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Remits Sentence of
Only American Soldier
Charged With Treason
By Associated Press
New York, Dec. 26. —Secretary of
War Baker to-day remitted the 20- |
year sentence imposed upon Private j
Lawrence Perlmutter, of New York, j
the only member of the A. E. F. to be j
convicted of treason, according to j
word received from Washington by |
Representative Isaac Siegel, of New J
York, who interested himself in the j
lad's case.
Perlmutter, who served in the med- :
leal department, 90th Infantry, Sec- j
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. V '
ond Division, was convicted of having
supplied military information of value
to the Germans while a prisoner of
war. He was court martlaled in Co
blenz after having rejoined the Amer
ican army after the armistice and his
sentence was approved by general
i headquarters.
j According to Mr. Siegel, who went
I over the record in the case with Pro
| vost Marshal General Crowdcr, it was
, not shown that the answers which
! Perlmutter gave the Germans were
j true and only one witness, Captain
I William H. Gordon," captured with
j him, testified against him. whereas
j two witnesses are neoded before an
j American can be legally convicted of
| treason.
Masses of Hot Ashes
Thrown by Volcano
By Associated Press
Tokio, Dec. 26.—Mount Aso, an
active volcano in Kyushu, has been
unusually active of late. Rumblings,
tmall eruptions and showers of
ashes were freqtiently experienced.
A comparatively big eruption oc
curred a few days ago when masses
of ashes fell over the surrounding
The atmosphere above the vol
cano district was a mass of reddish
yellow clouds and the mountains
and fields were mantled with a thick
layer of greyish ash from the crater.
Numerous cattle and horses which j
ate the grass on these fields have j
died through poisoning, says one re- ,
port. - * j
Dr. Imamura, a noted seismologist,
declares that the volcano has just
entered a stage of greatest activity,
but he does not think any great dis
' astrous eruption will occur.
[BHrhHh fmr
W§ JBnSs
■Huu MShltilMml
.: <yl* r
MISS MacCLOSKEY —Photo by Roshon.
[Continued from First Page.]
I choir of 150 voices, led by Elmer E.
I Ley, presented "It Came Upon the
| Midnight Clear." Miss Mildred Conk
ling led the Camp Curtin school choir
in "Under the Stars."
The Wednesday Club chorus sang
the chorus of "O Holy Night," the
verses being sung by Mrs. Roy G.
Gives Biblical Quotation
Miss Kthelyn MucCloskey, taking I
the part of an angel, at this part of ;
the pageant appeared on the over- j
head balcony and repeated the Bibli
cal quotation.
"Fear not for behold, I bring to '
you good tidings of great joy, which j
shall be to all people; I
"For unto you is born this day in
the City of David a Saviour, which is
Christ the Lord.;
"And this shall be a sign unto
you; you shall And Him in swaddling
clothes, lying in a manger."
Flood lights again shone forth and j
showed the well-known scene of the ;
birth of Christ, where Joseph and j
Mary are gazing into the manger of '
the humble stable. Elmer E. Ley
acted the part of Joseph and Miss |
Eva Irving, as Mary.
Combined Choruses
Three selections, "Oh Little Town !
Of Bethlehem." "Hark the Herald j
Angels Sing," and "Away in the !
Manger," were sung by the combined i
choruses of several hundred voices
with pleasing effect.
Accompanipd by the singing pf
"We Three Kings of the Orient Are,"
the Three Wise Men of the East were
seen to enter and inspect the con
ents of the manger. The presenta
tion of "Silent Night" marked the
conclusion of the pageant. As the
last strains died away, a brilliant
star, representing the "Star of Beth
lehem" shone forth.
The cast of characters follow:
"Spirit of Christmas." Miss Geral
dine Powell; "Mary," Miss Eva Irv-j
ing; "Joseph," Elmer H. Ley; "Three!
Wise Men," William S. Essick, B. '
F. Dickinson and William H. Pat- I
rick; "Ten Shepherds," Wirt S. I
Mdsser, John W. German, Jr., W. D. i
Bottgenbach, E. C. Lamey, Allison j
Skinner. T. W. Smedley, William j
Patrick, Jr., Harry Koehenour, H. |
W. Llndenfelter and William T. Dim
mick. The "angel," Miss Ethelyn
Pleasing Numbers
A number which pleased particu
larly was the choral selection by the
Camp Curtin Junior High School
children under the direction of Miss
Mildred Conkling, a teacher at the
school. The Girl Scouts, under the
direction of Mrs. Charles C. Stroll,
furnished another beautiful num
ber on the program.
Miss Snavely, president of the
Wednesday Club, and Mrs. Deccvee,
leader of the club's chorus, re
ceived considerable praise from the
Community Service Bureau for their
efforts, and the selection by the
Wednesday Club chorus was well re
George Hoyer, of the State De
partment of Public Grounds and
Buildings, had charge of arrange
ments inside the Capitol building,
and co-operated in directing the
participates to dressing rooms, rest
rooms and seeing that everything
inside the building went according
to program
New City Clioir
A number of the choral numbers
last evening were by the newly-or
ganized City Choir, which will be
a permanent feature in the mu
sical life of Harrisburg, and under
the directorship of the Community
Service Director of the Chamber of |
Commerce take part in municipal I
pageants in the future. It is com
prised of employes from the follow
ing organizations:
The Moorhead Knitting Company,
the Harrisburg Silk Mill, "44" Cigar
Company, Harrisburg Shoe Com
pany, City Star Laundry, itace
Street Cigar Company, Elliott-Fish
er Bookkeeping Machine Company
and New Idea Hosiery Company
choral societies, besides ' members
from the Otterbein, Christ Lutheran,
Messiah Lutheran, United Brethren,
Church of God, Zion Lutheran,
Fourth Reformed. Christ and St.
