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Tea IN raquasted - to cull it Paha Meeting .
the ciiiizas of Pia:arab, io 'be hold' a tho old
Cantrt Hot* emWedneabry Intuits, tie Slit, at
7 teelor-t,to make saitable anuniputients for the
meld= Of Geal. Tiy!cri; the . gassdant
who ts,peetei7 sotatio - miat our CO on wa7
to Wluhintort: `t'attifelloas &Latta; ' ,• ,
saat'l ltoaebengt, ' 1 0 B
Haw ; WOOdy., r hioepo Rebuttal:a
- -Joshua Hanna, , B D Seger ,
173111 Ute, liwa4i,
Wtolt.fisik AkildaClinsock,
Cleo fortune; ticlungiter,
< E M 31 4, W.
It Tata
CI Immis, Waßhiagtaa.
lo tareaaace of the above repeat, the *wins I
d.PaaWantit roipeettblly Invited to attend a
Public biiienag, to the old Court House on
scads y evening oezt, at 7 °clock, kir the purpose
d making suitable arianaetneuts krr the reeepatia
of Can. Taylor. JOHN HURON, Mart i ,
Pri-rszoles; lan. 28,149.
We' are glad that a movement has sO With
beau see cat loot us, the .Preshiera - elikt a
imam reception. The pinbahahies tie, that Ilia
stay here Ira! be nen slam, and the szniosetaittte
should be icillcandxted, to make the reception
sa talPaattli alta el gratiulUL to the 11i?Wa51, 013 ,
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80215:11TEAD wien:Plelolf . ,
suite_ of oil. courcosofies, • CD/ friend of . the
hismisbtirg Teleespliainong them, enablr, t h e
proposed homestead exemption laW, as 'enact*
star attempt ambling up an azist.bilitsa*:
in this country," "in elite* nothteg else than ktwa
O entail and prairgetante,! , Etc. We ire 4 '4,
oemrin then such at kart Is -not, the Meanies O.
those who appal, tills Meanie,' or of thole: with,
laic= it originstet4 - srio tare as pile irympfhy or,
kms for Nessocreer es MS well be itesened
The meastau proposed Ismaili origin, in fact,Mthest•
esamine !kit • happier social argenieldera. , alrlikia:
so deeply area the auks inturee . Ciia,ilifii
Inge portico of oar awn people...Tbeumaviciii r
modern eirlittation into - smumulation idsinttl th
In few hinds, mrim 'Creationist emerged a
the place of.ate old 6rair gristocitcY. Is ii aril
that dasiarbo are arilealpseeklat a . riimedy for ;
rids tendency that' the bonsearad ems' bad
7 ita min. We thick it 'tem let, feebly; IL at • 411.;
check OM evil ecrinplaittridef t , nt es we wse. i n
csbar directisins ranch eaXsaals ba links harm ;
that can result from u, we OM to Amor of its sulopc
duo "- '
• We are Lee at ekm to oonaive how our bud.
ligent Maid of the Telegraph o=ld arm the pro.
• ?mad law to .entali Nand. prierainnisces." Estee'
pa renders it inspoarille•
for a mart Co sell lai2 eIAIDA--
iitorllCASA* pats e
Pr eldest lee to leeetswitiie
the cadre *mamas. ofthe rest cit dottrel. The.,
are the ementuds of stud and . prizoogesdh*
The Liereeeteta Rapplialt lor ..4 0 0 Ps 4 Platt!
a man limn selling his psoistrif , int amuse% does
anyeretes! hinifecat divi4ing .l by . Will among
kfe elltdreis 'rir heirs, and does riot husdriiristis i
,-: -* D M wait the moment they twine , into Pc•c!'.•
'• - Was. aud wrandertos the piameds iftbei to plait
Wish these powers there is but Lulea/mem Om.,
' • tries Asseendlig m the I.turA getcralieeais:artr . '
facials of t h e Telegraph seems to apprehend.'
The " imriteriesd;, exemption is in :bet =dint
ywsre than en etarrement of the lives 'already is
opereirin. The present laWs'say fat a man'a bed.
hl,caw, bi• . =la, sad''saie•Othai 'Bane, shall,,
em be farcaNs taken irarry Gas lilm. , In t h e same
principle sad spirit; sad more fully to 'ensue the
beneacculintention of tb - preeens Issr,ir Es prproposed', ,
to add to U,riria oishisa shall be be forcibly driven
from hiaborise--bAbcone, and that of trivelddren.
It kiainMEW in some Measure, •-therlght alive; ,
by . wearies - Ls some degree, bi . estly
. inso, Ise
against emery one foal himself) the Means ofliving,
- , The Telegraph ages, that a man with - a haiori•
stead, wishing to go isto briskest, wooed he ambliS
to Carrie urinal. upon it. There Is something itil
dia. Thauth werrensember Abe soma ariMment
was used agriax the sbofialliiitaikcpssfe r ridenripar
ee• aeht. It Wm urged _ this *Pg*Pli*l icillali *
moildo tz txarow moOili Oti,Wit:o4 4 iset be .
seised and kept in jail to eatmte s pee*. The
• spirit damage; hoWeier;oriketiihiar, these small
nbjectines. ; .' end 7 4 eror. (160#11P end sew
such etee4prokitte iit'.iheliiiiiiii.iiiirb society is
;g ovemed, as. may' with 'safety be elided. It is
possibly rims tax the &Orig.:imams - ins on qoad
And moiwtelesilllf. tr: B3 mbr ib sz• c'l uile 4; l "
socianits, of ..incoarenoe ;avenue. But
this, pica* ittig s ik'on ,_ihe wbole-trove to b. T I
the wens fa=re of the law.- 4in 1101111 measure
ewes a man, aid iielatitahitialiA iiignigq—
it lahlidual finrility °Mood' and massage "then
Mai ant bat the Land of a country into, the
hanks tithe roomy •leader-rtir modern 4:trio
mt. Was' the', drilleettife 'isot ineoperible,lt a
men ii deutrsok' ed • to examthe shear a his ram.
. 4, ..4 we Ida butane in barium, be can give e
. " ' deed to the money.lender, beeousa his t masa, and
. bey tali his bssittatiad. , when his air s —dem.
