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    •A Gfanee at Cincinnati. •
Tho following letter from a travelling
correspondent of the "-Portland (Me.)
Umpire,' showe . .what the "down- east-'
era" think of tie:r It was written on the i
Ist of October last.—Ctses Ado.
"I have found no that, as yet, to give
you ,even a huiried description of the,
queen city of the west!' The name is
- deserved, andTtoudly borne. Nowhere
. rny travels itii\lhis or the other corals
nest, have I ge r m such marked, unmis
takeable eridenees of local commercial
advantages—naiural, unalterable, entail- .
ded, and' progrssive advatitages fur in.
dustrial pursuits of every- class, condi
tion, and flifTle. ' lls characterize this city.
• '.'The scenic romance that encircles it
•, is also bold, ht.autifel and figurative-a
-' nay,' spirited. and -deliehifill. Were it
- not that the tar/aerie: 'principle of our
owl, Yankee people is besill, at work
lore, towing away ine s dolly eminences
dal mi.tnit, l'itihrtinat , , hemming in Ott
b batik' die heateifol 0-,io itself as a
mere iltlefiVicttpin 410 - mountains, the
, •coiitresi th at insane would at ways fur
ilie hold. gigan is enterprises of
hitinatiluidestry atm sato that are already
sir. Lind atid.sre raptclty enlarging- in
' .Wnti it , would be ; perhaps
tinemisded, certainly nut surpassed ie
patioramtc .gra..deur any wnere else iti
the world.' Onl the old continent, we
Anew itriou its and cities that are tornan
tically and beautifully set; like a,diantond
tool - s gaudy casitig, within-the deep folda
of limy hills and mountains. Many ol
• them aro atuddqd thus on two or more
stiles 'I Btu in - addition to their like on
•' all aides, 11.1 miljestm and endlessly roli
tug: water, like the.. beautiful Ohio. bears
there Upon its" heiom a never ceasing
train of brisk ertestners and other water
varied, shapes; sizes mid struc
' tore, each laden with earnest. active ele
ments, both spiritual and material, for the
• building up of staves and empires that bid
defiance. alike to the rivalry and the hate,
and commanding toe admiration of all the
World ,beside! These are feattres that
• . characterize only our American cities and
towns, and proeminently characterize
lAs queen eitrof the west:•
qlut'a.; hinted, the mountains here are
being rived and broken to pieces, and the
' stone of which they are formed is being
rapidly mouldedanew, by the
log power of man' and mind ; they al
teady piesent brioken and naked projec- -
.tions, and upturned masses of earth—
• once the mighty barriers of the hugely
- 'tolling waters that for ages unknown
have ssrept-between, but prove now too
feeble to withstand the bursting appltan
' ces of 'a. pent op -and rapidly swelling
-population, impelled by 'the aspirations '
peculiar to the men of our ciittntry and
oar day:
"Cincinnati, at this time, k mean the
populated surface, Ilea somewhat in
• the form of a crescent—the bottoni lands,
consisting of twOlerlaces from the river.
seem to; have been cast -into that- shape
by two nearly adjacent and parallel pro
jectionskif highland, rather than by the
direction of the ;jeer at this point—and
,these highland projections not being tius
ceptible,of ready removal, nor so conve- •
niently built upon as bottom land on the
right and left Of ,them. But the leveller
his reached their base, and with uplifted •
blow is ready to strike them from, before
• ' is
in runt of these 'prominences,
and beyond the Crescent strip of bottom
- , land on which the city is now stretching
itielf to and fro, the Ohio flows in (terve!,
.nal youthfulne s s and grandeur.' On the
op . insito (Kentucky) shore, on a similar
terrace of bottom ; Pend, at the hose of nu
, nierous irre . eular hills, are spread out Bs
one cointuunity..t . he twin sister towns of
Newpori and Covington.
".The diffusion . of business operations
• • trier every pert -and into eveiy' street of
• the eity,l is a anti:ll4;ly pro.titietii char
acteristic a Cincionan. Go where you
will, cetortil'air the suburbs of the
eit, end the sti r eets betoken activity,
concert. izesibits intention,—a hurried
bieoedi mu% etrietit: 'tin the part of every
body Nowhere 'else have I observed
tre working days commence earlier. or
' . mintome later, among the strictly mer
o aside interests than here. I suppose
t'its may i be accounted for, in part, per
haps mostly. rum (Mt fact that there are
: . air hies and low tides here, in the
ties,of!, commerce; nor is this either -the
beeintitog or endiug of the buaineas ope
rations of thousands who visit
nail But a river range, of, I may; nay.
thousands of miles, is .liiiked its oricon
nected ,wrth this place, and there is no.
pirticular, hour by day or night to mark
by special convenience either the•artival
departure•of the travelling and trading
Innate t Lai are here. '
"There is amt l.Syed here, also a vast
amount of steam power in all the varied
branches of the 'mechanic arts. The
nntted_efferts of a ;population of mi/hunr
. • at any other point on the globe, thirty five
yearsagd,noil thwirelustrial pursuita arul
..: labor of life, would not equal in results
' s those which are .siow, aided by steam
power, and its auziliury, the navigable
• waters of
.the Ohio, being worked nut,
day by day here, by the people within
.the compass of thiS single inland city!
- . Think, then, what grandeur must be un
folded here, in wealth, greatness, and all
that conatieutes eminence in life, within
a few years more! Near as we are to a
tealizationihf it—rapidly as we aro pro.
greasing towards ita prediction of it,
bordering upon the; truth, would be re- .
girded as:fridiculous transcendentalism
by a majority of minds.
"The, progeny of:useful public, social
and commercial institutions which enter.
prise an an enlightened intellect are
nurturing here;bespeaks well for the fo
'~a tare position of Cincinnati in all these
--- elements of influenCe and attraction.—
Already - AO his a public - Exchange for
her merchants, under a must efficient or
ganization, centralizing for public use the
etatistics-of l her coMmercial transactions
daily. An extensive:and well cominteled
room is apperided—iilso the Mercantile
Library, an exhibition room of the wotks
of artists in painting and sculpture;
:which last . is already the cynosure of
greatypromise and usefuluess. An Ob.
aerratory, underlhe charge of Professor
- Mitchell, (whose lady . alto, I am inform
ed, is, scarcely less than himself a . tire-
Jess enthusiast in the, pursuit of astrono knowledge) is here building up
lofty claima l ,!of real Merit; uponl the ad
*ration and gratitude of the learned
world; eien;far in adVaidee of any other
city, or seat! of wealth and art, in the
Union. .1-!:
'The pdpulation of Cincinnati is now'
'estimated et 90.000. This, litiweveri ; lh
understood to embrace the average sum
her of temporaiy reaidents on businessor
pleasure. iv/tilt a population, already no
extended—With advantages such as I
have a Ireadyadverted . in—with industry
.No . untiring, with raitroeda and canals
cneeting millions; of ; fruitful acres, and
of working kople directly - lith her,-
wits a climate as veal etukhaliny, and
beal.hy; as :any on' the continent, who
, can messuilethe plosperity and nrospecia
of the QUEEN Cry OF TitPi WEST I"
E. IC Unit.ipli.o Eim. ?Salt Basantas—lf
lil be remembered that 31/ lICI . WS3 pond rear the
eke,,odtbe last teuisianef , Gmatrio..tithorisms
• ; tar verernereet . t9 enter Into a centract With MI.
E. IC tiOdift, u,t Oltere , fur so ...woke e. line of
Amer can stesment retween N.w York and Ltee.....'
pool Yes4idiOtcanierits wiraexcbangerbe.:
Immo the puttee; sad will Lamed;
owls eturuvrtic•-operations In building imitable
• '
~.~ ~
hest card of aleCallmont Se ttood.or
e doblie wood be lad to behave :but
int.tte a plc:lege we bad no tied it.
noddoned sotto:lime Rinse the excla
m:lend that we have no sight wen=
getivr.:e their tear" I never arden
t. of tins sportotts concern. I have
s r the :sew York tekin Tea C.
cam. the pobne• are arrire.mott
1 York four tones to that liar, and
s neweoneern until lately but ea wool.
L 417.0 5t a 1, 1 übl
... rt
./ hate
sive ageacn ay •
SZeitlO/Ve fillpro
dad to sell if he
een aelnLaitne
for I. last, , maio
have hero K. rd.'
~ e ve; heardp, th
The T. basin
tuortikipld, gad t
pang , . oar. ia b.
firm 40 aoclie
that they hake •
ttio .it' Pelt
having feint
know not what k
ileaki I ...only •
Patio T.. ,nog
'as of 11cRallmont & Road is about e
els assumption or Pekin Tea Coat
Icause a intone a op, for any man or
o Welty totandeu to imply dant'''.
•y aonneption woo the aa embed and
In Tea t Marmots or New Yolk is en
ay ag Inca [Maned even an 4..0 , m
Near Yo k Compan 'RIM Conna•-
.• corn tans far no eottfitte is them. I
Ind of wool they -beep nor what kind
-M.IIM 'they heap or obtain 11012 C of the
ny's of 'New limn
I •
i-c their nerdwill see the cross de.
Ito practice on the public. and to the
O. Meßallmant t Bond We wool
phis and base sent an agent oat here
Ike eyes of sane at' out:good eitizems
k Weep . ALEX . 'JA VINIIN
:a march at
. eeyoion they mrseal
loturyar 'tem
Ornate to fll.led- 1
Lamul wool
everok t fur a us
W at#b
For Procurin'e PI
• ,
I AU Sad Proseettihm Chico al A.
//tparenctud di Was Acteorty
,et Cavity, astociscd !umbel.' 'bah
, .. as, of Wasbitwoo city, and bush ,
[be the city of hthburgb, is prepared .
,coto.ecute thaw, end execute abl
I 'mph the Depanthente at Washing-
r ig mlest , . •
pr,-cure p,nt..l
P e
• •
• Persons , a di
inure (Ade a it 6
don for e parent, .;
enclosing sties of •
aw. when nem •
ail der intotraario
the atipleuntin •
• Ile will prennr
dre Appliesiesfe
.:11P•iirt the line •
Le ran he erniwn
tent Lawsand
once desiroas of baying exam.-
• mut Orate, pnor to mating applies
,. ay forward post Ibu city,
re dollars.. cle , 0 state ..ent of {be
'lair a tenting Will be tire., to it, and
, dud eould obraltickl by a visit of
r•oki] grumpily cottuntaimed.
Ithe, necenary llr.diringi and Papers
Patient+. and trans
t is all oilier bp
h.• profession at e Patent ory,ce.
don all gnomon. etating to the Pa•
lawns in the United:gawp. ibtroPe.
OotiAß U Tito VW:4DX
e 24 door in blame:Ps Lai ding.. '
dlarkel at bet n3d d 441 ca.
,atr I"1
. ,
1 atm. Barrer ,fia .. eriy of Beatty, APRenzie
A. Co. •_•••••i• •• • •• ••• .. • ..... •• •1••••• einclaind,O.
J.A. U
JA. LTIT• • •••• • .......... •• Zarltilrlilt,o
Cana, O. Coath • • .• •
0 ' 1 C mma I air Ie la 41Aichants
foa!Vir. ALE AND PAttwAIIDINo cm
No. 31 1 Po dear Streel,Noel (Mama.
Reran •to—
Aleseta Blia tin a k
Co anena,
' 'l 0 •
, / es Alliregor &Co, ' • •
' "• I! DA ;Ai 0•1•ite A Co, Maliron, la.
ji Eau a Morton Buhr. ,
.. , " - 1. I liaicAfr. Fraser, IQ/wine. I
:A 1•I•ei
H N Keel or y, Ern. Banker, Zanerville, 0.
ID hpocairld A. Co, Wel.rilleAll
ken d.:Plf I, fr. Co, Bearer, Pa, .
1.1 VW Gal. /.n. In heeling, Va.
W •
• 'ea la tr. ha Ali ''h earer,
a earer, 5•I Cn. / aII. ~,,.. a
I , 'h •-.-
nela•hm II
Great Britahaand Ireland
arkand Pittsburgh.. •
wage Oro
to Wew
DERSUNiiii wish
can tome co
art rates orilliinni •
the Cabin, eicond
own 'Liverpool, 6
cad itie sabscriticr
rea t de at adistalie
Oado engage {almanac (or their friends
'enable accommodations at the low.
• of splendid racket Ships, ether In
Cabin, or Steerage; sailing weekly
.Tow, Belfast. he., to New York,
• ill secure good tbents for those who
, going to any at the above pans.
