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WIN Me. •
I. — FoltemuLommaemmtEit,
!heft .1111DIDLZIWARTII,'
Asi ale mid .Wig Iltamtiodons
• 310 . 13E11 igAisp.rcks,
• tzwis c,ziosbc, of Italians.
HENRY LARGE, of !Min.'
lIEREEWI NIXON, of Lower R. Clair.
:. <LW 07 illl mesa
DANIEL wcußoy, of Elizabeth Borou ,
THOMAS kAIRMAN, Of Pittsburgh.
:JOHN E, FOSTER, of Baldwin. ,
rditional paiiespialites of the Pitutbarg4 Goalie
■shies& against the Whigs, ~
• - 'Warms:von Jane 16,
Pan ia a. mutinied effort on the part of the
"Loan Porn' ," and the uncompromising oppo.
wr'thi riGeneridTAYkrriziral upon a third Pull
orgaziliniom. Blechinery of an sorts in put to
.„. .
work,and it is demonsirated that others thanthe
two greet patina knew how to pull wires, and
'neat disconl when any-thing;is to be ginned
thereby.; The third party movements in Ohio and
Idrateaclumens, however, were all independent of
dirt risemiriatans at Philadelphia, andwould Lan
been personnel in, had !in result been different
from what it is. The call from Ohio was :Land
by threethoosand Abolitionists, and others, a month
belrma the mectiug of the Philadelphia Convention.
Sci atlldnuichu and the Mr. Wilson, whose
Amer& see announced, had prepared for this op
? Slain in any event, if an out and out Abolition:
in Was . not nominated. • I cannot sea u , pqn what
principle orcommpn =taw or common honor, men
• can perticiPate in the action ofn National Conve.
non, and then nine to acquiesce in it, because
'their own favorite candidate is not nominated.—
Upon the nine prinCiple Gen.' Taylor's friends
might Inn rbolted,” and the Convention cane to
a imad understanding with them' upon this point,
bens 'thn.would act in concert.
From this evidences of pullic opinion now in
',lhis city, and particularly from the free Sintes,tbnie
is saisioubt.tbat the Feat body of the Whig pony
, will rally ripen the Whig nonlineea * New York
ii netts n An* lira by an overwhelming vote, or
is no truth in man. Pennsylvania ni mare
certain for him than it was for Harrison, io lnia,
and he peinocrano Members orCongress from the
Fey Stone tremble es they anticipate the malt--
Thai will try to arrest it, WS cannopuccaed, tor
.-ia the choice between * Taenon an . Cass, every
VAinking #lll muss see the immeur odds in favor
of the *zippiest man, flat honest wl&er,sind the Iran
patzice. ilium can we of the West, with i Protec
tive-Pelf to secnrewith Riven and Harbors io
improve; with a couch' , to serve and rave by re•
tistsmas to Executive tyranny and despotic power,
denten , in such emote - 11h'. Who will rally recess ,
folly upon the-tide of the.oncintry, if party (action,
madoessios partyditappointmenharomadeto con
- triate to the perpetuation of a dynasty like that
Gait which the country has sulleral for the last
four yetsa Let Anti Slavery men and Peace
min beware, as they value the blessings of Peace
aid Fteedom,how they coraribute,incidenudly and
trulirealy;lo the. present elate of things. Such
warnings trutyltiunnocesuuy,bmit is imposaibleto
be blind to the efforts malting bete at the aeat of
. Chstr!,ntmera, by all sorts of combinations and al.
- lietwes so drive Whip into organisatkios which
are jell], eillonly, and call continually. Some of
Pas !schemes are, seeking to unite disaffeciest men
of both 'piglet, and I hear diefneßf §enatot
Ntian,af Cond., mentioned as • pastille candida4
Ice the Pretidency from the free ststat, on the part
Of those who seek to break down presentingena
intim& •
Congreas lute_.given the day to Private
thro' bet: fe;ihaee pamd.
All is !Tale a the Wir Department in prepare
ilium Miami for di banding the Army.- The rev'
lars,'lwnveirer, find no relief, and will be sent main
.ly upon the frontier station.. The demands of the
Government tipon the Army and Navy ere most
inexorable, and relief Gum its exactions under the
new organization, will be more occasional than er •
Cr., 1
Patent. Oates Report.
Hone or RarainscriaTrecs,
Washington, Jane 7d, I 91&
. •E. Benoze, Eeq..—Sin--Cortgretz recently pws.
ed a law authorising the publication and binding
of a large number of the Patent Office Report. for
- "the year 1947. The number to bepublished will
place at the disposal et each member of Congress
• between three and tour hundred copies of a most
intelvallag and neatly bound volume, containing
over 60Q paps.
This work is printed rind bound et the phltlic
pease, and should Ito dis es
of in a manner best
• calculated to promble die posed
public good. To this
• • end, I would suggest, that the School Directors of
each district In Allegheny county, or such other
• persons collie citizens may appoint, should take
immediate measuies toestablish in each district, a
• - public Library, where these and other public doe
- umenla could be placed, and than become accesii
- hints) ill the inhabitants of the district.
, • This would -f orm a nucleus wound which
I would hope to see gathered, • large and value.
hle asentment of popular, interesting and useful
, works. Moreover, I hope befimit; long, to see a
Hoene Departmenteamblished bit this Govemment.l
ix the colleMion and diffusion of information and
statimies, on the sulgeet of agriculture, runnel..
~• tares, and the indawry and enterprise al the coon
try Paerally.
' I will not enlargeon this sithjeci at present.
I leave it to the wisdom of the people to give to
Use 'naval= such consideration_en, may
think proper. Vay'respectfulist, yours,
Mr. Ilsarnme to ourajudgment has shown the
grog spirit of a Representative, in placing the books
vmed by Congress at the disposal of his comsat.
eats. They are paid in from the public" treasury,
and should be distributed for the common good.
where theywill he of the most service to aIL It is
usual far members to receive a great many value
Us Books in the course of* session. enough to add
• an troportan - t value to any public library, or to
snit' ke the valuable nucleus of a net's msocin.
F Om. •
vdered to be
The /Vent Office Reports are onto, to .
bo ed,byCongeea ; forthefirstTime, and will be
wet out therekire, in iegbpd state CmAneservution.
We know of no way In which they can be as
&gunny ,"distributed, oe-. as satiolmorily, or where
they can does much (Oa:4 as in the manner pro•
read, and we hope the plan recommended for
Melting theta by schiNat districts may be adopt:
2 In ell the school dietncis of New York, and in
mini in New England, there are valuable School
Libraries; and it would be areal service, not only
ea children; yonitg In yews, hat to children of the
burg growth, if good libraries could be 'ennbliab•
ed every school - district or the Union. .
Catinnt Barrel 'noun Lrives Cm—The Port.
laud, (daine)'.ddrertiSer well says: "We would
sitter, ten dates over, that john C. Calhoun should
•b. Proitient than Lewis Cass. Ig Mr. Calhoun
sr ithoohl have a neieetneeeit rtmo it is true, but
wrerthelless, a mach more honorable roan, and a
*lsom friend of peace. Bat there . /abut little in
det public life of Mr. Cus to command either re.
".' aff'4 or e n t bi is M
•;„ "Vossolfsionsoctreysior eGot. Jilmageu.
• •-•tiettoos nrcedred in New . York, hum Monitmlbo,
t dared Int ta,stetes Monsgs'• troops (which
st .
thelast animus, vier, within . * shots &once
urged cipr,) had met with a decided repulse from
the Marscrao, peopla iud dun upwards of 1900
~vforo___ takes pdscinets and ithinin number killed.—
j:Dropertiettlate are Orem
1 4=r i =!==
The opposithori to: the Whig noogoatioa, by i
'poritog ottlieptok eee dfy ciaywhigiiaN. F York
City, is assuming a ,fictioim character, :which de
stroyi4/Ithe , ;respect one =light inlierafise• kel for
an bOnest Marencerof opinion,lin ,regard to the
beg shodidsite for the siirl l Sint of khe pony. "
• A meeting was held in that e 4, on Friday even.
ing lait, of so anomalous a char. ter, that the cdi.
torii there seem undecided sob name to give h.
The ' Cann", uys it will not so ;far disparage the
Whig!, party as to mill it it Whig 'meeting; and the
Commercial says, 'a Whfg meeting it certatairw.
not.' 'The' Thlinree calls it, 'it Whig city meeting:
It was called by the Delegates of the city to the
Whig National Convention,to repOrt their doings—
but as it was andenaoOLl before band, that the nc
mit:unions would be opposed, those who abide by
the nominations were advised to stay away. The
meeting was not large—the Tribune says three
thousand—but it was sufficiently disorderly, and
broke up in a sort of a row., .
The meeting was organized by the appointment
of Philip W. Kansas Chairman; md Messrs. Rial
beet D. Holmes, C. AL K. Paulson, and Meccas D.
flaruck as Secretaries.
The first itpdakeriwee Mr. N. 13. Meet, wht, pre
noted or length the Report of the City Delegates
to the late National Convention at Philadelphia:—
The speaker complained much of the proceedings
of the Convention, but in closirre, declared his in
tention of nbidiug by its decision.
Horace Greely, of the Tribune, followed, and as
he deservedly has many warm triends in this'nee
tion, who are anxious to knowwhat course he in
tends to pursue, we copy the soliohkof his remarks,
ns reported for his own paper.