The priterial'effem of this law we Ai not drink
woad, on the wbolo;, - ditardsh - the serituftf of
dehos, xr curtail audit, which Is not genetaly bat.
ed as the trivia which ;We *girAl to compel
errant, but on the made* which one party
reposes in the charades sad banerip of the other—
on the faith then be will pay if be tea Able, and on
the Wirifthai he yr4.le able. Thu , and not the
power a comparion which the law eyes, is the .
basis of credit.. . - An' tamest man 'era serbbas bar
tranceme4. Nomad fir, perbspe„ more credit i
than las !ass row-: : Eie cannel, by any ulisitrome
be gate embed:and driven or. and the chance
d b:s satunstelil4l o e. i i r ATSO # O6`
As to the dealiaof ale tinr— , tho nibs
P wick,
ak4 be K,Lair'te°l4A4ixrc.d the baz e "4, .: I *.
t h e dohs tithe family et Abe deessure et rim AIM
bag' DM, AM, yeoman*: with ID:liddalteD4llo; .
sad speak. • All that we desire is that every Ad*
ly which has'secured a tiortforinhk? , heategaik
thsli hold it ID 1111ADDalt FOIDPBIII O D7 44I ° dill
d• hog to mabshins arrald,l Per .4W mad*
that ww DMA end the patio ailflded it An&
gm cazoodiog, say flit saes, hillier. 2:111U7, and
a gurirter or helium ate Is the am; shall be ex
0444, iltilici9x r egard
t o .
or Arlie' 7a l cT. 10, 14 4
be as po d say. •.., . • - • - '
9101511 C? /1114 Ourrur Catos—lu the caw of Mae
ay vi. si's; ;fa the ideetelartst Oda palest
4 railroad oar wheel* uteri at Horns
• babe the Initial. Saha Circuit doit.n, the jury,
to Tualduy, retratreri a verdict , tor platatiif SSIIICtIP
th;latictittilahallKl7o. Times
-.. • elitr.*trahartria .iur the plaii4, - isid In, are
wed that ha tee apt eattagetteres, lo ennead
ha • dant bees auxres stal,
Cyoate ii ass WU PAW Mr.
to MOTO:A a la; EA*. The aems
fie and =pew&.atocaut to ibopt
and the Talmo of the pant right is atimated •at
iIACCO4V, The lactiag - tea hated =mai a taants
• ' •- W 1 believe dare la little doubt bus that an *peal
to .8 higher astat will fallow the dechiere
* ‘Ctro yes Cavezu6- 4 b*,_,PoWdit Ledge
11 II
Ratatsagg - fora Lek-1i at {be Wblb d the ctol:
lOW ibe ferlar
4 -• • rificrlracm, Whether chili,
S faddy dere* would
git 4 P r Pr t " a " 1° , 64 " d
:_iraFiAbilatlliekrMia " M r t" and
: •
'• • itadsouivultilasupei 'lnnastarl be mg socessi.
*amo pepper ar en)* black, ate bd
1.3 eabodultal
• -so — ,vinsch - CO sugar 01 1 ° 44 C0.112/3214cesa7
c am gee of zetriVr,P * -
• ,‘. „
. rg.wwiy-N - TIR---b9q!,*--
11 * 40" 5 'rr- Calbettios atiotooellig 4
t i .
° _ Osrmiiiiine m AjirA 1:01/1ii/41 1 1 1
dig; 1 4c:tad =Nair; oTeneillFMr. itothisi, to:
`Mr a lintra'fils -- ninitairthatiticts new
isle t 11 1 4 1- 2 6,1 " 1 in I = l l of oftml leotth,
the adopted draw being the longest, and mew.
*Ens eWwi - Eir W-thet-Anciad onninaunt4st
Union. Otis eolia,* si n* , pm.pcorpi!g. t h at
lie OMPOI#II-01iCajnappiit of 6:15i0t or Yr.
CALacrus'n atliiressonit wee nol . cipted i rescatin
bnirerei in full, all this teallihaparteca.posticoor?
ft I: ..4•a usAiiri&T. ~ ,- ';
"The rm9f de-138;thar;flisiogasiois Alit.
its °MUM paragraphs areasiffilaws: t ..
; whoreZe, mune, t.hiigiteUdt
sbiemepa, an the niopostutigltci
jiieteatr your aoa>ider lo
the wallet between the two, great morons of the
Vision, gipwing out of a diderenos of feeling and
opinion is tekrenos to the Tuba:ion osioicg be t
tweet. the two rice., the . Europeen and Abi"Di
which Itleiti the'southent,coMina, and tle Wilt 01
.111110"4:e and entrocclinent to which it has led.
The conflict commenced cot long alter' the ee-
Imirwledgment of oor indepentisnos, and besot&
'ugly increased until it hes arrayed the great body
Of the Noil against the South on this most vial
ilubiecL J° the reolln, of this wale, sliiite" l " .
.has loomed aggression, and encrosehment en
croachment, uoUthey have reached a point when
is regard sir your peace and safety will, not permit
tubremainlonger silent. The object' of this eti,
&mitt to give you a clear, comet, but brief nc.
count of; the wholesales of moo' and en.
"croachmenta on your rights, with a statemeat of
the dangers to which they expose you. nirr ob.
jeer in mann it is no tocause =Hen:lent, but to
pot you In full possimaitin of all the faces and eir
cuturos,eurcassily to a fell and justconception
or a deep: anted disease; which threatens great
danger to you and , the whole todyikaitle.' We act
'bothe'impressinn. that in a ,popular government
Um oure,a true conception of the sena! &mete
and state of ediscasa lit indupenschle to erecting
; a cum. I , . , • . . . ..
We Lave made it a. joint address, because, we
believe that the magnitude of the subject required
that It should amume the most impressive and eel-
The address then **mks to give a. Array of
the controversy between the North and the South.
in mierence to Slavery, and a garment of as
' - . ..tta ,01 which the South complain.
. .
‘lt . commetice.s with a history of the senament
Of a in -dDn'elhe dandelion of- the coneitutioni
iiimlabl e, th at itrior 40.1019, erith few exceptions
of invent tarlic'enriss, the South had no awn to
comp ~, With that . year Canonical the new
Pot diain thequdier of admitting Mardri
I intoilit , Dirks; which wu • thiallisettled- by the
fut Mai ce.aPaltaiatl .
. Of *PIP ' ''' -
The soldoet of otatineing up runaway slave%
. ~ .
thee pewee inresiew,rood varicathjudnial autheri
tics hr• cited-W.OOW that the rights of the Booth
~-vi L as
t ~ o utraged in thistemect. , ..Theconclud.
DI re ,' **Mudded won fallen --
„ .
'., . ere *rave ad solemn, and admonitory
w feeds high source . They mann all Dr
w e ttr i b i t i t :Seith,hdrnar. con ended , es to the
• impertann, end &adenine chanter
rif thiepue and the disastrous consequeluxn
stinkweed inevitably folks, from its audition.
Bat inspiteof these soled wathistp,the violation
then ebthmeeeed, and which they were Wended
to retake, has been. fully and patently comma.
mead. ' The eideas of the South,ia their attempt
to.tedver, their slaves, noir MOM, instead of aid
and - csnopereion; pewter* in every Dna ; re.
eaten* from !scathe acts of legislation, intended
to badle and defeetheir claim by all torts of de.
= 1 .0.0
triCes,tand by letertann' r every description of Ma
'pal to—redunce Gom judges and magistrates
—an Seedy, when all these fair, from mobs, Com
o( white and blaeltswhich, by th reats or
e the fugitive slave from the possession
of his rightful owner. The damps ea -recover a
alaveon moat of the northern Staid cannot row
be nude without,the iiimard - of thin% hear] Fe
=km% handlosiment.indf eves of tire ma
' has a worthy eitiset of Maryland last his
like:toad:MU iseatnitV atenfore his claim to a
f ;:e' slave under this provkion:"-•
---' Ths nett grievance complained of is 'the secret
„ .
