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For the PHtiborgh Dtllf Oesctte.
New Yore, April llih.
The Whig* hare dented their Mayor and a max
joniy of the Aldermen.
Mr. Copeland, the Whig candidate, baj beea
olected Mayor of Brooklyn.
New York, Apnl 11—12 m.
Woodhall, (whigj haa been elected Mayor of
New York
Yoaa, April 11.
Floor—The market ta more active, with lalet
at t 4 561084 68J; Genesee at $5 50.
Cottoo—The sales are heavy and a decline o l
1 cent has been experienced aince the arrival of
the Niagara.
Gram —The market it unchanged, and trans
acitoo* are dull.
Provision*—The market lor Pork and Beef is
quiet. t
Money Market in quiet, aqd money scarcer..
.Stocks have a downward tendency.
New Yoke, April 11—Or m.
Flour—The in firm with good eaatrra
and home demand, and tome shipping inquiry ;
with sales of western brands at 84 60, attd Gene
see at 85 50 per bid.
Grain—The market for wheat has a d iwnwatd
tendency, bnt corn is steady; sales of irime red
wheat at 1 OOr per bushel for Ohio. Prime yellow
corn Hells at 56; market arm.
Provision*—The market haa a downward ten
g. Sugar—Sales of New Orleans at 4lc ft).
Coflee—Sales of Rio at 6(2t>lc p lb.
Stock*—Sales Treasary Notea, Si, New I^oan,
Philadelphia, Apnl 11—8 r m —The market is stagnant, with wlrs of
Western brands at 84 20(254 31 j per bbl.
Rye Flour—Sales at S 3 per bbl.
< ■orn Meal—B2 C2t —it ia scarce in market.
‘iraln —Sales of prime white Wheat at 95 to 99
cl«- prime red, 92 to 93 eta per bu*hel. Data- 31
033 eta. Prime yellow Coro 51 c.
Cottoo—The market is quiet.
Whlstey—Sale* in bbl* at 20 eta per gu!
Money Market—Sales ot New Government 1101.
April 11—9 P. M.
Flour—Sales of Howard Street brands at 84 12J
per hbl
OruiD—Sales of prime while Wheat at 97 cents,
per bnshel Corn —Sales of prime yellow Corn ut
49 cts per buaheL
Provision*—The market li-drooping.
Whiskey—Sales at 20 ct» per gal.
Aeea.'oai. —The election tor i lovernor of Ar
kansas took place on the 14th. The candidates
were J. S. Roan, (Dam.) nod Cynm W. Wilson.
(Whig.) On tbo 23d ultimo the result toas not
known at Little Rook. The Democratic organ
at that place complains that the vote has been very
light, and gives an impression that the Whigs have
done quite well; and the New Orleans Picayune
mentions the receipt of a letter dated at Napoleon
on the 26th, which says that the Whig candidate
is eleoled. Sucho result would surprise both par
tieK.—{Nat. Intel.
T original, only uue, and genuine Liver Pill.
Short Cant, Ohio county, Va. )
Much 36th, 181 V. \
Mr. R. E. Seller*: Dear Sir—l ihmk i: a duty 1 owe
to you and to the public genera l) - , to state that 1 have
been afflicted wiui the Liver Complaint tor a long
tune, and so badly that an abeeai formed and broke,
which left me in a very low stats. Having heard of
your celebrated liver Pills being for »al6 by Aft
Sharp, ia West Liberty, aud recommended to me Cry
my phyiician, Dr. E. Smith, 1 cooclnded to give them
a fait trial. I purchased one box, and found them to
be just what they are. recommended, TUB BEST LI
VES PILL EVKft USKI>; and after lakiugfoor boxes
1 find the disease has entirely left me, and 1 am now
perfectly well. Respectfully jour*.
Wert Lil>erty, March Stj, 184 U
i remfy that 1 am personally acquainted with Mr
Coleman, and can bear tcsUiftony to the truth of the
above certificate. A R SHARP
Tea genome Liver Pills are prepared eud sold by
R E SELLERS, No 27 Woad sireei, and try druggists
ia the two dues. >’
TO THE PUBLIC n-The original, ouly true and gen
ome Liver Pills are prepared try ft E tellers and have
his name stamped in black wax upon the hd of each
box, and hi* signature on the outside wrapper—all
othere are counterfeits, or base mutatioos.
■pill ft E SELLERS. Proprietor
Ptttabeugb Water Work*,
PROPOSALS will be received at the office of the
Pittsburgh Water Works, until Tuesday, I7th inst,
at 5 o'clock, P. M., for Ibrniihiug WATER PIPES as
follows, vie
llOpipet, 15 inch bore, weight each 1400 lbs.
70 “ s “ “ “ “ - 460 “
370 “ 6 “ “ “ 6 330 *•
Ail lobe cast in o vertical position,iu dry sand. The
requisite number of branches to be famished at the
same rate.
The IS in- pipe are required u early as tliey can
posaibly'bc made: the others may be euiributea over
the lime between this and the Ist December, if desired
by the contractor.
Payments to be in Bonds bearing interest, and hav.
in* SO years to ran.
Testinj and delivering to be nt the expense of the
contractor, aptftdtd J. H. M’CI.BLLAND, Supt._
Tljj.confonaity wuh the “Act Incorporating the We*-
X tern Inrarance Company ofthe City of PUuborgh.
in the County of Allegheny,” approved the *«!oih day ot
March, A. D. IS4S—Books willbe opened for tbe sub
scription of the Capital Block of said Company, at the
Mcmongaheta liouae, m the city of Pittsburgh, oit
MONDAY, the 123 d day of APRIL* IF4H, between the
boars often and three o’clock; and continued at the
same place, and during the same hoars, from day to
day, onnl at least twenty-five hundred Shares shall
have been subscribed. Five Dollars will be required
to be paid on each share, at tbe ume of subscribing.
By order of the Commissioners.
EJSCCA’riON. * ■
MRS. A MISS GILLAND respectfully inform their
fnends and the public, ihev have procured and
removed their school to s roomy and convenient boaae
in Lacock street, second dwelling east oi Keberal st,
where they are prepared to take a few boarders, as
well as a tew more day scholars, and where their el-'
clssivc attention will be devoted to instruction in all
the ordinary branches of English education.
Strangers are refetred to Mr. Wm. Eicbbiura, Mr.
John B. McFedden and Mr. F. Baton oi Pittsburgh.
Mr. A. Short and Mr. George Reiter of Allegheny city.
aplthdtf _
UNDRIES-3U) bbls N O Mola«es; ‘ ft
15.000 Bacon, bog round;
4U bbU large No 3 Mackerel,
15 * •• “3 do
10 •• “ “ 1 Salmon,
pore Flaxseed Oil;
120 dozen new Corn H'oomi; in »u>re and for
sale by meh3l JOHN WATT. Liberty «t
ler’s editiou, containing all the miutt, verbatim
«t literatim, of VoL. I ami 2 of the London edition, em
bellished with a portrait of the author—2 VoL. in one.
Price, complete, 60c. large supply of the above re
ceived for side by JOHN II MELLOR.
ROPOSAIii will be received for raising 5*20 ions
railroad iron, sunk m Allegheny river, 6 miles
above KiOanning. Also, 140 tons 4 miles above Free
port, or i mile below Hilt’s Halt Works, between ihe
Island end Soil Works. The whole to be delivered on
Uie wharf at Pittsburgh
*p7 J SCHOONMAKER A Co, 24 wood st__
rnUE subscribers having purchased the exclusive
X right of Harley's Patent. (lately renewed,) for the
manufacture of CHILLED ROLLS. Ac., are prepared
to supply all orders at short, notice
All persons are forbid infringing on said Patent
MACAULAY "S ENGLAND—Cheap edition, in one
volume; full bound, half bound, and paper covert
re SO eenu and upwards.
Also, Harpers' bite edmon in ‘2 volt; a full supply,
tleseniua’ Hebrew and Fjiglish lexicon ot the old
Testament; third edition, revised, wuli large additions,
etc Just published. For suit by
ap? R HOPKINS, Apollo BuiMtags, 4Ui it
Sotles to the Pablle.
WE hereby noufy our friends and correspondents
at home and abroad, that we will nou can it a
sat cixctnssTxscsx, receive freight from any Boat for
which J. Newton Jones is agent.
BY a Married Man, a situauon os Book Keeper,
Clerk or Salesman, in a store or manufactory.
Most respectable references can be given. Address
*‘A. 11. C-. n Gazette office. _ __ moli2o:d3r*
" ' distent Soda Ash.
CASKS (Glass makers) Jas Mnsprau A Sons’
Zf-1 brand, lust rec'd per steamer Brooklyn, and lot
j»<a No 160 Liberty si
'PENNKSSF.H GROUND NETS —13 sacks Tenne*
± sed Ground Nuts, a prime article, just received oi
“ df °' utobmlltenbebger,"
FOULARD SILKS— New style FottJardBilks, a ve
ry article for spring and at
*y low prices, just received at No “5 Market street,
northwest comer of the Diamond. .
LINEN LUSTRES—Just opened, a handsome lot
new style Linen Lustres.
GINGHAMS—A very large stock of so-
X per French. English and Scotch Ginghams, iutl
reeeived-and sailing at very low prices, at No 75 Mar
ket street, northwest corner of the Diamond:
ENGLISH PRINTS—Soper 4-4 parple and other
styles of Handsome English Chineses, just opened
al 75 Market street, northwest ecr of the Diamond.
- "Ml Vbl Ml UIC 1/IWSUUU.
CREAM CHEESE—44 bxsjutl rec’d and for sale by
J B CANFIELD, Water street,
spO between Smitbfiaid and Wooa
NAILS —5U kegs Nails, assorted sizes, Ullphant A
Sofi’a brand, landing and for sale by
ajril JAMES PALZELL, Water st
SALERATUS —€ csks just teC’d and for ude by _
COTTON— bb bales, vanous grades, fer sale by
apW C II GRANT, 41 water si
BROOMS— 50 daz extra Com; 20 do doth, for safe
by qp» J D WILLIAMS, HO wood it
csks Potash, landing and for sale low
lo close consignment, bjf .
.■p*. _ James dalzell
SICILY LIQUORICE- Just ree’d and formate by
ap« _ JJODD A Co
Q HEEP SKINS—IS doxen,fine arucle.jaii rec d and
ter tale by ap9' JKIDDACo
A JREIRICAN SAFFRON—Just rse’d and for sale l.y
(SPANISH SAFFRON-Just" iec d and for .ale by
SI. J KIDD A tio
MACE— Jan rec’d aud for sale by
*** i KIDD A Oo
1940 | ALMAftAC,
Aj»RIL |
7 Saturday, ••
•9 ShqdJty, •
9 Monday.
10 Tuesday.
11 Wednesday,
Ilf Thursday,
13 Friday. ’
xsaatiALt.. t a clarxs. jtto. sottos
Office, Pmwoton Gatsttf.. )
Thursday Mornimr, April 12t I&4'.'
The weather yestrrduy was bright and pleasant and
the market ill a general way was quite lively.
Within the past twenty-four hour*, tho river un» rai
sed about two feet; there is now a splendid nai>e oi
water for all clauses of steamer*, and there i, a tsir
amount of bu*ine«» doing m that quarter.
PLOLR—The receipt* were confined to limited lot*
and we couid Imar of no sales worth reporting, from
firsthand* Fiom on the wharf would not exceed S 3(
CO 4* bbl. Our \ estenlay's .quotation* from store are
unaltered. )»ut sale* arc still coniine-! to limited U-t« si
SI.GSdBhGBdsS.Vi, a- n.joainy
(•RAIN—» II Wheat a [--I Rye we 01 no 'a.
>f other ffrein*. -uiall **>.
