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mother, took, on so when I GM her
good:bye, though I told her 1. - wouldn't ,
slay over a p fortnight,,that I had a great
.-;rnind_to after : but .I
;lid told , all the 'folks I was, going to
'Boston, and had promised to bring Nancy
I new, tiomb; I stuck to my resolu
tion and jogged on. When I began to
feel hollow, I pulled. out some of mo
'ther's dough-nuts; rind ktpfon eating till
• I lad eat a whole poiketful, so I didn't
want any dinner that day. t went on
without stopping only once to get a drink
of eider till a good piece after dark.
Then I didn't find a tavern, handy, so I
thought I would stop and inquire. 1
- knocked at a house where thete wan a
bright light.
"Walk in," said the man of the house,
in a voice rather cross I thought.
"How far is it to a tavern ?" said I.
"Take a chair," said he.
"I han't got time to sit, I've got a lit
' tie belated, I believe-1 just want to
know hi:4 far it is to a tavern."
"Where ye going ?"
"To Boston."
"What are you going to Boston for ?"
."Why—going for a number of things.
I guess-'tart worth while to go into
"Which way did you come from ?"
"Why," says I. and then I sat down
because I got tired of standing
"I've come from the north-east about a
day's walk."
"Thais away towards Popersquash.
Do you know Deacon Job Smilres, who
lives there ?"
~ "No I don't, but I've often heard tell
of him.—How far did you stay it was to
at tavern ?" .r
"You don't know Deacon Squires
then; I sold him a yoke of steers the
other day—maybe you're seen 'em—the
'nigh one was brindle, the off one pretty
,near Itilack, with a white face."
"No, I han't, and I don't want to,"
says I, for I began to get a little riled
because he wouldn't tell me how far it
was to a tavern. "It's getting late and
I must go on to a tavern--did you say it
was about a mile ?"
"No, I didn't say anything about it."
"Well, I hope you won't, I was just a
going to say, but I thought it Would be
saucy, and I never Was saucy to an old
"Won't-you stay all night," says he.
"No, I believe I'll go to a tavern."
"You shldl be welcome if you'll stay."
Then the old lady, who had set still
all the time darning stockings, looked
up and said, "You can stay as well as
"Pull off your great coat," said the
old man. "Zeb (Zeb was a great boy
that sat on the dye-tub in the corner)
hapg up his coat and hat, and you get
some supper, Hannah."
"Lain% hungry," says I. "for l'a , e eat
two pocketfuls of dough-nuts since I not
out this morning."
- "Never mind, must eat if ire ain't him
So Hannah (that was his .daughter)
stirred round, and hung on the tea ket
tle, and fried some ham, and warmed a
mince pie, and got supper ready in a
hurry. "We've been to supper once,"
said the old man, •'but swe'll keep you
Company." So they all sat down, and
before we got up we had made a pretty
good hole in the victuals, and got pretty
well acquainted.
• • When bedtime come, the old
man said, "we always pray before ae
go to bed, we hope you'll join us."
"Certainly," 'said So we moved a
little further back from the fire, and
Hannah set the candle on the table by
her father, and got the Bible, and he
read a chapter, and we all kneeled
down, and be.prayed for us all, and es
pecially "the stranger that tarrieth with
- us for the night"—and he prayed so like
be felt what he said, and was used to it,
that 'I had like to cried. When he had
done, we all grit up, and sat down, and
were still for a minute and said nothing.
Then be took a candle and gave it to
me, and said; "Ypu'll sleep right over
bead here ; you tiny blow out the light
when you get to bed. We ire stirring
'Piero pretty early in the morning. I
guess you won't want to get up as early
as we do, considering your long walk
to-day." "When I'm home," says. I,
"there are not Many roosters that tern
out earlier than I do, and I mean to get
on a.pretty good atrech towards Bos on
afore sunrise to•morrow." So I aid
them good night and went to bed and
got asleep fore I knew it—the first thing
I knew was somebody working at the
door, which started me a little at first
before I thought where I watt: then
Zeb came in and set down a 144
"Want you to get uptooreakfast," says
"Breakfast han't ready !"
"Been ready half au hour, only mo
ther hated to wake you up."
"Tell 'em I'm coming." So I dressed
in a hurry and went down and out to the
pump - and washed, and after we had a
short prayer, we had a first rate break
fast. the time we were &Me' it be
gan to grow light. "Now I must be off,
and I shall remember you all, a good
"Stop when you come back and tell
us what you saw, for I guess you are
going to see Boston more than anything
Allen, of the ship 'Albion, from Green.
ock for Quebec, thus describes his ad-,
ventures in the ice last April and May,
in-a letter in the Montreal Herald of he
9th most:
°To my great murtification we again
fell in with the ice'above cape Ray, and
on the 26th, the wind corning round from
the SSW. we got stuck fast—the Belle
' isle and Erromanga both in company
We were dragged by the ice along the
coast of - Newfoundland, nearly as far as'
the Straits of Belleiale, and remained
fast, driven about by every wind, until
L-the 24th of Mat, when a gale of south
wind having loosened the ice, we got
out into clear water, after having been
detained in it 46 days. The Erromanga
got away on the 15th, and the Belleisle
on the 19th. We were frozen into aso
lid field, and during all the time we were
in the ice there never was a break near
us. The ice turned us twice round the
compass.and for twenty-eight days there
never was a man at our wheel. The
ship was no fast bound that the rudder
would not move. We made three at
tempts at cutting out, and you may con
ceive how thick- the Ice was, when I
mention that, after all hands had been at
work for three entire days, they only
managed to cut seven feet. The weath
er was so cold I was afraid they would
all be laid up, as they were.wet all the
time, and we were at length compelled
to abandon the work in despair. I can
not accuse myself of any bad manage
meet in getting into the ice, as every
thing was done for the best, god when
the wind came from the S. W. on the
26th of April, we were in the heavy
swell within ball a mile of clear water,
and if we had accomplished that, half
mile, we would have been through all
,the ice, as two men who came on board
of. us from a sealing schooner the day
after, told us they had come from Byron
Island, and.saw no ice till they came to
the field they were fast in. I hope to
get to Quebec tamorrow, and will pro
ceed to Montreal without delay."
• - iii " FarA - Kl A U ArACTILIALYT,
MGR fIOAD, above, Buttraemood Street; Phil.:
1.110 adeiplila. At Uusestablishment maybetfoand
the Mated 'ninety ennui and beautiful Patterns
for IRON lLAlLltaflt, in toe-bolted Sirius; to
which the attreinin ul throe in want col try duCriii•
lion Anil especially for Cemeteries, is particular',
inded. •
Tbe principal part ol all the handsome Railings
at Level Hill, Monument, and other celebrated
rtimetenes in tbe city and county ol Philadelphia,
which have been no highly extolled by the public
press, were executed at this manufactory..
A Doge WareNDOoo3 is connected with the estab
liahment, where I. kept Constantly on hood 4 large
stock of ready-made Iron Railing.. Ornatdental tran
Settees, Iron Chairs, new style plain and ornamen
tal Iron (late., with an extensive assortment of trot
Peat*, Pedestals; Iron Arbors, to: Alan, in great
satiety, Wrought and Cad.lronOmasoeita,auttabie
for Railing. and other purposes.
The sulaweriber would also state that in bia Pat
tern and Designing Department he has employed
some of the best talent in the cottatry;whose whole
attention in clewed to the boaineas—,fdpoing alto.
gether One Of the most complete sad systematic es.
tablishown of the kind in the Union.
ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor.
Ridge Road, above Buttonwood Street-
Philndelphie4 March IS.. 1841 dditior
• -
. .
Gotd Levers: full Jewelled, INS to
Liver do do 2 - .1 Ito
Gold I.epines Jewelled, 31,1•00
Bdver do do IX 1..0
Salier quartiers, fine quality, lo to
Gold Vl.' atebes. plat., 13 Ott
Sitver Spector+, 17A
Gold Pencils. 2 Ott
Gold Bracelets. ' 4IX
• •
Alro.on band, a large a..ortment BoW Ind Bale
Bracelet., finger rings, bre a.t pots, hoop en floe. cold
pen., Silver eyoons, *agar tone..tlerablee r Kohl "ek;
curb and Ilyb chat., guanl keys and jewe lry of enemy
desertfraon, Cl equally low better. All I avant i. • rail
to contract. tu.tomera.
All kinds or Watches rind Clorks reputed and war
ranted to keep good tine for one year, old gold and sil
ver bop& or taken in exchange.
For safe. eight day and thirty hour brass Cloekso at
Watch, Clock, and Jewelry :ante. do 41.31 Itl•rke
street, above Eleventh. North side, Philadelphia.
117 I have sainelsotil and :silver Levers still Cheaper
than the above prices. jOl g
N /LSE T TIEN PATENT El ititc2}iterios
frai n l . hfrer ng pazgs h eL , My m a e ti o n n U e lte.• over al
• .
Its tilanugaablesimus—The rapid:thy and (ince of blow
may be controlled with the greatest ease. while the
bloomer I. in operation, and the •
hammei may be la.
twiny armted. and suspended at any height.
Its U menial:tr. or capacity to execute work of all
kinds, from the laigert in the •mnllest, u•der the same
Its hstandicity. Compactor.. and Cheioniss. -
It. Amesmbility upon •Il sides, b. the Workmen
All the hammers are made nelAActing.
. • The subscribers continue to elector orders for she
hammers.or edam., upon rensonable tern..
For Anther partieula., mature of
Amineee of the Patera for the United Slams,
troth-IT Southwark Foundry, Pdatliad'a.
. .
No. 304 South LY-oat S ttttt
Back of T. A. Wilson's Cabinet Ware Manley
A LL orders left with S. S. Moon. at the offiee of the
Slerehant's Hotel, Pittsburgh, will , tie
attended to. THUS. 0. DERRY .
IMPORTER of Watches. Watchmaker's Tools, and
Watch Materials, ortuatemle and reubt.and eon.
aunty an band a large a..runrirt of Lunette, Palma,
and Plain Wass. Mainsprings. Verges. Dials, Watch
Rands, arid • complete amortment of all Tools and Ala
terial• belonging to the trod-; swim assortment
a large assoment
of Gold and :Myer Lever. Lend,. and 1'1.,n Watab e s.
all of which he umll guaranty to Agit at the 'ogre. SPVI
York pm... All orders from the country punctually
N. —Country Merchants and otbc.+ arr invaed
call and clamant., al the Uld Stand, No South Fourth
,:xtteet. Philadelphia . 'ant: am
'HARNESS NAKED, 9 , 11 Chesnut st
PAiDutelphia, tate of the Gros .f title it
9attANIV.. , • Watroo. respectfully iaLnaos his 4 ...Is
nad the public, that be has mud •d 1 keep
rnaistaatly or. hand and Gar ule, lumina. assortment of
Nehmkaof all axle, li/A descriptions
made to onler slur shortest possible Isollre, Aral mewed
he very he moue', of selected material fetaZt-ly
Wathington, D. C.
