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Mothers VlrllfiFialka — Daitsightteir
fully calls year Inmate. to Dr. Baum'. Gase
ous, expressly intended for the preservation of the
bealthuf both teXes--whether ft slime Dem Incipient
Finalists, or early coasureptum, Debility of the
BronchialAffecoons, Asthma, Pleurisy, Demaget l inm
Disordered stale of the Liver Spleen, or Kidney., Dir.
eased Spine, Cholla, Dye u 4 Palpitation of the
Heart, Loss of Muscular or maces Power,
DR. C. B. lIARIII.TFS GUARDIAN cornea to the
Immediate relief of Females suffering from Irreplari•
ties, and all other Uterine, difficulties and diseases inci
dental to woman, whether occasioned by eald, wet
feet, or any similar Injudielom exposure, sad all this
without the use of medicine; as the most delicate and
sensitive lady can at any moment apply it to herself
whout the possibility of interring any risk or danger,
orsny utplcusent results arisinthom it, and with the
certainty of obtaining imaredute relief.
Dr...Herr.'" Gaud'. is no catch -penny, or one of
the mory.ltutabags of the day; but it is an Mammal
made upon strictly scientille prilielples, in accordance
with Mellows of. Electricity arid Galvanism sad for
and elficaey, infinitely impasses
maythlng of the knot
s od , ebfre offered to the publc
theme mbef of disease, dln the language of eas el
the most enligMened memo( Me day, is
be "the greatest discovery of the age."
pcoodof nOlese than &armors has been occupied
by Dr. Barrett Inbringing the Gear fan to no prawns
stale of perfectloo;-daring which time it Las beeo
the hands of acme of the most mamma phracians of
the North and South, as well es in thedarel.Mgs of nu.
memos families who have used It for all of the above
purposes, with the most perfect Success, and who have
cheerfully ven Mar ntrimallfierl approbation of its
efficacy value,. can ice seen by referring to the
Mantilla tructiotai necdmpanylng it
Dr. C. IL ett's Gentili. is secured from Weave.
arms by a patent from tbn United Sum Parent Oflee,
and be !tali either with or withoin his fileditc.Electro
The Modicollectro Galvanometer, in mita of beau.
ty,workmanship, durability and Power, e.""et "+-
or Cacti Nal:lila, the wabsenber feels that
tr= l nothing lathe assertion that it will be found
to possess more power and efficacy in the treatment
end retahval of diseases, by Galvanism and Elect:lei
y. then any Miler Imamate. either in the United
taus or EllrOpe. The Medico-Eleetro Galvanometer
is warranted in every
_respect, end with common onik
eery care will last a life-tune, and I. by far the the
est, became the best, instrument ever offered to dui
Public. A manual accompanies theta, giving the moo
--me* bislxectionaof prtatical expenence, so that It
is middy intelligible to the mind of every one, while
the •I r. uy of arrangetnent is such that a child may
!..---asestere with it.
Any information end . all room,-
nicanons cheertelly nuswereaper istibm l"
lion to the Flectre•ilehrtnotteter or Guardian.
Medic-aloe:imam Mated to call and examine Dr Bar- I
roe's Guardian, end oat ns efficacy.
Fix sale by H. RICUARDSON, sole Agent, 71 Mar
ket st, Pittabergh. nplXiidtt
/I9SER 5 ,0 00 PERSONS m Philadelphia ,
alone, can testify to the wonderful efficacy of that
In Ptemdly Consampdon, atronie Bronchitis end
Sor Throat, Asthma, Chronic sfturrhOlpitting of
Blood, Pain in the Side and Breart,__Draculty of
Breadang, Whooping Coegh. Croup, Weak Nerves
and Nervoaa .Trmots,Pelpitalitin oldie Heart; also,
Liver Complaint and Affection of the Kidneys.
Thin medierne, the Invention of a man who gave the
subject of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Pectoral diseases
the most rigid exnatmaturn, hos saw been before the
_o neat four years. Deming thin period it has per
rimmed some of the most remarkable cures on record of
Pulmonary Constanyeinn—secured the recommenda
tion and use of ph and.
in their practice, and the
warmest approval of thousands ot parsons in ordinary
and severe Colds, Congos, is 110:1211.0141, Spitting of
Blood, the.
About four years since .I was attacked with Typhos
Fever, which tell me In a miserable stale of health, in
extreme debility with a general. prostration of the aye
tem,, with violent pains in the breast and loss of appe
tite, in co of Which 1 ems unable to attend to
to brumes', ouerform any kind •of work. 1-
@Wiled to several ph Mans and used venous rune
dres,but without any tufa, and haddespaired of ever
obtaining recovery of Val former health. Bet some
time last Dine lams sidels. to try Thouurat's Com.
pond Syrup ofTar and Wood Nwitha, and incredible
as it may appear, by tho time I had oaken three bottles
the debility, pain and every sane of Merin
completely removed, and twits able to attend with re
stored health tO my maul avocation..
Of Dickinson township, Caustterland co.
Bead the following testimony from a respectab N.
member of the Society of Friends, in Pongtrkocpsie,
"This may certify that in the spring of ISM, my
health was vary fm.bbu I was aimed with_pam m the
aide, with other Mamma symptoms, and s obered much
from great debility. At that time I pact:Lased from
Moses Dame two bottles of Thomson's Compound Sy
rup of Tar nod Wood Naptha, from which I experien
ced great benefit, my health Ming now good; and I
ebecrfully reto....g the track w .semons who
sneering be ulering with general debiliy; TFILTSIE.
"1415 aympouts
of • decline. A.BAILAM
Poughkeepsie, Mr 15, 1i147."
Prepared wily by Al ralllT DIMON, at - the N. E
earner of Fifth and Spruce streets,
bar Phila.
Sold by L. W
generally. Price 50 or One Ilar and pe by r =Ws
LUNGS.—The unprecedented success which has
Headed the use of the
nail the varlems forms which Irritation of the lungs as
sumes, has Induced the proprietor again to call atten
tion to this
The chnegable weather which marks our fall and
winter months, is
ys a fruitful source of
Those, If negbieuxl, are but the precursors of that fell
The question, then, bow shall we nip the destroyer to
the built bow shell we get oleo. Pf our coughs and
olde is of vital impmronco to the public.
win be found m the GiSeeng Froacen. In proof of Mls
we have from time to twee published the certificates of
dozen. of of best known citrons, wh
mars of ter
o have expeti.
owed its curative powers. These, with
lienouy from all parts of the rountrit—from
Minima of the Gospel, &e, together with copious one
gees from the
we have embodied in pamphlet form, and may be had
intim of any Alf atm= OF laretz co nutty.
have been used in this city.
throughout the United States rod Canada, and we ch
n which, when token according to direetions, oed be.
fore the longs had become faulty diSorgoolled, It ho.
ever failed
Wiry, than, need the aglicted hesitate. by m o m to
the auseroble nostrums, gotten up by oat one badiTild•
Walt ler the aroamed arose of =Me en •OalUrtl
setae, and paired into nowriety by certificate per
lone equal/9 unknown! Whilst a modirone of
ft to be bed, Whose vouchers are at homey—oar tuft*
berstr-oudty of whom It tuts
.'ln order that Witt!nvaluable medinay be plated
Within the reieh o the poor as we rich, we have
pa the pri ONLY PIPTT CENTS,
ag one half the meal cold ef cough medicines. u
! foe ..Ir by One Wets in nutty every town and village
Over the wet; who ere prepared to give fall intercala
tion relative to it. '" T. SALTM Proprietor,
Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio
LANT 0 • 'rats CITY, who had been ice
diesedwith the anima for four years, had taken
.. T
every thing. His physicians constantly nun
fled him, and he had expeaded net two thousand dol
lars. He never believed to advertised medicines, bra
cressidaed them all humbugs. At 100 be tried Dr.
Taylor's Hallam of Liverwort, from 72 Beekman MUM.,
lireirliock, and in six weeks was entirely men, hoe
ing taken only three buries. This is only one of men
eases where tangimuy objections to a num medicine
he Frescoed persons from using this medicine, who
hue expended hundreds of does. to their phruous
I. Vain—and ha the end owe then recovery to the infal
lible etbeacy et this purely grab hie preparation
There is no mistke, the rids meiine is superior to
airy remedy. - prescribed by medical advisers. Thi•
Medicine has taken 20 years to mature, and is the so
rest remedy for discues cues irdrodued to theal “ die
Coszoß"==or lon time l th these hese "
plain =
I hae eve. up 0 hope of being crud. I bed cann
a th e Wuinln and Wm:o32We donna ins vain. I had
used many articles advertised, bet found no relief.. In
duper I had given up the woof all medicines. War
ing cd thegreteivirleka aftte Taylor's Balsam of Liver
sniftbe- great awes it had performed, iodated
mum try 11, and to my great Joy and aricaushruent, I
win babasleonunued its use, also his Sugar
tlrld sin entirely nried- - - Dr: Taylor'.
Dawn ofUverwort is the best medicine Lithe world
k;ri th an c omplaints, enduirtAic tmla ri s
Captain of the-Pioney,of New York.
Aunt/. Coasax-1 have suffered from the Asthma
very long rime, and bare used every -medicine I could
obtain Porlts care in vain, onril I tried On Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort. The medicine ben of me
mut wrimiferi benefit, trial is, itT .pink., a cure for
this disansing &ewe; more especially, tu. l knew of
many CPU among lay friends, where It has been high.
ly srin.AWiri. Persons hammed an Invited to call
at my r...d,encic for further Information.
MS. 9. RUTON, SIB Laurens st.
Sold in Pittsburgh by / D Mama 93 Wood lig .1
Terimsead, 45 Margin 01 II Perrier, col Market an d
sus; liezalerwu & Co, 5 Liberty st Price reduce
to 4_31,13_ .10.2
r ß r tH A IS .
n d nton m s
ln 9 eu 4.
o j
bulk with efficiency end comparative mildness of
bargathe steam, and having a peculiar tendency to
no binary organs, Is extosnely valuable in this Coun
try, Ln orbieh bilious fevers and other complaints, at.
tended with eongestion of the liver, so mach abound.—
They have meor stood the test of 26 years, and cacti
&nee has proved them to boa oak sad valuable remedy
in InutmuttenN Remittent and Dana Pena; Juan.
din; aliens Colic Indtgestion; - Dropsy ; Dynasty . ;
Rams Vorniuttant. Cold& sad all complaints of ert
flanonaarty character. The complete and ortiverrol
monfaction which has been given by those jrilla to all
who have once used nem, prelims the publiehing of
the lIIIMICOOI2II certificates m their favor unnecessary.
prevent consuerfteiting they aro now put op in •
ad &plata:do wrapper.
Pomo a emits for box containing 10 pill&
Prepared and sold by
cumin /at and wocd,arid elan Comer 6th and wood
ti - Wkll9 Or - : ---- R - MM Ellfftll Y-1 ot , p •
rent Panacea in caring my t childls dim:ening
PO= Ow Tooporwoo Hamer, Igor 31E47:
Cams Diam—We are not Ip the hhhi, of rigimg
*a bb s . taibegrE medicines, bat we teal durposeil
ii , mah m e rtil le Syrup to those oda. aro afflict
ed with a cough. r hating tdod th e usual moo
din to
amore a cOnstant end disowning congh, that
bad Go woad days, afllletot one of oar children, with
out roecase; we were Induced to uy Morgues rough
syrup, lad by it relief was obtained to a thorium. II
proved to be the plinneen awl athe ai Lisa
Papua wholesale sad arniallollmther,
1107 wood 1;1 door below =toy.
A STRONG gIIIDENC.F. eat Dr 440 Vs En.
JOIL PLCTOBANT la ,arpnier to alb ether. rassons. for
Omea.u,,,,„o"anSkc4iirmODlAAo4.ladotlaar Palau
ma What &rum axasaismaib,
eta *tit b their troullor cm run "'phial prekrit to an
durraludiuof lb* kfod; =aortal, mbar. beas imbued
fa .
,_,ry other :viragoes Char We &met busriably beau
d=. ""i4 'l.-b.' Ind& Ms rourcobtp
Nal du WI pubes boutturaptepristors,
alAboxv }stand to the au of JarmrlEvseteaan, u
a rittsdr that bit Dam bile!! to roam thus, zed width
probably ouar Wit. oval to lumbac Isameauldneusa
poratii , opti by:DE D. Jam Madill** tad old=
agoia ALEX.. JAY
auto from the
of Its application,,lCMOTe the
from Abe aararnst bums,. scalds . or; Wawa,
Wawa, -
and will heal armada, ulcers and ams - ot any lad
Vithcat Sear. Thla valuable Pain. 'Extractor GSL) b.
