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See fintrth Page for lillseallaneaua h•mra
The Whig county rionatuattous.
We hays been siorprised that any one should
venture upon the Intimation that the nominations
of the recent County Convention were unfair. A
close Observer ISJ wo were of all t tie proceeding•
of the Delegates, our conviction was that 16
nomlnetions were characterized by unusual
fairness and frukneu for all the uffieers.—
The mincer of voting titbid that the proceedings
'should be otherwise then fair. Every man voted as
publicly almost u if hie name had been calledelond
and the response given in the hearing of the C 0.,.
venting, and the extraordinary intereat taken in
the result, made the vote of every delegate almost
es conspicuous as it would have been by public
proclamation. Nor have we seen any evidence of
pledges violated, ncr of constituents dissatisfied,
with the votes given by those selected to 'repre
sent them, though It a possible votes may have
been given century both to the understanding at
the candidates and their friends,
We do hold, howertr, that the instruction of
delegates to cola far one man, and one man only,
for any office, le neither feasible nor just. Th.s
system Of instructing public men to vote for err.
Min men, or far certain things, is no Whig doc.
trine, and has always been resisted by the Whig
party, Conventions of tho People, like legisla
tive bodice, should select men in whom they have
confidence, sod whom they believe qualified and
desirous of representing the beet interests of the
County, the State' r the Union, and. through all
these, the party which . seeks to accomplish the
best good of,set. fTa be trammelled by instruc-
Ilona to vote far nnis man, and in no event for any
other man, for ady one office, is slavish. The
Whig party do not exact it, and Whig delegates
would not willinglieserve if thus bound to obey.
Preferences may be expressed and defended, and
in a Let ballot may be carried out, if in harmony
with the beat judge:ents of the Delegates, tat
there must been this, and whatever be the
end, eirseqd give mtitflentin to all. Least of all ,
LOWeacc;should successful candidates be made to
sect for the mistakes, more, or even violations
of word, suppose there to be any, among the Del
egates of a Convention. If there is wrong any
where, it is with the persona making the nomina
tion., and not the candidates selected.
Regular nominations, when made In good
faith, should be supported with unflagging energy
and hearty unanimity. Wu are to remember that
candidate. for public office, represent certain great
politinl principles. They may belong neither
ow Church, nor to our Club, it we belong to coy.
They may b. Confartnistv, or Non-Conformists,
Catholic! or Caivanister. The tole
rate. all these, and so do we,•asking only of our
candidate", and trifiTu - r candidates, that they shall
be capable, Emmett. men,.with fixed political- prui
elples, and these such es are recognized by tie
grant Whig party of the Union.
Believing, than, that our candidates ar all
good Whig., end all capable of discharging their
duties fdthfolly to the people,—believing, too, that
one and all were fairly nominated by the Conan•
don, we "hall support them with all the directnea.
and energy that we Coo bring to bear upon de
election. They will all by. deozed, we doubt
not, and the only question is, what shellfire , their
majority. Let every Whig resolve to eared this
majority to the old fashioned number of 3000, of
which Allegheny is capable. We Can if we will,
and who La there who will not when he ran.
PLINSTLYANIA RAI Lill is the ilia day
the book. will b e . kept open at the Monengahela
House. They)will, however, we understand, be
open for subscription, at tics office of the Compa
ny. The whole amount subscribed up to 12
o'clock Wednesday, was 289 abates &small amount
certainly, and unworthy of s city, which has mo
great a stake in the matter. We are glad to learn
that several Farmers yesteiday came forward and
took stock. We hope to be able soon to
announce a very large addition to the present sub
Tug RalLeos.o.—A gantleman 60n3 reyene
lays That the Railroad urbseriptiins on the line
between Pitteburgb end Connelliville will reach
the sem of $250,000.
Westmoreland has already eubseribert $30,000
end Fayette A 50.000 for the Coone rota.
Tam Yearir.22.—This is the• name of Captain
Koontz's neis and very handsome low water bast
She In one Wf the lighted, and of her claw one
of the enemies% neatest. and brat furnished boats
acre Witt here. )hawing only 13 inches ligh t
she will carry upwards of 200 tons barthen. She
is 140, ft. on deck, 135 ft. keel, 23j ft. beam, 23
ft..630r and 4 IL hold. Two Engines-2 boilers
22 ft. length by 86 inches diameter. Cylinders
inch and 4 ft. stroke. Wheel 1491. diameter.
She has 30 state rooms, and 76 berths in all,
wall-furnished. Hull built by McFall, Little ilea.
or. Engine. by Lee, Preston lk McGlinot,
Cabtos by Hawn..
The Yankee is just the boat fat low faster, and
will be a great seedmroodetion to travellers. Her
captain and owneris an indefatigable good fellow
. who will give every attention to Ate= •
Hon Joist W. Davis, late Speaker of the
Boon of Representatives. has received the, votes
of Ave coontie. in his DiCACI al a candidate for
COagrelll. Sains.of the more abs moot of his
patty in other parts of the Donna have oontina,
ted Gee. W. Corr. Mt. Davirde4dined to be the
candidate of s divided party. ft if a sad specta•
cis thorto see a connect:as and able Mall thrown
overboazd by his political friend* when the' head
And front of bill offending ha. been only that to
office tit Ilea a gentientateta his opponent. and kat
partial to all as a public officer.
. tillitta.—lt ie &fledged in
some of the letters from Mexico that the .Maximo
Clergy. Are not all opposed to Peace. The Bishop
of Puebla, a talented prelate, it i. raid le an ed
• ' sante of peace, and recently told Mrs Storm. (a
' N. Y. lady editrees,) that the Church of Mexico
'was perfectly willing to submit to .any govern
mint which'wookl rid them of then: military ty.
• ruts, protect them of limit rights oil propeny .
end secure to them the exercise of err holy re
llglort. Mrs. Storm, has line. attar the fate of
Mr. Plack our Control In Mexico, both being
suspected by Banta Anna of being , epies, and or.
dated to lave the country at a yrr short notice.
Battu ion TIM Eicorcm,—W. ‘l. %Yawn er•
knowledge'', by request, the reaelrt last week.
pet Reed & Parkee;line, of 30 bbli dour, end 00
mks com .from Delaware tp., Mercer county,
.A1'0,480;240 June 9; from Jame
eon, from individuate Fayette t Allegheny
ecainty la.. tut the Relief of the Deotch.
no eitiuos of St. Louis have appointed fifty
aeleveecto the River and tuft*, goo veutian.
John Tykm In Public Aga
" • We bad that aseuale of faith in the good mate
uf dettorltpletiehich led that be
lirce4l eerie make his appeaser:Oh pakdie &saki:
.li.ruiremeat become. the man ft. macb more gram
• faily.than Patdic of ii w, aid .ileace than public
aivich. that we had .opprwed 'hi. knowledge of
men. sal ri.pect for politic opinion. 'would lead
turn forever to bold his peace. We are di.ap.
The Richmond Whig give. publicity to • com-
Ruunication signed John Tyler, and in vindication
of the course taken hp the Execuiive of 1840-45
in favor of the anixaliou of Tema.: Mr. Tyler
webtures "mai the following defence of himself":
, -The fade of my public life are mittens of re.
cord, and cau neither be expunged nor altered.
The impartial future will see the motive in the ad;
!and the just historian will look to the good or evil
only which will have been developed, and find in
the one or the other mme of. closure or of praise.
l'o this ordeal I eubniit myself without fear."
It it nut that custom of bold, bad, hardened men
to be governed by fear, nor to see, much lets make
confession, of their guilt. But tried by the rule
bete laid down, what shell ere, slut can We say s
John Tyler,—what of the part he played in the
Harrisburg Convention, where so many crock,.
dile teals were shed fors men he afterwards be
trayeal,—what for lea bad - faittr.and bad condue
towards the friends who tleyste.l him to office.—
'what for his mutt prounption and sale uf office,
what, indeed, for the man, ur the office.. adenn
istered by the men.
%Ve AO nut judge at the motives of Jac
steeped its he his in partizan treachery
soil in pflolitt,bou of office. Wn will try him by
the fact., and by the acts la which he appeals, and
thus dddd iglang him, we call upon one impartial
acid intelligent WIIIIO.I. w V11111,C41.4 the mull or the
officer. •
Mr. Tyler ventures only upon ant attecoptedde
fence of Ws course its regard to the mimes:anon
cf Texas, and be puts hie vitidimiton upon the
wool/Jana he knees nothing of intrigue or spec.
ulstien, and was governed solely by the good of
the country in pressing that measure. -Patriot-
Mr. Burke says, "is always the last resort
of ectiondrela," and though we do not mean to
put Mr. Tyler down in this category, we do gay
'that his conduct in this matter. was bad end bra
etionili to have been the offspring only of a de.
iraved public servant. He admits that Mr. Cp
shu;)his Secretary of State, was his principal
counsellor meal°ua to annexation, and in all the
growing ont orannexation, and yet Mr. Up
sLur was notinirfuely a large holder of Texas
property. So wits Mr. Gilmer, his Secretary of the
Navy. So were'inany of his friends in Virginia.
and all over the Union. Mr. Botts, indeed, at.
umpted to "head Captain Tyler" in his with:num.
league with the speculators of Texas scrip and
land, and for that was banished from the Exec
utive, and the delectable anociauona with the in
cumbent of the White House. Mr.. B. indeed.
has just: informed the Richmond Whig, that the
fact of designed summation was - conimunicated to
Lim by a large Texas land holderand stock job.
bee, not LI member of Mr. Tykes Caine'. nor
filling any War 'subtle station, but who he had
reason to believe was in constant 'personal inter
course with the Cabinet on this subject. Mr.