Tiekels fdintshe •
from Liverpool to
York, they will be
Cols Usily Fen
and expense.
• which will bong passenger. direct
ittsberati; and on their arrival at N.
forwarded immediately by • Leech
Line," thereby varier much tremble
Good benlu wi
pool on bow d Ile
'Rotor to Mesas
' also be engaged to ■
'err York and Boma
D. Leech teCo . PIUS
E 6 Cedar xt., New lore
, n all the prAelpal Dank. In England
ad, or. the Enna reasonable Was. La
Igrutunr to remit. All Lebers. post
• nrin 6m ,
• Denflo obtained •
loo!and and Scott
ntito wit tease
U Hot act's
' 'tattle! rro., Lit
Tat me'. obttrit
',WriKhOrt '
' BriKg'tt Ligvid
ra:inn% tor shavirtg
It AM—Fens', cream sapornste; •
cound; •
d almooream; Hull& Sortbmin do;
rd atcnood cream:
vinpotand. TileM standard prepa
may be bad yrbaicsale tar retail of
R F.cIdr.LER.S.Pa mood st
PILLS ari becoming so universally popular
' Becalm they are prepared by Di hi B Lei
ify himaelfoi regular Druggist, hem; st and Physi
cian 'l'Thiladelphia, who know. the nature, the
quality and charscier of the Medicines used in his
pills and their adaptation to disease
Second, Because the public Can take them with
gteatei. cuntiCence than must other pills Ishtar are
prepared by,persons ignorant both of med'ciao and
dioceses. ;i
Beim:ire of their combined enema, proper._
Iles rit . conl6loMll, any ether pOirt n hasty , pang:
MI; Inns. the,'stomach and boo cia atrunhcaithy sun.
'bums., and at the sante time puttying the blood
and da of ; the body.
Fourth, Because they are the cheapest and heat
niedmine.kobee—a single hot costing oat 25 cents,
Ind cumateieg 40 polr, saving to persons a many
41011.1rai Ort toile. In Doctor', bill., ind numerous
mvdictbea bought & tried on the remmusiendattuo
al, others.
t lYhenever you hive orr Lake any torch
tote, U , t oot: bn trifling •' .L conautulton by
tryonillt k tcOs crl pule or other attellictoes you see
po.titrttr.l antl, memo:Let:deo by one and anottles but
"Lie at once
p-. Lsidp . Sarsaporilki Blood Pills
;lad yi: n .it 'not have aremion to tike.anything
nice l'i.ny bill atursys be found good to shoo tau
worms of insease. Inflausation of the stomach, boss,
icls, live. Inters es; cramps of the ttOlisaCbi
'icolie, oN.ter rash: inwd here.., foul breath, bad
tote ip the midi. Sour eructations and acidity or
she sionhich, oitiveness and indigestion. Irani of
ippel lie, bail ins atlectinos, diseases of th e spites
tand killueys, incases of the akin, scaly eruptiond
dry and water) , pimples or blotches of toe lace son
b 01,. letter, r n,prit kle beat and salt rhoent, head'
ache, go Wine s, looms., pains over the heart, al
the'orosst, si es, along th e back and spine, 1 . 1.1171.•
titan and gin levers of all kinds, small pus. Carlo.
Ion!. trcasels,scrolula,crysipbas, and to short tney
sreigood ion I diseases haviiig their origin in the
fttlrala, liver, and intestines, and impurity of the
iljt . Tlveritysfwe coot. a Box.
Sold • Wcolesaie and Betel by B. A. Faboestocti
& Co ~ c orserirf First and Wood, • also corner of
U" JAY A! kill VABlllulf ki.eriatini eh...—
It 'fa our or/ample same management of this ppm
to nocc6 anything which we find out , from personal in.
vestmation, no be of nullity to the public. borne of Dr.
Joyne's medicines we have need in our family for many
Iran.' rot ninance the EXPEOTURAN I', the CAR
MINATIVE, and 'VEILMIFIXE, which .we know to
be good for the canpiaints they profess to cure. We
were on Lake Onium Jte past aunarner, when severe,
of •artraectling companions. from having. In Western
New York, drank, tor nanny day., the limerone water
of teat region , ware had!) attacked with violent Dim.
roma, and Dysentery. Mr. II had ?monied himself,
previous to Having ensue, won "The Carminative of Dr
Jayne.", and in all cues of ita uso. amen; five gentle.
mcni it was soceess(ul ut effecting a verily cure.
the Expectorant we have known tined miming out
iodinate friends 'rub equal tierces.; and -we reel that
we shall do a good net to 11./iIC• iespecially those all.
.introd they councillor e tenet, to immediate medical
skill.) to I ndy. them to keep on hand both the Expecte,
rant and Cann-sauce. The kapeetanuat is bettered by
good 'physician. 16 tie the best recipe for Pulmonary
Consumptive Complaint., that has Cove yet been coin
pounced] The reason is, Dr. Jayne II not a quack.bus
a regular, ecientifi e, and able medical praennoner him
self. Ilir medicines WS geed by the best ptiVNICIIML
Editor of the Phil. rmarday Conner'
For Pale in Pittsburgh oldie PEKIN TEA HTURE.
Fourth at, neisilifoo.X •PON
121E01115e See ASA eniNci, a well known and ono
•!ar Cern - mart of Um Protenam itrethodivt Motels
The' errlertigned having been alicted during thermal
winter with a disease alba stomach, sometimes pro.
during great pain in the stomach for ten or twelve hors
wittruat rntennontort, and after haying tried various
reinedire veldt Nide elrett y Irks farniihrd with a bottle
of Dr D Jayne's Carminative Balsam. Tbn he used ac.
corning to the directions and toned invariably that this
medicine reused the pato to abate in three or four mno
me., sod in fifteen or twenty minutevevery anew,
sensation was entirelyooteled. Tie mecietne we al:
tervrardsusal antenevar intrieations of dte at:knach or
putt cont inued , ee4 Ora Sara was thereby gentlin
ed to urn the Medleine every gentling'
and somermes in the moms al. and in • feet egret.
health wee on fa , inatlitnii i that :lhi• silkier eras resume'
ed from a large Sutton. of opt .err pato.: From ea;
periener,barreforv. he can coot e fermate-A Dr
D far. Caraunarive Deem. as a salutary medic inn
fia Oncost", ofrhearvralich and liiiarnia A etiliNN
s car
in the Pittrits •111/4
12 Fbuirlt street, Wre,4. and •fita he
Store of SI eCtIWARTZ. Peden! street, Alice...,
114,4srit heed a Ss it dery siire
my MiiiMir galsturso to state kow-tti st. Miss smfierlimy
}mit Vcattahle Dologotaeg Lt.otatt, Nloc, I boo
Do, llatouti, about sosven tears ago. Dtg happy effort o ,
tshich I Deo goys so Rosario of sate bad mama!
ii-erMi OSmpleirso and amigos at ion :lola-tone • tow
Joy. tines,. d is eisay incases sect the Dal
ima slorm with complete Stat pm Mr: II Its.
sffected,reliyir 444 cam Ina very leas Jot • 11 t. er
t-15 slinfssystmine do es. atom t hat mill c ane
(Meal cormisapt I Cain. Mil la in mans
casse• psescriatisc. and pri-reitoen it beast Iltansar.
Ido otticfore. kr Ms hoor p oi sly film. mew earnsely
scoomissod .the ..e of to.• Dalssac is all palasmary
romp,. ins_ 1.... yesipent itim .1 toe hoed My Mean.
lyf preMming My I.fc tale day .
• Plll -, /alleNl pa tsco,o.
ikooo,Junn 14.1 , 16
;.,,,, dhhlt A FA lIN lEST6CK & 4-if„ rOroct of If .t.
a,.., Won , i. •4.a eon., of, O h yr., 'p,.. , ..• mroo
INGS.—Seripula in all Ili ruubiplied forma
whether in that or Evil; ealarienowet• n the
ggland 'r ins..., Goitre, White Swelling.. Cereal
ftheisetat Wai, Ca neer, doictiwe 01 the Skin or Spine,
or of Ptilintioary Coneomphoo. emirate l'rem one
cod the dame enure, which in o powoono. princip e
more or•lca.: inheres% its the tom. myrtent There.
fore. males. this principle coo be de.troyal, 50 rtdi
cal cure eatiltie elected, bet if the principle upon
Which MC diieare. depend., is removed, a cure
mutt of neecat ty Inflow; no matter under what lorm
the &setae shauld mandeat TM, ilitiefore
is the reason wt." J•Sirk..• ALTaIIaTIVS is 00 001
trinity .meesefist in removing so many nialigotio
• It •deatrily• ;the Vass sr principle tram
chic • thoto diatara hive their origin, by catering
into the circulation, sod with the blood is conveyed
to the tamales! fibre,!.minorins every pirticle of
dictate Qom the eyaleni. Prepared and eolJ at N o.
I. South Thiril Street.,Plilladelphia. •
Sold at 'the Pekin 'l'l4 Stole, 1 , 10. 7: Fourth serve.
Pattern/0 • • ...cell.
iAllifk4E loran... can egeel yours! Lank at your
i rAtICA lltOal la OREN
• • fall your% wife., with het briettmanny face Loot, ' PHILADELPHIA.
at year wn, tied Celle • !uric/n.ll and blotches! Se, Wrought Irma Flies.
1 00• ein iite. to ipre SAS ••.. a l , r • ..k0r,.. 1 .• ova mai kit
to other Stearn
m ClorMical swap, wince errand cannery ore cs ' Boiioro, ft.,. 2to 0in010.,00 00 .,,, r..
yourirwa mote, Joie male your yellow akin clear end pi o „ uoo. an d Omer valr.
smitt.Y. Go to Jaremnei &Die, f.lh ettrt . a . Tohe for lydraidie Prem., Hollow Pismo. for Pitolps
Yitt . litrehttinl adz a cake. , • • of *cam Fncineir. ke.
NII Jame.. is the rinlj . iierecin Pliisturtinera m., u f kir iiele
OENUINE late be obtained. Beware of mkt. • .MORRIS, Te l Jk NORMS,
Ware Ef E. comet Thitd and Walnut street
`deb ' fair' 1
&OBSERVE Ow Big BOot amid' JII tie doorway,
- . _. - _ ..~::a_ -
715. INOOLDISMS ram Spactie, an inlaid rem
-LA • certain lad radical nme whether itaterm4 estalri
landau; br Wad, abo, fee irritilica of th e kidmiyi mad bled
err,— in the trek and side,' habitual asuitracm, amp
F ooJ .hors aid dblr einfinciatt ant ekes troubled
with constipabau of the bomila or mein.* ea cell au the
piles- Ili all .00h emu tlat Spectre ma be take• with per
liet tufa), sod. ocC,cersiost remedy.. The' Spat& la mob
pergatire, and focal veyetable remedy, trabout spec
tele of yemboge , eokeyeee alore—pleamemto take end W.
fell ha.nnico. lhe mom delicate emu
. .
- •
Thisin to certify that I knew, De. laseldthy's Pilo Bprifi.;
to be • eemaidetwe and safe remedy. Having ieea ita effect
in mend inues,Azonacit my rime eanneakina, in amend ems .
re mom
finned and we of the es, when, it meda an maim
edre in every mile. • B ' , MT WHITEHEAD. -.
Now Yoilt,lday, 1615. mon ennot.
• I elneardly dire my Intim? or to the certain and Won
Whin efforts of Dr. logoldsby • Pan Bpreitte r ar 1 know ii
few, wy . Own aspartame and 'ober:donee, to be Infalltble;
Non walk tried with an
in .naval ewes alpha, wale
„and female. • • • • r .OEO MILLER,
Mc Tor . k, 1843. Zp4 &Mimi
S Yee 10141,1843
M. Bale—Deer Sir.-1 hire lb. em
plemanre eay, Mat
yam medicine, Dr. InanitilabeorDite Spiesfie, =YU • per
fect ruts 1. the ma °flay sister, and I sowgis you my word
that I
been sutprisedeit ma it um m opine. isr
rumble ewe her. Downer, Ima now to tlis,ined
pant as inedlible, and do mine all ahem who are. sly
Dieted in the like snanner,do prima. lb. ertiele,a, they may
depend on • certain cm+
TO9III ,siritti name,.
s West CheettriN.Y., May 13,1815.
Dr. Indeldsby—Dest Sin-,That you may benefit other.
who maybe meeting as well al to gnome graitude for
the benefit I hare denied. from the it. of your valuable Bp.
eifie, I mioply with. your requeitt, md am do gieemy tatsmoo, in imor it, hosing beta eared of a mere much of
the Piles illtr borzoi wad othM remedies without swam.
