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New Yon, Sept. 19th ISIS.
The letter of Mr. Qay, declining peremptorily
tothebealethehil ":"4" ,topie kr it! wonhesiTurantioNdeceY' Mnizlead.4
° 871
' t*Di o l- PtsPabtlitkur. 11ead
In connection with
Ilic laii and most mitloickly letter of Gen. Tailor,.
Lip. Whig an 64 to see hie plain duty, winch is to
Itte and mark 63r the eleetton of the no
ilte..'Philadelphia Convention. What Whig minees
can of
hesitate to faller" the example of Henry Clay wbo
has declared his intention of voting for General
Taylor. This resolution of the great Statesman
i will be neva to the readmit orate G e, but il is
l ail Dna as it well be welcome, to Mem.aSe tl
Lithe roan
who has bean so well styled theembodietent ofthe
great Whig principles thus throws aside the hopes
and honorabte aspiration of years, nod does battle
fat . a Seidler . in the ranks of an array, he has to
long and ably commanded, wins private oftluit
great host will be bond herdtating as to his Ante
Course- The speech of Mr. Webster, backed by
the rota of Mr.
Party, giving it Clay, unites the farces of the Taylor
a strength r,,,,, that
truants it invineilde and moral p
citeaornrePlnint nnyn:wel`:b°4riav,6°".
interest are paid. C0mm0n,..., ,
hi g h pec t ,: d „..thi One ,
lo of
hione a
er. The nd a quart
accer per cent., r.,,,d ordi nar y m nci,
g humulation ce, i.,,,i ii i n th e Subte ear,.
WY. ftlabw 6anka Mite* I WUd nod Meir loans re e
al lint as theY Isiah. e .Ve shall not be trouble si
twnhhe ManneXicannxne"nlnderncro'l;P"uili.ent falin.le one of o°l.
the let of October, ' , Anita will transfer foxin
alo e public clerk to the hands of the merchants
million and a half. of dollars. The accounts at
Washington are greying hard for aeltlement, marl
'dreg ar U oo , oo r% ere kormn to be on the way '
the'; cash this es e n k,
Orders haw, been received from the Seer
the' by the commandant of this awl' or
sell oath small oral% bought Miring i' s tation,
„ 10
warlkir tmemporta, gun beets, and gp. ue mexican
enough " (the m to form • I .iall steamer.
as e auctioneers wouhl say, otr mall Navy, and
fora new republic to famish t o ,e an opportunity
"lemma,” the New York r ..emeelves cheaPlY
may live* from the burnitv mike who WO ed NO
Monarch," has won kir h' , wreck of the "Ocean
i'l klislof9 whieb Melt in ' mself a name and place
The Otemeri s
, ii, . — ,,,..,,, -a n 'w erir nix class seldom attain.—
ore, Little here Gmp., cape . gin
mutedeil. 7 . F."' ' ,46. ,ted him the freedom of the
DI pursuance of.
, r` nbe ', "; el .l e r ailed d to a in in ve b'n st allPtnlinenfulrds. been
9*thleel l a ' ila'gitY elo r b a . Ce ui nuni carn= '"' n, " ^ ",.. es it upon h. wife and cluld. A
with the emu...title late Ca ty Convemlo- ....misoinf,aul Ault will be raised,'end tho brave sea
tuaateueni a for a series of county n' sS ee t, xvi se
w ,. an be • n" de secure of the comforts of life, if not
~,,,,,„T. 0 ',.,., e r'..Y L'' ,ire luxuries.
• '''"'—'" fe w r are "•' ' nes been a huge business done within a
At Zumsel Rao Dem lw,'
tauter the Zila , at 2 o'clock"-
dem .in Flour and Grain for export. Full
Boat Lspe, r „y27„,...!the”
..rdp, on Frldei, Seri- W, ralve thousand barrels of Flour have been ta r:
ir ''mpinn,,,,b e. vu
ken at $,5 53‘06 00. It is now stated that tho o
'illl ll hiek P. ,y --• To.n.hip,os tuu.lay , der" furat to this country for grain hove kept stem.
~,....._Addres, .- T ele P. N.
, dily eciout fi ft een cents under our market. and that
--" -...----- ~ on unlatthWi & T imber the 9lth ' ' the reenter part of them hove been withdrawn.—
, Rorud Yellow Shipping Corn now sells at 61 4 cle.,
which., during the panic, sold at 52 cents, and we
anelUt with it in our More Mmes. Had our far.
mein met the market, English orders for one mil.
hone/bushels could have been tilled. They have
stood in their own light, and the general expecta
tion, now is that Flour must recede to $5 30 before
an extended businesa can be done fin England.
Wall street, 3P. M. The Money Market closes
dull, Loans on coil seven per cent., and more
laserbwers than lenders. Paper that the banks de.
cline cannot be sold better in the street than one
to one and a half per cent. There Is some move.
meat in specie lot Europe, and a lending house
has bought up all the Mexican dollars and five
franc pieces in the street net could be got. For
dollars, I per cent premium is paid, and the
selling rate is 101. Five francs 94115941. The Ha.
vre packet of to-morrow, and the Washington,
will :take cult one hundred and twenty thousand
donee*. Exchanges ere a little higher, and on
London may be placed at 109:01091 km Gest class
names, and on Pans, nonunal eminences being
ordered in coin.
Markets are unchanged, except Ashes, which
are Worth $6 00 for both sorts. At the Rio Coffee
sale, prices were Kite higher. c.
....___lmiannif 71ii Aumucarn
..... , tiemse ami e.amenpu.yetostusNimhltreee:
tete and United Stases Ga2ems, Philadephia,reeeived
am Sereeanud Iran Abates.
iDoaluinetPHU io rameinn.;.
P/21016 to 0117EIREAT.
Subscriptions Wva
s luable paper win be received.
and Wenn:led tram !Ida Mee.
- thisideratte Whig Nonanauoas
s.tolz•ar TAYLOR."
Z-L 1. a. D viLLatorts,
TIMM 111. T.EN/vonivvve Washington.
John P.Shornmon, of Le. anon.
1. Joseph 0. Clarkaon, 13. Henry Johnson,
IL John P. Welherdl, 14. %Rum Colder, Br.
hang M. Aryls, LE Witham llynares,
4. Darlield, 16. Charles W. Fisher,
Dural 0. !Diner, It Andrew 0. Rh-6 v ,
IL halm Dingan, I& Thos. R. Davidson,
7. John D. theete, Joeeph IDA/a,
IL John Landes, 20 hnnor,
O. Joseph Sehnineker, 11. drew Av oom*
10. Charles Snyder, Yldehod
IL 0. Harley, Li Thorium USW,
LA Francis Tyler, N. Shall A. Po-rumen.
OV AVAirrioao Cocrarr.
■FOR CANAL cominseuoma
$o la ID•RTEIg
OF a m o ng
/L atbaasaate mid VENir ficuzusuwaus.
EuB cONou .
• Mum,
/DO ••olkilT.
LEWIS NOBLE. of In L diana.
HENRY LAFIDE of Plusbosnk. of
REZINCIAII NIXON, o t rioarer 8L Clair.
JOHN soon, of RovL
cLial OFDAN TOM OMITS. lEL of Ehsibelk
W/LLLSAI rai,-.Mghenir city.
JORN R. FOSTEl'Baldsrin.
- .n may beex to pectod n, from the Ron. W 1 , 0
..a, Hanes Hamp Cor. Hannah, Geo. D , A r a i,"
..aL Dan Hagehan, T. J. Bingham, Boyd, fi am i,
eallatt and others.
lila to be tanderstood that the above arrant; ameot
not to Leterfete with atieetal cans for Ward o 4 ..
ship meetings. ang29 P..h..I!dADEIR.A., Nee,
ale Dolt paws for Toleffraplate News
All persons who are not assessed ten days bes
ore the election, are deprived of a vote. Let c.v.
cry Whig voter see to this at once. Be can exam
ine the lista put up at the places of inaction, and
ascertain whether his name is down or not. We
lase several votes every year in the Wards,
from this cause, and a friend from the country
forms us that the same is the case there.
A more reckless Fpt to deceive the people,
and gain political capital, on 'false pretences,' was
probably never made, than that now attempted by
the Locokeos, for the purpose of injuring Governor
Johnstcuo, in relation to the Act authorizing the is.
sue of ' State Scrip,' or Relief Notes' No one
who recollects the circumstances under which the
issue was made, and the exteirme anxiety of the
public mind for some rebel' hum the distressing
circumstances in which both State and People
were placed, but will despise the man who will
attempt to prejudice the public mind, or partizan
purposes against those who then acted for the hest,
under the distressing circumstances, and who
aired the thanks of a gratefill people. The fol.
towing plain statement of the facts under which
the hill was passed, will satisfy any but those who
stop at nothing to promote the success of party
Prior to the passage of the Relief Law of 1811,
the Tang am of 1835, commonly called the cou
promise law, passed by Commas to allay the ex.
eitement of the South, had done its work. The
manufacturers of the country, unable to stand up
against the influx of British goods, had stopped
their works. The British manufacturers bad
the market to themselves, and while their goods
flooded the country, the gold and silver necessary
to the business wants of the community, were ex.
ported to Europe. The Banks of this Common. ,
wealth feeling the general pressure, found them.
selves under the neaseity of asopping their
countaprecuspendiuguecie payments. Knowg Me
ruin that must fall on 'hayseeds, were they tonsil 1
in their rum, they chose the latter alternative, and
suspended. We were without a circulating meth.
um. Who does not remember-the state of things ex.
acing parer to May, 18414 Who forgets the irres
ponsible paper with which the country was flood.
ed! Cornell...amen' notes—Borough • notee—ln
divideal shin plasters, were the miserable saber
totes kr a currency. By a resolution of the Leg.
Mature, approved April 3rd, 1940, the Banks of
the State were required to resume specie payments
on or before the 15th day of Januszy, 1841 ; or their
charters were to be forfeited. This was requiring
of them an impossibility; and by the Rime act it
wasmovided that irthe said Bub should loan to,
the Commonwealth the sum of three millions of dollars at an interest of five per cant, 'the said ,
Banks shall be authorized to issue their own notes,
and make and declare new loans and dividends,
aot exceeding six per cent. par annum, in the same
manner as if the said Banks
during said period,
continued to pay their notes, dce, in gold and ell.
ver.' The 15th January,lB4l, came and the banks
had failed to resume specie payments or to loan to
the Commonwealth the sum required. What was
to be duel The Bute was bankrupt, and could
not borrow a &Oar; the public creditors were
knocking at the door of the Treasury, and desir
mg the payment of their acknowledged does; the
lateral due to widows and orphans was unpaid,
and these helpless people implored the State in vain
to save them fiem destitution. The Bank. were
widow the means to take the loan even on the
tenni offend, and the people were suffering all the
evils of the worst kind of depreciated currency.
it TOM toy these evils that the Relief Bill of
May, 1811, was passed.'