Botts, we know, bring forewarned himself, nil. -
teen days before the matter became public et
Washington, foretold the designs of the President.
And yet Mr. Tyler seeks to cloths all thatohe
Cabinet were doing within the veil hl secrecy.
Mr. Tyler way unquestionably counselled and
impelled by speculators to alit and prosecute the
scheme of annexation, and hi; friends have reaped
the hods of it by becoming rich, when before thy
were poor. From first to last, indeed, hie conduct
was bold, reckless, and dangerous to the public
interest. His last set was to hurry off, on (he'
.•t hinrcb, n Mt....erigt.t to 'I r asa with:the l'y
Ire treaty, and the fruits of this hurry was that ill
judged and dangerous action in Texas and Wash
Milton, which forms one of the conspiem us inci
dent+ of the war in which we are engaged.
We advise Mr. Tyler to hide hi. bead and his
acts tostethet in the deepen or th. mountains
:of Vow". Ctrry .1. • • swlll but r,keal
lame two Wrung, : to mention
him at all, it will ho of a man unexamplel for
for his treachery to his friend., and for his false
hood to his country.
The great importance of Kailrnada to pint
burgh Is our ta.,•olrgy for ad often alluding to them.
W1,C.10111.4 al public s.teirunlik whore duty it i•
to watch with a vigilant eye over the retied tu
tererts of thin community, perform faithfully our
duty, if we do• not where we we thrum ioiereuro
endangered, want the public. on the ectetit of
that danger.
\Yu perceive that our Boston ueictilmis are
ustog their toot etrlts (and we all lawn . whai
moult. these effort. are capable of produciog sawn
once aroused.) to carry off much of the wade
naturally destined t, come to Pittsburgh, and in
go east horn this point. Colima continuous Rail
Road IS constructed from this city to Pittsburgh.
Philadelphia net never compete, with New York
as a great depot for dour endemic. In reference
to thew Boston movements the Philadelphia 831.
lean justly remarks : .
" The example of Boston ohouttl not be thrown
array upon Philadelphia.. Boston. not content
with tapping the manufacturing regi011110( Maine,
New Hampshire, and Rhoda Island—out content
with tapping the vast improvement. of New York
—nut content with seeking and securing a grow.
tug trade with the Canadas—is now actually pre.
paring m derive ..large portion of the LW:lairs
which the New Yorker. thought would be oxen
nicely their own on the completion of their great
work from piermunl to Dunkirk. We trust that
our citizens will we in time the vital necettai.
ty of the immediate completien of the Central
Rail Road. Not ■ week—not a day—not an
hour should be lost."
We have warned our Mlizen• spine the don.
ger!ofdelaying our Rail Road improvemento un
til too late to reap from them, the benefits, which,
from our position, we have . a right to expect
The divided opinion of our population on thee.
aubject, is greatly calculated to erobsrus, if not t.
put an end to any immediate proved of a con-
nection by Rail Road either Earl or West. Ou
own fern are that we shall share the fate of a
certain animal, who starved to death between two
bundled of hay not knowing with which to begin
If we are serious in our desires to have an
Eastern cmection, let Of go to work and endear.
Of to do something. Every: day. delay elect.
I the value and importanre of ;heal works What
we want ts action, prompt, immediate •nd unani
msos ection.but worst of all money. Taking, as
his. Stewart justly observed. at 000 recent EsU
I Road meetiog, never built, and newer will build a
Rail Rola. The Pennsylvania line now offers us
a chance of going ahead immediately and this line
is. to be commenced on the let of July. This
'company dime not welt, as has been rumored, to
extend its line beyond this city. Pittsburgh, there.
fore, will be a great western Terminus. and a Rai
B-sad once completed 'here it will build up a
city second to but few in the union. It is
therefore of the utmost importance to Pittsburgh.
facileate : by every postiblemeans, the progreis
of this grout web. We do tilt by these remerks
intend 111 fitly way to undervalue the importance
of our contemplated connection with Baltimore .
but we do net We any satiafaCtory prospect of an
arrangement whereby that Bead Will be commies
red. At least it is involved in great uncertainty.
With the Philalelpbia line, however, there can
be no doubt.. It bunt and will come lure. Let
our citizens, therefore, unite promptly and ener
%enmity with the friends of this route elwerhere
Let us net permit our more active and cunning
neighbqrs of Boston surd New York. to WO away.
with its3r whirl/ 0000 lost . to us, u lost for.
Nu na.SC■ roaHlVO9M—Widow. anon ' ,
theoithodotitilt4nre not allowed to rennin
and. - theretore. live in .d egr a.d.
sometime ago the Bab. , Mat tea Lail offend a
potation of tan thounnd wine, to any Hindoo
who would cowry a widow. The -etaie,
hue newel been chimed.
it if expected that the magnetic telegtsol. 30 .
mintestion between New Mims Ltd Motet %
win be open by the let of 'August. •
Robb's.* Churches Ist Mexico
It is a new thing under the sun for our Govern.
merp to recommend the seizure of Church prop ,
erty..ihere being bath robbery and sacrilege in:
volved in the recommendation. The organ of the
Administration se rugthe ,IT of its original
purpose upon the public =dud,: seeks 000 10
weaken the force of its nefarious design, hot
without success, since it is concurred in by many of
the Party. From the first, the proposition alarmed
us, for we knew not what Church or creed might
come nest. If the Mexican Catholic: are is be
robbed to-day, Mexican Protestants may fare as
badly to morrow. Once begin this barbarous
war upon Churches and sects, Bishopaand Priests
sod the end ally be s war upon our own altars
and religion. We feel called upon. therefore,
again to condemn the organ of the Administra
tion, fur favoring any such design as is expressed
in the following from its columns:
It is matter of 'grave consideration, if the
church continues to oppose a peace and furnish
the fuel ..1 war, whether the immense revenue, of
the church in Mexico shall he left untouched—
whether they shall be suffered to remain ca the
disposal of the enemy, and to lee applied to M.
lain the tear against us—whether justice and
polity do not equally dictate that they should al
lead be sequestered during the continuance of the
war. ar a legitimate means of cutting off the
enemy's sapplies:'
The Salem Register quotes the following I.•ies
Porn setitiment in harmony with the shove, end
we have seen the same elsewhere:
A leading foto Fora paper in ‘Veotru V u
girlie; used this bing
o.Seire the siker arid gold shooed 111 the.
Churches in Mexico as an!' for the .
expenses of the war. There is mu, than eno....rh
th ere—ii ours by conquest. Where it is. .1 N
doing no pal' of Inc human family or t.L'id any
iairvier, and if 'could be rigid to return
out of these treasure.., the money which their net
has forced our gamer/me,/ to expend."
We may presume dint uvula, Poll. journal
looked to the ram, mode of retuutieratiot , when
it said:
oWu must lowa indemnity, In return for the
loafing our valuable officers and veteran;
(we wonder artist price this j 'urns! would cOlt,
iu such a novel valuation!) in en Uit:minim/lion
for !wadi , seventy minknu espendrd to defend
ourselven: we shall Inquire to be tend to some
nitrate, for the expenns we have incurred, and
the indemnity due our [Mazur.-
The Catholic pr.., of the country hose oat ;
orally become indignant at opinions like there,
andlihe following expresses the general verdiiii art
of the Catholic.
(Flom the Louisville Cants..
We find in one of our exchanges an extract
from the Washipston Union, which, for political
hardihood and irreligion, may challenge curopar.
ison with any of the most revolting propositions
of sgraliani•na. The elitor suggests the rob". ry sf
the Mexican churches as “ Inatter of grave oi.
sidaration.” and argues that, a
tweause the Mexican
clergy contritute to support the armies of Me z
this Goya ...tarot has a right to rob their churches .
The same argument would give this Government
a right to rob every cit ten of Monica, and indeed
in the even of the coat majority of Chritmendom
such robbery would be leas henious than that
suggested by the editor, which in addition to the
other elements of guilt contain. the specific guilt
of sacrilego. It the clesgy, by forced loans, have
to let revenues. legitiniittdy and justly deigned
for totter purposes, ha sacrificed by the civil to
Chorines of their country to the defeats, of the
State. is that a, reason why ties Government
should wage a Bernie/lout war, and despoil the
troziples of the Most High ! And because Obits
vidusl citizens, by tines or loans, aid their Gov
ernment, is that a reaAin why our armies alined
like by banana plunder their !WOWS and lay waste
their property I It is' a great evil to public morale
that such proposals should come lorth in papers
ea highly potruniztd and so extensively read.—
When aged editors, quasi pensioned by Govern
meot, mardlest such rib-rainy, it is astoraishom
that hundreds became indoctritia.ed with the lax
phiolessphy of the heroes of the health,and that too
frequently we have to depicter the sacrilegious
spoltrition of our churches not at the point of the
bayonet and with heat of drum, but at the mid.
night hour or at morning d Iwo?
!Frew, thelmcinusis 4 •
./ . 111 rov.—Tinv paper. tine
organ ul the Admunstretrou and the mouth-piece
of the Quiet' holding saemoerary, suggests the
se tore of the church property in Merit ' The
follavring disreputable language no a part of the
article to which we anode .