Cilimtinadorn which are believed to exist in many
ciftbre Nititheria Stedarboee object is to entice, '
;... - r .. ...., .. .
dext m enttspintheigte,and .reedinie, s l aves to me
dye their Owners; and to test them secretly
and 4 1,11 7,5 f inesimireenizea-bt the purpose,
into Canade;whire they Inaba ineyond 'the reach
of tiiecrevisionted that there has been no
adopted - to 'Voillit i r, Ti° l '!lic ll .
Of skiistlatede;F. — _, , : , ".' : '' ..'"-'
'inartilininf siding i '
soinettes, and, rigiti.
. ... .., ,
Oa the elave*ipteekniarthe Nar th „ . in nest
cow lathed of. l• no ;trite the Medi in dal bar
may, to aide* in the'Boutr—maccades anti
newapepri ere everywhere catabbiaberi, • &tame
Chtbt opened.kmared emploYed,, prizatiblem and
Cliteritubiliithfinis, pleads and petitions to Cown
gent seated A and directed to that single point;
regardless r4treat or decencli, While thecia* -
- tier Of incendiary pubßtatiod in the Booth, the
' agitation of the subject of abolition _. in „Ilbmgrea,
andthe emPfornag...of en'il are relined on to
rude discontent - amine the alavies°. "Agiteion
t ad sisieantler=the addreas diabunig, be.
tareitabithipendets nation, constitute pats:some of
arby ttr4eirty' against which the ay.
• tainsweis directed, and, if net heeded, an ape
. -. ~ .
ptastne fir redress..
Missouri Csonpromin is then again revert.,
arl to, and the anapae stated. The Texas annex.
ad ,the MeinenWer; and the acquisition of the
... '
Me Ter ri tories pus under review. • The right of
. - .
' a actable to gem the new territories, With his
''. • I,” liargeed, and the "tireasne of an ag.
~ „
"as ahaMoter Mainlined into the present
Co presented. - Having thus summed op
all the grimed of which the South complain,
therdnis Constitdes es Mows:
.., ...
' e have tow brought to a cad a naussive of
thelseriesof acts , of Eggression and-encroachment
connected with the subjecrofthis address, Maud.
ini i those that are consummated and , these still in
pnigresa. They are numerous, great, end danger.
ous, and. threaten with destruction:the greatest
and most vitals:if all the interests and institutions
of tie South. Indeed, it may be doubted whether
t &ay
a e single pravision, stipulation, or ettartudy
of constenn, Wedded for the security of th e
' jut has not bed rendered almost nugatory.
it peen be made a ended question, whether
the entmwchnoints already made, Without the aid
of any; other,; ould not, if permitted to operate
heeted, end is emancipation; and that, at no
distant day. 'lnt ber the OS it' may;it hardly ad.
mute cif - a doubt' thol e if the aureathria shandy
iicanmenced illoo. Uwe, and now in progress,
ateuld Ite consantesied, such ba the end wrath
rd slie the onsequence. •
petsU be rms ; d:
be Left to be den en;
ire hive en' excluded from all the Tenancies
inolithintylhose to 'be hereafter , acquired ;-; after
ittiveey IS abolished in this diaries and in the no.
estrotutplaces dispersed all over the South where
Coogress has the exclusive right of legislatioi,and
=the other messed proposed Me adds
Every outpost and barrier would bear ;
eincl, ,v ind nothing would 'be left be W. finish the
we of abolition st pleasure In'the States them.
sel This District, and, all places over which
Dirgress has exclusive Power of kdalatfahr would
Missile= do fugitive **Tee, iitiete,ne soon .is
they placed their feet,they would beanie, ac ad.
tag to the doctrines of our northern usailaets, free;
unless the
topret~te should be some positive enactments
'ifadersaoh a stele if th ings the probability is,
that emancipation would soon follow, without any
deal stelidialtiverti.... The depressing effects
and measures on the white race at the South,
aid. - thei hope ' hey would Cretin in the black of a
' s peedy athafatiParen, would produce* slatit'ef
feeling inonthuHteufwith the much Meger'aintine:
aloe - of the , teleaut reflation, between the two.
Bathe that IS It may, it is cattalo, if emageljetion
did not a matter of the duel act
lit'e' liked inuld : not. be lent . ' yea. The
mid of coniturtuneal patina ardopposeakeble
resistance. The great body of the North itunked
against our peculiar institution. Many believe it
*i t .,
to sinful, and th el residue, withlnconsiderable
d believe It to be wrong. Huh being
.;case; it would indicate a very superficial
kil .of human nature. to think that, ager
ening et abolition everanteany fa so- many
years, ;and ettreulag it with web unscrupulous
disregard' otter . and ernatitnikni; the 'theretles
who have led. the'. way and keyed the great
tidy of the North to fallow th em, would, when
the Milani taroks only , 'remelt:red to be giviti,
voluntarily: suspend' it, or, permit any condi.
tattooed scruples or consideration: , of juslai to
end it. - To these may be added an aggression,
though`trot. yet commend, long meditated and
threntened—to probThit.whe the abolitionists call
1 thoiaternal slave Ude:meaning therebythe trans.
Dr of dads from dee State another, from whet.
ever metre done, or hewever ereeted. Their
obiaSlWcald.walm to be hi-reader th ey thless
b y cra tenigg thent:hagetber wherthey and
thus bead-the work of emancipation.. There: is
retr o for believing that it will i ts. allow dal:
at p shorrtatten in the • mean lime 'to arrest
mi t , qaag ihnt then is, will the regimen of ay
whist temoned la the Mouse beeatiteal, -.
They may not, sad probably will notlisithla Oa.
i d • Bo when we take Mut esiddereicoillast
ri, Is A oillo4 now Minor* eue of them; earl
i decoke idthrotottlue other,is far Oaths,
of the House Ins been Islam that there will
iiiiilipiefebilai it toril thaw, In the
i Vonareat Oran VOtebi theopftheth, ad that
will imgely,b3aw4d*tbe - neicier ,
averse undeethett eaten Mildest; next year,
areesmitteMeth4 l, thotthet Ida b.
auks stfiltaßeCiaMeisiMaskteillak edid
desiasped . erath. • - f. ,I: , , Li ~.,,,,,:r., . . ~ ,
P:44:lofeifitii*ldadtmi* 4044 glove: en
Illeretjfettininieituei the 1014140r#11bOidi
to their painre, fee once repot aitbditkia
nal terdersior lithe cideulatione of policy should
crd the adoption of these weenweevor even de•
them altogether, there iambi be still ben One
'‘Warto aoccetiplah . theirs:4er; if th• dee*
• -
' • •
teSYMII monopolise
the etelunWelthe South, shoat;
letet'slsetesitpolf would, or: cii
rititsutdwiroSiteortlfoetri ittilltkut melbas:le
Iffinaito Oda inutOtttheoftheiwholiswheng.