IN D afOßDATkp o rogaidat,
No 93Lwod West, '
-„1. A rant for wow= Num
p (1-11-)-rrp : f c -fri.
4tri ,, 41 . ;;;=t , 44 .
. ,
• ts
j' 2 li t 1;P11 '•1),
e= - 1 , 7;i•74. . ~ •
Wad lifusixtql Us Age....
The moot extraorilsody liediebn• Um wed I
This twos' is pat up esari rlis to
tines Amts . , idalattniti , nal warrnail ai
l/v.ler In *my era n eieree"tePteed
er libilricibte
Patina& . •
The grain Imlay and sapsciari 1 1 of *LB
over another median.* that Wide itnradielt=rS
eat, itelgrtmmitenaliiitte %V: butt
Ever known ; it Oct only parities the le hole syrtern. arsi
orevisthens the pesos. bed It antis am, pen *MI Mei
Wed : • power ye.. br.11.04 And in
thla litm the grand secret of its tranderfol soon. It has
performed within the het me ewe, atom than 114000
vireo of severe cares of disease t tent 15.04 V *ere
eeneltleeed incurable. it has wed the lire. of ewe.
than 111.00 D children daring the two put seaaou
- •
t •
10,000 uneo of Gmerai Debility and
wood of-Nerwous.rasergy.
Dr. Toirriseeirs Saresperilla invigorates tha t whole
system persuansotly. 'To lbws who bee. kit lie&
ife= bribe erect. of medicine or Wiser.
; o r
both. or the ea ye latinigenee of
the ; w w ww ,w4 brought notod physical prints*
ion of the nem.. I . o . 44 dii..pubt
fainting sensationix premature decay andiouline, ,
lux loser& that feral liters" Consunin. mate, so.
tally restored by this pleasant it=ady. Tbiri Beau
earilla is far superior ID say
Loolgorodni - Cleordllal.
as k renews awl invigorates the: wawa, gireirealitY
h) the limbs, and strength to the tihntettiM eptitth
most extraordinary degree. .
IVesuirrerptlona Ouzo&
Mu= and Strenptien. 04warytaas am 44 existi-
Br osekia4, Conromrpties, Lteir Complaint Cotde
Oetatri, rtmlaso,
Somas is as Cleat Had. Flat, Rylt
5r..421 DiIiCULL Or Prefers Emma.
retina, hie in Om Shin Fa,
Ws aid cat be evert
SPITTING 4111,00 D. York, Ipril 28, 1841
De.Teransuato-1 rarely believe that younßeren►
rills.. been them.. through Nntideocet iti . . lll,ll gL
my Ufa I have Ihr severalyeara had • b. Courk. It
bomate mama. tram. At but 1 raised Urge emmti•
Mee of blood, had eight 13.2.11 and wee greolly
12.1 nod reduced, and did oot expect to live. I he.
only used your Bersapargla a ahem end there ha.
wouds:del cheetah...wrought in nu are yore able
to .11k .11
over the dry. 1 ratm b1ne41.4,1 .my
rec.& hes left me. Toe can well imagine f t
1 am
thankful for there rad.
Tour abedlerd.rnen
Wll 11.133SEidedil Catherine-.t
Female Medicine.
rare for InelOani Consereptloo, Barroomm.
Mori, or P.M. of the Womb. COLLiMIS"
mortices, or Whims, abstracted es MOM/ 11statreo
Incautleence of UM.. or isallmtudriiechm.
there., and for the moral ortatation as tom rptent—
te Metter whether the moult of MhereeteaUse or Ottawa
prod.. by irrertdatity . Moo es amide. Both*
ate be more arrestor thee ha Invim.riat Mfeete
on the louneu Brame. Perms m teatime.. and to d.
tole, from taking kt, at corm batman reboot and
roll of
rucrgyrial. Its iellustsma It hemeelletaly countmasta
the eerveimenem of the female fkattaamidehb the great
sm. of Barrenness. It will not be expert. , of ea In
of to deroata a moire, to exhibit certificate. of
rams . perfortried but we can more the atlicted, that
eundredsof ...have bee reported to us. Tboistands
ef eases where families ham. bare whhout
tier osier aced booles of this laralttable mediator,
bl with ane, healthy affepring.
To Mothers .tadßlarrled
Thia Extractafialltlparbla ho. been ozProssly pre.
pared to reforame to female com p
No fatale
ho has moon to sappoao ate to approarldag, that
critical period, • Tho aro of Wk.," should salmi to
tate U. no B ia a =tan promotive thr arty of the
ouererosti borrado dlseues to which Amnia ore
ouident at this time of lift, This period rap' es O
le/rod fin , awns/ yews by vie/ aakbef.
te Nos
It has raked. for thins who on apprbeelthig
manhood, no It to calenbated to mitt WI.. b y quid'
ruing the blood and Inagoralng the opiate' , Indeed.
tido median* Is invaluable for MIL the dollar! disco
.•11 to which aromas on .object.
It bract the whole optetn, posers permanently the
amoral onoraka, by removing the to putities' of the
bodip not so for atm:dation as to produce suboequen.
reluestiott which ie thecae anima isedtdasts
f take. tot
Nails weeklies and at...... By also a few bottles a
this medicine, zany semen .ad pdofo =Mica' °Pc.
Ooze nary be prorated. .
Graz Blaming so Mothers nad Ebnlrm.
h la the sated and most effectual medicine tooperify
Ing the system and relieving the wafering* atfeedasit
two childbirth ever discovered. It strengthen , both
the mother and child. prevents pain and disco, In•
enemas and enriches dui food, dime who hare toed It
think it 1. indispensable. It i. highly circled knob belies
and after confariment, as it prevents dimes. attend:int
upon childbirths—ln Costiveness. Piles. Crimps. Swell.
ing of the Fast Despouileney Heartburn., Touddnlit.
Pain in the Back and Loins, nilse Nine, kimmorrhagn
and in regulating the secretion, end equalizing the eir
cubdion It bite m equal Tbe grim beauty of this
medicine id. Hie dwaye ealk, and Ile moat delicate me
* man mmeeediaiY , very fee , me. require may other
medicine, in same a Utile C•mac d
useful lisercim in the open lir, end light Odd wish
this medicine, will deny. =we • oh cod any con
Iltestaty sad Stealth.
Caetia Chalk, end•
• misty of prawastina row
telly in m ono, when applied to tha earA, very men span it
of ite beauty. They ciao tha pores of Co. skim and
check tho circulation, w hick boo nature it nos tan.*
ed try diatom or powder. or thei skin Wheat
. the
1 .I=l. seed Is mws, bantilia he rums production
the horn. fag Divine," as well ain the garden 01
rich and delicately tinted and thriegard towers. A
bre, waive and heathy armada of the toad, or the
morning albs pore, rleb blood to am extremities, et
that which paint. the countanthee in dm area
ate beauty. lOb that which imparts the kid
theta* and Whet of lovelinete that all admire, but
crone tam describe. This beauty the offspring of ow
tero—oot apathy . m _ say. If them in not a free end
balthy circulation, th is no beauty. If the lady i t
fair at driven thaw, if
.he pant and use manatee,
and the bleed is adiek, cold and impure. the 10 not bee*
Wyk If she bit Imam or yellow, and there is pure end
wasna blood, hey. • rich bloom to the cheek., =I a
brilliancy to theiroo• that la famiatlng. _
This it .by the etwahato and ea --ltwidalY the Bps.
bh WM;
of moth mitarod. Ladles la tha north
who take bog Mlle Wash; or are c
on in cloth
rooms, or havo.vailed that complexion by tile •pp
colon of deleterious; mimoree, if they wish to rt.
coin cattiest, of slap 100010
1 .
Writ; Raiding am
and bautial companion; they ehould we Dr. Town.
War. 2111121.P.4" Thallialla who Pied are
more than satiated, are alighted. Ladle. of ovary
.0.1100. crowd our office daily.
Node* to the Ladles.
Throe tat imitate Dr:- Towtonaute ameghhille.
invariably called their ate • jratt Ratak fir
macs, &a, to.. anii hero impbed ore tithe tats euapu*r
wßich Islaes to the complaints amnia; rathi fa atm .
—other am who pot op medicine, helm since the grew
soca. of Dr. Townsand's SllMP•lina h14:011311/bb"
Madan to fanlea, rmosolmadeff. bat
rand pre
y they did not. • =saber of thoseno,
yes, an inforima to female" as any 91Pnthis
and undermine tho conaktotion. Towarldis is the
only and bed 111141 COT am nauerocis ma
ptatito—it randy, .61 fails of effectimi permanent
any Ittaut eon be taken by the mod delkete females,
in or by Ito..•xpecting to !meow mailers,
• nth the greatest manntages, as It prepares the rystem
and prevent.. pals
01 danger, and la= bo th
mother and chi ld Be can cantata got got the '
Scrofula Cared.
This certificate conclusively that dus Sams
porilla b. perfect control ar. the mcat obstinate do
es...the Shwa& Three persoas cured id one house
it unprecedented.
Three Vlal/drea.
Da. TowlmW.,--Dearßir I have the .plemmre to
leer's you
_Shot three of my child.. hart beat cured
or the Der.hla by she use of your excellent modish..
The were Mead vary severely with had Soo.; have
take y
s. only four bottle.; It took them nay, for weigh
I reel my.elf under creel obligate.
ISAArVinIVI lelljecoeseros.
Opinion. or Ph
Or. Townsend Is atra.t dally ranatrlng order. fr
Physicians be different paha of the Malan.
Thii 4atertify that wo, the anderelthand,Thydeians
af the thy or Albany, haw* In ow:lmm eases pretserib
ad De. Townsend'. Santaparills, and Wave h to b.
OW of the mon valuable, proporstioas in ths mute.:
P. E. rimpimiomr, LL D
AUAny.Apra 41847.
Owing to the great oneness nod inunemb solo of D.
Tooranomfo Barooporlll4 a number of' min who wen,
ftennerly our Agenta, hare eoatmenual Pinking Danny.
KW.% Bitters, &Mutate Tallow Doak,
We, They generally pot Dupla the alai* Ithsp.d bot.
dew, ond nomad them intro auk and copied oar ode..
ammonia—they ore only worthless limitation., nod
should be avoided.
Principal Oflies, DB FULTON Bsreet, Bee Building.
N. Y.; Bedding &Ca, 8 State street, ;Poston; Dyes &
truer, IV North Second street, Philedelphisi B. B.
Ileum Dr. Baltimore; P. U. Came. Charleston i
Wright & Co.. 151 Chartres Street. N. 0.; 105 South
Pearl Street. Albany ;and by all the principal Drug.
ciits and Blerchauts generslly throughout' the United
v tutus. Wee, Indies end the Cateedae.
N. a—Persons Inquiring for this medicine,should
rmt be indaeal to take any other. Droggisar put op
Sarsaparillas, and of valuer; prefer stalling their oven.
Do not be deceived byenv r inquire for Dr. Town
send's, sad take no other. Remember the genu
ine folenthad's &imperil a,. sold by tbA
R. P. SELLERS, General Wholesaler &.Nictall Agent.
No, 57 Wood atreet, and D. M. CURRY* Allegheny
city. je±i
1101 . is lIRSICO,
rritE undersigned hes long been convinced of We
I necessity for some medicine adopted to the use of
Children and Wants to senesced , ' Me me of all titnsa
tnatlicin. which contain opium, and hay ongth sue.
needed in preparing end offering to the public a medi
cine fully answering every purpose lomat diseases of toe
bowels, without the me of that deleterious drug. or any
other calculated tons:ore m the Arun. The Infant Pen
seen has bean fully tested atm med. the lust twelve
months, byre:menses perste., and found to possess all
the eXUll.olllitiant itittona sod to e rode. all th e antlYtt
tatting erects as set forth on the tell ist.dstretions. Di
asthma, Vomiting, Cbolto,,ChiOug, Pains, Sickness and
Diseams arising from Teething, main immediately
without distorting any of the Tum.lknurbt the body,
producing the happiest and most pleasant traaddon
from violent pain to a tranquil and joyous state of feed
ing in the little Iligrffel,
Tube had wholesale and retail, ofthe Proprietor, Dr.