...his not a religious buly. but as an engine ot
that the Cstholies of !desk s look rp.t tit
widt It t.f.r ilseo own pilots...!—tofrivol troll test pose:awns, which
imposensh the nation—to sustain their own heft
sichy,3:irhich lords it over the people—to preserve
their power. which weighs down the rest of the
dough Of ignorance and slavery—that they Cr
0111 voiit i , ous and active It is a evel for the
minim ,11 of untighteousnem, (not for the wrestler,.
of cattle) which inspires vial animates the Cita.,
lies of !0mit...,"
A Catholic cilia tut i.l the Foited Mater who
istu rend each langos,:r 11. this without emotion.
mmt have a very frigtil temper. More than hall
the lack and file, end nn email number of officio.
Of the regular army, arc members of the Cathii
he Church, and became they [TIM/Ilea their harm
and moil gstlantly defended the national flag of
them native or adopted country, the Wavhingtin,
Croon seems to think 11" E they are rosily to play
the part of cotomon rotten. anti' to ley vocrileg•
ions hands on the altars Worn which they kneel
in prayer. Let the Government give such Ott
order! Doting the fierce conflict at Monterey a
itatute of the Blessed Virgin, which ohm! on
the bridge lending to the city attracted the eyes
of the combatant,.
After the storming of the town, 2 party of so!.
name., who anticipated the sentiments r f the
Union. determined to take down the statute dur
ing the night end bring it to einclnuati as a tro.
phy ! A cettainUompany called the Montgome
ry Guards, tinder the direction of an officer named
Kennealy, (Gen. lien a knows theta,) heard of
the intended outrage, went privately to the scene,
and after a brief contest marched the offuralinn
party to the guard-house, without the:atatuta!—
het the Administration give an order to plonder
the churches, and they may find themseltir v in an
unpleasant condition; they may meet, in return
more iron than gold. fi does not follow that a
man`most bit a thief or a scoundrel becamr he is
a soldier. •
The Catholic clergy in Mexico did do , ir duty
in resistintthe North Americans. Were • for.
eign enemy to land in the United States, every
Catholic clergyman would opium them; but accor
ding to the login nethe Union. the invader., would I sew. gums.
be joattßed in seizing onour chorch property, on I SROUCTION Min Darrn.—The Norwich (Ct )
our colleges and on the patnmony of os pbaos, ; Courier states that on Saturday night an Indian
on the income of hospitals, and all this wil l doctor, named Guy, persuaded young girl of 16
sanction of religion ! All to be accomplished and to elope with him to pNew York. where under a
justified Ithr phanical denunciations of th.: nnato pretended montage, the girl was ruined. The
man of tionghtetivsnees" and -welfare of soul-" ! m ether of the girl, who was a widow, an learn.
Ws, it :We t s Inelfort of 'mutt" that Mr. Palk I ,J I trig that het daughter had gone, Was ar much
in view orlotn he commenced the war, Li: was outcome that she died on Thursday. The girl
"toe moor on of unrighteousuess." was engaged to bo marrittl to a I:reputable
But the Union is indlgnont with the Ustlio'c ; young mall; but she was of rather weak intcl4
clergy, because they keep the people "in Mr dm :11! lent, but of omit:Dished reputation before this
of ignorance and 'Amery." It is rare •port , affair. The doctor was arrested,land a mob kept
hear a Virginian rebuke any people fir is., irar ..e ' from lynching him with much difficulty, He
and slavery ! It is a clear illustration of the nor. went to Norwich from Providence, but it was
I side morality of the timee to heat a 1313I1.1hliele I j currently reported that he has a wile end elold
I Catholic clergy for olording ir over th• prop: ." I in Springfield, Mass, though he claimed to be an
anti keeping them-'in oigooratire and LI: v. r. " , unmarried man. Guy had left Norwich.
whore m [ caching in hie ow. hour: It :l II 4 Noit.c may no: he known to
been made notorious by an event. tho nice , f 1 our citizens, but there a living in ,oar midst a
which no "north of arty country rail 4 :loci colored ran n who is nepw of Sir dente. Hein
en:en:ay._ hash, the great philort3phical historian, whose un-
We have no apprehension that the Unt; at's p' .n I timely &rah was so univerrally regretted by the
will be consummated now that it he,. :,ran t , whole literary world a few years ago. , The huh
. std.( we refer to is to the preacher statitmednver
sternly rebuked by the gent testy ofd o Prot, ;
the hican church in this city by the colt red
ant People,—and in_cantrast to suet, J,1, Conference. Ilia father, brother to Sir Jitues M..
•elltithrit'. it is ple.11.11! to Sea the Illtenth came over to this country 'from Great
;Britain iu company with Volney, and settled at
public sentiment which has been rib
particularly from the Whig press of IL: coon: ; the Grand U•Pid!' in th is Beate, 25 miles below
Vidconnu.—lndiona State Journal.
, PILLOW AND rt. T1NN1.511•111...
came to anchor off Nantucket beach on 51 About twenty offirma of the 2d Tennruce Ree I
day night, with the weather very foggy. , rtiment hate published a long addwas to the pub.
ateamtc fired gun. repeatedly fora pilot, !.al m i lie, impeaching the military capacity of Geri. Pd
wont to her ...„.,,rrree and nn Th urs d ay tnw ! low, and charging hint with having reckleuly
lag the fag haring cleared away she writ to w ordered their regiment to attack a porition too
TMn wan no doubt the Werbington. full., .trong to be carried by atom and then leaning
them, wending aloof himself, without ordering
lag i• from the Nantucket Enquirer of the 4 h
inward. • I other ;regiment up to moment them, though they
We do not know what constitutes Co, per 1. were nailing rniars•
liar attraction of our island, bat we 61,001 n.d AlaallAL Ur Ennui., NO.ILITT.—Lard
wonder if one of these ocean steamers %tumid . Durham, Count sod C.Unteu of Montholon,
finally lay her bone. upon its shores. W.. would I Connie. of Elgin, Lady. E. Deuce, Lady Alice
suggest to the commanders of • ono of then,. a ' tampion, Lady Dorset, Ledy Elgin, with • num.
careful - Montisn of their charts. 1.,r ii moy ber of female friends and a host of servants all in
be tint no eucE, island as Nantucket is lakt down the Hibernia.
upon them. ' i It is said thal • young lady; who is • great ad
miter of General Taylor's . epistolatory style, en.
coined • letter the other day from a •weetheart,
enquiring if she would kayo him. Hie immedi. I
stely sent In reply, Ortoer•l Taylor's sneerer to
Santa Anna,—..Geme and take me."
A Dr. Oscharts, Die said, has discovered the art'
~f making paper from wood, without nitric:mid,
or great mechanical force. Timber is more use
ful tho.eear ; tut seek Migrate told of broad
made from new deer—sow anima paper.
A Sure re Paosiscr.—A euiefor Slander is
about to be instituted against • young lady of
Princeton, New, deny, of highly respectable con
actions, by a geutlaman at present raiding there.
'rem Buena. ACITROSITIZO at Barcelona
have' released {be Americati barque Camelii.,
captured by a Mexican Privateer. -
W•TLII Won.. In rna Cres.—Th., tided
Council have passed en ordinance to construct
second Basin on Holmes' Hill. Before the
question is settled, however, it will he necessary
for the other branch of the Council to concur.
The Select Council have also ordered the too!.
n• of the hill near the flow House. Those
bar been a taut animated .debate, and the pro.
position will to strongly resisted it, also other
branch of the City Council,.
eitiune of Bourbon ctronty, Ky., ;without
distinction of party hate tendered to the Hun.
Thomas Corwin • publie entertainment.
it, 2 7iTgerfrftWUREXTIMI. -- 1
. The following is an extract l from a letter d.4-0'
at Pliable, and - written by . klanta Anna:
The whole pOpulition rff this beautiful city was
in motion at the entrance my division, and
gave sign. of the mmtardent enthusiasm. I
could hardly walk froth being surrounded by
thotwanda of citizens, who were burning for inde-
pendence and for the republic, and giving utter. i
once to their hatred of our invaders. In these I
momenta my heart was agitated by different feel-,
ing en I looked upon an enthusiastic people cal
hog upda me for arms to defend themselves, giv
ing the most signal proof of their lZve for the lib.,
ertynf their country, pd te I reflected upon the y
responsibility of those whO haying the mean= had
neglected t. take advantage of the good disposi-il
lion of khese people, the only want in dna city I
Jour Etoellency, svu proper men to move in tb I
defence of the national cause."
Com. Perry has returned VI Surificias from his
cruise. During his absence he touched at Legtme,
Pronto's, and other ports un the coast. At Le.
gone he raised the blockade. giving instructiot,
to the officer in.command to levy the neve tariff
on Aft imparts, and a war tat of ten per cent ad
valorem on all exports.
lie took possession of the fort at the mouth
of the river Iluasocualco, destroyed the gems of
the enemy Lund there, raised the American dag
use the feel, where it now floats, and saluted it
with a salvo of twenty one guns. lie proceeded
to a town up the river soots twenty mile., of
w hi c h h e took peaceable possession, and where
also with a national salute, he raised the Ameri
can:lllg. The alcaldes of some neighboring vil
lages, elide there, came in offering him peaceful
preettsion of their respective itatlievicke
What may prove of impotence to the floweret
mein mod nee it touch trouble and expense; he
auceceded in securing et thispleco scalp or chart
of the line foi the contemplated canal across the
istAnius of Tatmaneiepec with accompanying to.
pogrephieal notes. lie had it taken from the ori
ginal, dreaft out for. en English coppany, at
whose instance the survey was made.
