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ES r
RAJ STRONG ACHOZKR.t'limratssioii
and Healers in Produce, iPh*. Market *wel
Pituharcb- , '.-
T»JsHjSSjJ * H*? 3 ’ifriiwl In Itry
K tlood*, GroCrtlf- , Rnni, Sfar.r. i'nl'liurKh'mQnu
hfwml >nlcW, J.C-, No £*) I Irt.-tiy. Krootf Wiu
borjh .. >?-
BRAUN A REITER, Wholesale and Relaij Dnig
irifti, comer of Liberty and St. <'ls»r street*, FUG
burpn, Pa- • fuayjl.
(XUnurQuia, M. *■ Bamtfii.
fi andCouuui*<duu No. 145,
Pittsburgh.' Pa. . __ _
BA. FAHNESTOCK ACo., WbolMulo and ,H«>-
• tail contVt Wood and IUh«L« j V1 -
B~ -GALKY Wholesale Grocer*. 48 and
a) WoedjtUecl Pittsburgh. *
CA. McANULTY A Co.. Forwarding and Ct»ra
• mission Merchants, Canal Basin, riUsbuiglr Pa.
ENGLISH & BENNETT, (late Eiiylbh, Gallagher
Or Co ) WhokmJc Grocers, Commis-ion nfid for
warding Mereliams, awl dealcW JO Produce aiul Uuta
bor*h Manufaoiujc*, No. 37 Wood »i. f between VU and
3d street*. . - __ otiij
GEOUGE COCHRAN, Commission nndForwarding
Merchant, Nq./JO Wood three)- Pittsburgh. iUyl7
HI, EE. (successor to Murphy A Lee.). Wool Deal
, «r and Commission Merchant, for the safir of
American \Voolcils,' ‘Liberty, opposite 6lh «. -fcbl?
ms. OMLD.jHnltimorc.
a. j. Bvcasofc,, Upl.i.a-
HGALD & BIJCKNUK. Totmcun Commission Mdf>
ehftUtljdl North "Water si, A. 1»> North
Philai- " ' _ ' nOvDU-lfj
hjUaii njcxrti XoR*m dicist. in, .
rIAIAIt DICKEY A Co-, Wholesale GroairM.Oo»r
mission Merchants, and dealers in Produce, Nas.Sfi
Water, end lU7 Front streets, Pittsburgh. • .noyd
JOHN WATI\ (successor to EwalT A
Wholesale (irorer mid fTintmi-viou Marcham. .
dealer tn Produce and Pittsburgh Miminaeturii*,Cor
ner of Liberty tflid Hand street*, Pittsburgh Pti^jsSC
JAMES S MeGUIRK, llruc oftim linn of Aijteoiand
McGuire,) Merchant Tailoj.4*t. Oiurl.-s, Bumltiigs
ffiirdstreet, near Wood, Pittsburgh. .
JAMES A. HUTCHISON, A Co.—t?crer»j*'nr< to
Lewis 11utrhi«on '& Co., Commission MerPh*?o»j
and Agents of the Sl LAuis Strom Sugar Retinrrr-
No. 45 water and mi front sttrew, Pittshsiwh
»an| , ' .
JS. tOLVVOKTU A Co.. Wholesale Grocers Pro
• duet uid CommiAHton Merchama, and Agents
for the Hazard Powder 1. o', o: S- 1•, No JJ7 W'Ood su
PiUahurgb. _ . _ JO**
1 011 N D. MORtLI/. Wholesale DrcsgilUand deaf
•J cr in Dye Oils, Ac (No. 95
Wood street, one door South of Diamond Alley, Pitt*-
borgh. _ _ „ - taUl
if. A Co. tnuuceasof io U
tl Davis 1 ) / ShipChaudlcra, 30 \V attr airrct.
JOHN IL MKLLOR, Wboleule and
ui Marne and Muhimit Instruments, School
Paper, States, Steel Pms, Contis, Prunt-r*’tlards. and
diniiouOry generally, No. si Wood at, Pmiborgß -
Qj~ bought or takt-n iu trade. 'rplfi
-7 SCHOONMAKER A Co.. Wholesale Dniggitlm l
"V • No. t»4 Wood street, Ibusburgh. • ■
JOHN D. DAVIS, Auctioneer, corner Otli and Wood
streets, Pittsburgh. _ _
J~QHNHTUN A STOCKTON, DooSiscllers, Pruiten
and Paper Mauuurturrr*. No. 44 Market st.. i’jUv
burgh- ■ ,
rrytM TbotD, aieuaan rtotb.
JAK/FLOYD. (late J. Floyd A C 0..) Wholesale
# r_Groeers, -No. IM i.iberty v strr»*. «eps
JAMES' Wholesale Grocer, CetnmisAfoit
Mercbam. an.l~dou.ur in Produce and Piu4nlft(b
Mttnulaamrre.. No.Ul Water sc. Puts bar
"f^ r IEK A'JONItt, Forwardiag nnil CooimDiiun Mer-
IX chants. Dealers in Prodnce and llltsburgh uianu
factored articles, Candl ftnciii, near ?th *1 dl!l
Vcanvlua li ; on \Votkg.- . . ir ;
LEWT9..DAI.EF.LL Ax'd.. inantiiiiCturerf of all kb
zes Bar, Sheri, Boiler Iron and Nulls of Ihe best
Warehouse, W water and 105 from st
janlfr 1 :
L" 8 WaTER-MA-N. Wiiolcmiie tifoerr,
• ing and Coiantissiou Merchnuu Dealer in Pitts
burgh Manufactures aud Pnxtuce. No>! 31 Water el.,
and fcl From ■ , j<7
JOII.S M'mi l- JgS. D. Bl’oru- USI.TXB &(IB’
McGILLS A Roe, Wholesale Ororers MAl’Com&l*-
sioii Merchants, No. 194 Liberty ah, Pittsburgh.
Ja6 . ;
MURPHY, WILSON a CO., liaie Jones,
Co.) Wholesale Dealers 111 Dry* Goods, No. 43
Wood itreqt, Pn|stiurgh. , . itoviti
■- »"■” AJ.r.i M.inrs, tfM. ■ Miiiriu .
M ALLEN A Co~ Coumtiesion and Forwarding
■ Sierchants, Water and Front sta. betsyeon
«o and Murkrt cl*. jaflfi
w»r*auj£a, " “c. - u-; iiutfe»K£”
MILLKK A RICKETS>.N. Wboiesiiie-Gcoctra'ajid
Cout»i.-reun mcrt:nucL-, No. Uu, IJbetty'.su, RTU*-
burgh, Pa. . )aifJ4
NllOUlhS A SON, No. 53 Market sc, second
9oor from comer m Funnli, dealers in Foreign
and Domestic Bills of Hi change, Ceruhraursol Depha*
u, Bank Noies and Si>c-'ie. ‘ " ,• •
cuod op oil the principal cities
throughout die nfutiii stair*. '• • dec):? ’..
EGBERT MOOUK. wiiolrsdo C/ioeei
Dutiller, denier in Produce, Pittsburgh Manufac
tures, aud all kinds of Foreign aud Domestic Wiilea
and Liquor*, No. 11 Liberry street! On hand a Very
large stock of superior old Monongdbrlx whiskey,
which will be sold low for ccsh. aplSJjy .
yrrqgßT EUaUrsoS. ~ b. itOßLisoa-
ROBINSON A Co., Wholesale Grocer*,
bim and CooumkMoii klerchams. and Df-cicrs in PpU
burgh Manufactures,.No. l«o Liberiy 014
Pa. iauD)
•DOBERT DALZELL. A Co. " Wholesale Grocers,
Ti, Cum mission &nd Forwarding Mermaids, dealers
m Produce aud Pittsburgh Manufactures. Liberty »L
Pmsburgh, Pa. __ febtM
A, Dealer in Produce.and Pittsburgh Manufactures,*'
No. 144 Liberty IL fy U_
L o. ii L aKitt:'.
*I>EYTiOLDS A BHEE, Forwarding and Commission
li Merchants,.for the Aliegheny River deal
ers in Grocericsi Produce, Pittsburgh Manufactures
and Chloride of lUine.
The highest jmcesj In cash, paid at ol) times for coop
try ruga. Corner of Penn und Irwin iu. jaidSl' ;
SMITH A JOHNSON, Wholesale and Re tail Deilers
in MUiinery Goods, Laces. Hosiery nad Fancy
Articlea,No. 40 Market street, 3d door above Third St,
Pituburgh. apJg
a. & aHAcaixrT, thus, a witcn.
SHACKLETT A WHITE, kMiolcfale Dealers In
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods. No. 90 Wood st.
Pittsburgh, feM7tf
"aTw. UARBAUGH, Wool Merchants, Dealer*
i in Flour ■»■«! Prodare generally, and Fofwudhig
and Commisstou Merchants, No. 53 Water *U*itts.
SUITS], BAGALEY A Grocers-und
Produce dealers, No. 523 Market street, betwecu slii
and ftfh, North side, Philadelpliia. navb
9. —r-r-amq rinSkCftSlL JOIIS SlOUUft, atABTLSAD.
SELLERS A NICOLS. Produce mid General Godk
mission Merchants, No. 17 Libeny si., Pittsburgh,
feperm, Unset-I and Lard Oils.
Q F. VON BONNUOBiJT, A Co”. Wholesale Gro-
O* cen, ForUrauding and Commis.'ion Merchants,
Dealers in PiUshurgb ami Wt-mern Pro
dace, have removed lo.their new wareliouse,(old stand)
No. 35, corner ofiFrodt fcv and Ctuulct-ry Lome.
nov7 . .
vr. I. TOOTH. ' ~~ ] f. V. scon.
rpROTII A y.COTT. Wholesale und Retail dctuyijn
A Boots. Shoes, Trunk*. Carpet Rags. Ac., 8. W.
0 rncr of 4th and smithfielu vts, Pituburgh, Pa ;a3
fTIASSEY A BEST, Wboleealo Grocers and Conrmis
-1 non Merchants, and dealers in Produce. N 6: 35
Wood at, Pittsburgh. ■ ptiS3
jobs n. wtctT ‘“usvmjrtisßXJaa.;
WICK A M?C AND LESS, (socceLHors io L-A J; D
«ick,) Grocers, Porwardiitg and
Comamniun Merchants, dealers tn Iron, Nails, Glass,
Cotton Yams, and Pittsburgh Manufacture* generally,
»pr»*r of Wood and Walei -Ueets, Pittulmrsh.
TTfKST BOWEN—Cominusion and 'Forwarding
yy Merchant, No. 9V Front it. between Woodftnu
Market streets. feWH_
WW. WALLACE, hLll stonr omkimtFufnjsh
, ing establishment, No. 344 Lii»erty near the
canal. _ _ tuarsy
WW WILSON, licafcr in Watches, Jewelry.
tiilver Ware, Miiuary Goods. No OT Mar
WJL MURPHY, Wholesale and Retail dedlerin
Foreign : and Domestic Dry Goods, north east
corner of Markdl and Fourth sis. _ . augdl
w*. to'use, ~ isu. m. Ifcos*. -
WM. YOUNG A Co.—Dealer* in '••ather hide*, Ac.
IJ3 jUj>«lysi._ .
tpu x’CUTCaKOJL Kflßt. M'CirtCIUSOM-
W*. rTaTCUTCU KON, WboloJiie Oroeert.dea
|crg id produce,lron, N«il». Glass, and Pitta,
boreh Manwtcture* generally, Ifcl Liberty *V£iu*-
bargh. _ ft**. _
•* jr \v. WILSON, WuirfTen, Jevrr-lrj, Silver Ware,
W • nnd Military Good*. cornci «n Markctand 4th
ftreeta, Piiubargb, Pa* N» JL-■Waicbe* and Clock*
carefully repaired. : z.~
WIIILCM 'S&&TH. Aiaaoluctumr of County »uld
colored Linen, Frmffe*for Drewe*,’** i
ana and colored CoUoa Fatißea for «Jk. and gingham
Parasols. Gimp, Molinir, and Silk UuUmu t-pnges,
made to orjler on the sheriesl notice.
STuat,cOTßflfofMaiden Lone and Willmm,eniranrr
No b& William •ircct, third Hour, our Abucr
•utre t No4a-A!aldeii Lane Neiv York 1
M’ aThieW \V i LSONTFoitr alt ami MitiiatureFoin
t«T. npom*, comer of Po»l Otfiee Allefr and
Poorthetreet, entrance on Hlh near Markrt.
deett-dtt :
No. 45 Market three door» »bov* Third ft Jhta
borghy'WiU hava constantly on hand a well * elected m*
softmentef the-; best and irraiiest ilediCUie*. which he
will fell on Uje mm reasonable term*. J'hyOcieiif
•endia? oideni, will bo promptly attended to, aruisnjv
plied with anifclejUiey may cety upon u g exntiiie. .
/ 1 byweieu* Prescription* will accurately and
neatly prepared from the best raatennu, at aity hour of
ha day or mcht.
Al»o for *at«, alnrgeatoekof fre*t, and good feerfu
mory. _ _ )ta4
CONTINUES to manufacture- MbaamenU. Dunn)
Vanlts. Tomb*, Head Suw-t, Muniel Piece*, Ceil
up and Tier Top* of forejyn ami dome«oo nnrrf.u M
a regular aud fair price.
N B— for “ono®*™*, t-.ulu,te.
«d, -’of any deumpoon. 110 solicit* u iliare of p„bti-
_ _ , »u«»-dif
~ ■ ” Robtrtif 9t. I).|
/'VIT!LAI*MJC SL'KUFXJ.N. wiii e;i«-nd tn the Itci
U mentof Di««w« of th« Kve. .
Br. H. boa been enguged * n H* l * l^ 0, ' cb . ° f i h ?^°® d *
eat profession for lixteen yeart, *nd an
establishment for the treatment or dj-ense* of Hut eye
corner of iu«~k, .. W,
Strawberry alter, 'Allegheny etty. _ .. -.f'l'HL
rfraa' PgKTW TEA BTOEE- No. 7& fourth
q«Mlt.e..ornmto *nd
Kg 'reae, done up In haff, end
Oo*poun4 p«kBgem ranging fn»« -'•» 1 p“-
»!»; Iv!t ATJAYNKt, Ag? ‘» r * ®. k i» '
Independent Police Ofllce* • • .
