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toots eronvaily, intended far the enmsTadcpt t 1 .113
• health of bothacies—whether a Amara from Inc ip ient
Pithisis or catty consuespuou.Dehillry of the
Bronchial Affections_Aothmit;PlerinaY , Deming=
Disordered state of the Liver,Spleen, or Kidney., Di e .
ch ., Dy s pepsia, Palpitation of the
Dean, LOPS of Muse - Ulu Of NOTTOOS Power, he. fru. •
DIL C. D. aroutimrs GUARDIAN cornea to the
immediate relief of Female. suffering rout
-- ties and an other Uterine difficulties and diseases ire' ,
dental in woman, whether oceanioned by cold, wet
iket, or usysanutartitiodisions ynposure,...and all thia
without the uso ofonelictue;' the Most 'delicate and
sensitive fivirr. any . .rnitment apply": h' herseU
wdloat dm p ess ibitity.of tocurring any . rbilt or danger;
of any auplessaut scathe analog from it, and m[th she
certainty of obudoing immediate relief.
Dr. R e news GuaMittu 'Mao Catch-penny, or one of
tt the many humbugs of Me dlayi . bat •It Is en lastrmacat
...teapot. strictly Scientific principles, In accordance
with-the laws of o
and Galvaniser, 'arid for
e durability and effieaey, infinitely ear...
everything of dm kind ever Scion. offered to thepnblie
forme relief of diseam, end, In the language of sun of
thenteat oalighteated InenOlthoday, is pronounced to
be "the greatest discovery of tbe age."
- pentad of no !eosin= fouryears Iths Demi occupied.'
• by De Barred itt bringing the (J un
lii tr4"" s
wade ot perfectient--daroig which time it bhpin
of some of fthe most eminent phyirciatus of
the North and South,anwell its lathe dwellings of au
merocufarallies. who have used (slot. all of the above
PolPuteli. with the most perfect success, and who have
_ cheerfalty gee their_
ho approbation of its
efficacy and value, as ion seen by referring to the
Manual oflostractions accompanying It.
. Dec. 11.11arrents Guardian ts secured from ionovat
thins by a patent from the United States Patent Office,
- and be had either with .or without his filedleo-Electro
The Medico-Elect. Galvanometer, In point of ben.
ty, workmanship, durability and power, cannot be sue
reseed or even equalled, and dia sabseriber feels that
tie haninds mai.; hi the assertion th at it will be foutid
possess more power and efficacy in the treatment
• ard removal of diseases, by, Galvanism and Eleetrici
ty, than any other instrument, either la the United
Slats. or Europe- The Medico-Electra Galvanometer I
ta,yrarranaad an over respect, and with common ordi.
ratty rare will last a life-ume, and is by far the ehon •
tever offered to the
th n e em b rtiermpanie ' thm. giving the most
ample inn:notions, of practical ' espenence, ad that it
readdy . laudgible lathe mind of every one, while
the • w• •ny o f arrangement issue'. that a eMld may_
Anywith it.
Any information gratuitously given, and all mamma
nice/tow cheertully answered per magi either in rela
tion tothe Electoa-Galeanameter or Guardian.
Medical men are invited to call and examine Dr Bar
restia Guardian, and test as efficacy.
For salerby H. ILICILIEWSON, sole Agent, 71 Mar.
het e, Pirmb .h. . • Agent`
LUNGS.--The unprecedented &mess which has
Uended the use of the
a all the various forms which Imitation 511" the haws as
sumes, has induced the proprietor &gam so oil mien
dam to tbis - -
The chewable weather which marks our 1I and
winter months; is always AND C a imaOUm'
GspHS ume of
These, if neciected, are but the precursors of that fell
The question, then,•how shall we nip the destroyer in
the'lntdl bow shall am get clear of our coughs and
olds? is of vital importance to the public.
will be found in the Panacea. In proof of this
we have from tune to tree published the certates of
dozens of one hest know wcitizens. who have experi
enced its curative powers. These, with • mutt of tea
Oniony froth all parts of the county,—(tons
SO:Osten of the 'Gospel, An.,.togethcr with copious noit,
lieu - from the
We have embodied in 'pamphlet form, and may be had
gratis of any of oar =cuts Mr=
ii f v i t m the country
bane been used In this city.
throughout the Uoned States and Canada, and we the
any mart
o which, ,obro lake. according to directions, and h e ,,
fine the limes had become fatally dinoeganmed, it be.
ever failed in
• Why, then, need he nelietrid Imaitatot ti by
the adoerable imeitrunt, gotten ay by. owe individ-
Rah on
tarrar.4 mime of some co I phy.
anif ;mired noterimy by certificate. r me,
eons equnlfy nnk - nifven' Mil. a medicine of
ix to be bal. wham vonetteranre nt home,—Mat neigh
bera,—mnni of witom has
• In Order tint loot invnmahle medicine may be placed
within the reach of the poor as well the rich, we have
rtt, the price at
[not one nod the neuel toil of con,gh medicines it
to, nearly every . town and village
the we, wire are prepared ID pre fall interne',
ilea relative to iv T. SALTER,Proprletor,
Broadway, Cincinnati. (Rao
OF THIS CITY, who had been af
flicted with the ardhmafor fouryean, had taken
most every thine lion physicinna constantly axles •
dad hint, and he had onponded over two thoimend dol
lars. Ho never believed In advertised medicines, but
considered them oil humbugs.' At 'last he tried Dr.
Taylor , . Balsam of Liverwort, from 73 Beekman sneer.
New York, main six weeks was entirety cared, hay.
km taken only three bottles. Thais only one of many
eases where imaginer) . objeCtions to a patent medicine
have prevented persons from using this medicine, who
have eapended hundreds of dollars to their physicians
la vain—ond in the end owe their recovery lathe inlet.
lade efficacy of this purely 'vegetable preparation.
Them is no mistake,thal thin =laid.e in null..or to
any remedy presented by medical advisers. This
medicine ins taken di Yearsto mature. and is the su
rest remedy for diseases ever introduced to tho
REVOMILitr Pints,'CooOH, AND S/1011=6 , Or Basso
Camati,-ttaffering for along time with these complaina,
I had given op r.ll hope of tning Ural - I hod consult
ed the botanic and botompadim drew,. in vain. I had
used many AmAd OD•rOrief,
despair I bad porn up the In attmethemra dear
. lag of the great virtaes of Dr. Ora Balsam of Liver ,
wort, and the great mires It tall performed, induced
me to try.~ it s and to toy ecat joy and artardshmeni, I
- was beffer continued its user raw , hi. Sof - or-
Coated Pillailanal am entirely eared. 'h . . Taylor's
Balsam of Ltveranartig the best medicine .in the world
thesecomplalnts; and wilt cans everyone
Captain oldie Nancy,of New York.
Anima Cessall have suffered from the Asthma a
very long time, and have used every medicine I could
obtain for, its care in vain, moil r tried Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort. This medicine has adordedme
most manifest benefit, and is, in my opinion, a care for
y :
us disease, more especially, es I know of
caste among my friends, where it has been high
ly succeesful. Persons interested are invited .call
atray residence for further information. • •
-MRS. S. RUTON, el 9 Lantana an.
Sold in Pittsburgh by I D Morgan V 3 Wood at; I
Toornocod, 45 Marren at; H Smysel, one Market and
3d she Henderson /c Co, 5 Liberty st Price reduced
gl „Sneer battle. jr23
B. 'A. Valli...toe Asati-13111cron PAIL.
TrCathartic compound combines smallness of
ui with efficiency. and comparative mildness of
purgative nction, nndheviog peculiar , tendency to
the biliary organs, is exuernely valuable in this coon
try, in Which talons fevers and other complain, at
tended with congvition dm liver. eo much abound.—
They here now stood die 1111 Of 29 years, and esperi.
erica has proved them to be a safe and valuable remedy
in Intertruttent. Remittent and Britons Fevers; Jaen ,
dice • 13iliousColic; Indigestion; Pram F DYsentarY
Bilious Vombauga; Colds , lat.:implants o f an In.
flammatory • diameter.. Thu complete and toliversal
satisfaction which has been gleam by thew pills to all
who bait ones used theta, tenders tie publishing of
theililllll2olll erlthe+lllll in their favor unnecessary.
To prevent counterdeiting they are now put up in a
red xylograpfa wrapper.
From 25 cents for n box containing Zapata.
Prepared and sold - lay
corner Ist and wood, and elm earner OM and wood
FUL , CT! :tifiUrolmwady, p.
From the Temperance Itaaner, Nov 81347.
Omae tiltatm—We are not in the habit of=g
mach /ea taking patem
o meommetui Morgan'. Slrop to three who are attliet.
sod with a eough.• Alter hams tried the mai rem.
diesio remoeemeonstant and distressing cough, ,that
hod - for several daps trNieted one of our children, with
ard Innosaymre were induced to try! lorgim , s rough
mop, and op it roller was. obtainmi to Akm hours. It
permed to be the panacea 111 thin case at least
Prepared wholesale and retail by proprietor,
JOHN II !(ORGAN Draggiat
lisb7 wood et, door below diamond alley,
A. fit42,,T4';'lll.,"Lrf , all o
Consenaption,Brouthith,Asdreasond other Puna..
sufbiracticassos tbat the same persons wbormemermed th•
wo of it in. their freallies ten rm. ago dill prefer t
other remedicsof thakind;akrbnmay heew teme
to try Weer preparerame tbey hire almost Invariably been
dbleppointed reCetTing the benefit which Ina reasonably
reltbafrone the blab poises heateeed theeproprletore,
MI hew returned to the use of JAYNES' KMOTOILLITT, IL•
• rentedy that bat never tailed to relieve diem sad wheel,
probably weer bad its equal to &ermine" radmettat7 Mamas
Prepared only by Dr D. Jayne Pellidelphla, and-sold co
"rsALLEV'te. PALI EkrItACTOR will, le Ave
owe from Mae et AA application, remove the
pains from the bums scalds OT blisters,
and will heal wounds,. elecn ar;el soma of any kmd
Without ilenT. Thu valuable Pain Extractor can be
bad of JOHN. D MORGAN, Dmggisl,
No PA IVood etreet,
.olt, Agent 101 Western Penna.
UST IiF,CFAVED AT W. wcwrroc ws, 7 piece.
JOrrurgit, very rich colore and good patterns and
very <heap. flu-5 Fourth et. tiets
SDDLII BAGS—Just rce'd, I dozen Inds. Robber
Saddle Senv. a soperior article, Al the India Rub
bar Dep0t,N0 .. ..; Wood aced J& H PHILLIPS
ROMP YiPLOW-3 Chrome low
1 N.!.1e by . , °c 2 JOHN D MORGAN '
111---ilollE76l.6lilili-,1--aiienupero:mum One
w. •
, Boiler, 60 ag und•
r bbl. Peeked JO; 17 'sets varlet 15 550 . • "
Wool, in store and Mesabi by 3 1 1 1.0•
Bound Church Buildlog
WINDOW GLASS-13041s In store and for sole by
IVY' on* FORSYTH &, DUNGAN, 3 7 FUG of
UrLASS-69u boo Windom Glass, Niw Genera
brand, to arrive for kale by
BUTTER -5i kegs jest received; for Vele by
r3 alitiNG.:-1:13 Ciao Smoked Herring, just ree'd and
for oalo by aajr2s . WICK & 31CAN OLESS
811-10briglao '.i . 33 oak ee!. W
rOG) 60 half do No
d 0,1842; ;3:0 do do N. 8 do do; last reed and (or
eb. ____ ' sog'lo MLLES le RICKETSON
11310 IRON--100 tootle)? sale by
octit actuisoN a co
ANTLID IMAILIHNIT.LY- 50 bushels Tirbotb
Ekted, by R T LEECH, Jr,123 Wood ot
NEW -STYLE SRAWLS—Sait reed,A splendid iot
arfine near style Paris Printed Shawls, all wort
to which tee mete the tote otfoo of rag ladies.
itigiwifit. iusriptiora, on hand an for
saloctt by. JOItN li'
" - wood at
AVERATIts—t4 tons, in eisks• bzo, - roo'd
*wale by oci4 ROBTDALZM,E, Co
JoraperioT • bl_
IVI4H2F — .. • JOHN D MOD°
sale by
afr, O,IbTT
OVAL 'V Ill:-415bIllfear iirariligFkArr [ 9D
JOHN D moitacv
~_ ~~~~
Ig,ED le Ai,
The mole aztraordistw 11Wti1ut ill the World!
