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The Days News in Cities and Towns of Central Pennsylvania
Family Wiped Out When Au
tomobile and Trolley
Hit in Illinois
Chambersburg, Pa., Oct. B.—Mr.
gnd Mrs. Horace Cree and three
children, of Wyoming, 111., were in
stantly killed on Sunday when the
auto in which they were riding was
crushed between two trolley cars.
Mrs. Cree is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William Trout, of this place.
Mr. Trout and his son-in-law. Dan
iel Heckman, of St. Thomas, left
yesterday for Springfield, 111., to
bring the bodies here for burial. The
Crees left here Thursday after a
seek's visit to Mrs. Cree's parents.
Mrs. Cree is an invalid.
Mrs. Cree met her husband
, through a matrimonial ad. He
- came here from his Illinois home.
Finding each other mutually at
tractive they married. Cree worked
here for several years as a butcher.
New Bloomiield Lodge
Installs New Officers
• w Bloomfichl, Pa., Oct. B.—At
the regular session of Mackinaw
Lodge. No. 380, Independent Order
' of Odd Fellows, on Monday night
officers were installed. District
Deputy Grand Master H. O. Hamil
ton, of Marysville, was the installing
officer, assisted by Past Grand W. K.
' Clouser, Past Grand Warden J. G.
Westfall, Past Grand William C.
Lebo, Grand Chaplain H. W. Robin
son and Past Grand J. A. Neven.
The following officers were in
stalled: Noble Grand, Paul McKee
han; Vice Grand, Aurand Ickes;
Treasurer, James E. Stewart; Rep
resentative to Grand Lodge. S. H.
Bernheisel; Representative to the
Orphans' Home at Sunbury, Wil
liam C. Lebo; Conductor, Samuel B.
Swartz; Warden, Neil Flickinger
Chaplain. William C. Lebo; Right
Supporter to the Noble Grand.
Philip Clouser; Left Supporter to
the Noble Grand, George Spahr;
Right Supporter to the Vice Grand.
James L. Butz; Left Supporter to
the Vice Grand, M. I. Protsman;
Right Scene Supporter, George G.
Schneider; Left Scene Supporter.
Clement E. Stewart: Outside Guar
dian. H. W. Robinson; Inside Guar
dian, Earl Slieaffer
Mackinaw Lodge contributed $134
toward the new dormitory at the
Orphans' Home at Sunbury this
term. Mackinaw Lodge has a mem
bership of 108 at the beginning of
this term.
Reading, Pa., Oct. B.—Forty-two
divorces were granted by Judges
EntHich and Wagner at the October
session of argument court. In 29
cases the wives brought the suits.
The principal grounds for divorce
were cruel treatment and desertion.
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Husband Finds Wife
With Neck Broken in
Attic Near Scotland
Scotland, Pa., Oct. B.—Despond
ent because of long illness and the
absence of her son, who returned
to Camp Merritt after spending his
furlough at home, Mrs. J. F. Brown,
wife of a farmer living along the
road between this place and Cham
bersburs, committed suicide yester
day. Her husband returned from
working in an orchard and <ound
her hanging in the attic. She was
not dead, but expired before a phy
sician could be summoned. Her
neck had been broken. Mrs. Brown
was 64 ars old. She had been to
Mount Hope hospital several months
ago for treatment for nervous
Mother Receives Tokens
of Son's Bravery in War
Hagcrstown. Md., Oct. 8. —A cita
tion for distinguished service from
the American marine headquarters
and a French war cross have been
received by Mrs. Jacob E. Frock, of
this city, memorials won by her son.
Private Maurice B. Frock, of the
Marine Corps, who was killed at
Belleau Wood on, June 12, 1918,
while delivering an important mes
sage through a heavy barrage.
Frock was the first man from this
county to be killed in the war. The
French cross was awarded by Mar
shal Petain. The citations came from
General Pershing.
