The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, August 08, 1861, Image 2

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-' iiil49ll*. 11911.111159, -AUG. 8,1861.
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.taaalloso - 4Va *4 Pabibb. ad
eon` Iriilaa Maid as Oinatat 647; the
..., bill leg s'dltettllstlonal Tax.
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_-• --Page*lliklmdir t h a t
big, le !I 2 iiiso,9oo„4lltonad nueibigni. It
• WWl* . kihe gate intherlike to eel
, lied for the Getetsinett or iseL If the
-:, ... dliiiiindliimitles collect it, it ladgftlant of
--:'-A s Olitio4:irintams 6 ; u Bei, the
14$14,1Fili IWO* litessoriatut Medal
fot ii.illift" and'ileille! t hig thii' fall Milli
erithefif ii'•ni. - ' -.07 •
We iiiiit re no good trillion why the Siete
Afield nit of dettakillhe iiellecolineof 'tits
ii i ii.'" , lfflie - lait the isoitilite - niseliinely of
'.. liiinfdliiidir and 30111011dia Is her owls blin# ll,
tan cute thinolketion of itmutt' leer 'T' " aka *taint°. to 4
1 104 10
thao,teepante Mani.would be on the put
--. or ilditiationst gorinunetit:.
.The /6 poi 'omit abatement Fhb& trill be
-:' allowed it thoi tare iindettikei the 'lanai
tles„ - would, red4ie the halo $1,666,900-
-, tka sum now" annuli,-
ridabi tit Bate tat;" The for
2114 tokarPooilo tiloslildelt the Bats tsl Ii
--Ikea, la $ 664 , 000 . 00 0 - 2 to to* on in .
lionise. "bolt corporation profits;
died nadnr
,iklasot of Congrug, may fart/
Di aetimatid to yield $856,000, -.lanai'
1 1 0 3000 I. be WWI on teal caste, spa'
• iix of 24 milli on the 'Slate valuation will
10 ) 4 6 stalnotnit-
Ambits, the fitatrundatatel
this tax, es she undoubtedly
' Okada do&lttis be abed bilk levying ex-1
• iiiolles2l:oliFiupos our pout manna;
whiles ti sae tail beitit into the hands of
of ailliont °Moue, we shall hat's • I
lew Ate magma, of sow sum
'Awl tolloototoo *ad the stoofutoo of
Wein Mee.
- The 1 246311411z1186624 14
sill upon
1 .oklolltO sod * va s upon tbo 1300 1103 Of
oorPRRUOII.- Theme upon
reilesiatijiikot -fixed; that-Fpon bonus
Aatem.:*A percent Won the nil
rafts of all ouporstioas and upon MI per.
ioltalltaints 0 , 52 $BOO ems. The Meant
to bit Saul a sea Elate is find by the
w; and eft/rale tai on homes is eseer
-4404 .41_11117 tae-Shits, the remands?
of,its quote, whatnot that may be, is to be
-tolled by loy ilea seal 'eststa.:-Thuo,
3 the : - . , 1010 01 l'ennulseas ik51,950;000,.
_ - less ant 15per 0011 i.. it Us finds andutekes
t0. 021 / 0018 . - 0111 *os 007 1 4411402 Pro'
et. and Inconiis iosehas $856,000, u
. lase estiasted, ths leitainder wllt hue to
4 1014 12 1 by ths'aisiaf of reit
Tb. banking capital of the Stets is in
:..o*llla** lll **s 23,ooo . ooo- •
Pa Nag. prost, 07 $1,660,000,..8 p.r
Liz*Po* Oat 0 1 1 1 0 16 $ 41 , 3 3 0 : bit
patios of Ali le held - cut of the 131ste;'
• Tod therefore Pay 6 per vial. -wool
' • 4 0 - lift the emoaatpp. to $50,000` ThO'
oatotlorPorottotoffill sok.Prcob
...j, ably weed that of the banks: . end we may
thOnfOrfOOt delia $100,00068 the ;soluble
• did smloataf the tax to be levied by this bill
• 4 0 0 corPOntiotko.