Paul's Episcopal Church choirs, in
addition to the choral societies from
the S. S. Kresge, Dives, Pomeroy &
Stewart, Soutter's Twenty-five Cent
store and Kaufman's store. Mrs.
Florence Ackley Ley directed this
chorus in the pageant.
All of the Boy Scouts of the city
were on the job last evening nnd
rendered excellent service. The
sheep were secured through Farm
Agent H. G. Niesley from the
Bonnymeud farms. They formed an
effective part of the realism pro
duced in the pageant. The lamb was
furnished by W. J. Hirtley.
The organ, which furnished ac
companiment for a number of the
selections, was furnished by Miss
Ella McKelvy. One of the spot
lights was operated by Theodore N.
Davis, operator at the Wilmer &
Vincent theaters.
Chamber's Statement
The Harrisburg Chamber of.
Commerce has Issued the following ]
"The success of the pageant was
due to the co-operation of a num
ber of civic bodies, including the
Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, the Civic
Club, Knights of Columbus, Y. W.
C. A., Y. M. C. A., Ministerial As
sociation, Harrisburg Diocese of the
Roman Catholic Church, Central
Labor Union, Red Crou, Daughters
o£ the American Revolution, Wed
nesday Club, and the Boy and Girl
"Special credit for the success of
[the pageant is duo to Mrs. Florence,
Ackley Ley, director of the com
| munity service bureau of the Har-
I rlsburg Chamber of Commerce. The
newly established community scr
j vice bureau was in charge of the
I affairs, the pageant being i(s ot
j licial debut in presenting spectacles
| on an elaborate scale,
j "V. Grant Forrcr, assistant super
inlendent of parks, was also one of
i the gieatest factors in the success
!of the pageant. He proved a capa- '
ble manager of details, from pro
curing the sheep to constructing and
setting up the stage.
"Frank E. Hoffman, State elec
| trtcian, was responsible for the clev
er light effects which enhanced the
spectacle so materially. Mr. HofT
| man and the State Board of Public
j Grounds and Buildings, co-opeiated
and lent their active support and
assistance throughout all the ar
rangements. C. Floyd Hopkins, '
manager of the Wilmer and Vincent
theaters in Harrisburg, lent his*as-i
sistanee also in providing an opera
tor for the spotlight.
"Those who made up the cast
| of characters took an immeasurable
I part in assuring the success of the
I splendid pageant. Every one of
these persons fulfilled all expecta
| Gons in carrying out his or her part. [
"The splendid co-operation of the
I Municipal Band which volunteered
its services for the occasion, and the
I 700 members of the varioucs cho
| ruses who furnished vocal numbers,
also belong $o the category of those!
whose activities made the pageant!
la success."
[Continued from First Page.]
oT ground neur Sixth and Division I
j street*. Some of the machinery has I
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been delayed somewhat by la-1
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By Associated Press
Ka'.fcng, China, Dec. 26. —An
organization has been launched '
here by leading Chinese of the
city to aid in stopping the ancient
[ Chinese custom of binding the
feet of female children. Songs
have been composed by members
decrying the practice of footbind-
Ing, and students of boys' schools
are being asked to take tlie pledge
I "I will not marry a woman with
i unnatural, feet."
The name of the new organiza
tion, literally translated is the
Heavenly Feet Association.
that the ne w company would start J
operations in February. i
The new concern was chartered un-
I der Pennsylvania laws in January
with a capital stock of $60,000. Bar
; iron will be produced at the rate of
i 1,000 tons monthly.
Interested in this new concern are
' Max William* and Wolf Freedman,
who have been associated in the scrap
iron business in this city for 25 years.
At present they are conducting "two
scrap iron yards In this city. Wll
; iiams is vice-president and Freedman
lio treasurer of the new concern. The
active operation of the plant will be 1
in charge of A. L. Ensmlnger, of this i
city, n former engineer in the ser- 1
vice of the Harrisburg Pipe and Pipe i
Bending Company, and John Wlnyear, I
;of Manchester, England. Ensminger
] is president and Winyear is secretary
of the new concern.. In addition to
| these men. Meyer Gross, Abe Gross
| and Nathan Gross, all of this city,
I hold directorships.
j Irkutsk, Thursday, Dec. 25.-—As a
result of a new outburst of ill-feel
ing betwen Czechs and Russians fol
] lowing an exchange of recrimina
tions by Admiral Kolchak, head of
the All-Russian government, and
! Dr. Girsa, Czecho-Slovnk cominis
! sioner in Sibertu. General Kappell,
DECEMBER 26, 1919.
Commander-in-chief of the western
nrmies of the AU-Huasian govern
ment, has challenged General
Syrovy, commanding the Czechs, to
a duel.
Memberq of the special committee |
oc report on the need for an annex to
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J SWSranclT^K
the: Steele building:, Fifth and Mahan
tnngo streets, met this afternoon at
the school board offices, to confer
with Superintendent F. E. Downes.
The commltte includes President Rob
ert A. Knders and School Oirectors
I Franklin J. Roth and H. H. Blngaman.
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