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NOV. 29, 1848.
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i Tux Curcurasix °Azar= speaks of the =nom
fl *Led Pennsylvania and Ohio Rai/road, as'design.
ed' to divert trade from the ' Queen City.' We do
not think any such ' design' animates the breasts
gi of any of as projectors andirianda. The object,
q of course, is to open up a market for Pittsburgh in
the fruitful northern end middle counties of Ohio,
'lnd to bring their product to this mart. Very lit.
i t le of this trade, we presume, goes to Cincinnati—
its natural tendency being the Lakes. One object
of the road Is to open up ran road commtscations
with Cincinnati,. by means of the various routes
which are constructed or to be constructed, acme
the State of Ohio, from the Lake to the River, in
• which event the trade along the various MOWS will
... seek the best market, and thus excite • spirited
' competition between the two cities.
We admit t h at the probability is, that thin road
will be continued mute western border ofthe State,
as the charter admits, and through Indiana and ll
limes, to St. Louis--being Um - only and true great
ventral rail row!, from Philadelphia to the Muir
sippi. This will doubtless divert trade from Marin.
Cincinnati has long been aware that 'such a
great 'central road will be corustructed, and that she
has endeavored, and is endeavoring, to make her.
self a point in that road, althohgb by so doing' the
route is made to vary 6x fkun a direct line. tieihr•
ful of this very enterprise, which Pittabtiggh has
undertaken, site has striven with great zeal to do
feet all rail road projects from St. Loniii and the
Mississippi river. eastwardly, to that point, and
knowing that It was too southwardly for a route
through Pittebtugh, she has given every enema
agement to the Baltimore and Wheeling, or Fish
Creek, or Parkersburgh route, and has projected
a rail road through Chillicothe, in the direction of
his evident to the mast casual observer, that a
central riul road, designed to &lord facilities For
communication fihr the great west, should take a
central position between the Lakes and the River,
forming a mighty trunk into whims various lateral
roads should pour their business. Cincinnati bee
ing on the river, taken the road too far from a di.
rest line, and brings the fond also Into direct cow.
petition with - steam boat narigation.
Nature has pointed out Pittsburgh as the true
point where this central road should -cross the
Ohio. At any point above this, the drums:tons
ere insurmountable, except along the Like shore,
and any point Waco presents obstacles of a moat
formidable character. The table lands of Ohio,
sand of the great lama, come within fifty miles of
the river at this point, and the sanuruls to be over
come are extremely depressed. Every step you
go south of this, incenses the distance to the table
lands, and the difficulties to be overcome. From
Cincinnati to Parietal:air& or Wheeling, and from
thence to Columbus, taxes ■ road over the most
di ificidt country imaginable, and if a road is ever
built on that :route, it can never compete with the
great central route, from Pittsburgh west.
It is not surprising, then, that Cincinnati should
look with noxious eyes upon the Pennsylvania and
Ohio Railrond, gait will moat assuredly be the main
central truck of a great system of rail roads which
will connect the immense country lying between
the Lakes and the Rivers with the Atlantic cities.
Homo or Coax 40211 12 o'clock M.,
A T.FIGN, Nov. 2U,1848. f
The House Commons has just organized hrthe
election of Robert B. Gilliam, (Whig,) as Speaker
with a LocoMco as Chief Clerk. and a Whig as As
here is, ut 130 organiz atio n of the Senate,
there being a oe of the two pieties in the body.—
SeveraLtneflectnal balkeinp have taken place in
the Senate, and in the Howie ins al:dreaded owe
Speaker on the 7th ballot.
In the Bennis,ea have 25 Whigs and 25 Locos;
rtitifitg amino N3%Win& 59 Leona, arm
OFPICIAL Yarn or Norm/ Cuoutu.—The c 6.
Mal remnant= all We ClozzlOoll to North Canal*
have been riceived ai liid
the vote tunas thus °tapes , county exannstea,
on anemia at some informality in the return ?, .
Taylor ........ 43,519
Cass 34,869
Add Taney, for Taylor
Making Taylor's majority...B,6M
Femora inn Sous:sr.—The following font the
St. Louie Herald of Religions Liberty, will be teed
with melancholy interest I:—..The hostile aniiude
of CoL Fremont and Gen. Kearny was ever •
source of regret to their mutual friends, and More
so, because each was in a felon position. seeming
to be what they were not When Fremont pass
ed through St. Louis, on his way to California. and
learned the low and precarious state of Gen. Kean
riVa health, when on the 4 11fiasausi he lost . his
youngest child, and was about parting with! his ,
wife, for the absence of many months, and i the
perils of the mountains, ha sent by her a motile.
story message to _Gen. Kearny, which was cem
munimted to him, among the last things of Muth
which had power to framed him. It is pleasant to
know, than these brave and noble men, who. will
meet no morn on earth, have no deferred warfare
to be remembered here, or to be carried up to the
tribunal above,"
Mtriume AND Raxacity.—Justits we were gluing
to press, we received information that Major Snot
sa, Paymaster of the 17. 8. Army, was murdered
and robbed in Saha* county a few days since. Ha
had m his possession $160,000, and was on his
way to the upper Part of this State to pay the vol.
unteers tbeir three month' extra pay. His wife
nod sister-in-law were in company with him, who
were also murdered- Uis supposed he was mar.
dered by the soldiers who were acting as an es
cort—St. ioarph's (Mn) Gazatto, of Nov. 10.
Major Smarm, whose untimely end is recorded
above, is a nepbeW of Geo. Singer, Esq, of this
city, and kus mother and relatives reside in West . :
moreland county.
The Lancaster Union contradicts the statement
that Mr Stevens 'is pledged to introduce a bill on
the first day oldie 31st Ccegnisa, to abolish slavery
in the district of Columbia.' The Union says that
Mr. S goes to Congress as 'the Representative of
the people in the district, unembarrassed by prem
ises or pledges of any kind, and perfectly free to
take such a Wand in reference to Slavery in the
district of Columbia, and all the other leading ques
tions of the day, as his own judgment may ap
prove, and the interests of the whole country may
seem to require.'
Arreavonacate--Observaticin an the mum* of
iderciary, made at I:hackman, on the 9th mt., by
ItTeurs. Walker, Yarnell and Poortirles, have de
termined that the planet left the sun's disc about
three and a quarter minutes later than the time
predicted for it by British end American astron
omers• This result under the perfection presumed
to be obtained in aetronoteical calculations, will
excite alt c 'on in scientific cireke.
No ratorwrions—The election or Gen. Taylor
to the Presidency will not occasion a vacancy in
the regular army; as the lam Which created the o 4
Ace of Major General, which he now holds,
abolishes it in the event of death, resignation and
Maxim.—The New °deem Delta publishes a
letter from Maxim giving& favorable account of the
affairs of that country, and attributing the quietude
and prosperous state of the Republic to the energy
and talent ofGen. Arista.
Mr. Elle; the engi
neer who constmcted the Name Suspension
&Am has proposed to She Mayor of - St. Louis to
throw a similar structure amtass the Mississippi,
from that city to the Illinois shore. He estimates
the cow of the undertakingat $250000.
Warreart Asir thricw.—The second annual dia•
unbutton of prizes among the ten hundred and nine•
ty subscriber, to this "Art Talon," took place at
Cincinnati on the evening of the 19th inst. The
number of pieces the:ninth:al was one hundred and
kw, of which filtysfaur were paintings, (five pre.
canted Pry artists] and fifty testa. Forty-vine wore
purchased at a cost Of UAW. The avenge coat
was s9ll2—The highest price paid fir na y
ri C wp s2Bll—the bast $lO.
rifai Wsaatarron, Nov. 24, 1848,
Rgli eWOMNlX,Firr
So olioilaib,l,,,viistde t about
-402.0 iiio?m''l**the*4l
that I have deemed it important, to a proper under.
sia ndir r iglttlMNwilleintslict,ltrprottnerform.
in adeatme sethelr presentation to Congress, the
o . Miimates," of the Secretary of the Tram
ry; ettftheradditionalergtemeimimmeequlralinnhis
service of the fismd yearmadinglatte 39, 049, and
krthe fiscal ynat4dittOnne $0,1850.d I Wilk that
some suppimitionsrefereinashas already homemade
to them estimates, or to theia ) ,,pmhable character,
to shew,the neoeoaity of fintherhans, but the pub.
lication!of the official document will show the Tea
malaise of the governmental finances, and pom
vent specalaim by the :Am at the expense of the
Tatum: DLEMITXI2I; N0v.16, 1818.
Sir. Agreeably to the joint resolution ofCongress
of the 7th January, 1.816, I have thnbonor to trann
mit, for the information of the Nouse Represen
tatives, printed mainuites of additional appromia.
lions proposed to be made.for the service of the fir
cal year ending the 30th of June, 1849, amounting
to 113,144,903 69
All of which is on account of the civil
list, foreign intercourse, and miscel-
Inneous, including payment to be
made to Mexico under the 12th aril.
cle of Me treaty.