What tkiits upoilnaliteawilli yield 4e
-- _
.11 bled poi. Tie numbs of ilmill
~ ii:.;.i. 4101!..iiINIFIts szaud POO is compare
''',•Kll*l7 lain, lad, is sSiate lilts Peassytva
i..NTN:krlery fat will be fond outside of the
- We have assumed tits& it will yield
1::::?it W,OOO, annually, sad it will regain very
• . 'rp asseedag to bring Ii opt. *BOO,OOO,
• That saw preeoppoess the csiglitele of 10,-
000 Perms la the Stela whose blames am
age $lOOO sack over sad above Me WO
azetepted from tamales; and it will require
'harper sossotors thee gay the Mats hag yst
'eallined Wiled that =ay,
These, however, are mere speoulatiou.
Tie tax has been allotted to us sad it will
hays to be paid; sod the question§ to ba
dieidieknow eimply cousin the most prso
, tatide, equal, and lout bardszteome
'" ealipida of collection. It is a enbjeot far
kit h l / 4._ giaill*4laulderstlon ; sod we throw out
..' . so:ityii
. ealetbms for the purpose of llettiog
. Iturgiairdstlo as of otters.
' iiattiarryout IA 1110071.—Wil pee a elate
'-'igiitglialigs 'the rounds that 'hie Mats has
faigtetat 62,000 troops foribs wu. It
' • . would be Pleuast to balisve,this Inn ; bat,
11,1111KOtadgriod nye, .‘ It ws weal is
thitrkr.,:c . .
- - -2,-Iftalikietaiat the 'pa oat of the Be
;;p/ asiled en ID timid' 16 nil
"ajggirtitlllitettnaostits and 10 for thrts
years a Lthe ! ,liir•rjilke faraisled,riutead,
26 iiiihtfir Ibis. 13204113 i sod not all
..far thar*.ci,.Abiet ills time of the Ball
Bas difililli4,flts time of the three months
regtmanta exalted sod they returned home.
The f3tate theta had 15 regiments in camp,
ew • llisaria lortle. enlisted for the war;
These were at ono* Wadi over to 4.'24-
tteasi government, sad thee. 1011 all the
imp which the Eitsts, as a ewe, hag pi
famished tot As war::' "'
•.' '; '. ~ - .
,11l .add1141.71.0-08,4!*1aliliita4, ire
-• lons theta mitts/Wm gushes* made apex
the 8 0i46:0 the 'Wei 11iil'p . 4essiit, for 12 1
eti l V- “1.0 110 .,. Idly ildeltatel.oow recrualsg,,
WS ligrbs,P l • l " lo .. VA .. 6ll4
alieVnalk -- ---
No -,INI* lhibiiii- ,'
amid lila) qui eter 11 ellbillVP Mir fee
*jeggite, sad - it is therefore perfectly ads to
gay that these 12 regiments will won ha l
fortletadttg. This will maks 27 regiments
famished or to be furnished by the State,
for Ike war. El4lll regiment Is composed of
1,04.0 min, Maas a 'read total at 28, 08 0
. ..,
altelde led ladepondent of the Este
;salintitoldib* Villa a ameba AI. rulinsoul 1
lies butralsedla lksl3lstabille,
_ ,
I . g gggeograd,by the War Departinglig: Of'
' 1 4keilthall ere already to aka fish Alin re:7 l
Olivia" of_ pots.' - ' Bain, shwas, rhsti,
Murphy sad Itisok, lad Prahabij nay 61-
- • ..