The SOWN correspondent of the Picayune
Lipon leaching Satin°, I was delighted to find
that the piece had not suffered in the slightest
degree horn the occupatian' of our farces. The
- Meets were clean atd in good repair, andon eve•
ry done and at every ivintfoor were senora and
senoritas. It war rogue high church day, arid ob.
served as afar. The streets were thronged
with Mexicans, men and women, and children,
1 and all rigged off in their very hest,
The correspondent of the Delta, wr.ting on the
21th, says: •
There are six or eight churches, large and max.
aloe, r nth containing a vast number of costly 101,
gee. Several of the churches are now used so
hospitals. I raised ihroagn them, thinking
should see s 'me eases of vomit°, es upon our arri
vol it 1,01 reported as being dreadful. I found
neither vomit° or yellow fever, but the head of the
medical department told me he thought there
had been s.,me three or four cases of yellow fever,
two of which wore soldiers, who had been drunk
and exposed for. several dept.
i 5 e11,11.1310 WOOL Woo filanar..—Tho best
mode of preparing wool for market is as follows:
First, before washing, remove carefully with the
sheers all locks containing ditt in a hardened
state. Then wet the sheep In every pall, and let
them stand crowded together for an hour at two.
They should lot taken our of the water (when
tint put in for wetting) as quickly as may to al
ter the wool is fairly wet, in order to retain •-sow.
py substance the fleece contains, which sets upon
the dirt and gum In the wool while they stand be
fore washing. This soapy substance is the find
thing to escape as washing is commonly done.--
The best a mode al washing is to usa a fall of three
feet or oar r, turning the sheep in different ways
under the fell, till the action of the water being.
every part of the fleece to an almost snowy white
ness. A much less fall will answer a. well if the
sheet of water is 8 or lu inches deep. If the
water under the tall is not deep enough to remain
dear, while the sheep are in, a plank bottom
shout I ha provided to prevent .7 sand.oe earthy
suhr.toce horn getting into. the wool by stirring
up ti.,' water. A clear ruck buttons is just as good.
Wheat a fall cannot be had, a clear running
stream should he 'frond, and, the dirt worked out
pert the from nit 1..+ of the fl,ce with the
Land, of.. • liret g the•rtit cp. bd...
'Fe wash sheep trarundiately after a limiting
rain, will answer very well, instead Uf wetting as
After the fleeces are taken off, they should be
placed on a smosth, dean II tor, or table, with the
outerends upwards, and be carefully examined all
over by patting with the hands it find every burr
th tut I 1,0 Litt, on: ttithinot Intl. The
fleece sticuld then he tolled up snugly, and tied
with a small twine.
. .
Our fanner. have generally no idea of the in•
jury they eutTer by neglect of flints matters, to.
gether with the ahemeful, dishonest practice of
lying up their fleeces with len and even twenty
feet id small rope, or with strips of bark two or
three inches wide, instead of two or three feel of
small twine—wrapping up coarse and unersaheil
s,l inside at 10.110 of the finest fleeces—petting
to Jul 1•a11.. dirty sweepings of barn Boom—doing
up their fleeces wets° that they often mould.
The wool put up in first rate order, nod stored
awes in a clean manure plane. the next thing is
fur the holder to become informed in regard to its
Goier.' I. 1111 hal been xpending some days
in snd neighborhood, where we find es.
en hi. optical flloll2i. showing a high apprecia
ation o bit virtues, abillity and qualifications.—
The P nwillo Journal say.: ,
ttl)oring the time that Gen. Irvin remained at
Puttartlle he made many friend. His manners
ore dignified, quiet - and on:obtrusive. He is a man
f strong seine; and has a well cultivated mind,
with nothing of the brawling politician, nothing
of the tricky manceo•rer about him. WI, would
wish that ;lithe people of the state might see and
converse with him, as weans aattified that If they
could 41, so he would be sleeted by a majority .ii
from 20,000 tar 50,000 rates. No matt in the
State would make a better Governor, and we be
lies.° that the 2nd Tuesday of, October neat will
witness his elrction by a handsome majority."
Tha Its t. Rose meeting in Baltimore on Tiles
illy evening were on/rooted with Books for suf.
serlption at the tdmehant's Exchange, which are
t he kept open until the Bth of July. just one
month. Persons subscribing .fOr the stock . paid
$2,50 sport net share at Mei time of subs&ip
r i3r-3llAtogit - TELEGRAPII.
of Pittsburgh Glasatto
Puz•an.rau, Jane 9, 1847
TB& Southern mail received to night *comm.
us the following deaths moos the
AIM at Jalapaa. They are. ell priveter
Wingert, Sheeler, Plunket and Morrison. .No
ether nears of importance.
The tiew York Telegraph confirms the new.
before:given in regard to the Judicral election., and
thef are to hue ■ partizan Jrnliciary in the
Exchnove Correspondence of the Pmohuro Gazeitt
Jane 2d, P M.
The market fur Cotton is very quiet—prices
same as previously.
No alteration in the market for Sugar—malc
rate sale..
Flour has not advanced further-.-sslrer 6000
hbla Illinois and Ohio brand. at $6,75 per hbl.
Provisions--The market has n,t any
extant worth particular notice.
Sales prime Wheat at 120 c per hu.
Curs—considerable pales at the extreme. of 711..
80e for Yellow, an in quality.
Currr.poitilence of Ilhe Pitatwrick
Juue 9-1 o'c r.
Moderate vales elllenersee and Western Flour
at $8,75 per bbl. Sales of Baltimore Coy MEV..
Ed $9,25 per LW.
IVbeut—E alum iVbito ul !Rime quality at 212 c
per tiu.
Corn—Yellow. of pritim 11142111 y . w ih I I9e
120 c, soil M..
Uats—eilea to day at eul6le per bu.
Of Rye mks at 13:4 per Lu.
Cornmeal—Pricer much the am, :tries la
$5,623 per bbl
Some inquiry for Cotton in noticeable, but it
hearetulted in nothing yet.
Yruririons—There is an improved inquiry for
Porb—sales new Pilaw ai $l4, and old Mess a;
$16,123106,25 per b b l.
Butier—The receipts are increasing, and price.
are on the decline. ! Cheese—new is ale, [wire
abundant, and pricea have given way.
tirlu , ive,Curtrgronddnre or Me Plltxtnirgh Gazelle
Flour—The markut is quite dull, and sales are
to a very limited extent. Howard street sold to
day et $8,50. City Mdls is nocninalli $9; but
there are no buyers at that price.
Cornmeal-- rhe egles to-day were uniformly at
$5.50 per bbl.
Wheat hae gone Rack a little. Prime Red is
offered at2ooc 'rorithUut buyer..
Of Corn salvi While of prime quality at I2oc.
to the event of 1000 bo, allowing an active
market. Yellow sold ti.i-Jay at 112.114 c—quite
• difference M
Whiskey—prices [seine as yesterday. Sales
bbls at 374 e.
There is no change in the market (or Prey's.
ions, and moderato nits at previous prices.
F:xela.l,e Carrcvamleara at It, , :asrue
June 9 8, P. M.
Sales Flour 500 bbla at $8,50, subsequently
sales 900 bble at $8371, and the decline continu.
tog, 4000 bbl. cild at $8,25. 'Market gradually
gam way during the day - , and closed at the lowers
Wheat—The market for wheat livery dull—
sales prime Red at 208 c per bu.
Cornmeal—The market opened this morning
at $5,50 receded to $5,25, at which salt s
of 43000 bbfr.
Provisioms—Pork .has adsanced. Sales mw
Weetern pkd Mt./ at $117,50. and old at $lO.OO
pet bbl• Son, sales Wont pkd Meet. Reef at $l4
per 111.
Extlvive Corresonodenre or rho P,o.hurerk
June 9, 5 P. M.
Flour has declined to $9 per 1151 for Genewer
and Western brands and is rather dull.
In Provisions there is no change whatever.
FORMIGN.-14¢1.01 . 1, OHM 11/111 betio con
demned by the Parialku la to pay M. Leon Prltri
the sum of 10,0001 and costs, for having extend.
ed her leave of absence beyond the ireriod fixed
13., evntrar I. A ober has been apparsred I 'ern•
mender of the Legion of Motor—the first lour
such a rank his been given to a musician; and
Felicien David, and Clapiaoa, (both compose.)
and Garde Prudent (pianist and composer,) have
each received the Crux. of Chevalier. The opera
of the ..Pretender," by thicken, one of the ri.itc
composers of Germany. had been quite auccessfut
at Stungardt. A new opera hi• bred produced
et Flaencs, to which the Proiccat and the to,
brother Princes Po:detours]. smg with great
success, far the beneLt of the pour. Viardot
Garcia had made another great hit, at Btrlih :II
was to Cilucle.lphegenia to Taunde."
Gone Qesunesrtoss,—The Whigs el Erie
at an enthusiastic meeting alipteil the hillowit g
Resolution :
That we hail wait pleaeute'tlie tiontinvitnt
General JA.1141 Isar., 01 Crane rentuty, ai the
candidate of the Whig party for Gaertner of thn
State and !relivee that in hi. unimpeachable motel
character, him sterling integrity, his unwavering
attachment to Whig principle., and in the un
naMmity with which he was nontuated, we b.,.
