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- lait induced' she pwrinor wt. .nen.
eiattt • l'"sau PARATIO
ts Enak.
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I,ra :hat the irecussort of that fen
..c -.:llle.qwwoe 7 Men, hone 4.11;.: nip the dewmger in
A. • bud? bow olkall - me get dear of oar ;chug he and.
Weill dotal
T8E6k1 . , 7 / 1 42) 1° C11 , 7L P Y ul ltr .. AY .
will be bead la the Gineeng l'aneeen., In mtitit
'.'we ban Waft time to woe paha/led the ee
, /chowsd ow beta knownc itirerna who Imre
'mewl las enrollee powen. rTheee, with a mans of tel
d{e~ny flow ally .l. c( the caaavpr-tmm
:.Xlatatere of the Gomeli a.c.i together with topiarian.
Yana ham the
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bate embodied in,rninaphlet form, oat my. be had
" l''7lrliPLlMl7l'ohF"'"Wri rotary.
THOLdAND9 AND I .' RNB OF TEr oiisArqii •
Cimegitont. tbe Umind Staler an Canada, and we cha
which, Wien taken according to direction; aad be.
•• - fore the ings bed beecanafatally dleorptired, it ban
. _
Why need the inkt;dievitatetet by resort to
gotta up by trek ncn [Wild&
wee nada the=narne of some Co onsod . .Pkr•
Wits; and puffed into of:gorier by . certificate per
, M aapy unknown? Will:lst* medicine or
,. • . . . Art • a .rnr EFFICACY '
ht to be
had, whose yowlers ate as hooter-our
• • 1 " 7 VAICIIED1 , 110E TEiGRAVE. .
la ardor that. thaw Invaluable mediums maybe placed
• irb2du the nub of ibopoor u well the we have
piths pyW n:
Zs' 0011 Ulf tha tonal coot of comb eines:, It is
•.• • We brow adieus le newly every town Awl lane
• •
ear the erew, wlso we prepared to give full informs
, • tbzi rabidly@ to it. - T. SEEM, Yroprietor t i
_ , . - • -
,This disesse is nand by • p croryanattonstrac
rto a tic " n ."• - 11 1” 19 igt &IV r:
• elm be Minrely , cored by p..4ee imoof Dr:
ji=,' or common - ecdd, If neglected, will
00IIIMEIPlieN is efkensally reli and
sinchented,• will efectsiiiD. lead to
Ikleadal.COmeopCon, bat • timely nu of Dr. Sweet
. . mei Panacea will asexually_ cam, it. •
IndasomatiOn of die. Tonsils or, Bore Throat..--This
- MS= lads to menu ,consegunces
int from otr.,
but. owl mid of the throat. Onthe
VMS, Dr. Dweetaers Panacea Auld be pmnwal and
• and 'Colds find • a sovereign muds, In Di.
linazianda very fatal dims" ruckin g
Dom* violent mnigh awl cold an • debilitated or bro.
down abe d persons are emblem to It.—
' -Dr. Etwswirs Panacea. sould be. used on the . And
width ere a cono or co,
•-• ' " W i etwasta—This deng seapliMit will 'cum
winli cti ck, by using Dr. 9sceetrer• u
. . on ire fuss appearance of consamp•
• . sputum, Whkii are • I.n in Moat and breast,
uiWw ar blood,. Sweet:sees Panacea is
no danger need be uprehended..
tbiLinip,the Vigodpipe, or Dronehlal Tabu
became clogged up with phlegm so as to Impede respl7
Mims or brushing . , Dr. %mases Panacesoshich is
* purled Expsemna; amnia •be taken according so
epidemic, so prevalent in
ear dixsti, is speedily cored by Dr. Sweater'. Pang
. Riot per &Ade, Or cis bonlos Zar 45.
. s by Val. JACKSON,. ar .ns,• Wan of
eke kip bent -! " =wally
fleratohl - Dor nicht I
ITCH; SALT, BBED4 ite.—Rho would
n r
athlete) scratch, when afflicted with the
, Hoh, or Other diseases of thrs Mon,' If they knew
vim would name and cure them.
rib borate to be obliged to rob' and 'scratch when
bat same horrible to abstain from Mthr decency
arbenby. - . - Let it be rememberedremembered that
and ITCH OINTMENT is the
Most elluaciorm of any other preparation in existence
la racing lbe Tetter,ltchAad other disease* of the
allguleases of tbe akta must Anse from the impurity
Of the blood sad grads of the body, thd where ruck &e
-ars be of C osa and Use conairation affected
=tig 1111147.aidra garsithatilla banned
donnerat, tMg wr7l cum. any cue .whaterer,
and If lb= not, the utramy r will be retureall by Dr.
ELeloir:Ta and lialt.illoibnetaltiless W ectoatly e
which= ' :11 grfnere. d i sease s
the ystem by "
DP Leidy% blood and the atuface of the skin both.
44 by the ointment ea of ointment SS mum.
fresh sury of those saluablesintedicthes Joel to.
etLLM and
- cart Ist k woo:loam nor. Cith & wood sta.
ed has long been convinced of the
"•Mweauslity "S" V tome
adapted to the um of
. end Wants to a:opened° the use of.all those
modieloes which coutain opium, and has at length's..
• eroded itiprepating and offering to the Public a Medi
chi. flay smearing everyparpose for all diseases of the
bewelsorishow. the use of that delete:ions drug, or my
ogre calculated to Wore in the ken. The W ant Pau:
mesa has ban .folly tested and vied, the last twelve
, grnalbs,hl Ides persons. loyal's., all_
Abe aztraoritmaty and to - predate all the tenon
faking effects as met forth on the boll of directions.
antes, Vomiting, Cbolie, edging, Pains, Seineas and
illbleasea Wriantg from Teething,. meting immediately
without distorted' may of the unctions of the body,
=the happiest end mast 'pleasant transition
t mine, a tranquil and joyous mate of feel
ing in the link aulierer.
• To be had wholesale and retail, of the Proprietor, Dr.
JOHyi SARGANT Druggist tine Apothecary; John
A. and 110051 other Druggiste
eery and Pittsburgh... ' . dre73 PFAILLL. SYRUP .— lETCa
1., power to cure. Pnistresort, Feb. 14,1-447.
EL E. 13actsta4hIy.vrife has for years been subject
iessit=mg, see
heer La re a m ietlith
k r=is4
sad hadi roe gyre o lm w edvice tri ? the most mainent7Myskients. in
lftialatst all was unavailing. By chance d I heard
at Your lerill Cough Syrup, and was induced to boy
a Or trial, although I. had Co belief duitanythlng
M Samosa her Complaint. To my great surpose,
two doses gave her immediate relieL She is at times
Doubled with a' cough, hot two tecupdonsful of Semi ,
airwaye stops it.: lamsadshed, after a trial of three or
booyeany• tact Seller% Cough Syrup kite best congb •
ile* I have ever tried either In the Old or No
Wadi. . •,
' • Seventh Wood, city of Pittsburgh.
.Thos above cerdlicate should induce ell woo. are
tittabloti with cough or asthma, to give the Syr* tri
al. . It may. be,:bad car <ea% a bottle, at the drag
Moto of R E SELLERS. L 7 wood at_ •
Sold byDnr Csiisej, at& ward, and D II Curry, Alla.
• 13/1. , 11 V.EI N
1/dIFI.I(iE.-31as pram of al
Wm= onediciaes: • rw 1 • san t Owo, t
Jan. a, kdld . S
tits la to cerity dud Wks wing different. wows.
• •• far expallingsranns, 1 bough!. of C.F. Heiman, of ,
Lisbo, taro slab 11. F. Sellers' Varmifude and
7 " 4 61WIRry l g INlVicir4s 4 #
• • the reaana, dl yews old,11:4 wad 7tatlreini t 2
••..1.5 MOMS cx mug
Trial 1 'recommend &Una , enalfma b e -
ire tie pOlie. . Erna Ml:l=x'.
?Muld sad roll by E /
• • I M UtrM r. Casse,
T ik e h m peran ;
e D etil le y a I A.
• • t '1 , " 3 Ip wit rump,
- - 11jEWLYLIMENTES-Portha wbetand tonna:tem
Qodd HERfRA . or RUPTURE. Maned to on
The osq
teals clans. of tins Thai In Ma ova.
plidetne sun Inambleb msy be won. Ile pada!
womb bend nedlybdonood on aping% ded.
MOOS OW pat of n, end Morsamtdy adepts hull to
Illryainemind mu by Ma . want di eon be wo
virralarammem,swina =mix erected. • Toe subrn
' loadmmilum mak artandemento brtbe maniacal.,
Waft itabmbh, Triunes, ion anetor Mle.ln Pala)
ddi&Vpookbres them now fen sale at their ofjo.
Tie ORM= sand Climb; Pitobs.
y aura Ira 0 •
•• • Wammorraos,Chie, Ja127,1848 •.
Verterturt runquall
Min a .erorra destroyer,". and has t en entire
lo eakado ban Dad occasion to en
Yin ' am &so pining a high, mutation
bano , --Yommrespecurallyi • - • .- Coma lk ars..
• • • ' MoComnatankrz-111araJa14 7 , 1249 .
Mt. IL Makrn—Your Vermifuga sells remarkably
maooorat.Syrn. Yours y
-- • • -
Viatand said by IL FSell ra, No. 67 Wood .1.,
ail Was bz_Dr. Camel, s dt War:till*. Curry, Alle•
• ,ung Wrai. Butith,Temperuneerille. febt
Firm:lm sups, Lc., a!ore and ;:•r kale
"riartlisaPpaptM=°. Wood and
. 4'
• • ' • Asaaattio far Chapped Fla da.
• • Beier/Lae Shaving Qeato,ro k alnion4;
Mann Tooth. Pomace;aram; •
,• Cold Creak -
• • Colw Plum; •
. ra Water, km extract for the lane •
kei. • • . • labia
IRMA DRlXilth—Joet
raer althler,
-2 e gadradtlY off ?faadt dfugdt eu. ' Pthdet
0. mieriptiruiarefellfetattxtund
a Cad materiala,•4 arty boar of the day te•
, ul.ll.Almoks asileronent ofriffaciemfizroaat;
'" " 4 " • ffdtri
• i ' • • a 001.11•01100.
7V r t Ito:sniff. that I purchased ono vial of Dr.
Warns HReelic, some two months ago
•la Flail ID son oLsesOmo seven jazz old, two
:=toll, and 11112 WWI= may amas
I,kimt no t bat that was all wai of
s oma pseud Idtdf mcararing
!aeons Turin of n hack to two inches orig.
- *ea Carol en. •• • Den HP IBC. isda
1 1 , 718 AMOLL,II Indiare lisdr Oil, for
pummeag es jgcnnk, and Innnoving dia
it uvra falling on; for
sbl AClovilleloi •• ) • CO. Wood an b ida_
• away mans-go baw a good article, reed per
pow Fame, for "Le by
0111:1=0./.110' buss mold Candles la store and for
bY k dl
t ry& • bt
.I!tis i lif i tnar m ni o siej i: No.
CD'.A trrg'dllyt byham,,trzaA.
.11: .11 4' • e' .r
131225115.47,nnaka now landing front . = Lady
7 . iOar'mitturt °rule p.
• Ll' . ' JOHN. OMAN
porov OAIISLMERPS:re cases wee eije&g
•, ItR MAC - ELETT & WlinS* 4 •
AlitibisNol,lactreed and Os Elio by.
IfigM:4111111011-Wriiii,a6SHityili Ark
aNalarteetvid by
`~ `f ~ ~ ' _
1. ~
~~~ra~.+arc."G~„d~e.'+~ } `'r"^.~~,
.~.. C r+' i '}~
w~ ~ ~ ".~ ~.~.,,`Y ~ ..f. f- _.-. ~. .~.~rr :....
l't0)M1;, Ittsm.AL:ll
Athare;'„l: . E;nc4.4 . t 46 6 t 0 02 ' it4° .
• Tbe smi the Filleru
domed Btdemen.• --
hiasie - Figure' &ad; or the Lady of Given ail
Blue; by CbseityCorenot the .& N.
The Bandit's Bride, or the hlsid salmon by LOW/
• Stanhope, =hoe of "Strik4Likeisesseit, ,, k
: Lentils ynam., and Mr. esti Mn. Woodbridge; pp
Lo.k. Qunahy Review. • •
fm December. •
Life of Josoh T liara--a large anyraT•
The blaulatteezing Mother., by the author of 'Ninon .