inadertheceiciliar arsine's. , ••• ;tit of the •••••
traffipate„ onr
tile:the - to its tretilniesth' _ ,
inder gray aspect. the Molt is COMM,
N. swan= be sort promptly and decidedly Medi
11010 jot tojeinett, is Ice you to decide. -10-telelsaitilresonldbeetile
\LIP st m yonsedd hesitate. f. To destroy the
between 'head and ainnlemet
at titt = corkwouldlead ftstangequene r =aln&
indite hirtinw ;Ther,ttannof.,be inn
eannot, bee rogether, pecaser _harmirtiVrts
theismutual adsantsge,eucepttn theleerment
istkoOants:they, minchedneis, and leis.
and'desOlition'araulVarersnmsd theovhole
Soutit.'''7linesampleofthe:Britah :West - Thilies;,
giblightingesemitheipmini.has mrtred lei that.
amides artery faint picture of the cadainities.
wadi briegcarythe South. —The etwomitances
under Mid it Mond take - place with nemottld be
'Canny different from those.whlch took place with
them, and caleulated to lead to far Worn &unroll!
results. There, the unteremectofthe went CAMP
Int epleo442#o.olMllluher muessions
ja7Fast end actuated
b1vicur5.. w .4 7 ,,114 way tweed oat IA
Wandered' bedlam
liveekt,bealdes, disposed tout jingly Muni
the owners; aent In them% of emended* theft
slaves, and to &Meet andd'bur that afterwards.
It acandosgly appsopristed neultllo2,ooo,ooo m •
compensittionto th en Su their Wises' under the
act, which- tun,ahh o nghtitturned cat In be far
slatted thiaanund•wuthought at that timew be•
liberal. ; Sled the 'ematelpation,n hes'lropt up a
aufficiort militancutd,naval three to keep the
blacks in AlliCylad . a , number of trowdstratesennit
eonstabbisiend, attar civil ahem to heeDnaies
in tbe'tosrug rand,pintalons,_and enforce respect
ui th'elr. former olden To - a emodderable Wept,
these have serled tas a subnitete for the police
kumertykept on tho pluton= try the aspenld
- their oVerseers, and to preserve the social d
- political a*peOrniti of the white race. But, n -
withstanding all this the British West leapns
sessions are ruined, impoverished, le.
wretched, and destined probably to be abandoned
tn - the black nee. Very damn would be the
ciretuastanees under' which 4emancipation would
take place with no. If it ever Mann be effected,
it will be through' the agency of the federal govern
ment, controlled by the dominant powp of the
northern "States of the. confederacy; *Mt the
resistance and snuggle of the southern.
Roan thenonly be effected by the prostration of
the whins.racq and that would necessarily engen
der the bitterest feelings of hostility between them
and the North. Bet the reverse would be the COO
between the blacks of the South and the people of
the' Nod. Owing their emancipation ta them,
they would regard them u friends guardians, and
patrons, and centre, adoldingle.allthell sympathy
them.tThe .people of the North would on UM
to reciprocate and fuer them, instead date whites.
Under t h e Influence ocunti kalif*, and ImPalla
by fanaticism mut • kive of power. they would not
stop et emancipation. Another step would beta
kew—to , raise then to a political and social dui.
thy with theft gamer owners try gimes them the
tight naming and holding public offices ender the
federal government. We see the first step toward
it ltl the 141 already alluded to—to yen the free
blacks and deft with the right tome* =toques.
tinter emancipation in this District. But when
onbe raised to an equality, they would become the
fast _political usociates of the Neith,lacting and
voting Srith them on allquestions, and by this poll
, ticalunionbetweea them,holding the whits race at
the South incomplete subjection. The blacks and
the Protligatenthdes that might unite with them,
would lumina the prineipal recipients of federal
offices and paronsge, and would, in consequence,
be raised above the whites of the South Le the po
litical and social male. We wadi, in a word,
change conditions unbind—a depedathrisrest
er than has ever yet Wen to the lot of a tree and
enlightened people,and one Stun which we could
Ftut=othoold emaneipation mks place, (which
y if not prevented) lust by fleeing
the homes of ourselves and amazon, and by
abandoning . our country to our former slaves, to
become the permanent obodandisorder, anarchy,
poverty, misery, and wretchedness.
With each e prospect bthre us, the graven and
most soliothipienion that ever claimed the atten
non of* people is prautintor your couldention.
What is to be dose to prevent it! It le n question
belonging to yea to decide. All OD propose is, to
give you our opinion.
We, then, are of the opinion that the first and '
indimrtaftde step, Without which nothing can be
done, end with which everything nay be, is to be
united among iSlUreeivell, on the granted nag
vitadquestion. The want of union and concert in
refereneeto it has brought the South, the take,
and car system of government to their present
perilous condition. Instead of dieing it Mane ail
others, it has been made sue.:tilot only to
mere qustions of policy, but to the preservation of
party ties andurairendr of penyinteocia.. •A high
same hold a dup raped inniess• we bifida them
athonente to ,that and Om questions into:iing
our inlay and isoppisesi hiller.ft they Ilia so ; kind
-by the South, the Nottlivn7l- not believe that yen
ate in tamest fa ***aka tether siteroschtecuts.
and they Full comma to Wilds one efluanother,
until the went of itignon is finisheiL To cons I
vince them that yon an, you mat prove by your i
ens that you: Mid aft other dem= snordinne
to it. If- you become united,and prove mend
us in earnest; the Nails will he Wm& UM
pause,and to's calculation of eartatistenorts and
that may lead run . chante of nurtuntra and the
aloptionof a coune.dpolieythrt may-quint and
peaceably tended this lout con limbetween the
two sections. If it should, not, nothing would re.
main Cor you but to stand up immovable intefttsce
of eights, involving your all--your properly, pros
pesity,eqesality, and safety.
As the smiled, yon would stand justified by all
laws, Luau and 'divine, In repelling a blow so
' dangerous, without locking to consequences, and
memos to ailmentsnecessay thatpurposee--
You assailants, and not yoa, wand bri respond&
for consequences . •
Entertains's throe enmities, we earnestly en
treat yea co be reread, and for that purposeadopt
all necessary mamma Beyond this, we think
it notdd not be ulnae to go sr New
'We hope.if you should unite with anything lilts
unanimity, it may of it elf apply a runny to
this'thep seated and. dangerous diarrel but, if
such *Wald not be, the ease, the time will then
have come to you to decide what come to adopt.
Mr Brumm's substitute is addressed this
ismkte of the Demi &au! It Is stemmed of
nearly the same menu u Mr Called's, ban pre
sewed in milder and more conciliating language.