Walks 16 Miles at 88
to Soldier Celebration
Marietta. Pa., Oct. B.—Martin
Eisenberger, of this place, is 88
years old and the most ardent base
ball fan in Lancaster county, ac
cording to his friends. The distance
from this place to Lancaster is six
teen miles and Eisenberger hiked It
to that place on Monday to witness
the welcome celebration to Lancas
ter county soldiers, saying, "It does
a fellow good to take a long walk
once in a while." His younger
neighbors made the journey in the
trolley cars.
Former President Taft
to Lecture For Memorial
Meolianicsburg. Pa., Oct. B.—Ex-
President William H. Taft will lec
ture in Mechanicsburg, on Friday,
Noveml/3r 21, under the auspices of
the Woman's Club, In the First
United Brethren Church. This lec
ture is to be the first of a series of
lectures and entertainments to be
given by the club for the benefit
of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Me
l morial Park in this place.
Franklin County Sets
Out to Drive For $lO,OOO
Oliambe rsburg, Pa., Oct. B.—The
initial steps in the organization of
the Franklin County Jewish Relief
campaign committee to raise $lO,-
000 were taken at a meeting last
night. Chmabersburg's allotment
is $4,000. An executive committee
composed of the leading educators,
professional men and merchants has
been named and the town divided
into districts for the campaign
which opens on October 20. Frank
lin county's allotment is divided as
follows: Chambersburg, $4,000;
Waynesboro. $3,500; Greencastle and
Antrim township, $950; Mercers
burg, $600; other sections, $950.
Birdman Falls While
Flying at Camp Hill
Hagerstown, Md.. Oct. B.—Lieut.
E. R. Starbuck, driving one of the
j Liberty airplanes owned by W. B.
| Staley, of this city, met with an acci
j dent at Camp Hill, Pa., while re
turning from a flight into Pennsyl
vania. Starbuck was making a test
flight when he got into a tail spin
and fell, damaging the left wing of
the machine and being slightly in
jured. The plane was brought here
for repairs.
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Says State Firemen's Presi
dent Has Had Position
Long Enough
Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 8. —The for
tieth annual convention of the Penn
sylvania State Firemen's Association
is in progress here with firemen
from every section of the Common
wealth in attendance. Interest cen
ters chiefly in the contest for the
presidency of the organization be
tween Judge Eugene C. Bonniwell, of
Philadelphia, and Howard O. Hol
stein, of Harrisburg. Judge Bonni
well h'as been president for five
years and is out for another term.
Holstein said yesterdhy It was
time for Judge Bonniwell to step
down in favor of a new man. "Five
straight terms he has had the olflce
and I believe it is Ume to eliminate
this perpetual office holding. The
firemen of the central part of the
State are with me. While we may
not win this year, the next election
will tell a different tale." Holstein
is vice president of the organization.
Judge Bonniwell contented him
self by saying he was sorry Hol
stein was antagonistic to his former
associates. In his address to the
firemen yesterday Judge Bonniwell
said: "There is a double duty for
every fireman in the State of Penn
sylvania to perform. First to guard
against physicul conflagration, as
patriotic firemen always in public
service, and then to guard against
the more insidious and infinitely
more dangerous conflagration of the
enemies of law, of order and of
Christianity, who are seeking to Bub
vert our unparalleled State."
High School Seniors
Hold Party in Honor
of Girl's Birthday
New Cumberland, Pa., Oct. 8.
On Monday evening the senior class
of the High School held a taffy
party at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Conley In Market street to cele
brate the seventeenth birthday anni
versary of their daughter, Miss
Naomi Conley. An enjoyable even
ing was spent in playing games,
making taffy and dancing. Refresh
ments were served to Misses Kath
ryn Seip, Luetta Kaufman, Evelyn
Freeburn, Annie Osier, Catherine
Greenfield, Dorothy Heffleman,
Verna Bair, Lillian Kaufman, Cath
erine Good, Jean Pyffer, Miss Dona
hue, Naomi Conley, ClaVk Bair, Earl
Axe, Paul Brown, James Wilson,
Floyd Hempt, Ernest Brown, Mr.
Fullmer, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Con
ley and children, William, Beatrice
and Elizabeth.