'of Path! •
The Wilfalneas of Woman, by the some.
• The Old Commodore; by E Howard.
Jeanette Alliloll or the Young Strawberry Girl—tt
We of Sea sod - Shore; by Ingraham.
Karon, or Daylight, a prim tile,• by J S Robb.
Sir Rowland Aaron, si soh by Lady C.Long.
• The Splendors of Versailles, mid the Conn of Leak
'the 11Y.
}lowers Personified, Nos. 9 and 10. • '•
Rural Cemeteries of America, part 9. •
Magazines, Newspapers, etc. •
London Punch and Pictoriallisneu per last seamen.
• Brother Jonathan, Philadelphia Courier, and Tart.
tee Doodle Piet:l7loV' For sale by -
• - decl 9d at, opposite the Poet Office.
ILTEA.III.Ir mum , pea prrniacivriozir
VII by J. A. &U. P. JA811.8,. Cincinmui, the following
new nod valuable Works—
Donipbaris Expedition—Containina a .ketch of the
life of CoL W. Doniphan; the Cowmen of New
AlesicoOka. Kearney's Overland sLpl.. rism to Cell
fa We; DonipinWs Campaign aguast she - Nwrijosi and ,
his unparalleled Much upon Chihuahua and 1).11140,
and the Operations of pen. Price at Santo Fe; with a
11:o and &waving., by John T Bights, A B or the
Regiment of ;limned Casalry. •
• Eatery of .Kentnek - y—lts Antiquities and Natant
CMiesitiesi o.os.phice sudbel.L Geological
descriptionm with antidotes of Pioneers Life, and more
man one hundred /31ographicol Sketches of diatingaialt
ed Pioneers, Soldiers, Sttesmen, Jurists, Lawyers, Di
sines,.&e.; allasU with forty engravigs; by Los
Collhot,l voL octavo. •
• The Twelve A Month.' VollllliCol, or Joanur of a ••
Pd. .
ism in the Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, in the
C.V. of Mexico, daring 184647, containing co i an ac
count the limb of the Regiment to-Vera Cr./ •
description of the Country passed oven manners, cus
toms, Mc. of the people; liketebes of Camp Life; ac
counts of an the actions of other Vohmteer Regimen
an n fall History ofd Mexican War Lim °few Kii.
led and Wounded; Ms; illustrated by a atimber of
comet .rice. and Valle, by Geo. C. , Violman
octavo. 41.1 .
VslooB9 POD. TUBS BNlA.lloB—lllandnated
APP Gems of *tared Poetry; a splendid imperial 8 TO,
with beautiful iThisrimions an steel, by Sartain, sad Sal
iffizatuwal mei by. Submit: and trebly.
baud in Tmsey morocco and whitecap superbly gin.
• Tt. Christian 1841 wids
Splendid meritotint 'engravings, by Sutaim Om= in sr-
ILOGSVIS morocco.
Christmas Blossoms =I Now Thea wrka, for
1844 a small quarto volume. primed on snow whim pa
per, embellished with splendid mersotint engravings.—
ThM is by tar the most beurtifol Myelitis amoral pub
lmhed In the United States. • • .
•' The Footles' Works ofOliivet Go . ldonith, bL 8., with
numerous el daft. designs, by the netting Club, in na-.
Mons styles of binding. • .
Season., with seventy-sewn designs, by
the Etehing.Club, T• 21093 styles of binding.
. The Poets and Poetry a Atomics; by H W. Gris
wold. ,
The Poeta and • Poetry . of the Aneteati, by William
re.r.4%. iiii tupetbly boand itiTutkey morocco; solut
e. idly illt. . . .
Willie % Poem 7, in vedette stylea of binding..
Gray% Elegy nstrated.
. L
Ilezaoan Byres% Poetical AN'orks, is Teti*. Waters.
rd • u , e . 44
• Shakepsate's u u
The Poetical Work; of Thome, Mooro.
7tallads and otbar. Poems, by Mary Homo.
Peanuts. Ameba .
Headley's ,need Mountains. •
The above, with • great vanerpof other new wort.,
salln splendid arks of binding, suitable ler Elit Wall; for
• JoHttsrava erocrroN,
dc7o Booksellers, e or. Market & ad su.
Valuable glandud Work".
DitiNDESI ENCYCLOPEDLt—A, Dietniaary of, &i-,
elles,littratora sad s 4 comprising thataeory,doaarisaioo
and tetioatille principles of rou7 Wawa of bosunLonde*,
with the &Anti= and deSaihow of all the terms ioffmaal
or, edited by 1V T Breade, FII 8, a. ilhasow4 8 1h.
morons eaaranari GA wood.
Morse's NottS lama= Albs, =Wain bowditally
ored maps of North Armin, Canada East,
No Mist,
Non Scow, New Beustswiek. Idoldwan Taus, New Mex.
wo, Florida, Texas, Califoraia, Marko, Cattail America,
Tomato. Watt Islasda sod lb. States and Taerito
risa is the Usk ion.'
Neal% foritaan—The Vutary'of the Poritnot Erica do
Worm:ion ie /517,50 the radiation of 1793,ocoarrising no
accolort of then prznailei, iit,ect, by Dude' • Ne 1.1,11 - A,
errisell fry John Quoitas,lll D, nth nine portraibm ddl;
two volume.
• The use of lir Dody le retinal ho the hied, ir Dour
Miens, M D, moaned the royal collogo of Phi emu, no.
Juvenile Works.
Perils of LUPO, beingalHeting oseretioos of staisreekt,
Hassell's Speaker—Th. /amnia Hpeeker, eceopsislng
ettssorness7 rvb sod elan:ion in wall s Wee-
Gm of poets for practice, lry FrooeisT Haus instractorio
The awe w&ka receieedgad &r ode
all Boeballerreor smerkel sod IS eh
°nary Balsam..
Pal .4589:: ttiEU k cl e rma f:g le it a day I
21 awe to mp fellow
more' respecting. your Vegetable Pulmonary Bead
Since I first aim! the Hal qua, abomreleven years cm
the Mippy effect id' which I Meagan . account uf, I
have lead several severe s ad
it and snacks at my
lungs, one a few days
01 0 0. sice, sad ill every Maumee /
hove used Me Bateau] WWI COMIlle. and perfect
miccase. ' Itthas elected relief and ease in a very few
days. It is certainly a site I do not know
that it will cure a fixed onnancy;aion, Lot I believe it
will be in many eases • Meunier, and prevention is
better than cure; t do therefore, La the love of
i 11054.•
low men, earnestly recorameml Me use of this
in all pamouttry complaints. I am confident Mat it
has been the means of preservlng My life to this day.
Boston Jute IG, 40._ BENJAMIN PARSONS.
For sale by B A Fahiestocir, es Co, comer first And,
wood and also comer wood and MA • isle'
tI Greelli;kaaglish, C
deal, to.— •
n I • Cla.sical Dieainmen -_ • • '
Dictionary orGreck and Roma Ant:ignition
g 74'Culloagh's Commercial Dictionary;
Urc's.Dictionnry and Suppleurant, arts, manufacture
and minim
We batari Octavo Dictionary, revised edition;
Todd's Johnson's and 'Walker , . Dictionary;
Worcester's Dictionary; .
Liddell Scout Greet Letncon;
Robinson's Greek Lexicon of Neve Testament;
',retest's LatiaLosicon;
Ahistrortlt'a Lads Dichonair,
Flommqg and Tibbin'a French Dictionary;
Buck'sl3aolopcal Dictionary;
Union Bible Dictionary;
Robinson Camas Dictionary, Ace, kn.
Th., above, with a moral assortment ofTheola/ka
Clusaical,Aliacellancona, and &misty School 11.145, e
way. on hand and for male_ low, by '
dca • .. • .. Market ay bemoan ad & 4111.
. • •Saar Publication..
. .
iurnmors PCiStilS,- illustrated. Harper% new
AIL edition of the Poetical work• of John Milton, with
e memoir, and critical remarks on his genius and wri
tings,. by - James Montgomery; and one bemired and
twenty *engravings from drawing. by Mama Harvey.
Ls two velem. •
Snaumm's Gat. Torrumerm--The Anse Goepals and
Acts of the Apostles, in -Greek, • with Eaglivb note.,
criticelatilrmbimi and csegesicsk map 2 indexes,
46'1c m % ° the, E t u inTment-Tarr the of
Schools, Collegesi end Theological Seminaries.' • By
Him J. A. Spencer, A. M.
A Now NOnni-kilidentantres • Eve.-A fairy tale of
r By Mrs. S. C. Hall;
..Yana' Mona 12.-This life of /Geary the Fourib,
king of France said Navarre, By 0. P. B. James..
Complete in foot pans, paper, 2 vols. cloth. -
lank Boasellen, comer of market end gd ste
T' GLISU 1100105—Htstory of the Greek Rev.
.V.r Minion, and of the wars and earnmts ninon
from the sonnies elLthe Greek Patriots" Inigmancipr
deg their EC4snry frank:he Turkish Yoke—in two vat
amaes—splendip.d• eopy,wlth numerous maps and Mgrs.
Letters' illastrativn of 0e reign of William 111, from
NO torn/Et—with km, portraits in weds. -
Companion to the study of the holy Scriptures.'
Harry Illowbrey, thrillas mimeo, with BD min
i M l e
oar' In the Holy Land, Fkench Stage, 'and Sketches
Inatina. Jan reed and for de by- _
MeDONALD & - BEE-11014.
, •e1 IV market meet
TIE Philosophy of Life end Philasoptry or Lim
y Fred Von Schlegel. .
. b hal in Chins b11844.q3 msd siel, with •
map:Lod plates.
The State ofitts Dirsned. by .1no: Geary Hoban, D. D.
The Choreh IJosyarsal, by Dr. Stone. •
Goldsmith's Pomas,illostrated.
Thompson's Seasons; do
For sale by- I L READ, • .
MSS, 4th st near market.
"ITILLVABLSI New • Year's Presasts.
V. Wavetlcy Novels, 27 volumes, 1.200, illustrated;
Mrs Eherwoodhi Works:l6 vole 22roi o, illustrated;
Miss h:dgwonh's 10 " • "
Havers Famlly, Libtary, 1211 vole, complete ;
do Boy% and Girl's • v
Work's of atikespeste, 7 vols. Biro, rhetbeautiful Bos
toe edition, finely bound;
Baler's Lives of the Balms, 4 vole. elegantly bound;
Hannah Moor's Works, 7 vols.
ErpLoririg Expedition,
ti TOrdb' royal
co do do do
British thsayLsv, 8 roll. Turkey mot. heels..
The above, together with a large assortment of ele
gantly bound family and Wet. Bibles, Common
Prayer, all sires and binding; all of which will be sold
lower thin ere, offered in this unmet, at the old stand-
of KAY .11., Co.
jog cor dd & wood et
. .
rAN . OS exAnfos Is. •
HZRY KLUBREI, Dealer in east.: Piano Forte;
J. W. Woother.l.Pa.No. 85 Third &rem. The
Pianos may be examined .e en holm, and the stamen ,
bee will be there Gorr 11 to 12,' A. Mould from 41e
5, P. t.l each day.
We, the onatralgned, wattla Inform the eltioeha of
Pataborgh'.4 vicinity that we have appointed Mr. H.
Eleiher wle agtaa for Western Perasyleartiai for the
We of oar Piano Forte., from whom they may be ob
tabled at our own (New York) prices.•
' • • NUNNS CLARK, -
New York, Sept. 1, 1 , 944-oetlidll •
Vhoo6s—Cateehlsia of Iron, or the klerchanrs ned
.D Mechanic?, eorcipletelaide to the iron trade.. A.
few copies onlWi t. ry ecaree. Simonds' Literature of
the south of Chambers , Information sr this
Chambers Cyanic-dist or English Literature.
Wendell's Blaciketnne's Cornatentazies, s new edition
in 4 beantit4l volumes. lialleck's Poems, a new and
splendid Puler Book of I , lowers—for al k
eessol.e. lan) •J 1. ILEALV4ih near market et.
Tale, br G. P.R. James, Eq. ,
r a m 110147,07 cal; edited 17 art,
ter Bell. J o
an n el:Wei and
jr7l JOUNISTON t reocrrom
Dr.: Webrters Great. Amerieso /I?ledotuk7 of the
}hagfish Language, tossesrecors, eonbajo. tbst th.
former editions contain . * revised by a.m," ..
