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Previous Established Business
Records Surpassed
This Year
Records l'or lieavy. Christmas mail
were surpassed during the season
just closed, according to Postmaster
M. M. Cusack this morning. During
the last three days of the Yuletide
rush more business was transacted
than in any one week in previous
years. .
••This year was the biggest by far
in v the history of the office," the
Postmaster declared. "The employes
worked harder to clear away the
mails and, as the result, we did not
experience any congested incoming
and outgoing mails," Postmaster
Cusack said.
According to the Postmaster, this
year's rush was an increase of al
most fifty per cent, over that of last
year. All packages which could be
distributed were disposed oT until
noon yesterday.
The clean-up drive on the Christ
mas Day mail was started at 4.30
o'clock yesterday morning, when
trucks were sent to the llarrisburg
terminal for the mail, instead of
waiting for the train deliveries,
which would have been made about
S o'clock. This move enabled office
employes to dispose of much ot the
mail in the 7 o'clock deliveries.
In order to take care of the rush,
Postmaster Cusack placed several
additional employes on the state and
asked the regular men to work ovei
ti rn o.
Midnight Mass Marks
Elimination of Debt
In the presence"of a large number
of numbers of St. James' Catholic
Church a mortgage was burn (I at
midnight mass on W ednesflaj '•' a,|{
ing uic elimination of .the proper-,
debt Quite a number of the early
members of the church were In at
tendance. including sonic residents or
the old section of Harrtsburg known
as I,'M iiiel. who attended the church
when first organized. The Rev. J.
Thompson in an address B ftal ' Jhe
services, lauded the late R. 1* Benton
for his faithful work in connection
with the church. He told church mem
bers that Father Benton was respon
sible for tbe recent progress 'f the
organization. The rector gave the
congregation and Burgess T. T. Mtl,
tee much credit for their work in per
fecting the organization.
Police Chief Again Warns
Children Against Mishaps
With thf first coasting accident of
Ihc winter to he T\ edn*t.liO.
Chief lsingnaker declared this morn
ing i hat every precautionary measure
should be taken by parents to r.\oiu
accidents. The police head declaied
that more accidents are likely to oc
cur if parents do not properly warn
their . children about coasting on |
streets which cross street ear tracks
or streets where there is heavy traf- |
"'The first victim was a son of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Downs of the Fast !•nd
who was struck by an automobile
truck at Front and Fclton streets.
Steclton News Notes
Purchase t.arage—After January 1
the Alpha garage and automobile ac
cessories business at 210 South Front
street will be operated by Arthur Roll- j
cits and Charles Roberts. South Sec
ond Street. Announcement of the pur
chase front Muff Brothers was an- ,
nounced yesterday. i
overcome by stroke—James !• telds. ,
of Furnace street, an employe in the
local steel plant is in Ihe llarrisburg |
Hospital reported fn be in a serious
condition. Fields was overcome b> ,
•i stit kf Of pnralysiH while* working
on' the trestles at .the blast furnace j
Tuesday a ftcrnoon.
Choir Rehearsal- The final re
hearsnl or SI. John's Eutheran Church I
( hoir .for the Christmas cantata Willi
be held Ibis evening at 7.45 o'clock, i
The cantata "The Right of Ages will
be given Sundav evening.
spend X mus Here— Many residents
~f the borough and local persons who j
a,, located in other cities and towns. |
spent Christmas with relatives hen..
Following is a partial list of those |
who were in the borough yesterday! |
John Hoy. of Barborton. Ohio; Abra
ham Shelley, Thomas C.nftney and :
ileorge Wren, of Akron; Mr. and Mrs. j
Humphrey Roberts. Michael Toomey. |
Bridgeport. Conn.; Mr. siul Mrs. Rhea j
Helm. Worcester. Mass.: Robert Hut- j
ehinson. Sparrow's Point; Miss Mary :
Ccssi I. Washington; Frank Morrison, |
Midland; Miles Morrison. Chambers- j
burg- Miss Elizabeth Margaro. Me- !
