The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 09, 1847, Image 1

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, , , ---''''-'-"'"''''''''''' ---' - ~, , ~.,...:„ '..., - J„. , ; •, , .,..;! , , ,, ,.-%>-',..:' ,,,,,, •. , .• - ' , 7' , . , . '.., - ''.' .. - .•,.-.3 C • ' 4 .
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, t. , c ... 1,... - 1,77. - 7 - . • - ... . i. I
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- - - VOL. XIV:7---NO i. 28 ._ ! . ,. - .,...,, .
...• --:..ii:
• -
/.n:2 iCN DEAL. 4.1.11100:11, Casuansumn Ind
I ...worth% Men butn,..l4)Valer us./ WS I . IVA
. Metall
WOOD, JOSIICS & CO., Colundssion and
onxattiang Ato,trblutil, base returned to tbeir old
user srtrlfont !salts. ratans:nab• oosm
cit TSa s, dealer In all ItiruLs of Iro•
and Imesje &gam Spanish Leal; sod
CllolC,6ll.inda.ot enerriagTOolleeo, wholesa
le and
• ; L. Th;TtiNtes,PlitstAargh.
Fn• 01We MaN. 4014.1,05 811121.
It AUDi Os, 'CRATER& Claitl24
Wholesale arid Stead
• 1.rugg...., coiner or Liberty and St. 1.1.11,
A. ',Atari FISTOCK & iWholeaule It
, c t ! ",112igv:• , ....e 0 r 1 . W..."6th
o. sISIITU, Wholesale Proes, In
4,,d zn s, 1Yr..1 , seat,
1.11.11. OAOALKIT CO.s Wholesrde Ons
bP No. tat Market street. be.
e•lt alltlfidt..7.(lll • 6.. rtaladelplui.• novel
.e;A, 'Forvr.nllng trid
it - A O.AN - c a w otrsin, Ptrubarii.
AlerelsiUts ,
: mehll
vt -
Oltt.A %coo, LOOMIS, ..ctorney MIA.,
/ • •11 •Itt, t.Att ve rtarthfielti. sprit_
Joan P./analog , . la. W. Unita..
I. In 31 A'!, II AIL MAN & CO, 11Innulketur 41-4
• Caut, ittg. 1110 Axles, A. B. sod Sprin
", g
an.l drat. .n Tnnunings o( every de5,,,,,
,,,,, ornt..t , ty . rt. Chiir Worthus.l3
W , . / ••• I• Phorles !total.,
• NSINI.:IIAM •11.-OlSMElLWholeaale Oro
• Connni.mon anti Forwarding Memnon%
to nnd Pinaloargh suannalactareL
114 •t. I , ll.lnnall
.. 1. Incalmmo.
••lit(10 11 C: m AkUl lollT . tomenessors a,ll.
a tof a w I Whote e
.le Comma.
and I iqw.ramig ninrchano, Dealrs in Pra
eu hae_an4
rEtt,e,urgh ManutnetUre. 811.111 •tteet, belutllrjr
_2 :Raw lmparter
p— Vastet7o.4. n,ln
Cite 1..11 L'Aomb, area, netrLib.llY,;',/ar
bora ,
1 \ Wit AL..011, loraler in ertidOce and k WWI)
%low, Noll bibertvu,neal door toe..
p,r o r 11 "1...1 ty_
- J. Illvimatt.
4\174:1LN/V.: SIKAV/CLL.'./Zi1737-n.ys:'-;1-1:1-.
„it betweeu :44 and 4th ,
Is •tr u t AZ LTd, O °taxi,
Ta •
• ..1.4.••••••• 01 ow . coedUmmoo door from Ur
noo. Allct. 1',...1154 _
•, sorsa cassalor.
W as .UP.I.IIIOI.RT, Wholesale G
•rs plaluce smll.llmborgb me
torm 1.61,11 F Old PilMbutsb,
fr•.‘: - -----
- ' . • austus I. ...In:ff.
p.t.i e, isle s irk:NUM:TT. (L btu 6al
Lal agl.. • .5..1... S, 1...11.••ei Owen, Cortudo and
Fgrw,ll.l•llr. Mt gen•4.l,. and Des.lets in Prduce
Pao i.e rl eo
d, stere mores, No. r. Wood smut, bceereco
Recoed and .n.... 1. 0• oeti
. ___----_
:54.1%,it. A av a neILIIIIOIIT, Auon
doors neaKr gys Y" u.,
on Vo.rus to"ii.d"Z;4l7:;Z;rd Heav e.
VO it W A it la . s WAIITZWELDEIL,Mun•
•..le ;,, f ow . .t.. , :. bet weed Cherry Alley and Grant
.c• , •
i• R t'r0...1 s.risather. lassos Wood.
Vic &NO. Elf & CO" Wholesale Gosorss.
ll an/ Colons. ..1 51er:twts, and Agents for gaon
Slow,. lists, Nu,S; W stet IMO !lei Fromm:v: 1 s ca
ISLU nano l'orte Mtoulatetoret sad de.
A. 7 •rr rn Multod dvdruineno, HY Wood
/AV. VOIL•Till• M. A. //0.11 .1,
OIL nor
Co t C...11M. and Forwarding
r i r retina. N.. igi Wszer st, riltiLl lot Ot. tid_
_ --
r Men:host wool dealer in Pro.., Oordsgs, Oita, No. 7 I.,,,tirrty st, • tear Canal Basin, Pittsburgh,
N.. It. Usk sof, Pooh, M 1.11,1 lit.e:ite.,llll.)"..
4. Dealer ra Wove., Hosiery, and .
tple'TrtattuThima, 113 Market Weer,
Titut.orgl!. ardl
G 0".. litinunlt. WALTSILIEMI sq.ur L.
r) mOMAIF. MORMAIII a. CO.. Wholesale tiro
kr rare and Curanasswo Morahan., 10dWoodssoset
' angll
?T! ,, .!!2 , r±.._____- -------- _
. 4 .-‘ M A. llMltli'll Wholesale grocer and Com
a/ oomoon gloroload. and Deitler in Ihndnee and blanilkt-tura* Mn 19 Wood ..I.l22L'ak
tko. W Smob.
PI -' -M a: II
KO. W. BIT 11 & Co., Brewer., Mainers,
Gend dealers it, Hops, Pntsburgb and Point Crew-
on- ectut and Poi .treets. ion*
- - --- ---
If.OILGE COCII.U.AN, Codnuumon and For. I
'5 anoints Merchant, No. :A W odscreet,Pineltogb.
ens 17
Sa& •..11111. Ono. Cr 21[0...
U[ll.l. •in DROW NE [successors to lloldship •
I/ & and manofacteurrs ofWall
51LPaper sr ,. r lL,,t_tl, ti'en; hL:____ _L<9o ral Paper Warehouse, leo. Kt Weed
Li A .8 & BROCKWAY, Entaists, Plo.l Coen.
.Cl. tre.rctul Cow,near the, canal bean, Pittsburgh
HManufactarer, Punt &thl Merchant, corms of LAD..
erty Offal. sta, Pitudynreh. W/
IWhoksale CoSees,
G.inuradon Merchants and dealers in P r oduce, Noe
SO Water nnd 107 Front strew, Ihstabarsh
111101CPOL KNOX,' At on 7 Law, Pinsbo
J Pa, hoe resumed ten procure of his professio s ta i n
his wino Not, kterevretPs Huildings, lima stre.t.tic.
copied during te. abectine by T. J. Bhlbim and J.
J C :lettr p tn . l i t ly t e Stuffs, l'ai % o V u, h tr i s:V D"ron,
No nit Wood stNe i, our dOor Death of Diansind Alley,'
Pitteletmh. .1 -• . •-;;-- jut'
1 AIIICS ICIARII, Fa. &Co, Ptucceuura to Joseph
Jti. oa.__;_,al_L_Cttast&lnrs..oo Water at. i__ oe3l
iltlllaN NERLLOIII, Wholesale and Kettltildeal
er itlttrinandldttaical Instrumenta.Pekoot Woks,
Paper, Slater,Satel Pena. (Fajita, Printers' Cards, and
Piaaenkery. generally. No. El Wood at, Plttabarztt.
Mag. bought or talten in trade.
SCIIOO2II3IA.ICELL C0...h0t...1a [kw
tat gtana,No.4.l Wuttaart,
PiWbmS ^_T rcpt!
TONIMPEL & SON, Cotota;ta.on and
a/ I'l4ollllllog Iterrhanta, No In Latteny aa, torpatt
jurn ate
5ta.!! trtantnarrn'aßre,_
4b at,
Ade n
between Grant and SatiaMald. aont *ldea
Ptintbargh. Pa. Will also attend promptly acne * I de a
taro! adroinma orL,Jy__
fOL U. DA AUcrtoNgfai, Fmk
al and Wood .to, Plualltrata_____ oce3
b oonr
C. Arnti.,wholc*.k. 7,
c•ro.l C.11101,•11311 SIGKII4IIt, Tater WWI. tn.
door ttt.ovrt thr alo.atttgattria Undo, Pitiaborea
ta- In.Nall- ea. at ettennfacustette prate
_ •
- 0
I,ln-t-rni...l.ll....t,t'i:urs-t-St";:rults,lNo. 44 AIL.
PM•hutyL , .
1 1.. It. 1.1110.• iL•d, sum, near Markel It.
. al, 111...mai, School. Mireel
alnend7,,,,, Hoak. and Summery. ap26
1 Bc
11.013idICTS011 & Co, I.lnakerr dual
cLa Mac... corner or Wood and 'Third went.,
erchant,/ notcl Ituildings,lrdubugh, Pa. ,
• in the usual
U" 1N taltir.ll; Wholesale Grocer, aeali.l in Pro.
Jdwv, uhurF 4 nissufacturee, Tin Pima, ke. ke,
No tal. larier!y sti
Soya. • • Soya:
k A. VLOYD, Vs. J.Pkyd &Co.] Wholesale
--acrrs,No...lo2 Liberty meet. sepia
r ASSIGN LIIALZICLL, WholoaaleGnteer;Conani•
./ ..1 Wretll.lll;sal M Wodttee and Pittsbilligh
VlanullartureA.FAl t I Water st.Pittsltossh...... Jana
'lr N. WlLloktltallAßt, Wholesale Cower, Foe
Lt. waren., 5...1 Vonn,..sion Moments, Dealer to
Pettlairch Manse. tote andsPrOdoee, Nes 31 Water
and 61 F , Inittsl4. , j
-- -
.Mt. h ..c o h ev n a t l s e
o Co., n W a
shores,EWAerer atol Cartreoa
anJ tles'en
l Pt..hutch Manufactures
lV• . _..
aliwo ss. -
_John Shtpon,
liriry L 'ben
1 f`BIBEILT I SUIPTOIS, Wbotessis. (truces},
LA Forwantinc ...t.l.Colosnieion .Bleselten, Dealers
rn Prodoee •nd l'inetettl• manufactures, N.. 13 and
0w...a ..v.“.....h._ kb23
/nail 7111.11. S 11. Ileatteld. Jo. U. I.l'olll
ft/ NJILLIS.& ISVIIIIFIELD,Gtocers and Cosa
-1.7. onsaon Metenanta No 1111 Ltberty
. ..tree. Pd..
Itorik. - ________ L .."
10 Allen.,Ev ntrz.....Nt5&t:11.... W ca d 11 . ...N=k
NLAAterelka4.', Wajelr etdlro"n7sntrlastate*teWs=
aadillarlte. ---- ----im4
'/1 VERB, IiVOITICR & Co, Wholesale
ill Grocers
Ws. stein.c. ar. ItILLMOIS.
Itaiita i tr/CICKTION, Wholesale 0117.
Mvent and Cote...ton Itlrrehants, Nu 170 'Albany
Auer, Pattatorrh, 1., lanl4
MeCOILD is ILIFO, ..n0t....i. .4 re.a list
and Cap msooleeturem and dealers In, Fancy
1......„„, o r .% nod and Fiflh ma. • Lien 2
VI ts. J. SLOAN. Wholesale (nocers, Dealers in
-,L• Trait:re and-VAIL and Vorseudina and Cowan.
. sine Merchants. tics 93 Libeny and 253 Wood streets,
Yitubstb. L . - ' ' ft
. _ ._.,--------------_______-__ .
N lIOLMIEII & Sollis N 0.22 Martel Infect, eee•
. ond •
door frc4 a corner of Voarth.• Denier% in For
man and Domestic' Odle Of Exclsanfe, 6erlificates,of.
