The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 01, 1847, Image 4

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' • I . £ITOWS arrature.L. azusror,
• ' • ?u', , r1.= .„ , be, the IN
Affections, Coat:al:tic= of the Muscle' Sore
rfroat sad Quinay,lssees,ol4 Uleen,Pains'in the
Back eel Crest, Ague ih the B=l Face,
ToothAehe,lSpralse, iiremehhs4ll
- (.'romp, Prated Peet. and all emu Oiscues'
• .tuded the 'eche:aloe of this most WONDERFUL
MEDietivElei curing the mostie Ter* moos
diSerent fracases above ed ludthe.l4l(il4l
ENCOMIUMS that base : tn ben bur:reed upon it,
where has Irwin ramie:eel, gives me the right
4 to ear on the AFFLIC PED to resort at once to
' Ernie faulty elite is recommending the eel..
, clad External • Hient'alablearint.
The following letter from the highly eminart
Physicians who hue beesrattached to the Mount
Pleasant State Pelson for many yeamos the beat
evidence of the value alibis celebrated Liniment
, Sipe Soo, Decernbei X,133{6.
My Dear Sir—l received you note.of-jute:day,
ardihig my (moron in relation to Hunts Litiliout,
asprepare! by Mr George E. Stanbin. Knowin ll . g
',composition, sod having. Inquently- used It' 1
eahrecommend It to you u a safe External Reme
,d.f,had in my opmron, the lest. Liniment now in
use, Very , truly and respectful Joel
Col Pune Yen Corthimit, iliroton Manor.
• I folly concur in the abotrroonuon.
Yoasyows, Jan. 14, 1845.
Sli—lo reply to your letter, 1 would say that I
bays used your Catena! Remedy, called Hunt'.
Liniment, in my practice since you made me ac
etaintedwitbits comciton,and:nhclitatngly
ay belteve Items
dy now in use for thecoeudamta for which you re
commend it. Yours reeputhrlit,
07Among the man of worthless articles and
humane that are poured forth at the present day
open toe amotry, it ia realty refreshing to find
something ol red practical utility, sotaclidu.a
file, Speedy and effected is its operatio ai
able same time free bote those injurious effects
sy,„hith generally attend powerful remedies. Heat's
- • Liniment, prepared by Geo. Stanton of Sing
- Slag, 'hoop it has been bate shut hoe before
the pablic, has already obtained tbeconfidence,not
only of our, most wealthy and inllsential cozen.,
bet ,oar moat etelsent physicians'. All orkeowl.
edge it lobe a sewerage balm for many of the ills
-that Dash *heir to, soothing the aching limb, and
by rtstecatuesthaulalleig ialleence,banubing dre
Mr...Skidoo—Su—auks you ' r advertisement
of HenVe Lisimeet, I woo {educed to try its elects
on my sue, who _had been crippled with a. lame
Anaheim an infest; -Rod kis meth.gratitude I bee
teslibiony to its wonderild healing properties. My
child, who la stew in yews el age, is now in a fur
Pelt Olllea, Tearer/la; Pate= Co.
1 certil} tIA I as personally- acquainted with
Am shore sued eteld. and think the father would
be ate in saying that his sou is almost well.
• NoYS, 1845. Deputy post Master.
P. S. I would aloe date th at I halve been for a
• ember ofyeirs subject, to Ireirvent atucka of the
,Rheonsation, which In deny instures preuntai
an *tie to my buinees- • Two or three spoil.
1' to
La invariably allow of Liniment ably remove all al
' feetkins ol , tbe hied. In cases of braises, sprains
mad sores; toe earner:nee to mention, pit has In the
vicinity plated a certain remedy. Its value can
eltlatated by thou who have given it it fair
',,,...Tbis,Ltaimont in sold it 86 nod 80 tents per bot.,
?Oa,by all , the Principal DA:gents and Membstan
dutimtbottl the entinuy. . •
• Whokezk . .dgents in - Neto . York.
. .
.., ; •. - fIOADLEY, PHELPS & C0;142 ,Water
.. RUSHTON 11r. - CO, 110:ornodway. •
&H LO SANDS. center Fulton and Wass.
ASPINWALL, 86 William street.
Orders eddressed to me at Sing Sing, N Y,lrto
be attended to., - GEORGE E STANTON,
.• For 'alibi Pittatiargli by WILCOX, Jr, and .1
inratinirbsindoH.N SMITH: • -. • • - fet.l9
• - • AILOM.NOT• pATiarrs.
rverei ItOBIWILN7 Mechanical Eneneer and
!'...1 Agent aW poseanng Marna will prawn-the .
- • - Casson Dramatis and Papers for Aeolian.* for tal
ents, and transact all other busmen, m the limo of bts
• sookarlon at, tha Palma Offlie. Ile la w s minted
on all queulting relating o the Palest nod
noon in the United
• distance delannta of haying .crualeadens made at the
rum OSee, prior to . fool
bra pwem,
WA atwd.(post pa.n. a =ecte a. fee of Eredollars,
a clear oedema:at of their case, when itanteanne
• • - tata will be &en to it, and all the inawmarlealhat
- • weld be obtained bra aloe of the Ivo beast In puma]
P ,.. "" ffilf...bastness ."ftL atoss pool Paid. sad tonitiin
a amiable fee:where *women apnea n reoptered. •
Office on F. sueet,oppealte the
y Pent Office.
• -He has dm tamer of referneg, b oennission, to
„ • • . Moo. Edmond Barka, OftemiSsieVer Pasentc
, II L Ellsworth, law do, • no don
••• , • Knowles, Macbinwi, - Parent °Kee; •
• . • • Jodge Crunch, WashinavortiD G •
- 110n..fl Cboam, lobo hefts, U 8 Senate .[
•;• W Alkn . Ohio. dal
•::;•-•. &mils, bLevadiasessa --
. L. •.. Hon: Wilha Hall. New Tort; •
Hon Ilebert Smith. AI C., aim*
lion. 8 Breda, U S Senat -. .
Rel4a.M C,Maaoari; •
iwatestand bestviriety twernifered indite eity
hebne—waado an oho most appnstred Famtesnplan—
, and mom fashionable Easieto patterns and eiss. Also
. 11Threltr.sratelou — orlIO5ION 171.11VD, - on land
'armada to order•of all size., and at all prWes. . •
'Quasars Merchants and when are united to ran and
examine the above for themselves, as all will be sold
whokaala retail, and • liberal deduction made to
aIOPS—For mile • few holes Weeiers Now Vortt
. •II growth of 1546—frootd to 10 coats.
Alq Escorn and Western N Y, early picked, dm
• Ohio do. Belmont town. • .
.The general Enote2 clop of the Kalon I. tow beaw
received. Bremen sad others saint Ikvo, oral fied a
smell their advantage to torah their supply (mai the
odergood, ow they itoeed marl) &madman the temopo
at New Yoft pram . GEO. %V. Mall Co.,
• • Idt:RO'iforiegThrri,gles Mors k Third, South Ade s,
•. • ' • PRI I LI/Ilse
Aliratelt Glaltiovand ininetialaJswelry of kg doserip
. loans, qealitlee andW ley comp: hen al/ the smirks
.connected with theiOa
Meta,' thews & Sarah RntaitlAGennon SS ver and
Myer plated awes Sheffield and Itirmiisghara phged
faney,anielee, Rodger@ & Soma and Wognabotin'a mt.
. lest mon, se Iwo rs, erasers, desk Knives, to ivory
handled table cutlery of. the firma, meStent and cow.
-Men nathdea A huge usortmeniof gold pees, peri
•fiteal epeetaclgs, papier macho and /spanned gaga,
verger shapes sad qualgies, at iredseed rates, gold
watch eases and silver ware of all desvrlptioin man.
afseutred to order. -
DICKSON k CO. having reecotlr won ed ittto the
1 6 7=1 cotorzllo . orrare tto ßons LVortaer wto Ly occ d apted
.Arlithont_k. f'enntaguat, bes . leave w Inform islat b ei
Doalerkero arld.Weatera Merchant., and others
• that they Amp haring at all umes 041101115100/ 01
4 • • "Roods of their own L am oo which they are deter
. blood antra We Im nuea
- • ' InrEvery attention be pad to We packing of
Woods SA SA the ezetudon of ordera, owalitlea land
anew Will se-(ally gaantraled &mut all coropetstwa
~ m4,1613,5ffa-Third &nit,
- ..• •
/A 1 de hair„ and stut=ezezr
Ca , DIM Crpor., Borden, Col ts,
wi ke.
• Caps, la-
Andrea) , demeriptice of Fancy Goods,wash he willl.ll at dm town =Met prices. -- • .
1807-Feation dred,ckaned,alted,antshaded.
• TEM Hammer peas:saes many advantages ever all
eithensisseann whin may be mentioned -
In blanspeableness—The raplditiry and Grime( blew
my be eentiellest with the must eau, wbile the
hawser Is ja openness; and the hammer seer be in.
saecalitle=red :upended
, a . l s ny .hel gti
xnte w L.
t .
klaslsi gilt thetit Y ies e l iiiM e allest. eider the' sue
' Pa Smitneity Computeese sad Cheapness. :
:A:pia usa all sides, by th e workmen.
WM. est we made aelFinetlnp. .
be 4 1.46.1
The . matinee to enema mitts ler th em
of all epee nnunsabla tams.
'lbt /lather pum a inamin of . . • i. -
RICk.TOWNE, - ••...
. . . .
. . . , ....
• ~ .• Assignees of Ike Punt Conk United Owes, •
ULM ' •• . ISOsillwasig Sudsy, Plitladhss
. I, * •.• litilit7ii7NUAßOoN, • -
Aymixas,,- UCIUIIi 'Bonen,
1/41. SOS SAWA Iftess Strut
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Ato . of 4. - yuson'stabiiet Tron.i .
firs' oh"
A LL oaten let with & S. Rom, at tbe oSet odipe
Siestbilel Seßit filita i r "MI boaarta4o7
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Nod lid for ray • Motor. asocoutst
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.• . 9049rwihrill tie limicat poollitaracy $66
srei bait 19iimootarled•S 's9tearial.
*etagrairifinimliecricin . in Me Workl.
.The entree h pot up on quart bottles: S to wa tobeet chap
er, plowman - , nod mammon oupwrior bas told. W enrol
• damn mannt voositng t panto', noses or a !
bilitenear theim ' •
GREAT RPM AM . 811111111111EDICIIIR .
The inst. bonny nod ...perinea). of thlatnerniarnia ono
all other Making is, whilatit lirartienta Mere it
one lb Body. It is one of the 'tory bat SPRIff 0 ANN
BUMMER MEDICINES ever Imo. it not only
lb whole mom einnalheal the ?thaw hot Creeyd
Nen, Aloe nod Bich Meat apewer palmedby nek other
And in thin lin the grand sonnet its owanafid
wawa, It ham ninon %tonna* too pan, t 0.,.
the 25,000 rem of Senn Cone of Wooer inet ;MO
of nom wen owindeml bonnahle., you than
3,000 ern of Chratie_
oR '
and Want or Energr;
17,00:1 eases of oliffernot Van& Gatophoints;
VW ems of seniala;
lAA ewes of the t.irn Gowiplaiot;
n,boto ern of Dionne of a:Wary. 04 Dram
300 nore of Connotaptiow
And Thorn& of ewes of Dben of the Mood, iie:l7lem,
Dripoes, Saltßheuw, Alec te.,a . /e, To
inner with monenneeitee of Birk Hotadadte, Yam on tho
eon rad Chet, Spin Affection, te n Ste. n
• no on onore,nonst appear intentible, bat on ban
letters Irma ph prows endow spats from ali puis at the
Salted on, infornior on of ennonof area. B. Von
thuhirk, Hot.. ono( ch. mann:verbal. in !for ,
ark. Pt.-", Worm on that been ran to owe non Lou
cut theasewl s of ewes ill
&In of New :York, nil* we will reSer to with plenum,
and to nen of eharaent. It ie thio best onedief tho
treenail. of Cease hints: It ea.:Maly a Ow lb.
et sore ibex • ,
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As it remold the came of dhow, and jeered 'than&
the Balmer nescen • • '
Um. O. W. Ai ye Lux, Olt Mt UNITED STEM Nava,
aad ember oil the Noir Java, Lfaislatare, has kindly seat
We is ern wary. •
, ••• Samar, Jas. 9..1,1547.
