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1431 Rom
1' 0E14 4 8 for sale loan
h doable re large Litaa lOW bbla lion SA
MO anddaroall do; ZIO do Powdered; KO do Crash.
43 do Clouded. fortg
BMW sad Molasses.
HMIS Pnme enrol
413 bole Leaf Sugar, Not a 6 Led o 7:
VII do f!ti=e New Oilcans Meue.,
S 7 do Sava lipose do
IM Mare mad for sale br
: 6! burcriEvraF,E,
d eal. Adk, brooddal Mods
& too, Liverpool; ad o do . do .1111=1
gan & Pooh dot 200 bogs Rio Coffee; MXI boxes
10, EMIG mid LULU IV Wass, lot ask,, try
. ~ . . &AIN RIM
myts en G
liberty at
and .Ico Andetirrn'a, 1441 zeo'd mad for
41 55M - weir =I 15 aunt wbarveir,
Ira& LEAF TOBACCO.-190 bales yarn LoafTo
tr-1::' 11744. " % r d io= ih roo or i a l
cL itsl -
(TES3tAN PIPE3-4/511 bbs 'autat 3 groso Getman
=dam bowls, Jot latakg ft= ph and
fot axle b - WA D, CitNOR do Co
WlSH—lsaac Crase,• Hal bid , , W ll gbeg
1 him onicni from his Mends Pinsbargh and
elsewhere, for the wirehase of awl and lieninds
ring to season." girders erode:ea with destateh, sa d
at lowest rates. Charges for purchasing light. marOS
rVOTTON YARNS; Ite.--0400 wanted Nos, C
Yilta..Carpet Chain, Candle . ct, Conn
Twine; 9 A bake Ratting, for aide o manniaetwece
lowest prices, by . FRIEND, RIIEV & Co,
angid alreade far truumfacturers
FEATIMBP.-10 gar.ka lot te t
u a n,
TASII-4 iska lust feel and for sale by
OH: cl9lO/I-Num-110 Rights* re&d aad for sale by
wag2ll ,• comas In and wood su
LEX. SEDINA7-9X , lb. jar 'd and (o r moo by
WAIN% ANACEA-6 oar. jost reel aira for
solo by sag2s B A PAHNESTOCK &Co
wd biar,..1,0u...a
r periar artlatts packipi
i trzad
papa ni for do
pastor snide, lust ne'd sad for ssla by
_WICK is arCANDLF:33
OATS—OD - blab, Just reed ins finale by
N. 01-water and 02 frost .1
curtail, tut reoNtend for sale
S tq inUll-11 HA FA4ESTOCK is 00,
, , , corner Lst sod wood ma
C ASS lillta
maw just mkt and for sale b
•• 41 - 1 ••• GAMS just ree , and cr
Vile by awr39- B O PhIiNtSTOCK hCo
ikTEW FALL UOODS-A A Mason & Co,6o.laseset
Alt execs, en m. ape • • Ise tas of rich style& of
r teed RS move of those very cheap Wrought
Oothip,lll2le; ELIO Mm do, mar style;3lY) Wet
roajr Fu.mor. ,1
dd sought
MRS MVSLINS—A A Ramo & Co. hcAm tom
opened S 0 pi md Swiss
SMITS TURPENTINE--71 bbl. epts Turpe.tioe,
in prima order,,just received cod for sale by
corn-lor , HlaihY C
Cnk HONEY-9 casks Cabs strained Honey, jay
Iseetved t ibtsale by
T FAD-750 pigs or Lend, for rale by
DIU METAL-40ton" Curatit earn' Meer Pig Metal,
la MOM awl for sate by
OOL-12 auks Wool, rot solo by
Mitl-9 sack. country mixed Rags, for cola by
.1.10 aug29 jps P•• ono t
rtHEESE-42b.ts Cheese Jost reel and for sale by
casks 'W R Citeeoe, hid reed and for
cle a r, : .g 2) WICK It IWCANDLESS
PORE—Jast reed and fay =la by
ARD-8 kegs No 1 Leaf Lead,tnet reed arid for
sale by .01 WICK & LIVCANDLREtS
FEATBERS-31:11 lbs prime Kertenek y Feattren, for
Brae by aurig WICK b. 111 CANDIASS
RANT—A commodious three emu Brick
Warehouse, on 21 street- Foramina mean Munk
y. For tents apply to
ams 23 C El GRANT, 4l water et
French ReTolution—A History. by Thomas Car
lyle. In two tolomes—cloth. For sale
Q FPS TURPprEINE-25 We for sale
A fINIZW. WATER CO/Y& ; —a . bales bee , ule by
DROSPHOROS-1113 Ms for sale by
J. •sae & REITER
, for solo by
norm-45 bales in COTE On
7‘,/ 1725 MAWS DIC &Co
bt Ws t,,'" . 70"8R0' Nd3ratra3EM.§*
irtORN 1310:10b15-00 do: for sale by
Ma bIk:TAL-90 tom quaberiand River .
landing from stmrsAmeriera-Bur and L Wetzel
rAnkitc,--84 kVi Not Lint a lads Bum; land:
Jj I.4r.from =dr Ca•bler;and to
..abl by.
ltst 10 "lalflOil 'MIZELL
fresh apply for sale 49
en 4
WO IVY kb-100 bags prime Rio, Met receiving
XI, and for age by
MILOUB.-26 buts chaimi'fraah Family Roux, Just re
,E =ad and for mils by
el l
ALECHING POWDER-4D casks of ]asMarpran
Bons' fuss quality Chian& of •••• bar sale by
y 1.4 IV&M •.• ."
LARD bbl. pure Lan d ' wars and'ai
nale by 1449 . 0 Bit. b.' :URN &Co
rbbls 4,5, 0.7 ande malldrs do embed; 180
poordered; dare andfor isle by
ly9ll Aderdeadtat. Louis Steam Sugar Refinery
SODA ASH--18 casks doable rained Bode Ash,
do do
Warranted equal to atty in the city. For mein by
anima 0 fl GRAM, 41 voter us
filched, antflan fine to min Y. Hysoni
93 _ lar= e,
Par, eale by JD a
IrOBACCO-60 by In Mat as Homy Tobacco, ra
j caiciay froatcanal mad In sale by
.b in t# ' •"'"
.FEATRERS—lubnigs Taub.? for salia z
Va.RB9ILLE LlMR—Constanty on hand
JJ. oils by 1'3414 C GRANT
11:013137N-49 bb{/ for tale by
03n'EF.-100•811 GIL= Rio, in score or.ini for sale to
close eansignment, try ;
saga 9 & W HABBAUGH
- bin 13n1W and Writ Window Gloss,
• Ail recd per a= LindalKanis and for Ws by
BEANS-40 Mils small Willie Bowan, for,.
44 by rue WICK S APCANDI...MB
Ti bop on bitadnad for sale vary low by
riglitra r7 -18,00U.nOw on the for sale by
T 412 IL
DO-Eturkholdoo boot, Dm reed awl (mode
4.d by . "x 41 4 .1 KIDD & Co- -
riOPME.-Illiblio y3Soo Elm 30 - dO do LoldsoY3d
IL "10 doold Ow. orai' for We by
Idada - pirtioNW3 bblirigkiifte4 - 3 do
0 =waist and yoteolited; 33 do ....fled
do by an 2 l J D
VICES-3 bxg Plblebur, 3..d0 '
Ido pee lilogoil I Cain Mafia SIM
ei) onus Can* Idodc ground
ariety; da Ws by kef 50321 DWILLIASS3
9 ICY FLOUR-9 cues suporilho, for sale b
. ,
• •
=1,03-4 bxs kl):•1; 10 41313ut1; Mdo Btearbsei
alb by autat ILUvriLums
130TASB-6 bbl. Prime, for sole by
ltbl Lent apel R•g' Carpet; Si dal
Woollen Baelpsi 50 do Ziate Washboardsau con
psment sad for axle br . 4 01: J D WILLIAMs
D NDS — (B l =O , pa.) JIM reed and (or 144
=laJ KIDD & Co
LOGWOOD—Jast ree'd and foe We
.1 KIDD &Co
- io • •
TILE V•; • • • • • • rr 7 rlll
CON--01:10 BWeti. in More rrod for rrthr by
EARL ASIT—GUOUJUs, • prune anseleln one
Gn. sale by TASSEY & BESI
TALLOW-1 bbl reed nod Car sTASee by
mirn SEIC & BlaIT
MEAL-4301 bbis Corn Meal, C P — ATishirti
brand, reed per Companion and for =le by
,Airrires OurrAßS--* 'apply of rdrotio's cola
bated Spaniab jog reed and for .ale by
bb,. Ahro. jou reed and for sada by
auglb 91 wood sa
r 211 :" 631 .11. Thocobj Beietr2O bblv Cloven diq for
sale by " trig Jle R FLOYD
-~___ _
A LU/d—Ro
Cucea SMEA--10euk. clew Side%).l teo'd end
tot sal. HHon A curtrimoitem,
In wt.' P VoI'iIIONNHOBST & 0
imitala=3s Wi - for sale - by
.64 BIP VON Balframicirc c o
.pEPPER-10 bap for sale by
14 9 P BONINROPZr & co
SPERU 014- Wan4. l 1. " -6 mria fey bel e by
awylB • J SCHOONKbyw a &
WHALE OlL—Crude andit:
FISH -197 bbl. No 3 Marketel. ( 119 41'90 hairdo Ne
a do, 1819; 20 do do No 9 do do. Ars ree'd and for
rats by aog23 MILLEN & WICKET9Oyr
11 by tleprircur=V • ela c ad r tlie
•414 bbb. No b Covina, forWs by _
7&I1 --1469 GUEIT - 71 -
naes. l3'3'
99 Monday,
:30 Wsday,
91 Thursday,
1 Friday,
SAL 11•11111 ALL. Jas. names. am ',mow'
Thursday Morning, AUgnS , 31 , /54'13
The markets yesterday were ateady, and C.caa
tions were without any important variation from
those of the previous day.
The weather continues quite pleasant, and the
river is again gradually falling at this point, with
little less than karr gran in the channeL
FLOUR—The receipts were quite full, amount
in to about 1000 tibls, with sales on the wharf of
500 bbla at 81,30, and some 200 bbls in small lots
01 4=4,51.
The Grain market is dull. Receipts ore very
light, and no Wen hose transpired worth report
Provisions are without change. Bacon contin
ties in fair demand at full prices.
Tiro Grocery market continues steady, but not
active. A fair business is done in the way of gen
end sales to the trade, at Cornier quotations.
PIG METAL—A sale on Wednesday of 400
tons Canal metal at 624,58 io ton, 4 and 'O, moo.
OILS—Of Linseed the market ia bare. Small
mica of Lard at 52c IP gall, and of Tonne!' at SI2
Bate r bta.
Tam Nsw Mssmwarst—The hull of the Mess..
get No 2. Capt. I C Woodward, has arrived at the
wiuuf on the Allegheny aid. She is given up to
be one of the handsomest models ever built here;
it is from the yard of the Freedom boot building
society, and does the most ample credit to its build.
em • She is 250 feet on deck, with a 30 feet beam
and 6 feet hold, and with the pourer intended to be
placed on her, she is bound to bee runner of the
Very first quality.
Capt. Miller, formerly of the Arrowline, has his
flew hull safely moored on the Allegheny, and a
number of workmen. are busily engaged in her
completion. She is from the yard of Cock &
art, Brownsville, and is designed, when finished,
for the Allegheny trade.
