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__You base itopoieed that through life
'We shall journey heart-united,
Ilakand fond, and faithful wife. -
Audi - trent the Tow thus plighted,
-Hand p'l hind, and side by side,
Through lire's storms and annny.wehtlier,
-We will oar one fortune bide,
And at matt grow old together.
%Vhat if Tinte's.unspariuiwing
dreicime pleasures has bereft MO_
Let us sot by irtunnuring ,
Lose the mauy that:aro left us,
What though youth and bloom depart,
Swift Ss birds ert Tightest feather?
Why, repine with feeble heart?
Shall we not grow old together?
Few indeed hive been our yowl,
Yet enoukli, our hearts to bind, love;
-.And to chow how iitany tears F -
In HIV. , bright - eta cup we find, love!
Since in our united youth,
We - twain 'ported ou the heather,
Dearest:. it is meet, in truth, •
That we should grow old together
Maxice.—Tbe Transcript says " The
N. Y. Literary World contains an inter.;
' outing account, by an American, of a re
cent Interview with the celebrated Alex
ander Von Humboldt,' in _Berlin. We
presume we are violating no confidence
in remarking, that the writer of this cc
count, is our friend;, John L. Stephens,
Es.j., rim well knows author of the best
book . of travels in Cential America, that
haa.ever appeared. But we will not de
. tain our readerslonger from the interest
ing notes of his interview."—Ercharte.
'Baron Humboldt. was keenly affve:to.
the present condition of Mexico; he wits
full of our Mexican war ;• his eyes were
upon General Taylor and the American
army. I was well aware thaq in the
conduce of this war, Pen. Taylor Was
_drawing upon himself the eyes of all
Europe, and - that whatever might be the
differences of opinion as to its necessity
• or justice, it was producing everywherk
in monarchical and anti-republican coun
tries, a strong impression of our ability
--and powi for war—which, in inlighte-n
-ed (?) Europe, even at this -day, more' ,
than all the fruits of peace, industry, and
extended commerce, more than the ei 7
. ,hibition of twenty -millions of pee l e
abounding in all the. comforts of life, r
sex us to the rank of a • first rate power,'
. - and makes us _' respected.'
"Baron Humboldt said that with one of
,his own maps before them, the King and
his _military council had followed Gen,
Taylor from his encampment at Corpus
. Christi, to Palo Alto and Resaca de la I
Palma, through the storming of. Monte
rey, and the bloody scenes of Buena
• Vista. They had fought over all his
battles,und with his positions all marked
on the map, were then - looking for fur
ther tidings. they had seen and appre
ciated all his 'difficulties at Buena Vista:
In Prussia, war is a science, and accord
' ing to the, leading pOlicy-of -- Etirope, to be
always, ready for war, every ,male in
' Prussia, the highest nobleman's son not
excepted, is compelled to serve his reg
'War term in the army.
"In the teeth of all settled opinions,
and, as it were, upsetting the whole doc
trine of standing armies, Gen. Taylor,
. with a handful of regulars, and a small
number of° volunteers who had never
been in battle, had stood up for a whole
day against a murderous fire, and had fi
nally defeated four times his number,
Field Marshals and Generals of Prussia,
among them veterans win; 'had studied
' the art of war on the great battle-fields of
Europe, were !muck with admiration at
- the daring and skill displayed , at Buena
Vista ; and this admiration, Baron Hum
• boldt said, they expressed without re
freely, publicly, and everywhere.
' Amid the bitterneseand malignity of the
English! Press, -it was grateful to hear
from such lips, that, the leading military
men of! is military nation didjustice
the intrepidity and firmness of our colon.
' teem, and to the courage, skill, and high
military! talents of • Gen. Taylor: while
Baron -linailioldt's comments upon his
dispatches nod:Tiorders, and in fact upon
. what -related to him personally in the
conduit of the war, were such as no
. . 1 American could listen to without feeling
' proud. "
It is said that the sailors of the Chi
nese Junk, in Nere York, keep in their
room it the !mho's' house, an idol, whieh
they worship dail3. 'lt is mentioned, al
so, that some Chinese iri New Orleans
maintain' faithfully the worship of their
country. k
Dictcsoar &
36.80 ikaas.&/ . 7 doom TAW, S. , th 1414
.01-PORTERS and , .W hoteuie IMJc rs in Watches,
- J.Watch Gleams and materials. J e welry oral! dese
Scala, qualities and IRV., comprising all the snide.
. oxineesed with the trade.
Clocks, Diana a. Son's Bothnia, Venus. Silver and
Myer plated wares Sheffield and Ihnanteheutt plated
2 , !lacy articles, godgenl Son's and Wonteuholm'aiat
lery,samrs,xunts, erasers. desk Knives, fr.e., Ivory
• „handled table cutlery of the, finestonediont and
ZOO qualdies.. -A large asanntrient of gold pees. p e rt • Axel, seeientstra, papier macho. imif JefAntled t,
• , marinas shapes and qualiiiesott r educed rates, gold
- ,wateheasea and sibser ware of all descriptions roan-
After:an:din order. ;
• . •
DICKSON k CO. having recently removed into the
W_ and commodious wasetiorme formerly oecapied
by N.. lohltuist At' Sao. and more recently by
...Atakora re-Pennington, Leg leave td ink= K melt
-.- Draders,Southern and N%estern Maseiranu and others
that - may design having in all times ap acsonment oh
Cicadae( their awn Imortation which/they are delet
ion:mid to sell at the lowest roles. , j •
ErEvety aneittinn will be pad to the packing of
goads sod in the execution of orders, the noon nes and
patal will he My guarauticd against all competition.
IV(r4 156 Xfith Third Sired, ,
/1.10•1 NOW rtZEIT,
a n d
ni n e • .
11)CIS on band, and asanafactinve -to order, Artificial
AL Flowers, Feathers, Madman, and Face Caps, La.
dies' Dram Caps, Border., Cabarets, Sc.
• Andevery description of Fancy Goods, which ho Will
sal at the 'wont market price, . .
hi B.—Feathers dyed, cleaned, altered, and dialed.
Ditag3T.,ter stint
STEW LIAMI4I2I. • • ' .
• ea over all
' TOIL S ""''''r arsl i .rti:lrra . asT.t u s i tsf d"'" i ,
.. Mastageabloess—Thrapidltity.sad foreeet,hlOor
ha m her eanualled with the greatest ease, while the
• hammer in in operation, and the hammer may be in.
ataW./y artested, and surpended at coy height.
Its Universality, or eapaeiry to execate conk or . all
kinds, ham the lessen to the eeriness,
the same
Ita Sinanlleit, Compactors. and Cheapness.
ItiAcenadttlity.opon. all lode% by the workmen.'
Ike hammers are made Belf-Acti Pg.
The subsesslsery continue to execute en
ate. tree for then
hammers, ol.allsines, apes. reaaenable
" . F o r 6.!11 . 1i .p" ! '''' , " !=ge f &TiAVN4
.41.5*S Or the Patent for the United Ettuet . ...
-. • -; DERRY. ik
• Idannfneinverg of - :• •-
• 111111161% 101106,
,]-• • • of Ar.t.irzecntrneurc,_: •
310111 Vouth. Front ,Otreitt,
) 111141 7 4 -A: Cabind.Warc Neale y
• rib'
1111: 8 .2tVw° , ,;r 1 u!tee° 9
Amended to. .'ll% G. - UR&
•01041 yr :A : C.. NICK-R.9130N
a'2 2:;:tkmatel i
pkitaddi 4 .o o • lly ~.,...,4 , fi„Z
sill hal'
1 inr:' n.
. m s 6.. L. ... 4 io r
i M,
k a -.21.1 be ...k,.. h..d.e..... ar".
-.. toutistlir *Alan ordt:l .
. 1 ....,, 4
' . addiW
..a.Tiketita.P... l4. ' ox-ly
1. ' .... 46 0 *44 of selfttai Na_ t _
ite tj , A r tingTk,fonutbrd 1..;
HtS iad . "" 1.,.1 Ltd rte. P.n..' cr, 4„„„,.,.
~..... ;ik ..., „„, ,„, rene z ,
an .., rat .
' . ....c. coatnil....n 0 n.c.10, orthe daf•
swag 4) ... 9....4gy AM Trani a, phip ..1•1•Tal
. Cl irg k raM*46l-'....;;-111*.' kiirl"Wrni.r.o"".°l"ll " Le% Ink lia: .
. F- 01 . 1 . 1- • --- i II pgiusql • - ,
sun* 11.1 •• 'h. Lateind
. ....agrapeaceil" ..tairsai.
.:•-- i! • .7: moini—sithil'wlviicae=',D,ol.,.&c.2L.,
I„,l°6 lgelLuwe b " . " 4 lr,...l
?...., sitealizi, ~,,hisso--r..,19.-_,
~, ,E,c...-42.1.13144.411.4.0. ogr,
,7 .ibrpa 4.01,“ l aW k- - dJAKI*
...(.4-11: - ' liesiiiihisPl?.,
.• -,. •,_
'- ..,..,*'--;.,.- - ,:' '0 411 , 1 ` • • '
• 7,1-.17.
_ .....„.
expat:Tdinary Medicine 'in me Was:M. '
This extra:atm pub up ti quart braes re tern cheap
er, plemanter, and warraated =piper to Any aold.„1 ,
diorite walkout romithog, portray, admire MIL .
bilkers Jeep, -.rt.
The grist beauty and eeperiority of this Sonaparilla PM
all otherlardicine is, wkiht it readteree Distrait Intim.
.tee the Body. 1t is one of the very best SPRING-AHD
SUMMER MEDICINES ever knows , it ma w only purils
the whole mum Sad .800 ,
the person, ht Crolas
New,.ood BIM; aporiir par needkry other
Medicine. "Acid in this hoar vend rent of im ma ma
mere. It het performed within' the
_peat two years, am
than 3S,Ott co oa r &TIM Cosei'of Linea ; loot 5,000'
of thew were red ineuntile. More thao
~two ear of Omer Ithsomattim ;
2,LX earn of Ityryieleit;
acheinn of Garret Daintily and Wallt . of Erergy;
7,u1n1 cm of differ.. Emends Croplainta ;
7 2,1410 aues of &rattle
I,stkr men of the Lirin ' Complaiat ; .
2,5a1 ewe of Dream of the Slop and °ropey ;
e ;KO cm at
rod Thomas of amm Comuni oDeer of the Blood, eh: Ulee ni
cryrpelmi Salt Rheum, Pimples= the Face, is.; ke. Td
.igewir with sonorous mom of Sick Ilculirhe, Plan
reload Cher, Elpiml Affections, Le.; Lc.
Thr,ble are .ware, moat appear isecredible, but re ham
letters from phyrcita Wow agents from oh lima of the
'United Statehenhurag tut of extraordinary men R. Eno
Buskirk, Req. one of the meet respectable druggire in Re+
.ark, N. J.,io.fOrms m AMA he eau refer to tome than W ea
rs In that place trooLl . There are thermals of am in Ur
City of New York) which ra rill thrint pl. um!,
and. to men of chareeta. .I.t h the her tonfitittie fora.