NO. Ite.FOtiBTH STREET. —CoiiiHuUiiig.MACU-
irate, AusmuJi Chief of I'oUee, Ecwr
Uaetrx. , ~
CTOI.RMAN, HaILMAN A. CO rotiuim. 10 „iiuiu-
J. torture Small Iron. Span* an.l Ain Blmtet sir.ri
Plough, Fork und Hoe Steel, Rivet*. >jnke« m„) U t r,'{
Iron Nuti, ull *ne«, together with Coach and tjipu«-
Spring*, hll Pal, Taper anti common A tie*
Haring reduced trio price of Wrought Iron Nm,
rnjrme builders and other* ustltg the anine, will Cod’
it U> their Hite real la give this new brunch of Pittsburgh
manufacture* ihnr attention.
' Coach tTiiQn.iiiL'* and maleahlr iron oo liberal term*
Warefrousr on Water and Fourth «ts.
*c!«n sull. Pittsburgh; pa.
"I/" ftNNhDY, CHILDS A CO , Manafactarrrs of very
i\. superior 4-4 Sheeting*. Carpet Chain. Cotton
Twush and Halting. ja3lMy
IhtqnMna Sprluß, Axle, Steel and Iron
CtOLKMAN.' MAILMAN A Co, tnaoufarturar* <y
> Coach anil Kitplic Spring*, Hammered Axles,
Spring juni Plough Steel, Iron, A,-. Warehouse on
vr ulir and Front streets, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealer* tnj Coach Trimmings and Malleable
Cn»ll&if*._ octla
N' BUWCMASTER,; ALnxajLas—Otflee. Fourth at.,
third door above Southfield, south aide.
Conveyancing of all kind* done with the greatest
raVe and.lexal accuracy.
' Title* tgVHrai Estate examined, Ac. oci3o-Iy
EA M. MITCHKLTBKE, Wholesale C.rocera
■ Rectifying Distillers, ami Wine and Lkjuo.
bant*. Also, importer* of Soda Ash and Blear li
ng Ander, No. 160 Liberty stteet, Pittsburgh, Pa.
•ejrtS / •
HAMILTON STKWART, manutacturer of Heavy
• Shirtings, Check*. Ac., Rebecca street, city o(
Allegheny. _ aovlS-dly*
. Orrtrs above M. Alum A Co.
BwHESBW oct3l No. <2 Water *trceL
'lTir Franihn Flff. Jnjurauce Cu. uf FhiLuidvhta.
1 vIRLCTORS.—CharIes N. Boncker, Thomas Hart,
XJ iobiQ. \\ uguer. Samuel Oram, Jacob R. Smun,
'■«« » Richards, Monlerut D Adolnho E.
Ihjjie, Duvid S Brown, Motr>* Ptutersoh.
. Cuaxlxs N. iU.scsKß. President
Charles li, Bancker, Secretary
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited,
on every description of property in town or country,
at* a* low u» ur% consistent »mh security.
To Company have reserved a large contingent Fund,
wldcb with their Capital and Premium*, safely invest
ed, afford ample protection to the assured.
The tuueis ot the compaiiy, on Juuuary 1 at, IS4H, a*
published agreeably to an net oi Assembly, were a*
tolloWs, vin
Mortgages ffl.W7.toP 41
Real Estate 94,?24 S 3
Temporary Loans • • yo.Wii si
Sloess 51AU3 25
3B,SW T.
aiiu-*" their incorporation, a period of iy yeara, they
b«Te paid upward* 01 oue miiliou four hundred thous
and dollars, losses by tire, thereby nifordiu£ evidence
cl the-advantage* or insurance, as well as thr nbiiity
nnd disposition lo meet with prdtoptness all UabillUr*
Office N E comer Wood rituf 3d stt
JOHN FINNEY, Jr., Afirai at Pittsburgh for lbs !>•!•
Wuro Mutual Bafety lunurailcc Company of Fbiia
adelpbia. Fin: Kinks upon bmidiuas anil merchandize
of every description, and Murine IfUks upou hulls or
cargoes of vessel*. taken upon the iiuim favorable
JE7“o3ic< tn the Warehouse of \V B. Holme* 4 Hro ,
No. J 7 Water, uear Market strrel, Pittsburgh.
\V B.—'The success ol ibis Company since the estab
lishment o| tae Agency in llns city, with the prvtnpt
rx-ik ami liberality wuh which every cianu apoa Uieru
lor loss has I men adjusted, fully warrant the agent in
in vtutlg the confidence and patronage oi bis friends and
ine community at to the .Delaware M b. Insu
rance- Coaipooy, whilo it has tfce'addiumial advantages
ua an institution among the most nourishing iaPltiladei
piun -jivs having ua amplepaid-in capital, which by ibe
.Ot>eratum oi its charter U constantly increasing, a.*
yielding to each person insured hut due share ot Uic
profits ol the company, without involving huu in any
responsibility whatever, and iht-teior.- a* possessing
the Mutual principle divested of every obuotiou* fea
ture, aiui In most attractive torn nov4
r pHF Insurance Company of North America, tn rough
X itr duly authorized Agent, the subscriber, oderv to
make permanent and limited Insurance on property, in
tilts city and its vicinity, and tm shipment* by me Ca
nal u«d Rivers.
AtllioT G Cotrin, Charles T»)
Bum’l'W. Jonci,
Kiward Siunn
John A. Brown,
Tborais P. Cope,
Jiaraael r. Smith,
Samuel Brooks, 8. Anstiu Allibone,
HxjotT D. SHKBKicat>. See^y.
This it the oldest Insurance Company to (be United
Slates, having been chartered in 17m. Its charter is
perpetual, and from its high standnig,lnn? experience,
ample meant, end avoiding ail risk* of aa extra haz
ardous character, it may be considered u offering am
ple security to the public. W. IV .RiNtfei.
At the Counting Koom-of Atwood, Joce* A. Co., Wa
ter anil Fruut streets l*in*bt2r b 'h- ma>~s
FtKJB AHlfllSfiiiteraatsajroK.
miction nu&nuiee Co. of Hanford, Com.
KUND.—The undeiaigned, having been. Appointed
Agent of the Protection Insurance Co~, will take nafcs
oa property in the city and vicinity, and tm shipment*
brpanaifimd the riven and lakes.
meh*fcd*tw OtEec, No. 137 Wood *ireet_
I»j}k SUBSCRIBER has been appointed Agent pro
loin of The luauraoee Company ofNonh America,
and will lour Foucte* ud attend to Uie other fiu<due»a
of the 'Agency, at the warehouse of Atwood, Jour* A
Co- . apl 'i WAI, P JO.NE&. water hi
c. a. uasKXßnwiui, ; unaianj uni
No. S 9 Soath Wharves, rail No. 117 Sooth Water M.
BIvGS lo' inform the and dealer* generally, of
Pittsburgh, that they hove made inch arrangement*
with the Virginia nuuimac'.urer* and lice Grower* of
the West, West Indie*, ami other place*, as will insnre
a large and constant sanpiy of the following descrip
tion* of Tobacco, wb'ifiO will be sold upon as accom
modating terms** any other house m this cay or else
where, and all good* ordered from them will be war
rented equal to representation:
Havainc, St. Domingo; Courts i
Vara; Porto Rico; >SceJ l/caf to-
Cubtq, Iguim; k. Florida; J bac«o;
ALfc.O—Branch* celebrated Aromatic Stag Cayen
dish, with a large assortment of ether popular brands,
and qualities of pounds, s*, hs. li*, 16s and 3*!*, Lump;
hi. 0, es and lbs Plug; Ladies' Twist; Virginia Twist.
Ac., sweet and piaiu, ui whole and hau boxes, wood
and nit. together with every variety of article belong
tag to me trade. jelddly
HM Aft, RKKD & CO.,
(Successor* to Rent, lltutl A C 0.,)
Particular attention pud to the sale of all Jtifida of Pro*
ducc, aod liberal advance* made on consignment*.
L. k. & Co. have leave to refer to—
• Meura K. Robiaon A Co. 1 p , t . ,
“ McCjUi 1 Hot. (
1 Heed, Parka A Co n Denver,
“ Lawson k Covode- WeUaviUe, O.
Doswell Marsh, Esq. SicubeimUe, O
ft. Brady, Esq. \
W F Peterson, E*q 1
Mmn H Crangie k Co. f 'Vheettng, Va
“ (fill k Stout, }
11 Rhodes A Ogieby, Bridgeport, O.
' decs?- JAwuieylOS
n*»iv :
(Late of Pittsburgh, Pa.,) 1
No. S 3 Sou lb Water *t-» (between Cheinut A. Market.)
ffy Particular attention will Us given to sales of
Flour and Produce; nn(l any purchase*.iu the Phila
delphia market for western account, and any Produce
or Merchandise sent to him through Ml. C. 11. Grant
of Pittsburgh, will have attention there free of commit
siou'for lei-eiving and fuiwajiliug. max7:dlf
Commiuion Merchant and forwarder,
03“ Particular attention paid to the purchasing of
of afty article of Produce in this market Also to the
forwarding of Goods generally. Refer to
’ Messrs. John Swasey A Co, 1
** Manic AdiockwelJ /Cincinnati, O.
ft. C. Parkhnist, £aq. \
;k i luppincou k Co. j
‘ X"'* l *™* > Pittsburgh, Pa.
EngUab k Bennett, \ maretdftm
OKOttOK CtfCHfilS; '
Coamuiloa tad Perwardlug Merchant.
50. 26 WOOD ST., rrtwtmnu
CONTINUES to transact a general Commission busi
ness, especially In Che purchase and sale of Ameri
can Manufactures and Produce, and m receiving and
jorwurding Goods consigned to fc, CMC . &% A “ , for
the .Manufactures, he Will »* constantly supplied with
the principal articles of Pittsburgh Manufacinre at the
towest .wholesale pnees. Orders and consignments
solicited. .jp
'• fcilrti.
MERCHANDISE BROKER' and Commission Mer
chant, No. 33 South Front street, Iseeond story.)
Philadelphia. Uy Goods purchased, packed, insured,
and shipped to order, wool, Floor, Gram, Dried
Fruit and Cheese received on consignment and stor
age, with insurance obtained.
JUs-BIKNCEU We Ball fc-Son, Mr. H. Utgby, and
Mjh Harvey Childs, Pittsburgh. _ feb-dam
Irbui Nails, Cotton Tarns db PlUsburgh
Hsuufscturcs generally,
no. m wqop mum, rrmnman, • p*.
com K mi C sBi,on|TrSh ants
For the sale of Produce,generally.
ITy Liberal advances made ou.eonsigtusent*.
Transportation to tbe Bast,
5 CommissioD aod Forwarding igtols.
i 0. M. HARTON. Pltubnrghi will receipt Produce
gomg lia*L • - febliHWm D. A C
To and pedlars-swth a
Johsros, 111 Market street, wishing to close their
slpck of Vatiety Good* preVtoe* to ihetr removal, will
8 . i 1 ** w holcsale their stock of '.'orabsj Buttons. Nee
die*, Threads, Pins, jewelry, Ac., at cost S. AJ. will
tenjovfeonAprii . <Wj lo No Qp Mstkel sl mc*uf7
LARDOIL— 10 bbls pure winier gt/amod Lard Oil,
ia store and lor sale by
—.«*■>?? . . . Q BLACKBURN A Co
D*" APPI.Fi*— 10 bbh best quality, for sale bf
. , J“js J » DiLvVORTH ACo
MACKEREL— 130 hbls No 3 Mackerel, m store and
for sale by mbss BAWHARBAUGH
itutirr, Pa
T 1 ril.L alao attend '.o colWuons and nh oihrr Ui-
Tf aes« mi trusted to hint in Uutler and Arm*u.»n»
enuuttex, Pa. Refer in
J A.R. Floyd, Litany »t (
H /VV iv allwc, do' ;
Jam*-* .Marsliail do . Piti«l*urri
dl v Kay 4 Co . Wood *t )
T M. SWKITZKR. Atlnmcv at |.«w, U
U, opposite St Charles lio'r], Pnfbiirffi w:'.*
ntiend promptly to Collection*. in Wnehntf mil. t-V »•
ami Ur«*n comities, Pa.
HlaeVstock, Bell ACo , »
fiitirob A I'nrothrr*. -Piti'Mircli
I) IV Mcmran, 3 »< t *d-v
J- HKSRY. Attorney and tJiutnYilnr ut l.nw
Jj* Cincinnati, Ohio. Collect ion* in Southern urn.
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky. prompny ami '-i.r
-fully attended io Comiiit*MOiier tor Hie Stale of tVnu
• ylvAUio, tor laJung Deposition*, acknowledgment
4c. 4c.
Rjepkx ti>— Hod. Win. Bell A Son, Curtiv Church A
Win. May.. F.*«} . Wilim-k A buvi* uM
ATTORNEY AT law Othrc removed to Fourth
street, between Southfield ar.J < • rnnt sired.
JABES lil XLob. J HaRBIMN J|W<i :
DI'NLuP A SEWELL, attorney ai Law. Olft. on
SmithtiHil. between 3d ami ith »t«
JOHN H. RANKIN, Attorney nod Counsellor at Law
tuul Commissioner lor the Slate ot FtimsylViuua
it. Louts, Mo., (lute ol Puuburgb.)