Irving College Girls
at Evening Corn Roast
Shlremanstown, Pa., Oct. B.—The
Dramatic Club of Irving College en
tertained the students at a weener
corn roast in Keebaugh's woods,
near town, on Saturday eveningi
Eight guests were present. The
evening was pent in songs and
readings, the latter being given by
Miss Mildred Little, Miss Josephine
Little, Miss Gregg Darro. The merry
party of girls was chaperoned by
Miss Mildred L. Little, teacher of ex
State Couples Journey
to Maryland to Marry
Hagerstown, Md., Oct. B.—The fol
lowing marriage licenses were is
sued here to Pennsylvania couples:
William J. B. Myers, Falmouth, and
Catherine E. Stesser, Middletown;
Arthur W. Shaffer, Goldsboro, and
Bessie M. Witmer, Strinestown; Ed
ward W. Brandt, Lewistown, and
Helen M. Snook, Burnham; Charles
H. Schumacher and Anna R. Mc-
Calips, Lewistown; Lee Davidson,
Mllroy, and Myrtle Hook, Spring
Aviator Is to Lecture
For Benefit of Post
Mechaiiicsburg, Pa., Oct. B.—This
evening an illustrated lecture will
be given in Franklin Hall by Lieu
tenant R. D. Coble, formerly of the
French aviation service. His sub
ject will be "Historic Paris and Ver
sailles." He is to show more than
100 scenes of both cities, including
bombardments, floods, Wilson's re
ception, the Peace Conference and
the palace at Versailles. The lec
ture will be gven as a benefit to the
newly-organized Mechanicsburg post
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Kearney Bohn's Pumpkin
Vine Largest, He Thinks
Waynesboro, Pa., Oct. B.—Kear
ney Bohn believes he has grown the
largest pumpkin vine in this section
—and the vine came up voluntarily
—in his ijarden here without the
seed having been planted. The vine
measured 32 feet and contained four
large pumpkins.
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Educators in Neighbor County
Discuss Timely Topics in
Groff's Woods
New Bloom field, Pa., Oct. B.—The
first annual picnic of Perry county's
school teachers, held In Groff's
woods, Center township, proved,
a splendid success on Saturday.
About seventy teachers were pres
ent. After Informal greetings had
taken place and a tine dinner
served Prof. D. A. Kline, superin
tendent of the schools of the county,
spoke Instructively on "The Value
of Good Cheer." "True Meaning of
Social Gatherings" was explained by
the Rev. J. Thomas Fox, principal
of New Bloomfleld schools. "The
Real Place of Athletics in Educa
tion" was discussed by Prof. G. W.
Barnitz, principal of Newport High
School. "Sound Activities of a
School" was the subject assigned
Prof. A. E. Deckard, of Liverpool,
and "Plans and Suggestions for the
Future Welfare of Perry County
Teachers' Association Picnics" was
discussed generally, all voicing the
sentiment that the picnic be made
an annual affair.
Prof. W. J. Kerstetter, principal
of Blaine Vocational School, was
elected president, and Miss Louise
Gray, of Duncannon, secretary, for
the ensuing year. The association
will picnic next year at some time
and place not yet decided upon.
Groff's woods, the place of this
gathering, was recently sold to HofT
man & McClure, lumbermen of this
place, who will shortly fell the mon
archs of the forest, and thus will
pass away another well known pic
nic ground.
Strikers Given Fines
and Jail Terms of 30
Days by Judge Gillan
Chambersburg, Pa., Oct. 8.
Three Waynesboro strikers were
given a sentence of $2 5 fine, costs j
of prosecution and 30 days in jail j
by Judge Gillan here. They were
Edward Rager, Charles Smiley and |
Charles F. Smith, all of Waynes
boro, who were charged with as
sault and battery on H. B. Baker
and son, M. D. Baker. Sixty-four
cases are listed for trial, the greater
part of which will be occupied by
cases involving the strike situation I
in Waynesboro.
