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. nptions to the Tionb Aumr;
• , bpi 00 !Vaal etptel rbiladelatus. =sired
puny, lee ti Boren
paws psetri v a . atteZi n t= is fire IVry
Anrairmatare earnestly requeited the hand in
jfaYierit bearre 6r. z, 24 AS early in to fay •aa
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Connierelil Yetelllystiee,r4liar
lr't:it Hives..MTh Imports, Money t illattets, L. sea
' •••
VW; asuil . Astl.Ealsonie Namlastion,
ESW.A. ILVlers
-.irig PIitiNtSfYLVANIA. : RA:It. ROAD.:, Fleinot theiiime arrived for action on , the part ;
7- -
of one citizens in reference to the 'Pennsylvania
..1. : - . .1a5.11 Raid! :The
. Legialaturn has'pa seed I soppl
•••;*;"•;,• tue.nt-ity"act, autherlsoeig•the Connty.of Allabeny
. i . , !.:stnithe.eities ciPittsbergh and Allegheny, to emir .
....:': • •;-1. earl:Ml le• ,the shed; to an renown not •eseeediag
i•-• • •,..11ve-fst . mat as the assessed: value of property
•,, ..;'.:tuthierst tOPiiailotit'periiiidiag the Rail Road Com
:: ..•••, puny to receive the beads of the. Coiporathicus an
' '' ''
Cab In payment far the stock a x ing an equite
• tile nroddeflepresenting the stock in the direction,
c ie
. •.... , end thdrixinglthe dimmers of theßail Road Com
p, :• ;: pay ox percent interest upon all inarate.
iia 'toned the Road rind' be completed.
''' -, ',..'''`,:„T ' cid+rprarrisions atlas supplement make the
. - 'l' , ''• ' ;.. : edvardageiram than before; and all
, —...:.lhst is •neeessary to . innate the early comple.
..,...tiisi i • R oad communication Irian the Iron
P Iptiis,New 'York, Boston and 13alti
., • : '. - It*eg iti*j?icuslikand 'liberal sithseztPtioa on the
..."•••• put of Allegheny county, which creep a:nitial : a.
~. .i. lion of enlightened eritlntirest, Mini seEircil and
-...-. i en f orce. . . .., , . ,-,,. . . • .
•.. ~:,.. Theisorieys made dories' 0 . 4E.R , 1•94. 1 ‘FI"I le
1, -• ...7 • „:2 : Riiiil *lid, prove that .the physical obstacleihave
- iAtiessia her:9*w , geeitlY . overrsted. The vigorous
/."- • '"..t e•itiatment otthe Eastern Division, of which
• 'et iciest dig aides will be prepired 6,, the rails ,
' • : ' '' deriegttepteriseiriyear, shown that the Company is
- . . hi serious tamest. - . .
. '
°Cleat semen, wh e n the canal was
'•• ' —in tbesirieg eriMolii - tio veet the produce of the
• . •-•
went,and id the ,fall saes torn to . ,pieris by the
- ••• ' . " tlisida to.which it is ever subject, prove that a Rail
. Roast's imperatively necessary. The efforts of
: '-• ' Baitittorev \New York and Boston, to reach' the
Pirceit,by Baal Roadunnes, which will leave Pitts
„. •, tiligh• oat a, the regular track °commerce, ad
, r; ' . ixtitiiik :as that every hour, of StlifillCllClea will be
bitterly regreited hereafter. • •
• . The Petiosylvania
~.fload . offers the best and
shatiegt emmitaden with Philadelphia our commer
ineitoPolii:lt Fres us a more direct comma
death:in with Baltimore via Earrisbuigh and york,
. /then.we should have via CoMiellavale and Cum
' • -: terriettili and it complateemir Rail Road connexion .
with/kW York and Boaton.
•' -. .
rte valise in the eyes of our Western neighbors,
-3.llbest shown by the Legislation of Ohio, last win
:: .. seri:They chartered five Rail Roads tricoresect
. - . wi th . it at Pittsbuigh,• designed to
open avenues
.•• - ftom,the need:ere and central portions of the state,
•-. Aiti- tat • imporient highway. The Wellsville and
„"..• : Ole rebind road obtained permission to eitend their
. • '''. , line; to our city.' Akron has 'n charter to come
•.: •intieg• Meant:Vernon end Millersburgh another.
' • ' The !Penitlylvania• and Ohio Rail Road will pass
... ; • •i •• i : riirosigh Canton, hinssiloa, Wooster nad Mansfield
~.....,••''lo the Mite line of Indiana; and the restrictions on
• .
. ' ibiairect route to Columbus were removed; open.
r . . ...... . . tag the best tine to Ciucinuati. i
• • ''.Whether any eralrof these lion a shall be eon.
' • . elrateted, depende; utaiely upon the questipas
,:ciriteiliei . the Peunsylvania Reel is certain to be
•U-'cartgleted within.” a rew-onable. time. Let this
, question be 'salted affirmatively by in Allegheny
/- ecumfy subscription of one million of dollars, and
t..i• ' 616 death:dim of Pitisbargh are fixed beyond a per
' e
u c• , •We WE accustomed to ARECr at ths want of en
'• :- terpriee: in Slave States, but may parental,. take
' ••• •-• a uaefal example from their Liberality. Charleston
• ';`',•,-. eritliti population of less than 30,000 in the city .
. - " • • proper, lately subseribed 5500,09t0 the Nashville
. l'• ' and:Chattanooga Real Road, aorork which is en
,'lireli in another state, and 459 miles" Gam her at
....:::"....:,' • _ts *believed that the minds of our enlaces me
- -.- •• folly aroused on this "important subject, and there
• ' -• ...tan hardly be a doubt that our intelligent County
; • - .•''Coniininioners will gladly • respond to the wishes
: •••• -... af their ootatitnents. Let xis encourage them by
the inieeseif our Board'o(Trildei and City Conir
7 , ... rails; by Mari meetings and petitions, to secure by
- •
.- -
...prompt sad vigorous arum,' the advantages which
' .. .opportunity :. has •• aseraled;'sad to. establish for all
.. .futire time, the hoe . City, as the Emporium s!
•:- . ' Commerce and Manufactures Ex the illitionabt
''. '. .
i weit..
Pe!siiitylwiulta nadOhloMood Co;
We call the lineation of OUT Ca/Zell to the Cacti
**Abe Rooksof subscrlPtion .to the Ohio and
Pe ..syliaitia tail Rowd Company will be opened
to dap ,' af'the AL:Chides HoteL As this is a mat
. ter eirgotas importance to Pitiztorgh, we hope oar
OTIMA forward and Sa/A.ll/e liberally
nesrurds this road.. Let na. no longer squabble
aloud this or that route, batlike Hercules put our
alpid to the wheel at: oncc.• ,Pittaburgh, by
hoi,lnactirity,duta justly subjected herself to the
implication cab - biting a great want of liberality
troiardothe r se raatters--andwe truat it will be the
-cafe Colonic&
This faloiringliirtuen will show how 1.2 . 04 the
;mind of trade hes Changed against the eonnuy,
the /:;117 of attributing our exponent grain,
laityear, to the operition ache free wide tarot:—
TiiifataleofNew York is the index attic Union
sustPdid details are worth examination.
following table shows the exporm for the
quarts: ending Mareb 31st:
Doitteatio‘ mdge per Dutiable El.rie
• 6,618,237 119,655 871,04 S 2,001,150
qivitar afoul export ot 89,678,140
4 Thoneott:toble stoma the import for the quarter
enxiiiss Marl 3161,-1846-184 7 .: 4818 .
1846 - ' 1817 1518
Free 13008% . 81,913,741 51,550,505 ,$2,711,037
' 11,678,64 17,449,815 24,642,561
s. , 202,24 9,665,454 1'4,315
' . $19,6624,595 521,655,777 ;27,504,316
Daiypsid • 3,336,229 4,593,611 5,271,517
'Aiyaige rate 30,20 26,33 . 21,50
Themoney thrown away ae revenue by the free
trade Winn . ; one carter may be then stated.
tiaeon onto quaner 521,944561
Duty ander the law of ' 5,271,117
.Duty order the lavr 0('42 - 7,441,075
Lces to the Treasury
"To get the Joss to the public , by the new law,
,Weanuit.add'to the $2,167,438, the amount of mow
. .y kW= to pay 6r the increased imports nodes
abiSnew law, and the bas of the labor'that it would
have taken to - hero made them at home.
Ifthe usual proportion has been medwained this
istaibetween the pawner= of New York awl
that of the other ports of the Maned States, the
easepity Imports of the 1.113i011 Waring the last guar.
tai have been kitty. six millions pf dollars and the
-- .:mate Exports . twerdpfour millions of dollars
• ; Noaiz Cots vitcrix!—The Whig trumpit in Con
... . necticat (emphatically a verdict of Principla.—
, ". • The Whigs of that State have (ought the battle
amidally on the broadest Whig grounds. They
'we unequivocally bribe Protection of Home Lat.
bta.,.,They test kg a libend.policy with .regard to
River and Muter improvements. They ere hos.
Oa to the Subaleasttry and the suspicious, repot.
.sies, do nothing iscdicy of which' it is the result—
qui bathe the Writ 011 hiexico sad desue no nw
-;; ~.,gulatiou of Tenitory by Conquest: They are op.
gonad toaNgional Debt, Kadin favor et paying an
:- . we go.