Prematie• of dhow known. it madotaitedly saved the livir
of roe than
• 6,00 b.ranaill • on Pm Stem !
de it mimed theeeme of arose, and plepared them L
the Sumer actrool9
Vomit ST/113 Orrtcra.
Cl/T. 0. W.lllcemer, 0/ T 6. UNEY/ofh/071.1 Nan,
mid member of tha New Jong, awe, boo kindly mull
• m the Following certifiers. It tell own shoty. .
Reswen, Jar tri,
Altar gm 1 eras taken with the Inamtra, Moly whole
system ha in a debars/Id rate. I was induced to try' Dr.
Tormoird's Sarno:M . lh, M. &Dar taking two or three bot
tles, 1 ram eery mil& ~bree d, aJ numbute it entirely Mar
mid Sanoparilla. .1 hare ainnered takinp it, ark food that
1 novoi every day. I Mbar it wed toy life, and would
oat be sithout it wider my
0. W. IlicLame late U. S. N.
. . ,
. .
• /77 ' . . . IchstssCiSinlno.
This eurtincli.e conclusively proves UM this Ssrsaistrills .
Des perfect esonol over the oadt obeinste ai......r the
blind. Thine persous cored its ono house is unpritcnikated,
• Timms Cittirsculs.
D. Toortutrun—Dear Sir: 1 bans the pleasure to inform
you that throe of my childrco ha. been cured of the Sem
liki Of the use of your excellent asedicine. They went
alietsul my scrently with bed sons; hate ly AA= kur
balks; It nick thissi m for winch I feel .1 y r ast:ski.
deep obligation. Ya msupinfolly,
Levi W. C 11412,105 Wismar st.
1 ' New York, Mud. 1. MU
' •
Dr. Tountund'a Barsoporkihi It a sorstrign and speedy
cure Pr buil.. Consumptioca Ilarrennius, Lancorrts. or
obstructod er &Scott hf earvualiau. Inconinotance
of time, or inctionuty din:harp tharsof, and for the gra
m] prostration of the splain—no witetion the molt
of killers. now or cum, produced by irregultrity, glans
ae accident
Noshing not be more sturising than its inrigoratmg af
fects bit Ust Inman frame. Peron., all wok.. and
tuts, from from Wang it, at WM 11.0.0. robust and full of arorgy
under na Mom. It innuatiately somitracts the 10.3 Tit
luontai of the kook frame, lb. gruit Mlle of Ear;
Itlt will Dot be expected of in, tot nixes of ow delicete • ete.
tare, In ethibit craci.odet of Cons performed, but we can
wore the edict., that hundrede of non hate ben reported
tow. Several eases where *nil. ha ss been witlsoot
after wit[ a few boale of this onehiehle medicine,
lace been bleat nth Isealthy offspriug.
Of Ttnessued: My wife be.; gently distressed by
urea.. and general .ring ..l willering coatinuelly
by pain and a wassation of bori down, tailing of the
whenand with other difficult., wad haring Instwo ear.
where yostr usedr . We paddled great nves ; end also hew
lag it recootoutadal for doult nose as I hbre drecribed,l obtain
ed a bottle of your Extreet of Sarsaparilla, and farmed
the dirt:dims you gm we le a oho. ponod It rem..
her complain. and tutor. her health. Being grateful fir
the bona. she rewired, I take in th..kooodedg
lag it, and reasameadiog it the pablic. N.D. Moo.,
Cor. of Gruel end' Lydia. on.
Tannemnd: To whom this mgmocan--This is
to certify that my wife land one bottle of your Sarmparilta
predate to her amfmetnent, tamertbe amahrentag end
delede eirtmenatereht beteg troubled with the &pi, seal
ing of Ina At, nerrom ima, and very morn debilna
ted , AM my perm:mem, mai the. rememetdativa of AA
ho had AN d, dut erea mimed to try at, with lattle or no
Gina; and ealLee it to my, the rtednee had de happy and
denred vlfeet, not only in the hound emfinement, hot 04.0
rho explation *tame Ask of ita .3e, the dvemty aad nar
rate annals gare Ay to an astanulang doper, ad bar
Imelda is DOW 6ett.:l tlmn it bad Anten A a hog woe pre
If Ons mall be of any amine to you or ney: one vaho
daubta the aomirmof the AAA, T., are entirety AAA
to it
I solourile stpulf your mut ob./lig:mina:n.o'7;7 4 !.
• Titia Editnet of Sarawak& has. beau expresaly prepared
to team. to (mak crespWata. No kaiak also has rat
sou to Kipp/ gm is appeoachiug that Waal pericd, " TA,
turn of iYi, ' abodd antra to take it, as it a* rattan
Fertility for &ay of the enactors :ad ticerible disease. t
latish (mule are subject at this timed hie. Thle period
son be drii.yed for swat me" by Wig this =did.. Nor
is it k.. raluabli to dare who are appeatichictic . srowahood,
as it is
111 ...La eakire b saickeasn; h. t blood
awl inrkpiratiai dm "jam. Judea!, sib oaribicfar is iamb
uabia Car all of the &bobs limn to which Imam are
It braces:rile spatm4rettems paussainitly the mato.
. to elteeipati—kii rumoring the &awakes of the hody—eot
to tar doe the arum. to produce • sublawst ea
, laliva;vatich is the ease o[ mu ettedickaa takat far female
eak.. sad Oseaaa _
0111411 READ THIS.
Y. who here pale ,1m eyes, blotAws ea the
Care, weigh shin' , of Cr..., out of *rits;"
a bottle or two of LW Tow,— o Sarmpon .al
elcuse your Mood, remove 4!... ond bloteltee, and
give yon ...ion, sparkling ....% Th.., bemdiful
comp. - S.—oil of which are .1 isimesse Na in kismet
No third ev isedicim. has m i boat dimootred whohh Jo
nearly vereables the vatic juice 'or Wino io dectempookg,
Lad ad stmacthmin the asp& of diglations, as this prep, ;
ration of SanomeaMs
Ams...DesawstmOri, 10, MM.
Dr Toarmendtr Sir=4 lam been aft.. for memal
massy& dyspepsia in its wont foo ms, attended with sour,
oast of stomach, h of appetite, esker. locartburn, .4 a
great mangos
to all of food, and for woks (slat 1
amid sat) /ham been unable wren& kat a soak pennon
on my atomach. 1 tried thu lI rm.., K bad
but little moo elk. in mowing the coraptaint. I was in
doced,aboul two moot. aims, to ay yom Attn. of &cow
parilla,m4 I matsy wt. /it& moldeure, oßer unag
„nearly two bodies, f.todoinyappette restored, .4 the
h.... Morn entirely remmalt and 1 'toad .rmaly rammo
mast the use of it to those who ham bun algieted as I bare
Yours, 4-c., 1. W. W. Volt Satan.
Nov V,18413. . - ; Statatlibind.
llrid the knowing,and doulp if Teou otttti
tlnl coo.®
ties moon. eu.d. This a oily ose or the &mai Moans
thst.Tmnactiol's Stmts.& Ms comd -
r T e m.:nil—DorS¢. 1 was taken, • lin e. It is-
k over a
; year ago, with • macre onagh wad pain in my.
creased os toe veal fadonitees. Ima pros... by phy
sicisss to has. thu quiet masoaptiowl raised Imp quan
tities of had same bad osght sweats, a. &kir; very fast:
my Comm e said h Cis& do maks fw me. I we. onto tho
hoopla! Saw. of ben3g beeadtlen, Ist petemamd &re
as incurable. I'vois now gmolly date.. at the lungs snd
could hardlyhmolbe 0 mon became emaciated, and cape..
to die • was milked & my bed, laid was obliged to have
watcher.. indmod 1. cannot pre you .7 dewription that
woold do justice to my cam 4 wao summed try my that
to to pat recovery ; 1.1 tried o great bomber of mond.' ,
and WlN:ma to to to so pumas I iced of some mat ea
traordisary coo performed by moor toed:eine, and to tell
you the truth, 1 onspeete4 time was some humbug in them.
But I was induced to try it , I did so, and sot very thank ful
1 did. I ann. my M. las mainly well, but am ra far
reetwered as to bit about sly ysifea, .d hope to la entisw
ly wall in • few weeks. My tough and pus in the side
.4 night weals Ware left ma, sod raise b. nay little, mod
ittl;lP 6 .4 td, Morenett. I bit dwy to give
you a stotesneut of mfeSee, Mai& if you
in= IStows, 47 Little st,llevahlya.
Opinions of Physicians.
Dr Torendrand is almost daily remain orders Dom plar,
mins la diffatid pub of tra Doke.
Dia is brava, dad ws, d.. cordteripsedvPhybeions
1b al
Ciryof Anon, late la-asserain eats prescribed Dr.
Torosemdb Sorapscirbo;tod belies it robe one of &armor
robable papa-atom of too Dadospreilk
re PUiho maker..
Ll/10, 11,
J Ntuo.,a V,
88=0115,01 0,
f ammo.. it v.
*lb.7, April 1,1645
This la to oodofj that we, ths nadersigned, practicing
Thussouien Phyocose alba Riled Albany. haw frequent
ly perwri . 2rl Dr T Gape .r.D2.9...d„, Earner
of Barw-
We..^3,L.l.4""abLotheorld r' mmead
sztameos. dir
wry in prekr Wan
akse to any of Ow aderWired otliediaor war in
ow. A'W Itcuu.b,z r,
Albany Aki} 9;1E44. Wet B Skarros, r.
Iktistipaloffico, 03 Fallon et, N
Y• lted
Cu . piste at Downs Dr Liyott t . 5....1.72 North Ike
pgdodelphis; 8 El Han., Palturre; and by
pprrm~c~~ppll ,p a thane ere the theta Ntetee,
wed helmeted the Comeau*.
NOW genuine, mks, pot op in the hrp Rosso . bottle*,
hia cootaln s qtart and sped enth the driatta spews
of r TOWNdEND, nod humane Weis 00
From th e New York May Eaprrat if dpnl 9,1r47.
pretty.thiew wowed tha emu`, yesterday. It ens
due odes...wog tab, or Sans walla Eapreas of Dr TOTRY , 6II.
Tht wig& thug is goo up in good taus :wow of the orris.
, in laadeespopoinionge ore ,flee benotifutotklei with
tho scrol work an sad, glideujni in the Straw
rarely'rqluelled Droadeggy. We Wks Ohio opportunityt to
may whelk's, this astlacTof tho Eareaperillo disarm We
wry great perdwill itkiss ooquired.