• Deno.. Dank Noon and Specie. ' -, • - i. •
. Wi . c ('hatter wads on nil Me principal din Anmell
ens n. Minn/ Nat" - &Cr,
RPH, wu.soa AV1.4.4=
M,..G.16 Des4ll,, No. b Wood sun% P ,
K mi
; ass.. A ibriberroori.i - C - r i ffrrai t
01.111MICILT Vat ir: Ce, N lmleuie timobrs
1 - aim bud Forwarding blerelanta, No 41,
Woo, crt. dee* ,
VS,SLlERTfidlYiiii — ibiCt i O klEt T FTad—tra
si. air CC/M0.1..10U incrattairts, nolWaccrual n,
• ' .00
Jr., Imponer"u4
+kalet in Fos emu and Ilcaneaut dadinkay tiara
I id
. C t :rr i xge "I rimming., a( dewnpuons, No
Ak, 11
1.3.5: le
elri, Whosale
s,ou Alcsro.-.1.. mad Ovate. so r,Oduat wta d
i nttsburgh h100....,..1u5er, Liberty al opposdc'efalltl-.
fo•lo AL l'Oulturot.
RIP" aIIP Mips ...botanic' and Mail dealer
iss ltier, llturocro, shoentokereTools nud . runt
ing., 'runer , •rdeonles•Toola, and Tannens/14 N.
tut Wood / I ...Iowa!, seple
11°"1:!.T DALZELL ACe.. Wholesale Uro•
retu, l.tuationon end Forwanling hierebante, den
lest in Produce and Pittsburgh Manniattnree,- Liberty
meet. YdtNurgb, p.
ROD'.ia'L 1,011111.7111 - •
11.0018 ON it , Co.. Wholesale Grote/. Pb.
it. dote and C0ne11... 0 Nerebeue l / 2 ail Dealers in
Pitabor Nanufor twee, No. lee Liberty Meer, Pittio
burgh. a. lanto
U. 11AW HANS. Anisette, at,tirnt at
• ankkestelt's Mlding., nearly opposite the, Pie •
Coon Una., aptlittyra!!!
DOIIICRT MOORE. Wholesale Grocer,
ing Distiller, dealer n. Produce, Pinsburgt
&elutes, and all km& of Forengn arld3r:sterue. P. ides
i Li vo . N
B. 3!..11.1td. cry large nook of
ogonon g aiketa Wlaskey, which will be rold lose for
cash. lna3l:l-1y
L. U. Reynolds. J. L.. Sete.
RIGYNOLDP & IIIIEZ• Forwarding and Coos
thltolon Meyerson*, for the Allegheny River Trade,
dealers its Groornies.Prodoce,Pittaburgh Manufactures
and Chloride of Lime. ,
The highest prices, in cash. PoO , or alt times for
CourroyFaga Cornet of Penn and Irw sts. lanlil
B c shaalen t. in
eII&CHLETT & qvrE, Wholesale Dea
1, lets In• Foreign and ' estic ,Dry Goods, No fin
Woodstreet, trntiburgh
__W il. _. fe
S 1 1 1
AW. A111.13A11000l Merchants, deal.
s era in Floor and Produce generally and Forward•
enn and Commissim Merchants, No D Wood
i ota street,
AIIIVEL P&L/SIGEL, Attorney at Law. Office
In Breed's building, No 92 Foorth street. between
' Ind :Smithfield. nosndtrrnly
it BAILIET, Manufacturer of Fan
cy,Stutving and!Coilet Soaps, Winter and Surilner
pressed Laid Oil,As. No 17 Mk, at, betwessi D . rd
and_Maskessts, Pinsburgh2f
F. VON BONNOORST & C., Wholesale
I.3.6rocers .orsrarding and COlSMintron Derain/us,
Dealers in F....burgh Mailufacitires and Western Fro
duce, have pawned so their near warehouse. (old stand)
No 33, comer of Front stand Chancery Lane. !nos,
Q ANDEL. N. ILIENI.Forw.rd.IS ima
sion Merchant, Dealer in Salt, Produce and in
burgh otantsfactored articles, Canal Basin, neat 7th at
Dealer Ncei.Ttlon
Firuit'Vree., and Agrieultaral Inipiements,Ni
1.1 Woad vireo
PAISSEX BElT—Wholesale Gmenta
womseimr blerebn.tri. and dealer/ PrudoCe.-
No 3/ Wood..eel. Pimborigh.
Tier,Ralf and Ralf in Clocks, Combs, and /Insists
- -'Woonann.FOnribstresis
P o , y .
P.PURSYTII &Co. Commiesion Merch
D a old
1 .dealers in Solt, bututteriGrucet l . l 4
I'rndoee end
Pittsburgh Manufactures, Canal Bunt, Liberty
I M. MITCHELTRE.III. Wbolnale Grocers,
W. Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Liquor 51.
~b.ets, No lisu Lit...ny attest, IttP. ll . 5,515 pro.'lt)
ICK & 11110ANDLICSS. purees .% .0.6
WJ D Wlekj Wholesale tiotirent,'Forwerding and
Caton:6.ton Metehoott. dealers in Iron, Nail., Mass,
00tuatt Vat. and Platibutith.Manafeeturce generally,
eurnerof Wood and Valetar tot; Pittsburgh. 141 b IS .
R. DIVRPRY invtles the ladies to call and
W. exantiotte his crock of French Worked Calims,
some as bra Depts. • • 0.13
VICGRS77tI;gIW Tan i e t
,°r a i P " ZI ‘ u%
and vitlAbiughlitarasztares, comer of Water and
Northfield au. Pittsburgh, Pa. .15
WITBIOIII4 & WOLFF, Inilmrters and
Wholesale Dealers in Hardware, Coilery,Bad
dlery, it, corner Liberty mid Si- Clair atrects, ribs
bargli. tilS_
. GLENN, Bookbinder, h. removed to the
Wcorner of Wood .cl Thud as: above C. 11. Say,
where he is pmpared to do every deScriptiou of Rating
aud Bindlog. .ra
txr -W. INIVLITOg, ii ---- clon• - iiiiir r — erillilroWy .
V V , ing .tabliskraent, rio,INI Libeny met, near the
c.aL intiSO
. - --
Wi RI. SLITCRELTURE• Wholesale Gro
_ .
• cent, Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Lamar
Merchants, Na. lOU Liberty sueet, loPPo ll av Slob stil
PlTl'4ltht maytt-illy
V%ROBIN s offi SO to thee E auorney atloss
• removed hic xch.. Raiding ,
St Clair street, nett door to Alder at. Johns.
cv. R. OAILKAIIIII. Dealer s treet, e and ..Issul
V ."Di' Goods, No 71l hlarket Pittsburgh.
LlTElGlDCKlllCrifi:VrelalLTllrtirleis Lunn
V District ' ) Wholesale Grocirs. are now tackled al
Woad at, ntharethey offer forsale a large ammo
meet of Orman. and Yotsbargh nlanefaetaru, at low
411. , .a and on favorable term. ratefl3
w. WiLLSON, Dealer in Watches, Jewelry,
V V . Silver Ware, hlditary Goods, an, No. 57 Alan
41.01111MPFli, wholesale and m , i
,cull dealtn
VS , .Foreign and Domestic Dry Clouds, north cameos.
tem( hlarketand Fourth sta. stoat
WP( P:AB.Wiai. Jr.. h.. oft ,
Ursa Stare of Olgar horn, conic, of Pens itud
Oland streets, - will seep:cultism supply of the be.
inedieinsa, perfumery. Ise
Fhysistan's be had
carefully cornpoandeiL -
Medicine. cut 1.4 had 0 1 all tours of the night.
Wallingford. JObn clinger
jiL .
11.3101 TOAD & Co., C.oolonssion and F W or.
loarding Merchants, flegond, near Wood tin"...
Pitubnnet, P.
WK. DARLINGTOS. Attorney at Li-
Irinsbaret, l'a, ..ortuniaeiouer latake tito ac
knowiedgment add pew olDends, beaww, Contracts,
Deposition., or . uty Date, writing toneer seal Of notd
ho used or recorded ro the Sono of Ohio. Office on
;Tisirdatroot.aboneffisa '
v v . C.. AruarrzAu?lbidA. Uar m,m y a r t ,
. Lia;
cies and other Linos attended to with ponetnalay.
Bitsent & Stlol, Wm. Crogiwo, Ewg.,
B A Fahnestoch &Co, John Herron, Cm,
Graff, Lindoay &Co, John Wright. EM
Bones AloCalif, Egg.. blaj. Waha-t Loran , .
••• • •
AN 1,111011111.“3. DIALS* 111
loestun k DONFITIC WINESk uktuoes,
114 Liberty st., and 53 Diamond alley,
rrrrsaußuti, PA.
UY"ilvvAittnic AkTiri co.
&WWI, Lenten in Exchange, Rani No w Caw,
Corner of Third and Weed meets
ear Pittabler
Wor. ll7 ri Y miitti a I
(Sesame e Lorre Akiil "
• lav
-Often Norh side oD f
north S
et, above Smihtleld.-1h)
E. J.
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at lA*, CINCINNATI.
0100. Collections in Southern Obi° and in Indiana
nitd in Kentucky, proolptly no
...crony aueruled to.
REFER Tt.l.—llon. f 1 bard Wni Beak. Son,
C urns, WM bl'Knitylit.CtinrchinCarotltets, Wm Bays,
Bur... Bones jrior
Weer Blackburn.
W i s t e T a A ngittiursTANn d u i fr i nfr ' ed ' a n r ifet,itilVi:
on land at all buses ••full and general ascornuent of
ra in k s!: eir • tine, .Walne siren, near Cberry in Ap,
lotto Woreboure formerly occupied oy
M. M. hey a i
Waterill ttttt • wear Evan's llama Miler
Will keep owliend • full simply of all saes
Iron and Heads, Floe and Fire-Bed . boo, ma
he de from et
Wilbur denier. Wooer, which will by sold at t losre
market rates. Engine Builders and others, are lin
d call sod examine los stock. Orders promptly at
..nded to. • JFaX4l_7_,
JollaN 111 OWIIIIMEMD, Druggist and Apothe•
eery; No ad M aaaaa sty mom doors above . Third sr.,
Pittsburgh...lll have conormtly an hand a well relent
ed avaor Uncut of the best led freshest Modscirte r s which
he wiliacti on the most reasonable terms. Physicians
rending orders will be proutpd7 attended to, and sup
plied with articles they may rely upon ai gersaine.
n aY l Xp n' al . :ll ' ro P ro ' d . fet:t n sla w te d r litl,..act'a'n' y 'l!?ocarl
the day oral g F
. ,Mao Mr sale, a large stock of fresh and good erro
meg,. •
W. WILSON, Wank Maker & Jeweller
• corner 4th and Market s. A large and well
selected stock of watches, Jewelry, Filver.ware and
*limy Goode, Always ort hand and al regular eas
tern antes, Gold Vow. Lever, fall
t owelled watches,
w en w as IMO. driver do watches, as lore ars stn.
Foluas.Jpbmon and other approved
make of watches may be bid al a mall advance and
llXFure watch wcak dour in the very best mannept27 r.
• a
P.tMcursnr. E. lA - ohm]
MI.- U s " t A l nit & h!:. " l )( 47 , ; " : llll t l" Vil ajg:i7Frj.
Glassware. la all Its •atiettes, at their Warehouse car
per of Market and Water streets, Pittsbutels.
Our Marks contiotte In fall operation. and we atr
Gamma fy addipg to oar Gook, which eimbles a s t o fill
enters - with precoptness.. Purehatra are rtypeetfully
solicited to call and examine prices add ter...
OfIlt• 3d Mt Opp*" It.
%VIM. alroattend promptly toCollec ttono, in Ward
ingum,Fayette andUreen Counlica, Pa.
Rau so
(17 anckencr.keikroittekreC' kittnlturatt.
