Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 08, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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    I I. mpi —2SSII OJIITED
There's Smartness in the
New Gloves
For Fall
You have the advantage of choosing
here from one of the largest assort
ments of fine Kid Gloves in this section
of the State. Complete color lines —
every shade of tan. cordovan, gray,
pearl, champagne, white and black —
self and contrast stitching: some have
five-row crochet backs. Every size and
every favored 'style for every kind of
hand, to match any costume.
In full pique and overseam. one-clasp,
two-clasp, six-button gauntlet; eight,
twelve and sixteen-button lengths.
Such world-famous makes as P. Cente
meri. Y. Perrin. Chateau, Jouvin and
other reliable makes, in French and do
mestic kid.
Prices range from $2.50 to $6.95 pair.
Kayser Chamoisette. in every shade
and size, $l.OO pair.
BOWMAN'S —Main Floor.
Install a Private Laundry
in Your Home
investigated the vari
press you when you
see the Vacuum Electric Washer.
It washes by air pressure and suction. No friction
to wear clothes. Sanitary and easy to operate.
Equipped complete with swinging wringer. Has a
capacity of ten sheets. Very light and easy running.
Permits washing the daintiest of fabrics or heavy
blankets. Sold'on Bowman's Club Plan.
BOWMAN'S —Furrriture Dept., Fifth Floor
Clever Lines and Picturesque Trimmings
Distinguish These New Fall Dresses
Modes that are admirably adapted
to the lines of slender youth or those
of ample maturity are interestingly re
vealed in our comprehensive display.
Ostrich, Beads, Silk and Tinsel em
broideries, Fine laces, Silk Fringe, An
gora or braid are deftly employed in
trimming these newer models.
le ver y word suggests soft clinging materials, tissue-like laces and colorful I
Y1 patterns in many heautiiul designs; all seemingly made to supplant the drooping vines 1
■jr. i::•< all( I beautiful foliage of the great Outdoors, as Nature sheds her beautiful raiment. 1 j
* s *l ien we appreciate the art of the designers who for generations have developed I
m ij manv ar^'B^c fabrics that now make it possible for every home to have these cheery I
jsc:' ; colors and dainty patterns at a modest price or as costly as one chooses to select. I I
vK There is no war conservation reasons this fall to prevent you gratifying your 1 I m
W: taste in home adornment as Bowman s drapery department has a display of drapery \ ' m
fabrics and innumerable helpful suggestions. fl LLXJ
A complete assortment of Lever Lace. No matter for what purpose you may de- hM/
Marquisette. Quaker Craft, Filet Net and sire cretonnes, we have them. Some dainty. wjfm/
'\ oile Curtains, in white, ivory and ecru, in patterns, others a little more elaborate; 45c VS/
a wide range of designs, $1.50 to $12.50 pair. to $1.89 yard. fl|\
We also have the curtain materials in Filet , ~ .. , ~ , . fil
Net, Quaker Craft, Marquisette. Voile and . U e have all k,nds and ,en S ths of rods and II ■
Scrim, both plain and figured and with bars; fixtures. li I
29c to $1.75 yard. Come in and see our display. JM m
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor. Ml
Fabrics of the Serviceable
Kind For Daily Use
32-inch dress gingham in three colored plaids;
large and small bars; 59c yard.
Seersucker ginghams in"stripes and plaids; 27
inches wide; light and dark patterns, best qual
ity, 35c yard.
Dress ginghams: 27 and 32 inches wide in plain
colors, blue, pink, green and tan. also plaids and
stripes; 25c, 30c, 35c yard.
Be<t quality percale in light and dark patterns;
large selection to choose from ; 40c yard.
BOWMAN'S —Second Floor.
High Grade Fulll Fashioned
Silk Hosiery, $2.65
High grade full fashioned pure thread silk
stockings. A fine gauge medium weight silk
stocking, with lisle tops and soles in black and
colors; $2.65 pair.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
"No Mend" Children's
Stockings, 55c and 65c
Special attention is given to our children's
hosiery. Our aim is to offer the best obtainable.
We believe the "No Mend" children's stockings
meet all requirements for quality, style and ser
vice. Black, white and cordovan; 55c and 65c
Our "No Mend" leader is a heavy ribbed stock
ing full length and reinforced feet in black only;
55c pair.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Quality Priestley Serges
We have just received a shipment of Priestley
serges. The English serge of quality and renown.
The name is stamped on every yard. The woman that
has ever used this make is always sure of asking for
the same make every time she wishes to make a gar
ment that offers a perfect dye, superiority of finish
and wear.
44-inch navy and black; $2.95 yard.
50-inch navy only ; $3.85 yard.
This material is suitable for dress or suit; only 500
yards in the lot.
BOWMAN'S—M-iin Floer.
BOWMAN'S-Third Floor.
Developed in such fascinating
materials as:~Chinchilla, Satin meteor,
Crepe meteor, Airlette, Granite crepe,
Kittens Ear, Jersey, Paulette, Tricolette,
Chiffon velvet, Velveteen, Georgette,
Crepe de chine and Duvetyn; sizes,
from 14 to 48; 37 to 51; $35 to $135.
OCTOBER 8, T919.
Durable Shoes
For Children
Mothers who appreciate the necessity
of having' their children properly fittec
with shoes will he interested in our ser
viceable shoes for children. They art
made of solid leather, strongly stitche<
on Goodyear welts, built hv specialists
who understand the anatomy of a child's
foot. There are many models which
are all strongly made and good looking.
All our children's shoes are market
with plain sizes so that mothers can
know just what size their children wear.
Narrow widths from A to D. Priced
according to size.
nOWMAN S—Mnln Floor.
Have You a Heater?
It" not, you wished the furnace heat
was on. But it is rather early for that.
On these crisp October mornings you
can make any room iip.
comfortable in a few 'nfe
minutes. Where chil- (T
dren are. this is essen-
Gas Heaters that lit
gas jet, 85c to $1.25. I \
Cylinder Gas Ijjjjjj II
Stoves, $2.75 to $6.25.
(ias R a d i a to r s,
$3.98 to $13.50.
Copper Reflect or /y ***
Gas Stoves, $5.00 to jr
Oil Heaters, $4.50 cf
to $ll.OO.
Manicure Sets.
Bags, Purses and Other Leather
Cjoods For Gift Giving
Foresight suggests picking up a gift piece now and
then as you are shopping. Here are Manicure Sets
from $l.OO to $35, roll and square cases, in suede and
goat leather; all beautifully lined with velvet and
satin, in pretty color effects.
Traveling Sets, in goat leather; some lined with
leather and others have good quality soft cotton flan
nel. Fitted with brush, comb, soap box, safety razor
case, tooth powder and tooth brush case, and some
with manicuring pieces, $3.50 to $25,
Collar Bags, in suede and leather, black and col
ors, $1.50 to $6.50.
Music cases, single and double, black only, $1.50
to $6.50.
Also a full line of Purses and Hand Rags of every
favored style and description.
BOWMAN'?—Main Floor.
IWl—trsr> UNITED
—-< >—>—<
, ■*..- ~