Cent. ComaEncs—The killowing is a list of ell
the principal articles of trade shipped from Pitts
burgh East, via the Pennsylvania canal, nom the
lat of June to 25th August, 18th, inclusive:—
Julie. July. Anne&
Floor. bble 17.775 .10,457 7,175
Beef & Pork pkrd 1154 14,970 47,650 21,100
Baton, IDe, - 1,327,616 3,5.52,397 2,769,037
Bulk Pork, IS, 11'7,919 77,921 169,300
Seeds, bo, 417 418 616
Tobacco, lbs, 607,293 1,338,432 1.006,289
E et2 ;r,
Deer skins, u
Whiakey, bbla, 1,017 1.537 1,241
6trocesies, 14 107,718 460,171 296,005
Iron, 44,461 58,504 8,a50
Nails, 3,418
Rags, 29,503 35,336 27,154
Wheal, bu SOO 3,519
Gala, - 1,311
Glass ware, IN 6,447 '73,115 45,671
Parley, bo, 2,605 1,556
Bo Ws robes, IDs, 55,842 416.323 151,261
Pig iron as =sings 189 ...•-• 336,262 771,218
God, Ns, 1009
Hogs hair, 151, 12675
Nrvr Contranrairr —M A Bradley, of the PHce•
nix Bank, yesterday d'attmted a new counterfeit 5
dollar bill on the State- Bank of Obio. payable at
the Troy blanch. The- general appearance of the
paper and engraving I. bad, and can easily be de
tected by comparison with a genuine bill. We
understand a number of them were passed in the
market yesterday morn paper.
LIVERJ.OOI., Aug. 12. —The last meek has been
ono of quietness in the commercial circles. The
cotton market has been. steady: sales to a moder
"`rT^s; 77:lsoe These has been OQ
4:4 the decline. The liege mad
_ . . . .
isoprovementi in fa:, i eices Me somewhat lower
„Watley is still pie I, and the rate of interest
continues moderato I he stock market has been
tolerably steady, but at the same - time mlueet to
During the week the cotton market has been
gales and inactive. The sates amounted to 22,230
bales. Buyers were a alibied Co °bush' American
descriptions at a slight - decline on the rates cur
rent on the sth inst. A mong the 'Cesar the week.
speculators, took 1700 / laterican; 5710 American
have been nurchased On export. The sales m
London have been limited, at previous rate, Yin
N O 31851 d; bowed Georgia 3005 d. Stock of
Canon on hid at Liverpool is now estimated at
601,790 bale*, against :396,560 at the mate time
last year, showing an increase of no leas than
21:15,530 hales.
l SIDD & Co
Asa matter of comas. the trade will continue to
rule dull until continensal affairs have settled sod
the Irish agitation completely subdued. Various
ad very conflicting realm are afloat as to the
existence and extent of the potato., disease. It is
admitted that the disease has made its appearance
this year, but It is not believe 4 that the plant hue
been injured to any serious extenL The general
reluctance of speculators to open ale to any extent
has ceased the =an market, throughout England.
Ireland, and &animal to fluctuate, dating -the
week. At Mark Lane on Monday last the fluent
desaiptimus of English wheat is:dot at 54 58 shil
lings per paatter, which was in ,oats instances a
dean° / atuliinit_pair quarter over our quota
tion, of last week. The demand shim Monday
has been sluggish, but without affect fug soy de
cline in prices. lodise corn wee not in weave de
mend at an of the my ...hats beld during ...he week,
but the holders were unwilling to submit W tower
Ines. The value of flour in the same m arket is
at 24029 shillings for United States, and 23;421 for
Indian corn mer.l finds buyers at 15, 6d6il6s.
per bbl. At the tr iarket held during the week,
trade has been tok trebly firm, and in some respects
active, and "Moir gh no actual advance kw taken
place in wheats prices have been in favor of '
seller. At present, the value of lI'S red quitted
at Hs lOd to 8.5 whits and mixed 7. 8d to Bs. 6d,
ha. Flout, bola of borne and foreign produce con
tinuos steady, and the top mice for the best Wea
ern is 29 to 3Qs , bbl; Phila 27. 6d to 28s 6d; Balti
more 27s t3d to 28a 611, Ohio 27s 6d to 29s 6d, and
Canadian 28s 6d.
Core, 'nest Western canal flour 295030r0 Indian
owe 30 ira:a l corn meal 15531.5 s 6d. Cotton, no
cheeps—gee WI report.
Ti t abundance of new potatoes in most of our
wartcets has limited the demand for Indian corn,
so Wiat is this market that article sold slowly at 30
to f.t2a for white and yellow. Cured provisions
lied a moderate sale at steady prices. Beef is ran
pistty falling off in supply. Pork of good quality
sells tat extreme pilaw, whilst the middling sorts
tire_ disposed of at extremely low prices.
Lerd, both in this and the London market Is ta
ken to a considerable extent, and firmer prices are
The logic market has been rather active, sad •
good demand Or home coMomption ha. prevailed.
Merchant" manifest firmness, and prices are in ,
dined to advance. Advmes from the manufactu
ring districts are rather drab but for most descrip'
none of goods, both cotton and woollen, prices are
Coma& for money, lowest MI, highest 8611
slog 86. -For account, lowest, 861, lughest do-
sing 86.
do Laptops;
Da hl l Lartz's Lama Plux—The great and increas
-1.4 gataamd for these Pills, is the soreat evidence of
excellence. People my them and then recant
met-1d them to their neighbor.. No one who has ever
mad Bred from the Liver complaint, or from any of the
dm eases oriole from a diserdered Unto of that organ,
f " .41 - I . o filkinfitg relief if he tried Dr."fil'hanels
a rol tints they here worked their corn Om) . into Pell. -
/ sritYA t m t , asamithlng cants which they are every
g. Read the &Molding eertificate:
"Altitisman, Cerra. Co. P. /
Ail 1817.
"Mwtvr& J. Eidd Jr. Co --Gentlempre n::Dab, I
write to in
form you of the Ireflt I have received from the one of
Dr. hllionels UverA.P.4lls. I have been severely af-
Alicia With Lints'esamplalnt for at mother iot years,
and hale beep vary much relieved by the above nam
ed pill. I ant maims to me more of them, as I think
they will effect an entire core; and I am confident that
I can aat a good many of them. A Tonna
Regalia lance of mine, met/ one or two doses of om,
'One earl I they relieve d her i psoto than any pill she bed
ever need. She Ls airlietati with consumption, Of hirer
complaint- W. G.I6I.ITLIM"
For I ale at the Drug Store of J. KIDD & Co, 60 wood
meet. met 0
Cravats strangely destructive to the bu
m. n cuticle, (or skirl) the sudden change ham heat to
cr4d, pad the smoke causes yellow, dark, comae coin-'
!nektons. Then ills requisite that the pones of the skin
Hutu* be kept open—that their mouths should he freed
frau impurity—Wu thus the ancient Roman Philos°
Amu cured tdi dinettes-ether computed that mom:
dia." Kees and unhealthy _vapors led through lb
the oared of the skin, thus any other outlet of the - body
It is necessary, therefore, to keep the pore. open—all
hunter. are &spelled from the akin from the pom e ,
when they wish with Jones' Italian Chemical sote
have seen it cure the worst and olden eases of
Rheum, Erysipelas, Old Sores, Barber's Itch, Sore Head,
Ringworm, when every other Internal and eaten.'
remedy bed fulled—ha effect render i ng the 'skin; white,
clear and scdt, though It be yellow and coarse,•le %cp.
derfal—lt removes - Freckle., Tan, Sunburn, Murphey',
and disfigurement of the skin—but persona must
ba partitular and ant for Joan Seap—to be had in
Pittsburgh to WM. JACKSON'S., sign of the Big Coot,
B 9 Liberty n. Price W cents. neetoditoily
"Thu whiter skin of hers, than mum,
And porn as monumental alabaster "
All females has° skin. Wm the above, who use Jones'
Spanish Lily White. lt maltetb pare snowy, yet natal
tally whisa. bold at ea Liberty mum aiVal
I Moon%
1 3E E IS
634 721
6 32 034
6 31 9 41
630 10 47
6A 1162
627 mom.
5 65
5 SO
5 SS
6 20
6 31
5 33
96,987 106,732
99,816 134.458 111,493
269,198 171 501 30,428
27,538 82,562 56,091
303,344 786,565 355,744
76,408 370,857 520,359
91,529 25,748 21,248
3,558 10,222 -
4,752 20,259 12,425
58,331 8,384 5,430
27,127 15,510 5,511
Louis:McLane Bennett, Brownsville.
Lake. Erie Murry, Beaver.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Beaver,
Caroline, Day, Freedom.
Paris, Manua, St. Louis.
Ringgold, Cope, Cin. •
Companion, —, Wheeling.
Mary Ann, Duncan, Franklin.
Arrow, —, Brownsville.
Arrowline, —, Brownsville.
Caleb Cope, Moore, Beaver and Wellsville,
Louis McLane, helmet, Brownsville.
Lake Erie, blurry, Beaver.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Beaver.
Zachary Taylor, Lucas, CM.
Dover, Reno, CM.
Columbian, —. Cin.
Wyoming, Fowler, SL Louis.
The river last evening at dusk was 3 feet 0
inches in channel, by metal mark, and falling.
Ciracurnati—Per Mary Ann-500 bbl. flour, I)
Leech ar. co; 40 bhds bacon, H Grad 6: co; 52 bids
dour. W Greer; 52 do whiskey, R Moore; 16 do
do, Wm Leiner, 10 do charcoal, I S Bonnet; 54
aka glue scraps,/ Schoonalaker 6: co; 12 aka wool
Per Nominee-40 hes soap, 24 bbls lard, S
George & co; 90 bids flour, E Greer; 150 do do, W
Greer, 9 hhds barns, 1 bbl do, Sellers and Nicobr,
7 do do, Joseph Jordan & son; 1 box, Wm Badger;
2 do do Jno Birmlngham; 4 bgs rags, 4 bait do
Johnston & Stockton; 1 bbl lard 1 do flax seed, J
S Dilworth; I bag feathers, Wick & McCandless;
56 bbls dour, S MoClurkan & co; 21 bbls peaches,
Geo Richert* 50 bbls apples, C Rowland; 1 box
melons, passenger.
Per Cashier-40 tee hams, Wm Bingham; 27
hhds do, 15 bbls hams, 4 do seed, 1 do oil, 11 Graff
6c co; 10 hhds bacon, Sellers 6r Nicolig 15 eke fen.
the* 1 bbl beeswax, I Dickey 6r, Co.
Per Visitor—llo bbl floor, Miller &
3 bge teetherr, D Leech ar co; 500 bills flour, V.
Sanfwit—Per Wellsville-12 bllds tob, I) Leech
co; 4 aka feathers, 2 colts bacon, Boyd; 25 bbls
floor, McKinney; 20 do copperas, B A Fahnestock
& co. 1 hbd tob, Baleen; 9 ska wool, 46 hbds
tot, el Greiff; 56 bbls flour, Clark & Thaw; 20 bhda
tob, .1 A Has; 214 aka wool, owner; 5 sacks corn, W
Wheeling—Per Consul-2 bhda bacon, S Mc-
Clurkan & co; 20 bbl. flour, L Browning; 41 do do
Crum & McGrew: 43 pm barnn, James McCully;
27 oaks bacon, 21 bbls flour, 5 & W Harbsugb; 11
sks potatoes, 33 bbls flour, 7 bbl. eggs, 5 bge rags,
owners on board.
For Philadelphia every everstog at p o'clock, by
Leech's Packets. Office opposite the United States
10 A. Y.
Passenger P.eket •ta growu•tlle to Baltimore and
Philadelphia, 0 A.. la. and 6 r. a.
Mail Coach Low direct to Philadelphia, 0 • Y.
anJ 121 r rt.
Western nod essottlorn Mail Coach Lane, 6 •. Y.
Ene and Western New York, duly, 9 a. It.