.Above all, they are sternly resolved to
••• WO to the last against may Extension of (lonian
&May under the Ng of our Union. And that
theive'draightoat. unequivocally, unqualifiedly,
•- ; :itallaVor ofßeury Clay for next President in pre-
YfereaTet to any other livuig, man, the world well
.; ;knows. Seemly a Whig Convention or meeting
bekl in tbe State . in libich , their choice
baslont been earnestly, decisively manifested.—
'And their victory is more decisive, their majority
Man nt eny Nato Election of thelast six
, :Teats, Honor to tba.feithful Whigs of Conceal.
. .
for Witty-The Liberia paeliet is to sail from
INaitirueee'on Ike X 1 .
moie than 200 col.,
Geed emigotnts - Liberia. About mom
Orval& hove bora pot to tate passage lo ber,bot
The N Y EWA -- sages prodweei
Asseetstlas has hoes shined ire thse edp The
*---lseshibettintemd trains oaluSr . el: I:eech.seei, and
ma isttistit-_Jav• cesmishia -a essenslarY
;- Weir ficgiwhiaii.theypetbeirtnaite roe.
- • , , •
1 „
- ,
4 '; Wr
. 14 4* 114 4 ; 0170 .4= 44 .: ', b1eat50 4, 2V
. W.afe.49•171,2,
1.1;°. 1 / 4 .h. ladagal . Ph, las7 — SlatF ••-r
sane itrainboW,ficiliVilie :dart telistelng
hearts/arhows kass t he : dark
in the anticipation ofthe.worst. . As it ishaa.l
and there with a spot upon theSna—oorearo . nal ex;
asses, which are always the work of bud men,
and (or which the masses are not to be held res.
Prinsibleintelligertie has imParsed gent joy
here . at . *Capitol.. For the... first two or three
hours of the day, the public mind was intensely
'interested 'in the news Gore ifexico, concerning
;:the Paaaataerlitups:of the Coin Martial in the case of
Wes General Scott. • The Whole bearing of the
&land General in Chief has elevated hiin - to the
highest point of fame in-the popular estimation.-
Among members of Congreas, and others - who have
read the proceedings, I hear the most enthurriastk
; remarks in his pisiseoind a general condicnnafion
of the treatment be has received films the Admin
istration.'it has been the power of the Govern
meat, concentrated in sailfish oligarchy here, cow -
hieing to rob a brave soldier and true patriot of his
hard earned fame. Na wonder thrdGeneral Soon,
after the hard service he has seen, !rein keenly
alive to this stab from the President of the United
States, the Secretary of War, and all therepresen
tatives of ExecutiviDowei at the seat of Govern -
merit. I can pardon something of the .spirit and
temper, even if it were temper, in which he defies
his enemies, and tines in vindication of rights giv
en to him by the God of Nature. He seemed to
me, to day at the Capitol, I:rhea pleading his de
fence against the Administratiorwand his tender of
magnanimity to General Pillow and Colonel Dun
can, as firm and erect, and as immovable as one of
the massive pillars of the Capitol. Struck down
from his command—alone in the midst of the com
mon enemy—robbed of his honors at the very Carr
hal he. had won—hated by the Administration,
though ;yet beloved by the army—not permitted
even to be heard at home, beyond the Sound and
sight of places mode sacred by the perils of battle
and sudden desdh=hismbled by the wrongs of his
own. eountsy,. and mortified as . prisoner among
the women though not - to the enemy—no wonder
the spirit of such a than should occasionally burst';
'Lush like a peat up fire,and that his injuries forced I
an utterance, which, had there been room for
leaa, would never have been heard. When the
proceedings of this court martial shall come before'
Congress, you may expect to hear a bale of that
representative 'thunder' which sometitties ;rever
berates through the wall; of the Capitol:. I do not
befieee that even the friends of the Administration
can keeps/lent; as they read the record of partiali-
ty, mustice, and punishment, of one whose great
virtursi as an officer, and great success in the din,
charge of all his chilies, has conferred such lasting
honor upon the Administration.. I am sure that.
many of these feel that this wrong has been done
and if they lack the moral courage to make a pub.
lie• rebuke, they will shOW it by their silence and
regrets: •
The Congress proceedingi are unintportaut to day.
Mr. Stewart of Pennsylvania, made a =lotion to
take up the resolutions of congratulation to the
people of France, but was unsurceisful. ' They .
will be passed on blonder. r. a.
Gramm. Scott ma Emons..—A corms.
pondent ot the New Orleans OrMent, writingfrorn
Mexico {Can) under date of March 1914 make.
**Taming disclonrea whfch will arrest public as,
It is beyond doubt that tie President has treated
the General. badly. A Brigadier General broke
open his disparcites to Taylor, at Monterey. and
their importance being talized shoot, the bearer, a
gallant officer thearmy, was overtaken and kill
ed at Villa Grande, the despatches. seat to Santa
Anna, and be advised - of the withdrawal of the re.
gular troops, marched m once ftorri San Louis to
F.ocarnacton. and shortly alter fought Taylor at Bue
na Vista. For this high. ogence of 'opening a pub
he domantent,‘Gen. Scott preferred charges and
sent them to the Secretary of War. But uo cone
- was ordered. After the capture of the city, he
deemed it necessary Gar the goal of the .ice to
arrest three °Goers of the army, and again sent
charges to Washington. This time he hoped a
Court Martial would be called, but he sees mistak
en. Coe of the arrested, who had preferred char
ges him, was released without a trial, whilst a Court
of Inquiry Wailarderedlo inquire into the charges
preferred by the nun released. - 1.7111110 r the circum , _
stances can you 'wander that Scott feels chagrined!
Can you wonder that the proud spirit which bore
him from victory to victory in thivalley, has been
partially broken, and the firm step whkh was
wont to tread the earth as proudly his been chang
ed to the slow pace of the disconsolate? I confess
that my heart bled ware I saw Winfield Scott
standing Leine the con,', a criminal ( t o nor his
own laegnage.) I could scarcely realize the fact.
To tee him there amongst those he had accused,
"scraicabling for justice,' bnpreved me with a gel
mg' cannot portray. I though: of the • Last sis
months, of the great services be had rendered his
country, and for the moment, thought" applicable
the saying, that t`ltcpublics are nrgratifur
izac Toe'lloKrt:oo , s•The Utica GIIICUO
"says, a friend has landed us au abstnactut - the pace
Ahem by the Qiatter,N2Ster General in General
Scats uunpnign, fmm the iandiegat Vera Crue tb
the 21th of Nov. last, to which he bat attached
estimate of the prices pea— •
11,510 homes, at $lOO each, is •
22,801 mules, at $5O each, is
16,205 ozen, at $5O each, is
6,850 wagons, at $l2O each is
fJ steamers, at $lOO,OOO each, is
2 ships, at $BO,OOO each, is
31 schooners, at $60,000 each, i.
4 barges, at $lO,OOO each, is
201 surfboats, at $3OO each, is
Hire of 3CO eragons4l mos, 525pasratb. $2,500
500 pack mules, 111-3 660,000 ,
Charter 6! seepaets, ships & brigs, $300,'.301,300
Parxis Isom halm-rt.—The: New York
Press, or 714 instnal, sap: •
lm,--Sales Of 400. tons of Scotch t from mime,
at $27 39. to $23 50„ft Mos. .
Panarmunus—llon:—There is a Air and stea
dy. demand Ar Foundry and Forge Iron ;
prices are firmly supported, in conser,ence of the
small stocks held over by Foresee men in the fa-
tutor, mid by histurAmturres. Sales 011000 tons,
Nos. 1 and 2.Antlumeite, part to arrive, at 11W.1 per
torc'2oo tons Chancel Pig at 528 for folge, and
far cold blast Foundry . metal, st
ton,on time; 2,-
300 Scotch Pig, on pnvme terms; some prime
Blooms at $75 per ton. Sal/sof No.l Boiler Plates
at 51, and Pattern at SKr) eta per 111 •
At New York, considerable mks of Scotch Pig
have teen made at ,525 y too, not cash ou the
dock.—Caul. List. •
Snorts--. -litov- 7 The stock of Scotch Pig in man
ket is very light, and small sales anamaking at 632
0533, too, 6 mos, for Gartshanie brand. In A
merican pig, sale/ at s29'4ls3lrt ton, 0 moo, as to
The Harrisburg Telmrapti hu a long lever from
a distinguished rolitician,in New .Hampshire, ad.
derssed m the Editor, upon the subject of the Pm*
idency—we append the killawing.
Concord, N. R, April 4,1815.
Tam Prw,Esq.:-,llear Sitt;—l have been a
constant readers( the Tetwaph for the last ten or
twelve yews, and have been 01 that class of Whigs
'who think favorably of Gen. 'Scott, gm the Pres&
deny, although my fi rst choice is the Hon. John
McLean, of Ohio. At present, appearances indi
ante that moat of the delegates to the Whig Na
tional Convention at Philadelphia, from New Eng
land, will go he Judge McLean; as won as it
shall be seen that Mr. Webster, cannot be nom
inated. Their neat choke will be Gen-Sawn.