Ohio College President
Addresses Students
Annville. Pa., Oct. B.—The chapel
exercises at Lebanon Valley College
on Monday morning were conducted
by the Rev. Dr. J. P. presi
dent of Bonebrake Theological Sem
inary, Dayton, O. Dr. Landis de
livered a short message to the stu
dents and announced that there are
now twelve graduates of Lebanon
College enrolled as students at the
seminary of which he Is the head.
With the registration of the col
lege now complete. It is found that
128 new students enrolled for
courses. Nineteen young men who
left college during the past two
years to enter the military or naval
set vice of the United States have
returned and resumed their studies.
Among these are F. Douglas Beidel.
of Steelton; Hubert R. Snoke, of
Shlppensburg; John L. Berger, of
Columbia; Claude B. Kleinfelter, of
Cleona, and Ted Hastings, of Mid
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Heckman, of
Lemasters, Franklin county, have
returned home after paynig a visit
to their son, Oliver Heckman, a
student here.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huber, of
Mountville, and Mrs. Charles Stnb
ley, of Dallastown, were visitors with
Miss Minerva Raab, a student here,
and have returned to their homes.
Leon Witmer, the Lemoyne boy
who had his ankle sprained in the
freshman-sophomore scrap on the
opening day of college, has discard
ed his crutches and is able to walk
on the Injured limb again.
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Oct. B.—The
Mechanicsburg District Sabbath
School Association will hold its fifth
annual convention in the United
Brethren church at Shepherdstown
on Saturday, October 25, with morn
ing, afternoon and evening sessions.
The association includes all denom
inations. The pastor, superintend
ent and two delegates from each
j school are expected to attend.
Rod Lion—The Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union held its Oc- i
tober meeting at the home of Mrs. |
Charles Hartman.
lliambcrsbung— Of 200 children!
weighed at the Harvest Home picnic j
at Red Bridge Park, 120 were found
to be under weight. .
Columbia —Mrs. Margaret Weimer,
died here at the age of 90 years,
survived by six children: She was
the last of her family.
Reading—Thieves stole a $l0
Liberty Bond.. $1.50 in cash and
goods valued at $2OO from the store
of John Anagontelts here. -
Didlastown —The employes of the
Wertheimer Brothers cigar factory
were yesterday granted an increase
in wages of $1.70 per thousand
Gettysburg—Funeral services were
held at College Lutheran church this
forenoon for Mrs. S. C. Burger, wife
of a Lutheran mission worker at
Guntur, India. j
Stcwartstown—H. M. Alloway s
Plymouth Kock chickens won prizes
at the Lancaster county fair. Out
of 4 3 birds he won 42 flrst and sec
ond prizes.
Shnmokin—After 20 years' service
as superintendent of the Shamokin
district of the Susquehanna Collieries
Company, William Auman has re
signed, effective October 15.
Spring Grove Paul Hoke was
taken ill on a trolley car bound
from York to this place and lapsed
into unconsciousness, remaining in
that condition until he reached his
home here.
W aynesboro—When there seemed
to be danger of a clash between
strike pickets and men on their way
to work here yesterday morning,
State Police scattered the crowd and j
the trouble soon was over.
Cliambersburg Miss Elizabeth i
Riddle, for several years secretary i
of the Wilson College Y. W..C. A., j
has been offered a position a# trav
eling secretary for the State organ!-;
zation and is in Philadelphia con-1
ferring with the State leaders. j
Shnmokin—A coroner's jury de
cided that Councilman Harry T. I
{Brother Against Brother
i in Lebanon County Court;
Samuel Wins His Suit
Lebanon, Pa., Oct. 8. —Without j
leaving their places the jurors try- |
ing the case of appeal brought by
Samuel Beamesderfer against his
brother, John L. Beamesderfer, ar- !
rived at a verdict in favor of tho ,
plaintiff. The case was one in which
Samuel Bued his brother, John, for
possession of a home on South Elev
enth street, this city, which the for
mer is said to own, and which the
latter persisted in living in, it is said,
without making proper remuneration j
for rental. By the decision of the j
jury Samuel is given possession of .
the house and John must seok some
other abode.