Nona-Eastern tonadelphia, daily, except Sunday.,
4, a la.
Eastern Marl via Philadelphia, due 3 I, . r., closes la ra
%Yearn Mail, CUM. & Loulsv, due 8 r. mr, Moses 3 a..
South. viallaluraore &Wmhington, dm a r. r. el'. 5 a..
North Western via Cleveland. due t 3.. 11, closes
Erte and Western New York. doe 8 r. r. closes 8 a..
Citllene are honorably assured that the follow
are the actual quahues or • da bottle of Jos.' Co
tsl Restorause. If they doubt out word. they
cannot these highly reepectable clowns. who hate
tried in
Mr. ueo. Backen, 11 Elan sh New York.
Mrs. Mantua Reeves, hly nle avenue, Brooklyn
Mr. Was Torun/m., st, Near York.
Mr. Thomas Jackson. Mornont's
11. E. Cullen, late barber steamboat S. Amen.,
And more than a hundred others state. though this must
sulk., that at will fares the hair to grow on the head or
fare. stop it falling nt; strengthen the roots, removing
murf and Sandra! item the roots, and making light. red
or gray ham assume a tine dark look, and keeping dry,
harsh or wiry hats moist., all, clean and beartmul, •
very, very long tune. Sold at WM. JACKSON'S es
Liberty at. 171
CeI•PYAKIIVLIJA, Logan nu., Va., July 02, leka.
Me. FL E. Sellers—Dear Sir I take pleasure In cer
ttrytug the good effects of your valuable Vermithipt.
My children being meliand Ranking ttmtght be worms,
I tried several kinds Vermifuge, without any effect.
I concluded to try your Verinifuge, winch I did to
satisfactory effect. so ranch so that my Intl. daughter.
near three years old, panted something near one hun
dred worm. at one time. I then recommended it to my
neighbor, who have toed It with success; so much so
that we sold out in too weeks the mpply which was
laid in for ail months, and nearlyevery day some per
son ts conatngto the store for Sellers' Ventuftwo
Respectfully your. It S. CHAPMAN.
Prepared and *old by IL K. SFLLERS. 27 Wood st,
and sold by druggists generally. of Ptusburgh and All
legheny. asigtO
E r- Worms by their Irritation, augment the sere
tion of mans or slime tri the moments in winch, all
as Wry involve themselves; and it is sad they feed
upon it. and if deprived of it they the. The celebrated
Versnifege prepared be 11 A. FANNIE:STOCK.
Phrtehurgh. Pa_ is admirably adapted in ma operetta
rltr7a=raf. 'lrkkt.,VM;4iLle
_ ' .inestee e and that II has answered the
pawpawlsrnantfest from the an of cerufteates
given in its favor. lab
ID-You foobsh, silly old fellow, read this, and be no
longer bald, sikuskerless and hatrleas. Mr. W. Jack
s, of Si Liberty MT., Pittsburgh, Pa, cernfies on the
3d on of February, 1e47, that Mr. Thin. Jackson's head,
on the top, was enttrely bald for 15 years, and that by
mans two 3. bottles of Jones' Coral 11alr Restorative.
the hear t. grossing fast and duck.
Sold in Newark by S. OLDS & SON, Sc. Broad .t.
VAN BUSKIRK, corner of. Broad and Nantucket O.
N. 6101•5111.11 dt. 5051111,,
Exchange Brokers, Pio 155 Man ea suers, near 41
Pessmayl ramie,. India...
Bank of Piusbargh • • -Par Btate Wk & Wane bez•
Exchange Bank Par WateScrip • •• • •
Merck. k. Man. Bank 'Par! V irglala.
Ilkanfrinhuielphia • • •Patirscharige Ilk.of Va..
Girard Bank ..... • •• -
p a r Bk. of Va• • •
Bank.of Germantown -par BL et the Vallay,---
Chester County • • •parof VIITIEBII- • • - • -
• Delaware Co.• • • M. Bk., W'heallog
a Montgomery Co. • •par do l'ilorinatown• •- •
" Northumberland- •por N. W. Bank Vs.- --
Colombia Bridge Co.• • par do Welisbarg
Doylestown Bank par do Pnrkemburi •-•
Farmer.' Bk. Rending-par Tenn .
Pittner.' Bk. Bucks Co. pat Bk. of •• • • 3
Farmers /31 Laucatdr•par Far. & Flerch'm Bk • -• .
Lmactister Co. Bk.• • • .9. Planter.' 8k..• - • .• • • .
Ismacaster Bk. par Union Bk. "
V. State. Onak• -.--:M Miason. .
Lhoemmillla 1111.- • par• State Bk of Muisoun--- 1
Wu/nog - ton Bk.• ••- • • •/: North Carol 1
6 0 , 7 .h0ye, BE.-- • 1 111 k. of Cape F'ear• • .•• • 2
Chambenhani• • " March's IlL,Nershern• 1
littsquehanna Co. 8k... 3 Mate Bank- 2
Lehigh Co Beak, - Baugh Carolina.
Lonstown• •• • -• • • - Camden 8k......2
Middlatowa ....... •- • - 1 Bk. of Charieston• •• • • 9
Club " COMerrii: BY 9
Erte Bk. - • 40.8 L of Gleortetown• •- • 1
Farmers' and' j/lk.of liamtioro• •• • .• 1
Bank, Waynesburg. • I illerclianut Bk • 3
numb.; " ,Planters &Mecha's Ilk. 2
it onesdale -.., -- • I,llk. of Booth Cuoline • • 2
1, 0 ,, anon par' Nar_yland.
POW Yilk . . 'Baltimore Bka••••• • • •par
w Foss . ng ....... .. .• 1 t=irt e 'a &O R R Scrip .10
York Bk. nand Bk. ef Allc-
Wert Branch Bk. t " Mazy ........ •• • •• • 1
Relief Note. ..... • • - 0 ;Far. Bk. of Maryland • • "
M& II Bk. Pon dn. a !Farmer.' & Mechanics a
llty &County '3.:r.p •- " - Bk. Frederick• •• • "
Ohio. 'Prederlck Co. Ok.• -
Stata Bk. and Breeches I 'Hagerstown Bk •• •
Mount Pleasant ••••• • • a 'Mineral Bk •-
Steuhen•,lle. . a 'Pumps. Ilk
Eh Glairsville• - • ...... a Walk:Op. Bk •-•
Marietta a 'lllk.of V% es:mintier
New Lisboa • ' killaltilgam
Gin ciumal Banks a . Bk. of Si. Clair-•• •
Columbus do• a 'Bk. of River Raison- --
Ctraldo'llie . . . llielilgan 1.. C 0..... 6
Zancs nil , . • - • ... • •-• . Far. & Mecb's Bk •• -.• • 6
y 5 0 , 0,„, .-.-- -. •• • " %Visconsin Terrill"),
woo , rt „ _ _...._ . 70'Idar./r.Fire lo.Co.Milar'e 5
.....„,... k . ... - r All solvent Make- •• • 6
a... g ." . !,.. .. .. .... i 'Bank of Entland Now.
Norwalk ••• • ..... ••• • -...-64 70 4 ,, ~.
„ 1 „„d.--..-.. 4 Clold&Spooll Vslll4.
Xenia a igo a spol.. •• • 3 01/
Dayton ....... •••. - . . cats 3 150 120
Item,. •-• " .Eagle, old • •• • , 10 00
Frankliii iPk Goland.. " 'Faille, new •••• . 10 00
Lakes, ... ..... .. " .Doobloons, yma,sp. 16 00
e Erie- • • • • a Do. Patriot .. +...... l5 60
Ocio.•• • a ',Sovereigns • • • • • 485
L.ancoster •• - • .... -10 Ignine. ..... •.. _ . 700
Ihernhos• 13 ,Fradericksd'ors.•- • • 57 so
D cans iu s . ...........10 Ten Thaler. • • • .. 7so
Fis k.,, B'k Canton - -50 Ten guilders •.. . 750
Urbana 50 Lorlisd'ors. • .... 45 0
a. .. tac ky. Insalois44•.
LO of Xantacky I Now York POO
Bk.ot Louisville a 'Philadelhia •••• -. / 9ms
Non:lcm Ilk. Ken Miry • "'Baltimore • -•• . . . is.,
Now Vork-arr flanks. par taw., FPII,-. 1
Frill, ON hand and for side, the following
Piano Form, direct from the manufac
turer, and al Eastern prices:
No. I. An elegant rosewood, sin rm.
raves iron framed Piano Forte, made by Chic. kering,
Boston, Mt
No. a Same es the above, V 75
.. 3. Rosewood, Cbtekering, 350
Oalo & Co.
Chick ortng,
Manhomin Cam'
_lpany, ,
I Hem) 400
Piano. Herr, to
1 . .1; 1 pante t t
,I fo l t , ; , :za
. 7( the
hee Nano Pones, for dery
" 10. Grand
" 11. " Second
Old Pianos taken in pa
above, by JOHN H.
Soto Agent for Minimal
ern Pennsylvania.
Bplend 4 News Plasmas
THE subscriber, prewous to leaving'
for the Fin to replenish his stuck, will
dispose oldie balance of hts stock nu
hand at reduced prices, and en favora
ble ten. It consists of a choice selection of Pianos
madeby Nunn. & Clark, IC Y., and Jonas Chickering,
of Boston, Lam . of front 6 to 7 ixtuves, of rosewood
and rushosany, or different styles and pnces.
Al Woodarell'e, 83 Third et
—'"iftlieilee—y—Puii,atitWilFtiiia-Eseriipm• -
fir 11E. subscribers have now in store s very extensive
assortment of Fors for Ladieswear, which have
been purchased in Europe by one of the firm, at very
low prices' during the monetary crises succeeding the
French Revolution! •
. .
This adventure, which they possess note any other
house in she tredekorill enable them to sela very ex
cellent article much below the market prim's.
fla . Merchants and others will advance their own
interests by exemining this extensive assortment.
Asat (Mulberry) between Pel and 3d streets,
• - •
um• from the time of ito application, rearm, the
pales front the worerest burn. scalds or blister,
and will heal wounds, ulcer s and sores of soy kind
wahout Sr., This valuable Pain Extractor can be
had a( /OEM D MORGAN, /:truggiat,
No st3Ligood strata,
asoril 8010 Agent for Wedvn Pears.
orrespendenee of ittAblarghOas elie
Correspondence of the Pinsbutgh Gazette
Deitoeratio State Convention.
autumn:mu, Aug. 30, 1648.
The Democratic State Convention met this
morning, and organized by appointing Jas. Man
shall, Esq., of Erie, President_
Therules governing farmer conventions were
adopted,. Nominations were made inc Governor
The disposition of many of the members to get
through the important duties of the Convention, e
motion was made to go into ballot for a candidate
for Governor was then adopted, when the follow•
'lig was the result of the first and fourth ballots:
Langatretli had
Loggstregh hid
Considerable binding being manikwed upon the
vote just had, it was thought prudent by the friends
of Black and Bigler to move an adjournment, which
resulted in favor of the motion—yeas, 67: nap, 63.
Longstreth's friend. voting in opposition.
The Convention meets to morrow morning at 10
Correepondenee of the Psu.eborghOasette.
Whig State Convention.
Iteauttemon. Aug. 30, IStB.
This Convention meets to morrow morning at
10 o'clock. A fall delegation is present, and from
the Meting manifested by the members, there is
little doubt but that William F. Johnaton will be no•
minated on to morrow. The best atifeeling pre.
voila among the members of the Convention Dow
present, and some think the nomination will be
made unanimously on first ballot.
Correspondence of the Putsburgh Game.
/115,W YORIL, Aug. 2411, 1818.
Collision on theapringdeld Rail Road
The Cars on the Springfield Rail Road came to
collision with a buggy containln€4ld.r.llion
and hi. wife, both of whom were killed.