To the estimates In added a states
meat showing—
The huleAnne appropnations for the
service of the three last quarters of
the fiscal year ending the 30th June,
1E49, made by former lota of Coe.
greet, of a permaaent chancier, a
m0unting......................8,562,431 43
Civillit4 foreign inter
course, and unwell& •
neon, including pay`
meats made of hqui.
dated claims against
Mezieq under the 13th
Ankle of the. treaty... 19 84
Penzions........— .... . 213,000 00
interest, &c, public debt
and treasury • n0te5....3,285,422 23
Beimbirrseinent of tree.
stay notes issued un
der the several acts
Fier to the act of July
22 ' 1818 - ••••-• • • • • . 161,989 31
I am eery reaper-day, your ohl eer'n,
It J. Wats:a,
Secretary of the Treasury.
Hon. Romr 0. Wurremor,
Speaker of the Home of Represeutattetra
Timms IN:rarratzarr.
November 18 , MS&
Sir Agreeable to the joint raiolution of Congress
of the 7th of January, 1816, 1 have the honor to
transmit, for the information of the House of Re
presentatives, printed estimates of the appropria.
moos proposed to be made forthe 6scal year ending
Jane M*lBso, amounting t0.....524,113,102 92
• Viz
avil he; foreign niter.
course and m r iscellans.
seas, including paym't
to be made to Mexico
under the lfit h article
of the treaty,........57,786, 6e2 48
Army proper,— ...... 4,432,286 00
Military 'Academy,— J 70,142 61
Fortificallet ordinance,
..... 1,564,581 00
Surveys, ligtirltouses, dre, 15, 700 00
Indisa Department.... SW, 473 45
Permian, and arrearages, 467,400 00
Naval establiabment,... 8858657 38
To the estimates ate added state.
merits showing:
1. The appropriations for the fiscal
year ending the 30th June, 1850,
made by former 'acts of Congress of
a permanent character, amounting to $5,297, 51252
gniil lift, foreign Haar:
cause and anaoena.
Aim and equipping
militht , • • •••• •• • . 200,000 00
Cimlixation of Amami, 10,1200 00
Periainns, 419,000 00
Interest; fee., public debt
andmessury notes,.... 3 1 799,102 38
2 The existing appropnaborm which
will be require to be expended in
the fiscal pear ending the 30th June.
1830, amounting to 2762,521 29
$889410 14
Civil list, foreign ham%
course and
anowl,.... ....... $691,718 20
Army proper,!c.t . 1,300.000 00
Pensions 572,030 00
Indian Department, 238,541 00
Fortifications, tec... .... 362,278 00
Naval establishment,.... 500,000 00
33,213452 73
3. There is also added to the esti
mates a statement of the several ap.
propriatious which twill brambly be
carried to the surplus fund,tosount
legAct• $3,957,197 03
Accotopoutptig the estireatee ate sundry papers
tutistaldlaatte !tad Na • De.- rt.
&a, otr which the estimates - are exulded.
I am,, very respectfully, your obedient semen,
Stecnuant abbe
Hon: Delbert 0,-urectecp evader recte re Tni t ot -
I learn that Messrs. Wendell & Van Bentiosysen,
printers to Congreas under the "cheap arrange
ment," propose, at the next 111216i0A, to apply for an
increase of remuneration for services performed.
The printing of the last session is nowall complet
ed, and much progans has also been made in the
Executive documents for the next, several of which,
to accompany the T . :tandem's msag ate already
partly in type. The Patent Ms in full,
someother domonents printed near the chase of the
last emotion, aorot those now in hand.ounall cutout.
ed in a sty le BO mach superior to those placed on
the tables of members at the eommeneement of the
thirtieth Congress that I think the Proposed appli
cation of the public printers should be granted, es
pecially when the fact shall have been taken into
consideration that they have sustained considers
ble Imam by their contract, though their obligations
to Conyers and to The public have all been faith.
fully, and at Gir as circumstances would permit,
prampdy perisrmed.
oCoorrespolideneo of the BahIZOOM Pause.
Wszamowes, No v. '23, 1849.
ads every body ismaking a Cabinet for Old Zack,
allow 'Potomac" to try • hand et the
business. --
Nobody knows who will be Gen. Taylor's Cabinet
Ministers, but I hazard a guess that I can come
as =sixth*, mark as any body, who, like myself,
knows nothing about it
I set downetrat and foremost, John M. Clayton,
the Old Whet:Ll:ors, of Delaware, as Secretary of
State—and no mistake.
Abbott Lawrence, of Massachusetts, a good,
great, and the right kind of a Taylor man, as See
rein's, of the Treasury.
Baile Peyton, of Louisiana, every inch a. Taylor
Republican Whig, as Secretary of War. It may
be that he will prekr to be United States District
Attorney for Lonisiana. Biro, John Bell, or Mere.
dub P.Gentry, of Tennessee, each every inch a
man a Taylor Whig, and a pure Statesman, as
Secretary of War.
Thorned Butler King, of Georgia, the enlightened
Chairman of the HOOle Committee on Naval Al.
fain, tad a patriotic Taylor Whig, as Secretary o
Edward Bates, of Difissolui, the President of the
late Chicago Convention, the native Virginian* who
was, with Taylor, a Jeffersoulan RepubLisan of - the
old sehool,• who is, with Taylor, a Whig bat not
an ultra Whig, and who, with Taylor, elicits and
asks for no office, as Posunaater GeneraL
John J. Crittenden, at Kentucky, who will not
accept the Premiership, and who is beloved by all
who know him, as AttorneyGeneraL
Daniel Webster, of Massachusetts, as Minister
to England.
William C. Rives, of Virginia, as Minister to
France. He would, however, make an excellent
Cabinet Minister.
William C. Preston, of South Carolina, as Mins
inter to Spain.
George Evans, of Maine, as Minister to Russia.
Valiam H. Seward, of New York, as Minister to
PrussiHe a nry W. Hilliard, of Alabama , as Minister to
In a former letter, I nominated the Hon. John C.
°lark, of Western New York, as a suitable Clerk
of the next House of Representatives. Many
Whig friends suggest the nerve of the Hen. Alex.
ander Ramsey, of Penosylialga, is a mot South.
ern man than Mr. Clark; and some suggest, that,
inasmuch as the Hon. Roben C. Winthrop, na da.
sachuscus, will unquestionably be reelected Speak.
er, it will be no more than fern and just, In the way
of honorable compromise, that a more Southern or
Western man than either Mr. Clarkor Mr. Ramsey,
afiould be elected Clerk.
*How this may be, I who have no sectional pars
tialities, know not; I only know that the prospect
of Mr. Thomas J. Campbell's reselection as Clerk
is not supposed to be probable.
In the above arrangement Pennsylvania is very
unceremoniously lest out of the list. Being one of
the largest and most important States, and having
given the muting vote in favor of Gen. Taylor, and
having noble and true man who have long been
kept in the shade, both in the state and nation, she
feels that she is at lent entitled to some considen.
din, and we have no doubt Gen. Taylor will spa
predate her claims, however some may wish to see
her passed by. This work of cabinet making, we
Maher think Gen. Taylor will do fcr himselg and
midi is OUT confidence in his judgment that we
believe he will do it beuer, and give more general
satisfaction, than any one can for hint. The fol
lowing roma*s of the Boston Journal, are to the
pprpose, and sion tip in a strong light, if moststnit
fug trait in Gen. Taylor's character
Gee. O:enema to a jamt job
seldom e rrs, and woaderfii l of
nature. He has always evinced . 111 41* 11 7
ulectiegids agents k'r any .week—sod ALIO
undoubtedly thermion why ammo him. always
attendedida kips, to chitaidng his tools to wad,
with, "fear, favor or affection' have no influence on
his mind. If he finds the right man, he asks not
if he mines from the North or the South—from the
• Mamie States or the Western wilderness. Thia
• seuin 4 t the im
Aksta:azia'=',4thr'bfNy , ,
1q1,0 4 he lefi the
cot 4Pr kio *MO to 2Pen bilneutuntieation
/2141141,1 b4 11 .1 14 ft ingtViiiiek.arthe 4itt apemen
gatiikoraiknajoe, korati oflirtirachusetts, an at
first whited experidnina dicing*, skill and pro*
dance, he knew he could repose full confidence.-
- • .• • hewtehedtetrad,a•mesaeegerthrwgh the
ranks of tbe enemy with important mitZgenee, the
Texan Ranger, Walker, was selected ; this work
was acmimpliskied. When he resolved to carry by
atonii,tl w . beights , and-batterieantldcunerey. he
.placed at the head of ttei4det column or nuatill,
the iretranVorth, anotherillitiVercif Maisacturietts
—who halides being a brave and able officer, had
teatime sort to retrieve his reputation as well as to
gale enduring fame. '• • -
Gender' Taylor in these and itmumerable other
balances, has +Mown that he possums" wonderful
power of estimating the true character elan indi.
lidera—end we think that he may be safely en.
treated With the appointment of the Heads of De
partments under his adirdidatration. He will no
doubtedly select a good Cabinet--in doing which
he will probably pay little regard to sectional eon ,
sideratione and may greatly disappoint thole many
kind friends who are so eager to relieve hint riffle
trouble and responatbaity of appointing his own
The siege and capitulation of Vienna, is the
moat interesting news of this arrival There does
not seem to have been any very revere fighting,
except with the Hungarians out side the walla,
and the city is 11113 greatly injured. Prince Win
diagram appears to have firmly and steadily drawn
his coils around the city, until it was pressed into
a submission. The fighting was mostly with de
tached parties of workmen and students, who
Sought with great desperation and the loss of life
is considerable. On entering the city the imperial
general imposed upon the town several conditions,
which were assented to by the council; First. A
huge i m perial Austrian standard to be hoisted
above ahem upon the lines. Second. All can
non and other implements of war to be surrender
ed. Third. All money, treasure, and account
books to be given up. The council were given
0 . 11 8 p. m., of the 30th, to assent, on pain of the re
neural of the bombardment. People, students, and
Wait:KMl guards vied with each other in casting
away their arms and in in flight, so
that when the Croats stormed the Aida, where the
last defence was made, in lieu of finding it gain..
soned by the students, they only encountered a
hundred or more of armed populace, many of whom
fighting desperately and refusing to surrender, were
ant down or hung.