ROBIIINP, Mechanical Engineer and
Agent tor procuring Patent, will prepare the nc
c .... it Drawing• and Papers far Applicant. for Pat
ent, and trannact allewher 'Amoco% to the line of In.
mot, itaion at the "Patent Offire. Ile ens be consulted
on all queanotw relating to the Pa..t haunt aml der,
I the Untted State. or Enron, Pe .na
donative dceirou. of bonnie xannino.ona made atJhe
P neat p,nt to tin/. tie appLcmion for a in
sas, torwurd hotn pant. rilvitn., •Noof fi doll.,
SI Cif,' MAIlC111(1. thrz w Lien 1131=ediute
non will be /riven to it. and all the Infiytotation that
could Le ohm/nett by a visit of the applwant In person'
promptly communicated.
All letters on Lowness meet de post paid. and rontaln
• suitable fee. where a written opinion is required.
r Klee on F. street, opposite the Patent (Kee
II e hue the boner of reterrine, Inn nennis , ioo. to
lion. Edmund Burke, Cortunt,,ioner of p o w ou ,
Ilan. 11 I. Ellevennh la, do di.,
II Knoarlr, Slaehier-1 • Odin,
Judge Cranen, Wa.l
Boa II Choate, Ms, I' tO s e nate,
lion. W Allen. Ohio.'
Bon.) El Bowl, AI C, Iltssouru
lion. Wlllis Ball , riow York;
lion. Robert Smith, Al C, i
Hon. 8 Breese, VI !tents,
Boa: J II Belle, AI C:Slissour);
Capt. II Al Shreve. Missouri;
Emote Brook., Esq.. PtttaLurgh. . milk
4 .1.1131111 t,
_ . .
rrlIE best article known for eteming md whitening
1 the Teeth, suengthemsw the emu., sweetening the
breath. Arc. It should he used every night with a end
brush, and the teeth and Mouth will only require a align
mashing 111 the morning. Wet the brash intk wimi
water. or cold will answer. and rub it a few Mae, on
the paste, wben enough will adhere for cran the
teeth. It leavesa delicious taste in the mouth, and an
parts • most delightful fragrance to the breath. I satanic
counrivalled as a pleasant, ethemiosis, convenient. and
r e s denthfice. 111. warranted not to inime the teeth.
bat to ph-serve them.
By us , regularlY: it will remove the tartar and
prevent iss accomulation--prevant Site toothache
strengthen the gums, and prevent all dime.. of teem
Chemist.. pkyamians, and the clergy recommend it
deciedly superior to every thi of the kind in use.—
Ask d
for Sherrnan's Compound Orr ng is Totelt
observe his signature is attached to each pot.
Reeommended by Or. Calla, I 7 Umadway. one of
our beet Dentists, and by mon of the old established
ones in
the United States, and twee pensively used
by the :rattily of . Engl.!! and Pm. ee
A large proportion of the disease. t Paiatilletmenkmd
arise from some derangement of for stomacher bowels,
which a timely, use of the Oahu tie Lozenges would
wtirely obvi at e. Persons of 'bilkas habits should al
ays hare • hod at hand, and take a dine whenever
they feel the least derangement in their health. Minh
Mom use of these lozenges would prevent thousands
of came
Form.lea: WM. JACKSON'S, comet of Wood and
Libeor eU dent/
Attorney, Counsellor and General Agent.
L. PILALI., inferno hta friend• and the pub
. lie that he has commenced the business of
Agent for buying and selling real this city, and
will devote large portion of his time and anent ...a to
alto leasing. letting and hiring of !muses, stores and oth.-
er buddingi; in collecting and disbursing, rentmandoth.
er claims and demands, and in atnroding to Agency be.
generally. He will also engagaiin the begot..
non of leans, contracts, etc.. and will famish authenne
informatien in relation to the poking qualities and re,
Apo:1,1[11116es of tenants, Zee for srlizelt his extensive
acquaintance eminently quid I destine, Ile may be found
at In• residence, No 141 All aucem until 91.1 o'clock
in the morning and after 6 o'clock in the evening, and
at other hdderat-Ims office. No :to Chambers street,l2nd
door fmot room. NEI,I(‹K.
HEFERENCES—Vo A Tallinadge: Hon John 11
Henn. Hon John McKeon, on Ogdro Hoffman. Al•
Berman Exbert Berimn Ald. Wm V Brady. David
firahan , E.sq, Wm J RoOme, rag. ' my *dant*
before—trtaile oil the roost approved Y plans
made to order or an enea. snit at all pricer.
Cottony &terabits's and others are ineited oil nod
eaamine Inc above for lberusirlverota all will be sold
wholesale or retail, and u liberal deduction road• to
wLolnrale purchaser. . _
Ni Payt
Dr. Drawn' Pile Emburcttion
_New Pea'
r HERE: are few diseases more9lmmon or troll.
blesorne than the PllOl, and yet, notwitheland.
ing treat efforts have been made to cure by the use
pipit's, electuades, liniments, dm., all were lutile
and 01 little benelit.. Now the Cmbrocation 'is the
only medicine used. A person who has been auffer•
mg with the Piles of the worst kind came from ha.
lens, New Jersey, almost on purpose to tapers 1011
gratitude for the speedy cure that this medicine hod
effected in his es.e.—,Phils. Sat. Post.
IrrFer axle in Plitaburgh at the PEKEN TEA
TORE, T 2 Fourth at and also et the Drug Store
I P Schwartz, Federal - et. Allngheny Cit
Hardware Stare Removed. t
Wf 11 ffilORE A. WOLFF having removed from the
X X corner of Liberty and St Clete street. to No 50
Wood street, three doors above ett Charier! Newt, would
reepeafully wk Meartention of buyers to their .took
Of ILA ft DWAR al, CUTLERY and SADDLERY, rec'd
per Chip. &monk, Monongahela and Russia, direct
from the townfacturers of England and Germany.
Also, supplies of Americanllardware, from the Mtn.
opal manufacturer. of the Eastern Slates.
Thr stock being enurely new, trod purchased upon
the b est mt.. they Mel great confidence in being able
sucremfdly to meet companion Dorn any quarter,
whether cm or west.
The Hardware busincts will be rontinued at the old
s 11Kum-17-iff
‘„. IF? , xboxlmse ear, prevloutt to :slaking me of Idr.
1321.. Renovating Stlla I h•ve w is e d entente], from
Dyspewie, and en avid Slartmelk. I have made u. of
• great variety of medicine *Moot reaming material.
benefit Ahout three months ante I commenced wide
Air. Scar. Medicate, Mich ha s vitst.rely retteved me
from acidity It tar domacp, ind mimed ma to comfor
table health. Several of my friend. all4/Cquaintanfell
have made nee of and received much benefit
fnew ern. I can with confidence recommend Mem
Bold. wholesale and retail, by It A FAH NENTOCE
I CO, owner of Is. and Wed, and Woad Odell wt.
/a, •
eglirtCeralli - Drag - Wareganataat iCA-rid
i_TAYE amend an enemies watches,. on theeorner
.L.l of Wen and Man meets, to Muth limp have
vernoved their SVholssle. basmess where they , will
always hove on hand on imitated ' aseonotent of all
the articles in their line, to which they incite the alien
lion of the pabile.
The Drug business will M continued at the ore stand
corer of Mend Wood so. sari
UG A 11-110 N 0.• Sugar, is .10te ioA
100 ' 16 R FLOYD '
' •
. . . . _
The rat Ronerly,fer
Conampiton,Cousito,Cald,Actana. Ern:teat, Later
Complaint. eptiting brawl Ditheutty of Bientainr,
Yale in the Vide and Bream, Palintation of the
Ileart i lnenenza,CrooplokenContnint ion
• Sore Throat, Nervous Debility, and all
demaries err the Throat Bream and
Longo.; the man et:reamed and
speedy cure ever known fot
any of strove dant... , a
AMOTHett Litton wive can; Read with r.ston.
ishment the vrondertul cure performed b.) Doctor
Swaynies Compound SF rep of WILD I:DERRY:
PHILADIELPIIIA, January :Li. 1n47.
Swaync--Dear Sir le Justice to'ourself and
slim I owe to suffering humanity, I cheerful!)
give my lestimbny, and declare to the world the
wet astoniahing elects, and thr, great turn your
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry performed on
under toe most utavorable riretitntlanet R. I wan I
taken with a violent Cough. Spitting ..f /Loud. se
sere Pains in the Side and Breast, which sernie.,
to break down nod enfeeble my constitutor,' . shot
my physician thought mr case beyond the peon ;
medicine, and my trieinie all gene due Up to the; but
thanks to you and the effects of y our great dieuse
ry,l now feel mysell a welt man, and mime !ruin a i
mere skeleton to as fleshy and health) 3 unn as I
have been for years, and shall he pleined to give any
information respecting my tune, by calling at m)
, residence, Mechanic spec inl door below Ueurga
Street, Northern Liberties. .13C1131 r•listnit.
re.gingany is now reamed from all yoaricrs of I
the Globe.
The following letters are presented with a view
of more folly showing the opinions of Physician,. in
relation to the Medical value of Dr. S%V N
- - .
Dr. Swaytte—Dear Havieg weal your Com
paint Setup of Wild Cherry extensively in my
pramice,l was requested by your. Agent. Doctor
Crotchet, to express set opinion in writing of its,
properties as a remedial agent. I most cliceriully
comply, an I feel by so doing. I will discharge a
debt I owe the community at large, and Physicanv
in particular. As much as I detest , Quack Rena ,
dies and Patent Nostrums, I was induced from
a lailure of the most potent expectoranu, recom
mended in our =teas medlui in Sonic case. ni
Diseased Lungs, to try your preparation nl Prenua
Virginia or Wild Cherry. It is sufficient !way Dial
I was so mach pleased with the result of that and
sunectment trial., that I now prescribe , it in preler•
once to all other Remedies where an is
indicated. In the much dre•deil Pneumonia a
Disease of the Lungs; in the alarming lone in which
it appears in Kentucky, 1 regard it as an invaluable
Remedy in the treatment oh that disease To all
who know me I have said enough, but as this may
be seen by persona nut of the swab of Fra raffia,
I will beady add, that I have been er g in an
active practice of my profession 1,1 yeers,,vil am
a Regular Graduate of Traraylvania, and this o the
fest Patent Medicine I ever thought enungli of to
express an opinion in writing.
ELbisom, Al D.
January 711,, 1847. Franklin County. Ky
I , ll•l4ltantl.r, Ky ,Janiry 7th, 1111
The above certificate to rtoin one rat our Physi
cian. lIVIng a few miles from here, he le doing g very
good practice. and is considered a gond Physician,
and Banda late; he is; at he says, a regulargrailuate.
Druggist anf Apotheerry.
Testimonials will rimer croon.
Front the Temperance Hedge.
Now that Winter is upon us with its attendan
train of Pelmonic and Bronchial alleetlmu . Cough.
Colds, &c. Arc , we wodld advise those afflicted Ass
this way to tnake immediate trial of Dr. Swa7 sir'.