The .dukes from Furope, by letters, have been
received by our merchants, per steamer Britannia
The news thus received has not all eted our mar
bets to any extent; but on the contrary, it has pro-
duced a dampness upon the sale. In bread atolls
the news has produced more firmness, and holders
even demand an advance, but buyers refuse to
Sales of Genesee dour have been made to some
event at S 5 62, and Southern and other bmnds at
S 5 50. In Grain, no change reported. Corn midi
coutmcree in active demand at 56 cents per bushel
kW mined, and 60c for yellow.
Correspondence of the Putsburgh Glue.
l'ils.i.rtmoar., Aug. 30,194,-
The markets are not active.lders at Flue
are asking $5,50 per bbl, but buyers refuse to put;
chase. Sales to a moderate amount of Howard
street at $5 25, and Cry Kills • shade higher, but
S 5 25 are about the correct agates.
Gram—New Southern Wheat sells freely; for
Reds 105 to 105, and for White noans eta per
bushel. Coro—Sales moderate, and arrivals bet
homed; mles at 48c for White, and 55 to 110 e for
In Provisions, but little is doing, and the limi
ted supply quite suiluneut to the demand. Sales
range at last week's price.
The Baltimore street wholesale men appear to
be busy, but to what extent of sales t cannot
Grocenes and other merchantable products are
unchanged, and sales to a very limited extent are
Correspondence of me Pillslarzaa Gazelle
I have DO new feature to report, either in change
of prices, active demand, or heavy receipt.
The holders of Flour are firm at 16 30(53 50c
per Ul; and family dour to a small extent sold al
SS 75t:0:0 per barrel..
Grain—Aa jet but little is reaching our market.
and sales to a limited extent at 10:S.11108c for reds,
and 110 to 115 c for white.
Coro--Sales to a moderate extent It bei to We
per bushel.
Provisions remain unchanged and inactive.
No change in Coffee or Sugar, nor do I hear of
any ulna of Whiskey; consequently, I renew yes
terday's quotation.—Y362 per gallon.
Our city it tilling up free wets arenrez-rni , Vat
to hie et the c
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Gismos
Cincinnati, Aug. 30, ISM
Our markets are immure, and the supply gene
rally limited, yet lolly equal to the demand.
Sales of 1,000 barrels of Flour at $3 SS to sl—
demand the latter figurer.
Whiskey firm at 1134 to 161 e per gal.
Cheese dull, and prices of yesterday hardly
Lowed 011—.10 barrels sold m .52 errs decline
once yesterday.
Provisions firm--Grocenes steady.
Caton—Active demand.
The Banks of Norwalk and Sandusky are not
purcbased by our brokers.
Nor yet the last to lay the old multi."
TniF. EMPIRE COOKING RANGE possesses the
following advantages:—The oven is cowtandy
supplied pare hot an, rendering the operation of
baking as perfect as when done In a bnek oven.
It has a Chamber exclusively for Roasting melds
with a spit. thus doing away with all the roasting at
tachments In the shape of i'un kitchens."
It has a large cooktug capacity, with an unobstruct
ed list surface an the top, which all bousehmtpers can
It can be set up lambent mason work, in any ordina
ry fire-place, or to the room as a stove; enabling those
who occupy hired houses to have the advantage of a
range at the COO of • stove and lastly.
It burns less coal than any other cookmg apparatus,
fexemplum the F-mptre Cooking Stove, which Iselin
r sale so wholesale or retail, at
GILBERT'S Empire Stove Depot,
4IS Market mica; Glnunl Row,
Henry Extract from • rt•ommendanon from H Barb
man, Ertl, =I Market arcet:- - You can me no term.
in recommendation of a, *loch I will not endorse if
referred to." anl{23-drodtDec2llbroaw
. .
2 LATE of William Prince. deceased. Floating
L. 1., i.e. New Poet. IV wan & Co.. Prop,.
In consequence of the decease of Me junior and of
the advanced age of the surviving partner, the entire
stock of this establishment, comprising every desenp-
Pon, including the newest end choicest varieties of
Plants, 80..., An., will be disposed of at very reduced
pnces, order to close the bwaness as speedily as
Chders accompanied with the cash, to the amount of
Ton Dollar., or upwards, will be supplied at • reduc-
Poo of 2 per cent from the usual mimes.
Nurserymen, Venders, and others, wishing to pur
e Mt. by wholesale, mill he supplred at sock reduced
prices according to kind and quantity, ea will probably
prove satisfactory to there.
Descriptive catalogues grabs, on application post
Orden ival a and catalogues supplied by 8 N
WICKERSHAM, corner of Wood and Sixth ats. Pitts
burgh. augge-toanitte
Are hilie - Diral and girishanioal Drawing.
THE undersigned proposer to commence, at the
I opening of the next crouton of the Um crony, a
course of lectures on Technology. together with Itfa•
chine Drawing and Civil kMinnecnng, provided a suf
ficient number of students can be obtained to minty
the attempt The charges will he !leper quarter. The
following gentlemen are referred to: Dr. Upfold, Dr .
Dyer, Prot. Stephens and Mr F Eaton.
eurS•eodagep4-61 FREDERICKOVERMAN.
CIOUNTING HOUSE SAND-Di dire in store and
I._/ for sale by nutria REYNOLDS it SHEE
111.113 S AND BUCKETS-. -GO dot Bearee Bucket.; to
do do 'tuba; to store and for sale by
I _ • •
RON-40 ions Iron, assortod, for sale try
N A s i a l le ' b "al begs
is L iii : a \;ijA a i l =N for
y aurl3 . _
4,2 REDS-276 built Clover Seed, strictly prime; 20 do
kJ Timothy do; in store and for sale by
Q TEEL-A general assortment of Cnot, Sheer, E,
101 Blister, German, Sprang and A LI Steel, to store and
for sale by emcee L S W TERMAN
'SABLE CILAIN—A lorfic Cable Chain tunable for
bieamboats, nom 600 toot in leorh, for sale by
UST received at the northeast corner of 4th and
t? Market streets, Needle Worked Collars, Wrought
bonnet Ribbons, eery cheap. •ugas
rirklAl4-211011 - : s Young Syron Imperial, Ciunpow-
J, der and Black Teas, for role by
.04 I4G ltbeny st
irtstrUlL—Knpt eonstaniliron hand and for
by augl4 1 KIDD & Co
j'INE POTASH—At retail by
Bill ---
trItrDONI,..-oLrie lust rec'd .nd for lug e y
atir.tri II A FAHNETOCK It Co
'E/ANDY AND WINI.I-6 cabs French Brandy; 2
jj do Pon Wu, 0 do Aledrir. do; received on COU-
P lirtunem and for talc low for cash, warnintedme,l,
anal fd.StrEY tr. tIFZI'
I_l . F:11 - bale. NIA/111111 Henn% jurt re 'd and tot
1.1 •ele Lr BROWN & t.t.4.IIERTI4UN,
_° .sl_ 145 Ilberty
Pl,T,i'suz:6 - 11 , „Trialbit‘E7r4 d Zoilr°
FAHul,y FLOUR—t 4 bbl. Flour,just reed and fm
ULOUR-167 bbl. superfine Flour, past received per
steamer Hudson and for sale by
A I 0F23-40 0
lbs Cape, A
ree 7 l and for Pale by
--- corner Ist and wood nit
• •
L ARD -43 We No 2. 10 ... 77 , 4)iffAl s
co, peon uld Ironti ets
'IILT UMW WANTED, to go to Philadelphia, to take
charge of an Infant Uood recommendationa will
ho tatiotred Apply Immediately at We other.
LYHD , II CLIZIMT, imaxpoati ur.
THE subscriber =Peet:folly requests the anention
the owners and captains or !mats, citizens sad
strangers suiting Pittsburgh, to his Lino and splendid
oath of carpeting now for Salo m...tom.,
street. They consist of every vartaty of the latest and
most fashionable styles of Pupate, Oil Cloths, he, ever
brought to the %Tun= awake'. The sutra has been
built expressly far the carpet busuressorndhos,
len of expenee4 been fined op in the most magniheent
modern style.
The carpets reeelvitng ate of
the richest and most bnlllant
They comprise, m part of th
Supenor Tapestry, anew as.
English and American Bros.
Lapses's' Ingrain, new sha
&Tenor Ingrain; new do-
Flee Inman,
Common do
Plain and twilled Venitian;
Extra aver cord twilled do;
Boyal do g
Sheep Pelt;
f yard mode;
49 votes
29 '
I 9
I do do
do do
4 do do
da do
Cotton, list, rag and hemp carpet, emmuon oil cloth,
011 cloth table covers, warmed and horn table coven,
window dudes, colored and plain marring, emir rods,
trimmings, carpet bindings, and all other goods usually
kept in carpet stores, all of which wall be sold on as
reuonable terms as any to the city. Having made ar
rangements with one of the large.' IMMO factumrs in the
oast, orders forauy style of carpet will be promptly for
warded by telegraph, and delivered in one week, in a
small advance of the manufacturer's price.
Purchasers era particularly requested to call before
purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident we can sell
as cheap an they can be purchased in the eastern eines.
marra 6 W. LYND.
U7E are now opening a fine stook of flesh Summer
Goods, direct from the New York and Philadel
phia Auctions, where they have been purchased with
in. the last two weeks ata very great sacrifice, there
by cabling on to offer far better bargalas than we
nave ever done befere In calling the attention of the
cameos of Pittsburgh sod he victnity nur
ment, we do so with Me confidence of our prices bein g g
such as will erinere perfect satisfaction; and to boy
en, either by wholesale or retail, a fine chance is now
otrered for promning great bargains. Among those
gut received are—
A lot of very cheap cold and blk fig'd & suip'd
"• Light and dark Lawns;
• of exult fine blk kg'd and striped Bemire, which
are a var . , great bargain.
A lot of handsome Cote Pally., for ladies aroma%
do light colored and black Hemp. very cheap;
do new style silk Vesting do
do very handsome Berne ;Shawls;
do very cheap hlk do do
do fine blk silk Mantilla Scar*
do buldsome Parasols and Peruolena
do Anil/Mal Flowers;
do very cheep Linen Lustros;
ALSO -A fins stook of super French Cloths and Cam
emcees, veldts and colored Linen Drillings, Cashmer
es, Bummer Ceseimeres, Drap Etc, tec Ac
large assortment of Prints of all priers; Ticking,
Check., Motto., &e., to which, as well so other arti
cher moue line, we invite the special attention of cash
I buyers. ALEXANDFR & DA Y,
l ent 7 3 market ea, Pi W eor of the diamond
A. As /11A110, t CO.. Fotm
BEING desirous of reducing their stock previous to
the commencement of the Fall Traria, well offer
then extensive and Naltlooable itapOrtatept for • few
week. at greatly reduced prices. Amongst their
wittmetti tgag_he r a nd excellent styles of
Berege ac. )7.h P t l
of which are redaree In price folly one third.
Their stock of Shawls is very ertenaille. and com
erases every known style. A few canons of crape and
silk Shawls just !arrived will be sold extremely low.
4 cues real Scottapham,wdl hew ld al LA eta.,
Itztl•I prise hl rept. English Calicoes We, Amer
can do as low as 3 4c; wrought Collars Inc; Mo.-
11° de Leine. Me; good Alpaeca late; Bonnet Rib.
bons tic.
Their mock of dart green pure Satin Pmasols and
Parsaolettes, comprising uplrards of MI, of every style
and quality will be offer at very low rates.