More *t, lor Com. ':3c. Harley av ami O'ji* at
Thrrrwen* 6 mcbr, m ibe .-haum-i Iml K \\Y ru.(.- <iiu.(pii i»:c •at 5.11 I•«. ' ®**■ nnt Ju»k, liy pier mark, and ruing -icuv’y
GROCERIES *alr« 01 \ u Jir rp S 'iilanv p- RuA rs LEA\ I\i; THIS DA't
■rieU tn liuiitpii lon 1«y Mid m l|.fl jj<' n>t :air n> prim- ( MN'innat. 111 A M
01 N 11 nr'-s. t* gai.. and urn* Browanvnir Packets, 5 A M . and 1 P M
of Rio Cotfcc ai 7iA~{ir-«- to.’■< ">Beaver Packets, t A M and 4 P M
l.tmi'-d '"it " | Kiiiaaing-Wm Philhj*
null .1 1... " R :■■ 10. 1 1 la, nms r.rrr-Taglion.
and “If fur (.<klic» 1 .
BACON-1W ....... ... .I." 1.l »■ ; ■' t- 8 "" ■ r ' lio * Wnghl
full (|tnied rite*. and sale* n •< cpiu-ra tun <• beer
qniie lair at inr iShouldr.- »■ lor Nile*. and
C}e for -Ham-
J.ARD-Sal** m UhK a t at ttjCJr
BITTER -Supj'.ias hasp beemnp rathpr liroupJ. an.
wr neie aiuail *a>» imh ’’ k.i rut , n ),
und for ke.
Ifo' K>«-Ci*< l»> * tl - Tllr Il.>Qvll.l pj.'tfl fci«-alltr|
Bnliiant, Cij*l (.farr i«avr- :t nl.nve lU.».!■>. ui 1<
A M ii«r if; uat n*..i •' ■ , <*p 11 t.ii t- In [mint oi i ■
comim>il*iii):i« 'li<" Hrt' mm t>a*< irw r-oiin:- ami no «n
perior. am!
too \«rll »*tnt lirvl ti i
Fob . c l I
T*ffUom, Caj»i ('oie« Vsvr- im- imruia-.; n in
for St. Lout* »i)d the Il'.moi' mrr *, j in ,.
rii<- nlend.d fu*i luin.iiir .i.-amri
is thus-oflered ti*r n.l w tio may \ri*h i.» ukr (>a«* *.
for that region m the T.* » hr., t,„ a j in ,|
Jer die Charge oi her .-ipoiirn.-rd commander ever
liung will be >u*t n« titje • . tin posmW* i.e Jp-*
• »elen the toilowun; u otn il.e me I b, rnpemi new .
brought by the Niagara
Tb«* new* by thi« armai pie-mt., Kurupetui, -
in a mare tkreHlemuv a-pe.-t than 31 am prevu.,l* pe
nml (Itirlnc the |>n*t Tear, an.) it* ulipoi lane- HOI le
than lU eii'innq mierrd predominate* over .il, ottie.
In Kogiutiil the misruled an.) manumit ..tale o, roi.
bneutul politic*. :utd me tear, itenerant m.ln,fed i
" till relerriive to me timhcoiufiij! .'ilellijjrhcr b» 111.
overland mu.l iron? India. had i.v eti.-.-i, n,. 10 \mih.
throe days ol the failiuy oi lhe Nntv ura. lo rirate cm.
*.durable de.p.ntdeiier ' cornu.eicntl *. n.i.J a.
tno*t entire vi, v rit':i.,\e operation* m . i ■
rv ol ;rUdr, and ilir i mtoli Market wa* 111,
usual‘y .lull and ,lr|>re*»e.| and die pm-e* rere.ted ;u.
!\ J or a luriiiiv .Near > i'inv i.iii . jarijcei
fOiilHlered [.ailook Ot Ine ireuecm iiOolil. .ml on \\
Hcmlux the nimuiiux looked dm India news na* i
fejveti. and Inriiti; ol H clmra-let maf* liivoral..,: tiin.
had been anticipated. a reaction nutiirdiaii' \ *et >
and at the moment oi :i.>- Niagara * «ief*tiriuie. e*,.,,
department ot trade nan axsumrj a lat inoi- .inetn
There has been t.o .iiiprot • mu- d in tne nade
Breadstuff* since me advice* b\ dir 1 I :.n
price* at all lire leading miirke'* imve muniim-d ni ir
cede, but low •* Uie\ now ar- purehu*er* slid tiu:
cff. from ft conviction that turv liave not remineJ it,
There hiu i«*rn no diminution m Hie ex'ent oi etu
Stoyment in the mutiufacuinm'disitici*. but there ha
een a. perceptible filling ori m die demand j„t man,
factored food*
There is a lull in the Metal ir.ide. and price* are
•hade loafer, hut II tri l«iirvrd mat the ,alc advance .
£1 & ton on manufactured iron, and IU» on forged pic
will be fully maintained nt-ihe coining quart-T
The sumd) ol Moriev I'ODlume* alniridain mi ca.
The Banker* will not give more than two [,rr vein. m-.
are quite indifferent uuout receiving it at that IV-
C.a»a pi|H r.n gladly taken at ■
The Bank or Kng and return* do not turm~ii •••it i«-n
tuie worthy ot particular remark
The anticipated drain 01 bud.on r the foni.nei.t hr
DOt } et be.-ll reßi ■ ,’fllj
American Slock* fu! l j maintained then pro
Tim urdiunr. and middling quaniie* ot 1 ..uon
reelT otfertd at the reduction .inticed I’air 1 pia.
md Fair AJt>: 1,. are quoted a: 4jc and fat r t >r:«r;
Thr rale* m tne wn-k ond.-ic Hit!i. mf: ‘M >'A
bale*, ol \* hicn * <*JO were on speculation aid i.l l
lor export.
The buimcts 01 the lust week amounted, to ‘JD iS'l l ;
of which speculator* lm-.- Taken 2.6** 1 and »tpor'e:
IdOU balA
The aiiftk m Liverpool 1* now about 4>i*d'od bn..-* i
WUCh obout ii&.OU) are .kmcriran
During the past two week*, the font market* <u ;l.
Tinted Kiugd.m have he- n qutie u.* dull and a* .na
il ve u before the sailing of the lust ueimier
Spirit of the Domestic markets.
Hemp—Sales of Vy bale* in ihree lots. 10. 30. and fa
bl* primp dew rottod at 51!i5 4” ton Severn! uui >.
xed lots, were received dua aiternoou. but uat diachari
ed up 10 the CIOS’- of the market
Lead—YVe hear oi but on*: transaction—l,oUup,*i
Upper Mtcoi on private term-
Floor—Market sail dull, and S-1.75<x5.'L - f7 J arc ti,c
rulimf rates for good brands Bales today Ics*. iha
SuO bbl*—loo bills Comu, as S-U.y; |3l at.d i.t
gacd Upper Mississippi at B-'t.T.. w in.-h i* gvnerauv U-*
mgl>e*< otfer for shipment.
YVbeat—Sale« i-»day beuver-n 3.m*) and -t.uuti sack
runging. as in quality, from 30 u> tor. suck* returued
151 sacks sold hi -Ic. Sacks included A lot of 'r.H -k
rood spring. wrought fio<- bags returned, good to ;-r■ ■t-
Missouri Sold fr.-m 7-i to 'oc '
Corn—Mnrkri doll, wish no d*-in uid tnr •■hipmeut
< *mail sale* |., tti«nllers h; -Aiwgi,? I'He p'mcipni t.m
*rs were nde ring ‘j24r , J3e. i-g' reiui -ed One |,.i oi r
tacks sold lor trc. and n} sacks m ATd.
Posk Barrel* —Sale ut 'JOO al SI eu« lout niuiilti
Whiskiy—Market dui; »in, -o i..;e .siea |t«- un
raw, sold yesterdny. at ICc, lda»l«.Jc were the In,;
csl offers to dav 5d btils. a *uperu>r i.rnu.t «oid |<
UacOS—Stale ot IP Casks shoulders at 14 cask’
and ham? at iiiJXf*-.. and a l»rre lot oi M.-
noun nwr in carke and boxes ai vj 4. and 5>- ior *hoi, -
ders. hapi' and sides
Picb'ed Meats—No pales re{>or!ed
Bulk Fork—Bale oi 460 sides *i 31c, 15Uu riboni n
31, 1311 shoulder* and tides at 'Jiif.'4c. S9l shouldeM
arid hams tt 4156 shoulder*., sides, and hams »i
31, 3)4&3}e. and 4Cf*i shoulders and h;i'i« ut 31031 c 1’
(jn-^fces—Sale oi SO lihd* pood Sugar Kora uie 1,-
vo« at>Jc, 6 hbds fair at 4jc Ot Molassen no sale i
reported. A lot ef 113 bbl* pooi piam-Uiiii odered . i
*ilc Of salt £HX> tack* t.j A. >u lot* ai 51 3U in hrois .i
sacks ’
liider-T-Sales of Hint at TJaTtr (. teen d 4
Flax sited— Sales ot good si vu- V bu
“EcoNOMt is WisCnt." and if Mr Shield' had bui
been governed bv llir ui>o; c Ulullo. hr ungnt have «>•
ved rooneyand hunieli much phy-ieai suffering, lu
read the following Idler, dated April l od>. Iv -
Mr iVm Shields, a respectable larmer of this vn in
ity, was token.ill; rolled m a Doctor who d.x-iorcd
him Jar. Dyspepsia lor one vent. but he sun goi wor-.
He thru discharged Ins Doctor and pnnl him thirl.-
dollars. He then gut a vial ol your Vermifuge, and
one box of Saitnuve Pill*, and by the u*e of th*-»e nie«i -
icincs {costing only if) cents) he discharged, be say
at least-ond thousand worms, m.d in two week* wk
so improved in health as to attend ;o |w* buemes*. an 1
has bean in good health ever «mce. and «s) * Di
Jayne’s.Vermifuge and Sanative Pill* have made a
sound man of him. WM. U DEAN, P M,
To Dr. D. Jayne. Ptnla. at Pon William, li
For tale in Pittsburgh at lint PEKIN TEA STORE.,
70 Fourth street, near Wood febl7 dAwS
M’LAJtcN Liver PtU. —ln offering thi» medicine to
ihe public, tb* proprietor* at- well that thev |
hßve 10 encounter a hostility generated by the ooun - ' PORTORA IAfSTITUTK, c
le** imposition* which have been palmed upon the *li «..h c.m <n t
pttblic under lb* «bape of patent medicine* Wear-; 11 / ]U. b<-opened i D V i lor m- nduwion of young
convinced, however, that nt* only ncreniHiv tome VV uentlemcn on .Monday, th* Vtti .lav r»i April
their remedy a trial to place it m public emulation far - p b .|v*ih -i per »e»»ion of 5 month*
above all medical agent* of the kind ever offered to Ehflwi, i'ia»*icui mid Miuhrmainui depart
the public It »Uie invention of an enlightened, cj • mem • 9‘M
pencticed and learnetl physician, who for many vr»n Kiiplinti drpimiucm
it hie own practice, when it« great sure*** in- A „umi.ei ot boarder* will !.- r-nv-d
duced him to offer It to the public at large. l-*or iale at jr r tcnUiiioiuiii* r-irrrnce. and additional uilorma
the Drug Store oi apt! J KIDD A. Co in.n. muaire 01 Uie I'niicuml
W COPKLAtfS I). A li ,
Ui Trinity College. Dublin. Ki Sizar, and fjiirrn «
S' hoiui i roin ilie K«>) a. School ni Kuril* 1 1 Hen
Is KllKi'ltiTiMd, B. A. Fahuc«lo«-k A (V* Ruhei*.
nicut )ta« been c»f great service From the snuemeni
of Mr. Bodcnliainer the reader ran draw hi-own in
ferences Fact* are conclusive and cannot be vaim
w Pcijisii. Tenn . Apr.l 14th. l-»
Aletari. B A . Fahnestock ACo Gentlemen —1 wus
Very much afflicied with Rheumatism lo*l rummer, and
belu* advised by Mr tthapard. I u«ed your Rube,
facieiittwodays; it gave me enure relief, and 1 have
not been troubled with it «
rfua,i >v Duui.iiuau.