Avorams Isrmi rues Gm. Tsmes.—A Wash.
legion letter under data of April 7th, Boys
A letter of a decidedly important character ben
been received in Washington, by Goy. Brown, of
Mississippi, and it gave rim to a very animated
conversation in the liaise. Ji appeam from it that
Gen. Taylor is be the hair of ISt fi; is opposed to
an 'obsolete idea""-dhinka the war just and bona
ruble, and that it should be vigorously prosecuted
until the Mexicans are brought totems—shirt the
Rio Grande sad not the Neuces, is the Western
boundary of Texas; Mahe wee the cause of the
marching of the army fro& Corpus Christie to the
Rif) Grande, and by inference the war was not
“unnecemarily and unconstitutionally begun by the
President of thellnited States!' This tallies with
another expression of Gen. Taylor, Mat "`o friend
of mine Le opposed to the we' The General is
also opposed to Wilmot's Proviso.
Naw-Yoax..-I7A. legislative Caucas was .held on
the SM, at which the following retolution was
passed by a nearly , unanimous vote.
"Renstord, That in aeleetingDelegates to the bier
tioaal ,Convention, we feel it a right and duty to
elm= it as our opinion that limey Cur is the
Brat choice of the Whigs of the State otliew York,
and that they as give and will
. give to him or to
any other reliable Whig who may .he nominated
by that Convention for the Presidency, tile 36 Elec•
Loral votes of:thts' State.* - •
hemmer:tat Bett.-The old bell which in re.
volutxmat - i thaitireillecrthaether the member of
the 44 - netthatt Oattinisa ia to balmier:seed with
prier Ora is tole planed In Independence
IW, Philadelphia, apou a suitable poles* ander
a ithiseciee,ind , there' tams* a •Pertnattent
ilsthreforthemenetated and mowed roothin
it irmeiii . cillad 'ennether the flirts orthi
tine, ham wlean emanated the Chatter of irate.
. ,
1111.1.11=71:1oute Of lllVarr , - ; :• •
* c F, 311 4 , . of 0400 b 4 i i 0 /1 4*; - '
City - of kreiliss; 'are of mud ivirest, ozoiNiniie
groto7 habilitp!.o give thero.*4o4 T*o4l
ooldreiis'as ready in the wait :Obey easSio
great ae g reeorieemiiis to ere
inalces gip' his, Oxalis& spina General .
• "Gen. Scott suhmiited. a portiquo(the.eviJenoe,
which was in the shape of a document, which area
said. to,be procured frorn•the bands or Gem Pillow
and hearing upon the letter of Leonidas. This do
inilent is marked_No..l. • • ,":,••
Gen Pillow, being called.upon to know if he te
r:Noised that document,
.said be acknowledged.
some of the interlieeationito be. in his handwri.
„taw. The following 'lie ae,knowledges to be writ.
ten by him: !Battery; 4 4 .'grotuad; tenetil,"con•
jectoce Lwant,"tiniversal, :Ile (Gen. P.) admitted
that said document had been handed to Mr. Free
ner, knowing him to be "si .:corrcsOondent of the
New Orleans Detm. Gen Scott requested that the
admission made by Gen. P. be recoided...
Gen. PilloW said, that in substance the matter
contained in that document was true, and that the
fact of his abootiagn Mexican . oifteer is also sub
staritially true. He said the document Was taken
from a rough report of hat own. •
Gee. Scott mad he next submitted a letter, which
we, printed in the New Orleans Delta; this he said
wee the, actual letter of Leonidas . itself, which he
said wee first 'addressed wtthe.Washington Union,
but nfierwards addressed to the Editors of the Del.
world show this letter ZIIIO was interlined
by Gen, Pillow; tome of the intertineatious, he said
were done in the office of the Delta, bit ethers ho
would show were done' by Gen. Pillow. Ho would
then inform' Mel Court how said letter came into
his poisession.: Gen Pillow said that eel one
word of that 'documi:nt (Leomdas) was in his hand.
writing. ,
1 he Court, being ,ready Mr the 'es.iminatiMi of
witnesses, Mr. Freaner, correspondent of the New
Orlegnallelti, was cal:ed.
, said he objected to theongirial let
ter ot, Leonidas being recorded, unless it could be
proved to he his, which he knew was an impossi.
Judge Advocate—What does the witness know
of the two papers now before hind
Witness—This paper marked No. 1, I received
from Gen. Pillow. He was passing by Gen. Pd.
!DWI Ousters, and WWI requested by him (Gen .
Pillow) to call in the everung. Witness remarked
that he was to a hurry, bat was earnestly requested
by Gen. Pillow to call He told me if 1 would
come bark to his house that night, he would give
me a comfortable place to wrote, some place to
and: soldier , fare—or wants to that edert
Aller having stated to him the inconvenience it
would be to me to co= back, as. I was going for
hat of the killed and wounded, and was to send
an account of the battles the next day, he still urg
ed me, and I complied. It rained daring the time
of my return. Alter having supper, I went with
Gao. Pillow into the next room, and, eller having"
some conversation, he handed me the paper now
before me, marked No. 1. Previous to handing it
to me he read it and interlined it lie (witness)
stated to Gen-Pillow that ha 'did not intend ren
ding Mist detailed acoonrit of the battles—he mere
lv wanted to send off an account of the result es
soon as pn,sible, he would - send n detailed ac
count in a few days, when he would have an op •
rlfo u n o efi geth ii ng th a a n t li c e w rGealt b low U w e . ' vi G ety
anxious that that letter should go off with the time
impresmorns, and he desired him (witness) to en.
graft it in his report.
All,, some conversation, generally, be (witness)
asked Gen. Mow dim would Leep the paper, and
no objections having beeu made, be put it in his
pocket. Ailey he looked at the paper, he saw that
portions of it were incorrect; he did act look at It
aherwartls until he got into the city. and put It with
other papers. When the La:mitres letter was talk.
es. oC I looked for this paper and found it. I cone
pared ikon being told that it was similar. I titan
plated the paper, tcgether with the ammarison
•drew, away. Some time afterwards, I received a
verbal message from Gen. Pillow, stating that he
wanted to see me. I rude out at town and stop
ped at his Louse, be (Gen.P ) asked me it I meal
lected having received a paper front hint. 1 re
plied that I did. He then asked if 1 Mal had it in
my posarasion. I told him I had lie then re.
queened that 'should rettan it to him. I replied
that I was ou my mad out of town, and that on my
return I =mild see about it lie said be did not
want me to neglect it. In the course of converse
noti:lie (Gen. P told me he had that (meaning the
letter) preened trout an abstract of lot report, for
me, end that he is as told while is New Orleans, by
the editors of the Delta, that as a man that
could he relied upon. that be would deem it a
breach of confidence it any improper, ore was
made of said paper, I lett unarms; him that ho
should hear from me that evening. The came
evening, I wrote to Gen. Pillow a letter, declaring,
for certain seasons, to return said paper, and re
sewed, is reply, a note desiring tee to call.
On the , publication of Leonide. letter In the
New Orleans Delta, I wrote to the editors of that
paper, requesting that they should keep the crigi
and for me. On my return from Washingt in.
through New Chicano, a kw weeks since. I re.
cemed it from Mr. :dogmata of that paper.
General Pillow—l dentin to have•ir recorded that
the wears =rate 10 the helm, and that said paper
wet kept for him Rad afterwitnls returned to
hire. -
Judge Advocate—At what place and what nine
did you hold the conversation with Gen. Pillow,
when he gave you said papers
Witnear—About the 23d. or between the 21J
and 2:411, at Macao.
Judge Advocate—la the witness scquanated with
the hand aniline( General Pillow, and of so, wt.
then he can trace hts baud =Magma the paper he
fore hues
- - .
Witnae—l am not acquainted with the hand
Gen -Pillow. 1 have *era him write. I
aaw him mate au inter:Mention of two words—
the taper marked 1.
Judge - Atiebeate--Wdl you look, and roe if you
can trare General s uniting in that docu
Gen. Pillow—l object Co that queatien being put
he Ina admitted already that be fa unacquatoted
with tay hood venting.
The wart overruled the olrjection.
Witness—From what I have wen ol"Gen. Pil
low's hand writing. / should Judge that the wonla
.—rietorion.—meking—and—i.ept bear—to be his.
Flare the examination of Mr. Feraner,ott the
part .M • the prosecution closed. Gem Scott said
that at another time he should again want the evi
dence of Mr. !Wooer. .
.. .... . . . .
. Tim Judge Advocate then pat the kJ-lowing
questions to witness, emanating from 'General Pil
low. . .
- .
Judge Advocate—What were your 'social relit.
nous with Gen!. Pillow, ',rhea 'be invite.' ebu to
partake of hilt hospitality!
Witness—My social relations with General Pd.
low were somewhat on the rune. Auting u his
rank and my position. I have partaken of his hos.
pitahty—he hasothen invited me to do so, but have
shunned his invitations. ris I have dOne all other
officers oftank.. On the night I received-the pa.
per, his molicitations were no urgent that I could
not minim to come. I never knew Gee. Pillow
until he arrive., at l'oelga. .
.Did you crer eat at Gan. Pillow's table, or ie
age your horse et his house!
I dont recollect eating at his table: I might, in
passing around the camp, but I foraged my bone;
the night I stopp ed - with him .
"Where were 'you when General Pillow wanted.
you to call an your return from Tambayar
'Either in his booms or oo horseback. .P
know which. [did not take note. of the cant: r.
Did you ask Gen. Pillow for a bin of. tke killed
'and Wounded. and when!'_ • f; • 7
1 did ask Gen.Pilkiw fora list of the Willed and
wounded, -but do not recollect when'
'Did you not 'eek Gra. Pillow for au "authentic
statement of the battle?'
do not recollect having asked jar aniuthentic
'statement,. I also asked sheers kir statements of
-recta, 4lr the purpose of comparing them with my
own, and if, found correct, to ace them. I might
have asked General Pillow for a memorandum,—
Kearns I did. :When the paper alluded to was
hooded to me,l mentioned that I would not one it.
