Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 06, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Quaker Craft Lace and Lace Curtains are to be
found here in the most desirable patterns.
This department is in charge of those who for years
have specialized on draperies and their experience is
invaluable in suggesting the various treatments nes
essary to give your windows that much-desired ap
• i-i-tMre that is evidence of good taste in window
Quaker Craft, Lever Lace, Filet Net, Marquisette
and Voile curtains in white, ivory and ecru. Dainty
patterns and the more elaborate ones suitable for
every requirement, $1.50 to $12.50 pair.
The new panel designs make it possible to buy this
curtain material to fit any width of window. If your
window is 36 inches wide, that is all you need buy,
as it is designed to cut to advantage on the roll,
which is standard length of curtain.
Quaker Craft, Filet Net, Marquisette and voile cur
tain materials by the yard, 36 to 50 inches wide in the
new attractive patterns. We have them in plain and i
figured at 29c to $3.25 yard.
Scotch Grenadine in ecru, 72 inches wide, in very
handsome designs. Can be split for curtains, $2.25 j
Our stock of overdraperv and portieres in rep,
madras, crepe, poplin, Terry cloth and mohair is com
plete in all shades —36 to 50 inches wide —49c to
$2.98 yard.
Beautiful new cretonnes in a wide range of pat
terns. These include the dainty light and medium
colors for bedrooms, also the darker colors for living
md dining room, as well as for upholstery purposes
nt 45c to $1.98 yard.
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
Women's Full Fashionf(DO /IQ
Silk Hosiery at . .
These are medium weights, full fashioned silk
stockings, slightly imperfect but imperfections
scarcely perceptible. Firm lisle tops and lisle
soles. The most extraordinary lot of seconds
that we have been able to show for some time.
A fortunate purchase that is to your advantage.
In black, white and cordovan. An excellent
value at $2.49.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Fur Cloths
We are showing three very special num
bers of silk and Mohair surface Plushes,
51 inched wide for coats, scarfs and
No. 1 New Lynx in three colors;
brown, Electric Blue and Black; soft pli
able all wool back with mohair semi-curl
surface; $5.00 yard.
No. 2—Black Silk Plush; rich even pile;
a perfect dye; $9.00 yard.
No. 3—Hudson Seal Plush; high lustre,
all black surface with brown foundation;
a superb quality for coats; $15.00 yard.
Other Numbers
51-inch Black Plushes; $17.50 and $18.50
51-inch Beaver Plush, $16.50 yard.
51-inch Chinchilla Plush, $20.00 yard.
36-inch Velour Plush in ten best colors,
$2.25 yard.
34-inch Velutina; big range of colors,
also black, $4.95 yard.
44-inch Black Velutina, $5.50 yard.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
For The Woman Who Prefers
To Give Hand-made Gifts
Here are New Patterns and. all the Needfuls
Those new cushion tops that you've been planning, that cover for the library table and the sideboard, those
dainty undergarments make the home-done embroidery look so beautiful. It's time to get the Fall beauty
work started, and every leisure hour used is so much gain—and there's Christmas coming, too. Every person
appreciates a hand-made gift, especially if it be of embroidery, beads or yarn.
If you have never tried to do either, drop into The Art Department and let our Instructor show you and
teach the various ivays to make gifts.
Minerva Yarns
til STJgr Women who learned to knit when the needs of the
jsilh'' | d war were first, are still devoted to the delights of the <0
IfflSyr 783 !§h needle. We have all shades of yarns in Minerva
9fw' brand, Germantown, Shetland Floss, Knitting Wor
j| q lllllilllll sted, Thistledown, Heatherdown, Silk mixed, Silk
® " "NJk Shetland, Mohair, Saxonette, Angora and many
others. The unique equipment of our yarn depart- _ i
ment enables us to supply you with all shades and
weights of yarn that you may desire. We are con
\/ J stantly supplied with a splendid variety of newest /^sxm
and most popular shades in the Minerva yarns. Many Q
ane handsome gift can be made, such as; sweat- y y* A
ers, slip-ons, tarns, scarfs, stockings, bootees, slippers, aSjjJtfi'
baby's sacques, and sets; hats and coats for the little ft>
ones, capes, boudoir jackets and many other articles. J f t/^Eliiju
In addition to this, our expert will gladly aid you in HcY $ *
starting or finishing any article that you wish.
Embroidery Work Colorful Beads
The old time art of hand crochet is used by women
of to-day, not'only as a means of working out in
numerable articles for the household, but as a most
suitable and attractive method of personal adorn
The countless pretty things, effective color com
binations and serviceable items which may be
wrought in embroidery or crochet make this simple
and engaging art an attraction to every woman who
starts it. We have embroidery floss, crochet cottons,
in every desirable shade. Many a nightgown, apron,
chemise, child's dress, luncheon set, towel, etc., can
be made at little expense for that Christmas gift, you
were wondering about.
Comfort Making Material
for persons who prefer making their own bedding
instead of buying ready made.
36-inch wide cretonne in large selection of patterns
and colors; floral designs, 27c yard.
36-inch wide challies. Soft finish in Persian and
floral designs, 27c yard.
Comfort filling in cotton, 3 lb. rolls. Opens up size
of comfort 72 x 90; all in one piece, $1.39 roll.