Mod /MIN SABOANT Dmtnsid and APdth...=
Mon It iseelhant,and Most Ater
s Allegheny and Pittsburgh... r deib
R. TOWN . SII SAIitt3CLLA--ri enDi =n Z ; T l e.PLmn'b
iinAtepurnpry eidicne in th world!Thirl:-
,nit ie
tdeerentev, and wanarited , superior ut any sold.
cup , ' disarm without •omittag, parginit gok.o4og or
o.ititattag dos PuLom • '
acs Ixuntr33thiprinefplOpencesha,o
copied our labels; and, pet op medicine in the same
dipped bottle. Bee thareaut bottle haralritierrittcri asp
nett:Teo( B. P. Tamura '
firELLEDA Dr 4 Wirooflareet, between
Third and Yew* Is Dr. rowneendle only wboleeeJe
eel retail seem: or Pinsbuigh, of wham the genuine
article caul* had. • • . 11
.D. M. Curry has beim' wowed the, sole agent for
AUeghnny thy, of whom the genuine, article can be
Jj invittokthonttention of impel. a new supply of
.tams plau of omen VAG and rely low. my O,
V. orFirs.uslKßio l'4 %ri A ;k3l : I :
atTla s ti twit-,
TAYEats, comer at ren.,37a. .4rirr , Aim Ortets,'
poom ft. Xichnoge 11 MO. Pen r . street ,,
r•apectlaDy inform these Minds and . the tthhe, WO,
trey are pre_pnred to furnish and auend to e ro.hftlet
tic line of Undertakers. Always on hand a large as
tatiment of ready made.Colifiro, mato:4,lllot and for
4dted mare very best mariner, all sorts and sires ready
Made. amide of a e earl, Canihrick and mashn, and ail
tins made to approved styles. We keep a lilfr.: as
lanlllelltdP2l.i't and black, cocci. silk and kid Gloves,
1 sable for pall bearers and 010111111,114 crape, caps, cot-
Mtn, aid every thine necuamy for dressing the dead,
and on reasonable terms, as we purchase all oar goods
in die Basterocusen. Alm, elver gates for ensmon4 '
:llen ovate and age. We have a splendid now hearse sod
borse... and any number of the beet carriages. Every
dune attended to promptly and muretually. oetikly
• 'Wry:lngham (near PlUlablearothr Pa.
s trgAffl . Z . : l lXN , 13 7, Wald .. .hie', PittlburgA.
ons lii*Oridf .W i tt, t lf k o e u a r P o o w n n h = 11 5 711 1 M7 1 d -
AsP4UPlannhly. Wholesale and country er
chants; pite respectfolly invited to call end ea
amino for therpleAve r s,. as vve are determined to sell
gleam hie shan ever Wore hems offered to the pulk.
Ile. .
i]j•• Orders scat by triall, accompanied by the each or
my reforeaca. wal an promptly attended to !chid
Maimaac. - Jima, b. -.114.ta
vorTJLVAtii' .Y.l.E.Ul.ll.lmantithetate anriktep can.
LVI amity on hand Out, Moulded and Plain Vint
lagawa re in all as varieties,' at their ‘Vasehonsolthr
nernf hlarl r ret and Water attennyl'ittlthalan.
Out Watkr continue in tail operation. and Sd are
conntar..ty ridding to oar utock. which enable. no in fill
°niers with prompinvia. Purchasers are ramicellollY
..oliciteit to call and examine pricer and terms.
nctlttll y
'FROM the very Ilberni encoutaga
subscriber has received item
•wa htuttnentrd himself In Allegheny,
si k i-matt• ltn. Induced bun to take • leate, for a
Kiln of yearn, on the property he now
occupies. In Beaver street, tramed,ately hemdd the
Prn.nYariallebtireh. Moo the tong eipertence tit the
above.htlithrai and, a deslretAptonse, he Lope. %Otter.
it and mel:tio A Share qf public patronage.
Raw en hind end Relishing to onicre Hoelieuretilug
tee, open and top Buggies, and every dcucription of
•elciarelsinallata xmierillenniseceintyrace RO doltar.
teethe tioneurce„ .I.44rdin .
171. EWALD, SVC KNOW& 00,41 north woos st, mut
16 N. *starves, Mrs., offer for ade an soncemmodsung
teems, 6000 pkgs 111muNenand Tobacco, cansisdng of
pounds, half potinds, s's. Dgs, 16* ligs and ars,
.Iscups; !Ps and Era ping, and 13'• tonnes' Twist, in
whole and half boxes, of thefolkaving approved brands,
Jomes li Grant. Osborn & Bragg,
Grant & Witham, A Cabaniss,
S Jones & Son, briknuld,
Webster Old, J Tbooison,
j Bonet Thomas, Jr. A H Armistead, —_-...
1 Thomas & Son, loodborn A Armlstrod,
J P Comes, J N ()abbe,
Gentry & Royster, J A Clay,
11l A Dotter, C A Ilan,
Green Hod, Wm Ihwaoo.
Pearl A Norwood, 1 St Blockarood,:1
North Page, Keystone,
W il Vaughan, Edmund Henry,
Portions' Robinson, Iluswill A Robinson,
Feint, Robinson A Co. Seat Halsey,
R Metcalf, ;baba Ender,
Lawrence Louier, J Robinson,
Gray & Gray, D El Ttmter,
R Jamieson, York Widm,
D A Brineh. —ALSO—
tbrealla Leaf Tobseco, wrappers and fillers;
Cora do do do
Cienfuegos do do do!
St J.og de Cuba do do do
St Domingo do do do
Imnin ft Gliders do, part fine, do
Maysville do do do
Kentucky various grades do do
V irguito Leaf, stumble for manufacturing and export;
Spanish Seed I..eaf, Manta, Conneedent and Ohm;
ti mon. Scoops, oar.; German Ptinva Pipe bandit
Scotch Snort' Hoorn and bleiliters;) Maccoubo Meld;
Tongan loons. ligrona bassi Ono Rose; Iliergamob
Calobeto Llquorieq Potent Cavendish linives.itsposik,
&c. titc. ' PHILADELPHIA, aryl&
rringgreates.-- city
benne-I=ft on the most approved ES , Wan pia Os—
iutdl4o3l44hiOriabla Pastern patterns and colon. Also
PIIE CHEAP ROLL, or 110:511IN BLIND, on baud
or made to °Stet Of OR Sidra, and at all ptlrelt.
Country Merchants nod others are armed to call and
examine the above for thettlaslacs, so oil will be sold
wholesale or retail, and a Mend &doctor. roads to
wholesale purchaser.
saldly A %V EFT Ert V ELT
rl , 11E. Propnetar al this well known place of reaort ho.
1 the pteasure of informing the public Met Itso caul.
...lament harm, been thoroughly refined end to d.
all the grounds elegantly lead out and 11ccoratcd, .
.naw tape. for tens aecommodauort, and
he dancer hum
-e' that 1110 re SI, !JO may anew hits with timely Pllll . O l l -
sir. v. ad
boil ali mut ther desire, provided ha the hest
and n.a remmuabie terms. Ile is determined 10
ofno expense masksag estabaisbmeau worthy
public patnamme. He has accommodations for
noirding a few Matthew lee Creams, end .11 reins!,
men. satiable lo the season, constantly on band
Donoaagahela Dons., Tallorlag Estab
tfiA.AC WELLUMS, Draper and Tailor, begs to to
Iform the citizens of Pittsburgh nod others, that he
as now opening at his rooms on Smithfield Street, un
or the above Hotel, large and boauttful usortment
Cloths, Cassimems , Sauna, PJks. aud other Vcsongs,
together with sods other articles na are required bar
getilletumert mono. ills goods have been carefully se
lected, and me of the newest and most fashiooable
m op as Well as of superio etaity. His mummers
mdepend upon hoeing thclothes made up an a
amazes width cannot fall to gratify Ma taste of the
most fastidious. ap24:l y
TOBACCO -1 0 Wm lk maixt
Branch Wa 51.
2do do do era pounds:
odo do do 1-.3t and law
ID kegs No 1. fa mut;
JO do Pah Cavendish;
3 do do Plug-,
91 NI do tkegursa
Zaa do half Spanish dot for sale by
"Y E
(211101.C.1. 1110L314 Aavtna taken the lurr,e end .--.
kJ mothour. henoke Houtz mud Bacon Stotehoatte
toultntr our Ware houe,on the Canal Ltaaot, We are Nr
pored to smoke end s tart lowan Co reartontrle terms.
KIER k 3 rtiftS,
Canal brain, new ill M.
111tIler'4 ttml in° Aodrnotes, psi reed and for
ludo by BUCKNOR . Co,
41 north water and 10 w/Ith
Id arharoco,
YARA LF.AF TOBACCO-9 98 bade; Vara 198 bale.
snappery, and superior quality—l, 7 and
3 cots—just landing from brig A .
tbrueittn for sate bY
let 11F.ALD BUCKNOR &.. Co
._ . . . . ..
... .
GERMAN his d 3 gross German
Pipes, amdlum bowls,jast landing Irma pkt and
fi2Lasie by mesi HEALD, DULILNOR &Co
FlM—lsaac Crum, Baltimore, ILL, will be glad to
have order. from his Mende in Pittsburgh end
elsewhere, for the ,purchnee of Shad and liemogs du
rum die season. Orden executed with despeteli. sod
et lowest rates. Charges for purchasing lights morM
urrroN YARNS. d r c---40.trati 114, liaorted Nos. C
1..1 Vans. Carpel Chain, Candle Wick, 1:1/Ili Couoti
'Cisme; gun bales Calling, for sale at nufacturers .
tOV(Cift paces, LY
FRIENR,ILR a n fr. Co.
aturtfi agents for manufacturers
1 CST received at the nortliessi corner of ilth and
Mcsrket streets. Needle Worked Collars, Wrought
Bonnet Ribbons, veep ebeap. auggi
rVEAS— . ..O O pk• Young Upon Imperiro,
1 J., end Black Tees, for sale by
' lilmny at
• •
I).ACON—Ie casks Shoulders, iatbllng from ewer.,
L . P/011.11 . and for sale by
euel ROBERTSON fe REPPERT, RO eeeend
_ . •
Freueb evolution—A Iliwory: by 'Morons Car.
, lo two ß volumes—cloth. For al& by
CO--55 bee ha !font 6s Honey Tobacco, re
seising from canal .nd for sale by
DAME d MALZKIsts, sH7rater st
ACIMETHEIO - --ISM Obis No 5 Mackerel, briuraed
0.l large, In store and for sale by
F.ATHEELN—te bags Feathers, for sale by
j: amp' JAMF.9 DALZFLL
l.wetly on be nI
110.•.5 . 1 u N g .—:M 14 bbis ntie
rile by augbl
tr u uags rennin Kt°, in store and for sale to
kj close consignment, try
angl9 $ W
nor main and Wsl2 Window — Maas,
mat reed per stmr Loofa Si'l..ene, and for sale by
angl9 $ tc K liAltßAUCill
- •
----,------------ -
TIITTP: DEANS-4U bbis all White Deans, for
sale by sue WIC K & VOA AlDlklti _
PEPPER -74 bags on hand, and for made je c ali r aT i ll
FIRE EiPIICK—IthOUU now on the wharf, for sale b,
angl4 ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, front st
LAil) OLL—Darkhardthr best, Just reed and for sale
b 1 sugl4 1 KIDD es Co
COFFEE —llO bags prime Rio; 20 do do Ligrsyrit;
10 do old Got. Java; for sale by
OS iffiAli:—lnfids - ii — r•itie p 10; 0 bbls clearilled; 0 do
t„, !rutted and praverized; 25 do assorted Leal, (or
sale by ang2l 1 D WILLIAMS
Q PICLIS-6 bags ircerTit—lTlLlZloves;
AJ 2 do pore Ginger; B Colt. ground, snorted woes
Ito mans Canis; 1 keg Mare; ground Spices in great
variety; for rale by inapt J D WI L L
ACOI4 . —:MA Sides, in cam and (or role by -
It E &
r s ole by Atill—Gooti lnag% b., • prune
TASS Junin, Y
in store and
TALLOW -1 bbl reed and for sale by.
au f.ll . , TASSEY & BEST
t 10111 , 4 mr.41.--ru bbis Conn caraT.CY ihabuis
a,.0 brand, reed per tour Companion and for talc by
RUN'S GUITARS -- A rupply of Idarlizi'. mei - o-
Waled Spanish Guitars lust Just ree'd and for rale by
,81 9 _ JOlll i tll MIC.,LOR, Si wood st
A LUM—Ye bbl. Alum, just reed and for ludo by
alllB 314 wood
g -Ea
ED-63 bags Timothy Seed; MI Lb's Clover e n or
le by amyl J & R FLOW___
C for sULAR
ale by BIDEB-40 cask. eleu Hides,,lnst ree'd and
111 liberty m
C HIM 01
TT anglB
LARD -73 key No I Leaf la
K& nd, ree , d and C.
ergo by artg29 %VIC BICANDLP:I4B
FFATIIEBI3-3001bs prima Kankteky Feathers, f.
sale by angt.V WICK 3 NICANDLMS
Tau RIZIT-41. commodious duce story brick
j: Warshaw, on Ed sues L Foust.* given tome
dints.] y. For terms apply to
ougEs C UGYIANT, 41 Inttor st
TWIILY FLOMI.-Rept constantly ®Land and for
r ,ale by angel BROWN & Cl/PH=4ON
IkAr MrB PORK—last reed and krr reltibr
T;lasa.ulrioar Lcatz-
W. T. MATSU, Pittsburgh;
Rs®, Puss &ON Beaver }Propea
Cltatifoiri & CHalesstaLtd,'Clevelud
/rm. emu Line is novr_prepued to transport &eight
I and passengers from Pittsburgh and CleiPeland, in
any point on the Catalssuad Lakes.