But why, if this eon was so very wrong, has not
the Loeofoco party corrected it, during the yearn
past, when they have had all the power in their
Modal And why have they never denounced the
same conduct in their own urea, which they are no
ready to blame Goveroor Johnston fiel Hendrick
B. Wright, who was Resident of the Convention
which ninninatcd Palk, and who is DOW the regu
lar lA:scarce° candidate for Congress in the 11th
District, was one of the supporters of the measure
■caonnt. Such is Locarsco justice!
The Huattqpdim Journal of Sept. 12th, earn—
"On Friday evening last, a Locofoco orator de
clared to a meeting:of CUD men at Cout's tavern,
in this borough, that the name of Gen. TAYLOR
GRACED!!" The association of the term "die.
race" with a name so glorious and so dear to
every tree lover of his country, is only equalled
by the infamona assertion of a Can paper in Rah.
way, New Jersey; that "Gen. Taylcrr is a KNAVE
and a COWARD!" Bat in the language of a co.
temporary, "let those base enough to do so, vent
their impotent rage upon him in idle calumny end
vituperation. - They will fall upon the stoat old
oak which has stood for nearly half a century,defy
tag the timader and tempest of battle, and growing
etrongee . from its war with the elements." Let
them, if they eboose,.hiss on and dart their fangs
into the revered reputation of the brave Old Hero, •
who never "lost a battle, and who never did a
wrong." For,"like the bold apostle at Malta, he
will shake from his band the venomous but imp.
tenrserpents who have sought to sting him to the
death, and leave them to be conntmed in the j
blazing furnace of popular indignation."
The Chronicle seems troubled with the doer's
meets we gave with regard to Mr. Van Boren'.
Comer [melding to the slave power, and remarks .
that this has nothing to do with his present post.
tiom that it is s no leaner i 1 while Preedent,hie
secretly dash in the slave trade—no nutter if be
was the vilest panderer to the slave lateens that
ever disgraced no national =nods, those char.
gee, if true, have nothing to do whatever with his
present postdate
Wo beg leave to differ in opinion with the Chno
nieleiin this respect We think It does makes dif
i m a m , MINX* we ere webs" go finive Mr.
Van gam kw his framer Mai, on his profession of
sineentsepentittte, yes we would rather trust some
Lodi elkwo to cenf out , stir siabmeata repentance
leinp *Ads vow kethrefretta %Walt wrong
to Aso lea es the tow dl Arm/won where be
kn." hooly We% teed Om* is )9411 eke imp* ,
nett to tesirmi sl4sed Mere Wig word, 04 I
&ince. lenio Animsaf If4Arifigivlgtati!. itosamo
Reeit 0e11i‘,44 egoeos keodoe, ahcl as U. 'Yon I
tOlNNir.fii4ch9PrEig, , WAßN , ike4 e £ im wl
There never was a finer opportunity for the
Whig party of Pennsylvania to cover itself all over
with glory, than in the coming October election, by
electing Wit F. Jormirro. This is a cause in
which we can all engage—in which every man
echo has a spark of Whig feeling in his cornpciai
non con mute. It ia a cause in which we have
every thing to encourage, and nothing to diaheart.
011—i11 which victory will amine great results, and
ensu4 heartfelt satisfaction. All we ask is, an
effort commeusumte with the importance of the
The New Ford Trattur, in an article on the
elections in Pennsylvania and Ohio, in whirl, the
save* of Cass in either State a strongly depre
cated, has the following rensulos, which we bean:
ly commend to the attention of our readers
Thetis State Elections have gill farther tumor.
tarts. In the Wing candidates for Governor—.
William F. Johnston in Pennsylvnnin and Seabstry
Ford in Ohio--we recognize men of high charac.
ter, large extierienco and decided capacity. Mr.
JohnstiOn hasfewsoperiors in Pennsylvania—non e
rn the qualifications requisie to the proper discharge
of the duties of Chief Magistrate. Educated
in the ranks of the nominal Istmoancy, and loca
ted where every temptation wooed him na remain
with them, he left them eight yeas since because
he believed that they had been led to adopt doe.
nines, especially with regard to Protection,
which Where fatally at war with the prosperity 01
the country, and especially of Pennsylvbaia—
Though never a bigoted or better partisan, he has
since been an earnest and elective champion of
the Whig Cause, and as such elected successively
to the Assembly and Senate. The latter body
[Whig) being required to choose a President wit h
express regard to the probability of Gov. Shank's
decease, elected Mr. J.:lesion, who by the resig
nation of Gov. Shank Is now Acting Governor—
His opponent, Morris Longstreth, is also a respec
table and fair man, though a very bitter adversary
of the Whigs and a supporter through thick and
thin of those who have cajoled and deceived Penn.
sylvanial by the magic of party tactics into an atti
tude of 'cal hostility on the Ttinff question to
her vusth interests and her impartially formed and
iong cherished conviction. That Gov. Johnston
is at once the more capable and more deserviog of
the candidates we cannot doubt : that hat election
to the ptist which he would have filled of right
through 1649 but for the paltry juggle of penned.
ing Gov.Shunk to sexing on his deaih bed will be
highly beneficial to the State, no Whig can doubt.
The Whigs. of Pennsylvania will be shamefully
unfaithful to their State and their party throughout
the land if they do not rosin every nerve to secure
Gov. Johnston's election.
As to Ohio, we hope no Wing doubts the prec ,
ticability end importance of electing Gen. Ford to
the Chief Tsagiatracy, with Whig Members of Con
gress and;Leginlattue. Aside from the general re.
scat, they bade depending a local issue MI the most
imminentiand deadly peril. The Dorrites of Gino.
after having had a U. 8. Senator through the bat
five session. chosen by means of an unfair Appor
tionment in the face of a 6,000 Whig majority, have
andertakeh to revolutionize the State on a pretence
that the Whig Apportionment law of last Winter
was illegally passed. Should Weller and Ca carry
the State ind Cass be elected President, Ohio is to
be made the theater of Jacobiaic anarchy and dia.
organizattnn this Winter. Such is the swaggering
proclamatibn of the Cass party; and it neat to unite
and Brous.. every Whig to the moat unsparing ex
ertions in tie State Election. Let Ohio take care
of her crwni peace and security, at the same time
that she render. an emphatic verdict against the
Michigan apostate Crain Free Soil. After that the
Presidency will be in order
Whig Freemen of Pennsylvania and Ohio You
can triumph if you will' Should you All through
supineness; or irrelevant difference., you w 6l no •
merely disgrace and damage yourselves, but darken
the ay of the Natioh. Be ready '
“The Demoorauc party and its primes dci.nded
Tagiori when those who are now supporting him
far the Prerideney, on the, ground of "taratilitlary,”
prayed that be and his compatriots in arms in Mimeo,
might be “reeetved with bloody hands and hospitable
med." I
We find the dove 'la the Post of yesterday, to
the midst or= artiele t in which it rays, that he who
accosts that : Democracy of abusing General Tay
lor is a ' malignant liar, and ha knows I' Truly,
the manneni and morals of our extemporary are on
a par. We '1 challenge the proof that any present
supporter of General Taylor was ever guilty of
t the atrocious wish which the Post imputes. If
•Corwin b alluded to, which we suppose Is the
.rase, it is a grass, a most unprincipled apd dtabon
arable perversion of his speech, which MEIN that
if he ram a IMezious, he would welcome the In
vaders with ibloody bands, &o' We quote Mom
memory, buti this wan the suratance of what he
said, and anyone, not totally obtuse, as we some.
time; in chatity, suppose the Post men is, must
see that it is q totally different sentiment to what
the Post anuthrutes. The last man in the world to
prate about ''malignant Iles; wo are of opinion,
should be the 'editor of the Poet.
A en r bet tifgentlemen visited the Marine Rail
way, yestesday, to witness the ascent of the Co
lumbia: Eyerithing worked charmingly, and the
boat seemed to require not a tenth of the power of
the machinery to draw her up the ways. No
doubt mold rennin on any spectator's min.!, ul we
perfect facility id the plan. We unJerstooti fmm
Capt. Stone allt his fine Cincinnati boat, tht•
convulse-la, will! next go upon the wa ya--probahly
to-Jay or on Altitatlay.
The Nstionaltlistelligencer contains letters from
tlus Ron. John McPherson Benton, of Georgia, and
Han ' Will ie P. of North Carolina, writ.
lee with a wiernito contradict a report, induitrioas.
Iy circulated by' Incur political opponents in the
that they:intend to suppon Gen. Cass in the
pcuattis Prestikailial Canvass They dee.Jare their
arlhertace the Philadelphia nominations of
roylex sad klitAiwre.
ov. .
ORNSTOZen COITUS Di inz Etta riamum o .
Gor. JO this law.hnlann has been charged with hostility
It is only necessary to produce and
to laid publish
cord the portPortionof rho - Legislative Re
&Meng an this subject, to show the fatsity of
, ate charges.
tune The Locofocos can only make cmt a
by publishing garbled extracts, and they date
not publish the whole debate and the votea It ia
not long, and if Wm. F. Johnston has been the in.
1nd10123 fie of Leber why not spread itbekve the
The aubtoined ezrracta are taken from the Le
gislative Record of Monday, Feb. 2 1at
Paper pubLabed by —a daily authority of the fLegialature
Under ca Pur . .ntendenee of a joint commute,' of
both House.,
"Mi. Sr oatl called up the bill to prohibit the em-
P k Tnewt of children in factories, under 12 years
of eV, and to limit the hours of labor to tea hours
per dr
n Johan:lb, of Armstrong, did not •see If it
s a good rule, why it should not be applied to
interuts. Bur 6.3 he did not umui to embarrass
the pum , of the ha, be so modified his amend
meat as to make it apply only to amiss who labor
to &Optics.
Mr. Small said he was willing to include the ten
system; and go for UO gnsdurd introducti on
into erery depottount of burin.."
fie agreed with Mr. Johnston is the prlncipte,
but wanted to make the law operate gradually;
first to the laborers tufa:sari° only, though after
wards he was willing to go with Mr. J. and apply
Otto the equally futribworking men employed on
fi.v . ma, and the thousands of rintehanuu through the
Whole State.
T.'/e vote on Mr. Johnston's amendment stands
Pen,—Messrs. Johnston, of Armstrong, Levis,
Mason, Overtield, Richards, Sankey, Small, Siree
Nays - -Meraus. Benner, Best, Crabb, Creacrall,
Dursie, Forsythe, Jordan, Sadler, Smith, Smyser,
sad Williamson, Speaker.-11.
For this amendment of Mr. Johnston, which the
Pennsylvanian asserts was an attack on the cause
the operatives, no less than FOUR
car voted—to wit: Mason, Overfield, Small and
On Wednesday, Feb. 23, (see Legislative Re
cord) the Factory Bill woe resumed.