-b. ri vstown; Mr. and Mrs. Walter |
Yost Philadelphia; Miss Mary and i
Miss Martha Scideis. Philadelphia: Mr.
and Mrs Gilbert Yetter. Pittsburgh;
Mr and Mrs. A. P. I larch-rode. Pitts
burgh; James McFsdden. Oubudue;
Iowa; Mrs. Ethel Wallower. Bethle
hem" Brewster Wiekersham. Pitts
hurgh; George White. Boston; Harold
Mumma, Allentown.
Iliirrv llelk Return*— Harry Deik
an employe of the Steelton National
bank. Who has just returned after
spending several months at Pen Mar
to regain his health will resume his
duties January 1.
timer Cnnlntii. A Christmas
cantata will I"" presented at the
Grace Fnil< d Evangelical C hurch to
nl F iV-" End Cantata. The Willing
Workers Choir. composed of 2.. voices
led by George Neff, will sing tin
can tats, "Holy Niglil." at the Kast
End Chapel on Saturday evening at
7.30 o'clock.
Imp"* (•> Hmnd Onnt*e ' ,m "
pcrial bend will hold its annual lioli
dav ball to-night in Creation Hall
Second and Washington streets, and
as in pervious years it large crowd
is- expected. Music will be furnished
by a selected orchestra. Dancing
from S to midnight.
(T >llll.Hit-WII,SOX \VEDIJI Xti
Miss Alice Agnes Wilson and Em
lnett Vernon Cumbler, botii of Cuin
liler's Heights, were married at the
Centenary United Ijrethrt n church
on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock
by Ihe Itev. Joseph Daughterly. The
couple were accompanied by Mr. and
Mrs. Wilbur ti. Cumbler and Henry
Walllnger. Mr. Cumbler is a brother
of the bridegroom and Mr. Walllnger
an uncle of the bride. After a trip
to New York City, the newly-married
couple will reside at 2200 South Sec
ond street, Steelton.
Slv ITIXfi I'll XI) popi I All
The Cottage Hill community ska! j
lug pond Is becoming nitre populni
among ! lie yum ger set dally Dur
ing school vacation a laigi number
or children aic going to the pon<
• t
Red Cross Information
About New Allotments
The Home Section of the- borough
Red Cross Chapter this inoignlng Is
sued a statement informing present
j j service men, ex-service men and dis
abeled men about the new allot
ment ruling which is to become effec
tive. The- sfateinent in part follows:
I "In allotment matters, payment con
tinues four months after termination
of war emergency. Tn the matter of
• compensation, payments are udjust
i| ed on the basis of sßu for total tem
f porary disability for a man without
, dependents and SXOo for total peima
, nent disability and these increases
' are retroactive to April C, 1917. Also
1 compensation provisions are made
4 retroactive to the same date and
draftees arc included in the act."
' Detailed explanation of the new rul
, ing will be given by tile local office.
Former Overseas Soldier
Dies After Long Illness I
| George E. It Ire, aged 33. 363 Myers
i; street. who saw service in France with
■ j Company A., Fifty-seventh Engineers,
idled at the Harris burg Hospital, Wed
s I nesday at midnight after a long 111-
I j ness. He was being treated at the
hospital for kidney trouble. George
• j E. ltiee lias been suffering continually!
I j since lie was discharged from the j
i I army, lie was taken to the hospital!
i j last Friday. He was a prominent
President of the borough and a meni
, j her of the Citizens Fire Company.
Ij FA>lll.l* ItlCI XIOX
[j Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Steiner.
' Sr., 367 Myers street, served Christ
| mas dinner to their children and
, i grandchildren. Those present were i
I Mr. and Mrs. William A. Grey, Mr I
I and Mrs. Charles E. Steiner, Jr., and
children, l.yla, Dorothy, llarr\ John
and Charlotte, Mr. Georgt Sullivan,
Charlie Johnson, of llarrisburg: Mi
ami Mrs. J. W. Cuddy. Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Phillips- Stewart Steiner and
Mr. and Airs. Dharles I*l. Steiner, Sr.