The etreeta in the meantime were strewed with
arms, and the most active leaders sought safety in
all daemons. But many of them will probably
be captured, as a severe search was ordered, and
the gates, walls, and suburbs, are so strictly guar
ded that no one can escape or even quit the place
withott being examined. The most violent resis
tance was made at the Sul es barracks, but
nothing could resist the ardor of the troops, and be
five night fall the imperial flag waved over every
portion of the city. -
- -
A report that Messra Rothschild*, of Paris, Were
about to liquidate their armlet, owing to the events
of Vienna, and the threataing aspect of affairs in
Par* bee doubtless contributed to an alarming de
clue in the French fund.
The three per cents have fallen since last week
aa low as 40, and the fiva,per cents to 63,50. A
considerable reaction in prices has since taken
place, and the latest price on Wednesday of the
three per cent. mils 12 frac.; the five per cent.
General Cavawane this time has provided a suf
fietent military force to pin down any attempt at
disorderi but the red repahliean. socialists, and
communists have collected all their fighting toes
Caunsldiere is reported to he in Paris, and amidst
the complete dislocation of all parties, with the ap
parent certainty of Louis Napoleon'. triomplund
election, a fearful juggle seems imminent
Oa Thursday three per cents closed at 42,40.
The five per cent. 64.90. The portentous fall in
the French funds, says the Liverpool Times, will
convey to our distant readers a more certain indi
cation of the approaching convedaicom in France
than even the admonition ague!! an event, which
we have found ourselves compelled weekly to
place upon record.
The constitution of France bas now received the
final sanction of the National Assembly. The En
glish press proclaims its fears that the event bodes
trodden evil consequences. Wilmer &Smith say.
the accounts of the Bank of Paris only furnish con.
tinned proofs of the deplorable diminution of trade.
The aceonntof the government has (alien to the
inconaderoble sum of £70,000 sterling, and the
prices of the funds are lower then at any period
since the revolution.
The Presidential election will be a fierce con.
test Every day brings fresh confirmation of the
Won that the struggle will be between Gen. Cav
simian and Prince Louis Bonaparte only. Catnap
nac in wading his emissaries into all the depart.
menus to intrigue for his election.
The party 0f ,,, M. expense. open distrust
of bo th dal M. Thiers plainly says that the
undecided policy orGaveigerac, which sets to be
moderate whilst leading to red republicanism,
spires 111) confidence. The majority are evidently
wish Louis Napoleon at present He observes •
discreet silence.
No kwertbanlso,ooo troops and national guards
were to an int at the proclamation of the
don in Paris, the day (:Bowing our Luna advice.,
and the streets of the Capital nod environs were
ur.014 enaisurkLAsa
Ms country hasa;Wao bat ded into a state of
ordinary tranquility. *dated outrages, as in the
I Mltfy t t u rifftut g ni et itesitei l iegrille . Paricift
and their starving tenantry C still waged with un
relenting aitteniess, but upon the net! amigos
of politico there is scarcely • ripple
The remval of the report that negotiate:ins have
been opened at Madrid for the °masa of the island
of Cuba to the United States, has attracted the ati.
tendon of the London loartrals. Wilmer & Smith
doubts the truth of the reporta, and saps that if the
people and government of the United State, be as
urine as oundv. they will pause before they
Mink of adding Cuba to their already out and
motley unommied territories.
We think says the Times, the evils resulting &Om
the occupation of Cuba by the United States almost
as pot of as those of holding Mexico itself.
Northern Italy and the whole of Lombardy is
plycarded with a proclamation of Mazino, which
begins than
•National bustrrectuni—Central
horn was sounded to the name of God, and the
people rise. Lombards, rise and advance. Let
insurrection spread with the rapidity of thought.—
Let the trkohwisd deg float from the summit of the
Alps—from mountain to monntain—rmul one vie.
tory shall be assured from one and of Italy to the
other. God and the people War on Austria'—
Long live Italy one and free!"
The details axe all eat forth for prosecuting the
Genoa was on the 29th inst. In full insurrection.
The troops were called out and ready to act. The
arrest of a poster of placards was the cause of
the disturbance. The windows of the guard house
were demolished with stones. The civil guard
interfered and fired on the people. Rendezvous
were fixed for the evening. Thin is an echo ofthe
movement in Tuscany:
The Frenoh have granted • supply of 20,000
=aka, to the Sardinian government.
The withdrawal of Count Moltke, as president,
from the Schlceswig Holstein commission, would
appear, as if Um Danes were desirous of conceding
something for the sake of peace with Germany.
Still they are assembling huge knees In Bohlen.
wig, and making preparations, showing a detarmi•
nation to abide by their claim to the Duchies. •
Moe= Mawr, Lonnxut, Nov. 3.—The money ,
market is easy. In the British stock market there
has been some fluctuation, tending immune On
Thunder, November 9, there was not mach bald.
peas transacted in the funds, but prices closed firm
at an advance oil per cent., consols leaving off at
Bfil for money and account.
&ran or Tasns—Trade in the manunimming
districts has been stead) during the week.
At Manchester the demand for cotton goods is
not extensive, but prices are well maintained.
The stock of bullion in ill" Bank of England
vaults, in ball department*, amounts to £J2,282,.
443, and has been slightly increased during the
last week
News from Santa F.
Sr. Lome Nov. 24th.
The steamer J. M. White, which arrived to day
from the Missouri river, brings intelligence from
Santa Fe up to the 18th ultimo. General Laneamd
escort bad arrived, and would remain a few days
before proceeding to Oregon. All well.
The times were dull at Santa Fe, and goods sell.
Mg at very low prima.
Col Washington, the military commander, had
arrived, and was well received. He was already
making suitable disposition of his tomes.
The people in convention adopted a petition to
Coogrees asking for a speedy organization of a ter
ritorial civil government, and firmly protesting
against any dismemberment of their territory.—
They do not desire domestic slavery ,within their
rorders, and ask to be protected from its introdoc.
lion among them.
Kg Carlson was met on the 24th ult. at Whet.
stone with an express for Oregon. The Indians
along the mute are peaceable.
Census of Cleveland
Abstract of ala elatIMClllllOll of the residents of
the City of Cleveland, taken October, DAS, by J.
ft.,Cinnu.sannat and D. litarturc
First Ward ----MS
Second Ward 1793
Third Ward 1959
7076 6563
Teo awe lats... 575
Whole population '14,234
It appears by the New Orleans papers that Mr.
aifibrd. Oar hilallll,llo Mexico, bas retureed borne
fisr the parpow of Vatting his family, end mat e ..
castes the duties of his station in the
m city
of Mexico hi at o, next. Mr. C. arrived in
..Waahington evecing. Mr. KeThilt, late =dog
tW st Mexico, accompanied hi
atilt Mediae minicar, Senor deli Ram, aid
saitik(aavetnenainiiatoherjanivid to the KWh.
ern boat hut evening at Washington, and leek
zoo/neat Watud's Hotel—Bah. Pal
Correspondence of the Putsbarett casette
11 -, elw Atfatenal
f4I excfrK*TenutOr
Aelnelktrann4 via*, of am* mpr.lfia
leni9**d handlop444 l .
Nefeirhave beentnaderitt
105 f, and ci-the fundeedebt, at 105 13108f,which
is cot only • handsome advanee r but a price : that
antddes •k.l 4 s•of the &a kaa to sell oat at
profit., ta a steady , dement!! bar fo reign
. .
and holders of the loan are very clamorous
in stating that fact, to induce i farther ladwume, for
it is morally certain that a steady *mad for Eu
rope will 110 t only advanre the price of the loan,
but throw into the country an amount of capital
that will advanceother stocks, regulate the rate of
foreign bills, and give an Impulse to trade gene
Against thin foreign demand the only drawback
is in the uncertainty that exists ne to the state of
the Treasury, whether there is "surplus, as claimed
by the Secretary, or whether the next Congress/
must not ask for a new loan. Bergamot Undoubt
ed information and friends of the Secretary are fah'
ly certain that all the official proclamations of a
bidance mean nothing but an effort to help the
oreditorm of the government to sell off their slock,,
and that the extension of time given In which to
pay th e iamalu te m s , wail a matter of neoemity tod
the buyers of the loans, and not because the Tree. I
Bury was full. The contents of the port folio of
the retiring minister In looked for with much rote. ,
rest, for in his department is to be tband the mune
of all the misfortunes that have fallen upon the
trade of the catmint. The people east of the
mountains em rife for a change in the tariff, and
unless effectual reform is Introduced there, will feel
that all our success at the ballot box late been for
l i
The moat eminent merchant of N. York, Jona.
than . Goodhue, died this morning of a disease of
the heart. When it is said that he Is the mat em.
inert merchant of all that this great city holds, we
do not suppose by this that wealth alone is the test.