1.1 or
A NUFA UliElt or , Tin,Copper, and Sheet Iron
Ware,' and dealer So Bellannia and Japanned
I ". tr N is
(4 1 0 ,7 1 1 1 2 e "!
alet., and others, to his large stock of coal,
Is uwtt°.:V:47,7,;„"aLl.'`.7l°
Micolcsare buyers and the Pablo generally, are in v
IA Ida
4311.111L1CS DI. Units,
-T LAW, Pinsburgb, Commis-
;he proof and. knowledarninisugs or
Deed., 1.41110, Contracts, DepOlatS, or other ...m
be recorded oared . la the Shoes/if KENTUC K Y,
qa;,,,, Duda, Put4ting, hrt j. il
UAW. allIgT11;dc. Co,
Corner Datlien Alley and Pean St; and (nolo Phi et,
r eW ifunotip•
1111311 PA cT oaK as OF STARCH,
WHRANTED eguil i if not ingacrior. to any Wanda
toe United Notes. and winch inty diagoad
of Wow PriCC• and on good Tema. z .
oclr/ Deaver, Pa ••
q. •.41.;10,1 F • ••‘••••• • ARAI. POPTI.II
• 111. P. & 21161.11011 tr. ;
blowup lo 1..11
w.r,b..ei ~ wli N. Med Mecl,PittAhurglk. m. 13
A. Al. Waltritheord. Jno. F. Stunt
- • DraLia• 11 •
VTAREISiIiS49 second sun., toss Wool, and
Canal Basin. Idlacrty street. bane on baud and for
sale 160.000 lbs assorted Steel. eta
Naylor A Co's Conßlister and Centime icsl.
Jones & Aut. blaster Spring and Fork
:MU doe Shnaels, Spades and }eras i
Carnage •plings and /tales;
Atolls, (moose hoteF VAree, (patent and common:l
'Sledges, Sledge Monads. Crowbars.
Funuce Ringers../untath Bond
klanocks,Olay and Coal Picks:
A xes, San hes, Sickles. Log kr:,
Irrisalarnander Fire Proof Safes. lion. Nail., Glass
aitd othernsburgh Manufactures .id at the[
tilo [awe.
flee ,
R Doneu veer J Renaldo Sank.
C 0211113810 1 11 11166C0 A rill,.
N.. 51 Son‘h Whams, and No 117 south Watem st
13E0 lo informthe trade and-dealers generally . of
Pittsburgh, that they ha,. mode such arrangements
with the Vat-gotta thattufacturers and the Growers of
the West, West Indies, and other places he will insure
a large and 1 constant supply of the following dnicrip
uons of Tohacco which will be sold upon a. a,•epu.-
isoudahrig wrens as any other noose in this city or else
where, and All nods ordered tnna them will be war.
noted equal to representation:
Ilaeutai ! Domingo, Conn.
re( Potter Moo; renteA,fieeilLeaf To
Cube; ! Innen and Florida. baceol
ALSO,firenelt's celebrated Aromatic Stag Carew
dish,with aseonment of other popular brand.,
and gthilit4B of Ea P.l las and ats Lump,
Ss Gs es andills Plug; Lathes , Twist; Vezina TWist.
are, sweet and
plain. in whole nod half xes, wood
and tin, weather with every variety
or article belong-
Ina to the trade.
J Lionta. • Atontesiar;
Lather Patiburgh, Pa. Late of Nashville, Tenn.
EIINIER ANDERSON. Dealers in Conon,
Forwirditra and Comroosion klerchants, No. It
C n,
RDAs atereh, above Broadway, Cincinnan, Oldo.
!toga co—
Al Allen &
Bentley & Stnith. Palliburgh.
Wet Hingham.
Sear & Shepherd,
Mania & McAtister, Nasholle, Tenn.
Yeoman & Armistead.
Sptiogor & Whtlealan. (
J Johnillop I Oa., •
Hewett, Reran ,4. Co., New Orleans.
Magregger & Morris, New kora.
Duvall brighter & Co.. Baltinthre.
Othialb Dooley & Ch.. Philadelphia.
DauienDesbon , Bosom
J. O. W. Ledanch. t% - C. Wiloon.
J. G.' W. LEFTWICH & Co.,
And, Commission Merchant..
DARTICUL AR autumn paid to convignmeno of
I Soy - whin., Engtoca, nr othet article , . for Open...
and Amain. ,
REFF.RTO—Meurs Sheffield A Lithtlow, Mt. Th.-
en. Litnelick; New Orleata.
M . Lofton& Witt on, Mr 7. M. Sherley; Loa
ittaillo. ,
thleurs., 11.11 A Speer, Mr. Wtst. O'Leary, Robot
074hunnu Armnroog A. Nochohotc ratans - ch.
essra4 Revan.Toad et Ca ; einetanci.
Manot.', Hynes & Craignead, Moor.. Edwards A
Whitcall! lion. Zenon Lehauve, lion. John Down;
Piccolo. , L. cclll-1Y
CRAW. Co.,
-IJ IBERAI. cash advanceit nude on receipt of eon
sigrunents. Those shipping to our address
earn three-fourths val. iu advance in Ca.. sPPIY
ins to ear friends,
?dews. Wallingford &Taylor, Flt/rborgis.
'Messrs. Th.. Bell & Co . Bridgeport, Ohio.
Philadelphia, May .5, 1515. war:74f
N. B. All produce contignea Was is Dutton! when.
in the wurelsouse of Wallington/ h Taylor. rittsborgh.
ono our Rune in Philadelphia. C. 11. & Co.
• Na - IN Wood St
A • P
RE now in the course if receiving large sidations
to their extensive stock of Hardware, Cutlery,
.trey, he., which having been porebased on the
e advantageous IMPS in England. and direct trona
the tlanufaesurt in this country, enables thew rn.of
t er Dods on reon n s t
.qtassed Ly none and equalled by
few Porehoset• are respectfully untied to earl.
No % Woos, Srnist, Pt re•Nonnti.
CONTIN ES to timosact general rouroussion
Business, especially in the purchase and sale
of Atierican blanulacto - “ and Produce. and an
receiving end forwarding Goods consigned to till
care. A. Arent for the Manufacturers, be will be
constantly supplied with the principal articles of
Pittsburgh Manufacture at the lowest wholesale
priuL Qrders and consignments are respectfully
CCouwei ' L. L loon.nalu.
PPDSTSatoLll`s, Otoo, CommM ., oo and foloronling
Merchants. and Nodoeo Dealero—alvaaneud io Ike
Vosehue, Salo And dog:moot of rig loon.Coal,&e.
aurae to,
Aniord, Jones & Cu Halley k. Co
laseno,Sloollog &Co Dal.) Olor
Grad', Llnd.oy & Co D Leech k
LYOn. SlaTb Co Clarke k Theo
maTlOdlo dams
--- 'JOAN F. PlaitltY.
I Mum of tho farm of lal•lenirn Lorrli fr. Oral'
14113Olotaale taarmatr. Couansluom a. Flout
TAIP.AII•EIt. in ell k,aul. of Country Pna•Mma, Coro
Per, Tan, Tin Plates. Thrum' Tools, Tom, Lead.
Hada Obect Iron, Iron and Nada, White lamad,
Dye' Snags. Conon Tama. Salt , far, and Pallehurgl.
lalanufacturea genrmlly, ranter of L.beaty end Imam
mrce Patoburgla, PIO
UCTl.lheral advances. an Colt or Gonda, mule o re r
iguments of Produce. &r. )
OFFER to Reit at either eitahltehmeol, all bode of I
Diem...llse at the truest rates of Coma... and
rr: always Prepared to make adroit... 'the tiem of
references Oro, if required. Lettere wade . ..seed to
either Nouns will he promptli sitrodeel to. jr3Odly
1 : JOHN N. ILICIIi 508,
NU. 20 tin it rep s
k nif .i . i fi a r c llk . r . 6 CH EA 11 , 1 Dig
NIVIN w EII) ,. I.. , V ,, = ‘, G y lrs % .,. ti ,. re, Dried RIM, Dees
made on consignments. flatienteung ref.
erotica to Mose addreaeing lir moll. •
1 er• is A1.11[1.1.-
.14 romerstm.
Pflagnalacillarerser,Llmmesi 011,
No. 20 Coiumbia'Street, t
• .
(lac us ram moo nAssr.ol„.o)
repttinl y
Second near Wood.
rkF.ALCHS in Pituburgh Manufacture. rod Hervey
.Lk Ilardintre—will keep towtantly on bud a rawk
of carriage spring• and axle., trames,scyther and sick
les, kre proof sees, snout., vie,. bine kr out.' bellowe,
ildrdgeh; he.. he.
roe _ hltl
roan.. 11.
V V CHANTS, and DEALER.' On al: kind. of
Country Produce. Copper, Tin, Tin Plate& Tinneg.'
Toot., Iron and Nod., Zinc, White Lead. Ine h
RLIO•12 rhert Iron, Lead, Canon Corn, Pali. e., sod
4.111/o{lllo blarnifseture. generally. No. Vt. lel. nod 01
iLiberty wie door above the nend of Wood sweet,
Pittanurgb, Pa.
Liberal &deuces, in cairn or good., made on eon
editor:muter produce. fee . he.
.tarnaws. W. v. ',Tell.
50.40 Water S
icr. Lobis,
Will glee pan.colar attention to the *Tilling of Pro
dire and to order. for pa re booing
auto go—Georee Morgan & Co., Pinrhargh, Pa.
snail _ _
John Aliltilloogh. JAI C U Culliermon.
Conaninion dad Forwarding Merchants,
NOS. 93 & 95 swill ST.
lan27le BOWLING'S WHARF, thsiOniors
Rom. B and V Light ga,
BA LT11110111C•
grpCsali advance. will be mode on consignment to
be 'above add,..., by
j.nS ly CARSON & MeKNIG 11T. Si alb
Commission 4glarelmasita,
A HE now prepared to rereivennteforwartt all
Merchandite io 6111, laniliniron the Juniata. Nottl
Branch. min Tidewater Canal. jrV f
_atop Ofiee, N 0.60 Water Street, l'imiburab
Pittsburgh , Pa
-- - -
B. LEAD WORKS—The undersigned hle
completed their new works, located on the bank
the river above the Aqueduct, In Allegheny city,
opposite Pittsburgh, for, the manufacture of a nape
nor quality or white lead, both dry and wound in
oil; also. red lead and litherage. Hiving availed
themselves at nll the recent improvemeuts in
tanuNclure. and erected the buildings on a Ty
nzten , dve .11.1n..t0d with env icity to Make
large quantified. the. will be able to sat ply ordida
to Move any extent_ sorb
S'raster, Pattern Maker. Alleeway uty (4111
.as the newest Patterns far :tares on bond eiiber I
wood or Woo. Nill(leattng and all other patterns mad
NA 72., FskriA arca, ,cm, Fria
..6 ,. : !! f l ni . i a t 1 .
o 1 of 0 rev n an d Black T.
i. 5 . 1
;Lax Mot SU cp., roonato 1111;i P'u l M i rtlfai
, o ^ , •' _ ---------- 2f '.
13Ax6a9 rOR SALE—A fir6l talc notary uitil on
Leatstitre•for Baking, nearly new, for rale cl 'W
ept Hams. Eaquiteof
lel6 I R tl PRILLIP2,6mood urea'
LA a ... - .-...i.t. , ,, •
ort:nerd or Furniture. ''' ,. .-..5 , ' ,..4• '•
satiable for tateamLasata, '...--,---yL,-.
1 Mods. and pi vac thee!. , ' , .'.w ~
lines. constantly on 1100,1 and made to order.
I he present stout 0o hand cannot be eliellrd by arty
tnanufactory En the wc•tern country. Pen.... -..,,saing
to purchase would do well be t --. f .. rant .. eon.. I run
determined my pricer Plush please. Pan a ine .met
°comets is
SU VAN. with Plush and Hair-cloth covet,
2 doz al ahogany Nurse Chairs,
14 pair Divans:
P.l dot fine mahogany Chairs;
.1.2 mahogany Work *ands:
Idol mahogany Rocking Chu.,
15 marble tor Dressing Borrow.;
b pair Ottomans,
a ramble top Work Stands;
ISchccry Work Stands,
hlahogany, 51.1.10 Cherry and Poplar IkalstradS Of
all descriptions; and a large assortment of Common
' Furniture and Chairs, too numerous to mention.
N E W HA It It WAR F. FO LI.S I. • i ,
Corner of Wood and Md ate :Pltlabnelllk ,
HAVING withdrawn from the old firm of Walker A,
Witodwell, on the ler of Jenuiry, IS], I tate
pleasure in announcing to toy
in the cap and
tenuity, that I have opened any new note at the obeys.
mimed plate. having purrhased my good@ for ensh•
and made arrangements with-rnanulenaurert in this
country and 131 I . : W[IIV lobe ed&tuntly supplied, I not
fully prepared to furnish Hardware of all kind, en to
rod urns and us low us any house East or We., ....
Merchants and ethers ore respectfully invited to Otl
and eaarernegny stock, before purchasing elsewhere.
Tho following comprises porter - my Onck.