Prepared ami sold by
Corner Ist and Wood; also, corner Utb and Wood sis.
StUJtaV iMPKfcUL CoiUll Srst r
i*'Utb Pittsburgh. Feb. .1, 1-19.
My wife bar been troubled with a violent rough
su or seven years, so bad wm her rough physi
cians (in Ohio, where 1 formerly lived,) inld me .no
had the Consumption After w« removed io im. niy
1 obtained for her, time and again, didrreni m-dmnr.,
bat they were of no kind ul i-enelit lo her Koine t«v.j
97 Front st
moilthasim e. I purchased u bottle of your Cough Sy
rup, the 11*4; oi whirh ha» done ber uiorv good lhan
atty medicine «be has ever luXra | have also >u>rd
SSllers 1 Venn..age m my family with line success
Dl'U** KU • .
cough remedy ..prepared and sold „y SKVV MUDS, IM9.
R K ShI.LKKS, 0, \\ oo«l *• unci may I- had of I>r«i K - NNK j )V ± saWYER. corner W.>»d Fourth
gum generally. m the tworuie* un.l ri.cuty mhvi ]v arc no* receiving dure t from hr*. hand..
- •• •• “ u i«rgr .lock of Funr'-and VAnciy f.orxl., isic.mling
A-SOWtK* in the eicellrnce of M Lane’ of every variety, o>id and «ivtr Wairltn,
V,eroitfi»*el Jewe.ry, French Print*. Cornb*, Hook* and F,\r*.
Messrs J Kidd ACo (/rnl.cluetl: It is with pleas- uiovrt un.l Hosiery. Suiprndcr* fiun Cap., anti all
ore IhU, mv certificate, (testifying to Uir gene- »rt*<ie. [j,rir line—all of which having > ecu
rai popularity of Ur. M'lmne'. American Worm Spe- purcha.rd personally of the raanufaetur-r» cu.t.du-
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roc>>l _ ,0 - - but wm not delivered and it i« nupposed ha* been left
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D Ar co s. packet line—9 f'. M
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Thaw, tfli ),,* .dm idv; .1 A Beelen IT *ks lea
inert. Hi-*-. A ;p ) i, t .., „ RWauoti, 11
bbu tailow kite!. Hi du .ard n: S.-iin« A N,col* -n
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t‘lN> ‘IN N kTI Ter New I No 4 hhd* na
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tdii .ar.L t nrmti A ,\i, hiugtn 4 n> K lia'-r' iii.d*
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haul, .* btd” tol.i.sliei W J.- ildi ■-1 A Co. :*I l.\« ,|.J,-* "j
McFhdd.-n A --O. 'AW I- I ’.* nio:*-.»e •. Mri.d: i Roe It'd
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Thaw 4 be* leaihet- ( 1.,, d Pr , Bti.-aiev .v
h* until
ZANFSVII.I.i; - P-! J-nn* l.u.d 21 1 hi,.ls lob. W
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bxs mdre. 4 ik* *< rar- 4 \ ankira A *on 'its> mi,
flour 2i' do !ard IT'ky*.!,, 1) Leech A - o
CIV-INN \n- IVr l*r r i.t- i.irnilurf 4J
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Jr-n \ ,-o. :i hii.U I'. .•. c„\. i> 4. '.[/-i
•> J i-.'t |>t>t 11 o*«. W Nl. 'I •.. .• ->> : t
,\l<-L.urUii A • u. ;t. wii
\JS !i4> c. \V ({luglgii'i 1
i.'-iU (iki.'- Slid
Krnl,.'.!' A '
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Fob Philadelphia
.\o. It Wuud Street,
1 ti.raji) piece t
oiaai do
In consequence of liie tiQU-uady crowded stale
ot our columns for some day* »nsl. we nave not
been enabled in give our readers a in 1 ' rc;-art of
tbe proceedings m the case o| the (.umf.onwciaUfl
**- Black, and have been a day delayed ;r. the
publication m the rhiowiDg testimony.—
Court, of Quarter Sessions.
T> Ekt'AV. A pro i u.
Present, Mon Benjamin Patton President Judge
and William Kerr, uud Samuel Jones. AsKx.ate
■ Jm »>«>. Str^-it —Saw d*•<*!• nI ••-. the
ground niter he was shot .Here Mr Ipnk r.s
stretched himself on the IL-or -how the t. on
in which the body lav
Aiiam Ti/lrt, Swum —Whs brother >n aw ;.> the
deceased have brought the clothes he wore lu
' uurt. The shirt (which was then he.d up was
completely covered with bk»<>d.
li>“* >i -.*»• Was ,„ lt - ci the my .«•
at that time, trot tbe pistol witu wrui-n imui uuer
was shot Irom defendant Riack toid me i. take
ine pinto! from h;*. pocket.
Prtr* Wj<a >n,t. tfcaJlnl —The Witness Jescrd*ed
the position in w hu-h ih« deceased was found
P W- <io( the kn-le irom :i
negro alter Saunders was shot.
Here the ca«e on the part -'ll th- <imnonwealth
rested, and the Hun. i har'es Sbaier ..[wm-d the
case on the part o( ihe defence, >□ ■ :m those
cieiir. lucid, and tore tide »|n-eohr « «,j , *. i. «.-i«r ist.e
m that gentleman
/«*?<•!,««, vv. - Am ,- a( .tu.n
oi the steamer Atlantic. m w) i; r-h Bl*. q, was ~m - ploved
ploved as bar keeper. t,'i«.i>e Saunden the de
ceased. was n bar keeper on that |vn a t h's-L
had lw*en on the boat from February on Mond.-iv
the JOth of November the boat wa* here hud
arrived about 11 o clock ..n Sundav mg-ht. -n
Monday morning shoot two o'clock I wj< .listurh
ed by a man whom 1 -opposed to b-
under mj>;i., t p--::.. he w.t» a passenger fr.uu the
east about two o clock be jumped overboard
myseli and pilot and Mr Black «av.-ci |. m:
took him to the ro.-rI hall, anil lef! l:,m ,n c.narue
ol the mat- and watchman aoon siu-r
this nmn was working m *paMn*. he whs’
aero's the ganeway: bsunders was sweepmc
near the stove 1 requ'-sied Snunders I • get some
assistance, and move the man tit ot ihe canu
way he made rne r.«- reply, but pmd no
to my order. I then gr.i some gentlemen j.. «ss ;
me m removing him to the oilier end of toe hali
shortly alter breakfast. I seni k,r a .-onveyajice
to hav.- him conducted to a lmtei requested Satin
dert to help t*> carry the su-k man ashore. I asked
on-- my other sen siH.«, who cheerfully .- m-»
pbud witn my riquest. but Saunder- lea n.e
anU\paid no atleuliou to tny-'fder, 1 went after
limktin a short time, tn sre what h>- wn< doing
andvhc was standing up ,n front ot the looking
glaaA doing something about his ha.r. 1 asked ii.m
it he |would be good enongh to come out and
m carrying this *n-b man a-h-'n- thm * • .. ; aIl .
guagj I niways use to my v-rvsnta. mi.l m. -. i
used it.j Inin tie said he would U- d—d ,i he would,
tor it (was tn-t ms business. | repl.ed that it was u-I
imi. lj lus I n«iiu-ss as ol (i.e rest Jn d i: he dm mn
help |to put the miiii ..snore, (,•- mu»l g,. a.bore
hilliselt—thiit l Would Hit linvc a mm on U..*||
wtn> w uid not oln-y order*, he i! .-u h-n ii,
shop nml hailed n the amj-jw ;t y. I ,| Uj j. ,
(bi-t-e, vi:-. why are yon -top;.mg i H -re 1
h««i an .m.ry ajip- nr-mcr. he then turtieu round,
and 1 thought he wa* going (o strike me I puked nj
a - ha r then, and lt-;d him n-it to dare to *tr:L(- me.
he stint. !.r-tl the dm r l mm me. nnJ a pas
al me nml u:is*e.J nir In- then galhered up mam
Hie, and -trill k 111.- dio\e U„- -el* eye with his fist |
had .t not le-eu lor the utiV, winch wa« near l I
rhou.d nave i.blen —at Hint t.u J '\.V|r B'j.-k . -me
to my assistance, he was at inaj time assisimg t.- |
P'U ttua sick mua out ot the hat> door. I i..|,| a ,l <
the crew on the Ixiat not to hurt him. hr then went
out to the whnrf Imitt. and I went witn 1.. m n icw
■teps. returned and got my hat. and then went a
bout my business. Hr emne aboard the I»mi n
short liitiH alter. I saw him :n the p.mtrv 1 re
quested him t ■ go ash.-rt* amt c > awav. that I d d
not wish t''dmve him about the Is-at any im>re in
did not go nVay just at that time I went t > h * :
brother in law the cook and requested to I
take him awav. nml keep h.wi iivrnv. for he hud |
doDe wronc. uQ.I ; J:.i not wnn: Irm on n,e : ~ai
As he passed out ot tne cabin and passed Mr !
Rtnck, he said to him—-Tli«- you nn- that,' I
;t wa« the business ol Mr Black to cel th-- wav ]
lulls at the Monongaheln House before start.m>. i
he was about two or three steps from Saunders
when the .atler u»*-.l this expression Saunders
was a *lout. active young man his disposition was
t-oii, white nb-ard ot me boat. Le was a stouter
ro.m than R!n.-k wing to ii „ bob! d:-;- -i'ion. I
hud told fhe I d liiin u we<-k l>e
lure Hus
Oom exaioiaed by 'conn Hiack.— Fed some
interest in the case, merely because M: Bla- k i s-!
been on his boat.—smd i<« the r-oien’t *« nenr n*
I can i ecollect —•‘that Mr L\ti*- Would *erve .i
jaror in making up the tales."
Ru>*rl /»!/.«/,<r ’> t, Bufjrn— Suit -ie. eased . n ilu
morning ot this ixvurrenre. standing on the w:.,ir'
by the Monoogahela House. Saw Mr Bt.i-. >, mat
morning; he came mil of the Monongaheta jtii. r.
when Black came up where Sounder- wniyAard
mg, he walked around to uvoid him. Ho walked at
his usual gait, Uuld be got near t.i the
House, and Saunders was following. When lie gut
above th* National House, he walked <i i*uod de.i.
faster, and Saunders ran for a lutlr piece till he
caught up with tmn Black Mimed Li* ia« e ir- i,.
looi. towards the river I went intu the stage .nine,
aud fcuortiy atu-r heard the pistol
Ooss Kxnmmed Knew both purtie* t kxvd n.-;
t-* ini.«Uk*-n .ii eitner ot th--m. Saw Saund- rs mi
Wednerdsy i..orn ng Was standing on the step- m
A tailor shop in Water «t, near the corner --t ( tier
ry Alley Saw Black pas-Miig rapidly the negro «
lew steps behind a ail walking ns /n«t a* M r Bla-k
He thru turned to ttie enunter. spoke to Mr
and Heard the report of the pish -i. Tbe negr- w««
laid nn the ground, and Biack was gathering a.r
cloak about him. Tn* black man was laying par
allel with the river, tbe left hand toward tbe h,!:
Did not see a knife. Staid there not more t .<m ;i
minute The negro lav on hts tare. When -omr
one spoke alwut areatmg Black, he replied mat 'b-v
Deed not trout>!e themselves, ne meant to give Mm.
self Up.
Let-i Fay; >trorn —Was on the wharf on me
morning ol the kOth Nov Wr* roni-ng from ;
ferry boat to the Mooengahela Kouse. Saw a wrute
man and black man walking quite last, the white
man in advance. The crack of a pistol next mtrac
ed un attention. Saw a man lading. Walked up
slowly. Saw the deceased on the ground. Head up
the river, heels down, knd bis hnck towards tbe
rtvsr His left hand was about a foot (rum h.s head.