The same historical statements and grievances
are presented, sad the whole people are appealed
to by tbetr patriotism and love of the Union, 'to
exercise the restraining influence which 'heisted
posses, to give harmony to our counsels, and
prosperity to our country:
• This address was :ejected—yeas 27, nays 34.
Mr Calluses Sinus was adopted by the this
lowing votes
1, - - Those who voted in the affirmative are--
Messrs Mason. Hooter, Buda, Cslbouti,Turuel
Downs, Davis, Foote, Daspenick, Borland, Sebes
tiu, Western, Fuld, Atkinson, Bayty, Bedieger,
thud, Beale, SW O Brown, /aside, II A 'Dump-
I era, Daniel. Venable, Bu rt , Holmes, Matt, Bens.
• van, Woodward,
,Wallage, ;mom, Lumploin, '
Bowdon, Gayle,' Huth, Inse, Featherston, J.
.Thompson, La Sere, Monts & W 'cautious Pills. I
bury, and Stanton-42.
Those who voted is thenegitive en--
Messrs Berrien, Mescal{ Underwood, Johnson
of/cabana, Bask, Hottotoe,Pendletan Dragon,
Clbotrosn, Toombs,ditephensy Winn,
Cooke, Cabe!, Boman, and Osman—l%
No names are appended to the address as given
in the Union—is being maddened that it will be
published in en official posmodan all the names
pomade me procured..
Such is the conclusion of an effort on the part.
of Mr. Calhoun, and some Law ultra Southern
Addis% to widen—not- to bes3--de breach:
which dists between the North end the South=
am subject of slavery. The address to an able
one—probably none better could have beenwrit,
ten on, Ontlide of the quencny',lntt It will di
endure the directing knife of thinh. It may pro.
dace a =cesium , eidement. in theeiouth, and
t th en will be hard 'of 'no Wove; teeny heard of
weever ifitilithani with . odium. Our faith
is strong that the grad sense od the mph, of the
South will reject all anclinvolutkouysithemei.
Their suadmen tothel7lon, egnnot be questiceati
ed, and „the :safety ;of,their Iflave property As tio
toeustely' awl vital. with, le POPP*II% that ,It
;were mains ba , them to sitars. itsrlistsbaet
This deity ire emu and there'm i Wag.'
amine—end then are thousands bettor -th e y
woad resist McCallum's wild schemes. • ' ' -
Tet More 10 Lime—The French are me,
Meg themselves with • new ammo phrie called ,
0 1.4 Propsitai oce Intended • s iodise CO
Socialism generally, and =re paiticelsrly on that
phase of It held op by Mr. Pomace, who las des
. „. .
clued that .propenty ts theft." hlottehme end
Madame Somnchon are tbet prfndpal eitiz‘agn
la It, and the be/league of the place le . in
agreeable and Miami' filmdom, they me placed
by a decree of govemment nuortusing tie right to
labor. Servants discharged from °lots refuse to
go. In virtue of the Comer decree, hundreds of
,o(all mules /ICC* to hie home,
a/ 44 17,7nthottt maim or. leave, at ono* ouster upon
ghe exercise of their respective probed:ma wP -
Ittlsierent' JonineynaVeir down the !wpm.. fond
I his. mine, which;were *heady in awl coedition.
Slaters tear of the roXesrpeeners break bin don's,
porters hanns,epon removing his knaltsue to •
new bolus, portanra Attu Inundate has bed room
with torrents of maw, and finding no other vessel
to receive the gold, p or it into his boatfi and fi
nally an unemployed &obit !watts up= dizerlng
a tooth. The piece 'As snld to brit set all Parts
ismehing 6r the inn time .ainter the Imerweinhx.:
Tazikkiwileno Esskinuw—Mitiaowinne' et
klitenuel, ponies oat in favor at thiemsesoni..
know' of go aim clamp% which his bean mei,.
ed witblooteinneral tavra in the ,Weettni mow).
guilt& hes? , The aria is eh bennikinl b Mimi
misty. sew the tan" for wollrirk a borne, it
will enobarege the obtaining Immix, ■nd passant
moons la Livens eirotuiwinnenn Gom beithpi
diem an the /kW.'
111 = 31a .
Thee Is iso big.. s aathea the vigoee. bf
:o ,, ==si cam "illOl eat
Nichol= Lester,ssid ‘ th e late Democrelm
dam — ker the Amidenib hi retinaal ion GT se to
eagerly. sees i >.ll4o47ofitheit=
of a Semata's sea, boun d ems by
and - probablyThypleareVeradititlitpltm e
dam, in rennenene to 81...-oHkor.. l ,quiiiarig
of the dal—the reryttiTtrlir Cidittba hat always
paused h,,,,e,trin fatter OE' Comellie able trilds,
though he puma ' llot, laielk4 Oi delete.*
der. Bin he mart he partied by kris 'OW
and as abject writ.. Two praral4o,lo4lllljUi
"rx• - li e of the Pen iucs but t FlOtit a lq
tom dincerrer, and xiicertfitharly too, that echogere
going ,en. i:t the public; egad, Updast thatl:
measure of polity, be , changed' hat rnladh
taipted to curty fuer with bas haughty isitd - lq..
unapturp c.u.s, by ovt,le qie Nicholson
- Onthsrloentoes , t Of hi letters la pet hlteutf
the artmotud verdict wu ging/ egainl Nat"
intejonly such as hltilleV'elbelf:l beside( WOO
Prdeel htetell. fleeing 'his opinions therms.
deauted,..a hie principles reindiated thecaut
by, and by his Put party,, a decent' self regret
*nu have tught hira to VIIIIIIIIM qol
treseefttUy from' public Lk until at least the pear
mtertion apes which her. had bees torched, bad
paned oat of the politics of the =May. Bat tile
own State, as if tivorothibly appreniallng We
suer, and detemdeedleVilidniNtilniliikithlas.
non, passed wii6el4.ii't.i . nllo6lk446:lngt:
log her Senators tb use hoietstrle sadness, to
pas at. About the time of the reporting of abase
resolutions, and thebegjunice of the maculae fa
Senator, past wide to his friends in. Witatimpon
that the game was up, and that he should not go
back to the Senate, as he mast be hampered by the
insuctions. 804 6141thea Vibe wu in lemons of
intripe at the wort of his friend—while in power
and prosperity—lionis FtilliPpOoli discovered a
alma is the organisation of the opposition, and
he Outer= managerrient, and upon the alight eon.
auleatiou of the eserifirts :of his horror, be
cored his relent to a seat, which be cannot res
ten one week without betraying be State or vie•
hall, his oath, to support, to the bust of bra pulg•
meal, the Coristantion.
Ha election has excited a general Indignation
among theDemarsts of both divisions. The Bun.
burners never bad any other feeling than contempt I
for him the Timiken are ollapthrid aka shame.
Ws repudiation of piecipin upon which they
supported him through the late canvass. Re has
come bark to plot sad eincetivre la the Praia
dewy. He will hold his wet ally March, ISM:
In the mean time, km Hanker adherents 111 Micah
gee wal be lath • miserable minority of the pat:
ty proper, and if neeetury to their otter dbeuede
tare, the Harabumena will, at the out election,
lola the Whip, and provide fat the elution at se
honest man as hie succeroce.