His claim to this rank is bused upon a noble krun.
donors—that of the most unimpeachable honor, ,nan d
a pnvate character that has never been sallied by
even the breath of suspicion. By common con
sent his fellow merchants here long regarded his
decisions as a law more binding, and more in
cordance with the rule of life, than any opinion
given by the members of the bar. Mr. Goodhue
was a native of Salem, Massachusetts, and remise
el his commercial education in the house of Wm.
Gray, of Boston, than whom no American mer
chant enjoyed a higher tame. The teaching, of en
eminent is master were not lost upon the pupil,
who, at his death stood at the head of his class is
New York, in point of ability and honor, and with
few superiors in point of wealth, the reward of a
life of honest industry.
The Clergymen yesterday preached a eerie" of
. 00 ngrattihmiag the people upon the ter
mutation of the Mexican War, and some of them
upon the election of General Taylor to the Presi
dency. It may be noticed that there was an au.
suet heartiness in the whole celebration of the old
tune honored festival, sod we may hope that the
country is in prospective, if not at preaent, in •
more desirable mate than last year. In connection
with this, amay be noticed that a city paper men.
tons the very successful first appearance of •
young lady, not at the Italian Opera House, but at
'Gnu. Church'—the other ultra feehtenthte realm
of the gay wand. Protein:anal Marrs now look
to the church choirs far a pan of their Income with
as mach coolness as they look upon the opera, and
the Muter at the open can hear, next Sabbath, the
same mice that delighted hum when in the glare
and dress of an opera house. Such • coarse as
this would shock the nice feelings of • community
not hardened as are the people of a city like that;
bat here the attendant, of many climax* would
be shocked at the revere. They oast not only
attend the house of prayer, in a coach with livened
servants, bat they must hear the gamed teaching
in a church dazzling with architectural embellish.
manta, is company with others, whams only motive
he attendance is kind in the tact, that all that eon.
regattas ride to church, remilendant with the am
of the milliner and jeweller. Weatey orlohn Knox
might preach with all their power across the street,
and never draw a single auditor from some of our
churches, whose attendants would be shocked at
hearing the plain truth, told in the straight Seward
manner of the olden time.
All market. close dull Ash-45 g7ita3e 121 c
kr Pot. and Pearls Couon—Salm of 1500 bales,
at fall rate. Four—Salsa of 15.000 blists at 11.5.311
for good brands for the assure trader choice Mi
nas Wheat. 115 e; Genesee, IPA- Mixed Cora,
67c, and hem northern round. 721rttic Aye, Plc
852; Provisions—Prime Pork 50 l2fd&9 18, and
1112 56 for Mess Beef—Mess, 59 15610 12l cm;
Prune, $5 73 30 Wads sugar cared Shoulders, Ste:
150 bbls new Lard, 2e. Butter and Cheese dull.
Irtery of a Sailor.
Four ears a, I left the port of Boston, tbe mas-
ter of a h oe ship go bound fur I was worth
ten thousand &Lima, and v. the husband of •
young and handsome wife whom 1 Wid married
lux month. bekne. When I left her, I Oomised
return to her in los thin • twelvemonth-1 took
all my money along with me, sere enough to sup.
port my wife in my absence, for the purpose of Ord
At= Vs i ' l sie7; acom Oti t ptarentrs IFtga m l
Irm when in the Chins Ws • Lenible Sto•a• ••1..
upon ua, ao that in a abort tune I taw the yawl
inner be be a k* lireareee dritUir w‘a_._l36
tunrowsr e amass man to prove.
each dor himself, in the test possible manner, and
forget the ship, as it wat an =possibility to save
her. We meek--a tea threw ma upon. the lock
senseless, and the next would have carried me
back into • watery grave, had not one of Meowing
'lVme further up the rock.
. were ,nly dour ores alive, and, when
mornieg came, we found we were on a =all um
intuablied Wend , with nothing to eat but the wild
fruitcommon to that portion of the earth. I will
not distress you by any aocOacit of oat aufferittga
there su ffi ce to !Bay [hal tee remained sixty dap
before we could make onrselves known to any
ship. We were taken to Canton, and there I had
to beg ; for my money was at the bottom afthe sea
and I had not taken the precioniou m have it W
I was nearly a year before I !rood • chance to
COMO borne, and then I. a capratn, was obliged to
ship aa a common sailor' It was two year* from
the tune that I lefl America that I lands 4 in Houton.
I was walking in a hurried manner up one of its
urgent, when I met my brothenin•law. He could
not speak, nor move, but he groped my hand, and
the tears gushed from his eyes.
"Is my wife sliver I asked.
He said nothing.
Then I wished I had perched with my ship, for
I thought my wile was dead ; but ha very won
.She in alive."
Then it w. my Wm to cry for joy. He clung
to me, and said
'Your funeral sermon has been preached, for
we have thought you were deed for a long time."
He raid my wife wan living in our cottage, In the
Inferior of the State. It was then three o'clocit in
the afternoon, and I took a train of can that would
carry me within twenty-five miles of my wife.
Leaving the cars, I hued a boy, though it was
eight, to drive me home. It was shout two o'clock
in the morning when that sweet little cottage of
mine appeared in sight. It was swarm, moonlight
night, and I remember how like a heaven it looked
to me. I got out of the carriage and went to the
window of the room where the servant girl slept,
add gently knocked. Sheopened the window, and
asked, "who wu there r
"Sarah, do you know me r" said 1.
She screamed with fright, (or she thought me a
ghost, but 1 told her to unfasten the door and let
me in, for I wished to see my wife. She let me in
r ave me a light, and I went up Italia to my
wifes room. She lay iileepiegiraietly. Upon her
bosom lay our child, whom I had never seen.—She
was as beautiful as when I kilt her, but I could see
a mournful expression upon her face.—Parhael 1
she was dreaming Gr. me. I gazed fore long time
—I did not make any noise, kw I dared not towake
her. At length I imprinted a soft kiss upon the
cheek of my child. While doing it. a teardropped
from my eye and fell upon her cheek. Her eyes
opened as clearly as though she had not long been
sleeping. I saw that she began to be frightened,
and 1 laid
"Mary, it la your husband!"
And abe clasped me about my neck and fainted.
Bet I cannot describe to you that scene. She is
crow the happywife of a poor men. lam etudes',
oring to accumulate a little property, and then !sin
leave the sea forever.
lb Ow Editors of the Pittaburgi Gasettec
The proposed tunnel through Boyd's Hill, In
Stevenson street, should be credited to our 157.1:14.
lent Regulator R. E. McGowan, and to our Second
street Commissioner, Wm. ThothMiton, they having
called the attention of your humble servant to it
1101111 e time since. It presented to my mind &vont
ale impressions, and I have only seconded the mo
tion to present the subject to the public at this
time, and by the advice of several individuals in
the neighborhood, have urged a survey, draft, and
estimate to be made for inspection and (emaciate
hon. Application will be made to Councils for the
right of way to occupy one hallo( the aforesaid
Stevenson street at the mouth of the tunnel, which
will be neatly on a line with the Catholic p ave
yard. Several thousand dollars of stock is already
engaged to be taken as soon as the charter Is o b.
tained. RespectAilly,
Ton Missmo Gut. hLuurrrsSerra.—The New
York Tribune nays a police Wee Mama) hoed_
redsin that city has been indefatigable for weeks
in endeavoring to obtain same clue to the sodden,
mid-day disappearance of this young lady, but to
vain—not even a trace of her have they bloomer
ed, not • suggestion are they able to offer to her
unhappy parents, m aid abet recovery. It adds
In the multitude of Woolens made akar Miss
Smith, it has been ascertained that them are other
families in the samo altuanon with hcr parents—ot.
tarty onabletrotwoount km the sudden abstraction
of • favorite child and altogether at a loss what to
do to flnd her. The writer of this snick, omens
ponied one of the tildermentu a pace daticq or
hoed quarters, while in searchLoadisa Stalthi end,
bean, drat time In his lifsaaw the book wherein in
recorded the etatisticlitlieholm* of pntedinitidui'ied criminal amignation, yew
quitters of th ins., reactants, dm. in the wait
1. 11 70111713)
F. Mulkey Ati-**thgtiter• caithikamh
Lewis A. obi*SlD keen= id.:the Coroner's
Jury, who erstathst Lin tbe dawned; cils•
served a woilainaxtbeeight °honk; Dr. Armstrong
had is probe about font inches king, with which he
praised the wound, it was a little mirved at one
eno,.and the probes sraa knotted nearly the whole
length; saw the deceased alter he was disinterred;
at the time of the 'examination of Maakey before
the Coroner's jury the pawner sand be was ;allow
ing the man, who ran to the edge of the water and
appeased to take up a stone, when he shot him.
Outs Examined: Mulkey said the deceased
bad assaulted him, and hocked him down once
Or twice; that he had seen him peeping into a key
bale, and that he went to him and asked him what
he was doing there; that he ran away and prison.
ar followed ham and shot him as already stated;
that Maakey thought deceased was taking to the
river to escape; said that this man took a stick from
Re... Examined: Saw Mankey several times neat
morning saw no wounds on him; he said they both
had a scuffle and kit together.