That Was the time,.when he (Gen. P.) said he was
ankions it shanld go off with the find impression'
'At the.same: time you got a copy of the killed
and wounded from Adjutant, did you
not gel that paper elm!
'lt is my opinion that I got the list of killed and
wounded from Captain Hooker: I got the paper
from Gen. .
. . ,
' 'Did , Gen. Pillow give order, to hie Clerk, Mr.
Madlaud, to give you ri espy of ilea list of the killed
end Neriundedl' ' • • •
'I don't recollect.'
'Did you read tho papar in Gen. Pißutes pre.
erect, or when did you read it?'
'I read a porticin of it, I recollect distirictlY; as far
an I read, I ballet'', it to be correct.
Did yout state that you were in the habit of ask.
ing.General Officers the witements. of their pro
ceedinnsT : -
_ .
did not nay I asked General officer's I said
officers generally; and 'sometimea they complied
with my request, and sometimes they did not one
officer refused a list of the killed and wounded.'
'I decline answering that question, unless com
pelled by thet Court.'
On tbaCourt having decided the question was
id order,3lr. Freaner said he could not enumerate
all the officers whose reports he had seen. 'There
was great disehision, in Jalapa. relative to . thtr in.
correctness of:reports which laul.becn
On that occasion, !looked. at the reports of the of.
liters of Gin. Twiggs' diclaion. , •
'Whore did you get those reported'
'ln 'Jalapa, at the dace, I suppose, of General
'state if you ever saw suy report of, the operr .
tious 'in the Volley of Ittevicot.and If eo, name
whose were they?'
law none.'
. ,
.13vea after yob receive,' tbe papei, No. 1, from
General Pilkm?' .
`i have seen some reports in manuscript; saw
Colonel Harney's: either saw it or heard it read,
and I saw, I think, a written statement of General
Smiths.. I Won't he positive, a rough sketch of
movements.,' .
Gen. Scott here temattrad, that in theeounie of
Stringing throb facts, be did not like to leroanytblnir
which might Le iwnsidered on attack uppn Indict
dna!" General; Pillow'. course 0f111103111401/
was perhap. unneccuutty In too owndepitice..
Gen.-Pillow said be would not. wlWojlp ettailt
any individual, he (Cron. P.) wanted tambour that•
caberwillcers had done the gamete bkoseifin Show
The.Plitaident said he Would hi glidtrgio6.
sociiPoiddmitihite thentselves es I:lllittii fte poul.
bletode anlXeci bekxe the Court The trial woo
like:lib" be ■ tong ono and he would wish to icon.
oadoO itto• time. •
. ,
~7 f l burp" '6 notelwwi Wets. Pillow to dot
:GaientlipCluet which I wiSweed to be prirweq.l
hWre howl the owe titieLl., • =
rvpited to ily..Gentral for iiifortrw. I
dais in or Gator the Taller ocklexico; if so, whom
eke theyT;
• ..
hays asked Gen, Gadwidader and Gen. Pietro
In relation to the march from Vera Crogto Puebla
'same months atter vtoi arrived' in the city:
Did you not mention to Gen, Pillow when yotC
'reeeived, the paper, No, 1, ini - lour refusal to'nutke
me of it why you asked to take it away?”
- thought theta Might be something in it I did
not know hefarm : it might serve me in giving en
account Of • this battlri Cordzeras and Cilium
'Wnen• 'the; papee W0.,1 - passed out of your
hands, into wbose han ds did A fra, and, by whose
ul do not recollect th'isilate of its parsing oat of
my hands. It WM with some papers which I
gave to Mr Nicholas P.:"Triot to take care of. kir
• .
. . .
"Had witneSs no Place to keep his paperer
The President considered the qUesUon out of
order. •
Gen. Pillow said that if Le were restricted in his
questions he should find it impossible to get et the
truth. He wanted that if the witness had
any other place to keep his papers he tuadsome too
tire in ginng it to Mr. Trist. •
'I had no place to keep . my papers unless my
pocket,which I conaidered unsafe.'
•Dill Mr Triskare the • paper—did you draw kis
attention to it, or did he 'examine.. it without your
'After he took the papers I drew his lute: diem to
it and told him What it was.' • • •
'Did it pans out of Mr Trial's hands into the
hands of Gen. Soon with . your permission and op
Gen. Pillow having declined potting any more
questions to litFreatter, Gen Scott said he bad •
question to askfaim: The question was put bythe
Judge AdvoCate ns follows:. s •
'What is your social relation with Gen Scott—
when did you become - personally acquainted with
him, and by whom introduced?!
'My social relations with the General are nods•
rag more than i. passing acqnsintancey as it were,
meetings gentleman m the streets, and haring - the
salutations of the day interchanged; my timani- '
mice commenced in Puebla; I was introduced by
Gen. Pillow, his qurirters; I have frequently for
deepatches tbr htm by modes of convey
acme wbieh I had at my command. When at Pa.
ebla, ceinmunicatiotes were almost entirely cut off
—my courier brought communications to him from
commanders down below, and sometime, gave
him (suck information through his Adjutant
General, lg. Col. Ilitchcock, as my courier
„Oen Pillow—Who introduced yos to mei'
brought a monk note of introdection from Mr.
Tries to you, as I understood at your request. In
milkog at your house,•l mislaid the note, but you
yid-it rens no matter; but took me by the amt and
said 'Come in.' - •
Here the examination of hie Freaner doted kr
• the preterit.
Gen Scott said, he would more the Court in re
lation to witnesses and their depositions, lame of
.whom were in the United Staten. He stropmed
Gen Pierce no longer belonged to the army; if no,
he was , no longer subject to the control of the
Court. Regarding the other witnesses—Judge
Walker, one of the editors of the Delta; and Mr.
Meginnis, of the same paper,: he. would that the
Court issue summons to the =friary witnesses, and
issue its commission in order to have the deposi
tions of Judge Walker and Mr. hlaginnis oti the
subject nourbcrye the Court.
Gem Mkt* eitd Gen Piet= tr. a witness for
ltimaeLf (Gen P.) and. to ledge Walter and Mr.
Itiginnis, he would lilre to be informed what they
were likely to pebve. •
The lodge AdvocaM here rend the decision of
the court on the subject at tome: That the Court,
ootbe examination of the witnesses in Mexico,
deem the evidence insufficient. or, should the eel.
'donee be deemed insufficient, it would adjourn to
the United States Sir further proceeding.
Gen Scott said that the next witnesses were Mr.
Trist and Mr. Peoples; of the American Stor; be
desire.l.lhat lommono he issued to them.
The Court Men adjourned until 10 ti clock nest
day. • .
- Monday, April 101 •
Council met on .pedal call Present—Mes4s.
Bakewell, Mack, Denny; Drum; Hill, Kincaid,
Laughlin, layng,,l.rene, McGill, Murray. Totten.
and Mr. Shipton,.l"resident.
Mr. McGill; chairman of ,immittee
ny wharf, presented an ordiaanee, entitled • n
amendment to an ordinance 'perused 26th Ju ,
1513.'. Read 3 times and passed.
Alan a resolution authorizing the committee'
_Amain the committee . 011
Alhrs.hony wharf to report an ordinance 41ing - the
prsee of wharfage. on the Manehuter ferry boat_
itead.3 thugs and adopted.
The President read a isaummtneation -address
ed to the Mayor. on the subject of the recent
Mr. layna offered resolution authorising the
Mayor to oder a reward of Via) for the •attPralte.
sigma and prosecution to conviction, of the
.or persons who caned thi ten?allt tire* Rea=
`kill laid over.
Tdr. Totten, chain:eau or the select comottnee,
to whom was referred the - ordinance relative to
!destiny.' rocks ilia hunting brick kilns within the
hounds of the city, reported an oolinanoe, tanned
'An asthma. regulation the blasting of rector
..within_the city of Pdtaburrh. Read twice aid laid
Also an et:disaster: reewleting itn benuag.
brick kilns within the city of Pittslyntglin Read
twice and laid over. • • •
Several petitions, read . In C C. April 34 and re.
ferret to appropriate committer, were then taken
up and read, and net-ranee concerted i • •
An appropriating moray br uil.ling
. 2
n petrel- ori Liberty street; 'shies ice C. 0- March
:010, was read and referral to cyst ' on sts,
wait taken up 6214 'read, mid reference red
in. . .
The ordiaance relative to Inn •PinninUne t or.
messenger to the committees, which wan imed
in C. C.,.slarch 27M, was then taken up and read
twice, and *mended byetriking out IMO, ar: sub;
stimunesloo as the eatery. Laid our. -
Mr. (track, chafiMan of committee oust oar, to
whom woo refeired the Maumee relmiteto the
grades of the street alubaLley in the sth wart re
ported the' ordinance:without any arnendast,
-which was cepted; and the ordinance pea .
Mr. Lam offered a resolution atutaartring the
street committee to invite proposals ire the grtiding
and jutting - of sth erect, between Smithfield and
Ros' streets, and to mit the same tinder contract
forthwith: payment tor•the work to be trade in
cash.' Read twice and laid over.