Zstiaii 4 ye VP ja Quot Soutar is it
taw elt•pen ptgassagroilul wenvistat
prior ts iimyy tO4. h Pass witilect
eenesityr=t i etheabli
The peas beauty and .. to.ity of this flareeparllta
Am another toedlebeethathet ert h teal.
s" It g l p t i lree r
Afi N ) teto ffil la ;war beat
%ate kureu; It not einlt i rilltithe' whole greet Nod
Ererr yere p."s*. 1,,, """"*" ...=7 1 t.a " L 1
;:this lies the gnfatil gaunt of tta i :nekMd meet= ulna
- performed dritbhithe last ton yet" mote tkan 100;0(X1
eau. of were vow of diesien ; lent 15,000 ware
Icouaidered hzettrahha 'lt kat caved th. hen of tient
thau IQ= ehlkhate dot,: the two pest emu=
10,000 . capita tri Dotterel Debility sad
weed /Vora= as
Dr. T.iiiraiatlalHatUpaailta itoiyarataa th• whale
aream paittatneady. 'who atiat'lhai.r
muscular marry by tha Okla torallebse *at/4m
tioa comnated t !au*. ar eareastetkarialonee al
'ha peal.; end Oro& ce letlylatictl mama.
slam arils amain systala. _want
yramature deny meiderliaa bubo
'int towards that Wad aim" Ct=ilav a T
tirtty natant] •by thla plata:tat y. Sao.
parilla ear marten la
Corigaratiog Cordial,
ar 14 tenon andtorlyorataa the aystem, rim activity, amtaranyth du macular aptate, la a
m... 1 extraordbtary urea.
• Olecus sad tantemar
&meth ptfe % C nt Cure imegmegurs can Ila
Brawkilis, Oaarpaptigal, Lien Coatylaist. OrM A
Warmly Ontea, Anksuf, Settlilw V . Blom
d taanuta LO abut, Hate Mob .Iright
&oat, Wash or AVON Camel.
rote; Pais Otis Me 4e, leor
: tau ori Ile etre!.
ffasTra, Ara 1847.
Da. Toontsimp-1 wily bane that your Itan .. 2i
rilla has boon the meat; through Prortdance, of
my lifb. Rare for mould yams bad a bid Coo b:
became aorta ad .or At hat Imbed largo quaint
tie orbloed, had night Sweatt, and Ins groas , debit.
tamd tad todiced; std did ocm .sport to lira I hoot
only, stolid )oar Sinapazilla a that tian, and there hat
ochiderfal dump bees nought to me lam note able
to walk all oar the ear. I tsta se blood, and my
coati, left ma. Too eta well Imaglas don I ma
timokrul for them result..
Your °batted ammo.
WIL 11.1=31413 Cathatnen.
Postale llediebse.
Dr. TommentVe thomper Ma is a arreralia et?l=7 .
cure Ihr RUMMUII, .
Uteri. or F of the Womb, Ciottilmema i
corrhienti or bite; abet:acted or Mlcult ifenstrue•
toot Incontinence of Urine, m larretuntary &theme
b.:46*d far the mond promradon of the mum—
.. mortar whittler the matt of taker.= came or comae,
produced by imial.ity, Owe or accident. Nothing
n be more corpri thaa Ice bartgaratios
on the human fr ame. wmaminisa imM
ta.l,,, from taking it, at mute become robust mid fall of
mew under it. Mitoemm. immedfatedy counteract.
for nerralemmem of the female trarne..llkMe the Peel
muse et Berremacm. It will not bo . wecied of tot in
tees of so delkode "mare, to e.llMa certiScam.
cores performed but we no use the Mlnicted, that
herein & Mimes have bean mooned to na. Themend.
of cams viers ratallio. hove been other,t children,
after ming . (Mr bombs at UM imalzahle cosolictee,
hove bees blamed with Mau toolthy affrprim.
To fleabane* mad Married Ladles.
Thin Hamel torSanisparlfla has been espready
pared In wellinuem to female complaboa Ns female
.h. haa reason to suppose she Is approaching that
critical patriot " Tio toe e 14/14" should mesa to
take it, to it is certain preventive for W et
.1111:1019III and horrible diseases to widels tombs ern
subject at this time of INL Ttds period may la s.
kraal Jhr mend yrs. by wise the molichar. Rdt
le it lam valuable liar than who are appoeshlng wo
manhood, to it is akulated ambit mum by
dny the blood nod theirerating the crams, • Indeed,
Oh medicine is invebtable kw .11 the debate diets
.es to width an are subject.
It brazed the whole me m, renews permanautly thb
natural cornice. by reasoein; the impend.. et the
• • -
body, not roe hr eximuladiug es to produce subse;puer,
rclaraticcOrldi-b b the our utmost medic:Wes Prke
female ereskans scut diseesa. By using • for border cd
this cuedktus, army wren sad Peldrui udriku, open•
dons ma) bo prsreuted
Growl Illormax I. nothens and Children.
It Wert Befog mad more effectual andkine flee purify.
eat the syntece. and rellsoins the sufferings anendoot
upon childbirth em disowned It wormhole, loth
the retotlwr and child presouv pain and disrass. In.
creases and eariehoi the food, thole who kart wod
think it It bedew:usable. It is highly earful both bcror•
tad ones couflowerm as it pram. diseases ...dant
apon childbirth-do Cortisone's, rhea Crarmig. Serif
Sot of the Peet Deapoodeay. newborn. Vondtion.
Pain in the Back and Lobel, Pelee Pains, lieloorthano
and In rormation the lIICCIVIIOO.I and equalizing - Ore etc
odation it has to equal The peat beauty of [kb
medicine h. It is always tote, end the moat &Uwe ose
k newt nencesefolly, very for caw require any other
warms., he was • hula Castor Ca
sinful Exercise is tee open al; end light food with
Oa. maid., nal n!wye wort a oh and may sou
Beauty insad Health.
Cosmetics. Mika. a vesiety of preparations gar
ral o ..e6 whoa applied to the hat ra7 aces anal%
check siloVian.ra=sh .....s t elsos a brist—•
id by &laws or gander, or the akin
71. 2 . the
aUsales and tit noapa bandits. ft• ant la
the •Iltuala hew vrell s• t 4frardoa of
rich and Watt* tinted and variegated dossers. A
bre, active loth healthy arra.= of the dada or the
amnia the fp.m rkh blood to the raratoitia, is
that arab palnu this aantsnatra to tho mast esga
site beauty.
that which imparts tie indescribable
shades and braes of loreithema tha ell sham hut
death. H. bratty is tha adaptive of a.
tare—not dander or step. If there b .too ha and
halthy circulelras, than bon beauty. If the hely la
fair as arias aim If sh• paint. and o on conuerra
and the blend hi thick, add and impure. she is sot bean.
fina. u aLriknr , Alla mere bpn and
active bk.% It gia• a bloom to the shako and .
brilliancy t.tutra. 150 . 4 .." 1 4 .
b why ta m npeciany Dm Span
ish Ina* as to mach Ladies in the north
who Ina' het lista acacia or are aoudad In close
reran, or hoe spoiled their
If by ta appli
cation ofd eletentea missoles, May
no ash to re
elin alast/m . of sten buoyant aistia. Vb a
sadratudiW ampleana they should u
Dr. Town
send's Earaperlada. Thomas. ..a bras trled It ars
more than atialed, are dellaiited. Ladies of every
sail., ate. par alk• day .
• rtetlee to the Ladles.
Those trod intitete Dr. Totruacrere Barreparille, ban
invariably called their na y a 'rut Roast foo F.
MAXON Lo. &V.., and berg mpbd ear bate wad chunky
.Ida rtlatail to the completuts 1 lb* .ore
—other men oho put up mediae; helm date the treat
semen of Dr. Totrusand's tinfibtfe eareplainta
intident to Omuta re eartergh"
Lnualy they did* weatber *Mae Klatures. ille
e-, are tubule= to r= they LW nal* gleam,
and tiadtmniee the co Dr. Terreeenire Is de
pair eing , beet remedy fee the mare. horde err.
platute—it rarely, if ener bat of fi 4og a permanent
cure It can ho taken by the modft• ihruelce
to .or ease or by those expecting to become =then,
ems the pelmet edventerm, se it prepare. the opium
Ad prereete or dengeb said etnangttems hod
mother wad ehlU Be cereful to get the mule.
Scrofula Cared.
thisoonlacato conchuiroly prune bat Alth thaw
ponllolus mac% control now do court oboduato dl.
ues dale Blood.. That pauna awed In au how
un meolgotod.
Tires Oklldres.
De.Ttnrommoo—per Hirt I iteoe the plasm. to
sefo=l ohm"' coy chikbwo haoslves mod
by the eme of year sualloost
Thoy wore alleged very easerely erkb battik.. ; have
tol,t only tear Double ; ft took thou wow, for whirl
I tot toyoeLf Dear peat obligation
ISALTZLIN, 106 W00483,L
OpWoos of IPliPidoloMe.
hr• almet daily recaletog order. from
P:11, iiciansle detrain parts o( h. Holm
U to aorJfy rhal ere, the asidenlimed. Phyeklette
act.. City tkfAntathy,lsorti 1. ammour cams preecel.
D. Townsman, Hampering, .04 believe it to be
on. bribe aim Mitablemmtmliclite lo the owl.
J. wu.sos. D.
IL B. MGM% M. D.
AlLatty. April 1,1847. P. E. ELM:MOODY. Y. D
Owing to the great roams .d lumen. eu4a of Dr.
Tow.and). %tampering, a comber of men who we.
%innerly oar Agents, hare commenced makingSarsapa.
rill. Entracte, Minim, Blue" Tstracte of Teller , Dori,
1;',;. They generally pot it op to the same tamped law.
ars, end some of them bare cola .d copied oar ad's,
utements—they ith only
. erorthlaie Intitatheits, and
.oould be evolded.''
Pnecipal 05., 159 FULTON Street Su Datldlo4,
N. V.l &adding &Cia_el Sam Wee% Beet.; 0 7%c
e10wt,.195 North Second wan. Phllladelphre; D. S .
II ulet, Drtantiet. Baltimore ; F. M. Colton, Charlegon ;
Wrient & Co., IM Chartres Street, N. 0.; 105 8.11
Peed Street. Albany; and by all the principal Drat
and Illerebnoll generally throughout the United
it., NI, Wert Indira and the Caned..
N. EL—Persons inquiring for ells medicine, should
nor be Indeced to take any oilier. Druggists put op
Sersenerillas, and of coarse prefer selling their own.
Du not be deceived byanf r —inquire for Dr. town,
%midi. and lake no other. Remember the genu
ine i i Townsend's Elarseparil st.," sold by the sole %Ream
R. R SELLERS, General Wholesale & Retell Agent,
No. 57 Woad meet, and D. M. CURES', Allegheny
city. jeaft
- .
TbHE tindertigned' host - long been convinced of the
• necessity for some medicine adapted to the use of
ildren and Inihme te =pervade !be use of all there
medichtes which contain opium, and Mood length our.
=tided in preptuing Mid altering td the public a media
tine fatly answering every Purpose tonal diseases ot toe
bowele, without the use of that deletenous drug, or tory
other colcubsted to ininre in the arca The Infant Pmt
aena Ems been fully mated are tried. the Ism twelve
mamba, b 7 numerous relv and loand to pans+. e all
theeromordinswvittuct and .l.s,
to produce all the attain.
lacing effects u patfathom the bill of direction. Di
enace, VomifutVellobe Griping, painatkekness and
'Diseases =Ling from Teething, toting iresstedietely
without disturbirdeany of the tertmions of the body,
producing the 'happiest and moo ideuent tranaltion
from violent polo to a tramp:ll =lingoes state of feed
ing in the little *utterer.
To be lui*boletnile- and retail, of the Proprietor Dr.
JOHN SAROANT. "Druggist and Apothecary; John
alithell, Mb= k. Beckham, and man othea Druggist,
a-Alkitheny and Pittaburalt. decia
Tin • TOWNSEND'S down
JIJ Ma received e( Dr. Townsend% Saraspanna, the
man estraimlinary medicine in the world! Thls
. I act input spin qatinbattles.,ltis six dmerrettraper,
Pleemmter, end warranted superior to any =ld. Co
Antes direnenwithout vomiting; purging. s/Cherdog or . 1
debilitating the patient, -
Lots otiyaoribmayarsibi-:.:Dipprintipled lie,rsons have
copied tru lobe% a= ptirup mMicine itt the same
simpedlionir. Sretthat each bottle blithe Wiltran
natuoecf S. P.TotrimencL ..._ •
R P....M.LERS, Druggist, *7 Woad Creel, between
Third - and Fourth, is-Dr.Thwitatindle only whOleattle
and rend, agent for Pittsburgh, Or whom the gent:Mae
=iliac= tat .• •
D. htritrrY has been appointed the sole agent for .
Allegbeay.cilw of Idiom the genuine article MIMI'
-hrdes tbe.anendon diapers- to a iicatantly of
ve adodaef notreia as 4 and very law. aryl,
1117 ) WiuMfivaii,oi ooze,
ad TAKERS, irrai terthr)leht Eat Claw' *necta r
olapariulthe Moro(, entree* bu s •PChn'llaxect,
raspenlyatlr Wand tbeirrAradiriunf`the , pane; that.