• year skssat salt taken with ths Lla as ma nodal trhoi.
gam kit to 'debilitated M.M. I was thawed to try Dr.•
oarsarra's ftrtapsrdhyad shas Win two or time , bot..
ties,; winery. sash Ma,* wit Want. it =LIM, MW
aaid liampsruia. .1 hats osstroonli &akin it, ski, dad that
I harass .red day. 1 Wis. it awed any sad woad
oar to without it taster asy smalistitoo.
43. W. Manny hda IJ.II.
lhta sortideatitasthastraly 'pond ikst thU llorstparills
has mind ossuot ow Ur rood obdiasta disarm of Us;
blood. „Mast roma mod h. cod h.. I. saprosedluart.
• Tow Clau.stax. • •
Dr. Towstamo —Der Sir: I tha pianist, to 'atom
you that Wes of sty eltildres 'haw. ben eared a' the Sao-
Mel* Osi kir al parr' 620111011 istdirios. Tl.y were
satiart sal adnitsly4tils had sari.; Wu add tam. bar
honks ; It took .thtss stud, I thal apaltiositr
dupoldigatkk. • Tissoiliaftliy,
03 W
Ismia/V. Cian,lomen. it.
York. tiladtb 4 -
Dr. Tomments Sanipbriln la • sonterm. MI speedy
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Nothing ea be mon mrpribior than its iarisoni../
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he bum, rem., altmiskoms
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main in Mom.. certauseto Mir wee
bream of the karaa from, ninth. War me cause of hini
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•It will sot bo =pet. at an nose of so Odin. •mu
tan, toandba manias. of ewes perianned, but .ma
mama I. aided, Mat haw.. of ern hare Men eapmtN
tom. serval nate N. Limilisiban bee. nit.. Mili
aria, afier min •km . bottles of MU ...le mdirmy
have bom Wan rub beatliy offrpries, •
Dr.TirtIMOUI: was bang peaty di by
weaklier aud paten&lmlay, lied ag continually
by pain • mom.= of law al lbe
omb, a. with otbeedillicaties, rad hamar boars ma
where your madeaa has effected gnat cares aria. lin.
no it secommirsani kir Mai mesas I Inn leratud,l
edirbottie of pun Fa.= of Sanaparthis t and tamed
thr dincilins pia gm ma • shortpecridt itemaared
by comparais said num d b ooheath: Barg grataal
W. boe3i. she reerind, I We pitman is dna ackararirdr
rK ibbad nicommeming it tba
A publi, of • M. D. Mono,
Allmay,►irg.l 7. IBM. • Cor. C.. and Lydian [b.
OThezu. &IC at /Ms
Dr Dammed: WO view US any eamers—This is
es certify fiat mlf hire end am batik of pee Ilexplarin•
vreaseas to by esallecape, pier Ile sot throng poi
arias. eareptosees, hems freebie: with the . tery
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' This Extrrl al Atergeerth ha. bees exprerly pegend
its Worms to feral orrythiar. Do theare rho ho. re.
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norm of tifAn dria/4 arthat to rho it, a. it ts • arra
pomades thr *ay of Ur seams rad Morro dreamt oe
which forroirma selier at tha raw of tip. "This prior
may be /rigor Armond pees by rag thismolitim No
is glor salerths to these rho are gqinelobigt roorahoor,
it Is Warred to their wars by iprolunceg Mt blood
. s ad isvgarating Ur gram Weak, this eerier. he tar&
arry the all olAite &Dome Aram to which 'roma re
It bee. the 1r041.4 Mitlll a rnrs plllalatal the -gath
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a eau. oc toro of Dr 'Dogwood's It mil
ohnoso year , Wood, razor. the 4..
Notch* 'sod
gin yoncaiheclica. "tali* r,• - spirits, sad irsatifil
ri rodectioo—all of which are lo aamirj
• Nolaldar redid. re ['Sr
tfieeeremed rid& so
weedy reserblerthe pre joke or wilism in dermpory
streeitherdoi ors. of r this pier,
2 1=1. .sixxcre: /141.30.
Transmit: 30-1 Ler beta fAOiO far worm
yaws with dysperia ia its wont foam, adored with tor
mew. of stomach, lon of appetite, grams loardearn, aad ti
realaversiirgo kind.of 601,aud 6r were Ord 1 -
meld vet,) 1 hire bon rabic to retain but a main portico
ow my sterels. • 1 hied the real remedies,. but they kad
hat Irk er ret effect In vermin dirompbtor :1 was in
go:adorer two redo once. to try our brag of 1400
reale, and I rot my with Gale eooddme.. but dr ern
=say two hotter I found say appere erred, bad the
heartburn entirely verged; and I wort eareestly meow.
red the use of it to roe who here Ira ridded as 1 hare
bro. te., W. W. Yu Zeno,
Staten Iskeed.
and the folloariag, d
dealt it yogi that mammary.
Gm moot be eared. Thai/ion/yamof the several heradmd
mat that TommemPsSumparak cooed:
- .Ler Thesesd—lbeer Erle. I ono /atm, . liuk me a
par wo, with& serene conk and par la my We. It M.
mama Ms OS eery but, Mika!, I arm peoemmeed by Or
to lain the rpielt CaMillpligar• raised tarp mom
led imam had Mglitaircabe, mai Makin very feam
my &atm mid he eoold doodling Er aim von low We
haptal he hop ot Wag beaduell,
_au proemereed Mere
tee aremiable. 1 eno soar greatly Oimmeed et Me hap met
to hardly bright ; I moo beam. emaciated, sad eapemed
to die;, embed my bed, ma'am riblieral to hem .
• : retthen7ladeal 1 email pee yoo, soy deeriptioe . Mit
=add de joMire le my ewe, I woe mapped by my fries&
•to be peg money IMA tried a peat somber of remedies,
`astral mead to be le ao perm • 1 nad of oar mom
traoedisauy ear. performed by par medicine, mad to kit
you am Imarb, I stapeted then we sop tomatmg fathom.
Met Ira. Mohamed bag I dal to, and ma eery thaortral
I dbl..' moot may list I. on =linty
well, MO b. so Ear
recovered mto be aert try trosiemi, sad hopto be ealke
ly well la a the. welts. My eolith adpm uthe Ade,
arid bight sereide hate kb me, morralae be may mod
tip pining mymead gratertli. I MM. dray to give
Maleareat of my imee, 110 poblisb Y 7 . pare.,
prima Bacon, 47 Lode p, Becoldp,
Opinions et Phialelikas.
Dr Teernsbead is shoat daily !sewing atm Goo phyl
Mallifio diferast pubs of ibe Unka.
• This 4 lo certify that wc,, W absicreigaed, Plysiciea al
he Darya Albssi, km la minnow me prescribed D.
Tosrasal's Banapstilh,Ded Wind to be oar of the mot
rain* pews/Das of du Sialapiarah the mutat
!bum, D,
B. *
.J Mum, br 0,
Blum/ • D,
•Ru 7 . Aril 1 i 184
• Thk ts aka" that areoh• ..d..ip.d, practicing
Thammok• Physics= of km My of klbsay have o . .letrt
If peasecibed DrTae.i.odb Cowed Extract of gam.
peril4..d from its blown spanks, moval ncommend it te
she pahlic kr martarial, scrokimaapml .there swam. di. '
MO,r pecanmes to any Mr theanvented momdim i•
_ _
sins., April 4;1E44. - WA Srawraii, •i. •
fride c ; , Io&s, ,, LYS Dolt A i Sas
. 111sibliat e , Y;
• 1
Now gedisiOndo pat ap sto bap seganwlarldes,
artais a quest and sped with de niitea wads. •
of le P TOWXACAD, dd bum . doss m the Old.
Yeas Hs Nes York Daily Yams, of April 9,1,47.
A patty appeared lads stied. yesterday. • J I was
Used ' or ansaparilla Ears. of Dr Towassid.
whok is tot op ea rod taste soma of Ow arsi
saa boded. paatiaparabeiattfulisibiel,loadber
id poll work, ia_gold, gide.* is Id da, sada
rarely eddisd ha Headway. Welds this
toy In belied Ids .Sart of as Butiparlll= i tha *
rery gnat papahrity it los arquind. • ,
_ . Debility;
- • • - NeerYoat, Moth Y 7,1617
• Dr. Tognateadz-1 biro bees diktat moon or Mee for 3
ms, milk a dreadle/ flaking is do obese, Odium la the
1.11, kW. td epsomite, pia tboliotha, mad gourd debility,
brouytit loosodOolit by du roatioval beatlearold to wit&
:LI sobjeet to la ay al a dyer. !ban take. akar
ime, too asteeroae to biotic", bat writhlittle crooner;
na y lased by abet I taw ia dapper to Ina toot*
of year atoborailloi Dom which I bad put relief I bass
sloes taut arereal woo Wan, as I as oahadtatioyly
it is the but tesollotael har• nor Wrsa—tba pan /a _my
chest it pee, mil I Dolga/le a didereat was altogether Aare
I bare Wien yoaratraperilib I ban per • better
thaa sear I bad.' My wife bat lob= it with door=
mndis.7 $ moold - roomesead. It 1.• • fimily maid.
=load I Da coorlseed that Um widths. would aot
des skkatee atria bloat melody aid so sissy
DOetor's lag Dr whir It:atom , it elm giree to
iW stomide sod bowels Mar .tegolis Damps deo blood
ta isailltyatelsoo that Aber Is not to likoly to attack the
meow, 64 - tiol/ thisewbo ars stfa oWtby etats,lny
try Dr TonseotPs BaapeilL. -
_ Taitasseirria, A Arlo at. •
• • • °askewls Ike IlasttL •
• liakrwM obi:meal of +odor child met Dr Tomos:sib
Ms mod do lives at thanutla Mildrom.:.-
Tbs B" rk h roing oddest., is soimesl Ikea o pat. member
Noir Year,! 11,11117:
Dr Toommilf . -Dsorriboi"Of my Aileron 'oe With
sick wick dr Cow es Os foe& sod dome, encoded With
gmai adilAy. l 4oMor war 1
sons of per
neediest I,.Mes,,sedl mrol dine* isr vikb I oft
mare ma 1 loe] rozy=ll ' Tears nemmtfolly,
Tor Mb, II Id Eon Wood
lotooe. 31 sol 411.1 IN " M g . 'eppsisisol by Dr
TOWNSEND, sok Acrid for Alkelmoy JebAbblyT
TLYIdIVf 10.1EPILICA1111—Tbe wrests of
al his elieseises mod cheap medicine for the eme ni I
Coloomylion Lod other dioames'esniset be lee Inn
Vey 111U11' Hem bide been siMml by ib—[N.
• For safe la Pitaboncbm dos PEON TEA Brom
Forrtiriblemcnearlffomb obro Me nnj eon
re 11 r ighonmaNrrimu o..mtethervqtri.
D 1144-41.11 yrs , - Iduie4 ver
1 - rentlismairiltdomrell auks Moe awn *Mae
Waisted PM; 'icy us won bewnsail
• ( ..ilt ibme-yoothey.,..oktibeak Pb, Vir
v CAnte
rr. or varat.4 , tuft . TED—
MI Tidijireptrage• ilauli • ". sal dr? .