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. It will never BOAT LINE.
fail to per!. tin a permanent cure. The reputation j T t kagi t ...witilllA„ e -r v .---- a . f I S 7. maw s
of this medicine has caused many The
to be put forth under its name; but the preparation ri7r7r7" . 6 KnspoßTATtos OF PlttatiUtlE
of I)r S'eYee ' be"" bein g the lie" eye ' °fere' AND
-le the public, is tre only one that C%l be 0 . 0 " " 0 - . o.l.g s rl sos
The other inisturi• sold lor Wild Csierry Syru r v . 0 „„,;- ; : d „ ;;; .„ ; „., r ,
Balsams, eke., are a/L.1.r.. and worthi.-... and noi deny
the lowrin co t rent rate.. Hilo mt./Wot
contai raren of the virtue. of the original °repay,. irraarmilicd, sod all nisstrtleliun. prOsuppy JJJJJ stied so
1100, Or, Swayneis Compound Syrup ii Wild inn In= ear cairn elntry ter ) mow- or rown...ion
Cherry. addre•• or 1.1,10, to r. A NeAN t:I.TV Co
From the Springfield Expreti. earr•t llaort.rroshurah
Or the thousands of purported curative nostrum.
now before the public, but very few urn bound to „,,„, a very o r , an d
possess the healing virtues for which they areor• we sw preps... to rarely,- 00 additiou to betatil fur
commelided. Atnuowthe latter we arc plcarvd 10 !mgr. mood. 011'a...taco, A,. on r , arritge at
learn none stand a better test than Ilr Ssnsayile •, Low tater lm ii A Alt AN 1:1:F\' hA _
Compound Syrup of Wild 'lni.ry• The affircted PICKWOUTO tr. CON LUCE.
.Joyin this rrmnity are begruntog to mu. it, and to their
iladmi IS 4 7 i g w im
they Grad n its uric their hopes based upon ID •
recommendation. more than roylrowl. Toe allbeted IX
fVI,UhI 1:1.1* bur abr. nassapursalson Of AV
need nit litre,, (tie. there now t - r.r betWrrii 1 . ,114/11Igh, iniltfM,ll, Jul us
hope. ' too, 1101;01o) Ooirch, Woo, Street, eeeee Inssals and
rfifiti e nce the ...introductron ut lily arliele tile inn` , 'it" w'nfi'Ln."`rare A s lr A .L.hV
public, there bait, a number sir unprincipled • "um"
vi l dtlaila got up nustrnms they awe, coma., the" ) ..1
W ild Chewy, aOl. are called - Balsams," •• Bawer,' veva ,.
d even Syrup of Wild Cherry, but none is the , 0 , 0 ,- o f a y Lruossies, proprsenstr. re.nrsess - uls,
oflginal and only genuine ' , reparation elk r snlttulu ' . Islscral satarr 01 patronage
C. to the public. which Can be proven by the put,
be 'Records of the Contrtomocallii of Pentraylvanta 1,11 , 15 , J,P i n,„%. III ,I, I •FLK,
The only Diriparid against imposition is to see that i t ' IA n '"'" .."".`""
WII.L.JA)I Ft I.Flr• •
my signature is on ear It bottle )1/IIN sin:lnter, •Lslng Is )
lII[ II SWAY NE it it CAN SS Jolssi•Son ss ) Aires.
Prepared only by Dr. If p r , p„„ r .
A 1.111 v t'o,
pal Office, corner ul Lour and K., Street. Ragan ...a.
Philadelphia. All Wild Cherry preparation. being / 1 Ale D... Jahn Palk, Robert Moore, Wesley
tietillo. and counterfeit without Ills sigraiure. . t smul• rulttuffch marG
For sale in Pittsburgh so/Ind.:Or and retail by LIRE ERIE AND .111C111Gill LINE.
WM. THORN, Ka Market street,
OGDEN & SNOWDEN. corner Ind.. Wood • tr.• "7. itaki r ag
S. JONES, DU Liberty street.'
'l , lll, Line being eornprord Selmtroitts Lake Erre
Sold also by 1 Mitchell. Allegheny city; Burr!.
.2,pg A.Co, Butler, Wearer M.l
err; No man Catch., Jlt Bono. A turrt re e 1t0..., am/ t e , .ng 10110
Co., Erie; ArKensie & Kaskell, f •IMetanti. Dent: llss,s, Lose ni ransunat Vropriler a and Ve.bets
S. Son, Columbus;. Ilrownarill.-; Alan& on tire 1 , 0 , POP.' d unto earboai open.
Wheeling. Pa; E B Hinman, Cominnatt, Ohio, Dr o , r 0 ,
E EaMerly & Co.. Si Louts; S Morris & T.:.• i 1 i . e 7 ;, i ; v i 1: b i r i 7; 5 7,4 ) % . . , ,,
Louisville, Kr I Andrew & Co., New Or• Ilevma rye ,v
„ age ., promptness.. 01111 durpswo,Tie prapr. ebnod nrr
leans. aOO is.l aces.. se•pectsall, *ult. from do, &mats and
• •u. s s. Orrallk an, patronage.
k. Al lik:F:1). Toe, Proprietor
HEEDS. I'ARKNACo Beaver. Liu
Intl N A CA CGIIEV, tl"
on..dift-1.1 a... 1 Wan, .srs appo. , 4 Slnnsnsfri
Is yn.a r Luiti zs . Ali acknowledged to Its the IN
R MERV for Rhea:mat...ll.Lp.
nal Alections, Contracttuns of the Muscles, soar
Throat and Quinay, lasuesiOld Ulcers. l'aans to the
I Rack and Cheat, Ague to the Brea. and PM,
' Tooth Ache, Sprains, Bruteea, Salt Ramona, Rams,
Croup, ' , mated Veal and all Nervous lhaenael..
The SUCCESs which atm at.
. tended the apolicatlon of tlita most RIONVEItiI I.
MEDICINE. in curing the Most 'macre 'cosewial the
ddlerent Macawes above nnted,-kand the HIGH
ENCOMIUMS that barepeen ticatow ad upon I t,
wherever it ha. been intend ccd, glees an.. the not
to call an the ATTLIC to moon et once to
llJThe faculty unite an recommending the one.
hard Katernal Remedy. Hunt's Lchanacot.
The following letter from the highly menet I
Physician, who have been attached to the Minim
Pleasant State Prison lOr many years, tat the heat
evtdenue of the value of this celebrated Liniment
Sine Seed, December 24.19
My Dear IStr-4 received your note of yesterday,
asking my opinion in relation to Ilunt's Liniment,
as prepared by Mr George E Stanton. Known,
iV compoaltion, and hexing Irequentle used it, I
can recommend n to you as n safe External Rente
d,. nail in my opinion, the beat Liniment now in
use. Very truly and respectfully yurs,
A 110 MAN:
Col Pierre Van Cortlandt, Croton Manor.r
I fully coneur in the above opinion.
Vonatrown, Jan 14, MEL
Sir—ln reply to your letter. I would say that I
bane used lour External Remedy, called Bunt'.
Liniment, to my practice since you Mode roe se
quainted with its compriaition. and mihemmtingly
say that I believe it to be the best External home
dy now in use toe the complaints fttr'wit tell you re
commend it. Vow, respectfully , BENJ U MILLER, St It
B7Amoet the mars of worible
humbugs that are poured forth nth
upop the country, it l• reallyl
something of reel practical utility, •
pie, speedy and elect.] in its oi
the name time Ire. from theta
hich generally, attend powerful r •
Liniment, prepared by lien. F. le
Sing, though has been but aeh i
the public, has already obtained the s
only of our moil wealthy end intlin
but our Limit eminent physicians 1
edge it to be a aotereign bidet for n
that flesh is heir to, soothing the or
by its genuine stimulating iellorocr
ease from theaystern.
Mr. Stanton—Sir—S•eing your
of Hunt'. Liniment, I was induced Pi
1 1 ,
no my son, who Iliad been crlpple
tacit from an infant; and it in .tth i
testimony to its wonderful beating p
child, who to now her year, of age, i
way of recovery, Yours, h, , '
DENIIIO7% I' li ,
.. ..
3. articles awl
he presont dly
fresiong to loot
ttott. , thmg too
CC I I iit'e
rl Lase br lore
Porr Orrlt k, TOWN. elle
I certify that I ant peraonall‘ at
the ahem named child, and think th
,be aslein saying that hoe loon is alto.
Nov 5, IBIS. Deputy
D. S. I would also state that I h
number olyeare subject to frequent
Rheumatism, which in many mats
my attending to my bminesn. Two
cation, or the Liniment ins:l6oly I
(notion* of the kind. to Clues 01
and sores, too numerous to metal.,
vicinity proved a certain remedy.
only he estimated by those who have
TM!, Uhlman% Is aold at 45 and frJ
tle, by all the Prinespat Drugg.sts
throughout the country.
Wholesale Agents in Neu.
RUSHTON & Co 11l ...madly.,
A B &It SANDS. corner Volt°.
ASPINWALL, IS Wdli,n, sire
Orders addressed to inn at Sing S
be attended tn. GEORGE E
For Nola in Pittsburgh by I. WI LI
KIDD & Co. Allegheny Car , JOll N
Birmingham, JOHN
l'm as
Then you-know that yon are prom,
A natural, llle-like, snowy sloe.
That sou wit , kill use amnion r Lily
And look • d•athlk yellow fright.
The theme of laughter and of talk
. 21;1 41 3 1 7 ,... rr0 y u 0 1 u d r. t . a to bei of JONIE'S I.
and Si the time One elea l l b slTlMTM: ' :
JACKSON'S, t 9 Liberty at. Peer. 23 rani
!By-white, it
lurol white,
it. hold al
per Imic
WHOSE meanness can equal your.' Look at your
fair yoenewife, with her bright sunny fa cc! Look
Voarown, pined with eruptions and blotch°. ! hen
too' aie too mean to give fifty cent* loos • cake of the
great Italian Chemical hoop, which would entirely hoe
jots front them, and make your yellow okin dear and
healthy. Go at once to Jackson% Store, Hi Liberty si.
Pittithurgh,aud get • cake. •
N B Jackson's obtained te in Pltmliaigh where
GENIIIINE is to be Beware of Lhutnter
1171.4.181CRVE the 11. R Boot ttßastls the ennevray.
iitadala -115 4 7. ilailit.
Pr.:c alrLt'Ar.3.l CANAL A RAILROAD
Exszuz:•. - rk3l . PACK kr
i Ea.dunrcl, foe P 611414 , ff S.
rIMIF. 0.rt,,h1,:e,,,a:
he *n re * as r tn. ' Th . e l p t rem " :teron%
tows no placed u supenor elors'of Parket. and Rad
mud cars on the route, with extra aceurnmodattons,
o high will gi greater comfort to ( ravelers.
A Padket It o d wilt ale.). he .n don, and the rlte•
el.g pOldly are rettaeued to Call and examine them,
''''' l ' l7l3t7tM t r V . Mtln2fa RS '•
One the Psckets trill Darr the landing. (oppeaih•
the rnited Sures Dosch) corner Penn str, et and the
Canal. sre ty night., l , ohhock
1 rim c_3l DAYS
ODinturunnon apply at he r .lice. Monongahela
I kw'', % an, street. or to U LEP.CII le Co
mehl. . mu Perin street and Canal
181.7!: ijam
D. LEECII & 117099: !
• r 111.: iitoel. 01 Ito. litie r0i1... of n donliie flail)
Lilo, al Pamir and Car, (owed by tlient..lvriiii
which me in good ord.r. The iiutiveritirrii ore prrpa.
rod to torward II large quantity of slerrhandize and
Produrd certainly and dispatch.
Prodder or ionfigned to any of the un
deroigited. t. for worded tree of any chars., itor corneal.-
61011. of ,141,1,'.