Steamboat and Saddieo ilrodwarc. Gun Trinintinra,
Film Naylor 's Steel, Cutlery, FAge Tools. Anvils. VI.
c. Lock.. Latches, Stehle., Scythes, Butt Ilingesi
Sc o rews, Union Pomo Plane... Saws Ilitheart& boards
and veneers, and all other smelts cormectM/ wati the
Hardware businos. mchllt:
..-- • ..-
~- N 0 T.W IT It KT A N DIN U
-'l.-4`a': an in nod opposiEon•to this ,twain
T --_-_:......./ bon or • rittslorgh Mechanic, a tam
Jurity•of thu Cabinet sake. of dos ,
7 ' '-7- atol Allegheny coy, and their nova
-------- , sus customers hay airflow° khOnealirli
above she vulgar proudireugainetimmtineenriona. and ;
they give thassam's &Mitred the pretereace.•lmply
because it &wren et; being the test. soonest, and mast',
roomiest( Iledetrad in uie The A:kiwi.< ManntOntal .
meats for itiselfi—
We. the •utirerthers pramieal I alsinet makervof the
eines of Pittsburgh and A tlothenk . IN. do herehy cep
lay that we have bought the right Id manufacture bed•
-lea& with Coosa. Paient 1.'5..1 go, and consider
the sane supertor to tiny ni..telong , wok which we arc
e Jall-,slllreor
1 . II lounge Co Robot Ewen.
J R Bartley James Ft liarr
John Liggett. Jr. dm,. Lowry la Sou
Lowrie A. robin Riddle di• Drennan
Thomas Palle, Hugh II Wallace
David Later Itunrigy A M'Clelland
((ugh Wallace Moses Bullar.
Ilavid Lukry
For Rights or rmike awl sell the shave Itrilstraila
filrsiollracrireare}hrtmaohmienla pVialAt-tiCLIZt6d
15413.1 ra Preys Brick Machine, and having inner their
ilroro ghly
co rd its +litho, are now prepared.. sell
rights and contract to deliver ...clins designed ny pan of
the l. vied Plates. 'Elie machine is ge to make
Brick from crude elay, told will make 30.1010 good
.nioni firm brink per day, , sad.tenh hard to f i l2ris up
pane him; ti t ...voiding the expense. and lalwir of pr,
pane t the elay,drying awl handling the back alter
Loin; 'melded. II triumph , strong. not liabieto gel WA
PUPA reipair. ;Mali...instate...l non ii can be taken Yu
piece. and put tor Iliac t
ank great ilicilityAus render-
Eng it rumble We are loon building machines. and
ran tut nishthern on short notice. For a full dor npPrin
we w am refer ton machine now in
ce.ella opera.
Poor .1 Mill ereyk bottom. near the West east of ',ghat
street, where we +hall be happy to captain everything
concocted with al to all who may call We have at
pre-ent no as Agent. All !currant our oddevoit
will be prosuptly attended to
BOL 157 AM. i iiikT BRIG an:
I - ,'N XTENNIV ELY tested end aoployed dating Map..
1 a two . ) ears,by O t e principal trod rusinil•NoOr•in
,the war cOuntry. and throughout the niienOr of
renn.ylvsnis, 00,11 to. ready lar delivery on Meow-into
Dl i'iliirithlitni The utmeriaf on which 11... durability
and ruin -moray depeods. I. relectra by experienced mi
ners. brought from Man land. where the dossier , y wa.
him made—the tactile mutter. with which it is inilies.
iled, m carefully stpurated Cher will I e thoroughly
bunted sad i con
by'uneelunely, and sot
pure attention giveirk, Me..
Ilsrloy /e Cc the pro.
primers. in all irepero to 01.1Eurairs their •eknowledged
stips-11101, iv
Order. by mad or otherwt will be promptly eXceo
ted nit aro.anon to J all, W hICLARCN
marl/ 14..ioincio A n Iron Wort" ,
N 1, - ( . 1 , F. i. 17 . 7 . 0 ' I.a.lrY -4.l.ll,llr;tlitilrfriLfty,ill
open on Monday, April fah. fool doors from Wood at,
and ner Jour to A Jay ne , Pei.. Tea Store
A splerukl absentee. or l'abey Cake, Corrieetionary.
Fred, ar , ?te.tion the connterevery day, among which
are the kilktartng 1—
Macaroons; ' Pound Cat et Lorton Biscuit;
Pastry: . poe de. i Pepper Nuts; •
. Jelly Ca to; A lm ond do, Mows. , P. Cake:
(l in ger N o te; Wales 3 um 4 r.,,par go Marini.
FoMteal the,' A. r.. r‘rigar ..4.......
Orders rot le Croon.. Jelly. Bride: Cake, Eanev
Confeetroaary. te , kr , cireuied in • moaner nue
quelled in quali y and be..., I.) snr other enalilmh.
awn in nits op.
Fresh Dread. Twin, Rork, he . manufactured solely
from White Wheat Flour. trod tree from altdmas. every
liOni i iilo , . ' kP 3 , AN,p_IIIMS
1111AVING CREAM--Plicie lig IioIbeCALID
(set all thme how Shave who never , sthaerd lord.,
And illore wisuAiwnv• shay. , novel:Eras - a the more.
N art ne Ili sopeidir ' , has mg t'ompoutiii to the am
1 ova. ill the paid,e,l em arab confidence •s thai the
opinion of all woo Wive used It prousnmee I I the trieo
plesiesnt cormosamii Mat they have earl used, sad in
order place ...Mitt the reach of all. I have reduced
the prier low • nough to afford au opportunity to every
person u, one it •ma I nod lodge tor theetoelors me,
6entlemen iG ina wok tor 5 lien. lu ammo. dia.,. tin
with your ehuetug cup, don't he ..., , red! it won't colt
much to Gil Mna
ei mid, if you are 1101 satisfied. the Mom
ey will he returned. SY111•111 , .3 BARRET r
Iron City Lard (11l Factory and Fano, coop W^ , k. ,
fehlgfah ot.opportle [remedy hotel
_ .
I.l.Nymph Soap: manpo•rd pt an Easier., Botanibl
di.eurery of surprising effitiaci , for tended im Me slot
soft aril fair, as well as nupartteig a delieitte nitrate
fine to dm europlexion.
Also, llama's celebrated Almond idlinivaig .ereadL
which II how ;racially toed by 140 fa•li,rnAble einn•
munity in all pans of the Coded Stare..
Oat:el l s Depriatory Powder PH reinovng Wreak.).
hair; and also Ms highly relebrated Vegetable I mond
1101 r Dye, • airlines] retail to rneble pr o mo I n
their hats instant•twomly. and tn w or pry
&tr. whiskers, mustaches, and ey ebt owe, to a iscrlitio6l
browner Mace color
The stove articles are for sale, wholesale and retail,
by II A reitritisiocii k CO
. - 1/1 ear from 00,1 wood. ard wwwl•nit pi, si•
mardware "Co. ter F'• addlery, &e. -
IMPORTER AND DEALER in Europe and Dame.
I lie llordwair, woulit s rroperaulty inform his friends
and the palille paterally, that he it now reCeivlng his
PpLag surely of hardware, at the old stand of VI mire
A WI. ,
he wed. No fa Wood street, winch he will thew,.
,if no the ulost masa - amble term-.
Ile will ho conic
receiving free h ”nplie• dire et
(min the Memnarturere tit Eonme and
tine c
ide. will enable him to comptde with any estatikalt.
Men, edher l'aut or Wert.
SS . ..Merit Merchants are Invited to roll and examine
hi. .1001 before purelisoine elsewhere _ ratlits_l.
WE the eliderilatird hove ent[la i d IPSO CPriSltiler•
ship 1111 . the pslspil,ti rstng a Preduce.
Commission and Forwarding hate. s.., nadir 1110 s 1 Y: 0
or ORION, AlletiltlEW & CO.,
end have taken the warehease. No a Commercial Row,
',Lefty ill i tel, formerly occupied by Mr W n Posey be
where all buunclis nun charge will
promptly and faithfully aurndril to.
51011141:1 I MUM, formerly of Philudelphla
Tll(rtt II MeGIIEW, - tanothfield, Ohio
FINDLEY IV alctillEW, •
Parsbargli, Match 21.1.-0.
dm late firm of tollorytte fir. grlonedy. 100 king
lass Manufacturer anal dealer 10 rdoek Condi, l: ,
and Variet Goole, keens continuity' en hand, of
own nyanurn y
glure. ever, description°. Oat. Mahogany
and Comoro& Looking Itinerant 1.2 3 4, and 0 dt.wer
'Toilets . plain and °many:Mal pont ka reasneti
All kind. of Clordor, Tray:, and ke alien, in sett. or
dormer Combs:Thread,
on a nd a general n•aorunen: of
:Fang, ' Goods. wholerole. an • mall utlennee crier •
Pedlar. and ollo . ry *married with Plrelp's Chlo, l , Cur
'Ler'. Prne, and 10 by 17 Warne. at New York poem
mr21.1 No g 3, en, !mainor! ror.
DRUGS, DRUGS, tool Aprobetory, N. W.
.loconer of Wood and :ols Pin.longli. mill km?
ennstantly nn hand I)rugs, Puna!, Oil., 11),Branfr.
Noll —Phyeteson'e pre.ert photo enrefullyrompoond.
erl front the boo rooter ad, at troy loon ot the day or
meld. Alen..n to•oronent of r e rfornery, hoe Tooth.
Ilsor. ondt%oth 11.1.110 e. be. he. which be will' *ell
low for coo& , mro,
'reo. Groce I.
L . Frail isol Provlo'on lit-ore.
NO. 141 LIF6II : T V 4T`ONN'T"(.
hi: Vt'S "`'*7::`'
BUri,.T,A. p„c ;,n,4%,;,.,17 t.
NOM comm. need int Moir r 0 luthr “1.00 hot or her, oral
door to lite old .tent, where he boo, hy kertoor, n
purply of good erne 1,1,11111 C low for merit
unshorntol y •
in, .tetet ottentortr ,to his porous, ro merit of
polder rotenone,. .
__, _ rrehri
COnDllgNitetildll 171 d: lkii. E PS
A T CINCINN A lI—I oat otohorlied'iry rye rat
.n.....i . rettsnylveno In lake rolototeleZfpron of 111 it
moaner. of mriong, den ofolorsoAtnd d OtifJPIS of
pergola to 01110, tole. 11.101 Or mrded in retool Ivo ,
site. Orrter.l dillit• E. 1.1 rnElhT NI.VOO/I.oftiel , Ott.
etioroth tnroe l:liW A HD I' CEA Net I
soyebtleewly•l, • Atones tit Into
cum 1.110 Et 11:NTRY MIXED HMIS .001 0 dr
100,11111/ for winch the highest rove in CASII moll be ,
Moor on herd. every dereorlion of Weitirde cad
W topping Paper .10a Chioo4/P I oilloo
nre he Corner Penn end Irvein FL , I. rineloirch
. - ViNtSY [DWI:Sr, Mooritty roOe. 1.1111 Lver•
[woe. be . moitalble focrloroitte ro Concur's
can Ire for tit•hrd on oppiteattou at tho peed note,
f r o
'''''''''"( Jo.. w` lTATgOgitAm
. releofNn HIE row WIWI RIO Atli In.
iviiiritioiiiiii , Nvos.vio.
. .......1- _ ~.
in srotatqw rod trealeer
'' V - 2 r roldrv. s l:7so (4 :: -.7.: .
.1?!'"-,-?.. three door. tehore rt Chad..
''''"- "..' Hotel. Pittsburgh Po.
"._-- - -
_ ------------
•i. HSATOh.
EAII.F.R In Trimmings and VasiegGoods. Tortoise
11 Tbell, Ivory and Horn combs, t%',aillen Yarns mud
Worsted', 81111011, Needles, Pi., Tapes, Braids, be..
No 6.1 Market between Diamond sod 4111 streets
IrD GAGES .d Founs - c7fTrarious - sises.eotiatant
ly on band, and for sale at reduced priers, at th e
Pittsburgh Reed Stow, No 13l -Woo& mem. come,
Sib Efta.
TM. CREAfFILF.F.ZEIO=Iint-lei'dTh Cm
i Write inlinnonhi excellent Patent lee Cream Free
rern. *nimble for Hotels, Steamboat. and p DU et Nriv..LAP (am
feat " JOUN
c 077 No V market at
VALUABLE. BOOKSsePubliahed by J A
& ll P James, Walnut street,. between Fourth
and Fifth. anon:tau: • .