'' ', / - : 2 ' .1
. :''' ''' -•
, "::;'-f-41f-5,n....f..!;; WO' Wu
ebsll be nay, slthlie s - thes:c It le_
Iseposindoie#es *scion sonsberof thoste,-
At does sot; however, ix
&tom ire sli fdled *Mils
!!r Moro pSe~orrbed to nab: woepwa-:
taitrallyditesek bye from its dide—there
irldlbertereneV righeirwrigibed by loAl
ilti*rdallbill;.*likisis Wait WOO
Taking ttforetemedahat them regiment,
mill ell be BUed, the Stitt entlumittee
fivideb, bj tisk end-of the month, 28,080
cies, and tediiidest
iota of 48.800, men. Ot, them, bowl?,
0017 itront7 ttlllaMals;or 20.809 men, ere
#iddei l theie; 44is a anther of clips;
Idee-ImeCbetai teeralled la the Mate for
mittoenla in other Meths; enough probably
to *eke two or thew Mighneate, more. ,
9Praincr-Tni but 'lda pow 1k
Zoom, antltorlibig oseh Member of Coo
grew (Mai di* loyal Moto to appoint 0118
galalliradd tool9sSul Gad WIWI
Wohools, was Mel 'the Mate., noel
young mte there" who have been roe
log fie imolt appilownento. 1011 have to
watt_ aoth the, nail session of Cobra&
oitlr appointments now oPest Sr. the
lei 41 twee, to be made lq the Peeddent,
to whom appUoMlon 010n1414 made.
1.1C141411 mom wasinurros.
- . , 141113111T0116 Aug. 6,1661
There seems to be nothing doles: A. few
seginteati. ate liming on tble and the other .
side of the river. Tbe-9th, Colonel Jackson,
moral thu morning gene miles up the Pons.
grumpiest; the anket the Chain Bridge. Their
orders came, and they attack tents at daylight.
No general asoiement of thigrand army will
probably, be - attempted until the weather be
. -
gins to coot. t. -
I learn shatitie plan of campaign proposed
p . Becinal .bleClelbm will dammed _mo,poo
es. Where and whea - this inighty boss will
be moved, according 'to what general plan it
will act,- and milder what divisions it will go
forward to rietory, are of course thisp to be
kept_ proLonsd:y secret.,; The uprose, ci the
goverment are now about, one million of dot.
lan per:days There are here end this Si.
chitty, Including Baltimore:, 109 regimento—.
equal Is about 100,000 ZOO&
Oar - Pessarlunia troops, it is understood,
an to be ender Brigadim General WCali.,
Bach of the officals as . I have heard speak or
this. an wall pleased. They nave con fi de's.;
is the man.. 'Bub Bripdier will at mice;
Make op - aid take command of hie brigade.'
giving them such drill as to accustom them to
moving is large bodies. The strictest discip-:
lies will be enforced, aid doiabdess with t“
best result& - • LIIDOVICOI.
-•-• pm the Elszata
Niumdiudloss fent the Leiblatsm
The Democrats of our county seem disposed I
to man noT:puty nominations tall,
whether Maenad by .piusly patriotic mop
tires, or by the plospectsof gaining more bY
that ag; 1111 than by a pasty nomination; I , wilt
argosy. The resolutions of their Cooley Con.
Tendon, liowerer, - are not mach an to secure
the confident* or Republican: I item this
Republican piety 111 not be 'deceived, but
will .. make tear own nonshistions•'am lima
And especially 1 tustthey will lallitOgoodsom.
Motion& There's/ever was a time which se..
gland! more care lid caution. We need in
the halls -of the legislature,. both State nod
National; our fervent men. .Rll Wisp of
prejadlcs.and pmdality 'should he bunked
Rom our minds. • Let none bet good, maned
competent men_be thought of. It is a time,
too, wires good ones should bearilling to make
some unifies by accepting nominations or
effaces they do not desire, ft the people want
them.. 1 hese loud thatldr. Penney will not
be a candidate tor roldectios to the gnats.