'H. Greeley, being called for, said in substance:
I an glad, fellow citizens. of this opportunity to
bear testimony, to the fidelity, zeal, nod efficiency.
of your Relegates at Philadelphia in the support of
our great leader and champion, hoary Clay. It
Was through no Malt of theirs that he is not again
our candidate. I have listened with interest to
their report, as presented by Mr. Blunt, and can
attest its general faithfuhices. Ido not, however,
no fully concur in the conclusion, that the condi.
dates nominated must necessanly be supported,
even by the Delegates, merely &Tows they have ,
been nominated. I understand our obligation to
support the candidates nominated by a Whig Con
to be based uponand measured by the fact
that such candidates embody and are identified with
great =dinel principles of nor party. [Gener
al assent.] If General Taylorsliall thus consent to
be the Whigeandidate,whatever our personal pm
ferences, I feel bound to support him. [Murmurs of
dissent.] But if he choose to stand on ..No Party .
grounif"--to run as the candidate equally of nil the
parties'that shall see fit to nominate him—and re
fuse to stand the exponent of Whig principles—.
I cannot see how Whigs can be bound by o Whiz
nomination to support him. ]Applun.e.] lint, with
the defeat of Mr. Cloy, I have cemed to seek or
'desire to lend public opinion in this reinter. I wait
the action of the Whig party nod of the friends with
whom I have hitherto acted, rather trilling to he
governed by than solicitous to shops that action.
To this succeeded a repetition of cheep: and tu.
Multuous cries, which ceased on the appearonce of
Hon:Dudley Selden on the szano.
He artnouncediltis intentioa of env:clog Taylor
and Fillmore to the last, end „amidst tremendous
confusion and boisp,said—' I nominate Henry Clav
as our ran didaus*r the Presidency.' Thir was
received, says the , Tribune, 'with tret..adou,
cheenag which continued a long tunic: No man
wJI regent this mole than Mr. Clay himself.
Governor' Jones, of Tennessee, was then intro,
dtteed:M the meeting. lie, however. declined la
king nay part in the present pro,eedings, and de
clared his intention of making his pcsit,on Loosen
to the Whig.: of Teromosce. An elihri was made
to pass some resolutions, hut the confu•ion
ed to increase,' until the stand was. two down in Is
zs*. The Courier says a great ninabcr L COa
were present, and that the Cason Ranier Do:xi...-
tiet was large and noisy.
Notwithstanding these unhappy Milken: es. in
the city, and a very few murmurs of d,content in
other parts, there is no doubt that Taylor and Fill
more,will carry. New an overwhelming
Majority. The Whig Press of the Sur, ha,. with
great unanimity and zeal, with the emeontlan of the
Tribune, 31 far as we have * seen. entered upon the
support of the Whig noun/Unions, and the well
known and leading Whip of the Stale. also tAI-e
the same course. We have already given loiters
front several. and -we append another from that
well known, and justly admired, and leading
Whig, Wm. H.tieward:
Atmcr,v, Junel3,
GvaLsnrm—Yonir letter in behal f of the Wi
General Committee of th e Cityof New Tee, tavl.
ling me to attend and address lb:. Whs.. :I`l4F;s
Meeting to be held in that city to morrow, bits
been received.
The inttl-rening time will be too short to permit
a compliance with an invitation whiclt mophes
much respect I cannot, however, pass by sun.
able an occasion cm- expressing my cordial eNtil.
escence in the nominations made in Philadelphia.
I shall cheerfully give to the nominations my
support, confiding in the eminent abilities and mn
tun of the candidates, M the wisdom and patr:ot:
ism of the Convention by whom they were neon:
acted, and. in the known aeration of be Whir
party to the maintenance of law and public order
—the fosterinfof NatMrial In,hi.try--the Onprove•
meet or the National Ite,ourccs--the preiervnlion
of Peace, by the exercise of justice and in,ider,
lion in nor foreign relations--the equal .prnlcelmn
of individual rights, nod the constant melioration
and ultimate removal of all lan, and OlrOtirOnnr
oppressive upon any class of mankind.
I am, Gentlemen.
Wall greet respect,
Your humble servant,
J.•IL Hobart Hawn, Joseph IL Taylvr, ftrid Rnyai
H. Thayer, Committee of Carre,pondetTe, tee.
Gen. Cats arrived in Clevelonil, on lost Thurs.
day afterwoon, and was received with civil cod mil
itary honors, and was escorted to his 'lodgings. at
the New England House. Soon after his arrival
he appeared on the balcony, where he was intro
duced to the people, by Judge Wood, who among
other things told, him, that the peop6 would L•t!f'
glad to hear his sentiments on the Unproven:lea' of
Western Rivers and Harbors, and on the Extension
of Slavery.
In his reply, the General blinked both Limbo ime •
thins. The True Democrat says, that in his reply.
"he spoke about crowing the OhinWheit the.
try was a widerness, inhabited by sa r engest of en
during the ha rdshitii; °film early sertleinent; of bar
ing served his country long, in peace and war, at
home and abroad, ke. (Some wag ruggested that
all that might be a good reason far passing the li
for a contribution, but none for making him Pres,
dent.) As to the Harbor improvements and the
'Wilritot'Proviso, he referred them to his votes, and
gave them tin understand if that was oat scusLic
ory, they must wait fir to inaugural for an am
The Herald sap, that after ineetinq
Wood's posers on the subjects of Western improve_
meats and Slavery, with the:tnost unequivceal eva.,
sion, be proceeded us follows:
"Flora Ciriaeue. So long as - we are all blesmil
with the bappyl privilege of speaking and acting
with (reagent oh topics of public pulley; r.n long
Will elm eiliZeLle be divided in peliiical sentiment
60 long will they be separated into different partles
each struggling, Air the 'muter)y. This state of things
is unavoidable in a free government--st May i.e
called the tux paid by Freedom. Therills oat. Le.
fore you a severe eAnltt,t; bill the pruspeet 14 It
cheering one. Go on, and our triumph, will be an
approyul of the course of the prpent adinuil.trk
Con, and will give direction to the one which shell
So, here it is, Gm Cass's election is to be a rat.
Mention by the people, of all the nets of the present
destructive administration—the 31esierin War. the
, Eateusion of Slavery, the two hundred million . , of
deLt, the Veto of river nod harbor I/ilk, the ths
graceful coupe on the Oreiton question, the do.
struction of the 'TaritT of 'l2, and the hundred other
evils inflicted Upon the country, by Polk, Wallies,
du Co. t.
Not only so - -tnarkihe words—the approval of
the course of the present administration, by hp
election, says Gra. Cast, .wili per throw:on it; the
one whist Ad/ enter f.'" All the evil+ of the tires.
•ent administration We' to be perpetuated. We are
to have another ward:wing, 01l N orth . Am , r i,,, an.
.e.‘ing,,:avwtexten . dinc, improvement of river
and hartior.vetoing, debtecontra: ring and home-labor
pmstrating administration! Are rho people of the
North prepared fur this!—if not, vote fur Taylor nod
Tips treaty of Peace, it seems, was not received
in Washington, by Major Graham, as stated. Ile
left the • city of Mexico before the ratification had
reached there. The Baltimore Patriot, however,
'of Saturday ellernoon, states that a despatch had
beep received in that city, on dint morning, bring ,
big intelligence that Mr. Buchanan Las official let
teft'from Messn, Sevier and Clifford, the S •
Commissioners, informing our Government of the
ratification of the bfezican treaty.
Since the above was written the N. Y. Courier.
brings the following official announcement :
We are indebted to the Collector of this. Port
for the following important notification:
WAlntscruoir, June itith,l6lS,
Treater, Department, Friday,-Tune 16.,
Official ugelligence from Queretaro of ilia ratifi•
calk:mei theTreaty-oircace with Mexico, has
just been i»mmutiicded to this-Department in Mc
despatch to the Secretary or State from our Com
missioners, Messrs. Sevier and CliiTord.
R. A WALKER, Sec), Treas.
• G encralMaehairy•Taiyacia, •- '
-- NCNi - that Gen. Tlylor is the Whig Mutt Hate for
:Presidni, it is pioper that the people should !apt
his character as a Plan, and cairn:we much nth.
'take, the more he is known, the better he will be
liked. The following article was published some
weeks since, in the Bostori ' Trayeller—s paper of
high moraLeharecter, which takes no sides in pot
iticstiThe writer evidently speaks from positive
Messrs. Edi!ors.-1 do not know in what esti.a•
tion you hold Gem Taylor in a political point of
view, and do not know as you prefer him to Mr.
. Clay. or that you would support Ins claims to the
Presidency, or co:taller him as in iny degree quali
fied far that of.. lint I believe you would be
willing to do him justice a 3 a man. Let him be
! as he may, he ought riot to be charged with crimes
and conduct of which he is not•guilty. Gen. Tar
lox has rendered some service to his inalilitlt."lle
- hasbeien.honored (or that service. His name,
witiMut bin knowledge it first, has been misprinted
with' , ilie Presidency of the Union. Ile hail already
.felts e : penalty which is paid for such dikinction.
-Ilia private Ine-at once becomes public,-01l the
evil he has done in his lifetime is spread out before
oilmen. Acts and deeds repugnant to his nature,
are ascribed to hint—his morel character in admil•
ed with the voice of a trumpet—Me del.ce let ,
bin nod hardly heard. With permission, I wish to
bey a few things in respect to General Taylor.—
They may be inter.ting—they may do some jure
tier to the character of a worthy man.
Gen. Taylor is a male of medium stature, large
frame, with a massive chest and shoulders, and
though not imposing when on the ground, ha ap
pears thielyinu horseback. From long exposure to
the climate of Florida and the far South, his. Com
plexion is almost the color of ranhomtny. The sane
muse bas effected his eye-sight, and helms formed
the habltof.half cloning his eyes. lie looks, when
not in conversation, as if he was quizzing some,
one; but when engaged in conversation, his eyed
sparkle, and his lace lights up with iutelligence. 7 .