"Mr. Johnston, of Armstrong, said he was in
favor of the principle of the bill, and had moved an
amendment when on second reading, to make it
general, which had been voted dawn by the orig.
motors of this bill. He did not think it right to make
one law for one set of persons, and another fur
another. lle had drsiretl to made ihe legal dirge
work ten hoars,for aIL But this was denied. He
now moved to go into Committee of the Whole fi,r
the purpose of so amending the bill as to allow mi.
rents and guardians of children over 14 years, to
contract for them to work more than ten hours, if
they choose. This would place them on a par
with the adults, and allow them to labor 12 hours,
or the usual time labor was performed in each lac.
tortes, if they thought proper.
Mr. Johnson Was opposed to adults working
more than ten hours, but if the Legislature decided
that they might work more by contract; there was
just as good reason for allowing parents and
guardians to enter into contracts For minors over
14. who are generally as able to work 12 hours as 11
iex Curt Mute—Horace Greeley who h.
lately been travelling in the upper rt mans of Lake
Superior, gives the following accormt of the famous
Chg Mine
The famous 'Cliff Mine' of the Pittsburgh and
Banton Company is still a brilliant exception to the
general coarse of things in this quarter llnving
been In the hands of men of business and means
from the onset , it has been, opened with enerftV,
science and capital, and it has already shipped 74n
tons of Native Copper this season, hat at least 50
any persona
more on the dock and will eup its comple
Some of the Locos, Blin, and Over fi eld voted meet of 1,000 if the navigationmak holds open as la -
for Mr. Johnston • amendment, and Mr. Middle. Isallair„,zei:—sayimtilil., tkinecZenteo,f,i.l,,i;z:ms2l.7r T.hisd
awarth 1, clod against it_ ag • net profit of not leas than $
125,000 on the yam's
By examining the Journal of the Senate, it will one to to the entire investment or outlay,
be seen that Me. Johnston voted fur a motion mode 1 ISGO notw u tt , y this h may not be reeated, and even
by Smyuer and !Jan. :to prevent children under In fi l ra t ;ars T . : t ll i o n th c a li n ff e t 7i l id lz t ri ar a e ra nt e Vt °We a n .
12 from being employed in Factories See Journal • ped the payment of its fair Mare for the pure..
Page 316
of expeneace in Mining where the experience of
by ~
no Mining localities proved of little avail . I doubt
He voted for amen"' made ' ran ` , and &a- that $4,000 would repay its e aditurea on
to make ten hours a legal day's work, and twelve wor k. w o w , e only on ,. L, s been
innt x P a rnilinn...
hours a legal week', work. See Jimntal, page monitions-I:nowledge let es stekholders have
have had the benefit of rare and varied Mining ca.
city and expenence from the outset
On this factory bill question, he seems to have
" I
spent half of the clay before yesterday in clad.
been quite radical, for he advocated doctrine that
was endorsed by that th log this great Mine, demoendin its shafts 120 ket
roughsgoing loco, Small below the base of the Cliff, (ti r e still making, and
On the brat passage of the Factory Bill the vote
dh"flt"hattlftmencellYti tai7att it°h'at'rilePpmtrltTrYtirst't
stood thus
.. d r rll ' etch way at the depth of 50 or 60 feet have
.Ires — M.arti Benner Beat, B lack, noes Brave been stopped or worked out very nearly , those at
ley, Crabli, Cremraft, Forsythe, JOHNSTON of 120 i s ore now following in their train The
Aronn,,,g, Rent , 1.,,, g , Mason, Matthias, Bich- vein is very nearly vertical, and is richer at the low.
arch, Sanderson Small, Smith, Sterret, Stree• er than the higher level, but rich enough in either .
Nayr—Messrs Dame Gillis, Jordan, Middles. a
Itve is in M p
aces fully three feet wide, Lan will not
more than two feet is to cones,
worth, Overfield, Sadler, Sankey, Seq.', and iced r
of age
those imenk masses of [
pure Native cop.
Willtainson, Speaker.-9 .
pm- which ore peculiar t i this regmn the residue
Gov.Jr tiENSI ON VOTED FOR TIIF I. AC- Is the sat le metal diffuscd thr ugh the vvinstene
TORT'BILL aloug with S Whigs and 10 loco: , iguraerl:alLm
~..,1 7 -per end vein stone ; but the uantity is not nut
and for more facts we refer to the Journal of the
Senate and the Legislative Record- emetic to increase materially the nalue of the mine ,
exc as it incenses the worth of the Copper gene.
Caurostma AND sun Go= Reba's —The rally ept
For 13alls Buttons, or an)
iderably more time t uiring ei
Washington Union of the 19th contains the know Met
!wares. el lnne la' abiding t,ing
brilillo req c) °lcel. - ,
ma Cop =
ing account of a late arrival from
per tys eh that of this California . rem. he ordinary (. geese ally I u
.We noticed in our last the amval of Mr Ed worth co
ward 1 per of i usumeree
imeerald Beale (the grandma of iketitno
(lore Tretioa 1 n passed midshipman , who arrived V. 616 Clay Executive Committee.
on Saturdny evening, in the strainer Augusta. The following is publediel a the:,Ncw \ oi l
Hu is Just from Commodore Jones a squadron; and Tribune of Tuesday
he has performed the most rapid everriD* that eas This „ ion . ,
rat .. wii g i ,
ye i
ever been known from the Pactfe to w.tungton 'Una ) - on
He left Commodore Jones at La Pas on the Ist of melee, convened on Moeda V,',' 0 , 11 . : S r pi I ,
August, came by Mazatlan, and arrived althe Port' ISIS, and eased the folhisten e s.
ol San Bias on the 10th, and pushed bus way by
The knowing t• publinhed in the New Vert, Tn..
heroes and mules terms the country to the city et
Mute, an Democrats. Whig (Any 1- cteentive Con,
Mexico where he arrived on the 17th He was '
i . ni
_ no ,
nn mondny Liinning.i
detained by Mr. Clidord three days for cltspatches, i ,,, ,4 ".
and in lb hours passed nom Mexico to Vera C'ruz t Whereo n 'nun ,. „ inn been
, aed
„ oat Hon
about 273 miles, keeping not more than ten min
utes at a time. From Vera Cruz he sailed to Me. i n t r/ in C rtn in n ) ; • I lK % n u n ind ' k !
,em,_aliriam_er t o
Beale Mlle , and arrived here on Saturday evening Mr I
nritint . iin.tin ma.di iiitniniing lY ni ' N ', , , ,, j , " w„,, ,
5e... !
crossed free , the Peon , at ' 6-a n„Biaa t° I le held at Vauxhall Garden on the 7th instant tit
G o lf re Vera Cruz is the imexamPleeloameY M which thin 1 onimittee won ereated—on e ot whit • lt
ten days on the mad, and wt s detained at Mexico
authorize the publication of the kllcrwitet column
three days He brings despatch. to tee Secrete.
ry of the State and Nnvy ,
- That while Mr Clay led. the toont platelet cd,
Ile found the country full of insurrection , rob.- ligation. to has bind and earinheerted wends, W nes, and murder. He passed several murdered
the desire e. bleb they entertain of inkag his mune
bodies on the road.ll was soil at Il ea" ta al a. a candtdate for the Pr. dr.. he cannot recon
there were only about $200,000 of the 53,000. 000 ear with bate
sense of propriety to consent to ant
left on hand, and when it is all exhausted, fears .4 h 11,41 of it and that lie would he obliged pekeepts
are entertained of so insurrectionary spirit and of ly
so deninto
accepting n
meas. disturbances.
t. , tendered to him"
But the moat exintoninamT intelligence w a l e" It o. therefore, Harotresd, That the, Comma'. d ~.
Mr. Beale brings is about the reel El Dorado, the
to to Mr Clay n wethen, ilium expressed, t.1,-,r
-gold region in California. His accounts ofthe ex
the ciao ardent d.ire to place km at O. head r, the
unordinary riche. a of the gold surface, and General government, as a meamre dee to he, eta]
excitement it ProMmea a mong all classes al P e m iml Miceli. and pat notion to the ad en occ 1n..,,t ni t i,„
pie, nahabitants of the country and of the tnnmat National infereql., rind trout the pentode. at the
among seamen and soldiers, are confirmed by let- wha t . part v, do therefore, roll a public. reeminit of
tens from Commodore Jones and from Mr. Larkin, the i . n
i. n ads et Henry Clay at Vauxhill O n ow on on
the ( nited States navel agent at Monterey, Califo n Friday the 22d of`september to tale lino cone der
nut. Mr. Beale states that the whalers had sus.
anon said commumcations and the course to b a ad
peaded their operatione—the captains permitting opted in reference thereto
their seamen to go to the gold region, upon rend,. TI ei t
aan adopted in full Coma mit es
non that every ounce of gold the women obtained Et , o ' riter,
WILLISI.I \ LL, Chew ma
should be given to the captain for S IO tasking N. cdinnot
r. „ nni , eint.)
six or seven dollars by the 0r,,,,,,0, The town. From this, Clay'n vi ishr
wens being evacuated—mechanics, dm, going to
are to ,_ rnninntod we presume that Mr
the attractive spot The two newspapers had been '''
suspended—the compaattors going oil to gather
gold for themselves"
The Falun also publishes a letter from the Cul
d States Navy Agent, from which ve take th
Homing altercating extract:
Monterey, Celikirms, July I, IO4S.
Sir: Since my last letter to you, written in San
Brune:see, I have visited the "'Placer," or gold re.
gion of California, and found it all it had been rep
resented to me. My anticipations were fully real
ized. The part I visited was the south fink of the
weer American, which joins the Sacramento at
Suter'. fort, or two miles from it. This river has
its north and south forks, branching more than twen
ty miles from kin Suter. On these twobrlcs there
are over 1,000 people digging and washing for
gold. On Bear creek add Bubo creek, branches
of Feather river, many are now beginning to work.
It is supposed that the banks and bottoms of all
these small intrams contain vest quantities of gold,
and that the valley's between them are rich
the same metal. The people are now working at
many places: sense are eighty miles from others.
The place I visited was about a league in extent;
on this were about fifty tents: many have not even
this covering. • • • •
Many who have seen the "Placer" think it will
last thirty or forty year. I should think that it
would afford work two or three years to many
thousands of people, and may for very many years,
as I cannot calculate the extent amenity having
gold. The working of quicksilver mines, like ev
erything else, is stopped: three burthsof the houses
is the town of San Francisco are shut up. Houses
in Monterey are being closed this week; the vol.
unteer companies of Sonoma and San Francisco
have loin several men by desertion. Under the
present excitement, s ship of war or any other ye*
sel lying at anchor in San Francisco would lose
many men. In that town there is hardly ame
chunk remaining. I expect the name in Monter
ey in two weeks. Both newspapers have stopped.