Nervous Debility.
new Yams, kdarch47,
Dr, 'ramrod hare bremblkicted same or los far 3
yean, Md. • dreadful iksbl//g is Ma elm!, kiddiami in 11.1
Load, low of globes yam in tba limb% sad gearral
brought no no doubt by Ma ceadiaaal bra! and cold lo which
I me 'abyss to le my lariness as • dyer.. I bare takes other
asceticism, too numerous to enesbou, bat wit/Oink or nomm
en. 1 Ins Induced by vigil sag in rpm to try•boltle
of yonr earoyarlll% from whirl! found 'mat Mist. !bars
dm tam smaral mom Wilkes, midi eo mbelitatingly say
-It Is the bed madicias 11m. mer tekam—lbs pm us my
heath gonr, and I feel gidtn•diferenl man a/log.llm dm
I ban takes your Elarsof.ilia. I hoes DOW • btu.• a=t•
dm marl had. mfa bas takes lt with thcasem •
'Mal mamba would mogriand it is .• dandy inalkisks
mmallyond feel coorinced Mal If madam. would ard,
Le balf dle Man. Wen is, and musqucally 1201 many
tacterfil Di* fin .60e liftmen amide, it alm OM to
lba Mum& and bomb. tbinr molar tom It km. Ow blood
m healiby Adds, ia Mat Maim besot goldenly to attack dm
spina: . And to all Mom who are not in abadthyslated my
try Dr TewartenStretertle
'KNOX. Pinnr, 70 Abettt.
°maker Is Um If outb.
1347. I. on wooing af coiner child and. Dr Townsend'
tionorporiDa to wood ino tires of doomed. of children -
Tbe bllotmi lowan& is atoned from n pat wenn!
reecho! Das yak.
dn. Tess Apr 114,15 4
Dt '.
ToMesest DM' 0. or., eh4dren wu 0 7
-sick with Owed:Wm in the mornb and thrad, auccdcd wild
. Items tare yonr, obtaierd soma mar
17 ,morkat '4" modicir, Lod neva it dummy,, for which I no
Yours normstrolly,
1"6"14'111"."21.1= ToirM!,27 Daimons M.
Drown, N 057 wood e n
be 31 'AM Mb who ban bare oppototsd by- r
TOW N REND sols ascot tor A 1411237
a• 1 1p
do' Olatra do Pa7l Most Ppoo t
Dr octanes Embrocation the only modlcom that
youi. cum'. sib op von , common' ond ' cronblemina
doom. It um wily im...d , o^lia l 'PP 4 l::,llT a ti
muke.,nornalinhealmiabdru atin tp. proms
trim.a""blvt=reclargyae_ able for yearn—
Ito soinicatioarodoceo no pont, Cm nulerlin wont
ble and pleasant Onsanam . POW"
Cali mni beat of the great number of cams .11.1 ye
.boco otoolokorottfl be sesoolohmkr. an of,
'MK ettyinebb bad beennolor tbd tidal dos =neon
Ybrtwoth ikrect Ow. cnrsd,lmo
JIM noonesof Embroostion.boonotsthindlimun .
.!..M.b.PomikOmoodesiH—(POLL 1144,111.191 1 r T
om.. •
YAM. For 4a/i la • VinMantb 44.
STollE,ll.EmenksMat. ssan and "
Mt oflitt Mins% Pedant M.o=6
F CM "1 rmy ng e/ b d e t t ra Vl"evttre
easy and unprotracted process of the Innetions of
woman which Netere, when uninfluenced by the
'dunes of cinliscd life, intended should be perfor
med expediuonaly, with little pain, end without sub
sequent indisposition.
for Bordeleque during di tneels in Ana, observ
ed this remarkable fact. That the women of those
coontriee- are pecoliuly different Irom all other
lands,in this respect— y
are free from the
pains and dawn which make the period of Prep.
nanny an object of so much anticipated sell:ring and
risk. Curiosity nod the seal for Scientific deco'.
ry prompted him to invintigatethe cause of this re.
narkable exception to the severe trials to which the
mined females are generally aubjected, and the
result was the discovery 01 the fact that the Women
ol those countries were in the habit of smog Mang
the last stage, of Pregnancy, certain plants which
have the faculty of imparting, that degree of tone
and elasticity to the nerves and blood vessels of th e
Uterus, or Womb which enables It to perform its
functions in all their native simplicity of action and
freedom from pain.
It if a enrolee fact, abut, that the Indian women
of North America are in a remarkable degree free
from th ose pains and dangers of pregoency and child
birth to which the white women are subjected.—
Whether they use the SUMO plants aids the women
of Ana we cannot tell. Certain it is that the fact is
no lees remarkable than we.
ThigMemedy le now extemnely used throoghoat
France with the moat marked success and 111111 fe.
males who copsemace aingle through apprehensions
of the dangerquent to the data of marriage
are now by the um of this medicine, psrforming
the Odin of wine and mothers with comfort cad
ha p inch.
It is at this time now fint presented to the wo
men of America, My Dr Etordeloque, through his
sole agent, Dr A C MORTIMER, and he feels con
fident that independent of its stannic merits Ilw,ll
recommend itself to the moral part of the comma.
nay, as it ieSully calculated to do minty with that
horrid crime el which some, through fear of pains
of child birth. are guilty, (the production of prema
ture delivery.)
m e medicine is riiio mmarkableafor remedying
that hitherto incurable diseue Bsrtenness, and in
almost constant accompaniment Fluor Jabal n
fact that reined and faith* state of the Womb
which accompanies this disease is never felt otter
the aborted use of this medicine.
This medicine is prepared in such a way as to be
agreeable and pleasant to the taste.
Dr A C MORTIMER 'No 36 14 Limenani M
New York, has been sppoioted sole agent for the
United States, by Dr Bonieleque. and n the only
peewits in this- country who a authorised to vend
this invaluable medicine, as the following letter will
I shorn
(Troulated /hem the Ffair/t)
P, Ras, June 11 .)
MAC Moirrriguo---DearSir—Acuardiug lathe
agreement catered Um between tie, I wish by this
I letter to give you that venttea authority to Dell
throughout te United State. (my Remed for re-
hewing the p a ins and ins and dangersincident to rire y
and chdd lath,) which it is necessary for you to
have to satiety the 'ebbe of its geouinenees and pn..
nty. As you are aware the continue of the Medi
cine to the influence of the en air obliged me to
nod Imo you in air tight "ends. I have also not
with it, a specimen of theimanna m which it is pat
op in Pam In like amairinir Ithould with it to ap
pear in the United Sttes. l lir, with deal
respect 1
remain yews, F E RDELOQUE, IN D.
P S'—l-alscl send you a, copy of e letter received
by mn from the Royal Academy. of Science, in
Tarn. '
(Tnmsketed from the French.)
Paris, Jan fd,1846.
~TO M. flonuzgogur—Sir—The COUIMISMIOI2-
els of the Academy have appointed the underagned
Inektheir number, no a committee to report regard.
ins the merits ot the remedy laid before us by you
(tor relieving tbe paid and dangers meident to preg
nancy and mild birth.) Several eminent Surgeons
bowing submitted to,the Academy the rends or
their esperince in the use of your remedy, we tar
ten to lay it before you, believing It to be the beat
declaims regthiingita debate distinction, and of ins
grew nine, that either You «the public could have
knelled. Whatever influence this body may pon
gen on the indsberso the profession will exerted
to further that adoption of On remedy into general
usewhich as a scientific discovery sod an unfailing
,it so nehly . deserve.. Eight Physicians
haying useirthui medicine, each in fifty cue. of .de.
livery, found it entirely succeadol ma promoting a
'damnable sale and easy delivery, free from pain
and danger. With the exception of three patients
dip, Briquet there was a perfect Immunity from
any subsequent weakness or digesee,• one of then
three a laboring woman who had met with a were
fall a weekgrektoug to delivery, mu taken immedi
ately after that event with a profuse hemorrhage,
which was with difficulty arrested. The other two
mallormstforn of the pelvis, woe in no wise relieved
of pain. Vine lee, exceptions in so great a somber
of emim no tear hurolina, show the undoubted effi
cacy of your r emedy.and hare determined us to
give it that recommendation and approval which is
die to it. and the furtherance of ecientific mad,.
ale (Signed)- 31 BRT.SeIiF.T, 31 D.
Com of the Comminioners of the R. Academy
of Science.
The public are cautioned against purchasing this
medicine fron any persons except of the sole non'
Dr A C Mortimer, No 36 I-2 Limed:id at, New
York, where this medicine is pat pip in packages
suitable for being gent by mail to any part-of the
Price - Two dollars a package eantsieing 1911 di.
rectums. '
Persons desiroes of. obtaining this Great Remedy
Who reside at a distance, eon do so by forwarding .
Twit Dollani,pon prid. to
DR A C 31ORTIINIER . ,Sole Agent for the U Sr
sene.77 6w No 36 1.1 Lupenard st,.New York.
• No. fdi DI ONS). AL
LEY n few• iciest
. - Wood street, wards to
• 'l'm matket.
%.. pa.. pun war,
Daring Men regelat . lied•
Watten,thdVelgr "*.e
Zr ° i =cs " Va r gten ti jrs%
•f In th e treatment of those
. . private and delicate coat
' • \\ .• plaints for which his oppo,
• unutimt.and experience
soul. ° • "peenliatly qualify him.—
Eleven yearn aairi• sans y devoted• to the end) and
unaware% of those comet. atr, Oaring which time hi
has hadmorr. prudent and Lass ared more patients than
`east ever fall to the hsa of a• - . 1 private Pe...Uteri an
i'leyttiratttliVati° °I
ditieuea, and wouldeases milting therefrom.
Dr. Drown infant dose argicted with pirate
diseases which have become chronic by time auger. vs
ted *rinse of any of the common nogreens of the
ddl , that their complaints canes radically and their
ugh', curcd,he haute given metal attenmsa to
the treatment of sueh cues, and unneeded in hundreds
of Instanees In caring persons of intanistion of ho peck
of the bladder, and kindred diseases whichenteolesalt
row those eases where others have consigned them to
hopeleas deapair. Ile parucelarly invites oath as have
bee:agog and ansecekafally treated by others to eon
stilt him, when every satisfaenon will be given them and
their cues treated in a earefni,thotengh.nlid uttalautt
manner,Pointed oat by long experience, itady in;
lesugation, which it in aniximnble for Oen engaged in
general practice of medicine to two any one clue o
hernia or Reptate,—Dr. Drown Mao Into
pentane afflicted with Henna to call, an he hes pai
particular attention this diPennti
Elkin Diseases; alma Piles, Palsy, etc'. Need;) eared
N. o.2lCerg.of either sin living gall dietetic°
.by stating their &owe ta writing, giving the 'imp
tow, ean ebtain medicines with directions for ase, by
addresstner DODWN, D. post pa'. I and end°
" Jflkallio: e.
e. 5 Damned . alieg, ‘ appetal 4 the WnaerrY
N .
o don, n. rail della
PILLS are becoming so universally popular
First, Because they are prepared by Dr N B Lei
dy himself,. regular Druggiat, Chemist end Vhysi
cian of Phil.delphin; who
know. the actor., the
quality and character of•lho Medicine+ used in ble
pills and their sdaptatlan to disease.