Ile is exceedingly fascination in social life. flair
and.unassoming in his appearance and manners ;
he reminds one of a New Hampshire farmer, who
had seen ranch bard toil. Ile is distinguished for
great common sense, for modesty in the utter
ance of his opinions, and great gmtness in ad..
ring to tharwhich he conceives to be right. Soft&
-senni ago Ire woo called to Washington to unravel
some perplexing matters in connection with the
Indian Department. He displayed inch profound
knowledge of that whole ilepartmeet, he undid the
knotty question,yrith such dexterity, and display
ed such strong common sense and practical Wis
dom, that a bureau was offered to hint in that de
partment, but declined.
• Mita:Mir relations an, honorable—Mrs. Taylor
is one of the most elegant - women in the army.
And that is great noise; Far tome of 'the most ele
gent nod necointilished Indies in Itie country arc
united in marriage to our army. She inelegant in
lice person .d her manners; a lady of humble, bit
decWed piety, being a member of the Episcopal
ff Much. His sou has recently graduated from
'fide College. His daughter is distinguished for
ticeomplishineuts and beauty. She has declined
attars from loony of the °dicers of the, army, In'
to the desire of her father, who does not
•ish to see her married to a wilier.
Gen. Taylor is not e profane num. Ile has been
.•• red of profaneness. Words said to have twat
altered by hint on the geld of blade have gone
through the Union. But no one who knows Gen.
Taylor believes such a report. Men who hove been
synth him in scenes most trying, under eirmunstan.
I es, the most provoking, never heard hint utter an
oath: he refrains, front principle.
Gear Taylor was two years in a furl as the corn.
mender of
. 10190 men, runny of whom were anrong
the worst of the race, iu that, swearing le. as earn
, gion es plumes; the very moral sense seemed to
rlaniand an oath n test of a gentleman. The
chaplain Übe 'um, with .Gen. Taylor during the
whole wmmauJ , nud saw him under eirctinistan
ees of tire greatest provocation, toys hr never
heard an nom front his lips. Ilia principles and
praotice iu this respect are known to the whole ar
Gem. Taylor in a strict teetotaller. He conforms
to the castor otl6c =my, and keeps on his side
hoard such Immirs as are drank in tire army; but
he plestieslitsideers o n ly in cold water. At the
of it ),rade. i it is etiquette on the part of the
odicers to call at the headeuartert and pay respect
le the Gomi - onntler , in.Ciiti-l. It is et .p.iette on the
hurl of the tkenulantler to Clow the Otlierri to
drank iris health.' It by teen (Inc. Taylor's run
min tar years in poer out Ins glass oreold water,
turd dunk the health of the staff ,n that alone.
When he ns%innerl the command of gat Snap,
he found latenaperance in be the peevailmg and Ines had been ex.
lmu.f.l. It was prrlX,Cii to attempt to reform the
men. Gen. Taylor geed Me chaplain his warm
carper... by atithably'aml canonic.- Aud ali
know that m the army ofttlaM,T . can Le done with.
t the col ci tge .....ranmullrr A eitanie watt
at ~ n rc cad . 1 a !CI, thin two Years, more
than GJD reartard men caorchidila procession wall
badjes !Md:Anal,. Some of them echo joined
tar error .
hi' the:, intemperance, obtained
their dtsebarge Gee:Taylor, nufl recanted
home to their fantihes.mber tees. Some of them
act.M good !Asp
Boston at this prerent time.
Goa. Taylor ;.1 a frfend tyl the :Sabbath anal 4t
pubhc worship. canner judge men severely
who are fa the Lands of nommface.. m Gen. Tay
was. at New Orleans a few months ago. By
.uols a rifled. tl. Adorn.. Mr. Wchater. and alters,
must be set 'flown as enemies to the Sabbath. A
samae act, over which. a. rallthe arm, they had no
otdr.d. must torch Inere than a Meg Lk. It is a
C. 11114011 thing for officers In the army to take en
ereaMoa the oinftham, by walling or MIN: after
public worshm. Inamfg the whole tics he was at
f. at Jesup, Lie chaplain 'S.F.) he never tIV , Gen.
Taylor riateg for eseretse, nor tat much in tralktng
betas his quarters. • die regarded the Sabbath as
essential to good order and morals, and he threw
- the force of his example fully 16 as favor. Ile was
regular and devout at puhlte worship. Whenever
the chaplain ,preached, whoever °lle was absent.
Gen Taylor was in his place.
in polates Gen. Taylor la a Witt; to be has
ever beta remmled. The army- is' o place to xis.
gni, n MAO'S morals, his politics or his relimon.—
A. thousand of sixteen hundred ruin onallned for
yearsja a small fort will learn tacit other's °pat
io... '1 and decided, but moderate, Gen. Tay.
or ha. always been hunt as a \Vhig. some of
his stall stern cm:ant politimana, Gen. Twiggy for
example.. Sating en a log or a camp stool, the
polams of the COMM"' have been discussed by
Gen. Taylor and his warm. Huth Democrats and
Whigs have regarded lion as n Whig. The fact
that he bore a shofroth...Hi would an soon hare
been disputed as Ms pl.:110111a pOlitics.
TAYLOR a Shiro.- 7 A large and enthusiastic
Whig Irdnicatiou Meeting was held sa Steuben
ville, on last Saturday evening. Nearly every
scanty and every mesa in Ohio has responded to
the Whig nominations. Ohio, we think, may now
lie considered safe Gtr Taylor and Fillmore. The
Cincinnati Atlas remarks:
'The Crisis is post. The thing ie virtually not.
tied. The fears of our friends and the hopes of:
our enemies concerning the receptioti which the
Whigs of Ohio would give to the nominations of
tho Wl:ig National Convention, lift abbe passing
away. It is nestled that the Whig preen of Ohio
will du its duly; the \Vhig masses of Ohio will do
their duty,iand the vocal . ' the State will be cast
decisively quid emphatically in favor of Taylor and
iWe have heard:from all the great are.
[ions of the Stateilist, West., North, and South.
The great body of the party is every where ready
to give tip Peratinal prelitriinces to the emergency
of the bws, and the good of the cause. A few
yet hesitate, but they grow fewer every day; and
oohed a little more time fir mkt .nsiderstion has
been given. they will be few indeed.'
The only portion of the State in which there is
any serious °pi...Cr". in the Western Reserve;
hut this hi doily growing hiss. The opposition would
have been ahout the smile, i ad Mr. Clay been no.
tnianted. Mr:tiiildnuts deelated, in a speech in
his district, lately, that he could not support Mr.
Clay. There is a 'good deal of restiiieness already
manifested by the Whigs who have resisted the
nominations, on account of their , association with
Liberty . men. and olio, small ultra parties. They
say they intend to support the regular Whig min
ty ord. if they Jo, thief trill be found, before
November, the foremost in the fight fur Taylor and
As the contest is between Taylor and
Coes, they cannot help choosing !Old Rough and
liendyLiu preference.
We learn fruit the Waahington Union, of l'un
day inst—(kir strange ash may woad in
theear'S'of this'newspaper organ of this goy.'
eminent is published on Sunday morningq—that.
at 3 ochwk, inn Saturday ahernoun, the sealed bids
fur the than of ,igteen millions of dollars were or
anted 1.4. Mr. Young, chief clerk of the Treasury.
in the Resetice of the Secretary, of the heads of
Istrennaiol the principal bidders, and apectaturs,
in the large entrance hail of the Treasury Wpart.
merit. The tune taken up in opening and nriang,
ins' the bids NVU3niore than two hours. Thu total
amount hid was 530,333,1.10, nearly every dollar at
a preitiistu. The' whole . loan Was bid for .in the
nettle of i‘Coreriran Sc Riggs, for,theruselves, Baring•
Brothers t: Co, of .I,ndon, and others," at tr pre.
untiesof x32]00, the premium offered by them
above. par amounting to 5163,200. They were the
'highest bidders fur about 51.1,000,000 i the remain•
ing $•{000)100 bringing a premium ranging from
3 th) m t 5100. Thu Lola] ressitteittili*ed is
idiom halfa tndlion of dollarr
Cossix-neur roe TATIML—Ad the Whig pa.
pars in Cunnecticet have endorsed the nomine•
tines of the Philadelphia Convention.. So far as
Connecticut la concerrned there need bo no fear
of the result. She will proudly beardlp the Whig
banner, and give to TAYLOR. and Fim..noxe nex
fall a majority worthy.of her bra days.
The Senate has confirmed the appointment of
Luna Toucey, of Connecticut, as Attorney General
of the United States lathe place of Nathan Chtlbrd,
The Senate has also continued the appointment
of Arthur r. Bagby, Envoy and Minister to Russia,
vice Ralph J. Ingersoll, recalled at hie own request;
and Calvin Id. Ingersoll as Secretory of L-811 /UM to
the Russian Mission.
-,:. _..,
Court of Quarter Sessions
Afternoon of IV 0 n y —The next . thing Mag are
pearml wail' the case of an humming swain named
weaver' from.the neighborhood of Brookville;
Jetrenort county, who claimed security to, his pee ,
son agaiiiian individnal of the naroirofFratopum
from the same place. I .tappeinthatpooriVeaver
loot bb wife once upon a tine , in an affair , d'aisour,
and th4t. •Framptin was suspected of berm; too
kind a .neighbor in this matter.. The matins of
Weaver wished to show that he could cotton° hii
harp to the dulcet strains of
. "I'll weave my love a garland
A sweet flower geekandr
and his testimony in relatinti to lodging provided by
his wife file Frampton, had induced him to console
himeelfi as a philosopher should do, ii7there be
any such thing as philosophy in love affairs, and
accordingly Mr. Weaver has come tothe concha..
man, "there ta ns good fish in the SCI as ever was
caught," only he did not wish to have his nerves
further disturbed by threats to kill and murder
which Frampton had sworn to execute.
it apkared in evidence that the present coin.
plaint leas a cordial:rim of an old =ape that
happened is the country,' and that there remains
upon We criminal calendar (of Jeffinvott county
a charge for anfrery, to be sealed by the aid of a
Court and Jury, for the benefit of the pnesent lie"
gaab ,
Inch of the ' part*, a was direcied to enter into
recognizance to keep the peace, and each to pay
his own costs.