Yours with respect.
Sold wholesale and retail by WM. JACKSON, at his Pat=
blediains Werebomt, sad Bout and Shoe /Imre No. th/
Liberty skeet, lead of Wood, ritlaborgh. Price, '5O mem
perbut Idly
*AA APL'S OA t L 1.2133:
Egim ma
TIIIIB Ns' , Phu Okra Improvement
has now bees in use:groin twp cart, and wherever it
is knowq, preferred to all rahvir Readmitteda.
For chtspoissortreomh and convenience it has not
and cannot be equalled, as :It 10 - decidedly the. best;
cheapeathind most convenicotßcdatcad to use,urd per.
fecily prior against Bugs.
The prlncipal Cabinet maker* and Turnery. in Alle
gheny et_' and In :Pittsburgh, hare securest Bights in
manufsetum and cell the article: .As there are spurious
articles Nod Criperfect imitutons in th e market. parch,
seer would dry ro examine the east Iron planes on
which in ibe gremlins erects the name of the patentee,
F. thirlL Y. 01 invariably rash A. a proof orallth m
ts claimed for Garram's kladvleads, the follow inqcerrifi.
ante from Cabinet maker awellAnown in Pittsburgh and
the West,. submitted to the ribber
We, the snlwariliers.practreal cabinet crullers and
Bedstead otanufacumern of the cities of Pittsburgh and
Allegheny, Pa., do hereby certify that we have bou
the right to manufacture bedsteads with Gassam's Pat. ght
ent Fnataitings and consider'the same neperter many
fan eans^ with which inn arracquanned.
JacaCs Lemon John allirew
T B ;Young to C` Robert Fairman
R Llartley James B Bar!
. _
.i.W.7l:icgeit, Jr . I. Loa.
Lowele. -.tun goltila Um - n
Thordne 'Farley ' Ramsey a 11k:ea.:id
v'i!?4" Ballack
. . .
!Mei Wattage .. . .
Roberts & Kane
J Mayors . ,Jaa W Woodwell
J Nebaom George Snyder
Wm laGetr J fileglaccra & Co
Aierander Lawson
For Ri'xlds to make Ind sell the otave Bedaud
, , Washington. D. C.
ZENAS C. ROBBINS. bletianical Engineer and
Agent for 'procuring Patents, will prepare the ne
cemary laramnas .t 1 Papers for Applicants for Pam
sun, and iransact alt other, business in the line of hn
pinferaion at the Patera Office. He can be emanated
on all quit/pas relating am am Patent Laws and dent.
MO. be Untied States or blumie. Pe tuna at a
distance desirous of haring elumnanoris made mate PatentOttee.
Patent Otte°, prim to mak mg application for a patent:
May forwnrd paid enclosing a. fee of fine dollar',
clear statement of their cane, when Irumbilime attem
sonwill he given ice a. and all the information that
could be Manama by .1111.1 l of the applicant in petunia]
promptly no4nunictated.
ad fenm
bur b.
All leit•neon business vivre gir post paid. and cont.
itahle•feri. where a erririen opinion is required. •
Office oh F etteel. opposite the PllenrCrince.
Ile has the honor of referring. by perrorssioo, to
lion. e. tuund Parke. Cargrusseener of Patents.,
; lion. L Ellsworth. la.• do - do do;
D kW:ales, blaehiniii, rAteniChtee;
In D
i r lie d o! ' fil=,Vicas n' s b eetirsetts, U s
Hon. Vrl A hen. Ohio. ; • do: • •
' lion. Jll llowl:n:14 . C., Mu=' !I;
lion. Willis Ilan, Pin* Voik;.
Hon. RoLen S pith , Al C, iltieou;
Hon. J 11 Rent,n;
Capt.ll M Shreve. Misaoart
Erasion' !Inapt., Flag.
Beet variety avarada red In tals city
benore,mado on be moan approved I:Armin plans—
most naahanaalc Eakeem rtanara• u:d mans Ma ,
F:llllf4aP ROLL. or 1.19.. a. VON on band
r side Maiden or all allot. apd at a:I prices.
a. noisy Arcro hams and other. are melted m sail and
• ane. tlaoa , a,lor for themoalvna a s all 10,11 by sold
1Icaalo:or reral I, aad a larcral dedocuon made. to
• :wale plural:lona
a 101' ' • • a wEraTPRVF.LT
IF Ainen - -an Art-Vomit I. toteoryorated Car the
premoneo of }hoe A fle in the Untied State,. 1 . act,
critter of Flee Dation is a Sterelot, ler one year
Noels ate applied (IL to the
.p: odoction of lupe
;At t ie etialsell4l4 of whit!: every men , er venereal;
.1; mid nril. to the parehase °fortifies; P.n.s"
other or ks nt art. Li none. dr reki4ent art,..
1 74 ,. /
ISO 41
be di
Ift are f :Aced, by Into ninon; thi Airmbef 6,
' fn . 1m paunimg• we're Aistrlbuti.d l e--s nore
Wt 'fn. af Ire funnily.. nal vafunAle—snore
Alrindy p,,rcli..•; and In fdanton iiHre
HribuHn tnl bronze snrdals of , Waishing on Al
„yin a nn eaeb member will meet,
tato nrraMogs—..The Jolla flat Mat Men,' after Soup
ham and ir e —'The
are, Huntington
T c on.lersigned harlot been aprointed Honorary
'See nines Mr Pine:mesh and eastary I. prepared m!V
Cc, ..intim:a. '
T •
ll l `.detrthms to become membdes will Geravard the.
tate ~..r.h weird,' by dolor so ye won ae may be
coneenienE W 5, B,CALDW Fl.l.
. , -3rd creel. oppuede the Poo Olee
I avocet & ath its
,„,..• l
II .1.2 , 348' e5 , lPr-sirtl. Latiii. 4 .itiitk Ilt - DP — LEroutt W
a. 71 Peden, Eel , Clerk of di Court of gal. ter Ses
51 . o
IL E.: irrearas—Sir: Sonia Cer.e in the winter my
vole one •31.ced with a revere and din:reeving rough.
and t eartogar your ntvoluvide Cough Symp. I porch.
aed a buine'frout 8 T. Trouble, Eag ~n 13ndgewater.
and imam taking a portion or II Mt. ordure evening• on
goiag to bed; sae tend immettlate relief; a. also menet
Bleats have been kelesed inset/ere cases lam Mere.
fore sal:ofinl,hat is is a sale and valuable medic ine.and
would reennimend li to there who may be afflicted with
severe coo. tor and cold,. . B. Donau,
Mater, :MASI . I
The tayrup' ss pot up in 25 ee t bottle., so that it may
bellught by the poor as well as the rich ,
P pared and odd by ft E 881,1.1-188, 57 wined reee
abo. tor rale by 1/r, Cereal, Mb ward, and D ISt Carry,
tole nen,. city.
1 nvl3
Lj --- I.B=For is n few bales tVestern New En,
J.I. moth at 1818—(rorn Bto 11l mon,
sal o, Eaetorn and Western N V. early pinked, a. 4
year growth
. . .
. Pr nu Ohio do. Belmont goonty.
Tb general Eastern clop of the seas:dila now being
tree v et. /lIVOICI , I and when um. Hope. will Gad it
Mlle . (ben : advantage toebtain them supply from the
soda tgaml,as they mll throughout the ecaeon
at 31 or York s yriCee. GEO. W. smirk' & Co.,
robalam . Pittsburgh Brewery.
Tv i,, niz ipic . i) , ;:tc .,. .i . s. , - - itir1f . i:v .. ir.. 51 .. 3 .. r. .., ,,, , t, , attt ,
:it '" e k rt. ' a
Prpre'd'ettir flicrl
one it n , j n e'er'.
nOceol n s r po ' tl7.
amak s ' . P°'
MI w;th
erty acute
I Pol.: by' W51..,89 Liberty cruet, bead
...1. sr a ;is , ' nont and Shor. Core, earn of the Bag
E.:stockholders of the Farmers' Derront Bank of
/ rbutniglontend making applicatton to Me nem
Leg 'attire, tor retch alteration 01 their Charter at will
vet. Mmktng pustleges, nil deernedexpedient,
Mk to be inoratoomwd as a new Bank.
.11y order 01 board Arerlare.
Ti It ot Pot ter PELL. carbine.
1,7 1..10 islet. Pattern Maker, Allegheny city Oil Mill. has
ate II , WE•I pope.. (or :Imre. en hand coked An wad
or tern Mt Pran.g awl all patter. made to order
art of
;1 -' ) . Tali PA - TN. - FT - 0 - I nigCT:ACT - WA
. .
K Hammer in • tunny advantages over, all
oil ro—antobg %Mightn't.) be mentioned. '
lu h anageshlenean—Therapid.tity and forecor Wow
coninnled the greatest case, while the
umt bpernuoo. and th• hammer may be in.
utrt a rrested. and emipended at any height.
Ise;niserwility, or cupheny a execute work of all
.45., 'rearthe r l mm •t in We •mallest. under the mug
nun r
Is . mpIICIIi. Camper mere esid Cleaporm.
reeembiuty upon all odes, b. the workmen.
AII . e hammier' are mode Sel f A.
On ulemrllo4. emlinur to exeeo.e orders for them
Irk • aof all W 24.0. upon remarkable Imam.
br arthes rMror ulalll.lneoire of
smimerstaf 111. Yakima Mettle United Snore,
es! Ir Mallaersek Fouodry,.4olllsalleas
, 31anafactarers of .
1 RNINOB sauna BOMB,
1100, 31.4 Swab Front ?lintel.
Hark ,f 7 A, Nilson'/ Cabind Ware Manufs?
Llaerdent left with S. SI Alma. et the OSICO of the
Res.!, Elualitirgh, will Le promptly
tended TILOS. U. DERRY .n
1 %-..".: ' VARNlS HtilkOrk7,"rt
~ .t.i.,,.,.- Weisser. respeerfelly Infanta kis hiv e d.
and dm s al e, that he hes did trilkeep
ensocantl on hand and far sale, • handsome no:tetanal of
mann. le Entraps Vehicles of all styles and descriptions
sad. to fret the shortest passible nonce, and merited in
IT In manner, of sslectieh s putenni firbff3-ly
"PHlLrabrentiet 'route respectfully invite Ladles •nrl
of i'n'N 1 , 7',',;;;;'.1.7,T1, " , .1 1 '11,71P., h rrti0,"1"7,1
five as call Winne pn I t has ng e l•rwilpre q' ss ' tnec c sat l li
find It their advantage and no mistake ' Shit order"
retelvt4 rhall lin lnithnilly antadot to at No RI North
Thteil str •hone Arch, Eh iletle lob ia,
017-njmo. Rm... 0...." ~,,,,
"iii incAL
Mutt extiAordtruay Medic.= in tAi IVeniti.
The tuner Is pot op el gouttottles os toms eb b
or, pessoner, and mouth esparto to any old.' wes
demo witkoo romititig; posing, riots...o de
blowing -
The goat booty ath tut:Monty of the bantharina oar
otho Medium is, ertinst it Enediealos Diem it/oleo , -
ato the Duly. It es oot ol tha very best SOUND' AND
SUMMED MEDICINEmem knowo., It ocelot, puiita,
the whom mem and Month= the persoo, hot at Cream
Arts, loon and Rid aced • poor permed by to other
Mahn.. And in W. lies UN gnarg woo of its imam tut
omen It hot pm kneed wi th in the_pot twoyam, man
Ulan lACClllellho of Anon Coo of Dianna ; at ham SA*.
ot then Inn eceselenol sumble. tem thou
4,oolloene of Chrethe Mtwooment ;
DOA; moo of Dysimpeia •
; •
lUu odes of thrown Debility our Want of Euro; .
7,u1X1 moo of dsfea eat FesinheCongthiala;
Ortatl ems of Ertrafoia•
1,:no oses Mite Lien ' Complaint ;
2Alto coo of Duos. of the tot Droton
DA coo of Comeopthey
Awl Thmeado of men of Demi °Taw BOA, Os: leers,
klryslthes, Solt Mem,
lba Foot, A To
toter wi th notherous oats of Sick Headaelth o the
nee the Cho., Spina Mitcham, &e., Ike.