Second, Beeman the public coo take them with
gmater confidence than most other pill. which are
prepared by persons ignorant both of medicine arid
Third, Bereave al their combined edema, proper',
ties not tontenied in any other pills; namely, purg
ing from the stomach and bowels all unhealthy:sub.
staace.. and at the some time purifying the blood
and fluids of the body.
Fourth, Because they are ',the -cheapest end best
medicine knoirn—a single hot coding hot IA coots,
and coutilning 40 pills, oaring to person. as 'Many
dollars obi time. in Doctor's bills, sod numerous
medicine . bought & tried on the recommendation
of others,
Whenrier you have occasion to take any medi
cine, do not be trifling with your conatituiloo by
trying all tied.of pills or other medicines you sae
published and recommended by one and another but
take at mice
Dr; Leicky's Da — raaparilla Blood Pills
and you will not hone orsaidon to tube anything
else. They will &holy. he found good in almost all
warm of disease, I odamation of the stomach, bow.
el., liver mid intestine. ; • cramps of the stomach;
colic, Waterbrash inward levers, fool breath, bad
taste in the mouth, Sour eroctationa mid acidity of
the stomach, costiveocsa and indigestion , . want of
atite, billiou. stlection., disea.e. of the slees
a p nd pe kidney', &seam of the skin, scaly erupt p iOnd
dry - and watery pimples or blotches of the face eau
body, tetter,rash,prickle beat and salt ihtieva,head.
ache, giddineu, leo:does& pain. over the heart, of
the breast, sides, along the hack and opine, rheum.-
dam and goat, fevers of all kinds, small pot. mirio.
loul. weasel., sr.rolbla,ery.ipeles, and in ehort they
ere good le ail disesseeharing their origin in the
stomas/4' hirer, add intestines, and impurity of the
Errony Bills in a
1171henty.Sre cents a Box.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by B. A. Fahnestock
& Co.,eomer of First and Wood, also corner of
Sisal and Wood .treets. septH
INGS.—Screials in all its multiplied forms
whether in that of King's Evil, eulargements n the
glands or bones,Coitre, White Swellinp, Cnrenir
Rheumatism, garner, diseases of the Skin or Spine,
or of Nelmenary Consumption, emanate from one
and the same cause, which is a poisonous principle
more or lee. inherent in the human system. There.
fare. unless this principle can be destroyed, no radi
cal cure can be effected, but if the principle upon
Which the disease depends,' D removed, ra cure
muster necessity follow; no matter under irhatlorm
the disease should 61110Sitill itoell. - This, therefore
l• the repos why 11T1104 ALTZIUTIVI IB SO nni
in secomarl In removing so many malignant
diseases.lL destroys the virus or principle from
which th ee'- deduce have their origin, by enteric,/
into the circelation • and with the bleed, le conveyed
to .the 'oriental. ' Aire, reasoning e!Ail. Wilde el
aim* aYEIS‘ ".Freved mid sold at No.
Solder the eidi Tea Strite,Fo. littocrUr awe:
..- • .
• •
A certain and safe cure for - coughs, colds, asthma,
h.? oompiatnt, spitting blood, odes in the aide
or breut,lienanusdebility.whoopmecough-
broken constitution, CONSUM
iTION or any disease or the leogs see _ _
• breast. Reader are you sefreneg -
• with a cold or duane of the - •
lanai try this remedy, -
•• - you will not per
haps regret it. • .
It will west all those disagreeable sYniptoma which
strike much tenor tio ! the and, & proloogleordh*
Beware of all preparation. purponing .to contain.
Wild ChertY, a:mot that beanug the avatars of Dr
H SRATRE as the ornsidA wrapper of each bottle,
is they ore quite likely deititoth of the snide rem
whith they borrow a num.
• Raul what it kat &tad
Would perhaps be small intimate for the range,
of this dreadful disease in • single year; then add
the fearful catalogue of than eat ad totinhautv
Doe of the Leap, Hemorrhage, Asthma, Cough.
•;lateens.. Bninchitis,and other diseases at tfae .
. .
Lunge and Liver.
And tire limit would present an appalling Proof of 'Mir
latality of these two cremes of disease.. Rut It is
important to know that nearly. all of this dread
waste of human life Mien have been prevented
by • timely use of Dr. MAYNE'S COMPOUND
Thu medicine has now been belorethe public
i sdme eight years, and Is the .miginal preparation
from the Wild Cherry Tree. Its reputation as a
remedy for Congbe, Cold. Bronchitis, and Con
•sumption of the Longs baied entirely upon its Da
tprill.= merits, owes but little to inflated newspaper
. tt, recomm w en b ; c i it geir tfial uelti n o g re, be ard fi llms
gradually and surely bona gained an enviable repo ,
tenon and worked its way into general use. One
bottle never fads to cure • recent cough or cold,
while with strict attention to the directions that an.
company each bottle,its rise in pulmonary dieemsee •
of long standing and of the mud alumni charac
ter. has lisreys given relief, and in very many
instances ,has elected complete and permanent
SWAYNE'S Cel . qTate:ll Compound Syro
uaof w,q,cherrY•
Read the most remarkable COI; of Consumption
over placed upon record—
Dr SwayrieDear Sir: I feel it a debt of gratitude
due to you—and a duty to the afflicted generally to'
offer my bumble testimony in favor of your Como
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry. Some then yea=
since, I woo violently attacked with told and inks
=Sonar the longs, which woe accompanied with
a very distressing cough, pain in the breut earl bead
very couiderable discharge of offensive mans
from the lungs, especially upon change. of weather
however slight. At find 1 telt no alarm about my
condition, but was pretty soon convinced that I Will
rapidly.going into consumption. I raw daily weak.
et, and at length was scarcely able to walk about or
v .* „ whisper, neh was the esteeming'
weakness of my thugs. Donngths. bon 1 had tried
various preparations midime presempines, but tonal no
all the t worse. Just here 1 was
ionised and persuaded by a dear friend in Miming.
tea to make a trial of your Syrup of Wild Cherry.
I t mint coerces that previously I had been preitultc
a against patent medicine., and I ma still against
dine coming out of the hinds -of empiric, hat
underameding your claim@ to ,the profession and
practice of medicine, and baying impheite faith in
the saying of my finals, I torthwith parthased of
Dr Shaw, one of your ageing, a few bottles and
commenced it. ose. My disease at this time was
of twenty or twenty flee I
d. months" stanhowding,
er, co CCM n-
quently was deeply se ate found, ev
siderable relief from the brat tour or rive bottles.—
But being apublic speaker I frequently attemPted
to pouch with my increasing strength and thereby
ruptured those vessel. mat hod already beige t o
heal' in this way. doubtleu, my cum was greatly
retarded. fin conaequence of acting thee impu
dently 1 bad to use It or 15 bottles herons I war
perfectly restored. I have' no question, a much
nailer number of bottles would have rude me
smand, but for the above itdiscretion. The Syrup
allayed the leverish habit, did away the distrentsg ,
pet a atop to the discharge of matter Dom
the lungs, :League them and the entire sputa good
health. I have deterred offering this undicate till
now, for the purpose 01 being perfectly madded
with the permanency of the core, and now that I
feel perfectly well, I ell
RE er it with pleasure.
Dublin county, N. C.
Avoid all spurious preparations of Wild Cherry,
each,. Bailouts, Bitters. Syrups of Wild Cherry,
Pill. vaporous to contain Wild Chevy, du, Sc,
as they are all bctitioos and counterfeit, and contain
°Gee of the virtue. of the original and genuine pre
paration as prepared by Dr. Swayee,end the first
ever pneparti r, this country. Doctor Swayne's
Compouod Syrup of WILD CItERIt i is composed
of vegetable ingrodients,the Wild fry, and nth.
er medical mdrstances emdly as eff mow, if not
more se; the whole are no effecteally[covecutrated
as to reuderst beyond all doubt the teat piewraut,
strengthening, nod effectual remedy everr , discover ,
ed for the core of Pulmonary consumption, end all
diseame of the Lungs and Breast. The very tact,
from its baring inch a train :at spurious imitators,
stands to prove its great colitis* properties.
Therefore, ievalids, inim p
tfor the coal prep'
ration, each bottle of which is eliveloped inn beau.
tiful wrapper, with a likenese of William Pen, en-.
graved thereon; also bearing the signature of Dal.
&mune, the eminterfeiting of which will be pun. ,
taped as forgery.
Piepared only by Dr. 141 Swaten,N W corner.
of Erases and Race Streets, Philadelphia.
For ale in Pittsburgh wholesale and retail by -
WM. THORN, Martetatrect,
• OGDEN & SNOWDEN, comer God & Woodsti.
B. A. FAHNESTUtIi & Co.. earner of lot and
Wood nod 6th and Wood streeta.
S-JONES, IM Liberty street -.- •
JOHN MITCHELL, Allegheny city.
And by all respectable Drogue. and dealers in
Medicine. throughout the United States and Cane
s. oept'S
ERSONS afflicted with Serofels, Kin's Evil
Caveat, Erpipelas, Old Roma, Ulcers, Tette,
Mermaid! Dmemes,or any other complainth
tram impamtim of the blood, artirequested to read
the following temialonlala,th prool of the wonder
fol properties el the above named Medicine.
W. the undersigned, having visited Mr. lathe
Brooks, Jr. at thh .office of Mean. Rowand and
Walton, 375 Market street, Philadelphia, consider
hi. rase the molt remarkable one we have ever wit.
nessed Tir beard of.
His disease was SCROFULA, and terrible must
have been . hit twelve years' conflict with the de
Hiaralato,l he entire roof of his mouth,Neee, Up
per Lip, and lower Lid of the Right Eye have been
destroyed, Me Face needy eaten up, and part of the
Jaw - Bone carried away. Add yot we can give ea ,
duenption of his cue. •
Mr. EL inform* tie that in Jimmy last, the whole
interior of his mouth, as well as most of his bee
was • mass of deep and paisfal talus!
ba the 14th °Elam:Sri commenced taking
CEA, which checked Ithe disease in'a few days, na
Irma that time the cure hu progressed without in •
New flesh has sepplied the placed the deep of
ten, and though badly , disfigured, his lace Is sound,
and his general health Is restored.
We are assured that in the treatment of Mr.
Brooke' rase no Mentaitals,Omtments, or heutic
spplicetionit bare beet usedTV-stifeet, the PANA
CEA AIRNE, has weight this wonderful change
Dared Smith, Bucks minty, Pa.
Charles L. Rbwand, Meadville, Crawford col's..
J W Jonep. $ I) South Screed stieet,
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, NJ; '
EIV Carr; 410 N Fourth, above Poplar st, N. L.
S fil'eullough, Lancaster, Pa. .