Atiairluenkr *I. *Usk Peolls7o•4
.1 " .1 i, e . 0 , 1 ,0t,RA At
. -~:
0141 1:13 . 131R 7 T41 -
ua spansinazio vaaLaßaiTitio
vOR relieving the pains sad Angela incident to
. Prepasey aid Child Birth, which insures the
pas,' and , enproiracted princess of the function* of
woman which Name, when uainhuenced by the
lupines' of civilized life, intended should be perfor
med egreditiously, with little pain, end without nb
sequentindopoeikon. •
Dr Bordelapia during his Novell hi Ana, °derv
ail this remarkable fact. That Wawa:lee of thou'
countries are peculiarly different from all other
lauds, in this respect—that they are free from the
pains and damsels which make the period of Preis
esincy at abject el so much anticipated suffering and
risk. Curiosity and the Purl for Scientific din:oven
ry prompted bun to Investigate the cause of this re
markable exception to the severe trials to which the
mimed 11 - Males are 'generally subjeeted, and the
result was the discovery of the fact that the women
of those coeutries were in thshabit of using during
tubetag of Pregnaney, certain plants which
Gave faculty of imparting_triat degree of tone '
and elasticity to the nerves adffblood vessels of the
Uterus, or Womb which enable. It to perform its
(Unctions in all their native simplicity erection and
freedom from pain. -
It is a @flagella fact, also, that the Indian women
of North America are la a remarkable degree free
From these pains and ringers of pregnancy aid child
birth to which the white: women -are subjected
Whether they use the same pinta as do the wridee
at /mile we comet tell. Certain it istbactbe fact is
no less remarkable than tree.
This Remedy's now estensvely oiled throeghoul
Prance with the most marted 'ocean and many (a.
male, who were onto siesta through apprehension;
of the deepest comeqeeat to the state of marriage
are now by the i.e of this =sheltie, performing
the duties of wives and mothers with eirodort and
It at this lime now Brat presented to the we. of America, by Dr itordeloque, through his
eole agent, Dr A C MORTIMER, mite feels con
fident that independent or its intrinsic merits it will
reconuneed Melt to the moral pert of the commas
city, as it is fell; circulated 'to do away with that
horrid crime of whiph some, through fear of pain.
of child are : guilty, (the production of , preen.
tire delivery.)
'rho medicine is also remarkable for remedying
that hitherto incurable disease llorrenneas; and A.
'loom caantant accompaniment' Fluor e
fact that' related and relies state of the Womb
which accompaurlei this disease is never telt after
the 'shortest use of thie medicine..
This medicine is prepared is each as way as to be
agreeable and Pleasant to the taste. '
Dr A C MORTIMER No 36 I-2 Llapeeaed at.;
fltzir York, has best a jpointed sole egoist for the
United States, by Dr Bordelogne. NW is the only ,
person is this country .whollia oothoticed to vend
this iwialeable 'medicine, as the following letter mill
(htuulatuifrona tie Fratels.)
Pawn, Jane lOth,lBf7.
Dr A C (dean enr—DearSis—According to the
agreement entered Into between to, I wish by this
letter to gin yea that tonna authority to roll
' throe/boat the United States, (my Remedy for re
hones the pains and dangers incident to pregnancy
and child both,) which it is necessuy for you to
hare to satisfy the public &its genuinenne and pe.
• my. •As yea are aware the gasmare of the nee&
eine to the hilltedice of,tbe sea air obliged me to
send it to you in air tight treseels. I bare aloe sent
with it, aaMicimen of the manner in which it ie put
op In Pane.' In like *manner Mould mob it to sp
pear in the United attn. Sir, with greal respect I
rennin your.. F E BORDELDQUE, 111 D.
1' S-4 also seed yea s copy of a letter received
by me from the Royal Academy oftScieace, in
(Troukdedfroin tie 'Frestik.)
Pan.. Jan Z.,1816.
To Al.kflinnaoutry—Sir—The commission
ers of thoffcsaeosy have appoiated the naderageed
Irooktheir comber, as a committee to report repot.
Jag the menu el tee remedy laid Wore mi by yea
(In relieving the Fans and dangensocideut to preg
saucy cad child birth.) Several eminest-Surpons
hiring iibmitted to the Academy the , regatta ol
their tapering, lathe use or year remedy, we has. tea to lay it belbreyou, believing It pen the hest
decision regarding as claim to dietiaction, and of its
peat value,' that entheryou or the subtle could have
•Mished. Whatever influence this tidily myy 'pau
ses on the member. ol the profeseion will exerted
to farther that adoption of this remedy into general
ale, which as a setentstie discovery and an unfailing
remedy, at ea richly deserves. Eight Physicians
having need Una medicine, each in Buy cams of de-
Arend it entirely successin 'in promoting a
remarkable sale and easy delivery, free fiom pale
and damier. With the exception of three patients
of Dr Briquet there we. a perfect mummy from
any stdisequeut weakens or dinner. sae of then
three a laboring woman who had iset with a sonny
fall a week minion to delivery, was takes immedi
ately alter that event with a proftuo hemorrhage,
which moo with difficulty tweeted. The other two
. mallormallotis of the pans, were 10 no wise relieved
•of pain. These Jew nuptials In so great a number
of cum as lour hundred, now the undoubted effi
cacy of year remedy. and have determined us to
give it that recommendstion and anion' which is
due to it, and the fartherance or soieetille media
eine (Signed) AI BRESCHET, MD.
Coen r
of the Colnininionefs of the R. Academy
The public are Cacti:iced against porchasiag this
medicine Dom any petvoss except of the sole agent
•Dr A C Mortimer. WM 14 Liameard st, rims
York pat up In packages
'suitable I'M being seat' by twit to ail part of the
Price Two dollars a package containing fall di
, rectums.
Person. desirous of obtaining this Great Remedy
who reed, at a distance, can do to by forwarding
Two Dollar', poet paid. to
• Dlt A C MORTIMER, Sole Aged for the U
sept.l7 - 9e , No 36 1 , 1 Lisenard at. New York.'
PILLS are becoming to universally popular
First, Because therms prepared by DrAV B Lei
dy himself,• regular Dmorat, Chemist and Physi
cian of Philadelphia, who knows the nature, the
quality and character Of the Medicines used in his
pill, and their adaptatian. to dithue.
• Second, Because the public Eau take:them with
greater confidence than moat other pill. which are
prepared by persons ignorant bother medicine god
Third, Because of their combinedsillects, proper
tine not contained in any other pills; namely, pierr
tog (rem the stomach and borrels all unhealthy sob.
stases., and at the same time pacifying the blood
and fields of the body.
Fourth, - Because they are the cheapest and beat
medicine known—kaingle hoz costing Nan cents,
and containin& 40 pills saving to persons as many
dollar. olt.times in actor's bills, and sramerons
,ntedicines bought & tried on the recomenindation
of other.. : •
Wbeoever you hue acclaims to take any medi
cine, do aot be trilling with roar ceuatitulion by
,tryiug all Mods of pine or other meriiiincliyou see
punliabed mod roeuramenderl by one and another but
take at mace
Dr. LeidAia Sarsapiri/ki Dlodd Dias
and yen will not hevs ocemion to' take northing
else. They will lawn. he found goodie •11310.t a1l
worms oi disease, innamstiou of the stoulac b, bows
els, liver and intestine; 'cramps of the _stomach;
colic, Watertiniste inward lawn, foul breath, bad
taste is the mouth, boor eructations and 'ilbidity of
the stomach, coetivenest and indigettion, w)nt of
appetite, b [love adectimm. diaesses or the s lees.
and kidneys, diseases of the skis, scaly ens ioad
dry'and watery pimples or blotches of the lace son
body, letter, nab ,prickle heat and nit rhoem,beild
ache, giddiness, [Meitner, pains over the heart, of
the brout, sides, along the back and spine, rheum.
(tarn and gout, liner' or Oil Mods, small pos. varier.
load. meanie . , scrofula,erysipelsa, and in short they
aro good in all disease. having their origin in the
stomach, liver, and intestines, and impurity ,of the
frj•Twenty4re cents • Box.
Sold Wholesale sad Retail II B. A. Fahoestock
4 Co. comer of Fne and Wood, ako comer of
Sixth ;ad Wood streets. Doha.
Vlti r lt - O - FIR.A, Mel) bIaWFULAJUD .Itir
IfiGS. , —Scrolula in all its multiplied forme
bether in that of Sing'. Evil, enburgements a the
glands or hones, Ooltre, Whitt Swellinga, Caro=
Rho matinen,Canier, diseases of the Skin or Spine,
or of Pulmonary Consumption, emanate from one
middle same reuse, which in • poisonous principle
more or ler inherent in the runt rystem. There.
fore. miler thin principle can be destroyed, no mdi•
"al cure coo be effected, but if the principle upon
which the disease depends, is removed, a cure
muster necessityfollow,eo matter under what form
the disease should manifest Wien. Thin, therefore
it the reason why Jame'. ALTZRATIVZ ie so eel
venially imeeerful invemoring so nuey malignant
diseases. - It destroys the vim. or principle from
wren their dreams bare their origur,by entering
into the cireulation, and with the blood in conveyed
to the mbrtest fire, removing every putter of
disuse from the system' Prepared and noldatrio.
8 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
Sold at the 'Pekin Tr Simi, No. It Fourth atree.
Pitlibatgb tumid
„ .
Terrsx ITCH. SALT RHEUM, &e -Who would
for a single day wretch, when afeiewil with the
Tenet, Leh, or other dlseartee edam elan, if they knew
who world relieve =deem them.
. . . . .
'Ti. horrible to be obliged to rab and scratch whoa
elate bat snore horrible to nbsuin from it, yor deireaey
sake, when to company. Let it be retnesaberad that
mat efflearloas of my other prtparation in calque/ la_
eo ring the Teuer, Deb. and other disease. of the 'kik.
A. alfdistases of the s kin Mast arise from Om impurity.
of the blood sad beds of the body, and where nen Da.'
ease be of longstanding . an d the constitution erected
thereby, If Dr. Leidy's BarapuUla Wood Pills bb used
with the Ointment, they will more wry case whatever,
and if they do Dot, the money will he relented by Dr.
Leidy. • Afar ewe, bourne', will be effectually oared
by Dr Leidy% Tatter and HA Chatmenti unlearn the
whole eysurea is impromawd :by the diseased harems,
which will be eminently canted Ohm the num by
Dr Leady's Bared Pills. end the stunting of the side hear
ad by the Ointment. Price of Oitrtment 23 mete. Fai
wen toe woad t from Ms
REMEDY—Warrsated ti e eare, or the moo.
retinsad. This medicine is pared front an Inv
Can Receipt, obtained Dom on of them in the Yu
West; at great espenaq., 'Those who have been
familiar with the Indians, know that they can. and
do cant Vattern' without Me- knowledge of Man
eery, Balsam, ot•Yinything of the kind . , sf.
dieted have now an opportonity of being cored
*Shen like. ens of Balsam.. This medicine is
t ouant to the taste, and leaver no smell od the
premed by ROWAND WALTON, aad eeld
wboleaala told Mail, by J. T. Rawaad, 976 Market
Par tale iI Pattaboara aptit 6 Bellew,. 67 wood
in,..4.04 by Wy. Tbortb2 Marital yt. - - eththa
Ile. - r1 sae% Wens. NIB ,
isto anti Way . by Window vial of Doetor
J:adabeyWordi Speolle, ekdklef /duct Skim%
paned gym,* of tio worms, Ws wee said
salleis• aOW Ma Pam/ 14 1 1 M:rm
Ii Indribr don Baptism, maim .
0000. I ridikdoe two dows Yids. • -
luta/A:TN We op Wood wredVildd
. .
.., , .
~,• .
.. . . , .
•f1;' ,,, ..;' ,; - - '. , .r-,- , fe- , :' ,- . - ...1:.•4i. , :f.:,:p..., ~..,,-.;:.,..-;'-_,..,...,.; ,-, ~ ~..z.:,-,-,..1',:,24,,,..;.• ~ , -.".i. , . .- 4 - , .?, , ,:i. , , , ;....:, , ,,,;;;.,,,,,-,,
- , -,-,W44.„....-74)4i,.,,--.;',§;,,,,-..,..:-.-Jl,',-4,-2.,..;,-...,•,'!:::7.-,---'S.,,'''''''''''''',r<7%,:Z",.v
. .
