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    .. I fe^ga'*«- vir" •>;% • '
1 -. i;i PBiiikSturai*, ss47*
. ■ ; - ' w£iiv« hftd «;no»t
A. ' V|.v;':-' PITTSBURGHt \) b»«U*isoft amfSpmaerJfb.a«idth»AneUTtjw■
> BAfnRDAY MORNING, MAY 1 tern ciWdcJ wtS l tiji't
’ —" ~ |! fcUoU.tti».Gde*atti*u<sx,Uus^aiiefaojo > .afj4fjia
■| tho nrvr Ac*d«n? of Dtaiga, l<i m« into a world
lof i>(« fiCiOft* anJ ftyb.:U>wa. * mi<bt baro
| j-oeucaJljr.iaipf««««U bjjvsma U* bowticbiog
face*, gilmpwa of which I caught during ray
walk, had l not aiut rayttlf up again It ail idAu*
'«uf tbu kiflj. Had.l btcu iUtecpliWe, you
#wwiiM«- Uiiu Utitntj* iMumwm
- pgr T , In.iVw>lT. and >\eekiy.— iac Daily
°* *'n-We»my • »-i«e
S' 7 «iM>a*«-U« Weekly i» I wo Dollar* per annuo, liuetlf
\i‘ l * .. —-w~— l '
ll /*• to mjcure iiueinon. *hoovd l»«
bauded <0 b? Ate o'clock ia ik« oliera-jun. AuenaoM
uibi> t oa be penot our eu*uwn:r*. \*«iid t>* P nH,tt ’*
utooT«mi«l bene&i, ... :
for governor j
QKX..:jUa'«'« mviK,
- \<n ec**uu.»if» cve.m > j
THOUArt B- FKANKLIN. l^cu^ifC.i)
JOHN CTCUNKKLI Daupbm county.
WILUAM M WA,rr»,Cun>-j«rh.oJ.
JOll » P WKTilßklLL.fnilodelphiaC.iy-
THOMAS MeOßAfm. Philadelphia County
ROBERT M UaKO, Franklin.
ANDREW J-OHUK, Bonertei.
• HARMAR DBNVF. Adeflirnr.
JOSEPH .11 KUHNS, We«moreland.
O J BALL, Erie.
H D M A X'V BLtl Northampton.
J U aALISBUKYt Su*}ueh*n«s.
ELIIANaN 9 ITH, Wyoming.
ROBERT T POTTS, Montgomery.
For utter Commercial Intelligence. Domestic Mar-
Ne*»»|l®P®n*> Aloney Mnrk"l, Ac, *ee
third page. I M , _ / !
T« W*«it Oiirrrs, offiUtarday, will'be fs
■oed tt lO Vtiock (hu morning with ntw<
Veek* - j _ ' |
T«* A»tx . /tea AOAia.—Thu New Yirk
Anil Renters, borrowing an idea from olden lime,
an decimating tneiwelves iuto ctani for the p_»r
poM of carry ing out tbeu iuiane war upon law
am) property. An Aamciation haa been formed,
of which one Calvin Pepper,—no doubt a very
tpicy gentleman,—i« at the head,and which 1* Jc
■ signed to do mtschitf generally. The Awocia
tion it to bo made up of tens, and ofio of tbo l<n
ia to be a representative of their on|n number>-
Every ten aeo thus elected ulobojhe represen
tative of a elan of 100, and evrry Leo represent
tag of 1000, all to bedividod and subdivided, like
f the banditti of Spain or Chips. The systeof uf
ootalion ia to go on without limit.'
His first amoaation of ten repreaentihg one
thousand men, we oro told, will agree upon
principle! and measures to he binding upon the
one thousand , until each time a* th-* next higher
daaa of ten tlhich organised representing ten
thousand men Lball revise, amend or supersede.
Mr. Pepper *»J* that the plan lias been exttn
nnly and enihosiasvically adopted at larg? nuet
logs of the people of Colombia and Dutches
Counties. Probably, the outrage* at Tajbkamc
are the fsbt dawning* of the new syitem upon
benighted landlordiim. It is understood tbit de
pots of fire arms have been established by the
Aoli Bsotett i.f that vicinity, and it is quite lik.-
Iy that these “arsociathns of ten/’ representing
hundred* and thousand* of the prople, wil be
called upon to tue them. Toe principles aid
Oeasart* adopted,'it will be recollected, arc to be
We hope' there is enough of “law and lordi r”
lithe B»*nf N»w Yoik to bind-Mr. Pepperaud
it* e>mtW«a'e« orer to keep the jiesee as soon ax
hi enter* apon bis war upon the property of the
Stale. We ere both w<-ary and fearful of th.s
Tc&eaUsm. the tff-ct of which »# to overturn so
ciety. In our country fat-aiiciam lit* become a
plant of «ucb t#| id growth,and we have so.much
of it «|t ero'inJ u«, <h«t but for our belief in the
oremibn* Providence of God. we should et time*
alooit dtiptir of tbe Republic.
la Gbjeral scorr’s aococst or th* Bit-
TLt or CsaKoGoaDO, be makes' partieulsr m«-n
-tion of tbe good conduct of Captain Lee aud Lieut.
Beauregard of tbe Bof neer Carpi, of G cnenU
Twiggs Saietdi eod Worth, and tbe patron r.f
their aereral division* in the battle, uf
Cot Harney, Capt*. Lee nod Stcptoe, of LicuU
Gardner, Hagner and Bmwo/o£.M*jorßiin him
Lisa *. Tower tod Ripley, of Taylor’* and Waif.
Field Baiterice, of Genera!,Patterson's command,,
and Col. Baker, of Lieut. O.jfi- Smith, Liebt
Brooks, 3d infantry, Ltrut. Macdonald, 2d drs
goon*. LieoL Vandorn, 7th infantry—ali actiug
ataff.officera—CapL Magruder, Ist aiUlkxy, and
Xieot. Gardner, 7ih infaniiy, of Col*. Campb-1!,
Haakell, and Wynkoop, commanding the rrg : *
aeoU of Pillow** brigade,of Col. Hitcheock. Ms
jors Bmith and Turnbull and their asaisianti, of
Lieut* Blair, and of bis personal alas'. Lieiita. scou,
William* and Lay, anil Major Van Buren, whp
toloateered for the occasion,' and who gave xeal
ooa and efficient amistacce. |
Tha following extracts will be read with inter
■b, ....
Oar whole force present, in action and in reserre
was 8,600; the enemy iaes imated at 12.000, or
more.* About 8,000 pri» m*H, 4 or 5.000 stands
of arm*, and 42 piece* of artillery were ukeu.—
By the accompanying return. I r» gret to find oar
loaa more altera than at first supposed, aimuot
log in the two daya to S 3 officer* and 398 men—
ja *11431, of whom 63 were killed. The end-
By** kwa U computed t> be Jrom 1,000 to 1,20.0
Th* following ia given a* the position of tlje
% .enemy at Cerro Gordo:
• T&* lierra talitnU, or low le**J, termini'esst
thesiteofthe American camp.from
‘ «bkfa the toed ascends immediate'y in a tongcir
cait among lofty htlli, whose cjmioacding poiu’s
bad all been fortified andlgairisoned by the enemy.
0b right, entrenched, ie»ted on ■ precipice over,
banking ao iropaaaable rapine that forma the b-d
of tbe stream; and his enircncbtnet.ti extend-ft
continuously to the rou3, on which was placed a
formidable battery. -On tbe other aide, tbe lofty .
and difficult bright of Cerro Gordo commanded
tba approaches io all direction*. The main b ,ily
■of tba Mexican army was encamped on level
pound, with a battery of -five pieces, half a mile
In rear of that height towards Jabps.
Reaolving, if powlbje, to turn enemy’s left,
•od attack in rear, while menacing or engaging
bb front, I caused daily reconnoirean *• to l>e
poahed, with the view of finding a route fir a
fore* to deboneb on the Jalap* road and cut off
, retreat
Early on the 18th, tbe column* moved to the
general attack, and oursucccia wa* speedy and
decisive. Pillow’* brigade, smithing the right
of tbe entrenchments, although compelled, to 1 1»-
tire, bad the effect I have heretofore stated.—
Xwigg** d'vwion storming the strong and vital
point of Cerro Gordo, pierced the centre, gained
command of all the eatrenchmedta. aud cut them
off from support. Aa our infantry, (Col. Riley’a
brigade,) poshed on against tbe main bxly of the
enemy, the guns of their owe fort were rapidly
tamed to play on that f tree, (uoder.ihe immediate
command of General Siota Anns,) who fl«d in
. eonfusion. Shields’* brigade, aaraulting
the left, carried tbe rearbittery (five guns) on the
Jalepa road, and sided materially in completing
the root of tbe enemy. • , ■ ,
The moment the fat* of the day was decided,
tbe cavalry, and Tejlor’s tod Wall's field haue*
_ ric« were paebe#on towards Jaispa in advance of
the pnratiing columna of infsntry—Twigg’s divi
moo cod the brigade of Shields’, (now under Cot.
Baker)—tod Msjw General Pattermn was «c»t
to take command ofthcro. In the pursuit n»&y
Mexicans were captured or stain before' our men
and hornet were exhausted by the beat and die.
' rbote proves to have been complete—the
retreating aimy, except a amall body of cavalry,
being dispersed and utterly dworgaoued. The
immediate conaeqoenees bavebeen pur possewron
of this important city, the. abandonment of the
works and artillery at La Hoys, the next form--
dable pase between Vera Crux and the capital,
‘ and the prompt occupation by Worth’* division of
the fortress of Perote, (second. ooly to San Juan
ffa tHloaJwitb its extensive atmament of sixty
air guns and mortars, and it* Urgt aupplie* of
material. To General Worth's report, annexed,
I. refer for details.'
I haw heretofore endeavored to do justice to
tbe aklli and courage with which the attack dn
tba height of Cerro Gordo was directed and exc
caui. Dunin* Ui,ic«lm«ni. nw.t
Kul lhdr coramendere, under lb, teed of Colonel
’ - Huner. Lieut. O. W. Bmilb led the enjiocer
uuhrl of the etormmf force, end hr no*
! gff&SiteUot.. WINFIELD SCOTT.
Vnicn «, B»uu.-It will bo.ewt tlnrl th.
: W* one of aw, ,»tnilM »*« h,rn “P* 5 ** 4 *
h», M to «a ioereoedd price of BtM. ;Tht c.-
ua ludio,., ud town. io the.ndi*!ibo.hood
' o, crowded with Boor, .od jet ihe price idnrr-
never should hive bai my .saving* inflicted opsn
you, for if report Speak* true, your Gaaelte t* staid
and muter of fact, a character which well,be
come* it, considering itr'ag* and standing eavt
and wc»t of tbe Alleghenies.
Tbe steamer's nows reached this city yesterday
afternoon, and was st an early boor in
an extta But|i-tin« the proprietor of that paper
r.'crrvmg iro.o N«ar__Yirk by Tslrgraph—exclu
sively. The.. It&'df the news wss a very deci
ded uue upon our commercial circles. There was
an immense call for rxtya*; indeed in the busi
ness portion of tbe city you coaid hatdly meet a
man wb-> had not one in hi* hand. Flour and
g'uin uf all kind have advanced. Cotton, as a
matter of coot*;, is flat. No sales have been
made to day.
Tbe twenty-third anniversary of the American
Sunday S.hiol.Union, .was celebrated U«t night
at Mineral Fund Hall. The room, which js one
uf the largest in the city, was^ crowded to excess,
and with,an audience, the majority of whomwere
ladies. Tbe service! were very impresnve. , Ad
dresses wtra made by several distinguished cler
gyiorrt, among whom Rev. Mr. Malcolm sod
Rw. Dr. Durbin, of this city/ wtie most happy.