Thti; we an aeon, met appear iterediblo, but We have
hum ;tom physkthos one our wens from aV patth of the
Cohn Athos, otthouthg as otemoordanarycum 'Van
vurk, hay. one of the mot nthenable ermine he New
k, h. t-,tuk.n. us that ha en refo to more den De es
so to that pl.on alms: Theo on thossonda of ono in the
Coy of New Ton, with* In will 'ether to who pieasursa
thd to own of Moenr. It is tha best onion. kr the
Preventive of demo known. 11 hadaubtedly hoed the tin, of more than
As it mooted Lb. nu r of direr, and rep Woo°,
osed daeto ft
die nomads scum.
Unroof, Saurroa °snort
Corr. 0. W. hicCuton.or Teo Uornio Soon. NAM
and inentbor of the New Jerry Legidatort, has kindly Act
as die itiloortog certitadn It lolls own nog.
litaxwar, .11.. 1.40.
Apar does I vas tattoo odds the lawns., amlmy who!e
eyed= left io debilitotsd Mahn 1 woe induced isy Dr.
Tonousinnits .od mho elating two or. dies boo
des, I eras yrs., much relined, W ottnibuto it nudity to the
! oatd florsapardla. '1 have coatiarid Wing it, aud Ga d d dal Mi u rsr=ttier l oa bolan' y
U. W. AlloLona i late U. B. N.
BC110101.• C 01122.
This tannst. eisteludeely prove tint this titersapernie
has perks. centred am th e moot °Sensate disuse 'of the
blarL These penises. cured in we house is tuspreeedested
Test Canna..
DP. Tosesusn,ltcli eir ; 1 hsve the pledsure is inform
yes that ems or my children hen bees ested at the &lo
na. by the um of your eareltud unsheine. Thiry ewe
sellieted very sererely with Lad sons; have only bias four
bottles; It took thus wry, for slush . 1 fad myself soder
deep obligation. Yews nvalfdly,
luau W. Ca•ur,lo.s Wenger n. Yark. Blank 1. Mt .;
Terwunuilts Sarsaparilla I. . aseurgo sat 4 sped?
cufrc incipteat Coonsution, Runniuss, laacorrbe, or
Whiteb, otatrocted or elidfcalt hienstrostiosu bacchanals=
of urine, or insoluislary &isthmus nereo4 sad Gar the pa
" matter lumbar In result
of tenant au or causes, produced by irregularity, illness
or aceidras
. .
Nothing on be more surprising than its horlgoratn eX.
hen on the tam. from. Per - was, all freshmen nod lam.
cede, Dom taking it, .t oast b.eome robust And full energy
ander its haloes.. It inmedtataly coonterern the Drew
lemony of tlae.fecrals Gann, which ts the mat non of beri
It will mot In expected of os, in t 0... of so dolnate • en
tore, to exhibit certideatn of eons feria:bard, bid we nu
aware the afflicted, that hundreds of pun baire been repotted
bo vas Soreral am where familintons been without
usiOg • tow bourn of thn insalnahla andinitee,
have been blast with healthy Marin.
Dr. 2ianund: illy wife bent greatly distnned by
weakness od general 'debility, end uttering continually
by pejo asol and with• senastiott of beam' , dowel, falling of the
nook other difficulties, and having brow: roan
anon your nalkims has effected great cores; and oleo hear. ,
ogre namsomesdal br.orb ewes* I bin def.ibed,l obtain- .
ed bottle of mar &tract of Sorsagorolk fad &Hawed
the directions you gen no Ina abort period it removed basanoplainta and tenant hor health. boot gpralofial for
the beneits she received, I lake Oman m altos acinowkdk
ix; lt, ond it tbe public. Al. D. Xtopla,
Alton, :tug. 17 ; L 144. Cor of Grand fad Lydia. sta.
Comeau, Sept. EP, 1545.
Dr Tinewrowlr To whose thia outy eotwerit—Thie is
to cortify that my wife used owe bottle of you San
presume te her contaitowat, under the newt Wormier Lei
of cirearostiroter,leinj troubled with Na &apply, Tel-
V of the feet, morrow laisoos, end "ere moth debit.-
penmen, aod the recoolowodatioo of those
tar artweir ic the woe iodored to try it, with little oo
holi, wad mita it to !eh the erwitieine had du happy wad
deeired !Miaow roily to the boon of coolloinueot, bot after
tlilem . ctlari of =se week of 0 e the &ropy pit cep.
health h now =4 7.7= M 0:: °".
th. will b. al.ay ninon to yn or say ims IMO
bubo no nen. of tha nadieng, you ....atiran trek..
to it
I mbecribe lard( Tour bolt et that gal eblirbietmat
b Juba Ag.
Tha Extract of 3aratparttla by Wan carnal; prapared
ea Werean to kook cantata.. to innate who hat rr
ma papas: O. approactung this crittna lark;, "The
ts/s Amain asitect m Oka it, is al is a caftan.
prareattw. 42s may of Ow aosatanta goo 4Pronabla direasca . to
which fanstra an subj.ct at this pan of Lk Tha lomat
ma, be delayed mural ann by can thaamtscme Nor
a .3 Ins raluutm w thot who an unmans., wo...aohned,
st 3. 01<lakiwd to anal nation by stinipmitz. thc . Dio,d
ao4 Sava..sta.; the poemladera Om Arad aoss inval.
'Dame tor all at dc:iose dawned to winch • man are
auelt aj
b t races the whola mama rms. pretraocaUr sha cab,
costro—by salaam,. thit - imporatsta of th• body —bot
„so fir staaaliamg the sputa as to peach,. a sublaowtat a/s
-ta.:Waft,* Lath Is du owe of won ..demo takes for koala
row who hay* pale Ose, dull ayes, Volee ao the
mugh Jua. cu &man, and aim .• owl of *petits,. am
a Cwt. or twa of Dr Townegrud's 3arupandla. le will
Wade your Wood, nuon the L. bj. od blotch., and
give you mar.., ritarll4.4 Kn , emu qirsts. aad beautiful
c?taideclico,ali which are of mamma rata. to uamar,
No tali oo mediummedium has ~ P r bees diwarerel which as
warty remnailes the pale Ake or eolith se ditcomposiog
uf u
Sassapartau sad withgthethog the mikes of digesam, oaths preps
Bona Lthrawmilwr, Albeay,lllsiy, ID, ISSIS:
Dr Totemened. B.r—l bare been tavesof kw 'sierral
years waSayspepne io ire worst ks an, sth ailed with sour,
newof stem kw of eppetate, estrum beanthre, and •
great annum to all kinth of &ma, and for swells oaths I
couldeat,l I ban been unable to ream but a mull pant.
oo my, stomach. I toed the ant "Mini., but they the
tat little Poo erect to mranvirig the compMatit.. I sem ta
de ad, alsuut two mon th s mace ta try your Extract of denim
mutts, and I mow ea with little amodence, hut after twom
wetly two both, trend toy naps ute restored, nth the
keartlmen It...hely removed.awl I .mythausesny mom.
mend the me of ato thaw who ham both adlicted as b an
bath. lours, ft., . W, W. Va. Zoo..
Nor W, ISO. Staten lasod._.
Reed d fullowing, mud doubt if IVY yes, that month.
tioa thimot be eased. "I hie is oaly ousel the oatmeal hue:deed
mew that Toassead'a Airway Se has eared 1
Dr 7lnebutersd —Dor Ste. I to.. mans a little o
7.0. op, With • were cough end pia to my sada. I mo- oa low
N eu ma
y' indeed. I wee troosithead by pby.
smi th , to lawa sk othastapuon Cruised Eng. spun
-141.i. of matter,. had sight nemb., ao4 Welds{ very Eut:
my doctor dhe could domed.; for me. I went iota the
hoepital is pe of being benettled bat was prommered there
as lueunthl . I sou now greedy distressed al the them end
could Stroll breathe ; I moo bassi, emaciated, end espebted
to die; madam' to •my bwil:mid woe ebbed ,to bare
washers ' . ,thtleed 1000060 gm you any dew, mama that
would doyestice to my ethe. I was euppwed by my Squids
th be past moray il bad tried a greatslumber of tnatmlies,
and all 6.oied m b• to co
pupae.. I Fad of pals meet et.
truirdiaarres performed by poor meditise, sad td tell
to as tr th, I suspected th em arm 11.1110 humbug in them
But I was ' wed tu try li , rdid mo, and ma eery thankful
I did . I <moot say that Ima naively well, but them far
recovered m to be about soy Moines, red boys la be satire.
ly well in • few wee i
ks. Sly cough end yam is the aide,
aad night • imam thee kft me, end rrs e but very little, and
am fast rooms my usual strength. 14H it • duty to gm
yott a stattionit of my I.C, L 9 publish il l icit plethoi
Yosza Busse, 17 Laths st, Broady,.
pinions of Physician..
Dr Tow od is ahneetdaay rem order. (rim phyll
Mil. /• d ent parted the Domes .
Thou to wily thel we, thy undersigned, Physicians al
the City of to . y, have. to amerces yeses prescribed Dr.
Toseasend`s flassapuilla,sassl believe IA W bd en. of the Watt
voluble pre twos of t r ee flanagap p bt us th: .
. enzket.
Stlnthlo d . l I, 1843. P ja ittaut ir ico * no %' . st D.
Mb oi en oily that ms, the todenlgord, praetfelog
Thouiscaten hysthans of llw Olaf Albany. haw Assiut
ly prescribed Dr Townsentho Cempouad Katmai. of ban.
panne, and its known sunhats, would la
the public fo merenrialiscrofoloth r end others utaneothda
mars, in pre room to any of the advertised reasedms maw . la
Allah, A 2,1644. • W A :lit a g:4. " ll o •4. ,
u, , ISM Falco % Sod Dulithor , N N ' T; Red.
L i lt Phi:LlPS:la:lr ii.:;., l r k . th 'lt ,:, t4 tl e i
y dire out the U led Staa•
%SW= thd a tte Ca ' n la s 411'4 '''
Now genuine, unless put up in the large moans bottles,
whieh contain a quart and signed with the vendee givens..
of 9l' TOWNSEND, and bismu th blown oa the Oath
Provo the New York Daily Yaws.. of April 9, 1v47.
tha A JT:rVai th og i' et . b, r e P r " SiZ io psf.ll . l•l7p 4 rer ot7r . 'iosr l ose o tad.
The whole th ong is got up us gad Wm t smut of the orom.
=nod leadscape yummy am beautiful which, together with
the scroll week us gold, Vitiatingo Ilse eth, made • show
rarely equalled ' in Breeden, -We Whit opportunay Co
say we believe this atom of OA Sanatorills deserves thlt
very Areal popularity it ham assulrad,
Nervetu Debility
/1/;} Yetis Marsh 07,1647
Dr. Towansedr—l ham ben aimed Mow or leas far 3
Jess, with* dreadfulsialting be the thew, giddinno the
I bead, Iwo al appetite, psis w the bolts, Ledge/ImM debility,
brought m so doubt by the conterwak ham ind sold no erhielo
ant subject to in my Memel es • dyer I hem taken other
mediators, too numerous l 0 MAMAS, but with Gttk woo. u r-
I ra indwell 07 what I emeriti the paper to try • bowl.
of year Seroperila, from whkat flossed gnat relief M.
mu. team emeral wore bathe, and ma unheeitatingly aj
It the Mt medieim ham or,, Ukto—the paw is my
Moot Le gym, and kel mike edits/Talmo altogether Mune
I have tales you, &traeparilk I ben aow a balm appetite
Aim ever I tad 1117 wo4 Men it with Atmore beoeo.
tier naulta Would netemoned it a. a posit, medieim •
paerally,mil I feel morinerd that if mowed thew ',veld oat
ho half We Weimer Deno ta, and - ozweipieutly not ea may
Ducter , s bills, for while A restores appetite, it elm gime tri
the stomach and bowels their regular w ow it teem the blood
to • healthy Yet., 0 Atm diem. I, nolw likely to MUM the
melees And to all Mem who ani a n t in e Mem ) 0.e,l say
try Dr Tommead'a
Topat,s :ns, 70 4lles ti
Canker In the Mouth.
Below ts ea recount of mother child wed Dr TalrnsmlN
SankruilL. ho. weed the lins or thoweads of children.—
The fotkwring entilleste is Minted from • great number
rewired this week.
tiro, Yon., April 2,1A17.
Dr Townsend: Dear sir—One of my children Ina very
.kb with the Cancer in the out throat. attended With
e rgot debility.