Broad dub. Caseimeres and Vesungs; also, all
kinds ammoee molls and Cottonade.
licasekeeping and domestic Goods of egery deseripa
Merchants will &heap. find at our wholesale room.
as Lys.. and deurable an usortmeni af taisis ma is
nasally found in eutern houses, MCA at equally low
P I:WY nor prier, from which no deviation can be
made. 1071_
- 11g1V - VALL ootoDs:
• .- - _
SMITH k JOHNSON, 46 Market street, have juu
received, and will be constantly receiving through
the season. from the Frool, a `corral usortment of Sta
ple and ti.ney Dry Goods and Millinery articles, adap
ted to the fall and winter troth., to which they would
particularly Unite the attention of purchaser.:
A vonety of Scotch Glngharnic Tutted do: French
dm pboln and fancy cord Alpacas, comn and .ilk
warp do, Mohatr and Oriental do; Calicoes of every
style; 05 dor bun camOrte Hdlirs; clear lawn do, Re.
yearn do; cord border do: 5 canons thread Laces, wore
as low as eg cos; 10 do cotton do French work cop e•
and collars; do do otandrng do Mourning do; crochet
do; 10 carton. laden and gents /3siou Kid Gloves; 25
do. ladies talk age thread and cotton do: SW do do
rotten Hone, all colors, 10 do do whim and blk .ilk do;
50 do gents g do, Cobb., 11011000, Thread, he, in great
variety, wtorh will be wild extremely bow. aurk3
Y.T. JL MURPHY kaii_otrelelgriltrikaliUdSeoteli
g ingham. cotton and steel frame mutton.
One rue Parasols, including green sum Turk. ilk
elk and brown silk, of extra sires.
Also, one ease bleached Drills, alu, .31antan Rib
, Lions block and colored; alike Satin do; Lrnen Ging.
hunk, and MMus styles of summer Good, selling at
reduced prices. A lot of super Manchester Gingtiamo,
t Tl d H2:7 ' l;olll.7=l v ot "L of brand and other Bon
nets of ui urmter's shapes) selling off 01 from 371 e to
o M le e s acloerer oflth and Market sc
W mamarr
awry—entrance from lih sL
&al Mreadwar / N•eir rlt r
Al PORTERS AND JOBBERS of Silks. French pfln.
ted Muslin., Damps, Lace*. Embroidenes, Merl.
no., flhaorla, HoWery, (Dove; Lawns, Hannbaxines,
They brim amowly Merchant., mutiny New York.
to ea./nine their stock before making Met, purchases.
Mr. Muir was for many years of the Mown of A. T.
Steetram & Co- from which ke retired on the la of Jan.
18401; and Mr. Jame. Dickson, (who has an interest to
the husines.o ems also favoratily known in that cstal.
Itskinent mar3O.
BONNETS—W It titorpby Is selling onus
remaining stock of Bonuels et greatly reduced
prises. Bonnets of last ariuter's styles, (mgri 23 tents
to ULM.
CHEAP LAWNS—A Lugo lot of Drava Lamm, r
tweed m 11/1 aeon per yard.
WHITE GOODS FOR DRFA3SV4--.A supply pm re
erred, and offered very l ow.
. .
DARXOIbI6HAbI R—Fbel; due styles Of Oinghome,
lobe found at dry gaede house of
%V a AIL R
WM. YOUNG & Co., 143 Liberty street. male s
y y tenuon to tbeirvery extansive stock of Sole Lea.
der, Morocco. Tanner's 011, Since Thread, &c , consti.
luting a very general assortment of goods In their line
of business; all of ortuch bas been *elected with great
care m the Eastern clue., std ta now offered to put ,
chasers at reduced poets. do examination of died
stock is respectfully sollcued angls
d• few yy. white, brown and bard
Horne-Made F lannel . Ago,
Ago, Home-Alade BLAN
KETS, • good article, and at a low price, at northeast
comer Ith and Markets eta. augt
MCX44IIITO NETTB—IUUD pieces 7-1 and 8-1 plow
white and red and blue barred NCIA, none long.
A 1.., *1,114 and 19-4 heavy &billet., imported
eopresslgilfor • superior article of Aloagnito Netts, for
city sales, loot recerved by
g hoe rust received an invoice of Mite DRIP
Goods for ladies, snob as French and Scotch Mnl:
Meeruta, Nansooks, Satin Laid Jaconets, de, very
low. A 1.., White Bonnet Ribbons, at_ northeur cor
ner of Ith and market sur. leYl
SEAGRASS FOB SKIM'S—A supply lately meet
ved. Also. corded and Marseilles Skirts; also,
Mosquito Netts, white sod colored; wide Boldness for
do, at dry goods house of ' NV RSIURPLIY,
j 73 northeut earner 4th and market sts
ANcitnrrEtt GINGHA MS—An Mantra of rea
Mahehester Gingham., of new and handsome
patients, received yesterday at the Dry Goods llotunr
of pir4 W It MURPHY
aortment of Moll and Nannook Manias (or ladies
dresses, mat recetved at No 75 market street, northwest
corner of the diamond.
Market it, have farther reduced iv prier their as
.runent of Bermes and Times; also, Grenadine.,
Granites, Mohair instal, Poll de Chive, or. iye
NEW FALL GOODS—A A Mason & Co, U 0 Marken
meat, are now opening gD eases and paekages ot
new Pall Goods, comprising In port now styles Cling.
Kama, French, ilnglish and Amer.can Prints, Mull,
Swims and Book Muslin, Collars, Capes, Laces.
1J Co. 60 Market in, have just opened 40 dos of the
most fashionable styles of Ladies Standing Collar,
Alm, 90 dm blooming do; 10 dm Wrought do. 1797
LACE CAPS—A A Mason & Co. have just reed 111
dos Ladies Lace Caps. also , new styles Christi
setts, Wrought Capes, Head Dresses, Ladles Belts, &r.
REMNANTS OP.CALleoFAL—A4lhrisswit a Co, be
Market at, are doting out a large lot of remnants
of Calicoes, at folly half the usual price—good fast co
lored Prints at age. aug7
DMA: AN ORANGE - PRINTS, and blue Merri
mack do, constantly on hand at lowest prices, at
seholeule room of \V 11 MURPHY.
an a l —_—.... nor 4th and market ma, HI story
--- -- • . -• .
J) i . ..SIACHTD — fiIigUN - 11-- - & Mason k Co, 00 Ma r
km or, have prat opened 5 mom caws of those very
cheap bleached Mos.,. at dc Also, 4 mom rases of
the 410 do. Alm, another large lot of the remnants of
Calico, et ea. augl4
CHEAP CALICOES-A A Mason kCo hove reed
another targeted of Colima., at 55 yards for One
Doll.. Also, good yard wide brown hl.lins at Mc.
Mom Wrought Collars, 1111 augl4
ket bare r.% reed BM dos of floe hik and cord
S. Fmk., of all wollite Al.o. Gimps of every Yet
rimy and color .
AA_ MASON ft Co, have mat ree'd 6 cams of
. Prints, of beautiful neat dark figure., al enema. ,
ow prices. Aim, MI p. I.yone.e Cloth. Alpaeco,
a, which they will offer st great indocernents to our.
ohmter. utl7
A. MASON & Co, have must teemedther
large aarehrtmebi of th ose cheap Bleached ano Mos
dflrks, at lygird '1 - M
'cents. op. 3 px.o. of d. t,
o very'
superior cached bluallos, at 8 eta. aog74
gUST ItEtEIVED-1500 ps Mervinsack, Hamilton
tt and Cocpeeo Priam, of very dearrable my les.
T ACE CAPS-5 dot fancy Cried Caps, rust re'd7n
Li nugl7 A A MASON &Co,.
FLANNEL!!—Brown and Red Flannel., cid cdosign
went and for ludo by
OW COCHRAN, 25 wood at
AA. MASON tr. Ca are nos. open/Dill C. 41-41,
. 6-4 end 10-4 Sheeting, very derarnble for family
salet ck k
TIN' Virtue of an coder of the OrphatteCourt of Arie
l) gheny cenoy, Peentaliana, in No. 51, Jana
Tdrm, 1846, 1 will expo., to ale; by poblir vendee or
outcry, at the Cart WM., in the eiM of
on October 01,1848, at 10 Weak, - A. AI, IX=
M on day o r () c ube; in% nll that apnea Lot or Bice_
of Ground, situate in the etrY.of finsirorgh, beginning
on Penn street at the distenneof 52 Pest westwardly
from Itlarbury street, and nundrut Wong iNten sued
westwardly 38 fan thence soculatardly,
line with Idarbory street, 110 feet to Brewery.nlital
thence along said alley easterardly 28feen, and thandP
northwardly, a parallel line withidarbut7 tone, 110
feet to the place of beginning—with all the apporto•
naces; on which is erected three small name and
one smell Brick Dwelling Hotness the same be4wM
ject to a yearly ground rent of one hundred and augur
dollar, payable quarterly forever, to Anthony Dra •
Ids hein and amigos.
Trawl or gnu—One third cash on the delivery of
the deed for the premises, and one third in one year,
with interns from the day of ale, and the other one
thint in two years, with interest from the day of ale,
to be secured by bond andmwlgage on the Mmises. -
Late Margaret Thompace, Administratrix,rwu
!Wm Thoraprort, dee'd.
the latest design, with
• lora
CambriaVlSA ell Der
THE undersigned will offer be sale at public min
den. en Thursday, the fifth day of October earl,
the following property assigned to them by the late firm
of Vinton. La Beene& Co.. for the hermit of the
credttors of said firm, to wit:—The Furnace erected by
said company, with the steam engine and fignms, sad
hot blast apparanw the tools used about the &maga
the lot of land on which the Furnace stands, cowrie*
about fifteen items of land, and the humeri of the said
firm in fifty acres Mind bought of IL K. Du Boia.
The sale will be held on the premises, In the town
ship of Tallmadge, Summit county, Ohio, and will com
mence at 10 o'clock, A. I.
Imes or Sstr—One-fourth cash, and the balance
in four, eight sod twelve months.
W. S. C. cms,
Door Mots.
Oft Cloths.
THE subscriber has laid mu eleven - Lots on the
South side of the Fourth Street Road, and =out
two and one quarter tidies - from the Cuurt Rouse.
These lots contain each from one to two and a half
acres of land, and will be sold an reasonable and ac
commodating terms. It is deemed unnecessary to en
ter into any explanation of the advantages of these
lots. Their vicinity to this eity,.and to the fine of the
Central Rail Road, recommend Them strongly ILI very
desirable country residences.
The subscriber also offers for tale about seven boa
deed acres of land in Franklin township, Allegheny
county,. oboist seventeen miles from finsburgh. Also,
nine bu ilding lots in the borough of Birmingham.
aug 5-dlm NEVILLE CRAIG.
jaTHAT pnopertp Isaly ocanded by 11. Nixon,
FAq., on Craig street, near Robinson, Allegheny
city, will be told on accommodating ms. The
lot Is 33 feet 4 niches on Craig =vet, mon= through
to the Canal 150 feet. There Is ago= two story frame
dwelling house sin the premises, lately built, and the lot
Is well improved, containing • variety of choice fruit
trees, grape, shrubbery, as. This property is conveni
ently situated for persons doing business In either Pin.
burgh or Allegheny, and is a desirable residence. Till.
indisputable. For ten= apply to %P&L BOYD Anne
ney at Law, olive on Fourth street, above Smithfield.
2 - 615 - Acres Coal Land for illa/o,
SFITATED on the Monongahela river, about 16 =les
dem Pittsburgh and 3 miles above third Lock, in
the immediate nelghborbood of Messrs. Lyon a Shod),
and Mr. John Herron'. parches. This fine body of
Curl will be sold at the low prier of BO per ure—one
third in hand, balance in her equal annual payments,
without 1111GRItt. Tide indisputable. Location very
good—Cannel be surpassed. For further particulars
enquire RALSLEY, who has • dralt of said pro
petty. Residence tld st, below Ferry, Mr. Adams , Row.