The reiMirl of tbe Union for the past year
shona a v.ry gratifying slate of thing*. You
ntll find it m the city paper* of U>diy.
Tbe new* from Malic/ today, announce* that
(ten. Scott is m ivirg on tbe cspitol! Purbla bnv.
ing capttuUud Tue impression in our city now
is, tbat peace will soon be announced. Santa
Anna is evidently broken completely down; and
*i'b Ins fill may be ehuuteJ undoubtedly a lOb-
mi*.ion on tbe part of Mexico.
Gin. Irwin I* in our city at Jhe.Columbii
House. I understand tbat a large iinmberiof hi
friends have already called upon bim. He is pop*
ulw w.tb all classes; in .fact, ja»t the man to be
ibn next Governor of this State, which I presume
it ii ttr.w g nerally conre-Jed he will bo. Tbe
Democrat* are disaffected towards Shook. He
will oct bi-gin to get tbe party .vote in this city.—
It wus only tbi* morning tbat 1 was conyersiog
with an old Democrat, who expressed openly b’B
dislike of tihonk, and who said he would vote for
Irvin! 1
Y»u have probably seen the announcement
a contemplated movement io Cubs, against tbe
Spanish Government. ThcreJ* more iu this than
at first appear*. I happen to know that plans are
now cor.c uing f«>r a decided stand <m the part of
the Creole pvj.ulitiun of tbat Island, and think I
may safely prophecy that before another year pas*
N'.-*, i's dei-tiry will changed. The
Jeuteao Ibe part of the revolutionist* ii, to make
Cuba fint a republic, and tbeu to annex her to
our country. kouta, Q
Conrspoiuirnce-of the Piiisburgh Gsietie.
The arrival of the steamship Britannia at B >s
tun, cn Sunday nigh*, in twelve and half day*
from Livftpo >l, enable* me to spread before the
-eadeisof tbe Gaxette, fourteen days later inte'.li
g-nce from tbe old. world.
In corncqurnco of the pincityof discounts by
the Bank uf England, and tbe exaction of art and
•me quaiUT per cent, on 6-at dais short paper, arm
fight per cent, ou other kinds of g*od paper, but
tons of all kind* has been aomuwbst aflreted.
U.uton baa declined, in a measure, iu Eox
and as a consequence here, while breadstuff* sr
s trfl* higher than at tbe T departutc'of the lss<
The Brinnnis has on board £200,000 in ape.
ci.-—abrnt $1,000,000.
Upm the sul'jrtt’in which Americans are mori
d*i*(ily interested. I-will quote the fallowing
r m tlif last Cork Examiner received here :
«\Ve this day witnessed a most horrifying and
vt i'idiua spectacle, at the Abandon guard heute
n.-ir tin* f*ct of Mallow lane. Under tbe shsrta
tua.h - t to that budilpig, lay soma thirty eight ho
inau beings—old aod youog, men, women, chil
dren, and infants of the tender**! age • all bad
died together ontbeground without at.y other eo*-
e ing than tbe rags on their person* and come in
tie |a>t atiga of filth and hideonsness. There
ih-y, Uy— aomtJ dying—soma .dead—and gaunt
and yellow with (amine and disease. We have
■evri many sights of hotrrr -v'lhin lh-3 last month
hut ii-rer anything eqnil t '' -congrcgstadmais
uf husian debasement
-Tne amel'.that came from the sufferer* was of
fonaise In the extreme, and sraa sufficient of itaelf
to' propcgate, disease. Two of these wretched
pcofi-r died mi* tnoming—a man and a'child.”
• H'iw rn*ny will follow them before evening.
l« thrlr home of eternal p?ace, we may not cat
cu'atr. In the pailih cf Cuacbford, with a pop
elation of s x thousand. the average number of
death* is fifiy weekly" -
I m .st st 'p here—to enter more jn detail is un
riecei#ary and revolting—the sufferings of the Irish
aro too deplorablo, even for narration. Tta grat
ifying to the feeling* of the American people, thai
they base most generoudy eon'ribaled to the al
lesiation of .the wrctchedoet* of tbj* down-trod
den race,, whose degradation, and anguiab, cannot
be t>o highly colored in a representation of their
real condition-'
“Asiiimoosplotto raorJer the Pope has been
discovered hy the French Aroha*sador. and many
tires** have taken place. Hi* H ilineaa published
a circular on the 19:b of April in which an inri
litioo i* extended tj tbs different proviocra to
•end Representatives to Rome, toducors with the
Government roesfore* for the improvement of the
local administrations, and to aid io improving
the position of the population.v
In Paris the news of the victories of General
Taylor was received with marked and lively sat*
isfaction- The reply of Old “Rough and Ready”
to Santa Anoa's aaaKDJns to ni'reoder, is greatly
admired uu.accohnt of its noble simplicity; and
lt will live in history like Na
pol-fw**ippeal to hi* so’dtar* at the Pyramids, or
like hi» «p>rit.»tiring address on seeing tha sun
rise at Aoslerlitz, Respectfully. &c. J. B.
Interesting Correspondence.
The correspondence between Mr. Bancroft and
Lord John Ru'sel upo.n the subject of tha Louis
tana donation to Ireland is here transcribed from
Wilmer & Smith:
••Mr. Bancroft to Lord John «u*i?//.
-go Erros-i<iCAßt, April 28 1847.
«VU I*oai>4—The people of New Orleans,
&3cued by the ecaronU of the disUesa from faro
ino iu Irelaud, came together in a public meeting
on thfl sth of February la*L .Mr. Johnson the
Governor of Louisiana, prwidiog. and Mr. Clay,
of Kentucky, taking part »n. the proceeding!, and
mide a volunUry contribution of 6fteeq thousand
dullais.. This offering, a committee. conaisting of
Mr. Grossman, the Mayor of New Orleans, and
of ill molt respectable cilixcni, have placed
entirely at my dtapwal. with no otliei restriction
than that‘it be applied without the least pwaible
tlalay, in order to alleviateia tbs most general and
*-quitaU!e roaiaut the aufferioga of the peopla of
Ireland by the purchase of food for their relief*——
From yuur Lordship'* position in the Gofcrnmebt
y.,u best Lnoje where relief is moat urgently de*
minded, and bow it can be applied without waste,
without expense, ao>t without interference of oth
er arran;emeot*. A* the surest method of carry,
ine tntoVbVet the writes of the citixens of New
Orleans, I IheMoie brg lease to plaee their on
tnbution at your Loidship'sdirposilion, requesting
you to exercise in its application the tame diacre-'
which baa tieen conferred on myaelC Perhaps,
I should aay no m>rr; but I am impelled U> add,
that tho sympathy of tho people or the Uniled
Sislra with the sudden and orerwhelmiog calam*
i y which has befallen Ireland U earnest and uni'
srrasl; and that, mindful of their European ongio,
thry share In the sections and rejoioe in th*
prosperity of the nations from which they sprang.
I Mi, my lord, with bikb oniideration, sery faith
fully your*, GEORGE BANCROFf.
•■Lord John Rowell.*’
» Lord JJut Rasrtlltojdr. Bancroft."
-29tb April'lB47.
“Bii—l bsrereceiTcd with ranch gratification
your letter of yerterdty informing ma that the
people of New Orleans, assembled at * pobltc
meeting (Mr. Jobnton.tbe Governor of Loutsiana.
ptesiliog,) made* voluntary contribution far the
relief of the distireie In Ireland, to the amount of
fifteen thousand dollars. I have likewise received
a draft for the amount, with your request that tbo
suns should bo applied where relief is most ur
gently-demanded, without waste, without expense
and without inlerfeience with other arrangements.
I feel highly booored by the confidence you have
placed,in me. It appears that the best
mode of dispensing of thi« rosgnificient eontribu.
lion, is to transmit it without delay to the Central
Relief Committee in Doblm, presided ‘over by
Lord Kildare. I- , shall accordingly send th# a
roouot to him with a copy of your letter. With
reference to the latter part pf yottr .letter allow
me to add, that ibo Amsst and universal sympa
thy of the people of the United Btatea with our
distressed countrymen io Ireland, is most gratify.
iogto Use pehpra .of G&Li Hfitafi) and r Ireland,
and that her Majesty, the Qo*n baa neea wiib
ibe highest sstisfsctoo the manifestation: of gen*
erodty and 't&JfaW. ;a'Batieb spnitig' from th#
same origin as oomlrca. .1 have ins honor lobe,
with lb, (iMlntinped,,«!..«.? WJfally. -;
*'J. HUeOfiLL*
k. co£ i«fcTo»AT'Ho mmM fH«=fiii. tijwgmnM I ]}V MAG?IETIG TELEGRAPH.
J\ Benton u al&omv in St, Lenlajart now, - at g: • , . fi_~ fry-,-——^—- ■•■ ■ ■
a he i» ? ,*» faaod, Using'* haute the iapUrUnt Hail Rapi'movemenU | c4gjr«*pMd«B£eof Gazette.
large family io Cubing- oftte day£ir*, eaUittetitlon li^ite. Showing j ro- j :ifr*rre*ooodMee of the Pnu&qh G**tiie !
On 3tb he delivered a »pe«’* to hi*; cdtfinßt of|iCor|»anti»n lnffiiotpoli*. on ■ :i , >*i:oSl THE SOCm.-*.of liegroai ti*pfci of the Qie'teiblttst -'- 1 - Piufciiswiu* May 3tsh 1847. '
day and bt/arb aa audience, wkomcu: j iVfsw/cni—Vulux* Ea»*,oLObu. . hate the New Orleans paper* of rite l&tb
ri „,u r ***.» * mtn * *»« j „!“/£",£ '“-"j r*£ XT- *tT
tear bin*. The Sanator bam* introduced to |. yjjio, Samuel A. Verbrike, Jaeob D. Early) N*- command of CeperalBe©t. or Tati, . , , I- .
*uemWj n»'Jditef>llo»ing Srxtcu. eteUtMcCany.oflodiana. _ JTbe fiojni* Canale* tea Issued a «**»ialoij
He raid the Vat! fa* year* had Keen occupied Secre/ortci—Dr. JB. Bobbf, Piter Daggy,'of proclamation, commanding the rosisacre. of all
by (treat questions, of a pubUcoature, and requi- ..Indiana. j < - Araericanslin reveoge for the masiacre Jif Meat.