Ithl Maddock, SS North Eleventh U. Phila.
C W Appleton, MD 46 South at. • do
71mothy haldvrell, Marion co. Missouri.
Daniel Yeakel, Chesnut Hill, Philudel phin co. Pa.
John Blued, 390 High street, Phila.
William Steeling, ht I),CartidetstiVJ.
William Halo 370 High spirit, Phila. •
J FI Patter, Manufacturer of Mineral Teeth, 109 S
I Ninth street. Phila.
L A Wolleoweher, Ed. Phila. Demo'crat 077 N 3d
street, do
George W bliss Bosh Maker, 317 Market SL
Ears Carr, 159 Choust street, Phila.
A D Gillette, Polar of Eleventh Baptist Church,
John 808, En Street, Philadelphia, (North Amer;
eat office.)
Alm Sands, IN Catharine Street, Phila.
Daniel McGinley, Keeeler's Alley, do
'Andrew Sweeten, Camden, N,J.
R II Evans, %VesePhlia.
Richard It. Posing,' Chide', 409 _Market et. P bile
John W Aehutoad, 60 South Sixth street, do
rir S Wagner, Lithographer, 116 Cheroot itreet, do
B J Kewil, 1M Eleventh street, do
Peter Shea Smith. Editor Native Eagle, do
Joel Bodine, Glass manufacturer, Williamstown
William Steely, Farmington, Van Baru co. lows
L B Coles, M D, Buten, AI cus.
Banal Canfield,
Thomas P S Roby. 51 El, Harriliburgh, Pa.
Peter Wright, tall Market street, Phila.
James W Newlin, 103 Filbert at. do •
John Good, 174 Spruce at. do
William Une, Pastor 4t. Paul's M. E. Chkeatharine
John Chamber', Putor lot lade* Church, Bread
at, do
T L Sander', Publiaber of Pledge and Standard,
P Seller., Editor Olive 13 , nch, Doylestown(
Wholesale and Retail by Remand Walton, Pro..
prietos,376 Market St. Philadelphia: It E Seller',
57 Wood, et. Pittaburgh, Pa.; Wm. Thu n, 51 Mar
ket do.; E B Peanut Marietta, Ohio; !Teuton des
Sharp, MaysrDle , KY; J obe W Danenboner,Clu.,
Ohio; Sadell & Reeree,Midison I a(C Noble,Lous.
villa, K V; Deverouck & Pellets, St. Lais, Mo.
P H McGraw, Natchez, Mime; Hardawas& John
stop Vielsburgh, do; CharluJimkina, New Orlean
Lai ocs
MOROI Celebrated Fluid Moeda.
mina mild, lafe sad depot aotl.moid Ind voriook
ing • rgett sciatica of elmmielly pun rortomato of
fdadomis; ;ammo .11 the medial looldirs of Om finest pno
Pats of Alagonia, onthootlod+liabk, to form mars
Coto is dm boordNor Moot iod‘mi opoo th e coax th•
*beach Ow tato spomfolof the oid Matmosio imp&
Moat ia strength to balk tompomfolof eitoait
Fro ale ITS A FIaINIMTOCIC & CO, carom lot mod
Wove and Wood and dU . MI
AIIEAPAILM,, A—Bristol's Comp. Plod EU
0 Sarsaparilla.
'limbos''. Comp. Mil Ext. Porsopay1111;
Cavalier's do do;
Comstock'sdo • do, •
Toorfoond's do do; . •
Constiday on band , azd far sole by D A PATINE. ,
TOOK & Co., corner of bra ood wood and .rood aid
•troh ill •
st i dendrii c o liter m a 7
M. E. t d —Encloced f or od thelimemilmr
medicine odd - I lune eeld she .Imperiel aelcir m
.eymptand Mvin mdenieuen &limns sued in •
Mead =duce cie Rim dozen mons • .
Pr it icaTieen n'sP" to 13"1". F .
prcpued sad sold by E tts. 67 wood'
Akin by Dm Oiicce; nth Weld, mid D MI Ca, AI-
. .
' FOGG 16-111115T011, , Proptittort.
Tars eitablishatent long and widely krown sabered
triteref. themes% commodious in the eityof Daltitholei
. has eschntre anderioneyery extensive alterations WM
nannivetnent, An entire .new orb:lg has been added,
'contaiainguthaereus and airy sleeping apanticals,aao
extensive bathing roues. : •
TheLadles , departatetdhas alas been eompletely te
caroused sad fitted up eta moat unique and beautiful
thylet--111 feet the whole arrangement of the Heath has
been thcoodeled, with a single-eye IM. the part of the
Oroprieters towards the comfort and pleasure of their
'Cinema, and wtheltibej . confident/7 athen will chai
r 4rttur s =rir. Ill i aya l" ti l e k Tp l pTierw i l io e n 't;e
stantisi and latch watch them . tract affords, sere ' eet op
tea =parlor Any e, while to theway of Mate., gte:i
they wiu aot be surpuaol.
In oottelesloit the propnalori beg to say, that notlang
Will be left endow, on their, pan, and netlike put of their
widen% ter render Oda lintel reonliy the continued
patronage of their friends and th e public generally.
Tbo • Kees Inc board bare also been reduced to the
snowing rates:— - •
Ladies , Ordinary, It 75 pordart •
(katlemene' . ---• SO •
' N. 11.T1te Bow* Waggrat or I
;be Some will al
way. be (mod at the Car and Steamboat Lot:Wiese,
taluott will convey bakryga to and from the Hotel, free
of ebante- • _ • _• meld. 1
'DiCAEL irriggrir HOUSE. Croat .itlr
.1 - 01110—The eabeeribere having crocheted the en
tire Intortet of Col.° P .Wilhemson, late of,tho, well
known establiahment.beg leave to two to their friends
and the public generally, that they here taken this
commodious HOW do a term of years and will exert
their best energies to nuke it dashv
ellers and City Boarders.
'The Hotel a spacial= and admirably planned for coo
venienee, light and air, having a number of pastors
adjoining chambers, cremating ',nogg aurae:tons to
The present croptietors having bad the expenence of
years in this may and elaewhere,bapejley vrili brt able
to glee general•iliehtliart, bete`` determined IA glee
undivided attention to the house alene.
ThB{otlltiOU attic Pearl Street House tsancoesonly
eligible, kering floats on Pearl, Walnut and Third vas,
es that It is equally deurable in view of the °antral
aco of Maims moor retirement (*cerise. boarder.
Ito near by the Banks, the Poe Ocoee, the Masotti:
Hall,Odd Pellagra Hall, and burone square distant from
Main street and two Neves from the City Wharf, thus
offering the greatest ineneements, especially to country
' , chants and generally to all persons visiting Citent-•
rachtl7 JOHN A DUBLE
Charles street, between Market and Lombard
111Mteta, Italthaere.:
Tel mbseriber having taken the above estab
lishment, offers his services to the citizen. and
public generally. It is cotiveniently situated as
regards the Rismaboaut and Railroad Depot—is In the
midst of the mere ostensive Importing Houser—and in
(set, the location odors to those visiting the city,,as
conveniences and conform a the either pineipal
.The house to now being fitted up !slat neve furniture,
la good taste and style, and will lid oped to the public
on the>b day of April, 1617... The Pliprietos moue that
his unremitting adorn Irr please, will secure to him
portion Of the public patronage, qesideni as well se
transient. W DI X.
Late of the Rim Of Dix & Fpsg
Halumore, Apn R, 1647. .
delphia—The subscriber (late of the Washingtori
Hotel, Havtisbargh, Pa.) takes this method of in.
forming his old friends and the public generally, that he
has taken the above named HOTEL The Hose is airy
and condonable, and has been extensivelysliered and
imProved, and the pomnatos hopes by &Strict attention
to business, and • proper ram. for the comfort of Ins
Ct "'en.''r ift Uc g 'staet rrananled veryeoventertelav
II ng Public, being only two doors shore the Harrisbing
and Pittsburgh Depot, gad within two minutes walk of
the Baltimore and @mutton Depots SPABLINti at
tached to Me mouses. Terms It nedsy.
6P H UGHPS, Proprie tor
Alleghenv !louse, Aagatt V,,1647-Mtttlate
301111511 , 110TE , L0
tat. 152 Mortara Maw, Bealnalauta.
TUE Sobactbersoteder the hem *Mathes. lc Wart,
.1. have patchatiWiir./ooeseintereaVa this dublish
meet, and hope by the nekton attention to the wants
and eattanta of their gneata, to merit a continuance of
the libetel patronage heretofore melee/16y Ito former
The house has beett tboroagbly renovated. and repair
ed; are therefore feet named we eon welcome our
friends and the piddle to aecomettodatlons equal to any
in the coy of Philadelphia N W BRIDGES,
- - O A
CIALT 1100111 L.
Corner Mahe and Moth ets, Olnetinath
caubttshment le now In the best cadet for the
reception of the Traveling Public. Having' ander.
gone • thorough repair, durum the past winter, and
having the atom . experienced men in the west,iin the
retinae departments, I dotter myself that all will be
pleased who call. The locmmnlacentral,comrtmdmoa
and pleasant. Fen 51 per day.
Cincinnati, Idarchl3,le47. E MARE
N. IL—Although not exactly • new Broom, it la the
some—a new Whist on the old handle. nadir
111•DISON .110 TEL,
pmprictor °Ohio long established house, respect—
folly offers his serve. so Use citmens of Pittsburgh,
and will exert himself to render eonsfonable all who
MST ISTOrIIIO with their company.
This pawn which has long beets a favorite one with
the Provision Dealers or .famberthovill, the cooling
season, present a larger held • for their operations than
betatotore4 from the completion of the Hail frond to
InAlanapolts,3omiles fortberhato Mellott raising region.
• nekblei GD FTITHUGH, P roprietor
Louisville, Ky.
ARiST II ROCK AlO RT ON begs to negation!.
friends that be la again lessee a the O •LT
HOU RE, LoairrUle,Ky.oittere he hopes to meet all
his old friends, asannug them and the publie, Mat oo
diem shall be spared to make an eoinfortable wherever
him with their patronage. ptoltdly_
1131111ITINABIll 100T11 Jemmy:.
PIM best intly Intern ' tor cleaning and whitening
1. the Teeth,
breath, be. It = l lr E4 .e . t.:il t il e v y ary
brush, and the teeth andsmath willonly melte • sligh
erasion/ in the morning. Wet the brash with sew
water, or cold will answer, and rats it • few times cm
the paste, when enemgh will adhere for e.eaning the
teeth. It leaves. delicious taste in the mmith,aoll tat
panes most delightful fragrance to the breath. Ostend.
sturmalird es a pleasant, efficacious. convenient. and_
safe deranfice. It is warranted not minium the teeth,
'butte preservethern
Ry using it regularly, it will remove the term and
jr2Vera its acearaulation—prevent the 1001haChC
Ere vben the (Opt, sad prevent all & of bitla
Chemists, physiew, and the clergy mamma 0
decidedly r to every thing ot the kind in me.—
Ask for ShermanleCoupound Orris Tooth Paste, and
observe his signatore is attached to each pot.