All or nearly all the hotels are shut up. One of
my clerks who received $5OO and hoard, now re
ceives In his store near New Helvetia (Suter's Fort)
$lOO per month; my others are fast closing their
books to leave me. In fort, I had myself, or shall
this month, wihtont a clerk, carpenter, or servant,
nod all my houses, formerly rented, given up to
me. In two weeks Monterey will be nearly with.
out inhabitant.
am with Much respect_ ,
Cow. Tn A, j THW4AB (-). LARK IN
Atwitter Taylor Vote.
MAIDEN VoTE or • Giudwor•rusa.—Geo. Wash.
ington Park Coatis, the venerable stepson 01 Gent,'
nil Washington, delivered an address near Mount
Vernon, recently, during which betook occasion to
state that, although possessing the accyitsary hest
bele qualification in Vagina to youth luta to vote
in etivsral counties, from the Net of b.. residence
having always, heretofore, taco in the litxtriet of
Colombia, he had no privilege ergiving a vote. The
late retnaceasion ofAlexandrut to Vagina, however,
has changed the circumstances; "and now," said
he, "that Inestimable privilege, the right of as
frsge, has come . within my reach, and am about to
avail myself of it you will see on obi grow/father
cart Ais sanitises owe' He added hts intention of
voting for Gen. Taylor. Mr. Culls must be about
SO years of
ti;:reocr'i Mirocer. Ronum—hir. Rehbock
pre one of kw delightful Soirees on Thursday
evening, which our duties, much to our regret,
would not permit us to wend. A friend, howevp,
hat filrniahed Di with the fiallowing account of the
pErk3muum, in which our citizen. mill be pleas.
ed to see that the cu /rated of thedelightful and
refining art of manic is carried to a grew degree
perfectka by murky of our fait tow na .women
and their children.
Emma—having been present last evening
at the interesting. extol:o7on or the skill and pro.
gress of the pupils of Mr. Rohbock, I cannot re ,
fain from allemping to do justice to the merits of
Me It, who as a teacher of the Piano is unrivalled.
Many of OUT most respectable andmost mwocal
citizens were present; and although the perform
mace, from the numbeOpf his pupils, lasted Mr more
than three hour., all were delighted.
Among those pupils were children limn seven
years upwards. Misa Campbell, about nine years
old, pettOrmed some variations b H with
facility and distinctness astonishicg, y
in on unter, e
so you a ng I
Miss A. Hodkinson, about ten years--who by the
un9 is a hale P . mligY — lmrforrned a piece by Bey.
er, di ffi cult enough for the student of wale years,
and ' had only been learning of Mr. Rua months.
The Misses Morehead, Miss Warner, Miss Mc.
Clore, the Misses Hunter, Mies Galway, Miss Poles
dexter, and Master Poindexter, Miss C. Leonard,
and many others, whose names I have kirgotten,
all did themselves and Mr. Rohbock great credit.
Mrs. MCandless and Mr. aohbock played a
piece on two pianos—the effect was delightnil.—
Mrs. Earnest, well known among the musical
young ladies, performed a grand Pantaate and Va.
nation, by Dohler—an exceedingly difficult piece
—in a manner that would do credit to nay one.
Mrs. Earnest, with the asaistance of Mr. Rob.
bock, has gained fresh laurels, and we deem it ex.
ceediogly fortunate for the already finished per
formers to have AO excellent no artist residing in
this city, to give add itional 'finish to their ex cellence
among these are Mrs. McCandless and Miss Chin
lett whose talents no one can doubt.
Duelt, by Miss Robinson and Mr. Ro - 197,
was much admires!. Miss R. throughout the whole
performance, kept pace with her excellent partner,
whose brilliant flourishes could not drive her from
her time and place.
That beautful song of Adelaide was snag by
Mr. Matthew Wilson, late Secretary of the Phis.'
harmonic Society of Baltimore, and was a pleasing
additiou to the evening's entertainment
Las; though not least, wail the performan ce of
Miss Rhobock, who has much of the knee, truth,
and beauty of her father's touch—and to say she
played beautifully is scarcely praise enough.
I had ahnint forgotten the most brilliant performs.
once of the whole, on two pianos --Mrs. McCand.
less, Mrs. Ernest, Miss Clusleu, and Mr. Itobbock.
This of course was the piece of the evening, and
the etlect was truly grand—itt one moment the de
licate and lively touches of the pircalo--the next
the grand effect of a full orchestra—the cornposi.
moil was beautiful, but the performance
An Au
For the special benefit of some curios s people
among us, we give the anecdote behr .s. There
are some prying spinner alive yet, and, aa h as
• always been the case, they hue, therms 'lves in mat
o ers
ular. and things in genernl,ard some, 'things in par.
c They seem to have a r i pe G a t care over
all unmarred people, and in their estimation it is
highly important that they should know what court.
ships are gong en, who are. engaged, and when
they are to be married. Yiow, of all intolerable
bores in the wide world, th e y a re the moat urea.
durable. Old people and young - -married and un•
married—hold them m otter detestation, and dread
lence approach as they do the approach of a peso.
A Posma—A calm and self posseased young
lady in a village 'down er eta, received a long call
the other day from a pryire F; ld spinster, who, alter
prolonging her stay beyond even her own cone,.
lion or the young lady's eudurenee, come to the
mai question, which had brought her thither--
'pe n been asked a had brought
times if you Welt
to Dr. C----. Nov, if folks inquini
ag'm whether you ho or not, what shall I tell 'eel I
thoo' • Tell them,' answered they young lady,
fining her calm blue eyes in unblushing steadiness
upon the inquisitive features of her interrog-ator,
'tell them that you think you don't know, and that
you are sure it is none of your busi neas 2— Knick s a
IDOL. Ffax.!—Nash villa was slotted Er lot
evening with a regular conflagration urb , e h f or
some time threatened the destruction of half th e oily.
It originated on the roof of the lit Pre ~Lenity.
Church (Dr. Edgar's) on the corner of C "sere and
Summer Streets, where some repair „ w ere go .
lug forward on the tin covering,
time ale, it was discovered, the er Aire edifice was
s' Id in a short
In Dames. The fire soon MOW „ootoot e d t o th e
residence of Mr. Sandy
destroyed; thence to that, of fr, w .. H enr y y0,,,t 0 „,. ,
Cahtf_„ , which was quickly
which shared the nano kte--stopping with the
destruction of a huge Posir on of the house adjoining
behoging to Andrew Ev fin& Esq. The value of
the properly de lde:Ted ',ri estimated at 1530 to 40 ;
000 t of 'whisk so ths_es was insured
to about 515,0(n—rye we can learn, w
„I v a&
.thi„,,,,,, &ip.)
...11‘1,1n1rr D'a`cuuos.—Wo learn thaton Mon
day / 1 1. 1 , OR a 0.10 ,)f appeal by the Baltimore and
Obio Railroad Cer apany, from the declaim of a am.
giatraic, who ha d awarded dammes for a cow kill
ed 011 the road, 1, 3[110 Ho ward Menet Court, the
a le st
queion wan
law hr ought up °rale conatitutional it yof
employed Pear ed by the Stale making the ag, rot or
a railroad , vampasig incapable of g ive
log temiainny in a cue to which tba Cowper ty 15
i alarralml party . Atter a full dlurussion o f the
low ruble.!-, Judge !Lerhery gave hui opinion that
aiihr unconstitutional and opposed to
principles iceand equity. This decision will
are r ecognized 6 5 000 important. r.oir,ti I.llTra
C." Wi th in I b l State, and like yto have prat
duellers ihe r interests In mum instituted agaiust
thern heraldic r.—BoGintore,Aniriricon.
eVZtIIO.I .--The VOTAIIOIIt Watchman hes coin.
?eta on of mei:oboes alerted to the &meta and
tott or" Atapreaeotahr,Ye The Senate mill geed
21 Whir A, 5 Dmorat., Van Buren —Wit MS"
ptily 11 , acne as Ina yew. Tito House wil weed
W4lO I I s,Demomate 47, Van Hareottos 27—Whys
meant y eve, all, 12; led year 17. Ilea shows e
W sem of 4 teatotette, in Ma flame, and the
awl oo luau pari.
Loael Alt*tn.
_ _ ----
aliPrrimentan Dexonnge.--Thi a Lacoi xF
onpan hng been °lnspeeded," it may not be
ambri to give a Little piecearila secret histarY,
which We have became acquainted. All who
have read the paper, will remember that almost
every number contained • denunciation of all
Capitalists, as "Labor Plunderers,' and spoke of
those living on the fruits of their former industry
and economy, a. "public paupers," but while those
outward manifestati ons of i ndignationagain", Om
oppressions of Capital were so constantly given
to the Capurth.d of the establishment, himself a co.
eirtor, was availing himself of all the power and
influence which his carted aflbrded him, in order
to control and coerce the opinions of the working
and responsible editor, whose name appeared at
the head of the columns. Capitatalists,—the irre.
trponaible creditor with the long purse—finally be
came so furiously ultra in his denunciations of al,
other capitalist s , save his immaculate self—that
the "poor devil" of a working editor who represent
ed Labor without Capital, rebelled, and the paper
le/1 into a trance. Capital then established a new
organ of its own, which he styles the "Bank Veto,"
and In•whien he continues to fulminate anathe
m. against Capital, and we understand that La
bor intends issuing a "True Democrat," as the ex
ponent of his views. It will appear in a few days
and we shall then, no doubt, have a pretty fight,
with some interesting developements. •
. -
Messrs, Hague and Murphy left of one o'clock
yesterday, for Philadelphia, with the celebrated
Ben Pratt, the robber of the Chewer. County Batik
President He is a large, athletic inati, and it will
require no little vigilance to lake hire solely to
Phdadelphin, as they did not even handcuff-him,
as we understand.
David Anderson was committed to jail yester
day, in default of bail, for his late attempt to obtain
hate from Mr. S. C. Erwin, on false pretence. He
had given bail for his appearance to answer the
charge before Mayor Adams, but having forfeited
the bail by noa.appearance, Mr. Erwin insisted on
his commitment, iu default of bail fur his appearance
at Court.
The Autumnal Equinox we, duly heralded by
storms, and bas been no lens de ridedly marked by
an everlasting drizzle for the last three days. Ev,
erything looks gloomy, and chi.tly, and comfortless.
Soranter Comer, Sept. 4,184 S.
vs Elmes—Appeal from the Court of
Common Pleas, Decree al firmed. Opinion by
Mr. Justice Coulter
Torrence et al vs Corn inoiswealth—Error to the
Court of Quarter Session. Argued by Mr. Mc-
Clure to, Error, Mr. T liamiltan for Of 't in
Biddle vs Martin—Error to the District Court.—
Argued by Mr. Shafer and Mr. Metcalf for
D'lt'fl in
Error, Mr. WIWI for Oft si Error.
Simpson vs St.liboui se--Error to the District
Court. Argued by Mr.: Renton for Fictr in Error.
Mr. Metcalf for Oft in E kror.
Evans vn Evane--En o r to the District Court
Argued by C Loomis fc .r PlC& Error, in Dsulup
and NVilhaura for Dfl E rtor.
