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Happenings of a Day in Central Pennsylvania
Adams County Commission
ers Are Deadlocked on
Gcttysbrug. Pa., Dec. 26.—Edward J
Benner and J. Edward Hall, Rcpub-i
lican members of the poor board,;
have appointed Kobert Willie, Ksq.,j
their attorney: Arthur Roth, secre-j
tary, and Dr. E. H. Markley. Irons-j
urer. Contrary to political custom,
which called for a division of these;
offices between the town and rural j
districts, each one of the appointees
Is a resident of Gettysburg. The
other appointments will be made on •
the first Monday of January.
Affairs in the new board of county j
commissioners do not seem to be
running so smooth, viewed from a
political standpoint. The two Re-;
publican commissioners, who are
supposed to control the business, the 1
Democrat being the minority mem-j
ber, are unable to reach any agree-1
mtnt. and unless something is done j
speedily, Lupp, Republican, and Sny-!
der, Democrat, will select the ap-!
Wed on Christmas Day
at Dillsburg Parsonage
Mcolianlosburg. Pa.. Dee. 26.—A :
Christmas day marriage which came I
as a surprise to their friends was that
of Miss Beatrice I. Bucher, daugh- |
ter of Harry Bucher, of New King- i
ston, to John C. Yarlet, son of Mr. 1
and Mrs. Henry Yarlet, of North .
Middleton township. I
The marriage took placb at 4 j
o'clock yesterday afternoon at the
parsonage of the Methodist Episco
pal Chufch, Dillsburg, the pastor, j
the Rev. Harry V. Crow, a cousin
of the bride, officiating. Immedi- •
ately after tlie ceremony Mr. and ;
Mrs".' Yarlet left on a honeymoon trip
to Philadelphia and other cities.
For the past two years the bride -
has been teaching at Pond School •
in Silver Spring township, and will
continue to teach there until the |
close of the present school term.
Enola Citizens Who Are
to Serve on Two Juries
Knola, Pa.. Dec. 26. —The follow- i
ing residents of Enola have been i
drawn us jurors for the February,
term of court: Grand jurors. John
S. Bitner. Harry Eshelman, J. W.
Harm, J. W. Reigel and Frank
Shumberger; petit jurors, W. B.
Finney, Harry Hance, Frank Shu-;
man and J. L. Yetter; traverse I
jurors. G. W. Cook, S. G. Hepford, j
Edward Knauby. C. F. Lantz.
Gleti Rock, Pa., Dec. 26. The I
Road Machinery Company distri- t
buted 110,000 among its 225 em- |
ployes here. No one received less ;
than $5. This was in addition to I
the regular bonus and was the larg- !
est ever paid by the firm.
I Beckley's Business College ■
121 Market St.
■ Bell 125 Dial 4010 ■
Fleet Owners Prove
Stewart Quality
Hundreds of firms own fleets of Stewarts —Dextef's Bakery, Spring
field, Mass., bought their first in 1916 and now own 27; H. J. Ball of
Milwaukee, bought his first truck in June, 1917, and now owns 22;
Rothenberg &. Co., one of New York's largest department stores,
purchased a Stewart in November, 1918, and now operate 16.
The low operating and upkeep Perfected Stewart design has elim
expense of Stewart Trucks has cs- inated hundreds of needless parts,
tablished for them a remarkable reducing the weight of the truck and
economy record in over 600 American making it stronger, simpler to operate
cities, on hundreds of farms, and in and more economical as to gasoline,
27 foreign countries. oil and repairs.
Qualify 'I rucks since 1912
Gomery Schwartz Motor Car Co.
116 Market St. Phones Court and Cranberry Sts.
Man Who Gets Up Early
Saves Home From Flames:
New Oxford. Pa., Dec. 26.—C. W. j
Hawkins, who lives in Oxford town- •
ship, a mile north of here, is an early |
riser, otherwise his shop and prob- ;
i ably his house would have been .
liurned to the ground. As Hawkins ;
was dressing about 5 o'clock yester- 1
I day morning he saw flames creep- i
j ing through the roof of a building j
i containing wallpaper and tools. He
I awoke a son and they rushed to the j
(building and succeeded in extinguish- I
] ing the flames before they , made j
; great headway.