Recommended by Dr. Castle, 3E4 Broadway, one of
ear best Dentlms.,Ond by mon.of the old established
once fa the UninalOtates, and even ' suasively used
by the Nobility of &aloud and Fr.• ro.
A Imp proponum of the t hmaffliet mankind
arise boat W. derangement of Om it tomuehoe bowels,
which • timely use of Me Clubs tee LosengOs groa
cannel y obviate. Pero. of bilious behlts Mould al
ays have • boo at haul, and take a dove whenever
they feet the least derangement in their health. *Judi.
cipa• ore of these LOIMOS 'Maid prevent thousands
Of caws.
Pbriale at Whl. JACREIONR, comer of Wood and
Marty au • dim=
.1 ALUMS Who U. Comfier Prepared Chalk, one
I.loften not aware how frighttally Intonate ts .to
the skin! boar coarse, bow rough, how sallow,
and unhealthy the akin &posers alter sling prepared
'elosil o kt Beside., it is injurious, contabatalnige mhos
:rielL 4 r3ierW: e. e7lFltia l A b aAZA V l l6l'
':WHITE'It is peretly Innocent. being purified id all.
deletenem•qualitlea; and it imparts to the akin a tem.
ral, healthy, alabaster, *bite, at theta/tie
time acting as a eowneue on the skin, making it ton
and anscoth.
Err. Jame. Antietam, Practical Chemist of Massa.
chasetts. Jaya, .After analysing Jones's dwinlah Lilly
White, I and it poems.; the most beitatifel And neut
ral, at the songs time innocent white I ever raw. I
certainly eau mmetenuously recommend its me sal
Pricn ski req
ce uires
nts a blox. ,
e 23
PSold by W )(JACKSON, at his Boot and Shoe
Bare,® Liberty street, head of Wood, at the WI. of
the B,g heat. . •
Ladies, ladles, Pm astonished:— •
When yes knew that yea are promised
A annual, life-like, aoowy white,
That you will still use common chalk,
And look a deathly Yellow 61 04
The theme of laughter and of talk.
I( yen Weald use a box of JONE' Lilly-white, it
areaLl rise Viet skin an alabaster yet natural white,
and at the same time elear and implore it. Sold at
lACIfBON'S,N Libery Price 23 cents per box.
C afflicted with Dl•eaSell of the Lhasa..
—This is to certify to those tinkled with the Eau pre
monitory symptoms of Consumption, that I have been
laboring for several yew" with a bronchi, lameness of
tba throat and bummer,. I need many medic:neat bat
Mand-no relief In any preparation of medicine, until I
REMEDY. I have been using this valuable medicine
for aeveral • yea., and alway• find it to relieve when
ever I mans one of 11. My occupation van A.M.-
• •
which keeps me
my Macaw, at times, to become very alarming, when
at ones procure this medicine. I therefore take plea
lens In making this public statement, that others adeet
ed with a disease of the lungs and expeemwmt organ
may know the virtues 'pf 'this healing remedy,.
and may be anted. I hav recommended tor. Duncan'
whom owe their lives to tills medicine.
Somenet,Ottio,Oet.l3. IfAl. JAMES HEWIT
The proprietor ef the above medicine would, also
niter to the nettersigned Trenton., eilio,reade Part
county, on whom any person may call upon and be
committed that there are virtues found in the above
otedmine that cannot be excelled :
Darid Celbenson, Somerset; Dr. B. Stone, do; Fan.
ids Gollher, Jackson to; Mr, Latimer, do; Deo, Pelbert,
Settle* to; Jeered Deviser; Hopewell tp.
more street, Cincinnati, Ohlo.
Sold in PauSumh by WIC JACRSON,EO Liberty
of Wood street. a ladmwT
• Fineman, Mi ,l
17,1877. T
AST' Saturdar ova a lettermen fell f B A. Fah.
LCdo Vendifodts mmy little girl, who Is
between lour and Ave yews old, and during the day.the
IDS large worms, aromas mom than • foot
e Seeing its effects on this child, I then Rana tenrmen
full to her younger sister, who MU spomendy well, and
the pit aed 37 worms of equal eire.
• Watehtneker, Smithfield street
Smeared and sold by - It . • PAIINMUCK & CO,
earner In and wand. end wed add ath aLL led
HWOSE meannessean equalynum I Look at your
Y Y fair panto wife, with her broght sonny Orel loot
XI your corn, pluod with eruptions and bloteheal Yet
you are too manic; glee Aft cents Mr • cake of the
great Italian Chemical Soap, which would euurely flee
you from Mans, and make your yellow skin cleat and
healthy. Goatenee to Jackson's Store,®Liberty at.
Plush arab, and get a cake.
N B +Jac:bon% lathe 6nly place la Pltuburgh whom
the GENUINE ism b. amine& Ileararo of Connter..
000BSERVII this Ilia Boot stands on the doorway
no Mg BIAGIO LRASIVIC 50A.P—For ran.
• LytegrOreasa spots, Staleajor Narks Seta Clothes,
Woolkers,CuPew. kevr4 tendering the spots
where tr Is appliwielear,br want, and spor ess .
Sold Whi Coll directions ries *Scents* eake.
le by WM. JACKSON, en Merl)'
Meets proud h.A.
his Bart and Sipa . blare, 410101'0e Big
v.. XT.
giprem peculiar NW do.
&ma.. as u a , Ftthrd*Zigs, Wan tea
=~_ ,
1847 .
cieses, WllllOl,l TnanstiOnlSlTi
Tllg method of carrying used by this long
Established ldne,lat now so well known that de.
actiptionts and:Tess/ay. Goods atonal touched °nth,
roam, thus all transhipment or taint handling is saved.
.n.r. Boats arc of light draught nod perform their trips
in from six Leuven days.
Ttie capacity of our cAbles us to store
'eery cansignmeats made toss. Recenring i storiug, sod
denotes -free of charge.
Being fully prepared to snake sales of Prodeee we
respectfullysolicit consignmeam of western
Bacon, Lard, gutter, Cheese, ilrad,Feathers, mid other
articles for sale, on which liberal advances will be
made and other natal thallitica afforded, pledging our
selves that say business entrusted to us shalt lie as
promptly executed and upon as fair trims as by any
lifter house. JNO McFADDEN & Co
Canal Buin, Pittsburgh
JAB fd DAVIS re Co
249 andllsl Market at, Philada
F?lltreviallT^ctz f f:gin4 b lz , '. l,,P "e": l7l
the way, and the consequent risk of delay, damage,
breakage and acparate= of goods.
13Or=iits CASH
No rid Market street. Phliadelphia
• • ' Oar Penn and Plage Ms, Pittsburgh
O'CONNOR A p M4rth street, lemon , t AN.writa
,‘, & T 73South st, N. Y. k—.
Encouraged by . inetrased businem the Proprietors
have added to their mock and extended their arrange
ments during the winter, and are now prepared to Or
ard freiga with regularity and dispatch unsurpassed
by any other line. Their loan exportation os earners,
the palpable superiority of the Portable Doir System,
and the great capacity and convenience of the ware
houses at each ender the hoe, are pectiliarlY
ted to enable the proprietors to fulfil their engagements
and accommodate their etenomers—confideuilforenng
.be tas a guarant for the fume they respectfully ,
Wiest pas &continuum y
of tam patronage whieh they new'
gratefully acknowledge.
All consigments to boo h. O'Connor will be reed
undforwatdeil. Steamboat eharges paid and Rifts of
Lading transmitted free of any Charge for Commune.,
advartung or storage. Having no interest directly or
indirectly in athatubmits, the nuenst of the common
Mon: necessarily be their primary mom; in snipping ,
west, and they pledge themselves to forward all goods
oonaigned to them promptly and on the most advent.
gonna terms to the owners. -
Much 1.1E47 mare
Mid= 1847 '
li:cdusioar,fir Pnnsng s.
rplis patio are respectfully Informed - that ala LIeS
j Witt commence running o'oral:loot the lid, mush
hld condom throughout thughout Mecuon. The pravnetor•
ave now placed a supecior clan of Packets am Weil
road Carl an the roam with extra aeuoamosauoaX,
witch will give greater Canton to traveler..
A Packet Boat will always be in per,, MO WO Me
eting, public are rogoested to call sod alum.. Om.,
P""" 4llr4ETA l VirD ' oti.. l .... '
One of the Packets will leave the Lasuotomppeade
the United testes 110051,1 corner Penn street wad tha
Canal, every night at 'o'clock.
For tokinnatlon apply at the office nonentenala
Dense, Water street, or to I) LEECH &to
can car Penn a _ swam:ad
THE Boatmen . . Ponsble Bast Company beiog diw
mired, the Company again went into erueles of Co.
partnership under the name of the "BOatmen's Liner
and likewise agreed to refit the Stock so an to hares
.amber of Boats for the purpose of carrying goods
through io from six to mght days, with cennery—end
feel encomansl by the liberality of last yeu's patron
age, to make more ego:naive arrangements for the en.
We would therefore respectfully solicit a conting
ence of our formerpatronaand refer all new customers
to thou we , have
kMEII 1 done haleness
847.f0r. •
Per theeransportation of
Corner Liberty street aud Canal Bum. Pittsburgh.
N 0363 Market street, Philadelphia .
ELDER, CI ELSTON &. Co, Agents,
, • • Baltimore: M.
PITTSBURGH—Jas. McCully, Gee. Morgan fiCo.
W McCully &Co, B A Sampson& Co, M Allen &Co.
PHILADELPHIA—Dorris Panerson k. Co, Reynolds
McFarland & Co, Fleming & Booby, Peter Wnght &
Pon, J Mayhem, Joseph Comm
.` NEW 5 oak—co.:4ms a, Co, Theo. P.M &
BOSTON—Reed, Hotd & Co.
CINCLIINATI—Adams & Cruet, W W Seethe;
Ve. PLEASANT, VA—P A filachler—
Nora—All merchandise from New Yot . and Boston,
pokkd f o o r w A a Lde Gd
free ortf &o O m r m Pmheil o ad . elpha, robin
prompty k
now 184 7. dstakal
out G o
deola.y c,
o a : t m dm an ' e O d w m
Ga u c r o re n n , t
rwtle b
B rw s arded 'nth.
of Lama
tronsanned, and all ;summers:to promptly ansnded to,
Gee from any eaun anoxic for name_ emansiwno.-
Addle., or apply to C A SIeANISLTY &Co
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh . •
(Junius(iLej large and command:out erareboage,
me . ace p to rece ive (in, addition 10 neiahtlor
aluraneat) erne amount of Produce, ..te- on Storage at
jlawmen. (mare) C VdcANULTY &Co
.PICSilkilaTEI s CO'S LINE. .