There is nothing new in Meld le the ethetheue
Adders,. I have hard that between thirty and
arty Democrats end two Whip have been lade*
red to sign it. At least half althea have yielded
to Importunities to that which vu riot commended
to that conscienoes by its own worthiness These
are *few Southern men wbo, even la Camper (
would do any thing toque the •datrined Yuba&
Otte of these Is Mr. Immo, of Georgia, who add
la the anus leis Monday algtat—oLet as now dl.
vide—let as draw the line—la as elate our parts
spied the northern steps, and throw them epee
to those of Europe, and we shall have these
Yankee peddlers down upon their manger tura
tagging be admission into oar Oak; de ear °We
teram an all months.' This datietay Kr. trams
mart be • descendant of the Tutu chief wbo, stie
(Sr be lead feasted on a up of mare's sulk and •
date, seat out, he slave" to palate at the dooe,
his teat that the aher potentates of the earth bed
his permission to go to tale dinners. Bet Waded*
ing Is milked to a kw whei, the this Itasca,
are unearned with envy and Mak* la COMM.
plating the advantages which supertor Wow?,
energy, and economy, cookr spun the North over
the strictly panties States I appose the same
will appear itt the Buy 6.3/1:10 of thew toorannpr—
bar it wail all apse the pale oaf watt %phalli
more aka the one of Father Bitchrtno kudos.
three wind ed4onale. about tad, th e
cooperates a th e orenthatott, nett other appev,
co pulses which the veterable apes* tots or
the end of him tongue, or glibly as • parrot clatters
The Huse tuthlig 'good ,Progrea With the
upropriation boy, and the pave eakwltor. Next
week Is muted la both Houses for , the war
snenceteent of the regular debate open t h e tenders
vial tab. Were this • long •CUIDO, tyro =lab I
pitiably would be a sheet aficaloce for that de.
bale; but only rive weeks remain of tha, arid In
that time mart bo perfected all the admen Ws.
lawn of too putted sewn' important meweires
of casual legs/Attu. as the bill far the mamrtion of
the Pets" which the mast voice at, mum
try loudly demands The steam, therefire, mast
be blown off la two weeks. at mow.
Ito not yet desesk ofiteeteg territorial bills, with
the Wilmot Perrino artsched, page he, Hamm
and seat to the Preeldeta for ha signature. Per.
haps it as almost leo much to bepe that, rake what
he Us written, he will alga each teas Bat be
pre op the whole - ptampbs. In Wising the Oregon
all, and u to what he has said m imlatated about
vetoing • bill applying it to territory midi of thirty
ale, thirty, that =crew to nothing. He krfetted
kin wordvben pledged to Beams, Dix. and
In nivor of freedom, how can the , stave holden,
ewe apecarely trust hits! No man not se of men
au trust him farther tun you Weald pante • bull
by the andel extremity.
We hove beautifal weather and gay thus in the
city. It Ls said
that bits Polk will give a valettio.
Wry festival, which will eclipse all similar Outplays
that have ever taken place et the White Ibmootu—
Hot, pare safer
The Vice President did not appoint the Senders
I to form the setat osmmithato on Douglass bill and
amendments. that were earned by me. Yon will
doubtless hue nude the requisite correction.
Wand Oman has been coafirined Inspector
Geeeral, widiena opposition. 3cura.
tiaalussaa Jan. 26.
The speaker presented the annual report of the
Wwhington Company. • A. niamailal
from the member of the ha: of Albgbe coolly.
asking Moltke salaktes thejodgestddie
Coati may be increased:
.Pititiolll 717W4.1—8r lideurs. bilegas,Over
field and 'ma to Amos of a new omanty W be all.
ad Lawrence.
By Mr. Manatiaa, Dam clergymen' of Mansynek
Wong that the !mum of Libor err upends= em
ployed In mattafaMorias may be - Lathed to ten
boars pa day.
By Mc &uall,fiam &stale ope u lits employed
In mantamonen k; bah*atlticuroo re.
peal of the previa:Lathe Teo Hoar' w,
Mr. Slog, from tie acme:Linea.= Ealltee, to
which wee referred the tal to-provide by the pay
mem edam& laborers on the publlo works, and
nrpairs *Oka same; verged themme, with an
The billiegsdatlng premeedings lan =Mot jar
tine, was takes op- and passed. ,
The MD ertatlng the new aunty of Madison was
taken up sittl the_ question mumps' di the minced
meat onntlOry Mr. PoWeiger, wassagreed to,
sad the bikpaped a. second relator7yests 13,
I'6s 601.•/aiahe to mortgages denunted, Law or
mistafketwirinsadatlilrdl time and passed.
- ;
The Swim ltd before' theAcants the 29th
Annual Anita X;the ?ennsylvaulaTtible Bode
• Oo 'toothgreet* cattr. Geo. T.T Co hme, the cis of the
vas ed' to eorge r the pun.
p ßill ow of delivering • lectur
G e
iiirlak to to the ado—
cativased d,Wutioa oftbe North•Amiorhoto
Mc Cooper .(Ways sad hiertigr) reported e
irovitt64 roz vdtoary.expvu gamic.
et, for revers oa the Blear Gana% mad bob.
Ma" And for the: pagmeal af debt* doe ree toe,
dons tbeetai. • - • •
• Tbit Select Cdiumittei at the totgeat reporle a.
Jell kr Mahon* county; oat of parte of lodises,
,Gteartled and Jeflanam. , •
R. EL Smith: a as p plass o M to She Ur setts
tire to thkargaalsation o f Coons cif Imam.
r My. Gwartsweldar, e*Joic re encnan=a•
pick. apnea/061e amounts of Pathnic r,
Mr. Era na,nf Cbester, • bin to ozoo*o
1.7 of the Bookie Obeyer caw,.
Mr. Sharp a tall graatiota oec9do ice of ironed
in the Paarath dikter:.
Mr. Mars, e totatepoists Ibo kbinteern
billpmridteg kr the oompleske or the
North Breath . Quad mod . Canannee of the
whole, vith reautample.. - • •
The relation rebt s (a tbik igAtne4
lbs t w a. ci litetGo senior, came up fa order erica
Me. Woos:aro: =cis dad reoserta Mr. Dili
loLioirsa, azoloail b. bAdocooladod.latliortios
prre e s et , qessakp, whioe was carrisri7f
Ur.lAftle moved to reecbrutitt rite vier valet
vas aintireah imir 40;
Teagoestematothea orkeri =Xt.
altate,ood it wee lost—yrou 4S, oaya 49.
Tbe goestios vas mu taken CO Mr. Unia's
' asocadmea/ malt vu agreed to—reu be, nay s
' 'loddegt!!-
The foiknelngi
we take fromtha.
Ideation dal adisiSiseiree araf *rep muses.