Gocrbieh, Prot Yee College: no moa low edl
boa aver publishedi one vol. esawn %nano. .• pdae SS.
Forma* by • ' • ' • ; • J.L.REIA
dee9t.' • Ads sr. Our Market as,'
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girgT mantis VOIDS AND FOUNDRY,:• • . Premims. PA.. :
A-REpnpared to build Cotton and WOOBCllasseinni,
...Mary of erred deseelptlon, auk as—Carding his
' dames, Splesdag nausea, dens, Draaenir Franiits,
Delray Haab, Washers, Tsrftiers,Spooats,Dreaans
Frames, Looms, Card fthitsdars, fte., Wrought Iton
Shafting tamed all sins of Cast Iron, Pathan and
Dasigers,of the linen pinery, slid e sad hand Lalies,
'nail ands of &tibias. •
Cauinlp o non famished motion tn.
hee. - Pauernir made to order Or Gearing, Ina
rinling,&& Pipe for beating Funnier. Coot
lion window Bails, and &hey jok gennolly.—
Orders! e ft ardor Wwthoue of J. Parent &Co, Lib
ertyhireet, hnve prompt attention. • I
Rrns to - J •
&.Co., 1 N. Moorland & E
Winner, John Irwin & Sian Pinabargb, •
O C & J II Wwner;
' . JOHN A. DROWN _ . •
1111TAILM thin method to infer; his friend.
. and the public at large au his Vector)
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order mergent.
moan ninntere made to in the best style.
.Blinda reputed at ale shortest =ride.
N. E. Hu Blind. will be yat op, without di n •
tweal ezepase se that they eon be taunted in • wo•
Went. ns eue of fire or for washing, sad without this aid
of a crew dr .e . , 1 • oetddlykedwelY
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TAHIZRE, eitniel- of Peon and. Pt. Ct.= •
deposit. the Reclaimed Hotel, caimans an Penn a
respectbilty Inform their friend. and the plane,
they are mewed to famish and attend to everything In
the Itne of Undertaken.' Altvays on hand a large as
'aliment of ready mode Colin', covered, lined and fn.
abed in the very best scanner, all NOM and .one reedy
Made Shrouds of damtel,Canbrick and mule, and all
'Unmade to approved myths. We beep a Jinn as
Katßelll awhile end black, cotton, silk and kid Waves,
sable for pall Waren end mourners, crape; caps, eel.
an, end every thinienery for dressing •the dead,
mace ressonsble teams, as Ave purchase ad tar goads
le the Eastern Cll.. ALIO, )1111/ef plate for engraving
the nun and age.: Welts. a splendid nets beano dad
horse., and any umber of the beet carriage. Every
thing attended toprempdy and •• • Mini. OC=7
Nos. 'Kt mid 918 Lfterte awl, um Lin Cars.
ALWAYS on hand and made to order, a
tr of Marble Mantel., Pier, Centre Tattles, and
Haman Tope,Tomb Stonca,ldonumenta&c; all min
betounado. of the choicest marble cod numnfara
bV mhdhinerT,mill tett s old low for cub.
N. 88.. awns w purchase Mantels, are
informed Mat it ii henceforth unnecessary for them Ia
go Eau, u I can famish Meat with . male 111 all
respeem.goed,andEmughtonsurance, to, consider.
ed,) as cheap they can .purchase Meat-for In the
East Call and see. .
No B Market street, .Plttsbmgh, Fen=
HE hs erikbe re ,. baying ora ts 41 , = i t p ro s t
rmectfolly fow the ooao
hhildtag Breamba NO dks to 211
nod ermine barons purchasing,. wo can natty Stern
with Dock Stoves Forgeso and every other kind of
Copper, Ttn land Sheet hall Work necessary in funtsh..
unt Steamboat.
IYe Alm wake to order on the shortest notice Sot
rubes and Quatiber;' Copper work for Swam Dream:.
sai everr variety of work in oar line.
fold? ' • ! SHERIFF t SHIRR_
lUzzainghaol, (neat Pitteleuribs] Pas
Warehouse, No. 137; Wood street,T.ittsburgh.
GWlLLeoneuonly keep on lomd a pod amen
to eel ors Wanr, of our eons mnatarei and
superiormtainy. Wholesale and country Mer
chants are respectrally mvimd to call and ex
amine On themselves, as ore are detorselnedio sell
Cheaper than has ever hobos been aerates, the pub
Or Orders gent by teell,acoo6panled by ,he cub or
coy reference. Intl be promptly attended to. • febVs
Great Western Butt Hinge lanlietory,
ctisounita.ri, co. •
A GARDNER it Co., Iliaald inform the trade that
they are now manistentaiing the but Batt [Rum
evermade in the United :Rates. As this Is oar prinei•
pie bmtneze, ae Intend to r i nd oar as complete an sMI
nett as lan yeastsbly he .msite. Those engaged Its the
hardware trade, we think, wltl find it to lbw interest
to see our Banc All orderitressury Attended to.
tarn . A GARDNER . o. gar of nth • .wale no.
ciese wimuna x
iuruLvAry m LEDLIE hoinsfuturo soul keep enco•
hand . C.lblealdett-illid 'Pluto Plan
Olusotrare, all its varieues, it their Warehouse Wi
tter of Market and Water streets, Pittsburgh.
Our Works continue in toll openness, and we are
mannerly addlng to our Wick, which males to to fill
orders with promptness: Purchasers are respectfully
solicited to call and exunune prices and terms.
FRO . the very liberal wawa :rags!
OWmeat this sober/I - herbal teeetvedsinee
he haslocated himself in Allegheny,
has indaced him to rate a - lease, fat •
term of years., on the property be now
oecaptes,.in Reimer street, toweediarely buido the
Presbytertan Church. Erma the lot* experience en the
abore beentessual a &limes please, ko hopes to mer
it and receive • share of ptiblic patronngc.
Now onband and Easier* to order, Rockaway Slog.
gies, open and top Doggies, wed every derenpuon of
Curtages outdo to order. fr om seventy-Axe dollen to
•Ichtbenerta. • fsep3-dtfl JOHN ROUTH.
, Lard OIL
IwIlE andeitiened are neer prepared to faml. dolt
lei:domed and the palbe generally, with awe/est.
lent aniele of Lard Oil of then own atatrafaetate,welieh
they veil! well. memo...a ten.. Their Oil they
belleee to be as good as .y *fend la the trare4ana
may Le teemed if net salisfaelem
• ] l9liheay et, wpm. enuthfield
3.—Lard and Grease saltal. for ...toy, on
head: for sale a... arldi
----7 'D - e - .7 7 feeroe Walla a/Liverwort.
TIIAT this medicine should 110111110 so much noterie
ty, is not at all strange, When we take into conskles
ninon the vast numbers thdt are cured by its toe. Fur
many years it hat proved:au astonishingly sateessfel
al the north, that neatly. every amity return it in their
house no an antidote to colds, coughs and consumption.
That co other article' possesses the smelt merits is
equally true, and the conjunctive learns that ha can
depend upon this mrsil
not eine,Wheu all *Men have proved
There is a doubt bat thousands are
yearly cared by this inestimable medicine, and In many
utitances where: those given sap to die, have, in an in
credible short lime, been entirely cured by it s unrieail
ml efficacy, The following remarkable case of con
sumption wa ' , mired by this Balsam of Liverwort, Al
you value life `sad health, and would be eared, at once
resew ha this erliele, and rest assured yoir will not re
sort in vairs—but read and Pulp for yourself.
lantirstuse coon or commernor Arvin. MM.
rwarrlkada violent cough, with retsina of phlegm,
severe pain in my able, beck, stonaleb and scram my
bowels. 1 was so cold at !times, It seemed innniedble
to keep warm, e y y . en when Miters were compl aining
skin h t ' sit ben and :, vernt ' s= r itiand ll =
and every Person supposed me dying. • friend of Mina
recommended me to try Taylor's Balsam of Liver
wort, Which I got, as my physimandid no good, and
thin medicine teamed me so good health again. ,
mans • : Ship Caspenter, 040 water elect
Aide:mei thonands ore cored by Dr.'Ysylor's Balsam
of Liverwort, and as many still die of dial fatal malady,
tho cause it negieet your fiat - symptoms, sod
then :ride with things at muse mail it is too Isle, death
follows. But every one e. be cured if Ihey wilt—
Take thia medicine at the very first approach of the in
sidious foe,vid you will be cured. Yet this medicine
has cured consumption in advanced Wages, as tha coati.
menials below willprove. fiat the =smileay is nos so
defer, as "delays are always dedngerons.
Prepared and sold al 73lieckhara sure, New York.
Sold Piusburgh JD /Horgan, Sell Woods`
Tworuseod,4s3lerket es; II Hoarser, etc Market and 3d
xis; Henderson & Co, It Liberty at. Price reduced to
111.% per large bottle. • - 1 . suar7
BA. PAIINESTOCIPS Pneumonic or Cough Bale
e - Elara,bas a great advantage over men; other
Cough prepuasions, a. its pleasant We roma it to
be used withoutLim ounce.' Um Its vs= as a
Balsam consists in the spe ' sdbaem edits cure. We bars
known some of the most :desperate coughs, some of
which bad been running ou t for a considerable length
of time, yield almost Immediately to it. power.
In such weather as wet have had during the . pagt
winter, every one is liable io take sold, laden great
precautions are need.
Wet act and midue exPosure to the t
at lnmey of
the weather often lays the. foundation a bscEng
cou s h, which needs a watch remedy to 'reran serious
iVe have ntorthebus xertificales Of corm which Li
has performed, many - of width an from persons In
tide cny and the neighborhood, and they.. a sudideat
mthrence without thying another won me
et s favor.
Preppa~re~d gad for saie . w i ti . o e lee . a i la v Lad d r s il 11B .;d i
wood and flth sts. - malAl
sett Y .:tatr.t.l= l " .hu r .
gable aseelielne. II hae been need to this paws with eastpieut
gamete et ea *lntimate complabfof the attendee! vitt
s me mesh, toed of estee t ated its rauteed al moth bleed
ARhad preriondi misted Wand approved preseelptease
ANT' anew the balsam one week the pair.. Pe tune Maned,
and he use enabled to speak sedelid. Tb case
tome lima dace, aad items is R ap ed sat only is se.
tie* bet is Isienioae bedlam: iseettally yaws,
Concord, Pin, Jas. 30, i lb. 8 MORRILL,hID.
H old i s P o ilthug hby i e t l fwatoesdee e t t x ..t, Co. emu! of
Etsadwod, atmeardl *o
' Xl. PECTORd NT is enmity to all oilier [coedits br
CougloyCzasompdan, Drimeldlisoldbasa, and dire Palma
tidy eXections, is lhu the nuni OPOCI, lOW “111161010111 tW
UM of It in their frinilis bin yeast ago, did prekr It to di
alba remedies atilt. kind; and adore any lad beta Induced
to try other prepdalions they , bast dust Invariably bona
dist/maga to ramie* the Windt which was damnably
anntapated from ilia high pairs bestowed by the proprietors.
and bars relurnsd to the - on of Jarga'Exescanurrr, as
a staidly, hot La
;weer Gard in ethers dim, tad width
probably am bad ID equal arre *wavy daimon.