Xl.B 47 .nig=
irl f e,Tab A ns- Y
torn, llollidayaborgh. Water Street, Petembergh and
all totetmediate
Oat Dont Intl bate the watch.. of O A Ilk A a
k Piltaburgh, every day, [except Sundays.] nd
ithippCrlle. always depend DO hamog their goods for
warded without delay and at fair roma.
This Line was formed for the arterial accommodation
of the way boalneu, and the proprietor* respectfully
tolicit a liberal share of
JOHN iiii:callidiZiyit;argh
IL 11 CANAN, Jolownown I Agent&
C A AIcANU LTIi . A Co, Pinewel •
J J liteDevlu, John Parker, lkonert M e re, Bartley
• mere
l a r v a . 1847.
TIV lel b g, c =r4l:ifr s T.7: — ..„'-krb. E6 4 l
and Heaver, and (might •nd passenger Canal Boats,
winning between Heaver and bare and connecting with
C PI '&led's Wee ofSteamboat Propeller. and Vessels
the Lakes,mdl be prepared upon the earliest open
eigafien cony Freight and Passengers to
'2,81%04..4 a;,l pa.
semen with promptness and dispaleb, the proprietor
and agents respectfully solicit horn their friends and
he public generallz their pa!tonagri•
bt HEED, Erie, Ploprietor
It BEM riot KS Beaver, alto
JOHN A CAUGllEV,•Vitistilth dr
Cor. Smithfield and Wider a le. Opposite the blearier
gabela Room
ttttt To
Whoakm Croaker Co,& Now York
Geo Davis, Buffalo
E N Parks & Co, Cleveland ,
Jas A Armstrongk Co. Detroit
breCtore & Williams, fililwankie
Bristol& Porter, Chicago
Wm Powers, Powerszown, Penns
Coo lilachalmyre, Esaushurgh, Penns
John fdatinhor, Iluntsiown, do
Wick & Acker, Greenville, do
Craig & Frampton, Clarksville, • do
Hays & Plumb, Aharprbusgh,
W C /Bolan, alarms, do
W Cunningham, New Cutle, do
1846. ''''
IL Clarke. A. Ilaap. T. Rehm - id a Co.
Porwardlng a Casaadulas
TIE Agente and Proprietors of this-Line (so favor.
ably known to the public), will be prepared on the
earliest opening' of - canal navigation to receive prop
any at Pittsburgh and Beaver, and deliver the acme at
any point on the Oh lo 'canals, andsmon Lakes Erie
and Michigan, with the greatest destch and at Re.'
enable ratite.
The proprietqrs of Wu tine solicit the business of
then former customers with confidence, knowing that
their facilities ant aecond to nose.
Apply to or address
G M BARTON, Agt, Pinstough.
CLARK a Co, Beaver.
TBE stock of this line consists of a double dolly
Line of Boats and Can, (owned by theraselves,l
Which are in geed order. The substribers are pen..
red to forward a large quantity of (dacha/Arm anti
['redone with certainty and dispatch'
Prothro., or Merthandise consigned to any or the on forwarded free of any charge for cutossiti-
Wooer stamp.
Bills Lading trantonined and all instruebont 14=114
attended to,
TEc;iainess of this Lino Is conducted on strictly
Sabbatlkeeplogsinciples. Address, oF sooty in
LEECH & Co, rnsorieLors.
Canal Buts, Pilubarsla
BARRIS *. LEECH, Proprieums,
No 13Sosth Third etrest, Phiiadel
' JOS. TAYLOR & SONS„Agents.,
No 1W
North Howard strcet, Baltimore
W B WiLSON; Ageni,
No 1 Wssi strew Now York
1847. •
LRAVE Renee , doily 41, .r &elect - , x., after the
ardente! the iteartaantiiiEAV}3 l, from Pittsburgh,
and' arrive Warr. next alOreirla ama, for e
Saws stltleh reach Cleveland before rught.
Passengers will be recciptedikrough,seesoiag beaks
Gaston Packet. and seats la the PEW, application
board sacniaboat Berner, Veering Plusbargh
o'clock, a. sajarla the Wale:
0 U BARTON*. Co, Plusbergh
CLARKE& o Braver
B.TA . YIA)I4 Watrea
Lamson & cots
Packagell4 lE - as to nl i k i Is p las
a . c..
boos Express =gob os ras e = so
igffl illin ooeonveynee of =hal= pastas= of
noseband= spon ools bank iyours,&as nxh:
VuosdaY, Easel&
.An bon Cow will be dispatched ailly Mal= Ca,*
"Ulial t s sCaI ! L D LSECiIIOe!
ackllll7 Ilsr has ttWCnal
si gat e
The awx
new andalendid lititillet • . 1..
. • .. •
Clip I:ailliit• Hcops romeheneeh her 1
r e gular tugs-this dxy, leaving Pats
burgh at 0 o'clock. A. an 4 Beaver at _ o'clock, r. x.,-
cenneetingwith Putsbangh and Cleveland Line of Cad
nal Boats daily toCleveland: 0.; Beaver, Warren and
Cleveland Line of Canal Packets and Nape .Coaches
daily to Warren and Cleveland; Came Packet loos to
New Castle and Greenville, Pa.; Erie EllentiOn Liao
to Meadville and Erie. Neil, Moore it Co's Lino. of
Stage Coach. ki e
r Cleveland - we Woester. leave Bea.'
ev • deity
on th arrival of ateamboat Bearer front
Pittsburgh. Apply
• M BARTON &CAN Pittsburgh
.14 • • CLARKE &Co, Beaver
• _
E N PARKS*. CO.Clevolandra
_l3eaver, Proprietor.
W MATHER, Pittatrargh, Pd
THE above . Lino la now fogy prepiroitoiransport
Freight and Passenger. from Pittsburgh and Cleve ,
I.d, to any point. theyermeyleanta k Ohio and Ohio
Thnfacilities of said L.. are aot equalled by any 013
said Qualm •in nombers and el:manly of Boats, clan
none, of Captain. mod promptness of Agent., Lo.
One Boat lessee PM:Murat, =ld Cleveland deli: tan
ning in connection with the Steamers.' -
Michigan and Lake Ens, between Pittsburg.. and
Beaver; and a Lino of first. class Btomnboats, Propcl:.
lets, Brigs and Sehootterm om LateltEtilt,,Buton,*.
chic. and Ontario.
Property forwarded to any part of the Union with,
decanted E N PARKS A. Cleveland, Agra
•• • REED, PARES k sft, EVVG Art..
W T MATHERRAttbargh, Agt • •
tpti• Cor Water nodtlml2Ueld swum
THILthUiNI IN 441Iousa. - .
ACKETIliata !Wallow . .4 Talerripe lea. Bea
verr daily,.? at leek e. 14 after the arrival of the
mernlar Boar (, and salve at Warren in
time for the Mail lane 01 Maps, which leave thaneedi•
amly thereafter, and arrive at Cleveland .3deleek, P.
Tbis mulls we mon expedniou e,ootionside
one to the Lake.
etYrES L LEFFINOWELL, Wane*, hope.
REED rmucs& Co, Beaver, Agents
JOHN A CAUCHEY, nowt amr mad desithield
Oily °Praia. the la Masa Pitoburgb
' PITTSBURGH 'AND 11/Z51M.1.1411
corinlngege , rit 241 pawner r a k,
Bennet and Oreennllrnsa., fraialitrad vu.
amen a t; , irritr M P
e tympana, * awned pimply
WICK tAtCHEß.Creearilla All
CRAIG k. FRAMPTON, Clan snille,
McVARIAND a KING, Big Bend, doi
td TH di PLAN. LUMB; Plum
Bhaat', t ue,ptbmah, dm
• W
. MATNEWI3. Pnbmal, do;
R WM EED, PARRS & Co, Baum do;
'JOHN A CAUOIIEY, manarWatm P 000.10804 nts,
pair • OpPiemllin Mminaplala noise, Pianbarth
aligin 1847! AM!
) FOR TOR raimirowiregion OF
Philadelphia, sew Reale
. and liaataa. .
THE encouragement W. five has received tines
its commencement, has induced the proprie
tom to increase the stock hy adding a number of Br
eau boatr,and instead afgiving receipt. as hereto
fore ',agents, we will gore one ovin. receipts for
freight shipped by this line..
The boats ase all portable, consequently Beira
is taken the wholedistariee without transhipment,
thereby preventing damage from frequent handling
on the mute, and no each boat is owned by the
Captain who mos them, which is • eutkient guar
antee that them will bine delay on the route.
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to the
undersigeed will be forwarded FREE OF .COM
MISSION, for advancing and forwarding, and will
be gimped without delay, at the 'lowest rams of
height. . .
We respectfully solicit a share of. public patio
nage. • 'WALLINGFORD & Co.,
Canal Ruin; Pittsburgh .
• • Belied Street, Philadelphia.
Bovoley's-Whalf, Baltimore.
Pittsburgh, Feb. It, 1847,. •
1846 AND 1847 .
- Malta
. .
TFIE undersigned .ra now prepared to forward pm.
dace, he., to s the Eastern Markets dozing tho ens..
ing Wisner, on the oast favorable terms, by this exc.
anions route. ' ' •• • •
All progeny corrupted ions will be forwarded nittie
kmen rues and ends despot:ch.
- Merchandise recessed by thus motepromptly fur
warded. 7 C BIDWELL, Airt..,Pitmborgh.
Gs W.. CABB, Brownsville.
nosl7 E EararroN L c0,cn0...h.d
1 1846 - - , 100 s; 1847.
• • •
MIRE ssbseribeisWlll loseiptforthddeliverf of Pr.
1. duce 10 Banda= by thallosorigatteda 81ackwater
at the 'knowing prams.— • -
. Ashes, /armory Jrullei,,Lead, 'Lard, York. Tallow,
Whiskey, •• a, and Glass-871 an per 100 lbs.
Touseer,Hasip, Flan and Wheur-04 els peel% lbs.
Ashes, (Pot) Apples. Ckeess„Flax-Soed, Ghia, and
Leather-106 eta peril* lbs.
Oils, Skins. Seuds,Weeki-110 ins per 100
Deeswaa,Feathers, Pun, Ginseng, sod Sitaiti-Eriot
—ISO et. per II:1110s.
All property consigned to or lb. undersigned
will be forwarded without daisy, rather
free of COOMIIiiIIOII,
at above rates. W H CLARK.Brownteritle.
FLUID-1a toliciting tits ,pervaare pat&
Sir this's:tier, it is bat right sad prayer that Ps merits ea
:shish the awn kw seplant :shwa Would le fully
ly set Whale alsotiow: itotriaten b. Ow, tkat We
:aity milt ast be imposed apoe by wing it
la the drat plus it is mall known that the tweak or i
black alma ' s ant eampostil et • precipitate, held
by gut Arabic ,snd when thewater e ithher hi whole or part
ereptrated the gam an_precipithe its left as a playa:am I
la the parer talitand which hada* it aka owas•oa
to add rhugar to tbe lot mrstwe to wake it wore flaidr
inesesses the ero irysetimy an the pea, if • *eclat..
etontlias it through itt awry Worttiiee Now it...Wri
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use • - • - 'Respectful:y r - I
%WILIAM STEWART, Bunk-keeper
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Pitalnugh, Sagal,lsl7.