Behnke:Myer vs Blackmaee of Birmingham for
surety el peace, eame up in order.- The pevor
cuter it wan thought injured his case by a show of
feeling, not the most favorable in a Court. Black,
more was sentenced to pay the costs.
Yeseerday Foreasen.—The President and AOOO.
Mates present. Tila ease of die Commonwealth v.
Alesmtder M'Clurg, fora libel on W. ht. Foster, late.
keeper.. of the Athenaeum, occupied the ineaoda..
The emir wan ably defended by Messrs. Darragh
and William; who gave tha law . of libel in eaten.
so. The Judge, however, repeated what Lord
Mansfield said many years age, that it is a hlel to
speak the truth of, and concentie.g, anyone where
its tendency leads to a breach of the peace. The
jury frond the defendant guilty.
Afternoon Sessian.--Sundtv mesa =auk and
battery came up in the afternoon. • •
Commonwealth a; Thad. S. Bell, of Manchester
Ile ,pleaded guilty, on a charge of assault and bat-
Eery au Wm. Locks, EM. Fined SCX:r and cords—
/dr amt of funds he was rent to mil.
Commonwealth va. C.l:l:ie. Deraidant plead
guilty 112 a caw of assault. d lawary. Fined 00
and cogs.
Commonwealth vs. Franey—also a charge of
assault and batter. Fined WO and costs.
We might tabs occasion to remark: that the de.
readmits in all the abotte eases should parka an in-
dictment against his majesty. King Alcohol, be
•brigglng them into such troubles.
There was filthy case of an swinish awl battery
between Germans of the names of Housback and
Eggu. The harden of complaint vas, that one
woman had swept data upon l the steps of the cons.
plateaut, vhro, in ,return, said that her neighbor—
the defendant—was no better than she ought to be,
and used some other language not to be repeated.
To sustain the complaiat übout this trill,. some
amen of mothers occupied the seats within the bar,
to the neglect of their domestio duties et home.
Denci-sairt ra Arsacuray.—The hot weather
appear. not to affect much the rascals that infest
our aster city. On Sunday eight Most, the dwelling
house of Mr. Morgan, residing tithe bead of Mid'
die alley, was entered by a burglar at a window of
the lower story. He toad, noise enough terwate
MAI : Morgan, who awoke her husband, and be
drove the scamp out of his house, ash no plunder
except one dollar—and that a countirfeit
Mr. Samuel MlZain'a house wan : also entered.
on the name night, doubtless by the same fellow,
and ransacked thottingWy, and robbed of
taken from the pocket of an apprentice oflfr Calla
cher. named James Barrett, who boarded in the
house. Mrs. ME:aiu was awakened by the
loa'eearch:og under the pillow of her bed, and was'
ea frightened that she could not give warning to .
her husband until the rascal bad etade Ida escape.
Waxamr--Yeaterday, lodge Patton ordend
the Clerk of the Quarter Sessions to record a Gus'
of 520 on cut absent juror. 'Under this judgment
or Jeerer of the Court, about twenty will suffer, in
the language of the Corr, the paim and peeatties
that neglect of attendance.
Prom the Ilolltileysborg
eT LAJTItIOW 0.111.7 T.
Our Army. in a dreadful eitir
It mill not be denied.
A rate that holds a lolly place
Among the can tried;
A ease without a pantie!
Amongst Lie human race,
A esse---rnost tenable to tell—
. A mondroue---Pillow-ease.
old Siva—a man of wine renown.—
The chid of Lundy'. Lane,
Who taught the Mezteaus to walk
Right Spani.h ttt New•Spitbli
111.1 services art all forgot,
Ilia person In dtsgrace
For 3darcy's almost smothered Scott,
Within this pillow cnse.
our officers are tried and true
• Our Army brave and hold,
And there the owe. and conduct too
Of Pane is enrolled,
And now among our friends and gets,
In triumph or disgrace,
Whereer this monstroull pillor guns
Well'have a Ptllmmuaae.
0 long in monumental lama
MailPoliCs transaction* stand;.
Santa Wh o Anon gate ■ pan,
• And Pillow a command,
•Ju.t draw the contrast, fnends, I beg,
Betweettilids.lovely brace,—
The hero of the wooden kg,
And oi—bas -
Cocustett—Ltaraorm. Accinaneo—We ate
pained in being called on to record another swami.
boat disaster,ly Which several persons, it is Buy,
owed, last their live,. On the night of the ldth
mst, an the Snitana, bound from New Orlnas In
this port, was ascending the chute of Island - No.
35, about sta miles below Randolph, her officers ,
described a boat descending, and -immediately
made every exertion to avoid a 1,011.1i011. The
descending boat, however, miataking probably the
movement of the Sahara, changed her course in
each a manner ati to run across the bows of the
ascending teat The engines of the Sultana
were stopped, and an attempt made to backwater,
supposed that some were .itrowned, as several
twee Imuckbut not in time to prevent the collision
oT the two boat. •
Th,e_derdine beat, which proved to be the
Grey Eagle, bound from Cincinnati to Mempltia,
wax struck on one of her sides, aim the head of
the boilera.• The Stearnpipe was broken, and
mow unfortunately, a number of persons scalded.
Five were known to have been scalded, and it is;
ed overboard. The hull of the Grey Eagle was
much damaged.
The officers of the Sultana immediately render ,
ed every mulatto«, in their power. They rescued'
several persons from drowning, and took charge of
.the scalded. Alter towing the Grey Eagle to the
shore, they reufained with her three boors, nod did
nil they could to ameliorate the condition of the
sullercrs.-4. Louis Union.
ilsi.rinuaa, June 17,1519.
Major (keen! Winfield Scott has taken his de.
partitre from Proderickoind will visit the Shenan
doah Springs to recruit his 'health which has sug
fermi severely from the fatigues of the campaign,
and the exercise of mind to which he hu been ex.
Pena. •
Gen. Pillow is in town. The Goon of Inquiry
will meet agnin on Wednesday Sci the summing
SHAM! Susam!!—A Loco . kico correspondent
Of the Cleveland Mindenler, in • letter Metal
Chippewa, Ohio, urges his party to organise air the
.campaign. lie eayt--.Thia thing of merely look.
ing out and wishing the cane God speed, without
putting nor shoulder' to the wheel in earnest, our.
selves, avids about as much towardsconquering •
peace or gaining - it victory as Gen. Scott's burning
wax candles tad humming eferXerias in the Meer
lean churele Such ei the spirit of Locogicoiem.
mnination of Dr. McNabb, his .on Horace; and
—legal's, charged with having caused the death
of Sarah Farber, was riontiuded but evening after
.-tedious wiling of two days. The math is so fol.
Ides: Dr. McNabb is fully committed far trial; In
galls is bald to bail In the sum 0f51,500 to anivrer
(Ur "aiding, counselling, hiring and procuring the
commission of an offence;" and Horace McNabb
disdirogeil..=—Boomefotintal, 14t1s.
Tnx SIATE SCUTORS — COMpIiS2Ig onexhird of
the body—sohose terms expire this year, are
1* William A. Crabbe, 15* Ner Middleswartb,
2 Henry L Benner ; 21 Samuel Hill,
4' Win. Williamson, 22 Cherie. A. Black,
7* John .P.Sanderson, 23 E. G. Creacrall,
* A. Kerr Swab, 23 James L Gillis.
14' Jordan,.
Sig Whip and five Democrats to go oat, and
we shall elect beveri Whipgs to km Deonocrata foe
their . suceenors. Old Wultington will not ere
thinly per mit
. herself !Ode lo be mluepresented
to the . w
.„ Senate.—. Worth cletwicarc
,B.`• A 11. count THAT Cat az CAnniAHHHHH—It
teas announced a few dap ago that Gen. Taylor
was about to visit Washington city. 'The Wish.
ihton Union! Coutradicts iL It is now rumored,
says' the Lousrvillo Journal, that he will visit
Washington on the 4th of Much nosh Can the
Nom conundict
)..,Br3tAcittra. R.
43 "rormaleolO or Pitialmortit Ossetia.
gersagradestaot.the Pludaugh Ossetic..
Mr. Webster maimed a memorial (nit the
Chicago Coiereatiort, which wee rented to a Se:
lei Committee. 1
The bill emeadiagNainraliution Lan waa!{a .
I 'ken pp. The !awls so imeoded, as to preyed the
temporary dame of those who have &elated
their intentions, kid - violating their right to Nam'
uralisatort Papers Agreed to.
The johd resolution restoring the &adult= Mail
to theßietarhaul Rail Road route was debited.
Houski—Air...:Surt was elected Speaker during
the absence. attdr. Winthrop, who is milked to
Mr. Wentwarit presented the Memorial of ate
Chicago Convention. , The consideration dtrthe pr
titian was pattposted WWI Wednesday.
The Hon. Andress Stewart moved to suspend
the mies in order that he might oder a resointWa
instructing the, OW cli”el• On Ways and Means to
report a bill increasing the duties
~etulartiries, and
on foreign aserofactureecompetini with Ameticari
labor. The motion was negatived—two thirds not
voting for
The House hereitter will meet tt , l 0 doccy;
Wmatcarros,.Jone.W, 1648.