Prepared only by Dr D. 'Jayne, ding
Pkiddelphia, and odd on
ditindkroif 72 Frwerli at
A 8 f via now commend In the Importation of Brandies,
Wmee and 61111, 2Le n exi.letively, and having made
emameements ledidertint piers of Europe and the bl
ends with well known beanie kw any fame mealy of
Fore4e Liquors: which I wall be able to sell, delivered
in the Mutest 110,111U1of New York or New Orleans or
an this city, at the lowest millet price for cash at ap•
proved paper. I here and cellar a very lame
stock of very sepener Willia and lomeors ax impelled
of the most celebrated bnmds end Tarawa for sale ou•
iplearnag terms by P Or - MA.II7'IN
4.2* • ear 111 A amithpeld ata
. _
Drug Store, for Wes
I§ MATED inatto alotuishitigtown of Wellsvil/e,gui
terminus of the. Moberg. and Cieveland. Rail
50 miles hy river from Pittsburgh., The present
business of thOestabllshreent is, fair aml eon be izeteas
al indefinitely. The' owners *Uhl tit mate from
the busbies. will sell on. remonable terms at private
sale. PC(1011S mishing to make bigotries are referred
to Jon. Kidd t Co, Pinsbumb, sulmmihers,
jean • -
lebister,Potere Maker,dgegheny city 011 Idill,haa
lee newest pauerne for Eton. ea hand nth in weed
kw. ROI Cesare old a Petteno lode order.
fro rl r f niTui=hreied " F l . . 4 i eg r a=ll%et, g . t " ed
no in Conuundon of. Itemaned CEmehes,
burgh, 5621644 4 / 4 4, 1 84 7 . 1'444;26 Cf 4641.
mu ej I,WOIT M6OLISI '46 market sr
iftwts aißßONs—t 'fimi my Fectisid
0 Cashmere Shawinjest received; alsocBpring Bib
boor, in Feat. variety, at the dry goods house of
Y r r+~.p
fe t I M e s " D "
I:clue AO - •it tif iTirga
imvuo.-breadtaseeipairq Go p.a.
bir netlek,lik nal tight alit= th,dtht waits=
' . ..wrilen Oa =hate lawn is howl be dally and kir.
yodder& end deltic= gorw4m bor era that that:awl
moody willed be wipawitapin by inner it,• '
to the first Owe it to well law= that the ' of
Meek klabakro aresprial af a pricipilat., Laid by gem Arakomnd wham the =termed= is wink air part
is araparand go and prigeipitra w toll as a playa=
in they= idatnri Which =deka it It ie aka =slam
to add wings.. to dis lab Wader to one it wan, Paid,
width keno= the era by adkg or the pea. if • geed on!.
earivr&itthrtiogii theta • beet lien. Row thee Wee.
*differs haw thas stellate in awry repay=
rla =ask= wirdois =gaining so viscid =ire hold
kS,therriree =llan= ger thick; and bring very d
a =artily Month= the pea iutoagiren =we
lbw pork= the dare of thig pap= swami • =on
neat =nand me ft. may =Wed by =Anon that it
only Ordered =the earkee :- I t Wu contains =wader
has aa Sae malaria iedg.i therefore will wit =mile
steel Via sat eroalsti and ailhoup it writer&
Webb pa. coke yetis a few &XI. bseowes a deep
Okla will edam far ark It ill warmed= =odor k the
_fetid= ankh knows by ths 'user of ".I.nrold4 Writing
Milli" end anathird =ire ghee for the more prkv.
app epholiapositka of say kind being sitaapred
g reesewneaddie= will wake, se wait the
=ere, that the au= dare Oren cued nal hare been on.
=awl by al may C.w as usworthy purpose. •
• Ws named o .ll3bert4Cbaried IVritteg fluldW to
the polkwege of ms,Wle,..a&d rate ad= meat
Ylt dors five howl= put without &lend it ap end
sa beg
die awns at Fre haws ,ms•deep gar blab.
B • h=lb Co. Wick aai l r, deCaudanr,-,
Joha Parke
• Win Lipper' =Wake Wightern ty Co:
lkik Id nkTi l d= t A Illulty k Ca
ha Vir W WUke. , •
lanista ll AN 93, M.
Mr Thor 11. HarberLiver ßo Mali, I
hers been Wag
%mbar Writing FUR, and Lad it • dreVrate ante fin
the office, it dove reedy how the pea ad beemosjet black
• few hour. . Yoe= ke,
T .TUTTLE. Badiliwor
for Birrells - da ample.
Mini l, Ant SS, MY,
Ddr T Hilbert—Dar Bu: Honing pawed : • boatel
SaarWßiting Plaid, tom inn...nets *go, I candor It fol
otval if not oorricir to - .11,r001d otbor int DOW D.
know of. • ly,
WILLIAbI STZW* T, flook•lboptr
• - • . • inn Aram ft isbobon •Co
Piorgii, or
T Hilbert—Ow lin I a twig or
Writing Thin, and fed it to no• anta article-kw
stool rim, ao Udine moldy tlien agile Go sonorolity of
Other Ink; it dim fra mod block in • kw
repue6 la Wbobeals sad bY
Ealraproggid iosd Mad* mass,. of Liberty sod
v. steel or quill pens, and the copying peen.
leek Le the result of the experiments of several years,
devoted to the matiefeetme, en an extemehte =Me, pr
an ankle suited to all the perpues of the conautur.
Tice peel:Mint of this Salting link coUlste In the fol
lotromertion Irent--nt wtdcla
o propane i lt
t t ler with pot freedom eittis ious P r re = ma or ' wRI
peer,i n stid Is'entrely free from any corrosive qualities.
The color of . Ills article la • rich, bearded
blue black. It Is necessary, however, to give cum.
m T the
rAll ad iraft w r ' fotnit Santry ehenuSal
cynotitudem moires enemata to the air to Impart •
deep color, It rust not, therekire, be eneeted, that
the moment the bottle Ls opened, the kik erW be found
fo be a ion black. The fort appuranee Wil/ be pale.
/hit after exposure to the ehemiul actimief the atoms
phase either on paper or in the inkstand, It will mum
brililant block
Pantonwscr—Mte car Is unaliendile by the lapse'
of time. It will never fada °rble account, all =-
purest monde should be made in this artiele. as year
onlY deepen and strengthen its not
NB. This ink is unable Mr all kind. of metallic
pens; and for pens made of quills, and what Is Impo
tent sad very desireblowidi malty, will give perfect
MeTerTe b osigit tW le i ndttions with which we
are coneetesi t Moms' blue blach writing ink., and in
respect to
braILOGI of color and permanansr,
believe it sanerim to way
we have heretofore seed.
A Thurston, eashlrr, bank of Louisville. Wee Rich
ardson, teaser Northem bank of. Rounick y; Geo C
Gwadoney testae; bank of Keemcky; L L Shreve,
presiden tot. lm Gal bank; The. L Helm, clerk of Bar
leo county court; Cones Pope, clerk oriel/armament.
Atwood, secretary, Fireman'. Insurance
7; John Muir, emmt Lexington Insurance Co;
i76;dwinoteey Penland Dry Dock & Ineurance
Co; D S Chambers, see, Franklin Firs & Marine In-
VII• 13.1 Cl:4 J H Rhoiner, treasurerlandeville Savings
Inedurtirm. A supply' of the above ink, Met received
and far sale by coil JOHNSTON & STOCKTON._
PRI TYPYff4 will be sold at fleeces New
Fork Typo Foundry, ader .11=h ELM, 1911, at
following very low prices, for approved six tnettOtt'.
notes: . Roston. Trtu,.ter. Sams, be.
Pica, pm at) cis. de eta. ousts
Small Pica, 21 . 05
Long Primer, " 34 CO SOO
ca 11/3
74 191)
tO4 1.72
The abort prices, in consequaiee of increased feel
bur for manatecurring, ere moth reduced from fo
dittoing for earh in hood of the dm
of the invoice.
• .
Presses; Chases, Wood Type, lek,',B.e. tarnished to
the lowest oteauteetutent' prices, colter. tot, et* at
Our Specimen Book for ISO is now ready for MOW.
%mien to printers, who will sand for. It, nod ettotoint
many new articles that we hare ones before exhibit.
<4, such aslVrniug Flourishes, tirmasnents,Ornamental
Fonts, to, of which we harem ample ataek, for the
prompt meciatiou of order, •
Printers of Dimmipspers who choose to publM 'Aids
advestisement three timer before the firm of
and send on one of the papers, will be,paid for it ist
type when they purchase from Mom own mantic ,
tures, selected dam dor , specomeum Aws Imes, she
,amount of their Mlle.
- 11 -: o;saie,;everalseeklrecand-kmad CihndM and Pis
lea- Tamer Presses, Manta r t ria du t . e k Pgales
P/esies, etc.
amera 13 chambers
11/1E GREAT REFORMATION—The Pletorial Eli.
tion of FlAnbignei peal newt on the Reformation
of the Sixteenth Century, In Gel many, Switrerlaini, he.
last published by Joseph A. Sp oo l. No 25 Cherry et..
above SUM, Philadelphia, his spteidid>p me odium of
the above named work, wtth Pt ennead illustrations
from original dmigoa. 4 cols in% bound in extra cloth
and tibial? . e beep.
The pn hither ryrpect(idly calls the .attention of the
trade and potßie generally, to due work, being the
only illustrated edition published in the United Mmes.
lie Ousts that the beauty of kis embellisments, die
strong and 'substantial manner in which it Is bound, IQ
conjunction with the known popularity ante work it
self, will be a sure recommco da to pablie fever.
No sta aaiarepin4 enilo.
J. A.S. has lately published a new and beautiful nil.
hoe of Sergeant Bella Rater Show,* salable book for
children neatly done up In eats, cloth. maßldrm
Taos. Hi, Waled) of SMUT, I§I%HMO
A Co
Is°. A: Bram
Qua. G. Cou Now°.guaa
U 1 0 01111112•10111 AI or a hoa li
PlO. 31 hydras Street, New Orkaas. '
Wain. Muln & Co,Bankus. .
. James Alligator fr. 00,1
" David Milo*
" 'Ellis & Mono% Butussi Qneloo.u.
• MiCauie, Lvq,
11 N [cum, Eaq, Banker, Zancavitle, 0.
1) AVDernald A. Co, Wellaville,t),
Neel Puts Co,Baaver. Pa.
r! uclark.n Co. Pitnbar6fl, P 6.
W & m
EL4ZSI:9 VERkllitGE—lcs popularity still or-
A 3 creasing. Lussyn.w, Oblo, tdarchg3, 1519
Jerre% to be in your city in a few weeks, and shall
heaps larger sopply of your Vannifoge, which Is in•
creasing in polartly as becomes known. We hue
used it wick success us oar own funny, and from our
neighbors hare many assurances' of tis excellency
Prepared and sold by HE Sellers. 67 Mugs*. Sold
by Dr Cassel, n.h Ward, and by D M Curti, Allegheny
city, . marto
1.7-• The AdaliaLlaraletra of imam blelAn . yakin,
oder lbr sole istablisbewas slums ilk Riad , wodk
Mower aimed on by bus, la fife time, se a Salem
tie sad Glee Victory ..The woad are In complete ado.
!bream, Mg on the binnew,with timmi,te, and wadY
for commeltelar at say time. A liberal credit will be
gimp, and ilk particulars made known by canals on
eitbet of tin anderniped. JAMES BLAKEL,II, •
_ JOHN farceur-Li,
0 . 01 Admlalsasseri •
TATICX:I3 HAIR TONII—MIer via( tit. veldt •
wianitatimaly plumate .5 to be toilet Neuf.
beat article, without say eseeptiw, Ia ow, torch.
nateestata and pwrratka of the bow Wk. We know
of imams retwea wiwre hale ha been Agana te have
with& ken hem bald kw yew, and tre Wielt ye mate de
gnaw hear thm to reeceammi mall we nadan rrho so
lodic their We, to ode a twat of this Torkie immediate!, ...
Bake Mal— •
'Woe tale is nasbeell, at the Retie TN Stan, Re.7B
Powell etraet. war Weed • warredieleT
ILTOPI—For sale o few bales Western New Park
Xl_ growth of 1610.-lino 8 to 10 cents:
eiso, Eastern sal 'Western N Yearly picked, dile
year's growth.
Prime Ohio do. Delmont county. - • -
The general Eastern cup of the season is now being
received. Brewer. and others using Dope, will find it
much to their advantage to obtain Omit supply fthro the
underalgitd, as - they Intend to sell throughout the sea
son at Ne w:ork prole. O. W. mar H
oetlsdGm. • • Pittsburgh Brewery.
respectfully inform his friends end the chigens of
üburgh and Allegheny that he Wm decided to Tetuan
in the city during the winter, and is prepared to lteta
patients placing WlDlielv.l ender his ewe, according
to the eyetem v practised at ell Water cum Establish.
menu, for either Acme or Chronic diseases. • Those
wishing to avail thesimllve of hit services will rail et
Mr. Miller's, comer of Liberty M. and Dimes alley.
Dr. M. has treated several nevem cases of disease in
this city with greet success, to which ho lr pmmllted to
refer. ' writ(
8 11112 = 1 1=== *' glitrIg i l l og
chests jpeen and black teas; 7 6 and ; l3 lb bOles Y H
and P do.; 900 boxes Gerntarrelay to mks salon
toe; 10 do. potash, together with a glottal assort•
tent grocenes; n store and for sale by
J 411:„ .