I revel list, iad-I ma inclined to•think that
be'ought to be nominated and elictedieinta
apbat bbramoastranot: Bat if keperaino.
orgy Mesa to Gene, I would angst for kb
place D. A: Whiny, ,of Sicrickley. Mr.
Whit. is well • known in the eooltl sad
tkvonithost the State. He is a tree sad good.
stun like could _W.-bested, sad' who would
alert a-good .bilasace at liastiaberg. If Mr. :
Pussy will so back to the Saute, let Mr. -
White be elected a the Baas,.
!Makes Again—Bow to tAlue 11. Platens.
- Thu Mobile locuitig News gravely put,
forth the followisg propoalllon : -
.Lsi General Bragg dstall s few thousand
of his tan thousid to the work of catching
makes, sad se loos as they kid eallsolad
venni out !cab of those istaresting
Ulu, Lin or sheet iron shall, at osalstan,
becharged with then—eke esolosare bolas
vitiation aid of du to Al lhe largut
mortar, sod so made that it wiA break te
plow sad liberate Its contosts ups falling
within as fort. We would warn thou who
charge lks shills tort' the sass swiss tato
sack, as If the Unrest mhos wens ailed
lk.y 'triad Wig sub otter to death holm
Staring saloons to twit* os Billy Wawa's
nuns. The comas sad Ist/Talus Is
sick aim might bs fitted op silk a Ism
quit/ et tarantulas, scorpion, ceralpedas,
sad Wards, kowera, to mats noes work,
se the rukse would pack lintooly."
A Nam WAY TO Arras[ Pon helms.
—The Mobile Evening Flews gravely puts '
forth the following proposition :
"Let Gen. Bing detail a few lluxtaand
of his tan thousand to the work of catch.
Mg mikes, and as soon as they had col
lected several earl loads of these inter
esting reptiles, let tin or sheet iron shell,
or canisters, be charged with them—the
enclosure being cylindrical and of aim to
ill the largest mortar, and so made that
it will tweak to pieces and 111:smite its oon
' tants upon falling .within the fort. We
would warn those who charge the alas
to put only the same species into each, es
the different snakes were mixed they
would sting each other ,to death before
having a chance to operate on Billy Wil
son's &mum. The corners and laza:Aloes
in each shell. might be filled up with a
few quarts of tuantuiss, scorpions, con-
Sipess and lizsrds, however, to maks
close work, as the makes would "Fick
A liwirrocxr Parra ow Jolts C. Beim
nramoz.—The following from the Win
chester, gy.,'Union, of July 26th, would
MID, to "a casnal observer, tolerably ex
plicit :
"A gentleman remarked the other day
that he thought that in our last urns we
ware rather severe, wheat we ewke of the
hes 4 of John C. Breckimidge, borne aloft
an alas, being the banner under which
the Home Guards of • Kentucky In a;
march to victory. We did not say that
we Inferred that Breckinridp should
meet his fate In exactly that manner. We
did mean to intimate—we now explicitly
&thus, that he erwrita death for hie crimes.
But we ehouldrottch min. to hare John
C. Brecidmidge inn loted acid tried and
hanged on a gibbet for treason."
A ray or two ago the United States
paid ova to the only legieleutre and fee.
ogakede.athorities of the State of
Zt fall amount which the 4 01 d Do
wse entitled to receive, nada the
aillharable act of 1841. Up wenle of 141,-
000:inn pall in SOLID ouzo to the tram
sittkial govern:mad of Virginia. What this single fact oo the far
wa4astwy of Hatay Clay, the author
it-jlbei'lbodon Bill, under whops
pavilion QM pDlsa tun of Western
.Vlrglida. who bare witlutood the Awl;
ktit cmptineiphd preadult of Rick
mad, now radium /rat On, stibtedi
Miss ser_MW, a/Masi 1
I Ile Stweand . either
_ _ _ .
from eloofimMa molial7 farrnio; that
:lie , rEivaid Dalt, of dhuleston., has
..., ,
oimfm.°4-d .ko eighty OlioMmot-Pok9i of
shoes in . the sothisis army. ea szza . S
_ , ~
Oh and Imo modomModwilenta m .