Daniel Mitchell, a watchman stated he had
heard Markey silion the morning the affair hap
wined, that he aaa another man bad bad • scuffle;
that he had gone to arrest this man; that the man
he attempted to arrest was either about to
drink the milk, or was sneaking about the house;
that Monkey asked the man what his business wits
there; that the man replied "what was his bust.
Imes" that Mangy told him he wan a watchman,
and he must go to the watch house; that he caught
him somewhere in Liberty st., and in the scuffle
blanker knocked him down and best him could.
wady and then ran away down Liberty street, to.
wards the river; that he, Mulkey, nut after him
and overtook him a second time; that after he got
loose the first time, he fired at him; that he' over
took him a second time and that the man knocked
him down and White beat him again; that he got
loose from him and run again towards the river,
andhos abet at him a second time; the lag be saw
of him he wan on the ferry boat; he said they had
fumed in the river 6.1 r him and they could not find
him (kg I understood several watchmen went) and
W they saw of him wee his hat in the river; he
said he thought the man might have been drown.
ad; that be perhaps attempted te swim the river.—
Said he gave him 'lone good load;" thought he had
hurt bim the last time; that he had abet at hint be
' bre he got down to the river; Mulkey said be
dld'nt know but what the man wanted to steal the
milk; that he had had him in the watch house once
before; witness hod seen the man Monkey des
scribed, but did not know he was dead.
James Woodburn deposed that be lived in the
home at the point; on the morning spoken of
heard some one cry out several times in German;
his wife said he was crying be "help, be had ■
thief in the river;" beard a shot after the cries; has
an indiatinet recollection of a shot before than got
up and went down stairs, saw Messrs. Lee, Fitch.
Foarkr and Others there; went on to an unfinished
ferry boat, saw a hat in the river, a kW feet from
the boat and shout two thirds of the length of the
boat from the shore; Monkey was hunting for the
man, seemingly much excited, and said he had
either crossed is lone's twat or swum the river;
they searched all along the him; some time after
saw the body in the over a little below where the
cap had been band. (Tiers the witness dinenbed
the appearance of the body, the wounds, dc.c.) The
countenance was blue, but won turned as in most
caws of drowning Markey was angry because
witness did not come before to mist him; dee..
ed had moved to the other side of the river a few
weeks before; Mulkey appealed to regret that
White had escaped, that he picked up the cap and
said he had got that much at any rate; when wit.
etas got there about fifteen minutes after the shot.
it was grey daylight and Jones' boat bad nearly got
across the liver.
Nelson Jones, Ferryman, remembered the morn
ing of the 12555 of August, heard dieturixece;
thought somebody was stealing • yawl to come
across, beard a pistol shot and beard somebody cry
` , l'm shot—l'm sitar" shortly after that, heard an
other shot, somewhere ebout Penn st, the wes
about 4 &cluck in the mortung, • very 6411 morn
lag, wes on the other• side of the river, the time
between the two shots was very short, not doe
Mr. Woodburn was here recalled, end deposed
that when deceased was brought Into his carpen
ter's ahoy., he was Weeding at the right ear and
Robe, and to not sure that he was not bleeding at
o. ruder—Lives in the tourth house form the
poirdi runembers the meraingof she Ithb of Aug.
ink hearda man malaria a emu hollowing--•
diatleaning kind of hollow—opened the window,
beard a man say "assistance—come down—help
—a thief in the water' doestoot recollect whether
the shot was fired before the man celled for usu .
awe; but my impressum is that it we, before--
Heard bet one shot—hollowing continued both be
and alter the shot; habeas...the firing the voice
seemed to me to be either on, or at the end of the
bury boat; put on pantans and boots and went
down, and in company with-Mr. Lee went to the
edge of the water asked him what was the mat
ter, said • man was in the water, be was an old
thief—he knew be was; be said the man knocked
him down, and then he ishot and be "knock me
down again, and I shoot again"—did not say where
the matt was when he shot him—this wits before
daylight in the morning, between three aad four o'.
- • • •
clock, Mackey said he knew be had given him
one good load—he appeared to be much out of
breath, as If he had been running.
Robert Lee swore—Lives in the fah house from
the point of the abort wits awakened by the crack
of a pistoL Got op to the window. Heard a Ger.
man voice. Could bear scuffling. German voice
culled "murder: While putting on clothes, beard
a second shot. When witness got 'dawn to the
street, Mackey was at the edge of the water, and
mid he bad ■ thief in the water. He said that
White went into the over, declining down about
ten feet below the ferry boat. After hunting it lit
tle while,.eome one saw the cap. Witness said to
Mackey that ha could not be a good shot, or he
would have stopped him. ?donkey replied that
"begot one load." He had arrested him because
be looked Into ■ milk bucket; that White had
"made him down twice." Mackey appeared es.
cited, and talked about the scrape. Had seen
White several times.
Crew Etramined—lt wen not more then a minute
between the flring of the two Mote—certainly not
more than fire minutes.
Wm. Nixon, of St. Clair township, crossed the
ferry on the morning of the 12th Auguat. About
halfway between Penn and Liberty streets, new
two men corning down from Liberty sweet, One
wan a watchman; ha had hold of the other men by
the braes; mess not calling for assistance, just gets
tins day 4:ht; shortly after beard that a man was
Owen Hannigan and William Lee were next
called, but aid not teddy any thing in addition to
the other witnessed
Henry Beatty works on Jone'akrry. On the 12th
Angus% eller coming back from the second trip,
had conversation with Monkery. He asked us if
we had seen a man in the river, we told him we
had seen no man. He said there was a men run
in the river; said he was coming down Liberty st.i
and saw a man go up to a door and look into a
milk bucket; went to him and asked him what he
woe doing-, the man mid he was not doing any.
thing-, watchman says you need'nt tell me no lies,
far I seen you at the door; said I know you, and
you must pi with me to the watch house; said be
took hold of him, but he was too strong for him,
and threw him down; when he run from him down
towards the lower landing; says, "I gave him one
barrel;" near the landing he caught him again. but
he was too strong for him, and he threw him down
• second time; that he broke away from him, and
he shot the other barreL I understood Monkey to I
say that the man run aboard the new ferry boat
after the second shot had been fired; that the man
ran to the caber end and jumped into the river.—
He asked if we did'nt pick the man up. Saw
White the evening before. Came on board our
boat, but did'nt go over.
James Riley—Saw Mr. White on the morning
of ths 12th August, &lurid him with a string by the
arm; he was floating in the water, I and another
man pulled him out of the water on to a board.—
Blood was flowing out of has mouth and from the
aide of his Giza
Charles Roberts, Capteth of the Watch—M, u t
he 12th August, the coy watch were-discharged,
r rather le their teats, about o'clock in the
morning: Hawkey was flat at roll can that morn.
imp did cot see him mad somewhere about Its
Vela* the city does not furnish watchmen with
fire mute, nor 'authorize them the use them.
).EdwardWhite,eon of the deeeesed-4tenth ,
the wonting of the 12th of August; Smut his flaw
er an the bank orate river, with his feet in the wa.
ex; went there atom tea o'clock in the keenocial
al311•41:11ho tight cheek,and mother
on the noiie, &min freely bete dui
wounds. Father' ; had served same time the
British Army, and was an excellent swimmer
have known him to swim lin a considerable din
mace with a man oo his back that could not swim -
Had not been more than about time weeks in this
part of the country; mother and the mat of the (am
ity are in England, except one brother, whoa here
with me, nod came to America with myself and
father, came from Lndwith Colliery, about 8 miles
from the city of Durham, in England; sailed from
New Castle, upon Tyne, in April last.
Craw Exarnseol--Father would occasionally
lake a little drink, but not an much as to hurt him;
012 the Wednesday before his death, be bad been
taking a little more then usual; have beard him
say he was a Sergeant Major Ln the army; be ,
longed to the dab Drogoorm
This closed the case km the Prosecution. Mr.
Darragh addressed the jury in opening the defence,
He 'particularly dimmed the attention of the jury
to some facts which were admitted by the Com.
monwealth, such as that the defendant was a pub
lic officer, that he was in the discharge of his duty
at the time, that the deceased was in the wrong
throughout, that he had goody abased the officer,
that the officer was a man of excellent chancier,
been In the service some nine yearn without corns
plaint, and had uniformly exhibited kindness of
manner towards those whom it bad been his duty
to arrest.
The learned counsel then directed the
jury to what he oarlaidered to be the law In the
case, and proceeded with the tesomody for the de.
The first evidence was that of Dr. Samuel
worth taken on deposition by consent. The sub.
stanoe of it was ne fellows—Examined body of do-
ceased as carefully . circumstances would per.
mit; found two wounds, one on point of nose; fol.
/owed it down to bone of upper jaw; considered it
an unimportant injury; the other entering near the
angle of the mouth, (not perforating the cheek,)
' and pursUing a course backward and downward
I to the angle of the jaw externally, to the bone.—
The last wound rough and jagged; appeared to
have been made with a slog, and bled a email green
tity, which was extmvasated blood. Had the slug
tot stopped, it would have come out of the cheek
at the angle of the jaw. Thinks this wound not
inimical to life. Appearance of body that of • man
drowned, or who had died from oppoplexy, owing
to extravasated appearance of face, and neck and
chest. The wounds of thenoelves could not have
produced death.