N. B. There is another seam of coal on this tract,
about 60 feet above the lower, of excellent quality.
jrAhdtf fg.
Heal EAtata is Ohio.
A TRACT of land, 90 acres, in Harrison, Pottage Co.,
the Cuyahoga river—about DO acres under Im
provement. Also, two unimproved lots in the village
of Warren, Trumbnll Co., 00 feet by 90. Also, • lot of
ground an th e centre of Hartford, Trumbull Cu, with
Roe derailing home and more—one of the best Maas
for a merchant on the %Yemeni Reserve. Any or all
trus progeny will be sold on eery accommodating
feblfa Water and Front stn
THE large and well built Factory, erected on Relax
ea street, Allegheny city, by R. S. Casson, East.. to
ared for sale at a bargain. and on easy term.. The
lot on which the Fectory is erected, front. 100 feet on
Rebecca street and runs back 110 feet to Park street.
The main building is of brick, three stones high and
60 feet long by 27 feet wide. The Engine House is
large and commodious, with ao engine, tenter, slack
lac- all in complete order. The property will be sold
low, nod on oulvantagesnistetma
Far pnee terms, ac., enquire at this oaten
a• - •tf
2 THAT commodious brick dwelling house and large lot, the residence of him Jane 'Magee, on
Webster street, noar the head of.l3ecerdh Meer,
on which area amble and carnage boon, out house.,
bete oven, and a variety of shrub. and grape vines.
Poosesunin will he peon on the is of October,or teen
er if required. Enquire on We premises, or on Wills,
near Washington sweet, of M D LO%VRIE.
VALVABLI. FARM oontaining 140 acres, sins..
tett in Itehnont county, Ohio, 7 mites from St
Claims:tits ands mar. nnrth Mtbe National Road, and
in tate (tithe m,.1 destrable nerghbarhoods in the coun
ty. There is ander toluratton about ninety aeres.onth
Uyoan2 orcharst.rc, &v. Far term. and other partic•
lan, montro of JOHN S. DILWORTH,
angla 27 wood sr
THE subs, rit.e r 1.11 sell nu aecommadanag terms,
valuable tract or unimproved and, situate on the
road leading from Bnghtoo to Franklin, about eighteen
nines from I'n/sheikh. and about eight tulles from the
town of Firedom on the Ohio Hoer. The Batt con
tains 4111 acres and SO perches, strict measure The
lend is or an excellent qualtty, about 00 sums cleared,
and well vintergd. and will be sold either in whole or
¢ qf convenient vice. to suit purehti.ra
at LA, Mrl.o44Gll.lliLla CLIIWIC Wril. BOYID,
in M
y'recii , kyrtf T
Property Ira Alleghroy City tor
auhacnbern oder E a number of einxice
j, Lots, situate to the Second Wari„fronting on the
Common ground.. on easy tem.. Inquire of
W. O'H. ROBINSON, Arty at Law, St Ch at
of JAS ROBINSON, on the premisca.
Valuable Residence Imo Allegheny City
for Sale.
I IONTEMPLATING a removal from Allegheny city
Nj offer my then for sale. The preAttses
are in delightful order, and every way worthy the at
tention of any person tvishitt atleh v.pqt_r.
Riau 14iuome
LOT, Storehoinie and Dwelling, &time on the
Erie Extension Canal. in the saw of West Mid.
; a cleanable location for a merchant Also, a
Lon and good Dwelling House well milted fora Tavern
Stand, In the village of Oningevillc, on Stab line of
Ohs*. Tenn, easy. ISAIAH DICKEY & Co.
Watar and Front zia.
TOME dwelling houses umated on eth street
near an lindge, in the city of Pittsburgh. Al
so, • room :5 by ill feet, with a corivecat
nonce' on sth wt., near wood. Also, • frame
two /nonce, with an acre of ground enclosed and undo
culdvation, Inman. on Ohio lane, in the city of Alleghl
ny. Inquire of I D Wil IFA MR,
- .
To Onacrora,
FOR PALE OR REttil', the Pittsburgh Brew
ery, with all or brewing apparams, matte on
Penn sleet, add Barker's alley,and now occupied
by Geo. W. Smith & Co. P 01.11•1011 given on tan first
day of April ensuing. Fbr term., he. et=
fabdrat lea liberty st.
rIOAL LAND FOR SALE—Careen acre. coal land
for sale, aim., in bend of the Monongahela River,
above Drownsvitle, Pa.. having a 7 riot halo Of twal
which will be sold in exchange for %oda. Pot parte..
or. apply lo k W.,11 ARRA GU Mk towed Id
WARI.I-10USE FOR BALE.—The subscribes
offers for sale the three story brick Warehouse
on Wood .trees, occupied by IL Tanner I Co.
It rents now for Cow per peer.
To Lot.
The subscribers will rent part of the ware
hour.. now occupied by them Apply to
at Co,
JIM'? . 54 water street
A Eine two story bock booze,. main street
Lil Allegheny city, neat the upper bridge. The lot Is
Yd feet in front by 10Oldeep. For terms inquire of
fields( A WASHINGTOI L eth et
Por 11pp4,
4,4,. THE large Ere proof ware h ouse, 41 (*et trout by
_Uttar feel deep, on second st, near renal. Rent mod.
erste Inquire 01 J SCHOONALAYER &
detg wo od
A Smoke ninon initiated on Plum alley, for
rent. Inquire of ROBERT DALZELL A Co,
Libor, denl3
1.3 in Foreign ned Domestic Exchange, Certificates of
Deposita Bank Notts, and Specie; Fourth vireet, near
ly opposite the Ha= of Pimburgh. Current
received on &mate—Sight Cheeks !or cap, anir
Menem made on nearly all the principal poMia in the
e 4
Ut e
h s tres a t premium paid for Foreign and !mimic=
Advances made on consignmenu of Produce, dap
ped Sant, on liberal terms. mchls
4. 1104.4108 4 SOBEL.
BANKERS and Dealers in Ekelinage, Coin and
Bank Notes„ No. 55, hlarket street, Pinxburgh.
Selling Rates. Exchange. Buying Rues.
New York, yr Cincinnati, * die
Philadelphia, Ido Louisville, II do
Belmont, do St. Louis, I do
Buying Rama, BANK NCrTM.. Buying Rates.
Oleo, 2dm Co. k Scrip Ordsnai disc
Indlono, "do Behar Notes, „ do
Kentucky, "do Pennsylvania Cy "do
Vik "do New York do "do
A IL wi,„1,,,,, a do. New Orleans, "do
Toone...tie, 11 do hlaryland, "do
rnteattf . .
Svaziall Zjititir -
_I3I LLS 00 England, Ireland, nod Scotland bought to
any amount at the CUlTtill Rat. a Exchange.
Also, Dmllt payable In .y peel of the Old Comtrica,
front LI to 1.1101, at the rate of SS to the .0 Sterling,
without deduction or discount, by JOSHUA ROBIN
SON, European and General Agent. WS. 6th at one
door west of wood. outlet(
JOSErlt EL 11131. r.O. cosai.
ANKERN and Exchostoo Brokers, Book. In F oe .
elgo and Domestic. Tim* and Bight Bills of 6.1-
chenge, Cclllfi< .ceA of Deposne, Bar* Notes and Coin;
No W Wood street, third door below Fourth, wool
Cdr. malt(
in Foreip and Domestic Stile of Exchange, Cot
A. of .ihositti, Bank Notes and Coin, comer o
34 and Wool ;meets, directly loppoalto Se. 01billet
tel. usszelidlL
Mfl3ll -1 19MH:31 - 3 , V Pi Ds—
Ermine y.
Bonk Note;
purchased at the lowest nacre, by
doll 33 Market street.
New York,
Philadelphia, and
33 Market at.
Commitly for sale by
COLLECTIONIS—Drafts, Note; and Aceeptart•
0., payable in y part of the Ordem, collected- ma
the most htvorable term,' N. HOLMES & SONS::
dclo ea Mutat a.
ACON-67 pleee*, hntaU6ll, 4616 try
Mime country eared
just roretred und w. .ale by
o urai meg a DIVAN/WM
For Renr.
~...__....._~.~„_nti: r.~., , zy';^Nr ^ r»^~ u,=,..',.-:;p;,'"~ - ` MFR`Y'~ ', ~:t:.^'.-';:«~~.^~.:v~~~~
BATS : CAPS, Mk 101011ETS,
THE troboorlerviim odd/two, to hi. ow o
Allt ,a ud u i .*„ . : o o,Latic lin 'dodo smogs-4
ellitastottoothitaloss* &Pm It: Otg; Oho mot
ilioldosoblyt bolters *Nis dry of,Now - Toilt4 far a not...
•olor e ely OM* Warm Snit Mr Masi an= i t i p.l
,soc a few Eascsjcsoliermi--- vas be a
„my 'and bentillt.hal st liis sam Au
_ond:Cap Store, SialtbLoad : door matt of
Foal* *hero gum et ~..• • a variat7 of
tut 4 Cops of bis aim ~ • •+ taco*toile and re.
tail. Han mole to ozdor cco ... laid 00.
( Osat ealaslVig la Atir
Carnet of W - Beseu
pARTI4 si:tr
ro*lame= as i atri td [at . ottr Trtule.
Caps from our establisbkocat of the . ars sarsats i f sod
doputsassub of th e weird lona, said si the Imp
Commit tdeeetouits,lpauchaslog by irholesals, atr
respectfully Invited to itallsod a our So* as
I , en,
coo say Irish confidence dist Ls mu O
ds siers
sad rsans, It 1.11.1 not stErefin a coasparlsou with soy
house in Pbiladelptds.. ' _ (417,;
wrnAw GOOD&
to DEALERS ant to Wand= EL IL
PALMER'S Wank of Straw Goods, Of the
iptins i .=. Di part of
D.St WEEta Dim
mable dfx Mamie= btu Pearlacc Beware der,
Itatlalt t . lbFrench ban e; eplElMtp, t“. it..
HA holm Wan Lett Panama, Fancy Straw,
do Braid, _ and Wald, Pedal do.
Also, Artlletal Flown:pi REMona, U. Straw Bon
net Warebonas, 9.1 Inanitetia mariS
• :••.i-• • • eb
4,CHEAPEST Faiddanable Heter
=t t airipll Sem, 79 ninth
street 9 99 99 990aiodldwi Store, cart.-
.., of Wood meet KE , C.Xittin Wey. 1t76h.4
°annuli's.; Magi Agars db . Commaellors Our
Ocoee for pmcasing end !loran Painful, isenVir , d_
Woman= on filechanies and
eau to tliehrts, end onlAnte an an Ponngn Laws
of Patents.
'DROP. WkLTPII H. 1011NSON, late of PbAsd./'
phi., and Z. O. BOBBINS :11f Washhagthe
(to be aided by HasanilCoowles,,,Esq., late _
of the United Stet. Patent OHM) h.**
themselves together for tke pros,thotion df the above
branches of professional business, eithesin their office,
at the Patent Mee, or before the Coons; and will de
vote their suldivid attention to forwarding the inter
est of Inventors and others who may consult them or
place business in their hands. Idr. KIIDIVICI has for
the put twelve years bald the poi: of fdaehinest in the
United Etudes Patent Office, and . red
. %that situation
to take part in the insult and . His talents
and peculiar fitness for the theportant ea so long fir
ed by him, have been foltr ”r u EL rognised by Inventors
whamver the office itself is
The office of Meson. J. & IL Mon P street, oppssue
the Patent OM., u, D. C.„ where communi
ations, post paid, trill be y . attended to; exam.
teatime made., drawings, epee pas, and all
he papers prepar modele.pmeatedwhen ded
red—on reasonableterma. Letters of enqutry, expect
ed to be answered after esintainallons had, must be to
compuded by a fee eflivedollars.