Open Department*
rhe 44-inch and 2S-inch mills of
the local steel plants which have
been closed down since Sunday be
cause of extensive repairs, opened
tins morning, it was announced bv
officials. The 34-inch mill, which was
m operation during the shutdown,
tvas placed out of use tempoi ttrilv
there being no demand for the prod
ucts of this department at the pres
ent time.
| I.ondoii, Dec. 13.—A scheme of
imperial wireless communication is
being prepared under the supervis
ion of the secretary of the colonies.
The plan is to link up nil ot I'rittan's
overseas possessions for commercial
and strategic purposes.
* ace Powders "S'IT |
ILa Blache Face Powder 41c H"! 3 jflHj Ml 3", ~"
L'Ame Face Powder 37c ■ M J I l| m J m W H k. E? !. n s Kidney Pills 42c
L'Ame Face Powder 19c JhiL, Rellans *• • 45c
Boomerang Face Powder 55c Edwards Olive Tablets 17c
Garden of Allah Face Powder 55c Beecham Pills 17c
Pussywillow Face Powder . 37c I * I Etonic ....39c
Swansdown Face Powder 13c I g w m a*R <4* • y m J £"% i Lepactic Pills 32c
Carmen Face Powder 34c I
Palmolive Face Powder 39c I ** jf M. M. M. %./ O I 100 Blaud's Iron. 5-grain 17c
Woodbury Face Powder 17c ■ 8 200 Bliss Herb Tablets 69c
Flora Sweet Face Powder 59c 0 m 1 111 1 I '■ 11 11111 Pape's Diapepsin 32c
Chinwah Face Powder 39c SATURDAY <1(14 II It ~—l I°Phert 1 °P hert PiHs 55c
Valeska Suratt Face Powder 43c Z?* 1 , Ji \/g |/| 9|B|/At 1 UKUA I P ape 's Cold Compound 21c
Mitzi Face p.wder ...79c December 27 llial RCI jli December 27 iai £- p ;? k . pillß 2? c
i Pi rr „ Nuxated Iron ...69c
111 Ollet Creams Lux Borax 3 for 23c Johnson's Allen's Tiz Foot Calocide
Ingram's Milkweed Cream 39c 11 2 *<>ot Soap Foot Ease Tablets Standard Patents
Othine, Double Strength 69c llc 2 for 23c Soa P 19c 19c 19c 19c PldllQdm rdieiHS
Stillman's Freckle Cream 31c Beef Iron and Win e, pint 63c 3
Woodbury's Facial Cream 19c 19c Cans, 29c 2 for 17c 23c 17c 17c 19c listerine 67c I
Pompeian Massage Cream 37c Lavoris 79c 1
K g£& Razors s & £E I
79c 28c 39c 79c 39c 19c . 4* \%** s|
! H Howard's Buttermilk Cream 45c ' A twnnd's Bitters 19c S
I O cay r C x r A C f™ S c N estle's Eskay's Peterson's Hobson's Poslam Mustar- Cuticura Bromo Seltzer .".':.'.'.'.'.''.!'7sc I
I 9 Rose Cold Cream 28c Food Food A. f , A . . . A . Pinkham's Vegetable Compound 81c I
p (Hospital) (Hospital) H intme nt Ointment Ointment 21c, 39c Ointment Scott's Emulsion 98c I
II Toilet Soaps 1 $2.49 $2.68 27c, 43c 39c 41c, $1.68 ine 19c, 37c K Snp St !!!!!!! 1I
9 Resinol Soap 19c . California Syrup of Figs 39c I
Packer's Tar Soap 19c Mellin's Horlick's Borden's Vick's Resinol Imperial Mead's Tanlac 79c I
9 Palmer's Skin Soap 19c . Malted Malted Vanp-Rnh n ov i,: Limestone Phosphate 32c I
Pear's Soap (Scented) 19c Food Milk Milk ia Ointment Granum u Pierce's Medicines 79c I
| Poslam Soap 17c „ nz J 19c ' 39c Maltrose Squibb's Mineral Oil 75c I