Ravzanxcts.—Pittsburgh. Hon W Forward. Hiunp
»n A Millet, M'Caudle** A M'Clurr, John E Parke,
lh»i*rll» A Semple. M’Cord A King.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Fourth sired. between
Snmhfield and Oram. j a li'-ddi,,
TTORNEY AT LAW. I'onrtli Mr-, t. ~,-ar f.r v:t
X\ T O H ROBJNMiN. Alton,, \«: Law I; , - re-
V» • moved In* other io lUl* F.reliaitee Huildim?* *d
Clair »t, next door to A id>-rrna.i aplTlv
4THE- subscriber. in addition 10 hi» own
maiultaeturm; ol Hat*. ha* made nrmnge Jff
menu with Mr»r> IV-bee A Co- ithr
fashionable halter* of the ntyofNew Aorli.) inrnree
alar supply ol tuseitru boo Si'lk Hniv »n.l l.avn.,; •» I
received a few eases. gentlemen mu be «uite,i with n
very neb arid beautifu l bnt by calling at In. new Hat
and Cap Store. SmithLeld street, .rcorni d«»or «onto 01
Fourth, where may be lourid u /treat vuriet) ol Hal.
and C?Ip» of In* own tnaiiulacture, wholesale aj;d n -
Uul Haut made to order on abort notice
apaa JAMES AV|l.j*ON
JOt (SaereaMra In M'Cord A Kinrl CWft
Ksihloasblt UstUr'ii
Corner of Wo&l tuui Fifth Street*.
PARTICULAR atlrnUuii paid to our Retail Trade.
Uemlemrii can relj u|>ori gening their He'-
Caps from our establishment oi' the best >;* rxaut - md
WOSKMAXXMU- ol' the LaTU3T STTLCa. and It! llie I.oWtser
t* ulcus.
Country Merchant*. porcha-mg by wnr>ie*»le. are
respecttully invited to anil and eionmir our Stock »*
we rail say with confidence that «• re C i,r>t. vt .i.iti
and Ptttrt, tt will not sutler in a rotiipari.ou with n«v
bou<c m P!)iiadrlph.u. f'■ 1"
Jfl subscriber is now receiving front ilicwiKC
of New York. u awirtm.-ni
of Hat*, Cups and Muds, Ih tr-i fn.hion«, ui great van, ■
ty and very cheap, wholesale and trim!
J .\M» WII.M»N.
novl'J Smuhhrld «t v’d door south ot 4th
T~=± . CALIFORNIA HATS—III <loz water prool
I S California Hal*, just received nnd tor sale by
M’C* *RD A Co,
|el«7 corner sth and \S ood st«
Iff M'CORLI ACo will introduce on Sutur- , E
March Ud. the Sf ring style of HAT"'
Those in want of a neat and superior hat, are invited
to call at corner ofhth and Wood sire* ts. ward
Dr. Hose's Ueletirutrd kemtdics.
DR JACOB S ROSE, me discoverer and sole pro
prietor of these raoel popular and beneficial med
icines. anil also ll>o inventor of the celebrated in-tm
weal for intlaa:i£ the Lunn», in cfleeunc a cure <,i
Chrome diaeasm. was a student of mat cinmei.t j>li v». -
cian. Doctor Physic, and is a graduate of the (j mve'r*i
ty of Pcrnisy Ivmma, nnd for Uarr> year* store Un. been
4nsajred id the mvrsugauon oi disease, and (Ji<- uppli
cation of remedies thereto.
. 4j*lor,
Ambrose white,
Jacob M. Thomas,
John R. Neff,
Richard D. Wood,
Wm Welsh;
Frame* Hoiaens,
Throogh the use of his in flaunt tube, in cor jterton
with hi* Prophylaeuc Symp and other oi hi* r» wedir«.
he baa gained an unparalelled eminence in curing
those dreadfoJ and fatal maiadiev Tul-ercu lar t.'on
'sumption, Cancers, Scrofula. Rheumauimi. A>tbma,
Fever and Ague, Fevers of ail kinds. Chroma Kryiipe
laa, and ail those obstinate disease* peculiar t< i lrmafro
Indeed every form of due»*» ••m'Oc* unde r thrt uw
of his renwwliea, io whirn humaniry is heir — tot by the
use of one compound onlv, for that is me ompatible
vith Physiological Law, but bv the nse of hi* reme
dies, adapted to and prescribed fur each pec ulmr form
df disease.
Dr. Ro*cVToaie Alterative Pills, when u sed are in
variably acknowledged to be superior to &' 1 other, as
s purgative or liver pilL, ibiuunorh as the y leave the
bowels perfectly free from coslivcues*, a* al«o his"
Golden Ptli« i* admitted by the fueulty to {so*«eas pecu
liar properties adapted to female disease* . but !«mc
a&Usfieu that a bare trial is sufliem nt to r*' abliah wusl
has been said in of the most site ptieal
The afflicted are f€vilcd lo rail upon <)ir ag-ni. nml
procure tgratisl oneiif the Do. iot * pxii p„!r'.,. -iviiig
a detailed account of each renieo y and ts .**pj>it. *i.>ui
For sale by the fol owing agents, ».« well a* i.y most
Druggists utrooghool the country
J Hehoownakrr & Co. 31 Woo.] .ireet. rutshurgh
J M Towuseml, druggist. 45 .Market »i
las A Becklisiu, “• near thr 1’ ii ALeghcnv city.
Jo* Itarkley, Darlington. Ben-er .-..ojuv . Pn
Jiwo Kiiiott. Kimon Valley.
T Adonis, (leaver,
' RKD' Having a lor tong tune i-e,, distressed
ith a severo paiuin the side and cbr*t. hrcouipoiucd
Uh a dry cough, I ura* mduced, upon ihr urgent so.i-
citation of h friend, to Dr Taylor * llaJ*mu of Ijvrr
wort, and I must say this mediciue has answered it*
purposi admirably. My distress wh. pr.Kfueed bv *
severe hurt, and wa* *o great that n was with dlificuily
I eou>d swallow my food. Indeed. lam satisfied tlus
disease mast have, terminated in «.'on«umpt.»n, or lotne
fatal disease, had it uu; been cured by Uns yudnnnui
medicine. To all who seek in prolong th.-ir live*, I
would advise the use of Dr Taylor • of liver
wort. J A.MGuW A\ 4go Dower)
This medicine lacuitalea experioranon, reduce* fe-
ver, restores strength, and mar l,e cotuudercd us:t*a
pcrior preparation for ibe care 4>wl prevention oi nil
disease* in ihe Chest aud Lungs, and siKiuld hr reson-
ed to, even after these disease* Lure re*i*o-d the u> u
ai remedies In the this old and vrrv rr
•peetahle physician, this llafkam of L»*rwon hiir sc
qojred an enviable reputation for u» vmui *. n* supr-
or to that of the abumlauh unsirum* of uir H *
r u the character unit pro&uy i>i it* <n v'nioi , L , unit
of quurlrs mid ernpinc*.
CONHUMFTION CURED -My *on nuvi ■ , t n \ l(> .
lent cold, used to cough , ( u sanur* «r
thick putrid mHUrr, and finally hr >-uu.d no', turn over
ID bed, from weak ue«v Hr uium'.-.ii-,I i-. rr v ..nip
tom of confirmed consumption, t-m *ix \ , 3l i he bad
beeu subject lo the asthma His phv«ir Mesir*
Vermoulc A Anderson, said hr was ' ncurublc. und
must soon die. Vet I was determined io try lJr Tay
lor'* Balaam of Liverwort, andi as ii may ap
pear, this medicine has fully required h.* nmltli
t SHJI'HIA GALLON, 1 4 Norfolk street.
Hold In Pittsburgh by J D Morg an, V-T Wood *t. J
Townsend, 4f>MarKetst, II Hni) . rr , ror 'darkci mid
3d sts , Henderson A Co. U Liber- y,t J*nce reduced
in kl At) per l»ottle ja3>'>
Jayne* 1 Kxptetorant.
B*l.lo*. Ooturnlußi .a eo ,u . Apr. 34. 11»4L
DR. D. JAYNBB; Da*a Nia.—l bound to you
and the aJlljct'hd to avail uysell of tin* op
portuniTy of giving ;VhUrity io the extraordinary effects
of youf rlxperloranf on inyscrlf Having been i.rilicicl
for several ycurs with a acverr coagh, heciie leve.r
and it* concomitant discuses, and seemed only doomed
lo linger out a short but ntidersldr ri*ir nee. until thr
fall of 1:£B, when, bfiiig morn wnr.) aimckrd mid
bavuig resorted 1o alMniy lornirr rnn-iln-*, mnl the pre
scriptions of two of Hit mvd lespeetnbie piiysiclniis m
the neigbluirhood without •ienving nny benefit, or tin*
consolation ol surviving hut a lew buy* or wrrki nl
fanhrst—when the last gleam oi hope wa* aboui io
vanish, l hail reeotumanded to me *, ..ui KjpeoCornn: -
Mild btc»*ed by that Being who <(<*-* all inuig* mi me
use of the meiujs—uud coiitrary in thr vxpeciaiion* nl
my phystcimn* and friend - I vn* in n i* w da, • ia.*cd
from my bed, Mild wa* » nui.lrd i.v Uic u»r of a liotiir. i<>
attend to my business, enjoying .nice le-it.-r health ui*n
1 had.for ten year* previous
Respectfully yutii«,<kr , Ja» \V Estii.i.
For sale m Pittsburgh, at tlie |'i im Tea Store, 7'.
Fourth street. mnrt9
DOCTOR B W. MOHR IS having rrrr-otlypureblU
ed the Drug formerly owned by Huy« A
Brockway, No 1 Cauiim-rcini Row. Libert' street.
Pittsburgh, tabus Ihi* method of informing iu*
friend* and the pubuc m grnernl. dial In* store
will at all lUue* br sujipiied wilh jii rlleiifivc and
general assoruaeut u> Drug*. Dye Suiil.*. I’muus ChN.
Vaflilahe*, Perlliinrry, Coiognes, and imlred rvery ar-
ticle railed tor in a dru* svor-, whiim will alwnys In
sold a* U»w m a> nriy oih-r hou-r fci in- nry, wnole
sale or retail Hopini' lo im-rii a limre of ihe pur«u*-
puironage, notiimg »hnii be wuniinv i<> sivn entire »ai
isfacuon to l»i*cu*lornrr* nov7-t»til l
Hydropathy, or Lh« Water Care.
Doctor benjamin w mokri** -mi ruum...*.
to prnrlice tbe »i»lr „nrt pn|>< r-meu) dviie.l
Hydropathy or llte Waiei l.ure. and >tdr»ire«l will trrni
diseases Allopathically ( u.*tnn<-»: r«-:« wnl ne ai
tended to promptly
N B.—Dr. Morns may be ron«u)ird m In* Drur
Store, No a Commercial Row, Liberty *ir-«-t, durim
business hours, or at hi* residence. .trwimmu and -ven
uig. Penn street. 3 door* below Irwir. * alley
Dr. DlcLsne In Tennoasee.
'f’HlS is to certify that I purchased one vml of Dr
JL Worm Hpcnfic. some .two month* »r<>
end rsve to a son of mine, some seven ye«r» old i*n
ssspoons full, and altbougb in-- amouni may appear
ama, vat 1 have no duubl bui tJirrc wns upwnrd* of
rwo wouu pnssed from him, measuring
oc. -I - -■” ViiSLljSXv.
Rot*’a Creek. Cnrrol ro Dec 87. IM7 laiM
Sellers- veraiiflgk-ln Georgia
CoLCMars Jan. Utb, 1:HB
Mr R V. Sellers —Your Vermifuge ban sold well,
and ho* been higW Y spoken of by ail who hava used
il. From the ouccr.s* attending the adimnwiraUnri of
your Vrrnilfuge in every ruse | hove heard 01, I am
confident I enn sell more during ibe coming season
ihan 1 did last 1 will i-e giu.l m receive another sup
ply of 4 or 6 grot. Yours, reprettu ly,
j Extract iroin letter ) R- CARTER.
Prepared and sold by H E. SEI.LKUft. 57 Wotul »t,
and sold by druggisis gei m lMuimrgli sinl Al
teghny ....... .
S|| M( ILASSK.S- an l-Lis s jf Moias-ms, ju»i re
. reived and fot sale by
Sl.-GAR— <>b hbd* pnmr »ui;..t nr .- crop. ju*t fern
ved unit foi sale by
SOAP —5W hr* Pittsburgh inanufjrtured <*up, )U»i
received and for sale by
mard _ UR«»\V\ & i.’UI.RKRTSON
FAMILY FLOUR—IM i»t>l* Parkinson’s superior
Faipily Flour, ter tale by
r T'HE co-partnership heretofore rr.aimir hrt’a'een the
1 *ub«en{»er». in ih- name of Fnrml. Rney k i>>,
v»« thi- dav dissolved bv mutual content Uco. Rbey
wi:l mice ihe t)u»inr»* a I the concern, lot wuith |>ui
||«- auihoi 1/ed i.. u‘e la- name of the ft'Ul
February 7. I* 5 10.
Co-P&rusersli I p.
The base tin* day uasoi-uneJ ilicinsrlve*
m in- .*• RHP.V. MATTIIENW A ro . far iJ.e
r>urp.r«e o' tran-aniiitr a “me ml Orocrry. Commi««ioti
u <i Fnrwnrrimc R.i«i'neß*. ru the *taml of t!ie late firm
I'nr-iui. Khey A Co . where they wilt l>e pieneed to
r. reive ihr i>m r iiante ul tiit- cuajoiurr* of taut house
ami our ii-h-uJ., IiKO HfIKV. .
i.Kvt Matthew*,
FH.tuun T ]-}'.» WM EBBS.
We take pleasure m r-< • •minenduif: lo the confidence
<t tnir 11 i.-ti.l • ;iiJ tiMM- <•( I 'rit-ml. Rfiey It I'o . our
• ui-o«-!“-iir» i,i ImsitirM, I; , \ Muulir w« A <'o.
fri.'i J AM Ks WOODS
Ulmaol u I ion,
r PMK rn-p.-t.iert|np lierrnunro existing between ibS
1 lUt-o-nt-'-r*. mi un' n:iui>’ of f-onuablt--. ourlc 4
C». .• thu .lay «tiA.»nis .-d m i.iuiual I'onwcL McsMtf
ll.ltke .V Hnrilt-- Mill -cMn' ! ir bUMllr*.* of ibe* oon
rrtn. i ir wImoK pur|>o«e they nre ni!'.hpri«eil to it*e lb®
The umierngno.l have Un- day associated themselves
in Un- name oi BI KKK A BARNES. for the purpose
of manufacturing Fire Proof Safe*. Vault Door*. Ac.