DI eft tin yo ung man of the , tame JUIIN A. KENNE
, l reaidence of tin uncle, Mr. George Snyder.
at Conensaugh Salt Work., Indiana county, Pa., on Me
mght of Sunday, 17th ins, • intention, as is sup
posed, of' going us Plush, rgli. Ile it a young man
I 21 years sr age, but 0 to simple, it is fead that
be has missed his way, a. I that he may coma towant
He bad on when left, • gr caiet roundabout,
blued rilllng pantaloons, al id arse hip ha, with no shoes
on ten feet He left in Me t .ighi, without Me knowledge
of his uncle.
Any person acquainted nth his whereabouts, would
confer a great favor by art lung to the naderaigned, at
Conemaugh Salt Works, near Saltaborgh, Indiana
county, who will pay all e xpenses attending the scone
Country papers would re, infer a 13-rear favor by giving
the shone one or two /11,0 mons, free of charge, a. I
hate lost much nine and is mn at conaiderable expense,
without being able to find the unfortunate young man.
tr - w-gt
Cat rug Proem, ht' ealea-1( You wish b° sue '
^mi m any rodent kit ig, you must always So
'use the
" , Pe , . 0 ..0 Therm ore .f e a cough. u.
J•Txtb Eieer roaawr ald he c ured, for it is the proper
means. !lave you AsU tron or dttcolly of breathrtig.
then the on' y efficient i neozor Lc cure you is to use
Jayne's No' ertnrant, WI unit will immedrately orercorne
the spasm which contra. •ts the dtarneter of the tubes,
and too, na and tonnes L p the mucus wluch clogs then/
up, alid thus remo e e. ev try olrmructron Lou free re%pi
rm.., wtole at the same orne all it:damn:ratter. Is cut..
clued,' vii a rure is err Mit. to he effected. !lave you
Brolle min.. Sputorg of 11l p.. 1, Pleurisy. or in ray; any
Taira hoary Aperture. t/ err use Jayne'. Erperinract
and trio, o. cet.... ar. d u will hod that you have
ua. I the proper mean,
P or emit! in Pittsburgh a / the Pekin Tea Share, T . / 4th
W cut hoar Vi'mact.
CH AAAA AA Lo.ra ireo, Vrt., July .12,q.
Mr. R. K Stollen—Dear el I take pleasu, in ci
toying tile gosal effects of your refuel', Ventura/
My eltildrrn being sick .and .thiriking III be Worn
Int, several kinds of Vern tauter, without
' , do"
I concluded to try your Ver mune, uilisch did
sausinetory effect, sr, much r that my little daugh
near three )rais old, px.ord something ••rar h,•
dred urns. at ant. hurt. I tit en ree o mMendeel It IC
righbor, who have tried ,1 oh yed.; Ito tunett
lhat tee sold out in Iwo week the w suPplY w hich w t.
Mid for sai 1110111 . 1., and ova. every dy aatilt•
. 12 .:;:71W117} . ";o1;l B
Prepared and cold toy R. K SF.I.LERS, 57 Wood •
and sold •
drugguta generally , Pllt•dourgh and Al
ID- A l'lsc Sal. or ?tam sox
end unhenlilt) Teeth, after t, •tbg otter ar ;WI
rd with Jones' Anther Too th Paste, have the C,
color of more and a t the atom. tune. ao
fins, Mal it. daily us e la ad trantaqeous even to th ,
meth that are in good ron , lotoo, gtvtna them abe
faul pooch and pe,sentang deray. Those decay.
prevent., (root hee °ming worae--41 fil•leng
as an- beet:mimic loose, asad artll render the Jr
loath deocately ort,tte, and 'Take the breath delta.
stye, fore a. 5 o r all canes a bet
/.'or sale by
the it, Boot KS W? I JACKSON, W Ltberty steer
is Trcies Ess-vt nmarrr —We would call attenuon
Ihis excellent nal iterly for Coughs, Colds, Cousuruption.
A.thana. awl atl alremmns of the Throat and Ltingia.
Ilirelog sere-roll ,me* within a few years past had ore..
01011 11, a tar dicta, of this kind, we have:by experi
ence haired tr. 'excellent qualities, and are prepared to
rerotarneerd to where. Minister. or other patine
s',..eaters IR.e sd with bronchial offectuirorreill find
gnat beri tt 14 urn its use. It is prepared by n scienti
fic ray i and all claw.* all, find it a safe and Oh
cartons credit ire m the diseases for which it Le re
ended - ;Columbus 10bM) CM.. sod Journal.
For role at t tie Pekin Tea Store, No. it Fourth street.
Tana oar ;avor of M . . .111..erie. Liver Pill.
—lt would bia enay to AN a vo l unae with crtificates o
iltr excellence of this medicine. %Vhereve e r n has Mu
trial it tat. , rode / t•elf popular We have m
31C1.1011 hundi eds of orders like M our pose following :
Vaeraort, N Y. Dee. lU, DRY.
.N 1 Co . q u anta `elng meat left will
me mom time since, y Al'Leatts 1.4•01
The whole lot sold very rapidly, and gave Oa
higheat sansfeetion. Indeed it is eousidered the lrcs
mrdleore of the kiud ever offered (or sale. Please sem
ma another supply n. soon cas
A gen line article of the above va II AINSWORTH
luabl medicine
be had at the dfug store ofJ. Kidd Co .,
No 60 W ood
rrt. LTAIC. who use Jones' Spardeia Lily White, hare
always a fine white transparent skin. O( this a trial
will mu dy any one. Sold only to Pittsburgh, at ar
Liberty norliklatulertylli
W. 11. Wright, M. D., Dellll.l,
Ornee mid redolence an Fourth street, opposite the
Pateburgh Bank. Other hears from 9 o'clock to 12 A_
111., and own *o'clock to 2 P.M. ecpl4l9
- -
Dr. 0. 0. Stearns, Dentist,
dAFFICE at Mies Heuer's, on Fourth street, a few
J doom above Wood street, end' the eollublelltutt of
the bootie nearly opposite. Teeth in blocks, with arti
ficial gums, after the manner now universally prefer
lad at the can Matittfactured to unit tacit panionlar
c ue- Teeth, Hum tit DU set down to a sligle one, iti
rtol on a euetioa plates thug actuality/ Injury to the
may be examintxl a
natural teeth. Specimens of block • o auction plate
t the office.
All operation. hteidem to the prollmstou performed
with care tend falthfalnetsa. aug2l.3in
• --
denseCAME to th e rewdenhe wt . Mr. Geotte
Trii Hulett, near Tarenuare, eh our four week.
ago, a mod tdaek aed vote to COW, with
••• • mall bell The owner ul req
to prove property, pay charges and tal ruestild
sept9•wr3l• - - - GEO. w.Ankrr.
1/yo D. 1.610[211, CHAJILLB W. AJCIIIMSQ/c
alo.. & n rum cr, Allovi 1120.,W.;, CINCLIVNAII, OHIO.
----Red, brown and plaid Flannels, s
Fesge assortment of home made, last reeNl on cam
moment and lar sale by (lEll COCHRAN,
sera 2) wood or
VV arrorimeni recd on comm a:mon and for .ale by
• - - - • -
/1111-Xlib;-5.5 kr i W It Cheese, jusi received and
1,/ for ..le by LIURBELIDGE, WILNON A Co,
LUlL—NVarranted pure—lo bbl. on con
aurnment and for Bala low by the lot.
J SCHOONIII AKER & Co 31 wood it
ACKEHEL-217 bbl. large No 3 Mackerel, 000,
landing and for sale by
00 ( 10 HAGA & smrri
L OAF SUGAR AND MCLAssEs_ru) obi. L o a
sow., wound numbers, Ali do Sugar Hoorn
Muloro,s, lot .ale by repl LIAGALEY & SMITH
OTTON—Io bales In store ou eorougoment and for
sale by Cll GRANT,
11 waters
C AILL , T a I u tI I N . — . A I arteonCnisobllce.g,Qhusl ba
T, , 1511-107 bbl. No 3 Mackerel, (INN) 00 half do N.
r do. 1140, 0' do do No Ydo do; rust rood and to
sale by noir% MILLER A RICKETSON
7)) N'F.:fr cone. pnme Rice, fun reed and too nit
1./.1• on snit. by
1 1 Vi .N HoNNEttIIST A Co
. 1 14 11bbls N fr;aBo
WNAPPING PAPER-40 ma med.:lm and crown
paper for tido by
• •
I lIIFF.IE-4m boo mom cher , . Am retaived and
U„." tor sale by sepll WICK & 111•CANDLES8
- Hymn.; KEAM4-31 bbl, small boo DC.. for
FF sale by septa WICK & APCANDL&NB by
TK.IIIKFAL--RUO lons Pag Metal for Foundry use
1. for We by sepls lik:0 A BERRY
,4 ARNOLD & CO., haparters, Jobbers and Be
_lie Milers, have removed to their new store, No, RI
ians Meet, NEW YORK, one doer east of the stand
Iber ao kin • '
andoipagoa_ of lids ocoids e.
*moist aliaztesisive stook of
rich and ferablOnable GltiodS t sailable to the lesson,
have been dented &rape by a partner of the bonne,
• I'ME Pardna ate 4sf seltielt We how an says, and others
cPalie Gyl s in air the nese de:turns
of the season. 34 8.144 changeable and Wank Satin
de Chine 4-4 changeable Gros d'Egypte, 34 and 4-4
changeable pos ts de Serie, 3-4 and 4-4 black-vrethred
Silks, Pouthadore and other rich styles for evening
and soirees, Marcelltne. Satins, andfdillmery Silks.
ALSO, French 'and Britsah rest and Detainee,
in small meths:m and bold dears., plain, plaid and
striped blarkishan,,, Arnim, Gala, wild others'
Plaids, Victoria brneres i -Merinos, il. a."'
ma. French and English Prints, French and Scotch
ALSO. French Cashmere Long and Square Shawls,
R. , Roy (Clan patter - nal long. square arid misuses sixes
rich Prtnted Tethers Shawls, embroidered cashmere
Robe. Visetes, Mantilla. and Cloaks of the newest
For. shah..., colored and [deck Velvets, from half •
yard to two yards wide,
ALSO, Ladies'. Gentlemen'', and childrenal Ilostery
of every descopuom canoe merute and larnbunxil
Undervests and Pants Welsh, unshrinkable and do
mesuc Flannel., Bath and Whamir Blanket.; colored
and white counterpanes and Gains; 4-4 Line.. CO.ll
and Linen ShoeungeDispers and Damask Table Linen,
nNapkin.' and Doybe Towelling., together with gene
ral assorMsent ot bossukceptna ante les.
ALSO, Laces, Embrotd enes, Lace Vests, Gloves,
I. mbroidered crape, Robes, Evening Dress Goods, sod
Fa ur y A ruele.
N. LI —Family filourning of every deneripnon con
stantly Co hand, for which a separate department has
been pro" ided.