One boat leases Pittsburgh and Cleveland daily, run
ning in ernineedon with the steamboats Lake Emend
bliebigan, between PiUshargb and Beaver, and a line
of first class sta.mbents, propellers, blip and schwa
ors 00 lakes Eno, Huron and Mew...
Property , forwarded to toy part of the Union with
dispatch, by WM. T. MATHER, or
tor Water and Smithfield sta, Pittsburgh
pliTS. , —Recd, Puks & Co, BOSS.;
It G l'arks /r.Co,,Youngstown, 0,
I.; W Cotes & Co,
, Wen;
D Bostwick,lC,Vo Brendport;
A & N Clark, Newton Falls;
F Lewis, Newport;
.1 & E M„Whittlesey, Ottopbellaperh
1 ciarmide, Ravenna;
MA c H Rein, F'rankiln;
Millet 3r. Tunic, Cuyahoga Falls;
Wheeler & Co, Akron;
Barney, Gibbs es Co, Sandusky;
WRlklts & WO, 7.:othdot
Q },lUlnm, k~Cq liairniy 15Lc6;
lik:lnWrNiilihinCiCitiWiale, Wit;
It J Winslow, Chicago, IIL apt/
IL=1:211 ; 'lB4B, BOAT
roa rasairoir Arlon 00 XPlCiiizawiii
Br.rwEEN Prrrsovitcli AND PNILADSI.,PIIIA.
r' , HK Proprietors of die old established and first
1. Portable Ihmt line, having released their de
pot in Philadelphia, to a ninah' larger Warehouse
on Market than they formerly occupied, and also in
creased their room for Kemp at Pittsburgh arenow
prepared to otter much greater facilities to their friends
end patrons.
Goode carried by this line are not tranahipped be
tween Pittsburgh and Philadelphia being carried, ea
tirely in Portable Section Boat. Ito shippers of floor
and ether goods requinng careful handling, this le of
importance. No eharge made for receiving or *hipping
goods, or advancing charges. All goods forwarded
promptly, and upon as reasonable terms as by any orb.
er line. .
Canal Bluth, Penn st., Pittsburgh.
JAM.1..13. M. DAVIS &
&VA 9:17 Narks* & tN Como:logos st., Phila.
JOHN bIeFADEN Ir. Co., Foneanting . and •• •
don bletehania, Cane Buhl; Penn at., Pntsburgh.
JAMES M.D./OM/Leo, Flour Flaclore and Comma.-
ion Merchants, 07 Markel, .d 54 Commerce at.,
Philadelphia lota{
U . Advances made by either of the above an Flour,
Wool and other descriptions of Manhandle,' consigned
to them. i tebti
NOTICEITh e subscribers have disposed of their to
wrest in the Pertn`a and Ohm Llne w oLotima
THAW, of Pittsburgh, and JOSEPH S LEWIS, of this
eri will coatis] to traumas basiness f the line,
al that, Waretioase 4 :n Broad street, Rs ustfl ' il r , and be
speak for Ii a
sonanuanee of the patronage of their
friends. JA ISIDd STEEL & Co.
Philadelpnia, Marsh Sti, IEI4B.
pwuti. and Ohio Trans station Ca
Dotal.. Daily Lane of
13,10019 TO TILLETTOTT 000. unman TM. M.
. _
CLARICE it THAW, Canal Basin, PiusbaTak.
LEWIS is BUTLEE,2I9 Market st,Phtlatktphna
J Ali STEEL k CO, Ars, Broad street.
WWDEN, CLARICE to Co., TO lions Bab-
ECIBRICE, Agt., 1.8 West meet, New York.
oe l murtnea-•ntp.
rime subscribers bars thuds) , associated themselves
together order the style of Kier a Jortes,.for the
purpose of comittoing the business formerly earned on
by Surauvl M. Kier, and toilet% • continuant., of the
eral patronage beretoforo extende t d to the Mums.
he M. ICIER,
Piusbargh, Kurth I, IKB.
alkaane ll at tl-a '
Irare prepared to receive sold forward freight to
ate above and MlVl92lsdiele places vrith as mach
despatch, and at as Lost rates, as utgother sespousible
The attention of shippers wishing to seed Pork or Ba
con to Baltimore in balk, is particularly requested, in
asmuch amour arrangements enable us to carry such
articles through in better order than any other line.
EIER a JONL.'S, Propini.
Canal Basin, near 7th at.
Pittsburgh, ?Jamb 1,1047.
assey at sum 4 T. !OS.,
.. O • •
KIER k JNRS— Commission and foruntrehrig Mer
chars, and 'Wholesale Dealers in lion, Blooms§
Salt, Prodl
Libera cash advances on consignments marts(
01111 VT, c a. DM., •In mat uratnlts Is
httsburgh. PLilattelphio..
• -
Irale= .4lll
To Phaadelpu a l• AM-Hamra,
YU CAN!. atm .....waosos.
HENRY GRAFF k CO, CS Banat Pittsburgh_
DUTILH, 11U111PHREYS &Co, No. IV Market Phtl
C. 11. Koos., corner North S. so rnu.tta 213
JOll3 P. Clarks, No 13, Old Slip, New k
XTOTICE—The style of out firms skull be nouns from
II and sulet tlos date, Puts:tuts!, Henry lima
& Co., an.lfr Philtutelplus, as N.M.. Ilurtmbreys & Co
NTIVUND O DUTILK ittmtuaulph
HUM PllftEYk.
HENRY URAFP, Putaltattg
pirrennuou PORTABLE DOLT Litt,
Foe thenm.portation of Freight to and fro=
Boma.. 11, C oon , Philadelphia.
Tara A.CeCox-xua. Pittsburgh.
711118 old established hem no w in full opera
.ll. non, the propro-tnrs have mode externem arrange
metes to forward goods and produce 'nth despatch, and
on the most ferromble ten.. They confidently hope
th,;;r well knoven promplue. In delivering goods—pe
culiar safety in mode of carrying—copacsous warehou
ses at each port. warding accommodations to shippers
and sworn of prodnce--together with their long rape
me and unremitting attention to businesx will metre
them a continuance of that liberal patronage they
hereby gratefully acknowledge.
All consignments by and for this lone received, char
ges paid, and forwar de d in any reoutred doreetiona free
of charge fire commission, advancing or storage .
No Wittiest, directly or indirectly, in slenstalm.t..
All coratumlcatiorn promptly attended tone
ti to tha folkruing agents:
BORBIDGR k CASII. Market at, Philadelphm.
TAAPVE & O'CONNOIL. Canal Basin. Pontourgh
O'CONNORB & Co, North si, Bun snore
WM. B. WILSON, BO Coda, st, New York apd
MUM 1848.
EllS well known Line copos, of
Lake Erie and Michigam se
Michigan, between Piusiburgh and
er, and Inht and passenger Canal Donn. be
tween* Beaver and C Id Reed's hoe of first
claw ateatuticiata Isms and veasela on the Lake,
ts prepared to tarty rejoin and passengers la all
on tho Erie Canal, and Lakes Erie, !boon and Sheba-
Harittg erall7 facility for cancel. ing freight and w
ee ogers with promptness and dispatch, the proprietor
and agents tespectfally when from their friends a eon.
banance of thei
Mr R
HEE patients
C Proprietor.
REED, PA Is Co, Deaver, Agents.
apla nor Maar and lirahlifield sts, Pittsburgh
To and from the Eastern cities, vie Cumberland.
m proprietors of this popular line, havethinee their
re.orgumeation largely increased their facilities to
meet the wishes of shipper.' and are now preparedto
forward a greener UOOl2/31 by the FIVE DAV LINE,
as also by additional regular wagons at low rates.
mi. Una will run throughout the year. delivering
goods through the menu In Baltimore aid Pittsburgh
to owners and comdmritulel ewe a sha f t pe or c ifitheed ra fi tes and
um e.
Shipments ham Phlind be
marked "Care, J B Robins on, Baltimore."
The only spots •re
111 nournoN,
Dfl B Chubs $l, Baltimore .
EDGERTON & Co, Cu mberland.
0 W CASS, Brownv i lle.
BIDWEEL, Plikabst%b
Agegt l . SMINS4a
Ths eroprittors of this popular Lino bona eb.rd ho t
Agency at Cumberl.d from boo. of :Baal' 11. !tin
yore to that of Edgerton it Co. and or.tern otareharitt an notified 0.11 Bay
ly Hobanon. Irdo., Batton., Is Our ow,
...barb:ad agent of tha Li. in 1.1.
Th. only menu an
J C BIDWELL, Pittsbarel,
0 W CASE Drovro../11.,
=OA BTON it CoCombrrisod,
deeEltf J B ROBINSON, Balennors.
Western Tr aistion Company,
MUM iat
1848 atzt.felfli.htdceile.lB4S,
vin rsnitsrnynnis AID 01110 WI. mans.
ILFr P:1-1: Ud "°' d d Al= eIIOPC., term.. A
&ea or apply to
D. LEECH &CO, Cana! Davin, Pittaburgh.
RABBIS & LEDA Nok lk & la South Third rt., pm.
J. TAYLOR /k SON, Apt, No 14, N'llt Horarntrl it, Bolt.
A. ABBOTT, Agt,No 7 West wear, New York.
Mubarak, March lath, 1040. ' - mar2o
— ittorchtnnts , TrarasportallOn Lin,.
Mia r.
, 1848. •
GODS consigned to our cure will be forwarded
lj.witbout delay at the lowest current rates.
Cmlal Maldk, Penn et, Pitisbarah.
279 and 365 Market et, plea.
Je29 Sialiti•o.Tharf, Baltimore.
MAIO 18 48.
SUIPPERS and °then am lammed that this Lino
Intl mashy= to run throtothoat the lent: leafillg
dally. Produce and merchalta,taten at Ipir nom
&Jeroboam Non 13allienore aai••at Canal
Time, tote.- Tim dsa days. VELLA. tip;
Water st, doon "bait dionh i ' m otmalttebargh.
myt7 92 Bomb Chutes at, Baltimore.
.iISC - 1100NittAKKR & Co
and Refined. An oulle
J 90 1 1 0 ONSAKER a t)"
PIONEER ThAisseortrAiriowiqunc,
R&M 1848 . Mial
u r r ydOßE dn AND Prressuaom
liieselutadlaa inumoreatt. ast a mias.,
• a
47 IJgLf n. arca%
~, --~ -
Valuable and Altraettre New Books.
T A.MARII.NES Maury of the Girondists, 3 vole, 12
Simms' Life of ehevullet ilayeall; 14 mo.
u. P. FL James' Life of Henry the Fourth, of France,
vole-12 MO.
Smith's Consular Cams of China; la roo.
Neander's tale of Jesus Christ; b en. mo•lin;
Marvel'. Fresh Gleanings; or a new Sheaf from the
old fields of Continental &Irope.
Capt. Henry. Sketches of the ltlenewt War: Id mo.
Gleyea Story• of the Boole of NV aterlooi 12 mo.
A Summer in Scotland, by Jacob Abbott; 12 mo.
Sismondi's Literature of the South of Europe; 2 cols
19 mo. •
Buxton's Adventures in Mexico and the Boer) .
Mountains; 12 mo, muslin
Posthumous Works of Rev. Thos. Chalmers, D. D.,
L. L. D.
The Practical Astronomer by Thos. Dick, L. L. D.
g.ttercniT Deiknap, b. D., Hmtorian of New
Luther and the Reformation, by John Scan, A
. Luther
Middle Kingdom, with a new map of the Empire
byl S Williamo.2 vol., 12 nto
The Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring, D. D
l• mo. . .
The Bethel Flag, by Gardiner Spring, D. D. 19 um.
'Teaching a Science, the Teacher an Arum: by lbw.
B. R. Hall.
The Czar, his Court and People; by John 8. Maxwell.
Lectures on 860km:team, by H. N. Hudson.
The Artists of mem:l—lllustrated with nine engra
vings on steel, and containing sketches of the lives of
Allston, Inman, West, Stuart, Trumbull, De Vet an
Rembrandt Peale and Thoe. Crawford; I vol, o vo.