• /We guaranty 01 our SOCCe7II 111 October nest
!55,01). BOOTS . 5,(H).
Colt N R 01' I . OST OFFIC F.: A 1.1.
THE ....out., resretfully informs the not
I h. corn/neared p
manulaeturr (
Pashion.abla am.. g0.1111144,111i and wurlman.k.p
he wtll warrant .proor toany Ikan r..ver MY,
Pno.hargh for thr These bandatnne
hr toad, 43 Inca., and warrant theta os from
mod, at tor at. ry love plea of FIVF: IX)I.LA
CA .611 Cent erorn are requested to can and
no Uie.y.t Iry w
(17 . Ttrx 'omen& of years •occreled to) hea , th and
comfort, in case of limMarrbottla or P,/e.. by Me 0•,. nl
Dr L'pham . • Electoary, which has ac ut med • well de
mrard reptaiton for im mos! ruccer• in cradm•tma
that doirewing complaint. II to 11 , 4 rot. 1,0141),
aml fra MacoacrP remliad from a thorough invemicatmn
of me causer of this painful and prcoalr fit M•ca.e
Br sort], t , holexale and Heist!, by W 1 APP
K Krell , IRI Fulton %fleet, New York; Il w Toon,
Nlarkm •trect, anal I . R. 'fawcmt, Sunthineld mreef
Pimburgh.l'a. Price PI per box ;el to
Qo-Seltera Ginseng Pangaea.---N1.1c...
beg leave to etal public anent.. It/
the followlng, froth U. Wan Doan, of Withamstrille
Clermont Co, and one of the very rust practtuune. in
the county in winch he resides, end late . ...tenator in the
Suite is cheering thus to see the lead
ing own of the pr01e.... bursting the bonds of pmfe•-
s:onal proudice, and giving rotor os due
"Sir I bare in my protnee been unlit, spruce! your
Ginter% Farmer., end, an for, man Well pleaaed at am
offeete In Catarrhal and HoeneWel Catania... I•lea.e
seed we hell ta,dorrn boulos—put them am in. , en you
ein; as I taped if it continue, in render I. general en
Iseaenon am a hex heron:eon., eo keep itconstantly 011
hand. RorepeeVolly. opt) %V a . Done.
the.W me to we attention of out reedergi; the ex
.ordinary core. of Scrofula pertortnedby Dr. Claim's
honors regerohlr Penner, which they will And g
ed in another column, of to day's parer They are
without doubt the num wondergul on rtrord, and have
so been pronounced by nary of oug mout reapeetuliie
phparians. The afflicted and when intereawd ere re•
endd WI. t o hen, al there several place. of &nate.
e learn lingo eir own tip. the wonderful effect. of
the inedirtne. The Griot one named gig Vr lartiVe Dwelt.
who golly be teen Judy, between the hour. of Y A NI.
and 41'. 01 at the offlee of Rovrand A. Walton. No 176
Alarket st. l'hilaila.
nu en COMP. OP POST orrice MAY
• CO-Wa are stow prepared to execute its a impretor
and expuLtlog• niatoser, all tend. of Jos eatscrtno,
toch las large Motor, Steamboat 11311, Milo of Lading,
Letter Sheet Cleotaro, Handbill Card•, he., tee
to any event nietuted In the Lest Mann,, and oil
kinds of Penning done ova; neentoey and at the lose.
¢7 - Important to Ad. ra.TI atlver
risnmenth wroth appear in the Ihnly nlorning Garet,
also in the Tn-Wenlr ly, (hits rekrrnring the Leo
fit of the of all, venrusul any Alamo.'
change. Advantage lo our uivr, loscia, without
any nada expense. Advernsenthros ore alth ni•vrted
no ethrnirY "P^^ mawnable term..
Iln WrAlliesdoy. al 5 o'clock, r. xr., Mr. DA VI U
NIIERION, of, 1 nolo% above the c.o.
at Pi. ,trek
(Erni FutWel will lake place a hit Ice rep Ileac
to-day, at &clock, P. r.
In I'disburgh, an Wednesday, JOHN GOR111.‘",
Ole 71kb year alas age.
C ILVICIL W ble, Teu , Lle.setY,bbd,b,blo
mpoony, Faits Pot. Tuns, Hui er hc ,
nalynufambired and for sale by WW WI LUIYI
Corner 4th •nd ll uetnr Pl 4
DIMMER for Lana,
ways. band .4 for sale al No VII parecl'
near Can. wiOtf W W W
, -
ITEAS-40 cany bus Prune Greeni
5 do Ei Moe; for win by
le10: D WILLIAMS & CC, lu wood.
(ILE RYE WHISKEY—Chotre Rye Wlialtt.y
Wfor win In quanutlia 10 nod nurebaww, by
jeld P C Al A N
_ .
PEACH DIAANDY— . OId Poach Brandy, fay sale
in quutittiet to ann, by jell/ P C MARTIIN
R. BLACK, hlerchant Tad., F:actlanan
J adong, PI Clair crew, Pittsburp jetoll
GamiN APPLIES ...40 bbl., warranted Inigood
d!d^f. tnr•Ple bY elO P C MARTIN
i n t E T! . —5O bus, swat While kiwi n i tl l =ttg .
/ " r
iIICENE— O W b.. law 'encored and nsi - wle by
IA pythlished at the My of .Washington, every day :at
3 debit, aleepted—and *erred WY
arobseriber• is the City, at the Navy Yard, la George
town, it Meta/writ, and in Baltortore, the same even
ing, at Ci cents a week, payable to the Sole 'Agent for
the Witte, 0 L. Cillehrest Elm ,or hi. order. Ittaalso
matted to any pat: of the Untied `tunes for Si eta n
num. or lilt for at. mood,. onyal.le to advance. •
Adeerittemeuts of sc. lunge iCOP rn.erted one here
for 511 cents. two tunes for 73 Cents. three times tor
one week for SI :5, twO weeks lot SO :S. one month 84.
two mouth. 1 5 7 , three month. file, .ix mouths SIC, one
year di—payattle el wat in advitme
Th e N.Artu"..t. Onto I. what st• nun, ntl.ett.... It
sue... the .eoloneols of the Who, par.) to the Uoln"
on every Cue :tun of public polio It ottvoca•e, the
elecom m the Yrestdener of Z•cosar T .1: .m. subtect
to be deemoa of a Whig National Chttoventton It
make. war to the knife Upon ALL the measures end Oct.
of the administration deemed to Le adverse to the inte
test. of the country, and exposes without fear or favor
he corruption. at tor pany in power 111. cottons are
opf.lllo very fa no in iRe want*,for the di...ton of
political or to, other queshuna
In fJdittolu politma u large space In the National
Whig will he devoted .° pultheation• upon Agriculture,
dlebnoict, ther °octant:a Sc] ace to general,
I,ow. Meth., Statist/cc, hr. Choice Norco:nen. of
American nod Fore's° Laerattire. will also be etym.,
inetuding Review, ate. A weekly If.t of the Patent.
tritur the i!ate, Other Itkrwtbe be Onhlislted—
the tattoo /analog a complete furn,ly newtpaper
The Weekly National whig,
tin. °I the largest newspapers in the United State...
in.. the column. of the the
National Wh.e,
and ts publa•urd eve.y Saturda) rot the low price of PC
per annum. p.yuhle If/ advance A doable she'', of
shall t
e.olllp to leer out given whenever the press uf nutter
' .
111E1 ~,,, Di I :threrri l'a)lor. ,rriorn errpreirly
1, ,
ro.ll Wtog
l. are an ton... of p . O
fiery ornmetheed %v the ~curld toroth
, u lure
oumber of cop,. of win h havehen, heron ire toted to , 9110:Y
cull. for , 11 V111111141bCPS. CIiAS W FEN TON
Proprietor of Natlonal %V bog
WASll.lrutoth J woo 3. 1,41".
APRA tm Well I have ma hut eatteern
inK twltttch heatedenym ea Leen toad, at
the atc giang Me round* of Memence patter, to the
i t iteroatalmvm tiled to ectuttet attral
lo,mg the litimg J 'Faulk r outvoted al Nletalte
Anquathn .1 as I at
wuh the la. my laithbothlt at
•.stittor uport, which taut e i c been i.Jr•
eutrunh I +Wahl Inn tit eat the lee•ent worth y of nottre
wrre th ror Jn too thank 1.,•,• eon
oneelrt.l wi aid Cement %Melt the publle gen
erull) one .gouraot anode to the Woo. anther-al
111.• ut hrtenn, preparatory w Oiling. for cauterizing ur
tle•treyoth the nerve 'l - ow bait 'cleat .t may have h. en
the cause tn apparthuly ehargrahle t•e.nro
I thuli, perhaps, at Kane mope tram endeavor au ektu
Itttaswrlll alt some on 11.0/11111•1,11,4 of those who.
whale mamas tthe of th tor prctellll plAslrrence of alma
which they know, or one. u k maw. to I, per ferny
As to Ceta2nt, of any tottudlo with womb Inn
acuatattal, ever Lavine Int tred any out, torn In the
111 sleghteet decree. I drny Th.. 3) ..lode". lot
more healthy tn the mouth than Gold . .
con be resit)
proven—while n• a sedative Its medirinatFortune.