Did not see the knife until after it hud come into
the hands of Mr Jones. Tbe body had not be»r
changed from ibe time it fell to the time l got • p
Present, }{-.n Ben.-ampt I’ntton. President lit.lff
and William Kerr Associate lodge
Charity /■racit, > re.jr u Was k deck hand on
(lie Atlantic, heard the report oi ibo piMol il wn
aliom iwu inmutes from that mm- t ]| j gut i), crt .
deceased was lying ou the ground hi- right arm
andernealb. bis left arm on the ground l -aw !>oi!i
h.s hand?, the kmte was lying ,i Mmrt di-unr*
Ironi hmi.
Cross examined l-y Mr. Hlu.-l- The !
man and Mr. Jones were there on:y when l gut
there, saw the left arnt stretched <mt. W.i*. em
ployed on (lie Atlantic. the same bout Mr H!m-k
was on The knife produced m Court not like
the knife lung near the UnJy, it had a red seals
hard <m. this has a black.
Aminir //i*r/ Was going to the
wliarl la-sal when >aunder» was -hut. Wh<*n
al-out fifty ynrds abend, l beard a report unil
wheeled, went buck, three or lour people were
there, the left bund wn- lying up the lull, the kail*
lay a few inches iruiti hi- left liand. IX> not !»e
-long to the Atlantic
Cro— exsnmted by Mr. Black—Knew lllack by
eve sight Iwlnrc. The knife was covered with a
('a)Uatn Airier Si,:,rn —l met Sounders: gave
him the roiul. prev- usly had met Ilia. k. wlicn 1
looked buck they were some f.rur or live licet
apart, the negro bad Ins buck towards me, Iron;
the [rosition of his elbow. ] thought Hint his right
hand was across Ins breast, went to the spot as
soon as tin* pistol was bred, found hurt lying
quartering up the lull. Saw no stones thrown.
Saw Black there. Saw the emote ol the pi*! -! ' w11,, ' !l
Saw them Handing about »<i puce* iroin en-h •
other. 1 lie <-ibi.w ul the right arm wn* out ir->m ,
« rui- t Mr. Blact, 1 llunic. I hail- '.v!'r ih'lh: "ru'or
ins right arm ouce or Iwiit, .hm, hr «ho«. and l VKWKTIAN BMKDS.
wenlup ami tound the man dead, lying on hie j>. \ T*' ,* r '‘ l ,H ;h .‘ ,,r ‘^
ngbt side and nose. hie right hand under hi* Imdy. , m.,.' V | Jni *\n'l .-!,K i 1.0
hi* left arm under him >ow the kn.le near ' Till ■MI Ai' nr ItlbfuN ni.INtJ, «„ h*iul
his left hand he inru.-k i ~r ‘ -ni.t i. prce*.
Illaok was a large one.aUmt n* large a* my doul - - ' ‘ " u,i:r “ " ll ' " ;,i h,r nv.i-u to oali and
hst, it struck him oa the left M dc '7'“', < ,MV n 1 mU br I ‘® ,d
Cros* examined hy Mr [hack —When l looked purrhw‘. '' * " : ’ tr4 ' ° Wr “ on “
they were about hlteen yards « |IU rl. >«w tie *tl-My a WFSTKRVKLT
•tone strike Black. would tui|.|»OT that :t siniru . fijfc.-- X I>K. D. lICXT,
him fair in the ba.k. They Mood toother ir-om i>- ' t t-t ~r l-wis
a minute before the p.Hu! wai tired The colored *—. , | W ,., U r. i.n*rrn
man dill not appear to he ,J. mg anyth.a;-. I'd M.ik-- aKerry ,i, t .-u •• >in
not see him in se bis baud They w-re al out •>> IMu \ ki Khl t; r*j j. . , ut ■> ,-ru4«
feet apart then, or less. Blank appeared to I<■ j J .-..t, ic,,,•high!)
going from the coior-d man. M<* took a step b-i k■ 1 '>• I ""ant m hkh io • p u-if Jret dry
the instant brfore he fired. Me Ml immed .airly i- ' i um«. ma, lime. «•. I take *
SSlrnirr lir "' ,i,,i -r « ,v ' ‘7.: '77!.^
tiack a au.p not an inch. Black Hopped after ,um-ei.», ..
«oa. W„ thrown, ,„d ,i„ muSS*
uu,, ‘ •-im«is(ni)r 111 par. ..I Afiili.-.nls. Itihtion-. I.u-m. Ho-
Rukrt DvugLi.M Xirorn Waann the wharf Imat V-'* r '*'
ol the ferry when this occurred noticed me ne rv-^'
fro s left artn up, and a atone down in hia rnrhi ' St;t. Tiirrn.N. Hu'i.,l./ I'i'.ny-' jV* WC in i' ui
the parties were five or run feet spurt, my att«-i 'tv. 4-- .V- rooui'v ami cc* m-r'- nuiii* nr*- re»-
uon waa drawn oil by mine |Ksnu>n, and in a nun .nvorj i., *ji a ■><] rzannne im imck. Xo M
ute or two I beard tlie m«iol fired went up to th*- •' on«t *ir.',-i. rorner ..t » ..-v
tody after that. MAPKR H.\Ni.lNHf>_ i rer..,»tnff. mU
L >“ tV.rn.W-Kv Mr. . **r ~L *«* ' "i-,'.-. '
I flaw him lying, h e WH; , ~n | IIS r side, his un. Biased imi.l . <.umu.-i i’.\ Pi.R haMVING?*, x'oi
noae IQ the earth; did not observe hi* left arm. did c—
nol ].,broui.r I ir,. on .hr r.rht ndr ol Ikr }“•??,r“ c « “I ...U V
body. n ... h>.• i I ~ u mn.
samu,t Pu„„*,, o,r„ r „_ Am „ lirnlb ,. r of , b( . j
deceased, roybrolhcr s temper wns mild, except ot >hn»e uv:i ir Uou-ev /.up. ~ n. . n,.i rul'ui
when excited. ; Warehouse ot s c HILL,
C. Conefy StrorFt—H«v©“known the pnsoa- J
cr i.r ten <>r twr.v-* veer-. He always bore s
good umxacier.uct cr saw bun to a passion-
Fa-mvf/ Wnllrr Vnowri Black for
fi ir m mins prior to this oecarrence; be has aL
w i vs -t-haved like a decent, peaceable yourg
F 1.. t oou-y i’-eojiriLh, James A.keri
si>d i ... were then called to prove the
ctar.D-ter f Mr iback.
B ir-. —Cniise < auntser* lived
wtu iiiv i.i ,<t for mm , m '« I considered a vi >ient. p.i-«ioualr me l udcrsiood that
he wa* a reveut-.-lui man.
Ki/'in. a^’i’mj-J. — Wan on board tba Atlan
tic wnen ( ha?e Saunders was pot oo shore. —
Heard them say— Let mm go—let bun go." The
coiore-1 S-\ came rjnnmg cm witn Black alter
h'm. i hey said the ■• '!;,red t*ov war n jxiiTer on
the l-oal. Tin- w.»s a lew days before Saunders
warsh t Waen the black man came down the
s!-*P*. Black -truck huo i-ghtly on Hie side. He
ni -i. i ;-d damn the iDLger to holl;" and ‘if he
fad mil run. ue would save slretched huu.” The
negru run mi li-ird tin lie couid. leaving hia hat. I
viml t apu.n I'arkiu-on sny—let hint gtr— iet him
If JU gu[ Saunijcrs lor lour
ycnr> ,ii • tie Cr.ibtmth Scbixl. His character was
tli :i i-; a j;- od. |te.M t-ni ie l-ov nn 1 ever taught.
:<?"rir/itv i-.v- . —T.umlii .'luitiJern in
Inc ."Miib.Ufi Sen a-! i<-r xivi-ii yuar-. lie wit d
.1 : ui,usual,y mud a..-pi-it., n I knew bun U.-tn
ii. in.|.-m v .Thimiu > i..»ii. sod bm character
w-«e |■ i .i .v c-k I ui t* in |.:.i.-*-- H«- was heller
Hutu white ui--, n -u.,, v an.- He was remark j
biy iiiotifii- ve nnmme man
lie; /-.'-i. ■« r)CK-n." Ha. c ile»-ra*r .1
T>r ri: e«-n J|,. , haraeter that ol a g.xxl.
•.nciito • c
.-biici e , t — t base Suun
ders itrf.ur -, *-ir- rv.-r heard anv thing against
t.i« r'.ara, i.-r
Mr i-irt■ »• m af- . hi.p- witncNS t.» ‘'aunders,
good . .inn ier
'• I Jf ■>!./, --f —| keep a baggage car
and a.n. t: ’ nahi! o. going down to ike boat t.»r
f-.'k'CHSC. 1 wem tip to thr eaiuti. and as 1 chew
tobacc.'. i H-rtt u: one ol Ur- sp i fvosea Saunders
•d .i— \ou !. 'imr.v-v "t'ii .-fit !,:t-h. we don’t keep
«(*:! I* ’X<-.- t--r ilr-iv men to spit in ” I lold huu that
ne won: ! 11 • l-nr.i tc speak m oilier terms to
a wiiite man il- men went back to the cook
a ui-o. and g.'t n d-rk k r.rtt- .mil r.uil Now, God
damn \ * >■ 1 tit \ ..-ur vui- out 1 m.d gu aht ad.
i r< *s l.x untued - - Per naps i l urea leu e, I to take
1.., . t-v tlie neck, an.l 'urn mto in- river
L'.» suppose -t h- lm! i n -be.l me the dray
tut n v h'j were nr 'ixo-i wi c j mv- t!ru!>bcd tom
T:.'- tc*i.rth']iv on Im'Uc s ,le» litre ciose'l
u ki.M m.*v, a [>f: 1 1
sp-t L.' i o • rung n. Inc .irsu in ml- i-l i:,e i Luti-
ii rise - , iiul n iiir- <n irn*• '-f Tit.ipc
'!’i)e Cv.itr-. on t!fl ptr' >•; the < ’ommoiiwea’tn
w-r- Me-sr- <’ B. M Austin and Biack
Un the part the 1-e'ri). - Mr-n Shuler Stan*
l-'-ll .Uul Ml.
Tr.e r i'ifs«: gem !»• men Were ex -el
■t.L Mr .'. in.- - nt'-irt. u!ir *(>oke l.u upwards
Oi Li.Kr tc. nr* ,n d sllu.lii.l i-uriuliE ehkJUCUCe,
KM. !i ui !■ -ive i ne y hi- i'-.f equa!i-d He lays the
•r Jillll n.r-t \s 11; \l h- le
I M./inew A Jl .i l i-
d.cU*d ' t :im-<>. t v'i o*e r- oii.dcr-, Un- jiuy
returned alter an n,««»n. •-.! about teu minute*,
wit!, a v cr.L- : ot --N- t '"i u\
Thk.mkf—Mr uud Mr* Gr-*p last
evuii iitf. ii I u:d..ii Avumm-r « large nml tasl e aiiJirß. >• 'H .- Wr-«-k \*in;r-‘ m.d l)i*
i•. ihf :• Uh* lull olWed
fjr J . * cvfii'np, ii whu-h |>lij - loth >lr ami Mr*.
I'.-rier a]>;-c.irs «» ni Ihr
Cr.*j. djiMcai
e .1 ini .M : I’; ir .1 - ' i nuu j>u»
i;. I'lihw non. Apni 1 i i,\ -F"t:r
Kcwiptpcru, Nit|r»tlii(> null Hcvlewi,
:• •' K-u lit Kn-. 111 < • v
!dih,‘ .V' l ' .!;•■. a ntar ! ‘'-TV <ind Mi’ciw v u
Four!!’ •l-'-r : ■ ■r. U M ,!»-• .;r-r-.