The Urethra of Prance; containing sketches of the
lives of Lamanlne, Thier., Napoleon, Dorton, Alas
beau, Guizot and others, with portraits of each.
Ileadley's Napoleon and hisrshals; 2 vols. 12 rno.
Headley's Washlngtou and hts C.:anemia; deal., 12ra
Headley's Sacred Mountains.
The above, together with • large collection of Stand
en' Works, Classical and Sehool Books, for emir by
JOHNSTON fr. STOCKTON, llookerlle rs,
jes earlier market and :Id it.
lest works, .1 vols.
Chalmers' Daily Son tore Reading-,
Memoir of the Life of Mrs. Fry Stud col;
The Convent,by the author of •Sehttolgtrl in France.
Lady Mary, or Not of the World, by Kew C ht 'Pay
Mr. M. A.
Margaret. or the Pearl, do
Mark dlalon, or the Merchant's Clerk, do
Life of Pollak, author of “Ouurse of Time;"
Tho Listener, by Caroline Fry;
Lectures on Phiskspeare, by 11N Hudson;
bile of Oliver Cromwell, by .11' Headley;
Napoleon and his hlarshals do
Washington and los tienemla, do
Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring, I) D
Reuel rag, do do
Relivon esching by Example;
Pulpit Orators of France, by Turnbull;
Lentos of Scotland ; do
Life of Rowland HIM Free Church Pulpit. aced.
Orators of France; Now and Then, Deal:tune's Pocm
Marx et 'Mercer,
Jacobus on Matthew, adapted to Down Questions;
Arthur's PdpUlar Tales—*ltiehes in the World
"Making Hula to be Ruch," -Riches have Wings
"Keeping up Appearances" - Debtor and Credttor
For sale by ELLIOTT it. ENGLISH,
015 7ti wood and SG market 'I
ECI 1 v ED and for sale, a lot ot choir. thane's., with
and without Coleman's Akiliati Attachment, by
Nunn. 2c. Clark, N Y. One of Nunn. & Clack's Reno •,
with the Attachment, wax taken to I gload I.Y Mr
Coleman, and among many oilier icsumoinals of ad
miration Pa this Marini Specimen of American ekill
and ingenuity, elicited the following remark• from
S. ThaltArg, the greatest Ihanig
Loatam. Jan. IS, 1C45,
My Dear Sir—ln enclosing • letter to my friend, Mr
Erand, Pans, I cannot refrain from again expressing
to you how much I was pleased With your ...Cohan
Attachment," which I consider as a great musical un
protimaciii. I can 1100 tr: you mat on my part I skull
with great pleasum do Inv utmost to make your incem
coo known. For mile by
At Woodmen's furniture r.Mlai
BOOKS.—Lotterniga In Europe; or Sketches
1.11 of Trevel in FTWIC 11, Belgium, Swarm land, Italy.
itu.trta, Prussia, Great Britain and Ireland, with an
appendig, containing obstrystkine on Koropnan chari
ties and medial instuutions. By John U' Carroll. hI lb
Angela, it novel Lit the author of “Ernilia Wynd
ham." "Two Old Men's Title.,' etc.
Self-Control, a novel. Mury Brunton. author of
Vol. lU. Daily Scriptural Reading.. By the law
Thomas Chalmers. aD.. L_ L D.
root 4. The Thousend and Una Nights. II a rpern'
In.trated ediumi
‘ViSiain Me Commune, a book for children. By the
mo.hor of ..Ellen Herbert," On.
'The above works received Mit day and for sale by
- -
IVEW BOOKS- Memortals of the Into*ruction of
/I /Methodism Into the Eastern State•, comprituag
biographical nouces of Its early preacher...ketches to
,Is first chuichc, and reminiscences of ita early strin
g.. sad sucees.s, by Rev. A Stevens, A... Just
Memoir of Rev. Emil Ateel. D late Mi•aionary
to Chum: by h.s nephew. Rev O R
Marl Milian. die Merchant's Clerk by Rev Missies
11 Taylor, M. A.. author of -Records of a flood Mah's
Life." - Leib Mary,' -Margaret, or the Perl" dic. At
The above., with • large assortment of neve tiooks, on
hand and just receiving. 1.11.1..1LYTT A r-NOLISII,
spSt 56 market .1
. .
- N
. . .
0 ILIBII BOOKS--11:stoty of the Greek Hen
/id 01y40/1, and of the tars and earnpantt” arlathig
(,Does the struggles of the lireek Intrmts to Imancirm
noir titer country from the rurkl•h oke—Ln two Tot eor, otth nuatcoms amps nad raps
-I.etterli. nl.ts.o . ve of the ..toes of .1:/are 111, front
ComP.lnton to the ..uJ. o.Goly 'scriplufel
Marry Moarbray, thrill..[ 'valance, with 50 eitaTa
• ings.
Toot it. the IlMy Land. rrench Stage, and Sketches
shwa/tot. /tot reed and tot tele by
market ttree!_
11L - 1!.%V Pit ELS—A NS tun, and to conacquertees.
by H. P ft Jam.... Katt
Vault) Fna, a out tel wahoat a Hero. 1.9 IVititaht
S. sitetwat , Tlitritery, with 111°0r:160os
I 'Au Artt Va(1100. My Coast° , Shut by E V Chtitts
Story of the Yento.ular SS at. LI 601IVIOI Charle.
Wthiotta N. 1.14411.1" 0( I Aladooderri, . C
C H Colonel of the :hi 11,t't I-tth tlusa t..
The above works teet ivied this day and for sale it)
aciftll4 ttINSTON
VT Greek Concordance of the New Tertamont.
h mg
nn atterakri verbal conncetion between the Week
and the Eligh,h Texts--tneludin, n coetrordnnec
Proper N111{14 . .. with lade ae.. Greek • F.sielt.h , and rrig •
lisn•Greet. Jon. received rind for nal. , by
Bookseller.. cur mart el rind '24 Ns
netalle Pram. Piano.
A SPLENDID assortment of
Mriliwood and Mahogany grand 11.400 PI
atw,inst Ontsbed and - for sale.
Also, two sktlcadtd Rosewood Piano.
with Coleman's celebrated &Ethan attachment, tinted,
itt the Mgt modem arl<, for Solesit
1.21 F ULU c Et+, us wows at
Canal Packet—SWALLOW, Capt. Ford.
OCEAN, Capt. Wattent.
NNE of the above Packets leave Beaver every day,
/ (Sundays exerptedi and arrive next morning a
tterree, where they emitter, with the Mail :Magee fo
Akron and Cleveland, arrivang at each of these plane
before night One of the Peeketa leave lVarren daily
at 4 F. N., and armee at Beaver m mutt to Lae th •
ottoranig meamboat for Entsborgh
Vt frrs & LEVI-IND WELL, Warren, I p ropr i,,..
_~~ q
1111/1111011 1-A.K• net VOW, I.IOCII/.
Canal Packet—r..ilV.l.L, Copt Jetfner;
Tketastaarn, Polloek;
Lase Kam Tmby;
Pm - roma, Brown;
" Panne', " Sayer.
The above new and splendid Paseenger Packets have
commenced funning between BRAVER AND,BRIE,
and will mu regularly during Ow season—one boat
leaviturErte every morningait o'clock, and one lea,
mg Deaver every evenlnt, immediately titer the sin
val of the
s e a re
t on from Pittsburgh.
The boats are new and comfonably furnished, and
will run through In forty beam Passenger to any
point on the [Ales, or to Niagara Falls, will Bud this
route the most comfortable and expedittoua Tickets
through to all ports on the Lake ran be procured by
applying to the proprleuars.
REED, PARES in Co Denver.
JOHN A. CARD HEW, Alm Pittsburgh,
cot. Water and Smithfield sit
AGENTS:-40 C Hanison, Buffalo, N V.
C M Reed, Brie, Pn.
C C Wick,Greenville Pa;
M'Farltmd and King, Big Rend, Pa;
Hays A. Plumb, Sharpsburgh, Pa;
C klalan,Shatou, Pa;
D C Mathews, Pulaski, Pa;
R W Cunningham, New Castle, Pa. jyt
. .
:7••••-•••• ==:Z. 1848.
BgrWl-:EN Pitteburgh, Blairsville, Johmitourn, Hot.
Ildayslrargb,Water street, (Huntingdon Co) and Pe
Chi* lane was farmed exclusively for the special ac
commodation of the way business. 1110 PrOpeMien,
thankful for the very liberal patronage they have re
ceived during the last two years, would respectfully in
form their friends and the public that they are now still
better prepared to deliver goods at any point on the
Canal and Rail Runde, with prompmen end dispatch.
Plekwonh & Woods, Johnstown.
John hillier. liollidaysburgh.
C A IWAnalty & Co, canal bastn, hosborith
Rainnown—Pittshorrrit—Smith k Sinclair J a J
McDevitt, 0& J II Shownbeener, R Robinson k co , it
m oos e, lingaley & Smith; John Parker; Wm Lehner &
Co, Dr I' Shoertherger.
Pennsylva pr nia Canal & Road Ea
essysist Packet Lb.,
. (Exclusively for Passenger./
lust,that th nn ia Lne
due thre4lout the Bealoll.
The boat, are new, and of a superior class, with er,
larged cabins, which will give greater COMfOit.
can arc the latest construction.
A boat will always be in port, and travelers are re
quested to call and examine them bolero engaging pas
Vere el" o ' n r l t ra ' ine dollars through.) One loth. boats o
dui Line will leave the landing lopposite U. b. Rotel,
corner of Penn street and Cm al, every night rit nine o'-
clock Tim e daya. For i t apply at Me
Odlee, Monongahela House, or to D LEECH &Co
)ek9 Canal Llasin.
Passenger and Hemlttanee (Moe.
SANRDEN & CO. continue to bring, persons
any pun of ~sho d, /Hand. Sebilumt of
Wales, upon the sn ort liberal term% with then
m muflientetitellty and siltation to the wants and non,
1,.00 0 canatisstuts We dotal allow out passonsofs to
tabbed by Ike awiedling scamp, that infest Lba set•
port., as we take charge of them the moment limy re
port thereat:lees, and see to their well being, and de.
snatch them without soy detention by the inn ahipa—
We say this fearlessly, u we defy one of our passe.
gen ltr show this they were detained to hours by at in
LiTerpool, whilst thousands of others were. detained
months, until they could be mat In some old teak.'
p lute, which too freqnently proved their .rodrea
We Inland te perform our contracts honorably, cost
m h m it may end sit Intl St Was the cats fah sebstn,
with ether sheers, who either performed not all, or
when it animal their convezdence.
Drafts draws at Siustaugh for any tam from m te
i tt n =y i tb d l , e sc at a mo i lte4=teral Hanka le l et .
11111110 Pry of ticuASl AGSNOTs
got the RecovelnLut and Jim =L I M
! held Real Ind PmsonalDatalo—the
Arbitration of Commercial, Trading and otherDabts;
Securing Patents for Inntraliman in Grant Blinn..
Ireland, and the ColOnbrif and Depc.eneleathersturi
to belonging, and Negotiate/ for the Parch.. or
Sale of the same.
THE pmicipal object in the establishment of this
Agency is to set at rest In the most satisfactory
rid economiCal mariner pCsasible, the numerous claims
Ilot property which etyma Of the United Stores really
have. or =Wine they possess Eughaffd and else
The efforts of designing and unscroprdous Mem We
been ...rely engaged m influencing a Wisdom say
subiect in many quarters, with a view to petty pocula- '
boo; nod evidences of the fact have been so frequently
brought to light as to render It titAenffl neee .n i thV
an office be established haring for Its object the saw.
faction of those who have been deluded. and to estab
lish tbe claims of such as are the rightful heirs to doubt
ful property, or that which is improperly witldeld.
Ariele, to the lending journals in the principal cities
pf the Union are frequently appearing, headed "Town
ley Est..," 'A Great Fortune for Somebody," 'llfeet
legs of the lionaluon's at Worcester," "Chase Meet
ings," An. Ac., the authors of which are generally law
yen seeking practice, or adventnrers, Whose only
jet* Is to feed upon public credulity, by prodnung an
bacitement which may realtze for themselves immedi•
ate gains, and whoare generally speaking, without
the slightest knowledge of the subjects they put forth
The evidences of this being a f.t are every Where
apparent, as in no one single insta.c have their ill
lounded expectations been realized; it is with a
ew to the correetion of this calf that the subsminer
vrs effected she tnostextensive arrangements to Satisfy
inquiring, as well as to
the curiosity of those
Who, mfluenced by Madly co.ecuon or of
wish rep ursue the investigation of matters often invol
ving results of the most stupendous =attitude
I As regards reel estate Eaglimd, the balk of It in
;subject to the laws of Enusil and Primogeniture; and
cur since the nsVOlution In inch, the principal estats
save been subjected to the changes which always
on revolution, confusion, and change of dynasty;
nod ulthough there More been special laws passed for
pa lbi nieular purposes ell those which have reference to
subtect, and which were passed subsequent there
ut, a Wu
re lull available tit cases of legitimist. right. It is
not, however, intended in this advertisement. to refer
antecedently to ibo American revolutson of 1770, at
which period, great number of persons entitled in va.
nous ways to property, !abandoned the suite by joining
the revolutionary party. Thls act, to itself, Was sod
' tient to lead to confiscation where it was directly held
by such individuals; but when those abmidening the
same were next in succesaion to the then possessors,
the Cane became altered; andalicention from homeentad,
fondly mere made the harriers to rightful inherits..