,CASSON k MeKNIGHT, 601 it
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Urania, Lord Wrote., Palls priaelpat, stanza boat do,
Tater, extra do, lvi.'. do, La Bayadora tat, do do
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MATITEBB,.&c,--'27,baga prginileadiet*
Pea Nuts; cut ikuvege; 1 tad de4l sack pealed
Negating recalled oa ennalguenent, per stmt. Mot No.
& and bat rat , by !MIMI DICSEY & Co.,
• ' No. 03 Witter at.
BLANKL7S—W s Musphy invite* the acientli,irOr
persona shoat to commence housekeeping to ids ini•
edinslein al superior 1111 .k.b5 inn received, including
• few pals, intended especially for mantas use; also, a
tall mai y of tithing., Om: dings, pillow case media
eralliniy, diapers, table &aped, ac.
NOTlCE—tekenlumtstekenom stemehorn Amen:
elm Eitgle,lying at We vettesto(Pittabingit,• smell
box, conselning • small while, care of A., (kerne. lf
any person Wing the box, vein return or give any In
formation of the ssae• - he wilt be, suitably •rserentad.
P -illeburirk MArckl9,2B4. • 7 outtledlw,
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Jte.L. " trii. " ZrZered c z a ,re , lf t :f i fty,;
Yitterson's Lleely" ibh street ' Dreireg at,•
aed ewe epee public iteeybze ccesdegnioale, arty bbsl•
Ibr etre may belts With A B )1 , Leg.,
is eta... 17.1ei
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• , • Preprietar aadAgentat:Ennieri, • •
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ILL be pLap:r o rlan aarliertrain=al alboat oe.;
eareCt u e, a; all po e inta enrrina Extentunr, Pau
Cat,. and Oaro Pina Gar all porn; on Late Erie and
war Latei,as also to lorwanlp ro dace, e :by Penn'a.
Wanner:new. Apply or addrm ,
filbOldif • • JA.9 - IVES — if. -Buyer:
LAIN 13111111111 NICIIIiAN LINE.
rpHlicr Line tinge omposed of.SteurboaisLakeßria
1 and Michigan, running daily between Pinshiugh
and Beaver, and freight ankmasenger Quiet Boats,
jrr between Beaveraad Hvle, and canneetinvanli
,egaed , s Lim of Siessaboat /*repellent nod Vessels
pp d. Lam, brill be prepared upon the earbestopen-
Int of Navigation to .carry Freight and Passengers to
all minima the River, Canal and
Having every facility Or conveying freight and ri pas.
sem loath en preimmenv and dispatch, the prop rietor
and agents laspecifelly gam their friends .and
he public generally tkeitragt;
. M , Proprietor
RIM S, PARKS &Co, Beaver
• CAUGHEY, Pittsb'gh do
Cor.Saidifiald and Waterlsis. opposite the Wrong.
&skein Home.
' ' NSF= TO' '' .
Wbeeler, Crocker & Co. New York -
Goo Dans,Boralo • -
E N ruts 1 Co,Cleveload -
E W Consdashmoa. New elude do mats
I.HE .daslised am goy prepared to forward pm
does,/te.,to thePanora Marten, doriag tbe-envo•
Ing Molar, on the mast favorable roma, by thla expo.
All property Camped to as wlllbeforwarded attire
lowest rates and with gamma. • •
Iferobtegme reseavarl by nos roar, CromPtly for
erardeeL. • J p IRDWELLA SS, , Ag • Pirtabarab.
• , W C Brvermerllle.
Mod?. E EGERTON & Co,Comberimal
•xmaigii . • 1847. t o r isi Z
PIPS Law madame facia; and pander Pack
,. ea, Irin MO Malady daring the -mama between
Beaver and. Greenville, Pa., br waleit freMba and paa•
amaarsbetweed the two palm., arlilaeparfalprommly
and at Me lama rates. • • .
WICK & IMR,Greedrilld, Akti
' UsPARLAND & WINO, dial Bad, do;
HAYS a PLUMS . , Sharitaarel, da;
W C MALAN, dharan, d%
WAL MATHS M, PaLual, do;
' KKEO, PK'S a Co:Dearer,
JOHN A CAIJOHEY, carder Water and SartMeld MI,
apalv Oadaadts Na Maadarahala Ilaoaa. Pittabsnak
1846 - AND 1847
TO*TII2I ZAST BT 11/11.110/1.10 As}
I.flE subscriber. will receipt for the delivery of Prlv
dace to Saleroom by the Mononyabel. S/ackwarxr
at tba follavting pnecon— • ,
Ashes, flacon, blotter, Lead. Lard, Pork, 'Mow,
Whlektiy, t, and Glass-437j eu perloo tbs.
Tobaces,llo..p, Flan and Wheat-91 ets per 100 lbs.
Ashes, (Pm) Apples,Cbee.e, Flax-Heed, Obula, and
Leather-100 ets perlCo lbs.
Odr,Skins,Seeds,Wool-110 et. per HZ lba.
blearax,Feathers, Pars, Glaseng, sot Inatn•Root
—UM eta pet 100Ibs,
All property , connined to enter of the anderslined
vrillbe forwarded wawa del ,ay' Are or Ooramirmon,
at above rates. •W H CLAIM, Drovnartille.
Ma= 1847 . =it
• ...
. ON TOO PtilltrtialnlA Anti main camas.%
E N PARKS& Co,Clerelaod, D.
HO ?Anus, Lkavi,Ps. Proptiekrai:
T ISAVIER, PinsbargMPa.,
TIIE thorn Lino to now fatty prepared to transport
neilataad Passeaens fromPittsbnigh and Cleve•
land, to any poioton the rennsylrania d {Alia and Oluis
The facilities of said Line are not eqaalled by any on
said Canala r la niontiers and eapneity orBiats,n4w .
fiance of Clowns, and promptoesa of Agents, to.
One Boat terra. Pinstany,h cad tflorelaad daily, run
ning in &sinned:in 'with the Steamers: • -
Michigan and Late Ens, between Pinstnagh mad
Bear en and a Liming' Lou class thearribOmai Prue. -
lers, Brigs and Schooners, en Lakes Erie , ilarn,Bl.l
- and Onlaria
Property forwarded to any part of the ;Unita with
despatch. E N PARKS k. Co, Cleveland, Ave
REED, PARKS &Co. Renner, Ants'-
w MATHER, Pittaborgb, Agt ,
•pci Cot Water and Stethtifield streets
WO= Boma Swallow sad Telegraph leave Bea
l. wee daily, at3o'olock r.ll, after the arrival or the
m r amg Beat fima Pittabergh.atelarrive et Wattenia
time for the Nail Lane of Sages, whick have Immedi
ately thereafter:and azalea stertalsnd sl3otiack,
=This realm tithe most edipettlloss ile.d I comfenteble
one to We Lakes.
COTD!, LEFFINOWELL. Vo i a ' ttio.rn4WO
REED, PARES /1, Inver, Agate
IPANA CA UGIIIEV.earAnt Water atm Iholtligeld sts
A OhoLenges to the Worlds •
rpPitENTY,FIVE IMA.LASS Will be psidho mIY one
who will predate aspen of paint, green or dry, thst
eannot_be as with Hoare Improsed - Camekal
Soap. 1 here the smisfaction of saying to use people or
this place, that dot article, bY my awn tmprosemeet oe
it, now stands an - Tirana:l Is ILITCOLUItiy for @zooming
steam, tar, pitch, oil ; paint, or say other greasy sat,.
stance, from all kinds of genthowen's dram&
earpsts, - table me th s, metro* shawls, ladies' bonnets.
to, wit Mot inJunng anything that pure voter wilt not
injure. Moro than one thoemod permos so different
parts of the eerintry bare told me they woald mat be
unbent it; alt cora roe dollar per elks. Is urns this
Soap on more than MO artieles of light site, matins, al
paccas, and calicoes, I have only found three peen of
silk; two of Moues and four or ealleo;cra which it
changed the co on therefore before pouutg it on a light
dress try • sample of the dress Sr.,. I mate this Decease
1 sot determined not to recommend it any sweeter than
I know to be strictly tree. 14 11 Som..
Peter, 121 els per eat. Sold, wholesale sod retail
by , R E Bk.I.LEIIIB,
deal 67 wood se ,
SELLERS , VERMIFUOE, .1 - =alder better thin
alloilters" .
-. . 111.7! 'reeiilia t illeeene r yte., Pa.,
map 1967. 6
Mr. - 11.E. &Ikea e—bly son 31 months old. 601.6h7e77
restless at night, and having much lever at hakes, t eon
eladed he had worry and having heard la great deal
about you Vermitule i Lbov i g . l i t . a •
rgo ll ,o and o ga 61 I
batier ilje! allot/len. r",. Co ns ider
Prepared and *old by R.S.S.F.LI.P.ICI4i,Phext d.
Brad by Dr. Cessel.dda ward; and D. bl.'Connt,
. ,
LOlilNCill TEJtanSTIAL GLOBES cambia, all
as labi Cowman, nd tupnrommalsi
am la Mob a Wrat crlebrala circamarigators. Ca-
Oa tan San'. am Yairlish Globe, milli ad alarm Ala
t. by Alma Ban
& . Elmira by Roma Part.
" MU "'" X011 CELESTII.I. GLOM, manikin& ili.
alma • slorN abatm, &v. Compiled lona
Moir of
Wolkolla, klamita. la LA Cale, Itembro, , Bmd-
Up, tiarream, tilmlielya, lb. tnamaloas of la Ammon
id Scatty of Looloo, Ike, /pc FlO9l $4120 . • Ng. Ems •
liabUlob.. , ~
Jams:took Biretta hanjosi rectica a fm pain of at
am. Olotwoori o =imois Ulan:
I air
. 1 "i ' II .
. , .
I " arms giant 6 . ii . • ,
Manias, Ctinacle, ad Jana copy.. ' dull
-1-/ Just received of Dr. Townsend's dm - upwind, the
most ;extraordinary medicine idkhe world!. This Fs.
lust is put. up in quan bottles, • Ibis shunts cheaper, -
pleasanter, und , warranted suivitor to any . It
OM disease without vomiting, purging, sickening or
debilluning the patient.
kept mar rot darisnow.—linprincipled person. Mire
sopied our label., and put up spetheine to the same
haped bottle.. bee dial each bottle hit thd written mg ,
nature of S. Townsend.: , •
IL E. SELLERS, Druggist, Wood suiet, between
TWO and Fourth -h DI , Townsend's only wholesale
and retail agent for Pildburgh, of whoa the genuine
article cut lie had. t
D.H. Curly Las been appointed the tot. acent ton
Allegheny city, of Whom dm genuine oniele.can be
iiiituthetarert of
• ' WRINGS, Altana 'lotion,
Ile. Ill* gong* Frolat
Baek of T A. Vtgion'a Cabinet Were Malley
A. Id. orden left with B. S. Atom, at the ewe of the
Motekettei Rotel, riutbeegh, will be toetptty
encoded to. • TRW. G. DERRY.
welt:o4lr I . A. 0, NICKERSON
" NOTICE; A .' • • •
PPLICATION biSI made l o thaPreeldeat, Mona.
sere and=aar, for erecting a Braise ore: toe
weer fdonon opposite Plusbargb, the county of
(011,Tit,'In . :bh:istrViginintgenetrg;Ng,',*
'shame of stock fit said &maim. Elam] carolled!. be.
• r el-IMAM) FLQYD •
A y kr the Ereeldors of Jobis Hauler, deed
"- • FURIII - NUBSII ?UMW! • • -
rtitlVX:Ni t tiratflrtaTelpttit i lrwrint
of *Anew' FURS, each as duff., lloa.,llppdaote.,io
give miscall baud poreheanag elsewhere:ou thevwill
End it to their advantage lad da mistake.' &U orders'
received shall be Ceithrally attended 10 at Nob North
Third et, abora.AralisP".4ekh6.lAliti
gri.D.gido Kobe. eliraviaa heed j *an! .
1011. mum !maim
DOM= FORAJZ—A wreontement
r Mows and 41 the knie eba be tallied by the bon
dies by moms. * 41 , 1,t . te" , ( 1,04br miff bap;
T ELD-900 ples ti grau.a, nears perztespei
jj artarb Will? ' uncitil:crr Co
,modezmulaiamikatikeikeyvaid. , -
Tko naiad la potop gout Wiles efits
et, ikNenenter, and unmated Inman, In o a inr odd,
Wbi." PAnfilti e.. or de
The man beauty and eaperlotity of Wu Sereaperilit
AEral/.0110.•• isollhaA linadienbat Di.e. it Intim.