Ac . tit the stand of ihu late firm of Constable. Burke
A t'.i , where llicv Will !-c pleased to receive llie pn
t rottueq of llic eu*>timi«f * ol that houx- ami their (rietiUs.
1.. renting mini the firm <»i ConMn'.’e finrU<r Ain,
I wait ►im-ur.i p.rUMife recuiunjeinl Mre-t* Burke A
Barne. to Hie i i.atiilem-e of mv fu- 1 ,.!-- ami llie public
Fr'i W, \-l-j NATHaNIH, i t»\STA HI .K
r pilK pati...-r*li p -a i-.i.< .-»a.uu im.!.-! M-* firm ot
X M'VmJ A Kins, waa l-V mulUht < Mi.*ci.i .rt*vo!«ed
•:»mt I4' either .r 11*. umii* the umu-- of llie linn for
tlißl purpose Heine d<*-nou» to have nut busincß*
H*»ei] with a* little liei jy u* p<»««ibl* we would ns
.petllu:, y . ,*i, u.- v lln'*e a lrbird 10 rai 1 aatl *ralo
t).. tr am .min. JOHN l> MVORO.
JOHN I' MrtiKH navi.i- wa;-. :..m li««
i.mtlier Jam«- M « .ml. under me *ty.c ot M Cord
A i'o.. wi 1 continue ilie lla M Cap unil !*ur l»u*me*« in
nil aumu. t. rain ne». wliun-, a> a nil remit, at the
oi.) »uin«!. .-iirnri . t Wivhl aiul it!* Htrr.-u*. whrra they
•o'lri*. n coii’.atua' 01 'Ji- paltorage tipermiy t*o
-towed nr. the old fi nn JOHN D M CottH
IN' rcatau’ from the old and well kitowi firm ol
M'Conl A K.uf i raoc re*pect!i!y reoommeiid to
:lir -i-arouai;e 01 tin' puhii,- my Micee»*or». Meß»ra.
M'corn A. IN. jin* H D KINO
'I’HK piirr’ier«lap ~f Ml KI H\ A I.KK Hhi.ilay
* (1i»»oi\e«! liy tuuiuai con*etit Thr •>! the
-atrlirm w,l i t.e .ettlmt II Leo. J K Ml KPHV.
I’aiM.urgh. Jiut W. *•?-*»* H ITT.
NtiTiCK Tii- u-d-r--c--'i w,|: ront.mie the \\ ..ol
M1.,,,'., it ~i »-' r n-l ' Ili e SR, \\ (.olrtvluKhk at
It. ti-unnr, trt.m U.e Lrm of Murphy A
itrer.t [>li-n.«;ice m re.-ommenduu: Alt H lo tin*
• ciuti.l.-iH-y oi my tr-,n..J- .ml U.e putmc
n-to.otrh. J«n :flt. I'MP J K MLRPHV
I>HK «uh«<-r ,t>et * imve thin rii.y ii.-omnied thrui
--,-.*e io<.-ih<*r lot me purpose of traii»«ctiiu: a
* lioicea.c ami reui ii Dr. Ckkml« ami omerry !>u*a.c*«.
m No celt opposite Stvmih -trret. und. f llie
ao ><* and firm of Bt"SHFIK»-DA HAVS
Pituburun. Janun, ‘v l 1
N B—Our o'd cui lomem and the public ore uittted
to irive utt • cnil ;o^>
T\rM n SrAIFK. and Capi. JA-MK9 ATKINSON
Tf t.-iv,- onu-feil 11.1 c pan.-ier-iun. under U«r firm of
Sun t A A m N>O.N uiul Will carry on die Tm.
Copper, unil Sheet Iron Wat** muniifuctory
A.'.. B:Hct*uua- :ng t). a!- iU brnnebe*. at ibe old
c.aiul of H m H ,<•».?*, Pint itrvrt. wnr \V.o.'
Part.rll.llr aiteut ton i-rvcii to tlcanuxiat work
I’HK PARTNKriSHU’ «u Wm .V R Hat* i.acmj
!»een <tie-olve.] l> v the death 01 one of the puruiet.
tin' ,'i.-ir.ii.( Wm Ila y.» Jr ,ic.-eu»ed. m *..:<) t.f.i
e<,ii-o.t.i.t ni Hide-. h-.-f Stun*. »>•:..Vc. I*.
...,.1 on the |.trmi*e. me | 'nli m.j
fel.T-id JAM I.AUMfI.IN Adm:ru«*raU)r
1 «>ilr t iT.if.-n . Produ.-e mtii ( (irntnioion i.u«uieii*.
...);:.r,iJc«* ( ,;..u iti«: mj > I)ILW(>KT|I
January I l-4fi
/ NO-P AIITNIuR.SH ip —Wm \ ouajt navi-ijr ihi*
V_/ day a-«wiatetl wub hun, John R MTuitc ihe lc»*
iner t.u*l nevs wt.-l bereattar be eebdueted tuidcr \Ka
firm of \\ ui Vinin e A to wiCt.iA.ll YOCNO.
J Nik. 1C M'tT'XR
K'V IIIKJKS —Lcctur it on Pugritn • Progress and
iy the Life ard Three* of John lloiivsn, by the Kev
Geo. U Chccver, D D.
Wanderings oi a Pilgrim ut me Shadow of Mount
H oi.. ; bv 4.e0 HChrev-f ll I>
The Journal or the Piiarnns nt I’.rtnouui, inN'*
Krg.aml. in ltt>f» Rrprmu d ’roni iJie ortgmai vo uiue,
pnneipie* and person*, by George li l.'heevcr. D. D
Hccond edition.
ft->|.u*rn. w ib Mi. rr.- j<j to U» import ai d i t by
Cuwnra H-r. nc r. I. L
J h. Kyiand Mr iion-r hi i preacher
aud a roMipanioi; 1., John Bhrppar t— new eOi'ion.
The al.ove.witti a isrge sirx*k of Theological, ills
lurica;, Mcdicui and Sciviol for »a.c al >ow
pr.c.-, b v I.I.LH>TI A KNGLIHH. TV Wood .1.
mm f !..‘iwrri t:r. «i *r.d Gmmond alley
A.MU'AI.IfbKM.I IN lct> -tlvj (.(.
e/on .-111, a.] App->H!,J. ' n.;:.-g r-.-*ri u-id »u
Ihcnbc mforninlxMi on Mi«- •i.i.irr; o: Vri..<-»
will, uu iiv-rou, >.Mi*irh:.u!.* ~ .i j iua|>, U vul*. iktuo
The 4,n.J-J-erker* Manual, hem- a pmrlu-a, sail
»M.:r.,ti .vr gu.dr to a.; p.-; Mir., n. me d
f-gincs l.\ DTA'i.ted. Pmr o! lieoii.Q K «.g • t‘»d
b*ge 1 vol, purer 'ljf
No tes <.i Tr* v. . in I'aliiorm i. ibe prom
mciu features ot Uir couutry, ui»o, itm joule from Kt*ri
larat ciiworUu Al<> . m San Diego, t'ai. }■ roiu i..c olh
mil -eports of Col Frcinont nm! Muj Kmory 1 voi.
S-41 p age* *!»'
Th r California (smile Bo ik, r..mpr>»iiig th • *»i no
acco uul oi l pper i.'.u.i.xinu. and hi. Nairoi. •• 1.1 Hie
Kip- uring hape.iK.on lo the Rocky Mourn*, ii*, Ac
wij, 3 map* -1 voi, "vii, (>*|>er in (
Re v Baptist W N.o-i * W or a on the l'i ‘"A -fChurrh
,n lt<ii,.lii,u». in.
Ju-l received by
I>O«>KV (Avar • Vanmron* .M Popery
) t>V' K-r • A•’itophon < Work*. Tarim*, 1 -.. i , \\ and, Na-ara
ilisti.r, ..I Ki .nit ••u«ni. Lne a n.l Inin-, oi Phi.ii. lb"
ry. K ■ . IG-..1 > Y.*111.. I‘h«.-i ... m me V'-op'r
of M igo...- n,r.,p„., m-.i . ■" <M,dm
rnn.i, Mcihom- of J K..W-U Hur1,,... Hart, e'hn.t.*
alt. l/Y Ty*g. Hapti«m import amt in.ulr*. I'Uc Mid
d.c Kifignoii' . voi* i l.ccrr * Uciu idmi.i Pllgruu •
PfOgrt.*. > 'i.reve: r - W midriuig* nl n Pi.gtiui ill U»r
Aip*. And. /non • Itoiur*‘.i.* i (Mistinrln,n Nlodrrn Ar
. omplishmc in*: lui*i days of FJoha. Women of 'hr
KevoJotion. I.) Mr* KI Id, Lite oi Pnllvk. for »al* t*>
inorl-i KLl.iorr A ENGLISH . wood si
nt.' MAN AfAGNFrns.M—Ha einim. in dl*i>iu*«i'>t>
■te iiKjt.iry, mg an sit-in,»i msh ow the utility
ul ils upplir Jiuoit for the relic! <>' »ufl. -Ting, by W
Newuhum. K*«, , nuinor ni -‘Thr leeiprisrai mduence
Of Ihel) mid Mind, etc Toe |.ep i AO.k 0.. U.r .übjd'l
pu'.lishrd F,.| sale |.y KI.LHrrTA K> GUSH,
marl'd TV wixxl *t
Lll'T. OF 1- KANKUN, |ilu<iu'«l if. . ourrr. nl
pui.ifcatm i in ihe MK-ial loim, t>) Harper A Bro
ther* \ew A <> ek Tin- f.iie nf Heiyonnii F v nm k lui. ron -
iivitnc oi In* \ ulomograph) , arid u tin ri uu v- o' fi<«
pul.'fc life *f,«l service*, by me Rev H. H usbngV \\ <tld;
«pirmlidly emr eili»tt»d I.y rmmr rout cXipii«lte design*.
i.vJoiiiiii i'ln ipman, ei.g raved in uie hi giic-t »i>Tc <>f
mi Thr «uit. i, pruned mi ihe ocuvu ruriii, on *u
i Uu.- paper, imm i.«,d mill logtb:.* tvpc H w-ili l*«
ai l.riei mterviu* Fusch jiart will i.e rece.ved bye.i
lire., munefl,m, iy after its puid icaiiun I'm' l'i ju*l
i>''ccivod Mud Ini • a .*• h)
: ■< A’> rnrne r market mid .'hi «f*
MAi A l 1. A \ SIII?*ri»K) Ol' KN(jIiAND-From
the Ol Jnlll-A I! - W L.
The Mieicry Air n.- tur ai by Jacoo Ab
boil. w nil map anil engrnv mg*
The Hi»lar> i,i Charles 'he Kir«t «'f f-jielnnd b- J"
rob Abbou—elei»„„i r nvrt a * mtt >
limpei » Life of Fmiikhn: splrru'KUv e»ul»*ll«*hed
b> iiuinetiiu* rjijuuiu- desigii/.jg.No 1. 'ii> i-r.nt* f' l ’
‘•e euinpleled in - number*
Picutnal Hirtory of England up lo the rricn «>(
»ce ID— <>e.,pirir in 4 vol», oriavo i:h«» illustia-
JU»t Uy
Apo.lo IJu ■ Idiugs, 4th »*
Chn.m-r- Pn sUiuuiotn Works. \ "l • 1>
Franklin « 1 .tie ]i. usiraico—part* U ;unl 111
Thr Hi-uiry nl 111 ji in ha Ime>‘n rt had iniui bV Jacob
AMn.ll I il-»'<d litle. map null iiUlilerO"* e-,c-0-
t mff-
Adler * (irnmtner and English Ihmoniiry. o-mv
"iory »i Lime J,ih« tram the Krrorn of M i •<’ *-
nr I. llluMrutrd
Ai-ton. or the <'■ reir nf -, .-ol lee non nl Th"'l*
and 1 ibae.rvotidn*, dnsigne.d lo d> Imen:- l.iie. ,\|i i l, 'd
(he \S orid
Hun's Kninanre of Yachting
Arabian Niglus Kniertainnieni*, * irans'aßon,
• pirr.didty iliustraird. 2 ▼«>!•. lam.v
Just ret-erved by R IIOPKI.N: \
febJfcf A.polio Hall, 4th _** .
NLVV iKjohi*— llistor> o( Murj’ of ft* ' nl *
Hy Ja-ob Abbott; with eutravi ngs.
Historv ol Sum i.Tlmrles the Pirn, ol England. B) 1
Ju«*ob Abbott, vv• th •• inv:up.
History oj .Ui-jand-r die l.rrm By Jacob Al'bo tl.
Hisiuiy ot IfaitJ'.il-r*l ilie CaiUiagiii lan Rv Jacob
A i'bou, with iiigravuiil*
Ilsreivcd mid lor rale by
feblO cor m * rkcl and flats
Nf.VV IMXiKft- Orrgon and (.‘nlnori’ja in 184 ft; by
J Omim Thornioii, late Ju.igc ol the Boprcioo
Court of Oregon, and corresponding member °* lbe
Atnerienn Institute With mi appundil', inftllHßng re
cent mid authentic uncrrantion oil the rubjert ol the
(»nI.D MLNI-a of Caluonila, and other valuable mai
ler ol .nit-rest in the emigrant*, etc WP’Jj lllus.^'jatmiia
and n mop In u»-<, volumes. .