Ira It•in:zird midall amzurtiolt. prom! tly
The hooness of thrs Line is conducted on ctly
krepirag principles. Aid ssss s or applyatr. in
1/ I.EECII & Co. Proprietor,.
lIARRISCanaI Basin. Pittsburgh '.
& LEF:CII, Proprietors.
I, No 13 South Third rtreet. Philadelptua •
JOS. TA YLOR & SONS, Agents,
No orth !toward street, Rahn:tore
W Ii WILSON, Agee,.
tn. No 7 West street. New York
! SAM 1847. &JAME
the wa and the eruisequent risk of dela,. damage,
• hreska e And reparrnwn or goads.
110r171=3: & CASH
No Market *ire, Plailsdrlplun
• TA A 1.1.:k: & O'CONNOR
Car Pt nn and Wayne so, Pt...dough
U'l:ll\\ 1111 & Co, North street, Italumore
IV &) T TAPSCOTT, Sollan an. N. I'. S '`g ril " •
Encouraged iry ..reseed business the Proprietors
ha, e added to their cor It and exended their arrange ,
ineot.duroig the wooer. and .re d 30, prepared to for
ward fie, • woh regularity and dr/Tract; unsurpassed
by rainy nitlitir nue Their long experience m• carriers,
1 lb. supertottly of the Portable Rola St stern,
and the great espartt) and convenience of the ware.
, trouser at each end of the hoe. are peculiarly ralcula
to mould, th.le proprietors to fated ellgingemennla
uceoin.n.4.l. then, cUstotners—corifidently offering
Inc parr as n guaranty fm the future. they respectfully
.ulie it a cutninuance of Os...patronage winch they now
gra ,u 11) acknowledge,
db coaatto
srit T
“o aal& h. O'Connor wall be reed
owl 'awarded Steamboat charges pad at.d Hills of
Lothar tranatatted free of any change for Coatnatoort,
al, ancmg or norage Having no interest directly or
'aluceny on airanatantn.the toter. or the ronstgnora
taft tiree•inrtl, be than armory object to ' , nipping
oat day pledge then:ochres to forward all (pods
coosigned to mem promptly and on the mat advanta.
gran term'ao the ownerr..
Match 1.1,17 marf
Ittfril TO
W heeler. Croriker &Co New York
tiro Daly Iludaio
Parka C., Cleve land
Jai A A rinitrong & Co. Detroit
McClure & Mil 'ratite,
Bristol ik Pone, Chicago
Wm Power', Powerstusio. farm*
Geo NI arheirny re. Evanstiorglf, Penn.
' John Me tram. I loom, do
Wick & Atter, literati., do
Craig & Trample, Clarksmile, do
110 • Ptatub.Sliarpshorgh, Pa
W C Sharon. de
12 W Cunningham New Carole, Jo rners
Waal 1847. -
FUtt I rtnstitlillaTlNG M.IIWg Ii MP
el it al, wlllloCr TRANIIIII}IIII6IIT.
ItflE improved method of earoing used by this long
1 Patablishtid Line. Is now so toll know. that de
, piton I. nuorcessati. are not touched on the
route, that all transhipment .rostra handling i• eared.
The 110115 are of light, draught and perform their trips
in'T fro mi to ...even tiers.
he m
eapaetty of our Warehouses enables us to more
runiignments made mil, Receiving. storing, and
ad mote, ihra of commix.
Ile Ong folly prrpareol mkke sales of Produce, we
respretfully solicit co
rmigronento of weidem Flour,
flacon. Lard Hotter. Ch.M.,, Wool, Feathers, and other
.isles for sale, oh which bberal advances will be
made and other usual faeilltA rolforded,ipledrog our
seJvcit that tiny entroated to 114 Mien hr a.
promptly catieuted and LIN. as fair term. an by any
other Lou,. JNO McPADDEN & Co
Canal Basin, Paraborgh
JAS Al LtAVIS tr. Co
249 and till Market sl. libriada
.1. B. DICKEY.
East Beams Point and Bridgewater,
Proprietor and Apo. of Kramer,
ilaZia imiiMie
. . .
lATILI. Ise ptops red on earliest operttngof runal nav-
T V igatton revel ve properly at hia , wharf !vat or
warehousc. for all patens on Kra. kaienttant. ems*
Cut, and onto Canals, lot all ports on Lake to and
upper Lakes,. almtict torwurd Itrodaee, ate by Penn'a..
Im f i Cl.7l.!d m ir n' APPi) n,
1846. /Wag
111 :tckr NI
31 . 01 th 111,
1 , lamb,
to lung /it
It Clarke. 11. limp. 'T. chmoild & CO.
& Commission &Cotenants,
ndr I .r
elo,m ‘ly
rr I t
,In'': Agents and Proprietors of this Line Ito favor
1. ably known to he poblicLwlll hr prepared nn the
earliest opening of canal nartgabon to receive prop
arty at Pinot.unth and Ikaver, and deliver the *aloe at
any point on the Ohio canal., and alto on Lake* ErLe
onaulr rate
and ft - belug .. a, wolt gt..ntost tc h and at ma.-
Int. it/
I'.ltn. • r , ild
h %lAN
The proprietnra an. hie lolirot the harm,' a
their (owner ...owner. , wrth confrrote, knowing that
their factio s are remind In none.
Apply to or roldrerr •
1. 31 11A RTON, Atrt ' Pomt,ur
CLARKE & Co, Licuvor
Las I In.
To Too PUBLIC. --. "--
T , IIN BOIMPION Notable nom Company hemg dm.
I solved. the Company mason wetl tom articles of Co.
partnendop under the name of the "11011lII.U.• Line,"
and likevatne agreed to refit the Ntoo so as to have n
numbe, of Host* fur the . pulp., of cominggood.
through in from six to eta! t day, with certainly —and
feel enrostragedl.7 the Illteraloy of loot year's patron
age, In make more ex tenat we arrangement• for the en.
soma year.
W.• • would thercline wthele a ranttnu
mar eof our fulmar pu ne.uml role, allnr w ru•tom,,
to lame Mr have done lotainea.
nal= 1847.abotal
For the transponati. of .
iLA'N ELMO, il•LTIMung, Now Vats. MAD 1/01,[0:1.
I.,b r og Greet sad Conn! Rosin. Pittsburgh.
• No 3 , A &lot ket steer, Itholadelp&A
EIDER, GEESTON & Co, Ageots,
PITTPIIIIIMMI—Juu. AleCuny: am M om . & c o ,
w 'McCully & Co. R w Sampson & Co. M Allen & Co.
PIMLA DELPHI A —slorri • Pane mon &Co, Reynold..
McFnelund & Co, Plenung k Rugby. Peter Welt &
J Incohann GM<
NB%%' IORR—/IwJLue & Co, Thro. Pricy & CO
ROSTMN—Reed; Ro! & Co:
6114CINNATI—Adarna A Creash, W %' Searhor-
V. PLEASANT. VA—P A lifitclokr_
Nva—All rnerchandite front New York told Up s o n ,
conxigned A'L Gerhart h. co, PhltadrlOlsta, art)/ be
ornotottkforwarded free; or ettromisainn. f hl3
Package DE:paves to Philaieli.kla.
1111114111411-Om n e l : - P C .:74• 1 :7417rt5T e %
eie. 1.01.0011 r011V(71.11.• of ealoable poelrese. of
Inorehondise, one, bank notes, lonooh 7 . k e, coin .
menced loaning on Thorodny. Moteb IS.
An inonynrre will be dopeleheel holy onnl elo,
nf the eAnnlingerooob
A Nil 1' .16
ate mew andaplendid warner
• Crpt.Charles; ifoop, rosamenewi h. r
regular tit as IMP leaving Pd.
burgh at O &clerk. a. triowl Craver at 5-
elinor ettslg with Powbarati and Cleveland Lane of C o d
nil Boat. daily C/eveland. 0 Beaver,jWaeeen and
Cleveland lane of Canal Paikets and Stage Coacan
daily to Warren and Cwvelanu, Canal Varlet Linea to
Cain* and Gt.-et...11e. Pa ; Enr Extension Line
to Meadville owl Erie. Neil. /Moore & Co's of
Stage , Coaehea tar Cleveland and Wooster,. leave Sea
r., daily on the arrival of stratuboat Beaver flow
thwburalt Apply to
O hi CARTON & Co, Pittsburgh
arts CLARKE& Co. Craver
E N PARES& Co, Cleveland, 0
ri G PARES, Deaver, Pal !Proprietor.
tV T MATIIER. Pittsburgh, P.
F 1 above Line I. now fully prepared to tran•po.
1 'height and Pa..engers/ront Pittsburgh and Clay
land, to any paint an the Patio.) d. Ohio and Oh/
The feeilitiee of Paid Line are not equalled by no,
unlit Canal*, in numbers and ca i nieity of Homo. r
nenee of Captatnr. and prosnplties. of Aro, &e.
trine Hoar Inver PitWbargh and Cleveland dady, ru
nine, in connection with the ritearneni,
hliehigan and Lake Ene between Pittsburgh and
Beav and a Line of first elm Steamboat., Propel
lers, Br er,
igs and Sehoonera,.on Lakes Era., Huron, Mt
ehiaan and Oman°
Property forwarded to any pan of the If nine with
deopetrh N PARES & Co, Cleveland, Amu
. REED PARKS & Co, Deaver. ay.
W T MATHER. Filubargh, Agt .
an2l • Cot Water and Smithfield streets
.4E11 , 1847.
Tone to Baltimore PI bourn.
Time to Philadelphia ... .... •••• • • • ••411 '•
(Only PI Bliley Staging.]
THE splendid and fast running seamenConoul, Lou.
McLane and Swatera. have commenced making
double daily trips. One boat will leave the Alononga
hela wharf every morning pmcisely at B o'clnek..—
Paiikengem by Mr morning line will arrive in tlaltinnaie
next eveningin Vole (or the Philadelphia Nail Boat, or
Rail Road ears. The evening Dam will leave the
wharf dads at 4 o'clock, except &tility. P•smngero
by iii. Wet will lodge on board, in comfortable Bate
rooms; leave Urnwnoville next morning at 6 o'clock;
cross tee 11100.012i0a in du y light; cop and lodge in Cunt.
berland. Thus avoiding night travel altogether The
preparations on Mi. route •re ample.and the to:mem:on
ecomplete; to goal dioappoimmemoi or delays will be un.
'nowii upon it.
Passengers eau wailoo the roam and m their
seats num at pleasure , and have o f Rail
Rail Road
or nietitnimat between Baltimore and Philadelphia
Coaches char red in parties to travel as, they drama
Serum your betels at the office. MonongOela Boast,
or lit Charles Bowl. 1 hIIinWKIhIEN
1847. atialiffi-- - -1116 .
DACKET llock. Swallow and Telegraph leave Bea-
I err daily. tat'3 o'clock v. - a after the tairival of the
mottling Boa. front Ihttoburalt. and arrive at Warren In
thne for the glad Lne of Stage., which leave ttnniedt
ately thereafter. and arrive at Cleveland ala o'clock, P
Thte mute to the mom expedmouo and contrertattl
one to the Late.