•th•razaprgraredte featilati and anendio eabryft4in
the tumor Undetlakers. Always= band a lenge a►
lemmata' ready' made Correa, cowered, lined' and fin
rated lathe eery beat mariner( all worts andahmarmary
made Shrouds et d the, llitenbrick and monlin, and all
dace mode to improved styles. 'We keep' slam: ye
ammentaf ;retie and bLack, tenon, alit and kid Glove;
-.Stile for pall berates and moment, orape, ear*, cot-
faro. orld•orery tide . ; necesitery reroute the dead.
.and on re Moyne& termed no We pa/chase all our pixels
'intim , eastern ertres. En, elver platen for engror,ne
th, t om e and pen. We have a splendid new Graeae mud
I -horse , . and any norntorrof the best earrter• Every
dung attended to promptly and poneumily.
cirr4-'N.slvArce.. seagl:qpitEß.%
tg! t iaz g Ottain, [moat, glitaihungh,l
I,4..ajwuae, No. 137, Wood elrect, Pittsburgh.
Wartaeorstimlty 'keep ion hared , i'lm Imvort
Wlnan3 of Mate, Of our own num more, and
tOperiorqualny. %V holesalo and bier
Jnhanta ran reepeculdly Invited to call hod e
amine Mt themselves, an we ere determined en sell
I cheepar than hanerar before bees otrered to the pat,
trr Orden .ens by rooll, accompanied by the cash of
city reference. will be promptly attended to. fete4
P..hltaxawt. L
Jswn E !Aax
hit 1.11.. NAN LEDLlEmatmatetare mail keep con.
IYL suumly, on band Co t, /4 oulded and Plain Film
Glatmare, m all its varienaN t."
nor el Mutat and Mater 'treats, Viusbargh.
Out Works eardinue M Inll operation. and we arc
.a.tiroll adding to ourr.toct.,. which enab as lo fill
orders with promptness. Purofiasers are reepectadly
solicited to Gall and examine prices and terms.
FROM the very liberal encourage
.meat the subscriber hoe received note
, he has located hiruelf in Allegheny.
. • v: Ina induced him to take 6 lease, for a
• v- . • • Icatt of. years, on the property he moor
occur., in Beaver street, Immediately beside he
•PsesbytmianChareh. From the long experience in the
aborting/an= and &desire is please, he hopes to mere
11and nmelve.• shame( public patmenge.
Nolron hand and finishing to order. Reek mercy Bus
e= and top Buggies, and every tleseatpuou vl
made to Orday, from sdvenry-five, donors to
Witgrarret,' . .101IN•thOUTH
' HEALD,BCCENOR & Co, 41 uorttl water st, and
16 . Whams, rhilts, offer (or sale 011 accommodating
forma, g 666 pkgs, Manufactured Tobacco, consisting of
you &LE pounds, 54, A's, Wa, le's, It's and Its,
lompsi Ss, 6 , 4 and fi , s plug, and LTs Ladies' Twist, in
wholo and ball boxes, orate following approved brands,
James H Grant, Osborn & Braga
Grant S. Williams, A Cabunss,
S Jones to Son, hrDonald,
Webstar Old, J Thomson,
James Thomas, Jr. A If Armbitead.
1 Thomas & Son, Landliorn & Armistead,
J I' Coates, .1 hl Cobb., ,
Gentry ,k itoyster, J A Cloy,
Green Hall, Win Dawson,
Pearl to Norwood. J S Blockvrood,
Nadi Page. Keystone,
W H Vetughan, Edmund Henry,
Portianx Robinson, Rusull & Robinson,
Kelm, Robinson & Co. S.qtt 11 alley,
K kletealf, John finder,
Lawrence Lanier, J Robinson,
Gray to Gray, 1) H Turner,
R Juniesort, York Whim,
1) Al Branch. —ALSO—
Damao Lauf Tobacco, wrappers and fillers;
Yana do do do
Cienfuegos do do do
St /ago de I...suba do do do
St Domingo do do do
iquria & Guides do, Pam Sr., do
May grille do do do
Kentucky various grades do do
Virginia Leaf. stumble for manufactunng and escort;
Spanish Seed Lent Peon's, Canimeneut and Ohio;
Virginia Scraps, sweet; German Pipes; Pipe brads;
Scotch Soar (loose and bladderk) Maeconba Meld,
Tony. Beans, Havana bass; Ono Hoset . Itergarnot;
Calabria Liquorice; Puma Cacendish.Kutres, Spunk,
he- the. Hilt A111 , 11'111 4 % illy IS
011 the noul aPprossol Lantern piens—
and most cambium' , le Denson patter or and uiers. Also
THE CHEAP N 01.4, or ISOSIUSs CLIND, on nand
as stades...der of all sires. reol al allp rte.
Comoro Merchants and robe r. one invited 10 0..1: and
et:Await the above for themselves.... all ws!,
wholesale or retail. end a liberal enalretion mad. to
wholesale parn-burrs.
THE Proprietor or well known Mare of resort has
ba pleasure of informing the public th‘i Ins <stab
lishusent having been thoroughly refined no.l repaired,
the grounds elegantly laid oat and decorated is
i••elw fur tr aceonitoodation, and he Educes
o lio may furor torn with Ihrir 10 . rvn
had al: that th, drat, pr0 . ..0m1 i lb, Id-,
utt reapoHalle tram, ire is dmapmpm4
'pare ad expense to milking ins estahlt•itnient worthy
of politic patronage. lie has accorornodation• for
hoarding a few farnslics. lee Creams, and all reirrsh•
towns suitable to the season, consrantly on hand
Monongahela. House Tailoring Eagan.
. .
SA AC WILLIAMS. Draper stud Tailor, begs to In
1 Pima the masens of husiongh end others, that he
now opening at Ina rooms on Smithfield street,
der the above Dotal, • large and beautiful msorouent
of Cloth, Cassimerea Sauna. Silt., and other Yearns.:
together with such other arta:lea as are required for
gentlemen's wear. Ills goods base been carefully se
may depend upon baying Melt Maher triad., up to •
manner which cannot MD to gratify the taste of the
men famidirms.
I l itiattet o—ill iriscCo—lz. Branch b, %Yttrium,' Ss.
2do do do extra poturds;
5 do . do do 1:1 and IM;
10 kegs No 1. 0
LlO do Bghertrendratri
5 do do Pop;
do Al doSrgors,l
S ., do half LEpanish do; for rola try
- --•
C AIOKE HOUSE---blowng taken she large and cone
-1.7 mato. Smoke Rouse and Bacon Stow-boast ad-
Dining our Warehouse, on the Canal Basin. we are pre
pared to moire sad store bacon on tnuonabla wrens,
mart Canal Lawn near Rh W.
Milkrs and )m Andenron't„lust reed and for
rate by IW-kLia BUCKNOR & Co.
41 nosh ar&mr and Id north orharae,
_jet___. I'larladelpkos
IT ABA LEAF TOBACCO-49a bales V. Lea Cie-
J. base°, lorrappery, and superior quality—l. 2 .41
3 eaus..jsrea 1.11/ Wog horn brig Andinseite; far sale by
GERMAN PIPER -- 034 bm and 3 gross German
r Pipe., 'stadium bowl, just landing from pkt and
far saleiy, HEALD. fIUCKI49/3 h Co
fßM—lsaac Cruse, Baltimore, MU. mill he 0.1 to
bare order. lean hot [meads Plnaburgh and
erwhere, for the purchase of Shad and Ilermigs Su
mo,: the season. Orders executed with despatch. and
al tamest nue. Charges for purchasing lighk marß/
Cke.—td,Uoo roe. assorted Nos. C
Yarn, Carpet Mara, Candle Wick, and Conon
Twine; Idlo bales Baiting, for sale at manufacturers'
torrent prices, by FRIIIND, RIMY n. Co,
augur agents for manufacturers
KT received at the nortitenet corner of 40, and
hfitehet streets, Needle Worked Collate, Wrought
Bann &Man. very ebe.➢_
rt s- ..T.r.t1 4 - x.72,7x „ 1 6.'""
550 145 liberty 64
DA CON—IO ease. Shoulder., tandem from rummer
Pioneer end for eate by
eug7 ROBEHINON A REPPERT, Ire second or
French Revelnuon—a Ilmtery: by Tberees Car.
Lyle. In two yolunnee.--eloth. Farsale bp
MOIIACCO-50 bas Ire Hunt 3e Honey Telmer°, rr•
j reeving from canal end for sale by
aura /AMR.; DA LZELL, SY !rarer at
ACKF.REJ',—gIeI bbl. Na 3 Mackerel,irtundiftl
" L auV '' Inn".
fon" .ll'.l FS IkreLZEI.I.
1 nEATHERS-10 bags Feathers, for sale by
lOUISVILLE LlME— Constantly on be n
/ sale by angle C II GRANT
alrel4 II GRANT
ILIFFER—Iu begs Gre•en Re, 121 more ood for oak to
close conurnmens, by
norglll 0 A W lIARBAUGII
B r
G jui B l re!:l l pe b r t :lm " , a a t ' il d hl t l f tn, % a V atr w s2 1 :7 , ;:
•ugt9 (I WII A [WAUGH
WHITE BEANS-40 bbis wall White Dean, /or
sale by aus: WICK & AVCANDLESS
P -
EPPER-71 bop on hand, and for sale or low by
F IRE BRICK.-18,080 furor o n the wharfTfor se bal
snill 'HAUB DICKEY A Co, front at
LARD 01L—Burkbardt's best, rust reed and for safe
by sofilr J KIDD & Co
flOPPEElferbsgs prime - Rio, eo do do Laguayrs,
11../ 10 do old Cier. Java; for rale by •
ring2l J I) WILLIAMS
S6agic•-0 lards Trims N O fl bbl. clesnfied; 6do
crushed and pulverised; Jdo assorted Losr, for
sate by so g2l
, J
S Itn E.'"- pans s b Ol l 4l .
Di roans Cassis, sag r; 6 knee; ' ground Spleen In great
vanetyi for sale by sus.% JD WILLIAMS
)AEONooTsidei,isi itLreT.nd
VI EARL ASH—PUN la:s prucTearu r crei, Nett and
for solo by suipn TASISEV & HEST
rIPALLOW—I bbl ne'd and for sale by
atilfll-- TAPPET & tiEwr
brand, reed per moor Col:lmitate]) and for sale by
. .
Wirracvs titiirtears—i".Oliry or onth'.
b y
brated Spaniel' Outten, Just ree'd and Oh sale by
unslD JOHN li ItIFILLOB, 81 "Modal
_ .
AL LUBI-70 bble Alool, Jo H reetlil -
1 2 2 3r it ea b. ler ., . •
.glB 24 wood es
- Clover 63 bate Timothy Seed; V.) bhle Clor do, • for
sale by seal J & R FLOYD
CLEAR MGM-10 cask. clear Sides, Jam reed and
for wile by ROUT A CUNNINGHAM,
SPERM OlL—Warm/trod parc--5 coo). for ludo by
Ur HALE OlL=4:tntdo anti MORA. (mule
;sae Et ). SCHOONMAKER tr. Co
ABLY-9 kegs No 1 Leal load, just reel and for
jj sato by suE29 WICK* M'CANDLESS
FATHERB-400 lb* prime Hemacky Fa&then, for
sale by aust9 WICK k 11.0ANDLESS
VOIR 1114NT—A coronation three awry Brick
.4: Warehouse, en 2! street. Possession given frame
?litany. Par Terms apply io
4.12.5 C 11 GRANT, 41 water et
WARILY notrEt—grot minim:MT on bud and fin
I . tale by ' .off rfaowl..4 euunarreorr
WS. POIIII—Ina roe'd =drat ..1 by
1,11. sofa WWEt WANDLER.
num. •
Nitelult 111 g ----- i'
• W. T. Hamm Pittsburgh;
Ham, Paw & Co, Beaver ' }Props 's.
Gutman & Canattwatm, ' Cleveltmd
THE abasvr Line is now prepared ID Mt/IPM ftrighl
and passengers from Pittsburgh and Cleveland, or
aitypoirit on the Canals and Lakes.