.Nkvv V"iu i'ojik r A I ~.,4ir. f. ! r.M-rn.-l.
K.crung I'"* i Vu.ii.r r > *•. Sp;i,t ■> ,ur
r '-V AS ,i n,1.. .-o l.r»
1.. M. ..u- J.». r r A * •
*.J i.ilr- i.u Jouma. -• Re.
pSl.'it-M'i \ Ilf mi . r, A , u N Onrnli- l’ri' < l ur
-1.. 1 ■: • Wlm-- • i *»nnni * K::ropr r> Tltlic«,l .on
d.f 'Pißlf.
Hu l *-* M-'frhH.. 1 -
>. « Jumna: Journal
hi ».,ar'via -tl n- *
in .u« •ii-'." ?l i,. m-.ii'ri itiCtiJ l .llw
Tin PlsieT.
T’tiK »ui,*.Ti!ii r» :.<•* v> a.. uic «r trillion ol Hutidr t».
X Afi'i.itrc > ii'ul owner* <>•" toUlCinany
>. -ir» r>o'*rs- over a,, OMrf
f’.o u-r<j :>.r ri-film*. ftr . a*
.1! Il ’ I »s 0' I foil. Without l\*
iiivme i kw iir***n u**ir ! ror .r/era]
•in ;ti tr.t- <-«iunm and Ku*
tj'anMon mi' l romrue*
i* ''mil .. runny* it; :aimoupnrrr. man mim
in''' H" p.iii-- ir<• fi iirir. t* f any nUirr tonal imw u»e<l
>: Iwh-If r 1 • >nv:i| of a" / infill a liiuin Heller mid
• ' i-ni. in ■ ■ • f ■• r .rpairs. WQiial
n»m I<l i<> ‘mi W (> , c«n-
a 'h 1 *up, v. ,r n:> -up
• M . v i lih'A «:i<’ for »n't !■
<»»:< • M ,\)« KK'A 1)01' i CO
14 ;i-d H-n-’-r -irerA, New York.
T"!* patrr" 11K !' ■ Or I* a i'Hf •• PP‘-fJ Mi-tHed
••l ine 1 'nl'-'l Sn>» * p«f p Ihefpor.
rii.-p' r-v inipor'HUoi; nr n:nr-t v will bo pro«rcu
*-c oeUto-dAwlyT
11 o. " * Wood iirect, Pittsburgh.
Ht Ui:H A.MM.AI FMAN. !nii><.rtrr« and dealers
..I h.rro-, Mi.l Ik.iup- II ARDWARK, in
\V. •me’ '.in rt i.o public generally, hi
i a ami r-i>mi■ up- nu' " r.ich coiumhl* in pan ui
MMnSußß> IMi'oHM Hnu-p Tfimnurura
-m n a- t-o- ki,.ti. or-. Mr a - . oml SiTew»r k Tuj’enir t
•.* ,-ri p i y arui .r u»us. 1 m Hardware Sion «
W.• ... ,i.- in- i • i. r m i •inn-iior* and Merliun.r,
ir.riHi,, u. our n«»-■ . ... r 00... -aim have i.r,,i
-p . Mini .Ml,. w. arc d'-iMinn.
An 4'- ,1/riH.o/r.w l‘ut.J'H< e n I\,.
I> I n iM'l l 1.1 \ • no„. iHPinUaml.-uv
it iniii'i - i,i. lia.l -,i no |i t«! [i- r.inl «<> p.Vr u
•l%-iiMmkn- ho u> al prr«r ,1 H«» c-mii nrfe tlo pur
i li.i -o r- I-KIC-, m.oli riilo irrm-'. «i Wn u... .
r,.in ru-’ni in..: ii,.', i’.i|u r u if. >■ i.iio.i
i. / U rai.p.i.i- ini.l Ir 11 l'., r
Km-* Mi'.t r
111 ST I’ROOK 1 K().\
c Jr.' ~ Winch i 1 f I’Rol l.i 1 KKOM
K I M’ -a.;. It. Tt.i-«r..|.ii \\ ip-. ll<»li«, -•‘juiki.'.. Nai!«.
i W.I- -,,r r- u I--. VI.! »• . O’.lvr ur.innv Lie
, r«i|uirr.l Kor IU» ( »< (nr n--« ««!.►;.ml--Cor !.:«!«•
j Rope. lor 0..(1n . Lnr. l lmi,C Roil. .uni uliotl»(
I (iiliv u ppl ir Minn *. il wi .b- nan.l t iicnp and .luislmo,
1 They woui.l parm u:av. < a I<-,iUon In ’lt<- l»alvan'-
jnl \\ re lor i*-ore», u rcijuirr. no punt, and wlii not
•11*1 A !*o to Splkr* ami Unit*, llitr )>r.-»ervotini) of
li.rii .. of *n marti uupo. lajn-r, Hint II will cummoiltl
i>. u in .tv nolle r "i :n! Ilio-e mlrre'lcd
1.1. M l< MulU-.n nufi \ t o . I'uirtiirrs,
I o. L>MiAwlvT 14 Hi 14»'UV« r aI,N. York.
is«£ 1849.
PimßCßfifl m cy^mTiT™
| ME Proprietor* of th.* oid established and popular
l daiiy line. rorisistuigof SIXTEFI.N first class Canal
l>oait. owned by themselves and running tit
lh'* “'■“m bont* BKAVKR AND CALEB
COPE. arr enabled lo otfer unequalled facilities lor
uie iransportnuon o: freight and passenger*, on the of ('anal navigation, 10 all poihu'on the Porn
*yiv#-.iu and Ohio and N York ranal* and the 1-ake*
K. M FITCH A Co. Cleveland.
A<rni*. Beaver
mani Water «trrot Pittsburgh
J C aipWRLL.
forwarding UlmbanU,
AgmJ< fin tJu Pittsburgh audClnr.'and Luu. Pul*-
burgh. and Ertt Li nr eia /-Vm, and Jar steam
boat* Htax'cr arul Caleb Cup*.
Having purehusc.l the largo and tuJM.iautia: U hart
Bom ju*t built lor tin* Monongahria Parent havr
vnth tho addition of a Warehouse. mo mo«t ampio ac
commodation* tor receiving and forwarding, and
pledge Hunt utmost aitriuuiu, promptness and despatch
lo i on«tgniurntt to their rare, and roiy on tnnr friends
!*»• * inn- mart-_dl> It * HR<>
igs&ggia 1849.
t»id !'• 1.i.-'iishej L.rc
rpHK Proprietor m this Weil known Lino ( ,i fliml
1 Boat*, i- now prepared to transport Pa-senger*
Und Freight lu all points on the Kno Extension. New
York Canals and the Lake*, upon the most favorable
trrm* and wuh despot.-Q
BF.AVKK and CALKU *"i* >* f-L between Pittsburgh
nnrt Beaver C M Heed * Line of steam boat* and vrt
se.ionihe Lake*, and the Troy and .Michigan Lake
Pont Line on tin- New York canal
C M REED Proprietor. Krie. Pa.
Did we 1 k. Bfotr rr. Arenls Braver
W T Mainer. Agent nt J Mrtkimom Passenger
Other. Mommenlieln House. Pittsburgh
CONSIGNEES - W C Malan Sharon JF,*SHo!'
Shurpsburg. Smith & Downing, do; J B Plummer.
Aett (iroonvi9e, Wirk. Arhre A tin. do; Win llonrv.
HarOtnwn. D.ivn!t Sutiou. Buffalo; Barnrv. <iihb*A
Co. s.inJuekv: jn« A Armstrong. Detroit. Kirkland A
Newberry. Sheboygan, M Chirr A Wt! |am«. Milwau
Kir Knap. Murfev A Duiion, Karine, John H Kiitije,
Chi.-ago. Co. New \ ork. ~p-j
Pittsburgh and BlatravllJe packet Line
'l'liK puhlir are resporifuily informed that J M
X MARSHALL A I.'n havr fated out new and
'P>r-ifli.l Park-" Boat, re run during the reirenr. >.r
tween H: j, jr« vi I It* and Pittsburgh— he heal* re ;.r inw.
nt hy three nor«e«. and every '-Son made to accom
mo ime pn**eniferi
UrrißTfßE* • Boat' w, , leave Pittsburgh evrrv Thuriuln and TniJax. it To'elor*.
r v Kiyin Hlaimv.’ir every Monday. Wei!i:e«da>.
Thut*dav nnd SatiirdaT. at * o'eloek. a u and nrrtve
m«burih "ue mine day A two horse Hark trom
Indiana w ill itieei the bom a: Salt«Kurgh. both on rfj»-
ward and downward trip—putting pa«»enger« through
I 'fright Ml Hie m.ovr Line Will be reeeive J a> the
liou>- ot the Boatmen * Line. Uv Jno Knneri A I’o
who are out auihotued Agents Ail Ireight rrreivc.l
•irr:..i eotaniitwnn* J M MARSHALL A fo
JNfi FAKRF.N A Co. Agent*.
(’analßasi.i, Liberty «!. Pituf-urgi.
k Hui li t«av- s |{l«ir*vi;|e for Young-'town on” tin
an ivai oi ihr'mi return* to boat >u ruonung Fui.
.(.mi Piit*burvi. .o \ ountftlow n St*-reern-cd nt oflin
•■I B-ui ;.i..-u j Une mrougli upV.tlrtm
Keniuck >— l apt H iruhy. N\ edi.n--dat. April 1
1 4>ur»iniiß A'apt J I* I '•
|udiHi..i-• P Bur<e\ l-ridai.ti
Minn A (Ifni*. Satitrds >. *
Kei.mejn -|| Trunt Sunday. -
I .oili* ana J P Thoiupiun. Mon.lav. V
I. J I H n >1 P llullrt. Tue.irtV. IP *
< .h:»- A Crni-r Wednvtdny. II
Knntueky H Tru.-.y. I hur«day. IV
I.oui'inna J P Tln.inpeon, Fnda\ i::
I . ban* P Bulk. / r-iturU:.',. It
i »*..<>- t'apt A t'raijt. Sunduj .nicm, Apn. lim
For :<, apply Uj \V St |i |l.
Monoi.gahela 11.,,w
apt nr L) I.FF.CH A Co, Uamil Ba«»n
R W I’.'ikMlt™. 1- V. Rlt NoLflk.
..i Pm-tmrfi. of P!i.:ndei|iu;a
And General Commlulon Merchants,
Ni' 4V4 M»hin Strext. between Kleventh ami
Twr.tth aw.. I‘HILADiiLPHIA.
r |’ Jl K mlibTi'ieri beg leave reepeeU'ullv to aequ Mn t
X he.r 'rien.l* and the paclir tlmt they have Rtto-
. ,aird thrrn*rlve* in Philudelpina. for the purpose of
tr nn•nelmv n lien- ral Comtin«*iort Uu*tnee«, and iru*t
.: long experience m bu»ine»* wii. secure to mem
~r ['Hiruunge
\y~f~ Par: cular attenium wifi i>e even lo .ale* of
h.mir.,..< PrrHiur-grucraliy: .Tid any ,>ur.Mii..e,
li U‘ I' l >I \lll \ I'FK.