COTE k LEFF, NGWEI.I.. Warren. Primr'4
REED, PARKS & Co. Beaver, A gent. ,
!WIN A CA UGHEY, earner %Vater and Smithfield in
aptly Oman. the Stanotsgabeta Howe Pittaburgh
• -
rill,: Lae ron..ll , ling of ft . ..4011a5! paeLsrng, Park
Irt., will ran :ettulatly .e
durnig tits .mpti 0r...el
lies., and 1-k - cc:ante, I'a. by wtneh frig tit an , pa.
arn f i r ra be tweet; Ole two points, will br rarriect pmnlptl• -
and at the lairrot rates.
. .
• ,
RKM-D, e.A Bus. , A. 'co. IGeerr. An,
.101 IN A I'Al2(illr,V, rortzer Weser end No.thlir .1.
• 00.., The Moriongatbe's I luu.e.
' 1847 . Riffl4fri
roe THE TirattsrottiaTtom it
Philadelphia, Itsltamoao , New Work
en Poston.
rjlHE'encouragemt this line has received
X its rominencerrient, ha. induced the proprie
tore In increase the stock by adding c nitriber
laesixtals; and instead ofering receipts as hereto
fore as agent., we will give our usrs. 'tempts In
freight shipped by Ono line.
'I he boat. arc all portable, ennsequettly f eight
ttaken the whole di-Vince Mahout trattelniornent
ereby pre curing damage front Irequeat handling
on the mute, and as each boat is owned by the
Captain who runs them, which is a miller:lent guar•
some that there will he an delay on thn route.
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to th
underti g red w6i forwarded Fr.Er: Mr COM
for nibrancing and forwardink, and w ill
be shipped without delay at the loiseat rates 01
e oilier:0111 Clinliett a .hare nt pitbfic For..
oar. ' wm.l.l Mit ORD & co ,
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
BELLAS & Co.. Agt.
Broad Street, Philadelphia
Bowlers Wharf, Baltimore_
Pittsburgh, Feb. 18.1E41,
18 46
11 I d i u E e u & d r. l ' ! n tts ' e a. ° ,`7l , l.7l:o7l:,„°,`"Zr a ef;
inu Wm.t. on the most 1:vorolble term.. bp thin cupe.
thump. mule
All p.roprrty conxlgneirm al will be fopirardeol at ,he
lower, is and wltlt de•Mateh.
tarn Is•nd.oe mr,tved by thls route t'vr
warded, 1 C 1111LAVKL.I., ARM .I . Jll•Marnrh.
I. if Brovenrville
EfiF.RTON & Cortirrobr,land
=MC A :ILI - Li
dffi t.
fir doernbscribers 1•111 reeeipi for the delivery nf P.
1 to lialtanote by the hlonangahela Slack yea
a the followmg
Ashes, Etaecnt. Butler, Lead, Lard, Fork. Tallow,
Whiskey. Cheese, and Glass—hll eta per G ip lb.
Tobacco, Getup, Flax sod Wheat—Otos pei too 11,.
Ashes, (Pot) Apples. Cheese,. Fla E.Seed, Glass, and
Leather-106 ets per Mt lb.
Oil., Skins. Seeds. Wool-110 elm per 100, Feather., Fors, Ginseng, sad .lortke•Rant
—ltd els prr 100111.
All property consigned to tribal. of tlie uildersigned
will br forwarded without delay, free of Coinentsalon,
at above rate.. Sr II CLARK, Brownsville.
HANNA A WATERMAN. Edialtangli.
- ..
. .
makFRE/GII ri:Rs and others orlahing
to have Fire Brick, Produce, Ste...
brought to rhos place front Neubenvllle
and tntarnsediam land/nip, can make
atrangesnenta by calling ea me, its I
have a Goat running resulcrly between Pituborah and
theabenvlll, GEO. H. •AIII.'rENBEFIIiE,R,
icor Steamboat Agent,•Set W•ter at,
. .
THElSteandroat HARLEM re; sired
and refitted .io handsome style and
now at the hlonongalsela whorl As
she is improved she is wellailapied for
ruing freight and passengers; or for towin-, sh has
great capacity and - power. Any person
d to
purchase will of course tweet her
I also propose to lease, forone or more years in, coal
Works; nod so a manor energy and business habits they
offer great advantages. l ean Amish the terser, either
on sale or charter, my tow boat ••MINER." Ile can
aim hare an (sirens term sin homes, three Oats, and two.
coal bottoms, si ears with ropes, fixture. h.,,.,
made for full Opeflllollll Art with
oft hew*.
tablistiment is invited, Persons disposed to negatiam
with me 10 Cr klrellel, to any of the above particular t,
ilk ‘)
may address meat my Office to Stuart's Bui ,t. s is
street, Pitt-ourghi or at Ilmleso,near Mormagn lr en,
....Ai THOS. 11, lilt i
Til K Tttirril, RY MEN OF Tuurit.
gle ',al producing wandero.-1(e.1 the foilowiiig
from the Rev. 8, Wakefield, Pastor of Liberty rt. hi U.
Pittsburgh, March 9, 1:40.
Mr R. I: laelletx. It ts from a Pen,. of duty, o.
~ well great plea•ure, that I hear {,,,m00y In the v t ,
tilla of your rustly celebrated Vermtruge I procured
tuner &Wig and gave it IC, three of cog a Mldien, who had
b een ill fur aeveral werk• The eldest wax ' , even
veers old, the next four, anal the )oungext eighteen
months. The firm nestled fifty.xtx worm., the meeond
fatty seven, and the third a coll•2de . raiste number not
distmetly. recolleeteat Slue.. then they have been doing
well, and are now ut good health
Veen. revectrully,
pa From the Rev. S Babcock, of the htethalou blrbrect
l Ch urch .
Sellers: It im with great plenure I would
iniorm you of the rood effects produced un my son of
four yenta of Noe, by your 'Only celebrated
MIN N. haring eonvulslon., I rave hint three diner,
when hepined an almost Ines doable nutuber, nom
vititch tome p In general health ha. been improved.
H ll•liCoeit.
Front The Rev Chd tin Cooke, or the hlcthodin Fp,
cupid Church'
Plataburgh, December 14. ISM
Mr. R. E. Sen..: I gave re y little daughter theme,n
three and for years old) three doses of )our ',tantrum,
secordmato prear nutlet, erah h•ppival success
The number or worem expelled I do not know p.m...
Iy. but t was large. Pb, is now in po ion of geed
health. 1 think the medscone may be confided in with
errat ant tine,. C Cooke
A. thir Yen:name bar never been known in fail in
soy Instance, when worms actually existed, parent.
.linald give n preferenePtto all nth,.
Prepared and said by R. E. SELLERS, between Id
and 4th, on }Vaal fond.
For sale by Fifth Ward.
FROM the very liberal encourage
MilVotett the subscriber hat received Piece
to Wm located himself in Allegheny,
ha. ts4uced him to take a lease, for a
• term of year. On the property he now
occupies, in Heaver Street, immediately beiude the
Piethyterian Church. From the long experience in the
have liminess and a desire ta pleaae, he hope. to mvx
h and Melee • thereof public patornage.
Now on band and finiating to order, Rockaway Bug.
Varltainmdisi op
eight hanantb - Iserivhfl ItrilN SOUTH.
o a f
BotiPLror retitit
ring Grease spots, Slains,or Marks from Clothes,
Woollen., Carpet., Re., ,In.,
and rendering the 'pots
where it to applied clear, bright, new, and spotless.
Sold with fall directions. Price Weenie • cake -
'Mr Sold by WM. JACKSON, RI Liberty street, head
Woe& at his Mot and Shoe .sere, sign at tie Utz
ro is 10
.r Venn al asa Cr.
NICK & FR, Greenville, Av.
CRAIG & FRAMPTON, Clarke./ die, d.
MeFA RLA ND & RING. Mg [lend, a.
HAI'S & PLUAIU Sherroburgb. a.
C MALAN. Theron,
[Near the Upper Bridge. AlMithen y City
rlf , HE proprietors of Merldrar Conon Factory moped,.
raily mama me prairie that ihnare no ilt mamma
eitieranoti Haring 0 math} ed Ihe msof W
Hamer es Manager, who rim had an ea penrnee of tg
year. in Me principal Families of Allegheny City.
they mould Inform Merchants and Dealer.. in general
Nat they mill alway • have oil nand marline
Varnaof all Nos., Warp..•nd ItrommAtoi.u.
Of mperior make. N VOrArTI.V A co
N. B.—Orders left at the Mill, or at the rime of Arr.
err, Hunter fr. Co, IS Lihe ty street, gill' he prompt.)
attended to. mehM.Gin N V h. Co
. .
Candle:Wick, Batting, Twine. Coverlet
Itincesenow of At buckler Avery.)
jan2 Yroprteto,
Pitesonitote, PA.
Till: shove enahltqwnent beam now in atarreascal
rulmn. we are matturaettiring. very'eXtrus,trely.
on article of heavy Sher It well adapted to th r rtlait
wade. which for beauty and etualitrannol be excnlied
by any other make to the country. The attett...oo of
Nock...era solteired toall oon.
feht 111405w1t etrookuml.lll).ost& Co
''' OM.'
,%.•.. -
- - - -
"Wins uhough the rouser may not be explained.
:Inlet. their dress: are duly aseenained,
Let not delueon. prepldiee, or pride,
roduee mankind to set the means aside:
Means which: tho' simple, are hr Heaven desigii'd
To allsvrate the the Of hunt. kind.d
1 .
remarkable invention. which ha. recetved the
J.niversal approlmumit of the medics. profession of
Great Britain. cotnpriaen nu entirely new application of
Galvanism. as a remedial agent. by means of which the
ordinary Galvanic Ltaueries,Klectric and Magnetic 31a
chines. &L., are entirely dispensed with, and th e !aye',
riou. power of Galvanism applied without any ot the
ollection which ant inseparable twin the general mode
now in nee. 'the ...tonne dare., and irregular intervals.
.1, which Galvanieni la applied by the Machines, has
n~~nnuitecd, un er 11 Inn and inmanial trial, In Le
ly injuries/I.llnd .t was to remedy thee radical de
feet-that this new application wag protected. which, af
ter unceasing Intl noir perceVelianer„hoc been brought
io its simile. state of perfection. The Galeanie Hill I'S
answer .11 the purpose. of the most expensive Ma
shines, and in many other respects are more safe awl
certain in 'accompluthing the desired effect. -
The Galeanie Rine+ used in connection with the Mag
netic Fluid, arc confidently recommended 111 aft 'thaw
dere which arise /Min aut enfeebled oe coutwaiti y smu of
IM nerrenr or vital eyitern. awl thew. complaints are
among th e moot painful and universal to winch we see
suldeet They arise, without exception, from one aim
plc ranee—• derangement of the Nervous Speen,—
and it was tit these cases that other 'remedies' having
I. O ft en failed. a new agent on. greatly needed. which
it is confidently beheved, has Leen found so !he proper
and judicious application of Galvanism.