.11 aux near dying; I obtatued *me of your
logligal median*, sad lt oared it directly, Er which 1 can
sawn you 1 laral Teri grateful, Foam nnpeelf. , /,
ELIZOOZTO 27 Dmbromoe
For wile by 11 E SELLER/. prowl, N 057 l% nod et,
between Ad end eth My who ha. Men appointed by Dr
.TowNENp wife A t Air Allegheny en yeAdAvelyP
Ilnsband'a Celebrated Fluid Magnesia.
pi -ill. mil 4 safe and elegent ant/ acid mid aperient; be-
In lei perfect *elution of chemically pure carbemata of
agerainiipmew.D Ne emdealqualities of dm Anent pre•
parttimeref Magnesia. widened lanai liable to form mem-
Mom in Ilia howels,or lout lajeiricoaly up. the or the
manacle 10. tilde epoembil of the MAI tdereenia
0., f a mc lobed& leasponeful of Aleignesia.
Foe liebbyo A Y AIINEATOCK'CO, corner lit and
- all .1
Or. RlCLese's Worm SpeclUa.
TilLstogta"47. l ,•.kiezz, ;1' *.f.'?..7.11.'
~•—a alt ward. or to 11 , 011111, yb,d by th e b. of .aid
medmine child or my owe paned 14: lame worms: 7
It is trial the MOM oarprlelog. WOYEllmodieine l - ev er
see.. I at tine two more vial..
For eali • - • "••••• - - •••• Y-VAPP1..T5,..V.,
by 1 KIDD t 00, NS 69 Wood street, E....
POGO & TOUGSTP9, Proprietors.
rir,llC4 esacial, ..111 {en ; mid w.dety shoat, being
1. axle ol tne mast eanianamos in the my of Haitian, o.
I imams - many andergendscry extenathe aiterat , ollBPnii
improvonsents, Al eurre new wing nil bcenthddod,
• containing nornecom and airy sleeping apnoea:nth and
eiteinu ve batniag mania.
The Ladicedoparthoont bra adro been completely re
orranteco aroithurd op dn a 10011 coigne and boatnifor
style. In Men the whole arrangement of the Howe ban
boon rentOdelid t WIN a'lingie eye on the part of the
proprietors to the comfort and`leosareof then
(loons, and which 'thief confidently men will chat-
Hoye componson with any Hotel in the.Unina. -
- Men Lathe 10,11 always be aupplied with reeey nob.
manual and !allay which the motion afford. served op
to a superior style, while in the way of Wines, dm,
they will not be surpassed.
laconelasloathe propnetors beg to say, that nothing
will be lea undone on their pan, and on the partoftheir
umstonts, to render this Hotel wonky the continomr
P Th ' elt o es l t i Tsf n ar c d " d h . a . ve n d al:
hoed redaeedmthe
°Halving roes:— -
• Ladies' Ordinary, Si 73 per day,
.. ...... —• • • •I 50 v
a — The Baggage Wogeon of the Homan Will air
ways be found at the !Oar and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, free
of charge taynkhf .
. • •
ED EABJ.. STAN/St HOUSE, .Cinclattatatlr
I 0111 U—The aubseribent having purchasad We en.
tin interest of Col. C.: M Wikharnson. late of that well
known establishment. beg !cape to nate to their friends
and We 'public generally. that they hive taken this
commodious Hotel lot a tree of years und will cies . ,
Welk best energies to make it a destmblifinune for Tray.
eller* and City Hoarder..
The Hotel is spacious and admirably planned for con
venience, light and air, having a number of parlors
adjoining chambs, presenting unusual 211....0114 to
The present proprietors haying bad the expemmeeof
Tears in this city and elsewhere, hope they will be able
to give general satisfaction, being determined to give
undivided attention to the house alone.
The 10C211011 at the Pearl Street 110111, is emcee:mon!,
eligible. having (rows nu Pearl, Walnut and Third all,
so dial it is equally desirable in view of the gonvehP
care of business menor retirement for private boarders,
It es near by the Banks. dive..., Other, the Masonic
Jlall,Odd Fellows Hall, 'and butane square thstant from
Main street and ewo squares hem the City Wilful', thus
°tiering the greatest inducement*, especiallFth canna ;merchant* and generally to all persons VlCting Cinema.
it.. coutrroar Pumitunterno.
rh E s p b u " .T.L. ' . Tir d .tio r n h e o s C ;It 1;11 t ?L A C tl i s
moot, and bope by the
e at s.
to to the. wunis
and comforts of Melt gue sts, to merit a continuance of
the liberal patronage heretofore greened by itu former
pr Z ` lrof;se Imsbccntimiroughly renovated.rod repair.
ed; we theredne feel Colored mc can welcome our
friends rind the public to accomModationsmond to my tt
100 cap of Philadelphia. NIP BRIEGES,
- ---
Main and Sixth atm, Cincinnati.
'VMS establishment Is now In the heal order for the
I. reception of the Trageling Public. Ilsortng under.
gonea. thorough repot. dernig the past winter, nod
hariordie most experienced men la the west, in the
engines departments, I :flatter myself that all will be
pleased who call. The lecanon is c entral, commodious
and pleasant. Fare VI per day.
Cinetnnati, March 13,1 W,
N. /E—Although not exact W
seine—a new him ou the n
W E ranau
tly a new Ribero, it is thi
Id handle. Wit
rpnEproprietor oft!u long established bons, reveceb
.I.fullyoTers his serstecs to the Cill lens of Pt mat otgh,
and will exert hostelf to 'render convenable all who
mar (aver him with thew' compasty.
Thigpen. which has long been a faverfte one with
the Provtsion De .let, at Ihttsborgh. Will, the coming
scam, present a larger Geld thr their operation. than
heretofore, tram the completion of the Rail Dead to
Indianapolls,3omiles Miller into the hog rang rcginn
sm.:beam OD Ft UHL/GIL Proprietor
Lotthville, Ky. •
A RIS T II R 0 C Kbl OR ro N errs to Reclean:it his
.1 - 1. friends that :he is again lessee cif .0 ALT
110 U BE, Looksmllc. Rq., where be hopes 10 meet MI
old friends,l a.ssaeing And the public that no
effonehall be spared to make ah comfortable who Beer
bow with their patronage isnlldly•
Opposite the Rail Road Depot. Pratt It., Ball.
HENRY Xi. twltil 11. Proprietor.
iLate or the EACIMIV u.d Si Citaats..etels, Yitteb`g
11 FLUID—In olio ling the patronage of doe pablic
for.thie article it le but r mul proper th .t aim:moo
wroth theclal; .n euppon ti beard Avoid 1. fully and fair
ly met Meth soil al. µme guarauteu be green that La coin •
inanity not be impoien upon hy tureg
In Ittedbat plias ts well 41a.ra thug thy generali.y of
Mark 'lake' are enaspozen of t e held together
gusi Atabse and when the water, either to whole p
empower:l the gum eitil prectinte • an tell at • pietymme
to Om peo or mewed wiltich coot., it bi e4s cuancwal
to adJv.v.!. to the lab m more to make more now, which ',metes th,C ' ell by c'!% Go the tf ..eel
it thrhurli lyre," thert time Mow th • Wm.
ling Flw , ' si in ane their mi.,. to retry re v
It is • chem. uytm eripartui 144 .114,1 maw.- tu 444 II
brip.thelblnertion lea err, get Moe it,esal Mt, g eery Ctqb
.•rge nomad,
me wsglo um ilia yea iuto•giveu opfee I
ring deeper ado Ohre . of the paper ntektugot more rm.,-
4att mut oat ail Moved by OWL/. 0,14 tree
Loa y plastered at th e cad,... It • rio minutia tia matter that
et iu Many for arstalta thert,e WU/ corrcale
'UN pens—it tet las moo autt although it wean of a
blob/. pa.. valor yet to a lk.• bout. it becomes. d ep black
wbebw II endure , ogee It is wane... wiliwrtor m the
A:n gay. e Imam, by the name of " Arno d's Writing
rand,. end =sahib ad more sit. Cur the mar price A.
• iseiestce ` u impel.. atsy knd being 14mapted
the followimg r‘cambealatte.• Were, a• lau.r he
aware, diet the woes Were gime mu 4 ti of have beta
ta.oe4 by any nevus Le an ttwor.hy potpies.
We itcomeared t• RibboMSChemical \l'ettitig flail" to
Me Lotroomre of the NOM, ...a firs; tals article • I ma
mma, it flambee from the pro wlthmit cloning it op mot
to i t
ora few hours btmeit a deep hr Ott black.
B h Sera_pum le Co. W irk Metimmless
Robert Moore John rather,
Wm !An & gem : .
tl' wan. Co.
Itlegoewatiek Domitee From • Setters
Rolm 0 Mina], Boolp'r C McAttulty Se Co.
' W W Wallace, '
Juniata Kull hig Milts, Aug
Mr That K D., Sir: I hare turn timing your
"Chumreal WriLiog Maid, nut hug it • firlit 'I.. Air
the mixt, it 11..!•• Craig• gun Red became, .a rticle
jrt Much
-• her L atin. .1%1.r* far.
T H TIITTLE Book lertiier
for Bletella hic44erogle.
S•T kbeti— Sirs Potsburgh, Aug 2S, 1547,
your trPrar Harattg prured a eof
Wrding n
three weeks o oc
I woo der ho,tl it
II equnl if oat superior to AritoL.P. or another ink emir io
use, I know of. Rosprettol y,
Zsr Arthur ?Statute. # Co
. Pittsburgh, Sept It, IA:.
T 8 Ilibbtot—Pear Sin I am non, ,our Chrisuatl
WSiting I lout, toad God II to be • moot rserlng article for
sere. WM, m it doer *moles diem °Mite the generatity of
oWar mks, a dews Trey •nd beau:omit diet. Week iu • lbw
NVICLIeVid * E:Rii " , - a.k_k..,
for John I' .
!monied and sold *Weak and Mao b y Thom.. It
Ilibbert, Doywist and Clhesmiti; torner of LawTv .0
Scelisidkkt Ns... Plti+borrh, I', Ortto6.
• usasticot nitorranee.
THE hest article gnown for eleantne and whttentng
the Teeth, strengthen.; We gyn.,swetitenmg
breath, in. It should be used every itight• With a the
brush, and the teeth and modth wlllonly require a stitch
washing In /he wonting. Wet Me brush mbth +mot
Inner. or.eold - stol/answer.. and rub • tel tunes on
the paste, when enough will adhere tor e.eitentg the
teeth. It leaven it deb.°us totem the mouth, and tra
iart• a most delightful the
unrivalled as a pleasant, nie
ellicamous, convent. and
safe dentrifice. It is .wa /routed not to inJure /he teeth,
butte preservethem.
.- • .
By Llama it regularly, it sill remove the tartar and
prevent us acenmulaion—ii-prevent the motbuche
.strengthen the gum, and prevent dl dtscaes on
Chtuntsta, physicians. and theintercy reieettnecind it a
decidedly superior to every thing of the kind in use.—
Aalt for Bhernten'is Compound Orris Tooth Dante, and
obcerve hill signature ia - attached to each pot.
Recommended by Dr. Castle,. del Broadway, one of
oar beat IDentinui, and by rook of the nld entablished
ones in the United States, and even 21.11111,4!) , used
by the Di dity of F.nglend and Frs. , .