• u.ii.i..• Gstiticiorne 'history of the declite and
fall of. the Roman Empire ' ity Edward tlibbon,
req.. A new Indition, revised sad correeted thrortch•
nut, preceded by a preface, and aticompanied by
. notes critical and hi4arical, relating principally to I
tete propagatioe Of Christianity:. by M. 1.. Guizot,
Allender of Public Tostrucilua far the kingdom of
Prance.. The preface, notes and corrections, tram.
sated from the French evpressly lur this eddied,.
With a notice of the Life and Character of Gibbon,
and Watson's Reply to Gibbon. In !. rob. imp.
hi 0.1073 pages. . I
Napier' Peninsula War—Complete. -I vol. iron
hou.llllo pages.
Ilallam's Middle Agee, Chamber's Rebellion in
Scotland, Robertson's Virginia and New England, ,
Ruturell'a French and Eagluda War in America, and
Ramsay's Allleile. Revolution. I vnl 4to. , 1
LPrary 01 American History—Cfmtmeing octet-
Rona from the best. authors . America° History,
, Biography, 'Presets', I:eimmerce, Statistics,lndianr, 1
'Revolphomary Rattles; Isc. &c. &c. Alen. Acct. '
dotps, m o l e and Altacellancous articles. Maitre I
red with than 500 engravings. I vol, imp oor.
1 00 pages.
lUniversal Pictorial Library—Containing valuable
,ad.. subjects, crimprising Natural
Ili. ,
Nankai Science., Agriculture, Rural Econ . '
leery, ography, Fine Arts, the' Orientals', Travels,
Geography, Delany, Miscmlumous . reading, &c.
1 &c. I eel imphvo 610 pp, billatieep.
The Family Medical LabrarjA Treatise on the
Prevention nod l;ut e of Digqii3Cll, by regimen and
'simple tonlieinci. New edition, revised and enter
, g n ed f
Ira, pointing out the ,lithos, preparations and doses
o w n it t h l ine
floe o hundred Aoa 0 my
E n . i g id .
v P i ty a ti . o
. 1 og . y o . r
which lluritrat o c re d
colored: Ily J G Norivend,M D--Eft4 pages Ova.
American Flower Garden Companoa—Arlapted
;toile United Stamm by Edward Sayer., Landscape
and Ornamental Gardener. It can, thin] edition,
revived, enlarged and illuatrated.
' Palmer's Dreg., Reeky Muuntsins,&c. &c.
. Family Teslamert, octavo, with 'and without
'olyglbt notem, and Psalms In metre.
Rice and Pingree'e Debates Bern's Works Lady
'the Lake. Lalla Rookb. Mare's Private Der..
n. Juvenile Hooke. Cheap edition of various
rks in pamphlet form. .• crich
. . .._
rI large stock of Books. both nese and old. especially
Mat out air sortmentelrall Ito complete for the th of July
. The following, which , cbmprise an itt m, are Joseph.
Rwshbroolosorthe Poacher, Inreoptain Marry of R N.
We heb ri a Land
aetut owrcshi f X l i ot l o e r g Aan Mt
inhaes Great
The dro Serywnt,or the Quern of the Coral Cone—
by It Harker. Iraq
' Tenon', an isacresting work by Ste Vlu Bolster.
The EslmMo collection of Poems by Loogrellow.
Columbian hlaptice for Jul
titatiam'e do do;
National do de: •
Godeyis Lady's Book do,
Lksdbay and Son, No. P.
Six LOCU'. on; the sisis 01 the Icings, an
p d causes,
rseimon a M nd cum of ConsumPtroo,
ramose( the helot, with illustrations—by Baronet S
'lPite h. A.M.
Modern Chivalry LI Brackenridge, fashoopplY.
'l./lairer bore in lienuielty. do;
kitty's Redone.. by Mese Leslie, do,
Chas. O'hlalley, die'lrrall Dragoon, by Lover do.
Rod' and Blue or the Frivateers of oho Revolo ion, a
freslcsupply. LM
Alas-A large variety o ( amusement CesdrJor
die* end giotleusen. exceediugli interesimg, among
them a new glib., entitled The Coolest of Antiouis or
Old (Seines with new Fares.
Olt tits Pietorml Fattier. lot the Ilk of July, in large
orsmall qntrires
For sale s oat
Me Literary EtepOrlllo, simithfie l d 10.2 rd
near Maxlerstreece —
A Voyage up the River A. 0 .120011, including a re..
donee at Vatic{ by W. It. CdoraNs.
PICTOOIiOII thcin Cure, or morn) went. of the
World we lore in; tri,Wra
h Summer In s Wildetners,'entlireerng a Canoe
Voyage up
Illisstompi, and around Labs Cabetior;
by Con. Lanneart •
.Moure l e Boetical Works—cheap ed.
Yin rOOO •11.1.1 ragas.
lbes and Ilatmul of the most eminent British Poets
t o y tV on or llobriti—Woetrabril i soia., Id too
01.13.411.1.1.1111• Age: comprising roma.. Coen'. Co.
ographicaband Doetriptive. Hy G. Francis, Frey
A Iltsmis of Rome, from the earliest owe. io thr
deeds of Cumorodus. A it UM try Dr. LeonaJd Selmitx
The Lis of Wesley. and Rise and rt,r.q• of Mello
urbirn It) Rota Cowboy l3. .4
the late T Cebodor. X. 14 . oral remarks on Me C.
aml eharacter ut John Wesley, by Melon. Alex boor.
Esq. Veined br Rev. C. Soethei,M• A cSeorld
Anoinean b:dinco, with Notes; try Be, P Curly, A.
WI. • ..
. b.., Correapoodence *ad Mittel antra of It,
soo. GAM ecurth. 1.1. D. folliSerlY Governor oiu
verb anEalogy pro...cell before the Connecticut I
medal Pociery ni Neer Rate., Alai 17, telt:. try 11.
W. W Andrews.
,Third Volume 1.11 . 4 R IM W riling. o f W oo k o , oo
, lt I; ,, it: otrelattWecitc_dotal tor_ nee U 1;
L. a
v.A u
TRier Wal7 llleditailLibrarys I
Tip ßA re T g l i -I , : n ott .n th . e . Picztratt,l.C..o re N n . t .t a z l o t : n r
Lemed and enlarged, with Me odd non of-a regt.ble
31..r.0 Illotics pointing sal the ...wen. prepanitiout
and Jared of our most valuable, misuse, medical plant.,
and .0 appert.lig, illustrate...l:with 1110 ewera.lrial , II ill ,
I which are coloicol., Uy J. li Norwood NI It.
The [erect ui the tourer:cork i• to give tbe hitter,
cloontirrieic at mou•llll4,pcogre.... and tentitnattou of
II /i4i 4041 in eort..o e awl totc ,
. a it.l., tent, u• 00...1 , 1e. eurierl w ane s e.0.m.,. of all r
It‘no °ugh , : tryte yet. ni.lo outlet:tuba the treatment , of
1 o Macaw, in tae termination of moth hornets Ole may
I t
ni *take.
ITee treatment our•uctrliy the generality of prsetion
rm.. nod 1011141 4110.1 entree...o. particularly in 11.0 Dim
'r.A.,a ' , lndoor!. to tho ttroollt and Went, Sea beet, detailed
writ. much 011140141C5. 'mud great cart.
The FiAlliliv Altai •at I.ito.ry r tt is lielleved.kat gt v en-1
more etter.. ...faction Mart any tumult at Me mood
emu.. II) tit atomic and perapteinn , direction.,—ro
ilt , t of rentedict anti their proper & orir yt 0100
oaf , 400111g00e, will lin entitled to twat many mow.
lmolnererwithouttheneeteett Of eillllli • 111 4 iiiifiiei 4o
1 W e have been infononl et head of (amt. , , who have
1,1 Weir house' . 01.1, etaild they ~,,, ninon. anoilrei
cops of Mt walk, ten ones the coal could oat puillm,
1 itbavirtg hequently ohved more Man as., in wie year,
, 14 It. use.
Avow wanted to tell this work—a Ithetol comm.
00 allovord. J. AJoU P. JAAlEr..Putrlrrher ,,
itg I Walnut eta and.l•ll,lljittelluisall•
n !POT'S PRXMANSlllP—Philotartphlcul Th,
11...rat0l Pritchett ,01, klanatert•bto t in three part.;
prin:ir y
y. , intermedrare and issstli rich port ni tour noels.
—by WI A. Root. "thi..Wock•erlortliirearrato,de.ceried
10 11110110/10 1110 painter of conducting Me hand and pee
prep ttatorypincrows.lialtleh thrtninglilyr Irbil, the mu.
e tc.. c o puty t o in etr . ir Mai oolowiforatina of It nett ath
wont , according to Mew aimilartiyof form.tori: ant
liVilfoooMl* accompairt inn the •0110111 ii (.140114.1. 0 ti
each hook, 'tkrewlteler•ortteranged or to effect area
er enemy of tintellabor nod c0m1. , . and tor t oni , . in
otoir in write over each page 0011, IlreelVell lliiii d ic
unl Ow .410 by • JUR'''. 11 al El.f.t ill
Arn .1 w, ol ape!
rs'anctle'ra''."*"443{"""oN°. !I ; 1 4; %
Cobb's d151.:3 45,
Kmerantiv I n n
1 23 4.
',on, Smith and Calt/11,11 . . rahmrtir,
M y, tb and UNA; rehe
Smith. unite
Dutton , Gratin.,
ite above valuable taehool 11. ma a far vale ve, y tom
at Wholesale and setall.
A—A tarp ...talent of trier Cap Writing Pa
per nod blank Books of
market st. between 3rd and 4th
Il r 1? IllCmeinnan.
11 JAhe 1111 TO li OEXICO—Just publiihed, by
'll IC 111:.110111 OP oP.XIII , her Civil Wars nqd
eolonlai and Perolunonai y Anatol., from ate Per-mt oh
enntbalt Conquest IVA to the piewni now. 1,41;
Irwindale en seem.i. °Cale vs or woli Mc UllO , l Svile..
anth hblitary ACII?0,111.11.. I.y I 1011,
1 1 oung hl I/ S% .11 tom Copperplate Mambas.' .s'ue't
h: avings of Plana oh Catt fi
le Grounds. e One
nine of lien hundred and slaty'-foaupaaes.
}MEW !MEDICAL WORK-I'nketienl•
VI yaw,. ,un Kora uf the dtacaaes of ll3e
nod Conligiotts Ilirer nature
sem aystiptUitta, coneroecoreot awl too yenta,
eepeeiully addre••ed to Ihe Well, 10,41.00 ,coder: I,y
nenlenhanerf M
The aut llt hor ni dot wok IlleS air Near
*welled teptvniol. of warn huuotred easel.°
PO, and i.1.1111n Am, with.. either the prole. th.
11( mat, or the reolenout cautery.
F. , +Wel:110o l:o..lfioune f I. BEAD
Fourth, near :iara. , meet
I ENRY Ik.alet It. rancyn Piano Fortes,
/w J %I:malt:veins, No. 143 Thud tnterc Tbe
16.10 . - lofty he of f OOOM at an hour., and dot
.et there (rout II to 13 A. M , and from 4 to S.
M , melt day. Ocuther Ird, 46
ts. the untlernigned, would inform the eittz stoi o
Ilttetturgb pod vicinity hot we, IT , e .
Ilitelieveole Agent lin We , tern I. ey mop
-nle of our Plano n.ile...roin whom
touted at nu! own I V 0, 1112.7.
uee - NS k. CLAIM
Nra 4'vlk•l' 4. l. I. IP4O-aoltbllf
y I 'MURAL. TA YLOIt —Johniinlt & too k
Vi bairn to*. 000toodportivitm.1.111iOr •Ale our-
p 'Paylor, by A Dolly. °niter De orpodune
owlenceand di rectum of tho undotNto'd °alto' •
on orbimal ikotehtakcit Dom We to anoirbo, by C
, D. C
Ihrdlikrup royostider 11o1We Portia.
General Taylor n gioto
D Co otto, U U Nnov
tiro, A. Itl'Cobt. A. A.
Ueri MEAUX, la Topooranbleal Euvn,
IW O. Doan. , U. S. Nay y
rr 15 Cent,
by Wrtlit.r7n!)(t%:•:tttrSt cUtro'r.routt....
a outsitur of the New VW Ittkr iron Ihr meth
"duo.. woh vo.Evtury oo .the oi Tretmli Hen
p Eloquotice, sod the,Oralum or Nob
J T Headley: etlimd I/ C 00 . ,"
Itivettaphlcal addrodo: Mounted, lot tt..-
"' je t :lb ""TANSTON k wrocrros
Boater.. and Now Sort Pianos.