Another Wailful source of investigation Ls found in
die Uncleimed Dividend Book of the Hank of England,
and this, furnishing as it does, each English noose that
hes ever existed . s holder of funded piroperty, is the
main reliance of the urquincipled traders In public
The modes of investment are exceedingly nornerous'
in all parts of Europe, hot in England parliculanyscq
and the subscriber is prepared to show the facilities
which he possesses, for an investigation th any of the
means above alluded : to. Battle, all theseohere
property posnmely bequeathed, and which, tn COMM
minim of the absence of the parties to whom demised,
becomes involved in and subject to the laws of the
Coon of Chancery.
In all eases, even, of supposed family connexion, the
most posture and satisfactory information can alters
ded as to the facts connected with the members of (am
he.. to matter bow remote the date, or seemingly dß
bruit the investigation; and where the case km alma•
dy been undertaken by any of the ttIIMCIIRIS persona
who premed to a knowledge of this Moine., sad who
have altogether faded in phonon*, or omitted to afford
tiesnern:mo sought by the metes of their specious
nes and delusion, the matter is the more readily under
thken, because of the ater .113111faellOn in el
where the pretences of others have obtained somitt
uumerited confidence.
In the settlement of Comotertial, Trading and other
Debit. the necemmy legal and mercantile •CralEN
will be brought to bear, anexperience of half • centu
ry in thus panthular branch, is the best evidence that
eau be afforded of the ability that will be bestowed on
matters coming under this Reed.
Inventors and other. recruit:trig Patent Mina seemed
to .y or all parts of }grape, can have the same effect
ed at a very tntling charge over and shove the usual
fees required in soy giveaeWstry, t o rytnfo,ms
uon rcspeoung the probable &tremors, and the motto
1K dl will at all Win. be cheerfully afforded; pod
the feethees, particularly in Engle* for disposing of
the right, An., ere of the most adhesive character. In
try...factious are also offered to men of wealth sad high
respectability. Whatever belongs to thin department
is ample The mtenuon therefore, of the pubhc in gen
eral is particularly solicited to this branch of the Agen
cy CouarialacotaOrks by letter are requested in he poi
39 Water street, New YOrk.
tii.MISSL - 101 •as 1.0.1111T1D TO
lion Clone. I' Ltaly, Judge trt Cosmos Piero, N. Y.
Ch.... Carthage & Co.
& J. T. l'ispthott,
Li R. A. Ricketts, Esq.
Edward Schroder, Erni. Ciecinnall, Ohio.
A. Patch., Esq Preek Patel. Bank, Buffalo.
111 E undersigned otters for sale superior article
e of brick for building. made by the Steam Press,
proved 111.111t10. (or which be has obtained a patent,
id agree. to give purchasers a written guarantee that
ey are stronger, and will renal frost argil et wrath
and imbibe less tainsurre or dampness than any eals
hack. pothemeng greeter body sod superior thrums
id much more durable ui every respect, each brick
,rig subjected to a pressure of several too& and pith
*sing handunee smooth surface mid even edges,
co make a front equal to the hest from brick
They bare given the greatest satisfaction to all who
ten purch.e.l. A kiln can be seen merry works, and
welter the W.f... office.
Tame *artily supphed thetroclies for their heading&
LiJ wishing handsome front hetet. or surnor Mod
whit paving tank, can obtain teem
rming ham, June Li, P 649..
ilia NOarh saistuan WOOD ntl ... Y, AT MTS.
[WIMP. u. •
RYAN, la•' I k IAA T C
asoilied themselves together ander the style and title
of Seholey, Ryan I Co. Mr the manufacture of Wood
Type, and as their type a altogether made by taactil
ry, the tn•ewon of Isom IR. Singer, one in the firm,
they feel confident Mei they offer snore perfect article
of type, nod at much loner woes than any heretofore
offeredin the United antes, and 000 now ready to El
orders for the snore.
All orders addressed to Seholey. Ryam a Co.. no
their race m Lliartiond alley, between Wood and
Smithfield street. will be punctually attended in.
Er Fronde/ea of newspapers, an copying this ad
•ernsement man ho, and sending on their paper will
ealliled to me... thelr a pi I) pa, ea pairchilaing
1131,1 uu m~ the amount of t h ei r bill tor adventsing.
- - -
Ocoee .t the Exchange. Baltimore.
REDUCKD KAT charges have been redo
cod on all Alessagi.s to or from Baltimore Pit •
mash o
or Wheelang i and a eorraspondlog
muds on ell telegraphic despatches forwarded from Bat
amide West of Pittsburgh, Pa.
frolmL"lin—dinioree,c:'grucb for :n7 ce
tot first
words, and 3 cents for each additlara
111, completidn of the South
_N e t w 'eetern ia, Liae d.. o . l
Tr leg mph from Alcmplus., Ten, to
by 0r ...,
p mites can Le forwarded to Merl:wine MI
m a ntled tor New Orleans._ jet
AT the ininual nicautig of the Corporator., held ,
the sth inst., the following pethou s were anon
owesly re.elected M
TklOlLllapta for the President_
1 Flex., Jr., Secretary and Treasurer.
The' annual elate:Meat presented ybe eau., of the
Company In a very prosperous condition. Thew office
the city is No. 37 Walai gust haU _
rxrrietENcr.Dludi,o, on a trial of One and t half
..17J =Won., since 1515, pronounce this article twin
passed for durability In the construction of all kinds of
Furnace. Price 64,75 cash for loads of 10 51, pan
witted Mao MOIMM use. Orders for a second quality
Bolivar Bricks will be excested at IP.IO per id, if soda
awed, without guarantee. A stock of the first quality
is now for sale at the warehouse 'Sloan's Wharf,' Ca
nal Resin, by SHA W MACLAREN,
sepittif Kerwingtort Roil Works
I)IRENLX FIRE BRICKS—The subscribers mitring
been nppolnted sole Agents by the manufacturers,
tor the sale of the celebrated ••Phitenitr. Bricks," are
now prepared to fill orders for any quantity, at IPA,
rash, per I,IXXI. For the construction of (unmet. PI
all Ueda MOM bricks have been pronounced by cora
petrol Ridges as being sopoliOr to all other fiere bricks
caw In MM. 0 A lIVAN LTY GCo, Bs /lasi.
mydd.— - - -
HARNDEN it 004
Du:open/1 end lienara 14cm,
Ml+ ens; one door below Nifoo.4
tEr No charge is made for the addredn and sign
_ . •
FUltlik..—A very couvement Article.
Uellow• and tll Me forge enn be earned by tbet
dies by two men. A Moo boo ree'd n444..r.50.p.biy.„
May 11th,1343, ardor School Mouse of the Suds
ard, Pittsburgh :Byll. M. Breekelindgft._
Published by JOHNSTON & STOCKW/N, sad for
sale by all the Booksellers in the ilty. jr3
yr etrs and alt Ind. bids Pori, Sweet
whlalaga, and Madeira Nines, comprising DOLme
very choice and Superior brands, received and tor sale
on accommainiing terms, by
mfll \V Ie.MItirECIIELTBEF., tau liberty n_
AHD 011.--01; tab!. superior , Burekhanit's brand,
Ljou received and for sale by
/TO JIC b y lc Co, Go 'rood st
Ard—dU sacks superior Oats, recd per warm!,
1.../ Diligent... sad tot Gen by
leYd Jk it FLOYD, Hound Church Building.
. _
QINE:10 hIALAGA WINE-20 qr casks sweet Mal*
go Winejust received sod for sale by
b l y A IONEY-71%y; jrl,ll7,anil
trig IR tooter st
AINIYSW tiLASS--500 Lis rattl, fotsaTe - 14 -
T g
ilfati=tu too. - Noi wt, Jaolntn; too
0 sale by lylt n Y VONLIONNLIORST h tni.
pickledi 1500 Rs dried; for sale by
S N OUN lloarjoiyasT a ea
LS ACKEREL—Pro :I and 3, to ball nod yr litils; for
/11 side by ryll tl F VON 11UNNIIORST Ai Co_
j)ROOMS -05 don coon large g. h. }11 . 001.1 40 do
Rochester doi 05 do Corn do; tor arlie by
M bbls stow Nd3, , med no!1 , 11., tale
ALL Ll_ j) 14 EHLI h. Co
f.:Elt SKINS--210Ito for salt lota to close tonaagp.
Inent_ jyt4 fc.:Co
I.,,liiicr mkt ittats--1 7 rocks Feathers, joltZO lan W di
EN ng and
' Of by WI 80,
.103 70 (tomtit
B"k fg.ll . :tll%7:ANDLti.SS
A YPLES--5 bbla mut rced and for rata by
attglo WICK b. hICA.N GLR39
BIRD YV.:PPERII- 0 .1 :be Juni received end for
by •U,A E&U.NII-.7TOCK & CO,
augl9 tOYII. Ist awl wood eta
q I U. Sti r . - .INA:—alb & lust rbe'd sad 1 - 0, ca. by
1 . „ golb
_li !kPdaINMIXIC & Co_ . _
1.2 LA:AR-47 bbib , pima N 0 Mugns, jo more owl b.s
10 sale by .loglll NA W NA Ilble.l.lill
I INSEkI) 01bbli Liwttil 011, to slum li)1,1 tor
1.4 sato by auglU LI Jt. NV 1:40,1111AlibIll
INSEIA) 011.-41bbls (0t bah: bl •
Li nip UaMsJM -kilErrEn
szt :toTeriiS I
L see by an .10 BRAWN & CULBERTSON
DACON SHOULDERS-4e calk. met reed tad &
by eagle. LIRO%VN & CULBRMON
COFFEE—ID seeks Rio Coffee, • prima 'retie JO'
received luld for sale by
na-clutom. povati-600 lbs hut we'd tad for
.D isle by B A PAHNINTOCIL keo,
ILAVA oml . ter &a loxrd is
• ..'f7`.-WP.W?.,?-a'M3.7I.PFZ-7:7,r
_ . ,_. _.......—.....
Inikmat Urnllebiller h Fin ' Paha to the Side
and Bream,
r roati •
edits Ben, i'ooping, ‘Crent =l
Nervous Treannte, Ltyar taint, and,. ,•.i.„
Diseased D are, --
Dr. SwayneNi Cacapeland. romp of Wiiill
Cherry. '
0,.. i .
It is mild and pleasant ratite Perfectlg attita t tad
harmless in itsoppratieets Ind y et t .4 " " the
c , , p, nful and h c ., eatin remedies fo r mougtiar , i Li - :
CarripiaS f i'aute atte "1""1 . Side ml=4 and gang!
De m: k l i the.Conuiratioo, that. ever invented by
h ill
the of lam for the retitle the afflicted public.
Certificates and Kettleneu of wanderfal• matatilre
powers are daily received from quarters. Al Mint.
pouible to concelve,theugnuaM 6r ,a,,,,i nt .,,, :d ~,i,
cry - that has been relims or banished by in , nor .tam
we calculatethe Munerim benefit that sluill scone Rom ,
i t hereafter. All ages, macs, Mud eansStudoniCiare '
s uk,,e,,yi e d by
rang and dm disease Is eradicated hem
the wt em, lb. tiottion . remared, ~,4 ) „..a th ,:i. e . 7
mud b the use of Illi. Sur rare Coma fittlot'cW]
w an litto mans mane. do we] deltas.
hold approaching la ha , IntielY Pau, wrest .. 64, • th e I
bloom of youth, frihm thew telatdres and fri 1 'ht.