A lure propartion kataffliet mankind
wine fro thaome derangement plan stomacher bowels
which skimp . . use of the Bath. }IC 192[11gell ,
entirely obviate.; Persons of Wk.,' habits ahmtid el
way. ha • bok at band, and take dose whenever
they feel Um least derangement in their health AN:It
of eases.natio( the. es LescAc would prevent thousands
Fernald u WM. JACKSON'S, carper Wnod and
Litotion4 dne2.l
A DIES Who Use Common Prepared Chalk, ore
oflenfnot aware how Inghttully injurious Is to
the skin! how coame, how rou;th, how salloo,
and unhealthy the skin appears after . . using prepared
chalk! Besides, it inntrious,containitig a I mac titian
titycifflesid. IYe have prepared ato vegettible
article, whiely we call JONES'S SPANISH LILY
WHITE! f It M !maven y in glace nt. bong pushed or All
deleterirmaquattnes, and it imparts to the skin natu
ral, heallAy, alabaster, clear, living Whme, at the setae
time atelidgas a cossacbc on the sktu, making it soft.
and smooth. •
Dr. Juries Anaertan, Emetics! Chemist of Massa
chasetts Myst "After analyirittgJotiesfs NIELIIIM Lefts
White, I had It possesses the mast beauttful and nano
ml, al the same time innocent Into I ever taw I
certainly can conscientiousty recommend its use to all
whose Ann mounts beautifying 'I
Ire Eryce Cr cent. a boo. •
ICptlold by IVAI JACK'eON, at hie Iluot and Sher
Store, E 9 Lflterty street, head of Wood, at the filo at
the Ilia Rad
Ladies ladles, I'm astonished,
Whiny.. know that yotr are promised
. A naufral,life.ltke, snowy rrbitc,
That you will still use common chalk,
And look • deathly yellow fright,
The ;Ileum of laughter and or alt
If lin !would use a hos of JON PS Lilly.wAte,
frontal.) give musk. an alabaster yet . natural what. ,
rind at the 'same Owe Cleat Owl improve it. Sold at
JACK.sUri, ra Liberty sr Precc , 23 eons pee
tort •tpsle day scratch, whin
Teller, Itch, or edict dwawa oft. ttion, if they.knew
who would relteve Rad...G. them
hortildele be obliged to rub nnd scratch when
•1 or, but mare horrible to abiiian trout 11, [foe deeency
eakt,l when in entopaity. Lei it be mutton • , rd that
mei•lefficutiout of anboiher
e t a, n in eilale4ct in
Caring rho Tuner, Itch. and t thrum, of die akin
'As all dowases of ibe Hoyt actor from 11.0 impunly
Mille blood and
t o W' din bedri and "Tem 5 0 55 am
eaan be of lung Mantling; and 1b.,. conctitution 'airceted
theiehy, If Or. Leidy'. tintaapartilti Moo.] be aced
with the Oltittnenb they wilt cute any ease whale...,
and if they_ do not. the matey w be roamed by Dr.
Leidri Moat caw., ilowei,f, be effcentalb cure,'
by Dr Leis Tetier and -Itch Onweitt. miler, the
whi c h apnea Jo impregnated by the e . dmmied Mtinera,
which will be completely curie. 011 i the i9l.lcal
Dr Leidy , . Mood Pdlc.•nil the mauve ell... Min heal
ed by the Oictinunt. Price MOiniment ILS conic " For
Welty ti A FA II NE ' , I OCK S
oct2o Gor woad tc (iontute
It ORGAN'S COUGH SYRUP]-It pruved to be Um
al (Mat 'Panacea In coring my :rtld's &Etre:mug
Prue We Temperance Danner, Nov. 3, '47.
Conde tacr.--So e are not iu Ihu baba of pufflng,
mud , lg. toktror PotenthlidtcloeW bat we feel dogroacd
recowfmend Idartran's Syrup to those who are algletcd
with acough. Afterw
hangt,tned the utuirremrOten to
remove'aconstant and distretwan cough, that bad fat
several days all tied one of oar eblid ren,without sue
eeaa,wa writ induced :a try Aloigun'i Loosh .Byrop.
um by (relief was antsuied to a toy boars. It plorxl
to betheoartacea in this cue at toast.
Ibeparedwholesalehod retail bt titrAfrdpilel6l,"
• JOHN D MORGAhl,lhuggiat,
net Wood 241 door below 14tig;tqtdA .
Ammo 1847 . • AMINE
.n "ANL,. at
I ClTata . Mil HOOT. TaMtaimPia.T.
. 6 ri f ibm Cn' srV " rlt e a d o .•%' dt i' d i e!
ieriptlon la sonmeasam Alcorn, ire not touched oil Me
tome, Mos all dranshipmeat oreama handling need
The Boats are of haat draught sad perform their tripe
in lions six to seven slam
The Capacity of oar Wireboases Inlet/lea us to store
any coets.)efloTeeonftst,ftwadgtsto Receivir.s,string, and
van Hems:fully prepared to make salds of Prodie,, we
respecually solicit' cons/gnaws. of western flour.
Bacon; Lard, Hotter, Cheese; Wool, Fewhers, and other
articles for sale, on which liberal adianeea will -be
made and other usual feedlots &forded; pledeng Oar
eclat& that any busittesrentrusted lo !hall be as
promptly executed and upon aa fair tenms as by any
otherbouse. JNOAIcFADUEN &Co.
Can Basin, Pittsbargh
JAS hl al
HD end= Market et, Pkilatta'
Mafia •
.I . " ) ,Nt'Amrtc l iv:. " L " .l.lll 'e t t ra74attgL h
way,he sad the consequent risk of delay, dumpy
brenkage and separanon °foods.
No gre Market street. EhEadelphat
O%NNOR & ° 9 1.0,' P r a o h an st a rp W et, a laittro Pi r utb ,.
W & T TAPSCOTT, " 73 South a, N. Y. PM'.
Encouraged by:increased buitattss the Pmprietera
have added to their stock and evanded their amuse.
...Metering the winter, and • arr. now prepared to for
ward (mato with retelarity and diapetch unserpaSsed.
by . any other line. Their tong ospenence as carriers,
the pslpable superiority of the Poriable . Boat e wers.
std the Veal rapacity and convenience of the were.
beese• et each end of th e One, err peculiarly <hula
ted to enable the proprietors in (aide their engagements
and accommodate their enstomers—confidandyorering
. he pate as a gummy for the heart they ropeetrelly
set tat t continuance of oat patronage which theynow nowlerlge.
All consigmentsth Taare & Inonoor abet reed
and forwarded. Steamboat charges paid and Dills of
Lading tramelined free of any change for Cementite%
mknuming or storage. Having no Interest threctlyor
indirectly in steamboats, the interest of the gammon
coal necessarily be their printery °meet in earning
west. and they pledge th emselves to forward all goods
coneigned to them promptly and on the moat 1141r.t.
pout term, tOlbe OWlieri. •
March I, ' •
..,oilL na,--
TO T0.:6 euniao.
TfiE Boanneni Vocable Bou Compan y being dlr.
solved, the Company again 'teatime articles of Co.
Antler:dim order the name of the "Bowmen's Line;"
and likeanse agreed to refit the Stock sou to havels
nye:diet of Boats (or the purpose of catrying goo d
thtotign in from viz to eight days, with unpin:y—and
Mel encouraged by the liberality of lut year's puma
age, to make more extensive anangemeata (or the en•
to eg year. .
We woul d -
_ Ll:m(ore reipoetfuolith a minim.
of,orante 4lfraer moron. tefly ee
to Memo we twee done bos.:e n ot Gn."ll'"' cowmen
For the lransponatioo of
• • •
Peatanarma, Bums.* NaW Vet. arm Bosom.
Cornet Ltberty rtreet and Canal Bain, Pinsbargh.
N 0313 Marketatreet, Philadelphia.
ELDER, GELSTON & Co, Agents, •
REFERENCES, Balumere,Md.
PITTSBURGH—J. *Cully, Geo. Morgan & Co.
W McCully & Co, B A Sabpson & Co, PI Allen &Co,
:PII ILA DELPHIA--, MorlZ'auerson &Co, Reynolds
McFarland & Ce, 'Elemtng Basby, Peter Wright &
Son, J Joseph 4
NEW 1 ORK—Goddhae & Co, Theo. Perry & Co. •
BOSTON—Reed, Herd & Co. •
CINCINNATI—Adams t Creagh, W W Surber
c %. PLEASANT, VA—P A Madder. .„
Nora—All merchandise from New York and Boston,'
consigned to A L Gelhart /4Co, Thlladelphot; be
prompUj foriNanied fret of dont:alai.. WAD
BOAT LINE. - t .
184 7, Mast
erWithoat Transhipment...o
GOOdi consigned to earcafe well he forwarded nerlii
of delay,., the lowest earnint rata. Bills of Lading
m in
ansmcd, and all instruct ons promptly attended to.
free Thom any extra chap Ir Sw or commission.
Mattress, or apply to 1.. A hitA• tig it rY CI:1
. _ Can al naln,Pinsbargh
i •
Saving a eery large and] connwalants warehouse,
we are prepared to Tt•CtiVit lie addiiion to freight for
ehipmenti a large amowit of Produee,ine . on Storage at
low rates. (warn) C A Ne4NULT 4 &Ca
- - -
writ c & 010 J.l9B. sar. - •
1 8 4 7 . ilitithM
El x t l ;l;. (l lri t lYP : kr\ . .r f *e.:nritt , l7.u 2 a
rg rtltre'ir l p, L ' h A n!:
to vli, Ilell•daYlimith. Wait , hit cebil'eteraburall and,
or nee . mediate placer' - ! .
One Ikon will lea., the watehouserif C A Annuity
Alb. Pittsburgh. every da , [except Pundays, • and
shipfarrican always nepend a haTato limas a for
warded wi th out delay and at aii rates.
Thu I.ine was formed for all. apeelmil aecomminviallan
of me way bas mesa and We proprietors ...pertly
w liberal ren, libel !share of patronage. i r
- .tOIIN . .MILLER,II Ilidayahuirsh I 1 -
R II CANAN. Johnunwn . Agents.
' C A MeANULTY co, Pittsburgh
. 3 J Me De•itt, Joha Park , Robert Moore Bagaley.
& Smith. Pittsburgh. i ' mars
1847. 42iia l iga
ri , /11. I.ine•being composed or•is Lake Erie
1 and Mie&grin Noni, dad) , be : tweet] Pittsburgh
and Beam:v..lnd &right and passenger Camel Boats,
'minion, between •Umm erandErie and connecting with
,C ?it Peed'. Line of Memel. I Propeller, pod Vesaels
on the takes, will be prepare upon She earliest open-:
Alf of . Navigation to carry reight and Passengers to
I: " la n n o a o e n ve a ry fur and Lake..
and pay.
gets NlFlth . pronttness and dispateh, the pruprsetor
ad agents respectfully echo I from pelt &lends and
the putil.c geaerally diem at mtge.!
C M Et, En. irroprwtor
• • REEDS, RIOS Co, Deaver, lam
JUAN A cAucigEy, M u n c h do
For Smithfield and Water siO. oppogite the Mbnonms ,
grihela Monaca
circa io
I Wheeler, Crocker Co New Nark • '
Geo Davis, Ennio
E N Parlto & Co, Cleve and
Jar A Armstrong& Crealetroit
McClure &
Primal& Pone, Clueago i.
aim POIPCIII, Powershrorn,Prinn•
Leo filactielot Yr& Ey...l.Mb; •
John Me Arthur, Ituntritown,d o Wick & Acker, Greenville, do I •
Craig & Frampton, Clarksville, do
Hays & Plumb. Sharpstrargh, Pa.
tV C Malan, Sharon, : do •
rt W Cunningham. New Castfe, do marl
. .
IL 11. Itoory. T. b . eno.nd &W.
CLARKE .111.
VOINI&VdiStir & C0M21112110.0 Blerobaitif
HE Agent, and Proprietors of this Line (an (aver
ably known to thopublte),wirl be prepared en the
earliest opening of canal navigation to recede prop
arty at Pittsburgh and Veneer, and deliver the same a
any point on the Ohio canals, and also on Lakes Erie
alid Michigan, with the greatest despoch and at reas
onable rates.
',The proprietors of this line the heathen al
diet, former customers with confidence, knowing that
their facilities are second en none.
Apply re or address
• • O M BARTON, AWPittabarih.
• CLARKE it Co, Dealer.
lanKi T RICHMOND A Cc C smeland. -
Wfi B TYRN 744— A - El4l - 0 4 / 1 11304 - 11 - IKS — Co7
1847.! MPALk
111 .MORLECII & 00.41.
whichstock of this line consign of a doable daily.
or Boots matey*, [owned by thenateleakl
c are in good order. The entiserdmrs arn preen.
red to forwent • large quantify of Merchandizt. uad
Produce with certainty tied dispatem
- Produce or klerehandise
to any or Me un
dersigned. is tomes Idea free ot any charge for commis
-111101, or stonega • -
Bins Lading transmitted and idling/actions promptly .
mended us.
The business of this Line is enndoeted ore Maly
Sabbath-keeping principle.. Address, or apply a
1) LEECH tr.• Co. Peoprieiiirs.
Canal Ream tsburgh
11ARRI4 & LEECH,Propn Pit etem.
No la:teeth Third area. Philadelphia
JOS. 'CA VLOR & SONS, Agents,
No 114 North Howard street, Baltimore
W O WILSON, Agent, • .
mehl.4 Pi e 7 We!! areet.New York
Cad. nt:Po.:larrs TELEU API; & SWALLOW
LPAPP [leaver daily at d o'clock, r aner the
'arriaolof one steamboat BEA V tat from
sod emirs. at W u seen next morning in season for the
Stages tgloch reach Cleveland beforenight-, securing bertha
on the Plusher., and scot. in the Sta ir , n n appli cation
on board steamboat !leaver Lleavtbg Putsbargh ..11
O'clock, a. a ,) or to the &genus:
Si AI lIARTON & Co, Pittsburgh
CLARKE & Co, Beaver
JESSE I/A LDWIN, hooagsmwa
opts M it TAYLOR. Warren
1846 AND 1847
T HE undersigned are now prepared to forward p
duet, be., to the Eastern Markets during the ens •
ing Winter, on tbe most favorable terms, by this rape
&nous route.