Tb. Orr g ,D qaeiuon Th. Wlowin, rclouon, «r. mlnxlaced by Tbi, .h» ..cinj prcicl.m.lwr. .f it.
bad during that period, been settled, and upon Judge HunUngtou, and unanimously adopted: .... •- , , V . . . .. .
ihit subject helatatlsi hi# own courts to bare been ‘••Whereat, public attention hat of late Ueed kind which has just now been a Maxw
clear since He opposed the treaty then ne directed to Jtte importance of eotsuucting a rail- can commander, the first being for “war without
gaiaUd in regard to that territory, and lime bad >af .between ibe city olSu Louit, on tbe Miaei*. „
abown that the article* written by him then, io eippi river, and Cincinnati, on the Ohio, whereby r
relation to tbi* sabjeet, aod published in tbi* city, in course of time a continuous railroad cammu-.
w«re co.rcet do tteir vWws. Fifty four forty waa nicaiion «Ul be formed with the Eastern Atlantic
the demand rjatio of England, aud t car wa» her cities; and whi rcaa, the right of way for mch pur
•newer. He had alwaya euntended for forty-niue pose* baa alreaJy been granted by tbe State* of
u the diridirg line, and thii-npuyan be made Onto and Indiana under liberal charter*, paaaed
known to the Socrotary of State in Apul, 1845 their respective Legislatures; and wbereta, tbe
Ho felt it hisuuty, when the qoeation cams op, Terre Haute aod Richmond Railroad
be the consequence* what they might, to breast created under the charter ol the hit Legislature
the storm'of public opinion,and save tbe taro ciun- of Indiana, has already been organised, be it
tries from a disivtr.iu* war. He. did take h'n pc “RaolczcL That iu tbe opinion of Ibis enliven,
eilion for forty-nine, and the line wai carried; the tioa aaid road through the Biats of Indiana •
eooeeqoencoj i», E-igland aod America aro at when constructed, should connect it the eastern
peace, ami #l, be was happy to add, were himaelf line of the State with a railroad runniog to the
and hia cooablnwiia. dty of Cincinnati, and at the Western hue of the
Amid thaj calamities of a fanrne, Amrrica is Slate with a railroad from that point to the city of
now suecuri ig Britain, and ahe returns to St, Louir, on the. Mississippi river,
us across th i ocean her strain* of gratitude. •It is “Repaired, That in the opinion of this conven
a war of bei tevolenee on one aide, and gratitude tion, *tepa should ba immediately taken the
on tbe otbe . Thank God, be added, that such director* of said company io the State of Indiana,
is the resu f, and I thank my eonvtiuents that, iu open 6hokg for the subscription of stuck to said j
though ai first opposed to my course, they hare road; and that they are hereby requested to do*o, j
appreciated my motive*, and now spproie them at the earliest pncticable period.
On the subject of Texas, be remarked that te “Retolud, That it is also the opinion of this
bad pursue 1 but one course for thirty years. He convention, that } steps should be taken in the.
denounced the treaty which ceded Texts, jmm a - Slate of Ohio, for early action in thi* important
diatelyafnr it* conclusion, sn l had ever since improvemmt, thst concert of action, on the part
been in fa ror of iu redemption, but not «t tbe of 'he States iuteiestcd, m*y be licured." ,
price of v ar. .Mr. Clay? who was at thst time A committee, of which Gov. Bebb was chair-
Secretary of Stale, w.s in favor of regaining it; man> appotntoJ to draft an’ address, and pub
*o were A idrew Jacdson and Martin Van Boren, ..... ,
and recently be had learned that Joho'Qoincy ,s 11 lu P 4m l* e orm.
Adams bal voied against the treaty. After the , _ ' ... ol _ ** u nTIT.,.. \
bailie of San Jacinto oflfers wero made, but the Ttfriblt SICQIDboQt Bil&ltCr.
war still existed, and the cabinet desired a peace We derply regret that w« are colled upon to
before the r entered into negotiation on the i uhjcct accompany Ahe glorious tiding* to-day from the.
C.'uld thi: i have boeu brought about, the territory *«at of war.with a piece of local mU-illgence—
of Tex a i w.m'd fall as into our arms as Eve truly heart-rending. \ esterdiy rooming about 40
into Ihe-arius of Adam! At the conclusion of Mr. mile* below this place, ihs steamboat ?aew Ham?.
Van Bun n's administration, he said, none con* white, jia? her trip op train Prow Oilcans, had
dernned him for refu»mg Texas at the price of sapped *t'a, waod-yarJ, and on shoving off—it
warTli was under Tyler's administration tbr.ngW being about 4 o’clock,*, xt.—her boiler* barat.
a negotiation privately got up, and for. unworthy cautiog a complete'wreck of the wholo boat, and
pnrpoae* that tbe mischief was done. He bad killing neatly all ter officers. A great portion <>f
opposed bis treaty, ahhough he voted against tbe ooe of ibe botleis was ihrjwn. a considerable dts*
wishes o ’ bis cju»titucn<s; but teresolved to abide tance upon shore, and the body of young Allen
the issue and quit public life f>r«-Ter if they de- neat it. Luckily lb* passengers were iu
creed it. I He thanked them for appreciating bis 'heir state-room*, else the low of life must havp
niiti.e,. He be considered hi. mn fate ft* keen mu* greyer. A feh-ntl h., furnUhed
nothing when weighed against the prospects of with the annexed list of those *t | l®di Of musing:
ruinous war. He was in favor of negotiation, in Killed —Geo. I*. Allen, Aral clcik.
hopea li overcome tbe objections of Mexico; but I Mining, ana tvppostd to at mllta— H. B.
in the agonies of Tyler’a expiring administration.; Guppies, second ctsik; Alexander McKinney, pi*
the nrßolialions were wrested from the national ' ol 5 1 1 engineer; Jamea Van Dik«i matt;
council* and the deed was done-* resolution up fjUr b,ack white; sreond .ateward,
on the aubjectwas parsed, and war waa breathed. one cabin bay; t bss. Ratcliff, carpenter; Mr.
At that time negotiations for tbe recognition of Barinda. cabin pi*sengcr; and one deck poisen-
TeraJ were under the mediation of Francs and; i* r « namsnot kuown. . i
; EngLnd. Our arniv and navyat once proceeded M..B.*hop, ooe of the paaaeogeraoo this 111-fs* j
to take the war iff the tends of the Texas Govi *»<* steamer, describes itio explns.on as one of thi)
ernment. V most terrible, perhaps cver.hnown. Ao iron safe |
By negotiaii.ini, aaid Col. B , it was not only « ‘he distance of some hundred yards j
bop-d that we would avoid tiose disaatrons con* broken to piece* by the concussion; amt of f 3,000 ,
..quencs ofjwtr, which flow from ihe-loas of ® balfraglea which it contauicl, a good many,
life *«-d dS- ucrion of pro|<rty, but the injury ware battered, and several abattered into frag- »
which would Use from a collision with a sister «•»*»• Timty orfwty aackaofcoffre.behrodlbe
republic and a neighbor, who ted paid os the high holler* - were uftcd U P- ,hrow " U P°" T * hot / ID , d
£.»m P liraent'tl» adopt our comt turion a* her mod- in *'VJ duecUon. The cbrlhes and bed-!
eL : She was ooe if a cAainof republics of which ding were found hanging opon tree* oa Hie shore.,
were tbd head. »te looked upbn tts ass aud contd be re*ched only by cutting them down. |
peaceful guatdtan. Her sons we-e sent to ou- The boat w«s di*id«l in two, ibe hurricane roof
*-h *<'la to learn our institutions; as tb* children j * n 4 cabio Boated off, in* half cspsixM and she
of Greece jopnieyed to Egypt, and lhos» of Italy * ur, k. » total wreck. ' . i
lofereece. Up to thv fatal period of 1813, our | Tbe explosion of the boilers is said tobavo been
pnolic men liLked upon peace between these re- ; c *use«l by an accumulation of mud in vhtm, at-,
puM-cs aa tbirir true policy—it was their grand I n»*bt. which ted hecoroe encrusted at the boitom..
,n s non, for l war with «ne might Lad to • war' •'» d ptevenud the water from having its full vf-1
with all. bsduss they were of one race and reli- rCt ' '
gion. Sympaitiy with each other and neighborly . Fr im tbs pieaengeri of tba New Hampshire, j
jostiee was the grand principle acted upon. In = we have received acard, bearing to the .
•1848. for nnworthy aud aelfisb purp- sea. th» kind and gc .Uemanly cooduct of Capt.H..well of,
• principle wai broken in upon and* midnight mew t,se Hitchee Planter, towatds them, and making
smger ianatciied from the hand of tbe President ‘ aeknowledgmsuts to biro. It appear* in to
-■Wt the rew lutious which h»Vr* muilrd upon u« • Gjxtlie.— Little Ruck (Arkansas) fiasttte
theta ermseqaencev.
Cal. Bcntiin, at timesispoke with great fervor,
and with that impreasiveoeaaof-emphads which
is peculiar la him.
From Bao Jsclnto it had boeo seen that Mexico
could not contend io-lte field with ibe Anglo
■Saxon'race. From San Jacinto to Gerro Goido
it bad been evident. He would n<-t partiiuls-ixu
in til, mention nf event*—individioiu wou d be
omisaioo and tk> long would be detail. In all ca*
sea victory has been oars. But tboag'a continu
ed victories might and must bring peace, policy
might have dono bitter*
All must wjh fur pcaco.but not sorb a peace
as font may exact. Cat. B. spoke of the mix
ture of raevs. interests, and political indinings
existing in Mexico, particularly cf tbe priesthood
aod the army, who eat up the people and keep
down the true Republicans; yet the Spanish great
characteristic of pride is well known—history il
lustrate* it, and this pri.c it a point of union for
all. Unfortunately, too, this war has placed in
power tb»t Party ro-'sl inimical to the United
State*. In negotiating a peace which cbootd not
be a hollow {truce, the Mexican p unts of charac
ter should be understood.
Io oppoaibg tbe United Stateeall parties anile
—even tbe iron Republican*, those wbn adoptrd
our;constitution and have fought to meintsin it;
tbeae will be tbe last to make a peace which com
promises Mexican honor. The speaker remark
ed that be spoke of subject* which be wse not p r
mittedao ui.fald, (jf tbe conduct of officers ]<y
with those who were commissioned; yet he might
be permitted to say, that In hi* view of the war
he bad looked more to policy than arms, though
to a'onion of them boih HcJhad refuroJ embataiee
under three adminietratjons, yet he had been wil
ling 1 tdresign bis seat in the Seoaie io order
coocila sister republics. He |iad refused to bin
firatjMaj »r General, yet when be tsw ilia war
dragging, he was wiiliog to take a place t» pu>b
nja’iera forward. He would bate accepted tbe
Lieut Generalcy, but to make arms mibs-rvient fo
poltcy.:ood the rank would baveoutrag-d no pio«
prietj ji»r it would hmertmottd no Gcncrul.—
The public will yet see that if be had token the
office, Taylor would have Aad2o.onf).men at Bu*>
eot Vista instead of 5,0n0 while Scott would;
have found the road open tn Mexicn; nay’; both
General* would have been in a situatiou t » hove :
entered (be city together, for ministers-of pra e
would hove been along. to - conciliate and wife
mxiteri. “Tbese thing* the public yet will see ’’
remarked tbe speaker,‘•nor will I nor tny friemla
hive cause to be ashamed ” Cob touched
upon Oslboun resolutions wiih regard to alsvgry.
He way born, and lived io & slave State, and'saw
with eitrra such new and ruinous doctrines
brought forward. Slavery wav to be extended to
Oregon, and every compromise upon tbe ■uhj<'ct
|was to be considered as a violari >n of the con*ti
lotion! Such was the doctrine, and northern
friends were lobe “knocked on the head at (he
first lick." The speaker Wuujd defend slavery aa
it it, but ted no idea of being treated as a aubvr r
ter of the Union if he refused to extend slavery
to Oregon, against tbe wisbra of it* inhabitrnTs.
Calhoun's resolution make (how who will tint r? >
their whole length sobvrrter* of the Union. It i*
<qoaHonorthern abolitionism, with traversed te
flon. Ex'remesof north and aiulb run t« tie
same point of intolerance and d-funce. (Col. 11.
did mention Cslbonn by name.)The spnk- i
er had taken his stand from the .first denouncing
the resolution *s firebrand*! They defeated iA^
Oregon btlL There was no Jackson now tn rr \\
••The Federal Union shall be pres-rved;” but i‘io
speaker would give bis strengib. and .if it w> r«
his fate to g.yoverboard he was ready f»r it. C -I
B concluded hysaymg that he hod on this occaei n.
a. gathering of all parties, aa he aoppneed—lin i
ited himself subjects of general interest, in lire
proper place bn ws* always ready,Vbnwevcr. to
disenra party subjects. • Tjie presrottime vn - a
critis, and;he wished to be allowed to ;*petk o. a
man who felt for his fellow-men.
j. U ReuJ,4lh (tract fees received eeveralla ge
packages oPnew books fro.n.the Harper*,ol New
York, now the rmsl'prolific book pablubet* i i ihc
Union] 1
Amooff them u Jared Spark’* “Weabioßtan,"
• oaf* and valuable edition of the life of a man
whom We all delight tj honor aul of whoec faiatoiy
ere cahoot know too much, ami by one of the
moet eoecfufui and able author* in the country.