Sascarr--Mr. Fe6h presented We credentials of
Mr. Farmdi, who was sworn and took his seat:
The Nome Bill, in relation to M. de Vattemere
and &joint resolution l from tlM Library Committee , ,
for the piMentation of a aeries of Weights and
-Mantes to France, was agreed to. •
;The &nide then proceeded to the conaideration
of the order of the day--being the Indian Appro.
Mr. Dix proceeded with hie arguments advocat
ing the amendment ollcred Mr the purpose of do
ing justice to the Cherokees remelting in North
liciurn—Mr. Burt presided, in eon/Nuance ig
the Bpenicer's nbrenee.
After .the reading of the report from the Com•
mittee on the Militia, Mr: Houston, of De!aurora,
introduced a resolution authorizing this Clerk to
employ Smith's iuveution for , taking the yeas and
Alter some discussion, the resolution was laid
ou the table:
Me Ring reeled it resolution authorising the
Library Committee to erect a granite monument to
Mr. Adams, in the Congressional burying ground.
The Opposition was opposed by Messrs. Healy
and Bowfin. White the question was pending;
Vinton moved that the House resolve itself into
Committee of the Whole on the Civil and Diplo-
math: Hitt.
Mt. Lincoln made a .pocch in Caviar of Internal
Mr. Wick read from a Whig speech of Mr. Hod.
son, and asked Watch were the sentiments of the
gendeman'a candidate, Geo. Taylor. •
*r. Hudson replled by reading Trom Gen. Cuss's
Cleveland speech. • -Ile said Cass was trucklidg
M alavery, • an& he preferred Taylor—an honest
mm-to a hypocrite.
Ur. Ficklie asked if the man who concealed his
opinions were not a hypocrite.
Mr. Hillier d having obtained the door, the Com
mittee road, and the - Howie adjoumed.
Conospoo6eato of Ito PO:Waugh come*.
Terrill* Ikons' In Martinique
PHILADELPHIA, June 19, 1519.
The Brig Oalambus, b. arrived at this city
fiom the French islind Ahrtinique, hiring on
Imar d aapassengers, a large number of Planters,
who had'. escaped from the ternlile revolt °ldle
shores in'thai (inland, who were massacring the
white inhabitauto, and oxsonittingsvela !mainlines.
Some families had been abut up in their houses.
which were set tire to, and consumed with their tin"
inmate.. The revolt commenced m &-
Petrie:, Gov. itastoland, instead of eallini out the
S'citiliers to quell the revolt, had in the midst <Abe
excitement, proclaimed the abolition of Slavery as
deemed by the French Republic. t.luder i .: these
cirionscances, all the ishrt4nbabitants, who could
had ded from the Island, and fears were entedained,
that still greater atrocities would be committed un
lingbelp we...paddy great.
Correzzandenee of the Piltentfrh Garotte.
vh• Zen LINO.
PutzAnuricta, June 20, ISIS.
Ten millions of the newloan it is said hare been
taken otikUvign ecenont. Arrangements had been
effected, with foreign capirolists by Corcoran sod
Riggs, by which they pledged themselves to take
large =ousts at fore per cent premium.
Corrotiotalastaz of tim Masbateb thorns.
littorroottoa at Porto Sleet
Pitmans:Erma; Jane W. ISIS.
Aceounts have been received of an insurrection
of the Emir.* of the Spanish Island of Ptirta
and that many perverts have been killed.
Cazzespoadeace Of the Pittsbargh Gazette.
Gen. Qurrusa addressed ahublic meeting here
list !tight: end paid • high Compliment to the
Pennsylvania volunteers.
Corre.ponilenco of the Pinaborgh Queue.
New York, June 20, 1878.
Mr. Snowden, fire many years connected with
the Courier & h.:tummies one of its Eddore died
this morning. lie vas hied/ esteemed far his
many virtues.
The American steamer Herman, sailed to day
at noon, gar Bremen, with 62 passengers, and
3200,000 to specie.
Correspondence or the Pittsburgh Gamut,. -
Philadelphia, June 20,6 r:
Flour—Ssles of good Western broods at 5,3301
540 per MIL
iGrain—Rdes of prime red wheat at 1,2201,230
per bii. Corn at 51c. Rye, sales at fi9o per ho.
Cotter—Sales of Louislnna at Ya Sales of
Upland at 71c, to the itzteul of 3000 balea.
Proviskins—Pales of bacon shoulder. In dry
.salt at 4c; ham s at siesli. The market is brisk.
Lead. 6rm. There is good demand kr Luse
lots.. Sides to anise.
Lard—Prime No I keg is held at 'h. There Is
no chinge in other articles usually spoke of in the
- Csstres deuce of the Pittsburgh GUM..
New You, June 24,4 r. u.
Flour—The m rket is steady but not active.
Grain—The market for corn and oats Is dull— ,
Salm of prima whoa corn at 00c; yellow is held
without purchasers at Slo per bat.
Provision There is less mtiventent,in pork,
the market beinifheavy.
Whiskey —Sales in bids at 231 c.
Rice—Sales aro steady at previous rota.
Cotton—The market is quiet. •
. Bairmoax., June 20, 0 r. a.
!Flour—The market to dull, irith 'more sellers
then buyers. Bates of Howard street at 55,1324 i
OP per WI
W6wt—Salesof Red at lOirdrlloa, kw interim;
Sw orally prime 17043135 per tmahel is asked.
Coen—Sales of prime white at 40042 cu. Sales
of =allow at 4%147e per basheL
'alesat 7i per lb; Mrprime No-1, in kep t
71 as le asked. • •
Pearrialont—Tbere i . activity in any article.
Quotatiotui aro steady.: There is an increasing de•
tend hr provisions.
Vinuorbou—The followkig . la a ropy
of • titer Just received from an 111MM In enneYet.
lAttlet of the same character 11. received daily.
Uktionnu.s, DebrOaD Co, Tams, June 8,4519.
• Aleuts. J. Kidd k Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.—Dinar Sirs:
The agent for hltLenes Medicines hitwitkme a lot of
his Liver Pill Venallage, all of which have beau
sold. Tn. peat virtues that they cozens lmi induced
me to Send a note to you, to .4,ll'pm:would not read
Ufa !lotae more. I have read medicine some-1 have
bee. selling drugs and patent Medicines for about 12
ours, but have into nothing in the Conn of Pills that
hes done so mach good as hilune's liner Pills and as
to the Vent:Lange, [want no, better prep...dun. could
send • great many certilicate• but do not MLA' It no.
ornery, as the article Is already so wed and favorably
known. Please forward me at your earliest conveni
ence, 94 de. Vermiture, 44 dos Liver h 4 and 6 dos
Long Symp. You reapeetfully, TO DENSON
The above - sinkable preparations can be had geno
lee at the drug store of 7 KIDD k Co, 00 wood et
manTs Exescreasar.—We world call attenuon to
this excellent remedy ler Coughs„Colds, Consumption '
Asthma, and all .affections of the Threat and Lungs
Having anent time. within slew years past had occa
sion to use a medicine or this kind, we have by experi
ence tested Its excellent qualities, and GOpropel.d to
recommendt so others. Ministe or other public.
speakers a mt s ted with bronchial ~ &erections will And
great benefit from Its ass. Is prepared by • witnni,
Ac physician andel clamored!' find it a sere and errt
mations medicine in the 'diseases for whiehit Is M
oonlit...let —reolumbes (Ohio) Crews nod Jouinsle
For sale at the Pekin Tea time, Na 70 Fourth 41.711 L
mylls 1
guns, ;the—'h nwe z" ge c"j artlia be"
"'en/ et. uovadarmly
• •
Er W. B. Totnuarooltit Milvaina tafonai. u.
War you ban charge of Foarth atm! above Cherry
alley; Hata so,why do such pile
of mbblah ro blockyop ray
!tall th'e str yoo eet and permit
ell the pars
meat, In Bon i /lea comer.--Larpatelt.
Caßio lVe every enode partietTaf, do ke k rtr d y ;111'r:4cl acorn lo
by S 8 es ...*
• hum 71/t,
, Arse. etllitm=eame yams sines mash PM
am& by osations Lira Pill!, 1%1 ititj d ' ma a
to sand no ;cob oft% Lire d s 9 Pai. by maLL -7 12: .
partici:lli to
kod—they 10 , lAN
shatoittrhls v o I took them Worn. Ir c olt= .
/41mo:quid sold by IL BELT ro3, Wood st.
Sold by Dr. Cassel, Sth ward; D. M. Cony, Allegbesty,
IV: I. Smith, Tempel...l2,We, .ttod P. Drava, Law.
. . . .
. .
CArnas.—All Other pills called Liver Pills are cowl
terfelie or imitaliOnS. feel
ErrTo van Hazy atm Lsaa.—{Vocostocre Nerve and
Bone Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir, is the most
erinetnal cure for Rheumatism. Sold by WM. JACK.
WIN. Arrant for Fittebargh. notlNd&Ar6m7
291 88888 way. New York.
.". ted Barnet, L ae., Distal:aeries ; igen-
Whawls a lM=AsAar p tail=b y , oc z bs.
They Ismimemmuybreveltan . w i tizina New York,
to examine *Mir mock before thew purchases.
Me. Blair was for maw Team of bouse A. T.
Swarms &Co, from which ha retired on she Ist of Jan.
1d414 ondlir.lesees Dickson, (who haute imerest is
-Me huainisaa was also favorably knowwin that mat.
Lielonent. - mar3o:y
itgORGAWS WORM KILLER Is to superior moll
171 other remedies for Worms.
June 141 h, leen
The may eenlfy that I gave to two of my caltdren,
three and five years old, two . easpoonfuls of hlorgen's
Worm Eiller,m each of them. 'lle youngest passed
adlarge worms, the smallest could not hove measured
less than seven inches. The eldest passed so large •
number that wp could not begin to count them. I have
need all the Popular remedies before the public for
aromas, bat can say with a cleanconscieuce, Morgan's
Worm Killer is for Impeder to any now before the pa
Bakerstown; Allegheny county. .