In the duties of their ditto which perMins to the Pa
tent Lows, Mane. J. & IL will hit mwialed bi • WO
gYentleman of the higbeat professional Character, and
fully conversant with Mechanics: fsod other Scientific
solveen, myiltbitr.wlyS
IT is a great saLOALCtiot to us to be able thus publicly
to mthounce, that the great demand for our soperfor
and iris rid preparations of our "FAMILY MEDI-
C ^ Cu exceeds oar most Sanguine tepee
parte y our Indian Expectorant and Compound
Carminative Balsam, whirili for beauty of appearance,
superiority of mgredierne, and the compounding of
them, together with the thintense•dispanty in the she
altar bottles over any others—the beautiful and orna
mental engravings, and the tests dieplayed in the put
ting of them up, le a further incitement to the mochas
er. And as many of my old friends who knew me
DH. Go,vse Loonan,r) when In the employment of Dr.
. Jayne, I now beg leave respectfully lo inform them
that I am one of the Arm .of LOUDEN. & Co , No. St
Arch street, below Third, reasextenut. where I shall
be happy to sea therm who, aided by his bomber, a
regular graduate of the "Hbiladedphia College of Phar
r:a,. make, pot up, and compound,' with our own
every article comprising cm !"Family Medi
cine ^ Ws: Indian Expectorant. Compound Gamma-
Live Itatsam, Compoood Their Yertnifore, West Indian
Sanative Ptlls, and Oriental Hair Tomes.
We further beg leave hi remark, (and we do It with
a confidence that eannotim shaken,) that we have din.
covered and made an iseProvement on oar Oriental
Hair Tanis, that fax exceeds any thing ever offered to
the public. Give as • cell at No: • !LRCM sweet.
Our terms alone are an inducement, and we am sore
of the re • , augt:3m
East aide of Mo Diamond, There Vanden
Blinds of all the different uses and colors
are kept on and or made, to order tact
the latest and mostapprovid Eastern MU
ions, at the alimen nodee and on the moo
reasons le terms-
Also, the cheap Bostini roll or split Wind Transpa
rency and Paper Curtains of all the slat:ant sires and
patterns, on /ma and thesele low foe enstr. Old Vent-
Can Blinds painted over and reMLired,er taken in part
payment for new. R T, Preepr.
N. B molt done with the best material and
workmanship, and venteinted to please the most
wheys. soglO-dly
Allegheny may. A 14,10 , 1841
orrtcs os TIM Prrrsaveon Gss Conn, 2
ram a 5110.1040 S
THE Stockholders aiihe Pittsburgh:oas Company,
are hereby nounc4thet a meeting for tee ;purpose
electiog Six Triremes for weld Company, will be held
at the office of the Woe., hareem the boarsf 0 and
5 'dock, P. M, ou llouday, the 4th of Se p tember,
104*. AVMS hf. Clirustir, Treasurer.
tayaisternn pi kwiu b°
10,1P40. .
IHAVE dua day Maroon o pan of my Interest in
the firm of Lorenm Staniar Co. to my mat, gob,.
13. and Samuel F. &staling. HENRY STERI2IO.
Aenording to the Waive arrangement, are have this
day =rammed with na as partner, the above named
Tito bnameu wiU.bdconducted so bm.lofpre, under
the name of 'LORENB,.STMINO & On
FiuMergh, Amanal le4B- . MAikarlenT _
TE saburibers have on hands 40 casks Soda Ash,
Yu M111p111.13 a Elba's, first quality, betng the bal
ance of their spring stack, which they , . will sell at 4in
par, or 4jo earrency. 4 [Laving made inch large sales
to the principal glasaand soap minitacturen of this
eitl, they deem it unstecessary,to any any thing at lavas
of the brand.
They take this opOsnouniry. to annum. Uteir custom
ers and dealentmmglly t
dad 'l7 have ordered itur .
114 9 =1,,,bic a:rivoixt " t2grt i fall trade,
ea thenceforward kegular sopphei throughout the
season, which they mill - sell at theloweet market pries
for esA or approsedhills.
je94 W k. M MITCHELTHEE. 160 libert st
iCieli — lrealo And • tbakrapept is
THE general am cies of these 151 h aft Canniea
j. 111 , 0, Ptl e and Tonle.. In the cornmotor
dere Resin drnee in diet, =ails • k
neon and soreness o ihe stonsach, heartburn, he h,
an, where a medlcise Is recreated, this combinanciu is
eery app li cable; for its earosinellre and soothing ef
fects gm almost innaedi..ste rellef.:when nausea co
SiCkll.ll exist. Its pprgatire operatton upon the Ctrs.
Leh nodwels is pants sad .eirectual, end Its tonic
properties impart strengthdic hresuse organs,
, h.T.thY enabling Were ta i perform their proper
Ihnedo 11
ns with oOesland regulirity-
The pried has boon seduced heat do to 95 cts a hoz.
Par sale witelesaki and retail by
eomer frontiand wocel,and 6th and wood so
i7bs haents for Plusher's'',
IP; 171711.113.11'
L 1.13 to
ClONTlN.patinfactoto promments, Banal
Van Tombs, Vinal auxa., ante! Pieces, Cen
tre and Pier To, 4 la i l e rlgn and domestic marble, at
• VAIL( sad fait
N. B.—Draerios. Bar monuments, vault., &e. furni.b.
ed. of any deem - quite. He sollelta ahue of mtblir
patronage. angedlf
...I mired by ea - preas, Are ibe India &Abbe/ Steam
Packing, for eylin4Mre of emaratauna t 3e. T&& . "" le
being much the twat kind Wet bee ever been offered for
the Mimeo, are cal the attention of Our steamboat on
sneers to it. It wilihave them a great amount of labor;
for when a cylinderis once pecked It will not require
to be packed again before making one or two tripe to
St. Louis and back. ' For vale it the indla Rubber De
r.; No 5 Wood et. • jyt3 JG II PHILLIPS
EIL LIAld ShilTIL Rennfactemtv of Conon and
colored Linen, Fringes CM Mmes. /a.; Sewing
and colored Cotton Ftingcs 111 k cod mop=
Parasol. Gimp, *heir, and EtUr. Bclhon Thes,
made to order cdt Ste Menem notice,
52081, corner oflfaiden Lane and William, entrikkm
No 65 William aueit, third floor, °ear Abner & ElTe'
atom, No 65 Maiden Lan York lyio
VILECTRIC MACHINES, at fraralMtolltr, Faeoro-
Ea Magnetic Machthes,from.ditrerent eastern mann.
[titterers; Martha Clocka,for Milli boats, canal boats
and factories. Also, Chemicals, Thermometers, etc.,
Par sale by BLAKE k Co,
oi:intermarket st and the diamond
N. B.—Electricityof either Mini mbninbitered u the
direetion of phyaimana.
y with • Lunch at all hours of the day; .1.0, lc.
Creams, Frail Confectionery, to. The steamer Glee.
wood makes her regales tope as mat, leaving her Pitt
street landing et 0 A. M., and at hilt pest emelt boar
' 77l7 P f t or i I tetl7 4- the
A moonlight u 10
woe of the Getden ladeuribable is
its beauty. • -
A • & NiCHOLELON ass now selling off at
moderate priers therfollowng••articles:
Platform Scales of all ;hind; Istning tcam toe to
301 X) pounds, of superior Uorkmanabst, -
assorted Hollow Ware, lightsattema C•mktne
&ores; Wood Jo dp, Cool Duple and Balloon Stoves,
for charthes, Selliredonses, &e. &e.
Grates od Grafp Fronts, for pular', chambers,
kllehena, &c. : •
Ploughs and Ploljgh Outlllo ofvttrioo. kinds.
Libertyy, head or Wood Pt
_ _ _
H AVING 'old g oar erkire stock to C B.Ousr, wi
a view w elotiog OUf oklbus/oesa. we hereby
lick for biro the patronage of all coy friends and
•refs poiND}-,nCrEli.
Plttsbe righ, au.
Guam, Wbo:e•ale Omer, Couan..... •
V • Forwarthug literriosat, No. 41 Water 0. mai
PPAPEII-61) reamsriiii — large hitraar Paper, ty
healer and ttrblitC,lar hard - waft. kn. Id blnadltra
Flat Cap, for aentettioners; cheap Oast and cap Paper,
for sale by SCHOOIMAKER f.
attati , 14 troW tt
INte. fine Draught !or a ude, mite
bi4i"l7l",i,lt.LlFZLL I Co,
mei! 7 elm buin, hberty
NOTICE TO SIENJEANTE—The advertiser .oli•
it• • panne:lolli shoaled u CleiY or Salestpal
I. • Ciotbier'e•e•tabbaltment. iLeepteueble o k„ ue .,
eon be given.: Iteldlnes
• ,
BciALF itemdne }health. Calf Skins, •
47,.,21::L l' afac A toraf dau'' .11 131 C P nt hi lrfp* ll6lPt" tet
wtdel. the attentiosi of boat' mike. 1111 , 112& JIM
received sad fOr sal, by W YOUNG &
4 ICI liberty tt,.
Ha cm Maul alidlasconmard of Alpsta and Mo.
halt Imams, ado ineladln lit few
pieces HO' HO; AMH: bICAnd ced'd cm;
wed dorsann sniped dmicalatmed from in*.
and'caadientaly can be Win tairest pc.ll-
61. t eottlet.ot Ath and Markel no.
BACCIAI4O caluiShocadats, Ispding hmo alembic
PlActiesigattrjmut by
wCI $0 6' 59N it &ppm, to .ectOnd
k •
hi ElllcA I.
• . - • . _
Kr 1 RAC? is an invent
b 1 remedy for Epileptic Flo or Falling Sickurs2
es, Spam* he. it t, kunwo, that from
time inunsmorod, pktricima have iromounrod Win
ne Ilia incurable. It has bathed all thcit skill, and the
boasted power of all medicine, and erotrouroemil thou
sands have sabred through • mirerable examen ro, and
at Last yielded up their lives on the atter of iolanity.
With all deference, however,. to the opinions or Ms
peat end learned, roe say that it him bees cured
For einem yearakou been tested by many persons
who have Indicted with, this dreadful diseam, and in
arty rase where it has had afar trial, has effected •
and etas T an 4 =baths, cured by the em et
tide Indy womlerfol sitedicine2
&0d the fothowtne remarkable been of the son of
Wm. Semen, DR., pieltutelphia,sitlrcted with Epi
leptic Fite yeara and & mou th s. Atter my elhng
through Eire and, &Wand, Germany and France, coo.
tubing the most entitteot physicians, and exPendl Pod
toedianc, medical tanament. and advice, three ou.
sand dollars, moaned with hie sou to this country in
Nostemberlast, with= receiving any benefit wham•
er r and was cured try . tming
Mr. Wanner Pecore's Letter 'to Drs. Nana sad Ilan
I have spent over three Hemmed deflate for mail.
ciao and medical attendance I was advised to take •
marl* Ramo with him, wi th I did I Ern
mana xititel
Ettgland. I consulted tho-most eminent
Otero In respect tut; they acesolned phym hies and
preectibed ace.c.iingly. I remained three months
erithrettbtrteivatig any change for the better, which
the about two hundred and LOT' dollen podrotrei
~by the physicians, and the moot that I received woe
limit °widen that my sou'e case was hopeless and post.
through Scotl and
I;4 . l=4 w :sae.
mrned home to In the month of November Lest, with my
eon as far ffont being enroll es when: I left. lum your
advertisement In one of the New York papers, and
concluded to try Hart's Vegetable I,Ytrazt, went; Tour
statement. and certificates of no luny cures, some of
twenty and thirty peen' clanding, end I Cm aware you
I ant not sorry I litd so, as by the um of Hart% Vegote2
ble Extract alone he was restored to perfect health
His reason, which WSJ so d, r ;cheat totudit him for
business, bi entirely restore with the prospect now
before bluff of life, health ctrl usefulnesa He ts now
Di years of ego, yeors and 6 months of this
time has been adhered with tine coat dreadfol of th.e.
asses; but thank God he in now enjoying good health.