. . Ad*
Tun Snort-cm Airars„—Flulp Moos , oof
the night police, wee ' shot lam night by Mr Joh n
W. Blair, a respectable citioeu of this place. The
circumstances { am detailed to us - by one sent,
tire as Wows: Mr. Blair with • number of other
personi were standing at the Corner of W and
Fourth streets, as lookers on at the Fancy! Ball,
when Mona came up and took Blair by the Collar,
said be was drank, end must go to the skatch
home. Blair told him it was not , to, and o let
him go—if be did not, he would hurt him. More
retained his bold and ripped the wall with**
mace lice asSilt1111:0, Whirl was answered from Me
opposite side of the street. A pistol was - then fund.
Blair is represented as making 40 noise te dish ',
indekhan wind by the atchman There
• aliegii crowd of persons errand there, but n
turbenbettevions to this. IFoccurred abo
o'clock 'The balteeteted the abdomen, and the i
wotrk•d watchnian is io danger. Blair, it is said,
denies sring the pistol, and that none woe found 1
on him.—Aterneang lith.
Mr7Allair li. Moor the most peaceable of oar
citieenkand we hope another version of Ibis story,
.., ~
hod fgeOrsible ‘te hiro r eur be tone, It in stated
that the plantilWas in the poseertiOn of tse watch-
man, and **in*, hand of Mr. Blair. LS is a little
singularthat 'Mr.'Blair should, what:leo - badly in
tosicaled as chirged by the watchman, *meta his
pisto l—ille had one. It is singular that some one
of the crowd did not find it. The cue should be
thoroughly examined, and justice awarded where
it of right belongs.
Itarnouns do Wsuntus 151mAsobair.—This
moue Zoologioar• exhibition opened yesterday in
famous slytel. The long winter has beee passed
with grant advantage to the collection and the ant.
male are now the very perfection of health- and
spires. The visit of the lady performer,-Madame
Cyhelle to the cage of the tigers and lions;and her
ride with the hoe, border - on the wonderful, and
are worth a wall• -- to see. The Imbibition
will remain open but a short time, and the oppor.
tunny must not be ton to pay theme visit and stn.
dy Zoology from nature.
Ma. PLacrua--To night the ranching domestic
drama of Grandfatber Whiteheid, and Ntiptdenn's
Old Guard:erill be' performed the the benefit of
this distinguished peter: 'Ttaise Who we Merit in
meting, will not be plasma, but &rare bear will he
afforded tarboneWlia lovin the drama Writs good
qualities, not its eicesea and Watts. To night is
the lut appeerence of Kr, Placige. ,
. DONNAVAIea P6llOll 4iti Maxico--Day
arrloa.—An afternoon exhibition of this great pain•
ting will be given this afternoon at Apulki FiiD; In
tirdettir afford the pupils atlas public schools and
fatullientrosiding in the- vicinity on opportunity of
-visiting it. The_ exhibition wilt open at 3 o'clock.
The evening perfarmance will oho -take place at
The Democracy of lientockY thmergh their state
cosntathee have nominated F.e. promo, Lesorp
. The municipal potions In New Orleans on the
,30th; resulted: in the choice of a deekadlY
TniElactifins H6cidei Gland kave - irone in ta
Tor alba V7higa- 4 3ovartior Harris nsaiadisi.
1 / 1 4 1333,384 , , tl4B 8 . / 848 2
Itruz.uot 70112050 N of Autumns. woo tag
mon* elected Speaker of the Senate
~,~=~~ ~,y:
k - of it. m d m i h came. ::
•• cOntaglit."
• Vuldugton, April 11,1 MS:
Srvave--The Senile living - been celled ttl,at
'dei, Proceeded to the .4a..idenffolf.ol:*l
"business." Nuperous petilionauterepresented.'
Mr. Rersrdy ;Johnson presented the petition of
John Skirt:ter, loran appropriuion to enabliah •
School •of Mineralogy, Engineering, Agriculture
and Road Malang, end advocated the 'petisin; a in
enable apeeelt. It svaareferred le the Committeeon Agriculture.
Mr. Hnnnegan, from the Consinittne on Foreign
Relations, reported a joint resolution for the relief
of Ann Chase.
The Ileum hdlin reference tothe Orknee Col
lection District sen.V.tiassed.• j'.':*" • ,
On motion of/drAlannegtm.,. that i)ortion or the
.President's message referring to the'Amistsd Last
was referred to the Committee ow Foreign Reis,
dons. . . •
Bagby introchsced resolutions'retatizg to the
powers Of the General Government, which %rem
made the special order of the thy for Monday
On notion, the'Senate laid aside the mornieg
basins, and proceeded to the consideratida Mate
order Mthe day, yia the California! Claims.
Mr. Dayton addressed the Senate, obletly,ia re'
ply to Mr. Webtner'n speech age net the. Treaty.
Mr. Mason has the door for tomorrow.
Horan or Rurroisurrsvives..—A. motion 'man
made to amend the French Resolutions of sympa
thy, whereupon a warm debate arose, which VMS
' shared by Messrs. Palfery, Johrortod, of Ten.;.Bay..
ley, and others. Mr. Bayley addressed the Haase,
and attempted to show the relative Melingof Mos.
snchusetts and Virginia on the subject.
. After a warm debate, the resoletiort was laid an
the table, 124 to 44.;
The bill reLitive:to the Military Anademy was
then coiled up, and pased first reading.
Correspandencli of tbo Pilu!boigh Gazerw.
Phibulelphia;April 11 , 7 p. x.
Flour--..ales of Wesieroxt
Cottow—No traosaxions.r • .
Corn Meal—Salea at 52 31!(352 .
371 oeaia per
barrel. .
• . Grain—There have been no sales of- When/
worthy of report, Sales of pome,::yellotv . Coin, at
`&051 do. per bushel. •
Whiskey—Seles at 224 cbA. •
. The markets, generally, are without change is
any particular.
Flonr—Soles Genesee at 718,Z. The m4fia;
with moderate business, ie in avoid' the b4ei.
Grain—Them-is less doing in corn, and the,
market his a downward tendency:, Other Igraine
us before.
Provision,—Holders of Pork are'stildng higher
prier, bat no sales are reported.! Lard, 8
, 303 ge
Ezelnch, Correrpandenee or Om Plosbargh Gareth,
Baltimore, April 11,180
Roar—Sales of Howe Street, 550 barrel', d
$5 571) •
Grain—Sales of red Wheat at $1 37.
The foreign news has ph:dec.:l;a depressing el:
fr,t. and there 16 nothing doing ie other articka.
N. Items.
P. A 311014043 Ststrsyne.—The Niw York Etpresi
sayr—We meet with a curious suggestion in the
Newburyport Herald, which is in furor of pining'
the French congratulatory resolutions, introduced
into Congress, -sad sending them to France lit
charge of a Committee, consisting of Messrs: Van
Boma, Clay, Calhoun, Benton,' and Webster, Such
• cm:undue, the Herald, says, ..would no doubt be
well resvired, And they would quite likely be in
riled an to honorary members ofthe French Na.
tonsil Convention, to which they amid glee .mucb
information, and could answer soy questions in re
gard to the _workings of our institutions, which
could be eked.'
Ftsurat.s.—The.Democratic, Conventien oil to
lots nominated W. P. Duval, ikwecerly Goats.
masa Florida when Awns a territory) ass caridi.
date for Coerces. It also eouttuated Gen. Wm.
Rattly (Or Govan:tar, sod appointed delegates. to the
Balturtore OltlfellTioll, who are said robe in twos
ofLevi Woodbury for President. •
Cassius M. Clay has recovered s venliccof
100. against ?homes IL Waters tor, deesoOM: the
Free American Prew some time mince. lU.i.Te.
lendenl appealed. . , •
• A law exempting& homesteatOsen Ceeed vale
haa beam adopted m Michigut. I A Mihail:stead
is defused by it, i,. a rpoduill mot ex ieediug
wuk.libev derailing liousintieretin and all
the appurtenances, or a city or village lot with the
dvnilting thereou.palth the ottig,_appertemutcc.
• 3tr:2assr Otottis io.t/Xtrllniteel States yeah Gen.
:toot/. The )Pashingtott'eckfltapondent of the
9vities...,l hanethe best • authotit• y foe
saving that ,Me.-Trist will:resume his old you se
Cliff Clerk of the ante Department: '
'9 .
esarcryt..-.- The,Legisiature Massachusetts
hai given the poor man, Zebukin Paine, be the
deep irrougite. suffered in being innocently impri
soned In the penitentiary It months, the p4.ful
ism of 3200—thia, me, in comidention of the pro.
duct of his fabor in that period.
=Dr. Ciatittins—So far. from being dead, as rinhar
made him, IX. Coolidge is learning the trade' of
shoemaker in his cell in tha Thomaston State Po
,Viamau.—The Legisbiome adjourned sine SIM
on Wedheiday, eller having been la session just
one third. of the year. Included 'in the .
of the eestsimmas a through revisite d of the comb
nal code. '
Tax Banks of Ciumnneu are ,
using receiv e
all Mee of a less. denomination than dee dollen
on banks out of that State. •
`hlasintrrn Snraxsasi=—They nie building steam
er" on the North River hundrodi of feet long. d'itir
wagers get on board at the *Mk and by the time
tbeyb are walked to the Cirviard'.gausoiray the:boat
la at Albany'
Err c. to honotably.lassunol that the killove.
leg' *en* nitwit quiblies_of 3a. battle of lovits . C.
riti Hair Restorative. ' they doubt nor word, they.
aon* thews highly regiectable citizens, who, have
it: •
Beekeu, st, Now Tort. ' ' -
AI rt. Mar-Um Reeve., Myrtle even., Brooklyn.