I,llllCf 1 or memonaldr value to the Dent in, ...Lute old
pet top • • the Teeth rather than destroy them
jtlUtletwltF' WA/ A. W ARD
, The iiithriniiithr olfera far tale, i..i 1.1. to null par.
Cii.thth. lour arr., of Land in Reactor, Township,
ihr iiiiipcis) of the thir Gthitavun
gorghcity wiareth of Sthir Mill Hun
pith• ihrougli properly—on well culcienieil to
11.rfier . .r petvute Hui ding Loth. role good MO the
thrini itthy. liLoithire of perEft HATE'S
Nrw no, Jutsrlo,l,l7.
VE•ddttton 10 my firer rinrk of.tiuld and ,t vet Pat
nt 1.-t, Watehr••uttattle for Ladtc• and “enstemen
—of lbr la hero and ha , ttd.o.hebt patlern• and of the beta
snAnul.cture— warrant,' nod tor .pleat vro low pr.-
cro J.,10
ma" TO
ALA LA KU V. cam...lint, three. Dvrcl
hag Douse on Penn .treet. 1., the 101.1111 , 14,
.0000 between 4 rrr itort Alley an I WY,Ile •2,..
Yopte•sinu g, yen...10.1.10y. Elmo, at Na :41 I -
en' -I ,elnloo , WWI.VA GLACE
I+Cee con•gennent, and tur sale •t Irate .nr le
ream.. 4uper. Linen l'ost Paper. 'I arkey Mi.l.;
Uu au !Wimp'. Fuoe o,
dn Lawrener & L. new Parer:
01 do An Cap l'apt r.
jell. lay .JOarN D DAVIS
. -
c l 2 al 8. 17.2d . a7 r 'l7 r d k d i n :e i 11
- :.S.a”ngton,” and 'Landon Market" .Modena, Pule
,01crry, .I.obon, Dry Pm: Sore. Malaga inct—w•r
ranted pun--,n riak. and bottles, !or fl? by
. .
11% 110 ELS —Cin.teeoW - tluard." •eiaacue,
1-a 'el Comma," .ma • J I Dupoy & Co.'' Ilramd.e..
wa,ranicll II"/1C1 Cu.tona
cat , . and Loitic• of iltfferew vintage and r••10r.,-lOr
F ISII —13 , ; ; I:l t : I. rgr .. No ttc ,i trre l ,
5 hi hid.
IU Lill, • '2 do,
II) ha) Scaled I lerriiig. for *air hr
J I. W11.1.1.016..4 CO.llO wand
_ . .
I bat, rk:lperlti.
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- for b)
D M., R. CO. flu w&,d
1 , 01 , PH: IC • 4
. i;1:14 . ,,
10 , 1.J1i4 40 V Jut,
Nine!, n, j.,
J 11 W11.1.1A .10 A. , " I
I. •()II %( I. 0
kaa ,
110 I.and
15 kr, No1;0
kri• I`ll. l .urgt
e.ll, 1(1 . J WILLIAM' .1 Cu
SOS P la. tr.a I
5 ensTe,
10)1, 11, Or, 6.t .3;e IA!
1•10 J %Nl , * CO I wt „A . •
el. ice,...le 410, i-s•S
11 W t% , W I.str,
ARItl --A: the gentlemen, win,.
V%ale Imistatting Atm, twin. lo %Va.! street
Another tuvotre of Ego.. Gen t Troy 1111MILVIII
rrt .o.e am y itne. ton nhd nr
mmar • —nted.ain 41 , 1,11/C., 41C . a kw duarti new
4t. wan bud. it, ion mid..cointg voller••
tact... 4 n...ortittr.slol torded an..
.14 11, ton alo
at new 0 . 1 /eau., aamn 1.01:1YAIITIV. 1 1, 11
II •{O . Ci• K . 1./I.l,,endrea. lolme 1114.1 Isar ram, .e.e.
Tac aul.ertzlerr tart., agrat -cane oa the i•lettrr..
..a . • rem•taatim 14,1,ekl wiel4 acre mad la• 13
emarle aatl, tuna re rumb,le. .1. thr. mart) 10.011 /14 near
Fatale, ~ers me fer. 7.111. aim.t eMiluemiateal
at li,. 1,3.1. 4s , reepecUtel.) au/wiled
1. A,lli i.. raweA tlonelartur.,
upptetved 1 11• f
J II /one, ot 1 1 ,,,fiwWlph•e --(et w/w.5...y
inow.• I•luselln.Kl,l4. i11C11. the Haelcrn
- for rah- ol Ihrw ,nmonfactureo. art. now ps,.
1,1 10 (•li Pluini/er• w ilt nli' the vas low .1
Lowd m the r bu-owfw.
A 1... r. cry rawly of Gunge cud Steam Cock. u...d
Lp Lovomuu•e 12110 ruouonnil Fogme Builder, du
1,4 i Co.. ka, thl Cup., Ur. Sr, cud wtorts theymdl
.e.l to .ye We, ttrat trade and Ltgtnr Builders, at Eas•
1,11 l'r col. r xrlti,ve of freiXlit
F 19 WO. sr, Potshot e
- .
Comml•xlen Merrhmntx,
A Rll prepArett rere'v, 6)nvard all
\ ',nand!, to atir laalong me the mtma: . ,. Nett la
tend l‘t etd Llroult, ana 7:ll4 , Nuir C 311•1, ji v t
•1 cIIF
gulomripor ,x.ll pay the logho.l en trlm e
I CA,Itl, for Clean Fleece, mot 'I IM
ed on 4 lamb. 1% o )1. m ht. march mt. ot Smith!, e
•1 et. hetweeu Fourth soort knd Diamond Alley.
jel/w7I•F WILLI A%I lIA
s cL
0u1,0 , •,,,e a ye', frumal omoramot
I he olmatam ol AInIMoo..• ul,l coommem moe. a'
olvdl 1.0 t: AN A IiENICEDI
1011 IMP wood we-.
0 1\ v " , I . 1. , ' , \ r 1 ; 0 ' r r
r wide,
i ard nup p ,
room ved I'm A A I lamtlion and other appro. d
mole. Al,. wale Shemin', litm If In J yard.
Cu, olmltd. /re , Dry fioo.liou, of
rt , • N E eon, ttilt and Nlarket tts
HOrlt SALE-1W dozen twooned Window : 4 4.1,10
11atehen oat Wooden Bonne; 13n nuts 1...f1e
Carpet Chant. 4011ta Woollen Ftllinc and a .may 4 .,
ply of Waabltoardo. A le Iland.a. Lowsville Lune. 11.,
Rake, and Fort.• ',Or ' , ale lowin arty qtr•tudy te
tntanter• ISAAC Alan
I'iflh. net,.
pOWDER—r . .I: tFr Rat< rowd,,
do F Rack do;
From GGie, Au.ten Cr , &NLII, Ravenna, 0.
drro filled. low for c..h. lky
& AieClirellrAtx. IS! I,6ert,
VSHRIES---17 reatben,
.4. Iler.vr.
lu led. No I Lard, Lt ;toed, 10111..,ei
LaTre!., toarrive. for pale by
jet; I DICKE,' tr. CO water •ndThint •t
1,, , 0n. ALE—A 2 ,tar, Ilnek
I'pl, a‘etillyruitqued 00 4.11 etreel. 31.0ve 0.01111fie:J '
Pr Ire low. atitl term..
V1,1111,3E1'. 14,1 1 , ..11re ()Sire,
No Sn Ateuthtield
" ,
I Ira. ""
I.4;und Hon Jump,
12 h Locc, Ge
)LACK 011.41ZES at 93 It Murphy
/ibex !null y reeeived B act Br rite., for : 4 411utner mar
utstg Drrs,.. an Inc a. rally lo.prtce of Orel. prq
yard lru W NII7RI . III''
()LACK (4191141EILETTILA .uperror of
Llticte larell rrerived at Dry Good.. Dott.e
N corner Db and Mark.,
DILT PE ACIIES-3 1.4;1• ..ld I In.r.x. ,1•1 reed
4.1 fi,l Nth. by •
1.11 :4 F VON BONN/1011 eIFA fO, 1i Front •I
VINEOAII.-lUbblik l'afe
~ ger for eels by
pit S P VPIN IP/NNW/R.l'n Cn, 35 Front fit
1111 LIED PEACHES-150 two. Lather, n prima
Il•ruele, in nao:e and Ibt sale by
Ir. J C RIM%
II EENE--,0 bas cho;ce. large W ,
\JOU It.. rurh , lu.t fl,sesYoll and for sale It)
Watt r street
OA ba• s^sln I Cotettotatt Soap, j..l[ ree ,. e j
1.,77per steamer atnerire and Mr ssale
Jere_ )1 NIII:I'ENBERGh.R. hgtyatee sr
LASH—Stir has assent,/ mace, from fly, to 21C.i0,
eountry,brundo, Mote and for sale by
led ••• J C Water et .
I ) A corgi -AOl,O /b. Bacon Shleo cm, .a le
;r0 011 . & ft - Met: ITTCIIKON
I 'A. TWIST-ire kegs 0 Twist Milner° for su , e
V tell by W & It NIeCII ICI lEON
- .
I'l.L bbls 4uperftne. It. Walke;.* brandtor
1 ter salt: !.y W S It hIeCUTCrIEON
F . 1.0111./ -l-10 ba ;rel. Flour for sale by
ic 9 RIIKV & crl
_ •
rENISON HAMS—UV lb. for sale by
HAMS—WO Hallo.. limn. in .tore, tor , sie hr
Jere J C HIM ELI., Ash Water
YLASTICR--?.0 bblallround goo.l order, far . ..ttr.
jet,. I,y J r' lILDWFLI.