The wiper lives hiNa4k •.1
4iisier ‘ sind, maser oevel tal=rment cum
azuelltir malls *at' der -• th e
Marys soktiaaral rdatritil et, mi:!r-titeu 'mar
hub-play lhip traeltaill*-14cEar: :fates; clad sh
iorscoagea (.r travel kale abort of rail,'
walla, iodine Walther pirdbetteiredepukatti
4 ` - ' 3cL l l4cand „ 11 . nrr n sti l .
riaell can be rpada, as • general rune, tor
, about the lee.. lacuna' of 4.artirenble -
About oni_lthdred Compittln hare i already
fanned, or am alma to cettstract
these toads in Turbos parts of the Sam d New
i.Yark... nett= d coaling when mod aftheroada
_tithe Stew and where there is say eddy.
'astable croon* of trivet and timber reascumbill,
will be pholreA - Thus ter,everyydantsciad ewole,
littlds•ne haa . felly; equalled,4 tree exceeded,
espeotation their projeetbra. The fitet that
extrasess of
cin with easeoind wi'k ittatir
• can, .doable the weight no h. OW ,
(hat they can en the lest Common roads,
Woe, , any . ether eettitlention, settles their
When - the wads are bad, as they orna are
Viet/ and fall, four times the wino. can be taken
EO plank made at snob salons that an be taken
On aomakin roads. The fume/ can go to market
st all unit when he enlace week his (bra on errs
arum of weather or from other c'sosta; And wben
'other roads are immix:WlM can trot off aft his
pair of buries and two, hats weight, and return,
I (living scene fifteen or *berry miles distant Erma
market) the aamedary;whilevrithhad roads, taking
• thn same weight, would require Aerate!, day.. he
dies grew wear and tear ofbierias ;and :wagon!
I nod bunion-•(n Cad, leaving actually little Mon,
after deducting eipples. Thli is de tancifni eels
en istionv-it has been fully peeved , This iIIYPIOVIP
mem will berg up the value of (ands within Week
of towitets, which baTO bete greatly' depressed by .
the low pied offend at the West The convenie nee
genhig the yeoduce *fare fawn to market will
enable the firmer of the East better to compete
with the anima of the West, although the owl of
land is en touch kw at tbe Wert. Tke aspense
daunt tratuipartauen will serve to conllnntbe veins
of fume near the' great markets, , • ' • •
Our new /dudes, until they have more money,
shook' go to mark, consuncung plank rced4 dog
in• a tong time anrwer the wpm* of g.
roads; ascent on the great and central thannigls.
Ore Michigan should be wide awake en Am
The pees, cannot be too dßigent id alimg Fart
stituttion to there roads. At the Boom, where
timber is cheap, and the common Toads exec:relies
they will be agrees value; Indeed, in every pagt
of oar Union they CID be constructed to vest ads .
mange, iitngemptoymenttothe laboring classes.
facwased value to real estate, rod a good Wrest:
main stockholders. It la an iniprovement bends
betel to all Waimea Some kar hat been expressed.
lbw the timber of the country would to exhausted ,
by the rage ke plank roads; but "itch will col bey
the cue. These roads will be constrected so el
to lead to those districta where the timber is now
ready, bat of lade or so value to any me, or the
bad on which it grows, on anotont of the expense
of getting it to market. •
These pkink roads are gout to open sauces of
wealth to the Northern part of this Stew, of more
value to the latblio than the gold wines of Callfora
Ida It is band that very link grading is *died
••••eete foot rise in from twelve to sixteen cantata)
b••••••=• with • psi? of .borsekaellt two, twin
isade,perfercliVevel, advantage would be taken,
@adularia loaded with four of liveitensSiould piss;
without any additioesi telk u l j ,
i =alg fit tao
heavy (Of such a road. o be repair.
ed to review Jhe weight loads, et as toprevent
im =these wads were erg thought of. it so
supposed they would not answer. °nutmeat of
the perishable nature of the material used. Bat it
fa sow discovered that them roads rear out believe ;
they decay; and that, while wearing oat, the theme '
lia ga i=they will afford ten per nest, bn the I
(the maxim= rate tiWir try law=
Ilas MS! celiew Yort.,) and from 10 to 20 per GOA
setplea to. keep tho nod in repair, and relay
. 11
when necessary.
• Teem road. will abo ere *good kirtandlt WWI
wagon of the year, free clout, and save theirwm
Ole of mach bone harnessiog for nelght.oldsta.
viselng and church vans, as well r,u giving thei
children easy emits to districts wheels. Ihe prods
oaf our State.
nese roads credit, to be a mums dadditimal
isseps Stoats Frets central Lines of railroad ,. and !
IMMO dm* calm/acted. Plank roads
Willemeach ado °Ahem, ester:dung threragb
sil• valleys op to our maintain wgrouth will brine
ell the tesainces d door Stale two active le plat—
esunloyin terry idle hand, sad every iddog:sr—
tens of tluxteutda of Bohan that are now lucked
ter , lo our egricubstrat dlericts, 0120 buttdrvl here.
flwa hundred there, debar wahine liar the want
of a Womble. investment - Plank made will call
getitioch meash,sna set lit at work km
(h e Who
gvad, and wen same 61110. eV* • NZ 111• g• In
For tha Pittsburgh Chunk
ihe Editor of the Ameriesa remarked iota, popes
on iset Nantreall, - that reforms,: like other Wits,
move in a else* and In the coarse
.cif dew, come
thud to the Owe they caned f ro m. This is end
of Hatrio's oily sephistriener et those (Welk
seamed' which he vas Wont to dial In dime&
tsialltheorical wrClage, for the porpoise of weakens
in Christianity and inducing the wavering to feu
the the holy inatimulan ortmla again to overthrown
in coming time. Home Ina not as bold a leveler
as the notorious Tool Paine ; yet, the was a daa.
gercias man, end his writinp have ever had a
mildewy loop:tram in rottifol tinention, and
apse • way to the darkest chambers of skeptical
gluten. When • 'Rita loathe refigiok u•I its
re does wok, in a doing muter, the reel e?! , _
see kW object al • glance, and gourd Wang no
lacunas ; bat when=meals along a snake
in the (rasa, he may d himself toned the via..
dim betore ha is untie, and inflict rhea atiog In the
moral nature, which is as deadly as the viper's
WWI We do not wish to see any of Home's gen.
Cucuta advanced In this age of the world. The
cotrthion seem of man is against them ; and the
wide tract which the champions of the ems have
already redeemed frost infidelio error. shows that
tbs Sib= S glorious, and that it will &deuce
entil it teaches from the rivets to the ands of the
habitable earth . Chaim No. 2.
Namccus Comvswrios , —Then Is to be a Natio.
nal Convention held at Belmont on Tuesday, the
6th of March, 1819—nd ef pditiciana, but awls
mhos inventors, and amateurs ' of lityminity and
ekUl In the productive aim The objectedbolitag
the convention son
I.To cam:sloe discoveries, mew ioyenUtina,plsaS
and composalonit of Mater, &o.