IN $25,000 SUIT
Northumberland Court Over
rules Motion of Engles' ;
Counsel For New Trial
Sunbury, Pa., Dec. 26.—1n nnj
i opinion handed down by the court
hero to-dny. the motion of counsel;
j for George K. and Catherine Engle,.
j of Shamokin, for a new trial in thei:-,
I civil suit against the Edgewood Gar- (
Sage Company was refused.
| The Engles sued the Edgewood)
(Garage Company last fall for $25,000 j
j damages for the death of their son.-
(who was fatally injured in an auto-!
mobile accident near Mount Union i
when a rear wheel on their autonio-j
j bile telescoped. Mrs. Engle was also j
.badly injured in the mishap,
i It was charged by the Engles that I
.the garage company was responsible,.
J the car having been purchased from I
I that concern. It was declared that!
| the xvheel which gave way and caused !
; the mishap was defective.
At the trial the court directed a
nonsuit. In Its opinion, the court
declares the' defective wheel was|
| painted in the usual way and that)
the garage company had no way ol
J knowing ihnt it was defective.
Rural Carrier Is Dead
After Lingering Illness
Dillsburg. Pa.. Dec. 26.—George)
i Urich, carrier on Dillsburg Route, j
i No. 4. died at his home here after j
ja lingering illness, aged 51 years, j
!He is survived by his widow and
I two brothers, John and Emanuel |
] Urich, of New York, and two sisters,:
jMrs. I-aura Bortner of Franklin j
township, and Miss Minnie Urich.'
; Harrisburg. Mr. Urich was a mem-!
her of the Bowmansdale I. O. O. F.
and served as a carrier from the 1
| Dillsburg office for several years. •
(Postmaster J. R. MeClure and livei
j rural carriers will act as pallbearers'
i at the funeral.
Robber Who Eludes
Sheriff Being Hunted
\ Gettysburg. Pa., Doc. 26. —To steal!
) furs x'alued at $3,000, to elude the 1
j deputy sherifT of Emmitsburg after !
j being fired upon, apd to escape then {
(to his favorite haunts in Liberty i
| township, this county, was the feat
! accomplished last night by a man j
j believed to be Edward Vincent, of
! Emmitsburg. and formerly from
near Fairfield.
| Vincent is now at large in Adams '
| county and is being tracked by Al- j
I bert Addelsberger. of Emmitsburg, ;
I the deputy sheriff he eluded. I
Mention of Folk's Doings in.
Town Near the State
Hummdstowii. Pa.. Dec. 26.—Mr. \
'and .Mrs. Calvin Duotwyler, of New!
! Huddonfield. N. J., are spending the ;
! holidays at the home of the hitter's i
j parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Al-j
' wetn.
Harry It. Laucks and family are
spending the week-end among rela- •
lives at Reading.
1 Mrs. Elizabeth K. Schaefter is:
'spending several days with her |
{daughter. Mrs. Edward Hammer, at;
' Minersville.
i Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murray, of
; New York, are visting tlie former's
[ parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Murray. 1
I Clair Steelier, of Philadelphia, Is {
| spending the holidays with his par-;
enls. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Stecher.
j Miss Alwein, of Philadelphia, ,
is spending the week-end at the)
! home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. |
• Samuel Alwein.
.The Rev. A. H. Lehman and fam-
I tly are spending several days with
I his parents at Millersbtirg.
j Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hemperly and {
Earl Kantz and family spent yester-!
i day among relatives at Rutherford I
j Heights.
Bertram Hummel, of New York, {
i is spending the week with his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hummel, j
Herman Eisenhaur. of Camp Lee, I
; Va.. has been discharged from the i
• service. He arrived home yesterday.!
' Ralph Gingrich, of Willamsport, is '
] spending the week-end with his par- !
i ents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Gingrich.)
Mrs. J. P. Diffenderfer and chil- !
| dren and John C. Diffenderfer. of;
! Easton, Pa., are spending some time j
| at the home of the former's parents,
j Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Schaffner.