PORN—TIIII bus bnght
ll for .le by leo r 111 DW ELL
L I2.11 „ 1:11 V) 0 I L h:::1411 pair. 10 ,7 •1 var&laysi
2acticnt . Stiles .
John D. Davls..AirDimeci.
'3l &Wing Lou in lin Wastqns Alm
ON Ramo:lay saternoon, the 12th it et 4 o'elodir
n Le p manes, will be sold Lots ND/ 99,100. d 101
in Plan of Lam laid out by O. Colwell in Lanereille,
barn., curb •-front of 01 feet on the Patsbergil and
Cool Dill Turnpike Road, and extending Lank 100 feet
to an alley 11feet wide
Title indisputable. Terms at solo
itn J D DAVIS, Auctioneer.
ON Thursday momma, the 10th instant, dt 10 o'clock,
will he sold A large assortment of fresh and etasona.•
Lie Do Goods, selected eepreaely for this Market foe an
ektenatve mud *sore.
Shi chests Young Hyena Tea; • •
10 bbla No 3 Mackerel;
- No 1 lierrilig; •
Two tie re, s rim lobster°, cigars, boil cords. &eerie.
a quatitn• of„ glassware, Inaleheet
Loges. leather trunk, ; general •••011113031{ of new
and second hand household and kitchen fumilttee t fee
d., beds. beddant.mattrasset, earpeting,cooking aloes
looking glasses, kitchen utensils Ae:
At a OVlnck. P. hf: •
A gnteral as.nrtment of Vatt.ty Good., fine eatery,
Wan,Ta.abt. bat., raps, bonnet.,
finttabms. vestb linen baton:. and collar., read y made
olottnag, gold and oibrer maraca., An. jefi.
Itandeome Country Seat,
Two Acres of Groom! mod Collage. House near Nine..
vale, 01 Aut.Lon.
,•• . • .
tV Saturday afteruoon, the Mat instant, .113 o'clock,
win he sold on the premises handsome Country'
Sot at present occupted by Slr. Cheery, Within ahnnl
o( a mile from the lo 'crab Ward of the city, having a
front of InS feet. Read street, which is en feet wade,
and canted/0g hack tintl feet to Delaware Lace.
The house a nearly new, and there m a quantity of
l'oal and Limestone on the premises. Venous wishing
to view the property will call mt Mr. Cherry.
Ten.: Our fourth cash, balance t o there equal an
null payments, with interest. to Le secured by bond'end
MOltgage. lei J 0 DAVIS, Auel'i
• • ,
R. W 00 D 'S Sarsaparilla and Wild
•LP•Cherry B —This new and valnable.E.a•
tract of Perwpaulla and Wild Cherry Ihu been used
with great screws for the permanent removal of all
such diseases us take their Ilse from tat imptue statnof
the blond':—it I.loleallea a healthy action of We Liver
strengths.. the Nerves and at once secures health and
v ig 0 r 10 the whole st stem.
all cues-of Jaunctice Indigelliioll, Dyspepsia. or
Lr Appetite, Habitual Costiveness, Sentfala, Headac e,
anguor. and that Depresston of Spirits, which is so
common tt complaint in the Sprint and Summer seasons
of the year, dm , medicine has not its equal—and a eja
gletrial will convince the m w most ineredalo of i ye
Ivr vtitui.
For further particulars the realer is referred to the
pa mph. e. which will le famished by the gents,..b.. , -
ng the v46111.00a in which this valuable medicine is
held by Mue vele have used it.
(P7sCaution to the Public 4:0
Ileparocular and ask for Dr. Wpod's Sarsaparilla
nod Wild Cherry Ilittera,•nd receive soother. This is
to- fir., Inspiration of these articles combined ever
offered to me public, and the rent lucre.. attending its
i.e has induced anal unprincipled Incountetfeit and Imi
tate As a preventive, ace that the bottles have the
words "Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry Ilit
ler,' pressed on the glass, and that each label on the
bottle is signed Ly the proprietor, Ft Thornton, Jr.
Sold, wholesale and tetai I, by WYATT &
AM, general agents, tilt Fultoostreet, Now Torkj W.
Turns, Market street, nod P. R. Sawves, :Southfield
street. Pittsburgh, Pa. Price El—large bottles.
riz i tLa n izvyz ele hl gh an en u y i:tel , a . Trs and Citizens of
Mr. Isaac !hal. being very mach engaged with a
number of fistula. in collecting . materials•ad getting eat
his NEI , DIEECTORY of our two Cates, &e., as soon
as p.m
hivend wanting money daily to aid and help
him—we paid him Gsr oar subscriptions and cards
in advance, and respectfully recommend our neighliors
and eittreles to hsip Mr. Barrie in the same way when
called upon.
Wu!. Belli Son. h 8 Waterman,
Geroge A three. N nutmeats Von,
Whitmore & Wolff. /ammo May.
Murphy, Wilson &Co. George R White,
Kay& Co. James C Cummins.
Coleman, Bunn:tan & Co. Laialen alShiplon,
Bagaley & Smith.. (Satinet Adams
Church, Caruthers h Co, Wei. Rehirmen. Jr,
Bailey. Brown it Co. ilPackstock, Bell & Co,
Lease Hutchison & Co, Wet S tans,
Atwood, Jones A Co. King, Pennock A Co '
B Holmes & Bro. John McFaden & Co,
Forsyth & Co. U Leech S. Co,
John Ilanomi & Co. II Graf,
/I Chi.ds& Co,
Sihhell & JoneA
John Chshani
Clarke &Thaw,
John Grier,
Myer., Heater& Co,
. . ... .. , .
A Beelen. Arthur., Nichol.. &Co,
G M I lonon &G., Cuddy, lone. & Co.
UA J H Shoenberetr. Loren., Sterling & Co. ,
6 W helm., M Allen & Co,
Wm Fit &Liam, Edwanl Geszellon.
. .
JaoCro. it an Son, %Toads, Edwards Ts McKnight.
Patsburgh June b. 1017. jnadtmliF
letter from Dr. Brieham, of Lowell. Mau., but
speaks the of hundreds ofother phyrd
elan who.have tried, and therefore know now to ap.
pree ,. J•yucht Expectorant:
Lows., Mass., J.. 27, 1614 -
Dr. Darid Jayne—Dear Sir: I have need your medi
eine, no universally known by the name of Jayne's
Expectorant, 10 my practice for • number of years,
nail so n won truly say, that have been more success
ful in the ore of that as a mild, Cafe and very thorough
Expestoram, than of .y which I bare ever uned. It
Is the tem for the following obvious reasons. It does
not if etre n In proper doers, occasion • disagreeable
allure:, ham , not weaken the Inags.d prostrate the
ny•tem. like ...ant other Expectorants In eommon use,
or doe, it abate the *ppmite of the patient, like other
71T11.1[/11111 1 nted,ernen, which have been used by the
far ant nti word it nearly Ewen. the thing which
tic-1 ...itch, tor by many tif Ibe faculty for &am'. e
it I remain prune. renpectiolly,
For tie in Dittiltach nt Ibe PEKIALTEA STORE,
Vi Fourth street, near Wood; and •at the Drug.StOre of
elinvarte. Federal sirret, Allegheny City •
, ro the llonaratPe the Judgt. of the Court of General
1 Saalcon. of the Peace, in and for theZottn•
ty of Allegheny
The petit,. of DANIEL FICIIEISEN, of the Firet
ap h ,,, of I l a n eny of Pirtalungls. 111 the county aforemid,
alicarcth. hat your petitioner hall, provided_
tornaeir will, we tiara for the accommodation of If all.
eller, and others,ati Ina dwelling house, in the city and
ward eforeasal, and pray. that your honors volt be
pleased to grutt tam a Peen..e to keep • pablte boon of
entertainment; and loot petitioner, as in deny boned,
will play.
It's, the subscribers, citiveril of the FR. Ward of
the city of Pillokurgi.. decertify, That the shore pad.
I•oner As of Food repot. forhonenty and temperance, and
well provldell wan house room and conveniences for
the arc . ..wry...haunt and lodate, or rangers nod tree
and that said tavern is neers”ry.
F:alsvard ren, Leopold Sabi Fr. F yvrehas.elyel, P.•
tWelsivan, A 11c, len, A. Nardi, Dalsell, C Fol
try. Adam Hoek. J Hort', /ernes Irvin, Williams
Frank. je9 2ts
ill The blook's Revenge., or the secret enemy—Male
of the Later Crusades; by Samuel Sprlug, Esq.
A licarof Consolation; by Mrs. Butler, (lady Facuty
, Lectures on the lite. or the Lung, and ewes.
prevention, and cure or Consumption, Asthma. and din
eases or the Mart: on the tun of Longevity, tc.—
Web evillertiations, by vtamliti Shelden Fitch. A. 111
11 It• •
I— The tv aelt of the Weere, or tee Corsair's Captive.
i Tine trrotantine us Cunneenc and the Castilian; a tale
of Poston alai Cuba.
Eden Munroe—sequrl to Life iv London—last part.
hlarriage. by Alma S. Fel tier, author of °The Inheri
! Tae Life of General,Taylor—only 121 rents,
Taylor and hia.fienirals—fresh supply.