1011 N, 11. MELLOR, No bt Wood s
OM ll4 llrVeri d ili ' Vro n!l e narl
with M Imo frame and iiev
.tale. Node bk fnltclerlnk;of. Crow' ,
One elegant tilocewood' Yin O Row, with 6ottavo
and Iron totem', Made by tirinY
00-elegant ahoiany' Pomo Yortemade by Gail
SC... New York.
The above will be .old or Manufacturer'. prices.
for sales. above, a mcond bond Piano Toro
wall 3 ocutece }elk
new Pigmies.
JIM Received and opened by th e ennenlinee ,
following new Planos:—
.Ono elegant llogewood,aaaave I
Poltern.l .
ellte elegant lloseerseal,4l r.t1,. F .T .,
carved Goiblo Tabfela—a splendid .9
.00,1 'MOM% b*m , lanooculd•
Loud PAR'. K
melal all it Woolwell'e,esll.l.l
U t N " "„,"
sPRING AXLE. MON Avo” . - - ;
smi.j4Sfee, HAIL, Co., having eowlsit.
‘...1 their New works, are ttow prettied to Mau it
tae ,very destripoon of Cameth and _Ensue ?prwl
Iron axle, Mae fie. Milt, trifintg sac! 'omelet Steel,
and all Nur of email *pram aott round Imed which.
they offer Mr avertn liberal mom al the. tWersturow
co.ploodsf whew , they unto keep on hand
ompete and handsome asawor tot of Desch trim.
minas, Carriage hard Ware, malleable rawsnav,-Niits
anti Iron,
C. IL & Co, have made arrangemartm with Meier.
Day Ir. Crows. manufacturers al Moeda;
Forks, tee., and will keep constantly on hand.cven
article made by them. Dealers are respectfully' sot
cord to es proms and WM/ Will he made libeml.
PITI.C I t 6 R ,
JOlll4 WRIOSIT /Z , CO,s
RE prepared to Wild Colton sod lEadleft Staehln
cry of every description such sr—Carding MI.
Spinning Frames Speeders, Drys" ti
-ay Rands, Waspers,'Ntrillats,Spant • %Messing
Lansla 4, CAM. ttsinders. kg, Wraugla Iron
ed all sizes of Cast Iton, tell
' , test panstnaodide a nil. lisittl-Lataca,
tools of A 1111.04
Castilla , of every description furnithad on abort DO.
Potternt made to order for Mill Gearing, Iron
he. !Meant Pipe for heuthm Factories. Coat
t an %%indoor Swill, and fancy Custom , . nonerally
"Nor. left at tbe Warehouse of J. Pa hoer In Co., /dlr .
elm alreeleal ersa ro iWlaVe prompt ottrulion.
Blaclotork. Ran & Co. J K Moorhead & 00_. 6 E
Weimer, Jona Irwin & Fans; Plttaboratt.
tit &J II Warner; Sieatteomllet "
_ .
IMPORTER nod hlanufnetarer of Cutlery. Surgleol
nod Dental Inatrumenta, Satldlarsand Tanta
m rs' bond
tools. Tay Ion: Patent Sitcom,Alan anatee.
Ttutoes, Supporta , .
gal &a . in meat Varlet,
C. Manufacturer and Importer of Pen. Pocket nod
Table Cutleryi,Ratorreictstots. Filcs,Sows, Tools, &a;
hat rot/erred to
w (KM sTREEr, Pittsburgh. rearrond door be
low Diamond
And hat late.y rr, vented o lance atrortment nr
Pot. t Pocket Knives, Natives Forks,
Alto Raisers' and Whomtenholnut i
Ellions.RoJerriZtVotlc & Bombe t's Itazors.SciiSOTS ,
R aror Stott., Doommat ante Wire '1 wmt
Alien:. Pole. and Mine+ Revolver', Powder Flake
Shot Helm Game Rag., Walker . % & Col" Extra Per.
cottion Cop. now iedUirk and Ranting 'tomcat
- Poeta. rich at Cellipots. Viglf 11. Ply ars. N timers
hand Pier.. Square , . Roles., Braces, Kin, ,spokt
Shaves, Stockton.' lbes Wire and Irouriourr
atomic& repairing
groat annoy
CO - Jobbing and t. repairing :tautly and pusic . tu p oll:
it 9
w.I4TErtiENSOI htnia.Slanentier.
. ser of .1011Liall mid W er Stockton ot ritt.nurgh,
have tam day . entered into no-p.i rt nemitip under et) id
and firm ot Stephen.. fitment...agar tc f
ut the
Anthere {Yorke., yibeetung Va., tar the purroay o
t uanufacuirtng iron and nails of eyeryilc.optton.,
F W.
P 5 I n OBNBER o OB L &
. a C r . ce!
Wheeling, Va.
alanufacture all Lints of holler. sheet, bar Iron and
nun., AII steel ciiptte Formes and axle. 11[111g Coll
nettled with
Old Juniata Work., we can
alter an article of Juniata Iron Stranded Sitoenbereer]
equal to any made in the country. All of which will ttx
soidat the l'itulturgh prices.. M. arehourc of the Work•
corner rf Monroe
Water sweet*. ' inyl I
tows ULAN') FACTOR 4.
JOlll ui
TARES ; ' I cal m inform his friend"
1 ----- i .and the I pthl m ic et al large thathts Fantod`
---_;-=-- . nod
in full operation. onnite Ems stde
- iir-- i ~. .1 - the Diamond, Allegh. ax , war w s con:
Kant supply of Illinds. of earwax colon'
• - ' andqualtre,arecionstantlykepton bond,'
-,- al. at Nola Wood ets Pittsburgh... l .E
•,--- ... 11. Phillips' oil cloth waterounn.
°adorn Startlers made to order in the beet style.
Words 'K rod at the shortest nottee
' N. U. Ilis Blinds will be put up, without any addi
tional ezeptir.e so that they can Pe returwed to u taw
mew m erwe of are or tor washlng, and without the Aid
of st ewes •Ir e neuldlekwlarele
A. Ft/ Latildl, Bell and Mal. Found.
as 1 ,
A er. h rebuilt and commented 1111531C11f at
korrekt stand, whew he will be pleased to
sec hie old customers and friends.
Chinch, Steamboat. and Its of cemy
eine. from In to WACO poarta., efiel from
patent. of the moot approved models: nod
afranted to Lot
Couof slic 1..1 materia
Mineral Witter Pumps. nters. Railing,
ogesher woh every eerier) of Urns. Castings, tfresuir.
1.. turned and finwhed of the neateutumiwr.
ILTA• F is the Asir potprieter of 11.1111111 e. Ass-
Artarrlent AfirrAL. air lastly relebrated for the reduc
tion of friction in rudebitter. The Coxes and Co ml..-
tatuut van be hod of hint a• nil tone..
Vaal- EIcCULL. a ea.' Co. —
unviriq recently epode very oupormat improve-
Ai menu. to the tranulactre o ths above artir.l, and
ouloNn ' sielatest improted east.rn wheel oven for flat
mow,. ore are now prepared m furnish an oriel, of Win
dow Islam, equaL d not ruperior, to any Cylinder Claes
made in the Untied States. and but little inferior to Pm
Enclish , - --
.0 tr Iy, ellertrVele 01.1gagell in 11, Inn
r o,ry. oioloVr ond f)nn,,,..1-• I'
Id BD WO of ee..ry de.e . rl,:und, 11,1 k s 10.1101,1 , )
invited to call a: I viattene fortliriowlVe-. al our
house. No. Wood street. Ilittebutallt
kW7W - K 15T.1.0 Et
NandPITTSGH :STEAM AR111.4: WOi4l4S,
No.. 040 Liberty sows, was ins Can.
IAY Son hood and mode in order. a huge cone.
.tl. ty of Marble Mantels. Pier, Conne Tubes. and
loteut Tups,Tokoh*oitea. Monument. 40 : which.
wing male of the cloncest monde. and it.auk:;to mind
wing ho wry. will he 'old low for • ash
N. 11. retinas wishing to clue Alamein. me
informed slia4it Is hence lorth unnecessary bin them en
00 East, as 1 con futninh them with an arprie
respects as good, ottillfreight, insurance. o.e, causider.
ed.) as cheap is they can %such:tee them tor in the
Fa. Call ond see..intat
No 8 Market MTV.. Pittsburgh, Venom
• r i ti ? " :l:7::Tit i tTU r i ‘ tio h roll:rr " AtC L lN T4P"..4=l:,
renpessfully tavne prem. building Steamboats tp eats
aod lanolin brford purchasing, an we can supply them
with Deck Stoves. Forges, and every other 1.14 Of
Copp, Tin and Sheet Iron woq necessary to furnish.
int is Steam boat.
Wn also mole so Order on.the shortest none,: Sal
Tubes and Chamber: . Copper work for :Rem Engines
stuJ runty variety of work tto our lion
Plttsblerstlt,i Pfk.
riarchotoc Ao. 137. Wood atrere.'eafab.rgh.
‘v keep on hoed a good noon-.
tnrin or Wore, of our own mattinacture and
I. Yr I Luiqualio. Wholesale and coontry'Met
t clionso ore 'eventfully invited to call and el
amine for thetosclues. as we ore' determined to sell
oneupar than hos ever before been offered - to the pub.
0- I entry. •ern i bi mail, acetiniamnied bT the each or
.oleocam pre a cioneav 'wended tn. fete.
&cm elitoveitc'aiicile .Ica trortt Itttortaltir;
tors. , •
HA VlNti commenced the ammo - amnia of :Vatic.,
Plioacln, Day and 'Manure Forks. Ag. on an eaten
si scale. are paltered to all orders Mr .14n arti.
ci ve
es at Eatterit
Forma concesitette r their ca•nomers and den le, 6 11l
/metes. they have appointed 6corge. rochran,
01111MIM1011 hlorchant. Na ati Wood went. their Agent
an the Pale of the...manufacture-. All order , uddreva.
ed to hire will receive prompt attention, on the 'nomad
entonerna , a-rm.. uturFrnmi 4. DI XON.
Mranh. tile
areal %Valera Butt Binge Manufactory,
t , l\ GARDNER A. •o.
1 . wvoild taint.
Ihey tire 1;ow ttlautteartotitig, the 4,1 Butt 'lite,:
ever tomb . tit the United Stale, At this Oka rind
hustnexit we ittleml•rod nut romplett, lir
ele out pa...lily he. mill, Thu, rooted/11th
MO, we dunk. witl find lll
to tee Out Hutt, All ot.let• Itromptiy vitt mkt' t.leN
. ml 5 A GARDNER A C...ter,of ttl; malt op,
E are 'now onlarg. tEenr
Oatenynn,wat afar
no make all bamds n."4.21an
a n lWoollen Machu,. ry.. the most rearonal. lets..
I.seart gruel, All. ghetly City'
N H —ll %% ho hn. psnrn, ver
porlant itsprovemr..- on thr entd, awl whn hag !lir
er t
sg..rml (Mill , 13. h.trryi sear. 10 •Nome DI lie nu
errn•re f11Ver...1.0, COI/0111'001.M,, of ilte - w1. 4
will pvi.lls• per4s. l atictoton puHolg tsp. Wale gs
otneuns or Ow.. rose,mcd. mar htikr• ogule IA lb
rl.l fel' GLAS , MANI:
venilanird equal in tiny in the country. All coder,
vAlfertiVe prompt anoint. and filled on
Nbirelintitii and tinier. the city are in •
weal' twin , snarlia•rne 114,11
llli VS and Non, fur on.. at war now
Wtiroltouft:, No. Si %Valor .m.e1.0.11 ruo.
lung id Front.
Alts, meal at din old cland,
Socc. 'Ahem inset.
Ilmatnonade goyim addition , ' to, the Holllng Mill, all
order , can be filled promptly.
NC'., RC MOO or
FlNi sn lrlNan G Nand AILS.
CoMpper AW lIV
pattern Makrre Minh, of every description.
Nro. Fn. Howl. Tadd ntrnea. •
"Piet ebtergthe
AND AXI.I Fneruar.
uuc rota. • - faun da1...,
JONES k QUM% *i• "
lk ANUFAC l'U HEIDI of Spties. and Blialer •91,01,
Innnah a tent, Steel Plough Wittee. Coach. and
Spring!. I Ilan tnnved-lont A ling. and kaki , . in.
Carnnd.. and Coat+ Tt igen:Ling, teaadidly
corner of Roan and Front slrent4,Tittabargh,
ch.T.aaven Tr;
so now rcceiving s large and eatemsve aershrlatem or
Mara Trimmings of lawn elytes—allalng Petlit It
•re serious an that have never .trek ,irept ere—
whnelo theylmrrehused for cash Cram the' Eastern Maas.