IP Palmolive Soap 3 for 25c c 75c, $2.75 75c, $2.75 83c 39c, 79c 57c, 87c 63c Peruna 79c I
I Colgate's All 'Round Soap 3 for 25c Fellow's Hypophosphites $1.05 I
H Germicidal Soap 19c A Ti Ja( l Salts ...55c
I c P atka 19c - 39c - 77c
lalcum Powders SPECIALS N A \RNIRO 1
KJT ... T , Pepsodent Paste 37c CANDIES p Hair Preparations
i Babcoek Corylopsis i!! !!!! !l4c All 7c and 8c Cigars Pcbeco Tooh Pa ste 34c . 77
i Pompeian Talcum 21c a, , e oc S. S. White Tooth Paste 17c Fnte s Assorted Ch- Pa "J e "" e
p Mavis Talcum 19c 6 2C-—4 IOF 25c Albodon Tooth Paste 17c colates 89c Wveth Sage and Suiphur 69c
£ Jess Talcum 19c r,'rt.onttno Lyon's Tooth Paste or Powder 17c O.Ran Hair Rpstnrpr 1 A7<*
1 1
I Garden of Allah Talcum Cut Prices S O "P'A "' 1? Chocolate, lb sl.lO au de , Q l " il ? 2?°
lononito Toipum 10c Kal Pheno Tooth Paste or Powder .. 18c Parker s Hair Balsam 75c
I Palmolive Talcum 1.'!!!."!!! 19c 7 T Li, y' s Tooth Paste 17c 34c Novia Assorted Cho- Mary T. Golman Restorer 98c
8 Asthe Petals Talcum 29r Willfp IT All CP Sozodont Tooth Paste or Powder .. 21c i of „ ■. oa „ ®. eta r9\ll" 0 ' 39c
Mcnnen s Talcum 19c HOUSe Colgate's Tooth Paste 25c latc ' lb 98c Liquid Silmerinc 79c
? Chinwah Talcum 19c Coffpp Pond's Tooth Paste 23c Auerbach's "Town Empire Hair Regenerator
& LUllcc Perfecto Tooth Paste Hygienic, ... 19c a - v s Hair Health 39c, 79c
y. Q lk 0 mi r n Zylano Tooth Paste 13c Talk Chocolates, . $1.27
| 321 Market St. \ T" 5 ,,. 321 Market St.
Prosecutor of "Reds" Is
Feared Forcibly Detained
From His Wedding
Ity Associated Press
i Monsoii, Mass.. Dei'. 26.—Dr. William
Grey Vermilye, of New York, a former
naval surgeon, failed to appear fori
his wedding with Miss ltuth M.!
Keeney, of this town yesterday ana
to-day his absence was still unex
Miss Keeney, who resigned as pro
fessor of Spanish at Bucknell Univer
sity to marry Dr. Vermilye, was re
ported ill at the home of lier parents.
The Hev. Herbert B. Buckingham,
who was to have performed the cere
mony, said Dr. Vermilye had not been
heard from since he left a New York
hotel supposedly on the way to be
married. He said that Miss Keeney's
family felt that Dr. Vormtlye's ab
sence was due to violence. The < x,-
pected groom, he explained, had been
engaged in Federal service in round
ing up radicals since his discharge j
i from the navy and arrived in New
j York last Friday from a South Ameri
can trip, in which ho had, supervised
the deportation to Colombia of a
"red." Tills fact, he added, suggested
the possibility of radical activities be
ing responsible for Dr. Vermilye's
Upholds Law Prohibiting
Teaching of Foreign
Languages in Schools
111' Associated Press
l.lncoln. Neb., Dee. 26.—Constitu
tionality of a state law designed to
curtail use of foreign languages in
Nebraska schools as an Americanizn
i tlon n easure was upheld by the State
| Supreme Court to-day.