ILiphael; i, r page* of the hook nf lift* *t twenl T '’Y
Alphonso do Lemarur.r, nuihorof the ‘'Hiotory • « «•«
(•iromliau, or persoci Memoirs nf the Patnoi* o f »b«
French Ilcvoiut).,n " ei- Ju»i received and for *k‘ e
mi. nil comer-market nnd 3d » •»
Map of PK> \<\ I.VANI A—Constructed from the
County survey* nuiuorirod by ihe State, aud o U'-
er original docomm • Revised and unproved lUidc.*
ihe supervision ol Win L. Montr. ftvil I-jigtneer, upon
data procured in each ' outny. undrr niiihonty of the
1-eijulaiore A lew copies-of rbi* larye end splemlid
Map received Ihilday and lin aalc by
Booksellers, cor ma fket and 9d sta.
M F‘« < > *mi rurasTON. pm.eiusr'iiit.n
THIS e«u»lilt»hinent lonff and widely known n«
hem? one of the moit cnmmtKboua m the city ol
Ualuinor.;, Ini- re.-emiy unrleraone verv eiten
*ive alteration* n;jd mij.roeeriem.* An etiiin* new
wtnr ha» be«n containinir niunerou* and iury
spsnoicni,. d .-ll,n,:re liathim; room*
rhe l.ndtei' depur'tne'it hn« al«o been eoniplelHy
reonratured and fittn' i.p ;n a mo-; un.i|ue and benuti
ftll MS le ||, in,-, Hie u it 11 j'■ C-- inrn I of! he llou-e a nine'.* eve on the part of
the proprictorv, i»wnr,l« ;i.e ronifon and ptra-ure ..f
tl.eit(iuc«l.,:ir.,r*l„,i| t|,e V ronfi.lendv „..*erlwill
Chatlrmr- eompanaon with hpv Hotel in tho Timm
wuinal ami luxurv wucn Mip m.fir-i affords. «<»rvr*d
»ip m a •upfnor «m,.. whit* in u.<* way oi' Win.-*, *<•-,
tl.ry *H, mil i,p Mupa-ml
In l}>r |.m;irif-ior. !><•* 10 say. lhaf nolhm*
Will bp Irri undone on HiPir pari, itrnl on liic pan of Uicir
10 retiilrr K,,« Hoi-, «-ur| y ili.r cmmnurd
patrnuiiCP oi'ih.-ir friend* ami ti,- pnMi,* frnerallv
Tliepriivr lor txjarvl twve «i •• < ! „ reduced to lb*
followuig rair-.:
i .ml’-u - (inliiinry.
N. li.—Tim llaggai;- Wagon of the House will «l
way* he found at tin* Cur and Steairbnu" Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hole:, tree
“!.5 h ®D?r ‘ _ innyvhf
STjir having a*»uin-d the intinugr.
'"'■ill of ihi* lone established and popular Hold,
rc*peciful|y announ<v< lo Traveler* it net the
Public general-)-, that fir win lx* at all times prepared
to accommodate them m all dungs desirable in n well
regulated ItmrL The Moose t« IMW being thoroughly
repaired throughout m.d urw Kunmar- added. 1....1 no
pain* will 1* spared to make tfij Exchange one of ihe
vrrv hot |(oit‘U m the en»i- >ry
Tne UlldrpiifTied rr»p.-r',:u;'«n: I' l! « a rontinuanrc
of llir vrry liberal patronage she Hnu*e tin* h-reumre
received. TIIUM AH OWHTON.
fchlldtl |’rt»|>r nor
COH.NKR OF KOL'STU *MI aHa \T artKiTT'. }*T rr«fir uclt
M ill)' ‘.ill'- ritii-r ;irmnnin*r« Uin(
lir h«« now 111. |«‘W nmt rirrllrnt Motel
for ill* *i i'umiuiHi.;,i>n oi utivrirfv l-ontilcr*.
lUO,t romf ° nablr amt
Tli«* *ulnMTiU*T i* i!r'.«*rmin»J to ilc»nv«, aiul iherr
fon* aoUciLk, a shnrr of putmr patronage.
CMMU-dl) JAOOH 1101 <‘,H. |*ropr.-tnr
qUiE VIRGINIA IldTH.nn Bali.more •.-•-.•cl. near
i ilte IVjxit. (*unit>"rlanil, i« now in complete orilcr
for tbe reception mnl ari'orninmlaiit.ii oi ihr putmr.
l*rf«on# 'ill it orcll nl raar and coffinifl, will do writ
to patronize ihl» mali.ndinicni—they wilt find jfic
Hisnil't*** ciran mill nire. nnd the Tallin a* ivrli Air
mmlii-d i»« any in l‘umL>erl»iid, at twrniy-firr renw.
guaranteed a* good an any that ran t>e had in the
place. at any prire. or no char**. No marge lot
transportation 01 tmirtagr 10 and Irom tin* car*
W A#HIN(«Tt 'N KVAN 1 *
ctlXsxn »t iirr«-*is F'-i urn i mi r:rrt! »r«
OPPOSITE lis.A ««.- I .:1 1»*it St;*i« P1,,1a-
Jflpliia M POPE yiTOUKU..
tnarVu PruprirKif
Shaeklfll k While,
1 \RY i.'K'li" JOHHER>, <*i W ..») ,:rrrs. VI vjf
1 ) , I \!-rr thnr A \lt.Rl
lAN AMi l nßKll..\ l‘R l.ui'Hv now
lli rrr I irnm hr-t
Rri'ClVin* III h r o' lit-! fO<*d« .lofn't
I'uvnr* iliry >vi. b>. • :i 10 ihfir mier t lo rxnminr
tbri' «l»rk A
Ju»t ,i I*riir .:x lr l>r-«*
ticKvi*. FanrT |*rjn!», l i'unb*. Sunitti>*r
J.nodv Whin- Irub Tailor
Trimming■> am] |iro*-n m.rt :-icnrhr<l Shrrunc* »■*"
Modern u mi Antique Kurnitare,
n .T r - v^'"!uvr
~u.-«. cou*ui-' • •*= !• '> ■'- -nd fu.'Ur- i» 0.. w • r, '*>d>- m t*prwigfie)d. Otsego ruuntv. N Y. and
Tup pr- -ei.i -•!•<• i■• [i iui .\i . • in- -i. joi y•• urn nn n i.imape and machine shop in ihut place,
iu. * manuinf '.or . ' « ••• '.l'p' • i -.1 -i |*- r-» .i'.J nm nu' "I'-r-'ii i! in my milliner in ,ue ttue 0! the
a.* /'.on* i'iplc nr.iiw«l ,*■ ■ -f.-', | r's. c Pan7' ', KLUAH iLVtO.v"
the «ioclr ii. •• : Eo; ;>■ efc.-:« N V Sept lfl I*4' ja4
rs . \I AM KACTCKFD TOBAlT<Wrhe'"subscriber
•CtWsi *rvl label ‘ 1 wouhl (alt i]n: aucu'. v ( me ei:y trade and
k To.Ut fabl.-v In.nW i **'*'• U “' ' u ' ' ,n * brai.ds**rob«rn%,
Krepeh Manopuny 8p«I-'i «!• I>t»m. " '/ “ K,> * 0 * rnvr *•*•«•'* b *‘ r -« consignments di
oti W.iaa «nu. Plush and lliu-pioUi GOTirti 'C.. Ifom maadtJi-.af0,., iic p.tunu d w ie,. at east
in Mahogany Riv-km*, j *" , «» ««• r. , ,
40 dor Parlor do bi» ftt Cw.lia* 4*.
X ■■ F.nrj- JO . p”I'* 1 '*
sspp.rt-pTnl.lp. I 1 1 l-*aiar;;nr. s*.
4 pan p.rr Tahirs. ;*! { ~ *' hll,be » u . &•
IJmartdeio}, Dr. .-me Bureaux, I T.‘ } Ittnaiu and U.
b Wardrobes: r i?eem«nc»©e..t, „ t, * rt ‘ * 6i*»on it.
120 marble lop Wuh Stands, “ *>»car Uurl as,
4 pair Ottomans. ! “ \ \ *■
F pair fancy Wort Mands: J ’’ arwtek , supr Is,
A very large assortment of common chair* and other i , ~ * Uenry A James 3s. Is and ?*;
[{immure too numerous to mention J °* LS WATERMAN
ft 7" Steam Boatf i'uriti»lic«'on the shortest nopee. | Pitt I<aehftfc~^fr6>to~aaa'gim'n^py; —
and on the most reasonable torm« rircii | riftaßCSaji. ra.
Cbocolate, Cocoa, fte. lull.N W RIGHT A Co , are prepared to build Cotton
W. Baker's American mid I'frn- n i 'hoi-omir. Proper- ) If u«»d \N oolen .Mac inn pry of every description, such
fit Cornu. Orwt TsW-. Hrooa itoma 4c :a* Curding Machine*, t*piumn« Frames, Speeders
rtM) mere ham* ami coimi inert. wn> would | IJrawiuc f mm.-s. Railway fleams. Warpers, Spoolers,
A the t»e«t product* oi' Cv*«*it. irec [.urn adulteration. | Dmstnj Frames. Looms. Card(rtindera. t«. Wroaght
more nutritious tann ir« oi coS. e. and m iiuulit)' uti-ur- I Iron Stia/iuiir tamed; all sizes of Cast Iron, Fullteeaitd
passed, the »uh*.-i.1..T r»»iei>ds Hi- above urttetr*. j Hungers of the iulest puttrrn*. slide and hand Ijdtbes.
miiuuf'iPtnrc.l *iv hint-elf and sifl-n;— w.tli ins name nnd tool* of aii kituls|inj*<. ui every description
Hu »nd c«rn* Paste as delicate palatal'..-, iurm*hcd on-nnrt uotje.- Fau«rns made to order for
unit sg ufiiy drillss fo r invai.d-. fi.j»aifvrnl-. mid .Mill Gearitir troll Rainm- hr StPiun Pipy for hetit
superior to aiiv ntcer pr* pnrti'ions H:. innnufuctu in>;« rpiienl.v Orders ielt at the Warehouse oi J.
ure atwayi on *?».■- t:t it v ij•*=*-■ t-:• '-v ihr most r«- Ai n rtri-et. wil' )im* prompt atten
(ppi'tab!.' gr<~ eri i • th- pan rn u'o'. amt ny then
agents. lll'»-».(iray Ami nr ito-UO'. James M Bunce
A rev. Hanlon!, * 'mm. Hu»«rv A'l u rra .. New York.
Grant A ttl«»rip. I': V Hrui.dic- Bai
'auore. and Keiloyjr A Bpime;'.. Ctni’intali. Ohio
WALTER HAKKR. IViretiester Mass UAI.ALHY A > Ml Til. Ago
P<tt »»!«■ I»v
Wrought »nd C*»t Iron
THE mibwrilx-r* tx-B »-uv» 10 iniorm ih* pu j>i• r- that
(iL«t>iutisl)in dr»igti» lor lion Railing. Noth tor U->u'-•*-
and ceuiciene* I’ef.on* wt*li.ri|* (f« proi-arc hand
*<»(!>* patwrin Mill ]>!«*• *«r rh I mi'i damme anil /ncljfr
for Railing will be lurmab-rd a! me »tion
none*- ami m ia« n<-*t tuanm-r. w. in- rorn'-r o:
Cnut ainl Reherea *lrrrl». Alir.gliei ) r.:c
aurii dU A. LAMOYT A KM«X_
L««chlnc. Cupping anil Bleeding.
KU NORRIS ,'a.r«K lo M K IVlaj.y )
. No S 3 KifUi betivrri. Wood anrt SiiHlli
herd prr«h leerhc* rer-r-ivd menih'% - -Aimtnlanor alt
bourn Reference, the ph . airiium I*l I‘lM.l>ij r*h, Aim
gbrtiy am) liinnmgiiaiu
1 moo rbrrriaily rc<nniiri' ml to t k ie pu> *n‘ ii>*. lam
. do# and «.i my former d* and pan mu Mr K 1-
Norn, at ’r.:.g l liornoijli, v •.i-rjiruiriU .1 Wild lb« l.u
nr»« ii’irl worthy of pal •nru(i’.
Mauurarturcil Tnbaroo.
|0 A I-*i -w
‘tO 23 J- M A IIuHT .
I-J 1.1 do I‘r.i-r .V |larwm»i •
11 do <l» do • In
•liilndn PfBl.A llnawl • SA
14 ■to J HoI iom-. ' H.t
■£l do do Win iMai'.ii ' :•
U do T Wrv.lii * " - '
■JT rin (i Andrrion - "
5* do I, T Ihuie * **
3 do R Mik'Oh *
'J do Hairlill ■
Ja»l landing (mm iiruiirr ami packet* and for «s
by IM.AI.IJ 111 I'kNOlU ‘ I.
41 nor ill water «t anil l«* rum!, wtinfvr*.
je-jt riuiadr.iphi*
Mani kai - riiui:i) roiiAi i - i >--vau.i his.jorr
73 nail Ira* ttdnir'i inj nipt mo • woe: .'>• urn
3A l,uwr«me Imltroi .'m
‘l3 (iei.iry A R..\.--r I-A h. •
A* Dupont>4e In Karel -
H» \1 *• | .r rx!
Juai lumluir Irum -nno-r. uml »i • .
HE \ 1,1) HI Oh s> or A
41 N M . . r .1 in >•
W. *i J. ll«i*U llinilfr.,
• t .
Honk* ruled lii nn v pnlli'f n and immi'l .oh
Uwitnilly Bock ■in mini hr r*. i»i old honks ••« I
iliy or repaired
lio»- Mini hit vr win k ill our 111 nr invllnl
CtALF SKINS »J .l.u'nn.un.r hrnri. C*t( Hkln*.
I very bn.- amrtr A Ir.W Joxnn* I'hlladiiloln
Skin«. from thr* RiHiiulnrMry ol It >M I'lawlonl; I
which the UlnUirm nl tMml maker* i* mvllril J >i■
received anil lor »uic by \V\Ol‘N(iA I’o,
At 1V M 'M OLl.S'roCK' s.'So 7» l-'bunh ..rv.
can Been a »|i|pndid variety of *up lln> ul \ri
<rci ami Tapeitry Carpel*, ln>r*i *ivlr* Aim. ltru
set*. J j>ly« nn.l sup ami fine Inaram Carpet*, of *u
Btylc* and <lOftlltlc«. ami in con mu' linn chii alwny* h
tnum) Tahir ijuen*, Crmlir*, lh*prr*. Dam«fkM'
recti*, t »ii Cn-i ri« .U- Ac, whi'ii w ru'l I i
attention nf'in- |Mii.',< 'iuh'J-.'