A certain and safe cure lor coughs, cold., imams;
Iguir complaint, spitting blood, pains lathe ;free
or bresst,nereous debility, whoopinueoug '6;5
broken CODlCaillioll, CONBUMP•
TION or any disease of limiting. or r
bread. Header are you edffenng
with a cold or disease of the • I
• leap, try this remedy,
you will not per.
baps regreeit.
It will.arrue all those diusreeablesymptoontieh
strike such terror to the mind, & prolong year oil,
Beware of all preparations purpoitiug toe Ulaiii
Wild Cherty.exeept that bearing the sigueturefor Dr
H•Seraldre.oo the outside wrapper of each hauls,
u they are gaits likely destitute ol the kiticleifrien
which they borrow a name. = •
Read what if Aar done!
Would perhaps be • small estimate for the. ravages
of this dreadful dimare in a Jingle year; then add
thelemful catalogue of those eut off by Infirm.
. bon ol the Longa, Hinnorrhage; Anthem, C ugh&
Influenza, Bronehitis,and other diainam o the
Lungs and Liver. . • • r
And th e list would present an appalling proof of the
latality ol these two classes of diseum. But it is
Important to know that nearly all of - this • rend
wade of human life might have been .pree :wed
by a timely we of Dr. SWAYNE'S COMPO ND
Tb. medicine - Ms new:been before'lbe pahlie
know Melt )can, and is the, original prepaltion
from the Wild Choral Tree. Itn menhition m
remedy for Coven, Colds, Bronchitis, and Con.
mmetionef the Lungs based entirely upon ite
Miriam merits, owes but little to inflated newspaper
p 011... Those who give it trial, being benehtted
by it, recommend it to their neighbors, and ithus
gradually and sorely built gained an enslable.repn•
lotion and worked its city into general ma. iOne
brittle ewer fails to core a recent cough or old,
while witb strict attention to Me directions lhak ac.
company each bottle,ita toe ikpalmonary disease.
of !wag etatariug and of the makalarming chrrac
ter, has olwaya given relief, and - in • wary many
ioetaacea hoa effected complete and permanent
Dr. SWAYNE'S Celebrated Compound Syr.
upof Wild CAerry.
. Read the most remarkable cure of Consemption
ever placed upon record— r
Dr SWayite—Dear Sir: I feel it a debt of gratiimie
due to you—ode dog to the &filleted general y to
enemy humble testisnoity do favor of your cont.
poundfiyrop,ol Wild Cherry. SMCI three re
since, I was violently :Decked wi th cold and isfia,
=Senor the Wags, which wu, accompanied jinth
a very dudiessisg crash, polo io the breast and head
—a very conaiderable discharge of offensive macre
from the lenge, eepecially open crammer weather
however alight. At Sort I telt ao time ,about
condition, bat was pretty Nee convinced (bat I we.
rapidly going into cameo:port. I grew daily weak
and at length was scarcely able to walk about or
ape* above • whimper, mech. was thh exceeding,
wsaknen army lungs, Dunne this time I hadlited•
T 160411 prepandons and preeeriptions, hut tountoo
relief—growing all the time worse. Jest here I as
advised and pursamied bye dear Mend to Wilmingr
Menlo make atrial of your Syrop of Wild Cherry,
I most confirm that previously I hod been prriudie
ed agaiust patent Medicines, and t am still against
those corning oat of the bandsof empiricklbut
ti odemuodieg your claim, to the profasion ••d
practice-of medicine, and having implicit*
the saying of my friends, I lorthwitn perchere,i of
Dr Shaw, one of your agent., a few bottles land
conamencedrta use. My dime. at this thee teas
of twenty or twenty Ste mantle' standing, Goose.
gamily was deeply seated. I found, however. coo.
side/table relief tram the blat lour or tire botdei
Rut being &public speaker I fierpently attempted
to preach with my locreasieg erength and theriby
ruptured those vessels Nat had already . bewurl to
heal; in this way, doubtless, my core , was greitly
retarded. In cemequenee of acting the. mime
dainty I had to me 12 or IL bottler before I eras
perfectly restored. i bare no question, a lunch
smaller umber of bottles would ban mode ,me
weed, but for the above indi&cretion. The Syrep
allayed the feverish habit, did away the dilemmas
cough, put a stop to the discharge of matt.. Inen
the Nags. and gave themoodtheentirceistert gone
health. I have deferredoffering the certificate still
sow, for the purpose CA, being perfectly Welled
withthe perenteenell the care, and now thit
feel perfectly r it with pleasure.
Dublin county, N. C.
Mold ill opericao prepAtoons of Wild Cbs .
meth ea &looms, BitteroSyrupe of Wild Cherry,
Pills perpcorting to contain Wild Chem , . ke, dm,
as they are all tic titioes lerrotecatcsfeit, and contain
none of the rimes of the ariglosl sod leonine pre
petition as prepared by Dr. hwayne, and the Bret
ever prepared in this coaetty. Doctor Swayne's
Compound Symp of WILD CHERRY is comported
of vegetable ingredieets, the Wild Cherry, aed Toth.
et medical eulteteures aptly a efbcaciaos, if not
more so; the whole are so ellectuelly coocentrafed
an to reader it beyond all doubt the moat pleasant,
otrengthening, and effectual remedy over diecorer
ed tee the can of Pulmonary conoumptien, and all
dioceses of the Lange and Breast. The' very fact,
from its bowleg ouch a train at emulous imototaiv,
stands to prove its great curative properties.
Therefore, innlids, Inquire for the top P*Vl
ration, each bottle of which la covet Ma beau.
tifal wrapper r witb a hkeeem of Wit ram Penn en.
;Fend thereon; also bearing the eignoture of Dr H.
herayne, theicausterfelbag of whicti will be pin.,
lobed as tottery.
Piepered only by Dr. H. 3w , W corner
or Rocs Street., Philadelplea. ,
For sale in Pattoburgh wholesale and retail by
Wlll. TE10R14,53 Market street,
• ,
OGDENdi SNOWDEN, corner :hod& Wood sta.
B. A. - FALINESTOCK & Co., &doer of I,t and
Wood and 6th and Wood streets. -
S. JONES, ISO Liberty street •
JOHN MITCHELL, Allegheny. eity.
And by all ntspectabla Draws& and dealer, In
Medicine, thronahout the Caned States and Cana
da. . reptl9:
PERSONS afflicted with Scrofula, Hines Evil
Cancer, Erysipelas, Old Sore., Ulcers, Totter
Mercurial finesses, or any other complaints arising
from impurities of the blood, ere requested to read
the allowing testimonials, in proof or the winkle.
11.1 properties of the above named medicine.
- -
Wc the undersigned, having visited Mr. In
Knack... Jr. it , thb Mime of Mews. Kowand aJid
Walton, SM Market street, Philadelphia, comidit
hii ease the man remarkable one we' have ever w't.
:passed or heard of.
Hie disease was SCROFULA,aad terrible moat
have heed h.: twelve years' eondiet with the di
tiro o r!-
HisTslate,t!,• entire roof of his mouth,Ntwe, UP
per Lip, and lower Lid of the Hight Eye hal/chorl
destroyed, his Face nearly eaten up, ”d part of the
Jaw Bone earned away. And yet we can gtrcha
desenption of his cue.
?dr. B. informs no that in January lan, the whole
interior of his, mouth, as well. as rem o( his far.,
was a masa of deep and painful ulcers!
On the lith ofJanauy last, he commenced taking
CEA, which checked the disease in • few day., an' e
from that time the mire has pmgreased without, in
New flesh has 'applied the place of the deep al
ter., and though badly diiiigured, his laze I. 30.4
and his general health restored. l
mimed that the treatment of M
Broois'esaa, DO Merearials,Ointments, or Calm.
&indication Di., been cised,—iii ' , ANAL
t ALONE, boa arrociht this song/Vol ehangh
Dared Smith, Backs county, Pa.
Charles L. Wilmot', Meadville, Crawfilid - cors..
J W Jones. Ai D South Second street, Philo
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, N J.
E W Carr, 440 N Fourth, above Poplar et, N. L.
S bileollougb, Lanaurter, Pa.
R 111 Maddock, U North Eleventh at. Philo.
C W Appleton, Id D 49 Booth at. do
mothy Caldwell , Marion co. Missouri.
' aniel Yeakkl, Cheroot co. Pa.
John Hanred,39olligh street, Philo.
%Villiom Steeling, M I), Camden, N.J.
William Hale, 370 High street, Phila.
J H Potter,Manufacturer of Mineral Teeth, 109 S.
Ninth street, Phils
L A Wollenueber, Phi Ll. Democrat 277 N3d
street, 414
George %V Moor, BrusiMaker, 317 Market St.
Ezra Carr, 199 Chown street,. Phila.
A D Gillette, Palle of Eleventh Baptist Church,
John Bell, Ens BMW, Philadelphia, (North Amer;
ezn ofliee.)
Aaron Sand', 165 Otthruiae Street, Phila.. -
Daniel Merl iniehlimiler l / 4 t Ailey, do '
Andrew Sweats', Camden, N J.
B 11 - Eirans; West MOIL
Richard B. Yonne, Oildar,lo9 Market at. Phila
John W Ashmead,6o South Siath street, do
TS Wagner Lithographer, 116 Chesnut 'treat, do
B J Benoit, 13 Eleventh street, do
Penn Siren Smith. Editor Native Eagle !
Joel Bodine,i Glass mound:mu, Villianntoon
William Steely Farmington, Van Buren eo. lows
B Coio: M If, Booloor MAIL ' •
Ronal Cantle_ Phisiologist, Philadelphia.
Thomas P S Rod .M 0, Budd:wink Pa.
'Peter Wright. 259 Market streets Phila.
James W Anwlio , 103 Filbert at. do
John Good, 174 Spruce at. do '
William tine, Pastor tit, Paul's 61. E. Ch. Catharine
St. Phila.
John Chambers, Futurist indep. Church, Broad
it do
Sanders„Pablialter of Pledge and Standard,
F P Sellers, Editor Olne Brlneh, Doylestowin
Wholesale and Retail by &roma Walton,
prieton,376 Market St. Phibidelphist R &Sellers,
67 Wood at. Pittsburgh, Pay The it,63 Mar
ket at. do.; E B Penn", Monett*, Ohio; !eaten &
Sharp, Maysville, K YyJobn W Danenheit et,
Ohio; Melt & Beeves, hfadiaon lityCNobleLoa.
K YiDeveroaek - k Pollan, St. Louis, Mo•
PH McGraw, Natchez, Min; Hardaway & John
atom Mekstitugh,do; CharlesJeikins, New Oriels
Lao . • • ee3
-- •
Hatband's Celebrated Plaid Hamill. •
rhi: I. Vio: l =Vi da =4,.ti
Wee* mows ?lid:V/J vokli t iofthe finest pn
bo=loictikit4r=l,l3r„ „„;
Marc► tabl. k rafal of dm lohipaio ise q nly
• z."="j k lb r rFAlNta r Ma id ar d. mIL
Oine lual Wad and . oil
CAA NLlLlLLA—Briatol's Coaap. Fluid Flu
r='• Comb. Fled Ext.Sysupurillsi•
CiupeatecA do. • do;
Townernd'a do dr
Commonly on bwol and for Bala by BA FAIINWAL
TOOL& CI, minor ad Arm and wood and wood and
S te"' "W ' 3111 L 1 ... ,,1 . 0/n
Mu DLL ladleimandond I amine .m nom Ton
manias sold.: I bate ailad et MI.I Ikon
dam; and it au glosa **mum lo oran and IL
Bond snares orlon dananant, . . .
Yam mandolin. XFINXY MEC
?roan and oold by It It SELIJIIt& o. 47 Wood
at Bold try Dr. Omni kb Wald* aid D 111. Cam, Al.