John Helf. of Huntington. W. Va.. '
! s spending the holidays with his;
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norman {
! Helf.
Jewelry Thief Taken
to New York For Trial
Gettysburg, Pa., Dec. 2 6.—James
• Clark, known to the underworld j
as "Kid Mitchell," who has been I
|in tlie Adams county jail for
j several months on a charge of steal
' ing jewelry from George B. Shears,
an apartment owner of New York I
| City, was yesterday taken to that i
| city by Joseph J. Broderick, of the
New York Detective Bureau.
! Clark will again be lodged in jail :
j to await trial on a oharge of grand j
j larceny preferred against him by j
'Shears. He was arrested here by j
{Constable Charles Wilson whose ef-|
: forts were responsible for learning!
from whom the several hundred j
dollars worth of jewelry was stolen.
Steals Three Turkeys
and Is Held For Court
Carlisle, Pa.. Doc. 26.—Officer
! Fullerton Speck arrested William
Coruman. charging the larceny of!
j three turkeys from William Kam
! erer, a North Hanover street grocer, j
One turkey Cornman had sold for $4
{ and another for $2-,,
The turkeys were penned in a >
| building in rear of Kamerer's store, j
j Cornman is 40 years of age and has |
! but one eye. He is in Jail for court. •
.Engagement of Charles Reiter]
and Helen Mohler !
Is Announced
Met'luuiit'sbtirg. po., Pec. 26. —Mr. [
! and Mrs. M. Grant Mohler enter- I
tained lust evening ut their home (it I
! Suunyside at the eastern end of this ;
j place and announced the engage- j
I merit of their daughter. Miss Helen ;
Mohler. to Charles Jteiter, of State;
! College.
I The rooms were gay in holiday !
decorations and a Christmas tree I
' with cupids peeping from the I
! brunches. Irving College and State j
I College colors were twined about the |
room. A note, concealed in tile petal ;
of a poinsetta. a favor at the dining !
i lable for each guest, announced the j
■ engagement of the young people. j
The bride-elect is a graduate,of the i
■ Meehaniesburg High School and at
present a student of Irving College.'
' Mr. lleiter is a student of State Col- !
! lege, and served in the World War |
j with a tine military career, as ser-!
| geant in Company H, 111 th Infan-I
I try. 2Sth. Division.
Among the invited guests were: !
. Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Mohler. of j
! Meehaniesburg; Mr. and Mrs. A. 1,. I
j Hollar. Miss Esther Mohler, Mr. and
j Mrs. Thomas Baldwin, Miss Hazel !
Martin and Mrs. Margaret Lehman, j
i all of Harrisburg; Miss I.eon Merley,
of Gouvenor. A". Y.: Dewey Dong, of
| New Market: Miss Beatrice Walker,:
| of New Cumberland; Herbert Koller. |
i of Cincinnati, Ohio: Carl Stevens, of;
i Shiremanstown; Luther May. Miss |
I Helen Bowman, Miss Mary Tripner j
land Mr. and Mrs. R. 11. Stowed, all j
, of Camp Hill; Foster Mohler, of Al
i toona; Harry Mohler, of Hampton
'Roads, Va.; Miss Miriam Orris, Miss
' Clara Eberly, Paul Mohler and Mr.
and Mrs. M. Grant Mohler, all of
| Meehaniesburg.
The wedding will be a June event.
Personal and Social News
of Towns on West Shore
Mr. and Mrs. Plough, of Carlisle,
are guests of the Rev. and Mrs. A. R.
Ay res, at New Cumberland.
Mr. and Mrs. George Watkins and
! daughter. 'Marian, of New Cumber-1
.land, spent to-day in Philadelphia. I
; j Mr. and Mrs. George Lenhart. of |
Asbury Pahk, N. J., are guests of
I Mr. and Mrs. Lake Prowell, New!
j Cumberland.
Mr. dnd Mrs. Sumner D'rayer, ofj
Baltimore, are guests of Mrs. Hur-|
i riet Drayer, .New Cumberland.
Miss Mary P.uttoriT, of.New York,
is spending the Christmas holidays'
at her home at New "Cumberland.