Montezuma, the Serf. •
A lam suppl 1 . 1[106 Brother Jonathan's.
Fo e r
sale a y t
leN Smithfied rt. 3d door Bun ltd
(Erclyrics:, fur Passmigna.l
ry sill.: Coital end Railroad being ow In excellent.
I order, the Packets of this Line will leave with pas.
specs oo follows, every night at 0 o'clock:
Packet Indian., Berkey, Monday..lime 7.
do Louisiana. Thompson, Todi bay, June S. •
do Kentucky. Truby, Wednesday, June 0.
do Ohm, Craig, Thursday, June 10. •
Jo Indiana, Berkey, Friday, Jane 11.
do Louisiana. Thompson, Ilaturday, June 12
do Iteutacky : Troby, Senday, June 13.
do Onm, Craig, blemday:Jaue 114:
do Indiana. Berkey,Tuesdey,Jmi 10. •
do Louisiana, nouveau, likedaesday, Jane IG
. do Kentucky. Treby,Thareday, Jane 17.
do Ohio. Craig, Feder, June 19.
ds Indiana, Berkey, oaturday, June M.
do Innimana, Thampsori,tleriday, June 20.
If you desire cheep travelling and comfortable enfant.
modations, secure yisor tiekets•at the Packet Men,
Slimongabela Huase, Wmer anent, or of
in: D LEECII & CO, Canal Basin
. Irtstory of Prance; by MI: hlichelet—in course of
pubbeation: two iola. aro., now ready—the .ante ran
be 'waited in Nos.
lltetory of the Roman Republic; by M. !Michele—
trent:hied by W. Math% Paq.
Aiint Kitt.ltt Tates; 'by Maria J .Melnto.b•
The Fairy lkower t or the history of a month: a We.
Ltren of eminent individuals, celebrated In Ameti
nil Illetory . .
The pursuit of Knowledge ander didleultnts,
led by an. , dome—with portratts. Revised Edition.
watt preface nud notes. by F. Wayland.
Melee'. Universal Ilislory, front the earliest period to
:be yenr 171 , .
lbenatlary of Poeneal Q , 10.111(•4 by J. T. Mgt..
L.:vc• of eminent alechanies, by Howe.
Flnld's ..?eriptit re Illustrations For sole by
j,7 J I. READ. ath nett Market tit
Also In Conner. ml Row, Inberty at. opponne
field. Tue sub.erilterwa.,..l respectfully mimes ars
(need. .1,1 the pubnr. that be is prepared to or.
der. rn bin hoe at ill, tisane st notve.
Lame and eitial Volta, eyelet, Rye Diopepam.. and
Loaf lirf ad. at the ',nate every morning, .r eau I. e . 101 l
at the home. of netsons leaving otdata
Cate. of nil tunic Weddint• anJ Parties aupplied
a I It C..ker and Comemionnry at the .honest notice,
and enue,, of the beat of material.
A large arronnwntor Conceetionwy, or the best gall
always hand, which he agent to retailers at lb
&tits rtsr pound for wok ! Also. • large quantity of
Nut. and Foreign Fruit,. which he will sell aa
Gun Ine famished in the coy.
re7ttaw 1 SIIF.PIIARD
• lor about ono venni. IV Makin Ur of Mr.
SeOl's 1L,M1.111011 have I.lffoted extremely from
Dysprpsla,and acid 111. , filomiels: I bare made ow of
ersat varinty of inedthine ,without recelving 101140.11
bone fin. Abeut three inottihil.Roo 1 commenced using .
Mr. Ser's Medicine, whih has emirelyrelleved roe
from ne a .dity at thy sthusacp. c and restored m e to conshw
mble health Secerslof my friends and acqUaintanem
have made use of the Tilts, and received mach benefit
tam d em. I can with confidence recommend them.
JANE A LEV., 317 Hudson in
Sold. wholesale and retail, by 'H A .FAHNErSTOCK
CO, corner of lot and Wood, and Wend sad sts.
. •
i . P H11 :1 1 lt!? A P tetflrlcr . .ed 31ediutet, 117 M;
150 do Nror " 4 Vrtub t ' " ..37 i
t 101 do 110 do
40 da du do Nal;
.40 do do do . . 235..141;
.:40 do do do VIA
to do do do t 13.1.314 '
i- do Fine Dock, 740141"
4; Ju du do . Ittree,
110 do do do 24036;
r . do — Alooticd Colors, 19:14,
, V do do do 21.121;
, 2 L , Yellow. Medium, YOY2S;
I oo land on4l for sole by ' JOIIN II MELLOR
No El Wood street.betareen
jr: Diaotoed Alley end Filth .trees
The Week.-Programme Change&
TT: p P u r kTc d , ' l6l4lr,l7. • :zer., - .; ' , - :.:0 1 . ' 0 70 . 1 r d 1,7, 4
1 ~e bac been induced to offer for their amosesoem a ee
: nes of •IPTICILNOON 1101111Eg I
The Orator which •11l lake plural% Wednesday, Jon.
controrocior . ot 3 r. ■. •
Ticket. In ceol h • including a &Ai of lee Cream.
Lashed and (wombed sed ,
and the
m power:Ll boa s com e
waters of the West Every ateftwoodation and
fan that money can procure, ho. been puresdrd rot pas
senger.. The Lino hu bee, in I:Teel...for Cyr,
r a il
Pe e carried a. midiou of propdt withwa the team
int wry to their petvous. The boats will be it the bout cu
Wood street
freigh the day prevrou. to tuning, butte recap •
Poo of and the entry of ph.sengets on the weir.
ter. To all eases she pwisage money uatre_re pu,ll.
- The NONONGAIIELA.Capt. Una, welleavr Pius.
Ittitihevery Monday' tamping •I 10 cielock.3Vl..cling
ecery !Monday creams at 10 P. lq
The 1110ERNIrs, NO. R s gap!. ,
teave Pinabargh every Tuesday !Wallies to
Wheeling every Toesdav cannon' w Si •
. _
The NEW ENGLAND. NO. 51, Capi, fag, will
leave l'itiaburvh" every Weanerday Manting . It/
o'clock; Wlierhok every WrOhescloy eve/00r...i 10 I'
The WISCO:eSIDIL,capt.R...i. Gran., wilt leave P. II f•
burgh every Thursday MOrOlgatiuuvittek: %VS, eltee
every Thursday evraitig at 10 Y.
The CLIPPER. NO. SC Cape. Creeks, will
burgh' every Friday Inoruieg at le o'clock, tl 't;i.•'u.K
every FridayeVievtg st
. . .
The SI43SENGIifi. Liwfo.J, wdl leuvr
burgh every Saturday morning 1.11L:o'clock: It beeliuq
every Saninley evening at Pi P. M.
sV DA:
tt•burth every nundie C ; Jei ‘ or A i'l e 6. 4ef tl'"" wifi
n every &tangy evening esYll ' AI IO
-• • •
BIBS—RI bags Re. Coffee,
IS hf dims Voaug Ilysou Tea. •
r has Gonpowdc.;
7 t q des No 7 Loaf sew;
. 35 kegs Nice While Lead as M.
L• 5 Obis No 915.1 h &lac kerel;
bbl. N ti Tar, for side by
W & It 5107 U rt111f: Liberis slrees
' DOW GLASS—ISO 1•5511151(f, -
2.5b1i 1548 . . 75 _ ••• 14131
1110 Wel ' 4; 10: " Wolfe
5 " 1 1 / 1 0; 'lO .-. 11.171
15 " "
Shell 13 1131'S
5 #10;
GI•6 1 9:
S F VON BONNIIORSTA C 0,3) F. us.l .
Bevorricv. yfatz_
3 do Vhoulderc
2 do /owned Pacon;
!boo - . - .Fe3l , lCi. I.y
Je3 8 F VON BONNIIuIO.F 3. 11l
----- •
UVINDOW GLABB-150 Inge, a••crted . hi!....
V 8310,10x11,9x1Y, 10114;1 . /112, WA
-15. 6.18,1k0 , for talc by W K K AIeCUIC/lEON
jeB No IS!l.llJrrty •Urrl
FISH —3O Obls No 3 Maoko, I
10 Ibis No V do;
- [ x3OOlO No 1 ll•rrailr
[[ 10 001.11101 SW; m emit oml tbr Jr
jeB[ 01-1)
NEW MACKEILELSU !obis Largo No 0; of
j,., lttla testis catching, juAt i rair t l 00t . t0r . y!..1 2 y
I/I II 0 phis No 1 Largo Mackerel. of 11 ,, t0. -
to.lLble No I Herring,
' :0 Kits No I tied; iil noire and for sir hr
1.8 MILLEH It It tekt.:EnCrN
• ' 8 hit• Darn II me;
3 bluls Haut ifanterne Wine; for .ale lig
E—t W -b p Prime RIO. in 1001: •ud (or
jrB tr. R El.”1"1
LEATHER—IIk J Y . Y. :4We, tbr .ftle by
1)0p811-53 etkr Pure l'outrh fe i rz l ek olu,
17(7001,-1steke,e0 consi;narrot, for reTet.y
p 10 1 811.0,1-140 to
• Laboning Furnace, fnr j.ale by
H mon.
• - • -
N. 0. Sugar, in , tore nn l AA
.1 A. • F1.,911)
MOLASSk..' , ?-- ,
bbl. is prune order,-(or
J tr. lil LOYD
In more and for male
• Jk. R °VD
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