Prepared and sold - wholesale and r etell by the pro
prietor. • JOHN D.hIORGAIY, Druggist,
. ' Wood street,' Pittsburg_
OPEIVED :YESTERDAY, as W It Morphy'. Dry
Goods Muse, northeast corner of 4th and Market streets—Glosity block Silk, (or hianti ll w new style
'Dress (anthems; blk and whanCrapost Mk, white and
mixed Cotton Hose; Freaeh I Ol.
Also on baud, a good essortment of black .Mohair.
blk Bilk and fancy Range and Neu Slaw hite and
crab Grape to, plain and embroidered; Look leee
tilhamlp e ttear,fe and Capes; new style Id Netts for
Copes, ap., Vict;op stairs n wash ,
ods than
where no
sortment of Prints, tat. always kept at low priers.
GF.N. ZACHARY TAYLOR.—Portrait of Gen. Z.
Taylor, by N Corey; under the immediate mom
intendanee and direetimm of the undersigned officer;
from an original ...ketch taken from life, as Camargo,
by Captain too, AD C.
• DConnor U 8 Navy; George A hVCIII,4IG; George
Meall, Linn Topographical Na neer; Harry Inger
eon, U Navy. JOHNSTON st
Mgt '.Dookeellete, cor 74 and market Its
R .
AIL EISIADGUIDDokgetrs Rail Mond Guide
and Geismar for IRV.. with Sectional Maps of
the great routes of ultra A few copies received and
roe sale Li r jeill 'JOHNSTON doSTOCKTON
tr ACFEREG— bot Nreadnere, Aleekerel,jun re
I~leuved End foredo; by" • •
Pal ' e 4 , cPOINDEXTM &Co
QUO/X-100 bbd. N Sugar, In story and for Ws
by joN • _POINDEXTER it Co
L' - • — doiso . 'n 'll crashed and pairrri
ee. lad;
g mama a ca.
U`d Bum*, for ask by jell POW
Clik7.llE—:ll3 bys prime W R Cbeeto, for sole by
`NAYS ROUT-4 auks !balm Root. in store and
1.3 for oak by jell POINDERTFAtta Co
'lUir A CREREL AND lIERHINGL-20 Ude No 3 Neck.
.111. ere!. Mu.. inspection; Ado No 2 dodo do; ludo
I do do do; 2$ do No I Baltimore Herring, Pus reed
and Bar sale by le2l MILLER k RIC KgrEON
IJAVANAi SUGAR-20(bn Madre Havana Baer,
jam received and ferule b).
BRAZILSUt7ItB-30 bags Buell Sops, in store and
foe sale by -jell MILLER & SUCKETSON
in moil mot Veresicellso tut reed and for sale by
SWEET:MALAGA WINE-20dr ciisksvireei Male
p Wi ngless received and kw tale by
111%.2,0N TEA-4u half atlas Young /iy .
1 ton Tea,• just received end Coe tole by
• • -.•- •
A. 119 AND 811OULDER3—Dur s own curing, in
I,EL store and for sale
rime ondotafgard biting been appointed mak moms
1. for Um wale of &urethan& & Co's auperior
011, WM keep couriantly ou haad a large mpply,whialk
tbry*ill'furaish to deal." at the lowan market vim,
for mob. /00 J KIDD& Co.
and for sate and for .ale al We drug warebonso of
jeWl I KIDD & Co, CO wood or
10MINE (AMMAN COLAGNF.—..Io dor. pm re
elynd and for .ale by lei) .1 itIDO k. Co
LA RD 011.—Elareltardt's twit--15 bbl. instore will
for ule by le9 J KIDD .t Co.
NFANTS. HATS—JEW received, I ea. Infanta .
J_ Lee Pearl Hats; 4/vO,l 444 e Miasea Leghorn Mau,
anti km sale by S.ll/TII t JOHNSON,
••• 46 marten
UtiAlt-03 bids, land*/ (rola Meagher Hail Cohsm
bta, ea eocuirmacot end siar .1.. bp
12011611T50N t REPPERT,
0101.21 tecoud st
I)LEACHING POW DER-80 mks Dieseling Pow-
A) den Ls Aluspratt &thralls brand-10,nm reeeiretl,
the remainder to arrive in a few days; Mr sale by
jeter W & Al MITCHUM:Et:, Ino !Many at
eDIEFIVE-1Intb&• prime Cheese. tor sal. by .
le9o JAPALLIALZELL. 34 water at
SUPER FRENCH CLOT/LS—We have just opened lot of blk French Cloths, whioh we are sel
ling math tower than we Aare ever before sold the
same quality. ALEXANDER k DAY.
090 73 market at. N W cur of the diunotal
IVl L ooreli C tirtne k.2l— res. '—l n l e: t ialie r b ' a ri ee c so l' ru nr e
of a light temare, very suitable for the summer season,
mitt reed by red) ALEXANDER & DAY
tOWSHONG THA-30 hal( cheats eup Penarehoug
Ten, in store and for Nan by
O • ' 3 ACII FLO), D, Round lburch lingchngt,
PPURRCIDER VINEVJAII-40 bbl iurpr Vinegar, id
more gra lbr sal. by • j J tit FLOYD
Obto No 3 large' !Miami; 30 bbis No I
is t .. ilefiriors; SO Noi Trimmed elm', lauding and
7.40 J d It FLOIII
LASS-30 bra OXIO and 10X12 Window (Ilur, in
%Jr wont awl for sal. by jr.o J& R FLOYD
PEPPER AND ALLSPICE—NJ bags Pepper; 10 do
Allspice, is ems and for sole by ~
jeld) I elt FLOyD
SINGLE LOAF NLIGAFF.4O bbls Nos 4,3 end ON
0 Refined, in store and for We by
te9D / I R FLOYD
LARDOII.—In bbls end hall) bbl., foa sal* low by
- -
F ANCY SOAP-10 Im i gaz N mrl c lavi t lowNby
I:OARS—WO bad. N 0 Sugaa• DO Sala embed dm
iM do pulterised do; 20 do Loaf do, in more and for
BROW I 2 pl4ll3liilltsON
OLASSEB-04 bbleN Oilolaasem VS do Soya .
jli Hauge do, in More and for *Ma by
Ir b LAß—.7) half oboots Y H Tee; 7o do do Imperial do;
Lt) Jo do Goopoodor do; 3, d o . do black dos au dai
ly ss litiopoorder and Y 11, in sobre and b r solo by
, unoivzt cuLaErrsoN
No.a-arecumuu .34 bldg. law ?lad Mackerel,
.javi rancived via canal and for vale by
jell/ FELLEIts Nicots
MAwn:llll , s SKIRTS-100 fine shin. skirni.inat
opencil by SHACKLETT & Wlllll%
lay 09 wood • t
WWLINEN DRILLS—One ense — tinn4 P.
Drilling, medium griallry.Just opened by
YLW NANKINS —Two bales genuine Nib
Wm, lb...bale by Jaffa SIIACIELKITA WHITE
I_)LACE DOSS SILKS—An invoice of Seery black
Jab Louring Silks, my wide, for Viseues,
Ice Jost opened by jelu SLIACELETF h WHITE
ETE—One cue. French Deep IY Eor, for
JJ summer. Coale, he., Just opened by
CASHIitEELITS—Tero cases black Cashmeretter
Sow UM, just received by
11 Lb& prima N 0 Sugar, NM bbls N U Moines.;
4uo do asiorted Nos Loul Sugars, in Store sad for sale
by jell BAOALET & SMITH la and SU wows at
Di 10 COFFFII-4661 bap prima Green Mb Corn,
landing this day and for solely
irIINTUCCY TOBACCO-200 kegs No 6 Twist T;
bacao, bsvorito brands, for sale by
14.1 RN RES - 1111 . 1111 Clllll£9E-467 hoses I,w
11 Cheese, fine quality, landing and for sale by
DUFFALO ROBES—Now landing from steamer
Shenaudnah, Btu *mined lintfalo Robes, in prime
nto, .direct (mu Fort hems, .(Vellow Stoua, UNA.;
511ssouri.) .
Applyat the Fur Cmstpany's'.4 pimp, 3d street, near
the PosAOthEe L to /cIA3t A. REEL KC
obbla blamed Oil; 75 do No I Lard do; 00
No V do do; IS do linearity, do; I hhd pqte
Spann do; I do bleached Whale; 5 blifs do do; in store
and for Sal. . jell; SELLERS it NICOLE
BACON—IO Ithda yellow canvassed Hams; Iu do
Sides; 115 do Shoulders, all of prase quallty
bbl. Mess Pak; 6
jIJ, do Prima du;la L r "
str N e•y "—"
1010 SE,IERSk NldDLs
L tr e t y r-150 brAlp I Palm
J im ?, i zmu m.
T o rr. c .sti ko ke.. lets
5 twit s reatinq and
M ° •tl% (11.0.:2 for
1.3 . Dap and manila itinoks, in store Ind for . sale by
S WAR CURED 11/0111,-46 tierces Sugar Cum!
flacon Haws, fctsale by
SUGAR UOUSI•i hIOLASSE2—Ii bble Sup" lipase
Molasses, forsale by
Jell ATWOOD, .101.(011 Co
ceeke Shoulders, 7 do Sides, R do Mow
B for ulo by jets . ATWOOD, JONES/Co
- - --
ClllELE—Mbosjustlandod; for tabs by
V 1014 latsietkl DICKEY k Co, front sr
ARD-80 !Ala No 1, is soodshipping ordei,inrie;
j. 4 and for sale by jal4 =FEY & Co—
poTIIII-6 casks (or We b y i
IDARASOLS—A lot of haodoome both. Toro
ools, join opened by
VITHITECRAPES—teat re..., a lot of White
TY LYN*, of to excellouttmalitY, for boatet 1b...