: Miss Ada Hortin. of Shippensburg.)
lis spepding several weeks with Mrs. I
| H. D. Eisenberger and fardily at New
I Cumberland.
j Professor and Mrs. E. G. Rose, of
I New Cumberland, went to Sunbury
I to spend the Christmas holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Fry, who
| have been spending several months
• at New Cumberland, where Mr. Fry
was employed at the Army Reserve
Depot, left for their'home in Dan
' vllle.
•i ;$Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah DaViig and'
' son. Charles, of Philadelphia, are!
; spending the holidays with Mr. and
(Sirs. William Cripple at West Fair-I
j view.
Miss Bertha Zullinger to , v j
Be Newspaperman's Bride
Carlisle, Pa., Dee. 26-—lnvitations ;
have been received here for the wed
ding of Prof. Channing E. Sweitzer,
New York city, and Miss Bertha Zul
linger, of Mount Holly Springs. The
wedding will take place Thursday
evening, January 1. at Mount Holly
Springs. Mr. Sweitzer, who is a son
of Mrs. Anna Sweitzer, Glen Rock, is
chief of staff of the retrenchment
j committee reorganizing the State
; government of New York and a grad,.
j uate of Johns Hopkins University, I
j Baltimore. He also took tlrst grae- ]
| uate courses and degrees at Harvard
1 and at the University of Pennsyl-
I vania. He has been on the editorial
j staff of the Public Ledger and taught
] history in Mercersburg Academy. ]
j Miss Zullinger is a graduate of Irv- I
j ing College, Meehaniesburg. and of j
j Bryn Mar Seminary.
Funeral Services Held
For Former Assemblyman
Goldsboro. Pa.. Dec. 26.—Funeral j
services was held this forenoon for |
Morris M. Hays, twice a member of '
the State .Legislature, president ofj
the Farmers' Fire Insurance Com- |
pany of Dover, and justice of the I
peace of Newberry township, who j
died on Tuesday morning of diseases ]
incident to old age. He was 79 :
I years old.
He was educated in the public'
j schools of Newberry township and j
I attended the MUlersville State Nor- |
j mal School, and tuught school for
three consecutive years. In Noveni
, ber, 1882,* he was elected to the
j Legislature and again elected in
1901. He was actively engaged in
agricultural pursuits, and was a
member of Valley Grange, Patrons
Glen Rock Expert to
Judge Lewistown Show
Lewistown, Pa., Dec. 26. —A. W.
i Newcomer, of Glen Rock, Pa., a
j breeder of barred Plymouth Rock'
chickens and expert judge of fowls,
has been selected to judge the poul
try at the exhibit to be held here in
January. He has been judging
poultry nearly 30 years. The super
intendent of the show will be John
Carodiskey, of Lewistown. a widely
known fancier. There will be cash
premiums to the amount of $lO and
merchandise premiums up to $25.
I Army Aviator on Visit
to Mother at Lewistown
Lewistown, Pa., Dec. 26. Ser
geant William E. Austin, who served
an enlistment In the aviation service
during the World War and who re
enlisted for a year last April anw
now stationed at Langley Field, Va.,
|is spending Christmas with his
J mother here. Austin joined the Na-
I tional Guard of this place when the
! war broke out, but his mother got l
I him out of the service as her only
support. Later he joined the uvtu
tion service.
Liverpool, Pa.. Dec. 26. —Uampi
| 6470, Modern Woodmen, is to hold a|
special meeting in Shuler's Hall on
I Wednesday evening. Dec. 31, to elect
I officers {
! - 1
Gets Merchandise and Remc-:
! dies Valued at $14.17 For i
Muskrat Skins
Lewistown, Pa.. Dec. 26. John
I Kuuffmun, of Ji, i-.iulu • county,'
I brought six muskrat hides to the
i general store of T. K. Beaver at;
j Academia, Pa., and this is what he j
'received in payment:
j Two pair Sweet Orr overalls. . $6.25
One heavy union suit under-
I clothes 2.50 !