No abatement made in than estahltsbnaint from the
price asked.
..Re not the beet by whom the new are tn.,
Nor yet the but to lay the old amile."
frliE FINIPIRE CAA/KING RANGE possesses the
following adv—The oven m constantly
with pore hot tie , rendering the operation of
baktug as pertem as when done tn a bruit oven.
It has a Chamber exclusively for Boasting meats
with a spit, thus doing away 'rid% all the ronsung at
tachments is the shape of - tin knehests."
It has a large cooktitg capacity, with an unobstruct
ed flat surface on the top, winch all housekeepers can
It ca n be set up without mason work, in any ordina
ry fire-place, or in the room as • move; enabling those
who ocrupy hired houses to have um advantage of a
range at the cost of a stove And lastly,
It burns less cool than any other cooking apparatus,
not excepung the Empire Cooking Stove, which is also
for sale at wholesale or seuil, at
GILBERT'S kkapire Stove Depot,
411 l Market street, Girard Raw,
Henryry pida.
Hatter from n recornmendanon from P He Bach
., Enl., Mkt Market atreeL—"You can use no term.
recommendation of it, which I will not endone tf
(erred tn." seprJ-deodtDoetatttoatt.
Allegheny County, as.
--sc. THE Commonwealth of Pennaylv.ia, to all
per.olis Jnieresteat in the Estate of Thorn.
Hinson, deceased, Ureeung,
We command you and every of you, that in your
pror person• you be and appear before., Judges of
ro pe rphans' Court at Pitudiurgh, on Saturday, the Z.
day October, A. D 1.46, then and there to show eau.,
(any you, or either of you hate, why the Pennon of
Frederick Lorenz., guardian of the persons end estates
of Phebe and Margaret Hon.., minor children of Tho
mas I hmsen, deceased. praying the Court to grant him
an order to sell certain Heal Estau of said minors,
de.ribeil more fully and at large in said Peution filed,
should not be granted—and hereof fail not.
Wane. the H. Ben). Patton, President of our geld
Court at Pittsburgh, this 22i day of September, A. D.
Is4B. seplarjud JOHN YOUNG, Jr., Cik.
Allegheny County, se.
TLE Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to
g the Heirs and Legal Representatives of That
Sampson, deceased, aunt all others interested to
the estate of the said Thom. Sampson, deceased.
We command you and every of you, that in your
proper persons, you mid each of you he and appear be
lore our Judges of our Orph.s' C 01.121 at Pittsburgh,.
Monday, the Z. day of October, A. D. 1.545, then and
there to show cause tl nut you or either of yon have,
why the Pennon of John Foster of Versaillea township,
praying for a decree of spectfic performance of a con
act therein fully set forth between the said Thomas
Sampson. decna;ed, and this sand John Foster, pet,.
er, should not be made—and hereof fad not.
Witness the Hon Hew. Patton, President of our said
Coon at Pittsburgh, trim loth day of September, A. D.
lute. setabwltS 'JOHN YOUNG, Jr, Clk.
J..) This Cathartic co
mparatives smallness of
bulk with efficiency and co mildness of pur
gative acuon, and having a peculiar tendency to the
Lillian- organs,extremely valuable in this country,
in which bilious icvers and other complaints attended
willicongesUon of h
ie. Liver, no
trotch abound. They
have now stood the tof 20 years, and experience
has proved them to be a sari and vebtable remedy in
Intermittent, Remittent and Biltous Fever, Jaundice,
8.1ff.0. colic, Indigesnob Dropsy, Dysentery Bilious
Tomaings, colds, and all complaints oleo inflammato
ry character. The complete and untversal satisfac
tion which has been given by these pills to all who
hare used them, render. the publtstong of the owner.
ems certificates in their favor unnecemisry. To pre
vent counterfeiting they are now put up in a red xylo
graphic wrapper .
Price Weems fore Inn containing 30 pills.
Prepared and sold by
urn Ist and wood, and also corner 6th and wood
j :60 boxes soper,or 5s lump,
'n., above etu.l.ets toren very chows brand, to
vehlelt the attettiton of the tra4 o ts paruealarly invned
ocie WICK tr. At'CANDLEI4,I
ks careen &o;
too Lagawn i in alone and (or !tale
septil WICK k NrCANI3I.F.Set
4.2 l'/' CARR SUE/A. ENG bbla just ree'd and fo
0 sale by R E SELLX,RS
po i, , , , viu NHL ISA!!l p l .„2 —tmolbs fuel W I T ';..! 74 : 11.1 . ,r, at a . Ve
14EV NSW ICJ,: t.REEN—XIi lb. just we'd and for
sale by septt B ELLELLERS
DRWriE-1 bbla nut. r.-' 4 1:1 4 - i4 - a l,, 4
I NDIUM-- .,,,.
b l y o cerwo .,ir n . ; stpatzsgf lutif , o , ,A l ;t i oz si rd
TRAW ROAR/tl--4 tons, ditkrent Not, just reed
17 firm Chambersbargb.
. -
S A t7r .l o N in F :t r a 1 1 4. 1 4 .1 a . t A r ' 017;1 '' :l s a r' l l i 7su b tl .tc a k t:e b y ' u tk% n ' t7e d g,
ry low, Abu opened and for sale by
wi4tl S/lAcm..}ar dV WHITE, W •••000
IASSIMERYS—A full aatortmenttnack and fancy
j Crv.iinerre, or the latest mylerand {lnner., Just
opernrs by rep 22 SHACKLE:IT WHITE
1111 S--A very larr stock of common, medium
%._/ and tine Domestic, Falghoh and French Clotho. va.
nom. color. and dernable makes, now opomnx
..mmt iLiTn . a. WHITE
TWEEDS--vii cases danraple fall styles, Iteavy
I mixed and Oslo tallied and fanny Tweed, rust
oned by aepz! :TACKLE - IT & irE
LINSEED DIL-10 bbls for sale by
aep.%l FRIEND, RIIF.Y & Co, 57 water a.
riIANNEILS bblirlanding from Coma and for
1 rale by
ITACEKIIEI,-100 bbls No 3 Mastered branded
large, for sale by septa ;AS'S DALZELL
111 - &CR EREL--Ur bblr No L for sale by
WHITS: BEANS--10 bbla mall, for sole by
CuTell SNUFF-10 bbl. Rees, Jonea & Cott mas
t) waeture, for sale by
VRENH 1101.3---3 bales growth ISIS Hop., jaw reed
JC mud for sale by
TOBACCO—JO paekages assorted, 4rtst reed and for
tale try or BROWN & CULBERTSON
Cl. OAP-10 bxa Crompton Palm Soap, just
0 reed and for sale by
ALERATU2I,7 114 pure, laiding and for sale by
=p=lC I.IIbIWJELL._Agt, avatar al
avast reed and for sale_ b't
BALTs—ao bbbs note and for sale b
J C Efl i
SODA ASLI--10 casks, first quality . , I: . ?rt
S u ro b , A . R .l:4 6th4 '' °V,4" — n on 11.71 — nv°! -4
S EN .ui N . .4 INDIA-270 .„ b.• prune, rzj a d j. ' ag;or
f ILICKNEH'S PILLS-7 gross gat reed and for Ala
fill by g qe7 Ls . 2.4
L INSEED OIL—Id bbla m good ordeeforsale by
- - •
DACON—I lUD pa &mon Bhoulderm SIM pa do RAMA
PS do Sid., in prune order,. smokehouse, W sale by Sa.)
sepal R ROI3ISON & Co, 1911 liberty st
tAIL o CLOTIL i — i this day, d one sheet Oriental
perry nAniqtzr.: 2 rOclt y 5 Fo.ou .t
iL;currii —Reed thin day, one sheet now Ingle
J oak ooloml qti Clot, of Tory ktandeatne pattern.
CREFSE-76 W R Chew, for We by
igep.2l F VON BONN RORer k Co
Q ALERATIL/8-13 wk. and bow, for Wo by
aepda 8 F VON BONNUORST & Ca
Mamta w accompany Blanch.
124 Electric Apparatus, mat pubti.hW staid for sale by
BLAKE & Co, Market at,
sera MUM]. N aura of tda Diamond
MACKEREL-112 1,„,, N . 3 M a ckerel
IS V Ws No 2 -Mackerel, Massoehuaetta
don, fast tomcod and for sale by
CIkILLICOTHE SC./AP-200 bas on consignment end
for sale by nop MILLER & RICKETSON
Lean 01L--20 bid. No I Lard Oil, in more end for
4,2 INJA R-50 hhds prime N 0 Sugar tot sale by
A 7 s • Jip&w • BPANCi &Co .'lo
- DOTAIi H-16 casks landing from Lake Este
d Rheingau Lane, and for sale lay
JAALM DALZELL,24 water at
IG tc,no Tennessee
„ ,
r 50 .. Mercer a° -
do, in start
and for sale by s ep al JAS bALZELL
MACKEREL—JOO bbls Nu 3 Mackerel, Jost reed
and fat ale by sera/ Slt WIiAabIAUGH
LTOPS-3 boles fresh Bops, tn more and f vale by
Jra. .7 28 BQ. %V HARAUGH_
RO9IN-3V bbl. Roam, for sale by
1, , MOM kidl.7ll 12 bbl. Epsom Rana for vale by
AITS! AIATTS!•—JuLe. Alhewn, Manilla Hemp,
and Sheep akin Malta jam reed and for tale •I
it 1V aI • CLINITOCKII, 76 fourth et
Q AND l'ADF:ll—r u i renal, lt'deel{ng tray
77 w t 1
's &TN HRlCK—ate fine ticatlnng BriCk, lot sale by
WANTED 1.11 MEDI ATELI -40 pyh e l a Tmab y
Reed, by R T LEFCII , Jr ha Wood at
GREEN TEA El— 172 half cheats fine fresh Y Ilyaoo
T..% per RhiP• Samuel Russell, Baziniville, &a,
landnur and for aak by
G 7NPlN) . ll%. o vD 2 il dim AN D pL . n . l im. rl pEtu .i i .oo l.:TEes—lxv eafi:
6 sept 9
TANNERS' 01L—H10 bbla Tanners , m ine or
der, latutag , from canal ibis day; for ...Is by
sepia %%HALEY k SMITH
*bat D. plapdapA
Hoiiery, Woracd Mat mut CbcattiWood COmmi
jolts, Clad Caps, le.,at stactian.
Wzn be sold anthem reserve, at the COMMeI ,
sale b e
comer of Wood nil Filth Mem..
on Tuesday morning, 26ilk Inn at 10 del 11 dot
giptey hoods, worsted; 6do Ina opera
c/o/doss:s wonted coats; 10 do huge woollen conalhelo:
Yu do wo seam do dw el do soper to
do des 1/4
heavy wool half bow; 1 l do do cotton do do.; 3do mi.-
see wool hose; 3do fine sloth cepa; 33 1.0, each 7,0116 melon hdtia wplt3 30111413 DAVf9 , Aslet
Large Sok of iiry Gouda.