One boat leaves linsburgh and Cleveland daily, run•
ohm in connection with the ineamboms Lake Erie and
Michigan, between Piusbusgb and 'leaver. and ti bat
of First clam steamboats, propeller!, Wigs and sehant
ervi pnlaltes Lae, liuron sari Aliehigen.
Property foiwardea to' any part of the town 'th
dispatch, hi' Wid. T. MA - 111M at
A. ClUCHEY.Aigenta,
cor Water and Smithfield eta, Pinsbargh.
ACIENTS,—Reed, Parks & Co, Th/nrcr;
R U Parks & Youngstown, TA
E W Cotes & Warren,
D Bostwick & Co, Breadpon;
A & N Clark, Newton Fiala;
Le-wia Newport;
E M Wiuttlesey, Campbell/mom;
Blkell ICern,-PrasikhN
rlillcr & Took, Cuyaktoio
%Vbeoler & Co, A/cron;
Barney, Otbbo & Co, Sonerasky;
l'aikfn. 4 Eagle Toledo;
\. fr. Co,, Detroit. l'ibeh;
Arehart. & Wiltlaoto Mtlainakto, Wag
11 i Winslow, Chicagn, 111. apl4
atigM lB4B .ltia.
Fon' Tkoorroarrnow OP sr an arra MiPlak
1E Propriors of this old established and first
Portable B oat Line, having removed their de
pot in Philadelphia, to a touch larger Wiarehouse
on Market st., than they formerly occupied, nail also in
creased their room or storage at Plusburgh are now
prepared to offer much greater facilities to their friends
and patrons.
Goads carried by this line are not translted be
tween Pittoborgh nod Philadelphia. being esMed en
tirely In Portable Section Lioula. 10 shippers of floor
In d
other goals reqainng careful handling, this of
importance. No change made for
g o od sreceall or shipping
goolb, or advancing ch•rges. All s foiwarded
promptly, sod upon remonsble terms as by any oth
er lino.
Canal Basin. Prim st„ Pittsburgh.
717 Marken & 54 Conmarco et., Phila.
JOHN IIeFADF,N h Co., For - wanting and Comm.-
Won Merchants, Canal Basun Penn it., PlusburgA.
JAM lan M. DAVIS & Co. Flour Factors and Conon.-
sion Merchants, 217 klarkut, rod hi Commerce et.,
Philadelphia feb24
p - Advances made by either of do above on Flout,
%Noel and other descopuous of IderchundivoConnigned
to them. fehs4
OTICH—The subscribers have disposed of their tn
terrorr in the Penn'n and (into Line to CLARICE &
THAW, of Pittsburgh, and JOSHI'II 5 LEWIS, of thi.
They will continue to transact business for the line,
at Our Wntrhouw on Broad street, no usual, and be
speak for It v. conttnuance of the patronage of their
frieude. o f
STH EL & Co.
Philadelpnla, March sth, 1445.
Pm:LW... mad Ohio Tract ortotion Co.
Diors4/1 pt!ily lone of
CLARKE & THAW. Canal Hamm, Pittstrur&h:
LEWIS & 419 Market PhiltaatplatA
STEEL &Co. Asq., Brond nreet.
• - - •
COWDEN CLARKE t Co., re North et. Rah.
W ?ORR ICE, Agt., Ig West street, Nero York.
rpm:subscribe. have thv day associated themselves
together under the style of Kier h. Jones, for Me
purwse of conunuircr the Monne. formerly earned on
bygamaet NY Kier, and when a conuounnee of the lib
eral patronage heretofore estended to the house.
1 - / F .11.1E.5. •
rindmrshoin,en 1, isv.
WE are prepared to receive itml forsworn ftelpht to
the above and intrroinitair places with wi notch
despatch, and at am low rotes, am any other respowohle
The attention of shipper. vandung to vend Port o, Ra
ttan to lialutoore is butt. is parttrulasly roduesied, ut.
asmuch as our srtuttpunents enabie u. to tarry such
Estates through to hen, order than any other we
& Proults
Canal Bann, nun, Tth at.
Pittsburgh. Match I. Liet7.
aiuet. LMIL • P. to.,
VIER d JONF24--Commizeon and forwarclutg Nle m r
Ja. chasm, and ‘Vttolesale Dealer. in Iron. Illoomss
Salt, Produce. ,te
Libenl c.b advance• on eonn¢nmenu mul ti
01Orny1.111.11, AND 1/4/4. !Maw.. el
4- 1 t
To PhiCadelpla a
_an • Ltztaoret
VIA CANALS AND 011.1.813.0.
IDINRY GRAFF ds Co, Canal num. Fesburch.
DUTILII,III3IPIiREVSI ACo, No 111 Market st, Phsl
C 11 Woos, corner North re Seirtrusgra ow BAR
Rum F. Chug°, No la, Old Sisp, New 1 tor,
MICE—The style of our Anus will Is.e Ynown from
k l~nnd oiler suss date. At Plinoscrn6. •• Henry csr•sf
andlat Pluladulptuu, es lAtußs. Ilusuithres • A
IiFNR.I_ s rr.{
reu.vAu 13 MITU.K
111.111PIIREVel, . s Puita&lphi4.
HENRY GRAFF, Pittsburg', martllf
• ;• 1848 . ! gaga
For tho Trreasporraturn o f Fro g lo to and from
_ -
_ - -
tO'fON..e. .
lkoreow s k. Casa. Philadelphia.
Ts snot S. OVorraos hosburgn.
Tlft old established Low twang now toll opera
lion, the proprietors have made extensive arrange
moot* to forward gooda [Lad pralitec with despatch. and
on the mast faeorable tenus The, confidently hope
th.dr well known prmapthess in delivering knods—pe
coos, asiely to mode of carrying -esparto. warehoo•
aes et each port. affording accommodations to shippers
and owner* of produce—tmredier with their long rote'
rience and unmmttung .pennon to buxom... wilf wet, re
to them a coottiothrica of that Uwe.) patritnage thc,
hereby grarefolly acknowledge
All constgnmente try and for thls lino received. char.
vs paid, and forwarded In any mowed directions free
of . charge for commis.... adv our ing or .rage
No Interest, dirreity or indtrectly stettml.osts
ell eorrananielatoor promptly nitendeil to on applics
thin to the following tiger..
BORIIIDGE & CASH, Market st, PtoltidelphrA
OI'CONNORS A Co, North la, Baltimore.
WK. D. WILSON, Ed Cedar st, Nevr York. aitS
atiiMA 1848 .
lu's well known Lane, composed of measnimato
Lake Erie and Michigan, between Pittalmrgh and
aver, d freight and passenger Caned Boats he
tween Beav an er and Erie, and C Reed's Ime of hr.
class steamboats, prope llers and vessels art the Lakes,
ts prepared to carry lime:land passengers to all 1.1.
on the Erie Canal. and Lakes Erie, Huron and
{laying every factlity for conve , in t ; freight 11111 d pas
ryers with promptness and dispatch, the proprietor
and agents respectfully solicit loon their friends • con
tinuance of their patronage
C R Proprietor.
REED, PARK, D•a.rr,
npl4 cot Wider and arnitlzbeid als.i • qt,banth _
Mita 18-18.
To and from the Kamera elf", •ia Cumberland
rymilt proprietors of this popular line, havat'ainee their
recorgarutation largely increased their facilities in
meet the wishes of shippers; and are now propared
forward • greater mooting by the FIVE DA i LINE,
as also by additional regular wagons at low nuns.
This line will rim throughout the year. delivering
goods tractor • the agents in Baltimore and Fauthergh
to owners sad con4nea• at specified rotes and twit.
Shipments from Phdadalpkaathr the hut Mould he
marked "Ogre, J 1.1 liebuthon„ Dahlman, "
Tbo only WII21.• am,
4J diebmies a Baltimore.
FI/GERTON & Co, Cumberland.
U NV CASS,. Brownsville.
robe J C Bitte:web.
JD The Proprietors of this popular Liusi have thanted the
Jitney at Cumberland from the bon.. of bleKaig
rut se to that of /Acerb, u
Pittsburgh and western menthol. are notified that J Llay
If !labium, No RI South Gnarles.l, Ualiithore ia the only
authorised aped of this Line io the Russell dn..
The wl 7 areas art
C DI DW Pittsbugh,
11 W CAC S Ilruernartlla,
EWA It-TON ¢¢GoCumbrelend,
W n TianaPortation Company.
1848 Olt ELsraittill dCo.
ARR preptrod to transport goods and produce to and
from the above
.eines on favorable Terms. Ad
.ss or apply to
I). LRbICH & Ca, Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
HARRIS & Lb/SA/11, Nos. Cl k /5 South Th i rd at,
J TAYLOR & SON, Agra, No 14, N'th llowurd st, Halt
A. ABM Yl 7 f, Art.No 7 VI est blreen, New York.
Pittsballb March lath. 1040.
-- triitiania. Transp martetl
lon Line.
Ti . r7,27 - ', 1848 . ftga
1= t==,=l
GOODS consigned to our cam will be forwarded
,without delay Al We lowest current rate..
C A 31cANUI.TY & Co.,
Canal Basra, Penn 0, Pittsburgh.
lan and =Market lA, Phi Pa.
JeZI . Smith's wharf, Baltimor e .
MEI 1848 e
S li wTr a E ontio " ne d t o otn " th " ro r ugh t e ° tlt. 14i"
daily. Produce and merchandise
n re at law rates.
Merchandise from Baltimore. brought out at Cultist
rates. Time, See days. I C RIDWUL, Agt,
Water at, I doors above Mona'. House Fittsburgh,
srlyl7 O7Smil.l l .2trjos st L yallintore..
alia=l lB4B .-nia .
V' Time, 3 days. 4:2
Alarelandlsa transported at Canal rates,
IValnt streetiNutbargh.
41 JAM mess, B 4simaak
8008, NllSlerice.
- V i t la itiblirstitarlttrittairtalloweltikeskels
I A2.1.a137312E1.3 trattmi of *Girondists, 3 talk, LI
S tat taanstraorCbtrealiekßayant.L2 asen
• .G. P. B. imes'Life of Henry the Fon,* of France,
2 toIS-12 met
Smith's Consular Chaos of China: 13 =O.
Neander's Lie of Jesus Chem; e co. moelan
Marvel's Fresh Gleanings; or a nets Sheaf from. the
obi held. of Continental &trope.
Capt. Henry's Sketches of the Mexican War. 12 mo.
GletWs Story of the Battle of Waterloo; 12 ma.
A Sommer to .Bcotland, by Jacob Abbott; 12mo.
leant:Louth's literature of the South of Europe; 2 sots
12 too.
Rumon's Adcentuses in Mexico end We Rocky
Mountains; 12 mo, muslin.
Posthumous Works of Rea. Thos. Chalmers, D. D.
I— L. D.
The Practical Astronomer, by Thos. Dick, L. L. D.
Lifeet Jareiuy Belknap. D. a, Historian of dew
Luther and the Reformation, by John Scott, M. A,
2 vol..
The :Kiddie Kingdom, with a new :nap or the Empire;
by S W. Widrione,/ Yolk Ilmo.
The Power of the Puipi, by liarthner Spring, D
The Bethel Flag, by Gardiner Spring, D. D. Ilmo.
Teltelting a Science, We Tv:idler on Artist by Her.
IL FL Hall.
The Czar, hi. Court and People; by Johns. Maxwell.
Lecturer ott Shak Apeara by H. N. Hodson.
The Ants. of A menca—lllustrawd with nine engra
vings on steel, and fOntaining sketches of the hint of
Alltton, Inman. Weal. Smart, Trumbull, De Vei.n2
Rembrandt Peale and Thos. Crawford; I v 01,9 vo.•
The Orators of France; continuing sketches of the
liven of Liatestritne, Titter', Napoleon, Dorton, Mira
beau. Gomm and others, with portralts of each.
Ileadley's Napoleon and Marshal.; 2 vole, 12 ma.
Headley'. Washington and his Generals; 2 vole, l2m
Headley's Sacred Mountains.
The above, together with a large collection of Stand
ard Works. Classical mad School Books, for sale by
corner market and Id Ito
Wei works. 4 vols.
Chalmers . Doily Scripture Rending;
Minnow of the Life of Mrs. Fry , vol;
The Convenkby the author of ;Schoolgirl in France.
Lady Mary, or Not of the World, by Rev C LI Tay
lor, hL A.