! Two best shirts 2 50
l Three yards best outing flannel. 1.05
j One large bottle pepsin 1.04,
; One box grippe tablets 32 1
| Turpentine 05 .
i One-half gallon oil 11
• Matches "7 j
j One quart syrup 2S
j Total $14.17!
! Muskrat hides sold before the war
at 15 cents each and Beaver snid j
I to-day he frequently exchanged one ;
' pair of overalls, then selling at 90
j cents, for six muskrat hides.
Keith Wagner Tendered
Party on Eighth Birthday
West I'airview. Pa., Dec. 26. A j
birthday party was tendered to |
, Keith Wagner on Wednesday eve- |
j ning at Ills home, the occasion being i
! his eighth birthday. The evening i
j was spent play ing games and moving !
; pictures were shown.
The following were present: Miss'
I Laura Benzinger. Harrisburg; Miss j
Phoebia Blessing. Wormleysburg; (
Thomas Boyer. George Hall, Byrus
Wagner, Vaughn Puppies. Lester
Jackson, Lydia Boyer, Joyce Hat
field. Carline Davis, Alma Oadwalla
der, Martha Wagner and Genevieve
Waynesboro's Needy Are
Remembered at Yuletide
Waynesboro. Pa.. Dec. 26. —Way- j
nesboro's needy families had a bright
Christinas. For two weeks Frank ,
Barnett worked to secure the fund
I that carried 4 2 baskets of foodstuffs
| into the homes of the needy. Bar-
I nett secured sufficient funds from ;
'■ the local B. P. O. E. lodge to supply
j 32 of the baskets and the remaining
i number were supplied from funds ,
j given by individuals and through the j
j co-operation of the Waynesboro Re- |
j lief Association.
Gettysburg Methodists
Remember Orphan Home
Gettysburg. Pa., Dec. 26. —' The
Children's Home of the Methodist
Church at Meehaniesburg will be re
membered by the Sunday school of
the church here. Requests made for
jarred fruits and other things to be
; sent to the home were not in vain
j and a goodly amount was donated.
; The collection tuken at the Christ
mas entertainment of the school,
more than thirty .dollars, will also
j go to the home.
] Hagorstown, Md., Dec. 26. —A bro-
I ken rail is believed to have been the
I cause of a freight wreck on the Nor
j folk and Western Railroad at St.
> James Station. . Twenty-five cars of
I merchandise and coal were derailed
'and most of the cars smashed. A
rail was hurled through the side of
the warehouse of H. S. Poffenber
Lykcns, Pa., Dec. 26.—At the home
of the bride this afternoon George
Pell and Miss Kathryn Burgner were
united in marriage by the Rev. Mr.
Waharman. The bride is the
daughter of Mrs. Lena Burgner and
j the groom the son of Thomas Pell,
i They went to Philadelphia to spend
j their honeymoon.
i Mochaniosburg, Pa.. Dee. 26.
Attorney John L. Shelley, of East I
I Main street, slipped on the icy side- :
j walk on Wednesday evening and in ,
j falling struck the edge of the step
| and sustained a broken rib.
j Mount Wolf, Pa., Dec. 26.—The
I American Wire Fabrics Company;
j presented to each of the ten clerks
|of the office staff a gold pencil with
j the initials of the recipient engraved 1
I thereon.
Liverpool, Pa., Dec. 26.—Game
i Warden S. Maurice Shuler has re
' ceived from the State 100 Mexican
] quail which he will place in pens
j here and feed during the winter. The
i quail will be liberated through
j Perry County in the spring.
Liverpool Pa., Dec. 26. —Henry
Clayton Moyer and Miss Barbra
Madaline Shaffer, both of Hoffer.
Pa., were married at the home of
the groom's parents by Justice of |
Peace George Moyer.
Curlislc, Pa., Dee. 26.—M. G. Al
bright. a farmer living near here,
has been held for court in S3OO bail,
charged with the larceny of $56.76,
money he is said to have unlawfully
collected at the Stuart grain depot.
New Cumberland, Pa., Dee. 26.
A number of persons attended the
early service at St. Paul's Lutheran
Church Christmas morning. The
Rev. D. S. Martin preached and a
male chorus sang.
With False Teeth?