On Monday
.roonung 'Sept t 5, at 10 o'clock, attic
CO.:UMW Nitka Rom, corner of Wood and Fihh au,
o will tic sold. without sasereis;ae extensive assortment
fdtt and
ddy°4l7l'o'cDrysatinet., Welsh datmelsi Am ncan
gala plaids, Kt.
tuck`, /wt. , flannel,. ticking., cheeks, bleached and
broani muslins, /Of (1110.coahmere, lorkeri, and broche
shawls, silk kalifs, woollen and cotton hosiery, gores,
sowing olk, damask hnen table cloths, saun sod fancy
gggtic i gs, gala plaids, hies, black and plaid dr.& silks,
patent thread, dm.
At e 3 o'clock.
Qutiennnion, Furniture, ft
A quantity of groceries, chic., glass and pee
are, table cutlery, window blinds, looking g i
utmost clocks, cooking stove. A general usortro
• f new and Second baud household furniture, tr.c.
At 3 o'clock.
Al 7 o'clock.
5 eases boots and shoes, super French sTyle shirts
ready made elothurg, Gamma fancy goods, fine pueke
cutlery, soil and wiser swatches, trunk., limey alad
pie dry goods. se,
Marla, Tales, and Raman= front. a en - en/aria/
ON Saturday evenutg, lbe ma, al 7 o'clockod
the Coonnercialkiales Room, corner of 'Wood and Filth
roll be mid, 3 large colleen. of Noyela.Tales,
and Romances, bunny of them out of prink) and, also,
a general aymanment of valuable romeenancons books,
Catalogues Cllll be obtained at the Auction Store.
171 Ann., Coal tat Anctzon.
On Saturday montane, Sept gl, et II cielock, at the
o rum errial sales room, corner of Wood and Sib sts,
will be sold, 171 acres Cool to the Land, tyme on the
Coal Hill and Upper St. Clair Turnpike Road, Within
three miles of the city.
The coal is of an excellent outlay, opening directly
on the turoptke , and may be worked with greater fa
cility and advantage Ilion any other lot at present Mr
Any informanon reopeni ng the above will be given
on application to John Curran, Fifth street, Pittsburgh,
or Thomas Curran, residing on the emise..
Terms, oneotturd cash, residue in (nor equal annual
payments, with interest.
Beei't, &turnery, Codery and Ready Made Ma
inz at Auction.
On Thursday, Pnday 3autday eveurogs, Setu.
Mst, nod 23d, at 7 o'clock, at the large room, se
cond story outgrew bargain corner , corner cc Filtb and
Smithfield ma, will be sold without w close a
concern, a general assortment of Books Sinuonery,
Cutlery and Needy made Clothtug, &c.
theCgataloresyt reed: c on the day of sale, when
' e msJOHN I) DAVIS. Auct.
Grent Sale of De
Cool at Autumn.
W. A. fiI . CLURG bang about to close his anction
and cominimion btatness i . the consignmenw now on
hand will be sold at public sale by the subscriber, on
Tuesday, Nith inst., commencing at 10 o'clodk, at No.
63 Woad street The stock comprises one Of the lar
gest and best assortmenta of fancy and staple Dry
Goods offered at auction In Putsburgh for a number of
yenta, embracing in part—
Blk, blue bik and blue broadelottim plain bib, fancy
and doe skin cassia:ere. blue and
,grey milt Jeanr,
cloth elo• and coat felting', cloak linings, red
flannel e, blankets, shawls, kith pocket talk* blkluld
fig'd and plain alpaccm; winter plaids, cub
ineres, lainev, gin
d gh prints, putaand needles,
Irish linens, blue an brown muslin. silk, satin and
I worsted vesting.; vest padding., brown Holland and
Siliciatis; table linens, linen and maple cloths, kins,
bik kid gloves and back mitts, hewing silk na , patent
thread and spool cotton, gum su•sweders, cotton hdkfs,
&c. &e.
The goods will be arranged for eierninarion on the
day previous to the sale, in lots, and numbered; awl
all goods offered will positively be sold, an the con
signment will be closed without reserve.
firms—For all some over WOO, three months credit,
over 14430, 4 mos; and over SAW, 6 corm; for approved
endorsed notes. sepl6 JOHN D DAVIS, Ann
SATURDAY EYHVINtI, SEPT. tO, ardl be .net
Drama in 3 nets, called the
Mr. Wood.
Mr. Prior.
Mrs. Wilton Mrs. Martuon.
Ni.. Pones Patty •
Miss A Prate
Hornpipe blaster Wood.
To which will be added
Peter White Mr. John Dunn.
Mrs. Peter While Miss A. Cruise.
To conclude with
, - the oth and 10th
Ilay• of October, 1849, bar TWO DAYS ONLY.
Horn or Essitpe—fProm 9 to 4 o'clock, P. bl.,
anJ el to ti In the evening. Admission 15 centa. Chi!.
dren under 9 years of aga, halt price.
The Procesmon of - Centimes, go., will enter the
above town from Butter, at 11 o'clock on the above
morning, preceded by the colossal
Tune Busse , 011 Ciesmse Svers. Csatesoxi
iPainted and gilded in the most gorgeous style, contain
lihPost's /Mao. New York Brass Band.
e Carriages and Cages are a 0 new, (built by the
mechatties In New York.) highly finished, painted
and decorated; are drawn by • itoupe of 100 &triple
grey Horsey, the finest mud ever MIICCLed together,
CAVALCADE will pass ditough the prinCipill
strcvts of the town (adverused for exhibitionj to the
spaciou s Pavilion, erected for the exrdbitias of this
collection of animala whete the tr r e may have an
.ortunity of beholding the thrill rformiumes of
MSS F. CALHOUN and MIL BR RS, who togeth
er, will give an interesting illustration of die ascendan
cy of intellect
cover the wild Imams of the foresk
stWr • Bee large bins at bi t prinpal hotels.
The mime will be exh at New Camila the Stb,
Centreville the 6th, and Butler the 7th Oct. ml4l
PAndrew. Engle Saloon, Wood Street.
ROUD of th e cordial greeting of over one thousand
frius ends, and the
unexampled patronage bestowed
upon sine, we reduummed the control of this estab
lishment, we beg lease to inform our friend. sad pa
trans that no exertion will be spored to prcannethe com
fort, pleasure and hilarity of our visitors, and to make
the Old Eagle" standlorecnost and lead or allele:tiler
establishments in the west. lee cream, ttutrivalledi
peaches, oysters in •eason, with all other delicacies
will be found at this establishment,' and nerved up in
• manner without precedent. Balla and parties fle,
H y OF NEW 90/11L, may bo eanaulted, gentedtoney,
I,J fora few days, u the Exchange Hotel, refer
ence to the application of his 91 tody•Bracii^ for the re
lief of Chinni< IVeaknesa in general, Debilitated public
speakers, Palma:tie Dyspeptics, weak and delicate la
dim mid children, and those with oruk spine, ing one
ermine= trip and eboolder will find immed iate lort by the applleaUori Oils perfectly easy applies.
bon, which ta a substitute for thy:. eorsea sots 4..
like other suppertsl by supporting the small of the back.
and Min mid eompreasing 'waken abdominal
opeane—rMly expanding the chest through the support
• the Internal ors, and
s oting a stooping knot
by balaneing the Wdy on it axis, and not by restrain.
mg the motions of the Unladen. Ladle. will be fitted
by Mr. Canwript, No. 83 Wood sweet, or waited
upon at their dire ling. Office boors, hem 10 to 10 A.
Al z onid 9 to 4 p. N.
The Medical Profusion are invited to call and ex
Prrrssuase, May 23, MK
We, Me undersigned, having need in our Prieriete,
"annth.r. Num t for the relief of ease* Ohba
ple Prolapaus Utast, cheerfully testify to its
best instrument me have met with to fuift/•all '-
from an ext regernal tured
ea • itt the .
caws, which net be fcipaired
• rt
•T. F. DALR, M. D. •
Valuable Property for BILLO.--
rrltE, subscriber offers tor sate a two story Brook
g. !louse and Lot, on 4th street, between Smithfield
street and Chewy alley-lot ill feet on 4th n, running
back 100 feet to nig feet alley.
Alec, the beanutel residence he Dees es In Alleghe
ny city, 60 feet front on the cansl, by In w Libeny,
mon onwthini of .114 011 which is erected a lame
, ro stagy doable horree, finishes. to good style, For
and ten= Inquire of J IDD,
corner Ith and wood ow
. .
MaOR in k EATHER—W R lthirptu es m
y" Moon has excellemt amply or ;ems made
llWilms; Eastern do do, very iniperton e made
Flonno t,Emwow dcs Twilled Flamm* red and
hue, dab Flannels, unehrinkable; Canton Flan
nels; Doin, ailk, cotton end Merino wMaca and
Fleecy Silk Hawn LAMM do, superior trole. at low
pneee—at north OW corner and Market as!
"Cf:Country merchants
will please remember his
." Roma on story, whero goals are sold at
PM , . awl will please. septed
rrßeicewa ° Pla za, rllEutti EIFIZIII
It tzl their m Doom and I . .ilir c e , will
MON A portion of bi:nock tage W it e all i ng l 7reen slightly in-
Awed by wain!, on the 13111 hut, ho is determined to
sell thettrat prices that cannot fad to please .
No. 117 Wood atreet, opposite John D. Dans. Azle.
lion Hm, rented.
CIENTIFIC APPARATUS, for Common Schools,
Berinwaries and Private Famine., consisting of
Tellurian, Orrery., (notes, numeral frame. Geometri
cal Forms and Solid., ticoloipeal Spernmeris, Geome
trical Blocks, ite. b.. 1 wt. including box with lack
and key, $12,25. For *le by
11 110
zaorPICINS, 4th at,
suere lo J 1. Read
F R bSH TEA s!—.lbe las I rLaw, .r ry . s unmet grades,
Young Il pus,
Ryan.. Skin,
and Mark,
Now landing and for sale by
sepal corner wood tad water 4
TOBACCO -moo Cony - ess
..1J Dams Camress 6s, Lump, Sam Myers
20 " " u, hiss rt Mat
6 " aryls Is lamplp, g
Bus Myers, •
" =per la 4 "
I ease dwarf bases i lamp " exit.
" sapet
MILLII% .* Tb°
1998. atm=
(vu suassow,)
Leaves Pittsbumb dog'', m D o'clock, A. M., sad rives at Gl
Le asgow, (mouth of the Sandy and ,
Heaver Ca-
m and Now Lisbon U/4 larn.Okht.
aves Near Whoa et g o'clock, P. XI mat the
trip canal to she neer durtug the WOO rod Gietqa.
at lit o'clock, 'H., and entree sr "Mahon)! al 3 P.
11.—thui making ■ continuous lino for e
"."" . °4 ( Merl bereemt New „Lishooseatts.