Prizes Awarded Those
Who Raise Best Pigs
Chambcrsburg, Pa., Oct. B.—The
pig club work conducted by E. A.
Rice, county farm agent, was >
brought to a close when prizes were
awarded at the close of the harvest
home picnic. The heaviest hog
weighed 290 pounds. The average
daily gain of one of the heavier hogs
was 1.9, while a 290-pound hog aver
aged 1,89.
Three clubs, the Mowersville club,
consisting of 8 boys and girls; the
New Franklin club of 5 boys, and
the Antrim club of four boys and
girls, were participants In the work.
The best hog in the county was fed
by Frank Beam, of the Mowersville
club. Prizes ranging from $lO to
$2.50 were awarded to the various
The livestock sale was the con
cluding feature of the picnic. The
sale receipts were $2,380.
Sixteen Young People
Hike to Beshore Farm
Sixteen young people hiked to the
Beshore farm at Marsh Run on Mon
day evening. Games were played
and refreshments served. Those
present were Miss Anna Gordon,
who chaperoned the party; Alice
Smith, Anna Early, Martha Winter,
Catharine B. Underwood, Pamelia
Holahan, Gladys Beshore, Pauline
Shaefter, Gladys Hall, Andrew Be
shore, Caldwell Fries, Robert Gim
mel, Floyd Hasslnger, Russel As
per, Harold Frock and Donald
Highmount Welcomes
Its Soldier Boys Today
Highmount, Pa., Oct. B.—The wel
come celebration tendered the boys
of this section to-day was the larg
est gathering of people ever held
in this section of the State. Sev
eral counties were represented at
the gathering. Twelve boys enter
ed the service from this little place.
Four lost their lives. Robert C.
Bair, of York, was the orator of the
day. The Rev. S. A. Snyder, of
Hallam, also spoke.
Death Comes Quickly
to Workman at York
York, Pa., Oct. B.—While chatting
with fellow employes at the plant
!of the Keystone Roofing Company,
j Ephraim Thatcher, aged 67 years,
i was fatally stricken. He was seen
|to fall headlong to the floor and
: when picked up was unconscious.
| Workmen carried him to a bench
j nearby, where he expired. Prior to
i the attack, Thatcher apparently was
j in the best of health.
Farmer Puts Lozenges
Into Cider For "Kick"
I Waynesboro, Pa., Oct. B.—Baker
1 & Ecicenro *>, merchants of this
| place, sold five pounds of pink-col
; ored mint lozenges to a farmer yes
; terday. When the tiller of the soil
was asked what he intended to do
with so much of the candy, replied:
"Put it into a barrel of cider, by
heck; it gives it a kick."
Woods Full of Chestnut
Hunters Up in Mifflin
low is town, Pa., Oct. 8. —Chest-
nuts are ripe and the woods are
full of people in search of them.
George Bender und William Night
hart got three pecks a couple of
days ago and Jesse Estep a nice lot
yesterday. Black walnuts are re
ported plenty.
Morgan, who was found dead near
| Green Ridge, came to his death
through causes unknown to the Jury.
, Morgan was a telephone man, and
it was first thought he had been
: j electrocuted.
| Mont Alto—To-morrow afternoon a
bronze tablet imbedded in a native
j boulder on the South Mountain will
be presented the Mont Alto Sana
torium by Dr. Edward Martin, Health
Commissioner, and other friends, in
honor of Dr. J. T. Rothrock, who
i largely was instrumental in having
the sanatorium started here.
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Escapes From the Drove and
Takes to Mountain Fast
nesses in Perry
Carlisle, Pa., Oct. B.—ln a deep
ravine in the mountains be
tween this place and Perry county
a wild heifer was shot to death by
men who had been searching for
the animal for three weeks. It was
that long ago that Charles Nelson,
a stock dealer of this place, brought
a drove of cattle hero from Perry
county. On the way over the moun
tain one of the heifers suddenly be
came wild and escaped from the
drove. Search was made but tho
heifer could not be found. Subse
quently search was renewed and ut
times the heifer was seen, but as
soon as she would see anybody she
jumped fences with the ease of a
deer and made Into the mountain
ravines. One farmer said the ani
mal would come to his corn field
late at nights and feed and that she
had ruined a considerable portion
of his crop. He, with others, could
not get near her. For three weeks
she thrived on what food she could
find in the fields. Yesterday men
started after her again and when
within shooting distance shot her
along a deep ravine. Six bullets
were required to dispatch her. Stock
men and farmers say they had not
seen so wild a heifer in years.