The Galvanic Itinge have been used with entire the.
cries in •11 rases of Hugest ATISY. seat. Ot thlOttle t op
Indigestion, Paralysis, . N
Epil rroe epsy e ,
Yin. fasitm,
Palyitatien af Mari, Apoplexy, Sifffness of Joint,
Spinal Comp/aints , Lumbago, Neuralgia, Nervous 71 , 5-won,
won, Di:minas of rite Head: pain in the new and fide,
General/Ye/ling. Deficiency of aYerieus and Phyrim/En•
wry, and a/3 NYRVOUS DI,SORDERtt. in caeca of
confirmed Dyspepsia. which Is simply is nervous de
rangement of the digest] re organs, they have beenneond
equally surceesful. Their extiaordinnry effeets upon
the system moat be witnessed to lie believed, and tor a
certain preventive tor the preceding complaints they
are equally recommended. The Rings Itre of different
Prices, being made of sill aloe., and of vannusennw
mental patterns. and can be worn by the most detrai t .
terattle without the slightest inconvenience. In.lnet
die sensation it rather aerreable than otherwise,
• •
The Galvapic Belts, Bracelets, Beads;
Gaiters, Necklaces, &c..
Is rows Ma errs severe characte•,and of long
•tatattnc. the power •pplied the Ual•anic Kings
not .I.lm.ent to arrest the progress 01 dt•cau and
ultisitately restore health, The unproved modification
lid dm soave:lie Ite.
, Bram..., de .'e Direly reme.
thes elm-mien; any degree of power Mat la 'Not
re,' cab resold) be team d. and no compiaint which
the in) steno. agent of 11airii/11.113 a effect will fad
to be permanently relleved, These articles Oft adm.
led to the tea., arms. wrists, Itnths, antic.. or any part
of the Maly, with prefect The Galvanic
Net Mace. arc used with meat, benefitln uses vii
Itroneht. or alb, bons of the throat ectieralls , aim in
case. of Nerves. !heartier, and with •itost unifomt
a uer . ,lmanta
e ar Apoplexy, Ert, pie
• Chr m
Baguette Fluid
is used in connection wen, the Galvanic Holy amt all
their modtfiestrons. 'I his C.11 1 1.00/11011 en pro
nounced by the French Chem,ls to b e o,m of the tact.
et.raordtosry .ltsr °Terms of modern se...nee It I. be
Iteved ono.m.. me remarkable') ower th
nem.. •emustoes vele. nor onion 19 Mir timatts
earweittratunt of the mfluenc.ltt the' of du o
the g rapid and permanent ..bct No other
emery...on ,t 1 cheintsir ts Imownto prmluce the some
effeet. or in Impart a peope.) to the acre.. means of on outward local unpin:anon •fhe
mallet.. Phuid coma.. nothing capable of the ... .
eu injury, ar applicant. is !namable, and tt
harmless tbtalan as It heneGelat in tit me la.
Full col...mons and doctor,. aeroranany tt The
etnni.....l ....emu, • are tn ev-ey Way pertemly
le., they are mill at pm e• w itain i.el mach 0. it, ..t.l
the %I...coverer only moues. fair trial St.. 11,01
their ell rproung . efficacy and ....anent benefit,.
Chrlstle's Climate Ntrengthealag Phis.
The. articles form another valuable anthem un et
the mwertaus Influence el Galrani•na Corp' •i e
important adiunet t o m e e fralvante Ittn, and
their roodiGcanons, a upon the same plitmtp le, bat
having the advantage of more local application. 'lite)
ire confidently recommended as a valuable addimm
me speedy eme of Rheumatism. acute or chronic,i in
ermtniamis, anda pro., rentenv mmer
al _Pam oml Workneu in the Cheet or Bark, Pain lnW
sae, ta Aldonasie Affeetiow- and in Wedpies.,
nen of the Pohno.trir Organs In Spatial Complain.
the cis area
of the most denied character,. they
hone often been used WWI complete cocoas. The, art
also of the area., udran mac tu Patna and Wea
of the Breast, and •re histily recommended for ',may nt
those complete. to which females are especially
As au ..rectual mot. tor strentph ening the smtett
when debilitated wt. disease °rather causme as it er
tain aal to Con...meal IVeakne... • Pre, titter
for Colds, and all itt arfeenon• of the Chest. gene ,
the 'Miran.. StreagMenmar Planter will he tot.,d ni
great and .permanent advantage. In a few wonisi tr.
embraces all the o , rtues of the beet mete prenatal:olo
with the important addition of the galvantr influence
which ro neither it patred nor et bemired, whlle the at
ban commutes. 'Plies. ankles will be found comely
free front those objecnotts which area constant riollree
of Trunnlaint with the ordinary plasters Memento!, use.
117- The great celebriy and wee• of theve articles
has caused them to bet oontermited imprint-4,lmi
persons paprovide against imposinon, Dr. ("imam
h. bat one autlionsed agent iu each city oldie Union.
The only agent in Pittsburgh, W. W. W lLittN.
Of the highest and most re•pretalde character, nie con.
'windy received.regarding the extraordmary value
and successor the above articles It is ' , obeyed that
in the city of New York alone, ,upwarde of EPOIT
TIIOUSAND PERSONS. durum a Vernal of lc m than
a year, have been entirely relieved of the most li' nful
chronic disorder, some of which hare complete') lief.
fied all former efforts of medical an. indeed many ni
the first payment. of this city. who disapprove of the
Galvanie and hlagnetic Machines, constantly recom
mend this application In their practice., and with the ex
ception of thole who are tooprejudiced to give it a in.
•I. the Invention has received unanimous favor with
Me most intelligent among Me American Focally Dr
Christte is — ui all tones ready nod mar happy to gore
early faeility to physicians, and all interested, for tear.
ing the truth of hm nous and the elficac) of,his
Only agency in Pittsburgh, corner 4111 and Market at
EFFECRILIALLY and speedily cored by the use o
rt Remedy of Nture. AMERICAN Ofk
h al mo st obraeutously re dueo• In(larontanon, awl con
sequently ts warranted in all eases to leave no wain or
sear in the flesh.
- .
dold wholesale and retail tir WM. JACKSON, at his
Boot and Shoe Store and Patent Medicine Watchcase,
rf/ Liberty alreet, head o' Wood, Pittsburgh Pnce 00
cents •nd El per bottle.
W Jackson being the Exclusive Agent for Western
Pennsylvanta, none is genuine. but what la Scold I.y HIM
or HIS appointed Agent.i.
N..H. A Pamphlet containing ample dlreen.ins An.
with the names and address Of the Proprietor had Pri
pal Agent, Is ensteloped With wrapper of melt bottle
Abundance of yentficattes rail be ...en at the More.
I NGS.—Scrolula in all its mithipbed forma,
whether in thal of King's KO, enlargement., i• the
glands or hones, Dottie, White
Rheumatism, Censer, diseases or the Skin Or Spine',
or of Pulmonary Cnnsumption, emanate from one
and the same cause, which is a poisonous proicip e
noire orlen inherent in the human system. 'Pheres
fore, unless tin/ principle can be destroyed, no rid,
cal cure can be effected, but if the principle upon
which the disease depends, is removed, a cure
must of serenity follow, no matter under "hat lone
the disease should manifest itself. This, therefore
is the IrCIiSOO Why .1 /11rNICS ALTRIUTI E 111 PO MO
venally nu:enginl in removing sonany malignant
disease. It Ilearoyelhb virus or principle.frorn
slue I those diseases ban their origin, by entering
into the circulation, and with the blood is conveyed
to the ininuten line, removing every p 'Dale cf
disease from the system Prepared and sold at No.
8 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
Sold at the Pekin 'Pea Store, No, 72 Fourth siren
Pittsburgh. nich3l.
• Irma o• the Tanen ;
A gentleman of Scrofulous habits from iniLeerettim
Hi his younger days. Immune alerted whilelceaton.
or the Throat and Nave, and a disagree and l ti
blenome eruption of the Skin. Indeed, hie whole
tem bore the nctrltAzi r e
yo u mortared with di., a, -
One hand and wrist were ro much affected that he had
1041 the We of the hand, every part being covered wi•li
deep, natant. and offensive Ulcers, and were us ho;-
low and porous asa honey-Comb It wan at this stage
or his complatnt,when death appeased inevitable. from
a loathsome din the. he .mmencegl the toe of
JAYNE'S ALTFRNATIVE, and harms taken PI,.
teen bottle, i• now perfectly cured.
Z.This ALTERNATIVE operates through the circula
tion, and purtfies the Blood •nd eradicates d
from the s)stroi. wherever jw..ated, and the numerous
cores it has perfomted in - diseases of Skin, Cancer.
Se mm, Goitre, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia.and tuber
Chrome duteitses, is truly ”totashistg.
For sale in Pittsburgh at the Pekin Tea Satre, 72 4th
street, neer wood, and alsOal the Drug Store et P
Schwartz. Perim.) al Allegheny Cur., tnygiawg
Worm Specific
rrlrllf I • to certify that, by taking one vial of Doctor
hleLanets Worm ispembe, child of lamer Shim,.
passed upward. of 7. lemma. and by the use of said
m Il edicine • child of my own passed 14 large worms,—
is truly the most surprwmg grown medicine I ever
•,/i. I must have two more
Wilkins Toorrship
For see by 1 KIDD g. Co, No 60 Wood Co , street, PIM
burgh. rnel,o
HAILt . VONIC—Wr commend to the
. atiention of those desirous of restoring their hair or
'mproviog It. beauty, to this steam' incite patine. .1 , •
bearit every whets bled v spoken Cl, (lid especial!, by
all Ito. who have maiio 000 of it...gre.7 eAeaelsus
simulating the growth of the bur, art preventing
and curing pun bur, y
affection. of the slim It. virtues •re
OmP end C mved— PR KT. Suit
IN TF 11100 F.,
For male in at the
Fourth st, near Wood; and also as the Druk Store of
II Y .tiehwatts, Federal st, Allegheny ett),- j. 4
4lt IVIII0•11.1 and i ermaneut
" ''..6"i hem
mbetrltreyret: ne
SrviaiLslcket . .o4, P.WetaiMe.Aeti Attempt.
tpr 11urrGa on tee
temip PP. - , BM( Wm. Tam, Sold
Hemr, Satmimente yam qf the t
ApPem.R.ts, Sntipltar.." mploahh, tettes K Lure-
e ft , .4 D;;;aerwin — acfrima an u'iitki.., ..i f i
AGrnolf•• Ao - OtOer Dr.pnr,girrpartet tar hopreuksscrea
Lis. ' d'so, C know' Cosiness
e el
ITS lintel y adminlistrawn hes been at o iled se. I the
happiest results m many anomalous , ' frecttone; bat ,
cao ehteil a nd te ha fill the toed which emu between
thartica aperient asedicsnee; hence 'lts mesh. op-
moth is that of an alternttve directly—l IrectlYs Pe.
vine a lasting tonie to the system.
It it highly concentrated tor conrettle ce and porta. ,
billty, tiontaining rialtos; but the ea sell...nee,
nuts is the
mann e r of the :steep silla. Rom la
tthe surriemanner es' Quinine is of Pe ssiatt illtrb,or
o s hay. of Ovum. It isansesiabhished fah sleet a
lea grains of either Quinine or Morphsde . contains all
the mesaclnal value
litee flOtent4 of the erode
sebsiances; hence thesupenoray of prepare..
-.lnt: no invalid Would der ge its drink • fillonmisturre
erten a half pint contained the sentenediclhal :mine..
'Che eSarsaparsha can be diluted when...len egrecabhe
la the directions, and made to suit the taste ot the pa.
Pent. _ _ .
Tao io/lots'ing ceruficatc addressed tA
. tha Agents at
Chicago, fat nishes conclusive proof of v ita great value
In rrree of rearrAnres.
• Croatoo.llllS.t. - 12, IMO.
