Beanie 0,10 f rat nigh; pass
over the mountains the following day In Eastern built
Coaches, and lodge the second night It Cumbertand.
Peasengers have Mace of Mther Steamboat or Rall
Road between Baltimore and Phlindelphla, and the
privilege of sawing at combaliuutad Baltimore,
and resuming their seam at pleasure. Coaches char
tered to pan= to travel =limy please.
We make up the lands and may kolla fort= Conch.
es In the Pittsburgh =lees, lln ordkr to aave time 0 0
arriving at Brownsville,) It is therefore important for
pessengers to get their ueketa before going on board
of the boat, at our office, Monongahela nom, Wautt
street, or St Charles Hotel, Wood et, Pitubmit&
spAdem 1 F . UF-SKIAIEN, Aged
I , lmtatratrigh or, Louisville Packet Line
_ The splendid
- , qzr o il ii,
ettato will leave for above
• • Warm
the ••
st, a 10 o'clock • porta =Monday,
POT freight ot
i pasmapptv orrb ' card or ti ,
Thanes and splendid Purl pawls.
g" aaoa s Puk at
master,Wreavo 4ii .* ' Cousia
' nail and Louisville on . Thursday s 'IV at 10
otloek, A. IL ' F o r ! vain or passage ly on ard,
The eteambciat - •
- .
f PILOT No. 2,
Csign. I. N. Skunk, lemma
ss'elock, , Pitts
P. barga
- • • Tuesday, at M.,
for Ellsabetn ery
own, Camino, Sunfish, Proctor, Baroia
Landlog, New Martinrrille,SardithBlMptaville, Tual'a
Landing, biatamonsc, A. Sheet' lAnd=anolse,
Newport, COW Cre ek, _ Mariana, ••Pcdot' Par.
kariburg, Belpre, Ida, Had and Mckinnon.
Renrastaa—Leavea lioeduagport. *ery Thttrada i L
at 6 o'clock, P. M. Mariana on Fida ~ a t 6 A..
at the principal part of the above downs
IH-740n Friday, before night. 1%
71 above arratigernant, boal`will be able to
lay of Pittsburgh on Sundays, and keep:that day no It
should ba.
The public mthe`pend upou s e. boat contiumnst
tha trade derma Tow water ott. • ••••
Loubraille and 81. Louts Packet Line.
2848. • 1849.
The fine fait idaalngpauenge
Batisteamer ATLANTIS,
Geo. W. Metz, master, will leave
or iha above and ate pogu
avert' 3 Vvvaa2, at 10 o'cock, a. fig,
For freight orbusasnapply on bond. or to
C. KING, No. L 53
it ,Raw
mars.demll Lanusvie.
The fine fast nullpasurtgel
, I , Irtenmer 0522.
N. Alenterroo, maw, Agr
• • ---- • a above sad latemedlaas pone arc.
17 Sourly, at itp &clock, r. AL. •
For frel ht or pare a1.3„,,,,Z.:a1Lti0a.
arars.dego • -.l.lM,alanila
- -
The nom and substastaal mama
n-- 0-4 MaMiDen , motor woo pro afar &
or mantas yips lameeerarbolla.
whacky ; assuariaseposs wittleare, aastauga s
on WednoodaY 4 4 4 84,0 417.
For Belot or paa o c o _ L a, apply oa bite& A pt&
WHEELING ennsuNrigui.
floetamitravoTant=r;D7lll loan
Mondays cad Tbanditio, ao 14 1"
For Dal& or passage, apply on !Saar&
aanuatizAzesvmmt*ex ur .
natThe tine steamer ,
igGallaat A r master, w t'sza,aa MP'
won/DY _WOO; oen Ans.
barer and Zanerstle—leares crrory Tato.
dal. For freights pply to ,
BAKER & FORST”ka g a b
PIO,OL Water at _
; The splendid raimen t
rt r t 2 telonraitelia .l ll 4 ,arpJ eon_
1i13120 as tha regular Monday paa tat d uring ll!!! bauon
For freight or passage, apply on board! --',
GEO MREMOniltxiin
;-7:- . 57? - 47•54 7 .:.`31 *tame:
. Forwarding and Connataalon titer
chant, has removed to No. 87 Featt,:hgttgan Wood
and Elmithtled atreeta *PI
rift' INSURANCE CO. al Nartb Atrusioa aria
.1. mate permanent and Rads:ad/al cm Pm
aerty Wads airy and vicinity, and en IL ems by
Canal, Rivers, Lakes, and by Sea. Ti s,u, pertlea or
ibis Company are Well lavesdad,. and AL an avail.
able fund tar ample Indeatall7 at sir on. who
desire to be prolemed by luarane, ~: •
lane war P. JONES, Agent, 11tm.,,,,,.
CLOVEJI SEED-603 bosh Omer:ice ,ixt Imre aa
for sala y myt4 Jk. P,LOyD
rorenee, Namable, Rtmsb and Veal's. IS Ow, EN!'
Ugh Chip, Farley,
• - .
BONNET RI Hl3o'..lS—Llid boxes of m ot and . CR
Ribbons, of the best rrylett. Alms, bbtot d `' l°
Taffeta, and ElatiN bear quay,.
.61,,,,, t Bilks
and Llrdngs,Arilletala, An. 3 . , ,„„ of
HOSIERY AND GLOVES — Evart' . . —7. Z:
ladies and Avonulemens Hose and ti tb• ,7_,„ — '
Scarfs, liditts. Also, Bente, Nue ' OP .
Veils, Mask Ines demi V its, Ae. Iter'' ' t.: ^
NEW YISITES and rd e ANT/Lkabbia am 'xtte tub..
tamable calms and stylak 1.
.. l ee antes, collars, eults,mandlag collars, theredsetrs,
Vsliences, Franck and English Ngiarlst„twool,S'Adt
Nert,lot Bolt Ribbons, than eaM!tritl tuv.ttr adzia
nal/11'440 O.
and PARASCRI*S—Iit ft".
' thousand Parasols and Sheasolent, of or 'vim
Ine.ludltur the bon markes 6f Ileo Satin 'Cantelion, . t
Clothstemsluter n. amitndst Stallln.....aDdrstTmseda, ‘'
Jesus -A1... ClotZgr'.“'"‘
GINGHAM.% CAI Nz, I' - 6 .0t....%re thott 1117
two hundred cases of ths hest HYles Hid' of t ry vs.
BLEACHED an i BROWN' 3II :MiNE—Orerr ace
hundred as of igt HIS 1. 1 --./ 1 ' 13 " 2 . ' end aPPraxad
makes of ,
Mikan oar. 4 blown do, ores-
my misty and prim '.• ' ' . -.'
Foto twat* MRS II:MI.9e", fronithn gran
(=Mb» often snit „liSsimmalt 9 .. ,0 41UtungOre chancy,
goods at the most Xemoumffs PROM .TWaystem or •
LOW PRICES ulnae hY.lkestabllshment, as we.
as Men ONE PRIC E SYtit,kidsns pl at with sad,
unirorsal favor that the sub's-41)mi a re ‘ensiblett Co at
far mill examen. butsnements loptuebasert t Evart as
tied wrifietstaßre benuttßod Mild& kW - as end
. r a n to ilea perfect sallsfactkm. from
all pans ofilm Gauntry are Imbed us tall
.•IL AL IdAsos a Co,
. ighnia SS Kates, Willa at au ith stil t .