Intrgh, - shorter time and al less" nue. than by may
°tier male.
h The proprietors of this Lane have-the pleasure of in
umane the nubile that they have fined up moire: clue
Canal Bloau,:for the accommodation of pellelOgor.,__"
boinbt nta comeetion with the welt steamers CALEB COPE and BEAM!, Mid connect
ing, at Glasgow, with the Pittsburgh *nal cincia.
mat and other daily lines of steamers down the Ohio
and Mississrpei rivers. The proprietors pl edge th e m"
*elves to spare no roper's,' or trouble to Insure cam
0017 and domaicia and ask of the pebble& share
pairma g
8. hW. HARBAUGH, Pin"beglh'
IL 'HANNA, a Co.
corn :if J. HABRA UGH St. Co. N"'
NOTICE—The steamer BEAVER C. E. Clarke, mar
ter, will leave after th ia motive, for Weavedle grancta
Daily Packet Lino. •
FEBRUARY Ist, 1648 FEBRUARY lit, 1 84
The following new bolus coraplem
me line for me present season:
LANTIC, Capt. June. Pastime.,
hPLAN ALTIC, Copt A. Jacobs and LO
new, and MB
E, Capt. E. Bennett. The boats are entinaly
e are Ana up without regard to alnetne.
ery comfort that money can procure has been madded.
The BOMMII VIA lour, the Monongahela Wharf Boat at
the foot of Emu at. Paasengers will be pnlnttlal on
board, as the boats will certainly leave at the ulcer
tired beam 8 A. M. cad 4 P. 11 lanal
P I TY I 3/Alkiii k. WILEEI.4N-O -PACCET.:
The mill steamer
CONSUL, = runtely, master, will leave
y for ling, Oa MOrtdii i
and Ftido7 l , at In o'clock precisely,
Lea. Wheeling every Tuesday, ThondaY Ba
wank p, at 7,o'clock, a to, precisel y,
Tito Collett! will land at all the intermediate porta—
Every aceornodadon Mat
ern be p ro cured for the eon
fon and safety 0f ,,, pas:ge . r• en been brownie& Mu
bowl is also pro
ro n , b irni eelfinetzrbt ufetp fen:
piercer DAVID S LIMA?
febi corner of Ist and Bmithgeld sta.
• The splendid Ibt dragla rummer
C I L t i ns
miatu r ALTX:rwe wil en n Atts:argY? "-
above he
pens, regularly landing on th e Alleghemrsi s , s ,
opposite the mouth of Pm area. The Carellne will
touch at all the landings between the above pap. foe
the accommodation of the market people affi the tta
vellum public. Leave. Pittsburgh eve day at bea
ust two o'clock P. M., ramming kravu
ryThey da at o'clock A. M.
proprietors of this Line have purchased end Si
ted op the Caroline m a supertor maxim at a ratmaideb
able expense, exprealy bor ads trade. Thiry p1.41 e
themselves that the boat shall remain in the and
hope, by strict attemion to the wants of the emmennt
ty, to melte their support.
(17- Fare 25 can. as FUR CINC I NNATI ANU ST, rtilklatlkw=
The elegant steamer
Cope, =Wer t will immonor thaabove
d intermediate pens this day. mask
Tor freight or passage, apply on hand. Sopt23
The splendid new steamer
Jacobs, master, will l ß eave Ibr above
and intermediate ports this day, at
10 o'clock A. ht.
freight For I , Lpitiairtko,_hppy on board. gh:ntstu
The new and subacute.' mean er
wrill run dazingHUDSON, the low water between
Pittsburgh and the above Mace her
draught being as light...>:usenge rs may rely.,ol2ll,rriDMir
teed through without delay. She will we Sk
Mama this day at 12 okleek M.
For freight or passage, apply on board, or to
septl2 D VVELJONR,
•I' I'l' A.
The spleodid light draught memo
Boyd, muter, voill leave On above
intermethate port' OP ILLday .1
10 o'clock. For freight or postage apply pt2o
The splendid steamer
matuWEIJAIBUR/311eave ,
C. Eames, maw will l
to? this
at 10 o'clock A
bore and interoteiliala porta this d. y
The splendhl light draught summer,
COMPANION, (12 inches dranght.,)
Tomlinson master, will leave for the
pa this
day at 10 o'clock, A ht. For and all
fre bitermediate
ight or ri ports
parings ly
ou board.
The fine steamer
Parkinson,resste will leave for • the
Love and intermediate ports Mb day.
For freight or passage, apply on board. small
ETZEL LEWIS m..,-.._... n _ r ,.__,_____ ..
.., steamer ..
8111iEdg W
Thompson, muter, will leave Ihr eta
above and intermediau*ionethiaday
For height or passage, apply on boatel, septla
M. Wood.
Mauer Wood.
The Light granOt merman.
nairtomman 011 1/tOT, will leave for the
re end inter mediate port tua.
" IVA% 1 1 . or paw" -
POiferN --
The eplendid mune
7011kr ,
Eb 6 1, 1, tauter will leave. ace IDo•e
cermedla' .
For Crelghi ..1 PQM rttirldilitr.
57 Willis* Flamer. alas Crosse muter, New Yam
TokIN WHEELER, Jr., lareeeesor to Thomas Met,.
olla,) offers to country merchants, lloalc%l3lleves,
Condoners, Shine and Drawers, cam ote.,
variety, by the dour or ease, ai very, haw p for
cash or credit. This smelt win - embrace miss that
ate not to be met with in the ordinary Dr, floods
stores. Orders faithfully executed.
Importer and Jobber of Hosiery
N. 13 . — Clotblets tind a large usortment
der Shirts and Drawers been. sep2o.4lter
K1Y1.8431 1101311.119
earware C IWILMSaura 1131.1 MIMS,
TI 13 HOWARD, formerly
of Bossard'. Hotel, bey
17 • announce to his friends nod the public, Wan
he has jest completed one able largest and recap*,
median. Hotels in the Union, replete with every mod
em improvement and furnishedin • style that will
compare mob any other establishment in the ernottry.
No pates one erparee shall be granting in render en.
bre satisfaction to those who may favor him with tbair
JOHN as lit CO-, .
E. ;fa s. rt:ors " : all kinlso e l l' Fittings to d ; (.7•14.:11"n
-1 4.d 14pe—fro,rtere alsrayszodhand W i rough om t !um We i t
wl.ll diameter. &near' ' modem to ordor . I°4
inchasso of Bell. laud Sloshed Bo ar, Work , to
the auentioo of Plumbers and En gine Builders
is particularly directed.
(2o Funny pm op prom pity and 011 reasonare
—'- _
Exhibition or Dahlias.
THE Maurer, of dust splendid Fiat Flower sdo ra-
A, speetfully invited to raft the eollectimi of the sat,-
scribe ,r end speeime. reef be seen ox dto Pos4 Sion ,
of 9 N Wickersham, end orders left vein be attended
se Price 93,44 per doe. JAMES WARDHOP. .
Idanebester Narsdry
siTHREE new brick Dwelling florins, unkt,. -
ins .Irl,ll rooms, with upper kitchens aid
order uch of the hou eelitni
sa, in • ood -
bond, on Clark went, Mb want Enqui g re cf r tie bh ub.
4th alma, or on the or as the Methodist Book Sam,
o p f Cot. Trovillo.
me Posuistion eve* i
dlli___ate edi .r._
p sgin RAOB Etto Cora, , BD id ch ins it 11 7-- uts
90 do 8 e ?do Ten . l.6 . llllnis &war, 9 0 0 Ebb N 0 Pdoilmap t
80 bx• Tobacco 60 kegs KuustoB7
Twist, GO Isms Pepper, 0 do itllspkat, 900 matte
40 Itas Labiblagar, 200 hms Pfau* With • 10-
aconotent of Groetuies anl Pittsburgh utansigismed
ettiebn me ia k.r mile kis' by
.„_. jAi3,........_ DALZELL
4=ene; it ISOM SS to el% Eittasss
tultputtia *hl ' that mut smasu bum
' Marina Ckutt.tos steam boats, boats
Ltd thetas's". itisst, Ctusisals, lite canal„
~,'• '• , - •• ansunstarist 0 atut did dlassasid ,
' ..• cit Cesar kind advaltasustsdis tlit
dusetkto orph
SALT:—Su tiVZSZik .... 1 •• '
Enquire of
oepl9 11.13 Waal
WW✓er 1 1 .13TCHELTIMR; Wholesale °mai"
Rectifying Dialliars, and Wine ad LAN.'
erehanta. Also, Soda Ash and likeraly
ng Polder, No. 18 =Inved Plinsbnsp, p. •
COEockaufos--85 WI prima N o Sager
40 We Loaf Sygar Plo4S, 0 mull
53. • .Priam MO Molasses -
In . Sugar Moue
100 begs prune Rao Coffee
gs lif diens It 1.4 Tea ,
60 his 0000 1200 do 001 d dP ' , ,
10 Virginia Tobiceo,le, so aml 14e
0 664 Vi
No 3 Alaekend 0840 i -
For aide b.:. IV t 111 urreuE TIME,
...r.a teo I,lLri. ,
WlNEs—a. e4iliavoliWEir--
25 ao Sweet Malaga do
.41,11 _ 10 do .Idadeint-
.1 1 , , ,_A., . g
, w a lht amottELW.M.:
Etauvratt •c Song Soda Ask.
,IR enbsennere are now receiving thelrgra
..; ,ofine above ervele, three vends; 'UAW;
Medallion and Lydia, having arrived • at
Land/indnote, and woorane,the Stephen Ranh.4nand
eila, shortly expected; theyara, tweeds, grepared
la receive ord e r. rimy will receive during thwart.
or and vring regal= eupPlice via P l e e rk o i4ent.:. •
send IV It kr harcusurask t
atifsMligecit,w•Ye ola tunld and fosse" , ri
D MIMED WHISKEY of soperi r "
1,16 an of Foreign il e L oe , t l e s&saors,
ahiray• as b assortmentaud atol for sale by nod
I !°R.t4
.•w & 111 MITF/MI.TIES
A LCOHPIIII L, aiorays Oa hauO aoilo; al 1V t
IV dr. 11 arri4:e
``CLAP AND CAN DLei, of dife rout Plurbargb PT4IB„
1...1 lut sale at IttaltaVatoren' priP., Or
.<pt_W d . M :anew . / TimE. l "Gni
QOAE,....acCo, Penn
do Variltos Hyde ,
tom e ' LOD do andid, dui C..i ie, 60 do 11:0
dgaze de
10 dos WOO. 117 . 01/ 3 oor w{e 6i
. .
/ -111 F.Q5E—t000 lbs pnme Cream; 30 do Bo
ki kw rola by .eplB ID •• i
0 141VE 01L—.3 do. saperurri 2do :A=fii r
Sala by mpl2
SALZ.: 3 N-1 b near, ech , e, a j trA .Liami
re I_B.l
' essl, for sale by
R00.149-7A4o;neer cora'
MTPIT On board.