Wrists. Stebbins A Reed--Gentm In firlllf, VEILS,/ obi
tamed at goat store a bottle of Sand's Sarsaparfila,and
was then confined to my bed, without sleep fora week,
occasioned by ViOleill pain tram a regulkr fever sore of
long standing, on my nght leg. My phVinciamadvised
me m have the limb amputated, anytrign war the only
k ,,,, likely . . preserve my life. After' ruing half the
bank the Fain began to subside, and by the time I had
used nearly three botdes, I afal•ble Itairlinlael ray flp
alai burmers, and before I Lad finished : the fourth hot
ale, IWO. as well and sound am ever) had Men. I have
no hesitation 111 say tug that Sand's Sarsaparilla was Me
doubtunder Providence. of 1.19114 my, limb and I
not my life_ (most cheerfully recommend it at
the ben article extant for the purification of the blood
Yours, omit respectfully,
The following certificate lo only:.other link in thi
great chain of testimony to im merits:
Sonxn Ramos, Canada East, April IS, IHIL: •
Merest. Sandw—Gendemens Repot. as we are In
the attack. of doers., and so frequently disappointeu
in proposed remedies, we cannot but Toot On the clams
of successful practitioner, with interest tad gratitude.
Thor to true respecting your valuable: preparation of
Sarsaparilla. I have been severely altered tar 17 years
wirh a dm.w about which "doctor's d sage ~ . and
their prereriptionr were still more diver, . .1 tried vs.
rious remedies but found no relief until commenced
wing your excellent medicine, at which time t was
wholly confined to my tied After using i : few umuthit
I um .w able to woe about ride &in t end enjoy a cam
fnnalilt degree of health; which I Munnte entinely to
II e use of sand's Sarsoparillti. Please accept at) as
•orance of gratitude and regard.
Kiting personally neq:tainted with. the above mate.
mew, I hereby amid) that the same is true.
REV. T M. kik:REIM N
FarmOtt TroTeoei.—Tho follOwlea u an Mrlet
from e !Mier morived from Rev. William Gala La:
bless re, Send.: I have i;Cell ;Witted with fo e the hi my wee. occasioned 11l dd..... live foe th e
I mealy years . sudi•ring nt tames sylm. I image
cannot cotrey, lout since taking your Sanity iliack
have been greatly relieved, en much eothat I la ahem,
able to attend to myl, o.liiees. and preach ace Meetly
for the last fine.. month.. I wholly discarded I other
medicine, and thoroughly Wind the Saraapatills which
lean recommend in truth and slueerilyw all th • e who
are in any way afflicted with any 'pewee or .e • • felons
complaint.. The have been som remarkabl cures
effected by um use re
in the. vicinity. e
Alm. w , by
the ate of six bottles, was restored to better bra ththan
she had before enjoyed for ten, year. and Airs.
yens, who bad been severely afflicted with the :tying.
else, was entirely cured by the use of a few batttles.
Vont. truly. Wffl.
For further particulars and couelueerTevidench of tr.
value nod efficacy, see puraphlete, which may
be obtained of Agents gratis.
k repined and sod by A.B. te D it
Fulton at, corner of %Vahan., New York.—
Sold also by L. WILCOX, de., Plitsburght, H. liar
wood, Beaver; Wm. Watson, Neer Castle; IL N. Rob
ison, Droornasille; A. Crcigh, Washington; end by_
Druggtsts generally throughourta United States.
Prtce St per bottle—sib bottles for $4.
The pub. ale, respectfully requested to remember
that it is SandiSarsapardla that it le constantly achiev
ing such remarkable cures of the roost difficult class of
diereses to which the human !Map Is enbjeet; there-.
fore ask for Sand's Sarsaparilla and take no other.
• harha, relieved boo to each • shoe time frook his di(
Geulty-of Lreathiegj,Cough andautroratioul Hs
will' tell you it was "the Oloswartiae, or All
'limbo( Salem." Ask the tollnoaptire
what ha. allayed his Cuvet,reawned
the Pairs iu his Side lied Chest,
checked his night swvats,atid
Owed the rose of Iwth
upon Lis cheet wad
he will tell you
Ask your friends if they know of any Italia that will so rpm
day cure oYwc cud tedious peek, llaisiug of Blood, Bran
cLeis, Dyspectir temiumptien, Hoomeneu, Influenza, and
disease. of the Thewat, melte Olosmoism? end they will tell
yen-No. Then, mere, yet has been* remedy iatrodoced-tu
public notice which has been produckie of ereinuch good in
Mort a space of time. Read the kilkoring
Astprilsking C 0.....
' Boon, the criebreted Ikeemeneker baker, Pi Hare
sad - dew, llnoklyo, states that his wife has he .Min ted
with asthma fur 3.1 'ran; .d ootild trot liml_permatieut re
lief from the beet medical advice which New York sad
linoklyti could maim, era. indnowl to try ears great reme
dy. Nbe is now nearly well. Hi. &matter "OM was suffer;
iug from Uv mot dimmer, tried it, and was aLm eared by lL
kin .Bood is nose so well that elm is able to Jilt [man fact
bed early inks atproittg sad stood totter usual dative through
the day without any mamma foaT her distreseing_malady.
Hweltr Jacuon, I.lth .beef, guar the Catholic Come ,
mine to the Weir fur the purpose of obtaining a bottle of
O.aeian, laying been keeled with tha Asthil. kr more
Limo at years, and was so exhausted .nn his arrival that he
mild out speak. lie purchasedbottle and rode boom.—
Four days allemoyard be walked fro a m
his residence to the of
five without fatigsts, a deduce of Ofti toil milers, to tell of
the wonderful which. he had esperketeedjkom athet
atom toe half of am bottle.
Conakkaptles or the Iskugse
Coarolte, 35 White greet, was eo low as the assails
of December lan. that be wis yrea ap by hisphyticien. His
friends matertaised no hope *1'1%6 meow,. He stosa persua
ded to try the Okaaosia., Sod to ha surprise it has to kr
restored him - 10 health that he is um" able to walk &b.( the
Mr. Akira., the wife ofWm N. Attree,Jelies
Esq. mid (ho. W. Hays, C.M. am .11 bear testimony from
thmr win expert.. of the heeling properties of this Oreat
Bawdy Comunaption of the Limp.
fiplittog Blood.
Mrs. Tnoonorrue ' 352 street, ,who had bean
troubled for a great linagth of time bya snare! cough, end
rained quantifies of blood, era rained by W e battle of the
Olcwooian, and declares gill.* greatela remedy ii the •orld.
Dams Baur, a 3 Water street, was alio alined from
the mama complaint, skhough he was very mach oda.'
hen hrrommenced taking it, baring been undid the me of
'Kis physkian daring the rimer. Although the mashed
eimstantly rod was ray moth troulkd with sight sweaty a
hordes of dm remedy enabled him to nitwit b Ids dray
"work. Ile wm eaticely mlkeed.
DAVID liIMIDD4ON,6O Laight street, Geo W. Barnett,
formerly of Newark, fk. J.plreary LOW% 19, Rianren
street, aid numerals/ othirkperiiiors bays been * , e tly and
Permanently cured of the mantemmaplakit by thisnemedy.
The Array of Nomad •
whiakcouldbe produced of prams who ham and thie great
remedk areal!' man dm fill indium Among the number
Mr.LID permitted tonag to A, 01. lagliirele_y ,
Mr. Warm Iloboken . Mn. Bell of Idoreionwn, N.d.t
James B Devoe, 11l
O.; Dlr. ll'Callive,4o Attorney ,
Bmith,9l Third Ainslie, Mni W. tree of this
city, and Mr. Arehibeld,2s Wbia st
Bold whelmale and retail by Wm Sabo; al hM !Meat
Medicine Warehouse and Boot and lame Story, 4o SI Libel ,
ty street. head of Wood greet, ritiabagh._ ,Prsedel per boot
tle deel6/1,
booed Dr. Bucitan. nf.londnn, Endiand.suloo'd
INS the Dated ban under the immediate • ris end-.
ton e f tAClnvanice.. ' •.. •
Td ertnutedtriary-miceem of this medicl e to the
Mile of Peibincatey *alum Parra* Gus Aliarican
Aden, in solidi* Bar treatment ilte WORST POS
SIBLE CABES ht can be Mend In the catuntnethip
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DAVID F. BRADLEE; tale Agent fa tbe - 1. al*
ewes, 119 Cart meet, Baton.
T. W. DYOTTsima,Getseral WbolesiP Aim*
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ellen not aware how frightfially injurious 'I
the skin! bow coarse. how rough, how salloW,
and unhealthy the _skin appears seer using prr •
chalk! BC illit[l4 it it injurtou., eontaleing a later •
tity of lead. •Wc have prepared • beautiful vege
article, which we 801 l JONIMsti SPANDSII
ItITF2 It is perfectly illl3o,tnt, being purified •
drleteitous qualities; and it linessits to the don a
rel. healthy, alabaster, eiest, hying White, at the
st •ctlng as • rostitehe on the skin. wakinS
utd neenh.
Dr. James An n,
rhurotts ear!: "After aollysing /navel Spanish
hite, I find it possessetet .e mow beautiful, and
rat. at thr.thane eine
. 1111 , 04,111 what. I versae
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certainly can cOnanientiouily recomtnend to toe I.
.e akin regoima beaultrylog
123 cents • bog!
Sold by VIII. JaChPON, at hilt Boat and
Store, t 9 Liberty street, head of Wood, at the ht
Itig Boat. ,
publitlidd and mode known .0 Ike pub Et.. Thal
wa.,.prewiou of on old mad who tiled the Syrup.
Pet - marten; Febnutry
Mormin—Thid may cenify the Mein. alined
wuhy "'mildew,me cough mere timed bought • bottle
Morgan. Cowls Syrup. and am happy to anyonter
Za, cough id entirely tonal. .1 prtmourtce your
ih ' Syrop-the - bewt anedititeo• 1' have !Yid:used. Not
faiui ly'atiou Id be without this valuable medicine. 1
ErVE. mcdiCida is prepared whokwale and retail
I Woodorteet,orte door below. Diamond Alley'
SqeedS.dcam Per boule. , 1
ripitanito olax oinc—For gentle'
Inently "dating Light, Bed or Gray Hair a Dark
Boon or g. k oaks. autumn dyeing or injuring the
*kin. •Sold walo fall direction, Price 00'easou, orgy
p"gold by IVNLJACICSON, at hi. PateniAbel
LL ~RIIuaR [9 labeir) . Meet. 11.1.1 of Wo[W,4ll-th
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colds gad ramie. They do out meek aad dry up tlionst.,
, but render it imey; promote tryierlorange, allay the %his, ..,
I mimetic% god moon dm 'primate or orbit" eu.r.
'My an made from a combinatimiod a Ram ealumle. eagr
64.4 R . l
. tee: itime‘ sad 2/, undostredry gape.. tg
and. It= bitt=4: "L. ,,,
torsi from Maw who tan Men mud from 110 Mrlroml rru tit,
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and mowed to perfect health . by usury Mum _
W e, oue ot Sher
Oats', 1 . 000 Mae, Plaster.
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muddy eon them
syeriptemes IlMews.—Paim io the jointsm. limb% ogee
.ee breath, picking at the wow, g ri adiag of the teeth dorm.
dettp,thd other apace.. about the ipt,with fluebodch,ers.