Dr. John S. Irwin stated that Dr. Dillworth call
ed at his office on the allernoon of the 12th of Au.
gust lasi, end risked him to examine a body lying
in the shipyard of the Monongahela river. Found
toe body lying on a board with a cloth round the
head, with other wet cloths underneath, which
were saturated with blond. On further examine.
lion, two wounds, one on the nose, made by •
small shot. to which there was a small amount oy
extravesated thud blood.—The Doctor entered in
to n very learned disquisition es to the remains why
the deceased was neither killed by the shots nor
by drowning. His opinion was that the deceased
came to his death by appoplexy, caused by partial
strangulation. It is out of our province to give
this surgical Lecture, we have given above the
main point of his testimony. Went with the view of
making a careful exaininiumn, having heard that
there was a different view taken of the cacae of
death. An appoplectic condition would be apt to
product bleeding at the mouth and ears.
John CornellUs proved that in one instance un
der Mayor Irwin's ednunistration, a man named
!Erotica, to e.upe arrest, had entered the Alleghe
ny nver at Piu street, sod swam over to Smoky Is.
land, with a heavy overcoat on hint, In February or
March. when the water was very cold and pretty
high, and has escaped from three or four men
who were in pursuit of him. He was a small
delicate looking men.
Wm. Fife proved another instance of a similar
character in which a man was nearly drowned in
swimming the Monongahela to escape arms',
E. W. Cook proved that this practice had not
been uncommon.
Gabriel Adam., EM., Mayor of the city. knew
the defendant. He had kumerly been a winch_
man On the morning of the 12th of August, the
defendant came to his aloe. At the ume this
event happened, burglaries were,very rife—indeed
they were so during the rummer, and until latelY.
On that nocannt I cautioned the police to be more
vigilant During the time he was under my super.
vision, I thought defendant faithful MM. Them
na We:elution of duty that I know of Had
leers of =WPM fkoeirOta r io ILFZurmiy"'"
elks being a quiet, peaceable chisels. White had
once been in the watch house--a abort time beim,
this occurred. He was brought in for drunken.
Quotes Roberts, Captain of the Watch, saw the
body of deceased on the morning of the occurrence
Had seen same person in the watch house et [chi
or ten days hefom that. Was brought there by
Mackey and two on three other orstchmen,aboot ten
or eleven o'clock. Could not say the man was ve
ry drunk, but he was under the influence of
quor. Has known Mackey on the watch near
three year. As much as witness knows, he has
been one of the most faithful in duty, and the
most moderate in making arrests; never beard
but one or two complaints of him—one was for
being rather slack in his duty; sever beard any
complaint for violence before this; gave him a good
character otherwise.
Mr. Irwin asked a number of questions of Mr.
Robeor, relAtive to the comparative extent of the
city sow and nine years ago; also so to the coud
putative number of unoclunen now and then.—
The city had been increased by four wards, there
had only been one more watchman added. As
sistance, for that reason, would be .low in getting
to the bank of the river.
Jun. Blakely, Esq., had known defendant some
fifteen years; never beard anything against hie
character u a citizen. With ,one exception of
his getting into an affray, some seven or eight
months ago; never heard anything splint him till
thin affair.
Lieut. CoL Whitney—Waa a member of the
Council when defendant was placed on the watch;
came with an excellent chancier.
John Solon, Timothy McCarty, Modfee Voeght
-11, Nicholas Zinsemastor, Morro M12.1t13, Aorast
Haberly, Col Yost, B. &welch, and John Murphy,
had known the defondimt for various periods of
from five to twenty years, all of whom gave him
an excellent character far industry, sobriety and
This closed the case Mr the defence. Edward
White, son of the cleansed, was Men recalled.—
Stated that the blood coming from deceased's
wounds was of the natural color. Had never
known hts father to carry any weapon, or to be in
any quarrel, unless he was put upon. There was
no black blood, except a little on the cheek, the
blood coming from the wound was unmixed with
water, and was of its natural color.
The counsel for the prosecution here °Tared to
call Dr. Walters to rebut the testimony of Dr. le
win, as to the probable cause of death. It was
stated that Dr. Walters had made an examination
of the body, and would be able to rebut the pre.
sumption attempted to be created, of the deceased
having come:to his death from appolexy. Dr
Walters was accordingly sent for, but not being at
home the testimony was considered closed, and
the coon adjourned to this morning, for the pur
pose of giving the counsel oa each side a fair op
portunity of addressing the jury.
Tacna.. Discumon.—The discussion on
the expediency of invoking farther legislative aid
in the suppression of intemperance, was held by
adjournment in (the church of the Rev. N. West,
last evening. The attendance was remarkably
this-there being sot more than about eighty per.
sons present. The chair was occupied by the Rev.
Dr. Herron. The speakers were the Rev. Messrs.
Black and West, who maintained the affirmative
at the question, and Rev. Dr. Riddle and Mr. Mc.
Claren the negative. There was nothing of unm
stud interest in the-discussion.
'Hs can mu. Alm suss of vx'—This in a raze
faculty, hut we khow of no mortal who claims it,
except it be our neighbor the Journal la the Mad
column of the second page of his paper, yuteedat ,
he was kind enough to kill the poor fellow, John
Shaffer. At the commencement of the fourth, he
says he la 'still lingering.' and In the third line ot
ter, he adds, by way of postscupt—' Since writing
the above, we are sorry to bear that Shafer is dead
of his wouide—Our reporter paid a visit to this
poor haul last night, and fitutkl him ati l alive,
and able to speak, and doing as well as could be
expected under the circOnistaaces. Indeed. good
hopes are entertained of his recovery. The per
petrator of too shooting hu not been arrested.—
Shafer artui doing *ell 12 ten o'clock lut night.
•P'''.' . •',!i''.'' -. . , ,,." , .),.'_ , ..:...-1 ,
LIT Cam Paonm Massite.—if yea apish mote, sue
peseta! is any andenaking,,yoa men always Sue thus
eroper means.' Therefore, if you hare a cough, etwe
jarmat Emma" ahtli klr Fa Li=
'Means. Mare yors Amhata or wiry b
therithe cudy cadent Means to care yop la Os use
by 'o Rapecusian4which will immediately orereeme
the spasm which contrails the dmmemr of the mhos,
had and bnnp ay the mucus which clomethem
op, and thus removes every obstruction to a free rasp
Mon, while at the tame time all nitammation to sal
&led, and a cent is certain to be effected. Have you
Bronetutia, gpoung of Blood, , Pleurisy, or feet any
Pulmonary Affection, then nee Jayne'. Expectorant
and rebel I. COMM. yOU Will find that you hav•
used the proper meant.
For .ar s e Pittsburgh at the Pekin Tea St.
„ , „„
Mwu wren k u.--Gebtm Pleue to announce
the mum of Mr. lisraT Vi*“•nt, u . mailable person
(or the ogre of Mayor of ±us ray.
novl7-tu Fran W.D.
M/11 cII,LIT—MU V.I. announce th at ci haa
0. Scruir, E.q , will be a cabibilobs for noimbratou for
the office of Mayor. noedd-th Escosn
Mayoralty Of Allot;batty City
M•roaard, or 41.1.IMIZAT Ctn.—Ms. Elinor: You
+lll 'please announce the name of Mr. Jortarnss Rcan,
3d Ward. Allegheny. for the other of Mayor, sablect
the decision I , Yhig and AI/IIOIIIOIIIC Conyenuon
nor27-lor Msalr Yorancs.
Maio]. or ALLSOIMIT Crts.-11t. Editor: Yon will
please aitootatee the name of Will BOYD, 34 Ward,
allegbeay, as a candidate for the GlBce of Motor. Mr.
Boyd, if elected, would make lut wive and elfieten
o(Meer. and is well qualified to disah=the duties a
that post. atiataidtara. Crrima.
Tmti.vaz —A strong array of talent will be pro.
vented this everung in the Tragedy:of Macbeth.
Mr. Addams appears as Macbeth, Mrs. Lewis no
Lady Macbeth, and Mr. Oxly as Mscduff:
Mr. A's Vag:nine hmt evening mss ably sus.
Mined, and elicited much applause from the large
audience present
TNvrrE Country Merchants and other. to an coarni
-1 nation of their Wiwi, which is one.of the largest
to be found in any establishment in the country, and
coexists of very desirable and seasonable gos, ox.
prosily adapted (as 141 sae and quality) to Western
sabre. Prices will compare favorably with those of the
East. Terms liberal. nol4v-dlat
111111 E.
E undiNtsitn ed, A.gueoes in Hankreplay HT m Wadeplayof
, will by virtue of an order Bout the
District Coen or the Coned States. lo and for the Eas
tern Distnet of Pennsyleante, expose to public. sale at
the Coon Houtve in the city of Piusburgh, on Monday,
the thld day of January, 1d49, at he hour of 10 o'clock
or and day, the property of William Wade, a bank.
rupt, consisong of an undivided Interest ere member
of the late firm of kl'Clorg, Wado & Co., in the real
estate and personal property of Lagrange Forages, in
the comity of Lawrence, State of Ohm, held and ear
ned on by the rant of Hurd, Firmestown & Co., m
which the firm of !Welt:Ty & Co. are conveners, and
which cost the 1.11 mentioned firm about twenty-two
thousand dollars. In report, (vie.) of commissioners
valued at MOO; The east half of the north west quar
ter of seetton Three; the north west, moth west, and
south east gunners, and the west half of the north east
quarter of section Four the north 13181, south west, and
south east quarters, and the east half or the north west
quarter of section Pine; the east half of the smith ease
quarters of section Seven; the whole' of section Eight;
the whole of routine Nine, and the west half of the
north east quarter of bOtlolll Twenty, all in Teravoship
One Range
half of the nosh east quarter of section
Thiny-Two; the whole.of ecetipn Thirty-Three, and
west half of the south west quarter of section Thirty-
Four, all to Township Two, of Range Eighteet.