3 lb. rolls; quilted every 6 inches; size 72 x 90; pure
white; $1.59 roll.
4 lb. rolls; size 72 x 90; white clean cotton in one
sheet; $1.59 roll.
BOWMAN'S —Second Floor.
Munsing Pink Union Suits
These are of medium weight; just right for
present wear. Low-necked, sleeveless, knee
length with a band top. Considering their fine
quality the prices are verv attractive, $1.25 and
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Smart Apparel For *
Extra Size and Stout Figures /Vll\
WA fHD Our most interesting collection of fashionable suits insures satisfaction. jf
jt\ *\ The long straight lines or other versions of the present mode are particularly *"11
ffAfesk X effective when combined with the high-grade workmanship and skillful cut of * • I J
our garments in giving the trim, slenderizing effect so desirable to the woman
am pl e proportions.
ill li 'A Suits that are appropriate for every occasion are well represented in our j j
I*l \W(J assortment, in Chevrona, Tinseltone, Silvertone, Broadcloth, Tricotine, I Lil
111 Serge and Poplin; size 37 to 51; 40 to 48; $45.00 to $150.00.
111 A most complete line of stylish stout coats ranging in price from $35.00
to $95.00. nui
■ A splendid assortment of skirts in plaids and plain colors; waist bands Jr
from 30 inches to 40 inches; $10.50 to $19.50 • v ,
POWMAN-S—Third floor. s '
BOWMAN'S —Second Floor.
The Indians were said to be the only ones who knew
the art of beads, but there aree now many who have
really learned the art and have become fascinated
with it. Bead work is one of the most bewitching pas
times of the present, and to see our display of these
would add more attraction to to the art. We have an
endless variety of beads in all shades, shapes and
sizes. Come in and see the different things that can
be made from these beads. Ask our instructor to
teach you to make beads for around the neck, watch
fobs, beaded bags, etc. She will gladly pick a com
bination for you and help you to make them.
An Attractive Offer
On the Delineator
Mrs. S. L. Brown, of the Butterick Publishing
Company, is at the Pattern Department with an
attractive offer on the Delineator which holds
good for a limited period. As the Delineator
stands among the world's leading fashion au
thorities and has other splendid reading matter
of an educational and instructive nature, writ
ten by famous writers, it is to your advantage to
know what the offer is. Mrs. Brown will gladly
give you the details.
BOWMAN'S-Main Floor.
Consult Dr. Fixem
About Your Dolls
fYou know a doll has its accidents
and troubles just the same as real
folks. They get their heads cracked,
arms and legs broken in the daily
scuffles and playtime accidents, and
sometimes their ailments are more
serious than mamma and home reme
dies can cure. That is the time to
consult Dr. Fixem. Office hours,
9.00 A. M. to 5.30 P. M. Toy
OCTOBER 6, 1919. &
Foot Fashioned Spats
The beauty of the spat is in its perfect fit. Our
were cut to tit. and they therefore retain their shap
and give satisfactory service. All the season's color
are Here; $3.50 and $4.00.
Spat pumps; in patent coltskin, $9.50; black kid
skin, $9.00; black satin, $8.50.
Hand turned soles and Louis XV heels.
Also in black calfskin and brown calfskin witl
leather military heels. $8.50.
f |
c Truths 11
for Women : I
to Consider ' > / ,i
■ It is not an easy task to reshape a ne&lected / Z
figure into shapely lines. Neglect or poor / •
• corse try allows little bumps, angles or hoi- J Z
lows to mar the figure lines. i;
To smooth out these inequalities • properly / 5
designed corset and the use of proper mate- i ;
rials in the corset will re-create tne figure. / S
I TfloD-rfRT (\
\ & Front Laced Jj
; ere poise designed. The designer of the S
: MODART Corset makes all MODART Cor- ;
sets give proper poise to the figure end then *
| designs the corset to symmetrical artistic ;
• proportions.
| Women with badly poised figures can never ;
be graceful—try as they may. If proper
I poise is lacking, the grace is lacking too.
So whether you ere tall or short, stout or slender, yon •
. can have the carriage that will show your figure and J
your clothes to the greatest possible advantage if !
you will adopt the MODART Corset.
We ask you to accept a trial fitting, which costs you •
nothing, and yon will immediately see why social J
! leaders, famous actresses and beautiful women gen*
erallywear the MODART.
i . m
• \ •
BOWMAN'S—Third Floom £5
i I
s~ v
Bedspreads |
. K " f* ( jft
| Crochet, satin and Ripplette bedspreads t I
at prices that will meet the resources of the
j slender purse as well as the one with greater
' purchasing power. j
Hemmed crochet bedspreads, $1.75 each. ?
Hemmed crochet bedspreads; bleached
snow white in every attractive design; $2.25 /
each. / j
Hemmed crochet bedspreads; good weight
double bed size; $2.50 and $3.00 each.
Hemmed Satin Bedspreads; full double
bed size, extra fine quality in several very
beautiful patterns; $5.00 and $6.50 each.
Satin bedspreads with scalloped edges and
j cut corners; full double bed size, $6.00 and
$7.00 each.
Ripplette bedspreads; easy to handle;
need no ironing and wear well;
Size 62x90, $2.25 each.
Size 72x90, $2.50 each.
Size 80x90, $2.75 each.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
I ' •: •