...1.i our <•» ire Mom to f tt *.iu.s.r, w,
«h. ii n.r mm u»r on w. o " - .n.l . u
Aui! 4'.a l‘tr
II i.IIANT. Wnf>lc*a.c t»r«>< ci, C.»j»a.n.Mori
/, Forwarding Mcrcnujil. No 4|\\.«ni-« kj*
M. A FU/r«>N, Urli kid Brn<.« Fouler. Um re
built anil c»H'inrne<-<l l'u«itu-« m hit uul >unj
where !><• will be plenaed i<> tee Uu old ctutow
null friend*
Churr li. and ityli* of every «■/*•. Irom H
W lU.WKI pounds, <-ajt from pnticm" of the tno.r npprov
ed model*, and warrants! t» be ol Un* best mnlr-nnl-
Mineral Water J’uinp*. Counters. Rnilimr Ao . inn
ther with every v*r ety of lira** Cmtine*. it teijuir.
turnod and ftinshrd m the neairst iuhiuict.
A-K is the Mile proprietor of Uabwt'* Ann Am
Tio* Mrr*U k> justly celebrated for the redm-uon
(ricuon in muchincry The Boxes and Jompm.i.i
can be Had of him at all time* _ juUOty
rn HE «üb»cribcn. bavin? Hie exclusive Agenry
I ' m!Hr* the Printing l'*p«r of n now and extent
nape) n)it) in thi» vteumy, will l»e ni ail times wen *»
pned w/ilh the different »uc» of paper o! cupcruir ijum
tv, wbift h we offer at Uie lowest prices.
Anv ii/n or .meaty will be roanufVinrrd to order»
•ho» y .mUoe ‘ RKVNOI-DS 4 SHKK.
.Hrt fim corner I*«mi and Irwu. .t*_
tWlAßlftftKß UWrriUNU-JttM rece,v..«l tor i.v
1 Wtliformn Expedition. a compete M*onjtn-ni or
Gam Elastic Clothing, at price- ranfltnt: from to ,
iJH-SO for suit of coal, paui* and Iml b'*i .air nt Uie ,
India Rubber Depot. N" 5 Wood *t , !
ilreWl J a it I HIUI«
JUST RECEIVED—Three more e( those *o »u»uy
celebrated Hamburgh Piano*, u*ed conB, *"?>’ l I
List, Thalhofg and other srr<«' perform***, together
with a lame Maortmeat of rotowood anil mahogany,
of my own manafoetnre. The above instrumentsare i
warranted ta be perfect In every respect, and vrMI be
,O!d dMlo f ° r CMh No U 2 Wood it,2d door |
Paixst StnißEn Js.ari.jrr lit, 1849.
Palrvt erosa4cver eztennon 'l'abizt, Sofia, Bvreans,
800 l Cum, Writing DetJit-
rj'HK TABLES far sorpajungevery other m
x. vennon ol the kind now extant. They can be ex
truded rtom ten to twenty-fire feet, and when cloned
uir leave* are all contained inside; lUoy are made to
»!! «t*c» and shapes, and are admirably adapted lor
Steamboat*. MotrU. and targe private families, form*
tag wii'n r oa :d it complete centre table.
Sill-AS AND BUREAUS—These articles are inval
uable particularly to those who wish to‘econo
mise room, and convert a sleeping apartment into a
parlor or sitting room, a* they can he opened and shut
ui cttivemeneo, and when »Dut. the beading la enclos
ed. A' great saving m room and renL All the tied
«traj* wiirn r!o»ed form a beautiful piece of furniture
:o> :■ pnrlor or sitting room.
NUUK CASKS—A neat and useful arucle for parlor
or drawing room.
WRITING DESKS—For law offices counting room*,
and outer mhee*, when opened a moelconvement bed
stead. when closed a perfect Desk and Übrury alone
i« Tfible
*1.75 per day.
A.i tiu**e articles tired no rrcouiuicndatton: the
beamy ol me whole u. they arc warranted not to get
<m’. oi repnn h will be tor your interest* to call and
eimmi.e the article*. at the manufacturer'* sinre, No
SJ 'l'ltird *irrrU Pittsburgh [n addition to the above
advantages. they are proof arunat bug*.
- t _ AND now opening, n splrndrd lot o
Piano Forte*, from Uie celebrated firm
• 1 © f"Trt ot Nunns A Clark. N. V. h oonsist* in
ll*| I "part of me following*
l hie ciesant Rwwood t>| octave. Piano. with carved
moulding, lop and plinth, projecting from and carved
couuc mhlru.
l >itr rosewood Piuno, 01 octave, clrgani and plain,
with Coleman'* celebrated AColian Attachment, a su
perior instrument.
One Rosewood 0 octave, round corner* and octagon
leg*. One do do do
i »ne ro*c wood Piano, square corner** and leg*
The..- Jhano* have improvements tn the mechanism,
m stringing and covering of the hammer*, possessed
by no other* in tin* country, and are at once the be*l
h< well a< tlir chriipe.t Pinuo* that can be bought.
AI .St»—An elec am lot of Chickermg'* Pianos, from
7 to (> octave*. all Utr latest improvement*,
lit reduced price.
A I.Si*—One elegant rosewoodCuhtnet Grand Piano,
7 octave*, a new invention. iiENRV KLEBER,
'••■•I *i AIJ W NVoodwell's,Bd Third »t
JOHN H. .MKLLOR. (sole Agent for
E3hßaß3H| Cine k oriug'a Piano Forte* for Western
fTSTpaWlVuneylvanm.) No. SI Wood street,
' « • I ** 1 litsbureh. hn» received and nowopen
tor «ulf. ihe lol'owing efegant assortment. direct from
ine tnanutuctory. at Mr. l''btckenng's (Boston) prices,
One Rosewood «cvon octave Piano Forte, carved in
Ihe most rieeam n „d rich «t>l«* of Ixium XIV
• carved seven octave, new and im
i»ne ro.ewood -Piano, 0J octaves, new *ealr,
‘•in: carved, 0
I wo round corner*. f< octave, new scale.
Die above am all from the manufactory of J Chick
tnm’ B«.«ton. of the latest styles oi furmvire, and with
Uie nrw and improved scale.
II Rosewood ti octnvn Piano*, from the manufactory
oi H Worcester, New York, formerly of the firm of
?i‘ul«ri. Worcester A Durham rioetave. (tale A Co., N. Y
I rosewood hf octave Piuno. made <*v Bacon A Ra
' - 'i New York
I M ii.cujanv »i octave p.ano. made Baltimore, and
le’i me fn* «alr (■> ihe owner, tm , ash or m ex
ciniriire ’or l , rt , *‘«iirgh mHiiufiirtures. nr grocerte* suit*
iihic f„r a r uintry store price 8-JWi jadU
JAS N 1 - rin» cc rti/ies that immediately after
: havii f nMc,.,icd mv hrothrr. who died of consumption
, m Mnich. 1 —4*A. I wo* taken si- k with ihe lYniaumpUoo
: nr Liver Comp.aim, and was reduced »o low with the
. Jnca-c. ;hai tor foor years l was unable to attend to
| n> - b,i.|.|c««. cither at home or abroad, being for the
I tn...i ronfi'-erj to my bed During the above per**
;ti**y f»'i «'onhil« , miy n»njr**
i- ; orl or (hup, J had expended for medical attendance o
mar'J . reeuinr I'hyuemm and medicines. io the amount o<
1 S-tod. wiinout receiving any benefit therefrom. In
Ju.; l-l.j, 1 ccmnirm-'-d taking Dr Jayne's Mcdi
ami have taken them more or le«« over since,
urn! t>ri:rvi* mat it *vn«by nnrseverinc in their uae,
thm I cun now truly my that 1 hare completely reeo*.
v-r»-u my health. I t>euevu that Jayne s sanative I’iiit
amt Llxpdctormit arc Uu bert lanniy medicine* now m
Rnrf Ui Hla. kMoek, Hell A Co . J K Mnorrhead A
r«> <; J* W«ni«r. John Irwin A &>ns t Puabtirfti: {»
<' A J II 'Varner. SleuhenvtHr ltmlO
Prnn Bl»chln« Sliop. ‘ J
nWllillTMAN —.Majiuiariufrr of *ll A--
• ton mid woollen muctmicry, Allegheny g3Bi>H
Tlir in-ifip unw 111 ru ! ! «Hd»u<cr«Rjßlop
erwiom I dm prepared u. expense order* with di*paieh
for nil kind* of inarhinrrv m my line »ueh a* willow*,
pirk««r». «|>rrnd-r». card*. crindmg machines, runway*,
drawing speeder*. uinionil*. loom*, woolen
c ard*, .ion ..e ..r xricie. i«»r merr.ham or country work,
mum*. }*■•*». A» . mile mid hand isthrs and tool* iu gen*
rr«. A.I kind* or •baftiuK made lit ordrr. or plan* giv.
rr for ir-nring fnrtone* or mill* ar reasonable Pharr*-.
Kkkuh »«►—Kennedy. Child* A Co. Blnckstoex, Beil
A Co., King, i’onnorh A Co.,Ja» a l.ray
MA \\ lUTK A Hi, would respectfully inform
, l«e (>n'i:)e Ihal they Have erected a «Hop Oil
|.U'-<>ek '.eiwrrn Keilernl and Sandusky *ireet« They
are now mrtk,,t* a:ul are prepared to receive orders lor
evrrv il»*'Ti|iiiu» ni ve(u< its. tUtai uc*. Chariot'*, Bu
rou< he*. Butixie*. I’lmdou*. Ac , if, which Irniii Uinr
milk- ex pr n e i.e-r .:l Hie itianular 1 n re oi' Ihe above work,
■*' i :lie ri. -;.e v tin vr, tit** v frrl confident they are
• -tai'icd dii* on me tno«i reasonable terms witi
tpo.e wan'.ms inn t. m ihrir nne
Fnyuig parumi.-ir aiit-uiiun in ifi«- *«.-lertion of matr
f.n'-. uml having non-- l-i.i i '•mpvl. iU norkmni, thry
»>•*»•• no lir• imiiuu in ••vr»frai::nif[ shnr work We
llnT't'irr »u :hr .vimtion t>t' Hir pul.lir to ttu« matter
N H Hi puirini,' Jour .n U..- heat nmniirr. and on the
1110.1 rpß Pr-fio*. jatSKtl
i’ r"' l t m vile* the attention ol l.u« rr* to hi* exien«tvr
u»*«irtiit«-m of above (ioorla, cmbrix-tni; every ijtiuiity
up to very Chip, and ironi itir erirlTttlrd tnanufact.v
-n«-« i.| trailer. )‘urciiu»iiig tlieae good* iruin the
,-(>n.iiu«» itiprrhaiita or agr-iila o( the manufurtu
rrl», lir n i-'iuMrd to «rll them at the lom-ll pO*«lt<h>
pwr* AI •«. olitp event and mvniMp Cloth*,
vrrv i-nrapi wool dyed hi» d<», and French, Bnuah
iin.l Amen mi C/f SMI MKKt-JB, black and t'aticy; talk
and la.'i > .11 V K?* I') gentlemen'* til* pm-Uft
Miimlli-rcii.i i*, i-.ut'k ami lum > Oravrtta, linen noekft
l nii.-r»).ir!«, Dtawnr*. Sc- n! the north r.i»t
.» In. ami Market airrrt,
Komna up .tuira fchtfO
ManoniahtU Livery Rttbli,
Koiikiu' h »'a rrivTisoN h A «
- -'««• atatiie on Ktr»t at, ruiiiunn thioutb
i.iul »t. l.pto. rn WtKxl anil Stmthlirdd
"*■' ‘to ll "•'' r i l ' l, ' r Manonrthf’u Hou«,
•m urw • trek oi |l<ir»x« anti nf
!!..• i.ciri .jiiuim hml luirt.l •trio* llorwu Itrpi ut Uvr*
rv , «li- 1..-M lunnii.-l _ iyWly
i'll'A M Mu \ T *'l.(M'hS Having cono l mlrd u> *ei'
IT .111 .lorl ••iMrke'* Marine Tlmep.oro..
-V .....V .'ll. . 1.. «»:i il.t-11, m town |>ru-r» than lhe>
U.- 1t.i.t.i.1 1.1 *ll, limit*- in I'liul.iugn ot - .cvilirfr.
euu i.i i.r.l lltniiti lllr milt r.uuli.hert . ),,,,,
I.n in.-..- .1... ki. wo ijave ihr ,nu| ;k ..on*
im-bl hi ihr i-iiy Hull ni>.| are
I*l.AkK \
riiiraniT m, uonU side ot dm Diamond
\ f A NI'KACTt.’KKR.S of and Mow .tec,
1 ITI ptouuH sleet. »trei ploußli wine*. ."oarli anit e Jipj
' i>«* »!'»mc«. fininincrril non ailr«. and dealers iu inaij C'i*tin*», bre c ukmu lump*, and coach mmimnKs
| teiicm 1 ' elli u**i ol and Kroul *u., Puunurrh,
JUSTIN mil.—Another wi «f, lor
llic liiiiiluimi »civicc, ,u»t H’CCivrU
r nil t|,r !iili nut by Kiprrti, a ; ,r*t
i-n ul I'urim-le l»«.M -coir* whlHi r.v-
lu iiuvc, anil 101 «ai« )>y
ouucr 4m uni awrkti
t ami ■
Ru W I'l'l N DEXTER.