Field's Scripture Illustrated Dy Rev. Che*,
ter Field, with, notes; a highly interesting work.
••Omar,” By Herman Melville; A narrative in
•two part*, deacriptive of the South Bet. Thi*
work has attracted roach attention in the east, and
ia regarded ae a very intereating book.
Pictorial Hutcy of Eng/tznh,No*. 31 and S 3.
The namber* completed doao the firat volume of
one of ableet and moat inter eating Historic* of
England which have been issued from the preaa.
Mr. ! ReaJ, ae will be eeen by his advertisement,
baa elra received a large nomber of other new
hooka Which wawould call the attention ol the
Saiix or Mabooast akoTixbkr' at Oihcjs*
»aTX.-pW# a*k atteatton to an important eaje
at Cincinnati oo Wednesday next, of s valuable
lot of Hoodara* Mahogioy and other woods.—
For kind of' wood and terms aeo advertisement. •
Ta» Law* urCaur*.— on® °f the bar*;
barimia laws cf the “Celestial Empire," Hwan?, |
the distinguished Lieulenaat-Governorof Kwsng- \
ling (Canton,) province, bat been degraded, and j
sent a prisoner to Pekin. Hi«_nl3enes if, bavicf,:
when recently providing a<a literary examinaiior, l
received of hi* rojther's death, and ;
kept it aeeret for a short time, instead of imtaedL ;
ately denuding himself of bta office, acd rttiiiog
into private Ufa for three years. The punishment
of such “impiety,'* by the law of China, ii death,
but .he will probably escape with a heavy fine.
Hwang was the right band of Keying, the gover
nor of the province, and a particular friend of Cor
onet and Commisrioner Curbing, iu making bis
negotiations In China.
Ecubtisv Roa*.—Scms fine roots and
stems of the Eglantine Rom rosy be procured at
the store of Isaac Dickey* This rose is the mott
thrifty of the whole species of the gnse.and is ai*o
oftbe most beantiful variety. The dowers grow in
clusters and with all the colors of the rainbow.
The large cargo liken out to Cork in the U. H.
ship Jamestown, was to be deposited at one bUr.»
dred and fifty localities in Ireland, and spread over
an area of I,?u0,000 acre*.
Miss Dtx.—This lady, so distinguished for her
benevolence, has been some day* in Cineionaii.
She is about to proceed through Virginia, pursu
ing those inquiries, in which she ha* been *o sul
ceisful. -
In 'he case of the United-State* ra. Denny and
Robiuion, at suietle* for R-cbanl B. Butler, in
the UniicJ State* Court, the jury were Unable to
ajrce, and stood aeveo to five for the Plamtiff.
mm MR F.liirOß:—J‘i. ii, •inameo/JOHN'
A public mclU,« i. c.llcj .1 ('crrolUnn forS«. j ‘n“" of»T '“'“wlLUN*'
urdy. the Ifltb of Jone, for the Lurpoae of aeroMnif! —— . 1
~ „ ’it,, ,i V* Keiroit— I’AI.Mt R, bn*been »po-
I Kill Koq J frytn OtrfolUaa U toe Slimy amt j l< ii.»l h-rc a* un exrritcni mid tuilable candidate lor
<» Uff Irfiaiatufr. try* aurniion to (he above you
Braver wD*L w ,|, io-n) 'Vb *» ot lie ctiy.
Ditoicec m lciim.o» Uoosrr Ohio-—I ~ „ . ; . , ,
Josi.f’ll h»« been 1 »[ioltcn of l>r
There u< ao Icm than 19 aiuia I»r divorce pcnJitg I » rT gentle wp» u* ri raodidatr lui Cntumy Comm;.
baforo the Cojihoja Coin of Commoo Plea.,«lj
thie »P*»ion of the Court. - t Convention. toylOjiw
n m | THOMAS PKRKINS. of Uiwer Si Clair io«vn»hip.
Job. M. Dot r. 1... Utm. nomlu.icd u Spi A, r "■» b “ *. c "" dld * u ' f«' u ike ufa.ta
r (v Comß>>*aioiii_r mj-UMAw
of the noxt Hooie of RspretenlslitM |o »eter»l 1
Tailoblamd 111! CisStBALI.—W« IIJTP ie
cei*cd, by mail, (be Biography of Taylor tod hi*
Generals, which contains not only akeiehea of the
lira of Woiti, Twiggs, anil Wool, bal.of Gen., with an account of the Bombardment of
Vera Cruz, and the vtmua action* of the Divi’
•inn* in which ibc several General* have cum*
maodrdin Meiic*. Tbi« work baa been publnb*
rd by E. H. Butler dc Co., Philadelphia at 25
cent* a crfpy.
AsKßioaH Journal, (SilUmnn't) for May.
1847. Thu ablo work deserves particular »uf>
port in.a State and tieigbbpih>od like tbi*, dm*
imgaishcd for improvement* both in artf and *«•
emv. and abounding in thorcvaluable resource*
an important to the developeraent of Ibe treasures
beneath .our soil. W. W. Witaon, corarr of.4th
and Market street*, agent for the work.
Tax New England Regiment under
way directly fir Vera Crux, witnin a week from
tbia date. All the companies, so far as we have
heard, are full, or very near full. Gen fierce and
suite, will be at G»n: Seuti’a htadquarlr ra with*
in thirty days. \ ,
Toe amount of money .received by .the New
York Relief Committee to this date, is $144,000.
The number of vessel* despatched by the Com*
raittee to Ireland, and their cargoes, ia t#o barka,
•ix brigs, and five ship* from the port! of New
York alone.
Tee friends of the Hon. Daniel Webfter, new on hi*
Southern Tsar, are reqneslr.a lo meet ftl tbe CMi-on, on
tiexi Monday afternoon, the Mlh instantiate o'clock,
lor the purpose of Jnv.ting ibis great statesmen to vimt
our eitr.on hi* retom home.
D N Whlir. Sidney Strong,
R K Seller*. A B Cir»ling v •
U I, Ring«alt, Wat J Howard,
John Sheriff, . Kobt M Hiddlr,.
John Shipion, 1 John »WT. '
Joshua lianns, » R B'Cawau.
Wm M Darliugioo, J O Jlauey, > .
• Thomas Steele, G Adams, *=,
Mergaa Roberwon, B B Todd,' ,
CBM Smith, AW Loom.*,
O Metcalf, WLAdama,
Y. Brooks, , M V Baton, , 4
Cha* Bryan, Henry (^npbeU,
John Bobinaon, • Wm M Ifrreb,
W B Krskue, Wo K Man, .
R R R Dontais, . Wm R Rhodes,
XI P Morse. ‘ • C O l-oomts, »;.?»>'s •
•So Singer, Alfred prAwki*,
Jothua Mode*, .•\ £ J BmAwin, -■ ■ . ;
M Hampton, . AleX W Miller,.
WraMtgdl, .r. Jaoe* M Christy,
Y C.Flanagan, C Darragb, •..
J B Irwin, TSomaaTtfcKee,
John Caldwell. .. ,f» W^V ler . ,
M Swarixwelder, !i>
Junes B Murray, Cbt* B Scully.
UorrvrpoodekCe oflbt Pittsburgh Gazette.
A deapatcb from cur Correspondent reached us
last night. It is osfollowt: 1 I
Canales bad declared Martial Law in ihti Val
ley uf the Rio Grande by Pruclamit t oa, and or
dered all Mexicans capable cf bearing! arms,- to
take them up againal the Americans. Hs iosisU d
that do quarter should be abown them under any
-pretense whatever iu relalialicn for thejmurder 0
Mexicans. . ’
Even the clergy were not exempted in this sin
guibary Proclamation and urged to ostial in tbe
extirpation of cur forces.
order was addressed to the! National
Guards. ‘
Whoever refutes to obey it it to be shot aa a
tesH«i«ivc Correspondence of ins Pitubargh Gatciie
Mot 21. BP. M,
There hashed) hit little change in tbe market
f,i Flour since tbo close yesterday, and tbe bosi
neta done baa been to a moderate extent only-
The want of stock oa tbo spot restricts!the cxietot
of sales very much. Of City Mills tho market
has been quite bare for sometime. The tsansae
ttous iu Howard sb to-day were at tbo prices cur
rent Tburrday evening, $9. City Mil|e is held at
$9,25, without sales except in a rttail way for
The market for Wheat has advanced. Bales to
a raoJerste extent of prime samples of While at
-212a215c per hu, and of equally good Red at
i PITTSBUUOIi, JIAV 80, 1847.
AT it of ih>* llnw Baker* of ibc ciiiet of
t'liltborKli and AHrKlienbold at tb" houioof John
Corn—The rairkel has .till follhlr tlrclineil o>™,ck.on(lr.ini.ireei,.>«uissl>o.«iUh>
. . . 1 , oontideraiinii ibe propriety (it rrculiunx the nner* o'
Within Iwo day*. rc-day White soul at 99»i02c Bread according to the i.igh price of Flour:—
‘ami Yellow at 103at06c twr t»p/ ; The meeting '.on* organized by Jabo Shepherd taking
S,U. if Whisker in t>bl» si 31c per gill. °?
There b** betn an improved dtmand.-for To»| Kcwlved. Thai the price of Bread iroiu lh:» date,
bacco for export and rricca have slightly advan- ! »ba)i he five and ten cent* pa loaf, eicepiotheiwite
... atreed upon hj-the Baker* pieacnu
cea ' 1 ()u utoiion, ibe me«iing adiourned to meet unTbur*-
For Pro*i*ions eomeibtog of a demand one ; jay eveniii* the *aroe pUee.
ip u n » up, but the sale* «how no change in price* jllllN SHBPJIKRD. Prra't
from thJo l&U quoted. j ,
Kiclua.vd Correspondence of the l’iu«l>ufgU Oazeue.
May 21, 8 P. M.
The stock of Floor on tale in the city bein';; still
quite small camjiaratitely, Urge buyers are-in the
market fir future delivery. There were sales to*
day of 20.000 hblt Oene«see, for all June at-$B.-
per ! I>J. Some sale* of Southern
(Howard e 1.,) oo the spot at $9,00 pet hhL i
Buyers are also making contracts in Wheat for
| June, a sale of 10,000 lm. prime White fsr ihst
I month at 200e,' and 2000 bo. on the *pji at 203 c.
| Cirn has gone Up considerably. Sales 20,000
I bu'a prime Yellow at 107a109c. For drlivery >n
! August sales of 110a120.000 bus at 100c—sli
! Vclluw.