Also, all the lowest Of sold BaAkmpt"ln said firm, In
the personal property of said Furnace. Terms cash.
JOHN A BTU IiRS, 1 Attirintst •
Pittsburgh, Nov. ZS, 184 S. novl9-wirT
,m, TWO LOTS on Deaver street, in the city of
am Allegheny, above the upper Commons, on w hich
is erected a frame building, two stories high, suitable
ior two small tenements. The lota are each twenty
feet to front by one hundred feet deep, and MD back
to • street forty feet wide. The buildings on the pre.
MN. will pay • very handsome Interest on the invest
ment, and the property will he sold cheap for cash.
Apply to H. Sproul, Clerk's office; 9or to
NOTICE—The Stockholders in the Coal Hill and
Upper St_Clan Turnpike Road, will take nonce
that an elecuon will be held at the house of Thos. Al
den., on the first Tuesday of January, le4o, between
the hours 0(15 M. and 3 P hi, for the purpose of Gett
ing a President, six Managers, and a Treasurer, to
serve for one year J. M. LONG, Treas.
nor - Ster3leT
Wutungton Reporter will Insert Ike above 3 tnes,
sad send Recount to thieoffiee.
H EATON & CO,, Dealers in Trimming. rind
. H•berdashery, have removal from their old
stand to NO. al FOURTH STREET, 6 doors from
Slake, street. notea
fIOATS' tiPIX)L COTTON-3000 dos Coats' best
white Spools, la do2oo yd do black do; 216.160 200
yd do cold do; received Uns day sod for sale by the
ease at eastern prices. Y H EATON & Co,
noaa 6t lavrth .t
' t h e ridd
v AN ti al w theirformerbusiness FiN 'R —PIEA
pertinent under charge of hint Bigelow of Boinon, for
madtmg to order in latest styles, Infants' Wear,
Parks, cloaks nod Dresses, Ladles and Gents Dreaing
Garment. embroidered or moved for embroidery,
knitting, netting, crotchet work, hemstitching and ma
king neatly executed sciaN
Zephyr Scarfs, white I.lld cord; do do do embed;
Swain's down %%canoes; Elastic zephyr wirwtlets;
Swain'• down Neck Tics; lathes silk and woolen
Vesta; Swato's sawn Trimmings.
Jun received at EATON'S new Trimming Store. CJ
Fourth st. novld
F — - - - • - - -
FatedGOol:ll l —F 11 Earns I Co. are constantly
supolted with a large and c hake asvonment of
atilt flows g
and imps. valves ohne. and braids. la
ce; catnap and enabroldenes. 009.1 and homery,
mom stun; suspenders and order garment; Ilerhn
Zephyr, woolen yarns, needles, pm; holonts, tapes,
hobbm; le., all at vvlnnh they odes A . l she loarest
ieearmaa vrarakeaue,/ki *arab at, .41 market noßso
G ENT'' CLOAK TAKSELS-2 mohair Tao
do do Ladi eels, nes ..oned,assel, 3 do mik dodo ; 2do do fine do; 10
T msormtli do eol'd do do.
WOOLEN GOODS-10 do: eldidron's woolen coots:
6 do do do Cops 4. do do common; 10 dm Woolen corn.
form, assoneal; 18 do do with ringts SD do ladles Coon
mere Glove. aso'd.
LEATHER RELTS-30 doe blk Malkakia Balta. 9
do do Morocco do, a do col'd do; at
nartM ZEBULON lELNSEY'S, 67 market et
bbl. LaYering's Doable Refined Loaf, Crushed and
Pulverized Sugars, just ree'd and for sale at the Pekin
Tea Bone. 70 Fourth street, by
FINE COFFEEZ-111mha, old Gov Java, Lagnira,
St Dorninvo and EbtoCoSeee„lrou reed and tor sal
al the Pekin Tea Store, 70 Fourth st, by
novlo A JAYNES
SWEEP SHINS—t4O Sheep Skins, just read anti fo
reovlS water et
INBRED OIL-20 bbls superior Linseed Oil, bus ,
received sod for rale by
novlb WWI; & 11PCANDLESS
LFS--I2D bbl. for 'ale by
LERATUS--23 casks Cleveland Kelowna .. 1.1
able dodo; for sale by
n0v1.9 . WICK k. lI:MAN-DLO/SS
BACON SIDES-15,000 lb. coy cored Bacon, y
~ale by n0v129 WICK it IWCANDLEBB
CHEESE -141 tap prune W R Cicone, for sale by
F LOURIO bbls super* Family Floor, for gala by
ARRETT'st SNUFF-3 !ibis In store and for alde
by nosrild WICK 2r.I'd'CANDLE3S
- -
CHOCOLATE -43 by. in store and for sale by
CIOTTON MATTRASH&I — A superior article of
family and steamboat Alsttrassos, manufactured
from good cotton, well cleaned and carded; for side bs
noviN I HERSEY, warehouse 29 water st
OITON BATTINGS-300 bales family Baninc
WO do No I do, 100 do Not do; far sale by •
noses_ I HERSEY
by norms N HOLMES & SONS
C IT L , T NIYS—W"" b
rdbbl "ruttier ned La Oi
J junt read per 'te.nie r best strai
20 Wyouung; do fall on
4 10 do No 2 In more end to We b
-- • - --
INSEED OIL-12 tibia, in prima order in .an and
Lfor rale by nov2O SELLERS & NICOLS
FINE FLOUR-50 bale toe Flour, In store and co
sale by novr,V SELL9.I3 r B & NICOLS
BLACK WADDING—MO do t nava large and he•
'Y. just received and kir sale by
noel SHACKLETT dr. WHITE, 99 wood at
CANTON FLANNELS—Three bales heavy
unbleached Carron, prat received by
grGnov.Nd Bullion;o
LINBRSB—L 0o ea.c food bright 0010. jna
opened A)• no.sD'lT& WHtrE
riomFoRTE-300 dos int bZlc , 91011, and deals•
bio atyle, Just opelardsrit„ ox fale ar r a ns
KLI4E-29)bxs oream_Cborma, inn landing ham
. mr
Lake Eno, and for axle by
00m29 8 & V FIA/LBA VG H
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR-10 bbls in store and for
.ale by n0e...0 & W HARtIAIRIR
R OLL BUTTER-6 bbl. freab Roll Butter, just ...old
and for said by tiov2it 9& W HARRABGH
DYE I.IR-41 bbl. Rye Flour, liarbaugit's
branAirLstore and for sale be
C ORN HUSKS—In Stow wad for solo by
rtor..V W HA RBA UGH
P .
10 ItIETAL—,O tons Hangias Rook Plir Metal, Ito
blast, for sale by
eriado,T3r sale by
CIHRESE—IOObis to store and for sale by
—2O bblx in store and foi sale by
of eboicon brands, IBS, Ss and is lump, for sale
CITUATh hKgprigin N O Sugar, fon sale by
novis R ROBISON tr. Co
SllFlbßito - Gtiih &Ind -
Apples; to Ginseng; Ido Snakeroot; 49 bn mall
White Beans,iMs roc NI per Clipper 06,
sale by
9 MILS Fresh Roll Weer, 3 bOlo Elooreray;lTYJO
Ro" reoolved and for ord. by
noTts R ROBISON & Co
LINSEED OlL—ill bbl. &owe. k Hamilton's Lin.
rood Oil, in store and for ..le by
SALERATUS-5000 lb. 'or arul 'or MI. by
birreic w Mat PLOI: gooks bad;
udorta SEED-30 boob (or sale byy
T --
.IZ O t!; , I"`ER -I P.bVirol,brirloa sr
APPLY 2.--1 0 6bl. Wizonatzutect., &yule by
410 1 , 4111
By JIIIDD.D. Davis, Auctioneer
Thinday - iii, Nov. 311, at 10 o'clock, lit the
•••••LIVS.• Room. corner of Wand and Fifth
Stntsts,Will Iw SOW, without reserve, on credo 0160
dq. email sittathrOvor 9100. for spore. ed endorsed
2trpackaguli - Staple ay.{ I).y Good,
Just received (torn Now ,1 ork, coosuung of
49, lb. white and warted enclosed -shyest 4g;o dos
Butfingbauk white and cord spool cotton, Bid M nee•
tiles, assorted; ilk 9=lo pb.l% 4.-gross auk mull cow
and rest buttons; 360 gross fastieg buttOrtsj 7SO pott
pearl shirt buttons' 400 dot striper; rape; 06 doe white
braid; SU gross shot iantug ltlfrre/111 grog& born pan
great gross stone, 100 Von knit
ting pins.
112 card• scissors, 1F cards pen knives. 8 gr.. bar
low do, 12 pieces anion chects, 23 pea gtnghanisAnper
fine cloths, eallunteres, satinetta flannels. blankets,
pilot cloths, bleached and brawn amebas, alpacas,
castuneres, Irish linens, damask hnen table sloths,
wool.tiomforts, hoods, shawls and hdka in great vs.