. fecutscre. sod. WC 146. sell calory tia•
TlJll ha✓rte
Neve York or Phdalk pale. ,They stististd rgritrksllY
, u rtirr the allentiottaVripmrytOon • •
a¢td•"on JUNES as QR WO, for Ros..t ist ots
M .o ng
hay recentiV undergone very e one of premoaiop
xtemive alteration. end
eleftentrentees. - tt maize new wing has been-dded.
enntainitig numerous and airy 'Jeering um rune nip and
• emeisive hatehrg ennui, -•-
' The Ladies' depralmnnt
ore:mined and fitted up I .vt m
omentique a beautiful
style— In fact the whom arrant or the Roma hos
been remodeled, with a sinele.eye on the part of the
proprietors montnlsilhe errmlart end pleninir
t r of
Gomm, m
ead which they confidently,
lenaciecnaron with ab be yllol in the Unon.
. - Their Ohio wit always : snpptird wait everyauli,
a t and t o
which Mortar/et afford. , n
Vt erved 14
in n of
style,WhUe - in the way.of
they will not he surpassed.
Ineonalunten the prolitietor. bee nt n0t...1g
will be left undone on their yiet,optl un thispattathei
...emit., to render Allis HMO wont! the continued
patronnge ortheir friend , and the yeehlie generally:
, The prices for board have alto been redneed Id the
fa in raw.—' •
LLaadd Ordin.Tl 1 1 1.. "y'
Vientierneu." - • ISO •
N.o—The Begeaye Women of the Hamm will al.
ways Mund 'et the Car and Steamboat Landing',
I which will convey bag/.se b and fond the Ilmeit free
I - or charge ' • mylltf
KARL isTREXT 11011111e4.ClneleSetwAlls
VOID—The webilerlbers 'hurt tigparchsetl Use et,
Me interest of illtrunson. late of this well
known estriblitshrnenl.beg leave to rime to their friends
and the, public generally, Ail! , they bits , token. woo
m onceadtoas lintel far 'tents of years end will exert
their best energies to make it a desrtnlitrt h.. , fur To,-
ellero and City Boxrdero.
Tit, 'tot,' to simaions and ndmirnitly planted for con
venience, light onil 'att . , laving a number of parlors
in:Pooling chambers, presenting 11101.0111 4111.11.0.
The present proprietors has InPharl the e pernmee of
yenro In cilia city and elsewhere,ltoptithey lienhle
to give general setisfaction bents deretteinell to Rise
unclivtded nnenneln - 10 the house aione.
The location ot the
to Street Clouse causteol-oconly
eligthlo. having Iron, oyenil. %Velem Alai Third Me,
wt that it cyunicy dr...mettle View of the convent.
.ett re of beeegres terror renrent,li fia pt team boarders.
It Is liens Icy. the Hatilts; Ow Port Otisee, the Mniesole
Odd Fellows Oath mid Inn onesquare distant from
Main street and two squares from the City NV half. the.
otrestog the greatest intlacemen,,roPeeitilly to canary
merettan, and genewilly tont] persons vlsiting Cittrin•
natl. 3111 IN NO111.1:
mirrstEns itoosz,
Formerly Fuller': Rotel, Washiligtoo, C. C.
JOllld llAidlbk .
T hce.ll7ll
uunof ',crows visiting .he Capitol, whether no
/de li- mure or Moine., to his new ly dpenedestablishment
-MIIIIIIIOO which has been finetkup in a
mile at comfort mid eleguneti ancurouned •by any
other lloiel in the city. It is situated at the weateni
end of Pennsylvania Avenue, and in the immediate
v.cinity of din amino. Departments of Govmnment and
the Previdenis Gomm
Ills table will always besapplied with all the COM.
flawand Ju Mi stine , to be found in the maraelaMmri tin
expense orrings will he spared Mrender the Mansion
race no annwtive resident . ° to all who may sect fit to
honor it wink their paironnge• ,-
The Myriam would partmulsay emit hot attentiontho Officer.. (the Annycind Navy Loh'. lintel, to whom
ii hat ever been ajavorac platen( report. • ' '
•N LI renews Magus in ntitteanee.oo.the arrival
ofyye ear.. to convey basgage (mei/charge. •
t ie nee, and splendtd estabholonenhereeted daring"
1 cite past scason, i" now 'pen foe the reception of
transient and perponent bonnier...
Toe itranntid for meteor ott and.firrief.oe aceouurtoda•
t ions for the tworelltet nubile, pot:voted to the preprint.'
tw the plan of ererting otel, w forapletator and
ns. be enixallca o the Unto. Anal,
while he ha" 'paled neither pains not eXperwe in the_
rotatnnraut tit hhts d[e.rable abject: bereaves the priblie
to liCrilir hew far he has succeeded. , •
This 1100. e. contain. 151.1 apartatenta. eonvententer
"twinned in sinter tort single morns. The Canute re IVIA
a:I null; to ordt r di particular attention inutility' and
...written.... as w ell car st) In tutd.rplers,or. All the
matter:l insentiont hate bees, made subservient to the
travelhdh• caw and conttom'auli an experience of rat
year. NW enabled the prop . sietor •to introdnee many
smut oh cow nto which, filet, are pecaliat lo dos Iron..
I .Dented on the principal latch. within thte , 'thiitt t,er
walk of the greet Youtbern and Western railroad de•
pots. end the business section of ine ettyohisestahlish•
nient totrunends itself to alte patronage otthe Intones.
and pleattutetrarel. .: , L ..oLDAIMS •
Ito-nos, Jone.ISIL • ,• •t• letsiend3dl
Corner of Baltimore unit Eutaw Streets,
lIENRY inct;:ox..nonuigrott.•
41113 opleudid and spacious Itoirt, o.odl situated
lot Idol. 11,0101 4 4 and pl. asurcTracrileto, sc ao eon
ivied auto canning of the herr Ilatele
ch go.gio and ivo,ldat
Cho on 40‘ ono: no.niqnento ate a. nleserved
or the accuturrindaliun or ,tarisient gurOnl, nod inzollion
10010 g Inc city dill lied the OkiAw iloFee a Horne,
The location
by no Bolel in the Union "
The location e'evalgO and condition. , and is liOo
oo‘turent lo Derail and - the I.andOign. 01. Whiell the
end Por,er• 01 Tiro Mese are at Oil limes=
scaluog to convey peroeuge otpl Ilia baggage, free
ge e 'lnlet I.
~,llcminJonli - - u per day.
o piterr i no
COLO:NU. • •
Cliaries Street, between .ti4rli.l aua Lomtiard
•, SI - Itollttisores•
A . ,. sabre saws haviag . taisest the Above estato
lishinent, at t . , the service' to the citizens sad
pantie renerally. ' Is soncenientlyeiluated at
'a —lain the
t:1 4 :11 ' 1 ' 1 fi nhs ' l l or s;e 3 its% n e d l 4il p . d m
thet, the bonnet cde esti/those visiting the city, As
eolivelileoess and sortdosts as the other principal
is i•n, Cvnli!ttri
.11 p,..11,ac 41.1).: nod w,ci i...oreit Ito ihe palate
11,`,1111sy ol AP r, 1,47 The' pmptiet u'lnters lhat
his utireithilthgeffurs to please, wilt-secore to [dal a
.'tortwit of-the public pathonieko, modem as well as ,
•• W W
Lyle of th 4 fins of Da to Fogg
. GALT 11011 SIS, t • ••I
Corner 211•1111, and tklxtlidSlll.
• VMS waiting/mini la now In the besinnler for the
ccectriind of the ' lining under;
Pine' t th ereetth retwir, during • the put winter, and
having the MOM experienced men in th e west, in •
vas departments. 1 antler mycelf that all ',c at
' t ion who call. The Incawin Is eentl.l.ooniareadiOlie
und idenpant. Fare St pude): •••••• -
Much taitcSti • W . t; MAIM .
N. S.—Although not ex a ctly ned , ' Brawn, It Is the
.nme—a new Whet on the old•hendlit. : anxtf
Chrintit Streit, Nhi~ a dclpWa.
:x.7lts well also,va entalitithraeor haat recently,Weer
great y.enlarged, and vehly atalspsti'y awaisbed -Isla
the most fashionable poet of Chemtut 'Arent,
and' in the anniediate v einite of the' politic place• of
amusement •Thepropnetor, grateful feriae eery Übe.;
rat patronage heretofore lieetewedt W. lll f/ l lff' n ' ll4 ` l " .
to render hat toruss, every way agreeable. to his guests
and %%vilify of their continued ...Mow , ' .tord l • ll ta.ehtf
_ -
ftltj. l l l ll R 0 Cl:ft' LI HT UN ergs to acquant
41: friends that he' is 'aorta lessee of the. CAI T
It 11 et 11, Louisville. KY...hen . he hopes in meet all
his old friends, ariorml them and the pahlie.that no
eiron lilt spared to wake 9 F.osilfortartir who favor
h. wilt their riiron2ge. jant Idly •
0s It. o.l)tatar.orloa h b
i a c s A , b a o rr n ee d and
qkliftled n bon,no,s Alle•
:esf fully nood in Boston. New York a.c , nod wherever.
ipplted. r coo nod the - decide d'prferestec inner ,
, tooen, Footmen , . &e. Ito 'no/vantage. arc— •
1.1. Grew recullthy, of Tentprrottor.
Putt. Frerdont from . rornolte , •
:ha No ottplenoont - Dolneoo
Oda. Looity upended to, nod not habto to got nut of
:oh I:Vent 1111.1Olity:
.1 • .•
Altolet toprethention may be en nod Ilienp.
enrol Ol.lalllcd .21 iht • f.lpref
AI rr. Tttnviue l:_tetury Of
W 150
tlres..Woonl attl. l / 1 1rLoot eta
Llll.. JOHN S. ell PPIAZIo.
CIF 1181,r1NiDID".. Ihr 00111.0loPho' nen:tug
0.../ Ithnottortuotcd 10 Ite.N.Or .11,01 permanent
. two ehy
Ile Atteretore oetoieen lo the
ado, itod teoprett.ll, .abut. a +bole of p.ototmgo.
Pat oeoltor wren to t h.oaoro.peettliJr tr,
3a.fe o ht ii idren.
Plot , . Fantod chow'. c:-
11. %vat,.,-
Dr II AlDocitren,
'rem sho;ll,firld .toect.. oppoo. NlerrhanD lintel
hlonotirlholo Donoe.
1 0 1111 , 1
PHI.: mil...ctn.' , fin. jto, rcurlsed tram the newt c.,1
Cvf pt Or', Unqe.l:+l.ll , , a
romp:c.c. stoner:wren vol Fier Wore, wh , rte he wit
, te lenJe or Me' tritroiraWe tem*. Thi
coo , : 4 :maple., 1.1.1 Whrel, Ctri.rer.nea•ahoripr.
illue I.lolr. lirefgabeß •Iforke. INdy‘m.
Itoinme CJirl or, 'l'6:m4 , k Lim Craukert,nowerrole
Mior, hr.. hr. o:deri fe6,:a el, cur..) . pe!eleertly
JOliN snatcavr a
C No,
tri sod HI Front MI,
41“...•-I'iowaritn. lull IW.Fa-
Ay, vise,
ilte Imre limplovril on.
trios :sod . ',goal to
tiov Also, Cosilor,
finisliril if toiler:Al. I;os I. t.
n,. rill ;t 11111 l oi
teo.ospir trims •
onion/ no.
N. 11.-1.( 100 I.u.lir I •11 ineall ti.ound Nut, ,
lla It Itt'SSIEIL. South ‘Vlnnvox
1,141,1e;p1i-u..lus.r 1... ..t.
- •
II la `1: iqt:AYA klt EIV - ii: -. 43. - airizi.iaiii
rAcKm AND •STAI:I , .I±. ‘ -
a.g. • IS [V mood.
CAN A I.l.n,iii-ITS TI-ll.Elitt.Pll Ii lA:9 W
9 ,lork. r.:1111et-llir
, a mit i.I ii( u i eiitentot.iio 1:1-: A Vial. firat ritt,urgti,
aiiil arikrt, iit•Wurreit next Itioriiiiig In - tea irirl fur ihe
~,„ 0 ., ,k,.1, ~,t - b Cl, , ttand innnrn incin- i', , - ! • 1
i•,• , .. , nc.r. will I,i! ii.,11 , 1 , ili h. ...wing Leila
un% w.: racket.. iii,il ee•it. in lb , Nage, qn isilpliO3 . ll.otl
tin Want Al1,0131)01. Bea. r, Lietiviiig L l:ituli , fgh. as,l);
tiVock, •. /4 lor le the ogt noir . • - ••
, ~ I: iii. Ili% Fr/ ON k. notlmbnikli.