Mr.,lYus. Tompkins, D 4 /Reg sh New York.
MThomas Jaeksou, 69 Liberty at, PUlstough.
E. Cullen, late barber wearaboat Si Atuerwa.
And Imre than a hundred others attar, though thiim=at
adlee,.drat it will dirt a the hale to glow an the band or
.fitee, stop It falling Or, strengthen the 00011, reroorkug.
dardruf trout the rows, and Ught, red
or gray hair usual; n fine dark lOOk, and keeprnx dry,
harsher wiry heir racist, sob, clean and beaututd, a
verferty . Very r. long time. Sold at :MC& JACKSON'tI 91
Lib s . . .
CIE,11: Irst i tt i ll 44 of d r::; * 4'
it f=tt.
eprlng and
st ar gurmentcon is creditor 3 smooths,
to be at the stare of John itit Davin outfit:Boor-.
err of Mood and fob ate., ...Tuesday zoo , the
1101 instant, at to o'clock. Tide will be Me I and
best sate of clothing ever bold in this city, "Rger
meets me fashionchty. cot utd of good. mate the
whole of which are to be sold without reserve r nth,
to the higheat bidder. The goods will he sold .I , l:kne of
irons sit to twelve prose., each. . ' . ... '
Catalogues will be ready and the 10.64 ow
for cr
omlech. early y
ouths mottling °Oho wale. I !ROO
. . .
Nonce.—A -Naal mearing of the numbers Hof
Young Men's bleicamile library , Anaocindon lend .
Idenbardea' institute wit/ be held the Ilan on Tues
day evening, April nib, 1E144, at 711eclock, P. At:
splolt nouurr
• urn alt 111 LT Atlto I,llllL—Coutstoelo, Nerve and
tom Lthbroent and "Mien Vricetnble is the most
etreeimel cute. for rtheumegem. Sold by WU. JACK.
SOY. Mont fr. Pittabergh.. • 1--,,sorlSl3eeller.T
(Er Laditl who use JOU.' Spu'll.b Lily Whitei lutes
always a fine white irsospureat akin. CH this a trial
will satisfy any one. sold only in Pinsbarib, EV
Liberty si ; novl9dandwly
bn Wadimoday, We Sah.,lnti:, Rer.-Wells
nell, Alr. JAW. A. Am:ail:111W SAMAII A n*-RcAp. aII
of Net C.u.11., - Airrecreolanty. •
f •
Os. Tuesday, a. 10'Welock, A. N. at tin re eideaer
BEgo, Lower St. Clair tp., ANDREW DORON.
The .(deed . end acquaintance. a th e rurally of the
deceased are ra.pretfally requested to attend thi fune
ral (remit's late reindetthe, whielilake. place today at
2 Welock,'
. 1
T EFT—On board BIOS B Cnleb Cope, about th e last
the owner can havany payingfor . this notice.
abLlne3l•T •- ..
CCOVER SEED-23 bush Cover Seed, OH 'void and
for sale by .112 POINDRXTER & Co.
ICOACON-18 boxes Virginia eared limns sod
J 11) now landing sod for sale by'
split POINDFATerI & Co, 44 water +t
RAD-Aw 114.'4:0en. Lead, I received per steamer
.14 Oriental, and for ule by • _
_- •
t. bbls fur oda by 7-7- I
'BRICE AND LOAF SUOAR-01. tierces Mei bbla
jL Lonflingor, larnfing Bora runt fithaylk lad for
Ws by BAOALBY is
apld ' -18 and 20 ood et
BLlf, PORK-1100 !daces a.;011 Bulk Pork landing
frran rzeamerhßagn Chlef-and for sale b I
anal - ••• 11/MALEY& • .
6 - TARCII—I4I boxes Starch, noperlor q.
Lt from Mormogabela aryl for
• •
ranali—a bal e s Tenuased Cotton; ado" ?Cub,
V sip* do 14 alore mad An•
• 'apli • • -•' WEEP BOWEN 70frolu'u
tBOl6l-070 bboilk prune N Sagsr, In store and for
Mat,: • soli 0
F C ., PrNX? ;et'
'lOlO KETAL—CO tons No FOnsuirf litstelaort re
I eared sad ter sato by
- • ,••••.-:,-,,,•,2'...-„,-„.:,,.-...-L',,...1:',.
.:1 1
:',,,,.1.j : ,..-„ , 7 . ,..•:'' t '-' . -,. - !,., - t , , . ;4 ,,, c; , ,.* : ;i 1 7. , ,z , . : , ., , ?,; , ,...k,..1.-, i .-. 7 -
ztrrsauteasTeioaarsn. •:
~NvEDra*Lv, •° f• Pr s" 1 " .
—A 34 k401...2.ftimirith•
LOAI , f'ciPAI,OyER. • •
Gertrude • Zia
Alber ..Web, DANCE, by Arise Alma
To be foltelk7d by Abe Drama of
Grandfather White-heed • —• ' • llr
After width., DANCE. by.llDas Anna Malvin.
' To conclude with
ftarnusek•••.• • • • ............... •-• •Alr.Placide.
POSI — TiIirE t LY FOR a •
Ratittomo c INTARINCON
• •
yLI. BE EXHIBITED on Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Tuesday, , April 11th. 1211isadikb, for three
days only, under their ruarnmoth pavillion, to be erect
ed :a gout of the Ameriem Hotel, Perm 'amen and
so in Allegimuy coy on Friday, April 14th. •
Raymond*. Wanniy.mottld respectfully aunounee to
the public, that on this Oceasioathey wiU hare m op
portmity of witnessing the novel's:A daring, perform
suers of , • .
for bar courage and intrepidity, las gabled the
tame of THE LION QUEEN, awl will appear with
the renowned
' • •
. . _ .
In his Leo unpaparalleled Cougars. performances, 'nth hi, Lions,
got, no.. and signalize Ler
telnt by Mirin ds, g an AFRICAN LION bantossed to a tri.
unwind ear, OM' 'showiugtbm even a x-dman may
team to control the MONARCHS OF THnyoltnirrs.
tram bto C; and from 7
Ammo; 75 oantsehtldion mint tenyeantof age,
' "
- j liVelloh, DeLayne. & Natbastat
NA TION - A LI. FO..U. 8 I.
VROII the. National Amphitheatre, Chest= street,'
X. Philadelphia, eonsistmg of a splendid talented cam
p*.r MEOW:fees. still *rail& setimees
ta Pittsburgh on hIONDM EVENING, GM=
Mr a: . short season, no the old gmand - m. front of. Go
The folimaistg distinguished ami mulur performers
tir honor
? C A P' . Atl!filri`A Irltt a gg
VERA 1310. aL.=,‘ " NI, FRANK BROWER. N.
SHERWOOD, Maven FRANK and WM. P.a...RS•
Adm.Nlß.m. O. No hal/Free. .
at o—perfimause so commence as is
For pardealuza of pertorarare, look at programs!.
'of each day.
'a Great Serial . Panorama: of
• • • . .
'Stlexl , 6oi at Apollo Hall, 4th street.
m Wetly findennir recepticatofildstarent Moving
PiCtOre, by the °he. Of Pittsburgh and vieinliY.
btu induced the. proprietor to remain • few. evenings
the e'dy...The Deleting onnnPins nearly two
miles of canvass., on which is fasthialy reprveanted elk
the hank-fields chief town.and cities on the Manor
operation by -the two mat diVlsions Of the Americo
Army under (lens. Scott and Taylor, the whole Conn
ing the most delightful series of views ever offered for
putlie exhibition, and conveying lllVlltettrale, idea of
that Country
. to Which the eye. of. the world hays with
more or less interest, recently turned.' Poe Parti.julary
we bills of the day. , • •
Adtaintauce,s4 Crap, • Door. open at.: &stock.
73 Beekman ErtCh cleanses the loom
purifieithe !data, relieves pain., eons difikitlf ttreat
snit) ; Prot:touts erpactorssoa, stressothash the ..,1
sera; and is a certain core far. esastli I hiss used,
for years In my practice. aM- always Rich stetson.
11Intadartin4 a worthy. minaret of my congregation ,
wan taken ill tome time duce with a cold, pant to
lireass.and ensue difSculty or breathing,' slut in akw
ddysklnircaller, she had a violent coughd plain the
nide, :whirl, no medicine would relieve. an
She eltilliett
ed fora long rime 'under the medical care 'ofDe. Rea;
but finally became consumptive, and wan evidently
near the end of her earthlyruferinge, whea bee broth
er persuaded her to try Dr Tsyloes Reline nit Liver
wort When she commenced this medicine if did nut
seem' to agree with her for • few dayselint by . lessenlis
the done. she found it answered adintrablyiteved
her conth and her difficulty of breething Inman nod
me had the pleasure ofuraseseing her nrdd very
to health. • Rev. WAL 5311,11 E.
, .
• For six yenta I 'suffered with these awful diseases,
and hula my beast I feel for nU similarly afflicted, and
I betel diem to try-Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort
'non medicine cured MC 06M11 could oaf move Ys, bia,
and was not expected to lire 6 week—yet Iwa cured
in six orrekkby this vegetable Medicine. _
. • HA MABIO3, 10$ King et:
EXTRAORIMMARV CAUTION in puretursisg this
medicine is required—Remember the. feet! tbs. andy -
fl genuine actbd genne is now made at = Beekman al, 01'
orhAtial . proprietor, formerly .375 Bowery. This is Oro
only ameba prepared , from the anginal fecipeS oth
ew but
Sob; in Pittsburgh by J 0 Margan,lel W ort;
Townsend, 43 Market et; &wow. coc_Mark and
Al sic Henderson Co. .5 'Aber ty rt. Price - r need
eogl,olPef bow. •
ACLABSICAL and Conimercial Hoarding Be 00l
Cie Boys, on tee Ohio RosA 14 Mile. Worn • Bias.