Will Hold Meeting on
Silver Spring Church Lawn
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Oct. B.—On
Sunday evening at 5.45 o'clock an
open-air meeting will be held on the
lawn of the. Silver Spring Presbyte
rian church at which Dr. Alonzo
Taylor will lecture. Dr. Taylor was
ratloner of food in foreign countries
and associated in work with Her
bert Hoover, and familiar with con
ditions in Europe. Community
singing will be a feature of the
Lewlsburg, Pa., Oct. B.—Mrs. H.
Grant Dreiubach, of Lewisburg, is a
candidate for the Pennsylvania State
Regency of Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution. The election will
take place In Pittsburgh in No
Hot water
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£B-30*32 North Third Street.
Announcing very stunning e|
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Dallastown Church Has
Cleared Debt of $9,000;
Orders New Pipe Organ
Dallastown, Pa., Oct. 8. —On the
eve of his departure for the Penn
sylvania conference of the United
Brethren church, at Hanover, the
Rev. E. C. B. Castle, pastor of Dal
lastown United Brethren church,
gave a financial report of the year,
showing receipts of $17,637.21. Dur
ing the year a debt of $9,000 was
cleared off in the subscriptions of
one day on tho brown stone church
building. An appropriation of $l,-
250 has been made for the support
of two missionaries to China for
next year. They are the Hov. and
Mrs. J. Stuart Innerst, both of Dal
lastown. An order has been placed
for a pipe organ to cost $5.50 Q.
Sliiieinaiistown, Oct. 8. The
monthly meeting of the Woman's
Missionary Society of St. John's
Lutheran Church will be held on
Thursday afternoon, Oct. 9, at the
home of Mrs. Blaine A. Bower. Mrs.
Charles McGuire will be the leader
and the topic will be "The Inner
#As our boys "came march
ing home," they brought a cer
tain red-blooded doctrine, and
showed, us the glory of a perfect
body. They will show us how
to "keep fit," even if we have
passed middle life and are be
yond the athletic stage. For
the tired business man, the
man who feels the daily grind
and the nightly fag, has meager
appetite, headaches, nerves
unstrung, is gloomy, ending in
a soggy brain, try the right
way. Get out of bed, open the
window, breathe deeply, exer
cise the army "setting-up"
exercise or use dumb bells,
until in a warm glow.
Before breakfast take hot
water, and occasionally castor
oil or a pleasant laxative made
up of May-apple, aloin, jalap, and sold by all druggists as
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
As Prof. Strauss says, "The excretion of uric acid we
are able to effect by exciting diuresis." Drink copiously of
soft rain or distilled water, six or eight glasses per day, hot
water before meals, and obtain Anuric Tablets, double
strength, for [6O cts., at the nearest drug store and take
them three times a day. If you want a trial package send
10 cents to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
"Anuric" (anti-uric-acid) is the recent discovery of
Dr. Pierce and is much more potent than lithia, for it will
dissolve uric acid as hot tea dissolves sugar.
Shortage of Steel Expansion
Joints Is Being Felt in
Adams County
Gettysburg, Pa., Oct. B.—Labor
conditions and strikes over the coun
try have had no effect upon condi
tions in Adams county up to the
present time, but it is likely that
the strike among the steel workers
may stop work on the new Stato
road between here and Harrlsburg.
With everything running smoothly
and confident the Job would be com*
pleted this year the striking stee*
workers have thrown an obstacle it
the path of the contractor. With
only enough steel expansion joints
on hand to last a few days and no
hope of getting more to place every
20 feet between the blocks of con
crete, it looks as if the work would
Ibe tied up indefinitely.