~ .. i
FOBS k THURSTON, Priprieiori.'
zivnls establiahment longand widely known as being
I. one of InemastedmmWbos inthe,city of Haliimoie,
his recently and< rennet eery extensive ahernuons end
improvemeam.. , : Ao ontire,, , new.wMg W been added,
~,,nieingsminerousand any electinigipansaciasotee
caterd. bathing mop.
wies , department has also hien eompletelyle
organised iind.fined up is alum milqae and beautiful
sty lc. Id fuer the whole atinsigementoCihe ouseims
been - remodeled, with ayingle eye on the pest of the
proprietors towards ittie corder* and um a( their
Gaesis, and whlekibey confidently - wen will dial.
leokohgee no
wtih any liote I, in the .11.htion. - S
Their table will always be supplied with livery sub.
Manna! and io lnar 4ii io th i c i, Searket r eemed up
in a :1111fa 4orpiused..
In conclusion the propnclen bi,g that 11i:get
will be lel undone on their part, and on th e pallet:their
minute, to render this Hotel worthy the inentaued
patentees of their friend., nod .the peblie generally.
Iliaprlcee tor board Jim also been ri..llated to the
!' .ll° s , Ordinary, per day;
Gendemens , . . ... no
N. Par s
Oapnge Weggon of the Roam SOHO
ways be *inn at the .Car and Sleadboatl.l4lAlo4
iglu a will convey . . bagyage to and hem the Hotel; fret
of charge. my:SW
SITREIET _ElGGladd s 0{110116.1•11g
r GIGO—The aahaeriberckaviag parebasad 'en
tire interest of CM. G, Y Wilhamon, late of this well
known evtablishmenfi beg leave In •Ilito to their Meade
and the public generally, that they have taken. this
eommodioun Howl fora term of years and will exert
their best energies to Make it a deamble home fprTrav
ellers and City &Milers.
The Hotel to s pacious and admirably planned for
ventenefi, light and nq having a siumbeetif pulora
&Opining chamber., 'rewriting automat mutations to
Theipmeentiroprieters having had the expenenee of
'bear' in %kitten) . and elseerhem,biiipethevyrill be elite
gve general satisfaction, betas determined to give
undivided attention twilit boost alone. '
Theloration of the Pearl Street !loose a uneotomonly
eligible,-bavingfronts on Pearl, Walnut and Third .ts,
no that it is coning desirable in view.of the conveni
ence of busineu ranter retirement fof private boarders.
It is near by the Bents. the•roat Other, :he Masonic
!lath Odd Fellows ilatt;and but one square distant from
Main street and
m two . se items Irom the Cify Wharf, thus
offeriog the greatest dueemenuc especially se eetutitl
merchants and genet aUT to all permute visiting Cincin
nati._ : ? El!!! NOBLE _
---- efizabirairi' - itoosie. • .
Charles Street,- between Ilarket and Lombard
Iltesete, Daltinderre.
Tn. natiseriber having taken the above estab
,oilerkhts sendees to the citizens end'
'agte generally. It le conveniently altnated de'
regents the ateataboals and Railroad Depot—is In the
midst of the its,, extensive Dimming hion.en-and in
(net, the loceuon offer* to thaw waiting the eity,:u ena.
H fly eftweDien tt . and melons as the other pnneipal
The begone. now being fitted op with neW flunitere,
in good testa and style, and Intl heaped to the pub c
on the Rd day of April; Intl. The proprietor trans that
his norm:slums drone to please, will wove to hiro a i
pampa of 'the poblinpetronege, resident no wells
umsmat.W W •DIX,
Late of the firm of Dix & Pegg
Apn 1917. • ' mylildlint •
aALLLI Thy NYBOUSE,II/10 Market et ,Plule
delphla—subscriber (Irde of the Washington
hlotel. Ilarrisbargh. Pa I takes this method of in.
feinting his old friends and thep.bbaFenerally,that he
has taken the above named Hunt. 7La House he airy
and anatintable, and haebeeplestenstvely altered and
Improved, and the propromon - hope• by a Strict Mention
to banner, and a proper mare for the roofer( of his
itsitlltil,to merit and remora a share of nein° patronage.
The Hoare is mutated vvry convenient for the Travel.
Pladier frame mthy Moo dooraakerte the.Harristiorg
and Pittsburgh Depot, and within two minothi walk a
the Brdnenore and Reaallng Depots STABLIfiII at.
mehr4 to the premises. Terms. It pse day.
E Plll.lolllrhd. Proprietor
Alkwhenv /loose, P •agnat ibr- op
eansi •
10.122 custom allterr. PlitelAncLeate..
staltserthemandor the Anne( Mason ft WM,
chaseouchased Ith. Janes' trumpet to this esustdiU•
mem. and hope by tho strictest attention w the wants
andcomfoits ottheti gusts, to merit a continua. of
the liberal patronage heretofore teemed by, its komet
° ==sehu • •
been dmmughly we
and repair.
d; we therefore reel assured we coo welcome oar
friends and the yobbo to accommodations coaal to any
to the city of Dhilatiplphm. • ft W BRIDGES,
/TWO . JNO Dr}T.
OALT•1101311 1 / 4
Corner Nola and Sixth tea, Olnehamath
'VMS establishment Is war In the best order for the
I reception of the Traveller Febl.e. Having ender
me a thomerh repair, darting the past winter, and
having the mom experienced men In the west, - in the
rations depanments, 1 Sauer myself that all will*
pleased wag, call., The location le central,commodisas
and pleasant. Falel 11 reedit',
Cieclonati, ldarchl3,lb(7, W E MARI'
N. 11.—Ahlosisgh not exactly anew Emma, it M the
Sallks... new Whist on the old handle. Spell
T l MPTr i . th f iotM it... Wished boom, raved.
y oes tn. service's, tbectusehs of Pinsbarah,
.411,111 alert himself q mods, comfortable all Who
ma, favor biro with altar comparty. • •
poott which Pas loot been a favorite one with
the fintinsien De , lera at iittsborsh, will, the coming
quoit, mount &largos Reid for Omit. opentiens than
heraorbore,: frons.lhe completion of the -Rail Road to
Indianapolis, Mantles (=Ass into the boaraLaing region.
epoltallas OD FIIIIIUGIL-Proprieno
Lowlswillo, Ky.
s Tn ROCKMO It TON begs to acsatunt
friends that he is again leases of De GA LT
II O U SE , Lonitville,Ry,,wlent he hopes*, meet all
his old friends, warms them and the pablie that no
efon bo imaiedio make oh comfortable wlsofaver
ham with the., patronage_ lantldir
Opposite theltail Road Defiot, Pratt et., 8011.
HURT mr. /111111TIPf. Proprietor.
(Late of ate ExtbangtWasd Sc Chu Iza Ulnas, risirto'ff.
• racon T.lll . smen. •
THE bop article known fur eleudng and whitening
the Teeth, strengthening the gams, sweetening the
breath. die. It should he used every night with • said
brush, and the teeth and MOW h will only require a sligh
washing in the morning. Wet the break with lumr
water, or cold will answer, and natr it (mingles on
the pane, when enoegh will adhere foe MC= the
teeth. „It leaves& delle mom in the nn
puma elost delightful fragrance to the I.=. !wands
unrivalled as a pleasant.ledleactoms, eonvenhmt e nsid
safe deter-16es, It is warianted sat to Inj UM the teeth,
bat to preservethem.
BY it regularly, It will remote thalamic and
prevent ito accomulation--prevent the , toothache
stremnben the gams, and prevent all diseaaca of p.m
Chemists, phyarclaus. end the clergy recoutavetal II a
deeidedly superior to every Ming of the kind in mag—
got for enters:sates Compound Orris Tenth Paste, and
observe his srgnotora is attached to each pa. •
Resonsineoded by Dr. Cosa., Broadway, one of
our best Deanna, and by most of the old cambia/led
ones in iha.lhoted Stan" and even grenaively used
by the Picihrlily of England and Fry eri
A loner ,— proportion of the disease. t hare/lot mankind
arise fromthome derangement alibi mambo, bowel.,
which a 'Smell- ow or the exits no L oze ng e wou ld
entirety obviate. romans n( Milton habits ahould aL
ways have a bon at hand, and lake dom . whenever
they feekthe least derangement to their health. Ajodi
coal. um of them Lovenyes would prevent Manmade
of caws.
For oaten:- xym. JACKSON'S, corner ot,Wood and
TADJ>Zy Wbo Pee Coalmen Prepared Chalk, are
14 often not aware bow fsiebtfelly Injatiosts
.1 Is to
the skin! hosorroarie, hew rough, bow sailer, )cllow,
and unkealthy the . rkm appears *Err aces mound
chalk! Besides, itriodurioos,containlng•latirequan
uty of lead. We base prepared a beautiful vegetable
article; ',hick we call JONES% SPANISH • L/LY
'WHITE! it is perfer tly innoienk being paroged of all
deletirmae au:hues; and it Imparm to the skin • nano
real, boo!IbT. alabaster, clear, Leib' attbe same
tome acting as a coatucuc on 4.b bin, making it•on
and moon). '
Dr. James Anamson, !motel Chemist of Massa
ohnshun. soya: “Aner - snalysinKJones'aSpanieh Lilly
'White, I God it poseesWe the most beautiful and natu
ral, at the saute time innocent white I ever saw. I
eeetetely . can Cllplitletiptilllkly recommend its nu m all
whose skin•requirra beautifying! ,
In+Price been). a box.
Dr. Sold by WALJACKEION, at Ida Bard and Bhoe
!Mane, FO Liberty meet, head of .Wood, of the elan of
the Dic Man
Ladies, ladles, Pm asbnlslied;
When you know Mot you are ermined
A natural, Ilfe-like, onowy white,
That you wilt.snll use eon chalk,
And look a deathly yellow fri ht,
The OM. e of leatither and oftalk.
Ifyoo woold one a box of JONE'S Lilly-white, It
weaM rive Comeki an ale/muter yet natural white,
and at the time Clear and improve it. Sold - al
JACKSON'S, ea Llheny at. Price lad cents per box.
sfilletagg'ssilth - Dlseisses et the Lussmss
—This Is to eenifg m there Milani wult,Ste km pre
monitory syniptoom of Consumption, SIMI have been
laboring for mamal Zean with a bronchi, *mums of
the throat and hoanenesa: I used Ming medie:nes, bat
foind no relief In any preparation of medicine, milli I
REMEDY. I have been odes thls vilnable medicine
the several gem, and Moray. And It to relieve when.
ever I make are of IL My occupation as an Aoeuen.
• • •
eer, which keep. ma almost consaunly engaged, causes
midisease, al times, to become very alarming, When
at ones procure this mediefee.; I thertkrte take plea.
acre in making this palm statement, that others affect- .
ed with a disease of the lunge and expectorant organs
may know the virtues of this : ..11 bellingvemody,”
and may be eared. .1 hare recommended Dr. Dunean's
Expectorant Remedy to many of my friends, some of
whom ewe their lives to this mullein.
• Somerset. Obio.Oet.l3, ISM • JAMES lIEWIT
The propnctor of the itbornmedicinc would . also
rater to Me undersigned pollens, vebt. revile In Perry
etihnir, ha whom any person may call open and be
convinced that there are mute. fund In the above
medicine that moot be excelled
David Calbenioo, Seinirmeb Dr: B. Some, do• Fran.
Cl. Gobbet, Jarboe mt . Mr.'Larimer, do; Geo. Potherb
tp; Jerold Damen, Iloovrell to.
more street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Sold In Pittsburgh by WAI. 'JACHt3ON, BF Whirl)
head of Wood meet .
Pr:nevus', May 17,1947.
Len Saturday Igare a teaspoon fen of IL A. Fah•
" .1 " 4 4 Co'. V.milinge m iny lINe glrl,Msho is
between four and tiro years old, and during We day she
paned 104Iargo mynas, ging more than a foot In
fleeing Its erects on this eh 114,1 then gave a teoois
nrll to her younger sitter, who wu oppuenllll./4 and
she passed 37 wanes of equal vise.