All property co:waned tops will be forwarded at the
lowest roles and with despatch.
Itlcicliandiso received by tbts 'route promptly for
warned. J BIDWELL, Ag . t. Pittsburgh.
, O W , CAPS. Brownsville.
need) E EGERTON A Co,Cumberlond
1847 .'lartiag
THIS Line consisting of freight and passenger Peek
els, milt ran regal:illy daring the seam, between
Deaver and Ureernril le, Pa., by which freight and pas•
ga ad anget rs bhe etween the two points, wil I be cayricd promptly
' t lowest rates.
Fll j !lni %rifle ,
DAYB it PLUMB. flOarp.burg!t, do;
W C MALAN. Shozon,d. ;
' „ WM. MATHEW:S r Pcluai , . .
- do;
JOUy AGA RED, E AE c K tSoaCa Deaver, do; •
Bow pppiolio Atmovitslisla Bi4l4o.?iwkargb.
fir"_-c.T~...•£ - _ ~ y~.
. .
The new aim ge i zidid steamer
CaPl- Charle s • Ileicass.eotratinees
I t tins day, eaving . ; Pam - j
burgh ILL 9 o'cock" a. at iand treaver aL ekkes,ll ,
connecting mat Pinsbarett and Vievetand AluenrCed
Boats daity.toClevelandol: Beaver, Wernest and
Cleveland Line of Csail'Ptinkets and Nate. Coultas
daily to Warren and CLannhicniL ennal Packet Linen in,
- Neer Castle and OrtenvilleiTa,• Erie Batumi.* Lina
to Meadville 'an - d: Erie: - .lCell. Mere & Coy Lines of
- Slate Coaehes Clevellizid'and Wooster. leave Bea
ver daily on the arrival of steamboat 'Lkaver final
Putsbursh. Anal), • "
• "
sole at !macro:* & Co, rittsharsh
CLARKE & Co, Beaver
[ • UN/ON A. HS, .
-OA TAR, PEP ssssss MID OHIO CAA•7,,
[ EN. PARKS A. Co.Cleeielacd,o.
H± [ • Li
G PARES. Beaver, Dt.Pna„.oN•
IV T MATIIER, Ple.barati,Da.
above Liao n ohm (tray teemed to teanoport
Freight and Panengers fexa Piug.arelt and Cava
laud, to say poialon tea PuFetylvalus A Ohio and Oh;
. The laeilidce of mild Line are ard equalled briny on
said Canal,. in ournhera andi - catitmt7 of
rionce of Captains: and Promptness of agents, de.
nUqe Boat lemma Pittabunghand Cleveland daily. Mt?.
ing in.cohneelion with the *emit era. . ' :'
Be i t:e b rit:dt nd lALtV ' fir if b`g " - Z ° P t=itpc i l
fen, Brio and dehconera, ota.Liku Erie, Damn, Ali
c.hhr. and Ocalinio• •
amp '. jeT7 forwarded
f lo argi l fg, ' ,Ct ye' Union
with ta
REED, BARNS ifi - Ce. Bea . n n r,"Afel
W T MAKER. Pittabergb,
andi . • ' • :Cor Walegaad Smithfield 91#
T-0 oLgvizzaavb.ari..-wiitarair...-1
•nucoU6ll , l4 p4jIOURS:
MACatx Boma Swallow' and Telegreph leave •
ver daily. at 3 o'clock 1.../4 after the arrival'of the'
morning Boat from Pittsburgh. and arrive al Warren io
time for the Mail Line of 'domes, which leave itamedi,
ately thereafter. and arrive atClevelaed 3o'clock,
•• •
• Thisiome Is the mast expeptlons end ettinfortable
oeel the Late..
- • . CODER /4 LRF'FING IVELt; Nitres, hopes
REM PARKS fr. Co,Ersve r, Agents ' •
JOHN A CAVOllEllcorterVates and tisahhaeld H.*
ePHYOPPaIite the fr l .l., 3 freltultntilestse.Pittsbersh •
-Cl TlZZAirrliatenlac - BONT trialE7
abliaa— 1847. , WOE
wet eronreTtos or
priw.gelipbta, Haltlawore, New reek
and Atostex i
T HE encourage . ' meuvibiline bureceismiliace
its commencement, Are induced, the pldprie
tor. to increave therstock byaddiug a number of hr •
claas beets. and instead ol:giaing receipt's. hereto
fore us agtuts,. we will girt our owe. receipts' for
freight stepped by thia ;:
The boat. are all ridable, consequently freight
•is taken the whole distince ;without tranahipment;
thereby preventing damage from frequent handling
on the route, and as each lent is owned by the;
Captain who rues them, whith is a sufficient guar,
flute., tbat there will be eo delay on the meta.
All Produce or Aferchaillire. eonsiseed to - the
undersigned will be forwarded FREE ' OFICONI
MISSION, cored vancing and forwarding, and' will
be shipped without the lowest rein of
*eight. . . .
We reepectAtlly solicit a 'ehare public . patro •
esge. • WALLINGFORD & .
. • CRAIL .:8 nol ,
DDLLA.4 Bame P Ar i , tt eo. u .t.-•
Broad Strict, Pfuladelpbie.
F MILLER . Agent , •
. Rowley', Wharf, Baltunere.
•I'ittsburgb, Feb. 18,1847,
1. .
1.846 • 181,
FIE sanseribers reeniflife r the delivery of '
dote to Baltimore by theildermegatels S/ackaratar
at the following poses.— •
Ashes, Bacon, Boner, L* . LeudoPork. , Taints',
Whiskey, t, sed (et. per 100.1ba..,
Tobnen ffeetp, Flax and CiVlleat-41 eta per 1001 b.
Ashes. (Pell Apples. Cheers, flax.feed, Ohms; and
Leather-106em per BM natl.
Oils,Bkinafleeds, Weed-11001 per ISO lbs.
Beeswax. Feathers, Fars, Oloaena, SnakeVßoot
—l4O cis per 100 lbs. ".
All property conserned inertiier of he enders/geed
still be forwarded midmost delay, free of Commission,
at snore rates. IV 11 CLARK. Brownsville.
..11ANNA IVAITERMAPI, Pittsbnren.
Dit-4-BW-Allt/NIC,II [I [
A certato and talc coraColds,- asthma,
liver cs-Anlast,apittlng WO, PS gO
or breast,nervousdent Ity[,-sboopinstoughl
broken enasitatioir, -fx)rdblimp.
TiON or any o o[c,pc -at ii/c ..r
brcat..- Reader, ark ypa aufforng
- with a cold or ihatitaa of [the '
lung*, try thia rinedb;
yonwul srt
baps regret t. • •
It will arrest all'thow dissgreceble symptoms which
strike nach terror4o the mind;& - prolong . your dafa.
Beware of all Mepaistions phrpoiling to cobtein
WIId Cherry,e.cept that beanng the lorgnetten of pc
H Swine on the outside; wrapper, of each bolder,.
as they are quite likely dentitaila al the article !Mai
which they borrow a'nanae:_
Read what it h as donor . l
50,000 DEA 1139 BY, COSUhiPTION, .1 •
Weald bedsore, be a small ertiniats for the ravages
of this dreadful diselae inn single year than add.
the fearful catalogue of Ouse cut oil by Inflinia..
bon 0! the Lungs, Hemorrhage, Asthma, Coughs
Influenza, Brodchilis,and other diseases oLthe'
Luiip and Liver, I , ; •
And the list would present n appalling proof og the
fatality of these two Masse or diseases. But vi al
important to know that ocarry all of this drehd
write of-human life .I:eight have been prevented
by n timely one of Dr. SWA YNE'S, COMPOUND
This medicine has • now; been, before the public
rbme eight years. and is the Wien,' preparation
from the Wild Cherry Trea.• its reputation gala
remedy for Cougha.tolda, BiOnehltisi and Cab•
colophon of the Lunge based entirely upon italie,
!ramie merits, owes but little tq:,itiflated newspaper
:Teee. Those who give it ditrial,' .. baing. benetitted
by it, recommend it to them neighbors, sod thuo
gradnally and surely bait gained an enviable repu
tation and worked its way into;geneial time. One.
bottle never fails to Mire a ieceist: cough or mild,
while with strict attention to thndirections that sc.:
company curb WM0,41 1120 m pulmonary dismisses
of long standing and of the molt' larming Maria.
ter, has. always Oren relief, and in - very many.
instances has "elected coMplilte and permanent
mama ; ' • •
Dr. SWAYNES CetitreileirCompounil S y r.
upof Wild cherry,:
Read the tamdreiriarkabin.eqe .7 of Consumptit
arerplaced upon record— 1
• Dri Swayne—Dear Sin .I feel it r a debt of gratitude
due to you—and a duty to the 'afflicted generally-,tn.
otter my bumble testimony In rarer lot you{ Cute',
pound Syrup 01 Wild Cherry. ;Some three year
Mace, I won riOlently attacked with Mild and inle,
mation of the !tap, which Was accompanied with
a eel* diatraming cough, pain in the breast mid heed
-a very considerable thscharge 'Of offensive moron
from the lungs, mpecially upon Oranges or weithek
boweier slight. At fleet I felt nn alarmabout my
ehadition,butwaa pretty .00do convinced that !wee
it ' refig i r w as " aca ." Xly om atile g o77ea d itgr e2 t tt
Ispeak abort t whisper, such shia the exceeding
lweakiets arty lungs, hiring this limo t hid uied
IT3rioa• preparations and preacnp i ons, bit Mind to
roller—growing ell the time avers . Just bees I era.
ledrited and persuaded bye dear lend in WI ming
ton to make atrial of your Syrupt of Wild' Cherry,
I most confect that prerimuity I tad been prom*
ed agwast patent needle:net; atd:d am. ttill
. agalust
those, comes out of the, handi of empines, but
underitanding your claims to tlie• professio I aid
practice of medicine, and haring' implicate filth in
the saying ol my friends, 1 forthwith purchased of
Dr Shaw, .one of your agents, few bottles and
'eorturrancerl its use. My denote at this ti ' was
of twenty or twenty fire montheatandin6 eose•
nattily was deeply tented. I fooled; beware coo
ifitlerible relief from the twat IMO or tire b t es..,
But being a public speaker I frequently , at p ied
to preach with my increasing strength and rt by
1 / 1,
ruptured those remelt toot nod already in
heal, in dm way, donbtleee, my ear - won g e arly
retarded. In consequence of acting UM s pre
ciently I I had to use It or lb bottles befit wet
pertecUy rmtored. I have ao goelthai, . uch
smaller number of bottle. would' boon •. • •
~ . ..
WOUIII b'Wllll/
und, , but for the above indiacreilon. Th
allayed the leferish habit, did 'wetly the dis
cough, put a stop to the discharge of mini
the lungs nadirs. teens tied the eatins spite
health.' bate deterred efferlig Wu, terti,fist
new. for Use purpose of tieing. Fir*, fl y
with the permanency of the care; adtnovj
feel perfectly well, I offer It with pleasure...
Dublin county, N. E.
c'euricirm cAirrzwn . •
Avoid ell spurious preparations Of Wild. eh rry
such asißalsanns, Bitter. syrup. dl,' harrfl,
Pills purporting to conuilit - Wild Cherry, dz.., Ik,,
a. they ere ailtietilious and Cointeaceicarind c ontain
none tlt i te virtues of theoriginal Sod gourd litipre,
paratio prepared Ity_Dr.4Stsapae, and. it a lint
ever premised ie this sonar. Y.• &loath' , ~ aynet
f.:oLopoui a Syrup of WILD CHERRY is composed
of vegetable ter/radiants, the Wild P,tierry, and oth:
er medical substances eqaily asi efficacious, it aor
more an: the whole are .oellectutrlly coimentrated
as to mi:der it beyonif all doubt" the most pie:want;
areegthening, rod effectual remedy ever discolor.:
ed lur the cure of Pulmiinary cotisuomtion; end ail
dime.. of the Long. and Breast. The vale lam;
fiom ate having such a train , of apufmus imitators,.
stand. to prove its.great curative properties
TheMiure, invalid., inquire for the
ration, each bottle of rhich is enveloped lo n au.
ail wrapper, with a hkeneas of William Feyen
glared th ereon; also bearing the aignaturei of r II;
Swaynei the tounteifelung of which b pun.
jolted as , forgery.
riepared only by Dr H. Swaseg,N W carper
of Elarlin and Recs. Street., Philadelphia.'