'• M KK\ NOLDs
KI’.FF.KKNfKS- Tlic mci. ham* of Pmsburrh K-:
Ci :.c - 'inuii. t 'uio, H i) Nr w. omi, A Br>> . W B i ll.ilon,
. Kutfncr. Jn- Tod,l. 1.0uin,.,- K\ Prow.Me-
Cre*- r y \ Ha r tad a. e. S; l.uuis. Mo , .No-ton X
i'o.U a V.oieti. New t»rienn». L.i . Oi,l. InhetuA
Nua e». M'Lrecor A Morns. New York. 'V R Thornp-
A C«.. John Tier* Co, Peter Maraetlle*. B M
J»ne« Deal. Milliron A Buet. Phtlad'a. apip.'tm
whTlklale dht goods.
ll nm & CU n
4 KK now opening the most extensive and varied
j*\ assortment of Spring and Sommer Goods ever
nliroiled in the. Western country, eouipriaing upwards
ni Eleven Hundred Cases, purchased in euure packa
ge- from the manufacturer*. importer*, and large aue*
ion -ale*, by one ol ibr firm residing in New York.*
ho i« constant > .ending u« Un’ newest and most
i-Monable good* lney name ui part—
l-<> . uses rich Spr at Print*. | 39 ca-cj M de Lame;
.1 •• Lawns and Mu*.in-I 35 cotton and lined
\-’t\ ■ bleached | Ginghams;
grades; i3b " col’a iUutlins:
C •• .ihirtme Check* and j -Z7 *• Uipita* Cottnn-
Jomestrc Ginghams, j ades and rummer Stulls
.. 1 • Brown Muslins;
A .... and package* of Bonnet* Flow***. I.a-
r-. IM>t,«>ns. Mil*. Shaw « B-reges. White Goods,
Mil nir rv \ rticies. Cloth* ai.d Cajaimcrcs. Lniciu. Hu
* -rx a..«J li.ovr*. Ac A-' and country iner'-i,#.-*? will bnu ihctr *'.ock ».«
.j.rg. ;»mI ile'.ritJir *» Eu.-'crn stock*., mid an exam;-
ni<i■ i*.i or iin.r good* and [ r.c r » .'anr. ii lati lo cui:-
vnt-r a.. :nai with men undents‘-.c advantage * m.d
n’ inr;r patron* win) lormefv pu rc
v i w fancy and variety goods— ai zel
l <N K!N>EY tv •>' Market >trert
l<r" }•:» tine Chin* Vase* d, 175 sets iwui
cut vr.vrt coal Buitons. hue velvet Carpet Baa*, vr
do do gnu's traveling, lf*> grosa lancy silk Button*
•or I'le-ef-. I l ' d'.t Nat! Brushes ass'd, 100 gro It .-
!■ 1 Vest Bu tjn», a-.- d, tSfii' do do cut and pia'r.l, <io.
db doz riwew'od Hair Brushes. 130 Washington do.
1 do Barber* do, i gro F'-.*h Line*. Fish Hook*. Lime
rick. Ac
Jfi WKLR Y A r —5l) goid ;ever Watches; AO do de
uened if vrr Wnicir*. Ml do oo: 111 fine dia
mond Finger R.u*\ 1 dor fine cold Vest and Fob
1 iiKiii', 2 do do Guards, Urea»t Pins, Finger King*
Lur Rme*. A r
Ci i > VKS, Ac - '-tKI dax Lnihcs Cotton (.inv.-*. as-i'd.
U‘H 4o do I.i*ie Thread. raney lop. Ate HI do gnu.*'
m k Glnvrv I'.' do do kid do, Ul do la'.ir - a id. s*s d, 1(T
do do M"rv lop silk
variety hoods-:.', p.g. Anievc.u Pm*. *.n
M» Colton Cord*, 7j j.s Paper N)uetir' AtsMahi rit-bed
Percussion '*apv •-■*■ grn drrt* Whalebone ju,
J vt>t;, t *oin ,i Dr.--‘mg Comb*. Bat a Coini.s, a . A.-
. Su<--*es«c,r» to llu-n'v Hanna A .
ni Foreign and Ik>me»ue F.n imtige. Certificates
I>epu-,re. Hunk N.’tes. and >jircir—l.'ounh street,
n.-ni., :hr Hunk id Piiutmrgii I'liiirni mo
ucv in-r.vd on dr,,(i.|l— &tgßt Chocks j u r ,*> ilji.l
i il! rrl,oll> liiiJc O'i ll.'lll-l ail IhC pi iiiripiU |>oi;iL* ill
llir I n itrd Slate-
The in g he-1 premium paid l»r h oteir, n and Aiuc t.. an
Advance* madr On cousignilichle ul Produce, -hip
prd 1 .ul.' mi Id.cral irrin*. ap-j
A ' ') **ie a I and I‘onim rial Hoaidiny School lor
[...)• on Ihe Beaver Knud, tourtern utile
iroin PiU'tiurgh.
Hev. Joseph K. Tr«velll,A.M. Principe I
*|'ME >1 MM KR SESSION w,.l comineuce on I U r.
1 da.. May 1. IMV
Tmh- Itonrilun;. Tu.iioii, %%':>«.ti.<■. Fun.
Ai . [>*-r seimon ol live moult!*. ?7.V—om- hall jiu,-,
; ii advance, :iir lialalice a l llir i-lmc c.l the -e skioii
Itook* and Siutiooety lurmsla d, ivin-ii rc<;ue>led. ai
:ue eipeuee oi iliepiijol ALL CI d >TM I N'G Ti > Hi.
DisnNcn.'N marked Pupit* lun.i'ii thru ow,i
low,-is It i« very d*»ir i..,<- Uiai n.l -iiou.d j>f .rui
on die lirsi day ol ilic sc>>iioii
Kor further paruruiurr, enquire ci tlie Priucipa,. ai
the Academy or of .Me**r» John Irwm A Son. No 11
\\ aier street, l’lltihurgh aph d\!vv
Edgeworth Ladies’ Seminary,
Summer Se»ajoii ul t*>.* ln*tiiuoun whi coin
inenc- u;i Tvibii* ). 'in- I«t ot Mu,,
Tkxms— For Boarding and Turnon, .u any or all die
English lirnnrbes. «fth.tai per 'c**iou ol five month'
For lurther particular*, *ee circular* m M*k«r* Jonn
Irwin A Son*, corner of From and Ferrt street*, or T.
U. Nevm A t'o . Itii* l.ibcriv »vrm spi-dlw
Boarding Wanted,
IN a privute laimiy. lor a GciP-cinun and hi* Lady
ivim wi l i.j:iii*ii In* loom u ce-iuirrc. Location
,n First oi M-'-cnd Ward ol Uti* ' ii> Addrre* J B .
Box .M . other, and give name ami -ocat.c i. wlm-n
w, I • mt’-iided lo up-4
ONE Till M.SAN U DC7E.N sM'KLI-'.s. 0 I *uj'.-r,or
i n,i:.t>. for sale
Hj..'»dht SP\NG A t'O
lO mi* now open a supply oi »pnng Bonnet Rd.liou*.
ni -.->1 and imndsninr »l)lr<
AGo. new *ty hg d Net:.* Li'l- l.ace, :i,.,|
>ni<«. l.inm Faliring*, Victoria ito; piaid .Mu,mis un<J
Jsconels, riiiUroiilcred Swiss Musliii*. A>- . hi »idc» *
large assortnieui ul Spring («(>od* gmerad). a; uordi
east corner Bh and Market streets
Wholesale Room* up * in. r' Upb
A SM ALL IMPROVED FARM, <d iron, 40 ui H)
acre*, lor which rn.h «i'i i-r mud Addre** H
Ii ut tin* other. Jcsctihing land with improvements,
and where situated Also, the iowr-t price
ROBINSON is Opening the largest importation Jnrct
TRIMMINGS. r*pre**!y fut this market, which lor
nchne.s* and finish excel any
Pu»i Building*, corner Futh and Wood .irecl'
M nipraUi 1 Bltaehlng Powder 7
iChlondc of Lune.j
r¥ * J | K >ubseri t>ers have recrntl / received tdirrei from
i, the manutacturersl a fresh supply of the above
relebratrd article, which theg will tell at Ui* lowe»i
maikei price lor cash or approved I-,!!..
up* W * M .MITCHKI.Tn FK
1> E bELLERS, Druggist N« 5* Wood eirem,
L. So.e Agent far the *ale ot Dr Towuaeod'iGr r.
nine Sanupariiin, has just received , R»" dozen of thj*
(«reat Spring and Sumter Med.rtne
Purchaser* should reoodee- ihni R E Jselieis t* soit
agent lor P»U*hurph. and I* A* 1 >i > < !t, r A.legteny
<• 11 v *p*
i *i k BOXKJfi NO. I ROSIN SOAP, for sale at
0U HoPE cotton factory warrhoube,
ap&diw corner Market and Water its
For w/ Trau*vortatu>n of Freight to and from
prrrsHCßt..H. Philadelphia. Baltimore,
Tuuitis Boaaroca, Philadelphia.
Taafts A O'Cosaok, Pittsbargu.
n'IUS old established Lme being now in full open*
J. lion, the proprietors are prepered with thcit antal
extensive trrasxtmetui to forward me rehandle, pro
due*. Ae to and from the above porta, on liberal tenit-S
with the regularity, despatch and safety peculiar to
their mode ot transportation so obvioos, wben tran
sh.pmeiit or. the war is avoided.
All eonsigruiieuuTky and for this line received, char
ges paid, and forwarded in aay required directions free
of charge for comixuuiort, advancing or storage
No intorest, directly or indirectly, in steamboats.
All communicaxionspromptly attended to ou spplica-
Uon to the following m»ents;
THOS BuRBIDGFf WT- .Market sl Philadelphia
TAAFKFA i )'C()\NOR, Canal Basin. Pittsburgh.
O'CONNOR A Co North ft. Baltimore. mohs4
1849. B^Sian
For 1 lie ol
Pirrsßl Kiill I' 1 111 .a DKI. PHI A. A BALTIMORE
Lim-1- -'"P.-< •• . m- line are Osrrie.i ,u fm.r
i'oru.ble Bon;-
T ’lll «ut>-erii.**r« In rt y trg mn.l* ar range me m< .a ca>e
J o'.twam u- Ms.* Tiueki Co-unibia. to have
Uinr giKxl* forwarded over th* Ra.lroodi .-i cars, so
as in :nn,,l :he detention that ha* heretofore occurred
tor .hr wa„r nfTrurk. Shippers will find thla io their
advantage No etiargr* made tor receiving or «h»p
pink. or tor ndv ann-g rhargvs All goods forwarded
With despairh »n.l (in aa reasonable terms r* Bn y uth
"r ,J • JOHN FAR REN A Co.
’ ( ' r:,, ‘ r 1 »nd I.tberry st, Pmsbunrh.
.id", W 56 Market «t. Philadelphia.
Crawvord A Ch*j»bk*uji. Cleveland. O ;
R fi Pams -Beaver. Pa f I*Topr’s
THl’. Line wt!, he prep* *d on the opening of nnv,.
panon. to trunsport freight and Pns-engers irom
Pirr-BFRf.H and CLFVI.-.AND, ... Auvpoim ,™
the Cnt'iil iml 1
The taeilme* of the Line -ire unsurpassed in numher,
quality -,nrt <>t Boais. ej|venrnee ,>t capialn*..
and etfi. \ Age.-f* '
One u.,:lt I‘iUshurghand i.'leveiand .lauy run
in nr .rt (-.inriecnoti wnb me firamers
I>twee, ; Piitstmrgii :uid Beaver, and a l.neui hiMeiast
Mcamerv Propellers and Ve-se.s on the Lakes
.Vism—R f» Parks Heavrr Pa
J. «*c Baldwin. ourtgkiown. Ohio
M B T-u:or. Warren.
• ; n,- Prenii-.s. Have .ns A Co. Akron.
Crawford k Chamberlin. Cleveland. O
Senrs A Griffith. Buffalo, N Y.
uttire. cor Water and Smithfield sts, INitsburah
J.-HN Bin-iuw. Th.b Hix-.iiam,
\N « Hi<i.;>uu JitobDock.
Cotiiiu-'tcil on niiiM >abbaih-k eepi tnr principle.
r rHr. Proprietor. ~1 this old «-»tahii«ne.i >j av e
1 |>ui thru ■!<>< i in she Riuni complete order and «rr
lhof»ufjl>.. prepared io forward Produce and Mrn-h iui
di»>* Ui ft ul tiotn ihr rltic«
U <■ trust that Inn.; eiprnrnpr m ihr cnrrvmr
l.ii«in-«. un.l 7i- «lou« atirniioii u> ihe miere.its oi
loairi- »i'i ‘f<-urr u> O' a niiitmuiinn; ami merrasr
01 111.- pri!rf>;iu•/r tn'dirm rjtrnde.l to Hinffham's I.liir
t»ur arrnncrmriiK w-.U r M l,l, ii. in earry Freuihl
:hr <lr«pa:<-h ami oar price* -hail always
It a< low a« the hissr.: t harred |.* other responsible
Line a.