Jell ' A 147: (ANDER A BAN
IHEESE-1,3 Las prime W R Cb2eme, for sale by
. _
My a, ha rp..Damt4Assitlipaser:
Adkai‘iiiangar ' ISak °J r
Oa Friday attemm, Jana fad, u .Sn'clock t u tba
warehouse ablaut, John Irma I.Bon, adjouung the
corner of Front Meet and Redoubt alley, will ho
withsen name, quudiry of paean., liquors, stare
fixtures, be., among which are the followiag,
WI . Pews, qrs and eighths, French kliantly; pipe.
Hollsad gun P bbl. old Monongahela whiskey; lab's
keg. Va talacesu tiladeira winced do Havana Sews;
J 4 half chest. gunpowder, 10,H end black tea; 6 nose.
extra No I chocolate; 194. boo 9 by I/ 10 by 12,..16 by
14 ataLIO by Lb window glass; mead Penn?, eight.'
MOULIONS.rt... 3I PUN madder, sogwood, roam, Maid
candi shot, homage, writing paper, bcotch vi
als, cor ks,
s, Oarsman seemly, vinegar, sugar house mo
lasses, 10; together with iron.aafes, desks, comer,
bens stud scales to weigh 1,460 lb., Irmo clouts, liquor
casks and barreluopper measures; Mtn sn o,ol l
trunk, slam tools, tea le. be. Tetras at sale. •
jag' JOHN I) DAVL9,,AueL
DirGoods.' Di Goad str.ctuntwo.
Cu Thursday morning, June 2?, ail() o'clock, ai the
contatersial bales Boom, corner of Wood and nub
streets, will be sold, for,cesh current awls, • large coo.
signorot of .fresh and fas/tlonnble spring and summer
Dry (Roods, embracing a general variety, usually - k Opt
by large dry goods boom.
At o'chxk, : •
New and second hand household add kitchen 'fond
nue, gr oceries, glassware, carpedng—
also, one hair twat sofa and rockingoltair.
- t At tl o'clock.
.. • • • .
3 fine full Jewelled gold ancre escapement Initclies;
caw. 18 MM. floe—Wlltrilata. 1 allot point lever
wax., made' by liarison. .9 fine sihar fell *welled
anew escapement watches, silver dials, regiilated
movement.'d fine silver' jewelled patent verdeal
Lewd). rVgaleted. very fine silver Lepluei, 4 boles
jewelled, saver drat, gilt flowers, regulated. d double
back giver Matches, geld plate, regulated movement.
A /urge quamity of - Cerre. linty goods,clothlstg,
dry goods, flue stuns, ...leo. fifes cutlery, frA.
jam • . • J0H1.,1 D DAVI9 Auer
lionsehold Furniture at Auctijr...
On IVeditesday,l June 111.1, at 10 O'clock,. AL, at
the dwelling house of 111 J. David Headrick 10 roar,Woods klaibtay street, lough door
quest,. Way, orllll be sold a large quantity of good
quality and well kept household Foneture, which has
been used oily • , acw weeks, among which are—ma
hogany secretary and book cam,dressmg and common
bureaus, mahogany sof, some, manner clock, fancy
and COM.OII ch.; a feather beds, teaurast.
bedding with babneads,"ali of which ate pew end cow•
plan; carpeting, oil floor cloth, camou matting, dining
*La, knives and Lorks,queeasware, tinware, together
with • quality of kitchen furniture , kr- kn. •
JOLIN 11,1 DAVIS, gut
On Saturday. Jane Nth, at 8 o'clock, P. 04, at the
Commercial Salem Rooms, comer of Wood arid Fifth
av til pe sold that valuable lot of (Ironed, No 78,
in the onginid plan of lots of the borough ofLawrenee
haviug a front of 60 feet Co Burrows street, and
exteuding hack 160 feet to Cherry alley, oar which jt
erected a plod two story Brick Dwelling Howe, AM
other improvements, with Bait Bees, tn., at peewit
occupied bjChatlesOdenwelder.
Also, lot I , jo 187, in the plait of lots Mid coolly The. •
muScott, hark% a front of at feet an th e north side of
retiosylvauls. avenue, clearly opposite the contempla
ted slte for bridge over the Idonougahela. river, to
contract Pltisburgh nod Birmingham, and extending
back 94 feet to Bohm alley. .
Terms, on third cuh,.residue in two equal manual
payment.,lth itaterest.
jell , JOHN D HAW'S, Ain'
C. S. P.mxit Manager and Lem
ID' In ep i etiequence of tlth noo-arrival of Mr. D.
Marble, theinager respecually Informs the publii.
Met he has renuted,opow the celebrated band ofSi.
hie Henna ate to MTh. one night longer,in orderro•
give one of ihelr Select Concerts.
. .
• •
Wammenstr, ices 210848, ect comatenee with a new
Drama in 3 hos. mlled the •' '' '
Alter which, a SELECT CONCERT, pan first, by the
_ Babb, liermenbas.
To be followed with a GRAND FANCY DANCE, by'
I Atha Anna fdolente.
The whole to conclude pmts.: old of Select Col,
On, by the Sable USRIIIIIIII.II.. _ • 1
Mi. Neenani in bin celebrated donee ofLUCY LONG,'
in character.
Patna of AOMMLIM—Dress Circle, GO cts; Sego
Tier. 35 et 4, Fit. Cs Gam,. tPL: ~
'1611.•1.01d/R11, ,
A UTHOR of Ja i Ldy a l o ttd n t z. AferA ki k a zill
the AWL.NIIA LL, on Tb u inda June IRISH
—,ee Wo.•
inulee of. the National
mirth and melody Of Irelaad, interval-0l omit HIS
OWN BONGS, accompanied by bimaelf on we piano
Chi this occasion will be given HORT CbMORE'D
DREAM, an emblematic vision of American munifi
cence and WA gratitude, with the celebrated
ban of SHAMUS ITISEUF.N and the Comie %hon. Of
NEW POTATOM to the condo of the evening, Mr.
Lover will deg his popular mugs, THE BOIST,II , RO
Tickets for, eetttato be had at the Nonougahal
Howe and A lt. Ilellat`fillattie Slam . !'
Am Ordbutztes,
For supplying the higher porturompf the City critic
Wow, awl for olkrr. yorpores.
SEC. I —lte it ordanien and enacted by the citizens
of Pittsburgh, in Xtelret and Common Connell, lis
remb/eil, 'Hist the
Water Committee, be and they are
hereby authorised and required, as speedily as may
be, mm1..011110 for propardsend contract Mr the MC
non nod ...traction of a Basin on tho city propeny
la Me Sera& Weld, together with'the necessary
quantity of pipe, stop cocks, dex also, for Me areal=
of an agine bolse at the present leant, with one or
more steam engme4 prams, ire..—die coat lo be paid
(ugh, tends of the city, bearing an Mania of six pa
cent per ennuis!, and hating ten years to RP.
Sec. IL—Br it also enacted, de, That the Street
Committee be and they are hereby enchanted and re
q,ired, as speedily as may be, to adve n t. for prop.
tsad contact for Om Grading and Poring of the
following streets—Sixth street, unto Smithfield street
to Grant street; Filth street, from Smithfield erect lo
Ho. street; Tonal 'Meet. limn Wylie street to Penn
sylvania avenue; in the Fifth Ward, Liberty street,
from Adams street to. Harrison street; in ite Sixth
Wad, Wylie sweet, from Elm street to Felton steer
Fulton street, from Wylie street to Centre amine, and
Centre avenue from Fulton street to the eastern line of
the Sixth Ward, and that from theneo,it be graded and
nmeadamited to De Villiers weal.
Also, that Pennsylvania ermine be graded and pa
ned from the Canal Bridge to Dinwiddie strert;' in the
Seventh Ward.,
Also, that Peon nicer be graded and paied from the
hoe of •tbe Fifttnfiyeld b ?dostou.strcetAtt he, Nita
Ward. The grading and paring akessaid to be 'paid
for in Mods of tint city, beating an interest of els per
mot per mum, hod hoeing ten years to can.
Son. UL—lts It &so courted, tn., That the Cowan
tee on Sawa be andare hereby authorised and
atructed, to pee out the contracts for grading end pc ,
ring aforesaid streets hi Such sections and to m many
difert•ot maselare as will ensure the speedy comp'.
don of the work.
Bzr.W.—Re it furthereweied.2e. , That Pike streei
be, and the same as extended front MI prancer wanton
non at Harrison street, in the FirthWartl, to Al cola ,
ny street, in the jilnth Ward, and that Satallatan street
be extended front Al l street to Morton street, of
the wune width and at the 'same distanee Snot' Penn
street. and parallel Sienna that Pike waft roes to the
Fifth Ward. and that the Recording Rognlaior be and
be is hereby instructed to make a plan.and specifica
tion of said street, and deposits thesame In kw office
for pablie examination and inspectina e and,Faase pub.
lie notice thereof to be trierli • two nawspepers; pub.
linked in said city, as to required , by law.
Ordained and enacted Into a larriin Councils, this
lash day ofJene, A. D. Ibl d.
(ArrErra MORGAN HOB N, Pies's/C.C.
R. Boma Roamers, Clerk C. C.
Jona /Woos , Clerk S.
"DLAS.Sk. CO., the only authorized egrets In Tins-
LI burgh for the sale of 1000. Patina Marine Time
Pieces, unite the attention of the liwbfie generally, and
hof the officers and moneys
_of ateataboats and canal
ats ht Pericaler, to their hoe assomment of these
excellent Chrounateters .