Margaret, or the Pearl, do
Mork Cliffton, or the Merchant'. Clerk, do
Lilo of Pollak, author of "COurim of ITtsmi"
The Listener, by Caroline Fry;
Lectures on Shakspeore, by H N Hodson;
Life of Oliver Cromwell, by J T Headley,
Napoleon and his Marshal. do
Walton/ton and his Genera/it do
Power of the Pulpit, by Gordon:, Spring, I) D
Bethel Flag, do do
Religton Teaching by Example;
Pulpit Orators of France, by Turnbull;
Genius at Scotland, do
Lire of Rowland Hal; Free Church Pulpit, X vol.
Oran.. of France; Now and The 11, Rsaltulie hi Poems:
Margaret Mercer;
Jacobus on Matthew, adapted to Union Question.;
Arthur's l'opular Toles—" Riches to the World,*
Making Haste ID be Rich,' *Riches have Wings,"
Keelung ap Appearances," "Debtor and Creditor. *
For talc by F.Luorr A ENGLISH,
jeld Ye wood and 54 market et
- • ••. •
and for sale, a lot mchoice Pli., with
and without Coleman's lixtlinti Attachment. by
Num.& Clark, Pi V. One of Nouns& Clark'. Piano,
with the Attachment, wa• taken to Enelund by Mr
Coleman, and aong many other teatimornals of od
-101,.1011 tor thts m
elerant specimen of Amencan skill
and MIMI., elielleil the following remarks from
Thalberg, the greatest Yiamst hying.
My Dear Str—ln encloantg a Inter in my mend. Mr
Fraud. Pon, I cannot retrain from again eapreaatng
In you how much I war, pleased with your . ..Enhao
Attachment." which I ronsoler at a great musical on.
provement. I can inure you Mat ou my part I shall
with great pletutara do my utmost to make your wren
non known. For sale by II KL.F.BER.
p. 2.1 At Wood well'. furniture rooms. ad at
v,s,v BOOKS..—Loitertnes in Europe; or Sketches
IA of Triter! tn France, Belgium, Svcnterland, Italy,
A. 111311, Prus•in, Great finnan and Ireland. with an
appendix, contaisun observations on European chan•
nes and medical insuintion• By John W Canon. TI D
ba t: uridAti .
. ; , 1 „. 17 .. u5i , u;n ,, s of •• Eau na ynd-
SelßControl, a novel. By Mnry Brunton, author of
"Diacipttne "
Also, the cheap Boston roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Certain* of all the different sizes and
pa rile, on nand multi. gale low kir eash. Old Vent
nail Blinds painted ever and repaired, or taken in part
pdyroent for new. II hl EsTEli vlivr, Prep,
. B —All work clone with the best material and
wiirkot n.Wp , and warranted to please the mow las-
The above wort • received this day and fo r 'ale by I Atlegheay ouy, Aug. le, te4 ..go-diy
Lr-T 1
Pan 4. The ftt0...4 •
stud •ne. Ntght.. lierprra•
I.trated rdniort.
Wii.oon the Cottager, • book lor chlithen. Hy the
author ni Herber."
IVEIV BOOKS--MettsOnolt of the Intmlocuest of
hlethodissn Imo the Eastern flittlpf/.loe
luogruplasentl :lour to of it earl y preacher...ketches oi
Ito fires churches and rent of it.. s strug
cie• sad success., by Ker. A Sisvens. Aari)
A. M. Just
Menton . of Rev Duval Abeel. D D Ali.monary
to Chula_ by hie nephew, Rev t. li NA dlturnan.
Mark Mao., the Aterehunt , . Clerk I.) R., Charles
H Taylor. AI.A- author rd - Neonate of u lined Man's
Ldr. - - Lady - Al urßuret. or the ['earl. - At .t.e.
The above. atth *large u.s..orttnent or new Aook.,IJII
burnt...idol R. - myna, El.Lltfrr LISII,
.. . ,
.. . -
. .t.“ market *I
_ . _ . . .._ . • -
rIIIGL I I I il HOOKS-11.sto:v n( the Greet Rev
-1:4 ntnUon, and et' ttee antra ~rd eatssrutrot attuttig
Irvin itit atruume t.t the tireek I'mr.otit in Etn.tnt ipt.
1.1,4 011.1 folllllly (torn the 'r.,c,•4 )oe,—. two Vol
ornr,--.plettd.,/ eop•. tw't!. tt.,•nryl 14 clap.-,tel emus
rr • ean • re,” n: %V .11.• to 111, from
i •th pne .n , V 0,3.
01-T.,: ,n trw .luauthr ,r.pturen
n arry filowla•), onnancc. InnLb SO mgrs
rt. the I4olv Land. Fres.o6 Stage, amlnetehea
Iva* Just reed and P. oh's by
.4) ntitrkrt atrerl
IVltst.n, and kis Courequener
b) I' R /liner.. Esq
lunity Eau. e /WV, synhott; Iltro: I y Witham
Vnliera..r..l/.•cter), nu i.toozauon•
I ,-.v•rtl Vetn•ll . 1 1 , :tte4..1411/.. 1” 1 . , ,
Margals of Inntlonaterry, C ft, U
C II . °Anne! orthe 12410 I..Afe Gunnlo
abase work.. rrcelved <la) amd for tale by
JUIC`i.`, , TON S.rocKiuN
Grrok Concordnni.e of dic New Tr.tamen:, b big
•n a:lenapi att • s•rbid connretion ate tir,.•4
end Ult. hl.gltr , h Tail•—inelutlarz v cmtrordoind• to the
I•rop•r Name, with Indexe..l.rret tbalt.u, utd Eng
-I..lirrek. /mat r•crived and for ••••• by
. .
BookArrtictr, cur market and Jrl ors
Metall., Frame Plano,
A SPLENDID auorunent of Rose ,
/Mfg/veal and Mahogany grand tiCtIOR Pl•
PAO, last finished at:d for sale
Ale, ran aplendtd Rosevooal Ftanos,
wan Coleman's celebrated Salaam attachment, talshed
most modern style, and forsaia at
,e 2.1 F wend et
1848 .
curd .IPae W ALLONV, Cart. Ford.
• IR!F-SN, Capt NS aver.
.1 NE of the above Packet.. knee Nome...every day,
fSauday. exct•rned) arme next Morning at
W a.. where they connect with th e Mad Stages for
Akron and Cleveland, arn•ing ed each of hert pl
belore night One cdtlie Packets leave Warren daily,
at A I . NI., and arrtre Beaver in tune to take th e
morning eteamboat for l'ittaleuree
M TA YLOR. P repra'on
ruancon• honz in Mare Noe..
Canal Yorker—PICONITIV•Itio, Capt. Jedne,
Tommogen, Pollock;
I.s.g• Ewe. Trobr;
.. Yarrnnta. " Brown;
Fshmnort, fisrer
Thr above new and splimdad Passenger Pockets here
commenced running between BEAVER AND ERIE,
rind will run regularly during the scuon—ons boat
lea vin lteoveg every morning e o'clock, and our leer.
ing r every eVenleg. immediately after the am•
•orl of thr ateatabOat hlieblgran from Pittsburgh.
The boats are new and romfotably furnished, and
will run through In lorry hours Passengers to any
point on the laikes, or to Niagara Falls, will find this
route the most a...atonable nod expednious. Tickets
through to all ports on the Lake ran he procured by
applying to the propnators
R mal. PARKS & Co, Beaver.
JOHN A CAUG HEY, Act. Pittsburgh,
rot. Water and Smithfield sic
AGENTR.—Jas C Harrison, Buffalo. N Y
C M Reed, Erie, Pa.
C C Wick. Oreennlle,
firrarland and King, Big Bend, Pa,
Hays & Plumb, Sharpsburgh, Pa;
W C Mal.. Sharo n; Pa;
D C Mathews, Pulatikt, Pa;
R W Conrungham, NeW &Attie, Y.. /Y 1
1848 . M. 414,
11XCIARIVILL. too nil mkooroar•non no WAT fool,
BETWEEN Puosbooth, alatr.vllle,Johlonoorn, Hot
liday.burgh,N% goer street, (ilunongdon Co) and Pe
This Line ams formed exclusively for the special ac
commodarion of the way busniew The Proprietors,
thankful for the very liberal patronage they have re
ceived during the last two years, would respoctfully in
form their friends had the public that they ore now still
better prepared to deliver good. m any point on the
Canal and Rail Road.. with promptness and dispatch.
Plrkororth A. ‘Vosoln,
John Miller.
C A 11('Anolly & Cn, coon I burin, l'Otslozrgh
Ilavorcoza—Pootburgh—rhooh & Smola; J tx. J
MelJoroo;O & J II Shocobergor; K & c o;
Moore; Ilagalry & Smith; John Parker, IVin Lohturr &
Co; Co I' ShoothorgoA JeY4)
Pennsylvania Canal tic Radaaad lie..
yinseeyast Packet Line.
MOM§ 1848 .
(Exclusively for Passengera.)
public are tespeetfully informed thin thin Line
will commence running on the 2.211 toot, anti coo
lie throughout the Reavoti.
The Imam are near, and of a superior class, .nth et,
cum nr
!urged, cabins, Winch we
the latest eonittill give greater comfort. The
- A boat will always be In port, and travelers are te.
quested to ash and examine them before engaging pas.
sage' elseorh
(ore only nine dollen through.) One orate boats of
this Line will leave the Waling (opposite U. 8. Hotel,
corner of Penn street and Canal, every night at nine o'-
clock Time M days. For Information, epply at the
Office, Monongahela House, or to- D LEECH & Co
Jew Canal &min.
_- - -
Paseendrim and Remittance Olnee.
AheIIANEDEN it CO. eonnnue to being perwnw
arn our part of England, Scotland or
Wishes, upon the most liberal tome, with Mot
usual nationality and attention to the weapon:ll enm•
fora clawnlgtwnw We do not allow our pauestg re an
be robbed hr We ewtedling tart infest We sea.
port., u Wl:Oka° dump of Wean &be moment they fe
pcni tionuseltes, mid awe to they well being , and do.
epoch them vr u
ithout any deumun by the first ship.—
We say this bariesety, an we defy one of our pawn.
to show that they were detained hours by u.
Liverpool, whilst thousands of others were detained
month", wail they could be smut in some old craft, at ■
'chap rate, which too frequently proved their cellos
W 8 intend to perform our contracts tionoraldy, cost
what my, and .01. sat 11111 was the MIX) hut aetuon,
with ether otheers,—who either perforated not allot
When It salted their-convenience
Drafts drawn at Pittsburgh for say sum from 11 to
&ono payable at any of War provinetal Beak. In Ire
land, Fitgtand, Scotland and Wales,
European and Gemmel Aleut,
bbt Fifth imams doer
hero* Wpodi
mmimmoAL i 61136M10AL OPITI m m ,
fin i , doors below Wood street, to
BILOWN, having been
'• \;„, . regularly odasaled to the medical
profession, end been for same time
••, in general ilactite, now confines
attendon to Pb, treatment of
thane prindo and delicate eon)
4 4 14
plaints for which his appeal:total s
ht. el lrge n Ter aL e art=
to study & treatment of those eomplaints,hittztr.g%rhie}
tuna he has had More practice end hm creed more pa.
hoots than can ever fall to the lot of any private pm.
Warner) amply qualifies him to odhr amotrances at
speedy, permanent, and satisfactory sere to all &abated
tent. delicate diseases, and ell diseases arising there
Dr. Drown woold Inform Ukase afiLletal with privets
diseases which have become chronic by thin or ag
by the nse of
of the common nom.= of
the day, by
their complaints can be radieally mid Mors
oughly cured; he having given his careful attention to
the treatment of such eases, anti succeeded in hundreds
of instances In miring persons of inflammation of the
neck of the bladder, and kindred diseases which often
result from those oases where others have consigned
them to hopeless despair. lie pwriderdarly invites such
es have been long and ensue... Wally treated by others
to consult him, when every satisfaction will be given
them and their cases treated In a careful, thorough and
intelligent manner, pointed out by a long experience,
study, and investigation, which h Isimisnisibler those
e o rg
, tled in E ves n,
practice of medicine to do gme any
=Hernia or Rupture—Dr. Drown also invites per.
sons afflicted with llama to call, as he has paid parses
alas attention to this disease.
Skin diseases; also Pi s, Palmy, etc., speedily mad
Charges verg . low.
N. B.—Patients of oah sex living at a &stamen, b 7
stating their disease in writing, jiving all the iirmpg
toms, eon obtain inediemes with threetions for ass, bg
sildressum T. BROWN, M. D., post paid, nod snob.
mg a fee.