CI.A lila:a-Co, Llenvec. • , • . .
irs.4: frA 1.1)W IN. 1, qurignunlm
In II TA Num, Watren • ' -
. ,
". • •
MO 17 Market elmet„ ;4'4.w keeti.jinK' hie spring
IN,oek ~,, !Itiug.lianlvrarr
, $
eon•,bLetiog (0: km.l—
1. 4 Japootoell Wore, 1'a1511.11 and Aoleriqmi
4 tas do' • •• do,
ex•ks Flnglteh Tuned ezqcepanCi -
I ,10 ltyal Paw I ca.zg To o)nat.,l Woiterc
I d.. • l'amnoile:l .AV are;
I do, erzt.rd Warr: I cask Ce.5707t
Erie Ilaizmanrd Copper; 30 Copp ,
1500 lb. /im re
am Wi; •to t..z1"... i4.lz;
JOON. nIL,NLA P, 1116Iet
app _
cotes thit &obese. • In
- .etoluttitatingly ration.. •in be ! hat it rant
re— article, witnout any teMane, 0 , t , o .
ke he
testantdon rettlesiion of we h.= ham 'We know
of ontheroat itattnete educe bate du been restored to brads
I.,‘,bua ko . r ang and we thbtk Wd cannot da
under iv. than to r reommal no nur ed. u ,
hair, to eke a teal of thisSonicittunedistely
Datoet Natl.
For =Wm Attaboegh 0 the - Plotkin Tee Swot No 11
Fourth stmt. near Woo* .
- '
‘1,41 Zlllllll DIAMOINDII-40t tecoired and
c e le, • full aeartatent. of wt l'ate
ict'• Pantondt, at the Dre J
tr. l 6 , KIDS) & C(1,60 wood it
9 , 11g,4..,• , it. is beg lai r the attention alit those - 1
inmrested in roofing, of theicatAl.VANlZtil) TI • • ..
PLAT&s, arid us the many . advantages which MGT-
po.l.olllloire all MEMO! and other substances hitherto •g,
used for this porgweenpomessiog ts they do;theareogth • • ~.
road lights's...of troll without rto handily to InatateriNg
been retied reverelj eel s, both to thil . mtioruary,a ,
in o Europe..eThey'. are. also less satires uselpsmilong
and - taint action froofsudden changes of tkeLmologatteren
than common Ttn Plate, Iron,Zinconfic ot.fill , lo l ..V'A'
metal now used far MAIM. and comer...UV Mr=
flinch better and tighter roo4 requirinti ST keel ikelleellt - _.•.
repair, whilst the firm cost is hat ato fie more. - •
Me subscribers would also call the anestuon of all.
',Jesters and workers in Melee, 10 rite man) ,
pesos to which Iron thus protected, can la applied.—
In general terms it is apPlicablo to„ all armies of iron
winch iris desirable to ptoteet from the action of. the
attranaphire. And they would rapsentll i r call . the at- • .
'cation of those i nterwited its TELEURA 111C1.11111M- •
to Melt Gal vanized‘V ire. which is now almost. entire
ly used in Europe. and Wiach answers attry - =
sin redactor of eh:ow - icon e - wsttult absslattme • •
kali as math as copper, and posscssiog moral darabili7 ,
llariagl.italy erected works)n ibis city fauna
,„,,,,ornfrolizie4pfs, spikes, bolts. ortre.atc.; they
will be ahle to fame. y article whicb maybe dems . ;
teal. ft supply oft' es iontaafactured In ltiorime g lN::>'. ,. .
aalandy s"‘ rinTailicrliWX4Co '
'Nos. 14 and 10 Beaverstr;,UWlro/1111L,... '
The Pstent Right this article has beim
for the I. angled States a• for
wel Ima real Britain. had other . •-t
European countries, aad all gammors will to
ken to . preveot any infringement by importatiok orotb. ,-
LEE 41 . iIitZW7STER ,
• • •.• Pro. 444-Ceds4ll4reet, Elltw .Y441.k.;
FAI Imre to inform Drab. ta Dry hood.. War they km
Lb'received, and am bow mbibilimpat WARELIOI.IBR.
iiNCLUSIVELN far Printevf Cktkiej,lloo CAILEtt o ;
'comprising all the Mow prlsiii arlridak
French and Citurvicia iblattobonori mbieh, i. ADDITION
to their vocal Man i !ebbe. theii movollant ultltio *MI
beautiful avid attractive I. 14.64- RIBA bre* jot wr pat
chavettbietCASll AND SHORT CREDIT.ovra oitiml by
rho piece orsockne motta,lenos. at mod Irlow 10311•1%.
facturetrpnets. -
Crankpin °Cruces (oirre3bul an plaimrin•
baistii of buyers.
ParrhaverOwill inform lbotamlimrof thc Vashibr the our
bet, sad be well nritlitir el/111i1liti91, !trio . iftbards.
L. k. B. have *Oar adravitagen for rucutiog ' pant.
i, voLicli ermoctfolly solicited. • • .
LIC.2r sar.wsrEn; 44 Cedar 812,;.4.
Drag Warelbolue. ••'• - •
ID A. kaki N F••eFtNIK ZelSo.; No
.L., :zi ceer York, oiler loaf sale o !ergo and Vewera
atom eat of Prep and Medicine.,, Dye -Stars -
Taints rid Oils - ofevery description; which thy ,
are prepared and dew:waived to sell
.Country Merchants and thesugists are : requested, ~ :._;
to rs,
call and examine their article.. Ordeezettatid• -- , , -- .• • ... .•
with faithledness mad despatch.. R. A.Slotiltesteck's
Vertniluec constantl) h
tin hand. , •
. , •
U. L. Vahatestock. , Pittstlarsh;.' • i • 4
A. - 11: Hall, New York, a • r& _
o.uw.Ltego nws , Task;, - •.- :. i
WRVS, W. FIELD offers,For sale: at the lowest •
• blanafscutrers• prices, a very extenstve asson-_ -
nano of PAPER: lomprising every possible satiety. •'
adapted tektite wants of Consommes to all sections of tie
country. Pripet , of all kinds made to order at shed
na ac
week of PRINTING PA ER mu:sally lawn
aprtof wb let, is ef Valy_sop nor eosin), _ • -
of asery descoptiou, traocitts4l had kept constantly on
has Felting. Wee Cloth, Fourdrinier
ll:caching Powder, Blue Illtramaripe,Twine, to:
. • . RAGS.. _
Canress.Bale Rope, Grass Rape, Ilayiing,
patritnoal, roc which, tt kigbestpricrun
Patti • • lreir New Work JAvAlltia._
2 I U - It ANf CIE!
. _
Indentualty against Lou sa Deinssigra
With the nthlitional security of a Sunk ••
The Reliance Co., of rheYd -
George W. Tema, John M:AtwOod, - • • - _
Thomas C. itockhil, Lewis IL.Astikarsty. .
Wm. litlhompson, George N. Baker, :
amuse AL Stroud, • • John J. Vawlerkemp,
• George W. Carpenter. •
1 - 47 ILL make interalte - 11.040t. Lou or Damage
T by Fire, in PITTSOUVCII. pad IliCifitr, OP •
Baum's, Stores and other Buildings, and on Font -• •
ture, thirds. Wares and Merchandise, on the most'',
The MutualPrinCiple, combined will a hock
Capital; and theotherprorisionaol -the Cisliktireeir
this Company. hold oat notterial)Adneelowlll4,llol
- and Safety, to these desirous or *aging
I insomnce . ,towhich the Company nab the olte
~ ,
`and esammation of thane interested.
Those effecting Insurance with this '
itsve,bosidm the use* tiratection against Itied;by
she ordina y method wp - losataitee,'me:ndilitiortal.... -
advantageof a direct participation in - the pr sfits,ol; - . :
the Company, witAoutany ombiEly.
IiFA)RGE W. 'POLAND, .Prenidesit..::
B.M. iIIOCUMAS, Beerctary. • •
I • .
The subieribey, who is the dely.astioriaedAteit t
or the above nattled Coo:Tiny. is-prepared to make ,
:insurante, 'at. the lithee of the Agerney,lctle'
Sr. Cho lei Ilote*.Third it...third iloor.from Wood
itteht, and will give all further ilif.ttriattoa desired :
ouN vtisarsr.x, J R.,
saregy or rau.dett.
FIRC RISKS upon buildings hod merchandise
of every desenption, end lot AltllllF. RISKS
upon hulls or cargoea of sestets, taken upon - the 3,'
rebid favorable terms.
p:r thrice m the Warehouse of W. B. figOletee
A. Bro. No, 37 Water, near Market etreett4o l ! - ;4111;#
b ,rd D. The successor Wu Company same die estab.. ;- :
hslueent o . the Agency lo tins coy,. iththernimpeneu
and ideraldir witl, which carry claim upon sherd for 1
loss has been adjusted. testy warrant tha agent la 1. ,
clung the confidence and roaronaga of his friends and
ike aolinnanny u'large to the Dammam DL•&MA.
ratite Company, . while ofitins the add tunnel adVarnalfc•
no an• instituuon among toe moat fiondsktvg in
th em—as hawing an ample paid to capita!, which •
by the operatiOnontsehattenseonstaqtlytacteaalitt -
as yielding latest!' versed Inured his due share` et ,
thu profit. of the cot:toady vtathont aerolvieg him •
in any responsihaltly whatever; and therplure u r "
pomade& Inc Mutual principle oltrefted, , 6l creeps
obnoxious leature, sal nails maat attractive form. -•
r~q •
Pa S re7l:llt k riZglaVel i r l
Make illantalien of ever) kind e
cannati e lail with ht7
tisk. r
transportation and taland navigation •to inside tipsiest '
or damage 14 fire, Dwellmg lhaes, Warehouses.
Buildings in general, (foods, Wawa, Mehandme,
and Leal y description of persotad property s othe most
favorable lama
Applications kw Insurance attended to caldron° delaY •
I St oir'er r'"3
YPTI I IVIVfit 11 A RBA UOll A - 't.
AT an Election held at the Warr e to N. Y. May UM,
the fallosanginatand gentlemen worn ebtreen OireciOra •
of this tbrytaay 4. fo , r . lll , e , ensuing
befoil • • _
John Brow/rev. Jaen ideChatn,
W ilham %Vara, William W.Campbell,
John Newhouse, Jacob Bihar, •
ts °lover% Nereus ttproig,
Johu Joseph P. tAie r _l
And et a subsequent meeting of the Board, JOSEPIL„.„
W , leas unanimously re-elected Pre.
nivel ion the cern tag ) ear. Vt'sn.JA BUG°B, ,
Joanat copy Seereraey.
railit: Insurance 'Company or tNortbAidenc2„, , ,,,,..;,
• 1 through iu duly atithonsed Agent, the intbneri,
.berllem TO make perman - al: and limited Insure;.ti
once on property, in• this. city did Its vicinity; ate „:-,,
on shipments by the Canal and Itixtrt.. • -,„.,
DlltEerowts: • • -".
John C. Smith heel:, Samuel Brmakiii
Rtes. Henry, , • CharleiTaylor s ,:-...•
x‘anal. W. Juere, SaintV. niutb, ••••
- tail. ard Smith, Ambrode . Whitep : !--
John 'A. Brown, Jacob Al. Thome,
Jolio-White, • . John
'rhos. E. Cope, - Richard. Wooigr •
Wm. Welsh, . Artinuaitoan,See,..l;.
• 'llia iti-ther oldest Inzuradeb Company in the .
United States, haring-been chartered in 1794,116C7'
charter is perpetual,• and from its. high!
lone tskrietet," ample limns, and arinclid 411 .
r.stuioV an extra ha:canto - di tharitter, VO. • be''.
conidere'd ooering ample secant/ to.the it;
. . „
• tIcISES TW.OO -•
. At Cutting Itoom.or
Water and Front stretta.YittabuTiVr : 10%4 ,•
.; • -... , , INO E M NITY''l ' '-' --- ! '
Ag Int LoaAby.Fr,e-rTha FRANKLIN:Fire inia-••-•: ,
, , •••• ra•kr• Company of Vallailabihia, . ,'
W IS.I. onto Insurance, Fiefmancnt and Ilniitedi .."'
,' V V bn ovary dm/violas' nfyroperty, in PITTS 4 ,
on favorable Comm l'hia company has a Fielltaal' 4
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