IMPORTER and Dealer tn Sndillery Hardware an>l
Carriage Trimming* of every defcripiion.Ne 133
Wood tired. PitNhuigb; oiler* 10 container* and deal
i er* a splendid clock of geode in hit line,, at eattern
I 'priee* ll,» litppltetof l.ace*. Hand*, l.atnp* Knott,
1 Ac. *e . are from- tourer* hnbeito unknown m ihi*
market, an I ao*urpa**ed lor beauty. quality, nr ebraf*
’ IK*i.
j l.igbi and Dark Coarb, Brown Japan and Leather
F.xrluiivr Corretporul.-nct- nf tb* l*iu»tipr»h‘ Casein*-av*on Kami. A *uper,or article and war-
r May 21" t 7) P. M. Vi,l Ip- . nyM
HolJrrs of Flour am wry Qrtn thin morning., tit ANTED TO BORROW—Several *um* oi
and at the dav advanced rucc-cded in get ing pri- VV from 15u to Btw>. *SSO. «DOO, 8000. tttoo, Ac., on
ce* up a hove' anything y*t. The, ulti are not' goo-l »•*«»•«>• for one »o fire year* Wanted, employ.
• i . ; rnns.diiDi tut i.. ,k _ ! men t m *'ore«, warcheutet. Ac . and in *owu tad m tbe
large and |9.ooas9.lßi per t>b| In the ; COlll ,. r} . for * mm-ber of boy., clerk. at.rt yourg men,
morning ptirf* were sB t 7fi*{9 00. and tot o number of laborer* and farmer*
Tfte maih'ct f.r Rye fl.mti* atetuly—further J fTT-AI! kind* of Asr-ncie. aticuded to promptly tor
. . . u»i . moderate rasr-e* l'lea*e ejll »1
rales <o»d*y at >6 per bM. . . I ISA AC HARRIS’S
Boyer* bare raccccdrd in getting a etneeuion, Uecrr* l Agency and Intelligence Office
of I2je per libl on Cornmeal—«jle* of the day at ®'*-* n ’ , ? r - Vooi> _
S 5 U 5 per lb l nBHSRO SUGARS-
The a on WW I. fully .i.t.ined aaJ ' « *£• C 'J“" l °“ u '.“ ra "" ! s J* ,r '
prirc* are Terr full. Sale* White at 209*21 Ic, i ■.*! t,i I* !./>*< N’j •.».
and Red-at UOfiaiOTe,—-all priUM. *■
For Pnmrioo* there is lew demand than befit* :,oi>m* *• No 6;
, —orote moderate sale* and War Inquiry* but hold* , litvi* Powdered, on band mod for*»le by
era maintain ,beif Ml..nspria.t 1 A , cm . £'.lv"Sp
Whig Hd Anli-Susonic Camlidaln. ' |
, WM. A. ni-RCHFIVLD. of Ea>t Liberiy, wiilt.f ; Ido Dry Pcaebc*;
i *Dii(v>rted in the Anh-Mavintc and Whig Convention l do Fl»X**rd;
for t\»u..iy rou.mi--i». u'f TV d.-u.ei in wi-eh h- 1 do Ilee»o.-axi
.nominated by tbe party nw *i .1 ortirr.: hi I'cpm n> • .'M.aic*■« parked Cotton, .mtaMc iot.
! nijal fica’.ioi:* oor randidaie wtll eomJarr vf,n an* ! CpholMerer* nr Ratting Manufaetnrer., to'atn»e, :'or
: altewiicte. . . J'KEULES TOWNsHIP ’ i .ale i.y ISAIAII DICKER ACO
rnv.'ldAwte* my 22 vrat.r and front *u .
Mb. Fk.ij* !’le«*e aniKinuee ibf name of JOKN
MILLF.K.of the Foroni-hw’ S*n*’p.i.ur|rli, a»a*alt:iMe
candidate K> rrr Tf »cni tbi* cJatiiy in lUc Legmlnure
Ms. t'oiiaiPtea»e in -•ou»re ifcai t\ SNIVKLV.
of WtlkttH T(i*r.*.‘i p. wf. t.c Mippotifd n ib>- VVt.;|
■uJ Anti-Ma*tu:c Con«nuron u* rim.lirt.iT
for 'be ai;d i-bligc MANY nTIZKNb
my is
Mm I’tnoal taie pl*««ure m recnintnm
the member* of iUc Anti Mm*on c and 'Vi )>
—• pentieroan wr!i <jaaufied to represent ibi
ty in tb« State A»*erap!y . Hi* nomination woa
<f iiumciouk i.miuli hi the Ciiy 4ii-i Csunit
JAMS' IIKNItY;nM*wer SiCJilr iown.iiip.wiii
t<r luppcm-d i<>- many fcigt ud Ant(uia>on. tor i
oificrcof t'oun'j Cntnmi«rionrr
JOHN JIOKHI.-O.Voi' Allegheny.. will l>c tupport
cd by oittn) Whig* and * nutnaaont fot nomination bjr
ibe Convention bk a cuud.dfffe lot Courtly Trearutcr.
B .yudA«r r FAVtrrn:
M*. I'mtob —l*ira«c unnoonce the nwne ©I CAl.l'n
I.KK, E»q. of thi* city * •ultaMr prri«oo to irp'e*eni
iln* county uiibr I.cgi»!*iure. {myt-HAwj M(K)N
HENRY LARGE, K»q, T>f Mifflin Tbwiuhip, w::l
be a candtdatr lo< me le-gt*laiare, *ubjeci to the oorni
uuuortof the Wb'B end Aat|*Uaaoinc county Conven*
ion. —«j>4 i WJflMAwtc
Mijiii JOHN WiU.OCK tip tupporicd before the
Whig ami /, ntiaiiMiiiic Convention ipr tbe office ol
count) Treasurer FI.KST WARD
Ma Kiitro*—rii «*c/»tu-<iunee the name of Major J
M S\(ilXjHA>s of Mifß>n_ townctup. at a autuble
candidate to repreient tin* comity, in tbe l.egi»initjir
iuv Vdi w # T ’ LEGION
JOHN SHERIFF, O! the city, w.ll be tiipported by
many Whg« of the city and county for nomination i.y
die Cnm'e'ii’ori a* n candidate foe the l.rgmoiure
J W HAXTE t, of me city . will t»n ««pporled b- fore
tbc VVn c Aittimn>t>iTTfr Convention' for nomination
nt ibe eaimlidnia I>i itie office of county Trcuutrr.
Col E*PY of Lower 5t C!a r tqivmd ip will be
monor.ed try many Whig* and Antiiuaaort* for the L—
fit»:u.arr royIHRwF ' JKFFKRsON
fc/»Wa arc now prepnretl to cyi-utp m u*»ip«r,..i
nntl expM.i.oa* manner, all kind* of Job I’BinTt'*-
, Ul l, ai bircc I'oMctu,StramlxiM tblla, II:lie of La tmj;,
Letter Sheet Circular*, Haudbifl*. Cards, Ac., Ar
n HtK i.tD rawriiLCT rßittrini
to uny extent executed in the be*t manner, and nil
k.m.*uf t’rminiß done with accuracy und nt tbc loarctt
Useful Information— Au important discovery
m rricdirine ha*been made bygh. Upturn,—it ron*j!«
i, happy combination of vegetable; #>ib«tancr«. m
ilie form oi an Kirclu-uy. sth'ch hat effected surprising
corr* in (lie most distressing Lasts of HaimDrrkoid* or
Pile*.'and complaint hat been pronounced aa in
n-7-*iold, Wholpsalc and Retail, by WYATT'St
KETCHA.M. ItH Fulton street., New York; Wh.Thorm
■ Market •tied, and P. R. street
l’iu*tiu««li. Fa. Price SLper box. inytS Iw
. |JJ“\Vk invite tho attention of our reader* to the ex- i
trantdinary curetof Scrofula performed by Dr. CnJUn't
Indian I Vfi»wW* JVnatra. which they will find record- |
rd in another column of 10-dny't paper. They arc I
without doubt tba moM wonderlul on record, and have j
*o lircrLpruumiuccd by many of out most.respectable j
pliy»irimt* Tlie .iftlii'ird and other* interested, are rc- ]
IjueMed to visit them at their sevcrul place* of abode, j
and learn flora their own lip* lire wonderful effect*,t*f ;
ihnmrdirine. The first one nnihcil i» Mr Lime Hinok*,
who did) 1 lx l aceit daily, lieiweeu the lioar* of 9 A. M.
and 4 IV M- at tho office of Rowandfc Walton, No SJ?<J
Market *l. Phtiada. \ oefi
Glnaeng r»ntf£eg.—Msoicsl
Tsfmaosi—Wn beg leave public attrnt-on to
the following; frpm Dr. Wm. Witbamsville
Clermont Co . nod one of the very (Imt practitioner* m
the county in which he resides, and lato Senator in tho
Btaio Legislature. It is cheering thus to sec the lead
ing men of the profession,>burating the bonds of profc**
tonal prejudice, and giving mem its dp?:
••Sir: I h*vo mmy practice been usjng someof your
Ginseng Panacea, and, so far, am'well pldasrd m n«
effecu in Catarrhal and Bronchial Complaint*. Plcav:
aenime half a dpten bottlea—pul theta. ** low a* vou
can; a* I expeet if ii continues lo readirtU general sat.
isfaetion as it has heretofore, lohecp ll cdnwanily on
hand. Respeeifullyj npl7 Writ. Doan, ir. d. ,
On Thitraday evening, ‘Jfth trtsiani, by Rev. D. EUioi,
\V. * mackintosh" .VI of Wellsvilte, Ohio, to
Mlu MARTHA H-HART,of Allegheny Luy. .
$5,00. BOOTS§ 5,6b.'
. Tllb *uh*ertber renwetfuHy inform* tbe publlethat
be hag commenced the manufacture of Gmtfttnm
Faiiionabl* Boon, of good material and workraanahip
.winch be will warrant superior to*any Moot rtvrptxiir
tn I'.tinbonrh jorriie pner." Tbrai.** tool
vvtit be made to uieu*ure, and warrant thetn ns repre
•erued, uim eery low pnre of UVE DOLLABS
CASH. Ccmlcmen ace re.quevted io call and exam
nettie.n. ivil W K-ERSh'INK
Formerly taller 1 * Hotel, Ifashinslou, D. C.
'FMIK proprietor formerly «j*oci»ted with the well
1 known Im of Fuller k. Co, leg# leave to call the
tmeniiou of per*on*. vi»tiing ibo Capitol, whether on
pleasure nr b a newly opened ciiaMisbntent
■hi ".'Man»ioi« ltou»7,' wlnih fra* been fitted up in a
atyle of tom'urt and aleaancn un»nrpa«»ed by uny
other Hotel in tbe nty It i* aitaaivd at the we*rern
end nf IVmiayUbin* Averina, and in the immedtutc
vicinity of Hie v'ariuo* Dcpartmeataof GuvcrnmenißDd
ibo PiendenvU House.
ILa tali* will alway# be aupplied with all <h© com*
fart* and luxurica lo bo fovinl in th« market*, and no
e»p-n»e nr* will bo rparmi to render the Man*inti
tkiu*e an attfar'urfi retldtnca to all wbo m>y tee fit to
honor >t wiih tbeif patronagn.
The proptt : tor would pametilarly rati ibn attention of
tbe Odtecr* of the Army and Navy to hi* Hotel, to •bom
>t jtas.svrf liecn a ta verity plant of reaort.
NU Porter* alwayafn ouendßttre.on the arrival
of die cor* l . io ronvey barfcxe fteeof ebargr. my.'Jtf
I tINE DIAGAZISICB llereivedat M A Miner'*
tJ.Ladtei National, lor June—Fathion I’ln'r.
Gnley’# Lady'# Book for J,une—cmbclb»bed with a
poriiaa of Stepaen Girard, ol»p. an' nf Ira
Orphan College, and an nttercating account of bltnretf.
The Count of Motion.or Woman 1 * Revenge. Trana
lated from the Preneb of Frederick Soutie.
The youth of Shakepcatc; by F. Williaipj. Kiq , nu
ihorof "'Shikrjtcarcand bn Friend*”
The Quadroour, or St Michaot'a Da) | by the nuibot
of (.ariltte.