H’r-havr opeiK.l ai’. other ,n No I<l Market *«cu
i.riw eu t'li :m.I V‘i «:<, Philailu. for Ihr convenience
•l «li pperi
Produce mill \|erriiamli*e wii; l»e received anil for.
warded Husband Wr*t. without nm chartrr for lor
wuniim;, .tdvinrriLT freieht, ‘inrage or eomrals-ion.
Hi l '* o! l.fidim; lonvardrd. am] evert- dirrcti.Pß
prompth fUleluled l.v
All ies- or ipph io W.M. HLNtiHAM,
I B’i:i Ha -m rt.r Ijhertv A it at :»e »t*. I'jtuhurvb.
No 1- land Market mm. Pi,,!*,]*.
No LM North Hovrartl street. Baltimore
'itrhiM No to We*r street. p»rw York
Pennsylvania Caaal A Rail Hoad Ex>
preu'Fail Packet Line,
■ Exetii»ivr:y fnr Pn**eiiger».|
nj’HH put/ • ,1-r rrrpf-i*;; uijy mjoniK-d tnai this I-ine
J. will commence runtime on the fUi m-v. and con
'anur throughout mr Season
'J'hr Pom* nre new. and <>i a superior ria*.«, with cj.-
urged wiuch will mve greater comfort. The
lari are '.ne construction
A . ‘ml win »iwiy« be m port. aud utive.rr. are le
questcu to c.i\ afi.i >•;amine '.Hem before engaging pa*-
i Harr only tune dol.ars itirnugx.) One oi the boat* of
iiu« L.-ie wilt icavc the .finding (opposite V S Hotel,
-•orrirr of Penn street and t'm.a.. every .-nght at nine o'
e <.<tk limcd|da)«. Lor information, apply at the
Oil'c-'. Nioiioiigaii -,a Hou-e or ... D LEECH A Co
inert IT Canal Basin
For the Tranaportau-.ii of Freight to
EL'SLN KhLS on the Canal 1.0 r. now re«uni«d, the
Proprietor* of the above Lane respectfully inform
the public that Utcv are prepared to receive and for
ward Freight with despat, h. and at lowest rate*
ITley would also cal! the alt, niton of shippers Fatal
ward ui the u.-i mai the fkat« employ ed by them in
tran*|>orfntio'i, are owned t-y them and . ommanded hy
ez|>erirnced i-up'inm.
Shippers oi .Meat in Bulk will G id it advantageou.
to 'hip by thi* Line. a>'lhe *ul)scrt!<ers have innrle ar
rangeineuts ,<t i'<..umf>ia to have *uch freigip tor IIh:
limore handed di;e. nv in,in t,oal« is < ar* thereby ta
height tu Ph..*,. . i,e. <., sr ir.iottgh n ihe
N« charge made j. »r receiving sh-l-ping -,r advancing
ch«.rce< KIFRAJONtS Proprietor*,
Canal Bhsj.i, Seventh *trect.
Ai, EN I>—Jinn A Snaw, Cmciif’aii. O , Jno Mc-
Cu.lough A idi.iiinore, JasSicciACo, Philadel
phia: Frnncu A Tnotna*. Loiumbia. mcb3l
1849. £££
Steamer MICHIGAN No. 2 —Capt Gu*or,
LaKEERJE, Uordoi.
THE above r»gu:ar and we.i kurwr Betvet Pac k
etr- have commencad m& :iiea Cm, , ;r.p> o
and from Beaver, and w:t. continue to run uetweer.
PtUscurgh aad Beaver regutariy during toe season. *.->
. I *! lo W 1
M:ci:-p«n No r.mvf, Piit'C ur*n dau / a.;
A M . and Br.ive r B t 2 o'c;*>ca. P Ai La*..: Erie
.eaves leaver d-itlv ai:o ci««ck, A M.,aud Ptitsbuigi:
a-3-'clock PM
I'Dr.-- '•e*«» •• . r..h HI COuilCClton WIU.
R (. Pais* F:pic*» I' tor Erie
J'n .ior A Ltjfungwr.n > W *ireu Pacie;*.
Fu,on Line oi Freight Boats lor '-leveiand,
Clarke (t Co » Pu»nurgq »n<i t ievcland Line Fre,gut
R i. Park* diulv New uasue Packer.
CLARKE. PaRK> A Co. Beztvei, Agent*
JOHN A CAIN, MEN , Agent. Pmaburutv.
mchSl cor Water and bautiifielo »t*
1849. .^.^sl
r o P/itltufefyhui iind B*ik\r*ort
‘ Exe umvc! v lor Pa.*engcr< ,
TIIK pubin- an
A wHI c-onime-
respectiu :y ui’ormed ihai ’hi* Line
• running on Monday; lUth March
The boat* of this Ltnr are ol h »uperior cln»*. with
enlurgefl cablYi*, wliick wt;l givegreaict coiii.ort in
A i.oiit wt I a.way* be ,n pof, and traveler* are re
quested t>> 0)', and examine them before e.igaging
sage hy other route* Tne\ will 1,-iivi- me landing, up
(H)Mtetlir F S. Holei, cornri I'piiil »ltret and Cnnai
evr rv* night *1 H o'clock
T\mf —H Day*
Foi 11>iumii*11* *,: apply at the office Mononghhela
House, u< iii l) I.E.RI'H A t'o, Cnnai lluna.
N H Tl.. ;>inpr.ctor> oi the hl>ov- Lute air now
huudiin* an mid. i Line "I Pack,!- U, run i - ,il-o\ «
u i of about iun.- !•! ... , .im.ertuin with thr p<-mi« \ |.
vania Ran Kim-I ’’roni I r«i.<|.‘-.v:i I,• Philadelphia. .At
ifiai tunc a pa, set '4 ;'l I, .i\,- e rerv niortting and eveil
ing Tail.: thnnigh -5 d«y» mchld
/'itn'liS .-Kin-; on :bi- Lice are not transhipped
\J. l.«-.wr» u P.ii't-.iruh and Phi.ndelptmi. t..-,ng .-a r
riel in lour .ection i'oetnu.,- BouN uver .ami and
t,*i -m -mpvei* Ol luerchiutd./e f. .juiruig rarcful
iitri.ilmg. Uh* i* oi importance No charge made
re- .-tving nr shipping, or for advancing charge* All
good* lorwaided with di*palch. ami uu a* renaonuble
tonus n* by any other Liue
Canal Ua*ui. Penn it, Pittsburgh
marl 2K7 Market A lA t'.omruerce *l. Pima
J< 'll N Me FA DE'N A l'-n. Forwarding and Cottjmi»
siuii M.-rchunt* Cattal Basin, Penn *l, Pittsburgh
M DAVIS ,Y Co. E'lour Factor* and Commi*-
*lOll Mrrchanj*. tW7 Market and W (.'omtncrcc *trert,
Pht.adHj'hia. *-marl
liJr'A'lcaiice. in:ule by eithe.r of the above on F.oar,
Wooltuid other iiirrcnamlire couiigi.ed to ihetii lor
NerchnnU' Transportation Line.
- TO PHIL*r.Ki ri*lA t.Mi |-.*’.!IMOBK.
I’HF. Canal* and Run K'>ml* being now open, ami
111 goo'l flfdei. xvp :ir pr-parej to forward nil
kinds of ineff fi* ndi«e a ‘•-I produce m Phil* Delphi a
Baltimore, with jmimptne** and de.patch. and on ru
good term, s- any other Line
Cana. Basin. Penn *t. Pittsburgh.
A u KVr* —CI I 4 RI.I' 7* KA\ NOR. Pl.tlml, uhta.
mr'.’T ROSE -M‘ IRRII.L A Co. Baltimore
For UisuMVillr. Joniisiown. Hoiliday.borgli, and
ud inlctKiedinte places
T Mils Line will continue to carry ad U'm t.r.i.d*
**a:i then usual dcspulch. and at fa.r rate* of
Ahx.vts—C A M'ANIM.TY A Co, Pit:-:.meh
I) B Wakefield, Johnstown
John Mtl'iei, Hollidayiburgli
Kirnttso « luttiei Jot don. Smith A Sinclair Dr F
Sli..rnlier K er. R Mi,ore. John Parker, S F Von Bonn
borsi A fu. Wm Lehiiier A Co. Jno M'Deviu A Bros,
Pittsburgh, John Ivorv, Sumr Mulhollan A Ray. Jno
C.ratl A fu, Biair»vuie. mch/7
rw THE light draught iteomer LOYAL
tL i 3 HANNA. told Du reascmahle
terms, at iIjSoGW he* at the wharf.
■■BfiZßl lor term*. Ac., inquire of
JAS KEUR, Jr. A Co, 38 Water st
mcb2l;dlm or G 0 MILTENBERCER
'Y’E'V SPRING trOODS.-A A. Maaov A Co . No
J.x «) Market street, are now opetucg 40 caxes and
j-aekage* ot tplcndtd >PRING GOODS, cotnprtMtif
Lawn*. Mutdiia, Bcieges, M do Lnbiea, Sinrtams
Prinu, French Cambric*. Ltaen*, Ribbon*, licet’
Silks, Shawls, Giova*, Uoitety, and a gentral tason’
meat of Goods. mehtf
90S Acre* Coal Land for Bala,
SITUATED on the Monongahela river, aboct lAnuJea
Pittsburyh and 3 mile* abort third Lock, in
the immediate neighborhood of .Nlesara. Lyon A Short*,
and Mr John Herron’s purchase. This fino body of
Coal wilt he said at the low price of £33 per acre—ont
third In hand, balance ir. five equal annual payments,
without trtereaL Tiilo indisputable. Location ver)'
jo<kl— ejt.niot be (urpassed. For further particulars
enquire of S. who has a draA of said pro
perty. ReiUleneoiJd si, below Ferry. Mr. Adams’ Row.
N B Tljere l« nuother seanv of coal on thu tract,
about 60 teet above the lower, of erceilem quality.
jyt»:dtf K
Country residence fob. rent.
Mil) ACRES OF UROL'N'D. situated near the
PU'sburgh .and Groensbargh Turnpike, 3| mile*
from the city, and adjoirjng the Allegheny Cem
etery, on which i.« erected a large and well finished
two story brick HweiUua House, together with liable*,
carnage house. Ac There is also on the premise* a
large variety of fruit trees, and a spring of unusual ei
•■eiicnre cooiiguoti* to the dwelling
MM . WM YOUNG. 14. J Liberty si
r„ l ,J ala * ble for Sal®.
I Hh tob.eneer wilj «®U. at private aaJc, that raJua
ble Propenv, on We Fourth ttrcri road. ad/oiiuug
art*•cm rr»uiein-r. and give poMextion immod.atr
it I u»it -trc atom TKN AOHKS OFCiIOICK LAND,
in i Inpli • true o( ru!uvaiion The improvement* are
* ur*e and web liiu«.fte.i bnck DWELLING' fIOUSK,
i« ,^ fU ° ln< ' ? ul t’uilxluypx. Adjoining the
' ’ ** n ruiiiimjf fountain and a kihhl Pump.
xv<. cb furniHiic* » u ; earcUeat wata,
.• r 15 4 van«u ~| j ruit I’ree* and Shrubbery ou
ih- pn-iiu.t. , rIM prep , rly o'^,
»Oiii toon. U will I)- r.-mril i.i> -• .. i
. i i it u 1 ’ lrur AU®. tor.aale.