. 1 . w ith & h a lf.* malady , CONSUARTI ,N,• which
wastes the misersbinauferer mull he a beyond. the
power or a l hnsiti skill. If kick sufferers Would Only
make a tri of Dr. Swarm's Compowel /yap of .Wild
Cherry, they would hod tlictoseirei some, .4 e .d
than by gulping the•varions tfitethre .
which ow newmetals Identiith Ale ! I Vegetahle, Rem.:
dy' heals the emitted longs, efoPping Profturt light
sweats, as the same - time in.. •it - si natant and hiuddly
orPeclonnion, and thipatten;ooll soon Ind himself I.
the etijOrneuf a t health. - The Outdid fluid
tau in mind that Dr. SaliNtelals:•rePflu Mreaditing
physician, and hat had peanut Vence to & , saes
of the Lange, Cheat, &a Tlid (oti Mid o 1111) u.
Me uncle is only prepared DB,: ii, iITDIE,PI 't . cu r-'
net of Eitr oT and nEa ßar if em e taggi n lp i tuA.
Of all the cores Math over
recorded, wagon
safely my the
off s dibiz cannot funnel Cote ut
wpm this, which now mands isle Living piroofof thsi
curability of unsumption, erre when Kw httdi,,,b;en
despaired cif. Dr. Swarm's COmpound Syrup of • ad
Cherry is all it protases tube, the greatest' inothablei
In the knern world.
he True Riches of Life isifeelik. . :,..
De. Sorawes,—Deer Sir For the good of th e publia I
feel myeelf In duty Loured to testify to the greaL , o.Strit
which your Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry perform
ed oat OM For my pin, I feelim if every Wdrattalti 1
to know it I was afflicted with a Upleut,coliglippor
to of blood, night Weau, howeness, mid sans of 1
the voice indicating ea alarming state of On, (UAW; d
my *poodle waagone, end my strength hailers fix
ed toe that My blends and physielm were Perentied I
could not swain many days. My sitar, who Wes my. i
anxious ears-toner. male inquiry where attisaroiaW be
likely to procure the most certain miter.' talfewestold
that if Dr. Sweyne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
failed in the cure, my life was thou kiless..., You
ram:helm ores immethately procured, and ihe lost biet
iLtrblra.r.l.7.l and by the
Mudtime I had
m u •=d Oa
wheb itnitnorelb In khan, It lies made 1 ~..4.1-=
of me, end 1 we al this reas o ns time as heany,apan ea
1 000 th and have vied reason to believe that thymic of
y medicine has wed me from a mintantreluarfe.
I shell be phrasal to give any
my ease. I hi •
38 chewy st, between rams sad vine i g, :l Mir.
Ceristuaptives, Head: Read!! Dr. Sentyne's CoMpound 1
Syrup of Wad Cherry. .
In about the year MU, I band it aceessarl. in my 1
proßtsional practical° conlpiand a modieirial*epar- '
shoo for diseases of the cheat and longs, pusesabor
more powerful healing properties than any other hith
erto known for inieh diseases. In my COMPOUND
SYRUP OF WILD CHERII . N . hare been very sart.,,l
useful. The Only Wpm cures eilheted, by uty
mec! nersoOn spread ha limn ed;
Was none]
of i on success to manufattared newspaper pude OFD for
ged cortifiearal—tee real intripsic menu of soy eon
pound Ls the only mule of Itesepolarfly.• Itsattenalte
sale soon excited the envy of eertain speculauwafn the
afflictions dads learns ereatures, so math so th at in a
few years from the tome that my yrepadadonwii intro.
duce to the public andin great a . Irk In th is
city, finding th at my Kr-pant:kw had ' gained a .high
reputation tor its cottony°, prounics, woo oat with
what they called Dr.lVistar'e Kamm of Wild,Cluary.
This respeciabbrand popular physician had ad More
to do with the aniclo than poor iliaroPedeb... Tim woe
of Dr Winer Le attached to make it spout tliM this em
inent practitioner was the original inventor of the pm
petunia melt Is tunthe Met. The above Arm, the re
al inventor, middle recipe sintright to InanorOwn to
some parro t medicine dealers in. Cincinnati for the
West nod South, and another Inge* Toth forth. Elute
who atterwarda, It is warted, said out ma ditiggirt in
'Bostan--so the number of hands into which it may have
changed isan enigma.
In mom plow they awn ft emanated from ashy
ad. in Philadelphia; m others, from is plusitim an
hiessachusetts. Pa it has falsehood and altilagem
stamped in every futons.
There have been a somber of other prepandlints pop.
porting to contain Mid Cherry put out once, from the
hands o
mas f . mcspertem , whicit or tp: i b r l i =p4 .
nal and only gramine preparation. whic
h he.A4l 01 ..4 -
oenue of Dr. Sainte on each bottle. The present
etanufwarers admix pole sad false ecnificates have
the daringedrontery to cesium dm public worm pass
chasing my medicine, the Only truly genolne'and origi.
OM/Miler's of Wild Cherry before des public,
whir-his proved satisfactorily by the public record. ol
the Comumerealth of Pennsylvania, se well'at van
ow other offal diSertolents. DB.. H. SWAYNE,
Mower and. sole Proprietor .of the gelignite Com
}semi Syrup of Whild Cherry, comer of Eighth and
Rau streeta Philadelphia.
pamphlets can be btamed gratis, setting forth m
array of testimony that will couvince the most skepti
cal of the wonderful virtues of lit Synes.Poespound
Syrup of Wild Cherry. WI and get otte, titer all may
mod. Purchase the medicine. and ea
it •
For sale, who/twee nod mull. br the ...gem.
eon., Wood a4d Liberty sat S itillii,A, Ind idaeny
Woodit A P.IINESTOCK & Co, corner de First end
Wood nod ,Rilli and Wood; .lAbil A. JCINPA Drag
,ist, corner Penn end Hand's* and MIN MITCH
ELL, Allegheny
. . . .. .. ..
- -
We have been toforesell ]in Kern of a earn per
forated ostler by Dr. Jayne's Alterative, vrinteh
proves as supenority over every other remedy of the
had. 'She has been alibetell for the lat sitteen yeast
with Ntiettt/51,14 or . %V HITE SYYtiLLlfttal, attended
lamb laceration. and enfobauen of vanassattatea,tin•
nog which time molly Faecal; Isaac been diacharyzed from
eo F =stud bone of the eSUZI,W., frent.bear rt ria.
wrists and hoddi , atitf fr am butWlegi, Ina left
fe.roral boriti,and frit* the HOZ Ineei*li)das platten
elvers on other parts of her person, velthb.hdFizbillleil
the skill of • asunbar of ihe
h ona cinionaphylnlarte
oar eh, —dartng t t. aree ,Shge
been eittitutheg n om ad ' steklerabla Abo her ut' U Phith we dioaths
'Lode she vets adored to lay Dr. Jayttol! afterenty
which has had an estantatithaly happy dine( apon her,
by removing all:pain ants meetings, sodchlussuat the
elects to heal, while at thatteunatiaterEanaral health
that s,,ftravr
rt ftVitT i liraltliftei menaced - 'ante
of this Italy saidattte yeegnboh-fast
For farther inlarmattert, inquire or estre..Bnit, Na: LIB
Felten st, Phlladelplua. ,
For We in Pittsburgh, sst mho PEON
71 Foarth at.
neat Weed. .
INGS.----Seralula Cries' endtiptled: forms
whether in that Of King'. Evil, ranker:edam o the
glands et basalt, a 1
Geitie,'•Bllbius SWelliila,lolllC
Rheumatism, Omer, dieess-- deaf the Stu at Spine,
or al Pultheitary Consumption, emanate. from One
and the name save, which is n .porsonona principle
more or lea inherent intim human minim -Therm
fore, unleen this priampledart be dertroymaine radi
cal care can be °Seal* Waif the PrIPOIPIOLVIvu,
winch the datum depends, is reseal*, a ,once
BoUstol =cushy follow, no natter under whaltorm
the disease - should mandert dean. 'Feld, therefore
e tie reason why JAYNE'S ALTELLITITE ki BO Uni
vereally MCCeinfill to removing en many 031411 . 121 a
diseases It destroys -the virmor principle from
whim throe trounce bare their origin, by' entering
into thecirevlation, and with the btheakiatonveyed
to the minutest fibre, removing emery particle of
disease from the pram. .Frepased, sou sold at No.
8 South Third Street,thiladelphia.
Sold et the Pekin Tex Store, Na. Tl,Poorth siren.
Passe:nib ' metal'
LAAXISS Niko Use Common Ptepatrd Molt , are
oftennet aWare how frghtfally injoriaiss 1 La to
the skin! how coarse, M. roost, U
how sallow, 'elle*,
and anhealthy the skM applskri after tak prepated
chalk: blendebitis lojorMwth containing •largrAnkn
dry of load. .
o hs e ' r ' lr b M371 1 1.11, 1 •2
wi•tilTl whack Nlt IF pßfeetly " 4 .41 Potrg, all
deletenom qt,Mtiers; and k imparts to um s a ham
cal, healthy, alabaster, clear, hung whim, Mare - same
tome acting as a essunetta on the Alai' Mathis It soft
and mmltaike • . • • - 3 {,•O
Dr. James 'Anti6iciriVractiell Chemtst Of Massa
ehasetts. says,' ...After italuMg Joneahldparush
Whites I ftrld Tom ki1L, 0 4.0
ral, at, the some bum Inotment watug cost 11/1•4 1
emiainly can eettoetentMatlftettoinMenditt 'Use wall
whose &lure:oin% beauttfylng." •
IlfrPtied kkeentsa WS, . ;
liW*ld by WM./Am:3os, atlas ttaut &ad Oboe
there i tia.Lieettlatzeato ;kaa+l a( Woody: at the Oka of
the Big Boat
Ladles, ladles, Pal 1111t0 . 1111tha,
When yea know that yob are promised
A natural, life-like, snowy white,
That yea will still me etteensm Mulks
Aad look a deathly yellow fright,
The theme of MAW= ami of utlk.
If you would tee , a 'bat .of 30NE'd Leltrelete, It
weal.] give your 44 IA 'alabsMet yhttktasaral white,
and at the tame Mho Molt mut Imptows !Told at
JACKSOted,b9l.lberti.a. Prue &luas per boa.
Xo.4lVtila t t o l
, l E ttkL i ntiLV)Z,
gaYR 1 ua. W. Ell3l O es ...i !Wax ili the, tows,
V Iktaaufactunara • ytfaia,`, a vcry ellaltaiad allied
smut of I'AZER, eamtdalzli im , rl Ili** , . nrictlt.
Jalapa:4 ;oaf wants of sul . , aaataarta.otlita
=airy. Papa of a. 111044 nada Oder wit: aim
Ihastaikof PRIMING P.APEClUtsistiersaally large
a parialrola..ArAmiumNiltyilAidi
of emery deseriptheri, ithporwil and ketWeonstandy on
ban.:, viz Felon" Wu* -Potty Penedttniee .Wirea
Bleaching Powder, Blue UhramarineiTwine, ice.,
HAW 4 '
Commas, Bale Ropei43row Rope, nagging, e.,
pwchascd, for width the highest pried in Cash will be
paid lysay ' Neer York, Jelliilt.t&
W W :p r
Thr . liitati LAN4 d a l l4 •Pr lstedi ekeiVidook im Plaz ilto
b t r e ru r.
adelphia, now earn to the 'nubile - his Indian Veg
etable Premium Plaster tie quaGties of which alter
1 41 1 /11Vi lr V'ti ° 2 4'64s utto been y 4 1V t .
aficte wild
Prohoms Merin tie Fa ll en Womb, h•tectoturtends hie
plaster, yuara:i:tt.esliq'!". intro mid speedy - cure in the
Muni apace of (Mtn trite to thee weekit, if applied with
Bare end rem—dleemdMg all the conntess Inseruments
and eapenshis bandattilie long in use, This he feels
consetentions enable; litasmuoli as he be, not failed
In one cue' ardor three hundred mid VT-three P. -
news. • •
Also for Rhennummit and Vrealrßreast or Back, at
tended With pain, there le 'wahine to c reel this Master
in abiding mild in erecting • care. • Fes sale by
L eorner of Diamond and [Cartier at
Brahma Beller." Litteny and Ell:Clair eta
De .1
Beat Federal et an d Diamond, Alit
igerne ui
nna Cq Denman and DltmecOtt Biilaley
r ham. len
- - -
chausawk t• eh• WA* .
TwENTY4iveMadatt3 sedan paid to any con
who .will prodare • spot of paindsdrecries try.thsx
cannot be extracted with Mil , . Improved (bemired
Soap. I hose the satiefection of layingite people et
this place, 'bet this Inn , * n 1 oil oWlit Mere= on
tt, new steeds norisalletin dos coiudry Inc eutectic.
tar, p,teb, oil, valet, or any other grassy side
mince, from all Lax of gentlemeni pr rtishp
m ..,
meets, table nip Llll, , Mertllo .haWl4; Wise !; ll,
without ,tari ng anythlogihat pato*tier Lit era
Ware. Nora than one Wound,
m Meat
par, of the eoantry ken told mhthe,woold not be'
without itt tf it coot ate dollar per cake. laityrax tbis
Soap on tom then SD uncles alight sae, sday `l
paean, and calicoes, I bate only Wend thus pieces of
win two of alpaws, and Co., of *broom Wan it
changed the donallore before poneng It on • Ilshi
area cry • wimples( the dress trio, I WOO awitom.