Bede. , It is am of Ow very beet 81111 , 10 AND
IdEDICINIIS srer known, it tot rely terifw
the Wade aysletemol art-agnate the oma, hot. it Creeiet
1Y.,,P01s mut Aid Etiodi opener Foamed by no onwe
ktedhetne. dulls this Ise the grandeeeretofie weeeterfel
masa It las perfonned wig= the put two parlour.
than Z,CiOn ems of Soren Cases of Dimon ; at Ina 5,0U0
of thew ware wondered Ineureldr. Mon then
VW awe of Meanie }lneoleatimet ; •
W U .... '"" a 4 13, 1 = te16t1...1 Wont of !tw o;
val con of dilkrna Feinain Ccompletote ;
1000 aeon of We LiterCompletat ;
5500 caw of Dinars of the 'ory out Dram ;
ad Th= r ei C rnt h ionwe of Cho Bbod, Merl;
= ,. l. l3altiLL7a. rust r
ado and CheSpieol Affeelioos, foe,
. his, ore are sort, met appear ineredildi, but we here
Innen Alm phitionow Indoor *grow Iran all pule of the
Veiled Sista; loformieg as ofestreordirry Lir.
Boakirk,En.. Gee of the roan nwpreinble druggists in Now
, ark, N. infanta us that he eam mkt to men =la
tow an that pram slew. There are thousand* of ea. io the
City of Pew lock, whirl we will refer U. with pleastov
aad to sun of diameter. It le the boot macro* 4n. We
Ptomaine( doom known. It ondoebtrify word the lire
moo GAAI= TUI parr SAA•011!
Al it removed the eosin of diarere, and pe vend Owe ft
, Cm. G. W.klatiarne, or ens Derr. Siena Wm,
and inienthi of the New Jersey LegidWart, bas kindly mat
is*. Salaaming erlifate. -.Halls Raison soary. •
• • ItanwsrOan. tri,
•yeai aloes Iwo taken loath the Intluaenn, andel Idiot.
aythian lea is a debilitate! eats. Iwo indoor,' to U'y Dr:
TonasaimaPs atariapantlii; asde, ilk* ilea ih bole
On, I me vir adtaibsts is entirely toilet
said liarsapantla.: easaismed taking it, sod lad that
1 Wiry* eve:T a d-ay. - I Wien a wed toy and 'amid
. , O. W. &lanai, late U. D. N.
•-• - • • . . • .
Thi. esellisto conehedeely peons that this fencarati
has perlhet antral orte the most obetinge disease the
Idea, . Threi pumas mad In one house Le unprecedented.
: To him-D.. Pir . ; 1 hi - Ohio piano tobacco
roa that three af &Una Loa boa curd of the aro
bbh by Wo on of Jour euelhot soliairo.. Thor were
mo riu l n letth balfoorta; ban oily Urea ieg
bottlsa ; It took mar, be latch I fed strait mote:
inp !Up - : • Tooramometatlly, -
• . lsaao W.. C0a50,10.3 Weroleir.
ffor Yok o : fdar , o UM . , rt.
Dr. teenuend s s thincaille usoneettely
ewe lecipkat
obante el
or Caren gladratio,
a Cootanydnoi tenume,
tineosoe a
at Urine or itendunbuy adage acne, addle the go- el of th e eatem-tionsetter leather the malt
of staccatos or nosh paltseel by Irregularity, alma
K adds..: • -
• Made( al .b. awe anyorieleg this Its .ineye eF.
Leda en the hams liana. ream, all ornkaess
tMe, km taking it, at once beam roast end full gramma
under Its Masa. :It inenediehly osontancti the um.
humor the Anal Item • 'thick ts the gnat annoy hart
ansese. •
It will ea tit uinctai or ia cans Of no delicate. ne,
hue, la athibllueti&nis of cores performed, but no can
naraltatilleted,thal hundreds creases hate keen reported
to a • Several cuagebent hmilies area= without clai
m, atter aka o liar bottles of this innlegle .drier,
hare been hied ath healthy asps*,
Dr. Tbseeteesd: My-arife finally dialer& by
sad ,
mama WI
s• Mo' wend
an -o &batty, - and sulrentuvineally
by pain f data, th.
womb, ea wish other dligalties, Wang
havag aeon ma
itere yon .dads Itablrected gent tares • Ind aishea•
me it reeausteeded for such cats am I heredeeimbed,l obtain
ed. hale of year rairset • of flassepuilli, end Wand
du direst:o teatt gue no. In dears parsed It scoured
her oxsphan and reamed tor bah... &mg gratekd
lb. brorLb she remind, I 1... plasma is lb otkaaeifidg•
log it, terd retomnmdtrg It puha- Al. U. Mau, •
121 00f, Aug,17,1b44. Car. of Grad sad Ilikts
. •
. Cal3lol3i s Sift e, ma.
Dr Thgratratt; Ts .fl uhasa t 66 guty eamen . This
to toting that mg grits awl au baffle of you &sugaring
17=b hag scafintogst, order th• mat. glass* awl
eireategtaaars, brig troubled with &a .limna &, lord
hes af tha hal t germs ggry Win
kel; unk pusgaslatrotal th. preagugagOadat at Wag
vita had wttl it, an larland to try it, with lOUs or go'
fah; mut gaga it to tab ..Nina. bad do loppy and Wird glitat,oat taly to the hours of uatattagraii but an
not ga r rattaa of ma wok of Da tba chary tagi oa
taut action rosy' to gm gltatushogi La bar
health it gou agar than it had hatto f r a stra.
It dug y!al kg of goy mutat to gas go) age*
You ths swam of .b. aroliciaa, gag ars
to It.
I rutarribr Oirdt pa awl daditait and nut.
• 8 9 sXma.
This Extract of Sextpeilla has beta evenly prepand
la Warned so feese compleata. No I o.n who has es
els to sews shs is approodieg lu eritied peripS, T.
nee of life amid inert so take k i as it ss cerise
pewees fa say of Or atiessom feed lessee diaease to
which female WIN ..b mot sl this emir of life. Tbe period
say le detsyed to Nerd yews by wet des mcdazin,fler
is it Sea valusies to awe who an sppresehisi wessilierod_
.as it is remised to mkt =tun by kenos. blood
and iargeratiog tin spies. IsilsitOke wain.. is eel.
nails a s all of di delete domes to teach imago se
• It braces Ito lebok me m, reams peterotorolly the oat.
eotergieo—!.y yretoortog the irepurstunt of the body—slot
ler siate
eo shituet the whoa es to produce sl euheeciand re
leastioe,whieh la thy row of mod torOiciaes tahro for iO9ll/4
Inollurna and dim. •'
. .
Tyworbei poik awsplamsollAr coelble
S., rowel skis freektwotod are ' out . ii=itt;" me
w bade loge
two of Do ITowtorodN' Rolla • It enll
door your Mood, the (mile* Marisa, od
gee eparkliag eyes, Soo zod betutifel
of which ate of itostwor value to townie
No Acid tar , 030660/0 . has' ever been Demon. wbieb „am
surly mumbles lbw im ti a juice matins ix decompoeing
fomituad'eteemiliantiK tbe myna of digestion, o.this poem
mtion ellmlatcwrillas •
B a nc Demmntmer, •tiony,thiy lb, MS
Dr Mornaccdti
. o 2. Moe bwat aDm. Dr emend
yams with dyspeptic la worse Sams, sttettent with amr,
nos of stomach, I. of victor, coin. beartbnes,, and •
F./ 110 dl Lao - W . 0.4.M 4erne6 Ode I
could eat s ) I bar. teen Imelda to rd. but'. entail portico
on ley slornicle. I tried dee mud. now., but alley hod
but amen elbs• in remo riot do complaint. I -
Mac., about Iwo =Mhz tiace, tryYs. Eateset of Hama.
wills ' s. 1 maeltiry mill tittle essuiduce, bat alarming
=1 . 1,0 Wales, I fund cm appetite . creamed, and. tie
entirely rentoccl; and I would exnamtly reimenj
,Meal t 4 ice of it loth. who base been aglietod as I hare
been. Youn, W. W. V. Zmurr.
Due 59,18161
Riad the tidlovring, mad &rat St Ton ale emumap
idemeaseet be cum& Misleads'oat of Um enerslhasinal
tam that Tonsmend'eSereaparitl• ttifitd:
Dr 71mrselmit—Drar ittr. 1 vies takes, ninth Urn,
ear with • mere sad pain in dr, did, - 11 in
very . was rowed by Or
sini.. to hare the • I emisomptiotr mseed.large cm
-tides of bed matter, had Welt enema. and Mikis very tan
deetor mid he could do amehing tor me. I leant into to.
teamitel &bops of beingbmdiMed,.buttinis proxemeedtbem
as Menrside. 1 elti rum rally &Armed at the lane end
myY hardly breathe: I mom lumen unedited, andespeeted
Oe• erea matitird to, my bed,. wed was obliged tie ham
rushers , Weed I cannot girt you any description nut
Indeld &Ousting in my ease. 1 was summed by my ninths
le he
~„1 1. 1 ! tad Iried dkgrrti r z i stb r d d mambas !
dediddry MRS pall= "" MlX2r Ebegilizzi to sca
pa the Math, I sarpeetete• Ins soma Madura
Bat l wee Mitered te try it I did m 5 end ma Ivry thank ful
I did.
et mm* my Und..l entindy welf, t o mi
nelarered mho 'haulm binknae, and
to be Wire
ly Inn in a . try, med.: bly torah
. snd In die side,
•04 alcbterate.hare Yltree, es nue b 110471i.k, and
ma &aglam: natal eirregit....l
. telt it, • ditty. to
1 ?" . .." ' " ` j, 71L,litioli,121=Pin"CkIa
°promos or PhislelliaeM
Teseebeei is shawl deft mond; orden Cos thy)
eeeism is dirmesst posed sae Ussom
The is tomtit} 3M vess, emdersigme, Physielearof
Cityof ollbear, Lace sa miasma memprionibed Dr.
Tomcod's fasseperille.:bad believe it lateen* of the most
Sablable preparatkas of the Baremporilla iss the market.
• P Pause, a 6
.1 Wumes, a 6,
IL II Bus., u
r E tLluestkota.M ra
. Ahab 4p011,184.1..
• •
Tide to easily Altai oft, oadrogord. melon
noestoadas Plgysloons of am ary ofAltuti.lowo
itenoceited Dr Towvend's Comp:nod Eztrod P=.
orslla„ tad trot /G bloom qualitho, Inal4 tocootoond,
be public lot. corteurisl, scrofula., cod adore atoooons Int
ems, Is prefromee to soy of the obrottimod notioneo badge
7A h., 4pra tt HL• • Wr
rratiptloffire, /20 Fano, at, Sat h, N 'l4 B.N.
d.* &go al Sagan Dr Lyon *soat,l - 82 North &t
-han( Pluladelplac 8 3 Hthrel rm oj6o l.,Tha We r , ; , ;: . % .3.4
Vtriitri OrrnL 4w7
Naar goad., asks pal up in 'be wj. nom bottles,
whisk amnia tart sad akauf widattat atrium avatars
of S P TOWNSND, eat histoma gown an th e Gba
From tint Mr York Ailly Erma of April Pple-17..
pranahion appeared . la da 040 Mb jreaterealli /1.
illitadutab, or Earaparilla Esyress of Dr l
.Ttia ark. thing Cart up ispomodd tivar .019dt of the arm.
mental landaspa o°w^tlaalmlifolartiett, lapel/tar rah
tha mall moriipiagoldpilsdaarg is War, male. storm
taralf mope W. lake it. opportunity. to
try ant Wis. nasal of dr 'Sarsaparilla drams tho
rerfjtaat popidarity /tkH tequila&
• . • - • . • • .