Tilt. WiEXTKR.
i ■ I r I-. <•>•!• !•, 11 si std Killo Pu * dej, .1, t r^
1 .j.i.u'-Cfa Ulld lor -a,c l,y
leoC) J llll.'Si'HTH ft to, 117 wood ti
,)i 'ASKS ,u»; rrrriv, ,wr «ioamer» Ivtnhoc
< aiu] si C.nuil, anu lor »<U« l*y
monU 150 Liberty
WM. YOLaO 4Co^'
Dr.AI.KKs IN HUM.-* AND LKaTHEK, Morocco,
sh..c l-iudm,;*. Ac NV 14:* Liberty «ir«et have
JU *r irmvr.l Hu ir SVftINU STOCK 0/ roin
; P r,4,,ik “ lurtfr B«wmmrni ,ii ancle* in their luie to
wlurh ilir attention of piruliaser* 1* invited.
■ wn \ I.L p*r»on» i..dei>i«<l to the of WuJiara Me-
A Ki.ißht.Jrceujed.tor «o Ui« |j»« nxu»» of W Me
| Knmlu A. U>., aud Win McKmrut fc Son, aro uou£ed
lor | ln without turthej delay, to
tip- | in«*M-«:iihn Adminmrator of W. McKmpKudec'd
ARTISTS' MATERIALS—Ju»I rec’d and 6r *aie
-40 yard* nmotoih Cauvaw, 'jn inch;
"t I *•» *• " “ 31l ••
Jtl •• •• .. -y <>
ACURI, 10 do housework. One who thoroughly
understands her business, nnd can give good rc
lerencea.enn bear of a peroanenl situation. at fair
wa«es, hy applying ai Uns oflice. melil4:ritf
PAIUS URKEN—H> cans true.JaU rec’d and for
sale by BA FAHN&BTOCK fc Co,
roshas corner Ist and wood eta
For California.
.ft uaprmti •» i*ai «■ n t soda AaH
4;} «
dr,* Cnniprruihic Tabes, of oil eolors, by
mchll* J KIDD A Co
,KIED APFl.Kjt—atMLbusli dried Apples, in store
' and for sale by roBiW 3 A W HARBAUGH
H ttocK of DRY GOOPfrrili® prinuxpaJ fcmrt or
£t»ch have lately been purcbaAed at the uitt Aw
non Sales in Philadelphia and New York, *1 * tre
mendous and unparalleled sacrifice! • *
We have made such a large redßeUon from OBr reg
ular prices that w« will now tell a large portion ol oar
roods BELOW COST of importation. Tho earn* at
tention of buyers is invited to rboiee tuffb colored
rood* adapted to the Caittoroia Trade.
Plain and figured Canielian|Cßshmeres and delaines
«iiks. alipnees,
Very superior brochia fig'd Super cloak cloths, all eo-
and watered blk «ilk«, lor*,
Superior repannure silks, French merinos, all colors,
blk and colored. Black bombazines,
Soper black gloMy Orn do Cron* burred And striped
Rlunsilk*, alpacas,
Visetle and msnlilla silk*. Brocha fig’d and strip’d do,
best quality. Jenny Lind plaids,
Pure sntuis, blk and blue Victoria Lyonese cloths,
blk wuw, very rich,
Lamartine satin merinos, Goberg cloth*'And eaineli-
Super silk warp aipaea an lustres,
Splendid plaid long shawls.] A few brocha long shawls,
Splendid wkert shawls.; the finest wr have ever
from N. York ancUuds.j brought to this market,
great bargain*, I now to be sold at great
Plain sind rinbroi d ihibet. bargain*.
shawls, all colors I Superfine and common bro-
Silk fringe. remarkably rtm square shawls;
cheap, isupt-rc&racliansilk shawls
French cloths from ih** celebrated "Johanv" manu
factory For beauty of finish and permanence 01 wrar,
these cloth* have no superior; a few pieces eAra fine
jet black and olive ea»ton beaver* and other heavy
cloth* tor over roau, iwilled Frencu cloths, manufac
tured expressly lor cloak*, French and American caa
siraere*. super west of England do, super French su
nns for mimes, Use beat imported. I’lam and fancy
velvet and caaluiiere vesting*, merino shirt* and draw
ers. Italian cravats. linen, rumbnr and suit ttdku . ho
siery and gloves.
Irish linens, best long cloth shirung,muslins, blanch
ed and brown muslin* of good quality, remarkably
low, lickings, checks, domestic nnd imported ging
hams, scarlet, yellow and white flannel*, a large lot
very cheap, a large lot of white and crossbarred coun
try flannels, cheap; brown and bleached Uarasfiy table
linens and luble cloth*. Ruaaia and Scotch diapers and
towellings, saliiictti. Kentucky jeans and tweed*.
An usual large slock of blunket.s, direct from the
manufacturer*, some of which are tho best ever exhi
bited, all of which will be closed out at unparalleled
low price*. In addition tho above enumerated
good*, our stock comprises a Very large and complete of almost every article usually lound m u
dry goods store, and a« they have been maiuly pur
chased at the eaxrrn auction*, hence the late great re
duction of price*. We are enabk-d and dele/
sell (hem otf at great bargains.
Wholesale buyer*, country merchant*,tailor*, and
the public generally arc respectfully invited to an ear
ly examination. Bargain* shu.l be given.
ALEXANDER A DAY. 75 Market *t,
febj* N \V corner of the Diamond
The largM, C'keaj>*st and mort fashionable StccJc
of Goods. tuiaptfd to Gentlemen s bpnrtg ami
bummer IVVir, ujust receiving at
rpHE Proprietor of the above establishment woutd
l respectfully inform his numerous customer', that
he has just returned from the Eastern cities with the
rac-t sp.cuciitj assortment oi goods in hi* line, that wai
ever brought to this city, comprising all that is now
fashionable, elegatii and Cheap in (.loth*. Cassimeres,
Cashmerett*. Drap De Ete. and every - description of
cotton, liucn and woollen Summer Stuffs; Shirts. <’ra
vata, Hdkfs. friHpenders. Ac., of the newc«t styles
which together »nh his very large aud lashtonnble
»tock of ready.made Clothing, ne is prepared to offer
a. hL* usual iow pr: •■•*
Country Merchant*. lYiutraciors. utid *i! who pur
chase largely. particularly muted to rail and ex
amine Mir 'lock, which .* dectdedly the largest a.,- 1
mo*! fustiionahir n tne city, aud great attention has
been paid to get it up suitable to tue who’csalr trade.
Order* in the Tailoring l.n- executed m the mod
fnshionaMe manner. and that nothing may be wantinif
to eosure the newest and be*: style of cutting Agen
■leroau who h.i* hud emit exper suer in tne 'Aaleru
otic* hn* been added to the establishment.
jNEW (j uou s.
aisortueiii of hTKAW AND MILLINK
BY GOODS, oftiic taoii approved style* and pai, for the SFRiN'G OF le4' cousuung in par; uf—
Fancy a’*d yiain E-.g.iM-. .un-i cm; and French
Straw, F.oruiee, Pedal and other plain and
fancy Bru.d; China. Rice. Joiiny Luid, laxip and Ro\ -
ai Milan edge Bra.J po.VNETf
Rich French Lace.
Fancy mik: plain Gm>i-. A' - . Ac.
Fancy Braid. Straw, (..imp, Le»honi, and other Mis
ses - and lutft,,:* - HATS
Panama. Manilla U 0:.., Pa.,iu Leaf, Straw and
otrer Summer HA'i'>, tor men and boys.
Bounce and Plain Ribbon*, Si.k*.
Artificial F;ow«r*, Ac Ac Ac
Straw Bonnet Warehouse, Va Market aireoL
•pyOliSE KEEPING ptX)Ps—W_ R. jUrarttr in
aitout commencing hoowt keeping, to hi* usortneai of
above Goods, such a*
Quilts and Counterpanes, whHc and colored;
Tickings and pillow-case Muslins;
Shectuurs, from one to lurec yard* wide,
Table Diapers and Tnh,e Cloths;
Towelung, Towel* and N’apfcuu,
Furniture Print* and ChinlXr*.
Scnrkt Otl •Chimt. for curtain*.
r*upcr pouted Chintz. for qi.;i s.
Krr.broiilcrcd wi dew curtain Muslins,
Striped *tt,l barred
Bid BiaiiXeU, an qualities and sizes.
A supply of these Good* is cunstittuly kept on hand,
and will always be sold on uic most tuvoruuk- terms,
. at north ca*t corner Ith and Mnrk’.-t «t* tchi!4
81 lIUI ui rui HOI UC I ‘| kU .8 111. ~t .1 1 • ' l *< -
HhlrtLnc Hmilni anif ’trlahLtnena.
1T T R MITtPHY invite* the particular atirnuon of
VV • those vs-auliug die above Good*, to his desirable
stock, consisiiug ot die best mak*, from the most ap
proved mannineiamrs. and tb« latter warranted pure
flax —He ha* just received »n uddmoiia! supply, and is
offering Whirling Muslin* ot a superior quality, al a
vervjow pne** Also,
tshecung and Ptliow-casc Muslins ;
Dinpers and l'rn«h ;
Tatile C.oLhs. Towel' «n>l Napkin* .
B-aaiet'. Quill*. fnumiTpaitcs. nnd
llou-ckeepitig Dry Gisodn generally
LADIES - DRE»> goods-SueU a* Frond. Merinos,
Parametuis. p.»m «r.«l mney IV 1.-nurs. t»ome new
style* jo*t reccivcd;| Aipaca*. Ac.
Ttic season t-eing tar aJvunecd. all these Good* will
be -old at price* that !ai! to ptea*e
{J y-HTmicsale Rooms up ;anls
A. A. MAHON A- CO., x
NO. fiO MaRKCT STREET. Will continue their
treat semi-annual *n!e of DRY GOODS, for IM
dayslonger. duniiK which ume their extensive whole
suit Room* wiii be thrown open to their Retail Trade
as heretofore. A. A M. A Co., knowing that they are
•elltng Drv Goods of evcr>'Bidesert|>:ioii from ten to fif
teen per rent ir** than rvrr before, do invite every
person tn want of dry goods, or who may bn in want,
to examine and purchase from our stock, at the lowe«t
whotesa.c rales.
Our gmat object in reducing stuck i* to mnke room
for Spring Goial*. U kun our intemioit to exhibit in
March the largest and the nrhesi slock of Dry Good*
ever offered by any one House in America
We shall continue the sate of our Blenched nnd
Brown Mimtn*. Ticking* nnd other Dotnosuc Goods,
nl our former low rates, notwithstanding the recent ad
vance of lk per cent upon the same m eastern market*.
Bleached goods-a a. Mauri a Co. No i»
Market atrecL have ;ii't reenved the following
well known t<*amt* of Bleached Muslins, vix:
7-9 and 5-4 ‘James’ Stnam Milts,'
h-4 Naumkeag Strain Mni*,'
‘Mason.’ H’okiutokri.’M'arhsle.' Dorchester.' Quui*-
igamoitd.'‘(irufton A. 'I'lH.-burgh,' La«rrm-s. 'Bos
nia Billow Case. ■ r;»rn«w orth.‘ Ac Ac. nil oi which,
together with *t\ ics not berr nirnuoneil, will lx
sold bv 'he piece <»r paezagr al K.astern priors _
vites the «! outers jo n.» slock ot >he
above Goods. 0( aii tftr itiffrrcn! qlinilttes. «a,rt to be
u 8 mithunkablr a* the W elsh, aud at much lower pri
de* Genuine Welsh Flani.cs u;«o vuu'mnt'i on
hand Gauze nnd ink do. 4 4 and 5-4 do. for >hroud
uig rurp »C'
Also, home mads White Flanxieii a d Lin-eyv n .
•tunby mi hand, nl the north ea«i corner fFounh nqd
Market streets m-. to
GFVTr* - I’LITvK r.\>9E|,tj-3 ,i u » .
iMfl'lr l , J do »<i* ilo.lo .to o h
WtXM.KN OOvll'-* lu do* i'l.iiurcu'« wuui u i«t«
i) do do ilo Cunt. 1 00 do common. llVitoi VV oob-i\ rnui
ion*, assorted: IP do do with rings, dodo ladies Cash
mere Ulovca. ass'd
LEATHER lU'.LTm J» dor nlk Molkaktn Belts; so
do do Morocco do. II do em'd do; ai
ootiS At-ltlC LO.N Ki,NSKY‘$,6‘ markei m
1~ A Utfi'TK'M M 1 N< i.'kTaerDnir VriT.,
j Ip* col’ll fti's Velvet*. W gross bik Dai«e» t*ui
lon*; ll do casUiliau do. I* il» rm u *u. IS do
do Famn.te do, Ud.ll flec-v .i,k Ulovrs. « do b'k
Jenny Lind Fringe, la do French nlk Ruches, reed
tin* <ih\ ny - fuUl'OU’o,
dec l J Fourth *1
NHVV ult. r7SifpEl.'«T?‘, Ac— tV R Murpn> Has
;u.i received uUu 01 e\v »:y'e browt, ur.d a hue
UriU‘ll Ffuu*. irf\ bamls-mr. srnved s, la: • -te on
er A Iso. on hand, a large na-o.Unrni o choice styles
of Au.encan p-;.>i».m»t emor* • .now prices
lilac* I'loin Na“ 1 * van.-u. r lo a.::»es—a .apply
lil-C* A-pucc
.Uj.j».y - il <n »wp.- rf.«o
;ai'.p ai o. aj .•»• 6 V ' ' ir "'
tOU- OOtIOU to. O'lO Uo u< * ‘Ot*-. t*’» *J»
biiicK vt’iiv togpiß' r w.iti u variety or' fimcy
Uru*#©!* notiA. l>l»c» *.'•• cn.o*-<1 •! * aetu <->f
coi’d uiul wa.w »>'* “.“''O'* '; v «* vc '’ l< *K
Dcmc ri miJ ••itir i » "'ill Hwl it loi t cir miere»t 10 ri*
•nunc thr-u -crmn i>i,rcliK»u.r , - ~
X' T ’*H'V it u M-itY- i do* g u t (-Kiel Lever VVaicu
J> «, J ■' ,lf ' •; Do< ' •* *
A ,»o. iroiii ftH.i and pen ,:n Cu*e*. Vest • bains, liovy
(lUarLi elia;:.». I’m* Finger Ring* Kar R"*i*
and r complete atMiimeni ol wusr .cve.iy, at
j PI S ZKtil'l.O.N K)V-*KVrv «rr market*!