. •
. .. .
... . . - HENRY CH410771
Watchmaker, NaHildield sueet -
- Y. - PaHul and .old 4y H A FAHNEWUCK &CO
Carnet in and imni.and lima! old 11111 401. jeS
IiATIIOSE mean:lemma equal pule, Look at pm
V fair panic wifeorith het briahminey el took
at par owa, plued.with enec and bbtle! yet
los are too mean to gin peat. for a cake of the
EMU !WWI Ch.. 1 . , 1 &MN eh mould mutely free
yea froal them,
.and make yeat Icllaw atle Meer Lod
Maltby. . Uo stance toJacklea's Saxe, t 9 Liberty ot.
Flusher/Pond gala Cate. ,
N II /*admen's lithe only pima In I'llaarptirhare
Ike GENLIINF. la le be obtalted. Belem of ,Llmeler.
CrOnftLEVE Boot suede in the daerviaj,
rimm. 11.110143.11411•111V12 war —lbriestio.
.1 Ting Grease opt; Stahl; or Yorks hes Clothes,
Woollens, Coottoth Om. h.e.. and seoderiog 'the opeto
w k,.. it let/TOW cleat, bnoht. me% oat oftkes. •
&Id orbit OtroOtions. • e•tiee Weems cue:. '
'Air"by WM 'emu , aurbens amt,beila
! st kis Boot LOP 14boe item, ilia of des lig
iiiii rtl MM l O
CITIES, w 1 ]Hoof Trialisliirel [RT.
rrellE improved method of carrying med by this long
I Established Line,-is now so sell khoein that de•
striation td aneeeessaryi Goods are not touched on the
route, thus alt transhipment °rostra haodliog is laved,
The Deals ars of light drought and perform thetr trip*
In from 111 to seven days.
The capacity °lour Warehouses enables us to stare
any COMIIKIUMGIIII made toes. Receiving,storing, and
sklvances free of 'charges.
. Into; folly prepared to make sales of Produe,e we
respectfully mulish consighmeeta ofWealefil Flour,
Bacon, Laid, Batter; cheese, Wool, FC3141..•,111d abet
Articles for sale, ori.vrhich liberal advances will be
made mu/other metal facilities afforded, pledging our:
selves that any basin.. entrusted to us shall he no
promptly C.ZGOIIed and upon aa fair terra. as-by any
other boom • JNO hIcPA DDEN It Co
Canal Casio, Pittsburgh
949 and 251 Market at, Philada
MEM, 1847. WPM
F2llllllO t riaTtle (fiee:, l' avaigirTt i renal L tip P rn " re b ta 4 ln h
the *ay, and the emmeqaent nal of delay, damage;
breakage and aeparanan of Arooda • .
No fad Market street. Philadelphia ,
Oar Penn and Wayne . sta, Pittsburgh
CPCONNOR k_FANontt street, Salmons A i miu
& J T TAP “*WW,l3South 0, N. Y.
Encouraged by bummed Matinees. the Proprietors,
have added to their mock and extended their arrange
ments durinje the wittier, and an now prepared to Mr
ward (taiga mutt reirsdarity'and dispatch unsurpassed;
by any other line. Their long expeetenoe as easterly
Me palpable superiority of the Ponahle Baal Systerthi
and the great capacity and convenience of the ware
houses at each end of the lute, are peculiarly caleultH i
tcd to enable the pruners. to , fulLl their alinements,
and accominodate their monomers—confide tidy arcing;
he pest no a guaranty for the future they rapectfuUyi
solicit a continuance of Mal paprottoge which they now
gratefully acknowledge..
All consignments's, Mare A. Moms), will be reed'
and forwarded. Steamboat charges paid and Bills al
tadinctrarmaitted free of any charge for Commloocu6
advancing or storage. Slaving no Interest directly or
bullronly to SioaalboaLS, the Ime nest of the eOpoifaani
mull necessarily their pliantly comet to snipping:
west, and they pledge themselves to forward all gash!
co.igned to them promptly and on the most adystu
mamas loran 10 the cone,.
March 1,1647 mare . I
. ,
MENA 1847. •
rzargsvz.v.asta °ANAL a stanaoAD
• MYR •
Exclusively far Passawsw.
MOB pabliextre respeethslly lawmen that nat sone
J. will commence ntnntag on as about the lira wont,
and centimes thrttroshont the reams: no propnetors
havanow planed a sapenorriass of 'Packet. aaa
mad Cars on the mate, with extra acorwasswoons,
which will give greater cornfori to traveLsas
A fucker Haat will Winos ho is ;awl, wow is trav
eling public. are segoested to call and orawsw now,
presume to entmmag patinae 'elsewhere
°FARE O. \' N I N E DOLL/taw
One al the Packet. e leaea the lantstag,toppeane
the United Slaws linte l,) ranter Pena snarl awl th e
Canal, every night at OW leek.
TIME 31 DArbi
- For ingwasation apply at th e °Me e ,. wooongana . la
Water street , ora l D LEIN:3I &Co
aseht3 ror Peon street zoo tonal
THE Boatmen's Poitalife I int Company being di.
A solved, the Company again 'teatime ankles of Co.
partnenhip under the name of the "Boatmen's Lbws.
and likewise agreed to refit the Stock so as to have •
number of Mauler the purpose of carrying 'goods
through in front six to eight Jays, with eensimy—nod
feel encouraged by the liberality of last year's pauon
age..tosnako more ostemive minuteman for the ca
sein[ year.
We would therefore Mapectfally mlieit a contims
anal of oat fortitarpanommd refer Clam customers
to those wa have,dime harness fat. •
nil= 1847. MIMI
Pot the transportation or
P1111..11.2.11., Damson, Now You; am, Corona
Corner Llerty street and Canal Bum. Pituborgth,
No XS Market etreet, Philadelphia.
ELDER, OELSTON & 00, Agents,
Balomore, Md.
FTP7HBURGII—Jaa. McCully, Geo. Morgan & Co.
W.MeColly.k Co4l A Sampson & Co, M Allen &Co,
P,HILADELPIILt—Monis Penman & Co, Reynolds
McFarland & Plemmr*,Basby, Peter Wright &
J Ilisyhao,Joseplitenctx.
NEW 1 ORE—Garnlhas & Co, Theo. Perry kCo.
BOSTCN—Reed, Hrod & Co: •
CINCINNATI—Adam & Crenh, W W &arbor
PY. PLEASANT, VA —P A Maehier.
Non—All menhandiae from Newrork and
consigned to 4 L Gerhart Co, Philadelphla, will be
promptly knwarded free oframinmaion. febli
184 7. ma i d
U Without Tumult
Good. COPieguell moor giro tll be forwarded with
out delay... the lowan current s. Bill, of Ladles
trwoonittod, and all inatinetkon Vpdy attended to,
free Duro any extra charge foe _ or coratalasson.
Address, orapply to C A LTY &Co
al Dasin,Pitrabargh
!laving A very large nod commode:nu warehouse,
we are prepared to receive (in addition to height for
atopmeol) a large mono( of Produce, Aw.on Storage ai
low rate. ' C A hIeANULTY A-Co
atithgal 1847 . Mani
IF C ;FlNl B 3 l l7te lr eir f' e r en Pothhu a rgT, " lrtu fs ' s ' irle t ,lo '' h A n Y e.
n, Ilotlidaythatlt, Water Street, Peiersburch thid
I inlet mediate place..
Ohm Bast will tense the warehnuse of C A MaAnalty
& Co., Pittsburgh, every day, [except Sundays,) and
shipperscan aturayscepead on havong their comla for
warded without delay and at fair nom
not lane IRMA formed for the special acconithodation
of de way.husinass, and the proprietors reapeetfully
solicit a liberal sheer of [Animas, .....
II DA RNS ' ttonewr WOODS
roux AIII. I I.P.R,IIOIIdaY.i.Mb 1 •
li II CAN - AN, Jolinsumni Agent,.
C A MoANULTY t Co, Pinsbargh
.3 McDevitt, Jahn P•rker, Robert Manor; tilatraley
: Istr6NOE 1847:: AMNIA
plus Line being misopovedoy Sieamberibil•AlteErie
and Michigan, running duly between Pinithargh
and Beaver, and freight and lwasenger .Cenal • Rams,
tonally( between Ikaverandllbne andennacetingarith
C M Reed', Line of Steamboat Propeller* and Vessel*
on the Lakes, will be prepared ripen the earliest open
ing o f Navigation to carry Freight and Pamengere to
" Itatri n e o ve n g l i' ' ne f ll r ig L .Zir " .to l r d veg t ;;;Cigh t and pee
ten en with plomptneed add, dispatch, the propderor
aedagents respectfully *alien Nun then (Wendt. and
he pithily generally their patronage.
C Al REED, Erie, Propneter:
RREDeIy PARKS &Co, Beaver. Am*
• JUIIN A CAUGHEY,Pittsbh do
Cot. Smithfield arid Water stn. opposite the Monengai
gatiela !rouse.'
Wheeler, Crocker & t ea, New York
Geo Darts, Budido
. E N Parks & Co, Cleveland .
Jos A Artosteottg & Co, Detroit
McClure & %Vil hunts, Nilorook le
Bristol & Putter, Chtesdri •
Win Power!, Powerstown, Penn%
• Geo Maebelmyre, Evenshurgb, Penn.
John Ma Arthur, Hammon], do •
Wick & Acker, Greenville, ' do
Groin & Frampton, Clarksville, do
Heys & Plumb. Sharpsborgb, Pa.
• W G.Nalan, Malmo . do
R W Connlnehom.plesienstle, do
1846. MEW
11. Chute. G. Hoops. ,T. A almond A Co.
Voiirardloog k Cesassloaloia Norehourta,
'LIE Agents and Proorietorra of this -
Line (so favin ,
A. ably known to Ike pabliehwill be prepared on the
earliest opening of canal . navigation to receive prop
en v y at Pittsba and Heaver, and deliver the same at
an jpoint an e Ohio cana l also on Lakes Erie
onable num
and Michigan, with the greatest despatch and . al roar-
. . ...
The prOprienno or dos line conch the bachocie of
thou tanner comment with' confidence, bunting that
their facilities are aecond to none.
Apply to or edam I* .
O M HARTON, Pittsburgh:
CLAMS it Co, •er.
T RICHMOND k Cc C Ividand.
I ngew i l f z ,
THE stock of this lino enemata a double dolly
Line of Boats and Cars, (owned by theraselves,l
which are in good order. The subsenbers ant praise
red to forward • •large quantity orlderchandies sad
Produce with censlnty trod dispotchi
Produce or Merchandise consign to any or me on
dursigned. is forwarded free of any arge for commis
lion or storage.
Bill. Lading transmined and dll inskractionsproamtly
encoded to.
The business of this Line is =ducted on strietly.
Sabbath-keeping prrnciples. Address, or apply to
D LEECH &Co, Proprietors, ... I
• Canal Basin; Pittsbargh
BARRIS &LEECll,Proprietors,',
12 South Third street, Philadelphia
JOS. TAYLOR k SlONkAsrents,
No 114 North Howard street, ualiimgre -
W D WILSON, Agent,
No 7 West atreet.New York
'ANAAV4 1847.
LEAVE Beaver doily at o'clock; r. aner the
artiCalor the steamboatßEAVEß from Pittsburgh,
and arrive at Warren nest wonting in teases rot ate
sups which reach Cleveland before night.
Passengen will be reeciredthrangh,seeneegbenli
en the rackets, and seats to the Stage, on "epithet=
an' boned atessobeat Bievet, [leaving Plushest, at B
0410 C k, )14 orgithe agent,:
11 BARTONIt Co, Nuthatch
. .