Nam Yaasjdarthr7,lBl7
Tommesak-1 bin bea alielsi marl or Ire ins 3
mry i ss c j . M o tt draadfalsialdol , : b a . ltelt ,i geddittesa ths
Inbuild on eolltos canthisal t listre=t
Ima added to bt aitybsaMem as a dyer. I ham Mina other
amdieiass, too alarm. to mention, but with os Mass
: am. - I WIN Induced hyalite I my so the lamer In try • bottle
of. year flanaperilta.kom 'Mach I Gmad grass Mkt; ham
Mama l moss bettlasi and I am aalmitatingly my
ft is tha but milkier hors ems talsan—lba pass In ay
antis rams, awl I *algal's •diberent sun allogather aiamt
I him Want - your Sanalmrilia. .1 hart Dam • homer appetits
than mu I had.' Ily ant. dm latest it vith them. bite&
tiji '• I 'mid areammend it aa a Emily asedlelni
insmaly, and I kslessirineed Mat ifilband these weld not
I. half Ms Mahatma dam sad y not as many I
•Thastor% bilk; 11u.mtula itradorea7= i st alm aim
tha atanash. and tamrds thus Midas tonna' harps ths blood
Ina Imalthy a4steAs that &maw sat as to attack the
system. And do all Mem who ars WI in a healthystati,l my
ley I:tr.Tstramad's flargalarilla • • '
Claaker Is th• Dloaeb
...... . . . ,
trios Lima secobatormothorchild and. Dr Tanned'.
Bct~aocilh Ms um! dm Um of thousands of ehildion--
Tti Ikroiog ocrttlonto 'is data from • 'groat - mamba
_•_ New Yost April %ISM
Dr Terrolat Reseda-oas et my chithen was mei
tick wlth tha'Cmieer Ip W mouth and thres‘aucediedwith
rest dsbiffly: uwu use dying; I Obtella 90111*Of yoor
1111;1611,11 and haute rt tiredly, t. • which 1 as
mut you I &Amy plead, . Your respefflidly,
. . Ewa/arra Yeenta,VlDedersersm.
Ear saw by It E. SELLERS Rruceirt, /US? Weed se .
betimes dl red 4th sts, srhe has 'beta
.appelatel by Id
TiriNSERD ode dyad Oa Allegitray ea - IjOrdterlyEt
Emu Panacea' ia, main my cld's dittreutay
• •.;
From tau Temperaaeo Balmer, Nov 3 Mat. •
Cocoa eivatna•:-We are um 112. We Rata of puffin,
mach tux taking patent medicinal!, bet Ire OM disposed
le recommend Ittown's Syrup to those who me afflict
ed With a caugh:' - After haring tried the mai r Ttl.•
dim to remove a constant and ditisewhffl cough;thei
had for severer drip afflicted one of ore hildrenorrith
out success, we were Waded 16. by bleeper... cough
. 0 . 1 "44 wit relief was obtained to a few bouts. -It
proved to be the panacea iu this case tyeast. . ,
. ' Prepared Wholesale led ratan ta i tiureprieter, •
667 - ;what st,,lditchtlow 'dfautiralley..
alisimmoto Worst
oars War e
la to tatulY &air by takiny ears Wat of - Dieter
.L McLane% Wont Swale a Meld of Jima Efflawre
pared spomehs of Si whit, sad br Meaner said
radicle/so child of my own ed lave
it so All the mu worm roadie-Las trar
ocroa. 3 loam bate TWO
W!1 GlfitoAC
. • •-
. . .
• MEll CAS i.
Auk= ku ~ir, il Pai iii IN 43eli r i ' 4'7 : - Ifblle Coop .
Dr. Samaymet• Case pen a =4.0 Willi
,• his mild end Mean to = the Mee, este end
harmless tas operithms, alai yet is one of the most
powerful gad eenainvemedim for . of the
longs, Coughs, Coble Asthma, • Liver
Onaphu, sins he to or - and general
'Deby ot the Condon:ion; that for
ever invented by
the Atli of Me fin the Mien:tithe of pobtic.,
Cenifteates and evidences 'of its ' erendatid • canitive
'powers ore daily reeeived fronasdi smarm.
a n d ine
portable to conceive tbe hi suffering and mis
ery that has bee li or • ' by Ili sum ottb
we calculate the=nse igeoefit that shad accrue from
.it hereafter... All ages, sexes, aid conathations are
alike affected by. is, and the =seams ite emithated _from
the system, the emanation rew_tr' and: beep"th. HY.
tored by the use - rd De Smarr. coatrorna. . Sure or
:Wan Cum, ' How many sermon do we daily be
held approaching, to an munnely genre, wrested, in the
bloom (youth, mom their releaser and Mends, ISM.
ed with they fatal malady, CONBU TfiON, - whieb
wastes the miserable sufferer anal -he - is • beyond the
4 .. d
make a Mid of De Sway 's Compound 87th pof Wild
.Cherry, they . walla And dientheives sooner relieved
than by gulping th e v inelfeetne tamedlel with'
which ore newspaper. ..this' Vegetable. Rase ,
dy , ,heals the ;deemed 1 sum stopping profit= night
sweets, at the loam rim indueleganatund and healthy
1 erlamoration, and the padenonli noon find himself=
the enjoyment of eeinfortable batik. The politic Mould
bear in mind that Dr. Sway= is e:mgaW practising
physician, and has had years of sc n i i ence to diseases
of the Lunge Chest, Al. The to and only; genn
lee ankle n only prepared DR. 9 VAYNE, fif 111 cat
ier of %W a n galls
c ' It s kj i iNall . . e -: -
• of all the mints that has Oen been 'we May
vilely ray the amass of:welkin° cennot f ota to.
surpass - We, whwit now stands as • living proof =dm
curability ofeonninquion, area when' the had twee
deepened of. Dr. Swarm , . Coosponed Syrup of Wild
T ierrl Is all it professes le•kie ears Nand. , the greaten medicine
Dm True ref of.z.ya 4 iidth: -,
De. Strarkr.=-De ar Si km the good oft= Saber, I
feel myself in duty b oo m: taMfy to the gram cent,
which,yoor Compound Syrup of WU Cherry perfam•
mt on toe." Fbr my pan, I feel as if every body avid
to know it: I cm Millitted with aside= cough. mil
ting of blood, night mate hoarseness, and mind of
the voice indicating an ahmeles state of the ,disease;
my appetite was gone, and my mene t bad so fee MI.
ed Me that =Merida =I physician were persuaded I
veld not samvemany gay. My Aimee whew==
anxious cue-taker. made -notary whenishe wools! be
likely to procure the mint cement relief. She wee told
that LIDO. Sennynehi Cartooned Syrup oflVild Cherry:
felled in the curojny • Ufe - was thee hopeless: • Tont
medicine was Immediately deemed, na the first yet
tie gore mint; an d .by the ti L bad minunenced the
.I.,Naottle, my command lad=e sadmy sth wee
mach improved. In short. it has made a, t eats
Orme, emit am it this present tinus =ham • man as
I with, =abase good reason to believe that the me of
TOUT medicine has saved me from a 'pentium grave.
I sh
rler all be pleased to gins say- Infontonicat reverting
• nil cluster el, between intheend sloe it m ' a=„
__ron •
Co ,
mplivie, Reath Read: Dr.SwaynysComp _ d
In ehout the year latt7, l' found It neceseary la Saj
Professional practice, to isompoond a medicinal prspac.
=lon for dioceses of the chest and loop lamessins
more powernd healing pnipenim than any other lath,
end known for such diseases: In my
SYRUP OP WILD CHEILEY, I. have been very sae
mufti; The truly
.essonisiang antes effected, by -my
medicine soon iprind its Minn abroad; for Moans one.
of its suceen to muudectured newspaper pidfs or. gni
red rerdthana—the rest Intrinsie merits of my' cone
potted is the only carneof lieplerity. Atheatcesive
tale soon earliest tbsteery Of fernier speedster. Lathe
ithictiotth of his ddlow creatures, so mach so that Ls •
kw-yeses (tom the time that my prepuation was intro,
dined= the public and la great &mend, alma inlbis
city, finding- that soy prevention had gained a jog a i:.
reputation for its cunuive mltiee, - • canal" out sirt
wt they called Dr. Winnh Harem of. 't% ild Cherry.
This respecteble end popular physician bad nO more'
to denials the amiele than poor Sem Patch. The name.
of Dr Wistaria anaeleal to mike it appear dim thieve
lee= practitioner was the original loventoref the pro-'
paration; - such le not the tact. The above Imo; the re-'
al inventor, sold the =Moe and rjegt to nommthenani to
some- pdensvnedicine . &dna In Cineitle.2ll. Gn the
Wm and &oath; and another in New York for the East,
who atterwmds, it in assened, sold out to a dritggist in
Doston—eo the number °thetas into which is may have
_ .
clauthed is an enigma.
- In Mane places they linen it emanated nom II ph
tine' in Philadelphia; hi others, from a physician in
alassechmens- Be- it Philadelphia;
faischood mud 'strategy=
stamped la every fcatate., -- „. - , . - . .
There base' henna number *realer prepanniens put.
ponies- to contain Wild Cherry put oat more, from the
bands of inexperience, which the paddle should peed
against, as they contain now of the virtues of the origi
nal maidenly Kenai.. prepanden•whkh beam Mont
anan, of Dr. Swann on each bottle. • The levee=
manafnenuen of their purr and also certigales . have
the dating e ff naticryth Mallen th e public againstp . =,
chasing my medielne,the only may genuine and oar,
nal preparation of kVild Cherry behove the peak%
which is proved satiefactorily by the public - treads or
the Cononouwealth 'or Pennsylvania, as well as ran.,
mu other =head &icemen's. • • DR. H. SIWAYSIE. •
: Inventor. and sole Proprietor. of the genuine. Con.;
pound Syrup of Wbild Cherry, corner of righth and
Race ammo, Philadelphia. ' , .-• .
Pamphlets eon be obtained reds, Mules forth tut
array of tertinany domicil! =mused diem= 'kepi.
cal oithe wonderful - virtues ofDr Swayarosi Caorpoinid
Syrup of Wad Cherry. Cali and get one, shay ill any
read. Purchase the medicine, sodas CriZb• ',, ~. ,• , :
. Poi rode, wholesale siodretail. by the Agetas_
_, A .
_ WM THOllll,a3 Markel se:OGDEN k. SNOWDEN,"
Cotner Wood et d Libeny sin S JONES, ifO Liberty
st; It A muraNroar.&. Co corner of Pb,,, and
Mood told Sixth nod Wood; 'and RHIN MITCHELL,
Great Maglialalieasedy.
F 3/ Cat i Zatriatr thd r e r.l, sdW
2 1::
above diseases, is the HUNGARIAN
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated - Dr. Bachan,*of
London, England, ind hurodneed IMO the (trawl States:
ender the teno r superintendenee of the invemtor
The extraordinary success - of this meclicitie, In
cunt of Pulanutery diseases, warrants Am Ann:lean
Agent in soliciting for treatment the worst possible ess--
ses that can be found In the essomnsityeaas Au met'
relief in vein frau sny of them:nowt remstiF. of - the
dey,.and have/wee men ',Thy the most dasunguished
phystrians as confirmed end wearable. - The - Rongart.
en Holum/as cored, and edit care,We num &Spume
of one., • It is no quack nostram,
bat a etandaid Env
medieine, of known and established efficacy,.
' Every.fonnty in the United States should be SoppUed
iiith Badmen kliongsrun Balsam of Life, not wity to
021;161eita the. mammy:bre tendencies :of the tlitaste,
but to be nsed s preventive medicine in all eases, of
cougho, spun* of blood, pain to the side and
eheay imudicas• and soreness of the longs, isrochitis,
difficulty of breating, hectic fever mien sweats, meet.
*lion and general da,dity, estl=4 inattents, whooping
cough end croup.
Bold In Isms oodles, at St Per bottle, In
dons for the restoranon of be LWa.
l'ampitbrm mashing a mu al Ali & and Ameri
can emedicams, and.Mbor ovidond, Malmo/ Oa un
equalled manta of this mat !Nish Ittraelly, may be
obtained of tbo Agents, gramiloaaly.
fro Gala by It A PAIINIZY & Ca, cornet of
at and Wood and Woad and GO tx aura
• We hate been named b 7 lan. Ina of • ewe pet.