TbeCoanicMof St Uerani translated from the Fie neb
of Alexander Dumaa
'I he ViciitQ of Intrigue, a talc of Durr 1 * Conspiracy;
by Jotnc* W. Taylor-
Tits Hidnry of Daniel Hvooe, the fir*i white man of
the Wc«L
Taylor'* Gold and Silver Coin Kxamicu-r.
Funny Elton'a Comic World.
Life and Public Service* of Gen. Z. Taylor—fre»b
tupply. Fur talc at M A MINER'S
mvil * ' SmitbCeld street,3d door fram Vd
OF FIFTY HUILDING LOTS in the eih Ward of
the City of Piuthargh, near the new Court Hon#e
Tbe rt]l>*ertler will offer for »a!e. at public auciion, |
on the aremire*. on Saturday, of May. J&4?. 1
at 3 o’clock in 'he afternoon. 50 beautifully located 1
Building l<ot«ou HjV'i’a Hi'l. on the aouih sine of Penn*
■ylvarna Avenue, (or Ilh at road)
Thi* lan* will t»r *Ald on tbe tullo** mg terra*; vixt—
one-fifth of the purehate money to he paid in band, and
the residue in four equal annual payment*, with imereti
f.orada'e of inle. payable »emi*annuully, to be recured
by hontl mid morteage on the premne*.
Should the weather be unfavorable the role will be
adjo lined til! the nr it tuceeetiing Saturday, at tbe tame
place nod hour. TilleinditpotaMe.
ALEX BLACK, Wyliq at
JN (iI'EENS.VaRE Aii—3u*t rrceiv dfrontPhPa
(le-ptna, and bow offered tor immediate •araube
wa'ehoute of M Wallinxliird A_Co,nu tba Canal Ca*'o
L>t>eriy iireei. Pitivliorgb: An •xterraivc a»*ortment
of French China. Flowing Hoe and While Stoneware,
with a great variety of olhe/ pattern*. Dinner Tea and
Chamber Sett*, Freneh and German Mantel Ornament*
Tbe above good# will be told a great bargain, in Jo*#
to *uit the purehaaer*
Storekeeper*. Hotel ProptiMnr* and other* who want
in purehate will do well to call before they buy. and
examine _ • > ' myTAlfn*^
SUGAR— 14 M.U I'ulren*' <1 Sugar;
0 bb!« C|U«hrd do;
•l tre* ClAr,firii do;
l> bird* N. O do;
rayW For *»lr hy_ J_ I) WILL|A OO
Jjtiir 4iha!>n:l Road. *4 I y 9ii Jeet each.
A>k». *■ !.«:» n, or Uiv 4ib « ret! Road. ?4 by UU feet
each i’i.cc9l&i. Terixi».6*o m hand, .talince ill *ijt
S C CTIiIIF.RT, Gene ral Agent
No 50 Smithfirld at
I'JiLI'ABLB BUILWMS LOTS for aale, in dV
V rrrClt »itO»t'nn* in I'lruburgh. Allegheny City, Man
e.!f*irr U-rrmnrham. Joi.n'town, Freedom, Fretpcn.
New Itnehwn. tvd-nVi'xh Ac. Ac
S CUIIIUKRT. Krai Eataw Oifflce
FISH— Aotd.u Nf aMutkcrcl:
SO bit* Not! .do;
M t>za llerrmc; tor aaie by ,
mySC WIP.K ft MeU AS PLIES'* cot wood ft water *i»
JL'ST reccivtd frotn the Menufacmrer. a few dozeno’
iSo>« her W'llion and Btu*-<.“l Carpel Ban*, (or *Uc
b* ilie- dozen at factory pntea by tile agent, at No •£>
Wood ii'fe'i up iU'm KdWARD TODD
m\Vr Agent for KaMcrit Manofacinrcr
FIBH-10 I.w« Not llcrrinr.
No 0 Larjre XUekerel;
10 hf (Alt No I do;
10 kills No il tin, Fot «*le l»y
J |) \VILI.UM< &CO
CHEESE-MO 1U superior \V. R .
SO Ihi San Sajo; for «ale by
my« i O VVH.I.IAMi* i CO JlO.wooO »t
BROOMS— 140do*. Fomeroy'aEitraUilt;
OOdoi do Co -mon: formate liv
tnvW J-D WIU !AM'ftCO_
MuLASSKS— flu l.blt N Orlrana.
It} bbl* s*. Mtuife; for talc l>r
50 <Jo No I; >or **lr Uy >
Sit. MOLASSKS-A few l-bl« on band nnd for
. »alr to cluac a conaig.iuient. by
myil I.KWm:TCIIIS »N ft •”«)
Jrtwiol ili . r«r.' Slirc'i. ju«t r,ceiTr.| for rale
by inytW ISAIAII DtCbEV ft TO
MANILLA lIRMP —lO bale* iu*t received and
for iuv by np-jj I. HUTCHISON ft CO
Ci lIEBaK-li'i I>i« Large Ohrr*c m *iorc and fbr
'aale by mya WICK A McCaXOi.KS*
BRANS— 50 Milt in good nnler.'for **le by
LEMONS- s<i m »t»r* and for *nle t.y
my'St WICK 4 MeCANm.KS-*
L INHEED OIL. —lt> (M for Ml. i'.y
\ I.I’M—CO M.l. Alum for -air low hr
.n) *< WICK ft McCANPI.KS-S
i*K A —mo |(i i hp>t» Kn'*li fiireuTea* for tale hi
rujd _ WICK_A MfCA\oLVa**_
MAPLE SUGAR—Ij bhlt Sugar for tale hv
MADDKR-Foi sale by ca»k or keg bv
I.'LAXKKKD OIL-t.hilil.h iji core and f-r »al«-
r bv_ _ npga MILLER ft HICKSON
CIANTON CRAPE Htl AWLS-Ju-n rec-ire.'
/a large a*«oriniet;M>f Rich V' hite and Co'nred Car
lo.> Crape bhaw I *. at the New York Sto»e, TV ftlmrkci
•t. mv.’l W 11 tIAURAUII
SUM. If Kit SHAWLS—Now open a full aatort_
in-m of Rich ?*umnirr Shawl*, ut theXcqrYnrk~
Siorc, T# Market Siren. mytil 'V’ II OAKRARD
-1 jibn piece* ju*iopcn <>t the Above goodi, ►j.lrnJil
new |>4itrrn«, and very cheap, at the New Yorkshire.
TV Market atrret inytM W IIUAfIR.\UI>
Mantillas and visittks-a further
supply jum ii-cclved, new pattern*, at the New
York Store. TO Market Muet
inyUl W >1 <•' VRfIARD
nj| AD—2sbhi» No I Ualtiinnrc, rcc'J and (or <ale l,y
h!» , n >« JOHN F FK'tKV
MACttJClllfil*— lU> l.bH No 0. Large;
150 b/ bid* J-ii to arrive, and/or
my.ll. ' JOilN V I‘KRttV
RYK— 500 bn* Peniisylv juris Rye for rile I n
DRY APPI.ES—Co Inn in Horn nod for ■iileby
BEANS— 3* musll Wii 1», in storo and for sale
l.y inyVl JOHN F PERRY
SALT— 300 bbls No I Allegheny;
60 bbls Not! do; for ante by
GRKBN APPLES—bbIs. Just received and
for *ale l.y raytH JOHN F PERRY. .
rroBACCO—4" kegsHtwitlTobacco for sale by
mjtfl cqrwood »nd wairrst.
' I 'AB—IO barrel* for *ate by
der for sale by (tnyta) WICK ,A M'CANDLESS
OIKR'S AROMATIC SALTS. always on hand ir.4
Olorssle by my?l QRaUN A BEITF.R
Louisville lime—jnn r*c i d*ndfor sale
mylO No3o 6nh»i
O' ROUND MUSTARD—4O keg* superior En
r«li*h» just received and for *alfl by __
PILLB-M bi. Gaiiim. (ienaui Ktf-1-n
and for ,ale bv IIRACN A KWTER
aygl cor Lllwrty.Md St Clair *l*
riALGINRD MAGNESIA—3 cm**, beat quail-
W , u ,‘ reived and tor
fl- frfi" salts •'■lt'-'1
jD'i.N'dliMifil AUCTIO!* -WCtES. 'g
BtjfunSE, B^BEAUjkwawjg^ncgjp
" mAßdoanv timbek I 'ii
Volk. RrashearaAltewscß oo WW-ifgfT
.moru»ofpiUyi#li*aill.o:efock.paji« ley«*:PPMy?.
the Mabmaty ?*aw Mill, of Messrs-- H. Albro* P>**
Cinc’nnat. . f. ,
1.,1> l og* of Huy of Honduras Mihwmy-Jt Tanoa*
i'rgth* so,l diom-tres,iquaiing from lit to W 18®**”!
>iie whole loi containing about 4M>OO fret, superacltl
meoa-r -, with sjarrc portion of tMtded.-'W'w.,.*®*.
ciotrhc*j>rfaii'toils. , ' ■
Toe above ttrabrpsput upiniolaofifiva tyg*, nnd.
roeu*urrd by U*e befd sawyer of Mottff. H<! Albro *
Co Purchasers m*Y bare ful eoufideqce lb St a lib©*
racarnre I* given. j • ■
A catalogue of the number, length, bresd’h. tod thiol*
if* <of each-lot and *tiek, will be readVjtheday before
tbe sale, "bowing the content* nt superficial feetof each
•tick, and the >«n of each lot in partlculht. '
i emit of isle are 81W. and underv**ah;Bfoolo#3oP,
00 day*: 8340 to GO3, DO days; SSOO and opwuils,*
month*, for approved endoried paper. ,A diaeoantor
21 percent for ca*h will be made on all parehate* of
8000 and upward*
my 19 - - ' ■■ . Aocnastraa.
By Jolisi D« Ogvli,, Awctloaeer,
ON Monday morning,.the 24th instant, at 10 o'clock,
will be told: A large and general assortment of well
ictfctrd ttnpTe and fnhev Dry Good*, Ac.
At 2 O’Cloek. P. M.
A uoannty of new and areoad bled household farnl*
tore, embracing nearly all the variety of article* ttsaally
wan ed bv hootekeeperr; groeene*,
ware, looking gla«sea.mantelclock*; lamps, eogruvraro,
carpeting, wire fenders, mattresses, bed cord*, * hovel*,
wire • iere* band botes, eooklogstove and kitchen fur
niture, Ac. Alto, H Hag* Dried Peaches.
. At 7* O'clock, P. M.
One cbcstearpenler’s tool*, tool chest, AC-i aqosntity
of very «upenofq uality cutlery, now and aeeond band
gold and silver watches, ready-made clothmg..nne
•liirt* with linen botom* and german ftney
good*, Ac. “7» l
band for Sale.
Valuable Land*, withm 4| mile* of Pittsburgh, at Auc
non—ON Thursday evening, the S7th instant, atfioN
dock, at tbe Commercial Auciion Boom, corner or
Wood and Fifth *ireet*, will be Miff six beautiful lota
or piece* of land, titnaio in Rom Townihip, on the
Franklin Road, four mile* from theeityof Allegheny,
•unable for country teat* or gardening purpose*; a plan
o' which may be seed at the Auction Room.
The above property j* very desirable, and may |>o
examined at any lime previous toaale.. “ille Wdiipnta
ble mid free from all ineumbiance*. . .