Immti.. Rev. JOS. eI.TRAV.W.J, A. M., Principal.' •
SLIMMEI SefliOn cammenca on Tuesday,
May 1, Bra
TERM....—Boarding, Tuition, Washing, Feel, Lighte, ,
ke.;per session of fire months 1175—one belt payable
tat anrance; the balance at the clove of these. ion.
Books and Stationary furouthed whfu 'rousted, at
the axon. alio pupil. • All clothing to be dixtluctly
maxim!. ?watt furahb their aura towels, h 1 very
dutiable that ail ahould Da pawl:tau tha find day of
. .
•• . •
QT Fur partieulus,. inquire of the principal,
at the Aeadeurr, or of Alesstu Jelin tratiole Sons. No
IL Water mese, Pittsburgh. • • • oplitttet •
NOTICE is hereby Sista that Letters of Adadnis4ra
, flon base heed granted the undersigned, o n the
estate of Geo. D.iley,tauofthe city of Pittsburgh. deed.
All persons indebted •to said mate are desired to
snake .i.tomediaus payment, and ihoeis haring ,ehdats.
min Omer. Meseta thentotaly anthentleated. for gelds,-
I - • SASII,I•II.2,IeKEILVV, Adze.
PittWuret, • r:11415/a_ • apLt-weer
from oiettF-
J 3 vr North Alabama. &pickup se to coatman
etothitel. marked "Diameal F. all tiebant. ,, , The
oMU I' hereby pey curers CM O.IMM!
talte it ow ay. .• I.IO%VEN.
ATILLINEFIV 00011.i—Juar receleed. 10• e ales
..0/. plain I±lnaw Comecon ado do Florence do; odo
lance do; 100 hate+ Anaficial Flowers; =cartons 1100.
net Ribbone; MR pa Cotton Laves; WO do thread do;
which will offered at Wholes:de 00 low as canto .
bought of tie Eastern Jobbers.
ha. bein appal-Wad - Agent pro
tem. orate Inattran“ Company of North Amenea r
and win Woe Policies and attend to the Other biathlon
the Aerney, at the se . of Atowod;Joace
Co. • apld • WU. P..7051p.„ wen at.
10100TABIL.-13 tasks prints (orate by
I. spa WICK & !
111012ACCC6-654ttra.166 6 Torii/ T 666666,126611 5-
iroassmasonrStUaad and arsalely • •
SAI.CIIATVS-27;easls'a Cleveland &tennis, just .
.reeeived and km sale by . . •
..411' . WWI: SiMaCANDLIN.I.'
T.P..911—e0 calls prime Gr sale br
P; • spit WIC!: laldeCANDlst:B3'
, r7 , :aVa . ol-OU , dos To,,;vDraolAtil‘VoLl,B
rAoLONO2I-,10. bfliaNs L Talikexii; in 4,i do
ATI:No 2 Jo: is bbts Noe dr, ZO do is 2 dm, for oar
by • 441 41131.11121123 E , WILSON &Co
H. NOLASSEH-33• Olds 3 , 11 Molarseartonial::
BIM Refinery, reed per sear Schuylkill , and fur
sale I. 111.1.118111DGE, 1F.148014 &Co •
L OAF SULIARIV , 3:O bbli Loaf Sogur, No 6, 7,13 aid
spit ' . EtritUßlDtir, IntSobr2.oa
. .
!!= th : 7 7 lr iZithribtlin.:
LARD 011:=4111,1q pieitiom fald Oil , liar vale by ,
; a mama t„ Nvn.g;o 4 ,a.
O PEN "=° l lr 4 r l h.r*O4 ,l l9T.Ladtes Dram
430iidlo, each aa ratraraisineta.. at the Dry.
LANKFTS, 51181.7a09, Tb
&C.—e Internam of
131 Imesekeepers_ led she assortment ofime
r blankets and housekeeping 'alleles generallyj
IT meek.' at the Myr:lands Hone •-•
sP , .3v,atduiteny •
IiRUCCHLAWNB,Two ems bean4lll.larsrstyle
j: Dress Lawns, jail received b:y •
UNDRiai—lau bap <nada fialljoetreDHl tas Soap;
0 SO Obis N C Tar; bObbla huge So 3 Alackeral;
bblsTazners' 011; :RElbble cider 'pnes i r li kaaVy:
TO,IIACCO-70 butts f.wrappinv oody filte r CJust rcu'd on consign:mot& ' sad for satolirrsor,,.
VELVET!OII4—Ar aar .
ment f .mall and
l O ". C"6"diqunatPned Ono
•• • .SILACSI:nrr r s WHITE
has • large Bopp!) , of fine and low priced dress
sughsms: . Was,new styles of Brinoh and Frenek
Laew, fiat colored Lawns In 1.V., cents. • ep7 •
CLOVER SHED-746 4 for tate Ly
•spl0" • 'WICKS. hIeCANDLESS
. -
y ARD-27 kegs No /.I.ent..n.i9,' for nile ;
TIEER nicks Alr sale by - • •
, spIS ' WICK
In storoind for rale br • • •
ADD 011.-1.0 bbLe Dore.W .. n bell7o - nrcer boo curfor
recallin&l for safer by
__, • ;
• J SCHOOALAKER k Co. 24 -woo.!
TJEMP linEti—Gblrlsfristfereiml and for wk •
- sipG • - • IMAM Y REITIM
AA- LGONOIe-40 able rum reed. awl for ..1 by. .
aplo R E et7.LEHY, 57 wood at
6 I the Vegidand la Roves
le l [t i t= t m : a z ni ' Ve end forsale by •
apIO P C MART'S- , •
'JJI on consigument sad tor Mlle by - •
• • • • • DIC511:
LARD-44 kegs I.eilLiri, received on cowl yibrierd.
end'''. vale by -42IAIAU DICIEICI4 Cu,
. rti 'Ruler mud 107 front vti • •
QCORCIIIPiti,* t —,7O tasks kr Aule by • - 7- 7
*PIO EIVEND,AttEirk Co, 4 . 7. rru
We 4y and-weeeloi
CON--110,000 bbls balk; ass'd; yu conk do, for
sato low to clone consignment, by -
striGutsfs-2a.•.c...iie. or
.1 .
CdPAL Pb l t eti gNew l yolir.poitc3oad
splO liellOONlLilthtk Ca'
l IIADDER-41 Gig flu qqality - bar= :163;
: c pACXI:I Etta tot Weir
?blatbr sale by 17
it CO
Pau9B-33 cads prime, imt reed and
apto •-• . NeCANDLE2I9
' :72 2, p.=T:
. . -
--- 7 - 51, - ;1=4 1. 4747=4:0=70
7 - ;73 * AMON
~ • • Poona" ea*. if Dili Goakle:•.: ' - i;'.
tteggiltandlter coorning,',V attliteecietka al thea;
Camiennial Pinta" tatiNutid - sliad. M
szawill be told sNo
,'_ an extend aseartment Of Poretva a:
and Daneutkr :Dry Cleude, orate=
lothe, pasiesetes, iweeds, splendid Paris hi.
d. Sari... Pans lawns. Eaglets Is peat Satiety, ass.
vats, bleubed and unbleacbed mue whiny re d fend
sellenr gannets, linen d enmeser atom Loper
44 Rads chntse, Engin& AusericsadulaN.Prek
and Scotch lawsw,Sariston ht ancbester plushness,
linen and cotton , cheek . , nankeens, fornature
. de lain., I' d V I 4e w I ' = " tai r ti Ger
man. limns, merino, eashatere, 'crane Awl WI de
lain shawls, bandkerelonfe, Irak and - velvet, cowe
silks, black satin, wwing silk„
_ribbonsi. collard crapes,
alpaca; menace, Swiss and book XlitalinN ea.., h.
MEM Man, =ramp, mina pS parygl, pars .oldies,
At 2 ti • cliwk, p. it: ,_ ...____: ' • .; se
A largeassortinent of glauware, Ancsoewo , ._ t . • ••
Its. tobacco, segue, N 0 Sagas, Shan wool haw, ad.
aria hay and mason forks, waiters, baskets, nee kW
Pipe' dunnage., brandy, one platform' scale to weigh'
= lb.. etupetiag, re nnian ..13d Anopma *WOw
w alai sacond ' haltd'
t :' l2l . ll‘ a/titS-batt Awrlbt=eooklug atarets4t. - :
A large, salons:am a lisbsonahle reads made OD.
thing, saner Preach style shine with linen batme and
collars, Won., threw, saddles, bridles, hunks, line table
and pocket cutlery, gold sod silver trawl., Jewelry,
L. h rey=f ae. L7 7 : ' }PM
--JOrN Tni f t/t 1 ,%el ..