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This io to <wag that know Dr. layolitelo PA. Soak;
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can in York, noe. - Y WHISPJITAD.
Now May, Mal • RA Sixth ottol,
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New York,
!dr. Ban boa as pisw. b.y, tiat.
...aid., Dr. Impair 'rasa/ode, late andaaprw
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Wad Choler, R. Y., Tdaj ALM. ' -
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Yours with
Bold wham& sad retail by Wid..fd=rl Aha t
eat btediclost WarebotarLeat Boot awl Rho 114 ' any No. .
Liberty Arad:bad of Wood, Pithio* to
. Ilmannua, V 5,714 25,18171
:Mr. B. Ir. Orstra—Der,r *Th. redotroa ,
bottler et Pam' Ventsfiricr.and made roof *no" ;
=, , , ,m r , rre n. rr e f ray c
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community as one of the best rezierlisalkare *Tar • -
or ailed Dr therremore of rrornol •
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soLos. Soo >mood saeo biit
&rll ot of 'Faith fasts ea 66, -back .1 tack •
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Moody fur paws, or wares the beck, taint, side, ash,
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breath*, monition of the attest m stomach, limy will im
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sedentary habits, or lbom obliged to wand emit, receive
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be the mod useful mul ' =dialed to
. 6ererst Renew have al the warehouse to me
their eas=iodthaalts,at thealwdet soiramben mom One
DireCtlCOf Ise use ant of the bosh of piesteroith •
fee shoal. of Dr.flberema sae.. lt la important you shauhl
amp ash for Stemma's /roe No's thrter mad ere , that
tw at:zeal:lnz tert:Lire smtu n3.o. tautalsois i t
magrioripled &arm •
- Sold wholewle and Mad by W. JACKSON at hit felts
Wardsoare, No. , latterly street, Sir of th
Cimino:oi, 0., March 3d; 1847.
D. Ilin—This i• to eertity to Th. publie, petimbaly to
thong aided entla • Manias Of Car longs,ar Conmaption
that in the Spring of 1801 was snicked with • rosin old
whisk Mom' two seta kiem my Ings, thawing aU
apieptom al aa approolior thomsesptioa. My 'COUgik 1•12
tight and Muthlmona, anemia with avian night nos% 1
spit up daily a oassidenAl• flantitput blood, mixed with
hick dark matter. My at:Micelle:ono scrim and alarm
ing. Dating this tima I was thanded. by two of oar awl
MAIM Thysiciamt; they did do liMithay mold for me, mem
if Dogth they gam up all limpet of my isowery,stantiag
io that aothing mane:mad h• door—chit my lungs wan th
tally.diammd, and boimod remedy. I was thin pernmdad by
• Meal of or.. to make • tritla:Dr. Duman', Erpacto
nut AMON .7.41
that tin maid. would do ma geed, aid Mold MUI add
mom to my sulfoing. I taittalimi it won salt lasi sad only
hope, mod that if 1 mini 6re of the tame, (width was eri•
dmtta me,) the. woad Di nothing loot. 8. 1 out to the
CineimatiOtkeLa ma obtained frbeftlea of this truly Pam
Medirina, and sampliag to the dine
thots, Miieh, inked orMdiq he my soloing, immadialay
it.. morel:4 M men Mariano thi troublesome
. Cog
wing itat pakt and tightmem is any Chear, giant; as• • maw
I/4MM strwollt,Which soon .roiled ma to he abort agaa.
This =IDI . eoutimml its fool work, Minh it WI MbIJ
Minatata, Instil 1 els mode must man. _More sineaboo •
mending to my Maim% (ispwardi of 3 years) and leel
healthy as I wink.. 11:am nmonmeoled Dr. DOINIW• pk
pottemißtmaykiiminy inamtiolhaterimiLaty :aka
and it ha diem pond owitiMul sin Dr m I Doe witelood
Itaafkala. Bly riom b .tag thin Medicine at Present, kw •
Diesnad Lima and m Afintionik the Long,, which oh.
had named with Dr NM. twarly Tamara
by the am at this emliamOod 1 Ma oaf:dant the 6 bade.
that IDM with nee noday willeuthelyeare her. lam wkry
know that there are thomaandeol Mbiable venom 'rutin
wey with this dreaftit dee4iger—CONSUhtPTION.-
7. 7 it only possittlelor tYtti4 to Faure this eteitietwe
lbws, before it be toti,hle,wiery liewmaight ingrained end
their familia W reltaineit ageiite Foulard hapiiyr' 11;0
"aches wig give ingot relief, had al the oche time /OM
thaw! se& paiedo I Coaghl into:tie the tightnew in the Chu
gtie eter:reitkia theetifeelded . etid:reserieted frame, mai ix
reed ewes, wet mid", vat jaioria perfect are.
MootdomorT e MmileMCoeudy, Ohio.
id. B.—Thomld/oils/T=4 be boldabded with soc I refer
to the stodulipod, athops et blootrolory, Mundt= coop-
CkethoY =II= tor time sobstastodo the doom dabordedoe
nosf, when this Walk Siodifino ahnkys to labooL
Sold in Ibusbasib, by WM. 'JACKSON. carnal of
Wood and Litany sta. ayll44kw.
.I. Hair Cream.: 'or atettleSS Article for the Gitronh.
Scour and Remorationof. the DM , . Thu cream,when
once known, will supersede all other ertieles of th.
kind now need. Where the bolt Is dead, harsh.thin, On- .
healthy or mming grey. a few applications will make
the her 'soft trod dar t and 'alTO it e beautiful lively
appearance; and will also make it retain its liveliness
and healthy color twice salons , as all the preparation.
witch are generally used. Emil lady ntul gentleman
who are Inthe habit of asininity on their herr, shooLl
at epee purchase 4 bank of the Chine. flair Cream, as
h M so =emoted that it anti not keure the hair like the
ether preparauenta, buterill bemmfyi; and give perfect
sausfaction In every intlanteii
Pot tesonnony to its very . . ' ior qualities, see the
&nowise later from Rev: l-Caldwell, to Messrs.
Readenhon .te threlek, • Nubvllle, General Agents fan
theWestent State.: `
Lever from the Rev. R. Caldwell, pular of the Prat
byterran Church, Roland.. . • : •_. • •
!doors. Hendenhott es Rtratcli•-Gentlemern 1 a
pleasure in adding my tesuagony,in favor of the, c
len preparation called Ds. Verrieles Chinese 1
Cream-for About two yeantagomy her on. acrid
.brittly, and disposed to memento. hot having procure.
• a bottle of the Cream, and unedit according to tha pm.
. seription, My halt in now MA, -elastic sad firm to the
". 4 .
heed.' Many
. balsares sad 0 -Mere applied easklelt •
eing my kair In a womesta thet before-This Craw'
however, lostmedlar e dm •
As an article for sheffotlet, lode gives It prefer.
epee ever ell ethers, helog delicately perfumed, aml sot
dtsposed to rancidity. Theledies especially will And
R e m
the Chinese CM= to be wd era= in their prepa
'Midas harem toilet' • , ty, fse.
Palest ,i Jaey.7,1817. ' ..'. R CALDWELL
-, Slorfloldwhelesale and: In Pittstatsh by Jobs!
AL Townsend, No 4.11 kLerltet,mreet. and Joel Mohler
corner of Wood andllAlt sts., ,
.. 1.1411
For abed one year,' p loot to waking ore of Mr.
Watered extremely from
Dyspepsia,.and an acid Swipe& 1 have wade are of
a gnu variety of atidiehhiswitVent veeeiweg
benefit. • About Ikea htendpisnwe I ewaneneed using
Mr: Swift Idedletne,' widthh has entirely relieved too
from acidity at my stontsep, andstwomd me w motor
table health. Severaletsay bias!' and atioaantanees
have made ore Of the POW and teeeived mueb benefit
ftenallens. 1 eon with toilful..., hp= thes
Iladron l.
iold. wholesale ind ' reVbf . :/L E N I ALI N
.eco,, , man of Ist and Wood, end Wood and nth am
DOWDICTLED 11111118A1L8..- 81 z eases East
hub% Jam receiyedluse Sae sale by
• . • • . • - • 1341FAIINFSCOC 6 &Co
mien ..• , canter. ist & wood au
. .
~,..: i iwy.,I3KLY tr. WEEKLY
.1115s.66.idYJNOAMIN AO." A. F.
e s Win •
One finnan or. 1.511n4,0r.1wi5, 80 50
Two butertionwithent attentions 0 75 . '
Three .ri . -" ;11', ii .... ..... . 180
One Week " • i;" -: I 1.50
" :. • .. , .......... - 2 50
mei ". • " . .1—',,.. ~.... .. 300
°nobler , * • "• ' - .. . : .... .4 CO
Two " " r, • ........ :6 CO
Threel • ; , ... ...
.'.... 50
Er Longer atm '.l,lreinetti liewne proportwo.
One nnare,6 manna, Without alterabon,...
15 10 00
Each additional equaieitpr 0 tents, ....... 500
• ..'" '" ~ .. 1 , i 2. ...... 10 00
wee mare, o Inontne, renewable at pleasure; IS 00 I
• " " 12. .i , i ".- 53 00
tietbdAitionl itinilte4 12 Oaths ........ 10 CO
:Twos quares,6 otonths,irontlie at pleasure, 30 00
Each additionl teptare:linnilw, 800
.orbinit ea .wnr,ws Kit tx Dana Nazis.
On. •quare. 3 inseetta ,i. ............. , . ,4 . 1 50
. „
...,,,,,,,figk.A :
. . . -- 9;01101 . tA.1.0.
roe listen leelLWrie Par.. t 6 OU
.44 1 ii • g y, 4 , 0 1 a. SCO
, a a, . . a' one wri.r.tply 64 'weekly, 10 tO
. w .w . el' tonne " w Bco
A . vniB i ire 'ieurpo i ni_wwerzx ring. '•
rorP''n!'"l" - 'rfro l ' il , , ,!''''' . . 8 ° ) 42
~.. ." :a ~ Tio" a ..••••4. ll 00
350 -
:;• ~. 0 a ! . Su . ..:1..... 600
. - •'- " ' i TiE6l7l , "' ' . ' "10 00
t r i A BB,B,Biturnietle peteabargedby`the square,
•end I eisesonticKS 'Ol emir* be Gives when the
weeste OLllll.llswilLfeetilltikt6o dollars per year;
r, ,-t.i ;:..---
intiiimi Irrgar...;.;-•• • •••.5 6 ai
,• • ...: SOInal,••••••••••••0 .. A.