2TO famish true and retinal larennws, Thai
required with advice, the omens of onstenance, ma,
wish, kn. '
3. To purchase a hietry far the use damming*
and inventors, doe.
4. To enablisb • room for the exhibition of Noe
deindrawings, flits• • •
y,.T W y a give counsel sod advice (ice a feet) toe*
who nay desire information about machine%
6 The establiabineze de warehouse of erschicica;
fingiamently mantifactiatis.,6ce. •
7.The catablishmettt of workshops for the lint
etrocnion aptmentices,6cc.
Et. Ike enab4b , =al of wheel Fni the 14 , A MCI
LAr of szoctoades, se6oLs, dos
This bald sinnotary will rive an idea d the
objents proposed to be iipmunplished by the am.
Telt pass or Namur Outruna--In the Mow
of Costumier the State of North CeionUt, on the
20th Ihstant, when certain resolution ecriamilag
the syy Lulea at the shinty lunation sere cinder
irosuidetstide, the following ItiOladon wan moved,
by way of aittiudiaant; by the t Prittahli
/Lwthed. Tbat we bellevollie people dNorth
Wickes, of ett tome* , ore davatetit ettnebed
kettle tattoo( the United antes; int they regard
it as • main polar in the edifice of tett ladereu.
dews, the support et, trauguallty , tit Popo, or
nice alwoad; of inky; of posperhr, arta el
Iwo any l iberty : they all . Mighty Avis.; that
they 'Aerial' a cordial, habitual lied tronsosslda
ittachannt to Il i and that they watch 4oir be
nantraltoo withyealoas atutiety; that they NAM
ills the dale of their pnblio mutate to Itconnte.
mace Whatever may taunt area a auliplocis that .
It era CO es/erect be abandoned, sad to l'repet
d i s ,, A gy watery attempt, la silently myrtle:l d
out cl:la horn lhd 11/11, - at loth feeble swod
Oes ,which ither tad Yogettot the :various parts
I Tide iesolanoe, we 11, WWI o aty, pawed by
Oa. Taunt on van !firm otsra.—fin Lod-
Wins , , Contents**, a ISio
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entunniSputhorui teoandy •eIJI at Ilalna
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"iittqfettlOgred so by a Visst to dm sonfennon,
O t onend.Tailozortio subiegoently,d4nedlntnlttl
idolori4 Bleborj. Dr. Pelee, and • considers*
sonsitti of the azinissanSmanabin• d(ibiten4 l 4s 4 l
A knee to lAn . 13004AVA,Pdissain Advocaat) op t
n'toE'snindallselect sas.vicesdnifilyn444Lakni
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Vous Gams= anourcut.—Theiteciii
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QINTOTIII34IIIII/ Verimilinuage.
! i WOO V. bill 11100: GUI onur. . ~......
•,Tu'ilr allalosa,,Sxretary of Si to
j Ali* Itudoell s *pulyatiturry of etai,e,
Tilde rutartr.
i - ' -- -DallrWtatorneS , GePO O l - '",
W Vir. Itgold.Adintant Donald. '
Geo& panic, Speaker of tbn Senile. . '
William F. Picker, Bpeaket Of the Um* alb.
'.: 1 ';;.' . ?: 1 :.: .* :.'-' ,. ;'::i.: , :'-k , ‘. ,-2 ..:-.'.7. ;; ;'- r .'
:~~?:~l'= L.
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;titles will mons carefully Aim=
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Tut NO= ntit..Ati edr r steal! cases stdo.
anal education and • treadle 4%ewledd•o(the wend.
Ha gang he • generman 45 lane, feelings, lad habits.
We ailed abolsol be sated unite UN bore of antiquity,
sad arta the leaning of the indent school. Tha ses
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and abals the
.ash of censure sonatina bat ace No sueoefeae
trate isled, for. like Cesar% wite,hels shore sospiellar.
Personal abuse or vinmendlell fecnnihm loo "Er NO
place' in ha column'. leis Vats atretehal forth*
succor aii &armed, and shield aro &females& Can%
animus of the power of she MI eginal eanuots, MB
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Twenty ears of my life have been ul ill
Lo elevate Thasser, a , d i believe It is ankalhwillaP
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Au &nu Gat. Ilan myself to pone the Detain of ltd
dms, and nee oup to the Ugliest standard ennead
essandlence Je3l C. AIARALC, - ,
- .), JOIll PIUS TING.
Mkt: maus, , cmax3, lakumWa 1 5 ; 6 4
Zasoquu, ihat Loess, Castrocts, Lea
UMW a 11.1.14 tosul, CIZIVICATSI,4II3O:N.. , ,
Piloted :ith ,the shoran notice, as ow prices, at she
delb - Userna threes, Tam lama.
leoprovesnonso la Donttstry. r•
0.0. Erna Wai t 1116 of Boom. 6 pillralen to
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or eau, two Partials or Atmospheric Portion Plana
Toornseas mato as ma su aorta sr hero as nerve Is
=StCate sod rradesee next 'door to ad Mai .
a, Fourth writ, Pittsburgh. •
Ettn,aso.'d. B. LlTaddan, V. IL Eaton.. }an
W. 114 Wright, Bi;11, DiiaVish
(Wring and guidance on Foanh stratn. 0 99 9 . 89 the
iluabargl link. Vika boons nom 9 o'clockw It
91.. and (ma ovtock Ida P.N. sepl449
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Testi:tea, moraine, Met Fevre, youngen diode=
of Jewett Merle% tired, ered,llieee• ea 7 mouth&
Thi Amend will Asks plies Irma the resident..of
6ln:iodise, Penn Arse, 91door troll today la
otkak. The Weeds of the Wally are ,respeethelly
united, to • ,
. . Li*taro es U. Lop.- '
Calais of and Remedial for ,Coosiuspdos end at*.
• ,' , Diseases of tke Langs.
rPatna Lettar• of .the mina of Tha Cornea .
t i Coital:as, will bekl•eo this eveu in ',Waders.
7, /exam :Ist,' azAPOLLO Bat • easnierlckllt
at 1 de-took—lkon poem as Cl eal k• alairollf 113
run, to be 110 ai ill &Co's toot , and *Or
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bk Abe am of tbe Skeletal and SlattlkLos.
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dire* disca4.-• 301 ti , AlSlakflett.,, The OW Ul of
i=resaJoo ot die than, 'ma the lorporraneti of-no-
i •Iceplog to WOW Posner; Ireton ir , .....,
Psi ehalb will be thelatiset Of ptiztleal nowt.
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OP'• E OllO sa M a d glaalnon' mavE, Nixon Fo/li,
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lad: o3 PHILO HAUL, immotooelog Jimmy 310-•-•
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of Mr co, from the Coavem of Bauf Cot mo —PiLooro-
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bolt II tailors for atromeae, sod transtara
pot • View of Alaimo% Hon. Mr, studarze
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