• • for Ming a profit *V 7 ,t4r
., _
oats pa pi* . Tarp aides for •
*WA boots and Awes are..
t tial to se
been giros in ; S -for
anny, and osW llthi Inealtior of ilio -
erpaol alai Chailiwani limit now • •
lap Goods to Um - mount Of a •ii •
and a ball of thilhwo ; amount
said ashy,' • •
W and for oaken& now to be •• •
1 Oar blocluallois nada will his to
siateh closely *mouth attempts tn • nip
T. lop o dsbillpits of them i , We -
• boner, th at tin mistake will he
'aaamitted of Watching lot • • it
the mouth of MOM= _ • •
,We doubt It they/ems meirtherei bat
thy nsay,appiar at some little port on
thi mast which is not eo 'May to 1*
ilimilP of and watched. . . Ataisral gaud
our the whale aid, and a watch tar
dipaido bons sea or shoes to What la now
.wanta—Ploitati Advection%
flttit Matsui. ash
BoBLININTOI4 lows, Aag 6.—The gawk
s's received the following"' special dis
pel& bray
Szoarra, lows, Aug. s.—About 1,500
mounted rebels attacked 600 Union men 4
at Athens, Mo.; this .intaulag. Hating
two cannon, they were repalsed and
with a lost of 20 killed and'inanywoune
ed. A number were taken poisoners. and
60 horses ciptared. • The - UnkuiTmen,
under Cel-Moore. were greatly sided by
Capt. Beikaare City . and Captain
ausfilee Prfelq, of Keolimki oil fool,
using long range rifles. The ba ttle lasted
two home. Oar Nide wale idnfonxd by
McDowen's division of 400 rasa, which
left here this' morning.':
Eight hundred troops left t6>a aiternoon
Under Col. Worthington. •
A nisrwrois from Ilichmood Maras that
Col. Cansman, of, the New York !Sixty
ninth,. told his captor, In that city that
*he want into this mrs with his whole
acad, and
were offered m not that ha would accept s pa
w& if it hi
or ATTENTION I—The member' of
the MUTH WM SIMI aro tombs
Mtatesatinet to stood a *Mot Otte /14 , t ,,i1 0a THU
tilot) MINI DO it tyi tido*. prom
et tocoottog stoso?oto IN t _ . y tot%
od to sties& -
banns Ibusbenelee.
been Boot; SU Aeon Ili Ve
lAM AUTHORIZED by th e eo.
gm , retery await to robs In Swann el' 1*
bony babe seestern We amines nee es hewn
Ines lills=nedal situation el Abir Moan,
no sad at Knees Intiente. It le deend
On the (nasals* noble be o.i'n• of an nib
2et.d . lece mi
ratble d'aty are wa n:
•E. MUM sae *Pohl we.a.
Ilitiblizt4° " °-1.-ll let net"
0 apt 1.
nnut jsm eme saw.
re s -! COLONS% HAT&
vrir 'burp at attharlay &rhea tho abaltaa.
isano..t IllasAlint argisaia• 1.1=4.•
Tim war.tamassamaa at . os
or Nese milli& beast. 1114.111asamatt arta sanibl
at an (10) Omplaila, a* Company WO 1.•
raised salbflow taw OtOtell. birdUlattitts_t.
and alecarl I.l.aaamaa. ana ow`
psata,atikt arra* gin Ileadmat. ewwaaewa
gum at praugat aealacsaka tavaatobia ants. h Ocepaaass ar Datadamtassa bed*
eats' Nemo at satin Mn L toa Otritufooldela'
NikiißtraltriL 6 MOMV:
4 * .
grATTINT 1e 'moos UM
to 111 • Gown saw nantlohqg
*MI" VMS al
Hatlosteme• ea tiftt sersa.- -
LIME. rimming, latti
sant AL catuoir. tiose. Mtn%
1161.71 w beats we wow reedy br rsattteg
Abe Iterceattle State tat Ow as fief left, sad
wbe wads fe este Awes irtll de well te ail sad take
eat elk Wow widows - • •
Inc =mum.