Now, gentlemen, faithwnbout works I don't bellow
In. To say duct I chill b e ever grateful ,o you Is one
thing, and as I here enclose you one hundred dollars I
halm no doubt but that you will th ink this is mother
and quite a different thing. The, debt of gratninde I
still awe yon, but please to accept the present ammo
as Interest on the debt in advance.
Tones very respectthli a
. - -
One of the proprietors of this Invaluable medklas
was afflicted for several years
with Epileptic Fits.
The disease had produced the. worst effort his
syrtem, vie Loos of memory, Imbec il ity of and •
perfect prostration of the tenons system. He had
Wiwi the skill of the best physicians for seven years,
and grew worse under their treatment, and ha knew
that this medicine was his e
hope for health and
life, and was therefore determined to gave it a fair trial,
and to persevere in its use, which he did, and the resell
was IL perfect 1.1.0111130t1 to health, which was cond.
ted tonnterrepted for nearly sixteen years.
We would refer to the foll Owing persons who have
been cornd by Wing Mai Vegetable Extract
Col K 1100.1w', daughter was afflicted nine yeas)
residue aiYonken, Na'. York.
W Bennet nine yews, 171 anted et.
Jutl Elloseph ssnwth, severimrs, Dover at.
11 W Smith. York= Mein. kiln. L.
B Kelly, twenty year., Staten Island;
bps. F. itrlreef, twenty year., Yorkville:
hlles E crane„ twelve years,ll2 Hanneently et •
Wm II Pel, twenty-three years. 73 Norfolk:ok
Jacob Petty, four years, 174 W.., 0,
Philo Mouton, twenry- eight years, Oreenessife Po
Judge Randall, et Fast Broadwa, New WA.,
Thomas R Jones, of the U Navy.
Referencem Jennings, t o tam st. Bridgeport, Cez
also made to
Dr W L. Monroe, Guilford, 0.
Rey Rieh ..eett, West ihmexparril
Re , T I. ftsh{ Baltimore, bid
Mr Joseph Bradley, 115 Orchard etN Y.
C Donghton, Eghtormh st N Y.;
Mn James Bertholf, Chester. Orange so. N Y
John Faber, 178 Eisebeth st, do
D A Richton, 214 Delaney al, do
Jones Smith, Ms Suffolk at,
Charles Brown, BO Water at, do
AU of which may be called upon, or eAdr.m.d. pout
Fred. e! by Dr S Haar, Date loans la Hart,)
Now York.
O F I:NOMAD & Co, 140 Alain et, between Ai and
4th sts, and 109 Maio at, between 4th and AM stoma,
Cincinnati, Ohio, wholesale and retail agent. (or the
soca, and west.
I, WILCOX, Jr., corner of Market at and the Dial
=ad, only eel Plusbt Pa haehrwty
This diesel., is caused by a e sroxychnsl construe-.
[ion of the sir oar, it is very debilitanne, ahnost caus
ing suffocation. DR. SWEICFSER'S PANACEA is the
only ceramic cure
Hoarse:mu can be entirely cured by c free use Di Dr,
flureeuer's Panacea_
Catarrh, or common cold, lebleb, if neglected, ,n
terminate in Consumption, 1 elrectually relieved and
eared by Dr. Svreetscre PASUIetIL.
Bronchitis, if ancheeked., will effectually lead to
Bronchial Consumption, but a timely use of Dr. Sweet
ser's Panama will ctectuallx curt n.
Inflammationor the Tonsil. or Sore Throat-111m
discsof, often leads to senors Couself ...noes from neg
lect, moil as ulceration of the throat. On th e Ant symp
toms, Dr. Bareciser's Psthroca should be procured and
ased freely.
Coughs nod Colds find a sovereign remedy In A.
Sweeter'. Panacea.
Pocummuu Noths—A very final diocese, re=ading
from a violent cough and cold on a debilitated or bro
ken down constitution; aged pennons are subject to it
Vs Sweater's Panacea simuld lacused on the first
rye toils, which ore a mock or col d
tlizhi Somata. This debilitating complain) will meat
Sta.Sectocrls Panacea.
awl appearance of coosunip
doe symptoms, which are a pp not Inn the side and breast,
nigh or spitting of blood,iif Dr. Sweether's Panacea Is
Gael? used, no danger need be apprehended.
When the Lunge, the Windpipe, or Bronchial Tubes
temente clogged up withphlegm an on to impede reepi
ration or breathing, Dr. Sweet/wee tome=s, which in
• powerful Expectorant, should he taken accenting to
the direction&
In9 oar climate, is iTiecand=:f,'"gm',7..XJ:ll,' to
Nee 111 per kale, gix battle. r
For gala by WIL JACKBUN, Mir Libery g
be big boot noaligly
50,000 E 11.50 SI
ILAVE emed lA. Tay lore Ilebeain of Liverwort, .d
be. cured or It. would nee. proved
tbtor the.oneece(lbilmoefeeTer.linpag.mlendie,rui...
10,090 bare been cured of Dyspeptic Consempuon
aad Liver Complaint.
7,000 have been eared elite nohnta.
N 640 h
been eared of general prmorauon of the
n System.
• "
. 3 %110 . 41 , 17 .a b 1 een crud o . f - Rhettimue. Puna, mob the
eeaee SAW have been cured 1 Liver Complaint and Cough.
20300 muted of Scotian,. uranium..
60,1193 more have been cured of coughs, colds, pains
in ts.a Side and chest, night sandhi, want of appeute,
km of mice ' whooping cough, datbility. and many oth
er complaints vehicle bents anthill/ danger.. &wir
es which so often prove fatal, Do. Taylor'. Salaam of
Liverwort is the only successful remedy for the owe
of the above complawits.
.14.1 tan, bung a violent cold, used to cough and
raise thick putrid mane,, and Gnarly could not turn
crier to bed front weaklier+. He had every rymptom
of coasumption His p a Drs. Vermule to An
demon, said he was inctumbla yet strange as it may
appear, this medicine fully restored his health.
SOPHIA GALLON, t 1 Norfolk et."
Slottor Counerm—"Hatting respect for
the mediral profesition, I determined to consult them
In preference to using what are called Talent AIM.-
eine.' Nut for several months I have been troubedl
with Asthma, which hatted the remedies of my phut.
Man Your medicine I have always behaved very
benedeled in sorb eases. Pluding the skill of my med
ical advisers at fault—unbeknown to any one. I procu
red your tialsam of liverwort. which I deemed a very
valuable remedy—ae it ha. had a most wonderful ef
feecopon me, comp ew/y upreitiong my complaint, amt
mato log me to perfect health. lou may refer to me
whenevet dettirvd " D. J. 11
Bold to yittaliorgh by J D oforren , 93 Wood sk J
Toartirend, 13 kith ket .t; II arnyun nor Market and
3ti use Hesid ewo hauten A. Co, Liberty sn Price reduced
to St pe r.
1111EDICAL4. - 01111G IC AL asickelCid.
No. Odi DI Am uN 0 ALLEY, a
few doors below Wood street, to
• market.
. DR. BROWN, having beep
regolnely educated to Me medwal
-▪ • • "ll:t ; .profeulon i and been for some dew
.• • ta general prattiee, now confine.
. • :•'•• his attention to the treatment of
. 4 1 / 4 th ose prwute and delicate emu)
• ' X plaint, tor which his opportunine•
• r
re ape . ece peculiarly quality
hlre yast ties.ditously devoted
tit steely • treatment of those complus...irk, ,t,, c h
time he has bad more practice and has coxed more 01-
[11,20 than C. ever fan to the lot of any poetic
alone:et amply quaridea him to oder usuranem of
permanent, and satisfactory rem to all eflicteet
Frith deheate diseases, and all &scum sal ind theca
Dr Brown would inform those attieted with pneate
diseases which have becomechronic by time or ag I
pavated by the at of arty of the common nostrums ot
the day, that then compliantaean be radically and thor
oughly eared; he having given his careful auention to
the treatment of such eases, and sueesedee in hundreds
of instants, in curing persons of inflammation of the
neck of the bladder, and kindred ddeases which often
result from those Calls where others hale eon/nutted
them to hopeless despair. He particularly Inn.. such
as have been long and unsuetecandly treated by othe rs
to cellist:di him, when emery ibutatintion and be peon
them, and their eases mated it, a earriai. thdrough anti
kraal/gent manner, pointed out by along expenenee,
study, and in vestiasuou. which it is impossible for those
mimed is general practice of medicine to give any
ono class of disease.
ErrElentia or Flupture.—Dr. Brow n al.o !writea per
mits afflicted with Henna to call, Id he has paid panic
alar attention to this disrunr. ,
Skin diseases; also Pi Pithy, eta., speedily scrod
a rn.L i , b k. „7 . u f etth we being at • dantance, by
stating their &seam In %dna& ovenni a I ate aympi
toms, ens steam medmites with an, aa,
ydd,, r i d s T. BROWN, D, post pmd, suannikv..
th tts c rgo. 0.5, Diamond •Iley, oppowte Übe ,early
Mesta'ere —Dr. Brown's 0. 'any
d i , for gbeumusttom loupes
ne ',sunny (or
thalp.infui Der
ones and Pliant!, COnnailing B qt.., No. 1,3 En..
mood siley, Pittsburgh, Pa. The D..wtst la al way . no
rp. No eon no pay. des la.
Vnbneetoelt tt Cote Ifinbefaclent,
a high favor as an apoticootott to 0t]..11111..a
-, tory afdictlens, nod at the wine tert• • as
eR u emollient. U A datincsueli
teed has been very belied.. .n cos.-. of chrome
boon:misc. Glandular Swellings i'o- 1 b mat,
to, Fond.. de. &e Tbe cent6Cats is rout
feralemo..l welt linown A lp One city:
WNW time ego accidentally fait from a scaffold,
Wad severely .prune d both Clay anclen. They tonne
diatrly swelled a that my boots hod to be upped, In
order to have them drawn off—rue suffering they cann
ed 08 1 1 / 1 81 intense In Ibis situation I procured • bot
tle or II A Fahnertoeh & 00's Rubefacienx end •her
not or two appliestions I experienced ouch relief I
used about one bottle and a bell u,d in &boot vido
dap the swellinget,tirely misiodisl, and I was enttuty
meted from any other pain, and experienc e no more
inCetagoience front the ta L In all canes of swelling,
benign, dienmilthas. I.arould most c he erfully re
unamcad theltatrawir..t.
July 17,1818. • • . • ,OF.ORr/E. BASSETT."
For salowhidthsaie and retail b y 13 it FAIINFAITOCK
cotter of Wood and First and Wood and Sixth
=NO. jeg3
_ - -
11211. their frtemis and the pahtte thud:my dace
* Pr l on a arg.torteeetioh with their late ectahlich
meat la Patin ster4, knarn is the Pincher& Brewery,
having-remarEil 'WO ai,thro _bal.., to the POINT
lIREWERY.IIII4ZI MylEtiia,rl,l4,
• -
111.4 g. W•iihoctae.
won pnee taranialpald for good clean raga
esti, elbnlakaate InPniirreee Mc:IA/int wool!
54 12814 ka•ibl 71. w. cv iA. 6 K,
" IN'D• bel. PO= Übßill
• I k