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Vere Afterward Driven From.
Weirton, W. Va., by the
Police and Deputies
By Associated Press.
Weirton, W. Va., Oct. 8. More
lan 150 men, declared by police
uthorities to have been members
f the "Red Guard" of Finland, were
sund up here yesterday, marched
; the public sqware of Weirton.
i reed to kneel and kiss the Araer
:an flag and were then driven out
f town by police and deputies,
even of the men. suspected of be- 1
lg the leaders of the radicals, af
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I as people think.—lf you know where to
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I DO YOU? IHliimhh 1
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■ Friday, October 10. 1919 Over 219 Market St.
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Talking Machines Machines
lali'Vl* 1 ' WftV"wVlr'w<y/|y
ter kissing the flag, were taken to
the county Jail at New Cumberland.
Later, all but one was released. He
Is being held for investigation by
the Federal authorities.
The raid, quietly planned but sen
sational in its results, was the out
come of many threats that have
been made against foreign-born
workers and others employed in
steel plants here.
A large quantity of "Red" litera
ture was found in the headquarters
of the radicals. One placard read !•
"Red Christmas 1918; Red New
Tear's 1919."
Another read:
"The people's flag is red, my blood
runs red: hol3t up the red flag on
a pole, and let us live or die under
W. W. Hill, a patrolman, former
ly a United States marine and a
veteran of Chateau Thierry, led the
raid and it was at his command
that the radicals were forced to kiss
the folds of the flag.
The Suburb Unparalelled.—Adv.
British to Preserve
Flags Flown in Battle
With Naval Enemies
By Associated Press.
London, Oct. B. —Flags flown by
British ships in battle are to be pre
served, according an an announce
ment by the admiralty which de
clares that any ship having such a
flag should "frame it" and place
it in' suitable position on the ship.
Denies Von Der Goltz
Has Joined Bolsheviks
By Associated Press.
London, Oct. B.—The report that
General Von Der Goltz, commander
of the German forces in the Baltlo
provinces, has joined the Russian
Bolshevik forces with his staff, is
denied in a German government
wireless message received here.
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■ - ••• _
Firearms, Red Flags
and Radical Pamphlets
Seized in Gary Raid
Gary, Ind., Oct —Wholesale seiz
ures of firearms, radical literature
and "red" flags In the home of Gary
steel strikers and their sympathizers
yesterday •was followed by a state
ment front Mayor William P.
Hodges, placing blame for the strike
and Its consequent outbreaks on So
cialist leaders and other radicals.
"I place the blame for this situ
ation squarely where It belongs and
that Is on the shoulders of Red lead
ers," declared Mayor Hodges. "But
for them we would have had no
trouble. They defied law and order
and the troops here are law and
order's answer."
The town Is not under martial law,
altho approximately 1,600 Federal
troops under command of Major
General Leonard Wood are In control
of the situation and patrol the
streets. Several thousand soldiers of
the Sixth Division from Omaha and
Fort Sheridan also have been order
ed to Gary, It was announced.
Jewish Residents to
Observe Harvest Feast
Harrisburg members of the Jewish
faith this evening will begin the cele
bration of one of the most distinc
tive of Jewish festal occasions, Suc
coth. The celebration will last for
eight days. Following close upon
the New year and the Day of Atone
ment, It presents a striking contrast
to the deep solemnity of these days,
for it is primarily a time of Joy.
Announcement has been issued of
a program of events in Ohev Sholom
Temple, Second and South streets.
This evening at 7.45, Rabbi Louis
J. Haas will speak on "A Festival of
Rejoicing." In the morning at 10.30
o'clock, he will speak on "Our Op
portunities." In the afternoon at
4.30 o'clock, there will be services
for the pupils of the religious school
with a sermonette by Rabbi Haas.
Wearers on Piers
and Docks Strike
New York, Oct. B.—The strike of
tongshoremen which has been on
and Off at various ports along the
Atlantic coast for several weeks took
a definite turn here when between
7,000 and 8,000 workers at the Chel
sea Improvement Company piers
and the docks of the International
Mercantile Marine, the White Star,
Red Star and American and Atlan
tic transport lines walked out.