At 2 o'clock.
Groceries, Qtfesoulessre. Furniture, fr.
A quanuty oracle table and pocket cutlery, gold and
silver warebea, mantel Clocks, blank book., letter and
cap arrtung paper, variety good', Carman 6triey goods,
he. noir&
Combination of Talent!
WILMOSPAT, Nomura al, mill he presented
Ist Witch
9 WS Witch
Lady Macbeth
Pu cat Dhoz • • • .
Mr. Addams.
• M r. Oxley.
•Mr. Prow.
•Mr. Atelier.
•Mr. J. Dunn.
• Miss Cruise.
Mrs. Lewis.
Miss Waller" nun Mr. Goodwsn.
To conclude with
Peter While Mr. T. Minn.
Mrs. Peter ‘Vltne ..... •• • . •• • • Miss Cruise.
QT To-morrow, Mr. Addams sad Mrs. Lewis onll
Zolkibltioa of Microscopic Objects.
this week, Prof. Smarts will give ezhibiuona
th the Oxy•lllydrogen Microscope and Magic Lan
tern, in Philo Hall.
The Instruments are of the first class, and a large
number of objects have been prepared for the Blinn. •
cope, embracing a variety of mambo and their organs.,
the animamlas which swarm In stagnant walar, in
vinegar and other liquids; the families of the -mamas
and fern, and illustrations of vegetableerne me., de
eompouoon of water, nrystallisatimt With the Lantern will be
ving Vicars, end the Chromatropc or artificial fire
The exhibition. will commence at 11 o'clock, aid
will be continued next week.
Tickets cm be bad at Me. Richardson's Jewelry
Slom, Market street—M cents n single ticket, or five
for • dollar. oweSai at
For the Recovery at Dorn .= ut d Impireperly Whit
stlement and Arbitration of Counitercial,Tnoling, and
other Debts; Securing Patents for Inventions in Ore.
Britain. Ireland, and the Colonies and Dependencies
thereon. belonging, and Negetituing for the Pur
hase or Belo of We Berne.
fIEFEELENCE may be had on application free or
charge, (provided the motive is not thatlof mere
eurirmity,i to a LISA comprtsing upwards of 15.00)
in which unclaimed property to etanding.
Also, an index to our MOM advertisements which
have appeared for the post $ll JESTS in var.. B ri ti shoewapapers, addressed to Heirs at Law and intigo of
kin. Communicator. by letterare requested to bo
poet-paid .' BENTHAII FABIAN,
way, New York.
References are permitted Brown
to Hon Charles P Daly,
Judge Court of,Common Pleas, New York.
Freeland, Smart It Co
Cartlidgn k Co.
W. t J. T Tapscon.
O. F. A. Ricketts,
Edward Schroder Eaq, Cinctnnan, Ohio.
A. Patch., Esq., Patchin Bank, Baal&
ko( street, corner of Third.
unity Fair; • novel without a HMV: by Wm. H.
Edward Vernon; My Covein's Story, by E. V. Child".
L an
dlord. Howitt's Translation of the Present and Ma
Capt. Marryatt's Children of the New Forest.
The Bachelor of the Albany.
Old Hicks the Um.; by Webber.
w ary Groves, or, the Trusting Wife, by Chas Dar-
Writhering Heights: by the author of ''.l•ne Eyre..
Toe Tenant of Wildfen Halli by the author of "Jane
EcTnyhelmr. ie - re age of his Father, Illastrsted. by the Brothers
nu Discipline of Life.
Three Sister. and Three Fortunes; or Rose, Blanche,
and Vlolen: by G. IL Lowe..
Tinny Veen Pincer by G. P. R. /ernes, Eeii
THE undersigned tniorms Ma friends and the pullho
that he intemla to remove Mon., to Was/siege.
city, where he will attend to the proaecnuon of elutes
on Congruas, and •he Departmeeta, es well in to the
haziness ai the law in all Its branches, in the several
Courts of the Mullet ANDREW IVYLIE.I,
- ______
L GaT—sappo.rd to here been
M" ltuar
Aaron Alathews, Camden. Dresden county, care oil
S. Early, New London, New fork—weight MO lbs.—
Any information respecung mod bilk; oat/ be thankful
ly received and hberMly reworded by
noytkl-Ca alonotteheta House
of the INUsbargh Gm Company have authorised
so ltddittoul sale of the Stock of aW Compa
books are now open for the 'ale ors Smiled antosart of
said Stock, to the Exchange other of Hussey. Ilium.
it Co., Fourth street JOSHUA HANNA.
vraa. Imre
repair, na L W
naming. containing 312 .pindlei etch.
One Cap Windex, eenteining dd gondJe r s, .nitable for
woollen mumfaetarer..
Put CotIon:0111, Nov i tf.Vd " Z " ' 'LEL"
Bta co d N ,o7. 7 ,o B:T, y Bacon, lanthng horn susir Hudson ...
24 water It
S U esuk a g i Po , iroc7;bi!ct2gilati Sower, D
ante by ( o r
FEATHERS --8 sacks Feathers, reed and for sale by
. C H
APPLFI4-12 bbal fine eating Apples. pad received
and for sal,. by C 11 (111.A.14T,
41 Water et
b oyERIN c Gr'S VG . A . 11.1.; 1 7 . „ 211) . e !my . . t 6.7 :.
, I dI l andin
b b y lds. in pßriTsorderiliatve-
n0w2.5 57 wood it.
kr IlikULti, WATER CORKS-600 groas.abor• •
alLPrime•xdclo, Just received and for saki by
B AT/i BRICK—WOO Just reed and for aide by'
DURLAPS-20 peon band and for aide love by
JUly novdd _ 311:12rflY & LEE
TOBACCO -14 Uwe Tobacco. Just received on eon
sigennent and for sole by
OLL nuTrER—Ln store and for male by
nolls ROBT DALZELL, le_terty st
'tag and for sale by
O ALER-A. 1119-15 tot s to store and for sale by
0 novki ROM DA LL ELL
eIOFFEE-150 bop Just reed AM for sale by
noetlt 8 I' VON BONN HOR9T k. Co
TEAS-70 packages Young Ilyson Gunpowder and
1 Imperial, for sale by
nowla N P VON BONN/1011Sr rk. Co
LABB-130 las S.lO, 40 do ISS 12, 4u do 10x.14,
c°66Uji' TrrOIS 1i1(34N !Rag'. a co
bmy FreVo! it'A;llli4Ve:"
C uh lZ2l 6°
W s
11,4' Vt:6II6O°II6IIOREST & CO
8 1.17ER-41 bbls fresh Roll Butter, for sole by
oov2l P VON BONN HORST' , Co
; , .t.LEFLATCS-10 crank s for role by
BELT IRON.-10 tons Noe tet and 00 Juniata, for
sateny =men y F VON BONNIIORBt A_Oo
S PEFLM OIL-1 ease Rinser S n perm Oil to reed
and for sale by nowt? R LIBELLERS
JMAICA ARROW ROOT -1 cs,,c , tni pesos s -
try, for sale by norzl R E nF.LLERS
C— -
HOCOLATE, COCOA, ikel.—W Baker's No Coo
taints, Baker* Cocoa Paine, No I Norfolk neural'
Chocolate, constantly on band and (or .el. by
now 27 Agu for IV Baker, Dore Loner, ItAr&a.
FANCYCiTSSIMEKESi.—Just race ivcd by A A Ma- ;
son & Co, &I Market at, a large aworunera. of the
above named goods, which they °Orr at Eastern,
wholesale prices. no HD
reed and for kale by
nov27 corner market and 3d Ha
S LIERLACK ON DIVINE PROVIDEN w" fe copies of the above work
NSTON for rale
Pout, Chronicle, Journal mud American eepy.
in oder,
TDSCAsTE--b • d r .ale by
in good order. for sale by
0. SUGAR-0 hints print, for loele
L 0.1.' SUGAR-30 bbis, email i 011,,, for Milo low by nov27 kiR 1101r0ELTREE
ACKEREI,--10u bbfir large No 3 Ma.---kerel
1 17 ;ju re c c o et FF red ix_4.,,, and for
rang and for sale by C CiftklNVT,
1 0D11511-13 WI& Corfiat for lending Eiori fo
novil7 HAGALTN tr. MIITH by
. _ _
- ----
CORCHED SALTS-13 bbla Itn~n g (
Vermont, uni.for sale by ""4" rr
C. TAIL -1'...11)
N. and for by a saUTH
nor 77
bisteceived and for sal. 1,1
,s 9511TH
IRON-300 taus Alloy o ny ,. i
Oa. an We
P 'min.( nod for !rale hy J FLOP
M"r27 Bnund Cnnrch
(LRZEN 840 COFFEY-4.1 bags tn. wcrop.) Abro
norm, daildms
l_A Co loading an& 'or eta/. by
At ity_Loyo_
81881 &Io . BS—Ctu re pod reed nnd Ibr vole by .
nor 1.1 and wood .1a
IASSIALMO routs Joe , reed kbd by
Sbbls Cbettnote. 4 do Flamed,
1 bbl Timothy Sent 3 do Roll Roller;
bashFY=r; 4 bbl 4 White Beene,
4 keg Ele , Teed and for .ate by
00h T.4.913EY & BEST
y.k;.o 1 7EY ALAN