.bbeelingatchn SOW a gearin sematio• at the smooch,
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-es of Mt over MM..* of the body, alight
Map, headache, dromiam, ruler torpor, dieurbe
deem% addetnertiogn asep; with Mena. samming.
nmetiouta • trogeblecome cowl, fernishone, thirst, Ipelhd
hag, Ms, MI taste in the mouth, diglcult brgathiery, m u
the menarie or bowels, fatigue, imam mearnielness, von,
eiompetty,' Mamas, bloated stoosach or Inotn, (trying,
shoolusgpma m various parte laxly, a meg ot Moe
Ming reang im the dm% Ming 0f.... towards eV.,
oue. dem to pm something from the bowels, and mme
linutes dreamers of Mime end mum.
They gin immediate relief id anon or sick bcadreehr,
If the hem, lowness of the spirits,
or putrid MIMI ihroaLbovel'oe warm ! 000.-
. plnsfeistunr, oppreadon or a mug of sinking of the cheat,
Mal% imam, romp of the dome* er bowels, hysterics!
alSortrym and all neurons dinarrs, drowrions h the
&hip! walteletarm thmuer the night; cholera or ehol
-era sorebm diarrhoea, lassitude or a rear fraigui or
tragellrog or
.to her parte% evil/ find the Loin
remlly ramlagil tow., the buoyancy of youth; used
allm.thesigetson, .Mime efthe t)stroitte4
ntry, md MUM the ouplmant symptoms mane wool
roc liviag. Perim who hate ben too blgh been, mad
mrnUs abandened their dilated habil% will dad these Lampe ad.
1311EIMerprlit00/1 MAN'S PLASTER.
The ben strearbsaimg Amer the wallowed • Wevererya
remedy:kr paths, or rOrmilitm in the back, lob% gide egml,
insbe, win% rheumatism, longterm Sm. Wm rolliim •
year well notsuppry thedeamad. Theyiegabe • little Inflo
mg before paths,
Warnated ammo; to WI uthen.and
for me Wilmer the anal n, prise, mt.( nit mely the be but
the cheapest planer in Me world. It affords relief in a Ler
boom and makes astonishing ems. •
la liver complaint md dyspen% it Medd.. won over
the ngiemofuse liver or mooch, and /1 will Med great ad
mooblawg 'eeleer, In combs, moldy anima, diewalry of
Math*, mimeo. of the chest or esomach, they w
mediate ly soon ad greatly boodo tin mum. Pof
sedeilary hibitr, or 11.000 - obliged lo stand esuch, • ill receive
derided sapper! Own owe of Mem truly emengthenaug
ter. Plummet ginetally ammemead Melo' 5 fonts
aj' eutenf ' Way "."":" 4 ft:l:rand
. 004" TbryMe mapomee of eon., differ:en Mgrs..
emu Mm other, and known from the exptrithre 01 Mal-
Isom who here used Otio, as well es the meted tedium:or of
all the eriebrated essel dismeguished Mee aed phydasoe, to
be the mid useful and highly snalicatadMeter.
Several pumas have called at the warehouse to newels
son us cum these
pluton have effected.
Directims far we are on We back angle Omer,with a
Beaten. of Dr. Sherman • tame. 11 is impataat yOO aheuld
strays sok Slignasn's Poor Mal Plaster •00 %M. Ito.r,V= „
mpriaciplowl dealers. y .
Sold wbeirsale and retail by W. JACKSON at his Paten
bledkine %Mime, No. in, Liberty Weal, 111 of tin
810 BOOT. _ jm i4-41,._
CONSISTING of bi• Prophylactic Syrup. a ter.
lain'reniedy lorall C011511111•TI VIC and Scrofu
loua affections; Cough Syrup. Croup Syrup Con.
centrated extract of Sarsaparilla, decidedly
superior to all other extracts, tiering given rehel
when all othen bare failed, being through • _new
proton/8 more COLlCCOtrated than any other eeir
offered to the public. ASTHMATIC
paving effected permanent cores of that stubborn
diseamt, when of more than yens
hence it mods without enrol in that amen dreaded
Dr. Rose'. LINIMENT, for all eases of weak
nrsior pain, and a complete anbatitate for blisters.
Dr Rates TONIC MIXTURE, an iulalllbio
cure for cell a and ferenr, and indeed is inure or a
specific for fevers of all kinds than bark er — Qui-
w here known, is tied in preference to ant other
Vermifuge Preparation.
Dr. Huse'. :PUNIC ANTI-DNA:VFW, for all
diseases of the Stomach and bowels, CI: lee, in- •
fectione dite. Too high an encomium cannot be
pamed on the merit. of this medicine, io cure of
Diepepsia, and all disease. that,reinltirom- Weak
ness of stomach co bad dtgestion.
. Dr. Ross'. FEDIALff. 1 ILI 5„.0 moat nluable
remedy. for those general complaint" to which fe
male. are subject.
'Nopill ever before offered the public an happily
combine. the qualities of a Whack medicine,asut
anti-diapentic, LIVER or Stomachic pill, correct
ing than diseeies," and thereby preirenting coo.
auteption. A yooog Lady 25 yeareorage, baying
'diseased liver for some time, her strength p ro,.
-trued tool appetite gone, was chnopleffily restored
in Me week. by the use of the Anti.dispeptic astir
tureand thesepilla alone. ' • - •
ENINti PLA STER,I or weakness 01 the back, aide;
breast, dec.
Dr. &we'. SPECIFIC EPILEPSY,the man cer.
tale remedy forcues. of Sty or convulsions,
whetiterin infants or adult.. So certain a specific
t. it for this formidable disease Out the moat ob.
a/luster-nee, and thoae too of long "tending, have
yielded at once.
Dr.Rrise. RHEUMATIC MIXTURE-,Ancrwiany_
years of diligent research tho componnd was discov
ered, and its never flailing efficacy places Its efficiency
above all other. for the core of Rheumatism.
Dr. Rose's tASTRINOENT COMPOUND.. certain
wniedy. for. spitung blood, indeed for ,ditcharge. of
bodblood whether front Lange, bowels or other 'parts of , the
y. , •
Dr. ItoseaSYßlfPffir Cholernand Dowel complffints
—This migrate will effeentaily core bowel complaint,
Dy.entery,Cholerahlorbus,and Cholera. Al the
be Astute Cholera eras ragtag an Philadelphia It was
Jotted it be the woad .accessfulto arrestffigit, eating
- nine iced!, of all those wha used IL.'
What may be uirl of one of them remeddies may by
mid of alit their value will only be appreciatesl be
chore who try them. Letters from those who have been
eared of ites'earions maladies that affect the.humor
body might be Siete,' but we are Milling to relit the
- matter on die merits of the compound,. We have •
for SelefulLiniti condensed
and efficacious that its Mating power ha. astonished
aunt. A case of Caricer,bccarraig in the wife of the
tateHovernor of DelawarO, mar completely cored in s
few atonalh. The cancer bad been twice of out by
prominent Iffirgeons, and renewed itself with increased
malignity, yet notwithstanding the debility of Galenite
lion and remove's! sheep* pans, the ak• of the Pro
phylactic eampkody removed every vestige of the
Case. Innteneffills orates Sarum cares that Isere
followed the use of these liersedie. are M.P...-
. Mon; but it is not deemed oesrossary la !Menet ate them .
as the awe( them will reancinlend them to all. -
J. 2431,10NA1 AKER, 4 a.„ Pito yi cod Ftreel
Ammo forPittabargh - _ notedly
irEnd MOAT ASTOUSiDire4-7.-AileCthW.
EgiY--A Blessing! Aal A Wonderl!
—To are - Ereptions and Disegarroamits of the Hun,
Pirroles.Freeklia, Sanbarn,Pah - Rbeanalteurvy, Sage
Heads, Are., he.
Poor years ago last Almost, the capital of. France
*as istoteahed in .mosequence of a Gisedvery made by
in Halton Chemist. Many doubted—lf - seemed almost
on impossibility that anything _made by:the hands of
man. weld have inch iingelar wees as Mat claimed !
by Antonia Vesprini for his invention. ,klany clawed
him and his invention as a habffing,rand. alas! many
foetid, persons without trying do the fano awe] at
Magill, Mier testing it in the hospitals, the. .11 cdiral
clety of Pori. (the best ehertem. lathe worldidelivered
the following repot to Signer
“We have crow minuteiyand confetti exatnineirthe
singular invention of Verprinii We have suatysed its
coavonent pana—vre have u setts in iteverat risen, and
we hesitate not to pienounce it (the Italian Chemical
s'o•rl u a ['eat Mewing. tad • Italy wonderful reme
dy foe any eittacteotla minion or dirligetement of the
sYin. It. inventor we consider. the tmw philanthropist
of suffering mankind.
( - President.
From the inventor himself to the prevent Pap/teas
Nam, how. 4,1E40
In consideration of the ~ or of EWA I have dva/.
ired hlr. Jones, residing in the city of New York,
N. A., the w
hrmieothole proems orwtanufactuting, together
-with • statertleto of the ingredient. contrail-int
Soap- Ile tv tomannfactare 0 lot .ale - 01
the United State. only, and to have the privilege of Oa:
11011i1 ., Jogirie Italian Chemical Soap.'
Witness: Scary J. lloldatonli. -,
I% OffriSold by W JACKSfaI, at Ida Pair , Medicine
urebOine, Es Liberty Wee; heed of % I nod, seas
Thef the Mc Boot. . an
only place in Pnialiargh where the GLNIIIN
can beolitatned. All easel are Ca.:erred.
At du Ginsta wear lA. Pan Cefen.
One inse!Don of 15 lines, pr so LO
Twohnertions wilhoutalteration* B 75
Three.' - . ...... 101
Ong Week
Week. •• •• ! 50
I Three -... '. " ... 300
Orie Alot.ih, .• • a 00
Two ." •.. 600
Thor' 4. " . • . '7 50
, tizr LoneriLe.edi.e.evts re uuse, pepportion.
One oquare,6 months, without alteration...T - 10'00.
.....'.15 CO
Eackodditlonaallequare for 8 mamba, 1 5 00
f'. -,. '' "AI. .., ;1000
One aqoare,6 Months, renewable it pleasure, 15 00
or AA 7S_ - .. so! II & t) 03
Eicliadditional agnare for 12 n0inttw..:.....• 10 10
Two oqwwww,6 month., re!wable at plasm..., 30 00
Each additional square, 6 months, • ' , 800
irsticit Oa rat-wassir. IN natcr
One squire,3inaettiona,sl 50
•'• . each additional insertion , 37
' • 11C11131ZU 'CARDS.
Fine lines or lea., one yeas.. .
"' 4`
xi: motatliai . 5 CO
OMI & 1 2 co
AA iAA surnaszwrs raj •
For '.AI lines, or less, One insertion, • SO 50
." ." Two, 045
" Three months ' 3 , 60
• .. 6 00
Zf'" ...
" ' 10 00
ZTAJI idvertioaaaeats to bit ebated . by - t - be ignore,
'and a ditrottotot2.s pet cent to be wen where the
atboo . e.l , or attrottisioirelogeds.sodpitara per year.
liViturias ease..
Ciao line, or ..... $6 00
' " ' :it or'' 5W
~ - - 11