Dr. Weroet's
KMH them firm. Prevent* sore ■am*.
White. Flavored. Antiseptic.
If your dental plate is loose of
drops, to get instant relief use
Dr. Wernet's Powder regularly.-
You can eat, laugh, talk with ease. |
! Guaranteed by Wernet Dental Mfg. Co,
i 116 Beekmsn St., N. Y. 25c, 50c, ft SI.OO
At Drug and Department Stores. Refuli
| imitations. Thia is thm original powdor
DECEMBER 26, 1919.
!• . . !
| Mifflin County Poultry Hais-I
i or Reasons Out Why His
Sales Increase
Ix'trislnwii, Pa., Dec. 26.—Qruver |
Klioades, of Woodland, near Ueeds
ville, has itistuile.l an electric light
plant at his hennery which he turns 1
j on at sunset and keeps it in opera
tion until S p. in. anu again just as
day is breaking until the natural '
j light is strong enough to keep the !
liens at work. ltboados says lie j
shipped eijnt crates of eggs on '
Wednesday ttlut will net him $240. i
rne harvest was lour days' pick- j
;ng and he argues the oleutrie lights i
iiuve increased the product of his
hennery 100 per cent, lie accounts
lor the increase by tlie fact -that it
becomes dark so early and eon
i (limes until late along the niouii-;
tains wheie the chickens gather so
that a lien's crop will not hold food
I over the long nights. The lights '
keep the l'owis al work until lute j
and gets them on the job early, thus j
] insuring a full crop all of tlie time. !
Reformed Sunday School
Chooses Year's Officers
j Knola. Pa., Dec. 2. —Officers ro
j cdntly elected by the St. Matthew 's
i Reformed Sunday school are as fol
lows: J. F. Zelters, superintendent;
Lawaon Keller .first ass stunt; Miss
I Maigaret Famous, second assistant;
j G. A. Yeager, secretary; .Miss Esther
• famous, assistant; E. F. Esenwine,
I treasurer; Miss Kathryn Backenstoe,
i pianist; Margaret Famous, assistant;.
Mrs. F. M. Bitner, superintendent
, primary department; Miss Nellie
I Gruver, secretary of the Cross and
Crown system; Mrs. William Penney,
; lionie department superintendent;
Miss Claire McNoil, cradle rool de
partment; J. F. Zeilers, temperance
■ department: Miss Grace Snyder and
Miss Mary Zeilers, librarians.
T.VNMRS give OFT $;t,(ll)
| Ilagerstowii, Md„ Dec. 2 6.—Thous
! ands of dollars in bonuses and cash
j were distributed by business con
j corns and industries here among
I employes for Christmas. W. D. By
ron. Son, who operate large tanner
jies at Williamsport. and Mercersburg.
; Pa., distributed over $3,000 among
I their employes.
| gtauiMiiiiiiiiiiM
|| Store Closes Every Saturday at 6 P. M. jj
j ' 28-30-32 North Third Street (
| /% Off Sale
I Continued. 1
i =>
ii; Our Entire Line of Suits f
• ~
For Women and Misses
None reserved. None charged. All transactions final. =■
The finest Suits shown in Harrisburg. The
opportunity that will not he surpassed.
Suits formerly $35.00 —Sale Price $23.34
Suits formerly $40.00 —Sale Price $26.67
Suits formerly $45.00 —Sale Price $30.00
| | Suits formerly $50.00 —Sale Price $33.34
Suits formerly $55.00 —Sale Price % .. $36.67
Suits formerly s6o.oo—Sale Price $40.00
Suits formerly $69.75 —Sale Price $46.50
Suits formerly s79.so—Sale Price $53.00
Suits formerly $85.00 —Sale Price $56.67
Suits formerly sllo.oo—Sale Price $73.34
Suits formerly $125.00 —Sale Price $83.34
Suits formerly sl9s.oo—Sale Price $130.00
The A ewExquisite Frocks
For Afternoon Wear, Dance, Theater and Dinners
At this season of the year the functions require frocks
apropos the occasion. We invite you to view our extensive
collection of these fashionable and charming froeks which
are developed in the most fascinating materials and colors
i H and which we have priced exceptionally attractive.