. •
Olio, 'No. an, Diamond alley, opposite the Vi a•etl7
RIMMICATII9I —Dr. Drown'• newly discovered reme
dy for Rheumatism is a speedy and certain remedy (or
that painful trouble. Ir never fails.
Office and Private Consulting Rooms, No. 65 Dia
mond alley. Pittsburgh, Pa. The Donor is a/ways or
Ey- No core no pay. decl9.
i TA 'Clibi. method
to i
and the public at large that his Parton , Is
now in full operation, on the west side of
the Diamond, Allegheny, where s con.
stain supply of Blind., of various colon
and qualities, are constantly kept on hand;
also, at Nos Wood st. Pittsburgh, at J k
It Phillips' oil cloth waremont.
Veninan Shutters made to order in the best style.
Blinds repai rad at the shortest notice.
N. B.—Hut Blinds will be put up without any addi
tional expen., so that they can be removed Ina nao•
mein in rose of Gm or for washing, and without the aid
of a screw dnver. " n-1 -d I ykvrt umlyB
VLEGANT.PERFUMERY. ke—Naael'•Faa Drina
de Versos, for rendering tha skm soft and beantifed.
panel's celebrated Nympin ;Soap.
• •
Henel's Indian Vegetable Hair Oil, for gradually
darkening the hair, and prornoung its growth.
Hauer,. Liquid glair Dye, for changing red Or gray
hair to a beautiful brown, black or chestnut color.
Hants Fan, ',astral Flair Restorauve, for prodacing
a luxuriant growth of hair.
Hauer Carling Fluid.
Hauer Depilatory Powder, for removing soperto
mi heir.
!lute'. Rose Tooth Pohl,
linuel's Chinese or Persian Toilet Powder.
Unrivalled Shaving Cream.
IlitimPit elegant Extracts Of variott, fragrant flowers,
for the handkerchief; together with a large assortment
of fine Perfumery, met reed and for sale by
sencti cor Ist & wood, also .or tith & wood sts
East side of the Diamond, where Vanden
Minds of all the different sizes and Won
are kept on hand or made to order afte
the latest and most approved Eastern fash
ions, at the shortest notice and on the mos
reasonable terms
VDU W. FIELD oder& for side at de lowett
• klattoraelarers' prices. a very etcteartive mason-
Ile•in of P..4.1 . E.R. every possible variety,
wird:and to the wants of consulters in all sections of the
soar. y. Paper of all kinds made to order at obon
not .ve.
...lock ofPRINTING PAPS i ls sensardly tarp
a purl or widen to or rosy superior quality.
of every desertption, nopoi teal and kept cormantly on
ban— Frhints, Wsre Oath, Fourdrtnter Wirre
Itle...tong Peer& r, Mae II Itramertne, Twine, no., B.e
Ca4enee,Bde Rope, Gnus Rope, Bagging, e.,
plioThar,,ed, me adoch ipgheal poet In Cash will De
p.:4 WV, New Valk, Jo.IYIRWS,
t I
`II V: touters/coed liurn for rale superior article
of WICK bur Itudilsou. !node by boa Steam Press,
.o moved to.oche ne, fur v. Loeb he has ob tallied • promo.
and agrees iv give purr:tastes a written guarantee that
the 4 are stronger, toid will MAIM frost =ld Wel weath
er nod imbibe less moisture or dampness than any oth
er luck, possesstag greater body and superior tenure
ant, notch more durable In !Very neepeol., each brick
being subjected to a ;treasure of several tons, and pos
sessing a handsome smooth surface and avnt edge.,
they make a (root equal to the best front brick.
They have given Ms greatest satisfacuon mall who
have pu rehased. A kiln can be seen at my works, and
speennen at the Garen@ office. . .
Those boring supplied themselves for their buildings,
rut 7,..dirg handsome front brick', supertor bard
—tt-tthttun them.
..11.14111 WOOD LiIITACTIFir t ST 11111".
ltraaa, L.
SINGER. JUIIN 211.ORRISUlit, bat tag as
sociated thenaotses together under the style and title
cot Scholey, Ryan fr. Co., for the manufacture of Wood
Type, and as their type a altogether suede by manta
fiery. the unrenuon of Isaac M. Singer, one of the Grin,
they feel confident that they offer smote perfect article
cotype, and at mach lower rates than any heretofore
offered to the Coned States, and are now really to fill
orders for the same.
All orders addressed to &holey, Ryan h Co„ at
tear office to Diamond alley, hetareen Wood and
goothils hi area; will w puattnally encoded to.
Propihstars newspapers, on copying this ad.
verusement 3 months, and sending as their paper, will
be ~mailed to reesive them pap us type. cul parehasiog
throe rimes the &moon of their hall for ;Overhang.
Ocoee at the Exchange, Baltimore.
REDUCE:I) BATPS.—The charges have been redu
ed au all Messages to or from Baltimore Pitts
burgh or Wheellng, pad a corresponding reioction
made on •Il telegrapinc despatches forwarded from Bal
timore West of Pittsburgh, P.
Its rm.—The charge for ielegmph despatch to or
from Banta:tore, Pittsburgh sad Wheeling, Is 43 rents
for we first ten words. and 3 cents for each additional
!Er chnege to made for the address and gigue
l'hul the completion of the South Western Line of
Telegraph from Nlesaphis, Teem, to New Orleas.i
petehes can be forwarded to Memphis by this route, and
mailed for New Orleans. jell
A T the annual meeting of the Corporator., held on
/3„ the sdmst.ohe following persons were unani
! b l e ljgel,Te ' s7;em.
1. Prriour, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer.
The annual statement presented the affairs of tis
Cowpony Ina very prosperous condition. Their office
in the city Is No. 37 \Voter street. 101 l
I) A 131.11 - V
S - entifNET LiiiiLiTtY — Jorffeho
Fainiltes.—This work consists of twenty
and countsru fire hendreddillbrentsubmcm, illustrated
with 500 engrartngs. It u an entirely original wanes,
recently written and completed by SG Goodrich, au
thor of Peter Parley's Tales, and u designed to nob.
to a populist form, Select iilOgillphita., ancient
modern, the wonders end curiosities of History, N.
turn, AH, 'Science, and Philosophy, with the practice/
dunes of life .
The price per Vol. t. 73 cents, eaeh containing about
liv pages, IS ino, or $lO per si For 111110 by
ova R HOPKINS, Apollo Milling., 4th or
nardarare—theaper than /Overt
LM.:AN. WILSON it CO., Importers and Wholesale
Dealers In Hardware, Cutlery and :saddlery, No
I 9 Wood Meet, above Fifth have now In store t very
ebony and well selected stoo ls of Hardware, imported
stnee the dealtne of pnees to Europe, sod which they
are determined to sell corresponantly low. Nerrehants
who have been In the habit of going East, are partme
lady requested to call and took through one stork, as
we eenhdently behave they well save then erpenees.
JUST RECEP - 11.':b I W sYelintocku, No. 73 Vasa
lattel, and for sale cheap,
p. au sup Zphy carpet, new style ;
lu do do fine log. do do, some very elegant
5 do do do do do do
I case of Thompsonwho raga, unsurpassed to style
Persons purchasing for dweihngs, howls anti swain.
boots would do well by eating and estimating our
.lent befoie • relissing elsewhere wpil
LNXPERIETICEDrutr sh s, on a trial of one and • half
124 millions, nines 1, pronounce ilits article uman
passed for durability in t e construction of all Ends of
Purnuces. Paine &An cash for limits of 10 hi, guar
mimed tune months use. °niers fora scetmd quality
Bolivar Brinks will be execated at CA, per 01, If so de
sired, without guarantee. A mock of the Brat quality
ts now (or sole al the wurebOUse, oa.
.1 Basin, by J SHAW KAHL/MEN,
smart( Kensington Hort Works
_ _
PII4ENIX FIRE BRICKS—The subscribers kamug
bien appointed sole Agents by the manufacturers,
for the sale of the celebrated “I'iliertis Bricks," are
nose prepared to fill orders for any quantity, at ICA,
cash, per I,ootl. For 010 ODE/SW.IIOU IOrnOC - O• Or
all kinds, them bncks base been pronounced by com•
petrol judges as being superior to an other fire bricks
now in uw. C A AVANULTY ,k Co, Canal
my3o _
ORTABLX FlLlltuf...--A very conventeat artieleb
Believes and all the or em be earned by the hatt•
die. by ma teem A fear tem eee'd *ad foe We by
Anti •4.1 PC
May nth, le4e, et the School House of the Sixth
rd Patsburgh By H. N. Breckenridge.
Published by JOHNSTON tr. STOCK'PON, and for
”le by all the Booksellers in the city. /Y 3
SUN DRIRS—SUD bags prime Roo Coffee;
boll chests Vlt ea;
IA do 1. P do
Mr do Wadi do
rho boo 4.,12. sod lb hoop, James ItIVCS rObbet6;
au bogs Pepper,
IS do Allspice;
bbl. Tanners' Oil;
to do large No 3 Mackerel; totlter end, igen•
eral msortment of Pittsburgh Manufactured articles,
in store and for sale by ROBT DALERLL at Co.
_octs Liberty et_
CAR B. bIAGNESI4 0 0 -2 cues Just I,,ro!•Ritzle
- _
raL'D MAGNESIA-10 Clll.l jam ree'd audio, sale
%._./ by °cal R ESE , I rum_
- rkPIDAI-100 lb• Jam recd and toroidal by
la °eta
. .. _
duo Not received and lot sale by
c•eui I KIDD a
Thie Mama ia earamiby_bmrommielametnte
af the air tells yeryftameetheraelarem eau.
ttg earlbearien. DD. SWBkth p&D.ADDAD De
ma be entirely earid by a Res me el Dr.
threetreri Panam
Catarrh, or commas cold, orkish,
te rteglocied,
torainate in Consamprien, effecally relieved cod
eared by Dr. tbreetsees Pat:meet
if unchecked, win effectually lead to
Etronehlal Coo. pt , bat a Marbly me of Dr. Sweet
eitr's P 11111.45. Win effroteelly cam it
inglamseadou of the ?loofah or Sore Throat—Thin.
disease otter lea/lam &anode eotmegromem from nes , '
Del„sach as demotion of the throat Oa the Dris
roma, Dr. wnetner's Panacea ahoald be mocexad and
lull Dray.
Coven and Colds fool a sovereign mostly in Dr:
Illweessea Panama.
?imamate liothwi-e Teri fatal disease, malting
from a. violent cough and cold oo a dobilibmd m bro
ken down eimatltatteeb aged penalna are oddest to its
Dr.-Sweetes t . Panacea should be used an The int
Trwhich an a wash of told.
htEresto—This dobilitlikr,Coolollla will meet
with a Miley Motet, by ming Dr. Byreasm4 panaeeL
Cosostiggioa.- 4 f cm the Ant appearance olcostoimp.'
gee symptoms, which area. iyalo Mahe ride iad breast,
. 4j4davvf blood, ifDr. Bweemorta Pliamea is
Whendauger need be appeebendol..
the isiriga, the Winditipe,' Cr Iltonchlal Tubes
become dogged op wish phlegm so as to impale tempi
radon or breathing, Dr. Sweetsees Pooasecoshich is
poweieol Erpeelmarit, should Wuhan accerdhig tr
laduena.—This dinnweing ayidaollosso preselect la
our elhoste, Cs speedily' cared by De Sweetses Peo.
Poke &I, per bade, or ex bottle* for V.
For sale by Wht. JACKSON, SYLibenr at, ego of
bok big boot. olooSiatY
To the Medieal.Prefesalloilkissid
FARINA, now n must Au Hospitals
Auyleasonod other nubile estiabliabatenia, und
recommended by ?ens of the LOAllqistiggUiStmd_RhY•
sicians and chemtatt, as an article Of, diu tot, column
and invalids, much superior to arrow itotosto, eta.,
far more airengibening, pleasant to Rua tusta. *Sd Cagy
of <Drooled. Put up in 24 lb. boxes ofhilf lb. paper.,
each accompanied with printed directions RIT
Liebig, in hi. Agricultural Chemllitg, p.
- .