The law which applies to all pub
lic. private, parochial and denomina- j
tional schools in the state, provides: I
That foreign languages shall not)
be employed in giving instruction on |
any subject to pupils below the ninth
That foreign languages may be
taught in the ninth and higher grades.
That foreign languages may bo <m
ployed in the ninth and higher grades
in so far as the teaching of such lan
guages may require, but may not be
used as a medium instruction in any
other subject.
liy Associated Press
IxHidon, Dec. 13.—Seven of th©|
largest trade unions in great Brt- i
tain have inaugurated a movement j
aiming at the prevention of unau
thorized strike. It is declared tho
movement Is sponsored by the n na- j
tional union of general workers, rep-i
resenting an enormous membership.
Deaths and Funerals
The funeral ot* Mrs. Mary Bradley,
aged 86 years, who died last even
ing at her home, 4118 Boas street, will
be held to-morrow morning from St.
Patrick's Cathedral at 9 o'clock, thtt
ltcv. D. J. Carey, officiating, liurial
will be made In the Mount Calvary
| Mrs. Bradley is survived by three
j sons and three daughters. Death was
a result of a complication of dis
Word was received here yesterday
of the deatli of Jacob Steel, enroutc
from Montreal to Buffalo, N. V.. last
Sunday. Mr. Steel, who was 39 years
old, was a resident of llarrisburg for
a number of yours. Burial wus made
to-day at Kewanee, 111.
On his way home to spend the
Christmas holidays with his fainllv,
Walter T. Mahln. 1831 North Third
street, died suddenly at lies Moines.
! lowa. Mr. Mahin, who was a truvel-
I Ing salesman, expected to arrive in
| llarrisburg on Sunday. lie is sur-
I vlvcd by his wife, Jrma Mahin, and
one son, Hussel.
Harry MeCo'rmiek Williams. 2 years
old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nezza N.
Williams, of near Dillsburg, died
yesterday. Funeral services will be
he|d to-morrow afternoon at S.3u
o'clock from the homo of the child's
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. .1. N.
Williams, 1846 Derry street. Buriul
will be made in the, Mast llarrisburg
f'emtery. Mrs. Williams was form
erly Miss Bena li. Blumenstein, of
this city.
The funeral of Helen Gertrude
Bennett, aged 16 years, who died
yesterday at her home. 1918 Green
street, will be held to-morrow after
noon at 8 o'clock from her late resi
dence. Burial will he made In the
Paxtang Cemetery. She is survived
;by her parcntß, four brothers and
j two sisters. j
William C. Jones, 68 years old, died 1
last evening at his home. 1419 Penn
street. Funeral arrangements have
not yet been announced. Mr. Jones 1
was one of the charter members and !
founders of the All-Workers Chapel,
Calder and Green streets. He was ;
for 20 years a Sunday sehool teacher .
at Westminster Presbyterian Church, i
of which he was a member. He Is I
survived by his wife, Mary: three i
sons, William. .Martin anil Clarence, j
and one daughter. Mrs. I'. Knisely;
four grandchildren, Curtis. Joseph I
and Samuel Hohenshelt, and Ruth
Esther Knisely.
Funeral services for Joseph E, Pol
teck. aged 89 years, who died yester
day at his home, 1427 State "street,
will be held to-morrow afternoon at
2 o'clock at his late residence. Burial
will be made In the Kat llarrisburg
205 Navy Blankets
x , _
Will Be Sold For Uncle Sam at
d?< AA "IT 1_
pJ.UU iLach
This V, as a Mistake
and should have read
205 Army Blankets
That Were Used in Overseas Service
We are selling them for, the Government through Major Jones at Quartermaster'
Office, in Philadelphia
DECEMBER 26, 1919.