For sale in Pauburgh wholesale and retail by
WM. THORN, 53 hlortat street.
OGDEN & SNO W DEN, comer & Wood sta.
FiAHNES'ILICK & Co., voider .taf let and
Woodand Gth and Wood st • -
SAONES, IEO Liberty street reet., .
JOHN MITCHELL, Allegheny city.
And by all respectable Druggists and dealer. in
Medicine, throughout the United Staten red Cana.
'LIELLEItto VeRMIFUGE., ..1 eontider be
Uall mbers.n
. /Wpm/Me, AllegAriey P t
• I 1 - • ' October - end . ,164). s
Mr. R. 1 Sellers :—My ton ft mOroha 014. Wag very
reoeleriatchthcand having much roma truma,l.con•
e laded he hadworma, and harlot, heart a sreot:Ocal
about your Vermitre- • -
-.out your cmffni...anTrihariag;rTnii;i
dots. which expelled 52 very lante "rotas. j consider
. - P.SnranG
' 4l 7eParmi bvit;Egig AVuod az:
Eala by Dr, j bin ward; aalyD. $l.
&VIM , Ng!
:'':r.l'‘: — ' . '''-7. -, •: , , , 5i— . .-,•. : . , .'4.• . i . ,—:,,.
u•i,:flhatlitAfPa i
MEDICATTO tozzacos,,:ar!o POCd: ggmleng
D IL aliraroAM • 4 .7 ureelte '
r'hust t.edug
I mere. .tiee tee* fl an d eke htet' Leeee
ha• mot we 1 . /erth nom ea Alt beck ut each thewer,..d
• etwauires coucKLozziaLs..
Those Losengee tho aka, esart mute* ago** MOS
edy for emegba, add% cussemptame, mhzakeeo.,
out, 411omo of the tourer autuotte Mooteeproom,...
ton barer Mama ,r =mom *Kra tlay.eod aY gm. pen* •
_.**,,ook, hen al Masud bet* heS.oba.* toottau.
the tau geereestariug to health ?nisi almoot mcry atop
of eostuefearae,and mom label*
ch aster the teat 1441..1
colds ...dames. Tin& sot estmud drt or
tie cuse,
butreeekr homey,
t h e .xpeeme, allay 91.
instat mut remove h proxies* or taming mu.
Th., us made f rom a
combommut of • sattyalmok mgc
loraom meet onediehms end am ,sueolcoodwdly et/peele r te
ram, le aer Or the. eeekNelata. littedgeds upwaoh.
eZ oleeKidoces hare beta Mired of their soimerful rm.
tam, froutibeed she dm bellowed from to totomm, moo,
mul ame* toper* hab -- --
it by moos thou.
Where Menem:och gam in dm bread* gde, me *Sher
sue% Nor liattN Planer. (poke W I
12) ce.. l ) "
leer the part, end eau related. If mane*
1.11 teatime., • kw cathartic or tuadre tonna',
calharde *dim*, Mueld be - med as mamma renaina
Them mons lauturalons beed primed in mom Man 1,40 8 -
000 owes to be ieitthek; the eel) Amble Mom dwell - tat
metteeneteeerthweeeeci. Maagdisommituisce d ornn
sod eneuhee bag tad inteeteenizip,, sad even deuh, 'nth
ma their moor beat utspee; grown
no. • Meted
° lna tbenton date dctoral for varteus complaints
elithend any bendy- slim oat amt a< war Lozenge, *odd
Rjouptosomef Weram—taits in thejoic tier !Layoff.,
Sha bnath, whir( tithe ow" heintfieg of the with
gee?, and lathe.* apalesieteekeetthe hiteolith tg
dashed eheehe,
bleeding* the nose, agoemag eeentiee 134 etteeeeh, bob
leo *had over the miss oft* bate. slight Mille or eltiv •
stings, bsulache, drowsing., mooch torpor,
draw, soda. *mar Malmo, with fright aid sermadag
, souvrtintre • M amt
i:mem cough, arcsit4lls.4. thire4 paha
hue, I/le, tad la* it Om mateb, difficall bmuddag.
the atmeach or bowei, istqp,4 nausea, opine m et yore;
clootuappstiy, ituescooi negua t to /hate, .emote.
thoottesjettne le ear... germ of the' body, a max of mune
Oats nung tho auettl, Ma% et the toe towarde ightot
frequent *airs to poomontalhig Lb= the
li bomb, Ludo owe
mo di...Marge of dime and tottuto.
0111.R.Mit/V3 CAMPHOR ; Lorwton.
iourielliate in *mom snick LeadacLe.•
gal 'ta They
boo of Mb hart s imam of the spirits, deepoodency
at patio( sm . thewel, lewd aa mum* cos • •
phdut, feint:mg, oppreetiou or s mum of eintlog of the due
dm*, opeono, slump of the *moth or ba blearing
efferttoro, eml %mom dimes,' ugh the
aa .ake.aa. ihmsh.theallth#-`44,...4,41
era teerhus, diarrhom; lodhode orso raw *Wires Pm •
emu textile/ or &Undies largo Um..Laersi
go:stagy rolsingid imptratic booing of youth; amot
Idler dies/puma, •wtdooderis tia'ime of the epic. gal
atm the suptcentat loymphems ammo. was
wbmdonedw 6.4.1 1 . ..ram0s 1 0 * *, 6 bar 4 beco ua tue th. ht . lare z. re, eng .a,
toiralle_oonspoure of Ma term -•
• • =F..=a„pOdi POOR MAWS /MASTER.
• The bet*
t o
plodder In sorldg ands monies
nueedy . puns, or wpf... a the pack, /am, tide, met a .
dwanudi Otte aullias •
par lull netea•ply the deered. - I`6, ty rev:Ml • Mlle nem
tog befotreappLoatem. Warn** superior to *lathers.*
for ms quarter the usual prim,meknag eot eoly the Met, but
eheeput plater to the merid. atßudo talk! in •gm -
*mu t end takes mbidabing mem ,
tie h reftee7o thr 4 ltnte d ar alnt. aswld b..gratr"' ory
ex 4
ClItE le coagita, *olds, Yfloset, dinl t t•
0ff7 . 1.0 t u tha cheat totootach, be
bmm .t.
sedentuy habits, or Zee ; j e ' W to Mitut "L oach 'MR main
*tided appal from as of Me. truly gaper..., ra.
ter. Phyeastaso gettereby occommetet Mem. pre& mew
allotheeeme they stick cream betteetat QC:online 4 .
er feint7t thetr operation theft* .Bank*, same, and
anodfrot. They anocosse of entirely diMentot
cam from may other, and wit from the expericum - Ora
licam the who hem mud oum 7ml/ a.out* *Mom f
themle hrated and th dalongumbed Own mod to
be the tun maid awl highly medicated Ao.•
gore Ore w
- Rem* te:nues hare *dial heard** to mit •
ne earpeaand
'`ac the ahead e
tireenheo mp
peter* ken n erected. s
Direcnoe.>or um ant on the buck ef each Sager, .its •
dm *ego et Dr. Sherman *mu.' ltr !wafture, child
alveye aok br gbermaa's tom Man.l nster, and am that .
t a hr w ars i. oterga . rtt .
Vol al hologabo and read by W. fiCILSOff at hi, Palm
Warcheam, lies 11l Liberty street, of w ; am nom
. HAVE In)vius
Cistehussti, Earth Std;
Dear air,—Thu is to eatify eddie s NtrtietArly"
(kW . sOnotad nth • Ewan of the Lamar Coneweption
that w ide spinor no t peas netts •
wll . 4llid became stated Rao map Itags,ahowing all the
symptom of en approaching Cowideptitei My cough was -
tight awl trookleaseas, attataled With licpbawnight mats{ •
rpittsp daily • ecesiatervide ipantlty or Wed, seised with .
Ala dark salter. Ply titddidit beesisakerions and Gana-
DWing this time I was Wanted by two of oar most
Aar.' rbria, they did tk. Nat they coultlfer we, wall
ailength they pen op ail hopes of my rosoreryo nbradag
tie that nothing Wore nosh! be done—that toy laws wsre
catty diseased, and latioad remedy. I ern thea pt nuked by
'Afriezd of mine to make • trial of Dr., "Names Emcee.
rent /beards, winch soy Phyacians pereisted eganat, clung
lbw 63. teedwins ward do ea good, end would .all
snore to my Aerating, I told thew it was wykut and way
hope, sad that if I watt dl. of the deans% twist& was lair
dot to ate s ) there . isimild be notkim kat. So I wet to the
and olatieed 5 Irattbee'of this truly Vales
Isle Medicine, aad comassated tisk / wisionling to . the dire.—
tiaas, whirl, hawed of adding toeiseferieg, insmedidaly
me on - relief, at anew arresting shit Gmbh:wens Can
wain the prim and tightaew in toy Chest, gislog ose • new
I. and Gratin, which won culled we to *Gaut spit
Th 4 "Gt . te ass titated its vasAwork; . .whirdsy as nobly
inneWitioed s instil I was made awed Maw llamas. beta
at:undies le ;ay bwitsese, (upwards of 3 years) and feel as, •
'healthy.. I wish. I bass rowaratende• Dr. Danes'. Es- •
peetarant Remedy in many iratasces ta thaw similarly Ellett&
sad it Iwo always proved weeesafel no fir as now witriewal
GB effect; My eider is wing thu wait:aat pretend, for •
I Mewled Liar sad ea vectias 7f tllepuyra,whieh Am •
had Grered with Or anne time; she hja oasis reeonred
by the vse of this sad I aos ew:Adrat Ma 6 bottles
that / take with ate to dip will eatirelyeari her. I adi study
e know that there we thousands of ralaidde paeans westiag
way with this dtendful destroyer—CONSUBIPTION.—
Were it orducetible for them b procarr this arses in
Unse, labre it be too late, clan, D.umitktbepmonmyed and
their tome!., and nlittiitcs is wadi:red happy. WS
mealtime will glee instant relief. and at the maw time arras
llat hard and painful reason theUinta:aain theChei
/ire usength to the enfisebled atal araciated Dawe s cal in •
mast tame, I tun certain, will retiorps • gasket maw ,
Montrose", Hiottalloo Cow', Ohm.
N. D.—Thoee who rosy oot be acquainted with me I refer
tit the oadersined, cal.! of atootiostery, Resoiltsto mat
ty,"o., they lam any time, sebetatitieto thou.:me statements,
• •• Itiosatert 131.11.111 LL,
Gun' J.' Sawn •-
street, where this rafitabh Medicine smitten. be oltaisell:
' Sold to Pitishargh, by WM. iittiNtßSN, corner of
Wood and Liberty . •prl4-(13n11
. .
. -
sdIPORTA/OT TO TIIID-I.4ll3lRl3—Comems
A. }lair Cream, a matchless articlel - frir the Growth,
Beauty and Restoration of the Hair. :Tres Cr.., when
Once hnown, will supersede all other Ovules of the used. Where the hair indead, hareh.thin, un
healthy or turning grey, Ai few applieations win make
the' hale soft and dark, end. give lt, tr. beatnik! lively.
!appearance; and will also mate it retain tts liveliness
•and healthy color twice Amiens as all the preparations
which are generally amide Every lady and gentleman
who are in the habit of Doing Mrs on their hair, Maui&
at care Purchase a bontspof the Minim Hair Cream, as
is le so enamored that it, not injure Me hair like tha
.other preparations, but will besatifyit,'lnad give perfect
eansfaction in every instance- , r ' • • '
Far leatillnotly its very superior et:elides, are thn .
folleuring letter from Rev. Mr. Caldieell, to !Rearms.
ileaderskott & Sireteh, Nashville, General Amur to.,
the Western Slates: ' I ,
txtter from the Rev. It. Caldwell; pastor of the Pro.
bytenan Church. Pulaski. ! !
- .3tessrs.llendershott & Stretch—Gentlemen: I a •
pleasure in adding my femicrony In fiver of the: c
rent preparation called Dt. Parrish's! Chinese
Cream—tor about two year, ago my hair was veryd
Mall', and disposed to Mae owl, not having pause,
bottle of the Cream ! , and used It 'according no the pre.
=notion, my' b a l sa m II0•1,01Velalilig Alln to en •
head. Many and 'oils were applied each len.
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