CLARKE &Co, Beaver
JIBE BALDWIN, yonagetown
apt/ • M B TAIMOR,Winven
Package Ezyjneiris • PltiladeliAnhw
111 f,Teni'D e z7= ' VA s=
•Er esaveDukte of valuable packages of
inveltsodue speck, bask oes, Jewelry, Ate, ems.
Iseneed ea Manley, limb • -
; Aft iNGICIIIIT will be dispatcliedklally enju
imetr ° , D MOH lea
tor ens spLid Oust
...v .. (~, F ~"
~w ~ ~ -_
in aLTlte neW an
Caps. Charles Hoope r eownenees hr;
regular Inns Ibis day, learmg Fna
burgh at 9 o'clock, A. X am/ Beaver at 2 *Fleet, r.
erinneeting With. Pattsbunth and Cleveland Llnertf.Cail
nal Boats dilly w Cleveland, O. Beaver, Warm, And
Cleveland 'Line of . Canal Packets and Stage Coaches
daily to,M'a wen and Chivelandt Canal Newt Lino to
New Caltih and thiseniille, 11.14 Erie Extension Line
to Ildeserkilla and Edit/. Nell, Moore k Co's Lines of
Stage Coaches for Cleveland and Wooster.. leave Bea:
ver dal* oa Ikearrival of atearaboal - lkavne Leta
Pittsburgh. Apply to
• M BARTON kON Pittsburgh !'
aot 4 . CLARKE ft Co, Beaver • ,
,Ausion Lisz,
Blab/ 48 4 7,- ..'gXiiiit
EN - PARKS lk GoiElesdidtai 1_-
0 7PARIIII,Seaver,Pa— p
It ropietor..
. W TiMATOER, Pittsburgh, P.
T 1113 " above Mae ot raw folly prepared ro transport
Freight and Passengers from Piusburgh and Clare
land, to say potation the Pennsylvania t. Ohio dad Oh,o
The &citifies 'sold ILltteare nig &knelled by any on
said Canes, In awaken :OW capanry-of Boma, expo
'lvaco of Captain& and PrentPttnake of ARM., to.;
Me Um leases Pntaborgh and Cleveland daily, itan
ine in connectionrllh 114, l&cantees.,
am Lake Tam,. between Pitisinaiy&
Heaver, and,. Lino of 6nyelas• .Bwoanboata, Yropc!-
Icce, Brigs asul Ychoonent, on Lakes Erie, &arm, Blt,
nnd Onutrio
Ympeny foram:aka to any part of the Union with'
despatch. E N. PARKS &Co; Clerelaid,'Ata
• REM. PARER & Co, Ilestver,•Agte '
W T MATHER, Pittsburgh,
W 2 l Cor,Wyter, Lod Eadthaekl moot,
~1E.47:' MUM
TilittrUGn - 101FE: OURE3. —
DACICET Dototldvrallois and Tilegivph leave
o f ver daily, at 3 o'clock., t te er tie arrival of the
=Wall Bow Mae Pit:shank, a arrive at Warrea it
tine for the Nall Line or - Stages, which leave namedi
anely thereafter. and arrive at Cleveland at 3 o'clock, e.
This roam la the mat expednions and eomfiartahle
one to the Lakes. ...
arrEs LEFFINGWELL. WerrerivrinPea.
REED, PARKS & Co, Beaver, Agent" •
OH,N A CAUGHEY, earner Watt and s t ehnfield eta,
piny Deposita the Monongahela Hottee..Pipbargh
1847 . =it
THIS Lineconeistlng or freight andpasaenger Pack.
refs, will run regularly dering tke swum between
Bearer and Greenville; Pa, by whoa freight andpim
eargersbetween the teropolate,willbeeuned pmeeptly
and at the lowest taws:
- WICK &ARCllER,Greenville, An. • •
CRAIG & FRAMPTON, Clarksville, do,.
• MePARLAND KING, Big Beal, do; •
/IA Yel & PLUMB, Abanuebn do:
W O MALAN. Sharon, • - da•l
• WM. MATHEWS, Palau% dot'
REED PARKS& Co,Beneer, do;
JOHN A CAUGUEY,earnorWater sod InnhGeld
aPdlr Oppieite the Monongahels Ilona Piasbut
1171ZZAS EffIIITABLZ BOAT4.l.lnti ,
IM= .1847.
' TOM TUX. eaasstosesviiiireon •
Plitladelptua, Haltlesose, Mew Yank
and Beaton. •
THE entourages:teat We Benham receivedeltiee
no commencement, /as induced the proptie
ton to Increase the stock by adding a number el fir,
elan boatr and instead of giviag receipts as hetet*
foie •ss agents, we will par our own receipts for
freight shipped bythis line. •
The bans are all portable; eossequently freight
is taken the whole distance without transhipment,
thereby pterenting damage barn Irequent handling
on the rws, and as each boat or owned by the
Captain who runs them, which is • SU fficient par.'
antee that there will be no delay on the route. •
a A e ll
sPgeoedw orMfrwa n rd d d
for advancing and forwarling, and will
be shipped withoat'delay at the lownt rates of
We respectfully solicit a sham of public patro
nage. • WALLINGFORD & Co.
: Canal Ruin, Pittsbeogli..
BELLAB & C 0.,, Agt.-
Bond Street ; Philadelphia. .
. • •-• Bowley's Wharf, Balbmere.
Fittabargb, Feb. • • •
1844 eaa 1847'
M BE undersigned tire am_ prepared to forward plO
duce, ire., to the EASMAIarkAO daring the. erne.
ing Winter, on the most favorable terms, by this
dittoes route.
AS property consigned to us will be forwarded at the
lowest "Ines and with despatch.
Merchandise received_ by tau lamepnnolitlY for
warded.. C BIDWELL, Agl...Phlaborigh.
. • W CASS. :
Atm77 EGERTOS & Co,Combeibred
1846 • AND - 1847
E subscribers-will receipt forthe delivery of Pte
.L d i eee m Baltimore by the Monongahela glackwater
tlinfolkrwing pnees:—. . . . .
Ashes,' Bacon, Btatter i l ; itiL Laid, Port, iailow,
Wbiaker, r, and G r—Pn ets per '
anottemt,rteser,F)at and Wheat—diets per 100114.
Ashes, (rot) Apples, Cheese, flat-Seed, Masa, arid'
Leather-106 eta per UM lho
Oils, Skins. Seeds; Wool-110 ets per IN lbs. •
iII,VII•2Z, Feather., rung, Omens. and Shake-Rant
—PM ets per leo Ibl. . .
111 properi consigned to caber of the sindersigoed
will be forwarded witheat delay, free of Commission,
of above rates. WII CLARK, Urownswille.
as ett;rs ORENC.III. VW It I IV
fir thirardelky it is hot right and proper-thet i 4 atrium
which the ehiso for soppon iehard alswild be follrand air;
ly set forth wad oho wow paranteet be girenthat th e wail
moony wiL not he imporre upon by ming it
In the lint phee it ts.well Mathew that the iyrwaralisy of
black linkallwre composed of • preeipitate,Aeld together Arabic i and when throater,either. in whole or tort
is ap:anted the pa andprvetpilwe ara kilos • Fluty:nos
•in the pin or iniutund which coatainait.- It la also armada
ao ailed vinegar to the lak thore to Woke it more
which theresaerthe ern by sethisia-thy len, it a wall ore;
corroding ilthrotughlti area shoaling ._21.11/ dia.. 'Wri
ting. Thud. dilkaa dim these "Diatom every napret
it at earthiest midst's's]: ' , quirkily no riwid nottetto hold
kgrther,therefore will never getakielt zed being eery Maid
• tarp quantity dews film the pen intention poet peneto,
nag *wpm Itho Ni dbra ofliliwpaper =th ug own panne
unit atanand'oeeletridsly mot - cab) alto.. tion it 0 mate
any plastered on the nude. ethihiniiioinatter that
haa sto Oink, far octane isso, therthre Ow there&
• steel peria—itwithardwootibt. oid.ulthough wealth of •
Moist. peen thlaryet ifortiohreatbeeiames hbck,
wh.h cadmic for stn. his Warranted the
kings attics home by the maw of drnold's Writing
Plaid," and one-thiasnorellnis sow pit*" Al
theg - threntwagahnttiopthitosi sit or; kind wing - b attempted
rallawing retaliators:Wiens will sate, se - ell amok ha
, th at the names then i ns
could not hare litho a I
tinned by any wane karatthoworthy pupae, • - .
. . . .
We renamed t'llThimet'sChemieel
the of the public; tontine rata art.ifle to ell rm.
•it flows free from the pen ',Uhl= ,elowng it opguml ..
!tithe coons of • few loom •omr.aa deepitmAt Meek.
B A A.m. co. Wick and MeCestdlete,
• Hobert /ICoory. John Parier, , •
Wm Lippiaeott 8 %Viettmare CM • :
PrleQmonosi Doogho Frme.. &tiers t
itobt B &kW 'Booker C A 1 . 8418117'8,
• •
• • •
iZLDiI M* 4 2 11 .- Mr Th ' os X til Zrl4l.,
-ch..i..1 Wriliso Mid, and lhol it a Sol olio arlieU for
Die °Mee it flaws dolly Gad Vas pea sad lososiesjd blot
T, EkTU'ILE. Book-keeps , ,
0 4 .0 1 ! k 8 , , e 1 e:
1 • .
• .
-, , A
Ittstorshlsg st„
Mr T I . Thldsert—Deii Etti Irwin pressured •
• 144''
your Wrilin FLA, sos: Watt maid ap,'lddsoidar it l'aV
In ,
ot maxim. daosiZoo p z t a i y uliy, Sok solid
•wimtisiiiiEwAar, Book-kopo • ,
.7 " rot drllotO IT lAD* no
2 111 - T• It 111bot , —eor Eli: dams now oar Ist - odoll
.."Weitiog Fluid, and dad Isla to • sod a snit articialor.
idol peas, as itdoas motel% than oplika of
moodalilr or
'Elba. solos it doworria and beasassai ds7 !sud is d . dais
t l . .' , WlLlall=t:tk-loodii-
far Jolsa - •Paster.'-'
Tritiated au .old Wished/a zed Rau dvykassiad.lL
Ilado . sit,,..Dosittoroad ._o . /dimly .
D R: IN gORISBrII riles p
....../ ••entain and radial:;;Ts,Tnifar - sienerasi
bkedin or bliad, elm, kr Glenna of tha Iddoan inlaid.
der, yaw "o the lank' an nips, habitual eiZat at%
Fenn before ad dna annennst i/i; - amnia
w t
coasdpaliaa of Uti learn In antinasnoi war u at
N la all ands non thhBpselde. en hntitineAriat in ;
that safety, an I a entain nand . The Steele a. nay..
pepsin, and in entirely . nonad,fineat ant
hela of gatolant,ealselscs a . t t eskaandpag
Indy Wenn lotn tan delimit, non :',' If. - .
. ..: -
' This 6to unify that I now Da. Inoldnra N. llyarida
tab a men eart and stata ready.. }Win ass itealln.
in antral eases, sanenst say Inaily eamenieen, ty mated en ,
Armed and wren ens of We piles, when it =di menthe
New Ynk, May, 180. . Xrl Iliath nen_ , •
I neerfallysny unman as In In enianatul Ann
tang ants a Dranoldsby h Pilo Brae,* /.• knanit
fan ley onmerianna aad oberratkuw 6 ilia 101kgaw,'
havoc area it nth Nona la wan/ assent nth. "ig e
OEO. MIL., . , -1
New Yerk, /gabled& • -. TA llinh neat ;
. • Neer Yen, Min,lB4B,
Mr. Dual .. -llear air -1 ban tha phannal tio Ay, that
Wnada:no, Dr. Iraagotran srar ha ends arm
on in the ras a!yty nen: ant lan lllee=tord .
that 1 Ina been manned at it,.. it len se is
m,„ -by e,,,, z ,.. hen. , /Intrenr, Inn new lan 43 then&
' ia ben ialkllslie, and do shin all onus who an en
dined la In Mu mans, noun tha .. t h...... - :
depend an •nrtain ears ' • -
Omni" MY, May .