At*o. that valuable lot of ground, situatn on the aorta
eu-t »idc of Hixib *uect. near Oram, having *7 feet
front, and extending back 100 feet, On'whieblaetaeted
a throe »tory brick Dwelling Hoo«e and a email frame
I building. Term*ai*B/e, JAS. UI.AKKLk,
I’ Attorney in fact of I-. Mitehel..
! inyiU , . . v JOUN .D. DAVIS, Anei’t
7 5,690 Bpantab Clgara *
• Embracing a chore ossortmtit of very superior
(•uality imported Cjgurf.of.the moit highly approved
brand*, will be told cheap at private tale, to close a
consignment. • JOHNiD DAVIB: .
comer wood and anh street*
Seventy-six Bnlldlnf Lola,
Adioiriirg ihe Tib Ward cf-ibeCjty,Ofl Minptsvills
Turnpike Road, at Auction.
uN Saturday Afternoon, theMd initictul 3o>eloek,
will be told, on the premise*; seventy-six handsome
I building lots of ground, tiiuato onCentre' AVcnue and
puce)* adjacent thereto, a piano/ wbicu can be seen at
I ih-auction room, or on application to James D. Irwin.
Ter*h,andrwiidue rafonrannaolpaj
* ment*. with interest to he secured by boud and moil
j gage. rails I ID DAVIS, Auctioneer -
1 Large Saleof BuFding Lots, in.the JEigtoh.\Vtrt '
1 of die Ciiy of Ritibarjih.' 1 "“ i
t- ON Wednesday n'tenoon, the »Ut instant, at*o'-
clock, on ibe premises, will be sold: 146 very splendid -
| t'uildinf'Lois of- Ground, fronting on Pennsylvania
Avenue, inear ibe Counßou*a,)Md!*tim*ndjaeeaV
I there o,«ompri»iog very ei situations for
iDaußfactnrtng purports, and private dwelling*—a pan
of the *ame having a beautiful view of tbe Monooga*.
beta river and the adjacent scenery*
A plan of t e Lot* may ’>e hod at the Auction Room,
or on application to DAVID GREER, at hi* residence
; on Penn «t. Teims: Onelhin! ea»hlb*lancepayabl« in
two rqtul annual pajmehtrwf hli.Lre*i,to,bß secured'
bv nolesand tuingage—purchasers to par expense of
conveyancing. myH •*J D.-DAVIt*, AnciV
received and tar sale by J L READ,4th street/
near Market. . , ,
Onioo; u n*rratire of adrenture* in the South' Peoa•
By Herman Sleeville.aa-borof “Type*." ‘ ;
First and Second Vol* Life and Wriling* of Wash
iugton: bv J. {ipsih*. • I • . • i;J -1 *• >• . ,
Mullier'* Universal HiMory, from the raruen period,
to the yearof our Laid ITSi.
Sae td Philorophy of tbe Seamna, 4 vola
Live* of Eminent Individuals, celebrated 'in Ameri
can History. • _lL'
The Pursuit of Knowledge under difficulties, tllnstia*
led by ; Aneesote». vriih ponrait*: revised, Ac., by.r.
Wayland. D D
I’oicv'* Natural Theology, with supplementary ui*-
■eriatious, Ac., Ac
llUioricslTa esfrr Youth.
Sciipiure II u«iruetl hy intereiliug fact*, ineul«ntf :
and anecdotes; by Rev. Chester Field, with an intro
duetion by Rev 1 Todd, D. D. ■ .
The Ch'ld'* Friend.
Ila- kley l * Algrbia, cheap cdt.ion.
Ueomeuy- Elements of, and Couie Seetinns; by Elia*
Lcorai*, A. M.
£iory on the Constitution. . _^rr%
Harper’s Fireside Library. Alice Gonlon.oni Arthur
Marnm nfr*t
TINCTURE:. Good for gouty and iheoraauepaln*'
and stiffness, wounds, blows, eontosiops, falls, sprains,
biles excoriation*, sore* of bedridden patients,frae-.
turcs. boil* stingt.'inflaoed eyes from injuries or from
anything In ihrni'afler its extraction? bleeding of the
note, cracked -lip*, ebapped bands, in man* eases of
looihaclie and after cxtracuon of teeth, ibrtore nipples,
corns ader scraping off the Hard *kin in warm water,
and in all efferta arising from mechanical Injuries
Two tea-spooii* full to bo put In a Uunblar half foil of
]' water, and the pari* io He bathed w,ib the solution fre
-1 quoitly, or else apply a rag,wet*wtih the saras to'tbe
affected part , . . . . •
lnatl exierhaUniuriesto Animals,particularly hor
•es, it can be used to advnnuge prepared aa above
1 recommended.
j For sale at |he Bookstore of J. G. BACKOFKN, Lib*
j eny street; near Samhßeld. Medicine'Boxes with
i llenng's Domestic Physician Gtololo*, always on hand.
i .hftnnea : Dr*. Rcichhelm,Bayerttndanffner.
tnyStd3twitT • •
AANCKRB & MAYER- vrboTe.ale and retail dealer*
in Eastern Ready-made Clothing, wonkt. Teepee t-'
full r take iht* method of soliciting the attentioo of tbeir
cQttomrrs and the public generally, to the following
lid* of their stock in trade, and assure them altof-that
they will rell a* cheap if not cheaper than any other
sstabUthrecut in the city- Onr facilities of purchasing
sndraauafsctarlng goods, azc*ucbas to enabled* at
al! time* w keep a lull assortment of ready madeclolh
- mt, at tea* price* than they dan be obtained elsewhere
The present *;ock on baudcontifts In pan of the foU
lowing description ofjtoodai ,
15» plack c'otbdTess coats, from 810 to SSD. ' .
ta» do doFrench do 10“ #l.
70 brown and invisible crern do 19“ 85
VOUsact cotu, splendidly made A of good maieriaU
Hkt) pair panw, of *ll style* qualities and priees.
•J4UO vest* do !do do ' do
luo d<urn Linen plant andititdcd bosom sbins;atock»;
•carffti cravat*; bosoms; cotlhr*; suspenders;. socks:
drawer*, and under ahtrts of every variety, all of
which bar* been recently putchased and adapted to the
pretent season. .Merchant* and others who
want of clothing, cannot do better than to give osacall.
OF ibe late hrm of Gtlie-pie A Kennedy, Looking
i.!a»s Manufacturer and cealefcin Clocks,Combs,
ami Variety Hoods, keeps on hand, of bit
o vn manufacture, ever, deseripliorfot Gilt. Mahogany
and Common Looking Glasses; 1,3 3 4,*ndsdtawer
rmleiK plsihaad ornamental portiaUfraroe*.j;\. :
All kindvbf Clocks Trays, and Watters, iu sell* or
d.irens CnmU.Tureads. and a general • assortment or
Fancy Goods wholeia'e. at a small advance oncost
-I‘cUUrs and others supptted with Pbelp’s
rier’* Prims and |0 by 14 frames at New York prices.
njyiOif No 6i, cor wood and Aih st*.
CheißQt Street, Philadelphia.
ABOVE Seventh sued?. son door to **Mwonie Hall *
This well known enabUsbrnhct has teeenlly been
giratto enlarged, and riehiy and eostily fimdthed.. It 1*
tnuuted in the most fashionable part of Cbejnut streei,
and in the Immediate vicinity of the pebfie places of
amusement The proprietor, grateful.for (he very libe
ral patronage hereioforo bestowed, will spare no effort*
to render hi* boats every war agreeable to hia guest*
and worthy of their continued support my»l-3taw3ta
J' AYKB'I HAIR TONIC—We commend to the
ausmion of those desirous of. restoring their hair or
improving iu beauty; to this elegant preparation W,
hear it every where highly spoken of. and especially by
■llihose whahave made cse of it, asgrct'ly efficacious
in stimulating die growth of the, hair, and preventing
and curing many election* of the skin Iu virtues arc
amply and sudii-iciilly proved—A’. Y S*ni
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORK,
7-. I Fourth street, near Wood, and also'at the Drug Btcre
of H P Schwartz, Federal st, Allegheny City. tayiP
TAKEN UP trespassing on the premise*
,tbe subscriber. inAVilkinsbotgh. Alio
s *** l riitny Coonty, Pa, shout the ldu or I3ib
iN*iam,a smaiiiiiark Cow, with while fare, a crop off
.be iigntcat—her r:rht horn broke off, wkich appears
in Lr newly done. She isgivingmllk.
myaidiiwli* , - HUGH BOYD
press Penknives; RogerY 1,8, an<t3 blade do; Wos*
r<*nh-'!m'» Knives, assorted; Razors of amopefiof quali
ty; itnzor t*ir.ip» and Hones; Table Cutlery, ih seusof
Al n i> in »infled<rmii_pf the best Aiaeriean
nitnutociure and ;voiy balance handles; Steel Key
R nrs Key*. Ac ; Steel Tweetsie. Clasps,Bags. he.
For sale by W W WIU-ON
. my u Cowei Fourth*nod Marketsll
' cbti nivkllONEß OF DESiDB **r
A T CINCLNNA tl—tamamhorsxed by the Governor
xxof Pennsylvania to take aefouislrdgvwtU of ail i Q *
atnnaenis of writing, alto «*d Jmtitwai of
persona in Ohio, to be used or.neorded in;Pennsylva
nia. Orvica, 8 doors Ean of the MavorY Offlre, Cin
cinnati, Ohio- EDWARD P'CRANCH
my«dAwly*F . . Attorney at Law \
CABHMERKTTKB— 1 case beahtifo! Black
Cashmereltee, Ju«t opened and for tale by
my»» dH ACKLETT A WHITE, W wood st
HERRINGS—« bbls Nol, lospeeted: for sale by'
niTiO ' ' Fast side of the Diamond '
Blue Banner Fringe*, with Tassels and .Cords to
match—received by Express aud for sale by
im-an m -.t F H EATON
SUPERFINE SHIRTSrdf litert style and of
regular *l2e«, from No l tffNo o—jest received and
for sale by .myth PH BATON
PANT STUPES—A very large ■ssortment good,
m w style Sommer Pantaloon Stuff*, on hand «y* Br
mvtfO WHITE..
I.AWHB-AFK-I jlf*?';
r mble styles and U'e patterns and imporwwo*, lor
Lie a n PHn Gilroi Lead, )tisi received.aud
f^Thl 3 ? 1 ”* | POINDEXTER ACO
by . , | No 41 water street
W ,o“cribcr. will PH lb. kllbMioMkjt pile, for
* White nnd.Fed AVtical and Yeilrw Oarn. ...
r a,<i b lIUmIiuDUK, W ILSON k CO, w.lrr .1.
LiaUOBICE-d esses Liq’iec Ball, small sucks
1U U :‘obales • Mo" do r -Root Flesh!
For sale by- HuSh ' [ J.SCHPQNJAAEBR A'CO ;
Arsenic— i keg Powd^racalved aod.’for
*.ie by _ m)H> jj|BCHOONMAKEEfoCO
yy.wii on eotUigiuiiem^fof.aafo|i^^p/
\l7 ANTED-A Competent Book-Keepgr. Address
YV; Boxt47,FostONcr- , .■ pyEdiftf
talo by my)
ißST—Spot*McAHUtpr’* Oiotaeat for
i nn/vwooL sacks,
.ItUUU, myJpdfcwtfT . MURPHY ALEE
lNttffeMafeb; ttfir MILCERASICAETSOPi
Tdi IHt;ffDnrl*p*, witable for Woo) Back*; Al*o
4y Grain Klny plain and twilled, in gnat vatic
ty?e*ostamlyOßhaad and for sale by the bale.
. ap«6ddw r~ 39 Merkst it, Philadelphia
'PJJE higbrit prirv in c*»h jva'd for all ihe iLff-rem
1* graces of clean Wa*hed " col. by
- v'l
-1 v IROOO Xusto Cigars; .