- twerwa.
Tenn Waal%
onA L Coly 1g UK.
Mar DIVIDIND m NOTIM--The 0 '-
wow. rioters of obi 11/112U1IAL MMUS COX.
PAX! Moot dodorof &Monied of um iolllies pat
oblo la Ullo Oa WU% Is italindalb et
Marayfl.fYtlAtisoloNdif N Nth .M Cho
ohm fo do mob. of Umolikt Jal7. Int.
By odor of Ofto flood of lOSzooforoo
Willi _ JANIS IL 0001,11.11WoOrm.
*s abbattiowts.
(APES Of Tilt
Tiro oho* oboe lag an Qs
Forta end litations
of tbillDllllAL •ND Rim A 12115
N. B. Timm Yaps sre nu, jog Ind trait thiOnes.
Er grand on art ,
H. WILLI.II. bl .
Hat *wild a Hama' &Mai at
U. a St. QUM MIMI% Id Mary,
ratlataty d riselimr.
We la Oa apartallot of ba Theban, tka moan to
aloe .0 alas bat 'or milkstaattactloa.
I °mat mast bearttly ,Ii Yam
I elltaafally ocanat to ths oataba .z start
W Elitiw.
I tale ;dawn ta fitWal It r MKI C Pelk.a that
Aragon* nacrawawittdoo b fatly at lad
A. 1111137
I know of Do aou oho &urn. lk tent tar= oat to
I fall; coact: b W. .ban raamottodataro
H. oast proper" DWI" for Um Mak Waal vasty
duality abet Luau la the city.
6. T. D0172E1122.
Tulsa—fl pa weak, ta admen aaltilavd
GlOlOl WlLAullf, CR of las CA, of f !cis
Was this my pros Lmontlam Wird Bull by too
cso d lourificattag Llcreors m Mr* idly
4.14 prat:slog riaaill • nod rtMonforty emodo et,
sod vastly dtmarbtog yoblic paroao ltd missy
good cUtsass &re 'lama surd syyssMostoo of AM
oorbmooss d. scrim Comm! lloscotas, to Its
mei Last tbs pot 1.1• psalm sad fro:notify ail)*
frostrialsoa, 1 ona, coda sad dtrota thos 11l FOB.
stars totaskostlai drlsks ~. solo. AIIAL& Ili
cmosiD .visa all partials from OM" dal* ustl.l
ISOIDAY, ti. ISla day of Asysil,l6Bl • .
0 lora Imam wry Mad sod sad. dly of A..
rut. A. P. I{e, al In dcl isforesoi.
GOMM WILSON. MOysr. ornjearsoiras es stanuorr os.Ps,t
iticassT,ls2l. •
oats ,m
be emistral ea Ode Ace seta Taws
DA y, nth ter, oniethAg the rumba Wes
tome et dr arras ersr tall Crest; la the fermi Ot
TErIIMMIL Tho bergs se te eleriersearytios
oar we them She raielletelflahlrareLteriums ta
We bid Lr the tree me OWN ell WI Mewl otnio•
two. We Oar ttss ilneramehare to be roe* by the '
tcos Mon ot4 to oull alba conk lido try the
yerr, tt triery4r. able hot Sr regabias the sloas
wort cd moo bold 911 rile he reestr,S.
dtraxlre of Matalrleate,
sale IT LA 11111111 T,
IS DIAL Ho. $ I ugo
11 do 14.1 $O,
Late WILIto rat,
10 go ok. Slortfsg,
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