Yenned saber by Dr. Jaymers Altersillon, wank
pmn. Its eaperiaribonr every other rowdy of the
Lad. En La loco adbmed ar tL test SIZICII• yetis
min lik:=o6k2:l ar WM= 3WELLIYiIitt, ationded
min Wand/on nod valonanm of ninon bones, de.
ring *kith inn Any pans kayo bent Cannot Um
the imatal bane el tee amnia. fins bon her arm,
wnste am/ baud, sod from bark lop, aod ban Mo HA
fennel boas, and from the nett bum Winn
slam on tu b er yen. of lea yarn; whisk Ln bsmed
the nob ol • nolo. of Me non U 03311161 physicians of
oar ay—daring mon of the woo kr SIiCILIVI ban
been &immune and deplorable About throe moons
place oho was aodoced be Cry Dr.litysift attendee,
which kad bad an annealbtlf banly dfoot non hes,
by removing all pan and nrelkft,., sad neon Mr
Meets la heal, labile at lbe tame ameba, menzal nein I
no noun empiric}, ranondoo that sbe row weiglia
in Ito more Mao .be 60 beton no comnaboed IL ode
of Mb truly voluble empatent.—(ael the. flort.
Foe Amber Inforennoo, inure n Um. Raft, No. US
Filbert rt. Eldnelelplun
Fay m o le la Man" at the PE= TR& 1 1 T011.4
nroank a. near Wood. /1*
A 7 1111131—Saasla lo all its. math:plied fence
whether ie that of ROO Red, es targesieelat o the
gland. arboemp,Goare While Sweilinp,Ceroaic
Rheemalama,Casses, db»asr alba Sala or iipisei
or of Pulmonary Cosimmgitioa, emanate from cue
loathe ass cause, which 4 a poimmoos prg! ,.. ate ;
more or lege la er& ment in the be game..
fore, older this tnieelple can be d intrepid, no ridi•
cal care ma be elected, bet If the priociple epoa
;valet . the disease delartids, is remosea, s care
sousted amenity follow. no mallet soder *tea form
the disease 'toga mailed Reel. This, ibernfotif
is the reason why JATlllel ALTIMATIVIt Y. so act
venally succemfal a remains so many toalignal
diseases. It dilative the afros or peiselpla hum
wham those diSCSIOB bay. their white, by vacate:
Into the circulation, as the blood 4 coomyed
to the minting fibre, rearming tmo7 particle of
diatom floor the grim. Prepared sad main No.
11 Stott' Third Stsmt, Philadelphia.
Sold et the Pelts Tea Store, Nerd Fourth rhea
Plasburgh moAtl
LADIEJI Who Um Common Prepared Chan,, en
la often oat sumo how fnattifell) Inman*. I is to
the skint bow roame r haw naegh, bowilalkg,)eak r e a
and estimably t h e aloe spouse afar meg
thew Hood., It Isladovioae, cooteltan• lute tun ,
ilty of lead. We late Impend a beanie." namable
ileac, which we WI JO:4MS ISPANISU
WIJITEIIt leperfeatay Intween•pelo4 moiled of elf
doletersongualleles; and it uopeau to We Alb a oats
tea, heelthy, alhaelef.Cieer, 14.44 white, ea thew.*
one *ease( es a eoreteue ea the Alp, =alley It eoft
sad soot. •
De. James Andean., ,Praedial armlet al Massa•
Wu attic -Ante anatylinh Joaees rad, Liha
White, I Sao n poodytes the met beton(' cad
raJ, it We eau. time Lanoceat wine I twee nor.
eenalaty eut coowteaboatay teroasatend 10. sae to all
whom Lino reaatt
ceaea botuadylag.!,
flat•P‘i te • boa. -
D.Sold by W hl. JACIOtION, it hot DOM and Shoe
&me, St Liberty thee,. bead of. Wood, at the aye *4'
the Laßoot.
dlea, lattice, Ilm attoolobel,
When Too hooey Oat Sax are pesealiod
A oatmeal, ills-Itto, mowy white, . •
That rat 101 l eon ate commas chalk, •
Aad took a deathly yellow fligh
Tab Maio of latency sad el LAX
'ha orald aro a box otJONEtS Ltlty.whot, It
wooll glee par aka% ia Widmer set taunt wino,
and at the owe also clear cad tyro.. tl. Sold at
JACCISO:I%,s9 LltdnY as Pr. , SG.= pet hat.
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SO. ' 11171 rad O v al kW' fclin a ‘
C T ltan ti g:e V Art Pi n; riesr i n . ( o r ;ry az e ta ° coon
mentor ejyrrwurt every Puurrbk ran
sdaywd wale warm, or eanoweura m a/I lawbow of
eountry. Paper of VI tingle arada la order at abort
ue moot or PRINTING PAPER Is unsawilly lute
• patrol' IOLA!. ar wrrysapluror quality. _
or demlytioN W9urre4 cod tern wornaXin)
ban ' Myna" W Groin, Pountrinkt yrri,
Illetram luso
Orono% 80. low i Gnu. Rope, !VC e.. •
parcbtl i ler wile/IRA glom prow Rum to m 6,1,
paid • war New Tat.
• T. James. U U.n Mom asap. • •
Olt a/i katao of arapOtaat sad allures of um IR*
agclu r...ktrAllowlehltlat 11.11.1".Sgarty,LIcai
einoed Or metal BMA awl tor allatatty Mats.
a ittotraltt: tifaire Itatereal_ tut;
...I...waned It alto Cape la
. 41, Taz, nod await. um Imo ( it
aglow, or titatig h ea akta, to It 151‘ bialtaymatal
. 4" at ibusd A llecd piles "'P ll27 ." ' "34 l per saVbi.
nd. is elread lbe oak NCI It j
STRAUS 11011? 000111/10
lai st balms mcitoik
iirDkAt - !L :`,=l
~ i raimareautacr
Sit a -if 17110~,",:,
Compound Syrup qf Tar aeld , WoodAlp
I Mai 'MU is deli' iudt
numkabbs .rwres3ff
Aiaimkamdada, EOM* a it . ..64Pa: J.:A:a/A.4a:
Hatt; hopeog 01. 1,11;4..r0v,
TA / l lRlCFolC,lmmotorall gonna Milton ;Ant
Napha ashailatiews ire a
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be osionadurty Look 1
ispesindid from Um •Ine ot your tliimpoinolktiosol t ;
lor awl Plapihaiturders it my tidy ladinirildd *Pa' I
[-liad brio bag alLitod rely owl roegli: causing tome
wait in the lama, win gnat oppirisono tapas oi lociano•
mg and lon of appowt, tilay ,carom/
.a.n.,_11 , 40.121i1l above/41,4 Ward of your med lw^
kg io ion; Witufted inoltinest I thawed , •
moult adblini to wind hid t o Pauli* &pelf
Home worm. a Mewl psnaaded try a &ant of your
Ofrparalmo, ming the owed ids hft its rirtifeli 7 lest ,
mMialar IdururN abioUlti 0001 ationested osiog at, Lt ..'
lire I Ind takin iwO Units / arm completely
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• ,Ilokij Or 44 bete6i • afalenl suk. tha i5...14.41
Any. farther WM be mode at my no.
-- jyapsetthily yours,• •, 'Psalm* Titroar.
'4liitanother, Rana:4We ,Caw •• •
• •
_• • caw., fferlYo,lo/4
ibt years M., In tonoturom of nut rednoary e
Minot of my was attacked silk Orrin, ~In,
tb Went. aolpitidion We bear f Witslionorti i
Which wore mealtillinrol by die talon dapped+, infest
valuta.. at eight awl lonia/ piraryds army limisw , tlarwr.'
o Jammed bring fiewentlt• tlkmled
onVsyTtimytif blind. Pot a.m hie loan I was otaisiotis '
lbduni dad uidmindmr kik me is misera/k.
stage of farldenenand Immo Waren or: loied, Prom /me
dressy surnitife were mon Sit Iwo rerettliiill at knell
Lay be onset to orel a' drvairimit the nelson of
=wen art anaisated, that . toc • orlon:yew 1 war y
Mad. Many basin.. booby this IMO -ended ,
.4 =Me able phydrima and winded ie then presenmanis t
bet all lhalr: AM win emanding to pronto ow
I . and
et kWh tbey niardolosy ;storm m tatirely Impala •.
aW enaditioa."l - inn iarnmed •of die solo - acne of •
•Tbososoitl Command Tarliod,Wood io a •
ems amsairbat iitallar mind foil though . / bad tine von 1
mpeitalswe of a marry o f .q inner
twa bd alifi addßl7 darldd aus sesdielm, wren,
worn prermioll wo barewow stok,,
dully the am of on btiln my health tow beni nitarelood
Ile nomille In Oland binitim with SW Swat .• •
I dol' • ! z ' ' } ANgY MYILILS,
Papua aely by-AitONIY; ► DlClfaati at
eon. drift ud Prue. Anita • • - ..r
Sold IVLIAAX, sad nuomblir
Dnabis genoray.,Prie• .6 Ostflogiu prrkl.v..
CAITTION.-- - bnms alniUticayamot mitre Time L
"V. 8 .1. , P At Tar from Ownlllo adrntiiif .
pra% or at thosiaboto i!hf rapieba of &Azle m 00.,.
OEVIEBALIIEASON/1 way me. 1.61-
B L co p .. ?
Pl&LO are becoming oolrateeroallypopolor ,
Flat, Romeo theism roped b r Dr fi 13 Lel?",
illy himself, t Drugged, Cheroot end -Phyei
CM of ; mato • mown Airtu
nare; tbel
tiFoUtyJuid cbaneter the Medicines tilled in Ws'
Secon d d their , Beemotbe ;addle tektite them
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greater . oonfidenee than toast other piths which 'sic
= by Pdmodd both Cr/Redid= Ult:,
; Tbloi„khiCiatei id their combined arab; frpet),
ties vet tooteised extioMer pllim tamely. purr 1
ing trait the itoatac'h end boatels aU unhealthy sub.
Masai, and Al .the same time ptuiryiniabe blood I
ircnuth, &awe they are the detailed and beet
sedichte known—a tangle bre costing bet 26 =eta, I
*ad comaildes 40saving apenes, sa Raney
deltas olletlatior 'oOetot's 11/id came ootte
Indictees bpi:eat dr. tlidEde the rectcementhulea
labosayai yam have acclaim to take any meat; -
ciao; do oat te,trilltateitk Tan(: ceoutauthot
byialy all koala al. pideor other zabliataos you ecat
polkaed and reettauttentled by tote and another but.
Dr. Lady . * &7149.2riffl Blood -
yen will not brie - occasion to table :anytiiing
The will always bit found good in stoma ail .
Wohni of.diseate,lotlamition of thestoinsch bOlta
els, liras arid intestines; camps of the stomach; '
co/lc, Watbstinatc boron' lona, foul bleath; toes
trate theronath;bdur eructasioas and acidity of
thestonmeb, costimnam and beligindich, s 01MOL -
appetite, hill ioca lineettotit; inleares of the :Spicer*
and kidnega,thstinaes of tbe - inapt/toll
drywnd watery pimples or, Wale/ells . of the faro ass''
body, fetter, sub,pilekle timt andantfrtmem, head/
ache, gidalutem, tiontnimi, pains over the heat;
the bread, aides, along the back and:spine, rheems•
giant andletit, levers of all kinds, small pox, mho, :
lath memeis, ecrofoLa,ergaipelas, and an anon they
We goats ail &imam baling their origin in ttof
Montle/4 liter, and Intestines,. tad impurity of , the
a:FTweatyative ceata a Bar.- . -
t ;
Sold WbWanda and &tail by B. A. rabactoek
do fla earearar First sad wood, also earner
Sixth iad Wood eta:atop •.- .• - - atartitt..
rPHE ben article known foteletutlai end whiaoing'
'the Teeth, Wreathe:tiny the gueut,:• we/let:ft the
breath, ke. It abouid be ased every, mein with-a sad,
hmsb, and the teeth indeseath will only requite a vlifh
rutting in the mete*: 'Wet the Work with wall.
waive or ekt4 aeserer,,and tuba a ten awes oaf
the piste, .wken enough alhete e_estnag the
teeth., cleaves a deb... mew iu 131.1thowa ,
yams mot dihedral fragraneeto the Luella: Itatude;
annvalled as a pleams, elbeeekles, conviiiiaut," and'
safe destrillee:' It - ivaintated net to tultuelbe teeth,.
13 /0. 4 41. teattlY, [t wt await* the witat iut4 '
reveal- eetnneulatlen the unalttehe .
tuaniatken the atns,•and prevent nil diteased enema t. •
CheanPhYttejeati Una die ektyy reeennhand It •
decidedly, supetter every - thin:of the kinli
Ist tor Shartavil Catapulted OrrirTeetk r Pas,te, tukii
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