10,000-Jd quality do do,
' - . ’ &000 Regalia do;
Leaf C?igat»,tn qr boxes;
10 hx* Rowlesi'sff*- Plug-Tobscfo.
9 bx« Hewlett’s |Ca Lump do;
Jnst received and for sale very low br
SUGARS— 1* OKI LoTeiiM*»sDobie TeWLoar.
ID bbls Lovcring’t embed Loaf Soft* -
■ 40bbl»Loaiii»iu»RefineiyXe«/S}a**r, Not;
SObbU do do *JO| , flo <; •
gubbl* do do l*tt!irfemedSeMr,-| &*j
*1 bbU Si. Looi* do «<* do, f»M,
fibx» do •do • do --‘do,- - «2o;
Tor wtle by roylfl MILLER AKICKKtdON
J'fgT RF rßlv^P —AnciTtr largelnrotte or
Um« Pateoi Uin Eta»lie and *Nrted Sa»f*n«!m,
medium minJlwea, maaufaeiorrd by! ihenafwU Mann*
factatinr Company. C*, aud fa• «alo at taclcr? jiiifcav
b, ,bo Morn, No * Wood ««g
i myia Agent for KaHera Manufacm/er .
—\V R Mmphy b»« jn*opened as auoruneui of
Gmwhoppcr,. Braul,, Vandyke, Chios, £pl»t
Straw, taper. Rntlaujt.'anduitap Bonne**. Al*«. Kit*
boo* end Fiawui in great nne!y, at the North Kim -
cornerof4Uiand Market>U. -
FISU-70 kr bbU No 1 Trituaed tfhftd;
Xbbta do do do?. IsipefinJ
' SO bill No 3 Lanre Mackerri; (at *a> i y
aytft fcjimdc ofjbe Dian.omJ
DttO©tt--luiox. Sulphate Quinine; ’’
‘Oox. Hyd PnitHa; •
SO ox. lodine:
SDox. Betuote Acid;
SDox. Pnuaie Acid;
1002 iodide Iron; Ju*t received and Sot
Nodi wood meet
Acids* *c.—3bx»Ttn. Acid:
3 bx* Seidlitt Minaret
- • bxa Pult. SaV Rochelle; _
3ke*s Polv Sap Cub. Soda; ju»t
receited and for rale by
X(L Mbipby hu .ißSireeeivcda aopply of alove good*
ofanperior make, and atvery low prices for quality, at
dry good* bow, N. K- comer of 4th end Mortem*.
AND LINENS—W.R. Mmphy fans noW open an _
excellent Assortment of-above jood*; atlowert ea»ta.
price*. - ’ - ■ wy»B
SALAD OIL—IS bbla Bordeaux Salad Oil, ja«t,
received and for sate by
SPTI. TCBFBHTUIB-S5 Bblt received on
consignment and for ante by
tpyl9d3l Fifth. near Market street
C OTTOS* Ac.—S bale* Tennessee Conon;
ffaackaGmtcng; received per R*o
Grande, and for aala by mylO M ALi.E* * CO.
POCCftONG TEA—SWhf.chean “Chulsa" Poo
chon*Tea, now leudinx and for tale by' -
Hbbbißg abd buad-
Z 5 bbla No 1 Baltimore Herring; ,
- ISbbls No 1 Shad, for xaliby •
|*it) iSwlfSEE—3i»bt*aprime Grreu Kto Coffee,
JV.foraale by' JOHN SCOTT 4 00 -
: aylS • No 7 Commercial Row, Liberty «ueci .
HICKOJIirkIITS— Sbhlsfor»aiet.y, r "
myli , S .F.VQN BONN Hotter ACo
VfILITARV STORE* corner of Fourth aru!
iVL Market street. my!3 WW WILSON
SPTS. TUBFESTIVB—IO Bble. just received
and for tab* by mylS BRAUN A RKITKR
tISSEBD OIL—Id Bbla on hand, for *■!* br
IX7HITIHG—3O Bbla of a superior dryquaLty, Cat
Waalc tiy mylS URAUN A RKITKR
C OTTOS—3O bale* Tennessee, for tale by •
mylfl , I DICKKV *CO
boxe* Cheese for anle by
L/ nrytS ■ I tICKF.Y 4 CO
RICE— 89 tret Carline Rice; for sale by
ratio - JAR FI.OYD
("IORIV— 300bos Comic store and for sale by
GLOVES— *bbiajast reeMand for aalely
GOBS BROOMS-ttt doa for aele low by
COPPERAS —OCTbbt* for sale by •"
VINEGAR— SO bbla for sale low br
myia FRIEND, RIIEY 4 Co“
BUCKETS 4 TUBS, reeeived and for sale by
nylO TaSSKY 4 Htaxf
B BOOHS—ISO dor, for tale by
bbla raperior CaTioi ’’titlTeetd ■
for sale by CLABKKATIIAW •
tn ff / eauH bdafc;
APPLES—3OO bus. reeM in atom and
TPforaale by my» L 8 WATERMAN
ALT-U 0 bbla No I Salt, for sale by - ■
BROOMS— 30 doz. Cora Btooms-ta sic re and br
sale by ~ myld Mj4 J SLOAN T
i ALT—dtbbl* No 3 Salt, in store and for tale by
) mylS -... . ' M 4 J SLOAN
BACON HAMS—I 3 ttuka'Hams foraale by_
SCOBCHISOS— 25 casks Si Salts, for sale by :
mylS i W GREER
NALLB-SUO k»t NaiU, moiled (ixea, fejaalehr
I BAS—BDCbeiuTeai,-part prior, ferula by -
tayis . _W QUEER
SCO Ab—9 hhda Scnr, on hind ud for rale by
COFFBE—SS) bag* Rio Coffee for rale Ly
myli W GREER
NBATR-TOOT Oil*— lo bbla for ralebr .
LUIIBBO on*— SO bblr in atore nod tor rale by.
nylff MVKEiMiUNTKBfcCo
COFFEE— 00 bue receiving fraaCauad. and for
.rale by aiylff ' JAMK& DALZELL,
-85 Milt No 3, for tale by.
SR BtOlcASSßtl—jObbUinitore'and lor rale
,by .: myia J&ME& DaLZELL
NA1I»B— COOtetaJ<nuaiaNaib,forra!cby
mylff . J OALZELL, 21 water »l
BACOS—iO- b'ol* Shoulder* and Side*, jtrel rec’
sod brute by '
mylJ . ‘ J C BIDWELL. A
IIOTASH—IO casks Ist aorta, lull ree’d aad (ox sale
JTby' my 13 . i C DHAVELL, Aft
IICBF HIDJCS—Mtn (toreand fertilel/j*'
► mjriS _ __ ISAIAU LlCKfclY *Co
pOßACCO—Virginia Maan/aeinred Tobacco, Tt* [
L rietyof brands,constantly onhaad,for •elely -t
mjlS . iSAIAH UICKKV A’Coi .[
m>lB . —, ■ \ ISAIAH PICKEVACa i
ROOKFOWDK&— lbOkmWTSateiowhy ■
• B»yU Jtll frLoYD
MOSS— < bales Moss ta «uk# and (or sale by -;
IIANNEE*’ OlL—Ubblsin iiora aad-toi rale by ;
BACON— 8 fahdj Haas, sides.and gaoaldcis, lor sale
by myl4 AI Wool), JUNKS AOO
MOLASSES— &> bbls S. 11-, in Store and lor sale by
POTASH— 43 csks Pine, laadmf and Tor ale by
myll J A it IXOVD
BUTTKB— 3bblafrcih»U; for sale l>> ' '
TIXtOTHY MUep-s*4bua eleinT.t«Mby wed
lor iiiai>y B)U J & R FWyD_
bxc No 1 Cincinnati Soap, jtnt ijeM nail
WnofMltPY - myll o>» MIUKiMjEKOEE ,
SrYTB-B BIFLKB-3 grora juql .< cM aodfor-r
aalebjr myll WICK h MeCANOLKSS •.■
CIIDBEI— A few bbla ior Mle try ' ; • i
J\ myltf • - WICK «c McCaXDLESS J
STCBFKIfIUIK-S t*3 bbUjan red'd and <br\'
• Mle by K K aKM*KRB i
my 7 : • * __ . wood n. • V
'PPRXISH yjIOKINU TOBACCO fer»a>l.jr : :
X myl? I DICKC.Y A CU, vra'efrant front M< : ; j
BXCOZV— -3.000Ibtiiisortni Ilaeon, (ox *»le by -f*- :
ayl7 ' __ KNuLteti A Bfc.NNKIT
IT'RtJIT— SCO but. Dried Arp!e*» for Mt«by :
! , ntrl7 K.V.|.iS,t*Iu:«.NETT
D~!aiKO tKACIUCS-lWho*. for anieby ,
B BOOJSS— IK) «kjfc Com broom*.ror *»lr If j
B»yl7 ~ ' ~ ' KftObtg'H fc BKNNgIT i
HB&BUICH-1& bbi* Uerrinf, tor iaJe by j
BVTTK&»HX> lb* Keg BflUti ferwlr b) ' !
tarn ■ ■ -w t;aKEttj
nft CO>FBB~*H b**« pm mj green E» toffee;
Ajornlc by HA(»ALKY t^mi
])“»,“ r “ cb " Ap tei°! uss
N r ?” gG »- 1C ‘ t “''wCK^McCAMti.ESSi
BKKF bvtbe l>bli iei *ele by
mtll y .WICKa JieCANDLESaJ
acOß—For »ale by * 1
■ vum. eoaw iu note aim tur aa|e
J 5 lir mylO 'YJ*;* McCaM*LP>S;
/|<KAI->M bl/ cbcaitireafa Tea i: Tot aale by
X aylO - ■ _.. WICK t UcCAMLESA
I'OBACCO— jflO bxa I», a*,i3 Tie*; fertile by
wy.B WJCK ,j MeCA^liUas
eOPF&K-EUo. Maracaibo A Lageayf*: for tale
ty mylb ,WICK C aTcCaaulessi
MU)PXn-F» taleby ' ~ ‘ .
wyio , •• . wick;, t McCast less
11 BHBlB&—lYmofcttillnbxi ; (or >ale t y
Xl aylU . ■ . AvICK >lcCaNm^T^
CUOT-4B keg* abot, aaiorwd ? ot; for ante i,t
Q ayli , , Ml JICHIfcO.N *Co
RO&Ir BCYTKB—Sbblafer Bate bv ". ~T
wylO ; _J A: ItFST
UQY' APPlj|li-8 tbit «up( r.lfTicle, tor ule by
• ■g>yip-' ••• r >•-•.-■ rAaaKY ahebt _
BACOS-sMol&»Bacon,H Ri for«olebv
py7 . MA J sLOaX
HBRmao-%) bVu JffcTlf B itiimoreHehtar/foi
.taJcbyv m}7 • f 31 A i ttLOAty
MACKBBBI*— Sbbbl* Pom iNo 3 Mackerel; for
me by ro>7 i Hhi BLOAN
r(I|UIIHKD ottorei- for Hie by
X_ay7 r Mti ploan
, niO COFFKIi-tObgtyoiu fer tale bx. •
■ttrey? - ' ~ ■■■..=• M a Jg-LOAN
,Ct|«Ol!B>~l3abbl*Ffaar.'iano •eacd for tala by ;
I?, ttyT MA/TcDAN libewyfeiTccdtt
•~T\>V-AFPl*lBl—BObaa.Ajpletfertale by -!•
AT- mrii - ■ i*. a rLOYfI
i Walerttfett