.h 1 i T ' “ 1 * ennfl >'’'itn.j .\venue, a t the end ot
uir .<oard walk Inquire ot
R ** l K»c«t« for Sal..
r |Mlh 1 rustce* of the Western Theological
i **? VI,I S decided u> Mil. on pcrpotua? lease » WI
Uo'i of their properly .» Allegheny city, offer on v«rv
fa*i»rmjle terms, from 30 loin Lot, 0 f different dM?
A warrantee title will be grrm A pian of ihe loi/e.*
l>e - een it No 129 Wood turret M
For particulars, enquire of either of the undammed
( omrautee JOHN f LOGAN'
mai.uoi.m leech
MA TWi ’ story Hnek House. 011 Federal „
sTr-i' S 'r™’° Te i , o C " oni,w *‘« ‘‘"fner of the
.North Common. Allejrhe-,, hall, parlor.
f<K,m *" d on ‘*‘l floor Four room,
or -'n --nry, wiut * tmiSht-d junc
r»«.(.«ion to be had immefcntrlv Inquire of
" p ”_. B_':iV r ENBEBGER. o 7 Front .t
/A mug ordei,-I melt eyiiudrr, jn men boi
r*. 4f ju l • 3B m ? h ”'" d *«"e«:r. fly wheel 21
r-pv. Al*o. one line of shafts. £3 feet loo*. 2* niche,
i;. diameter, with drums, one upright «»• Enquire of
MATTHEW SMITH. No 4« H&b £j |
4 FARM.austeontheN W . bank of the Ohio nt
"■. *[:"“*• m,,e " below Pittsburgh, coniamta*22B
acre., late the property of John M Hood, deceased.
And known as “Sale Landing ’’ 1
IJIf er * n r # a Da ' r,d J Hood ’ the premise., Wm M.
{£ i*. A .teghenj. and the undersigned in the citr of
I hiiadelpltia lebl-fcneod CHARLES GILPS.
T. Valuabl. Real R.tau Tor Sal. “
>!F. following property m the city of Pilibtmh
and near the borough of Maochramr. on the oliJ
"‘J'iS "J; ,•-■'■-..nwl.u.x ..™ K
of ih. c.iy of Lliiburgb., lmUrin.“ n'S"
10 one bcre Loir froiuni* on an Avrnuf, * ,- Mt
' ,f ° ra c Ohio tire, Bt ,
nmiift Phillip* • i >i Cloii, Factory.
For ieim», enquire.- o; OIAKI.RS li SCl’I I Y
or JAMK>* O’HAJtA,
Hurlce’« Huildinp. 4th m*.' "
v . vV 0 ! } Ab * rt Y Street for Leu*.
( )II'K ;' fr ; ,rn '" UU , ,A ••*'«>• -‘reeuhv HOW,
V' ’ Hrr ' vr n neitrly opposite Went su-eei
» , n r,S, r , ° “* Mw 1 n «"*»*«ebi nvrr. urili Ik- leai.l
cu .or n term <*l y-ar* Enquire of
Ir ,, or JAMES O’HARA,
Burke's Bunding. -t;*i
Vtlnable Property for k«i.
] N THE NINTH ward ok nrj’SBUR l *H - Sev
1 «*r?kl I/oia on Baldwin aM j L, ber # L ,“‘j"
Will H »rJ, ;M lee, by luo, and ailiarem ,i._ . ' ° 1 ,
depot or the Central Kmlroad. For term* timT/r** m
~ or JAMES O’HARA, ' '
Burke # Building, 4Ui *t
l *l A P nl nelf ’ o,k reasonable term*,
to food tenants. srx comfortable two *tory Brick
pwellmjf*. with cellars, vault, «„,! back build
mg*, situated on Robinson und Craig «trecu. Allmriu.
ti i akkrl),
- U Ib;rJ or|K..,lr Si i:h»rlr. || Olci
Urick lioiimiig 0,, \v..o!i S 't'i 11
o :, .r.?fenr.*j.';'r c -*
■n j"pJ,To'«u'»"i'„y wYw.J..
No « \v„„l'.|-
Prop.rty In city f„ r B »„. '
rt Hr. suhs< nl.'cr* offer for *aJe a number of choir*
1 Lot*, tituair in the Sen,ml Ward, routing on th*
Loinchoti ground, on ea*y irrm, itim,,,, „/
W O'H. ROBINSON, Any „ s, Cm „
•VtMtJtfT * OW!W '’ X •‘•W**
!,EVr TO '.Kr-A ...
Bnck Dwei.ine, with 0* acre* highly improved
Laud, iituutcd m Oakland. , u w f ro ' ra u \ A ,
c 44 Water street
M FOR RtLNT-For one to three year., from the
first of April next, a largo two storied Imck
Dwelling House, plev'uilly -Hunted on the bank
oi the Ohio nver. adjoining the l-orougn or Manehes
'.“V'” bn.llinj., „i,„
trees, Ac Ac. Apply to
I"* JAMKs * nrriTliauN' ACo
To Let.
MA f.AR(,E and w-:; fi m .hed Room, *erond
fiot,. on the corner of Worn! and Third -treet*
aoove me Exchange o ,licc „r u m H Wiiiiaou
r.,-'e'.ii.ii given smmedtuuvy. Inquire oi
•“ i . _ .M'GILI> A RUE !P4 Liberty- *{
Lots In Birmingham for 8&1*.
r TT,r" , 'V'’* r ' “ t »«w V "V deetrabie
! 'be Huroußb ~f Hiram.*!
hnm I ” u Qr lrcl from, imii mo [cc 1 dofp
lo » 20 (tc, «Uoy. Title lom.puiabte. ei.o . pomo„
only ti the purchase money require.! •■me o' .ale
r or further particulars, anpiy u>
. w> N^M - BAKKWKi.L. Aitoi-.ey a:
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MTO LET—A iarire Irak Owe; ulg ~Ho'u»r.
Mltabte for two farm *i«*. „.uute,l ot» Fclerai
ttnrel, AUeghenv, Mr i.ruven . lo re
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TW °^.°. l ! fnßs ASB'LOTS POH SAi.iL
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,Ml t» ironii-y .•:••• itdiitSf' •» a*,-,. .vu2 ru„ t>~A
.o * street lorry :r<: wsoe Ihe J.m..lin»« on ;he ~f «
m.-th wi.l pay a \ r-v lin:.4v>mc m- ,nv C M
meat, and t.u ,w- u ; -o ,i ,„ rap ;o , ca , h .
Apply to H >;.rr. u : t.t jk's l' > „no
"S!? 9 .... KAVACo
TilK • il'V >• oj-T' or fr--• -Of ;ne i rrrn ~,
,liS.i>nc o; iwrrimv j n f,
iwo »tory Owe.,,':* I|„ u ., . -Vooms
a.M kucnon Inert ;» a o c:o. ; ... .j
».•:«» o( hue youn* iru;, :r-r» o: cj kind '*
4.1- . i-onncficd with the home To any prruna wuh'
a dciwmful friulcucc wiihi/i a !>W mjtiuir* ride or
ijir City, th.s wi,: !•.- a ’-tinner F<>r which
wi.| (•« iow to 4 jroocf tenant, inquire ut Mr Jno
near ihc premise*, of John Watt, comer ct
Hand and Liberty fircc-t*, or of
T KN ' U , ITS ' W '■>' >nu«led on 11,0 h,|iho,
““ ““lo Norm Common,
ill tile Kuril* Vivi J'.xtriiMuu. Term* £7(IQ ca«d
JAMKs* Robinson ' •
, . u '" oil ROBINSON.
■ ni'liMSSn Drfirr. KirliHiiife Bumlm**. St ('‘mr n
A 1 i' 11 ' 1 lT„k.
JY lown'lup, about liv- miirii from l’iu«l.ureli con
I-mupi; VMI arrr.w.lh lb- allowsß.-r of
" "" Rl'Bl.\S<iN. Amirwy M
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Up 1 J I 111
Bcolch Bottoln L&adrorSalc.
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J «ui|>. on Hie MoJioiu.'alirln. Utfee umr« irom Puu
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U.llf. i,. H \\ j. ;,i lir lo
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WAKl.itul >K ri>|;>A[.K -Hip-ntM-nbcr
n»t ».*ir ;bf •i.iry brit-k Warebouue
c/i Wood »ir> ci, J hv K Tanner frt'o
«pl" U\| WiJ.^o.N.Jr
KiJK ?AI.K - A J.ot Oi (■ fi.ui,J M.uair-(III Pent,
«irrci. hnwrM May tuid M«r>.ury »trcru. mlioumi*
Uio hou.r sii.l rot now oi-riij.icd by Kirfmrd Kd wanla
turnin' u | poni of tSV feet. ami 1:1 depth |yu Icet. wtll In-'
»oi«1 on uvorat.c term* Title uncirppnonaii'lr j-j,.
SUfiif <■ o UH»MIS .Mb «i,i.ear Wood
A DESIRABLE Building I,ot i n Alitrbeny eiiy fa
/V vorably located, m mzi: about Ij:i’i an acre., nmi
•' ..i l.e »t>ld on ar conunodnun t term* Imj titrr of
J 0 \\ ILI.IA.MJt, ltd wood »i
Ktiß RENT—A room .i» the necoud .inrv. No
Ratal »> ood (treet )Q -/o
liiHN KEI.LV X CU.. |»uccesi*ori to Rot,!.. Wine- '
brrntr A uo.. laic ..Mcrekitiii Tailor*.) No lot*
'■ III*J»TNUT Street. , Tntrd, Philad-ipi u .s, l.e
•'■“Vc to inlorm their and {nilron* Lftit'i', r \
l\ r Zu, t ZV' t ' 1 u l c ,u, "“ SPR,NC .MMKftir,
fAMIIONN with a »-*ortmci.t of \rw Sfl« ’
<*<XJDS, comprums Cloi;.. fa*.,ujrrf* Y>f*ire« £ r
»t every dee.-i.ption- a; wh.rh ur- „( t|,n r .iw,. ifn ''
Donation, having ben. -c>rtrd m p ar „ .
Loudon, '
Stranger* vinting I'n-la,:. .ph..,. Ilr e r<**n,-eiful
ly iiivited to call a; .1 rtarn.m- Lock
Greenwood Uardeo.
ff’HiS delightful Summer Retreat >■ t .
1 r*,.' P |.o„ .1 •i.M.rv 1,,- , ,„ m friiil/Nuli
every evening 1 * '• ° cl *
.„?4“ C " J "" ».nl rlcscil t>„
..JST “ f ;h ' '*"«« «•"*-w ,hon-
A large <•<...eriMin oi the >• more. • ~ . ..
n„a. c Uni.,.. .„J
I‘tir now -leainei THUS set IT Twill t... , i
«■»*. k» r r r, l ov.J'°r'v r ;"" 7 , ;" J ,
and Sinitlificfd nrmt* 1 ‘ c '^ lwrcM _
GBO.W. Smith 1
r„o!„ R n M U,e ‘'
JL no^ longer any eoanccuon .ate c*iai><ub>
mem In Penn «reei,knov»,i a * . Ur p IU , t ..«r*i- tirewery.
nnC t?T^.“ Ved ‘ heil *tuue oua.a«« =« «»* »*UINT
HHKWKHV. m Ptu «i r irrle-d v>
T CAHFIELO, (late of Wimn. Onto ■ r omiai*.
Y • »Wn aod Forwar.titg Merman;, and wisoloiale
, e *^ cr tn "’e**crn Rc»erre Chee*e. Butter. Pot and
Pearl A»b. and Wrurrn prudtfer r-netHlly. Water
jtrect, between Smtibfield »;>d Wood. Puu'nirjh apS
Clerk \Vmated.
WANTED- A Young in a wheleaala Ml | f8 *
lei! Drr Goode Store Apply at eg Market at *
meh2ftdt t
;j i DIL WORTH k Co
David ueelkjl~
At a rerj- low Rent.
For SaJ*.
For Bale,