"Children fed upon arrow -root, sake, or indeed any
kind of amylatacecres food, whtelt does contain ingre
dients fined for the forreation,of bine* and inane m,
become fat, and esquire much eamosammi their limbs
appear full, Iten n ititz do not sequin, •starerorth, not are
their organ s p developed"
to the analys is of the Farina made by Prof. Reid of
New York, among other constituent., begires lt s per
emit of glutton and &theme., and wants= the
claims of the Perim open the Medical . Prole and
the pathos will rest upon ha coomining in the glutton
and albumen, v.etablei fibrins end oilier nittogegmed
bodies mt found to arrow root or similar sabstances,
sad which modern chemistry has palmed out as being
°memory to the formation of human Lino, , amt by
means of which mauve make. up for the Constant
waste that takes place in the human body.. For wale
wholesale or retail, by R 12 BELLE
male Sturood rt
alll - I — susiln Parra
TT • mat slaisfaction to ea to be able thnapublicly
to announce, that the great demand for ourmperior
and splendidemparations of oar "FAMILY MEDI
CINES,^ far exceeds our moat swum e.cuttlorts,
particularly oar Indian Expectorant end pound
Cuuninative Balsam, which for beauty of appearance,
superiority• of mgreslients, and the compoundhig of
them, together with the immense . disparity in the rim
elem . bottles over any others—the beaotifokandirna..
memol engravings, and the taste displayed th p
ting of them up, as a further incitement tos the pu bri e
et. And as many of my old frimula who knew m
B. awns Loonlx,"1 whin In the
df Dr.
A Jayne, tome beg leave remeztful)r to in them
that I ate one of tbe 6ros of LOUDEN & Co., No. de
Arch street, below Third, Erman where labial
.he happy to see them, who, aidedj u' lns brothbr , •
regulur gnoktins a lba "Philadelphia College of kit'ar
macy,n make, put up, and compound, with our !own
hands, every article comprieing our "FamilLtdi- ,
eines,. vim Indian Expectonnt, Compounti a
live Balsam dit Compoand Tonic Vemdfage. Wee t I '
Unwire k Hair Tonic,
We further g leave to rempark," and we do ltiwith
• confidence Ow cannot be shaken;,) that web ilve d ish
covered cad made en imptovement on oar °Hamel
Hair Tonic, that far exceeds any, thing over offered to
the public. Give us a mall at No. 184' ARCH street.
Our terms Lb.m are an listneeturnn, and we ens sore
of the resell. angl:3li
noturstirsok, areknido„ Pi.
:TIIL EDWARD ACKER,. takes th mean. of Fs-
If taming his Monks to his friends and the public
for the extensive patronage he has received, and pf In-
ion:ming them that he has lately erected a large and
' well constructed building, for the 'excited *p urpose
aids 'WATErk CURL ' 'n.TAIIIASHMENT, at oldE
location, at Phillipsburgh, Pa, on the Ohio river, eptio
site the steamboat landing st Seaver, where hied ready
to receive pansies as boarders, and inn them od Ily
dropathie pnneiples. to addition to his king eXperi.
ence, and the . reat success which has heretoforn at
tended his. treatment of patients committed ts hbikarr,
be has nerw,heedditional (actin". afforded by eh ex
telvive hulloing erected expressly ( or the purpose` con
taining commodious and airy rooms, and fitted a with
every necessary apparatus for battlieg,'ldid dd ed.
wring the vestment ea the utentistimemfit and c on
of the patient.. Phillipsburges la a mowdeligtid and
healthy village, easy of Kee., by steamboats, add id
fords fins and - wholesome water. Dr. Acker adores
those afflicted persons who may pine* thamselveS un
der his ewe, that every attention shall be paid totheir
comfort; and as an assurance oft.he submit:Mal bakefits
to be derived, be points with confidence to the ,hun
dred. who have been permanently cased . at his awes
habinent The Water Core leaves no injurious diem
behind... is too often the ewe with those who Lave
been treated-on the old system. L . 11. reMOVet 2 . 11 dia.
ease invigorates the systent,tentlectii Dom the gee
oxidant toehangwed the. wiezther, camas :Foust
and ectiVe appetite, an/trepans vigor to the 51.1 stiva
powers. Terms attain ent andboonfing re " table.
. For feuds. particulars inquire al the establishment, or
address the propnator at Phillipbuegh.
Wo tom been informed by Mrcflow of someper
Ponied out= by Dr. Jayne.s Aliteratkirs4 *high
tiruches its saperiotity am every other remedy, of the
. late hAs Won afatetal fin the lastl sateen years
,101 ECROSEiI or WHITE SWELLINGS, intended
snit lideetttions and =fellatio eir verifies boon, Os
riarmitichsloor curry piece:Astro beset disehatged from
tq-iNoW et .speauttea L fraso bealLbos k9ss,
ulcers on other pares of her piiion, whiteh hatoslmille7l
tho skill of smother of the moat eminent phatalcians of
oar efts-40mq most of the rime her soffennatihnve
been ez oilman; nod deplorable. About three months
since .ho was nadead to ma Dr.laynets dlierauve,
silt[ek has had an utealshient7 hippy effect upon her,
bDy~htaovtng oil Flirt sonellingsimet hatmr4 the
Mears to beat, walla MANS window httgaamal Itteathh
has homage, teunalete/a rettammlivo thaa alto nowineters
1 ,4 mom than elte . dal beams fhts communtsed the sae
of 1• May vairsabla Ettepauente—Peitt. Eve. Post.
For further Inktratatteniinq etre of 'Rose, No. L 99
Filbert st. Phltadelpata.
For gate is Pittaburgh, at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
PA Fborth 51-.lleSt Wad. IY3
fiesIEROFULA AND schucutous SWELL
INGS..—Scronds in ail its Multiplied forms
whetter in that of mcoie n the
&nada or bones, Gottre_,Whito,Smeuutp, Ltiroluc
abep.ati.,cansgr Akiseasomor,Utkmor.SPlne,
or 01 Pulmonary Oceinunntioe, me ate DM one
anittbe same cause, which iipiaisanotti piineipte
mom or leas inherent in the huntah,. opted. 'There.
foie, Rol this principle Cab belifijid,llls radi-
Gal core esti be elleeiett, but if the Onelitln upon
which the disease depends, is removed,li mire
mend netewitytellow, no matter ender whittler=
the disease abould Widest Dull. This; therefore
is the reason srby'fienc's AJ-TERATITZ is so mai
many in removing no many malignant
(homes. It destroy* the vitas tir .prinemie from
wines these diseases have thelrerigm, by euMnog
intoche cheniation, and withthe blood is conleyed
to the , mama fibre remenng every particle of
disease from the syste m. Prepared end said at No.
B *mei Third Street, Philadelphia.'
Staid at the Pekin Tea Store, '7B Fourth wee,
Pittatmetb cwt
LADIS& Wier Use Common Prepared Malt, we
eft. wed aware how frarktfally naarioa• is to
the akinl hen wane, bole rough. bees sidle., 'en...,
and aaboal a ;tbe appears after USII3, prepare
cha l k! itisiararronsorantausinpalarge alien
Ow of lead. • e have prepared • beaaufal vegetable
article, which we =II JONEWS 'SPAN'S!' LILY
WLUTM It is perfectly lanneern,ba.apparilledwf all
deleterweepasdilleun and it Imparts w. ae skin a natu
ral, healthy, alaanner, caw, hemp white, aide wale
ume.sering as a mauve oaths skin, waking it soft
and smooth.
Dr. James Sneers= Praetiaal Chemist of Massa
eholeits. says: ''After ginalgsdng Jones's Spanish Lilly
White, I find it possesses thereon heanufal and tutu
ralou the same time this:went white I ever saw. I
eeruilnly can conscientiously recommend its no to all
whaboaldn weans heasulying.” •
Ert i lir by W hi oon ld,olllMN, al ktis•Boot and Shoe
Store,E. Liberty street, bead of Wood, at the sign of
Ladies,t. gen
ladies, Pm aweedshed,
Mann rod tem that you ale promised
mow, while,
'That you wilt will an mama chalk,
And leak a deathly Tend.'
The theme of Laugher and Vn k.
Kiwi would are. a bar of JUNK'S Lilly-whno, it
wird4l give your akin an alabaster get palatal whim,
antis the Nunn Libe tine cleat and Impure It. Sold at
JACKSON'S, lin rty at. PneeSd tents per box.
O. en Wood strew, one door fora of Diamond
Ole yi Pittsburgh, Pa,.. does for sale a tarp Mr or
ead,ertm dl e c rns, ° lr i ln ! • P' ar ' r l d n aTtr e t . o'
ch he.
cads the =moon of oruggitts, staitlarre and am
divas visiting the city, as he Is terardhed to sell at
eery low prices, and arve general csrtlon. Goods
w ur
arranted and cheap. Varnish No. land a, N. York also Japan sad ilho Leather Varnish
es Of superior qualify. Alto, "Mnb and and ',ad it
prides lower than heretofore offered: 3. 1). M. alto
Morgants calebrededeoughllyrupoehich
bro git..l general satisfaction to all in the curing of
mos, made, hoarseness, lathteuza whooping cough,
neap, etc; prtce 25 cent. per bottle. `Also, Morgan'.
Indien Dyer Me, a certain ewe for liver compfaint i
sick headache, and all bilious complaints. Prier IV ets
per boa ,apao
Dr. W. P. Inland's Prosaism PiArtier.
TR. W. Y. INLAND, of the Medical thdlege bf Phil-
IJ attelphla, now offers to dul public his Indian V.
amble Premium 'Plaster, the qualities of which, a ft er
long and tried expememee, km boon misfeetority
-To all WOMBII who map licmwith
Prolapons Uterinor Falbm Womb, ha recommends Ids
plaster, guaranteeing • sure and spec*, com its the
short space of from-swo to thee week II applied with.
can andmast-..dimardin all tbe hutramente
and erpenaivo bandages so long en. This he feels
comsetentiousin slam& inasmuch so he boa not failed
m Ono ease oat of threehundred and fdlY-three Pa
Also Mr Bbitantanom and Weak Bream or Back, at;
W hawa with Pain. there to nothing to meet Ms Flamer
in *fording relief,* aireothor a owe. Fos sale by
L Wilcoi comer af Diamond and Market*
Drum & Heber, " Liberty sod Bt. Clair as
Dr J Sargent " . Federal st and Diamond, Alla
, &may city
treques & Co, • Denman and Dirunortd, Birming
A Oh.Mein to the Worlel —
TWENTIi•FI VA DULL 4 Re will biptdd m any one
who wlll produce • spot of pate; artwo or dry, that
CWIIIOI toe collected web Hotel Implored lln mthal
Soap I have the saesholoo or IVIIIgIC . nic people at
Ito place, that tblr area Is, I'S , wn
ft, low turd. unevalle4 In Mit cautery lot cOtracung
'roar°, bat, raCII, 011, pamt, or any doter growl sat,
meet) from ah hutch, of genUemeni or ladle. , elt
labia, clot* wire dthartktladlde bpeedts,
30. a.nboat iodating anything that pareamater wilt rejr
wan.. Mare than ems Iboasand. , poracths altalicreet
parts et the armory bore told -mum, would not be
~moat tf It coat one dollar per cue. In %Saki
Soap oe goose than SO artlelith'ef Opt midst A.l.'
paertaa, and ealleetm, I havetataly.kmadihrim p air
Ott, two or alpcom, and roar of calico on whlebt
cbanyod the co tharcenerbotbro one lhat
Ire. try a
at the drool finc.. tualethla tomer
I an deurouned theta eatmemsacattilltre liatallgOV dm ;
I Ham m be at wee - kl
plea, Cu pa eat. bold, wboluMW.ratall
MILOOR—IAI bbtarousa Fatally_ fad-
R gre.tliio by oath /Om lommo
,M Uit; Hn
44193841,7 CLOW irtlittObS 9 7 9l • 6o l - .leladstroo I
Acid moist Lbw SSI, OnSdoi R.CMILt
-" idy.l94, NW,
idr. E. Sirdro:—AsOlot didTallsboiddboallietol
inglosonbobbiel koala tatiadsylo ditoodiudjettdy
."/"ASsbd_ dans Sat. brio detttooLdoke rod* pm,
....rsEltabrosidtodontt twis t 'SF Odst.lbottstriobt,
tbettgotdostLi' NNW the uouty peopostkai of loy
goolco,hobbot to tbo dietibusoota Sgbdiandmito•
ImLbtt7l.l3 habitat:bolded loth' pladersd. ado*
t below they
them OU,, ,, Lartboy fro idol brtot ,
LOe iestatilted to. be. I bore licos.aktod oodb Lim
Rubs* *fond Obtai . 19 1 91 1.9
sin toatutd, to whoa Zooid nook imam ban
Ica mod Sta* banked and pbytlrJtoi talsolist doubt
' t " ft4 3 tosb 2l l.l/y,glna op.* inetrobk•
11130-71 mo iodougtolty your Lttn.Pllll,,abd SOON 007
WELL . et watettisoartodbobtodabittposeldo 4
of pats bubo adoottd Ott. other tot at hut 1.