| I $39.75 to j |
Directors Give SIO,OOO
at Start of Hospital Drive
Chiituberslmrg, Pa., Dec. 26. —At
a mee ting of the executive commit -
I ice of the Chanibersburg Hospital j
! to arrange for the drive to lie mnde ;
ito secure $60,000 ' for additions to j
! the hospital. H. W. Byron, of Mer-
I cersburg, one of tlie directors, was;
j chosen chairman of the campaign '
; committee and F. B. Reed, treas- |
urer. The campaign opened at that
I meeting with a contribution of s">,- j
'OOO from Mr. Byron and $5,000 from
; John A. Diehl, another diiector. ,
( _
; Properties Change
Ownership at Enola I
Enola. Pa.. Dec. 26.—A number of
important real estate transfers have
been made in Enola and East Penns
lioro township within ilie last ten
days. They ate as follows: 11. M.
Horner and wife to H. W. Baker, lot
in Summerdaie, consideration $165;
Bertha I!. Bhunian and husband, to !
; Matilda Steward, lot, Enola, consid
{ eration $690; John E. Myers and
' wife, to George O. Shindel and xvife,
i house and lot. East Pennsboro, '
nominal consideration; Harry Wy
rick and wife, to George Koons, live
I lots, East Pennsboro, consideration
$1,200; E. M. Ilershey and wife, to
{Clara G. Everts, two lots, East'
Pennsboro. nominal consideration;
Carrie E. Fetrow and husband, to
Bunkos E. Shtill and wife, lot. Enola,
' nominal consideration; Thomas K.
Towsen to 11. W. Baker, lot. East
Pennsboro. nominal considerat'on;
1 A. R. Rup'ey and wife, to J. F. AVol
let, lot. East Pennsboro, considera
tion $150; Addie V. Wilbur to J. W.
■ Dunlup, lots. East Pennsboro, nom
' inal consideration.
Funeral Services Held
For Woman at Lykens
Ljkeiis, Pa., Dec. 26.—Funeral
' services were held yesterday after-
I noon for Mis 3 Anna E. Shaffner at
! the home of her sister. Mrs. Leander
jA. Paul, to which the body was
; brought oil Monday from the Wil
■ ; liamstown Hospital. Tlie. Rev. C.
i I Slinguff officiated. Miss Shaffner
• | hud been a member of the Reformed
r church.
■ i Mrs. C. I. Dietrich, of Wi
■! conisco: Mrs. A. L. Paul, of Lykens;
. | Mrs. Caroline Werner, of Harris
; { burg, and Mrs. Harvey Hughes, of
I Rockville, are surviving stepsisters.
i Chanibersburg Chamber of
Commerce Members "Will
Visit Shamoßin Plant
< 'linnibcrslMii-g, Pa., Dec. 26.—A
committee from the Chambersburii
Chamber of Commerce will visit the
i main plant Of the Eagle Silk Itytil:
I Company, of Shamokin, with a view
!to locating a plant at this place.
I The company lias offered to estab
; lisii a branch here capitalized at
$300,000 if $70,000 is raised by th
.sale of bonds.
The committee is composed of W
.K. Sharpe, W. 11. Fisher, C. Tappar
and W. J. Gettle and was appointed
by President Norman L. Bonbrakf
of the Chamber of Commerce to
consider the proposition. The plant
here would be modern in all its
equipment, including a dining room
(for the employes.
Man Falls From Roof and
j May Not Survive Injuries
York. Pa., Dec. 26.—Falling 20
{feet from Hie top ol" a porch rool
and striking a cement pavement,
■ Arthur VValtemyer sustained a doublfl
fracture of the left arm. numerous
I bruises and contusions and was hint
internally. Ho is in a critical con
dition. The accident occurred whet:
the young man went onto a roof tc
remove ice which had formed and
•i i losed up Hie spouting. It is thought
• he l'ell on his head, as he was round
• jby members of tlie family in an un
■l conscious state after being missed
| for some time.
•i |y~
; S^wjPiff^^SeßELL'ANS
I I Hot water
| IsCJSSure Relief