Later nearly 1,000 more men em
ployed at the Royal Mail Steamship
Comnany, the Panama line and the
Morgan and Southern Pacific piers
quit work. Officials at the piers ad
mitted the serious extent of the
strike which is for higher wages and
a "rest" hour.
Tax Upon "Movies"
Is Likely to Stay
\Vn*hlnuton. Oct. B.—Charles C. Pet
tijohn, of Indianapolis, chairman of
the legislative committee of the Na
tional Association of the motion pic
ture industry, and Charles Hesbe, of
Jersey City, representing the theater
owners, yesterday urged the repeal of
the taxes on motion pictures before
the Ways and means Committee.
Judged by the attitude of dominant
members of the committee, the taxes
will not be repealed and the Ways
and Meons Committee will follow the
policy fixed by the "Senate Finance
Committee and not report any more
bills to repeal sections of the revenue
01g Lot of
Hay Fever Jokes
Rot Kentucky Man Saya—"People Whc
Belong to Hay Fever Colony* are
Kidding Themtelvcs."
Wouldn't Be Any Rose o. Hay
Fever if Simple Home Rem
edy Was Given a Chance.
"Yes, there's a real NINTY-NINL
per cent effective remedy for hn)
or rose fever," frankly states a drug
gist In a prosperous Kentucky city.
"But I don't ixpect anyone to be
lleve me, becuuse the treatment is so
easy and the cost not worth mention
"The annual crop of hay-fever Jokes
would be mighty scarce If people
would get an ounce of Mentholired
Arclne and by Just adding water that
has been boiled make a pint of liquid
that will prove a real help to all who
"Many of my hay-fever frlenda tell
Be that by starting to gargle and
muff or spray the nostrils a few times
t day the expected severe attack often
falls to appear and In cases whore It
does show up is very mild and does
not annoy."
"The Better Class of Pharmacists"
who dispense Menthol ized Arclne say
It will greatly modify any attack even
when taken three or four days after
hostilities begin.
Go to a real live druggist when yon
get ready to make a pint
If Your Nerves Are Shaky Because of
Over-lndv.. isnce In Tobacco or
Alcohol or by Excess of Any Kind,
Bio-Foren Is What You Need
Right Away.
Don't grow old before your tlm%
don't let nervousness wreck your hap
piness or chances in life. The man
with strong, steady nerves Is fall of
vigor, energy, ambition and confidence.
You can have nerves of steel, firm
step, new courage and keen mind by
putting yonr blood and nerves In first
class shape with mighty 810-Fercn, a
new discovery, inexpensive and effi
cient -
Men and women who get up so ilred
In the morning that they have to drag
themselves to their dally labor will la
Just a few days arise with clear mind,
definite purpose and loads of ambition.
All yon have to do is to take two
810-Faren tablets after each meal and
one at bedtime—7 a day for 7 days—
then reduce to one after each meal
until all ore gone.
Then If your energy and endurance
haven't doubled, If your mind Isn't
keener and eyes brighter, If you don'f
feel twice as ambitious as before, any
druggist anywhere will return the put
chase price—gladly and freely.
810-Feren Is without doubt ths
grandest remedy for nervous, run
, down, weak, anaemic men and women
ever offered and Is not at all expen-
I slve. All druggists In this city and
I vicinity have a supply on hand— MV
m*ny package*,
Membership of American
Legion Growing Steadily;
Buttons to Go on Sale
The membership of Post 17, Amer
ican Legion, In this city 1s steadily
mounting as more and more service
men and women appreciate the fact
that this body of Americans is the
logical successor to the Grand Army
of the Republic in stimulating 100
per cent. Americanism.
While the chairman on permanent
headquarters, Edward H. Bchell, Is
engaged In finding suitable quarters
for the future activities of the post,
Joslah H. Wilbar Is stationed at the
stamp window of the Post Office
every afternoon and evening and
will receive applications for mem
bership there and answer any ques
tions of persons seeking information
about the American Legion.
The next meeting of the post will
be held shortly before the national
convention, to be held In Minneapo
lis, November 11, and Instructions
at that time will be given to. the
delegate from this district, Mark T.
Mllnor, who was elected at the State
cantonment last week.
The membership cards that have
been ordered from New York are
slow in arriving, but memberhip
buttons have been ordered and will
be on sale at the stamp window to
all accredited members of Post 27
as soon as received.