; ( ,*»ortrd noak Ta-scli, i *ro»s figurod sbk Bind-
5 do •*« luonitir do. i dodo drub coat do. 5 do drab
overhaul button*, -lb do fine coat ballon*, l-'J lbs beet
Italian sewing*; So dp do patent Thread; padding, can
vass and ollici Tnxn'tmtgt, for tailor*’ u*e. coo*uutUy
on band. UrcS F ii EATt)*N A Co
GOODS—F U Esto*A Co. are cotuuaUy
. »upoucd witu a large ami c asMinriieat of
ulk iruigeaand eirap., velvet ribbon* and bran *, la
ee», edging* ana embroideries, glove* anu ftonery.
geuU abuts, ru*P«ndor» and under garment*, Berlin
Zephyr woolen yarn*. nredie*. pm*. button*. tapes,
bobbin.', Ac. 'ad oi watch u»ey olerat the lowe.i ca*h
price* u> merchant, and other*, at their new and cow
tnodion. warehouse. «t. near marsei oo»
Fll RATON * CO., Dealer* tn Trimming* and
Hai>rrdu»hery, have removed from their old
.mud to NO FOURTH STREET, 6 door* from
Mai.' qavg)
Cassitnere*, bright figure* and very handsome
good*, just opened by
VOL. .XVI. NO. m
Valent Graduated Galvanic Battery and Patmt
Insulated Poles for Medical r*trf rt Vr tthttp—.
THIS is the only instrument of the MM that buercr
bc<m presented In this coon try or Europe tor «M
-ieal purposes, and is the only one ever known to nts.
by which tlxe galvanic fluid can be conveyed (0 the hs>
man eye, the ear, the brain, or to any partoftho body,
either externally or internally, in a dwflntp. ngjg
~rS 'u s * w,ti S nl “bocks or pain—with perfect Safety—
and often with the happiest effect!.'
This important apparatus is now highly approved of
by many of the most eminent nhyaieuui* o* uiacoan*
try and Europe, ic whom.the afflicted and other* whan
tt may concern can be referred. Reference will also
be given to many highly respectable ddtena, who ham
betm cored by meant of ihiemoat valuable apparatus
of tome of the most inveterate nervous disordere which
coaid not be removed by any other known
Among various others, ft has been proved to be ad
mirably adapted fur the cure of the following «««*■—.
viz: nervous headache and other diseases of the brain.
It is with this app&ratas aloae that the operator can
convey the magnetic fluid with ease and safety to the
eye, to restore sight- or cure arasutosas} to the ear to
restore beating; to the tongue and other organa, to re
store speech; and to the virions puts of the body, for
the care of chronic rheumatism, asthma, ox
tic doloureu, paralysis, or palsy, rout, eboreaor Bl
Vito’s danco, epilepsy, weakness from spvaina,
diseases peculiar to females, contraction of the
lockjaw, etc. el 6
Rights for sarronnding counties of Western Pa- and
privileges, with tfle instrument, taay be purchase,and
also tested for the core ol diseases.
Pull instructions will be given for the various chemi
cals to be used for various diseases, and the best man
ner for operating for the care of those diseases wfli
no be fully explained to iho purchaser, and a pamphlet
put Into his hand* expressly for these parnoses, care
fully prepared by thepatentce. Enquire or
ocU3-aly S WILLIAMS, Vine st, Pittsburgh.
Reversible FUUring Cook*
fl Wluoh reader* turbid water pure by
' removingall substances not soliible in
/aBiM «■ tier. The croton water in N. York,
ttffi/owwngflahbough clear and pure to the eye, yet
ll passes an hour through this
filtering cock, thowi a large deposit
'Sw • 4 fmpure substance*. worms, Ao. This
is the case more or leu with all hydrant water.
The Reversible Filierer is neat and durable, and is
not attended with the in convenience incident to other
Pilierers, art it is cleansed without being detached from
the water pipe, by merely turning the key or haadk
from one ude to the other. Ry this easy process, the
course of water it changed, and all accumulations fc
impure substance* are driven off almost instantly,
without unacrewing the Filter. It also possesses the
advantage of being a *top cook, and as such in many
case? will be very convenient and economical.
It can be attached wtiore there ta any pressure high
or low to a oast, lank, tub, Ac. with ease. To be had
of the »<>le Agent, W. W. WILSON,
comer of Fourth and Market eta
fTMIE sttenunn-of the public is respeetnuiy called to
X the following rtrtincates:
Ms 3. Estnro— Having tested a quantity of Gold
weighed by your Areometer, I End the result proves
your instrument correct; and recommend the use of it
to those going to California, os the best method for ob
taining the real value of Gold. Resp. yours,
J. B DUNLEVV, Gold Beater.
Pittsburgh, March 9, 1b49.
PtTTSStmoH, March 7,1840.
Ms. K*iivs—Dear Sir: Having examined the “Areo
meter." manulaciured at your rooms, 1 do not hesitate
to commend it to the u*e of those gentlemen who at*
about remov mg to California in search of Gold.
Ii gives n close approximation to the specific grtvi
iv of metal*, and will certainly enable the adventurer
10 nacenain wueu his placer is yielding Gold
matli! Yuurs, resp’y, JR. M'CLINTDCK.
r ril K CLINTON PAPER MILL, situated at Steubea.
A villc. Ohio, having been enlarged and improved,
and at a vrp' great expense addeonew and the most
unproved kinaof machinery, is now prepared to man
ufacture all kinds of Writing, Priming wrapping ary*
Cotton Yarn Papers, Bonuel Boards, lie-, equal to any
in the Eastern or Western country.
The Q'tderug3e4_hat mg the Agency of the above
MU!, will keep con*ia .Uy on hand a large supply of
Uic different kind* of paper, and will have any «i«
made u>-order at short notice. 8- C. HILL,
ja-M) 8? Wood street
Pine-nod Cedar Ware Sanofaetorp,
No 87, coaxra Makkett un> FtrrH 9t»., Pwimmu.
subscriber teejx* cooaLuniiy on hmwl, whole
sale ami retail. very Sow for cash—
Wash Tubs, i Barrel Churns,
Hjid Tui-r 1 s»ia(f Churns,
I Hr* 1 ' '
Hone , HaH Buanela, Ua.
A.i owi'-r nuiiix Ware in hia tine made to order.
-1 10 5 tojia 3| cash currency, or 4 mo a. app'vd h<u«_
5 ton* or upwards, dj do par. ti mos do. intereal ad*
For Utc superior quality of Uus tinuia we refer to
>ac glass and soap manufacturers of this city reoeraj*
ICO liberty at
Diaphragm Filter, for Bvdrtat Wmter*
a THIS is to certify that I hare op*
| poimcJ Livingston, Hoggen & Co.
• Agenu for the iota of -laflnfcpg’B
Diaprahgm Filler, fo? the cij
n ties of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
for Waiter hi liihaoa, 319 Broadway,
v n. Y.
®UBV« oeea'ui^ L 1 -, __ ..
office of tae Novelty vV’orlcs for three mohthi, od trim?'
and fee! perfectly satisfied that it i» a useful urvaatiQn.’
and we taJco pleasure tu recommending them as a »«-
fu! nrtu iw to nil who iove pure water. Orders trill 'bi
tnanifuliy received and promptly executed.
TflK -nb.rriber. m otfering for sale a handsome lot
oi \miui a luniks. {.Vow York,) aua Chiokei
i . 1 - ißdtum.i I‘.a;io-. would direct uUeitlion to the
tii't :ii> is Uic only plane m the West where the
. .trained* of these two maker* can be tried tide by
Mile, and vvoerc, consequently, a correct idea, of theu
4 an. .tic .uu t»c formed. The subscriber beingfcuxiotts
to tr *i their relative menu, and having for a number of
year* performed upon the Piano* of Nunn* A Clark,
tin* ludrmu, use fur tsu la*t twelve months, t‘Chidf
crime Plano, in order to try it* durability ofld.fil&eu
a* *:i nccotnpanyiaem to the voice. Thu Piano m »r
now be seen ami examined at his roomg He (fcefs
confident of hi* ability to give a competent and lelip
bie opuuort ou the subject.
A handsome lot of new piano* will be opened la h
few day*. U. KI.kRKR
dec# ___ At J W Woodwefl l *
O LF At-TIJRY The subscriber takes tlu# method
o: informing bu friend* and the public in general that
he has the largest stock of the following named arti
cles of hi* own manufacture in this city—Saddles, Har
n-.*. Trunk, and Whip*, all of which he will warrant
u> be- made of me be*t material and bv the be*l mech
anic* in Aiingtietiy comity. Being determined lb tell
lus maaulacture* something lower than htu been here
lofor. *old by any similar establishment in the city,
he would invite persons ui need of the above uanjM
article* to itu warehouse. No. 344 Liberty street, oppo
site Seventh. Also. Imtnl* made to order for machine
ry. octOMy G. KEHBY.
r IMIK Second Session of this Institution, under the
X care of Mr and Mrs Goshguh, for the present
academic year, wii: commence on the first of Februa
ry next, in the same building*, No. 53 Liberty street
Arrangement* have been made by which they will
be nblo to furnish young ladies fucillties equal to any
in the West, (or obtaining a thorough English, "Classi
cal, and Ornamental education. A full course of Phi*
ttsoplucal and Chemical Lecture* will be delivered
during tb<* winter, illustrated by apparatus. The de
nartmenu of Vocal and losuumemil Music, Modern
Languages. Drawing and Painting, will each be under
the care of u competent Professor. By close attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pu
pils, the Principals hope to merit a continuation of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, see circular or apply to the Principals.
jtLlO-drf L
PHCLNLX PIKK BRICK a-—The aubsenben a's\nng
been appointed sole Agents by the manafsererdrs,
tor the. sale of the celebrated '‘rbajnii Bricks," are
now prepared to fill order* for any quantity, at fcfl,
cash, per l,tit*) For the construction cf furnace* of
all Kind*, these uneks have been pronounced by com
petent udgr* n» iMiing superior to all other fire brick*
u.-iv u«c t; A \|’ANLLTY A Co, Canal Basin,
*tjL " i I.ninnnine fl( 35 do ALraoeau s*. <S
in rut-iidi o. and l«. *0 do John Rue rer 3s 1$ do Ro
(•■:«■* A st»<Kin s*. to o Henry A Jtmc* 6» *ud aa,. IU
! » Jon » sun 1.1 l». Warwick -uper li. '7 br*
. .iff* t. •
i k t.K ■* - iv »«
i»mi!h ot Jiimn Muspi.att A &ous' Sod* A*n tor U>i*
n.ufkci. stc now *».id wi*. continue to Ue isr ß eij -up.
,'ii. d wnti tn,* ccicbrawd bnntd, which they will sell
*; iiir ;uot«i m*rKf-i i»*»ee for esah or approvcdoilifc
I'ii'-y reier to the g>as* and soup manuiaotuters t
■m« city seuerailv respecting the quality
wi «rtO liberty »t
dry ,;ti u tlourishuig tow... nrttn Paneros,
Ac all ready for busmca*. wt;l t*e sold or accomjuo-
Uuti g i-rm., or cx<.iionse ur Itw or goods.
I ii.- i«j'« iu ciceiicm ..,>ponumiy 10 3 yonaf iu M
wan »ir ■». eapiiA lo cmainencr Uj non e ouudry 5&.
uucm oi
sCAJFtS A ATf 1- *
Jet*. t l»t oeaj ood jireevQ
Scklet) Cooklug Stovet, Qrau«. 4«,
MAK sUALU WAI.UCK4CO, Hound Church
,-0r..-r UUm and Wood streets. o.uaf.ct«„
~0-r ... -H.r I' Atiorin. t-.oor and Coc
. : .1,.- ny Ciwung 3i„vc»; ro r iSooJ
' ' " * »«no«. mu, IWcccd
«.i.. *c. Ac. To,, „„
Z?v ’ *
' . *' ' . tttit use, to til ol .'icy wouiu umio iho «I2uuoi. o
'• Uc S'oerully ocitt-dtf
IJA I K.N r .'UI.Ah I.AR6 extensive
£ ui • W;ioll.w*io.c*,nbrt,icd m»u*.
auv **•“• .o a.»,4
ciiu* fll r» « cdiiitu. .i. 'n.-ionc*. dwillbnj*. publie u d
l'.irar. U * e 4 *<*«**«*&
\.»C Ununf hall Ua„icf.i» . amJeiuur*#,Globe*
ssiuocs W ick*. Coimu«., Can*, I rußott-f.
Oa» iron, .i.ic i.. four Infliu. 4U# I
-l > V YL »’ljr'OX. 40 nurta , t
—•— ■“»»«« n
llardwtrt—Cheapcr man t£ Vap .
I co : l “‘P»' l 'n.^,4Wl!oleMjo
JL. Dcbier. in, i ui.cry end^r
>2> Weed .Beet. eMee Erflh. h„vc dTr,^? 1
cccap cud well .elected «u>ei o. Hcrdwcre.
ICC decline c. price.
are determined w sell corrwpoudia*lr low
wno nave been m the hsbit if «£!ftJJ-“ # *255?
lany reguc.ted io cull and look IhrLg^^iSJ?^
WC «u y *** WIU
Jl* nulliona, suice ls4o, pronounce thi* article imam,
ed lor durability ta th« construction of aHV(iyf, of
Furnace*. Pncr SWS cab lor iostls oflQ «Tiu. J
an teed rune month* use. Orders for a sccoo<Hi£aJi3
Bolivar JJncks wUi bceieentcd at «ao per StJilftTi?
sued, without guarantee. A nock of the- first cn«)}^
do Socketdo; Axes, K »Vhpti.
Bellows, Vices. fi>r sslq « *.
br -a
O' me luoei lavui
I>. -01. l low t(
• d' \ . ..« UAk
&«n..5 tl»e eielusrve uu*