19 ototha.., root FAS stoblaotho adonis 1 MM.*
tro rb i th
ittr to yourroold bald& d babi t ood- borrow
:bend o SAO tosithial utbsod by mos oat .wbo Imo nod
,Thyboiro tapirettedaboott wry oda 1 0 6 .
Noiybbrbotond b. • abort time win emir. Am
baroonStmoopodtd Row to 411 pumas vedieg ;Ark,
orbether Rio Lye, Complahtt at ISitioda A5,,,,d00k Fl boo
sidf6uor INF% Satoptiot to Would t n. BIwP7L
Wat e
~ dba Pala Wm. L
tits plat didoiLitorhaa, platten lobo wdd that GENINNEIdtodd
isk tetd like drabber Ilea Slam preptod old odd
SELLERS, No 57 W 0441., *worn TWA stot
Said by 'Dr. Cunt, pilih Wird, DM Cow, arlekbray
MP •
,trisplipays els 1 6- s — itattor Care.
DOCTORRtsXJ. W. MORRIS mums hi. einem
_V thanks to the citizens of Puts:tarp and Allegheny
city for the Very liberal Rapport andeacouragemant be
issreceived within the last euramitha. Thastbs Wa
ter cum aheold aesidre etch celebrity, I. =tither .
amberystenhen is esetaidered how peal 4
at eases of every variety of disease;
edam and chronic, have been clued by s MEM= ssa
edit. laGermany, where it erigiested,sts thostassl , •
dike worst eases, that were gamest. by the mod aka
fal physicians of Europe m Mcarabbi, w e owed by
the im mo ral Pricanius, the fotmderofthuWararCam.
la England, FilltZo and America, Unmated* al hope
less eases ham Wen cured by ./ I, and the grummet
Hydnapalltio establishments sow la sasenesfal opera
:inn In the UoitedSucet speak volumes in favor of the
Dr. Mama having permanently establiabedkhlamelf
OW of Pinsbargh, three doors sonthwest of IF
' tit allay on Pvam meet, is now prepared es take •
number of.larlarders and great them at Li. h1:211 1. 1ad
those who prefer /sung treated at their own d
will be punceasily and fahlthilly attended; 'll.;ses7X
aortae/led at kis °Ere from to'elock till 3 P. ht., and
from 7 to 10 in the **mutt
N. H.—Every ...nap of baths made use of La he
Water cure, both fin liaise and genlemea, can be oh..
twined Elko 'Atheitarem, GA Lacey Inman, when they
have been recently arectad far the express are of Hy.
droplet:tic pariatitt'and where every attention will be
liven apite by the polim and attentive proprietor.
Greet Enatfish nessedy.
ILF AeIbm AIWYor the P e tb"l of the ' l
above diseases, la the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF ' l ,
LIFE, discovered. hy .the .colebreled Dr. Buchan, of
London, Esgland, end inzrodnned into the Coiled Butes
under the Immediate superuttendenee of the inventors ' -
The extraordinary success of this medicitte, in tr,.*
cure of Pulmonary dleeaiea , worratus the American
Agora lo .eliciting for treatment the worst possible me
sea that cart be found In the community—cows But seek
relief inmain from any of the common remedies of the
deY,- and; have been given up by the moat distinguished
phydniatis as eonfinned and mourable The Bongo&
an Balonshiscured,andwill Jura, the most deverate „).
of cues- his on guar-toast:runs, Mit a ste.MtlM Log. , c
Bob medicine, of known and established eilicufy.
.EverFfsonly. in thaUnitad Stater should he supplied..
with Booboo '. Hungarian Balsam bf Life,not only to . .t.;
counteract the communise tendencies of the ellasais.:2"
but to be used as a preventive medicine in all cases of
colds, msighs,. le a nt of Wood, pain be the side and
chest, troupes and soreness of the beep, broobitin,
difficulty of bre,, hectic fever, ought trinnos l r .s.g rani-
KU:o h s:lF:mere! debility, asthma, .neuni,es
co S,fld in atomat SI pa t h, with bell dime
dons for the r of h
Pamphlets, containing a mass of English and Ameri•
can certificates, and other evidence, showing the un
equalled menu of this great amtialt Remedy, may be t.
obtained of the Agents, gramitcrusly.
For sale by B A FAHNESTOCE ft Co., corner of
st mid Wood and Wood and Bit as. • ... merit
1, , ROM the Rev AS.• SHINN, a well known and pop
alar Clergyman Odle Pormstant Me th odist Church
The endetv*—W ha been atilleteddissing the past
winter with • disowns of the storauch, sometimes pro.
-dewing great pain In the stomach torten or twelve boars
without intermission, and. after having tried various
remedies toftlffitddedectjsrairfaritiatted whb • bottle
of Dr. D Jayne', Cairn/Janet Balsam Thisbe hsed ac
cording to the directions, and found navariablPthatthis
medicine caused the pals to abate in three or Our min
sues, and 41 Rhein or twOmp minutes every messy
sensation was entirely claimed. Tie medicine wu
terwardsused whenever Indicationsof the approach of
pain were perceived, and the pun was thereby prevent
ed. He coatittaed to any the manatee every en=
and sometimes to the moriting, and la a few
health was so far restmed, that the maferer was relies ,
ed from a large amount of oppressive pain. From ex
perienee, therefore, be Oan coadently recommend D
D Jaynes Carminitive tialattia, as animas , medkan
for diseases of the innaach and beitollx. A SHIN ND
For sale in Pittsbargh at the AVN h TE.A. 6I7 6 . OIL
72 FoiILIA street, near Wised, and also on theDrng
Stereo( P SCRIWIRTZ. Federal mere!. Allegnosy
, • Ify Yottr — Blood.
mR. 0. E. SIBLEY—Dm Sin. Last Mini, and do.
ring die previous winter, I was tgaMMy afflicted
with • wentfulm
complaint Ls my legs, andhad been
for some months ander the me of phydelafts. They
said guy case was alma ineurahle,-and they coda do
but little for me. I was upa.Byless, btu with the
ld of crutches could with difficulty get about. In May
ust, kourchasedaf you, and eommuced axing Bats
vot.'s gsmarmuu.a. After the asa atm bottles, the
sores commenced healing,. and I laid Md. my crotch
es, using only a cane. !dispensed with my Cane, and
at the end of the fourth, was so well Ism assist all day
in shearing sheep. In all, I used thrg Males. The
scrofula and sores have all healed up, and Mee last
mummer I have seen no ammarantenithe disease, be.
have concinuMand ant obw, Mika atm perfect healt/4
I state with conlidemee,-Imannhatathellbomy hobo.
Dee-n mean.
theme. COS
qor sale wholesale and retail, by a A. FAIINt9IOCH & Co
cur. from P wood 00,/s miaow marin;Xl&(lth.clo
F Clears
P da' Amore', for gasbag
Vrearasila Rase, Tor shavmg;
Cream, dts
apeglibiesta . Pb e reelataztaaf a s;
. 15.Lecl i seefa Wait pe =se watt vender, Angle-
Reamed powder pods, of all patterns;
&stoned sailet boxes, eontataseg fragrant extracts
for the darultsoaluet; a seem bag. and toilet soaps, sen
sate logptiseol.a
Persian, or Meese powder;
leoll.ll vegetable hart oil,
Beast oil, to Caney or coon= wrappers, (rose scent
*dio'rsas, Soak Nymph Soap; Rose LJp salve;
libel wow, gods soap; r..tber *if& IL gr../ W■litly
¢& co
bale. -tor Mb It wood sts
Pulnaernary Siderune.
Mirßf9. REED & CUTLER—I feel it a duty
re to any fellow (madames, tostate something
more' respecting Tour Vegetable Pn!mammy Balsam.
Bluce 1 nod coca IDA Balsam, about eleven years ago I
the happy effect of which I Merl gave an account of,
have had several severe commmins end attacks at my
hmgs, one • few days .Inca, and in every instance I
have used t h e Balsam .loge with complete and perfect
success. It has effected relief and can in a very fe w
dale le certainly a sale nuaticine. Ido not Snow
that u will cum a fined consramnion, but I believe n
will bale many cases a prerentive,and prevernion
.bettor than mum/ do Bumf° for the love of my fel
low Men, earnestly recommend the use of this Balsam,
in all W.mnary complaints. I am confident that it
has been the means of preserving to thee day.
&Won June.ltt, la BENJAMIN PARSON&,
Par safe by B A Falmestmk, k Co, comer first dot
wood and abut corner wood and 6th. ant
Q ELLER'S IMPFarrr COLkiki SYMP.—It h.
0 power to core! Prrisecuen, Feb. 14, 1847.
B. B. Searausa—My wife has for years beelt subreet
t iatieure Tarnt h ,'s ted " lrren ea t
with urhma, for
and had the advice of the most eminent physamans td
Engle., but all was unavailing. By chance 1
or year Imperial Cough Syrup, and was induced to buy
a bode for tritd, although I hid no belief that anything
could remove her complaint. To my great surprise,
two dose* gave her Immediate tenet She is at limn
troubled with a cough, but two waspoormlbil of Syrup
always stops IL I are satisfied, after • trial of three or
tour years, that Seller's Cough Syrup Ls the best cough
medicine have ever tried either 10 the Old or New
World. W. Panmotat.,
Seventh Ward, airy of Pittsburgh.
The above co ug h
or should induce, all who are
It with cough asthma, to give the Syron a to
ld. It may be had. for 23 Cent. a bottle, at the drug
stere of R SELLERS, 57 wood st.
Bold by Cisme!, 6th ward , end DLt arrz7,
pony city jan.3
Putman, Black Spring Tema.,
N EWLY INVENTED—For the mticfand Ye maamt
Corea IfEILIgh or RUPTIME. (Salted to all
• , thounperied Claims of th‘s Truss consist In the cam.
outlive WWI with which it may bu worn. The pad of
W.lOO being neatly balanced on springs, yielas to pms
elareron.any part o(1t, and thoroughly nff•Pta noel( to
antntinitinent made bythe wear e r. It canibe worn
aft Wont Intermission, until a cern to effected. The sub
!claim base made arrangements Mr me inanstaetura
Or thearvalimble Trusses, in a superior style, in Venial
th , phdllsAand have them now toe tam St their Mime, No.
W,Nisilthgeld at. pear Sixth, Yindcri.
GEO. Jerr
ROI D. w.auFbirAN.
- - - • •
Q ELLER& VEBALIFIXE—"Super7or to any I have
ever med."
". alrellanTr, Payette county, P., March 4, MU.
Mr. B. E. Schaerei—l hereby certify that I have used
your Vettaitage iv ray facility, and believe,it !total, if
oat r epaal,,,, to any J hare ever used. I wave ° to oar of
my child!en one dose, which expelled about VO worm.
ELI Ex....
p rr pataa sad sold by R F. BEILLEFL4, 67 Wood a.
Bold ur Dr Cassel, Mb Ward; V M Curry, Allegheny;
W J Teraperanoovills; and Draso, Law.
roosovilla ' , my 4
aItHINGIES-nArt assortment just reed add for sal
S by tarS 1 RUM tr. Co
•7 - •ivitt Bi3u a a H GA ZEtT E
m.o...4.Bvihriega, 3d sr., eder 44 Pas rftie4
One 10 eertlon of Mares, or lece • " SODO
Two teeeroooe elithoetalteratioeri,......i... 016
Three " " " " ....:.t... I 00
One Week " " ... 1 10
Two Weeke " " • .' 360
Three " " " 3CO
One Monthr o r " • .4 00
Two " " ..... .... r. 600
Three •• o • 760
, ...... ..
Longer adverlimonetata mason. propor 0 ••••-
Una aqtuue,6 mouth*, without theratma,... 10 00
12- •• •• Lb 00
Issielt addlttotital minors for 6 raoalita,..... 00
11 ...... 10 00
Ono eqizare; 6 otoiths, renewable at piano', lb 00
.• 12 al a '7l oo
&eh additioniiPtiana for 12 mon tba...,4•• 10 00
Twollvainta,ti months, ro'vrable at pleasare, 30 OD
'Meth idis2iir6blitgoare, 6 months, 8 00
48681.11 1, ,titiArtu-arsitrax n mist 'msg.
Otieib4alie: !mangoes, 60
t - -" ea ch additional 37
• • 41 •
ATO,lines or len, one . .... 6 00
motaks,.4: 00
•• one year, daily . 6z, wkly , e.o 00
. six months 00
• Anvirrtaxtinnour +ritzy wax.
rot t.p 'wet, tir leu, One iamertmr, . 6.40 60
•" " 0 7s
4.. , 4 Three, " 100
" ,s_is 600
' •• Twelve 7... ofweemlfil Of