Norse Vote Prohibition
of 'Hard Liquors' Alone;
Wine and Beer Will Stay
Christianla, Oct B.—National pro
hibition has been adopted in Norway
by the vote at a general plebesclte
held yesterday.
The country has been greatly ex
cited over the question, and Premier
ICnudsen announced he would resign
if prohibition failed of adoption.
The measure applies only to
whisky, brandy and other strong
liquors Champagne and all other
wines and beers are not afTected. The
law governing prohibition In the
United States figured in the campaign
to a very considerable extent.
Senate Committee
Plans to Visit Strike
Zone This Week
Washington, Oct. 8. Tentative
plans to visit the Pittsburgh district
late this week have been made bj
the Senate committee Investigating
the steel strike. Senator Kenyon
said an effort was being made to
obtain an agreement in the Senate
for a vote next Friday on the Shan
tung amendments to the Peace
Treaty and that if these were dis
posed of, the committee would spend
the next few days in the strike zone.
Insulation Engineering
Opens Headquarters Here
Among the many new firms that
are establishing headquarters in
Harrisburg is that of W. R. Demp
wolf, insulating engineer, who has
opened an office in the Appleby
Brothers and Whittaker building in
South Second street. For several
years Mr. Dempwolf had his head
quarters in York and when the war
practically cut off the supplies used
in the insulation of piping and cold
storage rooms, he accepted a posi
tion with the H. W. Johns-Manville
Company which he recently resigned
to again go into business for him
He will make a specialty of fur
nishing high pressure steam and
boiler insulation and cold storage in
sulating material. He has a force
of men in his employ who are ex
perienced in applying these ma
Columbia Confers Degree
Upon Cardinal Mercier
By Associated Press.
Now York, Oct. 8. Columbia
University yesterday conferred the
degree of doctor of laws, "honorif
causa," the highest distinction in
its power to bestow, upon Cardinal
Mercier, primate of Belgium and
"spiritual hero of the greatest of
wars." Ten thousand faculty mem
bers, students and their families and
friends stood in the bright sunlight
on Morningstar Heights, at the base
of the broad library steps, to wit
ness and take part in the ceremony
The Cardinal was the guest o
honor at a dinner given last night
by the Inter-Racial Council,
Applause greeted the cardinal
when he said that perhaps in later
years he would choose to spend hi
last days in the United States.
Universal Training
Denounced by Price
Phllndelphln. Oct. 8. Brigadier
General William G. Price, Jr., only
Pennsylvania National Guard general
in the American Expeditionary Force,
and leading figure in the reorganiza
tion of the Pennsylvania Guard, told
members of the Engineers' Club yes
terday that universal military train
ing is Impossible In a democracy.
"If we believe we are going to war
again in the near future, on such a
scale as we participated in the world
war, then prepare with every re
source," he said.
"But universal military training in
peace time would convert this nation
into an armed camp. A republic can
not exist as a military power. Ger
many had probably the best ItrHitaiy
organization in the history of the
world. Look at her to-day—beaten
down by volunteer armies to a starv
ing, unhappy country, counting her
Thirty Minutes Given
to Peace Treaty Text
By Associated Press.
Washington, Oct. B.—The Peace
Treaty was sidetracked for three
hours yesterday while the Senate
debated and passed a bill to bestow
upon Judge Advocate General Crow
der, on his retirement from the
Army, the permanent rank of lieu
tenant general.
Then, at three minutes to 5
o'clock, about the usual adjourn
ment time, the pact was called up
and for thirty minutes a reading
clerk struggled laboriously with the
printed text until he reached the
section relating to Shantung, on
which the next fight will be made.
At that point the Senate quit work
for the night.
H. B. Sanssaman, supervisor of
the 1920 United States census In
Dauphin, Lebanon and Cumberland
counties, announced that at least
200 men and women will be needed
to take the census in Harrisburg and
vicinity, beginning January 2.
The average pay In the city will
probably be about *lOO, varying ac
cording to the locality and character
of the district visited. Payment will
be made on a per capita basis, from
four to six cents a person listed by
the census taker.
The Suburb Unparal ailed.—Adv.
Charles M, Cossell, formerly con-
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OCTOBER 8, 1919.
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