_lBO. -
t ,.. hic= it lhar 111 .-.11.1 Mr ley Mal *half
who ow, ' ,as udl ea to t
oy Ng nia& for
the benefit/ hen dented Inn the ysne *lain In:
ask, 1 amply wills Ton mond, sad war do gm at lead
thy as nor at it a .hiwilli lemma/ at a went nth
e Piles .Aar having nod ether mann withann al e .
... rears nth regent
Mg wholitiele sad WWII In W/4. JACIESOtoes I. p,,,. '
eat Medians Wareham., and Ina and 81. ton,lfa. 10
Kann .even, bed a Iff.s.l,ll#ofte. 311 eat .
D guiunow-rr to
- _Gisavars;VA Jity 3-15,
B, p„ankatilharBu,-1 parelmed aim two
Mal Mes sr Sam' Vernadmi, end made wee/Lena be&
"" r °I T ehlk i n uh " kacelitla bent 0110
worm, sad Cool the raker pd..., socesseunnilt.te
lee k
commaityror ope a die bola remedies I bare ever neat
, • sax Tacintster; Et. -
I . Prepoind and aid by Y.B nauxite,l4 Wood vs.,
IRMg ar S &I maas. &ad by Dr. Cdaraykk We*
at ili_b~ - Rag
. .
.-',..._.- ..-
• • - El* IEIZZILINAEhI .. I -! .
• MEDICATED- LOZEN4ES, kt•ID took Ai.", S.
A 81tElniAIT hiidiocurtrell it s way to t.), „„y k l,.
D' plasma,. that children will aa. tt thSl.l) eui try for
loom See that hisfairisnalt ir, around earn Out ot Lena •
gay a Pot of Tooth het.. the bock of that theta; wed in
all 1111 of Ginruhena, I ! '
- Thaw Lumps the aft*, onort sore and Greeted ~,,,,,
.dy kw coughs, eolde, coosasapuots, whoopireF loughs, 'tom.
ma, Ugh.m of the /throe died, etc, ete. o ,
' the proprith
bas never knoll.. mums where they did' ot got save(
satisfaction. Several thousand boob have breo void within '
the haver, redwing to health 'pens. in aka. , esery doge
of coneuroptnno ht er nd Mo. tthd the mart dispel...,
tot. ad e.g.. They do not and dry hp thrrhugh, .
wrestler luny, promote espireturatioo,alsy the WWI. oe
erritatires, and remora ehe pr0...0r ersilnsg was.
. Thoy are made Bon e Foiablation ofs see. v44.14e eq.
, newt s to oTgh ord... and-aro oadoubtedly myth.. to .
u 4 Uscotreueephuta• Nottdreda upso hare •
I YreZ i' lretiftethe r liave been offered of thrie 15.deIla rit.
tenet Ls those who... bees med. luta au untiatek;.. rm.
and mused to point hold, by ushog them. • '!• ••
IV.. there mt.,. pain in side,ooe of Sher
awnn'. ZUG. ;prim only 11l mold thould 41 ,
wandle ptht,-.4 woo tin rellesed.--LlatteudeJ
*ok veser, akw eathartie or ,retire lothosth• or air'
solid cathartic mordline, Should be ased orsenassee, rec l aim'
_ _. - SHEIllIlli•S witmilit LOZENGES '' - '
The. Sturrehportgethave bon proved in mare thin 1,400:.. 'I ,
MO mats bbe infeLlild. the ouly eertath mar oturupo9
soh.= everdssecorered..-Stany diseatenarisee frusi worms
and mead. long said tatenethofferiegotud es. death, with '
out their net beteg euspeeted; gorwa per... me to With
alakted wi th thentorod are doetuntd Far Vulcan euesphanti • -
without any.btheht; when ow dose of threr Leettegss etUulr
.Aeolis, cure thew ' , • • . ! .
Slnnewth# Wothes,4elts 4 theists..
sire breethi peke; at the inne,griudiag of the .1 during
dreposid et limeespelrenteabotttelsetipswith muted thselta
bkini4la Gut nose,aassewmg ...Sou at the thusaeli,
! ' •
41011.1 otter the surfeee at the body, eliOt tinge vs. Ai+
A.P. hes.ehei •drerthine* entry Wyor, disturbed I •
ere... sadden startiag ne deep, with fright arettereintiet I •
otteetissee a thordiktome eoegh lverishness,thirst, .141 1 .
' hue, ille, bad tem In the mouth', didl th dt besa th ou g , path to !
the ethench or 6o
0... eau.. merunithatura„vora, , ..,
do. wail, lama awed h e or ialorgspitsprly----
ehooting path ornrious peon of the holy, a sense of eo,toe
thing .4/ ta the What, itelung,oftheau. euvvaole tlightot
frequent desire to par torreerthess from the bowels, siol outh
tenth diteltarges of those and.... • ' - I ." r . -
• sezastnive CAMPHOR LOZENGES. •I • ,
. -They . give thetonfiale :relief to nem. ot 'W. hca•lel.
pelpitatesu of In., lownelesf the opirits, deipondthey
tamee.byr. lath. oen thnrets.l...l or nunthen new •
plied, cliatnelappreathea ...aura. of ..liteg of the :the.
eholie, epents,. cramp of the stouteAt - ne.bowele, hyderica/
affections, and 01l MIIIOIII dbeesei, &oilier. Utvough the
day, and saheb.. throogli the night; 'cholera' or; . 1 .4
en moorhen vlivrhen, latitude oe th sense . steals..; ter
-I netitrig ye atteenfing hog< part., will and the Louth
Ere reaTtrtnitafil La/perneg Ilthuoyeikyofitththyonta •
afteedintipaplen Inn meant the lour of the ay. a e` a).
entity, lad moon tee itupleinst symptom: arniv ...
le free livisg:' 'tennis who have been Lao ink bran, hog
thandrthe l l their esi petad halite, lib And troy! Listrsrvq,, sal,
inirab le _ poe di m..
TU.. strength...cp... Ist the worldond a rovere'ga
remedy le Pilo, or wasi. thew to . the beek ; loins, side, huh, • !.
linge,yousta; death. '
luntbego,le.- le: One whim it
yssewdlnotagply %edema.. \ They require
tag befetwon...Warvanted sparne. to ell otho,sh4
for aft quarter the weal preter.ahog not onlyl4l bed, 111.
theehope 4 atphater i
b . ow tvlbe world. It affords relief is akw
In r coiephint ...1 dyers.. it thould be won , ova
0. ad. Iteeroe done& aid it .iill arced ethat and
• regret .In. iouglut;esids, ad.., ditheulty oe • '
oppreetion'of the dust dr adlayh, lb will its •
:deab"th'b4.44}4llCOVVVlste's ertTet;'erill twin
dayled espysert loam. *MI. truly drengthvoing Plas •
tee. PhyetnamgeseraZy reetscumnd them, in ;refer.. tel
ittleth=leauns they Mickey ad.. betteroodalford;gent.
er, their rgiest47 are atimulent, tome, sod
analysis Therm ma of entirety differs. lagredi . ,
eats feaserry oder, end front the terries. ot mit '
lime who hues nod them, aeyrell es the owed festions. of -
an the adebraied end H ibelognuhed. elegy antlphydebse, he
be Seemed meld end highly ti'ttrifietttedplareer ' - 1. ,
Senna prevosathan testlid it the watritouee. ! thev t o
theiratzwe end Shenk', at the ahnose utineuletereuneettate
Dinah. be ...ern. the b.k of eel, ,phstie,vilit a
teeireile of DrAllerman mate. It is iseper.llyouthruld
aline ask tor lbettnattet Tow Um% neater, and see that
C a net the Elrldnee..thets an .127 worthher thrift..
wan about and sold /sr tat . troe . Ebernanee Aldan, by
' .V i artthenthiannestad by WatICKSONai Itie Pete.
Medicine Wen:bow, Zia th laberty *sit, dir of IV
Undiluted, 04 Marehldi 11 Hf.
.• -
De o diropits m tomtit to flue publßaurticoderly ts .
thf.fetitted moili a disease of Dm lone, or Cousumption
that in the Spring of DM lureihßeeleadovith invert cold
Millais Most teemai Mated 'aiosi ity iine, Melvin ell' the
symptm of mi apprmoridat.Cuniontption. -Dly cough oloos
tight and trouldesorde, mtiodat whit eopicau night rreatf;
spit!" daily a Mosuilemble eamotity of, !hoed, mixed aith
!ink .iaoio'matter, M 7 eitmlioa beam mike:end al:Moo
ing. • Darby this ! thne Twos MU:4M h two of our, inail
skarn! Pfalsiciany tkey did the beat they could forma{ .nn
, ff. aD 1 .1. 0 _ of eyreemeq,fakfmiag
am Rod nothing emote...MN done—that my . louogs were It -
telly disououd;end Miami resimaly. I ans Rea persuaded by
a Riad of lobe to make • Irial of Dr. Drowsier Erpirar;
not Rantdi, which my Notations persisted atioasymiong
that Doh miCdßine would do * Do pod, and - would mai add
moretoony eafferlay. IDM Remit ',FM m7lamt and only
hops, end that if f aunt dk.(tLe d mese, (nhiCh sass eve• •
dent bO my) there Amid 100 nothing kel„. Do I mot to Moe
•BficioutetiOirme that aftimasusi r. of dd.. bxly.Valus
ble Illedkine,and 4201111231.811 ming hocurd)eg b. the diree
icanoMich, forma of adding to my suffering, immediately
gem me relief, at mem ern:stow the seeable: mote Con
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" •• •• • • • 'Nora. Snotrnatt,
Carr•J. Sworn: • -
when this tshudsi fdeditino tutu alga,. bo
Sold In 'Pittsburgh, by hl. JACKSON, corner.
Wand and . Mom mg w.. nun:Agar,
I Hair Cream, .4 mamaless•nnicle for the litowth,
Beauty and Restoration of the Hain - This Creme, when
once Miaow wily sapersedn all other articles of the
kind tow used. Where the hair is dead, harsh.thin, an
• boalihe or runditg grin a• few applications will make
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ppearacem , ned will also makeit retain es I
• and healthy rotor swift as long os all the preparations
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malice Parehale a bottle of the Chinese !Inlet - Warning
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other preParadone, Let will beautify it, and give perleet
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see the
;,,a7=.inigferetch, Idashriite, General /knells foc i
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Letter horn the Rea.: R. Caldwell, parlor of the Pim •
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As an article h* - the Tolley my wife ',keit -it . prefers' •
nee over allOtherei -
delicately perfumed, tad ens
:disposed torancldity. 'The Lae* especiany will find'
the Chinese Cream to be a desideratum ot their peps-.
ntlaoi for thelodek Respectfully • •
PalaikaJaFq. 7,1E47. CALDWELL .
PdFMwholeersfi Mall, In Pittsburgh John
tsendi No 45 Market Heel. and Joel nickl,e
earner 6f Weird andplith ,JntOii : ,
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Ur.- tileafa Afedieine, which has entirely relieved me '
..... 6. m.: . .gia at MY mentacp, Itatilri Me to cement.
6 eemal •• Several or my hi ads aed acquaintances
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' . -,.. ' " . • JANE LEBO!? nudism st
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One Week
Twe Weeks . " " "
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One Month, "
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Thine 0 ' • " ' 50.
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One square. 6 months, without alteration,... 1090. •
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Each additionasliqUare for 6 months, ' 500
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One eqesie 6 on e elbs,renewable at Oeuvre, 15 00
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Cecil @Oiliest' wince for Wmootkir
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Each additional Rum, 6 months, ...... 00' 4 .
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One equare.3 Insertion," '- - "SI 50
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Fite lines or less, one year. . 6 00;
• 0 • . 5 00'
cue year; daily& weekly, 1011;
" wiz months o6_
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