....• . .
Enhke the Pendulum Clock', these are warranted
to rum with accuracy in nil Prisitin, and =Meet ta
any =want of motion. consistent with the safety of a
common Veatch, and are therefore the only clocks suit
able for. steamlions, canal boats,: railroad can and
factories, in which there is mink tarrime. ' They. no
used extensively at the East in the.. .unions, sod
"give good satisfaction.. As nastily Tine, PIOCCO.
We, they are much admired by those who have tried
them,. Kenna of their compactness, accuracy,neat
mesa, and the facility with which they are OLOTta or at
up for use. Three who with to purchase MO Tetattesl
- Weea d jdly Cannae into the merits of of this ankle,
and without regent to the inairmations and dentine.-
MOM of interened pe moos, or of those who know noth
ing about It. The Marine Timepiece with Kirk's Im
provement, having lam recently been patented, March,:
15.17,) and issued in thise.t.a', is not genera lly known, and emu some wo nky men to the trade Iswe
been fond denouncing the whole adalr, who - have
Owe discovered that they were aiming their blow. at
another matter cannily— baring, is zenith never men
or known any thing of Kith . . (Lever* Mn.:
rine Timepiece.. •
A. we are the only authonzed agenda hake city, our
aseonenent will be found the only complete one; and.
As we keep lione but those winch line Kirk , * late ism
pertinent of a: "staining power in the opting + we
trust that thwie who wish to purchase will, in Arnica
at leap l then:weir., examine ours before taking from
a mere remount elsewhere. An minim similar is
ppearance but of not one fourth the value, can be
purchased eisewhere for less money, Those, there
fore, who regard nothing bunko price of • clock need
not take the trouble to call.
In every can whom • Marine Timepiece sold by of
does not give Satisfaction daring the first three mouths
of Its use, we will refund the money peld fur it, on its
lAng returned without damage,
Information impeding
.oetnetita of the Timepiece
can be ohmingd beferrum to the ailment of the Bril
liant liitterntalitt h, he; also, to Mr A Fulton. and
.44 IlLahli is Co,
N W cot of market et and the diamond,'
_Jal3 : • Vitraburgh.
Al, OF - CHESTER. COUNTY.—A bold and partially
suecessfhl effort has been•ninde recently to etrctilat,
the stolen notes of the Bank Clover Coruny, 'Le tha
Western parte( this Butte, 'O.O Pnhlin le ttletn•non
tionedisgainit 7e . eirMg notes °COM
mee pnorto weep indipatippp pi thlllisks
tunui h.ju io'eu made M the Hellbent pan of this
tState. Hine. of thli description 00011 pp front those
gunners Mould, therefore, Ise regarded wnb panicular
Therm Is but a small number of sores Of the old Is
ones, how out, besides the stolen notes; 'and all whO
desire to see the perpetmters•of this high handed and
daring robbery brouahl tojunice, will be careful aboat
receiving them. W. DARLINGTON, •
. ' silent. '
EatabliAttd a wen:6og*la thwyear w Oir the pus
P*Raing.tilatlgg and tift r it VFTV, with
low prices— eskikid.os, at nil mesons
Wrthe r and e_Largest Ansortutent in
. They etre now opening &rend blotadreePeckeitee,
coroproung eery new eyrie etrFnriten and Dooteatie
OredecUeS Burl Ow** We jest bows pentuwed,
end are cured(cputto for Cash and short credit, ad
per yard below the parse of .11 Mad tu, us per
Fluted Catakeyees, which' am connoted Nly, tor the
ufformatUda boi l lrs_
New York, Jame, ISM S.
13 fU it °1 / 444—'"" 17m teNvnt!%.4 by..
rgr, Fre . h lemon.,
" Jett{ . • W HARBAUGH
. .•
4 , .. , .pk01cp.7-T,LiN E.
mts win 6:Aii Smut Jona iistosu • •
- ers Is now =posed of the largcsgswillsest, beer
and furnished, end raestpOwardd bads ea the -
waters of dm West. Era, aceotantodatism oral cow.
fort that • can protars,las Wen presided dor Pea- . -
mmesr:.TboUoe has been In opensuon for lee years
—ha, carried • million of people without the team /ON-
. 4 W ri. tor i:stir poreress. , Th 7• will le: 7 7 7 th: : foot of
good sue:et the day yrariops stansogy for the 7
cases the...passage stoney retest he aid is
The ISAAC S ra BI m-ros, , apt. A. 0 .• mum , ' 6 “
leave. Pitegengh gym Sunday monting at 10 Dialed;
Wheeling every . Sunday evening a; le . r. N.:.
' • • 11100iDailr PAOK.LT ,
11.1 010 NONUAILF.LiA,C010. 9=0061 leave Pat.
burgh every Monday morrJni ae ,100'elock; • Whali ng every Monday eieluag at 10 r. u: • .
The HUMANE& .10:_e, C r ept J.Airarcrevrri,lettl
leave, Yittsbutxh every Teesilay =ruing at 10 o'clitelg
Wheeling every Tuesday evening. at ID r.
I - C
'The NEW — ENCLAND — Nd 2, Caph MS* Will
leire Pittsburgh erery Wednesday morning a 10
•Yelisek . Wheehug every Wednesday ereningsa i 0 v.
The BeLulea; Cap{; rill leave Pitht
burgh every Thursday morels% at Ye o'clock; Nl,Rkeellag
ervery Tha.rorlayerent?te .110 r. et. •
The C ES N 0.4, Capt: Camas, willleive
burgh very Friday: morrung at 10o'clork; 'Meeting
every Friday evening fat° r. lA. • ;
• L L • 1 4 SATURDAY
71,e htEssENGEW Capt. S. 'Lae; will leave rtha.
burgheYery Saturday atomleg at 10 el'eleeklybeel4l,
every Seerday evening at 10 r. It. • -
(VI& OLisornr,) • • ' •
Lehves Pittsburgh dailir, as 9 oieleck, and
rives at Olasgow, (month of the Sandy and Heaver
nal,) at 3 o'clock. and New Lisbon at U., same night
Leave s New Lisbon et G o'clock, Md., (=king the
trip canl to the river daring the night.) and Gl a sgowa I
at 9 Gig kick,- A. IL, and ems. at Pinsburgh tS P. -
11L—thus InOth4 -collOutkOLLS Inc for carrying pas , •
wagers ned freight between -Nedr Lisbon insdPins•
, lnlrgth thanes time and et - leas rates than by eny,
The pthprietors thin Line have the pleisiire of in. I
forming the public thit tkity have fined op toroarst, elesa
Canal Inlets, for the .corrattodtaion orpiment:4.s end
freight, So ran in connection with the well known
steamell .C.A.1.P.11 COPE and BEAVER, and connect.
snit , i,t3 . l=it ty wet . the P . V em b:rgh ao ,.4 Li Ol sely.,.
anit Pdhrii.ippi ricers. ' The proprielis Pred the
ge then.
.1.. no spa. no expense or trembler to
(OM safe:ty wad dlspsta, anderk of the publina share
of their patronage. • 1 I •i• • •
11. ILAHTLN, 1„„ . •
S..k. HAREM:OIL ,v - Awit
vVanr -
R. HANN/tin Co. ' I •
Flynn( J. ILLILBAUOIfn Co. New Lisbon:
NOTICE—The Warner BEAVER, C. EC:tali:num..
ten, will Leavenner this coheir, for WelLnillnpunent.
ally, at o'clock iu me morning.. • 13.
1848 .Z41.
pz*Harutati& nuorptivrta °
Daily Packet Mins. •"• • •
fignall4llY 1.843 • FEBRUARY SI,
The following new.boau 'complete
tes, line for the present artavontAT
LANTIC, Capt. Jaws
BALTIC, Capt. A. Jcobs; and LOU
E. Bennett. The boats are:entirely
new, end are fined op without regard to expensa Ev
ery comfort that money can procure bee beet, provided.
The Beane will leave Me Alonougabeli IVhart Boat at
the fot of:Hoss sr. Passengers will be pnereital
booed, ea the boats Inll eenateli leiernet Meet,
ilserrheari, 8 A. N. and 4 P.lll
l'Oae mi t icia
,• • .. Ma.. 142 1 3 / 1 17.041.T Passxr.. , :tha
SOW steamer • ,
: TEtionem, . :.
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. The floe new steamer
master, will leave for above
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For freight or passage, aPplv on board. . jell
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~ The gennent light &Scat steam.,- mil PHILIP DODDRMOE,
Moore, master, Will leave Pittsburgh,
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Freeport, eoaneetiar
with Mate paeketa They will leave every Mornintat
el o'clock._
By this arrangemeni, Passengers will yo. tthrough , '
less t4n three and a half days, passing over one Yaw
dred and Efly miles of railroad in daylight. _
For passagykinar m etnon - -
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SRIPPERS end others am informed mot Lims
will continue to win throne:lout the year, lowsidle
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3orrehandlce fete - Baltimore broom oat u Cana
rates. Time as day.. c
Wl ** , al,*dgalt* above Noose, Pittsburgh.
J/I ROBINSON a 130 M 15 1, - • '
m 27 • 92 Saab Castles at, Baltimore.
s.„ ASTERN WHEBLIttrAT, of about 1
'1 150 tons h.the., 11tH ad= ten
.months out. will be sold at a bargain,
application is nude 00. Enquire,
of JA.ES KRRIt, Jr., .•
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NFOR3I the frieods and the public that th ey hav e
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Mew to Nan strew, known as the Pittablugh -
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64 plug; 12 coves,9o dwarf bpi. blyer'osuperjoi.
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Past received and for sale by
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pa, and for sale by
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Ipt) GLOVlS — Embroid4red °Lures, white
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etered at MT Goode Ihnzseof '
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