ON WO4dafday 0•1111ing . , the lAilk analosk7aNdoel
the Counotreial Sal .ft Room, center* Wood and nab
streets, will be sold .lugs eolleetionnf vekkable rat ,
eellaiteoas books, among which arll3 .be kmd many
name - arandard London books end fine. editions - of
Anienean poblkatkar, Alao, - family bibkra, blank
books, kuec and cop 'Mails pap ,. r. •
Ceteloffees are mar ready, sod Woks inky be exam
ined ea day of sale. ' ' •
.-- •
AdmiAignacea Sas - of Turiggs Stria:
lato.ur itut, at e o'clock,
the . ' '
Hides -Hawn, comer of.VroW
Inftb ate;erill •be ..cold a Ogres aleck in the PM*
Furth MI Oieersbatgb Turnplk• Co. ,
Mead..Fannaria and Bogart PnAniigNackigh , of
ON Ttninalley afbaioant the 13h ha; at 3 o'clock
one imknated BouneiPtessinglieehine, landau, Meld
Panatela and appeTaas, in coat ads. • : •
. . . .
agrir SUM Pm:wry id, duition: ' 7
VILL ho expcoed to pebile to. SI the Cominweial
Saks Boom, comer of Woodard Fifth rts, on evitar.
depth,. 15th /nth et 8 otioch PM, all ftt certain.
twoth Of grand thnawd =the easterly ludo of St Clair
Duvet, between Penn 00,141 and Oa Did
Midge, Wing paria of lo th Nos Hi Hy li j et t' =
pion of Pittsburgh endgame.' ea igkeith,,vin Be
leomovnt ihecomesoflaTeee alleyobenecartenV
big in troth along St Clair street, embody, tO beat, sag
thrtnh, eathrtiy; penile! with Peon meet, about OF
feet to a font Wet obey, with the free U.O and privilege
tC the said 'Ott We property am evwe4
hree inoried brick booths, leectiof2o het Hoar) which
We Id gootheondilou, and .17•1314 an.susulill Feat
o[ooo thoaaaad
Terms-Loo.thunh Cash, Reg the babothe 'in Siren
wine! annual instabitente, with Interest' nenti-anntially,
to be accused by bond and mortgage an the property
Vor farther.information noir H Aram...,
E s q., eth at. j.. „ ap7 : . .., JOHN D DAybifyAact
. • •
3a&ettigtoits Ate iSista
ON &mutiny tbn.LStb Cost, At El otlitek P bf, at lbe
Ccansitereinl Sales Boom, corner of 'rood and Sib sty
Nelli be told 9 Ws. eitnakel swan boodadY side
11411 e strbekaiNoining bad westerly frocaLognit 'unit
Lein; eabdietsion lot. Nat 77, 72 SO, St and Ss,
to 1.6.11'44 two., ulatli siesta* 12 kat hoot by.
124 ket so alley in ket buttes srlds„the
loainiztx ve sank 20 feet in front byl9l logo
•A.ll.sti .may be nen nt . the Otani 4.11
Dig, 416 sum, or u tint auction mai - Tenni steak.
.7 4 . . .10114 DPAVIS, Ana..
. ,
ONE pair Laige rise hon . 41rrof Hama. Byw op
old and ve.y gende r Apply !cp .- JOHN D DAVIS.': •
• comer of <rood sad fah Ms
•' • , APRIL:IO,IIAL , —L•
, MURPHY . in opening his .BECOND
;.' SUPPLY Of sprintrind iantrestr and haa
toorrdng open an asstettnent of Lined
super Eartstoa do; Prints and'eltialreg Brie
Diens Goods, in gran, variety; Alartehestar.,
new patterns:-In kin aasortasent now_opening, are a
real many anieles tit lower Pines than nand, Sash a.
dne Purple Dein* yard side, at Ll§ ea; foie British
YYnits at, Let ets; , Dress Gliguln iu saar eridih; at MI
ets; Dieu LiPll/, - yard w at I ear; Bhirting Bles
•liss very low; Irish Linen; he. • also' open tido
morning an mann:Rent olleantifol lighttntiatais,
small figures, for children; Lawns far do. Aliso, CO..
welkin Bilks; Win 'Wash de, •
Persowersading any Wog .in W 2 Dry Goods way,
will do. well to call and. see the.'greda and Oar the
11111.1=IS 612 , 1 WhOhtlih; ifoitons44l93 p e r
an inviting meet of fresh goods at Mann &ACM per
CEDAR ..11T.; NEW 4104 K.
...m...IVILRINRIM In Mou 18.1 d. do the pare
tune of suonlying tits City and Winder lade wi th
low Lieewetud arwithing,st all: . •
ear. the
are now welting Se
awry naw style of and Doenestio
p • many of which have
and me Au ode am Cash ' at - •
,6t•- •
perOt! Pur.
PA.MS which r ger Um
PRINT IN novae, A ,
.C.l. num k . - • =Anima= my
• 7•_•_ L.A. Ingalls
lay el. NI Market street, between ad gamittitt
.LN burgh Pa. bar.' ZOttlltir
,opogslithear new. and
e•ant Mora withan extensive suneln.ed welt Spring
and Senneer Goods, mumproing aptglaktof three bu.
tired. peekagu, of • the .4 • entlMllignit • fashionable -
stylea . .lierebaudstbeogriew theenettUY era Putimt•
holy iotid to roll and examine ear moelc,•As , it our
intents:lu to Mar our good.. at the • lowest Fnmro
witokuaie prices. • Otte of *Aim nailing in New
York, viii be constentty sending fresh wadies of
the moat desitahle "mist theme Orbs ..**ML 6 .•
elide in the tnoaactionotoui bouncee that meta be
psesamed&gem- Limmea. Prima are therefem
to be as , low ea the lemma New. York. and
A I R?/3 4 21 5 ( Va l ; 1=1 " " A
l El, ant/kora .111. Manny ofEn
rk.a.r. Life of Claim—The life a Jana tope.” l t, M
ita Meanies' eannesinn and HisuninarDatebaparma•
by /mash." Neander , —Manslated Inanike, (math Gm ,
man ening:l2oy John .110:2knonkand taasi.
'l.llttigAdvantams dMnal;-
ibeconntry in mercl. sCa'9oLi
Tbklikeekrortbijabkip;-bsi tbetakibor. `The
. Dr. Cbakseze, Panktoaski - illeaks.,;:Diar Neriito
nl Iterikigs, bi the tau Timm tb CbalmitsiD.-114
A—lst three vols..' Volume. Ilk aki Si Ned,
The above vHes.bia works teethrgkik kr
We by-,- JOHNSTON k STOC Cl -
• aye - •• ' : Hooksakre,earaikka audit Hs
, .
Late ail* Roo of BrOtolk-Elogl).j , _ „;.
BRNALRUIVANDAIxcingugag Egunciug,
coo. - Toorro In. am Pon Onuti
DEA to Cola Bank Neras,'Too•
sad Dooeolo Exchange, Coniliceks of Degoong,
EXCakNIFIE oa ;11 the goircpdeiiies
CURRENT and par acids received ns
on depocite.,,' , .
.COLLEMONS = de ad all pens' of U.8'1;1%1=40
MarAVlNOdivoeod d r oll coy Ash; Oil* sod booms'
is Od Gold Acatingfoutocas io .hir John B Don.
levy, 1 beg Isere io recoroolesid hire Is Oa patroaege
01 .. 7 lisona ,„
n eto:toronerr. 7. . .
ANN .liresou 141.1
it soli be sees by lb...above notica:Stuu the subscel.
bee has purchased Mo. L'Edurtou'siaterest Be above
business; which be costumed at the old snood, No
HO Wood street. . hen be ardl be pleased ea serve.
all who eusyssanl Gold Log Foil, km; and her hopes
by. suicsaHanioo to Nuebsese sad Ws deans, bs .
gun sacistsetka •is th his ose echo may Amos kin yob
thdrparramide. sparito . JOHN B. DUNLEM
Dole& Pa. "Mant moon:ran, DO/ma, Po.
yrOLEBAIX AOCERS, rcirmudine and cm.:
'Mad Nordin:us,an end &Mom Prodneo and
'Warp - Mandinctines., manor. of the Diamond and
Diamond alloy Piroborgli. ' " • - ,
Pnlabusgh. •
!km Jo. *unison; •
en drcenabogh
• •T. Gem Mal k
TREAD wroulttialonn kis [cicada and the peddle
• .aenesallyt tias bites reamed. abet llooketcas Its
Asa splendid- bloat. Grams Arttildiants,kneena as dr
Apolloßundles% math street, 15111,401011, fellt of
Wood, when) ; uppy, to. laceiA Id. o 4
Meads, and ea !emir paw eon as mai please so faros
Wm with a oath Ida, Intends w keep on luusdn aped
stock of basks and stationer', to be sold lowest cash
/C.NEWTON, Second streetjewweew Wood awl
Iderkez; smith be bapp t itheethathelate few'
. with boardleg aad DaT
rerdithr, upeutheseithable thaw. . -
W I :i L L °W : BR um s 4 d.c.die. W dLda fo tha r ri, ti
ket eludes, do do; IS nests do Clothes flasrots, do doi
ddnsdo Covered Market Basketldo da, , ‘, 1
~ •
•'-'l.dor Seatetiliet,: i ttdo arsdlollo 1 do Fulani
holders; :do
~ aso.• . i -•- ZCHIMAINTINSEVB.IIhaeaket et
'7---77 111MC/111.'10
have * 1.3%
do a/ea iorroediately,opposba so
out burokerarehosoo, id, theiteeeab villa, ere
vn ; i nu mwr helper. at mal l WWI •
be erected, smodernerde bar da shoddy been made
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