I 401.12E1i254 not to reannateiniiteuxr rtbao
I know to be mind" Ms. N iii may:
Pima, 111 du per mks.andreuill
ivrrilarmberts . Yi m , l s: o -,At ua ttiflownrdo ui
tthu easpOw4o ' Litt ode
A %aux. Guam, ..poszaid in thaaitt*llaisl* li o
Azad gonna Linr rill, monad ad soar by all
EllirouolForoxiq . ,l!otseareliat z tNii .-in
gr. FL B. Sarno-loan GUM yoaroltlaligniii
batman nada orkmabla OillitlagiollOarldonrilow
=aboard L li in Nrye PAC 1 I And rateindll676l-70 eirrai‘
adhoWa Gradader lin* airlift jot=
then gaud: l r. Efast of ttir natty poilarilgoliat
sari=brakil to lloalialAine s eat labnaglinablamoi
tontomollbral b Oa istillieitedibiOli ,
Ft& . airy mill 'manna own an? sa lbet 10 Pliraggl
n 6
a ` 'km :: wt 4'l = bs at i rogr Une
::11V 2 r= mi naelt i ti c =ralnln &ag 6"
Almon sor 6 Mimi sal liaallys agar laaatabili , IL
1E35-7 I no iadaesatotrintiLloirrEls,l6sllsoOß 00T
W ELL. Om bloat wilebarnariallaindlakipepabathar
I of pain in doors, ta n all rlio Win morn* WO WO
di warm Tau ra atapUabaricithinieleveritisitr •
W.( cil4,. antis'. esibmit oath sidosao Una aino
arti,Enit gin on mach Ma I ban Inoinheal brriiilleir,,
for 6 ar 7 pato old burn& tr.- binoolor kin liminr
bear& • doom oaapialosaaboall by baron oar tin owl
, Enta. . Thiry ban wander 6111661 arm olio` pal 61 *Ea 7
sightnool, on is a stint tiro will *sin LWOW.
=molly tanianoul Liao I. .11=. =Cloud *vim ,
*ban. far Lin, I.3sraptaiat or ' ' 41flatioan .1
silo inn air expo* to Canal ar nallbiani. - looriar,
fally m i . . .3.14110/1311
LL f/-4.5 dun en olor Pilo balmlin pall*
eau.. Lint Pithy pinmanna roans GENUEllisliodil.s)
an for awl hilia or Win On doe preparad and sabligli
g SULU-San ta ir.da norm Mini: istErnel i
it by Dr. Conn, WM 311154,D ill•Camir..oollly
. • '' Ng
11rwooth,O, or tba Water -Curia ,
11 - 10=11, - BEN J. W. 'MOMS his- . ',
Al dual. to tireltion itif Pistabi4h and i i
City for do vary liberal sappqn and eneoaragestaat fo }
tin rseateadodibla do lanna mantic Mist Iliagral.
ter ewe ahoohl acipdra bud. mletoityoe tratlher
.range nararystatiomishenr.Wzmisidered haw frost
a nun:bettor eases of every AMetaes, - billb
acme and chroole, hare been cu nlfolinitrmOte
of it. In Germany, where it originated,' ail 131 0 10,151 P
of the wont -mai, that were rireitup br the aaNteklit-
MI physicians of Europa as Mcorable, worn eared hr
the imesonal Mambos, the founder of illeWilderCpte
In &gland, Prance and America, thoesande etritopat
less cssm tome keel] cried by it; and iltbaselltal 7 lnOli
blystroputhie emehltrUnenui sow in succesahrePely*
bon in the OnitedStatin, speak sonnets brfavorof .
Dr. Mottie having establiehod bland(
In the diP of • Phrsbutttb, three' doors senthermn of
alley , on Penn street;' Isbeir prepared to take
pundoir of bearskins Ana menthe= milks ho sod
those who prefer bete mated at their owe '
will be pnoctstelly aml feitheallyantended: MAO
consulted at his office from taPelect till 3 and
from 7 to tO in the arming..
N. D.—Every vamp at bathe made mute La hi
Vilarer ewe, both forWimarui. gentleman; etn ba ob
tained at the Athenseine, on Liberty streetordiere May
have been recently ereertgi for Me ezpseassme of flg;
drOpathic patients, and where ewati anendon will
given by the polneand anesnlew peptide"...
Great "LagUsk Ham*aly.:
IDOR Coughs, Colds,
_nations and Consurmakud 's,n
GREAT AND ONLY , REAIRDY farther-canto( the
above diseaue, is the HUNGARIAN /1.6141116 Of
LIFE, discovered by tke .calebrated Dn.Dichan, of
London, England, and introduced into the United Slum
under the imme.&ate smerintendenctrof the inventer.
, The extraordinary success of this medicine, ha ag.
cam of Pulmonary diseases, methods Alta Ansedean
Agent in soliciting fur trmitment the worshpossible ste.
see that eau be found laths centrannity..esses thistles*.
relief vain from say of the common remedius of the
;day, and .have been gives up by the most climu=l
alsam leonficom i d nd szacttrabl The
of muses. It ie no quick no i ttit =ZVI
mmiicine, of known sod eatildished
Every family inth. United State, should. be isipPlied
;with Ikettan's Hungarian Balsain of Lifb, not eatT
:counteract the connimpuve tendencies .tilt..
;but to be ued as • prevemive medicine biall atilt
',colds, coughs, spitting of blood, pals In per side and
cheat, irritation and soreoeoe of the Innis; bylebitis,
!didicalty of berating, hectic farm, tagl nu., mini=-
anon and general debility, asthma,
:cough and two,
Bold Le large bonlei, at 61 per bottle, with WI Alice
dans for the restoration of health.
Pamphlets, containing a mama! Engilah and Arturri•
certificates, and other evidence, showing the alt
impart/led merits of this great English Renistly, Mel be
obtained of the Agents, graturtenely,_ •
by B A PAMM , TOCK eatlitat of
et and Wood and Wood end fah sue. roars
. 1
4 , ROM the Rev ASA SHINN, a *fall
The l =igutg the P tiVenallia l ifda4dtepael
winter With a di e orate inemilett, ocatintistuar prew
diming great pete in the eteinsehrottencir mahatma*
without imertensaink and, {l{Gwriag tried 'trine
remedies with hale eftel s trztafMnl4ed,wlthlins
ofl/r Jayrte!s Lanwasll , olol.v.“. Ttas hck
...dins to - the dheetions,andvarlahl7 e=t
medicate caused the 4fn hiabatehntliresetiete &ter adz
ate; add in kitten or twe. ragv
senaadon was entirety (putted. es meant= Wipt.
ter - wards tilted whenever indicadwas Ihet Placa 01
painwere perceived, and the pato, was Arno, Dl_MM
ed confirmed to use the MedKne elan'
and somenmes in the mornittg, tad tot few w
health was re far restored, that Me stuferer was ranee
ed from a large aennant of oppressree , r Fnuss
perience, themfort,n4 can coa,fideuAy ir-eascuaand D
D Jayne's CalminativeLle*ln, sajoyvy =Wain
for am...e of u,..wcai,e4 t}o.bqvrelc, 4SHINND
• Ai
1.' 4.1 hY
For sale in Pittsburgh at. GhispoitiN, el a
72 Fount meal, , VOr 061; . d . ORO., 11{theDEFS,
Siam of IS r.scrimorrz. Federal treet. AlleekareY
Pus-11, - Your Blood.
M ri nti ° ll l 4 i r,vio . 4 l .c - U p i e l l i t sTw i rPr4 .1=
uo a serafuloys eorottnt inlay legs,.
.soahs4 boo
for some months under the aims of pholeistos.,,- The,
said my cam was almost ineartdtheyeteadd do
but hole for me. I was neareDlMOrAiO,r the
aid of crutches mold with dithetelly get.: Nay
hoo, I purchased of yoti, cad aouutuarmenlMPe.',..
rows dissuraansa Alter th e uxe °CM: IM.
sores commenced healing, and libleiejsty mine
es, using only a cum falspetmed.seith taggre,% arid
et the end a the fourth, so u so vidlleikWom*ell de)
in shearing sheep. In all, 1 wool,lbro:hathlesh The
scrofula and sores have all liailed,wanorodoete lea
Buttoner I have Mill no appessincoollhollisratut but
itvevotteettedi end ems. ,Wtheloicestperrett
I owe with eoeftdeoes,hopingthicothenjaaripo ben
dined to the gems way, thin:the Sei*tiehlte Reid he
you, has been the owe= auditor
__ 7011 i Matta 'OtartAli,
turtle cure. CORPMH,. 1184..W1P.
or sale wholesale and
com B. A. P.A.HiCo
r. trout P wood sts, & also corner wood k Bib.=
Otioliat deP , A.o.dirAmere', for shovUkt
C la Rose, lot shavalg;
, ace* Ihperkimed rids Llorrooor,mogio•
. porter POs, of ellpftems; . ,
E mb0r...1 boies, eoriukooug fmrliAt 'extracts
for the aidi ii..csatibag,,l44494etiosio,go4-
alote for ore : souls
k,rstrut, or Chatemporr;
SearsoM l V ll4
y or coma= Wr/IPpOrs,ranicea
'd /.e.. , Saw NYroPh
shell soap; eado tospi toseLoor . za
of 4”e peramery: lost resolved{ R.e;
w/111 cOrAlk ;wood au
— Pasimeteatry• :
It Is REED fs. CUTLER—L feet it e''&ty I
tyi - ovvesesey oravouroat to eta* soateWay
S a o mileevad leer Vegetable Paiteseteryßelsem.
illabe fest beettilse Balatoav about al lead ago,
the happy erect of which I thessen ea etneouts of, I
have had several seems comptslnm end ameba et My
longs, one a fear dare aims, mat La every laustiee I
have wad Willa/1= alum with ecoaplete and, perfect
seersas. It lies etheted teller mad cure ti rr P.•
40.„ etratialy it ate eielielnes dietter,
that it will cage It fixed: bettloaliptloo, — bui Vbelle
will be tumuli ea:set a`prerstane; mid Otereakeis
beltet thealeet% tclo thatelbre, for the eflostilit
tOW mettenthstly recommen d the use of thisßufltmi,
In ell Yebbottery. eel:Oakes: 1 em eta:Meet
leis been the' toms of pteservmatrilfoy.
itoetborlsoct ' 13121 J &NW - I
FVf sled A Co, confervst
stood anti else =lax webtlead elk •
cretemra trammel. coma rantoi.:-46.
0 power to cure! Prralsesotrifeb..lll,llll7.
IL B. Idamzza—My lege ho. for year* boon aoteeor
Ve, d =rli:la h 'es t i t=irre d n ' t w o i 2gb. w rr a 'atedlrt, '
Lod had the advice of t
By physicians In
England, handl was noavailins. By chance I booed
or Fultz Imperial col*, Syr*, and isatiiildimadio bay
a bottle fortes!, flthoctsb I hod no belief that anything
could 'Morose' her' emaPlalet. To Amy rrttrpri"
two doses pee her iramertiats- mild. She hintlpes
troubled watt • rung* bat Ms tew.poortsfalet Elroy
y ea asstops U. loot mina* ear • trial cd'Arso or
toot yrs, that Belleres Cough limp Is the hest eaugh
me:elm I hare ever tried
In the Old or. Now
World. ir, panaorxxl,
L • Sevada
The abors centime should Laden. arbor are
troubled with:ermortt ar asthma, to give the Syrup& m
il ft may ber• had fin' 25 emus a bottle, at die &MI
more of A E SELLER% 37 pried to
t y_
Ilkdd by Dr pad a; 6th leasd, cud if 'Garth&
heelg. •
Padang Block Spread' Tellarla
.. N EW" MITNIA ED ;II,O a ljNar. "4 .(o l = l
nbarlilleerldr charmer dila hear emalst to 110
' Marred ease with which It may be men, The pad or
Wood beintiteatly balanced oh
sore en rimy part of is, and numraol4, adapts
arty *Movement mull: by the 11111afai.t , It ban be wore
Wattbaliaterthiaaion, WWI a Cabo la effected. The tab
101.bendiase made arrangemerna fee the mancimenses
al Mem ealuablo Trusses, in a maperasa tty/r.,iruradei
delpton, mad have tbeen roar for Mae al Melt came, No.
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